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The Prospector Feb 6, 1915

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Array B.C. Oov.
No. C
Woman's Institute
The regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Institute took place Tuesday afternoon at the Maple Hall,
presided over by Mrs. W. B. McFarlane. A very large and enthusiastic
body of members and visitors were
assembled to enjoy a highly interesting and varied program prepared
for the day. Proceedings opened
with the singing of the Maple Leaf,
followed by the minutes of the January meeting being read and approved and disposal of otber business.
The social part commenced with an
excellent solo contributed by Mrs. E.
D. Irelnnd. Mrs. H. H. McClure was
then called upon to give a paper on
"How Women May Become Self-supporting in Rural Districts." This
sublet was given at the convention
at Nelson by Mrs. McClure, who was
a delegate from tbo local Women's
Institute, and her apt and able manner e»f treating it prompted the directorate to invite her to repeat the
stlbject for the benefit of the members, wbo thoroughly appreciated it.
At the conclusion of her remarks,
Mrs. McFarlane suggested the paper
should be printed in the local press,
the matter being a weighty one with
women generally. Appended is the
"How Women May Become Self-supporting in Rural Districts"
"At first glance one would tbirt:
this an easy subject, but the more
you ponder on it the broader it becomes,
"Before deciding what line of work
to take up it wiil: greatly depend upon the individual woman herself.
Some would be in tbeir element when
engaged in out-do3r occupation, while
others would be like a fish out ot
water. Many think there is nothing
pays like keeping poultry and tbere
are many instances where women
bave made a splendid success at sucb
work, but cne does not want to get
carried away with the idea that there
is no work connected with it, for it
is a case where eternal vigilance is
tbe price ol success. One a'so need?
to taVe into consideration the size
and proximity of the available markets, for much better prices can be
obtained in the larger centres than in
smaller places, and if one has to
ship any distance it greatly- reduces
the profit.
"Then there are many who would
not make a success at poultry raising, and yet would do well at the
growing of small fruits and vegetables, both of which prosper in tbls
province. Our local markets are for
tbe most part well supplied with early vegetables, but one may do well
by growing tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, cabbage and celery for the
prairie markets where there is a good
demand and these are things which
will ship to good advantage. In the
case of small fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, red,
wblte and black currants, ill these
yield splendid returns for the labor
involved. Both of theso I have mentioned1—poultry raising and tbe growing of small fruits and vegetables-
require a great deal more of manual
labor than many women would care
to i undertake unless she has the business ability to make things pay sufficiently well to have the bard labor
done by hired assistance.
"But there ia another enterprise
which haa been largely overlooked by
women seeking means of self-support
and yet it requires much less labor
and gives greater returns for the
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Knights of Pythias
One of tbe best and most interesting evenings was spent In the Knights
of Pythias Hall last Tuesday, the. occasion being the installation of the
officers for the ensuing term. When
the usual routine business had been
transacted E. A. Hi I. took up his position as installing officer, and was
assisted by C. Borgstrom as Grand
Master of Arms and Gilchrist
as Grand Prelate. The occasion was
one of marked interest to tbe members.
Tbe officers installed were
C. C—R. 0. Carr.
V. 0.—J. L. Walker.
Prelate—Rev. W. E. Dunham.
M. o! W.—J. Scanlon.
K. of R. & S.—F. M. Christian.
M. of F.—E. Halsall.     .
M. of E.—F. Kummer.,.
M. of A.—L. Pearron.
I. G.—C. Ekstrom.
0. G.—J. R. W. Woods.
After the installation ceremony the
members en»oyed an elegant repast
after which several of the newly installed officers gave addresses, | whilst
others rendered songs and recitations.
The evening was one of optimism
for the future, the members having
some of the ozone of enthusiasm in
their breasts that wlll bear fruit in
tbe near future.
East Kootenay Federal
An organization meeting was held
in Craubrook last Saturday to appoint officers for tbe East Kootenay
Federal Conservative Association.
General routine .business was transacted and tbe following officers elected:
President—Dr. Barnell, Fernie.
First Vice-President—A. M. Chisbolm, Windermere.
Second   Vice-President — Dr.
ledge, Cranbroak.
Secretary—W. B. McFarlane,
Executive Committee—Dr. S. Barnell, Fernie, A. B. Trites, Fernie, R.
Reading, Fernie, representatives from
tbe Fernie riding; Dr. Rutledge,
Cranbrook, W. B. McFarlane, Cran-
broak, A. E. Watts, Wattsburg, representatives, from the Cranbrook riding; A. M. Chisholm, Windermere, H.
Parsons, Golden, E. A. Bennett,
Field, representatives from ,the Columbia riding.
reiterated his former statements and
said that he would do the best he
could for the project. Mr. Green I
drew the attention of those present
to the fact that the meeting assembling in Ottawa was, as far as he
understood, for the purpose of PasB-
Ing legislation for war measures and
only the absolutely necessary legislation directly affecting the welfare of!
the Dominion would be considered at
all. However ho would use all the Influence possible to assist the district
to obtain thase necessary requirements.
Hon. R. E. Green visits
Hon. R. F. Green, member of the
Federal House for this district, visited Oranbrook last Saturday on bla
way to Ottawa. During his visit
the executive of the Board of Trade
arranged for a meeting and Invited
Mr. Green to be present. Tbis meeting was held in T. T. Mecrcdy's office
at 5 p. m. Tbe executive brought
several matters to the member's attention, particular reference being
made to the proposed telephone connection with the Athalmer-Wlnder-
mern district anl subsequently to
Golden. Mr. Green in reply said that
he could not pledge the government
at this time.to do the work they re-
(l,uired but assured the meeting that
he would use every endeavor to bave
the proper authorities consider the
. matter as favorably as possible. Re
the matter of hiving.an armory fouilt
in Cranbrook for tbe purpose of establishing a centre tor the volunteers
that were now drilling and other possible ones in   thc future, Mr. Green
Conservatives Meet
The usual monthly meeting of th»
Cranbroo't' Conservative Aseocia.ont
was held in Clapp's Hall last oi '-ht
when a very large attendance w-is
President W. B. McFarlane occupied the chair.
The meeting was first opened by the
reading of the minutes of the previous meetings and adopted as read.
A communication was received from
the Cranbroo't Board of Trade in reference to the wood distillating plant
which it is proposed to establish in
the city or district. The association
endorsed the action of the board of
trade in requesting thc govern nent
to assist the enterprise.
The great question before the meeting was the passing of bylaws governing, the rules and regulations of
the local association. Dr. Rutledge,
chairman of tho bylaw committee,
addressed the meeting re the same.
They were afterward passed on separately and finally adopted with a
few amendments to the committee's
The following committee were appointed to look into the voters' list:
Messrs. Dr. Rutledge, I, J. Baxter,
D. McFarlane, Wm. Steward, A. J.
Balment. The committee has power
to add to their numbers.
The meeting was one that carried
with it much enthusiasm for the
cause; it portrayed an increasing interested in the welfare of the Conservative party, and it bespoke well
for the betterment of some of the
conditions that have existed in the
city in times past.
It might be well t0 point out that
these monthly meetings are for the
•benefit of all Conservatives who hive
the interest of their party at heart
and carry an interest in the well-being 0f the rank and file ol that party. The president and members who
do attend wish it to be known that
they would he pleased to welcome
any who care to attend these meetings and en'oy the social privileges
of the local Conservative association.
Alb. H. Webb.
January Report.
Order of Merit
5       a    si
o    *>
8    S  *
n    fi     £Hi
Readr V.,    9 61 12 6
Reader Jr.' Hie. ... 15 95 7 9
Reader  Sr.  IV.   ... 11 100 5 3
Header  Jr.  II 22 93 6 7
Reader Jr. IV 16 95 10 2
Reader Sr.  III.  ... 15 96 2 1
Header Jr. IHg ... 11 95 8 8
Reader Jr. IIII. ... 24 97 4 5
Reader III    1 100 3 10
Reader II    i 87 9 U
Reader  IV    3 100 1 4
Reader III    4 100 11 12
Young Men's Club
All roads led to the Young Men's
Club on Monday night when the flrst
game of the newly organized basket
ball league was played before a packed house.
Arrangements had been mnde for a
special night in order to create interest in the club end thc result exceeded all expectations. Early in the
evening the crowd begnn to gather,
end by the time the tirst event of
the evening, the girls' game, commenced the overflo.v crowd necessitated the placing of seatB on the basketball floor.
The girls' game was cn a par with
the program ifor the rest of the evening. The "Hicks" an.l "Macs" were
the opposing teams, and their playing time and time afan awake enthusiastic outbursts from the audience. The Play was fast and furious
and at half time only one po'nt separated the rivals, the "Hicks" leading 4-3. Tho same equality was
shown through the second ha'f wh:n
the whistle blew the tired "Macs"
led the equally tired "Hicks" by one
point, the final score being 9-8. The
girls showed skill at the game that
surprised the on-lookers, many of the
goals scored being of a sensational
nature. All starred, the scorers being Lilly Turn?r and V. Bradwin for
the Hicks and Edith Macdonald and
Enid Gill for tbe Macs. The centres
were evenly matched, while Delia
Greaves was the star of the bact*-
field, but the others were not far behind. The lineup—Macs, M. Turner
and E. Gill forwards, Edith Macdonald centre, D. Greaves and D. Kershaw guards; Hicks, L. Turner and
V. Bradwin forwards, G. Hickenbotham centre, B. Gill and E. Caslake
guards. Mr. Mirams, ns referee, made
a hit with the girls,by his impartial
handling ()f the contest.
During the interval between thc
girls and boyB' games Mr. Mirams
gave a clever exhibition on the parallel bars, time and again drawing applause for his skilful work.
The game between the "Stage" and
the "Beavers" then took place. The
teams started off with a rush, each
basket in turn being bombarded and
only the sterling work of the opposing sides kept the score down. The
rivalry of the players showed in their
inclination to rough it in tbe first
halt considerably witb the result
that fouls were numerous. At the
end Oi this period the score stood 11-
10 in favor of the Stags. Tbe second half started off just as fast but
the Stats found th?ir scoring eye
and soon drew ahead, but not without a struggle. The pace was stren-
iiois but the players did not let up
and were going faster at the finish
than when the game b'gen. At full
time th? Stags led 26-17. Dallas was
high scorer frr thc victors, annexing
14 points, while Ashworth acco nted
for nnarly all the losers' tnllies. The
llnvup—Stiigs, Crowe and Watinger
forwa-ds, Dallas centre, Br'ckeu and
'McNabb guards; Beavers, Gill and
Ricknrds forwa-ds, Ashworth centre,
St. Clair nnd Bridges guards, Bill
Hopkins refereed to the sat's'sctlon
of both trams, with Mr. Mirams
jud»e of play.
After the game nnoth'r evhiliitic n
by Mr. Mirams on th' boriJOntal
Iai'B was given. This was ev«n better then the first stunt, and wn.'
greeted with rounds ol applause.
Tbe musical program came next
next and consisted of the following
Continued on Page Two. PAGE TWO
©he tyxo&pwiox. ©rmtUvooh, §. GL
Published Every Saturday Morning at Cranbrook, B.C.
F. M, Christian, general manager
Postage to American,  European  (Br itish  Isles  excepted)  and  other  foreign countries, 50 cents a year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising rates furnished on application. No
advertisements but those of a reputable character will be accepted for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS.—Unless notice to tho contrary
is given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be kept
running and charged  up against their account.
21st YEAR
CRANBROOK, B.C   February 6, 1915.
No. 6
The debate ou the address was
closed lust Friday afternoon by the
Hun. vv. r, l'o's. minister of lands,
iu a speech tbat was masterful, clear
and convincing, brushing away the
p.lly sophistry «ud calumnious
charges 0f Liberals ,md Socialists by
a magnificent sweep ol indisputable
facts and figures. Mr. Ross has made
many BPlend d addresses and speeches
during his career In parliament, but
never before has he been so overwhelming iu bis arguments, so forceful in his statements. There was no
attempt a* 8" apology for his department. Ou th: contrary a perfect
willingness to let the entire truth be
known so tbat the people might
judge fairly on the policy pursued by
his department. He did rot indulge
in flights o: oratory, but like the
surgical specialist laid bare the cold
facts on record. There was no mincing of words, no Macedonipn cries of
distress. He did not hesitate to declare tbat it was a condition, not a
theory, that . con'ronts tbe Government, the province and the people,
thi san:e condition tbat is confronting every civilized land today, and he
expressed the earnest belief that the
land uolicy of the government was
endorsed by those' who were familiar
with the fact and not controlled by
i'OlitiCfl   views.
Mr. Ross' speech was one of the
best made in parliament for years,
and will give him that privilege that
comes to every statesmen who meets
the critics of his party with a reply
that is fair and clear, absolutely devoid of personalities, partisan bitterness or cheap subterfuge. It is a
speech that should be read by every
man in British Columbia, as it is a
most valuable addition to the land
policy of the province. Mr. I Ross
stated that he was inclined to btelieve
that the criticisms of the last few
years was due more to the success of
the policy pursued by the department
rather than failure. The ten years,
from 1905 and ending 1914, the government had consented to a sale of
over 5,000,000 acres of land and the
amount received in cash from these
sales was $12,500,000, and it was to
a large extent, the receipt of this
money that had enabled the government to give such an impetus to the
progress of thc province and prosperity to the peort.e. Mr. Ross said
that tbe big land boom was due
more to the caprice of the public
tban to any legislation by the government. In 1905 tbe land Bales were
55,000.   In 1906 22S.000 acres. In 1909
the first appearance of tbe land boom,
645,000 acres were sold, and in 1910,
2,000,000 acres were sold. But in 1911
prices advanced to $10 and $15, and
there   were 900,000   acres EOld.     In
1912 cnl.v 200,000 acres were Bold.   In
1913 there were 42C.000 acres and last
year only 45,000 acres.
These I'g ires fully met tbe argu-
inmts of the opposition, since only
22i,000 acres were told in 1906 when
iand was practically one dollar with
DO reserves. Yet in 1909 with thc
price increased 150 per cent, and
nu n,- reserves made t;45,000 acres were
object of that time wns to make the
Btaker Of the land make an iillliliivit
as there had i been some frauds discovered regarding previous staking.
The official figures on arrears ol principal were about $9,000,000. Tbe
government could not lose as much
money bad been paid on these lands
nnd if they reverted to tho government they could be used
Young Men's Club
Continued from Page One.
selections: Instrumental, Miss Be-
lau, Rog. Hockey; song, Miss Hewitt;
recitation, Mias Bradwin; cornet solo,
J. Kctterirgh'am; recitation, MIbs
Orma McNabb; song, MIsb Caslake.
Tho audience showed their appreciation of tho talent displayed by their
repeated encores.
Thc refreshments were then   served
on the basketball floor.     The   crowd
wns muoh'larger than anticipated1 and      __-_____—_—
caught   the    refreshment    committee I mending and darning, and there is an
napping, but, althoui h there was no, abundance of such work in every dls-
SUrplus,    everybody   was served and,
the committees hopes, satisfied.
Tho boys wish  to thank  the   girls
and yet fate (if I may so call it) haB
left them without such of their own
and to Buch I would say there is
wide scope for your energies for there
aro many men in the same position
as the one I have spoken of who
would gladly pay for auch help as
you coUd render,
"And there are many mothers
whose hands are full to overflowing
with the daily routine of washing
and ironing, cooking, baking and
churning, sweeping, scrubbing and
dusting, that she would glady have
the    assistance   with   the    making,
many buyers who would be willing to
quit if they could get their money
back. In closing Mr. Ro3b said they
were anxious to secure the best men
for the task of developing the best
province in the Dominion of Canada.
of the club for their great help in
lime of trouble, that is, in the supplying and dispensing of refreshment
Without their aid things would cer-
tninly have fallen by tbe wayside in
this particular pnrt of the night's entertainment.
The hope is that the crowd will continue to turn out in as large numbers for the next Monday's game. On
that night the Beavers and Athletics
There were'c'BS'1 in the second game of the league. These tennis are evenly matched and an exciting contest ia looked
forward to. Admission, everybody 10
The preliminary game wil' be played between the HickB and Macs when
tho Hicks intend to avenge their defeat of Monday night.
Financial Assistance
to Farmers
Cranbrook, B. 0., Feb. 4.
Editor Prospector:
Sir,—I note that you invite criticisms of two petitions to the Dominion Parliament as suggested by Mr.
A. E. WattB. The one advising generous financial terms to encourage
farmers is akin to my ideals of Politics and I am neither a Liberal or
Conservative, but I approve of the
Policy of taking the best suggestions
and the cream df thought from all
sources for the common good. This
is far more commendable tban wasting energies in useless or inane,stuff
that ma'tes one despise the modern
press as the slave of party politics.
There is one thing very apparent
that the west must be developed
along agricultural lines if the great
cities are to be maintained and earning capacity given to the great network of railways. The cities and
towns are developed too far ahead
with no corresponding agricultural
and industrial support, tbe result is
crowded cities with hungry people.
It was a most cruel thing for thoBe
in authority to permit people to he
drawn to this country by advertisements as was done under the direction of the late Minister of Public
Works, the H0n. Clifford Sifton, and
he was hailed as a clever organizer
wbicb he would have been had he
properly and humanely completed his
work along the lines suggested by the
petition under consideration, and in
my opinion there can be nothing added to improve it except'to emphasize
the truth that when people are attracted to a country by governments
and by corporations, it is the duty
of both to protect and assist tbe
settlers, and this should be done as
set torth in the petition. I think
there would be no difficulty in getting half a million or more signatures in the west and armed with
such an expression of public opin'on,
a man of strong character with ability and determination no doubt could
get the measure passed, and the one
who succeeds in doing it, will do
more for the prosperity of western
Cannda than has ever before been attempted.   I rnel03e my address   and
Women's Institute
Continued from Page One.
amount invested than either of the
two mentioned that is bee-keeping. I
have no actual experience in this line
of work myself, but from what I understand from the experience of others it is a very profitable business. I
know of one man in Ontario whose
yield of honey for last year from 200
hives was 20 tons which he sold at
10c a pound, netting him $4,000. Had
he sold his honey In this province he
would in all probability have realized about doulte that amount. This
is an instance where I see' no reason
why women could not do eqjially as
well as a man.
"These things require more or less
capital, while many women are
thrown   entirely on their    own   re-
trict, but, alas, too often the old
story—n0 hei? to bc had.
"In conclusion I would like to say
to all mothers, by all means, let ua
see that our daughters are trained
thoroughly along some kind of work
so that if the day should ever come
that ,it would be necessary for them
to support themselves they will be in
a position to do so."
Mrs. J. Shaw was next called upon
to give her "First Aid" notes, taken
from a medical lecturer at the recent
convention in Nelson, and were found
to be every day meful remedies in
cases ot burns, bites, stings, scalds,
A short talk on "Nut Bread" wae
given by Mrs. D. Campbell and when
handed round was pronounced excellent.
The hostesses for the day were Mesdames Campbell, Ireland, Boyes and
Kennedy who hended round light
dainty refreshments with tea.
Another highly successful meeting
was brought to a close with the
singing of the National Anthem.
Baptist Church
Pastor, Rev. O. G. Kendall.
Mr. E. H. Thorpe, secretary Y. M.
C. A., will have charge of the services during the pastor's absence.
Services 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.
Sunday School, 3.00 p. m.
Salvation Army Hall
On Saturday, February 6, an interesting service will be enjoyed at 8
P. m.
Sunday morning at 11 a. m,, subject "Fruitfullness."
Evening at 8 p. m., gospel service.
Tuesday, 9th, a social for children
_____—______—-_, shall take great pleasure in obtain-
As to charges of fraud by stat-1 ing signatures if copies of the  pett
ing the amendment wbb passed at  a
Ume   of strong opioiltion, and tbe
t'ons are sent to me.
An Independent Thinker.
there are
a woman
can   sup-
sources. Still
ways in which
port herself.
"Where is the rural community that
would, not gladly welcome a nurse?
Yet there are hundreds of them in
this western land of ours, and although the Government has been
interviewed time and again on tbis
question, yet not one dollar of Government money has ever been spent in
sending nurses to these brave women
who pay the price toll of colonization. One very sad case come to my
notice some time ago. A woman
takes sick, the nearest doctor lived
40 miles away, the nearest telephone
25 miles away, the roads almost impassable. A neighbor walks 25 miles
to telephone the doctor and waits
there until he comes to show him the
road. Aa they near the bouse the
husband comes out imploring the doctor to hurry. On gong in he finis
tbe woman has been suffering untold
agony and five minutes alter another
home'has been left without a loving
mother's care, and a lonely husband
to care for four small children.
"There are many women who have
had no special training for nursing,
yet have had sufficient practical experience in nursing their own friends
that if they let it be » nown they
were willing to undertake such work
I 'venture to say they would find
many who would appreciate their
services. Then there are many wo
men to whom none of these thinge
appeal   and   yet   are endowed   with
numerous at 4 p. m.
Thursday, Gospel service.
All  are heartily invited.
Presbyterian Church
Pastor, Rev. W. K Thomson
Morning service 11 a. m. Subject—
"The Parables of Our Lord—The
Pharisee and the Publican."
Anthem by the Choir.
Sunday School and Bible Class 3.00
p. m.
Evening service, 7.30 p. m. Subject
"Jesus Christ and the Social Question—Social Principles of the Teaching."
Solo and Anthem.
"Treasurer ot wickedness profit
nothing, but righteousness delivereth
from death."   Prov. 10c, 2vs.
Methodist Church
Pastor, Rev. W. E. Dunham
Sunday services: The pastor will
preach at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject; "Religious Sincerity."
The subject of the talk to juniors
will be "How to Grow."
Evening subject "Religion Our
The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be administered at the close
of the evening service.
There will be special music at each
service, under the direction of Mr.
Chas. F. Nidd, organist   and   choir
abundant   qualities as home-makers. I leader.
They love the dally routine  of home |   All are invited to the above  aerv-
work and the care of little children ices. i"
NOTICE is hereby given that a
Court of Revision and Appeal under
the provisions of the "Taxation Act"
and the "Public Schools Act" respecting the assessment rtfils of the
Fort Steele Assessment DiBtrict tor
the year 1915, will be held at the
Government ofllce, at Fernie, B. C,
on Wednesday, the 24th day ot February, 1915, at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon, and at the Government office, at Cranbrook, B. 0., on Saturday, the 27th day of February, 1915,
at 10 o'clock in thc forenoon.
Dated at Fernie, B. C, January
30th, 1915.
Judge of the Court 0f Revision
Janl3 and Appeal
Certificate of Improvements
Victor Mineral Claim, situate in
the Fort Steele Mining Division of
East Kootenay District, located on
Wild Horse Creek at Old Town or
TAKE NOTICE that I, Geo. M.
Judd, Free Miner'a Certificate No.
67313b, intend, sixty days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Re-
corter for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 8th day of January, A.
D. 1915.
l-Mar.6 GEO. M. JUDD.
January School Report
Division I., H. C. Garrard.
Perfect Attendance—Philip Brigs,
Helen Bridges, Alice Brown, Harry
Dorrls, Edwin Malcolm, Mary Malcolm, Sydney Murgatroyd, Gordon
Argue, Dorothy McLean.
Division II., R. S. Shields
Total attendance, 576.5; number enrolled, 32; percentage, 90.09; perfect
attendance—Muriel Baxter, Gladys
Brooks, Elsie Beattie, Melville Dal-
la3, Jennie Hopkins, Horatio Jecks,
Ruth Kendall, Harold Leask, Barclay
McNeil, John Noble, Agnes Reekie,
Fred Swain, Josephine Severe, Alfred
Sindall, Ed. Turner, Clarence Hig-
genbotham, Margaret St. Eloi.
Division III., Effie M. Bechtel
Enrollment, 40; percentage, 93.98;
perfect attendance — Dcnna Argue,
Irene Beach, Fran'c Bridges, Rowland
Cot, Edith Cummings, Eddie Garrard, Harold Haslam, Ing Wai Hoy,
Ida Johnson, Ella Kendall, Faith
Kendall, Walter Laurie, Mary Mann,
Marion MacKinnon, Evelyn Moore,
Cecil Reade, Hugh Simpson, Violet
Simpro-i, Crossley Taylor, Mah Bing.
Division IV., Helen Giegerich
Percentage of attendance, 93.53;
number on roll, 41; perfect attendance—Norman Beech, Malcolm Belanger, Charles Chapman. Donald Dallas
Mabel Pinley, William George, Otto
Gill, Hugh Hanna, Edith Murgatroyd
Joe Pattineon, David Reekie, Alma
Sarvis, Maud Scott, Ruth Simpson,
Harry Smith, Edward Taylor, Freda
Taylor, Garfield Taylor, John Turner, Keith Wasson, Sam Whittaker,
Everett Williams.
Notice is hereby given that TVe National Wood Distilling Company   of'
Wilmington, North Carolina, as hold-1
er   and   Harry C. Moore, o'   Blair-
more, Alberta, as licensee of a Can-,
adian Patent No. 106931 for a process
of Destructive Distillation   of   Wood
will apply to the Parliament ot Canada at the next session thereof    or
an act   extending   the time    within
which   they   commence   to construct
and manufacture in Canada under the
said patent.
Dated at Blairmore, Alberta,   this
fourth day of January, 1915.
The    National    Wood   Distilling
Harry C. Moore 2-Feb,6
Division IV.
Perfect Attendance — Wilfred Cad-
wallader, Charlie Clapp, Bella Foster
Joe Frost, Herman Hollander, May
Lancaster, Hilda Little, Maud Malcolm, Joe Mueller, Hugh McDonald,
Ray Scott, Cyril Selby, Jack Stevens.
Division VI., B. Pye.
Percentage attendance, 92.59; perfect attendance—Howard Brogtan, May
garet Carr, Norval Caslake, Stanley
Fyles, Alfred Joliffe, Lenore Little/
James Logan, Donald Morrison, Freda Osborn, Wilma Park, Sam Speers,
Hope Taylor, Wong Hong, Gandace
Henderson, Leonard Jecks, Eera Lister, Alexia Messenger, Thelma Patmore, Muriel Rud, ,Earl Lue'Jlan.
TAKE NOTICE~that I, E. G. Sinclair, intend to apply for a license to
prospect for conl: and petroleum on
the following described lands situate
ln Block No. 4593, Southeast Kootenai: Oommencing at a post planted
at or near the Northwest corner of
Lot 7119, being the point ot commencement, thence east Eighty (80)
cbains, thence south Eighty (80)
chains, thence west Eighty (80)
chains, thence north Eighty (80)
chains to point of commencement,
nnd containing alx hundred and forty
acres, more or less, and being a relocation of Lot 7119.
Located December 12th, 1914.
E. G.  SINCLAIR, locator
N. A. SINCLAIR, agent.
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
These Pills are compounded with thi greatest
cat* bom the most reliable remedies known to
science: such as are beliiE used with much success
by the most celebrated physicians known.
They are a specific lorjhe distressing; disorders
io which tho female coiftnitution is liable.
Price 12 a box. Mo. li (much stronger), IS a
box. Sold at all dn g stores, or by mail Irom Tht
(inal Drug Co., at. Catharines, Oat.
Division VII., M. E. Stephens
Perfect Attendance—Dorothy Dufour, Wilfred Joliffe, John Lancaster,
Arthur Lower, Jack Ogden, Eddie
Spence, J. Tyson Taylor, Raymond
St. Eloi, Delia Baxter, Eddie Bliss,
Warren Bowness, Jane Cayo, Rovena
McGinnls, Wong Hum, Edwin Jecke,
Murray McFarlane, Douglas Russell,
Gertrude Scott, Queenie Swain, J.
Aleiander Taylor, James thompson.
Division VIII., N. E. Faulkner
Perfect Attendance—Eva Armstrong
Malcom Brogan, Joe Brogan, Doris
Brooks. Alice Chapman, Alex Grout,
Bertie George, Alice Hallet, Stanley
KembaK, Orin Kendall, Ralph Ladds,
Angus McDonald, Darwin Murray,
Grey Mosley, Edward McLean, Hilda
Bteward, William Selby, Irene Taylor, David Watson, Jean Ward.
Division IX., A. McLennan.
Number enrolled, 40; percentage of
attendance, 87.6; perfect attendance-
Ray Beach, Verna Cayo, Jimmie Gilchrist, Bessie Hudson, Donovar( Jecks
Kenneth Jrfllfe, Dorothy Llwellyn,
Kenneth Parrett, Arthur Shackland,
Fred Stojack, Robbie Taylor, Billy
Mfs. K. Racklyeft
Number enrolled, 20; percentage of
attendance, 84.00; perfect attendance
—Eric Stone, Willie Stone, Lou
Young, Muriel Gilpin, Blanche Gilpin,
Claudia Gilpin, Fanny Gartslde,
Marion Atchison, Kathleen Atchison.
.-4.4-.1   fiit.rli.tirt1,l,lt.rl
Professional   Carbs
£obge   Hotices
^t|t>|M|si|<.|Ml|ti|«i|ia|.t|ti|<e|ie|jk|a^t|^t|M|<s|4t^t^|«k|*>|<e|*»|'a »
Principal, Miss V. M. Cherrington
Evening classes if necessary.   Terms
on application.    Day   courses   are
more advisable.
Total Course, $36.00, covering   three
months' tuition.
Hight School course $3.50 per week.
School Course       $2.50 per week.
Kindergarten   $1.25 per week.
Private Classes by Arrangement
Drawing, Fainting, etc., a
Bookkeeping,   Stenography
Building Contractor, Dealer in
Mining Stock & Mineral Claima
P.O. BOX 585        PHONE 346
The  Cranbrook   Poultry   and   Pet
Stock Association .
President—A. B. Smith.
Meets regularly on the First Friday
evening of each month.
Information on Poultry matters
Address the Secretary—W. W. McGregor, Oranbrook.
Drs.    KING    &    GREEN
Phyaicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence, Armatrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays 1.80 to   4.30
Oranbrook, B.O.
Women's Institute
Meets in the Maple Hall First
Tuesday afternoon in every month
at 3 p.m. Tbe fancy work classes
meets 0n third Friday evening.
Mrs. W. B. McFarlane,'President
Mrs.   J.  Shaw,   Sec-Treas.
P. 0. Box 442.
All ladies cordially invited.
T.   T.   M c V I T T I E
P.L.I.  *  o.a.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    -    Britiah Oolumbla
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
each montb at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. O. Shankland, B.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Meets 1st and
3rd Thursday in
Royal Black
Knights of Ireland liall at 8 p.m.. sharp. Visitors
R. S. Garrett, W. M.
T.O.Horsman, Ree. Sec.
Box 292
Cranbrook Farmers' Institute
Pres.—A. B.  Smith
Sec—Alb. H. Webb.
Meetings   are   held on the Second
Saturday in the month at 2 p.m. ln
tbe Old  Gymnasium.    All Welcome.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. 83
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
R. C. Carr, C. C.
F. M. Christian, K. 0f R. & S.
E. Halsall, M. of F.
Vlaltlng brethren cordially invited
to attend.
I.O.O.F.,    KEY   CITY    LODGE
Uo. 41
Meets every Monday night
at Eaw   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
R. A. Racklyeft,        J. F. Broughton
N. G. F. S.
Wm. Harris, Ree. Sec'y.
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet In   Maple   Hall,   on   2nd   and
4th Thursday of each month.
J. BIRD, Secretary, Box 247.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets   in   Maple   Hall on the tnd
and 4th Tuesdays in every month, at
8 p.m.   Membership open to British
B. Y. Brake, Pres.
W. J. Lower, Sec-Treas.
Box 247.
Visiting members cordially welcome TAGB FOUR
Li h
M    -* ^ -    m
1 Keep Buying to  Keep -
the Flag Flying
See our display and prices
and your trade is ours
We   handle   only
fresh  killed   meat
a !
m ■
saaaaaBaaaaaBBB® iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
See what we can save you
Armstrong Avenue
Opposite Imperial Hotel
Rev. 0. E. Kendall is visiting this
week the1 Annual Meeting of the Baptist Church Union, which is being
held in Brandon, Man. During his
absence from his pulpit Mr. E. H.
Thorpe, secretary of the Y. M. C. A.,
will take charge of the services in
the local Baptist church.
Cranbrook Meat Market
for all kinds of fresh and
smoked fish. Phone
Methods—Extraordinary revivnllBt;
quarter million converts; thrilling
book; everybody orders; ma'e six to
ten dollars dally; sample boo'c free
on'promise to canvass. Bible House,
Brafltford. Fe 20
Several teams are bard at it hauling the heavy timbers to the Cranbroo't Homestalce mine. George C.
Can- le't for Chicago this week on
business In connection with the mine,
He expects to be again in Cranbrook
about three weeks' time. Capt.
Rogers will accompany bim on his return trip. The captain is an experienced mining mnn who will de-oe
tho whole of his time to developing
the property.
est War," including Canada's part;
profusely illustrated with actual battle scenes; record seller; make seven
dollars daily; sample boo'c free on
promise to canvass. Linscott Company, Brantford. Fe20
Interesting Items
Calendars, instead of being laid
f.eide, should be framed; no time like
the present.   Kilby Frames Pictures.
E. A. Bennett of Field was a Cranbrook1 visitor Saturday last.
Harry   Edwards   was in the   city
Monday transacting business.
Lester Clapp and Wm. Attridge
have been appointed police commie-
Bionsrs for the ensuing year.
Cranbrook Meat Market
Fresh killed beef, pork,
mutton, etc. Phone
A. J. Balment and 3. Caslake have
been appointed licence commissioners
for the ensuing year.
Mrs. J. T. Sarvis will not receive
Thursday, February llth, but will receive the second Thursday in March.
Mrs. Harry Briggs and Mrs. R. G.
Nelson are visiting friends in Macleod, Alta., for'a few days.
J150     FOR     SIXTY   DAYS'    EASY
easy    work—Write    for    contract.
Bradley-Garretson, Brantford.      Fe20
There .ire some people wbo still resort
to drugged pills or alcoholic syrups to
overcome colds, nervousness or general
debility, and wbo know that the pure,
unadulterated nourishment In Scott's
Emulsion is eminently better, but refrain
from taking it because tiny fear it may
lead to excessive fat or obesity.
This is a mistaken idea, because Scott's
Bmulsion first strengthens the body before
making flesh. Its blood-forming properties aid nature lo throw off sickness by
building health from its very source, and
flesh is formed only by its continued use.
Avoid alcoholic substitutes for SCOTT'S.
A. M. Chisbolm ot Windermere was
in town Saturday last on a little
business. Mr. Cbisholm returned
home on Sunday evening.
A. Doyle of Fort Steele was in
town Wednesday looking up a few of
his old friends and doing a little
business on tbe side.
The St. John's Ambulance Association wishes to acknowledge the donation of one helmet by Mrs. W. Halsall.
The Ladles Auxiliary of the Y.M.
C.A. will hold their regular monthly
meeting the Y.M.C.A. build'ng on
Monday, February 8th, at 3.30. Every
members is asked to attend.
Joe Galzinski is opening up a retail rant in tbe vacated store of S.
Kotiry. Although the times are not
wbat might be expected Joe says
that he has confidence enough to believe that it will be a success.
that are making you feel so badly.
If so, you can easily tell. If your
bead feels dull and achy—if your
back hurts nearly all the time—if
your appetite is poorly and your
tongue is coated—if the urine
burns, is highly colored and offensive in odor—if you notice a brick
dust deposit or mucus in the urine
after standing over night—then
yon certainly have something the
matter with your Kidneys.  Get
~*& ronrtttM. kidneys
St, Sauveur, Quebec City.
"For .1 long: time, 1 had been suffering from
the Kidneys and Pains in my Back and
Limbs. 1 have tried several remedies without
Bliccess. Alter using Gin Pills I was soon
relieved of my pains and now 1 am perfectly
cured, and due entirely to Gin Pills".
Mrs. Ve. J. GUY.
Gin Pills are "Made in Canada"
and sold by all dealers at 50c. a box,
(1 for $2.1)0. Sold in U.S. under the
name "GINO" Pills. Write tis for
free trial treatment.
National Drug and Chemical Co.,
ol Canada. Limited. Toronto.
With t>'cket No. 14 Mrs. Harry Grid-
ley is the fortunate winner of a beautiful table cover. Miss Flo Baldwin
felt some time ago tbat she would
like to contribute a little to the Belgian Relief fund and therelore   con-
We will furnish the goods If you
firnlsh the cash at an equal, if rot
lower,   price   than   the mail   order
If you want to invest in Perry
Creek—see W. R. Beatty
ceived the idea that she would raffle
this table cover in the Auditorium.
The cover is the work of her own
hands and is declared by tbose who
understand crocbette work that it is
an excellent example. The amount
handed over to the Relief Fund will
be acknowledged on the return of
Mrs. (Dr.) King from the east.
There is absolutely no need to send
a five-cent piece out of the city for
groceries and provisions. Order your
goods and have them delivered the
same day and GUARANTEED from
Ira R. Manning, Ltd.
The Crfnbroo'f Herald, before asking the attorney-general's department
to wake up, should take a stick of
dynamite and blow out the cobwebs
that are evidently hanging around
their reporter's depnrtment. For
tbeir information it might be well
to point out that the appointment
of th° police and license commissioners was known in the city by proper
authorities last Saturday. Police
commission: L. Clapp and W. Attridge; license commission: A. J. Balment anl J. Cailako.
gent married or single women for
work around home or liberal! remuneration for spare time, Mrs. David-
eon, Brantford. Fe20
Arrangements bave been made
whereby thc ordinary rate of two
cents per ounce applicable to all letters sent from Canada to the United
Kingdom, will apply to letters addressed to British and Canadian
troors on the continent. The rate
on ordinary letters from Canada tor
tbe continent is five cents for ffle
first ounce, and tbree cents for each
subsequent ounce, so that this extension of the two cent an ounce rate
to letters addressed to our soldiers
on the continent is a decided reduction in favour of correspondence going to the soldiers.
houses   of Canada on all orders   of
$15.00 or over.  Ira R. Manning, Ltd.
The inference made by the Herald
in one of their locals this week is to
the effect that it was the city who
opened the restricted district again.
For the Herald's information we beg
to point out that th3 order in council No. 262, approved on March 29th,
1910, his be:n rescinded, consequently the whole of th« "district" is under provincial control at the present
time. It would be well if the city
council or the board of trade or
some responsible representatives of
the citizens of the city and district
would bring the necessary pressure to
btar and let the government thoroughly understand that the citizens
of Cranbrook generally do not want
the restricted district and want it
dene away with at once.
P. O. Box 802 Cranbrook, B.O.
A Miner's
denotes a weakness and
If neglected it leads to
bronchitis, pneumonia
SCOTT'S EMULSION is the sure
and safe remedy for coughs and
colds because it relieves the trouble
and strengthens the whole eystem
to avoid sickness and loss of time.
Every miner should lake
Scott'i Eailiion and refute ths
inferior sub*titutci.
Every druggist has it.


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