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The Prospector Mar 23, 1912

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Array Toric Lenses
While You Wait
\\t TjjjteagpttUi.
ti /
S2.00 Per Year
VOL. 18
No: It
Poultry Keeping
One of the Growing Industries
of the District
Cranbrook Especially Interested in Advice Given
It seems a little curious thnt it Is
so hard to get st*!ctly Irosh eggs
even during the months of Soptombcr
October and November. Remember I
say strictly fresh eggs. It Ib not bo
difficult to get eggs In' those months,
especially the drat two named. But
so many grocers complain shout the
difficulty of getting all fresh ones.
For Instance a farmer will bring ln
twenty, thirty or forty dozen ns the
case may be, but a large percentage
will be had or stale yolks settled to
ooe aide, or, whnt Is nearly as bad,
the shells will he dirty and have a
greasy appearance.
The writer hns heen asked vory often by grocormcn to let them have his
eggs, in fact, any one ol them would
be glad to take all he has, but I
have preferred to sell to private customers. At least It Ib this way; I
started to sell to private customers,
expecting each year to have more
than I would need and the overplus I
would sell to storekeepers, hut each
year the private customers would Increase, so that so far I have none
for the grocors. I hnve found that
there Is scarcely nny limit to the
demand for strictly fresh eggs, especially If tbey nre clean and well graded. A basket of all hrown or all
white eggs looks much nicer than a
basket 0f mixed colors.
Pullets nearly always lay a smaller
egg thnn a hen. How much smaller
the pullets' egg looks when placed beside a large hen egg! Therefore keep
all the smaller slued eggs hy themselves, and the larger once by themselves. I hnve never yet seen a customer complain when the eggs were
nearly all of n size. But some will
complain at once of the smaller ones
when they see them lying beside the
larger ones.
And why should we ask anyone to
take dirty eggs anv more than dirty
meat or dirty fruit? Of course the
shells ore not used, nnd wc might
argue that the dirt Is only un t'.it
shell. But appearances. I was going
to say, are everything, hut I will sfty
appearances go a lone wny ln creating a demand for anything, and Just
add quality to appearance, and you
have a demand at once, as well ns
better prices and general satisfaction.
I had a very good Illustration of
this last fall. Potatoes that were
coming Into the city were small and
not very Inviting. T took n few bugs
to a store keeper thnt wero clean,
large and One looking ones, and at
once he offered me two dollars for
all that I would bring ln. Needless
to say I took In quite a number of
bogs at that price. Another storekeeper seeing them, came out to my
place and wanted a lot at the same
It ls the same with eggs, fruit,
vegetables or any other commodity.
Have the quality good and the appearance the very best you can mako
them, and they will create a demand
for themsolves. How mnny times
have I heard a person exclaim: "My
what lovely eggs! How much n dozen? State your price. Bring me two
three or more dozen a week." A new
customer bemuse the eggs were clean
and fresh looking and graded. Why
should a farmer have dirty or stale
eggs? Hurely overy farmer hns plenty of straw around, so thnt there Ib
no excuse fnr them having dirty nests
Hut how do wo find it? I declare
this to be a 'sot, so far as my observation goes, In visiting among the
farmers,, thnt not more    thnn   ono
out of ten keeps either the poultry
house or the nests clean. I have
actually soon hens laying ln nests
that were half full of droppings and
not a straw ln the nests, yet there
was plenty of straw around the barnyard. But no one seemed to care
enough for Biddy to give hor a little
straw of which to make a nest. Ts
there any wonder that they steal
their nests away anywhere where they
can get a decent, place to deposit
precious fruit.
I was visiting a farmer not long
ago, and he had a beautiful barn,
with cement tloors tbrougb the whole
barn, cow stables, horse stables, alley-ways—cement floors all over. The
cow stablos, horse stables, and even
the pig pens were all whitewashed;
overhead and down the sides, the
stalls, In fnct everything except tbe
floors, were given a coat of whitewash. And, as I always do, I asked
tho privilege to see the poultry apart-
tments. He had quite a large flock
of White Leghorns running around
the barnyard. Well, now, what do
you think I saw? There waa a "ell
built poultry house, in whlcb the
poultry migbt have been as comfortable as one could wish. But. Oh,
what a sight! The litter on tbe floor
seemed as though lt might have been
there for years, the nests as dirty;
the droppings ot a whole year, I
should judge, were under the roosts,
and not one bit of whitewash or any
other kind of a wash had ever been
on nny Part of the Interior of th»t
Now, that farmers may sell fresh
eggs, but I am very certain that he
can't sell clean ones. Just think of
a hen laying a beautiful clean white
egg In such a foul filthy nest. And
yet that ts Just what tbey ore doing,
for 1 saw some on the nests with
eggs tn them, but dear me, I wouldnt
like to eat them even it was only oo
the shell. Well, I am glad to say
that all tanners nre not thnt way. A
large (and I believe the number ore
increasing) number ol farmers are
giving as good quarters and as good
care-to their poultry as to any other
stock on the farm. And why should
they not have as good core? For
they pay as well as aoy other farm
stock for their care and keep.
Below I give a few rules which, If
observed, I believe will materially affect the numbor of undesirable eggs
coming into the city markets:—-
(1) Change nil nesting material at
least once a month.
(2) Keep fresh litter, dry litter on
poultry house floor at all times.
(31 Never let hens run ont in wet,
muddy yards. It does them no good,
and continues to make both hens and
yards more filthy.
(4) Never leave eggs In nest longer
than one day. Never let them stay
In neBt over night.
(6) Wipe oil with wot clot* all eggs
that may got soiled as soon as gathered. Remember, a washed egg never
looks as nice as one that doesn't
need washing.
(6) Novcr sell eggs from a stolen
nest, or nny eggn that you don't
know how long It Is since they have
heen laid.
(7) Never keep eggs longer than one
week before Inking to market. Better
take them twice a week If possible
(8) Have nil the eggs In basket as
nearly as possible the same size nnd
C. P. R. Fire
What might have been a serious
Are occurred on Friday night when
the 0. P. 11., hoarding house , Just
across tho track from the depot, was
almost completely destroyed.
The first alarm, which called out
ths railway brlgads was sounded at
II p. m. Tho fire originated from
an over-heated range, and got a good
headway, burning between walls and
floors when the railway firemen
reached the scene. Alter working for
over an hour, the fire was beyond
their control, nnd an alarm was turn,
sd In for assistance from the City
department which responded promptly, and soon had two lines of hose
laid, the flames wns soon extinguished, hut nothing remains of the bull-
ding hut the standing walls.
It seems strange, that aa soon as
ths Are was discovered, that nn
alarm was not sent in to tho city;
and the, assistance of experienced firefighters secured, which later had to
dots, There Is nn doubt, hut, If this
had Iswn done promptly the building
could have saved with hut tittle loss
to the company. The City authorities
are willing at all times to render nil
necessary assistance to ths railway
company, and ths fact that the
building waa on tho other side of the
track, lust outside of ths corporative
limits of the city, is no excuse fnr
not turning In the necessary call for
tho city department. Some eighteen
men woro sleeping In the building,
who fortunately escaped. With ti
strong wind blowing from the wost,
tho trestle, coal bins, nnd a numlier
of othor buildings might have been In
The C. P. R„ should make some ar-
rsngomonts with tho city to provide
for Just anch emergencies arising
from fires that can easily lie reached
by the city fire department, and ample water from the city water supply
I*-     ¥■ "
Fifty Acre Tract of Alfalfa grown on St. Mary's Prairie, adjoining
Cranbrook, Last Year.
Industrial Activity at Bull River
The big dam at Bull River, now
under construction for the 0. P. R.
is rapidly approaching completion.
Bull River ls a tributary of the
Kootenay River, and extends
north easterly through a large block
of laad acquired by the C.P.R, as a
portion of the British Columbia South
era land grant. At tho present time
four large logging camps are established on Bull River, employing some
five hundred men, who are busily engaged in getting out ties. At a
point about six miles from Its confluence with the Kootenay, ts where
the big dam is being constructed.
The dam will be a little over three
hundred feet in length, twenty-five
feet In width at bottom, narrowing
IS feet at top. It will have a height
of 16 feet from the bed of the river,
which was   excavated to a depth   of
11 feet to bedrock. Tbe dam ls being
constructed of concrete. When filled,
the, water will cover an area of about
70 acres, with a varying depth of
from 10 to 25 feet according to tbo
contour of the water covered area.
The John Gait Engineering Co., ot
Toronto haa the contract ol its construction, and expect to have it completed in about two weeks. It will
cost in the neighborhood of (30,000.
The C. P. R. are also building a
large sawmill on Bull River, which
will have a capacity of about 100,000
feet dally.
The company '..ivo a'so laid out a
townsite on a tract of prairie land
on Bull River near ita mouth, just, lie-
low where the old international
trunk road crosses the Bull river.
A number of stores, houses and warehouses have been erected, and it is
reported that a contract has been let
ror the construction of a large modem hotel, by Mr. James Bates of
At a point, up the river, twQ miles
from the C.P.R. plant, tbe Bull River Power company hnve constructed
a dam for power purposes. This
dam has a length of four hundred
feet, wltb an elevation of about ten
feet. A flume of a mllo and three-
quarters In length, 10 feet In width,
and six feet In depth has been con
structed, and contracts let for tbe
building of a power house, and the
Installing of turlil-.es, and dynamos,
capable of generating 12,000 horse
power. This company will supply
electrical power to towns In the
Crow's Nest Pass as far east as Hos-
mer, and west to Cranbrook, Moyle,
nnd Fort Steele.
Cranbrook   on   the   Move
A Publicity Man Wanted
We bars Just received a communication giving us a few of tha details
that are being published In a book
that ls being got out by the Smith's
Advertising Agency, of London, England, ln which the interests of tbls
district will be especially treated. In
the article mentioned attention is
particularly drawn to the fine soil
we have in the Oranbrook district
that could easily be devoted to raising the best of fruits and small garden produce; drawing attention at tbe
same time to the advantages that
would be accrued to nny Arm wbo
wanted to use Cranhrook as a centre
snd distributing point for the whole
nf the Kootenays.
If the C.P.R. was properly approached there Is nn reason to doubt
but what they would glvo exceptional advantages to any Industry that
came to the city. Thie Is a good opportunity for parties interested to
get to work and use their pernuatton
with the authorities to get a move
oa and get busy looking after these
Various parties are interesting
themselves seriously In the proposition put through at the last meeting
Quarterly Claims Allowed
Tho American Life and Accident
insuranco Co., report tho following
Final settlements mads from tho
Oranbrook branch:— Thos. Kaloway
1275.011; fractured limb. Elmer A Car
vor llG.lir,; Injury tn foot. Percy R.
Lyons; |l,85| Tonsllltus, Hennlng
Swenson Itilurv tn font Ik.It, all of
Cranbrook, Mlko Perrl 139.00; fractured rib. Ernest Mnlsoncuve 134.15
kicked In fneo by a horse, nil of Fer-
nlo, B.C. Felix O'Donnell 139.00 Injured limb, Mlohel, B.C. John I".
Hamilton Mr,.on fractured rib, Creston, B. O. J. n. floulet, 120.00 La-
Grippe; J. B. Goulet, 110.00 sprained
back, Jaflray, B. C. Edward Rallln-
so», 11.11 neuralgia, Jaffray, B. C.
of the Board of Trado. Men who have
the best Interests of tbo city and immediate district at heart. These wc
have It on the best authority aro
being backed up by tbe C.P.R., who
are taking a positive Interest In tbo
actions of the people at   this   timo.
The O.P.R, no doubt received tho
news gladly when they were told
steps were being taken to make the
way possible to procure a publicity
man whose sole interest would be to
bring before the eyes of the public
the mnny advnntagos that Cratfvrook
and the.district possess. A man who
will hold a very responsible position
to whom It will be possible at any
time to go to and feci that you were
being given the moBt reliable information at all times; who would not.
be tied hand and foot, hut would be
free and liberal nt all times with the
interests of tho city.
Nelson recently appointed such a
man and the city authorities of that
city feel thomBelvcs even now nmply
repaid with the results this publicity
Is doing lor tho eity. Although but
a short timo tins elnpscd since this
man was appointod he has been tho
means of placing liefore Industrial
owners the    many advantages    that
School Near Completion
Kootenay Indian Most Intellectual
Of All Tribes
Provision Made  For Their  Welfare
The Kootenay Industrial richool he- al welfare ul the children will* be
ing built by the Department of Indi-' carefully guarded,
an affairs, at St. Runene Mission is The attic is not intended to be ue-
now being rushed to completion and ed excepting for recreation in bad or
it ia expected that the same will be rainy weather, and is likely to be la-
ready for occupation  well within  the   ter required    for additional    sleeping
time limit of the contract which calls
the completion of the building hy
the middle of the coming summer,
which will enable all to he ln readiness for the resumption of the school
work Immediately a'ter the mid-summer holidays.
This building will he one of tbe
largest nnd best, equipped schools in
Western Canada nnd to the fact that
it in now considered hy the authorities in charge 0f the welfare nf the
Indians of the country speaks very
highly of the intelligence nf the
Kootenay tribe, in the estimation of
rhe Department of Indian affairs.
That the tribe of Kootenay should
keep the local school over-crowded j
and make necessary enlarged facill
ties shows that they are alive to the
Importance of education along the
**ame linen aa other Canadian citizens
The new school la being built in a
most substantial manner of brick and
concrete, and will be practically Are-
rooms, in view of the steady lncr&a&t,
in the number oT scholars.
Splendid loggias are also provided
on the same level ns the dormitories
where proper outdoor sleeping ac-
romodfitlons can he used for the special  treatment  of  cases needing it.
Ample provision has been made for
the hentintr and lighting of the whole
building and especial care Is being
taken to secure pure water for domestic purposes and nlso for the sanitary disposal of all sewage.
A hntwater heating plant is to he
installed as well ns a compression
water supply and fire protection system.
I    Tbe exterior will be a Stucco finish
j from grade to eaves broken with   a
belt course nf concrete ftt the level of
the upper floor line.
Throughout the  several  floors large
corridors extend  from end to end ot
the interior and    from the ends    ol
i these will  be fire-escapes leading   to
proof and fully equipped with a" the ! "~" " " ' T T«^ « ~"«-
modern improvements and ap?urten-1the *roUnd on the outside flflord!n'
ances of an Industrial college.
The Government owns thirty-three
acres of the best land In the St.
Mary's valley nnd this is being devoted to the double purpose of teaching
the Indian hoys and girls everything
In the way of farming and domestic
training respectively
In the basement of the new school
is to be a fully-equipped Kitchen.
Bakery, cold storage, larder, servery,
dining room etc., In addition to manual training roomR for the boys, and
a sewing room for the girls. also
baths and lavatories,
door is to bo devoted to claws rooms
jabBolute protection in this respect.
The main entrance faces tbe eaat,
and a most beautiful view of tbe Si.
Mary's lower valley with the Rockies
in the background can be secured
from any portion of that side, while
on the opposite or rear side tbe up*
per St. Marys and the Selklrks ara
tn full view.
Taken as a wbole the situation ot
the school is ideal and wben completed ft will stand for generations yet
unborn as a  bright  witness of     the
they could    use If they made Nelson
their  home.    3URKLV CRANDROOK
NO, Most decidedly NO. Cranbrook
can bold its own with the next city
In llrltlsh Columbia today if only
everyone get a move on and got going; everyone who has a home here
it. makes no matter how smnll nn
interest, should be a walking, talking
advertisement for the city and then
we shall have the pleasure of seeing
things fly.
Towards this end the Prospector
would Ifke to see a greater number of
Hlogans come in than has already
been received, we want this so aa to
be able to drive home to the investing public what Cranbrook has. Wc
are reproducing a few of those received, in another column, some possess a certain degree of merit, but
they nre not to the point. The fewer
tbe words, the more direct the meat-age, the stronger and more lasting
will be the result. Send In yours nt
once and be in line with the rest.
high ideal*    of the Canadian system
The ground ?f *""■<•■••* «» education     of tbelr
 ,- ....,,„ class rooms In,Uan wards in general, and parUe-
for the girls in the eastern end and , J1*'1/ *• *»■* Intelligence M-Hoy*
the same for tbe boys at the west- J °'t?\W"\l*nt ^T" o!10ha/iTtT
em end of the building. These room. ! ^ ° ,lftt* 'j*?™"* th« Xo^l
will be well lighted and ventilated. <"»« Agent o! the Indian Department
The space intervening between the I wpno ,h»w throughout the trying year,
class rooms will consist of a conva- i°* »[lTV° \ 'V,*" ^ d°°*
lescent ward, with bath, flnd the va- ted their Uvm to this work"
rious executive and sleeping rooms This undertaking has been under
for the staff. In the next story will contemplation for many years and
qe four large dormitories separated ! that its final stages are about at
by more rooms for the large staff ■"•nd iB welcomed by all who are at
which will he required, when the new In" familiar with the Importance of
building is occupied on flcCoUht of the the question involved in the eieea-
ndmlsslon of sever nl score more of • tlon of the duties and responsible
young Kootennlans who are even n0w ' tie. existing towards the education
patiently waiting the enlarging of the nf the local Indians.
accommodations so as to permit of When the school has been completed
their partaking of the advantages of [a full and detailed description of ita
the industrial education wblcb they design and the work, nud methods ot
so much desire. Hach dormitory will teaching may be- expected la this
bave a monitor's room and the mor-   paper.
Sunday School Convention
The bi-annual mooting of the Cranbrook District Sunday School Association was convened in the tocal
Methodist Church on the evening of
March Uth with a good representation of the Sunday School fraternity
present. In view of the presence of
Premier McBride In the political
meeting held In the city at the same
hour, it was decided to adjourn the
association promptly at nine o'clock.
The opening address on "Tbe Bible
in tho World" was delivered by Rev
O. K. Kendall, in which the speaker
reviewed the Influence of tbe Bible as
tho prime factor in shaping and securing political, civil, religious and
•ntellectural    freedom for    all lands,
Agricultural Association Busy
Success of Fall Fair Assured
■Was Agricultural Association Is getting down to business. Last week,
and also this week meetings bave
been held br the encutlve and ways
and means have been discussed that
will undoubtedly accrue, in working
out the details, various advantages
to the association and city and district at large.
The various committees bave been
elected and their duties apportioned
out; ths three most important committees, Important because upon
them rests the success of the whole
•flair, ara the Attraction Committed
consisting of Messrs, W. II, Wilson,
H. A. Hill and W. S. Bnnto.
The Advertising Committee, Messrs
W. n. MaeFarlane  and F. A. Russell.
Programme Committee. —Messrs.
Iter. H. Dunham, J. D. McBride, "no
Lsvett, Wm. Hamilton aad J, W. Ma
Clure; and another committer upon
which will stand tho responsibility of
shouldering tho reaults of tlio others
work, nwnoly, tho Finance commit,
tee, is composed of Messrs llr. Hall,
W. S. Bnnto and J. P, Kink.
P, DeVoro Hunt, la atlll rntnlnnd ns
secretary, his experience arising out
of former work In this connection
will stnml him good atenil this year
and for Information that anyone mny
require In connection with the association It will hn rendlly given liy
Already the Hecretnry hns boon
busy in the assooiatloni interests Ity
visiting various points In thn ills
Irlct, thoso that will he benefited hy
having the Fall Fnlr In Oranbrook
amongat others npoclnl montlon mity
be made of Klko, Ilaynoa |,nkn, nml
Waldo.    Mr. Jamas Beattie ol Waldo
hns kindly prnmlaed to donate a dl*>
I vor cup to the Poultry K.xhlhit. Mr.
Wilkinson, secretary of the Haynes
I.nko Agrlenlturnl Associntlon Is Inking tho matter up with the members
jnt their next mooting. Mr, Hunt,
jnleo Imd nn Interview wilh Mr. Nnl
iimlth who was rerenlly appointod hy
tho O.I',It. to tnke charge of tho natural resources of K.tist Kootonny, In
| the  int.nrost.ii of  the coming  Fair.
At the inat mooting of tho Biocu
tIvo it. wuh resolved to mnko n dnte
I to meet, the nieinhei-H ol the Womonl
Institute nnd see If their assistance
could not tie obtained In the work of
assisting to provide for the ways nnd
mentis. It lino heen SUggOBtod that
the Indies could help materially with
a Tag I'ny among tho citizens und
the people In thn dlstrlot,
If Ue Association kesp up with the
room of Knox Church. Rev. I>. J.
Welch, Suiit.. of the Provincial Teachers Training Department addressed
the Rundny Bchool workers on ths
Needs nnd Methods of Teacher
Training. The address was brim-full
of suggestions most vnlunhle to the
worker among children. Rev. I. W.
Wllllnmson then conducted a Round
Table Conference which gave rise to
spirited diarupslons on questions asked by members of the nudlence. A
Paper hy Mrs. ,1. 8. Mcnnle on "Missions in the Sunday Bchool" dealt in
a clear manner with the method,
matter Hnd results of this department
of Hunrtay School effort. The evening session wns    held In the Baptist
where it is freely distributed and I Church. Mr. Welch nddressed tbe As-
studied. It was also pointed out socfntlon on "The Church and the
that the atudy ot the Bible, was larg- Children," a discussion bristling with
•ly responsible for the social unrest I startling statistics revealing the re-
and religious activity so pre-eminent I suits of present day methods in the
in our day. A solo was sweetly aung J work of the Churrh to conserve tha
hy Mrs. Welahrod. Tho meeting wna i children for the churrh and society.
brought, fo a close by Rev. I. W. Wll- j*rho closing address was given by Mr.
lamson, Bupt., of the   British    Op- Williamson, in     his Inimitable    and
lumhia   Association,   forecasting    the
meetings to he held next day.
cheery manner, in which he presented
(in Thursday afternoon the'assocta-) "om" "' the suggestions awakened hy
lion held Ita   seaalon   in the   school the meetings of the association.
enthusiastic beginning already made
there in no reason whatevor to doubt
hut what this year the Agricultural
Kail Pair held in Oranbrook on the
18th and mth of September will be
one of thn moat successful ever held
In the province.
There is one thing to he horns In
mind nnd that Is although the various members of the different commit-
toes are voluntarily doing their »ev.
etnl duties connected with their committees It,is only by the co-operation
of the citizens thnt they ran expect,
lo ronp their due reward In successful working, We therefore want cv
oryone to he ready tO give all the as
BlstAtlCfl they enn, by suggestions or
nlherwiee, we hnve the city and the
district nlso the rllnlate, nnd It can't
he heat anywhere In the wbole
stretch of llrltlsh Oolumbla and this
Is one of tho means that can be used
to make It known. The land in the
immediate vicinity la without an
equal for fertility aad production It,
only wants the right people to take
hold of It. nnd It will grow anything.
It Ib hy these Knll Fairs that means
nre provided for the growers to show
some of those peoplo of lesser confl-
dence WHAT CAN UK DONB-and It
will he shown nt the Fair this year
and no mistake Mvldences are not
wanting already to show the interest
that is being taken.
Howling   Tournament
Arrangements are well    under   way
lor a big bowling tournament at Um
Y.M.C.A., In whlcb all members who
are howlers are expected to take part
Hplendbl     prizes nre being   provMsxt
for nml In the live or six event*   a
number    of howlers    should lie   UM
richer for    the tournament, as    the
lui/eu rnnge In value from 13 to •»••
Full particulars will ho ready I*
feW|days, nnd notice will h»
members    who aro lilt-'
Yes wc wanl you as a customer. Ask us to
send you our 19i2 Catalogue. It's brim full of
all that is good in Flowers, Vegetables, Field
Roots, Grains, Plants, Small Fruits. Implements,
Bee Supplies, Poultry Supplies, etc.
Valuable information In »h«t we have aimed to Blv; the
Former. Hardener and Private Planter. All ll will eo»l >-ou
is one moment of time and ft two-eent 'lamp.
Write u. to-day, the day you nre reading thin.
^jT Dept.   79   London, Canada. <■>
D   a B.'ft Canadian Cta Sw«la Tornlp-Acknowledud as th. beat feeder, th. beat
cooker, the beat shipper.   TRY IT.	
Farmer's Institute Meeting
Paper  Read by   John   Levett
©he proepeetor, ©rmtbrooh, §. <£.
Published Bvery Saturday   Monttng at Cranbrook. B.C.
F. M. Christian, Manager.
A, B. Grace,   Editor.
Pcotait to Atnsrioaa, European and  other foreign countries.   50 eenta   a
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising  ratea furniahed on aupllcatiou.    No
advertisements but those of a reputable character will he accepted    lor
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS-Uoless notice to the Contrary
U given to local manager advertise menu and eubscrlptloua will he kept
running and charged up agalnet their account.
18th Tear
The Home Circle Column
Pleasant Evening Reveries—A Column Dedicated
to Tired Mothers as  They   Join  the
Home Circle at Evening Tide
Thoughts from the Editorial Pen
No matter how your mothers may
speak, their hearts are in the right
place; if their attire is old-fashioned
and tbeir manners not up to the
frills of the twentieth century standard, they have hart experience of
more value than all the schooling and
extra accomplishments that you may
think of shining excellence. Heed you
mother—you will never regret it.
• •   •   •
It is the mother of a household
whose life Is chiefly threatened by
monotony, rthe stays at home, she
ia always in the house seeing the
same things, hearing the same voices
doing the same work day after day,
with endless regularity. The demands
upon her time and strength and love
and patience are increasing And the
wonder is that she does not break
down more frequently than is actually the case.
• •   •   •
Girls and boys listen to your mother
they are your wisest teacherB, your
beat councilors, e'en though you have
received a college education and the
dear one who in all probability hns
denied herself to give it to you hns
never g*ono beyoimd the third reader,
you can rest assured that it is not
book learning tbat will keep your
feet away from the many pitfalls that
she can warn you from in tender,
loving fashion that you will do well
to heed.
• •   •   •
One reason why some men do not
get along better In this world is) he
cause they have not tbo proper stimulant in the homes. Their homes
lack those little touches of refinement
which brings the best out of them.
Neatness and taste are posnihle in
the poorest homes. l>t a woman
make the atmosphere as dainty as
her means allow, and she will raise
her husband to the same standard.
And as she elevated him the effort i^
felt upon herself, her children, ber
home, and her future.
■   •   •   •
When you want to got your grand
est Idea of a queen, you do not think
of Catherine of Russia, or of Annie
of Rnglftfid, nr Marie Theresa of Gor*
many, but when you want to get
your grandest idea of a queen you
think of the plain woman who sal
opposite your father at the tabb* oi
walked with him arm in arm down
life's pathway, sometimes tu tin
Thanksgiving bfinr]uet, sometimes te
tbe grave, hut always together-
soothing your potty griefs, eorrectlni
your rbfMish waywardness, joining
in your infantile sports, listening tr
your evening prayer, fnilini' fnr yoi'
with neertle nr »t tbe spinning wheel
and on mid nights wrapping you u|
snug and warm '* Mother1 Mother."
Ah, she is a <iueen.
• •   •   •
Many women are martyrs, nnd yet
they rto not know it. They shut the
sunshine out of tbeir houses and
their heartn. thpy wear veils, they
carry parasols, tbey no all possible
to keep of! the subtlest and yet most
potent Influence which la intended tr
give them strength, beauty and cheerfulness.
•   •   •   «
Do not distrust your friend, foil
may not always understand his ac
tions and consequently you may not
interpret them aright. If he is Impulsive he may not always act in accordance with your Ideas, he will
make mistakes and perhnps stumble
by the wayside Rut if he Is your
friend stand dp for him and believe
In bis goodnesH and virtue and his
desire for your welfare. Remember
tbat you cannot see his heart and
there Is more of nohllltv and good*
nets than appears on the surface
Vou cannot afford to dlfltrtlBt blm,
for real friendship Is rare. On not
hold yourself aloof from him Uut encourage hirn bv counsel, prcept and
example. Help him If he Is weak,ami
encourage him if be falters. His
heart will go out In gratitude, and
you both will bave made the world
If all tbe members of a, family »'e.re
as courteous and kind to each other
as tliey are to strangers, what a dif"
erence it would make in the home
We     never knew  a  man  who    was
faithful  to his     early and    adoptei
home who was given o^er at the dame
time tu any gross form of wickednt'sd
If you tind more     enjoyment In    the
rlubroom. in the literary society,   in
the art saloon, tban you do in these
unpretending home pleasures, you are
o-n the road to ruin.
•   •   -   •
All the elegance in the world will
not make a home, and a spoonful of
love exceeds whole shiploads of furniture and all the gorgeouaness the
world can gather.
•   •   •   «
The publisher of a paper must live
as well as the clothier, the dry goods
man or the grocer. To get the wherewith to live he has one thing to sell
and another to rent. He sells his
paper and he rents the space ia bis
columns, these are his principal
sources of income and can any one
nlorm us why he is expected to give
either away? He can, of course, do
so if he chooses and as a matter of
fact he does furnish a good deal of
his space rent free. Hut it docs not
follow that be ought to be expected
to do so as a matter of course, and
further, when once he does it ought
to be recognized as a contribution just
as much as the coffee or sugar given
by the grocer. Uut it Ib not generally looked at In that light, yet everybody knows that the very existence
of a newspaper depends upon the selling of tbe paper and the rent ot the
space as much as the merchants success depends upon the sale of his
goods. There is just as much reason for tbo merchant giving bis goods
away free as there Is for tbe publisher.
•tee the     "Siege of Calms"    at the
radiaoh Theatre tonight.
Methodist Church
Uev.   W.    MlMin    Dunham,   Pastoi
Sunday services The pastor will
preach at tl  a.  m. anil 7.110 p, m.
Morning subject   "Life's Mysteries"
Kvenin; subject The Greatest
Portrait in the World "
The choir will render special music
it the evening service.
All are cordially Invited i<> the
above services.
Baptist Church
He*.    0    K    Kendall.  Pastor
Morning Worship, 11 o'clock Hub-
teet - "Peace and Its FniitfullnesH,"
rtunday Bchool, :. p. m.
Evening Worship, 7 30 o'clock. Hub
ject.—-"I.lfo and More Abundant Lite"
All are Invited to attend
Salvation Army
Morning    11   o'clock,    Holiness   meet
Afternoon 2 o'clock,    Hunday Hchool
Afternoon   8.80 o'clock Krw an I Kn«y
Night:  H p.m.    Halvation  meeting.
I.BHHON—"Home of the uvlls of a
Hiw  the     "Hiege  of Calais"    at  tin
KrtlHou Theatre tonight,
Tbe Farmers institute held their
regular monthly meeting, on Wedncs
day night in the government build
ing. Mr. T. S. Gill, In tbe absence of
tbe president occupied the chair.
There was a large attend, tine.
The delegate to Victoria gave n:i interesting account of his trip to the
Central Convention. Mr. J. Levett,
submitted a very interesting paper on
potatoe growing. A very enjoyable
meeting was spent. Papers .A a very
interesting nature will be read at tin-
next meeting of which duo notice
will be given. Following is tbe paper presented by Mr. Levett
Mr. Chairman, anil Gentlemen
In reply to your request regarding
a paper on the growing of potatoes
and garden work in general, would
say. as 1 am nut a professional gar
doner, all I can do is to glVO vou tin
methods that I have employed and
found to be fairly -.atisfactory Sow
then, one of tbe most Important
things to be considered is the plough
ing of the land in the fall, tbe earlier the better as it permits of cultivation of tbe soil, so ns to encourage
all weeds to grow that they may be
killed befort* winter, which otherwise
would lay in tbe ground to moke
trouble the following season; of
course land that is ploughed late in
the fall should lay In its rough state
?;o as to permit the weathering and
the action of the frost to penetrate
as deeply as possible, it also turns
j up lots of Insects to In* killed, and
ht leaves the land in such a condition
i that it is ahle to conserve all the
! snow and ram that falls, which oth
. erwise would run of! into the creeks
I and be lost. There are many of us
i that do not attach sufficient importance to this matter of fall ploughing and cultivating at? there is uo
| tbe
! other way that wc can conserve the
moisture snd get the land In that
state of tilth whu-h io so necessarj
I for all growing plants. aud at odd
times one runs across land that is tn
dined to run together, ur puddle A.<
farmers call it; of course that is bet
ter left till spring before plo'JgUini*,
but that kind of land is not vei>
common. Now the next thint: and
not nf less importance is the selec
tion of seed, as this means all tbe
inference between success and failure.
N'ow there is only one place to do
this and that'is in tbe field when digging the Potatoes in the fall, always
select those hills that yield the most
of the smooth and uniform in type,
which is ao desirable in the potatoe.
If this method was put into practice
in selecting seed, we would not hear
so much about potatoes running out.
But the way it is with most people
they seem to think that any old
thing is good enough for seed, which
is a big mistake and en Is in disappointment but on the other hand if
one plants the best that can be obtained he certainly will stand a better chance than the man that sows in
a haphazard wny, and be well paid
for the extra trouble in keeping tbe
seed separate. This is like every
other branch of farming the selection
of seed is of the greatest importance,
and which go hand In hand with sue-
COBBful    (firming       Another    thing    I
always rto, that is,  I bring the seed
out of    the cellar about three weeks
before planting time flnd Bpread them
out on a barn     floor or some   other
suitable place so as to expoBe them
to the light,     this    induces them to
send out a good tough healthy sprout
which is not   easily  broken off,  this
also shows you which will aprout and
which    wont.    As  1 don't believe    lu
planting anything that does not show
signs of n good sprout which is nearly always the cause of so many miss
plants.   Of course whero one is planting a bid acreage this might not   be i
practicable but   where   one has   the j
Moor space    it  pays     for   the   extra
trouble.    Now next    comes     planting1
time    l like to lay oil tho land with
the    plough,      with  rows   three    font
apart   nud as   soon as     ready com j
mence l > cutting the seed and getting :
'hem  in as  quickly  as  possible,    us  1
believe the   sooner they are   covered,
up after being cut In half, or if large.
It  may  make four  good  sets, planted
about eighteen  inches apart  In    the
is a co.*,i distance; us 1 don't think
think there  is anything  gained     by
planting to   eloso; and four   or Ave
Inches deep; and don't forget to barrow  the ground two or three   times j
at intervals,    before   tho     potatoes
come up as tbls keeps all weeds    in
chock,  and also    loosens the    surface1
which is so necessary for tho young ■
plants    As soon as tbe rows can be
seen ttic cultivator should be started.
and kept  up    about every  week     n\\ \
through the  growing  season,  or    as
long as convenient  or necessary,    A
farmers profits are gaged   according
to the amount of work be puts on his j
'and, that is applied with intelligence
as there is no plant that seems to re- I
spond to good cultivation more than
the potatoe      Now, a  few words in'
regard to the proper tools may   not
on e amiss, na this all tends to make '
arit ii   \x field work a pleasure. Take
tbe PUnet, .)   u. or [ron-ago seeders
and cultivators combined, with which
one man   can do     more  and   better
work m one day than can he done in ■
five or six days   without such a ma- 1
bin.1, an.l it is surprising to see how
many people there are who still use
nothing but the      o'd  common    hoe,
which was nil right     when we could [ —
get nothing better but now we have'
no excuse as good improved hoes nnd
cultivators     are    easily    obtainable i ■ •
through     our    hardware    merchants, ■ ( (
which  will  more than    pay the cost
*he first season, the main thing is to
have the Innd in good shape tor   the IJ [
seeder as this is     necessary In order', ,
to make a good job, and to have the i« ■
rows po they can he cultivated.   Say IJ J
for onions nnd   carrots about 16 Inches is a good distance to have them,
this allows pretty good room to use
the machine.     The old habit of letting the weeds    take possession,    as
many do, is poor business, at*' it takes
as much    moisture and fertility     to
grow weeds as it does useful plants.
So it is easily seen if we want to get I
full returns   from our soli    we must]
use  tho  cultivator  frequently,   which'
is the secret in successful farming
Yours truly,
Something You
Don't Get
Why not let us make Your New Spring Suit for
you? Wc Guarantee Our Fabrics, We Guarantee a Satisfactory Fit, We Guarantee Our Workmanship because Wc Employ the Best Tailors
and pay them better wages than the union
demands, because their work warrants it and we
charge you from
$10.00 to $15.00 LESS
than they do in Spokane, Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver or Calgary for a suit of the same quality.
If you are not pleased, your Money will be
Refunded—Every Cent of it. If you do not
believe us make us prove it.
The House
of Guaranteed
The House
of Guaranteed
If you should have um into some of
that new type on those wedding invitations there would only bo one way
to toll them from nn engraved Job—
VUi, by the price—and of course It is
not absolutely necessary for you to
tell folks how much money you naved
on having the Job done at home.
Spring Clothing
Made     To     Individual    Measure
G. A. White
We are pleased to announce tliai MR.
WRITE, representing' C'SPPLEY, NOYlfg «t
RANDALL, LIMITED, "justly celebrated"
Wholesale Tailors, will be at Cranbrook, B.C.,
KM 2.
We ask you to take this opportunity to
ins|)t:ci a vuiy large range ol seasonable woolens
for Suits and Light-weight Overcoatings, and
have your measurement taken by an expert,
foi present orders or for future reference,
Appiopriate models ol Spring Garments
will be shown.
Prices are extremely reasonable,
Yours very Inily
L 1 M I T E I)
■ I., I ■■!»*,  tulT.f .rlntirf utiiliif iifirliilnrtiiiri  I    t-i f n I ■ il .i \ 1 r* n* n 1 irl-rtn i t.i t n*n llrtiitnrl i.l..l.if n.l.raS .la, .la A
•t"l**r*I*Tl *i"l**i **|**fx,*t*- *( **f* 'r*i**i V * 't**T*i**tr*i**t,*|*'J T n TTrTT I TlTlTT ™
There is Only One Way j!
! Of Doing Electric Wiring
Our Motto is:-"Do it Right"
I All Our Tungstens are Guaranteed
Quality.      Excellent  Brilliancy    .
Our Stock of Fixtures are Unexcelled
Quain Electric Co., Ltd.
Head Office:    Cranbrook, B. C.
MAURICE QUAIN, General Manager
'Phone 129 Branches at Medicine Hat, Alta., and Fernie, B. C.
•H-l4'l"t^^^HH^4'f*f^'H"r  4WfH4111 III I lllll I' III Hl'M-H' Htll f 111
Cranbrook—The Kootenay Beauty
Contributed Slogan — Raeklyeft
Rippling  streams  and  uliudy ilelU,
Snow rapped pi'ukH where wild heart .iwi-Un;
Boar nnd Door tho Bport (or Kings,
Kik und panther mid other (hint-H
Pishing, skat nu-, Bktng, camping
In tlu* forest, Btiuirrols scamping;
God linn given to tin* Saint mid Crook
Who live in prosperous Oranbrook.
KnillH grows lili: in- lti|- nui hn
The mm it shines continually;
Main shower comes tu lay I In* dimt
Tin' fruit can't ijult Just grow ii must;
Minerals rare, the mountains hold
Silver, Ifiid and precious (.-old,
These are facts thai can he proved
Pacts come to stay they can't \w moved;
And SO will yuu, If ynu come and look
At the wealth mul grandeur of cranbrook.
P.L.S. & C.E.
B. C
Barrister,   Solictor, etc.,
Barristers and Solicitors,
Craabrook Lodge No 14   A..F.4 A.M.
Itegulia murium a 00
the third Thursday
of ever.v mouth
Visiting brethren
D. J. McSWBYN, W. M.
,J, 8. PECK, Hae.
mniiiiiiniiiiaiiiiiimmia.iiiiiii iiumr..
jpnnnn nvnfn nttiiWi I n nmwn ■ innvnsv
Rocky Mountain Chapter |
NO. 126.  R. A. M. I
J      lingular mentluga:—2nd Tuea    |
day  In eaob  month   at olgbt
Sojourning  Companions   art
cordially Invited.
I"  Ei. Comp. A. 0. Shankland, K. s
Meets every Monday
night at New   Fraternity   Hall.    Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
H. J. Randall,
N.   0.
W. M. Harris
Knights of Pythias
Craabrook, B.C.
Crescent   Lodge,   No.   33
Meats   every   Tuesday
at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall
0. Porter 0. C.
J. M. Boyce,
K. of R. 4 S.
Visiting   brethren cordially   Invited   te attend.
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet in Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday of each montb.
A. CLARK,Jr., Sec.     P. 0. Box 248
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
M.M.V., V.S..
Graduate ol Ontario Veterinary
college, Toronto In tail. Gradate and medalist ol McKIUlp
Veterinary college, Ohlcago, 111.
Id 1908. Registered member ol
British Columbia association.
Mining Kngineer and
B.C. Land Surveyor,
CO Box 2116. Phone.218.
Physicians and Surgeons
ifflee at Residence,   Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons - - • - 1.00 to 10.M
Attsrnoans • • - - 1.00 to   4,04
Evenings • • • •   7.10 to  I.M
Sundays 1.10 te   410
f*e>   Sals Of Raat at Reasoaable
Luinsden and Lewis St.
Phone No. III.
7 Roomed House
For Sale
Centrally Located
Three mlnitei from Government
Terms to  suit  buyer, no
reasonable oiler refused
Por further particulars apply at the
Prospector Office
Funeral Director,
PHONE 84(1
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tires Applied
To Buggy Whesls
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone 10     •   •   •     P. 0. Boi 111
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of Second Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old  Stand. Hanson Ave
Phons 161.
£   Steam Boiler,   Furnace,   \
and Septic Tank work
a specialty
Cost and stock estimates
Z   furnished on application.   X
X     Addraaa : P. 0. Boa Me, Cranbrook     *
F. AI. MacPherson
Norbury Avanue Noxt to City Hall
Opeo Day and Night Phona til
Century Restaurant
K. Y. Cyematsu, Prop.
Opposite C. P. R. Depot.
Phone 119   P. 0. Box 104
(Section 48)
on the 10th day of April next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police (or the
transfer ol the license (or the sale of
liquor by retail In and upon the
premises known as the Kootenay Hotel, situate at Moyie, British Columbia, from Alexander D. Cameron to
William J. Bremnor of Moyle, British
A. D. Cameron
Holder of License
W. J. Bremner
10-4t Applicant (or Transfer.
Dated this Tth day o( March, 1911.
(Section 48)
Notice la hereby given that on tbe
loth day of April next, application
will be made to the Superintendent
of Provincial Police for tbe transfer
of the license for the sals of liquor
by retail on the premises known as
the Yahk Hotel, situate at Yahk,
British Columbia from Benjamin J.
Riley, to Riley & Larson, ol Yahk.
British Columbia.
Benjamin J. Riley,
Holder ot License.
Hattle C. Larson,
10-4t Applicant for transfer
Dated tbls Ind day ol March, 1912.
Department of Lands
Notice ls hereby given that the reserve existing   over Lot 0621, Oroup
One, Kootenay District, formerly, embraced ln Timber License   No. 10717
by reason ol a notice hearing date of
24th December 1907 snd published In
ths British Columbia Gazette of 17th
December 1907, Is cancelled In order
that a sals ol tho said lands may bs
effected to Bllinbeth Cummlngl.
Root. A. Fenwlck
Deputy Minister of Landa,
Landa Department
Victoria, B. C.
February Ith 1UI. l-IMo.
IN the matter of the Board of Investigation   created by Part III.   of
the "Water Act" for the determination of water rights existing on   the
12th day of March, 1909; snd In   the
matter of the following creeks   In the
Oranbrook Water Dlatrlct:
Adolph Oreek.
Alberta Creek.
Aldridge Creek.
Aqueduct Creek.
Arnold Creek.
Anderson Creek.
Alkl Creek.
Argyle Creek.
Antwerp Oreek.
Akamlna Creek.
Armstrong Creek.
Bark Shanty Creek.
Bleasdell Creek.
Boulder Creek.
Bowman Oreek.
Brewery Creek.
Bridge Greek.
Burton Creek.
Blaytock Creek.
Bingay Creek.
Brownie Creok.
Boulder Greek.
Bull River
Bull River, Bast Fork.
Bannock Creek.
Baker Creek.
Booths Oreek.
Bridge Oreek.
Beaver Creek.
Buddygudder Creek.
Oallaghan Creek.
Cameron Creek,
Casslmayook Creek
Cherry Creek.
Chlpka Creek.
Clayton Creek.
Coal Creek.
Coldstream Creek.
Conner Creek.
Corbln Creek.
Cotton Creek.
Curzon Oreek.
Cayote Creek
Olode Creek.
Camp Creek.
Cassamayau Creek.
Copper Creek.
Cariboo Creek.
Chorty's Oreek.
Campbell Creek.
Commerce Creek.
Couldrey Creek.
Clearwater Creek.
Carbon Creek.
Dalton Creek.
Dandy Creek.
Deroaler Creek.
Dickson Creek.
Devltt Greek.
Dewar Creek.
Dewar Creek, Bast Fork.
Dewar Creek, West Fork.
Dewer Creek.
Dublin Creek.
Deer Creek.
Dibble Creek.
Diorlte Creek.
Bdwards Lake.
Edwards Lake Creek.
Elk River.
Elko Spring.
Elmer Creek.
Eschnotg Creek.
Ewln Creek.
Elder Creek.
Fairy Oreek.
Fish Lakes.
Fish Lakes (Lower)
Fish Lake Creek.
Fisher Creek.
Four-mile Creek.
Fording River.
Fording River, North Fork.
Fall Creek.
French Creek.
Flat Head River, North Fork ol,
Funday Creek,
Olencairn Creek.
Grace Creek.
Grave Creek.
Grundy Creek.
Oold Creek.
Oold Greek, North Fork,
Gold Oreek, South Fork.
Oold Creek, West Fork.
Glasgow Creek.
Oalway Creek.
Gold Hill Cresk.
Oeary Springe
Ooldle Creek.
Ha Ha Creek.
Hosmer Oreek.
Hospital Oreek.
Henretta Creek.
Hansen Oreek.
Horseshoe Creek.
Hells Roaring Creek.
Hogg Creek.
Hartly Creek.
Hog Ranch Creek.
Iron Oreek.
Irishman Creek.
Jew Creek.
Jones Greek.
Joseph's Prairie Creek.
Jackson Creek.
Khartoum Creek.
Kleh-e-heh-na Creek.
Klntla Oreek.
Kootenay River.
Lascelles Creek.
Lamb Creek.
Levett Oreek,
Lewis Creek.
Llnklater Creek.
Llsard Creek.
Lost Creek.
Luke Creok.
Large Stream.
Little Bull Creek.
Line Creek.
Lodge Pole Oreek.
Lisbon Creek.
Udd* Creek,
Liverpool Creek.
London Greek.
Limerick Creek.
I.ske Creek.
Little Lamb Creek.
Little Mans Greek,
l.ladner Creek.
Lnnedown Creek.
Meadow Creek.
Marsh Creek.
Maguire Oreek.
Manchester Oreek.
Manaon Creek.
Marine Lake.
Marlon Creek,
Mark Creak.
Matthew Creek.
Maus Creek.
Michel Creek.
Michel Creek, South Branch.
Michel Creek, North Fork.
Marlgean Creek.
Meyers Oreek.
Miller Creek.
Mirror Lake.
Morrlssey Creek.
Moyie Creek.
Mundle Creek.
Moore Oreek.
Martin Oreek.
Marten Oreek.
Moyle Lakes.
Moslen Greek.
Mud Creek.
Mouse Creek,
McNeil Creek.
Moyie River.
Moyle River, North Fork.
Moyie River, South Fork.
Munroe's Lake.
Munroe's Creek.
New Lake.
Nigger Creek.
Neiplen Creek.
Olsen Creek.
Osborne Creek.
OU Creek.
Obogg Creek.
Prudhomme Creek.
Palmers Bar.
Palmers Bar, Branch of.
Perry Creek.
Philllpps Oreek.
Pyatts Pond.
Premier Lake.
Plumbob Creek,
Pyramid Creek.
Parkers Oreek.
Pitt Creek.
Pudding Creek.
Paris Oreek.
Pea Vine Creek.
Ptrie Creek.
Quartz Creek.
Quirk Creek.
Rainbow Creek.
Red Canyon Creek.
Reserve Creek,
Rnbson Spring.
Rock Creek.
Rome Creek.
Ryder Creek.
Rldgeway Oreek.
Rabbit Foot Creek.
Sand River.
Sand River, Big and Little,
Sand River, Little.
Semo Creek.
Sheep Creek.
Silver Spring Lake.
Six-mile Creek.
Skookumchuck Creek.
Skookumchuck Creek, South Fork
Slide Creek.
Smith Creek.
Smith Lake.
Spring Oreek,
St. Mary's River,
Sullivan Creek.
Sunday Creek.
Sunken Oreek.
Supply Oreek.
Sandown Creek,
Shepherd Creek,
Sawmill Creek.
Sage Creek,
Starvation Creek.
Suawap Mission Oreek.
Stoddart Creek.
Rhuswap Creek.
Sams Oreek.
Sink Creek.
Spruce Creek.
Side Oreek.
Squaw Creek.
Swamp Creek.
Salisbury Creek.
Bquawpoint Oreek.
Ta Ta Creek.
Thorne Creek.
Tracy Creek.
Trent Oreek.
Tunnell Creek.
Twin Lakes.
Trail Oreek.
Tackle Creek,
Tale Creek,
Tamarac Creek,
Tower Creek.
Tanglofoot Creok.
Victoria Slide Oreek.
Valley Creek.
Wasa Creek.
Weaver Creek.
Wild Horae Creek.
Wild Horss Creek, Bast Fork.
Willie Philllpps Creek.
Wolf Creek.
Wigwam River,
Walsh Creek.
Waverley Creek.
Whitney Creek.
Wilson Creok.
Warm Springs Creek.
Washout Creek.
Windermere Creek.
Yellow Oreek.
Spring on Lot 171.
Lake on Lot 1146.
Lake between Lota     III knd I/>t
Creek on Lot 264.
Lake nn Lot 8916.
Lake on Lot 7216.
Lake on Lot "108,
Springs nn tiot II,
Springs 120 foot north ol   south
boundary ol Lot 8*6T.
Springs on Lot 160.
Springs nn Lot 29.
Springs nn l<ota II and 101.
Spring nn Lot 7226.
Stream rising on Lot 467.
Ht renin on Lot 111.
Stream on Lot 417.
Stream on Lot HIT.
Stream oa Ut M*l.
Stream rieing near north   corner
ol Lot 30.
Btream rising on Lot 6356.
Stream flowing through Lot 2377.
Creek on east side of l.ot 676.
3t*eam rising on Lot 4n90   near
Lot 80S.
Three creeks rising uu Block 4591
and sinking on Lot 312.
Stream rising on Lot 2376.
Creek rising near     western boundary of Lot 6439.
Stream rising on Lot 334.
Stream rising near east boundary
of Lot 6423.
Creek rising near     centre of   Lot
Btream on Lot 4.188.
Stream rising on Lot 2793.
Streams on Lot 10089.
Creek one mile    south of    Hontli
Fork of Kik River.
Stream rising on Lot 52-19.
Creek on east aide Townsite of
Farowell; and all unnamed springs,
streams, creeks, ponds, gulches, and
lakes tributary to or in the vicinity
ot the above-named streams-
Take notice that each and every
person, partner-ship company, or municipality wbo, on the said 12th day
of March, 1909, had water rlghta on
any of the above-mentioned creeks,
ls directed to forward on nr before
Uie 27th da; of April, 1912, to the
Controller nf Water Rights at the
Parliament Buildings at Victoria, a
memorandum ol claim in wilting ae
required by section 28 of the said
Act an amended. Printed forms for
such memorandum (Form No. 19)
can be obtained from any of the We
ter Recorders in the Province.
The said Board nf Investigation
will then proceed tn tabulate such
After tbe claims have been tabu
lated by tbe Board, notice will be
given ol the places and days on which
evidence and argument will be heard
at local points.
Dated at Victoria thla 5th day   of
March, 1912.
By order of    the Board of Invest!
Acting Controller     of Water
Rights. U-St
Competition for New University Uuil
dings to be Brected at Point Grey
Near Vancouver,    British Columbia.
The Government nt British Columbia Invite Competitive plans lor tbi
general scheme and design lor the pro
posed   new University, together with
more detailed Plana tor the buildings
to be erected first   at an   estimated
cost ot 11,600,000.
Prises of 110,000   will be given lor
the most successful Deetgna submitted
Particulars ol the competition and
plan ot site may he obtained on   request trom the undersigned.
The designs to be sent In hy July
31st, 1912, addressed to
Parliament Buildings.
9-6t. Victoria, British Columbia.
(District ol   Bast Kootenay.)
I, Frank Henry Pearaon ol Fort
Steele In the Province ol British Columbia, Intend to apply Inr permission to purchase seventy-five acres of
laad bounded as follows:—
Commencing at a post planted 30
chains east of the north east corner
ol lot IK on the east bank ol an
Island; thence lollowlng the ehore
dowa stream to Its most southerly
point; thence up stream tn an easterly aad northerly direction to its
northerly extremity; thence following
the west bank tn the point nf commencement
Dated this Mth day ot March, 1912.
For n License to Take »nd Use Water
tbe Columbia and Kootenay Railway
& Navigation Company will apply 'or
e license to tn!,e nnd use one foot of
water out of Llnklater Creek which
flnwa in a .-outh easterly direction
through Lots 'MS and .126 nnd enip
ties Into the Kootenay River nenr the
Internfltionsl Boundary,
The water will he diverted at it
point on sfikl creek alout 900 leet
west of the eastern boundary ot lot 32s
nnd will bo used for irrigation purposes on the land described as the
flonth linIf of subdivision II of Lot
This notice wns posted on the
ijrornd un the uth dny of March;
The application will bo Died In th
ofllce of the Wnter Recorder nt Crn'i
brook, n. 0.
Objections mny he filed with the
*aid Wnter Recorder nr with the Con
iroller of Water rights, Parliament
nuildings, Victoria, 11. 0,
The cnhnnbia & Kootenay   Rail
wny a Navigation Oompeny,
Hy   Mfred  Murphy
12-4L Agent
For a License to Take and Use Water
lho Columbia and Kootenay Railway
& Navigation Company will apply for
n license to tnke nnd use three feet
of water nut of Llnklater Creek
which tlows in n south easterly ,11
rectlnn through Lots 828 and 326 nnd
empties into Kootenay River near the
Internatinnnl lloundary.
The water will he diverted at n
point on said creek about you feet
west of tho eastern boundary ot lot 32»
nnd will be used for Irrigation purposes on the land ascribed ss
subdivision 5 of Lot 326.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the Uth day ot March,
The application will be died in the
ofllce of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook, B. C.
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Ircoi-der or with the Con
troller of Water rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
The Columbia ft Kootenay   Railway & Navigation Company.
By Alfred Murphy.
I2-4L Agent
(Southern Division Bast Kootenay)
TAKK NOTICK that Wlnslow Kay
ot WaBa, occupation rancher, intends
to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at a P"»t planted at
the North East Corner of L. 8103,
thence south 15-53 chains;' thence east
20 chains, thence north 20 chains,
west to the Kootenay river, down
stream to point of commencement.
Datrd 21st November, 1911. 60-9t
that if bis admission into some institution could be managed, as being
the only open door, they would pay
for his maintenance, This was arranged, and tbe offer communicated
to hira, od!v. however, to be received
with scorn. Later be was told that
he was appointed assistant of the
home without sa'ary. a position (?)
which he occupied lor 20 long years,
and be died innocent ol tbe deception
and rejoicing In the belief that he
had finished Inn days without becom-
■ng nn object of charity. Caaea such
as this should be startling enough to
awaken the most indltferent to s
realization of the terrible condition
ot an old ftgs of want and penury,
nnd to an immediate determination
to adopt some absolutely sure means
of safeguarding himself against such
a calamity. The Oovernment of Canada has supplied its people with this
means, and by the pnyment at any
Postal Money order Office of a small
amount weekly, monthly, nr as may
be otherwise arranged as protection
i gainst Hn old age ol dependence and
humiliation may be made with abso-
■ute certainty Kor example, the pay-
nent of II a week by a man    of 25
nt il he is r,fj would give him un Annuity from the latter age of 1258.28.
•ayable quarterly; while if he contin-
icd paying until he was 60, his An-a
iiilty would i* 1.197.36.   In either case"
f he 'lied before the date fixed tor
the Annuity to begin all his payments with compound interest at 3
isr cent would be refunded to his lets! representatives.
Literature descriptive of the features of the Annuities System and
tables showing the rost of Annuities
on different plans, may be obtained
at the Crnnhrook Post Office or on
application t,, tbe Superintendent of
Annuities, Ottawa, to whom letters
zo free of postage.
District Division of South  Kast
Take notice that 1. Robert Camp
bell ot Moyle, B. ('. occupation Mer
chant, intends to apply lor Dermis
slon to purchase the following de
scribed Innda:
Commencing nt s post planted near
the South West corner post of Lot
2,802, thence North 10 chains; thence
West 20 ehalna; thence South 40
chains to the North Went point ot Lot
2801, thence Kast 20 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
30 acrea more or less exempting
therefrom tho lands covered hy the
Rock Hill Mineral Claim.
Rnbert Campbell,
Dated February 27th 1912. 12'Jt
For a License to take and uae Water.
NOTIOB Is hereby given that the
Columbia and Kootenay Railway and
Navigation Company will apply tor
a license to take and use three feet
ol water out of Llnklater Creek,
which flows In a south-easterly direction through Ixits 328 and 326 snd
empties into Kootenay River near
the International Boundary.
The water will be diverted at a
point on said creok about 900 feet
weat of the eastern boundary of Lot
328 and will 1>e used lor Irrigation
purposes on the lsnd described as
Subdivision 6 of Lot 326.
This notice was posted on tho
ground on   the Uth day nf    March,
The application will he filed In tba
office ol the Water Recorder af Cranhrook, B. C.
Obfections may he tiled with tha
said Water Recorder or with the
Controller of Wnter Rights, Pat lis
ment Buildings, Victoria, D, 0.
The Oolumbla and Kontcnay
Railway »  Navigation Company.
IMt Ity Alfred Murphy, Agent
Ths lighting and quarreling nl
neighbors Is a foolish ami rosily pas
lima, Ynu will lose „ friend nr two,
a whole lot. of sell respect and a
wbole lot of the respect your nc-
iilislntsnKea hnd for you. and very
likely have to your credit a long list
ol cuss words and foul epithets. If
come to think about In nine ont tit
tn, Uie cauaa ol It all la an childish
that any sensible person mutt afterwards bonastly blush tor shame
District nf  Kaat    Kootenay
TAKK notice that B, (i. rtta.li! ol
Waldo, B. 0, occupation larmer. intends to apply tor permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at. a Post planted at
tha south east corner ol lot 6231
thence east 40 chains; thence north
40 ehalas; thence west 40 chains,
thence south 40 ehalna, to the point
ol commencement, containing 160
acres more nr less.
Bdwardilarfleld  stahl
llaud Feb   ill.  Kll. lo-9t
(Section 481
on the 10th day nt April next, application will be made tn the Superln
lenient ul Provincial Police tor the
transfer ot the license tor the anle of
liquor hy retail In and upon the
premises known as the "Falla View
Hotel" situate at Maryavllle. British
Columbia, from B. T. Crowley to
John William Colburn of Kitchener
llrltlsh Columbia.
Dated thla Ind day ol March, nil
R. T. Crowley,
Holder of License.
j. w. Colours.
10-U Applicant for ttanafer
Should Minors be
Refused Marriage
The New Westminster Incnl Council
jnf Women arc sending a deputation
to Victoria to interview Attorney-
General Bowser with respect to a
number of desired amendments In the
Inws providing for the protection of
women nnd children. With regard to
the marriage of minors, it Ib asked
tbat it be declared illegal to solemnise the marriage of any persons under fifteen years of age. and also
that tbe consent of the mother shall
be equally necessary with that of the
father nr guardian. The rights of a
father over the children in cases of
wife desertion are also the subject of
i proponed amendment, and lt is
asked that wives be placed on an
*qiifll footing with the male relatives
if a dead husband in the matter ot
nherltnnce In ease r,f a hunbnnd dying Intestate it Is desired that the
widow shall bo declared the boIo Inheritor.
Doom of Naval Act
Ottawa, March 4.—The Laurier Naval bill will be repealed by the present government. Mr. Borden will
formulate a new policy wblcb will bs
aubmlttod to parliament and before
any amendment to the naval program Is put int,, force the people of
Canada will he given nn opportunity
to pronounce on it.
The above is tho text ol a reply
made by premier Borden in the house
today to Mr. Mondoti, the Quebec
Nationalist member.
Mr. Mondou asked it it was the
Intention of the government to repeal the Naval Service act and If, in
such an event, a new policy would bs
submitted fnr the approval of ths
people before being put Into force.
Premier Ilorden replied In the affirmative to al! three questions. Hia
reply was thnt after such consideration and Inquiry as may be made
the government will present Its naval policy to parliament and the people. That policy will undoubtedly
require legislation which will 10-
voive the repeal of the present Naval Service net. In tho meantime
that act will reinnin on the statute
bonks tor purposes In connection
with the Fisheries protection servlee
and otherwise Betore anv permanent
naval policy i« put Into force the
people will he given an opportunity
to pronounce upon it.
An Artist's Death
A   Detroit     newspaper recently   an
nnunrcd the death In a charitable tn
hi Itut Ion for old    mrn nf s purl rail
Painter of "some fame" nl tbe     nd
vnnced age    of i« years.     Ill health
snd the    loss ot   hla wife and     two
children     at sea when lie    wan at 111
comparatively, a  young man haa, It
was said, nibbed hla rlgbi hand     ol
ita    cunning.     Ills  patrons    ullpped
away, and at 60 he waa both home
less and penniless.   An la not always
the rase under similar circumstances,
a number nl his old trlends stuck to
him ia   bis adversity,   aad    agreed
Slogan Contest
Considerable attention Is being
drawn to the efforts we arc maklof
to obtain h Slogan in tbe intereau
of the city We have had oumeroua
enipiiricH nn tu what a Slogan actually lii let thi* information ol those
who would and havi; an earnest desire to help un in thin we might say
that A Slogan ih u name, or a short
ne-nt mice that can ho appropriated
(or the purpoHe ol inntilltnK Into tbe
minds nl ouUtdtri the merit** of Cran
hrook nml district, something tbat
will impress on their minds its many
advantage* nn profitable to dwellers,
land seekers, or Industrial manufacturers, ete
We are giving n few of thos* received nnd in so doing for tbe guld-
nnce nf others would nny tbat tbey
are not very latlsfaotory in so far ae
they nre not enough to the point,
nor direct enough to the end wo wleb
to imprctis. Evidently Mr. Utile
trents tin* wbolo thing M a J"*"', we
nre in OnlUMt, ninl nn we nre work
IHK (ol (h'1 benefit of nil concerned w«
nre wishful ot Obtaining the beet
pnnsihl" Slogan In the city's interest
II you will w'li'l in nil'', we shall
appreciate it, fill olll the coupon and
either leave it nt the otllce or mall
to Drawer M. Crnnhrook.
This i>t nettling up time and, while
we hnve little ime for money ourselves, thofie from whom we buy Ink.
paper, type, gasoline, fuel, etc., teem
Contest Editor,    "PROSPECTOR",-
Please enter the following slogan in your puniest dosing date  March  31st,   191:
$10.00 for the Best Slogan sent in.
This Contest only Lasts One Week More. Fill
out the above Coupon before it is too late. March
30th positively the last date of entry. We want this
Slogan for the Interests of the City.
Chatter jrnd Chaff
Earnest and Facetious
What Cranbrook Can Show
Fruit Lands Adjoining the City
What Ails You}
On yon ft* 11 writri, nrtnj, dotponde
•oJirt,   com led   011.1,1k*,    blttei    or
"hcsrt'hurn," btdi.lituti ol gu    i<
••tint, itonneb (new or burn. Im
pour ur nrltbla ippetltai neuiee
•yni'ilouii ?
ii. buM* frequent heed*
iml taite id mornlnfl,
1 i. i>ii[i hi iiiroMi ifter
i  rtraeib, j»/.A> ■pelli,
ut    link-,    mid    kuitlrrti
If  you  hsve  Hiiy aonildtfaMa   nito   ul  thu
•b*iv<- i*rmptoini yoti ion 'ioiT< rinii from butane*
■••*, torpid llrern'itli Indl >\>Mttont or dr«piptle<
Dr, Plaree'fl Ooldon Hcdloal U raovvry b made
ap ut ihfj moil valittiblti 1111 dloloal prloolplei
kuown  10  medlodl  lotonoi  far Hm parmanonl
•ure of •imli ibnuruidl ootid li       It ii | mqil
•flii 11 ni lirer In f Horn tor, itutnoeh tonto( bowel
refulutiir nnd nerve Mr.  ■'.ili'j.  r.
Ritu:—Vou ure ti Boultul darling,
ami we shall rend your "Pottlooat
Loose" with pleasure, after gazlag
intu those dreamy eyes.
She put ber lipa to bis,
sin* gazed Into hi** eyes,
But thore was no reBpouao, hUh,
Unto hor loving eigne;
She Haul Bwoot words to htm,
But they woro thrown away
\h, ibe wae Bweel nnd tw.enty*throe;
Ho waa lour montha nntl ,i day
The Markei tills ua that » young
man at » club, whli b ahall bo name
lese, bun made the biggest broak ou
record at blltlnrda, Ile sent the rod
through oin* window, iin own ball
through another, and hie oppononta
riuht through the mirror His hronh
coat blm about  tin.on
Apropos ul cycling, the lollowlng
1.n. been handed to me by a cyclist
1 oet   (whnl  Btrange Bpoolee   wo    do
j meot with nowadays i who saya it l»
us veracious aa it  La original, which
i is.  ii correct, h good    deal    In   Its
: Three smart yo ing    men and   tbreo
nice young glrla,
Ul lovers true aa ateel,
Decl led on the tlrat ot Mas
To spend the day awheel.
They started m the oaily mom,
,    Ami nothing seemed ninisn.
For when they reached the leavy lanoa
They In like
: Rode pairs ibis.
They wandered by the verdant dale.
,    Beside the rippling rill,
The sirn shout* brightly all the while,
i    They  heard  the song  birds  trill;
rhej  aped through cany lt woodland
The world was full of bliss;
And  when  they  rested   in  the shade,
(They sat.     (in twos,       (like this.)
« Tin* sun went down and evening came
A   lot  too soon  they said;
iTuo long they tarried on the way.
The sky grew dark o'orhead;
; Down rami' the rain—they homeward
Till one unlucky mist*.
1 Slipped   aldOways—crash: ami     than
the lot
[ When we complacently term our
I selves critics, do we stop to think
] what the essential qualities of a cr,t"
j 1c are? Are we skilled in Judging
nnd discriminating accurately and
! judiciously the work of others? Oue
j who poses as a critic, or reviewer oi
(literature, should he ft judge of mat*
j ten. relating to taste and beauty;
one who Is able to scrutinize fairly
] any production; one apt to judge
mt-rits as well as to detect faults.
Criticism is mi art founded wholly ou
experience and observation. I notice
that some editors by their reviews,
etc., seem to think that it lies in
flattery or undue severity. It is the
happy medium, namely: "fnirness and
truth". It cannot be denied thut we
are all, more or leu*;, susceptible to
flattery; it dons not do us-.one hit of
good, mentally or physlcnlly yet our
vanity Is nourished, and wo generally consider the flatterer our friend.
A critic ought not to condescend to
flattery; and on the oilier hand, ho
should not make it his business to
i)ick out a few slight errors and hold
thom up to ridicule. I thoroughly believe n vast amount of deserving MS
y. And n resting place in the waste-
paper basket owing to hasty reading,
consequent on prejudice against the
writer. A benulne critic, however, to
be qualified for his difficult qvocation
ahould possess sound judgment dU
crimination, penetration, and sagacity.
■•I *
The "Oolden Medina! Dloouvi ty" 1
• lull   liil of   It! milH-ilici.l-  bun'  ,
uiiilnr oiilli,      \   rfltnoO ill till   r will
ful hiblMormlnjI dru(i    It U a lb
|lyo«niir, of proper itrendtbi from
fort-Hi plants.      World'l  DtiptMUf)  Mndivwl Alioolel
or icorei no* frum.
hnttle'Wrapper end
t»w ibm it eontalni no nlcohul  or hiirin-
1 extmel made with pure( ti pie refined
ibu roati of native  Anivram,  medical.
Prop., iiuif-ii.  N. Y,
Commons   Will   Hurry
The Oomtnonfl will commence inorn-
ing Bitting*, on Monday, and with
three sit tings of the KoUflfl daily It
Ih expeotod Mint rapid headway will
be made with the remaining bnslnens
The most Important govornmont
legislation to bo disposed of is lion.
Martin BurrflU'fl lull rotating to ng
rlculture A (airly heavy hutch of
aupplomontary DRtlmateB urn otpoctod
in    the    course of n   few days   and
many of  the rn/ilti flfltlmntoa are yet
tti he disponed of
The opjioitltloii  say that they have
n number ol matton. which thoy pur
pose lo dlflousfl, but It Is not the in
tentlon of tbe Liberals to unduly
prolong any debate so that ail ad*
Jouriitneiil nt n date not later than
April 'i way  be reaeonably expected
We are well aware that there is no
author so perfect but. may receive
assistance from crttlonl observation*
or suggest Ions which ate tho outcome
of nn  unbiased mind.    Unfortunately
the majority of critics today Judge a
contribution by personal taste nnd by
what they believe will sell, and not
■is they should by feeling, nnd its In
trinnlc literary merlin. Persons ot
this description cannot honestly
be termed "critics", they nro un*
questionably pedants. The advantages of literary criticism are obvious,
hut It Is nu undisputed (net thai they
are attended with corresponding dis-
ttdvantages, "Why Ih tbo condition
of criticism ho   deplorable?"    Is   a
question frequently asked, I localise
wo pussess ho few truly unbiased
critics (?) A large percentage often
times ignore justice, und allow Judg
ment to be Influenced by friendly bio**
prejudice. or personal malico; and
display Jealousy and favoritism until
Ihelr bigotry becomes literally into!
orablo The majority of critics labor under the dolUBion that they ate
infallible, Hnd place implicit coiin-
deuce In their own capacity of judging
(>Alloy Tewlvo
They do not Heem to have grasped
tbe true objects nnd alms of crltl
clsin. Thore is often a peculiar idl
OflynOrnsy of character and tempera
men I existing In Hone (ho called)
en tics, which elloctually prevents
them from ovoi praising anything
Thoy acquire tl carping spirit, which
degonoratea Into a captious habit of
fault finding, by making it their con
slant aim  to select errors,  instead of
sometimes endeavoring to discovering
beauties. If what falls under their
notice as apparently faultless, they
say absolutely nothing iu its favor
but if perchance some Imperfections
or errors appear, then they are at
home, and able to relieve their pent
up spleen by a torrent of abuse anil
ii plentiful outpouring of bitter Bar-
"asm. It is a great mistake to sup
poae that young beginners in literature are always prompted by a more
'ove of worldly fame; on the contrary
the efforts of tho aspiring amateur to
jxpress his thoughts nre not rarely
Done on both sides.—You will nev
iv find any such advertisements tn
the "Prospector". We rigidly exclude
them, although offered « big price for
Former Employer.—-Well, Jackson
what are you doing,for a living now'
Jackson—Ain't doing, nothing'; the
missus takes in wasbln'. F.E,
Aren't you ashamed of yourself to
allow your wife to support you by
washing? Jackson.—Well, sir, you
see, the missus iB mighty Ignorant,
and don't know how to do anything
"Two negatives,    I've   heard   sweet
Make an affirmative.
Fray, Is it true or is it not?
An answer quickly give."      ,
He pressed the tiny band aud gazed
Upon the lovely miss,
And said; "I pray you let me take
From those sweet lips a kiss;
Those   lips   on    which    the roBe you
Has left it's crimson glow."
She blushed, she sighed, she hung her
And answered him:  "No! No!"
Charley Dadds.—It was certainly
not "de rigueur'j to sit on a lady's
lap in, but If, as you say, the event
was accidental, the least you could
have done was to apologise, your
stiquottc is very much like your win
ter clothing-frayed at the edges.
Benedict, Junior is puzzled. He
says a friend of his has just invited
him to his golden wedding, hut at
bis friend is only thirty years ot age,
he thinks tho affair must he a hoax,
and asks if we can undertake to explain It. Funny idea for a joke, hut
wo would advise "Benedict" not to
be hasty. A friend of ours once asked us to his golden wedding, and wo
were glnd afterwards that we went.
We married an  American heiress.
There nre   fortunes    to he made In a
But to make one, we Insist,
You must have the knock-out list
Of ft modern pugilist.
Anxious Subscriber,—-(There are
lots of this species Just now, by tin
way) weighs in wltb au imbecile In
quiry, "Whnt Is It makes money so
scnrce?-cnn you tell?" Yes, we uau.
It's sitting here wasting time over
letters of your description, instead of
going to work. Ts tbe hint strong
enough tor you.
Hmlles—-Look here, we want none
of your philosophy. You say tbe
man Is clover wbo can manage now
aday to live upon what bu tins. Wo
believe you; hut we think the mnn is
rlnvnrer who lives upon what tbe
otber fellow has. To which class do
you belong?
The "HIOKon. Context'' nf Tha 1'roapKtor, It attracting eonaldarabla
at.tnnl.uin. Wo thnrofore pulillah, thla week, a number that haa linen rt-
"The 1,11ml uf the Plough the Ale and Pick."       J. K. H111IU1
"Crnnliriink, the city ot Bunahlne and Succemi."     J. It. Teet.
'The    MaKlr   Olty".-Mra.  J.    K.Unrtlett.
"OonsplOUoU*        CiniUiruiik." -Al.Itankln.
"liiinl   invraiiiiiiiii   In    II. ,0. Gran-lirook, Hatt Kootenay." It. Jobnaon.
Editor ul   tho I'ronpontor.—Ploane enter   my    name at a competitor In
Htniciiii  Content,  iilnn  the following appropriate nlogana.
"lOvery man for hlnmolf und (lod fur ut nil," Haywood provorba
"If you have tearn to nlied pmparo to ahed them now."  Jullut Uaettr.
"All allont mid all ilnmcil." Peter Hull, Wonla worth.
"My Cuke In Uoiiirh."—Tinning nl flhrew.
"Our iiimd.'i urn Alumni. Hun." Perlclea, H-J-J*.
"Thn world the Hi-nli nnd the Dcvlll." Prayer Book.
"(I)ukii)  And whnl'H Imr hlntory."
"(Vloln) A lilunk my l.iird." -Twelf Night.
"Hum tlml boy hn'a none to nleep nualn," — Plrkwlck Panare.
"All none Abandon ye wlio enter here." -Ilnnte Inferno.
"In tlm inliliit ol IHO wn nre In death." -Uurlnl aervlrt, Prayer lino*.
"Thn Imiilr  point, ot operation  In the centre ot II, 0."
Joah.  A. Little, Bt. Mnry't Prairie, B. U.
Kindly plum the    prlao money    In the bnndn of th* Park Couatrnotlon
committee tn help defray ttptntet ot darning tht lakt aouth of the Olty.
I A. C. Bowness
Wine  and  Spirit   Merchant
Manufacturer of all kinds
uf        Anrlated        watnrt
Agent for
Anheuser Busch Budweiser and
Fernie Beers.
Melcher's Red Cross Gin   and
P. Dawson Scotch Whisky.
Importer of nil kinds nf Foreign and Domestic
Wines and Spirits
I   Baker St. Cranbrook, B. C.  I
> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*>*>♦*>♦♦♦*>
HOTEL g-«,»b™ok'
Is a lar^e and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all go to
The   Wetttworth
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
<.i<..ii,|.,li,|.i,,|.4H 11 rii itiiiiiiii-i 1 iii iiii liiiiii.
::   STOVES and RANGES   ii
Iwish to reduce my stock
of Heater and Cook Stoves
and Ranges and in order
to do so, I am giving a
Cash Discount of 15 per
cent off all the above lines.
These are the Moffatt
National Stoves & Ranges
and the Best.
f '
B     W.    DKKW,    Proprietor^
|-|.^|-.| H I I I I I I I I1IH-I l/l I I'll r-t-Hi
I House For Sale i
Near School House
This house has Two Good Bedrooms, One Living Room, Kitchen,
Good Sized Pannry and Cellar, and
is Electrically Wired Throughout.
There is also a front and back
veranda in connection,
$500.09  Cash—Balance   to   suit   requirements of purchaser.
Enquire  at
Prospector   Office
a-H-H-l-i".-**-i-t-H ;-! |-.|..|.H-I-H-I+4-I+++- i
Have you Planted yours?
Now is the Time
We Have the Seeds
All   New  and   Fresh
No Old Stock
: Flower - Garden - Field
All Varieties
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C
Phone 5   ..
From   Our   Correspondents
Special News From Week to Week
;;     A. Jolliffe, Prop.
Norbury Ave.
I! Central   Meat I
Green Cut Bone
For Chickens
4 lbs for 25c
********* IIIH 111 *********** I'l't'l I I l"l"l I *******
G. DOWNING, Manager
Under New Management
H„t,-..H.,H-H"l l"H l-H-H-f-H-*******f-*****l-*i******
For a Llctnat to Take and Uae Water
the Columbia nml Kootenay Railway
A Navigation Company will apply for
a lirense to tnko nnd use one foot of
water out of l.inklntcr Creek which
flows In a "out li eanterly direction
through Lots II2H and 3i!ti and einp
Ilea Into the Kootenay Illver near the
International Boundary.
The witter will lie diverted at n
point on ,ini.l creek about wn feet
weat of Ihe oaatortl boundary of lot !I28
nnd win bo used for Irrigation purport** on the imiil described na the
Month half ot aiiliillvlHlon 11 of Lot.
Thla notice wna poHted on the
ground on the Uth dny ol March,
The application will he llled In the
office ol the Wnter Recorder nt Crnnhrook, 11. 0.
OhJectloiiH mny lie llled with the
»ald Water Recorder 0r with the Con
troller of Water rlitlita, Parliament
tlulldlnna, Victoria, n. C.
The Columbia A Kootenay    Rail'
way ft Navigation Company,
Hy Alfred Murphy.
ll-lt, Agent
for a License to Tnko and line Water
the Columbia and Kootenay Railway
A Navigation Company will apply for
a llcenae to tnke and uae throe (cot
of water out of Mnklntor Crook
which llowa In a aouth eanterly direction through l.nln 32R and 320 and
empties into Kootenay River near the
International Boundary.
Tho water will be dlvertod at a
point on aald crock about wi) foot
weet of tho enatern boundary ol lot 328
and will bo used for Irrigation purposes on the land a.OI'll|ild iih
subdivision 5 of Lot 326.
Tbln notice was posted on tbe
•round on tbt 11th day of March,
Tbo application will be llled In the
ollice ot the Water Recorder at Cranbrook, ft. C.
Objections may be filed with the
said Wnter fl»3COIHlcr or with the Con
troller of Wnter rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, it. 0,
The Oolumbla &  Kootenay    linil
wny ,i Navigation Company,
Hy Alfred Murphy.
12-U. Agent
(Southern Division Bast Kootenay)
TAKB NOTIOB Ihnt Wlnslnw Kay,
of Wiisu, occupation rancher, intends
to apply f'"  permission to purctmac
the following described lands:
Commencing nl n post planted at
the North Bast Corner of I,. 8103,
thence south ir, 88 chains;' thonoo cast
'M chains, thence north 20 chains,
wost to the Kootenay rlvor, down
stream to point, of commencement.
Datrd 21st November,  1911.        SO-Ht
District Division of South Bast
Tako notice thnt I, Robert Campboll of Moyle, B, C. occupation Mer-
cbnnt, Intends to apply for permission lo purchnno tho following do
iicrllu'il lands:
Commencing at u post planted near
tho South West corner post of Lot
2.H02, tlienco Noi ih in chains; thence
WoBt 2(1 chains; thence South 40
chains to the North Went point of Lot
3801, thence iciihI. 30 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
30 acres mom or less eiemptlng
thorofroin lho lands covered hy tbe
Rock lllll  Mineral (Malm,
Robert Campboll,
Dated  February  27th  1912. ll-9t
Elko Notes
(By J. B. Taylor.)
By James M   Taylor.)
Prom Our  Special Correspondent
Master Francis Sawyer, who felt u
victim to fever some weeks ago Is
now convalescent.
Master Morvin Folsey, who has
been suffering from a fractured leg,
was able to be out last week.
St. Patrick's Day waa duly observed here on the 17th, tho wearing of
the green being prominent.
As to the origin of the Irish Saint
there are different theories and   old
legends   which came Into   my hands
some time ago will explain.
St. Patrick, they say:
Came up sweet Bantry hay,
Riding cross-legged on the back of a
Which gave him a bob
Into Ballydehole,
Saying: "Phadrlg your welcome to
green InnlsfaM
The chief feature ot the Saints life
however, was to banish the snnk is
and vermin out of Ireland, which he
seemingly managed to accomplish.
Long may the Thistle, Rose and
Shamrock entwine with the Maple
Busy times in Klko, no less than
ten good men and true stood watching tbe coupling up of an extra
horse to a sleigh the other day.   It
seemingly afforded thom much amus-
oment. Well, they hnd tbe time to
spare,  "How's business? Diisk!"
Tho veterinary doctor who examined the milk cows in the district Inst
week, proclaimed tbem the best In
tbe ('row's Nest Pass.
Mr. I.cilley who nctod us clerk at
tho North Star Mill lor some considerable time, Is now settled us accountant nt Jewells  Mill JuHrny.
The writer hnd the honor of driving tbo Hon. W. II. Moss through the
iciko, Gateway, ami Jaffray districts
on Monday Inst; besides being a good
all-round politician, Mr, Ross Is a
genuine good fellow, no fnlsc pride,
and a splendid driving companion.
Oood luck to him.
The othor week the weather was so
gonial thnt 1 was writing ol spring.
Nnw I spring in doors from the bowling, biting blasts. This Is the Inst
storm now, so they sny, but we have
had four last's now.
As I write these notes I listen to
the melodious Scotch, Irish, English,
and Canadian airs, whidi l»l„--. I so
sweetly together, and would you he
lieve it, 1 was tempted to throw oil
my boots and dance the "Highland
Fling", and the misses nearly Hung
mo out. One simply cannot Bit still
when "Scottie McBrogor" handles
the Instrument.
The following lines are very appro- j
prlate to several couples in Rlko nt
Never wedding, ever  wooing.
Still a love-lorn heart pursuing:
Road yon not the wrong youre doing
In my cheeks pnle hue?
Ali my life with sorrow Btrewlng—
Wed, or cease to woo.
A meeting of the Rlko Hoard ol
Trade wns held on Tuesday last with
O. KlltiL-eusmith in the chair; correspondence wns rend, with regard to
the proposed hospital, and the Boliome
was heartily taken up, the secretary
was instructed to write to Dr. Fe,i-
gnn. at Victoria (or advice. The
site for n new Board ol Trade bull
nig wns also discussed, and n commit
tee appointed to look over and select
n site and report ftt n future meeting
Baynes Lake News
From Our Special  Correspondent
No Irrigation wanted yet!
Wo bear that Mr. ami Mrs. Joule
and family nre shortly leaving Piuses for the coast.
T)r. Saunders hns invested m a
very nice nntomoble. Don't over do
tbe speed limits, Doc.
The Adolph Lumber Co., new store
will be a swell place when finished, it.
will be as One n store ns nny to he
found this side of Vnncouver.
Bert Greene Is contemplating taking a trip to Spokane this week.
Don't stay away loo long Bert'
Hnlf ot the talent In    Haynes    hue
never been unearthed yet, take the
artists at the Conservative smoker,
held at. Waldo, it was Baynes every
Mr.   Radford after  visiting   Nelson.
Fruitvlllc, and several other fruit
; growing districts, returned last week
anil snya there is no place like
i Baynes,—.Beautiful Haynes
Mr. Walsh, the representative of a
wenltbv Land Co.. in Kugland, is
J here, for the purpose of taking over
the whole of the holdings of the
. Kootenny Land O01
j To celebrate tho opening of tbe
I new hull, a grand hall will be held on
I April Slh. A hard working commit
tee ,vns arranged to look nfter all necessary arrangements, and everybody
is assured of having 11 good time,
1 even the non dancers nre wi-ll pro
vldod lor as there is n One gallery,
where smoking, card playing et-\.
lean be Indulge! in, there is nlso two
One clonk and s'ttinir rooms for the
ladles, Then there Is the floor which
la considered to be one nf Ibe best in
j'liitinh Columbia, (tbey were nil
I dancing men who Inid it.i A splendid programme is being arranged.
The proceeds will go towards tbe expenses of the school, wblcb is notes
'some people Imagine, n government
school, but only an nssisted school.
Three is quite a lot to be done yet
for the comfort of the children, n
well is badly needed, nnd tbe school
will soon want to he enlarged, and
the ground wants fencing In, and
there «r» numerous things that      re-
uuire doing and it all coats money,
therefore, we hope to have a large
crowd Irom Rlko, and Waldo, comt
in hundreds and we will do the rest.
Mr. Smith's well known orchestra
has been engaged to Bupply the
Yahk News
From (ini  special ('ormipondent
Thoro was it dance at. the hotel
Friday night given by Mrs. Larson, which was well attended, everyone having a sond time, the munlc
being Rob ami emloyed by all-
These social sveningB ar* looked
fnrwnrrt to by nil the boys in the
district, nnd it in tinned that many
more will  be arraneed for.
Thi-ri* was H Inrt-e gathering at the
Yahk ramp on Friday evening when
M. .!. Taylor rave n dunce to all the
inhabitants, \ number nf his friends
from Oranbrook were present. f)reRt
praise is due Mr. Tavlor for the way
in which the affair was arranged,
nothing wns; left undone which would
I tend tn plense his guests. Music and
refreshments      were     provided,   and
1 every nne     seemed tn   have   enjoyed
i themselves.
"Is anybody waiting on you?" aald
a polite salesman to a girl from the
country. "Yes Sir", said the
blushing damsel, "that's my fellow
outside.     He wouldn't come in."
Wednesday Evening
Mar eh 27th
A Laugh in Every Line
And the   Lines  Close Together
Special Scenery and Costumes
PRICES      -      50c      -      75c      -      $1.00
Seats on Sale at Beattie-Murphy's Drug Store beginning Monday THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
10c & 15c
From the Novel of Charles DickeBs' Produced in three
reels, 3,000 feet.   A Great Historical Feature.
Miss Florence Turner and Mr. Maurice Costello
Stars of the Vitagraph Film Company
Taking the Leading Part
10c & 15c
The Painting Season
Is At Hand and We Are Ready
to take care of
Your Requirements With
| g**»g**njwMaOiljjij ESS**
We have a Full Stock
F. Parks 6? Company
Hardware, Stoves,  House-famishing Goods
ii'HIH I llllll lllll It I' ***** lllll ll llllll IH
We expect to hare a Car of Five Rose Flour arrire neit week
whlob we will put on the market at reaaunable prices to Family
have arrived and are now on sale-
to arrive next week wbleh wa will null (or $3.25 per eaae.
has arrived and la now ready for aale
In stock which we aro selling at Keason&blo Prlcea
ft pound by the case of 50 lb§.
The Cranbrook Trading Co. Ltd
Cranbrook,    B. C.
Sato's, House Plants,   Garden
Plants, Etc.
Ths Cranbrook Floral Oo. represented by B>. H. H. Stanley, ure now
growing ln Cranhrook—Bedding Hants, House Plants, etc., lu their
glass house ln tbe rear nf No. 24<
Armstrong Avenue. Anything not lu
stock will he procured from tbelr
Supply Houses, constating of 40,000
square feet of glass. They carry
McKentls's celebrated Northern
Orown Heeds at 11 Armstrong Avenue where the people can leave their
orders. Out flowers can be shipped
at two day* notice. Il-lt
Molar Halrd-esslng College
Ladies:—Learn the  Hairdress-
tng Art in 8 weeks.   Graduates
earn S18 to $25 a week.
Write for catalogue.
335 Sprsgue Ave.     Spokane. Waah.
POR RALE- Must b« Hold at kmiii-
la« bargalna, two Morr.H up-to-date,
upright piano'*. I'art caul., butane**
can ba arraloired- Th«wi are Al in
Oranbrook   Ht.oam    CluaDtnn    Wortc*
omo* R-ti
Oeo.  H.  Aohwortb,   Phone 139.
Mr. and Mra. Blyth, of Vancouver,
were reglnterud at the Cranbrook on
The Cranbrook Oarage Co., received two carloada of automobiles thla
"Billy" Kerr, of Klko, haa pur-
chaaed an automobile from tbe Cranbrook Garage Co.
BORN.—At Cranbrook Monday
March 18th, to Mr. and Mrs. D. Bm-
ory, a aon.
The Oversea* Club will hold a
social in the Carmen's Hall on Tuesday next, 2f)th tnat, for Ua member a
nnd prospective members.
The "Girl from Rector's" comes tn
the Auditorium Theatre for one night
Rev, Or. Ferguson, of Nelson, will
hold Hervloe in the Proshyterian
Church on Sunday March 24th
HORN—At the Cottage Hospital
on Monday, March lHth, to Mr. and
Mrs, Geo, B. Watson, of Fort Steele,
a son.
The Provincial Government will enlarge and improve the provincial
building; and construct M  new ]all in
Contractor J, o. McGallum arrived
In town Saturday lawt, and work on
the new Post Office will cotnnionce
next week.
Local News
Alsi. Taylor, of Kimbeiiey. waa in
town Wednesday
Tbe Arena Skating rink elosed for
tke season on Tuesday night.
Mr and Mra. H. It. Mather, nf Fort
Steel*, warn In the city Monday
Mr. and Mrs.r*. 0, Oatmrn, of Montreal, ware Oranbrook visitors on
Mr. and Mrs. I' LUfld, ol Wnntnnr.
w**e visiting frlenila m Oranbro ik
eoatalns tha latnst hooka ninl mngii
iKsm.—Palace Olgar Htoro, IIi.iih.mi
Must ulnar out Wall I'aiH-r Httick
at onre. Everything (tuna rhwip for
cash.—B, H. Bhort,
Ono. Hogtrnrth wan trying hlH nnw
automobile on Wiilnewlny, "George"
Ifl always in linn with thn rnwt of tlm
boys for n good time.
(J.   W.   riutlnr, of Lethbrldge. repre
sentlng  thn  Lethbrldge    Dally News
waa in thn city Mon'iuv in the inter
,-itH of hla paper.
Mr C, 11 Mcllollgnl, ami K. II
('arntthera. of the rtulllvan Mlnln-j
Co., Klmbarley, gore In Ihn city Weil
nnsday on compnny business.
fining out of tho Wall I'apnr liiinl
new, Kvoryt.hlng muiit ko at slaughter prices.-II. H, Short
Hunilny Inst wnn HI. Patrick's day,
II wnB observed In n very r|iilnl wny,
green rllihons, with sprigs of Hhain-
rock   ware much In evidence
Norman Hilton, of Ynlik, wna vi.-j
Itlng his relations nt Crnnhrook thia
FOUND.—A    sum  of  money,   which j
will be returned to ownor, on prov
Ing property, anil    paying for     thia
notice.     Kuqulre at Prospector olnco
OUR Cigars Bnd cigarettes can't bo
beat—Palace Cigar Store, Hanson
MrH. Joyce ami child returned home
to Klko on   Wednesday, well pleased
with   the attention received nt     ilio
hands of Nurse    Bent of the     Home
I Hospital.
t   ft is the doBiro of members of   the
! Sous of EDngland Benefit Society,   to
! start   a lodge In this   city.     Those
wno   are    members.   I'tiono 263.      Aa
wo are delirious for ftu S.O.B. lodge.
The School Trustees ol Cranbrook.
baa     decided   to commence the con-
atructlon     of    n    Manual    Trainlnx
School this summer,  nud J17.51H) hns
, beeu secured tor thia purpose
j    Work commenced this week on   the
| now Industrial School at St.  Eugene ;
[ Mission,    for     the    children of    tho
i Kootenay     Indiana.     The    building
when completed  will  cost $l'.!0,lXH>
I Born.—ln Ireland, on March 2nd to '
Mr. and Mrs. 1'. Matheson, n son,.
"Pete" say that R new Irishman will j
arrive in Cranbrook in nbout three,
The provincial government has announced tbe selection of the farm of'
Mr. J. Brault.    as an    experimental
station, for the cultivation of fruits,
grams nnd vegetables,
Premier McBride. has been appointed Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel ol
second regiment British Columbia
Horse, on organization
You never saw such bargains in
wall paper as are being handed out
by—B. H. Short.
Mr.  Otto Becker,  a new  arrival  In
the district, has taken up land in tbe
vicinity of Wardner, and will engage
! in raising ostriches.     A number    of
' birds are now enroute from Germany
to Wardner.
Cranbrook is now the automobile
centre of tbe Kootenay. Not less
than 17 automobiles are In commls-
slon. The Cranbrook Oarage Co.,i
received two carloads of "auto's"]
tbls week.
A    complete   shipment   of    Flash j
Lights have been received this week
by the Quain Klectrlc Co., they are a j
small hand light that are especially
useful to anyone having to look    In |
dark corners.
ABSOLUTELY the newest aet of
Picture Post Cards arrived yesterday
at the Palace Cigar Store, Hanson
Construction work on tbe Kootenay
Central railway has commenced. A
contract for thirty miles has been lot
to Foley, Welch & Stewart. A large
number of men are engaged In rip-
raping the road bed along the Kootenay river.
Mining baa commenced on Perry
Creek. It is reported that American
capital have secured a large gold
property, whlcb carry values In the
yellow metal sufficient to warrant
the Installment of a stamp mill during the coming summer.
The new concrete culvert, now under construction on Cranbrook Btrcet
by the provincial government will
noon tie completed, and ls one of the
many permanent structures now being constructed by the government.
It ih reported tbat over one hundred settlers will arrive in Cranbrook,
from Kngland, to locate on a large
tract of land owned by Robluson &
Mackenzie. Tho land Is situated
about two miles aouth east of Cranbrook city, and ia considered to ho
excellent In quality, for fruit, grain
nnd  vegetables.
Choice patterns of Wall Paper to
select from at "Give Away I'rlcoH."
II. H. Short.
The Young people of thn Methodist
Church will be nt home to their
friends In the Gymnasium next Tuesday evening tlio 2Sth Inst., front H p.
m. until 11)3(1. Everybody Is welcome to come and enjoy the musical
programme nnd eiit.ni.ien. A small
charge of If, cents will he made for
refreshments.   Cone one, come all.
iK C.l'.R W»tdi
wa     Wno**/     mul
lUlltllt* tl
omo>t relllbla *>iBk«s
jjlvr out lUtTKII*
: ■ ■
h watch which in
up l>v tin* mamt-
Unities t
j Jeweled Wateh
18 Dollars
Gent's 2
Jeweled Watch
iii a
JO year CSH
<!5 Dollars
We nre always pleased
to show goods
Cranbrook t* Lethbrldge
Mr. C. H. Phillips, representing the
Standard Agencies of Lethbrldge Is
In town on a business trip nnd Iiuh
opened an ofllco with !'. DoVcre Hunt
Mr. Phillips aayn that Lethbrldge Ih
the only city In Alhorta; tli Ih yum
something like 16,11011,11110 worth ol
coustructlon work Is In sight.— See
his advertisement In another column,
Tbo Qualn Bteotrlo Co., have ro-
colvod the contract to Install a complete ayatotn of [ntereoniinunlcatlllg
telephones in the stores of lho Kink
Morcantilo Compnny, and that of Mr.
A. 0, Hownoss; also a complete up-to date i-iiiiiiuon battory telephone* lu tho Napunee Hotel at For-
nlo, these latter systems are the bust
that have over been liiHtnlled In B.O,
the whole of tbo material for this
work being nuppliuil by thu Kellogg
Supply Oo,, ol Chicago.
For Sales List.
TOR SALE"—Thoroughbred Rhode Island and Brown Leghorn biggs,
lt.50 for 13-G.W.Ladds. city. 9-8
KOR SALE—Poultry ranch, buildings for 100 fowls, 4 roomed
house, woll and pump attached
irrigated steeam runB through
land, 50 4-year old apple trees
planted, 100 3-year old currant
bushes, one acre cleared but
stumps standing, 5 acres over,
all. TermB '2,500.00 to be paid
$1,500.00 cash and the balance
to suit purchaser. 9-4t
KOR SALE—5 roomed plasterod cottage, water and electric light,
small chicken house and wood
shed, situate on Durick Avenue.
Apply  Prospector ofllce.        9-4t
KOR SALE—Eggs for batching from
selected winter layers, ln S. C.
Rhode Island Keds, wbloe wyan-
dottes, bufffl orplngtons undS.C.
white and brown leghorns $1.60
per setting. J. Gartside, Pleasant View, Poultry Kami, Cranbrook. Phono 377B. 9-4t
Tho Cundiilaten of goixt government
In tho Kootenay and lloundary ridings nre:—
Ymlr-J. H.  Srhollold.
Fortlle—W, H. Ilnsa.
Nelson—W, IV Mnclean.
Columbia—11. Q. Parsons.
Greenwood—Lome camplieli
Slocan—William Hunter.
The attention to thn Hoard of
WorkH in again railed to thn dangerous condition of the footbridge oil
Cranbrook street. School children
crowd thia bridge, especially whon returning from school, nnd the little
nmi are very liable to |>o pushed oil
and Injured during tin, rush to get
home quickly.
OlgnrH, tobacco's, nnd plpea at the
Palace Olgar Store, Hanson Ulock,
are considered the hast
Frank Dezall
and can do
for anyone
He is also A Kent for
of the best Kind
Works Opposite Depot
"You nitty not be tiblft to go t
Pftrlfl but ynu can k<J to hob "Tho
Olrl from Hector's" antil the New
York ti.veuing Totegratl. during the
run uf that piece at Wwhster's .Music
Hall. "The Olrl" with any other
name would make you laUgfo! an 1
you can't help lattgbtng. Yuu may
nut know what you are laughing for
ur at, but you laugh. If you want a
tip for an evening's entertainment
that will make you forget all the
rent ot your troubles, go ami see the
The report given ln another column
respecting tho claims that have been
paid out by the American Life and
Accident Insurance Co.. will be read
with Interest by everyone who Is foi
lowing, occupations of precarious nature, and where there is the least
likelihood of accidents occuring. It
might be well to take notice that the
local agent for this company has his
office in the Reid Block lately occupied by G. H. Thompson to whom
all enquiries will receive the moBt
courteous of attention.
W.    W. KILBY,
Held in Carmen's Hall
Conducted hy
Mrs. R. A. Racklyaft
CorflAcnted Toachor from
I.imhIiiii Si'biiol Hoard
10:00   a. ii'    u>   IKiihi in.
IMHI   |), iii.   lu     1:110 p. in.
Phono 220        i*. n. n»x 2.ih
Bull River Livery
wishes tu cull attention
to  having  ;i   twice-daily
stage service from
meeting East and West
liiinnd trains.
I will mil LothhrhlK*
ll'nil Hutu!,' at thn ofHcaof
I1.    ImiViim'    Hunt    fnr    n
hIiihi. period, Parties who
nro In Uio market for In-
vuiitmnntii; onll nml 100
inc. I I'i'iii iinlno to (lonbln
yonr Mvostinont within
th11«' or nit months.
0, ii    riiu.ui'H.
Visitors to the City
A. J. Chamberlain,    Thunder Hill
O. L. Knights,     Rossland
J. Reekie,     Athalmer
J. H. Hutchinson, Baynes
T. H. Hartley,     Spokane
G. Johnson,     Spokane
J. D. Hasford,     Spokane
R. C. Cretnoy,     Fort Steele
F. Webb,     Moyle
Allan Manson,     Jaffray
A. Brydal,     Klmherley
O. J. Willis,     Vnncouver
J. W. Colburn,     Kitchener
R   Campbell.     Moyle
J. H. Wilson,     Spokane
J. H. Stevenson,     Bpoknne
J. 8. Qearhead,     Spokane
R. K. MoSatt.     Claresholm
li. P. Eckstein,    Fernle
O. Summerfleld,     Nelson
Tom. Hall, Victoria
W. J. Maclean,    Montreal
A. W. Elrich,     Spokane
M. J. Bnrnum,   Spokane
W. B. Brown,    Lothhrldge
A. McDougal, Edmonton
A. Carney.     Kaalo
E. D. Carter.    Toronto
E. Dlngman,     Fernle
W. Orenler,    Fernle.
P. N. Anderson,     Calgary
S. Graham,     Pernio
J. M. Agnew.     Rlko
H. C. Allen,     Edmonton
J. W. Kerr,     Rlko
O. B. Thomson,     Fornle
J. Footo,     Vancouver
R, Wataon,     Calgary
Wm. Phillips,     Winnipeg
J. M. Doyle.     Calgary
L. W. Manning,     Wardner
L. K. Knights,     Spokane
O. Qervala,     Snskatnuii
M. M. McDonalil,     Saskatoon
J. Anderson,     Calgary
B. a. Clark,     Uthbrldge
F. M. Stevens,     Wardner
J. R. McCall,       Calgary
Misa Agness Creelman,     Athalmer
Mrn. J. Beano,     Athalmer
T. T. McVittie,     Fort Steele
A. B. Myleo,     Hamilton
W. T. Fay,     Joderaon. Wla.
,l. Price,    Toronto
H. H. Cowloy,    Vnncouvor
C. A. Oorwln,     I'ulgary
Card of Thanks
I desire tn oitend my moat, sincere
thanka and deepest appreciation for
most efficient and timely help of tbe
C.P.R, and City Fire Department at
tho recent Are in my boarding house.
T.   FORD.
Trade at home with tho homo man,
tho man that resides at homo, lives
In your own town, spends all hla
money at home, and see how much
bettor you and he feels about it.
Your money will ntay at home then-
ten to ono ho conies In In a few ilnyi
later and spends moro money in
your house than you did In hla. Don't
lot a man trade either with you n
hundred years and buy nothing from
him. If you don'l. commence noon
to reciprocate ho la liable In noeil
something In your line, get mm! anil
walk clear down tn Fertile after lt.
reciprocity Is ,, good thing oven In
a small country hamlet.
A man who doos not advertise Blm-
ply because bin grandfather did not,
ought to wear knse hreochoa and a
•l-M"M"M"l"l"H"|"|»|"|'.|"|"|.'|"|'i|..|. 'H"tlHrlla*H"H"
Fairview Addition
$10. !E= $5.
S Minutes from C. P. R. Shops
2 Minutes from New School Site
Only 48 of these Ideal Residential Sites.
SO feet x 130 feet
Workingman:   You    Contemplate    owning
l     your own home—why not get one
of these 50 foot Lots?
:;  Corner $125       Inside $100.   ;;
.H-'iHH-lllfl ■t'illlllllllllllllllll'
. >      HEAD   OFFICE
CALGARY, Alt*      ,,
P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
CRANBROOK,        - B.   C.
"Shamrock Brand"
mi nn nun iiinnmii' t n ■ i n i ■ i n 11 n'
^1 H H H 11 IH 111 HI IH HI 11 HH I lllll 1111 j|-.
Chapman's    Agency j;
P. O. Box 62 phone 401    j |
On Sale Saturday, March 2nd Block of
Saskatoon Lots
Take our Tip and BUY NOW
rj+).JJJ,.UJ.U.I,A I ,1,1  I  I I UnlM,*.,!,,!,!  '  '  '  f |  |  |  |  H |  I | | | |  I  .
BORN.—At the homo ol Mr. Oeo.
Geo. Chapman, Pooley avenue, Monday March ltlth, to Mr. and Mrs. B.
Thompaon, a son.
8. H. Humble waa in from Mayook
ThurBdny looking alter the interests
of hia new patent. Mr. Humble has
taken up a position with the Rock
Creek Mining Co., at Klko.
The Sullivan Mining Co., at Klmherley, have constructed a flume 1200
feet in length, on Mark Creok, and
have installed turbines and dynamoa'
and are now running their compressor plant, and hoistn by electrical
power. The output oi the mine Is
throe carloads of silver-lead ore,
John Laurie, ln looking for water
on the ranch belonging to P. DoVoro
Hunt fully oipected to have to go to
a depth of 40 feet; however, considerable work was reduced by striking
water ut only 34 foot. Thla instance
occured on this farm only two miles
out of tlm city clearly allowing to
would be aettlera that the water
'location in not of very aerious conse-
uiience, in fact In many place* around
here where water la really wanted—
which In seldom—the labor required
in thia direction ia nt a minimum.
Mr. W. Shaw, manager of tho Oran-
hroiik DlHtrlrt for P, Burns A Co
will move fit the end ot the month to
Utlibrlilgn whom he will lake charge
trom thnt point went to Creaton, In
place of Mr. J. M. Doyle. Mr. Hli„w
during bin ai.av In till* city not only
Irom ii hiiiilnoH* view hut also from
uncial view h„„ made noma of the
beat nf friend* and hi* departure will
be regretted. Mr. Coffee for long a
favorite with I'. Minna cuHtomer* In
the district will tako tho position
raiiKod by the removal of Mr. Shaw
We cordially eitend to both our con-
i,'ratulatlnnti upon tholr promotion to
n higher atage of reaponaiblllty.
Mr. H. T. Mil™, repreatntlng Mea-
ara. Robertaon, Ltd,, waH In the city
thla week with a sample of their
goods showing in what way It is po»-
alhlo to pack baron and other eatable* In such a form an to make It absolutely air amd mould proof. The
natent thnt will work thin wonder la
ti tho form of a gelotino Into which
'.he bacon, etc., I* dipped forming a
mrface covering that will wrMnrtand
my weather—worm or cold. This
■hoiild prove a boon lo all the many
"ronpeclora that Inhnbltate thi* district, nnd to settlors In nny out of
flic wny placeo of the hill* or monn-
tnlno na with thla geletlne covering
'OVorlng all food* retnln all It* na-
uniltieaii; na a sample Mr. Miles
loolod inline of the gelelln<i off a
»lcco of bacon in our proHonco nnd
'inked lis to iiinell the odor was clear-
ly appnrrnt nn It ruse from tho meat;
It might be well to nolo that this
ample which Mr, Miles wns carrying
was packed lu tho pncklng house at
ths coaet
Window & Carpet
Cleaning Co
WW. Kilby s OK' Barber Shop
Carpets cleaned without removal by our
Vacuum Process.
Windows cleaned at
moderate prices.
Send a postal to Box
802 and our representative will call on you with
all particulars.
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 2SV
I*. O  Bog S4S
Fish Hatchery this Year.
Instruction* for the establishment
of a Bah hatchery In the KooUony
district thia year ha* been given,
etates Hon. J. D, llasen, minister ol
marine and fisheries, In a latter
whlcb has been received by Mr, Ited.
Starkey, president ol the Aeaodatod
Boards of Trade of Kastern Brltleh
Columbia, who has for soma yean
brought this matter to tbe attention
of the federal authorities. Tbls letter confirms that received recently by
J. W. Cockle of Kaslo from A. B.
Ooodeve, M. P, lor Kootenay, who
haa aided tho Boarda In their effort*
to obtain the hatchery for Kootenay
Juet where the hatchery will be located Is undecided and this question
will bo discussed at * meeting of the
Nelson Board of Trade.
Thla Is a matter ot great Importance to the entire Kootenay, and before the question of location le aet-
tlml, the inspector appointed by tha
federal government ahould look carefully through the Kootenay and select the beat possible location, aad
one ao centrally situated that the entire district can be served ll the
shortsat time noealbl* with tke young
fry hatched.


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