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The Review Nov 18, 1915

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Array /V
1 I
Can not be* June uny letter, and
not quite bo welt any whet ei else
hereabouts, I Inr tyiw anil inaohta-
ery ia complete nud Tlie Keview
prices .��re tight
Classified Ads.
M.iU-   y.'iir   lilll.    Wsmtl   known
fchroogha Classifisd AdTdrtfaammt
in Tlie liivitw   ���    -   -   I'I e 59
VOL. 3
NO. 51
Goe. J. Hardy
R. F. F. Biscoe
Real  Estate and Insurance Agents
Phone 10
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone -43 Courtenay
3 Very Useful Articles
which we are offering at Reduced Rates
El  Grilstovo
S  inch  Electric   Stove
and   Grill   combined.
Just right for getting
breakfast in a hiirrry or for preparing afternoon tea
El Perco
Prepares Delioious Percolated Cof-
________________   fee.    Made of aluminum, no more
metallic taste or taint.   Costs 5c per hour to operate
_P/ f?   */      ^" e*^c-enfc Electric
"  ���M��5S��^  Immersion ���___eater
which is plunged directly into the
liquid to be heated.
Dandy for shaving or heating baby's
food at night.
Costs 3 1-2 cents per hour to operate
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R98       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Owing lo the increase of business
I Shepherd's have been obliged to
enlarge their store.
! The Ladies' Aid Si eiety desirs
to thank all those who in any way
assisted thain in making the bazaar
and sale of work a success.
Constables Haunay and MacDonald have made two raids on Chinese
opium dens at Cumberland and I
lieyan during the last few days arresting 12 Chinamen, They all
pleaded guilty and were fined,
The Comox Woman's Institute
held their regular meeting on Wednesday last at the home of Mrs.
Kric Duncan. Tliere wai a good
attendance. Reports of the nursing lectures were read by the secretary, and the afternoon wss spent
in sewing and knitting for the
soldiers. Tea was served by Mrs.
Those wishing to co-operate in
obtaining agricultural lime at $4 a
ton, if our order comes to 100 tons or
over, or $5] e* ton if under 100
tons, will send me the name and
quantity wanted before 15th February 1916. This price is for ime
delivered t Courtenay, Royston or
Comox. J. A, Halliday, Sandwick
Nov. 1, 1915.
Trespass Notice���Any p.rson or
persons trespassing on my preiuiser
will be prosecuted according to law
and any dogs found ptowling
around my premises will be attended to.   Jdhn Johnston, Lake Trail.
Phoue 48, Cooke & Matthewson
the most up to-date butchers in the
district. All orders promptly at
tended to.
For ?ale ��� White Wyat dot'te
cockerels, $5, $3 and $2 each; se
lected trios $7; heavy laying strain,
Apply, J. G. Randall, Rovstou.
i * For Sale--Strawberry plants, $1
per 100; yearling rhubarb plants,
35c per dozen, 2 and 3 year old
plants $1,25 per dozen, Apply to
Joe Davis
Found alrift on high seas���decked scow, 32 feet lonjj, 12 feet wide.
Owner please see Walter Wood-
huss. Oyster River Hotel, Vancouver Island, where scow i3 now
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Kugine, one 3 k- w.
Dynamo switch board, etc, also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute- Apply at
Riverside hotel,
For Sale���Tear*, wagon, and
harness, or exchange for cattle, i
Also, 30 acres 1-2 mile from Gran- J
I'nain school, part cash, or exchange
for anything of value. What have '
you to offer? Apply Box 8, Re- j
view Office,
For sale ��� Cumberland   Steam
laundry, tlie only white laundry in j
the district.    This is a good opening for man with family.     During |
the stringent     times   the   present j
proprietor  has been   busy  all the
I time.   Apply at the Laundry, or i
at The Review Office. 1
For Sale or To Rent���5 acres on
beach at Point Holmes with house,
barn, chicken houses and brooders,
green houses and cold frames. Also
store and dwelling, lately occupied
by W. 0 Robertson, as a drug
store, for terms etc., apply A. H, .
Peacey, Cumberland..
Strayed���a short horned steer,
red and white, mostly white faced,
18 months old, marked by piece
cut out of right ear. Anyone
knowing the whereabouts of same
will be suitably rewarded. Last
seeu by Mr. Campbell's ranch.
Please notify Geo. Davis, Union
Trooper J. li. Ilailey, who is
stationed at Nanaimo, is home for
a few days this week.
Look out for the "Rustics" at
the Opera House on Friday, December io, in aid of the Red Ctoss
Contractor Fitzgerald ii busily
engaged putting down the sidewalk
along Wallace street to Hungry
Mrs. H, V. Collins and her sister
Miss Biggar leave to-morrow morn-
ing for the Old Country, per S. S.
St. Paul from New Vork.
A man named Laird was arrested
at Union Bay and taken to Cumberland on a charge of frightening
women by appearing at their windows. He was examined as to his
sanity, and fined $10 and costs.
Chief Constable D. Stephenson
aud Mr. Flemniing of Victoria paid
a visit to J.Haunay re relief. The
Department is figuring on sending
miners from this district to the Mer-
nt coal mines ou the mainland. The
unemployed miners from Cumberland will have the preference.
Messrs. Cooke & Matthewson
last week purchased two spring
lambs from a Jap rancher at Royston, one of which weighed 150 and
the other 140 pounds, paying over
$20 for them. This should con-
eiusively prove that there is money
in sheep, and it is a wonder that
more of our ranchers and fanners
in the valley do not go in for them
There is not half enough raised for
local consumption.
This week a letter has been received by Mrs. Laycock from Mrs
13. S. Fenn, whicli gives news of
our old friend, Mr. Fenn, organizer
of the Patriotic Service Committee
in this town. Mrs. Femi writes:
"My husband was taken on by the
British Red Cross to drive a motor
ambulance for an American unit
serving with the French. He is
very pleased that he is right up at
the front all the time, as he is not
attached to any particular hospital,
and so will serve with the French
army. Mr. Fenn received the
highest certificate he could get tor
motor driving and was highly commended by Ihe head of the Red
The Ladies' Aid bazaar last
Thursday afternoon and evening
was a decided success. A number
of booths presided over by a bevy
of handsome tadies, were filled with
useful and fancy artic.es, and they
all did a rushing trade. A biscuit
making demonstration was given
bv Mrs. Kirkwood, and it was interesting to ikten to the remarks
made by the onlookers One said
" No wonder tliey rise, 4 spoons-
full of powder !" Another, "that's
not enough shortening, it won't be
rich enough," "The idea ! sifting
flour three times and then ouce for
luck. How much time do you think
we have to bake iu." etc., etc. The
candle lighting table did a fine
business. Aid, Robertson spent
nearly half au hour trying to beat
D. Bubar's record of lighting 34
candles with one match. Tommy
Cairns i.s "some" milliner, winning
first prize in the bat trimming competition. .Miss Tucker's museum
had a lot of patrous. to each of
whom she gave a valuable receipe.
Return of Private Perrott
We understand that Mr. R Hyde
Perrott, who left early this year
for Europe with the 30th Battalion
and was later transferred to the
16th Battalion Canadian Scottish,
has reached Victoria with several
other wounded and disabled soldiers. Mr. Perrott was in tlie
fighting around Festubert, and received serious injuries as a result
of the bombardment by the Germans of a trench captuied by his
company. That he returns at all
is marvelous, having on that occa-
siog been buried for the greater
portion of twentyfour hours when
the trench was blown in, in addition to shrapnel wounds, while
later on the next tent to that in
which he lay wounded was blown
up in the course of a Zeppelin raid.
We bespeak a rousing welcome for
the first of our wounded to return,
as soon as he is permitted to visit
Courteuay. His injuries will keep
him from rejoining bis regiment
for some time, and we therefore
ask that others come forward to occupy the vacancies caused by his
and other soldiers' enforced withdrawal from the fighting line.
Private Perrott experienced the
awful results of the poisonous gas
emited by the German shells, which
while uoi as harmful as the o;her
variety, still makes itself felt for
some months.
A hearty welcome was given to
the wounded warriors at Victoria,
after a triumphal progress across
The race track commute'; intend
holding a dance 011 Friday evening,
Jan. ist.
On Nov. 6 ajap named Yami-u-
ato was caught pitlampiug byGanie
Warden Dawley, and on Friday
iast Mali Sing a Chinamaa was
captured at the same game. T[ley-
were taken before Magistrate Willard and fined $50 each or two
'mouths in gaol. This dangerous
practice must be stopped. Already
this season .Mr Keeuan of Fanny
Bav has lost 4 head of cattle, Mr.
Muscamp of Union Bay 1 cow T.
Aitken of Campbell River road r
calf and six horses have bee:; shot
at Alberni by pit tampers,
Presbyterian Church
St.  Andrews'  Saudwick
Service 2 pin-     Sunday   School
and Bible Class 3 p, m.
Sunday  School and   Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Service 11:30.   Evening service 7:30 V- in- All welcome
>>_ V^>>
V%_ ^L  *_
\ >
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
The Elgin Coffee Mill
Is Working Full Time These Days
Try a pound of freshly
Ground Coffee Beans
50c. per pound
Another favorite is
Our Own Tea at
40c per pound
box 256 SHEPHERD'S ""-40 THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C
The Mystery
of the
Bj   l-i-.-.l M. White
��� \r.  yon    ure n   iliat"" .-11 ��� naked.
Vs j iii'i- ns mi.   .-iin hi- certain of
anything, i-liilil,    We .ii" .lliuu''."
Ward,   Lock   &   Co .   Llmitod
. Lonrlcn,   M'lbcur nr  .ind   Toro ,to ,
\^_                              J/J "Before long il will ho proved ulmosi
"? 1                  . .  ,   =:_/ i ivuiid u demonstration I Iih t (leolTrp;
vvoi'ii ni' reprnof ims passed your lips.
nnd yet yon ure u repitiol lo mo   And
lo l li I n lc tliul you Blioulil have leiirnt
There la nobodj else here, uncle.''   mj secret!    I eould ilie ol' sliiune."
in- cnn in. I., 'i ,n careful," Italpli      Vera kissed the mini' tenderly.
; tiered,    "Then lioolTre.*. Is safe.' "Why?" she nsked.   '"Surely lliere ia
���|iii:iili l-tcuvcn   Vou have sent llllll   no shuiile III a pur.*' an.l iltsllllcrested
'  nmew here,  uncle?" aft'ecHon.*'
''No, I have licit sent 111 Hi anywhere, j (To ho   'oi.'. iin:",!'
1 \inl you in-.' Anl  i" .i-l. questions.    I 	
hnve'told you so iniieli lo spare you ()nlimi��il��ii   W-infpfi
  iiroii} nnd suspense thill will ovei- UpiintlHlB   TYU1UBU
lake Up- hIIii rs.    I  nil yoll because, 	
Iiuil i mi uoi known, i,> - nipiilui strain   Cannot be too Much Optimism In Can-
might   have   brokPli   you   down,"  coi. i ada, nnd  F.v;ry Bi* is Fully
Hinted Italpl,. justified
Tliere    is  reported  from   iii"  New
if nun n ..i
las hi eome n i lell. i lo the I'miill; ("���'���   , "rl: su"'|- Exclinnge ti    regular enb
 ro will be pvI.Ipiu'i unvlnce a I ___,c ,'.*'  I,"M'!!:" ""'. .'" !_. '""""_
,'".'"        -   ;,-..','     "��'    ���T).m   "d"    urTl^'^wmVo   rroiiia, ,lhec ,o     The .joe!
i ii>l sn   i- wi    ne.-.i'ly Hip piiil   ���    ��� .. exchanges arc generally  uccepteu a:
' :' '     M  ' ���'   ; !   l!" '"" ' l,l,Vl   ' *       L     iii  ,1,ii,,ii.    <*hr ri.iilil  onlvl-tlle     '" sl    Possible    Imrouipters    by
'  ' :" ��� ' ml  ' '' 'I" ; 'InWi ilM' ' '1'1''1''   .   ,     ,." !,-. i .    I"i'.,v ' , i. ,. ahonli   ' whieh to gunge trade conditions, ami
'"" "l"1 ;1""-   ""l '"*' l"?trnyofl the , B*"'".   K; *>* ' .,   " > ' '    , .v adopting that standard lhe news innn
 '   dun   'in..    I should liRYi   il.ui",''1    ���'" ;l ���'��� ''���" "',s ,u" l""''"1 '" ..v,.���-  York  is  decidedly  welcome     ii
"      'v,ul   ll-v   s"   '" ���"'���'���     >''""'   I' "'''''l'   ������!'.��� ,,-,   ���ol  in    lm��   vour ippIIiiks Ils "' h" ''"i"''1 lil;"  ,!"' epidemic will
:1 """���''!,��� i ,;'���;.  '    .VroRl' d    ''Zi'aveZ   f���e lnfeetl     and   will  travel  to
,.., heirav knowledge by a single sign.   ""'" '"'.'" <> 'ls 'lulekly and ua wldel;
An. If l could tell you bow much de-  ���,8,?(*B���!",UJ(-"., , ���,���,���,
llrii' In t unndn ilici'i" baa certainly
"At ill" cxpi ns" nt' vour li.      iiini-
.'  v  said.
I lllgorsk; : irilgf il bis; shoulders. Pe,J"�� "I".1," >''
IVImt matter?" hi said. "The low I ""���' >'0"r silenc
Well, as l  wus
mr courage, reticence I
ilTer ror 'a any.    Well, as i wus I    ',' ]itl,llnli  >""  *'""  "'"���' ���  '''"'
".hn��� cer paused �� lonl) as bis     .Z'' li,,,ll( I/-an. dear    I like lhc rliig
Aim of Russians is B< Iin Unneutral Cards Harrcd
irom United Slates Mails
Will    Not   he   Content   With    Olivine,
Enemy Out of Russia Latfe|, B���rlng Ul(. Worci5   ,.-oU ^^
111"   uterv ews wiili Alexia Khvos- _    .     .���
toff, lhe new  minister of ihe Interior England- Are Non-mallable
ror Itussia, did nol nnnounre bis pro- Postinmter-aenerHl Bnleson 1ms is-
gram, bul quoted a immbei' of Inter- "���'"''' ���'" 0���er exeliidlng rrom tu��
estlnsundepligranuiiatlostatpnientsaii ' ""''ll Stales mulls postcards und onto bis attitude mi lurlnna dtiestlons. j velopes regardort as of unneutral eha.
Ills iiiipolntmenl was due. lie thinks, to ���" ,l'1' The order speclilcnlly Include]
his recenl iiunin speech aboul tlte ox- j fHTtls nnd envelopes i, which labeli
cess of (Icrman Influenep in Uiissliin liavc heen applied h arlng lhe -vordl
pconoinli'life. Rprorms lire ncpessury, "('��tl Slrnfa Unglnnil," and ploturei
but lliplr i","i iiilon musi he postponed 'lemniclalory of ��:��-i ninny's sinklnn ol
until lifter tbe war. The prime neces- the l usilaina. I'be postmuster-genM
sllj for ibe moment Is a strong nnd al s order-was bb follows:
autlrorlliitlvi government \M efforts "Po ininstera nre illrccied to troaJ
must in- devoted In Rccnrlng victory, aa non-miillnble envelopes, poslcardi
and victor; means nol onlj driving nnd so forth in'iirin-, stlcliars contain
ih.- enemy onl of UusbIr; "nnr aim Is ] Ing lhe wordH or having printed '"
Hi-rlin." snys M, Khvostoff llinin the words "Holt Hlriifi  ICngland,'
The work of the Zemslvo und tiiiiiil or a pli-tiin nl Hi" (leriunn i scutcheon
clpal iinlo.-.n musi in- encouraged lu with u red blnl labelled "l.iiHltanla,'
every way.   The reccnl congrosses In | Insprlhed u>- being nol only itnnoiilral
Moscow   di'l  pxcellpully    when    Ihey j but i-ulciihilPd u> rellccl  ii| "rtuii
swerved fron,    their functions    when i cIiissps or pnrsotis.'
i!i";,  raised (|iieslloUH of geiiPfiil poll |    h WM mi,\ ���| n,,, poslolTIco depan
tics.    They     si    nol   be  imnlslipd, . monl lhal posh-aril,  and envolopoH ol
however,  \<n  lliis sligbl   error.    Tbo  ,i,,.    cburiiclpr   dcscrl I    hail beet
recenl niotiliis.'nnd when ll conies to j I'olp uf lhe unions is espcelnllj iipcps- found in big cities b.v postmasters and
.bead ii inav sweep the inuniil'iicttir- sul'"* "' ""' pamimlgn ngalnsl the ah i |I0H| office lusppclors, nnd Hint tin
rs  the wbnlcsalPi's and Ihu relallers,   normal rise In prices, which Is due to  iiupsllon na to tbelr miillablp cbarnetoi
ami  llnnllv lhc    consumers.    Into    a  speculation und ilisorguulzntlon.   Tins   hmi ho-*n referred lo the ileparlment
1     '    --I" ' '        '".'   "-in-       ,.   ..,,,.,.   ,...;,,,,        v-,,,, ,   ).,,   ,,ni,.|     unu    'iiian.*    H'"      "hiimi iii"i :-.      unu      ,t i    ��� ���    - ������-       h   i..-.i.ii     in n.i 11 iiii-iil
nn  cnuglil   something   moving  alom; ��   ,���       ,V         ,     '     '   '   , ,.,,       ,    greal  wa-    of prosperity.    II  will not  ���r,palgn  inusl    be the lirsl  cure ol \n   exiimlnutlon   m   lhe   postal   laws
ibe h.neli    ll  was Ihe llguro of n wo- ""���" ���i"l1��i"',!1   f ',,"'!''   ���'' ,'.' , '    ha merely a (lucstlou of meeting tl.e   >''<> <" '^"'v ot the Interior. Hll(| resnlntlons was. made with ��� vle���
man creeping nlong as If In search of  ,':';1";' ;h;,,"1,l1""'.!,,,',,,,,',.,.H iucrciiM -manil  for    all    linns    of  ,  W ilbonl   it  duma,    politic e  In |0 determining whether the iiiiilllng ol
...nu,. mlsriiiE object.    She proceeded ^t o ���       *""'"''%*  goods, lint of building up slocks lhal \]iuaa\a is J"'t ltfiikiU.lo, says M. Khvos- Bltcb    nnvelnpos nnd  postenrds could
i-ei-y slowlj  until she npproachpd tlie  Pen"�� ll1"".'. ""' " ���"   '        havu be,-    ajowed lo become deplel- i l"11-   "��  lll('lv '���- "" need lo sum i be prohibited. In cm,in   his order, lIk
s|i"i   wh re   lhe   boal   la;   tilled  uii'l ! "������';, >' ,;'���l'-  .          .,     ed to a greal  extent.    The  factories,   'J10 "1,mn  before November.    No nu-1 postmaster-general    acted   In  accord
sunk, aiul  ihen  she paused nbrtiplly. I,;"1,1     .  ,",'" , , ?. , _ v .,���.,..���,   aparl I'rom those engaged In lhc man-,'1"" restrlnllons    nutsl    he placed on unCB wljh ibe decision reached recent
For  Inute sh" stood  fascinated  f 0' s-   ',v ""''' '''"'. J"',    ",'''*;' ufiici um of munllions of   wur.    have'11"' l-ress; lhe Idea ol a preventative iy  || hi illliig of  postenrds  oi
h;  sia-bi. ihen sbe tiling hor hands ; Au "���''���'  "'!","���" VI'i, ''  ���,     ��� ,' '    , 1', i plentv of vacnnl space nnd the wan- :'' nsorship is absurd: ii Is as .-���real an ���|,otns  of  lho  lynching     ot   Leo   M
high in Hi" air. nnd a bitter walling  \" 1a��e" ,   '��   "  ''.'';   ',' ,��������,��� ���-?,���    houses of lhe wholesalers nre In lhe i anarch.,uc.ni   as   lhe   resloral    of prank, near Marietta, Gn., should  bt
cry escaped  her.    If she liad been n   "��'���   ��"e ����s HMng i"  -   ��'���"   sume e0ndlUoti, and so are the shelves  serfdom would he. prohibited as Immoral and    likely t,
fisherman"!     wife    ,u .1;   brought Kl"';!' hi" .���;"!"���         ......       ...   .,,..,   of the retailors.   When the revival In      Strong meapin-ns    inusl    be    taken Inllama the passions of certain people
.i iiii ill" dead body of In r
she turned and  ran towards
n nailing aa she went, Geoffrey slart-
"WIiri did it mean?" she asked hot
busl  ..!��� lover, I, i- wail ol anguicli I sell "Sain.   Mul she could llnd no an-
 ol  been more ploKtinnt lswer   to llie puzzle. Still. Geoffre; wa3
��� v ',n  '���>    ���'    i   "!'' iCffrcv '.si-,-,1    safe.    Whatever  sensation  the   next
Tchigorskv' said   nolhlng.  the  wo: | few Hours inlghl produce Geoffrey Imd
man stood  with her hands raise,I. As   come to no harm.   II would be bard to
iffs.   see Ihe others surfer. Iinrd to witness
'  their grief and nol    lighten i;  by so
much us a sign
trade  demand-    si Is    the  wheels of
against  German  dominance  in    Hus
prosperity turning again,    they    w|ii  slan public Me and the best way to
hum more briskly because of tbe fad   combat  the Influence ,,f German ean- lilt"   raritlCrs   Ulle
thai Ihere are such extensive arrears I tltil is by organiiilng    Russian  work-1 	
,,, i.b nrui.i ! men on national principles. ! .
The steps already tali :i by  1'rlnce I Avel'a3e  Fr'rmtr Dc��  Not Th'"k  of
Chernloff to extpnd' the rights of the       Providing Conveniences That Will
In  the  presenl  circumstances  u
ihe plain duty of everyone who   can
influence   public opinion directly or In- i JeWB .""lsl. Il;   followed.    The only >\
Lessen Her Work
wVauld hai
arorsky rest
But   Halpli   liad   heen  empli
I this  point.     Had
,,,,.  ...   (lire-Hi  to preach    optimism. 'There  striclion thai    should be  malntaliied      ,���  U|e ,.,,., ����� (���. ..��� ,      ,
""      M'l .���   , i _ii_.i      ���  .    .i.  .   i  Wil   i    PPB-BI'i     In     hiu-'i    :.   ti-.i-    In.    mnn    i_  I , .    .. J   . " '
for.ani. but I "'is  Point,     nan   ue , not  said   lhal
,,   * everything lunged upon ber reticence
Thai is net vour Marion," He said. I'"id silence?   Vera went slowly to her
"Vm i.   \iiirinn Vioes    n,ii   ,ii-"s<   tii.-n  room, her reel making no sound on the ,
,,.'..       thick   pile  carpet.    A   flood  of  light ,
Icol'frev looked again,   li wus Mar- streamed  through   the  stained glass I
cannot be loo mm
country jusl now. and
is fully justified.���Montreal N"
Irish  Home Rule Postponed
\u   oriler-in-,-0 meil   has   postponed
or. In the nig ill,"    Welsh Diseslablishmcnl act and.
iptimlsm in the  with regard to .lews after the war Is  velopraent   of the rami has changed
cveiv hit of i' ,^;';,j':;" """"'" "' ""' l""v'';" '" real! so    thai  high  priced  machinery ii a
Wintering Vegetables
Ion and yd  not Jlarlou,    li  was ibe h''"',1"*1'.*; '"f" 'X'T whhc'li'.ure lay j the  Home' Vu^'acT "in'tiie" .oltowtail How to Keep Garden Products in Good
eii'l lu ihe nine serge dress and red , '���'' ��� . '"  '���'      "' ���     ��� ���
ini- _ law downwards ou ihr- cushions. ���    ���������
ia l l, l    wun   i. ."in,,,, ,    in i   so i      .. ,     ,       ,..,..     ,., ,     ..,,-   ...    , ,,,   ,.,,      ,,,-   i,,.,, v,,   mi hi , lu;
Vera    approached softly.    Hie saw i       .   ...   . . .   "    intiu   ,     " ���
llul   Hns  giri   know
Condition Through  the  Winter
necessity   in    making    the    larmins
operations a success.
Not so luivi the Internal home con
dlllons changed. The same house, the
same Inconveniences thai were in usi
.",,, or more years ngo, are in mnn;
cases, in use- today, and because ibo;
were   good   enough   fnr   mother,   oi
iiboul   blm,   nnd   why  did   sue  stand I
walling ever liis boat? II" felt I .list
��� ,lve Ibis mystery. ! a*1"1
i Ilia shoulders rise and fall as if I
girl lying there were sobbing In hilt
i   was   Marion.    Marion  the j enbei
be I from the dale of the passing of tbej    1( is lt(u,n n |in,j,i|,ul ,,, know how   grandmother, ihey are "goo,I enougl
er j said acts    lhe    presenl    war   is'not h0  |..,,,,,, om.  winter  vegetables  after I f��r   my wife   today'    'low little doe;
i,l slowh
"Hii  down," T, hiarjrsk
-',���   down.''
"".���ut," GcolTrci  cried, "I Inslsl upon , ,
knowing    " j.Marion.
"And spoiling everything  Hii down, l I    :       ��� ' '���    ' '���' ;
sa;   or i  chilli have to detain you.    l
don'l fa in ; you would care to incisure
ymir stength w itli mine."
Ce-,nre;.- dropped Into Iris scat
ver cheerful!    Surely her grief inusl !    "No steps shall be ml.
I we  have  grown  Ihem.    The  outaidi :!l"' average farmer i-ealzi   i;,.u    the
in put me i ,..���,, ceiiar is ||,.��� |���,sl    for ma-j  .     ultimate success of his farm depends
e bevond   the  common? I Governmeni or Ireland Act, Pl-1, into j tlieui.   Cabbage needs lo be leapt lust   "l'''rl l,is wife. "I)r"' tbe conveniences
���Marion," \'era    whispered.    "Dear | operation    until    the    expiration    ������t ( ��.Ljo*vq    freezing    polnl  and   In  open  she   bus which will lessen Iter work
eighteen months from the dale of tiie J crates.    If kepi  hi a warm cellar anl land give her more time to muke tin
wiih hearl'eli tenderne
��ure  passing ot lhal   acl   unless  the  pre-1 paclterl closely they will not.   Turnlpi
sen!   war  1ms  previously  ended, nor | ail(,    potalocB   both    keep   besl In a
Marion raised her face nl length. It   it al the expiration ol those eighteen  piace    jns|   llU0V|     freezing.     While
home attractive, and Veep Ibe children contented and happ; on thi
farm.    A    wife    is a necessity on
"lev ��� .on wani  ni" lo know   wbo that
"|     have     hoard     worse   g,r s
was wa. with I ears and ber eyes were  months tbe presenl  war lias nol Gllcl-  pumpkin  and  squash    need  a  warm,  farm, bul  unless she Is spared much
=��.niinn     -,i  ursi  sin, seemed  nol  lo I ed until smd.    later date,   nol  being  dry  place, a  temperature of  lifty or pf  the   hard  drudgen   and   unneces
later than the end of thepresent war, | rao,.e |s g00d for these vegetables,   li |ary labor
is belter thai  they should  nol  touch      Dr.  cm
each other. . Tic shells of pumpkins | "Farm  Wife":     'The work  she doe*
.,,,,,.,���,    , ...' |'n'.;.. h��� I recognize N'era. I mier iiian me cuu oi i,n'i���i��n��� ��**'.|more Is good for these vegetables,   li   ary mum sac win soon give out.
������'���������'       "Oo away," she said hoarsely. "Why  as may herearter be llxed by order-In-1 is uettel. that they should not touch |    Dr. Curtis says in speaking of-th
do ynu in. rude upon me like this.' Am   council.
ai,! drily.
s ..   i  never lo liave a  minute lo myself?!    "The date  of disestablishment  r.n-  aU(]  squaslf/coullntie  to  harden, and  today  she   will  tlo (tomorrow  and  se
'    Am   I   always  io  cany    lhe    I'amil; j der the Welsh Church act, lull, shall   ine harder Ihey are the  better Ihey  on li) the end.   Thpre is no direct re
I troubles on my shoulders?" be postponed until    the    cud ol  the h[eep    -|-|K,   softer   --liclle .   squashes  ward  for her work,    if Lhe  work h
i ilA[''!'l-:i;  M.l
\      ,' I'M'
,v. nn;   un,
as n  tore
lercely, with a gleam in ' presenl  war
her ,ves lhal Vein had ne* er seen bo-;
fore.' Si-" drew hack, frightened and   SPRUCE AND PINE TREES
;,i   the  alarmed,    ll   seemed   incredible   Ihatl
���b',-- i-iui-. g 'iitic  Marion could repulse her like |
ihoul iiin small party that lestl-  this.   Bill she did not go.
���   i-votis tension  lhat held |    .Marion   was  beside    h.'-rseU    lyilli |      Forest. Nursery at Indian Head
I'he  Dominion  government's  forest
rsei'v ai Indian Head ia now���distrlb-
janil pumpkins shoukl he used lirsl. us  uninteresting the hours must  be pro
they will Sinn upoil ii kept.    Onions  poitionalely short, for the life ol' tht
keep besl cpread out In Ir.yers or open  spiril. ibe only life tbat  is worth liv
FOR  FARM  PLANTING   crates  where Ibcy  mny have  Ire- air. ing.   must   .nine  oulside   the  work."
circulation, dry and moderately warm      .jlle    greatest Interest  nnd more*
Supplied Under Speci.-.l Conditions by , Is  Ihe  requirement  ol lhe  onion  ior  |ion ml|S|    como   through ibe family.
ihem    l'or some war.', now there Had  grief; she did nol know what she wa
imen a iticit understanding on llie sub- saying,   li was impossible to leave he
, of pn.'ictuulltv.   such a thing was! in Ihis condition.
'��� ���   ..������,,;.   when 'un;  .moment   might     "Vou are grieving for Geoftrey
;.   . ,i>r,,'i" the next  catastroph i. The ' said
n,,re facl  nf anyhi
good keeping
Celery should be lifted with a share
of Hie roo   i u it ami \.itli the earth
and   if  Ihe  possibilities  of  the  boim
. make ii  so. lho wil i can manage to
glvo a few  minutes each day to sonn
II l, I se, \    ,1,    , in, nt ll    , n .i 'i      ..   nvi.   iii.-iu iu ...       ,. . ., , .        ,  | !,���.......   ..    ,,.. ..     ...   UUK1-
ultiig evergreen such rb spruce and pine  "'" clinging to it.   I. may be packed  instructive reading, and r little slud;
,,������- furnilng under special conditions. \,, }>oxes\ wi��' "ie,ea,',tl* l|Slu a,uollt "���  of  the  conditions   under   whicli   sbe
.le will come back to us. T),0 distribution Is confined entirely to  ^oler>',shoulcl up�� k('l'.' 0Llt. "" lonS.M  works and how best to remedy then,
elng  late  for     " fTrey  lr. dead.    Marlon  "'ailed. planting nnd  no stock of any '��� " ''n�� . "  kl,!". I.,'("" '"���pziii.''. and ihe i occasional    visits    to    friends    and
"lie will never come hack.   And I      :         ,   supplied for planting on town necessity ol this vegetable Is n cool lie|gi,bor3,  or to    some    couitminit;
shn  iiansed:  she bud not  Id  con-"   ,.,..''   ...,,.... T, i... ,    storage.    A  temperature oi  forty-five   ���   ,,,,.,���i,..,...i i���k   ,.i_i
i" put the rial   1101
icier.    \ id Gcoffr j  had um come sue  pauseii;  sue wu nu,  ,  -,    ���.���           ,     , ,      .\s,piiciiiits must be liana ,-*/'""-"��� . �� ,"-'"""*"��� tu'B��    luiu-ayo centre,  membership  in  a  club, visit
io tea ai all. irol of herself entirely.   I3ut lhc'ook  ,lue owners of farms.   Those who de- <*es-ree? is ulsnslrous.    Ihlrty-flve to |ng   and    taklng   nn Interest In-the
The ihing   was  nlmosi   In  Itscir  u In   lier  eyos,  the  oxpressioii  ot   ber             ,        further regarding the op-   orly degrees are nllow-able    for the rm.a,  BCnoo]    aI, ,,���..,,  a(|d  .o    th*
ngedy.   Geoffrey v as always so con- face, lhe sigalile.nl   pause lold  \ e a ;'         hy ,��� ,,.,.,���.,, evergreens should ' )esl V'"    '      '"',''  ',     "x m}'   '' Uveableness o[ life.   Some regular or
���i;    In the a story.    It bur*,   upon hm ���with tlie P��   m,,nWe with the Fmest Nursery  tu'".e(    "u"''    0 keep the   tops trom gan|���ed   game   hour would   do much
!... lo sta; full rorce oi s.Klden illumliintlou          ���   ��                   Uoad. Sask.                    wilting,   or wel blankets may be hung f0 ,ie,p in tl1s splrll of living, as well
, ���.|is go-      "Marion." she  whispered, '-you  love   ���"'���"""' ���  near by.    ( clery  thus Ireatecl  begins,       ,,,.,,  ,    ko      ,������,  |n  h,.tu.r    hvs,
��� ale of ei in .'-��� Notlilr
"in |i| would Inn c Indtii , .1 a
nway wiihoul  lirsl saying 1
lo do -', or s- mliiig a messnge.
An 1 l, 11 had been a thing of lhc past
for a -"ii,i Iumr. WhRl ci,did Inn,- be
come of liiiu'.'
bim as I do
.- , her sect'el w as known . I Ian
\nd Mai Ion was onl., i woniun, afl
all     l"u,- si llishness of her grli f ilr.<
Thc  Messenccr Boy
!�����Sr__ !','..n'."..,!',,'"'!'". !'.." '.An''""""leal condition. Play wllh one's husband
 and children brings   one to lho reall
/alien of much thai Is of pleasure aim
ing new stalks al lhe 1, art while the I
nude man Btalln :   nto the  outside ones decay.
Sobod;   ask il   lhe qiiesiion,  but   ii   nway all other emotions,
waa  im    mosl   In  lhc  minds ol  .ill. |    "Aa you do?" she crii
office of n grout nnaueler .villi whom 1    SBlslfy, parsnips, carrots ami heels!;."',;"!
lie had nn  ippoiutment. | \vi\ neeu storing in sand or soil, and.
"You probably donl remember me,    paianlpa are much better flavored In
������    ,,'���,    o,V in  ibe   11 ids ,,i  ��� "As vou do?" she eriei     '���What do     "ton pronauij nun 1 lenifmue, ,,e,    pan,nlpg arc much better lliivurcd in |
���A���    'A.      1    1  pi,, Ith    fevers i   vou Willi vour a ntlo nature know  of   ho began, "bul twenty years ngo, when | iprlng ���,������ ,,���     nre ,��� the\in. Captured a Fire-Protector
'     '    11 lerc wns V blazing ml''love?   Vou want the wild hoi blood In , I was a poor messenger boy, you gave  ter.    Sprlng    ,, :ll���  lh(,  ,���,,���,,. ,im  '    (li|(. uf ,,���. 0ormnn ���������,,, Bre prt.
not   o'n tin   e- to  ai     veins In feel lho real lire of 11   me. ��� sago to Mir* ���,,,,...,. Up use parsnips, and  In many  places  jectors-lho so-called  llannueiiwerper
,;.,. ,v,.   Vi..,.,.  wild and  restb li   Ul - devouring affection. ���u    A'AA'. ��� ,   S l- "?8e c'an  Ue.  ',''"  '" ""   el'��"m1' "H - such      as   were   used   against  our
"lnrion liad slipped away, 'I      ��� 'I lell you I lovo hlni ten   housaiii
,me   who   ;   1 raved     no  iui.Ipiv   wus limes more Ihnn you1 do. Look at me,
!;��� pit     i       al ' Ipp ng hi   chil a I am utterly losl and abased with m;
::. if hi   had :i," world to himself nnd grid and  humiliation.    Am  1  not 'in
"Win re's the answi..
lieing protected.
ther.'1 " 11 - 110I11 (ly clue In it
I'l'cseutly,  with  one  excuse  or
eisev. all slipped a wa;.  until Vera
nil   .' iiii   Italpl).    II ���   vas  ��� 11 qui, ;
1..,.1   he I1r.1l nhnosl foi n 1 ten I.I ��� pres
she    rose to  In :���  1 nil   pm    i  : ic
room rapidly.
��� in. pr, ssed In r hand., lo bet i! robbing temples.
���'Cod spare Iiim," .... ��� whisperi ,1.
���spar ��� blm  to  mo!    Oh, il   is  wicki d
10 feel iiii" tills and ��� n ntterl; selfish.
11 .: it (li wi':' ;  di"- I have nothing to
T "���..'��� roa to her 1 yes, 1 ars 01
agony and 1 proach and self-pity.
Ralph . n sst d the root , ,il ntly. He
was upon the gir] en she had b aid
the soft fall of liis fo ilsti ps. He laid
a baml on Vera's arm.
"Geoffrey Is 11 it -dug to die," he
Vera suppressed a sea.inn. SI15
tuijgbt liave cried out, bul something
In the expres ilon ,,f Ralp .' face restrained her.
i troops at Hooge, was quickly captured
  On Inspection, ii appears lo be a nicta
"Anv  rattlesnakes ..round  In- box, worn on the hack  like u havei
'���'���'' ������\Viiars';'(iir'l,iisinessr iisk.Vtlie! suck. with a lengll-. of piping, tbroiigl
Rcyal Kconomy
Geoffre;   is  dead.   I   Ish   king  and   queen  have   exercise
which the Inflammable material, ap-
. ,, ������ I parently a mixture of coaltar, Is squirt
0    looked I c_.   Near Hie nozzle of tho tube is a
liblei't   Of   ply       (iciiure;    is   ueaii,   1 ' is;,   King   anil   queen   nine   1.",.-,:,,, , . ..     ,     .. , ���,..       ,    ,
an-' el  > m 1 kilo* it, I reel II.   Love him i In lbs royal household as un example  b Vl,    has  hat to   0 wi
���-as   as rou do!   And you sland there with-  i��� H, Hon she,- the war began is no |      ^(J1 ���**��� [��gHI ������� "" 	
uici   mu so much as a single tear I'm  his | new   thing  In  the  presenl    tlynasty. j lvroum1 here tor summer hoard asked pressure-gauge, and  in  the  nozzle a
res    d ar memory."                                         Queen Victoria was more extravagant              |(||   .,    l]1>Miol), m.(.  .,   .       , kind of wick, in which, when the ap
Vera flushed.   Tin   words smug her j in llie royal nienago Ihan elher her    h        (ol           ,                    ;;    �� parat���8 |s ready for use, a florae flame
,,,.. dj       ow cold and callous Marlon   sou.  King kdward, or her grandson,   tleBnaV.es ... mog���uif0(la ,,,. anvthl,7_ Is kepi burning by means ol 11 cliemi
must think of her:    And yet Marlon  King George. When the late king came    f^^ lo ignite the coaltar preparation
would have been equally wld and self- to the throne, he found things carried   guessed the place wouldn't suit him." ! "s " issues forth from tbe lank under
contained bad she known.   And ii was  0n In sa lavish a manner that he called
impossible to give lier a single hint. | in   Lord  Farquhar  lo  go  thoroughly
high pressure.    The apparatus, which
is being examined liy the authorities
Mv I, ail and soul are wrapped up | Into  cm ry  unnecessary   Item  of ex-j    Litlle Willie, whose people arc not hs remarkably ingenious,
in Geoffrey," sin- said.    "If anythinglpenditure and cul  it down,    lie Ihus  very strict churchgoers, weni    io   a   '
happens lo iiim  1  shall have nothing I saved many thousands 11  year.    One   new school, and lhe other hoys cross-j
W. N. U. 1077
aPP'  - ��� . .. ,
0 live for.   Bul 1 am not going lo give  of King Edward s earlier orders wus.
uvay yet.   There is still hope.   And I  "No servants to wait on servants."
ilia!] hope to the end." ' ��� -
up  suddenly and   dried j    Cily  Boarder��� I  suppose  you're  up
' Vou   ul
aid with
J witli the lark'.'
a  reproach  to  me,"  sl.e      Farmer���Before tbat.   I have to git
watery smile.   "Nol  one   the hired man up with the lark.
.xamiued him, ns boys will. "1 suppose," said    llie timid younj
"Wh'.il church do you go to?" thev  man, "when you recall what a hand-
demanded ' I pome young fellow your lirst husband
"Well," answered Willie,   "I   don't was, you wouldn't consider me for a
go to any  church    much,    but    the  minute?"
Church of England is il e 1 stay      "Oh. yes. I would." sweetly replte,.
away from." ' | the widow, "but 1101 lor a second-
is good teei' I
"I"'"" ���m" The Russian Duma
The Army of
Is Growing S,nailer Every Day,
ifspon-ihl.-    they not
Jnly give irlict
���Ms, Initiation, Sick Hcmlaclte, Sallow Shin.
.small Fill, Small  Dose. Small Plica.
Genuine,,n,j-,tlv.it Signature
No   Barbers   Are   Wanted   Where   the I
( Members Meet
The Petrograd correspondenl m the
i London Daily Mail aends an Interesting uccouul of the memorable opening ,
session of the Duma on Vugusl l. the '
I iiiiiiiversiir; of ihe outbreak of tin
| war. in which !,,. describes lhe Hus
, sini)   pariiauu uiary   hod;
Tho legislative chamber, lie says, lsl
��� in shape like the French chiiiubei of,
' Imagine a large,   oblong hall," the '
correspondent coutlnues.   "lu the mid-
Idle Of Ibe si,I.��� which faces you as you \
' enier is ihe president's dais. Here he '
j sits, raised above every.me else, with
a vtce-presldeiil on either side of hlni.
I Iteb.v. hi,u is the plairorin foi llie or
! tor who is addressing ihe In,us.
American   Harvest
Hest in History
| Cover,iment s   Crop   Reports   Iodic..te
Record  Harvests in All
,     Vmerlcau harvests ihis year will be
the most valuable ever produced. With '
| the w iieai  crop exceeding   a    billion
1 bushels, Hie largi sl  ever pru '. d in
.one season by any nut Ion, and a corn
' i rep which also may prove I" he the
I largest ever crown, the governmeni a
October crop report,   Issued recently, I
' annouii", d      preliminary      ,������ Uniales ]
whicli indie:,ie record harvests of oal i,
hurley,  rye, sweet   innate,...  ri,-.. t,, '
1 hacco and hay.
I'om  is  slill   kin^;  of iTiip.-.   w ,, ii   in- ���
dlcntlons   of    :i.n��� i,i.*,:i,nun    bushels, '
Nol For Seed Purpcsrs Red Fife and Mar-! Wllil" ll,;" ls "8.000,000 bushels
You will Iind relief in Zam Buk!
It eases the burning, stinging
pain, stops bleeding and briny,
ease. Perseverance, with Zam-
Buk, means cure. Why net prove
thi. 7   ^" Druggists and Stow.���
'"" MO (IM-
(irain Grades for Seed
M r. ���;
the record of 1012, the linnl production ,.        _    ,,        ��� >.     ,.    ,,
when Hi,- harvest    Is finis  and all I anada lias  1J!<"' I Till
statistics compiled,    nun    more than tn   p. u| ,,-,,   SSiKoriu
rd.-riii council has I n issued   make up the dlfferei      ti,�� i, '��   �������<��    < ><    ���''���    "���
quia  Wheat  Must  be  Kept
The higher
��� We have been making matches
I lor fil years now Domestic
land i'\ cr; other kind.
Sinn, ni our specialties arc
f STONE I OUCH" for out-
[door use- "WAX VESTAS"
I for lhe smoker, und other
f varieties,
For   home   use   the-   most
' popular match is thc "SI I I'.N T
j 5," bul for every use
mpiilbor ��� ,ipi alts Iron, his place, He
cm te lhe tribune, Here lie is a little
above III iiiillenee, which inukeB
,|,"iil,iii,a  nun" ens;'     it   ,,l- nkes   ^ini,--,,-,"!,,; certain  uradea of grain, I prices this year assure ihe mosl vain
""���.���h,""m"ni',,,;.,. '���'"".' ,    .,,���     ,-,    exclusivel; fnr seed purposes, without \ able crop of "era eve,  grown, Former Canadian Trad
      , ,    , ".'"' ',"' "" ,,       uffcelliig Ihe "iiiiimcrcial grades Used      Whom proBpecls lilcreiiRed   as   lhe T.M,  r,,,,,,.,,,,,,,  ,,.  ,
ii   a   some   cc    ncie-   the   nre,.,den   ' . , .   . .    , els   Uunuoion   u,   i ...
,,., .���     , .. ,V,,���"    under the tliuiad.i tlrul.i Acl. growing season  progressed,    and lhe i
���     ���!   i'i' ���!    i-  ,t     "" ,"'" "'"!!',    The   prlniiir;  purpose of the ordei    govo lenfe    eurlj   Benson  forecasts Prospects
n   Hi sa;,   II | ,���.,������,, ���, ||   |a  ..,,, ,.|.,���ii,.  .,   aiitmiiiniliil I moved nn month hv mnnili   .nil,,,, thn       I'.   I-',   .lusi.   former   ("anil I
slopes upward     Km h monibei' has a
of    lie|   fife    Mini   Marquis   preliminary estimate of production waa   cotunili  loner at   Hum
sh",'. Inn I ���i'il,   ...  ,..    ei
, . , I    _, ��� i I ��� I ' i  ��� ' ' I It'll III' 11 i I ��� i , I I 11 I i     i I i   ���>        I I i  ���    I I I I i i I I . 1 I    t     I     ' l  I I i I I 1 I '       ' ��� I     I r 11   I  11 ��� 11    11  , i ,-���
?<������   '" ''" '",' , N  !��a ''/. ������'*"" ' M wheat, mil ��� and -is no -ley that   placed at   1,002,029. ,
In, iu   ,d ou.en.be sol parh neal do   ,H ^.'^ ���, g|II)-rlor ,|l;.,|ilv, ���,", ,,,,.���    f)alH w,��� ,,N, ,���,, lh��� ,,���,���,, ,.,.������ ���,
lhe opporl ti u it ii .- awaiting
inn   muniifucliirer!       II, ���   u I
henever there Is a big dehul
" 'Huiini,' b; the wu;   mentis literal-
I ly n a a Illllllll   a    einiiij (pill'llltlllolll >
' hul  a council of thinkers  i from duo.
Hint,  i>, Ihliik i     I ,1   i lilnk, how
ever, Hull ii Is a more thoughtful body
I Ihan others of Ils Mud. A ,'.lance
j round al Its tiienibei a slums lhai they
', nre in, different for Hie mosi part from
j lliose   nl,,,   fil    m pui,lie assemblies I
everywhere else.   Onl; In one outwar
J lisped   do   lhc;   claim   uninilc  dislille- j
tlon.   Thoy inusl be uu to Ihc hairiest    , ,
assemhl; in tiie world. Thero are bald I *haU '"' c0 ,s��l1 '"
j 'leads   In  he  seen,   bill   not   nearly  so
many ns nl Westminster, for instanc . ���,,-,,
or li  tin  Capitol at Washing. , or in  ,1,eP,J1"B ol   ",e    s:',""     ,"'""  ,'','      Ulris upon Ine turesiiow oi  �� au
���   '"l.ing nol   less ihan Iill  | ids  to   |,00d ol'leli drift Inlo a decline in spue   !'"   '.';." " empire.
nimbly   pure, so iliiil such grain may   IIH2  by almosl     10 ,   bu hole
he   made  available  lo  tinners,   need   Hurley    will    exceed    iis    record    of thai Greal  Hrltaln a  il (le
merchants, or grain dealers who hoII   1!I,Oiiii,0(io bushels, sweel  pmu .- by tlio groin contenders fori
seed ul  n  minimum cost,    the  mnlii  5,000,000 bushels, rice by.100, I bush und'Clcrniuii* I,  How clim
object  being lhe linprovenienl of Held,phi and hay liy s.unn. , ,,,,,... em  ninnufiictui   rs,  lie I
, nips." ���  especially    mak" an ol
Tlie   nomenclature    of   grades    of' T*|    i rn\       i  ��� /-*,*   i Home of lhe vast  I   -
grain  ror seed  purposes  shall  bens'rfllP.    r_��_��!.IO     .ilnS      When
n revise,
Inspei to
and  approved
! of grain: i
No.   I   Canad:,,   Western  seed   i uts
,er cent, of
while  outs,    sound,  clean    and   free
from     tlnxlous  weed seeds  within  llle]
meaning of Ihe   Seed   Control    Act,'
Pale, Feeble Girls
 ��� in
Weakness Generally Comes
on as Womanhood
llau !,.,   and      ... . a
made  prisoner.    Afte
of wail ing he, will]  ������      . I
sills, uere r -I- ased     11.
I'.11 j I���, i,11    he  round  li siru
lhe Canadian gov,   inn
Hussia,  and   be   In     hud
in    obsi r   .
slatlve palace over the Cou/iord
the bushel
l'or  sc
f all care and all, nlion.    II,iv   ml
ees girls  win, have been siren,;
IfVOUl-tBl1   ���'   1   sl.   . if .;   'Kl  S 110".\',' ���'
tVrrH.K uo il Kin-..- , ill VDUKIt, NEB\
CMROj'"- .���.:- v ;*..- .. i ��� i ���,,__������, _-.i
��nt- ��� n- FREE uril �� ��UND mm.
tti_ 9. ilitf'aii*>i lUd '.',i".[ii;itH-I CUR
MRO '.
��� I   WA.-.
sl. FRHt:
nit. IiK.L_Cl.K.n*
V. ILL CU--   101.
counieil;  'c are not half a dozen of   ..I'01 ,set!l   ,"" AT- l'-"'1 . ''
ihem     The greater number of depu-1 ���'���,n'ms ��'hea   shall oe kep  separate.  aniI lively become suddenly
lies   have   beards  as   well   us   mons-  N,��,��""',slm11 ,be ^'cepted for seed , pres8ei|,  Irritable and  lisif
laches, and then  ihere are also the  ^        wl" le(|lllle !l large (lockage to   the daw ' womanhood-  ,
priests    with their long hair llowin-, ] rl_1"-   . , .   ���   ���, ',,     "''  li"'  "'    ���' - f > >   girl   and   prom |
from  llieir heads aboul  iheir should-1,. bced, ln:|"" ',*' '    sll,u" , t-bsei*e\the  measures shoul,  tnken to keep ti,
ers, in  lition lo that  which Issues   'oregoiiig regulations in lhe grading ot   blood pure and rich �� ,,   red tin
trom tlieir chins and c ks. gram  tor  scad   purposes.    Nevei'the-  ,������ health.   If the blood li nol health
".Mosl of these priestly members nre  less, l."il*i,:"!''1'   ;'^  l:',"  operations  ol   utlhis critical stage the bod; is weal
nn  the extreme right. Hero slls the  see.  .-'"Jf1 leCt0r^ i"-''l!l"i"'1"ll>�� .   ��P<" lened nnd man- disorder,  follow.    Ill,
party  which opposes all change.    At:""'1  l0 low   ;"-'���'''. I:"' one \Mona .'"!��' uis' l-inl, l'ills have saved thot
o desks on this uiuirter  B*'"""   ln8l'eclol's   '"   'oapeel     ol   the  snmls or young girls from whut uiigh
,      , : iri-nln   ,,,   he  e\;, ,1, ineil   i,s   In suit:, liiiil V    ,     ,   .. ..    ,l,'��� ,     :  ,,.,:    ..
occupied entirely by ec
1'iiey     look   verv   line   ii
hrsi  sfglil  il
is��s,   i appear to be
Wanted in every town-and village,
to take orders for the besl   iUnde-lo
iheir cossacks of blue or gra; or nml
berry silk, wiih cold or silver ,���'rains
round their necks und crosses on ihei"
breasts, Mosl of them are big men,
broad as well as tall, with a slnliil db"
niiv which seems in def\ tbe world to
ai lev.
"Vel   il   IllOVeS in spile nf II,"111. lien
is Mr, Kodzianlio. presldenl of lie
Duma, burly himself, more than eon,
mon tall, wiili a noble voice and prac
will remain subject io Hie approval of  ,,,.
chief  Inspi clot
ut  nr
weak  nerve.
tion    ihui  I
I hi re    are     i,,,:,:������,,
where stiird,   . .
V| "|s I are hi ing ,|i lib I and ���        I
is in I nr-my.
oiniii       "Itini i,,,
, |;    , Inexbiiusl ml'     ��� ippl;
' upon, and e, ,, pi.|  iwi-.ll    ,
in   lhe   li, id.      VII   e
equipment,  ;,,,d   ibis
reiucdi d. foi   ivbil
learned lhal  lhe   ,vhol
.lapiineee nrseniils bad    t'en pin
the. disposal ,.: ii." II
hm " no mlsgh Ing - ������   ,       r
resuli   "I   Iiie  war      i   ���
victory  it,  view, ..:
at  tin- Invasion o
Ciil malls."
v, bleb
deputy   ia  all   matters  ot   procedure  supply of    red,    heali
and p'roinpi attendance to duties, and   CVery   girl    needs    lo    stisiain
for efficiency    and accuracy ot tech-1 stru.igth.    Dr.    Winiuni��-l.nk    l'ills1     ,
iiieal work done seed inspectors shall ]imVe proved their greul value over uml      "'"'ls "" ''"' hal
be responsible to the minister of agri-  over ium,in  to    young  Women  whose  nient,tllHl H'onbl,
culture. henlth was tailing.    Miss Minnie Duf-  ?JVUJ','S, J'01'"   '""'   ''''!':
field,  I'iramosn,  Ont.,  suys:   "It   ^iies I l''r""*1" :'  "d""1'1   pam
Hew  Bookworms Are  Tracked       \m_ groat   pleasure  in    lell  you   what
'I'o guard the million hooks in the  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have rloiio I'm        "Thoroughbred" ami "Purebrt
Measure    Clothing in Caiiuda.    Oood I Used oratory, declaring in liis opening P>'pw   Vol'k  puhllc library against  the me.   When I was approaching lhe age I    The two terms,
tommlsslons    Magnificent Samples.      discourse    lhal  nol  only have there  ravages of bookworms and other In-  of womanhood I suffered ���sreatly from I "purebred,"   so   often
CROWN TAILORING CO.. i been changes in lhc ministry of late   sects which lead upon Hie paper, tlio  bloodlessness, or anaemia.    M;   work   strictly speaking, a,,-.   ���   '
Canada's Beat Tailors, Toronto.      I but Hint the whole spirit of tlie tldmir.-  glue on  Hie backs, and lhe cloth and , was a drug lo inc.  I  had  nn uppetlte   "Purebred"     (which,     tn
 -r-___  Islratlou has become dlfferenl leather bindings, a  constant care  Is j and never fell rested In the mornings,  luallcnlly   correct, should b
.__   . _,-, incct-e   ciidciv ooi:ui._Tcn !    "On bis rigid sit the ministers. Nol I exercised, and u keen watch kept tor j I could .scared;   walk    for    live mln-   bred")  means    ju.-,    whal
Uf A CV u,!>!,ts  ******  rutst��itu  tli(i sa]nQ w)l0    wera l)lel._ W|)en ||l(,  any evidence ol (heir activities.   One  mes al a time wilhoitl taking a rest.  Implies; Hun is, of pur.
DLAVW.  ;;VHU^",','^,.B;"!i!a^,^^^^^^^^^^^ last met.   The   'old gnngj have! woman is assigned exclusively lo ihis j I was troubled wit], severe headaches,   Its general application
 ���iiao.they pro-1 n ,oriy a]| disappeared. For llie blood   work.    When treating the books she land things looked gloomy indeed.    11 being synonymous
ivm.to-oo_��^o���tfflUmoj,"k lor one oni'i'eTiraiig'eveii^"ie National-1 ��i;'i"'"- a h��se apron which completely j doctored for a long time and gol bul ["eligible for regisl
"Moss pkgs. BluMiii Hjl; St.oj  LisLs nr nv   e'luiii'',rln_.   The Nation-1 covers her gown.    A chseserloth veil | little, if any, benefit.   I was advised to |    "Thoroughbred" is I ���;>   .
,   ra  ill ���    -
y applie
*-*-*****  ,*!;���d���7,t,_i��7*t"'cu'"rt&. !'',iist,i before   'lhe" waT'biiTonlv'onc I protects her   race against the germa, I try  In: Williams' l'ink  Pills, and did I old   Iiritisii   bree
Tlio mipsrlortt? of cutter products .la aue lo user tit principle, which was iiuil the acts of  wbleh  lurk iii  Hie initsiy documents, I so and alter Inking theni lor a time  and is   never piop
ie.'iiSS;    I tlie    'old tang' must    be siippon.-d. : and   even    the  air  she   breathes   is ] ivii  belter.    I continued  Inking    the I other el.""
, I; ilui' In ovrr \i ,
ffirs ,if Mtfiialf/.C ; i���  vaccinos and  strums only.       j
Insist on Culler's.    If uiiutilnlilalilr   ���
Supplementary   Feed   for   Hog-
Tlie most suitable supplementary,
Iced lo corn l'or fattening hogs seems '
to depend on several variable factors. I
Oil meal, cold pressed cottonseed ,
take, und tankage rank close together
in the profits secured in nearly alt
tests. In some tesls these by-pro-;
ducts give raster gains and more profli
jusl ice.  trade nnd
IHE'cutTEnLABORAfotiY, Btrktisv, Callfornta. J There are a new wur minister, u new (.screened    against    contugion.    Close | Pills until I bad used six boxes, when   quently used  in error
 . j bonie scereliil'v. i   new head    of   llie .touch is kepi will. Hie health depart-   1  fell   like a   new   person,    and    was   any   pure-bred   aninia       Kven
new  ministers, of education,   ment, and  books that   have I,en  m- ��� again    enjoy inc.    splendid    bea Iti,.    I   S(e'r's dictionar-,  recogi ��� ��� - I
ndustry," turned from infected areas arc funii-, would strongly advise any girl who Is  ���se, but no well-informed and    t
 ' gated  before    being  restored  lo  dr-   weak" or run down to try lir. Williams' Writer ur speaker mak .- I
Minard's Liniment  Relieves Neural-   dilution. Pink   Pills." 0f using the word  "thoroughbr   ,      a
a,  !    You can gel  these pills   from any | place of "pure-bred."   |,  Is the ...
  !    Teacher- Ves. the ruler of Itussia Is   dealer  in   medicine  or  by  mail  ai   50   of a   breed  of    horses,    and Hot
r ,-.,..,, _ ,,���,, , ;_i,i��� , ,, r��� ,,��� i      called lhe czar.   Now. whal is the nil- I cents u box or six boxes for "-���.'.fill from   more
Funera   Pyres Looted   n End and .', .,   ,., , ,���,        ,,        ,������,,        .     ,,   ,.  . ,,,,'���,,.
' ? er of Germany called? The    Ur.    Williams     Medicine    Co., I	
A strange consequence ol lho war      Youn    Biu_piease,    miss.  |  know   Brockvllle, Out. Minard's    Lin,ment    Cures   Burns,
lhal luiieral pyres lor Indian sold-, ���.,,.,, ������, teU)ei. called him. bill I don't 	
ihan corn uml alfalfa,   ami in other I (era are being lighted on the Sussex i jj|:e to te]1 vou
tesls ibe reverse is true.   The pltysl-  Downs in tbe south of England. '_ _
cal condition of Hie lions as influenced      Major S. P. Jumes,. M l>.. lhc bead i
iiy weather uml other   factors   seem
io determine  whether alfalfa bay or
such a by-pinduel ;,s Ihese just mentioned is th" mosl profitable lo feed
Willi corn for fattening hogs.
A Ready Weapon    Against    Pain.
There is nothing equal lo Dr. Thomas'
Eclectrlc oil when well rubbed in.   it
of the Kitchener hospital at Brighton,
which accommodates mora ihan 2,001)
Indian patients, stilted al Hie Roynl
Sanitary Institute congress thai lhe
bodies of tlie Hindu soldiers who die
in the hospital are cremated on a
specially prepared site at Palcham,
on the Downs.
I'lie burning is    done on a  funeral
When  Teacher   Has the   Habit
  i Etc.
Some   Crop	
A  train of .In fool  car.-. ::.":.'.. miles1       ln  the   H""n:)s  cf the  v<~r-frs
long would  bo required to move ihe      We !,���'.,��� discoi -,'������.!    that mate
i |mr, grain crop.ol! 567,000,000 bushels   "an  only  I"' overcome    by   mate
in the three prairie provinces of West-  Courage,   enthusiasm,   the   cons
era Cunada-    Divided into  In cars in 'ness cf a cood iind noble cause, a
each   train, 10.070 locomotives would   useless  without   an  ample  suppl    ,
be called Into action to transport Hm   nuinitions.    The  freed,mi  ot  Kurope
.cars io market.   The services of "is,-   therefore,  lis  in   the  hands  of  th
Sail trained engineers, firemen, brake-   workers ef Ureal   i'.ri
I. anil besl will ever
live " Win n a person inn's this ��������.;
about Postum liny are glad in give
testimony for Hie beiiefil of others.
An T'oolVoc'S^ '
iumVlrune:,!,,.^ '
pears before it.    'liter.' is no known same niunner and with the same csr
preparation  that will reach tin- spot monies as thus..' performed In India
quicker- thun this magic Oil.   In const. The cremation is    conducted    by    u
ipience ii ran!;- lirst among liniments member of the same caste as that i,
now offered  to .'lm public and is no- whieb ihe dead man belonged
corded flrsl  pace am,,an all iis 10111-'    In   order  10  prevenl   Hi"  dlfferenl
pel it 01 s.
jured  nie seriously
ah,ml   lhc same  effects as coffee,   because  ihey   both  contain   ihe   drugs,
caffeine and tannin),
"One cup ni' coffee taken at break-
lsl  would cause mo lo become so lie!'-
,.,-,     ,,.'","���""'wheat  crop of Manitoba alone would ' thus to ha ten 1  e end of the awful
"     '"' "     'require 75.000 cars with a capacll; of   nightmare |i:,-,,..'.'i. wl ��� . wi
London   Dull;   ICxpress.
Bank Cashier   This check, madniil,', pared, and ther
castes from "losing caste" elghl tilt-  volla ,|1;l, , eou|u SCurceli
leicni   kinds oi   did   have  10  bo  pre-   ���.,,,,   ,,���,   ni,y'B   dut|eSf  amj   ,;,,,   ,���,,,
I,onn bushels each, these cars with an
average  length   of  40  feel,  forming  a
line 508  miles  long   a    string   that      Itemember thnt  dampness    1  mon
would reach all llie wav from l-Mmon-   rata] tu pis,- than cold,   See that 1. -
  .... ... ..........*, -.. ._;.....       1....... 1   ������"��� . .
 ...ton to Winnipeg,    if the crop of the   quarters of tae pigs ar    Iry and thai
���west was moved ai on,- line-. 488,810   the hog building has  proper v.-ntlla-
els  of
isn't tilled ll, 1 con1,110,
Madam   -Isn't whaiv I ien.
Hunk Cashier    li lias your husband's	
name signed to it, hul il doe;, mil stale |       War  Hits  London  Shoemakers
VOUEIISSS   was   nllell
com pun led  by
heavllv loaded cars would he required,   lion to carr; off 1  ���  foul
luiw much money you wani.
Madam   Oh   is thnl nil.'    W' :
take all there i3.
Among  no-  horrors    of  war  1'roi;
which the wesi emi of London is Buffering is a shortage of patent leather..
Not ordinary puleui or japanned loath-   physician.    I
Postum. so I purchased a pucka
the school room.
"When  talking  this over with  my]
suggested   thai   1   try
ror  six  dlfferenl   classes I deeV^Tepre'ss^oiriTspWtrandTieaVt l!'6'1''1)' "���' "Ii,v tralns'   Winnipeg
��� pnlpliutlnii, I inbune.
  "I am 11 teacher by profession, und ...
when un ' the Influence of coffee had ' ,  A5thn1'1  ��ocsn '  Wear, 0ff  Alone.-
Ii:.   |,0,,rora    ,,    ,,    r.    to struggle HgRinst crossness when in LUo not make the mistake or waiting
''     ���'   " '      ' ���      """��� I for  iisthlllU   to   wear   away   hy   Itself.
While   you   are   wailing   the   disease
is surely gathering 11 stronger foothold
and vou live in danger of stronger and
or, which is turned out iu greal qnan-l ''"""'���": -*- ""���""''" " >���'.���"'"'''��� ���""' 1       ;,,������.,,,,. attacks    Dr   1   I)   Kel-
.     . . . . 1 , 1    in,,    '   .       11        ,... >-. ��� t 11      \ - ��� 1 ���, .i 111,1 1 n (,        1/i       11 1     1   **   _ 1      rill'll*-."!      iiiiti'l\., til ,     ...      I.'.      I .'. 1 -
 s  in  Kngland. anil  is employed iu    ui.ul.'   II      uielull;    nccoitling   to   (11-   f      .      Uthmn   lieineilv   laken   cariv
Ibe   nciliin-.  nl' He.  eh,,.,,i,,i-  1 i ,,1    ,,,-1 reclions;   Iciiiid  11   evec'l.iu   01   flavor   l0��?s   "Stum.    tt-iuLu;    ' ���'*> -11 ��� *
 'r'"r '" '"'   euenpei  Kinds 01 ,������,.),;���.. wil   pretenl incipient eomliiion trom
women's shoes nnd  boots and men's  "..' nour suing. , chronic mid saves hours of
.dancing pumps,   bul    tlie    superfine      "in a short time I noticed very grat-i'wpi'iing^monit ,,,,
leather which glitters on the feet 01-. ii">'iii_ effects.   My nervousness_ disap
I persons who can afford  to pay  high I l'earei
j prices for llieir footwear.
Tills    variety Is    made    in AllSll'lu,
uul only in one place,  where, owing I
Name given  by Canadian    Postum  as well as  worl
ful suffering.
nol   irritated   hv   my', ���
. .nipils,  life  seined   full  of sunshine,        Hun Copper Supplies Are Short
iiiini my bean troubled me no longer.      The Oerman ministry lias nntiounc-
"I attribute mv change In health and '��� (,'l thai owing to a scarcity of copper
either to the skill of the people or the [ sl*!-ita "J l'oslum al5ne'" ;;l" 'hi"lii"li"1' ontl HsHting apparatur
peculiar properties of the waler, or lhe |
VV. N, U. 1077
art,    such    as i
method  or  varnishing    and    drying ICo"' "Windsor. Ont.    , I statues will be taken over by the gov-1
which is followed, the resultant 16atl. I    Postmn r'"nus, "' ,lwo *,or,ms,: eminent, says an Amsterdam dispatch
Postum Cereal���il,- original form��� to the Exchange Telegrapb Company.
uiusi ba well boiled. 15c ar.d 25c pack-  Lighting   appliances nol  In daily use
j will lie laken lirst. bul ii is stated that I
wder��� I ihe governmi ni booh will have to seize ,
er is unique in its cluss and durability.
"Wby are vou offering
inch 11 tliiin-1     Instant Pcstum���u soluble
eases or llei.log. UlceUUlg am
protruding piles wc know for a
certainty, because of expert-
enco wiili thousands of cases.
To prove tills to you wc sliull
send you n sample l,,n free, if
\,���i enclose a two-cent stamp
10 pay postage, ami uicoiiuu
this paper.
dlllillison.     Hales     .i*     Co.,
dering big reward  for the return of I dissolves quickly in a cup of hot water
thai half .starved looking animal?"        and, with cream and sugar, nukes a
"Simply  to  please   lha   wife." delicious beverage iostantly.    30c and
"Goodness, bul such a reward will 150a tins.
uroly bring it  buck,    and  then youi    Both kinds are equally delicious and
l.li-iictl.   Toronto.
won't halt look sick '
"But, you see.  I   know  it  won't.
drowned it myself."
���ost aboul the same per cup.
������There's 11 Reason" for Postum,
���sold by (Irocei
all ilie cupper iii Germany.
O'Brien -So the landlord lowered ;
the rem fnr ;,���: He'll save money at |
Casey   How   so"-
O'Brien- Shure, it's less he'll be los ,
Ing when ye don't pu;  it. I
The fV-.iirr.-nav RpviVw pire Lov;,,ists-   Tlu' '-,(irv thereo
1 i��e courtenay ixeview ig likel t0 fade uulessti,e t.|;iim
And Coinox Valley Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   l'ubisbcil   at
Courtena*, B, 0.
N. II. Boobn, liditor ami Proprietor
.���nils curry on the loyalh ol their
forefathers. Today there in every
chance to become United Empire
Loyalists, .second scries, a boast   to
Inbscriptlon S1.W per Year iu Advance! be handed down villi  even greater
-���         zzz j 1'ritlc than even   the formet U. Iv.
According to eminent authorities
there is no overproduction of logs
at present, in fact prices will rise
by next swrinfr, This should encourage the liandlogger nnd other
small operators. The Pacific Coast
h'gub'K industry is going to assume large proportions during the
next ten years, and there is plenty
of money to be made by those who
are gifted with vision anil foic-
In a recent issue we gave the
output of logs, butter and milk for
the previous month in order to
show our readers what was taking
place in tlieir midst. The Victoria
"Colonist" and Vancouver "Daily
Province" each reproduced the
paragraph with due acknowledgments lo the " Review." and thus
wider publicity was given to the
resources of the valley. We are
convinced that the valley has only
to be made mote widely known to
attract new settlers, especially those
frctn the prairie. After nil we
need plenty of new blcod to avoid
There is a large movement of
British Columbia potatoes to Australia, as well as to the prairie provinces, hundreds of tons having already been dispatched. Had the
farmers of the valley the enterprise
to dispose of their potatoes by
means of a co-opeiative agency,
which would guarantee the sacking and the grading of the tubers, a few thausand dollars
would h*ve ken realised. As
it is the surplus will be as usual
ploughed in ot fed to stock in many
cases, It is a thousand pities especially as the Government has commissioners whose dutv it i.s to sell
agricultural produce on the prairie.
Tlie blame for not availing themselves of this opening is with the
According to the Victoria "Daily
Colonist ' there are more Germans
under anus and drilling for war in
tiie States at the present time than
there are men in the ranks of the '
American standing army, Precise-1
ly, and the next thing will be a
series of German raids from American territory, on the principal vulnerable points in Canada, aud the
war will be brought home to our
very doors, wiih, in all probability
:i repetition of the German atrocities in Belgium, livery German
on this side of the line should be
interned, whether naturalized or
not, while Uncle Sam should uot
allow the pursuit of dollars to in-
tcnupt his safeguarding ol ibe
dignities of the United States as a
civi.ized nation.
Railroad and
Teamsters Coats
Special ill railroad and teamster
coats in olive khaki. A coat that
keeps out all the water nil the time,
You can not (ret the legs of your
pants wet in this coat. Its water-
pro d qualities arc exceptional
Fall Overcoats
Men's    heavy   overcoats   in   curly
cloths anil tweeds in the latest cuts
Men's ECnglish rainproof coats !n all
sizes and popular prices
The success of the Canadian war
loan will be a nail in the coffin of
the enemy. Its failure will give
them new life and energy. The
success of the loan will bring the
end of the war nearer. It will alsc
raise Canada in the scale of nations
and enable her to secure better
terms in future when negotiating
with the United States. Another
result will undoubtedly be the planing of more war orders on this side
of the boundary instead of going to
the States. A loan raised in America is uot necessarily paid in cash
but as a nils in goods, which are
represented by orders placed with
American firms.
Oue result of increased production in this province is shown in
the heavy shipments of potatoes
and apples to Australia. The nec-
cessity for increased production is
evident by the fact that the Vancouver dealers are now buying butter from Seattle,
A large number of people proudly claim descent from  United  Em-
Mr. Walter Gage reports that last
week's wind was so severe that his !
untetlicred   cabbages   were blown,
away and that it was entirely through the timely interest of his fam-
ily and several   of   the neighbors
| that two fine radishes were tenipor- !
I arily secured  with  available ropes j
I and saved from their impending de-1
. stiuction. I
Arthur \Vntkiiison's creek, the'
| Thames (not London. Eng.) **ose|
I so high that his household gods I
I were in imminent peril. He had
| fortunately sold out his stock of ice i
I Mr Kendrick-Sharp left by Monday's train for Victoria ; says that
he is leaving a little sooner than he
| expected but that " he had a few
words with Mike " and thought
that under the circumstances he or
Mike had bettei go awav at once���
hence his sudden departure from
our midst.
Mi*. Purser McKenzie is a guest
at Dr. J. Montgomery's. Mack
thinks the " simple life " is fine
and that there is all kinds of sleep
in the beds here,
The Lord Bishop of Columbia
will administer the Apostolic Rite
of Confirmation at S.Peter's church
Comox on Thursday afternoon at 3
o'clock. Immediately afterwards a
reception will be held at the vicarage to give parishioners aud friends
an opportunity of meeting the
The services at S. Peters, Comox
on Sunday next will be Mattins
and Holy Communion at 11 a.m.
Sunday school at 2.30 and confirmation instruction at 3-30 p.m.
The members of the St. Peter's,
Church of England, guild purpose
holding a sale of work and fancy
work and useful articles on Tuesday, Nov, 23, in Martin's hall,
commencing at 3 o'clock, and wili
be opened by the Lord Bishop of
Columbia, Hooplar homemade
candy, fish pond, bran pie, gipsy
fortune tell r aud competitions.
Admission free. Entertainment iu
the evening commencing at 8.15.
Excellent programme, admission
25c, to be follow.d by a dance.
The Red Cross society intend
making a shipment of goods to Victoria ou Friday morning. 200 yds
of material have been made up.
Special   value   in   bailies'   Ilaiul   Knit
.Sweater Sets miulc lo order witli sweater
coat   and toque   to match   in bhntles   ol
oils,   browns, greens,   blues,   tangoes,
white ami black
Ladies Raincoats
1,ailics cord velvet raincoats in (awu
ami Kicy i-i new styles and popular
Coating suitable for latlies and
childrens coats in checks; serges,
rstracbiin and bearskin
Dress Goods
Newest fabrics anil novelty weaves in
dress goods in all the leading shades
serges, poplins, ladies cloths, satin
cloths, ratines, novelty stripes in
silk mixture, fabrics in all light
shades suitable for evening wear
Esquimalt  &  Nanaimo  Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Fridaym for Victoria and  Way Stations
RETURNING---Arri.es at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on airlines to all parts
of thc world. For particulars etc., address
Dilt. . assenger Agent, Victoria
Agent Courtenay, Pinna, K60
Pay Your Grocer Firtt
When you pay your bills, give
your grocer first money. He supplies you with the wherewithal for
life��� foot1.
One of the most important things
111 the world is to get something to
If you must put off paying anyone, therefore be it anyone BUT
the grocer.
He is not wealthy. He seldom
has a surplus 111 the bank. His
money is all invested iu merchandise and accounts.
He buys of wholesale houses who
sell ou stated terms and have experts who are paid to ''get the
money" when due. He cannot
pay with excuses.
He can't afford collection expense*:. He should not be expect-
ted to, If he is courteous enough
to give you credit, show him equal
courtesy by paying promptly and
without making him extra expense
He has 110 security. What you
buy of him is soon consumed and
he cannot get it back. He trusts
you on your honor aloue Who
else does as much for you?
He auks uo favors���needs 110
charity, but in entitled to a square
Be square���be fair���be just,
Lives there a man with soul so dead
Who never to himself hath said
'���I'll pay before I go to bed
Thc debt I owe the PRINTER"
Lessons given ou the Violin
and Music
Harmony Orcliestrn
Riverside Hotel    . COURTENAY
Below arc Vour Safe Invest���it'lits:
No. 1.   I.oan of $300 required for two years nt 10 per cent, interest,
lirst mortgage security on improved Innn valued by
owner at $2,0011
No. 2.   I.oan oi 5350 required for three years at 10 per cent, interest,
first mortgage security on improved Innn valued by
owner   nt   $1,S00
No. 3.    I.onii of "*70(l required tol  tliree   veins at  8 per  cent interest,
lirst mortgage security oil improved (arm valued by
owner  at  18,500
No. 4.    I.oan of |1500 required for three years at S per cent, interest,
first mortgage security on improved fnrm valued by
owner  at $12,000
Full particulars from
Isabel St.
Real I'st'ite, Insurance anil
financial Agents
Xmas. Cards
Our Samples of
Xmas. and New
Year Greeting
Cards have arrived
Leave your order early
The Courtenay Review
Telephone 59
In Vancouver
I Can Do Your
Dental Work
For Half
My Improved 'PREGISION'
system permits m to snve
you time and money on your
dental work, A large practice keeps me busy ami you
pay for no iille.time. Also I
buy materials in larjre quantities and secure lower prices
Tims I am able to save you at
much ai 50 p. c. on all kinds ol
Denial Work. I make Highest
Oualitjr crown and bridijework
at $4 pet tooth���no more-
no less
So when you come over to
Vancouver be sure to see me
Examinations and Consultation!
Be Patriotic
Build up your own city, not
Toronto or any other city
foreign to your own interests-
Keep your money in circula.
tion here
See our
Xmas. Toys
and Dolls
not made in Germany, at
 Drug Store
before sending out of town.
JDeni%t ���
IMtoyvER B.C.
Sand and Grave
Rates' Reasonable m
The couueil decided u> take steps
to welcome Pte. 1'errott ou hi* return from the front,
Couucil adjourned at 9.10
Demand  the  best
Accept  no   substitutes
Whenever you see the name "ROYAL   STANDARD"
you 111:13' be  assured  the  product  is a SAFE  purchase.
Flour, cereals, grain, poultry foods, etc , bearing this name
arc sold under strictly "money back'' guarantee
ROYAL STANDARD FLOUR makes bif�� white, sound
and wholesome bread and biscuits. WILD ROSE FLOUR
assures   delicious    big   cakes,   pies   and   other    pastries
R( )YAL STANDARD products cost
no more than ethers,    So why experiment?    Better products  arc not
made   in   any   part  of  the
bank ou it!
Royal  Standard   Grain
Products  Agency
4&* PA%
F. Movilz, Mgr.
Phone 33; End of Bridge
Short Session
The regular meeting of the city
council was held on Monday evening. The members were all present .
.Several communications were
laid on the table.
The following accounts were referred to the finance committee to
pay if found correct ;
Electric Light Co ��41 01
Colin Campbell     3 00
Builders Supply     5 00
Dept. Ptg. and Stationery..    2 00
Telephone Co     5 20
h.  Berkeley     1 50
Aid.Leighton reported that tliere
was $20 left from the appropriation
to fix Union Street, and lie was ic
favor of expending it ill gravelling
the street, the contract to be let by
the vard.
Aid. Johnston said it used to be
the system of letting gravelling by
contract 4 inches deep by 9 feet
Aid. Kerton suggested that the
work be split up among the ratepayers who had teams.
Aid. Robertson said it would pay
to have a man to mend roads if
gravel was piled up in places.
It was filially decided to call for
tenders by the yard.
Owing to bad weather very little
progress had been made on street
The money by-law was not given
its third reading as there was some
doubt about getting the money.
Both banks refusing to make a
loan unless the money was repaid
this year.
Aid. Robertson's by-law was not
ready as he had not heard from his
City Council
Aid. Johnston wanted to object
to one of the accounts passed but
was told that he could discuss that
in committee.
Ed. Creech objected to Loggle
Bros, building a boathouse at
the foot of Alice street unless his
property was protected.
Aid. McKenzie said that he did
not object at last meeting, but it
was a very dangerous side and he
thought Loggie Bros, unwise to
risk their boat there.
Mr. Loggie said he had agreed
with each alderman to safeguard
the neighboring property.
The board of works along with
with Mr. Loggie and Mr. Creech
will examine the place and report.
A communication from H, D,
Forde re lights in Orchard stated
that the company had agreed to instal the lights providing the citv
will pay for the current.
The council agreed to pay for the
juice, on motion of Aid. Robertson
seconded by Aid. McKenzie.
The council will purchase the
typewriter offered by Mr. Callin for
The Mayor And Aid. Kerton and
Leighton were appointed a couit of
revision of the voters' list.
The Clerk was instructed to ad-
knowledge the receipt of the letttr
from the Secretary of State re Belgian relief,
McKinnon & Co. wrote to know
if the city had any bonds to sell.
Aid. Kerton wanted to know if
the contracts recently let were to
be proceeded with at ouce. He
wns informed that they were.
Tenders will be asked for filling
Up the hole 111 Mr. Duncan's gravel pit.
To Residents
and Property Owners
of "The Orchard"
l.ailirs ami Gciilli'ini'ii:
We have giint-il mir end, "Orchard
Street Lights nre to be installed at llie
most iiilvniiteous i oints as quickly as
the equipment can be obtained.
Now Hint the show is over nml the
curtain nlitut to be rung down on the
Inst net, it is only lair to give credit
Where credit is due, and 11 couple ill
paragraphs of censure where censure i.
certainly deserved.
The Courtenay Blectrlc Light, Hent &
Power Co., Limited are entitled to all
the thanks we can glvo llieui, and that
we will all certainly leel like giving
them, this winter. The reason for
thanks lo the Company may not appear
so obvious to you Oil the spur ot the
moment, as it will il yon slop lo lliink
thnt; liver since this company started
operating iu CourtenayJtliey hive been;
month by month, operating at a loss;
Hint tlie city council and the company
are at loggerheads regarding the nrani-
ing 'il n city franchise, some ol Hie Aldermen eyeu doin)1 llieir best to drive
out of Courtenay llie one and only tiling
this city has to he p��-ond ol, vi/., the
present electric light service; that it will
take two years before the "Orchard
Street Lights" pay lor the cost ol installation alone, during which lime il is
within the bounds ol possibility lhat the
lonipauy u ny be ordered oft our streets
entirely, yet even in view of tlle above
facts, and ouly because they were petitioned to do so by 95 per cent, of the
residents and property owners of lhe
orchard, they are giving us light1 even
though at a possible loss to themselves.
Onee again I say, let us one and all,
give theni all the credit that is due them
Credit is also due in large measure to
Aldermen Leighton and Robertson, both
of whom have consistently fought hard
in our interests on the electric light
Unrestricted censure is the portion we
have to mete out to Alderman Johnston,
for conduct in my opinion, and probably
yours, unworthy of an Alderman of
Courlenay. This man, Fellow Residents,
publicly stated in the open council meeting, that he would support a motion for
the city to pay for tlie electricity consumed by "Orchard Street Lights" providing the electric light company paid
for the installation of said lights. At
the council meeting last Monday evening, when the very motion as above, was
put berore the council for approval, who
was the one and only Alderman; out of
six, that did not support it, yea, even
denounced it. Alderman Johnston,
what faith can you put in an Alderman
who breaks his plighted word in this
Censure and not credit is due Alderman McKenzie, because he ignored and
even ridiculed, the two large petitions
sddressed to tlie council on the electric
street light question, by residents and
property owners of " The Orchard," his
own ward. In the same ratio as a member of Parliament is looked upon by his
constituents, to work in tlieir interests,
to l'sten to their requests, to use his best
efforts to obtain for his constituency all
the grants, improvements and favors
possible, so is an Alderm in, elected to
the city council from a certain portion of
the city, expected to use his best efforts
in favor of that portion. Did Alderman
McKenzie do his duty by "The Orchard'
wil Ml he ridiculed and condemned our
two petitions addressed to the city council for electric street lights? Did Alderman McKenzie consider that his personal, private opinion on the subject, whatever it might be, was of such paramount
importance, that il should outweigh the
expressed opinion of almost  every  resi
dent of "The Orchard." Notwithstanding the above' we uiu��t gram Aldenuru
McKenzie the credit that i- due him lor
seconding the motion before the council,
on Monday evening lost, but Pellow
Residents, bal Hn- ttlectric Light company refused, ridiculed ami coudeiiined
out petition, we wi uld have been ill a
sorry plight tins whiter,
Your fellow resident,
II.  11, FORDE
courteuay, Nov. 17, 1915
Comox    B. C,
Best Meals North   ���! Nani tao
Choicest l.ii'u >rs md ���   ,;...��
C.  A.   Martin,   Prop,
THIRTY DAYS after dale the direct-1
ors of the Union .V Comox Dis-J
tiiet Hospital intend to apply to the!
Registra. of Joint Stock Companies for
pe.mission to chance the name from
Union & Coinox District Hospital lo [
Cumberlane General Hospital, ;
B. d. Pickard,      :
Secretary I
Dated tliif 6th day of November, 191.".
Liquor License Act.
General Llacksmith
! olielt   Yi ur Patronage    Carefil Attention
Oivrn  lo  Bonus Keel
I nil. 1 ���  \'.\Y
NOTICE is hereby given that on the
1. .li day of December next application
will be mnde to the Hoard of License
Commissioners of the city of Courtenay
for the renewal of the hotel license to
sell liquors by retail iu lhe hotel known
as the Courteuay Hotel, situated in the
City ol Courteuay, in the Province of j Courtenay
Ilritish Columbia,
Dated Oct. li, 1915.
Palace Livery
Herscs and   Buggies for Hire i>>
Terms cash.
We   also  attend   to  wood baui::;g
Phoue 25
Liquor L cense Act.
NOTICE is hereby given that on the
15th day of December next application
will be made 11 the Hoard of License
Commissioners of the City of Courtenay
for the renewal of the hotel license to
sell liquors by relail iu the hotel known
as the Riverside Hotel, situated in the
City of Courlenay in tiie Province of
iiritisii Columbia.
Dated Oct. 13, 1915.
Liquor License Act
NOTICE is hereby given that on the
first day of December next application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police, Victoria, for renewal
of the hotel license to sell liquors by retail in the hotel known as the Lome
hotel situated at Coinox, ill the Province
of British Columbia.
t'l'ni'i'.i- BARLOW,
Dated Oct, 7th, 1915.
Expert Wotchmakei    Qualitied       ;
r pat 1
E tcit
Is selling Spectacles and I'.: .-
glasses   from   $2.3    ;
including sight testing,
eye tested sej 1    .1. .
correct  visi a
The Courtena> jc.��cuj jiuic
Liquor License Act
NOTICE is hereby given that on the
first day of December next application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police, Victoria, for renewal of
the hotel license to sell liquors by retail
in the hotel known as the Elk Hotel,
situated at Comox, in the Province of
British Columbia.
Ci'Cir. Alexander Martin.
Dated Oct, 7th  1915.
Barrister  and  Solicitor,   Notary  Public
P. O. Box 209
When  In   Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends  from   Leading  Musicians
from lhe Atlantic to the i icific. niea
of same famished .-;: request
\V. J. Goard  will ne   in this city  about
August 1.    Leave orders  at thia  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   -   Vancoaver
Phone 24
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality ha_ so
many votaries. Get the A 3
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken
Oppcsiliriv. 1 ltjlitersr Cl.trib
* * i *.m-t~it~it~it~*--*-m-V-i*-*^w^.*\j*_nJi
Minimum Rales
Dale Steamer Line From To 1st  ���    2nd      3rd
Duo, 1..Baltic White Star..Now York..Liverpool..8110 $50.00  $37.50
Ilea  4..New York American.,N w York..Liverpool..$ ��5  ��05.(H)  SI0.no
jricc. "..CorslOHii Allan..St..  John....Liverpool..   ���  $S5.no  $33.75
Dee.  8. .Adriatic While Star. New York..Liverpool, $120  $50.01)  $117.50
IDec.ll Scandinavian Allan..St. John....Liverpool..   ���  S.'.i.oil  HXI.1S
Die. 11..Philadelphia American..New York..Liverpool. $ 95  $115,110   $10.00
Dec. 13..AtheniH  Donaldson..St. John....Glasgow...,   ���  $ni!50  $33.75
Dec, 1.1..Corinthian St. John... London    ���  $5000  ��32.75
Deo, 17,.Cymric Whl to Star..Now York..Liverpool..   ��� $50.00 J33.76
Wnr Tax in addition to abovo fares
(Through tourist and standard sleeping ems lo ship's side
Rail rates and sleeping car faros on application
Mako your reservations ana seoiiro choice accomodation
Agent, Phone R60
E. & N. Station COURTENAY
Counter Check Books
 ��� and	
Loose Leaf Billheads
We are now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
p rices as quoted by eastern   houses.
H olders supplied free. Ring us up
n d we will call with samples, etc.
The Review, Courtenay
Telephone 59 Isabel Slreet THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   H. C.
Hundreds ol people succumb t" con*
sumption ei cry day.
WeBtern Potatoes Grow Enough to Kal
For Ontario
' Why   S01112   Farmer:   Alway.    Remain
A  Surplus ol 2.000.COO  Bushels  in  Al- 00r
1 I  pa...-   I  Hi    hon   larim r in- ,
iluj    ivho    ni     i opoi i   I    un   belli"  ;���
puoi   niuu,    ������. iih  ii   large   I'amll)   i
Science proves  lhal  ihe  .'1111.,miy      Owing m I      I'tiilun  nf lhe Ontario  children    1,1 ^ > 1 f 11 ��i > r 1     11 ���   ivai   uwu;
thrive when the s\ ti ".1 :  wcukeneil Iroi into ernp ihl:   year certain dealers   lr me   working   oul     \yltlt     ni
colds ia-  sickness,  overwork, confining   ha        ;pros��   I lhe opinion lhal pri uu.    Ile ilhl 1101  have lime to clear
duties or when general wcakui   ; exists,    ivuuhl reach $_ 11 bug for tin     nuiuioil    inueh   land.     because   li"   hull   ".   I"
Tin-  best   phi Iriuna  point  .ail   that''1)   before Kprlu of I      lurp     nwaj     neurlj    all in,, lime lo  iniiki
duringchaii  ing:  11,011s the bloodshoiild ! wholesalers  11I011:    Kroiil     Heel,  !">���.,    eiiousll   lo   buy   grnccrli     a-,'   chilli
be mad:  rich und pure ai I    cbytak-   '":    v' "  "   ���'  !  'll   ���''������' nnrkel   lhe   I'anill.v,     I   eoillil   see   lhe   re	
ing Scott's KnltllMOII .lienn. ,',    Thread       '   :"'���"��      no     putnlii lull  i   Ilia'    Why   il     '""I'I   I P   llllll   busy.   I'm'   A'
berta  Alone
iToronto llliihc 1
I*ooil Scientists claim lhat there ii
1 ���'3 __?��_ _ t'JViV   '--���' ���_*��_____       mon non,''ur.,���!:! in a p,;,;:'k1 of good
liver oil iii Scoli   , I'miilsiun worms the    '"'' .",..'��� ���     ' '""    """I'I   '" '���'   '-'' '   >���<:������������ '   ���  '   t'**StS?K-^��iK��      1 I  1       1.1 '1   r
"  ���"-6ILLETI COirWin'^ meat.Con.idei ihedilferenceincost.
:!. [loyal     l)
sl longer     \
Bread made in the home wnh [loyal     v
ycar.t will keep fresh and moi
than   thai   made   with   ai y otlu
itre'i   ihen  thciiiugs   nd il'irool  wiiiie Vt       A1" '������'< l1"' Sl'w  I'-���11*""'h ���"''''"      'l"""'r ~'u'"'' ""' ''A" ''noiigli potn
upbnihl   Ihr resimivr lorces of the body   "' " ":  : ""   "���'     ''''   '   ''  l"1'   Iocs growing oil tho place to feed ill
to avoid col .id prevent consumption       ,;  fln��   ',il      pour prli    .   I"'''   rumllj   11   inoiilli,  uml   potnloei
II vou work  indoors   tin   easily   feel   '���'" imirl    llieir pclnln  ��� hm  1 11   ���      �� K��ad   lorni of  food   ror every
languid or nervous   kol '_H Isioii ithe    ' "'     '     l; ";   : l'"1"1 ivhir" ""    "':       '"    v   !0luhlc " " " "     '"
11 rei.gl.it lood-n... ic nekuowu    ""' ���     ' '  l!":;  '   ,:    * '   " "''"'  v"1". Il"':"'' !' "L
W|.���   I'OTOMTO.Of-T-   r/,|i
_*__P��G M<-'_-___
^mrWm^^l,. ' TOMN1C. ON. ^K'*
It i- '.,1 lllv fie,. 'i.,Vn".| i7e.e7_n�� I,"n7_"     Hm.    I'I I provided    WIIH   ll"1   "',.11   ll   ll".'!    - r      '-."       >"~jpte'"2^-~-~~-'-.~^^'_i^L''"'vi'''      M<''-IMAI -��t��-.j?\ ''%"v
Avunl'lni;:,,,:'-.'."' " '""'""^      ror by, he T ren \ wonder I     iwcre, r. , People, u,        _^___L''1__*N_-D^
Hi.     ., utt_ Bownc, Toronto, Ontario.
1 ,.,:   v     ||nil      ,.| .,:;      1   puor     ib - il  ivlu 11 there Is noi  iItr
       111 pin    ror OiunrUi 1 'i"11 :li  li  inotlu r,  ll  nol   In ill
liiiporl ml I'lielui' in lie , "ii    I'i'l  er. I      live u gnrdi 11
j&mr jgssur jazr
Help Livestock Association Sweet Clover on Poor Land
���>..,_    l     ,1        I .uul sh'eveil   1    Uie  Ian np  III  Alberni.        ""'   emuiKll   lu   en lOllhl    "    !lol
n.ltK    111   mi    Uttliu 1    (,  1)rov|,���     proilueeil .1    nrpliiH "i I""  iliotln ol' every seliler. mul  llll
"}':<������ ���  "*����! ���"" ���'l,'lj "T'""   ,l .'*,'"���':';',' "h ^   Manitoba   Oevemment   Aseiats   Bran-1 It Has a Very Cemldenbla Loosening
hipped |ii'ii||tuhl    li'iui   ilie.r   I   ensl around     I'oliiloes,    ,    iiih    unu    peas J
Lectures to bo Given In Winnipeg Th       ^^^^^^^   ^^^
w���  ,    c,���.,,.���. ,,,,.                 11   i    sl I tin lernl I'lil'hiiiils tin    uuike a   pretty   lllee    baltilieeil   ration don   Winter   Fair   Association
*�� ""                                ulreiub on Ui" win      li"   1 libel's ei ml  with other ii^elnhles an.l snnll The   Mntillohii   Boveniiuenl,  ul   ihe
Movement                         i:i,   1.,,,*i_._;_,s_  Khlpp.'il    In    rpfrlwrulor | Trull   and  11  cow    and   lloek  of hen- ri'ipieHl of 11 larB-"1 d^piitittlnn front lhe
'flier    1   11  1 a id. 11 .,   iK'tlvlly |(.urni ium luid tiown In Tui'onlo fur ITu:   lhc poor man  11111 >   buve 11  tuble Hull llrRiidun   Wltitcr   fair  and   l.lvi   I nel
111 the "Hiiek.ln lhe I.niiil" niovenieiit !��� !,,,���,    1,   ,, :,,,|, ., ,|, ... ���    ���    rem Hers'   klims tnlRliI envy,   ll Is 11 well known \nsoelnllon Iiiih iiricoiI  to ��� ��� i 1   ihe
in WiimipeK ilurliii    tc winter months,   commission iiiiuiiiiiIh  m iiboui   l'". Il   :;"'   lhal   peuple eal    uieli  ineal :   loelnllon to renlizc eusli nu  Ils tie
A series ol "11 lectures is bcinK arrang    tueutiM I lui I    limild  potiiloes :���" miiel I   nol     etiotiKli     vp.acl-.ihlo       The heiitui'ps uf fl(l��,fl(lli IshupiI nhoul  two
eil, the ilptiiils of \vhicli were arrnugeil h,,,yom| ,1,,, p|.   , ,., p,.;,.,. ,.<! -m ,.:iip    llt'sl   elenrlng  slioulil   he    for  .1   gar year.'t ago uiul which eoillil nol he Hold
ia 11  jolnl   nieetliig or tiie  Winnipeg   menlri rriini lhe wesl  will 1.    11111 1   lo   l|pn,    and    pvpi'j   child  kIidiiIiI   Ipiii'ii invlng lo ih ��� Klnte of tint iiionej  111111
school liourd and iiiilus'u'iul bureau.      Ontario In large tiiiniittlles.                    '"    ,'1'1''   '"  ,'"'  Kunlen  11s  soon  iih |,t:i.   The ilepututlon nskeil for iin
Action on the Ground
The plaee I'm swrel i-luvi 1 : 1 1,11 Hi ���
pour :   hn il It   al:"1  ���., ill  ".  on
um 1  1 Imi  mi: nine nlknll  In  it. In
��� r      l|    I'  III   1,111   Dill      llll     (I'll     ���
illlll   lIllll'H   : ��� "I   ICHl,      ll    H ill     ,:'n ���
nuclei I'nvoi'lible 1 oiidlllou ��lici ���
Miiier l ".iiHiiiH"! crops i.ill, Sv, 1 et
clnvri 111I1I coiiHlilt'l'ithle nil r. ���. 11 lu
ilie 1 nil.  i.ir ihe  nitrogen li:<lng   line-
l|ll      Um
;   in  re-
flu iiim
Professor    Hcilfoi-il   ya\e   some ile-       'p|,|H j. ,),,,  ,,,. .   ,;.,.,. ,;,., ���,...  |ul!)   [luy  sian   In  learn  In  work  ul   llieir   ;i,i,,.   from  llie  govenilllenl   nil III   lhe ] inrln  tire uellve.    It   hns a
tnlla  .1" '  resuli a ol   lasl   year's tuiti    ; n nhle In esporl pol aloes, whieh Ih   Ichsoiis ut fchool    Tlmi    Is iihsnliila    lliuinclul ni H'kel Ih In bctlci' condlllnn   nidi ruble  IoohpiiIihj    net Ion
ptilgii  and  said   ii   ivouhl    liai"    led   (i\,-||iir in the Increased pi'oilui'llon, par-! 1}  l!" excuse for nol  having 11 profit    nni\ ii,,. rei|itoal  iviih, gratiteil. ! gi'ouml      Mil   ii   is  Inuipi'l:
man>  lo take up lioiiieslenils If lhe;   tii'iilarl) In iind nrounil lhe luwna uml   nhle  garden    where  Ihere  arc  child       The governmeni     pronitseil    to 11 r    tueiulier  also  Hun   Ihe  hue
hud    had    funds    i"    slart  wiih  in �� [oilIt��i*.  'ThiR luller raid  ulso uitoiiiiM   foil  In    the  family    over elglll   yeni'M   i-,li;.:,. thai  >:|n;,.unu  |,e iiilscd  I'm   llie   grow  on  the  roots    of till    er p  uiv
1 lertiti! way.    Muni  id  lbs foreign-   f0,. ||,r. |,,���   (,t-jc.,   ���,  whicli iliey may Lof age, oven    Ihougli  lhe  falber has   iissnehittou and lakes   lhe uiiHohl de    the Biime as lliose found on 1 .1   ���:���   is
era hum  were finite reiulj   i" home-   |,e imuyht, for lhe iiearneHs ol' the crop jio work out. Iieiilures  for secut'lly.    I'rliielpiil uiul   uf nlfiill'ii,   ho ii  ia un exeelleiil  crop
:-'.\-ai'. ii    only   they eiiuhl secure Iwo   ,,, ||,e"i'uilroud aid:; in  ciilliiiu down       Poluloes    and sueli   ipg Itihles    us   inlereul   Ih guai'iihteotl  by Hip cilj  nf   10 enn',  lipfnru nlfalfn,   Tlm btiei ri.i
cows.    "Two    cows    will    practically   innmportnllon expenses.    Tlii'""i|iialll>   niilona,   earrolH,   pai-snlps,   i-utiibugus j urnndon anil the govarnmenl lukcs no   011 lhe roots ol'red clover are not tlu
keep   11    I'amlly    of    foreigners on a   0e  ,|1(.   ,,()j���| ,   (���;,,-,,.<,    Those   pro-  and henna gen rally ean la' exchiiug-   rttslc In tlie mailer. 'The Uniiiilou Win-   same as lhe nlftilfa  liacloi'ln.
homestead," he snld. duced  on  heavy   land   will  nol   keep,   ed  I'm' groceries     iVIien  Ihey eiiuuol   i,.,.  p,,),. 11. ard,  however, has  phiced      Sweel clover   Is nol and never will
Dr. Mclntyre spoke ol what the all(j nl,W| u|| f)t, ,,,,,,,, locally. \s a I"' trailed they always run he I'eil ���; its illaposnl the sum ol' Sltlfi.OUii. ; he ei|tial lo alfalfa m red elnvur in
Winnipeg school liourd proposed lo ureal ileal of Ihe soil Is light, however, on lhe farm nnd converted Into pro- j The. delegates staled lhal nu winter I'ped production, where these crop.i
do In Iii"- way of i'0-operallon lie h],e hulk or lhe crop is in excellent cni-l duels lhal will sell flow often wil | fH|r would he held ul Urnndon Ihls J do well. This facl sliould imver be
said    tli"    ngi'lculiiiriil    college    liad j iiiiioti for export Ing. I have seen  settlers  buying  sah   pork, j year. forgotten,    m course,  wllh  lhe  pre-
the hoard lo mpply lhe speakers audi   '  _.._. butter,   and even   eggs and potatoes     ,,i.in  i||��h    prices    of hsciI,    there Is
lhe hoard  was prepared to stnuil lliej j When     Ihese   products   have    lo  In       Miller's     Worm     Powders     ntlnelc ' rooiI prolll  In producing It, bill  some
piii'chaseil en the farm, ll Is no worms In lho sloinaeh and intestines 'day Ihls demand ''.ill he supplied, anil
wonder ll: : the farm r has lo work kt once, and no worm'can come in con- then lhe price of seed will he much
nnt. i:nt   with  them and  Ilve.    They also , lower.    Peed  production  is [lie basis
���||ow   many farm    homes ure there | eorrecl the unhealthy eAulltlons in the   mi which this crop inusl lm bulged���
^^^^^^^  . . .vlier,'   llie   garden Inching  and   ,m(
line;T-: had assured    ih"    bureau  tolls llie best: where  even    ple-pl-'nl     us    a    fruit   (.n'���
give even- assisiance in his power.       Mill bias Pole.i    01   City. Onl. woulill
'   ___   j Joseph Snow, Norway, .Me . ,������,,,,,..,,1
Charles  Whuotcit.  Mulgrave, X.S.
Iin,  II   11. Ai-iiislruli".',  Mulgrave,
expense of n moderate aniounl
(.'hairman llnlinan said thai it wa
the intent ion to apply to lhe gm
ernnienl tor a graul io continue tin
work   in   ilia spring and Hon, Roherl j
We   hell
A Boon for the Bilious. The liver li
a verv sen,ni' e organ and easily lie
runged. Win 11 this oci tirs there is uu
due secretion of bile and the acrid li
Mtiiil Hows into tii ��� stomach and smiri
it. II Is a mosl distressing ailuienl
and uiiiuy are prone lo it, In Ihb
emidiiion a man linds tlie lust remedy
In  I'urnielge's  Vcgelnhla  l'ills, whici
: Ihen
���  organs  thai   Invilc  and  en-1 when considered ns 11 pi
worms, selling  up  reactions   position   and  ii   is  uoi   (he eipial  of
If    ih ���  garden  i- | :;,.,, nrr, m0sl henoliclal to lha growth ! alfalhi or red clover in    Iliis respi cl
il  bj   tlie farmer   of lhe child.   They have attested their   when lhc conditions, are favorable for
"' ' '���   ""    power lu hundreds of cases and ul ull   thei ��� crops-
11 .em   l.nnd.-i-.-
Sen.,     I'oki mum
II   wii it  11  sliould   n
������   ii   may  ho the
the home agalnsl
thoroughly trustwurtl
There i.s no illsposlliou  to di.-'i-oiir-
  age tii- Intclllgeni  growing of sweet
Oriijin of ��� Boycott" | clover.    Not   at   all.    The'   crop   has
The word boycotl is only Lhlt-ty-llve   Its place, whicli is on Iho poorer
llie'i::     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
povpi ly.
w'��  1:-IV;'  fi'ciiueiitly    notleed  that.   }.elll.a ol(1   .inirv,,|  j,  would probably and  locations,    llul    there has been
wiu'i'e  ihe  woman noes  not interesl , puZJ1[G _ large niimbei' of peopio lo ox- much  misleailing In Formation    aboul
het'sell  in the garden    and the cows  p]n|n |is origin. In llie year ISS" there this    wonderful    weed,    which   some
1 was. however, In Ireland a well known persons would have ynu believe is to
ml in
chickens, they ure often
*V,".'.,,i'"'i,'l..'":!''.,.''',',lii;\ l'"','.?''i'i '!!'' Russian People and Wa,- apt ^i,, be '^Klp��^d.^eapetjla^ny J^J^ ths j iandloni" named"c_DtaYis' Boy.ottV"'Hls   be"the inost"imp_rtiint"i<unsas'legi
I'al Hi
rl bans ur
ilirterenees with his tenants and with   Inotis crop.    Il  Is tlmo the crop was
ths   I.and   la
came so  severe   judged on the basis ,,i its real worth.
���iler.   There is 110 better medicine j     \ ^cntlctiiiUi well known in busmen: beginning
in ihe entire list or pill preparations. 1 ,,|,.[.|es   who recently    relur I  from "���' hi tl"' ll ^^^ ^^^^^^
                           ,,,,,,.,���.,....,   S1,ve his'impressions lo n pi'uirif.     In    the  early times,   prac- ,,,.,,   ,,,���   n^- ic 1, l>> i-lnwxi   declined   to It bus ils place, but. this place Is not
Food Problems at Petrograd         In presentalivc of the Daily N 'Wh.   He tlcally   cverythliig   was produced  on ,mve ,|MV rteaiinga v,itb bim.   The re- where alfalfa or red clover   succe d
-,..,,   ,���,������:,���:.,���  ,,,���  i.,.,,- ...,i    \ios-   sn'.s lhal the Hessian 1 lie are now lhe liirin, even lo the clothing. ��lien ,,���:,   waa something more tban  being well.
row   -ii    1  lie   hi""    .,  ,v      as ei,-'ligbtine for llbeily. In 11 very linpor nnu-tically    everything comes  ironi  geu|  ���, Coventi'j> by the couiilry                       ���������   .
r"tt      ic' "      3���t vowing to     nil   sense of the  word.    P.u   -ear,. Hm  store,   md." Inoss nnd   poverty u lncludea a ,.efu8al to have auy com- A sale and sure medicine for 11 child
tin- Influx of refugees anil the nioblTlza- j be points 0111, Ihc Oprmans have tloiul-
iimi ol Ihrcc million men lu Petrograd nated and permeated every branch 01
11 whole million have been added to llusslaa trade, and now the liusslnus
the numlier of luhahltants and lhe are ileierniln: d in he rid of Ihls stale
food problem lu- become serious. of llilngs once and for all,    Sa gi'ctil
Owing to iin- ciirtnllmeiil of the is this detei'minaiion thai in Petrograd
trunk Iiii" service uiul lack of means tlle use of tho tlerman language Is for
of transport, the government has hidden. With regard t 1 lhe impression *}'[[['
now taken lhe food supply of the inndo unon tii" Hussion people by lhe
rapilal inlo iis ,,.,., ��� hands.' M. Krlv-j retreat in Poliiml, he com tunes, they
osheln, mlnisier of itgriciiltuie, lias seam lo realize fully lhal ii is only
assumed responsibility for iii" pui'- the resuli ol 11 shortage of munitions,
chasi  aud transport of foodstuffs. and Ihey place Implicit  eonlideiico in
���. .���      . their leaders'   and    await   wllh e.iln
Soaking wheal increases ils teed- faith in ihe future. If there is any
Ing value only sliahtly. hut grinding li.iscoue-.'ptioti in Itussia regarding the
the wheal Increases iis feeding value work of Ihe allies in Ihe west, and
nhoul one-lll'lli ! ol! lhe Drills'li Heel on lho seas, it is
    entirely due lo ignor
lore,   Indebtedn
gem rally    unl    far
way.    Tl
niercial   denling;   whatever  with   the Iroubled   with     worms     Is     Mother
victim.    The lirsl  known use of the Uraves' Worm Exterminator.
wor.1 was by John Dillon, In 11 speech  ���	
al  Cashel, on the 17lh of jyovombor, An  Irishman  was one day loolylnfl
v.li.-11 he made use of the phrase. "We al the notice, "Yenr King and Coun-
,.'.         ~    ~                            bin.'  yel   lo study a  branch  of new try   Need   Von."    A  delicate  looking
v  childs health  depends  upon Ine   |;l||,|  :*uv>.  |illmv,i as boycotting." The Englishman  lnippened  to  be  passing
siiiimici.i and bowels.    11   lert]|   w;,,  .,,  oncc  piC|(e,|  llp hv t|,e by, and. thinking to liave a joke at
,,iey ur- in ut  regular anil sweet llie              . s(]  pas3ei]  immediately    Into Pat's expense, started the  I'ollowlng:
litlle one is sure to he lieultlij. Bubyti  fQmnioii use, appearing three days hit- "Well,  Pat,  will yon  volunteer for
(,'MI   lablets are        mi 'shesl   ���,. fn ti,0 Times,   It Is now a common lhe front?"'
l'lenii in
I'hey in 1
llie oil' -'   w   ll
gi uile laxative; are an-
word in the language but iis origin is
already half forgotten.
tltely sale and are ploasunl to laki 	
..   conceriiing   them   Mrs.   David   Label, HOW'S THIS?
Perpptue    Que.,    wines:    "Mj now b iHtb?
iv  was su Iroubled  wllh  eonsllpa- We offer One Hundred Dollars li*
���'  ihal   b ���   could   nol   sleep  dav  01 ward   fur  auy     case   of  Catarrh   thr.t
"Uegob, 1   will it you come."
"Why. whin the Kaiser sees you he
will    bsd.'  for peace.    He'll think the
Ilritish are risin' From tii" dead.
"What's   yonr  Idea    of  an   hi.in st
���'I'lee''  Pufl'v" !-,   nigiit."i"gave hini"Baby"'s Own fablets   cannot be    aired    by Hail's Catarrlj | T^,, ,,0nest.man," replied ilr. Klmp,
'���'���,���",   and now he Is a big healthy boy.'  lhe   t-me- .��������� , ���   .,. . ,    .   I "is one who likes the same music in
;;;:';;,:;';:���":';;:; ;!,Ta.,le,s are sold by  medicine dealer,      Wo*^-SS&V��8. \\%*1_ ?:   P'''vate  thai   he  says  he  likes   when
���eumstnnces ii i--   '"' ''> '"''    ;"      cents a box noni niej-j. ciieiiey tor iho Usl 15 years, artil be-   bis  wife  is  giving    a   musical  cven-
,, ,.     , .,- ,      -sieuinei.   in Mitse i-nuiiiiisiuueuD, m ,-��� Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, I F.eva him perfectly honest'ia aii bus nes,   |���_"
"About��� 2��  years ago I   not easy fur them lo realize the work , transacllons und nnanolally able to carry 	
bad. mv blood, Inn. was   chill     n, .    Prhisii   navy  is itoillg", and I et.i any eblitaiiaas made by his lirm.
gol s,'. I had lo go.tolwhy    ii    is lhai  lhe lorpedoing of ti ."""*���~ ~~,  . j'    NATIONAL ua.nk up COMMKRCB.       V. hy not painl  some ol ynur ft
_ KAB ALMOST GIVEN   UP." ami 'iuany��of'1thei
steamer.   In ilu sp circii
_____ Qui
was laken verv ba
ill  bad shall".'   I                                                ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^                                               ___________________________________                     _______________
heilnnd I was therefor over three months, nciiinii or other sieamer eun ever take                 Hay Supply in Britain                                                                  Toledo, o;    buildings   ibis   full?     Paint'Is   cliean
I I'oulil not en,, and suh-ercd untold agony.   pn,c, at all. |    A ,'iclal announceinen s 1 n | ���*g;�� aa$X "uW. b'&S '_nTm*_S   T),m?a   ,"'    tho l,,cren*,e'' v;"lh' !"
1 had tlii-pc ol lhc licsl doctoral could gel  a,  regarding  lho  recenl    instrue-   ous surfaces ot the system. Testimonial* | gives the place.
inn i! jusl seemed nothing was going lo        Mlnai_"��   1 lnim.nl   Cueea   Dnndruff    non '   Issued   1 v  ill"  I.���and  of iiei'lclll- ' seal.   free.   Prion  75    cents   ner    botlle.	
hebi   ine     I   bid   abiio-i   uivcii   up     I       M",aitls  -intment   -uies  D.indiuli. . ��� , . -gold by all drueeist*.  :	
,       I,        I,,   '     1      -   1   ,, -                                    ""'���     "   '���"   stated   lha    littii    1-  no      ,   k     Uu|t-X i.'ani[iy Pills fur conntlpa-
ihoiighl I would never he any better and cause whatever to tear that the supply   ,la,, ____,, ��� _
ivi^williiiKlo give up and die rather Ihan      ...    No Time  For Pence Talk 0[i,iy���vnlli.nlc for tho private coii-   __f. ^ _f m 1 '*-���
No  Time   Fer   Pence  Talk
iTer a- I'v.a-     V neighbor of mine told I    We have vieior;  in our grasp   if we ..,,,���.,'. will  full shorl of Lhe demand. I FIRST AID COURSES Wt?V f I'1
me of Dr   l'ieree's   ivonderful   rpmedies   pul  every  ounce Into the light.    Ajiy- j -p|tc   ,ci|ulreuicnts     of   the   army   at IN PREPARATORY SCHOOLS WATERPROOF COLlftRS Ar:o cufFii
 I I ileeiiieil lo uie tlieiii     Mv husliand I tiling which pei'sulidPS peopio lhat vie-   |,0iiiC. und abroad will not absorb one-   {\m.   _etior   man   iiihiii   nml   bit
|m,���,hi  ������. .i    bi.'iles of ' hivtiriln Pre-   tory will be won bj  auytliing short ol . i_iS_ti 1 of lhe total crop, even Biippos-   St. John Ambulance Association  Will liunili)   bins      Wash   11   Willi   su,ip   ""l
.  -ipi '    I |',,.| : ikcn it- long until   supreme siicrilli    and effort leails uoi i���K tlmi   the crop is  uoi   more Ihan                Arrange to Give Tbem "--j1'; !fw,.,,v"',''.;'? ���'e wni'mi i'Io'i' " '
I fell betlor    l��� I - Ihan six weeks I   lo del ��� >*, bul I'     ���'   ia!t meirei  psaee   UM , ,. ������ ,   |, |s recognized by                      .     All,|,���,.,������. .,,. c,allon Am,NQT0,. co-panv of OANAOX
11 loflieiLiuiilinlessihaiisixmonths   which would hi   " m einilvalei.l   hip uutlinrlties. uniiouneameut con-      J         executive has decided  loin- JHt ���',nu'     ., .a
[iva li have beeinvell ever since.    cleat,     lull.   01   peace Isi.iii  lie ||���,���.s, ihal their embargo on the sno  -j(1|11(,     wi|1,     p,,,p1M.llt ,..-     HL.|iools
Dm ��� ��� 111 iM.ii.    I liavp raised three   l> ciillar comlil om   ol  I te    rib 1 e   ��� ���r |,ay,  prior lo bs  being offered  Lo, t,roug|l0tl| cunacln for courses in llrst
il.'iughters.   iwo are  muriicd  and  huve   pin; ami llu   Ur. lsl, goveinui 11.   I l   ,:, ,   ,���,���,-   purchasing   oftlcers, ."'>:,,, ,,,,   ,.������ .Ul(| w) ���   ���  will a)so
rliildi'i-n     Tie-',   hav.-  n>ni\  o  ami  iliev   liui'biugei' ol  such   ilefeal      Au>   nmn ,..,���.,.   ineonveiileiiee     lo   lho   pnMtle1
ttt Fraser Avenue, Toroiuo, Onlariu
I, -nithy, ni are llieir children.    I alii    ���
hiire il  wii.i   dl o entinl of uiy having   d
llu in use lhe i
���I 1.
lhc    I
lhe    I ^^^^
Adviser, whieh  I  have had 2(1 years; it
All Ihls
iroi",    il   i-  ilesli
ii avoid tin,, us
aa   possible,  and   therefore  all
endeavor to arrang;' with the military
authorities for instruction or th ' units
alibis hii-: j  iVirigin  in ' ll.-rlin.    II  is   pl^imril'^'on" 'oi" 'pureiia'si'iig' bay . t^Ay'L^i!."AA!:"SA, I" SA!,Al
","'," inrce-s licincs in   ��'"   ;"!   "' !i '"'""^   "   is  "   '���,'v,,'r ���       ''     '^ ""' ^een Inspected by  tie- : �� ,       " ��*     '    -     ^ . 1. .1      rl. ���'        "������"������d �����-Bond��l D��l.r.'
tie    It V       i     Pr "ri"   ����0��' '" ^"'" "l"'1 '  TV l*\u    *��"***,*     ��?.!ef��-  '"A  ^f't "    1  " ?our yea     oV m as oclallo^ DIRECTORY
��� i,i|.,,,    Medi. - I   I i eoverv' aid I""1""' :"   'V    ���""���'���, ''   i'i     '     I''", coinuuinlcale with lhe distrlcl ot cm ��      .,    ������ ������ 	
���I We,'    nivliiVimmXllH'Dr    t'1'"1'   ": '   Wl,"".i '��� '      i   u,1(l   M""""   ,:'"   n^cessttlj   eerl.n.-a e ��       minh,'g     ,, |;���,    ,1S,  V(���,.      Ui the Pioneer Farmers'Coma.nHi.ndle -,	
1-WppiI     all I ling impart.! I*> ui. ,,,. ���,���, ,   ,���  ,., ,���. s,,.nng un���     f |ploag0       ll|(.   mv is to. ml ttnsllit-    ,,,,,',',',.���..,..    i r.Rti   on Inpreaso ol' c'"i,! "" "ack '"' ���>"  ionslj.un.nt.    Absol.ua
,','* ,-'.""',. ' "';" l"''" :' ?,'''���' "',���,, nd-a,. driving  the governmeni  to   .,,,, ,  ,������,. ���,.,���v  rBI|��� rements. ,     l   i   .    li iwC' , v,    ,^i- n. _ �������">'*'-����""����" ���"��""�����. prompt ��iu���,.
People        ma",    N'lise    MtiltCal ' c-m,,|et,, tin    |,n pa ri. I i -ill. -  v. bie.h soil!" .'      . -- I"10,',' l1'"",.      AAAi.    ....:.,    ....'..  i THE GRAIN GROWERS GRAIN CO., LTD..
ii":i:'l..-.:,-, ;-^-V:;i,,'iV.i.. ,;;";,;,.T'' -Minis' j: j ^"il'^'vi;:;;.;, ",;'.  mmuiuMv";'.!'.'!1.':.     ^^   LM���nt for saie ever-'-|sec.',etar; Birawiri*_i.te*wfii 'leave short-
V. i   _:i_Ouiatio SI.. Sarnia, Onl, I 'B"mp,!;,1,,    j,.,",, |i"wj merit it.^-The   v/hc,'e' |ly on_ a lour ol    all    lha    provincial
| ceding twelve months period. (In r.;l   ,60 McDer_0l Sli Wlnnip.��, or 103 n,.e(:.,
Ol't- Block, L"��ltary
ll you are n sufferer, il yonr daughter,   yi;,,,^ of liiilia
mollier, sister n"��"l lielp, ^et  Dr. Pierce's ' .���
I'avoriln Pi'e-";'i lion in liiiuid or lablel I    ���.pi,  ���.,��� ,
fnrm from an.1   medieine dealer lo-day.   \,.n.
' brauches.
Comforts   For   Canadian   Soidicrs      ���	
As a resuli ui the summer's work of      \n American tourist Ihliikln.g to gel
''ithe  war piirehaslng    commission, of: a rise mil of an old Highland minister, |
'I'lu'ii udiiri - i)r, Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, I "V^'J' [['S ',-,',���','.'' '   ,ip.���..,,.-.,���.��� ,s ,|,..: whicli tho Hon. A. K Kemp is lhe head, j remarked:
Kufuili.  N". Y.. and get confidential medi-  cej'nui    They ilidn'l   have, uo Hiar��o I I,rovJ-'���� ,,a8 uee ado for the needs      "Don'l     you   think   il" a   ma
''���ll'"'"' iaeeouiil.   Pai.i cash for evr-rylhing."=   | ofTli,n���ua1|l*'.l s��^\a���'  ,.,��� ,���,������  |r|, j enough muiay io your eiiurel, h.
i   lel'l
'd gel
A mosl valuable book in any home is
lb.   Pierce's   Common   Sense   Me.lieul
The  work of the    commission has I into heaven?
can   proceeding    all    summer    antl |    "Aweel," was the cnuti
"Tlip car llint speaVs for aself"
llisliibuttirs lor Manitoba and SAtlcatcheWan. ".end
Girl ireading letter from brother at j orrters  have  been  placed  covering  a j wadna say lhat for a fact, but U's weel   Jilr,ij^J|,',";._|:','ertiuM7"^moi_"Voiy sultopoo
Ulviser     \ -j lid  liKis-pagi^ vo.ume. ',.,,.  rr    John says a  btillcl   went | |ong ija| _f arlicles which experience ]Worth tryin'." <or local ajsniy
and colored plate
nvone send'ui'
y'thc eosl of
Ig, lo   Dr.  Pierce, , p,, |,a, 0n, dea:'.
I be sent to anyone sendim* fifty   rl,Eht tl!r''l,gl' llis hul witll01lt ""ichng j has" si,nw���  t0  i���.    necessary   In  llie I
��� ��� i.  '., i.-.'e' ,i... ,.,,.i ..iAAi'i .          ,     ���     , i outlining  of an  army    for    modern
1 ii     '  ���-      .   ,1.   i".1   '    Ohl  l'iU'>- Wl,at a hlesslug he l:a_ ( warfare.
To   a   lame   extent     deliveries     on |
mug   an.t   n
buffalo, Y "i
Or.  Pierce's  Pleuanl   Pellets are thej     |5,utor   Do you Know how to run
iiriginal   littlo   liver   pills,  hr-a   pul   up
i early fill j-i as ago.
j      \ppliiant    N
these orders liave already been made,!
and the work is so far advanced as
to leave  no  room  for doubt   thai   Uie |
Canadians al  the from  and in  train
W. N. U.  1077
Rilitnr���Well, I'll  try   vou.    I suess j ing  will   have  everything   thai   is  in-
vou've had experience, eluded  In an  up-to-date equipment.     '
ENLIST NOW wuiiti.,
n: , ol sail ill I sl'i i   is wu i ^i
ip l",i-.iiu to
Make  bills ol lading read Peter
lanseu   Co..   Ltd..   fori   W'illln
:i   or   Port
Arthur, notify  Pete
Jause.i Co., Ltd., Winnipeg ry��
m"^';*^:s::;,(,,,;help of the overseas empire
Serious    News   Regarding   Saskatche i
wan School!. In Ncn English
(Contributed    by    Norman  P.  iilaek.!
Effective Scheme bj Which Britain lias Succeeded in Completing
Her   Isolation,  \V_rding oil   Invasion  and   Incidentally
Cutting off German j From the Outside World
After  having  spent    eight   months   pi ling her
iu Kngland, nnd taking iidvantuso of vaslon
every opportunity lo stud) the opera-  the oul
liens ol the Brlti b nuvy, Mr, .1   Her I    . (   h
���n���. ^oia-i.onpoii.iilu^uiiUmn ���f[(:'^<^' \>.-I'K I-SS (:< i N Tl NI I :s (:,\ M I' AI��;N ( M- SI   VNDEH
,|l , llS'-uin   oil   eilne.ilii 1   lopies,   ill-  ,	
iiugurnteil on the Itivltallou of Premier
Scot i aiul Mr. wiiinugM.-, leader oft Some Silly Stories Regarding the-   Britisli   Elcel -Success ol  the
the Opposition, Is bringing.prominent- ,.-,..       .
Ij  in tiie intention of the people of
Snskiu,diewan   munj   facts ol   a   verv ,
startling character,   it a primary pur-]
lies,, of the elementary  schools is to I
liiji  War  I.oan  is  also a Subject for Sarcastic Comment
From  the German  Newspapers
ber   [solution,   wai g on' In- i"'"'"1  '!"' ,;!''��"",i'0  school** Is to     nj0 feature id the Kuropean war Itan | growing so -.oute  thai   hardly   i  ���   v
mil   cutting off oorniiinj from J*P�� \* l��e fi*'n..*Lhs.c"*'���.?," '" __'? been more gal Ing lo tlu Hermans than  passes thai ibo French pap, r   ,io no
*  worlil. �� 'M."_\^^_\'^_l^_ZU-** magnillcenl n ner In whieh Brit-  publish an article to    .the I      ���. I
,   .      .   ....ve   seen   al   tl.e llemlon and .'!  ,' ,<   '.'.. ,,SX     '   in " ,..'���';' �� uln's overseas empire has rallied   pon-  tlon and comfort the l    Hi   -   of tin
ber: Duckworth Is abb- io produce In   urooklands aerodromi Ilcors of tho ;,,_,',,.,','   ifm ii,��� ,,�������.�� inn.)  taneously round the ling or the mother   people in  regard  to Hi    p ,,���
tb.  New Vorl, sun one of the most In-   yllval A|r Sl.nirl,    ���m| ()t ,|,,, |loyR| ,','.,,'    .-,,,���,,,   ',,,:,���'    .'' , ,, ��� I 'and. li will ever ri main lu '.loi. glory I nohavlor of ,he poteni  but sill
terest Ing  articles  that   has  appeared   ���-,.��������� ,������,.,���   Ihl.    ���:,,���,   ,���  ������ 0|,. ���   '        ,,,,,;,.''', ,'',,    ,,''    . ''.'    thnl within (went; fours linurs oi th. lent ally.
on this subject,   lie say*   "Fenced   n   ���,���,,   , |��� Mmv ,,���������'��� ������ ,,���. BUthor .V       ,''",, ',Vf,, ���-.' ,,,,���*,          -  ,lr"',i"":"ion ,,r vv "   '" ''���""���*�� ''���' Hern-. :- as effeotit    ���     ,- ,,
with  barbed  wire, her coasts  ply   ������ ���r Under-Secretary   ot   stale for ���?es of roforni                                     land, Canada, South   Africa, ln.ll.. and   tlon,'snys Mr. llllne  ���
lurrowed Will l.enches  prole,  sea    ���-��,   r.lllinnt,     numbering     ;.    all |.r���)Vss,���. , ,llvpl.  ���,   s;,,,,,,,,,,,,,   hns ''?"" "l** ?"���" l""1 ���>'""""- "':"""'~ "',   Sin's Meet, We make   ���    ���
���*""���. l'| .nel"�� '" "!tt,">   AT'y      'r'"'''   '   httVC u'll,:l"''1  '"" ",rmen  I ��Kli Saskatcheii" u Public Bduca    ...   """"IV 7"  '""""":"? *" a"\.    phrase ho that It runs, -m
*��'i-l S ever nelive piirnls  c-  ���,   ��.,,���  games,  procllslng  al   atltick     on j,,..,.'.,,,   ,���.���,. .,,,,.,,. <   ir """' lo Frnnee lo lighl the old   )s ,1S effective as lier n    .
wriijers and  scuphtneH   tho oyei   oi   ,,,��� /,., ,..., ....,  nrenarliia  for the ,        ���   I             ��..    .         le���m,    coun ry'i bate lor   reedoi d hon-
thei .ships il���!t lurk lu their" bases   ,BonW   n���n",'���!    .aid ol Kn, p's ',', ,"��� ��� ?��. ''��� "i.;;:;^;; ^.rhi;"''    Now, flwieoninonih. later, after
ready lo pounce oul upon he c m*      anil other vital spots In lhe enemy's Li.      ' S,., . ,          ',.,-v.,, " ��� "i*" "����� -"i ">-* horrors of tho  v iv,,r-
Knglnnrt'i    geogrnphleal    position    is  ������.,.���������,.,.,    A,  ���,,.,,,,���   Bngi���m|    has |   �� J.��nB',    "g��c Tha,������nv hundreds fl"'e ''���lve<1 by ihe salanlc ingenuity
something lo be envied bv the olhoi    ,,;.  ,*���,,, ���   ;,���.,, Um,lng ������, ;..-fo. '    '"" .j , ,. , w-  ,\ iV ir' i  u-.  ������ r n     ������ >'"'  Lhe  ll,mH- ,ih ir "!��>""���"���-'��'  hums
��"��rring nations,   she Is protected bj \V\MM,    i���    uddition    America    con , v j, .   '    ,!m ,        .,' '     ",.��� 2. ,_f ��" ,lcPce'5' ***- '"'"'' '""' ''""'  ���''''
something far   more   efficaelons lliun  ���tru��tois ar,. working day and nighl ,'   j'   ,���,,,, .���.,,'!',,,. m',,  rc, ,������,,'' ��""'" ��'��'"��� '���""���'i'".; full >  whnl mey
lho mosl   cunningly   d.'Mseilircuel.es   ,.ie,u,..    mm.MDm ,������, lllVai   Britain. |iv D0i_hoboi_  In northeaster? Sas   havo lo face, ure hastening across the
N 'Ami  art    st -,s     ,     The    .'on'S   to1ngl����n7 Tl oVe a r,ow   A^' V"U"1-    _LfS ?} ��the/ "-  I-  w '  wormwood ������ i "'��'," 'Ty "[ Ar "	
llri.sl,   isles   are   shea.be, letnl. I Jffl��� '��� . , .V"7 ���" b'm y  ,,,'���,'   " ''' ''"'" ,!,r "?,"f"�� 'S".""""...  P"i ' Oermaiiv, and he,  pies,, acting und   J f"r'   '" '"''l| ��-",1"  ' '" '" '
Tho island kingdom   is   buried un '  Te    iA.fi thn'' oSS Ww Sling      gene mil.    Ill    ,Z hia I""1"8' "��"s  '' ""''>' '"'  ��-  ha'^s ubserlhedTe!.!    lo'n     '    "   "
���     '"     '    ,,.     Il|1    ':    ,,  '    "'  ,'   '.'Herman Heel  is e   eetlvely bullied.    II stl'lictloil  al  all  In   English  or else so \ '' ,**    ""���     '
;              ���   ', i   ,.,-,       ',   ���        ���   I"    helloved  lo  he absolutely Irapos- little ns to be enllr?lj-inadetjuate.      I " "|,J  M,!1
loavygins from her lorts Iron Abel-    jb,   (                              , |(1 ,.������ ,���.,,    T,, .    ff ,            ^           , u,
"", ! " llH; "'"���"    ' ,l;"�� '���'   "    ,ho        ���!,,, ,,,,."���,���,, ,,;,, Btl.8lta ,������ never numerous districts where, despite the    .   I,n   ' '."'
,0 111    row,,    liiviird    leinuij      ������ti. nwi             ,������     ,mmenM   ll|iM|,     r���,,,|, |;iw 0I' nu. land, no publb- sel, mis are : ^" "-1"' ''."
SEL    KSfttaB,   ,ll;" '""I"'   """ ls mil" ��'lde channel being maintained, L'or example, In the '" '" u"" ���"T\'t"\
u i'���, ,    ���          t,    n nHo 1',      :"'" "'" '5 '"��*   >""B   ll,iU dominate neighborhood of Warman und Hague, \as   '    '". " : "' "    '
",     ���         ,                "       ,i     -.          the situation from   Dover   to   Calais. Dr.  Oliver  found   seventeen   villages        hi vi in do lhe h. s
o    ","'.',   :,- i'"'"!    '       ,   i  iv   N'��" >'"'�� ������< submarine can pass down ! und communities without anv  public i **'���*"; '"" '"""^ <<
oint   i an   oe   In Ireland and   lo).       ,  B    ��� ,    cl        ,   , ,.,���,ks  ���,  the schools.   The mnnv hundred M.'nnon- j "A''"''" V1 A,."MI:.'"',
li    has been a mntlei    d common
knowledge for some time
Qei man war loan lis ��� p      i In
less of a failure, and me I'o ogne Cia-
etto   HOW   reveals   lhe   fai ;   til it   .'.   .a
more  rather than  h  -
"There are still   a  ���  . *
pi ople who have not subsi r   ed to '..
w i:   ban.    Tliere must, ubtedlj
pngnlng their courage or of Inventing I    w'n��ro ���"'''' ""' "tin r mil
i disaffection and re-  theso poople ready, for the sake   i .
; hundred  murks,  ;o give on
,.i    and   lhc  official  ground   for  their   wldesp    id
nave la en Ihe lenders  ments thnt  tlermany  ha
in this vain campaign, and ihe former  the md of her llnan lal i     lurces, or
lowing:    ' have  they  no faith  in  ���'
ingllsh try lo per-  the empire and in I ��� |i
i  mako greater  Us pledges?
tiie-. bav.' heard        As things stand at preset
i���    wale, stand -Hani ul   the   *���������"  "���'.���""'  """""��� l;", "'  "" |��l"-*V',",',   ' "Vl,';'""v ",""um!' """"ni!" : all u boil I ihe formidable losses al tlio  en ippl) of      .
,'ni"b, ,    e. rail.oio the   rsl   Sea   '"'''z" '"  'i"l'm*,n"e -"ts ���"��'    traps  He children ol   hese localities are tie-  ���,��� ,       ,���   ,   {] ,       , ���,. '  L,,
mti���   luneT,�� .,."1 ... n_in.  thnl   have been set.   Ti. gel out, sub-   pendant for their education on narocli-  M.u|| ,,���.���,,,,��� ,,���,, ��� ., ,., ,, ;u���(,;| ,,������, j ,*,���,dIl,g ������ ���,���. heiu|
: -
while    oilier    heavy pieces nl   Rail)
"oVb    'i,',""i,-, i'.','._i'"' ._j'wiHuu'M"h,i"lliri,lfs    lnusl    ",,'li('    the circuitous   Ini schools not at presenl  subject loi?,1*!111 |11��"'���ib ami ngt.is mnween ling-1 holding up our heads verj pr ),
sm   ���,    ,e,i    ni     shn I,,    e      .        J0Urn6y '���>' ��"> "r '"" ""m''"' "throe i any governmeni supervision whatever.    '*">  ��"'��� Aiwirallan  i '.on, and  ��o fore the world."
a             ml,,���     !���   ���,     m,l�� l|ralt"   "lf   Norway.   There   are   fn the schools of 8 if these young the I'ngllsbnien's urgent cry for help The Hani burg N,    .
as     -,,.,,     r-���i  ' i      ron ':""" "r   llvn tortuous   channels    lefi   citizens of Saskatchewan, no word or! r"mnm�� tmansweiyd In Mini ������iiarler s 111 keeps up the farce
ii      , ���,nl   idl     ,, isi mis- hphtn.1- ��PB�� ��"""*    ,l,l> ueadl>' mi,",s    ror I English is ever taught m- spoken, Dr. L   '"     V"��' " ;';" '"'"" :'1""11 that thai it has been ., transe.
i's           ,,      a     ,_i^   iv           l,���',,l,l>'   nnd   neutral   merebantmen  Oliver is authority for lhe statement,  .-*}""1*"'' ,luiH n<"""'�� '" ��!'��> �����n
r    .'���;,,,    -1,1      , oss 1   .          din    '"'���"    '���'"    "><]> b*2 traversed With the   based upon his own personal observa-   'he -oolites and  no,,   treads her fllffl-
,   ��� ri    i   1    .���   tl     n'"1 '"'   ll" aphorized   pilot.   These  lion,  that nol   ���  single    teacher Inlf"'' ll""'i-v " .;'!"""��� 'I"""""' ">>
. ' r ������ v t, jJked To' 0 ' ,? ! Passageways are guarded bv 40 knot ' charge of nnv of these children knows I ""'i11' "", K:">" ;" ' ' ''" hud so surely
o   '    ,   ���     sma   T ���,      i "T.B.'a"    (torpedo   boa.   destroyers)   English himself well enough to be ,1 r��.\^""''- ,    . ,
I       -iiliro   Tt     L;        SK"lla,lra'    Th"    British govern-  to teach ll to anybody else. ,    [*"* "" '  '"0
ly   ,���       ! I" the   ve     e���    .  of    'c , I1"1*..  ":'s,. nolilied Wnsbingio,, of ihe :     in   ,be   vieinily   of   lluniboiill   also,   ����   ; ��� ������;
land   and ot the Highlands of Scot- ��c?,lonw0I,��� "g!!���1 '*"'"' "'"" ""l!i "" , ��".V,M' Ru.d, 1.anj    ;T'""- " s' I b-, i,   ,
land   for   secret   Henna.,   submarine *���*���"- Norlh Sen. trlcts  In   which   Independent private   l���1"1"
bases; seaplanes,   submarines nnd de- The northern    way   oul    Into   Uio schools, conducted nl leasl  ball  ihe;     _'         ���
stroyers-the Grand Fleet's auxiliaries world for lho German Heel Is almost day in German, arc he ng maintained  ,,������",'',���,
i Kngland    has nothing lo expect from
"lu ib rniaiiy, nt   o ir
u nn out ra I   machinal Ions of .'
banki rs,   iui i  as Morgan, I
for Knglnnd   to thi
mi iii I  pari   in  Iiie   war has   until)    the 'sllvei .      .
piuyed tu a liuish.   Tin loules j Ij  needs to prolong t
Ink to bleed their vom,, to   will be r gardi | wil
war the scene of which Is   nigs, bul  we have uo , -
inds of miles awuy.    They I for disquietude    On
id riglilly so, that they have   spectacle of 'ire,;     ������ . ..ni
            , ,   ,  .    .,    ,,,,.,,.,a ,,,��� ,,,'o,':i,.^," >i:;,1i^,,'in,'''.i'vi'p,'v i don.'  moro linn em,uul,.    Instead or  hampered'Greal Bri
-keep Incessantly circling the King-  os effective y guarded as thai to the    i-i'; ��� "   ''   '     -,;    !;,;,;,." ,'���,, ' , isendina   rresh   troops  they   are  now  loan on   doorsl   -
don, on    Uie  lookout for enemy sea  south. All the chnnne s between .fob.i  to    iiZ^-1^!!^^^* ^?^"��Utf^ethoa Sf I tlil��Itl���� liov. lliej niaj best turn Kng-  lar princes ihoulil cheer us t
u   Groatfl,    the    northermost    point , oum tnt ��� iiiiiijeii mallei .uin '"f,1;;';" ��'11.,,,,.-K ,i ini,-,, i,.  T., -.,,.,...,,,,,  :,,.,-. i.i    ��n  ... ,,,,i,. .i,.,,���........i >
n i
      ��� '
lot tho Iiritisii Heel: unite  Independent! -    .
suecial I    "The Ilritish Meet has hitherto con-j tries, and wo liave clad and
ami  aircraft
������Xat.rallv    when   I   lirsl   reached of Scotland,    and    the    Orkney and tho education extended to the children,   f ,,i   .!' !i, '" m1',"11"1       ' ls 7 7    '���'-���' ���,'",ral,f��w��*i t
England   I"wanted to know what   a    Shetland    Islands bave been set with In at least  some of our Krench set-   ng tlie    own rlgl s    and    widening  still stand tree   '
be,?o^ mlne-i nnd submarine Haps,   or block- tlements also Dr, Oliver found that In , "'      ov"   be riles. pered'as they wen
���  i,   ,-    s,ii   Tss i'-oiii in ��� ,i,v  ed with captured  German ships that sufficient intention ia being devoted to      ">o ,;' ""   \r��u/.-/oltuiig is greatly  fought great battle
iriieep'Tlloai'.'   .��t Void IC. M wis , hnw- h--.,H Hiildri'i,   with   the | coDoernert .l^.e ���...ln I 'inactivity'   tr.ved |to^rm and
losl   somewhere   in   the grey   mists  ami   sunk   iu the fairways.   Between I English language,
of He  \orib  Sen.    and  that   it   was   ths    Sbetlands    and    the Norwegian *    Dr. Oliver has also
1  special I
such    places    ns    Dover,    Sheerness, I wun    steam up,    inner squaurons ot    ''"' ivumuuiuu |i.,,,e,^ ,.,,,,���,, .>,,,,,��� ,,,-,  v
Portsmouth and    Harwich-   in    short, ; warships, are stationed at such porls I finitely for resistance lo the process ol'l P11','1 '" the war performance, Iho re- i we have don,. .��'.:,,  i,,.-.  ,
by keeping one's eyes open    ii   was  na Aberdeen, Dundee, Rosyth, Hurtle-! national assimilation,   in  ten schools ' ""f whieb Kngland's mosl  formidable   held high in cons   ous
possible to  build  up a  shadowy out- pool,   Harwich,   Sheerness,   Chatham  visited in Ibis locality be found only navy could bring would be thankfully   counters of the German   ,a   ���-
line of the general scheme that costs,  and Dover, ready to outflank any Ger-' sixteen children representing English-  hailed. '    ,n    fne |,1;ill heggars o
Incidentally,   $10,000,000   a   day.   by  man    flotilla     lhat    mlghl   venture I speaking   families,    in   eight  out  of     "In Franc? the misgivings as to ihe   live  lhe  .1 ���    ,
.��� .i���i, i..���.,i.,���.i i,.,_���������������,���!.,., ;,; ,.,,���, I forth. fourteen   schools   (lie   teachers   -ivere | visible uctlon oi the Briiish Hen are I scribe to'he t'liri'   rar I
which England has succeeded in com-1 fori
More Shells Needed
Allies Will Hew Way to Berlin by
High Explosives
Albert Thomas, French minister of
munitions, who lias returned from
London, grained an interview at his
headquarters in tlie Clarldge:
"Then: is uo need to make a mystery of my visit to London," he said.
"My conversation with Lloyd George
led to an agreement by which the
iwo governments will exchange whal
we call first materials. That Is to
say, certain products of llie soil of
France will be exchanged for certain
products from England.
"Take the ease of a particular chemical used in the manufacture of explosives und dyes. In the ordinary
way the surplus of material refpilred
for national defence would be allowed
tc French manufacturers. Now, by
virtue of our agreement, England will
have n supply and French manufacturers vvill onl) get the remainder, it
is the nation llrst, you perclevc   Kng.
I'.u.hi'.iiaiis  and   in   many  cas��s  tbey I.
""   were usiti:.; their mother tongue freely |
Trairel Help Required    'Demonstration
Farm Kelurn..
esult of
Unfortunately, I do nol speak English-,  to supplement the Instruction in En
and .Mr. Lloyd George does not speak   lish.   Of the -." Ruthenlan teachers In I ..   	
French,     so    we    have lo converse | one inspectorate, lhe school Inspector Technical Education is Needsd Fo-tbe
through an Interpreter.   Bul ive were   classified ii as doing good  work,  io . " .  ���
unit* , spirit." fair, nnd it poor.    Of the 200 school Youth, Including Agricultural p,,of     Bedfor��|    Announces
districts in wliieh ihe majority of the 1 minimi __���_,   ../...i     .���������.,
ratepayers  are   Ruthenlan.  A.  or so j    Mr. Rhys n. Farbalin, preside,,, ���f        Y",,Wo     "Manitoba Agn-
employ Ruthenlan tea. hers, less Ihan  the Ontario \ssoclalion lor the Promo-     . cultural coiieg?
a dozen of whom bold profi sshmal cer-  Hon of Technical Education   In an ad- ���    ''"'-' demonstratli n   arm 1       =u
a     ���   _   .     .   0, -,        .���     tlllcates. dress  delivered al   lhe   1015    annual  the   Manitoba    Agrlcnltur
Russia Today la Stronger Than at Be-      This ls serious news, I i 'e of It | meeting of lhe Commission of Conser'  eroundg consisls ol   eve,    eld
ginning  of Conflict could easily be given.
"Wc have been prepared for such au , 	
eventuality. We will send all urmy in- Mew Kind of Gas Used by German;
to Bulgaria, and when tlie war is over ,\ new kind of gas npparently is be
lliere will he no sue!, country in exist-j ing used by the Germans in the fight
Finish of Bulgaria
meeting of lhe Commission of Con ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ration, said: j l""-' acre In extent, and it Inti ndi I ������
"There    are probabh   100,000 hoys   demonstrate  a   suitable    rotai
and girls in Cunada of im age from 14   ' roPs :,?,,! grasses : ,r   lie R   I  ;:
to li. .'.ears who every year become en-   ''     ''-v'
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^     :.- d  iii occupations connected with      Field  No   I is in alfalfc, and
ence." I ing in the Champagne,   Details regard-1 the  manufaclurlng, agricultural, min-  ed a total of "J tons 51:1 pounds   i  I
This was the reply of Vladimir V, ine Its effects were given Dr. 1.mien j ing. or transportation Interests. The, two cuttings. '!'.- ��� hay was ex
Der, one of the mo'si distinguished Dumonl by sufferers be was calied lo presenl general plan of education does lenl in quality. I' ��� yield, owi
Russian citizens now in England, onlattendin Paris hospitals. According to   nol      provide   sufficiently   for   these   was  reduced  bj ���   ..   weather oi
behalf of the Russian war munitions the written statements   of three men  young people.   The apprentice sy tem  ::'- spring. Tl ; the second :���   ..-
committee,   when asked the effect on | who fouglil  respectively   ul    Soualn.  has passed, i.nd technical    education   for tins Meld.
the    ntry  of  lii.lgaiia  Into  the   war  Sulppes nnd Moranvllle, they were sur- musi  lake iis place.    The Increasing      Field  S'o. : produ   ,1   l.S   ��� ���
would have on Russia. rounded for n few seconds by clouds of cost of living makes it essen ial thai   ol  cured red clovei    iaj     Tl : catd
"Bulgarians  will not  wnnl  to (IeIiI   doen green .";ls "' "  rather pleasant these young men and wonten should   was a very even one   bul  thi   yield
Ihe Russians" ho continued    "but the Iodor'   Tl'esa nun asserted that sold-  have  oppoiluuitles  lo  prepare  them-  was reduced ti'oni the san
I'le-'i'iiis' will   surely   light' the   bul    ''���''"  w'10 v,''r"  '"' ll,l:s''!''  s'"'"  were  solves for positions which would bring' tin alfalfa.
gin'iii iis  now  thai   they havo turned au/focated,    while those   with masks  larger Incomes.    Every manufacturer I    irfpftl   N'o.   I was    wheal    owi
land will do exactly the same for us. I n-nitors to Russia"      " losl consciousness    for   varying per-  knows thai ll pays lo engage trained   siimmerfallow,  and   gav.   the       gn
���Have we enough shells? you ask., ' us-iods. workers al high wages or salaries, In i ncent   yield  of 03 bushels    iei   acre.
oi eoiirsc. we have not. and we never,,'.',,..,,' , ,T ,,\-i J     , em'.im    ������',, '    l,P��"   regaining   consciousness   al   preference lo cheap unskilled labor-    | The  variety  was   darquls
shall havo enough.   The mere we use 1 '., '  :', '   ''���,.,'!!    r,,'        ,, ,'V,''; ''''-hi dressing stations, they said, ib.-y ,    "Technical     education,      Including   ,vas |land  picked    in  the
the more we want. | '',, ,���".      . ;;' ' ,   ,,, 'A.,    ,,,,A ,���! suffered   convulsive   seizures   iTs.ni-  training  In  iigncultuie,    is  essential sample  should   mal xcelleni   n   I,
"I shall never be smislie nil Eng-  *-��.     JZi m?���.  f���l   ' ���!"_,.��� ,11 bling epileptic tits.    Upon   their   ar-  to the future of Canada,    li  will re-  fol. ���.,ieli purpose It  wil  I	
hind has surpassed even our great mit- \*���J'n.��   ;  '!,  ,   ,',..,'   ',,     ,''.   rival al the Paris hospital tbey were  quire o  large expenditure of money, lne oti,er demonstration  farm
put, and mav tell vnu I hav not yel i1,,''.,,.', '   '. ..'.,,'',,' frAiil ihci,, ��t ihl  rountl    '"    hnve  a"  extremely  weak  but it is vital to the progress of the      F|e]ri Nl,   , v.a-   n banner ,.���.;-. and
reached   the   maximum   of   my   pro-1 """.���,���" '".,,", " pulse and    to be suffering Irom gen-jnalion to have its young men and wo-  yielded 07 bushels and 1* pound- per
I beall ninii of tbe war. ,,,<���.���   ...,.,    ,"  .,-   ��� :-  ...^.., ......          .-    .       n^ ,���������;" ,-���-    yieincu vi   uiirmcio aim o pound-, per
gram.no. ' ,    . " 'era!   prostratio:.,   hul showed none of  men    properly  trained  lor Iheir life I acre    These oats weighed  !" nounds
England is making groat strides In       ho far as   we   are concerned,   lie , the    symntoms    hitherto    associated  work.   With thy exceplio : of tbe war, jt0 (he measured bushel   which    '   n-
production.    I    noticed   a very great  remarked,   itussia   is ouly just begin-  w-(|, gag poison,    li  is believed that  there Is no other question before the  usuallv heavi for banne   ���   I
increase   since my lasl  visit, but ilie [ mug-     Referring    to   liis work with , pniS3|c acid is  usi d as the basis of i people of Canadu today of so ureal im-    ' pi.ij \-,', ' - WBS ,��� . . ..
liriiish   workman   should   undersl^nd  regnrd to the munitions problems, he, tuc ,:ew gas. portance.    If Canadian  workmen bad   t0 the iflte'snrin_ ami eari ���A"-
that every shell saves the life ot some  said: "Perhaps 1 shall be he-re for two   the requisite training,    many  orders I |he iield was "fly     ���     to. I   .
one of the allied soldiers. years more.     His Inference was evi-       To Supply Vecetable to Europe        wbicb now go to foreign maiuifaetur-  ,.,,.,,.;,,,. . ,r ,,,.,.
"Never mind about any liialhemat!-  dent.    Russia  was   making  contracts      A    ,    t ,.���. |he drv)ft        , evBpor. I era wo--!,  Hlled in    Canada.    Not      F!eld gf0. 6 w"as Marqu|s   , ,,. at 0]
cal calculations as to how many tons  tor munitions for periods oi two y -a.   ilil|c,J,������ re���etables will b< established  nnl! *bal' '"'l "'"'" lrL,i"':,1-;' ft0"ld he a  , ���,.,   stubble and gave -i y" ild of '8
of steel ii lakes lo kill a German. Tho| lie cmitinned: ^   i and ,��� ol)e,.atlon in \*aUcouver within I E''?at " Ivantnge In the inteliigenl de-   bu��Iie_a and 10 pounds per .' ���   '
tnsnl  ot the country's  vast  nat-      Ki, ,,,  x,,   -  .,.,.,    ,,.,r -v    Bllmnler.
resomcis.    it is not su much a, fallowed  ,,,���  lll(.n sown  wiUl  ,.lovf,.
    .....    ,        ,, ,   , and i:. operation In Vancouver v.-iihin,
sweetest mude n soldier hears is the We have the means and the men | tne ]lrxl few tt.eeka j, is ,,, ip,r in.,
whistling of a shell on Its way to ibe ! t;-' carry on Ibe war ns long as may I. - au, .,,..,lc.(! ag ., branch of the Graham I
German trenches. I neeessary.^   Germany   will be defeat-1 Coinpa���y  ,������  Belleville,  Ontario,  and  nuestloii  of the lack  of  capital that   'ri,;,-:. is ,, , i cat".   . and'  i expc t-
"Vou  have  seen  what    we can do | ed.    bhe is lighting now  without  ���***-. v.-jh   iJf. operate,I  under    that  name   handicaps Canadian nianurnclurers as   S(,      wimcr safel.
when we haven fair supply of shells,  serves.    Besides, no nation ean  sur-   uilh ��� ,ap,lrj,v of about lwo ,..n.. ���f ��� it    is of not lining sufficient-skilled      ,,  |S  inleresting to note  I  al   Ibis
Hoy drove the enemy back   In   the  vlve   when it has based its relations  vegetablea daily and employing from I help." ,.ltld was |argel,   .;.,, ,, [   Vate.
hampagne and Artols    districts, but  wth the world on lies and deceit, and  160  l0  200  hands.    Another similar.   in the early histor   of the farm   but
lo drive him oul of France and Bel
glum we want and must have many,
many more. The way to Berlin will
have In be hewed by great explosives.
"My visit to London gave me great
personal satisfaction and I shall prole
,.,,,.,,,. ,   .'.""plain  will be op rated in Kelowna in
liberntely mislead their own people       .,���, building of the old Western Can-
1 nery Company     While    no    di finite
Gossipy Wife- When my husband | statementsi have been made regarding
married me he said ho would lay down I the output, ii is possible that ihese
his life for me. plants are belni   established ns a di
iihl.v return Ihere soon, because by I Seeonil C.W.-So did mine, but now I reel result of the war and will be unreason of the great British organlza- 1 can't even get him to lav down the der contracl with om oi more ol the
tion it is belter for me to go there, stair carpet. I European nations. ���
It Is estimated lhal Ihe daily news- -:..,,  i     drains have been introduced
papers   of    the     I mod   Sine,  and Iuto the field  ll  is p rfecll            a.
Canada have suffered a loss 0f $35,- Is In exeolleni condition I  .     e'sn w-
000,0 luring  he   lirsl   year  of  the Ing ot cereals.
war    This loss  Includes    the    extra	
"i-i  ,,' special correspondence, news Feeding animals    is    nowadava    a
crvlce and advertising revenue, and Rcience as well as an art. The feeder
increase  in    circulation    expen   .-���   - ,  o would feed to greatest profli will
winter and Publisher. know the science as well as the art. THB 00DKTEHAY KEVTEW
Between Two Points
is "Long Distance"
THE TELEPHONE is the short
cut to the person you want
     to    reach.   You    get   into
direct, personal communication.
You know your message is being
received and you get your answer immediately. Could anything   be more satisfactory?
We will locate your party any
hour of the day or night
Three times the day period for
the regular charge between 7:00
p. m. and 8:00 a. m.
B. C.  Telephone  Co.,  Limited
The Ford Garage has installed an
Autogenous Welding Outfit
by the Oxo-Acetylene System
Something that lias been badly needed in this district for a
long time, as there are thousand.; of dollars worth of castings
of every description in cast iron, brass, aluminum, malable,
soft steel, etc., thrown awuy every year, lhat could be made
as strong and even stronger than when new for less than half
what a new one costs. Anything from a stove lifter to a
crankshaft, bring it along  we can fix it
Telephone L46 (COURTENAY
h      _r��_   "
as_-_t(:irffl s?.ir;
II   v
wi. r nwKjr^w ���   .3_afta.^'ass3E��s_
va exchange for
House in Van-
ouver, revenue
m^ Box 220, Courtenay
Distribution of Seed
Grain and Potatoes
From tlie Dominion Experimental
Ily instructions ol tha Hoa. Miuister ol
Agriculture n tree distribution ol superior
-.'.ris of grain anil potatoes will be uitul
during the coining winter anil spring lo
Canadian farmers, The sauip'es will-
consist i>l spring wheat (ubout SpouudsJ
white oats (about foui pouuds,) barley,
(iilimii 5 pounds), ami field peas (about
five pounds.) These will be sent out
from Ottawa.
A ilistributiou of potatoes, three pound
samples will be carried on Irom several
of the Uxperimeiital fiiruis. the Central
farm at Ottawa supplying only tbe provinces of Ontario and Quebec,
Each application must he made separate and must be signed by the applicant,
(inly one Rain pie of grain aud one of potatoes call be sent to each farm. II bulb
samples are asked for in iiie Baine letter
only one will be sent. Applications oil
on any ',;iiul of printed Innn cannot be
Tbe destruction by fire of the cereal
building at Ottawa, which contalued grain
cleaning machinery and a large Btock of
seed '���rain for distribution, mav make it
necessary to curtail the ilistributiou to a
certain extent. We shall Iill as many as
possible of the applications whidl conform to the rules; but requests received
alter tbe etui of December will probably
be too late. Samples cannot be sent ill
response to applications (110 matter when
received) which fall to slate clearly tlie
needs of the applicant, his experiences In
crop raising, and the clnracter of tbe
land on which be intends to sow tlle seed.
All applications for grain (and applications from the provinces of Ontario
and Quebec for ootatoes) sliould be addressed to the Dominion Cereallst, Central Experimental l'arin, Ottawa. Such
applications require no postage. If
otherwise addressed, delay and disappointment may occur.
Applications for potatoes from farmers
in any other province should be addressed (postage prepaid) to tlle Superintendent of tlie nearest branch of the Experimental l'arin iu that province.
J.   II.   15 K IS DA MS,
Director, Dominion Experimental Earm.
Get "More Money" for your Foxes
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver, Lynx, Wolves,
Marten and other Fur hearers collected in yonr settle
hnuse In Use World drilling eiclmlvely III NORTH AMI HII AN mil HIKS
a reliable���responsible���safe Pur House with aa unblemished reputation exlstlns for "more than a third of a century," a Umn sac-
oessful record otsendintr *'*ur Shippers prompt, SATISFACTORY
AND PROFITABLE returns. Write for"lEbr Abubrrt Alsipiirr."'
tlio only reliable, accurate market report and price lisi published,
Wrlle for It-NOW-ll*. FREE
A B SHURFRT Inr J*w west Austin ave.
-_. D. OTUDLR 1, inc. Dept.C68 CHICACO, U.S.A.
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Riga Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriag. Builder COURTENAY
Red   Cross
On Tuesday last tlie ladies of the
receiving   committee,   with   Mrs.
Laycock and   Mrs.  J. Parkin, met
to pack up  tlie finished  goods and
send off to Victoria.
I     The    contents   of  the   packing
.cases   *i\ere:   92   little   pillows, 18
: jute pads, 15   dozen   long   wound
dressings, 3   dozen square   wound
: dressings, 31 pairs of s.cks, 24 bed
jackets, 12 helpless case jackets, 27
pairsof pyjan as, 18 a.b.d. binders,
; lg dozen swabs. 7   pair mitts, 3   T
1 binders, 5   chest   binders; 10   face
cloths,     21      handkerchiefs,    500
mouth wipes and i scurf.
The names of those who contributed to
1 this list are:���Mesdanies Williams, Sack-
���5ilie, Ployart, Uric D.111 cm, W. Duncan,
1 Bridges, kedgerwood,   Stoner,   Russell,
I Masters, Johnston, Hickman' II. Smith.
: Fielder, Mclntyre, W. McQuillan, Jackson, Cokeley, bailey, Peterson, Davison,
Glazbrook, Palgrave, Smith, W.  Idiens,
j I-I,    Idiens,    Minion,    Beasley,     Allen,
: Forde, Brock, Taylor, Duiidas,   Aitken,
Mitchell, Cooks, Prendergast,   I.aycock,
��� Bubar, I.oggie, Perez,  Fairlmrn, Cairns,
.McBride, McKenzie,   Tiiinbull,    Clarke.
1 \V. Grieve, J. Grieve,   Heberden, Wille-j
! mar, Hogg, Parkin,  Kirkwood,    Stoker,
Morrison,    Boden, Campbell,    Beadnell, 1
Hardy,      Piercy,   J.    Parkin,   and   the
j Misses Collins, Griinasou, King, Davey,
Bridges,    Danard,    Freeman,   Sackville
and Tucker.
A consignment of wool lias arrived and
will be furnished on application at the
two distributing stations.
Anglican Church Notes.
Services at tlie local Anglican
churches on Sunday next, aist inst
will be as follows : Holy communion 8,30 at S. John's, Courtenay,
Mattins and Litany 11 a.m. at S.
Andrew's, Sandwick. Evensong
at S. Johns at 7.30. The preacher
will be tbe Rt. Rev. A, Scriven,
the Bishop of Columbia.
Tliere will be service at S.Mary's
Grantham at 3 p.m. on Sunday,
when the Bishop will preach.
The auuual sale of work in connection with the local branch of the
Woman's Auxiliary will be held iu
lhe K. of P. Hall Courtenay on
Thursday the 25th inst., from 3
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
-7-   E.  ASTON
Logger's   Shoes made to order.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stan I the Test.
Courtenay    Hotel
Comfort   Witli  Moderate  ItnteH
Best Wtu"S
mid Liquors
Turkey Shoot
to be held on
Saturday, Nov. 20
at i p. in., at
Also  Some   Geese   and   Chickens
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine l.xt-ellen
Wm. Merryfield
Plant Now
Antirrhinum   'snapdargoii) various
Aquilegia   [Columbine] white
Iceland Poppies, yellow
Wallflowers, Sutton's Wood Red
Fire Kiti"; Orange
Hollyhocks, Mixed
Coreopsis, Large Yellow
Alysnun,   yellow
Plants 5 cenis each, 6 for  25 cent
of MISS GAME, Comox.
Inspection invited.
Orders may be left   with Shepherd
& Hornby
The Ladies Aid of the Grai thara   lne    l��0_B0X    Barber     Shop
mission intend   having   a   sale   of I        Oldest Shop in Courtenay
work and concert  ou  Dec,   ishat Nothing   But   ,.-irst   Class   Work
the old scuoolhouse, commencing at Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
3 p.m.
A men's club is lieing formed at
Comox Valley, Wake Up!
The Duchestiav Packing Co.,
Limited, of Vancouver, with works
at Ladner, have received large orders for dessicated vegetables for
the European market, and are quadrupling tlieir present factory.
Graham & Co., Limited, of Bell-
ville, Ontario, have announced
tlieir intention to establish immediately three factories in B, C. for
the manufacture of dessicated vegetables, two at Kelowna, and one at
Port Moody. About fifty hands
will be employed at each,
Addressing of Mail
In order to faeiliale the handling
of mail at thc front and to insure
prompt delivery it is requested that
all mail be addressed   a follows.���
(a) Regimental Number.
(b) Rank
(c) Name
(d) Squadron, Battery, or Company.
(e)Battailon, Regiment (or other
unit) Staff appointment or Department.
(f.) Canadian Contingent.
<g) British Expeditionary Force.
(h) Army Post Office, London,
Unnecessary mention of higher
formations, such as brigades, divisions, is strictly forbidden, and
causes delay-
C. E    D._L'.Y\\lr*LK   Prop
��� at
Willard's Harness Emporium
I Fine Showing of   Horse   Blankets,   I,ap
j tctlgs, Cloves, Trunks, Suit (.'uses, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
To give warning of the presence
of dangerous gases  in  mines a scientist has invented a whistle on the ;
principle of the safety lamp, that is
blown when the gases tuter it.        |
A Texas inventor's automobile
has two wheels ou the left side and
one on the right so arranged that
he claims no two of them will strike
obstructions ou the road at the
same time. J
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
Go to Vancouver
or Victoria for
Painless Dentistry
These ;irc features in our
offices. It will pay you to
hvae your dental work done
hi Vancouver. All work
is gua anteed for 10 years
Painless Dental Parlors
m ���,: *\ van-Guver


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