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The Prospector Jan 24, 1914

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JANUARY 24th, 1914
No. 4
Facts vs. Free Food
The Liberal presa in tho Dominion
iiTstlll harping on tin* problematical
results which it claims would have
followed the carrying out nl n reciprocity arrangement with tho United
Stntes,'Hir Wilfrid Laurier hns oonr.
forward with tho snme old cry, only
this time it is disguised liy tho appellation of free food. In renunounc-
Ing his old policy In its new garb,
the lender of the Opposition is quo
ted as having said:
"The policy I give ymi nt this moment, thc policy 1 believe every patriot in Camilla tmt.lit to .support,
and the policy 1 believe it to ho the
duty of the Government to immediately inaugurato is a policy of absolutely free fond—free from customs
It. is unnecessary to comment on
the speciosity of tho attempt to
mnke a play upon thc words "Free
Food," for such n cry is purely 0-
topian. Still it will ho interesting
to examine just exactly what thc removal of the duties "I foodstuffs
brought into this country would
mean to the purchasing power ol thc
people. The following table in whlob
the ligures nre approximate, bnt substantially correct, shows the food
commodities imported into Canada
during tbe iiscnl year 1912-13, together with thc amount ut dutlcB
collected on them:
Commodity Collected
Sugar,   molasses,  syrups...J 4,1130,000
Fruits      1,820,000
Meats       1,040,000
Vegetables       900,000
Butter and Cheese        .iOO.OOO
Grain and grain products..,     500,000
Eggs       1°M00
FiBl]          360,000
Brcadstufls   (such   as  rice)      260,000
Miscellaneous    i       690,001)
Total  Ul.000.0l_*
A large proportion ol the above
imports cannot lie regarded r_ ne
cesBarics of life, and in nny argument advanced in lavor ot a reduction in the cost of living, we nssumc
thut it is only fair to ileal with sucli
commodities as arc essential to the
lile ol the aation. For instance, a
considerable quantity ol the Iruit im
purted to Canada muet be placed in
the category ol a luxury. We will
not enter into this phnsc of the
question at the present time, our
sole object being to show the Inllacy
of thc cry that the abolition of the
duties on foodstulis would reduce thc
cost ol living to nny appreciable extent, lf we assume that the population ol thc Dominion is epproxl
mutely 8,800,000, It is easy to arrive
at the conclusion tbat the abolition
of tho duties on foodstuffs would
mean a reduction in the cost ol living ol 11.25 per head of the population per annum. Wc leave the im-
nginatloa ol our readers to figure
out how helpful this would he. As
it is we lancy there Is nut n person
in the countsy who could not effect
this saving by denying himself or
herself some little luxury. So much
lm the argument In Invor ol the cry
for "Free Food."
Now we wlll I um lo another len-
turo ol the general tendency shown
by Sir Wilfrid Laurier In the direction ol (ree trade, In nn endeavor to
allow from nu economic, mul not a
political, standpoint, bow much reason there Is to suppose thnl whnt he
advocates would lend to additional
prosperity iu Canada. During the
year 1912, manufacturing linns (rum
the United StateB to thc number ol
88 established themselves In the Dominion along thc linen ol the Canadian Pnclllc Railway. The number
of men tbat these firms have given
employment to in the country is
10,875. Tho capitnl they have invested here amounts to J18.000.000.
These firms would not linvc come to
Cunada had lt not been lor the tariff
which exists on the introductlun ,oI
their goods, llml reciprocity carried,
these mnnuluctiirers would not have
come to the Dominion, tnr It would
huve been easier lor tho producers nl
the commodities involved to send
thom bore Irom thn other side, as
with the reduction or nhnlitlnn nt
the duty they could hnve enmpeted
on equal terms with the Canadian
producer. At. the time lhe reciprocity bargain wns under dlgcuiiloni
there wero repented instnnees ol
branch   fnctorleii   In    this   country,
owned by pobplo on the Americun
side, which it was announced would
be closed down in the event ol the
poet lining approved by thc people.
Hut because reciprocity was deteated
and because Canndn continues to impose a tariff on goods coming from
the American side, In very mnny instnnees United States producers lind
thnt it is greatly to their advantage
to mnke the products tliay sell to
Canadians on the Canadian side, employing Cnnaiiian workman.
One ol the most potent factors in
the growth of n young country is the
building up of the manufacturing Indus! l*y. Thnt is why we have welcomed the advent ol Yarrows Limited to this province. The policy of
Blr Wilfrid Laurier] il curried out to
its logical conclusion, would stultify
Ibis phase of the country's prosperity ntid put back 'the hands uf the
clock in a way thut would speedily
cattso n revulsion of feeling in favor
of a return Lo the present system uf
building uii a great und prosperous
nation.—Colonist, Jnn, 8th.
Conservative Meeting
A special meeting af the executive
of the Cranhrook Conservative As-
Bociattan waB held in Manning's Hall
on Monday evening. The object of
the meertiiiK was to talk over the
needs of the district with Mr. Thos.
Oaven, M.P.P., member for this district, prior to hia departure to the
A large amount of business of importance to the district wus transacted.
After the business of tho evening
was concluded, the coir mil tee and
several invited guests repaired to
the spacious dining room of the Hoy
nl Hotel and partook of a Biimptuous
banquet which hnd heen provided hy
Mr. Stewart. Among other things
provided was an home grown turkev
which "Tom" waB called upon to
After the good thintrs had been dis
posed of, several speeches were made
Mr. Caven thanked the committee
(or the good Bpirit shown by those
present in the interests of the party,
and said that while at the const
the best interests of Cranbrook
would be looked after with close attention.
The chairman, Mr. Ira Manning,
appointed a committee who drafted
the following resolution:
"That in view of thc early departure of our member, Mr. Caven, to
take up his duties in thc Legislative
Assembly at Victoria, a hearty vote
of confidence be unanimously passed
by this Executive on behalf of the
Cranbrook Conservative Association,
with a request that a copy of same
he spread on the minutes of our
meeting, and a copy forwarded to
our worthy member Mr, T. Oaven,"
The resolution was passed ,1111111--
nioualy amid loud aud continued
cheering. Mr. I. Manning. W. U. Mc-
Fnrlnne, and a number of the t,o-.\-
mlttee congratulated Mr, Caven, impressing every confidence in Ills ubil
Ity and thoughtfuliu'ss in the interests of the district, nnd wished uUu
a safe journey to the coast.
(lu motion, a vote of thnnks was
tendered to mine host, Mr. Wm.
fltffwart, for the excellent banquet
which he bad prepared, the vole was
Owing to the1 lateness of the hour
and the near approach nf Sunday,
the toast list wns omitted; and us
tho clock struck the hour of twelve,
the gathering broke Up and repaired
to their homes, having thoroughly
enjoyed themselves in the meantime.
Allow me apace In your paper to
correct a statement in its columns
that the team which crashed into W.
II. Wilson's jewelry store window
wns in charge ol n man named Bte-
wns. Tbnt the above may he misleading we wish lt> explain that owing to the large amount of business
done hy Btovons Orocory on the duy
in queation, it, wns found necessary
In hire an OXtra team for delivery
purposes, and the 80mo was In tho
cbargo of Mr. Hamilton one of our
regular delivery mon 1
per ff, ... Stephens
Winter Carnival at
RoBsland's Seventeenth Winter Car
nival, the hest known winter sporting event of the interior of British
Columbia, will bo held this year
from February 2nd to the 6th, Efforts are being made Ity the management to make it evenlibetter tban in
former years. The Carnival will seo
n lot of fast hockey and will bring
together several of the fastest tenuis
in the interior in all three scries,
senior, intermediate nnd junior, thc
campotitions all being for ..valuable
prizes,itrophies nnd titles. Thc rules
of the Boundary-West Kootenay Hotkey Association will hn used.
The othor features of the program
include Svl running, Tobogganing,
Horse Racing, log cutting, and there
will be social events "such os masquerade and dance. It will be a
lively week especially entertaining
for the old timers, many of whom
will enjoy an old hoys' re-union.
Special rates will be given on application, by the railways, and Ross
land itself is in far better shape to
care for her guests than before.
Ci. A. Lafferty is president and H.
B*.  Grow,  secretary of the Carnival.
Hockey Club
A large number of hockey entnus-
insts met in the parlor of tbe Cranhrook hotel on Monhay night, and
formed tbe Cranbrook Hockey Club.
The followinb officers were elected
Hon. Presidents—R. E. Beattie, E.
H.  McPhee, and A.  I..  McDermot.
Hon. Xice-pre:..dents—A. 0, Bowness, R. Griffith, Watson mall, N.
Hanson, M. Saunders, W. B. McFarlane, G. P. Stevenson. W. Stewart,
andW. H. Wilson.
Pres.—R. P. Moflatt
Sec.-Treas.—C.   C.   Connolly
Vice-pres.—H. J. Scott
Manager-Cliff Steeves
The Farmers' Institute
At the annitnl meeting of the
Crantiroiik-Fernie Farmers' Institute
held last week 111 the Old Gymnasium
tho following officers were elected lor
the year:
Hun. rrcs.-T. fi. QUI
Hon. Vicc-prcs.—John Levett
Proa.—A. B.  _mit.li I
Vice-pres.—J. A. Pringle
Sec.-troas.—Alh. H. Wehh
Directum:--N. McClure, B. Palmer. W. B. Unrdgett, Fred PfUn, W.
P, Whitney.
Auditors:- Sum Macdonald and (1.
A resolution wns paused Instructing tho delegate to tho convention
to apply for the" name Cranbrook-
Fernlo to he changed to Oranbrook.
A delegntion wns appointod to interview the City Council re a public
watering trough tor horses during
the summer months,
AI u meeting of the directors held
lust Saturday aftornoon. it was deride! tn hold tho government crop
competitions In potatoes nnd onts
under the rules lixed tnr the event,
which Is opoil I" ull members ol the
Institute ilini ro.iliros u half acre In
potatoe0 und two acres of outs. Tlic
prizes in eiirli competition are. .st
(30.00! 2nd $20.00; 3rd .1T..O0; 4th
|D,00,      An  entry  fee  of  60  e.   is  to
he charged,
Forming of
Agricultural Committee
At   a   mooting   Of   tin*   directors   of
thu Oranbrook Agricultural Association on Wednesday evening Alb. H.
Wrlib was reelected secretary treasurer for tho year. W. S, Santo was
elected delegate to tho conference of
tho associations to bo bold at tho
coast. Tbe following bu port n ton dents
were appointed to tako olmrgo of lbo
various departments, nud undor .tbe
chairmanship of T. J, Doris, as super er intention t of track, to form tbe
grounds comtuitt.ee:
Horses and Hogs-  J, A. Pringle
Poultry  W, McGregor
Vegetables,   PMoWOrs  and   Frill.   ■ l*\
Dogs  and   Pair  Ground   Finances
T.  B. O'Connell
Cuttle and  Shoop   J.  H.  McOluro
Art, Fancy Work and School Work
-I-I.   H.  Mcl'hee
Grains, Grasses and Cookery—Wm.
Booths nml Concessions—A. H.
Tbe following standing committee.
were nlso named.
Finance Committee1—T.B.O'Connell
A. H. Webster, H. W. McGregor, E.
H. McPhee.
Advertising Committee—Kt. H. Mcl'hee, T. J. Boris, Wm. Hamiltan
I'. Ryckman.
Attraction Committee—A. H. Web-
Bter, T. J, Doris, T. B. O'Connell,
.1. A. Pringle.
Ice Carnival
The Carnival nt. the Arena Skating
rink on Tuesday night was a brilliant affair and wns largely attendod
tbe costumes were unijquo and costly,
tbe music of tbe best, nnd everybody
went home well satisfied wltb thoir
night's pleasure on the ice.
Miss R, Staunton was awarded tbe
first hrize for tbe hnst ladies costume; C. McNaqb won tbe tirst prize
for tbe best, gentlemen, us a Roman
Gladiator; Miss Boris Walllnger received lirst girls' prize ns Grandma;
and Walter Laurie won first boys'
prize as a Scotch bay.
Other excellent costumes were worn
by Miss M. Hickenbotham, Miss Bessie Pye, Miss Florence Erickson,Miss
Delia Drummond, Miss Whitehead,
Miss VanSlyke, Miss Collins, Miss
Cameron nnd Miss 0. McNabb; .and
Master Reuben Webb.
, i 1.1 ..
Ji. v* ■ \__\w_w*
)',;' ',* /.'•'
Lord Strathcona
General Interest
At the annual meeting of the executive committee of the Fernie Conservative association, A. B. Tritcs
wss re-elected president, Goorge Sted
man of Michel vice-president, and
Robert Dudley of Fernie secretary-
Tbe Cranbrook Lawn Tennis Club
held tbeir semi-monthly dance in the
Masonic Hnll on Wednesday. There
wns a fairly large attendance, the
music was excellent, and a general
good time was bad by those in at
A meeting of the executive of thc
Fornle Conservative Association was
held in the parlor of thc Fernie ^hotel on Monday night for tbe purpose
of electing officers tS*r the ensuing
yenr; also delegates to the Conservn-
tive convention which will be held
in Victoria on  January 24th.
Young Maxwell of Moose Jaw, who
is to box Charley Lucca at Rossland
during carnival week at Fernie, defeated Frank McCormack on Tuesday
night, in nine rounds of fast fighting. Both men fought hard from
gong to gong, with Maxwell showing
skill throughout,
Members of the Cranbrook Btflc
Association held their first annual
dance in tho Auditorium on Monday
night, The hall was handsomely
decorated, the music excellent, the
attendance large, in fact thc members of the association are to be con
i. rat nln ted on the success of their
first dance.
About 10 of the Fellowship Bible
Class of the Baptist Church indulged
in a sleigh ride to Fort Steele on
Tuesday evening. At Steele the patty was entertained by Mr. F. J.
Bridges, It was a delightful ntgnt,
lhe roads and sleighing good, und
everybody enjoyed  the evening's ■>■'*,
The C.C.S. will move next week in
to their new quarters on Norbury
Avenue. The store 1ms been renovated throughout, tho lower floor is
the largest, lightest, store room In
Oranbrook, the floor space in the
whole building covering some 11,000
square foot, Those having tickets
for tbe piano drawing will on tbe 24
th woek commencing January 26th,
prosont thom at tho new stoic.
Thoro seems to bfl a, certain amount
of dlstross in Craubrook this winter,
especially aiming the unemployed;
one bouse wife says thnt nt least lb
men pave asked for something to eal
nnd another said that several :\cti
had nuked tbe name q 110611 Oil, We
wonder if this is nol a matter for
the health and relief committee to
Investigate- and it possible, have thr
city provide some place where tholr
WailtH cnn   tie supplied.
London, Jan. 21st.—Lord Strath
conn and Mount Royal, high com
missioner of Canada, died peacefully
in bis sleep at 1,55 this morning. He
had been practically unconscious since
4.HO o'clock yesterday afternoon. His
death was due to prostration, tbe
result of a severe attack of catarrh
He had been ailing, however, ever
since the death of his wife on November 12th Inst, which proved* n
great shock to nini.
Lord Strathcona's life sponned
nearly a century nnd his active career a full three-quarters. "The best
way to live to nn old age," he explained when found at work at bis
desk in London on bis ninety-third
birthday on August f.th last, "is by
not thluking about nge at all, but
just going on doing your work.
From his eighteenth yenr, when as
Donald Smith, a sturdy Scot, bc
sailed far Canado, to his ninety-four
th year, which would have boen completed next August, be lived up to
bis maxim of work. For the la.t
six yeors, lie bad been periodically
reported as "about to resign" the
post of high commissioner for Canada, but it was death and not resignation which terminated his work.
His lii'aSt yeara in Canada were
those of an adventurous youth in
what was a real wilderness. The
Hudson Buy company, which controlled practically all of British
North America, engaged him as cler;.
and by successive stages he grew to
be head of the corporation and he
was its last resident governor. Dur-
this service which was mainly in
Labrador, ho was. threatened with
snow blindness and hnd to make a
forced march of 500 miles through
the snow to Montreal for nn opera
tion on bis eyes, which is one of tin-
many Instances of hie poreovoranco.
After 30 years In tbe eastern wilds
bc took what he called a slight rest
as resident governor in Montreal,
and then accepted the offer of load
ing Lord Wolseley's expedition to tin-
north-west. Lord Wolcsley said of
him that his tact nnd confidence s
won tbe Indians of tbnt whole rogi n
that his word was law among them.
Later bc bent, his energies toward
opening up the west and be is credi
ted with having pressed the Canadian
Pacific rnilwny to completion across
the continent. He also had political
experience as a member of the Manitoba legislature and the Dominion
parliament for many years.
From the vast fortune he accumulated Lord Strathcona often dispells, d large sums for educational
and charitable purpose:* and be also
was a patron of many branches of
Lord Strathconajs title now goes to
his daughter, Margaret Charlotte,
who is the wife of R, .!. DllBB Howard.
Lord Strathcona had only one senior ln the houso of lords the enrl
of Wernyss,  who  is in his .'•th  year.
London, Jan. 22.- The funeral |
Lord Strathcona wil! take placo on
Monday at Highgnto cemotery, whore
lie   will    he   laid    (•>   rost   beside   the
body of his wife, who dlod November
12th. This course will bo taken nt
tho desire of hts lordship, oxpressed
it fow hours boforo be Inspod
Into unconsciousness, Tho govern
ment was prepared  to offer a placo
for Lho groat fi n mi in Hi. 1 n il's
cathedral, or even In Westminster
-bhoy, hut when the suggestion wns
made known to the Union CHS Mount
Royal nnd Strathconn sho stated it
wns her to the*'a wish lhal ho should
bo imd beside his wife with n little
ob ten tat Ion iih possible.
It is certain', however,  tbat a
tlonal  memorial  to  the    dead   high
commissioner  will  be  placed   in   St
Paul's  cathedral   or  In  tbe  historic
ball of Westminster Abbey.
l'ublic men continue to testify of
their sincere regret nt tbe death of
Lord Strathcona.
Right Hon. David Lloyd George,
spending to the Daily Mali, said:
"One can only regret the removal ol
such a figure. Tbe empire has lost
one of its greatest citizens,"
Donald MeMostcr, M.P., paid a
tribute to tho indomitable spitit, the
supreme optimism and the quenchless
faith of the man who had done most
to make Canada  what it is today.
Among the various stories regarding Lord Strathcona published in the
newspapers is ono relating lo a difficulty he had witli th. garter klng-
at arms when be was ennobled. Ho
presented his dcBlgn for his coai ol
arms, but thc official objected that
it was not correct, pointing out that
Lord Ilkeston was not allowed to
have a stethoscope on his coat of
arms. The garter king-nt-arms de
murred at Lord Strathcona's design
for a crest because it contained a
representation of a railway tie, but
he was eventually compelled to accept the prosaje emblem of Canada's
first transcontinental  railway.
Right Hon. Lewis Harcourt, colon-
ialsecretnry, speaking at Hastingsscn
Haiti Lord Strathcona was a great
pionerr in all that was best in North
Anti-Mosquito movement launched
At Wasa, on December 31st, a meet
ing of property holders and others
was held to discuss wnys and means
by which we might combat the mosquito pest which renders this valley
at times unlit Por habitation, liy ei
ther man or beast during the summer months, of Bitch years that tbe
Kootenay River over-flows its banks
and lei'.es tiie sloughs and low place
lull of stagnant water.
An Anti-Mosquito League was form
i and officers and executive elected,
and a movement launched that will,
if taken up energetically hy the various interests and communities af
luted throughout Kast Kootmay un-
ioubtedly accomplish its object and
mnk. tbis district at all'times a par
adlso for tourists nnd hunters, a
p roll table agricultural and stock
raising district and a most desirable
place in which to live
At the meeting it was suggested
and agreed tbat' 1st.—Drainage measures on a large scale nre not feasible nt tbe outset. 2nd.—Tbe treat
ment ol stagnant water surfaces-with
a low grade kerosene seems to be
tbe most promising solution reasonably within our reach. 3rd.—Comparatively smnil quantities of oil
thoroughly distributed nnd npulied
at intervals of two or three weeks
arc efficient. 4th.—The tusk of distributing the oil over large areas
Of a sparsely settled disirict is an
under baking of con_.ideruble mngni-
le and that the settlers or mem*
bers of the league undertake the dls-
lilbutlon of thc oil. "ith.—We ask
the British Columbia Government to
iperato with us to the extent of
supplying tbe oil F.O.B. enr in bar-
Is or eontuiuers, at some point on
th< C.P.R., and tbnt we ask the C.
P. Co/on l«ation department to eo-
perate with ns to tbe extent of
transporting the oil free uf charge to
s destination here in the Kootenay
Tho Secretory was instructed to
bi-ve a notice ;d this meeting published In the (Iran brook papers and
invite   tbe  people  of  all   comuiun
itios interested to form clubs, for
v,nnl the movement, and have tholr
i• crotary communicate with   Mi.  0.
I.. Beehiel, See Tn-ns., of the Wasn
League, who will ad as District.
Hocrctnry until a convention nf del
egatos from (he vurious clubs can bo
held  ami  a  representative executive
i lected
\ membership   lee   ol    lollar
was unanimously ngreod upon to co
• n  Incidental organization oiponsos,
Accounts and correspondence arc
i 'en io inspection by any mombci ol
Ce leaglio at League meetings.
l.fceipti, foi membership fees nre
promptly given whether requostod oi
Re Seed Grain Distribution
To the Members ol Cranbrook-Fernie
Farmers'   Institute.
The Department ol Agriculture has
made arrangements lor the distribution ol Seed Oats lor the .Spring ol
1!'M, under the following conditions:
1. Orders for Seed must he sent
through the Secretary of the Far-
mers'Instltuto to which the applicant
.. Tin* Seed Oats will he dintiUnited to all members nt .armors' Institutes ui tbe actual cost <>f Seed
I'lus ttie transportation charges, ex-
pect us hereinafter provided.
;:. Thc Department will pay the
transportation churgos nn Beod Outs
supplied to members whose order is
accompanied l.v nn entry for the
Crop Competition in Oats for 1914,
provided thnt the In Htute to which
lhe appllcaut belongs compiles with
'•-1 onditions lor th.. holding oi the
Forma for application lor Seed
Outs and also tor entry in tbe Competition, will lie supplied to tiie Secretary, and mny be obtained Irom
4. Oniy the actual owner, renter,
or Superintendent of a farm may obtain Seed Oats from the Department
and that only for the purpose of
sowing|thc land which lie owns, rents
r  supervises.
5. Payment lor the Seed Oats
must be made by tbe institute with
in thirty days from date of shipment.
(.. All applications must he rc-
plvod hy a. ll. \Vohh, Secretary, on
r before January 28th, 1914.
The Onts supplied will he of the
Imerlcan Banner variety, selected
'I.der the rules of the Canadian Seed
Growers' Association, Ott_wa, and
guaranteed by thom as tu quality,
The rules under which these arc se-
Ic'tcil, grown and inspected, are a
wui rant en-of aid*-..class article. The
crop is Inspected in lhe lield and a-
galn in tiie sack, before receiving
the official seal of the Association.
Sufficient work lias not been done
to enable us to advise a specilie variety, for a specilie locality, hut the
Amorlcan Banner is a well known
• uiicty, and hns been chosen ns the
one most likely to give general satisfaction.
Thc Depnrtment expects to lie aide
to deliver the Onts nt aliout One
Dollar  ($1.00)   per bushel.
The Cranbrook-Fernie Farmers' Institute has derided to hold compet-
IIions in Oats nnd Potatoes under
He* nuspices oi the Department oi
Council Meeting
The new Council met on Monday
morning nnd touj. oath of ofllce.
There were present Mayor Taylor,
Aldermen Campbell, Leask, Genest,
Cameron,   Horie and  Hickenbotham.
The standing committees appointed
by  Mayor Taylor are:
Finance:—Aldermen Campbell, Ge-
nest, nnd Hickenbotham.
Works and Property: Aldermen
I.'ask, Hickenbotham and Horie.
Water: Aidermen Snmeron, Campbell and Horie*.
Health and Relief: Aldermen Hick-
rnhotham and  Cam.ron
Legislation: Aldermen Lcn.k and
Sewerage: Aldermen Hone, Cnmer-
n and Leask,
Mayor Taylor c-in-rrntulntcd the
aldermen upon their election by.ac-
nntlon, and said "that tbey must
fool proud that the citizens bad e-
hrted  them  to carry   on tho   city
tslnnsfl during the yenr 1914, and
H nt at the ind uf the year, he
Imped that their efforts would have
mel with th-- approbation of the rate
payers and  clttxcns,
\ iiuiet bill pretty wedding look
place at the Methodist parsonage on
Tuosday evening, when the Rev. w.
IS, Dunham unlteh in marriage Mr.
Thomas A. Smith to miss rciln
Willatd. A number of intimate
friends   of   tbe  contracting   parties
were    present.       The     newly     wedded
couple will reside in Cranbroov. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
BY JOHN A. HEFFERNAN   |Harold sat iu that room a long while walt-'yet.    But, of romse, I'll bave to do v>."
.7 .COB   Q-    BIVH- ■"£ mr tIie otlier members of tbe commit-'   Juke stood up and advanced to tbe uiid*
I MULLER tho advertising tee, nnd Mr. Kntwistle expressed consld- die of the flour.   Very joyfully be execmed
.man of Armltage, Barnes arable annoyance at tbeir failure to at- a  pew ate pa nf a quite  nneonventlotul
j&  Curley.   narrowed   his,tend, |JI«.
shrewd eyes one morning     "I do not want to keep you up all nlffhtJ    "Oi-yol!" be chortled.    '"Saved in tbe
"when   Harold   Armltage, Armltage," be said apologetically, an he nick of time.   Poor old uncle Able!"
tbe youngest member of tbe firm, entered: consulted his watch, "aad I'm beginning,   "Sit down, yon  Idiot!"  cried  Harold
the warehouse wearing a frock coat. Dur- tn fear there must have been some mistake "What's rhe trouble with youT
log all that day be watched Harold keen- in sending out the notices.    We can get    "N'o   trouble—not   the   allghtest,"   re*'
ly, and when he went home there was a along without them, fortunately, for I ara sponded  Juke  blithely.    "Now  listen to'
little  pucker In  Ids brow   that  did   not | chairman of the committee and  the mat- me,  Governor,  and  listen
escape the alert observation of Ibe serene
"Hello!1* Jake cried, "that's better!*'     |me?   Cm
"I was addressing my clerk," Mr. fiat" lam, hut plug
wtelle explained,   "I understand .von are lhe common man and conapuee the cruel]
lo see me on behalf "f Mr Armltage?"       corporations,   And be there at nine o'clock
"This is sure one rotten  wire," com- I'M meet yon there."
our   dlsHneuWTiPrt   d'strlet   leader,   the'Jake down In Tbp back there, altbonifc
Honorable Don O'Rourke"— •   .Harold  couldn't   see  him   through   the
Again thai battle yell, thnt wild nprlng-;smoke, with his eollnr wilted and his halt
ing  roar of  men's  voices,  silenced  the.00 end and the perspiration rolling iln-wn
jorntor, who waited as before with out-jhls face In huge bends as he urged those
re c p stretched hand until the surging applause sturdy eheerers un; the crews of the Ar-
U'?]i °"..th! __?___ ".NM "lown, nnd thru concluded with a.mitafP, Barnes & Curley canal boat flo-
but not sleepy Mrs. I-uchmnller.
"Tell it to me, dear," she said, as she
poured the tea for him.
"I wish I could, kid. but I don't know «penses.    What  is tl
"Harold tll,n?    Yo" a-1-1*  I'm «
ter on   hand   for  this  evening
campaign contribution.*1
ith  all your
was yonr enrs.    The first name of that nomination
I they slipped you last P. M. is Perce and
yes." said Harold, feettng for his. .ae last name Is Simmons,   Hush!   Walt,
iheckbook,   "I   suppose   there   are   some (ill you hear.
It's the Sixty-third district,
sua! contrlbu-jian't it?   Well, at the last election tho
at this bust- democratic candidate for Congress In that
j district won by ten thousand to tha good.
"Surely," said Mr. Kntwistle wtth a eon- And at the election before that the demo-
(■[derate   smile,   "wo   nil   hnve   to   team,' (.rati<-  candidate  w
Twenty thousand will he about right."     . to tn(t -..^.j     So .
Id's  mouth al] the timp m
Harold's jaw fell,    He pulled himself
together again, how. vi -.   and  said hope*
"Twenfv tin,ii
opened wide an
search for ihe rli*
eight thousand
■   it   gets  worse
It   myself."   Jake   answered,
bobbed  into the office to-day in one ofi*MS*
those Henry Clay wrappers."
"A frock coat," ventured C_I!a.
Jake  nodded.
"Well,"   said   Celia,   "there's   no
against it. Is there?"
"Xo." Jake admitted slowly, "I suppose
It's all right, but"  |flft(med "» "»<■ '•»« -VM
"Forget it!" advised Mrs. Buchmul.er.|   "T-n'^ here!" he excli
"We have other troubles." |tuink l wm buying M
But Jake couldn't forget It, and the >'011 ■ (date for some time.   I cannot believe that
demeanor  of  Harold   for   several   days]   Mr. Kntwistle was deeply hurt. h WollM tlt, lmpoM|b]0 for a 9Q0^ 11U„
added to hla sense of uneasiness,   He was     "Mr. Armltage." ! e .aid. "your caudl- t0 Ml(lk(. „ BaoceMful canvass, particularly
when   he   makes   public   certain   policies
which 1 have heen thinking over."
ne who. hav.    Jake |ooked llt }lim compassionately.
lo what you .,,   „ ,,
Harolds Campaign Manager.
"All right," be said, "since it won't do
an? good to cheer down, cheer up.    But
...     n
his   hand   censed
bnnk     Then his fn
ea gleamed angrily,     fu|!r._
'nlnied.  ""II didn't     -\iT.   Kntwistle   said   the  organization
has not been aide to   et n. desirable candl-
itiou, did
no longer the frank, care free narold of dacy is now i
former days. There was a certain re*jwill be support
serve In his manner. Thought had stamped bid expected th
her unmistakable impress upon bis brow, lug the mean-.,
bia hand was inserted frequently between could do to it
the first and second buttons of bis coat, glorious prineip
As auch it .
manner. I
ie who. hav-
« what you
he triumph of the
uir grand old party.
and hla smile, once a fine, healthy, irre-The view you  hnvi   taken convinces me
tbat I bave
-tak -u     tif
,m rue.
n p,
I ■ be sure, the part?
i   ted, even If from
ered with confu-
sponaible grin, had become  the super!
dignified, tolerant smile of the statesman, thai
The  morning after  the convention   .Take Interest, i
learned the truth, and he learned it then my owi
from tbe newspaper as he sat as breakfast.:    Har i
"Oi-yol!" he moaned, at,,} Celia, seated slon.
serosa tlic table, looked up at him. "I'm   honestly   sorry,   Mr   Kutwi_.U\''
"What Is it?" she a.ked. he said.    "Please consider my loexperi-
"Oh. prunes!" ejaculated her husband, ence.   Of course, I'm uot going to let you
Oh. Leo .\f_reeriiie!" or anybody  else pay my  campaign  ei-
"Put the exclamation points hack in peases"
tho bottle and spill out .sonic sense," Celia     "Oh, j-**, a]j right,  tn.v Imy," Mr.  Ent**
Harold, for the sake    -  tht* old  eollegi
days, let uie Jo the financial
I want to be your campaign manager,
I want to start uow. How much did]
you ■ romlse S&twletle you would put
idmltted Har-
"Um—twenty tbonsand.
ob) reluctantly.
"Oh. joy. but you -re good." declared
Jake.    "Now  I'll tell you   what  to  tlo,
Vou Just drop a note to old Abe to the
effect thai you have appointed Mr. J. G,
commanded.    She was a calm and unex-lwlstte graciously assured him.   'You are. Buchmullet your campaign manager and
citable young woman. jus you said, Inexperienced.   I quite under- !mve PIftoeJ th* >um of tweDty tholwsnd
stand how yon feel about it; quite." ,dollars in his bauds for legitimate e-.-
Hirold felt greatly relieved. penees of the campaign."
"Vou  will  hear from me  io  the mora-'    Harold's face brightened,
idline.    'Repub-.jng» hfl s-jj,], with i,i8 iWBd on the door.j   "That's a good idea." he declared.   "As
And I let it get "I lind I have not my check book wI<h'*OIllj as the money is proper!]  expend
Mr.    Kntwistle   won't   rare    whether
'   Jake In Despair.
"To5*-*,   your    lumps   on    this!"    cried
Jake, pointing to tbe li
Means Name Armltage.1
by ine.    Never got wit • to the frock coat
thing,   Never doped it out from the 'fellow
cltlsens' attitude.   AU I need is a pair of
lung ears and  a ruhe
thul's all!"
The candidate  hnd   recovered  his  good
spirits when  he entered the office in the *•»»« tnrough ,,,s l,an'h °r y0U™-
.morning, and almost embraced Jake. '    "Of   course,   he   won't,   aweet   child."
bales tick; 1   "Forgive me!" he exclaimed. "I wanted Jake assured him.    "Now  run off aad
to tell yon, hut Entwfstle put me upon __ri.e  your  (.llix,l._  n,„]   „|,0   iBn_   y, ur
Celrla picked up tho paper and read the'-'-y honor not to speak of the matter until
the convention.   Hut now I want you to
L-et bn«y, old fellow, nnd give me a hand,  tickled!    "h. so tick
note to the  Honorable  Ahe.     He'tl  be so  ,
milage, Rnrne. & Curley delivery depart-
pushed   a  knockout  at  the ment,   and   the  leather  lunged   shipping
 ny   and  insured  the trluin- clerks?   And when It was over nnd ths
i pliant election of our noble candidate for-hist and loudest of alt the cheers wns juat
[Congi-oRs in the Slxly-thtrd Congressional boglnntng to sink into a thundornin re-
Dlslrlcl,  the   Honorable  Harold   Arml- vorbornnt  diminuendo,  there was .lake
logo!" | again, back on tbe platform. Inviting all
There was a crash of » brass band and Mm innd democrats present tn "meet our
candidate"  at  the  brewery   next  door.
when-    some    refreshments    would    be
Ber nl.
Jake Spurns an Offer.
It was midnight of the most exciting
night Harold Armltage hnd ever known
when Juke pointed to Percy Saunders,
who was dancing between tables with his
arms affectionately entwined around the
form of a blr auto truck driver.
"Isn't he the cutest llttlo mixer?" he
nsked. "Hut we'll have to carve him out
of lhat quadrille and be moving. It's
about time your campaign manager made
a call on Brother Kntwistle."
Harold turned a dubious grin on Jake.
"Ooel" he said, "I don't know aa Pb
Just hunkering to see Kntwistle. Jake."
•Tnke grinned back ntlitm.
"If I didn't see him to-night, I'd die of
broken heart," bo answered.    "Come
Mr. Bntwlstle wna sipping a cocktail In
bis favorite corner of the grill room when
his visitors arrived at the club, but be
escorted Ihem up to his room and pushed
a hox of cigars toward them when thej
were comfortably aea tod.
"Thia," said Harold, Indicating Jake,
"la my campaign manager, Mr. Bucbmul-
ler.   Jake, meet Mr. Kntwistle."
"Clad to meet you, indeed," exclaimed
Mr. Kntwistle, wringing Jake's hand.
"Going to .start the campaign, now, I
"We've just finished It," answered
Jake, picking n cigar from the box.
Mr. Knt wistle's I row wrinkled horizontally and Interrogatively, He didn't
see the point.
"Yes," said Jake, "yonr candidate has
just receive-, the Tammany nomination
■mild catch his also.   Tbat nails It down, eb, what V"
"Ton bad!" said Jake.
bis feelings."
.lake," said Harold, swinging around
ence, being no more objectionable to sensitive partisanship tban the Declaration of
Independence.    With the manuscript In
She looked up inquiringly. h , ,.iM|_ ,m .
"I   don'l   aee  anything   to   have   ■   lit1   "|| „„,*-. \H.-
about." sho said.   "Why shouldn't Harold
go to Congress 1    It seems to me It's an
"Aii honor.'' wailed Jake. "It's m
pickled iM'iich, that's what it i.s. It's the
sour end of a lemon ninl seltzer. H's a'
time from Lima. Peru, and old Ah. Kntwistle Iin* banded it to bim good and!
plonty. nml then some. Why, my dear
nml Innocent cherub, that's a republican
nomination he's got—get me, a republican
uoiniuation? And up iu thut district the
kids nre taught tho 7-ammany alphabet
before they learn United States."
"Well, what are you going to do about
UV Wby tint tell bim not to take thetr
nld nomination?"
"1 might as well ask him to saw hla ear*
off," replied .lake in despair. "Wby, you
ought t.> *-.---- bim, Celia. He's gone to It
like ii pussy tn a saucer of milk.   He walks
up and down wltll his hand lu the brea.tl    "Hr!" grunted Harold.
of ids ooat nml dictates Ids mail with ges-    "What did it set y.*ti hack
Hculatlons.   It's fierce.   I'll hot he hm- the
currency question  crated   ond  stencilled
already, and the tariff   Oi-yoi, the tariff!
-t'e-J   hi   the   slake  mid   arrcauiiiig   for
.fake waited impatiently for Harold thatlcnmpalgn.'
It was eleven o'clock when Harold de-
agreed Jake, shaking hia --patched his letter to .Mr. Kntwistle and It
was half-past eleven wben the telephone
bell at Jake's desk tinkled aud Mr. Ent-
wlstle's voice asked if .Mr. Buchtuuller
wai iu.
"On the airing," answered Jake. "What
can I do for you."
"Tbis," said the voice, "is Mr. Abraham  Kntwistle."
"Shake hands with yourself," said Jake.
"Clad to meet you."
"1 am given t-. understand," said Mr.
Kntwistle, "that our Congressional candidate has intrusted yon with some confidential message for the organization?"
Jake clapped a baud over the transmitter while be chuckled. There was'
something i:i Mr. Kntwistle's voice that
amused bim.
"Hello!  hello!"   called   Mr.   Kntwistle.j
"Hello—Mr.   Buchmiiller!     Hello!    Oil,;
central,  1   oelieve   I   have  been  cut off.
Hello. Mr. Buchmiiller!"
What waal   "Hello," answered Jake.
the coal mddoratton?" "How about it?" asked Mr. Kntwistle.
'Thai's a crude way of putting It.' "I didn't get what you said." said Jake,
Jake." said Harold with dignity. "I have "I understand." said Mr. Kntwistle,
made no expenditures at. far, bnt of course "that our candidate for Congress has in-
I abnll have to hear tbe expense, of the  trusted yon  with a confidential message
"We've Just Finished It."
"How  much litis old Abe got al-
swivel chair and looking shrewdly his  breast   pocket   Harold  got  Into  hla
friend's (Percy Saunder) automobile at a
quarter to nine o'clock, and Percy directed
the chauffeur to drive them to Gcrmonla
Storming a Convention,
Cermania Hall wns large and It was
crowded. At one end of it was a raised
platform draped with an American  flag,
morning, Han-Id ua** late; he had been
kept up the nlgbt before hy a conference
following the convention, The conference,
he had heen told, would be quite important,
■ meeting of the finance committee, in Mr.
Rntwiatle'a   room.     Mr.   Kntwistle   and
p with a jerk.
■  got  anything yet?"  he de
.lake -
"Ho?   Who?"  snid   Harold.
"Kntwistle," Jake answered.
for me—er, for lhe organization.'
|    "Hello!" yelled Jake.
"Hello!" answered Mr. Kntwistle.
"What was it you said?" said Jake, Innocently.
There was some sort of an explosion at
"No.   I   didn't   unike   my   contribution  the other end of the wire.
at Buchmiiller. "ynu are lying down on
this-scheme because yon think it's hopeless."
■'Hopeless?" cried Jake.   "It's a cinch."
Handd looked at him In nmasemont.
"Itnt yon told me day heforo yesterday
thnt no republican eould win," he said.
"Sure," said Jake cheerfully.
Humid rubbed his forehead.
"Look here, Juke," he said, "I wish you'd
quit your joshing. This may appeal to
your sense of humor, hut It's no joke to
"Wh"'s playing the merry-merry?'" Juke
asked In a hurt tone. "I uever was
more .serious since I bit my toe and realized for tbe first time that life Is chock
full of painful consequences. I said a few
days ago iliut a republican candidate
could not win, and,it was true then. But
times chnnge, old top, and I think we've
got 'em moving."
"You're getting me wnzzy, if that's any
balm to your soul," Harold answered
"Cheer up," advised Jake, "There's
nothing the matter with the campaign, it's
"But Kntwistle"   Harold  began.
"Oh, Kntwistle!" said Jake. "What's
the mailer with him is quite a quantity,
but he won't die.    And  now  let us get'he went ou triumphantly
down to business.    I've made a date for is caught in bis own trap
lolegales  were
their   chairs.
Ir    bands   nnd
hats and expressing I heir joy in shrieks
Incredibly loud, and Jake was dragging
him up the hall.
"In the mime of heaven, Jake," he
whispered as tliey reached the platform,
"what doea this mean?"
"Cnn the Interrogation thing and do
your turn. If a your cue." Jake answered,
as the candidate was lifted bodily to the
jtlag draped platform. The ehulrman
looked inquiringly down at Juke, *ho
nodded his head vigorously.
"Gentlemen of the Convention," bellowed the chairman in a voice that bored
through   the  tumult,   "it  gives me—the
you to-night. 1 want you to address a big
meeting ut Cermania Hall. Uememhcr
that this is a democratic disirict and make
a speech on principles, not on parties. Get
and above the platform a young man was|greatMt pleasure—to introduce—our old
friend—and candidate—tbe Honorable—
Harold Armltage!"
Crash! went the drums aud cymbals,
and boom! went the human voices.
Harold almost staggered under tbe shock
of his welcome. He stiffened his
trembling knees nnd drove his open palm
between the first and secoud buttons of
his coat.
"Fellow" he began
"Democrats," hissed .lake from below.
"Democrats!" yelled Harold.
"Hi-yi! Hurroob! Yi-yi-ybyi-yl!" roared
the delegates.
"The great principles," went on Harold
desperately, "the luminous mid imperishable principles, enduring unto eternity, of
Abraham Jefferson"	
Another bowling storm of applause
broke around Ihe head of the candidate.
It was intoxicating; (he spirit of the thing
got luto his blood; the rolling sentences
poured from bim, glowing with fiery feeling. This was something like. The applause at the other convention had boen
nothing compared with this. This was
the real thing.    Surely it was.    Wasn't
standing, lus clenched fiat restiug on an
unadorned deal table at his side. An Instant later when the young man's voice
reached lum Harold started,
"It's Jake!" he gasped,
"But, fellow democrats," roared Jake,
"tbey didn't put it across. Not on your
life preservers! The corrupt aud criminal
conspiracy to put our glorious old organization on the blink by taking as their
candidate that sterling and distinguished
member of our beloved parly, that upright
and honored citizen and true democrat, the
Honorable Harold Armltage"—■
A shriek of joy went up from tbe
crowded delegates on the floor nud was
reinforced by as wild u cheer from the
galleries, nud Jnke had to pause. He
waited with his hand out9.fetched until
Ihe waves of applau.se liad subsided.
" has  been   kicked  In  tho slats,"
"The enemy
He's got to
swallow his own pill. The political wisdom, the fmseeiug vision, the profound
intelligence of thai modern Andrew Jack-
sou, thut pret-eut dav Thomas Jefferson,
"Ooogh!" .Mr. Ent whistle sat up
straight. His expression indicated that
he was surprised.
Harold cleared his throat. "Patriotism
before partisanship, of course, Mr. Eut-
wiatle." Thut sounded good so be repeated it.
"Of course," asscuted Mr. Kntwistle
"And now," said Jaki calmly, "about
the campaign expenses. Mr. Aruiitage
put up $-0,000. The expeuses so fur ure,
contribution to Tammany Hal! Campaign
Fund, (5,000; entertainment of delegates,
$3U5; Dau O'Uourke, for manning polls,
$1,000; lithographs, $150; total, $0,515.
That leaves u balance of $13,485. Aud
ve might as well close out thc aecouut
right now, because, obviously, there can't
he any further expense."
Ob, Spartan boy, with the gnawing wolf
under your cloak, you have nothing oa
tbe honorable Abraham Kntwistle! Ills
heart is aching, but he dosn't wear it oa
his sleeve. Ills soul Is full of bitter maledictions, but none of them reaches hi* Up*
All he says, looking shrewdly at Hi.
Buchmiiller,  is:—
"I think O'Uourke put It across oo yoa
on ttie Item fur manning the polls."
Jake grinned at him.
"You're a pretty good sport, old top/*
he admitted.
"I'll tell you what I'll do," said Mr.
EutwiBtle. "If you'll get Into the gam*
and be my lieutenant, I'll make It well
worth your while."
Jake laughed and waved him away.
"Back up I" he said. "You're all right,
but It's your line and not mine. If I
were travelling with you I'd have to hold
my baud over my month to keep the gold
tilling in my teeth. No hard feelings, but
excuse me. However, Harold, as we've
been economical with the campaign fund,
It ought to st a ud for a bottle of hubli w.
Wbnt any?   Percy, touch the Ml!"
Professor Metchnikoff  Holds
Condition Uue to Development of Intestinal Flora.
p* VERV me will admit the Importance
| ol the question, "Can one avoid growing old?" i*» there, In fact, any ona
wlm did not (*•'■'■ i trace of chagrin as tio
regarded Ills t.r*-- white han* and does
uol this mui'' evldeucs <>f advancing years
sis ;!>•• arouse sad reflections, however
fleeting. The Ural white balr: It Is Indeed a iirnl warning; it i.*. the railing nf
tli>! curtain upon a scene that can hardly
!.' called Inviting. It announces the be*
(-inning ot that slow dissolution which Is
but another word for ohl ug_ and the end
tit which is death,
According io Professor Metchnikoff,
who, u> i.. well known, has made _ ipeclal
_.'iiiy of old a**', this in not u normal but
an ttbnormi ndltlon. It is a pathological phenomenon iu the ordinary aecepta-j
Hun of the words. Ha essential character-
i-.ii. is tin- preponderance, growing more
aud more pronounced, of the inferior, or
--unjuuctlve, elements, ns Ihey are eal lod,
over the nobler components of tissues and
The preponderance Is due principally to
certain organ It mi called macrophages,
whlrh devour tho weakened "-lis, in place
uf which there appear tho conjunctive
proliferations characteristic of sclerosis,
old ige may, upon ihi-- nsumpllon, l>e sold
u- bs a porfectly curable disease which
nil*hi hfl properly termed "mucrophagucj-
Thr noblo *
gnnlsm Herat'
lion-dllTiislblu protective subsist)
ni far a« these elements nre i
acts ii** a brake upon the vnrnc
macrophagei     Thin  protecting  lecrcllon
Imculum   l..■,.■.■.,.,-1   ui-   ceases   to  *_Ui
iii" of tin- animal or
Ihelr normal stale a
Ol    III!
from a variety of causes, principal among
which are poisons given oil by the bacteria,
ol thr largf Intestine. .U this point the pro-!
tectlog solution i* --ompMely absorbed.'
Since these bacteria develop best iu r\\
alkaline medium, the acidifying microbes
such as the lactic bacillus are detrimental
to them. Hence ll becomes advisable to
introduce milk Into the diet, particularly'
imir milk, replete with counteracting microbes, to i-n. i.i.- the noble I'lt-menta tO pre-
■erve their Integrity. '
i lid age, according t" Professor Melcbnl*
koff, ihould uol be considered a necessity,
hut rather an ancient law which weighs
heavily upon humanity, and rueeni dis-
coverles, he considers, prove that tin* numerous ailments <>f tin.* Intestines andi
atomuch which decimate mankind nn*--1
from our diet. We <*at too much meat;
that i" a fact, .-li scientists nay that men
notable for longevity use food different
from thut of the majority. Tbey **ai vg.-
tat,!,"-, fruits, milk produi ts   In a word, a'
group ot i* la wblch form a cooling dlel
and diminish ihr Intestinal flora a* far an
possible. l'»r tie- flora of ths Intestines
may be compared with thai of the forests,
in which poisonoun toadstools crop up be-
aldo tlo- edible mushrooms.
There nre certain  precepts, therefore,
which mn-  followed if we desire to
avoid dyspepsia, appendicitis and all tbe
umlndles duo to Intestinal aoto-lntoilca-
Hon ii wo wish io enjoy n green old ng>-
nnd lo show no I race of thfl yean. W*o|
muat diminish nhnormal fermentation In
om* Intestines, not by medicaments but
h.v means of an appropriate diet. Wo
musl defend nnrsolres again.! tho eiietulei
we carry within ourselves; Ihcy art- the
muse of ntntosl all our Ilia.
IVr.f. -sor MflHiiiikoff holds lhal the
iimiv iiir Intestinal Horn Is reduced the
lean evident ihr manifestations of old nge
will be.    Il Is etlOUgll lo compare ftU uld
mammal with an old bird to he struck the Pasteur Institute in Paris, it appears,
hy  the greal  difference in  their exterior there has been for many years a parrot
which, according to the best reports, must
br from seventy to scveuty-Hve years
old, yet it is not possible to recognize its
advanced age, its aspect is .so normal, its
movements are so easy.
The instances cited above confirm the
general rule thai birds are far more long
appearance.   It is easy to recognlxo thai
a horse or a dog 1" aged h.v its slow movements, worn teeth uud whitened, lustreless hair. A dog twelve or fifteen years
old clearly shows, even to the most careless observer, alt tbe signs of senile do-
crept tude<
Btrds  remain  young  apparently  for a lived than the majority of mammals, and
much   longer   time.    A   duck,  although this is accounted fur by  tbe fact  that
mon- titan twenty years old, retains
rapidity of movement, nor does any part
uf its exterior reveal advancing years.
Purruis malutain u slate of real youth
lor a very long time. A certain little
parrot, for example, tlfieeu to nineteen
yean old, which waa closely and persistently observed, iu no way showed
symptoms of old age. lt was mosl lively
and curious, inking an interest in persons
aud tiling*, about it. lis plumage
malued brilliant and richly colored.   At
birds are much freer from microbes than
luuiumuls ure. The mouse is old at the
end of a very short time, and lives scarcely more than four or tive yenrs, while the
i-anaiy attains fifteen and sometimes
twenty years.
Itirds helng so fortunate as to lack the
large intestine, do nut Buffer ut ull from
old age. They preserve ihelr beauty of
plumage, their suppleness of body nud
ihelr vivacity to lhe very lust. It would
he un Ideal condition for us lu be without
this organ with which, alas! we nre afflicted. I.et us, therefore, strive to purify
it of the poisons of which It may become
the receplahle and which are due to the
presence of microbes wlitch have « preponderating action lu the inflammatory processes of various Intestinal diseases.
In short, the whole theory of Professor
Mclclinikoh. Is founded Upon the postulate
that old age is a malady. Unfortunately,
nothing is less clearly proven. What essentially characterizes old age is not only
the atrophy of the organs and sclerosis, as
Professor Melchulkott slates, hul above all
Ii is the accumulation, growing ever
more considerable, of the waste products
of our food.
Some of these waste products are soluble
and diffuse to the exterior. Others nre Insoluble aud are deposited upon the tissues
aud encrust tbem. These latter accumulate iu the greater quantity as thu vital
activity Is  mora  intense and  more  pro*
V-'\'fc*%V-*%%%*V%*'**-%%%*'V%**V%%-***%%*V_%%%*_^^ i
NIPPON it not iu ht
Ihb   lure   ol    Ibe   Qttl
iiii* ibird brunch uf th
aeroplane corps has coin-
As iln-y made tbo most i
quantity in the shape ol t
iu the war with Kinula-1
determined to get ull the
out of ilie navlgalt it
ahuuld take the field ng.
Ai ihe aviation sel I
port, N, V., there are Mui
ihr Japanese !nvy studyi
their operation. Idettten
meda and Nftklslttnln
America by the Japanese
they have been working
weeks mastering the de
.uiu.trucl.uu end couirul.
IU hfl
. jci
, IIH llll!
••   lu
cl'  II
lm .1,
!•_* nre
if Huu
Ill    lllll
.1111. of
III!   '
nil mid
ll tils
in. Vi.
'Ill      10
■nl ninl
• W'VI'll
I la I ripped in Lieut counts Kouo and Yameda are
each lu lake an ueroplaiie back lu Japan
wiih them t» lake part in tiie manoeuvres
whirh will be ludil at a grand naval ro-
view, Their fellow otllcur will remain a
few WUOltS longer a| IIaiiliuolids|iort, and
lu gain all the practical expurlotieo
possible he is superintending ibe con-
Mtriiclloit of a new airship wblcb be will
lake lo Japan with hliu.
Hugh Itohinsoii. head Instructor ai lln.*
Curllss sehool, is nstonUtiud al thu
ndeptness <d lbo Japanese nt learning
lhe arl of Hying.
-I never saw anything like Ihe waj
ihey grasp a principle," wild Mr. Hobiu-
soli.    "Vou   lell   litem  a   thing  once  and
they remember It.   Vou ueed never tell
them again. Ami ihey do not memorise)
il, parrot fashion. They grasp the principle of the Ihlng,
"As fur Ihelr powers of imitating, »
simply cannot u ml ers land them. They
take one look at a complicated mechiiiilsm
and then can sit down and draw plans of
il, and If you ask lliein to tbey will go
rlghl abend uud construe! a copy,"
'Ibe iiisintrinrs ai the Bchool in llaui-
inoiiil. pon any ihr Japanese are in tunny
ways especially adapted lo the use of
air i-rati. The men, while strong aud
wiry, are hiuiiII and light, As lu nerves,
Ihey M't'tii lu have none, Nothing throws
Ihem into confusion and Ihey are level
headed.    Their movi Ills ale quick mid
sure, which is a great advantage lu a
llylug inai'Umt..
longed. As the nutritive elements become
rarer ou the Interior .if lhe cells, atrophy
and sclerosis occur. Tlmt is what Professor Metcbnlkolt desires to express when
he says that in old age (here Is constantly
increasing preponderance of conjunctive
elements over Ihe nobler elements of our
l Issues.
ll can he seen, in short, lhat It is the ac-
ruiuiilaiion of waste mailer left over from
the process of assimilation wblch causes
old age, and lhat (his is therefore not a
disease but a condition of structure. The
appearance and evolution of thc phenomena of idd age represent a development
as rigorously physiological as thai of thc
embryo. No matter liuw optimistic we
may he, no matter bow great our fear of
old age and death, we are, in the very
nature of the thing, helpless hefore It,
for It Is purely a phenomenon of evolution.
Hut, If ohl nj-e is an unavoidable conse-
qtieuco of life, certain clrcuinstancos may
nevertheless render the appearance uf I.s
characteristic accidents a more or less
clearly foreseen event.
lu fact, among Ihu most active causes
of sclerosis musl hu cited all forma of
In toxica (io ii — and particularly ihose
which result frum physical or Intellectual
overwurk, from albiltiiliilsm (whence
urlbrllism with ita various forms is de
rived), from alcoholism, frum the use o
tobacco and from bacterial fermeutatlou
lu the 111 tost bum The mure intense the
action or ihe tissue element*., Ihe mure
rapidly ijo ihe Insoluble products of as
siiuilalioii accumulate, Hut all these
forms of Intoxication act, lu line, by over
taxing lhis ur lhat organ, charged either
wiiii transforming or eliminating toxic
derivatives. The cousc.|iicncc uf such
overwork Is sclerosis, a condition which
appears lhe earlier when (he liiloxleatlou
is more violent and inure frequently repeated,  Thus a premature seuillty of the
Accumulation uf Waste Products of
Assimilation Will Account for
Age Symptoms.
organs u veritably morbid, pathologic
ohl uge, whose characteristics are really
those which one ordinarily iim is in what
is culled senile degeneration—is produced
hy un absolutely Identical process.
Indeed, there is nothing which will
vi UUtoract physiological old age, the situation la no better In regard to premature,
morbid old age mused by chronic iu.
toxicatloii resulting from malnutrition or
overuutrlllou or from otber causes. Hut
It la evident that, whatever methods of
treatment muy bu employed to combat
thla old age, tbey muat be purely pre*
venlive, not curative. There is no remedy
for sclerosis of Lhe orguns. Everybody
knows this, for we do uot possess a single
means of dissolving the insoluble residue*
of assimilation, and hence we aru unable
to give their youthful vitality buck to
atrophied   cells.
We have, therefore, ouly preventive
measures ut our diapusul against premature, morbid uld age.
These have lung been known, Observe
a careful and methodical hygleuic regime,
regulate your life, work moderately wltb
bund and head, avoid violent emotion and
artificial excitement, live lu the country.
Wat itoberly, and vegetable In preference
lo animal fund. Drink Water, Wear your
clothes loosely ubout the Htomach, (Jet
plenty of sleep, abstain frum alcohol, tea,
coffee ami tobacco. As far aa .Kisslble
avoid COIi(ngloili dlaeu.es. '
Those aro excellent precept.. They (mint
a way to an appreciable prolongation ot
life, to a late and normal uld age. 'I'he
■inly dillleully is thai very few people
jMissess aufflcleiit will power to put tb .m
TII 1 l'l"! I'I I ITi'IIITI'ITUT TTl'TTT'l'Tl 1'I'I iIiiIii1iiI*TIi1it*
Professional   Carbs
• an&-
Cooge   iHotices
♦ Mill llll I llllllllll-lllll lllll IIIII11-11 111
Court Oranbrook No. 8943.
Meet In Carmen's Hall, on   2nd aad
4th Thursday of each month.
Louis Pearaon, Sac, P.O. Box 511.
Vleltlng Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets  in  Carmen's  Hall   1st  ami
3rd Thursdays   in every month, at
I p.m.  Membership open to British
H. T. Brake, Pres.
L. Pearron, Secretory
Box 618
Vleltlnt members cordially welcome
Cranbrook Fernie Farmers'
Pros—A.   B.   Smith
Sec—Albert H. Webb,
Aildress—Boj  605,  Cranhrook.  B.  C.
Meetings nre  held   Second   Satur-
ilay in ench month at 2 p.m. in the
Old  (iymilHHlum.
A. F.  _  A. H.
Regular   meetings   on   the
third   Thuraday   of   avery
Visiting brethren welcome.
H.  Hickenbotham,  W.M.
J. Lee Crnnston, Sec.
No. 125, R. A. H.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
eacb month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning    Oompanlona   are   cordially Invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. 0. Shankland, B.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. Si
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
0. Donahue, 0. 0.
F. M. Christian, K ol R. ft S.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Women's Institute
Meets in the Carmens' Hall 1st
Tuesday afternoon in every month
at 3 p.m. The fancy work classes
meets on 2nd Friday evening ln tbe
same place at 8 p. in.
Mrs. E. H. Leaman, President
Mrs.   J.   Shaw,   Sec-Treas.
P. 0. Box 442.
All ladies cordially invited.
T.      T.      McVITTIK
P.L.B.   _   O.I.
ORANBROOK.    ..,    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notarise
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
CRANBROOK, Britiah Columbia
Uo. 41
Meets every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
J. F. Broughton W. M. Harris,
N. 0. Sec'y
Circle No.   163
Oompanlona of the Forest
Mteta In Carmen's Hnll, First and
Third Wednesday of each month at
8:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. A. M. Laurie, 0. 0
Mrs. A. B. Shaw, Bee.
Visiting  Companions   cordially  wslcoms. S-tf
Oranbrook      Lodge
No.     1049
Meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m.,
in Royal Black
Knlghta' Hall on
Baker Street.
I Into
R, 8. Oarrett, Sec'y
lleets In Roynl Black Knlghta Hall
Baker Street
Meeta every 2nd and 4th Thuraday
of each month at 9 p.m. sharp.
MrH. Ia, Hnyward, rcc. aee.
W. li. MacFarlane, chlel ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
President—O. R.  Bheppard
Meets regularly on tbe First Friday
svsnlng of each month.
Information on Poultry mature
Address the Secretary—A1. B. Smith
P.O. Box 862, Oranbrook, B.O.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Meets 1st and
3rd Thursdny In
Royal Blaek
Knlghta of Inland 'mil at 8 p.rt, sharp. Visitors
R. fl. Qarrott, W. M.
W. Dunstnii, Ree. Sec.
Dr. de Van's Female PJIto
A f.ll.bl. French rcguUtoi i n.v.r fall.. These
pill, are .xcmiIIiirI- puwerliil Id rti. listing th.
generative portion ul tlm lemnle ayetem. Kefuis
all cheap Imltatluna. Dr. de Yam'B are sul* al
IB a hox, or three lor 11(1. Mailed to any address.
h_> IsekeU Drag Co., It. Catharines, Ons
Civil   and   Mining Engineers—British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box 236
Phons SU
...    B.O.
Drs.   KINO   _   ORB EN
Physicians and Surgeons
Olilcs at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 1.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - - 7.80 to   8.80
Sundays 1,80 to   4.80
Oranbrook,     .....    B.O.
Notice is hereby givon that on the
r.th day ol January, 1914-
George H. Thompson, Esq., Judge ol
the County Court of East Kootenay,
that Jamea A, Arnold, Official Administrator for that portion of the
County ol Kootenay included in the
Electoral District of Crnnbrook be
Administrator of all nnd singular
the eBtate of Carrie Baker, deceased
Every person indebted to said deceased is required to make payment
forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having in possession
effects belonging to the deceased ie
required forthwith to notify tbe undersigned.
Every creditor or othor person hav
ing any claim upon or interest in
the distribution of the estate of the
said deceased Is required to send belore the 16th day of February, 1914,
next, by registered mail addressed
to the undersigned, his name and address and the full particulars of bis
claim or Interest, and a statement
of his account and tho nature of the
security (if any) held by him.
After the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed witb
the distribution of the estate having]
regard to those claims only of which
he shall have bad notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 9th day
of January, 1914.
2-2t Official Administrator
The Hog the Mortgage j Forest Fire Losses,
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Avenut Next to City Hall
Open Day and Nlgbt Phoae IU
Funeral Director,
P.O. BOX 585 PHONE 848
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Notice of Application   for thc
Approval of Works
TAKK NOTICH tlmt The Lund
Land & Development Co., Ltd., will
apply to the Comptroller of Water
Rights for the approval of the plana
of the works to lie constructed for
the utilization of thc wator from
Matthew Creek, which the applicant
Ib. hy Water Record No. 27C authorized to take, store, and use for irrigation purposes ou Pots -04.., _o;i.
nnd 6668,
Thc plans and particulars required
hy subsection (1) of section 70 of
the "Water Act" as nmended have
been filed with the Comptroller of
Water Rights at Victoria and with
the Water Recorder at Cranbrook
Objections to the application mnv
be llled with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Dated at Wardner, B.C., this 2.th
day of December, 1913.
Tho Lund Land & Development
Company, Limited.
P.   Lund,  President
Agent of tho Applicant
Coal mining rights of the Dominloi.
ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
btrta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion ot
the Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a terra of twenty-
one years at an annual rental ol $1
an acre. Not more than 2,660 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application (or a lease must bt
mads by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district ln which the rights applied lor
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions ol sections, and in unsur
veyed territory the tract applied loi
shall be staked out by tbe applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a tee ot $5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for art
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tbe merchantable output of the mine at tht
rate ol five cents per ton.
The person operating tbe mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn return*
accounting tor tbe full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tht
royalty thereon. II the coal mining
rights are not being operated, sucb
returns should bs furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mln
Ing rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be con
sldered necessary for the working of
the mine at tbe rate of $10.00 an acre
For full information application
should be made to tbe Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication   of
this advertisement will not be paid
for—30690. Jan. 3rd-tf.
Port  Hteele  Assessment  District.
NOTICE is hereby given that a
Court of Revision ami Appeal, under
tho provisions of the "Taxation
Act" and thc "Public Schools Act"
for the Fort Steele Assessment-District with respect to the Assessment
Rolls for the year 1914 will bc held
at the Government Oftlccs, Pernio,
ll. C. on Monday thc 2. th day of
January, A.D., 1914, nt ton o'clock
in the forenoon, legal time, and at
tbo Government Offices, Cranbrook,
11. C. on Wednesday, the 2Hth day of
January, AM., 1914, at toil;o'clock
in tlic forenoon, legal time.
Judgo  of   Court    of   Revision
and  Appeal. 2-4t.
Ju theBe days of high cost of food
and especially of meat, when the
packers are despairing of the meat
supply and the price of ilosh food is
proceeding steadily upward, farmers
would do well to pay heed to a section of Samuel W. Allerton's hook
on "Practical Farming," entitled,
"The Hog the Mortgage  Payer."
Mr. Allerton says that this is what
the hog is known as on Illinois farms
and he behaves thHt it is an eminently cortect designation. He gives
much uractical advice regarding the
successful raising of hogs and points
out that the only serious obstacle
to success is hog cholera.
But this may be avoided hy proper feeding of the animal, his idea
being that cholera Is produced hy
feeding of corn. He therefore advises
ground barley as a change of food,
and also suggests, in order to prevent tjhe spread of the disease in
case any animal upon the farm
should become infected with it, that
hog coops be constructed and scattered over the farm so that infection may be confined to as few of
the animals as possible and the lost-
Mr. Allerton shows thnt by proper
care hog raising is not expensive,and
it ie unnecessary to point out that
in these times of high prices it bring
large returns. He shows, in addition
that besides the direct value of hog
breeding in the profit of the animals
themselves, hogs greatly enrich the
land upon which they run, and thus
their presence on the farm makes for
tho betterment of all crops by supplying natural fertilizer.
Farmers should know all theso
things not only for their own benefit but for the sake of the entire con
suming public of the nation. If it
were realized how profitable hog cultivation really is, there would be
many more hogs raised and the meat
problem would be by no means so
acute. i
The lowest level of forest fire loss
on record in Canada was reached
this year on Dominion Forest Reserves in Western Canada. From
the first of April to the end of September several of these reserves escaped without a single fire over ten
acres in extent, the small tires that
did occur being extinguished by ihe
rangers before occasioning any damage to standing timber. On tne
Rocky Mountains Forest Reserve,
which has an area of 13,373,856 acres
ihe fire loss amounted to but 1,150
acres of young timber of only potential value and $IG0 worth of mature
timber. The total area burnt over,
more than half of which was cut
over or gras? Innd, wns hut 3,010 a-
creas, representing only 8.02 per cent
of the area of this reserve. On the
Dominion Forest reserves in British
Columbia, which have a total area
of 2,420,4.0 acres not a single fire
succeeded in spreading over a larger
area thnn ten acres, and the only
green timber injured by fire was four
aires of young lodgcpole pine. The
records are not yet complete for tbe
Saskatchewan and Manitoba sections
but the available figures compare
favorably with the ones cited. The
above figures also compare favorably
with corresponding ones on the National Forests of the United States,
where the area burned in 1913, although the smallest In recent years,
vas somewhat over 0.03 per cent of
the total reserved area.
In the Fire Districts on Dominion
Crown LandB in the West patrolled
by Dominion fire rangers the loss oc-
cassioncd by forest fires last seaBon
is also remarkably small, nor ls this
due wholly to the large amount of
rain which fell last summer in tbe
went, for there were also several dry
spelts when frequent tires occurred,
which only the alertness of the fire-
rangers   prevented   from   occasioning
Society Woman Who Is Demanding
$100,000 for the Loss of Husband
Jusef'li Cliuiuberluli), the venerable llrlilsli statesman, litis decided to retire
from parliament, afler serving ns a member ot tbo House of Commons sluce
187(1, during all of wblcb lime he has represented Birmingham.
It is eipected that Neville Chamberlain, a younger sou of the retiring state**
man, will become Unionist caudidate for West Uinnim-luiui.
large losses. In the Coast Fire
Ranging District, B.C., which helng
situated In the Railway Belt is administered hy tho Dominion Forestry
Branch, during June nnd July and
August no less than Ilu fires occurred, yet all of these lires were eitin-
glllshed by tbe fire rnngers before
nny standing timber was destroyed.
Hectlon  48
Notice Ih hereby given that on the
..Hi dny ol February next, npidlca-
tlon will he made to tlio Superintendent of Provincial Pollco for the
transfer of tbe llconco lor the sale of
Uqllor by retail In and on tbe pram-
lies known iih tin* Moyle Hotel, B|t
mite at Moyle, IlrltlHli Columh_i,
from Philip . , Johnston, lo Jamoi
H. Doyle of Cranbrook, llrltiHh Columbia.
Philip F.  Johnston,
holder of llconco,
James II. Boylo,
Applicant for Trotm..
Dated this Gill day ol Jan. 1914.
^^^^^^^^ __*._ tt    HA-a-WAIBJ. ^^^^^^
Accusing Dr. Henderson Hnyward, his son Thomas, and daughter, Mrs
Laura Ayers, of conspiracy In Ibe alleged spiriting nwny of ber husband, !_*_-'
Hnyward, another son of the doctor, a hotel capitalist, Mrs. Louise II. Hay-
ward, well known In Eastern society, has filed nn action lu tho Superior Court,
Ixis Angeles, Oil., seeking .loo.ooo heart balm, The Miroe defendants will
say little about the affair, wbile the Titian hailed plaintiff has talked freely
of Ibe schemes and artifices alleged to have been used by llie father, brother
and sister to persuade her husband uf a few months to ubundou ber without
providing a cent fot- her support,
' Young Hnyward, wbo Is well known to the bright light hubllues of a
dozen large cities, is supposed lo lie rusticating soutb of the Mason nud Itlioti
line. Ills father and relatives assort tliey haven't nu Ideu whoro bo Is located.
His wife, who Is ua attractive divorcee, is prostrated witb grief, according lo
her friends.
Hectlon  48
Notice iH heroby given that on the
2nd day of February next, nppllcn
lion will be ninile to tbo Btiporlnten*
dent of Provincial Pollco lor the
transler of tin* llcenco for tho Balo ol
liquor by retnil in nnd on tho prom-
|S0S known iih the FnllH View Hotel,
Hitllllte   at     Milt Vlivllle,     lllitlttll    Co
lumhln,  from  John  W.  Colburn, to
(I 'go Welch ol Marysvillo, British,
John W. Colburn,      |
holder  ol licence.
Oeorge Welch,
Applicant lor Transfer
Dnted this Sth tiny ol Jan. 1914.
District, oi I!i . Kootonay, B.c.
Tnko  Nolle  Ihnt     I,    AngllH   Wind
Davis ol Klmhorloy, n.c, occupn*
lion Minim: Knglneor, Intond to un
ply for permission  to  purchnse tiio
llllowlllg  (loscrlhotl   IiiiiiIh:
' ommonolng at a posl planted at
tho Hont.lt _0.| ,.,,,-n,., ,,[ |,„t min,
thonco  i Hi   J7  ehnlllH,   III no*   wost
B'l  chains,   thenco   north 'it olmliiH,
thonco oast 2n ohalns, nnd oicoptlng
therefrom   nil land inoludod in the
"Ti'niuwny" Mineral Clslm, I t 'SS",.   Mcllwnlno during lhe llmt hull piny
Dnte November 19th, 1911. od  vory disappointingly,  hut   in the
Angus Ward Davis second half oicteded nil expectations
18 !lt- Applicant  whilst Ashworth.and Hhntlord ■ilayod
Bankers vs. Thistles
The final game of the local basketball league, waB played on Monday
.last, In tho presence of a large and
i-nth. mastic number of spectator*,
and supporters of each aide and resulted In a win for the hankers of 2_
points to 23 iftcr an eipreniely stroii
uous match.
At the lino up thc men faced each
other as follows:
Bankers:Mew,™. Murray, Mackersy,
McFluraine.  A ah worth,  Shatford.
Thistle*.: Messrs Brechin, Kuhnhert
Gill, Bridges, Dallas.
Referree:  W. Hopkins
Umpire: A. My ram..
Timekeeper: A. T. Underbill
The Hankers got away in brilliant
style at the commencement and
scored within the first few minutes.
This, however, livened the Thistle:!
up considerably, who scored vi ry
shortly afterwards. Tho play was of
a very even chnraeter for some time
but prior to the interval the Thistles
forced a great pace, nnd when the
whistle blew for half time the score
Bankers 10
Thistles 17
Judging by the play of the Thistles
in the latter part of the first half
it looked as though the Banker.*
would experience treat difficulty in,
penetrating their defence; but on re
suming the Bankers played with
great determination and dash, Ashworth and Bhfttford eipializing mat-
I ters within the first five minutes ami
s-.hatford's last goal was an excellent
one, emanating from a magnificent
oblique shot. The combination o[
the Thistles forwards was splendid,
but their shots tacked direction and
In consequence only added 6 points
to the score during the second half.
Final score
Final scor_: Bankers 28
Thistles 23
The game wns the most Interesting
one of tho season, the spectators
cheering the players efforts voclfer
i.iiHly and at. times tin- tlOlBfl was nl
most deafening owing t<> thfl tooting
of horns. The Thistles team were In
ex coll ont form, (.ill, Bridges, and
Dallas, playing oxcollcnt combination
whilst. Breohln and Kuhnhert proved
a most stubborn defence. The lturi
ken. defence was considerably wen
keiied owing to the absence of Mr
Kwen nud Mackersy, at times was
considerably troubled in COnflOquonce,
but Murray, who has graduated ffOM
the Y.M.C, played with grent vigor,
very consistently throughout.
Tho Bankers being the winners of
the league were presented by Mr.
Cameron,on behalf of Mr. W. H. Wil
Bon, with the "Wilson Cup." In presenting the cup to Mr, Ashworth,the
captain of the Bankers, he mnde a
very fitting speech to which Mr. Ashworth suitably responded.
Mr. Hopkins, wbb performed the
duties of referree during thc season,
waa presented with a handsome pipe
which hu thoroughly deserves.
It was very gratifying to see such
a lar^o attendance at the final game
and it is to bc hoped thai next season's games will be witnessed by a
J larger number of spectators.
Prior to the match Mr. Myrnms,
physical instructor of the Y. M. 0..
gave a gymnastic display which wub
highly appreciated  by all present.
Conservatives elect
Officers at Wardner
The annual mooting Of the Wardner Conservative Association was
held in the Foresters' Hall on Friday evening, January lf.tli, with a
good attendance.
Several new members were enrolled
and the following were elected to thc
various offices  for  the year:
Hon.  Pres.:  Hon. H. L. Harden
Hir Richard McBride
Thomas Caven, M.P.P.
Pres.:  Peter Lund
Vicc-Prcfl.:Otto  Wisner
Sec-Treas.j Fred W. Burgesa
Members Executive Committee:
Brock  K.  Markle and  Win.  ScbAd,
Tbe meeting was a very enthusiastic one throughout and several interesting discussions arose in connection with important Issues affecting
conditions in the district at the present time.
All present agree that the meeting
was one Of the most enjoyable of its
kind held In Wardner for a long time
The most important feature of the
meeting was that all the o;Iic<rswere
elected without opposition) which is
a Btrong tribute to thc harmony e.t-
latlng among the association members.
The Secretary's report for the year
just closed shows the association to
be in  excellent   financial  condition.
Regular monthly meetings will he
bold throughout the year and it Is
expected that many additional names
will be added to the already long
list of members. The proBpecta for
a 8UCC0Ml.il year for the association
are bright indeed.
urn es ycarg-
-^CXPCniCNCE   '
Tnxtix IvUrii-u
Copvwohti Af,.
A nron««anillnfl a . hateli and d ewnintion ma*
VilrUf n»-***rtui;i -.iir i-| .-iinn fr_._*_' —    -
111. al »*-,„;  f„f _.,. im-,;- italMili,.
li l-ifc.-i |F>r---ii*_  Ilium A r.i. moil.•
', wllji_iilc.i_ii*a, Iiiiii*
lonl Inw. oi,
l.il.mil tn1
lll-< Ull (Wid-I    __, _
Scientific American.
A h .ill-, iiilfl** III .tintn. W<M_1*f. I.MI..H r'r-
riiUMi-li of nny r> hutllli- J«uriinl. Tetm. h.
i 'in. .U. |:i 7'. it >■■..!, *,•<>-.__-! |ii«-.-_|it. *-..i.| bf
nil i,i*w*lral"rf. THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
Local   News
Set.* im- about thut picture which
you ar,* about tu Imve framed, 80
h.'Iiii['I.M nf moul'lillgB to choose Irom
.1. A. Heck ol Wasn was in town
J, 0, Carruthers of Nelson, wus
in the City Thursday.
P, LarBon of New York City, was
a guest at the Cranbrook Thursday.
H.ll. Roe or Calgary, was In the
city Thursday.
.1. S. McCallUBl of Port Steele.
wna in town Wednesday.
It. Weston of Calgary, was in the
city Wednesday.
Geo, Watson ol Fort Steele, was
in   the  city   tliis   week   on business,
Mis. c. |„ Phillips ol Lethbrilge,
was a Cranbrook visitor Wednesday
Arnold i'.   Raworth  ol  Lethbridge,
was in  town Thursday,  visit nin ins
brother ..elm- Raworth,
We handle only fresh killed
choice stock and our moats
are the best to be had
give us a trial.   Cranbrook
Meat Market.   Phone
\    ll   may   he  tlml   yom* eyes  me {
s    becoming weak nml  yon  nre ti t
c   friiirt Ui acknowledge it.   Thnt f
C    is  the  way   with n  Kood   ninny f
$   poople.  both   old   and   young. £
<   The  young,  particularly,  seem f
)   afraid  to  admil   tholr   falling t
i      Bight,  but   ii   iri  no novelty \
nowadays and certainly no di* r
grace,   We will remedy uny do f
recti vo eyi eight  and  guarantee £
sal Isfacl Ion.     Delays ure dan ?
gerous   ■ 'ome To lay, ?
\        BROS. •;
(     Jew ol.-1 > t- Opticians \
} Cranbrook, B. ('. \
Announi emmit or tho engagement ol Miss Belie Wratt Wlllard, daughter
nf Mr. Joseph „. Wlllard. ot Richmond, Va„ Ambassador to Spain, and Mrs.
SVIIlard. tu Mr. Kerinlt Roosevelt, -on ot Mr and Mra rbeodore Roosevelt, of
Pyster Uay, I.. i„ has aroused wide interest. The wedding will take glace ia
Jhe early spring, it Is reported, either In Madrid or i Miss Wlllard,
who is uuw lu Spain witii her parents, will be presented at the _.;tish court
*******+-M--I I I-l-l -I I* II -l-H-H*.' .**. I-+-H*I-i-H-H-.
ii Rossland Winter 1
land Old-Timers' Re-union)
You should take in the 17th Annual
February 2 to 6, 1914
■ ■   Fastest teams in Interior B. C.
Competition for 11. (.. and International
Special Rates on all Railways
; Kor particulars apply toll. B, CROW, Secretary, Rossland, B. C. :;
Because He Takes GIN PILLS
A prominent Consulting Knjjinr'fr of
N.w York Citv, liius lienrtily (.odorscs
39 Broadway, N'_w York.
"I bought sonic of your ('.IN PILLS
it Victoria. B.C,last September. Your
remedy I tind, at 6a years of 'ij_;_,toKive
ptrtcct relief fruin the Kidney and
Bladder Troubles Incident to one of my
age. IurgeutlyrecommenctGIN PILLS
to friends as being tl.e one thing that
dots me goo<l."     E. ('-. WOODFORD,
By the time a mnn or woman is 6o,
the Kidueys and Bladder n*>.d n little
help to keep in good working order.
OIN TILLS are what they need. QIN
PILLS keep the urine neutral, prevent
colds settling on thc kidney .or ljl.i_l.icr
•nd ward off Rheumatic attacks.
ReiuemlMa-r, every box of GIN PILLS
Iseold wilh & positive guariinue loj^ive
perfect satisfac'.ion or yuur money
promptly refunded.
50c. a box, 6 for $2 50. Sample free if
you write N..tio.inl Dnitf and Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited, Tor.nto.    176
within the reach of all
Tlmt Alcoholism is n i__0_ae ih
now rucoKniHiMl by Science. No man
In Iiih isneeR bring! dinurnce nntl
1 nln on hlmsell and family through
Alcura stops tho craving fur drink
Imll'lH up tin' system,   steadies   the
nerves.    It. Ih guarantied in cur	
benefit   or    money retundod nft. r n
tnir trial,   Alcura Nu  i can I iv™
Meretly hy nny . I i mothor wanl
tu   III* llth
.   ■/. ih the
Ir,. to rostoro n dear
and iiHi'liiliM'HK.    A l'n 11
voluntary treatment,
Cnn lie lind nl our -I
per hox, Auk loi mi I
bout Alr.iirn.
Beattlc-Miirph)   Cn,,
Cmnlirook,  lie.
• only fl.im
1 klnt 11
Your Home
Will be nne that yuu onn look
forward to with nvich added
delight if. ii;ntti returning all
fagged out from your day's
work, your wif»* can have read-
y fer yon a bottlo of
X Port Stout
Then you will moat fully ap-
preetate tl -•■-■■■ h-nin-' brew
It ■,. I1 rei I : •■ your mcr^y,
furnish needed stimulation to
the tired body '.nd put you in
'< frame o( roll d t..» reapond to
anl reception await-
ing yon.
Tin* use of Kfrrijrftn'fl XPort
.:     in     the     home     Hpclls
11 rl i:.-t .1 •*. good indie, mion
ami good Bleep, Let un supply
you  with a case.
92.50   ni* case of a do*., pints
J. T. Thorpe id Winnipeg, and M,
Johnson ol Spokane, wa_ registered
al  tlu   Oranbrook Wednesday,
tilled TurkeyB and Chickens
al    the  11   Market  Co.,  Ltd.
The sanitary inspector says iim.
the schools muBt  he well ventilated,
thi     V.   -   :     jet   fresh,
Just wheu there was a chance for
cheaper eggs, blamed M they don't
-.tart savint: them for "setting.-*."
The L55th anniversary of the birth
Ol Bobbie Burns will take i-lace on
Monday next.
J. McTavish of Bull River, was in
Calvary Thursday, transactini: business.
You eet the best in Qt-WLITV,-
PRICE am: r-KRYlCE at the 41
Market Co.,    Ltd   175    PHONE 175.
C. H. Prescott of Spokane, master
of mechanics, of the Soo Line, spent
Thursday in Cranbrook,
Fresh killed grain-fed Pork
at the Cranbrook Meat Mar
ket.  Phone   -   -
H. E. Lowe of Fernie, auditor of
tho 41 Mnrket Co., wns in town u
Thursday  nn  company  business.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. T. Galbraith
of Fort Steele, were visiting at Fer
uie an Thursday.
On Friday morning the thermome
ter dropped to 4 decrees below zero,
the coldest day of thc season.
T. D. Caven, M.P.P., left on Sunday for the coast to attend a sitting
o! the provincial legislature.
All members are urgently reuuested
to attend Maple Leaf Rebeknh Lodge
on Wednesday evening, Januury lilst
business—Installation and  Social.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. .Matthews leave
today on a visit to Mr. Mntbew's
ulh home at Fort Will-_►... Tbey
will lie away about three weeks.
Fresh crabs, oysters kippered
spring salmon, lettuce and parnley
at the 41 Market Co., Ltd. PHONE
W.  F.  Burge and  E.  0,  Wilson of
Dr. and Mrs. Green left on Thurs
day. for a tour in the Old Country,
lliey expect to be away about eight
A. .1 Bailment left on Sunday for
Vancouver, to attend a meeting of
tin- provincial Conservative associa-
The first real sleighing of thc yeai
is now being enjoyed. Snow has fallen continuously for several days thi
week and now the Farmers and log
gers are wearing tho broad smile.
- front
tn,   nic
rooms,   11
James Kerrigan
Cranbrook, - B.C. I
LOST—Oold watch, 17 jnwnl Elgin
movement, with brass foh marked
■J. i. O&eo Plow Works, Raclno,
Wm., Undor will in* rownrdod liy _•■
turning same to ,1. C, Qlenday,
inn; ('ity Ifinglnoer'fl Ofllce,
For Sale Rents & Wants
*>iiv  person  wanting «  good  Pr.
'.uii'   ur   Maternity    Nurso,     Have
good roforenoos,   Phono lis or wrlto
llox  617. Mt.*
TRY TIIKM   Whon ynu wnnt nn nu-
loni'iliili' rldo, try thr Ovorlnnd flrst
rlnss clinlli'iir. mil   hi    ['I ii    tit,
.1. ID, McDonald, iirop, i tl.
COUND-CJold [.ockot witli picture ol
llttlo girl Inside, Ownor nun have
kiiiiii' ity applying nt this ofllco unri
paying for this advert,
Wll,I, TIlAIII'l-l  Iiiivi* Iwo I nroi
nnd two colts which I will trade
lor two gi'liliiurn, or ono goldlng;
lor liirllicr particulars write or ap
lily to 11. Burton, P.O. llox HIH,
Get vour
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and Mill
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"When* It Pays to Drill"
Cranbrook        -        B. C,
the Liboral Oondl tlona, und
Low Monthly Premium Kales
Of till!
PollcloB Written   nnd  Indatnilltles
I .iiildin.*t from thi*. oflloo.
.Will. W. SWAIN, Gon, Agmit
AgontB Wnntod
Ilenttlo Murphy Co. dcBorvoH pralso
from Cranbrook people for Introducing hero the Blmplo buckthorn bark
ninl glycerine inlxl.uro, known nn
\dlor-l-kn. This simple tlnrumn rom
■iiv 'irnt booatno famous by curing
ilii'i'iiiilniiii nml it. Iiiih now been din
covered that A HINtll.lO IIOHM relieves sour stomach, gnH on tho'
stomach and constipation INSTANT-
It'B <|Ulck nction Is n big aiir-
'/iio ice harvest In Oranor. ok in
now in full hl_.I. Ice two feet thick
ia being cut, nml thoro in no dangor
ol a shortage during tho summer
Tin' oholccsl Hi"). Pork, Mutton,
Veal, nml Spring 1 ami), nt tho 41
Market Co., I.til.   PHONE 176.
A slolghlng party of uliout twenty
left Wardner on Thursday ovoning
going I" Hull Rivet" nnd aftor on
CXCollont Hil]i|ii'r nt l!n' ToilrmU ho
U'l roturnod honfo much ploasoi) wltb
their ini'.
KII.IIV      PRAMHB      I'll'TIHtHH
Thursday bolng the annlvorsary nf
ilu* doath  ol  tji ii  Victoria,   King
Oeorge nml Qi i Mary travollod i"
.rogmaro m n inotoi car nud laid
a wri'iilli iiiimi Ilir royal I..ml' in
PLAOB   .OR Itwi"AlllH
I'hi' ini,-I nu'.Imi.' Hockey team "i
Crnnbrook (ouruoyod i" Potnlo on
Tuosday, in tr) conclusions with nn
Inter modlntc team In the i mil city
I'll.' ir-nil ,.( lh,' i-niiii' wnn '•■I'liiir I
Cranhrook  I.
SAUSAGES -Fresh Daily
We make them on the
premises and we recommend them.     Cranbrook
Meat Market.   Phone
ll.  o.  Brewster,  provincial  leader
of Hi. Liberal party, nnd M. A. Mae-
ttonald, president uf the Liberal par,
ty ol ttiis province, will iuMreHH _.
1'iiblic meeting in tbe Auditorium on
Mondny, January 26th.
H. T. Lloyd nf Spokane, an electrician, waa in the city Kri.iay. . Mr.
Lloyd will go to the St. Eugene Mis
sion to complete tbe installation of
the electric light plant in the Industrial school.
Twenty-rive second-hand Sewing
Machines for Sale on monthly payments, some of tbem cabinets. All
overhauled and in good condition,
From Jn.00 up. Singer Store, phone
157. 4-tL
The regular monthly meeting of
thr W.C.T.U. will be held at the
home of Mrs. J. H. McNabb, Garden
Avenue, Thursday, January 2Uth at
3.30 p.m. Mrs. A. A. Johnson will
give Ej paper on "Citizenship." AU
ladies interested are ashed to attend
Ivanboe, a dramatic re-production
of Sir Walter Scott's wonderful story
will be shown at the Kdison Theatre
next week. Ivanhoe is considered as
tbe best wnrk of fiction ever printed
Don't fail to see this most interesting play ta he given iu ,onr reels.
The annual convention of the Western Confederation of Miners, was
held at Nelson on Tuesday. There
were a number of delegates from
Kimberley and Moyie in attendance.
Tbe convention,is expected to occupy
three dnys.
P. O. Box 802 Cranbrook, B.C
Presbyterian Church
W. Kelmnn Thomson
Morning Service 11 a.m.
Subject—Studies in the Life of
Jesus "Three Miracles.
H.S. and Bible Clnss at 3 p.m.
Evening serviee 7.3(1 p.m.
Subject—Studies in New Testament
Characters "Paul."
Mid-week BOrviCO on Wednesday 0
vening at 8 p.m. *
'Young peoples' Meeting on Tuck
dny evening at 8 p.m.
Methodist Church
Rev. w. ioihoii Dunham
Sunday HervieeH, thfl Pastor will
preach at II a.m., and 7.30 p. in.
Sunday School and Onward Bible
l lass at 3 p.m.
Suqject of Morning sermon: "When
Tbe Soul 1-etH Go.'j
Subject of evening sermon: "Eternal Contrasts,'J
Mr. Niitd will give a hrlof Pipe Organ Recital before tbe evening service.
All nre invited.
pri -t) to poople.
Baptist Church
Rev. 0. E. Kendall
Morning worship 11.00 K.
Top!o-"n_Bl for hie People of (lod
Sunday Heboid 8.00 p.m.
Kellowsliip  Bible ClllSfl 3.00 p.m.
...Kvenlng Worship 7.30 IC.
Tuple "The InotciiiiableneHH of Enemies."
Cheery net-vices. Good uitu'lng and
a wni'm welcome for all.
  i.   .i... !,.,-_•.,i:. i i  LiiADcK, \VI iU_*i_.
Mrs  Henry Payne, Wh.tn__t
'I'lii* .Ine Arts (.'oiuiiiisHlnii has opU'd Min. I lurry 1'ii.viic Wlillne. fs pluns
1 il' till' Tllllilll' lil"lll.it'i:ll In In* llllllt III   _ .Wlliil!;. HI     illlllllMlKiratlllS ll"'' lli'l'iilsill
i'i i in. in.'ii «lu, i.ui'1'iiiml iIt,'ir Ilrm tlml tin' \\nun"! piiKst'iiKors inlt'lit In' aural.
'I'll.' n.nn..riiil will i-.isi 5','l.l_0, Si.niii ilfsisiiK were submlltcil. Somu uf
tin- pri.iniii'-jit ik'uIi tors nl' lln tniii'.v wore iiiuuiih IIip eoiupelilurs,
Mrs. Wlilitn'.v''. ilpsltr;i !■ .1 riirntv "f 11 mun symbolic "I' lil'rnlsni. 'flu* riB-
!"■* in ulilii' ni'i'i.l.'. .'iik with linns iiiiisiti'iiiicii nml ill-mi il.i'uwu bnck.
;:'■ ;:i'_ ilu* liupi'i'ssluu funii 11 illsliiiu * nf tlio crucifix
A Charter has heen opened in
Cranbrook for membership in
of the Dominion of Canada
which will remain open until a
membership of   50   has been
The fee is $20.00.
For further information and  Membership Applications, enquire of
„ at the Royal Hotel
Mounted Game Heads Sped
Send  For Price List
Animals, Birds, Fish and Fur Mats
CALGARY       -       ALBERTA
P.O. Box 134
The Mexicans
Don't appreciate tho woll meant advice of ihu U.S.A.,
jusl nnw, Iiiii limy will in linn', anil I 111 pro VO by il..
So does itiiiny a liousowife overlook ou opportunity to
reduce the "HIGH COST OP I.IVlNd."
41 Market Go.
#»_»*»*»*.**»*•**».,;. .«:■.•»»«*■*»»»*,?.'.:»__..:. .:_»il',__#*»»»»
! P. BURNS & CQ. Ltd.
|   See our windows for Friday and   J
Saturday Specials
All kinds of Smoked, Fresh and Salt Fish
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