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The Review Jul 29, 1915

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 ***********4***************** ***********yt******
t Can not ba dona ony letter,  ami
��� not niUto bo  well nnyv boo  else
| hereabouts,   Our tyna and machin-
[ ery i* complete and Tl u Review
��� prices we ti [ht
Classified Ads.
M nh '      mr  Little   Wants   known
; i,   ��� ���  I'l.t ulfied  Vdvt rti nl
in T1     II clew   -   -   -    Phone 59
I.      ������.,   ,(M.tl.^.."'   *
VOL.  3
NO.  35
Presbyterian Chinch
1 '������������       -������n
Committeo Appointed
  St, Andrews' Saudwick
A   fairlv  representative meeting     \^^iP'm\   8um,av  Sch��o1
Ira's held in the   Opera   House ou alld Bible Claw 3 p. m.
Tu    lay   afternoon to   discuss the      ..     ,      ��� ,   r.   '",v ,,., ,    ,,,
id    billtj of coiit.-ibHiing >t">a-!,,;1!::ul',:;,N-l;":'!:;;i'i,,,^l"I1;;
el i   ��� gun to tko G ivernment.  Mr
W   Willard wns   i| pointi -I  chaii
10:30 a, m.   Service 11:30.   Rven
iug si rvice 7:30 p. in. All vvelc uue
' |    | " '1 I4l^> I      V I l"l I -
man an I   fter  se.    a   gentlemen
had given their   tews the following I    Anyone  wishing   to collect   for
res, lutiou wn: n t n iuiouslj carried:  the. Overs as Tol    ���-, Put tl can  -
R< lolved,   I i i Thai a c >ll ctii n  ,.'"n.' (l.   "jweripti >n   bo -1
be     tie for n mm Itine gun
Locr,l Lines
Al I, McKenzie got hit in the eye
,vhh a lit of SI el one day last
w i k.
New Break   ater
The in w break ,vater at the mouth
of thi- i'i.ui!-.dge ri' i r has been
finished, and it is a fine pice- of
work, and the work is a   cr ,1 I   t,
Thc Misses *���' rgarel Beattie and   ,
������   ��� ��� Mr    J.   \\.   McCann,   who  had
Wl i i' trroll left foi   Victoria   on
Monday of it,   In its i iu .tru I
��� -   ���'        re driven, 41,000 feel
Tli ilar 1 of the of kit tb r, 1,.-, 10 , oundsof Ironwork
": will     lieldon M nday  an I 400 lb     pikes were in   I. The
ling next. ; 01'. \
1 I ti'i:-.l but
1111 . 1' Scouts   from   ( r   ,t,,n i,-o
holds nl ou   .1,1  1   lies  by , . mi.us.
..1 '..,,,  �� Bjlaud 11       in   ng a      .-;
their uames a   Ius office, ,.
���   Th , ll   off r of the  I .llow J " B' P       ";    ������   k
I -  ;    make local   1   ll-ctions   be      The local disciples of 1    ic Wat-     The   estimated   1   1   lation    of    ,.^r\J   ','     >* returned froin
II pted,     Courtenay--Messrs. j tou will have to look to their In ' ..    , ig  of tbis   4' '" """ ',:' ! v       r a fttttl.
Brock, Shepherd   and   field,    Comox - Mrs  C,   C.   Piercy,    Roys
I--.    li. ;',.   Fenn,    I,i! le   River
E, "'-ni ue, f.owi 1 !:,,. I md Head-
'jti.ti ters    Ri '-.    I-!.    P,    t,aycock,
for John Jackson will SOOll ll .
recoi !s broken.    Am tin c  j - tv .��� -
down to the river and   si e  a  h
ai ,1 arms  stietchtng oul   of   lhe
ivater&waving a rod, that's J,, k-
forees      He was
,   1 wi Hover tin mi 1011 mark. , ,-,,   ,      ,       ,   ,        .
one "I   fifty-four turned   down  111
\ iitiinb, r ot Au'.o 1 up
11    d throng I   .,,     liis
,- 1 l'ouI   for C   uphill River.      Mr, Thomas Booth, who is applying f ir a   li |n >r   lie, use   for   the
U'Ppei'   Rood    G.   Burnett.    Back   son.   One day last week he   attghl     Mnrri   I    Ou  lul     In 17,   ���.'���"'   :l   .   "��>\ license   tor   the
Ami   Capt. Vigors,    Happy VaL  six beauties,   weighing   ab mt'   2 by Rev T, Menzies, Robt. Or/v  lo L��       ��^ hotel, intends making it
ey-E.   Allen,     l.ake   Trail-R. I pounds each, '      ' Miss Hilda Davis; both of Cti   ber-  2,"   '     ,,''   ' ���' lsts'    No better
Al,  Allan.
I 51 Tit it the amount be paid to
,1 fund al the Royal 3 mk of Canal t, Courtenay, by the 5th of
August aud thai the in inager be
asked to act as treasurer and to forward the amount collected to the
prop.-   u h  "'ties.
(4) Th tt    ill    case    of  Heed   the
:ollectors bean executive comniitt, e
to deci le auy   qu .- itiou   thai   may
On Monday morning about   t,. n
o'clock, while a party were   mol U
ing to Oi "ter Kivar, th.-y   li    i\
ed one of Smith Bros, hor   - on the,
roadside with ils head fast   tin 1
wire    fence.    With     cm; ' '
difficulty they'released the    ui
which was bully cut about the 1
and will likely lose one eye.    I
surmised that she was  rolling
the roadside,   nud   by   soi e
chance got her head nude-, lhe .
V: s Met lulli ,
iis ionary  from
0:1 re jal ion
i liurch 1 11 Sun-   Pr
, zie
Next   Sun
Knight , thias
Install Officers
At the '    "' u   in        .   i
Tso'.um 1    Ige,   K. of P.,   the of-
.1 nsuing term   were
:      11 Bro,   Ui '��� ���'.   assi ted
by Bro -     - f "   1
C, C ��� A. W, H, SI   ;' - rd,
V   C; 11  ���   P. C   "    k
Prel '     .'!���    W, P, McPI
'    Bro, F��� li 1     Ion,
M   ri  \  ��� Bro, W, Pi, ��� y
K  ofR,   nd S.i Bro; I
,. P. Thompson.
,, A, McN   1,
I, ('..; Bi 1. R, Grieve.
0. G ; I      '    tattl    ,   n.
The [ti lian f ireesare still making
headway a jainst the Ausl riaus,
having c | lure I two miles of forti-
Bcnti   . -   ���     id G irizia
Canadians    might   :- '.'��� r
',.   ,       j  round the hat to buy pro\ isi ,n s  n i
;aud comforts for the prisoners of
who arc -!: irl of f > 11, rath  ���   '���'' in
.-,   at   the I tke up c illecti
..'as Carr-Hilton, of the Bank
,' . um ice,   returned   to   town
>n Tu    lay, aft :r ,1  | lca��aut   holiday at Duncan,
To   lark the fist anniversary of
th    '  :1 ��� al i in of v  t 1 on Auir. .1'
ay   evening
- trch,   Rev, T Men-1 gnus for a Govern ti t
���; p :ci tl reference  to short of  tn m  t.   Chath
;\ of the   great   war mercial,
raging,    The  Ctiln-
nits, who are c imp.
$ H 1 r
. -   '���-. A   A
I 1
.1 v. .. CS ilip  /j 2)3.11  :
m i
.J      '    I,
��� iu ���������'.'   0 by   Mr. Wm.   ���' u tfeti,   who 11  li
Dlslric 11 hy  ��� 11 on hi, pn iiiises aa above on
lole  i his H       hold Furniture and Effects
new; Btc ;  Ston
Particulars on p.
������? 10 Real Estate Agents Courlenay
:��� ! ;, ��� 1 p. in : :n St, Andrew's al
:   ml S .Mary'
1  I    11, al - 50 p, m,   on   Sun
! ty,  \     " ' ���������     ft is hoped  a
���    ��� ile    ill make  a  special
1 1    itiend.
See   the   full   selection   of War
:\       .:,:!'���: nb; '-,, 25c each.
Do ; 111 want a .p.i .k 120 town lot   the
.' ���    1 ?   G 't  your   ticket   at   tie
de, or at   Robertson's Dm
Spark-; from a lo   [iug 11
iug at   the   point   will"parade1   toI 8ule set fire to tl,e��ras-.oti   he
church that evening, cant lots iu th  orch ������'���':
I nn [sabel slrwl    1    rida;
The proceeds of  the  Red   Cross 1 T :l" r*ott'i>t a.-;i   1   fa ber of
-    tc its   I C  ��� itham   aud  Court-"boys in beating th   Hi ���< 1   .
am ut    d   respectively   to saved Mr' Willal :'' :    '
id $   i.s, making a total of! stritctloa,
" '     ' !!   Ihis   sunt   $150   has)
Jed to  the   Red   Cross'
���   it Vieli ria  and the balance
., retaiue 1 for  the   purchase 1
of material which will be  made  up I
bv the ladies of   the   District   into i
articles which  ire needed by tlu So
ciety. 0    ;:.i ment  of   articles
ft this week   for
bria, ,    The 1
gun fin I ;������'���''
I '      ',' |by the   ill f,    ne  Co,
IVrc. Si    lil    t is  ill   C
hospital, -. ���   ���   led,' A
.-.-til him ,    , .     jt-
anyone wi        ' - gift
anv mi     y to I't'i
il can be  ! mi  by : 1, ��� ,   dr.
H. S. Porl    us
',,   '
|Coiaij)X Ccoamery ;;|J:
Karb,- and   late  Savoy   Cab!
Plaub also cauliflower   plants for J }. k'Hir
saleal R, Ferris Greenhouse, Lake  "
Trail road.
For Sale-���Fii
rears old,   cheai
Horse, -|
11   traded
IQc per lb. this week SS
Uie of til :
I Si
IKAAA A: ... ".. , ).:>
J   .
'��� '     re   everybody  goes  for   choice
dies, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, G-roceries, Etc.
Phone 40 Courtenay
--"  dy for young milk any,.   Apply
! Arthur Dumaresq. |
'    For Sale���A   St.   Albau's   two
h rs   threshing 1 uchine as good as |
new.    Price   $,50.    For     further
particulars apply at the Review
'    A few remaining���Summer Out-I     ���      ;:':.
: ig   Hal      .." ... at  less than half
c   I   pri, -.    Al   ���   ! ri innings and
flowers,     The   Milleuery    Store,
For : ::'; 111 . -  -One of the best! f
building lots in Courlenay for  one   9 Huffhes
or two acres of good  garden  land.   \  "���~�� ���
Will pay cash   difference.   Apply.j Electric
box A, Review Office.
,���0 )"������������ A
in  tlie
��� iiiiiiiiv1"
is in thi
(Cooking by El
'.. ! the
ir   their   ]
:��� ...
id lights.
6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
AH'Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Lost; One imitation Buffalo robe   | ���_;'   A~*
and one plaid !:::^c rug between
Williamson's ranch and Headquarters. Finder please return to the
Review ollice, or to Headquarters.
Horses and young stock   wanted   |    lichens of
to pas!ure at iiie  Garvice  ranch
Union Hay.    $2 per in mill during   | 'jRoye'ly
summer months, 5,; during wittier, 3-
which includes stabling and feeding,
Cooke & Matthewson have put
011 an extra man to deliver meal ill
Coinox on Tuesday's and Friday's.
Phone your orders early to insure prompt delivery. Satisfaction
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
IDynamo switch board,   etc.,   also
pump and belting, Capacity .12
'gallons    iur   minute.   Apply   at
Riverside hotel,
' For Sale���Teat", wagon, and
harness, or euchauge for catile,
Also 30 acres 1-2 mile from Grantham school, part cash, or exchange
for anything of value.    What have
'you to offer? Apply Box 8, Review Ofiice,
For sale ��� Cumberland   Steam
laundry, the only white laundry in |
the district.    This is a good opening for man with family orone who
has capital to extend the  business.
j The present   proprietor  has  been
1 busy all Jthe time. Apply at the
Laundry, or at Review Office.j
1  ie fill
Suppo e you could sit down to-day like Lli . st
diners of Europe and America, to hn
grilled steak, potatoes baked by c;
and coffee of that delicious even mild ricl iss
that the Hughes Electric Range makes possible.
You can do it. The Hughes Electric Range c s
perfect, complete cooking by electricity possible.
It roasts, broils, bakes, stews.
Hughes Electric Ranges
And the cost of installation and maintenance is
moderate.   By all means come see and learn about
this wonderful stove.
^~a    For sale by
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power Co.,
Tf Limited ~~
Phonw; Office 35, Re��. R68 Office: Mill Strrt THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
|The Mystery
of the
H> Fred M. White
���11 London,
Look   A   Co,   Limited
Melbourne  and  Toronto ,,,
'I'll, re was im eager noto In the
words ilu,i , onvi yed n hall uut bi Ion,
i,i nrtri v i mil ,1.
' Mii\  l in,t  in suggest lliiil the
knowledge is not illniiIoasliiH to you';"
ho Raid,
"Well, I mliiiii It, in llie circutu-
stances t,: explain would have been u
bore,   Vour i plo i unuol call on ine
:m,I. being uiii t'lisiiii'tirii, they might
nu, inn- ior yoti to conie here alone.
Therefore, being n man ot tbo world,
you lold Unin nolhlng nbout ll."
lii-i'ttii'v smiled, ��� li,' i,i,iii ilu- plotter,d cigarette Hail lie iiol been
warned against iliis woman by Itulph,
her Bubtle llnttery would have put
hlni ,'IT his inn,nl it is alwaya so
lOotitinitea) sweel und Boolltlng tor n youngster
'l'li,' ium k plood cume HuBliIng to \ lo he taken foi n mini of ilu- world,
Geoffrey's face, it,- lnul uevei Been "Vou have guess,mi ii nil," be said
.Vera hard and cold like thlB licforo. It "My grani.i'atner is grand seigneur,
���wiib a woman and not a girl who waB He ims no toleration ior auythlng
Bpeukltig now, Qeoffroy rosented tha thai is not en regie. Whal an exqula-
questions; they tjntue ns n teacher ml-1 He cigarette!"
<lreBBes a child. Mrs. Mny nodded,    They  were,
"1 (iiiiiioi tell vnn." he said, "It Ims   cellenl   cigarettes,   ns   nlso   wns
to tin with  Hi,- family Beeret." llnuer she insisted upon pouring
"Ami vmi expect nie tu believe this,   for Geoffrey- with lur own hands.
Geoffrey?" j'"id never tasted anything llko ii
"iu    courSe l do," Geoffrey cried,  fore,
"Did you ever know mc tu tell vou a1    And tin- dinner when it came was a
lie?   Anil, after nil tin- y -s we havo   Perfect little poem  in  its wny. Nut  a
been together, vou nre going lo be jeal-1 "asli ot wlno on the lablo lhal had not
mis of ilu-  tlrst   woman who comes I a history,   Long before the meal wa��
iy  Hint',
I sni. In
llghts,  under
lace is mar-
ic snw thnt   the
��� 1;  of Ilia llllll-
Mrs, \Vi\t- looked up
"What  tin you menu
"I moan exactly what
lulu ways, in ,-ertnln
cci'lniu coiulitiuiis youi
velloualy like lhal ol
As Qeoffrey apoke li
blond had lefi the ilu
pniiimi. Her face wus deadly pale,
bo palo 'bal the crimson Rower In her
breast seemed In grow mure vivid.
There wns a motlou of the elbow und
n   wine  glass   Weill   crushing     tn   Ihc
lloor, Tho woman Blooped to raise the
"How clumsy ot nie," she said, "And
Why nre you regarding in" bo Intent-
ly? My heart Ih a little wrong, the
ilo tors tell me -nothing aei ions, how-
uver.   There!'
she looked up again, she hnd recovered and her face was tinged witli
the red flush of health again, Uut tier
linn,Is still shook.
Hut (leoffrey wns taking n��� heed,
tTo be Continued)
Must Hnve Milk For Baby
An Austrian baby, which had been
deserted   by  its    parents,    hns  been
adopted by a Russian regiment,
The baby is lookod after by n gigantic Tcliuvatih sold lor from the
Volga, who mi the strength of residence  in  tin-    United states,  pro-
I'esses to In- un expert nurse.
Hearing  thut   mill;     wns  In  be   lnul
Iii tin- enemy's camp, the Tchuvaah
iniiile an excursion there al midnight.
The AuslrlatiB shot him ihrough
llie fleshy part, of the leg nnd took
hint prisoner; hut on learning what
bis mission was Ihey gave him milk
ami then tent him back.
I'le- baby is called nfter the Ornnd
Duke,   i'oininiiiidf'i- in-chief.
G.T.p.  Changes
Advices     received    nl     the  liranv
Trunk   I'nciiic  railway   headquarter!
announce as noting superintendent of
, U, brooks as ad Ing superintendent of
motive power   with headquarters at
Trnuscniia. vice Mr. ,1. Ilillinghuni, resigned,   lt is also announced Hint the
jurisdiction nf .Mr. \v. c, C. Mohan,
general    superintendent    of   Grand
Trunk  Pacific  linen  wesi  of Prince
I George, Ims been extended to lncludi
-ihc territory between prince (Uorgt
uiul Edmonton,
along:    Hav
The girl's beautiful '-yes
tears, She lnul been sorely
hurt,  far  more  hurt  than
I been mistaken in you, j over deiffrey found himself forgettln
filled with |
vexed und
she cured j
Geoffrey to know, for it seemed to
her thai he had wilfully deceived her,
that he was going to see Ihis creature
ut whom lu- was secretly ashamed,
Hint he hud lied so that he could seek
her company without suspicion in the
minds of others.
"If you give ine your word of honor," Vera fullered, "that you   '
"No, no," Geoffrey cried, "I merely
slule tlie facts uiul ynu may believe
them or nut as you please, \Vlio Airs.
Mny is I decline io sny. How 1 became acquainted with her 1 also decline In explain,   Suffice it that she is
| Pills That Have Benefited Thousands. Known tar unit lu-nr ns a sure
, remedy in tbe treatment of Indlges-
l lion   anil   nil   derail [QlllOllla     nt   Ilia
; stomach,  liver nnd  kidneys,  Purine-
j lee's   Vcgc'ulll;    l'ills  IlaVO  brought   IV-
I lief lo thousands when other bpi cill s
have failed, litnumorablo testimonials
can bo produced tu establish ihc truth
lot' this assertion. Once tried Iliey
will be found superior tn all other
pills in tin' treatment uf the ailments
for which  Ihey are  prescribed,
Mrs, Mny, ami
Jessop's la nu "
".\n,l thut \>
t,-U nie, Geoff!
"Yes, Vera,
ruilh iu nie
"llll.  i,,'.  nn.
things. Geoff
iny   I'
thnl she has rooms at
tolng tn
If vou have lost
Don'l  suy
Whom hav,
rents   nn,I   you   in
And   when   1   fOUn
lich cruel
I beyond
he whole
thut  let
ine  to
ter, when 1 knew what ynu said i
Alton wns- wus not true��� "
She paused unable in proceed
little hands went out Imploringly
Geoffrey caught them in his owi
drew her In liis side und guzed
lier eyes.
"Dnrllng," lie whisper, tl, '
thai   I  love yuu'.'''
"Ves, dear, it was foolish
iiiouhl   it."
"I love .vou now iind always. I can
never change I did not Iniend lo tell
yon about this woman because it was
nil pari of llie secret. The wise man
among us bus snid il. and his word is
law.   1 nm speaking of Uncle llalph."
Vera nodded with n brighter glance,
llnd not she 11 secret in common with
"Sny no more." she whispered. "I
<iin ashamed of myself."
Geoffrey kissed the quivering red
lips passionately
..   (llllt loll.
Noi that Geoffrey hnd anything to
be afraid of.    Ile knew Unit  In some
wny this woman was connected witli
the  tragedy of his nice;  fnr all  that
Ile knew to the contrary, she  might
be lhe spirit  directing the tragedies.
She   wa*   his   enemy,   though   she
smiled upon him with u dazzling fas-
ciiiniinn  calculated    to  turn  cooler
i heads than his.    Uut, nl any rate, she
| bad   not   nsked   him   lieie   to   poison
blm   ul   lier  own   table,     .Mrs.   Mona
May wus too due an artist for that.
Presently (leoffrey cume out of his
dream In Iind himself talking, Mrs.
May seemed to be putting all the
questions and he was giving all the
answers. And yet, directly, she asked
no questions at all. She w-as sympathetic and interested in the family,
us she explained with klndneas and
"And ihere is lhat. poor blind gentleman," she said sweetly.
I let- eyes, were bent over her dessert.
plate.   She was peeling a peach daintily.   There was lust for the fraction
| of a second a ring in lier voice that
mul l noted on Geoffrey as a cold douche
i does   In   a   man   whose     senses   ure
l-jer  blurred   with  liquor.    Some,  instinct
mul i told him they were approaching the
il,. j crux of the Interview,
into i      "".v uncle Ralph," lie snid cureless-
j ly.    "Ile is n mystery.  Sometimes 1
you know j fancy he is a clever man, who ties-
; pises us, and at other times I regard
Iiim as n mnn whose misfortunes have
dulled liis bruin and Hint be strives
to conceal tbe fact."
Mrs. May smiled. Bul she relurned
to the charge again. Hut strive as
she would, she could get no more
on this head out of Geoffrey. She
wanted to know who the man was and
ull about him- And she learnt nothing beyond the fact that be was a
poor nonentity, despised by his relations. Geoffrey's open sincerity puzzled her. Perhaps there was nothing
to learn after all.
'Strange    that    be    did nol  slay |
ilcrfnl. No
us up rings or
uttoniiitlc Air Cii-
M,i,,,,,.    Hindi and drown
I llie broken pt.rU togethor
n. you wuuld n   l��i >>!..���,i
I limb.  Nn salves. Noplu^-
li is,    Nn lies.   Durable,
cheap,   Sent o��� trial in
ovc ii.   full Information nnd booklet FREE,
E. BROOKS. 2063 Stale St., Marshall, Mich.
Barnyard  Society
"Well, dear nie," chirped the ynunir
lady just uut of finishing school.
"What  ia It?"
"Here is an old Ien chaperoning ���
whole se,ninar> of chickens."
teacher nsked her class
an essay on lhe metropolis.
A Good System
C.P R.   Invites    Suggestions     From
Employees.  With  Good  Results
The  recent  circular   issued   tn  employees of tlle C.P.R. asking for suggestions on the improvement, of the
service   has certainly "struck oil," for
suggestions have poured in tinlil tbo
committee   which   investigated   these
has at times been almost snowed under.   However, eaeli idea bas received
careful and individual attention, being
referred to the heads of the departments    concerned,    and    adopted or
otherwise according to   its merits or
practicability.   Some ideas have been
adopted    and    those    who suggested
Ihem  have so  much  to  their  credit.
Indeed promotion has already followed in several Instances and in othe-s
promotion is coming whenever the op-
iportunity oll'ers.    In    so complex an
organization as a railway, there ure
many angles nr point of view. Some
minds luiti'iimmellei.   by routine sees
un opening for improvement where lhe
man    on the actual job goes by precedent.    An operating official    whose
work compels him to travel may bave
pointers    on   the  treatment  of  passengers  which  he   gains  by personal
experience.   Ideas    from   other countries  may    be  adapted  to  Canadian
conditions, and may be suggested by
a  clerk  who  has    immigrated  from
Europe  or lhe  United  States.    II.  is
a good tiling that there should be a
melting   pot   for   the    ideas    of   the
('.Pit's hundred thousand employees.
A   l.iin
to write -  ...
Later she was surprised to read tha
following  in  one  iiltenilt
"Tlle  peope)  of  London
f, .- their stupidity."
Tin- young author was
be got  tlie idea.
"Please,  miss,"  was  II.e
says in the text book, lhe
of London is very dense!'"
are noted
nsked  how
reply,  "It
no man!
Judge (passing
mistake. There's
ing for yoll!
They say. Time wails fur
Shoes j&every Sport
and Recreation
Sold by^>gll Good
aentenee)- Quite i
three months wail.
-Spoken   like  your  mvn,
aald,    "Now   1  will give ynu my  word
of honor���"
'.Nn, no. II is nol necessury,
Geoff. I wns foolish, I mlghl have
known better,    Mot  another thought
-will I   give to  Mrs.  Monu  May."
Vera spoke in all sincerity, Hut
our thoughts ure often our masters
and they were so in this case.    Mona
May was a name grav n on  Vera's
Blind, and Ihc linn- was coming when I
���with fervent gratitude she blessed lhe j
���hour   when   she   hud   found   tlmi   letter.
A Fascinating Woman
Mrs, .tc: s,,p's simple parlour hnd
Imiii transformed beyond recognition'
The line Chippendale furniture had
beeu iii-oiighi forwnrd; the gaudy set-
ices and solus hud been covered wiih
Hue. Kustern silks und tapestries A
Pair of eld Dresden cnndlestlcka stood
nn ihe table, nml under pink shades
ilie candles oust u glamour of sub-
lined light upon dumnsk and allv ir
nnd china.
As Geoffrey wns ushered in. Mrs.
May came forward. She waa dressed
entirely in black, her wonderfully line
nrtns nml shoulders gleamed dazzling
almost ns the diamonds thut were us
frosty stars in llie glorious night of
ber hair, one great red bloom of
eome flower unknown to Geoffrey wns
:'n lur breast. As to the rest, the flowers were all scarlet. The effect wus
.slightly dazzling.
Mrs. May came forward with a
"So you have managed io elude the
Philistines," she snid. "Ah, 1 guessed
thnt ynu would suy nothing' to your
friends   about   our   litile   dinner,"
��_s>m__ Oranala.ed Eyelids,
3t$I   V> ^'VC!  ii'lku'ied by expo-
E7-���,/___s quickly relieved by MnrlM
__��� Vt5S Eve Remedy. No Smarting,
*7 just  Eye  Comfort.    At
Your Druggist's 50c per Bottle. Murine Eye
SalveinTube!25c. l'orbookolIheEyeFreCask
pnigginu or Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicane
Vera," be l away," she murmured, "knowin
overtake him."
his   shoulders
Ihe family curse must
Geoffrey   shrugged
"what ca.t an unfortunate like that
have, ie live for?" he asked. "He is
broken in mind and in body and has
no money of his own. It ia just like
tlie old fox who crawla lo the hole
lo die. And we are getting used to
the curse by Ihis lime."
"You have no hope, no expectation
of lhe truth coming to light?"
H   was  on   the  tip    of  Geoffrey's
tongue  to speak  freely of his  hopes
for the  ful ure     Instead  he  bent   his
head    over lhe  table, saying  nol
till be fell he had rull control of
vuice 01100  mure.    Then  he spokl
Ihe snnic  hopeless  tones.
"I have become a fatalist," he g
' Please change the subject."
Mrs. Mny did so dicreelly nnd eoal
ly. And yel. in a few moments the do
ings uf Ihe llavenspiirs were nu he
tongue ngiiiu, almost unconsciously
Geoffrey found himself talking nbout |
Marion.   Mrs.   Mny   listening   quietly.
"I hnve seen lhe young lady," she
Bald.    "She has a nice face"
"Mar.lon   is   un    angel."    Geoffrey ] j
cried.   "Her face is perfect
Effects of War
Of brave deeds done upon the battlefield, amid the thunder of cannon,
the cries of wounded and dying, of
heroes of tbe V.C., aud great, generals
who rise from small beginnings, the
teacher told her class, firing them
with enthusiam for their Mother
"Please, miss," cried one little girl
excitedly, "my father was in the
Moor war."
"And did ho fight in any of Hie
buttles'.'" Inquired the mistress.
"Oh, yes," answered the lilt le maid,
"'K wus at Graspnn. an' Modder
River, an' Pardyburg, an'���
"And was he wounded in any of
them?" pursued  the  teacher.
The little girl's face fell.
"No. miss, he wasn't wounded,"
she replied. "Hul, please, miss, 'e
'nil u u w lul 'ciidncbe."
only lo look al her lo see what
Nobody with a countenance like that
could do wrong, even if she wished it.
No mutter who and what it is everybody collies under Marion's sway.
Men. women, children, dogs, all turn
to her with the same implicit confidence."
"Marion seems to be a warm favorite," Mrs. May smiled. "And yet I
gather that she does not bold first
place in your affections?"
"1 am engaged to my cousin Vera,"
Geoffrey explained. "We were boy
'and girl lovers before Marion came to
us Otherwise���well, we need not go
into that. But 1 never snw uny one
like Marlon till tonight."
How's This ?
We otfer One Hundred Dollars He-
vrard for anv case of Catarrh thnt
cannot bo cured   by   Hall's   Catarrh
"p.  ,1.   CHENEY  f.   CO..  Toledo,  o.
We,  the undesigned, have known l-.
,,,���     Cheney for tlio In-'- 15 years, ami be-
You have i Hevo him perfectly li nci.L In all business
""*"'" rjTf*
CA RE means oil���good oil and plenty of it. The
farm lubricants manufactured by The Imperial
Oil Company have been proved absolutely reliable by years of use in the hands of farmers throughout the Northwest.
Tnamiuetured rxpreisly for use on steam tractors and stationary
iteam engine!) givei maximum lubrication.
Standard Gat Engine Oil is adapted to all type* of internal
combustion engines, including both gasoline ami oil burning
Prairie Harvester Oil, a general utilil y oil for farm machinery.
Thresher Hard Oil, a high grade cup grease for uie on separators and other farm machinery.
Eldorado Castor Oil, a heavy oil for farm machinery, especially adapted for loone-futing and worn bearings,
Arctic Cup Grease, made in seven grades to mett varying
Ask for our lubricants in uteri lurrela equipped with faucets���
thc clean, economical method of handling oils on the farm.
Branch  Station* Throughout the Dominion
Made In
transactions and financially able to carry
uut am- obligations mage by Wanrrn.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
actins directly upon thc blood tndmiio-
om, surfaces of the system. Tcstlmon als
sent free. Price "o cents pel' Dome.
Suld 1>�� all iliiifjftsts.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
The Kaiser's Name
Teacher���Yes, the ruler of Russia
is called the Czar. Now, what is the
ruler ot Germany called?
Young Bill���Please, miss, 1 know
what me father called him, lint I
don't like to tell you,���London Dally
He Gave it up
An English "Tommy," while stationed in a Flemish village, wanted to
buy a toothbrush, lieing unable lo
speak either French or Flemish, he
could not manage to make the people
understand what he wanted. After
several unsuccessful attempts, he hit
on a brilliant idea, and, entering a
little shop, he proceeded to imitate the
action ot brushing his teeth.
At first the old dame shook her
head, then her face suddenly lit up
with a smile. Placing a ladder against
the wall, she searched for several
minutes in some cardboard boxes on
a top shelf. She at last found what
she wanted, and triumphantly handed
him, not a toothbush, but a Jew's harp.
Hauling Stuff to Market
It is reasonable prophesy that
within the next ten years most of the
large cities will be supplied to a great
extent with products from the surrounding cuntry hauled in by motor-
driven trains over splendid highways.
This is already the case in London-
and Paris, and tbe cost of hauling lm
been reduced in such cases to as low
as four cents per to   per mile.
Each little truck far.ii in the neighborhood of Ixindon has its car, whici
is filled during the night with products intended for market. Early next
morning a powerful tractor picks uj
these individual cars from each farm
and delivers the produce at markeu
returning with such supplies as.the-'
farmers need from town.���Leslie s.
Give Best Service]
See the Agent
W- N. U. 1057 THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C,
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief���Permanent Cure
LIVER I'lLLS never
f,el.   I*urc1y vegi-t-
���lile    act sutcly
lut yuily un
she. liv-i.
fNtion��� improve  the compleiion���brialittti
ieeyrs. .Snwll Nl. Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine must i>,���.�� Signature
Arts Courses only.
S C H O O I.
.11IV  .mil  illOWST
('.no. v. I'timvN, Registrar
Port t   fill I   tn procure
For   Your   Children   While   Teething
It soothes tlie Child, Softens tlie Gums.
Ailays ihu Pain, Dispels Wind Colic, nnd
ti Uie  Bosi  Remedy for Infantile  Diarrhoea.
Dye from Tanbark
Search  Caused  by  War Shortage   Results   in   Discovery   of   Cheap
Dun nl' the lir-t result:; uf the ((liesl
ut chemists (or substitutes for dyes
made in ilcrinuuy Is sulphur black
derived from so-called exhausted tun
hiirk. Ono Of the besl Known ic
Betirch men in ihls city, u tueuiber o(
the Chemists' club, litis derived Borne
very satisfactory blneli dye from the
inexpensive source uieiitionod, llie
hauls of which Is connected with tannic sold'
ai  ihe luborutorj   it  wns suid thai
ilia Invontor for whom the researches
have been conducted by the chemist
fur the las! tew montliB dues uot care
ni ihis time to make tho tortnul an-
nouncomeul  mer  his uatuo pending I
cortuln  lnul" Arrangements mul  fur j
ilict- experiments, lie believes thai lie
will bo ii 1>1<- Boon I,, Improvo the process greatly nud present an American
fusi   I,luck  winch  will    bo of greal t
Aiuc to textile miiniifacuirors uud al
modoruto cost.
Although coiisltloriihlo quantities nf
��l>c stiiiT.i lime  been coining nm  ol
(Icriiinuy      tlie   Ind'c'nllims   nre   Hull
there will he n    Inula'.;,   this Slimmer I
uml ihc chniicus for lho uuuitug year
mc dui,iuiu. Tlu   -11111simi��� black substitute is ospec'ully mil,pie . for oot-
Archil, i, vegetable t".yo whicli gives i
in winds varying shades of red uml
brown, according in the strength of |
lho dccnriillnii made from It, hns been
found In lurge quantities In Lower California, Further Information concerning It mny ' c obtained from the Mexican consuls. The plan! front which the
dye Is obtained is worth aboul $2~, a
ton. The supply is suid lo ho enormous.
Several corporal ions have retained
chemists to work out dyestuff problems. Many branches ut the dye industry In this country have been In u
state of suspended animation owing to
the ability of tho Germans wllh low-
priced yet efficient technical help and
cheap labor to produce products at
prices with which Americans could
not compete, New processes are being developed in the laboratories of
American engineering chemists, however, which will lead soon to important developments.���Xew York Herald,
Something hi'iier than linen and bl��
Mundry uut* wash u with sonp and
niter All stores ur direct. State iiyle
Mid tne Kor 95c we will mad you
68 Fraier A��enue, Toronto, Ontario
A pleasant medicine for children is
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
and there is nothing better for driving worms from tlle system.
ispitals with
real mcceu, cur KB chronicwi:aknis9,lost vioot
IU.KS. P.ITHRK No. intiti.r.isi'ior MAIL 51, PORT 4 CTf
When Hubby "Lights Up"
for liis after-dinner smoke, be
sure he has a match wliieh
will give him a steady light,
lirst stroke���Ask your Grocer
One of llieir many Brands
111   At   H    1"   Culler'!  BUM*'  i'illi     U"
tllVflVIV    mii'.'il. frtiili, iflljIJo: pretcrml liy
western ninuktiirn booauao ihey pro-
twit     wlirr,    other    vacclnfl    full,
Wrlto for tiooklnt and tostlmofilnli.
10-ilnu |,k��B. Blaeklil Pills 11,00
SO-don plus. Slicking l'ills   4.00
Uro nny Inirrtiir. but Cittcr'n beat.
Tbo superiority or Cuttor tnii'liU'la Is due to oyer l��
jiars of iporlallKlni: l��� unocliioa and ��rumi only.
Inolit on Guttir'l.   if unobtainable, order direct
THE CUTTER   LAOOIIATOIIV,  Berkeley,  Californln.
"The sentence, 'My father hail
money,' in in the pant tense," explained tlio teacher. "Now, Mary,
vhat tense would you be speaking
in if you saio, 'My father has
"Huh, that woulil he pretense," replied Mary Boberly.
Applied in
5 Seconds
Sore,   blistering   feet
_     .    ,.        from      corn ��� pinched
Llll 1 f*K loes can ue cu,ed hy
%[U1<UIY Putnam's Extractor in
H hours. "Putnam'-"' soothes away
that drawing pair., eases Inetantly,
makes the foet feel good at once. Get
i 2ie bottle of "Putnam's today.
W- N. U. 1057
Well Mated
The Turkish policy luis always hcen
In make other people subject to lhe
rule of Islam, or put theni to the
sword. The present war has lirought
together seme strangely assorted peoples in a common cause, but the partnership of "the unspeakable Turk"
with the character of Germanic spirit
that seems to be dominating the nation's course in .tlte present conllict
appears to be most fitting and appropriate. In the language of the street,
when it comes to uiispeakability, the
unspeakable Turk has "got nothing"
on the unspeakable Germans, a8 the
hitter's wholesale assassination of the
men, women and children who were
blown to tlieir death with tlie destroying of tlle Lusltania sets forth.���Boson Traveller.
Silver Gloss
means perfect starching,
whether used for sheer
Laces, dainty Dimities, delicate fabrics, Lace Curtains
or Table
ha3 been the
favorite in the
than 50 years
The CsiMdi Starch
Co. Uiiitil
Averaged Wall
"And did you make a good portrait
of the general?"
"I must, have. Half the critics say
I did the uniform well. Th,. other
half praise the face."
Minard's    Liniment,     Lumberman's
"How does the breakfast suii you,
John?" inquired the young bride, anxiously.
"It's just right, dearest," said her
husband, "it may he plebeian, but I'm
awfully fond of calves liver for breakfast."
"So am I, dear," said the wife. "Oh,
John, don't you think it would pay us
to keep a calf? Then we could have
liver  every  morning  for  breakfast."
oots That
e Test
Canada's largest shoo manufacturers, supplied, wllhln thirty-throe days, 32,217 pairs of
leather ankle boots and iln.uoo pairs ot canvas
Kline.i fur the outfitting of the First Canadian
Contingent, lho largest t|iuintlly supplied by
any manufacturer,
The.<,' boolH were worn by our soldiers on
active service both In Ihls country and In thu
training camps In England. They wero subjected to llie most severe usage thnt hoots
could be subjected to. They travelled over
rough roads nud smooth. Tbey waded through
mild and through slush past nil description.
They wero soaked by the never-ceasing rains
nf an abnormally wet English winter. They
were bilked on hot sloven, grilled on sleam
radiators und roasted bofore open tires. Vet,
Out of lhe enliro 112,217 pairs ot leather
hoots supplied hy this company only a single
pair was shown lo bo open to criticism when
llie Government enquiry was made six months
Kxperls employed by Ihc Government examined 1305 pairs and 3J8 odd boots made by
various manufacturers. Among the number
were found only seven pairs of bools of Ames
Ilolden McCready manufacture, of wliieh five
were found to be repairable, one pair unrepairable, and ONE PAIR HAD A KOI.E UNDER
The best proof of the durability and serviceability of the Ames Holden McCready boots,
however, wa3 afforded by tbe sworn statements of soldiers who bad worn these boots
constantly from the lime thoy were issued In
September, 1914, right through to March, 1915.
They swore that they had worn the boots
through all the rough experiences at Valcar-
tler and on Salisbury Plain and that they
had given excellent service throughout. Sergeant Nussey, of Toronto, who had served
twelve years in the British Army, appeared before the Committee with a pair of such boots
still on his feet and submitted them to the
committee's Inspection,
Tho testimony of these witnesses has since
been amply corroborated hy numerous reports
nnd letters received from officers and soldiers
at the front nil testifying lo Ihe good wearing
qualities of the Ames Holden McCready boots.
* *   *   *
When the question was raised concerning
the quality ot the Canadian soldiers' bonis,
Ames Holden McCready Limited placed Ihein-
BSlVSS IMMEDIATELY upon record, hy writing
to tlie Government, as desirous of having the
most thorough Investigation of the matter. The
appointment of a Parliamentary Committee and
the official enquiry followed. It occupied several weeks' time. The Committee slopped it
nothing In ihelr efforts to get at all Ihe facts.
This Company purchased the best leather
and supplies available in Canada nnd spared nn
expense io manufacturing tbe boots. All our
Invoices, and shop and manufacturing records
were produced before the Parliamentary Committee for their Inspection and .information.
We had nothing to tilde and were proud of the
bools which were furnished to the Government.
Tho Committee reported to Parliament that
the boots supplied by this company substantially complied with Ihe sample, that no paper
or other fraudulent subslances had been employed ln their manufacture and that all
charges involving the Integrity of this company
or of the boots supplied by them had been
abundantly disproven by the sworn evidence
taken before Ihe Committee.
The report, which was adopted hv Parliament, was A COMPLETE VINDICATION FOR
��� *    .    .
In bringing these facts prominently before
the people of Iho Dominion, Ames Holden
McCready Limited are actuated by tho desire
not only to protect their own good name ���
which needs no vindication with the thousands
of Canadians who arc familial- with this company and its products ��� but also that of a
notable and Important Canadian Industry,
which has been unwarrantably aspersed,
MONTREAL       -       TORONTO       -       WINNIPEG       -       ST. JOHN
King   for  a   Week
Here is a tale which is well vouched
for. When Ypres was first bombarded
early in November we withdrew our
troops from the town, hut did not remove the civil population. There was
one British private who did not leave
with the rest, for he was asleep in a
cellar, Next morning he awoke to find
Ypres without any authority and he
set about governing it himself. He
kept eleven citizens under iron discipline, had looters shot at sight, and
though himself inclined to the bottle,
prevented drunkenness in others.
They called him "Le Roi d'Ypres,"
but his kingship lasted only a week.
A cailous court martial tried him,
found his efforts in the cause of order had been good and forgave his
other delinquencies.
No mother of young children should
ho without a box of Baby's Own Tablets.    The Tablets are mother's hest
friend and arc as good as a doctor in
the house.   Concerning them Mrs. F.
Wurger,  Ingersoll,  Ont., writes:    "I
have used Baby's Own Tablets for the]
past   eight   years   and would not be j
without them.    I can  highly recont-
mend them to all mothers   of young!
children."    The  Tablets are  sold  by I
medicine dealers or   by mail   al  2",
cents a  box  from The  Dr.  Williams'
Medicine Co.,  Ilrockville, Out.
Farm Buildings
If you are thinking of remodelling
old bams or building new ones, start I
early in the summer, Do your present
barns not need more light, better ven-1
Illation, more sanitary Hoors, or some
repairs?    A   thorough   cleaning  and
whitewashing after cattle are on pasture means greater comfort and fewer
ilios about buildings all summer. Plan
to give  the barnyards the necessary
cleaning,    drainage and gravelling as
soon as possible.
It Has Many Qualities���The man
who possesses a bottle of Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil is armed against many
ills. It will cure a cough, break a
cold, prevent sore throat; it will re-
duee the swelling from a sprain, cure
the most persistent sores and will
speedily heal cuts and contusions. It
is a medicine chest in itself, and can
be got for a quarter of a dollar.
Weary Willie���Meandering Mike
worked a hull flay last week.
Dusty Rhoades���Yep; ain't it. awful
what some people'll do for money?
Perfect Heat For Any Kind of Cooking
STRIKE a match���in less than a minute thc NEW
PERFECTION Oil Cuok>tovc is giving full, easily
regulated heat for any kind of cooking.
The NEW PERFECTION givei you, too, a cool, comfortable
kitchen, No smoke, no odor, no coal, ashfi or kindlings. Let
your hardware dealer show ynu the NEW PERFECTION todav,
in the 1, 2, 3 nnd 4 burner lizei. If he can't supply you, write
ui direct.
l/-"\kt 2.000,000
ION       HOMES"
Made in
���Mildred���Don't you think Miss Eld-
erlv looks much younger in her new
Helen���Indeed I do. Why, Mildred,
it makes her look but very little .older than she says she is.
The Mistress���I shall take one of
the children to church with me this
morning, Mary.
The General���Yes'm:   whicli?
The .Mistress���Oh, whichever will
go best with my new mauve dress.
Waiter���Oli.  yes.  sir!���the   fish   Is
quite fresh.   It was caught ihis morn
Soldier���Go   on.    That   was  never
caught���it gave itself up;
Minard's   Liniment   used   by
clans, /
.Tames, what is an optimist?
A guy who looks at the
weather and says, "Well, it ci
much longer, anyway."
n't lasi
Bed RoseTea
TriprnnrlPinv RavJaiaj     German submariue piracyhaving _-,
ine ^OUrtenay KCVieW been established to the satisfaction C//               * j9 _*
And Comox Valley Advocate          of the dvili/.c.l i.urlil tn !.������    v ,i,   l tA^i tfj7 ' ���         ',&'>//"/
A Week)   Newspaper, Pubislied at   BU Jaws of humanity   Berlin   gra- U.. "v /
Courtenay, D '. I ciou'sly offers   to cense committing
N. H. Bookn, K.litor and Proprietor    these crimes if   the United   States
iBbscrlption ��i.f,u per Vear In Advance 1 xvill arrange for   Great   Uritaiu to
Telephone 59 | pay it   to do   s,,,   That   i-.   what
Bernstorff's proposal that President     LADIES' DEPARTMENT
Wi'sou should ash Greal Britain to
lift its hlocade amounts to. IMle.i y  v .ts In elastic ribbed nml
porus kail  cotton, : >1   and  m;si et l/ccl
-������ *,. ��� o- lisle fry in 25c lo si
There isal tin pres lit time-aboul   A 1T^,1���ron��e ��' '*m,ies'!n<1 'A.'""'
,   , ', . , .        l  W car in ci ttou en ic and caml i ic
$8o per numill being sent into this
district  by  the  Dm  itlion  Patriotic    Unites'  nml  mil    s  House  Dresses  li
Associatiou, to which we have not muslins, di    '       and crepes
as a I'oiiiiiuiuitv   coi tributi d  one
dollar,    This is a most d,
Institution which nt thc close ol the
Boer war had n ver; larg   fund ou i I" Patenl ���  ' '       id
li nd,   nn 1 whiel been  cou-
stantly growing    Tl   n   ai   ���'
present heai y t ills on it. because
to each soldier's Wife 1' ft behind il    Voiles, cotton : i,   printed
pays ttbottl < ��� till      Wl P''l     ,, fancy   inusl     .   i       il    , |   :
with  the regit 1 :   pnratiou al- J
I iv in ,'. provides li a witli ordii tit ���
'   '   'orts during tin war.    Tin   As    1 I ,Jj,,�� ,;j u:.,.. t.'����u tl...
���. ��� : ' mil has asked Lis disti tet
��� ' tiling fur this socii ty, ni d
THURSDAY, Jll.Y 29, 1915
The results of the Entrance l'.\-
aminations were publishe 1 ;in last
week' city papers, lo late for bur
last issue. Following are the results in this di   rict,
Courti ii,i\ Niiuibi i ,,f candi-
dnli -.. 8, passed, i t lordoii R. Mc-
Qi ill ii.  6, I] I; i. VVilmshurst
6l6, I'll.nl"',:    i lib >���::, Ml,
C"t i ��� . of  i    didales,
5 |        '.t     | A,  Carthew,
Grantham Nuttil er ol candidates, .', pi ll, 2, In'', V
Jan  s, 5; i. Kiltllf) 11 GI
Nob 11 il! \',,"i' ; of c in li
dat, s i, passed i A. Rad
ford, '���,' ,,
Sandwit I     N     ber.t lidal
E  i SI     liter,  "is. i'    .. ,       ,   ,,     ,,        .        ,.     ,
Cur       and    Nm ' '     ;'     "','.. M     ['\m' '-��� i
dat       ���, ,..,  ,',   .    ,'        ,    ��� forth  an effort   to  have   n
B     cb< '    D       1,73 amouiU contributed i      i tin
6 N R.     ;;. . lmie| responsible parties at the district.
Wilcox, (i.'s, Nel   A. Wiuiiingham
11 M. Bul      Soi,   Mar)
Piketti, 6ot, Gladys M. 1).   Lewis,
i' mny  Ba; mil er of candi
dates, 3, passed, 1     Nellie E. 1,arson 652
\.      ���        - 1   :
The dredge "King   !���''     rd" 1
rived ui Com, ��� :���.  ,u Tues 1
Ing and will complete the d 1
of the chaum 1  wit,   ���  i'     1 I
last year, to tin  mo till 1
Tht total length "I ihe cul
'"''   r of eau-,3000feet, with a width of   too feet ^^^^^
didati s 1, passed 0. I giving 8 feel of water al low ���   iter. I :' v.
Union  Bay    Number   of   candi-l'phe i-ltol   ��� '   ���      ��� ' ���������' ml  rsc in   1
11 8   )''l !  illlXll
i   1   curl " '
I      .   i.i
MF-       I "TMENr
1 Lo rcilui     uui nici
ready- .
lll-'.i 111 !'���' [i.  1
nie , H  ; I il.-ick  tweeds
men's 2 [iii  e 0 itini   sails
dates 3
,   .   Ed
Coi ��� -.
si      1 1 pel     ..  of tin
tried, a 1110 I li  1 iii
ai \\    '        j.'
ordinaiy intelligi 11 e ai
ed tea 1'  ", who calls those who oh
jei ti 'i ti hi' v 1 : glorious ways 'ill
ad      d, ignorant        p      ,'"'   Tin
too   mail)
1.       rs,     1 .���    iug a  in wspaj
1 ��� itself, and one c
d    .    , ,    : the big   load   iu
little pin!,lie,  atti ;nl   1
an I bt   : ��� 1   t lu Id in the  di
bltcl ���������'    '<   ' . :   tllCI
I occ     , and teach the youiig I
to   ���!. H'hieve
, f/PS Gr tilt it, ' tudwick
and Nob 11 11 !������ tcbeis passed 100
pei ent. 1 ' pupil Cumber-
I Union Bay 66, Fanny Bay
33, Comox 20, aiul Courtenay, 36,
A| 111 we ask, Mr, Rat, pav r, how
1!'   j ou like it ?
George Russel I is estimate 1 al ti 1.0, ibu yai Is,
5S0, this is folli iwi      oul. in   full    thi
' If seen that plan of the   G  vt.   en
ded in   pa 1 ; Mitchell, wl
1 i ���/'-  who Spring      Ph ...
���   1   ' ft rm-1 only    authori; ���!     8.00,       which
been from I       raj    ; ���
li'   1
��� .    , *'.   Crunl
Atlil I     '.���  .. open   11     li
ptiru ���
1   Half IT ill   si ides al 3
tlie Grain Gra v :r'
enl irely througl   '    1
member, li.  H   CI,     111     >      1
ie j that the additi, 11
' . .'. , i
y made to take ���
|s| in the river,    Y
point out thc g -   '   \ alu,    ol   1   ;  ���
work i" :,'i    1
give our best than
pul lie bodie
I getting Lhe iv,      put tli
��� �����. <s. ����������
; men   iu   tl
itli   blind lytilctn   ami plain   re-
c. I
Sunn          '   ��� Ini
'        ' ;   ' '
I iit- inn          11  pi,
htiMe collar
I fish train of nine a ;"
lef P in, ������ Rupert for the east on
July 15 It contained shipments
from all companies Operating iu
Prince R ti] ert,
Ou Tin
waa held ill  th,   C
presided    ovei   by
* ayor   Kilp ttrick,    I1
holding a   denionsti   li
meinorate the  annivi rs
declaral ii in of thi .    r.
proclaimed the  4th   of
public holidav,   and   a
was appointed tn    -'���
!    ' '
V.   li  ito
Men's Gutinj; Pant? ami  Tenuis  SI
Ctu3 1   ���'. nd Hotel
Good Aci       'dation       Cusiue J'',xceileu
" < ���:
Wm. Merry field
Ford Touring Car
Price $590
Vour neighbor drives a Ford��� why
don't you? We are selling more Fords
in Cauada this vein than ever before���
becavse Canadians demand the best in
motor car seivice at the lowest possible
cost. The " Made in Canada ", Ford
it a necessit)���not a luxury
Buyers ni Ford cars will sham in our prc-tlls if wo Boll
80,(100 cars between August 1, 1(111, and August 1, 1915
lliinnlioii! S'.'in: Town tCar SUOj f. O. Ii. Ford On
lurin, equipment, Inclndiug electric headlights. Cava
on display and isiie at
eft     L    '���
Barrister  aud'Solicitor,  Notary  Public
I'. O. Box 209
Phone 24 Courlenay
SIDNEY,  li, C.
Mitchell & Son
Mi!!: nnd Cream Delivered
Daily in Courtenay
i -    i,!,one R 81
NOTICIi in hereby  Riven   thai   I  In
t   i<1 lo apply tn llle   Hoard "I 1,1
���1  <   ,' tmiii istoncrs, nne  inoiilli Innn
Lilts   1! ,',', lur a  Iran I, r "(   the   license
lil '     lue I,,  si ll   1 ii ituou    nml   fi 1
ucnteil lli|iior�� _liy retail   Iroui the   pri -
.11 as thi' "Court, lie.   llotl I,"
tin Citj ol   Conrli    e., Iiritisii
,   lo the liuililinj! In the   Citi ol
"i.i 1. lay, mi   I,el .."  in subillvl ion  "l
iiiit    : Hection 61, reglslen il an No. M I,
, . 01 cnpietl li)    W. il. Mi K,
Ci :   nil Store, the hoti I lo bi   known
", tin    " Hotel   Aii a.,ialiia,"   necoriliiii
10 plan. ami speclfi, olions which will 1"
: nil I   lore llu- Una,,I.
llll day "I June, 1915,
Liquor License Act
Notice is liercbj 1 iv, 11 1!
unit liquors,   bv ri
known   as   the
: the 111 st
.��� , , ���iiiini- -
uav, 1 in-
���.i'i spitil
iii, iu tin
I, Comox
,1   British
Dated at Courtenay this  14th day 1
ale, 1915.
Dyeing, Cleaning"
ami Pressing
Garments turned out liKenew
Alterations and repairs
nf every description
Old Bank Building
Phone 17 Courlenay
When  In  Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Hxp rlei ce
Recommends   from   l.eail        lluaiciaii
[rout tin   Ulntilie tu tli    fueiiic.   (Ipplca
el same furiiislied nu request
\V, I, Gourd   will I"-   in this city   aboul
v ;.i, il  I,    I/cavi  ortlera  at tills  1 Ifficc,
or write direct to
S45, Eiii Ave., W.   -   Vanccuvei
for  your
irs' Trust   Deeclfs Act
ai I A-- Acts
, I'J ii B is hereb-
!  -..     I'oura,
Siven   that   I'Mitl
and     Arcliibali
citizens Dr, Mil
n, 11. Loggie.
ight to formulate
rill ii!--'. ly include
And, rt ii,    11
Stewar ; from
lard, N.   11.
They will mee
I H I ra:\ wil
ball   nd games   1 tl     aftenioou, a
���    ���   '.:;
] Ire   . . ���  . . ,., de, td
be followed by   a   dance   for   the
��� 1 un    p     le,    An  effort   is   also
being made   to   have  Cumberland
join with us aud run a train dowu,
The camp     ill also 1    1  '    I
tl ���       ilida       '] h    1
1 1 be decided 011 by the committee,
Commemoration services will be
held throughout Canada on August
.|lh. While the observance will
not be the sane in all places, the
object v, iii i;e the same, that of com ���
memorating the anniversary of the
declaration of war, Iu Courtenav
a committee is arranging the program for the day, aud this will be
published as soon as completed,
Funds are urgently needed from
Canada for sandbags for the front.
These sandbags are made in Fug-
lana according to regulation size
and only cost 6d. per bag. Like
many other articles required for
onr soldiers the money for them is
sent from Canada to England, as
it uot only gives employment to the
poor people, but material and labor
for making these articles is much
cheaper there,    .-;.
i sii ned   to   James   Key.    22-2
iiiilding,   Vancouver,   11. C.,   in
Id uud     exei ution, whicli  assignment
d llu 1 Itli tlai of Inly, 1^15.
An 1   11 lice  is   (urtl   r   givi 11   that a
liti    ol Hi   credito      will bi    held at
ii   ' .....  .a Till'. CANAIUAN CREDIT
;���   ...   : RUST ASSOCIATION, l/l'D.,
1 ... i  ,  Building, 744 Hastings Street,
A', st, Vancouver, Ii" C , 011 Tuesday the
17tli day 1 I July 1915, ai 4 o'clock in tlie
ifternoon foi the   purpose of  giving di-
.   for the disp isal o( tii: estate.
Ami notice is furl! 1 r e \  11 lie-it credit-
irs ar< required to send   to th    assignee
1  or  belon   tlio   27lll   dav of  August
915   :   ": ulars, ,1 ily   vei ii d,  ol tlieir
:laims 1    ' tlu securlt ��� (il   any) lu Id by
li       and to end le aii) creditor to vote
ii 1  m st be fill d 011 or  before the
'    I     tice  is further given that the
is '  in ���   ..ill ou or alter the  27th dav of
'������    isl   1915,   pr :ed to  distribute"the
issels oi tlie sail! Kditb Jessia l'ouracri
ind Archibald James Poui-acre, among
be persons entitles thereto having reran! only   to the   claims   of   which    lu
ill then had notice, and he will not be
1        1 libli    for the  assets, or any
so distributed to any person
if   whose   claim he   shall not then have
n-eii notified.
Dnled at Vancouver, B. C,   this  22tul
lay <���( July, 1915.
Z5c.  p
I A]
Palace Livery
Horses  and   Bugg
Terms 1
for  Hire  i>.
We  also attend  to  wood hauling
.\ntrleuay ���   Phone 25
Cobblestone and
j Septic Tank Work
All Work liiiai'iiiileeil
I   A. Beveridge, Courlenay Hotel
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Nanianio
Choicest Liquors aud Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
First.-CJ"~' v'!"  -.hing
Hot Watei and Stt unfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone i) Courtenay
Genera! Blacksmith
nlicit   Venn- Talai.a:,."    ('iiivl'iil All" ''
Qlvi 11 lu Hornet! 1 cot
Ml 1,1. BTRKET
Comox, B. C.
First-class   A^ccominodatioii.    Best
Quality Wines Liquors aud Cigars
R.   McCuish, Prop.
Try an Ad. in The Review
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unneces-
sar}' when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason of quality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit andjsatisfaction
W. Aitken    -      rop.
Oircfitniv Ficilytciiti (luili THE  COURTENAY  REVIEW
Wi Roie.r-�������!!���> Flour
This Good Dependable Flour, Homi Made in
Ilritish Ci luiubia lias Solved The Baking Question   for   Thousands   of   Careful   Housewives
Wild Rose   Pastry   Flour   Is Uniform
It   never varies   in quality   so you   are sure  ;tl-
wnvs of success when yott use it
Housewives Who Arc Proud of Their Baking
have "a ! reason when they use this fine family
flour, li e.uise ii , tin i iih Pa ilry Flour Made
in ll. C  nnd   w, .        11 co inj; to realize
thi i tet thai it pays I" use i Is of B, C, mauu-
factttri li ii Ihey an jusl ns good or as in the
e i 1 Wild Ro: Fn i >. Flo .,. fin '.ii]".i ior to
o'.lm br-iinl ol foreij n in uu Lm \nd ivc
nial Iiiini ol rity will
���n   fi .,:  . i i    .iii.   Iii lion
Prove ils li lllll :". out e   | ensc,    Oril -���!;  of
Wild   U    ���    i loi      rout .    i ,   ,   lay.    If
ynu ar, .        I In d,    If il do      n ;
gi' |'i ,' . In I i ��� llll I'll !t:e e evei had from
an ! "i!i. a |Tti Lrj our, the full i'i. e price
will   b,      I'm I   I   i"   you     Ask   Vour  D   ' ,
!L    '   ,c ;   ���  - i   '. !      T
mi   I      1
\ li ���::   '. '.",���.,. 1
v. W -ail
"Canadian Corn"
We lirsl snw   tlu-   Iveln   In  Canada, tlie
land l.e],,ve.l .a Cud;
We are llie |iiil,-.e "I C ill lilii,  its inair. \\
anil ils liliiii.l ;
And we the men ol Cniuul i  enn laee the
world ami bran
That v\e   were I'uiii ill Cu 'ads   In iieutll
lhe Itritisli llae.
Few  ol us   have  the  lilooil   ol  kings,
few are nl L-OUl tl
Itllt   lew   are    \".e.:al...... 1 .   ni    rogues   of
Clotlhtflll  liana   llllll th ;
Ami  all   have  om   iti ih ni     that en
titles ii- ti   bran ���
That wc were   born iu   Cn   ul:   bi n   itli
the Rritish Hav.
We've  yel   t" utakt our  immcy, \> e've
yet to make mil fumi-,
llul  we   hai'���  '..HM   mil   . ,,,|\   in  ,iitr
clean colonial n i
Aiul every in..n ire   if oulv
lie   ean   la.,.
That  he   was   Innn   iu   CHindi     '    i ' ttfj.1
the Hi iti ih Hay.
\'n   title    ale!    uu   ...;������    .     half   so
|,l, a 11 |   IVOII
As   that   wliieb    we   iulu ; ii.-i   a I   men
Ciina liu . bin a.
W'e eiuint   ui, iii Mi  ���" ll ,''!,   .... oil    wild
lll.il '  ��� :'
That   In- was   hia a in   (Jauiula   bell, itli
the  111 ill.il  Ilea.
't'hr Dutch uiaj  bn\ e tl      jloll   id, the   j
S]ia'e ini Have liis       in,
'lhe   Weil.:-    I,,   iiie    "    ll "I   us   must
snath ..I a- renii in;
lair     nol   a    man     ilare     lilt   a    huml
Buggies asid Exprec: iS
AU Ki.;- Guaranteed nml Sold al tin- I."
Blacksmith at ���' '"��� lag; Builder
c       :
At-uhi'i ae A" ire vi ited ;
and mothei !i :r ��� for a lew i
1' fi  en Mi e  a\   im  Yie'm i
he   bus enli it cl   with i!:"
Th" Dredg Ki     I'dwarda
at ()ot io    wl rf on Tu :sday.
Mrs, C. C I?      ,  , : ' ,',
vis j ted C t
Harold S his mother,
also     p    ' '��� ���' '������
gone to Can       II Ri    r loi a time
given   at  Courteuay   a  couple of
i vv :eks  ago . Altog M   i   f :56 has
nadfl /        . ��������� Society
!   '     Harold Spen   ri    11     talented
e compa   . ii e: ig tl    pasl few weeks
;   for   whicli  the  Society  ii deeoly
i grateful,
('     '   '
lers, who has been
��� : '  , II. Jane   fi i a mouth
hi . rettu ti; i to his  home  at  Vic-
Cc   ��� C( Of ratn
riiaL tin
Dealers in al]
Butter,   E]
v|   S] ���'     Ly,    V;
b 'St.    Pri
and    sati :l
1) ���: t pri
i    J:..,' ���   '.    2
V.   1' Wai     ���   ��� :"
u St
t   St.
n placed  in
and j iraily  nre
liv ��� bea h  this
p sun
G   II. Th"'      !-
the Fusiliers," wl ' 1    re tn ining al
Vancouver, season, ^
TT     ,, ��� , , .   , ,    .   ,      Our teacher is to be < mgratulated
Harold Spencer aud Ins   ��� .   nted ���     ,   ,, ���-, ,
,..,-,.-;,.       ha   ou passing both candidates sent up
np   "" ,,    '   'I y' ,     |totn . nitiations,
~?w*'   li'   ,'"      v'' '. ' :   a good   pass.    Miss
Y'!' ,','."                                 ,               tryn Glazbrook and   Norman
2j.tn.    lhe n t procei   - ol   ������ Inch  ,                     ��� ��� .., ..
1               - .    '        , ���                             are rtc< t> ing ( ��� i 'rattnattous
were S^o.     In-: entertiiiniu ut was ;          ,, ,,   .   ,. ���    , ...
,.,-rp    ,   .               ,             ,,    I from all their men i   their sue-
\s-..-iI attt nded an I much enjoyi lb             , ,-            , ���    ..     ,
.             inn;    ,.   .     ,i       m,     cess at tlie leceut examinations,
tlie- Cainpbell  Rivei   p ���'!', .    Mr. ,
lliulin. tin genial li   ���' nl tl ��� Wil  ���  ��	
lows hotel is to be heartil) thanked
for sending a launch lo carry  :;
visitors loam' from Coinox, and '.
th .,   entertainment  while   there.,     Mr. Bambr
After the performance dan ingtool   salmon on  '1
place on the  pavilli
L. A 7.
ports received by the   Minister   of
Lands concerning    '          i    fire
hazard were ven e
e\'et'\ (iis'ii.I rep ting several days
of rain accotupauit I bv cool weathei
A few Sres oc ttrred in slash, but
were extinguished with,,: '. troul ' :
and expense, the fire si ijiping in
every instance as soon as green
timber was reached, As a result
of the general rains which fell over
t e entire province last week, tlie j {
fire hazard is less than during a
norm d season, and virgin forest is
rendered safe until ahotil August t.
A few dav s of dry, In '  v, it    r will
old burns in an  iiiflamable condil
ion, and i  n lei iii" ��� suiigttii ument
of any fires now bin tiitig vei    difii
cult aud exp, naive,    [f drier weath
er should continue for any consider
able perio 1 lliere is serious   danger I
that such fires would   continue   to I
smoulder until the green timer is in
a condition to burn, and ll   istheie- if
fore,   important  that all  fires be!J
completely  extinguished.    An  iu-11
teresting item  concerning  tlie  de-  I
velopraeni of the'luniber industry in  i
the northern   interioi   ii   reported \-
fnun Tete  Jaime.    Tht   N lrthern ]
Construction Company, wliieh con- \ ���
structed a null on the Upper Eraser
River for the   purpose   of   sawing
lumber for use on the C, P. R, has
Insurance Company Limited, of Iv
1    : ,
-.-,..     .. ',..,-
,a, :      oof of a slor,   or d     llinj
fire insu .... , policy in a good   coni| ��� -.   th
an    gei ts   lor  the  Law  Union :     '
see,.n,l to n ii . ee ti   .
1 , D. lyy) .:���: ���"
PI ine 57
t 25 lbs
that purpose on the shore of  th  '     Mr. Brown of the Provinc
beautifal  bay at  Catnpb 11 River, h    tvi r, wj li his wife  and
The programme was si 'dlar to thai lare catnpiug at Little River,
lck caught twenty-five shipped 3,600,000   feet   of   spruce
'tiesdav, one of vvhtch himber t0   K,lmontoll     The   pr0.
il. s nt   -i r  ]],< I i
vince realized the sum of
S-, sOO 111
���jtjjer royalties and sttimpage   from   this
1        f'      t     I       1
������'���   f'.rf   f':'"-'^.eC!s
We arc now able to supply the needs
of-every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
prices as quoted by eastern houses.
Mulders supplied free. Ring us up
and   we will  call with  samples,  etc.
The Review, Courtenay
Telephone 59 Isabel Street
��� I"
V:     :.. ,    -iti'::'
"������ I       .:'..'
To 1
���HE   British    Colu    >ia
Company lias in hand
worth of extentions  and i
ments in llie province.     v In
in  Nanaimo  and  .
been completed.    In 5
being spent in pro\ iding additii
ties;   in  Vancouver  another $1
being spent.    In Cloverdale and
Districts many miles of poles are
set to reach new subscribers,    i
Island, 40 miles of wire is being
In lhe Interior, extensive work
carried out in Nelson ami K sslau ..
addition, the company has overhaul
its exenanp/es, renovating and rede
-  All this is in Hue with its policy t
way prepared to give te'ephone satisfaction
B. C.
Field Crop Competitions j
\ bulletin recently Issued from the I
office Of ilie seed commissioner ol' the |
Dominion department  ot agriculture
j iifui ��� testimony to tlie great value of j
the Held imil competitions nnd ilia'
seed falra, as agencies tor encourag-l
inn the growing of better crops and j
| the furnishing ot bettei  seed for our
' t'urulers.
"Twenty-five per cent, of the farmers visited by u commission recently
I inquiring Into conditions affectlug
si'eii iiiiiI grain growing, purchased
their seed either from their neighbors or from dealers. The seed so pur j
chased Is commonly traced back to .1
prize winning Held In a crop compett-
1 iimi or i' prize winning Bamplc at n
I I  lair.    Marquis wheal and O.A.C,
, Nu   HI  barley are notable Illustrations
of Improved, varieties now thus being
Pink Eys. En
Shipping  Fi
"rid Catarrhal  Fever.
 and   Catarrhal
Sure i-urn ami positive preventive, 110 matter how hi'iae*
nt any an... arc Infected or "exposed." Liquid, given on th*
longne, sots on lhe Blood and Qlauds, expels the puiNonoua
nfinia from the body, Cures Distemper lu Dogs and Btiery
and cholera in Poultry. Largest selling live ato.-k remedy.
Cures I.a Qrippe among human le lugs and la a fine kidney
r.aiicdy. tint, this out Keep ti. Show it in nmr druggist,
who wilt nei 11 fnr you. i-'iee Booklet, "Distemper. Causes
nisl.H   and
.   U SA.
Corns cause liiiieh suffering, hut
Kolloway's Corn Cure offers a speedy,
sure and satisfactory relief.
No Sale for Bar Fittings
Not Sufficient Demand to Warrant
Continuance   of   Making   Them
Three uf tlm plants of the llnins-
wlck-Balke-Collender company at
Chicago, Long [sland and San Francisco, which manufactured bar fixtures exclusively, have been closed.
The plant at Dubuque, Iowa, has been
turned Into 11 factory for the manufacture 0!' talking machine cabinets,
and piano cases.
More than 3,600 employees of the
company have lust their positions
through the (losing of the plants
II A. Davenport, secretary of lhe
company, lias sent a lelte- to all
branches throughout the country,
whicli snys:
"We have discontinued the manufacture of stock bar fixtures for the
reason that there is not now sufficient
demand. We are convinced Unit the
future of tlie liquor business will bo
in  cafes  and  hotels."
DlBctisstng ihe situation, Mr. Davenport said:
"We do not believe that the saloo.i
is doom.al, but conditions have changed. Many saloons have gone out of
business as various places voted dry;
others have beeu farced to quit, he-
cause of population restrictions."
Botha's Work
The Onion governmeni has loyally
performed its pari of the work, aiul
lhe operations tignii si Herman South-
ivesl Allien are a siu-css As (lenernl
Uoll.11 said in his address lo his
troops, lhe capture of Windhoek is of
the utmost importance to lhe empire
and the I'nion of South Africa. The
dispossession ol Germany removes a
constant source of bad influence and
danger 10 the I'nion. Willi German
Southwest  Africa  brought under the
British flag, there will b< thins to
I hinder  the   peaceful   devclopinenl   of
I the grout Ilritish dominion of whose
governmeni (lenernl Botha is the head.
Toronto Mail uud Umpire.
in .1 western town ihe attorney for
lhe gus company was making 11 popu-
! lar address,
1     "Think   of  Ihe  good   the   gas  eoni-
I puny has done!" he cried.   "If I were
permitted a  pun, 1  would say,  in the
words  of  lhe   immortal  poet,  'Honor
lhe I.iulu  Brigade!'"
Whereupon  a shrill    voice    came
from     lhe rear,    "Oh,  what a charge
thoy made!"
First Long Step
Towards Recovery
Dragged Down by Asthma. The
man or woman who is continually
subject to asthma is unfitted for his
or her iil'e's work. Strength departs
and energy is talcon away until life
becomes a dreary existence. And yet
this is needless. Dr. .1. I), Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy Inn: brought a gre.it
change to an army of sufferers. II
relieves lhe restricted air lubes and
guards against future trouble. Try
A young 11111 n who was a good investigator, bill who seemed 10 be devoid of common sense, was under examination in Ihe study of medicine,
and  was asked:
"WhaI should you regard as the
most unfailing premonitory sign of
death in any serious case?"
The student meditated thoughtfully
for a  moment, nud answered:
"The arrival of the attending physician "
Kent   County   Lady   Did   This- Then
She  Used   Dodd's Kidney  Pills
and Was Cured
Upper Boiicloueho, Kent Co., N.ll.
(Special)���Miss Genevieve Basta-
rachc, an estimable lady living near
here, is telling ber friends of the
benefit she has received from Dodd's
Kidney pills.
"I am indeed happy to be able to
state that 1 hnve been cured of Kidney Disease hy Dodd's Kidney Pills."
Miss liiisti'.railie says in an interview.
"I was oil en so feeble 1 could not
work, My sleep was broken and un-
refreshing, 1 bad headaches and
cramps  in  ibe  muscles.
"I suffered from Rheumatism nml
Backache nnd was always tired and
"I wns in Ihis miserable condition
when I decided to I y Dodd's Kidney
Pills nnd I had not taken two boxes
till 1 fell better nnd three boxes cured
Miss HnsinracliL' mad ' a Ions slop
towards recovery when she discovered thai her symptoms were of Kidney
Disease. She then had only to use
the old reliable Kidney remedy,
Dodd's Kid ic-y Pill.-, to Iind a cure.
She did it. and was cured. Are your
symptoms those of Kidney Disease?
Angling,   Ancient  and   Modern
Most of the lish that abound in the
Sea of (lalilee n.wudays, as they did
2,000   years   ago,   are   a   species   of
bream andechub.   A canning factory, I
am told, is now in process of erection
on the shore not far from Capernaum,
Tliese   lish   were   formerly  taken   almost   wholly   in   nets,     though     lish
hooks seem to have been known and
used more or less throughout the east
from   very   early     times.     Wilkinson
tells  us  that angling was a favorite
pursuit  of the  wealthy  in  Egypt,  as
well as of tlie poor who could not afford a nei.   Something like our mod-
1 ern weirs were also in vogue, hut in
j (leiinesarel   they ware expressly for-
! bidden hy law in Bible limes. Fly fish-
: in��   was   unknown   until  a  comparatively recenl  period.
Snme lime ago litlle Willi" rambled
inlo ihe house, threw his soldier's hel-
111,I into tii" coiner, und began looking over a book
This was unusual for Willie, and
his mother began to investigate.
"What have you come into the
house for, Willie?" she asked. "You
haven't quaralied wilb George Brown,
have you?"
��� "No, mother." answered Willie, "hut
I'm not going lo play war with him
any more."
"Wily nol?" qui lied mother, "whul
has he been doing".'"
"U's jusl this way,' explained
Willie, "when we play wur I'm Genially and lie's Britain, anil if I don't
bu him lick nie every lime he says
I'm 1101 patriotic."    Pearson's Weekly.
Ask for Minard's and take no other.
Wonderful Shot
Private Ananias certainly was a
good shot, and his adventures in German Southwest Africa had apparently
been of a nature to put those of
.Munchausen, Gulliver, and Bill
Ailamii in tile shade,
"Ves," he said  lo a circle of young
soldiers,  who  were  under orders  for ',
Catsll Bay, "I  was in a hii of 11 hole
up there once.    There were Iwo tier-'
mail snipers at me, and I hud only one)
bullet   lell.    They   were   a  good   bit:
apart, too, so I couldn't work round to
get them  in line.    And if 1 shot one ���
lhe other would get, me sure.    1 tell |
you boys Ihese things make you think
quick.     Whnt   did   I   do?    Well,   my
knowledge of mathematics saved me.
I  got  behind  a  stone   worked  out  a
few    calculations    and angles    on n
scrap of paper, stuck up my bayonet
in  the  sands  With  tlie edge towards
tne, took careful aim at. it, and let ber
go.    And, boys, the plan worked;  for
tlie bullet was split clean in half, and
one   hit   killed   tlie   German  on  the
right, and the other bit  blotted out
the blighter on the left. Another time
1 was���"
But his audience had fled.
Minard's Liniment Co., Ltd.
Gents,���I have used your Minard's Liniment in my family ani
also in my stable: for years and
consider it the best medicine obtainable.
Yours truly.
Proprietor  Roxton   Pond  Hotel  and
Liven Stables.
Three Boxes Cured!
His Rheumatism.
Itcostltr. Moore'sfallierjtist$l.50
lo lie cured ol 1 iiroiiic Rheumatism
from whicli lie had suffered for
years. Just three boxes of CIS'
FILLS nt 80c a box, completely
cured ium aiul to-day lie lias llul a
sign ol Rheumatism,
Nolvlnirff, Onl. April 'Villi.
"Mv bili.-i-lu- been troubled unl. Kliou-
iimti-m l,.r ,i number of vi'.lfi, Imvillfl tried
twottoctornand getting no relief, It,- waa
finally ,1,111,r,I bv ,-i l.i.-n.l lo try Gin Pilli,
Ik. purchased a box andtifter taking llicm
for ,-i week, found tli.il lhe) gavo Iiim r ���: tf.
lla then purchased Ibreo mora boxes which
were tho means ol curing blm, lie is now a
btronu man in (rood health al,!.- 10 attend te
Iii. daily work, for this sn-al change, all
thatcreuit Lilin: lo Gin l'ills."
AL1-X. MOOK1!.
Every box of l,i,i l'ills is sold with
our positive guarantee of satisfaction or liioiie; b��.ck.
Gin Pills un- "Mule in Canada". Your
dealer has thcm-GOc. a lies, 11 Fnr $"J���-|0.
Sold in U.S. under llie nam-. "GINO" Pills,
Trial treatment Ini' it you write National
Drug; fc Chemical Co. ol Cauuda, Limited,
Xoroato, '.'Ilo
W   N, U. 1057
When It Rains One Inch
Very few persons���even those who
aia well Informed on most mailers
���know how much an Inch of rain is.
The average mail or woman probably has an idea lhai an inch if
rain is a mere trifle on nature's part.
This is entirely wrong. In reality it
i.s a good big rainfall more than
falls in most places in an average
A rainfall of one inch means literally lhal lhe amount of waler descending in a particular shower would
cover iiie surrounding territory to a
depth of one Inch, providing il did
not run away nr soak inlo the
An inch of rain coming down ou a
single  acre of  land     woulil   Iill   more
than iind linn' is of forty-five gallons capacity each. This amount of
Winer would weigli more iliau 110
Ions or nearly a quarter ot a million pounds.    Tit-Bits
Mos: infants are infested by worms,
which cause great suffering, and if
not promptly dealt with may cause
constitutional weaknesses difficult lo
remedy. .Mill' r'o Worm Powders will
clear lhe stomael. and bowels of
worms ami will so act upon the system Hint th,,,. wil; be no recurrence
of the trouble. And not only this,
bin they will rcpai. the injuries tn
Hie organs thin worms cause and restore them io soundness.
George Bernard Shaw was invited
by a friend one night to hear a string
qiiarette from Italy. Expecting a treat,
he accepted the invitation. Throughout the programme he sat with a
stony look on his face.
The friend, io draw a litlle praise
from him, said: "Mr. Shaw, those
men have been playing together for
twelve years."
"Twelve years?" saitl the other, in
an incredulous voice. "Surely we've
been  here longer than that."
Head    Bookkeeper   Must   be Reliable
Comforting Thought
A mission worker lulls how shocked she was io encounter this hit of
cynicism in iiie slums. Tiie conversation was between two women whose
marital life had not been particularly
"Well," said one of them, "of course
we bus our trouble with all of 'em.
But I'll say this for my second husband���he's bett,er than my first. He's
in jail so much that practically all I
earn I has for myself."
Keep    Minard's    Liniment    in    the
Bill���I've jusl acquired a combined
carpet sweeper und talking machine.
Dill���Married  it,  eh?
The chief bookkeeper in a large business house in one of the Western
cities speaks of the harm tea and coffee did for him:
"My wife and 1 drank our lirst cup
of Postum a little over two years ago,
and we have used it ever since, to the
entire exclusion of tea and coffee, lt
happened   in  iliis  way:
��� l   had  an  attack    of  pneumonia,
which lefi me with dyspepsia, or ncti-
largia   of  Ihe  stomach.    My  'cup  of
cheer'   hud   always   been   tea  or  eo1'-
1 fee. bin I became convinced, after a
I time,  thai  they aggravated my stom-
i acli trouble.   1 happened to mention
' in- matter to my giccer one day and
I he   suggested   lhal   I   give   Postum  a
II rial.
"Xexi  day ii  came, and we liked it
| so  much  tiiat  wo  will never change
back:   for I nm a well man today and
have used no medicine,
"My work as chief bookkeeper in
our company's branch house here is
of a very confining nature. During my
tea and coffee drinkius days I was
subject to nervousness and the 'blues'
in addition to my sick spells. These
have left me since I began using
Postum and I ean conscientiously recommend it to those whose work con-
lines Ihem to long, hours of severe
mental exertion."
Name  given  by  Canadian  Postum
Co.,  Windsor, Out.    Read "The Road
to Wellvllle," in pkgs.
Postum cumes in two forms:
Postum Cereal -the original form���
must lie well boiled. 15c and 25c pack-
Instant  Postum -a  soluble  powder
���dissolves  quickly   in   a  cup  of  hot
water,  and,  with  cream   and  sugar,
makes a delicious beverage instantly.
30c and 50c tins.
Both   kinds   are   equally   delicious
nd  cost  about the  same  per cup.
"There's a Reason" for Postum.
���sold   by  Grocers.
Came Back to Fight
Once a Canadian, always a Canadian. The Canadian casually lists
from the battle of Langemarck contain tbe names of many residents of
the United. States. Tlie number is too
large to be attributed to the presence of American soldiers of fortune
in the ranks of the Canadians. While
no doubt some of those reported
among the killed and wounded whose
addresses are genuine are American
citizens who enlisted out of sympathy
for the cause of the allies, the greatest majority are Canadians or sons of
Canadians who for various reasons
have been living in the republic.���-Ottawa Free Press.
Less Particular
A iady bewailed the loss of a
somewhat ill-bred but extremely
wealthy neighbor who had been very
liberal to her country charities.
"Mr. X  is dead," said she.   "He
was so good and kind and helpful to
me in all sorts of ways. Tie was so
vulgar, poor, dear fellow, we could
not know him in town, hul we shall
meet in heaven."
"What are the two sexes, Alec?"
asked the teacher,
"Masculine and feline," answered
The Entomological Society of Ontario
The forty-fifth annual report of the
Kntoiiiiilogiful Sociely has just been
issued by lhe Ontario department of
agriculture, Toronto, The president's
address is a valuable contribution to
the history of applied entomology in
Canada, by provinces. The insects of
tbe year (1914), both in Ontario ami
Quebec, are described hy several observers, and valuable suggestions are
given as to their control. Among the
other practical papers presented are
lliose dealing witli "Tlie Army Worm
iu IHU," "Experiments Willi Poisoned Bait for Locust Control," "An Imported Red Spider Attacking Fruit
Trees," and "Control of Koresi ami
Shade Tree Insects of the Farm."
The more purely literary contributions comprise a very discerning biographical sketch of the celebrated
French entomologist, .lean Henri
Fnbre, and u chatty article mi "Mountains and Hills." The ICiltomologiCal
Record for llu' yenr is. us usual, most
complete und informing. The many Illustrations are are valuable fealurc of
lhe reporl, a copy of which will he
Belli to nny eiiloinologisl upon appli-
catlon  lo lhe department.
A Complete Wreck
From the After Effects of
Pneumonia Followed bv
Frequently the after effects of illness are more sorlous than the orig-
innl trouble. This wns the ease with
Mrs. .lames B. Moir, Mutnnii. Sask.
.Mrs. Aloir says: "Some years ago,
while we were still living in Nova
Scotia, [ was-, taken down with a severe attack of pneumonia. I bad sufficiently recovered to be around, but
lnul not been able to go out when I
was attacked with diphtheria, in my
weakened stale it. took a terrible hold
on me, and neither my friends nor
neighbors thought I would recover. I
did, however, pull through, but wag u
physical Wreck. The muscles of my
throat were paralyzed, so thnt even u
sup of water would flow back through
my nostrils unless they were held
dosed. My voice was almost inaud-
ble and my eyes so badly effected
that I teaied 1 waa gr.in.; to lose my
eyesigllt. I could only walk with assistance and it looked as though I
would be a helpless cripple. Medicine
after medicine was tired, but did not
ii.dp nie. Then a neighbor advised
Dr. Willianis' Pink l'ills, I began
taking them but ha:i the utmost difficulty in swallowing them owing lo
tli3 condition of my throat- However,
after a couple of boxes had been used
i found it easier to take them, which
wus a sign Ihey were helping me,
and I felt greatly cheered. 1 do not
know how many boxes I took, but I
continued their use until 1 was as well
as ever, much to the surprise of all
who knew me, as all thought I could
not get better. Since then 1 have several times taken the Pills when run
down and have always been greatly
benefited by them."
For tbe after effects of fevers and
all wasting diseases there is uo medicine can equal Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. They enrich the blood, build up
the nerves, restore tlie appetite and
bring back eomplel i health and
strength. Sold by all medicine dealers or by mail at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Out
May 1 ask lhe cause of all this excitement? said the stranger iu the Utile village.
Certainly, replied the countryman.
We're celebrating the birthday of the
oldest inhabitant, sir. She's a hundred and one today.
Indeed. And may I ask who is that
little man with the dreadfully sad
countenance walking by the old lady's
Oh, that's the old lady's son-in-law,
sir. He's been keeping up the pay-
ments on her life insurance policy for
the  last thirty years.
Twitching of the Nerves
Broken-down System
Now Entirely Cured���Never Used Any Medicine With
Such Benefit as Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Headaches, sleeplessness and nervousness are often very disagreeable,
but when your nervous system gets
Into such a condition that tho
nerves twitch and
Jerk, and you have
peculiar nervous
sensations como
over you there la
causa for grave
dreads the thought
of paralysis or
locomotor ataxia.
Nothing tu worse
to look forward to MRS- M���-I��������.
than helplessness. Someiimes lt Is
helpiessnosu of body, and at other
times the mind !.s .effected, which is
for worse.
The writer of this letter did not
know "what to expect, but fortunately
began tho use nf Dr, Chase's Nerve
Tood in time to head off dancer, and
writes that she was entirely cured ot
the old trouble. The last paragraph
proves that the cure was lasting.
Mrs. John McKellar, 11 Barton
street east, Hamilton, Ont., writes:���
"I was Injured some years ago, and
that left me with a broken-down nervous system. I could nut sleep, and
suffered from twitching of the nerves
and disagreeable nervous sensations.
"I then began using Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food, and ean say that I never
used any medicine that did me so
much good; in fact, I am entirely
cured of my old trouble. The Nerve
Food not only strengthened the
nerves, but also built up my s>��tem
in every way."
Under more recent date Mrs.
McKellar writes confirming her cure.
and states that she has had inquiries
from many people who had heard of
the great benefits she obtained from
Dr.  Chase's Nerve  Food.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. SOc a box.
0 for S2.R0.   At all dealers. ///
Will Irwin Tells of lhe   Heroic  Conduct  of
Troops, and of the Fortunes of War which
Them a Supreme Test of Valor
Raw  Canadian
Writing in ihe .New Vork Tribune
from Northern Prance, Will Irwin,
who lias won all International reputation for his worl, in the present war,
speaks of the heroism that bus marked mnny Incidents, and has ihis to
sny of ihe Canadians al l.aiigeinarck:
finally, ihere are the Canadiuus.
Since ihc affair wliieh 111.: United
Stales calls the war of Ism, Canada
bas known no war, save minor engagements wiih red Indians and the
war against nut inc. The rest has been
pence and nail ti building ami prosperity, Now. ihe Canadian contingent
was scarcely upon the line before they
behaved heroically al Hill BO. A fori
tight Inter .uud while ihey slill ranked ns  "raw   I roup.,''    llie  fori lilies of
They  iind  <
tbey started
Along   came
irgi'd,    tbey    had   won,
0 secure their position.
a    BUrpi Islngly    heavy
hit    they held    and
held and held, until, when Ibe recall
sounded, only Iiie men lenpeil up and
ran    back    lo   lhe retired trenches���
and two of iliem  were wounded.  Was
llalnkalava liner than ihis'.'    Vet it  is
lost   among llie mighty needs of this uelles.    Plungin
war I at closer range should
Firing Over a Score cf Miles  Now an |
Accomplished  Fact
The French estimate el llie distance from which ihe Germans dropped shells in Dunkirk is .:!'- miles.
Fire al such it range hits long hern I ^yj | y
a lopie of popular interest ns a possibility,   It Is now a fact.
Traveling swifter than a rifle ball,
a shot fired at such a ia ige is nearly
iwo minutes en iis way. At 4,". degrees elevation it rises more than
iwo miles above Ihe loftiest mountain,
higher ilinu mini <-un mount in a balloon and live, before il begins to descend-
The lire lhat wrecked tlie Antwerp
forts was delivered wiih much more
accurate aim, all osl vertical, in fair-
I. short range. Tiie great guns of warships cannot he'elevated more ihan 15
degrees. This is one reason why th:
allies lauded armies at the Dardu-
lirc from butteries
ie more offer-
The men who did
troops, judged    by
and   Ihey    came
whicli has been al
against Turkish   forts    than  the
tuns of the Queen Elizabeth, No
Dominion | iVarship could shell New Vork from a
cen-1 distance ai sea equaling ihe range of
Reason of  the   Limitation  of   Lloyd   George's   Drastic   Liquor
Proposals is Stated to be not Altogether on Account
ol tlie Organized Strength of the Trade
It is not the orgauizej strength of i and Idleness in the sort of cramped
the trade in England that lias forced home he provides for his wife and
l.loyd George to so greatly modify his children is somewhat nerve-racking.
proposals for dealing with the liquor I Out he goes lo meet his friends. There
problem, but the settled habits of the are workmen's clubs where he could
British people themselves, and panic- do so, but these are made most un-
ularly of the workkie, classes, wiio are desirable���only too often���I,y ihe well
most" affected. It :-i Hue lhal the meaning but iniliscriniiiiaiing intrusi-
brewers, distillers anil bottlers of ihe Ions of those uplifting women who go
British isles form a combination of to serve them with ien and entertain
tremendous strength, that they have, ihem  with music.    When  the  work-
iill Ibis were raw j tlvi
ihe old standards, | hi
tury, It is no good to say lhat they
were "backwoodsmen" and Iherefoiu
accustomed to something resembling
war. Some id" them, il is true, were
war brought them a supreme test of | wheal farmers of the Saskatchewan,
valor. The poisonous cloud of noxl- miners of the Klondike, or voyagers
our gas had driven buck the French of the great rivers- Furl her, not a
to their tell   Their line was   "dangling   few   were  native-horn   citizens  of Hie
in the air."   'ihey  were bombarded  untamed western United states. But
in front,    they were    enfiladed, thoy   as many or more left desks in Mont-
bombarded from ihe rear, thoy
shrouded in poison fumes. They
on. ihey even advanced; they
ie  Impossible  by  rescuing llieir
And they stuck until ordered j civilized
lo join np lhe new line.
With them, as wiih lhe utliers, no
military decorations can possibly rewind all the deeds of valor. There is
the boy 1 saw going under ilie X-ray.
His hands were in bags; they had
been shoi through. His leg was in a
splint; the bone was shuttered. He
was going lu be "X-rayed," however,
that the surgeons might llnd exactly
what had happened to a splintered
���hull. He managed to lell the attendants that lie had received his
"crack ou the head" last of all, and
that machine gun lire at closes range
When war is fore
us it lias been fore
nations of
Vancouver to go to
,1 upon a nation,
tl upon the more
western Europe,
it is, of course, necessary to light
back. It is especially necessary in
iliis case, if you believe in maintaining a blood-bought democracy. Hut
let us be honest, even in the midst
of the struggle. Peace lias brought
lo Kurope, not decadence, but such
manly fibre as the world never knew
before. Perhaps this has happened
because the men of manly libre have
bad a chance under peace to live and
breed their kind. One suspects that
just to live well in this complex,
modern world���to be deaf lo siren
songs, to be calm in adversity to keep
working, to endure bereavement an'
did it.
What a story underlies that state-1 disappointment, to break untrodden
ment! Shot in one hand���he kept on, j ways through the wilderness of in-
Phot iii ilie other���he kept on, His [ dusiry, commerce and science���that
leg shattered���he kept, on, until he all this breeds enough of manly libre.
fell unconscious from tlie '"crack ou ] After ihis war let no worshipper of
the head." bleeding gods put in his sermons of
Then there were'the live men in a valor tlie statement that, peace breeds
certain   Canadian   company���aud   the ' degeneracy.    It    is  not  peace
Iniiil artillery,
It is hard to hii a small murk at
half n mile, uud harder to hit a big
one nt twenty miles. The Germans
are probably satisfied, without having
accomplished a military object, with
tin' moral effect of llieir feat���and
there Is always a chance that a great
shell may hit a vital spot. Our army
experts say that a range ot thirty miles
is possible with present day ordnance. Thus Constantinople mig'.it
be bombarded from the shore of ihe
Black Sea, Trieste from Italian soil,
Seula from (libraltar, Sardinia from
Corsica, Dover from Caalis. This is
why the Herman shots al Dunkirk
were heard round the world.���New
York World.
Enc mi age Seed Growing
members of parliament and In the
house of lords, and that millions of
people, directly or Itidirecliy, depend
upon them for employment und support. But if ihe average Ilritish
workingman had been in favor ef the
total closing down of public houseb
during the war they would have been
closed down, no matter how loudly
the trade might have protested, and
no matter how active its agent might
have made themselves In the hous 's
of parliament, Will crooks and John
Burns, both of them lifelong abstainers, spoke for the laboring classes
when they told the government that
tolal prohibition would not be tolerated; ano when the Irish members
protested it was plain that the gov-lings may he ret
ernment   would   do  more   harm   than I is death  in  the
man idles he wants the company of
his own kind, aud the entertainment
he understands, not the goody-goody'
talk of his employer's wife and augh-
ters, nor their ladylike music, tier the
sort . of literature with a purpose
whicli they never fail to supply to the
club members."
It has jeen often said that the
public house is the poor man's club,
and this is truer in England ihau in
any other -ountry in the world. But
there is another reason why at tbis
time above all others tiie British
workman should drink. There is
hardly one of them, perhaps, who has
nr/ had a "pal'' killed or wounded in
this war, or one of wiiose death tid-
Ived any day. 'lliere
tir ami when in the
good by placing a prohibitive tax up-j "pub" men    hold their sessions, dls-
on spirits. cussing their absent or fallen ;>   ads,
While    the    British  workman may  beer and  whiskey ure  like y to flow
properly he condemned for~his fondness for drinking, he does not look
at the mailer iu lhe same light as
the Canadian workman, la this conn-
w hi eh
u nre
corded    rest    of    thai  company, j does this, it is too much war.
Shrapnel Making
War Orders Set Wheels in All  Parts
of Canada  Moving
Shrapnel making hits grown to be
oue of the great industries of Canada. War orders have, set wheels in
all parts of the Dominion turning on
shell I'rabriciilioii.
Within a slurt time every step In
the process of shell making will be
taken in Canada, from milling the
copper, zinc and iron; the fabrication
of Ihe explosives and lhe shaping and
assembling ot the parts. Hundreds of
workmen and almost two hundred establishments are
shrapnel orders.
and do not throw it on the manure
Apply the farmyard manure���where
ii should be applied���lo the corn, root
and hay crops. By this practice even
if it has some weeds in it much harm
will not be done.
Bark Outstrips Steamers
The   Vimiera  Crosses  From   England
Under Perfect Conditions, Passing  Freight. Vessels
Thirty  days  from   Weymouth, Kngland, aiid    running light, the British
four-masted   bark   Vimiera     reached
already    e: editing I port   recently,  completing    a   voyage
The   only operation ', wliieh, if done iu less than forty days.
The Importance of Seed-Growing in
Canada is Emphasized
Iu 1913-14, according lo Information
gathered and supplied by Mr. George
II. clink, the Dominion seed commissioner, Canada imported from France
and Germany no less than 900,743
pounds of beet und mangel seed; from
Holland and France, 360,840 pounds ot
turnip seed, and from France alone
I'��� -.0Hli pounds of carrot seed.   Radish,
cabbage, caulitlollwci", celery and par-,. ,   .
snip seed were also imported in large I Sy, and'it is quite
workman   who   li
try it is safe to say that Ihere is little,
if any, of the sort uf drinking on Saturday which leaves Ihem incapacitated for work on Monday. There bel.13
no liquor sold on Sundays here the
workers who have been over-Indulging on Saturday might have a clear
day ill whicli to recover from tho effects of their sprees, miles.-: that Ihey
have liquor in tlieir homes, which tlie
great proportion of theni do nol.    lu
the contrary, th
While '
which Canada does not carry out at
present is making brass for the cartridge cases. While the /.ine and copper are mined in Canada they are not
refined here; thut being done in the
United slates, ln the past il has been
found convenient to sell zinc nnd copper mnlte lo American refiners and
huy back tiie pure copper and zinc, or
lhe two combined with tin to form
brass. There has been no brass making of consequence, in  Canada-
Willi the demand for shell brass
reaching great proportions there has
been an investigation into the possibility of having the copper nnd zinc
refining and brass making carried out
in this country, lt is learned that the
investigators have reported that the
thing could be easily done though
there might have to be the usual
government assistance at the start.
The refining operations are likely ,1
be carried out in British Columbia
where Ihere are great deposits of cop-
antl zinc ores and where coal and
be  made 'Ihere
water powers are
The  brass may
It is expected lhat n considerable
amount of outside capital will come
into Canada for investment in Jiolh
this and lhe explosive industry.
is an unusual event in these days of
a fast expiring sailing fleet.
It was more like a yachting trip in
some protected stretch of water and
having nothing else lo occupy their
minds, the sailors took to knitting
hosiery l'or the soldiers, according to
Captain Thompson in reporting the arrival of his vessel to the consignees,
J. F. Whitney &. Co.
Captain Thompson lias had a good
many years' experience in roaming
the seven seas on the heaving decks
of "windjammers,' but never liad such
a pleasant trip as the one just completed in the Vimiera, he said. Hardly a hand was necessary at the linos
and some of the canvas unfurled
when ihe hark got under way was not
reefed until she brought up with the
Jersey shore.
The Vimiera dipped far to the southward and logged more than four
thousand miles before the tug took
her in tow oft Scotland Light, Xitel
the lirst two days and with ev Ty inch
ot canvas bent on the yards, the bark
began pausing slow freight steamships. Her patent log at the laffrail
'   ent ten
hummed     along  at  a  consis    .
knot clip, wiih 1. frequent fifteen knot | ing to aid seed-grower
quantities, mainly from France
it, is thought Ihere was nearly sufficient ot these seeds on hand to meet
llle requirements for tli is year, these
channels being closed, for 10HJ there
will plainly lie ri dearth.
The foregoing important facts are
duly set, down in Bulletin No. 22, of
the Second Series ot tlle Central Experimental Farm, of which M, 0.
Malte, Ph.D., Dominion agrostologlst,
and W- T. Macoun, Dominion horticulturist, are the authors. "Canada,'-' the
Bulletin very emphatically says,
'"should make herself independent of
foreign markets, and produce at home
what now has to bs bought abroad.
Canadian fanners should not only try
to meet the emergency demand for.
Held root seed in the immediate future, Imt should also try to establish
a permanent seed-growing industry
which would make thent independent
of any other countries." There will
assuredly not be a dissenting voice
to this doctrine as a general principle
and the liulletiu, which is being gratuitously distributed and can be had
on application to lhe publications
branch, department of agriculture, Ottawa, tells in detail how Iliis desirable
state of affairs can bs brought about.
Cases nre given where successful effort has already been made, but Ihe
data regarding the matter, it would
seem, is not quite as available as
could be wished. What is definitely
known is lhat quantities of seed are
brnoght in from abroad, much of
which it is believed could, with the
requisite care, be produced In Canada
and of a character as good and high.
General principles for successful
seed-growing, of selection, etc., are
laid down in the Bulletin, whicli also
details methods that could profitably
be adopted for planting, threshing
and cleaning of many species of field
roots. A list that is given of the best
varieties of vegetables tor stock seed
is of good practical value. Farmers
and gardeners ure also reminded that
as an inducement to the growing of
field roots and garden seeds In Canada the Dominion governmeni is will-
by  cash sub-
' pub
such   a
< dismay-
e  habits
money to drink himself into
stale of intoxication that he
'lined to go to work oil -Mon
Speaking generally, too, th
of tlie British workman are
from the workers on thl
A writer in iho Brooklyn Fugle snys
tbat llie Briiish workingman. as a
rule, does not feel ihe spur of ambition as keenly us does the American
worker. He writes: "His fnlher and
grandfather have lived on $1 a week,
and (heir life is quite good enough
for him and his sons, if he earns
that sum In six days he rests on the
seventh; if In two days lie refuses lo
exert himself in the remaining. Higher   wages   mainly   increase     idleness,
with too great abundance. The uork-
man seeks relief from sadness ui
drink. When there is news ol a victory he "wets the occasion Whether
the news is good or bad it provides
an excuse lo those who are in aeuit
of one.
Moreover, in    thc opinio th*
spokesman   of   ihe ivorkingmen, tltey
are   nm responsibli  for th    sia --    -
in  providing  the    munitions  ot   \ nr
They insist thai the blame lies rather
wiili   ihe   manufacturers,    who    im
making  huge  ion,ire      out    ot war
orders,  und   are  working   the   n: ���".   to
the limit without sharing any ot -. ,oir
profits.    Some  slackness,    ,h,--y    eon-
lend, is due to general dissal ifa :.m
with this condition,   When invited to
show  patriotism, they  demand    I it
llieir employers shall set the example.
Finally, even the Church  of  England
dot's not tell  the workman       ���     t   ,1
liis duty to do without his beet  ��� iiie
(lie war    exists.    The  Archbishop ot
Canterbury,    it is true, recomm     :���:
'greater temperance," but  the Anglican church does    not stand  tor -, ������:���
lilbitlon, one of the reasons, no il-mot.
being concerned with the Sacrament
In face of all these elements oppos-��I
to absolute prohibition it is plain than
one does not need to imagine a conspiracy of brewers  and  distillers  to
understand    why    Lloyd George wai
unable lo take drastic actii n   .-, net
lhe trade in England.
Britain's Many Wars      j Deaths thatMean Something
In  Some   Part of the World  There  is
Always Work for British Arms
It has    been said witli some until
that for Ihc Briiish empire wur never
ceases.    In    some purls of the worlu
ihere is always    some    business    for
British arms.    If ii is not au exp
tion against   ________
tribes of Northern India it is an expedition to restrain the Mad -Mullah
ill the Soudan, or an expedition out
of Singapore to some of the Malay
Islands, or from Sydney to the
Papuan Islands, ur elsewhere. The
responsibility of protecting the vast
possessions of the Crown in the seven
seas involves more or less constant
offensive 1 1 pmiilive military measures.    These occurrences being taken
Lofty Purpose For Which the H.ahest
Price  is  Not  Too   Much  to
The continued casulty lists
Canadian regiments bring more 1   sax-
ly than any oilier war news tbe
ful  cost  of  the  fighting  in   Kurope.
fo much for grnnte,
scarcely  a thought
In addition to   her
giinizing     in
and   lhe   cond
lions  In   the
conducting no
ate campaigns
some of the restless hill | These young men are ni better than
those of whom we in .iie Tinted
Slates had read before as being killed,
wounded or missing in tie' battles,
but they seem more real to us because
they went from our side uf tie world
and they are cur kind o( pe pi-
Some of them were so very recently
eager, cheerful, ambitious youths just
like our own boys and our next door
neighbor's boys. Now ihey have sacrificed   themselves   and   we  feel  how
Weed Wisdom
Every Precaution is Necessary to Prevent the Spread  of Weeds
When grain has many weeds In it
be sure and grind it up before feeding it. When using manure that has
come from stock that have been fed
i. .pure grain bo sure it is well rotted
before putting it on tlie land.
.Never allow weeds on mature
seeds. Cut those on the roadsides,
headlands, in waste places and in
the fence corners, as well as those in
the   fields.
Be constantly on the watch lor the j
appearance of new weeds. Do not wait 1
until a weed has become established
before finding out what it is. It is
comparatively easy task to get rid 0
burst of speed.
Willi the exception of only a few
hours tlie favorable weather continued until the men were ordered
aloft to bare the slicks as lhe bark
headed into port. The Vimiera resembles iu many respects tlie famous
American clipper ships, and is said to
be one of tlie fatest "square-riggers"
now  afloat.- -New York  Herald.
i volitions, particulars of which can be
"   ' '     de-
obtained from the seed branch,
pan ment of agriculture, Ottawa.
should be added that as lhe purpi
is to encourage the growing of select-1
ed seed, only bona fide growers of
such seed are eligible to receive the
the fact that
al military or
Norlhwestern Europe,
ictltlg of large opera-
lardttiielles, Britain is
fewer than live seper-
in Africa, lias repressed an Insurrection by some Mohammedan tribes of Northern India, has
destroyed a new lure,' gathered liy the
Dervishes of the Soudan, has repressed a German-Incited rising at Singapore, and mi live continents is ready
to defend colonies und dependencies
I. the putollc gives   deeply must be the anguish in ium
?adt'ul     news
near   us   when   the
somes over the cables.
It is pathetic,   put it is more than
pathetic.  With the story of t .    new
gaps in the Canadian ranks come ai- ���
slories of fresh recruiting in Canada.
Other hoys are keenly intent on enlisting that they may follow where iheir
companions have led.    They are willing, glad even, to endure iiie miseries
of trench life  and  to  dare  ihe  fatal
Nor is there a note of regret to be
1! large nnd  small.    In    Africa "(ien'era'i I beard from Canada over lhe deaths of
' ' Botha is leading Union forces against | 'be young men who are gone  1 ���
^^^ " Ilritish
Should Consume Less Meat
11 few plants of Perennial Sow Thistle
but a long, tedious and cottly operation to clean a field which has become
overrun by It
Sow only pure seed. Impure seed is
dear at any price. Pure seed is the
purchaser's right by law, and he
should insist on having it.
See that the separaior is cleaned
before being brought upon the farm.
Burn the refuse from  the separator,
Potash  Production  in  US.
Potash,   for   fertilizing    and   olher
uses, is to be manufactured from alun-
1 ite, of which there are large deposits
in Utah.    Some of the best of these
I deposits will produce potash in a coni-
\ merclal way, and of a purer aud better grade than that formerly inmport-
ed from Germany.    Supplies of tliese
arj to be available in lhe near future,
as a company has been organized to
operate  these  deposits,  and  amongst
��j other prominent men associated with
I the iniderliiking is President  Mellow-
all. of the Armour Fertilizer Works of
This isn't a clean knife. Jane,
tlie young mistress to lhe new
Well, it ought to bs, said the
vant, for the last tiling it cut
the soap.
British   Board   of  Trade   Calls  Attention of  Public to the  Fact
The British board of trade calls thc
attention of the public to the great
importance of restricting tlie consumption of ment with .1 view 0
economizing national supplies and
avoiding excessive increase in prices.
This action was taken on the advice
of the advisory committee of the national federation of meat traders,
which has been investigating tlie "e-
cent big increase .11 retail price of
nearly all meats.
This increase, the committee found,
is due to the increased requirements
of the British and French armies and
the relative shortage of vessels equipped for conveyance of meat overseas.
It decided Unit lhe only way to avoid
a further advance in tlie price would!
be to reduce appreciably the demand I
German Southwest Africa.
Indian troops are being employed
against Cennaii East Africa, the
great bar lo the Qape-to-C'airo railway thai will make a new Africa.
Togoland has been captured. It was
taken by an expedition from the British Gold Coast colony within three
weeks from iiie outbreak of war. The
Cameroons are now being invaded by
Briiish nnd French forces. The
German defenders of the Kaiser's
African colonies have not hesitated
to poison ihe wells, along the routes
of Britisli advance, hul even these
tactics have not availed lo prevent
tbe steady onward march of th
ish soldier-eoloni/er. Only at
perial military organization of 1
pleteness never known before
world   could enable Britain '
0 the
interests in
thoroughly -
B of the
.ml   Km;
10  so
ignlficant. It m ans an exaltation of
national s..irit, a profound conviction
that those who have died have died
for somelhing thai makes their
deaths worth while There is a very
lofty idea somewhere in this war or
we should be reading outbursts of hot
indignation from tlie parents and tlie
friends  of  the  dead  young  men.
Sometimes we people on this side
of the boundary miss that fact about
the war. We are too ready to denounce war gen. rally and to condemn
this war with all others as wantou
and cruel and unnecessary. The people who are fighting it do not liiink
so. They are imbued with 1 lie belief
that lliere is something at stake for
which the highest price is not too
much to pay lt is not wanton waste
of life in their eyes. -Detroit Frea
Pi ess.
1 it
A  Sure  Sign
Thai new rei
Corporal    That new reel nit used to
16 a clerk-
Sergeant - How
Corporal   Every
,RSe  he  tires  lo put liis rille  behind
do  you   know'.'
time be stands
bv the ciiil population.
llliu  car.
livery one in our family is some
kind of animal," said Jlmmle to the
amazed  preacher.
Why, you shouldn't say that, tig
good man exclaimed.
Will, said Jlmmle, mother's a dear
the baby is mother's little lamb I*K
the kid and dad's the goat. THE  COURTENAY  REVIEW
_'���:��� ...
.  . s>
'���        \   A
lor of Mayflc   erTalcurn
'   fsuch charm .nddi "
itely appeal to every woman of /
'    '   ".���'.���   exquisitely fine .in
��� ., .ut for use on baby.    |
��� in a class  by  thcmi ���'    i.
...-���      ' '
if    J,j-
'-.   t, ".    "'. C       '        ","
-,.    |  ���     ������   ���    (. - ���.
British Losses Uost-On Friday ni^ht. July 15, T_e    Comox    Barber    Shop
1 black wool rug,   between   Royston .,,     ,,.      .    _
Up to Ii.lv tl,,, British navy hnd and Courteuay.    Finder will be r��- ',ldest bhoP *" Courtenay
the following los*es:--Olhcers killed warded ou   leaving   same   at   this  Nothing   Hut   First   Class   Work
...    Wonnded,   S7; missing,    in; office. Guaranteed     Baths iu connection
Men killed, 7,o.vi; wounded, 7S7;      The Presbyterian Sunday School |    C' E'   ^ vl.liVMlM.i:, Prop,
missing,  ,'S.i:   total   9,106.      ihc held a very enjoyable-picuical Kye  - �����
ssis   uue   divided   us Bay y-estenlav afternoon.   This was!
the annual   1 and-  was   th    1 ->-, ���'- i     ��� ��� I Et
,.,      lnrgest ever It :ld.   T vo hav wagons
1 : nice	
Dardaticll  -   im lu line
Other tin litres nl opern-
tions, ��� ���. I'diii : Si'tiili
Wi   t Africa      	
.;>  48,372  v�� agons loaded with youngsters lefi
e-.nly in   the   forenoon.    A   lui
.16"    7,56!   . arty   went   on   Mr.   Ktrkwocd's
1 niiicli, und nmnei  u . others  wi ul
1 i.s    1,415   ny auto, or li,       t.u.l 1 ig.    The tin
was     clou 1 y     an !     warm.    The
'���"'"'   ���','e,sl   youngsters, and others not so young
Total        ;  KunU'il disrorti i .'        Ives on   tlie 1 in
orti,  rs,  Men.    or wein bathing,
              ���    156,3 18: "    _ ��� ,. .     , ,,
������   1,1,, 11,      i.i. 1    1 ,635      0lle "' "il' i,:!l' wheels came of]
,,,   , "i,      3,247   "I Miss   Alii e   Benton's   bu
front of .. .       '. \        .'��� 1.
uliei 1100 i,i        ig the' horse   to
,... ,   -.7
I aadies,
i's Old        id, C      I may
. ��� ���-
���   a.\STOJS
:        .    utile to order,
itci   ju In N ��rth and b, i
..' t
���"' '. a C.
.., I : .    I     ,,]  . 1
";���',' il wo iiiilwl, 1',\" '".
, 1 .hi rear. In I"
1 ��� ...   rs,   Men.     out befi ifie   wu       one.                :itl   '"   est,
I'rance  I
\h        ,.'.'...       i' -1    10,892      T h e   Pi : ;--ii."    Di   lonslrmion   A-;    ,'.-, Hand       ;   ' I             []
Other tin                 ...           I        641   c iniuiHl lasl   niijhl   and ���' ���                   , 1 -    .   ���
elded lo '              '   " ��� ��� " i  '   '1 "
2,'tiou 011   V. '     day nexl   lull pa
lictilars ��� f: '���'��� "It will he- aim          I
ri 1
fr, m  Ameii
: ��� ; isi
first 16,000 11
���   :" .     thl
' '* [ivin ,      irtii       iu  mei lin iical
:--      tivthinc   pro-   Prance.
', Ol  '1   'I   ��� ���'"-'.   ";.ei\
i .r   ul il]   I   ,-..,- ���  '
I'otal 1 : ,'���'     h\ W 11 'I'iu atri 9
-I anil miss-   Uctllars ���    \   He'll Will Hi     llll ���       ���   I i -rt . ���      ,      .-
d bv tiie I !ei I   in:
l Mln   ��� ..
childn n fri'in lli    liiffet  nt si In  il
ii tli ��� tli
ii llie
lie pari
riils-of tin        I ������ in   lingli It
:  rs tu liu      unl   service it Llie        T :.!������       I3,sl.l   3tis,ti76      Th
Dardanelles,    Ri^id   secrecy    has Total militarv casualties, 321,889. Macli
been obsen  tl as I         liis.   but   it _       ���. ���..,, ing.
��� nn In.-- said   tli ,1   tin    trials prom
I .,.;.,".. 0f    ,    ���               | iitlcship v"' '-'��� M- Woodworth  oi Van- of .-,,
lucedIimmune from  tli       biuarine  lor- couver, is in town this week ciiv;(]
''���   '��   the pedo,                  __ The Germans dropped bombs on'dollat
worthy  of Dunkiik nn Monday, In'it no  dam- tario,
toard has      The  Geruinns   have   toruedoed age was done, other
it     im ited   in in   I
nnd   in: rcl) to .'':;  "          ��� ���   ���'���         ���'     i
i o'el    '
I'lite Slmwiiii; "I   Uoi lifts,    Up
illlillioil       Go\   .:,. I '111 i;"':'"  ',!""''"  Tru"1  '"  " ' '        "'''   i;le.
, [fund issle idly : row l! ��� '��� I   '���   I Neatly
'   ':       ,: '   IV.   .  LI   .   5
...1 '., ...ill :i inillion oil'       i n     i
ii,    .,.    ���.       'On- nberla id a      .  ,,  ... iy
i   more nl] , ���   r An, ricau
to   just ianaw,    n is t  p.
ig worked ,., ,|,, ,.r,,;.,,.  , .;  ,
��� secrecy hoat, iti-t o ' red
ie :lared, then blew her up,
-el,   the   l.e
���: a the lor
lew   "li :u.<
1 be rancher ��� md larin rs  < I the
���'lie! ure holding a uie. iing in t; e
ricull   rai hn ' ininorn >w evening
��� "ays ind means  ( i"  belli kol and ol her   cv'.-
1', di:   ":
teving tl"
di'ii ns.
club  '.-.  "
. i
in hs t   us
111 ll ,
nitinii ���
...     i
liis   will    n
le  I
the ;;���.
ut ti
double the
i 're-
sent iitinil
-, ", ni
tins :
4 to 8 to i
| -
ar ses i
:ll ���  .:   ,,
- ������
��� '
im i v
���f:^ Ik
e have I  en  re
^X'A-     >	
C-n        h    ' '
.>��r-- I-..-.- v
pi y ti      ivtissiiiiis   ui   many  l e into-   '
[loiius in (Southern Poland, The governm
gr< al efforts out foi tli bv the 0,er-' power to
man's iu tl:;,! try   'lately   will   ..,   p
\ ci 'Hh- in ii night. Company  i
Hard) .v   Bis   ,e   will   hold   ;u;   ''' ''"     ' ,
,, r        i    '��� ���        ,i       /i expres .
nmion s   ".-ii lurttt stock  mil house     ��� , ,    ,-
, hoi ' , ite, '���   In   Mr    Win     Coiiuel, '
i': th.- Par' in rat ch, Sandwick, tc-      Anisi
row  (Frida       afternoon  at   2   subivai   ' '
T^SmitL     ' r.Wl   i
s    ill:.'   ,,,|, j;   to   ti e
' ���
'���'���������':   .
\ fr
-    _
i   y
.-   :!   ' oul    ���     C url may   for   K
I   ': -. hoi " from ^aSe"^ ���   ���
the picnic.     In j missed the   bav, v '''���   ���'������'-���,
bul landi I al   I ;;"    Rivi      wli ' .  '  '   ";;' '            '  '   '   "   '
IU                    -I-. ah', we    ������
i,    " -.-      -    | f0) i,,.,;,,,, but   got|cause "���'"���        [ '    ""u1'
. Ik  a tb y were rescue ! about noon
Four chinamen w re  arrested bv
c-i'in,   and
He Who Ch
j ft
-da    .**
.35   gr������'
SS   ���i'i 9
f     '   --    "   1-   1
Y��� '���>
^i~.-*,.ijrei.iiii*e..~ .*-:'...'i   -    '
C .    . .<. _l .'-S. '^-/tyA'.H   -v^ll-l-^M   <-hV" ' '--
will  he   safe   firc_a
clothes worry.
v-:    jets sty!e, fit,  l:J3
v* .ol and satisfactic ...
C  y Bros. & Alkii,
Limited  label  is an
urance   policy   of
1 i inied thai they   had   tound   the
fis   '.!..'      .,'... ,   Inn   mv  ui 1
them were convicted  on   the   first
count     Thoy went to uoal for one
ou ',, ti ���    itlll .  two got off.
1 ied--'- Vl Sand vick, on Wedti --
day, J1 ly 2 Mrs.  K iliina Duncan, i
cl ,;.| ��� 1 1 month   and   three
li    ..    The 111 rid ,\ ill take   t lac<
from ih- re idence of her  nephew,:
at 3 o'clock to St. Andrew's   CAn-'l
glicau) church 1 t-tnetery,
Mrs. Dll'ican ivas the   widow  of.!
1 the late OHver Dilllcali,   and   was)I
born in the Shellatul Islands, com ; 1
, ,. ������,., .m ^...... .    .,    ,:    , j,    whelfe    ��� 1 e
has since re: ide !.   She was "��� .twin '
si     1 i.i the fnlher of   M.
M, P, 1'.. ivho   Hill   survives   hei*j
and lives in  llu   Shetlands,    Mr, |
Win. Duncan m:1.'i whom  she  has
resided for some lime Was he;'  nephew     She -.     1 Vi ry  hearty old
! lady and was scarcely ill a day,
She was up yeal .-rd 1' moi'uiug and
; bade t! ose of the fainii;' who were
going to the picnic good-feye, then
went back to bed and appsfe^ii^f
r* ��
Sutton & Kirkwood \
u -. ���
\\JO.   ....        i��ti
Johnson St., VICTORIA
Y '-. a; a- .�� ���:-:?
��� .
L   1    '
UrttJertakefs' and
Night or Day tSilfe |l*V61iipffy
J A \ by yoti over con-
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your work from the*standpoint of careful type composition and efficient proofreading-? The reputation
of this house for good
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