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The Prospector Feb 28, 1914

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Array ..,„,   i.eglslavive _»» •■
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Koot .nays
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VOL U M N 15     20.
N'o. 9.
Laws on Plumbing are
"In tho Dominion of Canada wo
lia\*o no recognized universal standards regarding Httnttary piumhlng
an.) ventilation, hut nro governed hy
a multiplicity uf lawn and by-lawn,
adopted hy tlio governing bodies ot
our cities und towns and enforced according to their own Interpretation."
With them- words, Mr. John W. llruce
general organizer of the United As-
Hi-.iuti..ii of Plumbers and Bteam-
littora, prefaced an address at the r.th
Annual Meeting of tho Commission
of Conservation ou the mihject of the
present choatto stnte of sanitary law
iu Canada, and the need for its unitization.
In the course of his address, Mr.
Hence emphasized tho importance of
sanitary plumbing in its relation to
public health. Ho compared Montreal, with the death rate of 20 per
thousand, with Toronto, which has a
death-rate of 12. S, and attributed the
differancc In large part, to the more
lax enforcement of (military regulations in the former. In many hotels
he said, there wore not enough con
voniencea, neither were they kept properly clean. In npnrtment houses,
conservation of space was such an
important item that ventilation was
sadly neglected. Ho blamed specul
Intive building for the unsatisfactory
conditions in many private houses.
Tho speculative builder considered
outside appearance more than proper
sanitation. Inspection was very necessary in wurkingn.eu'a huuiiee, as
these men were less able to protect
thrmR-'lves against thc negligence of
unscrupulous  builders.
A very groat need, very much overlooked in Canada, was public com
fort stations, These should he erected not merely hi parks and pleasure
resorts, but in the busiest portions
of our cities, where the need was the
greatest. As it wns, lintels and public buildings bad to bear the burden
that the cities themselves should
shoulder, with tbo result that the
conveniences in these places were Badly overtaxed. Sanitary drinking
fountains should nlso be provided at
public expense.
In conclusion Mr. Bruce pointed
out that satisfactory conditions
would never obtain bo long as each
city or town had its own regulations
Plumbers travelling from one
place to another had to familiarize
themselves with new laws, and sometimes had to pass new examinations
in overy place. Moreover, dwellers
in rural districts, beyond the reach
of urban Influence, were not protected
by any legal standard. The solution
he believed, could only be found in
a Dominion law, setting up a uniform standard from coaBt to coast,
leaving ouch municipality free to supplement such standard by bylaws designed to secure adaptation to special local conditions,
Spokane Express
Announcement was mule on Wednesday (rom the local oflices ol the
Spokane International railway, regarding the schedule lor ilia.''Spokane Kipross" and the "Oalgary Hi-
press,'' the new through p assenger
service ol this roBd between Hpokane
und Calgary, Alta.
The train will he lilted up In flrat
class Hlyle, nnd Imve within Its doora
a smoker, day coach, standard sleeper and diner. This sat-vlc is announ
ced to go into ellect March 15th.
The northbound train, to he known
as the "Alherta Kspres*" will leave
Hpoknne at 11.30 p.m., and reach Calgary at 1,46 p.m. the nest day; Inter
mediate stops will be as (ollowsj
Standpoint, Idaho, 9.no p.m. 7
Bonners Ferry, 10 p.m.
_HStpi.lt 11.40
Cranbrook,  12 p.m.
The southbound train to be known
as the "Spokane Express" wlll leave
Calgary  at 3  p.m.   (Spokane time)
and arrive at Spokane at 9.30 a.m.
the intermediate stops will he as follows:
Cranbrook, 3 a.m.
Eastport,   4.45
Bonners Perry, 6 a.m.
Sandpolnt, 7.15 a.m.
It |f rumored in railway circles at
Cranbrook, that as the new service
is inaugurated, that the local train
Irom Cranbrook east will be discontinued and merged into the new train
service, that is the time changed to
meet the requirements ot the Spokane
ExpresB, running as lar east as Macleod, thence to Calgary; a train will
be made up at Macleod and will run
to Lethbrldge, while the local will he
discontinued or merged into the new
service, passenger traffic of the Crow
line will receive the same accomodation as before, with possibly a slight
change in time.
Meeting of Stockholders
At the annual meeting of the Bhare
holders ot the Moyie Water Works
company, held at Moyie, on Monday,
the president reported a very successful year, three dividends of 1 per cent
having been paid during that period,
The following officers were elected
for the ensuing year:
P. F. Johnson, pres.
R.  Conrad,  vice-preB.
V. Desaulnier, treas.
C. A. Foote and R. A. Smith,
Social Service Congress at Ottawa
Social Service Congress at Ottawa _
Un the 3rd, 4th, nnd 5th of March,
an important national convention
wlll he held nt Ottawa, for the Promotion ol . octal Reform, lt will he
held under the auspices of the Social
Service Oouncll of Cnntidn and the
Nut muni Committee for the Suppression i.i Ihe While slave Traffic and
will havo tin* distinguished patronage
ol il.it.ll. the Duke of Connaught.
Upwards uf rum delegatus embracing
reprcHcntntivcs from nearly all tho
religious denominations and associations interested in social reform
work, are expected to attend. Distinguished speakers from all over A-
n_ricu will he present to deliver addresses.
The following subjects, all of which
nro of vital interest, wi.l be consider
• ed during the tbree days of the convention: the weekly rest day aud national well being; the value of the
social survey; thc problem of the city
Jtho church and Industrial life; child
welfare; the problem of the country;
the white slave traffic; the interna
tlonal treaty (or tho suppression of
the white slave traffic; immigration,
gambling, political purity; temperance nnd prohibition; thu federation
nt the churches nnd other liodl's for
social uplift; international peace; the
care of detectives; tbe care of criminals, etc.
A congress huc.Ii as this may be described ns a conservation congress of
tho highest kind, for, as Hon. Mr.
Hilton said nt thc last annual meeting ol the Commission of Conservation, "In the Inst resort the highest
degreo of conservation depends upon
thc efficiency r.i the human unit.'1
Bonspiel Ended
The local bonspiel came to an end
lost Friday. The ice was in excellent
condition during the spiel which lasted three days. The Corby Cup was
won by the Campbell rink, with Harris rink second.
In the Grand Challenge, Harris was
first, with Bowness second, R. A.
Hill took the third prize.
In the Consolation, Cranston got
away with the jewelry, Spence was
second, and Hoggarth third.
The entertainment given hy the pupils of MIbs Rumsey and the King
Edward school at the Auditorium on
Haturday last, was an uniiuallHed
The tirst number on the programme
was "Humpty Dumpty sat on a Wall
hy the King Edward school. Then
followed a drill hy the school children under thc direction of Miss Rumsey. A recitation hy the Mlssea Wilson, Walllnger, Green and Wilson
thnt was exteemly good. The Blue
Bells of Scotland was sung hy a chor
us of eight voicos; then came a minuet danced hy six of the pupils; little Miss Patricia McDermot danced a
highland fling and an Irish Jig in a
manner that placed her in the opinion of the audience as an accomplish
ed performer, and as an appreciation
she was presented with a handsome
bouquet; songs and dances followed
in rapid succession; the closing scene
being "Snowdrop" a piece specially
adapted to children, and which was
received with much pleasure and applause.
The entertainment dosed with singing "Thc Maple l.eal" tho national
The pupils without exception aro
entitled to much credit for the excellent, manner In which they recited
their lines and took tholr several
parts; and to the teachers must be
given a large amount ol credit for
the painstaking manner in which the
children wore instructed, for the perseverance they must hnve exercised,
which brought about the success
with which their efforts were crowned
-The provincial .estimates for the
coming fiscal ysfcv show a reduction
in expenditure as compared with 1913
1914 ol over »5,000,000. Thc total ex-
timates is- $13*700,000 as against
$19,000,000 for the present tlscal yenr.
Public worka have been reduced from
$9,C00,__ to 15,300,000
Explanatory ol this It. may bo well
to point out that many ol the woitta
gnd buildings for the province are
nearly completed and it is not necessary to make further large appropriations. There Is a vote of $150,-
000 for government buildings at
Prince Rupert, $5011,000 for tbe provtn
clal university and $485,000 for public
school buildings throughout the province. In roads, streets and hrldgea
there has heen a uniform reduction to
$2,900,000, making a total reduction,
compared with the present year ol
The vote for education has heen increased $300,000, owing to the Increase in thc per capita allowance ns
the result of increase of population
and the increased grants to assisted
schools. Of the education oBtimatcs
$9,660 is (or technical education—a
new departure. Civil service salaries
are $327,000 increase over last year;
nearly $250,600 of this is accounted
for in new officials in tbe forest department, land registry and police,
which have been rendered necessary
by growing requirements.
Provision is also made for the creation ot the new municipal department. About $55,000 of the vote is
for statutory increase of salaries. Pro
vision is made (or the occupation ol
the new provincial normal school at
Victoria, which will be opened August 1, Salary provisions are also
made for tne Industrial schools just
started In the vicinity ot Vancouver
and also for the removal of tbe government agency at Barkervllle to
Included   in   tbe   estimates   watch
were brought down today are the (ol
lowing appropriations under the head
ing o( roads,   streets,   bridges   and
wharves for the districts named:
Cranbrook,  $46,000
Fernle, $46,000
Grand Forks, $42,000
Greenwood, $22,000
Kaslo, $40,000
Revelstoke, $41,000
Slocan, $40,000
...   Vmir, $80,000
Banff to Windermere road,
Under subsidies to steamboats, ferries and bridges there is a vote of
$900 for the Kootenay river reclama
tlon farm and one of $3,000 for tbe
west arm ferry on Kootenay lake at
Nelson. Under steamboats is a vote
of $3,000 for the Columbia river a-
bove Revelstoke. The grants to cities sre as follows:
Greenwood, $2,550
Phoenix, $4,000
Rossland, $12,000
The grant to the Canadian Pacific
railway toward the construction of
the Kaslo and  Slocan railway  Is a
re-vote of $50,000.
The estimated receipts for the coming yenr are slightly less than the
estimates for the present year. Land
sales have bcen reduced $500,000 and
land revenues $100,000. Timber licenses hsve been increased 415,000
and timber leases reduced $20,000.
The Item of timber Bales $110,000 ls
new aud is created under the provision of the Forestry act of thc present session permitting the sale of
timber. The revenue from real property has heen increased by $45,000,
from wild lands $100,000 and from
personal properties and Income $55,-
000. Receipts from the coal nnd cokv
tax have heen reduced hy $50,000, a
reduction based on receipts during
the present year. An advance of
$90,000 has been made tn game lien
ces. Fees for Joint stock companies
have boen reduced by $329,000, while
fees under the Motor Regulations act
has been Increased hy $40,000. Tho
foes of $27,000 from moving pictures
are a new source of revenue. Interest has heen reduced by $150,000 con
soqueiit upon tbe withdrawal of money from tho banks.
Y. M. C^A. Notes
Last Friday, one of the most enjoyable debates of the season was held
in the class room. The subject was
"Should Canada have a Navy" The
speakers wore Messrs. Oliver Dristnw
and Harold Bronsdon for the affirm*
tive nnd Messrs. Leslie Williams and
Cecil K. Roede for the negative.
At tlio close of the debate a popular vote waa taken ami the affirmatives won.
Thia debate was easily tbe best con
tested that tbo boys have ever bad,
the debaters having a most comprehensive grasp ot thc topic.
The "Y's"-men were the winners of
tho Checker Tournament. We are
now getting up a Chosa Tournament
and all Chess players are invited to
take part.
Very little has boon done on the
Shooting (Jallcry lately as our targets have gone astray some place on
the road. Immediately on receipt of
them we will pull ofl the competlt
The Bowling Alleys continue to run
full time and monopolize the most of
the attention. For the details of the
standing of thfe teams, of which there
are ten, drop In and have a look at
the bullitin hoards. A return game
with the Brunswick Alleys waa played Thursday night resulting in a win
for the Y.M. Team. This equalizes
matters as the Brunswickers were the
winners on their own alley... Thursday, a team named the "Aye-Ayes"
which, Interpreted, means the "Irre-
sistable Invinclbles," will play the
winners of the match of February 20,
and anticipate an easy victory,
Friday, the Tigers and the Ramblers pull off a schedule game. Haturday at 16.30 the C. P. R. Stenographers will play the city Steno-
gruptiurs. Ladies are invited to this
game gnd we believe it la going to
be very interesting,
Last< night, prior to the match,
the Bowling executive held a meeting
at which there waa a good attendance the hiiBinesa transacted was of
great importance to those interested.
Laat night Mr. A. B, Smith gave a
talk to the men on "Poultry." This
address waa very Interesting and instructive and given by a man who
knows. Theae addresses are under tne
auspices of the Debating Society.
There are to he some more talks a
long this lino—Look out for them.
The class for instruction ln Air
Brake and Klectrlc Headlight was
started on Thursday at 19.30k. The
class ia open to Railroad men of every department and to non-memhers
of the Y.M.C.A. as well. Every man
wbo will take an interest is invited
and we state that it Is a golden opportunity to young men to get first
hand knowledge of these subjects
from a man of practical experience.
We have the actual parts ou which in
stritctlon will he given installed in
thc Railroad-man's room ln the build
ing. The instructor is Engineer Walter Cartwright, and In view of the
fact that he is giving his time, know
ledge, and energy to thia want to
help us In our work of doing things
for our fellowmcn, he Bhould be supported by the attendance of and encouraged by all railroaders.
The Men's meeting on Sunday will
be addressed by Mr. W. C. Adlard,
bis topic will be "Deception and Vil-
lany exemplified," Kvery mau in th.
city is invited to this meeting anb
will be assured a cordial welcome.We
■•peak from personal experience wben
we say that tbis is the kind of a
meeting to appeal to a man. It does
not savor tbe least ot "goody-goody'
hut docs the job in a way that iB
just right.
Monday, at 8.30 p.m. n meeting of
tbe Ladies Auxiliary Is called, and n
full attendance iu requested.
Tbo Camera Club nun r.'solved it-
bcK Into a Rambling Club and la -arranging a series ol Saturday afternoon "hikes" into the surrounding
country In search of beauty spots. It
ia proposed to invite ladies to shnrv
this recreation,
We issue to thc men uf the city a
cordial invitation to drop into the
building any time and aee what Is go
Ing ou. lt is the Hvleet place lu thc
city and assure mime entertainment
at nny time. We have a splendid Selection of gramophone records which
aro woll worth henring. We are very
pleased to State that our membership
in spite of tho bard times, ia rapidly
growing, and the pleasant feature a-
llOllt It Is that the half of tbem have
heen unsolicited. As Cecil Shepherd
snys: "Wo should worry."
Sad Accident
Earl Park was brought to-the St.
Eugene Hospital ou Thursday, badly
injured through being run over by a
logging train north of Wyclifle.
Mr. Park bad heen working on the
logging road for the Staples Lumber
Company, and was at the time engaged in switching cars on to the
sidetrack. He ran ahead of thll par
tieuhit' train and threw on the switch
then he guve tbe necessary signal for
the engineer to go ahead; he then
made to cross the truck but bis foot
caught in a frog wblch threw him tn
the ground, the cars coming along
passed over hia right log Hoveling It
just above the knee nntl alao severely
crushing the left leg. A phone message was Immediately sent in to Wyclifle, and the Klmherley train was
hold until the arrival of the logging
train, when the injured man wbb hurried to the'hospital at Cranhrook.
Upon arrival at tbe hospital it waa
found necessary to amputate the remaining part of the right leg, and
while the bone of the left leg was
not broken, the flcah was so badly
bruised that it will be some days before the doctors can decide whether
the limb can be saved.
The shock waa very severe, hut the
injured man passed a fairly good
night, and the doctors hold out hope
of his recovery.
Earl Park, the braketnan, wbo was
so seriously injured in nn accident
on thc Staples Lumber Co.'h logging
road on Thuraday, died nt tho St.
Eugene Hospital on Saturday morning at 2.30 a.m. The funeral aervice
will be undes the auspices of the Brotherhood of Railway trainmen, of
which order the deceased was a member. Undertaker W. R. Beattie will
have charge of the funeral the hate
of which ia at present not decided.
Radium Ores in the
Since tho announcement of the pres
once of radium ores in the West and
of the operation of plants far the pro
ductlon of the metal iii Colorado bus
been made, considerable interest in
thi- subject has been aroused and the
Nelson New. having been asked by u
prospector to describe the properties
of pitchblende or uranlnlte, the rock
which rum*1, radium, prints the following,
"The Encyclopaedia Am-henna it
states that pitchblende is a dark
green to black mineral belonging to
ttie Iflolmetric or cubical system and
that It usually occurs in a massive
condition. It in brittle. Hh bardnOBfl
is given at 5,5, its specific gravity at.
from C.4 to 9.7. Its lustre is sub-
metallic ami greasy or pitchlike, it
iB streaked brownish blatK to dark
olive green.
"Pitchblende is. an oxide of uranium and may he considered a uranate
of urnnyl. It frequently contains
some leah.
"Regardin^-'the treatment of pitch
blende to secure the radium vbIucb,
W. J. Hammer, a well known consult
ing electrical engineer, states that it
takes 5,000 tons of uranium residue.
that is, pitchblende after the uranium has been extracted, to mnke a
kilo {2.2 Mis.) of by no means pure
radium. It takes a month to work
the process and costs $2,0(10 a ton to
refine uranium residues, according ta
this authority.
"A kilo of radium, according to
Professor Curie, who, with Irs wife,
Madame Curio, lirst isolated the metal, Ib sufficient tn destroy tbe eye
sight, burn ofl the skin and probably
kill a man wbo happens to he ln the
sam*» room with it. Its nction ia
through invlsable rays which it e-
Cannot Export Sawn
The Court of Appeal baa decid.d
that sawn blocKs cannot be exported
from British Columbia under the
guise of "sawn lumber" thus uphold
Ing the judgment of Justice Clement
in tbe suit of the Minister of Landa
versus the Excelsior Lumber Company. The judgment of tbo Appeal
Court was handed down at Victoria
on Monday. This decision ia of tbe
utmost importance to men employed
In the shingle industry, for it will
prevent and nf tbe business of shingle cutting passing to shingle mills
lu the state of Washington.
commence construction
A meeting of the Bonrd of Directors of the Calgary & Fernie railway
company was held in Fernie on Tueaday, when it was decided to com
mence construction as aoon as tho
snow Ib sufficiently ofl the ground.
Deputations from tbe Fernie and the
Michel Boarda of Trade were present
and assured the directors of their
willingness to help tbe scheme along.
Ail that is needed is the permission
of tbe Railway Board at Ottawa.
Canal Traffic in July
President WIIboii hns receive.! from
Colonel W. (Inethnls n complete review of i.lni.h for the organization of
a permanent government in the Panama Canal wine,  which  comes Into
eilstence April let, with Colonel (looi   Did timers ure predicting thai thor
lhal as Ilrst governor.   The preeldent  will he hut very llttlo more frost
wss   given   to   understand that the  snow in    thc    district   thiB   season,
canal would hs ready for comt* cree  l'nssy Willows are out, and the .inns
l,y July. Is getting green.
RecipientjDf Prizes
Mr. J. A. Pringle of the Hillside
Dairy, has received a number of
prizes for milk and cream exhibited
at the recent convention at Chilli
wack. Mr. Prlngle's eihlblt scored
the blgheat ivnaaihle num tier on packages and methods of putting up the
cream aud milk.
Knox Church L. & D. S.
The Knox Church Literary nnd Ih'
bating Hociety gnve tbeir first sorial
in the Schoolroom adjoining the
Presbyterian Churrh hurt Wednesday.
There wpre about fifty people pretont
wbo all seemed bent on getting tbe
utmost enjoyment out id the moment
ami a bright and lively programme
wns thoroughly enjoyed. Tbe room
was tastefully nml brilliantly decor
ntod nnd thv refreshments, which
were provided hy some ot tbo lady
members of the Club loft nothing to
ho dfslred. A good spirit prevailed
throughout and the evening passed
nit too quickly, The president of
the Club. Mr. W. F„ Reld, safinl.
thanked those who bud helped tu
make the evening a success ami wel
corned all to come to the club meet j
lugs which are hold every Wednesday
Closer Utilization of
Popular opinion holds tbe lumber
man responsible for tne wastage of
50 to 70 per cent of the timber which
he handles, this waste consisting uf
high stumps, broken tre'-a, logs and
uncut timber left in the woods, ami
of aawduat, slabs, edgings, and trlm-
ings at the mills. The lumbermen
maintains that bo saves as much ma
tcrial aa he can at u prolit, and that
be should not lie charged with wilful
waste when he refuses to handle material which cannot be sold for at
least the cost of production.
Conditions which make possible
closer utilization iu logging and man
ufacturlng ore:
1. Itoady markets.
2. ('heap transportation.
3. Character of timber.
4'.   Eittcieut management.
.*..   Proper equipment.
Thv labor coats in handling waste
material are often prohibitive. Tbe
present low price of atumpago makes
it more profitable for tbe manufacturers of many amall wooden articles
to buy lugs, and entire timber tracts
than to manufacture from the whsi
of lumbering operations.
Many by-product plnnts re.|Uire
hih'Ii large inveatiiieuts and an assurance of a long-time supply of material that their erection is possible
only In connection with very large
lumbering operations. The condition
surrounding many small operators
are sucb thht close utilisation la impossible.
Material is saved only as it is valuable. Closeness of timber utilization is in direct proportion to stump
age value. In aome large and favor
ably situated Hasten, lumbering o
peratlons, high timber w.i ■•'■* and
goo I markets for a wide variety ni
products permit the Utilisation of
practically all waste. In many l'n
cll-C Coast operations wbete standing
timber of low valuo Is abundant, and
suwing capacity is in excess of market demand, much wuate ih at present  unavoidable,
(Ivor-production of lumber and oth
er wood products is a prolific cause
of forest wnste Over production re
suits from unlimited competition in
the  exploitation  of  forest   resonrCM,
(educating the consumer to the use
nf grades and sizes ol material now
rejected will accomplish much In ue
An Amazing Report
No  more amazing report  has been
issued    from    the    press   than    that
which tells the story of the building
f    the    National    Transcontinental
Railway and ttie squandering of (40,-
000.000  iu  the  process.    This branch
( the Grand Trunk  Pacitlc lino wad
built by the l.aurier Government, Mr
ilding Informed the House that the
total cost  would uot exceed $61 ,.06,-
.00.    Tbe report of tho investigating
-otnmitl.ee showed  that it  bad reach
>d ttie iihiii.lug sum of $_:.4,t'..'.l..'^l.
Today  it  stands saddled with an  in*
.crest charge of ur.,400,000, or $14800
per  dny  and   tbe  general   impression
is that ttie handicap is too great to
cany and that  in consequence the li.
T.I'.  will refuse tu take the line.    If
ho, iin* Oovernment  will huve tn u-
perate it  and tin* country   will   he
saddled   with another   intercolonial,
which will probably take many years
to reach the paying stage.    TllfeSO are
the    burn    factH.      Wben    one   cornea
down  to  details,  tho  report is even
more   amazing,     Kor    instance,   we
read   that   them   was   no   proper   syH-
ti*m of competition in letting tbe con
trncts.    Instead of open tenders with
unrestricted conditions, they were all
so arranged thnt  only a few favored
drrns could  tender,  and  they  appear
to have done so not on the lines of
competition but of combination, thus
eleven firms secured over eight hundred   miles  of  railway  and  re-let to
100    sub contractors.      The    original
firms  clenred   an   immense  profit  for
doing  nothing.    The   11   contractors
socu!"d    $8,8.0,000    for    transferring
tbeir contracts.    Tho  lirm  of  M.   P.
Davis &  Co.   tigered   largely  in  tbia
connection   and   in   the   caBe  of   two
contracts received  tbe sum of $7300-
000 for simply bunding them over. A
practice which if not diBhoneat iB cer
tn inly open to tbe graveat suspicion
was   introduced    in    the    matter   of
"classification."    New terma hitherto
unknown in engineering practice were
coined    to   .'liable contractors to be
paid a higher rate than that agreed
upon, aud to crown  all the committee polntB out that the line through
New i.nmawick    should    have   never
been built; it wns purely a concession
to political clamour;  it parallels the
Intercolonial;  it  has no  business offering;  ''grass is growing along the
permanent way, and the ties are rotting."    This is a fins comment upon
the railway  building of the late Administration.    That it  ia a true one
t be doubted, for Mr. (iutelius,
the    engineer    of  the Cummission Is
uf  the  ablest  railway  enginelTs
the  Dominion  and   a   man  of  unquestioned integrity.    He baa simply
told   the  truth.    What   the  effect  of
tbe report, will be no one can say. It
wlll   be   sufficiently    unpalatable   to
Canadians,    and    one can only hope
that   its efiect  outside the limits ot
the Dominion have already beeu discounted    by    auch   an    acquaintance
witti   tbo  methods   pursued  that  the
report  will  not  come  aB a surprise.
Incidentally,   it  is  only a matter of
justice to remark wnat an Important
light this investigation throws on tbe
charges    made  by  Major  Hodglna a
few   years  ago.     The   Major suffered
because he  was  unable    to    substantia.!' them, but after reading tbe report  of   Mr.   (Jutelins  and   bis associates, there will he a general feeling
that his failure to do so was not because his charges were incorrect, hut
solely because tie was not iu a position to secure the uecessaiy evidence.
After this expose  tbe  resignation ut
.Ma;»r  Hodgius and  later on of Mr.
Peter Lumsden require no further es-
planation.—Tbe   Week,   Victoria.
creasing forest   waste.    The cuiisu i
lip*,  the  ti'iiii  any   tn  the  disposition
uf the products id the mauiifaclui
This  is  md   a condition   peculiar
lumbering alone, hut. applies tu the
market for ail manufactured nnd ngri
cultural products, A market for fur
oat products eipial tu thai In <Iermany wuuld rcault In ns ch.se timber
Utilisation    in    Canada  as exists  In
Animals in Dominion
Animals in Dominion  parks
The Dominion Huffnlu Park at Wain
wright, Uberta, now contains 8,447
buffalo, 4 elk, 60 mule deer, and 4
antelope. There wero 243 buffalo
calves born in the Park during 1913.
In tbe Murky Mountain Park at
llanfl, are 81 buffalo, 23 moose, 21
p|k, |u mule deer, 3 mountain sheep
and 7 perstan sheep.
In the Kik Island Park, I.amont,
Alberta, there are 41 ey., HI buffalo,
2't mouse, and 63 mule deer,
The Parks Hiutieii, which has
charge of all Dominion Parks, report
that the buffalo are thriving admirably under these, their natural ron
dltlons, ami are rapidly Increasing in
numbers. Game birds are also in
creasing rapidly, owing to the pro
tectum given by tbe Park authorities
Arrangements are being made for
| a horvey mateb between tbe All Htar
i Plegan Indian loam, and the Fornle
i hocke) (earn, the -.nine was ta be
| pln|ed during the latter part of tbls
[week at Kernie. THE PKOSPECTOa. CRANBROOK, B. C,
Fred. Dean, of Toledo, Ohio was a
guest at the Cranbrook Wednesday.
The Athalmer Conservative Association will hold their annual general
meeting on Wednesday  March 4th.
Born*—At the Cottage Hospital on
Monday 23rd, to Mr. and Mra. W. D,
Stone of Cranbrook, a son.
Born—At tbe Cottage Hospital on
Wednesday, February 25th, to Mr.
and Mrs. N. N. McOinnls, a son.
The Cinderella Club will hold a Ht.
Patrick's Soiree Dansante at the Auditorium, on Tuesday, March Uth,
J. H. Doyle, of Moyie, manager of
the Moyio Hotel was in town Mon
With ttie local sawmills, tbe opening up of spring means "say nothing
but saw  wood."
Liberal Daily Papers ore so busy
featuring politics that they cannot
tind room for social items.
We handle only fresh
choice stock and our meats
are the best to be had
give us a trial.  Cranbrook
Meat Market   Phone
Considerable discussion followed tbe ron
Bourdnmn, president .,f the Araerli-an Ited • -    - -
keen a quostlou witb Uer if tlio aid furnlslicd
__ not "really soften ttio horrors   I war
blddint! to those wl ngnj.   In the n."
Miss Bonrdraan made tier »l .:•■ win e« i ■
Miss Edith Durham, Hnlkan war lorrespondei
>_■•_ war.
• assertion ■ • M -- Mabel
«-i..iy. tbat it bad always
Ked Cross .:i tUue ->f war
;.-(,.! lu make tin-- le-_ for
nenl he statement of
Ibat tbe Ited Cross direct!*.- pro
Trains Nos. 11 and 12
to be
Last train Westbound, Feb. 4th
Last train Eastbotind, Keb. 6th
Consult local Ticket Agent as
to re-arraiigt'iiiciit of schedules,
R. Dawson,
District Passenger Agent,
For Sale Rents & Wants
FOUND—Oold Locket frith picture of
llttlo Kii'l Ihflide. Owner can have
same hy applying at tbis office and
paying for this advert.
Our Mr. Parks-
Is apatii  busy on  plana to enlarge
our store, ho finds that at  least two
departments  are  cramped   for  room.
Our Mr. Haynes—
Is very busy these dav* taking at *rk
and has not as yet located a space
to place 16H Ofldar Mops which we
have in transit. He ih working aigbtfl
on a combination capital letter that
will represent each "L S and T."
Our Mr. Harding-
Is also busy nn stock, and at tbis
writing could tell yon idl-band how
many cases and barrels ol sweeping
compound and tisri ol lx . mild s'.eel
we hnve in '»nr wnrrhoiises.
Our  Mr.   Fmley  (the   irrepressible
Is   busy   with   d-d.ver.es,   but   finds
time to help with tb* ItOCk.    He has
discovered   a   ihort   cut   tn   counting
■andpapei which hi wtll utilize next
Echos from the Office—
Our Mr. Jones is there with stenography and wil! deliver the stock
sheets all typewritten. He is alM
working nights wltb "TullOM." Likewise is keepim; one eye on a cast*, of
oranges ond o cane ol wine which <*ur
accountant recently received from
California) via parcel post.
Our Mr. Brown-
Is kicking for more (oom, wondering when1 the new ftafo is going to ho
placed. Wus overheard sny ing to
himself that tf John Doe would only
pay bis account ho would be abb- on
the proceedi to tfi*e n trip to Mnyle
nn the 24th nf Mnv
F. Parks & Co.
CRANBROOK,    -    British Columbia
Twenty-five second-and Sewing
Machines for Sale on monthly payments, some ol tbem cabinets. All
overhauled and Ln good condition.
From $r..lio up. Singer Store, phone
167. 4-tf.
most new,
-On easy terms, two
Halke Tool Tahles, al-
wlth all accessories* com
are   longer  and   we
burn   1
just   when the   wife
with gas.
It may bo that ymll* eyes are
becoming weak anil you are a-
(raiii to acknowledge lt,   That
is the way with a good many
people, both old ami young,
Tho young, particularly, seem
afraid to admit their lolling
sight, but it is no novelty
nowadays ami certainly no die
grace. We will remedy any ile-
lectlve eyesight and guarantee
*mtl .action. helavs are dan
geroiiH   l*. uue  'I'o.lay.
Jewelers & Opticians
Cranbrook!   -   -    B. C.
plete. These tables cnn be bought
for $10.00 cash, nnd balance at
$10.00 per montb without interest.
.Apply B. 1'. Johnson, Box 703 or
phone 366. 7-4
LOST—On or about the last week in
January, a Oold Watch, having a
white dial with blue markings, fancy bnck and plain black fob attached, linder will be suitably re-
war led on returning same to the
Prospector Offic* 7
It's a pity we can't put some of
our youthful enthusiasin in cold storage and keep it for old age.
Perhaps Villa will tind that taking
Scotch doesn't agree with him. What
will John Bull prescribe'
Time will soon arrive for the ama
tear gardener to make his annual Inventory  of   horticultural   weapons.
NOW is the time to bave your
LawoHowers, ground and overhauled
also your Bicycles overhauled and repaired—Green's Repair Shop.
Work on the new bridge over Toby
Creek on the Athalmer-Wilmer road
was commenced on Monday under the
■supervision  of  D.  Bale.
The laws of compensation: Tbe days
'ss light
Dr. J. M. H. Bell, who has been
visiting in Scotland for the past
three monthB returned to Cranbrook
It is time for that spring tonic.
We saw some pussy willows in thc
hands of some boys and girls recently.
G. J. Jaquith, of Toronto, representing Brown Bros, printers supplies
was in town Friday on company business.
French  aviators given to duelling
to settle grievances believe that he
who   tights   and runs away will live
to fly anothbr day.
Judges of courts will soon he asked to decide whether it is legal to
dun a man over the telephone. Whether lt is legal or not it iB often done
Owing to the continued soft weather, curling and skating has been discontinued and the Bnow has rapidly
G. H. Merrick and W. G. Tann-
hauser, of Fort Steele were transacting business at Cranbrook Wednesday.
Whale steaks are being introduced
in New York restaurants. Patrons
can have their choice, T bone or
There was a hot time in the old
town of New York one night last
week when the firemen responded to
fifty fires in nine hours.
FOR BALB—1 Cyprus Incubator, H_
Bgg; l PeerleM Incubator, 144 egg;
can b" seen at the Crnnhrook Bi*
EXCHANGE w. i exchange surrey
for Blnble buggy with tongue. Apply at Prospector Ofllce. 7
Local   News
Bee me abonl that picture which
you are about to have framed. 80
samples of mouldings to ohoon (rom
P.  Lund, of Wardner,  was transact
Ing hiiKin.-Hs at Cranbrook Thursday.
I! ll. Blanchett i
in town Friday.
L< D, Bteveneon,
town Thursday,
K. K. Hummer, i
h guest at the Cm
F, (', Johnston,
m the rity Wednesi
d Vancouver, wuh
nf  '..■:■ ..h was in
f vancouver( wan
ibrook Friday.
Montreal, wnn
ClwiH.   Ileiiiifdt,   wns  in   (mm   Hand-
pnlnt on business Wednesday,
Chester    Wolf,   ol    Spokane was  in
the city Wednesday.
4Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where It Pays to Deal"
Cranbrook        -        B. C.
wan Act prohibiting the employment
of white girls by Chinese.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Ladles Aid Society of the Methodist
Church will be held at the home of
Mrs, J. 1). Mcllridu, <larde.ii Avenue,
Wednesday afternoon, March 4th at
3 p.m.
J. M. Dudley, railroad secretary of
Montreal, visited the local Y.M.C.A,
ou Wednesday, and ..topped over till
Thursday, en route to Hlllynrd,
Wash. lie spoke optimistically of
tin. work lu goneral and Cranbrook
ni particular.
A fast name of hockey was played
at Kernie Tuesday between Uellevmi
and Ferule, which reunited in a score
of three to two In favor of Fertile.
The ire was lu encellont condition,
but the game assumed championship
l<Yed Kummer, the baker, bas had
his delivery WOgon painted, making
it look almost  tike uew.
At  the  Hex   theatre all  next week,
the management will ofler au exceptional programme, in which there
will bo Included several upcclal features,
Constable Morris served a distress
warrant ou John, on Bros, of the Rex
Theatre on Thursday, on behalf of
the owner of the building, Mr. fteo.
\{. Leask, for unpaid rent; the theatre is uow being conducted under the
management of L. Leask, son of the
owner of the building.
A very enjoyable evening was spent
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. W.
Russell on Tuesday last. A sleigh
party of out.of-town friends, to the
number of 15 came in from their outlying ranches. During the evening
music and songs were rendered. Mr.
and Mrs Russell proved themselves
admirable hosts. Although condition were not very favorable for the
sleighing, nevertheless, a thoroughly
good time was enjojed by all.
Mrs. Maurice Quain was at borne
to a large number of invited guests
Thursday afternoon; Mrs. O. H.
King assisted tn receiving the guests
and Mrs. A. C. Bowness passes tea;
Mrs. G. R. Leask served the coffee
and Miss Whitehead and Miss Murgatroyd emvpd refreshments, while
Miss Atchison attended the door.The
decorations consisted of pink and red
the Liberal Conditions, and
Low Monthly Premium Kates
of the
Policies  Written   and  Indemnities
Paid direct from thia office.
FRED. W. SWAIN, (Jon. Agent
Agent! Wanted
Fresh killed grain-fed Pork
at the Cranbrook Meat Market  Phone   -   -   -   •
SAUSAGES-Fresh Daily
We make them on the
premises and we recommend them.    Cranbrook
Meat Market  Phone
Mr, nnd Mrs. W. H. Wilson, left on
Monday last on an extended visit to
th| coast, they will take In points in
California before returning to Cranbrook.
The monthly meeting of Knox
Church LadiiaH' Aid will be held at
tbe borne of Mrs. 0. Ptttle, Armstrong Avenue, on Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m.
At tbe Edison theatre, the general
film service, provides tbe strongest
plcturo Hervlce tbat ft Ih possible to
obtain, all next week there wlll ha
special attractions,   Including  many
nf the heart iitiinni' BC0II0S,
Messrs. ■(. P, Fink, 0, II. I'ollen,
nnd II. Y. Parker, left on WodnoBday
for Oalgary, ta consult with 0. P, It.
officials In regard to tbe construction of n branch line between ('ran
brook and Wasn on tbe line of the
Kootenny Central railway.
Local Chinese nt Roglna, nay that
tbey will appeal from lhe decision of
tbe supreme court of Canada to the
Privy Council, respecting tbo upholding of tho validity of the Haskatche-
Your Home
Will be one that you can look
forward to with much added
delight lf, upon returning all
lagged out Irom your day's
work, your wlfo can have read-
y tor you a bottle ol
X Port Stout
Then you will moat fully appreciate thiB strenthening brew
It will restore your energy,
furnlBh needed stimulation to
the tired body and put you in
n frame of mind tn respond to
tho plenBnnt reception awaiting you.
The use of Kerrlgan'a XPort
Stout ln the home spells
good nnture, good Indigestion
and good sleop. Let us supply
you with a case.
$2..10 per cnee of a dot. pints
James Kerrigan
Cranbrook,        -        B.C.
i.aXa_w_s^ai_«se_,.',T,-'>NT,c ^^
With the first sketches ef tbe Itodman Wunaiuuker tratisiuluutlc flyer, exhibited at lho Aero Club of America, mine tho'statement Hint the Aero clubs ol
America and (Ireat Britain wlll be asked for their Joint sanction nt thi- flight
ncross thc Atlantic. This will mean that competition for tin- Hilly Mail prize
wlll he in conformity with rules laid down liy those bodies.
Following .Mr. Waiiaiiiaker's announcement of his lutenllon to co-operate
wllh Oleiui 11.1'urtlss In building n flying boat capable of inakl x n triiusnllnntlo
fllKht. reports were received which Indicate that tho effort will by no iinv.ns he
one sided. It is expected Unit au aero nice between Newfoniullni.il anil Ireland
will tie arranged.
Mr. Curtlss lias been Invited to co-operate In four different attempts to
make flights across the Atlantic . It was said by one of Ills representatives,
however, that there i.s no likelihood of his considering the deslgulugof a machine
•o compete with the Roil man Wananmker flyer.
King Oeorge was present at the
base ball game between the New York
and Chicago teams on Thursday .The
King had never witneaaed a first
class base ball game. The game was
played at the Chelsea football fleld-
lncldentally the American colony, together with the staff of the embassy
and the consulate general were present.
Ross Carr, returned on Monday
last from a trip to California. He
absent about six weeks, and had a
very pleasant trip.
Railway companies are required to
equip their locomotives with double
windows in the front of cab during
the winter Beason, November 1st to
April 30th, the same to be airtight.
The toregoing is an order just Issued
by the railway commission as tho
result ol a request made by the officials ot the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen for better accommodation for engineers and
firemen on duty. The order will go
into effect March 23, unless the railways register objections worthy of
tho consideration of tho board.
An interesting episodo occurred at
tho Railway Y. M. C. A. last Saturday evening. Mr. fl, L. Williams,
who waB one ol the old timers a-
round thc "Y.' and who is very well
and favorably known In the city, was
presented with n small token of the
estimation In wblch he is held hy
number of the hoys, on tho occasion
of his leaving thc city. The preaent
ation took the form of a flno little
Steele engraving entitled "B.acchanal
and the spirits" nlso a suitable Inscription with hln name engraved ln
ornamental characters on the frame,
Mr. Williams, who was quite over
come on Its receipt, replied in a lew
well chosen words which conveyed
moro thnn wns actually spoken.
■~K _     Ore St-ipments
Ot<> shipments from mlnos in
We alwaya advise people who hav*|llio Cranbrook district for tli«
p ist weok and year to date wore
as follows:—
Sullivan 827 2,205
Otlior mines    HS
A Charter has been opened in
Cranbrook for membership in
of the Dominion of Canada
which will remain open until a
membership of  50 has been
The fee is $20.00.
stomach or bowel trouble to see a
doctor. But to those who do not
wish to do this we wlll say: try the
mixture of simple buckthorn bark
glycerine, etc., known ai Adler-l-kal
Thla simple now remedy le so powerful that JUST ONE DOSB usually
relieves sour stomach, gns on thi
stomach and constipation QUICKLY.
People who try Adler-1-ka are surprised at its QUICK action. The
Beattie-Murphy Oo. 41-tt
For further information and Membership Applications, enquire of
u at the Royal Hotel
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Bison Dunham
Sunday service*: Th* pastor wlll
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning aubject: "Some good reasons lor evading Christian Responsibility."
Evening subject: "Ideals lor our
All are Invited to the above services.
Mrs. O. Stevenson, choir leader
Mr. Chas. F. Nidd, organist
All are invited to the above services.
Baptist Church
Rev. 0. B. Kendall
Services 11.00 a.m. and 7.10 p.ro
Sunday School, 3.00 p.m.
Fellowship Bible »'lass, 8.00 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday at ».00
Topica of the discourses an Sunday
will be In the morning "Heaven" In
the evening "Satisfaction for Soul
A eordlal Invitation la extended to
Mid week Service on Tuoshay evening nt H p.m.
Literary and Debating Society to
meet on Wednesday evening at H pm,
Presbyterian Church
Rev. W. Kelman Thomson
Morning Service 11 a.m.
Mr. O. Dingle ol Knox Presbyter-
inn Church, Calgary, will deliver an
ahdreaa nn "The work of tbe Church.
Missionary, Soclgl, Educational, and
H.S. nnd Bible Class at 3 p.m.
Evening aervlce 7.30 p.m.
Subject—"la there any Hereafter"
The Pastor will preach.
Tho Choir wlll render an anthem
at both services.
Choir Leader-Mrs. B. Patterson
Organlrt-Mr. H. Stephens
"Teach me, 0 Lord, ths way ol
Thy statutes."
The monthly meeting of the Board
of managers wlU be held on Monday
evening at 3 p.m.
Break Whisky's Grip on Your
loved Ones
Drunkards will tell you with team
of sincerity that they do not rant
to drink. The craving co.iai. Irom
the inflamed membranes ol the S'.jat-
ach drlvea them to it.
Alcura will soothe the trombli-g
nerves and remove the craviug that
la ruining your home and scaling
an otherwise kind husband or 'ather
from you. It costs only 11.00 on
box, and if lt docs not cure cr bent-
tit after a trial the money wlll be
Alcura No. 1, ls tasteless and can
be given aecretly ln Tea, Coffee, or
food. Alcura No. t, la taken voluntarily by thoae willing to help
Alcura ean now be obtained at oar
store. Ask for Free Booklet telling
all about it and give Alcura a trial.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited, Druggists, Cranhrook, B.O. 41-1.
Gin  Pills  Cured Them.    Fret
Sample Bos Leads to Cure.
Only those who have been terturei
with Kidney Trouble can appreciate hew
Mr. Trumper suffered. Being a railroad
nan, he was called upon to do all kinds
of heavy work. The constant strata tl
lifting, weakened the kldnsys.
I received the simple box of Gin Pills
and was greatly benefitted by them. My
kidneys were in such bid condition I
could not lift or stoop without pain. Ia
fact, they pained me nearly all the time.
I hava taken three boxes of Qln Pills,
working all the time at heavy work ea
the railroad and did net lose a day.
Do sharp twinges catch yon aa yen
stoop I Are you subject to Rheuma-
tism, Sciatica or Lumbago t Dose yeur
Bladder give trouble I Take Ola Pllle
on eur positive guarantee that they will
cure you or money refunded, S0o a box
—8 for 12.nil. At dealers, or dirsct If yon
cannot obtain from druggist. Sample
box free If you mention this paper.
National Drug and Chemical Co., of
Canada, Limited, Toronto, 174
P. O. Box IDS Oraabrook, B.O •_■ ■i.|*t.|-t-i-t _■■! ll 1111 ■!■ 11 !■ 111*-'! I tilt 11 l"i-l I IH IH l-ir-f*
Professional   Carbs
Cobge   iHottces
ii 1111111111111111 ii-t-i 11 ih 111111111111H i.
Court Cranbrook No. 1041.
Meet In Carmen's Hall, on   Md aad
Ith Thursday ol each month.
Louie Psaraon, Sec., P.O. Box 111.
Tlilting Brothsrs Cordially Welcomed
(Cranbrook Branch)
Meets  in   Maple   Hall on the Ind
and 4th Tuesday - ln every month, at
I p.m.   Membership open to British
B. T. Brake, Prea.
L. Pearron, Secretary
Box 611
▼letting membere cordially welcome
A. r. - A. II.
Regular   meetings  on   tbe
third   Thuraday   ot   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
H. Hkltenbotham,  W.M,
J. Lee Cranston, Sec.
No. IU, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tueaday In
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Oompanlona. are   cordially Invited,
■x. Comp—A. 0. Bbankland, B.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Crescent Lodge, No. It
Meata every Tueeday at I p.m.
at Fraternity Ball.
O. Donahue, 0. 0.
F. M. Christian, K ol R. * »•
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
I.O.O.F.,    KEY   CITY    LODGE
Uo. 41
Meeta every Monday night
at Bew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning oddlellowe cordially invited.
J. Turnley W. M. Harris
H. 0. See'y
Circle No.  Ul
Compantone ol the Forest
Meeta tn Carmen's Hall, First and
Tblrd Wednesday ot each month at
1:00 p.m., sharp. _
Mm. A. M. Laurie, 0. 0
Mrs. A. B. Bbaw. Bee.
Vlaltlng  Oompanlona   cordially  welcome. MV
Meets every Wednesday at I p.m.,
tn Royal Black
Knlghta' Hall on
Baker Street.
tn n
R. B. Garrett, Sec'y
Meets in Royal Black Knight! Hall
Baker Street
Meeta every 2nd and tth Thuraday
of eaeh month at 1 p.m. aharp.
Mre. L. Hayward, ree. aee.
W. B. MacFarlane, chlel ranger
Vlaltlng brethren made welcome.
Tb* Cranbrook Poultry and  Pet
Stoek Association
Prealdent-O. R. Bheppard
Meets regularly on the First Friday
evening ol each month.
Information on Poultry mature
Address the Secretary-A. B. Bmlth
P.O. Box Ml, Oranbrook, B.O.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Meeta   lit   and
3rd Thuraday In
Royal Black
Knights of Ireland .iall at I p.m. aharp. Vlaltora
R. 8. Oarrett, W. M.
W. Dunatan, Ree. See.
Pres.—A.  B.  Smith
Sec—Albert H. Webb,
Address—Box 60.1, Cranhrook. B. 0.
Meetings  are  held   Second  Saturday ln each month at 2 p.m. in the
Old Gymnasium.
Women's Institute
Meeta ln the Carmcna' Hall lat
Tuesday alternoon in every month
at 3 p.m. The fancy work classes
meets on 2nd Friday evening in the
same place at 8 p. m.
Mrs. B. H. Leaman, President
Mrs.   J.  Shaw,  Sec-Treas.
P. 0. Box 442.
All ladiea cordially Invited.
T.   T.   McVITTIE
P.L.I.  _ 0.1.
ORANBROOK.    ...    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notarise
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    -    British Oolumbla
Civil   and Mining EUglneere-Britleb
Columbia Land Surveyor!
P.O. Boa Me
Pbone HU
...    B.O.
Drs.    KING    -    GREEN
phyeiclane and Surgeons
Ofllce at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons ■ - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - -1.00 to  4.00
Bvening! - - - 7.30 to   1.10
Sunday! 1.10 to  4.10
Oranbrook,     .....    B.O.
F. Ai. MacPherson
Norton* Avuiu Nut to City Htll
Open Day sod Night Pboae tsi
Funeral Director,
P.O. HOX 585
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 2S9
P. O. Box 845
Tommy—Bo you were under the tola the whole Ume Mr. Sparke waa In'
the parlor. How many tlmte did he
hiss yeur sister?
Kitty—I don't knew, i __, «_,_
count up to llfty.        "    * *** ""•"J
NOTICK is hereby given thnt a reserve, the notice of which appearod
in the B.C. Gazette on the 27th of
December, 1907, la cancelled ln so far
as it relates to land covered by expired Timber Licence No. 43070 for
the purpose of Issuing Pre-emption
Records covering a portion of same
ln favor of Messrs. .lease P. Abbott
and Delbert Van Abbott. The remainder will be open to entry by
pre-emption on Friday, tho flrat day
of May, 1914, nt 9 o'clock ln the
forenoon; all applications to he made
at tho ofllco of tho Government A
gent, Cranbrook.
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C.
28th January, 1914.
5-3 mths.
NOTIOE ls hereby given that tho
reserve established by notice published in the British Columbia Gazette
on the 27th day of December, 1907,
is cancelled ln so far ns it relates
to Timber Licences Noa. 31481, 38411,
34221, 30358, 36502,        26737,
41344, 31201, 31330, 34406, 32711,
21907, 37993, 37922, 37994, 33460,
33459, 269211, 28183, 22661, 34273,
43176, 32022, 31180, 31184, 31185,
37580, 24432, 23116, 28182, 39353,
34310 and 11347. That said lands
have been surveyed as Lots 2698,
2099, 2700, 2701, 2702, 2703, 2704, 2705
2706, 2707, 2708, 2709, 2710, 8281a,
8278, 8279, 8281, 8283, 10331, 10351,
10362, 10353, 10354, 10356, 10357,
10358, 10359, 10360, 10361, 10362,
10364, 10365, 10366, 10367, 10869,
11488, 11489, 11490, 11491, 11492,
11493, 11194, 11495, 11496, 11497.
11498, 11499, 11500, 11501, 11602,
11503, 11504, 11505, 11606, 11507,
11608, 11509, 11510, 11511, 11511a,
11512, 11513, 11528, 11529, 11530,
11532, 11533, 11534, 11535,
11537, 11538, 11539, 11640,
11542, 11543, 11544, 11545,
11647, 11548, 11.149, 11550,
11553, 11554, 11555, 11556,
11558, 11559, 11560, 11561,
11578, 11674, 11575, 11576,
11578, 11579, 11580, 11581,
11583,    11584,    11585,    11586,
11687, 11588, 11589, 11590, 51594,
11595, 11596, 11697, 11598, 11599,
11603, 11604, 11605, 11606, 11607,
11608, 11609, 11610, 11611, 11612,
11613, 11614, 11615, 11616, 11617,
11619, 11620, 11621, 11622, 11623,
11624,        11625, 11781,        11786,
11786, 11787, 11788, 11789, 11790,
11791, 11792, 11793, 11794, 11795,
11796, 11797, 01798, 11799, 11800,
11801, 11802 and 11803, Kootenay
Dlatrlct, and will be opened to entry by pre-emption on the let day
of May, 1914, at 9 o'clock In the
forenoon. No Pre-emption Record
wlll be lsaued to Include more tban
one surveyed lot, and all applications must be made at the office of
the Government Agent, Cranbrook.
Deputy Minister of LandB.
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C.
28th January, 1914.
5-3 mths.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
reserve established by notice nub-
llshed in the British Columbia
Gazette- on the 27th day of December
1907, la cancelled in eo far as it relates to Timber Licences Nos. 41426,
9082 and 4481, and thnt said lands
having been surveyed as Lots 11614,
[11515. 11518, 11519, 11520, 11621, 11526,
11686 and 11689, Kootenay District,
11681, 11681a, 11682, 11083, 11684,
11686 and 11789, Kootenay Dletrlct,
will bo opened to entry hy pre-emption nn the 1st day ol May, 1914, at
9 o'clock In the forenoon. No. pre
emptlon record will be Issued to In
elude more than one surveyed lot,
And all application" must he made
at thc office of the Government A-
gent, Kernie.
Deputy Minister .of Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.O.
28th January, 1914.
6 3 mtbs
Ooal mining rlghta of the Dominion
ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al*
bsrta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and ln a portion of
the Province ol British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental ol 11
an acre. Not more tban 2,660 acres
will bs leased to one applicant.
Application for a leaee must ht
made by the applieant ln person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which ths right! applied for
are eltuated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal sub
divisions of sections, und in unsur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be stakad out by tbe applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of |5 which wtll ht
refunded it the rights applied for art
not available, but not otherwits. A
royalty shull be paid on the mer
chantable output of the mine at tht
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay tht
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnlBbed at least
once a year.
The lease wlll Include the coal mining rlghta only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rlghtB may be considered necessary for tbe working ol
the mine at the rate of 110.00 an acre
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ot
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY.
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication   ol
this advertisement will not be paid
for.—30690. Jan. 3rd-tf.
Sealed tenders will be received by
the Miniater of Lands not later than
noon on the 7th day of March, 1914,
tor the purchase of Licence X 159, to
cut 380,000 feet of Douglas Fir and
Tamarack, an a portion of Lot 7799,
Kootenay District,  near Cranbrook.
One year will be allowed for the removal of tbe timber.
Further particulars of the Chlel
Forester, Victoria, B.C., or of District Forester, Cranbrook.
Notes on Mining
East Kootenay is one of the most
important mineral sections of BritlBh
Columbia. It Includes the coal
mines of the Crows Nest PasB, the
big silver-lend mines of Kimherley
anh Moyie, lead deposits at Field,
and the gold quartz mines of Wild
Horse and Perry creeks; and there Is
every Indication of IncreaBed prosperity in the mineral resources of thle
dlatrlct during the coming season.
Tho Sullivan group of mines at
Klmherley were the heaviest shippers
during the year 1913, with the St.
Eugene, at Moyie second.
The Frisco group of mines, located
across the lake from Moyie, is worthy
ot more than a passing notice, from
thc (act, that these claims aro situated near the famous Aurora group of
mines, and are supposed to be an extension of the St. Eugene lead across
the lake. The Frisco group is composed of six claims, and are owned
hy Wm. Lawson. On these claims
a large amount ol development woi».
haa boen performed, a drift has been
run nearly four hundred feet, all in
ore, two winzes have been Bin'; on
the vein, and there ls an excellent
showing of silver-lead ore, carrying
high values ln zinc. Several croBa-
cuts have been made acroafl the vein.
and thc Indications are that a new
shipping mine will be added to the
list of Bhlpplng mines ol the district
during the coming season. With reduction works, for the treatment ot
zinciferous ores In the district, the
Frisco group, as well as the Aurora
would become heavy Bhlppcrs, and
ndd vory materially to the mineral
output of the Crnnbrook district.
The KalBer keeps twenty-six automobiles for hlB exclusive UBB. ThiB
may account for the report that a
few of the numerous Imperial castles
are nn the market.
Among the Craft
Selkirk Preceptory will hold a regular monthly BEBOnvlily on Monday
ovonlng next, in the chapter room of
the- Masonic Temple, all local Hir
Knights ure requested to attend,
Thc Grand Chapter, Roynl Arch
Mnsonn of Canada, opened Its llfty
sixty convocation nt Toronto Wcclnoa
day. The nUomlancc wn« largo lor
what In known iih tho "ofl year," nnd
ia comprised of delegates Irom nil ol
the parts ol the Dominion. The niein
bershlp Iiiih InctoaMd during the past
year by over 1,310,
The new battle over home rule for Ireland—main foiituro of n session programme which ii Is predicted will be
history mulling nnd filled with danger lines—begun promptly with tho reopening of porllnraeiil by King George. Waiter
Long, formerly Unionist Chief Secretary for Ireland, filed tho first gun. which ho loaded with a challenge to Premier
Asquith to submit tho question to a vole of the people.
The uncompromising tenor of tho Unionist position was shown In Long's (lednrntlon ihot It the government sought
to put Its home rule hill Into effect ll would succeed only liy lhe use of bullets .-mil bayonets. He do'clured the empire today Is facing lhe peril of civil war.
lie flung into tlio faces ot tho Cabinet Ministers Iho (-hinge
Inuluious anil the taunt llml Ihey ilareil not risk conrill wllh lhe
Long's hitler nttncli created a selisiilloa, and nrouseil enihi
Premier Asquith In hla reply promised llml the govi
tioua for a settlement by agreement of the Irish difficulty
their recent course In South Africa was pusl.
1 government there,
itslastic approval on the part of tho Unionist mombera,
in would take tho Inlltutlvo in putting forward suggea*
©he 3i.-t0011e1.toT, <_. vmtln. ooh, §. (_..
Published Evory Saturday Morning at Cranbrook, B.C.
F. M. Christian, general manager
Postage to American, European  (BritiHli  Isles excepted)  nud  other  foreign countries, 50 cents a year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising ratea furnished on application. No
advertisements but thoae of n reputable character will be nccoptcd for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSORIBElRS.—Unless notice to the contrary
Is given to locnl mnnnger advertisements nml subscriptions will he kept
running nml charged up against tbeir uccount.
nounce n definite plan of action. Io
the inenntlnic I shall attempt to develop tlint plan nil through the co-
>poration of stockmen themselves,
who arc the pioneers tn developing
lie stock industry in British Columbln.
High School Exams.
Tlu! faUowitfg are the results of the
lnttt months exam-; in High
Preliminary Grade
There were Home people who Raid
that this was to lie a fighting seBtnon
at Ottawa, that the Liberals would
begin where they hail left oil, and
that there were troublesome times
in Btore for tbe government. Well
the sestiion will soon be a month ohl,
and so far there 1ms been no signs ol
a row, moreover, it is admitted, and
freely admitted, by Liberal members
themselves, thnt. tho session will
most likely be short and quiet .coming to a peaceful end towards    the
end of May.
At a speech given at Montreal cm
Saturday night,, riir Wilfrid Laurier
said "that he had no thought ot resigning the Leadership of the Liberal
flirty," Hir Wilfrid is very brave in
talk, but why doeB be not resign one
of bis two seats, or allow A. M.
Clarke, M.P,, to resign in South Essex? Sir Wilfrid BDOms to have lost
heart, there is no light, and Laurier
is left to the wafe enjoyment of a
leadership with nothing to lead.
Marion   Thomas   	
Oracle Wiggins 	
Beatrix   1'nrris  	
('ml   Olll   	
Doris Kershuw  	
John I'ye 	
Vincent Fink 	
i.diti. Macdonald ....
Prances  Noble  	
Hazel Taylor 	
Wanda Kink 	
Dorothy Mnckey ....
Million   Leitch   	
Prances Drummond .
New Railway Map for
B. C.
A new edition of n map ol thi* Bo-
minion Railway Belt In BritlBh Columbia, has recently heen issued from
the Railway Lands Branch of thc De-
partment of the Interior at Ottawa.
This publication, consisting of '.»■■
BheetB, shows topographical and p:>i*.*-
lal detailed information witli resoic.
to thc land situation throughout tho
belt, and thc standing of each ijaai
ter section according to tl'e records
of tha Depnrtment.
The sheets hnve been iHBiled on a
Inigc Beale, namely 7.S3 miles to the
Inch, which combined with the comparatively Blmpn system of coloring
thnt has boun adhered to in the pre
pnratlon of the map, enables a p •"
son to procure at a glance the inform
Stlon (leHired.
In addition to tho detailed Inl-irm-
atlon with reaped, to the disposition
of lands, etc., throughout tho belt,
the location mid boundaries of Dominion Timber Berths, .orest Reserves
tndlan RoBcrvcH, Orating Leasee, ete.
nrr clearly shown, also Tost Ofllce,
and general Information,
Ooplea of the map may be obtained
upon application to V. O, 0. Lynch,
Superintendent o! the Hallway Landn
Branch, Department of tho Int-rlor,
Grazing Policy of the
Hon W. R. Ross
VICTORIA, B.C., P"0b. 88, In re
sponso to a request for bis policy
with respect to grazing matters on
public lands, the Hon Wm. K. RoBfl,
Minister of Lands, snid today;
"I am particularly glad to be usked
that question, for while I do not believe tbat the somewhat natural misunderstanding of the policy of this
Department with respect to grazing
on the public lauds is more than a
superficial and a temporary thing) 1
feel that the iiuicker and more thoroughly that misunderstanding is removed the better for tlic above solution of the whole grazing problem.
"So long as I remain Minister of
ILands of this Department its otti-
', tude towards grazing Wlll lie thiB: To
promote in e\yry way possible the
legitimate development of the stock
I industry in British Oolumbla, I believe that the administration of the
range on this Province Bhould be
based upon three fundamental principles, which are these;—First, of all
tu protect those now using the range
and. those wbo will later use tho
IQIIgO- In tbe enjoyment of this pnv-
llogo, Second, to build up by Governmental co-operation a stable and
BUCccBsful stock industry In thr Province; and third, and that Is also
fundamental) to husband and n-* far
as practicable to Improve the carry
iug capacity of the range itself.
This does not call, at. least it dues
not call upon Provincial lands, U
j multiplicity of depnrtment ul regulations, it tolls for tbe gradual evolution of a practical plan which I'""
, iii mind the welfare of the range nnd
lhe  welfare Of  the stockmen and  the
: welfare nf the stock  Industry.
"There will of course he un precipitate action In working out or apply"
Ing this plan, nor hna precipitate ar
Hon ever been contemplated. I loo
forward during the coming season to
taking this matter up in person with
the stockmen, and to having It cnrefully Investigated by members of the
Fores! Branch, About a year from
now I shnll probably be ready to an-
Advanced ir. Grade
Rlla Gilpin  81
Jack  Wilson   78
Ash ton  Powers 52
Dorothy  Webb   60
Intermediate Grade
Sarah   Palmer 82
Ruth Stephens  8i
Wilfred   Dallas 79
(•".(■--llv   liiiHininl  guv-    In-  Hill  coat
for -i ChnitmM kip.
Wii -'I'lnn!    Il mu. ( I,-!.,   bten u greet
luri-rli. io yo.
I i.'     Oh,   nn.   ■><.!   tt   will   be  to   iilna
-Vail  ■»* -ii lift Hit* the bill
irtton Root Compound Tablets
Tlic-.e hill nro com] ndodwlth Iht KrutMt
,.- [| in I io m lit i_lul l« ron wllci >.»">.n to
•,. ■■ mcli ii, ia blnna mad * llh mud luocafl.
. tho niuii culvbiMod Diiysici .in known.
; I., v .% -i ■*,■-•. it. ■ lorfhfl -h«tic*s!ti|r ilf.or*icr»
  i; On* (Mn do ii.-TU.iniii.il it Hiil'lc.
j-, ,-'■■ box No. ti .much itroanr), M »
■.ox. -*-. .I :ii all -In «i.ortts.or by mill iromTIsi
ij.-ni brag Co., si. i U1...-.1 in«i, Ont. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, BBITliSH COLUMBIA
Britain will not participate
All efforts to move the British Gov
eminent to re-consider tt_ decisifm
not to participate officially in the
Panama-Pacific exposition have failed
Sir Edward Grey, foreign secretary,
when invited in the house ot Commons, Tuesday, to take steps to retrieve the position, satd ftetlnately
tbat the government could not con
slder the matter or modify its previous decision.
Retail Merchants'
In order to promote and maintain
a better uni_erBta.uiii.jt: between the
merchants of Cranbrouk, ami also between the merchants aud their various customers; with a view to eliminating distrust and suspicion in hu*-
uichh dealings; to disseminate useful
information, and generally to raise
the Btatus of the retail trade, and
attain results hy means of co-operation that eiperieiice haa proved are
not attainable hy individual effort.;
the retail merchants of this city have
by practical unanimity, formed them
selves into an Association, to be
known as the Retail Merchants Association of Cranbrook.
The new organization has been the
subject of careful consideration by
the Merchants for several montnn,
and is affiliated to the Dominion Retail Merchant's ABBoclation ol Canada, and through this channel, to all
such organizations, rapidly increasing in number throughout the Dominion.
It has of course been known round
town   for  some   time   that   Buch
Association    of    the   Merchants  has
been comtemplated, and as is u.iual
where correct information is not read
fly available,  some hasty  and  somewhat    ill-advised    conclusion*,    i *■• e
been reached with regard to the precise objects for which  the organization was being formed; thc statement
being made for example—that it wbb
the intention of the mailers to form
a sort  of  local  ring  or combine a-
round the consumers with a view to
regulating   prices,   and   cenerally   to
play the game of the huge Trust on
a small scale.
That thia view is entirely erroneous will be better proved by actual
experience of the Associations workings tban by any amouut of printed
refutation; but, it may be worth the
while in the interim to asaure the
Cranbrook public that a** lar from
the .AflNocintion making any attempt
to increase the cost of commodities
at the expense of tbe already ovfr-
burdened chancellor of the domestic
excheiiuer, the greater efficiency that
is hoped for as a result nf co opera
tion will produce beneficial results
that comsumer and merchant will
share alike.
It haa long been a crltlsin of living
conditions In Crauhioak that prices
are away in eicess of simlliarly sit
uated towns In the west, nnd it may
perhaps be conceded that in certain
directions, thla criticism is justified.
As, however, there are always a num
ber of points of view to be considered
on nay subject that admits nf debate
nt all, so in this ram th-re are cir
mm. tain*->M to he taken into account
which nre very largely responsible
for the high cost ot  living locally.
Prominent among these circumstnn
ceB is the fact that can be test Hied
to by every merchant in town that
(.ranbrook seems to he the Paradise
of that class of individual known as
tbe "Professional Dead Hent" in pop
ular parlance, whose absorbing passion in life appears to be to avoid
payment of their legal obligations.
These people usually live on a scale
out of all proportion to tbeir Income
and order goodB, preferably by t..e
phone, with a sublime disregard of
the Steadily mounting total of tbeir
Havmg exhausted tbe possibilities
of one particular ston' In the matter
of credit, tliey pass hi it hei y on to
that BtotVs competitor, nnd proceeding along them* lines, accumulate a
mountain of obligations which they
can hardly meet even if they would.
Finally, having used up the local
supply of generosity, and possessing
a little hard cash, they proceed to
send this elsewhere, complaining loud
1\ meanwhile of the eitnrtmnate
greed of the local retailer whom they
declare, is amassing B huge (ortun.
at the eflpense of the helpless consumer.
Against these misguid-d genu, the
retail Merchants Association propose
to adopt such mutually protective
measures as circumstances may call
for, and in doing so, the best inter
ests of the whole community, con-
Hiimcr nnd retailer alike, will unquestionably be better served. Tbe
Association will ripen offices, probably on Armstrong Avenue, on March
1st, and has appointed Mr. Ourgc
Hougham a* its secretary.
Mr. Hougham will endeavor to discbarge his duties with Cniirtfley to nil
and sundry, nnd counts upon tht) ac
tlvr support of the business men of
the city, whether, at present mem
bers of the association or not, iu his
endeavor to serve the community Interest
For 7 Days King Dollar
Will Reign Supreme L Furniture Dept
SALE OPENS Saty. Morning, FEB. 28: CLOSES Saty. Night, MARCH 7
Our stock is larger than it should be and we require the money. Below is a list of thoroughly
dependable merchandise, on which a saving of 25 to 60 per cent can be made. We guarantee everything as usual.
Bed Sheets and Pillow Cases
REGULAR PRICE $1.00 each SHEETS  lor .76
REGULAR PRICE $1.25 each SHEETS  loi* 85
REGULAR PRICE $1.50 each SHEETS  lor 1.05
REGULAR PRICE .25 each CASES   for .121
REGULAR PRICE .35 each CASES    lor .20
REGULAR PRICE .45 each   CASES   for .25
White Bed Spreads
REGULAR   PRICE   5! T5   each     SPREADS  for  $1 15
REGULAR   PRICE   S2 00   each    SPREADS  for  J1.35
RECULAR   TRICE   i. 25   ejen SPREADS  for $1.55
1 Set of 6 DINING CHAIRS Regular $23 00 tor $16.10
1 Set of 6 DINING CHAIRS Regular $27 40 for $18.5
I Set of 6 DINING CHAIRS Regular $29 20 for $19.65
1 Set of 6 DINING CHAIRS Regular $33.00 for $21.45
1 Set o' 6 DINING CHAIRS Regular $35 00 for $22.70
1 Set of 6 DINING CHAIRS Regular $38 00 for $24.15
1   Set   of  6  DINING  CHAIRS   Regular  $45 80  for  $32.10
I CHINA CABINET    Regular $18.00 for  $11.85
1 CHINA CABINET    Regular $25.50 for  $17.25
2 CHINA CABINETS   Regular $33.00 for  $22.10
1 CHINA CABINET    Regular $36.50 for  $23.35
1 CHINA CABINET   Regular $67.00 for  $47.60
1 Extension Dining Table  Regular $12.00 for  $ 7.95
1 Extension Dining Table  Regular $23.00 for $15.85
1 Extension Dining Table  Regular $27.00 for  $18.75
1 Extension Dining Table  Regular $32.00 for $22.65
1 Extension Dining Table  Regular $32.50 for  $22.85
1 BUFFET   Regular $30.00  lor $20.85
1 BUFFET   Regular $33.00  lor $22.65
1 BUFFE7   Regular $37.00 for $24.95
1 BUFFET   Regular $50 00 for $33.65
I   SERVING   TABLE    Regular  $14.00  for  $ 9.15
I   SERVING   TABLE     Regular  $16.00 for $10.65
1   SERVING   TABLE     Regular $17.00 for $11.35
1 SlllE BOARD   Regular $18.00 lor $12.45
2 SI0E BOARDS   Regular $19.00 lor $13.15
1 SIDE BOARD   Regular $26.00 lor $16.65
I SIDE BOARD   Regular $26.50 for $17.15
I SIDE BOARD   Regular $27.50 for $17.85
1 SIDE BOARD   Regular $33.00 for $23.35
No.  7 Special, Grey Blankets Regular $ 3.75 (or $ 2.90
No. 7 Western, Grey Blankets Regular 4.50 for 3.45
No. 7 Columbia, Grey Blankets Regular 5.50 for 4.35
McLeod (White) Blankets   Regular 4.50 for 3.35
Kumfey (white) Blankets   Regular 4.50 for 3.45.
Argyle (white) Blankets   Regular 10.00 lor 7.95
COTTON COMFORTERS   Regular 3.25 lor 2.60
DOWN   COMFORTERS   Regular 6.00 for 4.65
DOWN   COMFORTERS   Regular 7.75 for 6.05
DOWN   COMFORTERS   Regular 8.00 for 6.15
Wool, Tapestry, Velvet, Brussels, and
Wilton Rugs
always good, but our stock is large, so are
including a big lot in this sale.
10.50 WOOL RUG for	
12.00 WOOL RUG for	
12.00 WOOL RUG for	
16.00  VELVET RUG for	
16.50 BRUSSELS RUG lor	
18.00 VELVET RUG 'or	
18.00 TAPESTRY RUG for....
22.00 VELVET RUG lor	
23.00 VELVET RUG for	
26.00 VELVET RUG for	
30.00 WILTON RUG for	
32.00 WILTON RUG (or	
32.00 VELVET RUG for	
42.50  WILTON RUG (or	
Cream and White Lace Curtains
REGULAR PRICE $ .75  LACE CURTAINS, lor   .55 per pr.
"      •      "       1.00       " " .70
1.25      " " .95
1.50      " " 1.10
2.25 " " 1.45
2.50      " " 1.85
5.00      " " 3.10
5.50      " " 3.55
6.00      " J' 4.15
4.00  SCRIM CURTAINS $2.65 per pr.
2 Pieces, Regular price 35c.SCRIM CLOTH, at per yd. 22J
3 Pieces, Regular price 25c.SCRIM CLOTH, at per yd. 17J
1 Piece  Regular  Price   20c.SCRIM CLOTH, at per yd. 15
$24.00 ..
29.00 ..
..DRESSER  for
An  _t>to!.-t-r  lai-i'in-i r.ilmg u' euHtd
wtfoj-f'ti'-e co-fed with o-d__ ceil*-.
REGULAR   PRICE        75   each PILLOWS for $.60
REGULAR   PRICE   $1 10   each  PILLOWS lor .85
REGULAR   PRICE   $1 75   each PILLOWS for 1.35
No   4 HEALTH  MATTRESS    Regular   $ 4.75 for $ 3.35
No.2   HEALTH   MATTRESS    Regular      7 25 for 4.85
No.  1 HEALTH MATTRESS        Regular      8.00 for 5.85
62.00 BRASS
90.00  BRASS
REGULAR PRICE $24.00 CHEFF0NIER for $16.35
26.00 CHEFF0NIER for    18.45
20.00 .
■ or..
24.00 COUCH
24.00 CELLARETTE   (or..
10.00 MUSIC  CABINET  lor..
.. 5.90
.. 8.75
.. 9.95
., 8 55
.. 5.55
„ 6.95
..REGULAR   PRICE $9.50 SEWING   TABLE   lor  6.85
13.00 LADIES' DESK for...
19.00 LADIES' DESK (or...
21.00 LADIES' DESK for..
. 7.65
. 8.85
REGULAR PRICE $24.50 Hall Seat and Glass for 16.85
30.00 Hall Seat and Glass for 21.35
14.50        "          " 10.10
23.00         "          " 16.35
"      26.00        "         " 16.85
42.00          "          *' 29.85
4.50 ROCKER   lor
7.00       "
$ 2.55
      " 4.55
8.00      " 5.05
11.00      " 7.85
12.50       " 7.95
22.00 „      " 17.85
12.00          CHAIR   lor  5.65
10.00       " 5.55
17.00      " ...11.55
2200       " 17.85
26.00       " 18.85
28.00       " 19.35
31.00      " 21.85
52.00  "...     " 39.85
72.00 CHAIR and ROCKER lor 56.65
85.00 Chair, Rocker _ Settee, 61.75
16.00 MORRIS  CHAIR for 10.95
30.00 MORRIS CHAIR (or 21.10
37.00 MORRIS CHAIR for 24.35
FEB. 28. & END SAT.
Our Goods are
FEB. 28, & END SAT.


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