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The Prospector Jun 8, 1912

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Array * !hr»ry leg. AEsem.   Sept, 5.-18.
For  Perfect
You Should See
$2.00 Per Year
VOL. 18
No: 23
The Lumber Industry
Specially  Written  for the Compilers of   "BRITISH
By A. E. WATTS, Wattsburic. B. C.
During an interview A. K. Wntts,
President ot the Wattsburg Lumber
Co., Ltd., stated that the Wattsburg
mill was cleaning up preparatory to
closing down indellnntely, which has
hitherto always been operating summer and winter nnd still has au a-
bundance of timber close by.
That their Proctor mill ts about to
start operations but only for the' pur
pose of sawing logs thnt would other
wise spoil, not because the lumber
waB required, or prolituble to make
or ship at the present prices prevailing, owing to the dumping ol American lumber on to the only market
the Interior nl B.C. possesses; tbat
this state of allairs and the consequent depression of business in the
Interior ol B.C. wus entirely due to
the lact that the lumher industry was
and ls, a martyr to political expediency and the ignorance and crass
stupidity ol some mnnulacturers who
are afraid to confers that their business is not profitable, fearing the lasb
ot their financial musters, otherwise
even the opposition in Parliament to
the demands for justice to B.C.
would be willing to grnnt Justice to
a persecuted Industry. Rut more ot
this Mr. Wntts will explain in his articles now being written tor the compilers of the HiRtory of B.C., which
will be published in short chapters,
In the press prior to publication in
the History of B.C.
The vast areas of valuable timber
possessed hy British Columhla have
provided the Province with one third
ol its total Income, consequently this
Industry is of great Importance; not
only to those directly engaged in the
business but to the allied trudes,
merchsnts and others. When this
business is depressed the effects ure
keenly lelt throughout the province.
The rapid development and expansion of business In the udjoining
Prairie Provinces, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, provide a mag
nlflcent market lor the product ol the
interior lumber mills ol British Columbia, but that is their only market.
The coast mills have the world lor
their market, consequently they do
not feel the results of the severe com
petition cnttsed by the dumping ol
the cheapest grades nl lumber by the
American Manufacturers from the adjoining States ol Washington. Montana and Idaho, which enter Canada
Knights of Pythias
At the regular meeting ol the
Knights ol Pythias held on Tuesday
In their hall many topieB ol Interest
to members were taken up and ills
cussed; also the report Irom the delegates Bros. V. Kummer nnd li. A.
Hill was received.
Bro Kummer In Ills report told ol
haw tin Grand Lodge, which this
year was held in Nnniiiitio, were Improving the legislation ol the Order
in many ways that would uintcrlally
assist the subordinate lodges In tbelr
Special improvement was nrrnnged
for ln connection with the widows
and orphans ol the deceased members
of tbe order needing relief, This part
of the benefits ot the order Is well
looked after nn the principle that the
strong should protect the weak, various homes and Institutions ure provided specifically lor their lament, the
order carrying the expense for the upkeep.
Urn. Ktimnirr ulso spoke of the won
derlul anil Intensely Interesting ad
tereatlng address given by Major
Htoddart to the delegates In attendance, giving one ol the most beaut),
fui addresses on Pytlilnnlsin tlmt thn
(Iriinil Lodge had ever heard.
On behalf nl the Pythian Misters
special mention was inado lo ulster
Thomas ol HnsHland nnd her tilouunttt
appeal on hehnll of thu sister lodge
llru. Hill said thut Ilio. Hummer's
report bad covered everything us well
nothing was lelt lor lilttie to nny lu
regard to the (Irnnd Lodge session,bul
he would like tho brethren to know
that they received the most cordial
of welcomes, and although so many
delegates were In attendance everyone
wns well cared Inr nml entertained,
and be felt conllilent that when the
delegates spread themselves to their
homes throughout llrltlsh Columbia
renewed Impetus would he given to
the work. The (Irnnd Lodge this
year hml such un high tone to Its
proceedings tbat It could not but he
an Influence lor good throughout the
whole of Pythlnnlem
Grand I.oilire Meeting
The 41st Annual Crimmtinlrntloit ol
the Ornnd Lodge. A.F.&A.M,, will he
held In the Masonic Temple, In the
city of Vancouver, on Thttred.iy, the
30th dny ol .lime, nt the hour of ten
o'clock In tho forenoon, for the
transaction ol general biislneie.
free ol duty—the lumber Industry being the only one left open to the rav
ages of foreign competition. The
reasons for this are peculiar, the lum
her business being the victim of political expediency.
The question Is often usked "Why
Canadian Manufacturers cannot make
lumber as cheaply us their neighbors?
They can, although they aro handicapped by a duty on nil tbe supplies
tbey use, hut owing to the superior
stability of Canadian Hanking insti
tutions during times ot depression
their clients are uot so hard pressed,
the tlnancial lush is used more moderately ln Canada than in the Uuited
States, many American manufacturer
ure compelled to realise on their
stocks at very much below the coBt
of production. 1 have recently been
severely criticised by the American
press for making such statements,Ivut
being true I presume the smart is
tbe keener.
In a standard und Historical work
of this kind for future reference tig-
tires may prove useful although dry
tending tor the general public, they
will show the reasons why a once
prosperous induBtry conducted by
pioneers, hardly sons of toll, descend
ed from u prosperous eminence to tbe
point of struggling for distance, undermined by foreign competition
driven with a financial lush more
cruel tlnin the nigger drivers used.
Home took refuge nud hy false and
nil kinds of BUbtertUBes unloaded
their holdings unto British investors.
Kor wnrnings I hnve Issued through
the London press I have Incurred
much odium.
History should lie truth unvnrntsh
ed. If Bpnce permits 1 shall tell a lot
of lt, of scenes behind the scenes, pol
itical,financial, commercial and other;
how nnd why the magnificent timber
resources of this country are wasted
and capital squandered with no result, and unjustly injuring the credit
of Canada, und discounting her vust
resources in the financial centres ot
the world. The simple truth plainly
told will restore conlidence in tbe potentialities or possibilities in a country so richly endowed with latent
wealth awaiting development, but
handicapped by seltish politicians,
and those who wish to unload their
holdings by "get rich quick" schemes
(to be continued     ___
Wardner Alive
It appears that Wardner Is now on
the move with a vengeance. At an
enthusiastic meeting held on Friday
lust, local palltlclana were determine
to take their sbnre In the Dominion
and Provioclnl polities ol the future
by forming a Liberal-Conservative
Mr. V. (.affray was tho chosen chairman of the evening. The must Important Item was the election ol ofllcers, the following being clceted-
Honornry President—The Hon. B.
President—P. Lund.
Hec.-Treno.—II. E. Mackee.
Executive Committee—Messrs. Kred
Leant, (ten Hatward. anil John
These officers nre enthusiastic lol-
lowera nnd admirers of the Honorable
"Dick" nnd will, when once they have
settled down tn further ilelnlls of the
work, mnke their Inlluettee felt In the
Kootenny district, It Is only by the
proper watching ol State and Prov
Incial mutters hv responsible citizens
that we cnu hope to receive good and
profitable legislation
It Is hoped Ibul the clt'ionr. of War
dnor nnd Immediate dlslrlcl will give
lhe new iissoelullnn their most ror
dial support.
Boy's Scouts Organized
Grown-ups and Boys All Interested —Organization
Promises to be Successful from the Start
The Canadian Uoy Scout movairnmt;
has reached Cranbrook. The boys ftre
sincere iu their earnestness. To havo
seen the lnrg-e number which turned
tip at the meeting on Wednesday even
ing in the Gym, would hnve dislodged
and doubts as to the possibility ot
the movement succedlnij in Crnnbrook
Mr. J. P. Leslie, acting Bcout master of the new brigade has been working (or some time now in trying to
L-et the; boys together and interesting
them suHlclently in the work to ar-
rouse their eagerness to join.
At the meeting Mr. Leslie gave a
somewhat lengthy talk about the
movement, how it was taking hold of
tbe boyB from one end of the land to
the other; reading a number of extracts from various paper--; to buck
up hU assertions. Mr. Leslie.laid
particular Btress on the fact that one
of the main principles involved in the
work and accrued to tbe boy scout
the moat benefit was its advantage
ns a character builder. In this case
quoting "The Canadian Boy Scout"
l»y Buden Powell ns the authority lor
tbe tremendous results fn this direction.
Mr. K. V. Dangerfteld of Calgary, a
man greatly interested in the movement, in his short address he made
particular stress that the impressions
a boy received from the aire o| 11 to
12 up were fundermental for the rest
of liis life; therefore, they should be
cultivated and trained in the best
way, no better way has been discovered than that of the Boy Scouts
which is discipline ami order of thej
highest kind. No acout Is a good!
scout unless he ovieys, this will natur
ally lead to greater respect for the j
leaders and parents.
Oue thing not to be Inst sight of iB
that the movement is undenominatiou j
al, this iB an important feature, and,
no parent need have any qualms of
conscience in thiB respect. \
Mr. I)an?erft>1d drew the hoya atten
tion to tbe fact that in Red Deer the
Boy Scouts ot that district gave
their aasistaace to the tracking of a
criminal aud three hoys succeeded in
tracking aud holding the big husky
fellow until larger assistance arrived
to make his arrest.
Mr. [fl, H. L. Attree, one time scout
master nt SpareawolU. Winchester,
Kngland, drew the boys attention to
the wonderful possibilities there are
in this district for developing tbe boy
scout training, the hills woods, and
in parts thick undergrowth all will
play their part uud an Important
part jn the work at hand.
At the close a business- meeting was
called,   Rev.   W.   Stephens and  Rev.
Dunham addressed the gathering.
The otTUcera elected were as follows
President—J,  D.   McBride
Vice-T resident—L.  J. Cranston
Hon.  Secretary—Rev.W.E.Dunham
Hon. Treas.—R. T. Brymner
Executive  Committee—Messrs.   P..I,
Denn, C. C. Connolly, J. R. McNabb
Rev.   W.   Stephens,   N.   A.   Wallinger,
aud   the   Scoutmaster  and  us-dstant
Scout master.
Acting  Scout Master—J.P.Leslie
Assistant   Acting   Scout    Master-
Rev. W. K. Dunham.
In the May numher of the Woman's
Home Companion, a mother gives her
personal experiences with her trouble
some boy of twelve or fourteen years
of  age  and  tells how  his  connection
with the Boy Scouts of America made
a better boy of him.      "The twelve
points  ot  the  Scout law,"   sayi
mother, in her article, are
1. A Scout is trustworthy
2. A Scout is loyal
3. A Scout Is helpful
4. A Scout Is friendly
R. A Scout ts courteous
G. A Scout is kind
7. A Hcout is obedient
H. A Scout is cheerful
9. A Scout is thrifty
10. A Scout is brave
11. A Scout is clean
12. A Bcout Ib reverent
After telling how her sou entered
the movement, she goes on to gay:
"* had hoped my boy would b* all
these things, nnd had so admonished
him. But these are scout laws, mind
you, not advice nnd admonitions,- uot
hopes backed by maternal pleadings
and fears, but laws, self-imposed when
the Scout takes his onth; for in taking tho oath he promises to obey
these laws. That settles it. II the
Scout movement stood tor these
things, and inspired and exacted
them, I was with it, heart and soul.
"From the start the whole thing
thing was a great success. The Boy,
for one, benefited immensely by the
sssociation. It would take me too
long to tell how much. I only tell
you humbly that some of the faults
ln him which I had worked with for
years, such ns selfishness, uhiftlessnes
occassional cowardice, and sometimes
irreverence, began to disappear, and
without fret or friction. A good
Scout had none of these faults: they
are against the Scout law. He waB
trying to be a good scout; that waa
"Have you a boy of your own? It
you have, I think you cannot do better than to look into the Scout move
ment. He is sure to hear of it, and,
it he is anywhere near twelve, or thir
teen, or fourteen, he is pretty sure to
want to join It. I beg of you, too,
not to put anything in his way; and
then further, I beg you to keep your
hands off, Your pnrt ts to listen
when he talks to you about it; to
approve; to have a good supper waiting for him when he comes back from
hl« Scout tramps, and to continue to
say your prayers at night for hitn."
The Year 1915
Commemorates Many Annivenariei—Imperial Exhibition Promised.
Boxing in Cranbrook
Severe Opposition Should be Manifest Towards It
Unfair to Local Talent
Billy Nut ol Reglna mill Charlie
Caven of New Mlcliel ure scheduled to
meet In n boxing contest In the Auditorium on Monday June 17th.
Thiii Hunt, If allowed to proceed, Ib
absolutely unfair to the local talent,
when young Sttceter received a challenge from Fred Lang of Spokane,
permission waa asked to have the con
teat fought ln Oranbrook, the light to
be held in the Auditorium Theatre,
and ii tllatlnct negative wns given to
the request ns NO MORE FIGHTS
When H. Simpson, Fred Lang's
manager, cnnie In Irom Spokane to
make the necessary arrangements he
distinctly told our representative
Hint In all probability there would
be enough sporting men come In from
Spokane as to be necessary almost to
charter a special train, ('runted thla,
sporting men from across the line
would never come here without plenty
of money   In   their pockets to meet
their oft-times extravagant needs.
Wheu they returned home It would be
with depletod pockets as a considerable amount, could not help but be
lelt ln the city.
From a mercenary standpoint this
tight of Streotor versus Lang would
have been nn help to Cranbrook.
From un advertising point of view
thu publicity given to the Spokan
Idol through the medium of the Spok
nne Rovlew and other dallies of tbe
metropolis would have been such us
to make Crnnbrook, In sporting circle
as well as In others, a byword for n
time; the number of visitors from all
round tho district would have provided the means necessary to **rovide lo-
I'ul citizens the Joy of showing what
we have bole and the progress we are,
Lothlirldgo is now to receive ull
this, as Htrootor and Lang are scheduled to moot In the prnlrle city.—
Trust tho prnlrle city for letting a
lot of freo advertising go by.
The fight we now hnve scheduled Is
for rank outsiders—both of them—anil
the same arguments could easily be
upheld, but as they are unknown mat
erlal they ure uo drawing card and
we i-uostlou If they would get but
half a house ln attendance.
As we said nl the flrst tills Dght Is
distinctly unfair to the local talent
and should not be allowed to proceed
Nothing whatever can be said In Its
favor and tbe act of Injustice would
rankle in the minds of local puuplo.
It these Hotting Contests nre to be
allowed give local boys ALL the preference, II wo have any to hold the
honors. II the local boys are not allowed to light, why, stop these contests right awny und let nn one
strudille the fence In favor ol one or
tbe other.
The power Is principally held by
the chief of police Cory How, hut We
arc in hopes that steps will at once
be taken to stop this unfair exhlbl
tlon to the local boys.
Installed Officers
At a regular monthly assembly ol
Selkirk Preceptory,  held In the Mn-
eonlr Temple,     the following officers
were installed
Sir Knight F. II. Miles,     I' I'.
sir Knight, li. .1. Johnson,    c.
Sir Knight W. II. Wilson, Marshal
sir Knight, J. M. Henderson, hm.
Sir Knight, W. S. Snnto, 0,
Sir Knight F. Dunn, Hog.
News wns recolved tills week of thn
dentb of W H. Oil*"* of Conway,
lown, nt the nge of 71 vetirs. Mr.
Burge was tlm father of Oliver Hurge,
who died In Motitutiii.wlio formerly
lived on Perry ('took, where his wile
and sons Roy nntl Arthur now reside.
Mr. Burge, na well us hla son Oliver,
were pioneers ol the woet.
Interdicts "Barred"
No Interdict Is allowed ill any bar
or promises where liquor is sold; Interdicts found lu n state ol Intoxication, under tbe Inllueuce of liquor or
with liquor In their possession may
he held us compellable witnesses us
to the source ol the liquor tliey hnve
secured and the penalty lot soiling
liquor without n license on u second
or subsequent conviction Is (rom 12
to 21 months Imprisonment undor tho
amendments, pnssed ul the Inst session ol the legislature, to lhe liquor
net of llllll, which Is now In force all
over tin proplnce. The amendments
also provide that an Interdict who
figures In a prosecution under the act.
mny he held us u cotnpellublo witness
Holders of licenses who permit any
Interdlrted person to frequent or
loiter In any room or place in tholr
licensed premises In which there Is a
liar or In which liquor Is kept for
stile lire llnhlr on summary conviction to u line nf 12(1 with 30 dnys Imprisonment in delimit ol payment.
The iinttte pennlty Is provided In
nny ruse where an Interdicted person
refuses upon eianilnallon to state
or give Information   ol   the   person
whom, the |.|.ice whete and the time
when he procured the liquor, with the
addition thnt It Is lefl within the
power of the convlrtlng nuiglstrnto
to Impute both One nnd Imprisonment
Another nmendment gives power to
an officer to arrest without warrant
nny Interdict ho llnds In n state ot
Intoxlcntlon, undor the Influence nf
liquor or wllh liquor ln his possession and to hold hint ns a compellable witness ns to from whom
when nnd where bo secured the liquor
Persons selling liquor without n
license nre liable on u first conviction to a pennlty ol not less than
JIOII nor more thnn *H"«i with from
six to 12 months Imprisonment In
dofnitlt. For a second or subsequent
offense the penally Is not loss than
12 months nor mora thnn 21 months
Sir Charles Tupper
sir Oharlea Tupper htm arrived at
the const, nnd suva "I inn feeling
stronger thnn when I left I'.ligliiiul,
and hope soon to he mysnll again,"
"We had good weather on the
oceuii trip nnd 1 withstood the rull-
wny Journey exceedingly well."
Lady Evelyn Engaged
London, Juno 2.-Thn engagement,
is announced tmlny ol Lawrence
Juiiien, barrister, eldest sou of Sir
I, Jntueii of Kiikehnin, to Lady Kve-
ly ii, youngest daughter of Karl (Hey.
Head on Collision
One killed and three inlitred Is tho
result ol n bend-on collision hy east-
bound Canadian Pncltlc railway
freight train No. 'JI and a westbound
stock extra, No. 1H71, this morning
June Gth, nt 2 o'clock at a point one
mile east ot Tuppen, a small station
about Tilt miles east ol Katnloops on
the C.P.H. Hhuswup subdivision. En
glneer Jolllfe ol the stock train, who
lived In Hevetetoke, wus killed nnd
tbe bond-end brakemen of both trutns
Wright and F.skrldge, were severely
injured, A tramp named Onrliek sir
Inland a broken let'. Wright was hurt
about the face and F.skrldge received
Internal Injuries.
The ciilise of the accident Is ascribed
to tllO failure of a telegraph operator
at Notch lllll to deliver Hie eiisllioiilid
Irnln orders, Tuppen Is about nine
miles east of Notch lllll und us he
did not gel orders at that point the
englneei did not know the location of
Ibe wcHl'iound train, lu the collision
both engines woro badly Sllinshed up
us were two ears ol the slock train
and several cars ol the height. Many
rattle were killed outright and some
were hndly Injured, The telegraph
wlros were broken and because ol this
the reports of the accident were de-
Inyod several boure.
lu 1915 Kngland will be en fete.
Celebratious In connection with tbt
Prince of Wales' 21st birthday will
be occupying the attention of public
and private bodies throughout the
Dominions. Tbe rejoicing Incidental
to such an important event in conjunction with the celebration of the
100th anniversary of peace between
the English-speaking nations, trom e
fair augury of success for the lmper
ml Exhibition, 1915. Ita alma and
nbjects are in harmony with the
To tnke stock of the Umpire; to
Increase the return of trade In nuin-
ifncturcs und raw material, Internally and externally; to cause a greater
realization of the vast resources, pos-
■dblllties, nnd opportunities ol the
Dominions, to show the world at
large the magnificent solidarity ol
the Empire—in short, to provide e
minnture panorama of the countrici
.roductions, commerce, nnd occupations of tbe iieoples of the world'*
-reatest Empire—these are the oh
ectu of the committee of the Imper
Ini Exhibition, 1916.
Tbe advice and assistance of that
great Imperialist, the Right Honor-
ible Lord Strathcona anh Mount
Royal, O.C.V.O., O.O.M.C'., have
'.een freely given. So greatly does
the scheme appeal to him that be
has consented to become president of
'he committee. Thnt body, composed of men holding every shnde of po-
litlcnl opinion but united In the
desire to help practical Imperialism,
'ins elected the following Advisory
Captain   Sir     Peter  Stewart.Bam,
Lord Blyth.
Viscount Hill
The Enrl of Klntore, C.M.O.. M.V.
Sir C.o.lfrey Lungden.
Colonel Weston Jurvis, O.M.O., M.
Mr. R. A. Cooper, M.P.
Mr. Hurry K. Brlttnin.
Mr. H. A. Herbert, (nsslatnnt Hon.
Mr. Cecil Beck, M.P.. (Hon. secretary.)
Mr. P. J. Hannoii, (Hon Secretury)
Offices at  St.     Stephen's     House,
Westminster, nre     the present   bend-
iiiarters of tbe "-Inhibition,  nnd Irom
this centre every effort Is being made
to augment the interest taken in this
.•icluslvely  British  Kxhlbttion.
A  small   guarantee  fund  tins     been
ormed   for     the initial expenses in
onneetion with the Exhibition,   and
i,ord Strathcona has generously made,
'tlmsslf    re-qionsible     for tbe larger
■nirtlon of tbls sum.When negotintton
bnve bcen     completed for u suitable
(ti,   a larger guarantee fund will be
raised, nnd It     is confidently In.ped
that prominent Imperialists throughout the Kmplre will give their support in pructlcal lorm to this scheme
In bringing the project forward,
the committee are using every means
iu their power to make the Kxhlbttion nll-emhraclng in its interests,
and huve heartily welcomed many
lielpfull suggestions. Each Colony
will, It is hoped, vie in friendly rivalry with its neighbor In showing to
Lhe world the enormous resources ot
the Hritisb Empire.
In addition to the Colonlnl products to be exhibited, British manufacturers will, It Is hoped, help to
■nuke the Exhibition thoroughly representative. It is proposed to send
commissions to the Colonies, with
the object of bringing the possibilities of the scheme before manufacturers, exporters, and the Colonial
public generally, At the same time,
representatives will tour the HrttlBh
lsl..H and make the alms and objects
ol the Exhibition thoroughly appreciated.
A special feature will be mad. ot
ihe various raw materials used by
British manufacturers alike here aud
and overseas; there will be sections
for every species of natural productions; every description of manufactured article will be shown, aad
there will be a novel section dealing
with British Inventions. All available information Is to be placed at th.
disposal of intending exhibitors.
The figures showing the increase of
trade following the Franco-British
nnd Japan-British Exhibitions encouraged high hopes as to the mutual
advantages likely to occrue to tbe
Culonies und the Mother Country
when their respective productions are
urruyed In competition with one
another. The committee nre confident that the exhibitions to be held
In other parts of the world in 1915
will not affect the hucccbs ol the Imperial Kxhibltlon. They nre of the
opinion that n nrltlsh Exhibition for
British people will Imi In Itself •
novel fenture. landing Oolottlale
are anxious to attract tbe finest
class of English settlers to their
shores, nnd reliable Information will
be given by experienced representatives of the Overseas (.overnments as
to the suitability of such districts
for the various classes of Intending
An increased knowledge nf British
productions will stimulate trade; the
educational advantages derived from
a wider comprehension ol the conditions of life, the spheres of Industry,
and the linen ol progress of Orester
Britain, will prove Invaluable, and
the exhibition, it Is believed, will
forge another link ln the chsin of
mutual attachment binding tbe
Mother Country and the Dominions
beyond th. Bene.
Directors' Meetinn
At n meeting of the Hoard of Dl-
rectors ol the Boundary Mining and
Exploration i.'o'y.. Limited, held in
Iranbrook on Tuesdny, June 4th.,
the resolutions pnssed at the Grand
Forks meeting, approving of the Directors report ns to the condition
.nd future prospects of the mine,
were confirmed. Mr. A. L. McDermot wus elected as acting Secretary-
Treasurer and Mr. F. H. Knight ae
Managing Director. Mr. Knight was
instructed tn proceed vigorously
with the construction of the Three
< 'ompurtment Sbnft which he had
rommenced to sink. It was also derided to submit ii proposal by plebiscite to all the shareholders, asking
for un expression of opinion on the
idvlsal.illty of dividing up pnrt of
the tile Company's Freehold land for
townsltf purposes and to offer portions of the orchard Land in the "let
le River Vnlley for sale. It was lilt
ther decided to oiler a free site lo a
progressive brick making co'y., as
there ls an nbundatice of day near
the mine uud targe quantities ol r si
already mined for the purpose.
Ilirthdav Honors
Ottawa,   June  H.    The evening  Free
Press claims to  hnve  authority    for
the statement that the King's birth
dny honors will in nil probability be
announced on June '.mth, nnd will in
elude in. lion. ii. i„ Borden. Hon
lllcbnrd McBrlde, premier ol British
Columbia; mid Hon. It I", lloblm
premier ol Manitoba The Krre
Press also states that a couple of
chief justices and one or two lieutenant governors will also be lurluded.
In other quarter-, the name of Hon.
fleori'c V, Foster is mentioned hut It
Is said the minister of trade and
commerce is mote lively tu bs honor
ed In November.
Our Gold Coinage
Canadians will soon hnve their first
gold coinage—that is, those who ar.
fortunate enough to get hold of them,
for no doubt tbe gold coins will be
ss shy nnd elusive as always have
been the silver ones or the paper currency.
Will our five nnd ten dollar gold
pieces come Into us common use as
prevails In the Old Country with respect to sovereigns and half-sovereigns'' Possibly not. (or some tuns
at any rate, because this gensratioo
of Canadians Is not accustomed to
earry any considerable amount of
money in nuns The Englishman
has his nent little coin-case, and It Is
nn ordinary practlc. for him to me.t
nurr.nl expenditure by paying out
gold. The only coins with which
most Canadians are familiar with are
those ot silver, and we only use them
se "smnll change'' When .mall
change will not pny the hill we use
the notes ol tbe Dominion up to four
dollars snd Bnnk notes for larger
A us. of our new gold coins would
possess certain advantages, one being
Its cleanliness The fllthlness of much
of our paper currency la notorious.
It hns t.eon complained ..f time and
time again, nnd several Ministers of
Finance, Mr Fielding In particular,
promised to do something to drive
iltrty impel money out of circulation.
Hold will be clean, but It Is heavy,
nnd although not n bit harder to
•pen.l thnn it hank note, If It Is ess
ler to lose.
However, there will be some de
nisnd for gold, and the demand Will
Increase ne lhe people become mors
sccu.toine.l to the piettlest money
In the world Any wny. It Is matter
ol lajrltliiiiitc pride that hereafter the
demand ol the ('nlitidiun people for
gold coins will be supplied hy a Canadian gold coinage. THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
- 271
Representative Show
The wondrotw   Wcit   of   itory and  |'
tradition*    The   W.-»t  of   the  Indian
ond tht* Buflnlu, of the Cow puncher,
ih' P.onCM f and lhe Hou.ei leader.
The Weat lhal in pa-iaing and has
fijiuoit pfc-'it'd
Dir. ct  and   intact from  the great  Oklahoma Ranch, \* hoie nam.- it bear*  and **vhoie fame
it proudly coiiterves
Ita record of growth without parallel
hi the history of atuu><-inei.t».
Mors* and greater v.triety and multiplicity of novol.orlginaland loUdly
worthy feature* than any other
aoicly weatern institution in existence
Chwbovn. Cbwrirlt, Indians, Vo«|uer-w, Ituralea, Peiio-ltM, HuntwiTranwrt, Soouta. Rug-flm, l.niiRhri.ter*.,
aiwkins'ilonea, Btiffal ---. Long.homed St**m, and .•■..- and all other Vltuwt, euul Featuraa of tho CatUa
1 ail j-tid Rouod*un,   Bnata...ns from oblivion aud reviving toi public profit and pleaaun ■!..■ roroanoe*. peril*
Lai.i-iiii-3, <.Uv:»LHoa nu<\ *ri*ecttiouiar rou ine nf the Great ■..    ■■   .».'.   ■*-.  s
«.i tw
fill dtf
, itep by step,
ul    ,t. i. UUCUltl
Unfolding the roll of the alormtj and convulsive hfcton f the
to the living present, ua Mcmpulied on tlu 1 ■»L Banco, «hi u
The Wwt depleted of Its chsmniola.    Ever) un rMowoeJ for sJ-lU ts brim- le -ux: nwo ..I tke ranje
Only iiKtn wiiD ever battled,
m,*]  i j    tiv*e feal in of overy tubibitioo
A prodigious puBHUil <!i
Commencing at 2:00 o'elok p. m.
Reserved Seats tin Sale on Uay of Exhibition
At Beattie-Murphy's l)ru|{ Store
How mam yolltlg nwii
cin look hack un their
e.uli life nut) regret their
misdeeds. "Sowing their
wild oaU" in various ways,
LUcegBcs, violation ot nature's laws, "wim*, womeu
and Bong"—nil bave Ihelr
victims, You have re*
formed but what about tlm
Beetl you have sown— what
almutthe harvest? Don't
trust to luck. If you are
at prose nl wit In n the
thin li*-*. of any secret habit
with ii le napping your life
by il greet; if you nre luf*
fcritis (row the results of
anil indiscretions; if your
hi I hns been tainted from
any private disease and you
t■■■ in ilr>- i-l of bj inntoois breaking
Ifering is the result of a misspent
5. K. tt K. ARE YOUR REFUGE.   Uy your aw before
.1-uinIK and thi v will tell ynu hone it I   if ytm are curable,
«•*>•*• and all Due-tie* Perulinr to M«n.
CONSULTATION FHF.F     Beokl PfM oa DUttlM of Maa    H uaabU tu Sail, writ*
for • QutlUOD BUnk <<>r    IIOML     Till--. \IMIM   .
Cor. Michigan Ave. and GrLwold St., Detroit, Mich.
n***^****SjOTICE Iflt.T. Ir'.in l..nt.I. mn t  I... ...|.|r.-....e.l t.. i.ur
lfer**SV     mmmmmmm Cnn lie,   I J. J.iilin.-llt III U'iu.t.i.l
liul. tlyuu cleslra ta ice »« peraonnll call »l uui Mcillcnl Institute in
Detroit an w. lea .m-l tre il no p.ii.nia In oui Winilflor oflici a which "i.-
uiuil f.ii corre.poniletice nml Lstwratorj foi Canadian bu.luuu only.
A.liir.-s. nil lettsri «»follow.:
DP.S. KENNEDY & KENNEDY, Windaor, Obi.
School Report
Kor May
« a.  ft.
« J 11
1 II81
O u   Z Z   *.
u v Z Z  ~
a > i> p v
M 4 4 i. <
Minn   Hick  	
MIhh Close 	
MIhh 1..  I'Idhi. ....
Minn  Sllltnliy  .  .
Mm* Htepbens ,..,
MISS   IH.sc.rkH
Mias Cnrtwrlifhl
Mi»<   Eusten 	
Mlh   Dnnwell
.1. Ornnston, H.l
20,48   H'j.n;
III. 11
♦•i-n -i -I ** i 'I -I -I "i ••; mi ii i i-i I -I -I -I ***** •*■!** ** -l-l 11 'i
I'llilNK  Imi lltSIH'l KllNII   l'l l'n    IIH.'.   1110
'The Cranbrook  Exchange
W    I     liiill \\     l'r,.|,n	
We   Buy, shi or Exchange
Goods ni all Disiiipliiiii
**** 1111.|. ************************ ***** l****
T.itiil     I2.I   B61.9B   "t.i"
Division I, Miss Huh tenclier, wnn
ths Nelson ihlolil lor iiiuiiimt poreon-
tags Bttfttilnnce
(Division  1.1
Proncls i.i-iii,,,,i..„,i
UoUlSS   Kline)
Vlncanl Kinii
tt llllllll   '''III.
Qraola HlKKins
Mm..1.1 111 i.i  .-,
Anliti.il Powers
(Division II i
Artliui Unroll
Dol In iiiour
ROtflnnlll   HiiIiihIiiii y
Willl.-  I'm
iloi'.l.in WnllliiKSi
|. hi I !•' Ki "I'   A'PTIONDANtllO,
(Division III i
flordon aii*iih
Willi.' llllllll'Ih
Aim   Mini.I.'
Mi.iimv Murgntroytl
Oronvillo miihhi.i
.1 dim Noble.
Klllllllfl.lll    I'llI'VH
akiiiiii Iteoklo
MlUKlil"! HI    lilm
lllll'llllll   'I'll! lill
Nettle Torrnoc
(Division IV i
Willie At'iiiii'in
Ml.IV   llllllllllll'llt
Muriel  Unxter
Hlelo Beattie
UlmlyB Brookes
Miibel Brown
Milo DriiniinoiiU
Harold i.eusk
lluicliiy McNoil
Nettie Itoliluson
Florence Rutledge
Mny   Smith
I'lllfonl St. Biol
John Turner
Ci-usBley Tuylor
(Division V.i
Marion   lliiiiniiH.nil
funny Oartslds
llennnn HoUunder
Jennie Hopkins
Nin.i Belangor
Robert Beaton
I'hi'iHtiiu. Oaraon
Austin Obapman
blarold Kuraraor
Edith Murgatroyd
Kin- MoKlnnon
Margaret  Morrison
Mn Kwoog
Bari-y McDonald
Uuvid Reokle
Qardeld Taylor
Bvorett Wllllatna
Verne Woodman
I'.'.iil l'n.ii
(Division VI.)
Malcolm lli'liingsi
Kic.lily   HiiKUrt
Umi Burch
Bthel i'ln|.|.
Donald Dallas
Louise Kslse;
Marion  MoKluuou
Wtnnilred Phillips
Tom   Reekie
Oyrll Si'll.y
Harry Smith
Samuel Spoors
Camilla Tito
Helen Worden
(Division   VII. I
Kathleen Atchison
1 loward  Uroiruu
Vera Baxter
N'ol'Val I'nslake
Irene I'oe
Jean UulialilHoll
Qabriella Hamilton
biila Kendall
.laities Kembln
Jack Kit'kland
Helen  Leclere
James l.ogan
Patricia McDermot
I., mil.1  Morrison
Edward Taylor
Hope Taylor
Gertrude Willis
(Division VIII.)
Uincr Bernard
Hector Hernlmau
William Uuerard
Archie Horle
Mow  Wall
On  Wall
Raymond St.  Eloi
Thresu  L'acy
Ruby Scott
Katie Austin
(Division    IX.)
Irene Bernurd
■Mali   Bing
John Brake
Allan  Brown
Eddie Brown
Harold   HiiHliiiu
Ng Wai Hoy
Allen l.niy
Walter  Latin.-
Lily  McReady
Eddie Turner
David Watson
Minnie (.allnmorii
Hector Iioiinldsi.il
I inch  McDonald
Samuel   B'bittakiil
Alter a nici*!1 of plnyH dealing wltb
the "tost woman" and other deep
and complex problems, the patrons ol
the Auditorium tonight will hnve a
chance to Hpend un evonlng enjoying
a piny that makes uo pretentions at
Is to lift the well-lit ..I cure that
-ml.»iisni>ns, one wlii.si. s-ili- purpose
oini'tliiii'H iies heavily na the mind.
I'lie attraction in uuosttoti Ih "Cusy
Inns," which is full ol Inllghtcr anil
ulighnhlo situations mul clever spec
1'ilitles, yd iiiilil-.e uu.1.1. furco coined
ii's Its story Ih plausible and Is tukon
from u.'tiiul oxperionce in one of our
large cIUoh.
Baptist Church
WE BELIEVE that the Church ol
Christ in Its locnl sense exclusively
is a body of regenerate and baptised
believers, voluntarily united In accordance with Christ's laws, to establish the kingdom in themselves, and
in the   world.
Morning Worship, 11:00; Topic
"Temple lluildliii: Sunday school;
Bvenlng Worship; 7:30. Topic "The
The Spirit and tbo llrlde suy
OOHM. And let hliu thut lieareth,
Bay Como.
Methodist Church
•t..|"|.|"l"I"I I I'I' I"H-H-M-H-s- ,"a-H"l"l**
A. Jolllffe, Prop.
Norbury Ave.
Central   Meat !;
Hhv.   W     HUon   lliinlmiii.   t'Aritiii.
tlio Pastor
unit 7:30 p.m.
"Tho  Vne ot
Sunday   sorvlcoa
ptunoh ni n a.ii
Morn!tin BtibJO'
ciedltoi. Ability.
Kvciiini-    Huhji
Our Pftthers."
Tho choir will roudor opeotal iinmi
nt tin' o vou Ing servloo,
All are cordially invited
Salvation Army
Morn, 11 a.m.—Holiness Meeting
ail 2 p.m.- -Sunday Bchool
Alt. 3:80 pin.--Free aud Btasy
Might B p.m. -Bnlvatlon   Meet
Bible deason
Tuesday s p.m.—Salvation Meeting
Thursday 8 p.m.—Hottnesa Meeting
Saturday s p.m. -PrnJse Meeting
Bvoryqody Invited to these services
Ir respective of class ur creed.
dip tain
Photographing Indians.
Iu almost every city where the 101
Kancl. Real Wild Went Show exhibits
the Indian village ia beseiged by photographers anxious to secure perfect
holographs of the Indians. At first
the rod ind with characteristic pride
ook kindly to tbe efforts of tbe simp
Hhooters and posed willingly in order
hat perfect results might be obtained
When the photographers commenced
to tender pieces of money when the
photographs had been obtained the In
liana wake up to the realization
that their pictures had a commercial
,*fllue and now they refuse to Btand
or any more free sittings. Their
tUBlness tart has been so well devolved that they demand the money
irst and na such as it is given then
'he Indian becomes a willing subject
or tho photographer. They have not
jecidod on any regular price and a
'ally colored handkerchief or hand
nlrror will gain a suitable subject
niich quicker than will a twenty dollar bill. Thu strange part of it is
that the Indian never expects any rerun! from the lady kodak handlers
and there is no limit in their posing
or them. This may he Indian gallantry but Ik more probable that the
Indian is of the opinion that the
white ladies hold the same position
with their families as does the st.uuw
with her family. That is, she is never allowed to own anything that the
Indian wants. Chief "Many Horses"
ilways inaists that one of the photo*
graphs taven of himself be nailed binv
ind his teepee is adorned with many
good and more bad efforts of the
photographers 'for whom he has posed
The aiiuawa have no particular in
this perpetuation of their fares and
would never submit to sittings or
standings were It not for the fact
that the bucks-insist upon it in order
that more rewards may come their
way. Not ths way of the nquawa hut
the way of their lord and musters,
for no Indian haa ever been accused
of giving bis Squaw anything he want
oil himself, That is not Indian like
One noticeable trait of the Indian is
.- hi'ii he wants anything he wants it
■nd will sacrifice everything else he
poSBOHSOfl in orai-r to secure the one
(inverted article and frequently he wil
[ive teu times its value only  to In-
hide it among bis other possessions
to baiter for BOmstllillg else that may
strike his peculiar fancy.
Notice to Contractors
HKAU-.P tenders addressed to N.I
HarrlBon, Hocretary of the Oranbrook
School Hoard,  will be received up to
1 o'clock noon, Monday the 17th day
f JlillO) LOI2, for the erection and
10111 pie tion of a solid brick two-rnon
ichool  building,   to  bo built  In the
'ity of Oranbrook, 13,C,
Also for a solid brick Minimal Train
iu: Kcliool to he built in the same
Bop finite tenders for ench building
ro required,
A marked cheque to the extent of
li1 per cent, ot the am oil tit or the ten
ler, drawn on a chartered Hank of
Ollliada umi made payable to tho
Oranbrook school Hoard is to ncconv
mny each tender. Tbe Hoard will ro-
i ni ii cheque to titiHllccoHsHll tenderers,
rhe Hoard will hold the oblique of the
lllCOOHHflll tenderer until the final corn
plfitlon of tlio works, or should tenderer fail tt carry out his contract
•r refuse to enter Into a contract
•.ith the Hoard, the clieijiie will he
rorfirltoil to the Honrd.
The lowest or any tender not ner-
essnrlly accepted.
Plana and spoclllcntlOIIH muy he
seen on or after Monday, dime  lfti.li,
at the olll if
.1.  J, IVO/irn A Co,
Hanson   Htll Id I tig,   I'tiiiihiool;,   III'
Rosedale Dairy Butter
Only Fresh Killed
+...■.■• i- ■■-■••*-+++++++++++• ****************+******'
|U. DOWNING, MaiMgen
Under New Management
.|^'.+ a.+++.|.^.iH..(.^^^.|-M.«-+^++-l'++4^+-l^+-H-'M-H-+++
\   WENTWORTH    |
HOTEL. g-"brook'
Is a lai^e and attractive hotel ol superior
eleganre in all its appointments, with a
cuisine ol superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all  go  to
The   Wentworth jj
J. McTAVISH    -    Proprietor    ;j
Rocking Down  m ..
_i     •"'■J •"'    u
VS o&i
Look at the man above. He's SHAKING an
ordinary furnuce. He bends nearly double, exerts
all his strength, works up u (-respiration, and jjets
a sore back.
Now, look at the woman. She stands nearly
erect, ("ently moves the lever to and fro, a few
inches, and the ashes are dropped into the Sunshine
ash-pan. This is called ROCKINU DOWN. It's
so easy a child can do it.
Which method do you prefer? Why, Rooking
Down, of course.
(io tu our uijent in your locality, Lit him slmw yuu iho
many otlmr time-saving, lubor-suviiiij nml hiel-flcoiiomlzliiu
feature* of the Sunshine, Order him to insiull (hu Smishiiiu
with a guarantee to hum your home to your entire sutUfaotlou
) Sunshine
v y
ntw ..: **r»       _   . _ __ ___, .
,\\^'"": til
uHiiinii, Ttu'tifiiu  Uun i ron I, WiiiiiIih-h, Viuicouvvi', mi John, Nil   tlamlUoii, .'uiKuiy,
Sold by Patmore Bros.
Miss Mari/iii   Harris
At Auditorium, June 11 tli
II Ilu1 ivlilti. nmiiitlm, Ih tlm oin-
hl. in fur MulIi.'I-'h hnv, wliy lint tit.
l'ii|>|iy for Futti.r'H Iluy.
lliiiikH, (iiiv.i'iiini'tii "iiin". mul In-. Laughter tliftt Hi.ltniilitti.H mul .pii
Kill nlllmi ivnrr 0I0W1I nil Moliilliy ull I iIiiIUim tlmt plonM, liulilili1 Ml.rvm
/icooiiiil ..I iin lielli" ilu' Mhi'.'h lili tli lontly irom tlio   ntorry i""'" "0»m*
dny I .liini'." wlileli oomon lu    tin1 All.iHo-
iIiiiii   .Iiiih.   Iltli.     Krum  liullriitliinM
Klnii i!«i"'i.'* V on Momliiy wm. 47 t|„, nttrnetlon win prov- ono of tht
ycniH    nl nun.       Horn mi .Iiihi. Ini, moit InteMHtlnu mul nniuyiibl. ull.r
I8J6. : 111(11 ul llm hciihuii TIIE PROSPECTOIt. rUA\HTIOOTT. V,. C.■*■
5   |
S i
5 A Witch In Fancy, but Not jj
| In Fact | j
K It
si M'MMal*«»M'4Wl,.l'*l*'''*'**''«**MMM
The three traveling men drew closer
around ilie hot stdvo In llm parlor ot
Ilie lilllo hold nt Diililgrcn, Pa. lien-
leu. lhe cigar salcsuiun, wns cohtlu.
ulng >i eouversntlon Unit hail begun nl
the supper liible n short whllo before,   i
"Uoiillomen," ho snld Impressively. I
"I know It Bounds mighty Ushy. hut 11
iicluiilly did soo whut lliey full 'The
Witch ot Dnhlgreiil'"
"When?" asked Cooper, lhe clothing ,
"On my lust trip to this forlorn
hole," wns llenton's caustic reply.
"Anil (but wns?"—
"I.ust April. It's u short story. Wont
to henr about Iff"
''Yes.   no  nheiul,"   urged  lhe  Iblrd'
ineiuber of lhe group, Joel  (.lltorO, |
who  represented  u   great  wholesale
grocery house.    lie wns a lull, good ]
looking, quiet sort of man. well liked ;
everywhere.   There had heen n trag-:
«ily In bis life which ninny had guess-
ed ut, but few know the real facts lu
tbo case.
lleuton passed lho cigars around aud
lighted oue for himself.
"Now, gentlemen," he began, "please i
understand thnt I shall not feel In Ibe
least offended if you do not believe
What 1 am about to tell you, but It'
really happened to mo in Ihls towu. I
I.nst April I arrived here lu the regu-1
inr course ot my travels nnd put up nt
ibis sumo hotel.   1 wns tho only guest!
that night, nnd nfter supper 1 got lo
talking wllb our host, whoui you muy
luivo sized up to bo just what be Is— |
ji narrow minded country buuipklu."
"you're right," agreed Cooper
Joel  illffoi'd smiled and shook  his ,
bend.'   "I can't express nn opinion, i
Kenton, because I   haven't seen the
.'Imp.   This Is the Ilrst lime I've covered this territory."
"You haven't missed iiiueli  in  not!
milking   his   iictpiniiilanee."   growled i
ifeniun, continuing Ills narrative.   "As
I said, 1 fell Into eonversntlou witli !
Linden nud asked blm a question lliat
luul been on tho tip ot my tongue for [
several hours—in fact, ever since l had
board a woman threatening her chil-
(Iron witli lhe wrnili of the old witch
on   the  crossroads.    'Yon  certainly
haven't got n wlleh in this commonplace town?" I nsked blm jokingly.
"For a moment he was silent, and
tlini he stroked his long block beard
aud muttered: 'We certainly hare. Mr.
lleuton. The crossroads Is a good place
to keep away from.'
"'Why?' I demnnded.
" 'llccuuse lliere Is au old  woman .
there who can w-ork a charm or cast
an evil spell over anybody.    Man, t
know II!'   Aud (he old fellow gol quite
•idled. |
"'You're Joking, Bill Linden,' li
"Uo scowled like Ihe villain that he)
must be from his looks.   '.Mr. Kenton,
when I tell you lhat llmt woman lias
ruined my Ufa you'll understand that I
knuw  what I'm talking about.    She
•night lo have been hanged years ago— !
that's   the  way   lliey  did   with   tho;
witches In the olden days,   lf I had ■
my way she'd hang high now!'   Aud |
ho fell lo muttering lo himself and
"'Guess I'll go and hnve a look at
her.' 1 suld half Jokingly.
•"You Jielter uot.' I was warned.
'She keeps a gun and winged Mason
Smith wl)eu he got drunk one dny and .
attacked her house. .Inst opened ber
window nnd took aim. and Musou
went around wllh his nrin in n sling
for Ihreo mouths after lhal.'
"'Is sho an old woman?' I nsked.
"'Must be,' was lho reply. 'Hull* its!
•vhllc us snow.'
" 'Where did sho coino from?' I In-
" 'Nobody knows. Suddenly appear*!
nl lu lhat Utile descried houso ou lho i
crossroads about lire years ago. Nov.
< r coiucs out lu dnytlme, bnt I've seen
lier fuce nt lhe window, and Home any
(bill she rides ut night on u mi.iw whito
liiirse. I ilnu'l know whether (o be-
Hove thai or not.' |
"'Ynu might as well believe lhe
whuln thing while you're uliout It, my
friend,' I gtluued at liiiu. und I lm* |
iiii-ilhitely weul down le the crossroads
and look ii el roll iiloiig lhe lonely way
11ml cut through dense woods. Why,
they must he back of this hotel!"
Jlentoii paused to relight his cigar
nnd lo innrvel for n moment ou lho
Idea thai bail Jusl laken possession of
lilm.  Then he resumed: "Aboul a mllo'
down Ihu road I saw a lonely lilllo
bouse-moro of n cabin Hum il liousti-
hcI back In lho woods ami overgrown
(0  Ihe  very  dour  wilh  underbrush.;
Smoke ourled from lhe chimney, nud
I wus slarlllg at lhe windows when ull I
nl once a face appeared ul oue of Ihem. [
I could not see whelher she was young!
or old, bill lhe fuce was whllo ns a '
.licit and ou either side of It hung
two heavy braid.' of snow white hair.I
The gronl dark eyes were turned lo- j
wind Ilie. llllll two anus wero lifted
•liber lu supplication or malediction.
"l-'ur an Instant I was rooted to tho
apol, uud Ihen I rubbed my eyes In
wonderment, for suddenly she Jerked
■Mickward, ulmosl ns If some one wai
lioiiinu ii'ur compelling her nwny from
the window. She disappeared from
view, and I walked on, quite couvlnc ,
ed lhal tiie apparition 1 had seen wnt
llml of some erased person. Nevcrlho-
jess (lioro was an nlr of mystery nbout t
the whole innller, nnd Ilio village gos-
tip concerning Ihu sn culled wlliil determined me in ti roil nround thero into
lu lhe evening. I did so near midnight nnd wua rewarded by a strange
".lll.l as I paused lu front of the
lilllo house, which I could loenlo otily
by u glint of light from one curlnliied
window, I heard the trampling, ot
burses' hoofs und Ihero broke from the
tangled growth lu flout uf Iho bouse
a dim while shape (hut I kuew to be
a horse und n suggestion of dim white
aboro that 1 was convinced must be
lhe face and hair of lhe witch of Dabl-
gren. Bosldo lier rode a black bulk
that must have been another rider on
n black horse, aud for'tho Instant I
thought the witch must he riding wllh
her master, (he devil himself,
"I had lo full back in the bushes lo
save myself from being trampled upon,
so furious was Ihelr dtisu Into lhe road.
They turned away from tho village
toward tho open country und disappeared, (lentlemen, I wns euliuus
enough to reiualii there until their return nn hour later, when ti pale moon
peeped from Ilie drifting clouds,
"They wero riding slowly now, aud
(Iio woiuuti wns pleading with lho
other rider, a man, i could see Iter
wringing her while bauds, and her
voice, n low, sweet contralto, Old not
sound llko that of u deranged person.
Her accents were cultivated, but ilie
man spoke roughly In reply, und 1
beard her break Into sobs as he hus-
tied her toward the houso and lliey
disappeared beyond It. Later I heard
tho crashing of branches ns If tlm
horses wero being led off through the
woods buck of Iho hut, nud. uuw Unit
I think of It, It must have been In Iho
direction of this betel."
lleuton frowned us he opened the
stove door aud tossed lu Ilie end ot
his cigar. "I've often felt lliat I'd
like to Investigate the matter! Vou
see, 1 had to leave early lhe nest
morning, and this is I lie first lime I've
struck this town since Ihen, but my
Ilrst ipicstlou wheu 1 met a man t
knew was, 'Is your witch still here'/'
And he said she was. There's a mystery Ih Ihe mailer, because"— Itcntoti
ptiused and slurcd thoughtfully nt the
toe of his polished boot.
"Because"— suggested Cooper Impatiently.
"Because the voice of the black
rider that night sounded mighty like
lhe voice of mine host here, lllll Linden," returned lleuton ill a low tone.
.loci Gilford aroused himself from
lhe half lounging position he had assumed when Bcuton begun his narrative, nud, although he had been a
close listener tu the story, his own
thoughts must bnve made a sad running accompaniment lo the title, for
his eyes were (ull of (roubled reminiscence.
lie lifted his eyes lo lhe mantelpiece, where an old fashioned mirror
hung in such ti position that it rellcct-
ed the door into the hall. Joel (lit-
ford saw n picture trained In Hint
doorway, mid ho half rose from his
chair nud pointed with n slinking Ilu-
ger at the face he saw in the glass.
It was the face of a lull, black
bearded man, with a narrow head and
little black eyes gleaming wickedly be-
ueath bushy brows, lie was staring
nt Joel Gilford as it fascinated by the
younger man's fuce. Thero was ferocity In his gaze, as well as surprise
and fear.
"Who Is lhat uian?" cried Joel Glf-
ford excitedly as lie whirled around
toward the doorway.
"It's lllll Linden, our landlord!"
cried Benton. And then he pulled
Gilford violently nslde. (or thero was
the deafening report of a pistol, and
Ihe bullet that bad been Intended for
Gilford found another mark and shuttered Ihe mirror. There was another
report, and tbe landlord of the Iinhl-
grcn hotel dropped dead upon tbe Door,
killed hy his own wicked Hand.
Ulfford reached blm lirst and turned
htm over and looked closely ut Ihe
dead man's face, "lie Is dead." be
said briefly, and Ihen, rising, he continued lo the lilllo crowd of people
lhat had gathered at the sound of tho
pistol shots: "Gentlemen, Ihls man is
not Bill Linden. Thut must be un assumed name, for he has heen well
known to the world ns Chulield Chapman, a well known banker who disappeared live yenrs ago mid wbo was
supposed to be dead. At the same
time ho disappeared my young wile,
who was Ids only daughter, also disappeared from my house, nud from a
nolo lhat reached me a few days later
1 could only judge Hint both of Ihem
were dead. The note was slgucd by
my fallier-ln-law, and ho said that us
he had failed in business he would end
ull und that ho would take Gertrude
wilh lilm. My search for Ihem both
hns covered live years, and It must
end tonight, for 1 believe 1 huve found
Ihe soluilou to the mystery.
"Chlillcld Chapman was passionately
fond ot his only child mid always
hilled me because I loved and married
her, II Is my belief that he lured her
nwny and bus kept ber prisoner lu this
hut In the woods back here, allowing
her lu ride forth only ut night for ulr
mid exercise. Gentlemen, lho witch ot
llalilgreu Is my wife!"
Accompanied by il crowd of Interested villagers, tho three traveling men
hastened to the house lu Iho woods
and broke open its barred door. There,
facing Ihem wilh beautiful whllo fnco
frozen Into fonr and her grief whitened locks hanging lu heavy braids over
her shoulders, was Uorlrudo Gilford,
*00l'a lost bride.
Al her scream of Joyful recognition
as lier husband took her In his arms
ODCO more Ihe people barked out of
the home nnd loll Ihe reunited couple
alone wllh Ihelr happiness.
Thin palled lite witch of Dahlgren,
Though by .ml clrouimUnesi forced
To turn I.is picture io the wall,
"l'l. lienor lo Imvo boon divorced
TIiiiii iwvri I., luivu liled ut nil.
—Chlcuso Record*Herald.
When Customers Enter They Are Almost Compelled te Buy.
First mid foremost tlio English excel
lu lolesmausbip. Once .niviug got
h possible iHin.iii.Ror Inside tbe ttoor,
tbey reason be should be mnde profitable to them. The flout' imititiger does
uot ttuume thnt nttiiude uf royal lu*
difference ns with us. fie watches the
struggle beweeu hi'.esperson and customer. If the hitter shows signs of escaping Into the open with his purse In-
tnct another clerk Is brought forward
as a re-ei.fom.-me.ut. .Some establishments still lay fines on c ler It a who do
not effect stiles, but the system of Inching the sales force to Us utmost ef*
forta by giving percentages ls now
coming into vogue.
The method that London stores have
of letting a ensh girl conduct a customer who lias finished his purchases
to n cent ml cnsli tlesit and wrapping
counter, where ho stands In line, keep*
Ing an anxious eye on Ids goods till
they are parcelled, seems to us nrcbnlc
aud cumbersome. An Oxford street
merchant, however, reasons dlfferoutly:
"Whon a patron hns tin is bed his purchases he ls bolter out of the way of
new customers. English men anil women prefer privacy when tliey are making purchases, which would be impossible were customers allowed to sit ut
the counter, nwuiting ilicit* packages,
Then the wrapping force works more
rapidly wben tho patron watches und
urges haste."
1 did not seo how that particular
force could work uny more slowly, but
his other argument might have some
I $             THE  SHEPHERD.
II Let the sb-.ap out in the yards
ou fine days, but uever expose
tbem to storms.
Old ewes should be fattened
nnd disposed of before they lose
any teeth. Tbey are all right, as
a rule, up to six years or a little
Ten tons of buy will feed 100
sbeep one year.   The hay should
<| be clover, alfalfa or mired grass*
,j> es, such as redtop, blue grass,
ft alslLo clover, etc,
$,     Sbeep, like oilier animals, are
<j>  creatures  of   habit   and   shuuld
always be handled by the same %
ntlendanl,    wbo    should    move $
among them genlly nnd give no* %
tlce of bis approach by speaking f
to the flock. I
It is not wise to let the iambs j?
shift for themselves with older 4
t 8uee!>- |
«J> Sheep should have salt, by thom <•>
§ all the time.   Keep salt In a box J?
A fn ihe pen or pens and keep salt &
f lu it all the time,   lf deprived of |
% salt they  might cat too much <|
Z wheu a fresh supply is given. |
Each Family Has Its Own Flock and
the Children Feed Them.
There are many small villages in
tbo world that have only ono street,
but Lerwick, In Shetland, besides having only a single street, possesses only
one tree. There nre no birds there,
not even a sparrow, but the seagulls
are plentiful.
The seagulls are tbe sparrows of
Lerwick, and as such fhey have a
greater share Iu tbe town's life than
the sparrows of London. In the morning you will note tbat a seagull sits on
every chimney pot. Seagulls swoop
aud hover over every roof ln town.
The air Is fui of their strange, high,
plaintive, haunting cries.
Kvery house lias lis own familiar
seagulls and every street Its owu band
of them. Rut they never mix. The
children tn each house have a pet
name for their own particular seagulls, and having called them by thoso
names, tbey feed tbem every day,
Knch seagull knows what is meant
for him. No bird attached to one
house ever seeks to eat the food scattered from tbo house next door. He
docs not dare to do so. So ail day long
the seagulls hov<*r nnd call over the
roofs of Lerwick.
The people of the town. If they come
ncross a little pile of rice laid upon
tho roadway, Btep over tt with care.
Tbey know that it has beeu placed
tltere for somo seagull. Aud nt nlgbt
the seagulls leave their appointed
chimneypots and fly gracefully away
to tbelr resting places on the rocks of
tho Isle of Noss.-l-'rult Magazine.
' Points    That    Indicate    ■    Profitable
Dairy Animal.
The throe essentials for a successful
, dairy cow arc vigor, capacity for food
! and   well developed organs for milk
; production,  The cow must have a good
i breathing   apparatus,   Indicated   by  n
' largo  nostril,   wide  breast  and   gnod
■ width across tbe floor of the chest.
| Good width here and good girth indicate a good heart.   The eye is also indicative of strength and gnod physical
condition, as well as temperament.   A
strong  nerve system   is  also   needed.
This may ho tested by running the hand
along the tup line Of tbe cow III the region of (he chine lo Und out If tilts Is
open, Indicating that she lias good protection and ample room for the spinal
cord lo run lu,    She also must have
large organs of digestion.    The good
dairy cow usually is wide lu tho fore*
j head, Hie face dished between (be eyes
i with a strong under jaw,    Tile head
' should   bo  of  medium   length.    She
i should have wide. open, well sprung
ribs.   The hips should bo wldo apart
Disguised as a Workman H. Fooled th*
Ham Fortress Guard.
I From Ibe researches m.uio by M.
Thirrin come some Interesting details
' ot Uio escape of Louis Napoleon from
jibe fortress ot Ham, in northern
' France, on May 'jr.. 1840.
It seems tbat tlio sole credit for tbe
] escape must lie wllb Louis Napoleon
j himself, Ile made bis valet, Thello,
, buy a black wig, some rouse, a cap
' which was scrubbed wilh pumice
j stone and n pair of sabots. Then he
cut off bis mustache, put on a blue
j apron, a blue pair of trousers anil a
close lilting shirt of coarse stuff.
Some workmen  were carrying out
some repairs lo that part of tbe fort-
: ress where Ibe prince lodged, and this
! gave coior to his disguise, so much so
i that the two watchmen entertained uo
suspicions   regarding  Ibe   man   wbo
walked past them and out at tile great
gale, a pipe io bis mouth aud a plank
ou   his   shoulder.    The   sergeant   on
duly nt the drawbridge was reading a
I Idler as he passed and looU uo nolice
| of him.   lt was then 5 o'clock In tbo
Four limes Ihnt day. the last lime
alula ihe afternoon, did lhe governor,
Demnrlo, send for tbo prince.    Each
lime   Dr.   Couuoau   replied   lhat  tho
i prisoner could  not see anybody  because bo had taken medicine.   When
' nt last lhe governor lost palience and
went himself lo Ihe prince's room and
| walked up lo Ibe bed on which the
i supposed iuvalld was lying lie dlscov-
' ered that a very presentable dummy
bad taken lhe place of T.ouls Nupo-
I leon.    The discovery  was  made loo
| laic.   Hy lhat lime the fuglllve wns
over lho Belgian froullcr.-l'iirls Journal des Debates.
And 80 Art Their Fancy Coven and
Curious Looking Trunki,
Every harp should havo a eover for
lis protection from dust and dampness, ;
nnd these covers are made sometimes
of canvas or  waterproof stuff,  but I
j usually, for borne use, ot canton flau* j
ne!, of felt or of corduroy.   These COT
era are not Pimply loose bags to rover j
I the harp, but In each case tailor made
; to lit the Individual harp.   Such harp
'covers cost from $2.50 to $10 each.
I Costlier harp covers are made of silk
I of any desired color lo harmonize wltb
n room or its fittings and cost perhaps
I $35 or $10,
j    Now harps of American make, wblcb
'are said to be the best ln the world,
I cost from SiOO to $2,001), while second-
band harps may be bought at $125 and
Most new harps are shipped by the
makers  In   wooden   enses   which   are
made to lit.    Tho most costly harps I
uie now shipped In harp trunks, iu
each case made for thom.
Harp owners who do not own a irunk
may have ono inn do to order so that
tho trunk shall fit the harp. Harps
weigh fifty to seventy live pounds einh.
A harp trunk weighs about 180 pounds I
and costs $50. The harp is plm-ctl |
within this trunk In Its eover. and (he
trunk Is so podded within as to hold
the harp securely. There are made
many odd looking trunks for various
Special uses, bnt n harp trunk Is about
as curious looking a contraption ns uny
\ ot them.—New York Sun. „
It Is Modishly W.rn
)ver    Dark    Skirt..
How Fishes Breathe.
By nieaus of Ihelr gills Osb breathe
the air dissolved In wnler. Tbe oxygen
consumed by Ihem in not Hint which
forms the chemical constituent of the
water, hut that contained In the air
which Is dissolved lu Ibe waler. 1'lshes
transferred lo waler from which the
air has been driven out by a high tem-
pcrnture or In which lho nlr absorbed
by them Is not repiiieotl are soon sulTo-
cnted. They require aerated water to
maintain life and tliey take It In con.
stonily through Ihelr mouths und cupel
It through Ihelr gills, retaining tbe air.
It follows that If the water ln n lake
should be completely cut off from contact with the nil- long enough lo ei-
haust tho supply of air the llsh In Ihe
lake would die. It would tnke a severe
and preily long roiillnucd freeze to
accomplish Ihls, hut It might happen
and doubtless hns frequently happened
wltb a small body ot water.-St. Nlcbo-
Man and Woman,
Man Is hum an uiiderstnndlng and
Woman a lovo. Tho wlfo cannot enter
Inlo tho proper duties of lho man, nor
Ihe man. on the oilier hand, Into the
proper duties of tho wlfo, because they
differ, os wisdom ami Us love or
(bought and lis ufl'cctlou or undemanding aud Its will. In the proper duties
of mnn lhe understanding, draught nnd
wisdom net lhe chief parL-Swedcn-
Jones-Wlml linvo.von got Ibnl siring
tirouud your finger for? Browii-My
wife put It on so thut I would rcincm
her something. 1 forgot what It was.
I'm keepliiK It on now to remind mo
to ask her whnt It wns wheu I gel
homo Ihls evening.
A twelve months' record of fl.r.78
rounds ot ntlllc ai,.l 425.03 pounds of
butter fat qualified lhe Brown HwIhs
cow Vogel, herewith pictured, for
tlic registry of production ot tli.
Broivo Swiss Collie Breeders' association, This equals G00.1I pounds
of butter, S5 per cent fat. Vogel is
a typical Brown SwIks cow ol gen-
.rous proportions, weighing" nbout
l.'OO pounds. She woo Ilrst prize ut
Ilie Illinois slate full- In 11'* as a
four-yeiii'-old. The oflictal test by
ill. University ot Illinois was load,
under commercial farm conditions,
ibe cow running with.the herd on
pasture during tlio summer.
"So you hnve quit smoking cigarettes?"
"Ves," answered llle sail looking man,
"forever nml ever."
"Mid .vou llml ihcy wero undermining your henllh'i"
"iSo." ^
"Wlfo object?"    •'
"What cured ynu of Ilio habit?"
"Tile iili'liiri'S Ihcy gnvo away wills
theiii."-Wusliliigloii Slar.
It's easy onOUgll 10 he pleasant ^
Wben .lour flint runs Inlo a nail,      J
lint tbo man worth iiiiiiu
Is Ilio man who can Hinllti
When his wtio rends his iierannal mall.
Show.d It.
Dora-Do ynu llllllll II would lie conceited of tne lo say I tnilllu Ihls dross
myself'/ (Jracc (stveellj'l-Nul conccll-
oil. dean only aU'ierlliious. - London
Wnlcli ling.
Th. Canny Agent.
"Do yon surfer here frum minium ?"
asked lhe visitor lo Bwntnpvlllo lis he
looked over (ho villa {dot proposition lu
Hint charming suburb.
".No," replied Ilio spent, "fact Is, I
never knew you hud Hie usllinin."—
Harper's. ^^^^
Right In Her Lin..
Glllel-Tho people lu lhe Hat ubove
us nre Constantly nghllng. I'crry-
Docsn't your wife object? (llllet-No.
Bhe likes to have n fuss made over her
New York Times.
; nnd level, ln lhe conformation of the
! thighs and legs there should be ample
j udder room.
:   The udder lisclf should commence
I well up and eiteuil along the under
j line until It gradually blends with lt,
thus  Insuring  the  greatest  capacity.
, The veins should bo prominent, ludi-
! eating a largo amount of blood circulation,   Tho milk vein which extends
from the ilddcr along the under side ol
i tho abdominal wall should lie large,
crooked and long.   These veins hear u
\ direct relation to lho milk secreted.
j    In addition to theso general charac-
i tcrlsllcs a brooder may desire dlstln-
i gulshlng breed characteristic" and mil-
funnily of type In his herd.
I    A  happy  combination  of pedigree
' and selection of lho animal Is whnt Is
| uccded by the breeder.   The more animals ono has of high brooding quality
i In the pedigree the less likellhuod one
; has of bringing togotliot two low producing characters nud gelling as a re-
: suit, nn iiniinnl of low production.   It
Is generally conceded Hint lhe inllii-
\ eucc of parents In heredity Is ho per
cciil. of the grandparents il** per cent
i and of ihe grent-grnudpnrent* but 1-.6
; per cent.   Thus an iinltuul that Is re-
j moved sli or seven general Ions from
S unolhcr nnliunl   under  consideration
! has but small Influence.—Professor B.
j A. Campbell, Maine Bxporlnicut Station. 	
Mlllloiiiilre-lt ls limd Inck never
having hnd ll child lo leave my money
lu when I die.
Irish Bclonllst-Yos, old boy; II Is.
Uut there! Such things arc bereilllnry
In some families.-I.oinlmi Opinion
mes Trim I'dlnoii, we suy
In our fervent, soulful way.
Ile lias tnude a hit. for sine,
with hln concrete furniture,
when you come home Into nt nlr.ht
And you wlxti lo umbo n Unlit
itiet tills underneath your uonnot)
y..ii cm scratch your innlohes on ul
- :-'|.iini:Ui.|.l Union.
Curious Experi.nc. of a German Organist In St, Petersburg.
Not very long ago a German organist who went lo St. Petersburg to live
bad (here an experience wllh n new
cap lliat for u time almost nuido him
believe, in the magic ot the Teutonic
fairy tales.
The organist bought the cap during
bis Ilrst day at Ibe Russian capital mill
wore it lhe next dny when he went out
for a walk. On his return lo bis lodgings he wus amazed lo Und I wo gold
purses lu his pocket, one of which contained a sum equivalent lo $50.
The next day, afler Ills usual walk,
lie found four purses 111 bis outside
pocket, a Ond lhat caused lilm lo doubt
bis senses. A third day, wilh u similar profitable result, sent lilm to the
chief of police (o tell his story.
Tlio authorities delniled n detective
lo go wilh the Germtiu (o Ibe lailor
who made (he cap. Investigation disclosed the fnct that It bad been constructed ot uu odd piece ot F.ugllsh
tlolli brought in by a stranger, from
It tbe lailor had uiade nflecu Identical
cups to order. Having n bit left, he
lindconslrucled n sixteenth cap, which
was the ono sold lo the oi'gunlst.
Tlio deteotlvo then followed Ihe organist through tho streets of Ibe city,
wben Ihe mystery was solved. The
cap. It appears, was lhe emblem of a
gang of pickpockets working co-operatively. Tbe ono who secured u purse
dropped it Inlo the pocket of the lirst
confederale he suw. The cap had idem
lllled lhe German, aud he had reaped
Ihe reward.
Wilh this clew It was an easy mailer
for Ibe Russian authorities lo .aich
tbe whole gang.—Youth's Companion.
Th. Port of W.rklci. Men.
One morning we passed through a
square In Moscow coutolnlng nothing but men—wild eyed, long linired,
long bearded men—mou In rags, most
of ihem, and ull of them compelled lo
come there nud wait to he hired lo
work. To tbnt square must all work-
iugmcu go who seek work. Tho cily
feeds Ihem while lliey wait a single
small piece of black bread each day.
Somo uever leave Hint square, but wutt
there their lifetime through. They
gazed upon our handsome lantlnu wllh
hungry and wolllsb eyes. I never before beheld so frightful, unkempt n
company of hopeless, hapless, hungry
human slaves as llieso Russian work-
logmen who walled for a Job,—William Seymour Edwnrda In "Through
Scuudlnavia lo Moscow."
Thos.  Within   th.   Guarded   G.t.s   af
Asakuse Tempi..
"Asnkuse temple ls dedicated lo (he
goddess Kwnniinii. a tiny image ol R..ld
about two and u   bait Inches  high,"
■ writes n traveler iu ilnpnti,   "At the
' entrance lo lho temple, grounds ou
either sido of lhe Immense gale stand
(wo largo and fearful looking figures,
guarding the sacred preclucls. Hanging outside tiie who grating arc a number of sandals for (heir use If they
wish lo lake n walk, and rice Is sprln-
! kled about. Each worshiper before en-
lering Hie lemplo calls ul u small build
. lug and, after conlrlbiillng a  small
' a mount, washes his bunds ami rluscs
bis mouth.
"Iu front of (he main shrine Is a
large aperture In me floor covered wllh
i lalllce work. Inlo which lho worshiper
casts bis gift. Afler clapping his hands
lo nwnkeu or attract Hie nllcnllon of
Ilio god he kneels, but bis prayer is
only brief. While Ibere Is one chief
stniue ibere nre many others under tne
same roof.
"Oue slii'inc especially attracted my
i attention. It was liiacio of wood and
quite disfigured und worn through Ibe
: constant, rubbing of hands on lho spot
corresponding lo Iho nllllcted portions
' ot   tho   sufferers'   hudles."—Chicago
i News.
Horseshoes In Turk.y.
!    In mnuy purls of Turkey horseshoes
I nro simply a llat plalc of Iron Willi a
| hole In the middle   Au extraordinary
method still obtains lu portions of lhe
I Oltonuin empire of shoeing tho horse.
I    Tlio furrier doubles a loug rope nud
j knots n loop nt Hie end to nbout Ibe
' slzo of ii large horse collar.   'This Is
put over (he horse's bead nfler the
inuuuer  of  n  horse collar,  und  the
' knot rests ou the horse's chest.   'The
next slop Is lo bring the two ends ut
the rope between lho animal's legs.
Each rope then, laken by u man. Is
hitched on lho fellucks of the horse's
legs and brought through, tho loop In
. front.   Then by a bard, steady pull
the hind legs are drawn up to Ihe fore-
1 legs, nnd die horse falls heavily on lis
| side.    All four foot are now lied together by the fellucks, lhe horse I.
' propped up ou his hack, and (he farrier
sits quietly down beside lilm. lakes off
Hie old shoes and puis on Hie new.—
New York Herald.
The handsome point crochet In a
rich creamy lone, in combination Willi
pale ecru batiste, is used for Ibis very
tblc tunic, which wraps around lhe
figure iu the modish manner over n
ciiuglng trained skirt of uavy blue
For Bridge Parti...
For 6ome oectilt reason known only
to t'ae designer of lliis waist It has
been called "lhe bridge blouse." I'os-
siltly tbe gold biitLons arranged as n
trimming about the square corsage Is
supposed lo suggest tbe coin ot tb.
A five font shelf of bonks i'i. sol.
Bom.hon his courage Itlnolios,
For, ibouaii hu much aumlriis ibe lot,
ll. hasn't mad Ihreo inches.
—Wnslilngloti Htar.
"Why nil Ihose ciiiilorllons'i"
"Oli, I  wish  I  had nu Idea for a
"What do you wunl lo put an Idt'it
Inln a poem fori"-l.oulsvllle Courier
Iin Ima ii wild and honied look.
Al every nolso ho Inrim.
Ills momenta* Of repoKo nro few,
ilrcauM. bis Ivlfo has Ihiealei.ed to
A-:ii.,.|..y llelecllvo Horns.
' — Chicago liocord-Uorald.
Wrong, but True.
"Now. Johnny," suld the toucher after she had explained the meaning of
lhe word, "1 wish you would write a
senleiice containing 'defeat.'"
Afler n struggle which luslcil for
about twenty minutes Johnny announced lhat he was reudy lo be heard.
"Please read your eoniposlllou," lhe
teacher directed.
"When you git shoes dill's too llle,"
Johnny read, "It's huril on de feet."—
Chicago Record-Herald.
What It Really Waa.
Tho district Inspector was visiting
tbe school, und us Ihls was ull Impor-
I taut event Ibe pupils  had  been  III-
) slrueted to memorize a verse or live lu
, recite for the eolortiilnracul ot the visitor.
During Ilio delivery of his verso ouo
small boy was especially noticeable lor
1 lhe nctlou with whlcb he accompanied
. Ills lilies, so nolii.'cahlc lhat lhe teacher
complimented him upon the case wllh
i which lie spoke and the practice which
lie must have devoled lu Ibe piece.
I    "It was Hue, Johnnie." she exclaimed
. In closing, "ami shows a large amount
( of rehearsal.   Rut how did you Icaru
the gestures>"
" "J'niu't gestures," replied lhe young
genius, wllh n twist; "li's lhe hives."—
Ladles' Home Journal.
realm lhat ul some parties changes
hands III a most distressing fashion.
The waist is of white chiffon doth
wllh u front enipieccinent of black
tulle. A big splashing chou of Beurlet
lulle enlivens this clllc waist.
"Onn you paint mo n gallery of ancestors from ihls old tintype?'1
"I can, but tbey will nil look muck
"Well, ii family resemblance won't
iiihi none,"—Washington Humid,
"What struck you most forcibly dur
lug your vlsii lo Ihe city. Unci* 111
ram';" asked lho village oracle.
"Waal," ruminated l.'nele Hiram
"when 1 enn* to lu the hospital I'll he.
gosh dinged If I could rec'leet whether
fit was it trolley cur or one o' them
I denied utlyuioblles."-Phllndelphiit Record,
H.r Strike..
Mr. llenedicl-Do yuu kuow, my
dear, 1 tliliili we hove a pretty good
cook. How does she slrlko you? Mrs.
Ilonoillot-I'or more wages about once
n nork.-llluslralcil nils.
Alike, but Different.
Tbo leather bail (lie letters cat on
lhe blackboard and wns trying to tench
lilllo I'niis* I'eavisb in pronounce tne
word, iiiii pons" couldn't como it.
"Think," snld lho teacher. "What Is
It thai has some whiskers nnd corai-s
up un tliu porch lott at night when II
Is cold aud begs to cuine Into His
bouse?" "Oli, I know'." exclaimed lilllo I'linsy, n great light diiwulog. "It's
papal''—Galveston News.
Old King Conl Is a inclTV old polll,
And ll merry old soul Is he.
'Ron mv soul, if I were Coal
I reckon lhal I could bti
-Buffalo Now*
Ailolplins Sniffers (out Willi Dolly
Dlinplol-Piildnn me for bowing to
lhal shabby old codger, lull I feel
obliged lo dn II.
Dolly-Who Is lie?
Adolplllis-llo is tlic liead of our
llrtn.-Neiv Yoik Mail.
1 A Handy  D.vi.e.
|   ii I  tho  in..st i-liiking  innovs-
11 a in ti tccoiisliucloil London hotel
i, ii signalling apparatus, wlileli does
nwny uith indeterminate bell-rlllglng.
\ By pressing n button III lii" bedroom
ilio visitor can signal (or the wnllor.
IcnnniboMiinlil, ..i   vnlol ilorod
light appearing simultaneously over
llm lieilrooni-door, in Hi rldor, In
llm service room, and i" Uio olllce,
where n slaff is ul'vnyi on duly. Tho
light can only be swltcliod oil nl thn
l.eill ii door, so Unit the nlliee -lllll
Is  aiuni"   able  In  notice   il   lliere   is
any delay  plying I" llm vlillor'l
Th. Trial He.*.
Elbel (enguged a wocki-t'eorgf and
I have never had a quarrel. Muml-
(lli. 1 II,Ink you ought to have one l.e-
f..tn you are uiarrled. OIUOTwllo you
can't he qullo sure wbeiher you ur.
going lu have your own way or null-
| A gelitleliiiih who belongs lo an mill
lipping iigsodntloii In obeying Ihu tales
ol Ills society has bad many qualm ex-
: perleneeH.
,    He dined one nlglll In ll fashlollllhlil
, reslauiiinl, ami after paying Ills I.Ill lie
gathered up the clinngo Ilinl had beeu
I brought upon n sliver pinto nud drop-
' ped II Into bis walsieoal pocket.
I    As he rose lo ileparl the waller mill
In n low, npponllllg voice:
"Surely you won't forgel me, sir';"
"No,  no,''  snld  he.    "I'll   wrllo lo
yoil."--l'eai'sou'H Wei My.
Embr.'d.ry on Kid.
Frenchwomen aro enthusiastic ovet
the fnd of using kid ii'liumlugs on
Ihelr outdoor costumes. Hut tho kid
must be embroidered. Soft white or
very light colored kid Is used and Is
fashioned Into bells, collars and rovers
Any sbupe that suits Ihe fancy la
used, but sli must correspond. The
work Is done In silk and metal
threads, and Ibe raw edge of tbo kid
Is finished off wllh a cord of heavy
thread of dull sold or silver. Any
simple design can be worked out, hut
tie sure to let Iho design he Simple.
One does not wish lo cover too closely
die beauty of the kid.
A favorite adaptation of the work
In Hie bioso "cclnturea," or fronts,
worn heiieaih the fashionable bolero,
of elolh or velvet.
The kid (lis In Hie .pure between
the fronls of the bolero and reaches
lo lhe belt line. It Is then embroider
nl, using while or two lones of silk
(hut correspond Willi tbo color ol tb«
Lilllo loops are placed nl Ihe aides
and lliese fastened to hooks sewed lit
aide lho Imlern. Sleeve bands to mulch
add aoollier trig touch lo Hie costume.
Tho work has ninny other uses be
aides dress trimmings. II enn lie uiade
Inlo charming opera bags, holders for
various iiihigs or mounted on cardboard for picture frames, limey boxes,
Th. Fleal Offender.
I care nnl n bu writes ml ib's rastlain
'Ibul bus uu nub suffering and woo,
tint llm i.ini. lint  I'd like to nail Willi a
1. Ih. suy who ni.on "lleautlful Snow."
•-ciuciiiu.il Knaultsr.
Rtitalii'a Postal Lost.
j   Tho nmiitiil profit Irom lb. Post-
oiilic revenues In the united King.
I dnm, In  Yi" ihsi.hhi. while its estiuial
td expenses ar. Illlfr.OOU.OOU.
Tbe old lini. wniidtrtiiK hilnilrel
w<> now iio inngor seo.
lini wo iini.i Ion of liniirs
WHo nawl.r from lho key.
-JW.loa Irarucrlst.
Fr.sb Earth Far Hon,..
If yoil are lint slllllited >" Hint JOII
call ill yonr hoys mil, draw a load of
earth nnd throw n ovor lutp lho pen"
now uud Ihen The bogs will work
II over nml Hike n lot of comfort doing
%    Makes them grow fasler too,
R.lie. of Ore.I Britain.
The ballads of lhe "uiolllllnlll whiles"
nt Kentucky nnd (I gin nro trims-
plnnlcd relics of Hie Hrlilsh Wo*, recalling Hie Anglo-Bason origin ol most
of Hie early roloulaH. THE   PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, 11. C.
©he |tvctoTuictov, GDranbrooh, _). €.
Published Every Saturday   Morning ai Craubiook. B.O.
F. M. Christian, Manager.
A. b. Qrace.   Editor.
Postage to American. European aud  other foreign countries,   50 ueuts   a
year extra,.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advartlsiag  rates furnished on application    No
advertisements but those of ■> reputable character will he accepted    for
ADVERTISERS AND BtlBSORIBBRB—Unless notice tu the contrary
I. given to local mauagor advertisement0 and subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up against tbeir account.
Uth Year ORANBROOK, B.O.,   JUNE Sth No. 2
The Home Circle Column
Pleasant Evening Reveries—A Column Dedicated
to Tired Mothers as They Join  the
lloine Circle at Evening Tide
Thoughts from the Editorial Pen
Quiet Rood BBnaa is una of the characteristics nf the Prime Minister, tn
answer to tho question, Wlmt sbull
wc do to celebrnte the century ot
pence tint ween Uie Anglo-Saxons ol
North America, he says tn efTeet
nothing. Keep tho border free from
armaments Thnt is the proper monument." And we suspect that he ts
right, The building of International
monumenta or bridges to celebrate
the fact thai we hnve not had .1 wai
would only make people on both sides
of the line conscious th 1 peace wns
remarkable. Bush monuments would
lie n perpetual remlndei of war, It
.s war thnt is remarkable, not peace,
Peace, on this continent lit rTeast, is
the normal state of affairs; war the
abnormal. The Prime .Minister sug
treats that the monument should consist in nn agreement to settle all diflt
cutties by arbitration and to provide
that there shall tie no armaments a-
longthe bonier line.--Collier's
•   •   •   •
Up to the present the production ol
Canadian books has been low. The
only sort ot book on which une mny
rely tor appearance Is the folder is
sued hy the Board of Trade in Wat-
roua, or Saskatoon which is very
good in its way, but has ultertoi motives. The embryo novel is ta of Canada arc all consumed by the foldei
making trade. It pays better to
write a booklet for a real estate a
front, especially if he jk selling wildcat lots and is ri"t particular about
the truth of the artist's descriptions,
thnn write good new-* articles with
truth In them for the newspapers;
and aa for short stories and novels,
a man can make I wice and three 1
times as much money writing display
ads for a hosiery hoUBe. That is I
where our budding novelists are:
going—either that or, having made a I
beginning, they hurry to New York
to find an appropriate hall bedroom.
When Canada DOES begin producing
novels, tbe first crop will come from
British Columbia. There is no country In the world with as much color
to the Bquare inch. These will be
stories of adventure* The Bentlmon-
tal stories will he written In the Mai
Itlme Provinces but with ti setting
in Quebec or Prince Edward Island.
The probl  novels nnd the nnnlyt.1
When a business concern 111 vesta a
large hu tn of money hi a handsome
store and equipment lor retail mer
chnntllselng, the public (eels a certain degree of confidence that the con
corn has goods worth examining.
People argue that unless I hey had established a reputation tor fair deal
lug and unless they had goods they
knew filled 11 need, they would not
dare spent! hm much  money.
Advertising, likewise acts as a
guarantee 'if substantial business
Character. When a linn spends money freely on this necessary form of
salesmanship, the public concludes I
that it milBl have goods hack of It
that have demonstrated tholr worth,!
or  the firm  would  not   have set   apart I
this   sum   of money  tot  selling them
through  the newspapers.
A   concern that does not advertise]
impressed lhe public as merely an ex
perlmont,   The fact thai II may nav
heen iu exlatnnca for  many years do
not   help it  so very  much.   The  public   may even look at  mere existance
fin   a long term of   years as a disqunl ;
ideation,   Indicating   a preference for
old time methods It takes advertising to prove that you have confidence
in your goods.
eal affairs will come from Onkvllle,
Ontario, that being n convonlont
point    for   authors    who   hnve heen
driven OUt  ol Toronto b)   the price of
-Milk       The   market   foi    these   things
■■ill be in the Maritime Provinces,
which still believe what they see In
print, and the Western plains, which
will need amusement in tbe winters,
The critic will llvo in Montreal
\   certain   Kins   ■ nee    tren -thi-ueil
t,ja  popularity   lu   a  certuin   purt   ,,[
his dominions  b)   declaring   that   hi
eldest son, uud the eldest sous of all
his   successors  ahould   be   called   the
"prince of  Wales why.   with  the
extending of the Dominions, should
not the principle he extended so that
there might be n Prince -if the Over
sea Dominions'* 1 u. II there were
enough to go round, one tor each of
the grent colonies? it would stlmu
late the Imperial sentiment It
would bring bis Majesty closer to the
, oeople.
The path is easy that is paved with
Better BWOOtness 111 tho heart than
greatness In the mind.
Life is not measured by length of
days,  but by depth of deeds.
It is of no coiiHt'tiiience how good a
man is abroad if .'he is really mean at
Home is the residence not merely 01
T ht* bOdj . lull Of the heart; it is a
place  foi   lhe  .ilfei-lioiis  to  untold ami
dove lope themselves; for the children
to love, and learn nnd pla) In; tor
husband and wife to toil smiling  to
■:■ ill:, 1 .      and     make    life  a  blessing.
[*he   object ul all ambition should bo
to    he    happy  .''t  home,  il  we   tie not
happy   there w« cannot be else whore;
It    is the best prool nf the virtues ol
circle to see .1 hnppj Ure
To the Edit 11    il  tht   T      I I     S■■■■■■
I semi you u "cutting" which I
have bad since about LS86 It ia
very Interesting and I though! you
mav make use if ft It Is froi ;
pers' Magazine for Apr I IS69
reads as follows "Tbe Brit ■*.. g ■
eminent seems once to have had s
serious Idea of constructing a gre ■-■
railway ami steamboat route from
Montreal ta the Pacific. All that w»a
wanted was tn track the Saskatchewan river for 12*19 miles, and then
catch the Praser River In British Col
umbla and follow it for 260 or 280
mile.- down Bute Inlet In llril ih Col
umhia Moreover, the fertile settlement of the Red lliver. now detached
and Isolated, would be connected with
civilization L-nd the outer world." No
body within the Uvea of living men
will go overland from the Atlantic to
tho Pacific except through the Amen
can (i e , United States) territory
I remember well at the time. The
C.P.R. was to be only a military
road to cany troops to India, etc.
lOutslde that there would he no use
for It li is pie mnnt at times to re-
call the inist and its significance,
.1    F.  Smith.
I    Cranhrook. B.C .  Mav  10,   1912.
;ays that when pa won yoiini'. people
who hud had colds, soaked then feet
in hoi water and took a few draught
of catnip nnd got well. Now they
have li grippe, take quinine and
feel sick all summer. Then they
had sore throat, wrapped n piece of
bacon in an old wool socking, tied it
around lhe neck at night nnd went
to woii: next day. Now they have
tonsil tlu, a surgical operation, and
two weeks In thehospltal. Then they
bail stomach trouble and took castor
oil   and    recovered.   Now   they havo
appendicitis,    a    week   ill   the hospital
nnd sis feet due east and west and
six feet perpendicular. In thoNc days
they wore underdo thos, Now they
wear lingerie. Then they went to a
restaurant; now they go to a cafe.
Then tliey broke a lee/ now they fracture 1 limb. People went crazy; now
they have brain storms—*or are born
crazy, wo don't know which. Politi
clans then [mid good, bard cash for
sup]i' rt now they send government
garden seed instead. Yes, times have
changed and we all cbnnge with the
times    Thats progress,
Mi    Casey  Jones,  at     the Audita
riiim on .June nth.
Man 1- naturally .1 home loving .tn
uii. In fact mosi .11 Imata arc
home loving v.m '.«• hen .1 man ask
n woman t.i share ins life, it is usu
,ii', taken ■»* 1 gentle hint thai he
wants hei tn mnke inn. .1 homo am
take a son ot general oversight ol
!ns affairs ana n special oversight ol
bimseli !!'■ llkaa 1* know thnt she
Iocs 1 hinga foi hln just foi 'he rea
<o\\ thai siif '.>».•'■*. him. and is inter
.  1, . is v..''.  being    He
love*- hi-    oral ■   if tl   re   - somi
-.;, .- ;      ''t" '
 e prepares
!■-*■ he says wry lit
thing    of  .11 tins, be->
]:■    • ■■■■    fan  lies the mothei
the  can        everything and
.  .-■ •-■ -    .■    but  genteel loung
gers    In    the   b  usehol      The   worh
... ild be so e isilj      :■•■   ' ea rl
jb in     - '■■ '• ■''     the bands a]
ready   weakene I    by heavy    burdens
•  .-'■• ■     t last the poor household
drudge   dies    it   hei post, she i< re
membered      it        Ity    n« t   unmixed
with   c roten pt   bee iuse she  resigned
the ■ ist    I r ■ •■;    ■;" the household to
become     t -  slave ind  her daughter
are    left   to    ruin    other homes wit'
lleness    and    Ignorance.   But    there
ire   no   such   daughters   among   our
A mnn and his wife when irritated
.vill often -ay things to each other
I for which they are sorry the next
morning, but pride often keeps them
fmm confessing their faults, and the
little differences grow until a divorce
smt or in assault and battery case
results. When you Imve made a mistake, he man or woman enough to
nsk forgfveness, and you will saila*
long on flowery beds of ease instead
of (oltfng over the ,rocky beds of
No boy or girl can ever come to be
utterly had who romembersonly love
and tenderness and sweetness as as
sociated with father and mother in
the old time home. Give them man
ly and womanly example, give tbem
training, give them the inspiration of
devoted lives, give them these higher
deeper things. Do not care so much
is to wether you are accumulating
money, so that you cnn leave them a
fortune. We really believe that is
ignlnst that being n blessing for a
hoy. Hut leave them an accumulation
of a fortune of memories and insplr
itions nnd examples and hopes, so
that they are rich in brain and heart
and soul Then if you happen to
leave them a fortune besides, if they
Live all these, the fortune will be
shorn of its possibilities of evil, and
will become an instrument of higher
md nobler good.
the fairest home ornaments nre
bright, Joyous faces; and where these
are wanting, all else goos tor little,
Bright and joyous facos
always accompany warm and loving
hearts which all true home-makers
must possess. Hence all wbo Intend
making homes should look earetntly
nto their own hearts; for only when
these aro right ran they expect their
home mnk.ng to prove satisfactory
Warm hearts make bright ami cheer
ul heirtliH, hm the warmest hearth
cannot thaw the loy heart I.ove hi
the great home maker, that nmkes
■veil the ilniili-eiy of hoiiHekeepliu; n
pleasure, and home life a foictuute nl
•lie hlisa of heaven One CftUUOt get
too much love mto one's home mnk
mc. hni easily too htlle
•    •    •     •
Voluntm v obedience In the home
oni not compulsion, ts what is want
ed; and the parents that are even
1 mpored, not harsh or unjust, are
teaching thia lesson moat successfully
\ mother and lather that have not
QUI ne.I ml! OOptrol, ate not capable
if controlling children It is a bur
tenaome thing to many to lend the
ehlld the way it should go, for it is
eery necessary lhat parents fallow
the .i'i'' path, we can't preach any
nore than we live, ami the sermons
fYon which the child draws bis ideas
uke i'i.uv in the home no teacher.
,n ministei can .lo the work of tbe
aurent     Your child has a body, mind
•,.i heart, all in your keeping; If yoil
lo vour work well, when life's fitful
lever .-hall have passed, for you. the
nemnry of your children will go back
lo v.ai, with gratitude that they were
enl out in the world with sound hod
-   cultivated minds, ami pure hearts
ty    not    he   polite'1      How    much
■ill  tlu
been said about
rare treasurers of art ami nature
that may lend attraction to a home
and its surroundings, it remains that
'■es it cost to say, "t thank you'
•'■'in not practice it at home—toyour
•Hisbnnd, to your wire, to your child
en. to yonr domestics'' If a stramrer
loes vou some little net ot courtesy,
low sweet the smiling acknowledge
nent! If your husband or wife, ah!
'it's n matter of course" no need of
thsnks. Should a visitor or actiuuhi-
hqnee tread on your dress -your best,
ery best—and by accident tear it
iow nrofuse you are with your "ueve"
ninds," Don't think of it." "Acer
|pnt*i will happen." lf a husband
toes it, he gets 11 frown; if a child
r is punished. Ah! these nre little
Oiincs. say you. Tbey nil tell might
■lv upon the heart, let me impure you
-ml little they uie. they disturb
oeicc or create pleasure in the family
circle, A irentlenmn stops at a friend
home and finds it in confusion. He
lops not see anything to npolize for
- "never think of such matters"
Everything is rit-ht, cold supper, cold
loom, crying children— "perfectly
comfortnble!" (Joes home, where his
wife has been taking care of the child
ten or attending the sick, nnd work
'ne ber life almost out. Then he does
not see why things can't be kept in
order; "there never were such croBs
children before!' No apologizes ne
lepted at home! oh. why not look
it the sunny side at home ns well us
ibroad, nnd try pleasant words
stead of surly ones! Wby not be
agreeable at home0 Why not use free
ly that golden coin of courtesy? How
sweetly those little words sound.
"Many thanks," or "Yon are very
■■■iml!" Doubly, yes. thrice sweet
<rhm the lips we lovel when smiles
m:'ke the eyes sparkle with the light
of affection' He polite to your chil
(Iron. Re courteous to your servants.
Do you expect them to be mindful uf
your welfare, to grow glad at your
approach, to bound away to do your
pleasure before the request is half
.•■■ o' en" Then, with all your authority mingle kindness and cheerfulness,
'bothers ami Sisters, be amiable, be
courteous among yourselves and
your servants.
In Prizes :
"Tht    MAGNET     ■    EAST    KOOTENAY"   I
Sept. l9-20th, 1912
Special   Am.1. im.ii        An  Ship-,      Horse  Kaein-4, I
Vthletii   Sports j.
Every City, Town .un1  Hamlel  in  East   Kootena*. j.
will place mi exhibition  the  resources ..t  tlieii  re T
apuctive districts, £
Don't Forget the Date   September 19-20th., 1912 4
Crnnbrook, B.C I
; II111111 M IIIMI * ■ II111 Ht* **>M 11IIIII M II *
Vou    are    hovii ni'     Ind ween     weepn
mul laughter it yon air lucky enough
t<i got   a neat  (.a   lhal   hine/y comedy
"CuHy Jonos" which is the nttrnotloo
billed loi   Ha- Auditorium toiiibht. It
Is a rollicking satire that penetrates
Ihe foiblOH ol everyday life, but dooH
it no cluvorly (hut even tbe most affected npproclato it the most. Hev-
eral good Hpeelaltios are promised.
Cut Glass
Make Beautiful and Most
Acceptable   Presents   for
June Brides.
Now is the Opportune
Time to buy. The assortment is complete and our
prices will bear the most
careful comparison and the
Quality is always guaranteed to be satisfactory or
your money back.
Quality is Always
Our First
First   Floor
Now is the time to help rcali'M the
■lieani ol the "Olty Beautiful". It is
something in which every citizen can
do his part by keeplni; his own premises clenn. TidineSB anil Roon taste
are catchinK anil the good example
one man sets is likely to be followed
by his neighbor. But even 11 it is
not, he has the reward which comes
Irom knowing that his own effort has
contributed to making his town a
better place to live in. In civic nnd
other Improvements there is somc-
t; ,cs a tendency to wait upon official action or the work of some to-
lie-appointed committee. But perhap
the best results usually How from in-
lelllgent private action. More than
one city in our land lias been transformed in external appearance because of the good taste, industry and
entliuslnm of some one man whoseex-
ample at Inst became contagious.
a    .    .    a
This was the note which was hnnd-
ed to one of the grade teachers the
other dny:
"Dear mum—Please Iicub. Johnny
today. He will not be at school
He is acting ns timekeeper for his
father. Last night you gave him
this Iximple. if a field is four miles
square, how long will it tnke a man
walking three miles an hour to walk
two and a halt times around it?
Johnny ain't no man, so we had to
send his daddy. They lelt early this
morning, nnd my husband said they
ought to be hack late tonight
though it would be hard going
Dear Mum, please make the nixt
problem about Indies, as my hus-
iiand can't afford to lose the day's
work. I don't have no time, to loaf
but can spare a day off occasionally
better than my husband can.
Respectfully Yours,
...    a
We like to see and hoar a mnn
who is proud ot his native town.
He is an inilispcnslble citizen, although he may he as poor ns a
church mouse; hut his name should be
written In large letters at the entrance gate of his town as nn honor
to his memory. We hnve such with
us nnd they are worth more to the
'I'iiltcbh nl our town than their
weight In gold. Tliey know overy
i.>int of interest anil ol nilvantiige
lor miles ai-onnd; aod any stranger
tailing Into their hands will soon
learn everything thnt adds to the
lonor t.f our town and will be most
favorably Impressed. Much i.ersonn
iverlook wit), trim patriotism all
short-comings and magnifies with
honest citizenship every advantage.
Yo, grumblers. meiHtite.
(Ine would lliink people would get
'Ired of being killed In nutomobilcs
crossing, railroad tracks. It seems
such an avoidable tnnnnor ol death.
It. muy he true that the same person
is never killed twice that way, but
lhat Is no help. The experience ol
Hie ilenil ought to teach the living
Apparently It ilnmm't. Bvery motor
Ist must know from repeated and repented demonstration that when a
motor car and a train of steam cars
dispute at a crossing nn to which
-.hull pass Ilrst the motor Invariably
gets the worst ol It. And yet, week
after week, nnd month after month,
t.h.< argument goes on and contestant
on the motor ear side proceed to the
hosplt.nl or cemetery.
fc»H'i H I 11 I I 11 11 l-l H-l l-t.-H^-H-4-t-H-t-H"! III H-t«
Rose Day
London iu expected to decorate Itself with wild roses on June 'if, ns a
token of homage to Uuecu Alexuuderu
"Casey Jones"
The (ireatest Comedy in Years
With the
Famous Little Comedian
Ollie Mack
Late Star of Murray 6? Mack
Supported By
Miss Pearl Golding
A Great Cast
"You'll Laugh Till You.re Red in the Face"
[jxmjxuj..i.i.i.ui.ii ■ i ■......... i n 11 n 11111 ■ n u;;
■H-H H'|'••*++ »'l"l I I 1111 11111111***>.
I; Investor's Snaps |
Store and Two-Story Apartment House ami all nec-
cessary    furniture,    including    Lot,    etc.,
Price $7,000
Lots 4, 5, and 6, in Block 92 corner ol Van Home
Sti'eel ,ni«l Clarke Avenue, indudiiip, stables
mul warehouses, Price $1,600
Lots 9 and 10 in Block 92 including building and
store fixtures corner Van Home Street and
Durick Avenue, Price $5,500
Lot 18 in Block 36 cornel Louis and Clark Avenue
Price $450
113 3-4 Acre Ranch  to the south-east ol city.    \
Sullies and  May  Main with all   necessary
implement--,   '». acres already cleared.    250   i
-• year old apple tiers mi premises.    Price on
Application. i
Por further Particulars Apply to
At Grocery Store Opposite C. P, R. Station I
MUjJ.LUJJ^.1 ' 111 I M I I I 11 IIII 11 IM I I I
The Idea conies from the continent.
Vlctimi started the fashion with n
llnllodll Hay. linil lleiniaiiv lollowed
with n Mulhcrry nnd Cornflower Hay,
nnd so on. flower sollcrs are to
wear a dlstliii-iilslilni: white dress,
with mushroom huts trimmed with
white rones. The flnwors will he
artificial hloMOma made by crippled
children and will he ollered at u
penny each.
Yon are hovcriiiK hei ween weeps
and laughter If yon are lucky enough
to got a neat tor that lireesy comedy
"Casey Jones" which Is the attraction hilled for the Auditorium June
H. Mil, It Is a rollicking satire
thnt penetrates the lollnhlen of evert
'lay life, hut It le done so cleverly
that even the most affected appreciate It the most. Heveral good .p.
ci-OItiei art promlMd. THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK.  B.C.
"Beauty is as Beauty does"—
and the Ford's a joy. It's
the one car that has stood all
the tests. And that's the reason we will make and sell this
year seventy - five thousand
Ford cars to seventy - five
thousand delighted users.
The world over there is no other car
like the FORD MOPKL T. It's
lightest, rlghtest—moat economical.
The two-passenger car costs but $77f.
1,0,1)., Walkervllle, Ontario, complete
with all ei|Ulpmeut,—the live passenger but 1850. Today get latest catalogue—from the FORD MOTOR CO.
ol Onnndn, Limited, Madison and
Kleventh, or Irom our Walkervllle
Kootenay Garage Company
Cranbrook, B. C.
< •   Drinks   of   all   kinds can lie had at my store for
use during the coming hot weather.
Thirteen different flavours.
Dalton's Lemonade
6? Lime Juice
■'   Just   received   a   Carload   of  Six Hundred Cases
Fremont Grape Juice.    An   unfermented
Grape    Temperance    Wine.
A full line of domestic and foreign   wines,   liquors
and cigars.     Bar Glasses, etc.
*.-. ****** || | IIIHIIIH I IH IIHIH-HHIUHl
'. i
PHONE 340 P. O. BOX 'MM   ;;
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing   and ::
Heating Company
;;   VV. F. JOHNSON -        - PROPRIETOR
25 Years' Practical Experience
5 Years Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert for
Swinton, 30,000 Population
Everything in Tin and Iron Made-to-Order
Blower Systems,  Mines,  Ventilation  Experts
Estimates Given
• •   Works, Edward St.        -       -        Cranbrook   11
********************* ***********************
Automobile   will  be run   weekly   on
between Cranbrook and Wasa connecting with incoming and outgoing
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation,
N. Hanson
r*****'. '.
Honor Prince of Wales.
Many honors will be showered upon
the Prince ot Wales when he attains
hie eighteenth birthday, June 23. It
it understood that he will he promoted to the rank ol lieutenant In tbe
navy nnd receive a commission in the
army, being; temporarily attached to
the Twenty-ninth Hussars until such
time ne the Tenth Hussars return
trom India. Hln former regiment now
forms part oi the nrst cavalry brigade at Aldershot nnd lt Ib expected
that the prince will pay a flying visit to his brother ofllcers belore returning to Paris.. .
In due course the prince, who Is
nlrady a Knight ol the (larter, will
be made a Knight of the Thistle and
a Knlgbt ol Ht. Patrick. He may
be admitted to the Scottish order ae
be returns south trom Dolmoful wltb
tbe King and Queen, a halt helng
especially made at PMihbiirgh for the
purpoee, hut it is not known when
be will receive the blue ribbon ol the
The chief social event of the coming
week will he the ball to he given nt
Devonshire house on Derby night,
June 5, It is uiithorltatively an-
nounreri that while the Queen will!
honor the Iiukc and Puchens of Devonshire with hor presence at the dinner, their majesties will not attend
tho ball afterward, owing to roynl!
mourning. Kor the same reason the
ball at Derby House on Oaks night,
June 7th, will also he shorn of its
principal  attraction.
I<ot us cast our minds twenty years
ahead and see what will be the con-
dltlon nf affairs ln Crnnhrook city !
Boundary Mining & Exploration
I .I.M I 11-1>
Report of   Directors
ol ilu-
Your illrectors hog to present tholr report iih to the prosonl
of the Company's property, mul Its future prospects.
The prospecting work .lone ho fnr, nbout 2IHW feet of shads, .lillis, nml
tunnels,   linn   tlomnnstrntod  the   value ol the Oompnny's property    one
tunnel Iiiih I n driven about 'UIO [iliil ninl this opened up one SO:.tn ol' roill
.'. feel ti inches in width, nml a second tunnel tupped another himim nl con1.
,1 tiiot 8 Inches In width. I 'i : ill wna mink for r.ll leet all 111 COllI V hidl
showed a widening   ' uio vein and conl ol InoronBlng excellency wiih depth,
The report of TIk.h. I., Brophy, Minimi IQnglneer, hhIiI that nluo conl
veiiiH as Indicated by tlio outcrops wen- ou the property, the veins under
laying each other which nro Visible along the hunks of tile Kettle Itlver.
anil some ol them within mill fool ..I the I'.l'.lty.
Upon the laud your Company owns, which runs parallel with the Kettle River and the O.P.R. track for two mllea, with nine visible outcrops.
Mr. Brophy ostlmntod that you imd several million tons of coul.
Your directors encouraged by the favorable Bhowlng demonstrated by the
work done niiule application for all the available land adjoining. Tho application has been accepted by the government for coul rights over five
sections, the moHt valuable of which it is proposed to retain lor future development, according to the mining expert's estimate ol several millions of
tons on the area you owned at that time, that and the additional area acquired should produce enough coal lor continuous operations lor many
This mine is only 172 miles from Spokane, nearer than any other operating coal mine, and Spokane is the blggCBt coal market, in the north-west
The present cost of frolght is $2.50 por ton. The Kettle Valley railway now
in course of construction will shorten the haul and as competitive railroads pass near the mine a reduction in freight may be expected. Wc will
allow a generous price for mining, say $1.50 Iretgbt at $2.50 anil duty por
Ioiik ton at .50—total $4.50
We can deliver domestic coal In Spokane and allow the retailer $1.00
per ton, and make $3.00 per ton profit for the Mining Compnny, and I
sell coal nt lees thnn the prevailing prices, which are from $9.00 to $10.0(1
"per ton. Presuming that the Company produces  the moderate amount of 500
tons per day, at $8.oo profit it would pay 60 per cent on the capitalization of $1,000,000.00
Shareholders who tirHt bought the shares of the Company at a low
price in a sense were gambling with clumees like most mining concerns lu
embryo, but. it is no longer n matter of a gamble, your contributions liavo
provided funds to prove It ulmost without a shadow of doubt a great coir
mcrclal success, that on n conservative estimate may more than equal
the records of the Fernie and Dunsrriuir mines, which earned
the first investors many millions of dollars, and for the following reasons you may expect even greater results:—
1. The enormous body oi eoal is proven by the eltnttince of
the ninny veins. i
2. The transportation facilities, the coal being clos* to two
3. The contiguity to great consuming; centres with
no other producing mines within hundreds of
miles. For instance, B.C. Copper Smelter, Greenwood. B.C., 10 miles; Granby Smelter, Grand
Forks, B.C., 32 miles; Consolidated Smelting Co.,
Trail, B.C., 118 miles; City of Nelson, 126 miles;,
Rossland, 130 miles; Phoenix. 37 miles; Spokane
172 miles; and many more towns it B.C.; Washington and Idaho within a radius of 150 miles.
4. Your Crown granted land, hundred.-, of acres .of which can be
utilized for fruit culture, the richest valley land tor raising
alfalfn and other valuable crops, tho land is in the centre of
one of the bent grazing districts tor cattle an Ideal location
lor a creamery. An abundance of water for power and irrigation. It Is not unreasonable to expect that your mines whon
fully developed will employ lit least 1.000 men, and they
with the allied industries which must naturally fqllow will,
support a
Where to Obtain the Staff* of Life
CRANBROOK BAKERY-F. W. Kummer, Proprietor
The World's Favorite Bottled Beer
What made it so? - QUALITY and PURITY.
173,184,600 Bottles sold in 1911.
Bottle J with crown* or corks only at the
Home Plant in St. Louis
Anheuser-Busch Brewery
St Louis, Mo.
A. C. Bowness
Cranbrook, B. C.
Egg Laying
International    Rlgg-laying   ConteBt,
ery large population, because you have so many undw th(.   Jo,nt m,S|)|(,M n[ t„  .
other possibilities nml productive   land   In   the   Immediate | British   Columbln   Poultry   Association,   Vancouver    Exhibition   Board,
Total eggs laid up to end of Seven
HesideH the magnificent eoal possibilities your directors con-|(h nillllt||
grntulnte you on later discoveries of various valuable assets I pfjfj no.
on yonr land, huRe deposits of fine lime stone and
sand stone suitable lor grindstones and other purposes,
deposits of Clay and the waste slack coal can he utilized
on the ground lor burning lime or bricks. The Mining Company has sold a sito for the manufacture of lumber.
The various industries will mnke a portion of your land lor
townsite purposes worth  much   more   than   the   Company's
entire capitalization, and the shares for which early
investors paid such a small sum in the near future j» n
your directors believe will pay them many hundred fold on the investment.
The officers ol the Company for their work and management
will receive no payment for their services until
hiii'Ii time as tho Company ie in n position to earn (or the
shareholders bandeome dividends.
Your directors hereby  tender an
!    2
H White   Bllff
18     "
iiHuul paragraph concerning tho dynamiting work owing to the fact that
no explosions took pluce during the
lirst two weeks. Unfortunately, however, the blasting during tbo last two
weeks, more than made up lor the
fortnight's lull. Lately the City's
authorities haac heen clearing the en
urinous cedar stumps immediately
surrounding the pens.
Several penn in class one have
Mav 2Hth   1912. I passed  the century  mark during the
BOOB LAID Past month, notably, pens were 9
(117), 12 (in.. - (110), 2:1 (106),
^ind 7 (104), The following have nlso distinguished themselves, pens 1,
(991, 19 nnd 2" (96 each.. 14 (94i, 5
1:12., and 22 (91). Pens 14. 9, 1. 12
and 19 are producing ego taking
weight, sive nml texture ol shell and
eveoeas Into account.
-following pens provide broodies in
.-lass .me   Pen 'I.  III.  17.  19 12 birds).
Pen 9 deserves special mention for
having proddced six eggs a day on
six occnslons during the month, pen
12, 2, 2.1 (twice), and pens i>. IK. 4, I
Leehorns   ...
6 Brown
I  White
21   Mottled
■\,u-,. HUH
invitation to
any shareholder to come and inspect the property, n white Leghorns
Mr, p. H. nench has been engaged as Superintendent of tbe IB
Mine and will be pleased to receive visitors.
.. 299
,. 271
. .368
. ..210
themselves in the future. Their produce, however, is still very small In
Now that the birds are in full lay,
the animal fool has boen Increased,
from seven to ten per cent., which Is
the limit proposed. The tlrst increas
was given in the January-February
JR. Terry,
W. H. Stroyan,
Importance of Malta
Malta, June 3rd.—The conference to
decide Great Britain's future policy
in the Mediterranean, which began
here on May 29, was concluded today
Among those who participated were
Premier Asqulth, Winston Churchill,
lirst lord of the admirallty; Viscount
Kitchener ami (Jen. fan Hamilton. An
official statement issued last evening
says: "The lords commissioners of
tiie admirallty having c.included    an
33 llboile
iHl.m.l Pods
Machinery  and  ma
tcrinl for development nre now In transit i 38 White   Wynndottes
and will be
Installed on arrival,  and  work proceeded with
Wattsburg, B.O,
c. M. Kingston,
M li.. (irimd Corks, B.C.
Secretary 'Treasurer
39 liiiii  Orpingtons
31 Hhoile Islands lle.ls ....
:i4 While  Wynndottes   	
21. Hnrred   nocks   	
37       "     "   	
29 Hull   Rocks	
82 Rhode Islands Bods 	
in silver uncoil Wynndottes
;ir. lb il llorks     	
80 Partridge   Wynndottes ...
iroather eating amongal the lighter|Inspectionol IV M.-in.-irnnean fleet
clnssos principally, is still prevalent,
neceselt .tine lurther use otthe bitter
aloes and lard mixture.   Tins proves
very    effective,    until   tbe blrdi
in..... ii •■      itun  by dusting
The star  perfortnere In  the heavy
wolghts   during    the   month were
Pens 17 11  ii,  13 1101
'.. (102), :I2 Clu.. Tin
.342'.md 1311' ol Mav. Was  Hint  the heavy
.32.', rlas.es    woro nlteclcd more than tbe
,81)8 llghl   well I:'      In three Instnncoa ll
,801 wns ii..ii.c,i in rlnss ono ..I decreased
374 egg   yclld Immc II itely after tho hot
2.,i wonthci    Tl 'rod In those pens
313 oni)     thai  were already  laying very
mid naval establishments at Malta,
desires to express their satisfaction
nt the efficiency ..I the organization,
it is their Intention to make lull use
of the facilities ol this important
mid complete naval base, the value
jol whirl, to ibe llritisli Navy is ot
3s (104) permanent value. They propose to
following laid assign  such    proportion   of reOtting
,.  ,       ii lay ..ii ..ne or more: "ml repairing work to the dockyard
i-ccnsslons:     Poll 82(twlce), 37(twlce)|as will keep It   In normal   condition
38,  Is. nnd 84 ..nre, I"' activity     and capable of   at    all
a polnl brought oul by tho hot times attending to tbe needs In peaes
...,..., !i. r experienced on tho Uth, 12th »r "nr of any Meet cruising or operating In the Mediterranean. Submu
i'Iiich will play nn increasing Important part In the defence of th.
New Hotel
BOARD Or" 111 lll'.C'l'l lUS
A. 15, WATTS, Wattsburg, B.C., Presldenl
s. M1LI.KU. crmiil Porks, nc. vice President
Iir. 0, M. KINGSTON, <:lini,) '."oiks, H.C. Secretary Treasurer
A.   I..  MellKHMOT,  Criinl.look.   II 0
P. II. KNIGHT, Grand Porks, B.O,
2.r. linil Orpingtons   	
20 While llyiindolles   	
27 silver Penrllled Wynndottes
28 Oi luinhlnii  Wynndottes   i.*.
Average  prlct olvoil   lor eggs
:i:icents   per dozen,  Pen tomporaturo,
highest, H9 degrees, average mean r,7
IK   llnln   fell    line days   twelve
dnys   occurred without sunshine, and
lhe rest  of the days were bright.
II   hnd   been   hoped   it   would   noi
It   ih   reported   that,   a   new   outing
l.ot'I  bus been  built   nl   the foot nf
2891 poorly. In the heavy Clnssos almost
219 ei ory i en dn ppo I In egg yield .lur
178   Ing tho 16th   I'd nnd 17th, and tliriijst   Mary's Lake.    It is railed River
regained normal production again.       Vie*   Outing   Place.    When you are
Coming    I"   list  ..I    broodies lor
the month, wo Hnd thnl pen 29 bonde
Uie list,  with ii birds. 2*.. 27, 81 und
iu   (live ench), 30 (8), 28, 34 (2i, 3*.
nnl  in Hi.
Pon    I'i  commenced to lay just as
the   month   ended,   nnd mny be ex-
llehini' or outing you will ulways get
<i good meal and n good lied at this
rosorl If you wish to pitch your
tent, you cnn rent all the coovlng
utensils The proprietor Hans Limn,
tins n gasoline launch and row-boats
to rent; also a store where you can
be   ueressuey    to   bave to Inserl   Hie peeled   to   give   n better account ol j piircliiise .supplies of all kinds. THE T'ROSPECTOn, CRANIUlOOiT, I?. C.1
A Modem Romance
"Whh pleasure Itflaa Stafford," ho
re|i.it-ii, uml hla eyflfl i winkled with
wood humour, "1 nm come now, if
yoil like."
"There's just one thing, Doctor,"
Vein continued wiih a bluah. "We're
both dreadfully 'hard up' and "
"When I iuk ynu for my teon Ii
will lu- Hino enough for vou ut "
"Bul "
lit- bniBhed aside her expostulations, ami they walked side by side
until they reached u houso In Llttlo
.lames Street, where Vera rant; the
bell, a Bervanl of the usual lodging-
house typo opened Lhe door, and
Vera led the waj to the second floor,
where sin- entered a large room,
which was furnished as a bed*slttlng
A < hair-In ilsiiuil was drawn up lu
front or ihu Aro and upon li there
reclined a iirl who was sleeping
rostlessly, Al ber side wna a table,
which waa cuveicil wltb tools used
in it *• blnditm < s books, nnd there
was n hull Anlshi ii cover nni-ii bore
evidence of careful and arilstlc work.
"Was up, Hilda; I've brought the
lini'i 'i' ui soo vui," .'era satd Boftly,
'ilie eyes oponed wearily, bin arall-
ed when they rested on her friend
She listlessly answered 'ii" Doctor's
(nioBllons, and he made a thorough
examination! .hinun which !"• kepi
up a cheerful How of remarks.
"\ -ii only require ;i rest," ii>- *ald
oi i.'-,i, "mid and good nourishing rood," he .Hided hesitatlngl> "I'll
look in again in a daj or two, and
I'll j ini send '-ounil a tonic thai "ill
worl; wonder.1*, Good morning, he
wound up bri kly
Vera followed hfin from the room,
ami uoftly closed the door,
"U she ill: Tell me frankly," she
asked anxiously.
"Slit? would be all iho better for a
change, and that bookbinding is none
mn healthy a work for one nr her
cnnsiitutlon. I! yon could only lake
hev to the South Coast for a week
or two ■"
"Vou might just us well suggest
iho Riviera—or Tlmbuctoo. Bul If
sho doesn't j;ei this change, ami 'hi.**
nouriKhinK rood, whal  will  happen?"
"it Is difficult to say, Organically
she's sound, bul she's noi too Btrong."
Vera thanked linn, and once more
entered the room.
"I'm going in boil you n couple of
eggs," sho began w?th a cheerfulnes*!
that she was noi feeling. "Why do
you look so worried?"
"A solicitor's letter," Hilda (.runt
replied, with a Blgli thai wna hair :i
groan. "He won'l wall uny longer,
ami he Ihreatens to bring n summons
"Tho brute," Vera said \Iclously.
"How much is it?'*
"Four pounds. The materials for
ihls work woro rather expi nslve, and
I haven't paid hliu anything for soma
II mo."
"I am afraid that's beyond us."
As Vera spoke, sin; look up the letter, and hor brow was puckered with
a frown,
"I've gol an engagement," she said
at last.
"1 am so glnd," Hilda answered
breathlessly, "Where i« ll? His .Ma
"No," Vera replied dryly; ' it's a
Musical Comedy."
Hilda's fnco fell, and she stroked
her friend's band In mule sympathy,
lor she was aware ol' ber ambition,
nnd how bor heart was centred in lur
\\ or If.
'I nut so sorry, dear."
"II can't he helped, ami we certainly don'l want lo starve. Tho exchequer contains bin two moro half
"And tbls hook won't ho finished for
unite a week," Hilda said despondently, and sbo once more look up a
tool lo recommence her work.
"No more today.'' Vera said firmly.
She ro-arrauged the cushions, aud
forced her lo lie back agnlu. Then she
placed lhe kot lb' on lhe fire, and
lauded herself with preparntlona for
their iiimh.
The room wnn a largo one. and was
furnished with somo laste. The
small bods were covered wllh rugs,
and thero was hut little lo show thai
it was the room in which Ihoj slept
These girls had been frii nds for
Some ion years: from tbo tint'' when
HUda Qranl bad arrived at the Belgian
Coin cut, where she hail been sent   by
her father when bo first set out lur
the Wost Coasi of Africa. From l-o
Ilrst moment thoy had taken lo oue
another, and Hilda foil under the swa>
of Vein's stronger nature.
The time arrived when iio-- hai to
Pimples So Bad
He Was Ashamed
Tried Everything but Did It No Good,
One Box of Cuticura Ointment
Took Pimples Away.
•About Kven years ncn ptrnpttt broke
ptit i,ii oret my fscs nnd neck,   wiii-n tliey
WDUld flttt COrae OUt tln-y WOUld he Ini* and
ini itien utter s while tbey would mrn while,
and matter would roine out, Sometimes
tiit-y would Inii o I could liurdly sleep. I
wan uhsmed te bo down street, my face
looked i-o bad, i went to merit doctors
umi got medicine, wiiii b did nit no iood, sod
Iwugnt ointment, stives tod pa-tent medtclnes.
tiut none "t them would cure mv Ur* and
neck, a tri'-nil ml* i*- -i nu tn try Cuticura
Ointment,   t tot ens boi, nnd it took the
Idnii'lrs twtj lit-loo> I hml It all uneil u|i.    I
i nn nj it |9 iv wonderful remedy. Any
ntlferer who hai pimples ihould u*e Cuticura
t'liuni-'iit it they went a sir-1 i tir*>, 1 never
imd nnv Mop <-<|uid to Cuticura Boap."
iBlgned) Ayimel Uitberf, 1'aikiiUl, Out.,
Uec, *■», li»io.
leave tbo Convent. Tliolr positions
i wore Identical, for Vera was nn orphan, ami wuh compelled lo enrn her
own living, While Hilda had jllsl it-
oolved iipwh of bor father's death,
sho was overcome wltb grief, for sin
had loved him passionately, Stephen
Graul had conflded in hu daughter,
ami sho knew tlmt her .future entirely
dopended upon ihr success of his trip
to Nlgei'ln, lie had warned her lhal
should he fall she must be prepared
to support herself.
Vera had taken command, and bad
de, reft Ibat they ihodld go to London
to wane war with fortune. Hilda ..ad
not questioned thn decision, uud
twelve months had pnsssd only too
rjulokly, hut success had noi como to
tie in. lor while Hilda was onrutug
Ini Utile by bor book-bind lug, Vera's
Ihoatrlcal engagements hud heen few
.nm far between.
Kor tho Hist time thoy were des*
pouu.Mii Out Vera's trouble ivus the
state of hor frloml's health.
She had Jusl warmed the teapol
preparatory to making the ten, when
there was a timid knock al ine door.
' Come hi," slu said Impatiently.
"It's you, is it.'" slu- remarked,
when she bow a young man enter,
Vaughan Seymour advanced Into lhr
room, ami he looked wllb great concern at Hilda's palo race.   His lo, r'i
e;   - did no'   eci  the warm cob ur
that lit* p.'i Rem e had bnmghl lu i ei
i heeks, He only inoughl how 111 she
took) d, but ii was to Vera thai he
addressed hlmsoU.
■'Miss Blaffurd," In > i Ran dimdi nl-
ly, "I've Jusl h> <■'' paid*- foi -i sluu i
utorj.   nnd   aud
■ Well," Bhe ejaculated eoolly,
• I know ii rlppliiK little restii
won't you come to lunch w h h me
;.■■ .,.;.. >i ■. ■■■ rl*
Hi: fuel -""■ !■ i un. di turned
t i blm u I'll a itul i
1 What aboul tho landlady "   I heard
|,i i  stoi mluu awa*   ti   you vest
FTnvi    nu HUtislted In r'.''
■ Ob, -h" cnn wait, Besl b . It's
inther a bin cheque eight ruUi h ■
Please do 001110. I can'! eujoj ll to
myself; and 1 do want to ci h
Vera looked questlonluglj  si   ii' d«
■ i am :-o glad," th€ latter remarked
to Vaughan.    ' Which  Btorj   was  li
' The Whn- d Si pub hn     he   • 1
and he was e\ Ub atl    lellghti
lutei 1 Bt.    'But  pb ip.
afti r 01 e, and I in |ollj  hung*
The two girls rose from thi 1 seats
and he fl  nl ini.*"."   ■• u.   which
was  on   thi   muhi
pal;.'., '.   fur tl
\ .t ighan    >••   .    .     bad 1
m ad thi   tl 01 uj   pj bs o(  I
ami for twelve moi
busy storming edlto I  -     01
N-iv.   and   then   his   ho^ea   h
raised -1- > -high bj   thi   ai 11 pta
a -i.u,,   utoi r,     \  [i  .   ■■  ■; - ....•• :'
had hnish-d his first   novel, aud was
now   anxinu I     waiting '-1  in ar  In tu
ihe  publish' 1   to   w tibs    ti nder  consideration he had submitted hi    11 al*
il'-ll   effort.
At last hi' beard their door opi 11
and he hurrb d   out    to meet   them.
and i:t 11 f- w minutes 1 bi y wen -• at d
in the Month kvous, u i lean li Ht res
tanrant  in Deac Strei (.
Their 1 :-es brighteni d as tl ej ri ad
lhe menu. \ shurl course ol t»en :■
starvriiioii i.. the only means of raising such au appreciation ot food, thai
eating becomes almost more thnn a
pleasure. I-ul the course nmsl not
lie prolonged; for In thai case the
pleasure is turned to distaste, and tin
uppetiti  requires tempting,
The meal was a joyous one. Only
Vera wis rathi 1 sad. for she s-av, the
luve-llgbl Hashing us rajs across the
table, and she foil lonely. They wer-3
so childish in their happiness, so
frnukly joyous of one another's company, thai a portion of their Joy soon
communicated Itself to her, and sho
Joined in their merriment,
Vaughnn strolled homo wllb them,
aiiil aeeopted tbelr Invitation to tea
Vera snatched up lhe solicitor's letter, For sho had no wish that Vaughan
should seoOl*
"if thoy come with a summons,
il' ■> can see me," Vera thought to
.herself, for sbo had determined lo
eavc her friend from -wry possible
"I'm not going out." Vaughan saldl
last, "but I want to toll you something
Mis-- Stafford, would you mind coin
in» inio iny room."
Hilda looked up nutckly, and sh"
w:,s folntlj jealous us sho watched
Ihem leave tin  room.
"Look here," Vaughan said al si
roughly. "I know you are 'hnrd-up.'
I've more money than 1 want- Let
in-, lend you a little. Ploiiae don't
gel angry, It's mn you I'm thinking
about. She's not strong; ami some
beeUen, ami porl, and things—they'll
do her a world of uood. Vou needn'1
w ll her, yon know "
Vera Looked    at  him  with ahiniug
■ Wo will talk about that to-morrow,
1 shan't forget yonr kindness, mr.
Seymour If I take anj money, ii will
oni, lv for hilda's uuKe."
■ Of eourBi. 1 knott thai otherwise
I wouldn't havi dared to offer it.
Donl wc both love Inr:" ho gold
(To ho Continued.)
Improving tbe Cost of Egge.
A short time titfo a purchaser of
okkh In it United States city found lu
a pnokngo of guaranteed new laid
eggs a note asking him to correspond
wllh a certain farm address, By do
in-* so he found oul thai tin* ckks had
beeil shipped by tho farmer on I'c
comber 17th. D&tectlVOB havo been
itet lo Work on Ibis ease," an action
has been Instituted In Hm fictitious
mime of "John Doe," hiuI iih ono nf
the resuiir Canadian cltlea have been
Hooded wiih U.S. "new laid" or«h
liom the oold Btor fl go people. lu
Mom real ilu- retail stores have been
Helling Ibom at 2S cents ami explain
Ing thut hetis are more than UBliall)
Industrloua   tbls spring early though
ll   Is for okh-s  to ht-   plenteous.       The
Now York trial has developed the
laci ihat these eggs cost on au uvhr
af-n from is to UO cents a dozen,
trucking and other 1 ran -.portal ton
adds another cent and storage auotli
<T ceiji. Those okks which cost 20
to _':' cents are made to be worth Bfl
to tin cents giving a new meaning to
tho o'd adage. "Tune ami i against
the world." Butter it was shown U
almosl almosl na easily Increased iu
value, tho cosl of storngo, Iubiu'iiucc
and   everyililiie   nlso   a
one-uud'hulf io i wo cent!
a m<
Hi p
\ Scoti lur.in.    \. i;     Fn mh, ban
di icovi red  v, element In Hi-   Noi
•"ii iii-nni of British Columbia, Tb ■
m \\   nicial,  in    Mm h  no- dlscovi i- i
sivus i iic a,nm-   canudlunt,    ■ ng
ii the ■■.Hup   >■! 11 ilu of   which
i Intluum and pulladlum are members
li occu a compuinttvelj abuudnntl.i
li certain inlneralu In Ilu form >l
gralm* "t * ai j lug tllmeusioni
\ ,n [ous Humph s thai h.r. ■■ bi   ■ ■•
.-.i\. i|   v lehled   from   abo
of «n ounce to about tin .- and u hall
ou  in ihe ton      rin' ii-- lal
io In- nn.iii'i-i ti -1 li* iiiol*ilur< . : im i
i- Ini pot dhli '>' unit,,- " in ii'sh or
■, ■ . i ■ ,, ■ . . owplp • ii ia
pioi • duel ii: aud moi ■ < .:.■-■ ■ than
lead ami IU m-hm^ lohn
nihil iiun «{ Uii i n i tu
Si'.i es ef th    ii v.   im i  ■ hai e beeu
,.ni tu ii." ruivi Fiiij "i ti;.is "v- to;
further stud)        The < i< in-' il   a em
to he quite   distinct    trom platinum
I alladium, . iiUi-mium aud > »i • im  au I
Im.- ini!.'* fmni   * bleb i1  ■*■      takei   .'
.    ho  i n h  in  ntlie    . i .i -  ■-
[nrpi   ■   Wei
My alsti .i  spiritualist!"
How    are the>   gettius
■ ■
i wag, «
-..:■ ■.■ ■■ < I:
..: -    abo*.    '..ie
, in •,-   d :■ ..-■   ui somi boil*. In
I     - IB "t" III    'I:-:.ill."    A
i       .,'..-■ ou ai   old »ountry dame
- ■ ■■■ i-
\ :.! :i\ ;■    *-:■ .: :   of   i ;iin   now
an ci.ipi;.   ral w.
Ul ■!   to   i.
.   the tm
loor, and  iblnklu
i an ■■ o i and m
■ train drew up
ai  the m xt
uo   good  iau..
looki 'I   inxio ,-
.  .; -   v, ludov .
After  ;•   short
staj   i
be  train   again
started on its
way, u
. tlte olu lady's
"Yer's a pui
■p.   go,
--ir."  she satd
turning  towari
i      tile
hearth -s   wag.
"An" my oni n
iau was
waliin' on !■.<'
platform.    Wy
tliey  ut  'e gel
cut win ii it's
',"—London Tit
A  Many Fingered  Family.
In ihe Village of Koshllovu (CJrodno
CiuvcrnmenU, Ituspta, there are o\r
fifty peasants who have more tha,!
tiie usual numbor of Angers.
According to particulars publish! *i
in the Novo] Vreinya, thoy are all
descendants of a peasant who inar*
ried in the first half of tho last century and who luul extra fingers on one
of his hands.
In lhe present generation this ah
normality is reproduced to ihe extent oi' two, throe, four or even live
additional fingers. Homo eases simply show a thumb duplicated from the
first joint.
As a result of Intermarriage the deformity Is spreading to neighboring
villages, li dispenses the young men
from military service, however sound
tiny    i
Mall Gi
he constitutionally.- full
Sores All Over Baby's Body
"When mv baby boy wai nl** nwnthi
©'■I, Iils body wu completely covered
wit!] Iar(-n wi that seemed lo Itch ind
bum, mid oauu terrible ■ ifVii:::. 'Ji<n
eruption began In pimples which would
open und run, making largo lOfW, Hl-i hair
cime out und iW-'-r nails fell off, nml ihn
tores wi*rn ovrr lho entire boa/, catiaina*
!.:..>■ or no pleop for bsby or rnyself, <jo.it
Krsbi would copio on when 1 retnoveel his
n.nt.   We. trii-d a great many remedlei but
I '.T!.!i ,'  '.'..i.llfl ll'-lp llllll, till IL flli'li'l Itidlii .'.I
imi lo ny Ciiil ma Hoap find Omlmf-nt. I
i,-Hi tlio Cnil'iia flpep nml Olniawnt but
I cHori timo ueloro t could nw tti-'t. bo we*
improving, and tu six Weeks' timo ho w.n
miio'iv cured, lb' imd milferea ntmut. -i-
\Mi-kn before wo tried tbo cutienrn Boap and
Oinliiiiiil, ultlioiicli w« hnd Irlrd IcVornl
nlher HiIukh mid dortori tno. I think tI-n
liitliuiii ItOmMllei will di. all Hint hct-ihti'-'t
f„r them, iiiid ii great deal more."   (Sii'imn
Mf.   NoblQ    I'.hiii.ei,   V<»1 "'ii,   Mont.,   iii
t i"!.iiiii flofip nnd Cuticura Olnl mm t notil
h* ilriiRRliu nnd rlrslcre evcrywb    Hcnd
to 1'iiii.r Dnii,' A Uliom,Corp.,fit) Coliiinbui
Au-,   lloKlne.   I'- H.  A ,    fni   a libuul loj*
jetgHjIsol i.uli, mill .Up. buoklit.
W- N. U, Sflfj.
'    There was a deficit of nearly   61,*
000,  on    i in-   working of tha P.O.
telegraphs    and telephones fur  1910*
Simpson So *■ n : v. -re hml In u
rallwaj wreck; Did you gel anj dam
Simpson Well l should sa> bo;
n 'lacked rlii nml a fractured foot
Balsac'o Love *tory.
Bah/as iihv Iuk Ih • a dead Ju ,1 fifl
yaars, tho novelist is receiving honors rrom bis countrymen In the form
'>f a memorial plaque Thll n • alb
to a Paris contemporary an Interest
iuR Incidenl lu Balzac's career, In
1825 hi- vii ■> in Poland, where he was
invited to visit a lady in Boclety,   He
! arrived about tea lime, and after the
Introductions the lady of the house
said to her daughtei: "OIvq m, de
Balzac some ten." The mention of
the name gave the young lady a si art
with the result thai the L6acup and
plate fell to ilie ground, Her con*
fusion  was    so    great that  she fled
' from tho room. Home timo later
ahe became the novelist's wife,
Whenever Balzac told the story to a
friend he always added: "Co jour-Ja,
je connun la glolre."— London Olobe,
Not Quite rTeady.
known Scottish architect
was travelling In Palestine recently,
when news reached him ot an addition o his family circle. The happy
father Immediately provided himself
wiih some waier from Ihe .Ionian to
carry home for the christening nr
the infant, and returned to Scotland.
On the Sunday appointod for lho
ceremony ho duly presented himself
at thi church, and sought ont lhe
beadle In order to hand over the pre-
Clous water to "bis care, He pulled
the flask from bis pocket, hut the
beadle held up a warning baud, ami
'camo near to whisper:
•No the noo, sir; not ibe noo! May*
i„. afier the kirk's ootf
She Suffered for Two Year* and Found
a  Cure   for  all   Her   Troubles   In   u
Single Box.
Lower t'linupiei, Gloucester, X. B,,
(Spsclat) - .Mrs. Jus. o. Ohlassou,
wife uf llm polhc magistrate here, (
wlio for two years ban boon practical
ly an invalid, is ngnln in the best ol
bralth, ami she Is IgJHng her friends
ow quick and coii'dTio wus ihe etii'i
when she took Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"My Illness,"  Mrs.    t'iihi.Hhoii  aaj
1 -AH
ami al
The power of lime.
It Ik lu our pursuits Huniielves tba1.
wo throw away our most fHlunbh
lime. Few Intellectual men have Uu
nvt for economnlalng lhe hours of slmlj
'lhe very nocessll) whlcb everyone acknowledges of giving uist portions ul
life to attain proficiency in anylhlug
makes us prodigal where we oughl to
Iio purslmouloUB, ami careless when
we Imve need of Unceasing  vigilance
The host   lime savors are the love
of soundness In nil wo loam or if
a eheertul   acceptance   of Inevitable
limitations.    There  |s  a  CI 11 il I tl   point
proficiently at wlileli au acquisition
begins lo bo of use, ami unless we
have the time and resolution uocossnr)
to roach    thnl    point,   our labor Is as
complete])  (brown away us llml of a
mechanic who began to make uu on-
d bj a sin.1.1, and tor two IB*"8   "ml   »avcr   ■'■-■■''l-1''- -•■     " •»
i a sultorer    M\ hack aeh i"1'" -*01' aveiyono who desires lo »'
alwny*- tired and  nervous, tain   a   par tool   economy   ot llmo to
les  under iny imtlto n list uf tho dlCforenl pursuits lo
l had a bitter vl-lch bo has devoted himself, and to
Remarkable Experiment.
Sir \V, Ramsey believes tbatsome-
Iblug will be done In the nature of not
raialng coal ai ail, but leiiiug It, Ile
underground, burning H ibere, and
Inking off the gases, Ho hue been In
communication with a largo collterj
proprietor, and lhat gentleman Is
making iho experiment. ll wll
started oil a very small scale.
Parent     Is   in>   1
ami [you lhlnl,?
Sciiooi Principal
teacher he bad hei
sick   friend.
Vuy: bo ti
i silting up
on the
dark    <i
•r sleeplll
taste In mj motltl
"1 had a pressure nud sharp pain on
the (up of mv head. I was nlwnj ^
thirsty and my Skill had a harsh, di)
reeling, l was oftt n dlszy, 1 perspired
< nslly and mj pi rs pi rat lou had nu uu
pb .. aid  odoi
• Almosl rrom ibe Ural dose Dodd's
ICIdnes Pills helpod mo and b* the
time i h, -i IU Ished U ■ llrsl bo.x l wna
n n i II .\ iu "
Mis i hia-. inn's pj mploimi whovvi d
tl.,.' it c iroubie v ■ ■ I" v Kldnoj ■
Thai s whj Uodd'n Kiduej IMlli cured
lu i ,n quickly.
I Ut    I ll    opposite   to   each   of   llioin
li'dlralliiK Ihu degree of Its stiiindnest!
will) as Utile Belfdoluslnii us maj be
Micr    hnvlliH   done    thll     he    ma
easllv th eoi lain in bow many of these
pnisiii-. ii mifflolcnl degree nf sound
ncs Is nttaluabln ror him, ami when
this has heen ill clil,-il he nun nt oneo
i fleet a ureal saving bj Lllu total r*^
miucliiiloii o| iin ie,'
w lib regard lu those which wnnin
rini whlcb me io he cnn led farther,
tin      UPXl     'I'I in;     lo  he  net ill ll  Is  ihr
e\aot Umi! ef ihelr cnltlvalloii,     No
Amerlcani; tho Biggest Meat-Eaters.
Dosplto it"1 lac: that ihe census reports show iimt Americansure'stendllj
drifting towards vogetaiiaulsm, they
are still (Bays iho famil Dootor), tho
grentosl meal eaters in the world
Their moat costs, every year ouo bun i
died million dollars more than tholr
vegefnblos, lucludJug Imported vegel
able foods. In the aggregate American,
pay overj year nboui ?U,250,000,000
for food.
Ask for Mlnard's and tnke  no other !
Wt* offer you freel
1 ill  hlme.t   liume iUi-1
cBieiandhow to fnre
them.  Cult for It tt
your local dniRBist or write ne.
I   „„., |:,.„.lwliflll-'0',l.|l|!1|l,.nll
oil i "I um -Tour smvln «ui»,    ,   .
ini ninKlwflCitM H ««"*• *■■'" iu |
I, «-Ltk«, rmii)".
nl Mr. Pruk ftiwti,otniiiicVe(Qiifc '
rani      "I'lww WW! *m_J_»
**liiat1l TrriHi-o ".I Um I1n"».
- 'iSwiiiw ' 1''-«'-"''* .
B-mvIhCiiii'Dili ••■n-mi «III,  I
nii-.ii ium-iii umt i'»'i It» I
KatiiHH'i Si.ft.in I
k (tun H -"M *>t Um |
\   ii'ironii pta    "
? II i.u -. Mil*.
Jfl ihlttllR tot t
v\t jini fwiml tit U |
IS HOItsi.
INS llll A NCR
  j'Knli  »t
yonr local   aMiw-ii [
"1   foil I   you   are   lOSlUB   llll
tlio oauo."
"\\ in ''
i see you
"No daugei
i iiffragoito,
"Thou I o
• No.     lie's
st  In
th a young
1 llllll'. 1
.,'   1 :i \... III. 1 .<   IQ    ..llml   rlllllll
UK    III.
lletllllll    IMmk   "1'    llllllls.-
i.nm rlou
Secret ol Ih.  Sphinx.
i.oi' iln.m,.  Ainliiw   Hi ii.ni'
Struggling Author: "This world
will not lOCOgnlze all 1 have done until after mj death."
I'riomi (consolingly : "Well, I
«ouhln't horrj. You'd be he)mid
Injury linn."
EnoilmriFalls, Veniwnl.ti.M.*.
declared the militant
noi your beau?1
i   professional
man.'     Washington  Herald.
bonds  p<
llarvurd Uiilvorslly who claims   v
e solved tlm riddle or whal or win
the grenl Kgjptlnn sphinx is, now pi
Want Commodity Rate to Remain.
Keghui, Sasb The shippers' com
niitec ul the Reglna board of trade,
ft* i cottfciih rable discussion, decided
n send a telegram to the railwa-
uiumialon, urglnfi thai tlu cotumod
i\ freight Kites remain in effect
ndlns ' negotlal ous who the rail*
i' -.lrged iimt the
Ixth class, which
ImplomentB, situ
of Wlnnfpog, and
;oii   to  have this
new rates in the i
eoveie ogrlcuUural
discriminate In favo
elfoils  will    be    n
Tread softly -
Step safely. \ga
wrest rrom Ii the secrel mes*
i> ii i inee the earliest Hun s,
has been sitpposscd to Mult in Its
stouj bead. Ile K going, so to rfpeak, to
operati on ihe sphinx's brain, whlc'i
Is today covered with sand, Dr,
Itelouer, white tit worlt last year lu
lOgypt, wc me told (says the New
York correspondent of the Daily Telegraph) discovert il that the hole or pit
in (lie lop of Um ureal images head.
which is a IllteuesH of Cephren, the
l-g*j*pUnu ruler, extended ton feel r
more down from the upper surfaco
Believing thai the cavity mlghl con*
tain treasures of untold vnlue, the
llnrvaid snvaitt made up his mind to
prosecute a search into tho hidden
niy-tterj al lhe earltesl opportunity,
lie is accordingly now at Alcxaiidrii,
whence ho will KO to list  the sphlllA
Ile bar. funds Irom Harvard and
conipaiiieii by    Professor
Row e,
His Arch Look.
Cleorgo   M.   Cohan, lho comedian,
'aiis talking about men's clothes.
"Blank," said Mr Cohan, referring
to a certain actor,     "Blank Ih H well-
I droBued   olinp,       Blank, I warrant,
I you, v. Hi lorlt superb lu his new Kast-
: er olothos In the Raster Sunday par-
ado on Fifth avenue."
"iiiani: would look well enough) I
admit," said a tragedian, only, bang
P. he Is bow legged."
"Oh, but that." said Mr Cohan,
"that is what gives him his arch
Embody the patented features
of Cat's Paw Heels.    )50
Why Not?
are you?" asked
looting Isaac In th
hould I  beT replied
the children getting
Senator Tillman. With bis accus
tomed urbanity, was submitting to an
Interview in Washington. One question, however, caused him to say
wiih ;   laugh:
"Ob. that question is premature.
It's like the remark of little Tommy.
"Tommy whenever a visitor came
to the house would have his head
patted aud then tbe visitor would
"Well whose little hoy ate you?"
"Tommy ufter a little thought .io
would try bis hand at ibis sort of
thing himself, and one evening when
a young man sat in the parlor with'
his sister Tommy tupped him on the
bead and piped:
"'Well, whose father are you?"'
Old Sores, Lurnpt
In Brtai'.t,Growths
rnnoved and hia).
rd by a simple
Homo Treatment
No pain.    Describe tho trouble, we will tend
book &r.d testimonials free.
10 Churchill Ave-. Toronto.
t.nol: belter, flt bettrr, wear
longer told give better B*tlafac<
Hon than other makes. They
are ibe result of 68 years' accumulated knowledge and M*
Serlence In building Hlfh Grao>
hoes. Stocked by leading
dealers  everywhere In  Canada.
The John Mcpherson co.,
Limited, Hamilton, Ont.
How are you?" asked  a Gentile
friend, ineetlnR Isaac In the street
"And how
along, Isaac?*'
"And how  should the children get
'And docs your wife feel better?''
"How can a sick woman fci I?"
"Are   you   earning   more   money
now ?''
"How much can a poor Jew earn?"
Hy this llmo the Gentile had quite
os;t his fin Hence,    "J'ell  me.  lwuio."
he said angrily, "why is It when you
eWB aro asked it qui st ion you always
nswer with a question?"
Isaac was silent for a time.   Then
lie answered, innocently.   "Why may
uol a .lew answer with a question?"
Tbe first
Greeks and
tho I'll'
was made by
;t windmill by
To Build to Georgian Bay.
Ottawa.—it is understood tlml  the
government has been approached hy
certain   railway   Interests   which   aro
prepared to  build a  lino of rallwaj j
rom  Montreal to tbo Georgian Hay, I
over which lhe t.C.R. would be given
running rights,     The matter has not
yet been glvuii serious consideration,
but. It will engage    the intention of,
he ministers ibis summer.
Summer Servrce.
Montreal • Quebec -Liverpool.
Kmpreaa of Britain .. .Friday, Mar   >
Uka Champlaln .... Tlmm.. May   S
Empress of Ireland .. Friday, May 17
l.al.e Manitoba ...... %hur»., May ai
impress of flritaln .. Friday, May Jt
and weekly thereafter.
Emprc!.seB:   SM.60  Saloon,  $53.75   Se-
H cond, U3.AU Third Class.
Other   Shlpa:    fOO.OO  **"*$    Vl"'>
Reservations and -tatalla from an/
Railway  Agent or wrlto
J. 8. CARTER, Oenl. Aot
ttO   Pot tan*.  Ave.,  Winnipeg.	
There    are    2400    (tdleni
Poles) In Scottish mines.
A 7° o Safe Investment
7 pur cent. luaranUed una * aiutf
In further proots.
The abovo securltr Is tha hert U-
•Juptrlnl  ever offered In Canada.
"n'rlt^  nt  rtr.ee fnr pRrtlcubira.
National   Securities   Corporation,   Ltd.
Con federation   Life  IJlilf*. Toronto.
Tn Pcgn-je und Algeria, Greenwleh
time has heen adopted since March
of last year,
Rather Grateful,
"Do you think It possible ti
you enemies?1''
"Not exactly,"    replied    Miss Cay*
onne,      "Yet    many of us ought to
feel  rather grateful  to our enemies.
as the only people who take a real in-
le*est In us."
Special Notice
Agents wanted to buy junk for
Cor. King & Sutherland, Winnipeg,
incentive to Cleanliness.
f Tl... uil> of Alameda, Cal., Is abo.i1
io employ a unique plan to raise the
Bln'idnrd of ch tin 11 no In .■<■ ul nci ■
and busim us lioniw a In hi ure the
Mini farj mn nit ion1- of iho various
[Demises is to bo shown hy plncardi
bearing ibo Inscriptions "elenn'
'loi)'' or "flllhy," Thoso place-i
which do not satlsf) tbe Boitrtl ot
Health will be placarded ns dirty or
lllthy tiiril thoy comply with the do-1
mnnds   of the authorities.—Municipal
i .'a-'U,
Hqvi Hard is a Diamond.
A carpenter runs bin plane over ,i
piece   of wood    and oul  come tho
pretty, curly shavings,     Now, If   n
plane Ih mil ile wllh a diamond blade
Instead   ot   a steel  blade, and  ths
blade  is sol    Just    right,  tho pbtno
when   run  ovor glass  will  turn  out
nn<-.   thlnuosl   HhavlngH,
like llioso made by a plane on wood
This gives some Idea of Lho wonder- ])Qy
fui hardness of u diamond, yet ibere y,u
Ih something hardor tban a diamond, i(  ovor
It Ih another   diamond, or oven lho
same diamond, for a diamond may In
extra bind    in ouo pari  and not so
bard ut It ought,   to b<> in a not boi
purl.   No     Vork  Pj'.-hs.
Alaskan Mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes iu the icebound northern country are a plague beyond relief. Tbey come to life nbout, the
middle of May, before tho ground is
thawed out and while many feet of
ice ctill covers ihe lakes and all but
the swiftest rivers. Stagnant, sun*
heated water is not in the least necessary. Tbey breed in tho glaciers
wherever .i bit. of earth or manure
baa melted a little pool. Tbeir I
wrigglers aro seen In running Ice
water. By the 1st of Juno it in un*
comfortablo to sleep without proteeJ
lection, and from that time on until |
September, when tbo 'flrst frosts
lm\e benumbed them, especially during tho warm, rainy season of July
and August, they become a never-
ceasing sourge, owarming in thousands. Tbo Alaskan mosqultlo is
smalt, brown, silent, and very much
in earnest, Ho never sings a
warning nor fools about selecting a
spot to tasle, but, naya a sufferer,
comes in u bee-line wilh his probe
and gets In to action. Kvery Inch of
your clothing Ih industriously bored,
so that ynu look like an animated
brown coooon, and the slightest, ex-
posed Hpot on wrist or neck Ih promptly net on (ire. I experimented
wiih n small hole In my glove. Afler Hie first mosquito had found tho
opening others came iu quick succes*
slop to the spot. He left some
microscopic "kind holy and no dog"
sign there, IT I killed tbo lirai and
left IiIh carcass It nerved as a warning not nl all Tho others came tbe
faster, and the more 1 killed the
moro eager ibe survivors became,
perchlug quite unmoved ou the remains of tliolr confreres.
When Wives Were Cheap.
There ia living in Horsham, at the
age of s.'i. a remarkable old man call-
<i Henry Burstow—■ -by hard necessity
In suoemnker, by taste a singer of
songs and n ringer of church bells.
Even now he can sing any one of 400
j ongs that be knows by heart. Mv.
! Burstow occasionally reinforces hi-;
j memory wiih stones told him by his
I ather, and so cnn go back to 1820
.when a man sold his wife al the November Fair for 3s Gd. He himself
, tin well remember that in 1814 a lady
known as "Pin-Toe Xunny," was
'brought Into the market place with a
; baiter round ber neck and Bold for
80s to a man who parted With his
vateh to raise the price. Nanny
h nged hands again a year after*
vard and married one Jim Smith,
wiih whom she lived happily over af-
erward.—Westmiuste; OajtoUe.
The Origin Of Diamonds.
Von Bolton thinks that diamonds
are lormeo in nature by the action of
metal vapors, such nn iron or magnesium, uu carbon dioxide. He has
succeeded lu making microscopic diamonds by the action of mercury vapor on carbon.
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine "Bye Bciueify. N'oRmnrtlnc—Feel*;
Fine—Aeta Qutokly, Try ib '-r Red, Wcait,
Vnt fry Ryes and Gramilatcil Eyelids. lllu»
txiiii'il Book in each Package. Murine is
<um-nun-li-il by nur Octllllls-nol a'l'nirnt Med-
•villi1"— but mi-it In Mnvi.-M.ruI t'liyiiU'liiiid' 1'nir-
lleo f«r rniinr jreara, Sow liedlctwl to the I'u>
lie anil mill br nniujmt* hi %c nnd C0c perHnit!*,
Miiruio   I-:; i'  >:i,vi- In A*.i>pllc Tube*, 'itu and Mis.
Murine Eye Remedy Co.a Chicago
Never  Fcazed   Ougan.
Dugan, the roofer, Mas .sent to a
millionaire's palatini home, lo try to
i.nd a leak in ihe roof.
As he entered the front hall, the
butler whispered to Dugan:
The hardwood floors, as you go up*
■loirs they've Just been polished.''
■'Sure, there's no danger uv me slip-
pin' on him," Dugan replied. "Oi hov
Spikes in me shoes."
Judge—'You have been here twice
before and twice 1 have sent you to
jnll.     Have you anything lo say why
should noi send yon thore again?"
Prisoner—"1 have scruples   against I cents n box
n third term, yonr honor."—Judge,    I Medicine Co.
Mrs. Wm. Sullivan, Main Kiver. X.
B., guys: "Up to ihe time my baby
wns three months old it cried almost
continually day and night, I tried
many things but got nothing to help
It until a neighbor advised Baby's
Own Tablets. I go: a box of these an 1
there was a change almost after the
first dose and in a short time ths
child was In tbe host of healtb, ami
i big, fat. good-natured baby.
Sixty-foot Spider Web.
' The largest spider's web in the
; world waa spun not by a spider, Imt
1 tip human hands. It Blands on the
lawn of a Chicago man's summer
' home, and Is of such tremendous size
! as lo startle tbe passerby when he
I first sees it.
' The creator of Ibis intel'estlng
[oddity conceived the idea of attempt-
' leg- to see how closely an actual
spider's web could be reproduced
with rope. Selecting two immense
trees on the lawn of bis home, he spun
I bet ween them this spider's web 40 by
;(!(> feet, which is so strong tbat a boy
or man may easily climb lo the jcen-
jtre or top of it-
Tbe web faces ibe main thorough-
lire which passes the house, and is
one of the most, fascinating cotnttry
ground decorations ever seen. The
spinner could not attain the minute
ness of the actual spider's work, bu*
comes so near it that tho illusion i;
almost perfect. The uniqueness ol
patches nud fasclu
atcs every eye.     lt is a decided nov
Is now a mg, nu. goou-natured baby, jthe undertaking
I am now never without, tbe Tablets'
In the house and recommend them to _ ,	
Other mothers."   The Tablets are sold I ,.|ty.- Suburban Life,
by medicine dealers or by mail at £.'> I   j*e_„- tu|n|; nov -nilncl Is ninde up.
from the Dr. Wllllnma' I   Hue—Well, 1 know tho real ot hot
Brockvllle, Ont, lis—Boston Transcript.
The   l-ilici     -'"■   mo-fflVO
Waller -Vou, nlr.
The Diner   Union Paclfl
up two points lo-morrow
Moors are forbidden by
glon lo Hepm-lt Ihelr monoj
Instead, lliey hide it In (he
Australia After Women.
Immlgrnllon   authorities   iu   Soutb
Mistral In are doing everything they
can to eucourngo   immlgrnllon, there
being a   shortnge   of women in the
province,    A hading factory mating r
something recently slated   Hint   tV- scarcity of
girls in factories was due to Uio nun-
t nutrrlagt s.     in two or throe
ho bad given wedding present.?
young   women,     other
managers   of   motorics   statu]   thai
nnnieioiiH    maelilnoH    In  tbeir  worl,
shops woro Idle owing lo Inability lo
secure feinulo operatives,"
ol  the  M;r,s,i
l.iiiul in Kii-tlnnd In lho
|l,.iiry VIII, «:m kiiii riilly
nhilllMB per nne.
MIsh I'iiiiiccb
cimihi'IIh luBlllnle nf 'ri'.'liiiiilnj.,,'.',   i
imi ufivocAffi uf llm un* ci r. ti'.lci'o:
jtopo in   Hi.'   ih'opci'   propninllon o
In going mi liln. Tli.'    iiho nr tin-  mlcroncnpi
nlli-o.      i iTiii.iiiii; iu .\iisH StPi'll, wnnltl hei
HlU    lU.IIKClVll.     I.I    ill.    Il.l     IVOI'll    llllll
"Ir   I'i li-   IlllolllKI'llll)'.       Till'   Iill'llll   llll.l.rl',   l'n
li Imlll,      luiiiiiir.,.  iniil.l   Irlll'll   Wllj   li;^   iiTi'i'i
lounil.     wns   ii uuiToRg (jj nnliiK lho hi
ordUcnpi       ■;;,„. tioiiHoJwoPci' woiij
"hi" '"  ^.ii/ ll ilu: nlffercuua 1«
l-;»efl  wuol,   collon   nml hIIIi  tlln
itvulilliiB ml porSlhlo ik-c-i I'liuna.
§*//     Don't let repairs
eat up your profits
.Whether tliry represent actual cash outlay, or
only the time of yourself and your help, repairs
are waste just the .snme. When you make an
Improvement—no matter how small its cost may,,
be—let. it be permanent. Then it is a real investment, something on which you can realize in cash should you decide to
sell your property; aud something that will pay you constant
dividends in convenience, sightliness and comfort as long aa
the farm remains your own.
Concrete Improvements Are Permanent
They last as long as the very hills themselves. They do not
require experts to build them. Their first cost, in most cases,
is no more than for inferior materials.
; Aren't you interested in the subject of permanent, modern
farm improvements I
!   Then write for the book that describes hundreds of them-.
It lin't ■ Catalogue,   Evtry on* of Ita 1W handumoly llluatritad pagia It Inttraitf
 J  .....     Thty te|( h()W tQ mix jejonertta, how to plaea It, what can be don*
•ta"-»«a<M *M
Ing and In.tructlv.. '   ...     ....   .,    ,   „  ...	
with It   Tli. book wa. print.' to ..II (cr to cant., but w. have • copy for you, free.
Your  name  and  addr... on a poat.l will brim thi. book
Mail Ih. postcuril to-day.    Tho book will con. lo you bfj
return iii.ll.    AMraM
I.t  m
y rvniuvw yl THE  l'KOSI'KC'ToK, CllANBBOOK,  H.C.
t-.L.S. A CK.
b. c
lUn-intui-.  Solictor, elu.,
barrister* mill Solloltoi-t,
CKA.NBKOOK, ti, 0.
Mining lillgilii)8l' ninl
H.O. I .mul Surveyor,
HO   Box VM. I'hiiii. (US,
u. u.
Physicians and Sui»,eutis
ifDM »t K.aid.i.i'.,    Armstrong A...
rorenoous • • ■ • t.00 ta It.M
Att.ruuau. • ■ - . I.ill) ta   I.M
■vantage    7.11) ta  I.M
Sundaya 1.10 ta  I.M
W.  It.   BEATTY
Kiinerul IJir.iitor,
phone mo
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of Second-Hand Goods
Furniture a SPEOFALTY
Saga's Old  Stand, Humum Ave
Phon. 151.
********************* <
Steam Boiler,   furnace,
anil Septic Tuiili work
a specialty
Oost ami slock estimates   ;;
furnished on application.
Add,*,. : P. 0. Bua 1... Craubrui.lt
F. M. MacPherson
Nu.tiii.y Avium Neal t.i Citv Hall
Op... D.y .lid Night Phon. Ul
Oranbraak Lodg. Nu It    A.K.* A.M.
D. J. McSWBYN, W. M,
J. S. PECK, aee.
Rocky Mountain Chapter j
No   Via.  It. A. M. |
Regular meetings: -litul Tuua |
day In imu'Ii iiiunili si, olght |
u'olouk. I
Sojourning Ciimimiilmn ai-a .'
cordially linltoil, |
Hx. Cuinii. A. 0. Hhanklnnri, ID. 5
GKANimooK, B.O. I
I.O.O.F.. KKY CITV l.ulilll.',, No. 4;
MoeU every Monday
night nt New   "fra-
tcrnity    Hull.     So-
looming Oddfellows cnr.liully Invited.
H. J. Kendall, W. M. Harris
N.   0. Sec'y
Knights of I'yUiias
Crashr,,..".. H.C.
Crescent   Lodge,   Na.   ,-.■
Mieta   .very   Tu.sday
at I nm. at
Fraternity Hall
C. Porter 0. C.
J. M. Boyce,
K. ol It. ft a.
Visiting   bretbt.n cordially    invlt.d   to attend.
Court. Oranbrook No. 8943.
Meet In Carmen's Hall, mi   2nd and
lib Thursday ol curb month.
Louie Paareon, Bee., P 0  Boi Oil,
Tlslting Brother. Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch]
MeetH in tlic t'lirnien's Hull Und
und 4th Tuosilnys In every month, ut
s p.m. Membership open to British
N. A. Walllnger, Pmb.
W. 0. Orobbln, Sec'y.
P.O. llox 425.
Visiting members cordlnlly welcomed.
Poultry Notes
Moler Hairdressing College
Ladies:— Learn the  Huirdress
ini? Art in H weeks.   Graduates
earn $18 to $25 a week.
Write for catalogue,
335 Sprflgue Ave.     Spokane* Wash.
II 121
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deeiing & McCormiek
Mowers tV Rigs
Bicycles tor Sale.
All Repairs Done ,ii Reasonable Cost.
Works:       Opposite Depot
Held in Carmen's Hall
Conducti/d hy
Mrs. R. A. Racklyeft
Certificate Teacher from
London School  Bo.iril
I0;00   a- ui.   Lu  12:00 in.
2:00 |i. in. tu 4:01) \>. in.
Phone 220 P. (). Box 23«
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 25**
P. O. Box S45
Create Prince of Ireland
Dublin, June 3.—Dublin hopes soon
to welcome the young Prince ot
Wales. It is expected that his
younger brother will come with him
and thereby bangs a tale which is
tearing Irish society into shreds. It
is understood thnt King (leorge ib
discussing with the members of the
cabinet the question whether it would
not be well to revive interest in the
dynasty by creating a prince of Ireland, the title to be borne by the
second son of ench succeeding mon j
arch and to be held by such son af- ]
ter a change of reign until the next
in line attain a certain age.
The idea is to signali/e the passing
of the home rule bill and the giving
of royal assent by some act which I
shall show the personal interest of j
tbe sovereign in bis Irish sutijects, 1
and bring the court at Oorv HIU up
ta ii standard of real royalty.
The Welsh got tbeir own special]
prince as n sop for tbe extinction of i
Owen Glendower. It was England's!
principal pledge of pence between the]
Hill Celts of Wales and border war-:
riors. It proved a moat excellent
bargain and no title in the roll of.
British nobility blazons with more
brilliant associations than those of
"Ich dien" (I serve), the motto
plucked by the warlike lOdwurd with
the three plumes snatched from his
Poitiers captive, John, the blind
king of Bohemia.
If the ideg is curried out is hardly lively to please everybody. The
vice regal dignity would, of course, be
In some degree lessened und to that
extent removed from the anihitionsof
many noble peer umi peeress and it
would he a Iohs bard to hear, particularly now when thu new Dublin is
attracting so many high, when tho
Irish Lord lieutenant ami his lady
will he poople of the most potential
importance if the offices are not abolished. So society among the "ellgl-
bles" is hostile to the proposition.
while many of the lesser nobility and
commoners are delighted with it.
Both sides hnve to be considered.
lt is not too lute to begin keeping
account ot tlic eggs sold from the
fnrm Hock during the coming season
It Is a sate guess that such un uc-
catint will surprize those who have
never tried it, It faithfully kept
throughout tho year, lit must be remembered, though that our present
method of marketing eggs is nbout
lu lino with bringing butter to the
store   to exchunge lor groceries.
The whito dlurrlmeu, tlmt causes
much mortality among Chickens, can
be largely avoided if tbe incubators
and brooders nre thoroughly disinfected. This muy be done by placing
BOtflO sulphur in u shallow dish and
'putting a mutch to it, afterwards o-
poning the doors to allow  of airing.
To raise healthy chicks mix one-
third grit hy weight in their food
the Ilrst three days; from then until
the fourteenth dny, one-sixth weight.
Gradually decrease the amount in
food, ami be mire to keep {'(instantly
before thm-i. (Irlt should not be too
That poultry parasites tend O In
crease and multiply with remarkable
rapidity at this season of the ytar
Is a fact that poultry keopnrs often
tall to realize until the effects of infestation make a aoticable difference
In the appearance and condition of
the fowls. Young chickens and turkeys are very liable to the Utir-k of
\ those pests, owing to tbe neglect ol
sitting hens, their nests, houses, and
surroundings generally, and where
preventive measures hnve not been
taken or have proved Ineffectual,
examination and treatment should
immediately follow suggestive signs
of distress. According to correspondence, loss of feathers appears to he
very prevelent just now among
the older birds, and as this ls commonly due to the plucking and eating)
Of feathers ns a result of tbe presence,
of mites at the roots of the quills,
special attention should be given to
cleansing operations, tbe provision of
suitable dry dusting material, and
the frequent use ot fresh pyrcthrum
powder or flowers ot sulphur.
Colds and roup are often prevalent
and while thoy do not appear to be
contagious, thoy nre none the less so
and should be remedied before they
carry their ravages through tho entire dock.
The question naturally arises: "Are
the sick birds worth doctoring—if
tbey are, what is the remedy""' As
to whether tliey are worth treating
depends on the bird. Thore nre sick
birds thnt should be killed at once
and burned. Again there ure others
that arc worth saving. If they are
to be saved, however, they must receive immediate and effective treatment, The following simple remedy
will prove entirely sufficient in a
large per cent, of the cases where thu
trouble is a cold or the initial stages
of roup.
Prepare a solution of li per cent.
permanganate of potash, by dissolving 2 ounces of the permanganate
crystals thought nt any drug store at
about 3'l cents per pound) in Si qiiai't-
of water. Keep this solution always
on hand, and when n bird shows the
lirst signs of nose or throat trouble,
take enough of the solution to allow
the head of tbe bird to be submerged
and put the sick bird's head under It
until it nearly chokcB. Remove the
bird's head from the liquid nnd allow
It to sneeze and sputter, forcing tbe
liquid into nil the nlr passages. Repeat this three times before you let
the bird go, nnd repent it twice a day
until the bird no longer shows signs
of the disease. The operation is simple nnd easily done, and in the majority of cases sufficient, potassium
permanganate Is an excellent disinfectant and can be given to the birds to
drink with the result, that mnny other
cases can be warded off. Wben given
in the wnter, only enough should he
placed in tbe drinking water to give
it n claret color. Tbe birds can be
given water thus treated for three or
four days at a time. No other water
should be placed where tbe birds can
get it, otherwise thoy will prefer tbe
un treated wnter to that containing
the drug.
This treatment will not remove the
flrst cause of colds and roup. This
must be bourne in mind, lit will not
offset the bad effects of drafts, overcrowding and bad ventilation, those
factors that cause so much of the
poultrymun's troubles. Prevention is
always better than cure, und the u-
liove treatment is only tbe supple
ment to tbe proper housing of poultry. A sick hen will not lay, even
though she Is only n little sick.
Nell her will she Iny ns noon as she
gets well, in fact she may never
be a profitable bird for brooding
purposes. It pays therefore to first
prevent the flrst cause of sickness
und secondly to take proper care of
th© birds  after tbey   hnve  recovered
^ Makes more
|      bread
and better bread"
Sold By
The   Fink  Mercantile Co.
*V     STEEL       **
. Range
\l'i.li. Ifc-ipolally ii) Hum  II, (.'
Uepuli-s wliBti iiBOossivi-y iilwuyi
in slnnli iii Viuicouvhi',
Sold   by PATMORE  BROS.
THE STANDARD Is tli,. National
Weekly Newspaper of tlio Dominion
..I' L'mindu.      ll   Is  nntlnnril   In   .,11   lis
li uses Um must GXpeiiHlvu ongrii1 ■
'(ins. iirncurltiK tin- photographs if,.ii,
.Ml ovor the world.
lis articles ur.. carefully scdoctud itiitl
Uu editorial pulley Is thoroughly
A subscription to The StumUrd
n.sls $2.00 p.i' year lo uny llitdreiis III
l.'iinu.l.i or >:re;tl   lll'ltulll.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  Stantlnrd  Publishing Co.,
Limited, Publishers.
Doctors claim that laughter is the
surest rond to health, every person
owes it to themselves to get ns much
enjoyment out of life as possible, and
the exeatest pure enjoyment cornea
from the exercise of our risihlcs, i»r
in other words, hearty laughter.
"t'nsey Jones" which is the attraction at tbe Auditorium tonight is
built for laughing purposes only.
There's many a laugh in the piece
gnd the specialties help to drive dull
care away.
Visitors to the City
At Oranbrook
C. Mousey,     Spokane
F. H. Mason,     Spokane
F. H. Hall,     Vancouver
W. A. Home, Toronto
J. H. Wilson,     Spokane
P. Blomberg,     Spokune
C. A. Howard,     Vancouver
F. H. Knit-lit,     Spokane
M. E. Tolan,     Montreal
R. H. Cobb,     Kenora
A. Innocent,     Happy Valley
T. Oorkhlll,     New Michel
J. RobBon,     Fernle
W. A. Whitney,     London
S. C. Pyntt,     Hardlsty, Ont.
H. J. Sheppard, Spokane
0. Stacoy, Calftary
G. R. HoldUnson, Vnncouver
W. Lllcdje, Hanhury
V. Desaulnler, Moyle
,J. Maycock, Vancouver
B. J. Heck. Vancouber
B, H. Sninll, Vancouver
(I. tl.  Donald, Victoria
H. Bedllngton, Toronto
W. H. Clark, London, En*.
W. H.  ReeveB, Spokane
.1.  Macdonald, Vancouver
,1. .1. Towers, Seattle
At Cosmopolitan
0. W, House. Cnlgnry
R. Halilinil, Spokane
A. Wilson, Klmherley
P, A. McClr.ith,     Wardner
Allan Manson,     -laflray
ll. .1. I-nrnell.     flrow'H NeBt.
At Riiynl
Mrs. O. Sanderson,     Stiinly,  Alta
T. II. Riifs,     Fort Steele
F,. O. Watson.     Spokane
11.   Hess...      Moyie
F. Steinei',     Nelson
II.  L.  Olnrk, Wycllfle
.1.  V. Caldwell. Macleod
(Ins. Tlieis, Perry Creek
R. Burge, Perry Creek
W. F. Stanley, Spokane
O. W. nel.ii*, Claiesliolni
P. Durham, Olnresholm
a. c. Oooke, Jaflray
Coal milling rights ol the Dominion
in Manitoba, Hhskntetiewnu and Alberta, the Vukon Territory, the .\ortta
went Territories and iu a portion ol
tbe province ol Britisli Columhla,
may lie leaBed tor a term ol twenty-
one years at un annual rental ol 11
an acre. Not more than 2,6<i0 acres
will he leased to oue applicant.
Application (or a lease must he
made by the applicant m person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent ol the district In which the rights applied lot-
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described hy sections, or legal sub-
dlvlsionB ol sections, and In unsur-
veyed territory the tract applied lor;
shall be slaked out by the applicant
Eucli application must be u.'coui
pnuitnl by u lee of *& which will b«
refunded If the rii;hts applied lor are
not available, hut not otherwise. A
royalty shall he paid on Urn inei
chantable output «>f the mine at the
rate of live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish tha Agent with swoiu return.
accounting Inr the full uuantlty of
merchantable coal mined nml pay the
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining
rights are not bell).' operated, such
r, turns should he furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the c.al mining rights only, hut the lessee may
be permitted to purebnse whatever
available Biirfare rights may he considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate ol 110.On an acre
For (ull Information application
should be made to the Secretary ot
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent 61
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY.
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
tbls advertisement will not be paid
for, March 2fi-6m.
District Division ol  South  Kast
Take not.ee that I. itohert Camp-
hell of Moyie, n. e. occupation Mer
chant, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the lollowlng described lands:
Commencing nt n post planted near
the South West corner post ol Lot
'Awi, thence North Pi chains; thence
West ail chains; thence South 40
chains to the North West point of Lot
Mul, thence Kast 30 chains to tht
place uf commencement, containing
.10 acres more or less exempting
therefrom the lands covered by the
Hock Hill  Mineral Claim.
Robert Campbell,
Dated May '27th, 1912 22-St
For a Licence to take and use Water
Notice Is hereby given that Oeorge
W. Bade of Milton, Oregon, will apply for a licence to tnke and use one
and three-fifths miners feet of water
out of Booth Creek, which flows iu a
northerly direction through Lot 61G4
and empties Into St. Mary's river
near Wycllfle. The water will be diverted at a point 375 yards south of
the South line of Lot 61114 In a timber reserve formerly covered by timber licence No. 2!sfi7, nnd will be used for Irrigation purposes on the Iiinii
described as Lot C1C4.
This notice wub posted on the
ground on the 15th dny of May, 1912.
The application will be tiled in the
ofHce of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook, B. 0.
Objections may be liled with the
said Water Rocorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria B. C.
20.5t Agent.
i District of Kust Kootenay
TAKK notice that Charles Qrnsle;
Senior of Waldo. British Columbia
Rancher, intends to apply for permission    to    putchnse  the    following
described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the north east corner ol Lot 0281.,
Group one, I'ooteliay district, lbeii,-i-
< nst 20 chains, tlience south 4u
chains, thence eust on chain.; thence
south 11.91 chnins, thence west Hn
chains, thence north 51.9J chains to
the point ol Commencement nnd containing 100 acres more or less.
Dated this lirth day of May, A. D.
Charles Grasley,   Sr.   Locator,
Kdward Gar Held stahl,  Agent
Located 30th April. 1912. 20.9t
Notice Ib hereby given that the reserve existing ovor Lot 9H74, Group I
Kootenay District, by reason of the
notice published ln the British Columbia Gazette of tbe 27th of December, 1907, is cancelled.
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department.
Victoria,  B.C.,  18th May.1912.   3t-13l
(District ol East Kootenay.)
Take notice thnt I, Coutts I.lndsey
Chumliers, of Sheep Creek, farmer,
intend to apply for permission to
nurchase the following lands:
Commencing at S. West corner    of
l.ot 0117. group 1, thence    west   4*1
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
cast     40   chains,    thence   south    40
,'hnlns to the place of commencement
containing 160 acres more or less.
Coutts Lindsay Chambers
Hated  April 23rd.   1912 *!8-9t
Notice is hereby given that the ra-
erve existing   over Lot 0623, Group
One. Kootenay District, formerly embraced In Timber License   No.   16727
liy reason ot a notice b.-anng date of
24th  December  1907 and   published   in
ihe British Oolumbla Gazette ol 27th
December  1907,  is cancelled  in  order
lhat a -.al<- 0f the said lands may b.
eflected  to  Elizabeth Cunimtng..
Itobt. A. Fenwick
Deputy  Minister of  Lands,
i.nn.Is Department
Victoria, B. 0.
February Sth 1912. ISM,,.
licence to take and use water
Notice is hereby given that lleoi'g.
W. Dude ol Milton, Orogou, will apply for a licence to take aud uae on.
ind tliree-tifths cubic foot ol water
out of unnamed swamp creek rising In a timber reserve formerly covered by timber licence No. 31907,
whlcb tlows iu a northerly dlreetlou
through Lot 6164 and empties Into
Ilooth Creek near the north line ot
l.ot 6164. The water will be diverted at a point f.0u yards South ul the
South line of Lot 0164 uud will btt
used for Irrigation purposes on th.
I.md described as Lot 6164.
This Notice wus posted on tbe
ground on the 15th day of May, 1»US.
I he application will he llled In the
>t!i<e ot the Water Recorder at Cranbrook, B.C.
Oblectioiis may be hied with the
aid Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
M. 11. KNIGHT,
20-St Agent
Sealed Tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tenders
for Wharf at Boswell, B.C.," will be
received at this office until 4 p. m. on
Tuesday .tuly 2nd. 1912, for the construction of a Pile Bent Wharf nt
Boswell, Division nf Nelson, Kootenay District, B. C.
Plans, specifications and form of
contract can he seen und forms of
tender ohtnlned at this department
and at the offices of G. A. Kecfer.Esji
District Engineer, New Westminster,
B. 0., nnd on application to the
Postmaster nt Victoria, B. C.
Persons tendering nre notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places ot residence, fn the case ot
linns, the actual signatures, the nature of occupation, nnd place of residence ot each member of the firm
must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the order of the
Honourable the Minister of public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c. i
of the amount ol the tender, which
will he forlcltcd II the perBon tendering decline to enter into a contract
when called upon to do so, or lull to
complete the work contracted for. II
the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department does not bind it-
Belf to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, Mny 30 1912. 23-21
Kor n licence to tnke nnd use water.
Notice is hereby given, that I, R.
i L. T. Galhralth of Fort Steele, B.C.,
Indian Agent, will apply for a licence
. to take und use six-hundred miners-
inches of fnter out of the St. Mary's
; Itlver, which flows in an easterly
i direction und empties into the Koo-
i teuny River.
Tbe Water will be diverted at a
point about three-quarters of a mile
West of the St. Eugene Village, and
will be used for domestic and Irrigation purposes at the Kootenay Industrial School Reserve and th. Bt. Eugene liullan Village.
This Notice was posted ou the
ground on the 30th May, 1912, and
the application filed at the office of
the Wnter Recorder, at Cranbrook,
B. C.
Objections may be tilod with the
said Water Recorder, or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Victoria, B. C.
Indian Agent,
2J-5t. Applicant
For a licence to take and use water
Notice is hereby given that George
W. Bade of Milton, Oregon, will apply for a licence to take and use ono
und three-lifths miners feet of water
out of Booth Creek, which rtows in »
northerly direction through Lot 6164
and empties into St.Marys river near
Wycllfle. The water will be diverted
ut a point 375 yards South of tbe
Houth line of Lot 6164 in a timber
reserve formerly covered by timber
Licence No. 21907, and will be used
[or irrigation purposes on tbe land
described us Lot 6164.
This notice was posted on tb.
ground on tbe 15th day ol May, 191*.
Tbe application will be filed in the
office uf the Water Recorder at Cranbrook. B.C.
Objections may be llled with tba
said Water Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.C.
20-5t Agent
For a liceuce to take and use water
Notice is hereby given that Joseph
Taenbauser of Fort Steele, B.C. will
upply for a licence to take and use
one cubic foot ot water out of tbe
Wild Horse Greek, winch Hows ln a
Southerly dlrectiou along Lot 032 and
empties into Kootenay River near
Fort Steele.
Th. water will he diverted at a
point near where Creek crosses Lot
9IHI4 and will be used for irrigation
purposes on the lund described as Lot
This notice was posted on th.
ground on the loth day of May, 19111.
Tbe application will be llled in tb.
otUce of tbe Water Recorder at Cranbrook.
Objections may he hied with tb.
Bald Water Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria,  B.C,
2»-5t Applicant
A London cable says the coming
summer will likely witness nn un-
IIBIinl activity iu thu flcota ol the prm
clpul powers, most of which will
carry mil maneuvers on a Inrge scale.
The British Heel as in other yours
will be pllicoil ou ft war looting at
t.be end "I -lime, nnd the strnr'.tir'il
uu woll im Ibe tactical exercising will
he ol exceptional Interest and Importance.
These ure happy dnys of summer
time, when the hoyH nud girls may
run   and   yell   and  climb.     The   little
Inciin shine and gtin when    I  isj
out and loy Is ln.
ovr.pi ee vlabu'
in,,.,.,,,it,,, i.. i i.i,
Tnaot Mswaa
Copvriohts Aa.
1,1. amt fl>,.TlM''.'l tn..
,|„»l,,ll I..,. »l,fl,-, ...
'„ .>„!,„) Iai„.,l,.l,lv I t.l.iw.   l',,iiin.<M.I>">
. ... .ii„,ii.....-.i IUI..I. HAHDB00K ••"**"■-.■..
. , , I,,.,., i.liii.t ,„  I..r iiial-iil...,'..
|. , Ink, .1  tl.i.mvli  itut... A l„. Wralfa
,, I „„tlif, wittiest char.., Intl..
Scientific Jlmerican.
I.   linti-Wmi-ly  11lllPt.'•.*•-'. WMWt.     .-"•IP"-'   Clr
■mi I imy *"i*-niiii" Joinnr.'., ,"■■"*-*■,';"
 i x,  ,1 '■'■ H  y>'"i,  "jimtiiKn i>|p|i,il'l.     B0HI   »'■*
,;| '.,■.*•..•.■■I.I--II,
(Section Ul
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the 28th day of June next, application will be mnde to the Superintendent ot Provincial Police for the
grant of
iuor   by
For a licence to take and use water
Notice is hereby given tbat Wm.
Bridges of Moyie, will apply for a
licence to take aud use one cubic foot
ef water out of an unnamed creek
rising on Lot 9247 and sinking on
licence for the sale ol li-lsame Lot. The water will be diverted
wholesale in and upon the! at a point about 3 chains in a south
premises known us my store, situate Ieasterly   direction   from   the   North-
,,u linker Street in the City of Cran-1 west corner of Lot 9247 and will be
hrook, H, c.
A. C. Bowness
Dated this 35th day ol May. 1912.
"LAND    ACT."
District uf East Kootenay.
TAKK NOTICE that Kdward Gar
Held Stahl, of Waldo, British Columbia, Rancher, intends to upply for
permission to purchase the following
described lamp-
Commencing nt a post plauted 80
chains South of the North West cor-
ner of Lot 9254, Group 1; thence
South 80 chains; thence West 40
chains: thence North HO chains; thence
Kast 40 chnins to point, of commence
meltt, and containing 320 acrea more
of less.
Dated this iiiih day of May A   D.
Located Oth of May, 1912 20.91.
used for irrigation purposes on tbe
land described as Lot 9247, Group 1.
Kootenay District.
This notice was posted on the
I ground on the lath day ol May, UU.
iTb. application will be llled in ths
• ofllce ol the Water Recorder, at Oran
Objections may he hied with th.
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria,  B.O.
20-5t Applicant
Make* Short Work of
Hi"li.■•-Ntitl antl ii-iiiHrrnlly hum-It*-.* emtf* ut
Hfilftli.-m. l.iiiii>ii4f-», lii.nt. Ni'iirnUm oii'l all oil-.-r
l'.iiii«iif ll!..-mintHfii>H-LI ■lidirr t„ Alilmtl Hi. •
KnMimatlG Iti'iiii-dy. I.iki- an anut-l uf nun > it
i .- imv,"i in hi hii i riliof tti.|<-ri>.'(-*-,-,ki'(iaiilTar> it,
Ili'tr-I ili'-ni from linl« Qf agony mul tin 2M >.-„r-
l,4i Itn'ii -'-'ini,' men, wuniKit and clilklr*" (of
vili'iin iIii-ii- -treintMl no li*>li>. Juit a few Ik.iii.«
i. iv*turn] na •'* <>f from *i" to ■'■ y*--iiV -iui.it'.-i.
» i-l iml ty It • inii'i- iinHvallt'l at ■ ••iik-I>, mf" itml
>U«iliit<'ly M-llalili* in "iinimii fur all urn* arl<l ili«-
■< i»i*t, ev.uk klilnt-yii ate    Ut a <l<-)lar untlll ••(
Abbott Broi. Rhoumitlo Ajmjdy
Electric Restorer for Men
ml y-
Sefit i-n-
i at one©* iinrt ynur i-ura May.
IH Abbott !)••■, 71) S tWilin-iiSl,
if jmif itrumrUt ilfH imt hava It,
f lm ud f tuliiy. HraKitai* daca* ind all aaitia!
fttaknaM awirtd ai aoca.    rha-a*»*a*«a» wll \
Said By the
I JBBBftw *^*^ I fiwiheeh Drug t Book Co. ADMISSION
10c & 15c
Pictures at Auditorium
10c & 16c
*,.* millll Ill IIIIIIU I I I++-M--H--H-+
The Lund Land
i & Development Co., Ltd.;;
« P, LUND. President
Sec us about  lands in the
Beautiful Kootenay Valley
Orchard & Garden Tracts
Grazing  Lands
Visit our Experimental Farms at
British Columbia
Local  News
Don't (orgst tho big 101 olrous ou
June 27th.
Moyle will colobrnto Dominion Day. ]
B. Oumeron was at  Moylo Wotlnes-
day on business.
A. K. Watts, of Wattsburg, was in
town Tuesday,
Pure Apple   Oidei   Vinegar  Damp
hell and Manning's.
0,   ll.   MoDougal  ol   Kliiiberloy, mnn
in town Monday.
J. S   Toot returned Thursday from
mi Bast.ru trip
I. K B T     V  K     ¥ 0  R ii  K   I'
Kilby   Kinines   pictures
Mi   Case*  Jones,  ai     the   ludlto
rmm on Juno nth
Mi   and Mrs, II.  K   foots, ol Mo
| yle, wore In town Thursday,
,\l  Dodge, ol   Port Steele,  sri
town   Wednesday   on  business
Satisfaction Guaranteed
| .     ;   IIIV.II      -li.-l.llirt.inj     •-■••     ■
■ H-n-H-1111111 MINI *****1111111 I I HI I ******■ —
t+H-ftWHi-l-M -l-H-H-H- +4H-H-+-H--H*+-M*+-t*+++++++
I    The 41 Market Co.    |
£ I'his name stands tut  whnt is best ni
I Fresh Meats, Fish, Poultry, Etc.,  Etc.,
Our Sole Aim Is to Give Satisfaction    This we can   nosi
certainly Jo in the event ot you giviug us au opporiunity
Try  our
Brooktield Sausage & Creamery Butter
"Second   to  None'1
I "PHONE 72" J
^■HHI-l-l-H-H-l-H-l-l+H' ■H-H-4-4-I-4-H-H **** ******
Oalllornls Poaches und Apricots,
fresh today ;it r'luk a Pure Food
w. Rollins caught n nice trout at
st   Mary's Lalifl on Monday
j H. Ohassoy ol BuU River, was In
town Wednesday on business
«i- are leaders In all Uuds ol Irosh
Fruits i.u.1 regetables, tbey aro nr
riving dully -Campbell * Manning
Dr. ,J H King lelt on Thursday ou
„ hurry-up call to Vancouver
Win Montgomery ol Vsuoouver was
trans icUng business In Cranbrook
A ..iue number ol Indians were in
town Friday enroute to the Mission.
I. EST    -i  B    f 0 H il K T
Kilby   Frames   Pictures
Mrs H Kemprud ol Fort Steele.
was a Cranbrook visitor yesterday.
ffiljc |p*^pJictm*,
For Salts List
For s.u.k White s c Leghorn-
IVykoll .train,heaviest layers I1.K0
loi 15 oggs. S.O, Rhode Island
Rod, li.r.o loi it eggs; Pekln
Strain Duck Hggs, 11.60 lor 18
oggs All eilKi from lirst eliiHs
■took Swansou Poultry Farm,
U. ittshurg, n.i'
w AN'i'loi' to buy n five-roomed house
Havo buyer tor a 6-room bouse.
call and see us il you have one
t.> seli oli easy terms. [Cooten-
ay Orchard Land Co.Van Home
WANTED to rent houses. Parties
L-all ut our olllce every day lor;
nouses. If you wish to rent see
us ut once. Kootenay Orchard
Land Co., Van Home Street.
ilirl Mining Stock for sale at
only six cents. Kootenay Or-
chard Laud Oo. .Van Home St.
Mr. and Mrs. Con. Wbllan ol i'eruit,
were cuests at the Crnnbrook Friday. ' HAVE VOl' uny lots tor sale?   If so
see Kootenay Orchard Land Co.
There is a Grinding Need
in every Household, Hotel,
Repair Shop and Garage for
We Have Them
F. PARKS & Co.
Kntire change of |iro«-rniiune every
nleht at the Kdison Theatre.
' Kiflel Tower" lemonade at Fink's
l'ure Food C.rocery.
Mrs (lliver Burge ol I'erry Creek,
was shopping in Cranbrook yesterday
Mr. and Mrs. J. McAtthur were
i guests nt the Cosmopolitan Thurs-
I day.
', Mr. aud Mrs. H. S. Steele, of Cal-
i gary, were Cranbrook visitors Sun-
I day lust.
j Oonong's Q. B. Chocolates always
| please, sold only hy Campbell and
| Maunlng.
Colonial   nnd   Mrs.   Henderson   of
| Fort Steele were Cranhrook visitors
on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Thompson nnd
family leave today on a holiday trip
to the tar east.
Van  Home Street.
RELIABLE HELP furnished on short
notice by the Kootenny Employment Agency, Van Home St.,
.1. W. Itobinson, Mgr.
Apply  to Mrs. T.  Walker
nnrwell Avenue
P.O.  llox :tls, Crnnbrook. D.C-19.lt
Burned to Death
Ilurncd to Dentb	
On Thursdny inoming, John Sullivan, a miner, was burned to death
in his shuck at Moyle.
The cause ol the rtre ia unknown.
Sullivan wus seen nround town late
on Wednesday night, having recently
returned from Tracy Creek, where he
hud been working on the Estallo
Mine, which he luul a bond on. and
California Peaches and Apricots ^^ _ ,.om|m„y to tllke lt ovcr,
fresh   today   at   Finks   Pure   Food  am__. ,m(, lie(,„ ,xpectlllg _ „„„,.
Grocery.  ^^ , jier a[ capitalists here for some time,
J. D    McBride, and Mr. and Mrs,  who were expected to tnke over the
Patterson automohlled to Fort Steel j l'r«|'crt>i
ThurBduy evening.
' ******** I I I *********************
We  are   going  to  knock   the price ol even  ii-j
'.'.   we have on hand away down to Rock Bottom.
Buggies, Democrats, Delivery Rigs,
Surreys,    Eog   Trucks.    Lumber
Wagons, Farm Wagons, Etc., Etc.
Cranbrook Trading Co.      \
****4 .| -| . ■ 1.1.| -l-l-1 -| -f-l -f '-I- ** I I . .1-1 ••!• I ********** -l-l •
■    Fishing parties at Monroe and Fish
: lakes on Sunday  last returned with
, i well tilled baskets.
H*H"H"H"I"I"I"I"l'l"I l'l I t"l"I"M-'I'-M"I'l'il'H
If You
desire   to   obtain   ORCHARD  LANDS   in the
Vicinity of Cranbrook or —
City Property
Life Insurance
Fire Insurance
Accident  Insurance—
If  there   is   anything   we   can  do for you, our !!
services are cheerfully at your disposal.
J,   a  tup  Oil,nigh the Cuiiiidiall  Itoctlcs
l^t uh cunt our minds twenty yenrs
ahead aud see whnl will be the condition  ol affairs  In  crnnbrook  city,
j .iiiiinnii i ihwimi i11111H H iii n i ii 11 *
The ilece-tne<i watt a well known
miner, who had been in tiie country
for eight or ten years, ami was well
and favorably known. At one time
lie  wus lart'i'ly  intr-ri'rtted   in  a niiiii
• ber   of properties In the vicinity of
Kllby    Frames   l'ictures ■    (,oro|u,r    ,   „    M   |,(,„ m -.„.
Mr. Johnson ol Ooioman Is visiting brook   on   Thursday   to hold an In-
,hls   dauifhter   Mrs, W. A. Troop   nl! inest.
' OlonvlllH this week. Th«   iniiuest
  Iir.   .1.   II    M.  Hell  held ull  in.most
Work commenced Friday on the 61- on Thursday, the lury wus composed
i tension ol the sewerage system to tha jot .1. W. Finch, loremnli; nnd Messrs.
i Ht. rfucene Hospital, I M. Martin, 0. Furrell, P, Conrad Win
~~* j ll.it.'man und  .lohn Taylor.   'I'he lu-
'   Oeo. Husk has the contract lor the      (mmi| ,|mt {nm _M „„„,„„. M>,
Installation ol tho Bro-oscapes on ths ,,,clouB ,„ tll„ mnttBri „„„„,,, tlll! ,,„.
public school building. censed   nrm   nnd   leg   were   burnt
Huntley mid Palmer's nn.i Jacob's nl "nd his head badly burnt..   No es-
liisi'iiiis ut Campbell and Manning's pUnntlon was mnde as to the cause
  ' uf the lire.
Mr    and   Mra.      .1.   F.   Itilnsell.      ot J -    —     -
Crow's Nest were guests ut the Cosmopolitan Hunday Inst. KoOtfllaV   KillR    l.lllllll'd
Kred  llrown  ol  ths Flnk  Mercantile;     A ro|1„r| (ron, ,.■„,., s„,,„. Ia „, ,,,„
Olothlsrs Department  is In >M'"»"""; ,.iioct thut "Vm Myers hns bonded the
this week doing some business Kootenay King mine to un Amoriean
Alec Hume lefi the city Tuesday, "Wl'011**'
to pay a visit t„ the Pralrlo country    Tl"' Kootenay King la locnted on
„ „ok up a lew ol Ins relatives.      victoria Gulch, which is a tributary
  I of wild Horse Creek.    It  Is a silver
■ lead proposition nn which a lur^c n-
; mount of development work has been
, done.    The  ore shoot   ls  snld   to  he
a large   number ol Hpoknne tour- ,rom ,., tl> ,„ (w, |n w|||t|l
sts   will visii   Kootenny Iii July lor! ____
I. K S T    V B    F ii ll II I! T
Kilby   Frames   Pictures
appears in Crnnhrook this week.—
Don't miss ;, good thinit.
The    scholars   ol   the    Crnnhrook
U08T n  small  satchel   containing 12,l-h .8ol,?°^ c-ll-WHm,M- h." Ml- "ml
letters,  post-cards,  and  post   otflcs
Key    Fiader will return same to thisj1
offlco It.
Mrs.   I,.   .1   Ornnston,    visited  Moyl
I.ihi    Monday,   The   day    was ideal,
ml the heniltlful Moyle hike provid-
d a largo portion of the ploaauro ol
Mrs   Ohas,  Levin, ol Fort Hteole,  Uw ovonl     Mnny   ..(   th,.    acholnrs
who hns hern nt    rlpokiine anil Hen-   crossed the hike to Aurora Mine, und
nib- for the pnst month returned on wort   shown   through the workings,
.Monday having lunch nl the rook house   The
  balance  ol iho afternoon wm, spent
Mr    Johnson, ..I Beilgewlck,  Alta.,lib  motor Ih.iIu mi the lake, and In
wile   and   nlr   children   arrived   at the evening dniiclng wns Intlulgod in
their   future home on  the Kootenay, until lhe arrival ol the "Flyer",
  UH T     V 10     F II II II H T
Houston Pnlmoi  wt  yesterday Inr Kllby   Frames   Pictures
Tho attractions at the Auditorium
j is drawing big houses. The program
I is changed every nlKllt.
.lames ll. Malcolm to he a clerk in
the olllce ot the Government Agunt ut
Cranbrook Irom the 1st of April,mill
B.O   (luzetle.
Are thi' people ol Oranbrook going
to celebrate Dominion day this year?
II so, it is time (lint thoy were plni.
Ing u progrnmimi.
I. H S T    V K    V 0 11 il 10 T
Kllby    FriimeH    Plotttl'OS
T   M   Roberts, who wn» operated
Oil  Inst   week ul  the Ht.  [Qllgeh.0 llos
pttnl I..i appondlcltts, is reported us
progressing Invornbly.
A semi monthly mooting ,■* Oran*
brook lodge i.u.I, wus held on Thur
n.iii v oventug 'I'heiv wns ii number ot
new members admitted.
Tin.  Ladles'   Iteliovelelit   Assoclutloll I
,,i iin- l.oyul Orange Lodge, held a
social iii theli hall room ou Friday |
night, whlcb wns largely attondod,
"K'ulel 'rower" lemonndO nl Fluk's
Pure Food Qrocery.
Tho Indian Mnssaoro will he the attraction  nl   the  Kdison   Theatre    tonight,    it   ih n  two-reel feature and;
one   .1 the best.
A meeting ol the shareholders of i
tin- Society (iirl mine will bo held ln|
Moyie. on June Uth, lor the purpose
of electing directors (or the ensuing ■
You nre missing a llle opportunity j
If you don't secure one of those rea-:
sonnble  building    lots    from   Doris
There  ure just  n few  lelt.—Sold  on j
easy terms.    It.
Kilby    Frames    Pictures
FOR SAI.I--.—A six room house on'
i comer lot opposite   school  including
outbuildings nt a bargain if sold hy
July 1st,  terms to suit; apply  to O.j
W. I.add, City. 23-4t;
Sheriff's Jelly PowderH—3 pack-j
ages lor 'it. cents at Fink's Pure Food j
Wes. ("line, president of tho Oran-
brook Fishing Olub, who knows every }
inch of good tishlng In the Kootenny, I
reportB that the trout are rising to i
the liy in good shape,
Mr. and Mrs. A. O, Bowness, Miss I
Whitehead, Mrs. Win. Cameron, and}
Mr, Buchunan automohlled to Blko
on Thursdny, returning on Friday. |
They report having a very pleasant
Sheriff's Jelly Powders—3 packages for 23 cents at Fink's Pure Food
i MrB. H. Y. Parker and Mrs. Lome
Langln left on Fridny for Victoria.
Mrs. Harry White leaves today for
Victoria; the parties go as delegates
to attend a Convention of I.O.O.F.
aud Rebekabs. ...
I. EST     YE     FORGET
Kilby    Frames    Pictures
Tomorrow is "Corpus Christ!" Sun
day and will be celebrated at the St.
Eugene Mission. Indians trom West
Kootenay, Creston. Tobacco Plains,
and Windermere are arriving to take
■ part In the festival.
A. E. Longford and J. J. Cant ar-
| rived lu Cranhrook from. Reglna,
; with their wives and families, and
j hnve located on the Kootenay Or-
I chards, aud will go Into the chicken
1 and hog raising business.
i Just received—A consignment of
I Ladies' und Children's Hosiery In
! Cashmere. Lisle, Thread and Cotton.
"The little darling" mnde of scoured
I Australian lamb's wool with silk toes
i and heels, We highly recommend this
| line.-East   Kootenny   Mercantile  Co.
I    Geo    Scott   nud    T.    Cock-Ill,    of
I Nelson,    mining    men, were In town
Wednesday,   They    left   on Thursdny
I for Perry Creek, to engage lu devel-
; oping n very promising gold properly    which carries high values in the
"yellow  metal."
The dance given by the Cranbrook
Olty lluiid wus well attended. Tbe
music wus furnished hy the band orchestra, und was comprised uf eight
' pieces The music furnished dellghteil
the dinners and surprised a good few
of tho sceptical. Refreshment* was
served by w. Johnson.
Parties who wish to have their Oar
dens, Lawim or Boulevards dressed or
new ones luul will do well to apply
to Kwen Bros.. Gen. Del,, Cranbrook
they are experts and will do the work '
well. i!2-2t*
The Maple Leaf llelieknh Lodge held
a cookery sale in the I.O.O.F, Hall,
lust Saturday afternoon, mul in the
evening a bean Hii|>pcr wus enjoyed.
A goodly number ol friends were ln
attendance and n renl good time was
spent At the close an impromptu
dunce wns arranged nnd the tun en-
Joyed wns immense,
The lloyiil Hank ,if Canada hns Juut
issued their '2iiil nnnual report. This
Is one of the llnest reports the ttoynl
Hunk lias ever Issued und clearly
goes to show the Immense amount of
confidence their clients hnve In them
The system ol tabulating the tariff
conditions Is a grent help In the
ninny various possibilities the book
can he put ton.
,*fl III I -I -f-T'l"!"."rT-|"l"."l"f"|"l"|' T'l"l"l"l"l".-ll'-."l"."l"ll'l"l"l"l*ll"l 'l'< .
Sheet  Music
Wt- now have a gnod s ock of new
music on hand, and will get all the
latest us u comes out — both songs
and instrumental. Come in hear
some ol the New Songs.
This i.s our busy season in this line
but wt- have li large stuck to select
Irom, .nnl every facility lor showing
ane  handling   it.    Oui   Puces   are
Beattie-Murphy Co.
I-M-M--H-+-M--M-M-+++++++++++++■ •
thH-t+tW+H+HI-1-HI-H +1 ********************
" !!
il Safety Deposit ll
For Rent By
$5.00 a Year
••      HEAD   OFFICE
aliilnl.-*..*..*. .*   .*  .*    *.  ■    *    * S._■___________________
I P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
"Shamrock Brand"
■H-H4fH-H4fll.il III | | | 111 inn |4<^-+H4t,+HJ
fHU'H'l-ll'H-H-l'HI-viH'H-l'l :-M"l-M■+ M-H-H-M-M'*
an ..tended loul In the enui. We
wonder If he in coimIok back nloii."
rumor any. nu
Wnltri.«H wanted for Y.M.i'.A. Din
Ing room.-upply „t ones at V.M.UIA ,
W.   W.  KII.1IY
On Hand
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, U. C. . Phone S
t-H-H-H-H-**l-l III IIWM-M 1111II IIHIHtltl


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