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The Prospector Nov 15, 1913

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Array We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Leases and
Guarantee Vou a Fit
The   Leading  Newspaper
in  the
$2.00 Per Year
NOVEMBER  15th,  1913
No.  IC
Meeting of the Board
of Trade
The Oranbrook Board ol Trade met
la tba Olty Hall on Tuesday evening
Harold Darling acted aa chairman,
and J, Ryan as secretary pro tem.
Many subjects ol importance to the
city and district were discussed. It
waa suggested tbat tbe Board ahould
again approach the C, P. R. ln relation to the building of a branch line
to Waaa, or some other point on the
Kootenay Central, from Cranbrook.
Btrong representations will be
made to tho Dominion Oovernment
asking lor nn oiperlmental farm to
be established at Cranbrook.
Barrister W. F. Ourd sent ln bis
resignation aa president ol the Cranbrook Board ol Trade.
A Wonderful Invention
During an experiment with a new
invention which tba British Admiralty ia tasting, a warship off Portsmouth waa blown to pieces by wireless. The ship on which the experiment waa made waa the Terpsichore.
a third class cruiser ol 3,480 tons
which now Ilea ln the dock wltb bar
lower part blown completely out. It
ta not thought that the Invention
has any connection with the "F"
rays, which was discovered by Mul-
Iva, who la an Italian, but tbere is
• great similarity. Details ol tbe
Invention are kept a close secret. Tbe
Terpsichore waa towed to Btokea
Hay, and from a battleship eight
miles away, ahe waa blown up by the
wireless ray or spark. Whan the experiment waa carried out there waa
a rast upheaval ot water. Wrecking
tuga. whlcb were in waiting rushed
to tha assistance ot the Tersicbore
Immediately attar tba explosion occurred, and by pumping, mknagad to
heap her afloat until the docks were
reached la aalety.
The Allen_Players
The Allen players, who bave been
at the Auditorium during thle week,
delighted tae audience with their
opening bill "Green Stockings" -with
Miss Felton as leading lady and Mrs
P. R. Allen supported her etrcngly
the compaiy ctme up to their oh
standard and tbe full anticipations
of the theatre going public ol Cranbrook. On Tuesday they presented
"The Gamblers" and on Wednesday
night "Get Rich Quick Walllngford"
a sparkling collection of humorous
situations kept tbe audience in roars
ol laughter. The entire enst ol the
Allen Players ls used ln this production. In the second net the launching of the great "carpet Industry"
was a financial scheme of great Interest, nnd the mrrnncr tn which the
citizens ot Battleshurg lell for stock
In the tack company was a clear caae
of stock jobbing. P. R. Allen, ns the
Mayor of Battlesburg,. and Mrs. Allen
as Bessie Meekes, were greeted wltb
loud and frequent applause. Mies
Felton as Walllngford'a private secretary captivated tbe large audisne*.
Norman Feusier as Walllngford, and
Irving Kennedy aa Blackie Daw, ra
manipulators of stock showed how
easy It was for the 'crook' to make
the stock-buyer part with hla cash.
The "Spendthrift" waa played on
Thursday night to a large audience.
It le an Interesting study of married
lite. Richard Ward, a wall street bus
lness man finds himself bankrupt in
trying to satisfy the extravagant
tastes of hla wife, who, driven to dee
peratton by the situation of her husband, brought on hy ber spendthrift
ways, make a desparate effort to
leave her husband only to be discovered; and so facing a still worse
accusation, the husband brings to bis
wife's chamber the man be suspects,
only to find that be was mistaken
and hla wife leaves him to his misery
Big Sale of Pure Bred Cattle
The Provincial Government assists the
Rancher and Dairymen
Although the disposal in British
Columbia of cattle brought ln by the
provincial government Irom Ontario
and as far east as Quebec, may result in some cases in building up
some portions of the province aa
dairying centres the chlel object ol
the government in giving ranchers on
opportunity to purchase grade cows
at reasonable prices hi to Induce t.i
rancher who is giving his attention
almost entirely to fruit or some one
branch ot agriculture, to keep sufficient cattle to supply milk and butter tor himself nnd his family explained H. Rive, who has bcen In the
city this last week arranging lor tbe
sale of 35 fine bead ot cattle wbicb
actually took place on Thursday, on
tbe Agricultural grounds at Cranbrook.
Mr. Rive stated further that It is
believed lt every rancher in the province produced his own milk, cream,
and butter, the imports of dairy produce to British Columbia would im-
medlatelyshow a very heavy decrease
and it ls chiefly witb tbls idea in
view tbat the government since last
August baa brought in nnd sold a-
bout 500 cattle In various parts ot
tb. province.
The cattle sold here woro chiefly
Ayrshiros nnd all had been thoroughly tested by officials r. the Dominion
livestock branch and given clean bills
ol health, having been lound clear of
tuberculosis and otber diseases.
Mr. W. T. McDonald, Live Stock
Commissioner, with Mr. H. Rive bis
deputy, personally superintended thc
sale of thc cattle on Thursday. Mr.
McDonald, during tbe sale reviewed
the descriptions"! tbe various cattle
as received Irom their lorrner owners
for tbe purchaser's knowledge.
The sale was conducted by Jamea
A,,. Arnold, auctioneer, ol Oranbrook,
who by the aid ol bit, hammer gold
the entire 35 cattle at prices ranging
from $45.00 to 1110.00.
There was a very representative
gathering ot ranchers and dairymen
present from all round tbe diatrict.
Mr. McKenalo Morrison was the
purchaser of the highest price cow,
a pure Ayrshire, paying *110.f_ for n
very tine animal.
I Mr. J. Dart-tide paid .100.00 lor n-
nother splendid cow; aleo Mr. P. G,
Ebbutt paid (100.00 for No. 13 in the
catalogue. The pricen run. uii in the
neighborhood of *?0.00, except tor
the heifers which were sold ut correspondingly lower prices. From a
hueinetn, point of view, both the government and the purchasers were tmt.-
itttle.l with their hnrtmtnt,.
The provincial government are to
be congratulated on thetr crtortK to
piomote tbe Agricultural interente of
the province, nnd the .lie of high
grade stock is a step in the right
direction. The Government in considering the advisability of procuring
and selling a large number of high
grade bogs,
Wc give below a list of the various
animals sold with the purchase price
and buyer.
3 years,
3 years,
3 years,
3 years,
6 years,
3 years
7 years,
4 yeara,
6 years,
4 years,
3 yeara,
5  yearn,
5 yeara,
6 years,
4 years,
B yeara,
5 years,
3 years,
19.   3 years,
due  April   15th,   Irom   heavy   milking
Sold for (45.00; buyer F. R. Morris
due April 80th, bred to pure Ayrshire
bull, milking.
Bold lor $55.00; buyer A. Rider
due April 10th. bred to pure Ayrshire
bull, milking.
Bold for (55.00; buyer E. H. Small
' due April 10th, bred to pure Ayrshire
bull, milking.
Sold tor (60.00; buyer Ben Kerr
due in early spring, milking well.
Hold lor (100.00; buyer J. Oartslde
due tn May, bred to pure Ayrshire bull,
Hold lor $60.00* buyer A. Doyle
due January let, milking.
Sold lor (00.00; buyer Oeo. Tlsdale
due In winter, cf good milking strain.
Sold for (80.00; buyer W. B. Bargett
due ln May, bred to pure Ayrshire bull,
^Holt for (90.00; buyer E. H. Small
not bred, of a very good strain, milking
Sold for (60.00; buyer Mission Father
due ln wlntor, bred to pure Ayrshire bull.
Bold lor (65.00; buyer H. Griffith
due In March, bred to  pure Ayrshire
bull, milking.
Sold for (110.00; buyer Mr. Morrison
due in April, bred to pure Ayrshire bull,
milking well.
Sold for (100.00; buyer P. G. Ebbutt
due In winter, bred to pure Ayrshire
bull, milking.
Sold for (86.00; buyer Nila Hanson
due in spring, from extra good milk.
Ing atock.
Sold for (85.00; buyer B. Palmer
due in March 2Mb, bred to pur* Holsteln
bull, milking.
Bold tor (85.00; buyer Mission Father
due In March, bred to pure Ayrshire bull
Sold lor (75.00; buyer A. Rider
due lo May, bred to pure Ayrshire bull,
milking woll.
Hold lor (90.00; buyer A. Staples
dire   in   early    spring,   bred   to   pure
Ayrshire bull.
Sold tot (70.00; buyer A. Doyle
80. 3 years, due in    early   spring,   bred   to    pure
Ayrshire bull.
Sold for (65.00; buyer Folrbairn Bros
81. 2 years, due April 10th, of heavy milking stoek.
Sold fot (55.00; buyer A. K. Leitch
82. 2 years, due April 17th, of heavy milking stock.
Bolt for (56.00; buyer A. K. Leitch
83. 2 yeara, due ln May, bred to pure Guernsey bull,
from a very large cow.
Bolh for (60.00; buyer A. J.illifT.*
21.   2 years, due in May, bred to pure AyrBhiro bull.
Sold lor $55.00; buyer W.A.Ohiaholm
25. 8 years in spring, due ln early summer, of good
milking stock.
Sold lor $45.00; buyer A. Doyle
26. 1 years in spring, due ln early summer, ot good
milking atock.
Bold toa $55.00; buyer T. E. Austin
27. 2 years, due In spring, unregistered, but ol pure
Sold lor $50.00; buyer H. Oiiftlth
28. 3 years in spring, due In early summer, bred to
pure Ayrshire bull.
Solh for $55.00; buyer A. Doyle
19.   I years, due April 7th, ol heavy milking stock,
bred to pure Ayrshire bull.
Sold for $65.00;  buyer H.  Uriflith
30. I years, due April 1st, ol henvy milking stock,
bred to pure Ayrshire bull
Bold lor $55.00; buyer P.  Hundley
31. 2 years, due April Uth, ol heavy milking Block.
bred to puro Ayrshire bull.
Sold for $55.00; buyer W. T. Awmiiek
31.   ! years, due April 7th, of heavy milking stock,
bred to pure Ayrshire bull.
Hold lor (60.00; buyer Mission Father
38.   1 years, due April llth, of heavy milking stock.
bred to pure Ayrshire bull.
Bold tor (66.00; buyer P. Q,   Ebbutt
34.   1 years, due In early aprlng,  ol good Holsteln
blood, trom  dam of Bl?c and  milking
Hold for (70.00; buyer A. Jolii.
33. 1 years, due In early aprlng of gr>od Holsteln
blood, from dam of size nnd milking
Sold for (85.00; buyer W.A.Hamilton
fhe total receipts of tbe aale amounted to (2370.00.
The reconciliation is one ol tho big
scenes In the play.
"Tbe Dawn ol Tomorrow" waa
played on Friday night to tbe largest audience ol the week, tke house
being packed to tbe doors.
Meeting of_Foresters
Court Cranbrook No. 8948 ol the
Ancient Order ol Foresters held their
regular meeting on tbe Uth, in tbe
Carmen' sHall. The attendance was
fairly good and several important
ltema ot busineaa were brought up lor
discussion. Two new candidates ware
added to the roll bring the number
well up to the 100 mark,
After tbe meeting several membera
rendered nonga and gave speeches all
together they bad a good time*.
It ia Interesting to note that the
Ancient Order of Foresters, whoae o-
prrationa now extend to every civilized country in the world, baa a
membership ol 2,200,000 members,
making it the largest and one ol the
oldest institutions of its kind ln the
Track laying on tbat aeetlon ol tbe
Kootenay Central Railway south ol
Hptllimncblue haa commenced and
wlll be rushed with all possible ex
pedltlon. Huttlcient steel lor eliteen
miles of track la at Uolden.
One ot tbo happiest ot all royal weddings thnt Imve been solenmltod In the lillle Chapel Itoyal of the Pul. co
at St JameB was tbtit of Prlnco Arthur of CouuuugUt and Prlncoss fUuxundrn Victoria, Duchess of fife.
Besides King (leorge, Queen Mury, Queen Mothor Alexandra, tliu King mul Queen of Norway, Princess Patricia
•f l__uaugbt and other royal relatives of tbo couple to the titimbur of i, trail',* or more, the congregation constHted of
members of tbe Diplomatic Corps, of tbo llrltlsh Cabinet and of the royal households and of a tew distinguished
parsons wbo bad he*, wpwclally honored. ._ 	
Bury in a Hurry
Vice President Oeorge J. Bury ol
the Canadian Pacific railway, paid a
flying visit to Cranbrook on Thurs
dny morning, lie arrived In tba
morning and s| .nt but a abort time
In the city. Tbe present trip Is more
In tbe way ol an Inspection over the
Crow line; with Mr. Bury were Hon.
D. C. Cameron, Lieutenant Oovornor
ol Manitoba; Oeorge V. Hosting..,
managing director of the lako of thc
Woods Milling Co.; nnd J. O. Bulll-
van, chief engineer of western lines.
The party left in Mr. Hury'B special
train about 10-30 over the Crow p.y a-
Dr. Wilfred T. Oreufell, lhe wol
known mbrsluniirt* und explorer, will In
.ranch ll. Rujti's' lie,,' mnn whet   lit
ninrrlra Mln, Jo-ale W   Wlls in *."
-onihi'i '.V,
Elraor 0. Brewer Snd Misa Kltti
llolle'ntiacll. both nl Fort Steele
were quietly married at the Metho
dlst Tarsonnire, on Wednesday after
noon, November 12th. Rev. W 8,
Uunham officiated.
Mr. nn.l Mr..  Rrewpr wtll reside at !
Fort  Hteele.
A   quiet   but   very   pretty   wedding |
took   place nt   the  residence  ol  Mr  ;
umi  Mra.  O. 'powotl,  on  Wednesday
oftornoot!,   whon   tho   Rev,   v>\   K,
Thomson of the PreBbytortnn church,!
united In marriage Mr   Frnnk  Leslie ;
I'nrke tn  Miss    JoBephlne   Harrison
Hogers.    Min-   Florence   Bolau   acted
as   bridesmaid  and    Mr,  G.   Bruce J
llrown   hh   groomsman.    Tho   newly ]
married  couple left   on  tho  "Flyer" I
for Hpoknne, enroute to Chicago, be- I
fore returning t,, Crnnbrook thoy .vill
visit California,  beimr absont  nbout
nix  weeks.
Mr. Parks in nne nt the proprietors
of the Parks and Co., hardware .1 al
era, nnd Is well known nn.l respected
hy Cranbrook people, bavlng bc n
lure .uee the construction of tbo
Crow Line. Mrs. rurks is nlso well
known having resided here for nearly
two years.
Schoolboys in Trouble
j On the public school ^roim.ls on
[Thursday two boys, ont- Allan Brown
tbe other a Chinese lad, got into a
dispute caused by playing with u
long wire, the wire making thu
Drown ,>oy in tho face, Brown struck
tho Cn.nese lad nnd a .scrap followed
tbe China hoy petting thc worrit oi
the fight. Tne Chinese boy saying
that he had had enough, then the
Brown boy struck him again, at th.s
the China boy got our his pocket
knife and -tabbed young brown twice
In tho hip and nrm. Tht' wounds are
■  kiddles  at   the   public  school
a  grievance,  Maying  that they
•Iven too much work, and have
t petition signed  by many pro
ig, saying that tbey will Btrike
fOI    s
horter hours of study
Overseas Dance
Thursday next, November 20th,
win bu a dance in tho Carmen
given  !..   the   members of  the
seas  Cl b,   for   which   the  pri'i >■
Ifl 7:
eta !>•■!' co i| lo, Indies onlv 85cu,
: mush  will bc provided an well
as i
good Lime for everyone attend
No ticketB are to be sold, yon
at  the door.    Refresh men ts •.'•111
be fl
ervod,    Dancing fit  9 p.m.
/// a  y   •  .dA'*
(-.._,_-.■.     .     "" .     '..   .__ _■•; A
One Week, Commencing Mon., Nov. 17th
The Distinguished Comedian
in Modern Plays
Monday—"The House Next Door"
Tuesday—"'lhe Great John Ganton"
Wednesday—"Barriers Burned Away"
Thursday   "The Boss"
Friday—"The Goldmine"
Saturday—"The Family"
Special Saturday Matinee
"la,!.tic   Lord   Fum-it .er-oy"
ilt .00 p   III
POPULAR PRICES: 25c, 50c, 75c
Seats on Sale ;il Be. ttic-Murph)  Co's Store THL PROSPECTOR, CIUNBROOK, BRlTlJ-il COLUMI.IA
. The' i-ouse Next Door"
A Scene from "The House Next Do<
the npi-nln? hill ■>.   the weeks encasement  ol  the SUMMERS l
•rtiim  Theatre,  commencing next MONDAY, NOVEMBER
ompany, playing ihe Audi
17th,   L913.
|io the limit ol tree-growth towards
! thi> north (.ml  growing  well  within
I\: you like your Winter Overcoat l)iadc with fly
front, ask to see the Single Breasted"BL1ZZ .
The collar may be buttoned close to the
throat.   $.5. up.
tho Artie circle in the Macklnale Rtv
ci  basin ninl in the Yukon.
It   is   this   wldo   range   which   con
tributes    largelj   to  its  present   lm-
i rtance    but    thc   qualities ol th.
wood promise b  null greater use in
:■   [utun   ; ■  It Is a strong, bard,
■i graini I wood which taken a high
polish and be .tamed to imitate the
.  expensl. e woods,  such us ma
.■■.:...    cheir\    or   walnut.    'Wa\y
sbi   act lental  torn,  due  to
.. somen bat    similar    to
■v.       ..; U ,  and   Is  highly   prized
nental work.   In anoiht-r re
-  • issued    ■■■   tbe  Forest, y
'": ine     -   tbe Wood-Using Industries
Ontario,  birch   Is reported as be-
jiag used in the manufacture ol over
one  hundred diflerent articles,   ri.r.:;
ling from ships to spoolB.    Aa a fuel
wood,  it takes tirst  place and it  is
.Uso i ne ot the principle woods used
in   wood-distillation,   while   its  ouly
objection as h  pulpwood  is tbat it
is too heavy to    be   readily   lioat.d
down the stream*1 to the mills.
Leave was granted to Introduce
Bylaw No. 130, being cited us .Debenture Loan By-law, amendment By
law 1'J13. Hald by h.w was r.ad u
first and second lime. The council
then res dvad Into u committee ol
the whole with the Mnyor In th«
riiiiir to consider snld by law
On rising thfl committed roportod
that snid by-law No. L30 had beeu
considered clans bv claus; ami nv
coJnmended it for its third lending.
Haul  by-law  wuh  then  read a third
i timo.
By laws 131 and 132 wore both Introduced,  rend tho first, aeeond, and
11 hlrd  time, nnd  pitum-d.
| Bj Inw 131 rofera to Lhe Manual
Training Sehool Dobouture,
By-law Kin rotors to the Sewerag.
...Insertions ol both of these i^y lawa
I to bo published   In   the   Cranhrook
| Herald.
lo wan thon moved tbnt the election on By-laws Nob. t:ti and 13J1 bo
i tul.en on the 86th dny    f Vo-em'e--,
jni tbe Municipal offices, Ornnbrook,
hv-tweei. tho hours of it o'clock 110
o'clock local timet and 7 o'clock nl
o clock  local  time)   and  that T.  M.
, Roberts   be appointed as returning
I officer for the purpose ol taking the
rotes  thereon,  the  returning otlloor
; being authorized to appoint n poll
Meeting of Poultry
■ook Poultry   .moi
1 tlic
■ Members   ol   thfl
oultry  Association,
\   Bpi
icial meeting of the
above As-
¥ fit-1|   McCreery Bros.
iTCFOflMj^ C-mnbrook,B.C.
J-.',*. _i__
I.STABI.18HKD    1896
Published  Kvery Saturday Morning nt  Prnnbrnok,  D.Cf
!    .        K. M, Christ inn, general manager
Por in go t->   Mnerlcan,  ..uropoan  (British  Isles excepted) and  other  for-
olgn countries, r.*u cent* a  year extra,
rVDVl'IRTISB.MISNTB.—Adv?rtlfllng rnti-B furnlBbed on application. No
advertisements hul those ol n reputable character wlll bo accopted for
ADVRRT1HI3RH ASH SUBBCRTBER8,—Unlees notice tn tho contrary
is given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will bo kept
running and charged up agalnat their account.
CRANBROOK,  B.   I'.,  NOVEMBER 15th, 1913      N'o. 46
I'he popular Idrn that because Can- : There are three species of birch of
nda is the Land nf the Maple, thc commercial Importance in Canada,
maplo must ncceannrity b? the bard-(the black, yellow, or white, on pa*
wood of first In portnnce En Canada per, birch. The former two hav.>
is Incorrect, |ud?pd hy the data: tlic more valuable wood,, hut are cou
cat here tl by the Pore, try Branch of I filled t*> eastern Canada, whereas
thi Department nf I Iir Interior al ' the pnper birch is found iu overy
Ottawa. .province   of  the  Dominion,   ranging
Council Meeting
! The regular monthly meeting of
j the City Council was held in the
' Council chambers on Monday after-
! noon. There were present Mayor
Bowness, and Aldermen Clapp, Ward
■ Kennedy and Carr.
, I'he minutes of tbo last regular
meeting was read snd on motion a-
jdoptod as read,
A large number of complaints bavlng been received by the sew.rase
department re the Cranbrook Steam
Laundry, tlio city clerk was instructed to notify Mr. Davis to connect
wiih thc sewer as aoon as possible.
The Agricultural assoslatiftn sent
in a communication thanking the
Council for the ime of the rooms in
th? city hall; also savins that it was
decided to remain in their present
quarters (or the balance of tho term
of the present officers.
A communication was read from
Dr. ,1. M, Bell, saying that he intended to visit the old country, nnd
that while, awny his business would
carried on by Dr. 0. L. Bayfield,
On motion of Aldermen Kennedy and
Carr, Dr. Bayfield was appointed as
city health officer during the absence
nf  Dr.  Bell.
The Finance committee then pre-
scntod their regular monthly report
and recommended tbat accounts to
tbe amount of $0578.21 he paid.
On motion the report was accepted
and lho following accounts nrd.red
B.C.   Livery        1.50
Beattie-Murphy Co      3 05
City Officials  fli.li.ricB   355.00
City  Clerk   Sundries   28.30
City Transfer tt Warehouse Co 106.78
Cranbrook Trading Co    26.15
Cranbrook Drug & Bonk Co. ...       75
Cranhrook Cartage & Transfer  23.00
Cranbrook  Foundry Co    27.00
Crnnhrook Saab & Door Co....   55.93
Crnnbrook   Klcctric  Light Co. 197.(12
ajtnall,  F    15.85
Engineer's Payroll (S.Bob, no 19«..5
BOciation baa boon called for Friday
I evening the 21st, Inst., to tako up
thfl matter of exhibits to be sent to
\ Grand Forks Show.
since it was decided to call this
meeting I have received the 'foil
j lugletter which explains itself; it will
■ be necessary to take the matter mentioned therein at the same meeting,
Members please turn out, another
notice will be given,
A.  B.  Smith, Sec.
Department of Agriculture,
Government Buildings,
Victoria, B.C.
November 4th. 1913
; Pear Sir or Madam:
As  per  resolution   passed    at   the
, spring Executive Meeting of the B.
C.  Poultry Association, 1 have been
I Instructed to notify you that, in ac-
jcordance with Article 5, Keetkn 2, of
the   Association's   Constitution   and
By-laws, which reads; "The D rectors
| shall  be nominated  and  elected by
each   local   Poultry   .-association   to
serve one year,"    Your Association
delegate for next year muat be elected at a general meeting of your As
flociatlon,    and   his name forwarded
me not Inter than December 2nd.
Article 4 rcadB. "Officers-elect to
take office on April thc first." Therefore, the present year's delegates will
nttond the forthcoming Convention
to he held during the Poultry Show
at Grand Forks, December 9tb-12th,
1913. All persons elected del.gat s
to tbe Provincial Association muat
be or become members of the Abb. .
elation before being seated at the
Enclosed please find stamped, addressed envelopo. Please do not delay in forwarding on new delegat t
name and address.
Secretary R.C, Poultry Aist,'
T.  B.--Remember    delegates   name
and   address   must reach me befose
Dee. 2.
__.'___:.::":.:;    iiii   kiwi   itl.il   rnnnol  -1 . nr lose  ita
•SSEHKr*,:*:    Kvc-p luinrini*  die   famous GHr_. ,	
-____•:_::_•    '"' ■■'■     trarlrmarlt  is actually knit to II |[1]|||||||W
:::::::•__•_••■                  ■' :'   with   evading   fare    lo tii j jS
nf   men,   women   .in.I [||||||||||||[|||
_,..", natural wool...,   ■.-        ■■-      aa i::*_:'.*ri-_£'.':
_,           ii.i. iu                               *B_•••;;;;;-■■"•:
':;:_*i>6t.'''">lc !■« •■•■■"•   '
Engineer's  Payroll  	
Blast Kootonay Butcher Co. ...
.Ink  Mercantile Co	
Fir,. Department Payroll 	
lllll, K. A	
Herahl Pub.  Co.  i Ciliary)	
Herald PuhllBliIng C,	
Kontenay Telephone Linos,Ltd
Lethbrldge Herald 	
Manning,  Ira  R ,
Mcnri.le.   J.   II	
McCreery  llr.'s	
KelBon  Ilaily  News 	
I    ...    Oo., N'olson, D.C	
Police Payroll 	
Parrett, T. N	
Pnrkfl,  y. A  Co	
B cltool Bonrd Payroll .
Wnr.I  ,1  llnrrls  	
.. 10.80
. 19.15
. 260.00
„ 25.00
.. 1.40
.. 4S.70
19 0",
.. 4.C8
.. 2S8.72
.. 50.00
.. 10.70
.. 1.90
.. 11,60
.. 395.CO
.. 9.75
,. 78.82
..     3.10
:|HH:|r;H!^ii^n*l!SMP*SS^ik'  '
||jfKr :|:iii.f;:|:::: ^»%>
Llddlcoatt _  Waller  1081.18
Do,  Bchool  Doaril       118.25
I ii motion ot Aldermen Wnnl nn.l
rnir, tin' riiy engineer was author.
i.->-,I ,,, purchase n R-hnrso i„,w,'r l»ol
ler nt n conl ol H68.25, f.o.b. Cranhrook.
Mile, i    Wnril   and    Clnnn, wltll
Ibe Mayor wlll f"nn n court nf revision lor Ihe nnrnnsp ,'.( c r-ctlng
nnd rrvlslni. the Municipal Voting
List lor 1914.
The repertoire of playB to be presented hy Geo. H. Summers and his
clever company neit weok at tbe Auditorium han some appeal to all the
classes of theatre-goers.
Tbe English comedy, "The House
Next Door," with which Mr. Bummers opens hiB engagement is poBS.b-
ly one of the moBt delightful stage
atorles of recent years.
Thc Great John Ganton," a dram
atization nf the novel "Ganton and
Co." (Arthur J. Eddy), is a Btrong
play of American life and manners.
This Chicago stockyards fa tbe scene
of tbe story and there ia virility and
intensity in every line of the play,
"Barriers Burned away," a dramatization of the novel of the saint'
name, is nn interesting piny on n
very delightful subject, by the Rev,
BJ. P. Roc.
"The Boss," a political comedy; a
Little   Lord   Fauntleroy,"  an Engl] ah success, nnd "The Gold Mln."
an American comedy, complete n mar
vellous list of playH.
"Nobody's Widow," first brought
to success by Miss Blanche Bates,
t..lls the Btory of on American girl
who deserts her Kni.llsh husband
within the hour of tbelr marriage
and returns to America, reporting hit.
sudden death, lie follows her to A*
merlca, under his title, heretofore
kept hidden, of the Duke of Murclnnd
"Hoxanna in lu the absurd predicament of having to help entertain her
buhhuiul at a h Oil bo party, while still
mourning his "death" before ber
The Puke endeavniH to win bark
HnxnnimV lovo and there follows
a madcap romance which takes on«B
breath with Hit passionate inleiinity
and its nud'.rlQiiH humor, "Roxanim
hor. oil la mi fascinating and deviiiHti
a bundle ot whims and caprices as
ever breezed acroRfl a stage, whllo
the entire Spirit of the play makes It
a veritable dramatic, champagne,
Nobody's Widow" will closo the
engagement of the Allen Players on
Haturday night. Curtain wlll be
drawn at ft 30 prompt.
I Conveys the exact meaning
desired when we speak of women's shoes.
Queen Quality are all, everything, in the most
modern shoe making.
The Aborn Shoe
for women is also excellent—the
latest lasts, the best quality of
material, but just a little cheaper
in price than Queen Quality. We have just received a large shipment of new styles and leathers.
Every pair guaranteed.
\*cry lovely ts tho afternoon frock of
velvet and lur Illustrated here. The skirt j
ti caught up tn front after the approved
mode and fur borders the tunic, Fur alio
appear*, on tho bodice.
'ftp tilted hat. are much fn vogue and
ihe two shown ore smart examples of thit
popular fashion. One turns up sharply In
ih-. rear, the other at the side.
To .soft.n brown sugar when It hns be-
come lumpy, stand It ovor a vessel filled
with bolting wnter.
I'*-•*■ boiling wntor for too stain*
Urge flat t*t bullet buttons of wood
are used on many of the cloth tailored
suits and leather buttons appear »■
j motor and steamer coats.
,    A quantity of quicklime put into a Ja»»
cupboard for a fiw days will absorb Uie
] dampness.
Blood stains should be soaked when freah
lln cold wator.
Turpentine or benslne will remove r*«lnt
Uso t*U and lemon Juice on Ink stains.
Rub  grass   stains  with  molMtw  *nd
Cnstlte soiro and orrli root In equal parts
A good slsfid pearl button sewed Into tha
corner uf tbo dish dutli wlll be lound m
convenience when "leaning saucepans.
The Prince ol Wain in Coronation dotal.
r*.lN'.t*'e'   0-»A  AM ft TATJAjJA flB I»T
" . 0AW4«TU<t Of T!_.CZA*.
Thu I'Miir,' uf Walt's, lit-lr tn tiie throne of Great Krltnln, Iiiih ritllru In Iut.
wllh tliu I'lliic,-_ Tntliinu, uirordltiK tu report" In court circle*,,
<J,,Hxl|> lum It thnt tin, young son of King George lins hpen captivated I>_ Iha
licanl) of Ihe Princess, the s, .ond daughter of the Tsar, nml regarded ai one
*>f the most bonutlful girls lu t'urnp...
it la known thnl King Ooorgo ami Queou Mary win .sit st Petersburg
noil Mauler, anil lhal Ihe Prince wlll ucooinpan. them. The engagement, oe>
cording to the reports, wlll ho iinneuuc. I at tlml time.
Hlplunuit" nre certain thnt such nn alliance would vastly strengthen tka
Ajielo Ituailun entente, none too popular la either country at thc present tlai* THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
' '-*,.|."H"H'.
r t*M l**rTTT'r*H'T,l" M**i "ttHH1 *_*
 ,     A
professional   (£arbs
-an. -
£ob$e   .Hotices
LIQUOR   ACT,    1910.
■..Scct-on   42.)
,-UHcE ls hereby given that, on
the tlrst day ol December, mm, e..-
vacation will be made to the Bu.er-
inteodunt ot Provincial Police for renewal of the hotol license to sell
liquor hy retail in the hotel known
ns the Imperial Hotel, situate at
Kort Hteelo, In thc Province of brush Columbia.
Hated this 1.1th duy of October, 1913
i'i it Applicant
LIQUOR    ACT,    1910.
(Section    42.|
NOTICE Ifl hereby given that, on
tbe first day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police tor renewal of tho hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as tho International Hotel, situate
at Kingsgate, in the Province of
British Columbia.
Hated this 13th day of October, 1913
42-*t Applicant
H.|l llllll ltll.lllll-f.llllllllllllll-11-IHI.
Court Cranbrook No. S943.
Meet In Carmen'a Hall, on   —a •»«
4th Thuraday of each month.
Louis Pearson, Bee., P.O. Boi Ul.
▼letting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets  In Carmeu's  Hall   1st  and
Ird Thursdays   In every month, at
I p.tn.  Membership open to British
E. T. Brake, Pre*.
L, Pearron, Secretary
Bos eit
TUMnf membtrs cordially weleoou
T.      T.      McVITTIK
P.L.B.   •   C.B.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries
Honey to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    •    British Columbia
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the first day ot December, next, application will be mado to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of  the  hotel  license  to  sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
hs the Waaa Hotel, situate at Was.,,
near Cranbroo't, ln tbs Province of
British Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1913
Ths Unionist Investment Co., Ltd.
Peter Jensen, act. manager lor
i «.-4t Applicant
A. r. * A. u.
Regular  meetings  on ttie
third  Thursday  ol  mr.
Visiting brethren welcome.
r. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
No. 129, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday tn
each month at eight o'clock,
Sojourning   Companions   ar*   cor
dlelly Invited.
Bs. Comp.—A. 0. Shankland, B.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Cranbrook, B.O.
CreBr.nl Lodge, No. II
Msets svery Tusaday at I p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
0. Donahue, O. O.
F. M. Christian, K of R. _ S.
K. A. HIU, M. F.
Vlaltlng brethren cordially lnrlted
to attend.
Uo. 41
Meets every Monday sight
•t law   Fraternity   Hall.
Solonralng Oddfellows cor-
-tally invlt-..
J. Turnley, W. M. Harris,
N. 0. See'y
Olrck No.  Ul
Oompanlona ol the Forsst
MMtr IB Carmen's Hall, First aad
Third Wednesday ol each month at
1:00 p.m., sharp.
Mr*. A. M. Laurie. 0. 0
Mrs. A.'B. Shaw, S*c.
Visiting  Oompanlona serdlally wst-
Oraakrook     Lodge
Ho.    10W
Meets every 2nd an.
4th  Wedneshay at 8
I'm., in Knval Black
* ,;•:■''     Hnll    on
W. M. Brier, Dictator.
R. B. Garrett, Sec'y
Meets in Royal Black Knight* Hall
Dakar Street
Meet* every Ind and tth Thursday
ot each month at - p.m. sharp.
Mra. L. Wayward, Hec. Bee.
Oeo. Lauds, chief ranger
Vlaltlng brethren made wMeonw.
Preeld*ot-C. R. Bheppard
Meeta regularly on tbe First Friday
evening ol each month.
Information oa Poultry matter*
Address the Secretary—A'. B. Smith
P.O. Bos IU, Cranbrook, B.O.
Civil   and Mining EBglneara-Brltiah
Columbia Laid Surveyor*
P.O. Box III
Phon* 221
...    B.O.
Drs.   KINO   -   ORBBN
Physicians and Surgsons
ODlce at Residsnce, Armatrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - • 2.00 to   4.00
Bvsnlngs - - - 7.10 to   1.30
Sundays - - -1,30 to   4.10
Oranbrook,    -    -    •    •    •    B.O.
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
1 NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the first day of December, next, application will be made to ths Superintendent of Provincial Police for re-
i newal of the hotel license to Bell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
las the International Hotel, Bltuate
nt Moyie, in the Province of British
i Columbia.
Dated this 14th day of October, 1913
43-.t Applicant
LIQUOR. ACT,   1910.
(Section    42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
tbe HrBt day of December, next, application will bs made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in thc hotel known
as the Falls View Hotel, situate at
Marysville, In the Province of British  Columbia.
Dated tbls 15th dny of October, 1913
42 4t Applicant
F. M. MacPherson
Norbiu.  Anna N.U to City Hell
Op_, Dsy and Night Phoae ill
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
thc flrst day of December, next, a p-
*plicatlon will be made tn the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor hy retail in the hotel known
as the Wyclifle Hotel, situate at
Wyclifle, in the Province of British
Dated this 14th day of October, 1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE Ib hereby given that, on
thn first day ot December, next, application will be mado to the Superintendent ot Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel licenso to ssll
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as ths North Star Hotel, situate at
Kimberley, in the Province ot British Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1913
■12-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the first dsy of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent ot Provincial Police for renewal  of   the   hotel   license   to   sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as   the   Cmittal   Hotel,   sltustc   ut
Marysville.  in tho Province ot  Brit
Ish Columbia.
Dated this 18th day of October,1913
42-lt Applicant
VV.   tf
II .
Under*.),*,. .
Funorat Dlruut,,,
P.O. BOX 585
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 3S9
P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent (or
Deering & McCormick
Mowers fir Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reason
able Cost.
Works:     Opposite Depot
DiBtrlct of South East Kootenay
TAKB NOTICB "that I, Harry
•lames Reed of Cranbrooh, B.C., oe-
cui ation Clerk, intend iol apply lor
permission to purchase the followlut-
de: cribed, lands:—
('oiumsiicinK nt a post planted at
the north weat corner ol Lot 9209,
thince north 40 chains, th ncs sast
20 ehalna, th ncs south 40 chains,
then/s west 20 chuins, to 1'oint of
commencement and contain -' 10
acres mors or lsss.
Dated September 21st., 1911.
Harry James Reed,
Aleiander Lewis St.Elol
I. It. Agent,
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Me.ts 1st and
3rd Thnrsd.iv In
Royal Blaek
Knlshta ol Ireland .mil at I p.m. sharp. Vlaltors
Fred W. Swain, W.M.
S. L. Williams, Secy.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
\ cells bl •'Jjjaeh. tsplito/i »,-» hits.. Tins*
District of South East Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that I, Putrlck C.
Lea'iy of f'ronbrook, B.C., occupation I_.cmiol.ivc Engineer, intend to
appl;, for permission to purchase the
fol'owlne ''escribed lands:—
''(,,, m.n* ve, nt _ post plnnted 10
eta-Inn north from tbo north we*
cotBT of lot 9210, thin*, north 40
chains, then-e, cast 20 chains, thn''"
s "th 40 chains, thencs west 20
• h in, to point ol commencement,
coniahVni* 10 acr.s morel or leaa.
natal September list., 1911.
Patrick O. I.r»hy,
Alexander Lewis Bt.Hlol
19-tt. Ateot.
Electric Restorer for Mer
PhOIDhonol restores siwr ntr.s lo ths __
__!___ In III prop., teuton I t«to„.
tin, ssd Tit lilt. Pri-.lmi d.ra, and III aaiua
VMkeMl sv.did st onci,   Fhoapheaol -il
8ike you i new nun.   Price IS i l„i«. o, I wo (,„
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby Riven that, on
tho firBt day of December, next, application will he made to the Supcr-
ntendent of Provincial Police for renewal o! the. hr.tel license to sell
liquor by retail in the ttotel known
as thc Central Hotel, situats at
.Moyle, in the Province, of British
Dated this 14th day ol Octoher, 1913
42 it Applicant
LIO.UOR   ACT," 1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE ia hereby given that, on
the first day ot December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in thc hotel known
as the Ynhk Hotel, situate at Yahk,
in the Province of British Columbia.
Datsd thla 13th day of uctober, 1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the first day ot December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provinclnl Police for renewal of thc hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
ss tbe Perry Creek Hotel, situate at
Perry Creek, in the Province of Brit-
Isn Columbia.
Dated this IStb day of October, 191'!
42-4t Applicant
TAKE NOTICE that, sixty days
after date, 1 intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum on
the following land situate in South
East Kootenay,  Block 4593.
Commencing at i\ poat placed at
the N. W. corner of Lot 9499; thence
west Rft clining; tlience north 80 chain*,
tbence enst SO chains; thence soutb
Hn chains to place of commencement.
Dated August llth, 1913.
42-4t. Locntoi
TAKE NOTICE that, sixty days
after date, 1 intend to apply to tht
Minister of Lands tor a licence to
prospect for i nal and Petroleum ou
the following land situate In South
East Kootenay, Block 41.9..
Commencing at a post placed at
the N. E. corner ot Lot 9499; tbence
east 80 chains; thence north 40
chains more or less to north boundary of C. L. 1710; tbence west 80
chains; thence Bouth 40 chains more
or lens to place of commencement.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. Locator
TAKE NOTICE that, sixty days
after dnte, I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Conl and Petroleum on
the following land situate in Bouth
East Kootenay,  Block 4S93.
Commencing at n post placed at
the N. W. corner of Lot 9499; thence
west 80 chains; thence south 80 chains
thenco east 80 chains; thenee north
80 chains to place of commencement,
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. Locator
TAKE NOTICE that, sixty days
after date, I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for n licence to
prospect for Coal an.l Petroloum on
tbe following land Bltuate in Bouth
East Kootenay, Block 4f,93.
Commencing at a post placed at
the 8. E. cornor of Lot 9499; thence
north 80 chains; thenee enst 80 rhains
thence south 80 chains; thence west
80 chains; excepting thnt portion covered by C. L. 1709.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. Locator
Coal mininf rights of ths Dominioi
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan snd Al
berta, the Yukon Territory, ths North
west Terrltorlea snd In a portion o:
tha Province ot Brltleh Columbia
' may be leased for a term of twenty
one years at an annual rental oi |,
sn acre. Not more than 2,6a. acre.
will be leaaed to Ane applicant.
Application   for  a   lsass   must   b<
mads hy ths applicant in psrinn t>
; ths Agent or Suh-Ayent of the dls
: trict in which ths right* applfsd loi
srs attuatsd.
j   In surveyed territory the I*.' mus.
be described by sections, or legal sub
> divisions of  sections,  snd  in unsur
: vsysd territory ths tract spplied foi
j .ball bs stsksl nut hy ths sppllcan'
i himself.
' Bach application mint hi sTom
j panled by a fes of 15 wblch will b>
| refunded if ths rights spplied toi ar.
loot available, but not othsrwlie, *
royalty shnll be paid on thi msr
chsntabls output ot the mini at th<
rate ot Ave cents per ton.
Ths person operating the mini shal
furnish the Agsnt with sworn return,
sccountlng for ths full quantity o
merchantable coal mined nnd psy th,
royalty thereon. If the coal mlnln*
rights ale not being .poraU*!, suol
returns should l,s furnished st '..mi
ones a year.
Tbs lsnss will Include tbe conl mln
ing rights only, but the Icksk ma>
be permitted to purchnse whatsvsi
avallabls surface rights muy bs cou
sldered necessary tor thc working ot
ths mine at the rate of 110,00 su arr,
For full Information npplir.ntioi
should bs made to tho Secretary o.
ths Department ot ths Interior, Otta
wa, or to any Agsnt or Sub-Agent oi
Dominion Lnnds.
W.    W.   CORY,
Deputy Mlristsr of the interim
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication   o.
this advertisement  wlll not bs pale
lor. J_n. 4thtl
LIQUOR  ACT.   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereuy given that, on
the first day ot December, next, application will be made to ths Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal ot the hotel license to ssll
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as ths Moyie Hotel, situats at Moyls
in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated thia 17th day of October, 1913
43-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE la hereby given that, on
the first day ol December, next, application will be made to thc Superintendent ol Provincial . ollce for renewal ol the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Kootenny Hotel, sltunte at
Moyle, ln the Provinco of British
fluted this 17th dny ol Octo'ier, 1913
43-4t Applicant
Section 48
Notice Is hereby given that on the
16th day of November next, application will be mads to the Superintendent of Provincial Police tor tbe
transfer of the license for ths sale of
liquor by retail in and upon tho
premises known us the International
Hotel, situate at Kingsgate, British
Columbia, from Oeorge Longpro ot
Kingsgate, B.C. to H. L, Sawyer of
Marysville, B.C.
Dated thia 16th day ol October,
Holdsr of Licenso
Applicant for transfer
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE ls hereby given tbat, on
tho first day of December, next, application will he made to the Superintendent ot Provincial Police for renewal  of  the  hotel  license  to   sell
liquor by retail in ths hotel known
as the Tourist Hots), situats at Bull
River,  in the Trovince    of    British
Dnted this 20th doy of October, 1913
44-4t. Applicant
(Section 201
Notice is hereby given that, on thc
Ist day ot  December  next, application will bo mnde to the Superintendent ot Provlnrlal Pollre for the renewal   of   wholesale license No. 92,
tor tbs sale of liquor hy wholesale
in nnd upon the premises known n
the Crnnbrook Brewery, situate nen
('ran*rook, upon the lands described
ss Lot 29, Group 1, South East Kootenny.
Datsd this 21st day ol Oetober 1913
Cranl.r.ok Drawing Oo., Ltd.
Hurry  Hesse, Manager
43 4t Applicant
(Section 20i
S'otleo Is hereby given Hint, on ths
int day ol December next application
will ho mailo to the Superintendent
,f Provincial Pollco lor tho renewal
of wholesale liquor llrsnss, No. 107, |
for the sals of liquor by wholesale In
and upon the premises known ns
Rowness' Wholesale Liquor Store,
'Ituate on linker street, In tho City
ot Oranbrook, B.C.
Dated this lStta dav ol October. 1913
4t-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given tbat, on
the Ilrst dny of December, next, ap-
p'lcntion will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal   of   the   hotel   license  to   sell
liquor hy retail tn the hotel known
as ths Windsor   Hotel,    situate    at
Kort Steel,,, In tbe Provinco of Brit-
las Columbia.
Dated this 3'ltli day of October, 1913
s4-4t, Applicant
TAKE NOTICE that, sixty dayB
after date, 1 Intend to apply to the
Minister of Lauds for a licence to
proBpect for Cool and retrolcum on
the following land Bltuate In Bouth
East Kootenny,   Blocl*  4."93.
Commencing nt n post placed at
or near two miles east and one mile
.oath of the S. E. corner of Lot
10084; thence west 80 rhains*, thence
north 80 chains; thence east B0
chains; thence south 80 chains to
placo of commencement.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. Locator
District ol South-East Kootenny
TAKK NOTICK thnt 1, Thomas
Christian, Contractor, intend thirty
days o-Uer date to apply to the Minister of Landa tor permission to pur-
base the lollowlng described inud:-
(ommenclng at a post planted on
the Eaat Bon', of the Moyie lliver,
near the southeast corner of Lot
10106, thonce east 20 chain . thonce
south 40 rhains, thenre west 20
chains, thence north 4. chains to the
point of commencement.
Dated Auguat 1 .tb, 1913.
34-9t A. U. >;_s_>, Agent
District of Hcvttt* Kast Kootenay
TAKE • .NOTICE that I. Philemon
James Oougeon ,,f I'nml.took 11.'.'.,
occupation trainman, iottnd to apply lor permiaMion to purchase' the
following described lands:-
Commencing a. a post limited at
Ihe northeast corner dt Lot 9209,
tb«re north 40 chains, thence west
20 chiins, thenco „outh 4u chains,
thenc,* east. 2u chains, to poln' ot
commencement and containing! *o
seres moro or leas.
Doled September 21st., 1913.
I'hliemon  Jnmes Oougeon,
Alexand.-r Lewis St.Elol
39-9t. Agent.
SEALED TENDKRS addressed to
ths undersigned, and endorsed "Ten
der lor Whart at Ainsworth, B.C.,"
will bs received at tbis olllce until
4.00 P.M., on Mouday, November 17,
1913, for the conBtrdction nl a wharf
at Ainsworth, Kootenay Distrlct.B.C
Plans, specification and form ol
contract can ho . seen ano forms ol
tender obtained at this Department
and at tbe offices ot J. P. Forde,
Esq., District Engineer, at Rovel-
atoke, B.C.; C, C. Worsfold, Esq.,
District Engineer at New Westmln- acres more or less.
stcr, B.C., and on application to the | Dated Sopt'mbor 21st., 1913
Postmaster at Ainsworth, B.C. j lining MoGouldtie
District of South Unfit Kootenay
TAKE NOTICK that 1, Barney Mc
Gouldrlc, o:' Crnnbrook, 11.0., occupn
tion locomotive inglngccr, intends to
apply for permission t" purchnse the
lollowing described lands:--
Commencing at a post planted at
the no-th-west coin-r <*f Lot 9211,
thenee north 40 chains, thonce east
20 rhuln,. thonce south 40 chains,
tbence ,ve:;t 'in chains to plaoo 0.'
commtu *em,nt,     and   containing   ltd
District    ,,[   South    Kast   Kootenav
TAKE NOTICE that Harry Noun
wood of Cranbrook, D.C., occupati. _
butchei. intends to apply lor i.ermls-
ti..n to purchase tbe lollowlng de'
cribed land. —
Commencing at a lost planted .-'"
chaina north ot the nortn-west <o.a*r
ot Lot :1209, Group one, l_,ot a_i
District, 'hence west -" rhains,
thenco south 40 chaius, tlun.e oast
2" chains, thenoe north 40 chains, to
lace   of   commencement, containing
Ighty uereJ im.re or less.
Hate September 3rd, 1913,
Hairy N. rttiwoo.l.
3c-9t. Alexander Lewis Ht. Eloi
District    ol    South    East    Kootenai
TAKE NOTICE that Edward '.
llm ,.( t'ranbronk, occupation ii,.*r*
•ham. int'.n.ta to apply tor permission to purchnBa ti,.. lollowlng des-
i .!><-! lan_r~
Commenclm: :,» n post iltinted 1-"
ciiniii. north of tbe north-west nor
ner of Lot 9209, (',. 1, Kootmay Dis-
trict, thencs snot *" ohnlns, then,-
louth pi eha ns, ihence writ 20
cbalns, tbence uorth til clinins to
p.>lut ol commencament, _ mainine
h.i acres ii or,* ,,r less.
Dale   Uigiisl   j.th,  1913.
Bdward A. Hill.
8f,-9t. Alotamlei  Levis s I. Eloi
District    of   so lib   East   Kootena.
TAKE NiiTlt'i*. that Hnv,,I llof-
l.ii- .,* Crnnbtook, B.O., occupation
r.,*'.*■■'. v Conductor, intends t,» apply
tor permission to purchnse t* <■ to'.
I..wing described '.an .a1 —
Commencing at „ post planted 100
chnins north and 30 chain- <*nst ot
tic north-west cornor ot Lot 9209,
Group "n... Kootenny District,
htnr.. east 2" chnins, thenee south 40
-hain-i, thtnee west 20 chains, th.-n.-a
n, rlh 10 ('bait's in place of r0ti,n.,*UL'a
ment., containing eighty acres more
i.r less.
Dale . e|,'em'.ei   :)rd, 1913.
David Hopklai,
"i. tit. Moxandar Lewis si. Elot
A** eat
District   of   south    Enst   Kootenay
TAKK   NOTICE thnt Krnost south
of Cronbrook,  U.C.,  occupation  bar
hor,  intends to apply for permission
o   purchase tlte foil..wing described
Commencing at _ tost plant*.- lt.'i
thulns noun nnd 60 chitn, west of
the unit wist corner of Lot iio'i,
uroup fin., Kootenay District, thenee
west 20 ch.iln-. th »*,. south tn
»liaos, tit .nee eatt 20 ch'iiua ibeoc-
'.orth 40 chaina, to place of coui-
mcne.men , c,.ntalnttig el.hij arr*a,
.i',re or ll ts.
Date September 3rd, 1913.
EracM So,lb.
.'t.-'Jt. Alotander la>»ie St. Slol
',[   South    bast   Kootena,
Ale_in.tr  Lewis St.Elol
Persons tendering nre notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on tho printed forms supplied,
nnd signed with their actual signa
tares, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case ol
firms, the actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place ot I TAKK NOTICK that David IVIUiam
residence of each member of tbe firm St. Eloi of Cranbrook, B.C., occupa-
mtlBt be given. I"'"' Inrmer, intends t0 apply lor per-
Eitch tend.r must  Is* accompanied i'nlsalon    t-    purchaoo   tbe lollowlng
described Hands:
TAKE NOTIOE that i)arr>    lluhi-
haiid ot Crnnbrook, B.C., orcupaitua.
■ailaa.t    conductor, Intents »o apply
or   permission   to pwrrhaee the foi
u.wlng described lands'—
Commencing   at   * post planted at
he   north-oast   corner   ot l.ot 921u,
Iroup One, Kootoftsy District, thence
north   pi  chains,   _,,n.-e    ,v,.t   40
chains,     thence    aouth     40   chaltia,
(b-mce   catt    40   chains   to   place of
tomtnaucotnent,   containing   one hundred nud siH> acres more or leas.
Dale September Ird, 1018.
'   Harry  ltabtcbj.ud,
36-9t. ...le.an-'er Lewis St. l*'.l„t
District   of   south   Kast   i-..,oteua..
takk notice that Alexander
Lewis St.Elol, of Cran,to,k, B.C.,
occ.iio'i'U woods foreman, intends
to apply for permission to purchnse
.he following described lands --
Commencing nt a post planted 160
chains n >rth and 40 chain, west of
.he n rtb west cornet ol l.ot t'209,
tl. I. Kootenay District, th.uca „>■•.
4" chnins, then.'" south tn _i,iir_.
thenco west 40 chains, tt*n e north
10 chains '<, point of commencement,
roncnlniug 100 acres more or less.
Date   AUgUSt   a.'.tb,   1913.
I. Ot, Alexander Lewis St. Kloi
! District   of   South   Enst   Kootenav
by un accepted cheiiuo ou a chartered |
Commencing at a post planted 161'
, , , .     ., ..wun«i.a.    a.    ,i    ,>,..(,,.    j ,„a.- -.    a.
hank,  payable tn the order  ol «,►„,,..„„   _or.0   __,-, M obetos sveat o1
j Honourable the Minister of Public the north-west corner of Lot 9209
i Works, oqunl to ten per cut (10 p.ct.) 10, 1, Koottnay Diatrict, tbenca east
i ot the amount nt the tender, which 30 chainB, thenco smith 40 chnins,
I will bo forfeited If the person tender t thWW •"'"' S" chains, thonce north
ling decline to enter int., a contrnct ' "-_«•»!«•« to point ot commencement,
containing tu acres tt ore or less.
Date  August   2r,t_,   1913.
David William St. Eloi.
3f,-'Jt. Applicant
"I'm sorry Tom's coming ln tonight, because I'm going to the
theatre with George."
"But you ate engaged to Tom,
my- denrl"
*I know. But since we've become engaged we can't afford thn
when cnlled upon to do so, or fnil t,
complete the work contracted lor, li
the tender be nnl accepted the chequi
will ho returned.
The Department does not hind it
self to accept the lowest or any ten
By  order,
11.  f.  UK. llill'HKIlS,    j    TAKE    NOTU'K    that   William W.
Secretary t Itichmon.l,   of   Tr'tvor.-.e Olty, Mich.,
Department of Public Works, jnr-cupntlnn    Lumberman,    intends   to
Ottawa, October 16th, 1913
District of East Koot.nay
Newspapers will not   ho  pnld T"i
ibis advertisement If thoy insert  it
without, authority from th,' Depan
most.—40186. 13->t,
Scobcll's Liquor, Tobacco
and Druic Cure S'rtd...
Alcohol, Ti..' .■ ..ti end I Iruil. It <-<-< mil emeu lhe
eflrt.in almost |ri-iuu.ly-r-iti<>v<-_ iH .i»'*i-*_<-
Alii t uktini Hi. iicfttmeiil tilers till narer I» ft ny
rue. tOMflok liiloxlcnntiiif mo ..mi:- -p...,ti. C.ii
I.n glvtu iccretly. W« ti'vu ytt tn limi Dl ono
lalliuo. . lallM vn _er tenant- ct>\er t.i "nr a-1
dre**. Price U.Vti.x, Ofl MM! for f tQflO *W
toofc.ll urng Co., ut. caitMi^tii Obi.
ul'l'ly fm   pn ti'i -Hint, to purchfittA tho j
Mluw.nif   lint. rllH-'i  Win * . -
Cotntnenolttg n* % i'cwt pUatfld
tWOtlty .han, w-i. mnl i'i i: fit v rl.fl.Qs I
>.i.utii ,.. Mile post No. .i tut tbe w»th
parallel.. .m<i i o it being the .outb*
went corn r of Timber Mcenco No.
16849, Uufice weit 40 rhalnH, th.noo
aouth   'iO   rhftinx,    tiieiiri*   wctrt     '£»
rbulnn,     lhM»r.        QnrUl     RO      rhuin*..
th-iini raxt f>0 rhiiine, tbence •anil
40 rlminji to th" placo of romnu-nrA
rti.'iit,    rontalnliiK mu neten,. more or
tmt- r!   AtLffiMt  Ktb; H1.H,
(Jfo. W. Brown, Kfetit
Notice in hereby given tbnt on tb.
_ist dny *d Octpbor, 1913.
IT was onDERBD BV Hla Honor
George li. Thorapaon, Esq., Judge ol
the County Court of Beet Kootenay,
that Jarooa A, Arnold, OfBcial Administrator for lhat portion of the
Ct.'.mty of Kootenay Included in the
Bleetoral l>.!»trirt of Crnnbrctok Im.
Administrator   of   nil   nnd   (lingular
tl Htntc   ol    Lulgl  RUto,  <Alias
Rlzr.p Lulgl) decenaed inU'Stati'.
Kvery person Indebted to eald de
ceased in required to moke payment
forthwith to the undersigned.
Kvery person hnvlng In pOfWteSHion
slteets belonging to the deceased U
required forthwith to ootlfy the un-
Kvery creditor or other person bav
Ing any clnim upon nr interest in
the distribution ot the estate of the
said deceased ih required to send he
fore tin* ^ini duy of Uocembor, 1913
next, i'j registered m»ii addressed
to tin* itndersignod, liio name anJ ad<
dross ond tho full partloulars of ine
claim or Interest, and n Htuten_.ni
ni hi. nccount and th" nature ol the
security uf any) Ih'M by blm.
After the snld in_t mentioned date
tin- Administrator will proceed with
tin- distribution of the c.tnti) having
repaid to those <lniuts only of wl-Ui.
h«' shall have had notice.
Dated ut cranbrook *■■■.*■ Wrd Any
nf October, \.Vi.
.1.  A.  ARNOLD,
ii 'it. Olllclal Admlnlfltrttoi THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B. C.
Your Home
Will be one thnt
forward to with
delight  if,  upon
you can look
much added
returning  nil
fagged out from your day's
work, your wife east hav. read-
y   for  you  n   hottle  of
X Port Stout
Then you '■'.'111 most fully ap*
predate thin Htronthejilng brew
It will restore your energy,
furnish needed stimulation to
the tired body anJ put you in
n trame rt mind to roMpotiil to
thr pleflsnnt rf-e^ptlon awaiting you.
Th<> use Df Kerrigan'- XPort
.Stout in the home t-.po.lt.
good nature. *"»i in(Ugt*fltion
and pood ■sle^p. Let us -Ufply
you with a   .aw.
52.M per cn**v ot a dos. plntt.
James Kerrigan
Cranbrook, B.C.
For Sale Rents & Wants
WA.S'TED—Roorawe and Boarders,
either ladlM or gent'omen; private family, no children. Apply
by letter to X.Y.Z.. Ikts 330 City
TO l.KT—Nicely furnished rooma in
modern house, centrally situated,
neit to Dr. Kin. s. Armstronc
Avenue, or I'hone 469. 4!>
-rhone 491, U.W.
Ore. t Britain exported 35 ,.126,285
tons of coal thc first half ot this
Tho total valuo of hcrrlnfje landed
at .Scottish ports thia year reaches
Special ticket on 12 foot Linoleum
37 cents sq,   yard.—C.C.B.
Born—At the Cottntio Hospital, on !
Wednesday, to Mr. nnd Mrs. W. Outh
rie, a son.
The Wife's Pride
Ostrich Feather* cleaned and curled
apply Mrs. T. Walker, Lumsden Ave.
or Phone 45. or wrlto Box 41*7   -44
Mr. and Mra. A. 1). Macdonald
[returnod home thla wee k trom an
eastern  visit.
V E R Y     1.0 W     V A R R .
in connection wtth
EXCURSIONS    to    tho
n L V   0 0 0 S T R V
PAn.y—Nov. rth to Dec, ^ .., i_.
Cranbrook To Montreal and
Quebec: $81:10
To St. Jobn: $89.10
Local;. News
Now you are brightening up the
rooms for the winter nlghte rcmom-
ber tut Kllby l^amew Pictures.
Trout dehing season cloeoe today,
J.   P,   Pink   wa.   at   Spokane   ttiiH
week on buxlnwa,
F. Bpaldlnt; of Pernio, wae In the
city Wednesday .
Bpocial ticket on 12 foot Linoleum
37 cents Bq,   yard.—C.C.S.
[James   McKay,   commercial   trbv-
oiler for A. C. Bowness, waa at Cr_s j
ton and other wet.tern point* during
; tne early part of the we-ok.
Mr.  HarriH,  of the Canadian Bank >
; of   Commerce,    _nn   been   transferred
to  Vancouver,    He left on  Saturday
lattt for that city.
12 foot Linoleum
-ao s.
Special ticket  0!
; 37   centH  »\\.  yard
t  ol   Klko,   won  in  town
J. u. Ay
Oet  in on the C.  0.   ri.  Kur
sale early today.
Mrs.  Melville   of    (.ratiard,
waa   visiting   Cronbrook   thla
Mrs. \rden of Wardner. waa shopping here Thursday.
Cold weatt_er ts at hand, net your
hor*' blankets at W   H   I'ark & Co.
I   At ian,  the  Police Oomtnlselonere
of Vlctoriu have appointed two wo-
imen policemen—avoral, atop your
Joe Walkley, lute with the Kaet
Kootenay Butcher Oo., will open
business on December 1st, u» Mm old
[Post Office.-PHONK S,
Born-At   the    Oottage   Hospital,
| Cranbrook, Wednesday. Nov, 13th,
to Mr. aad Mrs   Harry Barr of Tra-
'■ ty Cret-i, a _•.«_..
a.  UacKensie
town Monday oi
of  Spo
KILBY      FRAMEfl      P1CTVB
.Vliss  LUllai:  Oonrad  of  Moyie,
t Cranbrook visitor Thursday.
go        tit  Andrews Dance will be held at
Port    Steele,    November    Mth,   1.13.
wad iTicket.",  are  on   s&i-*  nt   Beattie-Mur-
N»hy b Drug Store. 46-_t
Jamed  Blake  of   Wasa,   .-pent  Suo-
jday las* at Cr&Qbr.v.k.
-.p*ci_J ticket on  12 loot Linoleum
37  cent*  .-*;.   yard.—C.C.S.
;    P.  Goddaril of  Kingsgate,   was  in
i the city on Sunday laat.
i     WOOL     TOR    SALK-PHONK.    Mid j
Barl   William*,   of    Wycllfle, *.p»*nt I
;Sunday  laat  at  the  C.-amopolitan.
The C. C. S. w putting on a big
sal-, of Purniture, Linoleum-', and
Ruga;   beginning  today
Mr.. J. a Sinclair will receive at
the h-.rae ol Mrs. H. W, Johnson,
Watt Avenue, on (the 3rd Tuesday of
each montb.
We Do This
l.lmlt ttvd month", stop-over nntl
pjctflnfilon privileges
J-'ull  intftniuation re Hall nud Steamship Tickets, from
J.  W. Spence, Agent;
or  write
K. Dawson.
l>_,   Passenger Agent,
j    Urs.   Ilyl
[Crnr.t. r.iok
Marysville,   wv-
• Buuday lftHt.
[Wis  ot all kind-
nnd Company.
at  W.  M.  Park
Big Surprize to
Many in Cranbrook
Local people are surprised at tbe
QUICK results received from simple
t.uckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as
mixed lu Adler-t k„, tbe Oertnan tem-
edy whlcb became famous by curing
appendicitis. Ben-tie- Murphy Co..
Htates tttat this simple remedy antl-
Heptldtres the dlKestlve system aud
draws off the Impurities so thoroughly that A BIN OLE 1H)HI0 relieves
Hour vtomacli and constipation IS
STANTl.*.. 4Mt
H. K. Bmlth ol Ottawa, wan a • a
Iter ln Cranbrook on Monday.
A.  M,  llrlnk of Calgary,   waa    a
tl*. Cranhrook Monday.
C.  H. Furniture,
Spoken...   was  in
Get In on tbe C.
sale early today.
M.   Dickenson  of
the city  Monday.
Oranbrook Meat Market commences
t,iK.tn_u.  on  Decern!, tr  1st,   in  theold
l"ost Office.—.HONK n.
Mr. and MrH. Hurry Barr ol Tracy
Creek, were Crnnbrook visitors Thursday. 6
MrB. H. It. Mathers of Kort Hteele.
was ahopptntt at Oranbrook Wednesday.
Cranbrook, Oct
Mr. Fred Swain. General Agent,
Guardian  Casualty  _  Guaranty Oo.
Cranbrook,  B.C.
.ear Sir.
I am pleased to acknowledge receipt of your company's Bight Dralt
fot 145.00 as settlement In full of my
claim tor sickneas under Policy No.
310T, as this was paid before I atn
tally ■ recovered I must say that It
speaks well for thc promptneaa and
liberality ol your company and I will
always have a good word for tbem.
Again thanking you and tbe company, 1 am, wtth best wishes for
tbelr success.
Sincerely yours.
(signed)   Joseph H.  Watson
on  Tut*sd.y,
and Mrs.  1).
H. .urnltiire,
within the reach of ell
...That Alcoholism in n d«*eoao ia
now recognized by .Wenc*>. No man
in hia uenaeti brliu;" dlHtrracu and rule
on hinuteli and family through choice
A lenrn Nil-!'-, the craving tor drink,
bulldo up the i.vh.i'u.:. atnadiea the
nerves. It is guaranteed to cure or
benefit nr money refunded after a
fair trial. Alcurn No. 1 can he given
eocretly by anv .life or mother wanting to reator*- a dear one to health
and .leefulneSA, Alcurn So. _ la the
voluntary treatment.
Tail be had ar oui storo only |1,00
i>er hot. Ash for our free l>ookl**t a-
boiit Alcura,
Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited, Drug*
[tifltfl,   t'ranf'r,-o_.   B.O 43-1.
liorn~-Ai  Cronbri .ok
November  Uth,  to  Mr.
.laird, a ho it.
Qet in on the C.
aale early today.
j   B? L. Staples of Wyclifle, and J. 8.
(Caldwell of Hpokane were visitors at
Cranbrook   Wednesday.
j Cranbrook Meat Market commencea
buainwui on L*eet-rol)*r lat, lo tbeold
Po<rt Offloe.-PHOKE 8.
Mr. and Mrs. J. McTavlsh, and W,
Whitehead of Hull River, were Cran*
brook   vlsltots  Thursday.
Hav. for »ale lotn.
ve ry chnirr residential
.nd buiinesa lot. in
difteiftnt pan*, ol tht
Gt\: also *,m. II tt_ct:
rarying from on. to
hve   .tie*,    iti   fiteni.
Call i,ri<l ie« tfiein nnw
belore the rtit.ti come-
WOOD     .OR
A. E. Disney
guest at the
Hpecial ticket OO
37   cents    ...    yard.
English Church
_ev. K. P. Flewelllng Rector
Holy Communion 8 n.m.
Matins and Holy Communion 11 am
Children's service * p.m.
_vensong 7.10 p.m.
Services wilt he conducted hy ths
llev. H. A. Holby, tbe organizing
secretary of the Olocise ol Koot.nay.
Baptist Church
Rev. U. E. Kendall
Preaching Services 11.00 a.m. and
7.SO p.m.
Sunday School and Fellowship
Uible Class 3.00 p.m.
Topic of the morning discourse—'A
Clr.it Task and My Part in It.' In
tbe evening the topic wlll be— 'Kaeape
trom falllQK Into the hands of the
Living God.'
A cordial Invitation Is eitended to
all the public.
12 I■. t   Linoleum
. , Newbury ol Vancouver, was in
lu the city transacting business Monday
C, B. Webb. C, lu.nar_.i;.. and T.
11. Uses., i _ Nelson w**r. guests at
the Oranbroolt Monday.
D. McIVjnald and V. fiery ot Corn-
well, Ont., wer- Kneels at the Cranhrook Thuraday.
Get In oo the C. C. S. Furniture,
sale early today.
M. Mclnnis of Crows Nest, was In
town Thursday. Mr. Mclnnis Is one
of the pioneer luntt-irm..n of Bast
Mr. and Mrs. H. H, Orlftitlu, ol
baynes Lake. w,*r" C'ranhr. ,rt visitor
C. H. OriSlth and II lianann ol
( ulgur), wer.; gu.'MlH at tt.. ('rar,
brook Thurs.lay
WOOD    KOR    HA1._    PHONK    (00
The good roads men are trying to
tnmke la to make tne way nf the joyrider much roont pleasant.
Now 111 the time tr, buy Furniture
-C. C. S.
Or. tXHiflas Corsan of Fertile, haa
been honored by being eleetod fellow
of tbe American College of Surgeons
Presbyterian Church|
Rev. W   Kelmnn Tbomaon
Service 11 a.m.
•Old Toatament Characur
Jonathan " .
Sunday S,*hi. >l aod lilble Class at
a  p rn
Bvening service, 7 80 p.m.
Hul.ject—"The changed Life."
Anthen. -Solected.
Bverybody Welcome—Come.
Mid-week  service,  W.lneeday evening at  o p.m.
Methodist Church
Rev. W   Bison Dunham
Sunday    .irvices    Tile   pastor   will
(.reach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
(inward lttt.1.- i'Iiu,,. at 3 p.m.
Morning   eubject     "The   ('..mpensa-
iioim nf Dlsolpleflhlp."
Hv..ning ntlbjoct: "No f_impromise
with Kvll."
A rordial Itivltatton is nxtantl, .
to all to attend  the alrove services.
Important Changes in
C. P. R. Timetable
Train  618— Arr.   at WW); Ufl, 13.00
Trsln    li—AlT.  at U-Gft; Left. U10
Train 614—Alt.  at U-M; Lm l_J-06
Train    12   Arr    at HI U.. Ua U gf,
Train  &1A-I_M.   at 1-00; \rr. 24 W
Klmb«rl«7 Branch
Lou   at 7 30, Arr   XW-'m itt *(.hi.u...__
is a nice tct of Sitverwarv foi hcr
ubli. Good silver always makes
a fine impession at the dinner or
luncheon. It adds rest to the appetite and indicates icfiiied tastes.
We can save yon money in solid
silver or silver-plated waie of thc
best quality. Thee are novelties
in designs nnd eveiy piece is most
artistically finished.
Jewelers & Opticians
Those bliaflnrds In the east make
one think of the Bulubrious Cranbrook ellmato—It's so very, very different.
Find the Hpecinl Ticket on tbe
187.00 Draw, bed at  .16.W.-C.C.B.
Aerons tho border there wlll be a
great disturbance in Turkey on the
last Thursday in this month—it win
be a war to the knife.
Provincial Oonatablo Minty ol fernle. was In town Thursday, Inspecting the Wholesale liquor stores, for
tiie purpose ol ronewlug'tholr licenses
Provide a Savings   Account
for your Children
With au   Endowment Policy
in the
International Insurance Co^Ltd.
These may be hnd [or a small
monthly premium.
For '*_•■..,-',..ri and rktes.sae, write or call up
FRED. W. SWAIN, Inspector
P  O  BOX372 PHONE 338
Agems Wanted
Joe   Wftlkley,   late   with   the   Kast j
iv.H-t-Miuy   Qutchor   0o.,   will   oiHiii
buslnees on Deoember 1st, in the old
Post Office.—PHONH 8.
ti.   1_.   Ooepell   Of   Vancouver,   pro  I
vincial   government   auditor,   was  at
the government otiices this weok on j
-■..U'liil  IniNlneHH.
The C. 0, H, Is putting nn a big
Bale of Furniture, Linoleums, ami
Rugs;  beginning today.
W. T. McDonald of Vlctor'a, pro
vtnolnl llvo Btock cotntnlesloner, wns
In the city Thursday, superintend^ i
the sale of the cattle brought lu lhe
district by the provincial government
John Otmllflo, nn engineer employed at Ooal Creek mines, was severely
injured on Saturday last by ha vim:
bis I.khi crushed between enrs on tbe
At the Bdieon Theatre tonight will
h*. shown the following excellent fUm
"The Greater Call," a special three
reel feature; "What Pa got"; "Little
Darling;"  Bobbie's magic Nickel."
Find   the   Bpecial   Ticket    on
.50.00  Buflelt  at  I24.9.V-C.C.B.
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where lt Pays lo Deal"
Cranbrook       -        B. C.
Jones & Doris
See Us about Your Building:
and Job Work
B. C.
Our Stock of
and accessories is
now complete.
Please look us up
before sizes get
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
CRANBROOK,     •      B. C.
N. Haitbton aud Oeo. Lonsk epent
svveral days at Bpokaue this week
oo buslnees. Mr. Hansou while there
secured tbe Agency for the Detroit
motor car.
The flour warehouse of the Cranbrook Trading Co. was broken Into
on Thursday night and several sacks
of Hour taken. The Hour was takon
to a nearby house. Entrance was ob
tained by breaking a window.
WOOD    TOR    BALK—PHONK    400
Dr. J. H. King has been appointed
a fellow of tbe College of American
surgeons. This degree ls equal tb the
F.R.C.B. of London; Dr. King has
also been enrolled as one of tbe
Founders of the College.
Tbe C. C B. ls putting on a big
sale of Furniture, Linoleums, and
Ruga;  beginning today.
Miss Minnie Steeree and Mrs. H.
I'. Woodhouee left yesterday for tbe
Tourist Hotel, Hull River, where
tbey Intend to take in all the beautiful scenery that surrounds tbat
wming Uttle city.
One of tbe greatest meetings ever
held Is expected to take place in the
K. of P. Hall on Tuesday, commencing at 8 p.m. ttharp. All members
nre requested to be present, visiting
brothers will also he given a hearty
welcome and the grip.
Tbe C. 0. B. is putting on a big
sale of Furniture, Linoleums, and
Rugs; beginning today.
J. McDonald and Frank Deacon,
have secured a lease on P. Matheson
garage; they have purchased the
good wtU and taxi business also, the
agency of the McLaughlin Co., as
well as repairs remain wltb Mr. Matheson.
A daring bold-tip was perpttrated
on Baker Btrert, Forn'e, on Monday
night, and in consequenee thereof O.
Rrese is now lying ln the hospital
wltb a bad cut on his head, having
been hit with a bottle and relieved
of bis watch and money. The poll .t
have a clue and nn nrreat Is expected
The C. C. B. ln putting on a big
sale of Furniture, Linoleums, and
Rugs; beginning today.
Rev. A. L. Burch of Wentntlnnter
Hall, Vancouver, preached tbe sermons at both of the services ln the
Presbyterian Churrh last Sunday,
His addresses gave much food for
thought to the large audiences gathered to hear him. In the afternoon
he addressed a meeting at the Y.M.
C.A. which was well received.
Fred Welts, who recently sold a
portion of hln barhertng otittlt. ban
opened a new barber shop ln tbe
Cross Keys Hotel, nnd invites your
patronage which will receive the bent
attention possible, no give htm a
trial. 4. 4t
At 10.M on Thursday, morning, the
tire brigade responded promptly to
nn alarm sent In from the cloanlng es
establishment of Oeo- Powell to
wan caused by an exnloratlon of tbe
flmall gasoline tank on a flatiron.
With the exception of a few clothet,
burned no damage either Ity fire or
wnter wnn done.
W   W   KII BT
P. O. Hoi 101 Cra-brook, B.C
Ore Shipments
Ore shipments from mines in tbe
Crnnhrook district for tbs past year
to dnte wero as follows:—
Hitlllvan      980 30,670
Bt.   Kugene   110  1,351
Other Mines      191
Total l.oeo 92,314
In the old days, you'd think it* silly extravagance to pay three thousand for a
horse. Then why buy a heavy, expensive car to-day -when the "nifty,"
sturdy Ford performs its intended service
so wonderfully well—and at so small a
Think what these prices mean—lor the cm
tbat hat, stood the test: Model T Runabout $000; Model T Touring Car $650;
Model T Town Car $<*00-f. ». b. Walket-
ville, Ont., with all equip,, ent Get cats-
logue snd full particulars from
The Hanson Garage
Complete line of Accessories, Pnrt*. aud
Supplies—Cars and Trucks for hire—AU
manner of repairs and vulcanizing done.
Norbury Ave. Cranbrook, B. C.
Mounted Game Heads Sp_d_uy
Send For Price List
Animals, Birds, Fish and Fur Mats
P.O. Box 134
A Charter has been opened in
Cranbrook for membership in
of the Dominion of Canada
which will remain open until a
membership of   50  has been
The fee is $20.00.
For further information and Membership Applications, enquire of
at the Royal Hotel
Oin  Pitli  Cured Them.    Free
Sample Box Leadi to Cure.
Only thos* who lum been tortured
with Kidney Trouble ean appreciate how
Mr. Trumper suffered. Being a railroad
man, he was called upon to do all kinds
of heavy work. The constant strain ot
lifting, weakened the kidneys.
I received the sample box of Gin Pills
and wss greatly benefitted by them. My
kidneys were In such bad condition I
eould not lift or stoop without psln. In
fact, they pained me nearly all the time.
I have taken three boxes of Gin Pills,
working all the time st heavy work on
the railroad and did not loss a day.
Do aharp twinge* uUoh you as you
stoop t Ars you subject to Rheumatism, Sciatica or Lumbago t Does your
Bladder give trouble t Tska .Gin Pills
on our positive guarantee that they will
curs you or money refunded, noo a box
—«fors__o. At dealers, or direct If you
cannot obtain from druggist Sample
box free if yon mention tats paper.
National Drug sad ".rtrlnl Co., of
Cauda, Limited, Tomato. 174
NOTICB ls hereby given that the
partnership heretofore subsisting between us, tbe undersigned, (tarrying
on business as Real Batata Agenta
nt Cranbrook, B.C., has been dissolved by mutual consent as from
the date hereof.
Dated this 7th day of November,
P. De Vere HUNT
Witness: Thomas Tlghe Mecredy
«•« Solicitor. Cranbrook, DU
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
Ttitf u I'llls sre c„ttip..uji.led wtth tit. sr.atc.it
ctre dom th* mn*t tullibl* _mc_. kin.w,, to
.delict such _ a,, belitg used wllli mucli succcaa
bv Ihe hum, celclH.ted imyakiaua known.
Tticy _ e a spcciriv fuajha illflrMBlna disorder,
to which (ho It-male oiflrlltiitloii la lul'lc.
1.1c. U t hox. He. ll (much tltansetV Ms
box. *-_(! tal ill ante .luto.. 0, br mail iron. The
£___ Drag Oe., St. Cktaana**, Oat.
SBALBD TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned and endorsed "Tenter for Construction of Wharfs at
Victoria Harbour, B.O.," will be received at this ollicc until 4.00 P.M.,
on Tuesday, December . 1913, lor
thc construction ul Wharfs at Victoria Harbour, B.C.
Plana, specification and form of
contract can he seen and forms of
teudur ubtnlued ut this Department
und at tlte District Knglueers' offices
at New Westminster, B.O. Victoria,
B.C., Confederation Life Building,
Toronto, Out., Tost Olllce Building,
Montreal, P. ... aud 011 application
to the rostinnstcr at Vancouver,
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on tho printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence, ln the case of
flims, the actual signature th* nature of the occupation, and place ol
residence of each member of tne firm
must be given.
Each tender munt be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to the order ot
the Honorable tbe Minister of Public
Works, equal to five per cent (6 p.c.)
of the amount of the tender, which
will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to outer into a contract
wben called upon to do so, or fail to
complete the work contracted for. If
the tender Im not nccepted the cnequs
will be returned.
Ths Department how, not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
Dy Order,
Department ol Public Works,
Ottawa, Octobor 27th, 1913.
Nowspapors will not be paid for
this advertisement if thoy Insert it
without authority from the Department -._ IT 444t.


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