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The Review Aug 3, 1916

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************,*, I*.******t*t**,*************
| Cmi  ant he dona any tetter,   and
[ nut  finite so   well iinywlirte .duo
j lioroiibiiutn.   Our tyno and iniuililii-
I cry is .oinplete anil Tlio Keviow
; prices ire right
Classified Ads.
Make your little Want* known
thr, null a Cl��MlB��d Advertlnemen'
in The Review   *   -   ���   l'lmne 68
VOL. 4
NO. 37
Royal Insurance Co
Sun insnrance Co. ���
London Assurance Co-
Northern Assurance Co.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent
Telephone 10
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered jin Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43
Cook  by Wire
Electricity provides the cleanest, the
most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
Tha Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under ideal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
I) is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitiated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values through the retention of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
Ail-the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat ���& Power
Co., Limited
Phones: tffice 35, Res. R98       Office: Mill Straef
Local Lines
Pte, Fred Wood  is  visiling  his
brother C. ,S, Woods.
the week
It has b.en reported lhat this
years prairie crop will equal last
M. Manson arrived in town on
Tuesday evening. He will he here
for a few days.
Tlie Courtenay baseball team will
go io Powell river on Sunday. Any
one wishing to make the trip with
the boys should see J. McKenzie at
The Royal IJank'" new safe arrived on Tuesday and a shelter has
been erected for it on the opposite
side of the premises now occupied
by the bank.
H. C. Brewster, leader ot the Liberal party in B? _., and M, A.
McDonald, Liberal candidate for
Vancouver, are now touring the
northern part of the province.
The Bella Coola Courier savs:���
It must new be concluded that run
of Sockeyes at this point is a failure
The catch is the smallest since the
cannery started. The humpback.
are already arriving in the usual
large numbers and are being canned
At the Interuatioiul egg laying
contest at Victoria a pen of six
white leghorns laid 14. eggs, while
a pen of S, C.Reds laid 118. The
White Wvandottes still lead lu
number of eggs laid for the nine
months, 896 eggs, while the largest
number laid by a pen of Leghorns
was 828.
Sergt. Bates and Ptes. Beasley
and Fitzgera d arrived back from
Vancouver on Tuesday evening. A
number of the boys who went down
ou Sunday have already gone to
Ottawa where the 238th are. Since
last week the following have joined
Geo. Hulme, D. Cudmore, Wallace Piercy, JT A. Mitchell, N. 0.
Boden, A. Knight, W. Leighton,
Harry Stewart, A. Olson, J. W.
Fraser, Tom Robinson, Elmer Log-
gie, W. A. Cowie, Chas. J, Skittles,
H. Watkinson, P. Whelau, P.
Dargie, John Duncausou, J. Horn**
by, Frank Monacgo.
Cooke & Mattheson, the butchers
who were burned out, have dissolved partnership and sold their slock
to the Co-Op Society. Mr. Cooke
intends enlisting, and Mr. Matthew-
son will work for Shepherd's.
Many friends will be sorry to see
them quit business in our city.
Thev established the custom of
buying from the ranchers all the
produce Ihey could possibly handle
and paid spot cash for it, which
was greatly appreciated.
Lost���Between Comox wharf and
Union Bay, bunch of keys; reward
B. Whittle, Riverside hotel.
For Sale���White Wyandotte Pui
lets, some laying, 3 for $5; cockerels $2 each; yearling hens from
$1.50 each heavy laying strain.
J, G. Randall, Royston Station P.
0.. V   I.. B. C.
I     Wanted���Local agent to  repre.
s.3it Mutual Life Assurance   Coin-
pa .y of  Canada   in this  district.;
!Spl*M��*did proposition for good man. I
' For particulars send  application to
P.M. McGregor,   District   Mana-,
ger, P. 0. Box 242, Victoria, B.C. I
Car For Hire���H.   W.    Heber- j
den; phone X92. |
Welding���cast iron, alumiiiuri,
brass, steel, etc,   Ford Garage.      j
Plant your fruit trees iu the fall,
aud keep your order till I call. F.
R. F. Biseoe, Courtenay, P. 0.      |
Ford Garage for Nobby, Goodyear and Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles for
Mr. K. Grieves spent
end with Hurry Loggte
A limine was struck by
on Sunday evening nt   \
Aid, Hurford is al Vancouver
this week on business for the creamery and the GoOp. Society.
Mr. .-unl Mrs. Williams of Vancouver spent a lew clays with tliier
daughter, Mrs. 1). Kilpatrick,
There wns mil a quorum at the
special meeting of the couneil announced to take place on Mond iy
Mayor Kilpatrick'ssnwmillis being kept l.tllly busy these (l.i'S
besides the large amount of lumber
required at the mines, a carload of
timber was shipped cast to lhe Wel-
land canal last week.
To tlnse w.ho enlist with them
the Foresters Battalion are offering
on their return ��� free improved
farms, free training in college, free
board aud lodging uhile training,
$1350 loaned by government, no
distinction as to rank or length of
service. All farms to be within
easy reach of transportation, The
above all guaranteed by the government,
A letter from a soldier   who   enlisted from here, writiiig.from Camp
Borden, Hants, Kug. say-: ��� "They
are working hard at musketry drill
anJ it looks as though  the   102nd
baud will be no more,  they break
up the greater number of Canadian
bands here, put the fit in the ranks
and the unfits 011 work around camp
or discharge, ours is not smashed
yet, but we are drilling more than ,
banding, aud two bands thai cine
over'on the same boat with us are,
and one is selling their instruments
to a London firm of  brass  instrument makers.    The a ft'horilles say
that   too   many   Canadian   Bands
come over and   th^y   don't   know
what to do with them, at the present time there   is  fifteen  hundred
bandsman at ShomclilTe that   they
have no use for.   Every   Battalion 1
brings a band, and only one baud
goes with a division, which is somewhere about forty  thousand men, I
so you will see   what   a   nuisance I
bandsmen are when they   are unfit
for the ranks, and there   are  quite I
a few in ours." j
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick j
Service 2 p.m.    Sunday  School!
and Bible Class 3 p. lu.
Sunday  School and   Bible Class
10:30 a. in.   Evening service 7:.lo
p. m. All welcome
Miss I'h.   Boden.   of  Estevan,
Sash., is vi-itiug at N- H. Hoden's.
Miss  Kathleen   McNaughton  is
the guest of Miss Amy Kilpatrick,
Courtenay defeated   the   Powell
River baseball team on Sunday, lhe
1 score being 2 to I.
I A meeting of the Union St. pro-
' perty holders will be held  in the
City Hall Fridav evening to dis-
I cuss the ad visibility   of   widening
Union street.
The following donations  to   the
i Canadian I'atii itlc Fund have be��u
Mr. D, Kilpatrick
$5 0I*
Dr II. P Millard
Mr, W. Duncan
5 00
I licks, Beach ec Field
Mr. II. Stewart
Mr, J, McKenzie Jr.
Booth & Son
Mr. Fechner
Cooke & Matthewsou
Shepherd & Collins
Mr. W, Aitken
Mr. Hames
Mr. Emde
1 00
A Friend
Mr. Aston
i 00
Mr, G, Leighton
1 00
Mr, P  Dargie
Mr. 0.  Wood
r 00
W, G. R.
Mr. J. Stevenson
I . CO
Mr. G. Tarbell
' r. II. I.oggie
��� 50
Mr. II. McKenzie
II. Kushida *!_��
I. Kobavakana
Mr. F. Movitz
(To be continued.).
$4*" .So
We Have Been Burned Out and Need
the Money Badly   -
As a general rule subscribers
to the Review are prompt in
paying their subscriptions, but
there are quite a few who seem
to forget that it costs something
to print a paper, even a .modest
effort like The Review. To the
latter we would make the request
lhat ihey liquidate iheir indebtedness as soon a; they can find it
convenient to do r.o. If they
owe two 01 three years and feel
thev cannot afford to pay it al!
at the present time, surely they
can arrange to pay at least half
the amount, This notice is for
all who aie behind iu ti:e payment of Iheir subscriptions.
Buy Your Apricots  Now
We are going to  have a large supply of Italian
Prunes this year, per crate 65c
A full Illl'l of Grocerlea anil Provisions nre n iw on
box 256 SHEPHERD'S "�������
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
Paints, Oils, Ktc.
We carry in stock Bricks, Lime, Cement, Doors and Windowi
Gel our prices for n,nnls in larKC i.iKintities
Telephone 1
Courtenay m-fft-M  fWf-miHE.�� i-w
That   U   Whal   Makes   People   Palo,
Weak  and   Languid.
Forestry Farms
Stamps as Spy Messages
Changing the Troeless Prairie Into _| Arranged to Convey Information of a
Park-Like   Country
"Saskatchewan requires moro For*
estry Farms, Then there would be at
least two lectures continuously on tlu*
Naval or Military Natlln
Tho Italian Govern nt has torbid-
��� I'M il xportution and the Qornian
Government  tho. Importation of used
ami iiinir-i'ii |i,i.-iri',',' siaiiiji-. according Away   Go   the   ( ruiclus,
lo inf',riniiiion r ivi"l from Swilzor-
Irni'l by    Hugh Chirk,   a New   Vork
The ono source of most of tlio misery road lo hold moptings, giving lecture-
that affects men and women und on forestry, shelter-bolts, etc. Tin
growing   children, is poverty of   the gospel    of    tree-planting    should  bi
blood.      If  vim consult a  doctor  he   biought  to   fur rs.    These   lecture..     . ,    , ..      .  .
nay., vou arc   u into,  which  really could  take lho names and locations  .  Vmerean dealers supplies ot stamps
means' bloodless. That is whal makes of farmers who arc anxious and road--11!01"   llal'V '"'"  * suspended; am
people drag ulong, always tired, never | to plunl trees, send in the lists to t
real   huugrv,  often  uniiblu  to digest
their food, breathless utter Ihc slightest  exertion,  und   loo  often  on  the
verge of complete breakdown.
Every Sufferer Made
Well Quickly
More weak, anaemic people have
been made strong, nnor telle and cheerful by lulling Hi. Wilh.im- Pink Pills
Ihnn   bv   niiv  other  nu an        These
pills actually   make now, rich  lil I
which I'ouolies every purl of tin body,
sin million ��� ilir mi \< nnd In in ! now
hriillli nii'l I roust h The following is
proof oi Dr William- Pink Pills lo
restore health, Mr Geo Turner, N, w
Raven, ci. S., uy.11 "No doubl duo lo
conslaiil bar.l woi i, I col In a badly
run down cond lion It took very little
ex, riniii lo i "   m i, ninl my appetite
wa ��� far from In ins g I,   i ill n I had
In udiiehes, and when going up stairs,
or lifter any slight exertion my hearl
would palpitate violently, and I grew
considerably alarmed aboul my condition. I decided to take Dr. Williams
Pink Pills and nflor using a few boxes
l I ii much better. I continued using
tin' pills tor some weeks longer, and
tin y completely cun 'I mc. I can
warmly recommend Ihis medicine to
men who arc weak or run down."
Y.'ii can gel these pills thr nigh nny
ni' dicinc di uler or by mail, posi paid,
nt ;',!�� cents n box or six boxes fur
$2.50 from The Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
vim fool Nerviiine penetrating through
ihc lissm -: you fool il drawing out tha
eongoi tion, foci il sink in deeper and
deeper till at lnsl it touches the core of
il���. joint rn' lh,' heart of the muscle
ir  Germnnv ure'deli,vo'd "ho" I    Old  age  is  usually  afflicted    with l    Vou won't, stay in pain with Ncrvh
,,   -,    ,,,���    ���,   ,,,    ���,_��� nH ,,, | cause thev must conic bv wav of Ron-  rheumatism. -Very tew past fitly escape      uo one ever does.   Just try lt-
llc,ld '"""   '" ""   l""-""'1'' ;""1 '"-I mania  mid   the Orient,  whereas  for-  its tortures. you will  bo   anuiMtl at its   magical
., nrlvi,., mevlv  thoy  reached  here  by  way of     Many il bend .1 deforms,    I' i   power ovor pain, a power it gets from
'" '"'���"" ' iinlv'.       ' the countenances of others it marks  lhe extracts and juices of certain ror*
'li,"   British   Government   docs  not  the effects   of  its    awful    suffering,   herbs and l ts it contains. Us harm.
permit German slumps to ba sent out  Nerviiine   "ill   euro        ^HB_r-"����-,Hre"SM"*-<""""__iw urn'-i"^ 'Hi        ' '"
"The'lei:t.rUreceived 'by   Mr.    Clarkluntwi.ts '"'"gnarled      ^**1��^_^"W-��t**'��i'B*1 for earache. No fun,*
carried Ihu inthiialion that two secret | kuuekles.     It docs Ihis quickly and  ily rcmcuj   nun so useiul.
codes  In,ill   upon Ihu use of postage  surely, !   Tho largo  it) cent bottle is the most
tamp   -'iii through letters had been      Nerviiine ii not used internally  Vou   noniieal;  trial  size 20 eenls,    Ml
discovered by II," Italian and Oerman , \ug\ n,i, it on   lols of hard rubbing Is dealers, or the Calarrhozotio Co., King-
iiullii.i'ities,  uml  Ilml   Iheso  were  re- Lpnuiri'd for a minute or two, and (lion Ulon, Canada,
sponsible for lho respeclivo decisions
of ih,' Iwo governments, Through these]
speetors Bhould bo sent oul to ox
amino each farm
fnrmci's where lo plant, and how to
prepare tho ground for lho following
year's planting. II is all rigid to expend money on the general Conservation Commission lo eiilhuso citizens
il,,' Dominion over on what our natural ri sources arc und how thoy
should In' conserved, bul the practical
working end of lho problem should
imi in' neglected. Give Saskutcln , an
forestry forms nnd practical men to
in 11   progressive  [unnors,  and   in  a
few  years llm    tr ss,    wind-swept
prairies would In- changed l" a park-
like country, with treeB on overy
farm."'  Baskalchowan Parmer.
Protect the child from the ravages
oi worms by iir-im; Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It is a standard
ri medy, .-nul years of U3e have
enhanced ils reputation.
Wife (with newspaper)- It snys here
thi'i men grow bald because of the intense activity of their brain,
Hub -Exactly'. And women have
iv whiskers because of the intense
activity of (heir chins.
Minard's Liniment Co . Limited
Dear Sirs. This full 1 got thrown
on a fence and hurt my ejiesl very
Inid. so I could not work and it hurl
mc to breathe. I tried nil kinds of
Liniments und Ihey did me uo good.
(Hi" bottle of MI.N 'I'D'S Liniment,
wormed on flannels nii'l applied on
niv breast, cured ni" completelv.
i .  II. ('08SABOO*,r.
Ross     ,-, tiiahy Co., N. S.
They All Went  .
Away Together
P.     A.     BONNOT'S     i-HEUMATISM
And With It Went rtll Those Symptoms Which Mark lhe Earlier Stages
ol Kidney Trouble.
Grand Cluiricro, Mnn.. (Special.) -
"All persons who suffer from rheumatism should use Dodd'a Kidney Pills."
This is iii" statement volunteered by
Mr. P. A. Bonnot, ti well-known resident of this place. Asked to give the
reasons why Mr. Bonnot said:
"I suffered for three years from
rheumatism. I consulted a doctor
without getting any results. Pour
boxes of Dodd's Kidney Pills fixed mc
Tinil rheumatism is caused by sick
kidneys failing to strain the uric acid
mn of tho blood wm again shown in
Mr. Bonnot's case. His earlier symptoms wore: heart flutterings. broken
und unrcfi'csbiiig sleep, fitful appe-
lite, a tired nervous feeling, a heaviness after meals, neuralgia and backache.
When li" cured his kidneys with
Dodd's Kidney I'ills the rheumatism
'.' and nil lho other symptoms ol kid-
' ni'.v trouble disappeared.
Foe Ships in American  Harbors
There arc eighty- ��� i-_ 111 Gen;
A Millionaire's Restitution
Win. I'. Cochran of Baltimore says
"Bur,iin. wilh passion for humanity
and feeling a sincere and deep yearn
ing to inn!," my iii'" count for so ne
thing. I .mi seeking lo make restitu
tion in some degree to socio!,- for Hie
debt   which   us  a   parasite  all   these
yours  I  owe it.     Particularly am   f
nnd I concerned about that section of socioly
twelve Austrian    ships    in  American'in  ll"' sw'"l "f  rfll0SG  bro,v   '   lmVl
les certain numbers and types of
slumps, imported or exported, wore
suid fo I," conveying information of
a naval or militury nature.
SUlt  Ohio, CilvofTulalo,
l.uciis County, *-
flunk .1. i.'lii'iirv innkcs ontli Ilml lie U scnlol
H.irltl.1 "I llic firm of I'. .1. Clicnr- ��� (',,.. tloillB
h'1-.iin-s in ihc City of Toleilo Count* ninl SUilc
.,:���.i, -.l���.I ���,���l il,:,, snlil loin will pin the sum of
ii\l'. Ill Milirn UUI,I,.MIS nn end, Ull,I every
.���I,.,-,, i Culurrh Ilml cunnol he curcil by llic ll.ie
Sworn ,,i hefora  me nml  Huhscrlhcil in my
presence, ihi* i,ih >l,.< of Dcecmhcr, A.I), km,.
A. \v. CI.KASON,
tsii-,vi.l Nolnry l'lihllc.
Hall's Cnlnrrli Cure in Inkcll Inlcniiilly nnd
.ni- llirouffll ,!n* lllootl on Ihc Mucous Surfaces
,ii ihc System,   Send for Icsliiuonliils, free,
P, .1. CHUNKY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold bynlldrugxl-ls, 75c.
Hull's I'liiuiiy Mils forcousllpntion,
Prevent Collisions in Darkness or Fog
Announcement has been made that
William Marconi will bring out shortly
a new ,l"vi,',' which should put an end
to danger of collisions between ships
in darkness or fog. It is described as
n .simple contrivance, easily installed,
which will In* operated from tho
bridge of u ship.
PvOumania's credit holds firm. Her
-, per' cent loan for S-_l,0iW.n00 was
jver-subscribed by "110,000,000.
Baker's Bread In Greet Britain
"I'I," ordinary  whitened bread  has
,s   when    analysed    heel
FiuhliiiR or Paying
Nothing  mighi    well  cam    great i
disapprobation    on  lh,'  port    of tlm
found I" contain    wood-dust,    bono public  II   lhal   the  wife or oilier
dust    alum,    sulphuric    poWder  and dependent of an enlisted soldier should
null��� or in lesin   which enables lho suffei .need.      Is not the    separation
Hour in ,inke  up  far  nun'"  Ihan  the from  hu band or son. Willi  lhe (lays/
normal amount of water.   As Ibis emu and nil Id - ol anxiety that  'essurily
scululed f ' know ho Inula as folio   .11 "qeril greater fur than II. ���
���seconds' is naturally of a grey and dollar   which aro llic contnl in nl
unaltniclive color,  it  is  put  tlirougli Ihose  who  escape  theso  penalties "I
���  process ol  blenching    in order    I" sepurnlion for ninny months, and per-
endeuvor to give lo it tlio look of pure lui|is  forever?    Besides,  lho  patriotic,
lino  wlicalon  flour,     There  arc two cilize-'n does not  and  will  not  cavi
principal    wavs ot achieving    Ibis    I at paying.      l;.von though    hero and
both processes   highlv    injurious, os- there I" pay is a hardship, there is
peciallv lo lho digesiivo organs and j recompense in tlio knowledge that not
h'.'lb of children, One is Iho mixing
of alum wilh the flour, lho other
bleaching il by mr,ins of chemical
fumos. There is no law to prevent
either, nud no obligation to give thc
purchaser any maximum of wheat in
the loaf." - Dr. Win. A. Brond in the
Nineteenth 1 lenttiry.
"My mother always told   Unit in
taking you I was marrying beneath
my station."
"Beneath your station, oh? That,
wasn't a station your family had; it
was just, a water tank."
,1 lh,' In..lory of ih" Britisii Empire
has ibcrc been opportunity for so groat
itvIce lo ih" rini*r of humanity and
i ivili/.alioti. ��� Loudon Prco Press
"Get n spoon, Prcddic, Mother has
something for you."
"A big spoon or a little spoon?"
"What difference does it make?"
"Makes a heap of differei   (,-��� it
medicine you gol or ice cream?"���Kansas City J' uriial.
Van Dusen (at Van Rock's countrj
I scat)   Mr. Van P.ock, 1 lovo th" very
' ground vour daughter walks oni
Boy labor nt the Woolwich Arsenol     Van Rock���Well, it's for sale if you
fetches from $5 to $10 per week. | have the price
poris wiih a total nol tonnage of 303,-
470, lying idle on account of tho war.
Th" merchant ships may leave when
they lik". but warships must remain
iiii the termination of th. war. The
,'���: -,,n why noii" of il, ��� merchantmen leave porl is bei tius ��� the Allies
maintain ;,:, effective patrol outside
th" three mile limit.
eaten mv bread, and upon v.-h'is? backs
I have 'hud a free rid,--lal, ir." Baltimore Christian Socialist.
What  i-  ,i 'foul?    N'olhing bul  education, nothing but the first  sl p to
something b, ttcr.
In this Matter
of Health
one i' ' ith'T with the winners
or with tho lo   1 1
It's I irgi ly a o.ii 'Sti, f right
[Id food. Por -ound
health on ��� mu I eul out neh,
foods an I choo ���
tbosi I it 1"' known lo contain
the I'leinei ' ��� thai bull I iturdy
i", Iii - mid k�� 11 brain
is a wonderfully b d mc I too I,
made from whole wheat and
barley. It contains all tho nutri-
ini'iii of tho '..'ruin, including th ���
mineral phosphates, indispensable in Nairn, 's plan for body
and brain rebuilding.
Grape-Xuts is a concentrated
f,,o,l. in. ;. to digest. Ir. is economical,   ba    delicious  i'i ivour,
��� ��� ���  1 niv lo eat,    an I    has
help d ii,������;:���:,111- lu lho . inning
"There's a Reason"
Canndiaii PoMum Cereal    1   1,11,
Windsor, Out.
Choked for Air. Somo Iiltlo irritant
becomes lodged in the bronchial tube.,
others gather, and the awful choking
of as,limn results. Nothing offers quite
such quick and positive relief as Dr.
.1. D. Iv Hope's Asthma Remedy. The
healing, soothing smoke or vapor penetrates, clears the passages and gives
unl,ild relief. Usually it completely
cures. It bus behind it years of success. It is th" -ure remedy for every
According to 0 htiart specialist, if
one  relires to bed  nt  ten  instead  of
1 twelve ho saws the heart 870,000 footpounds a year. Lying down half un
hour  daily  loss, ns   its   labor  in    the
i same period by -210.000 foot-pounds.
W.      fl.      U.      1113
It Will Cure a Cold.���folds are the
commonest ailments of mankind and
ii neglected may lead to serious conditions. Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil will
relieve tlio bronchial passages of inflammation  speedily  nnd  thoroughly
i uml will strengthen them against
subsi qtlent  attai k.    And  as  It  oases
: the inflammation il will stop lhe cough
boeuuse it allays nil irritation in the
throat.   Try it and prove It,
Italian Royalty's Narrow _s..'pe
Italy's Queen narrowly escaped
raiders who dropped bombs near the
train on v bicli Queen Helena and the
Princesses Jolanda and Haralda were
\ travelling. The royal parly was on
th" way from 11 scctioii of the front
to Venice when the Austrian aeroplane made lhe attack. The lights
In the train wire extinguished nnd
th" railroad lino wns in darkness, but
despite these precautions bombs fell
mi th" Iin" near the train, breaking
:��� ii gn pli  wires.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Garget   ih
A   Back   Door   Dodge
Winn German meets German then
comes the lug of wits.   The butchers
of Cologne do not at all eare for the
St,it" organisation of meat supplies.
(in" enterprising   son of   "Kultur"
, secreted   five   tons   of meat  in his
, premises  and  sold  it to  "good  eus-
ti 1 *"   at  the   bock    door.      When
faced with lho discovery, lhe wily
hut,'ler pointed to the regulations
which specified tint the restrictions
.only applied to meat sold over tho
��� counter. The luw lias been made
ne n st if io.
I Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Distemper.
[O lubricant is good enough for every purpose. You don't want
to use the same oil on a high-speed, low-power tractor as on a
low-speed, high-power tractor. You can't use the same oil in your
thresher as you do on a spindle,
The Imperial Oil Company makes a special oil exactly suited
lo every part of every farm machine.
Recommended by leading builders for all types of internal combustion engines,
whether tractor or stationary, gasoline or kerosene. It keeps its body at
high temperature, is practically free from carbon, and is absolutely uui-
Im in in quality.
An excellent all-round lubricant for exposed bearings of harvesters und other
farm machinery.    Stays on the bearings, will not gum or corrode.
The most effective and economical lubricant for steam engine cylinders;
proven superior in practical competition with other cylinder oils.
!\ high-grade, thick-bodied oil for lubricating the loose bearings of linn
machinery, sawmills and factory shafting.
Keeps the cool bearing cool.     Docs not depend on heat or friction to c.uat IHE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Mi. Monotony of Trench  Existence Broken by Preparing (or
Raids, and in Affording an Opportunity for Our Soldiers
To Get at Close Grips With the Enemy
Between tho llritish and Qerman
modem niaeliiii" wurfare, wherein
every man was supposed to have he-
come a pawn without initiative of his
own. bus been developing perhaps tha
deadliest form of sport imagination
can coneoivo uhoro ovory combatant
places his cunning, his strength nnd
his    skill   in     liuinl-lo-liaiid     fighting
aguiiisl those ������[ big adversary,
Hardly n day passes Hint Ihere is
not u trench "raid" by one side or lho
other,  and  sometimes  several  such
Bailies,    No Biibjcct is more t,,l ed
in Its details by tlio censor,     c -
mandors do not want lo loi the enemy know why Iheir mi,Is sucocod or
fml or uh.v iho enemy's succeed or
tinl. Invention fights invention;
Beorocy fights secrecy,
All the elements of  boxing  wrest
Asqiiith Points
Way to Victory
Bulbars Have        WHAT |S NEEDED T0 mmiJ
on  Lady   Pttgot's  Hospital
There was ��� large parly al King's
Cross lo welcome Limy Paget und fifty,
(our otlu r ne ml,, rs of tli" Serbian
Relief Fund lioaniinl staff at Uskub, Officer of Prussian Guard Believes That Each German Victory
on   llieir   ivliiru   I.,   London.     A   well l ..       .....  ,    .... ,, .. ,, . ,,.,
known member ol Lady Puget's parly ^or  "������""��  �� hey ray so I "ear, brings   I hem Nearer to
i: "Wo have travelled     ���!< to Eng-1 Defeat,  But Nation   is   Kept in  Ignorance
u .	
The   London    Daily  Mail's    Bern-,
correspondent,    writing   on  internal
conditions in Germany says:
"The morale of the civilian popula<
I   ,     ,     ,i . , '''"" is ' *'''' n,l,|.v shaken by prlva-
.���tcm.ln.ly  Close Co-operation  and ��<* J g    ���-       ��   '�����;;;   '^Letter Received From Lady La-vley "^ ^-uV^led the army to
Vast Resources ol A lies Bound        ,        ,������ ���     ������,_���, , ^ ���.,, ������ ;     Expresses Appreciation of Work       J^| ftg*��  ��ff* d^ubt, aS bj
lo Triumph |;,���| ( r,,,s flap. 0f Canadian Women lho heavy losses at tho front. An of*
In observance of tho thirtieth annl-     "There were 800 patients, about, half     flic following is an extract from  ',CPt "' "  Prussian Guard regiment
vorsiirv of his election to the Housn  of them  I nine Sorb . and  tl thor      . ,, .    . .       .      ... .recently snid:
��I ��' mons fr,,,,, Rust Kilo.  Premier| half Bulgurs,   Tin   Bulgarians,  I  I,���- ;' lcU,c'   /"cived by    .he    Montreal|    ...���., ..���  _,,_ more ^^ gJ ^
land via Eoumiiniu, Russia, Sweden]
and Norway. (In October 'll lho Dili-
gnriiins "iiii'ivd Uskub. Their advance
was so rapid fli.it llioro was no possibility of getting ih" patients sufo-
ly oul of the hospital, Lady Pagel |
phiekil-   decided  to  stay   behind    i
Queen Mary's
Needlework Guild
Asqiiith  visited   his constituency   for
tho   flrsl   limn   sillee   lho   null.real;   of
tho war. addressing a groat meeting
of his supporters and many who In
past years, bad boon his opponents,
Tlio Premier made a touching reference lo Hi" di nib of field Marshal
Karl Kileliem," as "leaving a place In
ir constitutional lite that  noni
ling, fencing und mob luetics, plus the  ,,���, till, and n memory that will llv
Bicallll of llle Indian who crept nil mi
a camp on tho plains and tho teamwork of ii professional  baseball  nine,
ns long ns lhe British Kmpire." Lord
Kit,'lienor hud bequeathed lo tho country   un   array   of   armies,   snid tin
i hiii r   received by   llic    Montreal ���
liove," did 'what' They "__uld"i_ help, j branch of Queen Mary's Needlework  ���.*.._ lmt ,.,���.,, _Jct      ,
They lold us llic*  were anxious lo (",m1 i""" '-���"ly Law-Icy, Hon. Secy.  *-. t��� defeat.'
stand well  in  English eyes.   Tho ,o- at ihc Guild Headquarters in London,     "But the nation is   kepi    together
i";'.''1: |J0J"iil"l ��� Iu'1'1 alive fr io Hug:-                                                  still  by  ,. carefully inspired  tear of
,,."l"'t  ''I'"1  '-I"1'','''  V," ''"''    m."nj; "I   hardly know how to thank all   intended   reprisals ".y   the   Allies--
llioiisands.      I .ml v    I ag. i    organized ���               .                               murdor    nill'i'-e   ������ml   _r��nn���nml   l**7
dnlly rcliM for nUt 4%0 r> U��o�� who hove .0 kmdl) contributed,   ���*|J; &^^
King l-crilinnml.   niul    boll;    tho and hope yon will come to my aid by  victory tu tear the empire to pieces.
vnliiiL'  pntlCCa  Cnmo  1"   \ SKUlJ  befor-. ennvovinff llir cxi.rp-.-i.nii nf Hn-  \!-i-I     tun       /.                                   ,      ���   ...
wo wero periiillt"-1 ���<��� ���"������*������   v...... ��' ���         mc expression 01 nci am  ,      The  German   army  ami  civilian*
them, however,
After leaving Us..in- ������������  ������ ��� "  <i.i;nii> <i	
in .Sofia for n month, Ludv Paget was have contributed lo your last consign-  �����r �����"��� Uiny reduced to the condition
hem, however. e���  |o   ho hospital J"1*' f   appreciation   to lhe   various .are by no means in a mood to thro*
After leaving Uskub ive were detained l-rani-hos and individual workers who themselves on th" mercy of the Allies.
 '   i,v    ,���,   aiim    -I    ..no,"      -ai.i  me   in Sofia fori, month. Lndv Paget wns have contributed to your last consign- n��r "r" tb'-v rodu.-ed to ih-condition
are valuable to tlio ,n_yer.                   p',,, ,, ������/������  WQS fo|. tl)Q ,���������,,._   ||,��� ,,,,,,,1  of the Queen of Belgium, menl    Her .Majesty was much in I cr- ���� �� B��.''':'" I'''''     ���l Mn "��
The weapon that is least needed is  to muku the heal use of theso           '    I  was allowed lo visit   the    British estcd in the Indian made socks, and ""'r '''"""���  l"lll> reduced.
b rifle,    A club or a sandbag or an      r��� .. .,���......    ���  ,,,,.    ;,,,.,,;,���    |.,,    prisoners���of whom thero wore aboul much astonished    whal    one ol  Her ' I" break  the fighting spirit of .1
Indian battle axe or spiked club is   ,,,'', ,',;,,'  , ,.,. ,.,, ',,,     ,, ,' {,,'  thirty���and thev all sooke well of Iheir Mltle petticoats has been and is doing nation at bay. something more than
belter.   A cod slugger without   any   ". ���   ' ,1}.,,,      , ���'   , ���     r 11,   "".."general trealmenl.   Two prisoners wc for lhe cause, as wc see that in addi- economic  pressure  must  be applied.
weapon at all may take un adversary's loaded rifle away from him and
knock him down and then kick him
to death.
Tiie monotony of trench existence
these days is broken by preparing for
raids and against them, Battalion
commanders work out schemes of
strategy which would have won them
lame in smaller wars. Fifty men or a
thousand may bo engaged in a raid.
It may be on a front of fifty yards or
11 thousand, lis object is to take as
many prisoners and kill and wound
as many of the enemy as possible in u
few minutes; and then to get hack to
their own trench. Tlie assaulters try
to hold rn, to the piece of trench they
have token, the guns are turned on
them, the bombers close uji on either
side, and machine guns and rifles
ure prepared to sweep tJio zone of
An uncanny curiosity gives the soldiers incentive for the raids. Ordinarily they never see their enemy hidden in his burrows across ".No .Man
sum advance    was one   of the most
brilliant fouls of the war.
The Italians, .Mr. Asqiiith said, were
making resistance to llio Austriun 011-
shiu.ht which every day was becoming more effective. As for ihe French,1    .,,    ,, ,        ,
nothing could exceed the valor with      ' ^    rillcc '" U;,llls v,s" "' '/F-'l'1
which thev were maintaining lhe do- [filled m  many beggars    ol  Cairo
fence of Verdun. Co-operation among I b,t;ssJ],?J"s,.n?mc: ���!,_��M,___ !s5,lor.
the General Stuffs of the allies    wa
In com ins more intimate and complete
were able lo bring nwav, Private Mor- Hon In u .'uses ol comforts made iron,
iis mid Private Woodbine, the hitter ibe proceeds ol ibis little petticoat,
being blind." ; 'here is more lo follow.
  i     "The  South   African   picture  books
Prince Edward in Cairo |arc delightful, and  I   will send ilnni
In one ol the Officers   I lospil
ant of the fact.   A correspondent saw
.lie Prince making -nine purchases in
Tho Germans must se with their eyi *
lhat Ihey cannot hold the iii ��� t _
tiie enemy's country, remember) ���>'. b
thoy have prepared. Jusl as the irfy
confidence of civilian Germany wis
inspired by nann s on the m , ��� ���
"The dressings have been despatch-   Brussels,    Antwerp, Lille,    Belgrade,
cd to Cliveden Hospital as requested.   Warsaw.   Monaslir���so   their   a   rn
"I  musl not forget li ntion lhe  and their mental staying pow -   mn-
comfort bags from  Yarmouth; which  determined   by   privations,  mast   {__-
lhe bazaar, and,    when    ,,K. |n,,im.ss   wci'c lovely and v ill be nnicl, approci-, ally ho liroNoi, l.y iiaio  - ,     tl
"Afler  making   1 v-i ry   possible
1 quiry ol everybody I coul i find who
every month,    British assistance had ,,K; D���Tl' /'","��� ,wnc"   "I J,LT ,.,1 "t��l.    ���   '
been offered to Gen. Toffre, and the vas concluded,    he appoaclicd    the     ���s|     , , b        .   ,
I , ��� , iii.i nierchaiil    and asked Inn, ,1  be   .new ,      '    i   " , ���,',      ���      ,,��� ', .   ���  "������   ���   -
steps which would    ho     ken    wero     ,       ,    ,   d ,    ,   ,    , f        .  vomens    ami    cl .Id en s    ll nigs   IhM Uvnd ln Gern  .
those dictated by sound strategy. .      .,., . mcrchan| ,hook his ,,,,���,, nnd ��� should now be glad ol a few, a      am   ,��� ,���. ,���,,,    ,->���,,���
tins war is not merely a struggle    f     informed of lho truth he Ijursl ��f,^  f"'7'"1'   ""' ""'"^  ,il"1'0'"  llevo thai if tlie Germans   ire I  -���
of   armies,     the   J'rem er   eonlinuod. .      ,     , ,      .      j(       ,,,, ,    ,   ,       , Iphans of officers, and as you kno y,   |)crmiinent| y    ���, eVftcuat   ,,.    ���,.,..
II is n ,-liu.Lde ol material and eco- ,    ,    ���vl.r,.,,.,      ,  lh,   p-j���cc    amllour department for women and clnl-town ������  ,,,f.   Western  front     whoea
��� -        ""i   t ii'Sd wi    prove     ' .r- ,, ���       i ���     .1   , i.rt aren lias been closed, ,,,,,,1,1 ,.,,,, 1,1 ,,, ��� k_. 11  1    tt *u . r*.Mr.
1     4,      ,   '��� ,. nothing could    convince 11  11   hi     c     .���,������-.. ��� .,. -,.,..  -i,  , ���.,  , -.���  ., i i-.iino <*"in<i iH.t dg u��-*i on tne map.
i be tiie uGcidincr       M     ,     -,��� ��� -   ,1  .     * ould you  cl Mis,    a 1 ion kno\\   ,..��� n.i.fiti ..t i��>_.i 1 ��� nki_i ��� *, ���,* *u -
,v ���-���������-��� 1 cOU , no  mi u-r ;ui ignoiintous dcat i.  ,1   . ,-      -, ��� ,      ._,���!, . ,. -j . w1 ini'jii! nt Lasi  Deal e to say tnar
..      ..   .. The correspondent promised,   if llic \ihnlft;,t'",iZ\ Lconccti the internal conditions    ot Ger
the effect veness mcrchBn,  distributed largesse to the        Uul1 ''m -      '\'. \' were bringing victory - tl   ���   , :-. "
k; 1111 -    Mv       \ SCI 111 til ���        1        1.   ��� ��� 11- ir 1 fH    ���**   ll!  V,	
AStluun poor m the Prince. 1 lame he him elf (Signed) ANNIE LAWLEY ,     ,.,77     ~,
, . ,, ; would  personally intercede with  lhe B u       c.-v       An  ln-h  soldier had   osl      -   .���:
-. ini'-s   o    the   one- ,.  - '       ., '       ,       ...  ,..,._,*   *,.,._ 11011.   3CC\. . , ,, ,   .
iii the Ion" run
���\fter sr.oaking
of  tlie navy's blockud
se.id :
"Owing to the rashness of the ene-i ,.rilu.,. ol, ���u, m-crci,anfs behalf. Thc I
my wo won; allowed  lo  see  another )u .|,;ln*cfl,iK. agrecd. ! A,lv.nt.���. ������ - .'Bnnt-im Battalion" I main n
and moro slurring, dramatic aspect of j       ��  ��uvamages oi a    oaniam Dauaiion     j
the navy's qualities,    Tlio nuval  ac-|    Tommy (lo Jock, on l?ave)������ What I    '^"t WP^ they are raising a "llun-i
upposo  yon   want
lain" Battalion.   One has air
in  action,  but   was  all.  v d   to   '"-
the s, r- ice on 11 nsenting to
lass  cy.   ui its [lace.  Bftirnj
. typical "absent-minded beggar
ippeored  on   parade one  day minii
unseen    snipers   and most treasured traditions of theh- sav e"gg over'there   what dn you  pearcd   in   tho   vast   "somewhere   in I, |�� ,',   .������������.���������
Jnseen guns sud-   British navy.     The Germans    were say   jf,ek-Vo iuist say "Ooof," Tom-  ^ance," and an officer referring to ���    .-���$���������-���. .!,,! lh��� of,i���pr   ..
in   n deluge   of  driven back into their ports without  my���Bul suppose vou want two? Joel; | '<��� ?ald lhal ho wns much struck by   rf , '.    ,,..���..,     uh'_   ���,  ,
I.nnd" from their own burrows.    Ull-   tion of May III wns worthy of the best:   u    , ,j-]0   |jn���.
soon   bullets   from    unseen ' ' ���' ���'
crock overhead.     Unseen i
denly   concentrate   iu   a ilelugo   of \ driven hack into their ports without I my���Bui supposi	
shells. For months this sort of) so much us making an effort to grap- _ye <I1V' "Two oofs" sn_ the silly' ""''r sturdy appearance. In point-
thing go.-s on and the trenches of the | pie with the main body of our Grand I .iu],| j,,]',,' wife 'mes ve three and ye lCl' endurance he considered it nol im-
adversaries remain always in the Fleet, and hud the temerity to claimf Juist gie her back one. Mini, it's an probable that they would march an
sumo place; the grim monotony of: what really was a rout a^ a complete awuf easy language.���Glasgow Her- averugo new army bettalion to a stand-
.'nuiallies   nnd watching   continues,  victory.   A. couple more such victories a]_       ''" still.   For trench warfare he considers
This arouses the desire to  "got at"  and there will be nothing left of the!      '   that  thoy  will  have  u  very distinct
the enemy which the trench raid sat-  German navy worth speaking about.     "Igorry I'm tired"' "There vou "o!   advantage over tali  inon.  more par-
isfies.   It moans springing over the  The truth is slowly leaking out, and I y0U*J0 t'ired]    Hero I be o-s'tandln'   ticulnrly of the reckless type so Jamil-  ^"*'u.'"^. ���adV_H"hi.����M.0M
parapet and rushing across-"No Man's  its full extent is not yet realized or ; ���,.,,,. ., llot   slove   ���]��� _By    ��������� you   lnr to platoon officers, who grow weury  ,.,       l   ,   ' _',*'.  '���,",������__
Lund' into tlie very houses of   the  appreciated.     Our command    of the workin' iu u nice cool sower!"     '        "���  reiterating the  injunction.  "Keep |   ' ' -p..,,', '.:.,.'
enemy and man to man on his door  seas, so fur from being impaired, has         I down."           I '   '     .' '
i .-'i
perly dressed.    Why  i�� yam
artificial eye not in its i roper ;   i
"Sure, sir," replied N'olan, "i fefj is
in my box tO"keep an eye on my *H
Vi bile I'm on parade, *
'Would    vou call    Uncle    F ���--  i
dingy man " "Well, no;  I'd  mecitfy
boon more firmly and unshakably established."
In reference to Ireland, Mr. \squith
step proving which is a belter fighter.
To go over the parapet ordinarily
means deaTh.    In order to make any.
such rush there lnusj lie "interfer- said tlie recent rioting, loading lo the
,'iieo." us they say in football, and loss of many innocent lives, had croat-1
the barb wire iu front of the enemy's ed a situation which seemed to a mu-j
trench must be cut. This is usually jority of responsible Irishmen of all
done by the mins. which become more parties to call for a settlement. The
and more deadly in their ability tot history of the relations between Great
Britain nud Ireland exhibited a tragic
Wireless Saves Many Lives
The History   of   Marconi's   Great   Discovery  is
    Short, But Most Dramatic   	
On hoard wore _.-_t>l r:'..:e'"'n.-*rs -u-d
crew, while the vessel itself had cos*
well over one million pounds to build.
Yel in a moment she became a h��lp-
lo.-s wreck.
Thc wireless operator sent his call
fur help broadcast into the air. nr.d
it   was  answered   by  tbe  Carpa'hia.
minutes of activity, when the occu-\\xVa ,0tnke slock of its internal re-  belong** the credit of saving life all
pants throw themselves on  Iheir in*   Jtttions, the fabric of the bmpire would  qvor tl,e worldi ���ince l0 his groat in
vadors at such close quarters that it
is n question if even a revolver is now
a practical weapon. It cannot be
thrown over a traverse nnd a bomb
��� ���nn.   Running into a German around
II oilier of u traverse a blow may
In- belter than a shot.
Thero have born trench raids where
every mnn who wont oul wns responsible for ii casually or prisoner, while
lho raiders' own loss mlglil not have
been one in ti n lo lho enemy's, There
aro also failures, Success requires
that ivory detail Bhould work oul
right,   Tho British inaugurated trench
have to he refashioned, and relation
between Great Britain nnd Ireland
und the Dominions would of necessity
be brought into close and connected
A Glorious Trinity
Tn all Ohio town is n colored mnn
whose    hist     name    is   Washington.
Heaven  has  blessed   him   with   three
volition thousands of people owe their
lose,ie from maritime disaster.
The history of wireless telegraphy
is still short. As recently as ii"tio messages were first sent from England to
France, while in 1002 tlio "waves" bo
hnd mastered, carried ("reetings between Canada and England.
The first case on record of "wireless" being employed by a ship in dis-
Ires occurred on March 3, 1890.    On
When lhe  first  son  arrived  the  f.-i-! ihis  date   llio   U.   F.   Mntlhows    ran
Iher nnmed him George Washington, I into the Last (I Iwin lightship dur-
In due lime lho soootid son came. Xn-1 iny ;i heavy fog,   Tho weather condi-
��� , ,     ,,    ...,,, .���,.,. , ,, , ,���   luridly   he  was    christened     Booker  tions would,    in Die old days,    have
.1   i...     hi      h     ';   n n   , ���,,   ,1     Washington.    When  the  third   man- tendered    lho    work of rescue    very
lulml^ 0,""W  WHa '""'" ,lis  'ent  H'8S "'  ��  -Hfflcult.  if  not  impossible.    But the
adopted.    Wb.'io IK ,l,Mlo,������������t  will   ,_Mi   .t   fi__t]   t0_  fl   mun.   ,,���.   him.   K,   |.-.   Matthews   was  equipped   with
Finally, though, he hit on a suitable  .,|m,  w-.,s then a novelty���Marconi's
end no one dares venture to say.
Overrated German Efficiency
German efficiency will he loss made
oi in the future, lis limitations are
us ol,vious as those of uu analytical
conclusion. II solves a given problem, working from promises laid
down, bul ii is baffled py tlio unexpected inid lucks imagination to -ore-
see inw conditions, It sees narrowly in a straight line, and when de-
fleeted by unconsidered obstacles
which imagination might have provided for, it is like a locomotive off
the truck.���New Ymk Times.
Tlibusands of Factories Mobilized
Ttie Britisii Minister of Munitions
announces thai ho lias made further
or,tors under tho munitions of war
���tots, lflli nnd 1010, under which 250
(dditional establishments have been
declared controlled establishments
.qnder the acts. A total of 3.337 establishments has now been declared
w controlled.
The third sojm* if he lives, will go
through life us Spokane Washington,
- Saturday Evening Post.
system of wireless telegraphy.    Messages wore  sent  ashore und  speedily
brought lifeboats to the rescue.
During the nexl ten years instances
ing to the aid oi the Republic. ' '""'.'"l   "i'V      "'"ft? ""' PSSi
And  then, at   night,   after  a dav of |   ,!l't !l" ��   "'"^ mU" ���Ulv" ^ri"h-,'i
���ig���ogging two hundred miles on the "',"" ^l"/""r'���
ocean, the Republic sent tlie welcome      ll,,t      ',* not possible to   mention
word to the  Bailie thai  thev were even all thi  most remarkable rescues
close together.   The lookouts on tlie 'H'ohd by wireless-.    I
ships could see nothing, but ihe wire-
Vult,nnu.    which   eniieht    fire   1,000
less operators knew. And so the nos*
mill* w -t "f tb" Irish coast, and in
liners of the Republic wore saved bv   ll��swl r, '" ,'", .', ire1' "* al'l" ���'' no less
menus of wireless telegraphy. '    "';l!' ''', "> '"I'* ''""t '" !l""' r'*ou'���
This  splendid   rescue   brought   the   saving altogether 521 lives.
use of wireless for saving life    well     Then  again,  when the Empress oi
before tlie world,   "shipowners al once   Ireland was struck hy the Storstad a
began lo see the necessity ,,f having   wireless caH elided in the saving of
their  vessels  fitted   with  it.   Mureoni   452 lives,
bad fully proved his righl to tho honor     But the in*- races are endless, And
of saving life, i the mod, rn usages of war hav.  multi
file following your, after the saving plied them, ni thi* period nothing as
of th" Republic, wireless telegraphy yel can be written; we must wait till
was put in still another use In the the coming days of peace.
autumn of that your un American in-, p,,, brief mention mav he made of
ventor named Wetlman s-rout in his .|lc _usitania, when 704 lives were
dirigible  balloon,  patriotically called I guye.
America, to cross the  Atlantic.     In       , , , .    ,. _     ,,        ,
theory tlie idea was good; in pracli- A   vv''r'1  h' r"   ft'"  ,0 ih" C!i]]   ,HrH ""
Germans  Conceal   their   Losses
Mr.   Hilairo   Belloc,   the   eminent    public interest  ually  roused  in this
nre  recorded of wireless aiding ships   il went wrong. Presently Welhiian and
ill difficulties, but not until loon was
military critic has. nfler n vi*il t,
Paris, where he examined the records of the War Office, compared
the  lists of  German   prisoners   with
On January 23. 1000, just ten years
after the eon- of lhe R. F. Matthews,
the Florida    rammed and    sunk the
those published in Germany, and 'great White Star liner the Republi
with the private lists iu towns nnd vil-
ages where the prisoners-hailed from.
He also analysed the figures issued
by Berlin for 1014-15, nnd arrived nt
lho conclusion Hint 3,500,000 men hud
been permanently lost to the Gorman
fighting forces by Jan. 1. HUB. leaving only 5,000,000 out of the original
n.OOO.ono maximum possible recruitment of Gorman men effective for war.
You can put, all the United States
except Alaska in Brazil and have 200,.
000 square miles loft.
off lho Nantucket    Lightship,    som
thirty mihs from the American coast.
The story of the loss of the Republic is lho story of the pluck of Jack
linns, the wireless operator; Linns
at once began to send out urgent calls
for help "('. Q. D." Through Ihe
ooni.dli ss air tho magic letters spoil,
being recorded by , very wireless re
ei-ivr f r hundr 'ds oi miles
in nnswei ships changed Iheir courses
and hurrieo to tho scene of the disaster.
Sixty miles sway wns the   Baltic,
S. O. -P.���is nol out of place. "C. Q.
bis   band   of  devoted   h. liters    found    ?��A%�����inf,|  "?!, %f*S^ W."^
themselves  drilling  ai 'ssly    about   BdaP'ed from tho old    all stations,
over the wide Atlantic, with apparent-  ^..g??*:la.1'.:?.l1T��L_t_h.e...._.t?1^iP,!_!
ly little hope of rescue.    But the wireless operator   with the   balloon succeeded in calling aid to the stricken
This was one of the first Cases where
two of the marvels of tho age���wireless telegraphy and airships-came in- i      ����� ��- S.    has no special meaning
to contact.   Since then wireless tele-   It 's not  mten I  lo express  "Sav
Hut at the firsl International Wireless
Congress it was suggested and approved that a better call was "S. O.
S.," which by its arrange_l.nl of dots
and dashes is d if fen nt from anv other
"fl. O. S." has
tele.   It is not  intone
graphy lids been adapted to nil sorts ''"ir Souls!' or anything else equally
and sizes of air craft. dramatic.     This  call  is an  interna-
While tho. Bopubllc was the instance tional one. and has the Mime mean-
which first drew attention lo the >ng hi all languages.
powers of wireless, the story of the As the number of vessels carrying
\nd Titanic excels il in drama, On its j wireless equipment increases, so the
maiden voyage across lhe- Atlantic I peril of the sea grows less. Marconi
this gigantic' liner struck on iceberg I libs robbed the ocean of much ol its
in mid ocean on the night of April terror; Old Neptune ii slowly being
14. 1012. I muz-led.���From Answers, London, ��wn���wwwwn!nnwp
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weeky   Newspaper,   Piibished   at
Courtenay, B. 0,
N. 11, Hoiikn, Bditor nud Proprietor
InbiCrlptlon 11.6. per Yeur in  Advance
Letter to the Edito..jJ)c��
".THURSDAY, AUG. 3, 1916
At a nominating convention of
the Socialist patty in Nanaimo,
held Sunday, Mr. Herbert Skinui'i
was nominated a.s Socialist candidate ul the coining electio.i,
Hriiish disutilities on all Fronts re
ported tluriug July uie as totalled,
7084 officers and 52,591 men,
Th.isc illL'llule killed, wounded,
missing und prisoners,
Lord Robert Cecil, minister ol
blockade, announced in tlie H'-itst
of Commons that a total of 329
1 ncniy ships had ken seized in hat-
bon of the Entente Allies since the
war began,
There will he a Socialist candidate in ihis riding. We have learned that his name is Mr. Pritchard,
nnd that lie is considered 11 gi od
speaker. II he works hard he will
doubtless give both the other candidates a run for their money,
It is publicl-, stnltd that tlle Roy
al bank building protrudes IS inches onto Union street. If thi. ht
true it should be pointed out to tlie
bank authorities now, before tilt
building is erected, and thus save
them and tlie citizens future annoyance.
J. Harrington the Socialist candidates in Vancouver [says the Liberal campaign funds seem very
plentiful at this election Probably
when Brewster and McDonald get
around to Comox they will loosen
up a little. There's some people
here who need tlie coin,
It is characteristically German
lhat the captain of tlie Deutchlaud
should announce that his vessel is a
merchant submarine' no war vessel
wo.ild dare sink it except after visit
and search' and removing the crew
to a place of safety, The Lusitauia
of conne was different, it had women and children ou board.���Montreal Herald.
Dominion revenue for the first
three months of the present fiscal
year amounted to fifty-six million
dollars as comoared with thirty-six
million in last year, The expenditure including interest on the national debt was twenty-seven millions
which is less than last year. Considerable of Canada's war expendit
ure is being paid out of current revenue.
Toronto, July 29,���Hamilton ho-
telmen assembled last night to discuss trade affairs after tlie coming
into operation of tlie prohibition
law decided to advance their rates
50 cents per day.
In view of the coming into operation of the prohibition law, the
license department is threatened
with trouble by patent medicine
vendors wlio are flooding the province with alleged remedies, one of
which was yesterday found to contain 46 per cent, of raw whiskey.
Many of them in addition to spirits
contain harmful drugs such as co-
catie und codeine.
Editor Courtenny Review
Dear Sir;���In vour paper Inst
week in one of your editorials referring to tlie fire in the City of
Courtenay you stale "that the City
Council bus carefully side stepped
tlle water question lor nearly two
years although certain citizens have
been pegging: away getting estimates as to tiie probable cost of IniiiK-
ing water from Btown's river,"
Vou say a private company wishing
to in.tal 11 system and another section ol the citizens wishing lo iiislul
its own system, The Municipal
Ownership promoters say a Hydro
Electric system from Browns liver
can be installed for $50,000, while
practical builders here say it cannot.
It would be very interesting to
know who the "practical builders
lien-" are.
The private companv say thai 11
system of water can be install, d
from Millard's creek loi JS13 000 1 r
The $13,000 which you quote to
insial the piivate system from Mil.
lards creek apparently is incorrect,
because Engineer Knewslubb's re
port of 1913 quotes $21,0(10 for 11
���ysteni from Millard's creek to
Courtenay, aud gives his opinion
that tlie surroundings of this source
.ire very objectionable und insaiii-
But you, Mr, Editor, sav in
either case there would not be snlV.-
cieut revenue from the City ol
Courtenay to pay operating expenses let alone paying dividends or
paying for the plant. You omit to
observe that we would have good
service of water and light wliicli is
a pressing necessity even although
there were no dividends by adopting the Brown River system
Tlie following   quotations from
practical constructing engineers to
instal a   water   and   light   svstem
from Browns river arc as follows: ���
The engineers   estimate   of   the
cost of a water   and  electric light
system combined is:
To instal a water  system   from
Browns river using a   14 inch
main and Including 3 miles ol
distributing  pipe   throughout
the city. $35,000
This would supply as well as a good water
system, sufficient power for au
electric plant, which, complete
with 3   miles   ol   distribution
throughout the city would be     $15,000
This water system would provide
lor a population ol 20,000 people and power could be develop
ed at from 2 to 3 cents per Iv,
W. hour.
To raise this 50,000 the citv could
sell bonds to the amount of
about 52,632 dollars at 95 bearing 6 per cent interest payable
in 30 years.
The cost to the citv by means of a sinking
fund would be
Supposing 52,632 is borrowed at
6 per cent, the City would have
to pay interest on $52,632 at 6
per Cent per anum 3158.OU
To pay off 52.632 in 30 years a
vearly sinking fund would have
to be placed in the bank ol       1000,(10
The expense of operating would
be 3 men at 1,200 per year each 3600.1m
Depreciation and repairs on Investment annually of 50,000     1000.00
$!i, 758.0
To pay this off we would have
1st 150 consumers ol water at
1.50 per month or 18.00peryear 2700,00
2nd 150 consumers of light at
1,50 per mouth or $18.Op,   per
year 27(10.00
This leaves a balance of $3358,00
which would have lobe paid out of
the general revenue,
The New
Waist Line
and higher butt u
developed in all the
new model C/C A
Ia Grfice Corsets,
now being shown
Mens Dept.
Another shipment os Sport Shirts arriving iu plain sell colors and stripes
Newest   in   men's   boater   strawsj with
high crown and fancy bands
Men's Outing Huts und Caps
fuvictus Slioes ''The best   good shoe for
Esquimalt  &  Nanaimo  Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
Connecting at Nanaimo with Steamer "Princess Patricia"
RETURNING -Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dill. Pmm_|er A|��l, Victoris
Agent Courlftiiy, Plume R 60
To meet this sum would entail a
lux of 5 mills on the dollar to the
ratepayers annually,
The charge of $1.50 per month
for water and $1.50 for lights would
lie a Hat rate, and consumers would
have all the water and light they
wished to use. instead of having a
meter running up every time a tap
was turned or n light switched on,
Mr, Editor, and fellow Ratepay-
payers, it is high time that lhe people in Courtenav would without
further delay compare the two propositions on llieir true merits. 1st
I., permit a private company to in
slid a system from Millards creek
where Ihc water is polluted from the
insanitary surroundings and in any
event the limited supply vveuld not
he sufficient to provide power for
the Electric Light for the City in
addition to domestic water supply,
2nd, Will the ratepayers exercise
sound judgment by deciding to instal a combined system of water and
light from Browns river wliicli can
be installed for $50,000 by the rate
pnyrs tuxes and save the future
annoyance of purchasing an unsuitable system installed by a private
company, in which case the city
will have to pay a handsome bonus
lidded to the original cost of installation.
Tllis is a question tlie ratepayers
should uive their careful uttenion
to iminediatiey,
Yours truly
John Johnston .
Lake Trail, Courteuay B, C., Aug.J
2nd, 1916,
No other flour in
in the World is superic
Thais a bold, direct statement!
liul it's ii statement thai tin- millers
ROYAL  STANDARD   PI.OU1"  i" mill'
World.    It is tested under actual hakin   con
perfectly-equipped laboratory iu onlst Hud
Ii olllU'ly.
i in llie
: ,'  nun
iliiid i in, pel led
Royal Standard bakes big, |
finely textured bread
and biscuits
You take no chance* when you uai
baklllR day.    Baking failures do ll,
Ilut sec that you get lhe genuine,
for the  Circle  "V"   trad- n ai I.
siu-k as shown below.
For Pin, Cnkf-r iiul other I'ailrirs aik your dun
occiu wilh nu fci I ,1 .ni
let Im
Royal  Standard  Grail
Products  Agency
Phone 33, End oi Bridge I'. Movlti,  H"gr.
Bicycles For Sale
Phone L46 Courtenay
We have moved our stock of (rents
Furnishings  into
Opposite the Courtenay Hotel
A large shipment of Gents' Furnishings on order, will  be on
play in a few days
McKean's Old St    - Opp. Courtenay Hotel
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends  from  Leading Musician.-
from the Atlantic to the I'acilic.   t'opiet
ol saint- furnished on request
VV. J. Goard   will be   in tllis city   aboul
April   1.     Leave orders at tllis  Office,
or write direct to
945, 8th Ave., W.   ���   Yancouvei
ice Cream
i'i pes,
Tok'i 'cos
Swan's Old Slanti, Coinienay '"
Three   Reasons Why
bus for nine Bttcceslve years written lhe
Largest Canadian Business
of any company operating In Canada
Its Premiums are the Lowest
Its Policies are the most Liberal
Its Dividends are the Highest
Vancouver Island Branch
J. BURTT M( ill, I AN, Miiiinuiir
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
P. L. ANOBR.ON, A���ent, Courtenny
Dominion War Loan
By purchasing a bond you will help
to WIN THE WAR and obtain for
yourself an investment of the highest
class yielding a most attractive rate
of interest.
Labor bas .ondeni!:-
ed tbe Prohibition
Trades and Labor Councils of
Coast Cities ��� Pass Strong
Reasons Why   Workingmen
Should Vote Against tin-
Organized labor bus declared lis
position with reference to the ll
C. Prohibition Act with no titicer-
tain sound, tin- result of close investigation of and keen discussion
on the Hill having resulted in
tlie straight declaration by the
Coast labor bqdies that the Act
.should be condemned and that the
workin.iuen of ijiiiish Columbia
should do all in tliuir power to defeat tin.' measure at the pulls.
Tiie Vancouver Trades a .1 I.a
hor Council the .mod representative central organization iu lltiii: li
Columbia, at its meeting on July
2otb, passed it strong resolution
against tbe Act, the closing paragraph reading as fo'lovvs;
' Resolved that the Trades nm
I,al>or Council in Vancouver, 13. C
in lin'inony with represei laii e
bodies of organized labor elsewhert
places itself oil record as opposed
to the llritish Columbia Prohibition Act and to the principles in
volved therein."
In adopting tlie above resolution
the Vancouver Trades Council was
but following the .steps of the Ni-w
Westminster Trades and Labor
Council which on June 14th passed
the following resolution:
"Resolved that this Con mil go
on record at opposed to prohibition
as contained iu the proposed Bill,
from an econinic and social standpoint and report this decision to the
various unions witli the request
that they help to defeat the BiU."
The resolutions ab-ive noted are
in line with the action of the Victoria Trades and Labor Council
and the Prince Rupert Labor Council.
Working-men Have a "Kick" Coming
The discussion in connection with
the passage of these resolutions
showed plainly that workjngt11.11
believe they have 11 just "kick" in
connection with the Prohibitiqn
Act. It was stated that tlie measure is class l.gis.ation of tlie rankest type inasmuch as it allows the
man of means to secure all the liquor he desiies by importing   it from
No less llian four radiating surfaces gather up almost
every scrap cf heat and send it through your comfortable
Drop in some time soon and hear about McClary's
special installation service that gets out of every ton of
coal all the heat there is in it. tor
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
points,   but   at the
places   a handicap   01
Your Pri
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
woi'kiugmnn who can only afford
to Inn' his Iner by lhe glass. This
argument Is directly alon;* the remarks of Mi. Parker Williams,
Member for Newcastle, on discus-
yon of tIn- Bill in lhe Mouse, when
he opt nly duel ired the Act to be
clns-, 'egis'nliuii and slated that
while In- "would vote for Prohibition lliul would prohibit he would
11 'vet Ii ive urn Ihing to do with
such lopsided, jug hand ed imitation such as llle pres.ut bill."
The Act is also objectionable   to
trades unions inasmuch us many of
its clauses were declared lo  lie 1111-
li.ilisli and unfair,     ll was pointed
out thai clause   ag   provided   that
any person  could   tell a constable
thai he sus| ecled a man had liquor 1
illegally in Iiis possession.    Oil this;
information, and without disclosing I
tlie name of the informjr, the constable could  enter a man's   house,,
break into all   the   rooms,   closets, j
etc.,    without   a   warrant,   Such
provisions were severely   criticised
by members of the   labor  councils
as absolutely opposed to the British
idea that "A man's house   is   Jjis
In taking   the   action   they did,
the councils   were  also   moved by
tile feeling that they   should   suppori the large body of workiugineli
who ure today  either   directly    or
indirectly  engaged   in   connection
with the   operation of licensed premises.    It   was stated    that   .".700
men are now   thus   employed and
that (iooo  persons   are   dependent
upon Ihein for a living,    This does
not include over 1200 employees of
licensed premises who 'are now   at
lhe front.    A.s the Prohibition Act |
would mean that these men   would
be thrown out of work,   the councils considered that legislation leading to   such   action,   especially at
tin's lime should be   vigorously op-J
Many delegates who took part in,
the council discussions said that
tliey were Prohibitionists. They
stated however, that ihey were op-
pored to the Act because il was not
a Prohibition Act in any real sense
of the term, provision being made
in il for tlle purchase of liquor by
inipoitation or otherwise just a.s
freely as is now the case. They
plainly slated that tlieyddi not consider a vote against the Prohibition
Act a vote against the principle ol
rohibillou, as lo their minds, the
passage of such an act ns was proposed would nol in any wav lessen
the purchase or consumption of
iquor. As a in,,'lei of tact, although il mitrht lend to decrease
tlie coiMtiuplioii of health giving
beer (the workingiuan's usual be-,
verage,) it would  actually increase| The
[ the consumption of  whiskey   and
,-irii.s, a condition which  was not
for Hie besl interests of the   work-
illglliau or thc province.
Barrister and Solicitor,  Notary
Phone 6 Courtenay
Courtenay   Hotel
Comfort   With  Moderate  It-tin
Dent Wines
nml Liquors
Cumberland Hotel
C.ni',1 Accomodation      Cusioe 1-lx.tlIea
Wm. Merryfield
- ' ?���-���!���_���������������---_-_______
The Water Question
Four Good  Houses,
water    and   electric
light in each
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make  51.50 to Js.oo
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guarantee! 1.
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Outs c
Cleaning and
Suits $1... up
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Repairing, Etc.
"the- kept in order by the
mouth f.'.jO
Haney  I. Kushida
Tl- same building as  Robertson's Dm.
Store, Union St., Courtenav
This is lo certify that mv wife, Sillily
Isabella McMillan having left niv bed
ami board, I therefore will not be re-
spousible for any debts she may contract,
!���'. C. McMIM/AN
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable       JJJJ
Courtenay Review
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Snld at the Lowest Possible Price
Black uiith ard Ca'riag-j Builder
'i    .i'i mm*m**m*m*!**mm>
:: LADY ::
rl'.rd. I.o.l, ri Co., I.lwtlld
i ono;. TU
""*.���;���-���-: rr'l-J-'IV V'S;_' J
l\MI   II
'II   looked
li it in- light, nml I
at   thr  necklace,  logctlu-i-
"I'm iiIiiihI I can'l help ymi niiii'h,"
said   Paul    Inst ly.    "I   cnn'l    roc
iiiii.'Ii difference belwe.'ii uny nl lliesn
' Ask l.ii'lv t'rsuln," Ninl l-'iiii'lhlni
l.inly I'i ���nl., bad held alool Iroi   .
this discussionj she uns standing near
il,.- 'I ', ..itli hei  Im''' averted, slill
i,* n -inin.'.  uu Iini' ni'; ber mum ��� ib
Where are the Old Ladies 1        I'or the Big Drive
Rural Credits
How ihe Old Ladies ol the  Present; Hold lhe Foe   Oil nnd.  Prepare For I British Columbia Adopts the New Ze*.
Age Have Become Transformed
Land Mural Credits System
pted   the
It wns hit,' tbrit night, when nil lb'
I'.i. sta bail retired In th
I ii  m- nnu ii iiini iu in   ii   ini,in.-,  ihui,        ���-' ii-*	
I inly  Ursula niul her husband  were lace behind him,
studied by ii shrill scream, und open- "Perhaps,    Minnie,    l.n.ly    Ursula
mc ibe door "I their room, they na- would rather not lie drawn inin Ihh
eeituined Uml tin' erleis, which were rather unpleasant luisiui'-s." hr snid
repeated came irom the room occupied Hm his wife seoltcd ami insisted,
bv the Honorable Mr.*, k'lnchdcn und' "Drawn In
In I liusbnnd,
There were
two ol the d *, nn���  ,.  ,,.' I
lier  dressing-gown,   went   along   tho in the police aboul It, everybody who
corridor to ask whnt was the mailer, bus looked al the pearls tonight will
A   knock  al   the door brought   Mrs, l"' culled ns n witness, for certain."
I'iii.'lnliii   herself,   sobbing  mid  dis- ..Then  l.inly   Ursula   spoke  lor  il
Untight, in meet tho inquirer.
'What bus happened?   Aro you HIP
���il she; "how
i she lie drawn in?"
ui'ious luces nt ono or     "I   mean,"  snnl   ["inchdon  hastily,
-  and l.inlv Ursula, in i "lhat if wo are going to hnve tn mil
, .,.      ' :..   , 1 1: i     ..,   :,        I      i.
Can I do anything?" nsked Lady
Ursula gently.'
Bul the poor lndy only sobbed nnd
shook her head.
"You i-nii do nothing, notbins, N
first Iim
"Never iniinl Hint," sho said In n
low voice; "I should like to see whether I can delect unything."
Paul suddenly put bis band upon
Imr anil tn .li;,w her I,nnk.
"I  wouldn't  if I  were you, child,"
I'm  not  ill.    It'
my   pi urls
|8!" cried  ha said with  lliul  air ol proprietor
I nl'ln    ol.i,,1,    .1...    I )        ..,.'; ....     '.
ship which sll
I.   "Finchden is
she in despairing limes. ���������	
And  Un ii    l.inlv  Ursula    saw  the  right.   It would be a bore lo have i
bnly's  husband   wus  standing  (ilosi    ; '"' '
wn  telegrams,  ,mini's  (axis,   treats jenn reduce lho oneiny lo n defnnnlv-���   ,������..,	
oilier women lo luncheons and din-: mi nny and every side, but lho au- to l'"-v 'or "���, ''"' "VDn -I''8 ni*'' "'
ipcochos, voles if she has tumn offensives  ,n  llio    Champagne | ���*;*" and a hull per eenl, will be enn ,
tiers, mak
inn   oiieiisivct!   in   inn     . iiampii'rii'' ��� ' '   ������' i   i" .   ,'111.   noi   uu wjiri
11 chance, li'iri'slnles. uplifts nml keeps! nml Arloifl taught Iheir authors many sidorubly lower llian ihe averago now
1     ' .       . .. ,. - ,|,|1(V ,,[*,.,.|,.,|  ,,,,,,.,.  'm  u [ow being     pnnl   hy    (nriners   in     llritish
. , . ,' . . ... I '..I I   . ! ..    1 ,.-,��... ������        11 1	
Oats of Barbed Steel
tinder the electric light, examining
tlm tuinous necklace nf live rows nf
wi'll-iiiiiinbnil pearls which wns tho
' ��� greatest treasu
ll wus ont at iill like l.iuly Ursulu
In insist against him, hut insist she
"I should like 1,, see the necltl
American lndy s greatest treasure. ' -mourn use n, sec nn. necKiace,
"What has'huppe I to them?" ask. Fhe..saJ'1 quietly.
nl l.inly Ursula. r   l'lne'm��n thrust it suddenly into ber
"Hush!" said'Mr. Vinchden, shutt- hands,   She raised tlm rows nf pearls
ing iim il ���, nml trying lo ealtn his {'.""' ''>' "no, exan .1  them  allenl-
wite, "Wo don'l quilo know yet."      | IV||.V��� while Mrs. I'inchden dried her
'I know," sobbed On- lady. "Some- ��>',��� and watched in anxiety,
one bus    -1.1  at  mv    innnlaee,    audi     then, a lllll(' Plller    ,ll"��    bg/ore,
stolen some nf ibe pearl-." I .l-l'll'v,.! 'su a (-'nve the necklace hunk
l,u,lv Ursula .-tared al llm necklnce I lnl�� *"'nchden s hands.
'I can see Ibe difference," she
in snrpi'i   .
"Were there more ihnn five rows?"
she asked, as she counted them.
Mrs. iMiiehden dashed tlm tenrs Irom
It,,' eyes ferociously.
''There     were    five    rows   nf  real        "   ;    ,       	
ail*.'' sim cried. "Oul nf these five ��.ut wl'lc,>" "'  "'"  !"���'
,. ���  ,1.,  1,.,,,.,  1 , ,.i,, ,.,1,   I'm  enunged?
"I think the necklnce has been tampered will,.
Paul was interested. Re came
'Keally?" snid he, "Can you point
leuiis   have   been
rows three hnve been changed; I'm
sure nf it, My neckluce bus been tnm-
pered with."
Lndy Ursula uttered nn exclamation
.I incredulity. Mr. .inchdon looked
"till   llfl'ai'1   she's   riglit,"   he   said.
"It struck in.- tonight lhal the neck*'
Ine,. didn'l  look ihe same, and I've
examined  it. und  I've come to the
She h,'.-haled again und again, without lookine; at Imr husband, stretched
out  ber hand lor llm necklace,   and
touched   first   ,    row   and   then   a,,.
other, until .-be had picked mil lln	
of tlie live,
"Those niv the thne rows." she
said, "which seen, to me 1,1 look 11
little different from the others."
Kinchdeii nodded.
������   '....in.,    j.  (iiriui .  r,    11 j 11 1 1 1 r^   iinu    |\ 1 -1-11.-">  , ���
��� lelephono on ber desk.   These aro I things	
only a lew.    If sim Is not interested I days than Ihc Crown  Prince wen on Columbia or in Llio Cranio Provinces,
in tllis sort of llilng vou will discover tho Mouse in tbreo months,   Hero'is A report  trom  Victoria,  ll. ('.. says
her tucked awuy in'ibe buck seat oi  tho    measure   ol    lho    dillerenco ol Hint  the government expects to loan
11 touring  \ where she is mil  tho strength today. $-,000,000 or $7,000,000 to furmora dtir-
least trouble in lho world, and is ill-    The Gorman < land undertook tho !."'-.���''" coming year under tlm   New
ways under all eii'cumstnnces, n per- battle ol Verdun because il could not /'.'':,li""1 system, lho Oram Orowors
[enily splendid ei'edentiiil of respect-  contemplate  11   larger  operation,  und
ability,   Two generations ago wo 11 il  is now so deeply involved Hint  it
oilier ago were senile, and snl in Hits cannot draw out.   Tlio allies, on lho
chimney comer whore limy would be  other hand, are sn bent 111  n vastly
oul nl tlm way,     liul  lhe   chimney larger operation, which thoy hope will Q0rrniu, sn���, TrirU in kin ii,��� rt.iiuk
corner went out m architecture, and  I .cisivo, thill tboy  prefer In risk aBrmR" B,im Tr'ck t0 -<,n *"��� BrltUh
sim wns jusl  us  naturally uprooted,  local  nnd  mo nlury    losses  rather Morf.es
There are [ewer old ladies' homos than postpone the day when they will Barbed mils are tbp instruments ol
than there promised to bg. Mot while bo fully ready to deliver in common offence invented by tlerniuns. Tho
grandmother enn wear her grand- their knockout blow, li would, there- War Office has had to issue lo rospon-
daughters' shoe- nnd huts and sashes fore, be unfair I,, General .lollro and siblo officers in charge ol cavalry and
nml beads is she going lo an old tho General's officers and men directly other mounted forces an order that
ladies' home, A generation ago there concerned lo regard the struggle north every bushel ol oats now must be ex-
promised to be 11 cull for an old ladies': of Verdun as a fair trial of strength, uniined carotully bolore 1! is used. It
b'in.' in every hi,mk. It's wonderful Vast ns nm ils proportions und the bus been discovered Hint somo ol the
how we old ladies have become trans- sacrifices involved, il is ovcr-sliudowed sacks of oats purchased in lhe United
formed, and fairly forced another is-1 by   ,(   coming   event    incomparably States contained little pieces of steel
of*       111   n'V.iv.n     u'���   ,,,',,   uiu'illi'      f.lir    ���,'<>���.,..,       I,',, I...., ,.. 11.        , ,  1   I.I      . .    i   .     -    .     , ,,
Of eniirse, we ale sowing mir
wild oats. We have iiiinle u plaee foi
ourselves.    Hurrah!  Really there arc
Women's Clubs Mngii7,ine.
For Campers
.���       "       '��� ' "S,       ,   , ���  11 . i , i,., i ,. ,' i..   i .   i.i i, .-,   ,..., i i,, i i,.',,    , i i I I,'    i in I I'.S   1,1    *,,,','I,
greater.   I'ncmy strategy, whether on  shaped like nuts, nml painted yellow,
llm Mouse or the Adigc, is to destroy   'these  am  barbed,  nml  a  borso  Hint
��� ���     .���           this menace,    ll is nl once the weak-  swallowed    one    would    have   little
Ask   Hm  milliner.-  ness and strenctli ol lhe allies that chain f  life.    The  placing of the
'""'  "'"' '' "'    ' " '   barbed nuts in the food is consider
ed to be th,. work of Oi rmuns who
hnve obtained employment in Ameri-
,   enn granaries in order   lo kill    the
Chronicle. horses ui 3,000 miles range.
A Gallant and Hardy Breed
It is hardly necessary to emphasis!.
the dangerous character of mine-
sweeping. Trawlers and drifters, be-
Ing ol moderate draught, hav.: n certain advantage over heavier ships, for
tlmy can often pass in snf,ty above
I,iiie:. which have luni laid at a ccr-
no old   ludi,
while putting forth at these points just.
n sufficient defensive effort ihey must
r.r _..M.|,.ia .never compromise the. supremely int-
Tbe spot, wlmre vour tent is to staj.d i ]','.ir,"".t work '"" preparation. -London
should be open.  'Have it as close to *-*-.roniele.	
llio woods as you wish, but so that the
sun will shine on your tent. Sunlight 1 villages With no Fighting Men Left
is tbe healthiest thing in the world.I A remarkable record of service in
It is the best disinfectant, If you connection with lhe war is held by
pilch your tent under the thick trees, the remote Scottish island ol Lewis,
there will nlwuys be an unhealthy Out of a population of 28,000, close
dampness, and mosquitoes will flock Ion 4,500 are with lhe colors. In many
in. Then, too, in thunder-storms there villages not a man fit for military ser-
is less danger in Ibe open than under vice Is left. Already over 300 ol the
trees. Tlio all-important reason, bow ��� '������������ '��� ���
ever.  lor pitching your tent in   tin
.pell is the mutter ol health
���   ,          .             .                    .      ���           ,     .        ,.      ,.,,,,,*   nu,,,,    ii,i\i:   mil,   ,iu,j   i|,   _   _.--
Blunders  have  given  their  lives   in ,-���,, Ueptli to eutch deeper riding vie-
lie war.   Ibe following letter   dated u,,,,.    ,,,* ,,,,, ,;.,-,. hand,    the ver,
Windsor Castle,   May  10, hud been nature of their duty compels them to
conclusion Hint  it's been    tampered     .'.!'.    ., .    .
with. I'm going to lake il up to town Li ��� , ,""'.' ', vou re right,
tomorrow morning, nnd if we're right, U',ej.,re ���"kp- "".*'' -hrce rows. 'Ihey re
1 shall go straight on to Scotland "�� ,,".' mmn ,���"*?,,"9 "''' ""'T' f",r
Yard,  ami   put   the  matter   iulo  the  ?n0,t!!,n8' "'"' differently graduuled.
baud- of th,- police.': '',0'."'', ,     ,     ,       ,   ,
  As he spoke, ho showed  lhe pearls
once more lo Paul, who admitted then
i'HAI'TI'.I: XI. that In- saw ii difference, although he
iif iim [our   people   in the    room, said  he could not tell exactly what
'-thero was only one who remained ah-1 thut difference was
, , " 11     ,..,..   ..ni,    ,,,,,���   ,,,n,   i 1*1 ii il un < I   ;,,,-i  i. ... ,      ,, ,1..
solutely calm over ibis matter ol the      "' shall ���.������ up lo town tomorrow,"
I'.arl necklace and tho suspicions of repeated Finchden.
llm l-'iiiebilins. |    "Well, don't t.ll mama whai you're
'Ibis was Tiiiil Payne, who listened going lo do," sobbed his wife, "1
attentively lo what' everyone said, don't mean lo lei h. r know anything
wiih a judicial frown on his fane.       al ull about it"
"Well," said Im. "if you am really Her husband shrugged his shoulders.
sine thai the necklace has been tamp- "' don't see how we enn keep it.
.nd wiili, I'm afraid you hav,' no from her," be grumbled, "It will bo
alternative, Ymi musl pui il in the all over t^e house tomorrow."
bunds ol lln- police. Tho value of lho "Nol through us," said Lady Ursula
pearls makes lho matter a serious genlly. "PaulHnd 1 will promise not
one." to say a word aboul il uniil you wish
The Indies were both n little Hut. h spoken aboul, won't we?"
ti',1.1 by the suggestion. She addressed her husband without
"Ob, murmered Mrs. Flnohdpn, wip- looking at him, nnd Paul agreed al
im1 her eyes, "I shouldn't like that "me. Aii.t a few momenta moro
ai all, Can'l we avoid that'- Whatlapent in discussion, Ihey left the
would papa nnd mania any? It would room together, and wenl buck lo their
bo dreadful?" own on the opposite side of the cor-
"My dear, we can'l afford to take ridor. Once alone witli Ids wife, Paul
the hi-s ,,| eighteen thousand pounds' | ""aid wilh an nir of subdued triumph:
worth ol penrls     without   turning ni    "What did I lell your 1 snid thns,
n-u i-ui< ........ ............. "".,,    ,,V.;i,   '""���   "'��� .""'' u"e" \ nature oi tneir duly compels tnem t<
Do not put up the lent in a hollow,  received by William Grant, journalist,  ���pen_ 1II0at o( th.ii* time in mine-in
'nlrr   wil    lod-0   under   it   with   the   Storownv.   Irom     Lord   Rlnmfnrdhnm    r.   ,...i i <i in :...
J.I,     ,,,,!      ['Hi      I, (,     ll,'-      .���   .1. |   ��� ..-..._     ...,       , ,   i,| ,,,,,,    x,l  11 III .    Jill, I II J. I I.,
Water will lodgo under it  with the I Storoway, from    Lord  Siamfordham
first shower.   Hot it on a little knoll,   the  King's  private  secretary:
All this holds good whether you use     ������]   i,.,vi,  reoeiv,ed  Rm]  ,���;,,  bs-oro
an A-tent. wall-tent, lean-to   or any tho King the specially bound copy of
other sort of shelter.   Once tlie lent  >.,���������. *|,ov,,l   Lewis'  Roll   of Honor
is up in place, dig a drain around it I which you hnve been good ene h to
exactly under the edge p   ihe. canvas, lonvurd through Mr. Ian MacPherson
so that oil tlie water will run off the j0f submission tn the Kin-
tent   into  tllis   drain   and   he   earned       ,,,,.    �����������������_.��� ,,.. ,,   ,  .
awav."- Peter Johnson,  in  the  May ' l^fy^   , u m'"'^ '"s
St. Nicholas. .ipprevi.ition  of  the  gallant  serytei
Parcels lor Wounded Soldiers
Nearly forty-nine thousand parcels
hnve been sent, lo dale, by the Canadian Red Cross to sick and wounded
I'nnuiliun soldiers iii the various hospitals. The Contents of these parcels
were not chosen at random, but were
according to each man's request.
rendered by Ihi; people of Ihc island
of Lewis, at the same time sympathizing with the families of those who
hnve given their lives in this terrible
fested waters, and the appalling riskl
they run are too often brought home
to u.��� by the casually lists. But the
erstwhile fishermen who mnn these
beats are a gallant and hardy breed,
loo inured to the vicissitudes of wind
aml weather to be much impressed
by the hidden and deadlier perils
that now lurk beneath the grey
waters.���The Navy.
Huns Fooling the Dutch
Revelations nre accumulating about
the cunning ehnraetcr of Iho German
' intrigue to arouse feeling against the
allies. Baron von Kuhlmann, the
notorious German publicity agent, is
clearly indicated us ihe author of the
insidiously  spread canard,  now fully
An Ice Mine
Probably the strangest mine in llu
world is to be found in Pennsylvania. ...i-iukj,<:,,,*   d-j..c.u  _um_i_,  now m,silt is an ice mine, which freezes in exposed, that lhe  allies intended to
A  recent list includes    notepaper, -,  ���  "���.>*���>. ,,,��������'.<���*, ,,,, u_ij-j__m,  mm. _,. _,,._a  ,���i,_jiu_u w
toilet articles, minors, pipes, tobnceo, | *)Jmm_lr1 "      thaws  in  winter,   It isj bind troops in Holland.   Some ot the
toilet articles mirrors, pipes, tobacco, summer unci maws in  winter,  it, j_ land troops in Holland,   borne of the
socks, soft boots, canvas shoes, stylo!4? t(','t deep nud fron, 1(1 to 12 feet in Dutch  papers nre pointing out that
pens,' bonks,  sweaters,  khaki  shirts, diameter, up which pours a peculiar, this palpable lie obscured    the vital
underwear, ' fruit,  flowers,   puzzles, co)d mist coming Irom openings found issue about the   torpedoing   of the
mouth organs, playing cards, sweets. a" "'c' w,'-v '''"'" ,lul '"I1 '" the bot- Dutch ships by the German sub-Mr-
"Comfort  bags,"  us  these' parcels lo,n- .As s"""  "s warm  weather nr- inos,
bine   become  known,   have  achieved rjve�� fl'->s\appears on the walls of the 	
sueb fani" among the    soldiers as to!*'1''11 and soon tiny icicles form rap- The Lord Mayor o' London will
cause sometimes an embarrassing de- !dly.  -!".11   '" {he  warmest weather come ���   \-��getnrlan the dav ho i
mninl.   Most ol tho articles thus sent  liu8*  icicles,  often  two  feet thick, some one to cook vegetables prope
out coma in generous measure frmn  reach Irom the top to the bottom ol Sir Charles Wakefield, an ex-ma
not come in generous measure trom
the Red Cross branches iu Canada
An item in the British and Colonial,
Printer  gives  an  idea  of  the  extent
  of The Gcrmon paper famine. Short- c.ut 0,t ,h? -co malted,     lls'normail
hair!" protested her husband. pearls wer. not  as valuable ns Ihey i ago of paper is so severely felt, It runs,  "law sets in in October.
I'uul uttered an exclamation. supposed,   The only surprising thing! that grocers, booksellers, drapers, etc.,  -
"l*ighteeii thousand pounds 11" cried  about it  Is that  Ihey don'l  Beem to print their Invoices on old paper taken     The former Pacific Midi liner Mile,
he. j have had any suspicion before tonight from old circulars nnd old prospect- baa been snld to a Chinese syndicate
"That is what was paid lor the three that Ibe necklace was fake." uses which previously havo been print-1 for $750,000. Shortly nfter the out-
rows," *nnl Finchden. "Wasn't it. Lady Ursula was -till as pale ns ed on one side nnly. Factories fori break uf tbe war it was taken bv
Mamie?"                                             .ever, and sho did nol answer, bul sat making old newspaper and old books,! Great   lli-itaiii.  ami   since  then   has
Mamie,   amid  her  sobs,   admitted   down thoughtfully by thu fire. now unsaleable, mailable tor a sec- been one oi the most active merchant
tint  it was. |    "Did you send back that pearl neck- end    use nre   being   established  in   ships  aiding  the   British  navy     It
"1 can't think how it was got nt," 'ace you proposed lo buy for me when Leipzig  nnd  Elberlield,  and  also  in has seen service in all Oriental waters i
moaned she. "Winn I am nol wearing we wire in town?" she asked suddenly.! the neighborhood of Berlin. | has  carried    troops fron,    China  to
im in i  lenvc them in care of .Tones,     ||aul seemed taken aback.   ������- India lo  France,    and    lor   several'
uml sim is un absolutely trustworthy     "Of course  I did.    Yon refused to                What Canada Olfers                months acted  as a transport ncros
-''' '   ���mv�� ���������" he said at Inst, in n tone     Settlers coming here trom the United	
"They always am trustworthy, till. expressive ol some resentment. "Why States may rely upon finding cheaper
you find Hum oul," growled her bus-  do you ask?" hind  and'lower  taxation  than  they
band. :    But Lady I rsula would,not tell him have nt home, to sav nothing ol the
���'Let  nm look  at the things,"  said; ��hy.    She  would  nol   say  any  more better  price  they  can  get over here i��",; ��� i  m _"���      ,','"'
IW- ii'1""" "'" Pe��fl necklBco which had lor their high grade when.. h,c,,use I? l     ' ^V , I'! H��-l""^'".1'���" T
Finchden beckoned him  under the heen  tampered  with,  or  express an of the advantage  wo secure in    Hie|.     r    ,    '   ,   i t      ���,0'}|w,t��
I nnln.nn    nu   In   >!,���   rln.l-nl.tl I      ,,..:,:   , ,.-i   ....!.._   ,,    _ ',' 00   lollllll   Ullt   lllllt   i"J!,l    Would   lltll'll.-
'������ gets
-P to the bottom of, Sir Charles Wakefield, an ex-mayor.
the mine. Geologists can offer no ex- endorses the same determination.  A
plnnalion.      'lhe owner built a shed j new vocation for cooks is looming up
over the mine, but had lo tear it down1 iu Ihese times.
|because ns soon os ihe sun's rnvs were!	
tho English Channel.
First Stoker (weary)- I'd like to find
the  merchant   'oo  Invented    boilers.!
The Lights
Of 65 Years Ago
Arc still doing duty in
the shape of
I opinion as lo lhe desirability of per- British market owing lo our superior
���  suuding Mrs. finchden to make secretI system  oi  grading.���Winnipeg  'IVI,..
i in.mil iii    io*t. nil    i.t'    nnlllnr,    in      ,1,,.    	
When Your Eyes Need Care    ln9nlrlM iHStei-d of calling in  the gram,
,*ll,irii,pKii.M..,l���ln. V..Q.,....:....   v...,-      I    '     .'
Uie MurineKicMeillolne. No8m_rtlni--reeli
J"��e���Acts Qulolily. Trj it lor Red, Weak,
hurt _je��__a Granule ted Eyeliiln. Murine li
romponnded by our OoiiIIbU��� not �� "Patent
Medicine ---but unci in su.cessfiil Pli>iii..i_u_:
met cei for m�����,v >f��rs Now dfiUriurii ,0
ine Public uml m.1,1 by D, ,i.Bis,,. >, soc rrr
Bottle. Marine Krc H*Ue. |��� AeeptloTttbei
Vie nnd 600, write for booli of tlie Etc Fri-e.
Mur,n��E����n��mtdyComp��ny, Chicago. Adr.
W      N.
But she w���s very absent-minded,! Teacher���Tommy, what is the ,lif-
very sad, and Puul had to respect her iterance between angling and fishing?
mood. Tommy���Well,   Hie   rich   man   an
gles and tho poor  man  fishes.--Chicago Herald.
Women  nre now employed  In tha
In Syria -ky line is (be mourning  block-system   sipnnl   service   lor the
color, Indicative ol the assurance that Lyon -Mediterranean      railway in
the deceased has gone to heaven,       | France.
iTo be continued)
A Syrian  Custom
One defeet of German diplomacy
seems to be a foolish habit of letting
important papers lie around loose.���
Charleston News and Courier,
When ll man begins to .shout that
lie is jusl as good as anybody, Hint
is one sign Hint he isn't.
Valuable deposits ot coul have heen]
discovered in Nigeria.
Sixty - five years ago
thc firstCunudinn-made
Matches were muile at
Hull by I'ddy and
since that lime, for
materials nnd striking
qualities, I'Md.v's have
been the acknowledged best.
When Buying Matches
Specify "Eddy's." THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. CL
I What The Huns Would Dol I   NO ALUM 1 ! Woman FoiUld
It bears the -
Seal of Purity
All over thc world llio
name .Sunlight Stands
(or purity in Soap. Our
$5,000 guarantee of
Purity is something
more than an advertisement, It murks tlio
Iii'iii standard wc have
set (or ourselves to give
you llic best laundry
.soap it \h possible to
produce ul nny price.
5? Soap
Germany's Idea ol the Meaning of the
Freedom ol tin* Seas
The "(r Inn, of lhe sea.-," thai dor-
many   wants   is   d dom   lo   paralyse
the sen-power of lho maritime States,
and first of all lhe BCii-powor of England, That, iis she well knows, was
ihe Invincible obstacle lo universal
over-lordship against whloh Napoleon,
whe "was ber oppressor, ninl is ber
model," iin shed himself in inin. Woro
il  removed     Ir   Inr    path  by  tho
"reforms" she advocates in International law. she would I"' free In pursue her ideal well-nigh unchecked,
We know whnt lhal Ideal is. We
bine learnt il from her speakers nud
writers, but most frniu her actions.
It is a German domination in all
branches of human nellvlty, founded
upon ibe brute force of a vast army
which Is moved by an autocratic
govei'iiincnl. Does any man fancy
lliul, II Germany luul lho power upon
Hie   wnler   that   she   lun   in   Belgium
nr in Poland, she would not use il
��ilh the sumo unscrupulous ruthless
nuss"   Would there bo lower I.usilun
IllS   Illl'l   fi'Wi'l'   S'llMi'Vl'S   wlll'll   sIlO   WHS
Kilting tlliill wlii'ii she i'i wi'iik?
Sim would I.iiiil herself, no doubt,
by suliiiiii Ireiilies, but she would
keep ihein as she kept Ibe solemn
I real
to aid nature occasionally when your
liver li sluggish, your stomach disordered or your bowel i  inactive,   Let
this safe, mild, dependable remedy
regulate ihese organs and put them
in a sound and healthy condition.
Lariceit Sale of Any Medlctno in the WnrJd,
Bold every whet-a.    Id boxci, 25 cent..
we art*
Canada's Supply of Nickel
Rich   Deposits   in   Cobalt   Dislri.:t  of I fiwhlonabln    bools,      They  wero   ���
Great Value to lho Empire Joubtcdly the feelola v ."
In a Zeppelin
What a French Officor Saw In Burning Wreckage
Among the inter, dins stutemonls
���-���inhered nl Rovlgny hv iho coirospon-
��� Iniii of tho "Petit Parisii u" rogardinn
Hie end of tho Knn'jclln brought down
in flames by tho French is thai of an
inhabitant of tho region whose evi>
donee suggests that there was a womun on board lhe airship,
"I wns scarcely more than twenty
yards away anion;' the peopl ��� crowded
round lho burning mar* of iho monster sky-raider," h ��� silid, "when I saw
n French officer, whom I knew, semi-
ini/.iug through his floldgloss a par-
lii'iilnr hoop ui burning wreckage, lho
flames of which Iii up the night,
' lie handod   in" tl In? ��� j, ���������<���
claiming, 'TjOok, th ro is no mistake,
ul i  it, n  woman was with them.1
Tn nough,  I  could    plainly   see'
tlirougli ihe glassi i two (lender feel
"hot    wiih   high-topped,   lilgh-1 led
In Time* el
When lho supply rn'
I  oil" Of ill"   Inn 111
s Hud pledged Imr lo defend Kniplr
Helgliui iioiitriilily aiul lhe laws Hun ;i'-'"i'r
Inrhid her lo sink merchantmen al
sight. 'Hint eonsldoration alone must
i-i >i i.-l in i ii mni'illinc nnlions, like
I'uglniid ami America, lo retain Iheir
lie. is. Did Ihey foolishly reduce their
mivli Germany might nl any moment
liar up iim new treaties consecrating
ihe "freedom of lho sens" and destroy
llieir trade on Lhat plea of military
ii ssily which justifies all lawlessness nnd all wickedness in lier eyes. -
London Times
kel bus bo-
 Is ol Lho
it  is well  lo recapitulate liie
s.  ilml   Canada holds of  the
coveted metal,
The  total   pi'oduelion  of  mallo  ot
Sudbury, (Int., In 11)10 was 07,703 ions,
nlaining 39,'"lfl,l8B pounds of copper
Onee a mother hns used Ruby's Own
Tablets tor her little ones she will use
nothing else. The first few doses
make her realize there i- nothing to
equal them iu making buby well and
unl 08.077.823 pounds of nickel, "and Jcet-pinor __��im woll. Concerning them
rallied by lho producers al ��2,070,000.   Mrs- ( ��� ������, Stilwell. Winthrppo, Sask.,
Most iiifiuiis are Inleslod by worms,
which eaiisr nival, suffering, and if
not pro'inplly dealt with may cause
constitutional  weaknesses difficult lo
in ,ly.    Miller's Worm Powders will
clear lhe stomach and bowels of worms
nml williso net upon llm system thnl
llii'i'" will    he in,   recurrence   of the
trouble,  .And not nnly this, but they
will repair tb" injuries, to th" organs, ,,,,,���
that worms cause and restore   them  I"'1;'"1 ",ri"'ll>: from Canada.
I ll"     I allllillllll     (Vi'.'i't'lllne
The tonnage ol ore smelted (part In
ine previously ronslcd)  was 1,272,23.").
The production In 1011 wns 40,390 Ions   .
of nmit", containing 28,806,825 pounds I.1,','',',.,.1.,  ,,,"'.','���".,,,,
of copper    and 46,517,037   pounds of
nickel, nnd valued nt ��1,438,000.
Tbe reported recovery of nickel
from lb" ores of the Cobalt district
was 55,325 pounds ol metals, and
200,032 pounds of nickel oxide. The
recovery in 1014 was f.02,512 pounds
of nickel oxide, Aboul 00 per cent,
of the Canadian nickel production is
exportn,I to tho United Slates, and a
far larger quantity of nickel finds ils
i way to lhe United Kingdom through
United Slides refineries  than  is ex-
writes:   "I have used Baby's Own Tablets for the past l"ti years and havo
found ihem so good tor my lilllc ones
p  n   ii".\-   in   the
iouso."  The Tablets are sold by i li-
cine dealers or by mail at 25 cents a
box from The Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Brockville, iini.
l.'il   well
Pulling  "Bisninrc.Trs"  to  Pieces
WATERPROOF COLLARS AND CUFFS TllO   latest    War   lillxilill ly    ill      di'l'-
Somethlns better tlmn linen and bis laundry many is lho do-coupcrising of statues
kills.   Wash it win, goap and water.   All] mr tlm n Is of the arsenal.     Slui'li
��or�� or direct.   Mine style ������d ,.,�����.   I'or, adverso nnd    unprintable   comments
_5c. WL* M ill,111.ill vim. , ',    ,
THU ARLINGTON COMPANY OF    have been  passed ���because some cor-
Canada, Llioliod porations have laid violent bands up-
SS Fraser Ave...... Torootu, Onlari. nil   I'isnilll'l'lr.   luollllllU'llts.      Replacing
��� ��� '.* copper will,  iron  has been  taken  as
���    i.    nu . n    Mr,          _,_._. iuf HI omen,    line paper went  ns  far
5*&8 Cottoa Root CoCipOQfitl ns to |,01U,   ,,��� __rttolo   against   ihe
A tafe, reliablerctntlalino' j eriiue, 'Oil Im  an buiir of Bismarck!"
medicine,   tiold in llireo de-	
srreefl of strength,  No.  1, !      A   _,.,,  _>..,._. , ..       ...     ,,
(I: No. ". J3t .No. 3. IE " PHI That Lightens Life.��� in Ihe
par box. Sold hy all man who is a victim of indigestion
druggists, or sent pre- t|,,. transaction of business becomes
receipt ,%,BpSS?MSt3 ��� ��n idded misery. Ifo, cannot eoncen-
pamphlet.   Address: t trate his mind upon his tasks and loss
TH-COOiiM-uiciN-CoJ nii'l vexation attend him. To such a
lOioaio,OMT. ("Midi wif_wj  men  I'armclee's Vegetable Tills offer
_-. _. relief,   A course of treatment, aocord-
_ *   ing to directions,  will convince him
DEAFNESS   IS  MISERY   of their great excellence.    They arc
l know because l w.iDc.f��nd dud Head   confidently recommended because they
ATi:?J,'irv^nMy"''- W/ii'-'i'ii'ie  will do al  thnl. is claimed for ihem.
Anti-septic_ar Drums .cored my near-
n�� and stopped Head Noises, a ndwllldo I "" "
u for you.   liny arc Tiny Megaphones. ,
Cannot be seen when worn,  Easy toput
in, cas:*to take out.   Arc "Uns,��� C'om-
forts."Ineipenslve. "VriicforBookletand    I,
���    ,/   -Drairnrnaiatomoutoftipirlrecovnrod     ,
^j/    niyllciinni;,     A. O. _J_0NA11D ol
'-^        Siil,e2''IM.o"U,Avo.   - . N V Clly    In
The Saturday Holiday
The beginnings   of   the   Saturday
half-holiday  might  lie traced  io an
Id-time    custom    among    Southern
planters.   "On Saturday's," snys Pro-
    ���'-.. ���-.  ��� I lessor Snnford in "The Story of Agri-
L03SES  SUREIY PREVENTED  culture," "for either the whole or a
liy Oltle.'J Bla-klm Pills. Loir- | part Of llll' dll.V. tlle slaves WOrO l'C-
���irlrcil, froali. r.-linl.le; profs-red I'/, Ipnsed from field woik In rnnnv enspq
Wimri, sioikimii iiti'.m* they em- | " .'���"���' " Irl,m in iu won,, in mail] . usi s
t��l where other vnecinei loll, ! HleV used tills llllle and SlIllil.'IVS in
Writ-, fur ljnohl.it ami tcptlmmiUli.    ,..i,-' ],   ,,.   .���,.,,   ���,,,,,,,,.   f,,,.   il,.,,,,.*,.I,.,,��
10-doio pkte. Blackleg Pilli $1.00 |��lueli Io enl li moiiei 101 tlieinseiies
jo-doio pkoc. Blackleg Pius 4.00    by luring out and   doing   odd   jobs.
Uso anx injector, but Cutlet's best, 1 q*,    ���     wore,   mnnv   In.tnneOQ   in   uhinl,
of Cutter products Is due to oscr U   in ere vyeio maiii   instances in wnieii
.    .    jus in vaocinei and sorums only.    , .slaves   purchased   their   freedom   and
l3_*oumBl,w^ "f ll"'ir ��amilies   wilh   "'onc,>'
 j earned in this way."
��HerapionSK5-S 'lMinard's L^^i~^s Diptheria-
r"M^o;'s,:vcl_V*J.!l,V,;:i.;'':*i;';Mi^!;^Vu'^ i  T|ie Sarl''"1 tJridee ��r Pc,tin. Kh]rh
hlbs  BiT.iKa mo mn ,;',i-.,.or i, .a. si post 4 cts ia few years ago, no one was permit-
fflM tuperlodtr <
foiONTo witiif* cut Fi.lE(. Bi
Mll> Co Mavrrstockrd HAM Pi
I'H. .l_Hvl*ltr\(..KtitrASTBLB
���SIT.tiOVI BTAMf All IM.t
un l.i Ci.i r.c
London.eno,   js n,,w    froclv used  hv thi-   Chinesi
SSlSo���"   pedestrians.  "
I.As, IM. CURS.   ! .
'iiti.ii\rn��r is on i ...
. o.nuinbrACKiii,   Minard's  Liniment Circs Colds,  Etc.
Feline  Agility Waiter   res, sir, omelettes has gono
A eat can turn completely over and *-P !'" account of the war,
land mi its paw.-, in a fall'of fifteen |,|ni'r  Great Scot    Aro they throw-
inches. "���_ CSSS tt' (''u''1 ctber?
Gloves   With   Fingers
It was In the twelfth century Hint
"loves with separate fingers were fir.sl
Visitor llu, whatever Induced you
to take up Bafo-cracl'lng fur n living?
"Oh I I dunno, lady. I guess I bad
��� natural gilt for it."���Life.
"It will, however, nnly be in res
peel, when the war i^ over, ll
nan fully appreciate llio pari played ��
by the army of Verdun and ils eon- j I
tribiilinn In lho general result, Wo
cannot yet bo sure of thc cxocl reason, or balance of reasons, for the
Oerman choice, There were certainly
nl, have| dynastic and economic, ns well as
nn agreement frmn lhe f. S. smelters military reasons. Tlio many luiluros
under which Ihere is a praclieai cer- of the German Crown I'rinco bad to J
tnintv Unit none of our nieltol goes to' be redeemed,   and the idea   tho
���ii'- vi ware id Letl
tlm ���. with lea **���
i tme, ibia my
other prepa .1 t
nude, "rdemt" 4
no) ia clectropLtt*
litg prepa 1
ren :i a t
but the ' ���!. :-i"-
Ins ' ��� lilverwAii
like new, put up
in cigiit ud eiyhx
teen-ounce boti es,
pa-.Io.sl tfa 1
In Cue
Delicate Young Girls,
Pale, Tired Women
There is no beauty in pallor, but
proof of plenty of weakness. IHxer*
Hon multcs your heart flutter, your
bank and limbs ache, and ymi sadly
need something to put some ginger
into your syslem, Try Dr. Hamilton's
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strong nerves, rosy cheeks, laughing
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Hamilton's Pills, which are an old
family regiedy of great renown.
Thousands use no other medicine and
never have a day's sickness of any
kind. Get a '-'Oc. bos today. Sold by
all dealers.
striking victory here would confirm
and extend Germany's bold upon Ibe
mineral basin of Lorraine, which is
essential to her inn, and Bteel inaiiu-!
fncliirers, was probably not foreign I
to the decision. Anion;: military reasons, probably the strongest wns that
franco could bo given a knock-out
blow, whereas another thrust into
Russia would not be decisive, even
if successful, and any success upon
the llritish front in Prntiee was highly
problematical."- -G. II. Ferris in T.om-
dou Chronicle,
nil ,   11 .m   ,;,   SH*_.|< I-.I
Tnn       "V ,   ui   "' 0,   ,-' ,
ffsl !__    M !:.*'.:���,1.        I
I. ile ,.: "-t ID 1
.rn 1 ii, a Iviiu,
_!��..i uhin_, i-
u , rar duuiiM �����
abtala   i>#.    Vsi-a
-juv.     ���������       .u     ���-.
r.,,-" " ..    .1     W
IL.I . :.. ,1 ' , Il,��
I .���   I M    '. '-
I ������.;���! I   ' I, Ml,
.iff'.-,     ". I     I-'
-        ,        ���,    ,. ���      ,
-ill   U,   f rm        -
rn ,      . .��� ��� .
, ,,,- ,_J i*. ."in,-'.
Ifaankl  rn,  ���-..,   ���.,,-
Ti,r.'iU', :' inr -.,
Ion   etliT.     "a   �����������  ha   -   | 11    , ���*   W��J*
ribout   0.   r_.l   sbo,.   Ill-",    0*    saaol ... '���
Don't thlnkr this oflar too ic*i to '"��� On.   an     *i-
���20  oont*.  uilar  .nil  '*���"   ��   y "-    '-":' ���>
*,", ,��  _.i��ri"l -W1U.UM1   *   r    '���' ���    '������-
jswsllsrsIDspt.l*si.SO,Coiaw-Ua     ... ...:.������._
Il-I       ���   ��� r -^
Lake Tanganyika, which  hns been
frequently mentioned of late in connection   with  General  Smuts'  campaign, is 'J.700 feet above the sen.  It
I is about "100 miles long, indented by | st
I capes   so   that  steamers   take   three
day-, lo get fr  one end of the -100
miles to the other.
Safety First
In "Farm and fireside" is an account, of tho simple method lhal
ought to be employed everywhere by
which a farmer saved his property:
"One pail of water standing at the
foot of a bidder leading to the haymow saved our barn," we. read.
"Lightning struck the barn, killing
two calves, then ran along to thc top
of the haymow. My husband grabbed
the pail and ran up the ladder in
time lo put out the lire, but if lie bad
hud to wait to draw Hint water it
would have been too late." So if full
protection is not possible, don't neglect, tu keep a few pails of water
If one be troubled with corns nnd
warts, be will find in Hollowoy's
Corn Cure an application that will
entirely relieve suffermir.
Customer (in barber's chair)���So vou
haven't beard Von Thumper, the
famous pianist? Barber���No, Them
Ions-haired fellers never patronize ine|2an_ibor made the island H
Heligoland  Germany's  B i wirk
A movement has been orgai   ���
Germany for ereetin.
honor  of   fount   I 'a, mi.
Imperial Chancellor, on l
Heligoland. It was durin    I   il   ta
mans rule in the affairs , | tl
lion  thut  Lord  Salisbury ceded
island   in   exchange   for
peaking lhe other day io tl     R
II. rr  Wn! Isteiu, a Radical  .
plllv. snid :���-- "W ���  have
in. ourselves  with n ei rl un  :'
of horror what would have ha]
if Heligoland had still I   .,    i
llritish  fortress,     With   -   .
feeling of gratitude we musl i
today the man wIn, by lhe 1 rer~   !
why should 1 patronize t-hem?���-Musical America
"I gorry, I'm tired I" "There you go!
You're tired! Here T be n-standin'
over a hot stove all day, nu' you
workiif in a nice cool sewer!"
est bulwark of our German
Policeman: What nre you  .*,
'ere for'- Loafer: N'uffink.  Pi li
Well, just move on.   If everybod
to stand in one place, how ,vo::!I th,"
rest get past?
The  Memory ol the Dead
In  several  cities  in  Canada there
are monuments to locnl heroes who
fell in the South African war nnd generally a  .small    bronze   plate Is blgl
enough  to  contain    the    dozen  nr  sn
names.  The monuments that will risei
wlii'ii the presenl great war is ended
will be different  iii thai respect. The
casualty lists in nun encounter today
would   cover  the   base  of   the   largest
memorial now standing.
Parents !
You may rest assured
of one thing, Cowan's Maple
Buds will not harm your children
*��� buy them for yourself and
The Worst is Yet to Come
"Hell let loose," says Vorwearts, the
organ of German socialism in describing tlio food riots in Berlin. It
may bn exaggeration. Even if true,
however, it is nothing compared with
what ii- going to "break loose" when
the still deluded German people come
to fully realize the extent of the crime
committed against them by Prussian
Junkofism,���New York Herald.
The old gentleman's wife was getting into a carriage, and ho neglected
t'. assist her. "You arc not so gailnr,t,
John, as when I was a gal," she exclaimed, in gentle rebuke. "No," was
bis ready response, "and you are not
so buoyant us when I was a boy."
Tea in Burma
Most of thc tea raised in Utinn.i is
pickled and eaten as a condiment.
N.     U.
and Specks before the Eyes
Liver dorangemont is the cans.* behind these distrcs-in? con-
diiions, and only restoration of perfect natural action can effect
lusting cure. That is why Hr. Cassell's Instant Relief is so
immeasurably superior to tho old-fashioned "cathartic liver-
pills and aperient salts. Such things can only giro pacing
relief by fureiujj; tho liver to unnatyrnl action, and hnve to
bo continued. Dr. Cassell's Instant Relief strengthens tba
liver, and so brings about natural actinn in a natural man-or.
Take Dr. Cassell's lastant Relief for constipation, biliousness, torpid
liver, sick headache, dizziness, specks before the eyes, flatulence and
windy spasms, acidiiy, heartburn, impure blood, and that dull, heavy
feeling which is a sure indication of liver trou.la.
Ash for Dr. Cassell's Install Relief and lake no tub tiluts.
Price 50 cents, from all Druggists and Storekeepers,
or direct from tlio Sole Agents for Canada, Harold F. Biteiio anil Co-
Ltd., 10, SfcCa_.0tr.oti Toronto.   War Tax 2 cents extra.
Dr. Cassell's Instant Reliei is tho companion lo Or. Cassell's Tablets
Sol* Proprietori: Dr. Camtt'i Co., Ltd.. Manchetttr, ����.;_���__. ���Nt~~~-
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardy Si. Biseoe
Comox, B, C.
Best Meals North of NailiaillO
Choicest Liiqtiors and Cigars
C, A. M.iitin,  Prop,
Willurd's Harness Emporium
line Showing nl Horse Blankets,  l,ap
I'uus, i'.lov,"., Trunks, Suit Cases,  lite.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
6th Co. Can. Engineers
Training That Is Uuseful In
Civil Life
Innumerable Trades Taught Men Who
Enlist in Engineering Units
for Oveiseas
Palace Livepy
Ilsrses  and   Busies  for   Hire  a.
Terms cash.
We also attend  to wood hauling
Courteuay Phone aj
���ALI,   KINDS  OK���
Soft Drinks,
Ice Cream, Lunches,
Tobaccos and Candies
Cold Lunches, Salads and Sandwiches
on sale at
J. R. Johnston's
Marocchi Bldg.      Courtenay
It is not generally known that ill
a ldiiion to being taught everything
tint an infantryman is instructed
In, the Sapper of the Canadian Engineers lenriis ninny things useful
iu civil life He is therefore con*
tinua'ly being prepared for tlie return to civil duties ut the end of lhe
lie is  taught   bridge  building,
, building construction, roud building
use of explosives, geometry, construction of piers, derricks, liiciner
I ator*, drains, water  system11,   the
I use of blocks and tackles, knots,
lashing uml splicing. Careful men
who are going to enlist  should n-
I member thi**. Moie men are wanted, aud wanted  quickly,   for  the
j Engineers.   Sixty mtii are wanted
I immediately.
Men tlesirious of enlisting in tlie
Engineers should apply at the nearest Army Doctor or Recruiting
Station, or communicate direct with
the Officer Commanding at Headquarters, North Vancouver. B, C.
On receipt of Attestation papers and
Medical History sheets, transportation will be forwaided for journey
to Vancouver.
The officers and non-commissioned officers school of Military Engineering commence, on Monday 31st
of July. Any one can join this
school and successful candidates
will obtain a Sergeants certificate
before going Overseas. A considerable number of men have received
commissions after ebtainiug this
You cannot eat your
eake and have it
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing that the ingredients are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Cakes of all descriptions mai'e
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
Health Salts
The Ideal Disinfecting Fluid
Creditor*  Trust  Deeds Act
and Amending Acts
NOTICE is Hereby given that Thorcas
Dixon Hind ot Comox. late 01
Courteuay, B. C, carrying on business
an Tailor and Uentlanin's outfitter, has
by dted of assignment dated the 24th
lay of July, 1916, assigned all his real
and personal property, credits and effects
wliicli may be seized or sold under execution to me, Arthur W. H. Shepherd,
of Courtenay, B. C.
And further take notice that a meeting
of Creditors will be held at the office ol
Mr, Theed Pearse, Mill St., Courtenay,
on Thursday, the 10th day of August,
1916, at 5 o'clock, and you are hereby
notified to attend either in person or by
AH creditors are further required to
file with me particulars of their claims,
and any securities held by them, duly
verified, within thirty days of this notice
after date which I, as assignee, will proceed to distribute the estate, having regard only to such claim as shall then be
ii led,
Dated at Courtenay this 28th day ol
July, 1916.
Card of Thanks
We take this opportunity of thanking
the people of Courtenay and the surrounding district of Comox for their
generous patronage during the past year
that we have been in business.
TENDERS will be received either al
Cumberland or Courtenay up to
-ivpt. 1st, 1916, lor 10 acres of land
iartly cleared, belonging to tlie late
.uim HlgghlB, of Comox, 11. C, u���.\
HI per cent, of   nlTei to  be   deposited
\ it li oiler.
Highest or any tender not   ueccssirih
Official Adiniiiistraloi
rENDERS will be received at un
ollice at Cumberland or Courtenai
l. C, up to Sept. 1st, 1916, for 4 acre;
d laud and Improvements belonging ti
he late George Williams, of Comox, U,
... deceased.
Terms cash, 10 per cent, of purchasi
,)nce to be deposited with offer.
Highest or any tender not  necessarily
Official Administrator
Business Section
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steainfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9_i.    ...... Courtena-
Destroyed by
About io o'clock on Friday night
the Courteuay Optra House was
discovered to lie on fire, licit
Whittle, tha manager, wiisjusti'lus
lug up, aud when turiiluiri out tlie
red lights at the rear heard a crackling noise which lis thought wns
tlie large water tank which supplies
tlie hotel runiiiiij- over, After put
ting out the lights he gsthered up
the films and was just u'>ihk out
the front dour when he heard the
cry "lire," Shortly afterwardathe
hell on the Presbyteiinu church
rang out ils wm uing,
A large crowd of citizens quickly
gathered, and everything possible
was carried out of Ihe Opera house
first, the picture machine and the
piano being saved, All the shops
on that side ot the street were
quickly emptied of their contents,
and had there been any d\ niunilo in
town Anderton's office might havi
been blown up and Marocchi's saved. The Cue quickly spread to all
tiie buildings on tlie south side ol
the street, and ihe heat soon set lire
to tlie Calhoun und McKean blocks
where the occupau'.s, assi.itecl by
many willing workers, were dialing the stores of goods. The R,.y-
al Hunk also caught about that time
ai:d a shot was put into it after
most of the furni'.ure had been taken out Il did not do any good
however,and tlie building burned
up, Wet blankets were held over
the corner of the Riverside hotel-
and water poured ou the roof by
willing workers, and the building
was saved, the only damage being
to tlle windows and the paint.
The Perez block on Isabel street
was the last to go. It caught from
the large shed back of the Calhoun
block. The water in the well un
der the "Review" office had by this
time been exhausted, and it was
impossible to save the block, In it
were Robinson's Cafe. Mrs. Halli
uav's private school, and the Review, with a large press room at
the rear.
The following are the sufferers
by the conflagration, and the estimated losses ;
Opera house $5000, contents $2-
000, insurance $5000. Fechuer's
block $5000, insuranc $3000 Fech
uer'a pool room, loss #1000. Whit
tie & Jackson lo'rs about $2000.
Fechuer's building, lately occupied
by J. Fitzgerald, $600. The only
offices occupied in the upper storey
of the Fechner block was Dr. Morrison, dentist, whose loss is very
small, C. Russell the barber who
had just purchased the business
lost about $200, no insurance,
P. I,. Anderton, real estate dealer,
lost a few valuable articles, including
the paraphenalla of tlie Woodmen of the
World, wliicli was stored upstairs. Some
goods belonging to Hugh Stewart were
also 111 this ollice. Marocchi's bakery
was totally destroyed. Joe Tillto was
the only occupant of tlie rooms upstairs
and it was owing to the forethought and
com age ol Miss Maude Creech that he
���vns wakened and got out. Tlle loss is
ilniiil $.luui) with JIOOO insurance. J. K
Johnston's confectionery store was also
in Ihis building and his loss is about
"lull, not Including a ton ol ice he hud
j.ist put ill that morning and which the
tire only melted a little over hall. Mar-
,'ochi's also had about 100 loads ol mill
wood piled ap on llle lot next to their
shop which made a hot lire and ignited
dipt. lleiidneU's ollice. which was soon
destroyed. Everything of value wus in
the sale but tbe Captain's fishing rod
.vhicli those who carried out the furni-
.ure somehow overlooked. The thick
underbrush here formed a screen which
saved the new city hall. The trees and
rence on the side of Isabel street also
.creened Dr. Millard's house which was
saved; bis garage got quite a singing
but the constant spraying oi water prevented its burning.
On the north side ol Union street the
sufferers are the Royal Hank, building
���55000, contents $2500, insured; Loggie
Bros., gents' furnishings, lost their fixtures and small quantity of stock, no insurance. P, McBryde's bakery loss
about $500 in stock and $600 on the
oven. The Calhoun block iu which
they were located cost  about  $7000 two
years ago was insured for $4000, The
McKean block was the next building totally destroyed, insurance $5000. In it
were Kiisbida, the Jap tailor, who loses
$300; Robertson's drug store, loss estimated at $6000, insurance $3000, Upstairs is the Knights ol Pythias hall and
other olliccs, the loss is $400. Tlie race
track tables were stored there and uo
trace of them has been seen since, loss
$30, The P.'rez block in which Cooke
& Miittli.'wsoii, butchers, was also loudly destroyed, together with Mr. Pare/
pool room upstairs; the loss on the block
is .KjOOU, the pool room $1000, small In-
suriili.v; Cooke ,*.   Mallhewson's   loss is
estimated at $600, insurance $.150.
Shepherd's grocery was iu the next
building, also belo'igiiig   to   Mr, Paiez. /
This loss was estimated ai about $1700,
Mr, Siiiiins, the jeweller, building was
a total lass.    A great  deal of  the   more j
valuable stock was iu the safe.    A lot of
other goods and  tools   were   destroyed,
loss $1000, covered bv insurance,
ciiiis. Ilroivn's furniture store was
saved by strenuous efforts wilh water
ami blankets, The roof was badly dam*
aged by heat, the side windows broken
and llic paint scorched, which is covered hv insurance,
The I'urez block on Isabel contained 4
small stores, one was vacant, the next
was occupied by Tbos. Robinson as a
cafe, be got practically all of bis belongings out and suffered only about $100.!
Mrs. Halliday's school was next and the
forms and hlacboards etc., were destroyed; loss ,.ill not exceed $100. The Review offices were situated in the end of
the building, Most of tbe type, and a
large quautity of paper was saved. The
pressroom containing stones, two presses
and paper cutter were destroyed, loss
exceeds $1000, n * insurauce.
The Orange Lodge had some regalia
in Loggie's store which was lost.
The origin of the fire is wrapped in
mystery. The theory of a faulty electrical connection is refuted by the fact that
the wires were dlscouiiected whin lhe
soldiers vacated the premises lasl march,
Boys hnve been in the luibli "I collecting
Up stairs and sim.king, and Ihu theory
that Ibis is how the I'm' originate I Is
strengthened by lhe facl lhal ti i oupje ol
suspected youths were Been comiiigoul
of tho passage between the Iwo buddings about 9.30 o'clock,
Insurance adjuslors hnvi been In lown
all week.
When the fire In llu Ri \ U ol
Bee was at its hi tlesl il wns decided lo dynamite Mr. In.. ��� i nl-
luge iu xi to ii. A hea\ j ehnige
smashed thr building to kin ling,
which wns quickly throw u into the
blaze, ami a clem space kept n li ic h
checked llle flames, 11 nd n wind
been blowing tlle whole I'esideiith'i ,
section in the orchard would have
been wiped out. Tliesnvlng of the
Riverside hotel no doubt snvi-il lhe
Willard and McPhee blocks.
R. Willoughby, the La-lar who-e
shop was iu the building occupied
by P. 1.. Anderton, nnd owned by
Hurry Idiens und others, 1.>-i a few
customei's smis, also some cloth
and other material Willing hands
had carried mosl of his goods oul
piled them in the street opposite,
and they were destroyed when Ihe
opposite buildings were burned,
Mr. Willoughby's sewing machine
was saved, but wus run into by in,
automobile nud one 1.';.; broken off.
He has fixed it np with n wooden
one and it works just us goo i ur, ever
His loss is about $400, no iusur--
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McBryde's Bakery &
Tea Rooms
Calhoun Block Courtenay
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Baking Confectionery Technical College
Sweet and Moist
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