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The Prospector Jul 26, 1913

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Array Provincial L*si»!ativ
• Anembly
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in. the
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JULY 2l',tll,  1913
Gust. Andeen Dead
Passed Away at the Bent   Hospital   Early  on   Tuesday livening —Leaves a Wife and Three Chrildren
"Mourn not tho lost, iu realms or ehnngelcBS glaitnoBS
Wliere friendship's ties are nsver crushod ami broken,
He who behol.it. our padnesH
Hath tn lhe trusting heart uKsuniiice spoken of thnt Meet
Free from care ami imin.
Pond frion is unite again,"Anonymous.
still may meet;
Innd,  where,
QUBt Andeen died at the Bent hospital, at Cranbroo't. on Tuesday evening, from acute inllamation ol the
It is with Burrow tlint we have to
chronicle the death of Mr. (iimt Andeen. Thc'ilecense.l was one of Cranbrook's most respected ami progressive hUflineHi men. The late Mr. Andeen was born in Arvikn, Sweden,
and was M years of njro. He migrated from Sweden to the United
States some 30 years ago. He lived
at Minn.-apolts for some years, then
going to Montana where he *ngugcd
in prospecting. Later on he wna at
Slocan and in iS-*» his headquarters
was at KrfIo. At the time of the
building of the Great Northern extension to Kuskanook, Mr. Ande.n
had a small hotel at Kuskunook,
later on he moved to Yahk, where he
also kept a hotel, Some seven years
ago he moved from Vahk to Cranbrook and leased the Queen's hotel
from N. Hanson and since that time
ne has been a resident nf this city.
Twoyears ago he built n hotel at
Kitchener where lie made bis perman
eat residence, coming to Cranbrook
occasionally to look over his interests here.      About tive and   a   half
stricken from the ever bs-ening roll
of nur old settlers, jind a so'ltnry
mother, with Iter three children, a*"'1
left to attest how sadly they will
mis* him. It must he ro; these tender human ties cannot le severed
w thout a Pnng.
He was a man who united sound
common sense, with atrrng ccn.ict-
ion, just fitted to mould the rude
elements of pioneer society into form
and consistency, and aid in raiding a
high stundard of citizenship in our
young and growing city. How much
this community owes to him and
such as he. it is impossible to estimate, though it would he ft grateful
tns". to trace his in'luenee through
some more direct channels, to hold
him up in his various characters of
husband, father, neighbor and frie •_,
His death has brought the bitter
cup of sorrow to the lips of frl?nds
and relatives. His was H heart of
gold. He was one of nature's noblemen in its truest sense—qrave, generous, manly. His was the soul of
honor, and his friends and frind
ships were warred to him.
To the broken-hearted mother ami
c,l1.!rfn-_.who   Sit   in  sorrow where
his footsteps shall nQVOr QKftin echo
yeara ago he was married at Spok-lwe extend our sympathy with the
ane to Miss Clausen. He leaves a sympathy o,' the whole of Cranbrook
wife and three chi'.dnn eo mourn his  at   tbia   t me, and, when they have
has   nn    relatives   in thi-*
loss.   He
He Was a man of generous Impulses and never forgot the hospitable
ways of the pioneer. The Btrangcr,
even though broke, never failed to
find food aad t-helter if he sought it
at Mr. Anleen's hands and Mr, Andeen just delighted In all kinds or
neighborly offices.* He, himself, hai
bourne adversity bravely _nd enjoyed prosperity quietly. He had filled
the various relations of life, as sen,
father, friend; ond filled them well—
Who can do more?
drained   the   cup   may   peace   that
passeth    all    understanding come to
them   from    one   who cares for
least of Us who falls.
His death was sudden to the majority, his ilinrss only being of
about tin days duration during
which tine everything ros iVe in
the way of meiHctK nssit-Unre and
the best of nursing wns ten''erod, but
Government Desperate
Chinese Rebels Seem to be Strong—Dr. Sun Yat Sen
Joins Rebels.
I.ONOON— Tin* PeHn coricepon-
dent ol tho Daily Telegraph si'mln
thia mcfltiaire to-night: "The declaration of martini law here shows that
the northern government admits its
ik'snernte ponition. This synchronizes with the creation of a complete
confederate government at Nanking.
Parliament has not yet heen dissolved; hut it. is unlikely tlmt it wil
survive a week. The principle newspaper organ of the Non-Kwang party   has   heen   suppressed.   The   war
the mercantile classes tu hazard
tin* r Uvea and forres, anil the Iron
will oi the southern forces, must
shortly bring all into line. The prob
Lehi is Insoluahle, save hv the fall of
the present reglmO, Dr. 8un Vat
rieu, the lorincr provisional president
issued a manifesto tonight Irrevocably backing the rebellion. He makes
three appeals—the tlrst to ,*t*v ski
tlini, reviewing the southern grlovan-
ees and declaring thnt Just resistance
to   intolerable   trynnny is no rcliell-
news is baffling, hut foreign military I Ion. Ho concluded: -1 am determin-
exierts now helicve thae th** south- ed to oppose yon as firmly as I did
eners nre in fnr greater strength! the Manchus. itetirement is "absolut
thnn hnd heen suppose!). They am I ly your only comae in the face ol
pursung aggressive tactics every- the present crisis."
where. A privutc despatch says thut! "Thenppcals arc addrested to thc
the sontheners have not been repul-, officials and tbe people, and are in
sed from the Pukoa railway. Rein-! the same vein. Dr Sun Yat Sen
I'oreenifnts are coming d.ily, anil Bald to me personally:
Kwang Tung promises 00,1)00 troops .,-,*,,- -gllt wW c-.ntinile if it takes
half of which nre due this week. ,10
JL'It   is important tr, note that thB
southern provinces, which have not
scceeded, are only hold in check tem
porily becimse the Tutiihs (military
governors) „„, Yuan sh| Kni's nominees.
"All indications point to a great
explosioh in Kit Pueh province.
There Is n general reluctance a'meng
Local News
I stake
life m;on  the
On   Wednesday  the  ('runbro,,k  Gun
Club   held ita regular weekly shoot*.
Owinp to the extremely hot weather I
there   was   a   small attendance,  tbe'
PBK1N-—The government prcWi'Bs.s
to view the revolutionary movement
without nb.rm. 'Ihe Southern tiO)ps
from Nanking, known nn the punish
Yuan expedition, hnve suffered a
fresh   reverse   and    rt treated   from
While around town this morning I
noticed a boxing contest advertised
for July 29th, promoted by Boh
Mt-tray, of Toronto.
As   jt   has   come   up I woil.d Uke
shoot wes for the Stephens trjnhy the people of Cranbrook to read the
_ . ... ... ■     -    I f,.11,,,„,-,,,,       fiit„ir,.,t,„u      ..ni ,,,,l„e    f,,r
. Picnic wiil he held on Tuesday, J uly
of io avail. 29th, at I.eafy Dell, to the nor h ol
The   funcrnl   wll   tike place from  the city.   All the school children ure
the Presbyterian Church   this   after- I »ske<1 to  me<,t ■••   fhe ch**"-h  Bt_*
noon,  Saturdnv   «t 2 30 „ m      Rev   0'c1*"*, """J thiy wW m",'.,  ,° .
u,   t-   „. '"grounds under the care of their ten-
w. K.   rnomaon    will   offle'mte.   l'n   eheis to the  grounds of  enjoyment,
dertakcr     P.    M.    MacPherson     has | Parents and friends of the congrega-
Bnt   he   is  gone—another   name is!charge of the funeral arrangements.    ] "on are cordially invited  to ta'ie a
part.    A good time is assured.
|   Aquiet    wedding took  place at the
I English   Church parsonage on Tuns*
jday   afternoon,    when    Miss   Fanny
Rthel   Baiting   waa   united in mar-
—————— riage   to   Mr.  Richard Kdward Ber-
Federal Grants Will Aid Agriculture in the Provin-LtRtractin°gnVrtiesW Orient.
Soon after the ceremony was performed By the Rev. E. P. Tlewelling
the happy couple were entei-tu neil nt
an afternoon lunch at the residence
of a friend. A number of hands-ontc
presents were received.
following telegrams and judge for
themselves whether a home promoter Is being given a square deal.
Tommy   Hudson   Canadian lliitn.ni-
weight   Champion ait  "Kid" Hayes
The Baptist Church  echo I   Basket I bave agreed to box for title. Victor-
 in   Dny,.  Bout    Available   for Cranbrook If reliable promoter will make
.Signed) A.H.K. Beckett,
and resulted as follows:-
Wf J. Atchison, 17; O. (). Staphs,
181 C. H. Pollen, HI; Nicholl 2*
the next shoot will take place oti
Wednesday next when the C. ti. .Stnples and the Dominion Cartridge Co.,
trophy will he shot for.
Aiding Agriculture
ces—B. C."s Share
All of the ngrcements between the
provinces und the Dominion of the
expenditure of the ?700,000 to be
used for agricultural education and
voted thc Agricultural Educioion
Act will he signed within the
next couple of weeks. 'lhe ngrec
n ent-- have nil been cnriifullv drafted
s0 that tbe money will be used to nc
compli'li the gli'n'est   pi.asihlc   iood
growing   of   fodder,    soiling   crops,
roots, grains, etc.—17,500.00
Demonstration Iiniry Farm Work—
Demonstration   work   in   Horticulture—$r,.OO0.0O
Cow-Testing     Assoclntinn    work—
Towards appointment ol provincial
1 instructors   or inspectors nli-ng var-
and wlll be used entirely [or various lolls   lines   of   agricultural   instruc-' teet its own timber and also that of
lines of cduoatloonl end Instructional I tlon and education—'7.600.00 private parties who Imve un-iurreved
work, j   school   Gardens,   towards the cost | 'icens-s wlll ree thnt the le *lslntlo*i
'i": ,*••■"•'•' v »lural\? """"ly,,u'amK *lvlng '"^vr^Mn^o^.o?'^,,;^ Si!
concluded  „gr.-e,,,ents   wt,  Olltar.O, tlon, etc.--.1,000.00 nnlv ,„, Pive„ n„. mmln_,
Manitoba, British Columbia, Nova Demonstration Held work —2,600.00
Scotia. New Brunewlck, Prince K«l , Towards holding Slock Judging
ward   Islnnd   and   BnBkntfhownn re-1 Competitions—"1,000.00
Victoria, B.C., July 24 'n future
the law that prohibits the cutting of
timber licenses will be strictly rn
forced. The penalty is $10 ix>r tree
for the amount of timber cut, up t0
the present there hnve lieen several
Instnnees of logging being enrrled out
on timber lands that hnve not |>een
surveyed,    The  Clovornmont to  pro
guiding  the  sums   which  theie   prn.     Towards   holding    Fruit,
vlticcs obtain  undi r the  Agricultuial Competition—*],000.(10
Insl ruction Act. j   Townrds   cost    of   propnrlng   and
Only Quebec and   Alhortn   are   vet printing   bulletins,   nnd circulars of
to be settled w th.   'lhe amount ills- Instruction—(2,600,00
trlbutcd 'bis yeur Is *Voti.o ll in in ,   Mlscellai in;    contingencies    con-
croase   of   $2(111,000   over   i «;  yen' |noototl   with   the successful carrying
of nny of the above lines of ox
| WINWPIM'-Flvo plumbers, engaged on the new agrlcillttli'ul college buildings nt. St. Vital, wire tak-
en sndderty ill today and uiedlcnl
opinion nttrlbiites their sickness to
ptomaine poisoning. Some of tbe
men At work on the building not
their meiilii nt n nearby camp, and
It is deelnrcil tbey are suffering from
thi'effects of dinned bed tn'-ei there
Two of the live nre in as'-rlons condition.
Next. In size comes q grant, of $10-
ooo   lo  encourage agriculture in the
(In nearly every street 111 (lie resi-
deiitiul postion of tbe citv noxious
weeds nbiiund nud apparently nothing Is bolng done to destroy them.
This Is nn unfortunate condition
und   unless   action Is tnken at once
This Increase it largely absorbed b)
the Hat grant of $2l),0i;(l to each pro
vine, Irrespective of si e or po mln
The arrangement operates rrcntly
to the honellt o' Ihe s nailer [TO
vlnces. In Nova Ucolla It has Increased    from  $34,000  lo  C.l.Ouli;  in
New Brunswick Iron, $24,000 to $44,- ,.>..- a„a. „,„  "'""every   direction   und   next year will
000 nrd In lr;nce Kdwiird island from, and seed judging curses get $7,600' nronl|.. „ ,,.„,, ll|m„ ,„,„■ ,_. |H
$0,000 to $20,000. This is a dope t .women's institute work gett $i;,000; nnK r|r„n. At ,, llttlo expense they
ture Irom thi principle of nlnol te.lall fair and Held crop Judging oour-1can he cut thus preventing their In
adherence to the rntio of population  scs get $!i,800; n slmlllnr sum to ed
ucatl'iniil work In connection with
marketing fnrm products, organising cooperative sooietles, etc, For
$5,000: another grant of $6,000 is (or
public schools, partly by grants nnd the weeds will ripen and lhe occub
pnrtlv by helping of tenchers to at-1tonnl strung winds that are sure to
tend courses for Instruction. Stock I "r,!*"*il '*•" mM*Ur "'"' ►e-'<l" '"
nnd seed judging courses get $7,500;
oni of the reasons nssi-.'iieil hy tbe
Snnti for killing the Highways bit,
though It, did not Insist upon such
an amenilm nt to ibe agricultural
The British Coluini 11 ngr em-nt
whlcb hns heen sbned in ns follows:
Towards the conducting of short
coi'f.-cs III 'omG«.tlc sl'U-e, hygiene,
sniili.-iti. n home nursing, dnssm'ik-
Ing. 0 o'llng, e'e, in con icctlon
with Women's Institutes—$1,600.00
Winter short courses of two weeks'
iliirnt'on In the dllTerent. pbisos ot
ngrli'itltiirc, to be held in connection with Farmers' Institutes through
oul. the Province--$5,000.00
Crnnbroo'i wns visited bv n severe eteetrleal storm on Moiulnv nlgbt
and the rnin came down In t. rrents
for   nn   h.,ur.   The   lights   all   o er
dr age   worl.   there   ia „ grant of §vn   m*   ""*'   ""'   U"'"   '"   'h"
. ,nrni. The lirht.eniii" plnved mrniv
U»o puruoBo of ffOttlUR more land (or I ,|uoor frookt., etrihlns Mm btilWIng
thfl Ontario Veterinary CO.lflgO. end OCCltpiOtl by NiblorU .V- Ha"l er, tain
thero aro h number of smaller grants -na a Ind" in the roof, brrakinp win
,dowfl nnd Mirowlnc down n ehlmrpv
on   the    nd'olnlnR  hi'ibllnc  urenoied
|by W. W. Kilby. A Imve immlmr ol
fiit-eH In trnnHfnriperH werfi burnt out
Demonstratim  Knrtn  Work   In  the printer.
When one romflmhors, mm; ,
ohanxOi that in u» ordinary column
there nre hi.oihi pioccfl of typo, that
there are Boven wrong |.OAltlotia eaeu
letter may he put in, mid there are
70,001) chancel, to maVo error... he-
nlileH inlllinrH of ohonofH for trnnn
posltlonfl, he will not bo too critical. In the nentcnce "To le or not
to be," by trutiH, onition alone it in
poi-miblo to muke 2,7riH,n22 errorH.
Ro you Kflo the perilR that henet the
. nml two entlretv put .nit ,,f commit.
H'on. Dorintr the atorm Un* it.' de
ini'tinent were nuicmhted a* thfl Are
hall read> fnr mi emergency, but.
fortunately   no   nlnrm wnn wnt In.
The (ttorm Cnine up flddenly at
about 9:80 p.m., anil nan nccompnn
led by oaven- flaohM of lluhtnliiff
lund tprrillc pealfl of thunder.
Sporting Rdltor
C'aleary News-Telegram
This wire to the Prospector was
turned over to me and 1 Immediate- j
ly interviewed Ohtef Dow who re
ferred me to the Police I'ommiflslnn* !
eru, Messrs. Mayor Bownflss, Dr,
Hutb'ilir and Mr. Brlckson. On ko-:
ing to Mnyor Bowneao he said that
he waa opposed to any more boxingI
contests being held in Cranhrook,
but that, if Drf Rutledge mid Mr.
KrJckoon were agreeable, be would
not oppoae it- f then went, to Dr.
Rutledge and wan told by him that
na far as he was concerned there
wo'jldfte no more boxing contests In
the city. Mr. Rrlckeon was out of
town. I considered this Information
coming from the source it did, was
HUfflclent to justify me in sending
the   following  telegram.
.^.  H. K. Beckett,
Sporting Rdltor
Oalgary News-Telegram
police Commissioners refuse to allow   any more boxing contests here.
.Smned) R. V. Nafe
This was only two months ago
:ip.1 now along come a few atTaiiie
atrangera who without any trouble^?)
are allowed to go ahead and nd er
tise a boxing iflontest to be held .hilly 2.teh. Have they the t-a-ictii n of
tint Pcflltco Oommissloners? And if so,
|Why? It does seem stramre that n
home promoter Ik turned .lown and
in a couple of months a few out
aiders come along and are allowed
to put oa a boxing contest. The
contest is advertised to he under
'Police Supervision,1 If eo the Police Commissionors mitt hnve ^iven
them authority to go ahead.
On Interviewing Mayor itowness
(who ts one of the Commit.BlonorB)
'Thursday morning, ho Informal mo
ihnt he knew nothing aliout it. Dr.
ItUtlodgo in out of town and could
noti he interviewed. Mr. Kric'tson,
the other Commissioner said that h<>
had heard nothing about tbe -forth-
coming contest ami Had not len
interviewed  concerning same,
N»w, the question is Who gavfl
them Authority to f<i nbead'*
If a boxing contest is alb,wed why
not hava H under tin* supervision of
a home promoter wbo, »_ least, will
have a local responsibility,
The following mi the boi torn nf
the posters speaks for itself
"In view Ol the "Prints" that
have In'OU handed tn th' clti/eiii or
Ornnbrook, the Police Commissioners
were loath to give pormlnMon to
stngn this limit and have done so
i,nly mi ci ndltlon that the c< nt.-t-t
must he genuine, on the Rqunro mul
VnlUO for money. The i rom it r Iiiih
caranteed tills and he mnde nil flion
I match, ensuring n well fought ton
I test,"
1        Vnttrs Very  llcspocWuMy,
(Signed) Po, Naf"
Ifldltor, prospector
en nhrook, U,0,
Ot hno'. With twenty dollars on tho
depot platform, It. was pic'cd up
hy tbe 0, P. It. storekeeper, wl a restored It to me through Chef Uow.
We Still have those who rcHuect the
-t.oliten Kulc
I'Urni'di A Header.
Suchow Wn and taken up n strong
position at i.inb Wakwan in the adjoining province of Anwllei, wher,. tha
arrival of ehe Canto expedition
which I* expected to -Hand If..000
troops at Pukow,
The government declares that the
navy will sin1, every ship tngagcfl
in transportattnu tho Canton expe
dition if it ever start-*. A manifesto
hns born Issued strip] ing Gen. Chen
Chi Mei, the ex-minister of commerce
and Gen. Huang Sing, the former
gonernlisslmo of the revolutionary
army and now oomrannder of the
southern army, of their rank and or
dors offering* » reward fo any of
their followers who will kill them
and a pardon to all rebels who surrender except the leaders.
Frcs'dcnt Yuan shi Kni's firm determination to suppress the rebellion is restoring confidence among
wavering Chinese nnd has eticitel
tbe approval of all the legations except the Japanese. The Chinese protest in idtter terms that the rebels
have heen enabled t.,. perfect, their
plansthrough thc exlstance of the
sys-'cm of foreign settlements and
concessions and thnt if the system
lid not exist the rebellion would not
have occurred.
Ball Fans Disgusted
Much fndlgnat on prevails among
baseball fans who accompanied the
Cranbrook nin? to Wardner on Sin
dny last. The umpire, a man who
apparently knew noth ng of Imst'ha
gave the game to Wardner. 'lhe
manager of tbo Cranhrook team
again and again asked for a new umpire, but the Wardnerltes would no
have one. Men caught three feet
from linseK were called safe, yet. lho
game went on in spite of all protests for fair play. The Cranbrook
boys went to Wardner with one man
short and two cripples; the Wardner team played twelve me> on the
bench, and would not let Cranbro 'k
have one man to complete its nine.
The services of a policeman were re
quired to prevent any hoo ting for
Cranbrook ami one man was taken
to the 'ail for so do;ng. Tbe) Cranhrook boys will play Wardner. either
at Wardner or Cranbrook, with a
Kernie ball-player as urn rife 'or
*2r.n n Mdc at nny llmo the Wardnor boys may Boloct and put the
ensh up.
Ignores Foreign Office
Lord Kitchener. Who Has   Shattered   All
by Ignoring His  Superiors
LONDON Lord Kitchener of Khartoum, British Agent m ISgypt, i*
home f..r a vacation, to which bis
wonderful work during tbe past three
years In Cairo amply entitle., him,
Itut the method of his home coming
is causing much comment.
His way of Ignoring bis official su
poriors In the I mi erial government
is without piece,tent and would not.
1..- tolerated m unyhody .-Is.-. He
has imw been at his home in Broome ;
Hall, Kent, ten days, yet has novor
condosconded even to notify the foreign secretary ol his return much
less to i*nH upon him as is th* cus
In Kgypt Lord Kitchener exercises
unfettered power and so la wholly
unconcerned ubout the views of tho
imperial  go vera men t for unlets they
bona' government «ent out a lug of
ficfal from ihe treasury department
to bring them into order. This of
ncial has been In Cairo 1» months
but   Kitchener has not  consulted him
. lice.
Kitchener does ibe whole work of
the Egypt tan government himself
and Ignores the khedtve's existence
ll«' works fifteen hours a dny and
rarely, if ever, uooppto a social en
i gagement.
, lie is „ terror to bis subordinates
Judging them sdlely hy result.
wltho it fear or favor. He gives
only the eurti .nt acknowledgement
kben they ,u. well and is Bovere
when thoy fail,
Considering he is now over 63, tns
working     powers      arc     wonderful
Neodless   to   Bay,   he is not popular
anywhere,    but   hla    position    is   so
Licence Renewed
Lawyer Wilson r
tbe const this •
been visiting soi
ment officials in
cence of the Wasa
(turned home from
reek where he had
no of the Govern
respect to the li-
1)0tel.    As we said
in our t.ast issue, for some reason or
other, the Wasa licence was refused
a ron3Wai and it was only by per j
tonal representation to tho govern-
ment that the management have
again suceeded in obtaining its renewal. The hotel wilt he open for
visitors from now  on.
nde stau I
Realty Scare
The Kernie Hoard of Trade bas issued a circular to the effect rliat a
great many real estate men are selling Saskatchewan and Alhcrta subdivision hits in and around Kernie
which in most cases are absolut l.y
worthless, and tlic men whn bujs is
throwing his money away. Tbo same
may he said in regard to Cranbroo.*.
these renl estate sharks, from the
prairie, come Into town and tnlif
real estate and iis advantages, and
the cheapness of lots, thiir fa vor id
location, etc., get the lirst cash pny
ment and nre away l.efoic the buy-.
thills nut that 1i*h purchase is worthless, either located m ;, swamp or
on n side hill miles away fm n any
lown. Distant, pastures loot green
er, but you know wh it you are Inlying when you purrhtieo property at
Lord    Kitchener
the Egyptian native a
pomp   and    trappings
mil res
nancla advisor to the Khedive, Lord
Kitchener treats like au ofllce boy
.uui ISgypttan ..nances gol Into such
a bewlldoiing o aditlon thai tii«
strong no one dares question any
thing  he iiocs.
Lord   Kitchener s   ambition  is   to
transform thc aoudan desert into u
cottou bearing land, and this njceaa
that  ttates ilu- building oi 'wo buge dan.«
id  by   "ii   the    lllne   and \Ulite Mio auovo
tu h s rulers ' Kharl
ninl   whereas mi- Uluon drove about [00U,   ol which i
Uairo   in a little dog cart or chant- j secured   .>l... ,
feu led bis own motor, Lord Kitchen-1 Lloyd    George.
er   drives   in   nn opin Victoria pre*   cun be made
ceoded hy runn.ng syto-i (groomsj lnjoi  lo,uu»,u(JO
gorgeous   Ilvories,   nud   accompanied
by    outriders.   His   lavishness   wuh
government   money,  it  is said,  is only equalled by bis frugality with hln j tt    has
own, largely t
Lord    Kdward  Ceil,   the  present  tr
n   will
i.n   ii..
,1*, already
t hi.n--4.Loi
He be |e\es hlgypt
im PI or t ii popula* Ion
it once did.   Muting
the Mahufs rule the f-opulation s..u«
o Z,< ,UU0 owing   to starvation  ..» I
nisery,  but since British  ruie la-gau
pt    up    -.H'hLL,  tUau.*.-,
rrlgat on «o.-.h and u ■»
I lasls
1     The fee   11
||||   fill   tha
I in nuiklng
imsuilinr   i
one im-- imt. to see die Agricultural
Pftlr  Hu lllng   when   they   will  le   lm
mediately   impress d  wllli  tbe sta .il
Ity   the   building
reuihin-' was comp
through the damage done dm in,, ihe
Storm     of     afew     wee'is       ngO.    Tin-
building was moved Rfl  Ofus. o ,t  o'
I no and there is considerable m ni,
of praise coming to T. Boris fnr the
olTcctlve method be employed   li truss  tlon,  Otfl
ing th" building agnln into |io»ltlnn     Now, it
Kor hruces, timbers 0x8 HiH „n 1 8x10
thick were useil diagonally nnd horl
Kontnlly,     prnotlcnlly    inn-ting   ti e
building na far as human ngeticy cuu
foresee,     immoMilde.    Safety     loi   Lllll
public  was  tho  purpose  '■■'  tb"  Ai'.rl
I cultural   ftflfloclatlon  in   ha Ing  thi
building   so   strongly   rei air d   and
Rifle Range
After tiiii.-Ii liuiitiiii- n ialtftlilv
I'liiia.' Int. been to: u'l in clo.e it.,..-
iiinii t,, tin*- city, permlBBlon t.n
th* u»: ..I  «lilrh  mtf iicen ..i.t.iim. 1
h.ii, .'i-i t iihiii i t lion.    A i-i.ii.
In- raeellni will lie held In tl"- Ultj
Hal!  ,n  'II. irwlny,   .tulj   BUt,  nt »
,, 111 i,   p.Ill,,   lot    'll' I'llIlP,,.-.-   ol   "I
iiiini/ im tlm I'tnnbloo'i lillle Drlnuile
There n"' neltlio.' i>arn.l. h not .hiiIh
iitonclicil tn tnomlioralilp In »" orgon
lunl Ion ..I tli» klntl the nlnt ol euch
inntl tut lona   ii.-itu-   to   protluco  Bret
r.1,11.,.   -.Il.'t.        'Illl^   ll.'l-l H-ltlltl'd   H   L-l*1!!-
Among the  appi lot nts  Uaxettod
(Ills  weeh   we nnd  tie-  n.uuu oi  J?ran
L-is .1. linens, eiers in the tiovernmem
AgCnC)   al   1-ellHe    Is  given  Ulfl  folloVl
"III! m.'lilt.
lo    till
,i Agenl ,»t Pernio
•in-ill the    Kavttn
Stability Assured
ee the Agrlcnli
ii thoy win 11>
il with the nt	
I,mm nln  Hince  th* cyn ninl n etcntly hnnil mil entnlle n
ili'tol, ,,.i"h I'ninl   :.'« h.ntt'H spent in tn n country
.llv H'liH „ n t ii
mnn wlileli will i,*v
mnito; the Ooi ittnt
ni|i|,IVilii'   llll.'**.   mn
i im
tliey   Ini v.-
llllOHl     im
llooal   for
mnl -9th.
the i'"iuf.
in  tlii'li
»el  tin' .lull
ium, 'iliiu-il iv  nt  * n.m.    Kveryone
le iiivttcil  to ruin.',  pnpcnlnllv  '-	
wlm Imve lunl experience tilrontl)  In
tin- worhtni' of einiil ir i.Ti-iini/iii one
A  Intiii nm.i-iniiiu- in i.i,..ni   1(8,00
IIIIK    HllllHI-rllll'll    III    II     Vl'lll     Or    HI.    Ill'l'
nllll   tllliM'-   lin-lnlii'lH    wlm     i-,ui     tin*
HrlKiulc will hnve theli  iiilieorlptlnne
IriiiiHlci-fi'il   on  npiilintllitli.
All nthor pitrlloiilnre trill ho" ntvon
mi Thuriday nia-lit nl  tl tllfl
Acting i.u i-i,i
.v.i ma.- Collect,
ue .mi
\e.iihii  lioglBtrai   nii.iw   tin-    .vim
iiiiii'  Act''  ninl  Acting  I'.iglltrei
lot   tin. Kernie  l-.n-rtuiiil liihini-t
Acting   Hecording   nilu-i-i-   lm    th.
Kernie Cattle  Uletrlot
\.-i ni- iiopnt) Mining K.i.iniri- lot
tiie Knit  Hteele  Mining  IIimhhii
Acting lii-tii.t   Hog Hot ,„' Ittitli-,
H'-iitlis,   mil   Marrlugei   lot    tliu
Acting  I'.iiiitiilHrliiii.-l   ul   I mi Ik   lot
iIn*  I'i'iiiii'  i.i.ml   It. riitir,   Iin
Inti  steolo Mlulng  Inim ■
Ht.n ol  tin. Kooten u   IjiihI  Iiih
Acting Deputy I lorlt "I ti»' Penx
loi tin, County ni Kootenay.
vim.:   Id-,.H.tini    nt   tin.   County
i'"mt ol Knni Kootenay, tu.i.l.n
nt Kornioi and
icling lii-iiin itcglBtra
tnt.itiii Court, Kernto,
,,t tii.*
Mi ii is K ,i uv :
hi., imw enroute t
•eo tin- iM-iilti'-'
thore   mnl wlileli
the Kail  r»ii,  Hopt  IHtl
lln,,hi   for
,nn.l lllth.
the  Kn'l   Knli,   Bopt   llllll
•vornl    pini.'M.'UH
Wllluw  lii.net. tn
il   umi    dlMOvertd
is enld In tr 10,000
yi'iit-H uhi. AtnoiiaHt tin. number u
Prol. Hill-Tout, nl Ollortl nnlvcrelly
Tlii'H.. prohletorlo romnlni were 'He
covorod liy ti farmer lome three
©he proepeetor, ttranlnrooh, $. ®*
■STABLI8HBD   lili
nkUeked Bfery Baturdgy   Morning at Oreabraok, B.O.
r. M. Otarietiaii, Monagm*.
FooUf. to American, European aad other foreign counthte,
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising ratee furnished on application. No
advertieemeats but thoso of a reputable character will be accepted for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRTBERS-Unleen notice to the contrary
la given to local manager advertisements and subscription, will be kept
rumlng aad charged up against tbeir account.
The Poet Laureate
What Claims Has Dr. Robert Bridges to the  Honor
Some Digressions on the Subject
LONDON-The appointment di Rob-1 Secondly lie represents but one ol
crt Bridges nB poet laureate will re- the classes ol England, Probably
wivi' most criticism since to the tbo host class, but all tho samo, but
liuue majority he Is unknown, To | a limited nnd narrow section ol Eng
the rest ho in known na a duclet
poet   rather   thnu one wllh national
a^nit:    In
Jl'I.Y  atitll
Averts Heavy Losses
The one hundred nml fifty thousand pd.cy holders of the l nlon Life
..ssiirnuce I'ompnny ha.e Hon. W.T,
White, Minister of Finance to than*
that their life saviriL's hgve net heen
swept away, 1; i* had not heen fur
the ael
I nation but "we have reason to believe that the Department of .n-;iir
;unce_ under tbo old regime was re-
j e.itedK over-ruled through political
; intluenoe." Baturday Nl^ht remark a
'Judging from newspaper reports,
jiolicy-holderrt oi the I'nlon Life As
surance Company, of Tgront >, a,*
pear tu be fortunate tlmt their lathe action of the K-nance Minister in'terests .-.re falling right s.de up into
the Company t<. shut ita i the handi* of a I'ust-elass United
doors before even th.iit- was nome : states c jmpany, the Metiopoluan
and in negotiat p^ with tbe Metto 'Life Assurance Company o! New
politan L.fe Assurance Co. to ta-te lYork City. Canadian Deportments
over all tbe policies not a thing! h&ve a habit of allowing unsound
would ha\e been saved irom the i corporations to prooeed and assunv
wreck. It would h.ive been a repiti- ; such leviathan proportions that *■'■>
tion   of   the Yors County  I-oan I'o.  then   fall    assunder   ol       11011    itv>u
weight.   This    wa.*-    th     ca w ol  ' ht
York    Loan    and Sal n_a my.   (.real  forci
^^^^^^^^^^^^^   A very  lar^e humbor
On Saturday ibe final agreement ol I were  hit   by   tbat  c
re-insurance was slotted and the Met- oua    waVe of pr0gre8a ,-.K\in^
ropolltan   takes over all policies on!fect;     Q,     appreciating   real
they were carried Urices has dispersed rhe dar*
of   the    Yor-i   Loan li,..-'.,.. ■■       I
' the  York    Loan   should    ha
(closed   in.   r,\e   years be.ore the tno
the same term.s a-
by the Union Lite. Even laired policies are to be granted reinstate
ment on the payment oi arrears
without medical examination, .Mr.
White has spent many n restless
hour trying to save the money of
the policy-holders during the Past
few- months and the outcome reflect*-,
the greatest of cred.it on the Insurance Department and the Finance
The Union has hem in trouble 'or ■
some time and has been steadily run
ning behind. It was learned first by
the Minister that it must strengthen
its investments and cut down expen
aes. The licence was renewed thi n
only a month at a time and when
the   Minister   saw the situation was
claims.    Practically
ever, he la unknown.
And the irony of the whole thing is
that it was as far back as is?:) that
Mr. Bridges published his tirst volume   of   verse.   Robert  Bridges him
self,   indeed,   was   born   in   18*14        He
educated nt those two greal bouses
of Knglish classical learning, Elton
and Corpus Christ! college, Oxford,
After some years uf travel be came
back to ins own country and became
a Loudon doctor, But in Wi he
retired from practice und led Lon-
dou fui the country, s.ttling at Tat
tendon in Berksh re, w here he mar
rled and still lias hia home.
What then fits Mi. KOoeit BrldgeB
for tin* post "i English La ireat
He baa uot sung -sou.,-- of patriotism
or Imperialism like Midi. _ ui Sew
bolt, Klplmg would ha.e betn per
haps the inoBl pop ilai ch dee it ! e
tiad beeu selected, He is know n
world a de and *i ad• out m b
imperialism and us a
le jgri at    ■*-  : i     c    modern   literal ire,
A   (or) ■-■..■.'iu. has ver)  little sympathj
e{.| with   vs.'HMh s government     tie Is a
foe   ti   homi i ■ ■ •■  foi   li - Lai il
^ rfe   -uh-  Be .■   ;■   ■;  one ot  two
unkind  thinj t thi   pome.. that
be      Hen] • ■ i ■■..      hts   g   -■■
But  loi   r  man ...   Kipling -. sue !:-*'
. tate    *,s verj  smal   pai
snij •-.   Kip] ng    stands out -.s a na
■   ■        - tri   an I  yo       an t   add to
or take  fr ■:*.   :.:-   ■ , ■    |
laud's millions. lie stands foj* the
leisured, cultured, money rlns-'B, who
send their sons to Oxford and the
big public schools, an.l Oamadlnna
should remember that Oxford is not
a university in tbe sense our iml vor
sltlos are universities, and a public
school in EBngftand is quite another
thing to what we mean by lho term
in Canada,
Unless yon understand Orook nud
Latin von will not get the full value
of Bridge's verse. Again, it is noc
eaaary in have seen and appreciated
the rural scenery of .■ng'.-.uil with
Its quiet, placidi ordered nature nud
life, Otherwise yon bad better turn
to Andrew Lang's "Letters on  Lit ill
ature,"   an
.1    yoi
1      v\
ll   find
all  the
Bridges you
Bridges   i
t a to
"Of all
t en uie
ous thinga
a child
oi con
turies   ol >■■
itlt uro.
is a  wan,I'ler
into    the
.if   175,000
| came.
icy-holders   ol    the   Un
t Pass into the bands ,,: i
1 itan l.ife.    A htr-** pro ■-
policies    aie    or  tin*   n ;
and    what   ia  said   now
Metropolitan     will   deal
wieh  the  names oi
:ng   even     those
rights to laspe  to
nn Saturday was signed the Una
agreement of reinsurance of the en- Br tish history and Bri
tire business of th-- l.nion Life In have been the key notes
the Metropolitan Life. The latter Vie hns given the true
company   ta e*.   over all to.icies on glo-Saion motive in
Hears  '
It     ..   differem    witb
holt.   He   is   a nati._*: poet   u the
patriotic sense.   He i.i-.*- sui •_ ■    a
int. good m:r"'-~ !,; ■*"•*- "; ; r't"1' ;- drum anl
ol scenes on Spion Kop, at Seringa
patam. He has told us of the deat-i
of Admiral  Blake and the Gay (.or
c  lists,  alii
allowed   thei
ui.l it seems that no one could he
more out ol touch wtth modern life.
Even ins hoo'.s wer.' originally \uu
lisbt'd tor s few and selocl. The
private press ... Mr Daniel, of Wor
aster college, issued thom In eo tly
form, pr.nted In a beautiful b act
letter type. He bas quaint theories
on metre. He in enamoured of the
past, and if you read bis picUie ol
England m his poems, \% \s the same
England that Milton wrote of. vth
ing bas changed. Nothing bus been
Invented. Time has stood still in
this poet's rich study where lite is
robbed at the Bame time of all vulgarity and actuality.
As   a
rrii ten
st, ■
Idons   and   tbe
hopeless the licence was cancelled in jthe same terms as they were carried
May.   Liquidation in which case thelfcy the Union Life.   Even lapsed pol
policy-holders   would   have   got   but UcUs are  to  be    granted    r.--instsa-
little  or  re-tnsurance   were  the.  only | me_t   on   the   payment   ol   arrears
solutions   anil   it.   was   through thft
personal clTorls of the Minister that
the.    .Metropolitan    Life    tltiully too',
over   all policies and on such favorable terms.
without medical examination.    Eve-'y!
thing  considered,   this final  act  re- j
Financial papers all over the COU11*
for his action . Toronto Saturday
try have heen praising the Minister
Nfght gives great credit to the Minister for the outcome and adds that
the Department itt Kiuanc
the old government realized the Bit-1lea in the world.'
'The world for gain and giUtlg,
!    The game for man and boy
The life that joys in living,
The faith that lives in joy."
And to sing like that is a high and
fleets the greatest possible credit onlgood   song and worthy of a nations
the   tut a-,wi    Insurance   Department laurels.   Further,   N'ewbolt   Is poett-
aud on the Minister of Finance.   \VeiCllIiv     a},    wpU   M   actually, a true
have   little   doubt   that   the   Union
Life   wll   he    found  insolvent to thi
extent of over five hundred thousand '"■'
dollars.      Shareholders   will lose everything,    but    policyholders will noi ________
'in as good position as they were) But since it is not Nicholson, but
promised by the Union Ufa when Robert Bridges, what of the claims
they were insured, and in addition j ,,,.„. .,..,, ,, „, ,. , ,,
tbey will be guaranteed by one of of Robert Brldg08? Flr8t of a11,
under | the   strongest  lie insurance compan [Robert Bridges though he hns travil-
lembodiment of the sea-kings of Eng-
English,    and   nothing   else.
po-.'t, of course, Bridges h is
nany I eaiititul ve.ses. He
Doric delicacy in his songs,
ihlng Elizabethan lyrics.
very I e.nitiful. in fact it is
perfect poetry. But th.re Is i.o ac
ttiallty in it that the song of the
poet should have. For just ns a
woman, who is a true woman, is a
maker of men, an u true poet laureate is a nation maker. He stirs tbe
people with his vibrant, note like a
Kipling or N'ewbolt. But. Bridges
only writes on suoh themes as a ro;,-
ln, on his lady's eyes, or a tender
Mower. He is, or rather was, a trm*
poet, because he is no longer active,
being on the downhill of production,
which only, adds to the humor of
his selection,
Poem by Bridges
I have loved flowers that fade,
Within whose magic tentB
Rich hues have marriage made
With sweet immemoried scents.
A honeymoon delight—
AJoy of love at sight,
The   East   Kootenay  Industrial   Exhibition
is to be held at
Sept. 18th 6? 19th
Seven Hundred Dollars
Full Athletic Programme
Five-a-Side Football—Medals
I The
British Columbia Nurseries Co. Ltd. |
of Vancouver, R. C.
are inn position io furnish THE BEST grade of
atock to In* had anywhere, 'tt juices that will be appreciated. Planters who want the HEST TREES
thai experience and capital can produce shuuld en-
.|nnt- ol us foi proofs of tht* above assertion.
I'he largest planters and the best horticultural
authorities in the province will bear out our statements
when we say thai no trees can be procured that are as
GOOD and as TRUE-TO-NAME as thoie we are
furnishing oui customers in this province.
ihn eighty page Catalogue, and pictures from our
Nurseries, mailed free, on application. Write for
them if \ ou are interested,
We have a liberal proposition to offer any LIVE
in.ui who will represent us in districts nol at present
covered bj us. We want only first-class, honest, ener
getic nun lo act in the capacity of Salesmen. II you
i an lill the bill and want a permanent position with us,
write immediately, giving references. Du not apply
unless  you mean business.
Yours for (air dealing,
The B. C. Nurseries Co., Ltd.
I.++++++++ +++ M*+++1H-++-H-+-H-H-I-+++*f *********************
Baseball Competition—$170.00 in Prizes
First-$100.00      Second -$50.00
$20.00 for Junior Ball Prize
Albert H. Webb, Secretary,     P.O. Box 605    Cranbrook
Thnt ages in nn hour—
My Bong he lH-o a flowor.
I have loved airs, that die
Before pheir charm in writ
Along the liquid sky
Trembling to welcome it.
Notes, that with n pulso of lire
Proclaim the spirits deslto*
Then die, and nre nowhere;
My sonp he lilte uu uir!
Die, a.n'.-*. Die HRe a breath,
And wither ns n bloom:
Fear not the flowery death,
Dread nit an airy tomb!
Fly with delight—Ply hence!
'Twft. thine love's tender sense
To feast; now on thy bier
Beauty shall shed a tear.
Cup Race in 1914
NEW VORK—A series of races for
the America's cup will lie sailed in
Eastern waters during September,
1914. This was formally amo ncl
hy the cup committee of tbe New
York Yacht club tonight. The Ulster Royal Yacht Club, of Belfast,
acting tor Sir Thninns Upton, cabled
the New York Yacht club committee
today thnt the conditions presorted
hy the New York Yacht club bad
been accepted nnd signed, and were
on the way to America. On receipt
of   the  cablegram   the club officios
mnonnced thnt the tentntl/e dates
for the races had heen selected as
follows- Thursday. Saturday anil
Tuesday, September 10, 12 and If-.
and to continue on succeeding Thursday*!. Hnturdnys and Tuesdays, until three out of five races has been
won by the contesting yachts. It j
was also stilted that the races !
vvnuld he sailed under practically the I
same conditions thnt haVO governed
former America cup matches with ;
the exception that they nre to be i
held under the "present racing ruHes
and rule of mea sure ment now in i
force in the New  York Yacht cluM"    X
Secretary   ('onnncl;,   of    the   New   * ■
York   Yncht club, refused to divulge']!
)be   eflact    conditions   ,.t this time. I
Tbe   question   as to the location of |
the   c.ouse   was waived na being un
Important nt this time,  it is goner
a'ly    understood,   however,    among'
membera   of    the   club   who   are   in
close touch   with the cup committee,
that the cup challenger mid defender
will   be seventy-live looters mul that
the   rnres   will    he sailed oft Sandy
Huns although there is ■, possibility
tlmt    the   twelve months intervening
before   the   mutch may cause alteration in the plans ns now tentatively
Spoke to Him
"One dny my chu-dTeur wns In'.on
III, nnd I drove myself in, lit the
cur standing in a side stteet during
the day, and drove homo at night,'1
snys a writer in Hurlmrhan Mfe,
"Then, for the UrBt time, I began to
sense the feeling of mutuality or mutual sympathy, H BUOh all expre ni-m
mny be permitted between animate
nud Inanimate things, between the
maohlno nnd myself. Several trips
hy mysoH continued the sensation,
then I bought another cur fi r the
family, and now drive myself regu
larly in this one.
"Ihjtve often thought ol the stories
told hy locomotive etigltmors, In
which their great englnen are endow
i<d wilh almost mental facilities, I
There are enough of them to llll a1
book, hut. I never considered them
seriously until l begun with this enr
Sometimes the engine sings, i-one'
(lines tt purrs--| I now its sing i ml
Ita purr. If anything Is the matter
wilh It It tells me in a language entirely Int.-lllgihlc to me. it responds
to my llghl.cHt. touch in all Hh function)}. Once It i'1-Yimed to run Into ua
until hl«.i ditch where I was trying to
steer II. 1 looked ror htill an hour
for tbe trouble with tho Bteurlng apparatus, but Could llml nothing
-"♦"♦■t -H ■ _ "♦"♦"H ■*_* ■4•,^,■^,^1■^,,^*'^^'i■'^■^^^^*'^,^■^,^,'lwl■
Co. Ltd. i
Are now Ready to  Furnish I
Beer & Porter i
Made only from the Choicest
of Hops and the Best Selected
Home Industry
The Beer and Porter we make
ie alive with health and vigor
Cleanliness is a strict Virtue
and wc insist upon it in the
manufacture of all our Beers
I Phone 171
P.O. Box 264 J
-H.H I 1*1 I.'M-4-t'M".**"'. ■'. *********************** |
Official Announcement ii
The Hanson Garage has just received a
shipment of Six Ford Automobiles, which
will be sold at Factory Prices, with
freight added. The Kord is the cheapest
and most durable car on the market, it is
cheap only in price, it is the strongest
and most serviceable car in the world,
and just what is required for travelling
in this district. There is but one price
for the Ford cars.
"You can't buy Hold dollurs ;ii a discount—
nor Fords i-urs m special prices—any time—
anywhere. We've never made enough cars lo
satisfy the demand—at regular prices. Don't
he deceived,    h'ord prices are wonderfully low
—and absolutely net*,"
The Hanson Garage has a large stock of
Ford cars on  hand, also all necessary
parts for repairing, which will be done in
short order
(lars for  louring, Outing, or Commercial purposes to let with a competent
lor hirther particulars Apply lo
Hanson Garage
Norbury Ave.
Cranbrook, B.C J
I************************* 111 * 111 >' ■ HUM ***
_ it
lllliilnlilllltlltlllllll i^ .Iir!* ei ..la il.il.il.-*-■*■  *  J iL *■  *  ____.  *    *    *    •   _   ,
Professional   Carbs
a nb
Cobge   Hotices
Court Oranbroolt No. 8'J4:t.
Meet in Oarmen'a Hall, on   -Ui1 and
4tb Thursday ol each month.
.1.   Mcl.AUHI.IW,   O.R.
Louie Peamon, Sec, I'.O. Boi OU,
Vl-dliui* l.iotli.ru Cordially Welcomed
(Ornnbrook Branch)
Moots  in  Carmen's   Hull   Ini   iin.l
'Mil Thursdaye    in every  month,  nt
8 p.m.   Membership open to  llrltlsh
15. Y. Drake, rice.
I,, Pearron, Secretary
llox f,18
Visiting- members cordially  welcome
ORANBROOK    L01KIE    Ne.  14
A. V. ft A. M.
Keg-nlar   niretings   ou   ths
third   Tliuradny    ot   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
. II. Mil™, Worshipful Master.
,1. I.rc Cranston, Artlng Sec.
V. 1.8.    It, O.K.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
District of  South-East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that John Hear;
Lismer of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation laborer, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a poet planted at
the South-west corner of Lot 9687,
Group I, Kootenay District, tbence
west 20 chains, thence north 40
chains, thencs east 20 chains, thence
south 40 chains to the point of
commencement and containing 80
acres more or less.
Dated .lum*   23rd,   Will. i.-.n.
Banisters, Solicitors aud Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial  Bank Building
GltANHKOOK,     -    British Oolumbla
J.   T.   L A I D L A W,
Mining Engineer and B'O.
Lund Surveyor,
P.O. Boi .SC Phons 222
ORANBROOK,     ...    B.O.
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday In
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially Invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. O. Shankland, E.
Cranhrook, B.C.
Cranbrook, B.O,
Orescent Lodge, Nn. 83
Meats every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hurrie, C. C.
F. M. C'hrlstinn.  K of R. ft S.
E. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to  attend.
Drs.   KING   &   GREEN
'Physicians and Surgeons
tittles at Residence,  Armstrong  Ave.
Olllce Hours:—
Forenoons -
Afternoons -
Evenings - -
Sundays - -
■ 3.00 to 10.00
2.00 to 4.00
. 7.30 to 3.30
2.30 to 4.30
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury A.enu. Next to City Hsll
Op.u Day stiu Night Plion. IU
Do. 42
Meets every Monday night
at Hew   Fraternity   Hnll.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
Turtiloy, W. M. Harris,
N. O. Sec'y
Circle No.   isa
Oompnnlons of ths Forest
Meets In Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thursdny uf ench Month at
3:00 p.m., sharp,
Mrs. 1,. Wblttnksr, O. C.
Mrs. A. E. Hbnw, Her.
Visiting   Companion!   eot-dlsUy   welcome. 86tf
Ornnbrook      Lodge
No. 1049
Moots ovory 2nd am1
lib Wctlnoshny ut s
p.m., iu tloyal niuck
l.n. Kill's Hull on
Bn'ror Street,
(V.   M.  K-I-I-,  Dictator,
It. B. Garrett, Sec'y
Mm'Ib In Royal Mack  Knlghta* Hall
linker Street
Meets every 2nd nnd 4th Thuriday
ol each month nt I* p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. llayward, Itcc. Seo.
Geo, Lndils, chief ranger
Visiting brethren mnde welcome.
Preslilsiit-C.  R.  Bheppard
Meets regularly ou Ihe First Friday
evening ol each month.
Infonmitlnu on Poultry matters
Address the Secretary—A. B. Smith
P.O. Box 8I.2, Oranbroolt, B.C.
Inn,I   iilili ul.   8 |1.11-
Fred W. Swnin, W.M.
B, l„ Willliiiiis, Sooy,
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Moots lat anil
llnl Thui-silay In
It nyul lllnck
Knights ot  Ire*
sluirp.   ViiiitoM
Scobell'j Liquor, Tobacco
and Drui* Cure ■■•••■.■«.sm«i» die.
Ti Iii Jr.   " r.,      r*1* «•• mm ••'
Alroliol, I ubacco .nil Driuje, ll cinmteiacl. Ilia
.Hatl. aliiiu.t liiauiill, -remOVII all ciavlaia.
Altai tak Ins Ilia tioatinaut tli.to will -aver be ur
need lutUiliik liiloxic.nl. or uae drui. eralu. Can
ba given secretly. We li.ve yet to Inf., ol ona
lalluia.  Mailed under a.pa.ete cover to auiail*
i-\!-.S't-_.1V""-!"JI •'a""'"' HMO. TM
•nMU Dm Oa„1h, _■_»_.,, Una.
Funeral Director,
P.O. HOX 588
For a Licence to Take and Use wnter
The Consolidated Mining ft Smelting Co., of Cnnada, Ltd.. of Trail.
B.C., will apply far a licence to take
and use one-half rllhir. foot per second of water out off nn unnamed
creek, which flows in a southerly
direction through the "Hope" M.
Olnim nnd sinks on tbe "Hidden
Hand" Mineral Claim. The water
wlll he diverted nenr the N. Bonn-
ary of the "Hope" Mineral Claim
nnd will lie used for mining purposes
on the land described as the "Hope"
"Hamlot" and "Hidden Hand" M
This    notice    was    posted    on   the
ground on the llth day of .luly, 191.1
The  application   will   be llled in the
office of the Hater Recorder ut Crnn
Objections may be liled with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria. B.C.
The Consolidated Mining & SmeltlnK
Comnany of Canada, Limited
By C. H. McCougnl
M-tt. Agent
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Uepiirs Done at Keason-
abla Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Steam  Uoilt-r,   Furnace),
aud Septic Tank work
a ip-Hjialt;
Coil and atock estimates
funnelled un application.
Ada....: P. 0. loa Ut. Craebreub
Coal mining: rights of the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Tsrrltoriee and in a portion ol
ths Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twentf-
one yenrs at an annual rental of $1
an acre. Not more than 2,560 aoree
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease muat be
made by the applicant ln person te
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
ars situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall bs staked out by tbe applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of |5 which will bs
refunded 11 the rights applied for ars
not available, but not otherwiss. A
royalty shall be paid on the mer-
cbantabls output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting tor the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, suoh
returns should bs furnished at leaet
once a year.
Tho lease will Include the coal mining rights only, hut the lessee may
be permitted to purchnse whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of (10.00 an acre
For full information application
should be made to tbe Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Bub-Agent ol
Dominion Lnnds.
W.    W,    CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
for. Jan. 4th-tt
Hu. Wnn Fir.l Place
en Merit
Anheuser-Busch Ml BuyTliis Barley
Only the pick, of Americas Barley crops and Bohemias Saawr
Hops are good enough (rom which to brew and age
America's National Beverage
The uniform flavor, quality and purity of
Budweiser remains always the same because
only the best materials enter our plant.
Bottled only at tlu home plant in St Louis
Anheuser-Busch Brewery* St Louis
A. C. BOWNESS, Distributor
utquor ijontfon vt.
(BfllCTlON   4H».
NOTIOH is 1M-.I.KUY GIVEN .that,
on tho :.ist day of July neit, application will I.i' mnde to thc Huperln
tendont of Provincial Police f r tin
transfer ol thc licence for thr Hale <V
liquor hy retail In and upon the pre.
mines known an the "Wasa Hotel/1
situate nt Wiiim, British Columbia,
trom Nils Hanson to the 1'nioniHt In*
vestment t'nmrany, i-t*l, of Wasn,
B. O.
Dated this 2Rlh iluy ol June,  1018
Holder of License.
The (unionist  Investment  Co,  Ltd
por a, w. •ToluiRon,
AppUcnni lor Transfer
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
A   Itl.l.lAlll.l. HKdITLATOR
Tliiio I'll If -"<] coiiiDounded Willi tin. greitoul
nno lunn the 111881   luliuhlc niineulM Loiimu to
.luiiim*; .ni.'h hh .itc lii'iiiL* iibcJ hill, much iHCcenn
by tliu imi.-i cefobmt-Jd i^v-tiriKUH k
Tl.i-v.T.1! ii npecllii. !..rj.i.('
to wlil>.l< tin; (aniole . .imiiiit.-iti in lui.ii
i-iif-iiiii-* itisorilfrii
i". u box. No. * (imich struuger), ill
box, Sold ut utHniu -i"it'",tti l-vnii.il IrumTk
.Uffkl lh ui (lu.. It. 1 atliftrluu, Ont.
NOTIOH TO oontraotors
BHAI.BD TENnWRS, superscribed
'Tendw for Hosmor School Addition
will he received hv the Honorable
thc Minister of Public WorVs up to
noon of Wednesday, Uio t'-th day o(
AilflUflt, 1918, for the erection and
completion of a two-roomed addition
nml heating chamber to existing
School limine nt Homner In the fernle Electoral  District.
Plans, sped ilea tlonB, contract, und
forms of tender mny he s.en on and
after the _lHt day of .Inly, 1918, at
tho oitiee. o! Mr. <i. Ayre, Secretary
School Hoard, Hosmer, !).('■; Mr, J.
H. T. Alexander. Government AgCIttJ
Kernie; or the Depnrtment of public I
Works,  Victoria, B.C.
tntendlng tcmtererK cnn for the sum |
of tin dollars (t$ni) obtain one enpy
of plans nnd speciBoattons hy applying  to  the  undersigned.    This  sum I
will  he refunded  on  their r.-tmn  in
good order,
Kneli proi.oKnl must lie accompanied hy an accepted han't cheqre or
certificate of deposit oh n chnrtered
hank of ('iinndii, mnde payable t., thp
Honorable tbo Mlnlst-r of publ c
Works, for ii sum 0'iual to 10 per
cent, of tender, wliirh shall le forfeited if the pnrty tender ng decline
to enter into contend when called
upon to do ho, or if lie full to com-
|.e> the work contracted for, The
tliC|itPB ir cortlflCRtoi of deposit at
unsucc3Bsflil tenderers will he returned to them upon the execution of ihe
con tenet.
Tondors will not be consld rod unless mode out on the forms supplied,
signed with the actual signature of
the ten dor or, and enclosed in the <n
volopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not no:*.
eHHiirilv  accepted.
Public Works ffngtncor
Department of Public Works,
Vlctoriu. H.C,   July  17th,  llll...
Certificate of Improvements
"Dore" Mineral Claim, situate in
the Kort. Steele Mining Division of
Kast Kootenay District.
Where located:—On Wild Horse
creek about 21.0 feot, below china
TAKK NOTICK that r. Thos. T.
McVittie of F< rt Steele, agent for
Margaret L. Dore (Mrs. Freter) Free
Miner's Certificate Vo. i;72tifiB,
tend, sixty days from date hereof,
to apply to tbe Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of improvement, fur
the purpose of obtaining ,, Crown
Graht of the above claim.
And further ta-<_ notice that a-t*
ion, under section 37, must he com
menced before the Issuance of .such
Certi-lcnte of Improvements
Dated   this 21st day   of .Inly, A.D.
30-4t THOS. T   McVlTTTK
overseas dominions exceeding its
|nrms lo the child emigrant. Ails-tra!
ia has found it to be un excellent
policy nnd Western Australia has
.opened n farm school for „ number
of them at Pin jar re.
j The advantages of children as emigrants are self-evident. Tta-y wil
form associations nnd ilevelope au affection for the land of their adoption    more    readily  than  mown tips,
Boost  for the  Fall   Fair,   Sept  Uth
md 19th.
Immigrationjjf Children
Mr. Bogne Smart, superintendent
of British Immigration for children,
has furnished some interesting details regarding child immigration in
his annual report for the year ending
March 31st, last. In it he states
thnt 2,669 children were received iu
the Dominion in partial respc-ne to
applies tions from Canadian farmers
to tbe number of 30,000. On beta*
subjected to Inspection for report thi;
returns showed thnt only 29 of these
aforementioned children were failures
and only 179 below the mark, the o-
ther 1,586 giv ng complete satisfaction.
This is only n page from the history of n movement wh'.ch, in the 12
yenrs of its existence, hns proved it
self a very Important brunch of the
immigr.itIon -service. That it is an
s n | ll all Roil success is due to the Indefatigable efforts of its ir. motors,
who have made j, spec alty of careful select ion nnd -.pre a' tra'nlng iu
the ense of each intending young flint
grant while nn the other side ,.f the
waters, und who have kept them under constant supervision on this side
It is not to be wondered at, then,
that of the 2fi,000 British ch ldren
who havo found good homos lu Canada in the course of the last twelve
years the majority have heen n credit
to the orgnnlzntion which placed
tbem here.
The benefits accruing are red pro
cnl to farmer and child alike, and hi
even greater measure, to Brltlan and
Cnnada. In the ense of lhe latter
Canada's population is being swelled
by n desirable class of citizens who
are likely to do their share In fur-
tbel'ingtho interests of the country.
As for I It-It Inn, ii it hough Ihey may
imt he fully aware of th- '.'act, It
pays the different hoards o( trustee
to emigrate the children, the cost ol
doing which is noth'ng comiared to
ttie expense of supporting tbem nud
educating tTTTTTi In their work hours
needed help assured him whereas tho
child hus opportunities for n homo
hands again in tbelr old age. The
farmer, of course, has his much
nnd Independent? such as the old
schools and having them on tli ai r
country  cnunot offer.
Canada in uot the only one of tho
Boost for the Fall Fair, Sopt IRth
and 19th.
and their ideal of EOod citizenship
will be patterned after the standard
of the Canadian. In view ol all
these facts, therefore, the btntement
of Mr. T. K. Sedgwick, one of tho
greatest workers in the field oi immigration work, that at leas, uo.ui.o
to 30,000 children should lie s ut to
CanwPan farms every year, In likely
to be regarded with n great deal ol
f a vor.—Sunset,
A New Laid Egg
Thr ci'vernnicnt ot the province ol
I'iiMh"* Iiii,;I n display in the tlriti h
Columbia building at the Winnipeg
Exhibition, nti'i ns'icn lor replies
(rom th'ir visitors ns to wh tt c,.n-
stitnteil n new laid egi;. Prizes were
awarded lor the best answers, nnl
they are given in their order ol merit:
1st   PRIZE
A perfect now-laid egg Is one pro
-liice.l hy a healthy hen properly fed
nntl n niriKhfd. The egg must be
elc-iin, normal in sl-/.e anil structure.
The shell must he iree (rom flaws
and llrm, and the contents must till
the shell so that all nlr is excluded,
The contents must he ol mild flavor,
nnd the yolk must he mar the Hi
teruf the shell. The egg must Ik-
fresh mul kept In clean nnd aim tai-y
surroundings alter being laid.   II in-
Don't leed the poultry corn nlono.
Hy its<-r? it is heating, while with
other foods it is ln-nelii-inl. Feed u
variety ol [oods, allowing the pout-
try tllfl opportunity to j.*.*t as much
green food as possible.
Keep the wuter fresh. Scfl that
the fountains aro clean and working
properly, Fresh water is especiaUy
necessary during tbe hot season.
Force tbe young chicks to mature
quickly, Later on, this will prove a
worth  wh le  precaution.
Remember that the broody' hen is
feverish and needs rest.
Clean hens me healthy liens.     Got
rid of the vermin before the feverish
moulting   season.     Saturate    nests
roosts    outside    with  kerosene,
fumigate   the   Insirles with siil-
shiiie,    weighing   not   le-s thnn t' 0 phur fumes, keeping the house closed
ounces,  the shell rif .ven col, r,  white I severul    boms.    Whitewash  the  walls
What Constitutes It? —Answers Awarded   Prizes  for
Best Definition .„„,
' aUd
Owing to the interest wh eh is being taken in the poultry Industry in
Crnnbrook District the following,
taken from the Winnipeg Free Press;
will be of especial interest.
The ideal of whnt constitutes a
new laid egg hns been for a 'ong
time under discussion and the various views given in a prize contest
shotAil remove for all time any
doubts which mav he in the minds
of our renders on  this subject.
or light brown, hard inougli to
protect the contents, which should
entirely till the shell, and del oslted
sufficiently lone enough t<> allow the
allium! beat to pass oil.
Margaret It. llnxt.-i
4th    PRIZE
A .,on-fertile erg, absolutely full,
with good sweet flavor, mi egg directly from the hen. to he used ;.s
soon ns the annual h.-at is out if it.
with a solution containing nn ounce
I nf crude   carbolic   acid to each pall
I [live tlu- hens )t sunny dust bath,
j and also a shady spot where they
| ean wallow in the cool, moist earth.
j A ver> hot house is had too. tf
', necessary, bore boles ]iia1 under tho
' rear roof for ventilation.
Don't let the land In your poultry
yard    become   too to.il*   if  possible,
I shift   tho   position   of   the   yard, or
The egg to lw absolutely clean,1 torn have _, second yard n which to turn
nhealthy hen, fed on the ,est of jthe poultry. Then dii th*- abandoned
clean grain,  the egg to I e    f i: od . ground   plant   outs    or   rape.   The
size,   perfect    shell,    and
nominally two ounces,
o   weigh I poultry needs healthy ground.
.Skim milk    cnn he fed  to iroixl ad-
C(U'DeK|fl I vantage to tho young chicks.    Some
Winnipeg ; |1]eMt ni^jonB ,,.,, „|g0 necessary,  es
peclally if the chicks are confined fu
-lit bur ban  Life.
5th   I'Kl/K
A perfect new laid cKg is a Qtean|flmaH quarters
normal, nn.*racked, untainted egp,
uninfected by bacterial life, preferably unfertilized by a male bird if Intended for future human consump
tion, but necessarily fertilized if In
tended for hatching, it must lie
laid by a healthy f iwl, properly
nourished. Kvndiati. n of Its moisture contents must no! hive been
appreciable.   Its germ must nol have
Simple   Egg-Testers
been awakened to
he freshly  laid,
etlvlty.    H   must
ten led   for incubation tbe egg mum i
he fertile,  but  if used  for food  must!
ge Hatho
'West Farm*
he  infertile.
Mitts Clara  Cunningham,
:,4l Victor St.. Winnipeg
2nd rniZK
To rank as a perfect new-luid egg,
tit for human consumption, the art;
ele in question must be Ireen/iom all
trace of animal beat. In shape it
must be a perfect ovoid, weighing
at leiist two ounces. Its Bliell must
ho Urni, uniform and of ilcolded color
lined with thin, strong, white mom-
hr&ns The contents consisting of
clear nIhnmlnoiifl et atin [, enveloping ii rich, yellow yolk, should ro n-
plntoly nil tho shell. Huob au egg
rim be produced only by fi mature,
well bred hen, whose health Is mu n
taincd by proper environment, si it
u ble diet, and the
pursuit of  the same
lith   I 'It 1/ K
A   .frcBh   egg   when looked through
should    have    a snail  air space the
size    of h  ■■  or  in cenl   pt ■■    The
white part should i" ciesn or color
less. The yolk when luo in in n
dish should stand up; the albumen
should lie thick nntl > nlv n small
portion    of    whit'   thin.   The white
Should   Cling   C|OS     tt.   ill.'   <o'k
In   testlnK   the fresh ogg tho shi-ll
should    be   in   appearance   dull ,-ud!"nd
•miuewh'it  routfh.    When Hbakon there |    A
should    lm no tattle     If  put   In cold   fow
Anj ont' ean mnke at lea-it two
simple egg t Stirs. I'm 'ably the
•.imnb'st and'' it osl efficient can he
made by using n woolen hox, sty,
one fool Bi)uare. In tbe side of this
boi ;. hole about the size <K a -""all
egg is cut. The ,»>\ Is placed in n
fairly dark room nnd n 1"« 1 imp Is
pl iced In the boi and the lid shut
down tight or the bos may be placed
upside down over the lamp and in
thi* wm no Ild «ill be required.
Tbe tray or basket ol eggs that am
t.i he tested can neit be tnken and
iel t*, one side of the table upon
■rhlch the testpr is iltuated, Tbo
light striking throm h the egg,
shows up tin- Interior. If the com-
tents show clear with n email air
,-p,ire ,,t tin- larger ond, the ogg may
be   graded   an all   right.   With such
ii   box   oi niBt, of course, jTovldo
for   a   snpplj   ..I   all    to tho lamp.
also nssur toself against nre.
very    slu pie    tester foi  only u
ittts may be mude by rolling -i
water   |t    win    Hiak ami    Ho
side     Vnothcr  method  is hy holding
Up before    a     str-iir.    I i»|itj    when   a
fres-li     enr     will   be   tra  s i t.    The
went   rf   the   shell   will   distinguish   *■
Adeline Muxte,-
3rd    I'ltl/K
A  perfect new Iin Id egg must nflOOfS
0.1*11 y    be    the product    of a normal.
healthy hen, fed on proper food,  tie
rerclse which  u._Hii e__ (n(|n (| Ht)l|), n|||,
Mnbol 0, Kelly
In the Poultry Yard
Prepare   the   fowls  for tbe moult
hiK    season    by    pftrt cular   care   h-
aoqlllrlng   of   which entails sufficient this time.   Good food, plenty ol wa
exereiMi   The egg should  be oval iu   ter and sha-i,. a\_ essential.
no piece   of   snd paper Into a tube ono
mm-Ii     at     one  end   end   two   incbeB  nl
the other und about iu inches long.
The toll may hfl fastened with paste
oi mtlSOllnge. Hold the e^K tu a
lighted lump nt the large enl or tho
tube, wltll the eye at the other end.
If the pgg in fresh the yolk will be
perfect and the Test clear, lf tho
Ogg Is too ripe tllfl whole c. ntents
will  be cloudy,
Hither of these two simple testers
wW enable one to market only good
eggs, which ..) thc end Is the most
profitable.-  Nor  West  Farmer* THK  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B. C.
Light Summer
We have a number of Good Books
by such Authors as
Fred White
and Others
Which we are Offering al
20c each
or 3 for 50c
Company, Limited
4. T. Cay, of Tlnm-
OranbrooK   visitors
nf Rosiner, was
Mr. und Mrs.
der Hill, were
a.  MoB. Fletcher
in town Friday,
Moyle Launch and Boat Olub will
hold their 1st Annual Picnic ni ono
o'clock, Bunday, duly 27th.
Mrs. j. MoTavish, ol Bu.l River,
was a   Crnnliiook visitor during the
tirst of the week.
Kdward  Ingram,
ing for n license
Hotel, nt Wardner,
a clerk,
lor   the
s apply-,
Wardnor I
ranli roo.i
Mr.  and  Mrs,  T.  Mnnn,
were   registered    al   the
Mr. and Mrs. .). O'Noil,
Ont., were Cranbrook v
Mr. and Mrs. D. F Harte, of
Oalgary, were guests al the tun ;
brook Friday.
Theuew cement walks around tho
new sehool house are things ol boau-j
ty which will lust foraVBi
Thetower ol the school ho w baa
been painted gray aud hns •• vers
Imposing appearance.
1    Miss   F.
Wyclifle,  ff
transact in,
■ on  Mends*.
tor Best   Valuo in Purnl
and   Miss  H.   Balkwell  ot
?ere Cranl rook  .'.ajtoii. on
catt   o[   Vai
i   i Tanbroo-
A Young Girls Sight
is a very precious thing. It should
not he neglected if she complaint
of hcada.-hes. The ctlAUCCt •it"
they are earned hy defective eye
light. We can remedy all such
tioiil-les quickly by providing Just
the light kind of gU-tses tlmt will
enable hei to sec bettor uud to dispense with the headaches. Oui
service is up in dtH and our charges tan
lew-alers 1 Opticians
shout   ta.tUug   one   ol   those
Methodist Church
Keop in nitnd when you want looi'
coverings of any k nd, tbat our
stock of Linoleums, RUgB aud mat*
ting Is the largest In the district—
0. 0.  3.
Newspapers iu the pralrlo provinces
are having a hard time, the Medicine Hat Call, ii morning dally, Is no
more. In other words the I'nll has
heen  called off.
Q. Clark mid W, Stamp woro at
the Oranbrook Thursday, thov aro
from the Old Country, and arc en
route to Thunder Hill where they
will locate.
Boxes 't. .ii;  Messrs,
Will 111+ --H I t-H I l-M M I 11 KM ft _ lllll M H+l
in a feature ol our road barne&s..
There is not an ounce or unnecessary weight, but it is mail-- so
honestly and strongly that It
will at and any strain. If your
horse had the say he would
choose one of these set- Why
not act on thai assumption?
I!    }•    Ruttei    \,  Allen and F. C
Stuart    cf    Victoria, were    In    tlu
itj Wednesday.
Mi   and Mrs.  F.  W Hairo ol Spo
Itaae   urere guests ai the Cos
an Wednesday.
W. Bison Dunham
Sunday Services;
preacb at 11:00 a.m
Morning subject
ness -A lact iu *- br
Evening subject
rhe pastor will
and 7:30 p.m.
■uiau Life."
'Wanted—A Man
W. M. PARK & CO.
Phone 109 Cranbrook, B.C.  P.O. Box 443
.   .ili.li.l-.f. IjJ..I.iI. S,,f..T.J..T   T„Si,t.,l.l. t-Ma-JL ll I ill *  ■_-_-   *i.Tnl-ifritiifiitiitrifr-fiitn>-t'i1-'
I (•V'I^-^*T*^*-l"J4T-,^*T'T*l**l',I' "I"I"I"f V\wTrT I  I I l"l"nTTl*T1 ITTTTT
\.  Babrook ol New
CranBrook visitors
Mr,   nnd   .Mrs.
\ York   City, w«n
'.ast week end.
Life's little    irritations—Sprtttiding
your lawn an i then have a two hour!
rain come along,
-Mr    and    Mrs.    S.    J.    UlUer,   Ol
i Owens Sound, were registered at the ;
Cranbrook Monday
All are cordially  invited.
Mr.  Stillman of Calgary, will s u^
at both Morniuf and Evening service
All  are cordially   United.
S.  for  Best    Value  m  Kuioi-
C.  C.
i ture.
V.   Bannister,   ol  Victoria, was in i
I town    Tuesday enroute  to llla ranch
lat Little Lull River.
Baptist Church
Rev. O.  K.   KENDALL
Presbyterian Church
Hot.  W.  Kolman Tbotusoa
I l*|.i||||.|.| 1111| | H »Mf mill l'l1 HH lit IH-I v Hi
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook :
Morning Service nt 11:00 a.m. iu the
Baptist Church
wm ,    M.   VV.   Garbut   of   Marysville   was | Evening Service at 7:30 p.m.  in th;
iplin the city Wednesday  looking after j Presbyterian Church.
some (f[ Ins business. At   the   evening service Miss Har-
shaw of Toronto, will render a solo.
The   Presbyterian   Sabbath   _-ch__-.
picnic    will    take  place on TueB'day,
July 29tb.
S.S. & Bible (Mass 3:00 p.m.
.V.   Kelnmn    Tbomaon   preacher at
both services.
to Users of Water
On Mondny, 28th inst., the water con- ;;
, J   nection of those whose water rentals are over ',',
. '•   three months in arrears will be cut off with- • >
;;   out further notice.
•■   Ctanbrook, B.C. City Clerk   ;;
July 24th. 1913
C. O. Maraton and J. M. OtUtead,
ut Calsary, were transacting bnsl-
.ie93 In UranbrooK Friday.
P. Wilson, who lit.s teen to th.*
] coast on legal business returned tc
i Cranbroo't Wednesday,
G.  H.   l'rinc-,i,nil  Ml.-; Prince ;
Paul,   Minn.,  were  r0K'ater_
Oranbrook Wednesday.
********* ***********************************
For Sale—A Snap
A.   Lund,
jity Monday
It. J. Long
Messrs.    Benin   ,*    Klwell have lor city Tuesday
Sale q very nice 6-rOOmad  two story
dwelling well located.
Price only (1575,00 on very easy
terms, these rnn\!>e arranged hv -uurII
cash payment and monthly instalments
This is v<.ur opportunity t,, own
your home.
ol  Wnrdner.  was in tlu-
of St.
at  ehe
.1. A. Ferguson, dancing master,
left on Wednesday to visit some di
bis trlenda in .lallray lor a lew weeks
Save time and clean your rurpeta
with A new vacuum cleaner, for sale
at the Crnnbrook Bxchnnge, Price
We want your trado and Invite
you to look through nur stock wben
In need of Furniture ol   an'  kind.—
o. r. s.
Ch-is, Nelson, foreman of tho road
guiig at Yahk, was taken to the 9t.
Eugene hospital Wednesday, seriously 111,
i    Mr, and Mrs. D.  Uoiton    nnd cbil-
! dren   leave today   on a holiday trip
to   thc   coast.   They   will   bo   away
I ubout six weeks.
| Sum Baldwin ItHt lor Waldo on
Thursday morning while he will give
- a moving Picture entertain uent n
the evening,
Salvation Army Hall
Hanson Avenue
Captain W. J. Carruthers
Lieutenant W, Cooper
Sunday Services—
11 a.m.—Holiness Service
.1 p.m.—Bible Class
3 p.m.—Sunday School
8 p.m.—Salvation Service
Tuesday. Thuraday, and Saturday,
services at 8 p.m.
Catholic Church
Sundays—Low mas* at I'.SO a.m.,
high mass, 10:30 a.m., Bunday school
Irom 2 to 3 p.m., Rosary and Bsns-
uctlon at 7:80 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at t a.m. at tbs
P.PIamstfdoa, O.M.I.
on   Tuesday   m, lit   Freddie   Welsh
  ! knocked out    Martin    Murphv  In  In*
,,l Oreaton, was in thel "lent round ol » fast, but one sided, j
i bovine contest.
Ringing the Changes
Our Old Friend Mary
H. -J. Irving,   <>
town Tuesday.
K. o, Manning,
town Thursday,
Deposit Boxei to rent   bj   Messrs
Beale * HJlwell un namm*-.! terms.
Jaffray,   was Ln I   a late Invention
»( Calgary,
H. -I. Gamble,   of Klmberley,
D town Monday,
11 thp
For Sale Rents & Wants
PfiK rfAi>:--.*it tb>' cranbrook Kx-
cfhange, an incubator and brood-!
er, in perfect condition.
<■ CO.
JALB Applj
.r Pbone 178
K. A'lHtm   ol Vancouver, was in *
i Saturday ia«t.
A    rt,  Thompson   nf    Mo<.hp   Jaw
was in the c ty Mondaj
U.    .1,   BaCOI.   (>t   New      York     -'ity j
wan in ihe city Monday
LOST*—Small  black   pup,   with whiti'
tipped  nose.   Finder return same
to R. Campbell, ArmHtront Ave,,
Opposite  Prospector  Office.
c. r.
or Beat   Vaiu,
Km tii
fj.   Dorahov   of   ffardnei
'ranbrook  visitor last week
Mra. W.  H   Davis,
K Osanbrooh visitor,
if  WvcHtle,
Local  News
Although tbe premises of IT, w.
Kllby was struck by lightning it wan
not ol sufficient daatruetlvenna to
stop bualneai Kilby \a still i*ram-
ln^ Plcturea.
K. 'i   /vnderai
tlm city Friday
K     Wilson,   „f    Bpoknno,    wnn
pioai at the OoBmopollton frldny
Mi. ii   Connera ol Bull River,
.In   town   Wednesday  ,,n   hueiiiini.
n,  o!    Kiislo,
j    Rev, an I Mm. W. Oeorgo,   nl. Mil
I ner,    Mr.   nnd   Mrs.    A. ('.  llownens
j andMlaa   Whitehead    were   otit'ng nt
! Pari v Creak on Thuratlyy,
  Mr. „,„| Mra.  .1.  I'.   I'Vi and rbll
f'eter Woods, of Cherry tireek. wan j Iren left on Sindny ni'iern. on on a
In the rity Monday on busln-.ss.        ; moloi   trip   to Calgary llirougli ilu
  f'row'n Ni-Ht I'nns.
I   Iliinsell   Heed, ill l.o. Anr.-l'-n, was |
was In   a irunst  at  the f.'lnnl,roo'<   Mond
"- .,      . , .        .Mary bad a Httle dOK,
is  the  irn'in- of.    Al„. .„. wafl folld „, „•„,
as pipes out of paper.    Some news ,,nU1 „ne llav t|le hruta R(ll Rny
a .ers make better gaa pipes    than     Ann ,,|t „Pf oll t|,e Ul„|,.
'""'r —Milwaukee  Sentinel,
KIl.HV  FRAMBS  PICTURES       j We had heard she Imd n dog,
n   nln -mn   ,,i  §_.   v \t i* i        Whom she had taught to hog,
ii. iii .nnnron   ol   s_t    v.m.i.a..   a   ,   t,   t , ht    ,„r   „«»„„„
lit on Mondny for Toronto to r.tten*',      "..-ht
annual convention „, the Y.M.C.     H"e'bit har on the limb.
' '"•"""•  -Ronton tilobc
We knew she hnd „ kanlnc,
A bulldog, strongly built,
And we beard, too, he at her dew
And chewed her left-hand atllt.
-Housing Post.
We beard she bad a mangy cur,
Wltb ears Inclined to Hop;
And this anme cur walked up to her
And knawed her starboard prop.
■ -Cincinnati F.n,niircr.
Mary had a little pup,
Now is where you laugh,
lle lucked „ meal, and liking veal,
He bit hcr on the enlf
—Tho   Hliimet.
Our accountant has a bullgog, too,
At nights he's In the store,
In cnsn of rob, is on the Job,
nl limb thore In no more.
W. A. Rollins Ufi on Tuesday f*r
"fort Fraser, he will me-'t. "Vic" his
Mother at Aabcrott, who will ac-
eompany him to the Fore.
i   Theall Important queation Ib "Will
. I*'nro|,o   be Bcourgcd wltb the w'Tilps
i of   war'l   ns   a result ol the llalkau
j    We    want vour   trade   und invite
i .on to look through our stock wben
:'ii   n....l   ol Fntiiitiiii. ,,f „„v kind.—■
IO, r h.
A. W. McLeod.
city Thursday.
ol Wi
Hi, was |n Ih
T  iianiieiii, ol Portland,
in town 'riiiirnndy
0, 0,
H.  fo.-  Rest    Value j,,  Furnl-
Mr.  W. P, flnrd   a expected to n
rive In Hie city on Bunday evening
0. c
H.  [or Resl    Value In Fmnl
I'etfert    'Unn-Kaay' Washing Mncb
Ino, price JC.7B at the Crnnbrook Kx
Mr. anil
on Monday
Mrs.   T.   O.   Cerlte,  ot
were Crrtibr-nk   visitors
a. I.. Clark, lotlgor kroner ul the
I local l-rnneh of Ibe Ifovnl linnk, In
atpandlng ids vacation al  i/nnconvor
land other coasi  pointfl,
I   Fire chlol -i. Foster roturnod hi	
on Hundnv last after p„vln*- n \liil*
lo Caleary nml vnrloiu, |„, nts In Alberta,
Mr. ami Mrs. N M, Ciiiuinor, ot
Ca'ayry, wbo h-ive boen Ibe g|lc-<ta
of Mr. and Mrs. A. C, Dnwnoaa for
nast two weeks, return,..1 home nn
F. Parks 6? Co.
Hardware and Mill
CRANBROOK,     •     B. C.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. JKenwIck, o|
Fort Hteole, and Hr. nndMrs. K. Klwell llpft on Thursday afternoon on
an onlln- trip to Ht. Mary's In'e,
where they wlll spend a lew dnys
fb-bini* nnd enjoying the mountain
scenery and air.
Mrs, M. Iiuilek, „( Pembroke, Ont,
and Mrs. t'has. Henley, ol Mooio
jnw; mother and altocv ol M. Durlck
wore crnnbrook visitors on ThtuO
Mr. and Mrs. F. Vi. llaire, ,!f Hev
en PoraonB, Alta,, were registered nt
the Ooamopolltan Friday. Mr. Hnlro
is looking over tbo dlstili-l Willi u
view ol settling here.
lil'.INi;  YOUR OLD I'll'K TO UOI1B
I'l.M'K   Fint RKPAIRS
The Hiimll boy wbo wblslles Ihn
"Trail ol thn Lonesome I'ln"" I"
lour keys under our RlndoWB ul all
hours of the uigbl Bhould be w-huled
with a plow ot It
Mr. und Mrs. I). Spoora relusned
Tuesday rrom an oxtendod trip to
the eaat. Mr. Bpeara was lho Ornnbrook delegate to tbe Convention of
railway Ci mlueloi-s held nt Detroit.
At the Edison Theatre, tonight,
will bo shown tho billow UK excellent
line ol  lilnm      "Ibe  llilsll  llelow  the
stnfrs, i'he Bachelor Housekeeper," "Pud's Stenogrnpher," nud
"The Amateur Detective,"
W. tl. I'erkham, daughter und
grand daughter, of New Vork, were
registered at tbe Cranbrook Monday.
The party Idft on Tuesday for Mr.
Pockhotn'a ranch at Fish Lakes,
where they will spend the summer.
W. U. McFarlane, Mrs. McFarlane,
Mrs. .1. F. Smith nnd Miss Mct!s>-
gor visited Wattsburg Wednesday ln
the interests of the Oranbrook Agricultural Association. Tbey returned
lnte in the evening much pleased
witb their success.
Tbe country will look In vain lor
a policy from tho followers of Sir
Wilfrid Laurier. Liberalism is in for
a period of opposition, and will remain there for a record length ot
time unless lt develops more policy
thnn It cnn at present show.
Arrangements are being made for a
ball game during the latter part o'
next week, possibly with ateam from
Fernle. "Billy" Mathews has formed
a second local nine, which will make
some of the visiting ninia situ* and
take notice.
Thos. Whalen, with a Party ol
friends, visited Wnrdner on Sfaday
last and witnessed the ball game between Cranbrook and Warduer. Tom
said that It was the ron'-est kind of
umpiring nnd that Crnnbrook got
the hook on every derision.
Thc "Sick Man ol Europe" must
he getting better; bo Is now de'yln-
'be Knropean powers and has re-oc-
cupled Adrianople and la out to fight
the Bulgarians to ft finish. The Russian bear Is ready for intervention
If the powers give the word.
Tbeaverngo woman whon selectta?
_ door covering wants to see more
thnn two or three patterns. We are
showing upwards ot 100 patterns In
Linoleums oni Floor Oilcloths. No
such selection ot des gns to be seen
elsewhere In the district.-O.C.S.
Rev, O. E, Kendall, Baptist minister at Cranbrook, has been laid up
In oca of tho hospitals in Vancouver
through a slight illness. He las bo
far recovered that he ls etpected to
arrive home some time next week,
to again resume bis pi-sto-nl work
In connection with his church.
At the Auditorium, to-night, will
bo shown the special two-reel feature entitled "The New Magdalen,"
aud "Fixing tho Fakirs;" alsol
"Texas," the strong man, who wlll
lift at; men nt one time on a long
bnr. Don't fall tn see tho strong
On Friday, N. Hanson, received
his new ten-passenger, White, car.
It's n dandy and can bo converted
to a freight car by removing the
Beats. Outing partios eau now secure this handsome car nt th> Hanson garage when plcnlcing, dshing or
The Cranhrook Lawn Tenu'n Club
In conjunction with tho Operatic Society, will hold a "Flnnnil Danie"
In the Masonic Hall on Tuesday evening, July 29th. Dancing Irom 10 to 2.
All members and th"lr friends Hro in*
-Itod. No Invitations w 11 he lisuod.
Tickets-Gentlemen $1.00; Lndieo SOc:
to be obtained at the door.
A cool breeze Irom (ho northwest
ou Wednesday, resulting from n number ot refreshing showers, broke Ih*
bent wave which was experienced on
Monday and Tuesday, und sent tin
mercury down some ten degree'.
The highest point reached bv tho
mercury was on Sunday when It
reached 9!i.
Inal figures tor tbo last Cnnndlm
lineal yenr were announced by thc
minister ot llnnncc last wo»k. A
heavy increase In capital and conmil-
idntod expenditures is offset by expanding revenue nnd there 's » surplus of jr.fi.ono.ooo on current account. Thore is n reduction o'
twenty millions in the public debt
There Is a strong agitation In
Fertile ngolnBt somo Prnlrle Sub-
dlvls'onn tbnt, hnve hren put nn the
market recently. It Is claimed by
the Fornle Hoard of Trade that most
of It Is Inferior and m»nv miles from
town . Legitimate roal e titn thero
la nothing ngnln.l. (UPesples limited of Vancouver, H.C., pieced inv-
eral lots thorn laat. weok wltb members of the Honrd ot Trade. Thelr'a
Is bleb-class Btuff selling Irom "100
lo $1300 pit lot. It navs t, d-nl
w'tli reDnble and resin nsl" li Hrivs
OlllesnleB nro woll nnd favornbly
known hero.—Adv.
P. O. nov xii'i Crnnbrook, n.O
■.     On
CALGARY, Alta       , ,
Meats, and Lards Guarantee Their Quality
All our Products are Government Inspected
"The Kind That Tastes Good."
I P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
■*-^-H-+1 .HH+.f.|.+.H.+.V.f.--^++.H.|-1 .+++++_>
;+*.'frH**-M**H-l**M*.|*. I**H I*********************** • •
Chop Suey|
Specially Prepared
Served Kvery Saturday Evening at
Wasa Hotel
Wasa, B.C.
The Rendezvous for Tourist Parties
****** III IIIWHIH ************* l'l * I III *****.
Will Hold a Church Fair on Thursday, August ;;
14th, at 7 o'clock
Dancing Pavilion. Children's Minstrel Show and Wild i •
West Show. Fish Pond, Tai'gol Shooting, Fortune Tell- !',
ing, Sewing Booth, Aprons, Children's Rompers, Dresses J J
and All Kinds of Useful Articles; Cigars, Soft Drinks, ■■
Ice Cream, Cake, Candies. Tea, Coffee and Sandwiches !,
Mrs. Wallinger's Orchestra 30-3 ;;
llltnt   lillilllt.ll,iflit"tliyiitiili,t.,ffiiti,t„1„t.,t„f,     lt.ll  lal. t
."11. .'. .' 1' ii . ."."a 1 a .'a* 1 1 'i a 1   ^rri
. .................... ,
Selling Out
Prices on these Lines   ii
Buy from us for your  •
Holiday Trip
ii Cranbrook Trading Co. \
___________________ *
Fall Fair Sept. 18th & 19th


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