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The Prospector Jan 17, 1914

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Array Have your
The Optician
Provinciul   Legislative
f—mntstf *	
The  Leading Newspaper
 in the
$2.00 Per Year
JANUARY  17th, 1 _4
Cranbrook, B.C.
I, W. Gallamore of Cranbrook, this
thirteenth day ot January, 1914, acknowledge I made a mistake in having John Gleeson ol Cranbrook, B.C.
wrongfully arrested and imprisoned
and prosecuted, I express my regret
for the same. I have paid him today
the Bum of all expenses in connection
with same.
(signed) Wm. Gallamore—X.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Jan. 13th 14.
t, John Gleeson of Cranbrook, B.
0.i this 13th day of January, 1914,
accept this apolapy from Wm. Gallamore and promise not to prosecute
him for anything in connection with
this matter. I have received all expenses for same.
(signed) Johu Gleeson
Johnson names his
price for Smith
Paris, Jan. 9th.—"Jack" Johnson
the negro pugilist, whose arm is Btill
in splints, said this afternoon he had
not received any cable offer of money
for a fight with "Gunboat Smith"
in Lower California.
He continued: "I am ready to
fight if the offer meets my terms,
which are $30,000. The fight must be
after that which has bcen deflnately
fixed to take place in Paris during
the tirst week uf June Against Frank
Moran, the Pittsburg heavyweight.
For this engagement William Astor
Chanlor is guaranteeing me $35,000,
I expect at the end of the same
month to meet Sam Langford, providing the $30,000 I demand be forth
Johnson said that his broken arm
is progressing nicely. The splints
are to be removed on Saturday.
Find RealJ/Vhite Hope
The Seattle police discovered a
real white hope on Thursday last In
the person of John Pocheck when
effecting his arrest. He is a man of
powerful build, a Servian, he felted
seven of his countrymen wtth his
lists and stood oft eighteen others
with a revolver. Mllesav Boieh was
ln such baste to elevate his handa
when Pocheck produced tbe rekolver
that he was shot through the thumb
when Pocheck fired in the air. The
battle was the outgrowth of a holiday party.
Local News
N.Hanson was at Spokane this
woek attending a demonstration for
obtaining wood alcohol from wood.
If the experiment is a success.'in all
probability a plant wlll bc erected In
Oranbrook and all the old tree
stumps In the vicinity utilized for
that ourpose.
The choicest Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Veal, and Spring Lamb, at the 41
Market Co., Ltd.—PHONB 176.
A feature of the one hundred years
peace celebration, will be the present
tatlon by the Nxeciitlvn committee
of the United States pence committee
of a memorial of Chaplain and Parkin, to he erected at Ottawa. Tho
subject is a fitting one tor the occasion.     "*
A runaway team on Wednesday,
crashed through the big display window of W. H. Wilson's Jewolery ito■*.,
A large amount of cut glass and
hand-painted china waa broken, t'..e
damage on the atock is estimated at
(200.00. including the plate glass
window {300.00. The team was in
charge of a man named Stevens and
was scared by a couple of dogs light
Mrs. W. H. Johnson, who was taken to the St. Bugono Hospital on
Thursday of last woek suffering trom
a severe attack nf Inllnmatnry rheumatism, died on Thursday morning,
Her demise was not cipocteil, and
was a great and sorrowful surprise
tn her husband. The funeral will
tnke placo nn the arrival of lier son
and ilnm. iter, probably Monday er
Tuesday of neit week.
Monday   was    nimination    day iu
Cranbrook, and the following gentlemen    were   nominated    to form the
City Council for the ensuing year.
Mayor—Simon Taylor
Joseph Campbell
Win, Cameron
G.  R. Leask
Malcolm  Horie
Fred Genest
H. Hickenbotham
- As there were   no   other   nominations the City Clerk, Mr. T. M. Roberts declared that the above named
gentlemen were duly elected as Mayor and  Aldermen  for the City ot
Cranbrook for tbe present year.
The  following  were   nominated   ..9
School Trustees:—
Thos. Doris
W. H. Wilson
A. A. McKinnon
M. Quain
E. H. McPhee
J. McNabb
As but two trustees are to be e-
lected, the City Clerk declared that
an election would bc held on Thursday, January 15th, 14, from the hour
of 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Election Results
The Municipal elections are o-
ver, a large Vote was polled on Thur
sday for the School Trustees, which
resulted as follows.
W.  H.  WILSON   208
M.  QUAIN   193
K.  H. McPhee   US
A. A. MacKinnon  146
J. R. McNabb     36
T. J. Doris    23
Total    769
January  12,14
To thc Electors of the
City ot Cranbrook
I wish to thank the Electors of the
City of Cranbrook for the unanimous
manner in which they have, elected
me by acclamation, to the position
ot Mayor for the ensuing year, and
to assure them how fully I appreciate the honor, and also the cordial
and sincere manner In which all parties assented to my election.
It shall certainly be my endeavor
to thoroughly watcb the interests of
all the ratepayers ln every direction
and so prove thetr confidence bas not
been misplaced.
Premier Borden to
visit West
After the neit session of Parliament, Premier Borden will in all pro
liability made a western tour. He
has not made any detinate plans yet,
hut lt Ib understood that he has assured some of his wostorn friends
'that he will endeavor to vi. it the
West neit summer. He has had
many invitations since his last trip
West and will doubtless have many
more when It Is known that there ls
a probability of his making a western . tour.
Laurier^ Errors
Sir Wilfrid Laurier hns been wrong
on every big question that has confronted Canada In the pnst, and cannot ho trusted on n big question now
In 1867 ho opposed Confederation,
and was wrong.
In 1878 he opposed the national
policy, and he was wrong.
In 1880-80-82 he opposed the construction of the Canadian I'nclllc rail
way, and he was wrong.
In 1891 he favored commercial union as against moderate protection
for Canadian Industries, and be wns
In 1911 he entered Into nn agree
ment with President Tnlt which
would have niiiile Onnndn nu adjunct
to the United Btatos, and be was
wrong. *•
In 1912 he opposed giving Jmmoill*
i.t.i* nud eflective assisianco to the
iiiivbi force* of the Empire, and h«
was wrong.
In 1913 ho claims that "free food"
will solve the high cost of living,
and again ha Is absolutely wrong.
No.  3
Opening of Parliament
Speech from Throne
OTTAWA, Jan. 15.—The actual
sitting of the House of Commons
this afternoon did not. consume 20
minutes before going over to the
senate chamber to hear the speech
from the throne. Speaker Sproule
reported the changes in the House
during the year consequent upon the
death of members and the election
of their successors. After returning trom the Senate chamber the
commons were given the opportunity
of meeting their new Colleagues
whose formal introduction was prac
tically the only feature of the afternoon. Hon. Arthur Meighn, the new
solicitor-general, was the tirst to bc
introduced, and waB escorted by Hon
Robert RogerB and Hon. Dr. Roche.
Iir. A. H. Hannah, of Lannark, followed, being sponsored by Hon. W.
T. White and Hon. Dr. Reid. Hon.
H. P. McLeod, who succeeds O. S.
Crockett as momher for York, N. B.
was introduced by JameB Morris,
the new member for Chateauguay.
S, F. Glass. East Middlesex, was escorted by Hon. T. W. Crothers and
J. E. Armstrong, M. P., while Hon.
Robert Rogers and Hon. Dr. Roche
performed similar oflices for A. Morrison of Macdonald, Man. Sir Wilfrid and W. H. Germain were the
sponsors of R. B, Trims, the newly elected Liberal member for South
Bruce, Ont.
s The new members were received
with generous 'applause, but there
was no loud demonstration until
Mr. Morrison, the re-elected member for Macdonald {•num in. Ho
was received with quite a vigorous
demonstration from the Conserva-
tives. A couple of minutes Inter
the Liberals responded with n counter demonstration when Mr. Trims,
the victor in the South Bruce contest waB brought In.
A number of formal motions were
introduced by Hon. Robert Rogers
and adopted.
Upon motion hy Hon. Mr. Rogers
tbe debate on the address in reply
to the speech from thc throne was
postponed until Monday, and the
house adjourned until the same day.
The address will be moved by Hon.
H. P. McLeod, the new member for
Vork, N. B., and seconded by Mr.
Lavalee of Bellechase. *.
Tbe attendance of members on both
sides was fair for an opening day.
Owing to inclement weather the
crowd which watched tho arrival of
Mb royal highness and his escort at
3 o'clock was not ns large as usual.
It dispersed soon after hiH royal
highness entered the Senate chamber. Tbere thu scene was quite as
brilliant as usual. Tbe attendance
of society people on thc Iloor of the
house being limited only by the ac-
(ommodation, the galleries were
crowded. There was the un mil array of brilliant forms to the right
und left of the throne, the Premier
In  his brilliant  Windsor  uniform oc
cupying the position of honor.
After the house adjourned, Speaker
Sproule and Mrs. Sproule held a reception in the speaker's apartments,
which was largely attended by practically everybody wlio participated
in the opening proceedings.
The speech from the throne was hh
Honorable Gentlemen of the flc^-
nte, Gentlemen of the House of Commons; I take this public opportunity
oi expressing to you all my deepest
of gratitude for the comfort and support that were afforded us at the
timo of the serious illness of* the
Duchess of Connaught hy the numerous messages of sympathy which
were received from Canada and by
the knowledge that the hearts of so
many friends were with us during
our dark days. I cannot regard
tlmt my enforced absence made it impossible for me to fully exercise the
duties of my high office during a
considerable portion of last year. It
gives me great pleasure to be able
to congratulate you upon the remark
able expansion of Canada's trade
with other countries in the past fiscal year, during which our total
trade far exceeded that of any preceding year.
The bountiful crop.* with which the
Dominion has fortunately neen bless-
ed during the past season hnve been
harvested under unusually favorable
•conditions, which have enabled the
transportation comuanies to make
full use of all the facilities they had
TlrtiH the difficulties which BOjne-*
tinies arose in former yenrs Imve not
been manifest and an unusually large
proportion of the crops have been
conveyed to the sen before the close
of the season of inland  navigation-
Canadg has been favored by a long
series of prosperous years, and although at tho present moment business is slightly restricted by the financial stringency which prevails
throughout the world. I feel convinced that this condition wlll he
merely temporary and that the bound
Uss resources of this Dominion.which
are so fully and universally known
and recognized, give ub the fullest
assurance of continued material pros
perity and  progress.
As a result of the recent decennial
census the representation of the different provinces must he readjusted
us required by the British North
America net and a bill will be introduced for that purpose. A bill
consolidating the Railway act and
various amendments, as well as bills
icferring to the civil service and to
trust and loan companies will be sub
mttted for your consideration. Several other bills will be submitted, in
eluding measures providing for incensed representation of the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Al
berta nnd British Columbia in the
sonnte. Tht) VOlumno of immigration
luring the present fiscal  year prom
ises to lie greater than that of any
previous years. It lias come in greatest from the British isles and from
rhe United States, but a large a-
niount of dcsirnhle citizens have also reached our shores from other
You will be pleased to learn that
satisfactory arrangements have been
made with the various provinces under the Agricultural Aid Act, ab it
pnssed at the last session. My advisers are convinced that the co-operation between the Dominion and
tho provinces which is thus afforded
will accomplish' cxcellsnt results in
assuring better Agricultural* instruction and needful improvement of existing methods of agriculture. The
work on the National Transcontinental railway has been advanced in the
paBt year and in the construction of
the Hudson Bay railway aud the pro
vftion of terminals every possible
progress has been made in bringing
that important project nearer to
completion. In connection with the
highly important subject of transportation of our praducts, the provisions of adequate terminal facilities at our great northern ports has
received and is receiving tlio attention of my advisers. You have
doubtless learned,' with satisfaction
that the new government terminal
elevator at Port Arthur is completed
and it has been in operation since
October Inst. In conjunction with
this a system of interior terminal
elevators hns been begun which will
provide largely increased facilities
for the farmers of tlic great grain
producing province*.. The international conference on safety of life at
sea, which has been in session in
Loudon for Heveral weeks, bas had
under consideration questions of the
highest Importance And it is to he
hoped that its deliberations may result in more elTcctive measures for
assuring the safety of the passengers
und crews of ocean-going steamships.
Representatives of Cunada were appointed by order-lti-councll and have
been in Attendance nt nil the sessions
of the conference.
Gentk-men \>t the House of Commons, the nn. units for the last fiscal
year will be laid before you. You
will be pleased to know that the revenue has been amide to cover both
ordinary und capital expenditure.The
estimates for the fiscal year will be
submitted at an eArly date. They
ha.e been prepared with due regard
to the necessary development of the
resources of the Dominion, coupled
with careful attention to economical
Honorable Gentlemen of the Senate, Gentlemen of the House of Com
uions, iu inviting your careful scrutiny of the subjects to which I hAve
called your Attention, I pray that
the blessing of Divine Providence
mny  uttend  your  deliberations.
English Society Leaders Who are Boycotting the
Installation of Officers
Selkirk DiviBion 473, G.I.A. to the
B. of L. E. installed their New officers for the current year on Monday
evening January 12th. Mrs. Johnson
acted as Installing officer assisted by
Mrs. J. Ray as Installing Marshall;
at tbe completion of Installation
ceremonies Mrs. Barney, the new
president presented Mrs. Johnson,
with a Past President's collar to
which she is entitled after two years
in office as president, faithfully at.
tending meetings and always putting
the interests of others before iier own
for which she has the hearty thanks
and best of regards of the members
The new officers elected are as follows:—-
Mrs. G. M. Barney, pres.
Mrs.'J. Sarvis, Vice-pres,
Mrs. T.  S. Gill,  Insurance Sec.
Mrs. J. Pennessey, Cbap.
Mrs. B.  McGoldrlc, Trims.
Mrs. W. Baldwin, Sec.
Mrs. A. Cameron, Guide
Mrs. D. Murphy, Sentinel
The appointed officers:
Mrs.   J.  Roberts,  musician
Mrs,  J. Ray, Marshall
Mrs. W. Mackenzie, Marshall
Mesdames    Drummond,    Campbell,
Callahan and Perry—Pillars.
Council Meeting
A regular meeting of tho City conn
oil was held in the council chamber
on Saturday last. There were present Mayor Bowness, and Aldermen
Clapp, Leask, Ward and  Kennedy.
The minutes of the last regular
and special meetings were read, and
on motion of Aldermen Clnpp and
Leask, adopted as read.
The finance Committee presented
their regulgr monthly report, and recommended accounts to the amount
01 •*4,84C.t7 to he paid. On motion
of Aldermen Leask and Clapp, the
accounts as presented by the Finance
committee were ordered  .aid.  *■— •
Arnold & Roberta        8.00
Burns _ Co    2.70
Beale _ Elwell       10.00
Beattie-Murphy Co. Ltd     16.25
City Clerk's sundries      33.70
Choldltcll,   Jobn      200.00
Cranbrook Steam Laundry ... 2.10
Cranbrook Job Printing Oltlce 21.50
Cranbrook Sash _ Door Co....      5.95
City omclals Salaries     355.00
Electric Light Co    242.88
Cranbrook Foundry         2.50
Cartage _ Transfer Co       4.00
City Transfer _ Warehouse ...   199.78
City Engineer's Payroll     706.35
Kire flept. Payroll     285.00
Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd     35.00
Fiedler _ Roselli        3.75
Herald Publishing Co     73.05
Kootenay Telephone Lines ...    17.10
Liddicoatt _ Waller        6.80
Lethbridge Herald        9.78
Manning, Ira R      8.20
McBrlde, J. I)     11.56
Police  Payroll      370.00
Prospector  Publishing   Co.   ...      3.90
Parks, F. _  Co      19.10
Parrett, T. N '     15.00
Quain Electric Co       2.25
Roc, S. R       5.00
School Board Payroll   1663.17
School Board Orders (Patmore
Bros.)     370.00
Fink Mercantile Co.)       91.25
Ward _ Harris        8.95
West Disinfecting Co      37.50
Thc City engineer reported that tbe
boiler ordered by t.he city, for thawing out wntor pipes hnd arrived, and
had been mounted on a sleigh and
wns ready for service.
As this was tbo last meeting of
the council for tbe year, on motion
of Aldermen Word and Kennedy, u
hearty vote of tlinnks was tendered
lo Mayor Bowness for his uniform
courtesy and business-like methods
bo adopted in the performance of bis
dnllns iih Mayor during Ihe pnst year
III r»aponse the Mayor thanked
tin* members, of the council for their
support during the past year, alao
for iiu> careful consideration nt all
expenditures that have Ven
Hindi* during Mint time.
Change of "Army"
Although a petition has been circulated throughout the city and been
very largely Bigned requesting the
Army authorities to see tbeir way
clear to allow Capt. and Mrs. Carruthers to remain in Cranbrook;up
to the time ol' going to press no
word  has been received.
Capt, and Mrs. Carruthers will
huve their farewell services iu the
Army Hall on Sunday evening. The
('apt. antl his wife are leaving for
Nuiuamo un Tuesday, Jan. 20th with
the good wished of tbelr friends for
their future success and  good health.
The welcome service to Capt. and
Mrs. Hustler of Sainatno, who are
coming to Cranbrook to till the vacancy caused hy the late officer, removal, will be held on Friday neit,
January 23rd, in the Army Hall.
Brig. Green of Vancouver, will have
charge of the hit vice on thut oo
cr*Bion.    All nre invited to attend.
Al Vancouver, the American Con
mils report show tlmt Mrltlsh Coluin
bin sent bullion, ore, limber, fish,
ami other products to the United
States last year to the totAl value
of 7,600,000, mi. Increase of nearly 2
iMMj.uiiu over the figures of tbe pre
vIoiih year.
Grant Aid to Mixed
Aiding the live stock Industry of
the west is An important feature of
the Conservative government's policy of aid to agriculture.... In '1913
$200,000 was spent in distributing
pure bred male horses, cattle, bogs,
aud sheep, mostly in the west, for
the benefit of the farmers wbo wish
to engage ln mixed farming. This
year $400,000 will be devoted to tbls
purpose. Last year the work waB
handicapped by the delay occasioned
hy Liberal obstruction in parliament
This year the work is already well
in hand and the campaign carefully
The coming season
During the coming season over 1000
head of pure bred nifcle horses, cat
tie, hogs And sheep will be distributed Among tbe settlers of western
Canada And without expense to the
settler. Although this work Iiah only been carried on eight months, its
popularity and Its importance to the
settlers has been recognized. For
the Ilrst time in twenty years the
farmers of Cannda are receiving sub.
stantial Aid ami encouragement from
the Federal Oovernment.
Dog Race at Fernie
Under the management of Tom
Whelan tho annual dog races were
pulled ofl at Kernie, Wednesday.
There were _ti entries and a prize
list of $250.00, The course was three
blocks long oa Victoria avenue, and
was lined with spectators. The races
lasted from 2-30 until 5 n'clock. A
dog owned by Fred Kyeke won flrst
Presbyterian Church
Rev, w. Kelman Thomson
Morning Service 11 a.m.
Subject—Studies in the Life of
Christ, "The Brotherhood Movement'
S.S. and Bible Class at 3 p.m.
Evening service 7.30 p.m.
Subject—'' ZaccbeuB,   tbe   Publican"
O give thanks unto the Lord, for
he is good, for His mercy endureth
for ever.
The Annual Business Meeting of
Knox Church Congregation will take
place OD the evening of Wednesday,
January 21-st. nt 8 p.m. All members and adherents are earnestly requested  to attend.
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Klson Dunham
Sunday services, tlm Pastor will
preach at II a.m., and 7.30 p. m.
Sunday Heboid and Onward Bible
Class at 3 p.m.
Morning subject: "The Overcoming
Kvenlng    abbject;    "Fundamental
Morning*- Prelude   "Improvisation'
Offertory "Pastorale & Idylie" Ley-
barb;   Poatlude   "TrlumpbAl   Mured"
Kvenlng: Prelude "1. Adorcmus"
'tevltia; "2. The Church's One Foundation, vnrntlons" .fames; OfferInry
"Chant Triumphal" dray; I'ostlude
'Fugue In   1.  flat"  Hesse,
The Choir wlll render suitable an
(Ileitis at both services. Mr. Nldd
I give n brief Pipe Organ Recital
before the evening aervlcc, see program above. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
eJ_6       ej£
Our  Special Feature Page   's **
Girl Prodigy of five
Juggles With Science.
Politics and Hist
York Il_»la (*.
I Wliat ii ilu
nud >if Missouri'*
dent live? How
L'nlaul    Wimi le
orld?   ll"v> i	
ivorM'.*   Where ar
11..«>_ wi re
without  tl
IJHl'l   Ot   til*
■"l'l,,*   CO
"Wlnil i
'In' cumin i!,:n I,
"Tlio Iris."
"Wlmi do,
"The imiiii.'*
"\\ lllll     is    llll-    ]|||a,.    „„--,
Ill*   hlll'll    Of   Ilia   (.,,./"
"Thr* optic nerve."
Wnynnetln ll ulliipcd it
eiinrier'. kiw, ,,,,,! nfLnr
kooiI  nilvnntti
|ll_HP__tl   Ul'   I
'•■""" '» whirl, „(,« exhibited k,
""' •'■"■t Umi  sh.   *«-.
unusually .mm* ,mil. „,*
bn I.-  legs,  n,sl*.,| hri.k  to him
wuh the surprising question:—
"Why .lid Mr, l.ryan and Mr. Clark hav
siieli ui. _wl.il fiKlit m ij1e |>,
As tin. Wm.fl rm.-Htio,, in poiitlci tbnt
deemed  too deep r,
answer offhand, tin
(lie query: -
"Who Is Mr. Hryan'!"
''Ohl   lie is Mr. Wilson's right hand
man uow.    They call blm Secretar
State, but In   '
(Oonfrtrtt,  1913,
.s T I 0 K. tive-year-old
daughter of Or. ami Mrs.
<{. \V. Have r.'j.*k. of No.
j 4,239   Maryland   av-.nu*.,
St.   Louis,   has   developed
in six months under the
personal   training   of  her   father   into   a
l-r.ji.li_y uf wit auJ humor.
Before she i. sis years old. the school
age in Missouri, she will he ready fur the
third grade aud possibly the fourth. She
Is well up on geography, physiology, th*'
Bible, and Is posted on current topic.
Qu.stiuus that ordinarily  would stump
tbe child nine or ten years old
answer readily and accurately,
The correspondent of this newspapei
called the young woman over the telephone and arranged for nn Interview,
Uttle Miss H_ Ters tick graciously stated
that ahe would be very gi.d to meet htm
nt whatever hour wus mosl convenient.
When he went tu the bouse lie was met
at the door by the little girl and nshereo
Into the parlor, wliere she at once, before|flir above the eoropreb
tbe appearance of her parents, started toi But when  he did Btart
entertain the guest by plying him with » subject to her she at
series of questions on current topics.   The I Prehension of the "•'
reporter's breath was nearly taken away I    Despite the fact that it seemed as if
by ber first question. *   the little mind must be tired out from the
"Don't you  think  th.it   tills  is a  very questioning, Dr, Haverstick Insisted Uiat
serious insurance situation iu Missouri:'"
The reporter assured her that he thought'
that it wus ami lagged her fur her opinion
on the Bubject,
"Just think," ■.._ said, "everything may!
burn down nnd the poo
able  to get  auy   money
and factories,"
At this point the rc|
know if the little gir
words meant that she
"Whnt is a factory?"
"A factory Is a place
lots of things that ot lie
Instantly replied.
"U'llUl   do   you
your bend?"
"The forehead."
"What is the big hon
"Tlio frontal bone"
"Wind   do you  call  th.
"•'"lithe hoi,. I,, your eye?"
tlmt eouici in
the reporter try a few more questions, aud the privilege of a kiss (again something
of the following were asked:— (that a reporter seldom gels when be is
Uhh ■*"■ had that Job long.:    "Whut i. a quadruped?" 'interviewing a pretty young lady),    The
You know be tried to lie President a lot
nnd  (lapsing into slang,  he lo
'..ii animal wiih f-mr l»:
like :
cow I honor wns permitted him and tin* quid
"[ ihink be
eg-, like fl li'tli
|   "Whut i-i a biped?"
an awful nice man.   I met:    ".Vn animal with two
im tbia summer down nt (Vniunia. Mo., 4irl or boy."
h.. wns h-chiring, ami he rtlkod me," ■•!(,,..  much air is there?"
■rut. -itid of rourqe     •■•■|1<  „||   1mund  lhe   world   and  higher
and thnt  .om* day, than any mountain."
if ws women gol th» right i. rote, I would
If I war n good dee
I told hint (hm I was,
help him to he President. And I think
thnl pleased him a greui deal, don't you?"
Then nssumlni a somewhat doleful ton*
lhe «aid : "But the trouble ii tlmt I am
ciich n little uirl nnd only five years old,
and it will be ko lung b*for* I can rots
iimt maybe he'll bs dead before ihen."
"Whal  i *i mountain?"
"It's a big hill."
'Whal i- ri ir   lomposed of'
"Oxygen, nitrogen and a
,Htl* moist
Whal is water ■ omposed of?"
'Oxygen and hydrogen." nnd then sad
Ideuly turning lo hs   m ither with ■ smile
"Mother, maybe Un-*
Ilka .. glaai   I IPO."
When .liked  vi fiat sin
she said
"North   i*   where   Hunu   Huu
from, only there is nut an
Claus.   Ho'i just make believe,
our  mammas   md   papas  are
Santa Clnuees.
"South   i*>   whore   the  oruiigc
Dr. 'md Mrs. Haverstick uo* appeared, ,;
.-iml Hi- doctor told how he had trained]
hli little girl, beginning when ihs was only
n few daya old, to develop her physically
nnd us Rhe grew older training ber mind to
keep pin'.* wiiii her bodily growth. He ei-
plalned thai his theory for the education
of » child is tlmt If the physical growth
keeps pace with the mental there ii uo
danger of overworking the child mentally,   hut   thut   the   physical   growth  was
the most Important thing to consider.
I.it tie  Mlis  Haverstick appeared  with
h*r first   render, nnd. silling on  the knee
of the reporter (it is not often thut u reporter when Ik- Interviews I young indy
has the privilege of hnvlng inch a dim
pling, iweet ami smiling vision sit on hi*
knee,)   read  to him fr   (he book,   hiking
selections nt random as in- Indicated nud
not missing lhe prmiunrlatloo of _ single
The reporter Ihen tried to discuss the
Hilda with lhe little girt, but noon found
thnl.  he   WSS K'liiiiK  inlo  too deep  wider
and decided lu switch llis subject for his get bc
own benefit, wllh,"
Geography . aa tnken up nnd she quickly'   The reporter decld
answered  correctly  ths  following  qucs* tion w
liuiii     ' How   ninny   ..._i,.   urn   titers? to the
ant hy North,
fouled, healthy llttlo ni.-! run outside to
ride on hcr tricycle.
Dr. Haverstick, formerly u lecturer on
children's diseases at tin* Physicians am'
Surgt .' Hospital, then explained  (he
system lhat he had lived lo develop llll1
mind of the child so thai her physical and
mental growth would keep pace together.
He snld:   -
"Kor yean I hnve specialized In cllll*
dran's diseases, and when my little girl
■■ame 1 decided lo put  into practice solllc
of the theories thai I had formed In con
nectiou with m" practice.
"1 huve always argued ihnt physical
health was next In Importance to mental
health und that tbe hitler could not he
obtained wltboat tho former, In "titer
words, that for a child to he bright am)
leuru rapidly ho "i sho must ho in thi
beit of health, properly nourlsl
her meiilul training. I did not try to
push her loo much. At that time I did not
realise thut she was unusually bright or
had a grasp of things greater than that
of the average child, but 1 tried to give her
easy lessons, not iu honks, but in observation, so us to train her mind gradually,
"I souu found that nhe had a remarkable memory und that northing that 1 told
her was re me m he red and not forgotten at
once, aa is tiie custom with children.
"A patient rame to the house one day
with a broken wri-it. My little girl happened lo he in the room when he called
ami heard him give hla name.
"A mouth or two later be called again
for consultation on another -subject. I
had forgotten I.i. name and as I asked It
my little girl answered before be bad the
lime ami gave his name correctly. Since
then there have been man;' otber remark-
able indications of hcr memory.
"In taking up her studies I have beeu
unable to give her more than a few
minutes each night after office hours. I
don'l ihink thai 1 have taken on the
average more Ihan an hour a day for
he- menial training and all thia in the
hsi sis months,
"I feared In lax hcr mind too much
until sho Was fairly well developed ph.vsi-
ally. and ho for that reason did not lake
up her training until she was four and
a half years old, or six months ago,
"lu this lime she baa mastered the first
reader, ami I enn safely nay that by lhe
ti she is six years old, or lhe age limit
for Ihe locul schools, she will he able to
enier Ihe third or fourth grade.
"Uosldfll teaching her reading, geography ami physiology 1 have trained lier on
enr rent topics,  she often surprises us by
asking qtlOStlons Ibat slump us fur the
lime being,
"tin   ibe  atreet,   la   the  rura,   at  the
theatre or wherever she may  he, if ahe
llOvel henn n subject  discussed  tlmt Nile does
Aa an evidence of the child's physical
development as the reporter was leaving
tbe home the little girl waa carrying her
tricycle down the front steps.
She did not grab it by the handlebar!
and pull it after lier, but took it In her.
arms and carried it down the long flight
of steps.
I'he reporter's offer of assistance in
carrying the machine waa scorned.
"Why, I have to do this every day.'
she  Insisted.    "Don't you  know  that'.
bad for the tricycle to ho pulled down
the step*? lt would not lake loug for
it to come to pieces if bundled so
YVayuoettu, although she constantly
uses hie words, uses them correctly and
understands tbeir meaning. She does
not use the words lo appear smart, but
because they are in her regular vocabulary and therefore should be used.
She has never bad a day's sickness in
her life and her father is confident tbat
his system of training wiil result in an
absolutely perfect physical and mental
Many a child's bruiu has developed ao
rapidly when nhe haa beeu pushed tbat
the head has been out of proportion to
the rest of the body, but It ia not so in
Waynuetta's caae.
Her form is well knit and blooming
wilh health am] vigor. She enjoys her
athletic training and also her mental.
She dues not 'iave to be urged to study
ber lessons, and fn fact would overstudy
if her parents did not watch ber.
Male Citizens Practise Violation of Laws
In Anticipation of Women Police Officers
Lh right, offlccressl I'll go
Might as well learn that solo
by heart right now if you contemplate a trip to New York.
It will have the right of way
In order that all men shall have equal
opportunity to gel into 'be clutched of tin
law It will be necessary to enact legislation
limiting each iimn to one arrca-t a weel
ntid making It a felony for a mnn to at
tempt lo bribe a policewoman.
The Police Commissioner's warriors are
uot be any real homely ones In the squad.
l'bose persons who ore endeavoring to
reate the "City  Beautiful" will ses to
Uood looks will be the chief requirement
or appointment to the force.   This precaution wl| bave to be taken to Insure
over o,er,* other _».« Con,. wh,n ^J^^-^SS_^.ETOa fflfiS^-i*^
force of the the skirted sound. 'They know tbat there
won't be much work for them if the aug-
dm uee to stop a runaway
 „.,,.ihorse now mul then." mnaued oue police-
hnve been rehearsing it  in  prnate evi r .......   „.      ..^  ff... ^   Uio wttonl <>f nur
since it become probable that the iollcej|Hu0r8<   w*..., ,,(„,,„,, w\\\ W|, |1Qve „f ftr.
appointed   to  the  police
metropolis. .
Don't  say you are not going to s-wM!* J» I'"''
it. because you are.   Thfl chances are *H ____!!_ . . ,
Depart men I was going to have a ladies"
(Jetting arrested will be the most popular outdoor sporl when women starl palrol
Iduty.    Thousands or eminently respect*
'able citizens whose chief boast is Hint
thoy   have   never  been   urn-sled,  simply
'can't wall to give the girls n Ollfll  to
drag litem llirougli tlio streets to the sin-
lioli   bouse.
And Ihey will pick OUI tllfl longest street
JStlUg ii mau when he mn hnve tbe job
done hy ,i | mii'ul blonde or a stunning
hrunelleV ..ven em.es*. will hnve a moh of
heartbroltci n following her. The women will Imve 1<i establish ttiiilitu: lilies lllld
arrest the men in their turn. Burglars,
highwaymen, 'gun moil1 ami criminals of
every ellln will cm 'ine their operations lo
neighborhoods where women are mi duly."
"It's golllg to be awfully lonesome for
you fellows," wns suggested,
"laiiicxoiue is no mime for ii," be replied, "dust imagine how we are going
to feel when we see till the other fellow
tho arrests.
Just how the idea would work out Is
un. source of much speculation. Advo-
CHtes of the idea are of the opinion that
it would lend tu eliminate "graft" from
the depnrtment. hut there Hre many who
think the addition of women tu the foroa
would increase thut evil. It is generally
believed lhat the women police would ba
sure lu collect ice cream sodas, caramel*
and hoiihoiis from n,nfc,linniTs In return
for permitting the lutter to reuiaiu open
after hours.
"And think uf (be millinery 'graft,*"
said a nnllceiiiun. "The woman higher
up would probably Imve tbree or four
warehouses filled with bouuuts, gowns aud
silk stockings."
No denying they would be subjected ta
ot of temptations,
I he women would refuse to take a filed
real Saniui plenty of exercise and every pari or ber »■■» undorataud ahe Insists upon an ex-
Von see, body trained to physical perfection, plnnatlou,   She is not content like uiauy
tbe  real    following oul   this  theory,  at  four children lo let Ihlngs that pu«ah_ Iter go
! mouths  old   my   little  girl   won   a   flrsi  ■"■■'M-hiiiieil; shfl must   Imve an answer
and   ba Iprlss as one of tllfl hoallhlesl nud must!"'"1 sl»' tvniembers these answers, too.
no nan grow,
boys und India
buildings uud g
The une of 1
reporter ihi Idea ior n qi
[   "What, la a grafter?"
This queation requli
and ihe small forehead
of wrinkles while Iha ;
over the quest lou,
Suddenly she suid
"A grafter, » gmfi-r
who gels something tllfl
<ause ho'» got Mi
re the cow- perfectly form
come from, ond tbe tall'    "from  tbe
Mi-is are in Ihe ISaSt."       Wfllk 1 put hei
■  word grafter gave the cul cjeni-.es n
To-day J can
[llo   study
11 pi
tile iiiiml   worked
why, he's I man
he ought not 10
money  to get  il
i thai ibe examIfia
i over, a. d again paying homage
aUllug little giii heggfld ber fur
id hit bios iu St. l.ouls.
lay   Ihnt she   wns  able   ti
tbrougb ii series or phyal
ml developed ber muscles,
lake ber il|V   ii
whirl   her  uroiind   my   body   will
slightest danger of dislocating in
"When we get o>u u Hired ear
necessary to grub her by the hm
is perfectly able t" help
'•iir,   although   she  rati   hfl
ha nd Ifl i" tlifl slops,   of ci
watch to see Unit  she ib
tlml    the   cur    does    l]0|    i
t|fllllj  while ahe  is ge g
"As sin* dsraloped physh
\ remuikahle thing ubout the child is
'her pronunciation, Three and four pint
I words full lu stump her. The Inflection
In her voice Ih better than lhat of many
 „l grown ups,   In lending ber voice rose with
,,   |||u lliQ question murks, settled  firmly  wllh
shout' j "■■'   periods   mid   ill   one   uf   Ihe   lessons
where lliere wm a lunch nf humor nboul
iH put n "lillle chicken" she finished the story
Ol)    1
on Ilu'
•rich Urn
on  ol
oo mn|.
nrr iiii*
llll'   1
took uii
ith Ull upplceiulivf laugh
l'n like   inn uy   children    wlio   are   pus
sossod of remarkable mental ability sho
is mil forward lu Ihe ilighlesl  degree,
never interrupting ibe conversation of her
elders and only entering the i versa I loll
uheii she is uddl'OSSQll dire.il>   uiid UlOll,
afler reply lug, becottilug dei "oly silent
,„ the city and . poln. farthest removodgK^ ISriSr'^.^
frum the stntion house wh-u they begln.of or reals ance. ,r *V,(i ii:',hlif/^l^'.J'V';; ,*llf*i, »"'1 ,,l»t ■■'•' «»■"■»■■■ B«Oi paradi
Ihelr criminal careers.    Every spare nm- JIJ^nillK"^'^/™.™ "!JKi^i,ffil!^y.J__!1 .! .h.   orderly   fuabloii   until
meul finds ihem practising "broaches ofl
lhe peace," "disorderly conduct," "deslrue-
lion of property," "assault ami hnltei-lv"care of children.    As nurses we should .sign in the department store windows ii.mi1
and  all  the  other violations  that   bring!*"' tllilo lo lund some of the new police- the parade would go to suiuah right tbere.
Womon." I    It is expected that the women will be up
.      .     All lhis chatter strikes you as ridiculous "-' <-l»*rgea every week, refusing to work
women are appointed\m}t,M ymi \mo hwU followlug the sug- *?r i"i 8*V A1** ,dW, "*er1V"lJr llttV«
gestlons for pollco reform that aro being WTH.(11-"''-*1-1'1 ''• «1*ie«rln« to doing patrol*
unloaded on ihe Wagner legislative com- 'JJVjf " ■"•ighburhuod thut does not bar-
ndltee. organised for ibe purpose of tenth- [l^.fe.*1.!11...'_.Ir 1uttir«_ fl?.'J neruilttiug
eriiig dntn iu he used lu strengthening the
pollco forco of Sew York city,   Mnny es-
perts Iii civic mailers Iiiivh given  It as
their opinion that Ihe addition of women
iu ilu- department would go a long way
toward solving some of the problems lhat
have vexed the clly for vein's,
Laugh just ns hard us you like ut the
idea, Inti you've gol u surprise mining tu
you whon ymi visit the hlg burg,
One  of   these   fine   mornings,   as   yuu
emerge from yuur hotol, you nro going lo
meet a lull, willowy, young person, wilh
linsol eyes, wavy hair, rosebud uiuiilb, ti
uie   lillle   cbili   nud    uiiplete   set   of
prompt arrest.
I   "Tiie minute tin
I'm going around smnshiiiK phite glass
windows," explained om* benevolent looking old fellow "I've broken every window in my own house getting in condition
for tin- big smash.   I've got enough it y
lo pay for llie damage, so llie judge can't
send me lo Jail. I'm going to get llrrestcd
every duy if it takes every nickel I'vo
Tlml  sums up Ihe situation ua far nsl
mosl men ur u rued.
Al  this writing It l"-'ks ns If the streets
would   he   choked   wilh   UlOtl   begging   Ihe
WO u police to take ihem in custody.    It
has ln-cli hiigaested lhal lhe number of fair
mie swell   looking ||w women's division wus passing through
nine lo arrest tbem.    Half « hundred o? the shopping district.   One of th!m would
ure goliig to resign and gel Jobs lakliiglsiiy a "this day only" or "marked down'*
burglars to escape Itecause they were not
lu evening clothes, There will be no "plain
clothes women," because no woman would
r,U«,.« or.Mjo ,S I,.; IhuUc'l tojUJg ^.«r«<l,,» UtviirJj ;,n I,,,, „,;
of tbem b
be willing to admit her clothes were plain*
tiotie  Tb    "    '      ■          '   '
linne  Ib all  Ihu joy  from  the station
Policeman are sitting around in their,
"club rooms" wringing their bunds. They
know that everything behind thu green
llgiils will he changed when the women
move in, Iflvotl a grand jury subpoena
fails to interest them now. The possible
invasion of the fair sex hus ihem mumbling
lu un incoherent manner. Kven If they
wauled lo confess no one could uiiderstantl1
tbem. They know (hut Ihelr comforiahla
will he turned Into gown shu]
quart ars
'' """-■ ""•'  "mm ""TV' 7 \mi\oti\\y  sealed  blue  stilt,  a   blue  eupjall(l m(m|,un* parlors, that operatic ..Irs
ibere will  mil   I imugh uf Ihem to go anchored over her right car ul u jaunty I w||| *„ke Hie place of thu good old Irish
nro I,   'Hus Is going lo cieni.  ii lul pi|niI(j|0.   twirling  «   wicked   looking   club, nifllnules. and lhat dominoes and eiichrs
illANiUlsractlnii,  I mil n  ur   w«<:ilili | l.n-i-il   witb   baby   blue   rlbboll   und; will be bucked off lhe board tu make mum
wlll be in ii postllnli lo pay for Ihelr ur- enveloped in an nlmospherfl or atltlorltylfor »„id maid" and "tiddleywlnks."   "Oo|
rests    Oi be- men will ho able io bring in-'eniin-ly  ui  variui.ee with her charming a needle amiI thread 1" will take the pU«
,   in,,„.,,iiiih ii 101    Klillll IIIIIN'll !
iIiioii.-i* io boar lu luivu III. women orrenl ui(',f (. , .; ()|    ||1,|, 1||p| .,, „,lh    ,„ Um_>   »m w„„\,\ -0u Ilk- lo hnv- the linlrpl,
iiinii. ui,. iim um* ]iul dewrllKHl, but lEwa wlll[--il i»l""" p»*«*l« i>tl,llf«tV ., I
,|,,|,,M t.11,,11 H ,H i' 111 ,t ,|| ******** 111 ** 11111 HI I-.*
Professional   Carbs
Cobge   iHottces
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Mtet In Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
Ith Thursday of each month.
Louis Pearson, Sac, P.O. Box Ml.
Vlaltlng Brother! Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbroolt Branch)
Meeta  in  Gannon's  Hull   lnt  un*l
3rd Thiirfidayfl    In every month, at
I p.m.   Membership open to Brltleh
B. T. Drake, Prei.
_. Pearron, Secretary
Box 618
Vleltlng membera cordially welcome
A. F.  _ A. M.
Regular   meetinge   on   the
third   Thureday   ol   every
Vleltlng brethren welcome.
H.  Hiciienbotham,  W.M.
J, Lee Cranston, Sec.
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetinge:—2nd Tueeday In
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Oompanlona   are   cordially invited.
Bz. Comp.—A. 0. Shankland, B.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No, 81
Meeta every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
0. Donahue, 0. C.
F. M. Christian, K of R. _ S.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Vlaltlng brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Uo. 41
Meets every Monday night
•t Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
J. Turnley, W. M. Harris,
N. a. Sec'y
Circle No.  IU
Oompanlona of the Forest
Meet! in Carmen's Hall, First and
Third Wednesday of each month at
8:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. A. M. Laurie, 0. 0
Mrs. A. B. Bhaw, Sec.
Visiting   Oompantons   cordially  welcome. 86tf
Oranbrook      Lodge
No.     1049
Mods every Wednesday at 8 p.m.,
in Royal Black
Knli.its' Hall on
linker Street.
i tin,
R. 8. Uarrstt, Sec'y
Meets In Roynl  Black  KnighU Hall
liaker Street
Meets every 2nd anil 4th Thuraday
of each month at H p.m. eliarp.
Mrs. L. llaywnril, ree. sec.
W. D. MiirKniIniu'. clilol ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
I'reelilent-C.  II.  Bheppard
Meete regularly on the Flret Friday
evening of each month.
Information   on   Poultry   matters
Address the Socretary—A'. B. Smith >
P.O. Boi 862, Cranbrook, B.O.
T.     T.     McVITTIB
P.L.8.   _. OM.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
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Civil   and Mining Elsiiiesrs—British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box 236
Phone 212
...    B.O.
Drs.   KINO   4   ORBBN
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons • - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2 00 to   4.00
Bvenlngs - - - 7.30 to   8.30
Sundays 8.80 to   4.80
Oranbrook, B.O.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Avenut N«zt to City HftU
Open Day and Night Pboae IU
Funeral Dlreotor,
P.O. BOX 585
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:     Opposite Depot
Women,s Institute
Meets in the Carmcns' Hall 1st
Tuesday afternoon in every month
ut 3 p.m. The fancy work classes
meets on 2nl Krlnay evening in the
Hnme place at K p. ni.
Mrs. B, ll. I.pnniaii, President
Mrn.   .1.   Hliuw,   Hec-Treas.
P. 0. Box 442.
All ladles cordially Invited,
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Meets 1st snd
3rd Thursday in
It o v a 1 Black
Knights of Inland .inll at 8 p.m. sharp. Visitors
R, S. Garrett, W. M.
W. Ilunstnu, Roc, Sec,
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French rtffiiUto.; nr,.ar telle. Theafl
pi I la an aiceailliigly imwerinl la r_|ulaHu tht
gitierfttive portion of (ha tern _le ■yntctn. Refuel
all cheap ImlUtione.   Dr. da ▼»■'_ ara lo.-t al
!__bi___._'_ .i;.... BftiiHutts
Notice nf  Application   for  the
Approval nl Works
l.nnd A Development Co., I .til., will
apply to the Comptroller of Water
Rights for tile approval nf the plans
of thc works to lie constructed for
the utilization nl the water Irom
Matthew Creek, which the applicant
Is by Wator Record Nn. 27C authorized to take, stnre, anil use fur Irrigation purj>OBen nn Tots 404., C035
nml Hlif,«.
The plans ami pnrtleulnrs minimi
liy subsection (I) of section 70 nf
the "Water Act" uh ntneinleil liavo
boon nieii with tlm Comptroller of
Water IliKht.H at Victoria ami with
tho Water Recordor at Oranbrook
Objections lo the application mav
he ninl win. the Comptroller nf. Wn
tn in*, its, Parliament liutliiiu. s,
Dated at Wur<Inor, ll.C., UiIh 29th
day of December, ills.
The l.iiml Liiinl ft Development
Company, Limited.
P.  Lund,  President
Alton! ol tbe Applicant
1 II..
Notice is hereby given that on tbe
Sth dny of January, 1914-
George H. Thompson, Esq., Judge of
the County Court of East Kootenay.
that James A, Arnold, Official Administrator for that portion o! the
County of Kootenay included in the
Electoral District of Cranbrook be
Administrator of all and Biogular
the estate of Carrie Baker, deceased
Every person indebted to said deceased is required to make payment
forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having in possession
effects belonging to the deceased is
required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person hnv
ing any claim upon or interest iu
the distribution of tbe estate of the
said deceased is required to send before the 16th day of February, 1914,
next, by registered mail addressed
to the undersigned, his name and address and the full particulars of his
claim or interest, and a statement
of his account and the nature of the
security (if any? held by him.
After tho said last mentioned dato
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only of which
he shall havo hnd notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 9th day
o* January, 1914.
J.   A.   ARNOLD,
_-2t Official Administrator
Coal minlne rights of the Dominion
lo Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion of
the Province of Brltleh Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty -
one years at an annual rental of |1
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leaaed to one applicant.
Application for a lease mutt be
made by the applicant in person to
ths Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by tbe applicant
Bach application must be accompanied by a fee of IS which wlll be
refunded if the rights npplied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on ths merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating tbe mine shall
furnish tha Agent witb sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rlghta are not being operated, suob
returns ahould bs furnished at lsaat
ones a year.
Ths lease will include the conl mining right* only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purebsss whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of 110.00 on acre
For (ull information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY,
Deputy Ministsr of tbe Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication   oi
this advertisement will not he paid
for.-30690. Jan. 3rd-tf.
Fort Steele Assessment District.
NOTICE Is hereby givon that a
Court of Revision and Appeal, undor
the provisions of tlio "Taxation
Act" and the "Public Hchools Act"
for the Fort Steele Assessment-District with respect to the Assessment
Rolls for tin* yenr 1914 will he held
at the Government Cilices, Fernle,
II. C. on Mnndny tlio 2iith day of
January, A.D., 1914, at ten o'clock
lu tho forennnn, legal time, and at
tho Oiivprniiintit Offiees, Cranbrook,
II. C, on Wednesday, tho 28th day of
January, A.D., 1914, at ten,o'clock
In the forenoon, legal time.
Judge  of  Court   uf   Revision
and Appeal. 2-4t.
Hoctlnn  48
Notice iH liiToliy given that on tho
lili day nf February next, application will bo mail.1 to tbo _ii|ier!nti>n-
di-nt of Provincial Pollco for tlio
transfer nf the licence for tho sale of
liquor hy retail in ami on the prom-
isoH known iih tlio Mnyle Hotel, Hit
nute at Mnyli', llritiHh Columbia,
from Philip B\ Johnston, to James
ll. Doyle nf Oranbrook, British Columbia,
Philip K. Johnston,
bolder of licence.
James II, Doylo,
Applieant. lor Trimeter
Dateil lhls Oth day of Jan. 1914.
The "Burden" of Thirty
As a matter of fact the total duty
collected upon the importation of all
food-stuffs, for the year when divided
among the country's population, a-
mounted to about thirty cents per
head—and thiB is the "terrible food
tax" that the liberals wouldhave us
"groan" under in order to bolster
up their case for "Free Food."
In Great Britain where they .have
a so-oafled "free-tirade" tariff, the
duty collected on food-stuffs last
year amounted to nearly $350,000,000
or nearly eight dollars for every
man, woman and child in the united
Let the Canadian consumer ponder
over these few facts, and aa he reflects upon this "food-tax" mythology of Liberalism, he will bc inclined
to groan—not for the consumer but
for the fatuity of the Liberal party
in accepting such a fallacy.
©he tyvoByertov, ©ranbrook, §. <&.
Published Every Saturday Morning at Cranhrook, B.C.
F. M. Christian, general manager
Postage to American, European (British Isles excepted)  and other  foreign countries, 50 cents a year extra.
Advance of the K.C.R.
Reports of tho progress of constructional work on the Kootenay
Central itailway is that nn addition
at 14 miles section has just been comi
pleted on the new route, which will
afford traffic connection between the
Crows Nest Branch and the main
line of the C.P.R. at Golden. Another eight miles of track is expected
to be laid by April 1st, making 22
miles In addition to the 40 miles already being operated south of Golden and about sixty miles on the
south end of the line from the Crow
line north of Wasa.
LIQUOR  ACT,   1910
Section 42
Notice is hereby given that on tne
31st day of December next, application will be made to the Supertnten
dent of Provincial Police for renewal
of the hotel licence to Bell liquor by
retail ln the hotel known as the International Hotel, situate at Kings-
gate, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of December,
51-4t Applicant
District of Bast Kootenay, B.C.
Take Notice that I, Angus Ward
Davis of Kimberley, B.C., occupation Mining Engineer, Intend to apply for permission to purchase the
cHowing described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted nt
the South East corner of Lot 9828,
thence south 27 chains, thence west
2.) chains, thence north 27 chains,
thence east 20 chains, and excepting
therefrom    all  land  included in the
Tramway" Mineral Claim, lot 4888.
Date November 19th, 1913.
Angus Ward Davis
48 9t. Applicant
Section 48
Notice is hereby given that on the
2nd day of February next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the
transfer of the licence for the sale of
liquor by retail in and on the premises known as the Falls View Hotel,
situate at Marysville, British Columbia, from John W. Colburn, to
George Welch of Marysville, British
John W. Colburn,
bolder of licence.
George Welch,
Applicant for Transfer
Dated this 6th day of Jan. 1914.
{Section 34)
Notice Is hereby given tbat on tbe
!>th day of January next, application
will be made to the Superintendent
of Provincial Police for the grant of
a licence for tbe sale of liquor by
retail ln and upon the premises
known as the Canal Flats Hotel,
situate at Canal Flats, British Col
unibia, upon thc lands described as
Lot 110, Group* 1, East Kootenay
Dateil this 6th day of December,
Notice is hereby given that no dnys
after date I intond to apply to thc
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Coal nnd Petroleum over
the   land   in    Lot    4f>93 described lis
Beginning at thin post, (N.W. Cor.
of Lot 11953) and being the Southwest corner post of Anna K. Webb's
claim, theuce East 24.011 chains;
thence North 10.71 chains; thence
West 24.03 ohnlns; thence Houth
10.71 chains to the place of beginning
Hurveyed as Lot 11954.
Located this 15th day of October,
ANNA K. WBBB, Locator
Chas. K, Webb, Agent
49 at.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising rateB furnished on application. No
advertisements but those of a reputable character will be accepted for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS.—Unless notice to the contrary
is given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up against their account.
20th YEAR
CRANBROOK, B  C,  JANUARY 17th, 1914
Sir John A. Macdonald—"A British subject I  was born,    a    British
subject I will die."
• •   •   •
Sir Wilfrid  Laurier—"The goal of
my ambition is thc Independence of
■   *   •   •
No, the Liberals don't want to cement the Empire, unless perchance
to utilize the output of the cement
trust whlcb the Liberal Government
• •   •   ■
Since the defeat of reciprocity Sir
Wilfrid  Laurier  has  become  a  mere
niljunct  to the Liberal party.
• •   •   •
The continued mild weather and
dearth of snow sufficient to accommo
date good sleighing in the Cranbrook district has caused much apprehension among the business men
lest the great amount of timber that
that has been cut during the past
few months may not reach the mills
until the roads settle in the early
summer. On Thursday the snow
commenced falling, and if sufficient
falls, the logs can be moved In about
six or eight weeks.
• *   •   •
Settlers in tbe outlying districts
in tihai. west bave welcomed the chbrige
in the administration of the public
domain which took place on the advent of the Conservative administration. Under the Laurier government
Dominion land agencies were few and
homestead inspectors without power
to assist settlers but with power t.i
coerce. Going to the land offices fre
quently entailed Journeys of great
length, hardship and inconvenience.
Under the administration of the depnrtment of the interior by Robert
Rogers and Hun. Dr. Roche many
new Dominion Intuit.' agencies and
sub-agencies were created bringing
thom nearer tbe settler.
• t • *
Another important change in this
department has still further aided
the settler; homestead inspectors are
empowered in outlying districts to
take applications for patents. This
relieves the settler from the incon
venience and expanse of making a
long trip and taking his witnesses
witb him. Frequently the expense
was beyond the means of the settler.
The present Government sends thc
officials to tbe settler to relieve the
settler of expense, such a change can
not but *be welcomed by the western
Cranbrook Poultry and Pet
Stock Association
Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the Cran
brook Poultry and Pet Stock Asso
elation was held in the Old Club
room on January 12th, with Vice-
President Webb in tbe chair, and af.
ter the usual business was transacted the different reports were read
showing the association to be ln a
prosperous condition and that a lot
of excellent work had been accomplished during thc past year in furthering tbe poultry interests and demonstrating beyond doubt that Cran
brook aiifl vicinity are most admirably adapted for the raising of poultry both for exhibition and utility
purposes, and we went on to show
that all that is nece-snry to further
advance the interest of all breeders
is more co-operation by both
large and small and this can easily
be accomplished by joining the association and thus assist membership and enabling tbem to bring in
cai'B of feed more frequently for distribution among the members.
Tbe following officers were elected
for 1914.:-
Hon. Pres.—W. H.  Santo,
Hon.Vicc-pres—A. M. Betattie,
Pres.—A. B. Smith
Vice-pres.—H, H.  Slator
Sec-treaB.—W.  W. McGregor
Directors-T.   S.  Gill.  W.  Harvey,
C. R. Sbeppard, A. H. Piggott.
At a call from tbe president the
executive of the association met an
January 6th, for tbe purpose of outlining the year's work and several
good suggestions were brought forward nnd discussed. Papers of interest are to bc prepared and read at
each meeting. Judging of different
classes where small prizes will be n-
wnrded will also ABBlst Ub in creating local Interest. There is also a
scheme for creating interest among
the young people in this line ns the
association purpose giving free eggs
Irom thorough-bred stock*\o young
folks under Ifi, tne batch to be shown
at tho Fall Fair show when Interesting rash  prizes  will  be given.
White Wyandottes (1913 batch) will
bo scored at next regular meeting,
February Bth, wben prl«M will be
given for best mule and female, ho
bring aloug your hirdH nnd uhhIiU In
creating interest mul n profitable
evtiiiugH' entertainment,   Whisper:
We will appreciate yonr 1914 renewal.
FOR 1919
lu concluding the year I beg to re
port a membership of thirty live expiring now; six of wnlrh were rarry-
overa frour tho lost two months i>f
1912, and we also bave three on present list who have only recently
joined and will be carried over thia
year, making a total membership at
conclusion of the year of 38. I regret to report that one or two of
our most enthusiastic members bave
fallen by the way, having failed to
renew last year.
At the last annual meeting, accord
ing to audit, tbere was in the bank
the amount of $40.55 association
During the yenr we have been quite
prodigal of our cash and bave paid
out for advertising $10.40, for yearly
cards in local papers $10.00 for card;
postage and other expenses of secre
tary $11.00; for coops for demonstration puruoses $6.55; for prizes at the
Fall Fair $5.50; and bnve outstnnd
ing against us $9.60; mulling a total
expenditure of $53.15, most of which
I think has given results Been or unseen.
During tbe year membership fees
have been taken In to the amount ol
$32.00, which gives us at present the
amount of $29.10 still on hand and
bills for $9.60 against it, so that we
are to the good over all liabilities
to date $19.50.
Considering results of our expenditure in local papers the yearly cards
sre, I think, justified. As secretary
I have had inquiries to the number
I would Bay, of from forty to Hfty,
mostly from parts of B.C. but several from Alberta and a few from the
Old Country, to oil of whlcb I have
endeavored to reply as fully as possible to their questions. I would ad
vise the continuing of the cards the
coming year.
As to the advertising of aecretarys
list of breeders in Spring months, as
we did last year, I cannot express
an opinion as to its value, the members here present are the best judges
of results from that.
Our expenditures at the Fall Fair
are, I think, amply justified by the
splendid exhibit we brought out,
which I think was pnrtlally responsible for some of our members carry
ing the war afar and going out and
bringing home some of the good
prizes from Nelson and (Irnnd Forks,
I think the thanks of our assm-ln
tlon ure due to nur friends and fel
Inw mouthers, MOSSM Hln tei, MeGre
gor McBrlde nnd Plgott, wbu made
the tlrst essay after outside honors
for the good of our association,
their own education as fanciers nnd
Ibe advertising of (.ranbrook as tbt.
home of some like chicken friends.
We must congratulate ourselves Of]
tbe arrival In the dlstnrt of some
poultry men wbo seem to be going
at the  utility side In  tin- right wny
and wc hope to Bee tbem convince
BOme past failures that the
fault wns not in the business hut in
the men.
T&lflng it in toto I Bhould say that
not considering small outfits at all,
there has in the past year been erect
ed shelter for 2,000 layers in the immediate district; so that we should
be able soon to point with pride to
enough well bandied poultry outfits
to supply the discriminating buyers
of eggs with all the first quality
goods tbey require,
Mr. Robson, who came in last
spring and has charge of Mr. Atchi-
son'B poultry, hns added a number
of new houses. Mr. Williams has got
under a businesslike outfit and Mr.
Huggins has also established a good
Hissed range of buildings. Each of
these outfits runs into the hundreds
of layers aud each is being capably
handled and giving, I am glad to
say, good prospects of success. Added to these the one or two large
outfits already in business for Borne
time pant and (he added interest of
the owners of smaller flocks, tbe yvtim
mlng up of it all makes a grand total thnt ought to make  itself felt.
Another phase of our work, I hope
to see soon changed, is the market
Ing. Instead uf our members and 0-
thfih disposing of surplus stuck to
Chinamen. I hope to see one or two
properly equipped fattening establish
ments bandied by men who keep tbe
country cleaned up ol marketable
stock ami place it belore tbe consumer properly lb-shed and properly
dressed. The white gardeners are
having their own troubles witb tbe
Chinamen and I hope our associa-
ation will in some wny aid and abet
a campaign I hope soon to be inaugurated here by the Farmers' Institute, to give the white man a better
show in thc district.
The first successful attempt to
bring in our own feed was concluded
I believe, to the satisfaction of all
concerned, and I hope we will soon
be in a position to buy tho bard
grain In a car lot direct from the
grower and go to the middle man
for mixed feeds only Our association and tbe Farmers' Institute need
to get closer together on thla question.
I thank the association for their
support last year and 1 regret tbat
I nm so situated that 1 cannot fill
this office this year but will be only
too glad to be of use to you in any
other way.
Distribution of Seed
Grain and Potatoes
By instructions of the minister of
agriculture a distribution of superior
sorts of grain and potatoes wlll be
made during the coming winter ami
spring to Canadian farmers.'I'he samples for general distribution will con
Hist of spring wheat (6 It)*.), white
oats (1 lbs.), barley (5 lbs.), and
field peas (5 lbs.). These will be sent
out from Ottawa. A distribution ol
potatoes (in 8 lb. samples■ will be
carried on from Heveral experimental
farms, the central farm at Ottawa
supplying only the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. All samples will
be aent free by mail.
Applicants must give particulars iu
regard to the soil on their farms,and
some account of their experience with
such kinds of grain (or potatoes) as
they have grown, so that a promising
sort for their conditions may be selected.
l_ach application must be separate
and must be signed by the applicant
Only one sample of grain and one of
potatoes can he sent to each farm.
Applications on any kind of printed
form cannot he accepted If two or
mure samples nre asked for in the
some letter only one will be Bent.
As the supply of seed ts limited,
farmers are Advised to apply early;
but the applications will nut neces-
snrily be tilled in the exact order in
which they are received. Preference
will always be given to the most
thoughtful and explicit requests. Applications received after the end of
January   will  probably   be  too  late.
All applications fur grain (and applications from the provinces of Ontario nnd tjuebec for potatoe*.)
should be addresses to the Dominion
cereal 1st, central experimental farm,
Ottawa,   Buch applications require
no postage. If otherwise addressed
delay and disappointment may occur,
.ppllratlouii for potatoes from
fanners m nny other province shuuld
bi> Addressed (postage prepaid) to
tbe superintendent of tbe nenrest
branch experimental farm In tbat
Electric Restorer for Mer
Phoantionol tteietn •»•*_netie In th* bod,
r"     ' i.i lit ptoptr Un-tonirMtortJ
vim -ml vililm r. I't__... ure dn uv ».n1 e\l mu
Htlknm ivrrlnl at em a. Phoiphmol will
Alike yuu « now mat), I'i ice IB ■ bot. or Iwo fot
U Hilled to >.iM<idi-M. fk»S--»W_>.Drai
Evening Cloak of Chinchilla and Exquisite Sable Set
It may be that your eyes are
becoming weak and yon are n-
fraid to acknowledge It. That
is the way witb a good many
people, both old and young.
The young, particularly, seem
afraid to admit their failing
sight, but It is iu> novelty
nowadays and certainly no dis
grace, We will remedy any defective eyesight and guarantee
satisfaction, Delays are dan
gerous—t'oniB  Today,
Jewelers t- Opticians
Cranbrook. -    B. C
Beautiful in the extreme is the evening wrap illustrated. It ii
loveliest of furs! A superb set of furs is also illustrated, the stole
huge in size.
ol chinchilla, lhe softest  and
leing  very  long  ami   the  mutT
At 60 Years Of Age; For Sale Rents & Wants
gin ?i\\. gi.e tiiem the strength of yoirth.
(Room and Board—Mrs. J. S. MemU*.
Cor. Lumsden  -\verme aud Kdward
street.   Phone  374. 51.tl
50 Broad Street House, London.
I bought some of your (.IN PILLS
at Victoria, B.C, last September. I made
inquiries in New York on my arrival
there but was unable to obtain any
information aboul them. Vour remedy,
I find at 60 years of BgC, to give ine
perfect relief umi I regret very much
that you bave not made arrangements
to have (.IN PILLS on sale in New
York and Loudon, as I urgently recommend GIN PILLS to friends of'luy age
as beiugtlie one thing that does me good.
E, 0, Woodford.
If your kidneys need help, strengthen
them and keep tbem well with (UN
PILLS,—the guaranteed cure for Weak
Kidney,, Pain in the Hack, Bladder
Trouble and Rheumatism. 50c. a box—
6 for $2,50 -money back if tbey fail to
relieve. Sent ou receipt of price if your
dealer does imt handle them. Sample
hor free on request. National Drug and
Ch«ni. Co. t of Canada Limited, Toronto.
National La/y Liver Pills are a sure
cure for Constipation.   25c a box.    200
Your Home
Will he one that you nan look
forward to with much added
delight if, upon returning all
fagged out from your day's
work, your wife cnn bnve rcad-
y  fur you  a  bottlo of
X Port Stout
Then you wilt moat fully np-
preclato thin Btrentbenlng brew
It will restore your energy,
furnish needed stimulation to
the tired body and put yon in
n frame of mind t" respond to
tbe pleasant reception awaiting you.
The uso of Kerrigan's XPort
Stout ut the hnme spells
good nature, good indigestion
and good sleep. Let us supply
you with a caae.
T2.r,0 per rase of a doz. pints
James Kerrigan
Cranbrook, - B.C.
KOR SALE—10-horee power Kngiue
and Boiler, Drag Saw Outfit; also
Circular Saw Outfit. This Outfit ia complete for sawing wood. A
genuine bargain. To he sold cheap.
Apply J.  H. Hayes,  Tort Steele,
Fur Sale, cheap, small gasoline
ngine and drug saw. mounted on
truttc. Cuts about a cord of wood
an hour. Call for demonstration or
Pbone .lift.    Ed,   Shackleton.
Five-room plastered bouse for rent,
phone _1H. 1
POR SALE—Buff Orpington pullet*,
and cockerels, June bred birds; also Marl/ Mountain Canary birds')
guaranteed good singers,   .Miss Ha -
'.cr, near  Leask & Sun's store.
WANTED 'Young man wants position In hotel pw restaurant iu Cran
hrook or other town on this line.
Had Home experience in large town
ts steady and object is to learn
busln?ss, Will do porter work to
Btart witb. Address CL E, /...Box
820, Cranbrook.
rO RENT—Front Room, nicely furnished, also private hoard, close in
Phone 411.
Any person wanting a good Private or Maternity Nurse. Have
good references. Phone 415 or write
Boi 517. -.--if
TRY THEM—Wben you want an au-
tomoblle ride, try the Overland first
clnss Ohaffeur, call up Phone 52
•J.  E.  McDonald,  prop. 3-tf
Works have jusl Installed a ..too.On
Hoffman Sanitary Pressing Machine
and we are now in Hhape to do Ilrst
class work al tits following prices-
Ladles' nnd Men's Bultfl spongod and
pressed fiOc. nnd 75c._ Hteam denned
$1.00 ami $1.25, French dry rloanad
$2.00 nnd $2.2_, We now bavo the
best plant east ol Vnncouvor, phone
157     We rail and deliver goods    60
Local  News
See me about that picture which
yon are about to have framed. 80
samples of moul lings to choose from
L. I). Stevenson of Nelson, waa in
the city Wednesday,
A. McL. Fletcher of .'n>ws Nest,
was at tbe Cranbrook Wednesday.
w ii MacOorm&ck of Klngsgat
was in tin* city this week,
Harry  Dim mock ol    Moyle,    spent
Monday in Cranbrook  on  business.
■J,   w.  Helm  of Lethbridge,  spent
Sunday last  in  Cranhrook.
.1. Cameron of Vancouver, was a
guest nt  the  Cranbrook  Sunday  last
J. C,  Raiment  of Calgary was reg
Istered at the Cranbrook Monday.
a. c, Bowness wai at Wyciifr*- 01
Thursday looking aftei business,
Mr.   Harry  Drew ami  Mrs.   K.  Mc
Mahon  motored   in  frum  Kimherley.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. It, Joyce ol Rlki
were Cranbrook visitors Thursday,
0. 11. Booth of Winnipeg, was at
the Cranbrook Thursday.
Thus. Caven, M PI' will lenve on
Sunday for Victoria, lo attend a
session of the provincial legislature,
A. E. French ol Bull River and A.
Veitch oi Calgary were In the fclty
.. - Inesday.
N. W. Burdette of Marysville, was
transacting business at Cranbrook
Mrs. J. McTavish and Miss Daley
of Bull River, were Cranbrook visitors Thursday.
3. Dn.mh.dler of Dmmheller. Alta.
was at Craubrook Friday, between
trains, enroute to Walla Walla. Wash
Fresh crabs. oysters kippered
spring salmon, lettuce and parsley
at the 41 Market Co.,  Ltd.  PHONE
W.   F.  Purge and  B. C,   Wilson of
Wardner. spent last Sunday in Cranbrook.
Mrs. Court ey and Mrs. J. Duncan
of Fort Steele, were Cranbrook visitors Tuesday.
I). A. Walters of Montreal, J3, Butter
field of Calgary, and Tom Hall of
Vancouver, were in the city Tuesday
R. RatclifTo and 0. F. Wingman of
lnvermere, were transacting business
at Cranbrook Tuesday.
MrB. W. C. Adlard went under an
operation in the St. Eugene Hospital
Monday,and is now progressing very
SAUSAGES-Fresh Daily
We make them on the
premises and we recommend them.    Cranbrook
Meat Market.  Phone
About three inches of snow haa fallen this week, and loggers nre jubilant over the prospects of getting
their logs to tbe mills.
J. McTavlsh of Bull River, was iu
town, Wednesday, he left during the
i-fternoon on a business trip to tho
mining city of Moyie.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Uinmore, Mrs.
E. J. Cann, and A. Doyle of Fort
Steele were Cranbrook visitors Mondny.
The new city steam plant for thaw
ing out water pipes was in operation
Tuesday. It worked very success
All niombors of Key City Lodge,
1.0.T.F, are requested to be present
next Monday, January 19th, at s o'
clock—Installation nnd Social.
The Cranbrook Civilian Hill, association will hold tbelr first Annual
Hail it, the Auditorium on Mondny,
January 19th, Tickets $2,011
Ross Carr lefl on Tuesday on an
intended four .... the cast and round
by tbe Oollfornian cities, bo expects
to   he away  aho.it  three  weeks.
The dance on Thursday night, given by the Cranbrook Club, was well
attended, tho muslo by theCrnnbrook
Orchestra wnn excel lent,
You  gel   lho  besl   In QUAMTY,-
piuck     1    SERVICE »t   the  u
Market Co.,    Ltd   I7r.    PHONE 175.
The second neaslon of tbo i.'itn parliament of Brlltsh Columbia opened
on Thursday loi tbe despatch ol bus
Our Mr. Haynes has
a window full of these
useful articles and
intimates that further
advertisement is unnecessary.
A political writer aBks, "What iB
in a name"? We are of the opinion
that It all depends on the tone of
voice and the adjectives that precede
A boxing contest at Fernie on Wed
itesday, between Jim Burroughs and
-loe Uvanni, was declined a tie, both
men showed up well, and the|decision
was well received by those iuattend-
John L. Gates was elected Mayor
of Fernie, Thursday, The Aldermen
elected were: Messrs. Uphill, Mac
beam, Robidhautl, Blzzute, (irahani
and Jackson.
Premier Morden will present a rOBO
Iut ion to parliament providing for
two additional Senators from Maui
toba, Alberta, uud Baekatcbwan, ami
three   from   British   Columbia.
Hy the election of W. IL Wilson
aud Maurice Qua In to tbe School
Hoard that body has two members
added who should give the people of
Crunhroit.   good   service.
Jobn Mutlinn, an old timer, was
taken t.i tbe hospital suffering from
pneumonia aggravated by alcohol.
Ue died on Wednesday evening. The
remains were taken In charge by un
dertaker  W.  R.  Beatty.
At the Edison Theatre all next
00k a strong and interesting programme will be ottered. Special tea
tures including dramas and comedies
iu all five reels will be shown every
The  Annual  Convention  of the B.
. Stockbreeders' Association will be
held in the Empress Hotel, Victoria
January 29th and 30th, 1913. A
strong programme is being prepared
and interesting sessions are assured.
Price $1.50
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and Mill
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Wh.re It Pays to Dc.l'"
Cranbrook       -       B. C
Invest Igate
tho Liberal Conditions, and
Low Monthly Premium Hates
uf tho
Polh'ii'.H  WriLU.n   and  Indemnities
Paid direct from thin olliue.
FRBD* VV. SWAIN, Gen, Agent
Agents Wanted
Ornuhrnnk people hnve (ounil out
thnt A HINIil.K IIOHH or nlmpl-
liuekthorn bark, glycerine, etc., nn
compounded In Aillur ikn, the (ler
mnn bowel nml ntomach remmly, re
llevaa eonatlpatlnn, nour ntumnch or
XM on the ntumnch INHTANTI.Y.
Thin nlmple mixture heenma fnmoua
by curlnK n|ipenillcltla nnd It nntl
mptlcUea the digestive orgnnn and
drnw- oil the Impurltlee. It In nur
prlaln. how yillOKLY It halpn. THB
BwMic-Murphy Oa. * ***
We handle only fresh killed
choice stock and our meats
are the best to be had
give us a trial. Cranbrook
Meat Market.   Phone
There will be a championship game
of hockey at Fernle on Friday night
between a team from Cranbrook and
one Irom Fernie. A large number of
rooters accompanied tbe boys to the
Coal city.
The Cranbrook Lawn Tonnis Club
will hold their post nightly dance on
Wednesday next, January 21st, at
the Masonic Temple Hall from 9 p.
m. The Cranbrook Orchestra (Will
furnish tbe music.
N. Hanson, wbo has just returned
from a business trip to the Prairie
Provinces has contracted 'or three
McLaughlin, three Detroit, and thirty Ford Automobiles.
The (act that under the Conservative Oovernment Canada is enjoying
increased prosperity, is a mean giveaway on some people whom we wont
name but who used to be the Laurier
Fresh killed Turkeys and Chickens
today at the 41 Market Co., Ltd.
PHONE 175.
We would like to hear Liberal
speakers explain the existence ot
misery, poverty, squalor, unemployment, of the countless paupers, and
of the social unrest in Free Trade
E. Staples and D. Foster of Wyclllle, were at tbe Cranbrook on Sun
day last. Mr. Staples waB enroute
to Nelson to attend a meeting of the
Mountain Lumbermen*!* Association
which met in that city on Monday.
All members of Crescent Lodge, No
:,:', Kui.l its of Pythias, are requested to bo present next Tuesday evening, January 20thi at 8 o'clock (or
tho purpose of assisting in the Installation ceremonies of the officers.
The piano contest at the Cranbrook Co-operative Store Is getting
exciting, a large vote is being polled
from all over the district. No. 48 is
leading with No. 22 a close second.
The contest will close in another
three weeks.
Tha Loyal Order ol Moose held a
meeting on Wednesday night, at the
which there wns a large attendance,
Tho "Bull Moose" Dictator Wm. Erl
ler, was presented with it gold charm
Mr. Erler In the travelling organizer
ol the Order and will in (uture have
hiH lii'iiil,|iinrtern nt Fernie.
Si. Emu. __o« (inemu . |HM-" It. -•>. I> C'ti'ii_t?'?L_____'y_?tt__S__\
this o» stowihc* __obthtion op *_■__ now thbub-s **-^ff^J*_**J_5__
i A Charter has been opened in
| Cranbrook for membership in
| the
\ of the Dominion of Canada
, which will remain open until a
| membership of   50  has been
| enrolled.
| The fee is $20.00.
0 For further information and Membership Applications, enquire of
at the Royal Hotel
Mounted Game HeadS Specialty
Send For Price List
Animals, Birds, Fish and Fur Mats
P. O. Box 134
Fresh killed grain-fed Pork
at the Cranbrook Meat Market  Phone   ■   ■   -   -
He "iillnmiiiHtu* in support of your
rlty In particular and give the new
Municipal council all possible sup
port during the ensuing yenr. No
better city In British Columbln limn
('ranbrook, nnd no better way to
lm I ln*r the prognisii ul this commim-
The Mexicans
Don't appreciate the well meant advice of the U.S.A.,
just now, but they will in time, and improve by it.
So does many a housewife overlook on opportunity to
reduce the "HIGH COST OP LIVING."
41 Market Co.
P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
See our windows for Friday and
Saturday Specials
AU kinds of Smoked, Fresh and Salt Fish
ity than In giving lho newly elected
council your heartiest support.
I'. O. Bai 801 dranbrook, B.O
Cotton Koot Compound Tablets
Thcno l'ill:i nil] eo_|li_ntl<_ Willi tin jri_t.lt
-Ate Irom ilio immt i.'li.tlik icin.il,'. kuuwn lo
„:l„ll( ,', Mir li ||H IHU 1'iU.lj IIH_l Willi lull' ll |l|__|
by Ilio Inn'il COIOUnilud r »T. vui i.iih Limkh,
Tl., .  ..I    ,1 ipOCtliC I"! .In- ''    lii'-'iillH lll___ffl
to wlili Ii lliu Il'IiiiiIii i "i1_ltiillt,n In IIhMl'.
1'ii,r ** ii lm.. Ho. II (much ■triniter), III •
linn. _>lil nl nllilnis .im,",,in livtn.il liumTh.
Laval Ui us llu„ SI. C.lb.r Ium, Oul.


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