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The Review Aug 16, 1917

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******* WHMIW.MIW Mt
Can not Iw done any better,   and
not quite ao  well anywhere elae
thereabout-.   Our type and mnniiiii-
ery ia complete and The Review
prices ire right
prices ire right
VOL. 5
Gents'   Furnishings
and Hatters
NJ. 39
The Fall Fair
will be held in the Agricultural Grounds
Courtenay, on
Friday & Saturday
Sept. 20 & 21
Prize Lists -*nd Entry Forms may be had
from the Secretary
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
New Shipment Ladies' High
Top   Boots Received  This
Week���You are Invited to
See Them
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' VV. Sutliff, Prop.
Do Not Delay!
will be in in a few days
Place your order tfOW
and be sure of a crate
The supply is limited and the demand is great
Chas.   Simms
Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician
Special 15 Jeweled Lever watch       -       $ 6.50
Special   7 do do - 4,50
Waltham 17        do do - 12.50
Fully Car nteed in Screw Cases
Local Lines
Mr, Alex. Urquhart aud wife, of
Vancouver are visiting relatives
and frie..tls in the district,
There was a beautiful disi lay of
Northern Lights visible from Courtenay for a short time on Tuesday
W, Baikie, Provincial Fire Warden for this dUtriet ha�� moved his
family to town. Thev have taken
lhe late Pte. Humphries' house iu
tlie Orchard,
Win. Lamey, the oldest Odd Pel-1
low ill America, a   inarm ber  of the
order for seventy three years, died
on .Saturday at Auburn, N. Y., in
Ills loist year.
1 There will be a nie'-ting of the
Patriotic Fund at the City Hall ou
Wednesday August 22. at 8 p in.
tn rereive reports of canvassing
committees, etc.
The annual Piesby tt nan Sunday
school picnic ivas hehl lasl Wednesday afternson at McCutc leon's
The license  commissioners met
last Tip .-day  eveninc and granted
a trail .fe'r   of   lhe   lice
Riverside hotel fiom o
utr lo M    Fail bail 11.
Mr. J. N   Muir 1V11.1
short vacation lusl Wet 1;
just taken llle  teachers'
drawiiia, at Victoria      lit-  left lor
, Yancoii'.er on Monday.
Mr* Young and two children are
visiting ni T. C. Wood's, Upper
road, I.nsl Wednesday evening
while playing with au old cream
tepaiator one of her hoys got his
finger in the cogs, nipping off the
end of lhe index finger of his left
hand. Me was ininitriiitelv taken
to Fir, Millard who lixed him up,
and he will Ik. little the tvoi.se for
llis accident.
)f lhe
for a
le hns
Mrs. Street. Yellow Rock, is the
I guest of Mrs. W. Baikie. While
enjoying the fishing off Yellow
rock one day last week her husband caught one hundred and nine
mlmon with a spoon.
At noon on Tuesday the roof of
D..11 Kilpai rick's mill was discovered lo he on fire, evidently caused
by a spark from a passing engine.
The whole crew was quickly on
the roof and a stream of water on
the blaze which was quickly .subdued.
Timinie McKenzie evidently
wanted to know how many pails of
water it would take to put out a
lighted match when he touched one
to a pile of brush on Saturday afternoon. It took over a hundred
and the assistance of all the neighbors to put out the fire that started
No damage was done, but several
badly scared people cal.ed all over
town for assistance.
I Butter wrappers, printed or
plain, at the Review Office.
For Sale���3 grade Jersey cows
milking ; one .. years old and two.
vears old ; 3 Holstein yearling
heifers, also 2 Jersey heifers 6 mos
old. Apply E. Every-Clayton.
I    Childrens Overalls���Just the thing lor
children during the summer, at Sutliffs.
We pay the highest prices for
good beef and veal. No, 1 Beef|
16 1.3 cents per pound dressed, |
I No. 1 veal 17 cents per pound
dressed, Comox Co-Operative So-1
ciety, Courtenay and Cumberland, 1
Phone 2. 1
���    Children's  Shoes    All  the best and
I most sensible styles, at Sutliff's.
I    New two horse power Fairbanks      7 p. ���,   Evensong and   Sermon
gasoline engine for sale  cheap  at   Holy Trinity, Cumberland,
the Ford Garage.
Hats -All the latest shades and styles
at Sutliff's.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
Cleveland Bicycles   ami   bicycle
j supplies at the Ford oarage.
I House to Let���At comer of l'u-
1 ion Street and Cumberland Road,
1 Also lot adjoining F'or particu-
1 lars apply at Review office,
Constable Beaton ha.s been busy
the past week rniitidi' c. up loose
young cattle. Mr >D, Campbell's
youi g stock was the first to be
impounded He got off witli $10,
which was quite easy, as his animals had pastured in the c'ty for
11I11111I five mouths, Since ihen
several others have been captured,
and on Tuesday there were five
ruling he'fers in the cily pound.
Last Friday morning Aid. A..1011
had t.iileis fiom Iiis old hometown
nt Coleford, Glos., Kug., 111 the
persons of Mr. Maw of the Forestry
Dept. Victoria, and his wife, who
are on a cycling tour of tlie island,
having visited Alberni and Campbell Kiver. While passing through
Courtenay, Mrs. Haw, who is the
daughter of th* Rev, Christopher
Barnes, noticed Mr. Asion's sign
and remembered the name, and 011
their return made enquiries, witli
the result that they had a good
talk over things lang syne. Mr.
Aston has been iu this country for
a number of years, jet these are
the first persons of his acquaintance
he has run across from his home
town. Mr Geo. Weaver formerly
lived a few miles from Coleford,
but Jiminie did not know him in
the old land.
j Reg. Carwithen is ill at the Comox Hospital.
I Mrs. D. Kilpatrick returned home
, fiom Vancouver on Tuesday after-
: noon.
j Mr ]'. H. Smiih ran into the
bridge last night ni d broke the
front axle of bis car.
Jack Carwithen returned home
from Vancouver on the Tuesday
afternoon train.
Tuesday's list of casualties contains the name of A, Peacock, of
Cumberland as having been wounded.
Mr. H, Scott Porteous has received $i.oo from Mrs J. Cairns,
which he has forwarded to Pte, T.
Cairns tlirougli the OverSeas Tobacco Fund.
The Department of Education
has extended lhe school holidays
until Sept 4 a week later than
formerly.    This announcement   is
haled with delight by all lhe pupils whether they are working in
the harvest fields and orchards or
Some boys playing on the railway track are supposed to have
opened the switch near Millard's
Beach on Monday afternoon, when
the logging train came along the
engine got off the track before it
could be stopped, It took a large
crew nearly all night to get her on
the track again. Mischevious boys
have been responsible for a lot ��� t
accidents, and it will no hard with
some of them il caught.
Drug Store
New Premises Next to
Royal Bank
Anglican Services
nth Sunday after Trinity, Aug. 19
8.30 a 111  Holy Communion   at
St. John's, Courteuay.
11 a. 111. Matins and Sermon at
St. Peters, Comox.
11 a, 111. Matitis and Holy Communion at St. Andrew's. Sandwick.
7;3o p, 111. Evensong and Sermou
at ht. John's, Courtenay,;
1    There will be no service at Gran-
ti.am next Sunday.
Health Salt
Lemonade   Crystals
1 bottle makes 2 gallons of
delicious Lemonade
25c per Bottle
of all kinds
Courtenay Drug Store
Go   to   McBryde's   for   quality
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco,  Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery;
Butter ^^^^
55c per lb. this week | [ Phone 4S
A New Shipment
Men's Women's Boys and Girls'
In all the Latest Styles and at
the Lowest   Prices   Poisible
New Styles Ladies & Mens' Shoes Arriving
Eailey   Block
_ _.-.--_r��_..r-..v>..' THE   REVIEW.   CODBTNER
I know now iliiii I have always been bonnet thai she musl return tn   h
...     .. i   .!..-���      ___���   i..   i i       i    i    i_    :.    ..i.i
The Squire's
I_m_��. M���i��.>.n_, ��.J im**.
Iii love with Margaret, and thai    th
ir.t   were  nothing."
"Be glml you found oul in lime,"
���.ml the surgeon, grimly kind.
"(Hi, if 1 hadn't, I'd have had to
.nny off Margarcl lor 1 couldn't
have lived withoul her."
"She would not _"."
"I Hi, I suppose she would not in
certain circumstances. I didn't mean
ii. of course. There arc things mir
Luiild nut risk .i woman one loved lo
"Sonic women," Mr. I.anglon re
plied, wilh  lhc sains kind grimness.
Hilary stood up to go���looked
il.oiil liim, and wns struck wilh a Slid
husband, 1 knew how ii would he
villi her, sooner nr later, ll is always tlir way witli ihrsc religious
women, Thai scruple ui hers lias been
coniiug tu meet me ever since I knew
it was life I'or lict alter the operation,
All we have,done will lie undone. He
will kill lier. Shr meets rill I can say
with a verse of Scripture; For the
present she is in our hands. As soon
as she is her own woman again she
will lug her lulsband lo lake her bark
"He may refuse."
"God bless lur, -lu   sees no reason
why lie should refuse."
|( ontinu
Mrs. Bartlett kepi in the wake of
tlie crowd. She had catlghl sight of
Miss Holly and llic man who had
taken her away; nud thc recognition
had a most extraordinary effect upon:
her. She stood inr a second or twoj
to recover herself, fur her head had
begun lo swim and she fell siek and
eoid. Then she remembered the
.Squire, and all he had done for lur;:
she had a great thing to du for liim.
She pushed on again in lhc wake ofi
the crowd.
She had no idea whai she was going to do���only that something was
to bc done for lhc Squire, Dn lhc I
way down she had made up her mind
lo telegraph io him from Folkestone,
and had written a message lo give lo;
someone to send for her in case!
time pressed. Now she. crumpled upi
the message in her hand, and, hardly
knowing what she was doing, she;
dropped it on the pier, lhat glimpse
uf Dolly and her companion had put
her thoughts in a whirling confusion
out of which nothing disentangled
itself but lhe fait thai at all hazards|
she must not lose sight of them. Sh
������������,  ,    "Margaret    musl    nol    go
den thought, the same wliicli had oc- there."
etirred to the Squire on his lirsl visit.      "I have an idea n hei mother goes
"By  love," he snid, "n good many Margaret will go.    Vou will have an
sentences of death have becn spoken opportunity  of  presenting  your  side | ��� ���    '.,.'���    ���      ,      ,,;  ,,.
here.    How do you do it, sir?" of llic question.   She will not see you supposed.      What mailer       He and
"One  has lo do ...    Wry  of.cn  it yet.    When  1 asked if there was "'yP'^X^^'  *
��� , M������an's sentence of death; that message for you  she -aid      was     o Pan    '��   ����'���
clubs closed for cleaning. He and
lhc Squire ought lo have been yachting, as tlicy were lhis lime last year,
nr shooting .rouse on the moors, only that llieir orderly lives wcrc out of
A.s lie lefl lown behind him and
reached thc country he began to re-
ali/c how fast the autumn had come.
He had not realized how far lhe year
was advanced and how ihe leaves
were yellowing. Cold, tool Ihen:
was a nip ill the air and n haze over
the sun. East wind���that accounted
for his taking a gloomy view of
things. Hi' shivered inside llis light
summer clothes, Slill ihere would be
blue mornings, and he nnd the Squire
would trudge over the stubble to
gelher afler the patridges, and gel up
a famous appetite for their inenls.
Silverdale wns very quid    now.   ho
bad prayed for something to tlo lor
the. Squire, It had been given into
her hands to do���not as she had asked for it, but in a more terrible and
difficult way than she had dreamt
The occasion served her. The deck
of thc Queen was swept by the rain
and the spray.    The  passenger.- hur .
lied below as fasl  a.s they could.
Mrs. Bartlctt waited while Cooper
handed ovcr her Miss Molly lo lln .
care oi a stewardess, ihen followed
her below. She could hardly bc
licve that, so easily, the thing she
needed must urgently���to havi
speech with Miss Dolly���was pui inlo
In r hands. The rest might take care
of itself. Thc lirst step of lhc wnr
was clear. For the rest, (iud would
direct her.
She   brushed   past   Cooper    ns     he)
stood looking afler lln- retreating li.
ures of Dolly and the stewardess, and
tumbled as she passed him by,   She
had  seen   him   place   a   half-crown   ill!
the woman's hand. "Ah," she said to
herself,    'he    wns    always    one    [or
.pending   money,   whether   he   had   il
or whether he hadn't."
Evidently      the      stewardess    wa-'
pleased with her tip, for she hnd ink
cn Dolly to a private cabin; and thru
was all in favor of    Mrs,    Bartlett. i
Surely Heaven was on her side! Slu
nolcd lhc number of  the cabin, then
ghe went in search of some food  for
herself and Miss Dolly.    She had ri
covered the lirst shock of seeing Di I
ly and Cooper together; and she saidi
grimly to herself, that fed she would
lie twice the woman to tackle lhc situation as she had been fasting.
The Poison of Asps
Everybody was away at the moors
or the sea; but    I lilnry Strangways
stayed on in lown In hopes ol seeing
Margaret South again.   He knew th;
the operation wns ovcr, and over   ,
ccssfully,     Mr. Langton,   when   l><
went to sec him had met him with .
f:n c out of which care, had been tein
porarlly banishi 1, saying lhal sin h ul
disappoint) d tlu in all most happily
the being I ady South���and had stood
lhc  operation   surprisingly   well.
"If she could but In- happy," he
said, the care reasserting itself, "she
might be saved fur many years, Sic
needs so lillle���a garden and lhe
In his and quietness and love. The
more 1 know of ihc life those poor
things suffered at Marigolds the
more I feel that Gilbert South ought
to be made to answer for il eveni
By Ihis time no trace of animosity
or doubt remained between tin two
men. The elder knew of the young-]
cr's hopes and was sympathetic,]
though not very much was said nboul
It after Hilary had remarked shame-!
faccdly lhal he had never known how!
much he was iu love wiih Margaret'
iill the had slipped out of his life.
"I've been rather a fool," he conies-
sed. "I've always fancied 1 was in
love with somebody or oilier. The
last was ihe Squire's sweetheart���a
lovely creature. By Jove, If I'd really been in love wilh her, 1 believe
he'd never have, lold his love. That's
llle  sorl  lhc  Squire  is���a    blooming
old Don Quixote,   But now���It's   a
case of 'When the true Gods came.'
is hardest. It makes one reconciled
lo being wifeless and childless. Don't
think of it���fortunately Ihere is lhe
relief from pain nml lhe good tidings
as well,"
A week later Hilary came for news.
This time thc carking care which underlay Mr. l.tlllgloii's expression nt
ils brightest hnd conic uppermost.
Mis face was full of deep lines ami
"Nothing lhe mailer?" Hilary ask-
ed, apprehensively. Hi1 had been
hoping he might l��- told lhal Margarcl  had consented  to see  him.
"No. Lady South is doing as well
as  we  could  hope."
"There is something the mailer
wilh you, sir!"
Hilary's honest eyes scanned, the
elder man's face, wilh su kind an anx-
iely in Ihem thai the hard suffering
iu Mr. J million's expression softened.
"Vou are very good lo he so sorry
message  lor you, site sunt i  was    o,\ ,���������.  -	
give you her love She looked j At Sih erllhorne a disappointment
straight at mc as she said il. I do awaited him, The Squire hnd gone
hot think that Margaret gives her up to town. I'hey must have passed
love lightly." each oilier on lhe writ.    Nol coming
Hilary went away, fain iu bc enn    home, iill tomorrow, the scrwanls snid
lent with  so much,    lie  wanted    to and were sympathetically eager with,
have seen  Margaret's    face   ns   she suggestions as to how Master Hilary!
sent him her love,   lie could imagine,   -hc wns always Master I lilnry to lhc
lhc steady expression in her eyes
thai gave the message its significance,
and his blood ran fasl for lhe ima
gilialiotl.     His  beautiful,   fair skinned
Id  servants   should  pass  the  ii
(To Be Continued.J
Mrs. Ni
giuni.uu.     ,.,_,���..,.,,,,..    ,���..-,.���.,���...,.      Mrs_  A,.,,���.������    w���s    llllK1 , ,���.,
black-haired girl with the blue, Irish broker in���. ,,���, telephone. "Kindly
eyes! She was mil going back to be buy ���ic 'a hundred shares of steel
ill-treated  by  lhat  old brute .'Hat the market," she said briskly,
arys fortune wns small. Still, lie "Certainly, with pleasure," lhe
Squire was generosity, itself, and he broker replied, "common or prefer-
loved  his  young  cousin.      lie  could  ,.ctl>"
count on the Squire's help   if    only.    ..,,,., ,-,,.���.,,������ ljc(,    xf,..      N(..m.
Margaret would consent to Ins mak .;., ;,.;, .., ,.,.,.,.,. purc|lase .my.
nig a home lor her and her mother,   ji;      common"
With   lhc   need   of   talking   lo    llu:!  ���	
Squire about it, Hilary look thc holi-|     A   carman   charged   with   overload
day he really needed and ran down to|jng his horse was asked how heavy a
ion mc mi.,  B___ ,��� ...Silverdale, leaving behind the dusl of load he lind  on  his truck.  "About a
for me," he said.    "It is only that��� September upon  all    things,    every-! ion." he replied, "bin ii was all light
Lndy   Sniiih   hns  gol   a   bee   in     her! budy out of town, and  mosl  of    the   stuff."
Fly Poison Perils
A  Kecent Bulletin Contains Warning
Against AU Composed of
In lhc war on (lies ihere is peril
in the use of arsenic poison. The
press repottS of poison cases are appalling, especially when one realizes
that ihey show only a fraction of the
actual number, Itul this fraction
amounted to Hid casts in the past
three years, a large percentage of
which were fatal, All because people use arsenic Ily paper ur the arsenic poison cans tu rid their homes
of Mies, putlhig this deadliest oi nil
poisons within children's roach.
Doctor Ernest A'. Swcci, passed
assistant surgeon ol lhc United
Slates Public Health Service has this
to say iii a public health report bul-
Iciin, cn titled "The Transmission ol
Disease by Flics," mention should be
made merely for lhc purpose of condemnation of ihose llv poisons com-
posed of arsenic. Fatal crises uf lhc
poisoning of children llirougli llie
use oi such compounds are far too
frequent, niul owing iu lhc resemblance ol arsenical poisoning lo stun
nn r diarrohca ami cholera infantum it
is believed thai the cases reported
on not, b) nnv means, comprise lhe
total, Arsenical fly destroying dc
vices must therefore bc rated as ex-
ticmcly dangerous nnd should never
bc used, even if other measures are
nui  at hand."
Willi lhis government warning,
mothers should find olhcr means lo
keep the home clear oi files. A cur
of arsenic Ily poison, ur a saucci
containing the arsenic paper, carelessly set nn ii window sill, is inviting disaster to the little ones.
We have ceased talking about ill.
II. i'. I.. Hereafter we will say "tbe
high cosl of trying to live."���Life.
Our papers are cleansed, treated and purified wiih Refined Paraline Waxes and Disinfectants.
They add to the Freshness, Cleanliness and Purity of your goods-.
They preseive ihe Color and Quality of Fresh and Cooked Meat; and are Germ-proof, Moisture-proof
and Grease-proof.    They will not stiek to the Meat.
W.      N.      U.      1166
Appleloid's Carbon Coated Counter Sales Books aie no dearer than the ordinary kind. Now made
with new improved Formulas and Appliances and better than ever before. If you are not a custonet,
write us for a sample book.
Appleford Counter Check Book Co., Limited
Your Liver Is
the Best Beauty
A dull, yellow, lifeless
skin, or pimples and
eruptions, are twin
brothers to constipation.
Bile, nature's own la*ta��
tive, is getting into your
blood instead of passing
out of your system as it
Tllit it llie treatment, in tne-
crmful u��e for 50 yearn:���one
pill daily (more only when
Ccmihe   bears   ���Slgnatur*
Colorless faces of len show the
absence of Iron in the blood.
Carter's Iron Pills
** will help this condition.
Burn Wood On Railway
Coal is Considered Too Costly lo Use
as Fuel on Engines
Owing to the continued high price
'if coal, the Honduras National irtil-
cc-ad has abandoned this article as a
fuel and is using wood eul along lhe
line of lhc railroad.
The merits of coal and wood as
fuels have been worked out carefully
by this railroad, and when coal
(gain In comes stabilized at a price
sufficiently low ihe use. of the. same
in ill he resumed.
During the former periods of high
coal prices this railroad has resorted
to the use uf the "coroza" or "ca-
Jioun" mils as fuel, and while from
a standpoint of economy aud steam
produced they have proved satisfactory; the intense heat generated was
detrimental to the boilers.
Warts nre unsightly blemishes, and
corns arc painful growths. llnllo-
vaws Corn t'lire will remove them.
No Danger
A few days ago a well-dressed and
very charming young lady hailed a
four-wheeler, there being no laxi ill
tight. Just as she was gelling in she
noticed that the horse seemed in-
cined to be, frisky.
He was jumping about and switching his tail iu a way that alarmed
her.    Shir was a timid little thing.
So she addressed a few words to
the'ancient Jehu:
"I hope," she said, smiling bravely,
"that you will not run away with mc,"
The cabby sighed mournfully.
"No, iniiiii," he replied, "I have
t wifc. and seven kids at home already!"
Woman Thought She Would
Die. Cured by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Ogdensburg, Wis.���"I suffered from I
female troubles which caused piercing i
pubis like a i'tiil. |
through my back
and side. 1 liiiuliy
lost iill my strength
BO I had to go to
bed. The doctor
advised un operation but 1 would
not listen to it. I
thought of what I
hod read about Lydia
ii l'iiikliain's Vegetable Compound and
tried it. The lirst
bottle brought grent
Hellof und six bottles have entirely
eurwl me. All women who liuve female
trouble of any kind should try Lydia 13.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound." ���
���Mrs. Ktta Dokion, Ogdensburg, Wis.
Physicians undoubtedly did their best.
battled with this case steadily and could
���do no more, but often the molt scientific
treatment is surpassed by the medicinal
properties of the good old fashioned
mots and herbs contained in Lydia Ii.
'Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
4 If any complication exists it nays to
write the Lydia E. Pinkham Metlicina
Co., Lynn, Mass., for special free advice.
Ranchers' Fair and
Live Stock Show
Thrilling Contests are   Promised   at
Moose Jaw During the Fair
Thousands of dollars in pri.es ha.,
been put up by the Executive of the
Ranchers' Pair and Livestock Show
for the'great Stampede to bc held at
Moose Jaw each day during the fair,
July 17th lo 20th, and lhc handsome
list of awards is attracting entries
from some of the most famous cowboy riders of Canada and the United
The plans for this year's Stampede
assure a far larger and more interesting frontier celebration than last
year, with a much more complete
program, plans having been made for
both afternoon ami evening performances.
Wild horse races, cowboy relays,
lhe ihiilling bucking horse riding
contests, and the most spectacular
exciting of all cowboy feats, bull-
dogging, in addition to lhe other regular Stampede features will he thc
headlincrs on the program, A number of famous cowgirls have also given notice of llieir intention lo cnicr,
and thus _idd color lu the celebration.
Ad. P. Day, of Medicine I Ini, who
has consented in take charge, of lhe
Stampede again this year, is making
a special effort tn secure a large sup-
I'lv uf uild horses, horses lhal have
never before been ridden, and hns
notified the executive lhat he expects
to bring a herd of llie kind that toss
their men up and bite on the way
Coming as it dues, directly afler
the All Canadian Championships at
Medicine Hal, the Stampede will be
notable because of the galaxy /of
shirts of the quirt and saddle whn
will come to Moose Jaw from thai
on   Morses,  C;iitle. &.,  quickly  mred bv
For .nlrr by All Dealers
Douglas   St   Co.,   Prop'rs,   N.patlM,   Ont.
(Free   Sample   on   R_c_-:-l)
Colored Soldiers
Navajos and Utcs are resisting registration in the United Stales and
threatening lo go on- the warpath
rather llian bc i subject lo draft for
war. Hn lhc other hand, about 1,-
000,000 colored men have registered
willingly. The contrast is particularly
sinking in view of tin pacifist temperament of the negro and the always
warlike disposition of lhe Indian, 'file
Brooklyn Eagle is of lhc opinion thai
for modern warfare the negro is a
better soldier than the Indian. Me
nhcys orders. Hc is brave, under
brave officers, He is loyal to tire
death. A million colored men in uniform, by themselves, would bc a vast
nian-powc'r asset lo any nation,
The "Cowardly British"
"The German navy docs nut wish
anything more than a new encounter
with lhe enemy, and if the latter can
bc induced to show themselves again
we will do the resl," says the Berlin
Lokal Auzciger. Meantime, thc cowardly British remain safely out in the
North sea and the heroic, warships
which made such good speed from
Jutland remain unchallenged mailers
of the Kiel canal.
W.     N.     U.     1166
A Safe Pill for Suffering Women.���
I'he secluded life of women which
permits of little healthful exercise, is
a fruitful cause of derangements of
the stomach antl liver and is accountable for the pains ami lassitude, thai
so man* of theni experience, l'ariiie-
lcc's Vegetable I'ills will correct irregularities of the digestive organs
restore health and vigor. The. most
delicate woman can use Ihem with
safely, because their action, while
effective, is mild and soothing.
No  More  Extreme   Styles
U.S Asks Women to Do Away With
the Frills
"Cut the frills in clothe-," is a war
edict lo the fastidious from ihc council of national defence. Iii effort to
Institute an economy in wool for all
concerned the U S government
would have all men and women simplify Iheir dress
"Sacrifice palc.hpockcls, flaring
> Iii lis. cull's, nnu ...mv plaits and
olhcr frills," is lhe advice in ihc public issttr'd from a conference oi woolen and worsicil manufacturers with
the commercial economy board of the
defence council.
No elTiirt will be made lu disctiiir-
age lhc sale uf gumls made up in existing styles, lhc board ami tin man-
iil.iclurcrs believe such ; w   would
he wasteful. The campaign will be
confined to nexl year's output.
The threatening shortage ui   wool
fur next   year    is causing grate  enn
ci ra  and  the board  expects  its  pro ;
gram is to he of material as>islam
in making up some of the defects
Business Men  and Breadwinners the
Victims of Nervous Exhaustion
When worry is added lu overwork
men soon become the victims nf nervous exhaustion-���neurasthenia ��� the
doclor calls it. Some have no reserve
strength iu Iheir systems in bear lhc
strain; others overtax what strength
they have. If you lind that ynu are
nervous and nol sure of yourself, lhat
you sleep badly, and wake up tired I
and aching, your nerves are out of j
order. Other signs are inability to!
take proper interest in your work;
your appetile is fickle; your back feels |
weak, and you arc greatly depressed
in spirits, line or inure of these
signs mean that you should take
prompt steps to stop mischief by
nourishing tiie nerves with the food
they thrive o", namely lhe rich, red
blood made by Dr. Williams' Pink
I'ills. 'Ihese I'ills have cured thousands of cases of nervous disorders,
including nervous prostration, neuralgia, St. Vitus dance and partial paralysis. Here is an example. Mr. P. If.
Callan, a well known business man in
Coleman, P.E.I., says: "1 owe my
present health, i. not life itself, to Dr,
Williams' Pink Pills, I had always
been nr; .-.-live man, ami when I began in i'ii" down in hcallh paid little!
attention to it as I tboughl it only
temporary weakness. As time passed,!
however, 1 found myself growing
worse, and consulted a doctor, who
said that J was nut only badly run
down, bul thai my nervous system
was badly shattered. I lost flesh, my
appetite was poor, f slept badly and
notwithstanding lhe doctor's Ircat-
mc.nt grew SO weak that I had lo
leave my business antl was confined tu
the house. Time went on ami I was
steadily growing weaker, and my
friends were all greatly alarmed for
my condition. In this condition I
was strongly recommended lo try
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and as lhe
doctor's medicine was not helping me
1 decided to tlo so. By lhc lime. 1
bail used three boxes I could tell that
lhcy were helping mc. When 1 had
taken eight boxes of lhe. pills I fell
able lo attend lo my business again,
and people were surprised lo see me
out. I continued the use of the pills]
until 1 had taken twelve boxes, by
which time 1 was feeling as well as
ever I. did, and was being congratulated by all my friends on my full|
restoration lo health, f feel now that!
if I bad used Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills J
at the outset 1 would not only havc|
saved much money spent in doctor's
bills, but would have had renewed]
health sooner. I cannot speak too
highly of this medicine, and would
recommend it to every man who feels
weak, nervous or run down."
You ran get these pills through
any medicine dealer, or by mail at 50
cents a box, or six boxes for $-.50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Cn, Brockvillc, om.
Delicately Put
"I do hope lhal ynu appreciate that
in marrying my daughter yuu many
a large-hearted girl?'
"I du, si.-. And I hope she inherits
those qualitii    'min her father."
French Discover Plot
Foe Attempts  to   Gel    Information
Via Prisoners
An official note issued in France
warns families of prisoners of war in
Germany against letters purporting
to come from prisoners which contain requests for parcels of fund or
for certain information of military
character to be conveyed by means,
of underlining certain words, which
together form phrases. Sometimes it
is suggested answers can he written
in saliva on the inside oi envelopes.
The public is recommended to send
these letters to the military auiliorities. It is said these proceedings arc
employed by the enemy in obtain information and food parcels for their
own use.
The French ministry of war h
prohibited Ihc mailing of newspapers
and magazines tcrncutral countries by
private persons. Newspapers mailed
by publishers ur news companies
alone will bc transmitted. In addition
travellers proceeding in neutral conn
tries will no longer be allowed lo
lake, newspapers or periodicals across
lhe frontier.
Minard's Liniment Cures  Distemper.
Big Land Deals
Ranches and Farms in Southern Alberta Change  Hands
One of the biggest laud deals which
has taken place in the Taber district
for some years has just been closed
whereby Albert Green has disposed
of his farm and sheep ranch. The
farm has been sold to Mr. Cooledgc
for $25,000, and Mr. Cooledge has
since disposed of a half interest in it.
Mr. Green's sheep ranch ou Chin coulee consists of several sections and is
au ideal sheep grazing area. It has
been sold lo Ed. ilagcrnian for $84,-
000. This, however, dues nol include,
the sheep. The ranch is well equipped with buildings, including onc uf
the most modern houses in the soulh
There is a grent deal of hind
changing hands in the Tuber district,
The Cameron ranch, which was put
nn the niarkcl last full, is being
bought up, partly by new settlers and
partly by people living in the Taber
district. The outside edge of the
ranch on lhc northwest has all been
disposed of to a depth of four nr five
section ..
With the Fingers!    \
Says Corns Lift Out j
Without Any Pain
Wife.-   Robert,  hn��   can     ynu   slay
away from home sn late nights?
Hull���Oh, ensile. I acquired lhe;
htlbil while I was courting you, my J
dear,���Boslon Transcript,
Sore, corns, hard corns, soft corns
or' any kind of a corn can shortly be
lifted right out with the lingers if
you will apply on the corn a few
drops of freezone, says a Cincinnati
At little cost one can gel a small
bottle of freezone at any drug store,
v Inch will positively rid one's feet of
every corn or callus wilhout pain or
soreness  or the danger of Infection.
This new drug is an ether compound anil dries the moment il is applied and does nut inflame or even
iirilate the surrounding tissue. Just
think! You can life oil your corns
and calluses now withoul a bit of
pain or sorcues. If your druggist
hasn't freezone he can easily get a
small botlle fur yuu from his wholesale drug house.
Not His Name
Kalhlecn had been pui nul lo service, and her mistress l&rd llic rosy
face nf lhe young girl, Onc day
Kathleen was sent mi au errand In
lown. She was lunger than usual
and her mistress stood iu lhe porch
as she came llirougli lhc field. Kath-
beii was happy nntl Iter mistress ob-
st r\ t'd ���
"Why, Kathleen, whal a rost lace
you have today I Vou look as if ihc
dec,   had kissed you."
Kathleen dropped her eyes, and
11111111 ni ifi 1
"Indeed, ma'am, but thai wasn't his
Canada's Fine Record
I In reciting lo lhc Canadian n
j iiieui ihe fact that Canada has sent
3<i_,iJ00 soldiers to Europe, Premier
Borden bight also have mentioned
the very notable facl that not one ot
those soldiers has been lost in tran-
sil. In considering thin fact it tttu.:
bc remembered that thc torpedoing of
transports is not in violation of international law, and that the Cana
dian troops on the ocean did nol
havc even the uncertain protection
which Germany's pledges to the
United Slates for a time gave to
transatlantic passengers.
ll is lo bc hoped that those in
charge of lhe transporting of American Iroops to France will seek the
advice of those who havc directed
lliis service for Canada.
Nights of Agony come in the trait,
of asthma. The victim cannot In-
down and sleep is driven from his
brain. What grateful reliei is Ike
immediate effect- of Or. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy, it banishes
the frightful conditions, clears thc
passages, and enables lhe afllictcd to
again sleep as soundly and as rest-
fully as a child. Insist on the genuine at your nearby druggist.
Compensation Not Likely
As compensation for ihe torpedo*
ing of a Spanish ship, ihe (icrmuti
governnieni niters at the lirst op
puiiiiiiiiy lo arrange lhat a fleet of
German warships wll Ipasi a Spanish
warship and, flying lhc Spanish Hag,
deliver a 21-gun salute lhc Madrid
Journal remark- ill ihc occasion i��.
not likclj lo arise soon; ami (2) ii ii
still a problematical matter whether
Germany will have a licet at thr end
ul  lhe war.
Minard's Linimenl Cures   Garget  iu
Fixing It Up
Marion was saying her praters.
"And please, Ilml," she petitioned,
"make Portland llu; eapilal of
"Why, Marion1" said Iter .hocked
mother. "What  made ynu say that?"
Marion settled herself comfortably
in the bed.
'"Cause 1 made il lhal way in my
examination paper," she said, "and I
want it lo bc righl."
"Know how lo wash cars?" askul
the garage boss.
"Sure, I know," said the s*hrdy-
looking applicant, for    work,      "Vou
clean   everything   bm   ihc   license
'-Redpath" stands for sugar quality that is the result of
modem equipment and methods, backed by 60 y.ara
experience and a determination to produce nothing unworthy
of the name "REDPATH".
"Ul Redpath Sweeten it." ���
iojo75o^d?ooTb!i.g., Made in one grade only���the highest! THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
4   W.eky   Newspaper,   Pubished  at
Courteuay, U  (J.
N. H. Bodsn, i'ditor and Proprietor
Subscription 11 50 per Year in Advance
$2.00 per annum il not so paid
THURSDAY AUG. 16, 1917
Note and Comment
The findings of the great Liberal
Convention held at Winnipeg last
week do not appear to ring true to
many prominent Liberals. They
declare the resolutions smack too
much of machine politics. Seven
hundred prominent Liberals have
already signed a pe.ition of piotest
against the action of the convention
and advise the western Liberals to
hold district conventions and se
cure authority delegates pledged
to a win the war 'convention und
comprise candidates in ea.h constituency
At the Farmers' Union meeting
on Satiutiay evening some insinuations were made which if true
should be investigated. If there is
no foundation iu fact then ample
apology should be made to those
Newspaper reports say that the
member for Comox had presented
many petitions to the government
from the Comox loggers praving
for a fortnightly pay It would be
interesting lo know the identity of
tile loggers.
Because our Liberal friends made
monkeys of themselves by holding
a fool convention is no reason why
the Conservatives should go and do
Mrs. E. Emde has rece'ved the
following letter from Sam Watson
who was taken prisoner at the big
drive last fall. This i.s the only
wortl received from him by anyone hereabouts since 'he card he
sent his mother Shortly after his
Dear Friends,���Just a line to
show I have not forgctteii you.
How are vou getting along? I
think of you every day, and hope
everything is going alright I
have hud no word from anyone
since I was captured, so lhat I have
no idea of what i.s going on al
home. Send my best regards to
all. and tell them to write to me
anil I will write them all if possible
although I hope to be with you all
before long.     Willi all good wishes
Without Decay 13 Centuries
\ red cedar log, which had lain
prone on the ground for over 1,3 o
years, ami was still sound enough
to 'take shingles was recently
found in a foresi in the Stale of
Washington. The age of the log
was determined bv the fact thut the
tree was growing, with roots astride
the log, that showed i,,*jRo ai nual
rings, each ring corresponding to a
year's growth, The big was there
before the tree sprouted, for the
seed which produced the tree evidently germinated on top of the
log ami sent roots down both sides
into the soil. The lug may have
been on the ground for more than
1,390 years, but it hud ben there
that long at least. The birth "f
lite tree from which the fallen lag
was t iken aiitedates tlle birth of
Christ and lu full occurred nearly
live centuries before ^' i'.U ii'itis discovered America,
Letters to the Editor
Editor Review
Dear Sit, ��� I would like to say a
few words iu reply to Mr. Nicker-
son re tlle gasoline shortage. Mr.
Nickerson se-Miis to take it rather
t_ heart tha 1 said it was owing
to a shortage of gas drums and
slow transportation. Mr. Nickerson seems to lie pleased with himself and the Ii. ft N. R. record for
speed, iu fact be is proud of it.
Now il Mr. Nickerson would
dig a lillle further into those records lie would find that there was
only one train per week that hauls
gas in luss than car lots, leaving
Victoria on Saturdays only. The
freight shetls close on that day at
1 o'clock. If cur gas should miss
that tlain, it would be Thursday
p, 111. of the 2nd week following
that it would arrive in Courtenay.
just 14 da vs. If we did get it on
that train it would land in Courtenay the next Thuraday, a little
over 5 davs.
Now if Mr, Nickerson would
just stop to think, tlie slowest old
tramp steamer on the coast would
wander ils way from Vancouver to
Courtenay in from 10 to 16 hours,
and we could start a Chinaman
over tlie road with some gas iu a
wheelbarrow at the tame time as
the train and I would bet a dollar
to a doughnut that he would be in
Courtenay before the freight, and
he would not be pin.bed for breaking the speed lini't.
If Mr, Nickel'rsoll would just
switch his mighty pell from me 'o
the lv. & N, Ry nntl get us a two
or three train service per week we
would forgive llilll, and he would
be lining this tlistrict a service we
certainly would appreciate.
We are selling on average one
ton of gas per day at present, and
the sales are increasing right aiong
To ensure a supply we should have
on hand all the lime about 20 tons
of gas, this even if we could get
the-drums would be expensive owing to the enormous leakage and
high insurance, nnd we are allowed
a very small amount of gas by the .
underwriters., to sny nothing about
the amount of money we would
have tied up 111 dead utock, as we
have to pay spot cash for every
drop of gasoline we handle. If we
had two or three freight trains per
week we would not have to carry
more than half this amount and
would always be sure of a supply,
Thanking you in advance, for I
feel sure you can anil will bring
tllis to the attention of the E, &N.
R. Company.
Yours truly,
Ford Garage, Courtenay.
Mr. Herman Helm of Pitt. I
Meadows is reported to have had
his collar bone broken in au anto
accident near Port Coqiiitlam on
Saturday night. Mr. Helm is tlie
gentleman who subdivided the
' Orchard" lnere some years ago,
and still owns a number of the lots
Comox  Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
ut reasonab e rates
Esqu.malt   &  Nanaimo   Railway
For Victoria���11.35 Monday, Wednesday and
Frid..y, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
forPort Alberni, and atNanaimo for Vancoaver boa
From Victoria���9.00 Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday, connecting at Nanaimo with boat from
Vancouver: ank at Parksville Junction with train
from Port Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at
Phone R 60
Afeitt Courtney,
c. c.
a la Grace
We have in stock a C C
a La Grace   Corset to
suit every type of figure
Come and see them
I Deliver
your ordei for
Fresh Groceries
Vour patronage solicited.
Royal  Standard
Flour ?
By laboratory tests of all Flours, ROYAL STANDARD stands FIRST in nutriment and bodybuilding energy.
Is far more economical than others.
Is sold on a "Money Back " guarantee.
It costs no more than other Flours.
'' goes farther- more loaves to the sack���and a
dozen other answers to the question, "Why
Don't merely say to your grocer���" Send me a sack
of flour "���say " ROYAI, STANDARD " and know
what you're getting.
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 33, End ol Bridge . Towler,   Mgr.
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between Bridges
|-/*��-^_^Wi��v^^^<��*Sim<^^^<V^i>^*-^^^< t*i*******++,%mft
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
V ceo unts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  ft Field
Preparedness in the
Every residence, cottage or mansion is dependent on the
telephone. It guards when emergencies arise and ever serves
in a thousand ways, great and small.
The telephone reaches everywhere���to the doctor, to the
police, to friends The telephone is al rays available, its
service is direct and prompt,
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
j.  .....  . H. .GRAND DISPLAY
The cost of Living is High ��t
Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardy & Biseoe
Pine Showing ol Horse  Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Rtc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
There have been many tourists
passing through the city on the
Island Highway trip during the
past week. Many o: the visitors
are from California. They all express themselves delighted with
Vancouver Island scenery.
The following guests were reiis
tered at the  Riverside last   week
K. James and sou] J.  Johnson,   IS
Staid, E. Nevins, F. Johnston, R.
Anderson, A. Urquhart aud   wife.
Dr. Thomas and  wife,  G,   Janet
and   wife,   from   Vancouver    G.
Smarge, J,  Kraser,   from   Powell
J*.tyer- Capt. 'Baleoui,  G.] Mellor,
W, Gall, H. Wille, Dr. and   Mrs.
C. Denton Holmes, H. Wright. D
Hutchison, J.   Adams,   Mr,   and
R. Boswell, R, Mitchell, H.   May-
nard and wife, L. Hall ami  wife,
.f. Hall and wife, J. Starret, "> rs.
M.Steele and child,   A.   Thomas,
C- Hill, from Victoria;  J,   Oliver,
W. Bums. G. West and  wife,   H.
Caldwell and wife, Dr. C.  Turner
and wife, Dr. A, Baffl.ur and wife,
A. Thomas, C. .Hill, from Seattle:
J. Ross, H. [Johnston,   J,  McGill,
A. Kline and wife, T,  Kline, Miss
Rltshforth, from Nanaimo; O. Wat
son, P. Patter, 'ml{.   Pumsliy,  from
from I,os Angeles; P,   McLeod,  J,
Piercy, W. Anderson, from {Union
Bay; 15. Pear.'.e, Headquarters;   W.
Russel, Hornby   Is,;   F.   Wilson,
Dubuque,   Iowa-    N.    Dingham,
"Winnipeg. Man,
In the absence of the President,
Mr. C F. Jackson,   Mr.   R.   U-
Hurford, vice   president,  presided
at the meeting ot the U. F    B. C,
on Saturday night,    E. D, Barrow
M. P. P, for Chilliwack   was   the
speaker .of the eveniug, and he gave
a very interesting address on cooperation among farmers.   He told
then what the fanners were doing
in the Frasei Valley, and how successful they were.    They can demand any price they see (it and get
it.    He instanced the price of milk
saying that it will be hard to  con
vince the people that it is worth as
iuu.li to distribute milk to residences as it is to raise cows,  feed  and
care for them, deliver .he milk  to
the trains, carry it to the city and
deliver at  the depots,   Yet   6 3-4
cents per quart i.s tee price now assigned to the mill, as  delivered  to
tlie city dealers, aud 5 3 4 cents  is
added when the  miik  reaches tlie
consumer.    This is not a fair division of tlie proceeds.   There is evi
dently a great waste   of   work   in
distribution or else the dealers get
more than their share uf the  gain,
T. H, Molley, Secretary of tlu
Provincial Bureau of _,abor, estimates that 20,000 harvesters will
he needed for Saskatchewan this
season, Let men who are rejected
by tlie recruiting sergeant'', for the
army be organized into Military
Battalions to save tiie harvest, is a
Dr. Millard was in Nanaimo last
Mrs. Bubar aud children arrived
home ou Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J, H. Macintyre
are camping al Royston beach.
Rickson's have moved into their
new store in the Urquhart block.
Last week's fighting is reported
to have been very favorable to the
There are 228 students trom the
colleges of the Presbyterian church
in Canada on active service at the
Proffessor Harcourt of the ouelph
Agricultural College "says that in
using substitutes for wheat flour in
bread, it would be best for women
to mix their own flour.
It is reporsed that the a mining
property behind Ladysmith belong
ing to a Nanaimo man has been
bonded for $75,000. There are
many other properties iu the same
locality equally as valuable and
which in time should make the
prospectors immense y wealthy.
Hen. w. J. Hatiiia. Canadian
Food Controller, calculates that
food wasted in lhe garbage pails of
Canada each year through careles-
ness and lack of kitchen economy
amounts to ��57.000,000 per year,
or about $7 per head of population,
Guaranteed To Satisfy
The " Sunshine " Furnace gives healthful, warm air heat���and plenty of it.
When installed, according to plans
furnished by our heating engineers,
it is guaranteed to give absolute satisfaction. Write for free illustrated
BT. JOHN, N.B.        HAMILTON        CALGARY 1
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son. Courtenay
COMOX Presbyterian Church
Miss c.irlie Downey is visiting at gt   Andrewi'  Sandwick
Powell River, -     '     * ��-���--.���  e
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday   School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday  School and   Bible Clas
10:30 a. 111.    Evening service 7:30
p. 111. All welcome
Barrister and Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6 Courtenay
i   Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusiue RxceUeu
Wm. Merryfield
The average man can easily afford age on a Ford  than on anv other
a Ford car.    It is  the  most inex- car.
pensive car to drive, You can buy a Ford for yourself
20 to 25 miles on a gallon of and one for your wife for the price
gasoline is an eyervday occurence, of one car at $1000, You can run
33 miles is frequently reported by both Fords at about the same ex-
Ford owners, Yearly repair ex- pense as one larger, heavier car. ^
penses of less than one dollar are You can always sell a ' used '
not unusual. The car is light in Ford at a good price. You have to
weight, and tires give more mile- accept a big reduction for a   used'
larger car
Go and take a ride in the 1917
model. See how comfortable it is.
And stylish, too���stream line effect
tapered hood, crown fenders,
beautiful finish. You need one
for business. Your wife and children need one for pleasure and
Palace Livery
Horses  and   Buggies  for   Hir.   ��
Terms cash.
We  also  attend  to  wood hauling
MR. JOHN G. KENT, a man of
wealth antl extensive business interests, who has refused to accept
any remaneration whatever for his
services as General Manager of the
Canadian National Exhibition, preferring to serve the public free of
charge. He ls President of the Toronto Board of Trade and has been
on the Exhibition Board since 1905,
always showing a close interest in
the work. He was President in 1912-
18, tlie two best years In the history
of the institution. Mr. Kent is head
of the Boy Scouts In Toronto and
is identified with many philanthropic
enterprises. Long and continued Illness has compelled Dr. Orr, Manager
since 1903, to seek a long rest.
Courtenay Phone 2$
Do You
The  Courtenav  Review
Family Herald aud Weekly Stir
and the Daily Province
for one year
Ford Garage
Courtenay B. C.
I beg toJannounce that I have opened a Flour and
Fed Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
-( .... Victoria barbers will in futur
charge forty cents for hair outs and
twentv-five cents for shaves.
Formal notice is given in the
Canada Gazette of the reduction in
number of directors of the Canadian Collieries from 12 to 8,
Comox, B C,
Comfortable Rooms    lor Tourists nnd
MRS. T. I). HIND, Managress
Bar supplied with best wines
liquors and cigars
Tuning and Repairing     j
Here about Oct. 1
Leave orders at Review office
Ice Cream
for $6
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Mooring &Mansfield
General Blacksmiths
Big to announce that they ate prepared
to do all kiiulH . ol repairs at moileriit
Horseshoeing   a   Specialty
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Trice
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
*y^gt*t^gttgat***M*ta**t*t**..im0 t ���THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   * II
Wn Swiss Cimnimi
��__ m t-__-j.. j'. ti ,t**r
l~         "                       ----------
r"                        i*      r-
Thrift that brings Comfort
instead of Sacrifice
THRIFT,  the  paramount  national  du./,
applies to time a.- well as lo money���to
small personal outlay as well as to larger
family expenditure.   Applied to the daily shave,
thrift means the use of a
The Razor of National Service.
The Gillelle reduces shaving time to five
minutes or less���an actual saving of a week of
working days a year! To the man who depends
on the barber, it saves still more time, and from
$25 to $50 or even more annually. This means
the cost of one or several War Savings
Moreover, there is not a man living with a
beard to shave who cannot shave better with a
Gillette if he will use it correctly���with the blade
screwed down tight and a light Angle Stroke.
For the thousands of young men just
reaching shaving age the Gillette Safety Razor
is a source of good habits���not only thrift, but
fmndlualily, personal neatness, and efficiency in
ittle things.   For yourself or your son, at home
or Overseas, it is a splendid investment.
Gillette "Bulldogs", "Aristocrats" and Standard Sets
cost $B.-~Pocket Editions So. to $6.��� Combination
Sets from $6.50 up.   Send for Catalogue. 251
Gillette Safety Razor Co. of Canada, Limited,
Oflicc and Factory i The Gillette Bldg., Montreal.
High Heels and War
Proposed  Legislation   in    Illinois   Is J
Subjected to Criticism
High heels on women's shoes may
give the 11 nu (lie victory. A member
of lhe Illinois legislature, who pro-
poses in legislate high heels oul ol
Ins stale, has figured ii all out. Flit I
feel, lie reasons, nre llie cause of the .
rejection of many   volunteers,    who s :	
would otherwise be acceptable. Their ��/������  . ,.
mothers wore high-lieelcd shoes and VlCtOry Alone
high-heeled shoes are hnd for lhe
feel, and finally bad feel have become
hereditary, Therefore, lhe gentleman
from Illinois exclaims emotionally,
"A has with ihc high heel!" an\
practically,  he says  they  musl  come
The   simplest    and    besl   method  of  saving
money is  by an   Endow ni   Policy   in   lhe
Write   for  pamphlet  today.
) Its
nblc, but there is
Can Bring Peace
German Government as Treacherous
as It Is Criminal
"Victory alone  can brine;    peace,"
declares  llu   Premier of France,-M.l
I kili'ii.     We agree with lliul.    Pcac
c  poinl   we would  lil..-    to    havel'VTn!     "I  '.V''!'*' '",,
cared.    For ages aud ages horses'I of  *���*? sorl  lll'a  wou,d    ����ow    lhc
| hoofs have been  trimmed and
tin in,  bul, s
Prussian  iiictiaci       ^^^^^^^^^^^
| strength  and  start  iis awful  atroci-
nave  heen  <lru cn  inlo  Hum,   mil, .sol,-       ",, .      	
far as we an aWare, no coll was everIllcs,.". ovcr :'"''"', would leave the
bom with his hoofs trimmed and the world "' " s,tate ��. uncertainty. Ev-
nail holes ready for the blacksmith. cry "ft'on Hat prizes iis independ-
-Sl.  Louis Republic """' wu".1'' '"'  'orccd    l0    maintain
.  vasl  armies and  navies against    the
( foe  of  humanity.      The    Socialistic
r I conference  al   Stockholm   is  a   Gcr-
It Rubs Pain Away.���There i-r
liniinenl so efficacious in ovcrcomiu_ i . ,,   .        ,.
pain as Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil. Th.li.-_.  "''"'   A" ll,Vvl"s|,cl's ��f.P.ac(
hand  lhal  rubs ii  in   rubs  the  pail
riw'.iy and on lhis account there ir. ik
preparation   lhal  stands  as   high    ii
i public esteem.   There is    no
j pain-killer procurable,    as  lln
can attest who havi   used i! i
full> in treating many ailmenl
i sand.
Exit the Gasoline Romance
"You mighi ask Mary lo get these
stains oil' mv eoal with a lirtlc gasoline."
"Oh, George, I can't! Since the
chauffeur jilled her lhe poor girl can'l
stand thc smell of it."
| thai conic oul of Germany and Aus
liia arc as dangerous as death-deal
ini,' poison snakes. Berlin is nol lo lu I
trusted,   Germany  is an outlaw  na
tion today and ils government is asj
treacherous as  it  is criminal,     The
llohcnzollcrtis must bc muzzled, and'
nm/.led for all  lime.    In lhal direc- '
tion alone lies the pathway In peace.
Philadelphia  Inquirer.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator will drive worms from the system
withoul injury lo the child, because
its action,  while  fullv    effective,    is
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Colds, Etc.
Two Washboards
For the Price oi One!
Bolh aides ol EDDY'S
Twin Beaver Washboards
can be used���giving doublo
service for the price of one,
FIBRE WARE (which t,
really pulp hardened and
baked by a special process)
it cannot splinter or full
��� apart, Won't hurt your fing-
rr�� or lear you clothea,
Doubl* value for your money���almost life lasting.
Don't do another washing
until you get ono.
The E. B. Eddy Company
HULL     -     -    CANADA
A Dig Prom Diggs
Biggs-���I'd join llu-   church   it'    ii
wasn't so lull of hypocrhes.
Diggs  -That    needn't   elder   y<--u.
There's always room for one more.
Counter Check
Or Sales Books
Not Much Kick to It |
"I low  much   cider    did   yuu   ntaho!      i__________________________________________^_________i_^________b_^
this  year?" inquired  Farmer    A.    ol  w   . \|ercj)ant ���-
It you arc nol already using our
Counter Check or Sales Books we
vould respectfully solicit your next
order.    Years  o\   cxperici
Farmer R.. who    had offered hi ti. a
sample for trial.
"Fifteen bar'ls," was (he answer,
Farmer A. took another sip.
I   reckon,  Si,"   he    drawled,    "ef
nre unnecessary if you wear
Arlington Collars and Cuffs
They me waterproof andftUtho.tfsneceBSftry
when they become soiled fs to wash them with
soap and wa^er and they look us .rood as linen.
No Ironing, in necessary. A_k your dealer for
them. Manufiu tuiedby the
Fraser Avenue. Toronto
Wood's rhosphodin*
fh* Grra$ Jbigliih  Remedy,
Tooos and Invigorates tbs whole
.   _       Blood
__    ___     ,    . ... __   _..���fT-
DebUlty. Mtntttl and Brain Worry, JJtsp
Th*  Great  finulith   Remedy.
Tooos and Invigorates tbe whole
 nervous system, makes new Bloo _
in   tht-   mmr'm~~"     Ja   old Veins,  Cures Nervous
���\   reckon,  M,    he    ctrawica,    ' ei; ��� -   , ���    ,*.     .n'Mm ... tn I wmity, juentta an* main Worry, *Vtspon-
vnn'd   ind  -nollicr  aoolc   vou   Might  " anufaclui'  '���'',U��s ��ne enable Iis to   2tnoy* Loss *fr.Mr0y, Palpitation of th*
jouo  tutu  anoincr appn lll^m ,.U(. you -, |Kl(,k as nearly perfect as! Hsart*FailingMemory. Price $1 per hot, iii
ha   im.de ;inolhcr bar I. .   .    *     .;i.. to ue mjl(ie :., ,t'se xse    for|9    One ml bl.a��, fii Tftll cure. Bold by all
Our Sure Shield
The nation, ue are convinced, it.
not unmindful ol lhe successes which
have been achieved al sea. Thej' havi
exceeded all expectations, foi w<
have experienced neither invasion
nor starvation. I'he fleet i- slill our
"sure shield," iitul ii lire submarines
piracy, owing lo llie license ivhieli
characterizes il, i proving a iciupor
ary embarrassim nr. ii in no wa
llevcs tlie enemy front the r-t
hold of our sea pov t r.- I
Dail)  Telegraph
His Curiosity
'Vim saw llinl man beating his
wife ond did not interfere?"
"No," confessed skimpy little Mr.
Meek. "But after il wns ovcr I
whispered to hiffi tu please lull inr
how li" had the courage to do such ri
Mrs.   J.   A
limit lime
All classes nnd grades of paper
now  froin 11.10 to -WO tier cent, high
OF GR.'AT VAHIF  " ,l,:"' ""'V    ��'crc    iwo years   ago
.   Ur  UlU.rtl VftLULi carbon    papers,    waxes for   routed
  books, labor, in  facl  everything that
I.agacc, Sir. i'crpctttc,|goes into the ror.! of counter clicci
Rrir" li'e.io'pe.mphleirnailrd'fru. THE V.bob
��DICIN_CO..��.��_t*.0NT. Ifli-rrl. Hleine!
S'atn oi  OSi#,   Ctty   *1  Toled*.
Lucas  Count).  ...
i'lank   J.   Cheney   mnkei   o^th   ttur   tie   U
.^mioi   partner ot the tirm ol F.  ..   Oiene/
_.   , .      J.;_-   .-.-' ...
Que., writes:-���"Baby's Own Tablets
have been of ;.Ti*at value to tne nud
1 would strong!) recommend them
to other mothers." Thousands of
other mothers si. the srum- thing.
TIte) have become convinced through
I actual use of the Tablets Lhat nothing
regulating lhe
Sad  Dilemma
Bessie- -( Hi, Mabel, I am iu au aw
Jul dilemma. I've quarreled will
Harry, and hc wants me lo send hi
rinR back.
Mabel-  That's mo bad.
Bessie���.Bul    that    isn't the   poinl
I've forgotten   which  i.   IiU    ring.
���iinis'l     f ,���'_.. *?,' Jj*'.-1"'! in '*-"ciiF il fo'leio'I can  equal  Ihein    in    regulating    i!
 i����&A>^ *T���1; 'l"ivi,,!i "
uoi.LABs ler ��_i_ and ererr i_,e ci Ca    conslipRtlon and  indigestion;    bleu
FRANK 7   CHENEY       P;'llmK worms and curing colic.     I he
Swum ;��� b.forf ,���.   a^,i su.srribed in*ui��   Tablets arc  sold  In   medicine dealers
-_��r���"���'"��� "'" '"' d" 0| ""-'-r-iber, A.  u.' or bv mail at 25 cent- a box from the
"..i. *��� w' O^ASpw..   j Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,    Brock-
(Seal) Notary PnMi.:.      rn,,   , ,,
Hall's Catarrh ('urn is taken internally .at
ails   throueli  ihe   Rlood  on   Ihe Mut-us  Sur* .
[area  of  The   . yKcui.     Send   tor   te.1imor.ri._o '
A (able drink that
has taken the place
of tea a d_cof.ee
in tliougands of
Canadian Homes.
"There's a Reason"
______ '
._^:'|Pos'.iM^i.'-a,... .
,V''"r"  -���
Delightful flavor
Rich Aroma
Sold by grocers everj where
F. J.  CHENEY k CO., Toledo, a
oold by nil druffisu, "5c.
Halt's  K.ioii;  i'ii!, iar ironatipatiam.
Don't Ua Too Sure
The Hardest Part of the War Is Yet
to Come
I lir present  situation of the    war
does not warrant panic.    But neither
does ii   unite optimism.    The hardiest, bitterest,  most  dangerous    portion of lhe struggle i> yet  to come,
and nub ss ihe United Stairs is prepared   iur sacrifices ns  great as the,        ^^^^m     , ,
. ...  ��� it-        i ii i  I lions  ul  iu criial  t"
British  and   trench  people  have  al-| '
| ready  made, Germany  tuny  yet    rs
Can't Dodge II
( ii all  llic  foolish  notions  In    lhc
\r orld lite inuioii lhat you can .luiid
war b\  getting married is    the   fool-
Miller's Worm Powders prove llieir
value. They do not cause any violent disturbances iu tlie stomach, any
paiu or griping, but do their work
quietly and painlessly, su that the
(te'slruclioti of the worms is imperceptible. Yet they rue thorough, and
from lhc lirsl ilusc there i�� improvement in the condition oi lhc sufferer
nnd au entire cessation of manifestable
cape lhal defeal which is essential to
lhe restoration of justice and democracy in lite world and vindication of
Playing Safe
Wc   know   of  a   fellow   wlio    Is   so
afraid  ol  war that he uses a  whisk
broom instead oi  a militan   lit'lish.
Cortland (O.)  Herald
iniernalioiial law, now threatened
with permaucnl repeal. Aud ii German, escapes today, the danger for
us ipniorrow will bc beyond presenl
' "minium. We are iu ., war the is
sue of which i�� -till doubtful and ilu
outcome ol which will infallibly bei
.Jri.-ai miles, wc arc prepar.-d to 1 fell from r. building and received
-i.'i'i ii as a wm- foi mir own exis- what lhc doctor called a very bad
tence, calling for our best efforts and sprained ankle, and lold me 1 musl
our ultimate    strength.- New    Vork| not  walk ou it for three weeks.    1
I  1 illUIH
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Hard  to  Tell
I.ullr (ierlrudc had been espct ially
i inquisitive all  evening       Her  father
hud answered her questions patiently,
hue he  wns  becoming    exasperated.
i'inrilh   she  said:
"V\ hal do vou do al ihc office all
day, daddy?"
"i Hi, nothing," lu  said.
(ierlrudc pondered over this an-
| \..-i for a moment, ['hen she relumed valiantly lo lhe charge,
"llm how do >on know when you
have finished?" she asked,
gol   Ml WARD'S LINIMENT and In
.r sales books ure very hi(.rli in price.
Notwithstanding     these   fa
dl THERAPION 8_3_��
freatiuccew, ci rus chronic wbakssss, lost vigor
PI LBS,   tirH_.R  rCo.PRUOOISTSorMn.l-.il. PL'ST 4 CTS
,*,,,  '���  TORONTO.    WRITE FOR FRBE BOOR 1'J Dn. LE Cl.f-RO
modern and well .equipped plant foil mNBwoiuoMtTAsmEssiMRHor Km To niii
this particular work enables us THERAPION l\\l^%vss,
slill keen our Dt'iccs reasonably in tmi tuns msiiiud woito 'Tiieaanon'is on
low.  Before pacing your nest orderi
write us  for samples  and  prices,  or
consult  tlie proprietor of this paper.
We make a specialty of Carbon
Back or Coated Books,' also O.K.
Special Triplicate books. On these,
and our regular duplicate aud triplicate separate Carbon Teal" Books, we
number among our customers the
I: rgest and 1iq.sI commercial houses
from coast lo coast. "Vo order is too
large or too small to be looked after
We have connections with the
largest paper mill in Canada, ensuring an ample supply of tlie best grade
paper used in counter check books.
Vou are therefore assured of an ex-
Ira grade of paper, prompt service
and shipments.
Waxed Papers and Sanitary
We also manufacture Waxed Bread
und Meat Wrappers, plain aud print-
id; Confectionery Wrappers, Pure
Food Waved Paper Rolls for Home
Use, Fruit Wrappers, etc,
Write for samples of our G. & li.
Waxed 1'aper.s used as a menl
Wrapper. It is bolh grease and
moisture proof, and the .lowest priced article nn the markel for ihis
Genuine   Vegetable    Parchment    for
Butter  Wrappers
We are large import! rs of this
particular brand of paper, <iur prices
on Sn.II si/e In IDflM quantities and
upwards, are very low considering
the present high price ol this paper.
We can supply any quantity printed
"Choice Dairj   Butter" from stock.
Our machinery nnd equipment for
Waxing aud Printing is the most
modern and complete in Canada and
six clays I was out to work again,  llttisilres   you   first-class   goods    and
think il  lhe besl  Unimctil  mad".        i prompt service
Hamilton, Canada,
Offices:  Toronto,    Montreal,   Winnipeg, Vancouver.
They arrived hurriedly at llic fifth
inning. "What's ih. score, .Iim*" he
asked a  iao.
"Nolhing lo nothing," was  lhc  re.
"<)h. goodyl" she exclaimed.  "We
ha\ en'i  iiiisseil a  thing !"
And How to Feed
""ilia, tret to toy address  _j
tha Auiliur
118 Weil 31-1 Street, New York
Wlien ordering goods by mail, send a Do-
rrinion  Express Money Order.
Lubricating oil, grease, specialties,
paint. Part or whole lime. Commission basis until ability is established.
Permanent position niul wide field
when qualified if desired. Man wilh
rig preferred. Deliveries from our
Winnipeg slation.���General Refining
t ouipany, Cleveland, * 'hio,
No Hurry
The telephone bell rang with anxious persistence, The doctor answered lhe call.
"Ves?" he said,
"Oh, doctor," snid a  won ini voice,
"something  seeins  lo  havc  hap| I
lo tny wife, Her mouth seems si t,
and she can'l say a word."
"Why, she may have lockjaw," snid
the medical man.
"Do you think so': Well, ii yotl re
up thi- way some iiine in ,i week 1
wish you would slip Iu niul see what
you can do for her."- Harper's.
Germany is uow busj establishing
a Zeppelin route from Hamburg lo
Constantinople 'I hen- seem.- to
have been some soil of n slip up in
the regular sailings from Berlin to
London.-���Montreal Star.
Give Until It Bites
The business of those who stay at
home, who neither   fight   nor direct,
is  in  one  word   -give.    Spend  wisely
save steadily, give wdiat you save. It
,is   tinheroic,   compared with bayonet
I lighting,
I trench lil
imiorlablc  compared  with]
and safe Bul i; is nt cos-.
Rert Grey, the song writer, went It
corner markt i near his home it
W.      N.      U.      1166
Cama Orsnalaled CyclldS, ; ">     Jusi because wc arc muddling!
VJ \fm %f Eye. inflamud by expo-   now   this  wnr will  cosl   us    all    th  I
i.'_ ,  i i,..,|.,���,i ",,"     _'_���",.    i*  TIlB-a. ''-*-*o5--,__il_ndWI_i .' more     Well,   .ice  il;  give ii  freely,
hois fur hi, dn.  Pr.,.! "    ; f<Vr_Pll__l_ulci1>,MUw<,by��18'*"  ;" " is ""keel; give it nol ns you give
��   don't 1 ,v cl.on   i  ,  , i i    LV CS fyoUemtdy, NoSmruiing,   to a beggai- bu, as you R|ve; ,6 f0 ur
l (Ion    buy c ops for In n usual- V Ju�� Eye Comfort   fi  child.   Give till It bites.   Give as they
ly.    nc said.       I Iiis is a lr.nl  lor   ul   : Youi DrUMtllt'l 50c Der Hollle   ���__.p,_ h . ��� ���
.... -i gentleman  I    dislike." ..('|,'      ���al��elJtT_R,"'c ForB__ftrfRS^ShSiS.    w     n  "r lM'T~rt'''""ffl '"
I.nl Press, P'-^i-u��M��lM_,4__^tr;cu_4|   ^\���tl, In Germany.-Chicago Her-
Given Much Freedom
British   Tars     l*njoy     Lite     in     thc
Though lhc Brilish naval men interned at Grocningen, Holland, naturally chafe at .spending a life of Hell
fed inactivity, they continue to net as
much variety intoVthcir peaceful ex-]
M. .    . I istencc as possible.    Everything pos-
anager  ol   Lake   Shippers Association  Suics   llnu Western siblc is done \f make the men   ted
Canada's Wheat Can Reach Germany Via Neutral Countries     '
By Present System ol Handling
siblc is done I* malic lhe men (eel
happy and loj make litem feel that
llicy   are    not    in ally prisoners.    I'he
With Little Soft Timber Available and Prohibitive Freighl Kate*
Australians Cannot Uo llieir Usual Insignificant Shipbuilding
Or Extend the Industry
Wheal from Western Canada can Urol of dour prices as they depend on
In forwarded to Germany through .bulk wheat values. Ouir price tor
neutral countries under    the pin.scut  wheat on  this side of lhe line    and
syslem of handling grain in Canada another price on lhe other side would I ��" s"ml''.., afternoons one sees
nnd United States, according to I*, nol answer thu requirements thev��� ll"'sl' J"11'' sailors \ulh lhe Dutch
\\.  Voting,  general  manager of  the explained. '   Blrls Promcuachng arm in arm m the
lake Shippers' association. It   was    predicted    thai  lhe board  .?,!'-" "'"' ,oVllct    P|(-asurc    resorts.
Mr.  Young  made    the    slalcmcul   would have n dilliculi time taking ov-| ^.!",'n.;."1 .,t.'1.'.' ''!"'}', .ll','';_..l!1-v0 ..'.!'.."..
when testifying before  the board ofl or the country elevators and opcral
grain supervisors in reply to a ques���('"fi  IjlJm during the war.
lion asked    by    Dr.  Robert   Magill.i
chairman of lhe board, who risked if
wheal  from  Western Canada    could
be imported by llu   central    powers!
in spite of ilu  existing efforts lo pre-  Vou arc a Vital  Pores  Pulling Onc
vrui it.    He suggested, as a way to
block such'efforts, that  the  Ncllicr-     ....
I lu re arc in the world two s(-t_ ol
Dutch government gives them much
freedom, lu fact they often get permission  to leave the camp and    mix
with tlie inhabitants   of Groeningen,Ig\   .,        ,    �� I    ��� ,-, , ,
and manv of then, have liecine fre    Outbreak Among L. \ ir"  '>c��*S that    Canada    nnd    the
illicit guests in Dutch family circles.! Hin._ii.in Sol In. J    "        ?      S iT V'.l,'"K ,l 5,uddcn'
On    Sunday   afternoons   one sees KUSMai. -.ailOW| urgent demand by building a fleet of
Which Way Arc You Pulling
a Vital  Pores  Pui
Way or llle Other
lauds government, under n three cornered ttgreincnl with lhc United
Slates and Britain, could he made
trustee for the wheat imported into
Holland. Another system suggested
was thai the shipping license should
be enlarged to provide for ihis arrangement and that the closest cooperation with thc I'nited Stales authorities should be established where
Wheat CNpoitalious arc concerned.
Shipments  to  Germany  were  pos
siblc since the  tree  wheal  plan  came;     Arrayed
inlo force, witness said, and explained agencies
.'_     . .     i         .1. .    lie! il r-    nt
uldoor amltsemcnts���tennis,   cricket
and football.  Gardening has been encouraged, and  where  there  once was
waste land tlie mosl beautiful flower
i gardens have sinning up.
Encouraged by their    own officers
and by the officers of the Crocnin-
] gen garrison, they hnvi'    established
i amateur tlll'catiCS and variety shows.
tlie naval band frequently giv
I wooden ships has aroused much   in-
Only Vague Reports Are Received; tercst in Australia.   Why, it is asked,
Nature of Trouble Unknown        | cannot ships be built in Australia as
well n- in  America?    Small  wooden
There have becn disorders among
the sailors of the Black Sea at ScbaS-
So far there have been onlj confused reports as to tlu scope of the
trouble with the sailors, The Uech
says the disorders arc in ci
with the retirement of ihe commander of lhe fleet, Admiral Koltchak.
The   Bir/cviya declares thai  untie
ihe   influence of extremist agitator
down,    ihel concerts, to which young and old of t)lc      llorg  b ',0 .���.,.,_,,  .(||]|c Q,
pulling    fo,-.! the inhabitants ol the town ure   in-1,1,,,;,. officcrg ���ml 10 ,lisin,, olhcrBi
forces .one   set   pulling
othei   pulling uii���one
ward, the other backward, Ivitod. Minister of War and Marine Ker-
Thchon.cs,    ihe    churches,     th-!   ,1 here will be no end of hcarlaclU'S cnsky has    issued instructions    .hat
when lln
,ar draws to a close, and
ailed home,   and  no doubt
)utch  girl
sailor sweetheart lo the naval slation
to   I).
en to restore
schools,   ihe     ethical     societies,     nil
museums higher drama,    social  set- Jlu"k  is
dements, arc pulling men and women I mi}W  ���'   l>l!ll'h  Bin .will   follow her
Up, putting more light and joy in human   lives,  and   increasing   the    sum
total   of   ilu- world's good nnd hup-!
ii  ss i Are Abolishing |Britain Wil,NotBe Starved
Hups are regularly launched lure;
why not cxtentLthc induslrj io larger,  ocean-going  vessels?
It appears lhal lhc same con litio  s
which produced    the    demand     fur
wooden   ships  have  made   it  difficult
,.,'," i lor Australia to lake advantage    of
the   demand,       tn   other   words,    the
j tiouble lies in the high  freight pre-
r .vailing.    Australia  produces  little,  il
t any, timber suitable for shipbuilding,
j Line wood must be used, and iu the
prist shipbuilders havc employed i Ire-
j "on  pine   from  America    and    kauri
j fi om   New  Zealand.      But   since  the
that  il  is  impossible   to  know    lh
ownership  of grain  In  elevators.
"ll is serious lo think lhat some of
our grain can get to enemy countries," snid Mr. Magill,
Thc co-opcralivc companies, which
own 600 elevators and represent 100,-
000 farmers and lust year produced
92,000,000 bushels of wheat, wanted
Unanimity of action between lhe
board of supervisors for Canada and
the .United States board. The Canadian council of agriculture representatives wanted the board to use the
existing machinery to handle grain
crop. They favored a flat, basis of
prices rather than maximum nnd
minimum prices established. They
wanted also due regard lo the encouragement of grt-atcr production
shown and the board to assume con-
tgainsl these benign
the forces of greed, appetite and passion, which through
all linn havc pulled downward and
li is a ceaseless, unending battle,
ot' vital rnul far-reaching results;
nml it is the first business of everyone io ask himself the question:
"Which side, am I on? Am I with
llic forces which diminish the sum
total of human joy and dwarf thc
world's  manhood,  or  am   1   on    the
Butterfly Nurses
teer   Nurses   Wi
Replaced by the Profes-
firui   measures   be    ,. >. .     - n,;.in-       .      , .
order.     Premier  Lvflff, while admit- "mbr'.,k ��   ''".'��� ''J'' -rc'S-'t on Ore-
ting an outbreak had   occurred,   de- |?n PS? 1,lls '',Sr'i, !',.'" * 5h'1U.n88*0
clared    the    rumors exaggerated    in' ? . shl Unes  P��    m  feet, _nd    At
importance. *mC.rJi?m,8 "H11 !1ng,,t0 1 >hl'""v:!
.  | per 100 feet, and therefore tin's, rates
are prohibitive. The Australian builder would be rpiile willing to use kau-
j ri,  which,  though  more
side oi ihose forces which flood   tliej fessional  paid  nurses
ind    kindn'
ly    than
'Pood    Controller    Expresses    Confi-1 usual, is still not at    u    prohibitive
Unpaid  Volunteer   Nurses   Will   Be I     dence That Allies Will Be Able     ! I"'1'1', but for some reason lhat is uot
to Defeat Germany's Most !v"5.cl7''; kMr'lc;l""m ��' ?r.e5ent hr
,   ,. _ , .,, 'untamed from  New Zealand nr
sional  Nurse Ircasurcd Plan thing  like  the    required    quantities
The lndy  nurse must e,o!  That  is      In  this wnr, and especially al  this One  shipwright  has  suggested    that
'the deem e which hns gone forth in stage,  food power is co-equal    wilh New  Zealand is   deliberate^
I Prance und  ii   hns  caused  no  small  man-power, said  Lord   Rhondda,  the holding  ilu:  wood,  though  in   ci   Id
sensation. new food controller in nu interview,   offer no  reason  for    tl,.'    Domi
Volunteer    nurses     in     hospital ..The problem of Greal Britain's food adopting such a course...-
where military sick and wounded are   primarily  depends  upon  the    supply      So thc Australians are embarrass d
and in the main tin   solution of    the I even in doing their usual insigi   I
problem  of supply lies in  America, (shipbuilding,   and they    cannot coo
I am .sure Ihey will nol lct ns down, template any extension of the indus-
The whole problem of thc nation's  try.   There is an abundance ol  bard
food  primarily    depends    upon    thc|woods,  for    the    supcrstructun   and
���arid for arc to be replaced by pro
file voluu-
world with gladness and kindness I [c~~ mfirlnjere w]10 ,nme forward al
and promote the character that is t]lc beginning of lhc war, when there
thc basis of all true ci\ ilization and[was a great shortage of trained wo-
advaucement?' men, was pressed into service alter a I supply, he continued, und unless wel fittings of ships, but   the onlj
No matter   how    unimportant you| short,   superficial  training.    She  has  can  bc  assured  of  food  sufficient to  that might    prove    a    substil
allied   coun- pine is the \ustralian cedar      ;
nay    seem lo he. in the world's af- done nobly, toiling day and night and enable this   and otlu
fairs, you   arc a vital  fori
one way or the other.
Which way are you pulling
spending  her  money   freely
wounded,  besides  payilll
TfeBanner Sptim
Is a Sleepy Thinti *
��J It is made of 100 steel     *
spiral springs, tempered in oil, that
yield under pressure to every curve of
the body, no matter how heavy or how
light.  It ''fits the sleeper."
Its Non-Rusting Enamel Finis
is guaranteed not to damage bedding.
The genuine ''Banner" spring is guaran
for 20 years.   Your dealer has it or
will get it for you. Ask for it by name.
The Alaska Bedding Co.
Makers nf Btdlttads and Redding
Calgary        **vINN1P1*G        Regina
" VUik. nn an aril. !<��� raeatu /."_���_. Grade Lrary
13uw Particle"
on    mc I tries ol   kurope to carrj  on thc war I ii appears grows in such a si
er    own i to a successful end it will 1��' almost  way  and  in  such  inaccessibl     pi
, .,..;    -.;.     ��� ���.    she asserts that|superfluous to appoinl  a   food    con-  tilat it  is not  yet  proved  a paya
"in proposition.
the  new  regulations ure   inspired by j 1 roller.     'I'he     most   perfect
political  motives, Us  it  is  (eared llic  of  distribution   and   the  most    cnuit-i
1 ,      '._.        ,, ...      ii i ,r ,- , i     Line shipwright lias asked, and  i
poilus were been mug too mucll at- able   regulation    0   prices  won <   be ,,       ���,,
if lime and effort uu-i
parently  with reason,
:'������    ���   i   -
tached  io their anstrocratic  .nurses1, a mere wast
nnd were in danger of forgetting the j less every measure is laken lo   keep
maxims of cqttalil)   nud    liberty    in up thc allied food supply.
iheir exaggerated  inspect  for   titled      For lhis we depend lo a vital dc-
attendants. Igree    upon   lhc  United   States    and
Doctors frankly prefer lhe profes- Canada.    N'o  one    recognizes    that' ���      ,    ,.
sional  nurse,    who  can   be    ordered I more   fully   llian   1   do.    Before  Mr.  enterprising builders
aboul in a way her volunteer sister Hoover  lefl    for   America I hnd anl V co" '" ''    '!
would resent. They say that the un- opportunity of discussing    with  him     '"'
building   industry  should  uot  be
I tabHshed in an    important    waj
Auckland?   He points out that     ���
the  abundance  of kauri    and    ol
, suitable timbers available in Auckland
paid assistant  has her  own  ideas  oi   il,_ lessons he had drawn  from    hi
Americans,  The
1    for    wooden   merchantmen
lot persist more than live years,
wonderful  work in  Belgium, and his:1"'! smaller wooden ships wil
! be n
as to lhc allied  food    supply,
ln    accepting    this oflicc one of its
fi w attractions, perhaps its only at-j
traction���was    the    knowledge    that |    "||(
quired  for a  considerable  time  after
discipline. The lady nursoi loo, is apt
to err in mailers of taste. 1 saw one
step out of a luxurious car the other
day much overdressed. A lady friend
snid:   "Look at those stilts; one cau- traction���was    llic    Knowledge    tnatl    "Here's  Billy crying and ' he
not call them heels. How can she run President  Wilson    had asked a man I llo( .������,    .,lllt 't0 g0 on    t|lC    aajiing
backwards and forwards in the wards of Mr, Hoover's   calibre,   experience lrjp    ^o\v Billy why don't you w
all day in those? and understanding   ol    Ihe allies  to,,_ ,l:iVe a ,'lice ^ witll us?..
As  the butterfly nurse  got out of tackle m    America   thosi     problems     "'Tain't i nice sail    I heard pa saj
the car she "raised her snow white tin- which have an intimate bearing day L.1]cn wc g0, 0,��� wc'(1 llave _ spank.
iiorm and displayed yards oi billow- by day upon  the  mod  situation    in  ���      brec_e."--Baltiroore American.
ing petticoats in    batiste    and    cm-j tins country.    I  have perlect    conn-|      ���__________
broidcred white silk.   "A nice get up dence that   lhc    American   congress
for a day's work," remarked my pes- and  lhc    American  people    will  re-
simistic friend.   "How the paid nurse|spond to the  calls now being inad'
must love her." to Ihem.
The  doctors of lhe local  hospitals      1 hope 1 .shnll not be misconstrued
have, sometimes been obliged to sug-lor thought impatient if    1 say    that
gest that volunteers should go home, the sooner your food administration
discard their   diamonds    and   dress measures am   enacted ihe sooner w<
more/discreetly.   One insisted   on a shall   breathe    more    easily..    Tin
lady pulling on    a    less     dccolette practical details of our    buying nre
gown, ns "he wouldn't hnve half clad rendered  more  difficult, more    coin
women hanging ovcr thc bids of his plex   by   the   uncertainty regarding
They Taste
p-i-iiii-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniMi H ���i.iiiiiii.iii.iiiiiiiimii.iiii iiiiiiiiiiiMimiHH ,i;i],!;;;;;i; 5C,;,im(.n,
the future.
My experience in America bcton
| Western Canada s Greatest 1 ;| ;
1 Summer Holiday
3     supports     the
-.    ���.   i,,i     .������   tlu ir  efforts   to    replace  and s|���ee lhe war have given me an
lary workers,    being convinced unusual opportunity of   judging   lln-
hey are acting ill  thc  true    i_i-|vastness    of  her  resources.       ll   or
,..,.   of  the  sick  and  wounded
gani.ed to their full capacity, 1 am|
confident ihai  the German    hope of
tarviug thc allies or of causing un
ie-1  by lhe scarcity of food or high
An Entirely New Kind of Exhibition, Providing
Excitement, Amusement, and Education
S|    Man Under New  England's Bed
= '     Maine   nnd     "thcr     northeastern I '^(^''is"doomcd: to failure.
atcs arc sccini   1 -bonis every day      vv,    .,,.,.   aui���^ w|,.,t we <..,���   0tt
ow, says the Chicago   Iribunc.   All ,���.,. ,,,,.,, ],.,,    |,v    increasing    home
S   along thc coast from Ammagansct to     0(juc,ion    an(j      decreasing     cons' Portland  periscopes arc  bobbing up 1 sutiipliott, but'in  ihe main the sole-
is  in lhc sea and U-boals are rising or)tinl, ,,,- ,||C pr'imiiry problem-of sup-
Like More.
Qnr ��� two���three-four���let the
children have all they want of
L-  submerging.     Gloucester    fishermen
in with scary talcs of en-
ply li
ihe hands of our Ameri
E Stampede
| Midway
| Aviation
| Horse Races
| Live Stock Show
i Poultry & Dog Show
| And High Class Plat-
Is     form Attractions
~ emy  warships lurking in lhe   foggy i ,i,,.v wj]j ,,
5 banks, and the alarm recalls lhc tre-
' =:  pidation felt in Massachusetts  when]
thr Spanish mosquito fleet was    ex
can   allies  and   Canada.    I   am   sure
let us down.
3 | cctcd lo make an attack any nuniit
In Prizes, Awards, etc., stag- ��� npon the sacred codfish of Boston,
ing the best show that has E! Xew England is an old maid silting
ever been offered- to thc | on the eastern coast and having a
_��� , _. ii ti uu ��� conniption 111 every few years. It
Western Canadian Public. S 0���iy ' ,iic U-boat scare had been
                    s earlier the recruiting figures for that
g   section might havc been much larger.
Single Pares on all Railroads   5]	
  | H. C. L. Baffled
Si A golf enthusiast was describing to
Every Accommodation Pro- g his friend the varied joys the game
perly Organized at Normal 1 .-Horded him, Finally he wound up
Er. ��� SI by saving:
rnces' gl    "Do you know, I'd rather play golf
Write, Wire,.or 'Phone for Price Lists and Particulars, to Si   "But whatever docs your wife say
W. M. MacINTYRE, W. A. MUNNS, I '^SgCA'^X^S the re
Managing Director Secretary.     | sponse, "she's rather   relieved,   be-
S: cause shed rather play bridge   than
r;  mother went   up tail s
Nothing could be cleaner,purer
or more wholesome. Very lew
things are less expensive. Plain
or salted.  In Packages only.
Have you tried
one evening lo make sure that her
little son was safely sleeping. As sire
was about to enter thc bedroom, she
observed her husband standing be-!
side lhe crib, gazing earnestly at tin
Bleeping child. |
Touched at  the    sight, the mother,
hesitated a moment,   her eyes tilled
with tears, "How dearly John lovis
that boy!" she thought.
Her feelings changed suddenly.
however, when lur husband turned
to her and exclaimed, "Mary, ll gets
my goat how these furniture makers j
can get up such a crib as this   for    it's made with real Arrowroot I
three dollars and sixty cents."���I'ei       u ,. ..... B.     ., ��     .....
.onaiitv North-West Biscuit Co., Limited
S0,U"-'       ,   : '     EDMONTON  ���  ALTA. 1
Belle   "1 hnve       many caller:.       I   __C___KI-S-____C-E-_--S___-__C___l
really I can't satisfy litem all'.' j
Nell-"I  didn't  know you had become a telephone operator," W.     N.      U.      1166
"A-ROWroot Biscuit TVIV.   COni.TT.KAY  RVVTEW
If ease is what [you wish, you
will count little iu any way, in the
church or in the nation.
Adyertiswg is the education of
the public as to who vou are,
Where vou are, and what you have
to offer in the way of skill, talent
or commodity. The only man who
should not advertise is the man
who has nothing to offer the world
in the way of commodity of service
At thirtv-three Napoleon was
Emperor of France, Wolfe scaled
the Heights of Abraham at Quebec
.Stephenson made his lirst bcomo-
motive: Edison had harnessed electricity to the uses of man, Gray
wrote his '"Elegy," and Poe his
at thc corner of  Union Street and
the   Cumberland,   Road, Courtenay.
For particulars apply
N.   H.   BODEN !
Review Office, Courtenay
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
New Spring Goods Now on Hand
McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Best.'and cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for 59 cts,    for 3)*!*, 2 for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
The baker of "letter Bread
Opposite the city hall
ti* Wis Able to Correct a Langu*g<
He Did tMot Understand.
When Max Muller wus preparing Ufa
edition o. the R-gvedu lie hud, so tin
story goes, aa illustration of (lie lu
Hliiii'llre wisdom ut' the compositor
In providing th. manuscript lur nlnmr
U,000 sheets of print llie author lint
urully tripped from linin lo time
Whenever be did trip, I here on lilt
proof wns the error queried in u cure
fill build. Surely, lie thought, ninu,
unknown   scholar   in    Ihe   university
must im overt joking uu proofs *vitt
kindly int.i_.st and making the coi'reo
lions fnr liim. Inquiry showed Ilml
lids wan not the fact. The correction!
were tho corrections of the man whe
set up the type. "Did lids man, thn.
know Sanskrit?" Muller asked. Not a
lilt of It Use and wont enabled liin
to delect the errors us n bung.; child
-emits a cookinn dinner, The disco**
ery originated through Ids arm rnlliei
I hu n from any lutellectunl doubt, anil
that arm was palsied!
This printer luul sustained an accl
dent, leaving bin: with nu nnu pnrtlj
paralyzed, nnd ns this made him slow
cr with his setting Iiis masters turin.
him on to Sanskrit, with which be had
hud no previous acquaintance) lie hnd
to leiirn upward of SOO typos for Ihf
Work, but lie learned I hem and uccim
turned himself to the work. Now,
many of the letters In Sanskrit cniinol
follow each other or, If they (in, musl
bc iniidiiied. In writ ini; Muller some
times forgot these modifications, bul
Ihey were all marked on lhe proof
Sluller was so Interested that he sought
out the priuler to ask him how hi
was able to correct u language .vlilub
he did not understand. The ...plum,
tion was remarkable: "You see, sir,
my arm gets Inlo a regular swlns
from one compartment of types ti
another, and there are movements thn*
never occur. So If I suddenly bvivc tc
take up types which entail a new
movement I feel it und pnt a query."
What a dog's life the "nu spellng," m
Artemus Ward's, wbl-b Is the saint
thing, would have caused tbat marvel
ous human machine!-*. James' Q��
Win. Dingwall has returned to
town and has taken a position as
foreman at Enide's gatage,
Miss Jones,   who spent  a   fortnight with  her cousin,   Mrs.   E
Kerlon, lias returned to her home
at Kernsdale.
Residents of the Luke Trail are
" kicking" lottdlv and long about
the great clouds of black dust that
are arising from the operations of
Contractor Johnston on the now
A serious luisli fire broke out in
the Dollar Company's holdings
buck of Union Buy on Friday afternoon last, Upwards of 500 acres
were burned over before the lir;
was subdued. The Dollar Co.,
who had only purchased the property a few weeks ago, had 65 men
working, und lost about $20,000
worth of logs, piles and poles. All
their machinery wns saved,
The man who does not advertise
gets more dust on his goods than
n his cash drawer,
Oregon & California Railroad Co. Grant Lands
Title to same revested in Uimited
States by Act of Congress, dated
June 9. 1916. Two million, three
hundred thousand acres to be opened tip for homesteads and sale.
Timber and Agricultural lands
Containing some of the best land
left in United States. Now is the
opportune time- Large map showing lands by sections an d description of soil, climate, rainfall, elevations, ect. Postpaid $1, Grant
Lands Locating Co., Box 610.
Portland, Oregon.
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at th
Courtenay Review
The old half-way house was
burned to the ground on Sunday
afternoon. Tllis old landmark was
built by E Picket, in 1901 just alter
tbe Boer war. nnd was a popular
hostelry and areati d water manufactory for many years, but lately
had fallen into decay, not having
been occupied for years until tllis
spring when sonic Orientals who
are cutting shingle bolts in the vicinity lived in some of the rooms.
The fire started 111 the roof, evidently from sparks or a defective
chimney. The fire jumped across
the road nud burned over about ten
acres on ihu hillside. While this
fire was going on some one evidently dropped .1 match or a cigar end
alongside the road near the Colliery Company's big swamp, a.s it
broke into flames all at once, and
threatened Cumberland for a time,
It is still burning i i the peat and
moss, nnd will likely do so until
rain comes, The Company has a
large force of men guarding it constantly,
. ,..-,. .,-..->,VTr\yrJ^s*^Mm
War Savings Certificates
-a_a____H_____i       _a_Ma_a_-_a______________i     ___a-_______-_M__i________________.__________-______W_________*
$���25.00   FOR   $21.BO
50.00      " 43.00
100.00     ���* 86.OO
JAN. 9,  1917
Cooking three meals a day over a hot
stove. There's no longer any need for it
An Electric Kitchen
is Cool
Make Hubby order an
Electric Range
He uses the most up-to-date and efficient machines in his business
You, his wife, are entitled to the same
up-to-date equipment for your kitchen
For Sale by
The Courtenay Electric
Light Heat and Power
Company Limited


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