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The Review Jun 1, 1916

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Array ��
Can tint he dune uny Letter, ftiul
not unite no well anywhere ��*lm-
hereabunttt. Our type ami imu-liin-
i'i*y in niiiipli'U uml Tlie Review
prices ire ri-.;ht
VOL. 4
Classified Ads.
Mnke ynur little Want* known
through ft ClaasiBed AdvertUenient
in The Review   ���   -   ���   Phoufl 59
NO. 28
Half-acre Camping Ground, fronting
on one of the prettiest sites on the
beach in Comox District, host of
fishing, near P.O. and store, low
price,   easy terms, particulars from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
I Local Lines
Harvey Creech has enlisted with
the iti.ud Batti
See Charlie Chaplin in "Iiis New
Job" at the Opera House on Saturday uight,
Isaac Oiieve of Katuloops, and
Isaac Parkin ol Nanaimo, both old
Cot:,ox boys, have joined the 102nd
Dr. and Mrs.   Montgomery
last week for Victoria.
Campbell'.fstore Cumberland will
be closed on Saturday, Juue 3rd.
Mrs. W, Haiineran and daughter are spending a couple of Jweeks
with Mrs. Fiske.
The Secretary of the Patriotic
Fund acknowledges with thanks
a donation of ;-.,* from Aid.  Aston,
Auctioneer Hardy hel I a very
siicccssstil sale of cattle at tiie Agri-
ctiltnral grounds  yesterday niorn-
iug.   -
R. Willoughby occupied the pui-1 -rate Hicks-Beach on Friday
pit of the Presbyterian churcli   on
John Spencer was fined #20 and
costs for putting n dead horse into
the Slough alongside the Dyke on
the Comox Road, by Police Magis-
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Cook   by  Wire
Electricity provides the cleanest, the
most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but_excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under ideal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitiated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values through the retention of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay]Electric Light, Heat ft Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office_35, Res. R98       Office: Mill Street
Sunday   evening    owing  to  the
absence of Key. T. Men/ ei.
The Courtenay Preparatory
school commenced thesiiinmerterm
on May ist. Ptiplis admitted at
any time. Apply Mrs. Halliday.
Piano   taught,
Welding���cast iron, alumiuui-i,
brass, steel, etc,    Fonl Garage.
Plant your fruit trees in the fall,
and keep your order till I call. F,
R, F, 3iscoe, Courtenav, P, 0.
Look prosperous, Fix up yotti
shop front with au up-to-date sign
See Colin Campbell about it.
F. id Oarage for Nobby, Goodyear and Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles foi
For sale cheap���Buggy and harness, new last year, in good condi
tion. Apply, John R, Johnston
F'or Sale���American organ in
first class condition. Price $60.
On view at the .Sandwick Vicarage.
Mrs. J. 13. Bailey, Comox.
For Sale���Holsteili Cow, 4 yeais
old, quite 0. K.   in   all   respects.
Milking over 3  1-2 gallons  daily.
Price ��85. Apply _6 Review office.
���   $ 1 -o cash buys   a   speedy   open
launch .5 1-2 by 5 1-2, .villi 7 h.
p. Fairbanks-Mors" engine all in
good running order. Apply P.
Acton, Comox.
For Rent���Ranch on Denman
Island. Good buildings, sea frontage, good orchard. Low rent to
suitable tenai t Apply Box C,
Rtview office.
Lost-On thc Upper Road, May
4, between Grantham and Courtenay, a 12 Amethyst ring. Any information gladly recieved. Apply
at Review Office
If you can ride a bicycle and talk
intelligently about a motor to drive
it, I can offer vou a means ot making money. Write Fred A. Caton
611 View St. Victoria, B. C.
For Sale��� One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc., also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel.
For Sale���Hugh Besdnells ranch
of about 20 acres at Nob Hill, Comox. Or might be rented, with or
without 5 acre orchard, for 1 year
with option of purchase. Apply
Mr. Hicks Beach, Courtenay,
1 For Sale���Cyphers Incubator,
Leader churn, Universal breadmak-'
er, sewing machine, fruit jars, roll-
top desk, White Wyandotte fowls,
Blick typewriter, reading lamps, 2
sets bedroomware, some beds and
other furniture, books,- sporting
rifle, kodak, complete enlarging
camera and outfit. Apply at Hugh
Beadnell's ranch, Comox
Rhode Island Red Eggs
per Setting of 15
75 cents
Bruce Towler, box 132, Courtenay
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
Ou Tuesdav evening, June 8, at
8 p, 111. .Miss Alive I'avenhill will
give an address in the Agricultural
hall tin 'The Laws of Hriiish Columbia regarding vv mien and children" under the auspices of the
Women's Institute, It i-i hoped
that everyone will take this opportunity to hear Miss Ravenhill.
The new library has arrived an I
Mrs. TavW will be al the Sandwick hall from 3 to 1 every Tuesday |. in. lo exchange books for
nii-niI> is. Membership fee ,socents
per year,
Anglican   Service
June 4II1
St. Andrew's Sandwick,   n.o a.
m. Matins and Holy Communion,
St  loliu's, Courtenay 8,30 a. tn.
Holy   Communion,   ".,-0   p.    in.
St Mary's, Grantham,   7.30   p,
111, Evensong,
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School!
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday  School and   Bible Class
10:30 a. in.    Evening service 7:30
p. m. All welcome
Mr. Rob.rts, the Veterinary Surgeon who has been here for the past
two months, left for Vernon yester-
day morning.
The first Military funeral held in
this district took place on Tuesday
of last week when the   remains   of
Pte, Blackburn were escorted from
Sutton & Kirkwood's undertaking
rooms by the   io"itd   hand,   l.ttgle
band, lirittg s(|Had. and a half company of soldiers,    to   the   English
Church at Sandwick,where tlit Rev
E. P. Laycock read the burial service,    The Last Post was sounded
and the usual  fallltes   fired.    Pte.
Blackburn   had   recently   received
his discharge   frgin   Ihe   battalion
owing to a weak   heart,   and   was
awaiting transportation to his   former home at Nelson, whet,   he was
striken with apoplexy on Saturday
last, and expired almost immediate-
!v,    His relatives live in   Toronto.
___    _��. ^.__	
Ice Cream  Parlors
J. R jCTiuston has opened an
i.e cream and lunch parlor in the
Marrochi block, Uniou street, where
all kinds of soft drinks, lunches,
ice cream, tobacco and candies of
nil description will be 011 Mile. Cold
lunches, cold salads and sandwiches. All home cooking Fit!*
let particular*! later.
A Large Stock of
Bottled Fruit
box 256 SHEPHERD'S "��������
McPhee  &  Mom
Just now when fresh fruits are off
the market and unobtainable we are
offering the canned and dried commodity at the  following low prices:
Choice Okanagan Peaches 2 l-2s per
tin 20c
Choice Blackberries 10c per tin
Fancy Dried Peaches per 2 lbs. 25c.
Fresh Seedling Oranges 35c doz.
Try our]Fresh Ground Coffee at 35c
:: LADY ::
It ard. LockS Co.. I Imlltd
,Locks a
thi'   wn;
untage u
'I in simple gra\ Ity with ��hlch she
v. iiiv|],.]-,.,| ti,,* well known words
i truck her brother Into momentary all*
i nee.
And before he could recover lilmaell
tlle di.ur opened <*id Paul eatue hi.
it ws amazing to the younger man
to sea how confidently the bridegroom
bore himself, lie eame In with the
air of a nun who has been bored by
being kepi away from his bride by nn
impertinent trifler.
"Well, tun l tnu soon? Have yon
j.ad your iniii out?" he liuiulred In lhe
most matter-of-fact manner In lhe
I rim onlj  choose one
I've chosen."
I Ie wna (illicit tn inli
her j leldlng mood,
"Listen, Ursula," buIiI hu gently, "I
.nun .nm in list en. Supposing I were
really lhe rascal your brother pre
lends Hun I in,i, whnl would yon do
High .' I'or l Bhould ho your liusbnnd,
yon Limn. just iIm s,iiii.''."'
She  looked up In a boi'i of terror.
"Oh, rani, don't say sucii things
Thoy tiro lerrlblol" whispered Bhe,
"Well, I should lllte in have an an
Bwer. I wain to imdei'sland your
point of \low "
sin' dashed her leers obediently
away, nnd tried to nttswer i|itletly, as
she wished.
"I auppose," Bhe said nl last, timidly, "my point of view is ihal, when
inn hnve dellbi ratal- nnd of your nun
original Impulse chosen one man nut
i>r iill llio world lo ho your guide nnd
protector for life, nnd when you hnve
sui.rn before God t" honor nnd obey
iiini, win can't gn back."
"And If, nftor all, he proves t" ho
a wrong 'nn'.'" demanded Paul, "Whal
would ymi do then?"
Lady Urstiln paused, looked down,
while a slight tinge of pink color
spt'i'inl gradually over her face and
"I should pray for him," sin- wills*
pered  softly.
Sin1 had felt Instinctively from the
beginning  of  her  acquaintance   wilh
"No," snld Lady Ursula, rising from   pau| Payne i hut Ids religious feelings
iii.' sofa  with a smile, ns if nothing i were   nol   so   keen   iis   her  nun,   al*
untoward had happened.   "There's no  though sin. hnd no Idea whal a gulf
inure in say   by either of ns.'' I there  lay  between  Hi.-  mind  of tin'
And Paul saw, as ho looked Into her man she loved nnd her nun. ltm
beautiful, clear eyes, lu.u things.hnd she had carefully avoided any tall*
gone.    Hi' laid his hand tenderly up-1 thai could offend or bore him by in
on her arm.
"You are nol going back with your
brother?"  he said, confidently,
���So. Paul,"
The bridegroom turned civilly, but
-iiii nn air of authority, lo his broth-
sistence on a Ipoie  which he did  nor
enn' for, and so it happened that this
modest whisper came upon him with
the force of n revelal ion.
I'm- a  moment  he said     nothing;
I'.ui   she  uns  far  from  Biispecllng  rj__-0-
Mini  Pntii hnd Intended from tl I* ] [J _
sei lo nn om hy himself lhal  morn   q
ni;', ninl ihal lie had nn uppoliiimenl
of iin- must  pressing tuitiire lo keop,
lie took care, therefore, nol to lei
her go Willi him, bill sllppi d quickly
mn ni Ihc room, ��Itli an nlr of greut
hiisle, nl'iii' it hiss v, hlelt Bhe fell In
he perfunctory,
A chill wenl lo her hearl ns she.
sensitive lo (he slightest ehunge In
him. ii nlizi'd thin ho was anxious lo
gel away, nml thnl In r wish would no!
avail x. keep him nl hor Hide.
She wenl lo the window, and saw
liim go down the street nt a brisk
pneo, wlllioul  a look behind.
Within n few minutes of Iiis being
out of Bight of his u ii'e, Paul gol Into
n tin i'ii'. a ml giving the driver nn address on the boulovni'ds, uns taken
quickly to a well known onfe, nl lho
door ot u hii ii in- uns snluted ��Ilh n
familiar nod mid n fen words of curl
welcome by n couple of men, in good
clothes nf soniewhul sporting cut.
wlio were easily rucognlznble ns Km;
lishliila of a l.i pe f;n' removed from
Ihe  best.
(To hi   Continued)
Irregular Attendance
At Saskatchewan Schools
Proportion   ol   High   School   Pupils  to
Public School Pupils in Saskatchewan
it'oiiii'ilniieil    by    Norman  P.  Black,
.it.A., Ii.l'niil.. Reglnaj
In his report lor i:i|.| the minister of
education states thai i.'.st:: pupils do*I
ing- high school ivnrl, nere enrolled in  0
the public schools of lhe province and   ���
_,!t_t; in the high schools nnd college
iiie Institutes.    The total number of
attldents above (irude 8 was therefore
Vlilt   the number enrolled in tirades
l   think  lhal   settles the  matter,"!    H  seemed  to the  Innocent  woman
.;i|i|  he. I that  ihis uns nn net of homage to her
Tiie young man shrugged his should- beliefs.    It  was not exactly thut. hut
ers. . it was the nearest approach to it thut
"Ves. 1 suppose so," he said.   Then! the rascal Paul Payne, alias Syd Tom-
he iiddi d bitterly; "I suppose there's j klnson, had ever performed,
nothing for me m do but  to let her'
then   he  hem   down  ami  kissed  her 11'to .'* wns  108,-lG.   That  is to Bay,
hair. |(oi.. overy 1,000 pupils in Ihese grades
there were in Saskatchewan :,'l pupils doing more advanced work. This
proportion is below Hint of -7 states
walk inli. misery with her eyes open.'
in a moment  Lady Ursula wns be*
inln li im, expostulating gently.
"In.n't say thut. Tom. Don'l say any
I'llAl'TKK IV.
(in   ihe   following   morning,   when
Paul und Lady UrBiila were ut break*
fast  in  their sitting room, Paul who
in ihe American Union, according to
lho statistics of 1010. In Ihese -7
Slates there were from 66 to US high
school pupils for every 1,000 pupils
enrolled in the elementary schools,
A chief cause for the relatively
small proportion of Saskatchewan
school children  thut aro recelvln
Ihing Is hurt, anything that you might  spoke  excellent   Prencli,  'asked'   the I secondary education  is  Irregular at
t,.  inrry tor afterwards." ^   _   | waiter  whether ihe gentleman    who |tendance  iu   the  elementary  grades
This results in such slow progress
that the children reach tin. age llmll
for compulsory  education whilst still
'There's no fear of that
young man abruptly.    "All
tor is thm I didn'i know before whnl I
know now.    I would have locked you
up ill your nun room Iill I'd seen this
fellow safely oul of the country."
"(iii. hush, hush!"
Paul, smiling and cool, said gently:
"I,el him talk. It will do him good
lo lei off the steam a little, lh' knows
tniit I can't hnve him up fur slander,
DOW thiit   I'm- one of the family."
Tho Inst words slung Lord Eastling
to Mn' quick. Ves, lliul was tin truth.
This rascal, who uns braving him,
who was carrying oft his own sister to
certain unhapplness, wus actually a
member ot his family by this tinfor-
tttnato marriage. Tiie young man
walked, with an excalnmatlon of rage
nnd Impatience, to the door. Witli his
fingers un the handle he turned,
"I can't say anything more than I
havo Bttld," he Btammered out. addressing his sisier. "]|. uns my fault
that you ever met this man, my fiiiilt
lor Inking yuu lo a house where lhe
guests were not properly chosen, I
fill thai I have brought this upon
you, If you won't go home with me
now. I can't help ii. Hu: I shall never
forgive mi self."
He swung out of the room hastily,
shutting the door. Lady Ursula flew
to call iiini back, hm Paul Intercepted
In-   stnadlng   between   her  and   the
lh- uns looking grave und deter*
mini d
"You musl choose," said he ."If yuu
��" cu! nfler him. you musl go bnek
wiih him. I've been Insulted, grossly
Insulted, by this hoy. and though he's
your brother, I can't forgive him���
There uns ;| ��� ;, i gglc going oil Willi
I:, poor i.ieiv Ursula's breast, betwt i n
said lliejhmi  tollowed them into the room on ! This results  in  such slow    progr
m sorry I (he previous night wus staying at tiie   lhat the children reach ihc ago limit
A    Hush   of   interest     and   surprise   in   junior
came  Into the eyes  of the  bride as i school
she heard this question, and the answer, which wns in the negative.   As
soon as they  wore alone, she looked
Up at   her liusbnnd  and  said:    q
"Tom's gone hack to England, of
course. What else could he do, poor
Paul, good humored as he generally
classes    and   drop   out   of
Our Losses
Many  Former  Boy  Scouts and  Scoutmasters Who Have Fallen at the
Our brotherhood has sustained very
was. could not yet speak of his bnuh I ll(,ilvv ioaSes during the year, (if our
er-in-law nnd his outrageous conduct ��� commissioners not less ihan 3.8 art
With iilisoltito equanimity. , ������  service, and  of these, .seven  have
"1 hope he's snlislled with tlie
amount of discomfort he's caused us
both,"  lie commented  rather drily.
Lady Ursula looked aiross the
table at her husband wiih timid but
adoring eyes. Strong- as her new love
was, tlie tics of the old affections
wero as powerful as ever within her,
and she was perfectly certain that her
brother's aclion in pursuing Ihem und
iu licensing Paul was only undertaken because of his profound conviction that his sister wus in danger. Hut
it was necessary to be careful. She
was used to dealing gently with Paul's
susceptibilities, for she knew that her
own strong religious convictions were
nor shared hy him, and Mini she
would run grave risks of losing her
Influence over him if she wen' to insist mi expounding lier own views.
Tacl iiad been supremely needful in
the old home life at Wintersund, and
it stood lier iu good stead now.
"He hus been misled, lie would
never he Intentionally disagreeable to
nnyone," she said softly.
'Hi's old enough," snld Paul, "to
use more Judgment.
she made uo comment. lad ted sin'
felt  convinced lhal   there  was  much
he old feelings o   love and sympathy j ���,.,._ ,��� ,���, Slli(i fl)|. ,,,,. ,������������,. .������,
'"' '-" *",��,he'; "'""," *-'"' l,;ul n,wa>;81 his  point of view than her husband
" ���<-���-.   Ile l";i1"1',"1' ""'," now represenl    tt.��� ,,,,llv , ,_,.*    ,,.������ .,,
"I '" '"'i' -'ll ih<' old ramilj feelings atKl ���.,, _lspiease(1, He rtid nol .how
nnd Interests agalnsl n new and tin* ���,,��� ,,!,,,,.,,,���,.��� ,u |la|.sll*le8S, or even
tried world, on th ie hand, and the  gUi|__���e���_, ,������  hlsl,,���| o|- takIng ,,|a
bride for a walk along the boulevard;
as he hud proposed to do, he said thai
he tiiiist send off some telegrams to
England,  and   suggested    thai     she
i.. h i ..,-sh.n to u hlelt she had of late
bo Innocently givi n herself up.
I'or a   tin.Hunt  she  hesitated,  then
bursting into tears und covering her
face, she whispered: I meanwhile should write to her people
"if t must choose, Paul, you know  am]  ���)IlipIl,in  ,������ ,���,,. brotl,er.g ���,��,,.
.. i     ..-.     . j handed  conduct,
fWIRlNSL,    Onnuinted Eyelids. !     '"j'''-1    \-?"]i\  'vf   ��"*-'->lMlve   and
'h*$lLr ���..u.��inn,m,odhyexpo.ar.|f.f,f' ,al,t ,0U,f'   Bne.    ��oked    lls   s!l<-
'efm% to CM Wimln and hast |telt- bl ^   disappointed. ' here  wus
���t_^'**W_VCquU-kiv relievedl.vM.irino i '������> 'I""1" i'111' i1"' married life which
YOUR tYtOEye Kemedy.   No Smart- : was to be the crown of her love hnd
nit. jusi Kyi: Comfort.  At Your Druggists'   begun   most    Inausplclously,    and   it
���0cperBotUe.MurlneEyeSalvoinT_bes26c. I seemed  to her lhal already she  wus
For Book of the Eye Free write discovering  in   Paul   a   certain   rool-
Mu,,*-. Eye Remedy -omo-ny, Chicago   ���t.ss which his amiable manners and
| good  temper hnd  previously  made  It
Gi orgi Hnd. what's the difference
between cannibals and other folk?
Father���Cannibals, my son. eai
their enemies; other people general*
j; go no farther than to live on their
friends  nnd   relatives.
W. N. U. 1103
Impossible for her lo suspect In him.
fallen ill action.
We have Let ween 25,000 and 30,-
(Hid of our members serving with the
colors. These generally hnve won a
most gratifying name for the military
value of the Scouts' training, ns well
as individual honor for themselves
I including one V.C.i; bill it is only
natural that out of such a force we
should have to deplore the loss of a
very large number of promising young
comrades. They have, however, dono
well, Their sacrifice is not thrown
away, Their splendid example has
set a standard for others lo follow,
nnd is vitalizing a living memorial
to themselves iu the form of all efficient,  duty-bound,   young  citizenliood.
The actual losses among our Scoutmasters have been exceedingly heavy.
and il is Ibis that threatens the movement with a serious set-back after
the war. unless we take adequate
sleps  io  discount   it.
On the other hand, I feel lhal wonderful possibilities lie before us If we
only put ourselves iii position to deal
wilh them.
llm whal we shall need most will be
a supply of good officers directly
peine is proclaimed.
To this end we are already enlisting
the Interests of a number of sympathizers by making them honorary associates of tin movement, under the title
of "Old Scouts." in the hone thai they
may help ns to iill our gaps. We have
been fortunate enough to secure the
services of tsi gentlemen to ncl In
the place of commissioners absent on
service, and a goodly number of Scoutmasters  hnve  joined   us.
Hut the full supply of officers is a
matter of vital Importance to our ultimate expansion of success.
A writer In a London, E*ng��� newspaper writes: "'Do you see that row
of bonis and hoes'." said a shoemaker to me the other day. 'Vou would
not think the Princes would hate
theirs soled and heeled, would you?
But tln> Queen has her children's
hoots sent to he mended, the same
as  you  would   yours,  ma'am,'"
War News
mel consider the duty you owe
your country, your friends nnd
yourself In this great wur of
rlghl nglllnat might. Arc you doing your part?
around you und sec how uiniiy
of tne -iii'ii vou know so well
who nre "doing their bit."
Would you noi be happier ��Itli
them? When tho boys return
tt iih a would give yon lhe greul
esi   pleasure   to    ehcer or  bo
to lho pleadings of humanity
nml of your own conscience.
Volt tuny never again have such
nu opportunity lo assert your
iitnuhnod. Why mil grasp il
now 1
"iiio MRN required lo complete
the 179th OVI'ltSI'AS IIATTAL-
ION of the CAMISHON HIGHLAND'S!!!", it distinctive rogl
menl tt itli II disiinctivc uniform,
��� Lieut. Col. .1. A. < "iini lir. O.C
Any physically tit Britisher is
invited in join.
Unlisted men an. granted 30
days' leave with pay where Ihe-
can Show Ihey are going to
work   ou   farms   for   seeding.
Transportation will he for
warded to recruits from outside
points Immediately on receipt of
medical certificate from your
local doctor. All communications to lie addressed to the Adjutant, l7:'tii Cameron Highlanders, Minn, street, Winnipeg.
301-"Jl. Homesteads   and    Loans for Soldiers
|J'    in  llritish Columbia  n  government
Q; bill   lias  beon  Introduced  to  provide
" homesteads  ami   loans   tor  returned
soldiers,   with   provisions   in   prevent
the hinds gelling Into the hands ot
A curious publicist bus collected
eighl hundred sermons preached In
German Prolestnnl churches, oneli
bailing the Kaiser us Suviiiur ol llio
World I lew much n hundred do
such discourses cosl the Prussian
li'xcheqtier?    All tlie  preachers have
. lixed   upon   I'nglunil   as    \nll-Chrlst.
1 ami   Faith,  Hope and  Charily as  the
| cardinal sins
liven in a match you should
consider the "Little Things,"
ihc wood- the composition���
the   strike-ability-- the   flame.
are made of slron-J, dry pine
stems, with a secret perfected
composition lhat guarantees
"Every Match A Light." 65
years of knowing how���that's
thc reason!
All Kddy products  are dependable products���Always.
���     ./'..:.: '':::':";"ii!i;F';:rr:~'"T!::"i:!C7i:!ii:"".
Let Him Help Himself To
IT will do nor. than utfsfyhts craving
for "BOinethtng&weet"���Itwlilcuj ply
the food ..eriierts needed to build up
tils tittle body and help htm to gain in
health and strength
"Crown Brand"1sav.*1.ole2otne, nourishing l-M-as well as tha
meal   delicious of tal'.e
recipes h o-ir new
k,   'Desserts and
dies", will tell you Just how to tire It, In many novel
/-*.   Write for a copy to our Montreal Office.
Dealers everywhere have "Crown Eund" In 2, 5, 10 and
20 pound tins.
Maken pf'Lih J!'/ii/e,t Corn Symfi, Benson's Corn
,_.'(/��,/��� and' Stiver Gloss ' Laundry Starch,
ca _;__ .iMY.ruiix^ji.ii-id': n.m -fl '/c mmiim
In fact we should say
the Essence of Perfection, for
Cowan's Perfection Cocoa is manufactured from the (i nest cocoa beans
obtainable ��� skillfully blended.
Sliorter    ToniKuje    is  the   Prediction Statistics of Fire  Losses
\Vlu*n the estimates of tlie depart- At the recent atinunl meeting ot the
menl   of  trade  and  commerce  were commission ut conservation u resolu-
lulii'ii   mi  iii  tin'  house,  Sir  UcoggO1 tion  wns passed  requesting tlle vnr
Poster frankly stated thai during the ions   provincial  governients   to  inltc
coming season there was likely to ln> steps to secure complete reports ol
a  considerably  greater  niiorlage  of all losses from flrea occurring within
oreuii tonnage than Inst year, It prob*  their boundaries,  nnd  tl Stent,  if
nhly will lie necessary, lie said, lo do uny.  to  which the  property  wns  in
many things we do not waul to do und sursd.
present avenues of trade tuny bo in- '
terrupted. Farm Land Values Increasing in U.S
Farm land values ere Increasing ul
Madge   1 won-'er why Lucille keeps most   by  l"iips und   bounds,  Figures
her lips pursed up thut way, made public by the I'.s. department
Margaret���Oh, she believes iu pre* of agriculture show  lhat  values  I'or
paredness. the United states, tuken ns n whole,
  Increased 26.7 per cent,  in  ihc past
A  new order In   France grants a four years r.nd 11.5 per cent, last year.
soldier stripes according to the uitiii- The  figures ure based  upon  reports
her of limes he 1ms lu en  wounded, from the department's held agents.
Red Rose Tea
is cood tea"
o Well Worth Following jj���
'I'bere are 550 men in residence al      \  pollLlolun  who wns Becking the
the  University  of Oxford  this  year,   roles of a certain community In ohln |
In the year before tin* war the mini*  lo tho end ihal  ho mlglil be soul  to
ber was H,iu0! Congress,   thought it worth while lo
make miiitii n of his humble origin
I J   ���    .   ,      1*1 .. ' and elll'll   Btruggles.
AQVlCe 10  UVSPeptlCS "I ��ol my stnrl 111 life by sen in, l���
| u grocery sloro'Ul *;< u week, und yel
ve  11111iTi ���. 11   io  save,"  he    an
Whereupon n voice rrom llio and*
In the can.- of dyspepsia, the lippo    lonee   i-uoi'li-d:
tlto Is variable. Sometimes 11 Is raven-      "Was Ihui  before llm Invention of
ous, iigtiln ii  in often very poor, For  cash registers?"   Now  York Times,
this e Illlon  there is  hut  olid Bllt'o i
,v"",|-v . ','!'   IlntnlUon'H   Fills   which     T|i(,i(, (|  ., i,i|U,.rh ,_ ���,��� ������
cure  quickly   and   thoroughly. of  the  country   limn  nil  other dlioiaal
Sufferers  Ilml   nurke,    beiielll   In   u   put   together,   and   until   tli"    last   tew
day. and  as  nnu: goes    on  Improve*   J"*"    was  supposed   to  be  Inourabla,
.. ',. i i'or   ii   tn-fll   iimiiv   yi'iiiM   dnetorii   pro-
iiieiil i'imininei No oilier medicine n01,n-ei- u ��� |ncal dls.nso and preacrlueii
will slreni'.lhi'ii Hie slotlincll and di local remedies, ami by ootiBtantly 'ailing
gcBllvc  organs   like    Dr.   Hamilton's I ">   "">'*,   wilh   local    treatment,    pro-
,, i,        nn i.i .1 i    itiilllii fit     tt     Incurable,       hi'lclli'i.      lilt n
I'ills Ihe.i supply iho materials nnd ,���.0VPn catarrh to bo a constitutional
nsslsttllicc neeessiiry lo enliven every*' diaeaso, und therofore requires oonstltu- i
thing  eiit'ii   Into   " t-lshmcnt,   Into   tional   treatment.   Hall's  Onlarrh  Cure,
���,���.,.i���   rn,,.   ���,,.,,  ..i,!,,!,   manufactured  by   F.   ".  Cheney  ft (.'o���
111       '    b  ���|no  euorgy  with  which   ,[0\fi0l Ohlo. Is llm only Constitutional
euro nu llm market,    It Ih taken Intern-
iillv   In   (1osi*h  from   10  drops   lo  ii   t u-
sponnfnl     ti   acts directly on  the blood
anil   tiiuenuii  surfaces    of    thu  system,
Thev  offer one  hundred  dollars for nny
caBe It  falls lo euro.   Send for circulars
,    ,,., i Hint   testimonials,
"lout'lsl     Why   aro   you   suitors   so      Address!   1".  .!.  CIllOMOV  *  CO.,  To*
fond of being lallooed? : lean, onto
III,I    Sell    Hoe     Well     It's    lust    Iill"       H'd'l   by   DrUfCBtl,   75c.
..    ��� .... ,. Vi..      11     '  , ���,   ,  .',    '1'ake Hall's Family fills for constlpa-
you  wi'iiriii   Ihem  Hash  loss    mn I   no j tton.
particular  re'isiiii  except   lhal   Dllier
fools is doln' It.
Japs Busy Colonizing
Intend   to   Retain  the   South   S:a   Is
Thai Japan is colonizing and apparently Intends lo retain ihu South Sea
Islands, captured during lho presenl
war from the tlormailB, was lho siai"
iiieni made in London recently by Dr.
Frederick Starr, professor of Anthropology, University of Chicago, wlio was
en route to Chicago from ihe Orient
after six months' research work in
Japan  nml   Korea.
"Japan," Bald Dr. Starr, "has no
Intention of withdrawing front lho
l.aili'iinne    or .Marshall  Islands  which
sin' has taken from (leniian.i i
which lie aboul midway between the
Philippines und Hawaii. She bus
already undeiTnlten expansive
schemes with reference lo lho posl il
servlee, telegraphs and cables of
IhoBO possessions, She Is sending
Bottlers In quantity io them."
lo build up ibe run-down Bystctn
Whi nol cure your dyspopslu now?
Gol Dr llnnilllon's Pills loday, .5c
per box al all dealers.
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine li'mri in ten wlirn ill.* liver Ij ri(��fit lt*e
itnmaili and bowokt me rifltit,
pel a la/.y livei lo _""_"6K-"fH.-*.__..,._,'
��-?.���"����������--   JtmMQ&itifi
< uies Con-
Headache, and Diitreia after Ealing,
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Prio;.
Genuine mum bear Signature
It happened during one of the air
raids, ai a place noi specified 111 tlie
newspaper reports.
  Hie hospital found thai both his feel
., ,. ,��.,.. ,     '"��������� I " amputated.
hitw, Damn Weather .Marls the     "Jusl my luck," he grumbled, "and
1  bad jusl. vent  and bought  sixpenny-
vorth of corn planer."   Tit-Hits,
Pains, But the Trouble Lies
ln the 1'lond
A Cure for Fever and Ague -Dis*
Spring weather is had for rheumatic Iturbanee of the stomach und 'liver al*
sufferers. The chuugeB from mild to ways precede attacks of fever and
cold, tiie raw, damp winds start the ague, showing derangement of tlie
aches and twinges, or in thc more ex- digestive organs uml deterioration In
ti'eine cases, the tortures of the the quality of the blood, lu these all-
trouble going, lint ii musl lie home I ments Pnrmelee's Vegetable I'ills
in mine thai ii is not the weather that have been found most effective, abat-
causes rheumatism. The trouble is ing tlie io\or and subduing the ague
rooted in tin- blood- the changeable In a tew days. There are many who
weather merely starts the pains. The are subject to these distressing (lis-
only way to reach tlie trouble and to turhauces and to these there is no
cure it Is through the blood. The poi3- better, preparation procurable as a
onous rheumatic acids must be driven ! means of reliei'.
out,   Liniments and riibbiiii may give  ���
temporary relief, bill cannot possibly      Hawkins, to his daughter���My dear.
cure   tlle   trouble.     The   sufferer   is|,|hl  you  not  say  there  were acciden-
only  wasting   time  and   money   with   ia is in thai music?
this   kind   of   treatment   and   all   the       Daughter   -Ves.   there   lire   n   greal
time  the  trouble  is   becoming  morel many.
deeply rooted harder lo cure,   There      Hawkins-Well,   it's   a   .rest   com-
is just one speedy cure Dr. Williams' fori lo know lhal vou were not (loin;1.
Fink Pills.    They mi directly on the   It all on purpose.
Impure, acid-talnted blood. They purl-j ��� ���
fy and slren.nl hen il and thus root Corns are caused by the pressure
out the cause of the rheumatism. Here of lighl hoots, bul no one need be
is strong proof of the above slate- troubled with them long when so slm-
uietiis. Mr. Michael Personage, Fen* p]e a remedy as Holloway's Corn
imi, Man., say*.: "My mother suffered  Cure  is  available
several  years  with  rheumatism.    We 	
tried a number of remedies but they "Why, Willie. I'm surprised to hear
all railed to cure.    Then we gol  Dr.   you   use   such   language,    You   have
Williams' Pink  Pills, and after using  j n playing with those naughty hoys
them for some time she wns complete-I again, haven't you?"
ly cured and  has  lad no sign of the       '���Truly.  I   haven't,    mother,     ', was
trouble since."                                        jusl  over  to  Tommy   Brown'    house
Sold by all medicine dealers or by playing with the parrot his uncle {cut
mall ui  .".ii cuts a box or six boxes   ���,���,,. from Chicago."
for    1*2.60    from    The  Dr.  Williams' .	
Shoe Dressing
Running    Risk   of   Starting    Fires   is
Playing   Into   Hands  of   Enemy
Canada Is at war and lhe enemy
! has in he foilglll on laud and mi sea
; 111 Kuropc, Asia, Africa, and Canada.
' III Canada we llllghl light, anion:;
oilier ways, by keeping our pro luc
lion of necessaries up to tho highest
polnl and by conserving our resources. One of the mosl valuable ro*
sources Is our forest wctillh, Timber
will he iii demand to rebuild ruin, I
l.urope and to carry mi our own development, made more strenuous hy
the war. If all our forests were to
burn down our enemies would be delighted. It would mean the crippling
of Canada. Are Canadians going to
do anything to delight their enemies?
If you who go into the forests do not
desire this then do your part in
keeping down foresi llres this spring
and summer hy seeing lhal your camp
lire is drenched with water, and
that you do nol carelessly toss away
burning matches or cigar or cigarette
stubs before they ure fully extinguished. Every aero of foresi burned
makes it Hun much harder for the
I empire to win the war ami delays to
lhal extant our developnieni after the
I war.
Perhaps Your
I'm l.mtii
I     Mosquitoes   Are   Disease   Carriers
'I'o exterminate ihem, clean up, and
IhtiB destroy their breeding places.
Drain off Btaguuni  water, or where
drainage  Is  nol  possible, spray  with
coal oil,    Let lhe BUiillglil lilto damp
Cover rain water barrels wilh a line
'Mid Child*
irn'*; Slioea, produces
llic bliickcsl and most
l.iilliiini shine of any
sell shining dressing
made. Contains im*
it'hiu Injurious and
la Hu- lln- only dress.
hm of hs kind iimt \ netting.
contains oil tu soften 	
nml   preserve   the
leather. An   Oil   of   Merit.���Dr.  Thomas   Kr-
i leetric oil Is nol a jumble of medicinal   substances   thrown   together   and
pushed by advertising, hut Lho result
of   the   careful   Investigation   of   the
Icurative qualities of certain oils us up
i piled to the illllllBll  body. It  is ii  rare
��� I combination and II won and kepi pub*
TM- NEW FRENCH REMEDY. N.I H,7 N.��    lie   I'llVOI'   .1*0111   tlle   lil'Sl.     A   trial  of  il
Mokes Old Shoes look
like New. Uudlarielu
In Shol Factoile, foi
finishing new  uutlf.
are out of order. M ike the doctor1!
(���.*:. i-'xamine your urine, I: ihould
be .1 light -" ' v , lor ( It Is . ily
colored,reddishordeepo inge ftlie
odor la strong or unusual if "brick
du*i" or iniii u* is present, look to tlie
kidneys.   They are out of order,
Get GIN I'ILLS at once, and :jk��
them regularly.
'"heumatism, Sciatica, Lumbago,1
pain   in  tlio back, /-rein or hip.    .,11
point to weakness in the kidi
bladder action, and the pressing neces*
slty for GIN I'ILLS,
(iin I'ills arc worth Hi ilc �� dg I in
gold because tltey drive tl ��� - ;-a -i
clean out ot tlie system. *"uey only
cost 50 cents a box, with the ab-ol is
���fliarnnteeofsalUfa Honor* 1 rm    -/
ha. k.     -Six  I'":.* . I '    *���    I;,    .    1 :   it
treatment If you i rite to
National Drug & Chemical
Co.,  of Canada,  Limited
Toronto     ���     Out.        14
Ai n military ho ipita
of th" iris!' regii tents
nursed    had     t"  health      i   ��� ���
! the
10 di
'fly:     "What   ar.-   yon    -    _���
Ilh him?"
.,���,,, lh,,.   coin icttmi 10 any on
. i.i. wall . ��� , 111    	
treat rue. e�� c-kus ciihokicwkakhess tosi vir.oa : iloiitiis us power to repnii  ami Ileal,   noiutiue  to a very bad  case   -; .    I
ft VIM  KIDNEY    lll.AIilllii'.   DISEASES. ULOiill   rulsuH, ' .	
���MLKS    EI7UEaBe-OauaOlsr3 0rMAtl.lt   lost 4 CIS
rei'lirasCO  ��0  BKEKHANS1   SEWVoaKonVMASIIsm  1 " 1 I,,,,-   (In   VOU    llUlkc   '1   ll i B t i 111't illtl    111
ton.Mo    WRITS Toll f-REE BOOK TO D�� .LB CI.KBO lloyuil   III.IHI    ,I  ill-ill 11 uon   ni
Mkd co HAVtasTocKtiD iisMi'si kail i.omio.s. tso.. ��� i wi'i'it   popular and  classical  music?        "He s going buck, si;-,'  -i  I  the   >r-
IHV Nt'.'nK.OKI.Il.'.-OI.I.le.-.ll'OllMO*'    EASV  1(1 TAXI I        I    ,1 ., .,       ...... t     ..I..
rUr;t?ADini_  �����>�� ����DT     \ ssked the very young man. derly.
I n t_>riiHrlVli LAsii.sc.coat,      "Ob. tbals easy," answered the dis-      "Going   back"    said  t::
It!   IHAI   inAOl   KAIIKEC  WOKD   'TIIE��AriO��     IS O*      ���������.���.     ���f 1, ,.,��� p..rrnWll 1111 i IOSOO ll V        Si' I'll I'i Sl 'll     tlllU'S
Mil  OOVT  STAMI AI-FIXIL TO %Ll GEt.LIKK P ACKI1 f.      PdlSei      01 IIOIIU    ._IO\.U )l 11 1 I 0*,0|l 11 )
Medicine Co., Urockvllle, Oni.
France Imported $102,000,000 worth
of food in 1015 and $"150,000,000 ill
Minard's   Liniment  for  sale   every-'
Mother -No.  Betty darling, 1  can't
I button your hoots  for you. Now you
J have a little sister you musl learn lo
Minard's     Liniment    Cures   Burns,  od things for yourself.
Etc. licit;    Shall   I  always have  to do
  things  for myself?
Keep the farm   machinery new  by      Mother-  Ves, dear.
palm and protection from the weath-      Betty   Then I don't link I shall like
pr. ' life.    Punch.
imatism Strikes the Heart
i Kills-���"Nerviiine" The Cure
Chronic   Cases   is
Almost Magical
Effect of  Nerviiine on J^.^^r'cuie.'"'"" x"ni
The following letter is from Mr, 13,
(1.  Sautter.  Port  of  Spain.  Trinidad:
"i.ast    year I  was severely troubled
with rheumatism. I bad it iu my nnns.
shoulders  und  knees.    The  pain  was
at   times   excrtiltallng,   and   laid   me
up so thai  1 couldn't  work. 1 went to
smith  Brothers' Drug Store and was
advised      by     tho
manager     io     use
'Nerviiine.'     Thai
was    excellent    advice,  l  used  Nervl-l
'ssnaagjtieT>>m*mmir Hue us directed and
tpl lo lie   was cured, completely cured of every
Britain's Over-Age Army
War    Office    Accepted    Services    of
Home Guard at Last
Britain's "over age" army���250,000
men between the uses of '5 and 70,
wlio uniformed and equipped themselves oul of their own pockets and
for mouths past have been drilling,
marching and digging trenches���bus
been officially accepted by the government for home defence and ls
henceforth to be considered a portion
of the  king's  tones.
Tlle volunteers, who not being officially recognized were not allowed
lo wear khaki nnd so clad themselves
iu gray Held uniforms not very different in color front those of Hie Gorman army, nre delighted thai at last
the war office has admitted thai
even if they are gray-beards they aro
hard as nails ami  tit lo Unlit.
They are now lo be allot led to de-
finite stations In the scheme of home
defence In case of attempted invasion, tlm-. relieving regular troops
and senilis them free for service
The volunteers' ability to do any
kind of work entrusted lo them is
shown by tii" duties they have already discharged at their own cost
ami risk, lo the full satlsfai Hon of
lhe military  authorities.
Thev have spenl week ends for
months pnsl In digging trenches on
the outer London defences, several
thousands    being    so  engaged  each
"it's  popular if  I  enjoy il,  and  it  is       "Ves,"   replied   the     ord
classic if 1 don't." , thinks he knows who did It!
Exposure to wel or c
bring on un attack.
The muscles stiffen, ill
and exertion brings
ou     e x c r ii Hating
Often the pain
shifts from one pari
to another, and this
is dangerous, as the hear
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff.
"What profession do you think your
Josh will choose'.'"
"Law." said Parmer Corntossel,
"Josh kin talk louder an' longer when
he's gol the wrong side of an argument than anybody I ever heard."
attacked.    Heath  as a  rule  follows a; trace of my old enemy.'
heart  attack. i    Once yon use Nerviiine you'll real*
The pain of rheumatism is quickly Ize it's dlfferenl from all the others���
rubbed  away  with   Nerviiine. I thai  it  contains something that gets
This is a swift, iastiiiR and safe right "at" the pain the minute you rub
way to cure rheumatism. Vou can de- j ii on. Tho largo 50 cent family size
pent! on Nerviiine. It has the power, Is the most economical gel it today,
the penetrating force, the control over or else the 2~, cent trial size. Sold by
pain thai is so essential to a rheum* i dealers everywhere, or the I'tilarrho-
_tic remedy. | zone Co., Kingston, Canada.
"What kind of work could you possibly do around my office?"
"I in a kind of all-round handy man.
mister, 1 kin bold a door open, light
a match for ye. call a taxi, drop letters down lite chute, an' tel! folks
yer out when ye ain't."
The most remarkable tide   in   the
world Is that of th" Hay of dimly, li I
rises ai the rale of a foot every live |
minutes, the water sometimes attain-1
ill};   llle
eight of seventy-five feet.
is that every garment washed with it hears the
impress of purity; a purity hcj'oUen ol sweet,
cleansing oils, nnd maintained hy absolute cleanliness in manufacture; a purity exalted by the
co-operation of worker-; united I'or lhe purpose:
a purity demonstrated by the "55,000 guarantee'
which rests upon every bar of SUNLIGHT SOAP.
A suhtfi'.uh' for Suvhiht is it>fi a.i -Too;/ and n<. rr
can be.     /��*:.i/  �������>��  the ��tnuir,:~Sun!t;';t Soap.
Ths nsmc Lever on S.flp is a giLirantec
of Purity an.-. Mxccllciicc.
W. N. U. 1103
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   l'uliished   at
Courtenav, 11. 0,
N. H. Iloiii'N, liilitor nnd Proprietor
���abscription $1.60 per Year in Advance
In boldly taking up the question
of a weekly hull'   holiday  foi store
clerks in the cities, the Premier has i  r.,.        ,      ,,       ,      ,
shown a practical   sympathy for a of.U.*is *�����*���   Afler tl,at he wU
hardly treated   .section of the coin-;K<rl tms*y ���
inuuily.   The stores iu Vancouver, l *>���> ������������>-
Victoria and New Westminster lar-
The cow and horse nuisance has
abated a liitle bit since the announcement was made last week that the
bylaw had been registered and
would be eufored. On Monday
there was only a .small herd of cattle in the Orchard. Ou Tuesday
it had swelled to seventeen cattle
and three horses. On Wednesday
theie were live horses and about
a dozen head of young stock, The
poundkeeper says lie is going to give
everybody a chance until Saturday
gely ignore all public holidays except Sundays, Christmas   Day and
The West, in spite of its good
record for recruiting, is about to
begin a   speeding Up   campaign iu
Good Friday For some time past order to complete the mobilization
the clerks have been agitating for "f *���"-' existing units. In lhe last
a ue.klv half holiday, which was|week of APril over ten thousand
strenuously opposed bv the em- Oanadian troops arrived in Eng-
plovers, aided by thai selflsli sec- 1:""1' doubtless in anticipation of
tion of the general public, that ���*���>�� forward mow for wliicli the
would postpone its shopping until Empire has been so patiently wait-
Sunday nortiiug, were the stores ���**K' Such an event should make
open then, But when the Premier "���*��� l"'uud> "l�� ���'"��� th�� s*��me ���������������<��� let
took up the clerk's cause, und put �� ,,e remembered that man) bnt-
into it his usual vigor, something t,llll>lls ;,rc detained iu Canada for
had to go, First of all, public tllL' lack "' a hundred or two men
opinion took the clerk's side,   and t0 -1'1 tlleir ranks,
then isome  of the   employers who!  -*�������������<���-   ������
"could not possibly manage" to British Columbia has done splen-
acquiesce in the proposal before, didly so far in recruiting, and fur
saw that Mr. Bowser was deter- from falling away in litis respect,
mined to secure hours of recreation raised over 2,300 men last mouth
and relaxation for a class mainly alone, the B C. military distttct
composed of young people, The occupying third place on the list,
position then changed from the ef- Alberta was second, and Toronto
fort to secure a half holiday to the which draws men from the most
point of determining what day was populous district in Canada headed
best, Here the bulk of employers the list. In proportion to poptlla-
and clerks favour Saturday, and in tion, Alberta and British Columbia
spite of opposition front a few head the list, truly a proud distine-
"spoil sports" it would appear that tion.
the fight is   well nigh   won.    The -�������������- -
victory is a rebuke first of all to
those who believed that the Conservative party was no friend to the
worker, secondly to a bunch of obstinate employers who failed to see
that a healthy worker is a good
worker, and   thirdly   to that large
There are two carloads of wheat,
about 80 tons, now on the way to
Vancouver in order to demonstrate
the capabilities of the new government grain elevator there. When
this gets going, feed will be cheaper at the const, to say   nothing    of
section of the public   demands that the 3ignifican-e   0f   Vancouver be-
its wants be supplied on eveiy day comjn(j a Braj..
of the week without exception, and
its late in the day   as stores   can be
kept open.    Incidentally, the   vie
Special Showing this
week of
Laces and
Embroidery edging in 2, i, 4 ami 6 inch
widths with insertion to match
New designs In corset cover embroidery
from _"c to $1.50 per yard
Embroidery   flounctugs,   nllover and 45
Inch skirting   embroidery in  newest tie-
I,ace edgings and Insertions   in   Valen*
incurs, Torcliuns, Milanese, Oriental and
Guipure   laces in 3 to 6 Inch   widths iu
widths iu while cream mid Purls
Th.'  Newest  Designs in  Allover  traces
Sunshades in plain ami self colors, also
blrclt ami white striped ami striped c mi-
biualioiis in  iiie  new mushroom shapes
Wash skirts, middy blouses, silk gloves,
silk sweater coats, lisle and silk hosiery,
voile   and   silk   waists,    newest iu   silk
crepe and muslin collars
Saturday being a holiday this  st:>re will
be closed all day
Mens Dept.
Straw Hats
The newest shapes in mens Panama and
straw hats
tory will enable lighting and   other day or preparing   to   opetate, that
expenses to be cut down, so that in have been   closed   down   for   two
the end everybody will benefit. .years; with every prospect of keep-
_, _��..��._  ing going for the rest of the   year.
.., This means more money in cir.ula-
We mention neither   names nor <._��������� lhe form of                         t
place, but as a result 0    the tragic for s.,pplieS) transportf etc
termination  ol a recent   joy ride
more consternation was raised than *    ' ���
there was when a dozen   men from '                   The  War
the same place were killed, wound-j ..
ed   or   gassed   at   the   front.    In Are we running the war 011 busi-
other words more  tribute was paid ���css   lines?   when   we   ask   ���lis
to the eligible idlers than the fight- questioIli we mean  ourselves, here
ing heroes,    .he former went out ������ Canada    [t is agreed   that   the
to have a bit of   .111, the latter went ]t struggie  j, the   greatest in
forth knowing that   they were lac- lI]e hjslotv of the worU1]   bl|f    t|]e
ing death, and when it    came  laid war ,,as ,]ot made - gre.,t   dea,   of
down their lives in the   race of the differeuce lo ua  vet.    True, here a
enemy's fire, 0.1 behalf of humanity ,���_��� has hee11 kif,ed and ,le js bur.
not "lor a I.11 of in 1." it(, Qut th(.re ��� _ pianders, and    an
**���"*""" other has been crippled for life, and
We hope the government travel- another has been gassed   and    will
lino  library    sets    include    bonks never breathe   in   comfort   attain
about   the war,   such as   Powell's Husbands, fathers,   brothers, so is,
"Fighting in  Flaudeis"   and   the nephews and grandsons   have paid
I.1-1. book written by Richard Maid- the price of loyalty, but beyond the
inc. Davis, the   eminent   American circle   of   bereave!    relatives,    the
war correspondent, recently decea- people of Canada  have not   shown
si 1.    The awful   ravishing of  Hel- thai they care.    Of course we shall
gium at the hands  of the Germans betaken   up   and   rebuked,    nnd
is terrible to   read   about,   but   it therefor"  hasten to   give a few in-
Steels the resolution of   all pa'.riots stances of the "don't  care"   mood
uoi '���) lav   down the   su ird   until nt"   Canada      In lead   of   central
(jeiiiiaiij has   been   punished and committees, formed ,vith   tin-   idea
1 ���   j powerless to 1       I    sut h of speeding                 ing   aud    so
ii ,, i:;. s. ling 1                 battalions   for
There are sawmills operating to-   Specials in mens boater shaped straw hats
Felt Hats
Mens soft felt hats in   Stetson,    fedora
and telescope   styles in   all tlle   leading
New shapes iu Mens Christy Stiffs
Esquimait   &   Nanaimo   Rsiiway
Through Passenger Trains'.esve Courtenay   11:35 on Monday, Weclnesclav and
Friday for Victoria and   Way   Stations
Connecting at N'nnaiiuo with Steamer "l'rincesi   Patricia"
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines Hi all parts
of tlie world.  For particulars etc., address
Dill. Puitnctr Ac<*nl, Victoria
Agent Courtenay, Phone R60
service, what do we find. "Graft'1
investigations in almost every pro-
vine.' iu Canada, in which if the
charges are title, the guilty ones
must be low down thieves, and if
not true, then tin- ac.users must bit
champion liars. The war. produced, in Canada apparently, a cropof
graft investigations at the expense
of the taxpayers, truly a product to
be ashamed of, and one to cause
the head of every Canadian to be
bowed in shame, whether the charges were proved nr disproved. Had
that amount of 1 en 1 pplied
in  patriotii il   would
.: v ��� made .1 big ; ut e t" affairs
ui llu.- front, t ir again, take the
election enquiries proceeding in Ihis
: . ,  "i   which
p'eopl nt!) low   di iwn tn iu-
flinge lhe voting laws, and to
abuse the sufferage. What nr
:! 1 oine-dow'.i i'ii' a 1 ait of the
Uritii b'mpire I find that it li is
been sheltering individuals who
would make a verj i reditable Tammany Hall, The respectable campaign leader, with his slightly less
re. ] vet a liK lieutenants each with a
bunch of little 'ward bosses," -iill
lower in the social scale, and each
in turn wilh Uieii attendant wharf-
rats. Less than a centurv Ago men
were clamouring for the charter, in
other words, tin- sufferage, and
here ir a democratic and new country supposed to eliminate the faults
and mistakes of older countries,
here i': barefaced violation of the
]'n the case of two important
questions shortly to be referred to
the people, those of Prohibition and
Women's Sufferage, the opponents'
-������      1 1 __-_-_-_-_-���__����_-_��_��_-_-���-^*mwm*****m**m. 1 ,        1      1-m.i-u.
are the Acme of Perfection
Kor many years the chief fundamental in producing ROYAI,.
.STANDARD products has been PERFECTION. The aim has always
been to produce products always superior to any other on the market.
This policy has always been carried out and always will. Whenever
you see the name ROYAL STANDARD be assured that it niears the
Order a Sack of ROYAL
ROYAI,  .STANDARD  FLOUR has long been recognized as the
best bread Hour sold in Western Canada-    It is milled from the finest
wheat    grown   and   sold   under   a   strict
"money-back" guarantee.
Royal Standard  Grain  Products  Agency
Phone 3.1 F. Movilz,   Mgr. End ol Bridge
Mills Chick
Is another ol llu- In 1110119 It ova 1, Stanhahh
products,   Thousands of  potillrymcii  havo
found Mint nu oilier Clilck food is equal to
1'iiVAi, Stan num.    you'll  come  tu tllis
conclusion, too, il you try it.
The Cumberland Islander reports Mr. J. Burtt
Morgan, of Victoria, manager of the Vancouver Island Branch of the Great West Life Assn, spending a week in the city in the interests of the Co.
It should also have reported that Mr. J. Burtt
Morgan as President of the Vancouver Island Peoples Prohibition Movement was at the same time
doing his best to get the people to vote for the first
time���according to The Week for 27th���in tne history of British Columbia, on a measure framed
entirely by thePeoples Prohibition Movement representatives. One clause permits the manufacture
of liquor in the Province without let or hinderance
subject only to the procuring of a Dominion license
which liquor may be exported and re-imported
without any restrictions as to quantity, but it must
be consumed in our homes. The freight charges
will bar out light beer, so that it is obvious this one
clause alone will encourage " hard " drink against
light drink. Dosen't this clearly show what a lot of
ignoramus fools the Peoples Prohibition Association is run by? But what is most surprising is that
the Hon. Bowser should submit such bosh to the
people to vote upon.
Courtenay, May 31, 1916.
ol each measure have raised the
cry, we do noi doubt their good
laith, that such should not be deceived while the boys ate at the
from. Iii lhat C ise whnt can ! e
sni.l aboul lie di ir. eful matt', rs
referred '.", nnd what apology v ill
Canada make for them to thc boys
at the front?
No tn pri    '   te the w ir sin
fulh the Can
in raise tin ir standard ol morals,
and .iin i\v no i - unl I ''pull ' lo
shelter the wrongdoi r, Thev h ive
not to ask llu tti'i'lves what will
happen if Geimany \\LiiS' and tl"'
issue cf the present struggle is 'till
a matter of doubt, They have got
in ostracise the criminal, even if he
is a church 1ne111l.tr, or a lodge
member, and treat a political crime
as a crime.
Lastly, aie Canadians pulling all
together? No, thev are much the
same as usual, family quarrels
about nothing, silly little cliques
and gossip parties, and a general
absence of unanimity. It is not
the way to win the war, it is not
the way to back up those at the
front, it is not the way to profit by
the war, it is not the way to hold
our own iu the face of competition
from other and possibly better
races competing for the country iu
which we live.
Mr. W. Idiens asks us to give
publicity to the following letter he
received a few days ago; which
should interest our readers. Il is
to be hoped the Cii\ Council will
do all liny can to abate the abominable dust nuisance, which gets
into the stntcs and the peoples
'house-- contaminating our foodstuffs Willi poisOHOUS l ' 111! ��'l tlle
!i i :-,  slli|l*c*-.  Cill      til | '     i.il   ' s Mill
i uitli  u*ing ihc roads.
\\ in. Idiens, Ivsq.
Sir; ���I have pleasure ill forward
in;; Mill copies    oi   the    St i atluona
I'm !���   I klel   you   ask foi.    You
��� ..:.   :i-l mole   by    llppl) ill*..    In llle
I'i. , iiicial Government,   Bureau oi
Provincial Information, this city.
1 ant giad lo know you arc
struggling with the dust nuisance
in Courtenay. I think it is very
important, because litis Association
will send more automobile tourists
through vour district this year
than you have ever had in your
We shall be glad to help all wc
can in any matters lhat affect
Yours faithfully,
Hkrbkkt Cu.hbert,
Yietoria, May 23, 1916. &
J. W. Bengough
the celebrated Lecturer and
in the
Agricultural Hall
Saturday, June 3, at 8 o'clock
Admission Free Silver Collection
Letter to The Editor
I'ditor Review
Dear Sir: ��� We have heard srme
queer things since the question of
Prohibition came before the public,
hut one of the most amusing is the
warning of Mr. Idiens in The Review of May 18 that if thc fanners
and fruitgrowers of Hi iti-h Columbia vote for the new measure Ihey
will he cutting their own throats,
Whatever may happen to the rest
of the II. C. farmers I feel quite
sure that those of Comox district
wiil run no such risk. What
chance is there of this valley being
used for growing bailey, apples,
hops or grapes for fermentation?
Our farmers need all the feed they
can raise and more for their own
cattle. And who would wish to
see our creamery which, thanks to
its good manager, is one of the best
kept and cleanest in the province
exchanged for a brewery?
While British Columbia has to
import hams and bacon and car
loads of fruit from the United
States as well as butter from Eastern (Janada and New Zealand,
there is work enough ahead for the
farmers without trying to raise
brewery material. There may even
come a time when we will be able
to supply ourselves wilh beef and
mutton all the year round, a.s well
as apples from July to May, Grapes cannot be rai_ed here as a com
mercial propositi u We lack the
heat necessary to bring out the
proper flavor,
The   picture   the    ynme   writer
gave us in The Review a few weeks
ago of Courtenny having its park
where men and women could sit at
tables indulging in wine and be#r,
drinking while listening to music
resembled too much a German beer
garden. What sort of women live
in this valley does he think? I believe they are loo intelligent and
self respecting to appreciate such
vulgarity. 1 speak for the majority.
Every farmer who has his own
and his country's welfare at heart
will vote for Prohibition.
A Farmer's Wife.
Mrs, C. C. Piercy has been giving a series of musical evenings to
members of the 102nd on Thursday
evenings- One week the serireants
are invited and the next the corporals. Music, etc., are indulged
in and refreshments served.
Mrs. Haliday and Mrs. Sergt.
Wilson are here on a visit to their
Nob Hill is full of visitors.
Mesdames Warsnip and O'Kelly
have a pretty camp on the beach
between the wharf and the spit.
On Tuesday three companies of
the 102nd were out on a hike. One
company went to Cumberland, one
to Kye Hay and the other tip the
A banquet was given by the officers on the Spit on Kriday evening
to the clergy and a few others in
the district.
Fr. Bradley of England is stopping at St  Joseph's hospital.
Dr. Cox and family have taken
up their residence in the house formerly occupied by Dr. Montgomery.
The ladi��s who had charge of |
thc refreshment booths at the Spit
on Victoria Day desire to thank all
those who so kindly sent cakes,
etc After paying all necessary
expenses the splendid sum of $90
is left to be handed to St. Joseph's
Hospital The soldier boys appreciated the tea and cake of which
there was an abundant supply sent
in by the ladies of the district
There is likely to be a rural mail
deliver- route established between
Comox and I.a/.o-
A petition from the residents of
the Dyke to have a rural delivery
made there, but as only four property owners signed, the request
could not be granted.
Tlie people of Ciitnox desire to
heartily thank the sergeants ot the
102nd for their hospitality on Vic-
tot i a Day
Pte, E. Levland returned to
Courteuay last week. He is look
ing hale and heary afler spending
a year and a half at the front, part
of the time iu the trenches.
Holding and kissing hands is au
ancient and honorable custom, and
has been indulged in by youths for
ages past, but there are better places than the railroad bridge for indulging in the pastime,
News was received on Tuesday
that our friends of the 102nd Batt,
C.E.F., who have been encamped
ou Goose Spit, Comox Bay, were
to leave the district on Friday,
June .nd aud proceed to Sydney
where they will join some of the
other battalions. They will carry
with them the good wishes of tlie
entire community, and thev will
leave behind them many friends
who remember with gratitude the
kind way in which soldiers of the
battalion came to the rescue during
the severe winter months, and saved buildings from collapsing under
the unusually heavy snowfall.
Amongst those who were resident
in the Comox Valley we might
mention Lietits. J. B. Bailey and
R McQuaid, also A, B. Mogg, _���'
Field, R Duncan, S. Watson, A
Jones. *.. Slaughter, Simmons Bros
A. Blight, R. Swanson, H. Grieve
G. Thompson. Peterson, Berkeley
and Henderson and we hope that
some of these will, from time to
time, send us approved articles for
publication in the columns of this
paper so that we may more readily
follow the movements and life of
the i02iid.
On Tuesday morning a company
of the losud passed through town
enroute for Cumberland wli.re they
spent the day, returning to the
Spit via Royston.
Barrister and Solicitor,  Notary
Phone 53
In tlie Mutter ol the  Estate uf  WUllaui
R. Robb, Deceased.
NOTICH is lirreliv given that nil per- '
sons having uny   claims against '
the 'aid deceased  are required  to semi,
same, verified by Statutory   Declaration,
tu the undersigned, the Trustee and lix-
ecutor of tli.* Will ol the snld deceased:   ���'
ANH  TAKli  NOTICE  that after the
.'(itli day uf  June, 1916, 1 shall  proceed
tu distribute the assets ol llu snld deceased among the persons entitled  thereto,
hiving   regard  only  to  the claims  oi
which I shall then hnve had nolice,
Dated the .(nth day of May, 1916.
Box 351, Nanaimo, H. C. '
Tlie cut. li',
quailtymid strict
regard tu details
that vim would
expect ( r	
hondon's   fori
must   Military i
Tailors yp-a can
expect fin n ui
Wc can milk"
ymi a complete .
kit within three
days and ut a
remarkably low
Measur uncut
forms mi application,
fl ���/till 0/HWePOt   1*0
Naval.MilitaryS Civil Tailors
747 YatesSt.. VICTORIA.-..
iiniiiiini nmiiii
Court  of   Revision
j Courier.ay    Hotel
t'.iiiifi.rt,   Wiil,  Modeiate   1   :  ���
, I'.f.-t Whin i    : "' 'T I
.imi Ijlqiuiri
Cumberland Hote]
Good Accomodation      Cusine Exec   -���-.
Corporation of the City of
NOTICE is hereby given that the
annual sitting of the Cmirt of Revision for the purpose of revising tlie
Assessment Roll ol the City of Courte-1
tiny will be held ill the City llu!'.
Courtetuy, nt the hour ni ten o'clock r.
m. on Monday the 26th day ol June
Any person having u complaint against
said assessment mil must give notice in
writing tu the assessor of the ground ol
his complaint ou or before the Kith day
of June 1916.
Wm. Merryfield
With ur u itln ur l.umtnoo ��� I liai;
07.se:   ,>o.oo
Practical  Watchmaker, Jen ���'.-������ m
Courtenay    -    B. C.
city of courtenay     Courtenay   Taylor
NOTICE is herein- given Hint Bylaw-
No. 13, being the Pound Bylaw
has been duly registered anil is in full
force and effect. Any animals found
straying within the limits of the City of
Courteuay on and after this date will be
Notice is also given Hint .Mr. II. I).
Forde has been authorized tu net under
said bylaw, and the said II. 1). Forde
lias also been authorized to collect Dog
Taxes anil Road Tuxes.
Citv Clerk.
Dated ut Courtenay this 23rd .lav uf May
Ladies and Gents Su.,_
The Water Question
Four Good   Houses,
j water    and    electric
light in' each
.Apply, MRS. WM.  LEVViS
Suits $27 up
Pants $7 _p
Cleaning :    :
Pressi ���
Suits           *. . 75
Suits          Ji.23  .,-
Coats                  ..li)
Ci  .:*
Pants               .23
Skirts               ,23
Skirls                  ii
Vests                ,15
Vests                   :-���
Dresses             . si i
iirr--' *               ]   - i
Overcoats        .73
i Ivero its        : . ���"
,.'. Etc.
Gents - ; ithes I-;
ill Ol
Haney   I.
The same building i
-   Robe
Store, Union .-
t., C"'.::'
API  ,Y Tn
i   ���������:
Sr.nd and Gravel
Cannot be clone air
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C.  than at the
Courtenay Review
!    ���
Expr- ���     V
Blacksmith ard CarHflg. Builder ���   RTENAY
Get More Money" for vour Foxes
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver, I.*, nx, Wolves
Marten and other Fur bearerscoll.et.dln yoor..ctlo.
SHIP Ynrii puns DIRECT (c,"sm urn i��� u,. i......
house In llic World dujftig exclusively In NORTH U_UCMUWr8S8
arellable-ro��ponilble-.(_. Pur House with an _n-l.mhhrtS2
.    ���*   ___."*���-..-I...* ll-NO-v-li-,, |i,,.:K       I'"-'LSI,*!.
A. B. SHUBERT, Inc "������wwestausttn m/e
' Ucr.i Cfl i.till AG   .... THE  REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. CJ.
REMEMBER! The ointment
you put on your child's skin jets
into the system inst as surely as
food the child cits. Don't let
iiiipine fats and mineral coloring
matter (such as many of the
cheap ointments contain) get
into your child's blond ! Zam-
lluk is purely herbal. No poisonous coloring. Use it always.
50:. K�� nl All Drugglatt and States.
to Succeed
Throw off the handicap of
petty ills that make you
grouchy, listless and depressed. Get at the root of
your ailments���clear your
digestive system of impurities, put it in good working
order���keep it healthy with
Wheat 4,000 Years Old Superstition     Increasing  In  Germany
1    'i'ho  Munich  correspondent  uf the
_        _        _ . _     .   _,. ,    Berliner Taaoblatt  describes ibe re-
���Came   From   Ruins  in   Egypt,  But  is   _._,   pi.os���,mlo���  nf  _���_.���������  types ,������ j
Kept   in   Texas
j     When   lhe   lute     .lollll   Cat-dwell   "1
I Austin, Tex., wus Unltod States consul tu Cairo, Kgypt, ho ���sent to bis
ulil friend, Col, K. !'. Holland, of
Dallas, n small quantity nf wheal
thai lie had taken from llio tomb ot
niie of lho ancient kings In newly explored ruins upon llle banks ot the
Tins wheal wns known to bo inure
than 4,000 years old, The glass container which liolils the grain Is hermetically Bonlotl, To all outward appearances tiie wheat  is jusi as sound
[as   iin*   day ii  was Hayed from lhe
��� head in llio long ago, when the earth
! ",as Inhabited    by a civilisation Uml
; Is    nuw   forgotten.    The    mains arc
j plump and largo.
"I have been   told thai tho grains
I would probably germinate if planted,
i bul 1 have never tried any of litem,"
'ed   Holland mi hi. ��
Ono of tin- commonest complaints
nf infants Is worms, and the most if-
I'd live application for Ihem Is Mother  Graves'   Worm   l*xtermli.titor.
Mrs. Drlndle -Now Mary. I wan!
\oii to be careful. This Is sniuo very
ulil table linen been In llm fiini.li
[or over I wo hundred   i-cars and
occultists who have driven a nourish
inn trade during the wnr. Astrologers, soothsayers and palmists ban'
reaped a golden harvest. A gigantic
industry has been buill upon the
superstitions of the people, and the
adepts In various towns nre iu lunch
wiiii each other and with u cenlral
organization, These Beoitnili_ls arc
held responsible I'or numerous cases i
uf mental breakdown and suicide,
���4I want Bovril���not
��� 1        x ��� ���>��    No substitute   will   save   money   in tha
jH^IX  ��� kitchen ns I'uviil dues, or give tho same.
nourishing value to soups and stews.     It
takes tho beef of an entire ox to mnke less than two dozen
bottles of Bovril.    Bovril is thus so strpng that it cannot
"possibly be put up in cheap cubes.    Get lhe real thine	
Bovril in the Bovril bottle.
$6.40   For   Penny   Paper
A   Helgl
pel-mill ...
Hon in   come to Paris    on busines.
Kit��nnyw.X, Consumption
���il by the Gorman adntlntstra- ��� �����
Ask Around You    i jy,���;������;;;'",.���;���;������";;, Far".;,"'���"busines. h
17i ji        jj i�� en mi I'll   wiili   relief    work,  suites I
1Or  liie   1" 1*001    thai  the chief luxury  of life 111  Hrus   i
S|.;\n   l-'.iK   1*1*1.11   II00KI,1-'I'   CON
TAINI.N'ri   II 1,1,   I'AKl n I'I, U'S   nf
m k Tun\iMr*
ihe purchase ,,r London aud Nature'sCreationCom[>anu
THAT   DODD'S   KIDNEY   PILLS   AL.   Parl"   "*-WBI-**l"-'*'s'     wllll'h   l'1"1   '
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matlsm,  Dropsy    or    Diabetes    by       . Tho penally for being ciu.gbt    .    ,,    rmMttm 0a/%# r���-,����,.��_l
will, oiie uf those papers is nol severe   COOk'3 CottOfl ROD- tOIT.pOUnl
ot Canada, Limited
Can ail a
Dodd's Kidney Pills
Lac Uouchelle, Lac 81. .lean, Que 'ami is usualh nm enforced agalnsl
(Special*. Mr. Arthur I'leurle, well I persons of good standing, bul the
known and highly respected here, has penalty for the agency which ills-
Issued a bIioi-i, concise statement In tributes tho papers would be very
regard to Dodd's Kidney Pills. It Is severe,
ns follows i    The   German officials have had no
"1 have found that   Oodd's  Kidney  success   in   running 'down    tho  dis
I'ills nre au excellent re dj and that  trlbtiters, so it   is tboughl   lhal   pet
101 over two iiumircd years tiiKi Pills are an excellent re ly nnd that irlbtiters, so it   is ibotigbi   lhal   pei
.Mary    Ah, sure, ma'am, you noedn t i ,;H.V cure kldnev disease, rlieuniiltlsm haps Oorninn sohllors have their hand
worry,   1 won't tell a soul, and it looks   ttn,* indigestion.'" in  It,    fur lbs prollts on n couplia ol
ns good ns new anyway, Mr. Fleurlu bus .received such bene* hundred   copies  of    lhe  Times  each
lit. from Dodd's Kidney Pills thai he daj are considerable
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neural-  wanls other sufferers to know bow to
A toft, rellaldtreirnlattnef
medicine. Bold In - i.r*.*- do*
green uf strength. Nn. I,
111 No, 2, Hi No. :t. II
i���i-. box. Sold by all
druggists, nr HiMit pre*
paid In plain package ne
r< ipi    nt   prlct.     I'm
pamphlet.    Addreail
1UI0-!-. 0N1.  (Fii-nlil
I lilld   relief,     lie   feels  il   is   Iiis  duly   to ,
 '  his felliiwman.
Selecting   Eggs   For   Hatching *t   you    |,,���u|r-.   nmong your neigh*
Select eggs from only tiie best bens I ijors  you   will   llnd   scores of  people
i Hie Ilock. I hbu     have  found   In   Dodd's  Kidney
Is no more nfcosmiry
thnitSmallpox, Ann/
experta.co lun d.n>oaitnUoil
III,', ulnnr.t lillrniulolll cllt-
cn,-y, and harmtoHnsii, of Antityphoid Vaccination.
tin vaccinated NUW hy yu'ir i>liy*.ii Ian, yuu un"
youi t niiilv.    II I'i ilium vlt.il llian tinu.ic Inluranco.
A*w y-i'ir physician, (lru..l-t, or Bund for "tl.iv��
fur     hiitehiu
They act "promptly on the
stomach, liver and bowels, removing waste matters and purifying the blood. Not habit
forming, never gripe, but leave
the organs strengthened. To
.succeed in life, or work, first
have a healthy body. This famous remedy will do much to
weigh less than two nor inure than
two and iiiie-lialf ounces, They should
not he washed, as this lowers their
The eggs  should   be  gathered  two
or three times daily and placed  iu a
tld     ii"! | rills relief from some form of kidney
i   -mi.1,1  i-   Mivuili'ci    i | vi \||.'\'T !   roulind Typhoid?" iclllnif of Typhoid Vaccl
I     c.ill-Ill. I      .MI.NAItll is     I.I.M.MI..NI ,  ��� f��������� Tynhold Cirili
trouble.    It   may  have been  the dr
itching  skin,   dizziness,   nervousness
and   iuahilili   in  get   refreshing  sleep
ihe  BUST  Liniment  In  us
I  goi   my  fool   badly jammed  lale-
|y,     1   batited     il   well     with     MIS'
resulu from u-c I 'I inner from Typhoid Cirri-**.
nil!  MllltH  |-!tni.'AltlltV,   lll'ltMl.t.Y.  LAL,
fHUOUCINe ualin * .CillMO Ullll.'.il II. 9. MV, UCRMta
'!''' .\I!D'S l.lNIMCNT, and il  was us well
thai  mark the earlier stages ol  the ,ls    vc]   ���rxt  ,].,,
disease, or It may he diabetes, dropsy, ' ' Yl)',,',.s   ,,,,,  L,'uly,
rheiuiialisiu.   hearl    disease,   or   smile '        ...   (,    *,|c*,mi,l EN
In   place  where the  leniperature is  other of the dangerous diseases that!
below 70 degrees 1-
Keep  the  crks  on   their sides  und
turn in Ice daily before putting them
1 inin ihe Incubator or under lho hen.
Avoid  eggs    that  have  i runs parent
shells nr n roughed appearance; lung.
pointed or short, rounded eggs should
" UMIJ. |,i"i ii'cii.    num.-11    ri 11
Use eggs uniform in size, as they rcront umbrella every time ii rains
absorb the heat to a better advantage
Hold no eggs for hatching purposes
longer than two weeks before putting
tlii'iii inin the Incubator or und t ihc
mark iis advanced stages.
Vim will ilml ihui Dodd's Kidney
Pills cure kidney trouble, no matter
where or In what form it Is found. Ask
your neighbors for the proof , **"       ,
Ii is estimated that an acre of good
V .vet- can tell.    \ man ma.  bo   "siting in Ibe sc, will yield more food
nerfectlv honest aliul still have a dlf*   '����� *��� ��'*���*���������  ���������ll  ���"��� "''''" "'  l!"' l"'tl1
'and will \ le'.d in u year.
_arcc-.t n.L-i of Any ?.ledicine in the World
Sold cvcrywh.nl. in 1 .nou, ..> ccinU.
Water \A/ith   Meals
Wanted  in every town  and   villas'*,
to lake orders tor the best Made to
Measure    Clothing  in  Canada.    (ioo4
commissions.    Jlagl.lflcent Samples.
033 College ttree*: - Toront*
The laslo for frog eating is in*
creusing III America. Last year 4,*
000,000 frogs were placed on the man
kets of St. Pttttl and Mi spoils,
fur lak*
t  people are better
in"   smiic   water   with   their   meals. Mrs. Andrev- tl. Lund, llughenden,
Water Is an aid to tlie chemical ae- Aha.,  writ's:    ''Two  ot    my  babies
tivltles or digestion, and Is furnished wero  very  much   troubled  with  con-
0v tho  body  Itself In  largo  amount, stlpatlon and I tried several remedies
The gastric juice  of which Ihe stoni*, without success.    A neighbor advised
ia|f inc  to  try  Baby's  Own  Tablets  and
j- ,[ they were so satisfactory that  now I
ner would use nothing else." The Tablets
arii  makes a loin  a  pun   aim  n
per meal, is made up oi nine hm
ami   ninety-live   pans  of  water   .
thousand.    Hy   drinking   water   with  never    fail lo cure constipation  and
cmi- un als  -ve help lo furnish a pari ( ",���'
of ihis water din ctly.    Whether i
may    he given  tu the youngest
child   wiili  perl'ecl   safely.    They are
should ho a part o[ ti glass nr several ' sol<- �����' medicine dealers or by mall al
-lasses can   I,,,  deler ted  only  'ny  ^5 cents n box from The Hr. Williams'
ih" experience of iis effects by ti
Individual. Such water should nut
he taken ice cold nor very hot. A
healthy appetite  the appetite fur Inin*
Medicine Cu..  Hrockville, on:
No Charge
Observant   Mnnager    (catching
ger.   like   a
needs    li.
i,ciila!   appetit",   clerk   kissine,   ;,is     danghl
���n.alinnal   .Inn.:
Doctor Proved Valuu of Postum
Physicians    know    that
nl  food
now, young man. 1 don'l   pay yuu  fur
thill  kind uf work.
Surprised Clerk -No- n, sir. And
1 don't propose tu charge anything
extra tor il.
The use uf Miller's Worm Powders
und drink, properlj selected, are of insures healthy children so far as tl.e
lhe utmost importance, nut nnly for J ailments uttrlbutablo tu worms are
tlm relief of disease but  to maintain  concerned.    A  high   mortality among
health  even  when t   Is  well children is traceable to worm's. These
A doctor writes, "I conn   II a pleas-  sap  ihe  Btrenglh  of  infants  so  that
ure in say a  good word fur Postum I t!ic>  nre unable lo maintain tne ',���,t.
with which l have i , enabled tu re   n��� for ||f0 ���nd succumb to weakness.
lleve ho iinny sufferers, and which I Tltta preparation Kives promise nf
count,  witli    its    valued    companion  health   and  keeps   It.
Grape-Nuts,  i if iii ���  dally  blea
Saskatchewan Weed Law
Uy an  amendment   to tin'  Noxious
We 'ds   \d   i' i'  Stisk itchewnn   legislature hi.* placed  upon  every  muni*
ripal   i otilli il   ihe  duly   uf appoint:::'-:
iu-i" cto i to i ill "  llle  pro\ Islona
": , I :     ������-������'. '" in do ihis leaves
cue .  tuber of ih" council lluble to
i  in. ���  not  ��� \. e ding    "^".    For the
"Coffee was banished from m-  nv, a
tahle some lime ago an I I'm' mil   ised
regularly In i'^ pi ."   , Hotb t��� -.* tud
coffee tire In,- rl us to m ui)  p tsoiis,
becnusi' Ihey contain th i subl I
onniis ii   . ���., caffeln ��� I,
��� I if iiieni ly llnd It n i In
unlet   pal lentil   v leu  Ihej   lake   1' is
1,1111 "" ' : '��������������� ' i ' I"1 " ""���' heller enforcement uf llm law Ihc
:    t ii Ih propi   ly made  ice rdlng t"
  j ' lear,   ���������,'
broil    ��� olor  unl   i i ippy I is ���
ii II  us   !)":ii!'i   giving  qua I lies.'
i   n nbn\ ������ !"��� i ���:. r        i i   iver leii
years  ,, Is fully ci ulli m >t|        i > ���
c un  leltei  from ihe doctor, In       lell
h" sa;i'ii n a iiie.isure t,, render  i u   11
r porl in',' ii',., a pin I, iu of  .In li I
nm  so enthusiastic a  friend.
"1 inn using in u,y hum" your Postum i ereal in both its forms     An i.
what Is more, 1 nm having it used In' tlie one reeoi , , :-. cdy on Ihc
tie' families of several patients In I market. It has enined ils fame by its
which there nre children, and all unite | never failing effectiveness l, Is earn-
In endorsing lhe line (inalltles ni \nz \. toilov ns ll has done for vears
your ttdmlrablH product." It is th? greatest asthma specific' with*
Name  given   by   Canadian   Postum i in ihe r -i of suffpi-lng In inlty
Co., Windsor, ont. _______ __    ' '
l'M '���"'    nea   in   ,'v"   �����'"'*'                    Maple  Leaf  For Canadian Toys
Pestum   Cereal���the  original   form      ,   ,-.,,,.,,,-....,   ,,,,. ,..���,���.,  .,.,,,   .  ..
,          ,,,.,,,.          ,               .\   i    uaUuiu     us ni.iKi'i*.    anu   ,ii\
- ni'if    In-  won   in  nl      nc  and  _5c ,���     ,...           ��� ,��� ' ,       ,         ,          ,
, lmyers   nssociallon has  been  inrmcd
e ,_..._.  ���   , , ., ,    I in Toronto, with n board uf directors
Instant   Postum���,i   soluble   powder  ���
dissolves  quickly   in  a  cup  oi  bol j ���,,.     .,.,
!  lis       bei'l    .lis i.i,.d   inin    ,i <
ill I rh :i'i I , Held nun, aplioin d
'over each,    li    ss ill  |,e  |   i ilitij   of
lln  '    in :i   Id   vIhIi   i !   Inspectors
mid couurlls and lake un It action us
ic I.. in cos; ii: s in lln . o th" law
enfon " l.
After Ten Years of Asthma Dr. I D,
Kellosg's A.-ihuia Itoniedy proved the
only relief :'",��� one grateful user, and
Ibis i-i tun ui," cure among many.
l.iiil" wonder lhal it has now become
The rood wliicli is taken to nourish tlie both* and keep up vigor and
strength becomes a poison to the sys- poisons from the blood and remove
tern when digestion Tails.   You feel from the system the accumulating
drowsy after  meals, lose   appetite, waste matter.
suffer from constipation, have pains       ..      ,.     ,, . . ,.     .        ,
x ' Here  lies  tlie  cause ot indigestion and
in the bowels and tlirougli Hie body. (|.,s.icl,:,i.,, and negleot.only leads to clirouio
Instead of being digested, the  food a,**.-* complicated deraugcraents, which  de-
feriiieiiis and gives risit to gas or wind stroy nil comforl mid shorten lire.
on the stomach, wliicli crowds about      Thi, i(]cal tl.0;t)ucnt for indigestion Is
the  he'ti'l.  causing  Sllffocatiug   feel- n,..   Chase's   Kidney-].iver   Pills,    because
ings and derangements of tlie heart's ihey promptly and positively remove the
[ictlon, cause of trouble,   Acting directly aud spo-
eifie.'illy mi llm liver,  kidneys ninl bowels,
Resort to aids to digestion cannot they cleanse the system  of all  impurities,
afford moro  ihan temporary   relief, i'11'! their occa_ional use keeps ihese (iltor-
for lhe trouble  is  caused by torpid, *-**-��� iM"' ��crotory organs regular and ae-
,       . ,        ,. e   ii      v i live,   The blood is punned, paius aud aehes
sluKKish   action   ol   tbe   liver  and ,. ,     *   . ���,
���� disappear, aud such   deraugemeuts  u.-t  in-
bowels.     These    organs1   must   be clleestion.   constipation,   biliousness,  baok-
awakened so that ihey will filter the ach and kidney derangemeuts are oui-ed
One pill n dose, _."> cents ft bov, all dealers, or Kdmnnson, Hates * Co., I.imlteil,
Toronto.    Do not be tuliteil into accepting ,. substitute,   Imitations (llsappolllt.
,    .   . , III      I III llll IU,
so1" .':'.  |)_��.v'!!!!'I selected  from  various parts nf fan-!
ie     design   nf  a   Maple   Leaf
".Made  in  Canada"  stamped   u
ill    a,;,|    .-:.'. II',
m Res a  ,l.'l:c"i���s beverage instantly. ,     ,.,,,,���.���  ,       fe ,       ,        ,  |(
..at   an;   .ii'c ties i ���    ,        ,  ��� ,,    ,       ,. ,
,.���,,    , , ,,,... ii hoped in lu in*., a    t anad an made
t'Oih    u   ns      e   uiiii  v    dene ous . .,   ,     , ,
������ ,             i'-in.' i!ivs w,   |���, known  by this stamr
an.! cost  about  the nam ��� a er cup.
"Tl   re's  i Uc is,,,," for Postun
sold   by  (line ���*,
W. N   U. 1103
Tiie H3W bridge across lhe Tiber nt
Home, having a span ni .;:;-: feet, is
ihc lnnu""M re-enfoi I i oncrote arch
ill    tile    "'Ol'1 I
Dr. Clu_,c's it.-i'ii,.* n_ok, 1,000 scIc.-UmI taeifitiit, sent (ree U you meutiou this v*)<_��M*> THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C
Report Presented at Ottawa for Year �����_��-
Ending June .10 Last
i'he operating mileage of Cnmulhin
railways during the statistical sear
ended Juno 30 last increased hy 4,78"
K, i, ,  - .,      .��.������, i ii, >'\      viiii      , i, i i,     i,, ���    i, i   . i  i / , ,-��  miles, nllliotlgli eleven months ol' the
AISI-.it S   ,\ "will I ION    WILL   M-.\ l-.K    BE   RLALl/ED j.CBr wel.e in(.|luii*ii In (lie war perluil.
The mil. nne now stands m :i.*...".s���.
The statistical i'i porl ot the de
purl men I of railways, prepured by
Mr, John Lumberl Payne, eomptrol
ler, wus tallied in the house of commons hy the linn ,t H, Uelil, noting
It shows mileage Increases in all
provinces except Prince I'dwttrd
Island, ihe heaviest increases being
l.."iini miles in Ontario, where the
mileage is now 10,703.
Approximate!) 1,1100 miles were under construction, apart from survey*
inn! projections, when the year ended Including double l racks, yard
I rucks, sidings, ���
iracka In Canada conies in '6,K85
Htijgc Sums of Money Spent by Germany on Practically Useless
Fortifications, Which Now Only Serve the Purpose of
Protecting the liottlcd   Flee! in llic Harbors
i t'n it li i-r protection to the
Fred T. .lane, a well known liritisli   haven
niivul    hlstoi'hiu,  who  died   recently,
was  ibe writer of the  following art.
"llnd ssc spenl every iiiurlt In the
n    nav   ihai     ymi   English   sp, lit
ever} .hilling, our Heel would he a.s
tig us jours.'1
Su said In mc a (lermnti nasal of
(leer nm long before Ibu wnr, and
he was literal)} It-tie. (ionium tint
ui  estimates  nasi     nominally   never
initialled   lirlllslt  ones;   hut   ihc  s	
lolnl expended on ships and coital
(Jefetlsi * in I he t un cuiiiu rie.s ssiis
lur years aboul llic same.
The  resull, of course, Is different, i
Ai i lug  nn  n   thousand  }cars  of  ex
perieliee, ssc. svlin lll'C It llllVII1 pen
pie llrsl, aud inililnr.s aliens aril, pill
V.i shillings, in Hu- pound nu ships,
and lhe remainder uu shore defenses
nl a  I'cis  i ssi'iitlnl places.
Our urgitmcnl iiis exponents ure
Isiiinvii as iiie "Blue W'nicr School"!
was. anil Is, lhal If yuu have ships
enough In |u .vein the eiicnis leas inn
harbor, it is ssasi" of money to build
"oris in defend a cobbI which he can-
unl aiiacli. We have, of course, cor-
lain defenses al certain places, bul
Ihese nunc mainly under the head
of prccaultolls tugnlnsl odd raiders
wli.i might chance to elude our block
Kiel Canal
Tl xnel location of them svas. ut
course, Itnuwn to everybod}   Interest-
ed   iu   knowing,     Any   luui'isl     cuiiiu
see litis defense being placed.  I  nn
self watched one being ^nt Into posl
linn.     Win ih. r  or   110  ihey   nre  still
there   I   <|ii  nm   know.     Illll   il   really
lines iiiii  mailer, I'or tlm simple ren
inn thai being lixed defenses nny ul ,    ,.
inciter would curel'iill)   keen clear of     "''' ",".;���'. ������"" ��llz"|i'"; Increased by
Uu M| | $56,990,1 S",    bringing Iho total up to
Hel   all  ihese dermis...  lies the  *t.S7r..810,888.   Incl ng stockt   ���
(ler     Heel       These   defenses   I    call
llle Kaiser's folly, They musl one was-
Released Medical Officers Bring Harrowing Tales of the- Crueltj
Of the Fiendish I Inns to Prisoners Held in the Wittenberg Camp, und Particulars of Sufferings .Endured
Mil.mi: consolidated debenture slock  Hip epidemic,   nnd
if I' It i     $l"U,'!S4,8S2i     linn.Is,   $851,-
and another hnvo cosl its much us
isinild ltd dreadnoughts and their nee
eSBIiry auxiliary ships, ami nearly
csi'l's    riirtlllug     an    utter      waste   of
I'or i here lire two things which tlie
(ieriiiniis overlooked. Of ihese. the
llrsl is ihai if our Hoi keeps lhe
tie niiil ii dreadnoughts iu ihe Kiel
Canal, these Clei'inuu dreadnoughts
might j11si as well be there as under
the waicr. The) cunnol do ail) mischief In either case.
And tlio sec,mil thing is thai to
build a iiii uf dread noughts just lo
lie secure behind Impregnable fori I*
Mentions is merely an expenditure in
dreadnoughts suggestive ot a lunatic
asylum.     (If   svhul   use    the     dread-
are alsn outstanding against
Tlie   Germans,   Oil   the   oilier   hand,' IBhls,
tie primarily soldiers, "Soldiers at! 0|' course, the Germans trusted to
sea," thev used to be called, and the a "Der Tag," when in one way and
phrase is correct, Uouglily, their another they would by "attrition"
anginal policy can he summed up as liuve destroyed enough of our dread*
follows: noughts for theirs in be able tn come
"We hnve mils a very smull coasl nl|t nnd offer battle. Hut here again
line, uml us wiiiers me shullow. It j "'as sheer fatuity���nn assumption
is easily made Impregnable, We -hat Admiral Jellicoe and the British
therefore,  d no navy to speak of,"  aavy were born rools unable to thlnlt
This in iis day was quite correct.  ��f precautions.
Hut   presently    there    came    u  time      However,   it    Is not for us to com*
when   the German   merchant   marine I-11-11--    Britannia    rules   the    waves.
expanded    and    the    Kaiser   mnx-be I "'������I whal    the Kaiser's dreadiiotights
The governnieni co ilttee ou the,to bear In tlie matter of burial," says
treatment In Germany of British prls* ihe report, "wen tin-jeers with which
unci's ni war, of which ihe lion, Mr. the coffins ivere frequently greeted by
Justice Votinger Is chnlrtnnn, has is. the inhabitants of VVltlemberg, wlio
sued u report on the conditions pre* I stood outside the wires, and were per-
vailing In lho Wittenberg camp tlur- Imltted to ins.,it t in dead."
Ing the typhus epldeml. ot lasl scar After the middle of April the con-
The repori Is based on Informutloii dltlons commenced to Improve and
tc. "tiie"i'n'i'ai uf 'till I '''uui repatriated prisoners, and es- with the arrival ol warni weal erthe
neclully from Major I'rlostley, Cnptnln cases rapidly decreased, and b} the
vldnl and Captain Lutider, ntlho army . middle of Mas all the British were
medical corps, who were sent lo the convalescent. Adequate provision was
eani|i Bhorlly afler lhe outbreak of made to deal wiiii any future out-
��� reci.ml, breaks, Improvements being effected,
released from Germany. The ihree according to the committee, as a re-
officers named are ibe only survivors still of the visits of Ambassador Ger-
of six Hriiish doctors Benl lo the ard and members of iii- staff.
Hilea iindcr const . . slocks | WTiiemberg camp by the aerinnns "to The committee cum;, tun the reten*
aiiioiTnllng lo $_9,.57,&nij aud bontls take up," says lhe repori, "the place lion of Dr. Aseheiibach as bead of the
of $52 .24 nol, '   of duty abandoned bs iheir own tiiedl*  camp und us evidence of his attitude
Stoc'ic'd'li idi mis in HMe were $32,* ''"' slil"' when the presence of typhus cite an Incident. When one of iiis
!!41,3'I7,   nn Increase of nineteen mil.  manifested  Itself." staff supported the requesl of Captain
linn's.   ' I    The records of the epidemic kepi by   Lauder    fur   medical   requisites   be
Lines owned  and  oper tl   by the  the Hriiish officers    were tuken from   curtly refused the request,    with Lhe
gnsernineni, and  which nre not cup*  litem before their departure from Ger*  words, "Sehweln Englander."
Utilized,    arc    covered  In  the report  many, bill  the repori  gives In detail      The report continues:
under n statement ol cosl amounting  the  condition  of the camp and  the     "The cruelty of the administration
to $21)3,642,201. treatment  of prisoners nml  patients, |oC the Wittenberg camp became not-
Cash subsidies given during the which the l'nlted Slnles umbassador, orlotis, Savage dogs were habitually
year amounted to $5,059,284, of James VV. Gerard, In his report lust employed to terrorize the prison rs
which  ihe  Dominion  contributed  $4,*   November, said  was "even  mure tin-  and flogging with a whip n is fn :    ll
favorable than I hud been led to ox*   Men   were  struck   with   little  ur  no
peel." t provot atlon  and  tied   to   posts
��� hands above  their  heads  fur        rs
644,6.4, bringing the total up to .".us.,-
1831,024. Tnial authorized guitrun-
tees by tlie Dominion amounted to
$188,!)65,06.'i, and from nil sources to
There svas ii decrease of 380,245 In
lhe number of passengers and 11,
180,151 in the luiis of t'relghl carried
The average haul wns .12 miles,
which is ihe longesl in any country.
Aline products led In the various
classes of freight, sviili agricultural
products second,
Gross earnings fed from $243,OS!!,*
530 to $190,843,072, n decline nf 17.x
per cent, due to the dividend conditions    created   by  the  war ami  I'ol-
According to the    released officers , ,
there are i,,.nn<> und souiellmes more I V'Ptaln Lauder repori   I that mo  rot
prisoners lu the camp  which the com* I -'ipse men went so far as to   oi
in enormous populu- ",le *"'*,!llls. J'"1' ;ii; i!- horrors   as a
Godsend.    'I hey pri :��� rri :   ll   to  th*.
  ,   i . .......  lowing ii sustained upward ninveiiieiii
fancying  himself  verv  much   In  the do behind   his vast defenses matters..��� truffle and revenue
uniform of an  honorary   British  ad-,l"  |1""" of us  so  long as  we  keep .'  -en' also'decreased
mirnl  of   the  Heel   conceived  naval    hem  in and  retain om- heritagt,e'   ./>���^59! P��?he nu, ibe    o7 em*
ni.ihi'   nut: ' I HI'    S. I   K'r-l-     SI   IS     C'OUlU ] ,,,,- ,  -i
v    Ml  .IU IIS. i  I,  iiviii.*-;      u'iu   i'i 1,  i lei 'i!   Iiv        . MUM     \i    i    i.
For auglil   I  know, something one  have    been  nursed   fur a   tin}   true- |!'"��""   was lo.lueed by .15,     . s.lnli
can  read  In any old  navy  list  may; Hon  ot    the actual  expenditure    on
also have started him off. The stale   that nursing,    thai   tbe  money spent.
 nl   I  speak of is In the alphabet!-1 on  thai  protection   would    have pro
enl lisi  of names, and two of these
one following the oilier, run
German, .lames l��� ll. pleel Paymaster, seniority, ."'th November,
German Emperor and King oi
Prussia, Ills imperial .Majesty William II.. K.G., G.C.V.O., I lun. Admiral
of the Fleet, 2nd August. 1808.
One can never tell, alphabet or no
alphabet, how the "All Highest"
would take the facl that common
clay in the person of the editor of
the Navy List put on lop of Hint another bit of common clay. There is
no saying   how far a  blameless old
lined a Heel capable nf meeting ours
on numerically equal terms, is nol
our concern now*.
I believe thai when the end does
come the Oerman Heel svill come out
and thai its officers nnd men svill do
and die heroically.
And somewhere al lhe bottom of
the North Sen will be piled u mighty
aud ghastly monument of ships and
men, a monument to the fool who
could nol understand that the mastery of the sea can only be fought for
on the sea und only on the sea uui
of range nf all  shore defenses.
Vud   as   they  die.   the   pluckiest   of
l-.r.  i Fleet   Paymaster)  mas
.   ihe German  sailors  will  learn  to lln
count of his godfathers and godmothers having given him n name which
alphabetically precedes vv. have unwittingly contributed to the present
ureal   war.
1 write tiiis perfectly seriously. I
have mil iiie Kaiser and spoken to
Him more than once. It wns he who
pointed oul to me the thing quoted
above. He made no cumnieiii beyond drawing my attention to the
British Navy I.ist. Then he laughed thai laugh which mice heard is
never forgotten. It was lung ago.
Binl in those dins he wus out- dear
full the meaning of the phrase, "Tin
Kaiser's fully."
To Study Noxious Weeds
Field Representatives to Meet Inspectors   .Hid   Councilmen   of   Saskatchewan
lion. vv. it. Motherwell hus arranged I'or the appointment of six lieid representatives of tiie weed and seed
branch of the Saskatchewan department of agriculture, who, during the
though there was nn reduction in
the average rates i ''enumeration,
the total salaries and ss-ages bill declined from $111,762,972 10 $!t0,2l5,-
hip, which Ihe cum
ini11it- says ''is
lion  for so I'eslrlt led an area  as  ten
and a  half acres."    There    were no  Presence of German  guarus
proper heating arrangements and lhe
men were InsnlTlclenll)  clothed, their       (JaJn From COW T.Slinff
overcoats  lun lug    been  Inken    from j
Ihem,   their   other clothing being In  ,, ,.
rags.    Many    hud  ne ��� i i  nor  Held  t0 be  "-'n'0*l-/  Responsibi.  for
sucks.    Thei'i' was an Insiilficii'iii sup- Improvement   in   Quality
ply   of  waicr    and   BOttp,    and   Major       T!l,,   keeping  of  'lairs i-
I rleslley    sit} -    he  round  lho    men  .,��� ,   |_  ,���,,���.,,.,,  .,,, . . .
gntint,   ui ii peculiar graj paloj- and >.,,    [Wtll ,iin���  (! ,.   ,
���'ermlnou.fi ^ wt]ii _er cow ,vil3 _.-.,,
Hie supply rn im, i ��as alsn insut   l:ulll|���.,.  ���-  reeord   entries
neieni, even i i hospital, until sup-  Sradually  i,,,,, ,
plies arris,,|   truni   lOnglniitl inl||,   production      H     19U  I        I  -
'��������� I>   provision    mr  personal   age  production    had    lacre
cleanliness made    for the num." siiys  .,,_,,-- pounds,    urn..       r         ���,:
-he report,   "wus  'iipful of sun   poun,i, per ,���-.-.���    This does t
soap     issued   al    Intervals   of   many
weel,..   in a   room'  conlnlnlng   121).  In
consequence, Ihe men became Increas*   ,,,,mber ,������ Cowt
ui'ly  verminous, and tliiii  condition,  were  2,594,174   cows   a ise  of
coupled with-cold and want of proper   185,502 compared wl     the    ������. ��� .
11 (i, t r:.-.: 1111 ��� nl,   sv;.s   uiiiluiihtedly     title
principal   hull
inueh  but   the  tlgurea look
impressive    whi n asld ir   th'S
of tin
f , WOI.    The  increase  In   the   o
I""  of  cows   during   (lie   ten   :   irs    y_s
.    , only   7   per  cent.,   bul   the  total   ln-
���piileitnc   broke out 111 Decern*  C1.ease,i    ,,ro,i.     on    ror   t*j9    ,__,,
The Illusion of Victory
The Business of Germany to Create a
False  Hope
Napoleon   fell  through   overlookingI!,���'!!', lo,t r.VZl^n'fnrr' n!,Wnlv��J,ui  p,','i0'1 ",ls 4" "er ,Pnr
,i..,t  i .,,. i      ,i   i.ll'01;   }"'  German stuff, inllllnr) and      T]ie kceplns and  study    '  -     ��� i
medical, precipitately   lei, ihe   camp, ls    heiu    to  be  largely re
and thenceforth until August, Wlo, nojf01. ti,e injprovement in   .   ,        tad
" niinlcatlon was held between the in  vieu-  0f the excellent   results    t
prisoners and their guards, except by ls   regrettable   that   more   da:.-r_ea
means of dli-ectlons shouted fromi   lie ,,���  ���,���   keep  tab  ,,���  the   ;n .     -aa-
guards or officers remaining outside production  of    his  .  ws     It   :orts
the wire en anglements. ��� ii!t|,, in  ,;���,,. and  ��� , ... .     ���at  ���
AU supplies for the men were push- ,g  .,me  .������,   ���.,���.,.,     wM ,.
ed Into   the camp over chutes.   No WMm isiderlng    the    Iner tsed
medical attention   during thei whole number of cows   the pi n
time   was provided    by   [he Qerman atm lnCreased during l
sli,,' ,       , , , ,, the value of about s." ."��� I
Captain Ujirer reports   that, while ,a aulTicienl  lo  warranl  ci   ���
in the bungalow,   hen  was normally *������_ ,,(,jn_      M ,m ,,.. ,
one matlress lor three men, in the uu- 	
lhe    vvar-vvear- provlsed hospitals there being no mat*
Iness which lutes deeply into every tresses at all -1 Past*""es
heart   grows   Intolerable   to   German     ������inconsequence,"   he   -'ays  "then"    Pigs  make  the  chea]   tl   _.
people who eat no meal lhal bus uot were milllv typhus pullonts'scultered pasture.   Trials at the North DakoU
its seasoning of nn  enemy's sen mt- over -tlie compounds who were deter* Experiment   station    Indicate    that
it vllnl breach in his armor, It is
nol difficult to see a parallel in Germany today. The hearl of a country
is no longer the vital centre of a
nation. This is to be found solel}
in the heart of a nation. Annies can
un longer be detached from the nation. They are the nation, and the
spear musl quiver and fall when tic
civilian shank wenkens nnd wavers,
Therein lies Germany's oversight.
She did nol visualize a lung war.
She hud nu comprehension of how
the country and i:s people would
rencl to a long and Increaslngly
stringent  blockade
premacy.    If    the   face  of  th
bears a  double look nt  us. it  seems
equally bo to a people who have been
encouraged    for    so  long   with    llu
summer months, svill travel user tin
i'c"all  this,    however, as  ii   may,  province, meeting municipal weed In- i |,",*0niis'/-"oi: speedy" victory. Oni\  iiie
���he Kaiser himself conceived ihe Idea  spectors  and   councillors    i-e_^irctln_- in-esponiilblo have held oul that'hui,"
Df a powerful German Heel and talk-  tl,e he,al methods for enlorcetiienl by t0 th(, .,ni,,s    w|]l,n wfl ,,.m| ,��� |(lllk
ed largely ol "Our future lies nn Lhe   inunlelpalltlea  ol   the   provisions  of Hsltance  ������������  .,  war ,������ .1,,,-i,i,���K  ���
water."   ' . the    Noxious Weeds Act.      lit '* ]s well to re nber that If Nai on
To his intellectual en,lil    may be   -vll�� have been engaged for this work wns    llut  ,���..,,������  ,,,   ,t|  lu.  w���a ������,
placed tiie fuel thnl he Beems to huvo ����-  N'e In��-ur, Moose Jaw;   VVm. beHle��� xvltliotil  It.    When lhe enemy
been the llrsl aerninn lo realize that   ������hompson, \eregin; ,1. S. Naylor, Ha* |]1IlkeH   .,   ,���,���.   -,,ix;,,,.-.���.    wo    musl
n case of hostilities nnly    warships  warden; and L.| E. Islrk. I. Jl.  lullls no| ,.lkl. u ,,, ,,���..,,, ,(l.i; |,,, |)aa Min
���otild safeguard his growing mercnut*  :";,i  *'��� ''������ " alker ol Saskatoon. u  preponderlng force.    It  is his husl
While ii is generally admitted that ness to produce the Illusion    ol  sic
so  long as  tlie  present   methods of tory; it Is ours to win It.    I don Nu*
farming uro continued, noxious weeds tlon
will be ii seriuits problem, it Is expeel
tile mi'i ill" nn lh- high sens.
Su   fill'   SO   guild.     lint   here   lhe   es-
scntlnlly mllltar)  Iden nf un  Impres
nahle  liase    iii wiiii,  from  obsessed
both the Kaiser und his advisers, and ed thai lhe influence of these special
ciiiuci,iini witli nasal expansion they representatives will bring nboul a sub
proceeded to spend millions of stantlal Improvement In agricultural
pounds In mailing Heligoland into a methods and tendencies. More meat-
fortress nt leusi tenfold stronger than -producing animals musl be raised on
necessar) ami in blissful disregard grain farms If noxious weeds are to be
of the  iini  which snllors have ever] controlled. . This    will  menu   fenced
farms, smaller farniB, a greater variety of crops und surer returns,
recognised thai  isavo in exceptional
circumstances) ships cannol compete
villi finis, ii is simpler lo gn elsewhere outside the range uf fort guns.
The Germans did manage to recognize this, so���having bul a small
front   in   the   North sea   ihey   pro-
Sandy MacGregor lived net one hundred miles from Aberdeen, lie recently visited London, and on starting bus homeward 'journey  found b
mined uol to come Into the hospital broods   bows   running  on   good   pas-
If they could help It." tore  and  nurslu    llttei     ������...   lo as
Iii cue compound be t'u I 50 hid U1':l "'hen receiving one ���    ���-., . and
den cases of typhus during the llrsl :i half pounds of grain per eacl
month. poinds live weighl of so.    a i
The  food   t-ntIon   for  each   patienl '"   '''"     :,u    receiving    i  ���
was half i iii pain (roll) ami half a grain  per da}   per eac
cup of milk per day.   Tl niv soup "~hl v ''-'���'    r;"' t'--'"-''  Jus    - out
obtainable ca   from  il amp  kit ���"��'*  !i"   !" ' '"'   '   '''
chen,   and. as it wus broughl In open !',!''   ��� ' ; " ,;"p -  '���'���''   furnish  ���
wooden tubs,   it wns roll of dusl and '���'"f  '"'���' ' ���' "r  the  brood
ilii'i, litter or for I  -   ��-i am il  pit -   They
"In Iruth," suss the commltti. '�� n ) lould    ;"- red        b        n,  -      - to
port, "the ration was nol a ration al '���'������>'t:-   ���'���   rHl ':   -      th.  In  this
all    li  was ii  pretense,   li  was nol ;i'   '>'���'''' -   i"-   ���"'���   '"    r' ������ ���
even   possible   to   give   Ihe path in   ��� '"'���""���''     before    real  ci
warm water with their milk " ���-���,s hi,
r. ur   Hriiish doctors were Infei led      Vlfalfn,    i ' iver       om ��� and
nnd    three died,    it  was ihen Major "'" rye  make  the  earliest   pasl
The markOjtlug of wool In ^askateh*  Prleslley and   Captain Vldul went lo when   '"'       '"   '���"    bl   '
essiiii promises in be Interesting this the hospital  to Join Captain  I.amir. "'    '���"'���1    spring    si of such
year,    The  co-operative  organisation  who was down with the typhus. Major - ���': '   as out!     .!   barte:    ot   rape
branch or the deparlmenl ot agrlcul- Prlestle.i says thai the patients, alive ":''   " '   ' '   ;    '  '   '     -    -Farm and
turn    has    just    circularized all the!with vermin, lay su close lo one an- Ranch Rei ���
Marketing Wool Product of Sask.
sheep owners in the province whose
names are available, Intimating that
their wool can  be marketed this seat
as in the previous two years through
the co-operative branch.
While the department   lias, during
(he last two years, marketed the bulk
of the wool clip of this province, the In several cases the toes became gan-  "Kultur"    In    this  unhappy country
ceetled to    pill  still  mure and  more  had   lost   his  pockelbook  containing wool was not sold by grades. Through grnneous. I have been carried out with the same
"���'"���"   '  ;:1':   !|,"MI- "linl l"  Pres-1over fifty pounds. Ian arrangement    with the  Dominion     The washing of patients was out of  ruthlessness nnd rapacity as  in Bel*
tin-1* nn    lhe  iliiui* thai  he had  to
siam!   straddle-log    across    them   lo Little  news has  emerged  in'o the
examine them. There were other con- outer world abi ul lhe   ondltion of in*
dltlons that are Indescribable. There vaded Serbia and the conduct of the
svas   difficulty In obtaining sufficient Invaders.    Bul   from  information  re*
drugs   nnd dressing for a long time ceived In Serbian quarters in London
md extreme bed sores were common, it would appear that the exploits ot
cut  there are rather more gun posl
lions  than  spaces  In  between.
In theory these forts wore secret.
In practice it Is aboul as easy to
build a secrel fori of the German
imi tern (heavily armored turrets
containing big guns wliicli take a
long time to lix up) as it would be
secretly to build a big hotel In the
cell!re of London.
�� lu front of these forts Ihey placed
'���secret mine fields" -nboul us secret
as would be the hall porter al the
hypothetical big hotel in  question,
The crowning absurdity was reached with a secret submerged fort
armed with lorpedo tubes. One or
two of these  were  installed off  CllX-
Su lie telegraphed io the London live slock branch all ihe wool hand-
station, stating Iiis loss, and asking led by the department this year svill
thai   it   should  be  kept  till   his  next   be   graded   and    sold   by  grade,     lu
order in afford the department opportunity to hold the wool for receiving
bids, and thus get large prices, advance payments svill be sent to wool
owners pending sales. The advance
price will be a substantial one, and the
balance will be sent when the department disposes of the wool,
journey south, a  month  laler
In due course he turned up and the
pocketbook was handed over to him.
The Under, a young porter, .stood by
expectantly   while Sandy counted his
Then   the   Scot   gazed     long     and
searchlngly at the clerk in the Inquiry
"What's the trouble?" asked the latter, anxiously,   ������Isn't it right?"
"Aye, its rich! enough," replied
Sandy, sternly, "bit whar's the
month's   interest?"���Tit-Hits.
"I'll have yuu understand, sir." said
the bustling little chap, "that I am a
selfinade man."
"All right, old man." said Robinson
"Now run along home and finish lhe
job.  tind  then   111  talk  to  yuu "
Ihe question    until u supply of snap  glum and Northern Prance.   The ene-
svas obtained from England. my had hardly entered tlie city of lie!-
The shortage of necessaries svas not grade before they ransacked King
due to lack nf supplies, say the due- Peter's private library and the price-
tors, for on a visii to the inssn they less collections found in tho lioyal
saw an abundant supply of ev< ry , Palace. As soon as tlle Bulgers had
renulsile. occupied   northeastern    Serbia,  they
Dr. Aschenbacli, who was In charge despatched the vice-director of ihe Na-
of the hospital and who, the commit- tional Library in Sofia, io seize all
lee understood, received the Iron valauble books and manuscripts
Cross   for combating    tin   epidemic, throughout the conquered territory.
paid only one visit to tlie camp, ac*  ������
cording to the repori, and that after     a Btately old aristocrat, on being
some order was evolved, requested by a rich and vulgar yoting
Sixt)   deaths  occurred an g the fellow for permission to marry "one
British  and  the victims wore burled  of  his  glrlB,"    replied:    "Certainly;
' n|,Klir' which   would  >ou  prefer���the  -out*'-
"Whai the   prisoners found hardest I maid er the cook?" THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Never Cm Tell
whnt people Ulil,!*, A 111:111
Stopped ine on the street n
lew days an*) nnd -aid, "Say,
ilu vnu tin Indies work?"    Now
I thought everybody who knew
nte knew also that I do tiny
kind of tailoring and that I do
it nl ;i reasonable ptice, but
there, ymi nevercan tell what's
in ti 111:111's mind,
Vou can entrust tne with   any
wink  lhal a lailof    due.-, f 1*0111
111 tkiug silk 1 .1 nl latins   down
iii 111 ikine, dad's I -nils   into    it
pair I'm Tommy
R. Willoughby's
Only White Tailnr iu Courtenay
Next ilimr tn the  Opt ra   House
Mr. Prank S "unliffe, Barrister
and Solicitor, formerly with Messrs
Lucas St, Lucas of Vancouver, desires to announce thai he will here
alter practise his profession at N11-
nainio, B, C, und will have his
offices in the Bruinptou Hlock in
thut Citv.
(1. McLaughlin has sold his
burlier shop to Mr, Russell of Cumberland and nill enlist with the
nth C, '  . R.
Practical Shoemaker und Repair
Nexl in Hardy ,\: Wscoe
When  In  Doubt
Play  Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
1*' ictory Experience
Recommend*,   front   Leading   Musicians
from tlie Atlantic to the I'ncilic.   Copies
of same furnished nn request
\V.  I. C.iai'il    uill nc    in Ihis city   about
April   1.     Leave orders at this Office,
nr write direct In
845, 8th Ave., W.    -    Vancouver
Palace Livery
Houses  and   Buggies  for  Hire  ������.
Terms cash.
We   id: 0  attend  to  wood hauling
Courtenay Phone .5
Willard's Harness Emporium
L'it ��� Show iii); id  Horse  Blankets,   l,ap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, I'tc.
II irness Uepaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
You cannot eat your
eake and have it
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing that the ingredients are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Cakes of all descriptions made
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
Women and Thrift
Upon the women of the land will
rest the gteatest burden of success
iu the campaign for thrift thut has
l.e.'ii   inaugurated,   As   heads   of
tlu household they aie the   chaiv-
cellois of domestic exchequers     It
is im 1 iii'in tn beur   in   mind   that
expenditure upon articles that   nre
not actually needed   is   not   nl_ne
lessening their own lesottrces  but
also depriving tin: .outilryof some-
thing Hint might be more profitably
applied    The majority nf men will
agree ilia!, so far ns llic   household
is concerned their women arc pretty
iliul:s.    Hui still '.mess, parsimoii.
iousn.ss, or miserliness is tint tin ill.
'I'he thrifty woman combines   with
a natural aptitude tor economy '.lie
wisdpm of selection and utilization
She knows when lo save und when 1 ���������������������������������
to spend,   She knows what is   nc-i _-,������� ir-wr* 1   r._r��/"*|ir
cessary and what can be done with 'GRIEVE    and   DAKulfc
out nt.d she makes the best use   of
everything,    Neither does she   do
all tilings herself,    When  help   is
nt liiitid she utilizes it wilt discretion,
The great aid to thrift is tliought-
fulness,    In fact without thai   element thrift is utterly   0111   nr   the
question.     Ihc thrift' woman too.
not only exercises wisdom   herself
but sees that her children   do   the
same thing not by indulging   them]
hit! by delegating to them   sundry
offices 1 I which  thev are capable, i
by making them self reliant     Hut
the  woman  cannot   do   all   these;
things by herself,   She must enjoy
the support,  countenance and influence nl her ineiikiiiil. The great-1
est enemy to thrift it the  proinis-
eiotis doling out of the money.    It,
is not to boys and   girls a sign of |
good nature ; it is death to  the re- j
dpi.nt.    It poisons  their disposi-1
tion and sows   seeds of  weeds that1
cuu nevei be eradicated.    For that
sort of thing women  are  but little]
responsible, but where their efforts
shin: is in allowing nothing to go
to waste, in  making use of everything, and exercising ingenuity in
fond, dress,   household   labor   and
the bringing up of children, Ail:
J incentive to the accomplishment of 1
: these things is a reflection upon the'
j times, upon the needs and experi-1
euce of their male relatives at the!
front, and upon the fact that every
ounce saved is a contribution to the
welfare of the country aud perhaps
to winning the war,
Charlie Chaplin
"His New Job"
at the Oprea House
Saturday Night
Ice Cream
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
Charles Wheeler
begs In ainu'iincce
tluii lie lias opeeed
The E!k Hotel Barber Shop
Clei n'.inesa a Specialty
McBryde's Bakery &
Tea Rooms
Calhoun Block Courtenay
We win the favor of the citizens and soldier boys
because we give value for the money.   Our tea
room is superlative.   The place to get a dainty tea.
Good cakes and brea 1 of quality unsurpassed.
Buy direct from McBryde's Bakery
Remember the address     -     Next the Royal Bank of Canada
Comox, 15. C.
Best Meals North of Nauiaino
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
First Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Money To Loan
We are open to receive applications
for   Loans on   Improved  Farm
Property   in    the    Comox
Real Estate, Insurance, Etc.
Thomas Robinson is at   Vancou
ver this week.
The  Ford   Oarage has   received
I the Goodyear Seivce Station Uui
I lilem.    It i t ;t beauty,    Those buying tire*,   there  will have   free air
! etc.
The uett proceeds of the "Foi-
j lies" concert were $105.25, half of
I which has been sent to the British
I Red Cross Society, and half to the
i local branch.
The Ford Garage is going to put!
111 a stock of guns  and aniunition.
this will be convenient for the auto
trade     Mr   I'mde is Jf ami liar with
tlie gun business and anyone going j
to buy in this   line would   do well)
to wait and see this   stock   a.s   tlie
prices will be ri^ht.
Health Salts
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Ninlit or Day Culls Promptly
Phone   ���'
The Ideal Disinfecting Fluid
Produce More and Save More
The Empire needs food. If you are not in the fighting line you may be in the producing line. Labour
is limited ���all the more reason to do more than ever
before. Grow food for the men who are fighting for you. The Allies need all the food that
you can produce. Every little helps. You are responsible for your own work. If you
cannot produce as much as you would like, produce all you can. Work with the right
spirit. Put fighting energy into your effort and produce now when it counts. The more
you produce the more you can save.   Producing and saving are war-service.
Make Your Labour Efficient
In war-time do not waste time and energy on unimportant  and unprofitable  work.   Economize labour.
Put off unproductive work till after the war, and, if
help in producing something needed now.   Let us not waste labour.   Canada
If possible help to feed the Allies.   Make your backyard a productive garden.
needs it all
Cultivate it with a will.
Make your labour count for as much as possible.
Do Not Waste Materials
There should be no waste in war-time.    Canada could
pay the annual interest on her war expenditure out
of what we wr.ste on our farms, in our factories, in
Every pound of food saved from waste is as good as a pound of increased
The way for a nation to save is for every individual to save.   France is strong
The men and women of Great Britain are not
our homes.
to-day because of thrift in time of peace
only " doing " but are learning to " do without
Spend Your Money Wisely
finance the war,
better investment.
Practise economy in the home by eliminating luxuries.   Wasting our dollars here weakens our strength
at the Front.     Your savings  will help Canada to
Save your money for the next Dominion War issue.   There can be no


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