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The Prospector Feb 14, 1914

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Array provincial
Legltfiatlve Assembly
Have your
The Optician
The  Leading Newspaper
in the
Koot .nays
$2.00 Per Year
FEBRUARY,   14    1914.
No 7
K. of P. Golden Jubilee
Deleft nation! Certainly, That Ir
what the Invitations Hay which are
being Hent out to1 the membera and a
few invited friends of the boyB. Have
you not heard of the time the boys
Hint their Indy friends nre going to
hav'*. on Thursday1 T)iey are going
to have the time of their lives in
celebrating the Golden Jubilee of.
Pythian Knighthood.
Thir Jubilee will be celebrated'all
over this continent, and will proclaim to tbe world—to the world is
right, for the Knights of Pythias
Order is known in almost*every land
—the fact that Justus H. Rathbone
in Washington, D.C., ilrst laid the
corner-stone of thnt splendid Order.
An Order which has the finest of prln
ciples to uphold—Friendship, Charity
nnd Benevolence being the corner
stoneB around which the entire work
of this society is built.. The Btory
ic based on the Friendship of Damon
and Pythias, a friendship tbat stood
the test of threatened execution and
t\ fidelity that is immortal in its
Around the banner of this Order
have gathered over a million members
who number in their ranks some of
the highest iu tbe land as well as
the humblest worker. Men who have
known the need of a helping hand
and have found the sunshine pour into their hearts hy the ready assistance of their brothers. Men who
were foremost in works of love and
ever ready to place their all for the
uplift and betterment of their fellow-
men. Men who have heard the piercing cry of humanity, ofttimes irrespective of creed or faith, and whose
deeds will stand the test of the crucible.
The celebration of the Golden Jubilee is being held in every Lodge
room of the different cities on this
continent, by those who are adherents to the Order. In Cranbrook,
Crescent Lodge, No. 33, will hold
their celebration in their Castle Hall
on Norbury Avenue, and it will be a
celebration that will long remain in
the hearts and minds of all who
make it their pleasure to attend.
The Supreme Lodge hns drafted up
a ceremonial that will portray to
those present the deep principles and
high dignity of the Ordor, specially
for this celebration. It included in
its work the position of its chief
ottlcers, who in the carrying out of
their duties wilt be assisted by members of the Uniform Rank in full
dress. The Senate will also be present to support the work of tH. Kin*
All members of Crescent Lodge,No.
33 and members of other K. of P.
Lodges residing in the city are cordially invited to attend. Members
and friends who receive an invitation are at liberty to bring their
Remember the dnte on which this
celebration will be held—Thursday,
February 19th, 1914 in the Castle
Hall, Norbury Avenue.
Overseas Club
The Crnnhrook Branch of the Over
Hens Olub held a very successful Hi
nil! last week ill Mn.pl.* Hall. An in
tureetlng prbgramniq constating of a
whist drive, songs, recitations, road-
lugs, etc., had been prepared by Mr.
nnd Mrs. II. l.i'iiiiinn. Tho winners
of thc whist drive worj Miss C. Bctts
and Mr. J. Whlttaker.
The following toiii part Jn tbe programme:-Pianoforte Holo, Mr. L.
Van Htavoren—William Toll (Rossini)
Hong, Mr. R. 0. Cameron—The Old
Ilrigadc; Recitation, Master Willie
I.eatnnn--.nriiey O'l.ean and tho
1,'ochcs, also Tommy Stout; Hong,
Mr. .1. Lower—My heart Is with you
to night; Reading, Mrs. H. Leaman
The Jealous wife; Hong, Mr. R. D.
(.inloron—.our Jolly Blacksmiths;
Pianoforte Holo, Mr. _, Van Htaver
on—Boot and Peasant (Huppe).
The entertainment came to a close
hy midnight with throe cheers for Mr
and Mrs. II. Unman, and tho .ting
lug of thr National Ai.'liein.
In future the Branch will i,,_t tho
second iiiiiI fourth Tuesday instead
nf the Ilrst and third Tinned tv it'.
boforo. Meinbers nre rei|iioHtod to
tnke tieto of this chnnge as the noxt
meeting wlll he on the 24th Inst.,
when uiMiihet-s nml their friends wtll
he entertained to n dance, Prlee to
ho rlmrgoil 7r, rente por couple—Mom
tiers of thr Cluh 2.', cents only.
A Task for Men of
The Laymen's Missionary Movement
The Laymen'h Missionary  Movement
The Cranbrook Conferences of the
Laymen's Missionary Movement on
the 27th (Friday) of this month invite the attention and co-operation
of every layman in the district. The
visiting speakers are men of broad
vision and versatility in their allot-
ed subjects. The greatest miracle of
the present generation is in the line
of rapid and wide expansion of the
Christian Church. The great reformation movements found tbe activities of Christianity congealed in semi
pagan ceremonial and formalities.
Her leaders openly espoused the
cause or universal sovereignity in all
matters temporal, political and spiritual. Christianity during the first
four centurft.8 was intensely missionary in its character. The evangel of
redeeming grace was heralded southward into Arabia and Africa; Eastward into India and even China;
Westward into Europe and Northward into Asia Minor. Had the early Church maintained her separate
ness and holy character she would
have also maintained her holy zeal
and power. But, lapsing into the
lethargic security of a wor^d re
quorer, with the whole world at her
feet she quickly reverted to the darkness of the paganism which in the
days of her glorious strength, b!i
had overthrown and expelled.
The reformation of tbe fifteenth
century only partially restored the
church to her primitive throne as
consort with her divine Lord and
Master. It remained for the comin
of the nineteenth century to soun
the awakening call to her divinely
appointed task for calling the nations again to the sceptor of the
At the beginning of tbe nineteenth
century all doors to missionary endeavor were closed against the
church. The throne of grace was irh
portuned for open doora, men and
money, with such power that the
close of thi? century found thousands
of missionaries and tens of thousands
of converts and practically every
door open for tke welcome of the e-
vangel of grace. Even here the
church did not recognize nor fully
accept her task. First the few Godfearing men and women went forth
for duty, often faintly supported by
their borne churches. Then the call
was heard by the women who quickly
organized themselves into Guilds
Mission Circles, Societies, etc., **r
thc better prosecution of the work.
Next to hear the call waB the
Young Men and Women in tbe church
es and colleges. These formed themselves into Endeavor Societies and
Student Volunteers, etc., giving a
powerful impetus to tin- missionary
enterprises of the world. Then last
of all, the call was heard by the men
of Christendom. They are answering with a mighty shout of victory.
Tltese form, the last rlass of un-utll-
Ized forms in the Christian churches.
What the Laymen's Missionary
Movement did for an Ontario church.
The membership of tbis countr
church was approximately two bun
il.'.d. Fourteen years ago the pastor served a parish covering a territory nine by eighteen miles of thickly settled farming lnnds. Hla stipend of $.00.00 with Manse, barely
sufficed to meet his ever-increasing
expenses. The congregation was generous, openhnnded, hut lacking In organization. Thc pastor organized
the working forces for efficiency with
considerable ivspoi.se and sympathy.
Yet the church found soma difllculty
In raising the stipend and .400.00 for
missions. After a pastorate of five
years the minister wns succeeded hy
another. Coincident with his settlement was tbe birth of tbe Laymen's
Missionary Movement. About the
snme time a movement of the members toward tbe West grently depleted the financial strength of tbe
church. However, under the impulse
of this movement $200.00 were added
to the pastors stipend and the offer
Ings to denominational enterprises
were increased from $400.00 to $1,000
annually. For yenrs this church hns
maintained this standard of givin
ami has done it with greater facility
than when she cave the lesser a
mount-    It haa been truthfully aald
tbat the most hopeless poverty of
the Christian Church is poverty of
.it-ton. It ia to give us vision that
our brethern wil] counsel with us in
the Conferences on the 27th inst.
Premier Borden bas introduced the
re-difltribution bill of which he gave
notice last week. Hn pointed out
the necessity under the British North
American Act of the readjustment,
and reviewed legislative regulations
governing such adjustment. While
the principle of reprecentntion by
population was the rule, he pointed
out that it was not absolutely accurate to say that representation
was absolutely based ou population
because it was provided there should
be no reduction in the number of
members from any Province, unless
its population in proportion to the
whole population of Canada had di-
ministered by one twentieth part or
upward since the previous census.
The Premier read a table showing
the population at the lart census as
Alberta        374,663
British Columbia     292,480
Manitoba        455,614
New Brunswick      351,889
Nova Scotia    492,338
P.   E.   Island        93,728
Ontario     2,523,274
Quebec    2,003,232
Saskatchewan   ' 4.2,432
Yukon          8,512
The unit, taking Quebec at 05, was
30,819 for every  member.    This has
given the following representation in
the 03Xt house;
Alberta    12
British   Columbia    13
Manitoba     15
New Brunswick   11
Nova  Scotin  16
Ontario    82
P.  E.  Island   3
Quebec      65
Saskatchewan      16
Yukon     1
Total  234
or a total of 235 members if Prince
Edward Island retains hor present
British Columbia secures the largest increase, from seven to thirteen
members, and while it is impossible
to say what tbe effect may be in o-
llier constituencies, we can be pretty
certain of the result in Kootenay.
The division must come from the
North to the South, following the
Selkirk range of Mountains, giving
an east and west riding.
The West riding includes Revelstoke, Slogan, Kaslo, Ymir, Robs-
land and Nelson, with a total population of 28,373.
The east riding will consist of Cran
brook, Fernie, and Columbia, with a
population of 22,399.
Result of Contest
The piano contest at the C. C. S.
ended on Saturday last. Misa Lottie Fyles, No. 22, was the winner
with a total of 156,940,650 votes;
Miss A. Yarwood wan second with
132,270,650 votes; anil Ml&a Jeannette
Duncan  third   with  11,136,385   votes.
Tom Marks coming
How often havo you beard the expression "Oh, it takes Tom Marks
Comapny to park the theatre in thiB
town," and bow often bave you seen
this statement verified? The reason
for this expression is very simple.
The Tom Marks Company will appear here for six nights, February 16
to 21st inclusive, commencing Monday 16th. and throughout their en-
gagemen t there will not be a dull
moment, the laughter will be spontaneous and the plays will bubble o-
ver with mirth und humor with the
aformentiotied comedian as presiding
fun maker. A visit to Tom Marks
Company will chase away the blues,
for there is a laugh for everyjffrtnute,
from which fact the Tom Marks Com
pany gains its soubriequet, "the
show with laughter." There are no
tiresome waits between Acts, the
time being occupied with excellent
vaudeville. A complete change of
program each evening, prices to suit
Card of Thanks
The members ol the Whitehead (am
ily desire to thank all the friends
for the respect shown, and for all
wreaths and llowers which ocrc mildly donated to thc memory of the
late Mrs Isab.-lle Whitehead, who
was buried at Mo. ie on Monday last
With sincere thanks,
We remain,
-     Mr. and Mrs. J. McTavish
Leaders of Labor Crisis in South Africa
Mr.   H.   J.   POUT8MA,   Pretoria
Hon. F.  S. MILAN General Secretary of tbe Amalgama-
Minlster   for   Education  and   Mines   ted Society of Railway aud Harbour
Servants now under arrest.
Hon. H. BtlRTON, K.C.
Minister  for  Hallways and   Hnrhors
Mr,  .1   T.  BAIN
(lenerul   Secretary  of  the Transvaal
Federation of Unions, a warrant for
whose arrest bas hii.'ti issued.
Mr.    James   CONNBRTT,    Pretoria
(lenoral President of the Amalgamated Society of Railway and Harbour
Parcel Post Rates
For Cranbrook and District
Rates of Postage on Parcels Mailed in the Province of British Columbia
A (In-used  lo
llll     Dltis     .libs     4lhs    filtis    Cllis     7llis    HIlis    '.lllis   liltl.M   I lilm
Any post olllce within 'in miles of
thc plnce of dialling, Inclusive $0.nr, JO.Oil $0.07 $0.08 $0.10 $0.12 $0.H $0.11, 10.18 $ .2i> $11.22
Any post oltlce beyond 20 miles but.
within the Prov. of llrltlsh Columbia    ,10 .11 is .22 ,20 .30 .34 .an .42 .40 .DO
Any  post olllr" in  Alberta  HI ,1(1 .22 .2*1 ,34 ,40 .40 .r,2 ,l"_ .01 .TO
Any post olllce Iii Saskatchewan  12 .20 .28 ,80 ,44 ,f_ .00 ,08 .70 M .'i'i
Any post oltlce in Manitoba  12 24 .34 .14 ,84 .04 .74 ,84 ,94 1.04 1.14
Any post oiilee In Ontario, Quebec, .
or the Maritime Provinces 12 .24 ,30 .48. ,00 ,72 "4 .00 1.118 1.20 1.12
TllO Maximum charge on any parcel shall not. exceed 1 cent an ounce.
I,In- llrsi rate also obtains in eases where the 211 mile aren efftemlii into an adjacent Province
Brass Band at Steele
In order tc. obtain funds for a new
Brass Band, an Instrumental Con
cert and Dance will be given by Prof
Maughan of the Star Theatre orchestra,-.on Wednesday, February 18th,
1914, in tbe Band Hall. Fort Hteele,
Mr. Waughsn has a great reputation
both in the States and Canada for
bis good music. He will be assisted
by bo me _ if the best players thai can
be obtained; also it may be well to
note that the orchestration will be
a special feature of the occasion.
Parcel Post
The Parcel Post is now in opera
tion, and for the benefit of our renders we have prepared thc following
comparison in rates up to five lbs
which can only be accepted at the
post ofllce Ior the first three months
ending April 30th.
Cranbrook to Kimberley
P. Post Express
1 It)        5c. 2!ic
2 lbs    6c. 25c
3 lbs    7c. 2DC
4 lbs    8c. 25;
5 tbs  10c. 26c
6 11)6  12c. 25c
Cranbrook  to Marysville
2 Itis.
3 lbs.
4 It)S.
5 lbs.
0 Itis.
Cranbrook to Wyclitle
P. Post Eiprcs
1 tb        5c. 25c
2 lbs    Gc. 25c
3 ths    7c. 25c
4 lbs    8c. 2:.-*
5 tbs  10c. 25c
0 tbs  12c. 25c
Cranbrook to Raker
P. Post Expres.4
1 tb          5c. 25c
2 I_s    6c. 25c
3 lbs    7c. 25c
4 It.         8c. 25c
5 tbs  10c. 25c
6 lbs  12c. 25c
Cranbrook to Wattsburg
P. Post    Depress
lib   .
2 tba.
3 tbs.
i tin..
5 lbs.
0 lbs.
1 lb   .
2 lbs.
3 lbs.
i llis
.', ths.
e ibs.
2 lbs.
1 Ibs.
5 lbs.
.   7c.
Cranbrook  to Yahk
P. Post
.   7c.
. 12c.
Cranbrook to Moyie
P, Post Exprcs-i
    5c. 25c
    Cr. 25c
    7c. IM
    8c. 2ic
  10c. 25c
Cranbrook to Port Steele
P. Post Express
1 Ib        5c. 25c
2 Itis    6c. 25c
3 lbs    7c. 25c
■', IbB    8c. 25c
5 lbs  10c. 26c
6 tbs  12c. 30c
Cranhrook to Wardner
P. PoBt Express
1 lb      5c. 25c
2 Ibs  0c. 25c
3 Its    7c. 'lie:
4 lbs  8c. 25c
5 tbs  10c. 25c
6 tbs  12c. 30c
Cranhrook to Hull River
p. Post    Bspresi
1 tl)        6c. 25c
2 lbs    6c. 25c
3 IbB    7c. 25c
4 tt    8c. 26c
5 Ibs  10c. 26c
0 Itis  12c. 3llc
III all cases the express company
on six pounds or less, nre considerably higher than the postal rates.
To all points In the Prairie Provinces, Winnipeg;, Toronto, nml M.-u
treal, llie parcel post has the lulviiu
tin'.- Ill all wen-ill,. ii|. to till' ttlltxi
Anothor n, .vantage is that tho Gov
eminent  hns provided  tor  Ineurance
01 packages to tbe amount ol $80.00
V. V. tlreen ol .Montreal, irprrseli
Ihk Messrs llovln, Wilson .. Co., w
iii town Friday an coinpnny buslne
Council Meeting
The regular monthly meeting ot
of the Municipal council was held in
the council chamber on Monday
night. There were present Mayor
Taylor and Aldermen Leask, c.enest,
Hickenbotham,  Campbell and Horie.
Tbe records of tbe last regular
and special meeting., were read and
on motion adopted.
The City Clerk read a communication from tin- management of the
City Band, asking for a grant of
..600.00 for the ensuing year; the mat
ter wat, laid over until the next
meeting of the council,
...The Trustees of the Public Bchool
asked permission ol tho Council to
u.se the Council chamber t.i bold
their regular monthly meetings iu bo
tbat as many of the citizen, of the
In Bchool matters
Their   request   waB
could   attend.
Th.* Agrlculti
the  council   to
-al Association asked
allow their secretary
to use the Mayor's chamber as an
otlice during tbo summer months
previous to the holding of their annual fair, which request wan granted
On motion Dr. Rutledge wns given
permission to address the council on
matters pertmining to tuberculosis
conditionn of cows. He said: That
at the request of a number of citizens, he appeared before the council
to usk tbem to take tbe initial steps
toward arranging for the formation
■f a cow testing association, as this
was in the interest of those engaged
in the dairy business. These conditions bave been fully tested by eminent health officers and tbey had
found but one exception, and that
was that tuberculosis or "white
plague" was transferred from the
Bovine to the Human race. He said
"that there was but little difference
between reacting tubercular cows,"
and that in many cases the milk
was found to be tainted, and that he
would recommend that all reactory
cows should be properly branded.
It would be much more satisfactory
to the public to know that the milk
that tbey were using came from the
best of healthy cows. All cows
should be tested at least twice each
year, and inspected monthly, and if
any rearters were found, for tbem to
be branded or an ear cut oil, to show
people who were buying, to beware
f such branded animals. In furthering the theme, the Dr. said: "tbat
all metal cans should be discarded,
and only tbe seeled bottles used. Any
milk suspected of being tainted
should be sterilized, so as to protect
the  public, home and  families.
Each funnel undor these conditions would keep a record of the a-
mount ami kind Of feed consumed,
the milk produced would be tested
for butter, fat and milk solids, and
these records be computed hy dairy-
nun. The Doctor then informed the
council that the Oovernment bad enacted a bill giving to municipalities
authority for passing stringent lawa
toward improving prevailing conditions. Chapter 4, section 1, reads:—
The Council of every municipality is
hereby authorised to enact by-laws
tiling the standard of butter fat, and
total solids of mi'. sold in auch
municipality, but milk shall not be
sold for human consumption which
contains less than three and one-
quarter per cent of milk fat, or less
than eight ami one-halt per cent, of
milk solids other than fats.
The matter wns laid ovt-r until the
neit meeting of the Council.
Leave was granted to Messrs.
O'Connell and Webb to address the
Council in the interests of tbe Agricultural  Association.
Mr. O'Connell in his remarks aaid:
"Tbat owing to stringent Hnancial
Condition, the Association were forced to aHk thc Council for assistance
in promoting the fair this season;
In mnking thfl request be would point
out thut it was the best advertisement possible fot the city, and there
fore would ask the council to bestow
a grant of $500,00 to aid tbe assoria
tlon In their work. Ml. Webb pre
ion ted the articles of tbe AHsorla
lion to the council i say lur. it was
tin* desire of the Kair management
to run the fait an economically ns
possible so as In Obtain the best re-
milts. Tbe Kair was imt u nodal
and agricultural benefit to Cranbrook
but told of the City's progress and
advancement in distnnt lands,    on
©he $1 roe}, ettor, ©ranbrook, §. ©.
Published Every   Saturday   Morning at  Cranbrook,  B.C.
F. M. Christian, general manager
Postage to American,  European  (British  isles excepted)   and, other  foreign countries, 50 cents a yenr extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising rates furnished on application. No
advertisements but those ot a reputable character will be accepted for
publication. '
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS.—Unless notice to the contrary
is given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions wilt lie kept
running and charged  up against their account.
20th YEAR
"The policy I give you at this moment, the policy 1 believe every patriot in Canada ought to support,
and lhe policy I believe it to be the
duty ol the government to immediately inaugurate, Is a policy of absolutely free food—food free from cus
toms duties." Sir Wilfrid Laurier at
the banquet of the Liberal Club Federation at Hamilton, Ont. 'Scarcely
a day passes but somebody gives
Laurier's "free food" myth a swift
kick. And tbey are not all Conservatives either. No one can accuse
tbe St. John "Globe" of being Tory
ni its leanlngB. it bas on the contrary, fought the battles of Liberalism in the Maritime Provinces for
years. And yet, after examining Sir-
Wilfrid's panacea, merely rises to remark in a bored languid way that
"most people will find it strange
that the Liberal leader did not think
of giving us "free food ' during the
fifteen years that he was in office;
which is tbe Globes way of Ber
notice upon Sir Wilfrid that svei
followers are getting tired of seeing
mm "eating crow" on tbe tariff.
Down in  San  Francisco,  they hav
just heard of Sir Wilfrid's new tariff
tune,    whereupon    the    "Chronicle" !
makes  the   following   observations:-—
"Sir  Wilfrid   Laurier  has  adopted
the slogan ■ free food before dread
noughts,"   und
in a cam
paign of reducing duties as a means
of reducing the cost of living. He
will find no help for his theory in
the experience of the United States
under the new tariff. And In any
case where does Canada expect to
get cheaper fond than she can furnish herself. She eats only one-
quarter of    the    breadstuff    raised
within the Dominion."
•   •   •    .
"Free Food" means free trade in
natural product, and dee food In
natural products means the removal
of the very corner (-tone of the super
structure of adequate and reasonable
protection to every Canadian industry. If you refuse to protect the
farmer [rom outBide competition,
how lon_ is the farmer going to a
aree to the protection ol our manufacturers? II .. ; >r-■ will ;.-
content to sell in an unpi tecti
market, and buy in a pi .
ket?   Thi     ■' olie j* aimed  '-st
of all  ■ -  thi   faru er and  . be
.. :- ifl     ;■ -      ■     benefit
them M ■   ■ fited    them.
causing   I   lust, ies   t> ■   be   b Ut
throughout   tl [.try—thus  creat-
-■ • ten and for labor, and a home
market for the farmer. This policy
bas been successful. It has given the
fanner a home market. It has made
this half of this northern continent
a bee hive of industry, and it has
made  the Canadian  workii.g-_.ian  the
most contented, and the most happy
and the highest paid in the world.
To prove this it is not necessary to
lean upon illusive statistics, We
have certain and infallible proof In
the movement, of population. Labor
never knowingly goes from a place
of high wages to a place of low wage
Tbe fact that men of all races, creed
and sects, are pouring Into this eouu
try at an unprecedented rate shows
where wages are highest, where opportunity is greatest, nnd where op-
Btanding of living is the hest. That
the lender of a political party that
attributes to itself patriotic motives
would strike at the heart of the pol
icy which is responsible for tbls hup
piness and prosperity of our people,
is almost beyond belief. Yet this is
precise!.. What .s meant by the pro
posed abolition of the tariff on nat
ural products. For there is not B
shadow of a doubt that free trade in
natural products would sooner or la
ter   be   followed     by     free     trade     In
Council Meeting
(Continued From Page One)
motion  of  AM'nneu    Campbell    and
Hickenbotham,   the  mal ter   ■> as   n
over  until   the  next   meet [ng   of   the
The   Finance   Committee   presentc I
i heir regular monthly repot I
commended Lhat the ai i   in ta s ■ pre
-■ ■ • ■      ie paid     i >t. -not ion of Aldei
men Campbell and Hickenbotham the
tits wen ed to be paid.
Beattie-Murphy  Co.,   Ltd 2 95
B.  C. Gazette 2.50
City Transfer .j. Warehouse 32.47
City   Lii erj ....    15.50
■ '■ ai ik Sash a* Do< r Co. .75
Canadian E -■--,*- g Supply 155.95
City  Officials   Sal tries 355.00
City Clerk's sundries     29.00
City   Engineer's   Payroll .  420.25
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.... 2,00
Cranbrot*: Electric Light Co. 246.30
Cranbrook  Garage Co    17.25
Fire Hept    Payroll    285.00
Herald Pub. Co . Calgary      1.40
Herald   Pub.  Co.,  Cranhrook...   39,00
Kootenay Telephone Linen, Ltd   17.25
Manning,   Ira  It     8.26
Neptune Meter Co    35.85
Niagara Falls Metal Stamping    6.14
I'nrks.   F,   &   Co      9.30
Police   Payroll     370.00
Prov. Gov., Kamloops     12.no
Prov, Gov., Nelson   L97.00
Qualn  Eloctric Co    42.00
Roberta, T. M. (return, officer)   25.00
Raworth   Hros      2.00
St.   Fiu'i'i."  Hospital          S.oo
Ward &   Harris        2.85
Johnson,   ff.   V      3.00
School   Board Orders    1579.87
-Total    3927.34
It wns novel by Aldermen Genes!
and Horie, tbat lhe City Englneei'
be instructed (o Bee thai the .him
ne.s in the building on I o! 12 nnd
13, In block RS be constructed In ac
coi dance with I' ■■ Fire and Building
B] Is a   carried;
■ diflCUBslun then took placo re
gardlng teams -.rousing sidewalks,
this matter was referred to the Po
Id   i \ m mission tb
The I list al lal ion ol a drinking [onn
tail    . i * disc lined   and laid ovei- un
meet lit) further discus
The Fire and Police committee ro
ported thai thev had under discuss
Ion q lighting system tor the purpose
.'i giving iinnied'ate notice to the
police that thev were wanted; tbis
system was to ccnslst ol a number
ol "red' lights, -'need at intervals
along Bake. Street, Van Home St.,
and several other points in the city.
The telephones would be placed on
poles from which the police could
phono and and out what was wanted
On motion of Aldermen Hickenbotham and Leask, estimates of the
coat of instillation of tbe system be
secured and pr.sented to the Council.
-V committee consisting of Alderman Genest and Fire Chief Foster
was appointed to aee and confer witb
C.P.R.   superintendent   Harshawe   in
regard to tWe Fire brigade attending
tireB on C.P.R. property, and repyrt
at next meeting of council.
Alderman Campbell said tlmt owing to the heavy oxponso of keeping
the water nnd s wer systems in condition, and ns little eould be done
during the winter months, be could
not see the necessity of employing
two men ns City engineer uud assia
taut, engineer, and in his desire to e
conomiuo,   he   would   like   to   bnve  I be
opinion of the Council on the matter
Aftec some iIIbcubbIou Alderman
Campboll seconded h.v Alderman
Hickenbotham,  moved  that   tin1 City
"ii.:iueei be 'md oil al the expiration
ol  thirty days.
Alder n    Campbell    nnd    Ganeal
wna granted  leave to introduce  By
law   No.   I'd    lor   lis  lii hi   nud   second
:,.   '        The   Council    then    resol.ed
ItSplI   illto   ,i        lMmltUM.   of   thO   whole
to consider Bj luv. v. IIM with the
Mnyor In tl"- ehnir. tin ...-'•■" the
committee reported thai said m in*.
No    i:h   had   bron   considered  clnuso
by   clause  nud   leeomiuended   M   for   ft
thud rending,    By Inw  13-1 wns thon
read n thud ton ■
The Council mooting thon adjourn
ed   to   meet   RgRtll    in   Wednesday.
Wednesday Mooting This meeting
was of special charaetor, arranged
[or   the   purpose  of  considering  and
passing   Hi I In ales  for  tho onsu
ri" year, There wore present Mayor
Taylor, mul Aldermen Leask, Cameron. Conest, Hlckenbothnm, Campbell and Hi rie.
It was moved by Aldeinrn Cameron and Genes! that By-law No. 134
re reconsidered and finally passed.
It was then moved by Aldermen
Campbell ami Hickenbotham that
the Council resolve Into n commlttbo
of the whole to consider the estimates for tiie ensuing year.
The following nre the estimates for
the year L914.:
Bills  Payable      21,800.oo
Balance   due   School   Board    1,061.28
S. B. Estimates      19,908.72
Le-33 Gov.  Grant      6,000.00   13.008.72
Debenture  Repayments    21,344.09
Finance  Committee       8,200.00
Fire ii  Police Committee ... 13,375.00
Board of Works   12,000.00
Health  nnd   Relief        1,301.10
Sewer Operation & [nap    2,100 00
Water   Committee       8,_U_.'IG
Contingencies        5,068.50
Bute .d Taxation -28 Mills,
Rale of Taxation,  School  District,
Outside of City  Limits, 7 3-10  Mill i.
The following grants were considered und passes:-—Io alfl of the Cranbrook   Brass  Band $400.00
To the Agricultural Asst. ...$250.00'
The Council is to he congratulated
on being able to see their way in the
future sufficient to make a mntorial
reduction in the tnxos of 5 mills, it
reduction to 28 mills as against. 33
mills  last   yeai".
j TOM MARKS, Canada's own Comedian, who will with his big company
be at tbe Auditorium Theatre one week, from February Uth to 2lst,
changing the plays nnd vaundeville each performance,
it. 101-, hy Tim Nov V Of . IJ-*■_._ OM.    All
m I "~J Al.VT no ut> In tulkin'. Jim
1 _omebody'. got to look after old
I Dooy Tank's Ral, Mollle, or
| will (five the whole thing a
Sin*',    the    pe.ten.es'     woman
•bom   ui-'diJlm   In  thla community,
The cabin duor slammed violently behind the uld mountaineer,   With >■ queer
*uiili- on his fuce (lie youngei mau followed lion inside, where he dropped Into H
chair iu from of llie lire of t-Uziog hick
077 logs mid meditated » ion*; time before
venturing to speak.
"What kin I d0 with hei*, jio?"
He -lit-w she wan onto them lie-cause
•he had _eeii [lietn punning lu the creek
)e_terday umi luid eoinr airtight up to
him and asked him If he wan going to
help old Tom Putlersou *>«lt his mine.
She reminded him that there wn. plenty
et gou-l goM in ihe I leorgift mouoluius
without helping Buck men as Patterson
poke -iff _ idle of worthless clay on Innocent men. Somehow ahe found «ut
liiui r_u.T-.--ii Iutended telling to a man
.nun   the   North.
The father had .m quietly ignoring hit,
•oil'*, appeal a. to whfll eould be done
■ ith Mollle.    Fiiui.l.v  lie nm- angrily,
son'* it ahe'a ant ttottj**."
ilia excitement wa.s due to the fact that
the neit day rhe prospective buyer would
he back with hia expe*. to pxatuine the
mine, ami he wasn't sure of what Molli*
would do. ile turned a way from tbe wia
■ low, went over to tbe clipboard, took out
■i small boi and railed impatiently to hi*
■•on :—
"Come oh here, Jim, an' help fix thia
(told* That km! ain't worth yer thoughts.
She aiu't gut tio gense ler make slch a
rocket 'Unit mil tin' an' uioonshin' when
Ihur ain't n_ other wuy ter make er Uvia'
re iu the mountains."
"She don'l  mnke her money that way,
." Jim wn. thlukiug of rhe corn that
MolHe raised. The old mau interrupted
hia musings with a boiateroua laugh.
No, she raises ■•urii, but wbo buy* It?
I'he moonshiner* do ter aaake their
Kut she don't kuow that, po," aald tbe
boy witb feeling
"Hell ahe don'l!"
'llie sound of rhe falling rain kept them
from hearing th,- approach et the girl
they were cliHeiissing. She crept aaaoag
the buahes outside 'he cabin until ahe
stood directly beneath the window, rhe soft
ray* of ihe lamp falling on her pale, pretty
face ns she tiptoed to look into the noon.
1 busy working at tbe
. ibat she ws_ watching
ment Flrsi they blew
md of black snnd which
the middle of a while
at covered the table, keeping ibij
makes you steal from 'em." i at me where  ter  jail.    I*ve  seed   that  «•
Between the pain and the girl's atlng-! often—a woman an' her childr'n left I ■ .*•
iug worda the boy'a face had grown '*'•*•* while the husband nu' po' tier- 9
white. He raised himself on his elbow to'muutnB ln the hands er the law. 'Taw .
look into her eyes:— no UBe ier argue  any  mure,     We  caul
"Look here, Moi' don't go too fur!    I!-*u»rry ao loug as you live dishonest    It
wouldn't steal uothin', au' you know it,[wont MV*T do.    We've got ter live our
but it's different salttn' an' moonahinin'.!Iives clean ter *"*• a°y peace, ona If tha
It's all as is left ua here in the mountains. Wwrnimnt aiu't fair snd square by ua."
In the name er goodness whut else kin wel   '*'*•* da-T ****■ hegiaaiug to break aud II
do?   Is it stealid' ter use the only
came over her all at   once  that she   had
Wyfy^   >
There Was j Son i.ook in Hcr .-y cn as She Asked, "You Mean It,
; and   leaving   levoral   large   nuKfel*  ol ried gin nee »f a slender,  barofotu  girl
gold on  ihe table running awlfll)  down the slippery inul
"(ill the eignrs, .lun." commanded the ||,. reeogidiii'd Mollle,   llis father, sliitid
o]ij. r   mini l"g behind him. llllll nlso seen her mnl  he
Jim   gut   ihem   and   lal    wntehliig   Ids pushed a   rlllo  into  Ihe hoy's bund,  sn.v
father   unwrap   iwo  of   them,   ik 11 fully ing:   "flo  gli h.i, Jim.    Ff It liikei all
ihiding the nilggels Inside    "Kxperts," be nlghl, «it her au' bring lier back nn' I
laughed,    "I'd like let »ee the one lhal reoktin there'll be a'way er holdiii' her
llm ketch mea iilllnV' HH Tmn  I'lltleranu hln wll out ier 11*01
.ml he was right, f"p It wn_ only nerei- elty   feller   who   -an'l    lell   Ihe  ditfereiiee
Igary  to give  Bill ChRpmnn  two dnya' butwiieu   gold   lhai'M   l u  quloked  an'
notice, ind he eonld r>«" gold nn nnv land bit rn r mil* tlml whnl iiln'i."   *
v. nil uvei  ;.         .indow, nud, throwing i up until most .,\ the naud a_h ies tiered, B| _tly time A dark, fiery looli enine into the boy's
opeu the glur-ele     diuitei   .-. immed        leaving onlj a re * iiiih I pile, which wa.    Jin did not Join In hla father'* ew*d eye**,    lie gin tired nt the rifle meaningly
"Uo in.. th«  fm      JI :ii, lo qui! moon In* bright   and   shining   with   imall   yellow'humor    He whs thinking of Mullle, how "I'll   git   her.   no;   don't   worry   'bunt
over thai .nol   ul     iVby, -die's i lm    pHl'tlelen <-l gold    ' nrefully ihey emptied N}„- hnd pleaded with hltn and her word*
balanced   un   tin-   -      i   nn'   wt >uga   '*r llie rutilenls ol ,i holtie uf mercury Into fere ringing In hla enra:   "Tain'1 rivht.
thing,   iltif'i- I ii     llldn'l  -he ao I lila and wnlelied with dellgb) aa It rolled Jim, nn' you him* v I an' well 'i ain't "
mueh iin bnve i.n  unrvc ter *| * uui nt nboul nnd guthered    :  ever) tin} hit of A  nolso outside itnrlled lilm     lie rose
BJeetln' apin   i i  liln.i     .■■ '  tin     ihe'n ihe preclolii  metal,    hen di.j at ruck  s with a unlck. alert mov >iil and reached
ga)L   ter lilt !dli   with tl iv Oiil ll  I'-u.ir-  ui^toh M It.  burning  awa;   ihe mercury  tbe wiudow Juat In tlUH  lo tut.h a hnr
"Do Mr the Pavor, J;tn, to Quit Moonin' Over  I h n Fool Girl."
that." a.id oul Inlo Hie night he ran The
tlghttilnu allowed hltn Molllii fnr abend un
the trull.   She wna running fust to reach
Pott*' "tOM In tl  to meet the null hn- k
with the ei|iert on hla way ■■> eh.*.-* the
deal  wtth  Patterson     Sfcw waild   warn
km to watch Bill Chapman's cigar aabea
(then they fell into the gold pan; then he
would know where the gold came from,
il waa Bill's trick. Why, whoever heard
of him testing a mine without a cigar in
hia mouth?
Suddenly the report of a gun attracted
her and ahe turned around and strained
her eyea to aee the form of a man lying on
the trail, and then she hear', a foipt cry.
She ran back to where Jim lay, witb a
wound in his leg. In all probability be
had tripped nnd hia Eiin had been discharged. Without the hesitation "f a moment she tore away a part of her skirt
aud bound it tightly around the bleeding
Oli, Jim, Jim!" nnd with a CTJ that
echoed through the «reat elui.m he tween
the moutituillN she fell on her knees he-
aide him, raising his hend nn her arms.
She henr over hint wiih her en
his brensl aud faugh I ihe f. int lieating
of hia henri. While holding him ihu* his
eyes npened Qll-Stlonlngly,
"The   1-ord   wa_  agin   you,   Jim,"   nhe
'he deep red rolor eatue once more into
his face.
'• 'Pears like it, Moi. but It'a mighty
_.Kid ler hnve you help me now, being's
ns   bow   you've   heen   go   dead   n .in   in*1
lately. A ti*. Mtd" rainiiif himself on
his arm* "fer lhe life er me I can't see
im sin In fix in' i lnt t mine fer Patterson.'
With nn mury Hush the girl drew away,
"Ther' it goea tlgltl, Jim, an' fer once nn'
nil I'm llred er It.    Tired er you tryin
ter mnkt t ii ain't downright itesltn
ter go on them elty folks' laud, pan ther'
gold uu' chuck it away in old Patterson's
dirt m.'s In- kin swindle folks witb it. An'
lhe worm pari of It la, not a man in
the Oeorglo muiiutnins'll give you away.
W why, Jim? Why won't they tellT
They hates them city folks, that's wby;
them i--.ik. ain't never harmed nuns
I, (In the other hand, they give us
the uii'i-ilii' house ua' the land fer tha
buryln' ground, but wbnt they've dona
fer us don't count. They cum here
weaiiii' tine clnlhes -aHk aocka sn' tbera
kiud er things an' everybody hates 'ean
ler ll, nu' they see (her'pleamire inatealln'
from 'em, In using ther' gold to cheat
otliers with. You don't care for thej
money In It. Jim. It's Jest the an tit-fur j
lion tr gltiin' ahvtid ar city folk,  that1
we have ter make erlivin'? ■__hh_,t every.r*60 losi,IK veluahl. time staying there
body as haa bottom laud ter raise corn, an*, l?0ribg t,v'r lhe old arguments with Juu.
Moi, have yer ever thought wbo buys yer ™( * *" gh°Uld mi** ^ mHil hockT
com?  Don't the moonshiners buy it?"        Sb<f beut owr and ™" h,'r halld through
The girl rose with team in her eyea and ?" lthu'k *« hair' P"8860 tt *'■** yu «»«
ber lips quivered. She felt s alckeningi[oreb*fld' and without another word
weakness come over her, for she realized iS" °a?. ",ore down  th*  ""►'"'t-J'"-
that Jim waa about to get the better of flJ™" "n and Juni'^- hfietlle« of »■*• *«•
argument. The boy _«r he was gaining F f ™Mm« |» fu,sl ow tht' st«* »«»«.
and he broke in again just a. she was I £■ .iff wh I r ,' W" dI^ ""^
about tosay somethin,.       ! \ujS?T2"    *.       * *""* *"**"*
"Here  while  hack.   Moi.   I  told  you  I ""erf was ctlllng dow.
■loved you. an' I'll stick to it now.   TkeA   ..Com. ^ m ^
Milt  no  ,ir!   round   In*,   uuw.;.   ._!.„• i-n .»_a. _.     a   . 1        .   fy—
nml"    He wa.  _ttO__   up  aow  __i    Tb"J_.L   ™1wl,"r ___.'^ «oM'»•"
«-.-- up ... __rf , Li   "A.'. Mot US"•,";[___* ZT** "^  *_•
-l.'t .1. this Und here rl.h.full,- our,; L__d _- k '"" "  ""*
Wo-1,   our   _r:in.l,„,r.-tit.   ludiau.   .o'l    »VaU _n_ „  j,_.,
•win the i_..ran-ni loiijitt'em «t »_.    *'Y* I Jo. M«l.   I'll ,k„w k'lm the fot.
*ifk , JMT. auo tlte.  didn't all (It rt_r'lf„|d ,-■ -.__,; mor(. ,.„ ,.,.. 0- J^..
-pay.    Tnln I nn lu .:-,- fl ar. a -.ar .In. aht-ia' ter (ood an* all. taut, wlmt rex
aom- at tlio Indian lilooda (ot a~v«n hira-Uld 'bout il hlldr'n can'l ba dlanuteiL
ited dollar.-, oul  .-r  It,  but joum dldn'l girl.    I'wotlldVl be fair l.-r 'em."
<*um, leltber did  mine.  Vain, we dkH'l:    Sh»   bad   burriiMl   on,   mid   the   ili-nae
know noihin' 'liuui   |iiittln'  In a claimI ahrubber- that grew alojij tlic trill ahut
jtcrlt.  Micgoi-criiinciii naii'tiopertlculatlliei fr„m |,is v|0Wi out in,. ,%-i,.., brougbt
ter look behind tbe nionntnina fer d--c.n,i- I,,.,- K„f, drawllnK nnawer i.. him
aut» er the (Vr.ik  ter pay 'em whut;    *-ri| |„. I,,,,-, |„ „ 1,,rI.- while, .lini. me
wna thc:s by rl. 111. lull it spnrea no et- antl  III.- .-xpi-rl." an.l  lhe . .nn.l ,.f  Die
ia*niie   1,-r  ttcml   iu   revumw  otticera   ler liuppincss   In   In-r   v„i>.   caused   him   (•
ahoot ua down lik.. do^a when we're laaklu'.amil,. aud intiriiiur lo liiin.-.. If:
a little wliisLcy." '   " "rBii)'.t uo uh ler iry ler hold out agla
8_e Wa» Watching Their Every Movement.
The flri'a sell poaaeaalou liad auddeuly . her.   Shi- had II lu hot u-r make er angel
returned aud hor oyei Hashed, ur er devil out er me, au' I unglu *
"Thafa ll, Jim,   They'll shuol yon dnwn|liliOW_l which 'twould he, laa-auae Uol.
like ■ lion s„ lay, ki1 "   a lililil  llinh lie'a amid out an' out."
came into her ■-> I. .   "an' ail|.|.....lli'  V_     He lealH'd back agalnal a tree t. awaal
was married then ,n' ther' waa aome .tii!   her oomlnf,   "I n*iku_ t_-a _t# ___ '_
an' j.r.v «_, ,hM 4,-„-_ _ uk.n ol bo gial" ** bum*. .
d.n. _ _.._. ■ |g i ■ » lAiti.i, i L__-.___l Jij. e_A__________—_______________
rlTTnTlTr tTI ■s,TT'I,TT'l"l'T'l"g,T'l"glg'l"|l,y
Professional   Carbs
-an. -
£obge   .Hotices
Court Oranbrook No. 8943.
Meet In Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thuraday of each month.
Louis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Box oil.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Cranbrook Branch)
Meets*   in   Maple    Hull on the 2ml
and 411. Tuesdays In every month, at
S p.m.   Membership open to British
E. y. Brake, Prei.
I.. Pearron,  Secretary
Boi 618
Visiting members cordially welcome
Cranbrook Fernie Farmers'
I*™.—A.   B.  Smith
Sec—Albert H. Webb,
Address—Box f>0T>, ('ranbrook. B. C.
Meetings are  held   Second   Saturday in each month at 2 p.m. ln the
Old Gymnasium.
A. F. _  A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   tbo
third   Thursday   ol   overy
Visiting brethren welcome.
H.  HIcKcnhothatn,  W.M.
J. Lee Cranston, Sec.
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday In
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning    Companions   are   cordially Invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. 0. Shankland, E.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Women's Institute
Meets in the Oarmens' Hall 1st
Tuesday alternoon in every month
at 3 p.m. The fancy work classes
meets on 2nd Friday evening in the
t-*ame place at 8 p. m.
Mrs. E. H. Leaman, President
Mrs.   J.   Shnw.  Sec-Treas.
P. 0. Box 442.
All ladieB cordially invited.
P.L.I.   _   0.1.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Crescent Lodge, No. SI
Moots every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
G. Donahue, C. C.
F. M. Christian, K of R. ft B.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Barristers, Solicitor! and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
CRANBROOK,    -    British Columbia
Civil   and  Mining Engineers—British
Columbia Land Surveyors
Goal mining rights ol the Dominion
lo Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
wost Territories and In a portion of
ths Province ol British Columbia,
may be leased lor a term of twenty*
ons yearo at an annual rontal ol $1
an acre. Not moro than 2,560 sores
wltl bs leased to one applicant.
Application lor a lease must ba
mads by tbe applicant ln person to
tho Agent or Sub-Agent of the district ln which the rlghta applied lor
are situated.
In surveyed territory tho land must
bo described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsur-
voyed territory tbe tract applied lor
shall bs staksd out by the applicant
Each application muBt be accompanied by a fee of 15 which will bs
relunded lf the rights applied for ara
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rato of five cents per ton.
Tho person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, suoh
returns should bo furnished at loaot
once a year.
Tho lease will Include the coal mining rights only, hut the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate ol .10.00 an acre
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion Lands.
NOTICE ifl hereby given that a reserve, the notice of which appeared
in the B.C. Gazette on the 27th of
December, 1907, is cancelled In so far
aa It relates to land covered by expired Timber Licence No. 43070 for
the purpose of issuing Pre-emption
Records covering a portion of same
in favor ot Messrs. Jesse P. Abbott
and Delbert Van Abbott. Thc
mnitider will hi* open to entry by
pre-emption on Friday, the tirst day
of May, 1914, nt S o'clock in the
forenoon; all applications to be made
at the otlice of the Government A-
gent, ('ranbrook.
Deputy Minister ul Lands.
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C.
28th January,  1914.
5-3 mt lis.
W.   W.   CORY.
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication   ol
this advertisement will not bo paid
for.—30690. Jan. 3rd-tf.
P.O. Box 236
Phono Ml
...    B.O.
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
Turnley W. M. Harris
N. G. Sec'y
Circle No.   163
Companions of the Forest
Meets in Carmen's Hall, First and
Third Wednesday of each month at
8:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. A. M. Laurie. C. O
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Sec
Visiting   Companions   cordially   welcome. S€tf
Drs.   KING   ft   GREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ars.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - - 7.30 to   1.30
Sundays - - • 1.10 to   4.10
Oranbrook,     .....    B.O.
Section  48
Notice is hereby given that on the
fcth day of February next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the
transfer of the licence for tbe sale of
liquor by retail in and on the premises known as the Moyie Hotel, situate at Moyle, British Columbia,
from Philip F. Johnston, to JameB
H. Doyle of Cranbrook, British Columbia,
Philip F.  Johnston
holder  of licence.
James H. Doyle,
Applicant for Transfer
Dated this 6th day of Jan. 1914.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbary Avenue Neit ta CIV Hall
Open Day and Night Phoae III
Cranbrook      Lodge
No.     1049
Meeta    every    Wed
neatlay nt  8  p.m.,
ill      Royal     Black
Knights'    Hall
Baker  Street.
Erler, HI tun.
R. S. Garrett, Sec'y
Meeta In Royal  Black Knights Hs.ll
Baker Street
Meeta every 2nd and Ith Thursday
of each montii at If p.m. sharp.
Mra. 1.. Ilaywiird, ree hoc,
W. II. Mm*, niiuiic, chief ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Funeral Director,
P.O. UOX 685
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259
P. O. Box 845
President-O. 11.  Sheppard
Meets regularly on the First Friday
svenlng of each montb.
Information on Poultry matU.*e
Address tbe Secretary—A'. B. Smith
P.O. Box 852, Oranbrook, B.O.
Fort Steele Assessment District'
NOTICE Is hereby given that a
Court of Revision and Appeal under
the provisions of the "Taxation Act'
aud the "Public Schools Act" for
the Fort Steele Assessment District,
wltb respect to tli. assessment rolls
for the year 1914'will be held at the
Government unices, Fernie, B.C., on
Monday 16th February, 1914, at 10
o'clock ln the forenoon, legal time,
and at the Government Oflices, Cranbrook, B.C., on Wednesday, 18th of
February, 1914, at 10 o'clock ln the
forenoon, legal time.
Judgo of thc Court of
Revision and Appeal.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
reserve established by notice published in the British Columbia Gazette
the 27th day of December, 1907,
is cancelled in ao far as it relates
to Timber Licences Nos. 31481, 33411,
34221, 30358, 30502, 26737,
41344, 31201, 31330, 34406, 32711,
21907, 37993, 37922, 37994, 33460,
33459, 2692H, 28183, 22661, 34273,
43176, 32022, 31180, 31184, 31185,
37580, 24432, 23116, 28182, 39353,
34310 and 11347. That said lands
have been surveyed ae Lots 2698,
2699, 2700, 2701, 2702, 2703, 2704, 2705
2706, 2707, 2708, 2709, 2710, 8281a,
8278, 8279, 8281, 8283, 10331
10352, 10353, 10354, 10356,
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Meets lnt and
3rd Thursday in
It o y a 1 Black
Knlghta of Ireland Hall at 8 p.m. sharp. Visitor.)
II. H. Gnrrell, W.  M.
w. Duns tan, Hue Rcc
Dr. de Van'* Female Pills
A rellalila Punch legllUtOjr| nr v_ lalla. Thaal
pill! ata eacccllnifly imweilul In reg-elatlor tht
«fiiet«ll.op,.rll.ii.ultlir.|,,mal!)»v,l_„. iTeluM
all ch-np lmltalii.il.. Or. do Vaa'a aro oold al
He _•_£! ilnee lot llll. Mailed lo any addrata.
tko lookoU lira, «... at. latkwiaoo.Oa.
FB8BNCE or w-o-rr.
Mrs   U.—HOW ioas   your
manage In tho winter whon Ihe aat..
mobile aeulon Is over?
Mrs. W.—Plno.   Ho takes uo bowl.
n.i mi Woo to kill tho pis boys.
The Department of Landa, Forest
Branch, point out to ull holders ol
Timber Licenses that the unntial
forest dues, nnd lease rentals must
tie paid at the Victoria Olllce on or
before the expiry dnte. Thla ia
clearly laid down in the Forest Act,
but a good many licensees are Jeopardizing their holdings by not follow
lug the above Instructions.
11797, ^^^^^
11802   and    11803, Kootenay
District, and  will he opened to entry by preemption on the 1st day
of May,  1914,  at 9 o'clock  in    the
forenoon.     No   Pre-emption Record
will he issued to Include more than
one surveyed  lot,  and  all   applications must be made at the ofllce of
the Government Agent, Cranbrook.
Deputy Minister ot Lands.
Lnnds Department,
Victoria, B.C.
28th January, 1914.
i-8 mths.
11788,     11789,
11793,    11794,
01798.    11799,
The B. C. Residence
To be Erected in London, Eng.
Section is
Uotice Ih hereby given that on tlio
2nd iluy of February next, application wlll he made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police fur tlm
transfer of tho llconco (or tho .ale of
IfqUOr liy retail in ii ml nn the premises known hh tho Palls view Hotel,
Hit unto nt Marynville, iiriti.h Columbia, from John w. Colburn, tu
George Wolcli of Marysvillo, Hrittsii
John w. Colburn,
.miiier of licence,
George Welch,
Applicant lor Transfer
Dated thle (ill. duy
•f .Ihu.  ViH.
NOTICK ik hereby given that thfl
reserve establish*! by notice nub-
Ushed In the British Columbia
Qasette-'on tbe 27th day of December
J 907, in cancelled in ho far au it re
latoa to Timber Licences Nm.. 4142b,
9082 and IIM. nnd tlmt .aid lands
having been surveyed hh Lots 11614,
JU615, 11618, 11019, 11620, 11681, 11626,
11666 mid 11689, Kootenny District,
11661, 11 CM 11, 11682, llt-H.1, lit ki.
11686 nnd 11789, Kootonny Dletrlct,
will be opened to entry by pro-etnp
tlon on tbe lHt dny of Mny, 1914, nt
0 o'clock in tho forenoon, No. pro
eruption record wilt be iHHiied to in
'■hull* more than one surveyed lot,
nud nil applications miiHt ho made
at the ofllco of thc Oovernment a*
..ent, r'l'inle.
It. A. Itl-.NWH'K
l)ii|nity   Minister of Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria, D.O,
until January, 1114.
6  .-    UltllM
The foundation stone nf tne British
Columbia Building in London will be
laid bv H. R, H.  Prince Arthur of
Connaught  Home time  next   m< nth.
The occasion will  lie a notable one,
and the function  of  itself  will  be a
lire advertisement for the  Province,
Hi it ish   Columbia   lias   a   tirst   place
among   the    variottB   Provinces and
Stntes of the Empire In tho opinion
of   thc   Uritish   people,   and   the   beginning of  the construction  of  thi
line  home  for  our  Provincial   representative in tbe   metropolis    Of    the
world  cannot fail to attract atton,
tlon to no ordinary degree.    Tbe location of the building in very central
Situated on  Hcirent   SLn/.t  within  a
short distance of Trafalgar  Sqaure,
and near tho oflices of nil the great
est transportation companies, it will
jo almost Ideally placed.    Ho admirable is Its site, thnt we are informed
.he applications for space  in  it are
jo numerous and at such good rents
tbat   accommodation   for   the   offices
of tbe Agent-General nnd ample show
oms for the display of the resources and products of the Provinco will
Ite secured  for whnt   ,
noderate   rent.     This    site    is    on
Crown land, and is held hy the Province under a ninety nine yenr lease.
The lease and the building will he a
very  valuable asset,  and   tUa   value
wlll Iw constantly appreciating.
Among the advantages to the fn
vince of so fine an official home li:
London wlll he thnt the expanding
business of the Agent-General's office
can he carried on more economically,
more conveniently nnd more efllci.nt-
ly thnn hns heen possible hither. >.
It would be hard to compute the
number of people who puss by the
site of the building every day. They
are numbered hy tteos of thousands
It in equally bard to compute the
number of people who will visit tbnt
nectlon of London for the express
purpose of gaining Information of
lands beyond the sea, To such people there will be afforded by tli*. exhibition roomfl of the Province nn
opportunity to learn something n-
bout Hritisb Columbln, which thoy
might find it exceedingly difficult t 1
discover otherwise, Here also th *y
will find a readimr room iu whlc'
the British Columbia newspapers will
be available, nnd perhaps there is no
better way in which it country cn-*
bo advertised thnn hy Its newBpapi a
There will not only he exhibits 01
•products of the Province, but pic-
torlni representations of what tlo
country iH like, And all these tilings
will be assembled in Ibo very hoari
of London, which ih not only tbo financial and huslnoss centre of tbo
world, hut the centre of information
and Inquiry as well.
It was a very wise and far-sighted
Idea which lod Rli Richard McRrldfl
fo propose to bin collogues tbnt such
11 site should he acquired uud such u
building should tie pul up In London.
In some respects thin mav ho snld
tO he one of tl)C heel of l'1" MUHIV
progressive  nets   tlml   have   made   np
the record of the present nd minis
tratlon, it will bo n greal and 11
striking advertisement, uud those ate
dnys when every country must ndver
Use. The Loglslnt.ure was quick to
see  tb«  advantage of  the   proposed
ivo have heard no seriousl turn on tho "full lighting
criticism of it. In tills connection Itl would be turned on anyway,
is wortli mentioning that such an Iml have also noticed the
portant step as this is bus been
passed by ns if it wer.' an incident
of ordinary routine In the adminis
tra tion of the affairs of British Columbia, instead o( being, as it really
is, a step of exceedingly great im*'.
portnncc. The only explanation of
this is that the public have become'
So accustomed to nets of vigorous j
policy on the pnrt of thc present ail-j
ministration, that they Imve come tc
take everything as a n atter of
Any  reference to this   new    undertaking    would    be    incomplete  if n »
mention   wee   made   of our present
Agont General,   whose successful  administration tif the affairs of his of
flee. haH made   it   evident   lhat    the
time is ripe for action along broader
lines,   in Mr. Turner; «_«itish Oolumbla has on • of the most faithful and
loyal of all ber public men.    As Pre
mier of the  Province he exhibited  a
fine appreciation  of  its possibilities
and a statesmanlike courage In grapp
ling with problems which were largo
and   serious  for   thoso days.    Au  A
gent (J-neral  be has    added    tn    tin1
debt of obligation  which  tbo i.e..pie
of tbis province owe tn him. and wi
express   the   hope   of   everyone   when
we say thut It  will be a happy con
summation to n lout, and honorable
public career  when  he  [S  installed  in
the  British  Columbln   Building,    the
necessity for which bo has dom
a Utile ia demonstrating.
ITS"  and   that   there  is  not  a
in thc building.
When you go to the ' REX"
nro paying for safety, comfort
hi ch class entertainment—and
get it.
iml i
Did you ever go to n Moving Pic
ture Show and after the lights were
turned out you fell as if you were
-dint in a dark and dismal dungeon;
also you wondered what would hap
pen in ense of fire?
Was the Lighting system so ar
ranged   that    should    the   operator
loi.se  llis   proscm f   mind  and   for
gol to switch on tbo lights und you
be left In darkness, you would then
he knocked down and trnmpled on In
the panic (hat would follow; tt* when
Intermission    en tno    and     the    light-
were turned on again yon woro Hit
ue   Hint   was  n
iccurod to yon
•y"   Cetlaiulv
■ ihui soft nnd
light    al     all
ting  beside of somoi
stirprlso to you.
Thoso thiiik's never
'it the ■■HI.X" did lh
not, there was a I wav
mellow glow of Hofl
timo* that coiiieu from modern Til ont
Meul lighting, you cnn at nil times
look over the audience nnd And some
oue you are looking ("I  mid   ..hen  in
tormissloii cams the bouse was light
ed up as bright n 1 day.
Vou nlso know tbnt should n nro
occur in the operating room 11 would
not become known to the audience,
boeauso ol the up-to date automatic
lire shutters on tho machine room,!
ami    should    the  operator  forget  l"j
5,000 Facts about
Bo you know Cannda?      A    novel
and unique mine of information is .to
he   found    in   the   popular   booklet,
5000 Facts About Cnnada, just issued
for 1914,    and   compiled   by    Frank
Yt'igb,  the well known statistical  authority   on   t'.iiii'.'s  Canadian,    This
new edition shows a marked increase
of new data, n handsome cover, a revised map. and improved pnper.   Tho
publication  contains   all   the   cssen-
tial  fact--' of Canada's progress in a
year,    under   such    chapter  heads  as
Agricu'l ire,   Area,   I! inking,   . i nsu.t,
1 Mining,   Manufacturing,  Trade,   etc.,
while Htriki.-M   tables of comparison
present  u measuring rod of our national  development.    Its wide clrcu-
I latlon  ht easily understood  -Alien its
i value is realized, for It presents tbe
Dominion In n nut Bhell n ready t**;-
erence encyclopedia of facts and fig
tires,    11 may be had by sending 2"._
to  The   Canadlnn   Facts   Publishing
Co.,   588   Huron    St.,  Toronto,   or
from news dealers.
School Board Meeting
The Bchool Board meeting for the
month of February was held nt the
City Hall last Friday evening, those
present being H. White, J. P. Fink,
John Laurie, M. Qualn, W, M. Wilson, and Secretary Roberts,
The miniiles of the Inst regular
meeting were read and on motion
adopted as ruad.
A communication from A. H. Webb
regarding special high school certificates necessary for doing extra work
was read and on motion of Mr. Fink
and Mr. Wilson it was decided that
lh. (6 necessary for securing the cer-
titicates be paid by the board.
A communication from F. G, Dexter asking for nn increase of salary
foi special worl. was read and the
opinion being that no increase could
be made for the balance ol the present term, Chairman White was authorized to Interview Mr. Dexter regarding tbo sami *
A communication regarding children
carrying lunches to school on severe
days wns read and the secretary authorized to reply stating that tne
hoard was taking tho matter up.
The hoc rotary wns Instructed to communicate with Principal Cranston
asking him to exercise leniency and
ronsonnblonoHfl in this rogard io nil
oases during  inclement wenlher.
(in motion i,' Qunln nml Laurie,
tin janitor wnn Instruct id to remain
■il In- BCllOOl building between L2
o'clock noon uii'l 1,80 p. m during
school days. .
The sec rotary was Instructed toad
dress a communication to the police
commission calling then attention
lo the fncl thai minors are tfjcurlng
tobneco nnd especially c(garottes In
tho elty and are also often soon frequenting pool rooms, and asking the
commission to request  the police to
take steps to rei ly this serious evil
t a
The first quarterly
meeting of the Cranbrook District Conservative Association will
be held in the Committee Rooms, at Cranbrook, on the evening
of Feby. 17th, at 8.30.
All  Conservatives
are invited to attend.
_l_!S!_l  ■-   ■ . . •  :; ._.-....-
Grand Opening—
of the
Cranbrook, B. C.
Monday, Feb. 16, 1914
Do not forget to visit the much talked
about (.rill in the Hanson Building (under
the Royal Bank).
BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCH from 11.30 a.m., 40c
Music from S.M) until 11.30 p. m,
Family and Private Dinners: also Club Banquets provided
on short notice
Salvation Army Hall
Hanson &v_tiu«
Commanding Officers
Cni'tuin nnd  Mrs, Onrruthors
3   p.m. -—Sunday   School  nml   Adult
Bible elnn. ,
7._o p.m.—Open Air sorvlco at  the
Crnnbrook Hotel.
8 p.m.—Oospol Meeting In Citadel,
The following nlHeert. will be commissioned at  the evening service-
Mrs. Cox, corps Sergeant Major
Mrs.  Orr, jun,  Bergoant Major
Mrn. Wynne, junior Sergeant
Penrl Orr, Junior Treasurer,
Presbyterian Church
Rev, w. Kelmnn Thomson
Morning Service U a.m.
Bubject- Studies Ln the Life of the
Jesus: "The Joy ol  lesus."
B.B. nntl Bible Class at 8 nm.
Evening service 7..0 p.m.
Subject -Questions tl al disturb
mnny minds "What ih thetr in God
to fear."
Mnl w.'CK Bervh n Tueshay evening nt >. p.m.
Literary and Del sting Society to
meet on Wednesday evening nt h pm,
Choir Lender—Mrs.  E.   Patterson
Org&nlct—Mr. H.  Stephens
"The Lord will give strength unto
His people the Lord will ■ less His
peoplh with peace."
For Sale Rents & Wants
Any person wanting a good Pri-
vate or Maternity Nurse. Have
good references. Phone 415 or write
Hox   '.17. 3-4t«
FOUND—Gold Locket with picture ol
little girl Inside. Owner can have
same by applying at this office and
paying for this advert.
Twenty-live second-hand Sewing
Machines for Sale on monthly payments, some of them cabinets. All
overhauled and in good condition.
From $5.00 lip, Sinner Store, phone
i.'7, 4-tf,
EXCHANGE- Will exchange surrey
for Hinh|p buggy with tongUS. Apply at ProBpertnr Office. 7
LOST—Spectacle (rams with on
glass, by s stranger In the city.
If found, kindlj  leave at prospec-
tOI      "i"'
WORK WANTED -If vou have any
odd Jobs that you want done Immediately call phone I. and ask
for C. QaHamnre 7
Baptist Church
ltev. (j.  n, Kendall
Services li.no a.m. nnd 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School, 8.00 p.m.
Fellowship nible # lass, 8.00 |i m.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday at J..0U
Ti plea for discourses will bo "Tbi
Fatherhood nl Clod" in tho morning
In thc evening "Eternal Life."
Oood   singing    eheerfjil    meetings,
an-   chaructorlst Ic   nf      sorvlcos,
You  an- cordially  tt .jtfld  to attend.
Methodist Church
ltev. w. Elson Dunham
Sunday services The Pastor will
prflneb nl   11 u.m. und 7,30 (T.m.
FOB SALE On easy terms, two
Brunswick Balke Poo] Tables, al
most new, with all accessories com
plete, These tables can be bought
for |io 00 cash, and balance at
..in.un per month without Interest,
Apply It. P. Johnson, li"* 708 oi
phone -if.-* 71
LOST—On or about the Inst week in
January, a Oold Watch, having a
white dial with nine, markings, fancy hack and plain hlark fob ft'
tarheil, finder will lie suitably re
warded on returning name to the
Prospector Ofllce 7
At. the Edison theatre noxt we_k
there will be tome remarkable and
novel pictures, fix reels will he
Shown each even in i', BCr.fl.B_ heauti*
lul dramas and comedies,
Local News
See ino about that picture which
yon are nbout to have framed. 80
samples of mouldings to choose from
Rev. W. K. Thompson spent a few
days in Spokane this week.
W. Bassett of Montreal, was a
guest at the Oranbrook Friday.
Today is Valentine Day, have you
sent, or received your valentine.
Dr. Barb*, of Fernie, wus In town
Monday, the guest <( Dr, V. B. Miles
W, Green of Kimherley, was iu the
city Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. P, .Jensen of Wasa.
were Cranbrook visitors Friday.
Mrs. and Miss Stark of Crcston,
were Cranbrook  visitors  Wednesday,
Roy Sharp of -Nelson, was In the
city Wednesday,
E. L. Ta>lor of Spct.ane, was reg
istered at the Cranbrook Wednesday.
0, H. McDougal ol Kimberley, man
ager of the Sullivan mines, was Ln
town Wednesday m^eompany business
With but six decrees of frost the
weather clerk has boen very kiud to
the residents iu the banana belt,
They may close up on Sunday, but
it dos'nt stop a lot of people from
getting on their skate*-- on that day,
The ■•! sho,ild Worry Club," com
posed of blgb school students en
joyed a sleigh ride Thursday evening
We handle only fresh killed
choice stock and our meats
are the best to be had
give us a trial.  Cranbrook
Meat Market   Phone
It may be that your eyes
becoming weak and you are
fraid to acknowledge it. Thai
is the way with a good mnny
people, both old and young.
The young, particularly, seem
afraid to admit, their failing
Bight, but it is no novelty
nowadays uud certainly no dis
grace, We Vill remedy any de
[ectlvo eyosjgbt and guarantee
satisfaction, Delays are dun
geroue—'Cot-ie   Today.
Jewelers fr' Opticians
Cranbroolt,    -    -    B, C.
N. Hanson is now en-.aged in hauling brick for the erection of a two
story building on Fenwick  Avenue.
The prospect o( a "solid thirteen"
(or British Columbia, at the next
general election looks rosy.
P. B. Kekhardt of Kellog, Idaho,
was registered at the Cranbrook on
J, McTavish of Bull River, proprie
tor of the Tourist Hotel, was in the
city Monday.
All members of Key City Lodge,
I.O.O.F. are requested to be present
on Monday night at 8 p.m. Busioess
third degree and social.
W. Doty of Vancouver, representing the Remington Typewriter Co.,
was in the City several days this
wet .i on company  business.
Wrs. J. D. Gllmour, Armstrong
Avenue, will receive next Tuesday,
February 17th, and on the third
Tuesday ol each month in future.
A game of hoc key on Tuesday
night at the Arena rink between Fernle and Cranbrook was won by Cran
brook with a score of 6 to 5.
THe ice anb fuel man has two laughj
coming. Tbe cold weather makes a
brisk demand for fuel, anb yet makes
tine ice tor the hot summer.
Not satisfied with supplying ub
■.nth butter, a New Zealand hen has
come over and won the international
egg-laying contest  in Victoria.
Is this so'.1 Brier. Lowry, of the
Greenwood Ledge, says that sewing
machines has done more for women
than all the preachers in tbe world,
A funny thing happened at the Auditorium on Friday night, was the
hesitation wait?., yet the young folk
danced it without the slightest hem
SAUSAGES-Fresh Daily
We make them on the
premises and we recommend them.    Cranbrook
Meat Market.  Phone
Mrs, David A. Sutherland will receive at her home on Hanson Avenue, on Wednesday, February lfltb
from 4 to 6 p.m.. and theivnlter on
the third Thursday of each montb,
U. L, T, Oalbralth, A. Doyle, and
li. Warden of Fort Steele, were at
tbe Cranbrook Tuesday, The party
were returning from n business trio
to Fernle, and were enroute to Steele.
The announcement of a million dol
lar prize for a trip round the world
in au aerial (light,'is enough to make
a newspaper mnn wish that his j-n-
per bad a circulation ol a million,
The Dance given by the frnnbrook
Dancing Club on Thursday evening
was largely attended, and a general
good time was enjoyed by all; tho
music was furnished by tho Cran,
brook  niche.int.
Prices Cut
in Two
See Our
F. Parks & Co
Hardware and House
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where It Pays to Deal"
Cranbrook       -       B. C.
the Liberal Condi tions, and
Low Monthly Premium Hates
uf thu
POMOJEB ol tho
Policies Written   mnl Indemnities
Paid direot from thU olllce.
PRED, W. SWAIN, lien. Agent
Agents Wanted
People Should Guard Against
Cranhrook people who have atom-
och ami bowel trouble should Kimnl
agahiHt appendicitis hy Inking elm-
pic buckthorn hark, glycerine, etc.,
aa compounded tn Ailler l-ka, thc
Horman mildly which became lamoua
hy curing appendicitis. A HINIII.H
I10HK rollcvea aour atomuch, gas on
the Htomach null cnnatlpatlnii IN
HTANTI.Y barnum: thia -Imple mil
ture nntlaeptlclzea the digestive- organs anil drawn nd tbe Itnpnrltlea.
Ileattle   Murphy Oo. 43 Jt
Miss Lottie Fyles, tho winner of
the C.C.8. plan, contest, desires to
express her moBt sincere thanks to
the many fri-.*nd« who bu staunchly
worked fnr hcr during the Hold contest.
The Parcel Pust wout Into operation "ii Tuesday. Tho licit packet
was a handsome leather hag nnd wna
dispatched to Hla Royal HlghnosB,
the Duko .>f Connaught, by _. P.
Pellet ier, postmnstor general,
8. A. Fletcher .>( Victoria, provln
dal govornmont Inspector spout «ev
oral daya lhis weok In Oranbrook In-
npocting tbe govornmont offices, He
lound overythlng In a "..wi aatlsfac
tory condition.
The funeral of Mra, Whitehead, who
died in Lethbrldge hospital, Fohru
,,i v 6th, waa held In tho Roman t'n
(imiii- Church, Moylo, on Monday
last. Thc deceased loaves a husband
tour rn.hh, and live daughters i
m.Mint tier Iosh.
Fresh killed grain-fed Pork
at the Cranbrook Meat Market.   Phone   -   -    -   -
Borne Bpeclal foaturos will bo put
on the screen at tho Edison Theatre
overy night nest weok, among those
listed aro "Hunting Hip .mme ut
lho North Pole;" "A Puritan HptB-
ode'-; "The Struggle" and "HUVtair
of Triumph." A number nf drama
mid comedya will .also be shown.
Attention Conservatives—Do not
forget the eenoral meeting of local
ConBervativer that wlll he held in
Manning's hall on Tuesday February, 17th.
We hear a great deal about thc
coBt of high living, and we might
call the attention of the people of
Canada to the following:—So long as
the peopla of the United States go
and spend .200,000,000 on the movies
$400,000,000 on candies, and $1,000,008
on liquor, they should not expect a
reduction in thc tariff ot $50,000,000
to count much in lowering the cost
of living.
On Monday morning the tire brigade responded to an alarm sent out
irom tiie C.P.R. station, caused -----./ a
tire in a coach standing on a side
track, a switch engine was coupled
to the car and run down to the depot, wher-1 the flames were soon extinguished. The cause of the fire was
an overheated stove, the damage was
about $100.00
The grand opening of the "Kootenay Grill" will take place on Monday next, February 16th, The Merchants' lunch will be a specialty;
and fraternal societies, and clubs,
will he able to have Biipper or banquets provided, at short notice. Joe
Uvanni is having some music in the
evening and the supper partaken of
should be that much better.
Attention - Conservatives—Do not
forget the genernl meeting of local
Conservativer that will be held in
Manning's hall on Tuesday February, 17th.
There are few cities in this province where the stores present a
more pleaHing appearance of their respective places of business than ('ran
brook, and such pride is certainly
commendable. That is not all. They
carry good, clean stocks, for fair
dealing draws a Hplendid patronage
from the surrounding district,
Over 20,fii)o meals have so far been
provided to the unemployed in Toronto by the Salvation Army. O,-
5,000 men have also accepted the Army's invitation to slrtjp on the Iloor
in oue of their hulls. Destitute families were provided with 27'. baskets
of food during the month of January
and in the same period 1516 pieces of
clothing were given to deserving applicants
A. Vi. Bennett, of the Dank of Commerce left on Monday for Creston
where he will take charge, as manager of the local branch of, the Hank
in that city.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mathews returned Thursday from au extended visit
to Mr. Mathews old home at Kort
William. They report having a very
pleasant visit.
A large number of Cranbrook lies
attended a Valentine dance at Fort
Hteele on Friday night.
Attention Conservatives—Dn not
forget the general meeting nf local
OoiiBcrvatlvor that will bo hold In
Manning's hnll nn Tuesday February, mil.
P. O. Box 801 Craabrook, B.O
Feb'y 16 to 21, inclusive
Supported by his own Company
in a complete change of program
each evening, with Wed. & Fri.
Opening Monday, Feb. 16th, in
Night Prices: 25c, 50c, 75c.
Matinee Prices: 10c 25c
Seats on sale now and daily at Beattie-Murphy's store
^,|.,|..|..| H^l 11111 I 111 I l-H-•M-'H-*-'H*+-M,+++'l-.(-H-M-M-H-
A Charter has been opened in
Cranbrook for membership in
of the Dominion of Canada
which will remain open until a
membership of   50  has been
The fee is $20.00.
For further information and Membership Applications, enquire of
4i at the Royal Hotel
within the reach of all
That Alcoholism is a disease is
now recognised by Science. No man
in his senses, brings disgrace and
ruin on himself and family through
Alcura stops the craving (or drink
builds up the system, steadies the
nerves. It is guaranteed to cure or
benefit or money refunded after n
fair trial. Alcura No. 1 can be given
secretly by any wife or mother wanting to restore a dear one to health
and usefulness. Alcura No. 2 is the
voluntary treatment.
Can he had at our store only $1,00
per box. Ask for our free booklet a-
bout Alcura.
Brattle-Murphy Co., Ltd., Druggists,  Cranbrook,  B.C. 42-2.
Sine* T-klng 61N PILLS
Lyons Brook, N.S., Feb. 36th.
••You ire perfectly free to nu iny
name in any way to benefit GIN I'I I.I.S,
for ther deserve the highest praise.
My back bus never troubled me since
taking IHN I'll,I.S, and my wife feela
much better after taking OIN PI .US
for her back. Bhe thinks OIN PILLS
will make a complete cure."
CIN PILLS will always relieve Lame
Hack, Sciatica iu Hack and Legs,
Rheumatism, liurning aud .Scalding
Urine, Painful Urination, Weak or
Strained Kidneys, and always prevent
taking cold iu the kidneys aud bladder.
Every box is sold with a positive
guarantee to give prompt relief or
money refunded. 50c. a box, 6 for
Jj.50. Sample free If you write
National Drug aud Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, Toronto. 177
"Mrs. Jones' drew coat Mr hub
bund $150."
7m fUdo-.tr
Trains Nos. 11 and 12
to be
Last train Westbound, Feb. 4th
Last train Eastbound, Feb. 6th
Consult local Ticket Agent as
to re-arrangement of schedules.
R. Dawson,
District Passenger Agent,
Your Home
Will bo out! tbat. you can look
forward to with much added
delight If, upon returning all
fagged nut from your day'H
work, your wife can Imve reud-
y for you a bottlo of
X Port Stout
Then you will most fully appreciate this Btrcnthcnln'g brow
It will restore your energy,
furnish needed stimulation to
the tirod body nnd put you In
a frame of mind to respond to
the pleasant reception awaiting you.
Thc use ol Kerrigan's XPort
Btotlt In the homo spells
good nature, good indigestion
nnd good Bloop, Let us supply
you with a case.
. '.Ml per case of a doz. pints
James Kerrigan
Cranbrook, - B.C,
Attention Oonwrvatlvos— Do not
forget tho genorn.1 mooting of local
Coneervattver thnt will ho hold in
Manning'" hall on Turn-day February nu..


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