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The Prospector Nov 1, 1913

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vc A
,      '
We Test Eyes
Orlnd Our Own Lenses and
Guarantee You a Fit
\yt 3itt$pt£tat
The   Leading Newspaper
in  the
NOVEMBER let, 1911.
Harry White and E. H. McPhee,
achool trustees, who have been attending at the coftHt a convention of
British Columbia School Trustee As-
acciatlon, returned to Cranhrook on
Wednesday. Considerable business ot
Importance wnB transacted which
will be of great interest to the pro-
ainclal schools In the future. In regard to the School funds helng short
this year, Mr. McPhee said: "that
tho trustees would hnve ample funds
and will have a surplus at the end
of the year. While at the coast the
minister of education was interviewed, and a grant of (2.000 waa re
cetved for the general lund, and II,-
150 on the   Manual   trainiug   school
Mr.    McQuarric,    late   of   YcIIjW
Gross,  Has):., wns inducted Into the
pastorage charge of the Presbyterian.
j Church on Monduy nt Fernie.   Rov.
I Wm.  G.  Blnke of CreBton  preached
' tbe sermon; Rev, Dr, FergiiHson, supt
of Missions of Alberta nnd n.c. rend
the steps leading to the call; Rev. W
|K, Thomson nf Crnnbrook addressed
' the new minister; and Rev. 0, Cowan
of Waldo addressed the audience. Mr.
McQuarrle Is a brother of Mrs. A.A.
McKinnon ot thia city.
Night &
Nov. 5
in Aid of
Shooting Accident with
Fatal ending
A aerioiiB shooting accident occurred on Monday near Kitchener, when
Edgar ttawlus waa hunting with a 22
calibre Stevens pistol. He shot a
groiiBe and seeing another nenr by,
ioaded the pistol for anather shot,
wdon the bird shot showed evidence
of life. Rnwl.e grabbed it with the
hand containing the pistolwhen in
the bird's Btrugctl.H the pistol was
dlsoharged, the ball lodging in bis
atonincl). He walked two inilca to
crmip, and Dr. Henderson ol Creaton
wns summoned but was unable to lo-
rate the bullet and the wounded man
una brought to the hospital at Oran
Edgar RawloB who accid.ntly Bhot
biiriR.lf on Monday last died at the
St. Eugene Hospital on Thursday.
The funeral wbb held from the under
taking parlors of F. M. McPherson
on Friday afternoon.
The World's Greatest Production in Motion
Pictures, the Kalem 5-reel "Feature"
from tie mm
at the
Rex Theatre, Nov. 5 6? 6
Tbls will not only be a treat,
but a privilege, to tbe theatre
going public ol Cranbrook, in
view of the fact that this Feature has never been shown in
cities of less tban 25,000 population, and then often at a loss
It la only through special efiort
and at big eipense to the management thnt tbis feature has
been secured for this city. Further information will bt given
on tht screen at the Rei Theatre
This picture took one year of
work and rebearalng to produce.
It wns produced on the very
grounds in Palestine where Christ
walked while he waa on earth.
It coat 1300,000.00 to secure this
The First Night's Receipts from
this picture ot "From The Manger to the Cross" wlll he given
to the Young Men's Club.
Reserved Seats may be procured
at the Rex Box Office beginning
Monday, November 3rd.
Commissioners Meet
A special meeting of the Board of
License Commissionera for Cranhrook
waa held in the City Hall on Friday
There were present Commissioners
J. Caslake and I.. Olnpp,
The special meeting waa called to
consider thc application for a license
oi Mr. N. Hanson.
Mr. W. A. Nesbit appeared for Mr.
Hanson; Mr. T. T. McCready for the
hotel men; and a number af clergy,
men for the Moral Reform Society.
At the request of Mr. Nesbit the
consideration of the said license was
postponed until the regular meeting
of the CommiFBloners on tbe second
Wednesday in December.
Frank Dickihson Died
Frank Dickenson of Jaffray, was
taken to the Cottage Hospital early
this week seriously ill with Quincy.
For some time be seemed to be improving, but on Wednesday complications, or septicarmia, net in, which
on Friday morning pioved fatal, r.
Dickinson hns been a resident of this
district for many years and has a
host of friends who will regret his
demise. He leaves a son about 4
years old to mourn his loss The
funeral wlll be held from the under
taving parlor of F. M. McPherson,
on Monday nefft at 3 p.m.
Doomed to Die
Bruno Cutrl, who was sentenced to
be banged on January Sth, for the
murder of Felice Zappia, at Rampart on September 16th, was taken
to Nelson on Saturday laBt by Constables Collins and Hardy, and is
now ia the death cell at tho jail
within a few yards of tbe spot where
the gallows will be erected. His
every movement from now on will be
watched by Fred Miller and Allen
Forrester, who have been appointed
by Sheriff Tuck to act as the death
Cutri is 34 years of age and unmar
ried. He Ib a typical Italian in appearance, but speaks and understands English fairly well. Tbat be
had only 74 more dnys in which to
live did not seem to he welghiug very
heavily on hie ....ml, although be waa
nearly demented with horror when
the full realization of what the verdict of the jury and the sentence of
Mr. Jimtice Murphy meant to bim
in a sell at the Fernle jail.
Alleena and John Stark
two of the Characters in ''The
Barrier" playing at the Auditorium, Saturday, Nov. 8th.
Presbyterian Church
Rev. W. Kelmnn Thomson
Morning aervlcea at 11 a.m.
Subject—"Home Life"
B. S. Bible Class, 1 p.m.
Evening service* at 7.30 p.m.
Subject—'The Gospel In One Verse'
John 3rh chap, and 16 verse.
Anthem by the Choir.
Mid-week service, Wednesday S p.m
Seats free to all.   Everybody wel
■.a_n-..a.,   ._r,qan_
The eiploslon of nearly a ton of gasolene fuel In the central *'gouclula" of the tie* Keppell i dirigible battle ship o«
the air, "_■ 2," whllo she waa 800 feet nbove the earth at tho JohannLsthal aerodrome, near in. Gorman capital killed
twenty-sli ot lbo twenty-seven men who were uiuklng ibe test, flight In tbe mow tnunster, mortally Injured the otuer
aud reduced to wreckage tbe formidable air cruiser upon whlcb a" Germany was pinning IU hopes (or \ha supremacy
of tbo ab*
No more appalling disaster of the air has ever occurred sloco man first Irtrnul to ;ij ru_ was .. twentieth
century disaster, .or when the great wblto shape floating serenely In the sky and churtiin« ub wuy toward uc.rbj
Berlin at a forty-mile rate was suddenly rent asuuder by a succession of bllndlug rlat.1..--. nearly a dozen aeroplanes
were darting about tho vault of tbe sky llko swallows surrounding n condor.
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Elaon Dunham
Bunday services: Tbe paator wlll
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.90 p.m.
Adult Bible Class J p.m.
Morning subject: "The Common
People Heard Him Gladly!—Why"
Morning Anthem—"All Hall Thc
Power of Josus Name."
Evening Anthem—'Come Unto Me'
All are Invited to the above service*.
Tue government for some time hns
had homestead inspectors busy in alt
purts of the province checking up the
improvements, and tbe manner in
which tho pre-emptors have ol.srrved
thc statutes. Tbis has been doue
with the object of preventing the pre
emptlon clauses of tbe Act from being made use of by persons who wish
to speculate, aud who do not desire
to carry out the provisions regarding residence, improvement, etc,
T. G. Corkbill of Bpokano, was in
town this week antl line gone to Wild
Horse Creek to look over the Gulden
Five group ut claims, situated In the
Forks of Wild Horse. The property
is a gold bearing ledge, located in
1895; and on which n considerable a*
mount of development work has heen
done. Dave Griffith is thc owner ol
the property and ls willing to g ve
nn option on it, providing that 0
certain amount of development is
done within a stated time,
Captain .'arrutherfl of the local
Salvation Army Corp, left on Tue.-
day for Winnipeg to attend an Army
Convention to be held In that city.
While In that city he Ih to he married to. Captain Su .ie Dell of Winnipeg, recently stationed in Vancouver
antl formerly nt Fernie. Captain I
Peacock of tne Army staff ia expect | ^■"■■'•. daughter ol Mrs John O
i    ...   a*, . _     ■»    . _     i.e *hu.ii i, forme   American Anibai
ed will officiate.    The happy couple
will afterward vlr.lt hia home ln Wet-
askawln, Hunk., where the Captain').
parents reside.
Epworth League
The Bpworili League *>t the Methodist Church held their usiinl weekly
meeting on Tuesday ovenii.K. under
the direction of the OltlzenBhlp Department. The subject under dlscua-
Hion was "Woman in the Home,"
Mrn. W. E, Dunham save nn Inter
eating talk and three abort papers
bearing on tlu subject were givon by
Miss McKowan Misa Bggar. and Min
Rev, W, E, Dunham ami the Rev
A. Willow, of Moyle, discussed "Are
Cnnadlnn Homes declining and In
temperance lo the H< mo."
Mra. I. Manning gave an Instrumen
ml Kid" and a very pleasant and enjoyable evening was spent
The   Epworth    League   i ih   every
Tuesday evening In the Methodist
[church nt 8 o'clock, Next week the
hi bject under discussion wiil bo 'With
a Shifty Lawyer." A cordial welcome given to nil to attend these
The   I'ltgHyiMiicm   nf   Ml**   Nnucy
dor to Berlin, to the Puke ot Croy will
HfKiti in* announced, it is wild tbe tn*,*
rlagc win tnke fM_<:o October -• la
This years' crop "f potatoes Is nol
as largs ns ItiHt year's, but is Of «
htt ter qunlity and higher in price.
Ihls is the wny llie local nuiehei
si7es up the present, condition of the
potato growing Industry [n this district.
What It Costs to Support Europe's Royal*Families.
Imaginary Monologues.
nVCM n« the* eiclolm against As
Increased pries of existence, Induced by the nefarious trusts
uud other institutions of extortion, Americans may after all
congratulate themselves upon be*
tan spared one feature of the high cost of
living to which citiseas of kingdoms sre
Mbjeded. Tbey haven't sny royal family
I* support, sod royal fsmllles cost a very
great deal of money, as Uw civil lists of
kingdoms and monsrebtes make evident.
the dttsens of the United Btstm, in fact
ars probably tbs least burdened of all
peoples la the matter of contributing to
the salsry of tbelr chief msgtatrate. lt
posh tbe (.dividual el 11 i.n of tbs United
Bistes less than one mill annually for Ihe
royal revenues from $12,000,000 a year
to about 18,000,000, and this at the very
time when provisions have taken n
startling leap upward in all quarters of
tbe world. Tbe Tsar doesn't need to
depend on tbe whims of his subjects,
however, for his Income. As the ruler of
Russia be draws the income from estates
i/ more than a million square miles III
cultivated lands and forests, and In gold
and other mines In Siberia.
The Emperor of Auitrla-Hungary is In
receipt of nu annual income of $4,ri'_->,o..K'
and William 11. of (iermany manage! to
get along on |3,«iO!..2<M. In addition tti|
this the German Kaiser has a vast
Miimunt of private property from whosu
revenues tbo eourt expenditure! and fam-
salsry of tbe President of ths United)(]- pensions are paid, The King of Hair
Btstes. Eveu little Hwitseriand, which. |„,„ $8,000,000 a year, from which 1800, I
pays a smaller salsry to Its president, Ir 'imi |m -mi,! to the family, ami the lint"
cause of Its proportionately smaller popu-Iq, u 0f Holland has $!_Q0,000 annually
Istion, pays s larger percentage per lo- from the country and largo ruvuiiuee from
dividual. The Swiss cltltwn It taxed about;-.,.,. private domains, Fearing llml ■!-■-1
7 -J-5 coots for the salary of the Prealdont QtlMn muy still hear the wolf gnawing I
of iu confederatlon-thi yearly itipipd „t j,,.,. ,*1H,r( generous Hoi In ml also sup-
for this oil Ida I being $8,000, |,,ii,.„ her with $03,000 for thp roynl font*
Tin* coil of tht- liriiish royal family lily and tho upkeep of courts nnd pnlnces,
seen,-, iu tllOM Used to republican form*. AlphOUSO of Spain tin- $l,fHM.O00 and
of govern.i(..H iisioiilsbliigly largs even $000,000 for family ogpen"os liven tlo>|
for such a luxury. The liiiuiisl Income1 Kinu <>f Rivnrln* fl moiifl.ch whom om*,
of the King snd Queen is $2,350,000, ind would Dot think of as Mill paring In lulls addition tu this provision Is mado forlportaoca with the Pro.tdiml of Ilia Unllod
the various membera of thu roynl fsuiiI. , ,Hi.itr«, has nn IncoiUO of |t,28ft,80_.
eo tbat lbo totul amounts to $2,700,000.1 |,. Htriking culitrnsl to tills uro ull ihe
The King also receives the revoaues of|Vtt|arles paid lo Presidents of republics.
tbe Duchy of Lancaster, which amount!Tho President of tho United stuns has
to $800,000 more suuuslly, and the $76,000 s ■..■nr; the ProsUoiu "f Prance
l'riuoe of Wales receives the revenues 0OO,OOOf, (about $180,000) nml u similar
of the Duchy of Cornwall, amounting to sum for oxpenso*; lhe President of iwllx*
mure than $100,000 annually. Iu Iptie orland bus #3,lKN) nnd the President of
of this liberal provision, It Isn't necessary; Argentina $,'tii,tiisi; iho President of Max*
for tbe Kiug tu pay life Insurance With [cu bus it salary of riO.uoo |iesos.
a view to providing for the future main- Although Kaiser William has alio-
tenance of tbe Queen should he be tbo (gather, IndudiiiK hi**, annual stipend ns
first to die. The 1'Hi.iuuieiii provides fori King of Prussia nud his other rovonueil,
tbat by a special grant to fall due In the nbout $r..(*si,.spo a yeur, he hus n great
event of tbe Queen surviving.   It Is alsnideul to du with his nu v.    Unlike tha
customary ou thc murrlngu of royal obll- British enr" of all Its roynl family, the
dren for the llrltlsh poople to provide fletinan people expect th,' ICnlser to pay
s dowry by Parliamentary grant. Wheujull those expenses himself, like uny other
King (leorge came tu tho throne certain bead of a household. Out nl' his lnoo.no,
malcontents lu the House of Common-, then-fore, the Kaiser pays to his wife un
suggested that the I'urllumeutary grunts allowance of $25o,ihni h yeur, whleh musl
to tbe King und Queen should be cut suffice for her own household oxpimsos,
down to about one-eighth of wbat hud pny for her clothe, nml lier ehnrltlcs ami
been customury, but it wss expluimnl: gifts,    The  Kaiser pays the wage*, of
those of army officers of corresponding
runk. These men arc choseu because of
ihelr noble runk, and they nre not required
to appear coutlnuolly at court, but, nevertheless, magnificent quarters are main-
tulned for them. The Kutser also pays
out uliout $60,000 in private pensions, and
he pays enormous subsidies to the four
roynl theatres, which in consequence of
the uumorous restraints put uis.n them
constantly require assistance.
In addition to thc royal residence at
Potsdam and Merlin the Ksiset has
twenty-two residences io keep up, and
ninny royal gardens und parks, along with
tbo castles nnd palaces. The travelling
expenses of the Kaiser are enormous. Ile
Itai ii taste for milking a truly royal im-
presslon wherever he goes us well ns st
home.    One trip to Italy Is estimated lo
have cosl  him foo.ooo lu  "douceurs"
nloue. Ar home he pays mileage like
uny other eltlien for himself and at*
All Hint i*. iiuiin.il.* en I lu klugablp appeals to the Kaiser, uud hu proviilfs nav-
geousty for the roynl household sud gives
wonderful -•iiterluimiien.s, nt which no expense is ,m*r spnreil. As uu Instsuce of
his generous attitude toward the members
<>f the royal household^ all the court of-
are kept ia the royal coach house, which sports.   The Kiug ipeo * uiouey freely     |M T„v  CMAIflxrif.   u^rtu IW -pm,   rvupecrvn  nr_/\is
is uoeqoalled  in  Europe.    The  Kaiser for the entertainment of his friends and     IN   iHfc SMOKINd   ROOM.        IN  THE  DRESSING   ROOM.
ever aloes bis ssceiixlon to the tbruue has takes huge parties with him ou his hunt
been Insistent on sufficient mouey being Ing trips, of which he la Immensely fond
supplied to keep up tbe slate which hejou une such trip to the Picas dl Europe
felt tbe position demanded. He insisted j thin-, tents and a grand pavilion spleu
that the cost of Iking had greatly risen I didiy  decorated   aud   furnished   for
since the days of bis father, und tbe salary
of the King of Prussia was therefore
raised $2,0UMSH). He also demanded more
money for truvelUng expenses, royal residences sud Imperial yachts, and invurlahly
succeeded lu uuniuiug what lu wished.
For thc uifu.,r,- million uud a third iu*
come which comes to him King Alfonso
has succeeded lu making a very good showing of kingly expenditure, His stublm. are
unsurpassed in Kur-q-e and his horses are |ini|   tj]j([
the picked pruduet of Huugary, Audu'
luslu, Ireland aud Arnhla. He also
aspires to lie the tlrst agriculturist lu
Spain, and Is given ■*► fuixy funning, es*
teemed the uufst costly iport extaut wltk
ibe exception of yachting, Kii.g Alfonso
Is a devoted yaehisuiiu also, and be bus
become knowu all over the world for bis
•levi_tli.il to the Hp"ri of motoring ns mil
us for his udveiiturua hi other field. <<f
sport. Ile Is only lived from being an
nvint-ir hy the determination of bis courtiers that he shall uot risk his royal D« -
Kiug were curried. The expedition wa-,
lu search o. the chamois, aud twenty-three
of these animals were killed. The com
of this modest three days' exi urslon wn>
The pleuaureu of the table nre enjoyed
by iin-st of the reiguing uiotiarchs, and as
their households are ao hunt', eonsistin^
often, when the servants am included, of
I more tbsu s thousand persons, li Is nut-
table expenses  should  tiguri-
ficlall have their special equlpuges. wblch'lu ths pursuit of the most dangerous of
to tbe clllsens thst it would be Impos
slide tu keep up tbe statu tu which thu
British rulers have Ihh>ii sectwtomed ou
a lesser sum, und the people loyally guth
end to thu fluuiielul support of the Kiug.
Times have 1 n u little hard with the
Tssr of ltusslu recently, as dlsturhnnees
within  tke  empire hav* decreased  tbe
l.ftOO Isckeys the yeur nround, lu addition
to feeiliiiK umi clollling them. He ulso
pays the ilTiO foinale sorvatits who cure
for thu royal residences iu Merlin nud
Potsdam. He has ulso to pny llie sitlnrlci
of the high fuuctiotnirles of the court, lhe
"ehnrges and grand charges nml vie.
grand charges." sslsrle* nbout equal to
[From Country l.lfe.j
IT chnoceil on a day, full long ago.
When the wind blew high and the sun shone bright.
That Nature callud on tbe dowers to know
How they paid tbe world fur Its warmth nnd light.
Some hy their rare and grateful scent.
Some by their beauty und slender grace,
Koine only for useful tasks were meant,
And euch was assigned Ita rightful place.
One after another she passed them by,
With a kind and n grave "Well done" tu ull,
Till she came at last to a tiny flower,
Minty and shy, -due eyed ant) small.
"And whnt have you given the world," she satd,
In return for the rain and the sun ubove."
Ami Oddly lhe little oue drooped her head,
As she imsworodi "I've nothing to give but love."
Then Nature smiled at the wistful face,
A" stooping, the tltnhl Mower she klssWl,
And BOflly answered with tender grace,
•*» "Thy gift Is the lirst, swuel I-ove-ln a-Mlsl!"
0*'..0*^.-0'*^0' ...O'     Cl-* _.0*^>0'*_**'_.0- ,0- .,O' _#0   ^0'^,Q'-rQr->0-\>-
largely in the account.*1 of the yenr. It lal
declared that the table of thc Tssr uf,
Itus-in kaowi nothing In the world too
cosily for Its UIO, uud that wlues COltlagj
from $ll»l tO $100 « bottle IN dully NITOd
with the Tssr's dinner. The orders of the
Tssr are that a bottle of wine, go mutter!
how coolly li utny be sud whether it ll
Opened or not, must uever be put twice on
the roysl tnhle,
A sweet tooth Un the bouiehold of the
Rmperor ETnacli Joseph, Judgnl from the
Information obtained from hli principal chef. According to this functionary,
giofi.uuo s yeur is expended for desserts
fur the royal table.   The lots! ox| II-
ture for the tnlde unniinlly |g $1100,000
King Qeorgo of England bai many interests, but none which he follows so del-1
peratcly us to explain euili.-ly whal hf
eomes of hh $2360,000 annual stipend.
He Is coming lo be more umi mora inter !
ested in racing nml is having the royoli
stud improved, nml he is nlso moderately
devoted to motoring ami yachting lie Is
u crack shot uud fond nf hunting ns well
ss of grouse shooting. II-* cnlotifiltli
during the grouse shooting on Hie royal
RI00N and at Hal ml for the deer stalk
ing. He is, however, neither ith much
bent upon flourishing a royal atnln ni the
Kulser, nor ss llnshhlg und exli'iivngiiiii
u iportimnn ns Alfonso, mid lie look*
well nfter the minor (Innnces nf his I •»
hold, so Hint It WOUld Heen,, ( riling In
all wuyi uf reckoning, ihni King (leorgu
inUHl be siivlni; up money Tor u rnin. iluy.
■luceji Mury alio Is frugal, kreiilng an
eye un the kitchen und ll Hers so
thut the itewai 1* tun,' nn sin h pef
qulslten ns In Hi. household o| He- Km
peror l-'riim |« Joseph, where the* HI Iho
excon fond nnd drink and put the inonej
in Ihelr pockets    Tin   *li*"*.    i   nu
inomlcil trend In llie tn,it I* i nf ill     Inn
well as In tin   coudiicl  uf licl   Imnse
HULLO, old i Imp Have ,_u - clsa<
retlet How goes tliu svenlng with
you'.' Oh, jou don t need lo baud
mt any of that rot to me] I'm not lbs
■nly ono who low sat out mors than ons
lance with the sums girl, Cute, little slrl,
h* she's there all right, or my nume isn't
Uob-yet, kind of eusy. Little moru fun.
ou krmw, ir tin- game'i uncertain.
Not but that i thought ihs'd kiss met
:ime, plaoe, girl—some girl, too, t admit-"
•oit music, dim itKlit. i usually um snu-
cossful; tnidi your Unels Bob foi that,
Kind or shams; cunning lit Us thins hut
nexperlsnced.    Fell   ta   ths   timu   worn'
iplsl   iluhl   oil'   the   but.   Uud,   I've   Uupud
hat    .tulT   out    until   1    COUld    rspfat    It
backward   in   my  sleep—maybe,   i  do,
Funny, how thsy fall to It, get the hand,
it Struggles und Mutters.   II ,w thst fluttor-
Ing usad to thrill me ut prep, ichool tie
Color came to her fam wle-n I prSSSSd
isr hand sii_ t>i*■ •.„■. quits i>> psrfsotton.
Should n'l h.iv. kisiod hm if there o»d
been ted abovi the lyes
i whlipered "Dolly-Dolly." Found tt
tafei to lay just the name, haven't you?
'r you sny more*, thi more may u. too
nuch, ni,d than—trouble
i..sued neersi i admit i r*tt ss if t
oughl not t<> do it. ihe arai so tnsxpsrl*
need] hui, Koi-d resolutions don'l s»i >o*i
anything, so—klse-sofl iim   ui..*<e- srell
Ul* hers for rep
look ut this t
course, that ol
J m Koinu to euiy hers awhile, th«n me
01 the hu>    Hunt tnink j',i battel ies nil
ivi.lii, shs'l n  new one nt  the game und
nay !><• undei thu •i**iuMii,n thnt I mssnl
nore than i did
Hut,,' she wont dream of mi to-night,
mi nhe wiii, though Dellevi mc, i almost
md In i lu mv arms,
There's th. musk doing? Well, so
Here waiter, give mi »me whiskey—
'es, Beetch,  nnd  r-ni-tniiii.  plain   wai r
for repairs, too, Nell - Just
tear In my skirt. Of
lumsy Mr. Van Busron
old It. Whnt? y,,u think I've sul out so
many dance_ io ttie conservatory with f-.u
Marahall that I wouldn't havo hud nny
thane* to got my drass stspped onT Don'4
I e horrid And let mu tell yuu. in. Is outer the easiest eagles thut i svsr met
It wu_  reallv a sli.tm.   lo lend  him on,
I am rather »fraid to n<* bsck    i   ■■ n'l
(■now Just what he'll sxpSCl of *ne uf!«r
tnat ki-** Ho la so Insxperlenced mf
*'M*r, thai I um worried ahoul Jt-
W« sut out  the lul Jaiico     Of course
hs got hold jf my hand    I pretended to
try to get  It away.   rtgUlOl    thing     you
i now. Then lie loaned forward aad whispered my name, "Dolly-Dolly,' In suoh a
\ iice I actually felt nutty foi him , you it
I irdly believe It when I tell yuu ba mssnl
|l I can tell when ihey ure pretending,
I ul llo Is new at II
Naturally « k.-- followed He UlSftl
i :c-j|y, too, hut u< It he wuan't used to ll
li  rather loared  me—hli  hens  10  huyllh
* ^out tt .iii   i wai relli vad when the danee
i na Dnllhed and I eOUld >uu u|, here and
lh ive a L-iutiiL't- iu think the matter ovei
iv'hai had I bettei do. Nelll
I Vui think it win be all light' Well,
in aybs It «tll bs Anyway my osrd Is nil
iflilsd up, end he won't bs sbls to iss mi
j„{rfin thu evening    i mpposa ths poor
hoy  will mope nround uud then su hums
|m iii dream of me
There's the mimic Oot rome powder.
. .ii' This is tine Where did you g.i it»
I uii-'. I thoushl so Come, let's go down
- but, truly, yoo don't understmei how that
1 iy worries me
II K It K     will     never
again i>o n great poet
in   BJugllsh,   French,
or nny other Inn*
guaga w o i ii and
rubbed by use. according io Rilmund
Uosso, (he Bngllsh
posl  uii crlllo,
The   pool.)    Of   the
future win he largely
wrllton in languagsi
which imve men subJootod to l«s_ weal
nnd tear, Ittiiguuui-s whli h huVo nol no OX;
' t    nnd oompllcalnl a literal u i
ui  whloh the simide thins*' can -tilt bo
.,ii,i wllhuui aiTeetatlon and wttnoui rope*
T'm's'  Idofls are oxttemsly ipseulatlve,
,u i iiiik'h hn iipMet at nor moment by the
u|mih-i<m  "I  .i   very   stent   S'-nlti*-    *ndj   I
I-,   iun    Hat   v,i> geiierallun that goes
i,j   ni,iio., the Chan f auch nn event
i,< >ie ninl more oiiiit uii tu coiioelvs
,,, . i ■ mo us n mnu ni „r poutrv win con-
nine, do doubt, iu !"■ produt'M, niueli ol
,   ivcflh ni  up iu n  "■ 'inln i 'im. 'mt It
in I, ue mote and mora dltlicull foi n
, ,,ei to reaoll the hlKiiem degrci ul   .il i*.
CORDrNO to recbiii
stsllsil-'i 0,910 for*
elan motorists entered 8s lu.-rlund
Up to lh-- end uf
Augut-l     th!-.    yeai*.
bolng BW mon tban
f„t th, correspond-*
lus porlod oi hm
year, umi ii La li
mated that the
 travellers   » n,." n i
|;   3N, 4>«0
Thi-, totul is based on ngur.ii colter tod
bi the inquiry Ofllco «i h< ine. whleh
si itss that on sn avsraaa « "foreign cat
iel ilea   four   per. ons -It,   fi<<|ui ul   cuiei
pis—who remain thirteen days m Hwitssr
land, and saoh uiotoiui apsndi »s a duy,
\'. ih« motoring lesson doos not Im-kih
serious!) before June, these Ogiiroa «imw
11.-it   In  three  inu-nllis  Mu   •■ vlsilorS BOond
ti. nrh two uii'i ■' h.iii millions npari .cnn
the receipts fium other tourists.
Thoy also prove thnt m Hidie uf isversl
Vi'.iitldiiH men .nc ■  In 'h<* dUTemnt  enn*.
tons motoring in the lips li grestly up.
nofifii.ii by u class ol wealth]  visltorsi
[lliwUdlng many  Ki._.   i, and Amvrh'sui. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  BRITISH OOLUMBLA
.~~ ;l ©he Ifroepector, QDrattl?voolt, §* <£.
The Annual Meeting
of the Cranbrook District Association will
be held in the Committee Rooms in the
Cranbrook Hotel Annex on the evening of
November Hth. at 8
General Business and
Election of Officers.
Be sure and come.
_8TABLI3H_D    1896
Putillibeil  Bvery  Saturday Morning at  Crnnbrook.
. . M, Christian, general manager
Posture to American, European  (Biitiab isles except,!)  an.l other foreign countries, 60 rents n year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS.—Adv?rtlelng ratos turnlshod on application, No
advertlaemanta hut thOBe ot a reputablo cliar ..tor will bo accepted lor
ADVERTISERS AND SOBSORIBBRS.—Unleas notice to the contrary
ls Riven to local manager advertlflomenta an.l subscriptions will he kept
running ami char*..! up n«alnst their account.
19th   YEAR.
ORANBROOK, B.C   NOVEMBER  1st,  191!        No. ,«
Note the dressy appearance oi
these Penman Sweater Coats
It drapes ilit* figure as gracefully as
custom tailored garment because knit-to-j
knii with exacting care to tii lhe va
ysical types of men, women and childn
mans Sweater Coats retain their marvel
toting shapeliness because made Irom i
'elected wool Vou know you need a swi
coat—there arc scores of occasions when i
decidedly the vogue. Ask torn Peitma:
Look let the trademark.
Pantos United, Parts, Cauda
, SweiitM*,   Underwear   Hosiery   j
The United stntt's government butt
negroes hl>rh up In the civil service,
but tho Protestant Bplecopfcl Ohurcb
draws the line at negro bishops,
Which is right and which in wrong?
Efiveryone knows that a motor cur
ran be built to no ut iiuy desired
■peed; but most people find twenty
Jive or thirty mill _ un hour quite
teat enough, mnl twenty miles as
hour JuMt right
The elections tn Mexico ti..v.  prov
t*i  h  lurce.  mul  It  in now  up  to  the
president  ol the   United   BtatM   to
show ti tn imiui    tfingl&nd, franco mul
Germany   will   await   tbe   action ot
President   Wilson
e   e   e   *
S- u  that  the wintei  season  La ut
hand,  propei ty  owners   ami    bouse
Holder* are  reminded that nil rhlm
neys nn.l Buss Bhould  be overhauled
and   cleaned;   by   doing *■» now. it
nitty iave lots   i tr,>ut,ic and expense
latei  on
• •   •   ■
Hon w, j. Dowser, attorney gener
at. htm declared thut there w uo proa
pacts ol an election. The cleaning
ont nl the voting lists wer. now rep*
' tfuetlclal and the lists were now rep
reeentative. Opportunity haa been
given erery oni t (tel in the new
In the we_t the price ot beef cattle
haa advanced about one dollar pei
hundred-weight, anl ib etill advancing. According to statistics, about
100,000 head a. cattle have been ship
ped trom Canada to the I'niH-d
.States during the year, mostly during the past three months. Larue
conaU'nmeatd bave ton* (rom Western Canada since the passing of the
Underwood   tariff  bill,   whleh  admits
live stock (ree of duty.
• •   •   •
Canada u-* making the final efiort
to have tli** Washington authorities
ratify tbe fishing agreement between
the Dominion and the I'nlted Btatos.
Prof. Prince, commissioner of Domini',]. Fisheriee and Hon. J. D. Helen will interview the American authorities on the subject in Dwember.
Palling a prompt answer in tho mat
ter  Canada   wlll   withdraw  from  the
• •   •   •
Mr. H. O, Brewster the Liberal
leader In this province, haa an opinion that tho government ie handing
over to rnilwny corporations large
blocks of land which should bc held
for bona fide settlers. In reply to
recent criticism by the only Libera]
in the provincial asaenvtly, Mr, Dowser aald: "In addition to the surveyed lands of l.fiOO.OOfl acres, we
hnve 103,000.000 acies of unsurveyed
lauds reserved entirely (or pre-emp-
tors anil bona tide settlers. This con
atltutOH almost half of the entire pro
.Ince, "At the close of a speech at
Vancouver on Friday Hon. Mr. Dowser challenged Mr. Hrewster to a pub
Ui debate on the land <ju<_tlon. The
Challenge thus far has not been accepted by the Liberal leader.
Premier McBrlde's speech belore the
Canadian Club, im being criticised by
I .he Liberal press, and the only point
in the controversy is whether n most
controversial question given ut h
non-partisan banquet, before premiers oi Canadian brovinces. was right
ui wrong An the promlors ot tbe
provinces uud those in attendance
Ihave not registered anj kicks, we are
t tbe pinion "that there Is a tem
peat In a teacup" among the Liberal
leaders  and  press,  because  Ur   Mo
Bride  has  slipped      In  and  over
i be opposi tlon, thero in no need iu
saying that Mr McBrlde ia perfectly
aid,' to tak.1 cure <*l himself ut uny
time and   place,   also   tO   huve  uu  eye
. ii the Liberal opposition
•   •  •   •
The Montreal Dally Mall pays the
following tribute to Blr Richard Mc
Und,' on liis return from Bngland
"Blr Richard McBrlde, K 0.M 0.,
Is again In Canada, diffusing optimistic views oi Anglo-Canadian relations, and especially regarding his
own province's rapid progress and
glowing prospects, His frequent
trans Ulan tic tups have borne much
i fruit In inducing Dritish capital to
seek investment in the almost phenomenal natural resources of the Pa-
i LflC province. The prime minister
of British Columbia has effectually i
convinced the ECnglish investors that
| his government's measures combine
; rogress and safety and afford ample  revenues   (or  a  progressive pro-
: gram without forestalling the yield
from the province's assets of the future. There in no more popular visitor to London than the genial Hir
Richard, If tbe east does not know
him intimately, it at least acknowledges him as n successful political
leader, who lias kept his province in
the very van of Canadian progress,
'.o, exceeded by any man in the pub*
and whose political proetlgo is today
lie life of the Dominion.
Frlfind. of Mrs. Cllnfi nm sorry to
learn that Ht,.' bas luimd It iu-e__,,ry
to go to Hi>ok„ne to un.lfirRO uu o-
I[.ration tor appcndloltut, Mr. Clin,,
accompanied her.
j A farmer'a Instltut*. meeting was
liel.l at Baynofl Innt Friday, wtien Mr
W, D, Hart kuvg an ndilroae on Hog
RalHln_. A iltucusAion followed. Tbe
farmer,, of ti„< vicinity should endeav
or to t_, present nt throw helpful
incetlnKH. 6
The Rev, J, Rons Coln.ul.oun
preach eft bis farewell (wrmont ln
l.,,yn,*« and Waldo, lle dealt with
tlu* i ub'cct "Christ Explained by Hla
Cioas." Largo gatberlnga greeted
Mr. Colriuhouii nnd listened to bit
eloquent words with much pleu-jre.
He leaven for f'nluary on Saturday,
and after a week In that city wlll
proceed direct to Scotland.
Mra. Hun.l bad Mrs. Spalding of
Kernie visiting her thla weak.
Mr. J. n. Reld, ••]«. nl agent of
the Urltlsb Oolumbla Life Assurance
Oa., BPent a couple of daya in town
trying to Insure people.
Mr. Prentice of .erule, waa the
gueet of Mrs.  King lust Tuoaday.
Mr. M.>..r.*, ll. _. lt. Agent, baa
been transferred to __.,.*,,  Montana.
Tbe I.h.Iies riulld of the Anglican
church will give a dance iu Adolpli
Hall on Halloween night. Admission
Next week Ibe ciuiip of the A.lollh
Lumber !',,., wlll be trnnaterr, . from
flnleway lo llie old building! a mile
north ,„o. of Haynes. where they will
log this winter.
fflurr* -Howmph or Wl lowing wor ^am. oa. . ikl
_..._«..   aaw.a_,. ..._■■  a...'   -   a
Tl.ls li llie flral photogrnpll rocelred of ibe lerrlflr cxplotlon . Iil.li blew up the ImmeuBO tliiuiboii dike Ui
the I'iuiaiui, Oaoal Kooe, .      .,
Korty lona of dyui to otplodod nnd let iim iratorn «f tho Ofltun f.nka Into the grout Gulobrn cut, where iiion.
•torts Of men lind worked for •.Hfl lo rlcitr n oUnnnol through which vessolH might Pill from thu Atluiitle to Hit
Pacific Ocean. * ,_.,.„,
l-resldciii Wilton toil  nil olootrlo button In the Whito flouie, HI Washington, nnd aunt a ■park over tlio «'lro»
that sot off the glioma, olinrgM Of dymimilo plated In nl,..„r .1. ihoii-nnd holos In Ibe (Inmbon dike. Buch bole contained from elghl  00 hundred pound! Of d. notnlto, and ll iplOiloo was such M l« seldom equalled,	
Bnorooui tunisee of rock and earth were blown high In tbo nlr. The ahi-ok of the agplMloa wai felt for inMot.
It wa» practically tbo CUltsloatloo of yeuru of work ou the canal, Wblob wae begun by Ibe L'nlttd Stales lu Muy, IVO.
Tbe '.'Out of the cans' It. dele bu been nearly R{(.,,i,.,o,.,
a  prisoner
Constable  Collins  took
to Nelson on Mondny.
The Ladles' Society of Waldo I'roe
bytorlan churcli gave an excellent en-
tertalnmont In Hose Hnll on Tueeday
bight. The talent nil llirougli waa
ol a high class order, and from the
beginning to tbo end wna thoroughly
enjoyable, . rlonda from Pernio, Klko
and Haynes did much along wltll tho
local talent t„ „„lkl, t„„ ,,,„m,n „„..
censlul. Another such concert would
not be amiss this winter.
Mr. Ilurtoti bas moved lo Vancou
Rumor lias it. that a kindergarten
school hm, i,,,,,,, commenced with Mra
I), McPborson iii charge. It should
be n aiiccoss ns Waldo is well Blip-
Idled with children.
Basket Ball League
A well al tendril and enthusiastic
mooting waa bold In tbo Young Mens
Olub on Tueoday laat at K.S0 p.m.
for tin, purpose nf organizing tbo
llanket hall League for the ensuing
Benson. Judging from the Interest
displayed and the way the business
was transacted this game la going
to go with a awing during tin, winter month!, Mr W. Hopklni acceptably occupied the rbalr.
<Pn starting a new department
we must expect more or less
annoyance with goods not as
ordered and many other things.
<HWe have been much more
fortunate than we ever expected. We do not, for one moment, expect any customer to
stand any loss and we will consider it a favor to have goods
returned when not satisfactory.
•f New goods will be supplied or
money refunded. This has
long been our way of doing
The office nearer*, elected for tho
season are:-lIo„-Pree. J. ll. McBrlde
President: W. H. Wilson; Vice Pros.
Rev, W. K. Dunham; _ocretary R. O.
Cameron; Treasurer J. Brechin; Otn
clal Heferee W. Hopklna; Umpire A.
The teams entered to date are:
Tbe Bankers, Ry. Y.M.C.A., Rrechine
Y.M. Club, MacPheraon's.
Two games will be played every
Monday night at 8 and 9 p.m., commencing Monday 10th November. The
Spalding Rule* will govern the game
Au admission fee of 25c. wlll be
charged  for adult  spectator! every
evening and lllr for juvenllea.
Further nnd more doflnate particulars will 1m» given in subsequent editions of tbis paper so look out for
this Information.
Rifle Association
An enthueiantlo meeting of the
Cranbrook Ride Asaoclatioo waa
held In the City Hall on Monday the
1.7th, when the Hy-luwa of the Abso-
clation  were  prcat-nted and paased.
Mr. BiJacr'H offer of a prise for the
_ti»Ht ebooting at MM) yards range waa
gladly received nud it wae decided
by the mooting to hold thia match
on Empire Day. A hearty vote of
tbankH waa tendered to Mr.  Baver.
On Saturday tbe regular shoot ot
the Association will take place, one
of tbe membera having kindly put up
a hand-painted cushion to be competed for, the highest aggregate
score for the day will win tbia priie.
On Tuesday labt there waa a good
attendance at the range, shooting
took place at the 200 and 600 range.
This ta tbe first shoot from tbe Utter range and eicelleut scoring was
iilicro can be only
|li boautlfull   And ll I.
for It really Um*m ai w_ii on a
riim.iiu tnornlm coitume, in ttia kuU_ _.
u amuri itolo, ms on an elaborate ,tv_iii-i;
in tiio .liupu of inn.].,■-■■ fur trillll
or tunla
in tiio picture wlileli accompanlei thll
.irtirif yoli will flml it i-h.uriiliiK tliile even
hr K»wn irlmmod wiih whitu fox. t.i-
niiiliT dreil, Which hai « narrow Iraln, Im
iiiri.u- of charmouKo in it>« lovely «ha<l,
Known iih   'polalo da rOIO."   TIiIh la a detl
, uir j.inn which icejnfl covensd wiiii blootn
The lunioi faaliloued in Pariian ilyle,
made "f oystor-whlle ohlffon enibralilereil
In <iuii illvei i«h<!m, ii iu NiiKiitiy atlffonei
i in n, ami bortlored with whlin f,n
The mini" fm a|)|.,ai_ on Hid wry ihori
i-cvcH,   and   11   lllVO.    ilbliun   l*.   pugged
iroM the l'n 'i nntl veiled Hofiiy in Whii.
chiffon Thll model would bu idoui for
very imarl dance or fur u ball) it aiiow.
iim noweal "Hgne*" mi,t iltou^u the mate
iliil. aro very rloh, Hip «<nvn would bt
i|ullo nun:,nin ror a Khi wlio Imd beeu
■ h ft>w montlia, ur for a protty mai-
rl.'il woniiin.
* Mom. nt'iv nniil.la Iim vi bean annn In mirror velvet, ror evonlDR <>M>ar, which ware
lavlNbly trimmed with IhhiiIh of wblle foa;
and (in-- In smnruld green velvol, draped
wllh black tiilln worliod over will) gold
threiida, hud u tunic vimllar lo that nliowu
In tho pk-ture, but bord«rad wltb black fur
+ .MIHH1 m . IIM llll »M I Mill 11 IH 111 IM Uf
Professional   Carbs
£obge   iHotices
m. i ii i ii iii imi, i ni i .ii hi .i-H i n 111 nun-.
Court Oranbrook No. 8.43.
Meet tn Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
4tb Thuriday of each month.
Louie Peanon, Sec., P.O. Box SU.
▼lilting Brothere Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meeta  ln  Carmen's  Hall  let  and
lird Thursdays    In every  month, at
I p.m.   Membefthlp open to British
B. T. Brake, Pre*.
L. Pearron, Secretary
Box IU
•flatting membert cordially welcome
A. P. _ A. M.
Regular   meetinge   on  the
third   Thursday   of   -.try
Vlaltlng brethren welcome.
. . B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
No. US, R. A. M.
Regular moetlngs:—2nd Tuesday ln
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   art   cor
dlaUy Invited.
Bx. Comp.—A. 0. Shankland, B.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Drs.   KINO   _   ORB EN
Physicians and Surgeons
Otlice at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons • - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays 1.30 to   4.30
Oranbrook, B.O.
Cranbrook, B.O,
Orescent Lodge, No. 13
Meete every Tuesday at 3 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
O. Donahue, C. O.
F. M. Christian, K of R, ft B.
B. A. HIU, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Co. 41
Meeta every Monday night
at Sew   Fraternity   Hall.
Bojournlng Oddfollowi cordially invited.
J. Turnley, W. M. Harris,
N. O. Sec'y
Circle No.  IU
Companions of ths Forest
Masts la Carmen's Hall, First and
Third Wednesday of each month at
8.00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. A. M. Laurie, 0. O
Mrs. A. B. Shaw, Sec.
Vlitting   Companloni   serdlally  welcome. Htl
Oranbrook     Lodge
No.     IMt
Moots ovory 2nd ni
uh  Wfdnoflhay at 8
m .  In   Ito.al Blue',
Hall    on
I (n'o
R. S. Oarratt, Sec'y
Meete ln Royal Black Knights Hall
Baker Street
Meets every Snd and 4th Thuriday
of each month at » p.m. (harp.
Mrs. L. Ilayward, Dec. Sec.
Oeo. Ladds, chief ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Prssidsnt—O. R. Bheppard
Meets regularly on the First Friday
evening of each montb.
Information on Poultry matters
Address the Secretary—A'. B. Smith
P.O. Box 851, Oranbrook, B.O.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Meete 1st and
3rd Thursday In
Royal Block
KnlKhts of Ireland Hall at 8 p._. sharp. Visitors
Fred W. Swain, W.M.
B. L. Williams, Secy.
. I
Dr. da Van. Female Pllta
A reliable French ragultto.; nt.ver falli. Thee,
•till are ticeedinily powerful In refulatlef IM
Marat Ive portion ultha female.ayitem. Hefurt
affchMpltnlutl.ni.  Dr. da Tas's are told al
T.      T.      McVITTIK
P.L.S.   _. O.B.
ORANBROOK.    ...    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries
Honey to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    •    British Oolumbla
Civil   and  Mining E_.;ln-ers—British
Columbia Land Burvsyora
P.O. Box 38.
Phone 221
...    B.O.
F. M. MacPherson
Hotbnnr A.M.. N.»I ,0 City Hall
Opea Day u* Nl(»t Phon. 131
Funeral Director,
P.O. BOX 685
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phono 3S9
P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering fir McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
LIQUOR   AOT,    1910.
(Hectlon   42.)
NOTIOH la hereby given that, ou
tliu brat day oi December, next, application will be made to the Buper-
luteudout uf Provincial l* olice for renewal of the hutcl license to aell
liquor by retail in the hotol known
aa the Imperial Hotol, siuate at
Fort Hteele, In tho Province ot Brit-
ibtl  Columbia.
Dated this IHth day of October, 1913
42 41. Applicant
LIQUOR   AOT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE la hereby given that, on
the tlrst day of December, next, application will bc made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police {or renewal  of  tho  hotel  license to  sell
liquor by retail in the hotol known
as the Wasa Hotel, situate at Waaa,
near Crnnbrook, in the Province of
Britiah Columbia.
Dated thia 15th day of October, 1912
The Unionist Invostmant Co., Ltd.
Peter Jensen, act. manager for
_ 4t Applicant
LIQUOR   AOT,   1910.
(Section   4!.)
NOTICE la hereby given that, on
tho first day of December, next, application will bo mado to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of thc hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the International Hotel, situate
at Moyie, in the Province of British
Dated thia Uth day ot October, 1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
I Section   42.)
NOTICK la hereby given that, on
tho tlrst day of December, next, application will he made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of tho hotel license to aell
liquor by retail in tbo hotel known
aa the Wycllfle Hotel, altuate at
Wyclifle, In the Province ot British
Dated this Hth day of Octobor, 1913
42-4t Applieant
District of Soutb East Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that I, Harry
James Reed ot Oraabrook II.C, ue
dilation Clerk, intend toi apply (or
permission to purchase the following
doHCrlbed. lands —
Commencing at a poet planted at
the northwest com.? ol. Lot. 9209,
thtnee north 40 chains, th nee eaat
20 chulns, th ice south 40 cha.ns,
thtnee west 20 chains, to Point of
commencement and cootulnn/ 80
acres more or less.
Datsd September 21st., 1913.
Harry Jamea Reed,
Alexander Lewie St.Elol
t»-9t. Agent,
District of South East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, Patrick O
l.ea'iy of Cranbrook, B.C, occupn
tlon Locomotive Engineer, intend to
apply, for permission to purchase the
following described landa:—
Commencing at a post planted 40
"chnins north from the north-west
corn? of Lot 9210, then:,, nortli 40
ehalna, thenco, east 20 cbalna, thence
south 40 cbalna, thence west 20
rhiin* to point of coinmencomont,
containing 80 acres mun. or less.
Dated September list., 1913.
Patrick O. Leahy
Alexander Lewis St.Elol
19-lt, Agent.
Electric Restorer for Mer
Phot ohonol '*"">■•" every nerve le the boi.
isoi"*-    " '
^__^__—__—,(. I„ p.op.r icnaioi, [fe.,,,,,,
VM end vitality. Pr.Qittme d.c.v an.l .11 acttu.
snko.u averted at eace.   _ haapheaol wll,
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE ls hereby glveu that, on
the first day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
aa the Central Hotel, situate at
Moylo, ln the Provlnre ot British
Dated thla 14th day of October, 1913
42-41 Applicant
LIQUOR   AOT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE la hereby given that, on
the first day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of thc hotel llcenae to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
aa the Yahk Hotel, situate at Yahk,
in the Provinco of Dritlah Columbia.
Dated this 13th day of October, 1913
42-41. Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,    1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the first day ot December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent ot Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to aell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
aa thc International Hotel, situato
at Kingagate, in tho Provinco ot
British Columbia.
Dated this 13th day ot October, 1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR  AOT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE la hereby given that, on
tbe first day of December, next, application will be mado to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel llcenae to soil
liquor by rotail in tho hotel known
as the Falls View Hotel, situate at
Marysville, ln tho Province of Britiah Columbia.
Dated thla 15th day uf October, 1913
424t Applicant
LIQUOR   AOT,    1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE la hereby given that, on
the first day of December, next, application wlll be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel licenso to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the North Star Hotel, situate at
Klmberley, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE la horeby given tbnt, on
the flrat day ot December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Pollco for renewal  of  the   hotel  llcenae  to   sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as   the   Ceuttsl   Hotel,   situate   at
Marysville, in the Provinco of British Columbia.
Dated tbls 18th day of October,1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on
tho first day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of tbe hotol license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
aa the Perry Creek Hotel, situate at
Perry Creek, in the Provluce ot British Columbia.
Dated tbis Uth day of October, 1913
42 4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on
the first day of December, next, application wlll be made to the Super-
ntendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel llcenae to sell
liquor hy retail In the hotel known
as the Moyle Hotel, situate at Moyie
In the Province of Ilritial, Columbia.
fluted thla 17th day of October, 191S
43 4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTIOE Is hereby given that, on
the flrBt dny of December, next, application wlll bc mado to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal uf the hotel llcenae to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
ns the Kootenny Hotel, situate at
Moyle, In the Province of Britiah
Dated this 17th dny nl October, 1913
4] 4t Applicant
Section 48
Notice is hereby given tbat on the
lOth day of November next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police tor the
transfer of tbe llcenae for the sale of
liquor by retail In and upon the
premises known as the Kingsgate Ho
tel, situate at Kingsgate, British
Coldmbia, from Oeorge Longpre of
Kingsgate, B.O. to H. L. Sawyer of
Marysville, B.C.
Dated this ICth day of October,
Holder of License
Upplicant for transfer
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on
the tlrst day of December, next, ap.
plication will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal  of   the  hotel   llcenae  to  sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as tbo Tourist Hotel, altuate at Bull
River,  in the Province    of    British
Dated thia 30th dny of Octobor. 1913
t.-lt. Applicant
(Hectlon 20)
Notlw Is hereby given that, on the
1st  day  of   December  next, application will he made to the Superintendent nf Provlnrlnl Police for the renewal   of   wholoaale llcenae No, 92,
fur tho sale uf liquor by wholesale
in nnd upon the premises known a
the Crnnbrook Brewery, altuate nea
Cranbrook, upon tho lnnds described
us Lot 29, Oroup 1, South Enst Kootenny.
Dated this 21»t day of October,1918
Crnnbrook Brewing Co., Ltd.
Hurry Ileaso, Manager
43-4t Applicant
(Hectlon 20)
Notlee Is hereby given that, on tho
1st day of lleeembcr next application
will be made to the Superintendent
of Provincial Police lor the renewal
of wholesale liquor license, No. 107,
for the sale ot liquor by wholoaale In
nnd upon the premises known as
Bowness' Wholoaale Liquor Btore,
situato on Baker atreet, In the Olty
of Crnnhrook, B.C.
Dated tbia 15th day of October, 1918
41-4, Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE la hereby given that, ou
the flrat day of December, uext, application wlll be mado to the Superintendent of Provinclnl Police for renewal   of  the   hotel   licenso   to   sell
liquor by retail In tha hotel known
as the Windsor   Hotel,    situate    ut
Fort Hteele, in the Province ot Brit-
las Columhla,
Dated thla 30th day of October, 1913
<4-4t. Applicant
Bertha - They say «he l»
tmaxtngly clever.
Bella-Yet, my denr, but how,1
»u-«li-njl... on**-. I
TAKE NOTICE that, sixty days
after date, I intend to apply to the
Minister ot Lands for a licence to
prospect tor Ooal und Petroleum on
the following land situnte in Houth
East Kootenay, Bloek  4593.
Commencing at a post placed at
the N. W. corner of Lot 9499; thence
weat 80 chains; thence north SO chains
thence east 80 chains; thenee south
80 chaina to place of commencement.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. Locator
TAKK NOTICK thnt, sixty days
after date, I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
proapect for Coal and Petroleum on
the following land situate lu Houth
Kast  Kootenay,  Block  459H.
Commencing at a poat placed at
the N. K. corner of Lot 9,99; thence
east 80 chaina; thenee north 40
chains more or less tu north boun
dary of C. L. 1710; theuce weat 80
chains; tbence aouth 40 chaina more
or less to place of commencement.
Dated August  18th,  1913.
42-4t. Locator
TAKE NOTICE that, sixty days
nfter date, I intend to apply tu the
Minister uf Lands fur a licence to
proapect for Coal aud Petroleum on
tho following land altuate In South
East Kootenay, Block  4593.
Commencing nt a post placed at
the N. W. corner of Lot 9499; thence
west 80 cbalna; thenee south 80 chains
thenco east 80 chaina; thence north
80 chains to place of commencement.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
48-4t. Locator
TAKE NOTICE that, sixty daya
after date, I Intond to apply to the
.Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum on
the following land situate ln South
East Kootenay, Block 4593.
Commencing at a poat placed ot
the B. E. cornor of Lot 9499; tbence
north 80 chains; thence east 80 chains
thence south 80 chaina; thence west
80 chains; excepting that portion rov
ored by C. L. 1709.
Dated August 18th, 1913,
42 4t. Locator
TAKE NOTICE that, sixty days
after date, I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum on
the following land situate lu South
East Kootenny,  Block 4593.
Commencing at a post placed at
or nenr two miles oast and ono mile
.toutli of thc S, E. corner of Lot
10084; thence west 80 chains; tbence
north 80 chains; thence eaat 80
chains; thence south 80 chains to
place uf cummencoment.
Dnted  August 18th, 1913.
42-4t, Locator
SEALED TENDKRH uddreesod to
the undersigned, nud endorsed "Ten
der for Wharf at Ainsworth, DC,"
will be received nt this office until
4.00 P.M., on Mondny, November 17,
1913, for thc constrdctiou of a whart
at Ainsworth, Kootenay Dlatrlct.lt.(
Plans, specification and form ol
contrnct can be seen nnd forms ul
tender obtained at this Department
and at the oSlcea of J, P, Fordr
Esq., District Engineer, at Revel
atoke, B.C.; O. C. Woralold, Bsq.,
Dlatrlct Engineer at New Westmin
ster, B.C., and on application to the
Postmaster ut Ainsworth, B.C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders wlll not be considered unless
made on the printed forma supplied,
and signed wltb their actual signs
turcs, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case ol
firms, tbe actual signature, tbo nature ot tho c .cupattoii, and place nt
residence ot ench member of the linn
must be given.
Ench tender must he accompanied
hy nn accepted obefiue on a chartered
hank, pnyalde to the order of th.
Honourable the Milliliter of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
of the amount nf the tender, whlcl
will he forfeited If the person tender
lug decline to enter into a contrnct
when cnllod upon to do ao, or tall t.
complete the work contracted lor. II
tho tender be not accepted thn cheque
will he returned.
Tho Department does not bind It
self to accept the lowest or any ten
By  order,
it. c, Dr.snoo_t.ns,
Department ol Public Works,
Ottawa, October 15th, 1913.
Newspapers  will  not   be  pnld (or
this advertisement   If  they  Inserl   II
without, authority Irom  llie  Doparl
ment.—49186, « 21
Scobell's Liquor, Tobacco
and Druic Cure CT'J&t
Alcohol, Tobacco tnd Drugs. It cc-.nter.Kti iha
ell« .U almost Instantly—removal All <ra*lnft.
Alter taklni the ttealmenl llieie will never be enr
nec-l toftl-lnk Intoxicants ur uh drugs again, Can
ba given secrtily. Wi h*>v« Til to 1'*"' "■ *-■*■■
failure.   Mellail under MDarate cover lu auf id
Coat mining rights of thfl Dominlou
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion of
tht Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a terra of twenty-
ont years at an annual rental ol tl
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acre.
will bt leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must hfl
made by tht applicant ln ptrton te
tht Agent or Sub-Agent of the district In which thfl rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land mutt
be deecrlbed by tectlont, or legal tub-
divisions of lections, aud la uniur-
veyed territory the tract applied fot
shall bt staked uut by the applicant
Each application muet t>. aeeom-
panled by a fee of IS which will he
refunded lf the rights applied fur at,
not available, but nut otherwise A
royalty shall be paid ou the mer
chantable output of the mine at thi
rate of five cents per ton,
Tbe person operating the mine thai!
furnlth the Agent with sworn returns
accounting tor the full quantity ot
merchantable coal mined and pay th.
royalty thereon. If the coal tnlnlni
rights are not being operated, suot
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease wlll Include the coal mln
Ing rights only, but tbe leasee may
bt permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rlghta may bt eon
tidered necesaary for the working ol
tha mine at tbe rate of flO.OO an acre
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
the Department of tho Interior, Otta
wa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion Lands,
W.   W.    CORY,
Deputy Minister ot the Interloi
N.B.—Unauthorised publication oi
this advertisement will not bt paid
tor. Jan. 4th-tl
.South    _u*ii   Kootenay
TAKE NQTIC-. thut Harry Nortu
wood of CniUuroo.. B,0>, occupation
butcher, intends tu apply iur pennis-
tion to purchase tue lollowlng described lands;—
Loiiijueucin** a*, a post planted 120
chains north ut the north-west .o.n i
of Lot 9209, Group uue, ivota .'
idstrict, thence west -(l chains,
thence south 40 chum.. thence east
i'i chnins, thence north 40 cia.ns, to
place of commencement, c..ut.uui_g
t-ighty ucres more or le6s.
uate September 3rd, 1918,
Hairy Northwood,
36-9t, Alw*aO'ier Lewis .it. h.lui
Diatrict    ut   Houth    Kaat   Kootena)
TAKE NOTIOE that Edward _
Hill ul i-'ranbrooii, oceuputiou mer-
-•b_.ru. iiit.uils tu apply for pen*__
blun to purchase the following Jus
cribed lands:—
L'otxunencing ut a punt planted uu
diains north of the nor_. ..eat c_r
net ut l.ot 920'J, ti. 1, Kootenay Diatrict, theuce __t ■_ chulu.,, tbence
•>„uu     in    .Id u,.     Li, uc     .est    20
.urn. tbonce north lu obu,n-> lu
puint ul commencement, c. n.&i—ng
.in acre*, ii.ore „r less.
Date  August  .Mb,  1818,
Edwurd A, Hill,
Ht Ahjxau.iei  Lewis Bt. hlui
District of Houth-Knat Kootenay
TAKK NOTIOH that I, Thonins
Christian, Contractor, intend thirty
daya niter date to apply to tbe Min-
iator of Landa lor permission to pur-
.haNC the following describe, land-
t'omtnenclng nt a post planted on
the Bast Bout of the Moyle lliver,
near the southeast corner ol Lot
10106, thenco east 20 chain,,, theuce
south 40 chnins, thenee weat 20
chain., thence north 40 chains to the
point of commencement.
Doted August 18th, 1918,
•14-M A. B. Ilroec, Agent
District of Houtl* Knet Kootenay
TAKE NOTK'K thut l, Philemon
.lamoB Oougeon ol Oranbrook B.C.,
occupation trainman, intend to apply tor permission to purchase" the
following described lands:—
Commencing a. a post limited nt
the north enst corner rtf Lot 920 .
tlico-c north 40 chains, tbence west
20 chains, thenc* south i>> eliiiins,
thence east. 20 chains, to point of
commencement and containing! -"
acres more or less.
Dated  September 21st., 191a,
I'hilemon  Jamea Oougeon.
Alexander  Lewis  Ht.Kloi
39-9t. Agent,
District    „(   South    Kaat   Kootenay
TAKK NOTIOB that Krnest South
of Crnnbrook, B.C., occupation barber, Intenda to apply for permiaBion
to purchase the following described
< oitiMj.-i, ;nj ut a post planted I.u
chains north uud i;u chmn., yveat ol
tho north wi-et corner uf Lot 9209,
tlroup Hue, Kuoteuuy District, tbency
west 20 cb.-.ini. th.ace auulh 40
chains, theuce east 20 chulns theuce
north lu chains, to place ot coin-
mencement, containing eighty acres,
inure or leea.
Date September 3rd, 1J1S.
_ai.lt South,
3G-9t. ,\le\an.ler Ij'wIb Ht. Eloi
District ol Houth Kast Kootonny
TAKK NOTIOH! that I, Harney Mc
Gouldric, of Crunbroo", 11.0,, occupu
tion locomotive engingeer, Intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands   -
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-west corner ot Lot 9211,
tbence north 40 ehalna, thence east
20 chains, tlience south 40 chains,
thenee west 20 chains to place of
commencement, nud coutninin,. 80
acres more or less.
Doted September 21st., 1918.
Harney McGoul.lric
Aleiander Lewis Ht.Kloi
39-91. Agent,
Dlstrlot    of   Houth   Kast   Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK that David William
Ht. Kloi ol Cranbrook, ll.C, occupation farmer, Intends to applv fur permission to purchase the lollowlng
described lands —
Commencing at u post planted 160
chains north and w> chains west ol
the north-west corner of Lot 9209
0, 1, Kootenay Diatrict, thenc* east
20 chilns, thenco south 40 chains,
thence west 20 chains, thence north
,0 chaina to point of Commenremont
containing 80 ncres more or less.
Date August. 2',th,  1912.
David William Ht. Kloi
36-n. Applicant
District ol Unst Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that William W.
Richmond, ol Traverse City, Mich.,
occupation Lumbermen, intends to
apply lor peniiissloo, to purchase .the
following uesrrlhed landa •
Commencing   nt   „   p0,u   planted
twenty ehn n. west ,„,il eighty cbalns
south' iH Mile posl No. 3 oil the r,0th
parallel!, snld i o.i being the south
west corntr of Tlmhor Licence No.
16848, tin nee west 40 chains, thence
Houth 20 chains, tbence west. 20
chains, then™ north r,0 chains
theneo east CO chains, then™ south
40 cbalns to the place of commence
ment,   containing 280 acres,, more or
Dated  August »r,th, 1918.
Oeo. W   Brown, Ageut
District    ,,|   south    Eaat   Kooteuny
TAKK NOTIOB that David llop-
Mns uf i-'runiuooa, B.C.. occupat.on
ra. way Conductor, intends to upply
lor permission to purchnse tne Iol
lowing described lands:—
Commencing at „ poat planted loo
chains north and 20 chains east ol
the north-west corner ,,t Lot 'J20-J,
Uroup One, Kootenay District,
thenco east 20 cliuina, thi nee south 40
chains, thence west 20 chains, thence
north 40 ehaiut to place ol commenca
ment, contnining eighty acre* more
or less.
Date September 3rd, luia.
David Hopkins,
,16*9t. Alexander Lewie Ht. Eloi
District    _   south    East   Kootenai
TAKE NOTICE that Harry llahl-
chaud ot Craabrook, B.O., occupation
railway conductor, inttn la to upply
ior permission tu purchueo Ihe foi
lowing described lands:—
Commencing at n Poet planted at
lhe   north-east   corner   uf Lot 921i>,
roup une, Kootena** District, tlu-uoe
north ,0 chaina, theace west 4o
chains, thence south -to chains,
thenco east 40 chains to placo ol
commencement, containing one hundred nod sixty actus more or less.
Date Boptembtr 3rd, 1913.
Hurry  ituliichaud.
3li-9t. Alexander Le»ls St. Elui
District    ut   Houth    East    Kootenny
TAKK NOTIOH that Alexander
Lewis Ht. Hoi, of i.'ranluo lk, B.C.,
occupation woodu forcuu.n, intends
to apply for penuissiuu tu purchase
the following described  lands —
Commencing at „ puat pl„nted itO
chains north and ,0 ,-huin., west of
tho north-west corner of Lot 9209.
O. 1, Kooteuny District, thence eaat
,0 chains, thenc suuih le chnins,
theuce west ,0 cbiilna, tlun-'o north
,0 chains to point of commencement,
containing 160 acres more or oa*
Dute August 2,'ith, 1913.
36 ... Aleiander Leu la St. Kloi
Notice   is hereby   given   tlml   OD   llie
2let day of October, 1818,
IT  WAH nHUEKEIl  HV   His Honor
Oeorge ll. Thompson, Btq., Judge ot
the County Court of Knst Ko,-tenay.
that .lames A, Arnold, (uliiiiil Ad
iiiiuistrai.,1  lm thai  portion ol th.*
County  of  Kootenny  Included  ill  the
Electoral  District  ol  Oranbrook be
Administrator of nil umi singular
the estate ol Lulgl III./,", (Alias
lllz/.o   LUlgl)   deceased   intOttate.
Every person Indebted to snid de
ceased is required to make payment
forthwith to the undersigned,
Bvery person having iu possession
.'fleets bel.,(lain,: to the defeased Is
required lorthwith to notify lhe undersigned.
Kvery creditor or othol person hav
Ing  any  claim   upon  or  interest.  In
llie   dlHtlllillli ll   the   istlltf   ol   the
suld derensed Is rOqUlTOll to send before  llie 2nd dny ol  Doc i.  1918
n.-.i, by registered mall addressed
to the undersigned, bis num,. tind ad*
dress and the full particular* of bis
•Inlin   or   Interest,   and   ,i   ad,(fluent
if his account and the natiii f the
i irity lit any) held by him. '
Alter the said lasl  mentioned date
he Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the eslate bavlng
regard to those flulma only ot whlob
be shall have bad notice.
Dnted at Cranbrook thle 23rd day
Of Oetober.  1018
.1     A     ARNOLD,
48-8t. olllclal Administrator THK PROSPECTOR. CHAN-ROOK, B.C.
Your Home
Will be one tlmt you eau took
forward to with much added
c_eli?ht if. upon returning all
fagged out from your day'ti
work, your wife can have read-
>• (or you a bottle of
Port and Stout
Then you will most fully appreciate this strenthenlug brew
It will restore your energy,
furnish needed stimulation to
the tired body and put you lu
a frame of mind to respond to
tbo pleasant reception await
ing yon.
The use of Kerrtngen'e I'ort
and Stout ln the home spells
good nature, good indigestion
and good aleep. Let ua supply
you with s  cose.
_ W per case of a dot, pints
James Kerrigan
Cranbrook, B.C
For Sale Rents & Wants i   The Wife's Pride
VERY    l. 0 IV    F A R _ S
iu connection with
EXCURSIONS    to    tbe
0 L D   C I) r N T 11 V
DAILY—Nov. 7th to Dec. "1st., incl.
Cranbrook To Montreal and
Quebec: $81:10
To St. John: $89.10
Umit live months, stop-over and
extension privileges
. ull Information re Rail and rtteaiu
ship TltkeU, (rom
J. W. Spence, Asent:
or write
R   Dawson,
r*_t  Passenger Agent.
FOR   BALE-Llght    Team,   Harness
and Surrey for Bale. }150.tXI caf_
Also good Democrat 5411.00     Ap J
ply Prospector.
_________—__—____- |
| ff ANTED—Roomers    and    Hoarders, j
either   ladioa   or   gentlemen; prl- j
vntc family, no children.    Apply
bv letter to X.Y.Z.. Do. 320 City
SEALED TENDERS addressed te
the undersigned and endorsed "Tenter for Construction of Wharfs at
Victoria Harbour, B.C.," wlll bo received at thia office until ,.M P.M.,
on Tuesday. December 9. 1913, tor
the conatructlon ot Wharfs at Vic
loria Harbour,   B.C.
Plana, specitication ami form of
contract can be seen and forms of
tender obtained at this Department
and at the District Engineers' utficee
nt New Westminster. B.C. Victoria,
B.C., Confederation Life Building,
Toronto, Ont., Post Otlice lluildlug.
Montreal, P.Q., and ou application
to the Postmaster at Vancouver,
Persona tendering are notified that
tenders will not he considered unless
made on tbe printed forms supplied.
nud signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of reaidence. In the caae ot
tii ma, tbe actual signature the us-
ture ot the occupation, nnd place ot
residence ot each member ol tne firm
must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to the onlor ot
the Honorable tho Minister of Public
Works, equal to five per cent 15 p.c.)
ol tho amount of tbe tender, whlcb
wlfl be forfeited lf the person tendering decline to enter Into a contract
wben called upon to do ao, or fall to
complote the work contracted for. If
tbo tender be not accepted tli.* cheque
wtll be returned.
The Department boos not bind itself to accept the lowest or any ten- [
Bv Order.
R.   0.   DK8ROOHBR8,
Deportment of Public Works,
Ottawa, October 27th, 1913.
Newspapers will not be pnld for
tbia advertisement it tbey Insert it
without authority trom the Depart
ment,—_.1'J7. tt at
BeatU. Murphy Co. dewvee pral*
from   Cranbrook peoplo tor Introducing   here   the simple buckthorn bark
and    glycwlne   mixture,    known   as
Adler i-k«.   This simple Oeruinn remedy   flrst   became   lamou. by curing
appendicitis and it b_ now been discovered    that    A SINOU* DOSE i-e-
; lleves   sour   stomach,    gas    on   the
J stomach and oonstlpati^n DISTANT-
! LY.     It's quick action I. .. big eur-
| prte* fo people *3**
Alcura Will Do It
Alcura, the widely known treat
ment lor Alcoholism can uow be obtained at our store. It is . uaran-
teed to cure or benefit, or money refunded. Remedy that haa been tried
by thousands and found to do just
aa it claima.
Drunkenness te a disease. Those
who are afflicted wltb tbe craving
for liquor have to be helped to
throw It ofl. Alcura No. 1 can be
given secretly in cofloe or lood. Alcura No. 2 la the voluntary treatment.
Help your loved ones to restore
themselves to lives ot sobriety and
usefulness and to regain thc reapect
ot the community In which tney live
Only '1.0. per bor Ask tor Free
Beattie-Murphy   Co.,   Ltd.,   Agents.
Oranbrook,  B.O, M-3-
madam LAvatn
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
Thu. I'lll. -fi compounded with tin gr.i,_i j
c. 7,0.,. it., in.,., tellable remedial ku.... ,o ,
Kieoce: .uch ... ■»..- being use.I ..uii mueti niceest
by il,. 11K..1 celebrated pnyeli i.e. knows.
Tb.v r.e a apcut. lo.|),a dljlruelai rtlwrder* '
Id wblcll Uie (•mile i _*fl,latl.„, I' liable.
Price ». » boi    !•*>. 1 Imoch linage ., 1» •
boi.  M.l'l.,, al: ,1r„_ .(_-.. *,. Ly mail trom «■>•
U* val I*' US ,.,., St. lalharlaH, ,,..».
tl«N Tiklm SIN PILLS
Lyons Brook, N.S., l'eb. Kith.
"Vou ere perfectly free to use mv
name In any way to benefit GIN PILLS,
(or thev deserve the highest praise.
Mt lack has never troubled me since
taking GIN PI .1,8, and my wife feels
much better after taking GIN PILLS
for her back. She thinks GIN PILLS
wlll make a complete cure."
GIN PILLS will always relieve Lame
Deck, Sciatica In Back aud Less,
Rheumatism. Burning uud Scalding
Urine, Painful V .tuition, Week or
Strained Kidney., aud always prevent
taking cold in tbe kidney, and bladder.
Bvery box I. sold with a tx_itive
guarantee to give prompt relief or
money refunded 50c. a box, 6 for
<j.-o. Semple free If yon write
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Cauda, Limited, Toronto I™
OUR Winter Suits are warm in
texture and warm in colors.
Beautiful Browns, Grays and Heather
Mixtures. Rich Worsteds and Scotch
and Irish Tweeds.
The   choicest  styles  of  the   season
ranging in price from $15. to $35.        era
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook, B. C,
Local News
Nothing succeeds like succesa, the
succeed we have achieved ill Picture
framing proves efficiency.— Kilby
Frames Pictures
O. Andrewa of Calgary, was in the
city Thursday  on  business.
Mrs. C. A. Baldwin ot Kdmouton.
waa a Cranbrook visitor on Monday
Al. Doyle drove over Irom Fort
Hteele Tuesday on business.
Mr. Justice Murphy nl the assize
court waa at Crnnbrook  Wednesday.
Mra. H. R Mather ol Fort Hteele.
waa a Craubrook visitor We.liiea.lny.
GHEES'H Repair Shop tacoa the Masonic Templo
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Watson of Fort
Steele were in town Wednesday.
R. Joyce ot Elko, waa in town on
i hursday
Mr. and Mrs 11. C, Oliver of Win
nil..*    were   Craubrook    visitors   os
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Haste.':.* ,1
Toronto were cuests at nu* Cran
hi ook.
Barrister C M. McNeil of Ferule,
waa at Cranbrook Thursday on legal
WOOD    FOR    SALE-PHONE    400
BORN-At Cranbrook on Tuursday
October 23rd. to Mr aud Mrs. M. A.
Beale. a daughter.
Cranbrook Meat Market comrueuc-s
business on Peomber 1st. in tbeol i
Post  Cilice.-PHONE S.
Mr. and Mn. A. G. Wlllmott ol
Jaflray, were Cranhrook visitors Sun
day last.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McPermld of
Waldo, were Cranbroak visitors on
Sunday last.
Ostrich Feathers eleuntd and curled
apply Mrs. T. Walker, Lumsden Ave.
or Phone  158  or write Bot  4B7   —.4
Mr. and Mrs. J. McTavlsh of Bull
River were Cranlr.,ok visitors on
A. H. Williamson ol Vrnco iver,
wna transacting busl-.ess at Cnn*
brook Monday.
Mr, and Mrs. A. W. Chisholm ot
Fort Hteele were Cranbrook Visitors
on Tuesdny.
Deer are plonty this fall ln the
Yabk dlatrlct, many have been seen
oo the hillside hack of tbe Hotel
WOOD    KOR    SALE—PHONB    400
Lieut. Cooper af tbe local H.A. left
the early part of tbe woek to take
up a new appointment ln Vancouver.
The two-year old son ol R. P. Mof-
utt wus run over by a milk wagon
du Friday last. So serious Injury
except a tew bruises waa done,
A. E. Watts ol Wattaburg, s prominent diatrict lumberman, was tran
sect Ing business at Cranhrook ThurB
HKATEH Ground nt CREES'8
C. W. Hpence left on the Flyer on
Sunday night for L'tica, N.Y., In response to a telegram elating that
hia sister was ser ously ill.
Today the Crnnhrook Hltle Afso-
clatlon wlll hold Ita regular weekly
shoot. All members are requested to
be present.
Wm. McFarlano ol the C.P.R. Tlo
Ilepnt, Winnipeg, spent ten daya In
the    city    visiting ins cousin R. 1).
W. Baldwin and Dud Langley lett
on Wedlleshny lor Hwift ( uriant
from which place they will be driving  out   for  some mouths  to  come.
Joe Walkley, late with the East
Kootenny Butcher Oo,, will open
business on December 1st, In the old
Post Office.—PHONE 8,
Hev W. K. Thomson wna nt Fernle
on Monday taking part in the cere-
nouy ol Inducting another man Into
the ministry of the proshyterlnnl
WOOD     .OH     HALK   PHONE    100
The po.lc.* are taking stringent
inotti.urea to prevent wilful deal rue
tlon of properly on Hallowe'en nlghl
and all persons no caught wlll be
Tbe C.P.R. are preparing lo Innlull
an electric light plant to liirnloh It
lights for the shops, depot, all departmental offlceal nml the Y.M.C.A.
No meeting of the City C.nincll
woe called this week to consider tlte
cold storage proposition, aa the pro-
motor Mr. Frankel is ill „t an hospital gt Calgary
is a nice set of Silverware for hcr
table, Good silver always makes
a fine impesaiou at the (linnet or
luncheon It adds ze.t to the appetite and indicates refilled tastei.
We can lave you money in solid
silver or silvei-platcd waic uf the
be.t quality. There aie novelties
in designs nud every piece i. most
aitistically finished.
Jewelers & Opticians
'Rexall Store'
The Store with u Reputation
Beattie • Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Where It Pays to Deal"
Have for sale some
very choice residential
and business lots in
different parts of the
City; also small tracts
varying from one to
five acres   in   txtent.
Call and see them now
before the ru*-h cbnv s.
is the name our Mr. Haines
uses.    We also call it
Lots of it in stock
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
B. C.
A throe reel special feature wlll be
Bhown at *he Kdison tonight; this
wlll be Interesting and followed by n
line of threo reels, making sli reels
to bc shown.
W. B. McFarlane will occupy his
new quartern ln tbe Pye Building ln
n tew days. He anticipates putting
in a line ot furniture and household
WOOD    FOIl    HAI.E-PIIONK    400
The dates of the annual provincial
Conservative Convention have been
changed from Jnnunry 16 nnd 171b,
to January 23 nud 24th. lt will be
held In Victoria.
11 the amall boy spent hall tbo energy carrying In wood that he doea
carrying oft gntea, etc., on Hallowe'en, tha kludllng problem wou.d be
lleate _ Klwell have client v.lo ie
owner of twelve acrea ln West Bum-
inerlanil, B.C., nnd will trade for
Oranbrook city property or land
near Oraabrook,
Barrister w. f, ourd spent Monday In Cranbrook. Members of the
Hoard ot Trade presented bim with
a handsome travelling bag, iu recognition of hia services as president of
tho Board,
Tbe regular meeting ot tbe Ladles'
Aid H, .lety of tho Methodist Church
will be held at the homo of Mrs. W.
Winter ou Wodnendny afternoon, Nov.
6th, at 3 p.m. A full attendance Is
LOtiT-Airodale Terrier Dog Pup,
nbout I months old, return to Dr.
J. H, King's residence, Armstrong
Avenue. Kinder wlll be rewarded by
returning same. Anyone found detaining will bo prosecuted.
With the approach of cold weather
the leasee ol tbe Arena Kink Is busily
engaged ln preparing the foundation
(or making Ice; the local curlers are
looking forward to the time when
the roaring game will commence.
The Municipal voting list closed
yesterday, Friday, and tbe Court of
Itevision will be held in November,
lf your name ls not on the list you
will not have an opportunity of voting at the January election.
Cranbrook Meat Market commences
business on December 1st, in theol 1
Post Offlce.-PHONK ft.
Thc Cranbrook Tennis Club gave a
very enjoyable dance in the Masonic
Hall on Wednesday evening. There
was a large attendance, the music
being furnished by the Cranbrook
Arcble McVittie ol Victoria, was In
town Monday. Mt. McVittie ls a P.
L.8., and a brother of Mr. T. T. Mc-
ittle of Kort Steele; be was formerly a resident of Cranbrook during
tbe early days of construction.
137 acre farm, one mile (rom Fort
Steele, all bottom land except 37 a-
cree. Plenty of water, magnificent
soil only |40 anacre. See Beale _
Elwell wbo have photographs and
full information,
Fred Wells, who recently sold a
portion ol hla barberlng outfit, has
opened a new barber shop ln the
Cross Keys Hotel, and Invites your
patronags which wlll receive the best
attention possible, so give him a
trial, 44-4t
A ut* was broken open at the
'"r-n'reok St-am Laundry Inst Saturday morning, and at night a picture of it showing all Ita wreckage
wss thrown on ths curtain at th*
llei Theatre. This Is going some in
the show business.
The British Columbia D Ir m ns
• saoclatlon will meet at Ch 1 w-ck
February 5 and S. Ore >I 'be fa
hir rn of the convention wlll be r
competition for milk and cream,
which will he open to pro.li c ra all
over tne province,
The regular monthly meeting of
the Woman's Ins lints wll Is hs i
lo the Carmen's Hall on Tis,dav
neit, November 4th, at S i ,m. 1 e-
monstratlon wid bt given by Mrs. T
S, am on "Cinnamon Rolls, Buns,
etc." The date ot tbe Fancy w. rk
class Is changed to 3rd Friday evenings at I p.m.   Kvery.-ms Invlt d.
A provincial Inspector has ben
testing the meters of the Electric
Light Company during the past week
Over 500 meters have been tested,
nnd all were found to he running correctly iwlth on* eiceptlon, Consumers can now be assured of correct
mting of thetr meters,
Jus Walkley, late wltb the East
Kontenay Butcher Co., wlll open
I usiness on December 1st, ln ths old
Post Otfleo.-PHONB I,
Important Changes in
C. P. R. Timetable
Train MS- Arr.  nl 12 60;  Lea. 13.00
Train    ll-Arr.  nt 13 66;  Lea 14 10
Train 614-Arr.  at 14 66; Leo. 16 06
Train    U—Atr,  at 31-16;  Lou. II16
Train  Itt-I/M,  nt 7 00;  Arr. 14 30
Klinlierloy llriinrl,
Lea  at 730. Arr   1. 30 at Craahrook
Annual Coast to Coast Tour of Klaw & Erlanger's
New Amsterdam Theatre Success
By Rex Beach
".'Inother Home Run Hit"-S, Y. Ttegraph
Frank Ireson
Whoie excellent Portrayal of FATHER KELLEY in THE ROSARY
Won the Approval of all Canada
Without Question the Best-Play, Cist, Production
Ever Offered the Theatre-going Public
PRICES: $1.50; $1.00; 75 cents
Seats now on sale at Beattie-Murphy's Drag Store
"They're all coming to it!" Ten years
ago, Henry Ford saw that excess weight
in an automobile was the one thing to be
avoided. He made a light, strong and
sturdy car. And to-day-"they're all
coming to it!"
Think what these pricee mean-for the car
that has stood the test: Model T Runabout $600; Model T Touring Car $650;
Model T Town Car $900-1. o. b. Walkervllle, Out., with all equipment. Get catalogue and full particulars from
The Hanson Garage
Complete line of Accessories, Parts and
Supplies-Cars and Trucks for hire—All
manner ol repairs and vulcanizing done.
Norbury Ave.
Cranbrook, B. C.
**************** llll M IH 1111111111 III III-*;
it ia equally attractive in strength
and durability. Buy a net of It
aad you'll have a harness of which
you can be proud and ona that
will prove ita reasonable coat ia
lon(, constant wear. If yoa pay
leaa for harness than our price it'a
a aure thing you won't get aa good
a aat.
W. M. PARK 6? CO.
|   Phone 109    Cranbrook, B.C.     P.O. Box 443   ::
. **i + *****i-w!• i*************i
Mmmted Game Heads Speci
Send  For Price List
Animals, Birds, Fish and Fur Mats
CALGARY      -       ALBERTA
P.O. Box 133
There will be a poultry aeauclntlon
inm'tlng on Friday next November 7,
Tilt ilebato wlll tie on "Winter hunt,
Ing ol Poultry. Open Iront v, cloud
HoUMI," The lender- of the nevernl
bI.Ih wlll he A. II. Webb, ln favor ol
open front* and IC. H. Hlnter In favor of cloned frnnta, aMleted on onrh
Hl.le by two other membera of the
aN__ latlon,
P. 0. Boi Nl OraabNok, B.O
B. P.O. E.i
A Charter has been opened in
Cranbrook for membership in
of the Dominion of Canada
which will remain open until a
membership of   50 has been
The fee is $20.00.
For further Information and Membership Application, enquire of
,, at the Royal Hotel


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