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The Prospector Sep 6, 1913

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 Provincial   Le-ISSatlre Asse
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lenses and
Guarantee You sJFit
P)* IBt&gpttUt
The   Leading Newspaper
in the
Kootenays .
$2.00 Per Vear
SEPTEMBER 6th., 1913.
Tlio steamship Tenailorcs, ot the T'niteU Fruit Company, Is saitl to bave
thi* most powerful wireless outfit yet Installed. Tho Tenador.3 Is now ou lier
firs, trip in (lie company's service aftor ber arrival from Kngland, whore she
win* huHt,
Tho main sot is of two kilowatt power unit is supplemented by a one kilo-
wnt I sot. If ot ti sots can he run either by the ship's dynamos or by storage bat-
lory power. This is ttie first lime that any steamship baa carried battery
power sufficient to work its malu set. most of tbem having but a small spark
coll for auxiliary work
Tbe storage battery on board the Tenadores is also powerful enough to
run emergency lights In Hip rnrrldnrs and over the life bouts lu case of accident
Overseas Club    .Apple Packing Contest
As ann. inrcil in these columni lust
week, the members of the Overseas'
Olub Cranhrook celebrated on the 4
th Inst., the Ird Anniversary ol tie
inception ot the Club ln London,Kng.
About 80 members responded to the
Roll Call, which shows tbe enthusiasm taken by everyone in the progress ol the Club.
The Hall h is been decorated tfor the
occasion, sweet pens whlob are the
Club flowers being much ln evidtn.e;
the photon ok' our King and Queen,
also those of our late King, King Ed
ward VII, and the Queen Mother.and
our late Quoin Victoria adorning the
One of the most attractive d«ora-
tiont was a collection of the Cap
Badges of the British Army, kindly
lo.na'd by one. of the memhers.Mr. A.
Mr. Marchant is n veteran of the
British Army and has tnken great
trouble in gnthciing such a Hns collection of Bnilgcs will be an cibibl-
t on at Messrs. Raworth Bros, Jewellery Store for n lew days nnd
thos i who hnve not seen it should
make ft point, of doing so.
Ths programme was l.ngthy and
very attractive, special mention ts de
sired ot those who took charge of It,
namely Mesdames H. Uridley, A,
. trachan, and MesBrs Cock and Crib
Those taking purl In the program
President E, V. llrnke, who gave
an lntcrei.lng address ,,n the progress iti the Olltb mul ol Hie Crnnhrook branch.
Miss H. Hoi, pianoforte tola
Mrs. II. II. Hiivlcs, song "linen
Isle nf Brln."
Mr. .lus. Slum, songs, "Admirnl
Briuiiii," nnd "Tlm little hem.''
VlM-prU. O, A. OOCk, address on
a Sketch ill the Brill ll Btnplrt m
which the nun never sets. j
Miss M. llrnke,  pianfortc solo |
Mr. It. D. Davies, song "Thc llen'h
less Army."
Mr.  snd  Mrs.  T.   Houth,  duct nn
the innnil--line nnd p nun.
mMr. A. Rnworth, recitation "death'
Mrs. W. H. Baldwin, song, "rbnU
How I Need You."
Miss K. Ciislnkc, nddress, "The
British Flag."
Mrs. W. ('. Marshiill nnd Mr. R.
nntcllffc, duet.
Mr. A. I'roudfnot, song "The sheltered Dale."
Mrs. K. Isniiiy and Mrt. R. Kilmon
dson, duet, "Listen to the Convent
Bells." ,.  j
Mr. (1. Houghton, song '"lolsti,
The even'ng wus brought to a close
by thc singing of the Nntlunnl Anthem nnd Auld Lang Hync.
On September llth this Club will
bold tbeir monthly <lnncn in thc Carmen's Hall, at !) p.m., sharp. Tickets, non-members 75c. „ couplo; single ladles tickets 3r.c. can bo ohtnlned from the Secretary Mr, L. Pearron or Mr, K. Y. Brake. Oood music
and refreshments wlll he provided.
8pec"al Prizes for the Agricultural
Fair seem to bc coming in very fast
which clearly indicates the interest
that ls being ta'<en in Cranbrook
and District by outside Pio"-l.e. For
Bevernl weeks, now, we have published in these columns various spec's,!
prizes which have been recited from
all plaos In Canada, and we now
beg to announce that the Government, through the Derartment ol
Agriculture, are offering prize, for a
Government Apple Packing Contest,
to be held on the Agricultural Fa r
grounds on September 18th and 19th
the days ol the Fair. The prizes
I offered are substantial for thla pur-
' pose, and are intended- to give encouragement to thia infant industry
The first prize will he .16.00. «:cind
$111,011 nnd third »5.oo.
| It may be also noted tbat if more
than tbree contestants enters the
Cranbroo't Agil rultnrnl As o-ration
will add to the monies donated by
the Department of Agriculture an
I'U'iul sum for each prize, thus
doubling the winning money, making
first prize $311.00, second prize $20.00
and 3rd prlzo 10.00. Entry fee for
this event ts (1.00 nnd all entries
must he in the hands of tbe Secretary by Wednesday (neit) Sept. 10th
The work of the Agricultural Association along these lines Is ionic
whnt wider thnn lias previously been
the case, ami the o.Hcials are doing
all tbey possibly can to Increase the
interest, and to give all the encouragement to Ei nit tlinwers In the
Recognition At Last
Cranbrook is coming to be recognized-
It's situation in the Kootenays
without equal
Lord Strath con a lo Retire.
Rumors have for a long time been
In ozls'.nni-e lu and nround Cranhrook as to the Intentions ,,i the
C.P.R. doiiMe-tracllng tbelr line
through thiB district, hut delln tn
news has at last bcen given out and
ls herewith appended as taken t'r mt
the annual statement df Sir Thomas
lhaughnesay, Presl bnt, f tit) J.l'.lt
to his shareholders tor the vear bl'd*
Ing June 10, 1913.
"It is not tbe ititiotici of
yo'r directors to proceed with
the B-cond track (on main line)
in tbe more dtHcult sections
alon; thc Thompn n and Primer
Rivers, until your Kettle Valley
line is ready lor traffic bet we n
Midway and Hope in 191,,, so
that you may t.a.e an a'tcrna
tive rout o available between Medicine Hat and Vancouver, v a the
Crow's Nes' Pas, if a.ythint
tn'oresein should occur dining
the prosecution of the double
track work to obstruct traffic
on the main line."
The report dated Montrenl, August 11, 1013, and bearing a facsimile of Sir Thomas' signature,
wns   received   ia   the Herald o'-
llce only Wednesday. If it is the
company's 'n'entlon to link up
the Crow's Nest line to make it
an alternative main line route,
the building n' i. lili" from Hope
on the present main I ne, to Midway on the Crow's Neat line,
nnd the construction of a rail
lino between Nelson and Koden
ny Landing, will provide the
lin'-s mlflsing at the present.
In order to build from Hope to
Midway, ths Hope Mountains
will have to he ttinne led. The
line from Kootenay Landing to
Nelson Is shown as "projected"
on thft map aooompaning the minus! s'nteiiient. It passes thru'
Proctor, being built from Nelflon
to that point.
Recent   reports   from   Montreal
state   that    tenders    have   been
I    called    for   the   construction    of
|    the    Kettle    Val ey line in B.C.—
Lethbridge Hornld.
Thp   old    time    residents of Oranbroolt  and district have alwu-s luul
(faith in Its future, and now the time
has    come    when    the realization of
their none is to materialize, and exultation is takttlg plnce amongst the
lieo'de. Tho old fashioned one line
track ol rnflwny will so*,n be e
tiling of the oust nml the double
track- carrying its unceasing freight
oi passengers, rushing through t. io
col ntrv wlll become an every dny
affair. When th's does actually
come tne wonder will then be that
wc ever existed in a stnte borderng
almost to Isolation.
The effect of this modern Improvement, upon the diBirlct cannot, at
presenl, he cstininted but a future is
iu view which hns heen more ol a
dream  thnn  „  concrete  fact.
Cranl rook It about to become,
and will bc, the chief city of Southern British colutnb a. Its pi.siibil
iitlcs is, im the "Prospector" has of-
| times stated-unlimited—Its pro**a*
ihllities without parallel. Thoie of
.us who will be here to see that time
| arrive will see Cranbrook a thriving
city of Industry, Its growth will be
| Thc 'watch-word' ns Fred Hlmp-
son (simctime eiLtnr of the Crnn-
broo'i Herald) used- to give us is
and we see this posslh llty r'fl'ng
mi the horizon.
Scene of Fierce Riots
Lord   5*tr_.-tkcona,.
Lord Sti'itlhconn lias si-, lii'i.'d bis Intention of resigning tbe posl ot
Cumuli-Hi High (.'.'iiiiiii-sliiui'i-. Ue will retire early uext year, wheu he will
have reached Ills ninety-fourth yenr
He probably will bo succeeded by HuimraWe Clifford SIflun, onotlui*
i-infi'lbm Minister of Interior.
DUBLIN—Fierce rioting in conncc,
t on with the tramway strike wsb re
newed on Sunday. Hundreds of persons, including 30 constables, were
Injured. Cn Satnrdny 60 or more
persons were injured. All tha hospitals are so crowded thnt man/ scr
ious caws* had to he sent to their
homes for treatment.
The strike committee In the interest of peace has recin.led early ln
the day tbe proposed mass meeting
In O'Connell atra-t and had substituted a parade from Belrsdord place t0
Croydon park at Ealrview, a suburb on the north side of th; city,
the authorities, meanwhile, have prohibited the mass meeting.
Croydon park belongs to the Tram
port Workers' union and a meeting
was held there without disorder.
But on the return march tbe attempts ot the police by baton charge
to disperse Ihe constantly growing
crowds led at once to riot ng. The
mob waa further inctn.ed by tbe arrest  of   one ot   the  strike   leaders,
John I.arkfn, against whom a war-
taut had bean out for 24 hours. I_r-
kin was on thc bnlcony of a hotel
in Sackville street. He wns wearing
n disguise tor the purpose of eluding arsest, hut an enthusinstic admir
er raised the cry "Tbree cheers fir
Larkin." The police immediately
pounced upon him and violent scen?s
ensued. The rioting became general
in various parts of tho city.
The police charged repeatedly with
th.ir batons and this led to pitched
battles. Stones, bricks and bottles
were burled by the infuriated rioters
and the slroets were soon covered
with prostrate forms. More than 50
arrests were made.
The tram service is siispendtd. Thc
exact numbered of injured is not
known but including the Saturday
victims, it ls believed, w,ll r.'acb
nearly 400.
The lord mayor announces his Intention to demand n public inquiry
Into tbe conduct of tbe police during
the   street riots, nnd will send law
officers of the corporation to attend
the Inquests over tho bodies of tb
two men who hnve died "rom their
DUBLIN—Fierce rioting has resulted from the tramway strike which
began lnet Tuesday, nnd the government has prohibited as seditious a
mass meeting of the strikers organ
Ized for Sunday. A great crowd assembled nt tiie trauRPort-workc.-t'
headquarters last, night and the police charged with clubs in an effort
to disperse the demonstrators.
Stones und broken bottles filled the
nlr and many persons were hurt.
James Connolly, u foremost labor
leader and Councillor Pntridge huve
been sentenced to three months' imprisonment because of speeches Inciting to riot. Connolly su d that
he recognized no English law in Ireland and ret/used to accept hail.
Patrldgc was released on ball. Ro
tween 60 and 70 were injured un I
token to hospitals tonight. Five po
llcetnen were hurt by Btones.
Carnegie's Palace of Peace
Miss Havrill Retires
Miss Josephine Havrill, employed
in lhe lorni Post OBIee fur the lust
four years has reili-nml fioin her a t-
itatliiii. nnd led on Thuraday tn
spend several days In .Spokane. Miss
Havrill, during lur period of sirvlci
in the Post Office Department ha
le'ii a utn-ral favorite with tne public, always courteous and ladylike In
manner, always willing to assist the
needy and advise them when in ignorance of the regifntlons of the Post
Ofllce. The population of Cran'irook
is more or less cosmopolitan, and In
spite nf tho difficult, task which Is often imposed on one occupying such a
position ns she hi Id, she always
rose to the occasion and fulfilled In
tho hlgluwl degree the trust Imposed.
M ss Annie Wluo was |ontl In holy
wedlock to Hurry Woudhoiist o:i
August 23rd at t'le hone of her sister Mrs. Brink, In Eugene, Ore. The
happy couple after the ceremony visited Medicine I'm. nnd other Prnlrle
lo'ntn nnd wll' shortly at rive In
Crun'iio'.k wh re thoy anticipate mak
Ing tholr home. Mist Wise Is well
known in thc city, hn .ing mnde a
considerable numbor of (rli nils and
acquaintances, who will j o n with
cadi other In extending to the happy
couple their hearty  congratulations,
THB HAGUE, Aug. 21,-The capital wns gaily decorated today In hon
or of the ceremonies incident to tba
dedication „f tbe palace of pence,
Andrew Carnegle'a magnificent gilt
as „ home for the perman.nt court of
arhit-ation. Mnny notable men,
princ pally diplomats, were here from
other countries to attend the ceremonies.
At a reception tomo row the British minister will unveil the statute
of Kdward VII, nnd Mr. Cnrn-srle will
tin /ell the statute „( sir Randall (re
mor, the yreat renre n lvi.Ci.lt;.
uie acceptance of the building by
Minister of For ill gn Affairs Van Swln
dcren   on   behnlf   ot ih- diplomatic
corps, wns his Inst offlc ul act,
The   palace   nf   peace   which   was
dull ruled with Impressive ceremonies
1 today, Is tbe gift of Andrew Carnegie, who, In 1903, pln-od nt the disposal of  the Butch  government  tin
sunt ol M.r.00,000 for the purpose, as
eipressed in his oiler, "of erecting
and maintaining at The Hngue a
court house and library for the permanent court of arbitration established by the treaty of July 29, 1889
To provide » site for thi i ,the first
struct ute over erected for such n purpose, 'lie Dutch goveinmtnt appro
printed M76.0OO. The site selected Is
in a section of wooded and hilly park
stretching from the Hague to Schek-
eningin, and the corner stone was
laid .fi.lv ?0, 1907.
A world wide nun* elitir.n (or plans
nnd designs (or the pence pnlnce w.is
estnblhhed, nnd the tlrst ptlze was
uwnnleil to M. Cordonniere, a Brussels architect, lhe building „a completed, however, does not represent
the o Ijlnal I'lsni, tlm Carnegie committee hnvlng reserved the tight to
modify nil designs.
With Mr. Cordonnlere's plans for a
foiindntlnn. Mr. Van de Steur was
appointed to carry out the modified
design nnd remained In direct con
trol of this woek until the completion nl the building.
The palace of pence as completed
does n it represent any precise style
of architecture, but it is regarded bj
| architects ns one of the mm t impressive   ol   modern buildings to be
seen in Europe   Rectngulnr tn shape
. It forms roughly n square of 8,ri
yards   by   Ht,   yards,    and    encloses
| a beautiful formal garden. In thrio
sides the building constitutes the
court house, mil on the fourth or
west side are the ,|iinrtots of thi' M
Imry. 'lhe (iienile of tbe second
Iloor in adorned with statues, the llg-
uti's representing sclonce, agriculture,
art, navigation, commerce, Industry,
i (itlifi'-tl ■!•,  clo jilt'lire,   will-force,   sill
dy, authority, constancy mul wis
Weather Report
Thr    Mflterological   l.i-jmrl   'lor   the
month of August nf this year   .hows**
n slight .ncnMBP in thc maximum ol
heat which w.   have   had   in   t'r.ii.
brook, mul the maximum ih Hlitfhtly
lower,    Tho  rain  fn'J   for  1913  shows
h considerable tl Iterance  in  comparison with that of the same month tor
1912,   almost   doiihle   in   depth-    'lh-1
t-vpathn- during the month ,,t August
has   hwn    very nnscttlwi, more mln
thnn    iihiiiiI    hts fallen  nnd  a  slight
frost has foeen observed In the early
mornings;   however   the  garden   fruit
throughout ttr  district hns been very
good and  promises  w< ll for a good
shown, at  the Fair.    Appended hero
with nre the maximum and minimum
temperatures  for  the  months  of  August 1913 nnd 1912.    We give the two
so that our nmdeis may  make their
own comparisons -
August,  1912, mux. 23in\  *7 degrees
mln,  30th,  33  degress
HuinfaU   li   inch.
August 1913, max. 23rl, 'ii  degrees
min.   16th,   80 degrees
Rainfall  l\   inshea.
Asquith Assaulted
BI.0IK,     Hcnt.-I'reniler     Minister
Anqtilth was the ohject ot nn attack
Inst    Hnturdny    afternoon,  In which
his chivalry restrnlned hltn front ade!
quatcly de.'ending himself.
While ho wus golfing with his
daughter on the Lossiemouth Links,
two stalwart suffragettes, v. ho had
quietly come upon the ground sprang
nt him. They knocked oil his hat,
grahlii'd him by the clothing and
dragged him nome distance over the
The Prime Minister bore his rough
treatment and retrained from u.i'n
force   to   make  them   desist,   whllt
they Im.nrtid their opinion tn hltn
thnt. he wan a scoundrel nnd a past
master In tin. arts of Anminlns.
Miss As.'itlth, who wus „ little (lis.
tiinre off when the SllffrngettOB pounced upon her lather, ran to his nsslss.
tatice and proceeded to apply tnl'l-
tnnt methods to the militant*. The
Imttlo waged only H few moment*
when two detectives rushed up nnd,
with difllculty released Mr. A*|ttlth
from the clutches ot the sitllrngeUes.
The detectives took the women to
'.he clith lodge, where, atter listen ng
toi va/ioiiu opln otm ol thomeolves,
hardly lens complliiienlary thnn those
whlrh they had exprenicd to Hie Pro
niier, they were placed ill a iliotot
car and driven to the lOlgln pollco
station, to the accompaniment of
nniili hooting and hissing mil repeated cries of "Let us get nl lliein
we will duck them In the sea.
At the station tlu* women refused
lo give th.lr ninnes or addresses
Mr. Ase-uith resumed piny nfter the
suffragettes had heen remoed nnl
was loudly rlieereil whin he remind
the 1st round.
Evening Schools
The evening school of the Y.M.C.A,
will oi en on Mond iy, Hopt 16th.
Thc classes will he lur men anil
youths only, over th" nge ol in. iii'
subjects to he t.i.t.._I.t will li,. Arlth
luetic, Bookkeeping, Pitman's Short-
lu.n I ami „ (ins- (or Penmnnshlp nnd
Letter-writing,      The   nrst   quiiiier
will   lost    ii i Sept. I'tli   int'l l|cci
2o,b, a period of n weeks, being 2k:
lesions ..I an hour n length, lbs
fe■« f-.r no olnss wii '„. in,,!,' thnn.
t„,0" for Hv quarter,    those lins-cn
will nii'i'l V.'M lay i'i'! Weill! sduy
nn.l Tuesday mil Thursday, A clan
in iin-i nnl 'nil I"- started lor the
l.i'iii'lit "f ll"' in'ii "I ihe 'ity nn I
will   I*   handled hy Mr, Bence t, "i
tin-   Mcc-hanlcnl   Depart n'   "i   th'
r.i'.II , wlm i- -" woll known nn nn
oxporl along tin' line, Every mnn
who possibly cnn is urgod to tnke
advantage of acquiring n knowledge,
of ilus i iii orii.nl subject, i'Iuhhis
will i,e formed lor railroad mi'" ox-
clusi'oly 'ii An liiiiie and Trsltt
Rules, moro doflnlto Information regarding ihs i'lll i''' given n-m woek,
Any group of mon, not. less than llvo
desiring some subject not stated "'
our curriculum will p'en'.e I'oiniiiiinl
cnto with the Herniary and cumin
will     he    tnntlO    to  ii.-r.,module  thom.
The Secretniy's oil c.. i« number '.I'i*.
Look oiii  lor out  atinoun ent. next
week ni WD iii eil to hnve Home
thing  inti'ie'i if.  I,. Ml.
Ancient Order of Foresters
A must enjoyable even n>» was
spent lust Ihcrsday liy the members
and (--feuds at Coirt (.'rnnbionk, N",
8913, anil Pride id Cranbrook Circle
No. 153. 'lhe occasion being the 9th
anniversary uf forestry  in the Ktt-*t
Uiut yi-ars aKa ■>' 'iutto nny of August » dispensation to organise a
Courl of the Order was granted to a
tew members, nn.l it is gratifying t»
nolo that the majority of thew few
are h'in membera; they httui neon the
ups nnd downs of the court, hut
hnnl •imes never din* oura^ed them,
and today, they are proud to he.ong
to sucll ;iu fndei wlileli Iiuk so mueh
;it li ait the ine principles uf Fores-
Iry, principles whuh hind men tn-
gother in * otnU ul Keenest sympathy
and teach tbem how exiiultnte in the
pleasure o, relieving distress, aiding
ihe weak and comforting the mouruer
.\t in p.m. UO persons sat down t0
a  sumptuous   supper   servtd \,y the
members ol the Court on tai'ioi*. dam
Lily decorated w th (eras, astors, Nt-
eotinea aud Bweet i><-a_.    During the
supper Home o: the members ol the
Court .-uterta'.ncd  the uthet   meinberH
and  (heir  frieudt-  with  Bongs,  reelta-
I tl< n.-, and speeches.
j   'i he fut lowing took part in the ex-
j eel lent  programme provided:—Bros, ff
Henderson, song "The Dougai Move"
! \.   8trachan,   gong   "March of tho
. Cameron Men ;   -J.    Murdoch,   houk
i "Jessie ti  Dream  ;   >...s.  ('lark, hour
|"..neen uf th,. ISarth";  .loho McDon-
recitation "i" .1 Haggifc"; and
('.   McMillan    song   "Tober  Moray-"
'ih- Caledonian tin., composed of
iiiui, \. Ktrarban, ■'. Clark, C. McMillan, rendered "Ve itau.s and
Brass ol Bonnie Down"
Hm, Prank McKenna h, o.tr nf th*
"Hlltory o:  the AH len'  i u di-r nl Foi
esters   I r.oeipies ol the Order, and
"Unltyl Benevolence and Concord."
After th** proKiauime the table*
n/erc nn ii. cd 'from lho Hall anl
dancing was iudulged In until the
very small hours of the morning.
A   f|ti et   hul   it tty wedding 1001
place at the Prosbytet ian Miiiihi- on
Friday, August Hffth, »h n ltev. w
K. Thomson muted in mnrrlngo Thos
wald .Teni. n to Mihh Johanna Nelson, A few friendH of ibe contracting parties were in al tendance. The
happy rnnnie left on tha nlfteftioon
train for Spokane, On their return
they wlll  lemily at Cranhrook.
.Mies Mary  I. t'nrry, n( Nelson wns
JO'iU'il   in  holj   .ve.lloii:   to  Mr,   N.   S.
Houston, formerly of Crnnhrook, on
auguit '."iili nt Nelfi'ii, B.O.. hy
Hi"., r. W Kin,:, ol ilrnnil Korku.
MIhh Ctirrv Ims many fiienili in (Iran
hrook, helng prcvlouely i( toaclier in
the imiille school ami n great favor-
ne in In'! clrclo ol frlentls, Mr.
Houston ie niio well known In Cranhrook hn'.iin.- - wiil.* circle ol frloaus
ami acqun ntnncos nml ,t |,|(, iinvor
ile    in    I otitic   eiiTli'H.     It   ih with
irlens-tro  lv nko tills announcamont
nml we believe that the happy eouiHn
| will hnve the hent wIhIi.'h nml henrtl
I est congratulations   of tholr friotiiiH
In   Ornnbrook,    They will risklc at
I Nelnon.
I'on.i fm tin. Pall Kim, sri.t mth
nml i'uii
©he Iproepectov, ©trtttlttooh, §* Ol
pabllsbtd Irery Saturday   Morning at Crubroek, B.u.
r. M. Christian, Manager.
Pualage to American, European _j»l  other foreign countries,    .0 cMiti   a
year «tra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Adv.rtising rates furnished on application.    N0
advertisements but those of a reputable eharaeter will he accepted     tor
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the contrary
Is given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be kept
runaing and charged up anainst their account.
10th YEAR
As announced In lhe Trost-ector'
t<> itn renders Inst wee'., we bave en
tered into a contract with the stun
ibird rhoto Kngrav ng Co.- ol Vont
real, t" supply ns with a series a.
engravings depicting thc news ol the
world in nt--n r . every week, Tins
wee;, we nre Inserting nur Ilrst siip-
ment, 1 bla Is one d( ihe 1 at irei
wehave adopted in the g neral Lrn-
provetwni that is about to take
[lftco in our paper, oth r impio.e-
ment will toVtOW from time tu time
as occntli ns m las. < lur purpose [i
solely to place bctoro the citizens ol
Cranbrook, a paper of which "hey
ean be justly proud.
We ale proud to sny that our bttSl
n.ss hafl hei n stf a lily Increasing,
and in justice to those who taa'-e
been our main support, we ire >n
de&VOClng to BPftre no expetis*' to
Slve our readers an up-to d.ite paper,
lilt ot tbe latent news of the day
andbrimful of suggestions to those
who take its ad\tco to heart, ft*.
bave our faults—who hupn't,  we are
The Romance of Lost A
SEPTEMBER 6th, No. 36.
open to suggestions nud we would
respectfully ask all our uad rs if at
; any   tlrrte   they    hftVfl   nny   BUggOBttoilS
I to make which would be ot general
Intesi Bt nnd ln>i rovement, to u n'*--
them direct to "- nnd wo will in- on
ly too -'hid to adopt the same.
Another th n_ wa would like to
1s'*. of oi i rendeis and that is tbat
th*'. take n more personal inti rost m
the i aper, and f oil time to I Ime,
end is li ca| Items respecting ib>
sveryday lite n v\bcb they exist, ot
trlends visiting them or about themselves wh'n the make a visit, mas
rlages, births, deaths and everj per
.niml happen n ■ which ivould be ol
nterest at any time to tbeir friends
.n.l  ir   is only  by   the ■■■■ it a
.idelj  c rculated papt c thai  tbls can
■i- d a- in ;.. pro] er mnnnei
Local News
Mrs. Walter Cartwright loft on
Friday tor lho Pralrlo where she intends tn speii I a three months vn
A wire wns received on Friday
from London, Ont,, statin*, that a
brother of Ms. J. Fletcher had died
Mrs. ..etcher, who was at Port
Steolo, left <ih !ha afternoon train.)
Mr. Fletcher, who is at AlnBworth
wa**) notified by wire.
Travelling Secretary of thu National
Council of the Y.M.C.A., was m town
Wednesday between trains on route to
lus   home.     He   vlsiUd   the   local   AB'
Hoclation. He recently attended the
World's Conference at Edinburgh
Scotland    nnd   i r.'pn.es  return Ug to
iir,.   br
iirn.lt' responded t,, nn
:it 8 30
Friday oventug caused
by    :t
I'm'   iii
tb" pains shop ni It.
'lb"   n
't'   m.is   cius'il   bv   a
cross ,
.ii  tin- e
h'l'l.lir   li .111    will's.       \
hnle    w
iis liniii",l In Hi" .'".ll
in*,    hut    was
extinguished   by   tin*
1     hrlg
utlo.      Tin'    loss   will
it' ,'  III
i,, al,,,
■ii   (100,
Co-operate   wl
b   us   an :.  \ ou  w li
find    thai    e\ • i
■■ ing  V-       q to at
sist   us   will   be
iear< '.   ap]
bs    Lhe       i    g
■ nl    ol   the "Fi •-
1*1' i-   McBrlde   bus   i„.,.n    very
lillMv     during     t!i"    ;..isl    lew   tlayS   l"
London miir Ion In i   tbo   flntiti dal
li,.ii-...-^ ii,- leavea today for n ir,|>
,,n I'." contln.nl  an i  .nil return  to
i' mi nl i   ... i il   ..,  foi inlghl   wh ni
bs wlll |ii "'",i to ' ittawa to  ittend
Pren • Bordiu's   ron ei i nee   ,,i  the
n si frontiers
'. ild Rill Miner," ,« train hold up
fame, snd othei   n Udc tu   rs iigalnst
thi . i 11    ii I the iiuti'J
St ii,-.    i...!   ,ii   Melle Igovllle,  an
on  I'm   : ■■   nlghl     ' ii* ..■ I
exploit,    ma   i he   i   tiling      1   ol    a
CP.H     train    al    lilies,    "'' .   tor
I,    *»*as    si nl'      I    lib' mi
- < : I :,-;,. '    .    v, nl    iH
ter from th" New  Westminster  prts
Cranbrook about
In. will glvo tho i
iy i.l hearing alii
carried mi by tho
out thc length
earth.   Hi' will all
of the
will    b"
October Villi when
ubllc nn opportunl-
nit lb" great work
Y.M.C.A, through,
und breadth ol the
io glvo bis impress,
different cities mul coun-
. l-'iiitb.'r niiiiiiuiiei'iiieut
,ii regar.llng this unior
Mr,    ll.    Ballan tvae,   ol   f'alaary
The New^Edison
The EldlFon Thentre will be
opened ne.t weak. During tho
two weeks the theatre ban Ihuu re
novated thro.i8.ioul vm .1 on! ol
brict, present a n verv bandeomo ap
; far mee nnd wil! i e Ugh tod bj olua
ters ..I Jloott'lc llphta The I ox ofllco
has '"'en ohnnged nnl tho nporatlng
room enlarited nnd imule absolutely
.in' i ".'..i The intortoi .»• tbe then
tn ■ II be M-M-'d bj new nnd up t *
date .. ill in hts so that all prca
.. 11 -s accldenl the theatre will be
llgl ted BuWclautlj   to thnt  all prea
i 'an iee to get oul Kire exit on
side ,m t baok will he sufficient In
., ■".    ■ ergeney,
,\ new picture mnrhtne w ll bo In
stalled nn ! the besl films | oiall le
1 obtained and there will he n
complete ch inge, ol ; rogrnm em b
.;.*.■■;• iii■ orchestra wl. be under
the management ol Mra. Walllnger
and only the newest nml up to date
music will he rendered .it. every per
rormnnre. The price of ndmiiB'ci
will remain as before.
American   Lady
need   no recommendation.
Their fit, finish and style are perfect. Prices are no higher than
some of the cheaper lines.
There is more dollars worth of shoe
leather and shoe  making  in
than any other line we
know of.
Let us prove it.
Needed Connection     rjucraowo chances.
Min nc linn in tht- pant been h
ciatcd with much that was coma
nnd which haa thrown Rn allu
glamour   about   (he in lustry.   i
ll  :
coast   throu h
and  Kootenay
of vital
i ;ranbro
tor thi
:    |   ; ifl ■' aj '■    '
the    Upper Colun    a
valleys to Mb-ei I >
Important to   the   city    ot
a d thi.   l» noi   I ■   m> n
^^^^^^^ Ro.rd ot Trade ;ui t ■ -
•uder the iiinumerahle loat mines and teres ted in i.i welfare of this citj to
tbe tales of adventure that might he i00j, [nto Lhe mutter and see what
told ahout them could the circum- can be done. A short line from
stances o; their discovery ;ind loss be Waaa, oi Kort Steele, will be tbe
1 no\.n. con no ting i.u. thai   will bring busl-
'Ihe Ions nf rich old mine-, waa "f* ness and prosperity to our (ity, th.
ten the result of the uncertain times commercial mteie-it of the nt ove
that cure prcvaicd.   Usually   tragedy mimed   valleys should nnd  would he
provided   lor   In tbe future by these
conn I'tui; Bnort I n b, thus avoiding
bas been the direct cause of the losing   ni   mines.    Th. miners working,
from holp were
h   nnd murdered
r   di.-d   (nun   B.cl.
remalulng hidde
soma f^Vtunato
K   onto the losl
perhaps   .
Burpr'a*,d by indie
killed by accident,
u sh. tin tr 81-01 Ct
until revealed by
I roaptctor Btiimbii
mine |(y accident.
Mexico   la. been
t,i   in. t   II i;ies   thnl
in the daya ol the
ora or nt the om
doubt im ni" those
certain days many r[*n|]
lost nml dill remain lost, hut it
ee|tiall> prnhahln that still more i
ihe children of vivid InmiElnatlon-i
i.os.    mines arc by no n aans <•<
rich in traditions
yielded trcaattrrs
Hpniiish i'i n -ncc
It nt A/tecs, No
strenuous nud nn
mines wire
i,  i,nt   it   la
fined    to   Moxieo.     Then
tales of them in our weal
states.     They   wlll   keep
light from time to time,
imve I. ng been fn'or ■«- v
tin.   ol    frnudulmt   	
BchemiB, tho t. amour ol i
Ing mnde use ot t.. inve
wary and uuaopblaticate
vesting in stock nnd
> me many
ern mining
ruin ng ti,
I,nsi mines
ith ino i o
■omnnco ho
rt  I u
the en' iy.iu ot paasi ngeia and
freight a dlstnnce of nearly ■■ huu
deed miles whan it enn be shortened
to not  more tban thirty miles.
Women's Institute
'lh (lenernl monthly meet a.: o!
the Women's Institute wns held on
Tuemlnv night, when a Inrgfl number
woro pnH"nt. it -itj particularly
re marked dm by tho otiirers of tbe
Institute thnt sucb a largo number
of friends, not moinhors, were In at
tendnnco, Tins e. u bo taken ns nn
Indication of tin* nteroat which is
bolng nroimed ami n,; tbo women
folk »/f Crnnhrook in the work o'
tho In -iili.ti-. Mrs. |,i-einan presided
over the meeting; In thn ahBcnce ot
Mrs. shan. Mrs. T, H. Hill acted ns
Bccretary, ihe naunl Inis'nosa wns
transneted and Bpeclal mention mnde
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
A It It U A MM. Itlilllff-ATOR
raiiiit^Htileil wllh lh. ireatuil
-.!   iel .lllld M I..'- k.i •■'ii Id
The-: V
care !i""i
'I lie
,. .* ■■;-,!■. rT
. 1.1. t Ntltftrl..... Oni
•..•ill..' lho i n   lo ll"'  prlacB given
il-il    mi,,   In- nl   'I'1'  l''.'H   l''»ii-
,.illil..sk mlnea Particular nr-ieil all
tor   omo nrtlclo ',,.
Ono .if tho ohjoot.
wnn    ilio    rocolvlng
im.kiii'.'  .ioltlco and  n
loeel] t..     wore    _i'".-n
Mr .  Co...   Pnwoll,  Mr-
1l,','v!'il'"1'"'*-  .Mru.   T.  H. nlil   were
»« .iiionl".' Htrni'ti ■•■"■    in    tholr  roi
>.■>.  Hlihioot,      uivinc     ..vor:
colpts lor the l,r
"Wha! did n« do when h*
found that hU wile had planned
to elope wtlTi the chauffeur *"
'He thoroufhlv oiled the c«l
•nd put it tn Ant-das- .t.tp_
"Cheer up. Even Gilbert's new
play in London watn't a great
"Oh. that'a all right. I've got
Gilbert stum; to death. Mv piece
I. pronounced the worst ever.'
- lln
the   Imt Ull.'
p [resident in
inmbera to in
ipcotnl exhibit.
f this meeting
f receipta foi
vial excellent
by members.
i . lei Mi r.- and
verv in
marks on this
.1 useful ie-
f the members |
'Here's tht coffee, but thtrttft
nc sandwichaa, our hosten ex*
plaining thut she n boycotting thft
Meat Trust'
H1.--W.11..J you uke It t_
heart III were t. brtak oft" 9Uf to-
III. mem'
Slrt— No, io.ou.tl
the opening
of our new
Fall Styles
in Suits and
Boih-Tm  afraid ah* tocluj
n.'ne .lyii.h than ! do!''
il''l'H'l M,   MlMINIS'l'll.VI'OHS
McCreery Bros.
Canbrook, ll. C.
Notice |f horoby givon (lint nn the
29tli .Inv if Allgl'Bl  1918,
IT WAS iililiMltnii uv HIb Honor
.I'linnH A. l''.,'in. I'lminlri', .IttllRO <il
Iho County Court nl Wont Kootenny,
thnl .lmir.ni A.An. .Iil.tltllrial A.ltiiinlH
irnt'.r (or tlmt. portion ol lho County
ol Kootonny Included in Un. Bloc-
tornl lilHtrin oi Crnnhrook lo An.
mlnlntl'Ator ol nil nml nlni.ilnr Mio
eatnto ol Jowilokln Knnnnlnh rto
eonaetl Intootrito,
I'liiiry person inilohtotl i" tlio anhl
ilocenooil hi roqulroil to mnko pny*
monl lnit.hwil.il to tin. nndi'inii;ni'il.
ISvOry   |nTM.,n   hlivini.:   In   pOSBOBalOtl
(iiifhi bolontflnjf lo tn.' iIccoiiboiI in
roqtilreil (miliwitli in notily tho
Bvory    orodltor   nt ollior  pornon
liavinn nny olnlirt    upon or   Intfirtffll
In tlio dlfltrlhiitlmi ol tlm rnlaln   ol ■ •.-—- ■«-;
tin* anhl deCBBMil Ih r«i|iilred tn «*ml t~»«m*
' Whn evei heard til anv one
letting into trouble hv following •
gnod example'
I  did     He  waa a  rnunteri
heloro Mm Nini.li dny .n Ootolior ima
next, l.y rotfietered i.ti.ti nildroiiaei!
tn Ihn iinilorfllfEnoil, IiIh nnnie nml
n.l.lu'.w and tlm lull partiotllnta nl
his I'lnlin nr illtoroflt, nnd u H-tuto-
nii'iil nf Ins nCOOIint and thu natlll'ii
nl the BOOIII'ily in nny) hold hy him.
Alter tlm Huid Innt montlonoil ilnto
the Ailniinlstrntor wlll proceoil with
Lho dlntrlliiillnii nl llm estate having
regnrd in Miobo olniniB only nf wlileli
hr slmll lmvo Innl nollco,
Ihilml nl Crnn! rook Hi s Hh dnv
..I Snid hor, l'i|:i.
.1.  A.  MIMH.Il,
111121 llllii'lnl   ■t.lminl dialni.
ScobcH'-t Liquor, lobacco
and Drue Cure ttff.i.A
Alculiul, ToblCCO .11.1 llillg..    It ' ..in,in.. 1. III.
f.ci. ".Ini"..! hi.ienili   i.i""v
I all ii.
Altar t.i ni. die Ii.nliii.ul ditto .ill (level lie any
l..d luallln, Hiluaii anta VI tl,. 'Im.k- u|nln. ClO
li. |l«.a a.u.tlr, Vi. li... *.t ti, lir.n ul una
l.llui.. Mall.J ..int.. ..pin.t. ,",!•, I., an* ail-
"r.c C.i.ll..., ,.l .1,,.,.. I i »',.i" Tha
IMlf to., It. c»in^»l_.a, Ua).
lilstrld ol Sout-Bast Kootenny
l-rtsbyttrian t-hurch
R-. w,
Kalman Tbouaua
TAKH NOTICK that I, Thomas
Christian, Contractor, intend thirty
tlajs al lor iIaIo to apily to the Mln*
istor of LandB Inr pei-mlsefon to pur-
tltnoe the lollowlng descrih .1 lat*il:.-
Co-nmenclng nt n post planted on
the Bast linn, ol the Moyle River,
near tho southeast, corner o( Lot
lnliir, thenrc oast 21 chnins, thence
smith 40 chain., thtnee west 20
clu.liu, thenco north 4» .Pains to th;
point nl commmcement.
Dat d August ltth, 1913.
A. R. Grace. Agen
Morning atrvlOM at 11 a-m.
Sunday SchooH and Bible Class 12
a.m. —"Please note the hour."
Bvening lervln.   at 7.30 p.m.
Tho Fa*r.'ira»iit ol the Lord's Supper will ba dlspt n.ul nt Ihls service.
Ht.to   Select, d.
Sub'cct: "Christ in the Now
Times," (The Brat of a fl. rlos ol
'our sermmu.)
Anthem: Selected.
Tin Women a MI?alon:ry Foclety
wlll meet at the Manse on 'Ihirsdny
Locator »'ttrnoo'>. Septambet* Uth, at 3:30
Canada's Minister of
Baptist Church
O.  -.  KKN"
Sunday tr.orn'nit service at 11 a.m.
Sunday School at 12:13 m>„n.
Evening Gospel service ot 7:30 p.m.
Tho Hon. W. T. White, tho Dotnlu-
inn Minster nf Finance, came to his
onero's poBlUrn without Ihi political trn'n'ng and experience rossenscd
hy his TucdcCL'SSor; hut In other directions   he   hns eninyed Advantages
t.h eh were nil equipment for tlio position he bo admirably r.J» nnd which ———_-_________—__
thero   nnw   nnd   full toope.   By his    8tndfly _trflm,.   Th0 .08Ur wlH
training   iu   low,   his expirience on preach at 11:00 a.m. nnd 7:30 p.m.
tho   | rose   nntl later Ills connection    Morning subject:    "The New Point
will,   nntl   BUCCOtBtUl mnnur. ment ol °'u);j**'P'
Methodist Church
R*t. W. Bison Dunham
.— SCPT. IS TO 21 WO -->-.
,   „      , ,    ,        , , ,       Evening subject
one   ol   Canada*;   li i'.' limine al In   Htaolutli n."
"Roaignatl. u and
English  Church
Rev. B. P. I. towelling Rector
licit Comm_ica at 8:00 a.m.
Matins and Holy Communion 11.00
Evcnlnc with s-ectsl «dd'*"B« i-3tl ,
Thc senta  n ( hrist (Iturch nre Iree
Btltutlons, n i roparatlon wns aPord-    Onward Bible Olrss nt 3 p.m.
.d   lm   tho   dloplay  !n   th)   larger     All nre Invited to tho abo-.o
aphoro   of   an   aptitude and ability •'•■■"'•	
wni'l>  mm ol nil  shades of  politics "
nc' nowlodgo.
Hy lo'id nnd haul persevering work
the l'innii'.'c Minister, within two
y nr.;, hns made himself thoroughly
funlilnr with all lhat Is encumlont
upon nne vim ta'u's up a lcadloi-
nntl command'ng pi sit on <n tit*
goiernmuit, Mnstery of nil thnt
nareitiH the leading features ill pn-
itnal llv, both lcg'Blatlve and ad-
nlnlstratiM', lum hen his atisori)-
Ing i-'itBilon. And withal be has
manifested an unfaltering honeaty ot
purpose and directness of aim.
Bloquence In stately periods, din-
lertral :ulll, and thn Imaginative
t'liipernieoul lime heen and aro dis
t'nctlve powers thnt afford dell, ht,
secure in'liiiuee, nud attract end
Charm, nllll, thut Is hilt one side
nf    piddle    life,     'llle   ens. mini  llllic-
i'ii   ol i'lir i'ltneiit is business—the
Vital ItUSinCsa nf wise legislative ac-
th n nntl hnnt'.it ndm nlstratlon ol
the inti'i'i'ul.s wlll In lis compet*n.e,
Mr. While, hy iiidnwmint and by
till Itlllg, In ill tin' fullest sense nf Ibe
wind u pruetlcii litisiners mnn. In
li in tin' OBwntlal ifiinetlon ol rnr'.la*
inont finds n pomploto eniiindiment.
. ItllOIH nm Klndied arts, except
ilireelnn-i, nt expritiri'nti,  lueldil.'  llll
coDOlBoncBs, knowing thoroughly Ids
•.iili'icl, lie herns Iii language dlt'Kt
in itnpi.it. Irom h's fulness of knowledge, III a ,.iraii,litf..rwiird iiiunncr.
whnt. In
Ing for bo mnny gilts, haloaced judg
merit, nnd f.rn u.-- . of purpose, be
haa in a distinctive manner, to use
lho currnt phrnse "made good,"
sctring esteem within ind without
lor aptitude, ability, co rtesy i.n I
straightforward dealing. He is mas-
ter dt the situation modestly, pru-
ilintl), without parade, hrusqueneBS,
or hlnsc ol truinpots.
Hln strong, deep sen:e nf duty nnd
espouslbility trnken Lin give tho
utmost cars to '.he mltiutest detail
ho Is unsparing of self to I now thn
Ins i nil outs nf every question presented tn him, not. only ol his mu
immediate departini'tit in nit its VM-
lul relations, hut of all that concerns
it. / nil there ts not a qui stion
v.lilih concerns tho gnvcrnnont .It '.
Ifl rot directly or indirectly related
lo the Finance 1 .puitment.
Thus, as a l,'i;l"li,(, r nntl a mem-
lus nf llis rn irlluiint, Mr. While
I'll' bleu a dlBtlll't silcciiflfl. Pel III-
ra npinii ntn, full inliulnl men,
speak of him us one of the strong
iron nf tho cabinet, nnd admit that
itnowirof'"t!io'BUbii*ft'"under' ■"* _**. flll?J..? difficult position with
International Polo
Daily Gnme. between Cuu. dian
and Ain_rt_-.il Tetinis
$35,000 in Premiums &
Competition opeu to the World
The First National
Indian Congress
Approved hy U. S. Oovsrnroant
72d Seaforth Highlanders Band
$500 Cash Prizes for Belter Babies
" Custer's Last Fi_Kt" NiAhtly
A thrillinA reproduciion of thll famous
battle with 500 Indian, und 200 Sohlier*
Fireworks Displny Every Ni_ tt
Individual Farm Exhibit Prizes
$20,000 Race Program
Seven Rsce. Daily
Poultry men's Mft'lin*! Wednesday
Dairymen's Mvutin^ Thursday
Brondsword Duttluson Horseback
II, For Illustrated Dsily Pr..^rsiu and
Premium List, address 50. Chamber id'
Cotiuuarca lluil.lin*.:: Spokane, Wash,
ei iH'd rnlinn. Hln one aim Is to
treat tin problem In a clear, cnnvln-
e'ng way Unit nil can understand,
mid lo nm'*!* thu nuestion In marrow
und pilh. the ono Issue, to Im dealth
with, nntl remain upon tho mind, He
combines a commanding personality
nnd urhano manner wllh an easy
tly (Ion of cult in nl liiiigii'.go, both
to style nml lorm, imssossed of
an attractiveness that gains attention ami secures regurd.
Since i nt'rltia' public llfo, Mr.
White linn iiindo n strong denp Impression upon business elrcli'B In lho
Dominion, He came to Ottawa with
n Npiindltl reputation as one .'lm
hud ti'iid" his musk and won ndm'r-
ntmn m nieli sphere nl Ills varied
nnd remntiiiililii nctlvlty; nnd tho
wnntler wnn "Will hn In the mo.t ..
trying ordoal again triumph and ndd J J
othor lanrnhi to ctown the splendid ,,
nehlevemenin of Ihn pnotV" Ab nn ••
ndiulnlstrntnr nf a department call-  I
ability   and distinctive hiic-
-.11 H 11 .il I'M"! * "I I llll **************** ******'[;
* I *
Wah Sung Co. jj
Merchant  Tailors
P. O, Box 641 Cranbrook, U. C.
Excellent Pntterns and the Best of Cloths
Always on llnntl
First Class Gutter and Designer.
All the  Newest Fashions can he made.
Satisfaction (iuaranteed,
l ■■.......... ...,,, iB.a_ni._T
Sale of Lands for unpaid delinquent taxes in the Fort
Steele Assessment District, Province of
British Columbia
1 hereby give notice that, on Saturday, the llth dav ol Octoher, A,D., 1918, at the hour df ten o'clock
in the forenoon, at the Court-house, Ornnbrook, B.O., I shnll. oiler [or sale at public auction the landa In
the UBt hereinafter set out, of tho persons iu the saitl list hereinafter set ojt for delinquent taxes unpaid by
the said person, ou the 31st December, A. li., 1912, and fnr interest, costs, and expenses, including the coat,
of advertising said sale If the total amount is not sonner paid.
SHtll'T  UESCKll'TItlN  OF
o B
I  0	
llrown, William K Subdivisions 8 antl 11   of Lot
4589 Oroup One, Kootenav
DiBtrlct,    202 ncres     $ 25.20
t.ldlant, Harry  Subdivision   17   ol   Lot 4689,
Oroup One, Kootenay District
576.82  acres          f>2.0l)
Pugh and  Livingston    Subdivision   22   ol   Lot 4r«_».
Oroup one, Kootenay District, 320 acres          6S.0O
llrown, William K Subdivision   29 of    Lot 4589,
Oroup one, Kootenay District  1205  acres          72.00
linwns, . ., and Hoover Estate  Subdivision   31  of   Lot  4589,
Group One, Ku.iUnuy DiB-
trkt,    227  acrea        5.15
I*ncey, William C Subdivision    34   ot Lot 4589,
Orottn One, Kootenay District,  306.12  acres        12.24
Kuh,  Herman  Subdivision   40   of   Lot 4589,
Oroup Oue, Kootenay District,   160 acres        11.20
Onirle, Thomas Subdivision    41    of   Lot 4589,
Oroup One, Kootenay District,    160 acrea          8*00
Douglas, V  0 Subdivision   9   ol   Lot   4590,
Oroup One, Kootenay District.   400 acres          47.60
Douglas, V, ... ic Chapman, O. A. ...Subdivision   13   of   Lot 4590,
Oroup One, Kootenay Dis-
erict,   24U acres        32.110
Henderson, Oeorge K '.. Subdivision    18   of    Lot 4590,
Grout. One, Kootenay Dis-
tr.ct,    451.45 acres        108.80
Townsend, ,1. K.,  Subdivision   19   of    Lot 4590,
Group One,. Kootenay District,   160   acres         9.40
Leash.  George  ll Subdivision   15   of   Lot 4591,
Group One, Kootenny District, 639.92 acres          30.00
1, aa'i, Oeorge  It Subdivision   to   of   Lot 4591,
Group One, Kootenay District 320.24    acres         16.00
Burton  D. A..  _   Harris, C.  K. Subdivision   19   of   Lot   4591,
Oroup One, Kootenay District,    1040.26 acres        195.60
Hilton, Charles  Subdivision   1   of   l.ot   4592,
Group One, Kootenay District.   7.38 acres          4.00
Laidlaw, Jaa. T.,  Subdivision   57   of   Lot 4592,
Group One, Kootenay District   155.20 acres          24.00
Pugh uud Livingston and the Columbia _ Kootenny Railway „ Navigation Company  ...Subdivisions  2,   5 to M, Lot
357, Oroup One, Kootenay
Dlatrlct,    l".7i. acres     392.80
Pugh anil Livingston and the Columbia 4 Kootenav Railway _ Navigation Company  Subdivisions ;'., 6, 11,  12 and
13, Lot 31.0, Croup One, Kootenny District,    800 acres     204.80
Pugh and Livingston and the Columbia _ Kootenay Railway _ Navigation Company  Subdivisions   4 .nl 5   of Lot
360, Group One, Kootenay
District,   320 acr.s          51.20
Bard.ley,   Oeorge T Suhdlvls ous   7 nnl 8   of Lot
360, Group One, Kootenay
Diatrict, 322.24 ncres           8.00
Pugh and Livingston and the Columbia * Kootenny Railway _ Navigation Company  .Subdivisions   10, 11 and 16 of
Lot 360, Gtoup one, Kootenay District, 480 acres      179.20
Pugh and Livingston and the Columbia & Kootenay Railway _ Navigation Compnnv  Subdivisions   1 nnd 8   of Lot
361, Group On,', Kootenay
District, 325 acres           61.80
Hoelzel, Mra. F., and pugh and Llv-
m.-ston     Subdivisions   2  tn  7  of   Lot
361, Oroup Ons, Kootenay
District, 9C0 aereB        153.60
Pugh and Livingston and the Columhla ti Kootenay Railway _ Navigation Company   Subdivision   9   ,,!   Lot     361,
Group one, Kootenay District, ICO acres          51.20
Chatterton, Mrn. T Subdivision! 10   11 nnd 14   ol
Lot 361, Oroup One, Kootenay District, 480   acres            2.',.00
Pugh and Livingston and the Columbia k Kootenny Railway _ Navigation Company  Subdivisions    12   and    13   of
i,«t 31,1, Group 1,111.,   Kooten*
ay District, 320 acres          76.80
Pugli anl Livingston nnd the Columbia _ Kootenay Railway ft Na
ligation  Compnny   	
..Subdivision Hi ol i.ni 361,
Group line, Kootenny Pistil. I,  lt>0 acrea	
Subdivision 7 of Lnt 354,
Group tin,-, Kootenny District, 160 ncres   	
Conk,   0. W si,l.tl..lBlon    II    nl    Lot   354,
S. In "ni. Hoy
Hambleton, John
liahl, Joseph	
Downs, F., nnd Hlnes, .1. H.,
Kelly, David L.
Group Our  Ki.ot'n,!)-   District
IMI ncres ^^^^^^
..ubdliisiuii    1?   ol    Lot    354,
Group one  Kootenay   District
11,0 acrea       64.00
liahl, Joseph Suhdlviaion    I    of    Lot    856,
Group  Oue   Kooten,1)'   District
luo acres      64.00
.Silbdivisioa .'. of l.ot 355,
Group One  Kootena)   Diatrict
loll acres      36.80
Estate of  Subdivisions 12 to 14 of Lot
355, Oroup One Kootenay District, 480 acres      45.00
Kelly   David l„,  Estate of  Subdivisions 3 to 6 nnd 11 to
14, Lot 356, Group One, Kootenav  District, 1280 acres     153.60
Kelly    David   1...   Kstnte  nl    Tbe   east,    hnll    tli    Lnt    358,
Hi imp One  Ki.ot.'ii.iv  District
1280    acres        153.60
Pugh and  Livingston  ,'...,Subdivision   4   nf    Lot    358,
Group One Km.tinny District.
206.16    acres          67.20
Kelly   David I,., Estate ,,l    SiiIhIIvihIi.ii   4   of    Lnt.    3l.ll,
Group One Kootenny District
160 acres       19.20
Pugh and Uvln-ntnD  Subdivisions 6, 6, 11 to III ol
I nl 359, Group one, Knotenuy
DlltrlCt,   1280  acica       384.00
Pugh and l.lvlngat n  SulXllVlsloni   7 and 8   nl   Lnt
359, Oroup One, Knntenay District, 320 acres      16.00
Pugh and Livimst n  Lnt 6398, Group One, Kootenay District,    152   acres   	
Pugh and Ltvlnjati n
ItroaiU.ioil,  L.	
• Lot 6410, Oroup One, Kootenny Dlstrnt, 14 acrea       1.50
..Lot   133, OfBUp One,  Kootenay District, 250 acrea      Ii,50
1 a m
:   .2 *,     *£        _
\ 1.5C
S 28.76
I 28
.96 2.00
30.72       2.00
lf.38      1.00      22319
14.33       3.00       195.53
4.95       200
12.29       200       107.89
Ross Saskatoon Lumber Co., Ltd. ...Lot 4140, Group One. Kootenay Distn.t,   12.1 acres        6.00
lloss Saskatoon Lumber Co., Ltd. ...Lot IHI, Grou;, One, Kootenay   District,   47    acres           3.00
Ross Saskatoon Lumber Co., Ltd. ...l.ot 1261, Giouii One, Kootenay District, 273 acres 16.00
Pugh and Llviugst ,n  Lot .7„, Group Cne, Kootenay  District,  320 acrea          8.00
Dilsc, Mrs. Jessie and Elstone John Lot 121, Group Cne, Kootenay   list id,  3 0  ncres          9.00
Ross Saskatoon Lumber Co., Ltd. ...l.ot 2214, Group One. Kooteuny DiB.rict,    359 acres        06.00
Lamb,   t'liaiIs   l.ot 3370, Group One,  Krotcn-
ty Dlitrlct, 161 acres      16.00
Ptgh and  Livingston  Suhdivis on    ic   of   Let   319,
Group One Kootenay District
160   acr.s         32.00
Pugh and Livingston  Subdivision   5   of   Lot.    320,
Group  One   Kootenay   District
.,i.u   acres        9.60
Frost, W. M Subdivisions 12 to 14, of Lot
.'lal, Group One, Kootenay
District, 468.7 acres      20.00
Gild ons, James L.  Lot 6422, Oroup One, Kootenay District, 244 acres        5.00
QUI, M. J Lot 8744, Group One, Kooteuny District,  160 acres        8.00
Macdon ild,  Samuel     Lot 5268, Group One, Kooten-
ay District, 39.6 acres        8.00
Carrier, Frank  Lot 10100, Oroup Cn., Kootenay District,  119.28 acres ...      3.00
Passmore, Oeorge A Lot 8413, Group One, Kootenay  District,  47 acres        8.00
Delate!, Tbomaa  Lot 7225, Group One, Kootenay District,   48 acres         2.50
Manners, Charlea  l.ot 8753, Group One, Kooten
ay  District,  226.42  acres       14.00
Mc.lure, H. H Lot 7317, Group one, Kootenay District,   88 acres        13.00
MoClure. H. H l.ot 8911, Group One, Kootenay District, 160 acres      19,00
Nadeau, Oliver  Lot 8916, Group Cne, Kootenay  District,   166.88  acres        4.50
Jolllffe,  Alfred    lot 6437, Group One,  Kootin
ay  District,  163 acres        7.00
Arnold, George  l.ot 677, Group One, Kootenay District, 320 acres        8.00
Thomns, AlpheuB _ I ot 7663, Group clue, Kootenny  District,  210 acres       25.00
Weber, Peter J Lot 7032, Group One, Kootenay District, 48.94 ncres        4.80
Douglas, Oeorge  Lot 5806, Oroup One, Kootenay Di trict,  160 acres      10.00
Douglas. George  Lot 7018, Oroup One, Kootenay  D strict,   165  ncres        8.00
Curtis, A. L Subdivision    2    ol    Lot   314,
Group One Kootenay District
160 acres       64.0
Becker, O. E. A Subdivision    16   of   l.ot   314,
Gtoup   One,    Kootenay    Dist
trict,    160 acres    .'      61.00
Fournier,   John  Lot 1900, Group One, Kootm-
ay District, 240 acres      18.0
Fournier,  John  Lot 3055, Group cue, Knot .1-
ay DiBtrlct, 1C0 acres      30.00
McDonald, A. A lot 2970, Group One, Kootenny District, 317 acres      10.00 .
McBean, Aleian-lei and Jnrvis J Lot 3010, Group One, Kootenay  District,  160 ad-is       32.00
McDonald,   Alc.andcr   'Lot 30,',3, Group one. Kooten-
ay District, 320 acres      25,0
Douglas, . . C Lot 3008. Group One, Kootenay District, 320 acres      20.00
Douglas, W. W.  Lnt 4824, Ornep One, Kootenay  Districti   160 acres       13.00
Douglas, F. 0 l.ot 4825, Group One, Kootenay  District,  40  acrea         3.25
Douglas, W. W Lot 6C71, Group One, Kootenay District, 315 acres      25.00
Arnold, Ell/aheth  Lot 6204, Group One, Kootenay Di .riot) 77 ncrea        2.50
Hemhury,   c.   R Subdivisions   .". nntl 6   of Lot
311, Group One, Kootenay
District, 320 acres      64.00
Von Oirsewald,  Baron A Subdivision    9    of    l.ot    311,
Oioup One  Kootenay  District
160  acres       44.80
Hemhury, C. II Subdivision   16   of   Lot   311,
Oioup Cne, Kootenav District
160 acres       82.00
Hemhury, C. R Subdivisions 3 to 6 nnd 11 of
1 ot 312, Group One, Kootenny District, SOO acres     160.00
Ferguson, J. A Lot 2320, Group One, Kootenay District,  110 acres      23.20
Hlack, Alexander and Hosmer
Lumber Compan,-,  Ltd I ot 363, Group One, Kooten
ay District, 2090 acres        150.00
Svec, Anton  lot 6251, Group One. Kootenay District   221 ncres      12.60
Wordrop, W. and Sparwood Lumber Compnny, Limit d  Lot 6666, Ornup One, Knotenny DUtr ct, 80 acres        8.00
Wllsrn Creek Lumber Company
Limited    ' ot 7781, Group One, Ko den-
ay District, 75 acres        8.00
Fisher,  Oeorge   Lot 8529. Croup Oue, Ko0ten-
ay District, 160 acres      10.50
Macdon iid,   James   A.   Gzowski,
Caslmir, Fobs, Oeorge O l.ot 4144, Group One, Knntenay Diatrict, 320 acres      12.50
Hembiirv. C. R. and Stringer, H. A,Subdivision   3   of   Lot   310.
Oroup One, Kootenav District
160 acren       44.80
Robertson, .1   N Subdivision   7  and  8, Io   310
Group One, Kootenay District
320   acres         12.50
Hemhury, O. R    Subdivision    1    of    Lot.    340,
Otoip   On,    Knotenny   Diet-
•  trict,   160 acres        64.00
Tlsdale, G.  P Bill-divisions 10, 11, 14, 15, of
lot 341, Croup one, Kootenay District, 640 acreB      32.00
I aldluw   J   E   H       I*0*- IQlo, Group One, Kooten*
  ay Dlatrlct, 160 acres      48.00
Taylor    Lymaa  J Lot 8108, Group One, Konten-
ay District. 80 ncres        6.00
Myers, Job. A. nnd It. «' I*'1-" 654, 655 „ad 656, Group
Oni, Knntenay District, 824
acres        78.70
Myers, Jus. A. and R   «' Lot 708, Croup One, Kooteo-
ay District, 212 acres       18.10
McOnllum, J. 0 Lot 9397, Group One, Kooten*
ay District, 318 acrea      16.00
Bit ten ll. B.'i  Lot 264, Group One, Kootenny  District,  1215 acres      60.00
Nelsnn,   William   Kaat   145   neris   of Lot 6618,
Group On.', Knnt'iiay District       7.86
Gradv    J.   J  Lot "IW,  (lump One,  Kimlell
ay Diatrict, 251  a'Tcn      70.0U
Pey.n'it, 15, M Subdivision    '1   nf   Loi   336,
Oioup i ne, Kootonay District
ICO   acrea         16.00
Kmt,  John G Subdivision    14   nl   l.ol   335,
Oroup One, Knotenny Dlslrlcl
I6I1 acres         32.00
llrec'.e irini-e   Annie   Lot 8118, Oroup nne. K.'ntcn
ay District, 80 acres        84.00
Mucdonell, Ja« A.. Osowskl, Caslmir,
and Foss, George O Lot 2316, Group One, Kro •
ay District, 622 acres      80.00
Mucdonell, .las A., Ottowski, Casitnlr,
and Foss, Genrge o lot 2242, droll,   nne. Kmtrn*
ay Dlatrlct, 111, acrea      18,60
Neuendnrp, Henry    Subdivision   10   ol   Lot   864,
Oioup   On»,    Kooten'v    Ills.
trict.  216.13   seres        43.20
"V       a"
SS.        *•!
\h.\ II  I
.48 2.00
.2.'. 2.00
3.48       2.00
.40       2.00
2.16       300
If,. 13
District    of    South    Kant    Koot*?.
TAKK NOTICE tbat David Will
.St. Eloi of <'r..n_irooli,  B.C., ..cci
lion farmer, intends to apply l°r
mission    tu   [-mrhaee   tlit» ttollo.
described .ands:—
Commencing at ;i post planted
chains north and 60 chains we*
the north-west corner of Lot .
'.. 1, Koutmay District, then.e a__
20 cbtins, thenre south 40 ch:
thence wesi '-'■■ ehnin-i, thence n
40 chains to |,o.nt of commencen
containinc HO acres wore or less.
Date   August  25th,  1913.
David William  St.
36-9t. Appli
DistrlCt     of    South    Kast    Kooi
TAKK NOTICK that Harry N
wood of CninSrook, II.''., occup.
butchei. intends to apply for pe
tion to purchase the following
crihed lands: —
Conimenrinu at it post plants*
chains north of the north-wost t
of Lot '..209, Oroup one, Kco
District, thence west 20 cl
thence south 4n chain*-, thence
20 chain;-., tin nee north 40 chair
j lace of roi.i'j.cncenw'nt, c nt.
eighty acrea more or less.
Date  September Brd,  1913,
Hairy North
.6-9t. Alexander  Lewis St
District    of   South    Kast   Ko.
1    TAKK    NOTICK    that    Edwa
Hill of Cranbrool., occupation
chant,    Intends to apply for p
'.ion    to   purchase the followln
1 ended  lands -
j Commencing at a post jl.tnt
chains north ... the north-wefl
ner of l.ot 9209, G. l, Kootena
I trict,    thence    east  20 chains,
couth    40    elm ns,    ih *nce     we
chain..,    thence    north    40 cha
point    of    co'U'nencemetit, conl
HO acreB more or less.
Date   iVugllSt   2Sth,   1913.
Kdward A
ai/__i i
Alexander  Lewis ,*4J^      I
District    of    Southeast    ^mmm
TAKK    .NOTICK    that   Ravi,
hin*. of Cranlnook,  B.C.,    OCC
.1 wav Conductor, intends ti
for    permission    to purchase
lowing described lands.—
Commencing at n post piaiil
ihains   north   and   20 chain-.^*
the    n'~>rth*w--8t    corner of  L<
(.roup      One,     Kootenny     i
thence east 20 chains;, tlu lice s
I chains,  thence west  20 chains
(north 10 rhiins to plnec of ro
ment,   containing   eighty acr
or lesM.
i    Date  Sep1.ember Brd,  1913.
David  I
|3_-9t. Alexander Lewis
1 12
District    (>f    South    Kaat    h
TAKK  NOT10RJ  that  Krncr
of Cranhrook,   B.C.,  occupat__r
(»er,   intend;,  to apply for  pt
to    purchase  the  following
. ommencing at a post pie
•hams north and .0 riiun
the n irth west corner of I
Croup One, K4.oten.iv Distric
went 20 chains, th nje t
liam ., thenee east 20 chad
north 40 chains, to plan
mencemen'., containint; eij-b
more or less.
Date September 3rd,  1913.
Ki m i
A ..Rticltr l.«wl>
niBtricr    n|    South    Kant
chattel ol Cranbroolt, H.C, o
railway    conductor, intrnls ra
lor   tierrnlsKloii   tn iitircba.' _l
lowing iU'm . ib,. i lands:-- 3
I'ommi'iu'iiii'   at   a post I
the   north-cast   corner   of _r_3_mml
;iroii|> one. Kootenay l)istrl_l___if
north     40   rim.ni,   thtnee
chain .     thence     south     4—>.
thence   east    40   chains   t,-=
commencement,   containing
ilre.l ami Hlxty acres more
Imte September 3rd, 1911
Harry  1
Aloiftndor l<e*v
23 (Ht
I), puiy Assessor ind Collector
Fort Steele Aweisment District
Dlstrlot   ol   Smith   East |
TAKK    NOTICK    that
I l_*l«   St. Him,   ,,l iron ii|
; <>i-ciij>iiii, n   woods   Ion
'io appi*. iiii- permission   tl
ihe inline,iiu described latf
!   Commencing a. a i"i»t IE
chain*, ii .rib ninl 40 ehatf
liln* n rtb evi ht corner oil
|0, l, Kootenny District,
40    ChalDS.    thence    ,,tilth 1
tlience went 40 chains, tlc.
10 chain- tn point nl comi^
containing 160 acres momf
Date August _r.tl>, 1013.
36-91. Aletnn,ler Lew
(DAI.    AMI    I'KTIIIll.KII!*
Notice Ih hereby given t.'
n''er date, 1 Intend tn ar
M niotir of I an.1,1 fnr n Hi
pect (nr Coal ami Petrol
1..M1.wine    lands   nit 'int.
Illl'l    lit   SlI'lthCHHl    Isn't'I
1 olnmhla, in l.ot ir.'i.l
Commencing at a post
nr 11 * nt *thr RoilihwUl ot
llll,  all I   Itlng  tilt   Si.nil
'int   nl   1 ll rl.e.    K.    W
Ih nCC  North  1,'one,'  tile
Uol    Till   In tb" Month
..32, thenre Weal nl"ng thi,
1- I.lit lili tn the Kaat I
loi.„'i. tbrn-e Smith nlonl
'ine ol I ol imi,,', anil aloi
line 1 f lot 10071 lo th.
ol Lot Tim. tbence Kan
Nnrt'i line nl I ot 72M t
of rntnii'curen.cnt.
I.oented thla 17th dav n
©he Iproepe irtov, Ckuntiraah, §. <_.   I_ocal News
■BTARl.ISHRD   1191
r«*>Lt_h*_ I'.ry Saturday   Morning at .raabraak, B.C.
r. M. Ubriittan, Manager.
Poetage to American, Uuropean and  other foreign conntrice,   50 cent,   a
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising rates furnished on application. No
■advertisements but tlioae of a reputable character will be accepted    lor
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to tbe contrary
la given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be Kept
running and charged up at-ainst their account.
19th YEAR
As annotmrtd in lhe 'Prospector'
to its readers last v..■_'--, we have entered Into a contract with the standard Photo Kngrav.ng r-.-,, ol iV'ont*
real, to supply ns with a series dl
depicting the new. ol th,.
tn .*a
Id   in   pictiw
e\ er
k.    This
. our flrst a up-
o( ih ■ I at ires
the g neral i
menl. 'I n:s i-
wchave a!opted
pravenunt    that
[lace in our paper, nth r impicement wtll foKtOW from tune to time
as occntlons arise, our purpose if-
solely to plare boforo tbe citizens of
Cranbrook. tt paper of wblch ihey
can he justly proud.
We are proud to s»>' thut our busl
n:s*. has hem steadily in.reu.-in_,
and in justice to those who ha'*e
been our main support, we are in
deavorin» to spare no expense to
give our readers nn up-to d.ite paper,
fill of the latest news of the day
andbrlmtul of suggestions to those
who take itn advice to heart. We
have our faulU—who hasn't,  we are
open io sugpestions and we would
respectfully ask all our read rs if at
any time the\ have any suggestions
1 to make whloh would be >>f general
Intescst ;iinl InMrovoment, to ma'te
j them direct to us and we will be only too p.l&d to ndopt the same.
Another   th ng   wo   would   like   to
ib. of our readers and that  is that
they take ■-. moro personal interest m
the    iiii'-i.   and 1.011 time to time,
l     is   ti eal Items  respecting tha
everyday 1 = f«- In whoh tbey exist, of
friends visiting them or about theni-
ielves   when   the make *_ visit, mas
rlages, births, deaths and every personal    happening    which would he oi
nterest ..t any time to then  friends
.n.l  It   is only  by  tho medium ol  a
widely circulated paper that this can
oe d n- ii. a. pro] er manner.
Co-operate with us an \ vou will
find that everything jro do to at*
slflt us will he heareily appreciated
hy the manage! ent ... the "Pros
Mrs. Waller Cartwright left on
Friday for tlio I'rairie where she intends to spend ,-■ three months vn
A wire wns received on Friday
from London, Ont., stating that a
brother 0. Ms. J. Fletcher bad died
Mrs, E .etcher, who was nt Fort
Stflolo, hft on '■>--■ afternoon train.
Mr. Fletcher, who is at ..ins-vorth,
wa** notified by wire.
The fire brigade responded to nn
alarm ;tt 8 80 Friday evening caused
by a fire in the pains shop of It.
"a-'!■. 'lhn 1 ro was caussd bv *l
cross on the electric Ughl wires. A
small hole was burned In the ceil
ing iii it wus extinguished by the
chemical brigade Tbo toss will
•unoi-nt to ftboui   (100,
Premier McBride has been vory
busy during the pnsl fo* dnys in
London later, lewin \ the financial
houses. He i.n es today for n trip
on the continent and will return to
Cnn "i.i in about a forinlght, wb sn
he will proceed to Ottawa to ittend
Pn :■ pi li..ith n's confon nee ol tho
Provincial Preralei a
"Old Bill  Miner,"  dt train hold-up
fame, and other misdoati 1 rs .-.gainst
the laws of Canada nl the I'nited
st.tto-:.- died at Melle Igovllle, Oa.,
,,11 Tuesday nlgbt. One of Ins la tea I
,-*.! ■■- ts « is tli-' hi lding np of h
C P.R. train at Duck, B.C., (or
, . he .vas Bentenci ■■ to life lm-
■ . 1; 1 ■ • .— api >'. b year la
the v  ■   V.''s''' ■'■~x'"-  P*-8
.Mr.    H.    Ballantvne.    of    CaUary,
Travelling Secretary of the National
Council of the Y.M.C.A., wns iu town
Wednesday between trains onrouto to
his home. He visited the local Association. He re'incy attended tbe
World's Conference nt Edinburgh
Sentlaiid ..nil £ropo-*.CH re.UM'ng to
Cranbrook abotti October 12th whon
In- will give the public an opportunity of heal Ing about tin' great work
curried on by tin- Y.M.C.A, throughout the length and breadth of the
-anh. Hi* will a'a<* give Ids impress-
lons of the different cities and countries visit eil. Further announcomont
will i>" given regarding this imi or
taut  event.
The New Edison
The   l-Mi*on   Theatre   wlll   he   ro
opened noxt   week.    During  the  past
two   weeks   the   theatre   bus   hi nil   i.
novated thro.ug.ioul rhe |t oni of
brick presents **i very haudsomo np
prarnnce mul wil! he lighted hv olus
ters of ttectrlc lights 'lh.' bos ofllco
has been ohauge.1 uui the operating
room enlarged and made absolutely
fire-proof The Interior >■'' the then
tre will h.' u-_hti'd i,\ now mid up-to-
date wall In hts .,. that all pie.
nny accident tho theatre will he
lighted BllWclpntly to that all p.68-
ent ean sre t,. get out Flro exit nu
side and back wiM he su (lie lent in
am  emergency.
A  new
: lete
picture machine w ll he in
in'. the he-it films [OialUa
Dht lined and there will he a
change 01 program each
night The orchestra will be under
the manageni^nt ot Mrs, Wulliuger
and aly the .*,"-..*-■■ and up-to data
music wll he rendered .it every per-
formanre. Tho price of admii s'< 11
will remain as before.
The Romance of Lost
Min ns has in the past been as 0
ciated with much that was romantic
nnd which has thrown an allurfn
glamour about the Industry. Ci n
aider the innumerable lost mines .1111
the tales of adventure that might be
told about them could the circumstances o; their discovery and loss Vie
1 nown.
'lhe loss- ol rich old mines was often tbe result of the uncertain times
that onco prevaled, Usually tragedy
has been tbe direct cause of the losing ol mines, 'lh' miners working,
perhaps alone, fnr (rom help were
fiiirpr a -d by Indians and murder, d
killed by accident, or died from sick
n ss, their bccioI renin1nine h.dde
until M-.i-iili tl by somo f-Vt unalc
[rosptctor Btinnbllng onto the losl
mine by accident.
Mexico ia- been rich in traditions
.if lost 11 ines tbat yielded tr. asim.
in the .hivm .1! the Spanish e. n |iiee
ors   or   of   the anclint    As.tecs,    No
doUht lm ill" lla.se st reuuotiH and Un
certain days many mh mines were
lost ami .till roniain um, but it. is
equally probable that, still more are
tho children of vivid lmnplnntio,n..
Lost mines arc by no rreans eon ]
lined to Mexico, Thero nto many1
tales ui them in our western mining
stntes.      They     will    keop    emu tin -O
light from time to time, Lost mines
have b n» been fu-orte- with pioio
lira ot Iran.bib nt ntoc'.. promotion
schemiB, tho (.'amour nf romance be
Ing mnde use of to [nv.l$J,c the in
wary nnd unsophisticated into Investing in stork and worthless mines
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
a mil Aim: I.Kf.ur.A 1 on
Thus Will nto <■ 1 |. bu'iVa!with tin zreateil
cure It.mi tti_• l|i*i»l  1 ell.htt) i. !i_i ku-mo lo
■delta 1 »m ti 11 nro lit inu u -nt wllli mm I. biiccou
bribe irnvi cuatfbr.iiuil i.Tiviictan. Icmmn,
'I lu-v ..ic.. sp. 111 111-jhi'id-it. ■.. im, dlwrdon
t. wlileli Ihu Iciil... ■ nBfi Mm..11 |j |i.,l Ic
I'ln.e i'i.. u..\ Wo, ■.' [much Mr.nicei. *. ■
hox. iwldnl ..ll.lt 1: -i..i.■-... 1 I.n n.j irmm-TM
_*»*»! i»iU|f <«., lit t'atharlaMi Ont.
A Needed Connection
coast   throui h   tho   Upper Colin*  ia
and  Kootenay valleys to Alberta,  ■*•'
of   vital    Important to   th-   city    of .
Cranbrooi. a.J  th..- is not   too  soon
ror the Bo-rd of Trade an !t * ae   in
teres ted in lh   welfare of this city to
look   into   the   matter   a a. I see   wbatl
can    1)0   done.    A    short,     line   from j
Wasa,    or    Fort   Steele, will he tbt. i
conne ting lln. that will bring business and prosperity to our dry. the
commercial    in tei est    of    the   al o*-'e:
mimed    valleys should and  would be 1
pro.ided   [or   In the future by these
conn etiiu sunt  lu s. thus avoiding
lhe    carrying    of   passengers    and
freight   a   distance of nearly a hub
died   miles   when   it  ean   he   short* nci
to not more thau thirty miles.
Women's Institute
'lb Cenern! monthly meet ■.■ o:
the Women's Institute was held on
Tuesday night, when a large number
were present, It was particularly
remarked on by the officers or tbe
Institute that  such  -•  large  number
of friends, not    ut'e-rs, were In ot
tendance. Thia e. u be taken as nn
llttllcntlon of the. nterest which is
bolng nm used ami ny the women
folk ,/f Cranbroo't in the work o'
the Institute. Mrs. I.ceman presided
ovar the meeting; in tho absence of
Mrs. shnw. Mrs. T, S. iiiii acted na
secretary, 'lhe usual bus ness was
transacted and special mention irade
to Lhe prizes given by the Im-t.tutc
i.t the Pnll Kair. The [resident In
particular urged all members to <n
ti'i    omo article '<..■ npcc|nl  exhibit,
one of tin* objects ..f this inciting
i wus the receiving of receipts foi
making pickles and teveral excellent
J recci) t** woro glren hy members.
.Mrs. Cen. Powell, Mrs McCUro and
Mrs, t s. CilII were nil very instructive in their remarks on this
snbjeet, giving several useful receipts for the benefit nf the members
"What did tie do wnen he
found that hia wlte had planned
to elope witi. the chauffeur?''
'He thoroughly o{led the c«f
•nd put ii ln fur. .-class ihajxw*   .
"Cheer up. Even Gilberts new
play in London wasn't a great
"Oh, that's all right. I've got
Gilbert stun^ to death. Mv piece
U pronounced the worst ever."
'Hero's thc coffee,but there if*
nc sandwiches, our hostess explaining that she ls boycotting tha
Meat Trust.'
He—Would you uke 11 1.
heirt if I were to break off our ifr
|»lErment ?
Shf—No, to sourtl
the opening
of our new
Fall Styles
in Suits and
McCreery Bros.
Ci-fii-brook, ll. ('••
Both-'I'm  .train .1*.  !
trn-re stylish thsn ! do!''
'Wlm ever hesird .ii nnv one
iciiuiK 'mn trouble hv following •
iiiod exgmpl* ■'
I did.    H.   wss s caun.ee.
American   Lady
need   no recommendation.
Their fit, finish and style are perfect. Prices are no higher than
some of the cheaper lines.
There is more dollars worth of shoe
leather and  shoe  making  in
than any other line we
know of.
Let us prove it.
Dlatrlct ot Soiitli-Enst Kootenay
TAKH NOTIOB that I, Thomas
Cli'lDtlm. Contractor, intend thirty
days alter dam to apily to the Minister of Lands toi* per/mission to purchase the lollowlng described land:-
Co-nmencing nt n post planted on
the East linn, ol the Moyie River,
mar tho southeast, corner ot Lot
llUOf, thence oast 20 chains, thence
aoiitli 40 chains, thtnee west 20
ch-.lnj, thtneo north 40 chains to thi
L.oint of commencement.
Dated August 16th. 1913.
34-0t A. D, Grace, Agen:
Canada's Minister of
Presbyterian Church
Rsr.  W. Ktlmsn Tbuinsun
Morning service, at 11 a-m.
Sunday Scho— and Bible Class 12
a.m. —"Please note the hour."
Bvenlnu iervlr,.< at 7.80 p.m.
The Fa-rameut of the Lord's Supper will be dls[j. u.ivil at this service.
Silo   Select, d.
Sub'cct: "Christ In the New
Times," (The flrst ol a s.rloB of
lour sernion.i.)
Anthem: Selected.
Tin Women a Missionary Fo.lety
will meet at the Manse nn 'I h irsdny
afternoon, September llth, at 3:30
Baptist Church
Rev, o. B. KKN"
Sunday morn'ng servico at 11 a.m.
Sunday School at 12:15 noon.
Bvening Gospel service at 7:30 p.m.
mm SEPT. 15 TO 21 WO —
Methodist Church
(Ut. W. Bison Dunham
Tho paatjr will
and 7:30 p.m.
"The New Point
"Reaignatii n and
Tlu Hon. W. T. White, tho Dominion Minister of Finance, came to his
onerous position without Ihi political trn'n'ng and experience rossesscd
by his piodecessor; but In other directions   he   lias enjoyed advantages
wli ch were on equipment for the position he fo admit-ably I'l's and which
then,   now   And   full .cope.   By his    BlBday Bervicee:
training   in   law,   his ou'erionce on preach at 11:00 a.in
the   iress   ami later Ills connection    Morning subject
rtitl.   and   siioceaRful management of of "lew, '
...      , ,    ,        ., , ,       Hvinlng subject:
one   of   Canada a   large Unanc al In* Rjgoiutl, n."
Btttutions, n I reparation wns afford*    onward Bible Ole.ss nt 3 p.m.
id   for   tho   dlaplay   !n   thi   larger     All nre Invited tn the abo-.o ser-
sphorc   of   an   aptltudo and ability "I'"*-
wiii.h  mrn  of nil  shades ol politics
ac! nowlodge,
Uy lo'ld and haul iierscvering: work
the Finance Minister, within two
y tits, lias made himself thoroughly
funlilnr with all '.hat is encumbent
upon one v.ho ta'tes up a leading
and coiiimand'ng p. sit on <n th..
government. Mastery of all that
ronccrus the leading features iJI po-
lltlral HV, both lcg'slatlve and nd-
ininlstrntive, hus bc.n his absorbing pasiion. And withal he has
manifested an unfaltering honesty ot
purpose nml directness of alni
Notice |a hereby given thut on the
1 .Ml. .Inv if Aiig-sl  1918,
|    IT WAS  nIlllKltKIl  IIV   Hih  Honor
.fames   A.   Ko'in, Pisnulro, Judgo ofl
the County finurt ol West Kootenny,
I thai. .1 iiiiHra A.An. .I.l.intlnal Ailrnlnlil
* trator lor llmt portion of tlio County
| of Kootonny Included   in   tlio   I'llcc-
jtornl   Dlstrlcl   ol   Crnnhrook lo Ad'
mlnlstrntor ol nil nntl singular tho
e,iinii,   ol   Jowdnkln    Konnnluk   de
reaue.l Intestate,
[flvery person Inilobtod to tin- snid
deconso'l Is roqiilrfiil ti, mako payment loitliwitii to the iiudorslgnod,
Rvery person having in i-.,*.fi,-*i ,j*.,,
oilM-ts liolonitlng in the ilcconsotl is
required lotth-vltli in polity the
Rlvory    oroflltor   oi othor  person
linving any claim Upon or Interent
in llm distribution of Ihn estate of
tiie iiiihi ,i.,i-e..se,l Ik riqulred In send
belore the N'inth dny dl Octobor 1913
next, by roglBtored mail mltlroriseil
to thn undoraignod, his name nnd
address and the full partloulnrs of
llis claim nr Interest, and a ntuto-
inont nf his account, ami the nature
Ol tllO security (If nny; hold by him.
Afler the snld Insl. mentioned date
tlm Administrator will proceod with
the distribution ol the cstnto having
roffnrd tn thoso claims only ol which
lie itlinll huve lind ii'illi'.'-
Ilnlei     ut    ' 'inn' rook  Hi b  llll iluv
nl Stpl ler, I9IB.
.1.   A.   A UN,H.11.
,111 21 lllli.'iiil   Mluiilil-iliutm.
English  Church
Rev. B. P. Plewelling Rector
Holy Communlco at 8:00 a.m.
Matins and Holy Communion 11:00
Evening with s**eclnl «dd**"s« '-3d ,
Tho seats  n ( hrist (hurch are (ree
Ing lor en mnny gifts, bale need judg
ment, and Krn ness of purpose, he
has in a distinctive meaner, to use
the currnt phrase "made good,"
s erring esteem within ind without
lor   aptitude,   ability,   eo rtesy i.nl
Eloquence in stately periods, dia- .tMl«*t'<'f*Ml. AtMnK' «•'■"»"■
lect.cal akUI. and tho Imaginative',* « the situation modestly, pru-
temperament Have been and are dis •d,ntl>' w,lho,,t f'™**' It""-!""""*9.
t'nctlve   powers that afford delight, or "fll*« ol tr-unpots.
Hln Htroiin, dnep iwnso of duly nnd
«3pniif:.hil:t.y trokofl Iiim glvo the
titrnoDt rnro tn thn mltiutctft detail
ho in --T.H.'!.r:fiK of Ml( to know tllfl
inn ind nutH nf ovory question prn*
wonted tn him, not only of hiH uui
iiuincdiato dopill'tmtnt in nil its varied rclatlonB, imt of nil tlmt concerns
it. /nd thoro H not. ., tjiuHtlnn
which concerns tlic government thi *.
secure Influence, nnd nt.trnct ond
clinrm. Still, thnt in l.ut. ono Hide
uf public life. Tho oseftitlal fuiic-
i-n ol Pnr'lainent Ih husineeB—the
vitnl huelncee ol wise Icglalntlve nc-
lion nnd honest ndm niKtrntinn ot
the Intercuts wltl in iin competence,
Mr. White, hy iiuliiwimnt nnd hy
tra'ning, is in the fullest sense ol tho
word n prncUe.il himinct-s mnn, Tn
ll m  the
prflCT rT   7 ' ...  to rot   directly nr indirectly related
ossentlnl ifunrtlon of I'ar.in-
to the Finuncc Dopnrtment.
Thus, as a leglslnti r and a ineni-
In a of tne go.crnm.nt, Mr, White
rni bun n  dlstlii't silccoss.    I'. IIII-
mont liiulB ii rornploto embodiment,
Without   nnv   studied   arts, eicept
dlivctnunt, of exprinri'on, luculit.- ind
conciseness, knowing thoroughly his , ,
subject, ho seeks In language direct «* oproirnts, Isl.-mlnde-l men,
in imparl, (ron, his fulness „f knowl- •""»W "'_Mm ,"» •" ° 'J9,!1*'.*
edge, in „ straightforward manner, «- °» **• •»•**""*. «•"• "f""1 »«*
what he Know,, of tiie subject under •» ^ &lM f *"fflcult V<»liion *vltl*
International Polo
Daily Gomes between Canadian
and American Teams
$35,000 in Premiums &
Competition open to the World
The First National
Indian Congress
Approved by U.S.Governmtnl
72d Soaibrth Highlander- Band
$500CashPraesfor Batter Babia*
"Custer's Last Fi_,ht" NiAhtly
A thrillln*, reproduction of iMinhunu
battle with 5lK) Indians uud 200 Soldiers
Fireworks Display Every Nijjht
Individual Farm Exhibit Prizes
$20,000 Race Program
Seven Race* Daily
Poultrymen.Meeting Wednesday
Dairymen's Meeiinfc Thureday
BromUworil Hettluson Horseback
i\. For Ulustnileil Daily Program tnd
Premium List, aililresa 501 Chamber of
Cuuuuarca l.iiil.lin^ :: Sfmkaiir, Waah.
in  nlm   is to
„ clear, convln- '•'
Scobell'5 Liquor, Tobacco
and Drujc Cure pfSf&itt
Aliaiini, Tobiccp .llll lllll...   ll COUlll.t.CU 11,1
,«,u, .Iim,.! iiiumiii)   tetbovei ill ctivlngi,
All.l t.killK lli«ll.i.llil.lll Uiri. .ill nrva, l.r any
n..U li*inn, 11,man.ill. .1 u.a ilillKN a|»ili. Call
ii. «i..« a.u.iir. w« ii>«« r«t i" in" »i "n«
i.iiui.. Maii.a under iipsisli t"«« to iulid<
J,...    I'l.tl.-.K <.,,i»li.„..l..i llui.i  Tke
tUs.ll Ut«i tie,, it, ca,—a\..,, um.
oonstilcrntion, His
treat iin problem in ^^^^^^
cing way that all can understand,
and to ina'*-.«< thu question j„ marrow
and pith, the ono Issue to be dearth
with, and remain upon the mind. He
combines a commanding personality
and urbane iiinnn . with an ensy
roidy (low ol cultured language, both
an to style ninl form, possessed ol
an attractiveness that gains attention anil socui'OS regard.
Slnco entering public llfo, Mr.
White huu nindu a strong doop Impression upon business olrclcs In tho
Dominion. I.n mint, to Ottawa witii
ii .-.|,i, ti'iiil roptltntloil as one '.''ho
lui.I mad" bin mask nnd won admiration in each splioru of his varied
nnd rotntirltntilo activity; nnd the
wonder wan "Will bn in the mo.t
trying .itdi'.il again triumph and add
othor Iniiiiibi to ctnwti the splendid
nclilovciiunls ol lho past?" As an
Administrator of a ilopartment cnli-
mirked   ability   and distinctive mic-
f* * H 11 il 1111 HI 1111 Hit IH I llllllllll 11 IIV;;
Wah Sung Co. |
Merchant  Tailors
P. O. Box 641 Cranbrook, U. C,
Excellent Patterns and the Best of Cloths
Always on Hand
Fiist Class CnttiM' and Designer,
All the Newest I'ashions can be made.
Satisfaction Cuaraiileed.
L    ■-    IJJJJl     ________a*.i-.-i««      «-T
r. « M
$ s *
c a
a.  •**
Sale of Lands for unpaid delinquent taxes in the Fort
Steele Assessment District, Province of
British Columbia
I hereby ci»o notice that, on Saturday, the llth dav ot October, A,l>,, 191 . at the hour df ten o'clock
in the forenoon, at the Court-house, Oranbroolt, II,0., I shall, offer for sale at public auction the lands tn
the list hereinafter net out, of the persons in the aaid list hereinafter set oat for deliniumt taxes unpaid by
ths said persons on the 31st December, A. II., 1912, und for intcrem, costs, and expenses, including the cost
of advertising aaid sale  If  tho  total amount, ia not sooner paid,
<_ 5 i-i
I ! -S _ I *•*■
SS   , SSI    ft
, I    I S3 sill.
Ross Saskatoon Lumber Co., Ltd.
Hose Saskatoon Lumber Co., Ltd
Ross Saskatoon Lumber Co., Ltd.
Pugh and Livingston 	
Dilsc, MrB.  Jessie aad
Pugh and  Livingston
brown, William F Subdivisions 8 and 11   of Lot
4r,8!t    Group   One,    Kootenay
District,    _i,_ acreB     i 25.
Cldlanrt, Harry  Subdivision   17   of   Lot 4589,
Group One, Kootenay District
576.82 aires 	
..Subdivision 22 of Lot 4589,
Group One, Kootenay District, ;i20 acres   	
Drown, William F Subdivision   29 ot    Lot 4589,
Group   One,     Kootenay
trict 1205 acres    	
Downs, p., and Hoover Estate  Subdivision   31   of   Lot  4589,
Group   One,     Kootenay    District,    227 acres 	
Uacey, William C Subdivision    34   ot Lot 4589,
Group   One,     Kootenay    District, 306.12  acres 	
...Subdivision 40 of Lot 4589,
Group One, Kontenay District,   160 acres   	
Goirie, Thomas Subdivision   41   ol   Lot 4589,
Group   One,     Kootenay    District,    160 acres    	
 Subdivision   9   of   Lot   4590,
Group   One,     Kootenay    District,   400 acres	
A. ...Subdivision 18 of Lot 4590,
Group One, Kootenay Dis-
erict,   24u acres   	
E '.. Subdivision    18    of    Lot 4590,
Oroup   One,     Kootenay    Dis-
tr.ct,    451.45 acreB        108.80
F.,  Subdivision    19   of    l.ot 4590,
Group    One,.  Kootenay    District,   160   acres   	
..Subdivision    10    of    Lot 4591,
Group    One,     Kootenay    Dis-
Ruh,  Herman
Douglas, F   O,
Douglas, F. C., _ Chapman, 0.
Henderson, George
Townsend, ,1.
Leask,   George   it.,
L ask, George  lt	
Burton D. A.. _ Harris, 0. K.,
Hilton, Charles 	
Laidlaw, Jas.
tr.ct, 639.92 acres   	
..Subdivision 16 ol Lot 4591,
Group One, Kootenny District 320.24    aer.'B   	
..Subdivision 19 of Lot 4591,
Group One, Kootenay District,    1040.26 acres       195.60
..Subdivision 1 of Lot 4592,
Group One, Kootenay District,   7.98 acres	
.. Subdivision 57 ot Lot 4592,
Group One, Kootenay District  155.20 acres   	
Pu_h and Livingston and the Columbia _ Kootenay Railway _ Nav-
.gallon Company  fi^oSS?
to 14, Lot
roup   One,     Kootenay
Listrict,    1575 acres     392.80
Pugh and Livingston and the Colum-
^..V.-^™. "'llW",r & ^^Subdivisions 3, 6, 11,  12 and
igation Company    ^ M(|   -£_,„_ -,„._ Koo.
tenay District,    800 acres     204.80
Pugh and Livingston and the Columbia ft Kootenay Railway _  Nav .
_____ r._mn.m.                      ...   Subdivisions 4 ,nJ 5   of Lot
igation Company  36(.      G_o)lp -__    Kooten,y
District,   320 acr.s   	
ti ._._,.    .«._-.« T  Subdivis ous   7 and 8   ot Lot
Bard .ley.   George T  .^     0_w_   _„_    KooteriSjr
District, 322.24 acrea
Pugh und Livingston „nd the Columbia ft Kootenny Railway ft Navigation Company 	
..Subdivisions   10, 11 aad 16 ol
        Lot 360, Gionp One,    Kooten-
ay District, 480 acres      179.20
Pugl. and Livingston 0nd the Columbia ft Kootenny Railway ft Nov-
_____ Cnmnnnv  Subdivisions   1 and 8   of Lot
Igation company          ..^    Groul|    0_.     Kootenay
District, 325 acres    	
HoelMl, Mis. I-., and Pugh and ■•■•-,„,„,._„   -   tn  -  o(  __t
",-"">n          361,    Group    On-,    Kootenay
District, 960 acres        153.60
Push and Livingston and the Colum-
_^*S___SM^*--~.B^»liW   9   °<   Lot
Igation lompany  q_qu_   ()n.      KonUni,y
trict, 160 acres    	
......   .,..   -  Subdivision! 10   11 nnd 14   ot
chatterton, Mrs. T        ._t  m   0roMp 0nc   K(10t,n.
ay District, 480   acres           25.00
Puib mid Livingston and the Colum-
.bi_.Kor»r_;n,,lwa...*.!tB«bdivi.io», .2 mi .:. «t
Igation (ompany   Ui| ,)(..   (jn)U1, ,„„,     Koot(n
nj- District, 320 acres   	
pugh anl Livingston and the Colum-
,,!.   ft   Kootenay Railway A Na     ,,„,„,.,.„    „;   „f   }M
Vlgltton  Company     ...„„   ,„„.      Koot,.nay
trict, H.O acres   	
Subdivision     7     ol    Lot   354,
rleliiam, Hoy   „..:  Group   One,     Kootenay    District, luo acres   	
,     ,,   „  SldKl,vision    11    of    l.0t    354,
Conk,  O. w  Group One   Kootenay  District
160 acres 	
.Subdivision    12    of    Lot    354,
"Group One   Kootenay  District
Estate  of
Hambleton,   lolm
160  acres   .',      64.00
.Subdivision I of Lot 355,
Group One  Kootenay  District
li;0 acres      64.00
.Subdivision .*. of Lot 355,
Group One  Kootenay   District
160 acreB        36.80
.Subdivisions 12 tn 14 of Lot
355, Group One Kootenay District, 480 acres      45.00
Estate of  Subdivisions 3 ti) 6 und 11 to
14, Lot 356, Group One, Kootenay  District,  1280 acreB     153.60
Estate of   The   east,    half    dl   Lot    358,
Group One  Kootenny  District
1280   acres       153.60
neb and  Livingston  .....Subdivision    4    ol    Lot    358,
Group Olio  Kootenay  District
206.16   acres        57.20
Subdivision 4 of Lot 3A9,
Group One Kootenay District
160 acres       19.20
Pugh and Livings ton  Subdivisions 5, 6, 11 to Hi of
1 ot 369, Group one, Kootenay
District,   1280 acres      !184.O0
Push sud Llvlngstin  Subdivisions  7 and 8   of  Lot
359, Group one, Kootenay District, 320 acros       16.00
Lot 6398, Group One, Kootonny District,    152   acres          5.00
Lot 6410, Orolip One, Kootenay District. 44 acres       1.50
Lot. 133, Group One, Kootenay District, 250 acres      12,50
liahl,  Joseph	
Downs, P., nnd Hlnes, ,1. H.,
Kelly, David L,
Kelly, David I..
Kelly, David I.
Pugh and  LP
Kelly, David l„, Estate ol
Pugh and Llvlnmon
Pugh and Llvlnjstoti
Hroadwnnd,   L.
* 1.5C     «.00     * 28.76
4.16       2.00
.25       2.00
.Cl       2-00
2.40       2.00
Lot 4140, Group One, Kootenay  Distrt.t,  12,, acres 	
.Lot 4141, Group One, Kootenay  District,  47    acros  	
Lot 1261, Gioup One, Kooicn-
ay District, li,':' acres
 Lot 77S., Group cne, Kootenay District, 320 acres   	
Elstone .lolm Lot 121, Group Cne, Kootenay l) Bt id, 30 acres 	
Ross Saskatoon Lumber Co., Ltd. ...l.ot 2244, Group One, Kooteuny District,    359 acres   	
Lamb,   Charles   Lot 3370, Group One, Krotcn-
iy  lliilnct, lul acres 	
Subdivis on 16 of Lot 319,
Group one  Kootenay  District
160 acr.s  	
Subdivision 5 of Lot 320,
Group  One   Kootenay   District
31,11  acres	
.Subdivisions 12 to 14, ol Lot
a,.^— Ul,   Group     One,    Kootenay
District, 468.7 acres 	
Oibfcons, James L Lot 6422, Group One, Kootenay  District, 244 acres 	
QUI, U ^mtT
Macdon ild,
Pt gh and Livingston
Pugh aud Livingston
Frost, W. M	
66 00
>: *j  -
•*. |
o H
'. H
J.,  Lot 8744, Group One, Kootenay District,  160 scree       8.00
Samuel  Lot 5208, Croup One, Kootenay District, 39.6 acres 	
Carrier, Frank  Lot 10100, Group rn*, Kootenay District, 119.28 acres ...
Passmore, George A Lot 8443. Group One, Kootenay  District,  47  acreB  	
Dalaiel, Thomas  Lot 7225, Group One, Kcottn
ny District,   48 acres   	
Manners, Charles  Lot 8753, Group One, Kooten
ay  District,  226.42 acrea 	
McClure, H. H Lot 7317, Group One, Kootenay District,   88 acreB   	
McClure. H.  H.
..Lot 8914, Group One, Kootenay District, 160 acreB      19.00
Nadeau,  Oliver   Lot 8916, Group Cne, 	
ay  District,   166.88 acreB         4.50
Jolliffe,  Alfred    lot C437, Group Cne,  Koot.n
ay  District,  163 acres        7.00
Arnold, George  Lot 677, Group One,  Kootenay District, 320 acres        8.00
Thomas, Alpbeus E I ot 7663, Group ono, Kootenay  District, 2-10 acres       25.00
Weber, Peter  J.,  Lot 7032, Group Ono, Kootenay District, 48.94 acres        4.80
Douglas,  George  Lot 5806, Group One, Kootenay Di trict, 160 acres 	
Douglas*  George  Lot 7018, Group One, Kootenny D strict,  165 ncres 	
Curtis, A. L Subdivision    2    of    Lot   314,
Group One  Kootenay  District
1G0  acres       61.0
Becker, O. K. A Subdivision   16   of   Lot   314,
Gioup   One,    Kootenny
trict,   160 acres   	
15.65       2 00       213.25
.20       2.00
1.20-      2.00
Jol,n  Lot 1900, Group One, Koot.n-
ay District, 240 acree      18.0
Fournier,  John  Lot 3055, Group Cne, Kootn-
ay District,  ICO acres 	
McDonald, A. A lot 2970, Group One, Kootenay District, 317 acres 	
McBean, Alexander and Jarvls J Lot 3010, Group One, Kootenay District,  160 aCns 	
McDonald,   Alexander   'Lot 30,13, Group one, Kootenay District, 320 acres      25.0
Douglac,  F. 0 Lot 3008, Group Ono, Kootenay District, 320 acres      20.00
Douglas, Wl tt. 	
10.00 .
2.00       426.22
t.M       223.18
4.10       2.00
.40       2.00        10*0
14.33       3.00       195.53
Lot 4824, Group One,  Kooten
. ay Districti 160 acres 	
I   Douglas,  F. C Lot 4825. Group One, Kootenay District, 40 acres 	
Douglas, W. W Lot eCll, Group Ono, Kootenay District, 315 acrea      25.00
Arnold,  Elizabeth   Lot 6204, Group One, Kootenay Dl .rioti 77 acres 	
Hemhury,  C.   R Subdivisions   5 and 6   of Lot
311,    Group    One,    Kootenay
District, 320 acres 	
Von aims-aid,  Baron A Subdivision   9    ol   l.ot   311,
Gioup  One   Kootenay  District
160 acres       44.80
R Subdivision   16   of   Lot    311,
Gioup Cne, Kootenav District
160 acres       32.00
Hemhury, C.
4.93      2.00
12.29       2.00       167.89
H.mhurv   C   R Subdivisions 3 to 6 and 11 of
Hemnury, t. it         ( _t „.,   -..„_ nm< Kootenay District, SOO acreB     160.00
Ferguson,  ,1
i .   ...Lnt 2320. Group One, Kooten
ay District,  110 acres
Black, Aleiander and Hosmer
Lumber Company, Ltd.  ...
4.10      2.00
2.00      2.00
I ot 363, Group flno, Kooten
ay District, 2090 acres        150.00
Hvec    _iion  Lot MM. Clrn"*' 0ne. Kooten-
8-.ee,  Anton    ^  District   221 acreB      1250
Wardrop, W. aud Bparwood Lum- ...... _      „ _
bar Company, Limit d  Lot 6660, Group Ono, Kooten-
ue. comiu.., tt}. Dl.trct, 80 acres       8.00
Wllscn Creek Lumber Company
Limited    '-ot "81   (Sroi.p One, Ko.ten-
ay District, 75 acres        8.00
vish-r   Genr_e  Lot 8529. Group One, Ko0ten-
.isner,  ceorg.     __ ,.._._._._ ... _,..„ 	
11.15       3.00 84.95
3.20       2.00
Macdon ild,   James   A.   Gzowskl,
Caslmir, Fo»s, Oeorge o	
..Lot 4144, Group One, Kootenay District, 320 acres      12.50
Hembury. C. R. and Stringer, H. A.Subdivision    3    of    l.ot    310,
Group One, Kootenay District
160 acres  	
 SubdlvlHion  7  and   8, 1 o   310
Group One, Kootenay District
320  acres  	
n   Subdivision   l   ol   Lot   340,
Gto.ip   On.-,    K,.ot.cn iv    DlBt
• trict,   160 soros   	
p Subdivisions 10, ll, 14, 15, of
lot 341, Croup One, Kootenay District, 640 acros      32.00
BJ, j| Lot 7013, Group One, Kontenay District,  160 acres
Robertson, .1. N.
Hemhury, 0.
Tlsdale, fl.
Laidlaw, J.
Taylor,  Lyman  J Lot 8I116, Group fine, Kootenay District, m acres 	
7.68      2.00      163.28
30.72      2.00      416.72
Myers, Jna. A. and It. C,
Lois 654, 655 and 656, Group
Ons,    Kootenny    District, 824
.        .    „„,, n   n  l.ot   708,   Group   Oue,   Kooteo-
Myers, Jus. A. nnd R.     __ |)jKti'c.   .,£ ,..,. 	
McCalliini, J. 0
Blitch, H. K-.
Nelson,   William
Grady,  .1.  J.  ..
Pay .in.
Kint,  John Q	
llreo'.eirumo,  Annie
1. nn
Neuendnrp, Henry
 Lot 9397, Group One, Kootenay District, 318 acres 	
 Lot 2f,4, Group One, Kootenay District,  1215 acres 	
 East   146   acres   of l.ot 6618,
Group One, Knot uiny District   	
 Loi   8103,  Group One,  Kooten
ay District, 251 acres 	
13. M Subdivision     9   of   Lot    336,
Group (ne.  Kootenay  District
160   acres    	
Subdivision 14 Ol Lot 335,
Group Clio, Kootonny District
1611 acres   	
Lot Mln, Group Ons, Ki'oton*
. ay District, 311 ncres        '.(.110
Mucdonell, Jas A.', Claowskli Caslmir,
aud Foss, George O Lot 231c, tiroun 1 , Kcotcnay Dlstrlot, r.2a ncres      30.00
Mucdonell, Jas A., OtoWSil, Caslmir,
and Fobs, George, O Lot 2242
Iron" one, Ki oteii*
ay District. 416 acrea      12.Ml
.Subdivision in ol Lnt 354,
flioiip Ons, Kooten iv Plat
trict. 216.13 acres       42-M
District    oi   Soutb    EaBt   Kootq
TAKK NOTICE that Liavi.l WillB
St. Eloi of Cranbrook, B.C., occf
tion farmer, intends to applv Ior r
mission to purchase the tfollovj
described lands:—
Commencing at :t post pluntedl
chains north and C'l chains weif
the north-west corner of Lot 1
G. 1, Koottnay District, tben.e I
20 chains, thenre south 40 chl
thtnee w-e.v-t 2ft chaias, theace nl
40 chains to i.o!nt of commencenT
containing 80 acres more or less.|
Date  August   25th,  1913.
David  William  St.
136-9t. Appl
District     of    South     Eaat    Koo
TAKK NOTICE that Harry N
wood of Cranbrook, B.C., occup
butcliei. iutenda to applv (or pe
tion to purchase the following
cribed  lands:—
Commencing at a Post planted
chains north of the north-west cl
ot Lot. 9209, Oroup one, Kuo|
I District, tbence west 20
thence smith 4ii chain., thencel
20 cha;ns, tin nee north 40 chairf
j 1 lact? nf commencement, c, nt.|
eighty acres more or leas.
Date September 3rd,  1913.
Hairy North!
36-9t. Alexander Lewis str
District    of   South    Enst   KodJ
TAKE NOTICE that Edwal
Hill ,,! Cranbrook, occupation]
chant, int'nds to apply [01 )I
slon to [lurchnsQ the f,illnwni|
cribed lands. -
Commencing at a post lUntl
chains   north ol the north-wesj
ner of Lot 9209, O. 1,  Kootenai
trict,    thence    east  211 chains,
south    40    i-ba ns,    th -tine
chains,    thence   north    10 dial
point    ol   commencement, conj
80 acres more or less.
Date   Auj-llst   28th,   1913.
36-9t. Alexander Lewis
2 00
1.60  2.00
32 18
District   of   Soutb    East   K<j
TAKE    NOTICE    that  Davi|
kin. of Cranbrook, B.C.,
ra.l;way Cooductor,  intends t|
lor   permission    to purchase
low-in**: described lands: —
Commencing at. „ post plan]
chains   north   nnd   20 chain<,|
the   north-west    corner of Lc
Group       One,      Kootenny
thenco enst 20 chains, tlu lice
cha-'ns, thenco wost 20 chains!
north 40 ch-iinB to place ol coT
' ment,   containine:   oiehty acq
- or less.
1   Date September 3rd, 1913.
I A|
3f.-9t. Alexander Lewis |
District    of   South    East
TAKK  NOTICE  thnt  Ernei
of Craabrook,  [i.e.,  uccupatf
I .r, intends to apply for pe]
to    purchase   tile  following
c ommencing at a post phi
chains north and 60 cb.iinj
the n irth-west corner of
Group one, Kootenav Distr|c|
west 20 chains, th n.*e
chains, tlience east 20 chuil
north 40 chnins, to plactl
melicement, coittnlninc eia.h|
more or less.
Date September 3rd, 1913.1
Krni I
.40      2.00
.78      2 00
1.75       200
3.14       2.00
Ale-amler U.wlJ
District    of   South    Kast
cbaud ol Cranbrook, ll.C, 1
railway    conductor, intents!
lor   permission   to purchab-|
lowing described  lailds:-
Commencing nt a 1'ost ll
the north-east corner off
Group one, Kootenay liistrt|
north 40 elm,n:, thence
chains, thence south 41
thence east 40 chains tuf
commencement, containing I
dreil and sixty acros more r
Date September 3rd, 19I3|
Alexander l-ewl
j District    „|   South    Eaat
TAKE    NOTICE    that
I Lewis   St. U.m,   ul I'raun
ocoupalli n   woods   fora-nt
• tn apply  f..r pcnniBsion   t
tin* following described lat
J   Commencing at a post 1
chains    north   and 411 chui
ilu*    n rth wist   corner   o;
0,   I,   Kontenay  Dial riot,
40   1 bains,   thence   south I
tlience   west   411 chains, th)
10 chnins tu point of coml
containing 160 acres morel
Date  AUglMt   25th,   1913.1
36-91. Alexander Leaf
23 00
Deputy Assessor and Collector
Fort Steele Asieisment District
Notice is hereby given t.l|
n'or date,  I  Intend to 1
M nistcr ol I an.In for a llo
pect for Coal and Pet .,ien|
f..ll>.wiiii:    lnnds    Situate
trict of Southeast Kootiif
I oliltnhla,  in  Lot 4693:
Commencing at a post. |
nr ii'iit *lbr Southwest
1182, mil loll**, (he Soiilll
., b. ot l h Tl.s 10. Wef
ill tue Nortli a'oui! the
Lot 7282 to the soutb
87.12, tbenre West al.'nK thf
1' l.ot. 87.12 to the East [
10069, then-r South nloul
1 Ine ol I ot 10069 and ninl
line if Lot 10071 to ther
nf Lot 7284, (hence Ensl
Nort'i line of I ot 7284 t|
ol commencement.
Located this 17th day nl
1 H Mtl.lll
I j..i..t..t..t.t. ______ * ■*- i ____ _______I * * * _________ _u i..t..i it ii t ■_■_ I, i is J » » * ■
Professional   Caros
anii -
Cobge   Hotices
. W-+++++.+++-M--M-. •l-'H.-W++++++-H*+*H*+-f-H-*H--f.
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
|t tn Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
Thursday of each month.
tuis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Box Oil,
Itlng Brothers Cord.ally Welcomed
(Oranbrook  Branch)
tots  iii Carmen's  Hnll   1st  and
(Thursdays   in •■very month, at
Membership open  to British
K. V. nr. ke, Pros.
L.  Pearron,  Secretary
llox 618
ling members cordially welcome
P.L.8.  _ c.a.
District of South-East Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that J oha Henry
Liemer of Cranbrook, B.C., occupa
tion laborer, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the follow-
In*, described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe South-west comer of Lot 9687,
Group 1, Kootenay District, thence
weBt 20 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence eaat 20 chains, tbence
south 40 chains to the point of
commencement and containing 80
acres more or'leas.
Datod  Jun.'   23rd,    1913. 2 - it.
all persons h
the estate ol
who died on
of July,   1J13,
Wiii* any claim agalnBt
tbe late Oust. Andeen,
,r about the J_ii.l day
at Cranbrook, hritisb
Barristers, Solicitors aud Notarise
Monsy to Loan
Imperial  liauk llulldiog
CRANBROOK,    -    British Columbia
A. F. ft A. M.
Itegular   meetings
Ithlrd   Thursday   of
Visiting brethren welcome.
|Miles, Worshipful Master.
Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
il   and   Mining Engineers—British
Columbia  Land  Surveyors
P.O. Box 236 Phons 222
CRANBROOK,     ...    B.O.
No. 125, R. A. M.
liar meetings:—2nd  Tuesday  In
pontli nt eight o'clock.
Turning   Companions   are   cor-
Icoinp.—A. C. Shankland, E.
Cranbrook, ll.C,
Drs.   KING   _   GREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Offlcs at Residence,   Armstrong  Ave
Office Hours:-
Forenoona - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Eveninge - - - 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays   - - - 2.30 to   4.SO
Craubrook, B.O.
j Columbia, arc required on or befor
thO .'Utll  day   ol  September.   1918,   to
send  by   post,   prepaid to the undor-
Isigned   Solicitors   for   Lena Andeen,
j the    Executrix    of    the  said   Estate,
j their   names   and   addresses nud full
particulars >*f  tii.-,r  olaims  In  writ*
j ing nnd m statement of the nccounts
land   the   nature   of the securiti s, ,:
I any.   held by  them. Bnd such suite
! ui    shall be verified by statutorj
'Mi TAKE NOTICE that nltei
the 20th day nl September, 1918,
Lena Andeen will prooeed to .list■ i
bute the assets ol said deceased,
having regard < nlv to tho einims of
which she shall then have had notice
and wll] uol i;e liable to any person
,,f whose iiaitu she shall not have
tbeu   bad  notice.
Hated tin- tlth dav dt August, A
ll., 191:..
1" It        Solicitors for snid  Executrix
The  East   Kootenay  Industrial   Exhibition
is to be held at
Sept. 18th & 19th
Green Harness Race
Squaw Pony Race
Pony Race, 1-2 mile dash
Relay Race, 1 1-2 miles
1st. $40; 2nd. $25; 3rd $15.
"     10;    "        5.
"     15;    "       10;    "      5.
"    35;    "      15.
Two horses to each riiler   remount each half mile
F. M. MacPhersou
Norbury Av.nu. N.at ta City Htll
Op.n Day .lid Night l-;ij..lll
Cranhrook, R.C.
prescent Lodge, No. 33
i every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall,
onaliue, 0, CI.
|1. Christian, K ol R. ft fl.
Hill, M, P.
|g brethren cordially invited
to  attend.
Funeral Director,
IM). BOX 585
Oo. ,2
Its avery Monday nl_l,t
lEetv Fraternity Mali.
Jitinilng oddfellows cordially invited.
e, Vi, M. Harris.
'. Hec'y
Circle No.   1(3
|ipunions of lbs Forest
Carmen's Hull, First and
■diii'silnv ,,f each month ut
| sharp.
Mis. A. M. l.nurie. O, 0
Mrs. A   13. Hbaw, Hd-
|C'onipiin|ons   eoidlally   wel
Oranbrook     Lodge
No.     1049
Meets every 'in I nn.
Mt  W-dii'shny at
•n., in Royal Hlark
n ul: t's    Hn I    on
■'a ,r Street.
11. 8, Carrulf, Hec'y
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 2S» P. O, Box 84.
Frank Dezall
AKent (or
I)eering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Hep-airs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
STN0P8I8    OF   COAL    M1N1NO
Coai :u:n;r.f rights of the Donuulc-a
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan aad Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in ft portion ol
the Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental of $1
an acre. Not more tban .,.50 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease mutt b.
made by tbe applicant in pareoa te
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the dletrlct in which thi rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal eub-
dlvlslons of sections, and lu uasur
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by tbe applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which wlll be
refunded If the rights npplied for art
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tbe merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of dve ceata per ton.
Tbe person operating the mine shall
furnish tbe Agent with sworn returns
accounting for ths full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at leaet
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary tor the working of
the mine at the rate of 110.00 an acre
For full information application
should be made to tbe Secretary ot
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ot
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY.
Deputy .Minister of the Interior
N.II.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
for. Jan. .tb-tf
$400.00 in Prizes. See List
Baseball Competition
Senior 1st. $100.00; 2nd. $50.00. Junior Ist. 20.00; 2nd. $5.00
Log Sawing 1st. $35.00; 2nd. $15.00.      Log Chopping lit. $20:00; 2nd $10.00.
Albert H. Webb, Secretary,    P.O. Box 605    Cranbrook
»»H.*.**I--H-I--W-I**H*.. I _' I I 11 * I1****** *********1********H***l********^^
tioyui Black Knights lisli
Daker Street
jtry 2nd nnd uh Thursday
tith at . p.m. sharp.
L.  Hay ward,  Iter.  Sec
Lnddn, chief ranger
lirethrcti made welcome.
HEALED TENDERS addressed t..
the undersigned and endorsed "Ten-
ilcri- for Jetty anil Dredging at the
Nortli Arm of th* Fraser liner,
ll.C." u-ill be received at tills olllce
until 1.00 p.m., on Tuesday, Soptem-
lor iio, 1.1, fnr the construction of
Jottj and Dredging ,,' the North
Arm nl the Frasei  Rlvor, ll.C
I'lnns,   spetiiicatio ih   and   form oi
contract   can   be   -e.n und forms of
ti ii.1.1    ,mt.lined   nt  this Departn
and  ,,t  the ollne, ,,f C,  C.  Wo. a
Bl...   District   Wtgl r,    New   Weat
minister, B.C.; W. '/.. Knrt_, u**.,
District Engineer, Winnipeg, Man.,
.1.    8.    Ma'-I.actilau.    K„ i .    District
Licence to take nnd use Water
NOTICE in hereby eiven that Henry Dreier of Waaa Will apply for a
licence lo lake and uae 76 miners
inches of water oat of Wane creek,
whlrh (lows In _, westerly direction
through pre-emption record No. 1292
, nd Kinks in Lot No. 1292. Thc wnter will in. diverted at a point ISO
yards from Lot No. 1292 and will be
tis.l (or irrigation purposes on the
i',V I land descrilel an pre-emption record
'  So. 1292.
This   notice   was   posted   nn the
■{round   ,
191.1.   'I'll
A New Harvester
Had any otic stated only a Bhort
Notice is hereby given tin** on tbe ' while ugo that the labor of reaping
29th day r»r August 1913, grain was a waste of time anil encr-
IT WAS ORDKRED BY His Honor gy   and   money, he would have been
.lames   A.   Forin, Ks.juire, Judge ol looked   upon   as . a dreamer; a man
tlu* County Court of Weat Kootenay,   witb   an   unpractical     imagination
that James A.Aruold,Official Adminis
trator for that portion of the County
of Kootenay included jn the Elec*
tornl District of Cranbrook be Ad-
mlnisfrutor of ail and singular tbe
estate of Carl A. Johnson deceased
Every person indebted to tbe said
deceased is required to make payment forthwith to the undersigned.
- Every person having ln possession
effects belonging to the deceased is
required forthwith to notify the
Every creditor or other person
having nny claim upon or interest
in tbe distribution of the estate of
the said deceased le required to send
before the Ninth day iff October 1913
nest, by registered mall addressed
to the undersigned, bis name and
address and the full particulars ol
his claim or interest, and a statement of bis account and the nature
of the security (if any) held by him.
After the said Inst mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution ol the estate having
regard to thoBe claims only of whlcb
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook thia 4th day
of September, 1913.
3(i-2t Oll'cinl Administrator,
tin-   inti day ol August,
application  will be tiled in
(lllltlillK   POULTRY   AND
,t  c.  K,  Bheppard
luily ,,n the rim Friday
uh montb,
ii   po   Poultry   matter.
b Socrotary—A', B, Hmitb
BS. Oranbrook, D.C.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
. 1st and
I hiirsda? in
ll n v o I Hluck
Knlghta ..f Irn*
sharp.   Vi .ii-,i
Swain, w M.
iiiunili.. Secy,
Liquor, Tobacco
r Curt- l'*/m"neaU|t dl..
I awl ti,„.    Ii coflnlsracli Hi.
ill,    ,,,|ii„vra all cia.ilili.
|" .',. ■ ■.,♦ liter, t.111 n.v,11,. .1,,
...,.»..!. ,,r in, dine, igeln, i..n
'. Wo I, ■,. vel I,, li.al of OS.
nil,ler "I ■..<!•■ .,'V.r I , an, |d<
ri,.„,,„lll,„... I.i III..,I   ._>
.„ St. Oataaitaee, „«,,
r n.u i    Menu.,,, B.C ,   I    I.   Mull
Llld,      Ell.,     DiltriC!      Ki.: nicer     1*0*
office i.i.nd.i, ■, Montreal, P ..; .1  0
Sin.*,    Esq     District  Kn-n-er, Cn j
federation     Lib-    Building     Ti
oat., „nn on applical .n t.. the I <-.-t
master ,,i Vancouver, B.C.
Per ons tendering are notified thai
lenders will n-.t be considered unless
ma le on tbe printed forma supplied,
nml signed with their actual signatures, staling then occupations and
places nf r.iaiden:e. In tbe case of
iirtiiH. the actual signature, the na
tine i,l the occupation, and place <*i
residence of iacb member of ttie firm.
must be given.
Kncli tender must be occompi nlcd
by nn accei'ted cheijtie on a chartered
nan1:, payahle to the order ,,( the
Hull rn'ile ihe ..Iml. tn i. Public
Worka, oiitnl tn dve per c-m (.'. p.c.)
ol  tlic , uuil nf the   tender,  which
wlll in- forfeited if tin* person t ndei
,n -, decline to entei  Int. a mnttacl
li Inn   i-iillid   upon   In   dn     si,,   i,      lull
in complete, the work contracted for.
,i    tbe   lender   be   not accepted the
cheque win i,c returned
Tb,, Department   does nol bind .t
sell   t,i  nn-i'lil   llie  InWOSl   Ol   nn •   |'H   .
llv ni der,
Department  of Public Wi.rks.
Ottawa, August   is, 1913.
Newspapers   will   nol   be i »>.i lor
this  ndverlisomonl   if thej insert it J
wiihr.nl   niiihr.iitv  from the Depnrl
mem - IMi/l 84-St
ib,*   ofllce   ,,( th,. Wnter Recorder at
Ohjcrti, ns   may   be  filed with the
snid   Water    Recorder   nr    with    the
I Comptroller ol Water Rights; Parlln-
i mem Building!, Victoria, H.C
j I2't Applicant.
of the
City of Cranbrook
a Courl nf Revision fur tho pitrpotto
ol rcviiln^ nntl corroding tho ahh.-hh
ment Ro.1 *>t the Olty of Ornnbrook
nml tin- Crnnhrook School Dlntrlct
.-.i'i in- hold itn Tiiofldny, Boptombor
,nib ,   1918,   rn    the   hour   nf lu 30
a.m.   (locnl   tl i   in tho MunlelPal
llulldlngft. Norbury Avenue, Ornn
hrook, B,( . Objection., in the wild
\i imi ment Hnll mint he mnde in
writing mnl tiellvored to tin- Amen,
< r, ni lonal ie i (Mm in yu before tho
Hitting i.r the Courl of Rovlnlon,
('ifiti|,r...,iL, M ('., Align. I 12til,
:i.1-.t. AdicHHnr
Uno.;*   fn
ml IOth
lhe I'iiII !•"■■ 11. Rcpl  t-.1.1
Notice i_ hereby given thnt nn the
29th day of August 1913.
.foinnH A. Ko-in, KHimire, Judge o'
1b_ County Court of W«»t KnoUnny,
thnt. Jnmes A-Ariitald.Ottlofal Adminis
trator fur thnt portion nf tho County
nf Kootonny Included in the Klrc-
toral   District   of   Cranbrnnk le Ad
Inlstrntor <>f nil nml slngulnr the
pstoto nf .lewdnkln Kononiiik (to
na-iil .ii.(,-t.U't.
Kvery iicrsnii Indebted tn the snld
doconsed i.i required to make p»y-
jiient forthwith to the undersigned,
Kvery person having In possession
ellectH belonging tn the deceased is
n-<)i..re«l forthwith to notify the
Bvery creditor or other person
having uny claim upon or interest
in ibe distribution of tbe estate of
tbe snid derensed Is required to send
liefore the Ninth duy Oi October 1913
next, hy reirlHtersd nu.il addressed
In tbo undersigned, his anme and
address nml tho full particular! ot
Ills claim ur interest, and a stnte*
monfc uf bis account nnd the nature
ot the security (if any. hold by him.
After t.ho Bald inst. mentioned date
the Administrator will i>ruceeil with
the distribution nf the estate having
..rani l*i those claims only nf whlrh
in- r lint I have had notice.
Uii led nt Ornnbrook this 4th das
ot Hoptomhor, 1918.
.1.  A.  ARNOLD,
'til ... Ofllfllnl Administrator.
but to.iay, a Kantm. man, Curtis i
Baldwin, claims to have perfected a
threshing machine which gathers and
threshed tlic grain without the nc-
ce_«ity of reaping it. In other
words, the grain is seemed, cleanly
threshed, hut the .straw U left
standing rooted in the field just as
it grew.
Practical farmers claim mnny advantages for this method. In the
brut place it saves a vast amount of
labor. The need of reaping the
grain, secur ng it in proper ..ace to
he fed into ttie thresher and taking
away the straw afterwards is a
uuat expense, In the second place,
it is held to be much better to leave
the straw standing in the tields and
to plow it bnck into the sod, where
it if worth more to the farmer as
fertilizer fnr his soil than it would
bring if merely sold as straw. I
Then ae-airt it saves large areas of
land that have hitherto been occupied with tlnse gigantic straw piles
and also prevents no little losseb
th it have resulted from accidental
burning nf such piles. The reaper
travels through th_ grain tields
"head-first." That is, n part of th0
mach'n.ry protrudes like the cow-,
catcher of a locomotive, antl a
draft of air mnde by a revolving fan
draws tbe heads of the grain into
an opening, where a revolving sort
of paddle-wheel nr cylinder with
teeth removes them. Other mechanism carries thc grain through thresh-
iu_r machinery that blows nut tbe
i hilf and allows the clean grain to
fill from a tube intn ,. bag, or even
through mi extension tube intn a
cart. Morses run haul tbe thresh
er or motor power mny lie adopted
whore tbe lend Is sufficiently lovift.
and smooth to allow It.
This Invention does away with the
need nf a great many fnrm bands hi
hir c.t time, aud ns such men nre
always difficult to secure, it means
nn advantage to the farmers in n
gfeat mnny wn>«.
Mr. Baldwin, the Inventor, claim..j
tbis non-rqaplny thrwhlng machine'
will r. dure the cost nf threshing
(from fourteen cents to two cent.- n
liiish 1. A reduction that, if all far
mere num It, might help a little In
reducing the cost of grain from ibe
grower straight through to the consumer,
The machine is made adjustable bc
that it may harvest nil the grain'
from oats, wheat, rye, barley nnd
the like, and oven be adjusted to I
suit various fields nf grain, as snme
matures with far shorter straw than
others. Once adjusted, the machine
will po through a grain ..-Id, the In- i
ven torn claims, und save a much turgor percentage of grain than eould
be snved by the old method of tlrst
cutting it and putting It in .rim. .h
or bundles nnd later tossed into the
old-style reaper, ns by tint rough
nil rt led nml but in the still Mc of
motbrd much of th- ripe ^rn.n wnn
the held.
After the grain has been hnl'VOril
ed witli this machine not hi *^ more
need ho dtfno until |doltghllli. Uum,
when tho thoproitghty dry stalks t.<-
gether With their roots, are tilt nod
o.er and bur ed woll under lhe
ground. Those] of courso, dee i
and furnish n valuable form of for
llli.er for Mm soil.
Captive Balloon at Spokane Fair
These are thc busy days ftt the Spokane In ei state Pair Grounds, and
an army of men and women nre hai'd at wont getting everything ready
for Monday, September 15th, which is the opening day of the Twentieth
Annual Fair. And it is some job for there are H thousand and one different things tu be done. The Exhibit Build n_.o, with their BUPoHnUndents aad assistants, must be reidy tn receive the 13,000 different entries
which wiii come to be judged, stalls and sta'iles ready Vor the train lond
of prize s;ock which are onthe way, lawns and walks made spick and
span and hundreds of benches and drinking fountains put out. The entire
ofllce force of the Fnir is already at WOtM in the big ofllce in the (.rand
Stand. A Bell Teleph ne Exchange, with more than ltd) phones and thrct,
busy operators, is handling the num erous phone Inquiries; the Telegraph
Companies each have an office installed, the Branch Postoffice is open, a
complete Transportation Bureau is h andllng   thousands   of   express and
freight shipments, ami two Information Biiroa-ls, one at the Grounds and
■ue downtown in the chamber of Commerce Building, are answering
ijUCBtiois ol every e, ireivnlh- kind nml ul-o helping via tnrs to find
rooms ami hotel accotnodaticn*i. Th Free Nursery For Babies has been
math iwnv a- -Urge in older to taho c.tre of thr many hnbien expected to
com pe to fm the WOO offered In Uie Defter Babies Contest, and tho Emergency Hospital in ready to take care nf any aeridin.s to visitors or
wor nun. Doth tho Pair Pollco Department and tin- Pair Eire Department ar- completely installed with ,, force of Vjgllnnt officers and men on
land dav nml night, and the motto fnr e.ny man, woman and child on
ihe .ob is, "ICverythlng must be ready hy Mondny morning, September
For advertising space in the new
Kootenay Telephone Directory
Prospector Office,
Drawer 320 Cranhrook, B.C.
Dr. de Van'a Fumale Pllh
A ,.ll.l,l. Fundi wultm IW-*" j___Mfj
pill. ... ..cMdlnilr oim.Mii la tJgmWJM
l.gir.1. 1 purll'.n of flu l.ni.l. inMUl.   HfliiM
"|| 'J i,».p imii.H.i.i..  nr. .lo T.... ... i-l.l .1
Via.i.1.1,S'fM vl. K'IJWWa«lAVt| I, nn "XI,-,,   wni-k  In tht-..—C...1.....»t
by   tlm   ium'" „r   iln> i hiiRhlnu tn.
roots iin not npiout to kIv" troublo,
bllt inercly ilni'ny.    An tlm lnml  Iuia
in ho iilniu.iw l imfiit. p.nntlng Hirn*
MiTK 10   Ik liorohy nl.ni  Hint  tlio
llm mini,I-   ll,,,   .MiiijHt".   nl   I nml
Wlll    Hli    III     l||0    (OllllWlni!    llllll'I'H    I'M
tha purpoflo of lionrnt nny ihu-hhiih
ii ho iIphiii, to t-ivi* nvlilonoo concoin
mr lhe royalty mi tlmhor out Irom
ii-ini. ipilio dmiil I'rovlnolnl lanila,
Nolson—Friday. Hol'tomliir i:Mh.
ciiiiiiii'nn'i—iMniiiliiy, Haptginhor If..
siti int,-" win commence nt 9,80 n.
m. inch iluy nt lho ruint lum.<* In
oaoll city, 3r,-*lt
liiolrict  nl Sinilli KiikI.  Kiiiilniny
TAKK NOTfCIt Unit I, Thomas
(Ihl'lstlnn, ('nnti in tor, Intend thirty
days nit.'i d.itc in iiiMly in thc Minister nl Lands for pormisslon tn i.nr-
cliaso tlio lollowlng dosorlbad land:-
! ( ii iitnrii inr nt a I'.,nt plnnled nn
i the I .net Kun nt tile Mnyle Itlver,
near tIt.- soinhoast cornor nt Lul
1010,1, thonoo e,i,.i :'n ohnlns, tlmnc,.
hi,nlli in ili,iin.-. theneo went 211
cli,tin i, i In in. nn. Hi 10 chaina to the
pniiii ..I eon nn nn mont.
Dili, il An,: it-1  ltth, 1913.
,11-91. A. II. draco, Aecnt -
By a striking coincidence "Tbe Life uud Letters of Oeorge Gordon Meade,
Major Oeneral lu the United States Army," Is published Just when tbe Uulte-l
States Is ln the throes of n ther Mexican crisis, It was in tbe Mexican war
of 18.5-1848 tbnt (lenerul, then Lieutenant, Meade first achieved distinction
while acting as topographical engineer on the staff of Oeneral SSacbary Taylor,
General Worth and General Patterson.
In reading tbe letters one ls Impressed by the similarity of tba situation
to-day and tl < situation then.
Mexico was und hnd been for years in a state of anarchy disguised as war
with Texas.   Today Mexico Is and bus been for years seething wl'b revolution.
In 1845 an effort was made to negotiate an agreement wltb tbe Mexican
government by sending Mr. Sue-ell with power to settle nil impending difficulties. To-day Mr. Johu Lind Is In Mexico City ns President Wtlsou's representative, clothed with authority to treat with Senor Huertn.
Scarcely hud Mr. Slldell -icbed Mexico wheu another military revolution
started, and In tlic ensuing period of contusion and Intrlgu, it Is difficult nt
times to distinguish who of the rival claimants to the Presidency, Herrera,
Paredes nnd Santo Anna, i -Rises effective control Whnt guarantee Is there
thut tho "revolution" against Senor Huertn, or, rather, the movement organised
by a vast body nf Mexicans who steadfastly refuse to acknowledge his authority, may not overthrow hi", to-day, to-morrow or in a few weeks or mouths?
lu that case, If tbe United States hnd "recognized" Senor Ilnerta the succeeding
government would in turn clamor for recognition, and the difficulty would begin   - .•■ ugnlu. |
Major  general  _eok>ge sordon   meade
"-■tOM    A    PAINT.N a     BY      THOMAS      HICK-.
MO*      IH.     LIFK    ANO     LETTER..    O.   QtNCWAl.    G_jR*_   ____!_ **!_*_*
q_.v-.hbht    _i.    _*   charie.   .c*._ n-hi.;- sons. •"_".,■. it, r*_v.-'t*_
Athletic Sports
To be Pulled Off at
Sept. 18th & 19th
Boya' Race 60 vards da _ (under 100 II a.)    Medals—Gold   Silver Bronze
Boys' Race 75 yards dash (16 yeara and under         "         " «
Girls' Raf«                  "        "         " "
Boya' Standing Broad Jump                  "        "         " "
Boya' Potato Race                   "        "         " "
60 yards Sack Race, boya 16 _ under "        •« "
Glrla' Egg and spoon Race                  "        i>.         •• >■
Girls' Race, aged 12—16                  "         "          " "
Hammer __r0w  58.00      |5.M *2.00
Putting Shot   W.OO      .5.00 12.00
H»'f Mf.o (open)    '15.00     110.00 --.00
100 yards daah (open)   $16.00     110.00 (5.00
LUnding Bred Jump (men)   JS.00      (5.00 (2.00
Sun., ng Hop, Skip and Jump , $8.00      $5.00 $2.00
» Mia Race   $8.00      $5.00 $2.00
Foys  Relay Race ) mile (4 boya) ...A medal lor each of tbo winning team
5-as de Football competition    A medal for each of tbe winning team
Binning High Jump     $3.00      $8.00 $2.00
120 yade Plat Race (open)    $15.00     110.00 $4.00
Running Broad Jump  $8.00      $6.00 $2.00
220 yards Obstacle Race     $15.00     $10.00 $5.00
Stand ng High Jump   $8.00      $6.00 $2.00
Polo Vault   $8.00      $5.00 $2.00
120 yarda HurdieRace, 10-3)  ft. hurdlca   $8.00      $5.00 $2.00
Mile Race    $16.00     $10.00 $5.00
Squaw Rao, 100 yarda   $4.00      $2.00 $1.00
No third Prize lf loan thin five enter.     Entries    taken  up.one  hour
before the event
A properly arranged Time Table tor the events will  be sold on  the
Held on both daya of the Fair.
Hose bearing the **--.
Penman trademark snuggle   "*£
like a second skin to every curve ii
of foot and limb: They do not   9,
rip, or tear because there is not a
seam about  them.    And they're
made for men, women and children
in cotton, cashmere, silk and lisle—
Fall Fair Sept. 18th 6? 19th
A Dangerous Visitor
Mrs. Kmmelme Pankhurst, announces her intention of coming to Cuna-
da and entering upon a lecture toi r.
Meanwhile she end hcr dnughters
from their asylum In France are inciting the r countrywomen nnd male
aympathlzers to the commission of
ntw crimes.
Ksa. Pankhurst made a tour ol
Canada some yeara ago, nnd gained
many &<__re_ts, and pnaimably col
Uct.l n largo sum ol money. The
use to which her party hns put the
money has been made only too plain
during (lis peat two jeais.
Through her elTorts and those oi
ber followers not ouly the cause oi
woman a euflragc hns bein injured
but womanhood, itself, hns heen de
graded. We do not want such wo
men ln Canada, as those militant
_igliihwomin who preach anarch*
and disaentlon.
Tbe more ahle and thc more attractive they arc, tlio moro danger-
oua ia thiir presence. Canadian women may thin'c thnt the country
would he better governed if they bad
a voice in making tlic laws. But
they reapect themselves, and thoy
.now tbit there is no benefit that
could come to thorn through poss.si-
lon nt tbe franchUe that is too
dearly bought by wrongdoing, much
lets by auch crimes and outrages ns
have disgraced tho militant women
of England in the eyes ol the civilized world,
Canadian womm will he foolish if
they listen to the words of n woman
whose deeds are not only evil, and
wlll make themselves partners in her
crimes if they contribute to her
lommtnliug on tbe dispatch which
announces Mra. PuuMiur.it'a intuition to visit Cnnudii, llie Montreal
Herald says:
Whether sho conies to counsel
t'auaditn worn, a to follow in the
lootatopa of their militant sisters
oi er tho wator remains to he seen.
But If she doe. thin hcr appearance) hire la haidly lil.ely to oioke
the riapect and sympathy that wub
apparent on ber laat visit. Canad.
an women have no sympathy for tbo
wanton wickedness, the ludicrous hysterica mil lho mock heroics oi the
militants of England. Nor do tl ey
believe that theae mllltnntH nro in
any way rei aesontntlve of thn gront
ma.ortty of the advnentea of womona
sufiraga, Tbere is nn doubt whatever that mil.tancy has done nn infinite barm lo tbe cause. If Mrs.
PonVhurst thluks othcrwiso, th. n
she la likely to get odiire, Instead
of Imparting lt when sho comes to
The Japanese Bogey
If Japan hns tho egotism , n,i tin
imprudince and ran obtain the mon
ey to make wnr upon the t'nlted
Htatis, eltlier on nccottnt ol Holy
Hiram's antl-.'n* hiiim,* Innd Inw, or
nn any ntliar pretext, nho will pro-
clpltato n colilllct within the nnxt.
few months, (ho will no or wuit
fo, Ow  comi ictioi,  ot   tho Panama1
Cnnal i nd for Ibe United Htntea tleet
to sail through it, or to round tho
Ca|e Horn, heforo making her attack.
In the wnr hi tween Japan and
(hlrm n 1S94, victory hinged on the
supremacy of the ocean, nud whin
tbt   fhlm'O*    oi|!uurri n was iloleated
ln an engagement in tho Yellow Sea,
tho contest was substantially over.
In the war with Russia, Japan
blockaded tho Russian wnrsnij... in
I'ort Arthur nnd destroyed th'i n le
fore „ re.nforceing floet could be
sent via Iho Sue.. At that time
itiissla hnd a regular nriny of 1,158,-
412 mon; wh ie Japan hnd but .10,-
800. But it is not the number ol
tronps thnt a nation has that detcr-
nt nes as issue; it is the number
lhat can he brought to bear at a
glim point. Japan is so situated
geographically ns to he approachable
only by water, and no invading ar
iny equalling her own ln numbers
could possibly be liiudcd cn her soil
In navies, tiie power ol the two
nations was nearly equal. Russia
had 271 _i|s, manned by 68,600
men anl Japan had 'iin ships, mnnn
oil by 42,471. nun. But the warships
of Hi si,i warn in Russian ports, ln
tin lllnck K-ii, in the Caspian, in
lho Baltic, in tho Gulf ol Uothnln,
In the White Hen, at Vladivostok, on
the Pncilic, and nt Port Arthur. Before Russia's shlia in wiatcrn wn-
lets could be gathered tnd sent to
the I'acitlc, her eastein tleot wns destroyed liy the rtlert Japs.
Jniaucho diplomacy Is secretive ln
i s (nm up lions and hair-trigger in
its operations. Japan Is densely
populated nnd is looking Ior no outlet for hor surplus people. It o. a*
not he found lu Asia or Euroio, or
tho Antipodes, or Central or South
America, or other than tropical
countries, excapt In Meilco, where
50,000 JnpanoEO bine been quietly
The most available land climatically, thnt ia Bcnntilyi pnpulated and
■possesses undeveloped agricultural,
mineral, timber, coal and lishing resources, Is Alaska, and It la altogether probable that In advent dl
war with Japan her shlpa would not
trouble Han Pedro or Sou Franclac0
or i.n/ Oregon or Paget Sound ort,
Honolulu. Tbey would make
straight nt the crow flies Ior Alaska.
Betwocu Mi'ohuiiiii and Seattle the
distance Is 1H87 miles s horter hy
•,-ay di Alaska than by way ot Hono-
ulii. lletwein Vo'ohama nnd San
Francisco thc distance ie 1015 mlbi
horter by way ot the Aloutlan Is-
.nils tlinn bv wny ol Hono.ulu. Kv-
i*i u Irom San Pedro the distance by
he northern route Is severul hund-
•cil mil™ shorter than by way ol
Alasmi li.is practically inlliniteJ
-iso. rte.i In conl nnl timber, and
hor smith const prcBints an Ideal
laso for a n.Mil attack. All the
1 nil loroco thnt the United Statca
might bring to bear could not, under present circumstances, prevent
at least lhe temporary occupation
of Ala-irn l.v a super or naval foice
an:', siuh occupation might l,o moro
thin tcmrorary.—HatureVay  Post.
Waldo Notes
Hpeelnl   to   the   Prospector.
I    Mr,  T.  Jennings has gono to live
I at  lilnlriiiore, Alia.
|   Mr, l.olgltton ol Winnipeg, Ih visit*
j ing with Mr. nml Mrn. H, H, Roan.
Mr. II. .lacks'n, teamster, got hli
right shoulder badly (trained at his
Hov. J. I loss e'nlqulioiiii In here
from Rlko to conduct An. ionii services as usual.
Mr. It. F, Mllnn nnd Mr. Hlfllop,
the school tencbor, drove to Mlko on
Little Ann'o Muir, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John Muir, was operated
on for blood-poisoning yesterday, and
is now doing well.
Dame Rumour has it that the Ross
Saskatoon Lumber Co., will closo
down for the season nt the end ot the
week. We hope thnt they mny hnve
lieen mis-informed.
Last Friday at Bay-net Lnke a ball
was given in nid ot t.ho school, Large
contingents from Flko and Waldo
were present, It was admitted hv all
eo be a huge success.
On Thursday, *>'r und Mrs. I). Mc
Nabb left by automobile for Calgary
tnkins with them their two boys wh0
arc going to attend Western Ctnada
On Wednesday night soiro of tbo
ladies gnvc a dance In honor of Miss
Lottie Milne Iu Ross Hall. Miis
Milne Is here Spend ng ber holidays
with lier parents.
Wifldo friinds refcret that Father
John is severing bis connection with
this district. Health reasons makes
It necessary lor him to curtail Ills
pleaching stations. Iho Rev. Father
O'Neil is o.peetr.il to supply hen* n
tho future.
Tho Baker Lumber Co, closed down
on Monday to fiive tbols employees
a chance to enjoy Lnlioo Day calebrii
tions. Many Intended go nK to Fi r-
nlo, but were disappointed owing to
tho _....H. passenger being cancelled
ns tho result ol _ nilBhap to a
freight train at Paynes f.nko.
Mr.Hlslop reports that there aro 41
scholars in the school and others are
seeking admission, Tho residents f I
W<_do must set about getting n new I
school as the preterit one Ib crowded
and so many childr, n in a araali
room is unhealthy. Give tho boys' a
chance.    Air space is at n premium.
A mile oast of Baynes a railway
smash of some magnitude occurred
on tho G.N.R. It is reported that
thirty-two cars ol coal were derailed
and me or two of them badly smash
ed on Mondny evening, the debris
tookcil like hills in n procefls of o-
volution to mountains.
r TTT I I I I I TII I I I I I11 1"! 'I'
Co. Ltd.
Are now Ready to  Furnish
Beer & Porter
Made only from the Choicest
of Hops and the Best Selected
Home Industry
The Beer and l'orter we make
is alive with health and vigor
Cleanliness is a strict Virtue
and we insist upon it in the
manufacture of all our Beers
Phone 171
P.O. Box 264   !
H--I--H-H-I.ll I III U I *H-H*»-M.-f ******************', I
I  Sometimes to Get a Message to You
1 It Has to Be Published to
"A Whole Cityful"
Thus One of To-Day's Want Ads May be as
Important to You as the Most Important
Letter in Your Mail
Not every personally-interesting or personally-important
message comes to you by mail, by phone, or by telegraph or by
personal interview.
Some of the most important ofall those intended for you may
miss you altogether, it you are not a reader of the classified ads.
For the person who has something to say that will interest
YOU more than anybody else on earth may not know you—nor
have any means of finding you except through publishing his mes-
to a "whole cityful," and trusting that THE MESSAGE ITSELF
If you will look at the want ads with that possibility in mind,
THEY will—henceforth—take on a new significance for you!
j 'BI_______I_aa__?__? IBIBIBIBEl_i_B3Q__f_____ija____r_B^
Tlio upper view is (if Com
inoreiial   Street,    10 0 king
north, in Shei'brooko, Que,,
where Thaw wus arraigned
Arrow Indloatos court house
Tho lower plotui'e shows
lho court, houso in Coatl*
cooko, where Thaw wus
taken immoili .toly uflcr his
arrost. This woek ho on-
joyed throe minutes of lib
erly heforo helhg takon
charge of by the immigration
officials THE   PROSPECTOR.  CRANBROOK,  B. 0.
*   .1111 I I I I I I I I I I ***** I IHH
is an inveltmeilt, isn't it better
to buy thc kind you know nil
about than to purchase it because
the price sounds chesp? Buy
your harness here where you can
see it, handle it, test it. Remember also we are right here where
you can get at us if the harness
doesn't prove jusl as repiesent. d.
Think that over.
J, E. Hire,   of Vancouvor   waB   in
the city Wednesday.
Ilenle _ Elwell wnnt listines of linker Street property.
K.  V. Love, ol ('orpin, was in town
P. R. White, of Vancouver, was registered at the Crnnbrook Wednesda
Mr. and Mis. Hobs Carr spint Labor Day nt  Rlko.
P. 10. Wilson was „0 Salmo on legal business this week,
The Wife's Pride
W. M. PARK & CO.
::    Phone 109     Cranbrook, B.C.      P.O. Box 443
Two tons of automobile just to carry
four persons? Ridiculous weight! Unwarranted expense! Of all ears, the Kind
is the most economical*—because its lightest '.md has more power for its weight,
All pleasure ears of the future will have
present Ford lightnest.
Think wh.it these pr
that has sr..*..l the
In,ui SfiOO; Model I' Tout
Model T Town Car vinu-;
ville. dm »"li "II equipm
logue ,ini! lull particulars In,
lean—fnr tl.e car
Model   r Run„-
it-r  _iu-
Tiie Hanson Garage
Complete Iim
manner of rep.
Norlnirv Ave,
of   Accessories,    l\in
and   Trucks   for   hir
irs und vui, ;ini/ing don.
(Iranbrook, B. C,
Wasa Hotel
Wasa, B.C.
This Renovated and Up-to-Date
Hotel offers to its many patrons
strict., first-class accomodations,
unexcelled cuisine and the finest of '
Bar in Connection
Newly   erected   Bathing   Houses,
and Boats on the Lake for use of
'. the Hotel Cucsts
P ■*".-..-, ************************************* •
Kootenay's Leading Taxidermist
Mounted       A Specialty
Animals, Birds, fish nml Fur Mats
Cranbrook, B.C. P.O. lio\ 296
nn   Buy   a "Dixie" No Tuft
on Trial. -CCS.
Al. Doyle,    of Fort St.ole,    waa i"
lown  Wednesday on business.
BJ, C. Sleeth, of Lincoln, N'eb., wai.
:i   gliesf   Ht  the  Ornnbrook   Wednesday
L,  .1.  Young, of MftrysviHe, wan in I
town Wednesday,
w,    B.   MacFarlane   was   at    Kort
Steele Thurs-ttay on business.
Preserving    rom-hon,    Plums,  ream
and  Crab  Apples.-Ira it.  Manning.
Ralph *-.'.  Smith of Vancouver, wan'
registered   it  the (ranbrook  Friday.
F,  Jnrvis nf Wardner,  was   n the
city Friday tronsaotinB business
it   i. Cook o( Calgary  waa  trau
sacting business in Cranbrcot. Friday
The    Misses
visited Moyie
l.i'is.   and   Mis-; Ro
in Monday,
is a nice set of Silverware foi hei
table, Good stiver always makes
a fine iinpession at the dinner 01
luncheon. It adds zest to the appetite and indicates refitted tastes
We ean save you money in solid
silver or silver-plated ware of the
best quality. There are novelties
in designs nnd every piece is most
artistically finished.
Jewelers & Opticians
N'o   Tuftfl    is   tin* 1 ntem Thing 111 [
Mm tresses   -C.C.S,
Harvest Services at Christ Church '
-■ mda*    September 7th.
Hum*,  Edwards, „< Wyclllle,
town Wednesday,
II.  . aim run, ol  Letlibridge,
the ,i:>   Tuesday.
Mrs Daman and ll. P. Daman, ol
.ran . ii!''- •""''' g»osts '•' ,lu'
Craubrook Tuesday.
Harry Thaw uas released from the
Sherhrcokc jnil on. Wednesday 'tor
three minutes, when the Immigration
officers aelxeil hlnl, He will bc dc*
roite.l ncrosB tiie Vermont bolder.
Ted Rot son, ol Heilclillc, Alta.,
was in Cranbroolt over Bunday last
renewing old acquaintances. Mr.
l'liibson wns nt one time i, member
nl thr Inij'crinl  Ilnnk  stall h.ro.
The Manufacturers ot Dixie Mattresses I'miiisii n guarnnteo with
nieli mattroeB.- I'.i'.S.
'lhe new brick trout to tbe Bldlson
theiitre is rapidly approaching com-
nlotloti, When finished it will ho n
handsome addition to the appearance
,,[ llnkei   Street.
.1. Mc.UI .-.III, ,,l I'inelier ibcck,
linn socurotl ti contract from tho
Brldgoa I,iii,tl„*r Co., for taking nut
lloa ni,d liimlni' ti'iuii limits in t'lie
viclnlt'  tit I'orry Crook,
'    telloplionc,   (oi    torest tiro.,, bus
boon   approved   by    tlto    Provincial
lioveininelit  nntl  will   be  constructed
(rom Creston to the summit ol Qont
■ mountain.
, .red ttiisse'l. manager ol tho Agricultural As. ocliitlon, who has
i.e. n \[siting the pralrlo provinces
for ttn poat two months, returned
io Cruubiook on Saturday lust.
Mr. mul Mis. 15. Iloine nml ohllelrcn
umi Mis. Rutherford, rfi Jntlray1 nr-
[slvod ni I'riinbi'i o'i Thursday. Mr.
Home linn purchased the resilience ol
.1 1-v lluehcioft ninl will reside in
tins citv  in  the future.
THB DIXIE "Dixie N'o Tuft Pelt
Muttrossos ' cost rn more thiin oth*
tcotl to keep tllelt* sllnpc nnd ap-
er tell mattresses nnd are gunriin
lioaranco tor years.—C.C.S.
11   11. Thompson ami M. 0. Woutls
.: Pasadena. ( nl., woro register, .1 i.'
Tho Barbers nnd  Bnrtenders (Wine
IClerks)   ol   Crnnbrook   will   play u
'    the i ■ .iiiii.'.'"  rtundaj   lum match bull game in the near future.
A keg of heel' will! be pluc.il on sec-
J.    Joyce,   oi   Elko
us;  in i lane;,.,..
Mi    „n,: .1,', s
..■: ei "rani roa.
spent  SuueUt*
No   Tults
llie   I mest  Tliini
Lvtattresses.   C.C.S,
Johnson, ,*i Wasa,
sitor-i   on   Monday.   Vorl ***?e1.
tnplete  Stock of Peed,  Hay and
',:.■     -Ira H. Manning.
of Marysville,
Mr.   and   Mn
,n  Monday-
Mr.  ami   Mi
ren.    -Mini'.    '
Crsnbrook Tu
ond   base   where   successful   runners
[ Canget refreshments.
Miss  Sutherland,   tie  new   Dincon-
ess of the  Prosbyterlan  Churth,  ar-
' rived in tint city Friday,  August 29.
\    Dunlop,  of  Dun ' Miss Sutherland  is   well   known   in
registered   at lh.* | Rossland and Peinie, where htr work
nai much appreciated.
T.  T.  McVittie,  n'
Cranbrook visitors
I'    Lund,  of Wnrdner,  was a
a: t'.:.   Cranbrook  Sunday  lust.
Deal,      .
Elwell   hn
, place.
veral  1st
f  High   River,  was
H.  Thompson, i
in town Tuesday.
_. Glenhouse, of Pincher Creek,
.in- in town Tuesday.
A. Lund, of Wardner, wns in the
city  Tuesday.
You can now buy the Famous
Dixie N'o Tuft Mattress at thc C.C.S
W. \v. .Smith, of Snnd Point, was
.a town Tuesday,
j    .1.  Dunciin, ,,1  Jaffray,  was at the
: Cosmopolitan Tuesday,
J. E. Bridges, of Fort Steele, was
in Cranbrooi Tieiuay on business.
H. W. Supple wa? hunting on Lnhor Day, returning with scleral
hrnces 0f ducks nnd chickens.
W. D. Hill of Vnncouver, was in
town this week, the gucRf nf his bro-
iher E. D.  Hill.
Buy Lots in Brault Addition—you
can't make _ mistake in doing so-
Bcnlc _ Elwell.
The new cement sidewalks 0n Armstrong Ave., are n big Improvement
nnd „ credit to the city.
A. McKinnon, who hat bcen at the
coast for the pnst two weeks re.
timed home lost Friday
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Bury, of Blair-
more, were Crsnbioik visitors Wednesday,
You cnn now buy* thc Famous
Dixie No Tuft Mattres. at the C.C.S
MayorA. ('. Bowness anj City
Clerk T. M. Roberts, on Frtdny, mo-
trr.'d to the Windermere district.
At the Auditorium tonight will bc
shown the following: A special red
datura   entitled     "The    Stranger,"
A n imlicr of lishing parties nre
Waring to go to St. Mary's Lake
nl  Perry Creek tomorrow.
\ Mrs. Tins Watson, of Its-inn, is
visiting lier daughter, Mrs. R. n.
Buy the Rest mid vou wlll always
ne phased Everything nunrantoed-
'in R.  Manning.
Mr    \ilee   Hiiilges bit on Sunday
est   on a holiday trip to the coast.    He
will be away ..bout three weeks.
Miss Sutherland, of Toronto, is at
present in the city doing the work
of n Deaconess under the ausp ces ol
the Presbytesian Church.
The Baseball Tornrament nt 111
Fair Grounds on September 18th _
19th will he a strong attraction.
Teams firm Mnclcoil. Nelson, Feenii
nud    Wardnor   will   contest   tor thc
rhes o'Tered hy the nsfoclatlon,
The Fernle-Crnnbrook lncross
game nt Ffii.ie on labor Day re-
sulled in a tie by a score of 3 to 3.
The game wns le'nly contested
throughout and was witnessed liy a
large nnd enthusiastic crowd.
•rehit    Chisbolm,   of   Fort Steele,
wns in town Saturday Inst on busi-
! ness connected  with  the building "'|  _THE DIXIE-"Dixie No  TU.t_ Felt
government made near
The "Dixie" is Guaranteed t
its shape.
Mrs. Crooks nnd daughter left the
city on Tuesday the 2nd Instant, nr
Calgnry. where tliey will make th it
home* in th:' futuie.
Mr Hnrrv Drew, ol Kimberley',
motoreii to Cranbrook, Thursday, on
butiness. He was accompanied by-
Mrs. Frnn't McMnhon.
Mrs. Ctowc, of Fort Steele, returned home Sunday Inst aftor an e*
tended trip visiting New rrun-wick
and other Eastern points.
MeBsrs. H. McKounn. H. Wilson
and thir families motored from Cran
brook to Crcston on Saturday las ,
returning   home   Mondny,    delighted
with their trip. |	
"Thc Heart that Hears;" "The
Tourist mul The Flower Girl." C-i
Monday, the strong, three reel Icat-
lire entitled "The Toll of Wor," "The
Boob;': and "Eclair'B Weekly."
Regular meeting of Maple Loaf Re
beknh Lodge will In* held We line,«iy
evening Sept 10th. Businisa: Initiation and Socinl. All members nre
urgently requested eo lie present.
The Manufacturer* ol Dixie Mattresses fnrniih a guarantee with
each mattreM.—C.0,8,
J. T. Lniilnw nn.l V. Hyde linker
were hunting in the Windermere ds
trict this week, and it the amount o
game sent in to friends is a criterion
they must unve bad nsuercsiful trip.
Mr. Arnold Rn worth, of Lethbrldge
was the guest of bis brother, Mr.
Archie Rnworth on Friday. Mr Rn
worth will spend a week hunting and
Ilshlng in the district,
Mr. anl Mrs. (leu ll.iggnrtb, Ml s
Wcllnmn, 11. W. Supple nnd J. T.
i Luidlnw motored in I'erry Creek on
Hnturdny lust They report having
a very pleasant trip.
*■*** ********* I ** I I I -I*. I I I * I I'M l'l i-1 |*|*| *| H*.-I-I-I-I
JL       HEAD   OFFICE       .... CALOARY. Alta        i
Special This Week
I P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
BORN it ornnbrook
AllglDl .'list to Mr.
Campbell,  n  son,
horn- .\t Cranhrook,
morning, to Mr. nu
FoUl*, n son.
on     Hun lay
mul   Mrs. R.
on Thiir-ihy
Mrs,   Wong!
■• Mrs. .1. V,. Foster wns nt Klnilvr*
"T lev tbis week tbe guest n| her sister
j    Mrs,   lolm Morrison.
Rond Superintendent .l„|,„ Reld has
■air, li'.sil tbe residence of w. D.
Laidlaw on Burwell Avenue,
Th.-  "Diyle
its shape,
iii flnnrnntaotl In keep
dnyin [
Crnnhrook Hunih
hold lib,   nho bis belli  boll-
Hi"  coast,   returned tn
|l  laat.
Local   News
our twenty yearn experience in lie
hue Framing insures v.a' of a antla
f no' .,, ivory time. -Kllby Frame
.IriHi'ih Hvnn l*i 11 ♦ Ibe 'oust fill'
week  on  milling  bunlness
.1. II. Kerr, of Kel ,»n i, was in
town Tliuiii'liiy.
0, E. Avre, of Hi'", „ prominent
lumberman  was In  town Thursday,
1    liny   a "Dixie" N,
.11 Trial,   c.c.m.
end  Mm   w.  II   Davidson, ot
Moose   law, were Ornn'irnoli  vs'tor.i
Tnit   Thursdny.
1    Kan
,1   llie   '
-il o -.an -,  was ,,
,"'  Thursday,
Mr nn.l Mrs. .1. A, Wilson, of To-
ronto, were registered nl the Crnn
luook 'lh irailay.
Mrs.    .1.  Allen,
town  Tliur-'ilai.
'II.   W.   Hume,     of   llalllai,     was  In
tbe iiiy Friday,
Mrs   Campbell an.l R. F. Oampbell
of Mnclcoil were in town Wednesday,
.1. F,.  (Jiirruthors,   of   Nelson, wns
of   KshIo, waa in  trnri'nciing   business   ul    cranbrook
Ileal.' ,t> Elwell bave a UO aero
(inn   to   trnde lor small land tract
nenr Cranbrook,
Jnmes Ilrechen, of Oranbrook, won
drst money In the high lump at Fannie on  Monday.
Kor the hest articles written
by two school (-iris not over
twelve years of age, as to why
their parents shouli! or should
not buy their
from ns, we will present to thc
writers six Japanese A. I). Clips
and Saucers.
Get particulars from our Mr.
F. Parks 6? Co.
Hardware anil Mill
CRANBROOK,     •      B. C.
Matlr sses:' cost no more than oth
teed to keep their shnpe and np-
er fdt mattresses and are guarnn-
pcarance for yenrs.—CCS.
.h- bridge ntrisi th** Kootenay
river, n»ar Benedict's tiling will ho
built this winter. Foremen Hcott
has tome 22 nun employed in getting
out idles and i repns'ng the approach to the bridge.
Uncle Jimmy Ryan, of Vancouver,
ui rived iu town Snturday Inst to a6-
tend a meeting of the hoard of directors of the istnndard Lumber Co..
at whi'h it will bc decided whether
to reb ill'! the company's mill whicn
A'as   tl sL:o cl oy lire recently.
D. J. Elmer "The Eldora': cigar
man spent several days in t*ran-
broo'c this wee'e on company bU8ineB:
' Uave" has a host ol frieuJs ir
this c ty who siuoac 'El I'oras' nnd
who have a hearty greeting -to.* him
wli n lie comes to Crnnbrook.
There were four teams enter d in
lb" Baseball contest at Fernie on
Labor Pny. Macleod, Fernie, Wnrdner and Frank, In the motnln.
Win liner, hent Frun't K to I; n id In
the afternoon Macleod bent Fe nic 3
to 0. In the linnls Macleod beat
Wnrdner 8 to (i.
THE DIXIE—"DUle No Tuft Felt
Mattr-sses:' cost no more then oth-
tooil to Iteep their shape and np-
er Ht mattresses and are giiarnn-
pcarnuee for years.—O.O.S.
Among the tolepbotie lines now uu-
In* construction to nssist in the pra*
entMinof (oust tires, Is a line from
''inn'lo'il. to ttie summit of Mount
linker, „ h.lght of 7,_)0 (eet. From
Uii.i veiling, uoliit tbe smo'ie o! any
lire, .tf. or down the Kootiniy val-
'0V, cnn  le* iliiivrued.
N'.ilwiths nnlilig nil reports to the
contrary eve ure Informed that
thtre will be several horse rue >h on
ib* fair Programme during thuFulr
lime, iho'.gh it is pus ible that 'Ip
e ents ii ny i.e conl'nul t, local hor
I allies' Rldrti rres id tiPc ml up.
Wc Frjucli Dry t'lonn ull Onrmenta
"oru   by   Man, Woman or Cll Id nnd
llllil.int.ee Ollr Work, At Winnipeg
I .Ices—Crnn.irooN Cl-enlng Woelfs
Iin il,   i n led    For   ml     lie'i er .1
luui' I.*.?.
Engineer Pnrloton, of th* fir..id
'I'l'iink I'nellle Ity*,, nnnnunces ihit
the company will underta'to thc coi-
striietlon of n line through Moose
.law, Medic.ne Hat rn i the. Crpn't
Sis* Pass into Southeastern Koot-n*
av nnd vorli will be eommenied n
the coming spline.
"Cyclone" Scott dele ited Dick
Marshall „l Fernle „n Labor Day In
n lift, en ro'iil boxing colitis*. 'Ill'
'"nlil. was bit,"i'lv ,*, it'estd mul went
Hie limit, HcoH gl'ttlng tbe ileclsioil
"iii'ln-   llie    eo'ilc't    Mni'sbill   was
hoc'cd th-o'igh lhe roeu,, but h»
wns game to ehe finish.
TIIE DIXIE ''Ulnie No Tllfl Felt.
Ma Hesses ' cost ro mor.' Ihn oth*
leel lo 'e.ri. their shape und ap-
ir f.lt .uattresses and nro guar.ui
pearii'i"!' for years.—(I.C.S.
Owing to the rot reiueiit ol Mr. T.
'llll ami Mr. W. Ilmnl'ton Iio:n olllc.
lu tli" e'l'in! r.io't Agricultural Asbiic
liillon Mr. W. P. Pnnto bai been
elected Vice-president and Mr. T. B.
O'Connell. second Vice-president. J.
Kennedy nnd T. Doris have been ap-
piilnlcil  on the etecntlve committer.
■ ■•H-H-.H-I I III l'l|.|.|"|.|..IIH I I l-H-HI'M 11 IIH*; \
Poultry Keepers Take Notice
, Wc are desirous „f publishing an issue ol oiir paper wholly
in the interests of the Poultrynion of Cranbrook and District.
When we Ilrst began gathering the necessary pnrticulars for
this we did not iiiulerstund fulty the proposition wc wero up a-
galnst. We wantod to d0 nil poultrymen justice and get a line
on nil the poultry ranches of the ilistrict; hut we did not realize the work it Involved and how unable with our small force
we were ol gathering toge I lier all tho facts. Wc found thnt
there are unite n few ranches which koep 3011 to 600 fowl and n
iiiiinherwilh Irom llll) to lllll) but they nre in every corner nnd
in tho most oiit-ofthe way plnces ao tlmt: it Is Impossible to
visit nil  of thom.
Wo wnnt the co-oporntlon of our readers and thoir practical
assistant*. We wnnt our readers to notify ua by mall ol any
rcrson they know, the breed they keep, and the number ol
fowl they have, and the location of lhe home or riinch as the
cane may lo. When we. have this information at. band we purpose visiting as many places ns invisible and getting in'oriiin-
lion from them. Every poultry keeper wii.l he given full credit
wilh   liainc,  etc.,   complete in our special Issue.
We should appreciate it II all oar readers will have this Information written up nnd sent into our olllce before the end
of the present month. Addrois nil letters to the "Prospector"
liiuwei 320, Oranbrook, ,
.. **■* ************** .1****..*,.;..(.++, ....,.
.* M i
'I'he Sunday .School Teachers . f tho
Methi dial Church mado „ very Interesting presentation Inst Sunday even
nlng to Mrs. Crooks nf several cut
■■.Inss fruit dishes. This presentation
waa mnde owing to Mrs. CroOaa
leaving the city to tnke up her resl-
'lence in Calgnry ,
t h is. A. ftogets did at the St.
Eugene Hospital on Friday Inst of
Brightis disease. The de'eased was
nn engineer end wns employed l*v the
Crow's Nest Lumber conpan* at
Qalloway. F. M. Mel he,son had
charge of the funeral services which
wore belt! on Saturday.
Wo hnve published in another pnrt
of this issue the sales of lnnds fos
njald delinquent taxes in the Fort
.Steele As .ssmont dlttriet. It will
he well for the owncss of such property to cnrefully peruse the list as
printed and tnke notice of the dnte
of sale ' n 'er wh ch lhls property is
liable to be sold.
Mrs. A. ',. McDermot, who has boc_
spending the lust two to three month
on a vacation to the const, was expected to arrive home ytsteriIay,liow
ever Mr. McDermot received a wire
yesterday noon, advising hini that
she would he delayed 24 hours thru'
a wash-out near RevtCstoke, Mrs.
McDermot is expected home today.
Ed Bray, of Victoria, was in the
city this week. Mr. Bray is an old
timer in the Kootenays, and in the
eailv sixties earriid the mail from
Walla Walla to Wild Horse Creek.
Mr. liruy wns formerly a large share
holder in the e'row's Nest Pass Coal
company and left Victoria in company with Wm. Fernie who loenteel
the Csnv'.s Nest coal field on a round
up in the Kooten lys, Mr. Fernie returning to the coast from Nelson.
Mmlay, September 1st—Labor
Day, was a red-letter day among the
Storts nnd Huntors, as well as the
lisliermen of Crnnbrook. From early morn until lute in the alternoon,
tbe costly automobile, enrriages or
every deseriptit n, also the one horse
sh iy, were seen carrying the chuins
dt Ire Walton, and the nlmrodB to
th.lr fnvotite haunts. Mnny return,
ing in the evening with well fiiled
bnskets of game nnd ilsh.
A b'g f. c gat wreck occurred one
mile north of lliiyiies. One hundred
.ml ci h; oars were In the train and
hrtr-two let: the track. Twenty-
seven cars were piled in a heap to
the height of twenty feet above tbe
track. Eleven hundred tons of coal
vas Imped on thc track. The
wreck happened at 3 o'clock on Sun-
dny n'tcrnoon and the time was ex-
iecte:l to tie cleared by Tuesday
W. D. lllll, one df the early pin-
ecr merchants of Cranbroolt, hut who
has |,ein living in **'nncouvor ior tha
Prst few yenrs, arrived m Crnnbrook
Inst Mondny and purchased the entire stock recently owned by A. 0,
Pye. Thc entire stock wo are given
to understand, is row put up for
'ale at great'y reduced prices and
the next few weeks to come, Mr. j
Hill niitirlpat,. mnking business hum
nnl his store a renilavoue lor all i
shoe purchasers. In this work Mr.
II II will be nbly assisted by bis son
For Sale!
Away below value—82 acrea
of land, very close to Fort
Steele, suitable for Market
Garden or Dairy. 135.00
per acre, Good Terms. Apply to owner.
Calgary, Alta.
Gen. Del. 36-41
Cranbrook Street House
For Sale
Four Rooms, bnck and front verandah, cellar, chicken house suitable
for 100 fowl. $100.00 down and ISO.
per month. Enquire Prospector office. 35tf
For Sale Rents & Wants
WANTED—A waitress at once, apply
the Canadian Restaurant, City '
Apply enro Prospector 'it
WANTBD-Boy with bicycle to deliver parcels, apply Thc Crnnnrook
Drug & Book Co., Ltd.
WANTED-A general servant.   Applv
Mrs. H. Darling. 36
WANTED-Prlvate Boarders, with or
without room.   Phone 411.
WANTED-Prlvate Boarders, wtth or
without room. Apply prospector
Office or address Drawer 320, city
FOR SALE-Hav,ng to go away this
Fall, will sell nt a bargain the
best improved Ave acres in B.C.,
for chicKeu ranch, 5 minutes walk
from Post Office. No reasonaole
orter refused; will accept unimproved lot ln the city or outside
acreage as part payment, it wants
to be seen to be appreciated. Geo
A. Mart n, Box 2!>7, city.    3«-lt.
FOR HALE-Llgbt Grey Mare,
quiet. Apply J, Brault, Cans-
Ian Hotel. 35-lt.
FOR SALE-Good Horse. Harness _
B«ggy. (90 cash. Apply Prospector Office.
TO RKNT-Comfortably furnished
rooms in modern house, steam
heated. Apply Box 320, Prospector Ofllce, city
The l'n'cr Mo.intnln Lookout station Is expected to he connected by
tele, b ii* w th Cranbrook hv the end
of this week. This will be a great
season, 0s u watchman there in a
aid to the tiro protective service next
season, ns a watchman there in n
dry season will be able to soo a tiro
lor a long distance while It Is still
only ,, small one nnd enBily handled.
MIbb E. D. French lelt Monday
morning for ber homo in Toronto atter a month's stay In Cranhrook an
the guest ol Mrs. .1. I), lillmonr.
'Rexall Store'
The Store with 11 Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where It I'nys to Deal"
Cranbrook       •       B. C.
Liberals throughout Prltlsh Columbia have been busllv engaged In
spread ng the report that a provincial election would be hold at an early date. There seems to be no truth
In the reports nnd no authority for
mnking such statements. On the oth
or hand, wc are assured that the
provinclnl legislature will meet as
usual In Jnnunry nnd nn election
nut year or the following year
would como ns ,, surprise to all but
a few liberals who are trying hard
lo keop some life ln tbelr party.
W. K. Htcphons hns purchase! tho
entire stock of the Pure Food Grocery Btore recently manage, by W.
McKay. It is Mr. Stephens' Intention to call liis store the Stephen.
(Irocery Store, nnd he nnticipatea
giving his customers thc best goods
tint can lie obtained on the market.
Mr. Stephens wishes us to annojnee
th.it jitiy orders received o'er tho
I bono wl'l always riceive ths same
courtesy nnd promptness ot delivery
nn those given over the counter. In
his new venture Mr, Stephens' will
undoubtedly have the emouragement
of a larg. number of the cltlsens of
Cn Labor Day, the Onward Bible
Class of th" Methodist Church en*
oycl i, p lcasan. picnic to Perry
Creek. About forty persons motore'd
out to thnt delightful plnce, the care
'o ivlng the Methodist Church at 6:30
a.m. Ml cn'ovci! the falls and deserted gold diggings in the vicinity.
The usun' picnic games were played
nnd lunch was served In the open.
The sportsmin'lko members o! the
inr y spint tho time ver/ prolitibly
ns well as pleasantly for tbey succeedi
id In entiling some trout and 'n
shoorin ■ some grouse. All wero very
i nrry when ths packing up time came
Thn Inst enr to arrive In the city
wan at 10.30 p.m.
P. o. nm «oa Prnnhrooli, B.O


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