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The Prospector Aug 9, 1913

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Array Provincial
UfWMHi A„,mnl,
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lease, ind
Guarantee Vou • I'll
P)* ffrx$ptfttrt
The  Leading Newipaper
. in thet
Kootengys J
Q The
d $2.00 Per Year
. set    ■
Regulating Imported Fruit
Dominion Fruit Inspector Makes Visit and Explains
New "Fruit Marks" Act
Mr. it. (i. L, Clarke, chlof Dominion Vruit lUBpoctor Ior B.U., and Mr.
A. MoL, Wo tel ier, ot Hosmer, district inspector, woro in Qranproolc
Un:* wook advising (nut. importers uf
the (legislation which thu Do mm.on
uoverntnout ima nwn nt tn mako ut
thc i'flcomincn ilu tion nf tlu1 U.C.
I'Tiiit Growers' Association through
iho Mln is tor uf Agriculture Hon.
Martin Uurroll, 'ihe Hon, Martin
Bnroell, ns soon n« tho prOB nnd cons
qf tlio request wero placed before
film rocogtiizod tlio Justice ol tbe
i-Vjiit'Kt und in a must helif.il spirit gavo tlu- association nil tho assistance possible. It is respecting this
tne as uro tlmt Mr. Clarke is making
this tour through the districts most
closely affected in company with tho
regular district inspector, nnd acquainting ttie buyers ol the new law
and properly explaining it su fnr iis
Llie time at his disposal will allow.
The effect of these measures cannot
but bo ol benefit to Hritisb Columbia Fruit Growers as it wlll be the
means of placing tbem more on nn
equality with foreign growers, at tho
same time it will he [or the general
good as the "marks" on each ease
or box will curry its own guarantee
and the purchaser will know that ho
or she is receiving full value in the
purchnse. We herewith append th
new regulations at given out from
(a) "Importer" means the person, firm, or corporation i I
Canada to whom fruit from
out Hide nf t'a.mdn is suid.
shipped, consigned or deliv
(li) "fruit." means apples, crab
apples, pears, plums, and
peaches, when shipped in
doses pack-ages,
(c) "Inspector" means nn inspector employed by the Department of Agriculture of Can-
Reached Summit
JIT. ROBSON—Alt. Holmon, kins of
Lhe Rockies, wns climbed to rtay by
Vi. M. Foster, cf Vlctoriu, and Capt,
MncCartliy, oi Wilmer, led by the
Biiide ol Uio Canadian Alpine Club,
Konriid Kuin. 'llie time, irom the
hi.ouac at an altitluie ol 6.500 leet
,„, tij« .riilthoasl nl Luke Kiiiiey,
was 30 hours, Including the hours oi
sleep on the descent at nn altitude
ol 9.000 leet.
II was a Ioiib still und dillicult
climb, involving at least 000 steps
cut by Kain. The party lelt camp
on tbe evening ol July 00, and made
a rock mattress on thc ice under
The Ext nguUher ln Rnbron cirque,
where the night was spent. At 4:l*i
Thursday morning the trio crossed
the glacier and the snowileld and ascended the dome, and outlier. Thenc,.
hard clln.hing was met on a steep
ice wall, requiring step cutting lor
1 500 leet, getting up before thc av-
uiiincnes began to tall. At 8.00 a.m.
a bad berg fill of drifting snow was
met in a hitter wind; 105 steps were
cut in one wall, and atl2.30 they
reached n kni'.'e edged "artery" at
10,500 feet, only to lind the real d.lti
culties of thc ascent yet to begin.
Ifrom the valley below this artery
appears to lead to the summit. Thc
party then cut steps in tbe snow below the edge to allow ol travel, and
al 2:30 reached thc linnl clear ice
dome below the summit, a steep
pitch, with nn overhanging cornice,
Two possible routes, averting tho
oveebanglng Ice, hnd t.i be nbnniloncil
as I aklng too much lime, and the
guide decided to cut the final steps
of a-cent under the overhang, I'ro
gress here seemed very slow, and the
summit seemed to retreat as the ice
maps* h were passed. There wns u
bi; ing wind, nnd the rope, gloves und
rloLh s were frozen stltl. The weather bud now cleared, and nt 5:30
p.m. llie guide turned und siid,
gentlemen, I can tnke you no Vernier, and tbey stopped on to the
Cloudless summit, lbo apex nl tho
ium iriiln. Thoy stood lor 15 mln
Ilio. on tho hllgh lower nbiivo the
Rooky Mountain system, and des
roi,led by the southeast Ince, nne
n'ljert. being Ibe choice of an easier
A "till dcueont, and mueh step-cut-
t ng, followed, and the party slept
nu „ ledge tied togotnor liy ropes, nl
9,000 (eet. Tbey bud no Ulnnkets,
but wero tolerably eniiifnrtable. They
started at 5:30 a.m. in the morning
down channels and overhanging
ior's, milking slow progoess, and
readied camp at 1:30 p.m.
Fight Corporations Act
TORONTO—Shut out ol tho province o.' British Oolumbla by the operation ol tho licence system ol that
province, the John Deere Plow eonl-
liiny his determined to carry its
light against provincial authority to
thi highest tribunal In tho empire,
'lho compan) has scored an open advantage by FO'iiring Irom thc privy
council lenvo to appeal from the decision of .liistice Gregory of the su
promo Court ol llrltlsh Columbia,
who Issued un injunction ngainst the
coniiinny to rcslrnln It from doing
business In tho coast province. The
hear ng has been set down for No-
vein1 or noul..
New Champion
laONQON—David tlllllngtnn wronted
the profoislonnl one-mile swimming
championship (rom the Australian,
Oscnr Dick man, nt Hury Sunday after noon. Ullllngton won by 118 yds
In III minutes 11 Ili seconds.
nd,i ta onlorce the provisions
ol Part IX of the Inspection
und  Hales   Act,   chapter   HO,
Revised Statutes uf I'anada
1906,    and    the    Itegiilntlons
made tlui'cunilol'.
2. No fruit shall bo Imported Int
Canada   except  ns  liereinnKter  provided,
S. Every Importer oi fruit, or his
represent!.!, ve shall cause all grade
marks found on closed packuccs ton-
mining Imported fruit to be completely removed, erased or obliterated, whin sucb grade marks are dll-
foront to, or Inconsistent with the
marking or branding required Ity sections .1211 ami 821 nf the inspection
.ind Rales Act, or section 4 ol these
I. Kvery Importer nf Inllt, or his
representative, shell cnuse all closed
packages containing snt. linpfcii-teil
fruit to be mnrked or brnnded in a
plain and legible manner, in letters
and figures not. loss than half nu
inch ion*, and iu the following form
(Place here the proper grade
(I'lnce here the correct name
nf tho variety)
Imported   by
(Insert here the name and ad-
nddrcss of the importer)
5. Tiio removal, erasure or obliteration   of   original grade   marks   or
brands   on   closed packages containing Imported fruit and remarking or
branding of said closed  packages to
conform  with the provisions of Thu
Inspeclim and Snlc Act ns required
by   these   regulations, shnll be done
nt  the  time when the snld packages
are   being   taken   from   the rnilwny
car,   steamship   0r other conveyance
In  which  they Imve been brought tn
0. Tho marks or brands specific
in section 4 of tin* Regulations shall
be placed on the end of the packages.
Deny Statements
Moose .Jaw, Bask—The City Ooun-
eil haft passed a resolution unanimously condemning a locul paper,
The Evening Times, for its front
page editorial on the financial conditions of tbe city.
i In |>ait, the resolution reads as
Toliuv.v,: "That this Council deslfrs
to place on record its strong disapproval ua thc article published recently, owing to its gross misstatements of local conditions, wherein
the credit of the city and its business men is impugned, ftnd that a
copy of thin resolution be forwarded
j to the Board dt Trade with th. request that support be given this ino-
tion with a view to restoring confidence in the city which has been so
seriously Impaired by the publication
j Mayor Pascoe emphatically deaics
the report published in a local paper announcing that the city's ban'.t-
ers bave refused to accept cheques
drawn hy the city. "Any inconven-
i«n e that bis been experienced io
connection with the city's financial
arrangements hus been caused b« our
inability to dispose ol the city'R debentures," said the Mayor.
Invade Cathedral
LONDON—A purty of 40 well
dressed BUffragottes interallied the
morning service at St. Paul's cuth
edral (,n Sunday morning ilist) by
chanting H prayer n behalf of Mrs,
lOmineline PanKhurst*. Ushers ejected tbe woolen Irom the edifice nfter
q sculllc, iii which severul chairs were
I The disturbance took pluco during
the    Singing oi the litnny.   Tho wo-
' men, who had Iront sonts in the centre aisle, chanted loudly:
"Save Emmoline rankhiirst;
Sparc hcr, spare her.
•live ber light und set hcr fire;
Save ber, save her;
Henr us while we pray to thee."
Kvidontiv the chant hnit heen care*
fully rehearsed. II was In the same
nine ihu ibe cboii hud been singing. Hhn (ho women began their
chant   ushers   rushed   to thom from
lull parts n ibe eailiebrul, while mini
irons   members   of the congregation
j em. nslmteil    wltll   the    disturbers,
I tel Ing <li -m to remember that tbey
were in „ church. The siiflrngettes,
however, repeated their chant three
or four times, ouch time In „ louder
key.   A    majority   ol them wore led
I out by tbo ushers, but half a dozen
or so, ciung to their chairs and
'ought against ejectment.
! When the disturbers were removed
the   services   proceeded.   A squad of
| police was In attendance at vespers
in the evening, hut there was no ills
1 tiirhancc.
Supplementing a life of munificent
philanthropy, Fry, the Quaker enenn
I ingnatc. lias left no less thnn $7r.O.
^00 to charity, In addition to modest bequests to ;I7 relatives, Such
chnrcters are n sweet, savor in tbo
nostrils of humanity, even though
thoy solve but in ii small degree to
lenvon the solfbh muss.
The Australian Navy
Experience of Sister Dominion  in Beginning  Her
Navy—A Lesson for Canada
Australia's   experience  in   tho or-|
ganizatioii ol u naval force furnishes,
a useful object, lesson to Canadians.
Australia Is nt work, It. must be re-,
mombcrcd, upon a policy „[ permanent naval development, and It Is he-1
ing done on a scale and  under coll-1
ditions little understood In Oanadn,
least of ull understood by those who
liavo   ranged   themselves   In opposition to ihe Borden policy of Immediate   tomnory aid to the Rrnplre ami
who   back   tbelr opposition with the
general   statement   that   "Australia
is building her own nnvy."
in 1901 Australia agreed to set up
ii Fleet Unit of her own. it wus to
comprise a battle-cruiser, three light
cruisers, six destroyers tint! throe
submarines, It was to cost, at the
prices tbeu prevailing. ¥3,700,000,
nnd it wnuiii need about 2.T.0O officers
and men. The Admiralty told the
Conference that "Simply to man
such a squadron, omitting auxiliary requirements and any margin
for reliefs, siekneis, etc... the minimum numbers required would be
about 2,,,1)0 ofllcers nnd men."
That was in 190'J; the vessels designed today for the most part arc
larger und require mnre men. The
Drendnniight of 1913 wlll need about
1,000 mon, as against 780 for the
battle 'Cruisers ordered by Australia
and New /.ealnnil in 1909 und thc de-
troyers of today need 100 men in
stend of lit,; sn that the personal ol
a lleet unit of thoroughly modern
ships probably would not full very-
far short of 3,000.
The Australians ordered all thc
vessels of their fleet unit In 1909 und
1910. Most of them were built in
Great liritiun, hut thev undertook to
build one of tbe light cruisers, the
Brisbane, in Australia. Vory slow-
progress wns mnde with this ship,
alike in beginning her nnd In roin-
•retine her; she hns not been finished yet.
Later the Australians decided to
obtain a comprehensive report upon
tbe whole tiavul uitllution us It ilt-
fected the commonwealth, and theil
government requested Admiral Sir
Reginald Henderson, an officer with
experience in administration to prepare a scheme for it. He visited tlic
country and drew up a remarkable
plan, exceedingly ambitious and very
carefully worked out. The Australian Government promptly accepted
the plan.
Sir Reginald Henderson proposed
that tbe Australian Government
should     embark    0n   a   programme
which would lust lor 22 years-that'By 19,13 it
Is, until 1988, Dining the whole ol I buttle cruiser
this long pirinil every stop lorward to nin:io ill
wus to be prearranged and taken In J would imve i
a proscribed nrdcr. When it wus uol,
completed, Australia would Imve tbe
fnllnwlng licet:—
would have inldeii two
slid two light cruisers
its full   number   and
,nie 16,000 i.l n person
Empire and Entente
Recent  Visit of  Trench   President  to  England   Renews Interest in Pact
The  French  ['resident
ii name,  hut h portion, t<
asm mi
It     tu
nin] the me i'i*/I'll) each day of in
bSaglaud   showed
lie   Iiiii*   -.lamped   lh'
no longer
he BritlBh
: until .ml
flCont vis-
i.  A   fighting   Hoot  otght   battle-
Ten light cruisers,
a   torpedo   lleet ol 18 destroyers  and   i-  submarines,—I.e.   three
divisions uf destroyers mul four divisions <>i submarines,
A set of auxiliary vessels comprising three depot ships' for the destroyer flotillas and one repair ship.
Or !i2 ships, lu all. Admiral Hen
ilerson calculated that this force
when completed would require nearly
15,000 officers and men. It was to
cost .C88,<.00,(lrtQ or 1428,000,000,
ll wns Admiral Henderson's plan
that tho full size of the fleet Bhould
he reached uy degrees. He proposed
to divide the totnl period of 22 year
in;o four eras, the flrat of seven
yenrs, that in. from 1911 to 1918.
and the others dt live years each.
The second era was to end in 1923,
Lln: third in 1928 and the fourth in
1983. Thc Ilrst era he recommended
should be mainly devoted to preparation, to the ini ihi iu (r of barracks
the establtshmene of schools, thc
opening dt naval stations, the im-
piovomcnt of harbours, etc. Once the
lleet unit was obtained he suggested
the oniy additional ships procured
should ne six doritroycrH, three submarines and a depot ship.
Thus at the end of 1918 the fleet
should comprise one battle cruiser;
the Australia;" three light cruisers,
thc "Sydney," "Melbourne" and
''Brisbane;'1 two divisions of destroyers, ench of six ships, with one
de] ot Bhip; ami two divisions of
submarines, e--ch of three BhlpB, The
personnel needed would be 4-184. Of
this 2910 was to come from Oreat
Br itl an und 1471 from Australia,
During each nf the three succeed-
iug mis, Sir Reginald Henderson advised the building of two or three
battle-cruisers and two or three
light cruisers. By 1923, the fleet was
to have three hattle-crnisers, 18 destroyers (three divisions) and 12 submarines. It would need 8244 officers
and men. Of the new men procured,
708 should come from England and
3152 be procured locally. By 1928
the fleet would comprise six battle-
cm sera, eight light cruisers, and the
same number of torpedo crafts.
This   forte   would    need 12.8011 men.
Admiral Henderson In effect |i
posed to Iny down the plant and lind 'ui
tlic men, and to procure the ships
as rapidly ub he thought men could lie
recruited and trained, The Austral
ian Government) us bus [.treidy been
suid, adopted It. and hero is what
bus been done:- •
Thc Austral.un Navy Board hrfl
been la exist ance for two years. It
ie a copy in miniature of the Bonrd
of Admlrnlty In Ornat liritiun ami
it has done a great denl of organ!'/.-
a ton
The   Fleet    Knit    has   nearly been
completed;     the   crows   have   been
found, partly by getting English sen
men,    partly    by recruiting some 1,-I
.sun  Australians, I
The dockyard at. Sydney has beeu I
la-tin o\er from the Admiralty and
Improved-not suffered to full Into |
The  Naval   College  hns  been  start
ed, with 2S cadets.
Wor!.    is   proceeding on two naval jit   is
jhirbours, Cod-churn Sound, at Free- 'whtcliappcn
| mantle    in   Western    Australia,   and instance,    -.
Ipoit .''astern, near Melbourne,     The mtlch above
Icfcnces and docks <>( Sydney aro be* t
ime character upon tin- popu-
nr imagination. Not a Little of n
Access which bus broabhod new llfo
nto ihe entente is owing t*< his own
ommuiiil    of enorgotlc and Judlclu •*
ni-; There was one sentence of
excellent little discourse In thi
city, recontly, whloh will renin
throughout the British Dominions,
and. above al.l, in tho greatest of
aolf-govirnlug -Btaten Canada, speak
ing nt On- Uuldliall, M. polncalre >;■
all'/ed   thai   he aduroi i not onl>  <
audience, tint a nation, and not unlj
nn Island, but nn Empire,
"Throughout tho world iho rent
"less billows of tiie ocean draw lo
"gether and unite the shores of tho
"two great colonial powers in n
' constant interchange id ideas and
"interests. Is it not decreed by the
"very nature of things that the tw.,
"peoples of (Ireat Britain and
"France should ever be associated
•for the progress of civilization und
'the maintenance of peace in the
There is uo conventional accent, in
these remarkable words, Thev touch
the moat Important of facts. The
gemot, id the entente cordlale is that
factor in our foreign policy
i directly to Canada, for
, to Kngland, and is us
party, we believe, in Ot-
London.    We  dwell   Upon
ing improved. .the   attitude   of the (ireat Dominion
A   chain   ol    wireless stations bus! towards this matter in order to give
been   set   up half-way round   the is-.tho ptrongest illustration of a u*'1"*1'
Innd    crntinent;    the   full   distance al truth applicable to nil the Hritisb
around is 12.000 miles, .territories,   und to the whole sphere
There arc several  training  vessels. <*'    sea-power.   Alter  the  marvellous
rtllcd with seaman recruits. development of tho last decade. ( un-
ada is no longer n backwater, but is
Thnt summarises the organization
progress. Nnw comes something
more. Just before it went out of office tho kflboti? Government announc
e.i a proposal that tho Henderson
programme he speeded up. It. de
clared in favour of bull-din:! *, second Dreadn night, three destroyers
and two submarines, If this is accepted, und if <n l'U7 and 191k Australia hu ill's only three destroyers
and one submarine, she even tbm
will complete the first era. 19H-I91H,
a Drrndnaught ahead,
nation among nations moving
splcuoUsly in the main Stream of the
worlds Intercourse, Canada is thu
most progressive part of the "new"
Orld, yet vitally connected with the
"old' from which, in the interests of
bet own prosperity, site must continue to receive an increase of population and capital,
when wc consider Uie position of
Ihe Wrench population in CJuebeo, we
perceive that nil tbe Influence of the
tn-tento cordlale make for the moral
un ty of Canada itself, no less than
for tho security of tho two Europe-
Ion mother countries and for the sta
biltty ol tho whole world's pence.
British anl French are neighbors
and   in   tholr mutual Interests must
ondeavoi     re    and    mure    to   be
(runds uol only along the channel,
bul ab>i>: ih Ht. Lawrence us woll
as upon tin- M editor ron nean shores
und in initial seas Canada is a foils of tho world-wide Interconnection
in which president Polncalre refers,
s. far a-*, human foresight can Judgo
•Old     ..iih     this   at  Beast,   Mi.   Hot
den and sir Wilfrid Laurior would
equally agree- It is tho splendid des
tiny of Canada, if ber atlans ate
we'll guided, to bo not only the heir
of British mid French traditions ami
civilisation, hut to form the great
Iin1-. betwoen tho United Kingdom
and tho I'nited Stntes, and to con-
nect the questions raised in the Pa-
C'flc ocean, where Australia and India ure vitally interested, with that
pace and security of the seas on the
Atlantic side which is a chief object
Ol the entente to maintain. Were
thnt. guarantee destroyed the scn-
connectton ,,t Canadian trade, tike
those of the rest, of the empire,
would he cut nn all Bides. M. Polncalre emphasized, that wider meaning of the friendship of republic and
Empire n*,* a mutual insurance which
nothing else could replace.—Pall
Mall Gazette.
Great Priory Meets   *- Mining Report
VANCOUVER—The   closing session     •"    1912   there   were   :;i,;   ml
VANCOUVER—The closing session
of the 30th annua) convention of the
great priory Knights Templar was
held this morning m the Masonic
temple. Th i ofllcers who wen- elected
were installed tins morning by Most
Kmiueiit Sir Knight .1. It. Tresider,
of Montreal, assisted by Assistant.
Grand .Master Sir Knight William
Whyte, ot Montreal. Next year the
convent ion will be In Ottawa.
Those appointed to office were: Supreme Grand Master, p. D. Gardon, the   Stem-winder
.     '■, ; ."',,""",     ",' Montreali  Deputy   Grand Master, K.  Ing property,
proposed by .Antral Henderson and w   chapman, vVmnfpeg; Grand Chap  ;   The   suliiv«n   group,   on the east
 Commonwftytlnla |ilill(   :ti,,   (.   ,.-_ SogbII1|   Calgary; |afde of Mark creek, has been worked
e    to MW.uw.wn.  ,-r,(m| chaiicellor,  William H.  Whyte  steadily    dm ing    the    vear   and ha-
nmended-and this Montrea|. Qrnnd  Master, w. A. wn-
porlani  to Canada   annual  ex- |( „   ,,,„„),,„. ,;-•.,,„, Treasurer. Char
is.u..    from    llftoen   lo 1(B v   MauseJI, Toronto; Grand Itcg-
Istrar,   a. J, Gillla, Dawson; Grand
Oonstable,   i.. G. Mnnn,   Vancouver;
s Provincial   Prior   for Bnt sh Colum
f  bia. It.  K.  Plewman, Rossland.
j     Those    elected     to  the Grand Colin
The ros'. of the Australian navy
agreed to by th •
estimated at do
The Admiral reco
l ■!.: there were 3ic mineral
■minis held under Crown lirant or
certificate of Improvement; 14:. certl-
iicutes of work were Issued; und H:>
new locatious cpoordeci.
The North Star group, on Mark
creek, has remained shut down since
1910 and it ii probable tbat it will
not be opened again until some economic method of seducing low-grade
refractory ores has been successfully
demonstrated, 'ibis also applies to
group,   an adjoin-
tbe  total
twenty-five   mill
cost of the scheme on'y $113,000,000.
or   little   more   than   one-fourth, li
accounted    for   n th« actual
thc ships.
2u,000 tuns, besides In-
elOpmcnt work and
.( wnter  power from
Shatters Record
cord of 1:07 for n mile on n hall
mile track was shattered by Bob Bur
man, the npeed king, here on Saturday when ho ncgot-at-jd the distance
In h's Itlit/en Ben. (n 1:51. Three
expert timers cauitht the new record.
. Biirmnn    predicted    before   the    rnee
j that be would set a new mark, stat-
Ing   t'*nt   the   local half-mile track
! wan in the finest condition of anv
circular   jUuck   upon   whim he ever
I raced.
To Banquet Green
The Kootenay Conservative banquet c ommittec, of whom A. B.
Tritesi Fernie, is president; T. D.
UaVen, M.P.P., Oranbrook, vice-president; A. Carney, Knslo, Treasurer;
and A. 10. Watts, Wattsburg, secretary, haH tendered invitations to n
nan |iiei and reception to be held in
honor of R. i*'. Green, M.P. The
premier of British Columbia, Sir
Kichaid McBride, and most of the
nder.il ond provincial ministers have
(■xprcs'ed their intention of being
pns'iit if possible. The exact date
of the banquet is not yet decided as
arrangements are being made to suit
the convciiUnce of the ministers.
Hon. Hobert Rogers will visit the
coast'in August and will come to the
Kootenays in October for the pur-
1 o.te of attending the banquet, when
It. V. Green, M.P., and the ministers
will be the guests of tho secretiry
at Wattsburg,
If the time of thc ministers will
permit, It Is probable that thev may
be induced to ucce.pt invitations to
ban BIOtB to be bold at diflerent I
points in the Kootenays, as several
districts arc desirous of doing honor j
to their member, who Una proven
himself useful to his constituents, a
man who is doing things, in place of
attempting to satisfy his constitu
cuts with flowory speeches, Mr.
Green's work in securing the continuance of the lead bountv for British
Columt.il alone entitles him to the
thanks of the mining community
throughout the province. Mr. (irecn
is n tireless nnd determined worker
wbo produces results in so many
ways for those he represents in parliament.
The objects of the Kootenay Conservative banquet commiteee, which
will be a permnnent Institution is
to arrange or organise fitting reccpt
ions in honor of eminent men who
do their duty to their country nnd
the empire nnd deserve tin* expressions of nppreolation of their fellow
countrymen.- Nelson News,
Besieged J)y Wolves
SMATI.I'.Y, MINN Mr. mul Mm.
Roy lloyil, nl MlnnonpollB, told ol
hnvini: boon besieged liy n pnoK .if
■yol.TH. Thoy Hftvnil tholr 1Iv«h liy
lniililini', a ni" •*'l|p" thoy becamo lout
near Upper Hod la1", where they oil
were Camping, Alter a nipM of tor-
ror, the Roydt* returned to their
You Can Depend On
Your Neighbors
To whom do you appeal for
help in time of trouble or sick
ness;' Ou Whom would you depend if nrond misfortune laid
Its heavy hand on you? Your
neighbors?    Kxactly.
Man is a gregarious animal,
and he naturally cares for relatives, friends and acquaintance.*, rather than strangers. Social aflnirs depend entirely on
acquaintanceship, and business
affairs are controlled to a larg0
extent by the same element. It
would bo better it business and
friendship were itill more close
ly linked.
If you would depena on your
neighbors in time o' adversity
why not depend on them in
prosperity? Isn't the man
whose band vou would like to
grasp, the man to whom you
ought to hand the dollar that
you haVo to spend' Why send it
away to a mail order house
which would he interested in fl
d-ath in yOllj family merely because it offered a iiossible
ilinnce to sell you a tombstone
or a crepe band for your hnt?
Yoi, know your neighbors are
reliable, that they can be de
|.ended on, that they would
come to your aid with sympathy or material help should
t e occasion arise. 'I h n why
not show tint you appreciate
their good qualities by loing
business with them regularly
nn l ah a matter of habit?
Th ■> know you and are inter
estcd in vou. Thc mall order
man is merely interested in getting your money, and thnt In
Rifle Association
A   MII'I'tillK   I,,'   the   UllOVl*   itHHUCIIltinii
-vim held ln the City 1M1 0I1 Monday last ut half-pant eight I.n the
purpooe oi elect ng oliicer« lor thciim-
otiatlon and receiving the reports
ol the committees. Mr. Kdward p:i
well was elected Captain ol tne An
socfalion and Mr. LaHeur, See.
anil Messrs. VI, J. Nicolls, 0, l.au-
luicli and Mr. David permanent coin-
inittje    to    assist   In   management
ilu: S, A.
ell were l>. A. Clink,
ChnrlVs II. Collins, Tornl
l.uke, Ottawa; A. Sliuw.
3, w. It. Minikin, Calgary,
The special train "I knlghte nnd
Indies lelt Wednesday niKlit lor Den
Matter for Experts
VANOOUVtill.    B.Of—Sir   Richard
McUride thinks that the naval qiics-      .Some
tion    should be  altogether taken out   appeared
of   the   realm   ol   politics   and left
lhe committee of the  Kangc report-{with   experts    to decide.   This view,
ed   that   thc necessary work to put! given in a public speech on Saturday
same in order could  be done for the last, follows s.grii.icnntiy „ speech of ft.
sum of noo. which includes the con-  Capt, Halsey, of th-   New   Zealand, |0(
t-truction of targets, excavating pits,  lu   Vancouver  on  Friday  nigh'-   The     .
clearing brush, flag poles and shoot-  diplomatic commander of the battle-
ing oil mounds, and   then    we   shall ' ship   took    occasion to suggest that
yet he. n abb
what her assi
J navj should bc
1   ■■!   know   y
have    one of  thfl  best ranges [n  tbis ' it was hardly ,,  matter for shuine in   .j- M
province. |(*anid»   that   this   country had nol   tl|1,p .(
The    association now has over 150   >'ci   ,H',n    n,•,,'    tn d_cldf„ln,e™rtS though
members on the roll and new names!wlml   .hcl',!,itIRlSt"_7 __Jt__JS.       I ment
are still going on so that „ member-
phi | of    330   will   not be  hard  to oh
(tinting new
the lustallatl.
Mark creek.
The st. Kugene group, on tiie east
side oi Moyie lake, has still a force
of thirty men. shipping tt few car
loads of ore nnd prOBpectlng generally.
The owners of the Aurora group.
alter considerable prospecting during
1912, have been unable to locate any
large body of ore and have closed
down tcmporlly, but will open up
| The Society Girl group, un l*ast
i side .jt .Moyie Lake, hn* been Steadily
going ahead, shipping _ small quantity    of   ore,    but is not yet in tbe
st ot regular shippers.
Some  httle  interest   in   mining  has
part ciilarly     with   regard
Perry    Creok. and the St.  Mary's
district.   Thfl    former    w th   its free-
gold    quart*   may  create some  little
ilopnient,    as    the whole creek a-
bove "old town" is located.
St. Mary's district, with its copper and galena. Would interest cap-
i al but for its transportation disa
liln. Application is now being made . '-,ltv and shart
to the District Oflicer at Victoria empire, i bu
und   for   the   present    twenty   rlHOB|your house of
to   decide  iu  exactly
tun -e tu the Imperial
made and added.
• ii want t.. do J'"'"'
in the defence ol the
e   read   the  debates  in
commons and   nnyon ■
Even   a   wagon-road would
develop tins section, for, al-
, certain an mint ol develop
irk is being done on various
properties,   systematic   work cannot
be   attempted   wltb advantage until
the pack-trail is superseded.
have been asked for which should be
sufficient for the present requirements, We hope to receive ritles a"-l
ammunition at   n oarlv date so that.
I we may commence shooting this fall.
i We   hope   those   desirous of joining
| this   association   will come forward
i as soon as possible and subscribe
ther nninoa to the roll and not Wall
lo be solicited, The list will always
be found in the olllce of Ben Ifl *_ KI
"oil on Norbury Avenue. We are
fortunate   in having a gronl number
Itl nan -Alio h tve lakm up rllle
shooting wherever they have resided
;nlHi,   many   old   country service men
I und volunteers,
that u
iut that
mr part
vou |
Of tl
and y
is not the
rv trying to
, right way
ni are quite
matter*, foi
ts the *'»1>
Given Chance to Buy
The London county
granted an option t.i
t aiiiulian government to acotilrc the
Plot  on   Aldyeh    site  lor  |C,600,WIO.
The   Aldwyoh  site lo n huge cleared
,nrea adjoining the Htand when- the
lioost, for the Fall Kalr, Sept llth new   Australian   government   oiliee"
and 13-th. I are hemic erected.
Canadian M.P. in Bad
LONDON The Independent ntti
imli- adopted hy Joo Mint In, tin- Can
ailiun lawyer and M.P, i." Kail Ht,
Patterns, m voting with the oppooil
li ii at the eloag i'i Hi,- Marconi tic
btttt In" brought iu penalty ami Mi
Martin   him I i ashed hy tin- local
un inlniion not t«, oook re-oleolion
Mr. Martin nays lie will do nothing
of  the kiail and that  „ minor ati.iilt
his resignation \, ontlroly wiih ut
foundation, It is understood thai
the local l,ihi'i'ai association ih with
drawing its Btipport Irom Mr, Mnr
tin, who, however, will prnhnhly
-ilini a new aeooolntlon in tin- Inter
ruts ni [albernl labor,
ini.Ht    see
decide tho
to   do   y
right in arranging
yourselves.     K.peinin
way  in which t.i learn
Sit rtlchard McBrlde
lhat Canada, il being admitted thai
aho ih ready lo .1" her lull duty l"i
the einp.re protection, might very
will rcfei the whole subject i" thi
admiralty in order t.. loam most el
fcctivel)  i d tho mother country,
Tho premier suid tbo policy ol tin
Bovernmeul >..i** nhsotutoly i" i"n
titt.lt the mtry ol prlrntals i.. Cans
da's parilic conat.
Fire at Wardner
The    planet    mill
Nest   1'HHS   l.llllibi'l    I
was complete!) <>• sir
tv on Mondny mornli
tho Urow s
, ai Wnrdnoi.
ed bi lire cai
, also the olCC-
...  2
.  in
..   2.1
...   1
.. ;.
... a
.'."'..  37
tei Uneaten
.,'  :i
Issued     9
Mineral   clninifl   recorded 	
Placer claims record) d oi
re-recorded   .... 	
Certificatee of work 	
(Viifientca ... improvement
Issued    i.	
Conveyances and otliei documents of title 	
I'artneoshtp agreements 	
(.told Commissioner's permits
Document  iin <l 	
Affidavits filed   	
.lining leases lea .el	
Mining leases in force
Fiee  Mini
did.am I
Mincr's eortlflcatei
ig HcceiptH
11 ir* powoi houso. Tin- loss
mated nt 110,000; fully covered hj
insurnnce, Aboul 2:, men wore em
ployed at ibe pinner, which will he
rebut I ni onoo. Tho plnnei hml a
capacity of 800,000 feet umi wan o»e
,.[ th'- besl equipped In tho district,
The oloctrlc llfthi   plant   which  was
put   out   of   Commission     served     the
town of Wardnor with liglii mul
the town is now lighted in u prlml
ive wny by mrann of ofl I iinps.
Sincerity, u deep, genuine Bin cor
Ity i-4 the ilrst characteristic of nil
men In any way heroic.—-"nrlylp.       |
Thieves Enter Cabin
i.KTliitiiiln..-* A pioneer Irom the
Wnter ton lake*, dlstrlot, who would
not disclose hn. namo, reported the
theli ol 111,000 worth oi supplies
111.;u n mi.in in the Kootonny dls
imi. the pronorty .A tho Hjiuiin
Lumber iiiinpaiiy, ol Montana, Tho
goods oonstatetl ol tobbaeco mul
canned   ki.i.iih,   and had heen lelt in
lbo r ah 11    pending    thfl    renewal  ol
cutting   operations,   No   official ar
1  hn« heen taken as yet.
Ilow ninny, mnny homo, there are
(rom which gaiety Iiiih heen ImnlHlied
Boost for the Kail Pair, Mopt lKth not hy -oiti.w bill hy (trlevanccs and
ami IHIh. complaints. THE PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK. B.C.
©he gfroevector, tifrcmtaooH, $. (C.
■ STAIll.tHHBU    1191
rat.—SmI iv»ry Saturday   Morning, at Uraabraak, B.U.
r. M. Ohrittlan, Manager.
Poalap to imerlaan, Bui-op-an aad  other foreign countrits,
_—^^ 60 cents   a
year extra.
AliVUHtTlHKMlaN'TS - Adverilaing rates furnished on application. No
advertisements but tlnnae ot a reputable i-harai-ter will be accepted    lor
•.DVERTISKI'S* AND Hl'liaCUlUKlta-IInleii. notice to the contrary
lo given to local mauager advertineiiie-nte ami .iihseilptioiie will be kept
running aad charged up against tbelr account.
A Trip to Fish Lake
An Enthusiastic Nitnroil Writes Charmingly of
Outing and Sport
«.'**"*     I,,    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
'■"■ '■"■"■"■"^■"l"i ■■■■■'■ 1" ■■ ■■'•t."l"l'*w
Olll*   il
191.,    I
Hll.lt ll
i lacoil
,j  aliout  the Insl  ol
wus  waiting  m tin*
hop   for   tho   shorn
You don't have to lead
tho Mi mi
ii 11 - in-.*, t anxious ti
o, hoi
l'Jtb YRAR
I  llllM'
A stream
ol    nu'iit'J
nt   P
,11    ii
y   inn
the (no
in conversation    vlth    Mr.
Chief   Dominion   Fruit Inspector (*
B, c, we loan, that   he   baa   great from Uritish Columbia tt:
confidence In this district ns n pro   t
ducer   of   small fruits, such un, cur* i*
rants,    rnspB,   strawberries  and tho  i
aller kinds ol fruit, ol course, ho
that the district
onlv In Its infan :y;
is   coming when the
f the Kootenays will
markets   "f Alberto in tho
nine,   fresb   and ready foi
the coosumors ■*,.. soon hh they reach
the retailers stores.   This would be
oaslly   Boon   if  ,t   moro co operative
movement   ■*• as   advo ated   and  the
growers slap together and bo reduce
the express rates on the lesser number of boxes,
often enough
cay uso can't
eke   wiihoHi
Aa Mr, Clarke says, "the grower is
so occupied witli the growing and th.*
cultivating, that he has no time to
see tn the packing, an'i if some steps
were   taktn   wh^re   the   fruit grown
be pined In the hand o( some person
who thoroughly understands the art
of packing un 1 all wo
a   i roper si i it. it woi
cilitate   the    dlnpo-nwr
and   the grower would, by reason dl
tb. better appearance nnd more rare
fui   handling,   obtain   a much bettei
price fpr his products."
It is time the fruit  growers of thi
district   got together and did some   cin (instances
thine   along   the   lines BUggestod by
Mr. Clarke.
pi tal.
Hows   dally
the United
atcs,   This, of coarse, has a weak
emng   effect   upon local nuance anil
commerce.     'I he   outgo   means   lean
capital here for huslu isg,
ISaob of  us whose fortunes depend
upon thos*) ol British Columbia,owQS
it   t*>   liiin.-eii   in ,'\fW :ln induencd
toward keeping moro ol tins   luonej
a hero   it will att nutate our own in
dustries.   ti you aro  ma Ing .i  pur
chase   ami   there is little choice bo
iwein tin- goods "i  .<itides, let  youi
decision   in   it. favor <>; the product
winch is aiding t.' the borne wealth,
rather uiau t" that o- munulacturera
at   a   distanci -   Von ma>  regard aa
unimportant    your   own In luenco Lu
this   matter   of buying, feeling tbat
you    a< *■   onlj    hei pin ; au Indh idual
among mauj thousands, b .t you can
help,     t'heri   are  great   manufactur
possibilities In Bi itlsh Columbia
and    i ■ •     mi nt   means, ol   oursi
bigger au.i richer cities, more
tumtiea an I :' ■ '  ■■■•"■  for a
.n-lusi ri ■ Keel
■ '■■.!■ to thi
if your       ■- inity.
Hebo Dennett
"Why are you s,
have    that     plug
caught   her  ofl   ibe   mu
are long, too."
"Well, said I, "You li
llmt trail t.i Fish Ut.*.-,
yourself to know that (
go far uvei thoso i
"Bj    Ciolly!     I'd   forgot;  It's nl
mosl.    tbi'    in H(    nt   May.     I   might 'VO
k no wed   that   was where you was a
hoadin' for.    Dut  you won't  , ot   om
tbis   time,   you    lato,   tho Ico
wont  uui >'*■''!  two wooks ago,"
"Aw, como off," Bald I. "Tho roa-
uon%you   u>    to   think that  waj  '
hecau»e    you*ro    not    going,
you remombor Lhat guj  irom
wood   ibni   packed   tho   Ilsh
two brandy kegs lu I   j »ai ''
■^ '■ *, b '  ive gol  hi after tbo run
and came oui   with notti ns
"All  righl. '    i    said     "T'n    ■■ <■■
VouM    hei tei    como
. * ■    ,*i  em   ■ h I ■
Don t
out in
.it.ti .i
i.' nd
Lost For Ever
at ion
Our district is onlv young and tbe
co-operative line, suggested might
ca'-Se n smile to cross the countenance of snme of our more sceptical
readers bnt when nn Industry is in
it's infancy th/u is the right time to
wa''e the necessary preparations for
th- proper distribution of its pro
Cultivate it and be surprised tt( it.
(liow w Ui tin1 industry and be stir
pii.cd at its growth.
Cry aloud from tbe house top*
"Cranbrook is Good, Hear ye afar
oil!" and be surprised at tho number
of enquiries tbat pour Into the post,
oil ice.
We have another Industry that will
rapidly   growing  ami  one  which  wil1
attract, the attention of possible fn
ijulrors,   "The    Poultry   Industry"
but more ol thi*- In cur next Issuo.
Keep the Money Home
If y_U spend j* dollar In your own
town, part ol it, assuming thnt you
are wigngi'd in business, lints a path
back to your Individual coffers, ll
ymi (Wid H dollar tu other section
nil or it ia apt to stay there. Vou
have depleted  to that    extent   yuu
|     I •'.«     c
has  deprived   tii-
le of a report ol the • ■*-.     o ■■-*     ■
portant speeches delivered during the
recent   visit   of    H.M.S      Ne*   Zealand."   These    were   tbe speeches  i I
the   Hon.    ■<     D.     Hasen   and    Sir
Itichard McBride at tbe banquet glv
>n   by   the   former to the officers ol
ihe    "New   Zealand"    on    Saturday
night.   Being   Saturday   night,    nnd
also   having    regard   to   the   large
iipace which the Colonist lin.il already
demoted    to   kindred    subjects,    it is
not   to   be wondered at that it was
found  Impossible  to report  these  remarkable     addresses.      .Mr.      Hazen ■*
spoke for nearly half an hour on the ,
nnvnl policy of Cnnada, not so much  a
from .,  party stand point as from a  I
popular  outlook,  and  from  that  of
the  duty and  responsibilities  of  the
Dominion.   Sir   Richard   r.s> to the
d'umids   of   n   great historic occasion,   and   delivered ono of the most
orcibte and eloquent Bpoeches of hit
career, strongly emphasizing the loy-
itlty ml eourn-..' "ol the sister Domin
Ion in having mnde suet. « magnificent contribution to the navy "When
fiom the deck of th. Quadra l saw
that splendid battle cruiser, the New
Zealand, stcamin. through the Roy-
i>l  ito.ids, and anchoring in the  wa-
tars of our hurl mu* at Esquimau, I
fell, like hanging my hea-l in shame,
and I Ml lite never lifting it again
rntflC'nnndn bad removed the last
reproach of neglecting the duty
which bad boen so nobly performed
j hy New Zealand."  The Week.
an.im auyh
aloug Hobo,
nt at least
"No,   1   v
tnp (ot a (■ n   mea ilev trout."
Next   daj    I    made   up   the pack,
which   consisted   mostlj  of baj  and
-■tits.   Tin  ii is ao bulkj   1 dl\id
,u   ii   into   threo   bundles   ol    two
.,ii.i.   -... ii, -a bicb  i  •• li a i togeth i
ialod     "beat   b,i\ -    This   Wltll
30 lbs ol oats w ould be Btifth lent foi
iif two nights i ho ild i r>v nln at
ie lake,
Via)  Ural      ■  ■■ ■ i what  cloud)
tvjtfa a slight  aouthcrl)   wind
1 put  on thi   pack,  threw  the dia
' ■.    ■   ,:: ! hit   the trail
.*,. Rock i reek,
Pish  Lake  in.** ato ■   twtnty  miles
ut ith '.-IBterly    iron,    the    town   of
.  Creek    B._      whlcb is at the
: Roek * Ireek
*.    fame,    and  Kettle River)
neal    the   summit   between the
Okanagan aud  Kettle  R.
placi   seldom frequented except by I
few "old-timers," and then only at
a   tune    when flsh I      -  -  pposed  to '
be g< od
Man) a tale could be told of the
"big catches" made from the creek
at the fool Jt the lake, and a great
many more of the disappointments
caused by the non-appearance of the
Qnnj horde that inhabit its waters
so erratically.
The roft.l at tbe top ,,. the hli
above the river in confined to - lane
r several nub'-' Large farms He to
right and leit. The fanners were
putting in the seed, wheat anl oats.
In .i large field to my right, a man
was ban owing towards the rond. I
was in hopes that he would prove to
be a certain friend of mine. Coming
on a bit farther I saw that it was
Old   George   promptly lift the team
April, | old   times,
black- blm?"
lo    hoI    I tola bun tbat tho Utile old roan
mure, I imd   boon   packed through the peace i
asked | uiver witb a Geological Burvoy out-
nt  und  was  wisdom   itni.ll    on    the
trail, i
The old horse would stop to nibble
Lhe green grass along tho load until
alt ut so fur behind, then, up he
would come with a mull uud a elat
ter. iftbe trail waB bad be would be
right close- all  the  I line.
Ueorgo slowly turned to hm har
lowing, l knew bow ho felt tor ho
was one <d the hoys that bad camp
od and Irelgntod In the earl) days,
nlso, could upi'ii'ciat ■ the tooling ot
a boll) lull id fresh fried trout
I lowovei, bo Is «>ne ,i. those men
who help to make the world go
round i respect htm Immensely nud
value hm loinapny.
riie road is one ol the host m tbe
I rovlnco through here s.i we racked
right alongi passing the tree whoro
iho lone highway man bold up lh ■
'old McKiiiney stage," -md where
the freighter was killed in the num
wav smash up at the tool of Jolly
Jnck lull Hn.' at tho creek ol tho
i nue name  i stopped toi  lunch
l.oavlug the rond Wo took up the
creok bottom. This ts the beginning
of Un real trail and we (mind boggy
gl i-und   and   mud-boles   galore,
Next tho bench wns reached,   This
is    bul   »   lock   strewn  Jack pine cov
prod stretch of country which at this
time was well nigh impassable owing
to   tho   many    wind falls.     These we
went around or cut through
i mi's    the  horses
Here  the old  pac
-vi v i tl    htm    well
Just as they canu
least  hesitation.
Tbe l'nito was only a Colt and ex
treinoly awkward, having to be tied
whenever there was any chopping.
\boiit three o'clock we came Into
tlic.opening at the bead of the lake.
AU was calm. I went down to where
Ibe boat was kept, lt was missing.
This meant utuithcr four miles of th"
|--H4MH'1,+^,'l'^^,^,'l^"-r'-t,,-^^^4^^^^*,^l< t
t ■■
i-oulil jump liliii'i'H-
boi'86'tt exporlonco
He   took things
n|imn without tin'
-nit-lit'st trail yet inoountured. It 1
vi-hoil tn rt'ncli the fishing ground*
it tin' outlet lii'tore dunk, there \>'n*<
o time to lotw.
Wi* made the beut possible time
low    throng   the   ailher-brush
ing.s    thc    hike's
onling    the   t
il torrents, neur
The Third Quarterly Meeting
of tlu4 (.ranbrook District Conservative Association will be
held in Kort Steele, the home
of our president, Mr. T. T.
McVittie, Thursday evening-,
August 14th, at 8:30 p.m.
To catch them legntly. one had to
use bait that was not prohibited.
Kor this reason Fish Lake will never
become depleted.
1 caught seven in aliout. ns ninny
seconds us it requires to do the
trick when they tnke the hook as
(asta-j it can be rebaited and thrown
western   shore,
creeks, little short
drowning tbe Pinto in one ol them.
1 reached the camping ground at
about dusk, and alter unpacking the
horses built a lire, put on some rice
with loss of water, then hftM for
tbe creek.
Near the ' creek I cut a »Um tarn-
■uae    nole    about    10 feet
'three quartan of an inch at the butt George, and how I wished they were
nud to this I attached about thres there as I ga'«d languidly at the
feet   of   good line, placing a number i,nm|i lire.
Kevin snell hook with a P'«cc ol beet |   *j.|,. „„_ morning 1 was out at <laj
I proceeded to walk out  i:K|,t,  a can of ready prepared bait
Whc-ec, thini. ol it! Trout for
supper! I devoured the seven In
Hhort order for I was thoroughly
hungry and in addition hml dreamed
of just such a f-'e[l f01' many months
and How   sorry   I   felt   for    Hebe   nnd
[or bail, as - .     -
upon the drift-logs at the creek bead
and ra-iu- down  to The ten
"Hoy,   that's   pretty good looking and peer into the water.
stock   for   this   time' of   thc   year.]   ^..nugh nea'ty dark. I knew that I!
Where are ynu oil to?   Fish l.nke, el, ,)ie   tI.0ut   were running I could sei
With   it    were day niter tomoirow, ihom for thc bottom was clear while
I'd like to go 'long." I„aiid.   Sure enough there were n few
"Well" 1 said, *:I was just going  to   bc seen.   All were heading down
to ask vou   but I expect, to stnv two stream showing that thc run was on   methods in ei-uippmcnt and system of
davs   may be you can com,, up?"       « just started, the males Wlift .handling these tlsh, lor I am telling
' '      5        ' ■ i,e siiil. "and ravenously   until   the spawn became  yoU   t_
pluitiful   when   they   would caaaii^to | pst   ynn_.t
inmy pocket, and armed with n ssck
lo carry Hsh in and a abort-handled
lauding  net
Xow, I wish to say right here that
I came to the lake to catch nsh il
they were biting, so 1 shall ask yoi:
to excuse my  lack  cV sportsmanlike
'I'll   try   anyway,
I   don't   you'll know the reason
Hut   fay!   where   did   you
puck  horse.'    ile  makes me
gel that look at anything elaa.   Thla thine ■-
think ol | what   made   the   placesouncerta.il.
truth   when   I sny that 1
them    out   as   fast as
IIH I r, | H I HM h.~l . ."H^
The   East   Kootenay   Industrial   Exhibition
is to bc held at
Sept. 18th & 19th
$600.00 IN PRIZES
istered Holsteins
6 Classes
6 Classes
Dairy Shorthorns
6 Classes
6 Classes
Grade Cattle
6 Classes
Best Dairy Cow on Field      S10.00 Goods
I'ink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Best Aryshire (low       "Nor'west Farmer"
For One Year
Best Holstein Cow      "Nor'west Farmer"
Por One Year
Best Jeney Cow "Calgary Herald"
For One Year
Best Dairy Shorthorn   "Vancouver World"
For One Year
Best Bull (any year or hreed)    $5.00 Cash
By  Calgary   Herald  Co. and
"Farm •£•*?  Ranch  Review  for
One Year
Best Cow and Calf $4.00 for 1st.
$2.00 for 2nd-Given by Farmers' Institute
Calf, 1913
$10.00 Goods
McCreery Bros.
Albert H. Webb, Secretary,     P.O. Box 605    Cranbrook
thy |j t the hook and that wan
.some fast,
Uy noun 1 luul over 40 lbs., nil
nice (n^s, averaging about one-hall
pound each. Of course T but a
great many in the brush and roots
aa well us throwing hack nil under
(i.'lit inches,
I intended salting the ones 1 kept
and the way they were biting lt
would be an easy matter, I saw, to
obtain all that eould he possibly attended to properly.
Quitting about four o'clock I made
for camp, ate lunch nnd then pro-
teeded immediately to tin. caro of
the catch.
I cut each fish down the back nud
sprinkled it lightly with ma salt,
next placing the ln-.li closely in a
box brought for the purpose, This
1 placed where nothing cottld resch
it; then made ready for more flt-ihinu
on the morrow
The following day about mum, the
biting bogan to slacken Up, and by
evening it had almosl ceased, I considered the amount already caught
c-uMii'lcnt so was just nt well pleased
to desist,
Next morning I went out of curiosity to s.'e them spawn. There were
literally thousands of them darting
about o.e:' Ihu sanity bottom. Thc
females, easily discernahle by their
lighter color, wero depositing the
eg^n with ii peculiar side-Hip, cover-
in* them with nu almost Himultnn-
eoiis imd ion nf the tntl. The mules
were continually nosing about among
kick    out
capped   wavelots,    The trees around
the old camp swayed and sighed. An I
old   dry   stub leaning against n big
iir, screech, screeched,
Squirrels and birds were hushed,
tne bosses pawed and stamped about
Fhowing  Bigns  of  restlessness.
FoaHng the wind   might   fell   new,
tiers   across   the trail, 1 deeded to
brea'v   camp   and   depart.     Did you
ever nutice how the breaking up old
camp   makes   one teel?   Particularly
if it has been the scene ol good for- ,
You pull up the tent pegs and
the   lire   with   a   certain
knowledre that no matter when you
return the circumstances will he altered.     Who   can   tell  how or unon j
what occasion lie will see the place !
My journey homeward was without
event. The trip will long remain to
remind me of a moat Hiicceaeful and
pleasant out ing, besides furnishing
mvself and friends with the nucleus
of many a deliphtful repast.—A. P.
Kean in Und and Gun.
Tbe true man is one wbo will neither seek nn indirect advantage by a
specious word nor " "  "*
to secure
ings by the addition of color to the
mixture while in n BOtnl liquid state.
'ih* sawdust of certain kinds of
wood is used in considerable quantities by manufacturers for metal polish, for packing, for meat curing,
for maun; safety explosives, and
composition novelittes and for llbro
and pulp manufacture. 1'atent clean
inn powders for use on carpet) and
rugs consist principally of sawdust,
1'ght.y moistened hy some cheap mln
eral oil.
mm. SEPT. IS TO 21 1913 —-
tnke nn evil path
Koml purpose.—Scott.
Uses For Sawdust
Tbat was
_. saw mills wW
and the amount OB
this form of waste
any   rate   appearei
small.   Now, when th<
Not   so   very   loug ago about the
only  nal   use   anyone had tor sawdust was for packing ice,   "M""*  *■■"'*
whin    aniail    local
more   common, .^^^^^
wood was, or at
1, comparatively
tendency Is *n
consolidate these Into large mill,
wilh a capacity of several hundred
thousand feet of lumber per dav, the
daily waste in sawdust is seen to be
enormous and much experimenting is
be'ng done to discover new methods
Of utilizing it.
Perhaps the most promising vm
ture in sawdust utilization in thin
"■•iintry is tbe manufacture o( ethyl
I alcohol. The sawdust, is
..1th sulphuric acid under
Conditions, resulting iu tb-t
of sugar, which is thru
to produce alcohol. Bev-
....1 plants have been erected to produce alcohol from Wood in this man
ner, and, though there are some difficulties still to be overcome, the ultimate success of the process on n
Commercial basis is assured.
BawdUst has I een successfully man
ufacttired Into briquets for fuel for
a considerable time in Kurope by n
very hi tuple process. The shavings
nud sawdust are tirst steam-dried,
the wnter contained in the wood bland the resin
for grain
I rented
the   females,    who    darted nwny at) in;   thus   evaporated
thei,  approach.    Occasionally fl male nlmosl    liqulded.     The   MffQWt    w
would    discover   a deposit of Bpawn,   then     compressed   under   heat
Ihen   suddenly BWOOp down with ra- briquets of.the desired size, the con-
id undulating movement, and scoopllatned
it up.    Sometimes two or more male ilrm
would spy the same deposit, then
race for it, riling the swift wnter by
their impact.
I watched them until tired of such
tame sport, thin ascending the left
bank proceeded to camp bv the Old
Prospector's trail that came up from
the we-U fork of the Kettle lliver.
This tr,.il converged With others
from Camp McKiiiney. Okanagan and
Rock ('reek, ut the old camp.
From here thr; view Is magnificent
cimmnudtig scenes of untouched
Torest-*! of Iir. tanmruc, jack-pine and
cedar., that extend from the lako
chore to the summits of mountains
that rise ragged nnd high on nit
The lake itself Is some thr .-t n
halt miles long and about one mile
wide at plncos. Heveral unnamed
creaks comti tumbling nnd roaring in
lo it. Tbe outlet at the northern pn
trotnity forma I'onMin Oreok which
Hows tiorUl-oastorly Into Kettle riv
ir.   Tlm altitude Is about  fi.OOO feot.
After lu.-lri" snapshots of the catch
bogan  to notice
icsln  noting ni it i>h«i<"'.  >>
Vancouver   in cnKngoil i" n
imiiiar lino ol manulacture, tlm saw
iliwt licini! ciniprensoil into cylimlri-
cnl li.lieB where it in cut into short
length- hy n revolving knife, emerging In tho lorni ol Binnll round bri-
iinets. These brlinioto nre c'oan to
hamllo, ciinv to kindle, nml lenve
very llttlo nah.
ln I'tijjlnnd mignr is manwlaoturofl
on a commercial" scale liy treating
sawiliist in closed retorts with wenl.
sulphuric nelil uniler ti,.;li pressure.
In Aunl.Hi, Texns, nlso a Plant in li>'-
ing hiillt. to iiinniifHctnre stock fooil
[rom HimiliiHt, by n nomowliat simil-
inr process. The ta'. pitch and turpentine mo removeil (ruin the Haw-
.Inst, leaving only sugar and tllirc
In which is n.lileil Imly per cent Ol
i ntl unseed meal. The mixture In
:iul.l Inr fattening entile.
Two   anil   niiehnll   pnits  ol olei»
sawdust  mixeil  wltll  two pnrln Hlliul |
nml mio pnit cement makes n wunn, j
long-wearing   nnd   adund-prool floor j
in  which   carpets   nm  bo attaehod
with   Ikih   injury   thnn   to a hoard
Iloor,   nnd   which Iiiih tho advantage
cement Hour  In being more
Theso   quaiiucntioiiH should
ninl iitlicr soenos,  I
a change in Mm ntmosrhoro,   Clouds »
lormed   lo   the   southward   nml the elastic , 	
Btorm Ibat luul been threatening I win nn extensive use lor thia lorni "I
noiimed preparing to lirenV. 'I'he .flooring, which bas tho additional
j wlml mae nml niflleil the culm Blir-,advantage llml: it cnn bo atajnod t.i
lace   nl   the   Inke Into shorl  white- .hnrmmilzo   with   tho   Interior finish-
International Polo
1 )i.i!y Gaines between Caiicullan
nnd American Toaitu
$35,000 in Premiums &
Competition i.pon lo the World
The First National
Indian Congress
Approved by U. S. Ooverament
72d Seaforth Hiihlniulora Hnml
"Custer's Lust Fi_it" Nij'ilnly
A iin iiinii renroducllon oflhitfiitnout
battle witnMO Indian, and 200 Soldiers
Fireworks Display Every Nif.lit
Inilividual Farm Exhibit Prizes
$20,000 Race Program
Seven Ru.i!% Daily
Poultryroen'.Meetliif, Wednesday
Dairytnens Meeting Tlvuwday
Broadsword Batlluson Hov.seback
C, For illustrated Daily Program ami
Premium List, addruss tj0'i Chun.tier of
t" I* ■_, * *_^+*_*'_"• »J^-"i-*-4^ **J^*-*|-*ir* '1 ** 4"* *_" 't' *_.' 't' *-."l"* '4^'i'' 't' *4" *1"_' •#* 't' *♦"#- -+■
Professional   Curbs
lobae   2Totices
Court Cranhrook No. 8048.
Meet in Cnrraen'a Hull, mi   "nd and
■in Thursday of eaeb mnntb.
.1. Mr.l,A(Hll,UN,   CR.
I.iiiiIh l'tiiireon, Hec, P.O. Boi ,'-18.
vinitini; Brothers Cordially Weloomed
P.L.S.   k   CU.
(Oranbrook Hruiir.li*
Moots in  Cni'inon's  Hull  ini  and
llril TInii.-ilnyH   in overy month, nt
8 p.m.   Mimibi'fHbip open  to  British
18. V. Ilrnke, Pros.
I,. Pearron, Soeretnry
Hox 018
Vleltlng  ini-inhinH cordially  welcome
A. V. _ A. M.
itt-Kiilur   meetings  mi  the
third   Tbui'Hilny   of   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
P'. D, Milm, Wmsbiiilnl Master.
,1. Loe Cranston, Acting Roc.
fli.rrt.teri,  Solicitors and Notaries
Money to I.onn
Imperial   Hunk  lliiililnii*
I'HANIIIIiHiK,     -    British Ciilumbls
J.   T.   I, A I D I. A VV,
Mining hlngiueer and B.O.
Lund Surveyor,
P.O. Box 23G        Phone '.!.
-JHANBItOOK,    ...    B.O.
Dlstrlot of South-East Kootenay
TAKE' NOTICK thst John Heary
Llsnier of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation laborer, intends to Apply for
permission to ptirrliime tbe following described lands:—
Commencing nt a post planted at
the South-west corner ol Lot ,C87,
Oroup 1, Kootenay Dlstrlot, tlience
west 2il r.hniin., tbence north 40
chains, thence east 211 chains, thence
smith 40 chains to tho point of
commencQinent and contnining 80
acres more ol- IftHH.
Datoil  .lum*   aU.nl,   1818. Sv.-.u.
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
Notice of Tax Sale
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:--2nd Tuesday lu
eacb montb nt eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cor-
dlnlly Invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. c. Shankland, E.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Crescent Lodge, No. 33
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
Q. Donahue, O. t'.
F. M. Christian, l< ol R. & S.
W. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to nttond.
Drs.   KINO   ft   Q R K 15 N
physicians and Surgeons
little, at  Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
ForenoonB - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - - 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays  - - - 2.30 to   4.30
Oranbrook, B.O.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Annua N.st to City Hal!
Op.n Day and Night Plioua 111
I.O.O.F.,   KEY  CITY   LOmiH
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
Turnloy, Vi. M. Ilnrrl
N. O. Sec'y
Circle No.   153
Companions of the Forest
Meets In Carmen's Hall. Second and
Fourth Thursday of each Month at
8:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. L. Wblltnker, O. O.
Mrs, A. 10. Shaw, Bee.
Visiting   Companions  sordtally   welcome. 36tf
Crnnbrook      Lodge
No.     1049
Meets every 2nd nn
Ith IVcdiioshay nl  s
P.m., in lliiyiil nine
Knight's    Hall    oi
Bol-or Street,
W. M. Erler, Ilictnlor.
R. B. Garrett, Sec'y
Meets In Roynl lllnck  Knights Hall
Baker Street
Meets ovory 2nd ninl 4th Thursdny
ol ench month nl. » p.m. abnrp.
Mrs. L, Hayward, Roo, Sec
Ceo. l.ndilH, chief ranger
Visiting liriillucn niiiile welcome.
President—U. R, Bheppard
Meets regularly on tho First Friday
evening of each month.
Information on Poultry matters
Address the Secret ury—A'. B. Smith
P.O. llox 8!i2, Crnnbrook, B.C.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Moits   1st   und
y\il_¥         **
3rd Thursday in
It o v a 1    Black
Knights of Iro-
Innd imli nt   8 p.u
. Kbnrp.   Visitors
Prod W. Swain, W.M,
K.  L. Williams, Secy.
ScobcH's Liquor, Tobacco
and Drujc Cure 'r,*,',,.,u..'.A
Akohul, 'I ,.|..,Lio Mini Ilini;.:. It u,in,tcr.t.t. tli.
ell-.is almii.t linautly iniu.v,.. all craving..
Alter taking the ttcmin.iit lliere will never be airy
n..d li*lrnik Intuxluint. or li.e diug. ug.lu. Cu
p. given secretly. We h.v. yet tu lieur ol one
failure. Mailed under aeparat. cover to auyad-
dt.». Price S0.OO liov oil lu,»a lot llo IV. Ths
•~k.ll lliag Via., ill. CaUvalU", t>»>.
Funeral Oireotor,
P.O. BOX n85
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 2S-> P. O. Box 8'5
For a Licence to Take nnd rue water
Tbo Consolidated Mining ,ii Smelt
ini; Co., ot Canada, Ltd.. of Trail,
B.C., will apply Inr n licence to take
nnd use one bull cubic foot lier second o| water out erf nn unnamed
creok, which Hows in a southerly
direction tliriiiif.li the "Hope" M.
Claim nnd winks on the "Hidden
Hniiil" Mineral Claim. Tho wntor
will bc diverted nenr the N. Bonn
ary of tbe "Hope" Mineral Claim
mul win he cued for mining punposoB
i,n llie Innd described as the "Hope"
"Hamlet" and "Hidden Hand" M
This notice wns posted on the
ground on tho llth dav ol ,lnly, 1918
The application will be llled In the
olllce of the Hater Recordor at ('run.
Objections   may   be1   llled with the
snid   Water   Rocordor   or   with the
Comptroller of Wuter Rights, Parliament  Buildings, Victoria. B.C.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting
Comanny ol Canada, Limited
Uy C II. Mclloiigal
Wt. ARcnt
llie Municipal Council of the Corporation ol the City
day nl Boptombor, a.ii., 1918, at 11 o'clock m the t
public unction,  the lnnds,  Improvoilioitts, und rial pr
Ibe Crnn;,rook  School  District, us defined  li)   orders  in  Council  on the a.'Lb dny
set loi'th, lor delinquent tuxes ftnii subs0(|iiont taxcB in arrears, remaining unpn
to the provisions ol tho Municipal Clauses Act
of Crnnbrook, passed on the H'mIi day i'i  July,
euoon llll u'cloek locul time) at tho Mun clpal
pcrty, situate wll in the Municipality  nl tin  I'll    ol Cfranbro
of November; 190" nnd the 23rd day
id nml payable t,, the Corporation
mending At
913, I will
Crnn ,io.*k,
tin* persons or nssessed owners herolnnitei respectively set [ortb, mul for Interest, coits, expenses, mul Collector'
unless Ibe totnl amount due for snid ilelliuiueiit tuxes und subsequent tuxes in arrears, Interest, costs, oxptnsei
live per cent, be sooner pnid, vf/..:—	
.-,  mul
on   Wedne
,k,  B.C.,   inter
, mnl  within
ii  Mui,   lilllo,  i
llie  City   nf
resolution o|
uy  ilc 3rd.,
lor   stile    ity
tile   limits   ol
and hereinafter
Cranbrook, by
Lot  No.
Alnounl   o'  Delinquent  Tuxes sllli*   '   Costs   ill
HOqUOnt   taes   ill   nil,.ms   iiiiiI   ill-        COSt     ol
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Peering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Certillcate ol Improvo nenls
"Horo" Mineral Claim, situnte in
the Fort Steele Mining Division ol
Mant Kootonny DiBtrlct.
Where loonted:—On Wild Horse
creek about "",(1 feet, below ehinn
TAKE NOTIOE tbnt 1. Thon. T.
McVittie of Port Sleilo, agent lor
Margaret L. Dore (Mrs. H'rctcr) Froo
Miner's Cortlficnto No. CTMB, in
tend, sixty iluys from dute hereof,
to apply tu the Mining Rocorder for
ii Certiiicnic ol [irrflrovoinent, for
the purpose of obtaining u Crown
<limit of the nhove claim.
And further tn'ie notice tbnt n"t*
iin, tiinl,*r soetion 87, must be com
mcneeil before ibe issunnce of sucb
Crrti'icnte ..f (mprovemontt.
'Intel   I bis Blst day   of July, A.D.
applicaiion will be made to tho licence Commissioners for the city dl
Crnnbrook at their next meeting
held at least thirty days hercnttor,
being on the 10th dnv erf September,
1913, for u transfer of the hotel licence held by Lena Andeen for the
Queen's hotel, situate nn l.ot 20 In
Block 88 Plan lir.il, Crnnbrook, B.C.,
to Elizabeth Johnson, wife of Philip
F, Johnson, of Crnnbroo'i, formerly
of Moyie, II. 0,
Notice is hereby given Ibul nn application will be iniiili, ,.,, tbo Licence
Commissioners lor the Citv ol Csnn-
brtot thirty days uft.tr dute hereof,
fur „ rculiiuiniil. licence du- tlio prom
Isoa known ns "Club Rnstniirnnt"
sltunte on Lot. Ill, H]oi-k HS, Plan
G69, Crnnbrook, B.C.
club Restaurant Compnnv
Dnleil thin lul day „f August, 1913
Coal minin*** rights of the Doraintou
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion of
the Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term ot twenty
one yenrs at an annual rental of $1
an acre. Not more than 2,564 aores
will bs leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease mutt hi
made by tbe applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the dis
trict in which the rights applied lor
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land musl
bs described by sections, or legal sub
divisions of sections, end In unsur
veyed territory the tract npplied lot
shall bs staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accom
panied by a fee of Jf, which will be
refunded if the rights npplied for ar*
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tho mer
chantable output ol the mine at th.
rato ol five cents per ton.
Tbe person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full qitnutlty of
merchantable conl mined nnd pay the
royalty thereon, lf the conl mining
rights are not being operated, suol.
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mln
Ing rlgbts only, but the lessee may
he permitted to purchnse whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for tbe working of
the mine at the rate of fit).DO an acre
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretory of
the Department of tho interior, OU*
wa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY,
10 & S.   ,11
III &  17
2t,   ai   27
2  •;■ 3
N. 21'14 Hi
S.   110
•Hi *  47
31,36 & 67
Tart 29
Part 29
Part 2!1
Part 29
Part 2:1
Port 23
Part 30
Hiiohorott,  .1.  I
Moflloy, il. ii.
MoCowatii A.
McNeill, It. S.
McNeill.  II. S.
McLcnn.  I..   I.
Mci'iicsli    M.
Smith, Frank's
Mnsi.ila, T
& p. Matheson
Doyle, A,
fiilpiiiliu,  W,
MoQtiesllon, M,
Dip sing
llnndley, P.
Fry, I.
Arena Rink c panv
Booth, tl.  S. and
The Fairchlld Co.,  LM..
BQOth,  II.  S.  und
The  Fn rrlllld  Co.,   Ltd.,
tlrnce, L.
Brennnn, J.
Doris, T. .1.
Pnttlnson, .1.
Stlvcn,  H. II.
Jones, W. D.
Patton,  J.
Iliil'/.iel, T. nml Mnnncrn E,
Willurd, O,
Roblnsoti-McKonrJo Lumber Co
RobinBon-McKenrJe Lumber Co
Robinson-McKenrJe Lumber Co
Jones, W. II.
Laurie, A. M.
Miller, W.
Rogers, J. S.
Stevenson, W. E.
Mattlnson, .1.
I.cask, A.
North stnr Lumber Co.
p. Woods & Compnnv
36. MC
26. SII
110. SO
unni lesion
•   and   cue
f 5 per cent
if   Five   per   cent,
n's commissi i
i Total
174. 'Ill
55. s:,
(liven under my hand ut Ornnbrook, B.C., this 1st dny ol Aiiuiibi , A. D., 1013
City Clerk
~    WATl-in NOTICK
Kor a Licence to taKe anil use Wnter
ry  _*roior
licence to tiV'e ntid use 75 miners
inches of water out of Wasn creel.,
which Hows iu a westerly direction
through pre-emption record No. 12.-2
, nd sinks in Lot Nu. 1292. The water will be diverted at a point IIM)
jards from Lot No. 1292 and will he j
used for irrigation purposes on the !
Innd described ns pre-emption record
No.   12.12.
This notice wna posted on the
ground on tho 2nd dnv of August,
1913. The application will lie tiled in
Lhe otlice of the Water Recorder at
Objectims mny he tiled with the
said Water Recorder or with thi*
Comptroller of Water Uights, parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
tft-iNitirii .mrcii-.K
,'{2-4t Applicant.
There is another reason iur their
reservation and protection, qulto ns
I important in the dry belt. As men-
hereby given that Hen.- | tjunc,i before tliy bottom lands of
Wasa will apply for a the rivers n this locality, while pos
acrttting ail tbo advantages ol soil
and climate, are nevertheless but potential agricultural lunds, because ol
lack ol su llie i ent rainfall. But Irrigation is overcoming this difllculty
and it is because the forests on the
neighboring slopes piny such an important pait m maintaining an even
maximum flow ol water in the
streams arising on such slopes, that
th'.-ir preservation is not only justi
liable but essential to the future dc
velopment oi this region.
Lumber in B.C.
New Forest Reserves
The   amendment   to the Dominion 0
b'orest Reserves and Park Act, which which
became   law on dune u, 1913, marks *\,e estimates of the experts, at least
100 board feet per acre each year, of
In a recent issue the 'American
i lumberman; says that "British < 'o-
lumbitt possesses one ol the few
great timber mens of America, al
though tins Province enn not boast
of as much standing timber ns can
either California, Oregon or Wash
itigton. This Province, however, lias
uun.uud acres of timheilaud
lioiild    produce, according tc
another forward step in the forestry
j policy of Canada by the addition of
a total di 10.8..2 square miles of fed-
Deputy Minister of the Interioi eral   forest land   Iq the existing re-
N.U.—Unauthorized   publication   of | serves in western Cnnada,  which are
this advertisement
not he paid
Jan. .tb tf
BHAI-WD    TKNDKIis,   superscribed
-Tondov for Hosmer School Addition
will lie received by the Honorable
the Minister of Public Work, up to
noon of Wednesday, tlio tith day of
August, 1918, Ior ibo erection and
completion of a two-roomed addition
and heating chamber t«> existing
school-house nt Hosmer in the Pernio Rlectora!  District.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may be s en ou and
after the 21st dny of duly, IMS, at
the otlice of Mr. .1. Ayre. Secretary
School Hoard, Hosmer, B.O.; Mr. d.
T. Alexander, Government Ageut,
Fern*to; or the Department of public
Works, Victoria, B.O,
Intending tenderers can for thc sum
of ten dollars (($10) o'.italn one copy
of plans and specifications liy applying to the undersigned. This sum
will be refunded on their return in
good order.
Kuril pro* osal must be accompanied by an accepted hnn-t cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, uimli* payable to tho
Honorable the Minist r of Puhl Q
Works, tor u Stim e uuil to 10 pei-
cent. of tinder, which shall l.« forfeited if the party tender iu decline
to outer into contruct when called
upon to do sn, or if be Tall to com-
ite.e the work contracted for,    Tbe
hainet. ir certifier.to3 ot deposit of
unsure issful tendorers will ho return*
I lo them upon thi' execution of lhe
Venders will not, be ion Id red un
less made out on the forms supplied,
Hi p. ii ml with the actual signature of
Ihe tenderer, nml enclosed in the <n
vclopCS  furnished.
The lowest or any lender not no--
oBsnrlly nccoptcd.
.1.  IB,  UltlKKITH.
Public Works  Itttgiicer
Department of Public Works,
Vlolorln,  B.C.  July  17th,  1918.
being made permanently productive
hy the Dominion forest service.
ln British Columbia where, n?xt to
Alberta, the largest resecvatlons arc
made, tiie only forest reserves existing nt present ure those created hy
the Dominion government on the 40
mtlie wide strip of federal land, extending from the coast to the great
divide, the axis of which is the Canadian Pacific railway, aud which Is
consequently called the railway belt.
As the railroad follows the valleys
of the Fraser rivers for » long distance there are some rich bottom
lands included In this strip which are
of pretent or potential value for
agriculture. Unfortunately a considerable port.on of such lands are located in tlte dry holt and depend on
irrigation for their development, the
rainfall not being sufficient to produce agricultural crops.
This dry belt between the Const
and SelKirk mountain ranges, and
with the exception nf the river volleys consists of a broken plateau or
mountainous region with ftn elevation of from 2,000 ft. to 6,000. It is
here thnt. tho 13 Dominion reserves
now existing in British Columbia are
located, and although original!-.
small iu size, becnusc of the limited
area then examined, subseiiiunt for
est surveys have justified the t n'ni'gr
ment of these reserves to their pres
ent size, for n.»t only is the rainfall
not sutiicieiit for agriculture, being
less Ihiin 12 in. a year, but also the
elevation mako*? the region very siis
COptlhle to VroBl which occurs every
month in the year. Moreover, th .
broken nature nf the ground, leaving
out, of consideration the river vat*
■e.s, precludes the possibility of agi'l
The foil, however, is most suitable
for tree growth, mid us trees are not
very susceptible to cold umi drought
the whole region is covered with
splendid for st; of yellow pine, Doug
las fir, lodgopole pine ;in<l Alplm
This summer the Dominion government has Iwo lorest survev purtie-t
working In th" railway hdt, tin- iu
tentlon iiolng to segregate tho ro
mnonng tmn-agricultural lauds intn
forest  reserves   ns rapidly a" pobb!
ble in order  thnt the forests may  he
most efficiently protected from lite
and that, administered by technical
foresters,    their
total of D,n00,000,000 feet. This
would return to the government over
SB,500,000 every year, The province
Is th" possessor of a heritage of
over 300,000,000,000 [eet of Umber,
which is quite hail of all the standing   timber   i
present time.
According u
mates Oregon
j ing timber In
| are ns toSlows:
British  Columbia
At the present rate
Dominion  at  the
latest accepted esti-
rnnks first in sta mi-
America.    The figures
391,000,000,000 ft
381,400,000,000 ft
300,000,000,000 ft
65,600,000,000 ft
of cutting, loggers in BritlBh Columbia an: annually taking oniy one-fifth of the a-
luount which is added by the natural processes of nature' Statistics
show that at least three out i.f 1',^'e
men in the Dominion are looking to
tin; forests to supply them their
huUhood. There are very few industries which are not, to a greater or
less extent, under obligations to the
forest resources for their existence.
The timber products themselves are
going out "f the province in lumber
and nre giving labor to thousands of
men, building up the prairie from
which »o grent n portion of the
wealth of the east is derived. Without the vast forest wealth of Brit
Ish Columbln it would lie Impossl
ble to build up the great (urmiin*
ureas of the Dominion on the east
ern slope ..t the Rockies Dunn's Ro*
Indians to Attend Fair
Many Tribes to Send Members  to tbe   National Indian Congress at the Spokane Fair
Spokane, once the meeting place of all the Indian tribes <■! the In
innd tSmpire in their annual tribunals, is again to he the Mecca ol the
Bed Men ul tho tntlre Northwest and practically the entire country whon
the plrst National Indian Congress will be held nn tho Spokane Interstate  Fair  Grounds  during   the  week uf   Sept.   15.    Srwv    belore   has   the
white man oi  the present generation   aad   its r I an opportunity to see
just how much the aborigine has pr,, grossed. The Interstate Fair man
agement is going to show you how tins development took place and further gl ye the Indians n chance to Bceaini enjoy  tho Interstate P'afr.
No expense has been spared by the Fair management iu getting the
tribes t0 Spokane. Thai it will be „ most representative gathering <>f
Indians is shown by the fact thai t ho Little Bpoknues, the Sea Perces,
the Yakinjas, the Ulnckfect, the Flat beads, the Kalispells, the Crees, the
Colvllles, the Snakes, the Blottx and the Crows are iAI going to send
lurt-e delegations to the Fair.
It will be n real Indian show. The Indiana will he encamped at tii,.
F.tir Grounds throughout the week, brave and R(|ua-\ bringing their own
tepee and camplug utensils. Duiing the day the Indians will engage In
the sports of their tribes ami \*H show the primitive life of the early
aborigines,   portraying   then    weird   ceremonies    and dnnces and graph!
caiiy reproducing all the old t■ f_- o[ the indinn. The night show will alio be iu charge of tho Indian) wbo will pul on each night n reliable and
intcnsel thrilling reproduction of General Custer's Last Fight in the
".inter held with the Indians victorious nnd celebrating their victory with
a gorgeous coromonial dance. With ovei ,, half thousand Indians in the
Fan (Itounds at all times, dressed in the full rogalla of their tribes and
riding -hen 0wn ponies, there w ll Im- something doing every minute to
mt' res; visitors,
one ni tiie Indian maidens, who is   a   famous rider, lias already entered foui id bei ponies in the regular   relay   rar,-   given   at   the Fair
lay, and she hopes to   win    tin-   U.000 purse offered,   other
productiveness may be secured.
To Save Crystal Palace
At the urgent request *'t the Lord
Mayor of London, Sir David, Burnett, The London Times has under*
ta'en to raise $450,000 to save the
[Crystal Palace, which the Court of
(h.inerv bus ordered sold bv atic
linn,   end   make   the pnlnco and its
grounds,     covering    some     200 acres,
' public     pioperly     instead     of     1)0 n [
split up Into building lots,
i   For    nearly   two yenrs lho present
11.old   Mayor   and   two predecessors
had    li'in   seek lltf to in s- $1,1110,000
t|i*c-sSM>   lo make the purchase, and,
despairing   of   completing  the fund,
Kir   David  llurnotl  annealed to tho
London   Times tn open its columns
for   subscriptions   Lo Iho amount of
(41.0,000,   that   being  his estimate nf
tho balance ho will  he unable (.0 .■>
, toin-   'lhe   Times    responded    tn  Lb-J
greatest utility  nnd nppral with this explanation
| Grounds nob day, and she hopes lo    w
i Indians ol different tribes ar,- nt work
events i,l   tho Fan,   mid   inaiiv of  the ll
Grand Stand.
The Kirst National Indian Congress
ment ot tne L'ultcd states Department
fairs Committees ol tin- United Stales
ioual Society ol  American Indians     l hi
llld.mi. |,i ,-l O'lnilO not only for y0U i
tloll, und, aside (rom showing the goner
of veins gone by, the ind
preparing   teams   for
Stunts    Mill  he put i
the athletic
tl before the
have made
Intel e.sl ing
in  ,,n  a"
'ill  alt.
il atid inilu-.fr
im• ibe approval and Indorse
oi Indinn affairs, the Indian af*
House    mid  Senate and  the  Nat
Kali   Association is bringing the
imiiscmeul.   bul   for their educa
il public tin  dances ami customs
shov*    whal    advancement    they
i bv making a number of
Tillies   has   never   boforo   in
long history,  made ko direct   in H|
penI  to Its renders |or a  large sun
of  money   (or  mi  Important   nut ""n1
circumstances   me   unusual    ami the
object   as  wo   make   today
* use,  in our opinion, us ■
is Intrinsically good."
King George   promptly
II    ilu   is  nlil HOWI1  except
iu   ii,      or  and   the   time  ,"
hull hn shillings
olgn suhsci ibed by
Ins    ies, otislhi 11 ty
Itut   tin
ont ns il
Hi   M.   III,.',|
O tho Lord Mav
offorod io contrl
foi every Hover
duly XI, limiting
In    lhls    res] t,
$*>00 and  CJUOOI
•l.omi,   Uncoil    Mu
Aloxnndrn $600,
;    Lord    Plymouth,   who
public spirit enabled him
i the $1,150,000  needed  to preserve
] property, gave $2u,ooo.
aiU i
1 Thn
i West I
|further   sums.
soon added.
The   othor
of    the     lime
favorable   I
gave $5
the Duke i f
000.   W.  Perkins BaM
Kothchllds   $1,250,   and
i, large and smnll, were
newspapers of Kngland
rallied    to   the BUPPPrt
and   the prospect  is
speedy   securing
'So   far
we  are  aware,
"private citizen,   whose Identity I of crystal I'atW'e Ior the nation- THE  PUOSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
Light Summer
Wc have n number of Good Books
by such Authors ns
Fred White Oppenheim
Hocking Snarth
Hill Moberly
and Others
Which we are Offering at
20c each
or 3 for 50c
Company, Limited
***** 11111 III 1111 111 111 I I I I I H I I 111 H I H H.
N. Hanson's l. g auto truck t«ik a
large amount ol 'freight to Winder-
mi n* T.it'mlay.
Fall   Seed   ll)i'   mnl   Seed Wlieat.
Give   im   yuur   orders  nhoad Ornn
hrnok Trading l'n.
Mr. ninl Mrs. Hi'"- Il'i"llv". "I
Mempliis, TViin., wero Crnnbrook visitors Tuesday,
C, I.. Wholen "I Wul.I", was tran-
aetlnB business nt Ornnbrook Tues
Mr. and Mrs. 0. 1.. Lewis nml children of Blko, wero guosts al tin*
Iranbrook Tuesday.
Tin* regiiiui; monthly meeting "I Hir
city council will bo bold in tbo city
imii ,,n Mondaj next,
Measih. Boale and Elwell will buy
International Ooal and Mciiillivury
Creek Coal,
Messrs. Beale .v ISlwell Mill Insuro
your proporty against .imi.;.ur>* Irom
tin', tlghtntug; also bush hros.
Tin' Oranbrook Schools .nil opm
(or tbe Fall term on Monday, August
Fred Smythe ol Moyle, lormei Editor ,,i Hir Moylo IjOivler, «..*■ In the
city  Friday, on business
!■:   Mallandaine   mnl   C    L    Um
1 elide  oi   lii.'i'ii'iiii'i.'.   wero  registered
:ii  Uir i ranbrook Hotel Thursday.
A.   Kviin   Moore   ol  London,   Eng.,
was u gucsi nl  the Ornn irook  Hotel
!, ii Friday.
|   Mm. .1   McLean   nml   grand-daugh
' tei    mil  on    Tuesday   "n n visit  l"
relative, and friends ul   Bdmonton.
K A. Fraser, ,,| Oran I Foi ks was
uliaklng bands with bis many old
Ime Friends En Ornubioiik ilus week
U. J. Long .'I Creston, was trnn
Halting business nt Oranbrook Weu
. - la*
Z      Messrs   Beale   j!   Elwell  have  some
w.   special offerings In small tracts just
An Engagement
is u&Mall} -if.'lrtl with -i imUtilf
ring, -mt! the bettet grille it is the
belter thr young Itiiy likes it Wt
have an infinite vanely of fin* *■■-
gagt-ineni rillgt, at all pru.t, ftml
yuu i oiiKl not get better values elsewhere We have a lull line of line
itweliy ot all kinds, from Watches,
Chains, lii ave let**, l.ar-uiiR. 6tC,
to t.ibli* cutlery.
leweleis & Opticians
A lacrosao game waB played in
CraQbrogk Thursduy evening, between
Fernie and the Urpflbrook ton inn.Tho
game was exciting at times nml lln-
Iflhed with n acme of 4 to 4. the tie
wlilbe played oil ut Kernie.
Frank    Dunn,    chief despatcher,  ro*
colved a telegram from Milwaukee
an Mondny ata ting thut hiH daughter was aorlpUBly ill ami not expected t.i recover. Mr. Dunn left on
Tuesday for Milwaukee*
A trelght wreck nccm-oil about
three mi Iih imiit nf Klko ou Monday
VOntug uud ton cars were derailed,
and the telegraph sorvlco Interrupted
Pnt.a.-ngW' trains were delayed never
al hours.
tourists  from
were  reentered
A party of
Medicine Hat,
nt  ilie Crnntir.
aro   enroute,   tl
some of them
apeak  highly
formerly roBldod,   They
Ornnbrook and the
surrounding country.
Sir Thomas SuaugttoaBy was slight
iy Injured whon tho carriage In which
lie waa rldiug colltdod with nn automobile tut WnlueHiliiy. Sir TlioliUiH
wuh thrown to tiie pavement, hut reentered the oarringe and proceeded to
Iiim nil-tv, roftlBlng niedteal aid.
Presbyterian Church
w    Kelman  Tbomaoa
haa all to do with the pleasure of
the ride.    Vou will find our saddles as eomfortable  a-   mi  arm
chili' even  after- a. hard gallop,   i ■     'are.*- in tno district
And they ure a* comfortable for
looklngfat one don't forget we
have the latest bridles and i
of bits.
ij   W. M. PARK 6? CO.  ii __"J^c__
!!    Phone 10*.-     Cranbrook, B.C.     P.O. Box 443   ■•    instructive and amusing, 30 educa-
....... "   te.l dogs at the Auditorium, with a
*********t**********»*********^ special  line nl feature films, tonight
Uon t  inisr. -s^ein^ this entertainment
:-.:s:.L- ol Cranbroolt improved and
ir.iiiTo: is favored with many
:not,>r car. passing through the city
mroute    tn many magnificent ..uting I
Morulng seriiees ut It nin.
Subject**—"The    Scepticism
Sunday  Schorl: and  liil.lo Clnsi
a in. —"Please note the hour.'
Bvenlug Services at 7.:i0 p.m,
Subject- Dr. Matheson's Hymn
ol Love."
j    0 Love that will  not let mc go."
rendered by request.
Tin* Mii'IiiI,
In*     Clow's
which   ium*
nearly a week
.oik   Monday,
IIIIIOlll   wli, II   III,
.'mil initii'H, operated uy
Nest   Ooal   company,
lii'iui    closed    down for
, wero thrown open lor
Thero   was 11  liill
\iliifiili. Hoiuuli'tl Inr
Alderman W. N, [loss of Oalgary,
siu'iu Wednesday nml Thursday lu
Crnnbrook, visiting with 11. nud J.
Mniliniiiilil. Mr. Hubs Ih In tlm real
estate business nl Oalgary nml spoko
enthusiastically ovor tlm prospects oi
nml tin' general outlook ol this city.
Manager .1. McNabb, of the Koo-
Qfltcnay   Telephone Linos, lelt on Mon-
[day on a lour ol Inspection nl the
12,entire   systom.   "Joe"   Is   _ careful
i manager   ami   Is ilotermlnod to give
jthe    public the best service possible.
I The entire trip of over   a    hundred
John Oho ditch   man igei for V. H.
horse ton.    While you nre  .J.   Baker,   left   on   Saturday   last   ona
holiday   trip   to   the  roast      He   will
ie  a.,uy   aliout   two   weeks.
Baptist Church
John an.l James Martin bave rented the s'.ore formerly occupied by the
customs department, and will take a
I mill's will be mail"' in u motor car.
i    Mr.  and .Mrs. A.  0.  Bowness, Mr.
jnnl Mrs. George,   nnd   Miss   White-
"- | head '-^rc outing at St. Mnry's f.ake
Thursu.iy nnd Friday ol this week.
Jnmes Doyle of Onl'-arv, representing the Mountain Spring Brewery
spent several days this week with his
Inmilv at (.'rani rook,
During the electric storm which
pi ss d over the city lust Tuesday,
lour men were struck with lightning
in the C.P.R. shops. Mr. Fisher was
will bo—"The Kingship of Jesus .n, rendered unconscious for several min-
the flreul. C'oiiitnisflinn-His Kin.-ly: utes, but the i.ther men were soon
Power iin.l Authority." able to resume their several occupn-
The topic ol the evonlng discourse | tions.
will   be—"Tiie  fuce  of  Jesus  reveal-
Sunday mprnlng service at 11 n.ni.
Sunday Sehool at 12:1*. noon.
Bvening Gospel service nt 7:30 p.m.
The topic of the morning discoursi
ing the Glory ,.f Ood."
• '•H"I"I"H...'>M"H"I"H".".".''*.'I '
I Official Announcement i fLl:.
The Hanson Garage has just received a
shipment of Six Ford Automobiles, which
will be sold at Factory Prices, with
freight added. The Ford is the cheapest
and most durable car on the market, it is
cheap only in price, it is the strongest
and most serviceable car in the world,
and just what is required for travelling
in this district. There is but one price
for the Ford cars.
"You can't buy gold dollar*, at a discount—
nor Fords cars at special prices—any time—
anywhere. We've never made enough car. lo
sutislv the demand—il regular prices. Don't
he deceived. Ford prices nre wonderfully low
—llllll absolutely net."
The Hanson Carage has a large stock of
Ford cars on hand, also all necessary
parts for repairing, which wiil be done in
short order
Cars for Touring, Outing, or Commercial purposes to let with a competent
; The E.iison Theatre will have BCV-
It-ral amusing Rnl instructive features
tonight which will be well worth no-
For Further particulars Apply to
Hanson Garage
:; Norbury Ave. Cranbrook, B.C. ,!
Strathcona  celebrated Iils 'j:i
■ 'birthday  on  Wednesday,  August 6th;
' he is In  excellent henlth  an.l attends
lits office regularly. ...
A Car load ol New Timothy Hiiy
also one of Alfalfa nnd one ol Prair
ic Hay.    Best  Prices   nt   the   Feed
Store—Oranbrook Trading Co.
The O.P.R. is about   to commence
thc construction of a big sawmill .
i Saoo'-umcliuck.   As soon ns complet-
', ed, some too men wlll l;e employed,
|    J. P.   Fink and   family   returned
,. | Sunday   lust from n motor trip to
Calgnry   nnd other   prairie   points.
J;They report n very pleasant trip.
J I !    Lester Clnpp and   J.    Benson   wel'e
,, | nt Oold Creek Ilshlng Monday,  they
■ ■; returned     with   baskets   containing
over 200 trout.
J | j     Sister    Hyslop    oi    the    Salvation
,,    '.-my, who too,t the Smith children
IT the Orphan's Home at the roast
returned thiB week.
_ .    1).  & K, Flour (First (irnde Flour)
\ | : made by the Purity Four jioule.    We
(luaiantee     the   Price   nnd    Uuallty
e.innot   l,e   bent -Ornnbrook Trading
J | ! The botcls nt St, Mary's dike are
, , now lively wiih a large number of
if outing parties. They ure all delighted with ibe boiiutlt.il scenery, uls0
(tie lishing, which is nf the best.
I [ Attention is called to the lact lhat
,, • the Siindnv School will meet for its
■,    regular session during tho month ol
August at  the close  of  the  morning
', ,**********l**********4
Local  News
With ever* prospect nf n bumper
harvest relieving the supposed money otringenoy, it would be advise*
able foi >ou to begin to think ol,
inns.* "i_td Asldo Pictures" you ln-|towa Tuesday,
tend framing. Do I' now! Kllby
Frames 1'n'tures.
C,   II    Knights ,,[*   Sun    FranclBco
was in the e,iy Fi Iday.
E. Williams, uf Wyellfje, «pml Sun
day lust in Cranbrook.
IS.   H.   Small   motored to Winder
mere on Tuesday on business.
The Baptist Sunday School held
ilielr alumni picnic at I.ealy Doll on
Thursday, There wns n largo ntten-
danco nml an afternoon of ploaeuro
was enjoyed liy all.
Mi.  and  Mrs.    Huiiu'S   of   Alberta,
Mr.,   a    Mellor nl Marysville,  wns  who bave been the quests of Mr.  und
lioppma ai Oranbrook Tuetday. Mis.  A.  0.  Nelson for the pnst tin
t     t      u-.li '.        days,  relumed to their home at Pin-
T.,   T.   Mi.,uie.   I.I..S..   of   Ft.   chor Orook Wednesday.
Stoelo,  »a> ,n  thi city on Tuesday.  1
Mrs   J   mv.,,;    ~ *,i„y„.   was in      Th" ll""' 'i1'"""11' mooting ol the
oi    moyio,  was in    (*rjl,,i,rooi,   District   Conservative   Al-
  Ni.ciut.ion will lie held in Fort St'elc,
New    Polatoea   nl   Un-   Oranbrook on Thursday evening, Aucust 14th at
Trading Co. « p.m.-see advertlaemcnt.
J.  Joyco,   oi
city Wednesday,
in    the      Mrs.   W llinni   flohortson   nnd   Mrs.
Malcolm   fiiilis   lili   mi Monday   to
~ ! spend  a  lew  weeks    liolnlliy    on    the
I. Matheson motored to his Cherry    ,,raine    visiting    c,iii*„rv,    Nnatoii,
I reek  rnnrli  on Thursday. „„,|   Maclcod.
rt.D. McLaws, left on Tuesday
lnvermere ,,n  business.
Born—Al Cranbrook,   to   Mr
Mis    ['   nnlker, u daughter.
'""'' Mitisr:  VOUR OLD I'IPK TO nous
A   M
BORN—To Mr. und Mis. ll	
Kowan   on   Sunday.   August    3rd,   n      T   '''■  A"1"" *• ,I"H   "   ''oiilriiet
finn    MaeDonni'  .n.d family spent daughtor *'"' the J. ll. ProBton compnny at
lhe week end „l. Kitchener   Modlclno Hal, lor tho Installation of
  Born—At Crnnhrook,   to   Mr    and A   I lower  system for  tlm new  coin-
Hurry Edwards   of Wycllrlo, wiih In    ■*'ri'   •'    "    l'"ir'1 "' Moyie, nn  Au |any   mill   thnl   in  being  ercctod   nt
town  Tuesday gust I'.l.ll,  II son. tlml   city.
Salvation Army Hall
Hanson Avenut
Captain W. J. Carruthers
Lieutenant W. Cooper
Sunday Servacei—
11 a.m.—Holiness Service
3 p.m.—Uible Olass
3 p.m.—Sunday School
8 p.m.—Salvation Service
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,
services at 8 p.m.
Catholic Church
Sunday*-Low man at 1:80 a.m.,
high mass, 10:30 a.m., Sunday school
trom 2 to 3 p.m., Rosary and Bens*
action at 7:30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Weak days—Mass at I a.m. at ths
P.PUfJatXen, O.M.I.
The city Clerk has issued „ notice
ie (nesting all citizens to discontinue
using water for lawn sprinkling purposes except during the hours of 7:30
to 9:30 in the morning and 7:30 to
a:30 In the evening. And in caso of
lire during these hours the use of water must be discontinued.
Two botel and thirty business hous
es were destroyed by fire at Atha-
lasca Lauding on Monday morning.
Tho loss is estimated at over a hall
million dollars and hundreds ol people nre destitute. The whole business section ol the city was wiped
Warning of the circulation iu tbe
Piicilic Northwest of counterfeit U.S.
National Bank notes has heen issued
by the thief of the United States
Secret Service. The notes which ure
poorly executed and said to be easily detected, arc drawn on the First
National banks of Belllnghnm, Burl-
in ;ton and Kent, Wash, lt is also
refiortel thut some are in circulation
in this province.
Thc regulur weekly shoot of the
Cranbrook Oun Club took place on
Wednesday afternoon; the following
scores were made:—Mrs Oreen 15; 0.
0. Staples 19; Dr. King 18; D. Nlcols
21; nnd W. F. Atchison 19. Mr. Nlcol
was high gun, nnd winner of thc
Steven's Arm Trophy, nnd the tic
for the Dupont trophy will he shot
oil at thc next weekly shoot on Wednesday  next.
What ubout the run the Brothers
Weatherlll made to catch the train
leaving Cranbrook Tuesday morning,
toals on their back Intending to be
on hand to meet another party at
McOlllvray, they beat HU records for
the mile stretch. All they wanted
was a little more ginger and tbey
would have caught the morning local
the fastest trnln running on the Orow
Messrs. McFiiliune, DeZull, Baxter,
Spcne and Hallow motored to St.
Mary's lake Tuesday on a lishing
itrip. The pnrty caught but three
tlsh which barely passed inspection
hy the Ilsh warden. The most surprised man . I the pnrty wiir Baxter
who carried n ginny-snek to bold
his catch—which was nil. It Is evident that the party did not Imve the
right kind of ball..
A regular monthly meeting of tho
Cranhrook   Agricultural   Association
i was   held   on Wednesday evening at
,,       , , .      , .        ,      I which   ionaideralile   business   of   lm-
You have been looking for portnnce was discussed, n is said
  th it ooe of the principle attractions
•■—■" at   the   fair will be a "Midway" at
! the entrance to the grounds through
!whl h nil patrons of the Fair will
liuw   to   puss.     A ballon nscentlnn
I or an a-ro|1aiie lllght will be another
Will Hold a Church l*_ir on Thursday, August
14th, at 5 o'clock at Wycliffe, B.C.
Dancing Pavilion. Children's Minstrel Show and Wild
West Show, Pish Pond, Target Shooting, Fortune Tell-
Ing, Sewing Booth, Aprons, Children's Rompers, Dresses
antl All Kinds ol' I'_<>l'ti 1 Articles; Cigai'i, Soft Drinks,
Iio Cream, Cake, Candios, Mem Tea, Coffee and Sand
wii'lios Served.
Mrs. Wallinger's Orchestra
***************w**++* i
**************************** i u i hi nm in;;
1 Cranbrook I
Co. Ltd.
Are now Ready to Furnish
Beer 6? Porter
Made only from the Choicest
of Hops and the Rest Selected
English Church
Rev. K. P. Flewelllng Rector
Hoty Communion at 8:00 a.m.
Matins and Holy Communion 11:00
Evening with special address 7:30
We have the
Mr  nn i Mrs, Voung, nl F,,rt Stools
were in  the ciiy Tuosdny.
It.  M.  WooiIh.    nl    K.'iin,
town Tuemhiv.
num.   MoNnbb,  of   Wiiiilo,
the fitv Tiie-iluy on hliallloB*
IIH   111
lilMNi; vnl'li OLD I'li'l' TO B0B8     Mossrs   MacFarlano, J, n. Molliido
PLAOB   Klin REPAIRS \ i>r.  ,|. W.  Itiillcilge,  I.  ll.  Manning,
and  V.  DflVero  Hunt.,  motored ovor
to Kernie on Thursday, lur the pur-
[ POB0    i1.    attending    a    Cotwcrvntlv,,
Born—At Vancouver,  to   Mr.   and
Mrs. M. A. MneilonnW, „n August 1.
i ilnligbter.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and Mill
CRANBROOK,      •      B. C.
For Sale Rents & Wants
I iinrn—At Ornnbrook, to Mr and
Mih 0. II Rndfor, on August sth,
a uon.
,1. _, Austin ol Boattlo mul 0. N.
Ferris of Portland, nrrlvod In town
Thursday (or the purpose ol adjust*
Mr.    anil    Mrs.   II.    M.    Scott, ol    Ing the lims by lire, nt the Standard
Wm. While, ol Spokane, wiih reels- Montrenl,   were   frnnhrook    visitors I Mill nnl the I'lntier at   Wanlni'i'.Thr
tered at the Oranbrook, Tuosday.       Jon Snttday Inst. party Holt on Friday lm Wardnor,
nlso saddle.    Must hu
cnith.—l'i-oHfioctor Otlice
to  ride and  drive
Mnjoi Super nl the Salvation Army
nud Hli.tir ol Mrs. Oeneral Ilooth
Home Industry
The Beer and Porter we make
is alive with health and vigor
Cleanliness is a strict Virtue
and we insist upon it in the
manufacture of all our Beers
i: Phone 171
P.O. Box 264 !
IIIIII Ml I Ull ****** 11111 HI 111IHIIIII H-+. '
make her future home. There were
tome twenty-nine Inu es present and
a very enjoyable time was passed.
An address was read by the Secretary, Mrs, F. Chapman, alter which
a presentation was made by Mrs. R.
Brown, president of tho Methodist
Ladles Aid. Thc ladles gathered together on the luwn where Mrs. W. H.
Wilson and Mrs. J. D. McBrlde took
several pictures of the party.
Wood-Buffalo Herd
P. O. Box 802 Cranhrook, B.O
Fire at Revelstoke
There arc yet vast areas in northern Canada consisting of stunted
forests and open grasslands and muii
keg, *of which practically nothing is
known save what can be gathered
fioni the stories of trappers and ei-
plorers, who have penetrated this
northern wilderness. Such a country
eilsts or. the extreme northern boun
dary of Albesta, to the west of
Slave riker, and from this country
comes rumors of large bands of wild
buffalo, the only remnants, not lu
captivity, of the great herds which
once roamed .the Western plains.
To verify these rumors and to
take steps to prevent the extinction
of these herds, the Forestry Branch
of the Dominion Ooveroment sent
out an investigation party, working
City Hotel was under the direction of Mr. A. J. Bell
the    Government    Agent     at   Fort
REVELSTOKB,  B.  C,  Aug 6th.-
The worst Bre on record in the city
of Revelstoke, B.C., occurred yesterday   morning.    The
burnt   to   the ground, und two men ... ...    .
are known to have been burnt to Smith in the Northwest Terrltor es.
death and it Is more thnn probable (The report sent In reada like abook
that there are more, as lour men of adventure and wlll be contained
cannot be accounted for at  present, ill tbe annual report of the Director
This hotel has henn owned by Oaley
Bros, for a number of years, hut
last week changed hands ami now 'bo
of Forestry, which wlll shortly go to
The   oxlstnncc   of   at   least  three
longs to Mr. Clayton Trappings. Jier-js ol bufliilo was proved, each
Aliout 2:15 the c.P.R. yard inline nerd consisting of hulls,! cows nud
noticed liamos Issuing from the root yearlings to tne number a nbout
of the hotel, and blew the lire slgnnl Inrtyilv,.. In appearance they close-
for some time. Then (leorge Ros.i, ly res'inblo the plains buffalo, of
wbu lives nenr, .seeing lhe r.unes, j**1'"'!! "'ey arc the remnants, but, be
rushed over and gnvc the alarm,' N ,orc,M* Jy necessity to live ln the
The lire hrigndc booh appeared ou ** W wooded regions remote from
the scene, nnd with the splendid I settlement, they have chansed their
pressure of water which tho city '"'bits somewhat, and are fleeter ol
boasts soon Bet to work to prevent lo '£ «»'■ , "-"re agic than their au
the lire npicndlng, and thus saved IJf*""'** ",' the Walnj, In summer
tiie other houses In the neighborhood "'?", .■?"•» ,_ •""!*•■ '" u'°" »n'l three
and   the lire brigade |b »tl I working ,„        „.,„,„   . >       ,
t„„, „ a "-."'m'«,"Li "    I'   ,   ,\- K"'""1   "*c   wo'Va*   In winter when
Tappings paid »32,000 for the hotel, Jas„.       , ,.„,„ .
etc..    last   week, and Iibb, wo under-■.„,-..,    ,h»v   ," v.i   i„   __.__, ,.i„
stand,   an   ***m« only *16,M0. ■*EZT'JgZ   ."    now   t'ra^ on
LkV-.T   °'   tb" "fe '" "l PrCa0"t| "'""h ""> 8no» 's packed „s hard as
"•••",*''w,• ii rock.   When they come to a grass
> grown   slough   or meadow they stay
QoOe Tit-mil"- there   until all the feed la exbaitsted
OCCO   IliaillU and   the   whole   area   Ib compactly
——— | trampled    down.   Unlike the wostern
PHILADELPHIA,   Aug f,.-Follow- |,orses,   which   paw   the snow away
I?*:, the report of Captain Remnnnt,    1th tbelr front feet, the buffalo uses
nf tlm British Stenmer Liicillne, that
he hid sighted wreckage of the lost
Titanic, an Investigation has, heen
started by the hydroeruphlc oflicc.
According t0 Captain Ilea n nit's
story,   the   stem of the ship Is pro-
e: lied n very good reception nt thB| tnnlliig elpht fool out ol tho wntor
Card of Thanks
Tu all the friends whose aympnthy
and services wero so kindly tendered
In our time of borevement, we desire
to eiUnd our sincere thanks.
its huge bond as a shovel and scatters the snow In cloud:, in order tn
reach the grass beneath. Wheu a*
li'i-ineil the old bulls stnnd guard in
the rear, while the cows aud yenr
lings make their escape.
.,,,,.,      ,      , , .  •  •—■  ■■■•■■-,i   Severul pictures of the wooil-bultii-
Metlusliflt ( hiircli .„, Monday even w|,|,.|ii'oub| Indicate (bnt a siibnierg- lo were obtained. The Indian Chief.
Uig when she spoke nn the Rescue j „,, ,„,,„,. „[ r„ck had preventeil the Pierre Squirrel, who accompanied
Work     of  the  Army.    Ma|or   Soper, wr„.k ,.,„„ mng ,() „„, ,,„,„„„       (|h(1   |mrly n|i|( whf) ,„ „_. temllla.
II such a ledge exists, and evlden with thnt region, estimated the uiini
ees ,,f one were reported ns long ngo her of the buffalo there to ho at
us 17211, then it In regarded ns poiBl-,toast two hundred. Their wor«t en*
bin thai, the foundering of tho Titan-.my, nt present, is the timber woll
'Ic was caused by striking a hidden and attempts will be mado to exter-
obstruction which ripped open the
wio, very practical with her suggestions nnd several times touched the
hearts ol her hearers when describing
the work. Itov. O. K. Kemlnll pro-
heap for elded nl tho meeting. W. II, MacFur
:I2 luiie also spoke in reference to the
vork. The local oil Corn ure delighted with the Major's visit believing II.
wli be only for good,
At   Mra. (I. Powells    Inst   Friday
•ttemoi n rn afternoon tea was given in honor ol the departure ol Mrs.
It.    Crooks,    who   |. nhirtly leaving,
tor   Calgnry   where   she   Is about, tn |
All gnoil things in this world are
no further good to us than they nre
of use; nnd whatever we may heap
up tn glvo to others we enloy only
es niiirh ns we can use, and no more
- Ilcloo,
initiate thin destroyer,
bounty In this region.
hy raising the
It Is only now and then that a
matter of fact woman Is sublimated
by real love; but If she Is, It Is al
feeling to see how impossible it Is
for dcnlh to iiuonch It.-Hnrrlet
Breeder Stowe.


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