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The Review Mar 22, 1917

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('an not hn dona uny I i tier, an
not unite ho well Anywhere eli
hereabouts?. Our type anil niauliii
cry is oomplete uml The llevie
pt'Icea .ire ri.;lii
if ;r*.
Classified Ac...
********** ��� ���*
\    Mnlie   your   litil
j      Ihr    ,...',       Cl I.I
VOL..  5
J -w w & ij 1 ���
iteZ^CS.  !  C^
Happy Valley,  2. Miles from Coi   <
I have recci.- ed ina ti ut tions from Wtr.\ ii a rown
to sell by auction on his premises as .. on
10 head of grand Dairy and Youi*<; St
2 2-year old Colts, sire Dean Swift
Sal o'c!
Terms   #50 aud ui It : i appr<      ���  join* note
for  i nm -itl  Inli ri  I al 8 per i enl.
Fill thcr particul irs from
;eo. j. hardy
Telephone 10
..,.-.   ...:���_ i
6.00 Per T
Delivered in  Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43
What   does   the    Puntiedge
River uo for Courtenay?
1. lights our streets, business houses
ninl residences.
It conks our feienl.
It prints our " Review "
It runs inn machine simps.
It charges our storage batteries.
It pumps our writer.
It iiinktrs our sausages,
It washes nml Irons our clothe-;.
It presses our suits.
It runs euir sewing machines, anel
liiiiny other things too numerous to
Although it is but a humble strea.ii it
does its work just as well as the mighty
Niagara does all these things for tht
great cities ol the Kast. *
It does them better than anything else
could possibly do.
It is the liver Willing Servant. It
stands ready to do your bidding twenty
(our hours ol the day, and three hundred and sixty-five clays ill the year.
Its power is (urnished to us through a
wire anil exactly where it is needed.
It eloes its work silently, ana it brings
not the least bit ol dirt with it, anel it
leaves not the i lightest bit of dirt behind it.
If you have any work for this wonderful servant to do just phone
Courtenay Electric
Light, Heat and Power
Company Limited
Lcc<"3 L.r
Childi r-n 'a and M isi s sloi kings
in great vuiiety iinel prices at Silt*
-��� Twill Cylii tii r Indi   i   VIi tor-
���    foi ��� il   al the !���'��� ��� l V .i;.-..*..*
''   'f    Bul     '    nuilhi r  ar-
i i\'. .1 "ii Suudnj 's  bi nt  I
Mr  Wm   Duncan wat1 home from      Mrs, Marv Ami ;   iliiums,   ui
Victoria for  the week end, of the late John William?, win
Mrs, W. D, Stoker arrived home inerly owned  '1"'   :
from Vancouver em Sunday's boat.  ll|!:'1 a* Victoria, ai
were brought   here   foi   interment
Mr, (.'has.  Siiimis left for   Van-
in   the   Sac lwick    ce i   I i
lie in i  hcrl
-. hi I drive nl   '
l'leiv\ '         i
Itirdav  ��� \;;..   ;  isl
; uned. fl
,i Siitti
The young
Li 1 ii G ri
lady I"          ii    Miis
nt   ll
Mis.  Mi lie 1!
miscell meou.*
alii i.i;. uu  -S tui'dity
while   shower     Af
ten      i tea v\
indulged iu,
i; ��� i ; \ ed  and games
couver on Sunday and returned on ���,.,      ,
,.,   ,      ,       r ,   .        , 1 liursuay afteruoon
\\ ednesdav ol last week.
Lost ��� In Courtenaj between the "' Scott Port*
feed stores and the O tirl     t>    [J - the foli-wmi, -1- noi            tin    ivei
i I, Fort) dollars and some   -ilver ;" :' clu,) T��bacc-�� l'1-"-1'
Suitable reward lo finder   will   be] Miss Edith Crockett
given bj Mrs.  R. McDonald.
(leoi gi  Tarbell nnd   Miss   Tar-
Miss Barbara Crrcl   I'
Miss Maragrel >   ocj   ti
M ister James Ciod etl
bi II uttei led the automobile sho��
at Vani out r Inst, week reluming
nn Wednesday's boat.
The annual meeliug of  the Co-      Mr.K-C Erad     ���
mox Co-Operative Society will  be | new hon] cars b- u"
The ciils Knitting Club hel
suci' ssful Red CiossTerr and Knitting Bee last Wednesday afternoon
at ihc Agricultural Hall. A few
brave gentlemen turned out and
.skilfully wound wool, The booth
for homemade candy look $985
and thc fancy work booth ,'.23.65
During the afternoon a cushion do-
j nated by Miss Davis and a camisole
; by Miss Gibson were rallied, Mrs.
Millard winning' the* former and
Mrs. Roberts in the latter. A programme was rendered as follows:
' Songs by Miss M. Hodgsou, Miss
A, Carroll, Miss K, Duggan and
Miss J. Meuzies, Miss Amy Kilpatrick's dances were very much
enj"ryed. The net proceeds were
?6t. The girls wish to thank those
who donated sai dwicTi.es, cakes,
candy or fancy work, also for the
free use of the hall and lo those
who helped in any way.
If vou have any scrapiron, brass
or rubber to sell, see W. Douglas,
he pays the highest prices,
Lost- On Monday, March 19,
Jej'sey heifer calf about f-'.ii' months
oiel, solid fawn color. Finder please
communicate with R. U. I-Iurford.
For   Sale���Good   Garton   Seed
Oats all cleaned, per ton $43,   Also some hay and straw, baled,    Ap- j
ply Bridges Bros.
Ranch to Rent���Tenders will be
received up to April ist for renting
the   Russel   ranch.   Lower   Road!
Sandwick, near Headquarters, Ap'
ply to Mrs. Russel, Box 86. Comox |
Children's aud Misses stockings
in great variety and prices at Sut-
Go to McBryde's for quality
Notice���If you have any copper
Brass, zinc, lead, rags, bags feathers, rubber, write to the Canadian
Junk Co., 509 Johnston St. Victoria, B, C,
Sutton's seeds are RELIABLE
and it always Pays to get the best.
Write for catalogue. F. R, F.
Biseoe. Comox P, O, Also agent
lor Layritz Nurseries, All stock
propagated near Victoria, and acclimatized to Vancouver Island,
Thoroughbred! White^ Wyandotte
eggs $1.50 per setting. 1
Seed wheat for sa'e, blue stem
J. L, McGirr, Royston, B. C.
Wood For Sale���$4 per load cash
Teaming and carting done. L.
Alexandet, Courtenay.
lii'ld at the Creamery ollice on Mon
dav evening next
There was a good attendance   at
the Sandwick Presbyterian   church
ers last trip, lhe new 1917   .
sure a seller, Mr.  i ',111 le   ll 1
load of ears due t_ ai r: v ib
25th  which   are   all
eiier .iieeiei eviei*.   i leoi.v i.iimi    erueil e. u i .... .. , .
to hear Rev. T. Menzies illustrated I   "<f March sale  will   tuoi
'lecture on Ben Hur, double any Mar, n   Ies in th
I tory of the  Coiimx   district.
A dance will be held tu the Agricultural Hall this (Thursday) evening. The Ilo-Ilo orchestra will
supply the music, and a good time
i.s in store for all who attend.
This is Sock week for the local
Red Cross, Wool can be obtaiued
from Mrs. Parkin and Mrs, Fair-
bum, For those who cannot knit
a donation of 60 cents would be-
very acceptable.
In a letter to Mr, II. Scott Porteous, Pte, West says thai he had
recently met in England several
boys from here, including Sergt.
Iv Lindon. Pte, N. 0. Boden, F,
Camerau,   and   J,    W.   McCaun,
will be sold on terms to respoi
Anglican  Church  Notes
5II1 Sunday in !. tilt,   Maul    : j
1 1,00 a. ill. Hole CoUltUtltli  :
Matins, Holy Trinit) . Cumber!.
3.00 p, 111. Even ongatid Sei
Lazo Mission.
7.1 s p. m. Evensong an I
St. John's, Com ti    ty,
7.1." p, 111 St. Peter's Couiox.
7,30 p. 111. Iv-.. nsoi   . stud
St, Mary's, Grantham.
Intercession w itli   short     :       -
at St, Peter's. Conieix, 1 11   Tl
Sergt.-Maior Bates is   at  Virginia'days at 7.15 p. m. a��>' at
Waters at present. Com tenay, on Friday s at 7.30   j
Bakery and Tea lie era:
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The BestTand cheapest breid in tlie district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for 59 cts,    for 30c'c.,  ii for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
The baker of Better Breael
Opposite tli   city hall
Safty   First
Go to
For Fresh  Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
)&. w,u ;4iC_ y
Shepherd's   Breakfast
The Ideal Sunday Morning
Comox Creamery
55c per lb. this week
Chas. Simms
Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician
has just received a consignment of
suitable for Wedding  presents.   Wedding rings
always in stock at
The Squire's
1 _.('.���_ MaUntma, ����-  I <_._���
It had been opened by a tall fair man,
with a pnle-tlr held on one h.inel. The
hall door of the New Collage opened
straight inlo the hall sitting-room,
without which no house of iis type
in complete, 'flic hall was evidently
usi-el by Mr. Egerton as a s'uelio. li
had a gooel northern lignt Irom two
windows at lhc back. He had been
painting when llicy had knocked al
the door.
".Ah, come in," he said; "how d'ye
do? You don't mind if I go on
painting, elo you? The light is particularly good today. Louise, lhis is
Hc stopped suddenly, anil laughed.
The handsome, dark young woman
who was posing for liim, n veil o>
blue over her silken black hair, onc
arm supporting the sleeping child,
frowned. The man was so debonair,
so bright with his golden fairness,
that the Si|uirc rather wondered she
could frown.
"My name is lVIcyrick," he saiel. "I
live at Silverthorne Manor. Ami this
is my cousin, Hilary Strangways."
"Ah, delighted to sec you. 'lake a
chair. Louise, my elear, Mr. Mcyrick.
You've moved Susan's head a little,
Louise. Just wait till 1. settle it. All,
that's right. 1 always talk better
when I'm painting. You'll have some-
Despite llis prejudice against Mr.
Draper aud all his works, the Squire
conceded menially that the room was
a chaining one. It was plainly whitewashed, ami the floor was stained and
beeswaxed, a few rugs upon it. There
were low book cases around the wall.
A volume bound in parchment lay on
the round table within reach of Mrs.
Egerlon'a hand. It had evidently
been in use, for lhc pages lay open.
There were a few bits of good china
and glass, standing about as though
laid down carelessly; sonic bits of
brilliant Eastern stuffs; canvases on
the walls or floor, leaning againsl
chairs and bookcases. There was
something bizarre and delightful
about this interior. The color of the
loose garment Mrs. lidgcrton was
wearing���a deep Virgin blue, as you
-hall sometimes sec a night sky in
timiincr, wilh gold stars upon it, was
very beautiful. It brought out the
dark beauty of Louise Edgcrton's
face framed in the heavy hair���hair
straight as falling water���which hung
loosely about her.
"May 1 move, Leo?" she asked, in a
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W.     N.     U.     1145
plaintive  voice.    "I   want   Dolly    to
see io the tea."
"Vim  can't   move,"  said  her    hus
band,   "If yo\j   move   you'll   spoil
everything.   Polly was gardening out
ihere a minute ago.   It isn't often llic
light is so gooel."
"Let me go," said Hilary.
"If ymi will be so good," Lionel
Egerton, relieved, went on with his
painting, "She can't have got very
far, 'I lie domain is li ll extensive.
Iiii l tell her wc want sor*ic tea."
Ililury went wiih alacrity, lie was
mi lhe track of llic pink suii-b'inr.et,
Willi a pleasurable feeling of anticipation he followed tin: privet lodge
to the little opening. Then he taught
sight of her.
She was nol alone. She was talking to a man; and there was a certain roughness about the man which
aroused an unreasonable resentment
and repulsion in Hilary Slrangway's
fniiid. The fellow was not a gardener, llis air of easy intimacy forbade
the assumption, lie had apparently
been helping Miss Egerton���-if thai
was her name���in some gaidcniug operation, for the two Stood nide by
side before a newly-turned bed, and
llie man had a piece of string between
his lingers with which he might have
been measuring the ground.
Hilary had no idea how slim and
elegant he himself leiokcel as he cam-:
up llle garden path towards Ihem, Hc
glanced at the other man, a haughty
challenge he was unaware of in his
eyes. 'The. other man looked back al
him with au insolent expression
which he took no trouble to disguise,
He stood squarely where he was, with
an air of having a.s much right in the
place as Hilary.
"1 beg your pardon," Hilary said,
lifting his hat. "Mrs. Egerton aske-d
me to lind you. She s.-.iel something
about tea."
"I will come," saiel the girl, ami
lifted her eyes to Hilary Strangway's
face. She had magnificent eyes of
dark blue, wilh long deep golden
lashes. Thc eyes had a sl range look,
as though she were jusl wakening oul
of sleep.
"I will come," she saiel, nne! looked
at the man she had been talking to
as. though she were afraid. It was a
momentary expression. She turned
and walked in the direction of the
New Cottage. Thc man wilh whom
she had been talking, looked at Hilary with an insolent and challenging
expression. His eyes were .cllow in
the whites of (hem. Hilary, if he
observed the expression, did not notice it. Hc forgol the incident when
hc came up with Miss l-'ge.ton, who
was certainly beautiful lo look at;
.-ind the more beautiful for her eyes
b-ing full of sleep, and lhe iitrangc,
half-unwilling wav in which she:
For Dolly
Intimacy made, rapid progress between the Squire and Hilary and the
Egcrtons. They were Bohemians,
yet unlike any Bohemians the Squire
had met before. 'To her height and
(.Icildcrncss and her pensive beauty,
Mrs. Egerton added a lovely voice.
When her husband allowed her lo
sland up and move about, having deposited the sleeping child in a corner of thc sofa, she moved beautifully
in her wonderful blue garments. She
had taken off ihe veil and laid it
away, and had coiled her hair up will
a jewelled pill through it on lop eif
her small head.
"I am going to help Dolly to cut
bread and builty," she said, smiling at
Hilary. "Will you come too, Mr.
Would Hilary go? Hilary was onlv
loo delighted. He would have gone
anywhere at the behest of a woman
so gracious anel charming as Mrs.
Egerton, lie could not imagine that
Mrs. Egerton ever rould be anything
but  gracious and charming.
Dolly Egerton stood by a table iu
'In- toy kitchen cutting the bread and
butler with an absent air. Thc tray
hail already been set wilh its pretty
cups and sauccis, ils silver basin of
sugar and jug of cream. Thr' kettle
was singing ou a little oil slovc.
Everything was very clean and
bright. A canary was iu thc sunny
window, lhe deep sill of which held
a window-box full of narcissi and
their fresh green grasses. 'The girl
in her green overall, with a couple
of "wonderful red roses embroidered
at liie neck, where they seemed id
hold it together, was iu keeping wilh
the Arcadian kitchen.
"You are nearly ready, Dully?" said
Mrs. Egerton, and a coldness car.ic
into her soft, trailing voice.
"Yes," the girl answered dreamily,
"I was just about lo make the tc-i."
"Then there is nothing lor me to
do. I'd better go back, or Leo will
be fuming and will wake up the infant."
"Lct mc make the lea." said Hilary
eagerly. "You've no idea how well I
Viakc tea. I learned it at Oxforel. 1
can't  drink other people's tea."
"Yes. elo let him make the lea, Dol
ly," said Mrs. Egerton "I wonder V
1 shall like it I never like Dolly's
The girl kept her ryes down while
her sister-in-law remained.   Even an
unobservant person like Hilary began
to bc aware of some trouble between
tiie two.
"Dolly is always half asleep," saitl
Mrs. Egerton,
As joon as lhc door had closed,
Dolly lifted her eyes. Some of tiie
ileepincss had passed away Iron*
ihem. They certainly were glorious
eyes���something golden in the deep
blue eif ihem- stormy ryes, full eif a
capacity for passionate feeling, which
set Hilary Strangways lo ihinking
how she would look al  a man if she
loved bin1.
Her face brightened as she looked
at  him.
She smiled,
"Now," she said, "1 am going tir
watch you making lhc ten. I hope
Louise will like il heller than mine,
There is always something wrong
about my tea lo poor Louise. Aflcr-
warels yi'ni shall carry lhe tea in for
me, if you will be so gout, anel 1
shall gei on cutting bread and luiller."
She found llilll au old .-uina teapot iu a cupboard high up in the wall
to which she had lo stretch in order
to reach it. Handing il lo him Iheir
banets loitehed, and he was slruelc by
the hardncss.of hers, lie supposed
she had to work, poor lillle: thing. It
was a thousand pities she had lo spoil
her poor pretty hands.
He put lhc tea into the pot in reckless masculine: fashion, absolutely refusing to heat llie teapot, or act according to any of the: formulae. lie
had loeikeel critically at lhc lea in llie
till while he ladled il out; and she
laughed, a fresh, girlish laugh, wilh
the sleepiness geme from il.
"What's the matter with il?" she
"Where docs it come from?"
Mr. Draper, our    landlord,    who
keeps the village shop, and runs Silverdale generally."
"Oh, lhat ruffian!"
Again the girl's face changed, fl
was an extraordinary face for changes
of expression.
"I did not know he was a ruffian,"
she said, with a shade of resentment
in her voice. "He is a very worthy
person. Of course you w:ould not
like him here, in the country, where
you arc all such Conservatives.''
(To Bc Continued.)
Turning Breweries
Into Milk Factories
The Kconomic Result of Growth of
Prohibition in the United States
Prohibition is having an unexpected economic result in Ihe United
Stales. The closing of the breweries
as such has not destroyed their value
as factories, and they are being pui
to various uses. In Tuscon, Arizona.
one brewery was turned inlo a malted milk plant, and is striving for top
hole in lhis line. Another has turned to canning, a third inlo a creamery, and a fourth has became a refrigerating plant, A Denver brewery
has also gone in for mailed milk.
One of the important factors aboul
llie change is that the new businesses
employ three times as many hands
as thc breweries. Probably the economic side of ihc argument will
eventually Im.ve far greater weight
than the old-fashioned appeal to ethics or morals. Railways and banks
anil other institutions ate nol in the
least concerned about the moral side
of the prohibition question, but they
arc umeniniotis iu exacting prohibition among llieir employees, for the
simple reason that efficiency pays,
and when a man is paid for his time
the utmost efficiency is expected for
the money, even at lhe expense of
prohibition, It has been found lhat
there is more money to spend in retail purchases where prohibition has
been adopted, than formerly, ami this
had the effect of lining up llie whole
of the rei.iii traelc against their former chief competitor, Businesses
that have found their turnover Increased a third or a half, or even in
some cases doubled, arc nol anxieiiis
lo face a condition which would
bring back the Mel slate of affairs.
Thc legitimate hotel business does
not appear to have: suffered from thc
.adoption of prohibition anywhere,
anil while some houses have been
closed they were such as subsisted
entirely em bar receipts. The erection of new and palatial hotels in prohibition districts indicates lhat mine
host still perceives profits.���From lhc
Toronlo World.
"Robert," said his teacher, slernly.
"you are incorrigible. 1 shall certainly havc to ask your father to
sec inc."
"Better not do that, teacher," responded the: youngster; "pop charges
$_ a  visit."
Jock McKie,   a   bricklayer,    was
working ou a job, wiih an.apprentice,
In the course of the forenoon lhc
boss visited the job, and, failing lo
find Jock anywhere about the premises, decided to wait his return.
"Where have you been?" demanded
the boss when lhe bricklayer pill in
an appearance. "Gcltin' ma hair cut,"
answered Jock quite rooly. "And
how elan- vou gel your hair cut in my
lime?" "Wcel, distia it grow in your
Th. Difference
A good .vory against himself ia
told by llic Archbishop of Canterbury.
When he was a curate at Thirl-
ford he conducted a Sunday school
class in a neighboring parish.
The subject was King Solomon,
ami after thc lesson hc catechized the
"Tell uie, boys," he saiel, "what
was the difference between Solomon
and olhcr men."
There   was no answer.
"tome,  come,"    said    the    future
Primate,    "was  there any  difference,
for instance, between  King Solomon
laud myself."
A small hand wenl up and a (invoice replied!
I    "Please, sir, Solomon was wise."--.
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111. I ha 1 medical
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tried several special
foods, hut none of
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lie seemed just tki_ anel bone. He
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day I chanced tu bear of a baby's case
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iorne for my baby,
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I did. After a ItKS
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Specially valuable   for   irrir-rn .   _io'_��r��   and dnrinff Oi*
Critical  Periods of lUc.
Soiel by  Druggists anil Storekeepers ttKotiglKni-iuiadt-
Price.!  Oiro  teibn. 50 cenLs; ?ii tube* for tire price of five.
War tax. 2 cents per tube e-.tra
Sole Proprietors: Or, Cassell's Co., Ltd., Manoheetsr, _n*_i
A recruiting Sergeant stationed in
the south of Ireland met Pat and
asked him to join the army. Thc
latter refused whereupon, thc Sergeant asked his reason for refusing,
"Aren't the King and thc Kaiser
cousins?" asked Pat.
"Yes," saiel thc recruiting Scr-
"Well," said Pat, 'Tjegorra, I once
interfered in a family squabble, and
I'm not going to elo so again."
"Oli, you cruel boy, to lake those
eggs out of llie nest! Think ol the
poor mother bird when she comes���"
"The mother "bird's dead,  Miss."
"How elo you know that?"
"I scc it in your hat!"
Canadians wanted for the Royal Naval Canadian VoliintsMsT
Retcrve for immediate oversea* eervice,   Only men ef ���������sl
character and good physique accepted.
Pay $1.10 Minimum per day���Free Kit.
$20.00 per Month Separation Allowance.
Experienced mea froa 38 lo 45, aad boys frea
15 to 18 tecepted lor service ia Ike CANADIAN
NAVAL PATROLS (or deface el At Cents.
Apply to the Nearest Naval
Recruiting Station, or to the
Dept. ol the Naval Service
Sensitive Throats
Deed careful treatment
from within more than
they need bundling wraps
during changing seasons.
The pure cod liver oil in
i helping thousands to strengthen
tic tender linings of their throats,
Irhile at the same time it aids the
lungs and improves tha
quality oi the blood.
Throat Specialist! endorse
fleolLA Itosnit. Toronto, Out.
Tree Plan ling
-Hinting a Thousand Trees a Day by
A machine originally designed to
l-eilltntc the wink of setting out to-
���e-to and cabbage plants, is being
���eed lo plant trees In New York
State under the supervision of the
Forest Service. From 10,000 to 15,-
���00 forest tree seedlings are planted
bi a day's lime with ihis machine,
Tbe contrivance is of about the same
proportions as a mowing machine
���nd requires the services of three
-Ben and two horses. One man
sirives while the other two handle
the seedlings. In operation, lhe machine makes a furrow into which the
���mall trees arc dropped at regular intervals governed by an automatic spacer. As this is done, a pair
���I rollers replace lhe dirt aboul thc
soots, wliicli arc mechanically supplied with water and fertilizer. A
���urkcr draws the line on which the
���ext row of trees is to bc planted
*U the machine: travels along.
As a vermifuge there is nothing so
potent as Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator, and it can be given to the
most delicate child wilhoui fear of
injury to lhe constitution.
Britain Pieparing 20,000 Aeroplanes
Rear-Admiral l'crry, U. S. N., is
ftsponsible- for a very remarkable
statement concerning preparations in
Europe for extending thc scope and
power of aerial warfare,
"Developnieni of lhc aeroplane will
mean a revolution in travel and commerce as it has meant in "war," Rear-
Admiral Peary said. "Jn France
there are said to be more men in
the aviation service than arc in the
army of the United Slates, and in
Great Britain more than in our navy.
Germany is said to have 10,000 acro-
rlanes. Great Britain is preparing
jr an aviation army of 160,000 men
with a flecl of 20,000 aeroplanes. The
time is near when thc air service will
be more important than thc army
���nd navy combined. It is the belief
oi many statesmen that the decision
in the great war may come iu the
combined with
good judgment
counts in business
supplies balanced
nourishment for
sturdy muscles
and active brains.
"There's a Reason"
No change in price, quality, or size of package
Sudan Grass Pastures
Good Pasture Can    Bc    Maintained
During the Early Summer
Sudan grass is a quidt, sure, and
very nourishing pasture lor pigs and
i alves.
Last spring, quite late, I sowed
several acres broadcast, and in spile
of a very protracted drouth, the plant
made a remarkable growth. Hogs
and calves were turned m when I lie
grass was about three and one-half
leet high, 'the slock ale il ravenously, making a splendid gam. Alter the:
crop was well caleu elown, the stock
were transferred to another pasture,
and in three weeks the: second crop
was again ready for Ihem. lty having two lields, sowing one two weeks
before the other, and changing the
stuck from one pasture lo liie other
as thc crop is grazed, a firsl-dass
pasture can be maintained during ihc
entire summer.
My experience during the past two
years with .Sudan grass convinces mc
that it is one ol the most diouih-rc-
tistiug crops grown ciihci for hay or
pasture��� Exchange,
i ��..T,,si______l HubeenCans-u's
Aeroplanes  ready  fur  delivery  arc
ou sale iu a Broadway, New    Vork
favorite yeast foi
more than (ally
Enough (en 5c. lo
COMPACT "H produce 50 latge
��� ��� ��� loaves ol line,
made in Canada wholciome .our-
ishing home made breael. Do
not experiment, there is nothing
jusl as good. jt*^: "- 'vV
TORONTO, ONT.      X'lr^yA��
L ut/iNNiDrn i_r,Nii*i ai H'Uili,'.(/_'     Jr
To Every Woman
\ik Is In Pain
She Suffered for Two    Years,    But
Three Boxes   of    Dodd's    Kidney
Pills Made Her a New Womun.
Adamsville, Kent Co., N. IJ.������l.Spc-
cial)���"1 can recommend Dodd's Kidney   I'ills  to every  woman  who suffers."   So says Mrs. Williams, a well-
known and highly respected lady residing here. Mrs. Williams was a sufferer  for  two  years    till  she    used
Dodd's  Kidney fills,    She found in
them eiuick relief ami complete cure.
1 hat is why she is so enthusiastic in
her praise of them.
"My troubles started with a cold,"
Mrs. Williams states. "1 never seemed to get over the effects of it. I had
cramps in my muscles and my joints
were stiff. There were dark circles
under iny eyes which were puffed and
swollen. 1 had a bitter taste in my
uiouih and i suffered "from severe
"I lell heavy and sleepy after
meals and had attacks of neuralgia.
Heart fluttcrings and rehumausm
were soon added to my troubles. I
look just three boxes of Dodd's Kidney Pills. 1 cannot be too glad that
1 did so."
Every one of Mrs. Williams' symptoms was a symptom of kidney disease. That is why Dodd's Kidney
I'ills cured her.
The Bare Fact
A teacher askcel her class of children what a skeleton was. One little
fellow, Benny, 7, said: "I know; it's
bones with the people rubbed off."���
Christian Herald.
About Faco
General���"Why did you lose the
Captain���"The enemy attached us
iu our rear."
General--"! was informed that
they attacked you in front."
Captain���"Y-cs; but that was our
rear when Ihey got there."
Weakness Generally Comes   On As
Womanhood Approaches
A British Way
Jerome J. Jerome, the English author,  write3 of addressing an  audience of British soldiers returned from
the front, when he paid certain compliments to the enemy's valor.    Ills
auditors applauded.    If  he  had said
the same things to a meeting of civilians, he writes, he would have been
hissed and  hooted  from    the    stage,
Tlie Britisher in khaki fceln an obll
gatlon, often the legacy of forme- ex
pcrlence on ibe playing field, tn give
the    enemy,   the    opponent,   cridil
where crcelit is due him.    Frequently
it may be noted thai the spectator is
more  bill, ily    or    blindly    partisan
than   the   player   who   wears   his   enl   .
ors.    In  his official report'after the,
Jutland battle, it will    bc   recalled,
Admiral Jellicoe paid the enemy    an
unusually  warm compliment for his:
bravery at  one point  in  the conflict. |
- I Ittawa Journal.
Uiumy aud uuitfkiy cmcil ��-..,
Foi hulr by All Urnlen
Dooula* It Co, trov n   Naptate. Oat.
Book "Patent Protection" Its*
I'biuiniy Patent Offlce Examiner,   Esu.li. 1S77
Branches: Ottawa and Washington
Gentleman (giving alms to a beggar):. Now play mc a beautiful piece
on  your clarinet!
Beggar:  No, sir; I can't   play!    Ij
only carry the instrument to frighten
people!���Mcggcndorfcr lihuter.
It Will Prevent Ulcerated Throat���
At thc first symptoms of sore throat,
which presages ulceration and inflammation, take a spoonful of Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil. Add a little sugar
to it lo make it palatable. It will
allay the irritation and prevent the
ulceration and swelling that are so
painful. Those who were periodically
subject to quinsy have thus made
themselves immune to attack.
W.    N.    U,    IMS
Britain's New Problem
In spile of all warnings that it was
unwise in the extreme for wives and
families of Canadian soldiers to follow their husbands and fathers overseas, it is estimated there are now-
over 50,000 of these dependents there
is causing uneasiness. There arc two
disquieting views of lhc situation:
First ,the fact that it means so many
more mouths to feed in thc old country at a time when economy in food
consumption is essential; second, that
the transportation of these people
back to Canada at the end of thc war
will be n problem that steamship
companies confess themselves unable
to solve.���Loudon Advertiser.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Some Contract
"1 have conic here," said the angry
man to the superintendent of the
street car line, "to gel justice; justices
sir. Yesterday, as my wifc was gelling oft one of your cars thc conductor stepped on her dress and tore
a yard of frilling off lhe skirt."
The superintendent remainder cool.
"Well, sir," he said, "I don't know
that wc arc to blame for that. What
do you expect us to do? Get her a
new dress?"
"No, sir. I do not intend to lct
you off so easily as that," the other
man replied gruffly. He brandished
in his right hand a small piece of
"What I propose to have you do,"
he said, "is to match this silk."���New
York Times.
"Henry Clay was a great man,
"He war thot, Mullian."
"So great thot he had a cigar
named after him, Cassidy."
"An' a poipe, too, Mulligan."
Girls upon the threshold of womanhood often drift inlo a decline in
spile of all care and attention, How
often onc sees girls who have been
strong and lively become suddenly
weak, depressed, irritable and listless.
It is the: dawn of womanhood���a crisis in the life of every girl���and
prompt measures should bc taken to
keep thc blood pure and rich with
thc red tint of hcallh. If the blood
is not healthy at this critical slage
the body is weakened and grave disorders follow. Dr. Williams Pink
I'ills have saved thousands of young
girls from what might have becn
lifelong invalidism or an early death.
J'hcy are a blood-builder of uncqual-
lcd richness .strengthening weak nerves and producing a liberal supply of
red, healthy blexid which every girl
needs lo sustain her strength. Dr.
Williams l'ink I'ills have proved their
great value ovcr and over again to
young women whose health was (ailing. Miss A. Stemburg, llaileybury
Road, New Liskeard, Ont., says���"1
havc much reason to bc grateful to
Dr. Williams' l'ink I'ills as they restored me to health, if, indeed, they
did not save my life. In 1914 I began to feel run down, and the doctor who was called in said that mine
was a bad case of anaemia. I lost
flesh, always felt tired, and I got so
nervous thai I could scarcely hold a
cup to take a drink. My heart
would flutter alarmingly. The doctor did not seem to be able to help
mc at all and my family and friends
all thought that I was in a decline and
couhl not recover. 1 was in bed for
some weeks when an aunt came to
sec mc and urpeel that I try Dr. Williams' l'ink I'ills. My father got a
supply, and by the time 1 had taken
three boxes there was a noticeable
improvement, and from that ou I
steadily progressed toward recovery.
1 continued using the pills for some
time longer, and they restored mc to
my old time health and strength. I
shall never cease to praise this medicine, and to urge all weak run down
girls to give it a fair trial as I have
proved in my own case their great
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold by
all dealers in medicine, or you can
get them by mail al 50 cents a box
or six boxes for $2.50 from The Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Brockvillc,
More About the
H. C. of L.
Witli all commodities
soaring in price, it behoves
the buyer to look lor full
value in every article.
When buying matches
Their quality is beyond
question; but besides this,
every box is a generously
filled box.
Look out for short count
matches. There are many
on thc market.
Avoid imposition by always, everywhere, asking for EDDY'S.
Ca'nrrrial Deafness Cannot be Cured:
by   local   applications   as   the.   cannot   reach
the  diseased  portion  ol  Uie  ear.     There  is
only one way to cure catarrhal deafness, anil
that is by a constitutional remedy.    Catarrhal
Deafness is caused by an inflamed conelihon
of the nillious lining ol tlie   Ku ,u, lnail Trice.
When this tube is inflamed you have a ruin.
tiling sound or imperfect hearing, and when
it  is entirely  cloned,  Deafuess is  tlie result
Unless the inflammation can be reduced and
this   tube   restored  to  its   normal   condition,
bearing    will  be destroyed    forever.     Many
[ cases    of  deafness    are caused    by  catarrh,
i which is an inflamed condition of the mucous
I surfaces      Hall's  Catarrh  Cure acts through
: the blood ou the mucous surfaces ot the sy-i-
| tern.
,     We will give One Hundred Dollars lor any
I case  of   Catarrhal   Deafness   lhat  cannot  be
cured   by   Hall's   Catarrh   Cure.      Circulars
; free.     All   Druggists,   75c.
>'. J. Ul i-'NIiY & CO., Toledo, a
I     As thc oats in her hat nodded and
! trembled they persistently tickled the
| ear  of  the man  scaled   next  to  her.
j He stood it in silence for some time,
then he  ostentatiously  took a  huge
I pocket knife out  of his  pocket    and
began to sharpen it on the sole of hit
"Whatever  are  you  g-g-going    to
do?" gasped lhe girl.
"Oh, don't you worry miss," said
the man, testing the celiac of the
j blade on his thumb. "But tlie nexl
time as them oats gets in my ears
there's going to be a harvest."���Chicago Daily News.
Professor Fudge,���What do you
mean, Mr. Jones, by speaking of Dick
Wagner, Ludic Beethoven, Charlie
Gounod and bred Handel?
Jones���Well, you told mo to get
familiar with the great compasers,
If illness
a breach-
Board of Pension
Special Arrangements Being Made to
Facilitate Handling of Pensions
The Dominion Government have
appointed a Board of Pension Commissioners for Canada with offices in
Ottawa. As this Board wish to cause
as lillle delay as possible in dealing
with communications with regard to
pensions, they wish the public lo correspond directly with the Board of
Pension Commissioners, Ottawa.
A great deal of delay may be caused by communications being sent
through other Departments of the
The Patriotic Fund Association
and the Military Hospitals Commission have kindly consented to give
information and assistance to those
wishing to direct to the; Board of
Pension Commissioners. These societies have offices in certain localities  throughout  Canada.
In addition iu order to facilitate
the granting of pensions, the Board
is opening Branch pension offices in
Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, London, Hamilton, (���
'loronto, Barric, Kingston, Ottawa,
Montreal, Quebec, St. John and Halifax. All information with regard to
pensions may be obtained from these
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Troubles of an Editor
A correspondent has sent us an
incomplete poem with lhe request
that wc will finish it and print it.
Unhappily, our poetic license lias
expired and wo do not intend to renew it. Otherwise, we should bc glad
to comply with thc request.���Victoria Colonist.
On sale at all
Druggists and Store*.
With so thorough a preparation at
hand as Miller's Worm Powders thc
mother who allows her children to
suffer from the ravages of worms is
unwise and culpably careless. A child
subjected to the attacks of worms is
always unhealthy and w'U be stunted
in its growth. It is a merciful act
to rid it of these destructive parasites,
especially when it can be done without difficulty.
Artificial Milk
A process has been discovered in
England for the manufacture of artificial milk for human consumption.
It is claimed that a wholesome and
inexpensive substitute can bc made
from peanuts, soya beans, sugar, water, and thc mineral salts found in
milk. The milk so produced, it is
stated, may bc condensed and sold
in tins in the usual way or dried to
a powder and sold in bottles. It may
be given a certain percentage of
cream by the addition of cocoanut or
one of thc other tasteless nut fats.
The residual meals, rejected after the
special factors required havc been
taken from them, are mixed, dried
until they contain only ten per cent,
of water, and used as foot! for cattle.
As a curiosity, the "milk" thus produced would bc interesting. Thoush
it i* questionable whether it would
prove an acceptable substitute
Your Baby's
Cheerful, Chubby Children
Make the Home Happy
Weak., puny babies are a constant
care to tired mothers and are subject
tn many diseases". Out do not arlect
healthy children.
Keep ynur children in good health.
See that their bowels move regularly
-especially during the teething periud.
This is a distressing time in the life
of every child and the utmost pre-
caution should he taken to keep them
well and strong.
By the consistent use of
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
it is possible to avoid many childish
ll ills uow so prevalent.
Il is a corrective for eli.rrlicra, colic
anel other Infantile ailments. It soothes
the fretting baby and permits the
child to sleep well and grow healthy.
It brings comfort and relief to both
child and mother.
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
Makes Cheerful,
Chubby Children
Is absolutely non-narcotic. It contains no opium, morphine nor any ol
their derivatives. It is soothing, pleasant and harmless. For generations
mothers in all parts ot the world have
used it and millions of babies have
been benefited by it.
Bay - bottle today and
have it tusady
Relievo ud Protect Your a_l<__��
Slid b all dniggiils in Canada and
throughout lag nvtrld THE COURTENAY REVIEW
'*��     ;     .;  ii-el in kino's   speeches.   Unless
ins.*-, llu- ] - ople  u iii   H plnee   111:    %��� ..
\\hole  ��� '��� '-'in   hy   n   liettt r   niie'.
I iO\ ri lime nl Illll  I    In-    (leillt "l uli''-
��� mil nut imi 1 ie-il nn liv a Set    nl    lu
di victuals merely   jiuisqiierailiiig us
' demoei'tits,
.ii, l   on  is  \
\   A' ��� ���':-.-   \ ��� . ip ip n ,   I'ublslied  nt
Coui-teuiiy, ll  i .
N   li. I; ...s, lielilor nud Proprietor
Bullsei iptioil     I    'I per   \ i .ii    in   Aihrine
IT'IOitrill -'.' MAI*   22   1917
11    S. 01 uui  i  i, Kitten Iiii elt't'l  I
inli li I 'il   111.lib',   inn  lu |V|in'.,'ni    I his    I'iililio'     Iin* ;
rn: I lll��l'_ ih ll Im In n     .litl I'm'    il- j I n iliHtrtllU. Mini  in h n'.ill'ill)-   til" I
Uml in cerinill pail--   "i    lln-   pro    ,,.,,,1,11.1 , ur ,i, .   p.,,.,    ;v,|, |	
vn...'. tin.! until   li-uliic   in,-K-:i,i-s : 1 *>,, 1., C()    Whifh will '���"-'   .-J!"),-
'.'      '    ' '   i"1",'1"1"1 "' 11:111   Qiilu.in,, i'tih, Mills,   nl 1
feilCe 111.' llnllsi'il -.11 l|' nl llle'    I'Ollll .. -,,. 1        ' I        1  ',
, , ,   ,, 1     ,,, Iniii  million. 11 .- 1 ni.i'iy    lbivu In 1
tillowancfi,    Ai   presenl   this  nllr .       ���'      .      .'
I,,���l eilhei (trows thistles,   nr c���. inonts on im ml nl thtt   La-
l���,l,il, 0| Imiil      I'lin In tu  iirion il II n'.'i'i-
s mi-.l 1 iitlc.    In  Japan  Ihey ''"V ppnpln intun I   pun nn.,  tib-nii
1    roiid '������ inilli nn  in-' Niiiikh b  river
: 1  .       11IV   dl
'iled 1 loes   iiih), ci(.(      . ,   nm i'
I ��� iiiemiver  ,,��������� luivti nl 0 In 1 -   ..ml li.li.il   lo
���1"       '     I  ' ' ''   ''" '     U   lie   llllS     lie I-Ill.'l'
wInch 'n  I'JiG   ','..' ��� a
V ���,-..'���
, . ...      ���������'._.:-. ;___!-*-
,...'..a-.e-rc"-���'    '  '   ���''
iSSSSf/ it\ 'Ay
f ���' ���ngpsj[|rrf5-��rni.r��e*-.S!.-��'n--..r''*.' ,*,-.. ��� -.- -     -      _��� -,......   4   ^.1^
''       . '**^P "Kttt    '""U'   l'U'"''" a'"1      80'Ve    the
BEST        1 "high cost of living,"   Hut to got the ful-
s^KW' Wfyf lest value   Nuliiinent- more loaves to the
v   ._���������__    -'" *;ti 1*.-  good big In,nil.v  loaves  at   that���
,   || . |p ,  ,; ||,,.
I17,8i :      li led al .113,703
No   nilin'   ine mil ��� i'  tiliu
���,   ,,n7 ��;��.�� �� r-MliiB Ihu   imtuso uiucl. for
there wn. exported 108,199 bushels '"8 cntislliunno)', nml 11 is  Mile   m
valuer!   nt  $142,308.    These  are|8av ���llllt wl>��" elieliiii teittiinos
iit'iii'iiil Mr, (;luiiu'iilH  may  isuiiiil
mi the support nl' uv.ryuiiu' In Co-
sti iking figures. < lur fanners und
gardeners need have no fear of production overtaking demand, for tlie
evaporating plants on lhe I''ruser
need Ihem for the allied armies, the:
pi ie id eastern Canada will
lake ��� ii ii. The Stale 1 can never
lit",- snffi 'icnt, while im tralia and
-. -.1 ��� . Am a " icasional
purcli.i - 'i ,. When I : ���.. ir is ov
all Km :"' "in con
Mr.   Hugh   Stewart   made   his
maiden speech   hi   the   House  on
Thursday,    I Ie 111  ������.! lhe < hums of
There was an an a   of   logg   I
il!   have lauds there setei-.d thousand rimes
; 1   order  to  in 1 xtenl, nii'l ���      " '" ���ttidd roads,
ily 1 tc-ir 11    .       In fa 'I    11 1 v ! which wc ulu for   Lhe
11   to fo'loiv   the   lead   of pii-'pose,  he   believed,    This  pro
Ashcrofl   and   Cowichan  growers perty could be obtained nt   a   low
by pitttingLiip our p.T.iitoes proper- price from   thc  private   company
ly sorted and craded,   and  selling owning it, and   ns   there   was   no
ih 111, not as miscellaneous  nondc   crown land iu the vicinity   it   was
uiiL'it speecn   in   tiie   nouse  mi
iiirsday,    Me 111 ,-l lite< I lims ol : If-   ���  \ <t /���
aComoxValleyasascclim,   in.^ni,^ \    |fe
- Settlement nt iviuitieel holdiers 1 if
ipts sood, Ii id, or indifferent
but as Comox potatoes with a good
reputati 1"
I    ;
undoubtedly the mosl suitable pre
perty   which   could   lie-   obtained,
Mr, Stewart said Ll1.1l   lie-   was   in
.aster Neckwear
iress Goods
.. i Iv pay   day
iii sl 1       inploj menl of:
i    iin   .    In coi'.uecl ii 11
w civil  service   bill   he ,
-"���--���"- favor of a   lanel   .  lilcmenl   po'l'y
The comparativel-   bloodless   re- am. agriciiltur.'i'     1   lit-,   bu    'ie
v 1 mio 1 in Russia had to come, for i/eloptiieul wns hi id -red hi cruise of
111. sn       .1  till   pi opl     ��� ���  '/r;! ii i . :   1., -...;,,;,,.-   ' sled
sli       "fl        |n    1        ie     ro.r.er- j tli*_ Ioc lion ol .    ...
���''-'���    ft 11    '       -i: thai  operutcd powder lo >
ow    r ;i' nil .fearers,
l.i      red a I
"'ilh II     dom.   mc] rt
liu ; more seek in|i  1 >ricnl
ni'."i   ii. .:.".  ���',.���.1 in lh ���  countries  ,vjrrl ij
���' : ' I it bei     ves   0111   suggested that all present employees
h gi*, il .. i  provincial   .iii'l_ federal  be asked lo resign and till e exatni- \
alike, to mind    their   business of nations  before   being  restor.d   to!
lall'ig 1  r the good of the pen- hi      ;ivice.     He touched   to   some
pie,    I atri    -     . 111 . gi       niv     ol   .... ���  nt on ihc ii on and copper   01 .-
lo  ��� ",   fooel   pti e-s   Minnipul-iLinn possibilities of   Text-da   Island,   in;
must ceas", the public  health   and the  Comox   riding,    Me   thought
people's   well-being    demand fmiber   consideration    should   be
��� ,    ,: 11    than   ''.'!:i    r. given lo ihe   cuesliou   of   settlers
i. ' :yet  deigned   to   give   them,   rights on Vancouvtr  I land,    The!
!'���:;, politics  must   give   way   to returned soldi 1   problem,   he   felt
eh mer and nobler ideals, and such -sure, couldsafely   he   left   iu  the
problems as nneniployiueiit, poverty Innds of the  government  for   the
nnd   unfair   conditions   of   labour Isubmiss'oii of a   measure  to  meet
mast be dealt with and not merely  the- situation when it arose.
a '.     ioves
G. .: lents
Ea:Jbr" Novelties
( 1' IBERLANt)
**j��    -j;
Wool Has
:   .-*
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
New Spring Goods Now on Hand
McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
;3P eent
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
For   Victoria���11.35   Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni
From   Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,     Thursday,   and
Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction  with
train from   Port   Alberni,   and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10
For inf'rmation regardingjour trip to  Eastern  Canada, the
United States, or Europe, please communicate with
Phone R 60
Afcal Covrtenqr,
owing to the war- And is
still rising. Prices are bound
to advance but I have a few
very good suitings I can sell
you at last year's prices. I
am very busy but will still be
able to make your suit, Don't
forget your cleaning and pressing.   Ring up 38 R.
Tailor to Women and Men
Union Hay Road
A ccounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks  Beach  &  Field
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepated to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
roy.'.l mmiD
i i] -    .' im
Al youi  li '   '.    '   kfortlit Irlilcmark���tbe Circle "V
an tin: Merit
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
srler,  M||i-,
PhODe '������'.'���, Mini ol Bri',!;ic
���"""         J
_��� *�����*.?
"���'���"'������   V';;f-;���������;-
rv tn a *i m
rlAert*   **
Crown  and
ness E: r ;
I'i. bs Moderate Work G       nteed
.   ficc Open Tuesday, ." ni ary 9lh
_....,.-,;     ._ .       .   \    I/"'"''
----- ...
Touring $495 ;   Runabout  $475
F. O. B, Fori', Oj-t.
E. C. Emde, Dealer for O-     ; District
Auto, Launch,  Mt.tor Cycb,  Gas  Engine and
Bicycle Supplies,   Repairing, etc.
Phone L46 Courtenay
Speak Easily mi Directly
Into the Telephone
Even telephone men ol Ioiik experience arc surpriseel at the ({renter voice distinctness when spenkiiiKelirectly into the telephone. When
you soeak elirectly into the telephone, a lower tone ol voice can be used
anel your friend can hear easily.
Moreover, when you speak lower, the actual tone qualities of your
voice are transmitted. When you speak loudly you unconsciously
adopt an unnatural tone of voice, with the result that mnch of that
intimacy that should be associated with face-to-face talk is lost.
A close position to the telephone means easy talking ana easy
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
Sinless Soles Attached GRAND DISPLAY
Speechless Tongues inserted
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to I-Iardv & Iliscoe
Love and reason are seldom on
**P.9k^li*f *.r*"l!lS-.
Tuning and Repairing
Here about April 1
Leave orders at Review office
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing ol  Horse Blankets,   Lap
Uugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Ice Cream
Tobac cos
���Jwni,8 ���"������:' (?t-*n', r?*jr.e****y THE COURTENAY REVIEW
i -* :'i .: .
.,  ......
(UK   ,
kit r-_ t ���.
���". ' " ������"'��� ���*���
No rust can attack ::tc fine" because they aro so thor-
kgjj  oughly alumiiiized, and   hey economize nearly every bil
..;;,_,    i
���s__,ii__._r��:-.��ii!_JL,>.'i""*^^ ���   .'-nr.-    ..,..:. ���    :r.'��^-iiB��re:i-r__*_rW��<l-s__i
oi heat.
*9 *
������ ���
'   :���
J .'���ii   s   -'.   ..������
. .tt   >���    ...
Before you Invest in en new r?.njre let me show you the
Kooteni ��� ���    i s f ir s tving tin e and labor.
For     Ie 1 ' C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courti
��� ���''"'' '
er anywher
B. C. t
Pt'7 E_0
i       ������ -��� ���������
1  sfh^rfw.^z'ivz '"
mge*tm*am:t.m *.*s -iB-am-i*.^^
_C*5l.e    .     -    - ' -  *' '       	
Notice  of   Examination for
Assistant Forest Ran    ���
Prc-sbylerian Cliurch
Si- Andrews' Sandwick
Service - p.m.    Sunday School
ami Bible Class .1 p. tn,
Sunday School and  Iiilile Clas
10:30 a. in.   Evening service 7:30
p. in. All welcome
Kxiiiiiiiiiieioii ol applicants  lo  till llie
|>l>',ilieitl n( Assistant   forest K'Hll. T v'-'lll     _������    --
tier lie-lil   liv   llle   Lands   Department   ns       ~" "
Ml--- ' :   '" Campbell kiv.-r April I7lh. TWF^Fl.         V>V l\ Q $&
i.,,���,���������,,..-,- April 18th." '- Oii._i-.i-_*'       i  ___r_.il\_J___
Por iliforiiiiilion iTijaiiliiii!  llie exam- ,    . ,, .        ..
Barrister nm!   (solicitor,
illation anel a] plication   forms apply t"
' hiel .on iter, \'icti i-ia.
 i  -...- >,-,T.,,-,r-_i Phone (5
r. ������-.''"���_  . 1   V   .. 'k-n -- ���
IHI.-|iillll   lit ( 'Ol'l
Illll ill I'll       lul'    n     li
Olid of llll' llllltll'H    i
; i wll . ' i ken
.here lio re
h      I nrioil
wluit vague duties, are not  so well   was hit it
able to write   in   a   manner   thai   of nlu-ll al
Mrs, Bert Moore,   Convenor   cf w,,,,|,i    sufficiently   express   what  t,
the.-   Receiving   Committee   which ,,]ey rea\\y fee| toward you (as the
. sent comforts to the   102nd   Batt.,; j-.,,-;!iti���_��� *- for writing nre not of the
which were the resull of a  shower,j^ ltp in���the trenches,
bei I at the home 1 f Mr >. A 11 Boll, \    'flie parcels arrived 1 seven in all
early in   November,   has   received Lj. <"iflei.eut times, tlie first two   on
the following letters from Col War- Christmas eve,  and   the   last one
den and Sergt, Petch,   Col.   War* vesterday, the 6th inst,   Of course
you must know, and it is to   your
sorrow as much as it i.s to ours, On Swiday evening April ist,
that some of ihe Comox boys arc ���' ���.ln,,,i,���..! .,,>:, sp cial Praise ser-
i,���t with us now, but   I   am   sure  VK"
.    (     Cl,
Cumberland 1 [otel
Rood Accomodation      Cusine Gxcelleo
Wm. Mem-field
OTiCH 181-Il'lll'llV GLVKNT1!
lhe- ii 1 .*.L   tiiltins   "I    til'.-   I'i,llll nl
tii . ision mi   lln
,i; Palace Lively
\ d '    Is
den says: ���
"1 wish to expr ss to von, and
through you to the ladies of La/.o
rmel Comox, my very sincere thanks
for the donation of sox to tlie men
of my battalion. I can assure you
that they are verv grateful  indeed,
r. he'll nn illii'l" sl
mil bk-w i,im oiu .
that our thoughts are  with   them
Church.    The .sen i :e will   be  en
tirely musical and will include solos
pray for llieu'i, that God  will help .nw��quarh-
by tin
Snow is on the ground i  we  are tllose wll0 are now   |yj,,g   in   ]los.  ';>'ll!*' oiio-i ,   u,i
in ihe trenches ve .-   I    liiv a!'l��epi|als. sick and wounded,-aud grant ���~",,;'l;1v   (waster !���*
lime.    An nmtile  ;..    - of socks is Li  _ ,i,. ,.,.���_,������.,.  _,,.i .!,._,. cler s bacred  Canta
them a speedy recovery, and those
(��,l   the   follow!*!!;
.)   Maun-
Cantata   "Penitence
""-'" I that have-  gone to their last resting  Pardon, and Pence"'   will   besting
11   ll; place will always lav sacred   in onr  !'>' the.1<rh10lr/ " "' ';''"' ll'c ��.,'-ls'
ion, wn
��� increased to S' ni eighi-
l"'i Replies have also beeu received teenor t wen ly voices. It will be
rs from the following: remembered Hint this cantata  was
:el      Hill Holmes,   Ur.   Worthiugtoti,   Riven m   Courtenay   about   three
c.o Gage. C, Dolye.   M.   Burnett,  years ago by Dr. Crotiipton's  Glee
It was just about this  time  l"*-tjG. Thomas.   Guy   Smith,   Ronald  c
vear that we   fought the snow  at Stewart. J. Thompson,- Theo   For-  c
time.    An ample
verv necessary lo   kiip   il
free from ' Trench   Im el"
wostld 're impossible i
requisite number were  il   t
private contributions i u :'"��� ���
Many, many thanks foi I he
which has just arrived,
laid  Club,    It is a particularly beautiful
Comox.      We   thought   -.u-s-.-i\..--; ru,,0| Corp.   Lavili,   Sidney   Con
pretty uncomfortable then,  but the stab1c ��� . .
Spit would look  very   much   like      The Indies of the Committee de-      Editor Coiirtensy Review
home to many of US at present, the site t0 tl)allk those who helped   t0    . 1 hnve read wiiii lnteit.-.sl   the at-
more so as yctir kind work on  ��urmake tills affair so successful. ; '"'      *5.��"<"��es of  space
behalf makes us realize the many |  ..,.**.��_	
warm friends we have in that neigh
.Sergt. Petch says in part.���
"I take very great pleasure in
writing to you these few tines in
the hope that thev will, in some
way convey the deep sense of gratitude that I feel towards you all for
your exceeding great kindness to
me at Christuas, audi am sure that
 ��,..��.���_  ui the   Daily Province' for the iOth tieulars ttppi,
Corp. Alfred Jones came   homo inst, re Courtenay and Comox dis-  **''";
quite unexpectedly  on   Sunday's t!'icts'    It occurs to me that in view
bout.   Altliono.   his   coming-in of tbe many inquiries! am getting
quiie.lv precluded any demonftrat from E6?1?1* lm��*  \\l   l!ie   b,L,.lou:
J1,   ,.' '    , ,    ,'.     , ,, .    , zero districts which they are   tired
ion, his welcome by his old friends of aml want t0  make  a ch
was none the  less warm.    Corpl. that, this article would   assist   me
Jones had the distinction of   win- a���d other Land Agents, at the same
ning his Corporal's stripes on  tlm time benefit the district as a whole.
   field at St.   Eloi,   which   entitles if the City Council would give the
1 can not be doing wrong in writing him to the rank of   King's   Cor- Review an order to print  a   few
on behalf of my brave comrades in poral, and they can   only   lie   re- hundred copies,   with  a footnote
arms, who, owing to   their some- moved by order of the King.    He t',*t 'he Courtenay   City  Council
i have much pleasure iu stating that
it is no exaggeration,
Is, stul ....        ���      I'-en       ' -'; '���
tii'.-  iissi-.mii   at
h     i ten il        : ;     '       -"'
Dated il Courl :. ; tliii 20tli il iy ol
M irch, 1917.
\V,  -\.  iV   n.vMI'.~,
As es or
Tenders   Wai r._c!
'i'e-iiil'-es nu- ���e-.iiited f.er lhe' e-ultin..
111 i iillm:: in nl rei tain poi lions of Union
,i,i,-i hs liown "������ prolile on file at lli��
I'ile II ri .    I'i i- lull    articulars ii| ply at
 man ol llie Works
Committee. All I -n '��� rs must lie in lire
hands r,l the citj clerk oii oi before i;;ri-
nreliiy. llie oil day of Jlarcli, [917.
lowest or anv lender not necessarily
accepted.       .'
Dined nt Couttenav this 20th duv ol
March, 1917. I
City Clerk, f
Tenders Wanted
Tenders arc ivantecl by the eiiidersign-
eel for the dressing,  painting nnd erccl-
g of llie- cily flug staff.     I'oi bill | ir-
Term     ish,
also atteud   to     i ���.'
JAS.   CAIRNS  . ���'-'
Projn ietors
>ne t j
��� ..-..     _ ..
- -..       V '
h;    i     Ti
The Courtenav   Review
Family Herald and Weekly I  r
and lhe Daily Province
fo: one vear
I beg toJannounce that I have opened a Flour and
Fc d Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
Probably Cumberland would join
prices with Courtenay in this.
Win. Idiens.
Vancouver, March 17. 1917.
nth  da
Dated at Courtenay  tliis
March, 1917.
W. A. W. 11AMHS,        |
City Clerk ;
Publie Notice
NOTICH ii hereby  given that  irom
and after this date the provisions
of the Karly Closing By-Law   must  be
strictlv observed.
Dated this 14th day ol Mareh, 1917,
City Clerk.
Tenders Wanted
Annual   Meeting
The annual meeting ol the Comox
Co-Operati.e Society  will   be  held   on
Monday, April 2nd.
at 8 p. m.
in the office of the Comox Creamery As-  -~
sociation.   All the directors and  shareholders are particularly requested to be
The Blacksmithing Business carried on bv McKenzie & Mooring
has been dissolved. The business
will be carried on in future by the
undersigned, to whom all accounts
are payable. First-Class work is
still the watchword at this shop. J
TENDERS will be received by the undersigned up to noon on Thursday;
March _2nel. for the erection of a fence
on Mr. Uailey's ranch, lot 131, Sandwick
Particulars at my ollice. Lowest or any
tender not necessarily accepted.
Courtenny, March 15, 1917.
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
P*'o��e 9  Courtenay
Remember Pat Hooligan's entertainment at the Vicarage Comox,
Saturday evening.
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder COURTENAY
��� '��� '���������'       ���-��� ���    i uj ...._. THR    RflVTRW.    COTTBTNEY,
To hoal sores, does not mean to
Ileal ovor tlio outer sliln, only to
have liin sores brculi out again.
Iii'iii healing, iiii'.-iii.i going to tha
root of tlio trouble and curing from
tbf baser upward. That Is the way
Kiim Hull  heals, and that is why
*"uiii link emeu are tasting,
Zam-Buk, as soon as applied to
a Hor*, commences throe prooossai,
It riniiiiiem iim |uiiii by drawing out
tin- Inflammation, lii'ing a strong
|i iiiiiiiiiii, u thoroughly eloani-i
tlm tionj hy destroying all gsrmij
ami then by us marvellous healing
power. It promotes Uio growth ol
new, healtliy tissue, Ah tlm new
tissue gradually develops, it oasti
on' tho old, until tlm dlseastd patoh
lu rsplaosd by new, healthy ibwh.
Effected by this unique method ot
healing, Zam-Buk ourfla are thor*
oupii and permanent Send this
article  and   ler.   stump   fur   return
postage, to Zam-Buli Co., Toronto,
and we will send you a freo trial
British Ccolnesi in War
Portuguese Military    Attache    Pays
Tribute to Bravery of Our
The London correspondent of thc
Morning Post says tli.it    0 Seeulo
publishes an interview wilh the Portuguese Military Attache in London,
Captain L'crrcira Simas, who, at the
invitation ol the War Office, visited
Iher  Brilish front hist June,
Captain Sunns notes ihe eonetanl
superiority of the British artillery
over th.il of the enemy, and of the
British aeroplanes, of whirii he saw
Iwe-nly together, "like a flight of
great liinls," whereas lie searched the
heaven in vain for a German,
"Under fire, the soldiers," he says,
"have llieir hair cut, shave, wash, and
eptie-lly read the newspapers,   . Some
even sleep in ihis Infernal din. A lit
lie further on, whe're a hnrsc has
been killed by a pie-ci* of shell, two
Soldiers, pipe in mouth, are ramly
loading glial bi-iinis of weiud.    Al a'l
artillery observation post, established
in a very dangerous position In front
of heavy batteries, two artillery officers  are  makiti[_'  tlteir    observations
nud transmitting them by telephone,
A lliird, off duty, a lieutenant of
about twenty, was engrossed in an
English novel. Everything goes on
in lhc greatest calm, as if it were a
matter of some great manoeuvres.
The wounded come from lhe trenchers without a cry of pain ur complaint.
Never have 1 seen such indifference
towards death, such gaiety in the
midst of suffering."
THI NCW rumen RtMeov. N.i N-1 MA
Uirelin . reocl
Hospitals wits
I real luci bis, cuius chkonic weakness lost vieioi
fueiP.ksco eei BEEXstAM ST NKev vJlthorLYSlAN HR'ii
Vi , CO ll'.v;-, i-.errl.i) lueir-ri t'.AO LoteDOH BU*.
"   "     SAPP. AND
Bs.   in-,I   i, iii--   HARKED WORD    IIIKRAPION    It 01
f nl Wa p7o n p,ed ****
tHi��APiON a
Dc* Reirt?_l*s |
umui ON
And How to Feed
Mulled  freer  to iinr Bdelror-i by
tlie Author
118 West 3!.t Sheet, New York
The Soul of a Piano is the
Action.    Insist on the
Oi.0 Kigel Piano Action
2 and 5 lb. C.rtons--
10,20, 50 and 100 lh. Bags.
From "Ye Olde Sugar Loafe" of grandmother's day,
to the sparkling "Extra Granulated" in your own cut-glass
bowl, Redpath Sugar has appeared three limes daily, for over
half a century, on thousands of Canadian tables.
"Let Redpath Sweeten it." 1
Made in one grade only   the highest!
Bright Eyes
indicate buoyeint, health. When
the eyes are dull, liver and bow*
cis need regulating. Quickly
restore healthy conditions with
a dose or two ���in time���-of
���-._ .vile nf Any Medicine in lhe World
_-,(.-!u r-vcryv.}iere.   In boxt-s, ZSc,
A ��� i >-. tillable regutatlnt medk
r'rtr. Sold in Hirer, degrees "I
strength. No. 1. $1 ; No. 2, S3:
NO. 3, $. per box. Sold by nil
druggists, or sent prcpnid In
plain package on receipt ol
price. Free pamphlet. Add ma
i orontc, Out (Fotmrrty Wim-WrJ
_  !;\ !,-,- CUTTER'S DUCK.E- PILLS
��__   I.nir.pflce.il,
:._   _c_i Ir**-''-   fe1'*' 'fl
������** &** ,,..i.���.,ii--
*��� fi I;:;.,i:''V;_i"
{*-..* ��� t wltpro otlltf
._ vseiiiufs mi.
ty'  Well- lo, I-,',!:!, I sndlMli IMl ll -
10-sli>-e P'e;.. :.l.!rl.l_i; r.lis.  .1.00
SO-das. phE. BtsrJelPC Pills. *���: Ull
thi Cutttr trtofiliry, Birtriw, ciiifiinn ))
tormy, blustery weather
wliicli we have during February and
March is extremely hard em children.
Conditions make it necessary for the
mother to keep them in the house.
They are often cemlinerd to overheated, badly ventilated rooms and catch
colds which rack their whole sys
tern. To guard against this a box of
Baby's Own Tablets should be kept
in thc house and an occasional dos
given the baby to keep his stomach
and bowels working regularly. This
will not fail to break up colds and
keep the health of the baby iu good
condition till the brighter (lays come
along. The Tablets arc sold by medicine dealers or by mail at ... cents
a box. from The Ur. Williams Medicine Co., Brockvillc, Ont.
He Couldn't Believe Ii
''We were told you conle: not
light," said llie German waiter, "but
il was very otherwise, f never would
haver believed thai you English could
have done it." With English read all
the rest���Scotland, Ireland and
Wales; Canada and Newfoundland;
Austral!-, New Zealand, Soulh Africa and smaller contingents from the
oeld nooks and corners of this Empire not forgetting many a young
American citizen who has "violated
neutrality" in a sense that sings to
the soul by sharing battle and death
with us in the right cause and thc
strongest uprising of free men that
war has known.--London Observer.
Manitoba Seed Exchange
A seed Exchange Bureau was organized a short time ago by the. Field
Husbandry Department of Manitoba
Agricultural College, with the idea of
accepting samples of seed representative of lots that farmers won11 have
for sale, and, after testing and examining them for germination and purity, lilc them for rcfrence and supply
to any suhscnucnt enquirer information as to the names and addresses of
fanners holding such seed for sale.
A large response has been rude, and
the college is now ready to supply
lists of growers of good quality seed.
Minard's Liniment Cures   Garget in
Trying lo Smooth It Over
Judge���You are accused of assaulting your husband.
Defendant ���1 admit hilling him
your honor, but lhe weapon 1 used
proves that I did il more in sorrow
than in anger.
J mine--What did you hit him wilh?
Defendant���A sad iron, your bon
lir .lu' 'ei I'M', iiv.rceime 'Mmlilverly. e inr
nmiiral I'l.lhinli |te'rmune'iMly riwleiru
Ilieleiiul ri,i.t*i li. l.ia.leiieir iMiplUeyery-
Wlli'tc.    In-.-iiil.leo mul Ilit-i.iiurc.
KIT..H1-N1'.I~.      -      CANADA	
Not Wanted
Clerk���These   goods    are
hand-made, madam.
Customer���Oh, i don'l want any-
lliing that's been pawed ovcr. It's so
Bertie (whose motor had broken
down and who is compelled to ride in
a trolley)���"Bah Jove! I had no idea
these affairs were so popular!"
A l'oe to Asthma. Give Asthma
half a chance and il gains ground rapidly. But give it repeated treatments of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy and it will fal) back even
faster. There is no half way measure about this remedy It goes righl
to work anil drives asthma out. ll
reaches thc inmost breathing passages and haves no place for the
trouble to lurk. Have il by you for
ready use,
"So Peggy's grown up and got
married? What a romantic child
she was and how she used to talk
about marrying a title."
"Well, she did."
"You don't mean it? What is she
now, a counter... or a duchess?"
"Neither; she's a i.oal-baroness."
llis Second Childhood
" the  idea of her  maryiug a maa
in the evening of life like old GrutU-
"The evening of life?    lie's fiirlhe.f
along than  that;  1   should  say  eaily
in the next morning."
No one need endure the. agony o!
corns with llolloway's Com Clin at
hand to remove tlicui.
The Wrong Man
The citizen gazed helplessly al lhe
piles of drifted snow that lay on the
sidewalk iu {rout of his home,
"What would you take to clean this
walk?" he asked the first man who
came along.
"A shovel, mister," responded the
fellow as he plodded ou his way.
"Hey, what did you go and sell
them apples fcr?"
"Ain't they for sale?"
"No. Them ivas thc samples we
take out to our automobile custom;
ers."���Columbus Citizen.
She Had
Edith    i lav c yon ever
deep-sea fishing?
Ethel   Well, I became i nga
an ocean liner.
Jone   any
Miiuerd':. I.inimeiu Cures Distemper.
The Breaking Dawn
Wr look forward with hope across
the immediate future of trial, of suffering, nl losses which must still for
a while continue, towards the edifice
of future international peace and
frcdoiu, whose outlines at lasl shine
biigli! and definite through the
mists r..f th.- breaking dawn.���-London
When Your Eyes Need Care
Cue Murine* U-nMrclicine. MeiSmaftleig-Feplt
Hie-Act-i e^���|,.|il_v. Try It ti.r Reel, Weak,
Scire Irw.s n.ii.1 (irrsiMil.-iiril K.relleln. Murine ia
rompunrHr-tl by our OoilllslH***-not a "Patrol
Practice fur many yean Neew dedicated to
the Public and s-.-d by Di eifrgi,.!.- at fiOc per
Bottle. HlirlliK r.��e Halir in AsepticTnliea,
He and Wc. Write for bnolt ot tlie lye Tree.
M-rino tg* Itemed. Company Chic-go. _.U-
The Nova Sr.oli.i    "Lumber King"
| says:
"1 consider MINARD'S L1NI-
MENT lhe best LINIMENT in use.
I got my loot badly jammed
laately. I bathed il well with MINARD'S LINIMENT and it was as
well as ever nexl day.
Vnurs very truly
A inn sine: l��-ltle- advertisement
concludes with the words: "When lhc
baby is done drinking il must be unscrewed and laid in a cool place im-
eltr a tap, If the baby .Iocs not
thrive e.u fresh milk it should be
A Purely Vegetable Pill.���The chief
ingredients of I'armelec's Vegetable
I'ills arc mandrake and dandelion, se-
dalivc and purgative, but perfectly
harmless in their action, They cleanse
and purify and have a most heallfiil
effect upon the secretions of lhc digestive organs. The dyspeptic and
all who suffer from liver and kidney
ailments will find in these pills the
most effective medicine in concentrated form lhal has yet been offered to thc suffering.
W.     N.     U.     1145
Fewer Jap Divorces
Half of the population of Japan is
from 20 to 65 years old, and one-third
of the entire population is married.
The ratio of divorces for every 1,000
population has decreased in the last
generation from nearly .! to 1 l-'l; but
even at present it is a source of deep
anxiety on the part of lhc unmarried
statisticians.���Christian Herald.
The Three Functions
of the Liver
1.   It manufactures the bile essential in the
process of digestion.
.2.   The starch and sugars derived from the
food are stored in the liver and sent to
the tissues as needed.
3.   It detects and destroys poisons.
Dire Results of
From tho standpoint ot
health man's cardi-_.l sin
ia overeating.
The digestive system can
look after a certain amount
of food, but when continually crowded the food mass
is delayed in the alimentary
canal and what is not digested ferments.
In other words, this food
spoils or rots, and poison
ous bacteria are given off.
It is the duty of the liver
to destroy these poisons. Il
usually succeeds, but after
a time it tires, increase!! in
size from overwork, and
finally fails,
What Failure of
the Liver Means
The poisons then hurry
through the liver and into
other organs or tissues.
Then you have torpid
liver,    indigestion,    head
aches, bad breath, bilious
spells and irregular action
of the bowels.
This condition is described as auto-intoxication, or
self-poisoning by food.
Cirrhosis of the liver follows. Complications set in-
Bright 's disease, hardening
of the arteries, apoplexy
are natural developments.
But these conditions do
not come on you suddenly.
Tou have months or years
of warning.
How to Get the
Liver Right
The thing to do is to keep
the liver active and the
bowels regular by use of
such treatment as Dr.
Chase's Kidney-liver Pills,
and you will then run no
risk of such serious developments.
This medicine acts directly and specifically on
the  liver.    By   promptly
awakening the sluggish
action of this all-important
organ a good flow of bile
Is ensured. This is poured
into the intestines, where it
acts as Nature's cathartio
in keeping tht bowels
Prevent Host of
Such a multitude of ills
arise from sluggish action
of the liver, kidneys and
bowels that Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills are considered a household necessity wherever their merits
are known.
By all means regulate
your diet to your needs.
Then remember that
when your liver does get
wrong and threatens to np*
set the whole digestive sys.
tem Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills will afford quick
relief and prevent all serious complications.
One pill a dost. 85 cents
a box.
"Why didn't Rastus marry dat
Coopah girl?" "Oh, she done flunk
at rlc. last tnlnttte���-wouldn't lend him
a dollar foil t' gil de license  ���if."
Kidney Liver Pi I Is 4
Britain  Accomplished  in  Thirty Months What Took Germany
Thirty Years To Do, and Without Previous Preparation ha**
Done It Morc Thoroughly and on a Vaster Scale
From Sunlight
Many Scientists are Working on Thin
Interesting Problem
Harnessing lhc energy of sunlight
is no new idea. Many scientists the
world ovcr have fur years worked on
this fasi inaling problem, you know
that on a clear, sunshiny   day   the
Mill's rays heat down Upon every
Square inch of your head with enough
energy to light a one-candle power
nil login-lilled limgsicn lamp. This
is equivalent, to .107 horse-power, or
124.58 watls per square foot per minute. And we are making no use of
this energy.
It has becn discovered lhal sunlight beating upon copper starts a
current of electricity. Justjiow it
docs it is a mystery, but during some
experiments in Florida, Theodore W.
Case has succeeded in building cells
which harness this electricity and
from which the current can bc conducted lo storage batteries. In describing this unique apparatus the
Electrical Experimenter says:
"Imagine a solar generator resembling a miniature hot bed, like those
yon sprout plants in, placed on your
roof or in your back yard, and under
lhe glass, instead of dirt, a scries of
electrolytic cells, thc whole machine
arranged to revolve slowly as to be
ai right angles ai aii times io  Uie Women to Marry by Proxy
sun's rays."
The light strikes the ouler plate,
which has previously been oxidized,
Imi ihc Inner plate remains iu darkness and behaves like ihe zinc plate
nf aii ordinary battery,
A cell 3x4 Inches gives 1 HI of a
voll and aboul I 2,000 of an ampere
in sunlight, li several cells he con-
iri-i ted iu scries ihe voltage increases;
if several In- connected iii multiple
lhe amperage increases,
r.reclmte   Mills,   P.Q.
"I was troubled lor many yean
with Kidney Dlscrme, and a frieud
told me to take DIN FILLS.
After taking a few boxes I waa
greatly relieved, and r-Uerr llnlsiiiiig
the twelfth boi the prrin completely left me. My wife Is now lming
Oin PUls and finds tbat she has
been greatly relieved of tbe paiu
over her kidneys. I cau safely
recommend any one sufloring from
Sidney trouble to glvo a fair trial
Thomas Stephenson."
All druggists sell Gin Fills at
60c. a box, or 6 boxes for $2.50.
Sample free If you write to
Toronto, Ont. 67
Australian Women Arc Nol Going to
Take Any Chances
Premier Hughes has introduced a
lull iii the Federal Parliament of
Australia making provision for wo-
nii'ii domiciled in Australia lo marry
soldiers sit lhc fronl by proxy,
The bill was desired by several
Australian wdincn'a organizations
on the ground lhat llie- duration of
lhc war was greatly disturbing the
normal course eif engagements. It
was argued that prolonged absences
made for uncertainty, and thai immediate marriage, where desired,
would make lhc position uf the woman secure anil entitle her to the
usual separation allowances.
Very many hundreds of Australian soldiers have married
girls while in England, A desire
was expressed also by soldiers, who
did not expect to be away from
home so long when they enlisted.
The example of the French law- was
much quoted iii the controversy.
"1 wns bioughl up e
ri a farm
I'm glael of it."
"You bet vour life.
ct I
think I'm working too
hard   I
stop and think oi thc
time whe
n    1
had to get up at 4 o'< 1
n-k and
like a slave until darl
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One of tiie mosl eloquent Irihutcs
paid by a neutral writer to the part
Ureal JSiilain is playing in the war ii
contained iu a recall issue of the
Boston News Bureau, which ia reproduced in the Wall Street Journal. The
writer says lhat all the wonders of
lhc world, ancicui or modem fade
when compared with v.hat Britain is
doing today. A commercial nation of
not .10,000,1)00 people suddenly summoned lo arms where no arms existed has produced a bigger army than
lusiory ever before recorded, and a
war machine in Europe that for
wealth of shell, explosive and war
power is the amazement oi the Ger-
nians. Britain has done in thirty
months what Germany took thirty
ycais to do, and she has done it more
thoroughly and on a vaster scale.
Withoul an English airplane engine
capable of circling hi r own islands
she has vanquished the boasted Zeppelin and is the mistress of her own
ikies. With submarines by the hundred threatening her coasl defences
and her food supply she has swept
all oceans, bottling the German fleet,
with the exception of an odd raider
like the Mocwe and the vessel that is
now preying upon merchantmen in
Englishjthe .South Atlantic. She has made:, as
the writer says, "the English Channel her multiple track ocean railway
lo France, with no loss by Zeppelin
or submarine; (ought in Africa, in thc
(.'anal, the Dardanelles; grappled
with lhe Turk anel the Bulgar; changed generals and admirals in command; changed cabinets; fed the armies of Prance; maintained the armies and the governments of Belgium and Serbia, and altogether advanced three thousand million of
dollars, or three limes thc national
tlebl of the Uniled Slates, lo her allies."
This is admittedly some considerable achievement    for the    ''ice-cold
haberdashers of tire Thames."   VVhil
the United Slate, has been trying lo
5 I lind out how to make military rifles
3 j in quantities and has unfilled orders
3 j for them amounting to hundreds of
S millions of dollars, England has been
B  making rifles by the million for her
3 j self  and   her allies,  cannon  by    the
3  thousand, boots and coats    by    the
3   million lor herself and her allies, and
J! I what seems lo    lhe News     Bureau
3   writer most wonderful of all, she has
S | done all liu'.*:, is doing it and is pre-
5. pared  to go on  eloing it while    her
3 j manufacturing, her    trade    relations
5!.'nd her overseas commerce    remain
S unimpaired,     She has    gabbed;    he
S  says, the trade of the world, so thai
S | her enemies arc struggling on    half
31 rations, with food, rubber anel metal
ipplies cut   off from    the    outside
world except as new territory is taken.    This combination    of war   anel
irade achievements by Great Britain
was never before dreamed of.     Two
years ago nobody imagined lhat the
war cost  to Great  Britain  would  be
more than five or six billions: today-
it is twice that amount, anel    Great
Britain  is  preparing    lo    double    it
Each achievement seems to be the
*:riprcme marvel until thc next one is
considered,   but   the greatest
of Britain after all war, in her
_ i al  spirit.    The Britisii lion  \i
gjgnrded as a mere bag of trad
3  whelp of lhe seas before the
~ I gao.   The Prussians could   c
3 I upon the wealth of Britain
S  take toll of her guns ,eiul   hi
S | Outside of her wealth and h
S  she was considered of   no
3  There was no way by    whic
S I could  calculate upon the son
S  has been waked by lhe war, ll
5 j Bureau says: "It is fighting
3 day anil gelling madder eve
3 I ntc.    The stigma and insults
3|dit and honor from Washing!
3 | increase the resolve of her pei
Si their faith in the Invliicibilits of the
3 righteous cause,   For this lhcy   are
3 willing to pledge everything in sacrl-
3  lice ror justice upon the altar of llnir
31 battle fires,   To what martyred souls
funs back this heritage of noble spirit only the historians of   the future
may attempt  lo answer.    Il   i*.    this
spirit which is lhc deadliest    enemy I
that Germany- has lo reckon wilh to-1
But with the spirit and with the)
wealth that has staggered the world'
something yet remains, if an e .plan-1
anon of Britain's tremendous output!
of war munitions is lo be given. |
'Twenty-live years ago tlie machinery
of England' stamped out the
nous for many others.    She was the
ordnance maker of the world.     'Then
Germany loomed as her rival, and by
means of government bounties, cheap
er labor and  English free trade she
finally put many an English industry
3 oul of business, and only in ihe manufacture of her great naval guns eliel
3   England retain  her    old    supremacy,
3, But the foundations, in metal workers and thc old factories in lhis business   had   not   wholly   disappeared
when  lhc  war  storm  burst,    and  il
I was upon    ihese   almosl    forgotten
| foundations that Brilish   spirit    and
British wealth reared anew her    old
metal industries and transformed
ihein into munition plains. This is
not, as the. writer says, a fight between armies; it is a struggle between nations, lend in England ��� very
man, woman and child i* dcvol d to
only one object, the winning of th*
The writer calls attention to :h*
fact that this is not merely a struggle between the finance, thc metal
and the soldiers of iwo rival groups.
li is also a su-ugglc for economic existence in order that the fighting for"
ces may be increased. Germany was
lhc first of lhe belligerents to realize
that war power might be increased
by cutting out luxuries; but England
has grasped the fact and she is prepared to go as far as Germany or
even farther in denying herself anything whose consumption mighi -relay the cud of the war. The Hriiish
people are organizing in clot.ing,
food, drink, the discarding of unnecessary comforts, increase in the
energies and hours of labor and the
mutual burdens of all forms of taxation. And the nation will be better
for it after the war. As Lloyd George said, the nation has been in training. Whatever the war debt of the
Empire is when the tight is over, it
will be easily dealt with by people
who have learned the lessons that
the English people are learning and
who wiil not forget the lessons; yet
thc writer quoted says that while the
world is coming into a new civilization, the people in the United States
appear to have little comprehension
of the issues and the economic results that must inevitably flow there-
The Tractor Farm
: ���*
is    re-
and a
.-ar be-
I. ulalc
i gold,
r navy
��� Mews
lad lo-
.' inin-
fo cre-
>n only
le and
Tractor Slowly Taking the Place of
Horses for all Kinds of F-na
The tractor can completely supplant the horse for all work on tie
farm only when the farmer ceases t.
think of work in terms of horses and
begins to think of it in terms or engines, in the opinion of VV. H. Sanders, instructor of farm motors in the
Kansas Agricultural College. U the
farmer demands it the designing engineer will construct engines to da
every task which lhe horse does today.
"Just as horse power in the pajt
has supplanted the man with the hoe,
so in the future the tractor will supplant the horse," says Mr. Sandere.
"It took man many years to realize
he could greatly increase his cnirci-
ency. Today few men realize that
lhe tractor is slowly taking the place
of lhe horse for all manner of fara
work. It is replacing the horse for
thc same reason that the horse replaced the slave���it is more efficient."
The advent of the tractor, believes
-Mr Sanders, means changes in the
methods of agriculture just as the
working of hor.es has meant changes
in methods since the work was done
by skives. Next spring, at least three
traction companies will place upon
the market engines designed especially for_ the cultivation of rowed
crops. This is an indication of the
trend of progress in the manufacturs"
of tractors.
No Need To Rub!
FOR stiff sore muscles appl*>*
Sloan's Liniment to the pain
or ache, it quickly penetrates
and soothes without rubbing.
Rheumatism, gout, lumbago, neuralgia,
sprains and bruises are quickly relieved by
! its use. Cleanar and more promptly effec-
out the coinage nve than ���^y   ]astcr, or olBtm'en��� *,
'���������"������������   "'!l'"!!'  ���'""  "'���"''*  ''ie M.n-1 does not atafTlhe skin or clog the pores.
The family medicine chest in thousands
of homes bas a place for Sloan's Liniment.
At all druggists, 25c. SOc. and J LOO.
"'    K/LLS    PAIN
W.    N.     U.     1145 THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Conservative Meeting        serious objection from 1-ibeials or
Conservatives,   1 le- paid ti Iribule
  - tu the- noble  work  llie  women eif
the country were doing tu the way
II. ,S, Clements was in town on of sending comforts to the soldiers'
Tiie'sday anil addressed h public Thoy had also collected upwards
mooting iu the ovoiiinv, Owing of 850,000 tor Red Cross work,
to lln; stormy night thorc were nol Hu said that no real graft luul oc-
very many |iii'!-i'iii. [n appologiz- euried in llm spending of the war
ing I'm- llu- weather, lhe uhiiirnian , funds, We are better nil' in Ca i
Dr. Millard reminded the riritur. inthi than in uny spol in the world.
tbat this was only the 51I1 or (1th Many were nol doing iheir full
bad day we had had since last S'.'p- duty, We Bhould fighl ur pay.
tembel', The t'niuitry was noi going to the
On rising to speak Mi'.Olenieui bad oven in these war times. 11,C.
noticed Corpl, Join's in the audi- had the greatesl future if any
encu and invited liim to a seat on place in the Dominion, He also
tlie platform amid  great   applause 1 touched upon the   legacies uf lebt
Mr. Clements aid Cuiiitenii) the late Government had left for
was an ideal spol and he war- al- settlement, in connection with the
ways pleased to come  here.      He G. T, 1'. Ry., etc,
was e-pecially pleased lo see the
ladi< b prestnit and hoped that 111 < -*v
would see Clfal their names were
put on the  voters'  list .11   soon us
The annua] tne'i'iino; of the C<"i
Bervntive Asseciatiou which wns to
have iri'e'ii held iinmediatelv lifter
ihe ineetiiiu   �� us   posl j om -1 to a
)Ossible.  Some legal lights might  future date wliiuh will   be named
by iho execulive.
Corpl.  Join's und   I'ii',   Perrot
also bad a few words to say.
say thai the' ladies could not vot"
in Federal elections, but t'-ey usually used tlm Provincial lists, and
thought tlm Govt, would allow
them tei vote.
Mr, Clements said he was what
every one else Bhould be, a Conservative, a Canadian and a lii-it
isher. These three always go together. In referring to the gallant record of the 102nd he said
he was proud to have " fathered "
the Battalion, and when its history
was written they will bnve many
honors to iis credit. He hoped
they would all return and express
City  Council
The regular meeting of the conn- j
cil wag held on   Monday evening,
Present,   Mayor . cKenzie,  Aids.
Aston. Anderton  McNeil   Brown.
and   Leigton.
The minutes of the last meeting
were readjand confirmed,
A communication was received
from Auelitor Griffiths enclosing a
copy of letters sent to the Electric
Light Co. asking for particulars of
certain items.���Received.
ed  sympathy  with   the   bereaved
Vor the past thousand years Hi it *   . U'ro-v c��k(:ll=V submitted a plan
ain had stood for liberty and when
Belguim was being trampled on
she had stepped in. When the
Dominion (ivst offered aid lo the
mother country we had but 10,000
men, within six weeks wo had
sent 33,000, a record to be proud
ot. While the Premier bad pled-
geel 500,000 nii-ii, we have sent
375,000 across,and about 100,000
were now in kahki in the Dominion and 50,000 will shortly be
called for home defence, Tbe war
had already cosl $850,000 and the
government was ' spending one
million a day,   and   there   was no
showing the grade of Union stre.t
from the Cumberland road to the
railway crossing���received,
II. Stewart M,"L. A. wrote ask-,
ing if the Council had  anv recom- i
mendation to make re   changes in ;
the Municipal   Act.    The  Council
will hold a special meeting to consider the   matter,   and   note   any I
changes they think will better   thc
working of the Act,
W. Robertson, stationery $23.85 I
Electric Light Co. 5.*.46 .
Dept. Printing and stationery 2.75
Telephone Co,                        7.30
J. Tliopmson                        3 50 !
Gents' Furnishing Store
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Hart, Schaffer & Max Clothes
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. ...  '.Mi... ���-.-,',..;.
. .  ���:������__���.: -__*: l__._.".sd' *-*.?_.:.'* ":_i:_:r-_ri':'::,:L:r HT&nsams
tt- -7- o
I AM assured that
my people will respond to every call
necessary to the success of our cause-with
the same indomitable
ardour and devotion
that have filled me with
pride and gratitude
since tlie war began."
II,n M \ji.m-, King i Ieorgi*
liers must be fed; tl .     ople at
p h* aie must be fed.    And���in spite of
aany's murderous  campaign  to
cute I   tie A lies'Food supply, by sinking
stii   ( .    _e Eligh Seas���an ample and
������:;(   _:.;.������-;!  ro   England   and
France must be maintained.
This is National Service-
Not to the Farmer only���
But to YOU���io everybody���
This appeal is directed
\% TE must unite as a Nation to SERVE
vl' ���to SAVEand to PRODUCE. Men,
women and children; the young, the middle
aged and thc old���all can help in the
Nation's Army of Production.
1? VERY pound of  FOOD  raised, helps
S-J  reduce the cost of living and adds to
\    the Food Supply for Overseas.
For information on any subject relating
lo the Farm and Garden, write:
Department of Agriculture
dominion Department of Agriculture
_._*___'_:-_., ::,;.:..'^__-_--_-'iA-^-iir'T_''riiis*.'i'r..''ii*-,'i-siaaiKtiri'TfltMOTTfli
TJLANT a garden��� small or large. Utilize
A your own back yard. Cultivate the
vacant lots.   Make them all yield food.
WOMEN of towns can find no better
or more important outlet (or their
energies than in cultivating a vegetable
Be patriotic in act as jj;
well as in thought.
Use every means available--
Overlook nothing.
From heavy-laying '' Hoganized '' Stock
$1.50 per 15. $4 per 50. $7 per 100
.Special MatitiRS $-5.00 per 15
Aid, Aston reported tbat he had
not his estimates for the Board of
Works completed yet, but stated
that there was a lot to do, and that
it Was going to .rost a lot to put
down sidewalks wliicli nre badly
needed. Tbe mill street bridge
had been done away with aud a
culvert put in, The sidewalk between the Riverside aud the railway crossing needed fixing. A
ditch was required on Warren Ave
Sidewalk from Riverside to Opera
house. Union street to be graded
and properly drained, and he also
suggested that $200 be included
for gravelling iu the fall,
Aid Leighton suggested that
Union street be graded and a box
drain put in.
The Mayor expressed himself as
willing to spend all the money this
year on Union Street if they did it
properly with side drains, and let
the Orchard and other streets go
without anything.
On motion the plan submitted by
Mr. Cokeley was adopted and tenders will be called for doing the
Aid. Aston again urged that as
much gravel walk as possible be
put down.
Aid, Leighton was afraid gravel
would cost too much for grading,
and that they would be under
water halt the time.
Aid. Aston explained that $10
per 100 feet would pay all costs of
grading, rolling-and gravel three
inches deep.
Aid, Leighton was in favor of
a board walk to the station
Aid, Aston then moved that $ 100
be spent in gravel walks in each
ward.   The motion was adopted,
the work to be left in the hands of
the board of works,
The mayor svggested that in fit
lure when   business houses want
sidewalks in front of their premises
they be built of cement on the local
improvement plan,
On motion of Aid, Leighton and
Brown the drain along Warren ave.
was authorized to be dug.
The Mayor suggested that the
sidewalk between the bridges be
raised, but this will be left until the
bridge is fixed.
Aid. McNeil reported that 2 fire
pails were missing from one of the
The matter of joining the Union
of Municipalities was brought up,
and the clerk was instructtd to
write for information
Tbe Gre wardens were instructed
to have the brush burned in dan
gerous places.
The ssessment roll shows that the
amount of  taxable  property was
abort $30,000 less than last year,
The Mayor and clerk were appointed a committee to see that the
flag staff is erected, Tenders are
The Court of Revisicn was appointed as follows : The Mayor,
Aid. Brown, McNeil, Leighton and
Aston. The first sitting will take
place on Monday April 30 at 7 p.m
Aid. Anderton asked if all the
chairmen had presented their estimates.
On motion of Aids Leighton and
McNeil the auditor's report was.
ordered printed.
The council passed the following
resolution, moved by Aid. Anderton, seconded by Aid. Aston :
Resolved .--That this Council
does not think that Qualicum Beach
hotel would be a suitable place for
returned soldiers, being expensive
and isolated., but strongly recommend the Comox Valley as a heal-
$768,789.   Owing to arises thy. convenient and suitable place
and some other adjustments, it is for a Soldiers -lorne.
^t*d***0***t*t**g******t*l**  Is��J,I>s^si<|^^^^^sVs^^*s*%*s-s,*<|s^
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between Bridges
| *stf'Vs����*-��s*��^*��>s*f%s��^��v^s%s>��*^s_)^��s��^_^^


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