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The Prospector Nov 8, 1913

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Array Provincial   Legislative Assenibh
We Teat Eyes
Grind Our Own Lenses and
Guarantee You a. Fit
e   l.en .i._  Newspaper
In  the
$2.00 I'er Year
NOVEMBER Sth, 1913
No.  1*.
Hundred Years Peace
Celebration      |
E. H. Bcainmell of Ottawa, organising secretary ot tbe Canadian Peace
Centenary association, addreaaed a
meeting of tbe city council and cit-
iiena of Oranbrook on Monday afternoon, epeaking ot educating tbe people of the United States and tbe Brit
ish Empire aa to the true conditions
governing tho two great Anglo-Saxon
people aa one of the objecta which lt
waa hoped to accomplish by the celebration In 1916 ot the eentenial ol
the eentenial of the peace between
the two countriea.
He made It clear that the Canadian Peace Centenary association
was not a peace society although the
proposed peace celebration, by showing tbe world generally and Europe
particularly, that the two countries
with an international boundary line
of 4,830 miles tn length, garrisoned
only by the good sense and good wlll
ot the two peoples, could live wltout
was for MO years, would probably
bave an important Influence in promo
ting the cause of peace.
Mr. Bcammell's remarks received
enthusiastic endorsation especially
wben he said that Cranbrook should
ln all probability, be oue of the M
Canadian centres in which tbe 100
years of peace wtll be celebrated. A
nominating committee with Mayor
A, C. Bowness as «x-officio, H. White
secretary, also tbe following citizens
were chosen: Alderman _, Clapp, J.
D. McBride, N. A. Walllnger, Rev.
Dunham and R. L. T. Oalbralth.
This committee will nominate a
general committee, composed of residences of various points in East Ko
tenay, whlrh will form part of the
Dominion committee, and which will
have charge of the arrangements here
The members of the nominating committee, lt was understood by the
meeting, w'll be members also If the
general committee.
ninl having a host ot friondn whn cx-
prenfl .sincere sympathy lor nit, early
The services nt the grave wns conducted hy the Rev. K. P. Flewelllng.
Among those who followed thn remains to the cemetery were his brother Mr. F. J. Dickenson of Tekoa,
Wash,, nnd his aimer Mrs. Perkins «f
Senttle, Wash.
I There was an abundance of 11 oweri,,
n lurge casket cover was a gift ot the.
hotel iiroprletorH i.f Crnnbrook
wreaths were given hy Mr. and Mrs.
T. Caven; Mr. R. Whelan nt Fernie;
thc wholesale clerks, and the Barbers
L'nlon; a cross by Mr. nnd Mrs. J.
Bates of Vancouver, and nn anchor
by Mr. and Mrs. Win. Kerr of Elko;
and a spray by Mrs. Norman.
The deceased waB bom near Woodstock, N.B., and came to this province ln the early eighties, first locating ln New Westminster. He after
warda resided at Rossland and engaged in tbe barber business. While
in this business in Rossland be
saw fit to get married. He came to
Oranbrook in 1899 and opened a barber shop in partnership witb W. B.
MacFarlane and later was associated
with Wesley Cllne. Later on he engaged in the hotel business wtth Vic
Rollins. At the time of his death bc
was associated with Mr. C. McTavlsh
in the hotel business at Jaflray.
Mr. Dickins. n leaves ono son to
mourn bis loss, aged 14 Jears.
The deceased "Frank" as he was
universally called, wns well liked by
all who knew him, and the large attendance at his funeral testified to
the respect in which he ..as held by
tne community at large.
The Passing of an
old Friend
The funeral of the late Frank Dickinson, who died at the Cottage hospital on Friday of laat week, was
held from the Undertaking parlors of
F. M. MacPherson at 3 p.m.. on Mon
day afternoon. It waa largely attended, the deceased being well know
A very pretty wedding took place
lit Christ Church on TueBday, when
tho Rev. K. P. Flewelllng united in
marriage Mr. Alan Oraham to Miss
Ida Brown.
There were a large number ot their
friends present.
The bride was given away by Mr.
P. E. Wilson, nnd was supported by
hor sister Miss Oladys Brown. Mr.
J. R. McCreery was groomsman.
The bride was gowned ln a travelling costume of brown chiffon velvet, the bridesmaid wearing a blue
velvet dress.
After the ceremony the happy cou.
pie and guests retired to the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson where t
reception was held; atter which they
left on the noon train for the coast.
On their return from their honeymoon they will reside ln their new
home on Fenwick avenue.
Editor Prospector:
Dear Sir:—Kindly permit me space
for a few lines in your paper, as we
are troubled with rabbits ln our
vicinity. They are getting to be
quite a nuisance, burrowing under
sidewalks snd buildings. We had a
lot of young maples destroyed laat
spring by these posts, and it looks
aa if the same thing wlll happen n-
goin if something is not done. I
have frequently made complaints but
tbat seems to do very little good. If
anyone wishes to keep rabbits all
well and good, hut tbey should be
kept under control, and not turned
loose to become a niilspnce to all
the neighbors.
Yours truly.
John Levett.
First Conviction under
the New Code
What ia probably tbe first conviction to be obtained in Kootenay and
Boundary under tbe new clause In
the Canadian criminal code whirl
provides for a line of $100 aud emu
or three months' imprisonment for
anyone who is found guilty of fraudulently obtaining food, lodging ur
otber accommodation, at any hotel,
lodging, boarding, or eating house,
has beeu secured at Phoenix, where
Dan McQueen and Harry Prince were
each sentenced tu one month In the
provincial jail at Nelson for an o'
fense under the new act. Thc case
waa tried before Police Magistrate
J. Mullgan. Price and McQueen, wbo
skipped out of Phoenix and were ar
rested at Nelson and taken back to
the Boundary city, have been brought
to the provincial jnll here by Chief
of Police Cook of Phoenix.
Ladies Home-Made
Cookery Sale
The Ladies of the Rebekab Lodge
wlll hold a Cookery Bale on Hnturdny, November Sth, in the C.
C. 8. ntore. During tbe afternoon
?6ireaa__.nts will be served ana the
goods displayed In the window mny
be purchased.
We are showing all the latest designs in
Curtains,   Curtain Goods,  Tapestries,  Vilours,
Fringes, Counterpanes, Down Quilts, Scotch
Blankets, Pillows and Steamer Rugs.
Rugs, Carpets and Mats
AU remnants of Carpet and Linoleums at Cost
Miss Verna Felton
who  will  apjwar  with  :.lic  Allen
Players at the Auditorium
all next week
Thc moat popular Organization of
(•layers in the west, Miss Felton and
the Allen Players, including the Ro,
yal Hungarian Quartet, will open
Monday evening, Novntnher 10th(when
theii engagement at tho Auditorium
they will present one of the mo_t tle-
flightful comedies ever included ln
their repertoire, "Green Stockings,"
by A. E. W. Mason.
The repertoire of the Allen Players
this year is unusually pretentions,
nnd wlll afford a week of rare entertainment.
Local friends of the Allen Players
arc always interested In thy roster of
the company which includes this yenr
besides Miss Felton and Mrs. Allen
such old friends as Irvine Kennedy,
Biron Ea_.nn, Jhnrles Connors, and
Arthur, Kcnck, while new members
arc Miss Lillian Fischer, Miss Ethyl
McFarlano and Miss Norman FeuBler
With so popular a company pre-*
senting such a thoroughly satisfactory play as "Green Stockings"
there is no doubt tli at u record
crowd will he in attendance to moke
the opening of the engagement an
suspicious one.
Opportunity to Buy
Hi_h Bred Cattle
On Thursday next, November 13,
iimt, n sale of 3. high bred cattle
will be conducted by the provinciul
government at Oranbrook.
The cattle to be sold here are
chiefly Ayreshiree and all have been
tested by officials of the Dominion
Livestock brunch and given clean bill
of health, having been found clear of
tuberculosis und other disease.
The object of the provincial govern
ment in giving the ranchers and farmers of this district uu opportunity
to purchase thoroughbred rattle, ls
to induce the rancher and the dairyman to obtain the best cattle at rea
eonable prices, thus improving tbe
quality of his herd. The government
since August last has brought In ami
sold about .00 bead of cot tie in various parts of the province, und it is
not likely that any further shipments
will be brought in this yenr on ac*
CO li nt of the near approach of
Anniversary Supper
and Concert
The 12th anniversary of the First
Ilautlst Church in this city, will bo
observed wlt|i appropriate services
on Sunday nnd Monday. The motto
that the pastor, Rev. O. 15. Kendall,
will present at all the meetings will
bc "My Endeavor to make this year
the best in thi- history of my church.
Anniversary Supper nnd Concert will
be held in thc Church  Monday even
np. Beginning at 5,30 p.m. the ladies of the church nnd congregation
will serve supper, to which all the
public are invited. At B.00 p.m. n
concert will be given, the best local
talent in matters literary and musical contributing. The Baptist
church is now expending i .00 plumb-
lug the parsonage and making need
lul repairs to the meeting house. To
discharge this amount, special offerings are asked at all thc Sunday services and a sliver Collection will be
taken at the door on Mooday. No
admission fee will be charged,
GENHSAl. ■__*._ QUIT
General Atirel'iiuo in iiiqiict ts ii can-
il (date for Vice . rosldont on tlio Huerto
ticket, and It la believed thai llm rut
will arbitrarily declare lilm elcrtnl
Presbyterian Church
Ilav, W. Ki'luiun Thomeou
Gathered Together
ut   W.  M,   Park
Hells of all kinds
nnd Company.
The  largest  fruit
tory of the provinc
provincial inspector Cunningham for
Top  in  the his-
is predlctod by
Provincial LtpestocJe Commissioner
\V. T. McDonald will attend thfl sale
of dairy cattle nt Cranbrook. lm
ported by the government to improve
tbe herds of British Columbia.
hie und anotlie
r lies in   .he hospital
bahly Injured.
.*\ haulage rope used
in taking away
the ashes parted, nil
lowing the car
to run away, running
over and  klllii
ig Ton!  Bombino  and
breaking the le
f o[ J. B.  Sterling,
The tower clock Of the new post
office is now fn operation, and is a
handBome addition to the appearance
end imefullnea. of tbe building. The
clock han been keeping excellent time
during the pest week and is to be
kept going so by the careful over-
Bight of Messrs,  Raworth Hros.  who
Sir Richard McBride announces ■ Insl
that 4,000 men an- now engaged on : sta
the construction of the Pacific (.rent j
Eaatern railway, which will be 'n o- '• 0
pi ration between Vancouver uad Kort i een
Oeorge Within a year's time.
Uled     th<
clock   in  the  tirst   in
Wood block paving, tried und ;l_-
carded in many cities of tbo tontla
ent thirty years ago, is now coining
back into marked favor, due to im-
praved methods of treating and an.l
ling of thc blocks,
Cold weather is at hand, get your
horse blankets at W. M. Park  _  Co.
Owiug to the short days, thfl public school children, with the single
exception of the high school children
go to srhool at. 9.30 nnd close nt
3.30. The high school pupils commence at 9 a.m. ns during thc sum
mer months.
Anglers are obtaining good sport
on the St. Mary's and tributary
streams these days, Some line moun
tain trout nre being caught in St-
(.Joseph's creek. Last Bunday n party of four caught over 100 in nbant
two hours.
Monday, Mayor Bowness re
1 ii wire from the attorney of
Fraakel, thu abattoir and cold
storage man, saying that Mr. Fran
ki l was seriously ill at an hospital
in Calgary, and lo postpone tin.- ad
vortislng, u:id railing Of a special
meeting ol the City Council, for tho
passing nf the City granting certain
I rl. lieges  to  suid   Frnukrl.
1st. in the old Po*
on Baker Street.
is well known arotin
ho n connected wit!
j... Meat Co, for a
himself hapc chargt
customora   at   all
nd Johnson, nre
i market on Dee.
i office Building,
"JOO' Walkley
d thc city, having
the East Kooten
long time; he wlfl
■ of the store and
timeB will receive
the    until.
courtesy    (especially    the
fer which   his   reputation
Allen   Players hit  on  a   happy
Ira    when   they   doctdod  to  Include
< 'Inderolla"   In   their  repertoire,   a*
matinee    bill.     This well known
  'fairy talc, ever popular with the chll
An inspection of tne Canadian Par- ulren, and still delighting the grown
iiic railway lines ln Kooteuny ,s now Lp8( w[\\ |,e presented at thc Audi-
being conducted by Mr. A. K. Nelson torium on Hnturdny next, and overy
assistant superintendent of thc Brl- Lflort will he mnde to make tbis a
tlsh  Columbia division,   who  is  ex- (record    porformonce,    Including    cob
ported to arrive here sometime
inn; the coming week.
id Bpeclal scenery,
The Cranbrook Dancing Club held
its Initial dance in Matheson's Hall,
on Thursday evening. There was a
large attendance. The music was
furnished by the Cranbrook Orcaostra
and was enjoyed by all in attendance
Morning  Service  11  a.m.
Kvenlng   sorvlco   7.30   p.in
and Anthem.
ltev. Mr. Burch, B.C., of Wostmln
stcr Hnll, Vanr-ouvur, will preach at
both  services,
Baptist Church
ROV, O. K. Keudal!
Morning worship; 11,00 K. Subject
"Uow I can make this year the best
In ttie history  of  my church."
Sunday Bchool, 3.00 p.m.
Fellowship Bible class 8.00 p.m.
Kvenlng worship 7..10 K. A Baptismal service. Subject: 'What shall
1 then do with deans which is called
A cordial Invitation Is extended to
Methodist Church
Paator -
Rov. w ninon Dunham
Sunday Mr vices; The pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.110 p.m.
Adult Biblfl Class   . p.m.
All are invited to the above ner
A Farewell to Mrs.
At the last regular monthly meeting of the Ladles' Aid Society of the
Methodist Church, at the home of
Mrs. Wm. Slater, the ladies presented Mrs. Rutledge with a neautlful
floral design art glass cream and sugar with enameled copper tray and
the following address:
Cranbrook,  B.C.,  Nov...
Dear Mrs.  Rutledge,
It Ib with sincere rogrot that we
your follow -mom her s of the Ladles'
Aid Society of our church are compelled to accept tin? fact of the early
removal from Cranbroolt of yourself
and family to the city of Nelson.
You have been a valued worker nnd
a highly esteemed member of tbls
society during your residence here of
over two years; nnd you have come
to fill a place In our church life and
all of its activities which we do not
anticipate will soon be filled.
We mark with keen regret too tile
places made vacant by the absence
of Mr. Rutledge wno made promise
of filling a proim-unnt place in the
management, of our church.
As a simple but oMQBt expression
of our esteem for you ns a fellow-
workcr and a sincere friend, wc uak
that you will accept this small gift
from  thc mombon  0|  this society,
We can only aud that we hope that
our loss will ba the gain of Nelson j
Methodism, and that there you ami
Mr. Rutledge will Iiml a large place
(or your executive ability in the sor
vice of the Master.
May Godspeed vou and bless you
and yours is our earnest wish
ind  prayer.
Signed on behalf of the Society.
Mrs.  .!. it, McNabb, Vren-
Mrs. .T, T. Sarvls, Secretary
A dainty lunch was served and a
pleasant time spent., although all re
grottod tho ortrly departure of Mrn,
Hiitlodge from our midst.
Bert    Hughos,    of    the    Vancou*
Athletlc  Club,   disposed   of   N.   Al.
ander of Victoria,  in four rounds
Thursday   night   nt   the Opera   house j
in Nelson.   Hughes won on a knock    •*,ft"-*'-
nut,   Aleiander   being   no   match   for  8t     ,      , .       .    ,  ....   ,
I Mr.  H, Darling hns bad fitted
;    The  old  firm
Darling is no n
sent Mr. P. UoV
' | Darling have re
Messrs Hunt ami
re, by mutual con
e Hunt nnd Mr. H
■Ived   to   part  com
the Vancouverlto,
Mr.  Hunt   will retain thc old
i  Iront  of  the  Btatlon*   while
,\.  a
A serious accident occurred In the
toiler bouse At Coal Creek mines on
part, of the store belonging to the
Dnvla Electrical Co., on Baker street
!whore In the future he win transact
Monday   evening,    oue man  lost   his   any business that mav come his wny
One Week, Commencing Mon., Nov. 10th
Special Engagement of Cranbrook's Favorites
Miss Verna
unci The
I'Arrr vioiiHim'
NOTIOH II herehy . I ven tlmt the
l.iit,iiernlil|i lien *nfi»re H'thfltBtinf* he
tween UM, tiie iiiuler-lcneil, cnrryln,*
l,n hllHinem, (IH Kent F3___(i A_ontn
Nil ('runl,r,ml,, ll.C, Iiiih been iIIh
hoIvo'I liy nintnnl conflotll iih Iron,
, the ilnte hereof.
liftteil thla 7th ilny   ol   Nmrmher,
I',   lh.  Vere  HUNT
j    WItii,.hh   Thnnifu, Tl. lie  Meere.h
•_■_ Solicitor, Gnnbrook, DO
In ii jelect repertoire of the ver> latest mul
best dramatic successes
MON DAY-"(.rem Stockings
TUESDAY-"The Gamblers"
VVEDNESDAY-'Get Rick Quick VVallingford"
THURSDAV   "The Spendthrift"
FRIDAY—"The Dawn of n Tomorrow"
SATURDAY -Nobody's Widow"
Special Saturday Matinee
,\ .pcctnculnr uui rcitlink production ol
PRICES: 25c, 50c, 75c
Scats on Sale ai
lleuttie-. lurpliy Co'sStore
25c and 50c
c&he tyvozpwtOK, t&vanbvook, .-$. <£.
K.TABLl. HOD    1S9.
Published Rvory Saturday Morning ot Oranbrook, B.Cf
Postnge tt
F. M. -Urlatinn, uenernl manager
American, European  (British  lute,, excepted)  und  other  lor-
elgn countries, r,0 cents a year ext.ru.
_DVB_TI8_M__T_.—Adv7rtlslng rtiten furnished on application. No
advertisements but those of a reputable character will bo accepted lor
ADVERTISERS AN'l) SUBSCRIBERS,- Unless notlco to ttie contrary
In given to local manager advertisements nml subscriptions wlll he kept
running and charged up against their account.
OUR Winter Suits arc warm in
texture and warm in colors.
Beautiful Browns, (.rays and Heather
Mixtures. Rich Worsteds and Scotch
and Irish I weeds.
The   choicest   styles   of  the   season
ranging in price from $15. to $35.
FIT- %   McCreerv Bros.
WFORMS cranbrook, B.C.
Uncle 3am han told, tho Mexican
.resident tu get out ot office; hut
Mill Huerta no or will bo tell Uncle
9am to mln J hts own t, ti Hi ti t_c.fi.
British Oolumbla Is getting in hue
for the run!, tin' i'tH-Htmi Cannl in to
start, in thin province a.ooo mllos
ol railway ore under construction 'it
a coat o( $176,000,000,
• ■   •   •
It .a hoped thnt tho proposed cele
oration in Hla ln Cranbrook, ol the
centenary ot LOO years ol peace be
tween Canada aad tho United States,
will receive the Bupport which it de
The stocking ol British Oolumbla
with high-grade cattle is an Indies
tlon ol whnt tho McBride Govern
ment Ib doing for thr- province, The
best, even in cattle, im none too good
tor its citizens.
• •   •>   •
Tho advent ol rain nn.l the unsett
:   led condition of the weathei which Is
general  throughout  tho province nro
lelaying  the pt-rmar._n,t  construction
ndertakeu    by   the    Forestry
Branch    I the Deportment of Landa,
■   ■   ■   ■
At Greatei   New Vork. civic virtue
and political righteousness have trial] bed  ovor  the  powers  thnt   prey.
Tammany has b-?-?n defeated by over
100.000,   and   tho   deposed   governor
carries hi« dlatrlct  by a larger vote
than that ol tho Republican ami Dem
bcrattc nominees together.
■   t  •   •
Tin* telephone Bystein outllnod at th
beginning ol the Boaaon woo nn am
bitlous one, nud tho construction Di
lines Irom Rampart  t>> Raker Muuu
iniu ,f< miles; from Creston to Qoat
mountain 3 miles; Irom Natal to 1C1W'
river u miles; have boon realised the'
impoi tun.** ol  tin1  work,
•   ■   •   «
It would seem, according ta the o-
lectlon returns from Now York, thnt
tbo   verdict   ol   tho   high court, Im
iuv \\ IHlan    I   •"'',    han   been I
sel aside bj tho people mul that he
bas been vindicated nnd returned to
. ' by n vote larger than both
his Republican and Democratic opponents
The drooping spirits ol Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and lun party ha_ been ro-
vived by ,'ho Ltberol victor) in South
Bruce, The victory, however, was
line entirely to the personal Btrength
ol Mr. Rueben Truax, which has
more ihan once taken him to parlia-
mont; ond he haa again Bhown that
ho ts able to como hack and so is to
be congratulated on his victory; aluo
on being the only man that was uhle
to wrest the seal [rom the government,
Public School Report
For October
1  T__l»r
S    .1
1 S!
l. L. .t. Cranston
_ .,  O.   Dexter...
3. Mlis  Uarkls	
,. .mih. Dechtel ...
,, Mi.s Buttaby ■■■
I.. Mi-ts Richards..,
;. Mini, Macdonald
8, Miss Cartwright
_ Miss  Faulkner...
81   19.82
10, Mis.',  Pye
'Ml 2.r,.Sl
27 22.5",
33 S.S.39
40 35.86
4.8 40.59
42 38.56
45 42.00
51 47.48
45 40.61
382 341.71   88.90
Division 8 iMtss Cartwright, tea-
| eher) wins the Nelson Hbluld lor the
highest  percentage attendance.
11 'ranbrool.   Hi,*', and  Public  Hcliools
.•.Tr   nv (*IAi£   .,.'.*-.!.
PrlucoM I'litrk-la. ,.l i'.hiiuiu. hi, who I. stohlnii rani* i ;,k<* niioUiei' trip I
t. C'suado ninl i.u-, .1,1. I,, ilie I nlled stntes, lun lunl hn,l ihe nl  photograph i
ti.eu. which hei I'rlouds declare i- cn,1 nC her l_*l.
Thc ilaiightei • >! iii.. I ..,i..* ..ml hn-1 r t'onmui. lit. whose full title to ,
l'rliic__ Vh-torlu l'j|rli*i:i lielnnti t■. ,-_-.,,,-,+, of .ttnnunuht, was horn on Mnrch
17, I8DD, She I. „ lii,l.v ,.r Hi,. Iiupi'i ,1 Order of lhe Crown ot India ond a l.ndy
t.t .lustleo of ih,- i Irdi i ..i Si .luliii ..,' .leiussloni in _ii*,l ind,
Maud ocott,■ Ray Scott, Ruth Simpson, Snni Bpeers, Jack Stevens, Ham
Wm son. Maud Welch. Verne Woodman.
Howard Brogan, Norval Caslake,
Ida Dunning, Him Kin ., Murray Hen
derson, .nek Hyde, Allreil Jollifle,
Dorothy Leask, Willie Leask, Jimmie
Logan, Helen Muller, Patricia Mc-
I Denuot, Joe Stojack, Mamie Washington, -isle Welsh.
Dorothy Dutore, Marjory Dufore,
Harold Dow, Bertie George, Marion
Henderson, Ray Hill, Stanley Johnston, Wilfred Jolltlte, John Lancaster, Murray McFarlane, Alexia Mes-
ennger, Jock Ogden Ernest South,
Ruby Scott, James Taylor, Helen
Brenmer, Florence Gard, Marjory
Albert Badhnm, Delia Baxter, Malcolm Uro. an, Lilly Hawkins, Wong
Hong, Wong Hum, Gladys Johnson,
dy Kennedy, Ralph Ladds, Margaret
Mtnlgr Johnson, Loran Jordan. Pad*
McLaghlin, Mary Park, Marguerite
Rlndall, Gertrude Scott, Irene Taylor, JamcH Taylor, George Welsh,
Ivy Welch.
Cranbrook is on the
kmu w.
hey're just as comfortable us the*   look      se
c worn iiii- kini] for ye irs nnd I tie' ■ i     =**■
whai hose satisfaction  u..^ until   I goi     =_
*S"< >n iliould try Penmans Hosier}    the;      =E
i iheir shnpcliness   sel snug i" I""'  ' B£
nnd wear ninth longer than ordinary hose _=-_
ns Ihsie.t   is made lor men, women md children, tn —•_-
... In, e       ilk nnd lisle   In an)   weigh I   md   i'-< _==
  r .nl,, i Look lot '*'"•• -=-
1§--**~*V Penmans Limited, Paris, Can. ==
HH =
3 I 100 4
2 'I 91 7
Mb.  H.  Webb,  Ins.
Vera Bradwin,  Alice Brown, Grace
Bardgett,  Hnrry   Doris,    Bernadette
Doyle,  Merle Taylor,  Winifred Webb.
Mny Dunning, Msry Leask, Bernard
Lees, Sydney Murgatroyd, Alex Men
' nle, Roy Musser, Margaret  St. Eloi,
Frank  Rogers.
i'linties Armstrong, Muriel Baxter,
Bradford Oarson, John .eroglla,
Horatio Jacks, Nellie Robinson, Josephine Severe.
Irene Beech, Nlnn Bellinger, Allan
Brown, Ruby Deacon, Nn Wnl Hoy,
Ruth Kendall, Allan Lacey, Harold
Leask, Annie MoBirnte, Qrace McFarlane, Dorothy Reed, Violet Simpson,
Allreil   Hlnhnll,   Dnvlil   Watson.
mviHioN r„
Mary Itartlttm. Drlplilne Bennett,
Charlie Clapp, Christ ne I'nrsnn,
Charlie Chapman, Jack Dow, Lily
Lancaster, .Tnsepli Mueller, MurUm
Mossengor,   Hugh   McDonald)   Alma
Hnrvls,     ICnthlt      Hnook,   Harry
Bmitlli Hugh Simpson, Agnes Hutner-
Norman Boech, Donald Dnllns,
Marlon Drummond, Willie George,
I.i nore Hill, Geiirnde Hopkins, May
Lancaster, Maud Malcolm, stanlety
Moflatt, Jack Moflatt, Barry Mnr
Dnnaltl, On Mali,    Ki...„*,.- Robinson,
South Ward Schools
1. Miss  Woodland     53  47.66  89.76
2. Mrs. Deane      42   39.64   M.16
Annie Shaw,  Ellen  Johnson, Irene
Ltnnctl,     Winifred     Phillips,     Elsie
black,    Cantlllo Tito,   Jitium   Tito,
George Orr, Jack Kirkland, Ada Mc-'
Kenun, Annie Johnson, Dorothy Bas-
sett,  Nettle  Johnson,  Archio Horie,
Alan Livingstone. Pom Reekie, Mat,
Finlay,    Margaret   Lacey,    Malcol,
Belanger, Sadie l.ucey, Glndys Shac
leton,     May     Brumbaugh,     Evelyn
Moore, Mnrj Mnnn, Mnry Lacey, David Reekie.
Annie Laurie, lrma McNeil, Nora
Finlny, Edward McLean,Edwin Jecks
Frnnk Tito, Minn Moore, Leonard
Marchant, Albert Johnson Samuel
Hhaw, Alfred Callill, Kathleen Tito,
Jnmes Malone, Dorothy Davis, Helen
Bbnckloton, George t'uyo, J„ck De-
Mllle, Theresa Lacy, Joseph Belanger,  Leslie Snedilon.
October High School Examinations
1st   Yeur Murks
1, Doris Kershnw  887
2. Beatrix  Parrls  865
8,   Marlon Thomas 853
I.   Carl  Gill    847
it.  Oracle Hlgglna    730
I',.    John   Pye  725
7. Hazel Taylor  702
8. Vincent  Fink   701
9. Frnneeu  Noble    666
10. Dorothy Mnckoy  617
11. Frnneeu  Drummond   645
12. F.dl Mi  Macdonald     CU
18,   Marlon  Lollch   568
14.   Wanda  Fink     617
2nd Year
1. Kiln   flllpln    778
2. Jack   Wilson     664
.1,   Asbton   Powers     602
4.    Dorothy   Weill,    534
8rd Year
1. Wlllre.l  Dnllns    796
2. Ilnth   Stevens      789
Will take place at the
Cranbrook, B. C.
Nov. 13,13
At 2.00 p. m.
i The lot consists of twenty-one cows, chiefly
Ayrshire grades, and fourteen two-year-olds bred
and due to calve before spring. All have been
carefully selected and are tuberculin tested.
Catalogues will be ready the day previous to the sale, and may be obtained
at the Auctioneer's office.
W. T. Macdonald Jas. A. ARNOLD
Live Stock Commissioner
victoria, b. c. Auctioneer
Advertising in the Prospector Pays
*__#•  Bgj/ngg   vmse. ____ ina.vr._r t_g* outrun.-
*F ,",-73,S!__53r*_
—m—————————————- ',_.''
■Z, Cfrtl'SINC AB«A nf COAL FUKL   ' J8~
_ '"Show,,* Hie: |,r<,|„„.,„.„..i,. <i.'.ti.i„> two t„„: ewiy-ef^
,/D- r 'tt' . .,lliiMi UtTJ'".
^^H______tU»'fH^ltatali ■l.-.ttinrp *.*'.'       •- .——fimMW .__»*t»_*^«___
I 'JAMAICA V.I.M'.**       <?tj*,   ■
_f_ '   i«w.'x.\     -V .■.!,■.•■-■>.., ■.«[.*.••/:■
"      .-«___,_._.- ■'fnra.n    4tt •■    ■jv-r..*__ V, "
——————— fvuiau,™   , _i»TiS,v or  com. *npi 5_7i ~   _____________
f*******.**t**-* *■*•*•*•*•*•*■***■* •-»•♦*♦•♦■♦■♦■♦■♦•♦■♦■*•♦•♦•♦ * •«-«••«'■* ■ *■ ..(■■.. .*>•.. ■. »■* »..,»«•♦••
' All oil fuel wur oral, am being launched by Great Brltoln—eubmarlnei, deetioyois,  bnttle ships nnd J,
I  light armored oruleeri.   The diagram map from the London Graph!. 1» deelgned to ehnw the grent miperl- ,;,
! orlty of oil fuel over conl for long dlBtnnoe crulelng purpoeee. j
;.♦.,.«.,.♦ *.*+-.+*■* «♦♦■. ^***********************w******************** 'HE PROSPECTOR, ORANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Professional   (£arbs
£obge   iHotices
***>.* ***W***^W***^*******I**************+'
LIQUOR    ACT.    1910.
(Section   42.)
i    NOTICK  is  hereby  given  that,   on
. the tirst day oi liecemner, next, application will be made to tl.. Superintendent of Provincial 1J, .ice tor re-
' newal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retnil in the hotel known
as   the   Imperial  Motel,  situate at
jEort Hteele, in the Province ol Britiah C'olumbtti.
Dated this 1*ith ilny ol Octobor, 1913
It.  Vi.  WURMEN,
|42-4t Applicant
Court Cranbrook No. 8943,
Meet In Carmen's Hall, on   "oil and
4th Thursday of ench month.
Louis Pearson, Hec, P.O. Box C*18.
Vmlting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oraobrook Branch)
Sid 'llr:
n tin' n   In ovcrv  mon It   at
8 p.m.
Membership open to British
E. V. Brake, PreB.
L, Pearron, Secretary
llox CU
membera cordially welcome
A. F.  _   A. M.
Regular   meetinge   on   the
third   Thursday    of   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
F. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J.  Leo Cranston, Acting  Sec.
T.      T.      McVITTIK
P.L.8.   -, C.B.
CRANBROOK,     ...     B.O.
aud  NI. BUT
Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial  Bank  Building
CRANBROOK,    -    British Oolumblt
Civil   and   Mining Fn*ln:ers-Brlttsh
Columbia Land Surveyors
LIQUOR   AOT,   1910.
(Section   42. i
NOTICE ls hereby given thut,  on
t.ho flrst day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal  of  the   hotel   licenso   to   sell
! liquor by retail in tlte hotel known
las the Wasa Hotel, Situato nt Wasa,
near Crnnbrook,  lu tlte  Province of
Britiah Oolumbla.
Dateil tbis 15th day ol October, 1913
The  Unionist Investment Co., Ltd.
, Peter Jensen, act, manager lor
; 42 4t Applicant
P.O. Box 230
Phone 222
...    B.O.
No. 125,  R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially Invited.
Ei. Comp.—A. C. Shankland, E.
Crnnbrook, B.C.
Cranhrook, B.C.
Crescent Lodge. No. 33
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
G. Donahue, C. C.
F. M. Christian,  K of R. _  S.
E. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Uo.  42
Meets every  Monday olght
at  Eew   Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
J. Tu-n'ay, W. M   H-rn
N. O. Sec'y
Circle No.   153
Companions of the Forest
Meete in Carmen's Hsll, First and
Third Wednesday of each month at
8 00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. A. M. Laurie, C. O
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Sec.
Visiting   Companions   eordlully   welcome. 36tf
Cranhrook      Lodge
No.     1049
Meets e . ry . u I n'l
III   W dn .buy   at  S
P.m., iu Royal Blur.:.
Knight's    Ha I    on
i'n ei* street.
W. M. Brier, Dictator,
R, S. Garrett, Sec'y
Meets in Royal  Ulitck  Knights Hall
Baker Street
Meets eveiy  2nd  nud 4th  Thursday
uf ench month at M p.m. sharp.
Mrs, L. Ilayward, Itec. Sec.
Geo. Lndds, chief ranger
Visiting brethren uiade welcome.
Ure.    KING   _   GREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
iitlco ut Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Eveuings - - - 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays   - - - 2.30 to   4.30
'ranbrook, B.O
LiqUOR   ACT,    1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTIOE is hereby given tlmt, on
the flrst day of December, next, application will be mado to the Superintendent of Provinciul Polico for renewal ot the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotol known
as the Intermit!.uuil Hotel, situate
at Moyie, iu tho Province of British
Dated this 14th day of Octoher, 1913
48-4t """ Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the lirst day of December, next, application will be made to the Super
Intendent of Provincial Police Ior renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail iu tbe hotel known
as the International Hotel, situate
at Kingsgate, in the Province ol
British Columbia.
tinted this 13th day of October, 1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   AOT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the tlrst. day of December, next, application will be made to tbo Superintendent of Provincial Police for re-
ncwnl of the hotel liconse to sell
liquor hy retail ln the hotel known
as tlte Falls View Hotel, situate at
Marysville, ln the Province ot British Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1913
43 41 Applicant
F. M. MaePlierson
Norbury Avenue Neat to City Hall
Open Day and Night Phoae Dl
VV.  R.   BliATTY
Funeral Director.
P.O. BOX 585
PHONE :i4«
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   12.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the firBt day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel liccnBe to Bell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Wyclifle Hotol, situate at
Wyclifle, in thn Province of British
Dated this Hth day of October, 1913
42-4t Applicant
LiqUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   41.)
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on
the first day of December, next, application wlll be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the North Star Hotel, situate at
Kimherley, in the Province ol British Columbia,
Dated this 15th day of October, 1913
42-at Applicant
TAKK NOTICE that, sixty days
after date, I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum on
the following land situate in South
Kast  Kootenay,   Block   4593.
Commencing at a post placed at
the N. W. corner of Lot 9499; thenre
west 80 chains; thence north 80 chains
thence east 80 chains; theuce soutb
80 chains to place, of commencement.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. Locator
?outh    l.flst   Kootenav
TAKE NOTICE that, sixty days
after date, I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for u liconee to
proBpect tor (oni and Petroleum ou
the following land situate ln Soutb
East Kootenny,   Block  4593.
Commencing at a post placed at
the N. K. corner of Lot 9499; thence
east 80 chains, thence nortli 40
chains more or less to north boun
dary of C. L. 1710; thenc* west 80
chains; thence soutb 40 cbalns mort
or less to place of commencenieut.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
43-4t. Locator
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the first day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal  of   the   hotel  license  to   sell
liquor by retail ln the hotel known
as   ths   Onttal   Hotel,   situate   at
Marysville, in tbe Province ol British Columbia.
Datod this 18th day of October,1913
42-4t Applicant
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
.hone 25. P. O. Box M5
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Oeering & McCormick.
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
President—C. R. Bheppard
Meets regularly on the First Friday
evening ol such month.
Information on Poultry mutters
Address the Secretnry—A. B. Smith
P.O. Box 852, Cruniirook, B.C.
District of South Kast Kooienay
TAKE   NOTICE   that   I,    Harry
..,imes itoed of Crunbiooit, B.C., oc-
c ii at.on   clerk,   int.ml toi apply for
lei-mission to purchuse the following
| deaoribedi lands:—
i omnia .c ng ut a post planted at
the a ith w.st. corn r of. Lot 9209,
. tb n"c no.Ih 40 chains, tb nee east
20 .b.iiis. th nee s,uh 40 cha ns,
| lh nit wist, ill chiiina, to Point ol
comntoncotnont und contain a.; 80
| acres more or less.
Dated s .,t..n.,ir 21st., 1913.
Harry  .lames Reed,
Alexander Lewis St.Elol
39 It. Agent,
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Ve ts lnt and
3 d hu sd ••• I.
II o v a 1 Blnck
' nleh's ol Ire-
Inn mil at 8 p.iv. sh irp, Visitor
Fred W. Swan, W.M.
S. L. Williams, Hecy,
Dr. de Van's Pctnale Pills
A rei nlil. French rtgalatorirl, ver fnlli. These
pllla ere flxcee'linitlv BtlWarllll In r-Kulatin . tli,
■eiltratlvo p irtlolt nl tie! Iflnlnlo ".'Mum. Relua"
•II ctirnp liniinli'i'i-. l>r. ,1.) Vnn-l are .nlil ut
H, hex. Of tjiree Uu Ilu,   fri.Sl_d.ip shv n_l.ie.a
t,..x. ,,i in,,-,. 1 ,, ,,i,.   . 1 _■.,<*. 11,1 tin lit, 11. .,    _,.   m_j.-.i l'l mi, anurous.
I Hs.lU !>.«« «•„ It, _____», Oat    v.,it.<M_k»rlD*l,UM.
DiBtrlct of South East Kootenay
TAKE, NOTICE that I, Patrick C.
I ea y of Cranbroolt, B.C., occupation Locomotive- Eng'mor, intmd to
apply! for pi rtnisslt n to purchase the
loi owlnt* described lands:—
Commrfi. ng nt a Pont planted 40
ch Ins north from the nor 0 west
com r of lot 9210, thf-.o north 40
cha ni, then*e, cnBt 20 chains, th nee
s 1 th 40 chnins, Ih nre west 20
'h n- to point of commencement,
con'itin'n. 80 acres raor . or less.
Dated Sept.mljer 2iBt.. 1912,
Tatrlck C. L'ahy,
Alexander Lewis St.Elol
89-9t. Agent.
Erectile Restorer for Mer
Dhnanhnnnl re.toroa every nerve In the hoc
_nospnurmi     |(l   nfti ..n,lon| ,.,,„,.,
vim .111, vitality. Prematura ,1,-r.v nml .11 a.xna
iv. iknp...i averted at once. Fhoepltonol wl'
■nuke ynu 11 new man. Price lit hna. nr two I"
_ Mailed t» any tddraia. Tu. Soo te.ll Pr U|
,]_.._. __,__.!_•■. O—.
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE ia hereby given that, on
the flrBt day of December, next, application will be made to tiie Super
intendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to Bell
liquor by retail in thp hotel known
as the Centrnl Hotel, situate at
Moyie, in the Province ol British
Dated this I4th day of October, 1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910. .
(Section   42.)
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on
the flrst day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Yahk Hotel, situate at Yahk,
ln the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 13th day of Oc'.oter, 1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   AOT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE Is tieteny given that, on
the Ilrst day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Moyle Hotel, situate at Moyie
;n the Province of British Columbia.
Dated thia 17th day of Octotor, 1913
43-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,    1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the flrst day of December, next, application will be mada to tile Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
ns the Kootenny Hotel, situnte at
Moyle, ln the Province of British
Dated this 17th dny ol October, 1018
43-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE ls hereby given that, on
the first day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Perry Creek Hotel, situate at
Perry Creek, in the Province of Brtt-
isn Columbia.
Dat id this 15th day of October, 1913
42-4t Applicant
Section 48
Notice is hereby given that on tbe
lsth day of November next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincal Police for the
transfer of tbe license tor the sale of
liquor by retail in and upon the
premises known as the International
Hotel, situate at Kingsgate, British
Columbia, from Oeorge Longpre of
Kingsgate, B.C. to H. L. Sawyer of
Marysville, B.C.
Dated tbls 16th day of Oetober,
Holder of License
Applicant for transfer
TAKE NOTICE tbat, sixty days
atter date, I intend to apply to the
Minister of LandB for a licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum on
thc following land Bltuate iu South
East Kontenay,  Block 41.93.
Commencing at a post placed at
the N. W. corner of Lot 9499; thenre
west 80 chains; thence south 80 chains
thence east. 80 chains; thence north
80 chains to place of commencement.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. Locator
TAKE NOTICE that, sixty dayB
after date, I intend to apply to the
Miulster of Landa for 11 licence to
prospect for Conl and Petroleum on
thc following land sltunte in South
East   Kootenay,   Block  41.93.
Commencing at a post placed at
tho 8. E. corner of Lot 9499; thence
north 80 chains; thence eaat. 80 chaina
thence soutb 80 chains; thence west
80 chains; excepting that portion cov
ered by C. L. 1709.
Dated August IHth, 1913.
42 4t, Locator
Coal mining rights of r t.. iiominloi
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ai
barta, the Yukon Territory, tlu Nortt
west Territories and in a portion 0
th* Province ot British Oolumbla
may be leased for a term of twenty
on* years at an annual rental of .
an acre. Not more than 2.5*50 acre.
will b* leased to ons applicant.
Application lor a lease must b>
made by the applicant in ptrsou t.
ths Agent or Sub-Agent of the dl.
trict ln which th. rlghtt applied foi
are situated.
In surveyed territory tht land mus1
bs desert! .d by sections, ot legal tub
divisions of section .   and  in  uneui
: veyed territory the tract applied to
1 ihall be stsked out by the sppllcan
'< hlmstlf.
i Bach application must r>. accom
panled by a fee of I" which will b
refunded If the rlglns applied lot ai
I not available, but not other, i.e. ,
royalty shnll be paid   on   tha   met
! chantable output of tbe mint at tb
rats of five cents per ton
Tht parson opeiatlng the mlrm thai
furnish the Agent witb sworn return
accounting tor the full quantity 1
merchantable, e.i.! mined rind pay tii
royalty thereon. It tho conl mlnln
rights are uot being ope-rnteil, tue
returns should he furnished at lite
ones a year.
The lease will Include the coal mln
ing rlghta only, but tho leasee ma
ba permitted to purchase whntave
available surface rights mny be con
sldered necessary for the working 0
ths mine at the rate nf 110,00 nn an,
Por full information applicatlot
ahould be made to the Seoi'otnrj u
the Department of tho Interior, Otts
wa, or to any Agont 01 Hub Agent ,.,
Dominion Lnnds.
W.   W.    CORY,
Deputy Minister of tho luterlo,
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication   0
this advertisement wlll not be pal,
(or. Jan. 4th-ti
TAKE NOTICE tbat Harry North-
Wood of Cranbrook, B.C., occupatkn
butcher, intends to applv for permlB-
tion to purchase the following described lands'—
Commencing at a lost planted 120
"bains north ol the north-west to Q.r
of Lot J209, Group One. Koot my
'(strict, thence west 20 chains,
hence south 40 chan*, tliui'e ea-t.
:0 chains, thence north 4', cliuins, to
lace oi romtneucement, e. utaintug
ighty acres more or less.
Date September °rd, 1913.
Hatrv Nt rthwood,
'.6-9t. Mexandsr Lewis St.Elol
j Hstrict   ol   South   Kast   Kootenai
1   TAKE   NOTICE   that    Edward A.
iHill   ni 'ranbrook,   occupation mer-
hnnt,    intends to apply lov permla-
Ion   to   mircbtse tho lollowlng dea-
cribed lands--
' Commencing nt a post 1 listed 1211
' 'bains north of the north-west cr-
! .cr of l.ot 9'»fi9, 0. 1. Kootmay Dls*
; net. thence east 2u chains, then,:"
"OUta 40 cha as, tlie&ce weat io
1 -li'ilns, tticnt. north 40 cbalns to
! ,oint 01 comma&cament, . utainmj
j to ncres more or less.
Data August   'tth. 191.
Edward A. Hill.
i '6-9t. tUtxau'tar Lowla M. Eloi
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
tho flrst day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal  of   the  hotel  license  to   sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Tourist Hotsl, situate at Bull
River,  In tbe  Province    of    British
Dated this 30th day of October, 1918
44-4t. Applicant
(Section 20)
Notice Is hereby given thnt, on the
1st  day  of  December  next, application will be mnde to the Superintendent of Proviurial Polire for the ro-
newal   of    wholesale  license  No.  92,
fnr  the Bale of liquor by wholesale
in ahd  upon the premises known  n
the Crnnbrook Brewery, sltunte nen
!'r**n'rook, upon the lunda described
as IM 89, Group 1, Soiitti Bant Koo-
Dated thi« 2lBt dny of tlctol.cr.1913
Crnnbrook  Brewing Co., Ltd.
Hnrry Hesse,  Manager
43-41 Appliennt
(Section 201
Notice Is hereby given that, on the
lBt day ol December next npplicntlon
will bc made to tho Superintendent
if Provinclnl Police for the renewal
of wholoBiilo liquor llroitBO, No. 107.
tor the sale ol liquor by wholesale In
nnd upon thc prembica known an
Bowness' Wholesale Liquor Store,
Ituate on Hitler street, in thn City
[of Crnnhrook, B.C.
Dated this 15th day ol October, 1913
424t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE Is hereby given that,  on
tiie tirst day of December, next, application will be made to tbe Super-
lnt ndrnt of Provincial Police for re-
newnl  of   the   hotel  license   to  sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as tho Windsor   Hotel,    situate    at
I'ort Steolo, In tho Province of Brlt-
lus Oolumbla,
Dated tbls 30th dny of Octoher, 1913
44-4t. Applicant
TAKE NOTICK that, sixty days
after date, I Intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Coal aud Petroleum on
the following land situate in Soutb
East Kootonay,  Block 4598,
Commencing at a poet placed at
or near two miles east and one mile
».outh of the S. E. corner ol Lot
10084; thence wost 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence east 80
chains; thence south HO chains to
place ot commencement.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42 4t. Locator
District ol Boutb-Enst Kootenay
TAKK NOTIOE thai I. Tbomai.
christian, Contractor, intend thlrtj
days niter date to apply to the Mln
inter of Lands for permission to pur
chase the following deecrlhcl innd ■
commencing at a post planted 01
tbe East Bant ot the Moyie Rlvor,
near the southeast coiner oi Lot
1010C, thence east 3" chains, thenc,
south 40 chains, thence west 2i.
chains, thenc. north 40 chnins to tb'
point ol commencement
Dated August isth. 191;;.
34-9t A. ll. tlrace, Agcn,
Diatrict of i-ojH. East Kootenay
takk notice thnt l. Philemon
James Oougeon of Oranbrook ll.C,
occupation trainman, Intend to apply for permission to purchase' th,
loliu.uug described Inn.Is: —
Cotti-iencliig ut* a post limited at
the north-east corner 1). l.ot 9209.
tbeo 11 north 40 chains, thenco west
80 rh-iins, tbence south It) chnins,
tbence oast. 20 chains, to point of
_>mmeuc___jyt and containing! hi
acini more or less.
Dated September 21st., 1913.
Philemon Joratfl Oougeon,
Alexander Lowls St.Elo
3»-»t. Agent.
-iouih   East   Koottnay
TAKE    NOTICE    thnl   David  Hop-
'iitiii 1,1 i'n,ni,10,1k, li.c .   occupation
-a*lway Conductor, intends t„ apply
01    permission   t0 purchase tbe toi
owing described lands —
Commencing at „ post  planted ton
huins   nirtb   ;,n*l   20 chains oast ot
ihe    north'.viiii    corner nf Lot 9209.
Group      on.*.     Kootenny     District,
hence enst 20 chains, thenc- .011th 4ti
ha'ns, thrncc west 20 chains, theui-e
torth 10 chulns to place ol commence
-<nt,   containing   eighty ucros more
or loss.
Dnte Soptombsr 3rd. 1918.
David HopkiBa,
16-9t. UiHauder Lewis St. Eloi
District    of   South    East   Kootaofty
NOTIOB  lhat Ernest  .South
ol Craabrook. B.C.
TAK.    a .- _ -
of Craahrook, B.C., occupation barber, intends to npply tfor permission
to purrliese the following described
Commencing at a post planted IM
cliuins noi tli and 00 rhiia, west oi
tbe n irth-weat corner of Lot 9209,
Or,,up ini", Kootenay District, thence
wost 20 chains, th Be south 40
chain., thenco cast 20 chains theoce
uortli in chains, to place ol com-
mencstnent, containing eighty acres,
more or less.
Date September 3rd, 1913.
Ero'St :-o .ili.
30-9t. Mean.ier Lewis St. Eloi
"Was Alkali lite Intere-lrrl In
the jury's verdict?"
"Wm he? Say, bt Jim !»..., o»
thtlt waccUr
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed "Ten
der for Wharf at Ainsworth, B.C.,"
will be received at this ofllce until
4.00 P.M., on Monday, November 17,
1913, for tbe constrdctlon of a wharf
at Ainsworth, Kootenay District.B.C
Plans, spoclflcation and form of
contract can be seen and forms ot
tender obtained at this Department
and at the outers of J. P. Fordo,
Esq., District Engineer, at Revelstoke, B.C.; C. C. Worsfold, Esq.,
District Engineer at New Westmlu-
ster, B.C., and on application to the
Postmaster at Ainsworth, B.C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders wtll not be considered unless
made on tbo printed forms supplied,
and Blgned with their actual signa j
turea, stating their occupations and
places of residence.    In the cose ot
firms, the actual signature tho na
ture of the occupation, and place of j
residence of each member of the Arm!
must be givon.
Ench tender must ts> accompanied
by an accepted chefpi,, on a chartered
bank, payable to tbo order ot thej
Honourable tbe Milliliter of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.i
of tho amount of the tender, which
wlll be forfeited if the person tondor
ing decline to enter into 1, rontruet
when called upon to do 1.0, or (all lo
complete the work contracted for. II
tho tender be not accept. I the cheque
wlll be returned.
The Department docs not bind It
self to accept thc lowest or any ten
Hy   order,
ll.  0,  DESROCHERS.
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, October IBth, 1913.
Newst,ap..,u wlll not be pnld for
this advertlS'TOent If they Insert It
without authority Irom the Depart
mint.—4918C,. 43 21
District of South East Kooteuny
TAKK NOTICE that I, Barney Mi
Oouldrlc, ol Oranbroolt, B.C., occup.
tion locomotive tng.ugeer, intends u
apply for permission to purchase th
following described lands-
Commencing nt a post planted a
tho north-west comer i_ Lot 9211,
thenc. norrh 40 chains, theuce e ist
80 chains, tbenca aouth 40 chains,
thenoe wont 20 chains to pine 0
comnitncen_nt, and containing 9t
acre* more or less.
Dated September 21st., 1913.
Harney Mc-ouldrlc
Aleiand-r Lewis St.Elo
39-9t, Agent.
District    of   South    East   Koottnay
TAKE NOTICK that Harry Itabl-
eliiiii.i nt Craabrook, B.C., occupation
railway conductor, luteals to apply
.or permission to purchase tbe foi
lowing dnscrilnej lnuds.—
Commencing at a Post Planted at
the north-east corner of Lot s21u,
..roup one, Kootenay District, theuce
until in ,'iin.ni. tin a.*.! west 40
chains, tlience south 40 chalus,
hence east 10 cbalns to place of
coiiimenc.'iuent, containing ouo huu
ilrod „ud sixty acres more or leas.
Hate Septemblt   3rd. 1913.
Harry  Hablchaud.
3C-9t. Alexander Lena St. Eloi
District    of   South    East   Koottn*.
TAKK NOTICK thnt Alexander
Lewis St.Elol, of t'raninoik. B.C ,
occupation woods foreman, Intends
10 apply for permission to purchase
.he following described lnnds —
Commencing at n post planted leo
.hams north and 40 chain, west o!
he n-irth-weot corner ol l.ot 920.
J. 1, Kootonay District, thence eaat
lu chains, thence south 40 chnins.
tlience .test 40 cbalns, theace north
10 chain., to point ol commencement,
Containing  100 _cr,'e more or less
Date  August   iJth,   19)3.
36-9t. Alexander Lewis St. Elo,
Scobell's Liquor, Tobacco
•nd Drujc Cure tWill-it
Alcohol, Tobacco aad Diun. ll cottieiaelt Hit
•Sena elmoel Inaiasllr-r.movca all cia.lti..
All., taklni tht l,..l,n,ni Ihnt will ne.tr tt Itl
n_il litdiluk InloMcetite 0, UM .1,»i> aj.,,,. lee
bt ftvaa MOIIy. Wt have |tt In n... ol ata
lillun. Mailed unite, aetata,, covn l„ mlail
it.... r.lrt l> CO bot, 0,1 Ixntl let M_£ ™
fc_t._ BtM «•..». BM-ta-fte, Oak
Dlatrlct   of   Soutb   Kast   Kootena
TAKK NOTICK that David William
St. KM of Cranhrook, B.O,, occupn
tlon fanner, intends tu appl, for per
mission to purchase the ., lloxxing
described lands:—
Commencing nt ,1 lost idnut'd it1
ebuins north and •*" chains west 0
the northwest corner of Lot 9101
(I. 1, Kootenay District, tluu.t east
20 cb.ir.a. thence south 10 chains,
thuaci west 20 chnins, thence north
10 chains to feint of commencement,
containing .) acrte more or l.ss.
Date August 2Mb,  1913.
David William St. Kloi.
*.-9t. Applicant
District of East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICK that William W
Richmond, „f Traverse city, Mich.,
occupation LurnliefraaO, intends to
apply for permission to purchuse tin
following described lands  -
Commencing «t „ post planted
twenty than. w,ei. nnd eighty chains
south' i* Mllo pout No. 3 on tli" !.0lh
parallel', said 1 o.t bolng Iho south
wet uud r of linil,,'! Licence No.
ICS43. th Be ,,'osr 41) ,. nliu>. Ihenn
south 20 ebal-1, tbence west 20
chillis,    tbenre     north    1.11    chains,
th me   east    t.i: rh.ins,  then 0 .tl,
40 chains to the place of roinitienro
infill     containing ian acres,, mote or
Dut..I   August  Hth,  1913.
tleo  W. Brown, Agent
N-.tire in hereby given that
.'1st day oi October, 1918,
IT was ORDERED HY His Honoi
Oeorge H. Thompson, Bsq>, Judge ol
he county Court ot East Kootenay,
thai lam." A, Arnold. Olllclal Ad
miiiistratoi lor that portion ol the
County ol Kootenay included in tlic
Electoral District ol Crnnbrook I,.'
Vdminlstrntor ol all nnd singular
ill.-    estate    ot     Lulgl   l.llto,   I Alias
Hu/.n Lulgl) doceaoed intestate.
Kvery person indelit.1 to suld de
leased is required to make payment
forthwith to the undcrs.gned,
I Every poison hnvlng 111 possession
j 'fleets belonging to the deceased is
I required forthwith 10 notify tho tin-
| lerslgiied.
Every creditoi or other poison hav
Ing any claim upon or interest In
the distribution ol tin- oetiUe of the
uiid doceniod is reqiilrod to send bo
I fore lite 2nd .Iny n| December, 1913
mo.  i>>   registered  mall  nddreasod
o III. itttdelsigned, llis natiie ith.i All'
rose ami Hie full particulars of Ine
-li, I in   or   Interest,   and  a   statement
>f nis account and the nature of tb..
ecurlty Of nny 1 held by lilm.
After the said Inst mentioned  dat,
'be Administrator will proceed with
tin. distribution of the estate having
regard I" tin,.,,, elnlma only nt wblch
!>,' shall in,'.' had notice.
Hated  at   1 laltblook   thla 23rd   dnv
..I October   1.11:1
.1.   A.   ARNOLD.
41 Ht ofllclal Adiululstrutot THE  PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK., B. C.
Your Home
Will he one tlmt you cun look
forward to with much added
delight If, upon returning all
fagged out from your day's
work, your wite can have read-
v for you a bottle of
Port and Stout
Then you will moat fully appreciate thlH HtreuUieniUK brew
ii will restore your energy,
.uniiHli needed hUmulaUuu to
tho tired body and put you In
n frame of min-1 to respond to
the pleasant reception awaiting you,
Tho uee of Kerrlngen's Tort
and Btout in tli-*- home spoils
eood nature,  good  indigestion
nn.l gfknl slet'p.    Let us supply
you  with s case.
S2.S0 per cane of a dot, pints
James Kerrigan
Crnnbrook, B.C.
Y _ H V    1. 0 W    F A ll K H
in connection with
IC X C 0 II ri I 0 N .      to     tbe
0 I. li   0 OUST R V
DAILY—Nov. 7th to Dec. 31st., incl.
RA-i. .ARK
WANTED—Work with Private famll
by day or week, phone 169 or
write Bertha  Hcholu,  nen.del.
WANTED— Secondhani .lelivery rig.
with set ol sleighs. Write W.T.
car,- Prospector,   Drawer 320       45
TO LET—Nicely furniabed roomi in
mc.ern houee, centrally eltualed,
next to Dr Kin.,, Armstrong
Avenue, or Phone 469. 45
Cranbrook To Montreal and
Quebec: $81:10
To St. John: $89.10
Limit  tive month.1., atOp-OVer and
extension privileges
Full infarmatlon re Rail ami HtAam-
__..[< Tickets, from
J. W. Spence, Agent;
or write
R. Dawson,
Dfct   I'njirnurr Agent,
WOOD FOR BALB-Phone 491. B.W,
LOBT-A Oold Belt Pin la**. Sunday
Finder return to Qualn Electric
Co.'a store 45
People Should Guard Against
Cranbrook people wbo huve ettonv
uth anil bowel trouble nhi>ul_, tfuunl
ia.(wnff appondlcltla by tukiuK mm-
pie buckthorn bark, ulyoertne, etc.,
aa rompoun<1*r*il in Adler 1 k,i, the
Oarman remedy which became furoouj.
by niiiiiK uppeniliritlfl. A HINOL-E
DOBB r«li«ven Hour stomach, hub on
the Htomach uo4 constipation INSTANTLY because tbls -simple mil*
ture antlsepttctaes the digestive or-
gans antl draws <»„ th* ImpuHUe*.
Beattie- Murphy Oo, 48-lt
Break Whisky's Grip on Your
Loved Ones
Drunkards will tell you with tears
nt sincerity that they do not /-(int
to drink. The craving rn ling inm
tbo Inflamed membranes <>f • .- v. >m-
nch drives them to it.
Alcura will soothe tho troinhlhg
nerves nnd remove the cravrng that
in ruining your home and rtvn.inir
an otherwise kind htmbnnd >r 'n'Ue;
trom you. It costs only $1.00 p.r
hox, and if it doc*, not cure or ben.
lit nfter a trial the money Will be
Alcurn No, 1, i1- tantt'lfMH and ran
l*e piven secretly in Tea, fV.flep, or
food. Mnirn Nn 2, Is taken vol*
un tar liy i y those willing to help
Alcura ran no* be "htalned ax i.ur
store. Ank tnr Fr.. Booklet tolling
nil about it and give Alcura a trial.
BOAtlIfl Murphy f'.. , Limited, Urug-
gists,  Cranbrook,  H 0 ma.
Local  News
Grant Downing and T. Whelan of
Pernio,  were in town  Monday,
D. W. Wilson of Spokane, spent
Sunday  last at  the  Cranbrook.
Mrs. Smith of Wenatcbee wat. a
Oanbrook visitor Mondgy,
G. T. McGregor of Windermere, r. e.
lstor,_i nt thfl Cosmopolitan Tuesday
Chester Staples of Wycliffe, was in
town on Wednesday on business.
Mrs. fi. Haynes of Wardnor, was in
tbi- city shopping Thursday.
Mrs. 1'. Doran waa visiting Mrs. IC.
Bwlng at Moyle tbls we**k.
Oeorgo Longpre of Klngsgato was,
in tbe city Monday.
Harry Edwards of Wyclifle. wga in
town Wednesday.
Mrs. 0, Pltasiraons of Athalmere,
waa a Cranbrook visitor Thursday.
Born—At tbe Ht. Eugene Hospital,
Cranbrook, on Thursday last, to Mr.
and Mm. c. Bheppard. a daughter.
Mrs. Chas, VLm.ee left on Wednesday <>n an eastern visit, she will .»'
away about four or live weeks.
WOOD    POR    BALB -PHONK    400
C. Jensen and I*. Johnson of Wasa 1
were guests at the Cosmopolitan on
E, Mallandnim- and J, D. Winlaw!
of Creston, were guests at the Cran. ,
brook  Thursday.
J. Cllne and H, Miles of Han Fran |
claco, were registered at the Cran-i
brook Tuesday.
a.  B. Watts -.f Wattsburg, was in
the city on .Monday transacting business.
I,,   i   i I
Sow you are brightening up tbe |
rooms for the wlntet niphts remember taat Kiii'y Frames Pictures.
Alice Joyce and Wm. J. Burns
In the sensational Photoplay
of the
No Time-worn mould of sentiment is
upe-i. it is strictly up-to-the-minute
Showing the prevelenc<- and the folly
of political corruption.
Three Thousand Feet of Intense Dra*
matte Interest. Carries You Through
a fight for Justice such as never
produced on tiie Bcreen.
A     REAL     LIFE     STORY
is a nice let of Silverware for her
table. Good silver always makes
a fine mipession at the dinner or
luncheon. It adds zest to the appetite and indicates refined tastes.
We can save you money in solid
silver or silver-plated ware of the
best quality. Ther-.' are novelties
in designs nnd every piece is most
artistically finished.
Jewelers & Opticians
Phone 386
Phone 101
Jones & Doris
See Us about Your Building
and Job Work
B. C.
Miss Verna Felton
whn  will  appear with thc  Allen
Plnyert, at the Auditorium
all noxt week
Have for sale some
very choice resittt-ntial
and business lots in
different pai ts. of the
City; also small tract*,
varvmij from .mr to
tne acres   in   extent.
Call and *.(*. lh .ni itt.w
belore the tnslt conies.
J   MeTavlih r.i nun R|y*r, ■_ [g
town   Monday   attending   tbt funeral
.. the lat.- frank DltSkeDSOD.
J. W. Il«,n.*tt and BS, ROSI McK-n-
__  o(  Fernle,   war,*  in  town Hunday
Born—At    Oranbrook,    ou Bunday
Nov.   2nd,  to  Mr.   and   Mrt, J    R.
Thompson, a Ron.
Bla. lock ol Trail,
tti»* Craabrook on
Mr. and Mra
were reglsteri-I
Mr. and Mm. Obaa Kline.nemllh
of Klko. wer,- tn lown attending tbe
funeral of tho late K  Dtckenaon
Oranbrook Meat Mant.-t eomtasnoa*'
l.iiHtneaa nn IVc-mti.r Ut. In ,Iter,11
Poat Office- PHONK I
Mr. and Mru. It o Apple'ard ol
Winnipeg; and I. all,. J. Drue* of Mel-
aon were In the rltv *.-1h 111n_ frlenda
on Monday.
The Hallowe'en dance at the Oar
men's Hall nit Friday i.ltrht wae a
huge attrreafl, the n,,t„l,' cirnllent nnd
the attendants large
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
'Where ll Pays lo Deal"
Cranbrook        -        B. C.
Canada cuts nbout two million
cords ul pulp wood annually, nbout
hall ol which is exported lor manufacture ln the United atntes.
The Bummer Htock Company wlH
be at the Auditorium for a wook
commencing November 17th, usual
prices will  prevail.
WOOD    FOR    BALB-PH0NH    400
Important Changes in
C. P. R. Timetable
Train 511—ArT, Ot 12 Ml; Lea. 13.00
Tialn    11-Arr.  nt 18 Bit; Lea, 14*10
Train  SU-Arr.  at 14 BB; Lea. MOB
Train    18-Arr. nt 2815; Lea, 28 85
Train Mil-Lea, at 7-00; Arr. 24 80
Kimberley Branch
Lea   at tin   Arr. 12 SO a( Cranbrook
Don't Hurry Your
Stove Selection
At the preaent price of fuel a poor
Htovo Ih about thc most expotiBive
thing you cnn buy, nml you can depend on it Kotttnn more expensive
every year.
Look around and .inveHtiKiUe—learn
u little nomothlng about Htove con-
Ht rur tion, then yotl can choose a
good  one.
There are lots of «ood stoves in
the market, but it take*, more than
a pretty outside and a thermometer
ln the door to make good whon thc
cold weather comes.
Nearly all stove dealers make fuel
Bavlng claims for the stoves they sell
Make them take their stoves apart
und show you where nnd how they
save fuel. Wl' d>> that with our
CANADA D moves nnd.Ranges and
we don't wait to Ive asked.
Nearly all dealers claim perfect
workmanship and materials for the
stoves and ranges thoy sell—never
mind claims, look Inside and soe for
yourself. Wc are willing to turn a
CANADA B Inside out to make good
our claim thnt In everything that
goes to make a good stove or range
the CANADA ll Is In a clnss by Itself. We don't, want you to shut
your eyes and believe what, we say —
what we want vou tn do in to come
in and sav: "1 nm looking for the
boat stove made, I read your advert
Isement,   now   Mr.   Dig  Talker,   show
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
CRANBROOK,      -      B. C
MrH. 0, ti. Bennett, will receive on
YhurHdny, November 13th from 4 to 5
o'clock, and n,1er. unlit on lhe HrBt
Thursday of each month.
II. II. Blanohot ot Vancouver, rttp
restating tbo Oroat Western Mel.nl
company,   wns   in   town   Monday   on
company business.
J. W. Helm of Lethbrldge, W. \v.
Armstrong ol Toronto, 0, H. Davis
of Bonners Kerry, were among the
klaltora laat Sunday in the ciiy.
Joe Walkley, late with tho Until
Kootenay Biitoher Oo., will open
business on December 1st. In _te old
Post Oftic,,.-PHON- 8,
Maurice Qualn, who was oouflnod to
Mm residence Igst week, seriously ill.
was out and attending to   buBlnoss
Mr. nud Mrs, It. H. Bohart ol War
tier, were In town Monday attending
the (itnernl of the late Frnnk lllckcu-
A very enjoyable dance was givon
at the Central Hotel, Moyle, on Tues
day iiiKlit, iu honor ol Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Wells, who recently sold n
portion of his barbcrin. outfit, haa
opened a new barber shop in the
Cross Keys Hotel, nnd invites your
luitronngo which wlll rocolve the best
attention possible, so give htm a
trial. 44-4t
Though late ln tho Bcaaon thc
trout lishing in thc Bt. Mary'B river
and its tributaries ls good. The fish
taking black fllea and bait.
It. T. Brymner, manager ol the
I .thbrldge branch ol the Bank of
Commerce, spent several days in the
city thla week.
Dr. and Mrs. J, H. King retnrne
on Friday last Irom an eastern visit
they were accompanied by Miss Wil
Mr. and Mrs. Ohas. Ward returnod
from their honeymoon trip, which included coast cltiea north and south
ot the International boundary.
Tbe Bankers' Basket Ball team left
for   Wycllfle   Friday lor to play a
game with  tbe boys Iron, tbe Mill
Joe Walkley, lato with the East
Kootenay Butcher Co., will open
business on December 1st, in tbe old
Poat Olflce.-PHONK 8.
Borne 25 or 30 friends ol tho late
Frank Dickenson were in from Elko,
Fernle, Jaffray, and many otber
points aloog the Crow, were ln the
city Monday attending hla funeral.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Naylor aro visiting at tbe home of Mr. and Mrs
Qobn Shaw this week. Mr. Naylor
is the managing director of the B.C.
Lakes Canning Oo.
The regular annual meeting ol the
Cranbrook Dletrlct Conservative association will be held in tbe Conservative rooms on Hanson Avenue, on
November 14th.
Ostrich Feathers cleaned and curled
apply Mrs. T. Walker, Lumflden Avo.
or Phono 458 or write Box 487  —44
On Monday a thief managed to get
Into the store of J. W. Fitch at Mo
vie and rohbml the till ol 37.50.   Mr.
Fitch bad just left the btilliliiu* i
did not lock the lower door.
WOOD    FOR    HALE-PHONE    40fl
Reports thnt geese are commencing
to arrive at thoir lectin, grounds
nt Kootenny Flats, near Creston, nr.*
btlng heard. Tt Is claimed that the
eeese will Is, plentiful this year.
Mr. nnd Mrs. II. Palmer returned
'tome last Haturday alter spending
several months at their old homo in
the eaet with aome ol thoir old time
Cranbrook Moat Market commutes
business on December 1st, In tnooll
Post Office.-PHONE 8.
It. T. Rlithnrdson of Fort Hteele,
provincial triune warden, was In tow
on Wednesday, Mr. Richardson has
lust returned from nn extended trip
to points nlnnir tbe International
boundary near  Kin .agate.
The C.C.H. company commenced to
"nov,* goods into their new store on
Thursday! ft is the full Intention of
Mr. McFarlano to carry a full anil
hflotnfiletc stoek ot furnishings ns It
In possible and stll only lor Cash.
A certain business mau went to
the post, ofllco on Thursdny anil ills-
.overed a block ot wood ,n bis bolt.
He went tn the Money order ofttcn
nn.l donated I.I.OO nnd asked tn bave
Mint wood rent un to his oltlce.
W   W   KTT.RY
'RMSTRr.NO    *.V_NTtB
P. O. Boi Ml Oraabrook. B.C
In the old days, you'd think it silly extravagance to pay three thousand for a
horse. Then why buy a heavy, expensive car to-day—when the "nifty,"
sturdy Ford performs its intended service
so wonderfully well—and at so small a
Think what these prices mean—for the car
that has stood thc test: Model T Runabout $600; Model T louring Car $650:
Model T Town (.ar S900-I. o. b. Walker-
ville, Ont., with all equipment. Get catalogue and full particulars Irom
The Hanson Garage
Complete line ol Accessories, Parts and
Supplies—Cars and Trucks for hire—All
manner of repairs and vulcanizing done.
Norbury Ave. Cranbrook, B. C.
Mounted Game Heads Sp_d_ity
Send For Price List
Animals, Birds, Fish and Fur Mats
P.O. Hox 133
A Charter has been opened in
Cranbrook for membership in
of the Dominion of Canada
which will remain open until a
membership of   50 has been
The fee is $20.00.
For lurther information and Membership Applications, enquire of
u at the Royal Hotel
Can't Oo Without Them
6in Pills ths only things that ktMp hln w«.l.
.HUNCH Rival, Out.
"Kudosed please find 5»,c. for which
kindly send me a boi of GIN PILLS, as
1 don't feel that I een remain long
without some of them in the house. I
lind tbem so i*o*>il that il I em out of
GIN FILLS, the house seems to be all
wrong somehow Kindly send pills by
return mail."        Richard Ham .im.
If you have any trouble iu getting
GIN PILLS In your neighborhood,
write direct to us, enclosing the regular
retail price, soc. a box, 6 Ior fa..so, and
we will fill your order by return mail,
at the lame time giving you the name
of a nearby dealer who bandies OIN
There is uo other remedy in tbe world
that acts so quickly end so effectively tn
relieving Pain in the Beck, curing
Kidney and bladder Troubles, Suppression or Incontinence ol Urine and
driving Rheumatism out of the system.
Sample box free if you write us, mentioning this paper. National Drug and
Chein. Co., ol Canada Limited, Toronto.
Mauga-Tone Blood Tablets purify and
enrich the blood—especially good for
women aud young girls, 30c. a box. .0*
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
The-,) I'llla u.e coui| .untied wltl, lit, treetoit
cere hum tlio ,,,.._, iull.,bl« ,cnr-.l.,", knuwn to
Edencm audi aa nto lielnu unnil Willi llltll li liucflfll
y Uio im.at celebrated t.i,vo. t.,,., km_ii,
'III,., Jtos -,,,,.,,,,.- I..,.).,. ,li,to_.iii|, ililortlorH
lo wliti.li thu kiniilo .,._.',lull..,! In ],.,!.!>■
. Price 12 s bus. Ho. tl (11,0th sImiiko,. Ill •
box. rviltlut ulldn k nt.'i.' 1. "i tivnii'lliioiiiTaMi
beaiorat<*.,, at tiatharlaai, Oat,
SEALED TKNDKRH addressed te
the undersigned and endorsed "Tenter lor Construction ol Wbarla at
Victoria Harbour, U.C.," will be received at this olllce until I.no P.M.,
on Tuesday, December . 1913, lor
tho construction ot Wburts ut Victoria Harbour, B.C.
I'luiiH, speculation anil form ol
contract can bc seen and lorms ol
Lender obtained at this Department
and at the District Engineers' offices
at New Westminster, ll.C. Victoria,
B.C., Confederation Llle. Building,
Toronto, Uut., Post Olllce Building,
Montreal, I". ... and on application
to tbe Postmaster ttt Vancouver,
Persons tendering art, notified that
tenders wlll not be considered unless
mude un the printed forms supplied,
nud signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
placea ol residence. In the ease of
flima, the actual signature the nature ol the oecupatlon, and place ol
residence ot each member ot tne firm
muat be given.
Kacl, tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to tbe order ol
the Honorable the Minister ol Public
Works, equal to five per cent (5 p.c.)
ol the amount ol the tender, whleh
will he for felted II tho person tendering decline to enter into a contract
wben called upon to do so, or fall to
complete the work contracted lor, II
tbe tender bo not accepted the cneque
will bs returnod.
Tbe Department linen not bind it-
sell to nccopt the lowest or any tender.
By Order,
It.  I'.   I). HROCHERt.,
Department ol Public Works,
Ottawa, October 27tb, 1918.
Newspaporn wlll not be paid lor
thin advertisement If they Insert It
without uutbority Irom the Department -15117 44-tl.


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