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The Review Aug 9, 1917

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"WI'WW ���������.��. ��.��,
Can not be done any hotter, and
not unite no well anywhere ejus
hercabouto. Our typo antl mn-hin-
ery ie complete ami Tlio Review
prices ire right
Gents' Furnishings
and Hatters
VOL. 5
ND. 3_i
for Mrs.' P. Campbell, Lake Trai!, Courtenay
Tuesday August   14,
Household Furniture arc! Esfects
Telephone 10
\~> \j>
0 u s
Gents rurai;
6.    >    F
lent Ladies'High
Received  This
Week���You are Invited to
See Them
Local Lines
Hugh SL.'.vart', M f,. A. leuv -
for Victorl i on Monday,
Harold Siiuuis is up from V'ic-
toriu foi a few days,
Jam. i Knighl. of Campbell River was a visitor in town o.j l'u .
At a meeting of the Con   .
Association held ,ast  i.i. hi.   a  re-
solutii ii ri. coiidoleti-e. wa:
and will In- foi warded to I,
llryde and her daughters.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W   Sutliff, Prop.
The news of the death ol Sir
Richard McBryde in London oil
Tuesday morning eaus-d sincere
sorrow throughout our fair valley.
Sir Richard wuS the most distinguished son uf British Columbia,
and for thirteen years was leader
in the political life of the province.
Ill health compelled him to relinquish the Premiership two and n
half years ago, when   he  accepted
1870, ai New Westminster, wns
educated Ihere, and graduated from
Dalhousie University in 1890. He
gained u re 1n1tnli1.il as a lawyer and
entered tlle political arena in 1896.
Im* was defeated, In iSy_ lie
was elected for Dewduey* and
from that date was a leading man
in th. Conservative parly, The
mantle cf leader fell to him ill 1903
and his governnieni warn   sustained
Tlie delegates in
the di
in the Liberal Coin
m 1
ville un Tuesday w
1  1
]. VV, McKenzie, J
n, 1
ton; I.a/o,l\ J.  Al
ey, C, f-igolt: Can
ell 1
Crawford, VV. Mel
A Itrw weeks agi
.���'   .
a laigt-' rabbit   beh
Crockett ui ihc Lo
ilently mistakihg ii
leer,    A amp!, of
uie,   evidently   ii.
��� :.'..
shol his valuable d
is going mi lhe   wi
won't lie healthy ft
l.i :
nan" if John finds
[t pays lu ad'   1
Revii W.    A few \
-. C,
I'igoll lasl   a  rovi
Lazo.    He   at!i-li
ihc Review.     La
Acton of Dena 111
word that he ha i
_ C
Needles-   to   sav
pleased lo get his i
for that pic-nic call in the store and see the goo-1
things that we eave put or display for
the 1st of July
Ganong's   Chocolates,    V 11 j ars
and a aplendid assortment of Biscuits
The long expected shipment of pipes has just arrived from the East and are now on display. They
are real beauties, all shapes and sizes and at such
a price that nc one need suffer for the lack of
" The best of all smokes " Prices
from 35c to $1.25
the appointment of Agent-General again in 1907. and in 1911 he ear-
in London, which post he occupied ried the country with scarcely any
until two 01 three months ago, opposition, retiring in 1915. He
when he resigned, intending to re. leaves a widow and six daughters
1 turn to B. C. in search' of health, to mourn his loss, to whom thesym-
, Sir Richard was born in  December pathy of the nation is extend 2d.
Drug Store
New Premis?'. Next to
Royal Bank
Childrens Overalls���Just the thing fur
children during the summer, at Sutli.1..
We pay the  highest   prices   for
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116 1.2 cents   per   pound   dressed.
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' ciety, Courtenay and Cumberland,
Phone 2.
I    Children's  Shoes    All   the best  and
most sensible styles, at Sutliff's.
New two horse power Fairbanks
gasoline engine for sale cheap at
the Ford Garage.
Hats-All the latest shades and styles
at Sutliff's.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
j metal  and   old rubbers see  Win.
Douglas, Courtenay,
1    Cleveland Bicj'cles   and  bicycle
supplies at the Ford oarage,
I House to Let���At comer of l'u.
1 ion Street and Cumberland Road.
1 Also lot adjoining For partial-
. lars apply at Review office.
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Soft Drinks.
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For Sale���3 grade Jersev cows,
milking ; one " years old aud two 5
vears old ; 3 Holstein yearling
heilers, alsn 2 Jeisev heifers 6 mos
old Apply E. Every Clayton,
Mrs. Kilpatrick left ou Tuesday
on a visit to Vancouver.
Dr. Krompton who for a numper
of vears was a practising physician
here evidently does not intend to
return to Vancouver Island for a
time. He is reported to have purchased a practice iu Gloucestershire, Eng.
Health Salt
Lemonade  Crystals
1 bottle makes 2 gallons of
delicious Lemonade
25c per Bottle
of all kinds
W.G. Robertson
Courtenay Drug Store
Comox Creamery
55c per lb. this week
P/Ien's Women's Boys and Girls'
In all the Latest Styles and at
the Lowest   Prices   Possible
New Styles Ladies & Mens' Shoes Arriving
Phone  48
Bailey  Block
lock     I TKK    RRVTEW.   COUBT-tfff*.   ���. L*
The squire s
I -mU��   Mttboune, l.i  I **,!.
Bear," she said, "an' Iher won'l be
catin' nor drhikiii1 nor sleepin1 for
il nl child iill lhal 'orrhl thing's heen
found, lie 'ad il Ihere by the pond,
I asl lime V losl H 'e drove us all
slllj iill 'twas Found. His Lordship
'i wenl ini" low 11 special and bought
.1 I'cdtty ll. .ii as liki as like from
Hanile.y's, but lhal llu re child 'caved
it triil of Iii'. col and roared more llian
i vcr, ��� I tlou'i Knott 'ow he knows
hi-, own nasty .eddy unless it's by
the smell, for ii is i" an 'ocrid stale,
through sharing Billy's bread ajul
milk and bein1 pui to 'hep with
him,    Vou didn't 'uppeu lo see il?"
"No," said Mrs. Barllett, "I didn'l
see. it."
She was noticing how the girl's
fresh cheeks were puckered and her
eyes  watering,    Had  .ill  the    world
children,   She had .r deftness and liu.   suddenly gone grej
mor iu presenting these .bunched-up
long-legged children of lhc rich and
lhc aristocracy which was really dis
tiiiguishe.il. lift- studies of the children in their wide-spreading frocks,
Willi their Toms and tlio while-clad
nurses, had a French brilliance    and
The under-nursc wenl' on h>r way,
bin overlook Mrs. Bartlett in .t few
"Teddy's gone," she said, "and n
good riddance too, Bin nol one of
our people'll sleep tonight. I forgol
lo tell you ili.it your young holy met
gaiety, Lionel Ugcrlou had pro- a friend after you'd gone and went
phesicd great things for Dolly ii she away with him out of the ("aniens,'1
would only work ni her art of pre- She glanced curioiislj al the face
senling those delightful babies and]under the blue tinted veil, which
tlurir accessories.    , suggested a lis id color behind it.
She wus laughing when Kate left
her, with irresistible gaiety at n child
who had dropped her shoe in the
water and was being scolded by her
nurse. The liltle lady had reddish-
brown eyes and hair, and a small,
pule face. Slur looked so like her
I'oni as she siootl in her frilly frock,
looking up at her nurse, lhat Dolly,
hastening to sketch her, was bubbling
over with laughter. She had made
friends with the nurses, to whom she
would display her sketches, so that
till<: might laugh till ahe was ivet-cyed
wilhoui offending anybody.
Mrs, Bartlett was absent longer
than she had meant lo be. Slur bad
had some difficulty in procuring one
of her ingredients. She was vexed
al ilu' delay, and. whereas since she
had left Silverdale behind her she
had been for .tiling her sorrows and
allowing herself lo bc happy, ihe
strangest sense of depression, of discouragement had tome upon her after she lefl her young lady in the
Gardens. She had been forgetting
that danger existed. Now it came
hack to her villi a leaden coldness
ihui .\li--s Egerton might slill be in
Ry the time she armed iu sighl of
the Round Pond the nurses and child
irn were going home to nursery dinner. A good many had already departed. A cold casl wind had sprung
up, shaking tlie leaves from the
boughs, Tin- sky was suffused with
a hard grcyness. The dust began to
risi in little swirls and eddies. Without thc sunshine the Gardens looked
grey and chilly enough,
Why���where was Miss Dolly?
Mrs. Bartlett looked in stupefaction
al ihc Mat when she had left her
young lady silting. There was no
one there now. She looked about
her eagerly, pushing up her veil bc-
cause the blue shade ol it hindered
her vision while il disguised the sears
i.ii her face; she looked in all direc-
lions. There was no Miss Dolly. Had
she found il too fold ;uid gone hack
lo the studio? Thai must be it! Thc
wind wns certainly very nipping for
'W'hih- 5hc stood there lhc Uisi of
tlu mail-carls und the nurses and
children passed through the gates.
Those whom' Mrs. Bartlctt had seen
were strangers to her; none of the
friendly group that used lo gather
round lo Inspect Miss Dolly's pictures and io pose Miss Belly or Master Peter as slu wished ihem to
She looked aboul her helplessly.
She wished slu. had thought of asking om ol lhe nurse-. She saitl to
1 , rsell lhat Miss Dolly would hi
1. i'i .. message, would nol ha-
frightened her bj leaving her lo find
hei si at einply. The-l she reminded
hcrsell lhat of course Miss Dolly
would nol know that her going away
wpuld cause such terror as was making Mrs. Bartlett's hearl heat fast
and lur hands lum cold and clammy.
Mi-.s Doll) km �� her i ay about London verv well, especially about these
parts. She would have fell the wind
keen and gone back lo thc studios,
leaving perhaps a message with lln
.rii'iidlj nurses which thr; had nol
waited lo delivi r.
Shi wished now that she had not
gone so Far in search of lhat particular ini'.i-i dienl for lhc dish to hc laid
befon the Squire, of which he would
inter know the composition, bciiig
so much in love.
Miss Dolly would lu- waiting her
lunch, loo. Mrs. Burtlelt started to
walk towards the gale, feeling that
everything wove ,i blighted look,
withoul  thinking upon the cast wind.
She alniosl rem hed ihr Kale when
one of the undcr-nurscs who had
been sitting on the same seal with
Dolly, coming hack for something,
n,ei   her  (ace  to  lace.
"Thai child, Bill>, 'as lost 's Teddy
"A friend," said Mrs. Bartlett, turning to her sharply. "Whal kind of a
friend? A very handsome gentleman, tall and slightly grey? Looks
as if he might he anybody?"
"Now you're 'aving me," said the
nurse "lie were as black as my 'at,
antl had sonic lovely curls. Qrcy���
not him! He weren't exactly the
.sort to he your young lady's friend
neither, nol Lo mj mind. I've lived
in good 'ouses, and I know wot'.
wot. That's why I thought I'd lell
you. We wailed as lone; as wc could
for you Io conic back."
.Mrs. Barllett uttered sueh a sound
as startled the good-nalurcd, chattering girl,
"Vim poor soul," she said. "Woi's
ihe mailer?    \re yon feclin' bad?"
Mrs. Bartlett supported herself,
catching a railing and holding on to
ii like giim death,
"Which way did she go?" she asked, iu a queer thick voice,
"Wot way. W'y, il were a taxi
they took. I know a young man that
drives a taxi on ihis rank. Maybe
he'd know somcthink if he's nol away.
I hey looked a queer collide lo he
together. We were all agreed on
lhal. Dial lhc Teddy Dear! Jus;
you wait hen till I see it my young
man's on lhe tank."
She cam
The taxi did ii, although ihe port  No Teuton Prince for Dutch
ers were slamming ihe carriage door" _____
by lhc time she reached .he platform. Accldent t0 Quecn Slar(s    Move  ��fl
Settle Question of Succession
The train  was prclly
in   where  she  could.
Al Folkestone llie cold casl wind I One consequence of lhe train accii
had turned lo cold rain. People had dent in which Queen Wilhcllnina had
donned overcoats and mackintoshes, a narrow escape [j-oni death will ho
The sea looked a livid grey-green col h|,c passing of * bill sealing ih��
or, nol reassuring for had sailors. | question of the succession lo lh��
(To Be Continued.) I throne ot Holland.   This is extreme.
 .  Ily complicated owing to lhe net ol
.,.,     ,. , , , : family lies wliicli lhe reigning family
Ihc Qerman rime-Table i,-__. ,,_.:.,n,. ���,   ,��� Vi'
has.v especially m Germany.     Were)
On  I'ebruary  I  it was announced willrclmlna to die licfore her daualii
' tank." thai Britain would be brought lo her her   | nlinna,  who is now K years ol
hack quickly, They were knees in  three  months.     l*hc    Ger |ngfi u,c question of a regency would
in luck.    Her friend remembered the mans have always  bad  s c    ti
couple quite well.   They had got in- table of lhal    kind,   and invariably
to his cab first, but hc had.only jii_l|sonicllijng has gone wrong with lh
come back to the rank and his petrol
was    exhausted.       The    gentleman
llu-   enemy   could   bring America
into the war.    lie cannot starve us
I out   of  il.       He  cm   happily   compel, ,���
,,. i ' ' ��� '        I porarilv,    nor    it
us   o cu   na Lc tine economise and ir i.i        i
' rangb    as cep  by    a
would not wail for lhc lank to be I'i
filled, Thej had gol into auoilu
cab.     I.'baring     Cross     Station     w.i
where ihe\  wanted to go to. h'"<   ���1'"1  re-organize    lo still   belter
Mrs. Barllett had been standing in ""ll hctlcr purpose than  he  thought'
an attitude so suggestive 0f illness -n-l possible.      lie    can    rouse America,
become  acute, wilh  the  result    that
the next of kin would come to   the
Ihrotic at least temporarily.   The nexl
of kin is a prince oi  I'.uss.
Netherlander! do not want a Cier��
iu    prince  lo  rule  I hem  even ti'iu-
Ihcy  waul to bo
vent    wliicli
intoxication lhat a young policeman, Ice Bi.tisl   energy and invention, >                  	
Passing by, -lopped for a second to ic very ii    o.t.    He   can    prolong '     gcl���e\h   mHtl     ������. ll���.���1.,
look al her beiore resuming his slow '   war. q tic contrary to lis   des-
wa k     Sudden v s ie seemed  lo   nice per He   in in   on    o  s oi c     il.       Mr ,        ���        i-                            V ,,; ���
, ''"������    oiinuciii) mii  siuutu ui man i tactless  in    discussing    and  deciding
herself no   In become  i erl 'ind lensc tan no. hit   be Aus   n   Miioie wilh '                    ���         i ���_    fl                 ���     .'ii
utis.ii up, io ii mini anu ami tense. >                            .,���,,,, lie succession wine   he queen is sills
"Thank  vou," she  said.    "I'm    all a shrewder    and  more  patient    ten '
righl again.    I hope you'll find    llic aeity.    But he cannot  deprive    om. nlive and in good licaltli.
lopes is i,u off, hut al was
looted  by  yesterday's accident    may
>iiii- al any liuie. German news*
papers, referring lo the efforts ol the
I>iit.It to settle the matter for them.
Ives, reproach Holland with being
Teddy Bear or another as good. I
know lhc man you saw with my
young lady. He has been sent by
her brother lo fetch her home I
onlv hope lhe child's noi look very
"My young ni.iii did say he fancied
ii was ibe. Continental express; 1
suppose hc were mistook," the nurse
said, turning away, apparently satisfied with the explanation.
Mrs. Ilarlh tt look lhc lirsl lasi on
lhe rank.
"Charing Cross Slation," she said.
"1 want to catch the Continental express. I'll give you a shilling extra
if you do il." ���
amines oi essential material any Queen Wilhelmlnas behavior li.
more Ihan our people of food, or pre-   lhc  mishap    was    admirable.        She
Vtnt ilu Allies and A rica from ac   alighted  from  lhe    hall    overturnc*!
cumulating lhc  military  force  which! royal ear nnd helped to bandage ilia
will settle the war.    Prom lhc I.on- wounded, cheering up everybody. He.
don Ohscrver. calm courage endeared her still mons
._   iin ihe  Dutch people.    Nevertheless,
"I can tlways tell when my hus lh. newspapers are starting a cani-
band is going' to bc close wilh his P��'S" -�� readl a" ^> ?��l em,=nt ��
moncVl" a question  so vital to  Hollands flit.
"llv bis far-away look when I nsk
him for some."
Having something for a rainy day
is all righl, unless it is the rheumatism.
Physician���Your case is such, m��<��
dam, thai lime alone will effect ti
Mrs. Randall���Then il is hopelcs',
for  I  never have even live inlnutcs���
N.     U.
Our papers are cleansed, treated and purilied wilh Rc-fuied Parafine Waxes and Disinfectants.
'I'hey add lo lhe Freshness, Cleanliness a���d Purhy of your goods.
They preseive ;he Color and Quality of Fresh and Cooked Meats anil are Germ-proof, Moisture-proof
and Grease-proof,     They will not stick to lhe Meat.
Appieford's Carbon Coated Counter Sales Books aie no dearer ihan the ordinary kind.     Now made
new improved Formulas  and  Appliances and  better  than  ever belore.      Ifo'ou are not a customer,
i us for a sample book,
Appleford Counter Check Book Co., Limited
\\ ri
'tfci-f*; -*!___
'Jews Driven From
Their Homes by
-ri.'1 i
A *'2 in J Shoe Polish' is ma���.e for every U8Q* For Clack SKoftS,
"2 in X Black" (paste) ond "2 in 1 Black Combination" (pasteand
liquid); for White Shoes, "2 in 1 White Cake" (ccit.e) and
"2 in 1 White Liquid" (liquid); for Tan Shoes, "2 in 1 Tan" (paste)
and *'2 in 1 Tan Combination' (paste and liquid).
10c Black-White-Tan 10c
F. r. DALLEV CO. 01" CANADA LTD.,    -      Hamilton. Can.
QM#.- rim^mmm^
Over  Eight Thousand are Compelled
*   to Leave Jaffa; Many Die
Details of the recent evacuation of
Palestine have just been received by
lhc Boston branch of (he provisional
committee fur general Zionist affairs,
The cable in part follows:
"Between 8,00(1    aud    9,000    lews
were  compelled lo leave Jaffa.    Of
these   more   llian   3,000   are   now     in
Lower   Galilee;   more   Ihan   1,01)1)    in
Petach Tik Wall, thc remainder hav- '
illg been dispersed in lhe colonic s*"o.
Jlldca anil    Samaria.      Thirty     lews*
have received special permission    to
remain  in  Jaffa.    Only  six   hundred
persons were compelled to leave
farms.    The deaths incidental to lh.,-,vc vou ;i b0,
sufficient ft is possible l
Ontario Veterinary College
110 University Avenue, Toronto,  Canada
Under the  control  of  lhe  Department  of  Agriculture   of   Ontario.
Affiliated   with   the   University of    Toronto.
College Keopens Monday. Oct. 1, 1917. Calendar Sent on Application
E.   A.  A.  GRANGE, VS..  M.Sc,  Principal
Counter Check
Or Sales Books
vacua ti
in were
lent and
In ordi
a fugecs
clay roil
cd, and
ii sufficient
public wi
ll ortjci
t.  help
las uot
been cva
jRhoims Cathedral I
To Ue a Monument;
JJatilc-torn Edifice Will Remain Pan-!
thcon for Unknown Victims
Conversion  ol   the  battle lorn  Ca j
tlii'dral ai  Reims inlo a pantheon for
the unknown dead of all the armies
fighting   in   I'rancc   for   lhe  common
cause of democracy  has been determined upon   In the    I'l-endi government.    The plan, io be put into execution   as  sunn  as   the   war  is  over,
iias been announced in dispatches lu
the headquarters in America of    the,
French restoration  fund,    ll  is   pro
posri. that lhe cathedral shall nol he
restored but that    representatives of
till the Allies shall place Iheir battle
flags within what remains of the his-1
toric edifice,  which    then    shall    be
'dedicated  as  the  monument   to    ihF
heroic dead,
"British Optimism-**
Mr. Lloyd George doer- nol conceal
lhe truth aboul llie honors of war
nor ignore lhc risk-, to bc run, bill
he deals with llreni in a major, nol a minor key. lie dues not
lessen iheir imprcssiveness by the
display of personal emotion which
would appear effeminate in connection with sueh mighty events, lie has
ihus created ill llis counlry a sort of
optimism bolh noble and praclieai,
that Hriiish optimism which has
borne such splendid frail in this extraordinary war.���Lc Figaro,  Paris.
How  to  loosen  a tender corn
or callus so it lifts out
without pain
Mr. Merchant:���
If you arc not already
Counter  Check  or  Sales
would respectfully solicit you
order.    Years  of  experience
"lc I manufacture of this line enabl
book as neatly pent. i  .is
.. possible to hc made in these dif-
l'"': fi cu 11 limes.
tilt" I    All classes and grades of paper rrc
ree-  now from 100 lo 400 per cent, high-
rlh-  er  than  tlicy  were    two  years ago.
t ted I Carbon    papers,    waxes    for    coaled
lent j books, labor, in  fact everything that
goes iulo  the cost of counter check
j or sales book's arc very high in price.
-��_.... ,, .���  Notwithstanding    ihese    facts,     our
modern and well equipped plant for
this particular work enables    us    to
still    keep    our    prices      reasonably
low.    Before placing your next oider
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shoes a size smaller if I number among our customers th.
you like, for corns will never again j largest and best commercial houses
send electric sparks of pain through from coast to coast. No order is too
you, according io lhis. Cincinnati large or loo small lo bc looked after
authority. carefully,
Ue  says  lhat  a  few  drops    of    aj     Vv'c    have    connections     with   the
drug called freezone. applied directly i largest paper mill  in  Cauada, cnsiir-
upon a tender, aching corn,
relieves  soreness, anil soon
Two Washboard.
Fcr the Price of One!
Both sides of EDDY'S
Twin Beaver Washboards
can be used���giving double
service for the price of one.
PIBKLWARK (which it
really pulp hnrdencd and
baked by a special process)
it cannot splinter or fall
apart. Won't hurt your fingers or tear you clothes.
Double value for your money���almost life lasting.
Don't do another washing
until you get one.
The E. B. Eddy Company
HULL     -     ���    CANADA
nd   all.
the en-
lifts    right
It Will Cure a Cold.���Colds arc I
the commonest ailments of mankind
and if neglected may lead to serious.
conditions, Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil I
will relieve the bronchial passages of
Inflammation speedily and thorough-j
.y and will strengthen them againsl
oubseipieni atlack. And as it cases[
the inflammation it will stop ibe'
:ough hccausi it allays all irritation
in the throat.   Try ii and prove il.
Lloyd George's French
Mr. Lloyd George's frequent visits
���to France have resulted in llie steady
approvement "i his French, which he
now speaks wilh considerable fluency, ll is a Utile remarkable, by the
way, that President Wilson, an ex-
professor and a man of wide culture,
was attended hy mi interpreter during his interview with Marshal Joffre.
There is less need fur an American
lo learn modern languages than there
in for an Englishman. The common
Anglo-Saxon ignorance of any tongue
hut English is however, a limitation
nf which bulb in commerce and diplomacy (he German has taken full advantage.��� l.iindun  Daily  Express.
"Tlle worsl part of being a bai'lia-
lor is that when I die iny_naiiii dies
with  mc."
"What i- your name?"
When you "feel mean"
��� dull, tired, nervous,
bad digestion, no appetite���
Don't you find out, afterwards, that your bowels
were not acting freely
and naturally?
Due, of course, to a liver
gone on a strike.
Take two or three pills���
once. After that, only one,
until your're all right.
Genuine   bears   Signature
Colorless faces often show
the absence of Iron in the
will help this condition.
These  Bring the   Wrinkles and Pallid Faces That Make  Women
Look Prematurely Old
Almost every woman at the head
ui a home meiis daily many liitle
worries in her household affairs. The
care of her lillle ones, the work
aboul the house all contribute to
these worries, Musi of them may
he too small lo notice an hour afterwards, hut ihey .constitute a constant strain lhal affects the blood and
llie nerves and in,ike women look
prematurely old, The effect of ihescj
little worries may he noticed iu sick
or nervous headaches, fickle appetite, tiredness alter slight exertion,
and the coining of wrinkles which
every woman dreads. To those thus
afflicted Dr. Williams' Pink I'ills offer a speedy cur.; a restoration of
color to the cheeks, brightness to
lhc eye, a hearty appetite and a sense
of freedom from weariness. Among
lhc many thousands of Canadian women who have found new health and
strength through these pills is Mrs.
li. Strasser, Acton, West, Out., who
says;���"1 am the mother of three
children and after each birth I became trffibly run down, i hati weak,
thin, blood, alvfSys felt tired, and
unable to tlo my household work.
After the birth ui my third child 1
seemed tu be worse and was very
badly run down. 1 found lhe greatest benefit from the Pills and soon
gained my old time strength. Indeed
after taking them 1 felt as well as in
my girlhood, and could lake pleasure
in my work. 1 also used Baby's Own
Tablets fur my lillle ones and have
found Ihem a splendid medicine fur
childhood ailments."
Ur. Williams' l'ink Pills arc sold
by all dealers in medicine, ur you
tan procure them by mail al .Sn cents
a box or six boxes lor $2.50 I rum
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co,,
Brockville, (Int.
tire  corn,   root
This drug dries at om
shrivels  up  lhe  emu  or
out even irritating the
A small bol lie ot freezone obtain
anil simply
callus ytith-
nroicct wli.ro e
_. vaccine,  fail.
y- WrltefortwokIetandteftl_.oB_*l
If-'liii.jKg.Blaclilrnriiu. Jl..
5.-.0H. plii. Blmkleg Pins. $4.00
1 'se .rn' liiiei tor, lint Cutter's Simplest ��*a Itra-tast,
'n,^.. iDcrlorlty oi Cutter prodw ta la doe to over IS
ycara olIpedallalna In VAD in__ ami ssaiairj
oni.v. insist oh Cuttbu's. u unur.<..___a
er.llr dlre.t.
Tits Cuttir Laboratory. Baikal.'/. Call'srnls
at any drug store will cost V
bul will positively reiuov
bard or soft corn of callus fr
If your druggist hasn't
this new drug yet, lell him
small bottle ��f freezone for
lis  wholesale  drug house.
Minard's Liniment  Cures
The Crown Prince's Birthday
The crown prince is now .lb years
old, ami he probably knows a good
deal more than he did three years
ago, if hc would admit it. Ai that
lime ihe syslem oi llu crown prince
was full of the notions of German
siiperinrity and divine partnership.
Now he is wondering if the old
throne will lasl long enough For him
to mount it Willi llis army busying
itself with strategic retreats, the
crown prince has little time to celebrate his natal day, but he may have
paused for a moment to wonder how
lhe world will he looking tu him oil
his nest birthday,- Rochester Her
"John,  dear,   I   want   one
and twenty-five dollars it
"Slocks in  what?"
"In the Mile. Marie .Millinery Coin
pany. They give the mosl adorabh
hal with everv share of stuck."
ing an ample supply of the besl grade
paper used  in counter check    books. I
Vou are therefore assured of an ex-j
tra grade of prapcr,   prompt    service
and shipments.
V/axed Papers and Sanitary
We alsn manufacture Waxed Bread
and Meat Wrappers, plain and print
ed; Confectionery    Wrappers,    Pure
Food  Waxed  Paper Rolls  for Home
Use, Fruit Wrappers, tic.
Write  lor samples of our (i.  & B. [
stocked 1 Waxed    Papers    used    as    a     Meat I
a Wrapper,    It    is   bolh    grease audi
111   moisture  proof, anil   the  lowest  priced   article   on   the   market     for     this
i purpose.
in I Genuine    Vegetable    Parchment  for
Butter  Wrappers
Wc arc large  importers    of    this  yerily believed it would be settled
I, Ired!_���rl__.11ar.>_a?���d ?Mo^ip_!:i!!!'.i"''<:":�� >''����� hours.    From tl,  begi    r g
:-y hui
mi one's
o ge
ui ir
Irish at the Front
jut aRin
mosl cm
hears about the Irisli qui
these times ironies from th.' fighting
front. A friend of mine wrote me
lhe other day thai ii it could only h:
referred to a mass meeting of th.
Irish regiments, north and south, he
in  100M quantities ana i ,
very  low,    considering k   , f   ,.
'"'' pr,ce_0i.!..,.,s__���..._IUlstermcn
bolh Irisli
Keep Farmers Contented
It is certain    lhal    if the farmer
arc   nol  allowed  lo   make
profit  on   what   they   have
while the munition makers, the food
hoarders and the speculators in food
products  continue  lo  coin     millions,
the  counlry  faces  a  very    bit;    and
very dangerous problem, one thai will
-.'ci worse as the next winter nears.
Xo form of civilization, except one
that had gone crazy, in lhe hunt for
profits out of war-making, Would
Lave the farmers out of its calculations in a time like this.
Without a successful and contented
citizen farming class a counlry can
grow thousands of war-time millionaires and yet be in danger of suddenly sinking into lhe class of bankrupt and decadent nations.-Law-
it nee, N.Y., Telegram.
on Sxll  size
upwards,  are
the present Ii
We can supply any quantity printed
"Choice Dairy  Butter" from slock.
Our machinery and equipment for
I "Waxing and Printing    is    the most
modern and complete in Canada and
j ensures you    first-class    yoods    anti
i prompt service.
decent j Al'PLKl'ORD COUNTER CU F.Ci"
":       " ' BOOK. COMPANY, LTD.
Hamilton, Canada.
Offices:   Toronlo,   Montreal,     Winni
peg, Vancouver,
bet wee
mil the
���i a boil
ers. I have heard
and Ulslermen say
drafts   failed   llicin
has bein t' i
n Nationalists ami
fact that they a-,
tl against all-corn-
both Nationalists
thai if their ov n
thev   would     far
Ir  other
A  littla
wauled in   Irelai i
What Came From Reading
a Pinkham Adver-
Paterson, N. J. ��� "1 thank you for
A Generous Oiler
Well-Known Firm Is Giving Away
Free Samples for the Asking
'ihere arc many remedies for various ills placed upon the market, some
of which enjoy wide-spread reputations, buil| upon Iheir proven worth;
while the popularity of others is but
transient. When one is ill, there is a
strong disinclination tu experiment,
and the wise man or woman will
usually   make  u
rather he  recruited  from
ihan  take   F.nglisli   recruit
of this spirit
Westminster Gazetti.
$100 Reward. $100
Tbe readers of tltia piper will be please,
lo learn that there ia at lean one d:e_4ee]
disease that science baa been able to curt la
aii its alages. ami that ia catarrh. Catarrh
being greatly 'Influenced by constirutiooal
conditions requires constitutional treatment
Hall's Catarrh Cute ia taken internally an.
acta through the lllood on the -fucoua Sur.
la,.-, oi the System, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease, giving the patianl
strength by buiMing up the conatitution arts
assisting nature in doing Its work. The pro.
prictors havc so much faith in the curative
powers ot Hall's Catarrh Cure that they offei
One Hundred Dollars for any case that tl
fails to cure.    Send for list of r-.tnnoniaia.
Address: F. J. CHENE"" * CO., asiWa,
Ohio.    Sold by ait Druggists, 7S&
lias an established reputation. Titer
is perhaps no better known or more
reputable firm of manufacturing
chemists than lhal of Dr, Cassell's
Co,, Ltd., Manchester, lingland. Particularly patent will ihis statement
be to those who Jijivc conic to Canada, from the mother country. Dr,
Cassell's Tablets is not a new remedy
nor experiment, but one of proven
worth, and ihc numerous published
testimonials bear ample    verification
I haven'l bad a
oi  a   remedy   thai I whined  the tramp.
Wither have
summer    boanl
around  here."
for two days,"
esponded    the
ottcn    fishing
W.    N.    U,     1165
Canada to Havc an Income Tax
The government has decided to
broaden the basis ol taxation for
purposes of the war. It is intended
to impose a lax on incomes above a
certain amount and quite probably tro
further. The. enforcement wiil likely
be next. year.
Under lhe law as it stands al presenl, the government gels one-fourth
of business profits between 7 lud 15
per cent., one-half between 1. ami 20
per cent, and three-quarters above _0
per rent.
Last year's taxation was substantially productive. By its operation
Ihree firm* ronlribiiled amounts in
excess of $600,000, two in excess of
$300,000, four above $200,000, and 14
above $100,000.
'I'he income lax which i- now proposed, it is expected, will yield a
considerable stun when it is put inlo
lo  tllis  fact.
Although  this  sterling    remedy  >s! convint     '
well-known  lo the  majority of    tho hence,    Tint  arc
  .people,   yel   lo   those   who   have   not    ,.,],,,] i���
the Lydia B. Pinkham remedies as they j p,u  ii  t,, ihc  test,    lhe    proprietors'
I will gladly send a free sample on receipt of live cents to cover cosl oi
mailing and parking. In writing for
the free sample, address correspondence lo Harold P. Ritchie & Co.,
Ltd., 10 McCauL street, Toronto.
Dr. Cassell's Tablets arc most
highly recommended iu the treal
men-t of Dyspepsia, Kidney Trouble,
Sleeplessness, Anaemia, Nervous
|Ailments, Nerve Paralysis, Palpitation and weakness in children, Thc
reader who may be suffering can not
do better than write ai once to lhc
above address and secure a generousi
sample package of this remedy en-;
tirely without cost,
A Pill That Lightens Life.���To tha
man who i- a victim of indigestion
the transaction of business becomes
an adtbtl misery.__ lie cannot <on-
ccnlratc his mind upon his tasks anJ
loss and vexation attend him. To
such a man, Parmelee's Vegetable
I'ills offer relief. A course of treatment, according to   directions,    will
have made me wei
and healthy. Sometime ago I felt so
run down, had pains
in my back and side,
was very irregular,
tired, nervous, had
such bad dreams,
did not feel like eating and had short
breath. I read your
advertisement in
the newspapers and
decided to try a bottle of Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. It worked
from the first bottle, so I took a second
���nd a third, also a bottle of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Blood Purifier, and now I am
just as well as any other woman. I advise every woman, single or married,
who is troubled with any of the aforesaid ailments, to try your wonderful
Vegetable Compound and Blood Purifier
and I am sure they will help her to get
rid of her troubles as they did me." -
Mrs. Elsie J. Van der Sande, 36 No.'
York St., Paterson, N. J.
���5 Write the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine
Co., (confidential) Lynn, Mass, if ytti
���eed special advice.
iheir  greal     excel-
confidently  reconi-
eause they will do .11 that
is claimed  for tin 111
Hubby���Will, since it take- two to
i lake a quarrel,  I'll shut up.
Wifey���-Isn't lhal jusl like a contemptible man. You'll sit there and
think mean  Ihings.
Why suffer from corn
ran be painlessly rooted
Holloway's (".'urn Cure.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
He Might Be, But She Wasn't
Dinah had been troubled with a
toothache for some time before she
got up enough courage lo go to a
dentist. The moment he lotlhce'd her
tooth  she screamed.
"What are you making such a noise
for?" he demanded. "Don'l you know
I'm a 'painless dentist'?"
"Well, Bah," retorted Dinah, "Mcb-
be yo' is painless, but Ah isn't���Ladies  Home Journal.
Americans Buy Big Farm
j Pour I'nited Slates farmer* have
bought  a 7,000-acre  farm in  Saskat-
j chew-an,    paying    therefor    .?Oii,000.
I The vendor ol* the farm made a condition in the contract that the purchasers must work it, as hc claimed
I lhat al the present time every inch of
agricultural land should be producing
I food for lhe Allies.
Two Eyo. fori Ufotlm
���yes���Bora I
, is i
After the
1 Movies g.,n^?.a/J_s,_!s}| THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valicy Advocate
A   W;e-y   Newspaper,   I'tibished   at
Courteuay, ll C.
N. II.  IIoiiiin, Uilltor nml Proprietor
Subscription $1 IMI per Vear in Advance
$2.1)0 per annum if not so paid
Note and Comment
The Liberals of lhis Riding appear to be all at sen. They are at
sixes I'liil sevens among themselves
as to who will be their party standard beater at the prospective election, Mr. P P. Harrison claims,
anil we believe with some justice,
that he was promised the Humiliation providing he and the Cumberland Liberals suported Hughie
vStewart���that thev did so was
proven by the large majority they
rollea up for him. Now thr Liberal associations say i ivy mule no
promises, that promises made by
individuals don't count, ami that
Mr. Harrison lias no claims upon
the association. They tlnl not
even mention his name as a prospective can iidale at the Parksville
convention. Sic est vita, Tlie
only two names pit", forward were
those of Judge Mclnnis and Rev.
T. Menzies, the former securing 22
niul the lath r 16 votes. Providing
the Judge will not accept, the cull
will automatically fall to Rev. Mr.
We cannot conceive  it   possible I
i'or   uu   honourable  nnd   patriotic
judge to step down from the bench I
of justice at tlrs particular time to 1
lake part in an   ill-advised and un- I
patriotic election       V itlier do we
see why a clergvinnn  can  forsake1
his high calling   for   the political'
game at this time.       By accepting!
nomination thev to all intents ami
purposes condone   i aurier aud the
.slackers of anti-conscription Quebec
bridesmaid was gowned ill cream
anil blue, wiih white hat and carried a pretty bouquet. The happy
ct upU-R-it uu he 11.30 train for
llanilT ami 11. her places in the
mountains. On llieir return they
wil uit.ke .'. eir home at Victor a,
'I'he popillunty of the young
p.ople vvtis attest.d by the large
number of beautiful nntl costly
present, whici thev received.
Regarding tbe   statement made
by Pie. Blake at Courtenny  some !
time a 11 tbii whilst in England hc
luul been charged    IS 3d for socks
and the -an e for  sleeping subs of
Red Cross make, Mrs. Piercv, con
venor of llie Red Cross workers at
Cnni'x hi-   ui uie  enquiries  from
the pr, rp'.r authorities.     Their re
plies are as lolloWs :
"Dear Mrs. Piercy,���Mum thanks I'or
your letter til 16th inst., re Pte. Wake
1 am taking this matter up with. Headquarters lor their uction. Hoping Ibis
matter will he cleared up satisfactorily,
1 remain, vottrs tincerely.
Basil X.  Avliner, Capl,
Officer in Charge
Qualicum Ihaeh. July 17.
Dear M 1 lain,���III reply I" your letter
of the Iota, insiant. we shall enquire at
I'sqaiiimult with regurd to the statement
male bv Private Blake lhal  he hud been
charged lor Red Cn
1    Ma
n. Sec,-Tr
" Dear Madam,
the statement Iu yo
garding the purcli
sleeping suits be
convalescent liospi
hav e in ub? euqtiirie
party _*���_>__ >,>,i 1.
unreliable in .u
I thinl: vim need n,
tention to any rept
Tliis ts llie result of
��� With
nf previ
etter re
r   tt
r   and
���il    soldiers ill
linglnntl,   I
find   lh.it the
le word, su
further at-
���il   bv him.
al eiiquiry.
Victoria July 23
Chas. Wi
Bert Higgins has sold bis Ford
car to George Ardley, ihe hustling
Lazo storekeeper,
The winning number for the raffle for Mrs, Gage's camera i.s 109..
Mrs Thomson, secretary of the
prisoners of war fund acknowledges
with L.anks the sum of $4.75 col
lected by the " Chickens" at their
dance at the Elk hotel last Fridav
The salmon are running at Little
River. Some fine catches arc being
made. On- p'irticiilar fish is still
running or was jumping when his!
seen with a large spoon, a heavj
sinker, and several fathoms of line
belonging to one of the fair ladles
of Comox in his mouth.
The pretty home of Mr. and Mrs,
James A. Carthew on the shore of
Comox bay was tlie scene of a
happy event when their daughter
Myrtle was united in marriage to
Mr James Pilgrim, an officer on
tbe steamer Charmer. The e.lemony was performed by Rev. F,
X. Willemar in the presence of a
large circle of friends The bride
was given away by her father und
was attended by Miss Marian
Peacey, and the groom was supported by Mr. Jack Carthew The
house was prettily decorated for
the occasion and a nice wedding
breakfast wasseived after the ceremony, The bride wns gowned in
white silk with French Ninon over
skirt and carried a beam if ul bouquet, the gift of the   groom.    Her
Red Cross
Mrs. Cokeiy ir, in receipt ol the following letter fro.11 Red Cross Headquarters:
Dear Madam, ���In reply to your letter
nf the 19th inst. we regret very much to
think that the Red _ross work will not
be curried on in Courtenav, hut we hope
that the Daughters .1 the Umpire will
take It up.
With reference to the materials on
ba. il it would be all right if the Daugh-
lers of tbe Umpire 1 urchasetl front you
at cust price, the money to lie remitted
lo us, with the understanding, of course
that when the garments are made up
they are sent to us in tlie usual way.
Any funds that you may h ive ou hand
at the lime of closing would expect to
have forwarded tons.
We hope that you will use your influence with the Daughters of tlle Empire
to have them continue the Red Cross
work so that Courtenay may be well represented. Yours sincerely
CHAS, WlbblA.MS,
Hon. Sec.Treas 1
Alberni Conservatives have decided to coolest the vacant seat in
that constituency and will nominate
Mr. R P. Wallace, of Nauoose, as
their candidate.
We trust the remark of one of
the Western delegates to the Winnipeg convention that be would
'' rather beat Borden than the
Kaiser" did uot emiuate from the
respected delegate from this district
Comox  Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonab'e rates
travelling suit   wis   tf    tan  with _, ���nl,A���
pretty   whit-   .'.ii....,   i,.,i.     The  E.  C.  CLIFFE    -     COMOX
Esquimalt   &  Nanaimo   Railway
For Victoria���11.35 Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port A!b_rni, and at Nanaimo for Vancoaver boa
From Victoria���9.00 Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday, connecting at Nanaimo with boat from
Vancouver: ank at Parksville Junction with train
from Port Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at
Phona R 60
Agent Coin-tenay,
,, ..[   ">'-*_�����
mm 1
( .
' fa fete,
1* n
7   :r.   1
I ___��_  . .
* ���.
We have in i'loci. a C C
a La Grace   Corset to
suit every type of figure
Come and see them
I Deliver
your ordei for
Fresh Groceries
Vour patronage solicited.
Royal  Standard
Flour ?
By laboratory tests of all Flours, ROYAL STANDARD stands FIRST in nutriment and bodybuilding energy.
Is far more economical than others.
Is sold on a "Money Hack " guarantee.
It costs no more than other Flours,
goes farther- morc loaves  to  tbe suck���and a
dozen other answers to thc question,  "Why
Don't merely sny to vour grocer���" Send uie u sack
of flour "--say  " ROYAL STANDARD "  and  know
whnt you're geCtillg.
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Pltouc 33, End ol Eri'.c
Towler,  Mgr.
��� .-��i___��_R;___r.t_*__tsr?___________r^
/^5^s^��|^-��^v��a*a��^V^V'<_-��.   >r^-.-y^'!^\S^'>*l*l>^**lid^*^f^
7 We have an Exhibit of a Large
% Assortment of New Patterns
* Store Between  Bridges
{ Courtenay j>
{ff|r^��^a^aaaV��%a<yv^����^))a��^aa^��Va*'aiB��aaV^^^)   t*t**4t**t,t\l*M1*mf2Vtf
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Accounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  & Field
.Mrs. Porteous has sent the following
letter to Mrs. Christie, secretary I ODE
Dear Mrs. Christie,���Please accept mv
immediate resignation as _ml Vice-Re-
Hctit and incniher ol the l()_nd Regina
Trench Chapter of the I.O.D.I".
Yours very sincerely,
Deftyse P. Porteous
Hawkslnuv, lrt!' July 1917.
Your Telephone Will
Take You
Do you always use your telephone? Travelling, even a
short a distance, takes time. Your telephone saves minutes
and saves energy. It matters not whether the partv you want
is one mile or a hundred miles away, the telephone takes you
in a moment.
Don't travel miles to do business, speak for a few minutes
by telephone.   Use the telephone instead of writing; written
communications lack the directions of conyersation.
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
_.  .....  . g. .GRAND DISPLAY
The cost of Living is High Rt
Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker antl Repair
Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Fine Showing ol Horse  Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay. 0
City Council
The Council met on Monday eve
niug. Present The Mayor, Aids.
Aston. Hurford and Leighton.
Communications were read from
John Johnston and Clinton Woods
complaining of aii'tnais running at
large, also from the Solicitor of B.
C. Municipalities, re lanes. Tlie
Council went into committee of the
whole to discuss the complaint of
Messrs. Johnston and Wood.
During the committee's session
Aid. Aston stateil that the pound
matter would be settled iu the near
Aid Hurford remarked that at
the last meeting of the Farmers'
Union the matter of horses running
nt large was discussed, and it was
ragreed that Courtenay's round By-
Law should be enforced, as horses
were a niii.aiice on the country
toads as well as the city.
Aid, Lei.'bton wanted to know
���when Constable Benton had been
appointed, what were his duties,
���mil what salary was he being paid.
He ids., remarked that the commissioners should make their recommendations to the Council and
not keep such matters up their
aleeyes. lie considered it under
hand work, and that it would soon
take all the luxes raised to pay officials to sit around and look at
���.:it'li oilier.
Thc Mayor stated that when the
hotel trouble was on it was thought
prudent to  appoint   a   Constable.
Angus Beaton was oppointed at a
salary of $75 a month. His duties
were the general duties of a constable,
The Committee rose aud .eport
ed progress to Council. *
The communication re sanitation
was referred to the chairman of the
Sanitary Board with power to act.
The    communication   from   C
Woods and J.   Johnston  were  received and will be turned   over  to
the  police   commiss.oners   to   act
The following accounts were pas
Sed on to the Finance Committee
to pay if found correct.
W. 0. Robertson $1 60
11. C. Telephone Co. 1.6.30
Aid Hurford nsked that someone
else be added to the I,une Committee
as be had no property in the affected district and had no time to attend evening meetings. Mr. Simms
President of the Business Men's
AssoeiftUo 1 will be rr-.skvd lo hnve
those wishing to have hue* put
through to present n petition to the
The matter of running lanes
is likely lo prove a costly proreed-
uie as it now appears that a new
survey of the lots affected will have
to be mule and filed in the Registry
ollice. niul conveyances of all lhe
odd pieces made to sonic one or to
lhe cily.
The discussion Iheu drifted back
to entile   running   at   large   the
Mayor slating that upwards of one
lttudred   cattle   were running   at
large contrary to the by-law. He
was not in favor of removing the
bells from the milch cows nor hav-.
ing them fastened at night, Aid. 1
Hurford remarked that it would be
better to put milch cows iu at
night and fed a little,
Aid, Leighton asked why no
progress was being made with the
Contractor Johnston, who was
present, staled that at present it
was impossible to get men or teams
just at present, the work would go
ahead fast enough in a few days,
Aid. Aston reported that the
thistles had been cut on all the city
streets, He hadn't time to look
ajter men to cut thistle, on private
The Police Commissioners were
instructed to have the Constable
lo.k after this,
The Mayor reported that the
Provincial government had authorized the payment of jjSiooo towards
the filling in cl the slough instead
of rebuilding the bridge, Tenders
will be called for making the fill as
soon as the profile and specifications
can be obtained, The Mayor and
Board of Works were appointed to
receive tbe tender.', und also mnke
arrangements for places for securing earth and gravel for filling.
���...  .���..��..��.	
Tlie Covvfcban Producers, Ltd..
selling nnd shipping agents for the
fruit growers of that district, hns
been incorporated with a capital of
Sio,ooo and bend office at Duncan,
The Right Furnace
McClary's Sunshine Furnace is absolutely right���right in idea, in design*
in construction, in price and in performance. It's a furnace made for
your needs and is complete in every
single detail. Write for free, descriptive booklet.
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Tenders Wanted
Presbyterian Church
Tenders  (or  Kalsoininhig  the walla gj,  Andrews'  Sandwick
and ceiling,  varnishing the woodwork, Service 2 p.m.     Sunday   School
0ieZoXi���: wiU 'be" rtelif^tt and Bible Cuss 3 p. ,���.
Saturday  August 11th. Particulars from Courtenav
'    LUCIUS R. CLIPFK. Sunday  School and   Bible Clas
Srui.hv.rk m.. 10;30 a ju    Evening servjce 7:30
Miss Rutherford of Vancouver who fs p- m.  All welcome
the guest  of  lUre,   Christie,   leaves on       _ _. .....	
ar- visiting at Mr.  K.  Christie's.  They
cniiie over llie road hy motor.
Barrister nnd  Solicitor,   Ni
, Aug.
Go and take a ride iu the 1917
model.   See how comfortable it is.
The average man can easily afford age on a Ford than on anv other larger car
a Ford car.    It is the most inex- car.
pensive car to drive, You can buy a Ford for yourself
20 to 25 miles   on  a gallon of and onc for your wife for the price
gasoline is an everyday occurance.  of one car at $1000,    You can run And stylish, too���stream line effect
33 miles is frequently reported by both Fords at about the same ex- tapered    hood,    crown   fenders,
Ford owners,    Yearly repair ex- pense as one larger, heavier car. beautiful finish.     You need one
penses of less than one dollar are     You can always sell a " used " for business. Your wife and child-
not unusual.   The car is light in Ford at a good price.  You have to ren  need   one   for   pleasure   and
weight, and tires give more mile- accept a big reduction for a "used" health.
Anglican Services
ioth Sunday afler Trinity
9,30 a m Holy Communion at
St. Mary's, Grantham.
11 a. 111. Matins niul Holy Communion nt St. Peter's, Comox.
3 p. in. Evensong and Sermon at
Lazo Mission.
7 p, iu. Evensong and Sermon at
Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
7.30 p. in. Evensong and sermon nt St, John's, Courtenay.
8 p. 111. Fveusong and Sermou at
the school bouse. Royston.
Defended The Sur-Tax
Nanaimo, Aug, 3 ���Some   sixty
representative farmers of this   dis- j
trict met   yesterday   afternoon   in
tlle Agricultural  Hall,   and   atter
listening to addresses by H011. Wm
Sloan and Mr.. H. T. R, Poole, un-1
auimously decided to affiliate with
the   United   Farmers    Society of
British   Columbia,   of   which   or-!
janizalion Mr. Poole is Secretary, 1
The Minister   of   Mines   made a j
lengthy speech defending thelegis-
lation enacred  by   the   provincial
Governmen..n imposing a sur tax
ou the farmers of the province, his 1
defence being that  additional  tax I
ation was made necessary owing to
the extravagant expenditure of the
late government.    \ r.  Sloan was
subjected to considerable  heckling'
during the course   of   his  speech, j
but took it all in good part and   at,
the close of his remarks vas ten -
Phone 6
Ootid Accoillodi
rlaiid I [otel
i ;.ju      Custnc Bxcellen
Merry field
Palace Livery
Horses  antl   Buggies  for   Hire  _
Terms cash.
We  also attend  to  wood hauling
E.  C.  EMDE
Ford Garage Courtenay B. C.
dered a vote ot thanks for
tendance and address.
his at
Tuning and Repairing
Here about Oct. 1
Leave orders at Review office
I beg toiannounce that 1 have opened a Flour and
Fef d Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
A general meeting of the members of
the local branch of the United Farmers
ol Britisii Columbia will be held iu the
Agricultural hall Courtenay on Saturday
evening next at 8 o'clock. The meeting
will lie addressed by Mr. E. 1). Barrow
and others. All farmers and others interested in Agriculture are asked to attend. Ladies cordially invited. G, J,
Hardv, Hon, Sec.	
Comox, BC,
Comfortable  Rooms    for  Tourists and
MRS. T. D. HIND, Managress
Bar supplied with best wines
liquors and cigars
Mooring &Mansfiel_
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to tlo all kinds of repairs at moderat
I Horseshoeing a  Specialty *
Ice Cream
Courtenay Phone 35
Do You
The Courtenay  Review
Family Herald and Weekly Stir
aud the Daily Province
for oue year
for $6
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfittiuf*
Jackson & Whittle
Phone q Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder
> ...^w^sijyjj^qw^i^^ijajw^y >giff ����� ts*smam,    m**g*f*ma*m* **a^^qi-M_Mp*WBs%a*.l__< flTHK   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. fc.
Kaiser Planned
liu^e Empire
How Egga Are Spoiled
Advice in Reference to Proper Methods of Handling
Most t'Rys, when laid contain very
icw or no hacteria that would cause
th composition, nml ihc ' entrance ol
lh si   micro-organi i .ually    lakes
gleet  ou  lln'  port  ni   those handling]
the egg -  i Mr.  of ilu' cliicl  sources of
im. i lion    is din v    or   damp   nest", i
I ri'-,  like  milk,  make .111    excellent
1 liu i- foi   bacterial growth    and  dc !
v' lop men t and Ihej  nin.il vi ry read !
il;.   _ In 11 kcpl  in dn 1 j  or iiiisanitai j !
conditions.    I he^hcll of lho egg in
1 orous    to admit the passage ol air
in nud out, hui  ii ir, coaled  with    a
1 iiicilagluous mailer which   prevent.
ilu   cnlrancc of bacteria unless ii  Is
very old, wet, softened by moisture,
ur rubbed ofl'. Therefore, eggs should
nm bc washed, held in dump, musty
plitct s, or handled more than  111 res
sary, and should lit marketed or pre
served as .nun  after laying as pos-
Returned American Says Turks Boast
of a Biy Palace in Palestine
A  palate    built in Palestine,   from
which     the     I, ii "i     would     rule   llis      or. Hones, Cattle, Src, quickly cured l.y
world empire, 1- 0111   of the    stories     EGYPTIAN     ...NIMFiMT
brought back 10    America    by    Dr.    JjUirliAi>     I_1J*._ ..ll ..\ I
Clarence I'. Usshcr, om- of the relief
2 and 5 lb. Cartons���
10, _0. 50 and 100 lb, Bags.
From "Yc Olde Sugar Loafc" of grandmother's day,
to the spar!ding "Extra Granulated" in your own cut-glass
bowl, Redpath Sugar has appeared three limes daily, for over
half a century, on thousands of Canadian tables.
"Let Redpath Sweeten it." 7
Made in one grade only   the highest!
commissioners who has worked will
the Armenians during a large pan o
the war    iii  lold an audience recent I..
ly lhat this was lhe boast tn' Turkish Merchants Batik
soldiers,  who evidently believed lira;
ii would come lo pass,
Aft' r gh tliy. intimate di scriptions
of the massacres tii the Armenian
population, Doi lor Usshcr said thai
he Un.iiglii that at leasl 80 per cent.
of the Turks ��. rc really in favor of
the allied can -.-, but that Llic Voting
Turk pant', trained by Germans lo
German methods, had controlled the
destinies of the empire.--New Vork
.lis Excuse
Mother  .Johnny,   you    saiil  you'd
l>. en io Sunday school.    Now 1 want
lo  know  Imw  it  happens   thai   your
hands smell  of fish?
Johnny���1 carried home the Sunday school paper an' tin outside page
i'r all aboul fonah and lhe whale.���
The  Hast Year's  Growth   Surpasses S,y'' Dr.  Cassell's   Tablets    Saved
nun  irom  Nervous
'���'or Sale by All  Dealers
Douglai &  Co.,   Ptop'rs,   Nnpane .   Out,
(Freo  Sample  on   Request)
The Original Fruit Canners   Dynamite Saves PotatoM
Wc  ar
.iv   I.
cf nl farmer found a new
dynamite  that    saved a
iri d crop of potatoes   in
Is Prosperous,
All Previous Y
ous  Years
VI1 il C. In nan, 3.0, llarrourl street,
irgeo 1 I reek, Willtlipej loi Ilml > vears n
; '.in).', n man in (lie Lu.n i In, of Citla-
���..1... "1 was terribly 1 in.down and
I had no appetite, ..ml I sintered il J
mothers    as    docs l10" .?' bank l>rem
r.acu   succeeding  year  shows    the
financial  strength  of the    Merchants
Hank of Canada greati 1 llian llic pre '
\ :011s  tear as a Khun e al  tin ii   lal ���-:
statement conclusively proves. I
The amount    carried    forward    to  forced mysell 10 eat,   My nerves were in a
Profit and Loss Account after mak- t."1 "''''��� *'"'. "'. sl"*cP v"'>' disturbed.
;,,.,. ���_,.,, 1:1    ,.  1     it 1,  ,        I-���>""> rliui.  numlcil  lo a nervous  biral.ilov.n
ing VC1) liberal allowances for Pain- Then 1 gol Dr. Ca.sell's Tablets. The n,,i
1.lie and Ived I ross bunds, coillribu- result ��as Utat I rould sleep, anil ilicn my
lions i" Officers' Pension fund writ ! Iieatih rapidly improved, li wa, really an-
ing 011  a large am..mil for deprccia- bTk."��S '"> '*""*''" "'"' '""-"'c:"''*
Mr.   Inman  is now in  __ig!aud,  managing
rlile.l  in   Pompeii    for      \
the greal   industrj   ol   canned   fruit.
1 ear.  ago,    tt lieu    lhe    excavation'
were j.usl beginning, a parly found in
wlyit h.nl been lhc panlr) of a liouscla hadlj  il led field.  Unusual heavy
many jars ol preserved figs, One! rains filled all lhe neighboring
was opened, ..".I thej were found lo|U|.iius am| ditches; in this cmcrgen-
bf  fresh   and    good.       uvcstigatioii ,. ,   , ,
1        1  ,.   ,   ,, '   ,       111 1  cy     he owner pn   uow    a    number
.-In.Hid     1        n.     ins   had   been      nil'    '   .    , ���   ., ,      1       , ,
1 ti     lln 1 .s   ilp III    In   Iwehe   fee       deep
min jars in .1  healed sue, an aper;        .,, , ,    ,   ,    '
,  r,  1 1   wi   1   a   pos    auger   un     es . ut ed    a
Ure le    i..r   hr sleam   n escape and    , ,   1 -, ,1     t   , 1
���   1     -,, ....     ,.', charge nl ilwiainiie 111 lhe hoi 1.111 nt
lieu  sen cd  wiih  wax.     he   mil  was        ,    .,., . ,
, , 1   , , f.., each,     In, opened up passages    min
laken,   and   lh:   nexl   war   hull   can-  ,< , ,     ���,      ,, , ���  ,
,, ii     ,    ',   r lire  sandj     subsoi,    through    whi.-h
mug was  inin. diiei d  inlo  the   lulled   ,. ���, ,   .   t    ���     1 ��� 11
c   ' ,, .    ,   ���       ��� ,      ���    .,tir    surplus    Winer drained   rap d y,
bates,    ihe    process  l.eiug  ku-hIk-.iI       ,   ,, ,       ,,,       .
.,,   ... ,  .,   ,     ������   ,,     "-and   lie  ei'iip  was   saved,    a tin. ni'li
Willi that in vogue al  I mn pen, llurii ��� , '    .      ,    j
��� . inaiiv  iieritlit   crops   were   ruined     fiy
eentiiries ago, i.i' ' ��� r .1.
                    Mhe excess ol   watei  standing in inc.
,.,.,... _, ' Iii Ids,
Minards  Liniment Cures Diphtheria.	
Counting Seconds MONEY ORDERS
a,,   .,,,.,.   .,   ..   ,t     .- .. I   .Pay your out ol town accounts by Domin
An   easy   mctlioil  ol   colinling  sec   ion   Exp..,,  M0���cy  Orders.      Five  dollux
t.lids  thai   is  sulficieiitly accurate for   costs three centi,
photographic purposes is lo repeal a ! r*���~    '���     =���"���"  -    ������ ���
phrase  thai  it   lakes one  second    lo'
pronounce     The majority of people
I   I,Iri,     T|.,.._ T-ihlels '"8   ''"'  ll*";'1   '"   Per enn.   dividend <:"'  ivell-known ta ot A.  W.  liiinsii   and   w;|] rcquirc ,,,;(. sccoml
1.iiui.is I .      ;���....,  ,,     r ci-nniiii    ,,   ��� ��*n,  Hriiiterj and   'ubistcis,    .ecu,. Letters '        , ,
I      .-   ..      .1        .        I     ... snows   an    nil I 1 , , i    in . 1 . II .1,1'i"      lit 1' 1    1 1 , 1 it (ilu 1 lln it   1  i r   \, in, I.     r,
��� nul     tin     Hit    new bol ii , ' ...   reai ll hint there. I   i��".'iun i    uu    w in us     o
babe - r 111     [rowing child.   I'hej  arc
absolutely   ini   from  injurious drugs
and ca a possibly do harm���always
good.    Concerning   them    Mrs, .1"-.
Morucau, Si.  Pamphilc, Que., writes:
A free sample of Dr- Cassell's Tab-
Ii will bc in.lie.-d ihal ii
invested  in    Government
Securities  are   larger  Ihan
and   those invested  in   railway    ��nd| .n M'Caul,st.# Toronto
iher   bonds,   debentures   and   stocks
i    time    lo1
e    hundred
is rapidly as clear enuneia-'
i\  11.. .iinijiit   ui   ui-   _dssi;tt s   iau- '.      ���     t
'..'    ,.'1!"1*   lets wiil be scut to you on receipt of:1!""   '''" Permit.     lhe  hist  word  of
���; e,Pal.5 cents for mailing and packing.  Ad-!1'"1 ���'"''���",l11 should always indicate the1
la'V   -v,':".; dress: Harold ". Ritchie & Co., Ltd-,  number ol   seconds  lhal   have    been;
';'-v    '","'! 10, M'Cauhst-, Toronto. counted.    Six   seconds   for    inslanccl
"I havc used Baby's Own Tablets and '���   '"���"';���>��� 'leheniuri-  and  stocks,    lh   , .^c���.s .[Meii ut lhe Muf { |l0|_. should be counted one hundred   and
am   w.ll   salisficd    witli     them    and!""1*' ���     '*'s     :i" las' -'r,':  w""t f����w<l> i<*< Dyspepsia, Kidney Trouble, Sleep-  one, one hundred and  Iwo, one hun-
' '< thcr medicine fo,  my| | ;,.'..'.';;. ^'^I^^^^l ggy J1"'1  ""(I  three,  one    hundred    and,
ir nursing motlter.  ""'' ""c nundreil and live, one liun-
ods ot life. Sold by   dred   and   six.     Many   who   Use   this
throughout _>_�����  method can count from lliirly to six-
,; six tubes for the. tv SCC0IH]S v,iil i varying more llian)
t.-uiou, ,anl to ion-     - i      . , ���
couiposiiioti ol  Ij.    one   or   two   seconds   lr.uu   lhe   Iiine,
lillle uin ��� " The Tabh Is are sold
bj uicdiciiii ii- alers or by mail ai 2
11 nl, ;, \���,\ from The I Ir. Willi:,in,
Mcdii ine Co.,  Ilroclcville, Unl.
Manifestations of  Desperation
The    ubitiarini   and   the   mine   are
nianil  italioi   di speraliou on  lln j
jji.i i ol lhc i in my, and lhcy may in- !
voh i iin- nit lion in privation and suf-
fi ring. Bul neither thr one nor llu
other can bring victor) lo Germany
unless all the teaching of history is
unsound. \\ e sli mid plat in lhe hands
of lhe enemy ii we were lo losi cither courage, piilicnce, or composure,
endeavoring to di (let i the naval ad-
miiiislralioi from tin course i: is
pur.iiing in bring lhe enemy lo his
kn. - s, ��� mid lhc ruin- of an l.mpin-
\. hifl ah :adt ; under a constriction
rendering Iii. aim..si impossible. -
London  Dailj  'I elcgraph.
Hi    "Thcr '-    a      repo
aronntl   lhal   wi   arc  engar
������!ii-���"t"t.iti  vnii stop n
Hc���"1'tl  rati er  vcrifj
h,.\ i n't am  obit clion."
diuggUtg  iiir.i  storekeepers  throughout  Catia- method can count  from thirty to six-
da   1'riircs   One lube, ia els; six tubes for tli
im- ,u live   Oeo
.-     I ��� phitcs.  The composition ol  D.
Cassell's i'ablei   is known onlj iu the propri* recorded by n  walcli
ir..-.   ,.:..: no imitation can cn  be the same.	
Sole  Proprietors:  Dr.  Cassell's   Co.-1 Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.1.
Ltd , Manchester, England 	
  Lightning   Rods  and   Barn   Fires
Learning How During   llu     years    1912-1910,    in
I 'i'i"  Helen���"Daddy, I have been elusive, no less ihan .,_llu barns were
1 laviny  like  I  wa, mama." destroyed bv tire in Canada, with an
I >.ul-"Is ii,-,,  ,,,;-    What did you aggregate  loss    of    owr   $7,850,000
il", dearie'" These,  like  the    majority    of    fires.
Mining, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical _tad
**lcctlif_tl i.ugiueeriuj..
Arii- Course by corfespondttt.ee.    Degree
with one yeai _iattendance.
Summer School     Navigation School
July mad Auuutt D(.cember to April
15 CEO. Y. CHOWN, Rogielrar
l.iith Helen -"i bought you a nice! might'havc been avoided by ihc ex-   Procrastination is the thief of
sciii and had ii charged lo you."    crcise of inlelligcnl  forelhoughl  and     health:   Keep yourself Well by
propt r    care.      li
Choked for Air. Some lillle irri- thai the most prolili
lam becomes lodged in the bronchial fires are lightning and spontaneous!
lubes, others gather, and ihe awful combustion. Mvidcnct gathered from
I choking of asthma results, Nothing all pans of Canada and lhc United
oilers i|uii such quiek and positive Stales proves that rodded buildings
reliei as Dr. .1. I >. Kellogg's Asthma arc.practically immune from lightning
I'l-mcdy The healing, soothing damage, The cosl being a mere
ni   vapor    penetrates,    clears .ruction of the possibl
nm   snows   the timely use and help of
ees of llill'u 1
Vat-nan   liin;   bc  a  lottery, bill   a
n hide lot of people seem lo
s  in  ease
lhe passages and gives untold relief.! of fire, ii is of economic importance
D. C. MACAROW Usuall.   ii  c pleteh   cures,     ll  lias  to the farmer that ever,   barn should    Urttat S.ia of A���� M.-lcio. lntk.Worl4.
.,,.., '   ��� , | , ,     ,    i' i  .   i;   i ,, ;, , '"I'I a.'i'rK'itr*. Ia bom, 25c.
General  Manager ot   the   Merchants  '���' '���ll"1 " vears ol  success,    li  is the be  cfiicieull.v   protected  bj   lightning   	
Bank  of  Canada sure remedy for every suflercr. rods.
Praiseworthy Effort Nearly all  children are subject   lo   A R L. T N (i I. O IN
ban capital prizes. "|'m ci0ing ln). besl to gel ahead," worms, andmiany arc born with them.; WAT_llP*tOor OOLLARi AMI*   OOl-M
Spare ihein sultcrina by using Moth-   Do ��w��y with   .11 Utwdry Bill..  Wli.n th.j
cr Graves   Worm   Exterminator,  llic  became aoflid Jaat ��Mti th.m Wth toa p <uiq
^^mlmt- ___.
' -���"��� 'TS -^*^S,a_0__>_r<As
_s-  .��__- . _     .   "��� ���' H_i    jR'-  , .	
('!.���_.;_..'���        ''".i��i   hup
lhe change in each of    these    ilcim
i making for the Bank's stability
The fact that lhe Hank's Reserve is!
SO nine
il    lO   In
iilcd Cliolly
"Well,   heaven   km
me," asserted Dollv.
Made from choice whole
wheal and mailed barley,
lhis famous food retains
Inc viuil trineral elements    j
ol the gr, in, so csential    |
lor     balanced     nourish-    .
ment,    but    lacking    in
many er: ,-al foods.
Tom   every
��� 1,
oct liavor, rich nom
convenience, econoi iy,
health from childhood to
old age -Grape-Nuts
i   in it very strong position  ll- .,       ...          .   .        , ,                  |
:..,!,. M.,s| inlanls are iitivsietl In worms,
'    ","''   ��� '     .           .    ,                       . w1ii_|i   cause  ercal    .ulTerine'    -intl   if                    A   Sticker   lor   Pop
A comparison ol almost evert- iieml ���'""���"  -'"' ,  B'ca   suueiing,    anu  ii     ,      ���
ii   the  statement   with similar items "'" i."'>"'Ml>  deal  wilh  may  cause     ���  "     _,������....
oi      vr-ir -tiro show verv marked im- constitutional weaknesses    dill .-uli  lo;     .,;'"' !"-'     "',. ,   -       ,    ,
oi .. veil ...... snow  mi) maiKiti uu- .        \i;ii,.,-',    it,,.,,,    I'nwtltrs       llo��  can a  solid  facl  Irak ou
I'l'ovenicnl    and     greater     filiancial K"   V'      ;'nlltl*    uorn     imvocis	
l-i-eiigih.    ll  also proves  thai   b  ii lear ""' '*""!,:'''h and bowels of|
besl  teiiedv  of  the kind  lhal  can  bt    ��'��i*r'   t!�� tronWC   necessary,   it tab i   tnt
"   U""J> U,L """   '"' t),o����of the moat UtWicus ItHle it�� tWlo.k ul
had. t���od asllnen.   Aak rani, denier for tlmm.
,,-, coudili  ill Canada during the  worms and will so acl upon lhe sys
ast year havi  been ir, a verj healthy  l .'" "Ial lll"c "'' '�� "" recurrence
ol   lhe  trouble.    And   nol   only   Hus,  Minard's   [.iniineiil  Co.,  Limited.
Fraser Avarnuo, Toronlo
The managing dii ci lor, tl
manager and the ofiicers of the Mer
[. hams Hank of Canada desen : (he
, greatest credit for the line showiuy
\ w hieh lhis insliiiiiiui has made dlir-
i inr.- llu   pasl year as a result ul  llu ir
unbilled  efforts  and  capable    maii-
,] bul ih.-y will repair the injuries tc
lhe organs thai worms cause and restore lie'in in soundness.
Restitution After the War
Cardinal   Mercier  is  nol  impressed
b\  recent attempts of Catholic dlgni ���
iniii - in Germany lo bring about bei I
ler  relations between    German    and!
Belgian Catholics,   lu reply  lo recent
overtures of '.his character he  made
ihi    reply:
"..'alholics  ovcr  lhe  fronliei     who
i     nent,   easy  digestion,     Ij   have nol found a single word ni dis
approval   for  ilu.se   who  slaughtered^
' pi opic   in   Belgium   ami   slu.i     th.w tl
��� prit -:-    llicsi     Calholit ,     w ho    for
ihn c >. ars have looked on with (old
, il arms at the martyrdom of a  pco-
|.h     arc    now    singihg      hi mils    ol
' in i.ilu rliui ss,   peaee,   and     forgetful-
I ness,    Hui ii is our duty io press foi
ihe  restitution "l  violated rights and
l unishiiienl  for the guilly.
"I hi   hour    for    the    exercise    of
 __,) mercy   enn   only  strike   whin     wrong
" j 1 as been righted and when contrition
W,     N,      U.     1165 |is shown and penance is accepted." ]
" i . cry  man  should    know    somc-
ll inc. aboul firearms."
"N.-s."  replied   hanun   Corntossel.
I "Bul  lie oughlii'l  in    in gleel    othei
!; ings    I've ju-i took my boy Josh's
, -, otguu away from liim an' told him
I lo keep huse   wilh   the  hoe,"
t u ns.    I  cured a valuable hunting
.hu; ... mange wilh MIX nRD'S I.IX
IMl'XI    after    several    velerinarics
had  Ireatcd  him   wilhoui  doing  iiim. ;
any permanent good.
Notil's, &c.s
\\ 11'1'IH GACN1
Prop, oi  Grand Central  ilotcl,
Ilium: idvillc, Aug.  .1,  '04,
or ���tuittrrlnft ovcrcoma postuTciy. uur
Datur-I methoili pcrmrtticntly restore
maturnlatieech. tlrndu-loruplla every
vylicre.   Free isdvlco and literature.
KlTCIlKNliR,      -      CANADA
There's a Reason"
- Pioneer
Do; Rtmedlu
And How to Feed
-fallflt free to any ati'reaa tg
,        tlie Aullror
118 Went 3I��t Street. New York
Big Price For Range Slock ��� -         ���   ���   -.
The high pri.es ol wheal and othei ffi".-_8__._t,_P_-P5__fBX-ft*'-,"-?:*-.
grains, .which   .have    brought    such| THERAPION 5SS
prosperity   to   farntci's    in     Wi^tt'tn f'"*1,; c M*<cupitschronicweakssss,lostv-moa
Lanacla, snouio imi vv allowed to rh m,-��  either nu. 0RuooisTsorMAi_.il. post- . cti
vet allention f, i the profits whirl, ^^^ff1?a"-^aii%,a.'A*_i"__
are  heinu  made  iu   lir,'  vartous  hues meo.Co.lUv-nsrocKRD.Hampsteao,losdon.Bnq,
u' slock raising.   Au example
IO   I \'.t
very satisfactory returns received b
the simk farmers is found in ihe ei    Mtr.oovT.sTUMftiriuntoai_o-k.in_pacii-s_
perience of   Mr,   R,   C.  Coppcck,    of  ._ 	
oftu'ie ���.' fcw'Klgomui ^ivcd j COOK'S   COTrON   ROOT  COMPOUND
in return a check for $12,398.75, mak-     ,^t   . A ,,/,, reliable teeuttdtnt ��*d\
tint, sold in ihrt. dcirMSfll
atreuglli. No. 1, il: Ni. 1, 111
No. j, li per bet.   Sola br til
ini; an average of $136.25 per head,
" l.verv Ihing i- going up."
"YeS,"   said   lhe   pOCt,     "Vcsti'l'diiy   a
j lilerarj  lady offered uie a nickel [or
my thoughts "
iinm_l.sH, or teut preiiaM la
plain pecknge on receipt o\
price. Free pamphlet Addrtt|f
Forty Ton Tank
i. ."at',0, ,��� tiiii-iisive DEVELOPMENT OF FLYING CORPS IS
The Canadian Railway Battalions Are Piling a Worthy Pari In
Building Railway Lines That Arc Used To Feed The l>i_
Guns That Ousted Enemy from Messines Region
Goes Tlirougli a  House il   found in
lis   Path,  Says Corres-
I pondent
The'recent   olTensive actions  have! COMPLETE EQUIPMENT IN OPERATION AT TORONTO
tu niiLilil   soine     v.tlll.tlilr     inli nsiiu.i  ,
lion of old ith.is.    Mosl  sensational . ~ '
among ihese is ihe ��������� of th. lank. Seventeen Hundred Men Have Joined the Royal Flying Corps
this forty Ion monster, rolling .ilonn
literally inside iis own trail, will go
almost    anywhere     with    irresistible
Tin Cauadians played a worthy
pari In ihe great events occurring on
lhc Belgian front, when- in lhe early
mac's of the war llle men irom Can-
lila made history thai will never bc
forgotten. The ground that is now
in put. ess of redemption represents!
fm ilu in, the unattainable. 'I'hey
contested every fool of the Si. liloi
in.'a ,n the northern end of the battlefield, with ihc utmost tenacity and
valor, hui because of the superior
German artillery on the Mcssiiics-
Wytschaclc ridge all their efforts
wire fruitless and thousands nl men
died iu opposing a further German
advance, Their sacrifice was not
made in vain, The ridge and a daily
Increasing pari of lhe plain of -"landers beyond ii are again in the pos
session of the Belgian people, while
ihe enemy, brutal and sullen, lis ul
ways in defeat, shells with long-
range gillis lhc villages ill the area
(inin which he has been driven, ill the
force,    ll will lean against a tree and
.mash ii down; ii will climb againsl
i   house,  break  ill   the  wall  ami  passl
I through  lhe debris;  it  will level bar-
1...1   ...:.- i       ... i ��� >,
And -a Huge Plain in Toronto Is Turning Oni Aeroplanes
At the Rate ol Almost One Hundred a Month
Albert* Oil Output
At  lhc (nd of lasl J; ntiary a party
ol  Imperial officers, in  command of
;l ol, i'. i.i.  Iloarr, arrived in Toronto
llieir labors  lhe  feeding  of  lhe nun
is made possible, i.   , ���
There are now over    10(1 miles of bcd  mre ��' anglcmcnts, and  ,i  will
lieht raihvavin the second armv area   covcr "P shelter entrances. Okotoks   Field   Has   Produced   200,- , ,        ,,
Sot "double track?    Th     co\-     * general telling of one ,.,,,,, .aid: 0Q0 <._������������ _���,, th_ Q i   on,  England hey
���������i i��� .tl, ��� ..."      ....    ,..   ._ Our infantry captured and organ i .... i   ,      ' "  seul  scm"   ugnmig    the
i,        ' r '     ,     il l*ed one  end  of a  Irench  the   Ger >'ut  U '^''easing Huns in  the limitless  regions of the
lending the line lo lhe new  iron    was ,   .   . . ,      ,   ��� ,.. ,     .      ,   , ,        . , ar   on   tin-   uosi.-rn   f,-.,ni      I',-,.,;  ...
formerly   a conlraclor    for lhc con- man,s -cta'nin�� the   mosl    ��     their      b,g���reS obtained by    the   Calgary ����r on '   '"' ������
struction ol   pari    of    the National"0*."'    A.0!,,g l''"'"' ���"    la\,k. , a'-J  Hcruld  rrom  tho    Canadian    I'acihcl
Transcontinental and    is accustomed ?lnru,n8 ;'.'  He. opposite  end ol  the
11     llilll 11     . t v I   11 .���) 1IJ I I I 1 VI  ' a ��� 1       | .
...udlilig nun  iu thousands, as he I )}.?>""���   "!KK   ''   ',",���"'"'''   ��,'"'   ',"','"'''
��� I he irench was ..I.In.-rait tl .mil lh������
icir arrival it was announced that
railway show ���' .    '      allons ofl"1?  British government had   appro-
oil    inns',   ol   ii   hi"h L- nle   "isol, ne . ,"'l,'u'1'  miliums���onc sum mentioned
have been shipped from'Okotoks sta-l)vas $lWK>0.000-tO develop a reserve
in  r  _-.ll iv__l'orce   "'   ''"'  P"otS   m   Canada.
s. 8(1
    .    ., ,ii,,n        v.."    il"   "''      .''"n.i. icigiir, nut nm principal        : ' " ���   "",".'���    ���",""';. ,'" .Tc"
track    wle,    ,,, wn   li i    i  fa r      l!l" 0��- "ll1 lli,'"l" ''��� ,l'b>''1 '������� tlial the production ,.- iner, asing. " ��t0. ���"" were billeted at Lxhibitip
fance o fstayh g ,   ere",       puU     frojeclile    will    cripple   ., tank, and     The increase in oiilpti, is sl n by XcWS ri, d"froC'lne'
.  The Canadi I, .urgeons and  'scs     ���� ����� other means   o,    stopping ,lieact t at oI the   _��u grd ons -Jjc an^^ave^arnved **   **��
iu   tlie    Canadian    casualty clearing  Ulv"-      _ ... ' '> ���    '   "      '  ' ��� '
station in tlie salienl  have been   as
effective iu  caring  for  thc  wounded
iihs  io    *m    on  nu'   i isi    in i  ih w   in      . ,. , in,1 ,    ��� . . i 11 i-,*r*   ,.f    i i-   (iiini -    ,1   (   i,,-,.i.,       r  '
hand,    Willi little military    training,  ol -.''. '"-eiipin.ls who were uo   kit ed  lion s.ncelhe/irst Dingniaii well wa s '      '   > '" *    '    ������ ' '����    ' -
his men  work like veterans.    Ulil. \\��.  "��ured ran ,low-1"  ;l- ","'',   <<"'f Wugh. in" ,��� 1914   Ihi- an, t '.'>' V     i's    evi   -     ,, - l'   i       ,  .''r
lately    building   railways   in a sail- j,^ l0 .surrender.    We look .is,  of oil represents moretlian 1,001) ions in    i^^S'^t^VT
,���i   i,,s   me,?,    .u���_      v���_.   (i,.   them prisoners, weight, but the principal    Icalurc isJPlai(   construction,    aruved    in   lc
from the battlefield of Messines as
are railway builders in providing
facilities for feeding the guns.
Over one-fourth of all the wounded
have been cleared from lhe Canadian
ihere are oilier means    t
i them. . ,,  .    .
Long planned oul artillery  lire rc- was shipped this  year. work    ol    organization    commenced
mains llie mosl  cITnclivc  trench   de-      Though the oil "booin" evaporated |'1S'*t aw:i>-    ' "e Imperial munitions
sinner.    In llie Picardy battle many  some lime ago, and the general pub- poard was entrusted with the spend-
oi    the   German   dugouts thii'ly-fiv.  lie  has largelj   lost interest   in i the '"8 of lhe money by  the    Imperial
[eel  under ground wcrc    blocked by situation,  the  railway   figures    show government.
earth thrown up from lhc gun fire,  that  a  real  producing field  i-  being .   L'\e  one  object  oi   the  orgam/a-
Of coins,',  the  machine    gun outfitsi developed.    Willi the installation   of tlon. 1S  t0 lu'll<c  P''?ts  for  overseas
'  -tatcd    Major  D.  L. Allen.
vay construcuon tiepo
of the mines which -have so utterly
changed the outline of the ridge were
Completed before the Canadian left
for the Somme last fall. For months,
thousands of Canadians, commanded
nnd officered by former railway con
Plebeian   Are  Equally   Valiant
iel, officer in command oi . esi
-ruilillg,  has  sent  over  300
tiles alter Uie preparatory  bomc-aril-      , iisked ������, ,.,.-_ia.-1,t of an iiupo,-!'. """"��' ""M, " "\ mo
ment commenced lhe communications  [an, ,-,,1K-.-.  whal type of student has vo mo,ulls' l-'"'r'' a" ll:"
from observers to the batteries were  rcspoml(,j mos, qlM-j.kl.,  ���, ,,���.    war m operation,    lamp   Borden,    1      .
nets, save in tin      .,- .,,..-.
treated. This proves that the. last- less te egraphy. Hitherto a few mi
minute ph.ns of the enemy for the ��l�� ;"l>'r ""' Preparatory bombaul
lefc-uce   of  the  tidi_c  failed   to  work.
ill.in   iji.Min.i"    ...   ....    '1.1,1.11, i    .....  j |'(;-_noil(|eU    mosl    tl
cut, and in   many  eases  lhe  gunners   (]rlml
I   can't give  lhe Duke    any    real   wcre obliged   to  shoot   more  or  less      ,,'|-|'|(	
tractors and engineers, have been ad-1 money," said  the prospective  pa-in- al  random,    'lhis was (rue    lirsl  al (liat  n,,^'1'!,' '���!',' ,'-i^'.' i���~'"!l,i'," re'! ''':'M M Vl'" Miuinlrous .u' m.,
"ing lo lhe mileage of lhe light rail-   law. Verdun.    Now small wireless sending  ,_,lsc     ,Nl uu|. C0|lcEe the bov   who', "P'rauon every day, lit"
"There must be a dowry.' outfits arc used by the observers in  ���' ,.,.,,.],.,p.,| .,, ,|lr p,..,  ,| ,,,,-, ,'���   vvas      '' is a little over lour monl   ���
"Well,  l  kin  put some puny  fair the first line positions,    Needless loLlll0n���  {\K. vcry   firsl  to'volunteer    <"a"lp   l!"n1''"'     1'"'��    mart
property in bis uainc." sav. this i- dangerous work,    bul  iio|'a,  ���,_���..  ,,|,,,, "ciul>  fellows   is  fool- are l'eat'3   '"'  ��Pcn'ft8- '""' in  -
tiihr" I work is  too hazardous    wliicli    will|i,_u   ,,',..,.  ., : .,    ,i,..'   t    ' roroiUo and another, Camp  !.
Branch and Dcscronto, which i-
nanted  Camp   Mohawk. Tnere  ai
ways iu llie Ypres salienl. During a
brief visil to the Belgian front, lhc
Canadian overseas correspondent
watched a railway construction battalion, which was recruited in-northern Ontario, pushing forward a light|th
railway to a town on lhc new British
front,    The work    of    grading   and
"Do you objecl if wc search lillrr"  work is  too hazardous    wliicli    >vill|-,'n  ,,',,.,",  .,re  ���,,!���,.   ,,,    L|ie    fron|   \ I oronlo and another, C.ihip  !.
"Oh, no, 1 'peel lo du lhe same by  supply  the  necessary  hformation   to   ,{,!,),,,..  .,',.,.  ���,,  n,0Vv   caircr  lo  face  Vallcouvcr' "le  lr*mi',"1"lls  P1-1"'
e Viuke's." the central (ire control stations.       j '������.  __,;���.���  ,,,.,���  .���,,  ,,',.    bl.ihtcst  the Canadian  Aeroplanes  Co.  is
mosl in full operation at the head
Statement of Liabilities and Assets at
30th April, 1917.
1.   To the Shareholders
Capital Slock paitl in      $ 7,000,000.00
Kent or Reserve Fund.
Dividends declared ��nd unpaid	
Balance of Fronts as per Profit and J.o.r. Account submitted herewith	
2.   To the Public
Notes of the Prink in Circulation	
Ueposiis nol hearing interest	
Deposits bearing interest (including interest accrued to date of statenieul)..,
Balances due lo other Hanks in Canada	
Balance, due lo Hanks and banking corrtspomlcnts in the United Kingdom
and foreign countries, '. ���	
Bills payable	
Acceptances under letters of credit	
Liabilities not included ill the foregoing 	
ASSETS """'    '""	
Current Coin      $ 4,766,438.82
Deposit in the Cenir.it I'.olrl Resent
Dominion Notes	
NoU'3 of other Banks	
Cheques on oilier Banks	
Balances due by other banks in Canada,.  	
Balances due by Bauks and banking correspondents in the United Kingdom..
Balances due by Banks and banking correspondents elsewhere than in Cnnr.da
and the United Kingdom.	
Dominion and Provincial Government securities, nol exceeding market value.
Railway and other Bonds, Debenlttres and Stocks, not exceeding market value
Canadian Municipal securities, and British, Foreign und Colonial public
securities, other than Canadian	
Call Loans iu Canada on Bonds, Debentures and Slot lis	
Cull Loans elsewhere than in Canada	
Current Loans and Discounts in Canada (less Rebalr of Interest)	
Current Loans and Discounts elsewhere than in Canada (less Rebate
of Interest) ,,  	
Liabilities of customers under letters of credit as per contra	
Real Estate other than bank premises	
Overdue debts, eBtiiiiat-d loss provided for	
Bank Premises, at not more than cost less amounts written off,  	
Deposit wilh the Minister for the purpose? of ihe Circulation Fund	
Other Assets not Included In the foregoing	
Managing Director,
General Maiiaf/t-
Report ol thc Auditor to the Sharehold. r_ ol The Merchants Bank ol Canada
In aOi'Oi.iaii.:,' with the provisions of aub-Sectiona 1. and ';(. ol :-.-, ti���i, It, ol the Rank Aot, I report tn the Slnirelioitlera
as 'olUitYe :-_
I havo examined lhe above Balance Sheet with the Hues sol Aocoivot and other records ol the Bank at tho Chief Offici an.
with the Bigiitr'l retnrria Irom the Bnutohos and Agetic.ltMi.
I have chectic- the ,��.sii and vorlil.nl the licoiuitlca ol the liana, tit the Cliicl OlrU'O agalust the entrlea lit ro .ord ibc-elo In the
hooka ol tho Ban* aa on "Otll AprlL 1817. and al a different time during tho vear and fnuud them to wrree with mon entries.
I hu voalao attended at eoroeol tho Branches during the JoaYtud ohee.rrd the caalt and verified tho aeoiiritios held at the dates of
ray attendance, and found thotn to a_.-oo with the entrIce In tho Boote ot the Bank with rejard thereto.
1 havo obtained all the information end ex|iUnaHo_a I have required, In raf opinion, the u.i.seolIoitB ol tho Bank whith
have como under mr notice liare been w'.tliln the powort of the Bank, and the above balance Sheet Id proporlv drawn up ao aa to
eihlbltatrueanacorreotviewolUie Blate ol the Hank'a altalta atoordlnf lo lhe heat ol my lnlonnallon and lhe explanations
given to me, and aa ehowu hf the hook a ot Ihe Bank.
Montreal, Hat liar, 1*'7-
(olB.' ���-
'���loltte, i-,*ni!<..r. ii, ."una - Oa),
Sincere Regret |    \viial!    You kicking    about your     War " like death     levels    up    a���dDul.cnn  street, Toronto
track  laying was proceeding    undcrl    German  Veteran  (in  1930)���Yes,  1  food?    1  Ibouglil  vou boasted about  ,i0Wn     Those  aristocrats  and   high- r       '"  worker-���men and
fire from the enemy's heavy artillery, was at Vimy Ridge in 1917. your housekeeper cooking  so  well." bred gentlemen, ('eorge  Wasbington are l.''m"S out a�� ���'      l8
Casualties are Inevitable, but the men      Canadian  Sharpshooter  (earnestly)      "Yes, but  I  married her. and nowl an<] ii,,; Marquis dc  Lafayette, -taw-  "I'1' ''      ���' es     *
work  with a will, knowing  that    by ���Well, well, I'm sorry I missed you.   wc keep a cook." ' ,,i ,M1ite ;K well at  Yallcv  linue  as g,lnos'.
   I did    lhe    fronliersnien horn interior lhe,   ^St party  of ofl       -     i 	
|-en.isvlvania. iiml 'oday pilots are ri
Meade, the cultured patrician, stood  ^as' ;,ml B>'ln8, machln  j
ihe gafT of battle as well as bit! noKurned Put at ,1"' raU
better  than  did  .l.eridan,    the.    pic- a 1"0!lll,���   fh? >''I'**
,, ��� I see   lhe   whole   plant,   and   org-anaa-
Arai'shal Mnr.ii. son of a tavern ''"J"' r��rollto ai,d ��01trfa! n'",;;
keeper,   became a king, and-Marsha!  PaP"  "K'M   "'"''  conducted    arc
I N'ev, son of a cooper,' laler grew in- j ^"V ?art.��f( .,hc organization in .c-
lo a prince and boll, were as valiantk��"J0 ���>>' Major Allen and Capt. )
upon  many  a   bloody   field  as   vvrr���p   ' ':     ! ���'
! ihe  s,,ti<  of emperors  and    czars
I Girard   in
(l!* '"      , , I ihe administration    centre    for    tie
Army Remounts in Canada l;^   Dominion    Royal    F,/in--
                            ,     Major Allen  explained  '         - - .
[Purchasing  of Remounts   in  Canada gallon    under    the  direction   of tire.
for the Britisii Government         | lieadtftiartcrs   >ialT.    There  are
branches of the service,  oni   i- the
orps in  Canada  is  quart, ��� d  tr,
Uthe,"pi'iiia_eipiiJia ""_blic|*P'e''.d'd o(""* at,,llc  [l^"'
i building  on   t finroll   street.     I   is    t
l'ollowing the  action  by the    Imperial  governnieni    in    deciding    i
aerial organization and the other is
11,11 -Kill1 i_lllllll_llV III H   ..nuns !-��� ,. ���       a
ain  undertake lhc purchase of re-    ie "rna   C"U.'I,,"",:M'.
6rst part
���     in,s i��� Canada, a conference was|!1as.  l.�� f'0.  tt'ith recruiting   hai
held  belwcei,  Uie British    Kcnioun,   "'.''""'''"l. ���"- ruriion,  ot ml
oi  pilots and  iiiccnaui -.  '   -   ;     ��� ��� :
..:.]��� .-. ��� ..littal
ions  iii which information was given ..   . ...      ,
rgaiuz.ition  ou   C lmnii   s
,     ���      ,,, ,��� j  ,oi  pi ols am   niccnanics,  '   -   ;
Commission and representatives of a,      P equipment, nc    - -
number ot horse breeders    associa;    rf Thc ,v!lti;rr n!-     8
lions. .,. winch informal onwa   Eiven Church  .,��� .    ._���
��� by llu  coiniuissioi regard ng ll c pur-      �� , . ���
chasing ol reinpunts for the   Bntwh , ���       h    .    ,. ,-.
BO-vrnmciU.    ' .cncial   tNCill, a  l ,n.t-     ��� ���       ,,  ;
dian. has been  appointed a member v ���� w      . .
ol   the  commission,  by  the  linper a\ ���        7       ,   h{    ^
Uoveinnient, to a arnge for assenblr ,    p    , j        ,      b|      .   ,     -
mg the torses.   *1 here will be centra      �� u     b
depots for the inspection oi    horses   g ,        fc. - ..
ocatcd rn  tl.e cbiel  centres    ol    lie|�� . ,     E        .,,..  ;,
horse industry throughout    Canada. I.       , _r_    .,,,������,���
Inspections  will also be  made,  bow- ,, '   hi_   .;   . ,
rye at counlry    points    when suflv- q at'headquarters a,      .
Hed ni  tl.e cmci  centres    oi  ine|--.;s ,,;.���.,,.    Even  tllos(,  in    th,
use  industry  throughout    Canada, ......    ., ,  ,������  ,,.       ..
;,":',   the
niachini��,  ,,rr  Hjrii -
amp  in    i
can bo  (isscnibtcd. 'I lie
it  presenl  will !���'.���  limited
, i everv d;iv. in sny
to -trnllcr,    and    transport    horses 7     ft
All .horses mint   be sound, ol g...���l      ��� I     ,     . ______
i-onlorinalion     irec    from   bleimilei b^ ,       .       ,. ,
a,,d broken to harness    o,    saddle, i     -��� :i,,,���.,lU,| for l0 iln,      |
Ihey musl be between six and nine. ;      ��    �� h_ ,.,.,., ;���- . nc���  , ,.
years ol age; lire height required lor .   ���m  -||;i, ,;, . M .,,
artillery  horses  ,s  1,     to    ..ha.,, i<\ ^ ^   w       ,���;i,,.,;.,,, , ,.K,.,.
and the iveight 1200 nnd 13_0 pounds. fl. . ,,,,..,���,.,,.    ,������  18
A committee from the associations a���hfn�� f,fcre ,,., jjvi   5(,uadrons,
was appointed    to    confer will   ll machincs, in operation at Camp
i cTTTv , _Xm!_" mutu il in I Borden, one at Long Branch, and an-
v.hieb   hey might bc    mutu.,11,    i    L,her at Dc_e.onto.    Hc also stated
, l-��resleil. , Uul for -v..ry _'0 cadets  or pilots in
....    .      ,       t-        a ihe niakine there wire 90 mechanics
Wmcbreak as Farm Asset ! ^^d to repair the    machines   and
"\ windbreak i- a direct asset lo,,. lll(,,l, in worklng order. So that
ll��� ii.i-ni.i-," s^tys I'ittiicrs l*11''^'*' out. 0f every 1,000 recruits to ihe
7.S .,. ibe I ,S. Department ol Ag-\r>ovi\ Flying Corps, about 20rt are
riculture. Breaking lhc mechanical! vjjtors and the rest mechanics of
for,,   of lhc wind projects the gram        . adcSi
[crops  and  llu   orchard.     It reduces ��	
cvai atiou liul raises the   tempera- " .
,,,,.   l,-cw places in the Middle W�� sl | Live and Learn
have loo much rain and the staple An old captain and his male. lccl��
crops ire benefitted by waim, sultr; lug hungry, went into a restaurant
tomlrtions. and ordered dinner, The waiter plac-
Forlj percent of all farmers keep a plate of thin, Watery looking liquid
some kind of accounts. Most of before each. "I say, young fellow,
these   ne only a  ree,ml of receipts what's lhis stuff?" snouted the   cap-
!;,.,; r-vpens... This is the mosl iin tain. "Soup, sir," replied tbe waiter,
portanl bul a diary of the daily | "Sotlpl" echoed llie old sea dog.
fat ni happcnm.s will prove more in,"lust  ihink  of  that,  Bill.   Here  you
| in sung and i strcnicly useful. I 'fit n and mc have been sailing on soup al
jt savtS money and trouble and ser- our  lives  and   never  knowed  il   til'
S'^ all bookkeeping needs. In*w." THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Letters to the Editor
Editor Review ���
Dear Sir, ���Re gasoline supplies,
I read in the current issue of your
journal that Mr. Enitle is reported
to have stated that " il i.s owing to
consumers holding back empty
barrels so long and poor 'transportation facilities that the shortage
exists."     With   the   first   named
statement I have of course nothing
to do, but if this is a contributing
factor in the rece.it scarcity of gns-
oiine in Courtenay consumers have
only themselves to blame for the
iucotiveiiiencics they have been suffering, But, ns far as transportation over the V.. & X. Ry. is concerned, I have taken tbe trouble to
refer to my records, which show
that in the period  covering April-
i _r*
at the  corner  of   Union   Street  and
the   Cumberland,   Road,   Courtenay.
For  particulars apply
July only 5 carloads of gasoline
have been carried over this line and
that the actual time occupied from
the date they were billed to date of
arrival iu this city was approxi.
mately 2 |._ days in each case.
This I maintain is about the quickest despatch that anv railroad
could effect in a similar haul, ami
it is obvious, therefore, that Mr,
Kuicie will have to seek some other
explanation for the trouble than
transportation delays
Personally I consider the prevailing fashion of making there general
and irresponsible statements is very
much !���) be deplored and it would
help to adjust matters more quickly
and effectively were active steps
token to arrive at tiie real sent of
the difficulty.
Vou I., truly
Agent E. & N. Ry
Comox Valley Cow Testing Association
List of cows that have given 50 lbs of butter during July
l__- i.
I   If,
M :Phei  left  on Priilni
Review Office,  Courtenay
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
New  Spring  Goods  Now  on Hand
cPhee Block
1 last tn   attend   thr-   gath iriiig   of
I Liberals at Winnipeg,
The spirit of optimism prevaili g
;d the Conservative meeting lo I
night bodes badly foi the Liberal
candidate, be he whom he may.
King George may now be addressed as " I'he King," but the
Mayor of Court* nay is .slill "llis
Worship." We shall have to start
ri movement to d moi atize the
John Crocki it's horse which was
tied to the railing near Dr. Millard's ������ \i :ie, i 10k fright at a passing ; iin 0 id fore the rail loose.
��|As soon as the train passed he
= started off down lhe street, Inn
11 come to grief at file bridge where
|| he tripped on the rail, overturning
5T himself nnd the rig,
fl! J. W. McKenzie Sr.. Win, Hav
51 man and Frank Movite went up to
Oyster River ou Saturday night
and spent Sunday fishing. Their
catch totalled 80 trout 4 large salmon and one cod. "Johnnie'' now
wears a smile on his face that won't
come oif tor a month.
Name of cow
lbs milk
lbs but
Vullliie, A llliis	
.... 68.6
.... to .2
. ..  62.3
.... 61.9
folly, .-. month-. 	
Darkie, 5 mouths 	
 i.i... 8
.... 61.4
....  (ii I 5
... 60.5
....  59 7
,.   .58 6
Hlack Kiltie	
 58 3
.. 57 (1
.... 56.5
345 i
!���' uim	
Vergie .
Ron y, _ inonths	
Beauty, 7 ltii.nilis	
..'!"!!iu. 1'.'..'.".
..'   ....wm".'."..'.
   98 1	
.-     ....(,11"	
. 51.9
.il .9
51  7
.... -51 7
.. .SI  2
ro ni
... 51   1
A. McMillan
R. U. Hurford
A, Urquhart
A. McMillan
T. I). Smith
A, McMillan
A. Urquhart
.\. McMillan
A. Urqttliarl
G, O. Game
A. McMillan
A,   Urquhart
Pi itcliard ii; Sous
J. Anderton
l'liieh.iril Si Sous
II, Gurney
T. C, Woods
1', Mnchili
A.  Urquharl
VV. Beard
u. U. iimi..1.1
It, Clayton
I* Macliin
T. 1). Smilli
II, I'ieret
A.   rn|tlh;ul
II. Gurney
C. I'. Jncksoii
A. Urquhart
P.  Mru-liiii
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Hest'and cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1,  7 for 5) cts,    for 3):ts,  2 for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city ball
_____!__��>_"., ,._,._.___UITW_I_!_<
The  International   Logging Cj.
r-itken suffered heavily by the bush fire at
Campbell River last week.    About
5,000.1 )o feet nl logs were destroyed.    Three donkey engines and a
lot of cubic, etc., was also lust.
J. N. Harvey of the Power house
spent the week end at Vancouver.
John Aitken   and    Mrs.
are at Vancouver lhis weel .
The Misses Freeman  were visitors at Vancouver last week.
Oregon & California Railroad Co. Grant Lands
Title to same revested in Uunitcd
States by Act of Congress, dated
June 9. 1916. Two million, three
hundred thousand acres to be opened up for homesteads and sale.
Timber and Agricultural lands
Containing some of the best land
left in United States. Now is the
opportune time- Large map showing lands by sections an d description of soil, climate, rainfall, elevations, ect. Postpaid $1, Grant
Lands Locating Co., Box 610.
Portland, Oregon,
Mr, Stanley Irwin of the Korest-
ry Department,  Victoria,   was  in
Mr. F.   Cross   is   about   out of town on Monday.      Here  he met
danger, and llis  rapid  recovery is Clinton Wood who, along with Dr.
looked forward to. Shaw of Campbell River  aud hini-
...   ,      ,    .      _.   .        ., self had last met at   college at To���
Mrs. Hiud, who is suffering with ���olUo      Nei),ler  one  knew that
a broken arm, at St. Joseph's hos- either of the otliers wert.  ������ this
pital is recovering nicely. part of the country uutjl last week
There were a number of serious when Mr.  Wood   met   Dr.   Shaw
accidents at the logging camps last heie.    Needlees to say Mr, Irwin
week.    Two men had arms fractur- was   surprised   to   know   of   his
ed  one a fractured head,   and au- friends'   whereabouts,  and  on his
other suffered   a   dislocated knee, next visit to  Campbell  River will
They are all  doing w.U at Comox look the Doctor up,   The three of
hospital. them are old Kamloops boys.
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at th
Courtenay Review
Cooking three meals a day over a hot
stove. There's no longer any need for it
An Electric Kitchen
is Cool
Make Hubby order an
Electric Range
He uses the most up-to-date and efficient machines in his business
You, his wife, are entitled to the same
up-to-date equipment for your kitchen
For Sale by
The Courtenay Electric
Light Heat and Power
Company Limited


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