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The Review Jun 12, 1913

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List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell It
|.     Bare You Money tq Inrrat,
|     ,S��ee'<s; iv�� C��h Make Yon
'   Large Uivftlends
Island Realty Co.
VOL. 1
NO. 29
Fronting on Good Road Easy to Clear
Price $60 per Acre
1-4 Cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 Months
Fronting on Good Road Easy to Clear
Fresh Water Stream running through Property
Good Land Price $50 per Acre
1-3 Cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 Months
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22
Courtenay, B. C.
Keep Yor Verandah Cool
bv investing in one of our Bamboo
Veranda Blinds.    Kept in all
sizes and prices.
Meat Safes that keep out the flies,
save their cost in a short time
Linoleums, Oilcloths and Mattings in great verity-
from 20 cents per yard
[   Oo you sleep on a "Restmore" Mattress?   If not,
why not?   A full range always in stock
Step inside and see them
Sewing Machine and Gramaphone Needles always in Stoek
Courtenay House FurnishiDg Store
B. F. KRAUSE, Proprietor
)ur New Subdivision
Fronting on the Station Grounds
Is now on the Market
All full sized lots with 20 foot lanes
at the back of each lot
The   Best   and   Cheapest  Lots   in
Courtenay today
Prices from $300 to $500
1-4 Cash, balance 6,12 and 18 months
For sale only by
Rerl Estate and Insurance
Dr. Barker, of Duncans, was iu
town this week,
Mrs, R, McQuillan returned from
Vancouver on Sunday's boat.
Mr. K, H. Ferris leaves for
Salmon River at the end of the
Mrs. I). Kilpatrick and daughter
Amy arrived home from Vancouver
ou Sunday morning.
II vim nre Interested in co-operative
fei'illniviiix, attend tlie Creamery tneet-
injs' next Thursday night.
Young Berkshire pigs for sale,
Apply J. Lawrence, Kye Hay.
The Kodak book, and Brownie
book are free at Peacey's Drug
Wantsd���A firtst-class waitress.
Apply at once, The Restmore Grill
When you want amateur photo
supplies go to the Courtenay Photo
Studio.    Local views for sale.
Book keeping and auditing,
monthly accounts made up. Terms
moderate.  Apply. T. A. E. Daniel.
For sale���License, good will and
business of the Courtenay Hotel.
Apply to J. Johnston, Gourtenay,
Wood for Sale��� $3,75 per cord,
Block wood sold by the inch. Apply
O. Bridge, opposite The Builders
Supply Co.
For Sale Cheap���Throughbred
pedigreed pointer, won 4 first prizes
ou the bench, excellent hunter.
Apply A. Toombs, Restmore Grill.
For Sale��� 1 team weight 3000;
1 mare and one yearling, all young,
sound and free from vices. Apply
H. Scott Porteous.
To Let���My Ranch, 30 acres
under cultivation and about 100
acres of the best pasturage in this
district. Apply H. Scott Porteous
Lower Road Sandwick.
Strayed or stolen from the Riverside hotel, black and tan hound.
Parties detaining him after this
notice will be prosecuted. Wm.
Just Received���A consignment
of the choicest Hay that has ever
reached the District, also crushed
oats and wheat. A. B. Crawford,
For Sale���White Wyandotte
cockerels, Solly's strain, from winter layers, March hatched. One
dollar each. R. H. Goodridge,
Sandwick P. 0.
For best clean river sand and
gravel for plastering, cement and
concrete wash, delivered at reasonable rates. Apply R U. Hurford,
Sandwick, P. O.
For Sale���A general purpose
mare 5 years old, with Idly colt at
foot, absolutely quiet double and
single. Apply Captian Vigors,
Upper Road, Courtenay,
Dr. D. E. Kerr, dentist, will remain at Cumberland until the end
of May. From June istto 12th he
will be at Courtenay. Appointments
mav be made at the Courtenay
Drug Store.
For Sale���5, 10 or 15 acres of
land, 2 1-2 miles from Courtenay,
1-2 mile from Courtenay River, 1-2
mile from Power plant, Logged.
Apply Hickman & England, Courtenay .
Just arrived at Willard's Harness Emporium: a fine line of horse
blankets, lap rugs, trunks and suit
cases at all prices. Harness repairing promptly and neatly done.
Wesley Willard, Cumberland and
Boats For Sale
and Hire
' ���^�����aV*��a. .
Boats of Any Size
Built to Order
On Short   Notice
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
Mr. F. C. Brock formerly of
Seattle, has been appointed local
manager of the Hank of Commerce
iu place of Mr. Ross, who has been
transferred to Creston. B. C.
The Deputy Minister, F. C.
Gamble was here on Tuesday of
last week, inspecting the Railway
crossing at Royston. He also called
at the Government office.
Mr. Wilmshurst, the road superintendent, has a lot of fine views of
this district, showing their various
phases, which will lie sent to England to be exhibited in connection
with advertising the Island.
The new bridge across the Courtenay river is not going forward as
rapidly as it could be wished. The
mills here are not in a position to
supply the timber required at a
moments notice and the government
officials could not get it else-where
jusk now, so they have recalled Mr.
Slavin who left on Sunday's boat
for Victoria. Mr. Slavin in his
younger days was quite a boxer,
and held the heavyweight championship of British Columbia for
some time.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Joyce of the
Red Deer district are making their
home in Courtenay.
Mr. John Ford,  of Hornby   Island was   a  visitor in town   on
Monday afternoon.    He says there
I is a very poor mail service between
Courtenay and the Island.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B Holmes left
last week for England via the
Northern Pacific Railway aud S. S.
Campania from New York. They
expect to be gone some time, I
ThejB. C. Investments Co. have
160 acres in Happy Valley which
they are sub-dividing into 20 acre
lots and thev are clearing a portion
of each lot, making it all ready for
the settler to commence farming.
Remember the meeting in the
Opera House ou Friday evening to
form an Ambulance corps. Oue
gentleman in town has the distiuc-
tion of holding 18 certificates among
them beiug; 4 St. John, 1 bronze
medallion, St. John; 4 army medical
certificates; 3 Red Cross certificates;
and 2 Red Cross medallions, another
holds seven and still another holds
(Nnnuose District)
Twenty Acre Blocks of/Bush I^ands at M0 per acre;   10 Cash;  Halanet,
in 3 Annual Payments, with Interest at 7 per cent
Write er call'on us for information
Hickey & Thwaites
Between Courtenay'and   Headquarters at $35.00
Per Acre
Within 2 "miles of Comox Wharf at
$60.00 Per Acre
We Have Many Other Good Buys
Come in and see us
Real Estate aud Auctioneers
Phone 10
Our new subdivisionjof this beautiful sea front is now ou the
market, and.affords an opportunity to owu a sea front
lot at prices unheard of in this district
All lots have sea frontage on-line  saudy beach, are  ou the
Island Highway and sizes varyjfrom l-a to 1 acre
Price $200.00 Per Lot
We have also some tracts of fine land lying to the back of the
above mentioned lots, in blocks of from 2 to 10 acres
at prices from $50.00 perjacre up
Come in and have vour choice of these lots
Terms and full particulars can bejiad from Messrs HardyJJ&
Biscoe, Island Realty Company or the^Agents
P. O. Box 209
Telephone 24
Courtenay - and - Comox, B. C.
Iif,, \    *$$m*mm ipEira
TH�� ��� ^^-^^^IiIIiBtheillillliil
Missing    Artilleryman    Believed      to
Have   Been   Murdered   by   Two
Malta.������ At somewhere nbout midnight nn Thursday two Maltese boatmen reported to the police that two
bluejackets and an artilleryman had
embarked on their craft for conveyance from Valetta io SUema, and thai
when In mid-soa the sailors and the
Boldier quarreled, the former throwing the artilleryman overboard. A
high sea was running at the time and
the sailors, by Intimidation, prevented
tbe boatmen from attempting to rescue the soldier.
On reaching the shore the sailors
decamped, and the boatmen then returned to the spot where the soldier
had been thrown overboard, but as
their search prove: fruitless they reported the matter to the police. All
sailors' leave was stopped, and the
boatmen were conveyed on board each
warship and confronted with the men
who had been given shore leave the
previous night.
Both boatmen in turn identified
William John Payne and Albert Woodcock, both able seamen belonging to
the Royal Arthur, which arrived here
on Friday en route for China. The
missing artilleryman is Gunner Hour-
ihane, of (15 Company of the Koyal
Garrison Artillery. He is 22 years
Both Payne and Woodcock bave
been arrested, and the Royal Arthur's
departure bas beer delayed pending
the magisterial inquiry, which is proceeding. Both prisoners have admitted having been in the boat in which
a quarrel arose, saying that they
made this statement hecause leave of
all men bad been stopped. Consequently they did not wish to sacrifice other men.
One of the prisoners in his statement to the ship's commander said:
The soldier hit me and I hit him, and
being drunk he overbalanced and fell
out of the boat in*o the sea. Several witnesses from the Iloyal Arthur
are being heard, and afterward the
inquiry will be adjourned and the
Royal Arthur will sail. The prisoners having admitted being on the boat
will be remanded.
The Sweetest Story ever
told is to tell you of
the purity an:l
sweetness of
Just fresh picked fruit and
granulated sugar
You can get  them from
your  grocer
The South Pols
The south pole is situated on an antarctic continent larger than the
United States and with an area of
6,(100.000 miles.
The pole is on a tableland about
10,000 feet above the sea level.
The greal ice barrier ls a glacier
700 mile.s wide and hundreds of miles
broad in planes; It varies from 100 to
300 feet in height.
The breaking off of portions of this
ice barrier each summer produces the
greatest crop of icebergs iu the world.
Mount Erebus belches steam and
lava within the circle of eternal ice.
Vegetation in ihe ani.ai'clic continent consists entirely of moss; Ihe
land animal life is limited to a species of wingless insects very primitive
in form.
The only human beings In the antarctic continent are explorers; no
traces of native Inhabitants have ever
been discovered.
Penguin.-, great, awkward birds, exist along the coast in some porta.
There l�� Ilttlo Bhow on Ihe lower
plateau, necoBaiiallng explorers carrying tents; the   urfaco la smooth Ice.
Scientists claim thai centuries ago
the south polo was a tropical region
tilled wiih plant and animal life.    ,
Welsh Coal  Mines Will be Merged
London.���Four great    Welsh   coal',
mines In which David Alfred Thomas, j
senior member of lhe lirm of Thomas
and Davey, has a predominating in-1
terest.   anil   whose  annual   output   is
3,250,000 tons, will he merged shortly
nitn a single company, with a capital
of $10,000,000.
Former English Army Officer Discovered Dead in Rather Strange
London, England.���An ex-army officer's unsuccessful struggle to cure
himself of the drug habit was described at an inquest at Guston, Dover,
on Claude W. Lawrence Marshall,
aged 41, of independent means, whose
body was found in a railway. A
broken hypodermic syringe and two
empty drug bottles were found near
the body. Dr. Marshall was formerly an ollleer in the South Staffordshire
Mrs. Marshall stated that her husband had been addicted to the drug
habit for several years, taking morphia and cocaine, lie broke off the
habit last year for a time, but could
not do without the drugs, and resumed
them. She had known him to go
into this railway tunnel for the purpose of injecting morphia into his leg.
He went into the tunnel because n
was dark there, and he objected to
making the injections in the light. He
told her once that after he had injected morphia into his leg in the tunnel
he became unconscious on the bridge
just above. She thought that on
this occasion he might have become
unconscious In the tunnel. She once
found him unconscious in a pit as a
result of the drug. Mrs. Marshall
added that her husband was very
bright and showed no signs of suicide.
Evidence as to the finding of the
body pointed to the fact tbat Mr.
Marshall had his back against the
wall of tbe railway tunnel and was
leaning down injecting morphia Into
his leg when lhe train struck him; or
else lhat he had made the injection
and lost consciousness in that position
at the time of the fatality.
It was said that members of Dover
police force hail frequently seen Mr.
Marshall in the vicinity of lhe spot
Injecting morphia. It was mentioned
that he had injected as much as sixty
grains of morpbl - al a time.
The jury returned a verdict of death
bv misadventure.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Rclkf���Permanent Care
LIVER PILLS nc vcr jfdmf/yS*
(ail.   Purely veijet-   jralSorffff  I  ^s^^
ahl.' -act surely      ansa* .*.(, "* ��� ������^--   v*
but gently
I lie liver.
Slop alter
cure indi-*
gettion���improve tire completion��� brighten
lhe eyes. Small Pill, Small liose, Small nice.
Genuine must bear Signature
The Unwritten Law Viewed in France
From Standpoint of Approval
Paris, Prance,���The assize court
at Dijon, tried a fanner named Ernest
Qauthier for the murder of a neighbor
named Fufey, whom he surprised with
his wife. Guuthler dealt his rival
two blows with a spade and tin- man
died the next day. The farmer also
attacked hla wife and then gave himself up to the police. Mine, tlauth-
ier committed suicide a few d.*jys
At the trial, tlie judge mildly reproached Oauthier, and informed blm
that It. would have been ea3y for him
lo obtain a divorce.
Addressing the jury, the public
prosecutor s..id: Give him a few weeks
in prison, a few days for the principle.
After examining the facts and emphasising the shortcomings of the dead
woman, he concluded; Having regard
to all Ihe circumstances, would it not
bo bettor for you to exercise your
sovereign right and pardon the accused?
The jury after a brief deliberation
brought in a verdict of acquittal.
They Wanted to Hear It
Now, children, said the teacher to
her kindergarteu class, I want you all
to be very quiet, so quiet in fact, that
you could hear a pin drop.
Everything had quieted down nicely
and the teacher was about to speak
when a little voice in the rear of the
school room squeaked forth: Go
ahead, plea.se, teac'.ier, and let her
Jurist  Has   Terrible    Struggle    With
Camorrlst He Had Just Sentenced
Naples.���All attempt has recently
been made by a I'animorist prisoner
to strangle a judge at the Naples
criminal court recently. Two members of the Neapolitan Camorra, Spal-
anea and Guadagnt, were found
guilty of theft, and were each sentenced to sixteen months' Imprison-
Immediately sentence was pronounced the prisoner Guadagni, a man of
Herculean proportions, felled the two
carablnlerl who were on guard and
escaped from the iron cage in which
he was confined. He dashed toward
the judge, and blacked the eye ot a
I lawyer who attempted to stop him,
I while two ushers each received a blow
on Ihe nose.
There was a wild stampede from
the court, and the president rose and
wrapped himself in his roboa as
though uncertain whether to beat a
retreat. The infuriated Camorrlst
Clambered up to the judicial bench j
with amazing agility, and seized Ihe
assistant judge nearest to blm, Cav-
aliere Vltelli, by thn throat and attempted to throttle llliu. llnth fell
to the lluor In the desperate struggle,
llarrlslers and policemen endeavored
lo separate them, but several minutes
elapsed before the grip of the prisoner could be released, and the man put
in chains. The unfortunate judge
when released was in a state of collapse.
The Immensity of nature slr'kes
every one with Ihe same awed feeling.
No. it doesn't. 1 look a girl lo the
circus once, and she told me she
thought the hippopotamus was cute.
We offer One Hundred Dollar* Reward
for nny case of Cntnrrh  Hint  cannot be
cured   by   HnllV  Onlnrrh   Cure.
F.   J.   CHENEY   &   CO..   Toledo,   O.
We,   the undersigned,  have  known  V,
J. Cheney for the Inst 15 years, and believe him perfectly honest in all business
transactions nnd financially able to carry
out any obligations mnde by his firm.
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo. O.
Hnll's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces nf the system. Testimonials
sent   free.   Price   76   cents    per   bottle.
Bold by all di'UKRists.
Take Hall s Family Pills for constipation.
Clean Stomach, Clear Mind.���The
stomach is the workshop of the vital
functions and when it gets out of order
lhe whole system clogs in sympathy.
The spirits (lag, the mind droops and
work becomes impossible. Tbe first
care should be lo restore healthful
action of the stomach and the best
preparation for tbat purpose is Parm-
elec's Vegetable Pills. Genernl use
for yoars has won them a leading
plac�� In medicine . A trial will attest
their .value.    i
Doing the right thing is seldom a
sourr* of worry.
The fire of cen.lns U often unable to
make the pot ban.
Mlnard's Liniment Believes Neuralgia.
Cheerful Under Difficulties
If yon make any noise, threatened
the holdup man, I'll stuff this handkerchief in your mouth!
The victim regarded it with a ghastly  smile.
Oh, that's such an old gag, he protested.
Probably there is nothing that will
make a woman quite so happy as the
possession of a thing her rival wants
and can't afford.
To    Feed    Children    and    Get    Good
mmm engineer
29 Broadway, New York.
"I bought some of your GIN PILLS
at Victoria, B.C. last September. Vour
remedy I find, at 60 years of age. to
give perfect relief from the Kidney and
Bladder Troubles incident to one of my
age. 1 urgently recommend OIN PILLS
to friends as being the one thi"g that
does roe good."    E. O. WOODKORD,
.toe. a l)ox, ij fnr $2.50. Money trick
if GiN PIL-tSfail. .Sample free if you
Write National Drug and Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limited, Toronto. 131
The Shirker
If you don'l do your share of work!
in the world the chances are thai
some one else will have Lo do il for
you. lliit you won't draw his over-
lime or seciin hla promotions, or
those ihat might have been yours had
you tried. There is a good deal of
justice In the world, regardless of
what the croakers and malcontents
may tell you, and the shirker, in
dodging his work, misses his pay,
which goes to ii heller man who will
probably prosper and he called a thief
hecause he attended to business and
was industrious and polite. His compensation lies in the knowledge of
work well done, as well as the material reward, and somewhat, perhaps,
in the fact that the opinion of his detractors may not be so Important after
W.   N.   U.   943
British and French Navies Unite
Ostend. Holrrlum.���Flotillas of British and French torpedo boats, destroy-
era and submarines are carrying oul
a series of night tnanouvers In cooperation, In the English channel,
The commanders of the flotillas aro
following common plan^ of action nnd
there Is a frequent exchange of wireless messages  between  lhe vessels.
There are more nervous persons
made so hy undigested food lying in
the Stomach than the average Individual  WOllld  suppose.
If food remains undigested In the
stomach, il begins to l'erinenl, set up
gas and a largo portion is llius converted Into poison.
Thai's   why   Imperfectly   digested
food, may, and ofien does, cause Irritation of the nerves and stupor of lhe
mind���brttln and nerves are really poisoned.
"My daughter had complained for
some time of a distressed feeling in
the stomach, after eating, which set
me thinking thai her diet was not
right." writes an anxious and intelligent, mother.
"She had been fond of cereals, but
had never tried drape-Nuts. From
reading the account of this predlgested
food, It seemed reasonable to try
Grape-Nuts for her case.
"The results were really wonderful
The little brain lhat seemed at tim"S
unable to do its work, took on new
life and vigor. Every morning, now,
before going to school, she eats the
crisp little nior="ls and is now completely and entirely well, she seems to
have a new lease on life���no more
distress in the stomach, nor headache
but <*ound and well everyway." Name
given by Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Ont. Read "The Road to Well-
vill**." In pkgs.
"There's a lien ion."
Ever re-id the ihove letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true nnd full of human
Weather Wise
In a certain town the local forecaster of the weather was so often wrong
tbat his predictions became a standing
joke, to his no small annoyance, for
he was very sensitive. At length,
in despair of living down his reputation, he asked headquarters bo transfer
him to another station.
A brief correspondence ensued.
Why, asked headquarters, do you
wish to he transferred?
Because, Ihe forecaster promptly
replied, the climate doesn't agree with
When buying your Piano insist on having an
Piano Action
We only handle property of sterling
merit, on wnlcli Wfe are prepared to
guarantee profits.
and "DEER LODGE" properties nre
good investments. We want a good
agent to represent us in every town.
For terms apply,
Sterling  Bank  Building,  Winnipeg
"Don't waste time writing if you
do not mean business."
Look for the signature ot IU. W. GROVE.
Cures a Cold In One Day.   Cures' Grip
.11 Two Days.    25c.
Mr. Badgerton is here, sir, said the
chief clerk.    Shall I show him In?
No, replied the great organizer, let
him wait in the ante-room for about
three-quarters of an hour. He has a
big proposition, but I am anxious to
keep him from getting the idea that
I consider it worth while.
The indications of worms are restlessness, grinding of the teeth, picking of the nose, extreme peevishness,
often convulsions. Under these
conditions the best remedy that can
be got is Miller's Worm Powders.
They will attack the worms as soo-i
as administered and will grind them
to atoms that pass awnv in the evacuations. The little BUfferc* will he
immediately ease,] and a return of the
attack will not be likely.
No Encouragement
Parson (to workman who keeps taking nips from his bottle)���Mo you
know, my man, I never tasted splri's
In my life.
Workman���No. an' you ain't a-going
lo begin 'en* neither.
Mrs. Winslow's Sootiiino sykup hare bee*
Med [or over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS of
is the best remedy for DIAKRHCHA. It 15 absolutely harmless. Be sure and ask for " Mra. ���
Winslow's Soothing Svrup," and take so other
kind.  Twenty-five cents a bottle.
If you feel OUrOFSOKlS"RL,N DOWh'urGOT'lHr: hl.UKS"
write for my FREE book, the most 1n�� thuctive;
It U'l lhe remedy lor vou* own ailment. Don't aeml acent.
AbaolulelrFRCE. No'lollowup'clrcnlara. OS LXCLUMT
MEU.Co.HAVSKS10CKK0.tlAMl-*,l*Ai>, Lost)u:.,tiru��,
A  Soft Answer
You seem to be an able-bodied man.
Vou ought to he strong enough to
1 know, nnim, And yon seem to be
beautiful enough to go on lhe stage,
hut evidently you prefer lhe simple
Maypole Soap
Gives tich, even
colon, tree bom
��Ueaki and absolutely last. Does nol
���lain hands or kettles
24 colors, will give
any shade. Colors
10c, black 15c, al
your dealer's or
post - paid witli
booklet "How to
Dye " Irom
Whenever the weather man does-
turn oul an art.lele guaranteed to suit
some Storm or oilier comes along and
spoils  It.
A woman with a secrel sorrow never
rests until It Is known.
You enn get most of the things yOtl
want by working hard for Ihem.
Tl*? nt T?$ Ttr1vKh *IMH>R7 '�����* colreeta the ���rft-MMa
M*.u Si.' �� y (.-cries of dlajessc���sipreiuls dura wvr.r
otii iood UiMl plilMKU us wit*, typhoid.
rjivfth Its bill tmjscts Into
I OUT     TC.ilS      lalAJUiaJilA-
WE AltE all exposed to such dancers��� our only armor ia good red
blood! Let your stomach he of good digestion, your liver active
and yo.ir lunt>s full of good pure air anil you don't surrender to nny of the dfaeaae.
bcanng perms. The best known tonic nnd alterative, that corrects a torpid liver,
and heips digestion no Uiat good blood is manufactured and the uyatem nouribhed, u>
pile's G��MS3 Medical
This famonR medicine has b��>en Bold by medicine dpalera in its liquid form for
over forty years, giving great RatiafacUon. If you prefer you can now obtnin Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Diacovery tablets of your drupgist at $1.00, also in 50c ei��e
or by mail���semi 50 one-cent stamps, P..V. Pierce, M. D., Buffalo, N.Y., for trial bot*
fm"*mcl vnno nf 7 ifn ere fufly and pwpwlyarisw-ared in the PeopleVMedical Ad-
tyUViSltUnX ifl k\jllb wMer by u^ pia-reo, m. D. All the knowlcrlsre n ymmt
manor womftn, wife or daofhter should have, l�� contained in this biff Home Doctor Ik.-^
containing 1008 pnKfw with i,nf,mvM\Kft bourni in cloth, i*nt free to anyoM Sanding iu uu��**
oant nut ii* pa to prepay mat of wn.t>p.ii�� And poauLge, THE COURTENAY REVIEW, COURTENAY, B. C.
Booklet "Distemper;
All druggists, Imrnesi
sai.k nia'f.iiis'i's.
is.'s. Cure and Prevention," FREE,
alera,    Distributors���ALL. WHOLE
SPOHN   MEDICAL CO., Goshen,  Indiana.  U.S.A.
He  Knew
Tommy, said bis mother, what would
you like to give your cousin Willie
for his birthday.
I know what I'd like to give him.
answered Tommy, who bad been bullied by the other boy, bul 1 ain't bis
' I Mlnard's Liniment for sate everywhere.
The Housekeeper
Vou an* very low, observed the wea
Idler mnn.
Yea, replied the official thermometer, regretfully, I Ci ar 1 have lalteu
a drop too much.
Eddy's Indurated Tubs allow tlie water to retain heat longer
and never rust. Being - ade In one seamless piece cannot splinter
and so the danger of snagged fingers and torn clothes Is eliminated.
Used   in   conjunction  wllh
Hard Work
So vou have a city Job. have you'
Don't have to do any work, 1 bud-
I don'l, eh? 1 hnve lo get my pa*
warrant every month nnd sinn 11 and
gel It cashed.
I >i ':    in   cunjuncuun   wnn I   m mmmrn iS       9 fit,
Eddy's Washboards  ("^e Only Cure
... J  ��� I for P��!e��
Washday   Loses  Half Its Terrors
Why he was Glad An  Example!
The wan wlvh tilte long beard stood j Woalth doowi'i always bring happl-
peu'slvelj :ii the curbing gazing at ness, remarket the youngster with
he passing traffle In the street. the large spectacles,
1 bull with deHgh! the advent of the Naw, asserted Ihe oilier k'd. Look
niHiiinoi lir, In' muttered aloud, fori nl. mo cousin yonder. He's gol two
no longer need I fear crossing the cents, and he can'l deelde between
street lesl some hungry   horse   mis-   lollipops and ot.ew.ug sum.
takeo tne [or u walking hale of hay.   -������  ���-
 ,  Young man (whispering to jeweller)
,Mln.r?i"l's Liniment Cure3 Dandruff.     ! Thai  engagement   ring  I  bought  of
 .  yon yesterday���
Tl.*i pi'* trusl would retire from the     Jeweller -What's iho matter with It.I
field vanquished nnd binding tip the Didn't it (it
���rounds  t"  Its  pocketbook  won-  the      Young man (cautiously')���-Sh! it did
women to fighl  it  with the kind of.  no!  have a chance.     Gimme studs |
joles that mother used io make, i for it.
When You Get ^^
Run Down
���cit,-h cold easily �����nd dread.   Instead  of
enJoying,thekeenwinterweather���thenyou i.t'.d
Na-Dru-Co Tasteles
Preparation of
Cod Liver 02
This Na-Dru-Co Compound embodies the well known nutritive and
curative elements of Cod Liver Oil���Hypophosphites to build up tha
nerves��� Extract of Wild Cherry to act on ihe lungs and bronchial tube3 ���
and Extract of Mftlt, which, besides containing valuable nutnmenl itself,
helps Ibe weakened digestive organs to assimilate other food.
The ditKRreeable taste of raw Cod Liver Oil is entirely abient,
and the Compound is decidedly pleasant to take. In rvC. and $1 CO
bullies, at your Druggist's.
Writes Mr. Taylor in Telling His
Experience With I?'.'. Chase's
The muu    who    lives    beyond    his
.means   pays for It, if not in cash,
A plrl Who knows she Is pretty likes I
dto have her suspicions corroborated.
ESjauc run
are best for nursing
mothers because they do
not affect the rest of tho
6ystem. Mild but sure. 23c.
a box at your druggist's.
!MRS.       E.     J.     TALBOT      TELLS
! She  Had  Rheumatism,  Lumbago, and
I     Neuralgia   and   Found   the   Remedy
She Was Looking for in Dodd's Kidney Pills.
��)ON'T waste your (imo figuring
out why tv black lien lays :i
white egg. Get busy nnd jump
into your LEATHER LAUi.I.
cOVHR-HAULiS au��l get the egg.
.. THE -
Leather* Label
.High  Grade Amtrican Over-Hauls,
Tear 1ttls out and mall It to u�� with
.your name and address and we wl'l sand
/ou ona of our colebratsd CORN COB
Hamilton, Ont. (Special).��� "I know,
there are a lot of people who suffer i
and do not know what, will cure them.
Dodd's Kidney Pills will."
These are the words of Mrs.  R. J.
Talbot who resides at 2!)3 Wellington j
street, north this city.       And    airs.
Talbot speaks out of her own experience.
"Last July I was very sick," Mrs.
Talbot continues. "My heart bothered me, my limbs \ er? heavy, and I
had a dressing sensation across the
loins. Rheumatism, lumbago nnd
neuralgia added to my sufferings, and
the doctor I called in did not help mc
"I finally decided to try Dodd's
Kidney Pills. I have used seven
boxes and I am so much stronger and
better that I feel 1 liiual recommend
tlieni to others."
Mrs. Talbot's complication of troubles all eanie from sick kidneys.
That's why Dodd's Kidney Pills cured
them. For Dodd's Kidney Pills are
no cure-all. They s'mply cure kld-
nov disease of nny kind. They never
fail  to do that.
���Town Prov..
lour dealer's inline	
Town I'l'ov..
It keeps your "White Clothes" looking
Just like Now.
It dous not Spot or Streak the clothes
M thore Is no settling,
It is the "Handiest Kind" to use.
It Is Guaranteed to give Perfect Satisfaction or money Cheerfully Refunded.
and Prov* II
for Yourself*
A ic cent package 1 I .I.Mi limit
6 month;,, as it
blues >s Good
Size Washings
' "JpR Blue is much better
than any other." Miss
Thomson, Belmont, Man,
"J-R Bine is an Excellent
Bin*, Superior to other
Blues." Mrs. Frank J.
Moore, Conn, Out.
HJ-R Blue is the best
Blue I ever used." Mrs. W,
Switzcr, Brandon, Man.
The Johnson*
RIcliiiriiBot. Co.
Montrt-ul, ('an.
Of Course
Oh, Helen! Suppose I should fain*
some time, and I should come to In
tome young man's arms! What would
I do?
Why, Margareti keep your eyeH
closed of course.
The good health of biihy depends
entirely upon whether Ills ?/omaoli anil
bowels arc kept right or not. Keep
tin.' bowels working regularly and the
llllle sumach sweet ami baby will lie
well and happy. To do Mils use
Baby's Own Tablets���'Jiey on* a gentle'
laxative nnd have no equal. Mrs.
Chas. 1/iiplt'iTc, l.cs Monies, Quo.,
pays: "I hnve found Baby's Own Tablets very good for my baby and they
kept hlni In good health." The Tablets arc sold by medicine dealers or
by nm'l al 25 cents n box from The
Dr, Williams' Medicine Co., Brook-
vlllc, Ont.
Because Dr. Chase's Ointment
brings almost Immediate relief from
the dreadful itching, burning, stinging sensations of piles, it is well worth
the attention of everyone suffering
from this annoying disease.
In most cases, even after years of
standing, Dr. Chase's Ointment makes
a thorough and lasting cure of itching,  bleeding and protruding piles.
Mr. Maxwell Taylor, Charlottetown,
P.E.I., writes : "To all sufferers from
oiles In any form I would recommend
Dr. Chase's Ointment as lhe only cure.
Over a year ago while in Boston I
became afflicted wllh a dreadful itching. I Went to a doctor, who gave
me some ointment, which made me
no better. A friend advised the use
of Dr. Chase's Ointment, and by the
use of two boxes I was entirely cured. You may publish this statement
In order that other sufferers may
profit by my experience."
Dr. Chase's Ointment can better
prove its value by the relief it affords
than by all the words we could use
n Its praise. HO cents a box, all
lealers, or Edmanton, Bates & Co.,
Limited,   Toronto.
In the spring lhe young mint's fancy
gets a hunch thai he will have to get
busy or there won't be any summer
clothes for him.
The sun may shine tomorrow, but
that wont serve as an umbrella today .
Could Hardly Live for Asthma.
Writes one niiiii who after years of
suffering has found relief through Dr.
,T. I). Kellogg's Asthma Remedyi
Now he knows how needless bas been
Ills suffering. This matchless remedy gives sure help to all afflicted
with asthma. Inhaled as smoke or
vapor 11 brings the b��lr> so long needed. Every dealer has I' or can get
ii for you from his wtiplesalsr.
W.   N.  U.  943
Ind-rd Who,Would?
Listen to tills, w'l'ey, said Mr.  line
by,  looking  up  front  his  newspaper
I For every missionary sen   abroad last
veur,  America  suit   1,489  gallons  of
Msrcltful      goodness!      exclaimed
wli'y, who'd ever think missionaries
I were sueii drinkers?
A Jolly
Good Day
A Good Breakfast
Try a dish of
tomorrow morning,
These sweet, til ill bits made from
Indian Torn are cooked, toasted and
sealed in Unlit packages without
the touch of human hand.
They reach yon frech ami crisp
���ready to eat from the package ny
adding cream or mill,- and a sprinkling of stijar. If desired.
Toasties are a jolly good dish���
Made by Pure Food Factories of
Canadian Pow-uid Cereal Company,
l.t/l , Windsor. Ont.
Gas Engine Oil
Used and recommended by the leading
engine builder* all over the country.
Keeps its body at high temperatures.
Equally good for external bearings.
Harvester Oil
A heavy, short-cut oil for farm machinery. Insures the least possible friction
and wear. Moisture and changes of temperature do not affect it,
��/ Dorado Castor Machine Oil   Mica Axle Grease
Capitol Cylinder Oil Silver Star Engine Kerosene
Thresher Hard Oil Imperial Motor Gasoline
Stock carried at 300 tank and warehouse
stations in Western Canada. For addresses,
price lists, etc., write any agency.
Main Office:
Refill, Mmm J��w, SukitoM, Cilfuy,
EdnoitM, UlUridie, Vucsner
Then He Went Home
The young man sat and sat and
tallied and talked,
About 11.30 lie sang: Love, I'm doing Away.
The young lady showed interest tor
the tlrst  time since S.3I).
When do >on start? she Inquired.
It is easier to be foolish than dignified, and sometimes it pays just as
There may be other corn cures, but
Holloway's Com  Cure stands at the
head of the list so far as results are
Oxygen, oxygen, madam. Thai Is
what you need, said the eminent specialist, Come every afternoon for
vour Inhalations. '1 nej will cost you
$5 each.
I knew our family physician didn'l
understand my   case,   declared   ihe
fashionable patient,     ii" told me a
I needed was plain, fresh air.
Win te male s hnste-
'. the poorhousf),
In '.be direction The Royal Bank of Canada
Deposits of $i   ar.d Upwards  Received  and  Interest
allowed at Current Rates
onJAHJthe Principal Towns in  Canada, the United
States and Europe
R. H. HARDWICKE     -     -   MANAGER
The Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly  Newspaper,   Published  at
Courtenay, B. C.
N. 11. Bodkn, Bdltor and Proprietor
Subscription Si 60 per Year in Advance
Local Lines
Mrs. Daniel has gone to Vancouver to
meet ber daughter, who is coming Innn
the Old Country-
On Monday morning Harry Hardy,
aged 53, was killed at Camp 4 by being
hit ill lhe chest witli a heavy block. The
conouer's jury found a verdict of accidental death, The funeral took place
[ruin Sutton K: Kirkwood's parlors yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Miss Alice Beaton is visiting in
One Friday evening Inst a wrestling match was pulled off in the
Opera House, between Alex Swan-
son of Nanaimo nnd Young Forbes
of Campbell River. As a curtain
riser a boxing exhibition was given
by J. Potter and young Goodern,
of Cumberland' which was declared
a draw. Just before the wrestling
match started a challenge was read
by the Referee Andy Thompson
from Benny Reece, offering a match
to the winner. Tlie boys put up a
good exhibition although Swanson
was the heavier and more agressive
after n 1-2 minutes of strenuous
work he got tlie first fall with a
hamnierlock. Forbes went off the
mat holding his shoulder. In tlie
second round some clever work was
doue by both, but Swanson again
turned the trick in 13 minutes. The
music for the occasion was furnished
by "Chubby," and it was good
music too.
General Store
We Invite Vour Inspection of Our
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods
New Goods Coming in on Kvcry Root
Prices as Low as tlie Lowest
Chas. H. Pigott
A garden party and sale of useful and fancy articles, will be held
on Tuesday June 24th in Mrs. Card-
weirs garden. Afternoon tea and
ice cream will be served, Contributions of articles for sale, cakes,
sweets, etc., thankfully received by
members  of the church.
The Vicar, churchwardens and
congregation of Holy Trinity, Cumberland arc to be complimented on
the improvements lately added to
the sacred edifice. These include
a small but tasteful belfry, and inside the building a pulpit and enlargement of chancel and sanctuary.
There will be evensong at Holy
Trinity church on Sunday next at
7 p. 111.
Kodak���The dependable film.
Sold only at Peacey's Drug   store.
A monster sports day will be
held in tlie Courtenay Agricultural
grounds on Tuesday July 1st. This
is our national holiday and will be
fittingly celebrated by the citizens.
The committee in charge of the
events will spare no pains or expense to make it a day long to be
remembered. Watch for posters
and prize lists.
Buy Your Watches, Clocks,
Jewelery, Cut Glass and Silverware from the man who
knows all about them
Repairs to Watches, Jewelery
and Spectacles promptly attended to
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Always on the job
Watchmaker and Jeweler
New Townsite, Comox Harbor
With its snowclad mountains ill the background, sea and green
fields in the foreground it makes a picture worth painting
Watch It Grow
we have lots aud acreage for sale.
Don't delay seeing us
British Columbia Investments
Vancouver Island Farms and Acreage Specialists
Novelties in Ties and
l.ntist  novelties iu  ladies silk crochet
ties  with  tassels,   stuck  collars, jabots
and frills
Ladies Whitewear
Showing this week n complete range nf
ladies wuitevtcar, Special value in ladies
corset covers, in tint' white cambric
trimmed with vnlencienes lace uud
-insertion, 25c. enclt
Specials in Fancy Belts
Udies fancy silk nnd elastic belts In all
i >rs,     Specialties  in    belies  Norflok
patent  belts.   A large  range to clioost
from, also  Misses and childrens in nil
Ladies Wash Suits
We invite vour inspection to our new line
of Indies tailored wash suits,   They come
in Copenhagen, Resida and Champagne!]
Values from $3.50 to SS..iO
Dress Goods
All leading shades in whipcords, bedford
cords, Panamas, amazon cloth and serges,
with dress accssorics to match in silk
fringes, beaded insertions and gimps, all-
over laces and ruchiugs
One-Piece Dresses
Ladies   one-piece-dresses in white and
colors, form $3.50 to 58.50
Tailored Shirtwaists
Newest  designs  in   ladies  blouses  and
tailored shirtwaists, from .$1.25 to $3.50
Middy Blouses
Misses middy blouses in navy ami white
and red and white $1.75 to $2.25
Dresses and Pinafores
Misses and childrens colored dresses and
pinafores in all sizes from 75c. to $2,50
Wash Goods
Novelty patterns in fancy dJess muslins;
plain .���mil bordered chambrays and
zephyrs, ginghams. In all shades. Piques,
bedford cords, ducks panainas and mercerised cottons from 15c. to 35c, per
Men's Dept.
Our mens department is fully stocked
witli summer wearables, summer suits,
panama, straw aud linen hats with large
and medium crowns, leather sweat-band
anil ribbon triiumedj coolest and most
comfortable underwear for these hot davs;
lisle and silk hose all shades; a large
range of outing shirts, they include self-
colored in tan, blue, white and grey, also
fancy and plain with coloted stripes,
some having soft detachable collars and
cuffs. Ties galore. Belts for till, designs and colors, ,etc> etc.
A shipment of working shirts and gloves
Are the Best
We invite your inspection, to our new
arrivals of men's
fancy shirts, in all the
latest styles ana
Men's cotton, light
woollen, silk, merinio
and union underwear
See our new coatless
vStill to the  front in
tailored suits, manufactured  by the Art Tailoring Co.,
Limited, of Toronto
500 Sacks of Crushed Oats and a boat load of Hay
will arrive this week
Phone F 81 Courtenay
Mind   The   Corner   Store
This Week's Specials
Post Toasties, to introduce this delicacy, 3 packages for 25c.
Corner Store Tea, our own blend, 3 pounds for $1.25
Enamelware, magnificent display
Boots and Shoesf another consignment jus, in
Seeds, Oats. Clover, Timotuy, Etc.
Quick Delivery
First Class Quality
5X off for Cash
Telephone 4
The Corner Store
Parkin Bros.
Potter's Pool Room
J. POTTER, Proprietor
 ! .	
C.  W.   Shannon
Estimates Furnished Pree cjf Charge
Shannon Block,     Courtenay
J.   E.   ASTON
Basement Willard Mock
I/Oggers Boots and Shoes Made
Repairing  Neatly  and  Promptly   Done
If you want pictures framed,
cabinet or sign worK done, go to
TheLadtes Aid of the Presbyterian church intend holding their
annual strawberry festival on June
27, iu Fechner's hall. Besides,
strawberries there will be a high
class program.
The Corner store has been further
enlarged by the addition of a shoe
parlour, affording that space and
privacy which is essential to an up-
to-date store.
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.    Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R. MCcui.sh, Prop.
Grantham Sawmill
Will be ready June 1
to furnish all kinds of
Rough   and   Dressed
Your patronage solicited!
Grantham Sawmill Co.
A meeting of the patrons and shareholders of the Creamery will be called
on Thursday, June 19, 1913, to obtain
permission to sell shares. The Directors
wish to refund the government loan of
51,500 that was obtained when Creamery
lirst started operations.
it is also considered desireable to increase the capital of the Association for
the purpore of handling feed for the
If you are interested kindly atteud.
The meeting will be held in the Agricultural hall at 8 p.m. All interested in
co-operative feed buying are invited to
Yours respectfully,
Comox Creamery Association, J,td.
per R. U. Hurford,
Secretary-Treasurer THE  COURTENAY   REVIEW.   COURTENAY.   B. C.
/fljl   Booklet "Dlstemi
J^j7    All druggists, I
i>i;t tailSTS.
'juis.'s, Cure ami Pretention," KUKK.
dealers.   Dlsti'lbutot's- Al.l. Wlim.iv
Goshen, Indiana, U.S.A.
He Knew
Tommy, said his mother, whnt would
you llko to sdve your cousin Willie
for his birthday.
I know whal I'd Ulte to give him,
answered Tommy, who had been bullied by tha other boy, bul I ain't .big
The Housekeeper
Eddy's Indurated Tubs allow the water to retain heat longer
and never rust. Being ' ade In one seamiest! piece cannot splinter
nnd so lha danger of intggtd flmjerB and torn clothes Is eliminated.
Used   tn  conjunction  wllh
i Mlnard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
Vou an* very low. observed the wea-l
j bher man,
I Yes, replied tin* official thermome-
', ter, P'n'reit'idly. I iVar 1 have taken
| a drop i��" much.
Hard Work
Bo vou have u city Job, have you']
|      YOB,
Don'l have to do any work, I sup- \
\ pose?
I    i don't, rh? 1 have In get my nay j
I warrant every month and sign it nml i
I j gel li cashed,
... jfrijyaij
U'*' ii    'ii   conjunction   w,i,i ������     f s-smm g\       a g%
Eddy's Washboards     The0"Iy^e
Washday   Ixw.s   Half  Its Terrors
. WMWkWtkVwmmtxxsQ �����������n,w��TOf<w'?**'^^
for Piles"
When You Get
Run Down
-���catch cold easily ���a'td dr-ad.  1 ��� i :i t��" a ti cf
ea;oyuig, the keen winter weather���then you :.e<.d
Na-Dru-Co Tasteless
Preparation of
Cod Liver Oil
This Na-Dru-Co Compound embodies tho weU-known nutritive and
curative elements of Cod Liver Oil-Hypophosphites to build i.p tho
nervi". Extract of Wild Cherry to act on the lungl and bronchial tubes -
nnd Extract of Malt, which, besides containing Valesbi". nutriment tiue.f,
helps tho weakened digeMive organs to assimilate other foud.
Tbe diwgrrriible tafte of raw Cod Liver Oil ia entirely absent,
nnd Ihe Compound Is decidedly pleasant lo take. In 5Cj. and $1 -.0
buttles, at your Druggist'.. ,io&
Why he was Clad
The man with blio long henril Blood
pensively  ul   the  curbing  gazing  nl
h" passing irallii' In tilia stroel ���
I hall with il Ii'li' tlu* tvdvonl ot tin?
automotVlp, ho niuttored aloud, (or
no io11l\i r a," ,1 I feat croa&ln ', tho
itreei lo*si some hungry horse mistaken Ino for n wnlking bale of hay.
Mlnittrd'l  Liniment  Cures  DjndrulT.,
Tl ����� pic 11 a*-: would retire from the
field vanquished and binding up the
���.voihhIs to Its pocketbook were iii"
women to Rghl i: with the Itlnd of
jjiles thai, mother used :o make.
The man who lives beyond hi.--,
wean*   pays for it, If nol in cash.
A girl who knows she Is pretty likes
,'o have her suspicions corroborated.
An Example
Wi alMi doas.n'1 always bring happl-
ni'sti,  reniarki I  the  youugsier  with
J Uie large spoctach s.
Naw, assorted lhe other k'd. Look
al me oousiln yonder,     He's i;oi two
! coiub, and  lis can'l  decide  between
, lollipops  and  i in wing gum.
Young man (whispering to jewelh r)
���Thai engagement ring I bought of
i you yesterday���
.Teweller���-What's the matter with it.
' Didn't  it  li!
; ���  Young man (cautiously)��� Sh! It did
: no!  have a chance.     Qlnime  studs
for it.
Writes Mr. Taylor i n Telling His
Experience With Dr. Chase's
MRS.       ���.     J.     TALBOT      TELLS
ire best for nursing
mothers because they do
not affect the rest of the
system. Mlldbutsure. 25c.
a box tt your druggist's.
DON'T waste your time .igurlnj
out why a black hen lays a
-tvliite egg. Gi't busy and jump
.OVER-HAULS ftiul get the egg.
She Had Rheumatism, Lumbago, and
Neuralgia and Found the Remedy
She Was Looking for in Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Leather Label
High  Grade American Over-Haul*,
Tear turn out and mall It to ua wUh
��� your narrto and arldre*.-. and we wl'l tend
you kiiI our celebrated CORN COB
���Town 1'rov	
���your desler'i name	
Town Plov	
j Hamilton, Ont. (Special) .���"I know
tin re are a lot of people who suffer
and do not know wlint will cure them.
Dodd's Kidney Pills will."
These'are the words nf Mrs K. .1.
Talbot who resides at 293 Wellington
street north this city. And tvlrs..
Talbot speaks out of her own experience.
"Last July 1 was very sick," Mrs.
Talbot continues. "My heart bothered me, my limbs \ are heavy, and I
had a dragging sensation across the
loins. Rheumatism, lumbago and
neuralgia added tn my sufferings, and
the doctor I called In did not help ni"
"I filially decided to try Dodd's
Kidney Pills. I have used seven
boxes and 1 am so much stronger and
better lhat 1 feel 1 must recommend
them to others."
Mrs. Talbot's complication of troubles all came front sick kidneys.
That's why Dodd's Kidney Pills cured
them. For Dodd's Kldn��y l'ills are
no cure-all. They s'mply cure kitl-
npv disease of any kind. They never
fail to do that.
Because Dr. Chase's Ointment
brings almost immediate relief from
the dreadful Itchin?, burning, stinging sensations of piles, it is well worth
the attention of everyone suffering
from this annoying disease.
In most cases, even after years of
standing, Dr. Chase's Ointment makes
a. thorough and lasting cure of Itching,  bleeding and  protruding piles.
Mr. Maxwell Taylor, Chnrlottetown,
P.E.I.. writes : "To al! sufferers from
piles in any form I would recommend
Dr. Chase's Ointment as the only cure.
lOver a year ngo while In Boston I
became afflicted with a dreadful itching. I went to a doctor, who gave
me some ointment, whjch mnde me
no better. A friend advised the use
of Dr. Chase's Ointment, and by the
use of two boxes I was entirely cured. You may publish this statement
In order that other sufferers may
profit by my experience."
j     Dr.  Chase's   Ointment    can   better
i prove Its value by the relief it affords
than  by all the words we could use
i n its praise. 60 cents a box, all
lealers,  or  Kdmanton,  Bates & Co.,
' Limited,  Toronto.
it keeps your "White Clothes" looking
Just, like Neve.
It does not Spot or Streak the clothes
as there Is no settlinK.
It. Is the "Kandiu&t Kind" tn use.
It )sGuaranteed to give Pertect Satisfaction or money Cheerfully Refunded.
LISTEN!     try it,
than any other." Miss
Thomson, Belmont, Man.
"J-R Bind ia an Excellent
Blue. Superior to other
Elii*****-.." Mrs. Frank J.
Moore, Conn, Ont.
"J-R Blue is the best
Bine I ever used," Mrs. W,
Sv/iUer, Brandon, Man.
���nd Prove ft
lor Yourself.
A locentpack-
age lastsabont
ti months, as it
blues 35 Good
S'Ze Washings
Manufactured by
The Johnson-
Kkliar.ii-un Co.
Montit-ul, Ctn.
w. n. u. 943
Of Course
Oh, Helen! Suppose I should falnl
seine time, and I should come to In
seme young mail's arms! What would
I do?
Why, Margaret, keep your eyes
closed ol' course.
The good health of baby depends
entirely upon whether his s'oniaeih and
bowels are kept rlghl or not. Keep
the bowels working regularly ami the
little stomach swoel and baby will lie
well and happy. To do tills use
Baby's Own Tablets���'hey are a gentle
laxative nnd have no equal, Mrs.
Chas. I.aplerre, Lea Bottles, Que.,
says: "1 havi. found Baby's Own Tablets very good for tnv baby and they
kept him in good health." The Tablets are sold by med'clne floaters or
by mail at 2r, cents a box- Tram Tbe
Dr, Williams' Medicine Co.. Brook-
villp, Ont.
. In Hip spring the young man's fancy
I gets a hunch that he will have to get
I busy or there won't be any summer
I clothes for him.
The sun may s!rn�� tomorrow, but
that won t serve as an umbrella today.
Could Hardly Live for Asthma.
Writes one man who after years of
suffering has round relief through Dr.
.1. D. KoUogg'l Asthma Remedy.
Now he knows how needless has been
his suffering. This matchless remedy gives sure help to all afflicted
with asthma. Inhnl'd as smoke or
vapor V brings the help so long needed. Every dealer has it or can get
it for you from his wholesaler.
Indted Who Would?
Listen to this, wlfey, said Mr. Hub
by, looking up from his newspaper
Kor every missionary sen' abroad lasl
year,  America  sent 1,460  gallons of
Morr'iful goodness! eyclnlm"d
wlfey, whr.'d ever think missionaries
were such drinkers?
A Jolly
Good Day
A Good Breakfast
Try a dish of
tomorrow morning.
These sweet, thin bits made from
Indian Corn are cooked, toasted and
sealed in iisht packages without
the touch of human hand.
They reach you fresh a'nl crisp
���ready to eai from the package by
adding cream or milk and a sprinkling of sugar, if desired.
Xousties are a Jolly stood disli���
Made  by  Tare  Food  Factories  of
Canadian PoKuni Cereal company,
1,1/1.. Windsor. Out.
Gas Engine Oil
Used and recommended by the leading
engine builders all over the country.
Keeps its body at high temperatures.
Equally good for external bearings.
Harvester Oil
A heavy, short-cut oil for farm machinery. Insures the least possible friction
and wear. Moisture and changes of temperature do not affect it.
Mica Axle Grease
Silver Star Engine Kerosene
Imperial Motor Gasoline
El Dorado Castor Machine Oil
Capitol Cylinder Oil
Thresher Hard Oil
Stock carried at 300 tank and warehouse
stations in Western Canada. For addresses,
price lists, etc., write any agency.
Main Office:
Rtfiu, Mmm Jew, SuktlMi, Cal|��ry,
EaaottN, Letttridft, Vucener
Then He Went Home
The  young  man  sat and  sat
talked and talked.
Aboiii 11,80 he sang: Love, I'm Go-
ins Away.
Tlie young lady showed interest for
the first time since 8.30.
When do you start? she inquired.
It is easier to be fooliih than dignified, and sometimes ii pays just a��
There may be other corn cures, but
Holloway's Corn  Cure stands  at  the
head of the list so far as results are |
Oxygen, oxygen, madam.      That is
what you need, said the eminent specialist.      Come  every    afternoon    for
your Inhalations.     Tney will cost you 1
$5 each.
I knew our family physician dldn I
understand my case, declared the
fashionable patient. He told me all
1 needed was plain, fresh air.
ie makes Inbtc-
in 'he direction
Antiseptic Hand Cleaner
Soften*. Hnd \��t liens tlie- hands removes
the must o'.isliu.i'.e Blallis-���till, grease,
paint, etc,
ASK yon; 1:1.Al.l���������/.*
SNAP rOMPMY. UNITED. Hintresl. *is-
We bej; tn announce that we have just received one of
the finest lines of Undertaking and Embalming Supplies
ever shown  in B. Cm  consisting of  Caskets, Coffins,
Burial Robes, Etc., Etc.
We nre graduates in Anatomy, Sanitary Science, and tlu*
Science of Embalming, and are prepared to do Embalming for Export or Domestic Burial, in the most scientific
manner. Calls answered day or night
Respectfully submitted,
The Furniture & Undertaking Co.
If You get it at PUMLEY'S It's |A11 Right
Have You
Seen Flimley's
Cycle Offer
If the mail has not
brought you Plimley's
Special Cycle Offer
and   the  interesting ���&? 223
Prize Puzzle Competition,  send a post card and
receive your copy
Thos. Plimley
739 Yates St. Victoria, B. C.
T. T. GRIEVES iRiverside Hotel
Builder & Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
Box 124      Courtenay
R. Athey
Contractor and Builder
Plans nml Estimates Supplied
oil Short Notice
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Bar Supplied with the Best Wines
Liquors and Cigars
Travellers Always Made Welcome
O. H. FECHNER, Prop.
Contractors for Land Clearing and
Logging, Etc.
Orders may be left at Beadnell &
Callin's office
Courtenay     -     -     B. C.
CSS  and Cokely & Ferris
Dominion and  B. C.
Land Surveyors
Comox, 15. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
Plastering Contractor
Cement Work a Specialty
Subscribe for The  Review
Sub-division Work
a Specialty
Courtenay  -  B. C.
Palace Livery
& Feed Stable
Horses aud  Buggies for Hire at
Reasonable P.ates
We also attend to wood hauling
P hone 25 Courtenay
Letters to the Editor
Dear Sit:
I After reading the very able and
instructive articles un local conditions that have recently appeared
in these columns by "A member of
the Board of Trade," and hearing
the comments on these articles we
have come to the conclusion that
this is a much more effective method
of rationally discussing the various
questions involved than by stirring
up old animosities in noisy public
meetings, Therefore we beg to
briefly state why we believe it most
expedient to incorporate Coin tentiy
at once.
It was well said at the recent
public meeting that we should give
this subject most careful consideration, and we have carefully studied the proposition from every
possible angle.
We lind that we can fulfill till of
the requirements of the law, as we
have more than the necessary number of male British subjects of mature age resident within the proposed area, so it remains for us to
decide for ourselves as to the expediency of incorporating, Some
seem to fear heavy taxes; but we
find that by taking the government
assessment we will start out with
an assessment of over half a million
and the taxes from that, together
with the income from our own
water works and electric lights.
Oh dear, there we are mixed up
with the notorious water works
question in spite of ourselves. There
are some questions, just like bedbugs, that will force themselves
onto oue regardless of how one may
dodge. "With malice toward none"
we must all admit that just as long
as Courtenay lies helpless in her
cradle, anyone can take candy from
the baby. This happens t* be the
first of the many important undertakings that will present themselves
as Courtenay developes. With no
organization, she was unprepared
but a word to the wise should be
sufficient, aud we ought not to
allow ourselves tobe caught napping
But to return to the matter of the
ciu 's income, we find that without
increasing the assessment at all we
have au income amply sufficient for
all practical purposes, aud that it
will lie entirely with ourselves to
say how this income shall be expended . A' 'Local Improvements''
by-law will throw the burden of
the expense of opening up new
streets on t<5 the property owners
of those streets, so the city need
have no fear of expense from that
As long as the so-called civilized
nations permit the manufacture
and sale of intoxicating liquors, we
shall have to protect ourselves and
our families as best we may from
its contaminating influences. We
must regulate the sale of the poison
and the actions of the poor poisoned
wretches who use it as carefully as
possible. The government has
enough to attend to without regulating our morals, so we must incorporate and thus put ourselves in
a position to act in the matter.
In studying this subject of incorporation we find that those who
arc most strongly iu favor of it are
our most prominent, public spirited,
property holding citizens, whose
only interest in the matter is in the
general good and development of
Courtenay, while it is extremely
obvious, that those who are most
strenuous in tlieir opposition are
trying to shield individual interests.
In order to advance a city, like
a man, must have self-confidence.
Just as love begets love, so confidence begets confidence. We must
furnish Courtenay with her self-
confidence, in order that outside
investors and manufactures will
pick this favorable spot for their
So, looking from the point of
view of the property owner, we are
unreservedly in favor of the immediate incorporation of Courtenay;
as we have found that we have a
sufficient amount of taxable property, and that the public spirited
citizens who are in favor of the
municipal ownership of public utilities are working only for the
general good and prosperity of
Courtenay in advocating incorporation that we may save ourselves
from being robbed.
A Taxpayer.
Dear Sir:
1 have noticed severe! remarks in yonr
valuable paper which show that vou are
alive tn the fact that the Oriental Sines-
lion has "hit" Courtenay, Vim are in
favor'of the total exclusion of Japs, China-
imii nml aliens in general, Vour s oguii
is "Keep Courtenay white." Vou be-
1 lieve that Courtenay slioulil take the
attitude of California. Perhaps souie ol
your fairminded subscribers would like
to hear both sides of the question.
The only Orientals who lmlil any
I stretch of land in this district are the
I Japs. Now if the Japs refused to abide
1 by tile laws of the country, il he was
guilty of insobriety or disorderly conduct
j we would have some reason to hiil him
I return to Japan or u trifle further.    Ilut
j on the contrary the Jap is sober, enter-
I prising, energetic, industrious ami endowed with plenty of writ and  pluck.
These are au array of characteristics which
should be some warrant of good citizenship.
Well, that is one side of the question,
Now lake a look at the other side, what
is the .lap's offense, the crime for which
you would close the nates of the country
to llitu, The Jap's offense, as we all
know, lies in his very Industry. During
the American period of his extstnnce lie
takes uo thought for education, polities
or auythiugexcept money-grubbing, In
Japan he has bceu ground down liy taxes
which make him a virtual slave. When
he comes to this land of promise he does
not adapt himself to his new conditions
of living. Me still keeps at his slavery, and
whose fault is il? Do Canadians try to
make a good citizen of him.' Are the
people of this Valley giving the Japs thai
come here a fair chance to become gootl
citizens? No. They are not. Du the
contrary they are taking advantage of
them. They are paying them low wages
hecause they are willing to take them,
They ar,' charging then high rents he-
cause they are willing to pay them. And
then they are blaming them for working
for wages which a white man cannot
work for and for living as a white man
does not wish to live. Is it right.' Is it
fair? Is it Ilritish? Can we blame the
Japs for looking askance on things
Ilritish when we have given them this
foretaste of Ilritish fair-play.
The question which soon must he answered not by Courtenay alone, hut by
Canadians as a nation, is whether we are
going to take the stand which California
has taken, widen the breach which now
exists between the Kast and West and
make the war-cloud a stern reality, or
whether we arc going to give the little
lap a fair chance to show wnit is in Him,
Young Westerner.
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone i) Courtenay
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cuslne Excellen
Wm. Merryfield
l'n iprletor
If you want pictures framed,
cabinet or sign worK done go to
J. Sutton.
The  Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E.  DALRYMPLE,  Prop.
Manufacturers of
High-Grade Havana Cigars.  "Monarch"
and "Oak Brand"
For Sale at All Hotels
619 Johnson St.        Victoria
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing and
Shoe Shining done by the
Courtenay Cleaners
W. I,. SCOTT, Prop.
Next door to the Butcher Shop
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmeu
None but the BEST   WINES an
LIQUORS at the Bar
Waverley Hotel
Cumberland, n. C.
best of Liquors  and  Cigars,   Hot  and
Colli Water, Baths, etc.
FRANK DALLAS, Proprietor
"Mac's" Billiard
and Pool Room
Basement McPhee Block
Cigars, Tobacco, Soft Drinks
and Candy
5 Passenger Stoddart-Dayton
Motor Car For
A. J. MARSHALL, Owner and Driver*
Phone  36
Union St.     Courtenay
���iumwiin ��� 1.11.- in" ' ^.���..Mi "    1"""if
Jos. Barrie
Dealer in
Choice Fruits,
Soft Drinks
Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland
Tlje Star _
Livery Stable
Livery aud team work promptly attended to.   All kinds of
hauling done
First-Class Buggies for Hire.
Alex. Maxwell, Prop,
Plumbing and Heating a  Specialty
We carry the most complete stock of Hardware
Paints and Oils, Guns, Ammunition and Fishing Tackle in the District
The McClary Manufacturing Co., ' "*l The Albion Stove Works
The Sherwin-Williams Paint and Varnish Co.
A McClary Kootenuy Range or Saskalta delivered anywhere iu Courtenay Valley without extra charge
Buy Your Rangt at Tarbell's. They will deliver and set up, free of
charge and Guarantee Satisfatftion /o5
SIR EDMIINO WALKER, C.V.O.. I.I..D., n.C.I... President
General Manager AuUtunt General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened ;it every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business.   Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Bank.        8.4
W. T. WHITE, Manager, Courtenay, lomoi and Cumberland Branches
Comox brauch open on Tuesday, from io to 3
Comox Co-Operative Society
We take pleasure in accomodating
our customers to the extent of our
ability, We therefore solicit your
custom aud prampt payment of
accounts when due, as our profits
ate small. Thanking all our customers for past and continued
Union Street
Mr. Sandy Swan lias finished moving
his barn, anil is to be congratulated on
the improvement he has made in the appearance of his ranch. The barn is as
substantial as ever, contrary to the opinion expressed by tunny wise men.
A goodly nember of Dentnan Islanders
attended the picnic at Hornby on the
24th, and a most enjoyable time was
spent by all. All appreciated the welcome given us by the Progress Club.
Mrs. Arthur Datnaresq is visiting in
Mr. Fred Piercy is attending school
regularly these days-^-doing a little carpenter work.
Mrs, Robert Swan lias been ill in bed
for two months and is making a slow recovery.
We have had a visit from both the
fire warden and game warden this week.
Things are humming at the stone
quarry since the uew company has taken
The road sale lasted two days and
many exciting bids were registered. We
expect a great improvement in our roads
by next fall,
We were glad to welcome Mrs. Scott
back after her serious illness iu Vancouver hospital. Miss Scott accompanied
her and spent the week end here.
Two new houses are under construction down Pickets road.
Messrs. James Nixon and James Swan
two of our Island-bred young men, have
this week returned to their parental
roofs, bringing their wives.
Mrs.   T.   Piercy   and   her   daughter,
Mrs.   Scott   have   returned  from  tlieir
trip to Harissou and Seattle.
Cupid is still doing his deadly work
on DiMiman Island, judging by the recent announcement of an engagement,
wedding bells will soon be ringing, but
we hope the happy couple will be aide to
wait Mr. Kidd's return. He is at present in the east attending conference.
Mr. J. Smith and his niece are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Smith.
Mrs. Carmichael and baby are visiting
her home.
Mr. Hakie is in Revelstoke representee Liberal party on Dentnan Island.
Mr. and Mrs. Duinarsq sr., have returned to Vancouver after' spending a
few weeks here.
Mrs. Wood and Miss Corrigall are
spending the week end in Courtenay.
Lost���Pair gold rimmed glasses,
between Kilpatrick's mill and Geo,
Leighton's house, $5 reward will
be paid for them.    Return  to Ed.
There seems to be a healthy
spirit of rivalry between some of
the different road gangs to see
which can do the biggest days
work. In one of the gravel pits
in Mr. Crockitt's division, where
all the gravel had to be pickea and
some of it blasted, seventv two loads
were taken out by two teams, with
six men loading.
We have a specially well selected stock of Gents
Hats, comprising Felts, Linens, Straws and Panamas, all in the latest styles, for summer wear, and
are in a position   to   please the most fastidious.
It will be a pleasure to show   you   through our
stock, and we feel sure if you are in need of a hat
you will see the advantage of buying from us
Phone 6 Courtenay
The perfect fitting of your c��vra depends upon the corset you wear.
And sine? this year's modes border upon the extreme, to be properly
corseted is more important than ever.
You will get a really up-to-date model���one that suits your figure
perfectly���by asking for
They give you perfect ease and comfort without sacrificing style.
Models 693, 575 and 715 are suitable for slim, girlish figures.
For medium figures, we recommend Models 705, 727 and 837.
Models 666, 777 and 633 are best for fully developed figures.
There is a complete range of sizes in each model.
McPhee & Morrison
Notice of Tender
Sealed Tenders will be received by the
Road Superintendent not later than Friday, the 13th day of June, 1913, for the
purchase of the old Conrtenav School
House building, facing on the Island
Highway, near Courtenay. Ten days
will be allowed for removal front, time of
The Undersigned hereby give notice that
the Estate of Andrew Byron Crawford
will not be responsible for nor pay any
debts or other obligations contracted by
any person without the written order of
the undersigned.
Bertha Orack Crawford.
Acadia Trust Co., Ltd.
Executrix and executors  respectively of
the Estate of Andrew Byron Crawford,
June 3rd, 1913 tf
Cabbage  Plants
R.FARRIS    -    Lake Trail Roa
Hoving Pictures I \Q��   CREAN
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday o T^v.'���1,^
. .,   /,. ���. J    Summer Drinks
Hy a new up-to-date electric plant
An Entire Change of Programme j Swan S   lOOl   KOf .
Twice weekly i
H, F. WHITTLE, Proprietor    I E. SWAN, Prop.
The most Home-like Hotel North of Victoria
Rates Reasonable
*   Telephone 3-5 COURTENAY, iB. C.
I******************':***: ***** '��� *************** >���>**���: THE COURTENAY REVIEW, COURTENAY. B. C
Mrs. 0, Hanson, wife if the pri-
prletor of ihe Comuitiu.ul Uo ., . e-
lar, B.C., suffered from piles tor
years. Went to doctor attar doctor
in vain. Finally weal to Spokane
and had an operation. Twelve months
afterwards sin1 was as bad again. She
tuiys, "One day l read aboul Zam-Buk
and thought 1 waul! try it. Tho
first one or two boxes gave me more
ease than anything else I had tried,
so I wi nl on wiili ihe treal nl.     In
a shorl time I began to feel altogether
different and bet *r, and I Eav. thai
Zam-Buk wns going to cut nnv Well,
I   went   oil   usinu  it. anil   bj   Uie  tl 111 '
I had nspd bI.\ boxes I was delighted
'<i Uiul myself entirely cured "
if you MiffPT from this painful ailment, nr from erjtpnia, ulcers or any
sliin disease, don'l was'e time. Try
Znnn-Bult. BOo, .ill drusRlsts and
Wanted���Agents for Hail and Wind
���torni Insurance,      Apply Tlie Canada
Weather lusuiance Company, iDoinia
Ion License). Winnipeg, Man.
Takes Just Nine Seconds for Manager
to Surrender
Sydney,���Theatregoers ot Mount,
Gambler, in South Australia, went on!
strike recently,
The management of a travelling
eon.puny demanded 2s, fur admission.
The visitors did nol propose to pay
more than is. and afler u nasty constitution outside the entrance formed
n theatregoer's union, 'Pickets were
stationed and within o few minutes
:!7S people ���practically all who were
tin re -had agreed no: to pay the 2s.
The manager appeared al the door-;
way and ret IBi d to make the required
I'll uii e you tin i ii um t twenty Bald
the newly elected preBlJeni of the
newest union, and nfti r lhat our I
price will be 6d, Instead of is. He
counted slowly to nine and llien the
manager capitulated
The strike was di elnred nl nn end
and the quondam strikers trooped In'e!
the hall, and Ihe union wns dissolved
after an  existence of aboul   twent}
mi tr.iles.
Ease That Sore Joint
Nerviline Will Do It
The  majority of umbrelln  thieves
ire borrowi rs in disguise,
I..UHK.S WANTED���To do work a: !
home;  decorating cushion tops;  can
make from $3 to $.1 per day; pleasaal
wor ..   Armour   Art   Co..   Dept   N,   1.1
Steele Blk., Winnipeg,
from tlie X Ranc'.i Corral a wall eyed
Pinto 3roncho with a Roman nose
and lightning heels. Wo have issued
A humorous descriptive circular of
.Ills remarkable bronco with Illustrations of his antics. Sent free on
application to any reader of this paper.
This i.; the most famous circular ever
printed In the English language.
More than half a million copies have
already been distributed to advertise
our famous Pinto Shell gloves made
from tough Bror.co hides. F'jr a free
copy send postal to
Canada's taper) Clove anil Milt Milker*.
Every man knows whal he w'll do lit
an emergency���until the time comes.
Lawyers  would  probably  starve  tn
dea'th if the food killer wasn't sn far
In hind with h!s work.
The  Champ'on    Clog    and    Pedestal
Dancer  of Canada  Tells   How to
Keep in Trim
Pew men In his profession are belter known than Mr.  Thomas Hosan.i
of 27 run ideal ion Lane, .Montreal, who
writes;    "'in  limber  up H  still' joint,!
to remove every sense   of   soreness
from tired muscles i can tell you nothing compares with Nerviline.     u|
is re..Hi a wonderful liniment, and Ij
use  ll   eon i n ua Ily  simply   because   I
[in.I ii   keeps the muscles and joints!
Bupph mid entirely free from pain and
stiffness.     I   earnestl.i    recommend
Nerviline to every person thai requires
:u use ii strong, penetrating, pain-sub-
ilulng lin'iiicnt.
For RtlietnnaUsn. Nerviline Is a wonder; for Sclatlcu it cures where others
fail; fur Lumbago, gtlffnrss and cold.}
nothing surpasses It. Ke p Nerviline i
'inn!. It's good in take Inwardly, d"-
stroys Internal palm quickly, and Ib
lusl us good for outward ntmllca/ion,
i arge fsmllj sl7�� I*- "le 60-ci small
sire. 26e; al I'll t " '���'��� n tb nnd
���l'.ii.,-i..!t, ,,,. 'p;,,, (;,,,irlinziine Co.,
Buffalo, N.Y.
Margan t. dear, tell tne   whal    was
our   principal   reason   foi*  accepting
Stewart ��?'";, Clipping Machine
ItirtiH patlcr.ciliif'.faetpraiiri closer anil Htaynnliarp
Um��fi* tl~i.it nn) "ili'-r. Hearn aro all Hie bant an it
cut from loltd f teel liar einjlnneri, protect PRICE
Ml and run In oil. Huh kIx foot of nt>w �� Ate
ptslotlexlhlflUhaM and ctilebrata.1 Htt'tv ^JJ,i^
art Rlniflu tvnMon dipping head. Get *"
one from your dealar, every machin*" guaranteed,
��13   La   S-Tllf   Ave CHICAGO, ILL.
Write for free new cain.-*K of rooit modem tine of
homo clIiHiltiB and Hheop nheariDfE tnMbloM.
John, said a father to iiis son one
clay, when ho caught him shaving
down oft his upper-lip, don't throw
your shaving-water out where there
am any bare-footed boys about, or
tihfy might gpt their feel  pricked.
victims Can C ire Themselves Wiih
Dr. Wi.liaias' PikPLls.       |
Willi the criming ct   March   peopli
wliij are affile.i cl wiih rheumatism be
gin lo have unpli asanl  in minders oi
their    trouble.    Tha      weathi r      is
oliangeable���balmy ;inrl springlike oin
day, raw, colli and piercing tho in*\t.
II in sin n sudden changes of we.nli :
.'nut  se s  the pangs aud  toruir.es nl
rheumatism, lumbago ;ind sciatica pc-
Ing.      But  ii must be borne in mind
Hint although wm. her conditions siarl
In  pains, the trouble is doeply rooteil
In the blood, and can only be cured
through the blood.    All   the   lotions
mil liniments In tin* world eau'   cure
iheiimnHsni.     flubbing may seem to
laSe the pain wbi.ie you at-* rubbing,
bill     there    its    value    ends.    Onls
through the blood can ynu cure rheumatism*,     That's why Dr,  Williams
Pink Pills have so many thousands of
'.mres of this trouble to ''"*!r credit
The new rich blood which iliey actually mnk.' drives oul the poisonouB acid i
anil rheumatism is vanquished. Among
many stiff erers from rheumatism who I
have  been cured bj   Ibis medicine is i
Miss Mary B. Kelly, South Duramer.
Ont.    Miss  Kelly says:   "Some  tin's
ago I bud a very bad attack of rheumatism.      At  limes 1  would be confined to bed for a couple of days and
would seem almost    paralyzed    with
the Intense pain In my back and legs.
At  such  thllPS I  could  not   walk audi
my joints wire stiff and swollen.      Ij
consulted  different  doctors and  took |
tlieir medicine, but did not go; mure'
than temporary relief.     At this time
a neighbor advised me to try Dr, Williams' Pink Pills and I gol a stippli*. I
Afler taking a few boxes 1 found   hey
were greatly helping me, and 1 continued their use until the trouble completely disappeared.      I can strongly
recommend this medicine   to   others
wbo suffer as I did  from the pangs
and tortures of rheumatism  '
If you suffer from rheumatism, or
any other disease of the blood, begin
to cure yourself today With Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Sold by all medicine dealers or by mail ui 50 cents a
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Well, Percy, you fee some girls
htivp money and rottld marry br iln ���.
while others have I rain ��� and eotthl
in,.i ry niouoy.     I hnd neithi r.
Woman   .'.blaze   Sets   Child's   Clothes |
on Fire
Paris.���A dramatic scene occurred
recently outside a bouse In ihe Faubourg St.  Martin In Paris.
Mine.  Hatimontl was lining a lamp,
when  It  expled .1 an I set   lire  to  her
clothes.      Her husband was out, an I
her two children, a  baby liny I' years;
old and a girl  ">,  ware in  tha room]
with her.
The woman rushed io the window,
screamed tor help, and as the flames!
from her clothing caught those of the
baby In hm* arms. sb'> threw him down
to a woman In the s'nci who tried
in ealeh him in h"r apron. The apron
strings broke, the habv wns badly
hurl and Mm". Hauiiiond who threw
herself oul ot lha window after her
child, hrnke both her logs,
.\ fireman nnd" h!n ivny it'"! Hip
house and resent il Ih" eld r child, Ihe
girl,   w'i'i   lllld    h fill    "im-'iiricinlts.
The' baby's condition  Is critical
gweel nnd nnlnlable Mollier Orivi n'J
Worm hWorm'm'tor I   ip r >*t al le  In
ehPi|i'"'i. nntl  il  doe.: Its wind;  surely ;
nnd promptly.
A Snd Day
Wlnl  do you consider Iho sntldccl
day ef yonr life?
Th" day I contented In lei my wit'"'
de lur own cooking,
Musi ni ns ire :.I������ i-liti������ something!
wo can'l IIiiIrIi.
,\ w iman ' u'l necessarily sixty bemuse b!ib talks like ll.
'$��'���' - .���
are actually weak, run'
down��� they are slowly
deteriorating���tliey need
strength and nourishment
for body and brain.
Scott's Emulsion corrects
nervousness it is essentially a
food���a concentrated, nourish-
ing, curative rood to restore the
J healthy action ol body ceils,
I fortify llu; blood, sharpen the
;| appetite, make strength.
j health, energy and vigor.
I As. pure as mill*., it is readily
I assimilated - nourishes every
organ and every tissue. Physicians everywhere recom-
mend Scott's I-.:"ufxii>n with
H absolute confidence in its
beneficial results, Don't wait
���start now, but insist on
Ns alcohol or drags.
s.'i'ii $ li.." ii  Turntilo, Ontario  12 r.<
 Ill 11
en* urn
itch m
,vl li othe
rs tha i
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certify ibal I have used MINARDS,
L1MIM ENT myself aa w di as pre- i
sertl ed ii in i iy pract'c ' where a lini-
p'e'ii ivas required and h ive nevi r
failed to gel the dna'.red effect,
C. A. KIXO, M.I).
t*f&        s"  ' (s, V
f/\ uy Tw-foiMti&t' i
Better stick to your own smalt line
iy son. 'Iii" oilier fellow's bus-Ines
.a t ail profll.
Man wan'a a little here below every
few minutes.
j twffM,
' JMe&^irsuuMeis
Ij V4...U-a-.,-l,^'^'...'.'MjUaTavi'
ll'.'S, on�� can bur���Wtiy yinl don't avail h.Ta lo
know what I'.lNDof r.lnli, yuur GoOlla are mada
ol.-S. MIltalfOB ��rj !in;���>..i'i|,..
Srnd for I re. dolor Card, Story Tlonklei. and
Hooklat i.e.-ii,'^ n'.ulls of Ovrina* "vrr othar oolnro,
lha JOHNSON-niCHAaO ION' no., Llmllad,
M.., I...I Cunadii,
English Cricket. Hoivev.'r, Is Rejected
at Berlin
Berlin.- Clolf will nppi ar fur the
first limp in 'ai��� Olj inplo Games pro-
grain al Berlin in i"iii. The schedule of events just drawn un by the
Oermail mamigi rial commlKee states
thai the ct nunlttee lis i decided to Include golf, after rejecting  cricket.
The committee ha; also determined
as a special complimenl to the great
German gymnastic organizations, to
give gymnastic experts a special plac��
In the program tor an exhibition of
this German specialty. The teams
will also nip"' in competition gymnasts from other countries,
The notions of the man behind tin
liie  '*ass drum speak louder than his
Many a man's success Is due to his
ability to use other men's brains.
Do not be misled���
and LOOK for the trade-mark.
You will thus be sure of gloves
famous for Style, Fit and Finish.
Cloves that are not stamped with either Ihe tracles/Acrl* or the name
"Perrin's Make" are not the genuine.
Nearly every bible today bas a concordance at lhe hack. Tin* llrsi concordance was prepared by r'reiieli
Jiienks in the year 1L'4T.
, pillsy
t;-\,     .    "It. lj. -v . *-- .   .
M*. a box er *lx box*, tur *2.��
It lit l����i��ru, er Tn* uoam M.41-
(Ma* Uampany, Limit**, T��r��rtt*.
A New Kind of Cow
A little hoy seeing an elephant for
the first time, shouted:
0 pop. lonli at the big cow with her
bonis in her mouth eating bay with
iter tail.
Won Fame on Its Merits.���The unbounded popularity thai Dr. fhomas'
Electric Oil enjoys is nol attributable
to any elaborate advertising, for t!
has nol been so adver isnd, hut is entirely due in the merits of this on
as a medicine, in every cily, town
and hiiuili : In the country ii is boiir'H
after BOlely because of Us trood qualities.
Sure Proof
Hill are yen sure. persVed lhe
grouchy customer, that Ihls 'ere stud'
will cure  my rhennintiz'.'
Oh. yes, replied Ilie drug cleric: all
ihe doctors refuse to recommend it.
v,���.   ,i...,o..i���i W(|| ,���r���mi mnnev I' PA",0
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ng    r.i nil    Ml".dei? or  Protruding  I'll".
ill It  to  14  itiiys.    50c.
Poor John
John, you never listen to half Ihel
things 1 say to vou. she complaint 1.
Well, dear, lie replied. I have to
work part of the time.
W.   N.   U.   943
Minard's Liniment Cures Burr*, Etc
'. IMIe Crops of Water
I   see   you   have  disposed   of  thai
I horse you bought  from 'hn city,
Yes, replied the regretful milkman,
he hurt my business.      He had been
j used for pulling a sprinkling cart and
I stopped al every hydrant.
What kind of a
silo will yours
il Concrete ?
IF you were to build tu-o silos���one of wood, the other of concrete���side by side, and
then could see them as they will look alter five years of service, you wouldn't have
to think twice todriccidc which is the best material. In a few years more there
Wouldn't be much of the original wooden silo left���the repairing you'd have to dn would be
as troublesome and cost as much as the building of an entirely new one. But the passage of
live, ten, titreen or even twenty years will make no difference to the hard-as-rock wall of the
concrete silo.
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AthirtMa Publicity Manager
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��t..t^%.f-,l..l.T    **'**���*    t   I    I   *    *   * -t   111   t   I.
Billy's Scheme Was Daring, ��
and It Won.
HHUabeth crossed the turf so loathly,
��n iugptrdly, she left a waving trail ot
deep green footprints athwart (be dew
(rayed gross.   Tho line wiir blotched
here unit there where she had Stopped |
and half turned about, but from the
last anil llglilcst or Iho blotches It ran I
straight   to   the   wicket   gut*   In   Ibe !
hedge, The path to tbe gate led iround, |
almost under, tbe library Windows,
Therefore she bail avoided It. Sbe did
not want to lie spied upon, und, though
���the library Commonly was empty until
long after sunrise, she hnd tome to Imi
llevo I hero wiib no counting on where
Miss I'nidenco Weir would he at any
special hour.
The wicket save upon a line shady
and secluded, yet a public passway j
notwithstanding Imth sides of It be
longed to Elizabeth's Uncle Dan. lie
had been trying to close It ever aiiice
he bought the old Meara place, but his
rustle neighbors had held stoutly to
tbelr right of way. So the young man
walking slowly along the lain* waa no
trespasser, albeit be walked warily.
keeping close to the hedge. Elizabeth i
smiled shamelessly to set) him. Now j
lhat she had really brought herself to
a clandestine meeting sbe was nil In a
happy flutter aud amazed at ber own
Yet she sold, smiling up at her tall
aweetbenrt: "You must go right back,
Billy-must. Do yon hear? Miss Prudence Weir sleeps with both ears and
one eye open. Besides, she gets up
early more than half the time. And
you know sbe can make Dundy believe
anything in the world, except tbat he
ought to marry her."
"H-m! That's a pity! Skepticism
in any other point would be less Inconvenient" Billy Medwin panted,
hurrying Elizabeth along tbe lane toward tbe woods beyond the main traveled road. It was not at all tbe way
he should go to go borne, but some-
bow Elizabeth made no protest.
goon tbey were walking through dew
���weet shade, with birds singing thin
���nd sweet above their heads. And
presently Billy had bis arms about
Elizabeth and was saying, with his lips
In ber hair: "Honey girl, I've been
thinking���hard. Miss Weir Is the lion
In our path, and there's just one way
to get round her"���
"What?" Elizabeth Interrupted, lifting her bead a little. Billy looked up
among tbe leaves and colored faintly
���a he answered: "Oh. we must show
Dandy bow deceitful she Is. She's
made blm believe It would be sin to
let me bave you. Don't you think It
���would shake bis faith In ber If he knew
���he was willing to take me herself?"
"Billy," Elizabeth exploded, shaking
iwith laughter, "you wouldn't dare propose to her. Can you Ilve through a
breach of promise suit? If only you
could do it! But you never In tbe
world can."
"Sure yon won't be jealous?" Billy
asked, pinching her ear.
She made a face at blm as ahe answered: "Just yon try It Why, even
If the worst happened���If you got tangled past getting out���1 should hare at
least the heavenly satisfaction of
knowing she had showed herself to
Dandy the cat she ts."
"Trust me not to get tangled." Billy
protested. What else be said Is not
Strictly material to this narrative, although it sent Elizabeth borne at last
with happy eyes and tbe color of a
Wild rose.
Ofttimes fortune favors the daring
(The execution began with his rescue of
the pudgy Miss Weir from a runaway
Which was not In tbe least dangerous,
but which gave her a mortal scare. Ut
course he went back with her to the
gate, stopping there to explain elaborately that be had somehow incurred
the displeasure of Mr. Daniel Goodwood and been forbidden the premises.
That of course, gave bim excuse to ask
If he might inquire by letter after Miss
Weir's health. One letter quickly and
easily bred another, and from writing
It was bnt a step to meeting either in
the lane or in the wood beyond and
talking of many things.
Miss Weir was rising thirty, just five
years Billy's elder, but so llgbt colored
���nd plump she flattered herself it looked the other way. Sbe loved ease and
consequence���witness tbat for Ave
years past she had been trying delicately to marry Uncle Dandy. She bad
only succeeded in becoming after a
sort his social watchdog.
He bad a greet opinion of Elizabeth,
his heiress, and wanted to match her
well If she was to be matched at all.
Miss Weir had about lost hope of Un
Cle Dandy wben Billy came on the
���cene. Billy knew pretty well all there
was to know ot lovemaklng. Tbis time
*��� chose to nuke It In brootbetlcal
IMMiiiiiu.  tit- ii.'uiin nupcrsnnnlty by de- '
scribing a  young ft'lluw   who hut! set '
Ids eyes nnd  heart   upon one so far ',
almve his deserts be bail become t|uile
hopeless of Winning  Iter and  ball tie-
seceded tu trilling with mere ordinary i
girls by way of rilling an aching void.
Then he pictured the lady.    Hit eye*
were heaven blue, her skin all lily uiul .
rose, her hair like spun sunshine, her ;
voice a Mute    But that was as nothing j
beside tier loftier charm*���ber soul, her I
spirit, her angelic nature   which made
a mere or Unary sinner grovel In dust
whenever be let himself feel what te- )
niprify It wns to love tier.   Thus Mr
Billy gor by tbe cud of tbe second
week.    Naturally it was but little later
that tbe lady was forced to discover
herself In the fair unknown.
Then Billy played liner than ever.
Be would not speak tbe worshiper's
name; she must guess It. But be would
with her permission send her a letter
unsigned from the worshiper, one In
some faint way selling forth all that t
waa in bis heart. And she hound herself to reply to It���reply us ber heart
directed. Hilly bad bard work to keep
from stinutluK when he beard Hint, but
hy holding himself hard In hand he
kept n proper lace nud hurried off to
consult bis best chum, also a very uu-
clcnt "complete letter writer."
Miss Weir did reply from a full
heart, Indent, Ihe heart slopped over
u hit���she called names���Billy's name
with endearing variations. More, she
wh'-tli'd down the wind his pleas ot
un worthiness- he was n demigod al
least among meu���sbe rejoiced to hall
and own him, king of her affections.
Marry him? She would be happier aa
his wife than nny crowned queen. Hn
"modest fortune" did uot count at all.
Her tastes were even more modest���
and so on. and so un. I
To do the lady justice she knew Billy
had   really  a   handsome  competence;
also that be was no sluggard.   And her
own position  was far from enviable. |
Moreover, she was dreadfully crabbed j
over    i'rudence's    tardy    settlement
"Here you  are  a   nagging  old  maid i
wben you ought to be a grandmother���
almost," she snld now and then brutal- '
iy.    Really tbe stars in  their course
fought for Billy���Billy lhe uuregener- I
ate, who as soou as he pot the letter ;
put it in his pocket and bore down un ;
Dncle Dandy.
.lust whnt happened between them ir
to tbls day a dark secret, folks outside heard tlrst a lot of growling from
TJncle Dandy, followed later on by
shouted laughter, but nothing audible
until tbe pair came ont together, with
Dncle Dandy slapping Billy on the
back at every other step. And this
was what be was saying: "We've got
to hire you a substitute, Billy, and 1
know just tbe man. It's Amos Flack-
be needs a wife if ever a man did-a
preacher, with Ave of tbe worst children going. Any endowed proposition
will be tempting to blm. Besides, I've
already detected bim casting sheep's
eyes up this way. So you trot along
and find Elizabeth white I look him up.
And be sure you burn that letter. It
must be thought to have got lost in
transit Yon may tell whoever you see
there's going to be a double wedding
np tbls way soon."
"Yes, sir; I will," Billy said obediently. "Bnt I shan't tell 'em I bad a band
in bringing on both matches."
Sure enongh, there was a double wedding, with Uncle Dandy playing fairy
godfather to both brides.
A Trait of ths Burmans.
Knowledge of direction seems to he
Instinctive with tbe Burmans. says tbe
author of "A I'euple at School." They
always reckon by tbe needle, nut by
relative positiou. Tbey do nut say
"Turn to the right," but "Turn to tha
West." If a table in a room bas two
tumblers on it one of them will be the
east tumbler, the other the west, and
the table itself will he not the "tame
near the window," but the "table In
the east ot tbe room." So they speak
of tbe north or south side of a street
or of a tree, not the shady or sunny
side. Even in rain or mist they know
the direction at once. An English traveler, wnlking In the Bttrmaii forest on
> foggy morning to liud ull truce of.
lue road wiped out by rain and every
apparent means of ascertaining direction gone, was ut a loss wont to do,
but bis iturman servants knew at
once. "That Is north," they suld, pointing, "und tbut ts east. Our course ites
between," and straight to the northeast they marched unerringly.
"Did you hear about Piekleham?"
"He went home last night and broke
np the furniture and a lot of dishes
and chased his wife out into tbe
"What was the matter with him?"
"Why, some woman in one of these
suffrage meetings alluded to him as a
model husband." ��� Cleveland Plain
Pretty Girls.
That pretty sirls are few,
1 call to mtnil a stately Claire
To whom 1 bent my knee,
And Oeraliline, with lips so rare���
Ah, what a iiueen was she!
Where'er one looked there used to bs
A lovely maid tn view,
But now 1 find, from bias free,
That pretty girls are few.
They  Will   Erect   a  Temple   at  Cmd
ston,  Alberta.
An unusual degree ul Interest ilj
ji.st now centered arounl Hm colony
of Mormons residing in Alberta, ovei
the surprising announcement bt
President Joseph Smith, at the rcceul
Semi-annual conference at Suit Lake
City, that the church would shortly
commence tbe erection <>f a great tent'
pie in one of the settlements m tin
Canadian colony. President Smith
staled in making the announcement
to the conference that tha assembled
priesthood oi the church had given a
hearty and unanimous endorsement to .
tha plan. In view of the rapidly increasing strength of the Canadian coi-
only nnd tlie freedom and protection
afforded them by tho Government ol
tin* Dominion,
The announcement has  startled all ,
western Canada, especially tboso who
have watched the colony since its in-
caption twenty yours ago.   There are j
now about 10,000 Utter Day Saints in
Alberta, and they have built some of
tho linest towns in the province. They
are enterptlsing nud industrious, ami
respect the laws of the Dominion and
honor tho flag of the Empire with st
muoh   zeal    as   do    their   "gentile"
neighbors.   They have elected a Mor- I
mon to the Provincial Assembly, Mar- |
tin Woolf, of Cardston, being the representative. . I
Fostered by the free institutions ol j
Britain, Mormonism has gained a firm I
footing on Canadian soil.    United ef- j
forts have been made by various religious and women's organizations re- |
p<atedly  to destroy  tbe  colony  root
and branch, asking that they be deported as undesirables.   But thus far
their energies have been expended in
vain.    The   Government   apparently
sees   no   reason   why   the   Mormons
should not dwell in Canada so long
ad they observe the laws, especially
in  respect to  plural   marriage.    Tha
opponents of these people in Canada
allege that polygamy is practiced, but
they cannot prove it.   Therefore, their
hands   are   tied,   and   the colony   is
growing stronger aud stronger as the
years pass.
This latest project, however, has
created great excitement. It 13 tangible proof that the Mormons are in
Canada to stay, for the proposed
temple will be a massive structure
constructed with a view to provide
for the generations yet unborn. The
estimated cost is $150,000 and ull the
magnificent interior embellishment,
and fixtures, characteristic of the temples in Utah will be placed in the
edifice in the Dominion. The rites
and ordinances, which can be performed only in the temples, will be
fully provided for and in every respect the sacred building will be constructed and furnished after the revealed plan.
It is a marvel how these people
have flourished on tbe plains oi western Canada. Led by Charles Ors
Card from Utah���their purpose to
find a haven from the polygamy war
then at its height io that state���they
prosecuted tlieir lonely and unknown
trek northward, similar to the gigan-
tio migration of the Mormons from
the east under Brigham Young. Cross,
ing the international boundary line,
they found a home on the grass-covered prairies that swept from the base
of the Rockies far into the unknown
horizon to the east. Alberta then was
one vast stretch oi inhospitable wilderness���the home of the trapper and
isolated rancher. But with innate
perseverance and industry the Mormons converted the broad, rolling,
plains into golden fields of grain, dotted here and there with prosperous
towns and villages. This was really
the first demonstration of the fertility
and possibilities of the last great
west; and since that time a constant
stream of immigration has poured into the land of farms, the future home
of contented millions.
Two years ago the Mormons built %
college in Raymond. This was viewed
with anxiety by the ministerial associations, and strong resolutions were
passed and bitter words were said
against this sect. The people were
unmoved, and nothing came of it
save a great deal of discussion in the
press Mill pulpit. But now that this
latest and most gigantic enterprise is
announced the staggered public will
undoubtedly be aroused as a unit.
Just what tactics will be pursued is
not known, hut it is likely that an
emphatic protest will go out from ail
over the country, forcing the Government to action.
Three-year-old Amy, wbo had a very
lively little brother, was being put
through a lesson in arithmetic by ber
uncle. She had successfully added one
arfd one, but stuck at two and one.
"Your mamma," said her uncle, "has
two children, if sbe bad one more
what would that make?"
"Ob," cried Amy, "that wonld make
my mamma cwazyl"���Woman's Home
A Gentle Hint
"I'm hungry," said tbe ont of a job
"Well," said the kind hearted (7)
manager, "can't 1 give yon something
to appease yonr hunger?"
"Surely," said the actor. "1 believe
Fd prefer a few dates." ��� St Louis
Mistaken Identity.
Mrs. Henpeek (to ber pet dogl���Go
and   Ile  down   there!     Her   Husband
(corning bastllyi-Wbat did you wish,
uiy sweet little wtfej-     _;   ~>''
Nansen't   Daring   and   Perilous   Swim
For Mis Drifting Boats.
Among the perilous adventures of!
tin* Nuuseu ure tie expedition was me
narrow escape of   Nuiixeu and Julian-
sen uu  their return  trip  tn  tlie  l-'ram ;
after their unsuccessful dash  for lhe
pole.   Alter many months of hardship
a  narrow channel opened  In  the ice. 1
nml iliey launched the two light kulaks
that they had carried ou Ihelr sledges
for more than a year.   A few days aft- I
erward disaster nearly put an end to i
the expedition,   The incident ts related
in   "The  Siege  and  Conquest  of  tbe
North Pole." by Mr. George Hryce.
In the evening their legs felt stiff I
with sitting in the kulaks all duy, and
they landed on the edge of the Ice so
that Iliey might stretch tbem u little. I
After the kulaks, which were lashed
together, had been moored by mean*)
of one of Ihe braces they ascended s
hummock close by and had been stand'
Ing there only a moment when Julian-
sen raised tbe cry that the kulaks wen
They rnn to the edge of the Ice, bul
tbe bouts were already a little way off
nnd were drifting quickly. The position was a terrible one, for all they
possessed was on board. Nansen at
once threw off some of Ills clothing,
handed bis watch to .lohiltisen and
sprang Into the Icy water, lie knew
that if tbe bouts were lost It meant
death to blm and bis companion. At
first It seemed more than doubtful
whether he could manage to regain
them. Wben be got tired he turned
over and swam on bis back. At length
he gained a little and redoubled bis
By thts time Nansen felt bis limbs
stiffening and losing all feeling. His
strokes became more und more feeble,
but the distance from tbe kulaks became shorter, nnd at Inst he was able
to grasp a snowshne that lay across
the sterns. He now tried to pull himself up, but his body wus so stiff with
cold that he could not do so. After a
little he raannged to swing one leg up
to the edge of the sledge that wus
lashed to tbe deck nnd tben raised the
rest of his body.   They were savedl
Wltb some difficulty he paddled the
kulaks back to Johunsen, who admitted
that these were the worst moments he
bad ever lived through. Johunsen new
pulled off Nunsen's wet clothes, put on
the few dry ones they had in reserve,
spread the sleeping bag upon the Ice
und covered Nansen with the sull and
everything be could find to keep out
the cold. The next day Nansen was
all right again, and in the evening
they pressed forward once more on tbe
march that finally brought them out of
the arctic.
Women Who Could Pull an Oar
With the Best of Men.
A Chilly Forseast
The earth ls growing In bulk on account of tbe meteoric dust that falls on
It It has recently been estimated that
100 tons fall daily over the surface ot
the globe, and that millions of years
hence this will have increased the
thickness of the earth considerably.
Tbis would have a tendency to bring
ns closer to the sun. But centrifugal
force ls augmented at the same time In
greater proportion and counteracts this
tendency; consequently the earth would
be swept away from the sun, with the
result tbat Its distance from that body
would be considerably augmented.
This Is spoken of as having possibly
happened to some of the larger outer
planets, notably Jupiter, la tbe remote
Milk and Ministers.
Milk became a very important part
of tbe food of families in tbe colonial
days of the eighteenth century. In
1728 a discussion took place In the
Boston nowspapers*as to the expense
of keeping a family of "middling figure." These writers all named only
bread and milk for breakfast and supper. As cows increased In number,
milk, of course, became more frequently used. Rev. Mr. Hlgglnson In 1030
wrote that milk cost lu Sulcm but a
penny a quart, while unother minister, John Cotton, said thnt milk and
ministers were the only things cheap
In New England.���American Cultivator.
Knew the Symptoms.
"Doctor, my husband Is losing bis
mind, I fear. He continually mumbles
and mutters to himself."
"Is it possible?"
"Yes; he mutters to himself, and
when you speak to bim he stares at
yon blankly."
"I know what the trouble Is," said
the doctor, smiling. "He ls memorizing
some lodge work. I belong to tbe same
lodge."���Louisville Courier-Journal,
Unnecessary Instructions.
"Now, Tommy," said his mother, giving her final Instructions before he left
for the party, "remember, If you're
asked to have something you want
you must suy, 'Yes, thank you,' and
if yon don't want it"���
Tommy raised his hand. "That's sll
right, ma," he su��j; "you needn't bother about that part of It"
"1 m Out tor a ride!" the motorist cried
Aa he hurried away In alee.
Ten miles from town his car broke dowaV,
And ><i*m tn for a walk!" alahsa he
Ann Glanville and Her Champions Not
Only Beat Their Own Countrymen,
but Went to Havre and Outrow*d
Halt a Dozen Crack French Crews.
Id the bunt races that have from
time Immemorial been rowed on tbe
llainnuzt*. the estuary of Ihe Tsuinr
and  the Tnvy  that  forms pnrt of the
harbor of  Plymouth,  the  women  of
Siillnsh have often distinguished then>
solves. In "Around and About Sultash'
I', E. B. Porter writes of Ann Ulan-
vllle. whnse amazonlan feats of oarsmanship made her fatuous all uVer Europe:
"Some sixty or seventy years ago tba
crew of Saltush women was often seen
nut only on the flatnouze, but wherever
aquatic spurts wen- held. It was not
often that Ann und the crew that sbe
stroked were beaten lu a match���never
by other women.
"Tbey competed for prizes at Rnl!.
Liverpool, Portsmouth and Dartmouth.
and It must not I* supposed that a
crew of men ever yielded tbe palm ont
nf masculine courtesy, for, as a matter of fact, the men did not at all relish
being lieateu by a 'pan-el of females.'
"lu some of these contests Mrs. liar-
"it't Screech, a daughter of Ann Ulan-
title, who had fourteen children, row.
���ii with her mother. As the was the
louugest member of the crew sun
pulled bow oar, the least arduous post
u the boat
"Once this crew, rowing a math it
fleet wood In tbe prervnee of vuwa
* letorla, gave the men so sound u (Mating thnt her majesty askeil to uavs
Ann presented to her
"However, the most famous >r��tu
of Ann's life tuok place tn liioQ, tvtieo
Ctiptaln Uussell of H. M. S. Brunswick
suggested to her tbat she anil tier crew
should go to Havre tu the regatta [tiers
and challenge the frenchmen, a proposal to Whlcb She readily ussenteil.
"Wben tbe Frenchmen heard of the
challenge from les Anglaises de Sult-
ashe tbey shrugged their shoulders.
for they scarcely regarded It as serious. And when tbe women appealed In tbelr white frilled caps pnnked
out with blue ribbons. In their short
petticoats and white dresses, with blue
neckerchiefs tied over the shoulder*
and crossed behind tbe back, tbey looked puzzled.
"The challenge of the English women
created a stir not only In Havre, bat
for miles along tbe French coast and
for many leagues Inland too. Ami ta
Kngland tbe greatest interest waa
"Wben the day of tbe regatta cama
there was a vast concourse of peopl*
to witness tbe contest Every quay.
hilltop nnd housetop from which a view
of tbe course could be bad was crowd-
ed. Every one waa on tiptoe of expectation. Before the start tbe Salt-
nsb crew had a pull round to show
themselves.' Their steady stroke, tbe
way In whlcb tbey bent their backs to
tbelr work and the perfect ease and
grace with which they pulled made
tbe French open their eyes.
"Ann and her crew had not the best
start possible, nor at first did tbey
bave tbe advantage. Five minutes after the start six boats were ahead of
them. But tbey soon tested tbelr opponents' nerve. Ann. who bad the
stroke oar, gave the word:
" 'Bend your backs to it maidens,
and hurrah for old England!'
"One by one, "with a cheer from old
Ann. they passed the six boats. Al
Inst tbey drove their boat, with tht
British color flying gayly at the fore,
Into the lead, it was 11 lung course
snd n hard pull, but thev soundly
thrashed the Frenchmen. Ann and her
'maidens' heat them by 100 yards. The
members of this famous crew wers
Ann (Jlanville. Harriet Hosting, Jane
House and Amelia Lee. A man acted
as coxswain.
"Mrs House was so elated at tbe
victory thst on reaching the committee boat she plunged lDto the water,
dived under the vessel and came up
with a dripping and drooping cap 00
the opposite side.
"Ann (ilanvtlle died In 1SS0. at tbe
age of eigbty-five, dignified, vlgorons
nnd handsome to the last Her character was summed np by a neighbor
lu these words:
" 'Her was honest to a farthing, clean
as a smelt and kind hearted as a
Rose to the Occasion.
"Do you know, Miss Dootles," askl
the earnest young man, "that If ont
were on Sit-ins tbe orbit of Uie earth
would look just about the size of a
linger ring?"
"I beg yonr pardon, Harold," sh��
flutters. "1 was musing for the coo-
ment and did not catch eTerythlng yen
aald, but I heard you say something
about 'serious* and ��� /inc."   * ALL  ROADS  LEAD  TO
Builders' Hardware
Phone 66 COURTENAY, B. C. P. 0. Box 230
"Not better than the best but better than the rest"
itQUuSUTty the Jeweler
Is now locoted where he gets the most business
You all know where?
The future business center of the
Comox District
Acadia Trust Co.
Acts as Trustees, Administrates of Estates, General
Financial Agents, Real Estate, Mortgages,
Loans, Insurance, Etc.
4 % Paid on Deposits
Property owners of the Comox Valley are specially
invited to list their real estate with this Company
Last year wild straw-berries were
ripe ou the 24th of May, this season
it is a week late.
Robbie Swan of Penman Island
is over visiting friends, and is the
guest of John Scott.
Wm. L. Fore! and James Strachan
arrived from Salmon Bay, Toba
Inlet, per power boat Quascilla.
They report that twenty-five new
settlers have left Toba valley ou
account of the difficulty of getting
title to lands.
Among the visitors of last week
were Mrs Paterson and J. Kelly of
Vancouver Islaud. They were
agreeably surprised to find the Island with 80 many natural parks of
unsurpassed beauty and they desire
in the near future to purchase a
farm here.
At Day's logging camp, Tribune
Bay, a lage boom of over a thousand
logs is now waiting for the tug.
The 24th of May was gala day
for the Islanders at "Pine Park"
St. John's Point. Under perfect
weather conditions many took advantage of the day. The Double
O, which left Denman at 10 a. m.
had such a heavy load wiih every
available space taken up with passengers, and with 4 boats in tow,
it was fully one o'clock when she
arrived at the picnic grounds. A.
Graham's steamer the "Rex" also
brought a full quota of pleasure
seekers from Denman wharf. After
SEALED    TENDERS,     superscribed
"Tenders for Extension lo Minto School-
liouse," will be received by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works up to j
noon of Wednesday, the 25th day of June, !
1913, for the erection and completion of I
an extension of one room to the Sohool-
house at Minto, in the Comox Electoral
This work to be completed on or before
the 25th day of August, 1913.
Plans, specifications, contract and
forms of tender may be seen on and after
the 9th day of June, 1913, at the office of
Mr. J. Baird, Government Agent, Cumberland, li. C, Mr. W. C. White, Secretary of School Hoard, Minto; and the
Department of Public Works, Victoria,
ii. C.
Intending tenderers can obtain one
copy of plans and specifications for the
sum of ten dollars (SlU) by applying to
the undersigned, which will be refunded
if returned in good order.
Each proposal must be accompanied by
an accepted bank cheque or certificate of
deposit ou a chartered bank of Canada,
made payable to the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works, for a sum
equal to 10 per cent, of the tender, wnich
shall be forfeited if the party tendering i
decline lo enter into contract when called j
upon to do so, or if he fail to complete
the work contracted (or. The cheques
or certificates of deposit of unsuccessful
tenderers will be returned to them upon
the execution of tlie contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless
made out on the forms supplied, signed
with the actual signature of the tenderer,
and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest rr any tender not neccs-
ilvru accepted,
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B. C, June 7th, 1913.  jel2
Courtenay Bakery
Homemade Bread
Biscuits, Pies,
Cakes  and
Wedding Cakes Made to
W. AITKEN, Prop.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Andrew Byron Crawford, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all debts
due the above mentioned Estate must be
paid forthwith. Payment of such debts
must be made at the office of the Acadia
Trust Company limited at Courtenay
II. C.
Executors  and  trustees  of above-mentioned estate.
Executrix and trustee of the above-mentioned estate.
May 14, 1913.
Messrs, K. T. Cliffe and W. B.
Higgins have purchased the Comox Livery Stables from Mr.
John McKenzie, and will continue
to carry on tlie business as formerly. Your patronage is solicited,
K. T. Ci.ii'FK
W. B. Higgins
a hearty repast, games and sports
were the order of the day, prominent which were foot races, three
legged races, wheel barrow, obstacle
and burden races, and other athletic
splits were indulged in. In the
children's race Edith Chalmers
gained the first prize and Vinnie
Piercy second, in the young boy's
race Jas, Dalziel istand Cesar Scott
aud, girl's race Ruby Piercy ist
and Rosie Baikie 2nd, boys under
io John Cannichael ist and Earny
LaForest 2nd, womens race, Mrs.
R. Scott ist and Mrs. P. Smith 2nd,
youths race Francis Graham ist
and Arthur Pickles 2nd, young
mens 100 yd foot race Burt Pickles
istand Francis Graham 2nd, wheel
barrow race Frank Swan and Ray
Have a photo of your residence
taken bv the Courtenay Photo
Studio.    Prices moderate
See that your Camera is a Kodak
or Brownie. They cost lets and
give better results thau any other
kind. Sold only at Peacey's Drug
There will be morning service at
St, Peter's Church, Comox, on
Sunday next at 11 a. m. consisting
of matins and sermon, followed by
a celebration of the Holy Commun-
Chalmers ist and Burt and Arthur
Pickles 2nd, burden race Irvine
Piercy and Francis Graham ist
and Frank Swan aud Burt Pickles
2nd, besides tlie above, other games
were indulged iu. At 7.30 the last
boat load of pleasure seekers left for
home, and all expressed themselves
as delighted with the picnic and
Just Arrived, a Full line  of 1913  Model
Kodaks and Brownie Cameras
Prices from $2 to $20
Call and get a Catalogue, You will waut
Oue Soon
We are the Only Store in  Comov Vallty
selling Kodaks aud Kodak Films
Courtenay Drug Store
Feed and Livery
Heavy Teaming Promptly Attended to
R. MacQUILLAN, Prop.
Union St. Courtenay
& Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired & 0*rerh��ul��d


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