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The Prospector Dec 6, 1913

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Array . ro
l.e-i. ative
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lessee and
Guarantee You a",Fit
\[t ffrngpeltrf.
The  Leading Newspaper
in the
S2.00 Per Year
No. 49
The above photograph of Miss Huntington, Mr. Amor's fiance., was posed
for on the sun parlor of her home at Stuataburg, N. _,, and la the first photograph taken In recent months.
She le a tall and aleuder girl, wltb healthy red cheeks and yellow balr—
a typical American girl. When she ciime out of tlio bouse to bc photographed
ahe had a heavy fur coat thrown over a thin low-necked bouse dress. Her
smile aparkled with out of door health and good nuture. She walked wllb the
easy swing of well used muscles.
A very pretty wedding took place
at Fort Steele on Saturday last,
when the Rev. Thompson united in
marriage Mr. William J. Duncan to
Mies Jeanette Mather. Only a few
intimate friends were present. After
the ceremony the happy couple motored to Crnnbrook and took the
train for Spokane where they will
•pend their honeymoon.
A quiet and pretty wedding took
place at the Methodist parsonage on
Wednesday, when the Rev. W. E.Dunham united in marriage Mr. George
W. Ripley to Miss Mary Maude Bee-
ley. Miss Violet Bury was bridesmaid, and Mr. Fred Dcckey groomsman. Mr. and Mrs. Ripley wlll reside in Cranbrook.
Election of Officers
On Tuesday evening of last week,
tbo Conservatives of Golden held
their Annual Meeting and elected the
following offlcera:
Patrons—Hon R.. L. Borden, Sir
Richard McBride, and H. G. Parsons
Hon.-Pres.—Dr. J. N. Taylor
PreB.—Wm. Wenman
Vlce-pr?s.—E. O.  Russell and D. R.
Sec.-treaa.—R.  J. Williams
Elecutive Committee—0. Nichoiaon
A. E. Stiibbs, Jf E. Taylor, A. Beat
tie, H. G. Parsona, C. Wood, J. J.
Sutherland, C. A. Warren, J. Henderson, D. Bowea and X. Chapman.
Rifle Association
The annual meeting ot the Cranbrook Civilian Rifle association was
held in the City Hall on Wedneeday
evening the 3rd Inst., at which there
was a good attendance.
Mr. A. H. Webster acted aa chairman in the absence of Mr. Elwell,
and  all old offlcera were re-elected
for tbe year 1914, namely:—
E. Elwell, Captain
A. H. Webster, Treasurer
H. H. Bourne, Secretary
Twenty range officers were added
to the present number, bringing the
total up to thirty, and the annual
subscription waa increased from $1
to $2.00
The question of affiliation with
the interior of British Columbia
Rifle aasoclation was discussed and
tbe meeting waa unanimoualy in favor ot joining. A. H. Webater was
elected aa representative to the meet
ing of the Interior ot the B.C. Aasoclation to be held in Nelson on
December 12th.
G. P. Tisdale, A. A. McKinnon and
J. P. LaFleur were appointed a committee to improve the targets and
the range before the 1914 shooting
season commences.
The treasurers report showed a
deficit of some thirty .ive or six dollars on the aeaaon'a work, which was
not surprising owing to the many
expenses the aasoclation hu been at
in putting the range in order, erecting targets, etc., and in order to
wipe out the debit balance and have
something to start on next season,
it was decided to give a ball aome
time about the middle ot January
further notice of which will be given
A hearty vote of thanks waa tendered Mr. Elwell for the deep interest and efficient work he has done
with the range and for the assacia-
tion in general.
Board of Trade
The First Bi-Monthly Luncheons
of the Cranbrook Board of Trade will
be held in the Y. M. C. A. Dining
Room on Wednesday, the 10th inst,
at 12.30k, when
Mr. Harry C. Moore of Blairmore
will give an Address on
This is a subject of first importance
to Cranbrook and district as it will
open up a new era in the logged over
lands. Tickets 50c may be had from
the Secretary, or members of Executive, or this office.
Public School Report
For November
Division, 1.
Grade Higgles.
Doris Kerahaw.
Marlon Leitch.
Edith Macdonald.
Dorothy Maciey.
Francis Noble.
Hazel Taylor.
Marion Thomas.
Carl Gill.
Ruth Stevens.
Division 1.
Melfred Carson.
Albert Laurie,
llcrnadett. Doyle.
Vigil Santo.
Merle Taylor.
Division 9.
Gordon Argue.
Philip Briggs.
Willie Daniels.
May Dunning.
May Leask.
Sydney Murgatroyd.
Edwin Malcolm.
Alex. Mennie.
Mary Malcolm.
Dorothy McLean.
Margaret St. Eloi.
Division 4.
John Feroglla
John Noble.
Nettie Robinson.
Fred Swain.
Hugh Fraser.
Division i.
Irene Beech.
Nina Belanger.
Gladys Brooke*.
Ruby Deacon.
Ny Wai Hoy.
Faith Kendall.
Ruth Kendall.
Allen Lacey.
Harold Leaak.
Annie McBirnle.
Nellie McKeaaa.
Dewey McNeil.
WUma McNabb.
Dorothy Reed.
Violet Simpson.
Kdward Turney.
David Watson.
Division I.
Mary Bartlam.
Charlie Clapp.
Christine Canon.
J..e Mueller.
Martha Messlager.
Alma Sarvis.
Kathleen Snook.
Joe Swain.
Viola Sarvis.
John Turner.
Freda Taylor.
Keith Wasson.
Verna Welch.
Lily Laocaatar.
Eric MacKinnon.
Division 1.
Leonard Burton.
Mary Carsoa.
Donald Dallas.
Marion Drummond.
Faith Ewin.
Joseph Frost.
Lenore Hill.
Maud Malcolm.
'How is your Light Bill
this month?'
"How la your light bill this
month?" This question is heard
everywhere theae days, on the street,
ln shops, in homes, and wherever
men and women get together, It is
a question always of mueh Importance to every householder but ths
present month lends additional Interest Inasmuch as the accounts
made out by the Electric Light Co.
are for a period covering in moat Instances a month and half. Thla la
accounted for by the fact that the
meters were tested In October and
read for the month ol Oetober at the
time they were tested. As the trst
began on ths llfteenth and proceeded
until the end nf the month ths readings on most meters will vary very
materially between tbe months of
November and Octoher. Tbs test
referred tn waa made by an expert
of the Dominion government. Out nl
six hundred and two meters tested
only two were found running faat.
Hli hundred wsrs either slow or
Barry MacDonald.
On Mah.
Verda Klaus.
Flossie Robinson.
Cyril Selby.
Ray Scott.
Jobn Stevens.
Norman Wassoa,
Sam Watson,.
Maud Welch.
Division S.
Gerald Bartlem-
Howard Brofun.
Norval Caslake.
Elizabeth Chapman.
Ethel Clapp.
Gerald Cllne.
Christopher Duekerlng.
Ida Dunning.
Him Hing.
Eneas Hoggarth.
Thomas Hoggarth.
Jack Hyde.
James Ketnball.
Dorothy Leask.
Margaret Leask.
Willie Leask.
Lenore Little.
Jimmy Logan-
Helen Muller.
Isabel Parker.
Elsie Welch.
Division a.
Dorothy Dufore.
Marjory Dufore.
Harold Dow,
Don Ewin.
Edna Freek.
Walter Freek.
Marion Henderson.
Margaret Home-
Wilfred Jolllfe.
Murray McFarlane.
Lexia Mossatiger.
Jack Ogden.
Ruby Scott.
William Selby.
, Hilda Steward.
James Taylor.
Douglas Thompson.
Kate Watson.
Helen Brennea.
Division 18.
Wong Hong.
Mona Hopkins.
Wong Hum.
Gladys Johnson.
Loran Gordon.
Clyde MacKinnon.
Mary Park.
Reginald Parrett.
Gertrude Scott.
Irene Taylor.
Oeorge Welch.
Ivy Welck.
Division 1.
Annie Shaw.
Ellen Johnson. I
Annie Parnabr.
Elsie Blaek.
James Tito.
Vocal sounds, but not actual words, have been transmitted by wireless
telephone serosa tbe Atlantic Ocean from Cllfden, Ireland, to Glace Bay, Nova
Scotia, according to a statement made by William Marconi, tbe Inventor ot
the wireless telegraphy.
SI. nur Marconi declared tbat no conversation was held la Ue recent ex-
oerliuenta made by blm.
Edward Taylor.
Oeorge Orr.
Ada McKenna.
Annie Johnson.
Nettie Johnson.
Jean Donaldson.
Mack Kirkland.
Archie Horle.
Alan Livingston.
Tom Reekie.
Mabel Finlay.
Margaret Lacey.
Malcolm Belanger.
Sadie Lacey.
Frank Roberts.
Ida Johnson.
Evelyn Moore.
Mary Mann.
David Reekie.
Everett Williams.
Earl Fenneasy.
Reive Parker.
Division 2.
George Coleman.
Amnio Laurie.
Robert Eakin.
Edward Mrl_an.
Mlna Moore.
Leonard Marchant.
Winnie Malone.
Albert Johnson.
Samuel Shaw.
Jack Drew.
Alfred t'ahill.
Holwrt Askie.
John Murdock.
Kathleen Tito.
James Malone.
Charlie McKenna.
Donald Marshall.
Dorothy Davis.
Helen Shackelton.
Theresa I.acey.
Joseph Boulaager.
Ivy Besley.
Frank Tito,
Clifford Firmessy.
Clara TTittlc.
High and Public Schools.
Header. Roll.
Order ol merit.
Nov.  Term.
4     -I
sr. 2   2.1   88 1°
sr. l   in   1" 2
Jr. -I   1-   -7 i
Jr. 3   12   -.1 1
.Ir 2   IS   83 II
Sr. 2   23   8n '
2 "75 8
South Ward School.
3 I       100 1
2         I)      inn 6
Albert H. Webb
Ladies' Suits at
Cost and Less
$ 15.00 COAT FOR
18.00     "
25.00     "
28.50     "
18.00 SUIT FOR
20.00     "
27.50     "
$  8.75
These Goods are all new, and, at these
prices, will sell very fast
We will allow a Discount of 25% on all Women's and Men's Suits
made in our shop during the months of January and February, providing
the cloth is selected from our well assorted stock before January 10th, next.
00r* THE
Popular Fear of "Phobias"~By James j. waiSh, m. d.. Ph. d., sc. d.
OPDLAR dread of the omnlpres-- to keep most persona from experiencing twenty or thirty times t day, rubbing the
ent germ nppenra to be growing I this poignant feeling of dread. There skin off them, producing skin lesions and
more   and   mor.   widespread.   AU are some, however, who become extreme- making  themselves  very   uncomfortable.
sorts   of   terrify ing   "phobias"   are
ready to jump out at the unwary not
uncomfortable even when the height Is,They will not touch door knobs that manj
ry great and when there is a good, people handle and ho servants  have  t.i
he! firm ratling of reasonable height to pro- open vestibule doora for them nud uat-
of •
and snare them iu their nets,
timid person in ever on the lookout toriteet the
them.    The "straphanger" of to-day in-    Some persons, for install
.pets his hands in alarm and wonders'in the balcony of a theatre
how long it will Ue before the millions ofj|n the front row of it. becai
unseen devils of science down him. jtreraely uncomfortable feeling.*
New species of those terror-spreading' velop In them. They (ret a set
things crop up almost daily. Medical men strlction around the chest, a tension of
have noted with some degree of profes- muscles that cannot be completely main-
sioual interest this growth of popular talned and brings on trembling, and a
dreads. Some of them have come to, poignant feeling that if they continue to
speak ot them as "phobias." Only re* j look over they may be tempted to throw
cently this newspaper received a letter, themselves over or may not be able to
which was referred at the writer's re- hold themselves from falling.
quest to tlte medical editor In this the While most person*! can understand
writer said:— readily   tbe  discomfort   produced   by   the
"Some years ago I had a nervous dread of a great height, they would laugh
breakdown, and, while I am in excellent,at being uncomfortable in a threat™ bai-
physical health, a chronic neurasthenia cony. There are persons, however, wbo are
developed which manifests itself In a|«ffected by the dread of heights eveu tot
strange fear or 'pbobla'-a f**ar of going very slight elevations, There are clergy-
any considerable distance from home. I men who cannot stand on a high altar i r
This Is no fear of accident or anything of K° through a religious ceremouia! on it
that kind, but an Indescribable fear that]without great discomfort. They are
only one who has it can appreciate.   li somewhat uncomfortable even '■■■ ill u
there any possible cure for this malady?jhas   but   one   step    The   discomfort   In-
I have excellent chances In a business ureases with each additional step   -
way, but, strangely enough, I dare not;whfin tb,ire artl four or 8ve st'' *
try them." op to the platform tbey And It ex
Our correspondent has described  very
inrally become impatient at them.
*, cannot sit 1 remember seeing one of these pat!
particularly I standing .utslde the iloor of a depnrtt.
se of the e.x* store waiting until some one should c
this way.     ll   ti
however, lu uu
courage on the 1
uud hard:
u known to exist.
• ii who had shown tholr
tattle field or iu Ihe trials
i£ pioneering, One of the
ongesl dreads of cats that 1 have ever
ii, as described by the patient herself.
•iirs iii n vigorous, rather masculine
king woman who cannot abide being
a room wilh a eal and who cannot or
iy herself in comfort al anything whili
• ot' these animals i.s near,
well one of a series of dreads that pro-|
duce as much discomfort as many physical ailments and that are very common
in our time. There Is a question whether
tliey are not much more common thnn
they used to be. but this seems unlikely.
for we have many examples of them in
thc older time, (hough people were not so
'scarcely dare move ta m    ae -Ide ■
ither and are c otinuallj Hstui-bed by
the thought and tb s -. t - --;•-. edge of
the platform,
These Bay 1      horoughty a
control tie-".- es n ■ irj thi r way. I:
requires so m h effort, however, to stand
on  a   huh  altar  tbat  they   be  i       ex-
talk about
treraely   tired.   They
and are exhau
impossible   that Irea
should go to *!iis extent, 11
I remember dlscussln
once with a great Ameriec
who said that he could m
ir and tbat he had never hi
One of the clergymen present saitl H.
there were two priests, brothers,  In  hi
set of sv'moNmis" i    onesHon   Occasi Q!!sluiltG Unud* with  their friends end aslusunlly not hysterically inclined, and 11tills. Sometimes they are quite capable ofj°* wator dripping from n faucet.
ally it has been noted that dreads run in **ir -*s possible avoid contact wltb anythlngjhave known ihem able to stand pain and|brave actions, though a drawn sword may'    '     v ;1"' ,UAU> 1",'""'n- utl" ■•■',1 ,1,uc"
a rule, direct: heredity that
Uremia of thunder, uf spiders, of other
insects are very common,    Almost nny-
Ihing may become tho subject of a dread.
Some people dread to luke u cur witb
au odd  number or  to  allow  u  post   to
■ unit between lUem aud u friend  while
a good many persons, however, who tney  are walking.    These dreads  may
forttlblo iu the dark, and become oboes .i_n_ that are very disturbing.
What Ib to he dime for thom?   Prob-
I hear strange nouses that thoy cannot "l,ly ,the «^t sample o£ what can be
explain.   The  Imagination  becomes very ^ »8 to bo found In he way  bat most
excited u. • these circumstances, au „-' vork"ueu W,u'\ U\work,ou • h*' ,m.lld*
treme sense of discomfort develops, and \^^^ ^J^J^^^
there may bo hnJlucInations of sight or
hearing as a
uncomfortable if there is a sharp instru- no dread of heights, and yet may  have
ment and, above all, a pointed Instrument almost unbearable dread due to the sight
near Ihem.   Tiny do Hot quite know why of a pointed blade.
ihey feel so uncomfortable, though thejj   Dread of tho dark Is sometimes* thought
think  that  it  must  he  because  they are to he mainly a childish affection,   There
afraid lest they should he tempted to use
the Instrument on themselves or otliers. feel very ui
All   pointed    Implements,   even   pointed thero are few who do uot become uncom-
Bhears, are banished  from  their bouses Eortablo if they are alone In the house
and they Insist ou buy lug curving knives
Tbey gradually become accustomed to it.
m8equencoUo- the dtoTuA-|A" °f ,tm?m lm,vu f!owe ,,m,,i uE m*M*>
-   .   . |ana this i.s gradually overcome to a great
to till old'tlniM t neaus of obtaining'"'"nt.*    "  nu, lu'ci,l,"'t   buppens  on   a
light   were  much   less available  than at ' «h  bu Id '* *J«  workm°»  »«[   b«  B"
present.   Lucifer matches  were Invented ^ "TV      ilwy. hwo   ° q"U W°m
s .thing less than « century ago, and''" ,lUe **'   " ot IW Accidents would
■ ■,,,, ,      -,    surely occur.   They   ose coutro  of thein-
gnsllglll   in housos Is more recent.     The ....,._;
only means
dies, nml at'i
Ilu y   nr
ihe kitchen
[t v, ./ Some Are in Constant Fear of Street Car Straps,
the subject; out, so tbat she might slip in through the     She is not timorous in any sense of the that have founded ends.   They hnve been
archbishop open door.   The new non-step cars have word.   She once proceeded to thrush un-
undi r_tand been a blessing for many of these people,!til he cried for mercy n burglar who en-
rd of i: be* because  it made them uncomfortable  to tered her house, and she rather prides
.,, , i selves.
\ illiimiuatioii  was by can*.    .   . ,.,.,.
,.       ...           ,,      . ,.     I   have seen  men  who  dreaded  small
these uu been extinguished , ,„,,          .    ,   , .. .    ,.
        ..               iheights,  as,  for Instance,   a  high  altar,
,"** ','' r"1"*'1"l"s ,l""" ""ile-H by reading on tiie altar wIiim, uo
re In most houses or tho I tliomselfes
grate lire in   he ha    hi   urge mansions.)     ,,,,.,,,*,, ,
V,  ,                       ,     ,     ,   ,         .               not  to be disturbed.     I  have known a
ii is easy io understand that when per- , ,„,,        ,   „          nin      M     ,. ,„
,. ,    ,   ,        ...                      man  gradually   to   discipline  himself  to
 ■■■■■ '''-'lii-bed at n g it by some un-
mil i
,, ,    . ...travel  further and  further  from  home
rise In lhe room, whleh they eould I,,, ,.„„„, _M „o , a_ ^^u
noi exploln bocauss of the darkness, thej thst ,  h     ^     -^ fl       ,   |ik      ,.
ivere itntvllllng to -et out of bed and go!,__. _,,.„ ...        teM__ u_.
Ihrough   eorrldor.   ami   down   winding „„..,, b„( „ „..,,.. ,0 g.t „,„(„,! ,|„
stairways to go   a light.  As a eonse- ,„.„. ,ime
iiuence, ths. laj In bed and trembled and     guch  dre...  m n  ^
"" '"" ','   ""!'ss'       ,    , ,, I habit.   Tho Inibh form- more easily whei
Some ono hae said rooontly that no self- .„.     „.„.,, .„„ down ,. 1l(._Itll.   0rigl.
respecting ghost   will   live   in   a house',,    ,,    .        , 4.     ,„   .      ,. .
, ,,,,.,     , nally the force of the dread could have
where are electric tights because at any ^ b_i)k_n nt]m _fl_..       Aftw % U(u#
    U ;miy  ,L' >™'J"d11°yt ;-v  in:'lm! it becomes an incubus.   The neurasthenic
take b.ild of the handles Id board- herself on being able to protect herself.
Hiving a ''ar.   They may refuse to Those who suffer from the nffllctlon are
the button turned and the light Hashed all
over the room. "Ghosts" have gone out
just In proportion ns our means of lighting have increased.
There are sometimes grent dreads of
familiar objects. Some people suffer
from the sight of a body of wuter near
them. Peter tiie Oreat, the father of the
Russian navy, used to shudder at the
eight of a body of water, lie passed
Home years iu Holland studying shipbuilding, but if when out driving his cur
riage passed near a siren in or over a
bridge he would close the windows and
he overtaken with terror Hint brought
perspiration out all over him.
Itobert   Boyle,   who   did   so   mueh   In
states  are  especially   favorable
formation of such habits.   The habit must
be unlearned in the same gradual way by
known to break off the points of others, laying the foundations of modern chem-
Oecasionnllv such sufferers are delicate, ^ amI whom eouiln, Sir Boyle Koche.
_ , ., lhe famous maker of hulls, once declared
gentle   women.      Others  nre   men,   thor*
I lii in the father of chemistry nnd the
oughly capable of self-control In every brother of the Earl of Cork, used to he
other way. but who fear for themselves in thrown Into n lit of trembling nt the sound
My   contaminate
ny suffering  and  hardships  wilh  calmness
way   their   thorough   cleanliness.     They and  yet   be  utterly   unable  to  nbide  a
nearly   always   wear   gloves,   sometimes \ "harmless necessary cat."
even lu their own houses.   Most of these     ]>_ g_ \\-eir Mitchell brings out a pecu*
patients nre women, but some of the very Uarity of these sufferers in that tbey nre
almost unman them,
disturbed   by   dripping  water,  especially
.If they aro trying to sleep, und one ex*
The story is told of King James I. of|qU|slto 11KH|e oE tortnre invented by the
England that he would almost faint at
the sight of a drawn sword. Usually this
was attributed to the fact that bis moth-
marked cases occur among men. I havej„|,ie t0 detect the presence of a cat in the or» Mary Queen of Scots, not long before
known bookkeepers who refused to take room though unseen or unheard. This.his birth hnd seen hcr husband, Dnrn-
a position unless with new books. power hns been tested over and over again ley,  murdered  liefore  her  eyes.    It  is
There nre other dreads that  are al- ju special cases and there scenw to he no much   more   likely,   however,   that   the
most na familiar as those already men- doubt  about   Its  existence.   It   hns   been King was n sufferer in an exaggerated
tloned, The dread of cats is one of nttrlbuted to a reversion to hereditary In
them. Shakespeare knew of It when he gtinct which cnnbled savages to protect
wrote of "some there are who cannot themselves   against   cats.   Alas  for  this
A Pointed Knife Would Make Him Dizzy.
Man.I a harmless necessary cat." There
nro a good many wlio have a dislike of
rats, but iu some persons this dislike
amounts to n positive feeling of the great-
explanation, however. The dread Is
usually not noted with regard to the large
eats, the lion nnd the tiger, but only our
harmless domesticated animal.   Eveu the
number of Ihem, and ihey occur wltb
rtgard to thu most diverse nctlvlllos, The
most familiar dread Is that of heights.
Almost every uue has au uncomfortable
trembling reeling come on looking over
lie* mlgu of a height with nothing intervening   between   the   observer   ami   the
est. discomfort whenever a cat is present skin of n cat may produce the uncoinfort
Afier the dread of height*., the common- iu the room wllh them. The Spectator
ist of the dreads is the fear of dirt, bus a letter in which a ncxtreme case of
Dhere   are   people   who   are   constantly llie affection is described two centuries
worrying lest their hands or face should
be dirty and above r.ll lest they Bhould
swallow any dust or dirt. All civilized
persona huve a proper amount of drend
depths.    Even a slight ruiling Is enough I of dirt, but these people wash ihelr hand:*
form from the dread of pointed instruments.
Occasionally such sufferers may lie capable of thorough self-control under tlte
most dilHcult circumstances. I have
known a man who had poignant discomfort of this kind who used to go atone
into a durk mine hours before any of the
miners would go In, for he was a fire
boss and had to test every puft of the
workings for gas. He would be alone
fully a mile from the surface, going
through tunnels where he knew that men
..,.,,. ,        had been killed, and yet without any sr
Tiie dread of sharp  instruments Is a ...    ,
able feeling, and occasionally furs that
nre bought as (ho skins of much more
aristocratic animals have been known to
be n source of discomfort to these patients
in a way that revealed their source.
ago. A caller could not .stay in the room
with liis lady love because a rival had introduced a cut.
It might be thought that only delicate.
timorous Individuals would be affected lu  common,   Certain   persons  become   very who work on very high building.. I.
iiu'iuiue.      A    pointed    knife,    however
special form of the affection that is quite] W01lW mtk, h|m pa|e.   Occasionally men
Some Persons Cannot Sit in the
Balcony of a Theatre.
Many Are Afraid of Catt.
successive acts as it was allowed to fon_k
It is ditlicult, but it may be accomplished.
To think that it is just something that
canuot be overcome leaves the patient at
Its mercy.
At timet the dread Is connected with
some fright or terrifying Bccne in the past,
and if this connection is discovered the
patient is relieved of the burden hy finding
the renson for his dread nud then Is ahle
to conquer It readily. Such phyehoanu-
lysis, searching of the memory, ns It Is
called, Is often successful In affording relief. At times llie original terrifying Idea
Is uot consciously remembered and has tt
be traced carefully in the labyrinths ol
the scarcely remembered or so-called auk-
conscious memory. To find nny cause
npnrt from the nature of the individual Is
always to furnish a good beginning for tht
Xo one who suffers from one of theaf
dreads need think himself incurable if ht
l.liincae is said to have been to have a'only is resolved to be rid of the habitus.
irop of water fall ou a prisoner's head feeling. It Is a question of will, and tht
it short Intervals for days until the vie-'can be strengthened by a succession, »
im actually went insane. [acts in the coutrary direction.
S> English as It Is Slaughtered by Uncle Sam's Cadets at West Point
it is
TUli    veiuucular   ot    the    Wm
Poluter   is
other   than
Military Academy, cuu be found
a dialogue so tltnoworn uud so
purelj local.   "Cadet Slang," as
couuuouiy   called   by   [host,   ftuuiliur
West   t'oint,   has  for  many  /earn
played  a  prominent role in  the  mutual
conversation of our embryonic generals.
Many  of  these  peculiar forms  embodied
under the head of Cadet Slung   hav. beeu
used by cadets ever Mince '._■■ 1'ouudiug of
llie  Ae_deuiy   in   IblC     As a matter of
fact, many of these expressions were born
will) the institution, uud, though old, still
convey the name signitk-uuci. as wii .i* tb .y
originated. Old Iwoks dealing with the
cadet life during Llie eurly years of the
existence of the Academy bear out tbis
statement Buch men nn Lee, i_miit,
Jackson, Sheridan,Custer and others whose
, i an t tiai oftsn lo tbs in-iar**""""1"  '"•"•■'•'•  •«  »»M»*»I put-s-Bentletow,  Dufllckot,  Dut-tgii-rd  ttul
.,i thli Mtintrj  a,.r„ ,,„,.,, __,|||-.- win,: " 'lllni,i- »'l ol ol" spars tine.    II" John,   Any ,,r oil „r those names can ht
i ...I- Bla-(ami lu curloiu colloquialisms. w" "'"' '""" '■" «-PW« »'''! ll1' ••"» applied lo u plobe hy au uii|»'i oltusman,
To Ua* uew man .•„t.-riuic w.*«t Point »*'ln* '" i"'""1'}' 'or bis misconduct The underdog answers r.-mllly to any of
ti  rernaoulari ai>i>.ar ridiculous, and *1"1 ••"■■''"'':' i''"'"""" a.ternoon uld them,
... much in nt io cuuae mucl, merriment D* "'','" v*''11'" «"" "" '"■ "boulder, brisk-    ciosel- allied to Uio Jeasts la auotlu
K, lum.   It tabes but a few weeks, bow- ''  ""-"""it **»ck and  forth across    torm, "B,J„" much In voguo among ll
erer, for the plebe, «« Me uew uihi, u court**ard   of   barrack,   known  as   the ,., ,,   -j,.  ,,, .,,,„., .„„ _nam,
prulicleut In their u»_|;vf';'*'  J," "'l!'"' he.?»l*'_t*'*1 *'». w»« „"|in Jun.' of one year uud becomes uu up.
per classman In Juno of tbe following
u are making every effort to eover up
-ulque.     Nowhere, i _ pui., ttii_ crusher noross:-
il,'    United   tttule,,     ,..-,,,   ,-„„.,   .,,,„,,,.   _._   .„_„,„_   ,_
'boodle' last week and made me uu "A. B.*
I've got lo 'boue-di..' hard or I'll be
'found.' "
Whut would you think if such did
really happen? Aud it is far from impossible. Similar cases are frequeut.
You'd try to figure whether he was trying
to spring a few Chinese worda or whether
he wus handing you some funny stutf.
And so wheu yon visit West Point und
meet some of those slender waisted,
muscle hardened youths, do not be at all
surprised If you fail to comprehend their
You beard your friend say tbat h<
iu "A. H." sud you didn't know
ie uieunt. You little realised th
:oM you by thone tw<- letters that h
to expluiu or to make excuses, aud, con
sequeutly, an expluu&tiou or an excuse
is called a "b-aehe,
Header, did you ever hear of "Beast
Barracks"? Plebe*—new men—are, am
other things, called "beusta" by llie
per classmen. At uo other time does the
term iteast seem nu appeullhgly applicable to u plebe as during his lirst thr
weeks at the Point. At that time he
kuows so tittle about the life of the CU dot-
that tliey regard hltn as a kuow 110thing
or a beaut. Propitiously, therefore, tht
xpres .imi "Boast Barracks" bus beeu
applied to the tirst three wocks of cadet
lif_ wheu the beasts live apart and re-
preliminary Instructions. What tht
plebe learns during tills period is never
what I forgotten.
d  be    Synonymous with plebe and beast urs
also   the   following   terms:--Ducrot   l»u*
V.- -To show off.
-To frequent the gym
nasi uui.
Iio lie-re verse, v.—To full into disfavor
lioiioiil. ii.- Une who btudieu hard.
Agulu, this cadet wus "hived" running
iu "boodle,"    li'.it  is,  oo  was .-might IU
• ho ..ci oi bringing into barracks without
authority COlltrubltUd ea tables, i.wvel.,
-Vtc. These latter fall under the title of
' boodle," one of the oldest and moat
famous examples uf cadet slung. To
"hive" means to catch hi the act of u
blench of dlBClplllie, ll may also mean
io understand.
Your   greeting,    though   cordial,   wa.
ralher vague.   "Jiow'a the podlluk?" hud
grated across your brain, leaving behind
no porcoptlble particles of
Your cadet friend, no rojo!
Por every  new man who outers thel   Should n plebe never huve earned su
Academy there is a corresponding gnidu-1 honest dollar but have attended school all
you, i|ulii
that the
And   alii!
ute from the name State and disirict us
the new man. The graduate'* place b
tukeu by (he latter, ami this graduate
plays the important rOle lu this particular plebe's life as bla predecessor, oi
"Pred." Thc "Pred," from the standpoint
of the upper classman, Ih ii very [in
poriuiii Item in n plebe's history. Noun
plebes coining from new districts have no
Pred," but tlte enterprising upi»er class-
men always luke especial <are to see thai
all plebes are supplied with lhis sacred
Idt of their history. Therefore, such
"Prods" as Mohammed, Confucius, Bhio
Beard and othera of like fame are not uu*
, "What's your *P. ('. 8.' mlsler?" Is n
s moaning,jquMtlon asked thousands of times eacl
i at seeing K]ay at the Point.    These Ihree my si h
called, to be
S<>on the habit is developed and the ..lung,
if such it may tie named, u-i.ert*. Itself,
Visitors to West Point are often astounded by their utter failure to understand whnl their cadel friends mean,
Lul ua suppose llut you have a friend
who is a cadet and you pay him a visit
nfter he lum been iu the Academy long
enough to become tocullwd, Be greets
you with something like this:
"Hollo, Bill! aimmea 'skag.' Step out.
How'.-, the 'podmik'?"
You Htnii a minute, trying to ascertain wbnt your friend t'otlld have meant,
a ini t hen, before you . n n recover, he
eocne. bnck nl you wiih this one straight
from ihe shoulder
"I've been In 'con1 ever slnee I reached
here,    •Be i n reverso' mi n 'spdooy
quill' and w_„ 'skinned' every dny f,,r a
suontli "
Agnin yon spar desperately, and while
walking   buck   and   forth   acn
ll courtyard of barracks known
Area, lu short, he salu thel he
"Are* Bird," or an "A. B.," as tb
er of tbe tours li called
Ami reversing tbe "A. B.," >
have the "B A," currying au i
different mesning, "B. A." *■
"Busted Aristocrat," as in call
cadet officer wiu, get., "bnslod '
latter term serves to convey tho ri
for some neglect of duty or somo
of discipline tbe cadet officer h
Ida obevrons nud bus beeu redu
ranks,   De has become n "buck
VII Ik-'
year.   During th>
Will   year  he   l.   the   t|
Irelyjjeci   of   hazing.
ii Hies hi-asl   becomes n
the sutiloa
This nateil a
llml   '1 herefo
'each f rash.
It. .1.,"
"li   .1
bl be funny
entire BOD daya of this
viilroihlcu and the ub-
Allil so whenever a
little   elllbiddelied    llllll
ilnssmeii ho is tlestg-
r "Bold lb-lore Juno."
igot that ,ou did not kbowhettori are symbols for tho expr
'podunk' ,vni tlio homo town, "previous  condition  of servitude"    A
1 ■ l,Bf Uo"  ,lm'H "podunk" plcbo'g "P. 0. 8." Is, next lo his name,I
convey,   the   perlodlcnl  published  ut  a| by far the most Important feature of his
cadet's home, slating tho condition of the history,   It is usually acquired by the
health of ihe cows lllld chickens or the (following formula:-
Wondorful deeds of valor of the cadet. "Mr. So-nnd-So, i.luit'ayour P. 0, S. V"
"CJimine a skag.    Step out,'' has up ii, asks au upper classman of a several iluys'
tbe present conveyed IIO great amount of Old plebe
iiml.  Had your friend
fiirolte,    Hurry  up,"
omp|lod with hia
when ti
lost plain has attained this condition ne Is re-
l i" ferred lo as "Thai It. ,i Mr, So ami Ro,"
onco    Your   friend   remarked  thai  he  was
more,   ss   the eedei private is lermsd, going Io "1 <• dis." ur, li  older words,!
"-■ikes." I,),,,, |,o „.,,„ i0|nj. ,M ,,,,.„ ovpr n |H,W
in   alpha! h-nr mid lhal he luieuded to behave lini-
he hud been doing in the past.
knowledge to your
said   "(liiunie u   dga
yoil would have gludl;
Another of tboso oun vorb expressions
la Iiii! term "growley." As a noun,
"grov/loy" In the name appl led hi lhe lo-'
imi lo ketchup used lu the mess hall. As
■ color ofl
to   menu u verb, It means to approach tli
I'inlet   OfHcei
i lomliig di
Intlenl orde
ire called
ti   the  glossary
there is found  Lho tern
"B-aoho," blinded both as a noun a Ild
verb. Vour rndet friend might posslhl,
bave aiild tO you, "I b-m hed n hIcIii Io
day." ITe wanted to lell yotl thai he In
submitted an explanation for an ofTenci
he bad QOmtnltted,    The "b-whe" mean
or  nl
'Olllll   avoid
"dying "dis.1
by  "boiling,"
endol "bones"
Bone (lies, v,
ii studies,
Bone muke, i
To seek higher slnudlng
,   To seek chevroui.
the ketchup, or to blush.
when a cadet al the table should clium
to blush the "gruwley" hot Ho Ih prompelly
banded (o him, thereby milling lo hia dls-
eomfori.   Again, nothing seouiH no cer-
hi In   lo  cans,   a  endol   lo  blush  as  the
Itroxlmlly of Ibo "growley" bottlo, and h
is kepi ever near Hume who display  tills
iiu.nrluimfe ehiiraiterlNtle.
Ilow many outsiders have any Idea of
what tin upper olllflsmnil menns when he
asks a plebe, "Wbu'g your Trod' Mr.
Uut)row?" or "Wliai's your 'P. U. ti.'t"
JiihI a few Irom the many.
"I don't understand you, sir," repllei
the plebo.
"Move your chin In, mlstcrt move It in
How do you expect to understand mr
with tho chin hanging out like that.
Carry your shoulders buck.   Now listen
to me," shouts Ihe upper e|n.s_uui at (he
bewildered plebe.   "Did you ever earn au
In st dollar lu your life, and if so, al
Wlmt?    S d off!    Slop oul I"
j "Yea, Hir," aiiHwers lhe plelie from lhe
I depths of his blouse collar where be Iiii.h
hidden hla oliln,
| "Doing what'." la thc next sharp question.
"Typewriting, *dr," In the response.
"Now, Mr. Hoand-Ho, your P. 0. S.
fn nn now oil Ih 'Key Hauler,' Du you gel
It? Now, whnt's your P. ( . H.V Hound
off and curry llml chin In some more ul
the same time!"
"Key Battler, sir," In the ready answer,
and Hie plebe bus learned a long, hard
lou.oil, .
his life previous lo entering the Academy
his P. 0, S. Is "Schoolgirl."
Pulling"'also under the title of cadet
jilting is lhe "Missouri National," a mysterious air whleh, when whiatled, Is supposed by somo subtle method to produce
rain and thoreby save the cadets
hour's hard drilling. At times when
Ihe steel blue sky was ctotldlcss lhls wonderful tune Is claimed to have produced
rain and gladdened many weary hearts
aud lazy liel.
A most uurlous example of cadet nluxg
ia lhe word "drag." It litis ul least a
doXOII difl'ereiil meaning, as noi it ainl
verb.   If a endol were to t-uy "I 'drugged'
u   'f ue'   lo   the   hop   lasl   nlgbt,'    he
menus that he escorted a "feuuue" tut
West Point oue of Ihe opposite sex ll
termed u "fommo") lo lho hop. Otber
"drugs" are;
Drag u iskug   To tuke u puff from another's cigarette,
Drag water   To carry water. j
A drag   An easy task.
A drag The net ot one cadet pulling
off the board like, while duck trouacrs of
anothor cadet.
The three "D. P.V are nlso Interesting,
"D. P." Kigiii.es "Budy of (he Post,"
uud In the endet's eyes the average one
is UtinI tractive. Therefore when a cadet
aitys "Slio's nil 'I.. P.,'" he iiHinilly lutein., lo liken ihe parly in question to
llie Lady of (bo Post, Who dues not reach
Ids Btnudnrd for femininity. To "I-, I1
Is lo sling or lo piny a mean trick upon
a no) her. Tin u again "I,, P." U the
ligbl prison, where cadets who commit a
broach of regulations are conflued,
A few olher choice expressions are the
Brown   mount-Chewing  tobacco.
Ornwl (vurb)  Tocorrocl harrhly , Van
ally applied lo a plebe.
Pi ml (verb)   To discharge.
Pried Kgg (noun) The emit of arms
of lhe A lemy, worn on (he rfl dot cap.
Muck (noun)—Muscle, strength.
Pipe tuouu,  verb)-A snap.    To day
Police (verb)—To discard, to clean up.
■Sammy luoiiti) .Molasses used iu tho
mcHs hull.
Slum (noun) Another mess hall dainty
composed of divers meals, vegetables,
Ste,   Often referred lo contemptuously
lacking ta
as "Slum gulllou,
Tie-up (verb)   To hotel) mis.rnbly,
Wooden (adjective).—Thick,
Rightly saved until the end nre tbe
synonyms "CJonts" and "Immortals."
Both of these words are used to designate
the ten or twelve cadets who are IdVrest
In their studies     The "(Jonl Sect I on V i*
""■' "rit fr  the bottom or the Inst,   It
1" a  common saying  at   lhe  Point
"One* a (loat, always u Goal "
There are u great many oxprcostous and
phrases that huve h i lost lu Ihe -dutlile
for new ones lo suit tho new u etliods uud
drills. Several of these ure lhe follow
1   To cabbage, meaning to steal.
Iluukey.    Superb, magnificent.
To get pinked,   To get reported.
Home   years   ago   thoro   was   a   Dr.
Wheu ton stutioued at the Point,    He bad
Immediate charge of ihe health of the
cadets uud eacb morning thoso who were
sick reported to him iu order-lo be excused
from studies nnd drills. Almost Immediately (here prang up among lhe cndeti t
uew expression, "lo when lou It," meaning
to get Sick by Nome luolhotl and "deud
heat" t class or drill. This expression
was iu vogue for many yours nftor Dr.
Wltentoii lelt the post. It hns now died
out entirely,
At soma future dale, perhaps, a few of
these Weal Point vernaculars may creep
Into the IQugllsli vocabulary, Who knows?
Am yet (hey lill v. iml seriously Impnll d
tbe lighting qualities id tba Weal Pointers.
Tried men and true, for . long period of
years, have placed lliolr stump of approbation upon I III) no localisms by using them.
Such would mn be the ens,, had ihero been
any apprehension of burin resulting, Oidet
Laundry Spike (noun)   A girl working s|IM,r |„ ,, fixture at Weil I olnl,
u the cadet laundry or u huge piu,
. ..... and, like
| the   Polut   Itself, It  Ih  Hon   to hUj, THE PROSPECTOR, ORANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
********    I,   I   itiilnl,   I   itiitntllSllis lis    a,
Professional   Carbsi
- 0116 -
Cobge   iHotices
--•■H..f.|..|.-. |..|..H-l"f*H*l*l-H"H"l*
Court Oranbrook No. 8943.
Meet In Carmen's Hall, on   2nd aad
4th Thursday ot each month.
Louis Pearson, Ste, P.O. Boi Mi.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
in     ariiien s   Hull   1st   1
d    li ■' da s    in e er.'  month
I p.m.   Membership open to British
E. 7. Brake, Pres.
_, Pearron, Secretary
Box 618
Visltlnt members cordially welcome
A. F. Sc A. M.
Regular   meetings  on  the
third   Thuriday   ot   tvery
Visiting brethren welcome.
F. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
aach montb at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   ar*   cordially Invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. 0. Shankland, B.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. M
Meet* every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
0. Donahue, 0. C.
F. M. Christian, K ol R. _ S.
E. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Co. 41
Meete every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
tl n'ey, W. M. Harris.
N. 0. Sec'y
Circle No.  Ul
Companions of the Foreet
Meete in Carmen's Hall, First and
Third Wednesday of each month at
8:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. A. M. Laurie, 0. 0
Mra. A. B. Bbaw. Sec.
Visiting  Companions  eordtally welcome. Mtf
Oranbrook     Lodge
No.    104.
\tectB every 2nd and
th  Wednoshay at 8
11 , in Itoyal Black
night's    Hall    on
"a or Street.
1 tato
R. 8. Garrett, Sec'y
Meete In Royal lllnck Knlghta Hall
linker Street
Meeta every 2nd and 4th Thureday
of each month at » p.m. ebarp.
Mrs. L. llaywaril, Ree. Sec.
Oeo. Ladds, ohlof ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Presldent-O. R. Bheppard
Meete regularly on the First Friday
evening ol each month.
Information on Poultry matters
Address the Secretary—A'. B. Smith
P.O. Box 882, Cranbrook, B.O.
Loyal Orangt
Lodge No. 1871
Meete lat and
3rd Thursdny In
Royal Blaok
Knight* of Ireland 'tall at 8 p.m. aharp. Visitors
Fred W. flwaln, W.M.
S. L. Williams, Secy.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A i.llabl. Finch ftfulitori a_er lilli. Thief
pills ire iscMdlDilv Bftwerful la rifulsllaf th«
siniritlv* portion ol the l.inili lyitim. K.lui,
ill chup imllitloni. Dr. do Tea'* ar, told *l
He hoi'ot ijim lo, Ilu. Milled lo say iddr«»
Hia N.M Dim. I)*.. M. saekaila**, Ua*
T.     T.     MCVITTIE
P.L.8.   -   C.B.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notarlw
Money to Loan
Imperial Dunk Building
CRANBROOK,     -     BritlBh Columbia
Civil   and Mining Kljineers-British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box 236
Pbone 222
...    B.O.
Drs.   KINO   4   GREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Offlcs at Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Bvenlnge 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays 2.30 to   4.30
Cranhrook, B.O.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Annuo Ne_ to City Hall
Op.n Day and Night Phono «»
Funeral Director,
P.O. uox r,85
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reason
able Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
District uf Houth Kant Kootenny
TAKB NOTICE thnt I, Harry
James Iteod ol Crunbrook. ll.C, ocelli atlon clerk, Intend toi apply loi
licrmiHHlon tn I'lirclmse tlio following
dencribod. liiniln * -
t'ommenctug nt n pout plunted at
tbe north west corner ol. Lot .209,
thence north 4(1 chnins, Ib.iico cunt
20 chulns, th.nco smith 40 chains,
tbence west 20 chains, to Point ol
commencement nnd rontnian* 80
acres more or less.
Dated Soptemlier 21st., 1913.
Harry James Reed,
Aleiander Lewis St.Elol
39-9t. Agent,
District ol Hout-* East Kooienay
TAKB • NOTIOB tlmt I, Philemon
James Oougeon ol Oranbrook B.Oi,
occupation trnlniniin, mini.I to up
ply for iicriiil. Hiun to purcbaa. tin*
following describe- lands:—
Comineni'liii: n.rj a post limited ul
tho north runt coiner ,. Lot. nm.
then™ nortli 40 clmiim. thoncn wont
20 chulns, theneo wnith 40 rhnliiH,
tbence cast 20 elinliiH, to point, ol
commencement and containing! *"
acres moro nr less.
Dated Heptemlicr 2l„t., 1913.
i'lilleinoii  James iluiigenn,
Alexander l.cwln H t.Wlol
8991. Agent
District of South East Kootenay
TAKE. NOTICE that I, Patrick c.
Leahy ol Cranbrook, B.C., occupation Locomotive Engineer, intend to
apply, for permission to purchase the
following described lands.—
Commtncing at a PoBt planted 40
chains north from the north-west
corner of Lot 9210, thence north 40
chains, thence, eaBt 20 chains, thence
south 40 cbalns, thence west 20
chains to point of commencement,
contnining 80 acres morel or less.
Dated September 21st., 1913.
Patrick O. Leahy,
Aleiander Lewis St.Elol
39-9t. Agent.
District of  East  Kootenny,  B.C.
Take Notice that I, Angus Ward
Davis of Kimherley, B.C., occupation Mining Engineer, intend to apply for permission to purchase the
ollowlng described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the South Bast corner of Lot 9828,
tliencL1 south 27 chains, tbence west
2.1 chains, tlience north 27 chnins,
tbence east 20 chains, and excepting
therefrom all land included in tho
"Tramway" Mineral Claim, lot 4888.
Date November 19th, 1913.
Angus Ward Davis
48-9t. Applicant
District of South East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, Durney Mc
Uouldric, of Cranhrook, B.C., occupa
tion locomotive tngingeer, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-west corner cf Lot 9211,
thence north 40 chnins, tbence east
20 chains, thence south 40 chains,
tbence west 20 chains to place of
commencement, nnd containing 80
acreB more or less.
Dated September 21st., 1918.
Barney HcGouldrlc
Alexander Lewis St.Eloi
39-9t. Agent.
NOTIOE is hereby given tlmt the
partnership heretofore subsisting he
tween us, the undersigned, carrying
on business as Real Estate* Agiyits
at Cranbrook, B.C., hns been dissolved hy inutual consent as from
tile date hereof.
Dated this 7th day ol November,
P. De Voir* HUNT
Witness: Thomas Tigho Mecredy
45-4t Solicitor. Crnnbrook, 11 0
Notice is hereby given tbat s:xty
days after date 1 intend to apply to
t.lie Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petri,leu 111
over the following described lands,
situate in the District . f Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in Lot
Commencing ot 11 po.-t planted at
or near three miles due Eust of the
29 tulle post on the C.P.R. purvey
line, which is the West boundury of
Lot 4593, and being the Southeast
corner post of Mrs. Katberine BittLs'
claim; thence North SO cbalns; thence
West 80 chains; thence South 80
chnins; thence Kast 80 rhains to tho
point of commencement, making 640
ncres, more or le«R.
Located this 30th dny of September, 1913.
Bathen W. Dutts, Agent
Witness:  O.   A.   Mnedonnld. 47-4t
The pluns of King Alfonso uud Queen Victoria of Spain huve been upset
owing lo Ihe illuess of the Queen, who Is suffering from a severe attack of
Influenza. The King ntid Queen were to leave Paris for Vienna, but the
doetors In attendance forbndo lhe Queen lo travel for u week. King Alfonso
Ls considering whether lo leave for Austria nlono or lo await the Queen's
I : v_*5||p»'**?5'     -'VIS*.
. 4 ' '.f
II -       . 9- *              * A lit W
ft.   •%,    --lyi
L        -^
K__Pw"*'*..- .:
TH^fcat*'"''    ■'■">•'**■'
_rSW.tr. .'._'■ ' . *' . .          .;     ..
,   t'l-ji'    ■*.*' ■.''.'      *
' .*>,' **   -'■'.           *    '   *
■*._. '•Wlji-.',  '••"•      "'
*____w*^i   ■-.:*   'H
_?a___rr    ».. .-..      __________■_________■
r     *  ii*   "
rv 1Wt(tlS_e__^__r____\\__\___K
*—*-*__■   _
__j     -\_             uxn■*.,,,.i    *,, *<***,U
BBALED TENDERS addressed tu
the undersigned and endorsed "Tender for Drill Hall, Victoria, B.O,,"
rill tie received until 4.00 P.M., « n
Thursday, December 11, 1913, fur the
construction of a Drill Hull at Victoria, B.C.
Plana, specification and form of
contract can be seen and forms uf
tender obtained on application to the
office of Wm. Henderson, resident architect, Victoria, B.C.; on application to the Po.stmaster, at Vancouver, B.C., and at this department.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on tlio printed forms supplied,
and sfgned with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
(inns, the actual signature ihe nature of the occupation, nud place of
residence of each member of the firm
must be given.
Eacb tender must lie accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to the order o(
ibe Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
of thc amount of the tender, which
Hifl be forfeited if the person tendering decline lo enter into a contract
when called upon t«> do ho, or fall to
complete the work contracted for. If
the tender be not accepted the eticqur
will bo returnod.
The Department does nol bind it
self to accept the lowest or any ten
By   Order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottnwa, November 11, 1913.
Newspapers will not hi. paid foi
this advertisement if they insert it
without authority from the Depart
ment.— 49438. 47-2. f
Lord Cowdniy's denial of reports that his firm, Messrs, Pearson's Son.-.. Is
endeavoring to obtain an "oil monopoly" In tbo I.QpUb.lc of Colombia, has been
received wltll open scepticism by Colombians In Pari.*., among Ihora Senor .lose
Vineenle Couehn, nominee for ibe Colombian Presidency, who happen, to he
fully informed regarding whal thoy call iho "Pearson scandal,"
"Lord Cowdray may not chose lo label the Contract lie wishes to have ratified a "monopoly," bul the situation (but tt would croato if accepted by lho
Colombian Congress would aiUOUllt to nothing less than monopoly."
BEALED TENDERS addressed t
the undersigned, and endorsed "Ten
der for Immigration Detention Hos
pltnl Building, Vancouver, B.O.,'j
will he rcc.ived at this office until
4.00 P.M., on Monday, Dcn.mber 2!),
1913, for the erection of tbe al:ou*
named building.
Plans, specification ami form o
contract can be Keen and forms of
tender obtained ut tbis Department,
nt the otlice of W. Henderson, Esq.,
Besideut Architect, Victoria, B.C.,
nnd on application to Mr. A. .1.
Ohlsholm, ciirct .k.r, Public Building,
Vancouver, B.C.
Persons tendering are notified thai
tenders will not be considered unless
mude on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating tbeir occupations
and places of residence. In the ens-
of firms, the nctnnl signature, il o
nature of the occupation nnd jlacj of
residence of each member of the firm
must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by nn accepted cheque on a chartered
bnnk, payable to the order of the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
of the amount of thn tender, which
will be forfeited if the person tender
ing decline to enter into a contract
Whon cnlled upon to do so, or fail
to complete the work contracted for.
If the tender Ua not accepted the
cheque will be roturnod.
The Department does not bind it
If to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
It. O. DESR00HER8,
Deportment of Public Works,
Ottawa, November li),  1913.
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement if they insert it
without nuthority from the Department.—49327. 'lH-2t.
Coal mining rigbts of the Dominion
iu Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territoriet and in a portion of
the 1'rovince of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one yeara at hu annual rental of fl
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acre*
will ba leased  to une applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rigbta applied tor
are situated.
In surveyed terrttury the land must
be described by sections, or legal sub-
,11 visions of sections, and in uaaur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by tbe applicant
Eacb application must be accompanied by a fen of $5 which will be
refunded if tbe rights applied fur art
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tba mer-
cb an table output of the mine at tbe
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine Bhall
furnish tbe Agent with BWorn returns
accounting lor the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tbs
royalty thereon. If the coul mining
rights are not beiu^ operated, such
n turns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include tbe coul mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available Biirfaee rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at tbe rate of $10.00 an acre
Kor full Information application
should be made to the Seciutary ot
the Department of tbe Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub Agent of
Dominion Lnnds.
W.    W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
for. Jan. 4tb-tl
Section 48
Notice is hereby given that on thh
lilth day of November next, application will be mnde to the Superintcu-
ent of Provincial Pollco for the
transfer of the license for the sale of
liquor liy retail in nnd upon the
premises known as tbe International
Hotel, situate at KingB__.te, British
Columbia, from George Longpre of
Kingsgate, B.C. to If. L. Sawyer of
Marysville, B.C.
Dated   this    16th    day of October,
Holder of License
11.  L. SAWYER,
Applicant, for transfer
Notice is hereby given tbat tO days
after date I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum over
the land iu Lot 4593 described as
fi Mows:
Beginning at this post (N.W. Cor.
of Loi 11953) nud being the Southwest corner post of Anna K. Webb's
claim, thenee East 24.03 chuins;
thenee North 10.71 chains; thence
Wist 24.03 chains; thence South
10.71 chains to tbo place of beginning
surveyed as Lot 11954.
Located this 15th dny of October,
ANNA   K.   WEBB,   Locator
Chas. B, Webb, A_ent
49 3t.
Help the
Man at Home
To whom ti.i .on appoal tor
help in tunc of trouble or tiolt
ue«H? On win.in wouhi you ile-
l»tml If ar_.-] minim-tune laid
A rilliiK lo ii I'lilile from  I.iiii.lini,  Lunl Cowdrnjr  ,*,.ni>*_  tlml  Iio In
Miiiin.'liiti ll,,. rnmpiiInu .,f (.Oliornl lliiorln In Mexico, "In colmr'og Willi mosl
of lho liiiiiloi iiml lontllllg houses In Mexico Oily," lie nntl], "my firm nml nllloil
eoiu|iiiiilo" siilimTllictl for ii smnll proportion .I.™ limn lliroo per tool of lho
tfovoriiuiQiil limn limit,, through ilio Nntlonnl llaiilt of Moxlco. Apnrl from lhls
nelllicr I nor iny firm IH"l»t_l In ii riimni'liil manner 1 pl'astlllt ,il.Vlslumil
its lien, y  li.iinl  on  you?
neighbors?   Kxnctly.
Mnn in q grog&HoUfi nninml,
ninl lie natnrnlly rnrci, for relatives, fiicti.il. nn.l acquaintance, rather Ihan strangors, Ho*
(ini affairs depend entirely i n
uc iiitrin ,inconlii|<, nnd buslneBe
ni'nr. ,.ie controlled m _ large
luteal hy the Hnme element. It
would lie bettor if business nnl
fr.en,1.1,in He.e i tl'l  more rloie-
ly   lllll.nl.
if ...n w,.il.l dopenu m your
n .ihiiori in lime o' advorslty
wily not. dopend on thorn in
prosperity?      rsn't     the   men
Whose    luiiiil   vou   ,,'nlllil   llllc   lo
grasp, ihn iilnn to whom you
ought to Iiuuii Um dollar thnl
you Imve to 111101111' Why send It
nwny to ,, mail ordor house
which would he [ntorosted in n
death in jour family merely because li. oflorod n possible
clmnoo to Hell vou a tombstone
or n cropo luiiiil for yo ir but.''
Ynu I now your neighbors are
niii'lc, Ibnl. thoy nm be dc
linleil on, linil thoy would
come lo yonr niil with hviu
Palhy or n.iiiciiil li in i-lloiild
t n occasion mine, ill ll wby
not hIiow ili ii. you appreciate
tliolr good qualities* bv Jolng
business witli thom rogulnrly
nnl nn a iiinllcr ol habit?
ninti Ih merely Interests. In got,
ling your money, and thnl In
1 now   you nn.l nre inter
in   you.   Tho mall order
THE     NEW    Kllvlo   Ol*'   _,AVAkMA IN   HUNTINO   O   .H_..
Ill  tiie iibiive  |ilii,t«i>,'i. pti   we BOO   blm:   Lililwli*   III.,  the  new   _lng  of
ilavnrln. King Ludwlg ill. succeeds iho mod King Olio, wlm wnn ,.,,..> «*
recently, Dining hln reign King l.tnlwlg ill. wus rogont The new King
will mnko n popular uiuuureK sud, us our pkiur,* rrpreseuts bin,, Im It
devoted to sport. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
Important Changes in
C. P. R. Timetable
Train 513-Arr. at 12-50; Lea. 13.00
Train    11—Arr. at 13-55; Lea. 14-10
Train 514—Arr. at 14-55; Lea. 15-05
Train    12-Arr.  nt 22-15; Lea. 22-25
Train 512—Lea.  nt 7-00; Arr. 24-20
Kimberley Branch
Lea. at 7-30; Arr. 12-30 at Cranbrook
in connection with
EXCURSIONS    to    the
DAILY—Nov. 7th to Dec. 31st., Ind.
Cranbrook To Montreal and
Quebec: .81:10
To St. John: .89.10
Limit f.ve months, stop-over and
extension privileges
Full infarmntie.n re Rail and Steam
Hhip Tickets, from
J. W. Spence, Agent:
or write
R. Dawson,
Dr.I.  Passenger Agent,
Provide a Savings   Account
for your Children
With an   Endowment Policy
in tho
International Insurance Co.Ltd.
Those may be had fur a small
monthly premium.
For particulars anil rates,r.fc, write or call up
FRED. W. SWAIN, Inspector
P. O. BOX372 I'HONK .'.H
Agents Wanted
Have (or sale some
very choice residential
and business lots in
different parts of the
City, also small tracts
varying from one to
live  acres   in   extent.
Call and see them now
before the rush comes.
For Sale Rents & Wants
FOR BALE—Hall acre of land on Bt
Joseph's Creek; 5 roomed house,
well plastered and flnlehed, good
cellar, good pantry nnd roomy icup-
boards, water in kitchen, large
Bleeping porch and verandahs, 34
apple trees 4 years old next spring,
currant and gooseberry bushes,
pumping engine for watering lawn,
and good outbuildings. $2500.00;
$1000.00 cash, balance can be arranged. Apply T. B, South, Box
334, Cranbrook.
Cor.  Lumsden Avenue and
street.    Phone 374.
WANTED—Work fts Cbambe
.maid in
Hotel or in Private family
, l>y day
or week.    Phone 322.
Local  News
Mouldings, Mouldings, Mm...lings,
new Block just in to suit any furniture or any room—Oome In and see
them—Kilby   Frames Pictures.
A special line of dims will be seen
at the Edison Theatre touight.
A. Dow oi Edmonton was in the
city Thursday.
R. H. Bohart of Wardner, was in
tbe city transacting business Thurs-
TruukB, Suit Cases, Club Bags,
Otc, all complete at W. M. Park&Co.
Fresh killed Turkeys, Ducks, Q
Geese,  etc. "
F.  McKeniie of   Calgary,    was    a
guest at the Cranbrook Tuesday.
T. Crahan of Michel, was in the
city on Tuesday on business.
(Section 34)
Notice is hereby given that on the
ith day of January next, application
will be made to the Superintendent
»f Provincial Police for the grant of
a   licence  for  the  sale  of  liquor  by
■tall in and upon the premises
known as the Canal Flats Hotel,
■Jituate at Canal Flats, British Columbia, upon the lands described as
Lot UO, Group I, Kast Kootenay
Date*,  this   .th  day  of  December,
within the reach of all
That Alcoholism is a disease is
now recognised hy Science, No man
in bis senses brings disgrace and
i nin ou himself aud family through
Alcura stops the craving for drink
builds up the system, steadies the
itcrvos. It is guaranteed to cure or
bunedt or money refunded after a
fair trial. Alcura No. 1 can bo given
secretly by uny wife or mother wanting to restore a dear one to health
and usefulness. Alcura No. 2 is tbe
voluntary treatment.
Can be hud at our store only $1.00
per  bin.    Ask for our free  Booklet
about   Alcura.     Beattie-Murphy   Co.,
Limited,   Druggists,   Cranbrook.
Your Home
Will he one that you cnn look
forward to with much added
delight if, upon returning all
fagged out from your day's
work, your wife cnn have read-
y  for you  a bottle of
X Port Stout
Then you will most fully np-
predate this strenthoning brew
It will restore your energy,
furnish needed stimulation to
the tired body and put ynu in
a frame of mind to respond to
the pleasant reception awaiting yon.
The use of Kerrigan's XPort
Btout     In     the     home     spells
good nature, good Indigestion
and good sleep.    Lot uh supply
ynu  with a rase.
.2.50 prr rase of a do_. pints
James Kerrigan
Cranbrook,        •        B.C.
Electric Restorer for Mer
PhOU phono I "■*-■■ ""i nvai. iifi v_ la tha bo fi.
1 Pi lit [>"i[ibi t_niii.fi; rt.itiir.-j
*lm and vitality. I'ritmiliite d .cay anil all i-mtj
ttftlktiani acarlrrl at oii'.a. Phoaphoaol wl.
(ink . vim a now man, Price III a tun. nr twn fni
16 Mall*.lt. any add.em. Tha*™,Wll Drag
ii:, ■_. «;alli*r lini. Oul.
May be checked by using
The above expression iB one which
is used frequently in connection with
hair preparations. Juat exactly
what iB meant hy it in each instance
is a question. Huldm-_s Ih not a dis-
a.e aud hence, does not permit of
a cure. It is a result invariably to
he traced to the dandruff germ anil
if the condition has become chronic*,
that Ib. if there is complete atrophy
of the hair follicles, a "cure'- is absolutely  impossible.
Approach ing baldness, «een in fall
ing hair, mny always he cheeked and
if the hair follicles are not atrophied
the hair may be induced again to
This is accomplished by regular applications *.f Kewbro's Herpicide,
which cleanscB the scalp and elimin
ates the dandruff. Checking the ne.
cutnulatlons of scarf skm removes
the most common enemy to heautl/u]
Soft, glossy, fluffy hair cannot
gtow nn a scalp infested wllh dandruff nny more thnn n delicate plant
ran grow on nn ash heap. Tbo scalp
must he kept clean nnd free from dan
dnriT, THe treat remedy for doing
this is Newhrn'H Herpicide wlileli received the highest, endorsements from
professional men, the Btago and the
hest, people everywhere,
Mewhin'n I (ei pin-l*. jn SOC -■■■■■ .1
sizes Is Hold hy nil denlcrs who guar
nntna It to do nil thut Is claimed,
If you nre not satisfied your money
will  1)0 refunded
Applications obtained al nil first
einsH harbor shnpi. and hair dressing
Address the Horplcido 0o„ Dept II.
Detroit, Mirh., enclosing lllr In post*
a«e or sliver for sample nnd booklet.
Cranhrook Drug uud It ok Co.,
special agents.
P. DeVere Hunt Ib leaving next
week on u boltduy trip to Toronto.
Fresh killed Turkeys, DuckB, Q
Geese, etc. Phone  "
W. A. Moody and A. Bennett of
Vancouver, were nt the Cranbrook yn
British Oolumbla leads the world
in trade per capita.
Cl. \V. Donahue of Wardner, was in
town TueBday,
Born at Crnnbrook to Mr. and Mrs
(J. D. Gllmour, Armstrong Avenue on
Dec. 3rd, a daughter.
Now is the time to get a ticket
for the/Drawing for the Christinas
Cake made hy the Home Bakery,
The Drnw ings for the Christ inns
cake of the Home Bakery will take
place in the Hex Theatre on Dec, 2..
Miss Irene Naah of Kernie, Bpont
Sunday last visiting frlenda in Cran
Joe Kennedy took over the man
agenient ol the 41 Market Co'e nt. re
on Norbury  Avenue tbis week.
Get our prices on supplies for your
Poultry a full supply in stock Cran
brook Trading Compan]
It is announced that the Prov n
nal legislature will convene early in
Mr. and Mrs. It. T. Galbraith motored  in from Fort  Steele on  Tiles
day enroute to Kaslo.  ■
A. D. Fenwick and George Geary
, ( Kort Steele were transacting business at Craubrook Tuesday.
Mrs. J. H. Kennedy, sister of Wm.
Doran, arrived in Cranbrook ou Thur
sday for a visit.
All members of the Key City Lodge
I.O.O.F. are requested to he present
on Mondavi Dec. Sth at 20K.
J. w. on .-stead, c. E. Winnlgar,
and H. Craig of Calgary, v. ere registered at the Cranbrook Wednesday.
Th"* Ladies .Auxiliary and the Bro.
tberhood of Railway Trainmen will
hold their annual Ball on New . ears
Kve at the Auditorium.
Bert Seville assumed the management of the Eaat Kootenay Butcher
Company's store thiB week.
The special feature at the Auditorium on Saturday will he the "Battle of Waterloo." A four reel feature.
Jap Oranges and other fruits for
Xmas. Both Dried and Fresh Fruita
Get our prices—Cranbrook Trading
Rov. E. P. Flewelling nnd Chas.
Cock was at Nelson this week attend
ing the annual meeting of the executive committee of the Synod.
Drawings for a Christmas cake will
be held nt the Home Bakery. This
will be a good opportunity for to
get a nice cake at small expense.
Mrs. Donnhoe has sold her ranch
on Lewis creek to parties in Calgary
the consideration iB said to be fairly
good, running into four figures.
Owing to a rock slide between
Bonners Ferry and Kingsgate, tin-
Monday morning "flyer" wbb detained about two hours.
The most suitable ChrislmaB present Ib a trunk, suit case or club hag
W. M. Park & Co. have a fu_f and
complete line.
Just sixteen days In which to advertise your ChriBtmns Goods. The
Prospect. >r la the best udvYrtiBlhK
medium in Crnnhrook.
Give us n trial for all kinds of Q
Fresb   and   cured   Meats—Phone   "
H. A. Fraser and S. Baldwin returned this week from a hunting trip
up Meadow creek, they killed a Ip ke
deer, and their friends had u rich
vi in. "ii dinner on Wednesday,
The International Ooal and Coke
Co. ons deelared its fourth dipld'.nd
this year at. 1 per cent. Thla Company's mines ate located in tile Crow
Nest Paas.
The little daughter of Mr. ami Mrs
Harold Stevens died ou Haturday
lust from ditthotofl, The llttlo girl
wuh two years old and han been HUP
faring for somo time.
on Friday, Docombor 19th, nt tho
closo of thc public school Ior tlm holidays, a Christmas tree wlll he hold
In the Helmut house al Mayniu Lake
fur the hetiellt  nf the school rliildren.
.1. McConogliy Iiah opened up a new
restaurant on Armstrong Avenue,
where mrtilH will he served at nil
hours of the day or night. He glial"
an tecs  satisfaction to all patrons.
We have been thinking
about your Xmas presents
for the last nine months.
Write for our catalogue,
or better still, come and see
our large selection. Something for everyone, antl at
prices that will compete
with any catalogue house.
Jewelers & Opticians
Next to tin.* Post Office
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where It Pays to Deal"
Cranbrook       -       B. C.
Phone 386
Phone 101
Jones & Doris
See Us about Your Building
and Job Work
B. C.
and the Rifle Club occupy
one of our windows thi«
still has the other, and will
have three more chests of
There will he a meeting ol the
Cranbrook Curling Club in the City
Hall on Monday next, A full attendance is expected ub matters ol Importance will  be dinciisned.
At, the Presbyterian parsonage un
Tuesday evening, the ltev. W. K.
Thomson united in marriage Mr. W.
H. Fink to Mrs. Jennie I). Bltlrldge.
Tbey will reside in Cranhn.uk.
.1. Black, who hns been ill at. the
HI. I. uro no HoBpltal (ur eomo time
lied   on  Friday.     Tbe   funeral   under
tbe Utrtcfttton 0( imdortakw w.  it.
Beattie,     will     take    plnce   from   lhe
Catholic Church un Sunday at :t pm.
A   report   ban   heen   recf-ived   frum
London,  Hng.,  to tho ol._ot  Lliat J.
Randolph  BrUCo uf Windermere,  is tu
ho wedded tu Lady Kllzaheth North-
ito, the sooonh daughter uf lhe Fnr
f  [tldoslolgh,  lhe mnrriatfe  to  take
place in  .lanuary.
Another despatch frum Hun, .1. 11.
Turner tu Sir R-lohanl MoBrUlo, says
that tbe British Culumhia Fruit. Kx-
ht.bit bas wnn  tbe gold medal at thfl
Uuyiai Horticultural <Rxl.it_t.tot. at
London, Eng., this is tno highest n
ward for fruit in the British Isles.
Owing tu lhe low water nnd the
ilan^er of freezing, n new power
plant iH bolng Installed hy the Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co, un
Murk creek, and in the course id a
few weeks power will ho transmitted
tu the air compressor at. the mine.
(live us a trial for all kinds of Q
Fresh    and    cured   Meats—phone   "
The provincial Forestry branch lias
just sold by tender a considerable
quantity of yellow pine near Waldo,
in the Fernie district, to the Kast
Kootenay Lumber Co. at $2.00 per
thousand feet, plus the royalty. Tbis
is regarded as a record price.
The deer and grouse shooting fur
Cranbrook district will close on Dec,
nth. Caribou may be hunted until
Dec. 30tn. Ducks and Geese season
will close on the last day in February.	
in her charge  next week.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
Ornalirook i»„,|>i>< imve .mini out
Ihnt A rtlNill.l- IIOHM ol Hlniplo
huskthnrn bark, .'.lya-rlim, etc.. uh
<iom|ioiiuiI, .1 In Aillcr l-kn, the (ler
mnn hi,wel ninl BtOtnaoll r*iiii_ly, relieve*, oonitlpatloti, i,om- Btomaoh or
kah on tlm stomach in. tanti.y.
This rtlmiilo mixture honutue famous
hy  owing ii|,i„.n,iiritiH mul ii. nntl-
septlcl'liH the ilii*r,itiv,i Org nnl uuil
iIihwn ol! the Impurities, lt In mir-
prlnini: how .IIUJKI.Y it helps. THU
BMMIe-Muryh.  Oo. IMI
On Sunday last thc new church nt
WycliHe was dedicated by Archdeacon
Beer of the Kootenay diocesss, a^sis
ted by Rev. A. B. Lane. The expense
ol building thc church haa been defrayed by the residents of Wyclifle
and vicinity. The church is built on
a slight elevation overlookinK the
Mrs. Sam Macdonald hns jrst received the sad newB nf the death of
ber uncle the Rev. M, W. Thompson,
who died in London, Eng:., on his return from Egypt and the Holy Land,
where he had been touring to obtain
material for a series of lectures he
had in preparation.
H. C. Merron, a C.P.R. conductor,
died at the St. Eugene Hospital on
Saturday last from heart failure,
The deceased was one of the most
popular conductors on the Crow. The
remains were shipped on Tuesday to
Brockville, Ont., in charge of Conductor Fred Oeneat.
Tlio willing workers will hold a
Bale of Home Cookery, Homo Mnde
Candy, and Fancy Articles at the
Sunday School Room of tlic Knox
Presbyterian Church on Saturday
afternoon, Dec. Cto, from 3 to 6 p.
in. Afternoon Tea will also he
Mr. and Mrs, E. J. Ellwnoil left
on Wednesday for Halifax, Yorkshire
England. They anticipate being n-
way pretty nearly all the winter.
Tho Raworth BroB. hnve boon milking the City clock strike louder tbio
week, two oxtra levers hnvlng been
Installed. The time keeping ol tlic
clock BcemB to lie excellent.
A meeting of tlic .armors' Institute will be hold ln the Old Gymnasium on Wehnesday evening, Dec, 10,
nt 8 p.m. The huslneBH to lie taken
up will he Resolutions for the benefit
of tho Agricultural community In
general and the election of a delagat
to tho Central institute Convention
to he held In Victoria, January 84
iir, and 2ii, everybody In welcome to
litem* niectingsl
.1. I). Gllmour, Armstrong Avenue on
ttecompauled by Forest AsslBtnnt (1.
II. Prlnco, Ih leaving today for Vic-
torla, for the pui-pone of attending
u conference ot Provinciul .orest olll
corn wlileli taken place Hoc. Nil, to
Dec.-Kith, liefore returning tliey will
nlso nttetul the nmiunl Convention
il ilie Wenl,.in CotincrvuLInu und For.
-iil.i'y Ahhoc ntlon In Vancouver on
Dec. ICth and Uth, and tho final
nliilng ,,i tin, commission enquiring
into tho matter ol timber royally in
Ilio siiinn city on Dec. 17th,
Mounted GiXlTlQ Heads Spedalty
Send For Price List
Animals, Birds, Fish and Fur Mats
P.O. Box 134
Under Entirely New Management
"Quality  Our Hobby"
Honest Weight, Prompt Delivery,
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Telephone   Your   Orders
A Charter has been opened in
Cranbrook for membership in
of the Dominion of Canada
which will remain open until a
membership of  50  has been
Thc fee is $20.00.
For further information and Membership Applications, enquire ol
u at thc Royal Hotel
Whon you aro buying
' .1
Royal Crown
6 Big Bars for 25c.
Tho valuable coupons aro valuable for voluublo premiums
The Royal Crown Soaps, Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta


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