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The Review Jan 6, 1916

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nut In'
lone any I t'tter,
:wnl     ]
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nuita so
well anywhere
else     |
Our type ami tuju
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eU tunl Tlia  tteview    1
pni't'H are right
Classified Ads.
Make your Ultle Wants known
through a Classified Advertisement
in The Review   ���   ���   ���   Phone 09
VOL. 4
Local Lines
NO. 7
.:.^i��3Ka K^.-���i.iijaBtiiTii-iijjB3s3>-��u
For Sale���A newly and substan-
tialy built house, 4 rooms, basement, high and pleasantly situated,
few minutes walk from post office,
Price  $400
Phone 10
Sole Agents
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
you have any sewing to do it will pay
you to investigate our plan whereby
you may own   a Sew  U-Z  Sewing
Machine Motor
This Is It
If you have a day's sewing to do let us know and
we will deliver the motor at your house and charge
you a very moderate rent for it. For every day
you rent the motor we give you one cnance on a
drawing to be held as soon as the value of the
motor has been received in rentals.
There are only 25 chances on the motor, and four
are gone already, so  get your   application in if you
want this motor
This  motor is  guaranteed for 5 years and is ex*
ceedingly good value for the money
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R98       Office: Mill Street
Horn    At rleai
5tli, to Mr, and 1
I SOI! .
qu irlei -
.! ���.   K.
Died - At Com! 'Day, i
an, .|ili, 191 5, \V Hi 1111
I j ear i 10 days,
on   Jail,
Aida,   a
Tti isday
wis, age
H.S. Demerits, M, 1'. was in
town for a few minutes 0:1 Wednesday morning on his way to the
Mrs. Gumey had the misfortune
lo slip on the ice at her home last
Thursday and sustained a broken
1(;.;.   She is doing nicely,
yi ar
id    Ai Comox,
5, Willi iih
an 1 s mouths,
guest nt
got his :
��� cranking a
the   hotel,
11111  broken.
mi Wednesday
!obb, a ,ed   73
Ford ear lor  a
I'ercy   Booth
Mr. and Mrs
about fori v of tl
Thursday evenin
Messrs. W, A. Urqithart, H.
Gliruey, and II. J. Copp are the
refreshment committee of the
Creamery Association, and are reputed to to be famous Jfor making
good coffee.
The City Council held a short
session on Monday evening when
a number ot accounts were ordered
paid, R. M. Allan was appointed
auditor. The City Clerk read a
synopsis of the year's financial
transactions which showed that the
city had surplus assets of about
$2600, over liabilities. A by-law
was given its isi and'2nd readings
empowering the Council to borrow
S500 to pay pressing accounts
The council heard with regret that
former Constable West had been
burned out, and a sum of money
was voted to carry him over if it
was found that lie needed it. The
Council adjourned until Wednesday
evening when the money by-law
given its 3rd. reading. The members ot the Council will have their
photos framed and presented to the
city, The Council then adjourned,
sine die.
Wanted���6 little nigs. Apply
Box 295. Cumberland.
Notice���Owing to dogs worrying
my sheep, I shall put out poison,
L. C. Vigors.
For Sale���Two year old Holstein
Bull. Apply, J. Crockett, lower
road, Saudwick.
For sale���sleigh, with pole, also
top buggv almost new. Apply W.
Duncan, Sandwick.
-a brindle   heifer
ear.    Apply   to
I the v
���ai entertained
unn people oil
Whist, games
indulaul iu.
dancing were
Tne local branch of the Woman's
Auxiliary will re commence their
meetings on Jan. 21st. at 2:30 p.
in. at the Vicarage.
The Ladies' Aid Society  turkey
supper on Tuesday   evening  was a
gratifying success.    Rev.  Mr, Mc-1
Beth's lecture was also very entertaining.   The proceads were $56
The Rev. and Mrs. Franklin-
Watson left by train on
Wednesday morning for Alberni,
where they expect to stay about a
month previous to Mr Watson's
taking up his new duties at Victoria,
In accordance with the Royal
Proclamation Sunday last was observed as a Solerm day of prayer
on behalf of the cause undertaken
by the Empire and our Allies,
Prayer was offered continuously
from daybreak until dark, and
special intercessions were offered at
the regular services throughout the
day. Many expressed their appreciation of this opportunity of
joinig with the rest of the Canadian '
people of various denominations, 111
special prayer for the Aruiv and
Navy during these days of wartare.
 -*����������������-        -
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews "bandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class ,3 p. 111.
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a.m.   Service 11:30.   Evening service 7:30 P- in- All welcome
PI 1 ;e :��� metnbei th t th Annual
Creamery meeting will be held un
Jan. 20th, 1916, at (8 p, m,, at
Courtenay,    The pi rs
h ive some imp irtanl n soluti ms
for your consideration so do not
fail to attend.
Patrons of the Creamery are invited to [bring   their   wives,    1111
some light refreshment on  the
casiou of the animal   meeting   on
Thursday, Jan. 20,
A .sleighing party held an en-
joyable dance at Headquarters on
We Inesday evening. One of the
young uieti fell in love with the
place or lingered too long at the
gate and had to get home the next
The Rev. A. Bisclllager A. K. C.
of Cumberland will preach in St.
John's church on Sunday morning
Jan. 16th, at 11 a. in., being tiie
lirst anniversary of the Dedication
of the Church,
The citizens ticket will hold 1
public ineetiug on Monday evening
to discuss municipal affairs Opposition candidates are invited to
he present, Kilpatrick's ticket will
hold a meeting on Wednesday evening to express their views on mui -
cipal matters.  1 give .111  account
of their stewardship.
Sam Watson, the genial lerk it
the Ford Garage is laid np with
la  grippe.
hole in on
Morrison, Lake Trai
Wanted to buy from the farmers
of the Comox valley,   potatoes and
other   vegetables.        A.   B.    Ball,'
j Comox. 1
Wanted���Jersey   cow,   to   come'
fresh soon :   state   price,  age, and
j when fresh.    Address  Carl  Peter-j
son, Campbell River B, C.
For sale. Australian stump puller ;
will trade for small launch engine, j
! must be good.     Apply J. Caljouw, j
I Bowser P.O., Vancouver Isle.
Wanted���To   purchase    a   pure'
bred   Yorkshire   hoar    about     18
months to  2 years   old and   ready |
for service,    Pedigreed  stock   preferred.    Write, |. Lawrence,   Lazo
P. O,
For S lie - One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
j Morse Gas Euginei one .1 k. \v.
1 Dynamo switch board, etc., also
'pump and belting, Capacity 12
[gallons per minute. Apply at
I Riverside hotel,
Strayed���onto  my   premises   at
I Kve Bay, a young red steer,   Same
will   be   sold   to pay   expenses of
keel), etc., if not claimed within to
days of   this   notice.    Apply to J.
I Lawrence, Kye Bay.
Ten acre ranch, six acres cleared
Fine six room house, barn, stable,
chicken houses and large yards,
wire fenced, .5 miles from Courtenay
price fifteen hundred dollars. Improvements cost over Si200, Apply by letter Box 11 Review office
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
we will have two shipments of F'leischnian's  Yeast
weekly, Monday's and Friday's.    We haue   received
a supply of receipe  hooks so don't  fail to  ask when
you get  your yeast
A fresh shipment of Hugh Beaduell's
Northern Spy, Baldwin and Ben Davs
ipples have just arrived.
Btiyjthetn by the box
Box 256
Phone 40
We are now  opening a large and varied stock of
goods suirable for the Christmas trade, consisting of
Cut Glass, China, Fancy Glass Sets,
Cutlery, Toys, Gloves, Fancy Handkerchiefs, Ties for Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies Blouses and Fur Sets
for Children
The stock is so large it [will have to be seen to be appreciated
Also Plain and Fancy Croceries in   great variety at
lowest cash prices
MePhee & Morrison's Cash Store
jfiftflM^JSgjjMW^BflgSgiiwSWBBBBflffgg^ggw1*^ [THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
.ussy ^3ir;j' .��sr
Finish of Germany
Battle of Champagne
A   Graphic     Description     of   the   Big
There was still wreckage enough re-
mnlaliig on the buttlollold   of Cham-
lingno  llireo   weeks  after  Hit?  battlo
was   I'ouglil in give some Idea of the
Instruction  when  It  was
frosli niter the advance, Bays nn eyewitness account,    within a space III'-
h   milsu  .11 length  hj   tram one to
three in breadth.    AI leusl a million
men   were  engaged  on    bofh  sides:
25,0(10 mil liners    �� ere taken, nnd nl
least   two or Unit  sliolls  (or  every '
iniiii engaged was fired,
Thai    slieel    o(    preparatory shell I
llro    which  descended    upon   lUleen
I milrs ui' German  from  Irenche i had ;
ineiiiii n swath   ni slaughter to start j
K'or   throe   dnyB,   nighl    ami I
his bombardment conllnuud,   Ac-1
cording lo accounts of German prisoners ilie.v eiiulil only hug Hi" shellei'l
of  Ihelr  subterranean  chnmbi rs   until r their ci'iimhllug parapet j.   A wall
of artillery lire back of the treuches
kepi the supplies [imil iph blng ihem,
Stamps beating Queen Victoria's of-j in fi'onl of the trenches the continued
:':..  ceased lo be rulld after the In i   crush of shrapnel lilusi.i wus cutting
daj    (June In the pr,  enl year    Pre-hue  barbed   wire     Fur    nionlbs    t lie
ous to the Introduction    of   stamps  French   bad   been   nccumulullng   tun-
etters bad to be taken lo ni \ the   iniiiilllon which the;  poured uul from
Postal   Curiosities
President     of     Wall     Street   Journal
Gives   Toronto   Audience   His
Opinion on War
That the war will end by Germany's   urancli offlcas, which were limited In jcver> calibre ol gin
., , ,,..*., *. nnniL.iiV'        ni'm,     In     1> i    ..iii., ,.i..l     IP 'I'!,., I. ..11      Mi.., ii,
collapse by ill" beginning ei the winter ni'  1910-1T, and thai  Canada and
mini ��� rs   even In largi
the  - Mel,'i   prepaid Hie posli
Russia, by  reason  of  Ibo  extent  of  ninrk was affixed and It wem forward.
If ihe sender did noi pay in ntlvan
tin postage was payable on dellvi r).
. Iiicli was \ erv ciisionintw. and was
t'retiuenl ly coiisidt n d tin safi v. sy
of Insuring i bal Hie missi\ c would
reach lis deslinalii n.
When ill" new stump was Inl roduc-
. ii in 1840 ii was In' utinblj called the
t: Is term (or ninny ���' long du> afterwards, When lir.-i Issued in the public the sheets en w bii ii i lie sunups
v ere printed v. em not perforated
mi I each had lo be i 'purutel) cut, ii
prni i .-.-   both  slow   ami   ll'iiublesi me;
their land, will be the chief bent fit
iarles of tlie renaissance of progress
and prosperity to follow, wore th" encouraging predlcitlons of C   \V,  Barron, president of Hie Wall ."'in'"- Jour-  "
noli who addressed Hi" Toronto Can    '''
adian Club recently.
It   might   well   be   asked,   said   Mi.   '..
Barron,   where   the   United    St:ii������-
stood.    "The man who   has net arm-   '
when burglars are   at Hie freni door   *
had belter stand still," lie comment-   ;'
ed,  amid  laughter.    Hut   Hie   Cntted
Stales   was   getting   arms    Sir-   was   ��
building them fur the British empire, : "
too.    She hail never before floated a   ""."
loan for ball a billion dollars bin she  luinn was adopted,
bad doii" i ii for lb" allies, "and this '
is uuiy me beginning." a Valuable Medicine
Such financial brains as | have i"!l
me that Germany cannol go through
another winter of war such as this,"
said Mr-  Barron, in dealing with life      \irs   (-    m,,,,,,     |luntsvl
prospective length of the struggh .,. "1 wish'e erv   mol
; .,   .        ,     I especially    young mothers 1
turns causa mm-li Buttering, but i value ol Babv'a Own Tablet
Holloway's fern Cure offers a spee ly, |fave ,,.it-iVnl" work tl Ivoi i
sure,  and   satisfactory   relief, ,,.,.  ,,,,,., sl���; ���.,    ... .���   , ,
an 1    onstlpation  and  cried
bell lire not only killed and
u "-in Ii it Germans; not only made
ihe niosl elnborul ��� Iroui lies Into
iln,-: heaps, bul littered Ihe ibid
Willi smashed Herman caseioliu,
; rani |)orl   wagons
menl, und all  the i uipedii ills of an j
iirmj     There wan |:
jianc Manse
Hay. you .'cvi r irteil "t> "v���: Urani' Willi
Wane Mange andothct Corn Starch Puddings i'
Xhcy seem lo blend perfectly���-each improves
the oilier��� together. Hi", make simply, inexpensive di serls, tint everyone .ays are
'Simply delicious",
is re.nli In serve over ill kinds t I Puddings���
"i.ti.V Will ii:" u mnkes a new and altrnclive di ih ol such  in old
a pure while Com lavorile as Halted Apples���is In' clienpei than
Syrup-raoro deit. butter or preserves when spread on bread -and
cute in iinvur Hum is best lor Candy-making.
"Cimnllnnd", aok your gfoc-gfi-in 1   B, :o and so is  tins.
porhapsyou would THE CAnada STARCH CO.. LIMITED
prelOfIt He.vdOIliec   -   MuntiTAl                 30
M^'i''.," ���':'���"}:":::"."'i.���������.':���i,:::;i':,:;:���"".��� :'..:;t:::':;���������;;" ���       '.:,;:;i'"'s;,i;i:.::,;si;i;ii:iii!iiu
Direct Marlictmg
In  no more ntccismy
than Smallpox, An.iy
experlenca lmsileniornlul.il
Uir almost mlraculoul effl-
latllilis      ociulll-1 SeilittQ   Dairy   Products oo   That 1 hey     cucy, ondliarmleuneu,ol Antliyiiliolil VacclnaUon,
Will   Rearh  fnninmrr  in   Frrnh He vaalnatcS NOW liy your physician, you aiial
win  rteacn tonsunici   in  i-resn your family.   It la mora viol than liouie luunuco.
tier i Condition A**i your physician,.drugglaMnaen<l tor   Hava
iit nciies   i
days   as     I
���v    rushed    1'or
���   Ill-Sl    llllle   III
ve   Of   FrenHl
Ihe    German
French   guns
As a rule, people gel llielr ideas of
a liraneii of husliicss from Hie viewpoint   nl   w hbii   lliey  are  locali d
!,h"i      I'10"     "'��    I'|,(,"!;1"  ff'T  the  dairy  business'   is   vlcwetl   Irotn
���.,,!   tiring  lesl   they    kill    theft L,le  V|p,vpol|ll  ,������    tl|a  family   ,lvl|lg
you had Typhoid'" telllon of Typhoid Vaccina,
faaultl from ttac, ami daugal iirnu Typhoid Cntrina.
fmiBjciu* vaccihei a Bcausa unsKrt u, I, "jv Licraia
own m 'ii.    The    wine    bad nol  more |
I'!   lilliale   111"
man >
man "no yards to
time    that   ii  lakes Hue av
In run  thai  distance,    and you hav
the lime II look the I'reucb soldi
on a farm in a remote -porl i"ii el I li"
counlry awu.v back from any of the
trunk lines of railroads, ii looks like
a dull, profitless business, (or in the
Iii'Uain Fights i'or
Permanent leace
.; ,   .        | majority of such  eases   Hi"  cows  are   sir   Edward   Grey   Reaffirms   P
'I"11      I'1"        i,,,lilV,.,.,,���! I, ,,,l I' I  '        *
unrli  ni"  wretKuse  wii.eu  ..��u  ���������..   |ntj|frerently eared    (or,    the amount
 <"''"' ��' .I""' ;V"' fl|)p e ""Mol the dairy products Is not large and
n.v    Btirvlvors    in    the dtigouU.    In  U]     )1>|ces    )mid    nt the cross roads
ome places the    wave swept on be- (lcftle,..a |lhl,,. ,a ,..���  ���,���������,
��� .    . .oiul the   trench  like    the tide i in-     U||  ||u, ,���,,���,. ,mm,   lhl, M     ,,,,,
For Little Ones ��'!"" "i1 j" "1l"'    hi" utnnnis be- mers W|1��� ���    w L        .���.,������.,,,. I0
tween such  forces were caught Ha,   ,iv���|v   ,���.,,���������
pair ui' pincers.    I his   account-
'    and
w the
They '
Asqulth'8 Historic Pledge
Henrfirmntion of Premier Asqullira
historic pli ii ," regarding the Entente
Allies' terms of pi nee, delivered nt the
Lord Mayor's banquet November 0,
HH I, was made by Sir Edward Grey,
British foreign secretary, in a written
prisoners,    who    were taken    in | a^'u;e'irVmmesTo''feed,"the"ro"is'a | answer to a question put  by Sir Ar
i Iheiv Is a  lat
n lag  lew n   w itere
r of laborer!
iney    were Mirrounded by, goo() delllanil ,���,,,. .,,, ,nat ,..,��� hl, |im.
Infantry with no way ol retreal t ��j duccd, and nl a blgh price.    In such
to Hietii. leases there is an urging force which
  i calls for more products of an excel-
Mlnard'S  Liniment Cures Garrjet  in | [en|   qu?|jty     Tilt       rewind   for    til
Floating  Forts . ;,.,.,���,  bm   ihe  Tablets    oon   pill     her ICow
Mr. A. II. Pollen, tho naval expert,   ,���:.;; and she is now a  line healthy   erola     h  l'1'' Inismnss Is well  man
discussing  Hi"  enipliiynieni   of  iiioni-   ,   ipi," "'The Tnblei dtl       inetli-      Poinilng out Hull  the British army   nged  In sueli  localities tiie dairymen
torn :n   recenl l bardmeats   of tli     due dealers or bj  iruii i    ��� . c nts n   had  stood  all  summer within  a  few   a.d    lh��ir    lamllles    can    constantls
rian coast, makes    sonic  remark-    ,,,���, from The Dr  H'illbim.s' Mudiclne   miles   of  a     decisive    victory,     Mr. | enjoy the results   of their labors to u
thttr Markbam, Liberal member uf
parliament for the Mansfield division
of Nottinghamsliire.
After   Btntlng that   Great  Britain's
position  In  the   war  is  fixed  by  her
; i'lir ai'i'l txper.se is pr :'"'pi and gen"' alliance with Japan, France ami Russia, the foreign secretary proceeds;
"lu our view the conditions of peace
must fulfil those laid down by tho
prime minister on November 9, 1014,
able revelations of progress In British ,-,,,   Brockville, On
naval  architecture und  hints  al _���
utility of Hi"   "lloatlag forts" as reti- a  Bit  of German   Humor
dering possible the landing of forces , ,  .    ,,,���.,,  snmetiling ,���   .,,,;,���
''���:''" Brand turning movement again I .  em ;     , bil ,������,.,���,,,;���,,. rislbles
German-^im es in Belgium      li    you ��� London, add Bo we rcspectfullv sug-
are '1"Ml,i-   "".';:;>^   '" lltt" ", :'p   gesi  thai the di- ,���:, from    Worlds
Is possible to so extend the ;..,,;| .,���,������,���,��� describing a vis-
sides of any ship as lo make ii mine
il in the German lb el be ��Idely dis-
;l <"���! j proot,   It is a mere que ,,., ,    Englann
linn nt having two nulls   an Interior, .,,.,        |1]hlk ,;���. BrUlsI| ���,.,, wl���
which   constitutes   the vessel tin.per.  ,.,..,.  , m|t,., |s (|| |pstlo|] ,h.a
 I  ll"  "","'',  ;I"',1"M   which  under- evervboay   011     boanl     ,.,���,,,,���   ,,,,,,.
water weapons are   to expend them |M..,.,.S ,;, |||(. |l)ghes|  llfr;rMs;- ask.
selves. . :  , r Hie  corresnondt at.    Tl
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphthera.
rrespondeat.    i'ii"  Her
fleet, ii  apt",us, is  wailing for
allenge     Whj    does  nol    Great
. Britain   "throw     Ihe    glove   In   the
A   Bitter  Choice ' naval  arena     for  Germanj   lo   pick
Lei us be honeBt. Harper's Weekly tip?"
has bi-en constantly In favor of keep- The ships nti which ibis delightful
iiil�� inn of the, war, If ll could be segment of German public opinion
done without abandoning the princl- was found are as snug as bugs In a
pies laid down i,\ our government in n;-; under the guns of Wilbelins-
defense of humanity. li has been haven. They are protected by main-
done, and brilliantly, ami wc are glad' land (ortlflcalions, by minis in liie
we have kepi out. Glad, in the sense sea ami by the outlying fortress of
thai i( is our choice; yes. but not Heligoland. They ure as secure
happy. h is not a joyous thing to against come-outers as a cave dwell-
see other countries bleeding for our er. and designedly so.
Tjenefit, while we pay nothing, bul in- .Many tilings buve happened while
stead prosper. Especially if Ger- these .-liips have held this comfort-
many is successful enough io justify able berth. The British Heel lias
Hie planned and prepared aggression. I come mil sufficiently to control the
control ol reluctant peoples, glor; of seven seas. Aside from n few sub-
material  power, contempl   for ethics,   inai ties there la nol  a German ship
then ind I will Ihe American choice  afloat    anywheie    excepl   in   neutral
be bitter to look hack up.on.     Then   liai ���-    anil    In   heavily   protected
indeed shall we dream bad dreams German waters, Men-of-war and
over what psychological effeii oiu merchantmen alike have disappear-
coming In mlghl have had. al a ctiti c . ahlle British fiags, commercial
i al moment, on ,:i" Balkan States, i n and naval, are seen as frequently as
Turkey, mi Germany wbai effeel ��� 111 peace in ever; ocean. With neor-
ui d energetic oftorl lo reai our lj all its colonies In the bauds of
maximum In inanition shipments a> a    nemy  and    its    great blgh-sea
lielligerenl might have bad    Harper's
il ������" liel l In Iph i sly a prisoner In ii
own liai bora, Gi rninny may fairly bo
,    , ,| what klml of comic opera dial-
i   ii  i ��� uwuil in -     New Vork Her-
il I
Through the Incident of 11
war the world Is becoming daily :ip
preeiahly .-iinHb r Affairs In faraway countries that a few years ago |p all Infnnl I" complaints Hint are
ivonltl inn have aroused more than a lIii result of the depredations of
passing Interest here In Canada ar , vorms in the stomach and Intestines
today clothed with an importance am! Miller' Worm Powders will be found
personal loucn thai inusl Btirprlse us :,;, effective remedy, They attack the
The fact is Hi,ii Hi" war is making .- cause of the e troubles, and by expell-
think less parochially and mure Itu Ing the worms from the organ's insure
poiially, Calgarj Herald. an orderly working of the system,
 without which the child cnnuol maintain Us strengili or thrive. These
| p,.,v. ,1 r:.   ni",in   In all li   and   improve-
V/. N. U.   1033
As the happy couple were leaving
tli ��� church the husband said to the
parti r of bi< married life: "Marriage must seem a dreadful thing to
y, i: w hy, you were nl] of a in mule,
and one could hardly bear you sa;, '1
' i will have more courage and say
ii louder nexl time," said Hie blushing
Officers From Front to be Instructors
ii is announced that a number of
Canadian officers are to be brought
home  from the from  lo be used (or
In tructional   service,  and    that   the
of tho pcrmaueni   forces doing
garrison duty in Canada will be allow-
to  send  half their officers,  lion-
ainilssioned officers and men to the
ing line.
Churchill in Ihe bouse of commons j great degree if they will,
emphasized lhat on no other front Where one lives In a portion of
could an equal advance have pro- countrj too far from the consumers
duceti comparable strategic results, to deliver butter direct to them ll is
"The situation Is now entirely p good plan i�� ;n-i In touch with a
chauged," he said, "and If there has flrsl class dealer In afmily groceries
been any operation In the history of in a bun,' town or city and make
the world Hue having b.vn taken, ll arrangements In ship a quantity ol
was worth while to carry through butter once in about two weeks. The
with Hie uiiiio i vigor, fury and sus- dealer prefers to gel bis products
tatnetl flow of reinforcements, and 1 in such a way, because they are in
tiller disregard for life, ii is thai oper. j much  better condition than they are
alion   so  daringly   begun    ler   Ian  if they go through Uie bands of the
Hamilton   by   the   Immortal   landing I four corners grocery-men  and  subso-
In the Dardanelles." Iquenlly  through    the    bands  of the
commission men In the city or large
Ki.���  George's  Closest   Friend       ':""������"���    !l    'a ���'" oh$    '  l'"1' ;l rtealel'
to I," able to say that bis butter came
from   flrsl   bands  today,    and  conse
The King is making a personal sac-
riiire   in   sanctioning  the   return   to |;';;;;;-^ """-j, ���"<���    ��� --j~-g
the navy ol Ins most Intimate [rlend. '���.,,,!,.,.
fjomm ir Sir Charles Cust.     Com- eonuition.	
mantler Cust, as the  King's equerry
for Iwenty-threo years, lias been the gl!JI ��� ,,,,,,   ,.ilv ,,r ���:���,:,,],,,   I
King's companion,    serving    Mis Ma ' lau-usfniiniy. I
jesly as Duko of York, Prince of Wales     i J. < 'ie o-,   nuikm nati
and  Sovereign.  The    King    and  SI
li Is verj desirable that il should be
understood once nnd for all that this
is the determination of the government collectively and individually,
and of the nation."
At the Lord Mayor's banquet, November 9, 1914, Premier Asqullhsaid:
"We shall not sheathe the sword,
which we have not lightly drawn,
until Belgium has recovered more
than she lias sacrificed; uini! France
Is adequately secured against menace, until the rights of the smaller
nationalities have been placed upon
an unassailable foundation, and until the military domination of Prussia is finally destroyed."
sir I '
Charles were shipmate, when His
Majesty was Duke of York, and they
ve:,  companions in the old Britannia,
as ea.'.els.
rh"ii"i .v
nl   Toledo   County  and   Bin
ami   Hull   snlil   linn   will   liny   Ihe
ii.m:     IIIINDMOU   H'll. I. MIS   I,
���. w,
Help     For  Asthma. -Neglect  gives
asthma a great advantage. The trouble
once it bus secured n foothold, fastens iis grip on liie bronchia! passages
lenai ioiislj.   Dr. J. u  Kellogg's Asthma  Remedy  is daily curing casus of
.     .asthma  or long  standing.    Years of
''{���   j    suffering, however,  might   have  been
ip city I prevented had tho remedy beet used
irrsuHL J vt'hen     the  trouble  was  in  its  lirst
stages.    Ho not   neglect  asthma, but
us-, this preparation at once.
��� i hi
m>   prm.pl
A.H     ISSli.
Hall's  Cntallil
ly and acta .din
III-   us,    ol    11 W.I.
KltANK   .1.   CUKXKY
���I'm,-   111"   ami   > ll
this  01 ll  d.l,\   of   I
Tlie  largest   boanl   of  gold   In   the
world is that held in Hie vaults of the
,���i���',.   Russian  State bank, amounting uow
to   about     $860,000,00.    Ordinarily  a.
I"  liikin. Inb-inal-    visitor   may   travel   from   one   end   of
pun   ih"  blond  and
si-Hi .'ii!   s'-'nil ViVi-  ''"' Russian   empire to the other and
nol see enough gold coin to buy a pair
p.   ,r,  chunky   &   ''".   Toledo,   ii.  of shoes.   Paper currency Is used mil
Sold   lo   nil   Dl-llfsmslH.
Take   Mall's   i' !
il pn ...u
Con- I
cheque system, as it
prevails in Great  Britain and Canada,
is   practically   unknown  in   Russia.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Former   Mistress   I   would  like to
ive  you a    good    recommendation.
Wireless Wonders
\- lertlons  have  rci "inly   been  ap-
pBaiing In various publications lo the
I effect  tli it  submarine torpedoes  mn
now  be controlled  and  directed   by   |',^ ^u't "   "conscience "cqinpelVmi
wireless;    and i i Hi" i (feci that torpedoes    which    can   be  successfully
j controlled by wlreli sa ran with equal
success be diverted b) wireless from
their    objective,    Both   claims  have
! vet  to be made good In c mtest, bul
io slate tlial you never got Hie meals
ready nl tho proper time. I wonder
Uow 1 can put ii in n nice Bort of way?
Kliza You might say lhat l got the
meals tin- same as I gol 1110 pay.
Th" highly organised, finely strung. Hie cluilll of a well known motor ear
nervous system of women subjects them company to coutrol a motor ear nj
io terrors of nervous apprehension which I wireless has been BubBtnntlnted fully
'. ,    ,      In.1l      \:l,il..     Inn-     ll     Pill-     Will
no man van ever appreciate,
The peace of mind, tho menial poise
and calmness under difficultips, whi'-b
are necessary for happy womanhood, are
only possible when the sensitivo organism
is in a perfectly healthy condition, ���!(
i here be any derangement in this respect
no remedy in the world so completely restores womanly health as the wonderful
"Favorite Prescription" invented by Dr.
R. V. Pierce, -��
Chatham, Ont. "A few years ago 1
suffered a general break-down and got
very weak and iiiin. I was in an awful
stale. I was very much discouraged and
at times ihoughl I would lose my mind,
I knew ������!" Dr, Pierce's medicines so-1 got
his 'Favorite Prescription.' II gave me
immedinto relief, and completely cured
mo in a very Bhort time My sister used
it with good results aho. one was in a
very delicate condition. I got her Lo
lake it and two bodies cured her completely.
''I lake great pleasure i'l recommending
Dr. Pierces medicines; they are all that
is recommended of them."���-Mas, M.ut-
o.tnET BrtanTj S7 Park Ave., Chatham,
At   Ihe   Indiana   slale   fair  a  ear  V
stunted every  live  minutes  by  wireless    from    the    company's    headquarters,  live   miles  away.    The  ear
was  tilled  up   with  a   receiving  iit��-
paralus and the necessary automatic -
Switches and   relays   for throwing on
and  off  Ihe  electric  current   of  the
starter   nnd magneto.   An automatic
switch  was regulated  so as to allow
tlie ear to run for foiiy-llve seconds,
after  which   the  uiagm to    was   cut
off,    The  operation  of starling ihcj
ear was repeated at  five minute Intervals.
There was onee a rich but very
mean old lady who paid per servants
as lit 11* as possible, and kept very
few. One of her staff was a thin, miserable looking lad of twelve, who answered the door, did the knives and
the windows, wailed at table, weeded
the garden, washed the poodle, and j
had tiie rest of the time to himself,
One visitor asked him:
"Well,  my  hoy,  and   what   do you
������[ do a butler mid a gardener nut of
a   job."   snapped   he   lad   sourly. .THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Thri,Uns Advcnl";c; ���, MAKING FARM
Of English
W.is   Ef-
on  this  on
"If (lermany w |us
will      beeom
'd w itle pence
and   we  shall
Gilford  Pinchol says  that the Allies are Fighting to Uphold  the
Highest American Ideals, and the U, S. Should Hamper
Them as Little as Possible in tl 10 Conduct of the War
Clifford lim-hoi, in an address at I gel', ami if democracy goes under on
th" Miline club, New Vork, answered ttial continent it will nol long Biirvlve
his own (|uesiion: "lloth in our own Interest and lo satisfy our sense ol
Justice, what i|o we in the Unlteu
States most desire as the'outcome of
tlie war'.'" by snylng:
"Victory lor ihe allies, of course"
Mr.   Pinchol   dismissed   Hie   disturb-
aneo of foreign trade ami the Inconveniences in certain "lasses of Ameii
can business men, and litis led up lo
lliis  iplery  as   lo  the  wise   position   for
lb" Hnlted siaies lo lake in Hie matter    \li-�� cling  Ih" i|iieslion :   "Why?"
Mr. I'iin hoi said:
"Hirst of all. because Mils is really
our war; Inal is to Bay, Ihe principles
for which it is being fotighl nro prill
clples   lor     which   ill"     I lliled   Sillies
niiiol', ami which we are Interested
In having prevail in ihe world ai
largo, li e. in our laleresl as a people not lo ban treaties regarded as
Bcraps of paper; urn to have decency
and liiiinaniiy disregarded in methods
df warfare; not lo have militarism in
tin ascendant and democracy crushed, We want Ihe small nations to he
respected. It is of vital consequences
to ns that civilization as we know ii
snail be protected and preserved
agalnsl the Herman theory thai nothing is sacred agalnsl the self-interest
of the strong.
"If the allies w in. there is no trouble in sight lor ih" United Stales. We
in America may then proceed, undis-
turbed from without to work out our
own problems in our own way. If the
allies win, democracy in Europe will
lie preserved against the encroaeli-
in tits of military autocracy, ami Hie
prospect for lasting peace will be at
hast reasonably good Hut if Germany wins, the very existence of
democrai y in Uurope will be in daa-
I Her   Escape   From   Belgium
fected   by   Disguise
.Mrs.   Malcolm   Carter,  an   English j
[woman of Belgian birth, vim arrived
I in Nisi Voi-1; recently, told her irieuils
Hie story of how sin- escaped from
Belgium by disguising herself in the
costume   of  a   l-ieinisli   pensanl   and
.creeping' under the barbed wires on
Hi- Dutch .Tinnier.   Mrs. Carter came I
llo  seek   aid   for  Belgian  soldiers  who i
have been blinded or permanently tlis-'
She  went   from  Hon ion  ,o  Belgium
110 \isii her father, and says that her
passport    was   taken   away   ami   lorn
up on ihe orders of General Von His- :
lug,  ihe  military commander.    She
of* junioFfair
One of the   licst  \\a\s  to   Further the Progressive Agriculture
Movements is to Interest the Boys and Girls in the Work
Through Holding Annual Fall Competitions
The Junior Hail Hair as ii is  .,, i -
carried on in Saskatchewan   was first
inangniat, cl by the district rep esenl
atlve in Ontario and Hie count} agi ni
of th" L'nlted states.
11     ""'""'" ;1 dream, and  we sha    WHS suspected of beluga spy, bul uf-  �� ,    , amies.       	
find    ourselves   compelled to use till ter two months obtained a new pass   ,  '" Ontario tie Junior Fal   Fair   s
   ~"        ' known  as  the   Itural Sehoij]   lair     '"
our    power and all our resources to from another Gorman commander, but i:
get  ready for what  will then l.<e the inn, also was connscaled ' :''     SUUes
Inevitable armed   conflict  with   acr-     Realizing Hint her only nunns of oa-
many,   a coulllcl which the aormau r.n,]e was bv subterfuge, she vent to
military rulers   already are known lo lh��� ,,,,,���,, 0j ;l friend in  \i.twerp and
regard as a  necessary  pari   ol  iholr emerged  from ihe house in disguise,
pngrnni ol world control. Sne WM carried in ihe carl of a Bel
tte   are today   a    peaceable and glim oheesemnuger part of tho way lo   .,
the Dutch border ,  smugglers guld-1 i_1!P..obJe^.l'lm,e,<l "!..'".,hMlnA 'j!esl
form of societies, bucIi as " I i.- i rn
Club Hoy ." "Th,, Canning Girls," I i
"Baby Uei f Hoys," etc
In Saskatchewan Hie depar a enl ol
agriculture and    the departmi at
edticiitlnn co-operate    in    this
pcacn loving iiallon, N'oiluug is more
certain than thai, if Germany wins,
we shall b" forced io transfer our llrsl
and I i  attention from self-Improve-
inenl io self defense, unit to arm on a
scale Huh noi even the most ardent
advocute of preparedness now regards
as possible, in |he faee iifa victorious
tlcniuui}. deteimined upon world power, we can hope to preserve our na
llonnl self-governing existence only by
force of arms. The victory of ll Ttiinm
would irnnsforni Hi" United Slate's
also into an armed camp.
"If. then, it is enormously to our Interest as a nation to have Hie aides
win. let ns hamper them ai little as
we reasonably can in their conduct of
ihe   war.
������\\'e miisi never forget thai the allies are paying in blood nnd treasure
a     price  beyond anything  we could
; U  be,   tip, remainder ol  Ihe  wa
"There were times
ter, "when we were crawling on ihe
ground, and il was eleven hours he-
lore we n ache l Hie barbed wire that
mark,', the border. Then I was literally i",fed nnd roiled through the
lines of twisted  wire to safety."
Value of Wireless
I '���"is. garden  s Is    and tab -r.
��� applied bj tin- departmi nl ui
. 'inure, k-ggs are ulSO supplied If.
batching purposes. Onlj pun trains
,.:e supplied thus making lb i ill rei
������ m liar with ihe better side of farming,
liie agricultural secretary \ ;���
plots of each boy and girl during ib-
summer, scores them, and ma: ���
gestlons ot a practical natur i ���������  ��� n
the    occasion  warrants.    This  la the
key io ihe lasting effect i ol  I      :o
fair work.
lie  fair is held  some tlms during
1"    months of September at.:  u
Is Proving a Great Life-Saver
nection  with   Accidents  at
During    ihe fiscal your of 1916 tiie
Inspectors  of  ike  radio    bureau
Washington reported till cases of vessels    leaving    l'nlted   stales   pons
which  met  wiiii accident  or disaster
have Imaglaed before the war began,   requiring ihe use uf wireless to sum
ml paying it to maintain the prln
cipies to which Hie government is
dedicated- The allies are protecting
ns. with Hie resl of the neutral world,
from Hie necessity of cither to arm to
ihe teeth and fight or to yield to the
eontrol of a/military autocracy whose I,altered and wat i'h
only law is its own advantage, The being torpedoed
least we can do is not to attempt to
tie   heir hands."
nion assistance. Hour of these calls
were due to lire, twelve lo running
ashore, stranding or getting into an
iee jam. three to breakagi of machinery, four to collisions, one to shilling cargo, one io vessel being storin-
i,    n,I one lo
fairs  is  two-fold,    la   the  firs    | .,   ���
, ,    .    Ho- children ar,- given the educational I tober, as suits tlie district in which :���.
liu bodied    ni    tin- wmk.    .'.ml.   is to lake place.   'The rules and regu-
secondly, the Junior Hall Fair has latlons are the same as any agricul-
proven one of the best ways of link- rural society fair, and all prize money
ing Ho- farming public and the de- is paid by cheque, arrangements be-
parimeni togfthe that they 11)8) be- Ing made al tho local banks re ai; ���
come acquainted and thus further ':.������ ins;, of ihe same,
interests of progressive agriculture. General    benefits     derived     Horn
The following is a brief outllni   of   school fair work:
Hi" work: i.    Rural depopulation ;�� t  ���
During He- spring months ihe agrl- Tin.- children whose early inii.r- - -��� : -
cultural secretary visits the teacher are lasting have not a craving for
ami children for ihe work in connection  with tin- fair.
The general details are us follows:
The boys and girls of each school
aoniinate three of Heir number to act
as directors on tin- Junior Pall Fall
boar I, After Hie nominations liai e
been concluded a mei ling is hi hi .,���.
some cent!'
Other  lines  of  work   when  farm:: .
made    Intel esting    and    Instm
through the junior fall fairs.
.'.   a community inter"-1 Is cr
thus   bring  people  together  soclu   ���
which means much towards el vat .
::.    Children are Interested in  ��� -
gressive agriculture.    When child
il point lor the purposi  of   become interested it is
president    unit  secretary   Interest ihe parents
Shelter for Implements
Mobili/.e Resources
"Seasonable  Hints"  For the  Farmers  Commission  Gathering  Data  on Agr
During Winter cultural  and   Industrial
"The leal test of tin- farmer is, per- Questions
haps, in bis ability In make the most '
profitable use of the various products
of his farm ; nd bis foresight in getting ready in every way practicable
between harvesl and seed time for
the productive operations of Hie next
reason." Thus slates .Mr. .1, II. Oris-
ilale. director, Dominion Experimental
Ha'nis,     in     presenting     Seasonable
Tip. economic and development
commission recently appointed is- rap-
Idly getting under way wii'n iis programme. Lending organizations inn-rested In-agriculture, stock raising.
fruit growing, marketing, transportation, Immigration and other manors
affecting tlie progress of Canada, are
forwarding in ihe office of ti" com-
|il   .01  111" ease
was torpedoed
f.-nili red resulted In bin two Hum
being lost. Sine" tin closlug of the
liscal year Ihe follov ins marine di--
nslei -��� iia\" oi curred in which Hie use
if wireless helped to tave a number
of   live-:
tin September 15, the Fubra lint r
Santa Anna, bound in,in New 'fork
to N'aples wii'n 1,700, caught lire in
mld-oia ae. nnd all Hue passengers and
crew were saved. The S.O.S. call
brought He- Italian steamer Anion.;
I:, her aid, 11 0 pai h agers wee Bute"
treasurer, 4.    Rural education    Is   put
All the busin iss and managen   i.i in   firmer footing, The boj ��� ���
connection with   the fair is arranged   today are the men and      m
by    Ihe  board  of directors;   thai   is,   morrow.
when th" material supplied by tin de-;    .",.   Social advantagi -
partmem i- given out in the spring a      in)  The training  rece ���   :
complete list is kepi of Ihe pupils re-   boys and girls In    the fal
f the Lusitanln,   ceiling the same, thus when the Jun-   will  help them io be ��� I ���:���������
the   assistance   '0|' '':'" '''"''' takes palce al! products   vice ;o the community
are   automatically entered-    It i1- th(   live.
duty   of the president of the School      lb) Agriculture .net        er ot
Hair board to   sign    all chequ ������ and , education are placed on a fir.
���' Hi ii.ai-  ileal fooling, recogi	
the  future  of  Saskati
a  I     y   to a great extent    un how well
an- carried on.
Prize money  is  , ,���:,
��� ra I
ion o\ei
tors  pertaining to ihe  fair.
The secretary treasurer
person  and   I hould   be  one   in  a   pos
Hop  which  would    allow   bis  or  her
king,  v.iib  lie agricultural  seer?-   municipal   council!
tury    'in- tie,is grown bj  the children   boards    and individuals mi  -  -    I
during   the   summer.   This ma,--  .:   the junior fait fair work.
possible for Ho- 8ecretury-treasurei   ,,���    An objection  has
r.ii,in io tin- board of directors, who,  giving cash prizes;    ut
Hints, No. 3, for   November, Decern-j miasion  at  Otlawa    statements    ex
ber, January and  February,    to    the | nveaaina their views as lo what they
-,  ��� the burning vessel   '" co-operation with the school teach   ly understood    that tl
v as c ���'������,ri'd'i'j Hie' iVzorcs  " I era um' agricultural sei rotary, pn pare . nol to compete for the monet try    .  .-
Six davs later the Greek'liner Ath-  the premium list. of the prize,   but   for   the ed    il
Inal, bound from New Vork to Piraeus       lllla  co-operation  of  the  board    f   value and  inceuuv.
night     lire  050  miles   dine
and  Saloniki,
school teachers and agrlctil-  due., some article better   tbaa   n ��� -
I pressing
lural  secretary creates a greater in-
All money       a :
in this  ����� ly the
6!  :. It    banl  ' ���
east of sandy Hook, with-170 passeng- ",,:"  '   "���"">  ��;����=��� �� g."'""'     i-  pupils produce,
farming public of Canada.   A careful I beiieve��to be Hie greatest  needs for  en and  crew  on  board   and  bad to [������� among  ho boys and gIris of our   pa d by cfequ.I and
perusal ofJts sixteen pages wl amp y  ii,n   future     With  ihe   is��istauce  of  be abandoned.    I lo- Anchor liner i us- farms in agi fiiiiure-. neips onng ...i   ciiuuren are acquaini
reward the stockman! ihe agrirnlinf-��� ;i;:/.;;r"nmlMnV'Ih^n.mu.Uhm *l!l   eania   responded   to  the    S.O.S.   call life _��� nil,   iiwmU ofjhe sehool_ mo.
1st, the horticulturist, the poultrymai^  uo   guided   in   its   Investigations,
the tobacco grower, and   those espec-|    [n order   that  questions  requiring
and   took off "il  passengers lii  life    closely   in coutuct  with the home-lifi    headquarters in Winnipeg    i |   !
tally Interested in bees. A feature
of this third issue is the advice under tlie caption "Shelter Hue Implements." 'liie enorniily of Hie vast sum
ii money spent annually on farm
machinery   Is   impossible  of  retill
boats, und
broughl io N
Roumanian  Prince
ihe     consideration   of   (echn
pens   may    be  dealt   with  t .  .
special committees of inquiry are be-     The Inspectors ot the radio bmeau
in- appointed,    It  is the aim of tlie   stated that Hie report ol the Athinni
commission lo proceed as rapidly    s I showed  conclusively    that  many per-
possible     towards   assist ins   in     Ihe   sons
remainder    wera |��f ,ne pup": encourages tin  boys and
,��� York on Hie freighter \n\r\a in a common ana natural appn
aie   country   elevators   In Sa
wan. are    donating a. scholars   p
might    have   b< en lost anil the
Hon.   To equip an average farm wiUiJ ntobi'llKatloii  of liie"ngri"c iTtural  and   cms," ol the loss of [ha steamer never
machinery costs about $1,000,  tvhlcli I industrlul  resources, bo  lhat  Canada   known    if    Ihe vessel had  not
tinder  ordinary  conditions  of  treat-  a|  ||K, ,-iose of the    present conflict,  equipped with    wireless   npparal
ment will not do good work for more  '���,.,    il(, in ti,e U8B| possible position   New   Vork "
tiiiiii  live  years.    To  counteract   this   to '���,,,,,,   conditions.
waste,   for   unsheltered    implements [
means waste, shelters should he built.
A working plan of a shed "."> by 47 feet !        >
outside measurements is given, with \
directions necessary for its construction.    A  careful  study  of    ibis  plan.
which, as  stated, is callable of many |
modifications, will be helpful io those
elation of Hie beautiful in union
well as giving llieni something definite lo do and io have something v.Iiii li
lis,' c si oail Ho Ir very own.
iio-  school  children  cany  on   the
wot'!; on  idols al   home,    fiiest   plots
the*'vessel hsd'not. been i are of a uniform size, genera'!;.  1-luOj fair between   the   age ol     i1 and
if an inr".  vhich makes the work ot   ;.,ars are eligible to coi      te for tbl
lomparisoii   more  simple    .Ml    - ed ' scholarship.
$100 io be used in a course ir   ig    ' ..���
inre or domestic scien e at the C
lege of Agriculture, Sasl .���        I    I .������
boy cr gii in each  m ::.:���
Ing the liigliest  score ni i oi:    ���
Competitions at the annual |.::: r 'a
Social Committee
Arrange       Programmes     For     Social
Events of the Community
Social life needs guidance.    To iiii
Report on Ross Rifle
EriHsfi   and   Canadian   Arm   W
Discussed  in   Parliament
it   is   inuler-lood   that   ell   Ihe   fa
I   be
regard   i-o the  Koss  rifle  will  be
Geography in Germany
Bavarian  Children  Are  Taught  Seme
Queer "Facts''
The   school   aa lioril les   in   Bl   .
iia\ e   pi; dished   n- tes  on    wa    -��� ���
graphy for the , hildron nttendint   l  i
Temporal Powers
Of the Papacy
This  is German   Bait to  Ensure  S>ni-
pathy  of the  Roman  Catholics
: I ������   restoration    ol   t' "  temporal
The One Complete Success
Tiie Id Itlsh navy is ihe one Insln
no ul. on eitlier side of conflict, w huh
leach occasion,   To avoid Interference Iada.   This repoii lias never seen the
',.1:11   oth"r  community   events,   this   lighl of daj on this side of the Mian
committee should  confer with  repri    ���:".    That   the   lull   facts    may   be
work   win,  com-  sentutives  from  ihe educational, Hi"  knoi n, ii la expected that ull papers
plele and niichnllengeahle success. II   religious, ihe Grnnge, and  the ��� down u   , nol
has broken   as by a sudden hammer- J social  organizations of the
blow  the whole of German) that lived   ity, nil of winch  should b
upon' ami   trafficked  in   deep  waiers.   ���" nation on Ho- main comml ti
It has rendered the German high sea  Possible,   Hie   progrannno   should    ,
Heel as  innocuous  in lis biding place   printed for general distribution. Ami:
as if il bad never existed���ns if the hlonal   events  may then   be  held  at
three  hundred   million   pounds  spent | other times  ei.,    ��� icheduletl
in its construction
carelessly   into  the
ine    ���!,. win     I,      :  IOCS..i     inM.il    .inn    in,,,     noi ...
, ui  aim    only th,   workini of tho lies, rill- in;.   ';���'     ;"������'   '''"".',
, tl,e Brhl.h arm a,   w,i. v.:��� ,���. ��� -,;, ��� -J.'���',--������_,���':;
i.   will
j His most ti
n ndy in ' ���' rman po���ssion,   si  I i I
id: ���   : i   cull     now      . Ill ','.      i . ly     six-
rentli    of io r foi mer populn
v    ��� ��� be Inning ol tl e war. Husela
|i , |    pfty   tnilllO!     mo;,,   in'1 abltants
I    Austro Htn gar;
I7u    mill
'ge   '.,
Italy for ber BO-call   I i   rftdy to her
lie lie r  alii"-   of   t' .���     fi | Ic   All
. '.,: si   ,   ���      la!      1:   mi       i ..'
��� ��� i    Ighoul   t   -    ���    rid
Allhc Igll   I"    si -��� ;   . mi   111 -   a ���:���   ���
���  an   Lutherans, the Gei man ; 11   -
: .:.'   1 :;   a   CI li paign,     n  p : J
And slowly but surely, without ostentation or boasting, llks the slaying of
a man in Hie darkness by an un-e in
hand, it lias utid its grip on Hie throat
of Germany, never henceforth to be
relaxed until Ihe end comes. The \if
tim may si niggle, lash out with bands
and feel, writhe in agony, and in iis
struggles   damage    nil    surroundln
Brit,th  Wcmcn  Busy
tl ,    oar  began  to drain   Brit
uo ii  : 0 heavllj   tin'  number
had been thrown | the   general   community   programme !0t   women   workers    lias    increased.
German    Ocaan.  of social occasions.���Rurai  Educator   There ..:���" now  60,000 women clerks
Bin   of
empli yi d  in  London, against 35,000
F,             . r,       ii.       /-i     n.        in jui"..   The Increase in other cities,
ranee After War Grafters w ���; proportion 	
Before   ti"   war  began   there   were ; 69 B.C. Surveyors Have Joined Cdcrs
1,000,    mori    women  than   men   in'    Thai iis British Columbia surve; irs
hirllaln, have joined Hie colors is an interest-
agl . .-it  i:-i millions.    Uter a yeai otjihe   '. -  to   supper:   l
.-.ai    re this pi dtlon had Is en n
i-1:    i: .     a no     iai onlj 145 mil ons,
...!; 'rs - rn ��� C iiir.il Monari Iiii - i ill
in-, r  i','i mil'; in .
The to-:.' territory occupli,' ii  ��� -
and '.-, ��� ' a ��� an exti aslve as tie   i . :   ���
Kingdom of Prussia.
People     Who    Prof.t     Unduly   Pre
Meeds   of  the   Nation   Are
Punished ���(-;,       y
A   vigorous   campaign   undertaken   sent  to  the
iug announcement made by Mr. i... ,.
t minister of war has   Dawson,    the  surveyor-general.    O.
military    governors    of I these lour have fallen in aetioi
tilings- bul despite the struggles Ilia  by Hie French government to punish   Paris   and   Lyons   and   ihe   generals   have been    ounded, two are prls uers
'p.rsons  who  have  profited    unduly  ,��� uanding tho military di tricl   of I" Oermanj and fifty-nine either ai
from ihe needs of Hie nation is well  Krnnc<  large placards reading: -' il!. '       V"M   waiting
i : I        i bus    the    Ale -���..
bail, of Mun i urge that the
pi ;. upn me authority and di' ne
mission  make it  nscessary    that  he
ould   enjoj   ab tol ite   free lorn   ai i
. en :-:i iudependi nee.
:':i" threat is made thai if Italy
should prove reasonable, Germany
will abandon Hue idea of making Home
the capital of a r," oni trui ;��� . i apal
i ;.-���". ; ul if met by refusal, Ge aiai y
would Inflict the supremi humiliatl n
u] on be ��� of ests . thing ll seat of
��� li pope as a sovi reign In the ��� , tal
:   l      Italian  nation.
grip w il remain secure, the pressure
continued and Intensiilad. And i: is
all dependent on sonic tiny aggregate,
of ships and men "somewhere in tho
British   Isles."   Tin-  Nation,   London.
A   Home  Warning
under way. A Supply Corps officer
named Parent and bis soldier clerk
have been sentenced by a court martial  lo  live years In  prison and tin
"Keep silent: Be careful: Tho
Enemy i - Listening.'
it is i rdered that these placards
be plat ed   n   allwaj trains and i trei t
By His Right
tions rt Shorneliffe to procei It    tin       An   Irish   chauff ur   in   San   Fran-
i   tieut, or  training  in  British   Co- who  had   been   having  n   . le
lumbia.    Victoria's total contrlbuti n   ivitli   numerous   sua!    boys   in   the
of  1,500  francs  ($300)   lor accepting cars  and  other public places.
commissions from contractors on purchases of supplies amounting to mi re
They are saying in France that tho
Ancoua victims are the result of the
Miiorican failure to exact  reparation   than   6, 1,000  franca   ($1,200,000)
for the Lusltania.   That is a bitter re- "Jean    Busserot,   a tent manufac-
proach to rest upon the government turer, who obtained orders for 1,500,-
of the United Slates,    lis faults will 000 francs ($300,000)  worth of good:
be still greater, however, ii it remains
deaf to warnings regarding lioslile
acts within the country until smouldering (ires burst Into flames that
might be hard to extinguish.���Buffalo
by the payment of commissions, has
been sentenced to ten years' imprisonment and a heavy fine. Three
other business men convicted on
similar charges have been sentenced
to prison.
A ni if irist, who was touring in Ireland i ne day met a native who was
driving a tionl.e.-. and earl. Thinking
l,i would like to have a little fun ni
ihe Irishman's uxpense, he began:
"What Is the diffi rence, Pat, between your turnout and mine?"
Is   ; .' emy-one.    Two    of   tin   -      ftve
given tin ir lives for their , iunt .���
nam ily, Captain .. II. McGregor i i tl
1,1 ut,  B   K. t'olhoun ., an ;  is o ar
pi     in rs,   Ll   it- ii.   D. Cilh -; .    and
Pt i. J   M. Mliligan.
Saskatchewan   pro limed    10,01 ��� ��� id
bin Ik I'    more ��    at ibis yea:  than
did    Kansas,   the   largest Ami
"6h, not a great dale," promptly re-1 producer,    Lei  us own up ilki  gi
piled Pat.   "Shun-, the donkey's In the  sportsmen,   and see If we cam   .    i
thatta In Hi'
the other."
wat:. and on the seat In
belter.   New   ioik Wall Street -c.i-
i-hood of his snip,t discovered oni ,;.���:��� i ii examinl ig bis car that
there was a dead cat on one of the
seats, In bis anger lie was about t;i
���crow the carcass into the street
when he esple 1 a policeman.
Holding   up    the   carcass,     be   exclaimed:     "iiils   is   how  1   am   Insulted.    What  am  I to do with  It?"
��� t II,  don't  you   know?    Take   it
traight   to io adquarters, and    if it
nol ''.aimed within a month it becomes     your      property."���Htu--��r's
The Courtenay Review Z*���^^"**^
A..A   ,'��� -   To.II....    A   I ... .^.   J * '
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weeky" Newspaper,   Pubtsbed  at
Courtenay, B. 0,
N. H, Bodkn, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription 81. M) tier Year in  Advance
The municipal elections Hike
place rext Thursday, anil while
there was no apparent tush of candidates until this week, two (lis
tinct parties are now in the field,
one led by the present mayor, and
the other championed bv Horace
McPhee, Both the platforms appear elsewhere in our columns,
along with the names of tin candidates, Alter declining to again
accept nomination, Aid, Robertson
was prevailed upon last night by nn
influential delegation to reconsider
jKud stand for election in Ward ,;,
llius filling Mayor Kilpatrick's
ticket. In most municipalities it Is
customary for the mayor to occupy
the chair for two years, and no one
can accuse the piesent mayor of
"hogging" the job. He has Idled
a most tlifiiciiU position for the
past year with credit to himself and
to the municipality, and the electors will make no mistake in re
electing him to again fill the responsible position, and it should
also be their duty toelect the gentlemen lie has selected for his advisors for the ensuing year. They
are well-known business men. and
three of them have seiyed the city
credibly last year.
The ticket headed by Horace
McPhee is composed of reputable
citzcns, and business men, two of
whom served in last year's council.
They would be quite capable of filling all the chairs very comfortably
nlie 1 we trust they will be elected at
some future time���but not this
With the removal of restrictions
upon li, C, Potatoes entering the
States, a large trade is opened up
for growers, nnd prevailing prices
are bound to be influenced. The
market on the prairies, in Australia
New Zealand aud other overseas
is being steadily developed, and now
that the neighboring market is
thrown open, growers should feel
confident ot good returns for lite
jy 16 crop. Ii. C. potatoes are
singularly free from disease, audit',
as is anticipated, tlie Legislature
prohibits the growing of potatoes
on one patch for mere than three
years in succession, a vice peculiar
to the Oriental growers, no trouble
need be feared in that respect, and
open markets will continue. It is
indeed good news for the Comox
No Canadian can but feel proud
of the action of the Prim�� Minister
of Canada in raising tlie authorised Canadian Military establishment to half a million officers and
men, It means lhat Canada double
her military contribution to the
Empire, and to tlie forces of civilization, and it is to show the Kaiier
and his hordes of Huns that the
Empire is merely getting into her
stride. This acceptable New Years
resolution is in line with what our
brothers tire doing in other parts of
the Empirer From Australia. New
Zealand, South Africa, India, ami
the West Indies, an 1 other outlying
portions, there comes a never   end-
That Canadian men will respond,
that their womenfolk   will   speed
them on their way, that   neighbors
aud friends will do their Utmost   to
fill the gaps caused, that the  many
eligtbles in the Comox Valley  will
come forward (whether Conservative, Liberal, or Socialist) that there
will be a great outburst of patriot-
ism in place of the hitherto smoldering lites���we do   uol   doubt,    Let 1
every eligible come   forward   now.
for now is the acceptable lime,  lie-
fore the time comes  when  nil  the
'hang backs" are looked    upon as'
such, and avoided by all   citizens,
Tlie giils of the valley do not need I
to send white featlu-ts for they can j
do their duty in urging tlie young
men in other ways.   Half a million
men for Rlghteotuness, and I.ibetry
Freedom and Truth.��� the  Cana
dian resolution and resolve foi 1016.
Notes By The Way
The amount of lumber exported
this year already totalled 63 1-2 million feet at the end of November,
and would have been even gitnter
but for the Panama Canal being
held up by landslides, thereby stopping tonnage. Two bundled million feet of lumber has been purchased by tlie Allies in the Southern States, a large proportion of
which would have been supplied by
this coast but for the canal failing ;
to perform its functions.
When in KJ12, the Canadian
Northern Railwv selected Port
Mann as its terminus, many people
wete induced to buy lots in that
promising locality. The apparent
terminus is now Vancouver, aud
the speculators are sore, some $3,-
000,000 worth of land having been
bought on tlie strength of the intentions of the railroad.
The naturalized Japanese of Vancouver are anxious to join a battalion for active service' and only
await authority from Ottawa to go
ahead.    Well done, Canadians !
Sir Geo. E. Poster intimates that
a second domestic loan may be necessary in 1916, The Canadian
people recently subscribed $100,000
and as soon as the Government say
the word that amount will be forthcoming again, ll will call for
much thrift in the meantime and
the minimum amount of stock will
be placed lower than $100, ns was
the case with the first loan.
Money is accumulating in tlie
bank vaults again. Why? lie-
cause the Canadian people are
growing fore produce and buying
''The Week" Victoria, predicts
that the "slackers " in Canada need
not deceive themselves. Our
Government will follow the lead of
the English Government in less
than a month. That this is the
last call to the young unmarried
men, and after January it will be
"Hobson's Choice."
St.   John's
school   re-opened on
given 011, tlie
and  Music
Harmony Orchratrn
side Hotel COURTENAY
Esquimalt   &,   Nan,
Christmas and New Year Excursion Rates
Good going Dec. 24 and 31, final return
limit Jan. 4, fare and one-fifth for round trip
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and  Way  Stations
RETURNING-Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on allfllincs to all parts
of the world.  For particulars etc., address
Dill. Paiingtr A|tnl, Viclerit
Agent Courtenay, Phone R60
20 p. c. discount on
Ladies, Misses and
Children's Tweed
and Waterproof Coats
Flannelette Underwear
Ladies, Misses and Chilerens
V/atson's  All  Wool
All Wool Handknit Sweater
Coats in Ladies and Gents
Flannelette Wrapper and
House   Dresses
Municipal Elections
PCIII.IC NOTICE is licrcliv given to
tlie- Electors of the Municipality of
tlie City of Courtenay, that I require the
said Electors ut tlie Municipal Office in
tlie City of Courtenay on the
Monday, January the Tenth
at twelve o'clock noon, for the purpose
of electing persons to re-present them in
the Municipal Council as Mayor and
Aldermen, ami 011 tlie Hoard of School
The mode of nomination ol candidates
shall he as follows: - The candidate!
shall he nominated in writing; the writ
ing shall lie subscribed by two voters of
the municipality as proposer and seconder, and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer at any lime between the
date of tlie notice ami two p. ill of the
day of the nomination; the said writing
may lie in tlie form numbered 5 in the
Schedule of the Municipal Elections Act,
and shall state- the names, residence and
occupation or description of each person
proposed, in such manner as sufficiently to identify such candidate; and in the
event of  a "poll   being   necessary, such
poll will be opened on
Thursday, January the Thirteenth
at the Municipal  Office, of which every
person is hereby required  to take notice
and govern himself accordingly,
The pcisQtis qualified to be nominated
for and cleeted as the Mayor of any City
shall in-any person who is a male British Subject ni the full .-isir of twenty-one
years, not disqualified under any law,
and has for the six mouths next preceding tli tiny |oi nomination been tlie
registered owner, in the I.mid Registry
Office, of land or real property in the
City ol the assessed value, on the last
Municipal Assessment Roll, ol one
thousand dollars or more over and above
,::: tered judgsment or charge, and
who   is   otherwise   duly   qualified   as a
municipal voter.
The persons qualified to lie nominated
(or and elected us Aldermen of a City
shall he such persons as are male British Subjects ni the full age of twenty-one
years, and who are not disqualified under any law, and have been for tlie six
months next preceding tlie day of nomination tlie registered owners, in the
I.aiul Registry Office, of land or real
property in the City of the assessed
value, on the last Municipal Assessment
Roll, of five hundred dollars or moreover aud above any registered judgement or charge, ami who arc otherwise
dulv qualified as municipal voters.
ill a City SchoDl District of tlie first,
second or third class, any person being
a Rritish Subject of the full age of
twenty-one years actually residing within the District, and having been for tlie
six months next preceding the date of
nomination tlie registered owner, in the
Land   Registry   Office,   of land or   real
Royal Standard Products
are British Columbia Products
ROYAL STANDARD PRODUCTS have been proven SUPERIOR to till others. Thousands of Uritisli Columbians have attested to
this SUPERIORITY. Poultry products���Food products���Grain
products -all-right up to fatuous WILD ROSK PASTRY FLOUR���
the fust essential is QUALITY,
is, unquestionably, the /erv best bread Hour it is possible to secure
have been highly endorsed by the Ii, C.
build our Province by using ONLY Hour
made in British Columbia���and that ROYAL STANDARD
Royal  Standard   Grain
Products  Agency
F. Movilic, M|tr. Phone 33; End ol Bridgr
^ ?A%
���%&'< bd I * 1" l -M IeM ��Itw fat!- f-t\ iffl    ������   -
No More: No Leas
Bridge work
$4   Tooth
No More; No Lfii
Come to My Office in Vanconvep
Fop High Class Dentistry
I guarantee to save you approximately otie-lmlf on even- kind of ilen-
tistry. My reason of tlie famovs PRECISION SYSTEM i can save yon
time anil money and actnallv tin your work better than must otlier dentists.
Others must charge from $7 to S10 per tooth for crown and bridge work
which I produce at 5-1 per tooth,
You can more than save your fare to Vancouver on your dental hill i(
you will come to my office. Cut out this announcement���remember my
British Columbia's Leading Dentist
Corner Hastings and Abbott Sts. Vancouver, B. C.
property in tlie City School District of
the assessed value, on the last Municipal Assessment Roll, of live hundred
dollars or more over antl above any registered judgement or charge, and being
other .vise qualified to vote al an Ivlec-
tion of School Trustees in the said
School District, shall In- eligible to be
elected or to serve as a School Trustee
in such City School District.
(liven under   my   hand at  Courtenay
this third day of January, A. D. 1916.
W, A. W.  IlAMl'S,
Returning Officer
Annual Meeting
Tlie annual meeting of tlie Comox Cooperative Society Will be held in Agricultural Hall, Courtenay,       on
Tuesday, February 8th. 1916
at S p. m. At the same time and place
a meeting of the creditors of the above
Society will be held to hear the report of
tbedirctots for the last six months, and
to make arrangements for the future
carrying on of the business.
\V. Duncan
Chairman, Board of Directors
The Best Brands
at  the
Cheapest Rates
Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the patrons
antl shareholders of the Comox Creamery Association Ltd. will be held tit   the
Presbyterian Church Basement
Thursday. January the 20th
at 8 p. m.
as some questions vitally concerning the
dairy interests of the District will be
brought forward. It is earnestly hoped
that till the milk producers will make a
special effort to attend.
Books,      Stationery
Safety Razors,
Perfumes, Toys,
and suitable Xmas. Gifts
Letter to the Editor
Editor Review :
Sir, Upon perusal of the little
sheet labelled " Citizens' Ticket,"
the gramatical construction of
Which jars one's nerves, particularly when he knows lhat the composition is the handiwork of one sufficiently posted in educational matters as to sit if noi qualify, as a
school trustee, moves me to the
conclusion that the platform was
made to get in on, not to stand on.
In support of this opinion I beg lo
discuss the planks step by step,
1. No salary plunk. I would like
to ask who but one, the ex-alder-
inati whose name appears on the
ticket, ever thought of asking sal-
aryfor his services? The mere mention of altletmanic salary is distasteful to the ratepayer who lias
learned during the past year that
to tlie faithful (Liberal) belong
the spoils.
2. Electric Light Plank, Not
bridge planks which took up twice
as much lime in discussion from
some of the aldermen as did this
all important question uf electric
light. What a reversal of opinion
from one year ago when the same
aldermen and other municipal aspirants declared they would drive tlie
electric light out of the town ? Al
that time electric light was only
monopolistic, unholy and not lo be
touched by any loyal citizen. Now
it is a great benefit, 'C are told by
ihe citizens' ticket. Not more so
than one year aRO when it was decried from every McPliee platform
and street corner. The electric
light company has not yet received
a franchise. Why ? Because certain ol ihe aldermen wet'e pledged
to "buck" it- They were afraid
to let it t;o to the vo'e of the properly holders fearing, as we all
know, that the service would be
pronounced acceptable. The elecs
trie light company did not ask for
an exclusive franchise, bul only
for the privilege of doing business
in our city by the approval and
consent of the property holders.
Realizing that the public demand
for the electric light is irresistible
these same aldermen who wanted
to kick tlie company out of town
now, Judas like, come out with
their commendation of it, But the
electors will not be ''buncoed" by
this citizens' ticket's change of
front, for they know that should
these same aldermen be re-elected
they would still carry on the war as
of old aud we would be in the same
position one year hence as now.
We are told that we will be furnished with the very best expert advice from lawyers and engineers.
We to our sorrow have already had
too much of this kind of advice,
what we need row is a little everyday common sense and less quibbling and obstruction " By their
fruits shall yu know them." No,
Mr. Editor, the leopard cannot
change his spots nor can the public be deceived all the time.
3. The Extravagence plank. A
candid admission, indeed, by the
late chairman of the finance committee, Mr Johnston, who was responsible along with two others
who usually did his bidding for tlie
financial matters of the city- To
refresh his memory I might cite a
few instances of the waste of tlie
city's funds viz.: over ��400 for the
services of the first returning officer. $300 for the services (?) of a
city constable who was selected
from the outside in preference to
our nun citizens, antl who gave the
double cross to the city on his dismissal and to whom Alderman
Johns1--ii and another member of
the finance committee at the iast
meeting of the council gave an extra $15 in recognition of his valuable services in complying with the
instructions of the police commissioners and board of works The
payment of a month's unnecessary
salary to a teacher who stayed up
all it ght previous to the last, elec-
tion in order to print a "big boost"
for the defea ed mayoralty caudi-
date and his aldermanic supporters
.tiii.l who, by the way, never gave
an account of the proceeds of the |
schooi concert held for the purpose |
of buying necessary school equip-1
meut. Many other instances can !
be cited in which the city's funds
have gone to the favoured few, I
even when the lowest tenderer was
not accepted beccuse he was not a i
friend or supporter of the solid
four. No Mr- Ex-Aid Johnston I
and McKeiizie you cannot pull the
wool over the eyes of the  electors
at this election ns you did last, for
we have seen what measures you
are capable of endeavouring to foist
on the public.
-1, Ratepayers' Ass'n plank. A
commendable idea, provided it is
not made apolitical (Liberal) machine as is at least one of our public associations in this city, viz. the
board of trade.
6. Fair Valuation, low taxation
plank. An honest repudiation of
the work of the late assessor, now a
candidate for municipal honors and
the appointee of the solid four, Mr.
Anderton. Evidently the citizens'
ticket has another supporter they
wish to befriend, as assessor, who
will devise some new method of
taxation. ���Marvellous finance by
exceptionally brilliant men. For
the " Love of Mike " don't keep
your " light " hidden under a
bushel, but patent jour new dis
covery of how to lighten taxation.
Sell your idea to some of our neighboring cities and with thepioceeds
y.iv your taxes ami creditors antl
keep the change.
6, Waterworks System plank.
Municipal ownership : water as
soon as t ecessary. In the name of
Heaven how much lunger do vott
expect the women and children ol
this city to go on drinking the
dregs of dirty wells, containing
anything from dead vermin and
cats to cesspool contamination We
need water  good water, now, have
needed it for yean, and from the An $8 i.oo to $100,003 waterworks
tone of Citizens' ticket will go on I system for a city of 500 population,
needing it for years to collie, I On the same principle as buying 11
Water, water everywhere and net | man's suit foi a three year old boy,
a drop fit to drink. The city lo or the construction of n large house
instal a system from Brown's river   forthe privilege   of   living  in the
Impractible for two reasons.  Kir.it,  w Ished.    " High h'inaiice " de
No water during tlie drj period of veloped to perfection,
summer, there not being  sufficient     7.  Employment of returned sol
water flowing in   Brown's river in diers   plnuk���Auothei   ����� mtiiend-
August, 1915 to niois'en   1 grind-'able Idea, if pit   into practice, ami
Stone, much less to supply a town  I would suggest that the citizens'
calculated to have a   population 1 I' ticket candidate for mayoralty hon-
5,000 people in 20 yen-,    To con- ors recommend  the  retirement   of
struct a retaining wall  and   reser   tin local   po^tmosiei   in   favor" f
voir system would alone cost over one of our retimed   wounded  sol
#50,000, and then there   would 1 ot 'tilers to the positi in in   recognition
be sufficient water   to   generate .1 uf his  services   to  his   king and
hydroelectric   system   capable   of country.
supplying the citv .it n- presenl 8. I'he white lalrr plank.���The
population. The provincial water inference Is that some labor done
commissioner's findings will cor- for the citv last year was dune In
roborate this estimate anil stale other than white men, Not very
ltietit. Besides, there would be I he complimentary to at least some
distiibtition to account for which citizens. Possibly soma of our
Ex-Aid Johnston admits would aldermen had some of their "dirty
cost over $30,000, which ire would linen'' washed by a chinaman and
have the pleasure of paying for by charged the bill to the city, Tin
retiring lite bonds ns Hu-v been me the auditor should look into and
due, paying $1300 a year in extra report before election day,
taxes and tiien owning tlie plant 111 g, Just proportion of taxation
20 years. Hut 20 years is the life plank���Unfortunnteh this applies
of a vvi oden pipe w iter works s< s to sour.- large property holders who
tern, the kind calculated to be in have not improved their property
stalled here, and by 1I1 1 lime the but are holding it for speculative
city would own a wo'11 on1 system, purposes, Tin-re are hundreds of
have paid water rates $1300 yearly acies of wild land in this cily which
in extra taxes, the cost of plant the government previous to incor-
aud the interest on the debentures,   potation taxed as   wild   land al 411
mills or j per cent, of valuation or
8 titties the ordinary rate for improved property which should be
taxed on ihe same principle as
provincial government taxation or
al 8 1 mills mi the dollar. This
wotil 1 add cousideittblj to the city's
evenue and at the same time compel the owners to improve their
lanls held only foi speculative purposes or sell them for what they .ire
really worth lo people who would
improve said lands, increase our
population and augment the city's
revenue, This method of taxation
would lighten the burden of taxation from the shoulders of the
in hi who is building up the city by
improving his property and thereby
becoming a producer and an asset
of the municipality, Ii wild land,
within the city limits were taxed
as wild land, at 80 mills, we would
soon be in a positiou to iustal, own
and operate electric light, water
works, and sewerage systems without scarcely fi eiillg the extra burden imposed Upon US by their hist,ilalion an 1 operation.
to. Consi I rati 11 of p< titions
plank.���Good iud ��� I, provi k I ���.':���..
petition docs not get the careful consideration accorded the pet ti in
from residents 1 f the 01 li 11 : ���
ing for electric street lighting,
Carefulness which m-. - ���: ���. 5 !;n.
necessary delay is a daugerc-US
weapon, Yours truly,
Elec ros
4 T*
To the Electors of Courtenay
In response to requests from numerous friends and
electors I have consented to stand for re-election to the
of fice of Mayor for the ensuing year, 1916, and should
I be favored with your confidence and am re-elected I
assure you I shall consider it a sacred duty to work for
and in the interests of the City without regard to any
interests foreign to the City
1. Rigid economy in all departments with efficiency unimparied.
2. Taxation to be reduced to the minimum and
property to be assessed at present and not inflated
values. I favor light taxation consistent with the needs
of the City, the avoidance of speculative expenditure
and the careful looking after of the City's resources.
3. All public improvements to be done by residents of the City and not outsiders.
4. Streets to be opened where necessary and present roads kept in good repair.
5. Give the present electric utility a chance to
make good and in the event of a franchise being asked
of the City, consent shall be given on the sole condition
that the City can buy at any time at a fair valuation,
and in the event of a disagreement the matter to be determined by arbitration, and that present rates be not
raised to householders or City.
5 (a). Before any franchise is granted for electric
light or any other utility, the mailer to be submitted to
the property owners for their approval or otherwise.
6. If elected I promise to give a business man's
administration and strongly feel that the Council should
be free from any suspicion of party or personal matters
and that discussion of the City's affairs should not be
marred by acrimonious debate but carried out in a business like manner and as harmonious as possible.
If elected with a Council pledged to reforms and a
business administration I see no reason why our City
should not go ahead and new industries be induced to
locate inside our City limits.
Thanking you for your support last year and asking
a continuance of it,  and yours for a brighter, bus;er and
more progressive Courtenay for 1916.
Yours truly,
Ward   1
G. 6. Leighton
Fred Kerton
Ward  2
N. H. Boden
M.  Perez
Ward   3
Wm. Duncan
W. G, Rcbertscn
respectfully request
your vote and influ-
at   the   Polls   next
B. C
[The Mystery
ol the
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   A   Co     Limited
.������London, Melbourne and Toronto ,n
(Coutinui ai
"Villi   I rl'lll    [lleit! ' :l   OS 'I    tlllll .      blll'l
������in' course I inn, ins boy. ft enables
on, to do a little burglary without UiQ
chance ol b.-liig I'ountl out, \nd you
art t i asRlst mo. Urn I am not going
to tun mi niv errand before midnight,
ku    till  then  I  shall  stay  here and
Slat lll'C
liver   I lie
Shippers' Association     .Charge of the Highlanders!Prairie and Bush
=S\ I tvn-ck iii��.'"snii'i'i'"c '-uti'iVc suffering]      ' "'"    _2IT" \   |        Pivna in  fT'innr.!*
1ft  from deep remorse?      co-operative Marketing of Live Stock 1 Gorman,    Offered    Charging Britons | j. ITCh In   UdllciUd
litil i. fthlH I id   i.y nothi.nti   i" co-operative ��>'��   u M        an(| Wntches
:cV;!1;i:,^i:M^;',;;;r:l;:''!;;;,' I'T^Tln , u *mm*�� ^_^m,\
active  in puraiill  of 'he I
Tlllll    nnluull   'lill   ho
mil," Hi
, n pur    mil  si,���inly
-I doubt  ii "    "i.l Geoffre}       ' -""
ii.i i .i   v.,iv ill dlsnppi nl'lllg i'c"   ���    "
mnrlctiblc      Von  ������- In r oni   nun	
,,,,; n���, iipki Bbi' lias vanished, inn
I .mi i crlaln thai lie Is al Iho boltoin
ni the mischief."
\u,l (ipori'rt v  n'I'll-1.1 lo s,i>  more.
| A8 i met .-I fact, no! otlj seemed lo
run. in lieai  anylhlna rnrtlipi*.   Thi'
IV illtll
I,,,,  iH niowiv    mil    i it       "    ,-.  , ��� i Manitoba   Heavy   Loser   and   all   the
P>��co l�� ��� r;:;;':  ^Is'give.X]\TmfZl\^\      Province. Suffer Through Ory
 pri'tUlvo    matKiix   ��������"       ;���      ,       .    ..     ,
J grain  I uUo thej I purchasing I '<"""> >v nil h m-inhcr ot the Uoyal
 <k ami other supplies liavn been   Army J   i    ���     .!"  ; .,���-.
practlHPil lo noi 'Mom, hut noi tin ]     Urn 'h_\lslon, ^the^UBi
HI laal year wan iho Jolnl  markt tin
10 "'""  ;'"M!',1n,'!!v "-nl .xor-  animals ure Bold under ll.o direction
were worn out >snli anMel>    nu ixoi    ���   ������.,������,���.��� mnnnopr nnd tlie
lion    They   had   had little i"'"1 inal
day;   Hi.-  weary  hours  on  the  bench
i,.,. .,  ��, ok  nt'  rui'louB  bombnrdmi in
ni' ihe il. -mini  irenelu a  lhe Ilk	
which the world liaa never heard bo
for nl    which Bounded, especially
0I, |,'rldny, September 24, like several
iliunderstorins   rolled   Into one,  were
ordered to lake l<����8'
������ \ battallt ii of on'' u"';l1  regimonl
oMhc'c'sncint'imis' mann-cr and Ihe I was choBeii  In  lead  the attack.    Up
oredslr he   .ul -. la " the cost  over      he parapets
ol  transportation, ihc iiiiini,,'^"^   <i:,',:,   ;;;- J ii-    i >        ')        "" ,im
,,r sun li titlempled
I'nder Ihls Bysti in carloads ol nine"
in,in Snsltatclu wan are made up by
ilia : linreholders and forwarded lo the
Itu-gei markt t cPiitreB whore . otiipat-
live bidding Is assured.     There Ihc
mission    anil    the    oilier    necessary
charges,  arc  dlati'lbnli tl  to  the  per
suns    supplying     In-    si.irk.      I'lacl
shareholder's   Btoek Is
paini. i'r in some other li
initial capital is require
The   llanley   l.'armers'   Slock   ship
"?��lnlna    /Usooiatlon.   of   Snsknlchewan
mlc :. '  b   ,     ... .
had cslunistcil ilii-1��� i
"For ihe present we can re, i antl be
thankful, ftavenspur sold as hi i'obp to
go,     "We 'an sleep v, iiii easy minds
then  l  slum  siay   lien-  in,,,      They  moved off nt'ler  him  all  but
'moke.    Ai thai hour you will please  Geoffrey and Vera   Mrs. Gordon could
join inc." .still in- heard moving about cue of Ihe
"1 am to accompany you, llien?"      drawing rooms .    Marion had slipped
"Yes, you are going to be myconfed   off unobserved.   She hardls left ctiuttl
crate in crime." to bidding Geoffrey good night,    The
Geoffre}   joined   the  others    down-  tender smile waa still on her face as
stairs,   Dellghl and ihankfulness were  she crepl upstairs
written  on  ever.s   lace.    Never    had      Then when she reached her room II
Geoffrey    round ins family so lender | faded nv!ay     she flung herself ucrc"
anu- logins tl,,, bed antl  biirsl   Into a  pasBlonate   i""--   "	
t'sually.  Marlon  had  had  her feel-  fit    of weeping.    And  then gradually   "IIS '!"' Ill'sl  r""' formed,     'I hi
Ings under control, but tonight ll seem- she sobbed herself Into n heavy  ve'l   soclallon svas registered earls in 11)1-1
i.   as If she  could not make enough I uneasy slumber, ann h;"1 Rn authorized capital of $S0Ci
ol'her cousin.   She hung over him, she j    "Well, I suppose l must go,   too?"  '"" "' ''"' close nt iho voar li had a
lingered near him.  until  Vera laugh- Vera said, tired out. vei reluctant   to
Ingly   proclaimed   that   jealousy   waa leave her lover
r?ndering her desperate, means, Geoff?"
"1 cannot help It," Marion said half "Have I not already explained lo you
tea fully.   "I am so glad,   And If you  darling?"
only knew   but that does not matter.     "Yes. bul I didn't believe one word
1 am beside myself with joy." of It," Vera replied, A kiss .sufficed to
"I suppose that woman upstairs Is wash the bitterness of the candour
all right," llavonspur salt! coldly, away. "I don'i believe you were pick-
He was by no means pleased that ed up by a yacht. 1 don'l believe that
Mrs. May should have Intruded twice you were in" any danger. I don'l un-
ii. thai way.   Ami each time there had , derstand  It."
eventful Sunday uiornliigVor Iho fan'
ous   charge.     Kverylhlng   was   si ill,
nllt| ,i���, 'jocks' didn't run. neither did
led with ! they shoul, bul In silence, with n slow
ess man-  walk, and  with .1 Is   determination
tier so Hun the annuals belonging to written on everj face'in net at cIohi
each may be sold separately, thereby, grips with their diabolical enemy, tin
Insuring lo each Ihe exact return from '|ne went uloni; in silence till and
1Mb Block. Tho associations arc simple | only   the    deadly    German  machine
in their working and as the animals -' <������
are  nol   paid  for until  Iho proceeds
are received from ihc purchaser little
C'unatln during HUB lost over tun
million dollars' wortli ol foroaU
through unnecessary hras. In face ui
the fuel Hint the forest resources ut
He country are within measurable
���lisiaiii e nf dcpi.'iinii through ihc onor
iinius iniiiiial VVUBlc, the HUB deprcdiv
i inns aie sun idem in cause grace coir
Information compiled b) the Can
a.lian  Forestry Association,    with Ui��
assistan f Hi-'  Dominion  forestry
branch and provincial departments,
prove Hun mora than ivveivo Ihousand
inf.'i.i tires, largo ami small, occurred
in Canada during Ihe past spring,
summer   anil   fall,   01   an   average   uf
I.tun ,i month between bhow itual
In i ml,inn, Quebec and New B I'll US
wick   and    British   I'olurabin    about
'Igllly-llvo    per    .. in    nl   ihc  losses
what   il
been some accident,    With so much     "Then we are bolh     ���	
sorrow weighing him dosvn and with ���r    nen|gilte(i    ignorance,"    Geoffrey
tho shadow ol  luriher disaster ever smjled,    "y0u are right nol to believe
him, I ivenspur was natural- mn dearest, bul l had to tell the story
    is oil  in
,,.,...: ,.,.,1;,. I were'due to settlers' llros. (Juobeu and
"\ blieel of leul niel our brave British Columbia liavo secured spleu-
feI1-owa and they toppled over In all did results from their "permit" laws,
dirt lions. Those nol hit, wool by which all selllers are obllnd ta
.,...,ll|���|, u,is sheei til never yet rain- obtain Iho supervision ..I a loiest
, .i o bird) Ihi'ough the second line, i ranger before selling out their clear-
md into the third line, where 'Alle- Ing fires. Ontario has no such Insv
;,....,,���,��� I,,,| hi. machine nuns. Our and has suffered serious consequences
lads wen- now upon Ihcin ferocious but ll Is recognized Hint the minister
aVl'ons who had tasted blood aBdi0[ lands, forests and mines lias the
'.'.'.;,. aiisolutelv mad In the hellish problem under consideration and may
" ���.���.,'..,.' evolve    an adequate  remedy  In  the
"Thev    were  up.ui   Hi.-in   with  the  noai  rtiture.    New Brunswick haB al
���   ., i   l i..,vi,mi     Terrified    yells of  ready made a good start In the regu
���Mercv   i.'.iii. rail '  w.-re  heard  in  all  itttl if settlers' llres, and will prob-
nts per pound.  tilrecHons. ,    .ably  spread  the plan  across the en-
transportation      "Devils who a moment before had   t|re province.
, ,     ''mission Lpeu immpinR lead hv firing machine      perhaps the outstanding tact ol ihe
r,i"wn'   '       f    ��� X        '   ,     'now Held  .ip watches,    purses,  season's forest destruction is the ab
the selling commission, and othci m   ,,.  ns    ,,s    ,.   i ^lr ���Tes I , se,.lous ,08B along ,he
cessary ex penae s  and   allow Ing   fo.   etc    or on   ��� ^^ ^ of  imes of railways governed by the Do-
shrinkage,,  tha> shlnpers  lace sou  an        ��'"��� ln^ re|lmenl  w,.,e nol  lo be  mln|0n board ot railway commission-
I home" wefghf       The '.'aule  slUppeti I slopped thai day-   Leaping right .oyer | ^ ������d their torost protection^reg
paid up capital of only $ t". Yi i the
association shipped fifteen carloads
of sleek during the .".eur, made ol I.-
162 hugs and 38 cattle.
The  lings  sold   in   Winnipeg  at   an
as ernge price of T.l'I
Afer  deducting    th
!'   auspicious. ,;ill,i | nnd l0 Biay .,  ,,-, ,i.      ||   is all ill
li seeiii.d ahsuiil. nu dniilii, inn thai ,,,,��� de8peral!e gi   we are  playing
woman might be taking a hand against |Ml,;lills, ,������. ���.,.,:,., ,-,���,     Vm the pro-
the family foi tunes.  The last occasion  BB���,  , .,.,, ., puppe,  h, ,,,,. lmnds tlf
was had enough, but this was many   .,,,,���,. ,���,,��� t||.n| lnvs,,lr      whal  , .,���,,
in ihe circumstances, as  dolng will g0 ,-.,.. ,;, ae, ���8 free ,.���,.,,
... o'.,���   ol.ll,
 -  ,,    ���            ., ,,,,-,. ,.|.,-...���s   ha-htiP i,m; of the  various Hues of the tlons.    Before the linposltloa of these
jvere a.11 commontin then classes, be     '=     P*          e      li;in.  kll,.���,  8���ow- lftWa   ,������   Canadian   railways    were
l���g pulls, dry .'    * .1   ^' ks,;|,.ili;     '., '" '���  '"'..'i., ,���.   pertorming   the pointed out as the chief offenders it.
Ing  shrinkage  and   expenses,  letl   al"-- "-	
net price of 4 S cents per pound, lioine
weight, for the shippers.     Busing his
so-called  impossiuie  ...s���  ,	
Hie German lines, ihey did noi  slop  the  non-governmeni  lines'under  the
��� ----- even Hun. for Ihe Germans were out   board's control arc annually present-
iveight. for ihe shippers.     Busing bis I of their trenches and over the crest   ;,,��� ., rccor(i o�� ,in, |mniunlly   which
calculations on  prices    paid    in  the  of n,e hills, great, big, fat, hulking,  places them permanently  among the
tiin.-s worse,   in the circumstances, as i .,oIni, .,..,, ���., ,���.... ... a0, .,., ,,-,,.. ������,,     neighboring towns, the manager est.,  blue-clothed    cowards,    fleeing    for | ra|nor cauaea 0, damage'to the coun-
be pointed out, nothing could exceed      Vera    8llhev    Lenllv      She sidled  mated that the association, during the  their   lives    wltli   Ihe   Seolti.es   alter   try's  limber.    As  8   matter  ot  tact
tbe bad nisi- of il.is Intrusion Into a Lioser to heHovei?    Mrs Gordon was  year, saved the farmers ot the district  them al full lilt. onlj  iftu or three llres ot over tea
deserted house. ���,,,,",    ���",'.���   drawing rooin, a  ""-n'"''1 "' $'"S" '"! ""Kf f,'one' "'''U!> hou" 'l'.1 "  N �������������> " -  aces in extern were attributable this
"She may nol   have known it." Mrs. ��� ,,"    ���,   '.-,..!,   "���,.,   av'"�� ,.,./ . ">ere are a number ol these asso-  machine guns, which wrought  havoc   year lo Ul08e ilnca ,,,������,,_, th(, g   f
Gordon said quietly.   "Who knows bul    ''T-    ''.  , ',   , don't wan n narl wim  cialons, now in differenl parts o  Sas-   bul  thai didn't stop our fe lows. Into  o( ,,,���  raUway comm)Mlon has been
that   she  had   discovered   s e   plot       '   !!     -     ,        J ,,- eves  kachesvan, and genera sutislact on Is  ,he houses the,   went, and soon the  pn,  completely  into effect,    (in  two
agalnsl us and had cine to nam us?   00U| |n'i0    f. andi her arm ab'oti    bo'ng expressed with the results oh-  dead   Germans   were  shovelled   with  raUwttya ���r relativeb  small mileage
Perhaps the enemy divined her inlen-   ;', ���" ,��� " !,, '!;, ' ��� ,    u 1    - 'i   1U    ia,!','''1   ,��.tl,al   " -,s ''T '!"y-"v  ,1,B   b**one a   "!!l   ,:"'"'i;;l1   "T   wl"'; "'  ��'hich  the board's regulations  a<
Ho   ���    hence the i.eid.ni" '!''"'     s ���    ,' , di    osovou  daring   1'0(;(;" l>>at expansion along this line  flows Into Ihe street.    After clearing   no( a,)ply  ������ ,es8 ,,,,,��� ,,,,, lir(,, wer
'��<��   ����  'I  pi- ����-clrtentr Gordon   ,2, Juh,   ,' Jm!' of nuv" '  ��''�� be rapid_  L^.J'SS? IheVen ,'t,n''V nil '''iJI''''''''    Ma,,,y i?S t"^ ��ere ^rious
a��kert. |    Geoffrey  kissed  the quivering  lip- '':il " ��\ei  " �� open  ,        ' in ''M""  ���""' "'  lpaBl  SOO.OOO acres
"Something  mysterious, like .wry    tenderly.' Editor Appointed ,'11 ���" ,h������^S,!,i     .'t��� Tr"n-" ' v"'''" b1""'''1 ovcr by llre3> '"", elthei
thing that occiu'b to us," his wife re-     ....    ' . .u���,., ,,��� ���.,,, ** ncreia as ine>  ssent.        was a   am   to locomotives or men H*velling along
plied.   "At any rate, she is breathing    ��� !h,w' "'.' ","1.��� :;"'' "'' a '; ,'' T; '!' !   ous victory.'   But. oh, looking back, It  llie ,.|Bht-ot-way of these two roads
regularly  and  quietly   now,  and   her a" '* ''!'"""-, I1);1'.'     M','  ."��* J11���   George   Batho   to   Run   Agricultural -was a slghl   lo  make angels  weep-        Manitoba lost  mure than Jl.non.ooil
Pkln is moist and cool.   Ralph said he i people base been rrustiatea ovei ana publications for  Manitoba the fruits of scientific murder (It  is   ,���   ,;amaBe   ,���   ma|���re    timber  and
had s.-i-u som.-ihii.g like it in India h'" ' I,V1''\,;'^!V:,,, '''^J';!^ ,""JI'Ik , The appointftienl   ot George  Batho  not, ^r)' '""'  ''"';  "" " lveme"dous  young growth in 1915.   The total area
-      ���,,.. I schemes w oi thy ol Satan Mmsen and  ^ ,.,Hu,;. '01- a.,ri,uUl���,1i publications P,pa,e; burned  over   was  800,000  acres,  ae
for the Manitoba department of agri- cording  to  official   reports   thus  far
culture was announced recently. ('not  nr I ivinsr received.   Final reports will probablj
His duties will be to furnish farm- ' '""*> show  an   Increased   loss.    The   fires
era of Ihe province with all Ihe prac-   Ihi    Manitoba    took  place  mainly In
���'���It ��... providence,"   he said.   "N
mi !������ nor less
,,     ,',   U-llord ' ';     say,  German.  Will   Deoart   U-8
-      n��    hav   ynuan   suspicions?"      ,-���,  , ,������ Dally Ma 1 quotes Geo
.        10 Hid H   'i that la svlm. voll Bfc���, ,;���. Se��' Ynrk   ��nespond
��� " '���';"������  ,:,r;:. :    ,:���;::::^'::U
.  letl    Her nerve     !,!,;  ,v :���      of    Herman imerlcans
,   pltlabl ndltlon that any ,,,,,���,!������ Hulled States vei> soon,
llt.b set them vibrating ike the     - iau���ds ot Oermarinfamilies are
��-;iiit Iiub been this work In the nam
lhat  the Dominion authorities urged ahm.i lour an,  a mi. inii,-,,;, people
upon tl,e minister ot agriculture   he ���"'���""��'>:'��� to th'  board ,,, ,,.������. egt|
a. p.i.1,1 i.i.ni of an agricultural editor mate., have h������ l-telf wagea Increa ed
... ,.���, ,i ���,.������, |0 ti,e '>' "x,r W.'oO.oOO per woes     rhese
 u   '������ ...'"siii/e.l  la
age   Is
estimated to bo about f l pel
In the valli ys   nf the Peace Rivet
annolniment of an ngriciuiurai euuoi   lv over ..:.,,7������,  p,������ wees       ������     In the valleys   m t euue iu���
under tho si I federal granl to the ���' reR ,.,.,.���,. ������i> io organized labor.  lhe Lowar Athabaika river and tin
nrovlnce  tor agrlciiltural  Instruction ,,,',���!���.,��� industries  win-re Individual | jiacltonale  rlcer condltlona have, on
,'nfler this grant the new appointment loycl.g |,avc ...ranted ndvances, II   ,,���,  ,���|���.,-  band,  been   phenomenallj
la made    Mi   Baho's marked ahllttj jg estimated thai   three million work- dryi re8uiilng In Ores thai have beei
in sucii n  ���    ,-���    ...    ,,   |, ���-���   -,. ,, ,.���,.,��� mmlllcs nretas a   lournallst, Ills Bound judgmenl .     have received Increases amount- more flestruetive. than In many years
;., ,, t,��� ,��� vibrut ng like lhe     ������Thousands ol German, ftunl lea       |  -   ���    c .   lulow|eflge, nol only f��� ,,') ���,  p,,- ���eck. previous.   Probably not leas than hall
a rudely handled harp- making pr rations    to  lease,    ..    ��""'',,,���,.���, eandltiona but also ot     B   L rauiioa acres were burned over. As
;.       '  ,:.'/ astssss&iSH.rrji,";iri,sHomeataadbu.      :.rt��.ffi.p=?..=
acul i were sawn by n girl In a ' ��� ��  granls.have   o  en   been   ep resente. UiM
pi tills v. re sasvn nv a b" ��� ������   -
���: '   I tam-o'-shanter cap. The for "^{M, "iiremsefves lo   becom(
B,,    ,?,   8?lllieT, .     , , Americanized too quickly,   but todaj
,'"   "", "; ' 'fiJPlete in" sclem ���;   lhey nre HbowlnK themselves true atl-
'          omethtnj In Man.us eyes.      ��� g ,
r';;  ;; ",:. '.in����  \?*l*��l   S}n\LUo and  with  little  regard  to their own
could ii-.I  tell;  but (here was nothing I ��� ,  ���   . ' ���
io .... gained by wliat svas little less      y       ^ , ��� , fc   ,,,���,  A    ���       ���,
',:;���    ,,eacl1 V! ''"'""";;'''���         I,,, bftuiy |,i, by the loss of many loyal
"Whal dees ii  mean. Marlon?    Itav-,      ���      '
��� ii pur asked |uermans
The weed question la one of which I ���        T,
Iho  farmers  need much  instruction.   8ix      Thousand      Less    Homesteads
Mr. Batho will give the farmers    the        Taken  Out This Year as Com-
ereani ot Prof. Bedfords ideas on weed pared  With   Last
eradication.    Prof. Bedford Is now in     Por Lhe nra,  nine ,nont!is In  the
complete charge oi ihc weed problem, ���    ���      ,   ���.������,  .,
If. t;. (iMallcy, chief weed Inspector,
having resigned, as announced in the
free Press several days ago.
For the last twelve years Mr, Batho
liaa been editor In chief of the Nor'
eaSg I ing   merchantable   limber,   the loss
' would  noi  be over $200,000.
In British Columbia the area pat
rolled by the Dominion rangers It
confined to the railway belt, in the
eastern portion of the lull rains or
ctirrod at fairly regular Intervals, and
while there svas al several limes con
q   tried in drown him.' I airecim  .
"I've no proof," Geoffrey replied. "It Imperial  Toklo  Military  Arsenal  at
is merelj an Instinct Atsuta, Japan, is In Canada and call-
Ai . niniier ot tact'he had plenty otjed on the members ot the shell com-
i ;     Had lie nol seen lhe girl haat- mlttee,   Ho was Introduced to Chair-
  iv��... i,ia hnni'   Had he man-General  Bertram by the Japan-
��� i      at���     v.,,l���        -rl,���
5HSS awTy; fnro���rh.rhoatf "MTu I ^SSS^SSSTu,7 Yada/'"X I uSSTST al,  the' railroads    of Great
not fe i. her return, after the boat had ^ co"    facilities are being exlen
__^_^^__^_.    I      .'   .'      ,.!..,    r..,.   Ihi,   insliecl 1(111   CI    I   ii
W. N. U.  1083
I'Of    1110    nisi    nine    ,���.,,.....,    ..
present calendar  scar there  was a i w.1"lp   |"'r�� "lls "' "���-���;:"" ;;���"-"     ���
net decrease of 6,711 in the total num- Bderable danger from Are,  ho rangei
......i ..ni,.i����� i,,i..������ m,| inlslllir    waa able lo cope with tlio sll
net decrease oi u.i'n m i��<   ��� ---    stalT    was  auie  m uuuo   ��....  ...^   .��
,,er of homestead entries taken out in u|llion effectively,   with the exceptiot
Weatern   Canada.    The   province   '.��' (,f ihe moiilh nf-Migitst. in lhe Lower
Manitoba alone shews an Increase in Frager valley, where several fires got
homes;..ids. tin- total number for the ||(.voml control,   While 10,000 acres ol
nine montlis ot tills year being sMM�� i0gged-over   land  were   burned, tnt
as compared with 2,776 for the oovreB- fl��M   wc.n, )u.,,t out of Ihe merchant'
ponding period of lasl year-   In Sas- ab,a (iinber only 1,000 acres of wlnct
kntchowan, onirics this year total 4,- burned.
 ��� a  ...ill.  7 117"  las    vcill.i
Ml  I co.r.parctl with WM last veal        	
in Alberta thisi year's entries ^ | (lip sUop of , ,kwisl
C 000. compared s\iih  i.si. last >cj.i,i    n ,���,,_,,���..   ������,i    ���nii,i>   nn   to   the
1 '���,   ��� British Columbia them were habordasher, an
1382 entries this   year compared with I counter, asked
Scotland Is toldns to   the use of
mechanical potato planters,
During Hie 10 year period ended In |
e   lihili   on  all   the   railroads    of  Great'
iccessary muuuica ���....  D  J-  Britain and Ireland only one passeng-
ed to him for the Inspection of Can-  er was killed for every 72,000,000 car-
adlan shell making processes.
604 last yeav.
In the statement showing the na-
llonalitiea of the homesteaders for
tho month of September it is Interesting to note that there svere 1^ (ler-
liu'tns and 113 Ausiro-llungarians who
made bomesuad entries-
r,olng   up   i��   iht
"stay, mister, liavi
vim got shirts?"
"Yes, sir," replied the old Hebrew
hoping for ti customer.
"Clean ones?" asked the man.
"Yes, sir;  very clean''
"Then," cried the    man,    for hew
en's sake, put one on." f
because  the entire system
becomes permeated with
injurious acids.
To relievo rheumatism Scott's
Emulsion is n double help; it is
rich in bh od-food; it imparts
strength to the functions and supplies the very oil-food that rheumatic conditions always need.
Scott's Emulsion has
helped countless thousands
when other remedies failed.
Rrlnae Inferior Substitute..
N 'J	
" -��� 3 HBHSSnJSBPBt
America's Debt to England\\fagK "Nerviiine" (History of Canadian | - r T"nini
Ends Stiff Neck, Lumbago! "ml'" Buffal�� The Army of
Commerce   of  Neutrals   Rests on  the
Protection of the British  Navy
Our government,   for   certain rea-   ' Now    ToUl8    0w'''    Two   Thousand
wnlch ought to be apparent to Any  Curable   Muscular   Or' i'-"---.
ui    biiffuli
���i)   tbu '.:ii
iieiil   ihis   siiiiii'ii   in   l-'i,    l),    ii,,,   ...ni LAitltlti  LIIILt    ,��.,
of  three Texas  buffalo  Ii.--.-iit  d   ny ' UVF.R PILLS .��-     JftiCfK
Mr.   r. U.Blnckstock,    ni  Tm ,,. ,,, ,;,,,.   ,,,. ,������   Aii'.f-' $ \
(lock   Mountain   Park.   I hese  uuiiu i: . only v"'v��- f-l;-1  '-   jfcSSS:- ���    i
wore placed on exhibition in   pud  ' d.m.'-',..-i��.,el,i!v JfflfollCmTiii
Pad llieypstmantntly
d,��ci i!l  Hf"ff. and H'c lollowins year cuicCon.l.'pa
llici:  number nils Incr -sd by u similar glfl    I'l   Lord Strnthcona,  wen i
lion.   Mi
lion., ii-.p
all, cannot, and certainly should  not I*"'* "    ���""������������"���"���<������     "��� .    TJie Cnuadlnn   gov
ndopl   an  nliltudo    on    lllls Btibjoet       Joint  i'aill   IS  lllstiinilv      [herd ivaa started ni  1
which  is u shade nu.re threatening ,, ..       .  ,      .,
iluiii the .me h has taken, says the Kolll'VOtl  by Nei'Vllllie
Boston    Traiiscrl|ii,     expressing    n i 	
Biine American  view  ot the  note  to       ,,  , m ���  1 i>  m    rii    1.
Britain.    No    doubt   ll   must   deDuc       (��t'l Jlllll OOllll1   1o-I);|\
and  confidentially  assert   tho   rights      yn��� don,  have to wall  all das   to
nl neuiri,   nations at Bea In tim ',.,,, thG kink out ot a stiff neck If you
wat     Hut   lie  big  conti'til   lad   re-   r���b 0n Nervlllnc.   Aud vou don't need   Presented the government   with tblr-    ii���,r���u
mains   that    (bo   commerce    ol   all   to go around complaining about luni-   tGe"    ''end  n'"'"  1|!-  Sllvef  Height.
neutral  s ui sea. including cur   Bago ativ inure.    Vim   ran rub such   herd al Winnipeg,   This herd gradual
own, reus  lor Its very existence nu
the   protection   of   IllO   navy   of  Ureal
Britain    But for lhat proti ctioi r
hips    \ ould    i.iiia.i    he huddling in   ensP muscular pain ot tuts kind
tir harbor*,   our   goods    would  be      n,, . , ., .���. nve Ceni trial bottle of
Pued  ip on  our wharves,   ���   :    our  Nervlli     ���||| cure any nttnek of lumbago   ��� 1 lame back,   This   has been
proved u   lliousund  limes, jnsi  us
b Growing Smaller Evo
11 limn
��� IVER
I'aclnl'ies,   save   for  what   tile)   ntlghl
make  for home cniiBiiniptlon,  would
Germany's Crops
Have Failed
Editor of Wall Stroet Journal Gives
Some   War  Impressions
"Qearmany's crops have failed Only
two-thirds of a crop has boon liarvoi 1
ed Ihin year in II.al coillUl'). and there
is whero bo pin. h comes. Ordinarily, Gorman) rniiiilrea lliroo liundred
llioiisand Poles everj season 10 naslsl
in lis harvest      'I hu falluro this year
liaa been due In Hie BllOl'lUge nl lullOl
and in Hu- unfavorable wonlhor conill
lions, 'l his hie. Btritck ill lhe very
basis of aQoi inunj V. financial si rcngl ii
Sho is nun forced In pnj cash fur fund
iii .such neighboring counlrlcK as
swItzerland nnd Donmurk, und grndii
ally her gold supply is being drained,
leaving ii small* r reserve mi tin
strength of which paper currency inns
lie issued. As a result, (Jl I'llilill.Vs
food supply has I. .-n nil in t .��� 0, Her
soldisra must be fed ami Hi" people
behind tho trenches ai'u forced to do
without regular rations. Accordingly
we are hearing of Ihc bread rids in
Berlin and lhe offers nf peace which
Qermany Inspires with such magnanimity."
This constitutes ihe mosl startling
of a series nf startling and Informative statements pertaining to the war
recently made by .Mr. Clarence W.
Barron, editor 01 ihe Wall streel Journal,     He, visited Hurope in November
'"' hllc     Hi"   seas    would    bo ihe   ���ils ,��� ,,���. ,,,,���, ,������ .,,,., ,,,  , nriiydou
nreJ      '"      llgl'llng     B Irnn-     an.I    o(     I'uleil.niiu.       wHn       writes:        "I
ug   cruisers.     Olllt'ilges'iil'   UlC I wouldn't   lliinl.   ���l'  r#ntnu       .ulll.
Itnve ceased
This   is   line,  ami     ii   is  ills,.  Inn
that     lhe   ullie.il     panels     have     the
sympathy nt   tho world in   tho use
.���in fur as- thin  me is  logltlmalo, uf
the    line  offocllvo   wesniin     Unit   III -y
things away verv quickly ��iih Nervt-1 '-v increased until bj   |!  ii  totalled    MU,Mlgtsthn, Sick Htaituki, Sallow Ski*.
line.    It'a ihe grnndei i 'liniment, ihe ' nearly I'm bead,
quick) 1 in peiiet rale, Hie speediest in' In IC08 the govei'iinieul entered Into negotiations with Michael 1 *-��� 1 >i.>. 01
Montana, I'm his her 1 ol pure blood
bison mi Hie f'l.ulieaii lauian reserve,
This herd was iiti.iwn in in- the largest herd "I pur.' blood bison thou in
exisletiei'   Inn    was   nu-    | . Ueved    to
number more than aboui :mo bond,
Pablo luni fur years tried 10 urn Ihc
American governmi nl to give hi 111
I have used ii fur twenty mill | enough land nti which in keep ihe peril
ml   npprecluto lis value'us ti ; iitul iii  lasi  the.,  announced thai  the
, '"     iisiit.i'K     1- "linn ���      1   o[    I'aleiliinia,       wHn      wrHei :
glm;   cruisers      (nil races',,f   lhe    ������,i|,|,i'|   Hilnk   nf going  !. I   Willi-
"   ''���, Pf.ve   lype   would   never   ������, knowing wo had Non-lino in Hie
Small Pill, Small  Dose, Small Priss,
Genuine pumbr-ar Signature
/?         �����<-"���
family re dv mori I more every Flathead reserve   was m in-   thrown
���lay. 11 any nf lhe children gets a open, which mennl thai Pablo would
sllif neck, Norvlllno cures quickly If'he forced out ami compelled either to
ii  Is earache, toothnclio, cold on the i lin.l a new range or a purchaser for
possess against   Herman militarism     f c\ml< ,,,���-,. ,,,,. , Nerviiine Is alvavs   lhe herd.
seas.   Agalnsl the   niy Biandby,   My husband once cured I    Hosvai
lhe. conli'ol nf Ihc
-,,,      , '  ,     .������=- nil   siaiiunv.    ai.v  niisnaiui niiee ciii'1'1 Inward    -alon    the     wei      kuuwn
i ill  al or     an        , 1   ,, w  i   c     "^" b>' X""' ' "'" r'"" " "ul"lml I "<�����<'' '"' ��10  nmlter.'aild  secured  an
!' ���������;..:,!    ,       .,      ��� t,,;,n,n:s,in,, ,,���-,, up ina   arge   am-  option from Pablo for MOO per head.
avail irn further than lo keep the en
ni) ai bay. To withhold supplies from
liie ti.-i'iiiaii liiillon is Ihe allies' oilier.sil hope of winning I.I10 war and of
defending free Inslllutlons ihe world
mcr ngahiBl lb.' niailcil llsl of Prussian nbBtiliillon. VVe say that this, being so terribly true, amply warrants
ihe l'nlted States governnieni In re
fntlnliig from any menacing lone In
assorting iis ilgbtn us a neutral 10
irade ad liblluni with any other
neutral. One government docs well
to abstain from Ihreat, und lo sas
instead: "llelylruj upon lhe regard
I option I'rom ruiiio lor ?:;iiu pel
lly Nerviiine Is by^fnr the best thing  He  then   wenl   to   Washington   und
in li.ive ..luni. you." triad  lo gel  the  U.S. goverumenl  to
��� buy Hie herd. Iloosevell and the Bison
��ar        u ,  /���       iii. Society urged  lhe purchase but  con-
Moi't' Respect lor Allies     Lr88g fcrilSed to puss mi appropriation
j and   Pablo  bad  to  look  somesvlu re
Germans See They Arc Not tho Whole 'else'   Tlll'ol|B'i Alex Ayotte, Immigra-
Very slgnlficani nl this time is the
publication  in  tic    lending    Roman
Catholic   organ,   the Kolnlsche Volks-
zi'iiing, of a rebuke addressed bj one
of the army chaplains to the armchair
lir.'-iiiiers   in    home,    lie   declares
the  llritish  aoycriiinenl     lot   the   ���m| man    (J|. ,,���, |f,n���r, ���.,.,,,,,��� ,.,,������,
principles  0     Justice    so  irequently. U)n |lon,es of Oermanv to the husbands
and iiuitornils'   niatilfe.sted    prior   tn
the   present    war,   ihis
offlcers  to
inllclpales Hun 1
iiieiii will Instrtir
refrain from tlies
illegal  practices."
if Hie American people believed
tI1.1t I'i'i Bid< ill W'iis.ui had any Intention to stab the allies In the bad
und sons In ilie field disgust and dishearten the soldiers at the front, the
best of whom ure tired of the bitter
slnntl In- lias now taken.
of last year for the express purpose   th   ljn���.   , tUal   mos| (,,���,i.,| ���,���,,,.���
.''f1:'! ",::" himself with   ho tin-L���  ,,,������.  ,.,.,,������,....,  they  would  ni
denying principles of the great world I .,������,.,,��� ,,,
struggle and the articles which came d|li""u '"
from his pen following 11.in trip have  ___ ���__     "   , "  .
hvll A^adciouBnAvar."'��"""""" "'"lk | Worn Worried
It is Mr. Barron's opinion that (ler-
; lion  agent   al   Missoula,  the   mattor |
was   brought   10   the  al tent inn   of  the '
Canadian governnieni   which  realized
Hie opportunity  offered.    Before  the
United      States   authorities   realized
what was happening the bargain was
completed.     It    was   supposed      that
there would be about 300 buffalo, bul
Hie  total   finally  captured   amounted
in 70S.   The price paid was $250 perl
head, f.n h . in  ICdiuonlon.
Tho task of rounding them up pros  ,
ed  much  more difficult  than  wus an-
'l'seii eraiu e.
iship  of  the
highest order.    The buffalo were extremely wild  nnd Bwltl of tool  and
could outrun the fastesl  horses,
The     first   year    r.'u
, s mid terrible sulferlugs caused  Uctpa  H c '
I by the war. He denounces the habit endurance and hor��
1 of classing Germans as supermen, and
says thiti  the German  troops at  the
front   have learned   10  respect  their
foes bo that  they do not echo many
of ihe sentiments expressed by their
ultra-patriotic friends und relatives al
home.   The whole letter Is really an
appeal for less war enthusiasm   nnd
inure  reasonable  appreciation  of  the
poll ; of view of (ieriiiiiiiy's foes   This,
too,   would   have   been   Impossibe  six
We have lic-en iiiakinij matches
for M years now���Domestic
and ever;,- oilier kind,
Some of our specialties ure
ul! inohstick-"THE EDDY-
STONE TORCH" for out-
door use���"WAX VESTAS"
for the smoker, and i t'-er
l'or home use lhe most
popular match is the "SI I I .\ I
5," bul for es erj use
had   1101 been possible to gel  Buffalo
Park  fenced  und  toady  In  time  tor
these  arrivals.   Ihey   were   placed   in
ni-inrt '''"' |s'ai"l Park   a fenced enclosure,!
many and  Austria  have reached  the I VY UlUCll months afco, 11; BqUare miles in area, established |
maximum  In  the strength    m    their "  i: the rise In lite cobI 01 living, hjeyerol years before for the protection
forces in the trenches and in the utlli- . u"u  eBpecfitlly  In  the price of  food, | 0�� ,.p- .',���*,| m0oBe
zation ot their nnUonal resources, Hei' Main Duties Afi'cct Her 1,!'l:i   hicreases  more   than  anythttif
Mm   ItiiiY'iln   ffeat wet mi, cukm chronic jam irvmoa
. ft VIM   KtDHRV.   BUADDtH, l'. KM
wen' secured   200 raulo*   were sutp   Fiuis. tirum no. dui . ���        .����� n ���     .  "i
l,M1  ni  ""   Bpiing .iiiii  ���ii   uitts ������   ffl^o   write run FRHe ��� : ���*.   * :-*��
calves followed in tlir autumn. As it   M��D.co.HAVBMroci(Ro.Hj ��.u-*qo-. i**.
����� iii-.t ir.i-r. ���"    -���  ���-������ ao   -
BUT.uovr.ara^r atr.iE^ iw iix
^*av ro ra.
Breaks Down Completely
It is little wonder thai there arc
many times in -i unman s life ���.��� h r,
she feels    in  despair,    There is no
"They are al lhe point now," he
said, "where  they have no re.series.'*
On the other band, the allies were
jist beginning to approach their maximum strength.
Referring to the recenl Anglo-French
loan, Mr Barron said thai the bonds
of the allied nations were being svide-1 nine hour day for the busy housewife,
ly sold throughout the United States. There are a hundred things about the
This svas tlun largely to the sympathy home lo Keep her busy iimn the time
of the majority of the people across she arises until it is again bed time-
the line with the allies. What Is the result?   Otten her nerves
"The ally of the allies is Hie federal give way, her good limits sutler, bei
reserve act, combined with our work- nlood becomes tuin, her Indigestion is
shops ami s|.-.>| plants." declared Mr. disturbed antl ber system threatened
Barron.     "Germany realizes thai the  with  a  complete  breakdown,    Rvery
else the growth of war svearlneas.   A
There are still Know uto be
Health     and    Often    She    remarkably outspoken    comment    on
tho food question svhlch appeared In
number of  buffalo   left   on   lhe
I Will  Stamen   >oui   Baror  I
I lima rim he ilouc ill at. taati  a
large i l.ifc.lme.    si.- icliou
. orsvarts
,..,,,...- . ���   25   cent*
.,   , . .     ,   ''"'-     Slrop��7B cents  ))   K    -���.;-  St.5-0    B:it
ami although  Pablo now    had many made.  Canada Kona Co.. ������   .
, I other otters he agreed to let the Can-1 loiw. canndn	
action government have the remainder    -    ���   -       -
base ami the backbone of this war Is
on the North American continent.
woman should do all possible io protect her health ami good looks, unil
I here is one ��:ii   in which she cun do
ihis, and that is b)  taking Dr, W'ii-
rink    Pills,    These   actuallj
'Tis a Marvellous Thing.���When I
cures effected by Dr, Thomas' l-.'clec-1 Main
trio Oil are considered, the speedy and make nesv, rich blood, strengthen
permanent relief II lias brought to the every nerve ami every organ, bring
sulTerins.' wherever it has been used, the glow of health to the cneeks and
It must be renal.ie.i as a marvellous brightness to the eye. These pills
thing that so potent a medicine should i have done in.ire to make the lives of
result, from the six Ingredients which I thousands of  women sunshiny    than
enter into its composition, A trial will
convince the most skeptical of its
healing virtues-
anything else in the world. Mrs Daniel Theal, Waterloo, Oni., says: "I
was very nuuli run down, my blood
wus thin nnd watery and I would faint
in the lensl excitement' I suffered
from headaches and dizziness ami of
ten il si' nicil us though I here were
clou.Is before my eyes. Finalls I was
forcod to go in bed with ss-oaltness.
1 doctored for Bix weeks while in bed
without receiving nny benefit. Finally
I wus Induced to take Dr, Williams'
Pink Pills, ami when | luni taken ten
Game Raising Farm
From the first game farm In Minnesota tables of epicures will be supplied svilb pheasants and mallard
ducks within tsvo years and possibly
within cue year, if presenl hopes are
"We will raise rtiffed grounc prairie
chickens, pheasants and ducks on the
farm," said the superintendent of the I boxes I was completely cured, and
Oaroo Protective League, "This Is never fell better In iny life. I am con-
only a Btnrter on the 'inure gnme vlncod that what Dr. Williams' Pink
movement.' More thnu a hundred Pllla did for me Ihey will do for othem
citizen., most of ihe.n farmers, wilt land I warnilj recommend them to all
begin nam.' breeding next Bprlng both I weak women."
for sporting purposes and tor the I Vou can gel these Pills from any
market. I medicine denier or by mull al CO c ills
"Every   game bird raised nnd sold In box or six boxes for $:; ."iii from The
in  captivity   helps   to    protect    Hie   Dr.   Williams'   Medlcli o.,   Brock
Stale'.-, supply of wild game iitul il
my plans work out Minnosoin will
within a few years bo the greatest
same producing slate in llie Union.
Mlnard'a Liniment Cures Colds, Ac.
"Isn't thai u Rourguereau?" asked
Mrs. Oldeastlo aa Ihey stopped for a
moment lo look nt the new pictures.
"Oli, my. no," replied ber hostess,
Mrs. Nurlcj; "It's a lion. Hut 1 told
Josiah when he brought il home Hint
it looked a good ileal more like one of
them things you mention."
Friendly to The French
The Alliens Ales user is quoted in a
llaviis despatch from the Greek capital as saying that there Is plausibility
in the report thai Djetnal Pasha, Turk
Ish minister of marine, svill co-oper-
nte with the entente allies in the rebellion which, according to Constantinople advices, he had organized
against the Turkish government In
Sy,rin and Palestine.
DJemal   Pasha  has    always    been
friendly to the French, the nessspnper
"There's a church  near," said  the
country farmer to hi* paying guest;
���,,,..-<:    I '""I thai l ever puts my nose In il."
waterproof dollars ��no cuffs        "Anything the mattor    with    the
Somotlunt beitor  than  linen  nmi wi....,.,	
laundry  nun    Wash  it  with soap ana  ,'���'   ��� .  ,,.,,.. ���.,,.    ,.,.,.     ..
*aler     All  Storej  or direct,    ���'lal*  stylti       S\cll, its Hits was.    1 sold Inr old
and aiie    I'dr Sic   we will mail you '| vicar milk  and  etv.ns and  butter and
U Fraaar dvunua, Toronto, Onttri*
W. N. U. 1083
cheese, und, soeiiif. as lie patronized
me, i patronized fin. nut this new
vicar keeps 'Is own cow and 'ens. 'If
that's your game.'I thought, 'volt
'nve 'ome grown religion, too,'"---Til-
the   Socialist
"One of the most dangerou:
lions  perpetrated  during tho  , -��� ,   . . ,
the pretenc it  Hernial,)-  although  ma'Ie' '""' 0,s'hl   ""k':i ��   ".,'"�� [e���
cut off fro,,, all her overse   supplies,  ��<��� ��� lar."e corral we,-., built-.   After
41   ...    ' Ifllv     ,,-aaIrc     I, ;t i-n     i-irl nu,     tin.    :i,, i ins Is I
,1,,,.,, hit   lhe same price.    In the autumn of   �����-,-.,����� *��_ai-_ rj��-< "   -    -���
���vaer Fs" 1908, therefore, another round-up was JMJOKS CoKOfl KCCi CofflpOOBlK
tamio-a  made, and eight   miles of wing fence j       - 	
,,   i ,7s mud a large corral were built-   After
an  feed her own  population.     The  six   ,m,','is   '''"," ,"1',"R   "'',,"'""
tel   Is  thai   the  population  of tier-   W*''T  :'"  ",""ll(,',i   "p,a"(   ""'  !,!r.'
many eanuoi  be properly fed by pt't
| cowboys    went, home lo sleep.    That
night, led by an old clover bull, tin
A tafi. r��!>'r'>*4 r-
mtdmne. ri.i--l to llaaaa J^-
gTei a of atrer $��� X i. I.
tl: No, 3, Jl N - i JB
per box. Sold bv all
drtiff,Tisls. cr a^it prepaid in ;, - - - . ; tl
receipt    of . ������--.
pampl   :.   Addi a i
HJ3STJ. OUT. (tumutl airaiur i
ducts of our own country.      The war i ,      , . ,.    ,
has proved beyond all doubt thai it Is eftiro "('''" "V"^   %r ^'T ?   i
Impossible to produce enough articles ��lmosl pcniendieua, cliff antl broke
of nourishment or to raise a sufficient   "v'i,-v "' ""'' mountains,
number of cattlo to feed the Oerman      '"'c ne.vl year Pablo decide.I lo put
people without foreign assistance,     li   them in huge wooden cages out In the j	
is true that we shall be able to hold  range    and to haul these cases the  ���.  ���.        , n{       .
out fur some limited lime, but only at  thirty miles lo Ihe station. There they BlOrieS OI DISOraer
the cost of ihe health and strength of  were unloaded |nto a small corral lo i    India rn��'nimrl��H
the nation, now being undermined by|awail shipment.   The   laal and linal '�� *'HJia l n.oiillOOU
systematic deprls-atlon and underfeeding."
Sleeplessness.���Sleep is Ihe great
restorer and to be deprived of il is
vital loss. Whatever maj be the
cause of It, iniliucstion, nervous derangement or mental worry, try a
course ot Pariuelee's Vegetable Pills.
By regulating the action ot lhe stomach, where the iroubla lies, they will
restore normal conditions antl healthful ..!. ip will follosv. They exert a
sedative force upon the nines nnd
where there Is unrest they bring rest.
' The other day i��.. parties of
wounded soldiers, from different ho
pltals. wore taken to a place In Surrey in lOngland- "Al tea-time they
mlnglod, nnd a wounded Colonial,
catching sinhi of another Bon ot the
Dominions, became strangely excited
and made Ills way io the other man's
side,     lie had r. cognized 'iis res ���
"Tiny vent in the Dardanelles us
strangers, bul during a terrible fight
the first was badly wounded and svas
carried from I In- field of death by a
stranger. Now rescuer and rescued,
both wounded, had mel for the flrsl
time since thai day. The rescued
soldier was In tears as be poured oul
his thanks m liie man to whom lie
owed his life."
struggle tlion occurred���that of gel
ting them on board ihe train. The
(���real brutes resisted to the last. II
took nine days to load 200, anil eight
of tiiem  killed  themselves   in   their
Most Comprehensive Official Denial
of Reports From the Germans
The India Office has mad ��� . ... ll
struggTes. '"The majorftv"had" to" be |announcement that Oerman pr -���
drawn on Hie cars bv * means of a statements circulated in foreign ( unblock and tackle tii'68 regarding disorders in India  u ���
During  1009 the  buffalo  from   Elk  absolutely untounded.   Thi  .        .
island Park were also transferred m .""���'"   specifically den:...  the   report
Buffalo Park at Walnwrlght, with ihc - that a revolt has broken oul an;
exceptlou nf about tin which were left   '" ]'"m- or thai Branmlns, Bud I
at  l.iinuni    inr   exhibition purposes.  ����'! Mohammedans    have    uni       to
Last   year the buffalo at Banff, with   "}aM Tlcultles  foi   i
lhe exception    of IT males, wet'.' als.
. llritish.'
from    t; . man
transferred. There are now 13 at j soureps.
Banff, 108 al Elk Island, ami approxl-l Denial
mutely 2,000 at Buffalo Park.
I wbb cured of ten Ible lumbago by
I  we cured of a bad ease of earache by MINARD'S MN1MENT.
1  was cured of sensitive lungs by
General Sherman once slopped ut a
country home where a tin basin and
roller towel sufficed for ihc family's
ablutions.    For  two   mornings    Hie
Canada's Exportable Wheat Surplus
According to on official estimate of
the wheal yield in Canada this sear,
Bmaii"bov uf Th.���' I.lms'ehoid"watched I ��," ��J���*to'��' lie}�� ��At337.258,000 hit.,
in silence the visitor's toilet. When &���"���*"��� *��� :",' ^l'" able surplus ot
on the third (lav the toothbrush, nail j rJ8'',""om buah,e'ai,Tle aver?^ l0:;B
Ills, whisk broom, etc., had been dally 'ncleannc, ami allowance o 10 per
L i ,,,, ������,..,|. ..o.,.. ���,i,,���,. ���i�� vmi cent, lor grain not ot merchantab e
.w-\L . -u much ih de ��� vo ��� -im.ll��y. Is estimated at 33,626,000 bu. thing for you the
aissajs   mat   uiucn   trouott   to  you rhe total amount retained for aeert-1 '   you
i ���- ren to tbi u
sertion that the Rajah ol Bha ia p ir
has headed any uprising, or tuat
grave disorders already have occur-
red in Bombay, Madras Nagpur. Ala-
habad and Maspur, or thai n ie -
have Interfered with lhe departure of
native troops, causing the Brltis i
iroop. iii retire and subsequently i
ciipyinc, their barracks ami arsenals.
"There is noi a word ot truth In
llidsc statements from beginning to
end." the secretary of Btate I : In lis
announces. "There Is no such p i son
as tin.' Rajah of Bhagatnur II the
Nawab of Bahawalpur is referred to,
In- Is a minor, ��� levi u yeai s of age."
A pleasanl medicine tor children is
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
and i here is nothing better for driving
worms from the system.
"Yes, sir." said Ihe trust magnate,
proudly. "I am the architi cl ol my
own fortune"
"Well," rejoined the friendly critic
nil I've got to Bay i- thai it's a lucky
The total amount retained for -seed-   inspectors
ling next year's crop,   say   14,000,000  constructing
'acres at 1.76 hu. Per acre, is placed al I  ���-������
' 24,500,000 bushels.
fiifjiwi as pranalaled Eyelids,
To Make Bombs For Britain
:li   I HUB   I    Hull^       Bombs have been added to Ih     ' ,_
Fur* Have AdvStnced        Jtl<mB l"'0<lm',s 'vl|l<'h Canada is now  Pl/AA !
fullvBluofncBihandquiokNturni, Wa    >"  order top  ..u inm ot  tbese  projec-. ���' I
bavo bolt market In America torPura, Hldai, eta, *,iles  lias  been  received  liv  the conr
No^.r.,,,.i��ai,,.,u Write to,i9yj,,r.fr,.oI,ri,'.liat.   ,llissi011 ,,U(| u beIng plar,ed |or Bpe6d   j 8a|veil.Tub'ea25c. 1 nfIlookollbet selreau'.k
delivery, ' I Drugglsti or Marin Eye Bendy to.aCWuia
Eyei inflamed by expo-
Etire to Sua, Dusl and Win!
quickly relieved by Marlni
_ ^^       Eye Remedy. No Smarting,
I'ull'valucrricuahandViiclcWnirn'aTwi ' A" order fop 60,000 of tbese projec-!        "   ���- ��^ juit ^.e Comfort.   At
t'a.oic ���dies has heeti received bv the com���   Vour Dnigglat'i 50c per Botile. MnrloeEje
.-eenrice li-* ��� -  	
rj/tftork' tuppllc: at Factary r*r/e��a
e iy*i 'iff.' i?j wup awWM mtWfee ���> ��� * ."����� T
i^SEfS'"^   ���"'"l
';-' F ^TM'''
Our   Platform
1. The Mayor and Aldermen shall give their services
free c! salary Tor the ensuing year.
2. Realizing the benefit the electric light is to the City,
and realizing this question is the cause of great strife in our
City, we pledge ourselves at the very earliest date to procure the very best expert advice from engineers and lawyers
on an agreement to be entered into with the Courtenay
Electric Light, Heat & Power Company with a view to im-
mediae settlement of this question; such agreement to contain a franchise of not more than ten years.
3. Under the present financial conditions, we deeply
re��re- the great waste of the City's funds and pledge our-
se ve. to carry out the necessary works of the City with
economy and sound business judgement.
WiLh a view of  carrying  out   clause  3   and other
affecting  the City, we  would recommend  that a
icrs' Association be formed.
5. That all the property be appraked at a fair valuation and that the rate of taxation be kept as low as possible to meet the necessary expenditure.
6. We favo \ the City owning iis own water system and
a", soon as necessaay, end as times warrant it, the City instal
a water system from Brown's River.
7. The City should assist in finding suitable employ-
rncnt for our returned wounded soldiers.
8. AH work paid for by "he City shall be done by
whit; 'abor.
9. Each and every person ::hall pay their just proportion of taxes.
10. Any question presented to the Council by any
Citizen shall receive careful consideration.
Tmicw >-:��rv v:mi.;yjvKs^rr:
Mark Your Ballot Thus:
H. M. McPhee x
John  Johnston x
P. L. Anderton x
ward n
R. U. Hwford x
J. W. McKenzie, jr.      x
W. J. Carroll
James E. Aston
-iSlirMWtiTs .1 KW����;3
Bai^XOTSataEESaE. ������      ���^"i.aix.rr-^
will be held in the OPERA HOUSE on
���;>�����.; fey, January 10th, al 8 p. m.
In Support of the Platform of the above Candidates
��� \] other Aspirants for Civic Honors are Invited to Attend and Address the Meeting
��� ---���    iMimnimimiiwiii" iiniiiiiiiiiii w iiimii��� ~rr���t���rim���rr ,Trn--rrrrr.n r~ rim -in
E>b��tV . .��%r^J^aBaaflBBBaaHaaMRSI
.- HOWui-.;..:,   ..'.._:..3
Vote for the Citizens' Ticket!
e for an Honest Administration!
Vote for a Clean Town!
J. H. Mclntyre, Chairman
D. Bubar, Secretary
H. Idiens,
E. H. Peterson,
Geo. Endall,
W. H. Kirkwood


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