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The Review Jan 4, 1917

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Array a_B________a-
:        YOUR PRINTING        *
|   Can not liu done iuiji ii" '���   .>���'".    x
[   not iiuito ko  wall itnywhsr.e  else    *
[   hereaoouts.   Our type and mn.uh.li*-    |
1   ery ia complete una Tim Review    |
I                 prices .ire right                 |
.��**.-.������ I ************
\        Classified Ada.
J Malta j iu- !;'r.i.* �� . ������- ko iwn
} thr. ugh a Cl-nlfte** Ailvinl*. irruii
t   in 'I'ho K.view   *   -   ���   1 honu 89
VOL. 5
ND. 7
for Mr0 E. A. Mitchell, Cairns Ranch, Courtenay
Saturday, Jan.  13
at 12 o'clock    Luncheon at 11
30 head  Dairy Cattle Chickens, Hay, Straw Roots
4 young Pigs, Horse and Buggy
Telephone 10 COURTENA
5>o.uu Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43
oi Increase in Prices
We have been notified by the
manufacturers of an increase in tht
prices on all Electric Lamps.
We have, however a fair stock-
on hand, so our presett prices will
hold Rood until the ioth of January
Our prices on lamps up to and
including 60 watts is 35c each,
After January ioth, our. price
will be 40c,
Courtenay Electric
Light, Heat and Power
Company Limited
Local Lines
- John Duncan relumed   to   Victoria on Friday.
Mrs. Kilpatrick and Miss Amy
arrived home on Wednesday night's
boa I.     [,
. The New Year's night dune, was
very well attended Tlie next
dance will be held ou Tuesday
The Misses Annie and Margaret'
Hay man relumed from   a  holiday
visit to Vancouver. 1
They tell lis that   3   prominent |
lady ratepayers fiom the upper end
of Ward 1. are anxious for   nomination tor the City Council,
Born���Ou Dec. 31st, at Vancouver, B. C, to llie wife of Captain
J. K. Montgomery, 13th Field Am-
bulauce Corps, 0, I'. F. Mate ot
Ccra'ox,) a son.
Part of a house, -unfurnished to
let. Apply Mr:;. Halliday, Courtenay.
For Sale - Cow in calf, quiet.
good milker. Cheap for cash, Also quantity of hay. E, J. Four-
acre, Happy Valley.
Good family cow for Sale��� Giv.
ing o_e and a half gallons milk
daily. Milk test 5.5, $53 cash
Phone 79F.
Wanted--Girl about 17 to help
with housework, Three others
kept, Mrs. Try on. Parksville Vancouver Island,
For Sale���10 grade Shropshire
Ewes, due to lamb in March.
Dalziel, Denmiin Island.
Lost-Small Jersey Heifer about
11 months old, with small hole in
right ear. Finder communicate
with J. Carth.w, Comox.
Full size Mahogany piano- good
condition. $100 cash. Apply
Review office.
Young pigs for sale. For particulars, phone 79 f, Courtenay-
Lost���Dark Jersey heifer, age 1
year ten months old . Branded on
left hip, A. I Owner. A, Ibbotson,
Happy Valley,
For Sale Cheap���House in Orchard lately occupied by Dr. Morrison, Small cash payment balance
to suit customer. Apply A. H.
Peacy, Cumberland.
Welding���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,   Ford Garage,
Frrd Garage for Nobby, Goodyear aud Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles for
Anglican Church Notes
ut Sunday after Epiohany, Jan, 7,
11 a, m Mat tins and Sermon at
St. Andrew's, Sandwick.
3 p. m. Sunday School at St.
John's, Courtenay.
7,30 Evensong and Sermon ai
St. Mary's, Grantham.
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh  Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery  and
Soft Drinks.
in connection
Isabel St   Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
55c per lb* tins week
12 5
6,01 ill
143 lictirs
11,10 in.
9.7 in.
Tornby Harmston and Ray Dawson spent New Year's at Vancouver.
Automobile owners are notified
to get their rew number plates early
this year.
Messrs, Shepherd & Co, held n
very successful turkey shoot on
New Years day. A feature of the
contest was the shoot for the prize
goose, in which some yery fine
shooting was done. Mr. Mclntvre
was the winner, nnd left With two
bird_ and a large gu,j|ei
The ">"��">, are   the
logical   ���"-������eivations   for
Highest    temp, for Dec.
Lowest        '���       "   "
Mean Max. '	
'���   Min. -
"   tempsrature "-  "
Total Precipitation '
"       duration
"       S.iowfall
Max depth of snow
For week ending Dec, _
Dec. 25 Max. 29.0 Mm, 13.9
Dec. 26 Max 27,2 Min, 24.o
Dec. 27 Max. 31.2 Min, 26.0
Dec. 28 Max, 31.8 Min. 12.5
Dec. 29 Max, 30.0 Min. 13 8
Dec. 30 Max. 33.8 Min, S.7.7
Dec 31 Max. 33.7 Min. 32.0
(Observations taken at 8 a 111,
Total Precipitation 1.18 in.
Total Snowfall 7-5 *���������
The record   of precipitation   in
Comox Valley for tbe past  year is
as follows:���
The winning number fur tlie
centrepiece donated by Mrs. T. R,
Johnston and exhibited in Mr,
Gross's store is No. 4. If not called for within 10 days the committee in charge will dispose of it.
Great excitement nrevalled at
Shepherd's store when the.result of
the sheep guessing competition was
made known. Mr. Dawson -jues-
s_d the correct vrt-i.*;iit ,S4 'bs. and
was presented with a Brie bin goose
The proceeds from lhe die of tickets, amounting to $4 was presented
to the lied Cross Fund.
Rainfall Snowlall
Notice to Creditors
Estate   of   the late George
AI.T, pet-.oris having  claiuiB  -sjain-rt
tlie Instate bi the aixn-e deceased,
wlio d ed at Hornby Island-,   British I
liniiliiri, r,n lire 6th day of June 1V16, are
hereby   required   to   send    p_rt"-_'-r-i
thereof duly verified to the itii.!.rs:..
on or he lore the   huh    !;-.    Ol    '-:
1917, alter which date 11
proceed to distribute the of  the
snid deceased, having regard only K_ >
claims uf which thej shall then have Iia.i
Dated this 1st dav of I >e :    '   ������   '
'110 Central Bmldijifi;, Vi    ... I   C
So'icitors   for   Willi ��� '.
George II. Harwood . i       '   lis.-
wood, I'x.cutors ol   ��� -. .'
67 in.
45 iu.
;**_    I a___I;"""
38.92 126 iu.
Tbe chief characteristics of 1916
were coolness and drought. The
continuous trost of January and the
strange snap of early October form
a record, and most of the moisture
fell as snow in the beginning of the
year. Note December 1915 with
over ia inches of raidfall, as against
the month just passed,
E. Duncan-.
Sandwick, Jan. t4
is a joy i'orever
NyaPs Face Cream
��.b am- ant
Nyal's Beef &!ron Wine
$1 per Bottle
If you feel good, All is Good
Braces you up
we guaranTEA
the QualiTEA
of our TEA
Chas. Simms
hat opened hi* new store in Courtenay.
New Goods suitable for
CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, in greet variety
Reliable Goods at Reasonable Pricse
More Comfortable
Are you taking advantage of ALL the modem methods
of saving time and trouble. Are yoti up-to-date in your
.having .13 veil as in your vork?    Are you using a
Gillette 83.
In It- own way the Gillette ls ar, quick, efficient ami
convenient i'i your milker, your binder or your telephone.
il compares v-llh other razors as these modern Invention*
compare villi  the thinga
fp~"""~*"j|    they have replaced.
Without honing, stropping
or fussing, the Gillette will
give you the easiest and
most comfortable shave
you ever enjoyed, In five
minutes or less I It make,
shaving an every-day
pleasure Instead of an Irksome twice-a-veek job.
"Bulldog", "Aristocrat"
and Standard Gillette Sets
cost $5.���Pocket Editions
$3 and $6���Combination Set. $6.50 up.
You can buy tliem at Hardware, Drug, Jewebj,
Men's Wear and General Stores.
Gillette Safety Razor Co. of Canada, Limited
Office ��-.-clary:
Gillette Building,
"J )id you tell iiC-r whal you snid
was strictly in confidence?"
"No; I didn't want lier to lliink it
was important enough lo repeat."
Rccognizs-Wr* llie leading specific
for llic destruction oi worms, Moilier
Graves' \\ orm Exterminator lias
proved a boon to suffering children
everywhere,   It seldom fails,
The first thing a woman docs after
a man caller lias gone is to look at
herself in tlu- glass,
Opportunity and Time
"Man," says Disraeli, "should
think of opportunities, not of time."
Yet if men would think more of thc
length of time they r,ra liable to get
by thinking of their opportunities
and taking advantage of them, it
would he belter for a good many
bank' cashiers.
"How distressing it must be when
a singer realizes that she has lost her
"Yes, but how much more distressing it is when she doesn't realize it."
British Plantation Rubber
Is Saying Canada Millions
Low Prices of Rubbers and Overshoes
Due to Britain's Control of Situation
Hero in Canada many of us have fallen into the
truly Anglo-Saxon habit of considering the "Mother
of Parliaments " slow and a bit behind the times. The
present price of rubber, tvlien its cause is revealed,
affords onc of thc many proofs that such au opinion
is away off thc mark,
Thanks to great rubber plantations established, in
the face of criticism anil ridicule, many years before
ih her tropical Dominions, Great Britain at the outbreak of war held a firm and tightening grip on the
world's supply of raw rubber���a grip reinforced by her
dominating navy. From C0--��� in 1914, the production
of these plantations has grown this year to 75% of
the whole world's output, leaving only about half the
requirements of the United States alone to come from
all other sources.
Thc result has been that the needs' of the Allies,
enormous though they are, have been plentifully supplied, while Germany has been reduced to registered
mails and the " Deutschland " in desperate attempts
to mitigate her rubber famine. Neutrals have been
allowed ;ill the rubber they want, at prices actually
lower than before the war, so long as they prevent
any of it from reaching the enemy, while Canada and
other parts of the Empire, have an abundant supply at
equally favorable Government regulated prices.
In this foresight and generosity of the British Govern*
ment lies Uie reason why rubber alone, of all the great staples,
has not gone up ln price���why rubber boots, rubbers anil
overshoes; are as Inexpensive as ever, while leather shoes ara
costii���? several dollars a pair more, wearing1 rubbers or overshoes through this winter to protect these expensive shoeu,
or rubber firm shoes to replace them, Is more than practical
thrift���K is grateful patriotism, for In thus savins leather
we make tt easier for the Government lo secure the absolutely
necessnrj supplle* of this alarmingly scarce material foi*
our soldiers.
Both Thrift and Patriotism Point to Rubbers!
Waste in England
At home the government lias to
practice economy and enforce it. Its
reduced rale of expenditure on the
army is, as wc have said, a good sign
of good management, but we hear
many examples of the wasteful use
made, of men who have been added
lo the vast numbers of people who
muddle away they- time doing nothing save, sign an occasional torm.
The railways rut down trains for
business men and maintain those
used by ladies bent on shopping and
matinees. There is still an enormous
amount of wasted energy and wasted
money going into the wrong things.
-London Economist,
t'ji'-iiv itn-1 quickly i unil wiih
Tot Sal* -I -.11 Bcalers
-.eui-M ft Co.. .roars. Haitf.H, Oat.
Shci When we arc married I will
never see you coming home at ..I in
the morning, will 1?
Hei Not if you are a heavy sleeper,
Help for Asthma. Neglect gives
asthma a great advantage, The. trouble, once it has secured a foothold,
fastens its grip ou lhe bronchial pis-
sages tenaciousl). Dr. J. D. Kcl*
logg's Asthma Remedy is daily curing cases of asthma of long standing,
Years of suffering, however, might
have been prevented had the remedy
been used when the trouble was in
Its first stages. Do not neglect asthma, but use this preparation at once.
Hatching Eggs in China
The Chinese in the neighborhood
of Amoy have a curious way ot
hatching hens' and ducks' eggs. The
breeder roasts a quantity of unhiisk-!
ed rice, and when it is lukewarm
spreads a three-inch layer of it iu a I
wooden tub, and places about one
hundred eggs .thereon; then lie.
spreads another layer of rice over
the eggs. Each tub has six layers
of riec aud five layers of eggs, so
that there are five hundred eggs in
each tub. Once every twenty-four
hours the eggs are taken out and thc
rice reheated, When the eggs are
again put into the rice, those that
formed the bottom layer are placed
on lop. Thc chicks and ducklings
hatch in from twenty to thirty clays.
 Youth's Companion,
Na* been Canada'* favorite yeast fer ever ���
quarter of ��� century. Bread baked with Royal
Veaet will hoop froth and moist longer than that
made with any ether, eo that a full week's eupply
can easily he made at one baking, and the last
loaf will be Juet ae good a* the Orel.
-p��*-frH^_ -wnnii-co   TORONTO, ONT.  Montw-u.
Following Family Traditions
A Democratic Princess Who Did Not
Mind a Little Task
""vidently English Princesses are
still accustomed to doing little things
for themselves without feeling that
they lose prestige (hereby, for Princess Patricia, as she rose from luncheon recently, pushed bse.1i her own
chair, and, nf course, quite '.t'uconscl-
ously brought back to the minds of
those who saw the liltlc act thai thc
story told of her aunt, Ihe. Princess
Royal, who found lhe verbotens of
the German Court very irksome
when, as the wife of Crown Prince
Frederick, she fell under their yoke.
Happening to want some chairs moved into her nursery one day, she carried them herself. Later, when called lo account for such an astounding |
forgetfulness of Royal dignity, the
Princess replied that she had often
seen her mother move chairs, and
what the (jueeu of England did she
thought could safely be done by a
mere German Princess.
Tactful Sergeant
At n parly one evening a very pret��
ly young gill said to him: "Oh, Mr,
Sergeant, I saw your latest painting
and kissed ii because it was so much
like you."
"And did It kiss you in returar"
asked  thc arlisl gravely.
"Why, no, of course notI" was the
astonished reply.
"Then," said Mr. Sergeant, smiling*
ly, "it was nol. like me."
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, *..
Coal Enough
According to the International
Geological Congress, there is coal
enough yet unmiiied to last the world
nearly six thousand years at the
present rate of consumption. There
is a reserve of unmined coal estimated at 7,398,561,000,000 tons. This
does not of course take note of the
coal deposits in the Antarctic and
Arctic polar regions, which are possibly very large.
Doctor Tells How to Strengthen
Eyesight 50 per cent. In One
Week's Time in Many Instances
Will  Find   New  Strength  Through
the Use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills
It is useless to tell a hard working
woman to uikc lite easily and not to
worry. Every woman at mc head oi
a home; every girl in ottjces, shops]
and lactones is subjected to more or
less worry, ihese cannot bc avoided, but it is the duty of every woman and every girl to save her
strengtli as nuicli as possible, and to
buihl up her system to meet unusual
demands. Her future health depends upon it, To guard against a I
breakdown in health the blood must;
bc kept rich, red and pure. To keep
thc blood in this condition nothing
can equal Dr. Williams*' Pink Pills.
They strengthen the nerves, restore
the appetite, bring the glow of health I
to pallid checks, and renewed energy j
to listless people. Women cannot I
always rest when they should, bul!
they can keep up their strength and|
keep away disease by the occasional;
use of Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills, Mrs.
N, E, Tompseft, Ottawa, Out.,
writes: "For several years I suffered
terribly from nervous debility and
was scarcely able to do a thing. During that time 1 consulted several
doctors, and many medicines withoul
getting any help, and 1 began to
think that I would never get better.;
One day I saw Dr. Williams' l'ink I
I'ills advertised and thought I;
would try them. After laking four
boxes I was much better, but I con-'
tinued using the pills for several
months when 1 was again iu the lirst i
of health. When I began taking the
pills I weighed only 10(1 pounds, j
\\ jille under their use with my re-1
newed health i now weigh M0. I recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to
everyone whom I know to be ailing."
Vou can get Dr. Williams' l'ink
Pills from any dealer In medicine, or
by mail at 50 cents a box, or six
boxes for $2,50 from The Dr. Williams'  Medicine Co., i'rockville, Out,
A fiu Pr��scrr*>a_u Vou Can He** rate,
-ad Ut* st Hone
LONDON.--Do you vear (lum? Are
roe 1 -ictt-t ol er* straw or other ere veak-
oeuett II ao, ron wiH bc (la- Is know
that arr.r-iu. to Dr. Lewis tHer* ia real hop*
lor you. Many ._.-.' eyea were latitat o*y
thej hare had their eyea restored through the
principle of This wooderfat free prescription.
One nan aaya, after trying it: "1 waa almoat
blind; could not hee to read at all Near 1
con read everything without any al_wra and
my eyea do oot water any more. At night
they would paiu dreadfully; now they lee-
fine all the time. It waa like a miracle o
me." A lady who used it aaya: "The alnaos-
pliere Kerned hazy with or without glasses,
but after using '.his prescription for fifteen
day* everything accent clear. I eta even read
fine print without gUms." It ia believed
that thousands who wear glaaeea can now discard them in a reasonable time and -nuhitudee
more will be able to strengthen their eyes
ao as to be spared tlie trouble and expense of
ever getting gL.rsea. Eye troubles of many
descriptions may be wonderfully benefited by
fallow'., the simple rules.   Hare is tie (re.
acription:  Go to any acts** drug Mere eai
Ks bottle ef Boo Opto tablet*. Drop eaa
o-Opto tablet in 1 fourth el e gloss el
waicr and allow ta .isootTw. With tlu* liejaf-
bstbe the eyes two to lew t-BS* daily. Yea
should notice your eye* dear up perceftablr
right from the start sod is__nu_ati*n will
quickly disappear. If your eyes ere bothering you, oven s little, take arena to tare
then now before it is toe late, stsey Woe
I lerily blind might here bees eared ii low? hod
-red far their eyes ia time.
Note: Another prominent Ph) lir lea t*
whom the soots article was submitted, soldi
"Bon-Opto ia s very remarkable remedy. Its
constituent ingredients ere well known to e**��
inent eye specialists snd widely prescribed by
thena. The manufacturers guarantee it to
strengthen eyesight 50 per cent in one week's
time in many insta-cea or refund the money.
It can be obtained from ssy good druggist
and ia one ol th* Tory few prcpat-tiona 1
feel aliould be kept on hand ler regular use
in almost erery family." The Valniaa Drug
Co., Store 6, Toronto, will fill year orders il
rour druggist c-anaot
James Richardson & Sons, Limited
Western Offices     ���      ���      Winnipe*, ColgsUry, Seukateoa
Speciality in tlie -atrdliag of farmers' shipments. Write, wire)
���r 'phone ou.  nearest office for quotations or information.
LIMITED," to insure carri-l eheckiac of grades. Liberal a-mct.
on bills of lading. Quick ad'isttmenU g-.raawed accompanied bf
Government  Certificate* af grade and weight.
Vou will profit br Sesriin* es Samples sod uAiteiuing oar ad-rise so to Bert
rraMins-ou before Ikipptag Vox- .-On, port-nstartj Sarley. Oatsaad Rye.
Randall, m & AIUL, I ia
470 Grain Exci._nf*.-
Write for market information.
She    (tearfully):   Henry, our   engagement is at an end, and I wish to,
return to you   everything you have
ever given me.
He (cheerfully). Thanks, Blanche!
Vou may begin at once witli the
Thev .ire married now.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
In far-away Fiji thc natives are engaged doing their bit to bring about
the collapse of the Teutonic power
on the battlefield. Many native women arc engaged in preserving fruit
for the New Zealand troops. A number of Fijians have been selected for
some kind of special work in one of
the islands, so as to relieve white
men for services in Europe,
W.      N,      U.      111S
Words tha: e\-pre:*.<; tlie tende.c.-i flentltnenti ol tlie human heart Mother i-
the most beautiful word in the language
When ue thinl*: ot the worries oi childhood, the sle-epless night, ami the Kta*%
oua moments that mother endured to bring us to Manhood and Womanhood,
shouldn't we give grr'tter thought to the comfort* o( father and mother trhca
travelling from home.
We, ay hotel-ket per p. in the interest of the future prosperity ol our investment, arc compelled to give considerable thought to the creature comforts of all
our  guests.
And ii you feel liko giving father or mother a trip at any time, advise then,.
when they are in Toronto, to stay at thc
.he House of Plenty
The House of Comfort
Ttotli our hotels enjoy reputations second to none lor comfort, cleanliness, a
health, moral atmosphere, anil rales that are extremely reasonable.���Americas ae
European Plan.
-WRIGHT & CARROU.. Proprietors, Toronto's Humous Hotels, TORONTO, ONI'.
(Both   former Westerners)
American Plan���$3.50 and up; $4.00 with bath
OKI' of the largest and most comfortable Hoteh in the Dominion, str'ctly mn*.
class.    The Queen's ia .ell known.    '00    rooms, 120 ea suite, with   bads:
lor.:;- distance Telephone iii every room; elegantly furnished throughout! _���*���
sine nud service of thc highest order of excellence.    Is within easy reach al ft***
wsy sUliou, Incut- and shopping districts.
Hotel coaches meet all traiaa
Caves Which Were Dug During thc Religious Wars in France
Centuries Ago Arc Now Occupied by the German Armies,
And Constitute a New Line of Defence
While ilic cave warfar., wliicli lias
been adopted by tlie Germans as
their latest style of defensive tactics,
is being greatly facilitated at the
southern extremity of the Franco-
British offensive by the existence of
caves dug by the Huguenots, il Is
being even more facilitated at ihe
northern extremity of the "big push"
by lhc existence of the entire underground villages,
The caves, cellars ami vaults dug
by lhc Huguenots in the province of
Santerre, both for refuge and for con-1
CCaling their valuables, date bark to
the religious wars which wcrc waged iii France several centuries ago,
The Subterranean villages in the
northern part of I'icanly arc of a
more antique origin and go back lo
feudal times.
As a rule, they arc dug Into solid
rock, and the French general staff
lias reason to believe that their
existence was not only long1, ago
known to Germans, but long ago
counted on by lhe German general
etalT as a definite means .for clinging on to thc soil of France.
There is every reason lo believe
that the series of underground villages in I'icanly is lo be utilized hy
the Germans in constituting a new
line of defence against the Franco-
Brilish drive that has pushed them
entirely out of their three line trench
defenses which they had regarded
as untaxable.
By a combination of circumstances, the immense navigable canal
which was being dug in the northern part of France when lhc war
began, and which was to have been
onc of France's greatest inland
waterways, skirts oil the west and
constitutes an additional asset to
the Germans for their new line of
defense.   This   canal, starting   from
I'eronne, where it was to connect
up with the Somiiic canal already in
existence,   traverses   the   northern
half of lhe pathway of llic allies' offensive, culling llic ilapaunic-'.'iini-
brai road near lloiriiicourt,
At ihc moment war was declared
this canal was practically completed
and ready to have lhe water Inrucd
in. At the foot of Mount Saint
Qucnill, lhe French have reached lhc
hanks of this canal, and il has been
ascertained lhat the Germans arc
Utilizing lhc big ditch for their own
line of defenses, This does not constitute a serious fact for lhc French
general r*lalT, as it is in possession of
all the details of the canal's construction.
What it; dors regret, however, is
that its occupation by ihe Germans
unquestionably will force ils complete destruction by lhc allies' heavy
artillery and lhe years of time and
millions of francs spent in ils construction will be wiped out.
Along thc line of this canal also
arc to bc found the underground villages of feudal times, which arc being organized by the Germans wilh
machine guns for a final resistance.
One of the most famous of Ihese
subterranean villages is at Hcrniics,
on the bank of thc canal. The village is dug in thc solid rock, and
consists of 115 chambers with about
800 alcoves. The entrance to this
village is under the tow;cr of the
church, and its fortification by lhc
Germans will, of course, cnlail the
destruction of the church edifice by
thc allied artillery. Olhcr underground villages arc to bc found in
the valley of the Kxueltc, traversed
also by lhc canal, and at ypres. Getting the Germans out of these subterranean villages is not considered
a serious problem by the French
general staff.
Helping the Russians
Captured   Bohemians    Volunteer to
Help Russia in Munition
According to the Bohemian National Alliance, the Bohemian soldiers captured by the Russians are
helping the Russians in the niuni-
tiou factories and iii lhc held. "Bohemia," says the report, "is the scat
of tlie Austrian iron Industry, and
among the multitudes of captured
Bohemians were thousands of machinists and other mechanics, Among
the officers wcrc numerous highly-
trained     engineers     and     chemists,
graduates of tho famous polytechnics of Prague and Brno. These men
joyfully volunteered to work in Kus-
sia's    newlv    established    munition
works, so ' lhal now full} 50.000 of
them are engaged In lhc production
of armaments and other war material
to bc used against lhe haled German j
forces, llm the. Bohemian* did more
than that. There is today In lhe. process of formation a full army corps
to consist of Bohemians and Slovaks;
<me brigade is complete In numbers
and equipment and il won't bc many
weeks before 50,000 men, former
wearers of Austrian uniforms, will
take the field under Russian standards."
Giving Up AH for the Future of Humanity and for a Victory that
Will Free the World from the Menace of Military Despotism
That Is Now Threatened
Mr. J.loyd George spoke recently
to a number of members of parliament oi "the great discovery of the
war"���the revelation of Britain's
wealth in heroes of every class���and
of war's lesson for the coming days
of peace���sacrifice, and devotion for
the common good,
The Secretary for War was at
home, in Downing street, receiving
a portrait of his daughter, Miss Oi-
wen Lloyd George (in Welsh costume), painted by Mr. Kllis Roberts.
Thc picture had been presented by
Ihc Welsh anist to the Welsh Division, and was afterwards bought by
it number oi ladies for presentation
to Mr. and Mrs,. Lloyd George, Ihc
cost���about $2,320���going to provide
comforts for the troops at the front.
Miss Violet Douglas-Pennant,
daughter of Lord Penrliyn, made the
presentation on behalf of the subscribers. She spoke of the David that
would  make an  end of the. Goliath
.. .,     .- ,   ,.    ,        ,,. ,,     ,; of Prussian militarism, and help to
Young Swedish Explorer fells of rem.ke Europe 0_ h.p'pier ..nej.'
Brings Great Gold
Tales from Alaska
The Edison of the Trenches
French Electrician Is Given Croix de
Guerre for Successful Invention
A young French soldier has been
decorated with the Croix de Guerre
because he rigged dictaphones on
the edge of. a German trench near
Fort Tavanncs in the Verdun theatre of war, by which hc was able to
warn his fellows of a number of gas
attacks in time for preparation against them.
Out of odds and cuds of lhe debris
things wcrc going on in the rest of
the long battle line, rigged up a crude
wireless station by means of which
hc caught the daily communique
from the Eiffel Tower, and distributed it lo the other soldiers about him.
George Kenneth End, in the November issue of The Popular Science
Monthly, paints a graphic word picture of the effectiveness of the apparatus, which hc saw working.
"This young Edison of thc Ircn-
= " h'_ u-rli-c   "is the leader of
Riches Found in the Arctic
Bringing a tale of a land where
gold is more plentiful than it is in
Alaska, Christin I.eden, a young
Swedish explorer, has returned to
New York after three years spent in'
the Arctic. As evidence of lhc t'llth
of his story, he has a harpoon head
hammered out of gold by the natives
of a camp since, wiped out by disease. He has also several .specimens
of gold-bearing quartz brought to
hiin by Eskimos who dared many
dangers in order to get them. Leden
said he had visited a land where the
ground was so' full of oil that in lhc
warm months the smell of it filled the
Mr. Ledcn's explorations carried
bird over thousands of miles in lhc
country northwest of Hudson Bay.
Hc went alone, and lived and travel
ed with the natives. His outfit was!
shipped by boat lo Fort Churchill on
Hudson Bay, which was the starting
point of his travels.
Just where the gold and oil are
Mr. Leden will not say. The place
where the gold is to bc found he didj
not visit, because lo have done so, he
said, would have meant another two
years in the far north.   The territory-
given no thought  to party politics.
I have had but one purpose.
We must emerge triumphant out
of this conflict, or better not emerge
at all. It is not merely that the honor
of our native land is at stake; for it
Is, It is that the future of humanity
is trembling in the balance. It is
that knowledge that has led these
gallant boys���to whom, through this
portrait, we are sending some message of comfort���to leave their
homes and face the terrors of the
battlefield. It is for that that many
of them have laid down their lives;
and having done all, we must see that
reward for their sacrifices shall be
found in a victory that will free humanity from the menace of a despotism which has been like a dark
cloud hanging over us for generations.
Indians are Do ins: Their
Bit in the Great War
Returning thanks for the beautiful
portrait on behalf of Mrs. Lloyd
George and himself, the War Minister said that, beautiful as the portrait
itself was, more beautiful was the patriotic impulse that prompted the
distinguished artist to consecrate it
to the help of our gallant troops and
the kindly and gracious thoughts that
prompted so many of his friends to
present it lo his wifc and to himself.
I can assure you, he continued,
that wc arc deeply touched by the
kind thought. These arc living, anxious, terrible times, and public men
who are in the least entrusted with
affairs need rill thc sympathy, support
and encouragement that friends can
give. them. It is an hourly, daily, constant wear of responsibility of the
most terrible and ghastly kind, and I
think I am speaking the feeling of all
JI tlie men with whom 1 am associated
in this great task when I say that
there arc moments when wc feel as
if wc would like to lice to the remotest and most unexplored islands
in the Southern Seas, and stay there
until llie time, of healing comes.
I appreciate, thc gift, and I appreciate the time at which you have
chosen to make it. It is a gift for
the benefit of a very gallant division
dies," he writes, "is the leader of a
group of expert electricians assigned| ferent strata were uncovered
to one of thc most difficult and dangerous jobs on lhe front.   The laying
was   described to him bv   some Es- hi the field,    there are so many he-
kimos, who told him of a great hill. rocs in this conflict lhat it is almost
that had been so split that thc dii-j impossible in dispatches   to ciiumer
"     Here laic
of war he fashioned the first dicta ......
phone, the case of which was an of wires from the listening stations'
empty "75" shell. Under cover ofito the switchboards further back of
night hc placed this in thc barbed the lines, the wiring of underground
wire entanglements of a first-line
German trench, running a wire back
to his first-line trench, a ground connection carrying the "return" current. It worked, and then he made
other dictaphones until he had an
effective system of effectual espionage on a considerable length of .German trench.
This same Frenchman, suffering
with his fellow soldiers from the
strain of not knowing until    forty-
mines so as to afford illumination for
the soldier toilers under the earth,
and thc constant vigilance over the
wires, which at any moment might
bc cut by exploding shells, is his job.
"There goes another married man,"
said the girl at the candy counter.
"How do you know?" asked the
"He used to buy a three-pound box
of candy twice a week, and now he
eight or seventy-two hours later how  buys half a pound once a month."
Financing and Fostering of Rubber Plantations in Her Colonies
Now Proving a Boon to the Consumer in Keeping
Prices Down
When lhe British Government
some years ago began to take an ac-
ture interest in fostering the robber
industry, and finally succeeded iu
practically cornering the rubber market, it is far from probable that the
wisdom shown in this connection waa
properly appreciated at thc inception
cf thc movement. Subsequent events
show quite clearly that had not this
been done, rubber, in common with
almost every commodity, would havc
greatly increased in price, instead of
which it is obtainable today at not
only pre-war prices, but in some
cases below the prices obtaining
ionic time ago.
In 1893 Brazil was producing practically all of the world's supply of
rubber. With commendable foresight Great Britain realized the coming importance of rubber products,
and about that time took an interest
in the establishment of plantations in
her tropical colonies, so that when
the motor industry and allied manufactories brought about a sharp demand for the product, Great Britain
was prepared to meet the conditions.
Today it is estimated that over 75
per cent, of the world's supply of
crude rubber is controlled by British
While in 1910 the total production
cf rubber was about 70,500 tons, with
thc price at $3 - pound, the estimated
amount of crude rubber used in 1916
was approximately 202,000 tons, with
the    price    between    60    and    70
cents a pound, or just about half the
price asked at the commencement of
thc war.
The public in general, perhaps unfamiliar with the conditions, may improperly realize the benefit that is
derived from this slate of affairs.
Leather has advanced in price steadily since the opening of the war, until the hide is worth today as much
as was paid for the whole animal not
so long ago.   By the aid of Govern-
llicm. There are so many deed
the reddish yellow metal could bei of valor, ar.d the endurance of these
seen. Mr. Leden persuaded sonic of gallant men at ihe front. They havc
those journeying north to search out given courage a new meaning, they
the. place.     " I nave given it a new standard, a new
 i rating.     It n.cans    something more
than it ever meant before. Wc never
understood the word until the story
of this war burst upon us. We
never knew, not that amongst us wc
had a man here and a man there who
had a heart of gold and was capable
of daring and enterprise,, who had
valor firing his soul, but that wc had
thousands, myriads of Ihem spread
all over the laud, in the highest and
in lhe humblest homes.
That is ihc revelation of this war.
A treasure, au inexhaustible treasure,
hidden in the heart of the humblest
man ��� of patriotism, consecration,
courage, devotion, exalicd attachment to ideals, and readiness of sacrifice for a great purpose. Wc never
knew this. It gives a new pride to
humanity, and a new .pride in the
land that has produced so many myriads of heroes. Wc had tli ought
these qualities wcrc qualities of thc
great, of the select; but they arc all
great, they arc ail select. It is a nation of heroes; we never knew we
were capable of such great things;
and 1 agree   wilh
word uttered by Miss Pennant lhat,
if wc can do such thing-, in war, wc
can also do them in peace.
Peace has its sacrifice*. Peace demands valor, peace demands devotion; and it will bc an unutterable
itfsanity i
Via Hudson Bay
By Autumn, 1917
Newfoundlanders   Expect   Wheat to
Be Shipped Thus by That Date
The belief that the export of wheat
from Western Canada to Europe, by
way of Hudson Bay, may bc begun
in the autumn of 1917 was expressed
by officers of the Newfoundland scaling steamer Nascopic, which has just
returned from her last trip of the
season to Port Nelson.
They said that the construction of
a railway from Winnipeg to Port
Nelson and the building of shipping
terminals at that point warranted the
expectation that the start of thc use
of thc new port would bc made before the close of navigation nexl autumn.
Striking Cures in
Canadian Hospitals
Mental Suggestion Restores Speech,
Hearing and Taste to Soldier
Lieut.-Col. Charles Starr, of Toronto, who has had charge of ortho-
pocdic work in Canada, is now at lhc
Canadian Special Hospital, Rams-
gate, England, preparing for setting
up in England several similar institutions.
Col. Robert Jones, director of the
military orthopoedic work in    Great
ment control, the individual is able I Britain,    is    establishing    hospitals
to purchase rubbers or overshoes, or | similar to the Canadian Hospital at
even    motor tires    at the same old  Ramsgate, all oyer Britain,
price,   or even   cheaper than   sonic|    Canada  has  tlm.,   le.l  the   �����,,-   ���i
time ago.    It is stated    that Great
Britain has recently given a single
order for two million pairs of hip-
length rubber boots for the soldiers.
This order required thc use of fourteen million   pounds of   rubber and
one of the most successful medical
enterprises of the war.
Among recent striking cures at
Ramsgate is Corpl. Hogan, a former
employe of lhc Grand Trunk, who
had been twice wounded at    Ypres.
other materials, yet we do not hear' He was buried alive during the
��� Somme operations,   whilst   following
thc tanks, and when rescued he had
lost his speech, hearing and taste.
After ten minutes' treatment,
through mental suggestion at Ramsgate, his deafness and dumbness had
vanished, and he has since recovered
the sense of taste.
Another man, named Villeneuvc,
was struck blind by a star shell, and
of any advance iu price "on account
of the war."
Rubber appears to be rapidly superseding leather in footwear, owing
to the difference in price, and in winter weather a great saving can be effected by the substitution. While the
cost of certain chemicals and fabrics
used in the manufacture of rubber
footwear, and the higher prices paid,
for labor may have some effect on [went fourteen months from hospital
the price of thc manufactured article, | to hospital fruitlessly. Eventually
the indications are that, leather be-lhe reached Ramsgate, where special
ing so expensive, rubbers and rubber, treatment restored his sight, and he
overshoes will be more than ever is now on active service again iu
popular this year, Frances
About 1,200 Are in Ranks of Canadian Expeditionary Force
That about 1.200 full-blooded Indians have enlisted for overseas service since the war commenced, u__J
one at least has received the Military
Medal for bravery, that the various
reserves havc contributed upwards of
$0,000 toward various patriotic .'und_
ami that altogether the Indian population has evinced a gratifying spirit
of loyalty are the most interesting
features of the annual report of the
Indian department just publish---. It
is also interesting to note that the
Indian population has increased from
103,531 in 1915 to 105,561 in 1916,
It is stated by the report that nearly one-half of the total strength of
the 14th Battalion (Hat-Wnai-I
Rifles) has been recruited from tie
reserves of Eastern Ontario. There
are 65 Indian members of the 52a<i
Ontario, commonly known an the
"Bull Moose Battalion"; the Brucs
Battalion has 65 Indians from Op*
Crokcr reserve, where the total population between 21 and 65 is only 108.
Eighty Indians were recruited _co__
remote regions of the Hudson Bay.
In all, about 1,200 Indians have enlisted. They are distributed by provinces as follows: Ontario, 802; Q-ie-
bec, 101; Manitoba, 89: Saskatchewan, 57; Prince Edward Island. 24;
British Columbia, 17; Nova Scoria,
14; New Brunswick, 12; Alberta, 0,
and Yukon, 2.
Of this number eight are eor__ni_-
sioncd officers, as follows: Capt. Gen,
Smith, 4th Battalion; Capt. Ormond
Picard, 12th Battalion; Capt. Charle-l
Smith, 114th Battalion; Lieut. Cameron D. Brant, 4th Battalion (killed
at Ypres); Lieutenants Milton Martin, James D. Moses, John R. Steac-
ey and C. A. Cooke, of the 114th Battalion.
A notable demonstration of the
traditional loyalty of a distinguished
Indian family was thc death in action
at Langcmarc of Lieut. Brant, who
was a great-great-grandson of the
famous Capt. Joseph Brant, who rendered such valuable service to the
Britisii cause in 1776. Two other lineal descendants of the great chieftain, Corpl. Albert W. L. Crain, 4ti
Battalion, and Pte. Nathan Mont-art
were severely injured at Ypres.
Private Belanger, an Indian of thi
52nd Battalion, has won the high
honor of the Military Medal for bravery. His brother was severely
f the lesson which this war
has taught lis of thc possibilities of
our people In unity, in sacrifice for
a common end, in devotion to the
cause of a common humanity, and
of our common country, should be
lost, when Ihc flag has been brought
back triumphant from thc field of
labor and of toil.
I do not think I ought to sit down
without mentioning the gallant division to which the subscriptions for
this beautiful portrait are to be given.
They have done their task nobly.
Wales has good reason to be proud
of them. They arc registered in the
history of a country that has produced many valiant deeds in the past.
The capture of the Matnetz Wood
was one of the finest achievements in
this war.
Just before I came into the room
the secretary showed me the list of
subscribers. I was delighted to see
llicrc old political friends; I was
equally glad to see there old political
foes. There were the names of some
of my old friends of thc Welsh Parliamentary party, and there were
some who nre not within hand-sliak-
111���'��� distanced ���-'  - - '���
Before tne war���before the dclugl
���T was something perhaps 'of a
parly politician. Since the war I have
New Consul for Japan
the "very ti'ii'i-.y 1 Considers Trade Openings Good Bo
tween Canada and His Country
The new Japanese consul, Yasi>
taro Numano, has arrived in Ottawa
Hc replaces Dr. Yada, who has goni
to fill a diplomatic position for hit
country in New York.
Mr. Numano predicts that then
will be closer trade relations betwcei
Japan and Canada. Thc Japanesi
have been filled with admiration al
the, magnificent fight Canada h_i
made. The fact that there is a Ja->
ancse detachment in the Canadial
army was referred to. Japan is anx>
ious to secure Canadian commodities
such as fish, minerals, pulp wood an<
wheat. Japan in return has textiles
toys, silk goods and other couimod
ities much needed in Canada.
High prices will reign for 15 yean
is the opinion formed by the Farm
Mortgage Bankers' Association al
Memphis, Tenn. Professor Spragui
of Harvard University, said that inn
the two past years have been crowd
cd thc advances in prices of materia
and finished products which normal!]
would have taken 10 to 15 yean fa
realization. Hence his fear that pn
ces would first attain a higher fignn
and remain there for the period hint
ed at  ^^
The British Government ku al
propriated $25,000,000 to aid disable
'oldicTs in restarting life at -rarioa
crafts, which will be taught them i
central points iu the kingdom. T
The Courtenay Review I
Ami Comox Valley Advocate i
A  Weeky  Newspaper,   Fublshed  nt
Courteuay, B, 0,
N. II. BoiiKN, Kdltor aud Proprietor
Subscription 81-io per Year in Advance
rmiitsiiAv jan
Now nnd again tho "man in i'i_
street" demands i��� > know why tlu-1
Hi Itisli caiinot "do something" nt
tlio front, The weather since the
great buttle of tli. Somme lias slopped extefisive operations niul the
tact i-f tlu- terrain L>i in^ honeycombed with shell holes und craters,
is n handicap for tlie nrtlllery,
lint trench work  ml   minor  mills
ol such a i.'irnii ig   ii..llllu   for   the
Germans j-ocs mi without cessation
aud .the British troops nro  bv   no
inr uns idle.    Meanwhile they have i
taiceu ovei from the French, both!
in France ami in Macedonia, a fur-!
ther section of the  front,   Iu   Me-)
sopotatnia, nml  on  the   Egyptian
frontier they are uivinx the   Turks i
a warm time, .-uu!   pushing   them
back steadily.    If this and the promise  of   a   vigorous   advance   in
France when   weather   conditions
permit, do not satisfv tin;   "man in
the st-eet." let him   join   up   and
translate his grumhliug into something more terrifying.
The impression exists in some
quarters that Eastern Canada is
getting ihe only orders placed iu
the Dominion by llie Imperial Government. This is far from being
the case, however, for large numbers of shells ':: ive been and nre
being turned ox. b-/ Vancouver
and Victoria machine shops, in addition to army equipment of various kinds placed in l lijs ��� iwo cities
It hus moreover made public recently that the latest oruVrs given
by the Britisii government iu British
Columbia include half it million
shell cases to no forward at the
rate of fo rty thousand a week and j
equivalent to six million feet of
lumber, seven million feet of ties
and dimension lumber to be loaded
in the spring, and three and a half
million feet of lumb.r now being
despatched by rail to a Canadian
Atlantic port. In addition, all the
olear spruce that can be obtained is
being sent for aeroplane construction. This is the sort of thing
that keeps the camps tunning, and
circulates money that finds its way
inlo so man-, pockets,
be replaced by cafes, tables to
supercede the ''mahogany." Existing licenses and stores empowered to sell liquor are to be greatly
redticed;5without nnv compensation
the remainder being taxed at an
increased rate to make up the loss
of tax ition that would be otherwise
sustained. Hours of sa'e are reduced to from y ,i. in. to ij p. in,
treating is prohibited, as is also the
s'lle to persons under the age of 21,
nnd to soldiers in uniform. Wilhoui being prohibition in its real
sense, tllis legislation is a distinct
slop toward it, and we might add
that the Dominion-wide avclauce
towards prohibition is well sustained by the Quebec reform measure,
In the Old Country, the liquor traffic is being steadily curtailed and
Its existence rendered daily more
precarious. Here in British Columbia we should feel more colli*
fortable could we be assured that
there was no It nth in a persistent
report that is being circulated to
lhe effect thut tilings will go on
after July 1st next tlle same us ut
present, The will of the people
that prohibition should come into
f_r<*e on Inly ist. was definitely
expressed, aud any action in de-
fiance of that expression and decision would be au insult to a free
If Quebec tackles the recruiting
problem in the same spirit and manner iu wliicli tlie province proposes
to deal with the liquor question,
Quebec will 110 longer be the "Ireland of tee Dominion.    Bars are to
The civic nominations will take
place next Monday und the election
if any, will take place on Thursday
The retiring councillors are all out
for re-election, wilh J. W. McKenzie as Mayor The ratepayers
association will hold a meeting ou
Saturday evening, when they will
definitely decide upon the opposition they will put in the field. At
the present time, Geo. Et-igliton,
N. H. Boden, M. Perez, E, Fletcher ami Harry Idiens are spoken of
asiiiuh- candidates Ma\or Kilpatrick has cle'iuit.iv lefused to
stand lot n l bin) t.riu. I ut his
many friends hone-is see him reverse his decision Tlie majority
of the citizens, while the) are glad
to see tli. Electric Light franchise
squabble on a fair way to being
settler!, have decided objections to
the manner in which the matter
has been handled, especially the
great amount of money expended
with outside legal firms, and in
the end hav not made nearly so
good n bargain as wns offered a
yen: ago.
Mr. J, Wiliimshurst was a visitor
ii, town last week.
Mr. Geo. Hardy will conduct au
auction sale for Mr. G. A. Mitchell
on Satiu-day, Jan. 13.
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
1st class certificate technics of breadmakiiig
lsr class certificate baking and confectionery
The place to buy good bread,  made from Better PI our.  Better and
healthier yeast, and better methods.   Buy direct from
Tbe baker of Better Bread
Opposite tlie city hall
The Correct Shoe
for   Women
The tendency in fashionable costuming to make
the feet more noticeable
caused us to stock an
unusually attractive
range of styles n Invictus 3hoes for women
Ladies High Top Patent
Lace Shoes with Gray
and Bronze Clo!h Tops
Ladies High top Button
shoes in Vici Kid with
Black Cloth Tops
Ladies High Top Pat��nt
Button Shoes with white
kid   uppers and   black
Specials in Ladies Invictus pomps, patent with
white kid uppers
Esquimalt  &   Nanaimo  Railway
Holiday Excursions
Holiday Excursion Tickets will be sold at
Fare and one-fifth
Good Going Dec. 22 to Dec. 25th, and Dec. 29 to
to Jan., and returning on Jan. 2nd 1916
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dill. Psiiengcr Agent, Victoria
Afeil Courttnajr, Phone R60
i Pi J.
Start the New Year Right
on the Flour Question !
Royal Standard Flour
Wild Rose Pastry Flour
Will nivi: you entire satisfaction the year round.
Milled under conditions id nbsoliue purity, hi oil'c of
the most modern, sanitary inilln in the  world, they u--
present Hour perfection,
Tested daily under actual baking conditions in our
own ovens, These flours are never allowed to vary their
purity nnd quality,
KOYAI, STANDARD FLOUR (or bread, buns'ami
biscuits- Wll,I) ROSE PASTE.. FLOUR for cakes,
pigs, pastries, etc.
Your dealer will recommend them
Royal Standard Grain Products
Phone 33, End of Bridge F. Moviti,   Mgr.
" jajf-ss-aMta^j-.*^P-
Touring $495 ;   Runabout $475
F. O. B, Ford, Ont.
E. C. Emde, Dealer for Comox District
Auto, Launch,  Motor Cycle, Gas Engine aid
Bicycle Supplies,   Repairing, etc.
Phone L46 Courtenay
The Telephone is the Agent
of Comfort and Convenience
With tht telephone right at your hand; vou haye only to
talk when you wish to communicate with some one at a distance.   Every telepliont is a Long Distance telephone.
Vou can get three times the dav period at the regular rate
between 7 p. tn. and 8 a. m, Don't trust to y.��ur memory to
ring up,
Arrange with Central, and make an appointment to talk at
any time you wish,
British Columbia Telephone Co.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends  from  Leading Musicians
Irom the Atlantic to the Pacific,    Copies
of same furnished ou request
Wi J. Goard   will ne  in this city  about
Oct.     1.     Leave orders  at this  Office,
or write direct to
,<1S. Mb Ave , ".7.   -   Vsnceur..
Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Ice Cream
wr-'a ?W St**n<i,Coj te*T.y THE COURTENAY REVIEW
\S**tstsSS*lB)%SSSlst^^ Wt^jtfttpsS^irmW
_.*______,_*_.��� .-_.a-___a--__-i_a__;_
Designed this year it will ornament and enhance tho
good appearance of the tidiest kitchen in all Canada.
J. W,
P. L. Anderton,    Lloyd Dunham
Alex. McNeil,     R. U. Hurford
J. E. Aston,    Chas. Brown
You are Earnestly Requested to Use Your Infu-
ence to Elect the above Men for the Next Council
Come in . nd I'll show you why the Kootenay stays as
good as new Ion-*; after other ranges have to be repaired
or replaced.
-or   ca
!e by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Canadian Railway Earnings
Proas earnings for all Canadian
railroads reporting to date for the
first week in December show an increase of 6,2 per cent., as compared
with corresponding period a year
Patriotic Fund
The Secretary of tiie Courtenay
Patriotic Fund acknowledges the
following for the Patriotic Fund.
John Crockett jSi.oo
For Red Cross.
Mrs, G. Campbell, fproceeds of
raffle ot Mrs. Johnstons work 7.50
Mrs. Cokeley, collections from
Jumble Sale 8,15
Three  Reas.ns Why
has for nine succesive years written the
Largest Canadian Business
. of any company operating iu'Canada
Its Premiums are the Lowest
Its Policies are the most Liberal
Its Dividends are the Highest
Vancouver Island Branch
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
P. L. ANDERTON, Agent, Courtenay
Acreage Wanted
In Exchange for busines
Property in Victoria, revenue producing.   Apply"
General Delivery, Victoria, P.O.
The following are extracts from
a letter written by Charles Duncan
of .Sandwick, who went overseas
with the Western Universities Battalion arriving in Euglaud Nov. 12
and may interest the young readeis
of the Review. It is always interesting to note the effect that the
old countries hnve upon the minds
of those who are born in this new
and unmade part of the world,
The letter is dated Seaford, Sussex, Dec. 4, and reads in part as
Dear Mother:���I have just got
back from London. I had a first
rate time, Mv chum, Tom Bucker-
fied and I went up together and of
course we saw all we could iu our
limited time. The first afternoon
up Tom and I sat iu the gallery of
the House of Commons and watched the proceedure. We recognized
Lloyd George, Carson, Winston
Churchill and Bou.r Law The
last mentioned did a lot of talking
lu a very sarcastic vein. The
House is very plain indeed and the
benches are benches indeed. The
Speaker's chair is the only ornate
thing arouud. But an onlooker is
impressed by the dignity of pros
cedure and the perfect English used by the speakers.
Westminster Abbey is very mouldy and actually dirty. The whole
interior is crowded with statues and
stuff like a museum which rather
spoils the general effect to my mind
From the poipt of view of architecture St. Paul's impressed me far
more. The dome is so high is looks
dim and dusky ' and the stained
glass windows behind the chancel
are works of art. I sat and looked
at the chancel for nearly half an
The wax works at Madam Tus-
saud.s are one of the great sights
of London, All the great men and
Heroes from Alfred the Great down
to*Kitchener aie there in wax.
Kitchener's face and eyes almost
hypnotize you if you look at them
long. Iu the Chamber of Horrors
are all the great criminals of the
last century,
The armoury and the jewels in
the Tower impressed me all right,
especially the latter. The Cullinan
diamond, the smaller half of which
is now in the crown and the larger
in the sceptre, was as large as a
brickbat. If you folded this paper
(the letter sheet) double the original diamond would just cover it.
With tegard to what cousin Gavin snys.about England. I ht-utily
endorse it. I don'l blame Englishmen for being proud of their country, (ilrl villages, churches built
at lhe tune of Edward the Confessor, inns as old a.s the churches are
common things to come upon. The
little old oak-beamed square-louer-
ed Saxon churches are a part of
verv landscape around here. What
this counlry must be in summer,
lime is a lliiug lo dream about, I
Acaiu I repeat that I don't b ame
Englishmen for lightiug for such a
Frank Shopland was over to see
me last week. I expect he'll be in
France by now a.s he waa expecting
to go wilh a draft within a day
from the tune I saw him
There was an air raid on London
the first day   we   were   up.    The'
Huns used a captured British   Ma- j
chiue.    Thev paid the price.    The
night before there was a zepy raid I
and wc all stood to arms in Seaford
Camp from lo p. 111  till dawn.    It
is not likely we will have another
raid soon.    Berlin reports* "British
anti-aircrafts dedeuces are ��� excep-'
iotially strong."
-  -*.<���->.���- ���
Finiu cial statement of Mrs.   H
S-oit Porteous' Patriotic concert,
Dec. 14. 101G.
Mrs. G. Beasley $2,00
Caul, R. Vigors 5 00
Mrs. H. Scott Porteous 5 00
Mns Mildred Sn ith 2 00
Mr. Chas. Simnis 3 05
Mr. D Bubar 2 00
Miss Cecelia I avis 2 00
Mr. Alex. McNeil 3 00
Mr. W Swan 1 00
Mr. Reginald Carwithen 7 50
Mrs. A. Carvvitheu audR. Car-
witheu 4 50
J. Urquhart 4 .so'
G.  Hardy I 00;
H. V. Collins 1 00
A. Urquhart 1 00
A. Cross 4 20'
W. Aitken 2 00
M. Ball 75
D. Kilpatrick 95
G. H, Tarb.ll & Son 77
Concert tickets 98 50
Programmes 2 20
Refreshments 18 10
Cloak room 1 35
Dance 32 50
F. B. 30
Barrister and   Solicitor,   Mottrv
Phone 6
Courtenay    Hotel
Comfort  With  Mod.rata EUtw
Kent Wines T. BOOTH
und Lienors Vnip.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation       Citsiu. I'xc-'i.u
Wm. Merry.ield
Palace Livery
Horses  and   Buggies for   Hire  _
Terms cash.
We  also attend  to  wood hauling
R. McQuillan
T, Eaton
C, H. Tarbell & Son
Mr. Cross
Parkiu Bros.
D. Kilpatrick
N, H Boden
W. G. Robertson
B. C. Telephone
Ilo-Ilo Band
Car for B_ud
Car for Rushfords
0. Davis
Agricultural Hall
Electric Light Co.
R. Grieve, use of rooms
J, Davis decorating wall
i\ r. Irwin, erecting stage
306 17
5 50
1 70
��� 00
1 50
15 00
4 50
4 So
8 00
Courtenay Phone 2$
Courtenay Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up       Pants $7 up
Cleaning ai.l
Pressing Pressed
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Refr tiring, Etc.
Gents clothes kept in order by the
month |2.5��)
Haney  I. Kushida
Store, Union St., Courtenay
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Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
48 96
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Sand and Gravel
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Buggies and Express Wagons
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Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder;;^ COURTENAY 1
Fisheries' Yield
America's fisheries   yield a return
>f $20,000,000���double   that ol Eng-
What Is trie Acid ?
Rver m'nee tlio discovery of nrie seid
In the blood by Soheele, in 1775, and
the bad et'ect it had upon the body,
scientists and physicians have striven
lo rid the tissues and the blood of
this poison, Because of its overabundance in the system it causes
backache, pains here and there, rheumatism, gont, gravel, nenralgia and
sciatica. It was Dr. Pierce who discovered a new agent, called "Anuric,"
which will throw ont and completely
eradicate this uric acid Irom the system. '-Anuric" has proved to be 37
times more potent than lilAio, and
consequently yon need no longer fear
muscular or articular rheumatism or
Sent, or many other diseases which are
ependent ou an accumulation of uric
acid within the body. Send to Dr.
Pierce, of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. ... for a
Iiamphlet on "Anuric,"or send 10 cents
or a trial package of "Anuric Tablets."
If you feel that tired, worn-out
feeling, backache, nenralgia, or if your
Sleep is disturbed by too frequent
urination, go to your best drug store
and ask for Dr. three's Anuric Tablets.
They are pnt up in 60-cent packages.
Doctor Pierce's reputation is back of
this medicine and you know that his
* Holden Medical Discovery" for the
blood and his "Favorite Prescription"
tor the ills ot women have had a splendid reputation tor the pact fifty years.
Doctor Pieree'e Pellets are unequaled
as a Liver Pill. One liny Sugar-coated
Pellet a Dose. Cure Sick Headache,
Bilious Headache, Dizziness, Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, and
all derangement, ot the Liver, Stomach
and Bowels.
:: LADY ���
Word. Loch A C*.,Lmmd
When I.ord Eastling got back lo
Oare Court, afler having sent off thc
parcel of stones from the post office,
hc found Lady Ursula in a different
mood from that in wliicli lie had left
her. When lie went away she was
feverish, excited, madly anxious to
get the stolen jewels out of the house
and on their way to the hands of the
Now, however, that mood was
passed, and she was sitting by the
window in a crouching attitude, her
face pale, her eyes dull and heavy-
lidded, her manner listless and without life,
���    She turned her head as lie came in,
and put out her hand to him,
"He's gone," she whispered in a
tone of thc most abject wretchedness.
"Well, dear, what else was there
for him to do?"
She hesitated.
"Nothing, I suppose," she said.
Then, after a pause: "Tom, I've been
hard.    But could I help myself?"
"No, of course not. Hc sees that
as well as wc do. When once you
found him out in lies and deceit and
every sort of trickery all round, there
was nothing for it, nothing, but lo let
him go his own way and forget him
if you can."
She gave him a piteous look and
shook her head.
"Forget liim! I can't do that."
Well, anyhow, it was out of the
question that you should keep in with
a husband who appears only to have
married you in order to bc able to
get into houses to rob them."
She uttered a cry of agony, and put
'out her hand to check his angry
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Bote Byes a-<r_F_niil���te_ Eyelids. Murine Is
roi_jKiii_ii��l by our Oculist'���no' , "Pit*-.!
itediclne"-but used In successful Phyairt-ns'
Practice for msuy yenra. Now dedicated to
lhe Public snd sold by Druggists at 60c per
Bottle. Murine Eye Suite In Aseptic Tul-pj,
15c and SOc. Write for book ol tlie By�� -"ree.
Murlns-ysHsmsdnComps-., OTI6_|0 _d��
W.      If.      U.      1135
"No, no; you mustn't say lhal
nol  lrue."
"Well, it looks like il."
"I don't believe that; I can't, 1
won't. lie didn't, ran- for ine as
much as 1 cared for him, but oh,
Tom, lie did like ine I"
"Well, who could help if? Vou
Would have made any man love, you." I
"J don't know aboul that, but I did
make liim love mc," she said (lis- ]
miilly. "And lie was gelling to love, j
mc more and morc. And we were I
happy. And now it's all over, all over]
for rver."
She bent her head and sobbed,   lie
caressed her affectionately,
"Cheer up, child, it can't bc helped. 1 don't wanl to bc hard on the.
fellow, any more, than you do; I liked him, and 1 know he was not such
a bad fellow at heart, as anyone else
would think, But still��� Conic, onc
must draw lhc line somewhere! Wc
don't even know where hc came
from. Hc was only a Yankee adventurer, when all's said and done."
She raised her head.
"No, he was not that, Tom. llis
real name is Alban Crcslow, and he
is the son of thai while-haired Lady
Creslow who was here for the great
Lord Eastling walked up and down
the room thoughtfully. The discovery made a difference. It h onc thing
to believe that jour sisler is married
to an adventurer of unknown extraction, and another to discover that,
after all, the man in question has
good blood in his veins and comes of
a family of equal rank with one's
own. This explained lhe good breeding which was a conspicuous charm
in thc jicccant Paul.
"I'm most awfully glad of this for
one thing," hc said at last; "Il will
make a little easier that awful task
of breaking thc news to them at
"If they believe that Paul is only a
gentleman gone 'off the rails,' they
will take it less hardly than if he had
been just an adventurer from goodness knows where."
"Yes, I suppose so. When do we
go back, Tom?"
"Tomorrow morning. Thc sooner
wc get away from here the better, to
give an opportunity for thc gossip to
die down."
She rose with her eyes full of
"Tom, what do they think? What
do they say?"
"Well, they think���and I'm encouraging them in the thought wilh all
my might���that it's been found out
that it was Paul who took Mrs.
Fiuehdcn's pearls, and gave them
back again. Whether lhcy believe
that it was only a joke or not, I
hardly know, and I don't much care.
But thc legend is as good as it could
bc for our purposes, for it stops any
farther search into the reason of his
"Disappearance!    Oh, Paul!"
There was a heart-broken ring in
her voice. Lord Eastling stopped
short in front of her impatiently.
"Well wasn't it what you wanted?
You drove him away. There was nothing else to bc done."
She was shaking from head to foot.
"I've begun to think," she said
hoarsely, "that I was wrong. I've
becn too hard, Tom. But it all came
upon me so suddenly that I hadn't
time to think, or to be generous, or
even just."
"Oh, 1 think we've becn just. At
any rate, there's no harm done in letting him know wc don't approve of
theft as a profession."
"Hush, hush, how dare you say
Her eyes were flashing,
"Well, what name do you give to
his performances?" demanded Lord
Eastling doggedly.
She hesitated.
"I can see," she said in a lower,
fainter voice, "how lie's been dragged
in, dragged along, until he couldn't
find a way out."
"Well, lie's found one now," said
Tom shortly. "We've found it for
"Did lie know you were sending
the stones away?"
"Yes. Hc took lhc parcel out of
my hand."
"Hc took it?"
"And he gave it mc back again."
Her face brightened.
"He made no objection to your
sending them away?"
"No, none."
She gave a sigh of relief, and then
said. "I watched him go, Tom, from
I behind the curtain.    I���I���I couldn't
have let   him go���if   only I'd   becn
"Then it's just as well you were
not," retorted Lord Eastling robust-
"Where has he gone to?"
"I don't know."
"You didn't ask?" she cried reprov-
"No, and I didn't care."
"Tom, Tom, you arc too hard."
"It's Just as well that we shouldn't
all bc too  soft," said Tom drily as
he went out of the room.
As Lord Eastling had said, the rumor was rife that it was Paul Payne
who had been discovered to be the
author of the pearls, and there had
been much discussion about it, which
naturally increased us the day went
on, ami I.ady Ursula kept her room
and Paul Payne went away without
saying good-bye lo his wifc.
For that piece of information was
loo Interesting not lo nave become
public property Immediately,
Hugo had a long chase before he
ran I.ady Emmeline to earth. Il was
during the tea hour, when Mrs. Jackson and lur daughters were pouring
out tea in the drawing-room and
handing il about, that Hugo discovered lhe object of his elcrnal search
in a corner behind lhc window curtains. She was looking out al the
birds in the verandah, and her eyes
were full of tears.
"I've brought you some tea," said
Hugo, "and some cake, I know you
like cake."
She shook her head.
"I can't eat anything, thank you,"
said she.
"Oh, but. you shouldn't starve yourself just because you're miserable.
Misery is much easier lo bear if
you've had enough to cat," said he
"I'm     nol   miserable,"     said  I.ady
Emmeline indignantly, wiping her
Hugo said nothing, but whistled
softly lo himself as she took lhc teacup from him.
Presently lie said���
"This is a sorry business, isn't it?"
She flashed upon him an angry
"What business? 1 do not know
what you mean," said she,
"Oh, yes, you do. I don't want to
force your confidence, or anything of
that sort. But 1 may tell you I'm
heartily sorry for Payne, although 1
do think he's been a bit of a wrong
Lady Emmeline. gasped.
"How dare you?" cried she.
"Well, what's the use pretending
not to know that he's gone away
without saying good-bye to his wife?
It's silly to pretend not to notice, especially when one is crazily anxious
to help to patch things up."
She gave up pretending, limply,
"They'll never be patched up," she
said sadly.
"Why not? Is Lady Ursula so unforgiving? I shouldn't have thought
it of her."
"It isn't lhat. There's so much to
be considered. He's sworn what
wasn't true, and how can she trust
him again?"
"ll all depends, doesn't it, on the
position he  was  in when hc had  to
swear? I don't want to defend Payne.
I think he's done some very queer
things. Bul if ever I saw a man
ashamed of himself and sorry, ami
Susceptible to every softer emotion
that can move a man, il was your
brother-in-law at luncheon today."
Lady Emmeline gulped back a sob.
"It's broken lur heart," she said.
"That's the worst of marriage," began   Hugo.
She rose from her chair.
"If you're going to talk nonsense,
now " she said haughtily,
"I'm nol," said Hugo gently. "I'm
going lo talk the soundest sense as
ever was.    1 was going to say that
Useful Waste Paper
There arc many uses to which
waste paper can be put by Scouts.
For instance, brown paper makes in
efficient chest protector for cyclists
when worn beneath coat and shirt,
and serve also as temporary leggings and socks. Common waste paper can be utilized as stuffing for
pillows and as a substitute for hay
iu tireless cookers.
"We   want   to   buy   a   mattress,
"Yes, madam; a spring mattress?"
"No, one for all the year round."
P-1"]!�� $150.00
The Pen that is
Always Ready to Write
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marriage widens the target, so lhal
you get more chances of being bit.
Conic, now, that's true, isn't it?"
"Yc-es, I suppose so."
"i dare say, after this, you will be
less inclined to marry yourself, won't
you?" he suggested diffidently,
For answer she shot at him a look
of suppressed indignation.
"Much less inclined," said she with
emphasis, as she walked over to Mrs.
Jackson at thc tea-table.
(To Be Continued.)
The Silver Lining
Pale, but nevertheless smiling con>
tentedly, Mrs. Levinski entered her
lawyer's office. Taking thc chair
before the desk, she said: ''I've had
another accident, Mr. Berg. Last
night I slipped on the sidewalk down
town and got hurt. Thc doctor says
I  ought to  have dam.gcs."
"Why, Mrs. Levinski," exclaimed
the lawyer, "isn't this the third accident within a month?"
"Yes," replied she proudly, "ain't I
lucky?"���Youth's  Companion.
The Modern Scourge
and How to Meet it.
The  speed at which we live, the hustle now so
necessary for   success   have  unfortunately a very
adverse effect on the nervous and digestive systems
of Canadians. The baneful results, increased lately
to an alarming degree, often lay the seeds of more
deadly trouble, but it will be satisfactory to learn
of the ever-increasing popularity in the Dominion, of the Great
British Remedy, Dr. Cassell's Tablets.
Dr. Ramsay Col Ies, J.P. of the City of Dublin, a man of high-eminence in the setejitific
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Dr. Cassell's Tablets in cases of nerve troubles. From several cases which have lately come under
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family remedy, and appear to be specially effective for nerve and bodily weakness."
Dr. Cassell's Tablets are Nutritive, Restorative, Alterative, and Anti-Spasmodic, and of great
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young. They are the recognised modern home remedy for Dyspepsia, Nervous Breakdown,
Stomach Catarrh, Kidney Disease, Nerve and -Spinal Paralysis, Infantile Paralysis, Rickets, St.
Vitus' Dance, Antcmia, Sleeplessness, Brain Fag, Headache, Palpitation, Wasting Diseases, Vital
Exhaustion, Loss of Flesh, and Premature Decay. Specially valuable for Nursing Mothers and
during the Critical Periods of Life.
Druggists and Dealers thrpughout Canada sell Dr. Cassell's Tablets. If not procurable in your city send lo the
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Sole Proprietors:���Dr. Casselfs Co., Ltd., Manchester, Eng.
Dr. Cassell's
imt h.m_ **i _-*-__ ���altmulf
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It, McCs-l Stem, Tiro**, **d * fnmw
*m*lt ml\ si saw vmltmei etmrge.
Britain's Greatest Remedy fr
Severe Headaches
and Pains in the Back
Resulted from Deranged Kidneys and Constipation of
the Bowels
ll is in vain to try to regulate and
restore the healthful action of the
kidneys until the liver and bowels are
tel right,
And jrnsl here is where so many
kidney medicines fail. Kidney derangements almost invariably begin
Willi Constipation and torpidity of the
liver. The whole work of filtering
Ihe blood is thrown on the kidneys,
and in time lhcy fail to stand lhc
strain. _ The poison in the system
gives rise to severe headaches, pains
in the back and lircd, depressed feelings,
Because they act directly on tho
liver and bowels, as well as on the
kidneys, Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
I'ills are eminently successful in thc
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Mr. William l.oney, Marysville, N.
II., writes: "I am glad lo recommend
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Tills to
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disease and pains in the back, but
have found lhat by using one .ill a
week the. kidneys and bowels arc
kept in good order, and I do not have
any more pains in thc back or head
like 1 used tc have. I was also a
great sufferer irom idles, and could
get no relief un'll I used Dr. Chase's
Ointment. This ailment is entirely
cured now, but wc always keep both
lhe pills and llic ointment in the
house for use when they arc needed."
Tills statement is endorsed by Mr,
F, Saunders, Town Marshal, wlio
writes that Mr, Loncy's letter is tru.
and correct.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills,
one pill a dose, 25 cents a box, all
dealers, or I'dnjauson, Hates & Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
Remember thai imitations only disappoint. The genuine bear the portrait and signature of A. W. Chase,
M.D., the famous Receipt Book
New Zcaianders Too Eager
New Zealand battalions successfully attacked a German strong point
and a new trench beyond l'lcrs, other
New Zealand troops holding lhc position on thc right and lell. The operation was preceded by a tremendous bombardmnt, in the midst of
which there appeared flame-shells,
sending fire along the ircnch and
great rings of black smoke into the
air. Following the leaping barrage
the New Zcaianders quickly gained
Iheir objective, The men's zeal in
pursuing the fleeing enemy carried
them beyond their objective, and
meeting machine-gun lire they returned to it. Thc tanks took part
well in advance of the position occupied by our troops.
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Reclaimed Heroes
Whether good boys are committed
to reformatories and industrial
schools or not, good boys certainly
come out of these institutions, as is
shown by their splendid record of
war service. Up lo March last 30,000
such old boys were known to be in
Mis Majesty's, forces, and of these
thirty-two have becn "mentioned in
dispatches," four havc been awarded
the Victoria Cross, sixty-nine the
D.C.M., eight the Russian Medal of
St. George, three the French Mcd-
aille Militaire, one the Croix de
Guerre, _ and nineteen have received
commissions in the army.���London
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited,
Gentlemen,���Last winter I received great benefit from thc use of
attack of La Grippe, and i have frequently proved it to be very effective
iu cases of Inflammation,
Daylight Saving
Innovation    Is   justified    From    an
Economical and Scientific I
Point of View |
Although il is too soon to pro-|
iiouncc definite judgment as to the
success of thc experimental use of
"summer lime" in many European j
countries last summer, the reports!
thus far al hand arc quite uniformly favorable.
The Viennese people consumed
$142,000 \forth less gas^ under the
new time schedule. In England the
plan is said to have given general
satisfaction, even the. farmers, who
at first opposed it, having become
reconciled. Thc British government
has appointed a committee to consider the social and economic results
of the experiment, and to report I
whether it seems advisable, to perpetuate the plan, with or without
some modifications. At this year's
meeting of the Britisii Association,
Prof. H, H. Turner, Savilian professor of astronomy at Oxford, justified
the innovation from a scientific point
of view, while Prof. J. Perry, who
admitted that he had formerly opposed the scheme without giving it due,
consideration, declared himself a convert. ""*
Mr. Malaprop
"What about your case?" demanded the judge, who couldn't quite
make out what the prisoner was
trying to say.
"Picase, your honor, the district attorney said it was to be nolle prostrated." ��� Louisville Courier-Journal,
Taught In .implest > i-^-J:--:- during
spare flint*. Diploma era nted.
Oast within read) ��f all.  Satlifae-
ft->u n ������-<��� ni-'-l. Hn\_L>_.iiteach*
IngSy Iorrcspcii.ciiLe twenty
j. cat-". Cr-ilu....". Uflltfld in niany
na)*_. tiv.ry pciSOfl interesled la
stock Fhonltl take It.     Write fur
��� iiogTie and ..ill IT D 9*7 f?
p.-irtioil-ir.   ���   ���      ��������_____���
!>������!. S!>   1 " '.-.ii, Ontarip, Cm
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Tablets always do good���they cannot possibly do harm ��� being guaranteed by a government analyst to
be absolutely free from injurious
drugs. They are sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box
from The .Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockvillc, Ont,
When baying your Piaiic
Imist on having an
Otto Higel Piano Action
Clerk: Now, see here, little girl, I
c_n't snend the whole day snowing
you penny toys. Do you want the
earth with a little red fence around il
or one cent?
Little Girl: Lct mc see it.
Is no mere necMiary
than Smallpox, Arm?
c_.perl.-L_-* has demonstrated
Uie almost miraculous efficacy, and banalestnesti of Antityphoid Vaccinations
Be vaccinate-. NOW by-your physician, you ao4
your family, r. Is more vital than bouse Insurance.
Ask your physician, druggist, or send foi Havo
you had Typhoid." telling of Typhoid T_.ec.ne,
results from iu , and clanger from Typhoid Carriers,
f ���QKucma .accihis t ��� _���tint units u, s, ��ev. Licti.ii
S'inirtlm.g l-.ii.-i- tlnn linen and bin iattmlrv
sills. Wash it with soap ami water Aft
stores or tlirert. Stato stylo anil (i.e. Foi
i!5c. we will niaii .un
CAiNAIIA. Limit..
���- Frassr A>.__. Tor.mo  Outarle
Young Machiavellis
Mother:  "Children,  I'm    shocked I
You each promised me you wouldn't
eat  your oranges  till     after  dinner,
Vou have deceived tne."
Willie: "No, mamma;    we    didn't
ent    our own oranges,    Tommy ate
jn'nic and I ale his."
'/, PILLS s
W.      N.      U.      113 J
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
"Carrying On"
The lotal net tonnage on the Urit���
ish Shipping Register at the end of
1915 was 12,416,*IW" tons, as against
12.119,891 tons at the end of 1913,
which shows that in spile of submarine activity merchant tonnage is
greater than al the beginning of the
'Tis a Marvellous Thing. -��� When
the cures effected by Ur. Thomas'
Eclcctric Oil are considered, thc
speedy and permanent relief it has
brought to the suffering wherever il
has been used, it must be regarded
as a marvellous Ihing that so potent
a medicine sliould result from the six
ingredients which enter inlo its composition. A trial will convince the
most skeptical of its healing virtues.
The Army of
- Is Growing Smaller Every Day.
responsible���llie- a
only give relief ���
they permanently
cuie Cens fipa-
tion.    Mil.
lions use
them for .
B lions.
ness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, So/four Skin.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price,
Genuine must bear Signature
And How to Feed
**_[!*_ free to toy address by
tbe Author
118 West 31.1 Street, New York
A safe, Tillable regulating medicine. Hold in three degrees of
strength. No, 1, $1; No. 2, $3;
No. 3. $5 per box. Sold by all
d.iiguists, or sviit prepaid in
plain package on receipt of
price. Free pamphlet Address
'l'lllv COOK MliDICIVK CO.
Toronto, Ont. (Formerly Windsor.)
treat succen, cuhes chronic weakness, lost vigo_i
i U to Co HaverstocrRd. Hampstbad London en a.
���-    "* " "*    gA-TR and
Lasting cure.
���re thai ikadu marked word 'therapion' is om
There are thousands ol
children who are bright
but (rail���not sick but
underdeveloped ��� they
play with their food���they
catch colds easily and do
not thrive���they only need
the pure, rich liquid-food in
to start them growing and keep
them going. Children relish
SCOTT'S and it carries rare
nutritive qualities to their blood
streams and gives them flesh-
food, bone-food and strength-food.
Nothing harmful in SCOTT'S.
Scott ft Sowne, Toronto. Oal. It.
nVlll WELL
How a Man Who Landed on Wood
Pile and Was Sore From
Head to Foot Found
Quick Relief
Once upon a time Edwin Putnam,
who lives in llic quiet, pretty liamlet
of VVcndcl Depot, Mass., climbed up
into a loft to get some building material, just as many another man living in the country must often do.
Suddenly he slipped and fell. Ten
feet below was a pile of wood, knot
ted and gnarled. It was a nasty tumble, and Mr. Putnam was injured
painfully in tlie back, lie was covered
with bruises, and was sore from head
to foot,
The next day he bought a bottle
of Sloan's Liniment which had bem
recommended to him. Within a very
few hours the soreness had vanished
and the lameness had disappeared,
lie was an active man once more.
Sloan's Liniment can be obtained
at all drug stores, 25c, 50c and $1.00.
No Thirty Years' War
If the War Settles Down to a Question of 'Endurance, It Will Be
Bad for Germany
Field Marshal von Hindcnbti-C
Could not deny that thc entente allies are in a belter position to wage
a thirty years' war, if that bc ne.ti-
sary, than arc the Germans and Au,
triaus. Docs he lliink thai the peo;!<-
of Germany arc iu a position to Hand
another thirty years' war? How ��ii��i
the last one leave Germany? The
idea is impossible. No nation can
fight thirty years on a diet ot saw
dust. If the war settles down to a
question of -mere endurance���and
that is what Hindenburg confesses
that it is on the western "root���Germany is doomed. Meantime, the
world will shudder at the invocation
of the spectre of another Thirty
Years' War. Of that war, history
tells us that it "reduced Germany to
a slate of misery that no hi.-stonrr-
has been able to describe," ami lhat
it kept lhe whole land I'or 1*0 years
in the stillness of exhaustion-.���Boston Transcript.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures Gar jit E_
Some Exceptions
Wife; There, now I This paper
says that married men can live on
less than single men,
Husband: lint, my dear, all of lis
haven't wives who take in washing.���
New York Weekly.
Will Deduct It From Pay
It is 'announced that an ordcr-ri-
council has been passed providing
tbat whenever a soldier of a unit of
thc overseas forces deserts or is ___*���
gaily absent the deductions irom (iii
pay shall include an amount sud".-:-
ent to cover the expenses incurred in
apprehending, prosecuting, and re
turning him  to duty.
Teacher; What    is the    rk.ral    o'
Bright Pupil; Twins.
The  Deal  Off
"So the coal dealer tried to put up
tho price on you.   What did you do?"
''Refused to put up the price."
$100 Reward- $100
The readers of iliii paper will be pleated
to hmm' Hint there ll at least one dreaded
disease thnl science has been able to cure in
all ils Stages, and that is catarrh, Catarrh
being greatly influenced by constitutional
conditions requires constitutional treatment
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts through tlie Blood on the Mucous Surfaces ot thc System, thereby destroying the
foundation of thc disease, giving the patient
strength by building up thc constitution and
assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in tlie curative
powers oi Hall's Catarrh Cure that they offer
One Hundred Dollars for any case that it
fails to cure.    Send for list of testimonials. '
Address I F, J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,
Ohio.    Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Scientists' Benevolence
The demands of the war upon the
scientific brains of the country has
called into the official laboratories
hundreds of men, some rich, some
struggling with a professional zeal
against great financial odds. But
although not often heard about in the
ordinary chronicles of events indirectly related to the war, they are
doing a great work, and some are
practically- giving their time and
knowledge as a free will offering to
the cause of international freedom.
One scientist, who did some work
for one of the universities, refused
his fee of $5,000 and handed it over
to the National Red Cross, Another
hearing of what he bad done, followed his example.
am >*_.i*i i,riiivibfistnjti.__.j, i .MMur
Women Know
that they cannot afford to be
ill. They must keep themselves
in the best of health at all
times. Most of all. the digestive system must be kept in
good working order. Knowing
the importance of this, many
women have derived help from
These safe, sure, vegetable pills
auickly right the conditions
lat cause headache, languor,
constipation and biliousness.
They are free from habit-forming drugs. They do not irritate or weaken the bowels.
Women find that relieving the
small ills promptly, prevents
the development of big ones.
They depend on Beecham's
Pills to tone, strengthen and
Keep Them Well
NHcatu with I wt 1st sf StMdsl Valss Is Wtaa
hMltsnwksn.  Is(**-,��--sat*,
Sleeplessness.���Sleep is thc great
restorer, and to bc deprived of it is.
vital loss. Whatever may be the
cause of it, indigestion, nervous derangement or mental worry, try a
course of Parmclee's Vegetable Pills.
By regulating the action of the stomach, where, the trouble lies, they will
restore normal conditions and healthful sleep will follow. They exert a
sedative force upon the nerves and
where there is unrest they bring rest.
Auto Improves Worship
The Presbyterian Board of the
United States state in a special rc-]
port that the automobile in small
and scatlercd communities is helping
to swell church attendance. Farmers
can, with convenicncc,yattend church
on Sunday mornings;''and their wives
and families in the evenings.
In all infantile complaints that are
the. result of thc depredations of
worms in the stomach and intestines
Miller's Worm Powders will bc
found an effective remedy. They attack thc cause of these troubles, and
by expelling the worms from the
organs insure an orderly working of
the system, without which the child
cannot maintain its strength or
thrive. These powders mean health
and improvement.
A Modern Villain
Through thc shrubbery Marcus
Pelf, the wealthy rejected suitor,
watched Harry Harrison, the village
blacksmith, clasp Ruth Roberts in
his strong, young arms.
"Curse 'cm!" hc hissed. "I'll have
my revenge! I'll buy 'em an automobile for a wedding present and
then look on gloatingly while they
mortgage the blacksmith shop to buy
gasoline!"���Kansas City Journal.
Only the uninformed endure the
agony of corns. The knowing ones
apply Holloway's Com Cure and get
"Has your boy Josh decided what
he is going to do for a living?"
"No," replied Farmer Corntassel.
"Josh is that unselfish hc keeps
thinkin' 'about how I'm g.tlin' along
an' never pays uo attention at all to
his own prospects." ��� Washington
looks for
The Royal Naval
Volunteer Reserve
Overseas Division
will enrol 2000 mail of good
character and good physique
for immediate service overseas,
ist the Britisii Navy.
Fajr $1.10 psr _sy sod ae
Sspsrstisa allowance $20.00 saeatUr
Frss Kit
Fir further particulars apply It
The Nearest Naval
Recruiting: Station,
or U the Department of the
Naval Service, Ottawa, THE COURTENAY RETOW
Municipal Elections
Corporation of the
City of Couirtenay
Bye-Law Number 25.
A Ily.-Law authorizing thr- Cor
poratloi- ol the City ol Courtenny
tu i-iiUt inin a contract with the
Courtenay L* ectrlc l.iKhl Meat
und 1'iiwer Company, l.iiniud.
PUBLIC NOTICE isliereby given to the electors of the Municipal
ily of the City of Courtenny. thut
I require the presence of the said
Electors at the
City Hall in the City of Courtenay
on thc Bight*- day ol January, 1917
nt twelve o'clock, noon
lor the purpose  ol  electing   persons to
represent ilit-iu in the Municipal Council
lis   Mayor   and   Aldeiinen   mid .School      will't'AS the   Municipal   Council   ni
Trustee.  me corporation of the City of Council
I'he mode of nomination of candidates considers it expedient to enter Into a
shall be a-, follows t contract  with  the  Courtettny   I'ledrlc
I'he candidates b1id.11 be nominated (n ,|i(,m HCftt and Power Coinpnu*. Minited
wnltug ; the writing Bliall be subucrlUetl |��� t,���. ,,���.,��� M.t ou| |��� (i.,,icue;i,.|, |���.,,..
by two voters ot tlie municipality ��sip'"- t0) -,,,-ih'aa provisionally executed the
poser nml seconder, nnd shall be deliver- Slli(l n,nU.���cl ������ behalf of lhc Coi porntlon
ed lo the Keturning Officer at any time 0r tbe C|ly _- courtenay on llie terms
between tlie date of tins notice and Z p. | ,..,_. l]lt, iM Contract shall not he bind-
in. ..I ibe day of the nomination,   lhe hug-on  the   Corporation  of   the City
snid writing may be  In the form mini-! o( Courteuay, until this llye-Lnw 1
bered 5 iu the Schedule of the Municipal c.|ver* u,e ���:
Elections Act, and shall state the name,
residence and occupation or descr ption
of each person proposed, In such manlier
as sufficiently to identify Buch candidate,
And in the event of a poll being necessary, such poll will be opened on the
11th Day of January 1917
at the hour of nine o'clock n. tn. at the
City Hall Courtenay. and shall remain
open until the hour of seven o'clock p.ni,
ol which every person is hereby required
to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
ussi'iit ol the
nf  lln
Municipality ol the city ol Courtenay In
the manner provided in lhe Municipal
TI-IBRBFORE the Municipal Council
of tlie Corporation ofllie- City of Com-
lenny I'NACTS as follows:���
1. The contract between the Corporation of the City ol Courtenay and' he Com -
tenay Electric Light, Beat and 1'owi r Co.
I,united set out in the Schedule hereto
is hereby authorized, ratified and con-
fir,ned, and rider this Bye-law .shall h ive
received the assent of the Electors oflhe
, I Municipality of the City of Courtenay in
lllltlerl ; .,       n,.,,,,,,,,��� l.i-,.,-id,.,I  In     ll,.-     Vimifiiv.l
The persons qualified to be i-omuiim-n   the maimer provided ill   th
for and elected us the Mayor ol any city
shall be any person who ,s a mule liiitish j porati'on of "l
of'tbe   full age   of  tweutv-."Ti'4-{.e.e_l,cute 0
years, not disqualified under any la
and bns for the six months next preceding; the day of nomination been the registered owner, iu the Land Registry office, ol land or real property in the city
of the assessed value, ou the last municipal assessment roll, of one thousand
djllnrs or more ovcr and aboye any registered judgment or charge, and who is
otherwise duly qualified us a municipal
The persons qualified to be nominated
for nud elected as Aldermen of a city
shall lie siu-h persons as are male liiitish
subjects of the full age of twenty-one
years, und who nre not disqualified mi;
der any law, and have been for the six
months next preceding the day of nomination the registered owners in tlle Land
Registry Office, of land or real property
in the city of the assessed value on the
last municipal assessment roll of five
hundred dollars or more over any registered judgment or charge, and wlio arc
otherwise duly qualified as municipal
The persons qualified to be nominated
for and elected as School Trustees shall
be such persons ns are British subjects
of the lull age of twenty-one years actually residing within the district, and having been for the six months next preceding tlle day of nomination the regis
tered owner, in the Land Registry Office
of land or real property in the city school
district of tha assessed value, ou the
last municipal assessment roll of five
hundred dollars or more over and above
any registered judgment or charge, and
being otherwise qualified to vote at an
election of school trustees in the saitl
school district, and shall be eligible to
be elected or to serve as a school trustee
in such city school district,
Given under my hand at Courtenay
this twenty-seventh day of December,
Returning Officer.
Act, the Municipal Ci
Ihr lilv  of  I
d   lln
natty shall think fit, necessary or proper
Inr the purpose of parrying out the op-
i.rations, of thi; fi-nipim'- in respect of
,i  i| in Ideiitiil to'the liilildng, gi ueTntilig
i 'I bui h purpo (Is lo opjju nnd tin uli up
the ������ II and pavement of tlie slrei in oi
bridges audio 'open or break up nnv
sewers, drains or tunnels within or under
such streets or bridges, and to erect
poles, posts, pillars, lumps, globes or
olhei apparatus in or upon llic saitl
si mis. or bridges, or across any wall or
w.iIts erected on the biiuiq or adjoining
thereto, and lo dig nnd sink trenches and
drains and to lay electric lines, cables
nud mains and to put lrctric lines, wires
switches und connection branches Irom
sueli e ectrlc lines, cables und mains, in,
under, across or along Buch Btreels nnd
bridges, nnd from time to time lo cut,
remove-, uiu-r, repair, replace and relay
such eieclric lines, cables, mains, switches nml connection brunches or other up-
pnraliiH; i'Kl)Vll)i:i i THAT IP AND
SO PAR III tlle execution of nnv such
winl-.s will involve lln break-Jig UP '"'
Lutcrfei Ing with any street, bridge, sewer
drain or tunnel, the Company shall pre-
vlously to lhe commencement ol mob
works serve a notice upon the .'ily describing lo tlie satisfaction of tlie ''ily
Uu- proposed works, together With a plan
nl lhe works showing the position of
such proposed warks and the manner in
which such street,brlngc.Bewcr, druiuor
tunnel is td be liiterferred with, uml the
I ilv ii'rty require such nuiendiiieiitsto be
made iu the position or ninutier of execution of such works, nud upon lhe plan
ns are reasonably necessary, ami shall
ii*- n reasonable time within which such
works sliull be completed rmd nil usees-
snry repairs consequent thereupon be
iiiiule. nnd the ..oiks shall be carried out
accordingly, nnd the 'ouririny *,linll
within such period thereafter restore such
tending consumer shall neglect tn pay the   twelve monlha from tlio date of tho notice recharges for tluValetilrlolty nr any other aura   fl"T,'<i _���.���"��� ol-iuaa is horoof,
line fi-iiin liim, it r tin-in I. tlm ('iiinpiiuy in
respect nf ihu supply of electricity 11 auoli ii -
t.n hi| censuini r t.u Conijiiiiiy may out of.
iIIhi-.ihk: i rn- rrn ,i--i. any mi-ii .Is.trto line or
ntlitir worl lln- ngh 'thiol, the i-ln-trh-iiv inny
hoati|>|ilioil] I IIOVIDEP llOWKVI I'tlmt
llieOoinpitiiybliall beforeouttlng off. dlagoii-
uu tini,' in- removing such electric Hue ur ilis-
(niiitin dng tlur supply of electricity to any
nortnn, linn or corporation, give such potion
Iii lu in- lmi-|i imtimi two irlmtr iliiy*' notice ill
wrltlug of itn iiitiriitinii ho to do:
(S.) The Hinile of rides to lie eliargotl l.y the
Ci in|uuiy fi.r tlir tile ti-ieify Blipplled to pcr-
HOiiH, linns or corporations othorthan theOiiy
shall he based mi cniiHiimptiou of kilowatt
llbura pin' month ns lnoaaiireil by iiiti-Hmtiii-;
watt iiiuitiM itH fitllnwHi
on the lir-t llll kilowatt hour M e porkw.   hr.
lext HU      "         '
-..to   '	
"    40      "
Via   "   "   "
i,    ,m    .i
11 c   '	
"    ,|0I1     ��
llic   '	
II        JQQ        .1               II
Uc   "   "   ���'
ii   7,0   .,
8 c   "   "   "
iiinptloti "f over -
(III kilowatt hours
per kilowatt hour.
nil euoli payment
'I sill-
.'I. I
nil li ��� Hiiliji'iri, t-i illnc unl, of ti-li |ior eirlit (I")
nf tlir amount ��� barged If paid on nr before the
twentieth ('.thi day immediately after the
ditto of the olll ri'ii'liri'cil foi'tlie Hiuiiti,
(!i) The Boalo of rates' to he charger! by the
Comimtiy lor eloctrloity supplied to llie I'ity
for lite purpose- nf street ilalithig, hIihII bo baa*
ul nn eoiiHuiii|itinii ol kilowatt h lira per
month iih iiieiiHtii-i'il by inte^riitiiie watt meter
na follows: 7 cents per klllowatt hourl I'ltO-
VIIH'I). wlii'ii lotal iionaiiin|ition of atrect
li:;lil anil iill iinuaii iici-h tiigether exceinlH fuiir
tlinuiniii'l liyeliiiinlreil (-I'll)') kilowatt hours
pur month, the rite to he paid by the
city lur Urcet lights shall he eix cinta per
kilowatt In ur; when lhe tulitl cotiMiin|it on
I'M-er'tls nine tlu'UHiuiil tl II 0) kilowatt hours
pur month tlm ratctn he paid hy the city for
street lights uli:,11 lie 5 cents p- r kilowatt hour
All tin- iilinvt!. treirt lighting rntea to h" with*
nut iliii-iiuiit;
(Hi) The (roiiipiuiy ahull he entitled to
charge n ri nt lor the nae nf motets aupplied to
I'lniHiuui'i-Hnf etooti'iolty not exceeding twenty
r, drain or   tunnel as   l-f|) ooutH per inotei per month:
, .... hi   \     n'l    ,...11 :..
to tiie Courtenny Electric Light, f'ent
nnd l'ov.-t-i Company Limited, and thereupon llu*   said   contract Blinll   bei  	
valid ninl binding.
2. i This Bye-law shall, befon I
passing thereof, receive ti"' asi
electors oi the Municipality ol th,eCityof
Courtenay i    the  manner provided in
the Municipal Ac ,
3. I'ills Bye-lawniay be cited as "The
BlectricLight, Beittniiil Power Bye- aw"
Passed lhe Municipal Council tlie 30lb
day of December, 1916.
Received lhc assent ul the-Elcclor  mi
ll li
.. dr
,' of
il Cl
porate Sec
Praabyterian Church
St- Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
aud Bible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday School and Bible Class
10:30 a. in.   Evening service 7:30
p. m. All welcome        	
THIS INDENTURE made tbe thirtieth
day of December ill the year One Thousand nine hundred nnd sixteen, BETWEEN The CORPORATION OF THR
CITY OP COURTENAY, incorportned
by Letters Patent under the Municipalities Incorporation Act of the Province of
Britisii Columbia, (hereinafter called
"the City") of the one part, and the
HEAT AND POWER COMPANY LIMITED, a Company duly Incorporated un
der the laws of the Province of Britisii
Columbia, (hereinafter called ''the Coni-
patiy" of the other part;
WITNESSETH that the partiesbeteto
mutually COVENANT with one another
as follows:���
(1.) The Company is hereby authorized and empowered for a period of
Twenty years (20) years from the date
hereof within the municipal area of the
City of Courtenay as now existing or as
hereafter enlarged, to ertct, construct,
operate and maintain electric works, power homes and generating plant and
such other appliances and conveniences
as are necessary and proper for the generating ol electricity or electric power,
and for transmitting the same to be supplied to consumers or lighting, heating
or as a motive power, or for any other
operations to which it may be adapted
or to be used or supplied for or in connection with any other purpose for which
electricity or electric power may be ap
plied or required, PROVIDED that
nothing herein contained shall lie deemed
to in any wise restrict the right of the
City to authorize any person, firm or
corporation to enter into competition
with the company, or from passing any
Bye-laws necessary for the purpose of
conferring franchises or enabling powers
necessary in that behalf upon such conditions and with such restrictions as the
Ci y may deem advisable, and PROVIDED also that nothing herein contained
shall be deemed In any wi.e to effect the
right of the City to pass any Bye law
which shall have for its object the raising
of money for the purchasing, acquiring
constructing, operating or maintaining
of any works similar to those carried on
by tbe by the Company, or the right of
the City to carry on or operate any ays
tern of lighting or power which it may
deem necessary for its corporate purposes or for the purpose of sale to ether
persons, firms or corporations in competition with the Company.
(2.) For any of the purposes of its
aforesaid business the Company is hereby authorized and empowered by its servants, agents, contractors and workmen,
from time to time to make and erect such
electric works and to sink, lay, place, fit
maintain and repair such electric lines,
accumulators, atorage batteries, electric
cables, mains, wires, pipes, switches,
connections, branches, electric motors,
dynamos, engines, machines, cuts, drains
water courses, pipes, buildings and other
devices, and to erect and place any electric line, cable, main, wire, or other
electric apparatus above or below ground
Fanner-' Union in A-rrlcultural I --long or over or across any street, and
hall on Friday evening, Jan. 12,    I * ��rec- P��!M tor-the PnrP��,e * P-%dn��
Accounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach & Field
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepared to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
;s possible to its former condition
j lo lln- satisfaction of the C-Uv; PUOVID-
Kl.) Al,SO lhal all the plant, machinery,
' v ni Ls, appliances nii'l apparatus ol the
I. Hi shall lid iii.'i<l-\ bxecuted. iustal-
I iuI intiintfliuet] according to the
; ml' s from time to time iu force of the
National Board of Ifire Uncle writers:
PROVIDED AJ7S0 tlial the Company
'iii wiien so required in writing by the
<i'\ within ten(10) days irom the re-
ivccipt of well ro(ii.i��_t.oii, change tlieposttion
nf nny pnleor polea'at tlie expense <��f the
1 , tit [il iti the ewe of any pole or poles
,.; ������ ii j i , ��� i ���,,. erected prior to andbestanding
'   ni      b agreement, and the position
uli |-ol ���    r oto i prior to and  standing Ht
i1.   ila*e of this agreement chull   -x  clearly
iikei] or indicated np n a plan to be annex-
eh. \ :it. ini-nt,   and   (lie   City  "lull
ive (Hi rlnys from the dote of this Ag-
nl notu_ the Company that it approves
nr disapproves of the pmdtion of each pole
��� ii ii] on in"li plnn. and in the event of
dim pi roval the city shall in such notice utato
good and valid reasons for Bitch disapproval
and the < lompany Rhall forthwith iit it* own
ex ent-e remove all polos of tliy position of
which tin: citv f-hii.l baveexpresse I its disapproval, and ri.oVihKU FURTHER that
tjie Company will at all times at its own ex-
pense provide and fnstal all safety devices
which in the opinion of tlie Provincial Gov-
eminent Electrical Uugineer aro neocessary
or proper to ensure Ihe Bafety of the consumers j
nnd public and will from time tn time H and
when rer-ulred so to do In writing by the raid
lingineei forthwith renew or replace such'
safety devices with similar nr more efficient ,
appliances as may be npecitied iu writing ly j
tne saiil Kngineer. >
8    The Company flmll upon requisition by ,
the Intending consumer nupply electricity in
such quantities as may  bo  required  to  the
City aud to any person, linn or ooriiovatlon '
within the municipal are*, of the City of Courtenay as hereinbrfor-i defined upon or in  any j
.tresis, ways, lanes, rat-sages, tramways, rail- j
ways, manufactories, t-hopH and warehouses,
public or private houses, t uildings and places 1
lying within fifty 50) yards from  any  main
supply wire or cable, and shall make all ne- i
cetoary connections at its own expense between
(It ) Thecompanyshalliuaintftlna proper
Inspection of all lamp* for street lighting and
will furnish monthly a statement to the city of
all fa lureB of light, with V e duration and*the
cause thereof, and will remedy {any f-iilutfe of
light within twenty-i'-mr (-���!) hours after same
shall have been reported to it. The Engineer J
oi theolty or his representative duly u pointed
in writing, Bhall at all reasonable times have
fri o rootos to the plant, machine-y, works, ap*
phancos and I'Pparatus nf lho ootnpu-y, and
the company shall giveto him every facility j
for inspecting the Bald plant, machinery, works '
appliances and apparatus If at any time ihu
ootidpany hall fail to furni.h or maintain a
proper and efficient supply of electricity f >r
street lighting for a period of threeconsdcutlve
nights, the city ma ��� hu often as the same shall
happen, by resbl ition of its council provide for
any other method of siijffioiently lighting the
public Btreets, and all additional expense in-
eurr d thereby shall be paid to thc city by the
company unless such (dilute shall have been
caused by Act nf Gud oVthti King's enemies, or
any ither cause of whatsoever nature or kind
for widen the company shall not be responsible
(12.)   J.f by reason of lire, tempest, earth- '
quake or other danger the officials of the Fire I
or    Police     department    of     the      city
shall     deem  it      necessary      to    remove j
any     plant,    works,      machinery.       ap- j
pi ancesor apparatus- or nut any wires, they
shall be entitled to do so without any  liability ���
thereby incurred to the company for any dam-
ago so caused, and the workmen and servants !
of the company bhall  render any reasonable j
assistance which inay be required:   PKOVID- !
ED'ALWAYS that the city will indemnify
the company against any actions, claims demands, costs, charges and expenses which may
be brought, occasioned or incurred by reason or ;
iu consequeuce of any act of any authorized
representative of the city:
(1.) The company iu the execution of its
works shall not trespass upon or do any damage
to the property of any person, firm or corpor-
aticn, and tlie company will at all times indemnify the city of, from and against all attion
claim*, demand*-, costs, charges and expenses,
which may be brought, occasion d or incurred
bp reason or in consequence of or in connection
(18). Tho Company shall manifest to the City
(Iin oxtstoneoot! each Item of thu plant aad
equipment, thooosl price of winch in included
in .lie sum lolal nl' Ihc oost pi'loo In he paid hy
the ('ily In lho Oompanj ns aferosald, und if
any suoh Horn shall bo inlying, tho cost price
ol' such .torn "hull h.- deducted f om the sum
Lotal of the cosl price lo bo paid hy thc City lo
thi' t'uiiqmnv ns .ifuivsnid, and shall bu so do-
ducted before the a. .-.irt.iiumi.ut of tho sum
upon which interest as aforesaid Is to bo commit nl.
(ID), As and from lliedaleof the transfer thc
City shall umlerlako to nerfonn and fuilllull
current and unexpired contracti for the supply of elect rici'y whiob nmy have been entered
into by or on bohalf of the Cotnnans1 prior to the
despalc.ti of the notice mentioned in paragraph.
HI hereof, and shall Indemnify tho Comuany
against, any actions, proceedings, claims and
(lonuinda in respooi of any breach thereof ou-
eurlugafler thodateof lho transfer.
(_iii. In the even! of tho city not giving no
ttOQ of Itsintenllon lo purehaso I cforo the expiration of such sixty days us aforesaid, then
at. any time before tho expiration of tho privileges hereby grunted. I he City shall bo entitled
upon giving to tlie Company six montht notice
lu willing nf Its Intention sola dn, Inpurchase
and acquire nf and from tho Company all ils
plant, machineryi WOTKR. appliances aiutap*-
paniliH nf every sort and hind within the
municipal urea of lho CMy of Courtenay as
hereinbefore defined, Ihu price to be pa Id therefor by Die (ill.v lu lho Company, shall falling
agreemenl, ho aseerlalned hy lho award of
throe arbitrators, ono t<> ho appointed by the
Company, one to bo appointed by the City antl
OHO t0 ho appointed hy a Judge of thu Su-
UrofttoCaunof llrlllsli Colmnhia. ami all the
pi'nvlslansnf Ibe Arbitration Aet shall apply
to such reference: 'I'ho City shall In thu Notice Aforesaid. Oiler In pay a stun nf money as
tho purchase price of Ibesald premises, -mil il
the Company shall reject tho oner of the City
Iho Company shall Mx in writing a sum which
it Is willing to accept us the purclnso prico bathe wild premises! lhe su Wools for which com-
ponitttloil Is lo he awarded by tbe arbllravors
shall be llie said plaal, iiutchlnery. works, appliances Htid upparalus of Ihu Company, but
the nrbitiii nr sluill nut take into consideration Die value of any franchises or privileges
conferred udou or held by the Company under
this agreement or otherwise, nor the nrollts
whlch mn) havo boot, or may be derived fr- in
carrying on lho undertaking* of tlio Company:
Tito Company kIiiiII also be ontltlod to receive
tho following I onus as addition to the pur-
cbaso prlee, namely :-if Mils agreement has
linen in forco for a period not exceeding (ive
yrs Thirty (ItO) p o, of the amount nf tho award;
if Ihis agreement, has boon In force for a period
excuoding 11 v o but not exceeding ten
years, TWonty-FlVo (2fi) percent. ; if this agreemenl has been In force for a period exceeding ton but not exceeding Itfi.eon years, Twenty (20) percent.; if this agreement bus been in
force for a period exceed ing fifteen but not exceeding twonly years, Fifteen (If*) percent.;
I if this agreement low heen tn force for a period.
oxooeding twenty years, Ton (10) per cent,
(21).   On payment of the purchuso prico ns
agreed upon or ascertained as aforesaid, to.
[ gether wilh the bonusaforesaid, the City shall
; bo entitled tn tho possession of tho premises to
I he transferred and the Company shall execute
i all necessary nnd proper assurances for transferring tho same to tho City free and clear of
all incumbrances of whatever nature or kind
! soever; tho date when the said premises shall
be transferred to lho City free and clear of all
' encumbrances is hereinafter culled the date of
transfer, aad thereof ter all the rights and prt-
: vilegos''given to the Company under Clause (1)
in tnlsagreement shall cease and determine.
(22). Tho Company shnll have full power and
discretion as to the conduct of Its undertaking^
Including tho making 6f any necessary additt-"^
: ous to or alterations of tho works or plant up
1 to tbp dato of transfer, and as and from thu
I date of transfer the City shall undertake, perform and t'ultil all current and unexpired con-
i tracls    for    tho     supply     of    ^electricity
1 which     may    havo    been    entered    into
i bv    or     on     behalf     of   the    Com cany
prior to the giving of the notico mentioned In
paragraph (20) hereof, and shall indemnify the
Company against any   actions, proceedings,
claims and demands tn respect of nny breach
thereof occurring after the date of the transfer.
(23). The costs, charges and expenses of and
Incidental to lho conveyance and transfer of
the plant, machinery, works, appliances and
apparatus of lhe Compnny to the City or otherwise In relation thereto shall be paid jointly bv
the Company and tho City; the costs of the
arbitration shall bo paid by tho City or the
Company according as the amo-nt awarded
is greater or less than half the sum of the amounts offered by the City and claimed by the
Company added together.
(24). Any failure on the part of the Company
to comply with any of tho covenants, agreements  and declarations contained In para-
raphs [14) to (231 hejoof, inclusive, shall immediately entail a forfeiture by tbe Company of
all Its lights and privileges under this agreement, and this agreomon and the byelaw ratifying the same shall ho deemed to be one and
with the exercise by the c mpany of any of its . Indivisible so that if any par. of this agreement
powers either under this agreement or other-   or the ��Id   byelaw shall bei declared by any
wise, or the execution of any works or the
WW connecioqsaww own expense oeiween   carryingout 0f any operations by the company
uch main supply wire or cable and the point   or ,* �� wum of it/business, *
Mayor Kilpatrick Pays
Prisoner's Fine
One day recently Mayor had occasion to fine a man (50 for an offence, After the trial was over he
announced that he bad no money
when His Workship promptly paid
the fine for him.
There will be a meeting of the
��� the Mine, in such manner as the  Com-
of delivery at any of the aforesaid premises;
PROVIDED HOWEVER that the Company
btrore supplying the electricity or making
such connection or as a condition to the Company's continuing to supply the same, may
require any consumer other than the City to
give reasonable security for the payment to
the Company of the proper charges for
electric supply and for the rent of meters:
4 The Company will upon being required
in writing by the City so to do. within fourteen (14) days from the date of the requisition
extend its main supply wires or cablet, so as
toeupp.y elentricity in any ward, district,
street or place within the municipal area of
the City of Courtenay as hereinbefore defined
shall waive snch requisition if the Company
���hall prove that the returns from suoh extended supply will not amount to interest at the
rate of five (5) per cent per annum on the capital necessary to be expended to effect such ex*
tension. PROVIDED that the City may
m.ke np any difference so that returns will
amount to the said five (5)per cent
(5.) All poles, standards, lamps and other
ap p 11 a n e e ���     and   apparatus    requlr-
d for publlo lighting shall be of sneh nature, number and kind, and erected, and placed and maintained in sneh manner and place
as the City shall direct, provided that the
City shall give to the Company two months
previous notice in writing of its r equlsitions
ae to nature, kind,  number,  manner  and
elace aforesaid, and shall pay to the Company
i the event of the Company furnishing suon
equipment the oost price of each poles, standards, lamps and other appliances and apparatus, together with an additional sum amounting to ten (10) per cent of sueh cost price ae
(6.)   The Company before supplying elect-
I vuuia. ua inn  _>un_u_��_-D,
(14.) Within ten (10) days from he data ol
the final passing of the byelaw ratifying this
Agreement, the ci y shall appoint a chartered
accountant to aacei tain the cost price of all
the existing plant and equipment of the com-
competent Court to be lnralld or beyond the
powers of tbe City or Incapable of being comprised ln one byelaw tbe whole of this agreement aad the said byelaw shall thereupon become and ba null aad .old.
("41. This agreement shall not ba binding on.
the parties hereto until a hyelaw aathorlcing
the same shall havo been assented to by the
electors, and within two days after the execution by the Company of tats Agreement the
  .���.   ���- .   .     -- ,,__ _. I,,. _v���iu_���j  ui ."... "_(._i_v_c me
pany, anil the company shall permit such city will commence preceedl-ge for the sub-
accountant to inspect and take copies of all ' mission for the assent ot the electors of a
books and documents of the company for the , byelaw authorising this agreement
purpose ol atcertaining suohkroKt price an afore-1 1"*. Any notice to be given under tho pro-
Said, and shall disclose lo the city the contract tgS��l��' ffiXJ-Wh hv _L%_?&-*. tho
.oVexisting between lhe conifny and the ^X^^^^^M^^
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmnir) Limited, for "Courtenay Kloctrlo Light Heat and power
the supply of electric eneigy or power by the Compnny Limited. Courtenay, British Colum-
Canadian Collieries (Uunsmuir) Limited to > bia,"and~hnll bo doomed to have been given
the Company: Thewords ' cost price"in this onlho day following the delivery of suohlettor
'    '      ��� *���   i *�� the Poet Office atConrtenay.
agrement mean the otal of the sums actually
and in good faith expended by the company in
the purchase and installation o f its- existing
plant and equipment, andshall include all attorney's costs, charges and fees incurred up to
but not after the first day of Decmber, 1916:
[IH] Tne company shall render to the Accountant so to be appointed by the city as
aforesaid, all assistance in its power for th.
l"7). Any notice lo be glvon under the provisions of theso presents by tho Company to
the City shall be given by enolesing the same
ln a prepaid registered letter addressed to-
"The Municipal Corporation of the City of
Courtenay, Courtenay, British Columbia, and
shall be deemed to have boon given on the day
following the delivery of such letter to the
Post Office at Courtenay.
  . -     IS.). The benenis and obligations of this ag*
purpose of enabling him to ascertain the  cost   reemont shall be unassignable except with lhe
price of all the misting plant and equipment   wrt'-*"RStP_l^.n_*^l.-!?_!it_v_
of theoomaany andshaU produce to him all   J^J!^^^^S'i^,v!*{*iilm-
book, documU and InJSSnent. n^-ry   ^rX^tt'.aT.Tjo^.r.t38.^
or convenient for enaMing himtoascartainthe
oost price as aforesaid:
[16.] Within sixty [601 days after Plii-li au.
oountant shall have obtained from the con-
pauy all material necessary for ascertaining
such cost price as aforesaid, the city shall be
entitled to notify the company in writing under the Common Seal of the city affixed by
virtue of an Order of the Municipal council
of the city, of its Intention to purchase all the
existing plant and equipment of the company
at the cost price ascertained as aforesaid, together with the sum equa to interest on such
(6.) The Company'befor, supply ng elect- Jo,t price at th, rate of eight 8 per cent per
ricity to any person, firm or corporation other ^_ {���,���,��,��� fourth day of Hay 1914; com-
than the City shall he entitled to contract with   po^ed yaHiy ���p to the date ol payment of
such cost price by the city to the com. any.
(17). The despatch of such notice by the city
shall constitute a contract betwedn the city
and thc company, on the part of the company
such intending consumer that any person duly
appointed in writing by the Company may
at all reasonable times enter anv private premises to which eleotriolty is or has been sup-   _, . ..  -       ,      .. ......
plied by the Company, in order to inspect the . to assign and transfer to the city all the com-
electricfunes, accumulator,, fitting,, works ' -"*"��� """*""���' """" ���"" -""^��"""- ����������� "<
and apparatus for the supply or application
THE COMMON Seal of th. Cor***
poratlon of the City of Courtenay was hereunto affixed in the
presence of ���
W. A. W. HAMES.'
City Clerk
THEOOMMON Seal of theCoui-
tenay Electric Light. tHeat and
Power Company Limited, waa
hereunto affixed In the presence
of electricity belonging to the Company and
therein, for the purpose of ascertaining the
quantity of electricity consumed or supplied,
or who, , supply of electricity is no longer required, or where th. Company is authorised
to talc, away or cut off the supply of electricity
Irom any premises, for the purpose of removing any eleotrie Hues, a'.cnmulaton, trans-
formen, moton, distribution boards, meters,
fittings, lamps, works or apparatus
to the Company:
--   _���_-���---���  --- ���-.      , - _ i TAKB NOTICB that the above is a
panj's existing plant and equipment, and to ,,���, . n     , th.  or���_-.-j T.��� ,~" _" *
assign to theolty or surrender to the Canadian ��ra�� copy oi we proposed by-law upon
Collieries (Dunsmuir) Limited, all its rights which the vote of the municipality will
under the said oontraot with the Canadian Col-   betaken nt THE CITY HALL in the
llerles (Dunsmnir) Limited, and on the part of   Cit     ( __nrtenav on
the City thereafter to pay to the company the  ulv 0I "���"**n��** on
oost price ascertained as aforesaid ana the sum
equivalent to interest at the rate of Eight per
oent. (8 p. o.) per annum from th, 4th day of
May, lDIa, to tha date of payment, coir.pound
���,,.JU. tc.__ .  .
ed annually and computed upon t
payable by th, olty to the Company. Content
poraneonsly with the transfer of th, said
That the poH will be kept open between the hours of 9 a. m, and 7 p.m..
and that W. A. W, Hames ha* been appointed Returning Officer (or the par-
pose of taking such vote.
��� ���_������������_ _���.. Olty Oler*-
than the City, ihaU be entitled to   contract   Series ISaTrsm-irVLriniUd"" Provided  that   Dated at Courtenay thi* fourth day of
with sueh Intondi-g oonsumw that if snch In.   such payment shall be mad, in full within January, 1917.
lecost prloe
_.._. ,  plant
and equipment the company shall without further consideration, at the election of th, city
assign to the olty or surrender totheCanadlaa
Collieries (Dunsmuir) Limited, all Its rlghte
���__-^Jtac____rv��^__s_^i_k_: -*���������"����� .-���.-���-��. -.��..����.��..-.��,����
city to any p.rs.n. firm i��-corporation otter   nnder the ������_ contract with the CanadtauTJol-
Saturday the 20th of January, 1917


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