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The Review Dec 23, 1915

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���ry i�� conipluti nnd The Ueview
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1 Ads.
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VOL. 4
cou.-tenay. b. a. thunsday December 23. 1915
NO. 5
Agricultural Grounds
Saturday, Dec. 18, at 1 o'clock
Household  Firnitiirc and  Farm Stock
Particular* in Porter
Phone 10 Courtenay
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone c43 Courtenay
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R98       Office: Mill Street
���        '��� __lll������a__������
$6.00 Per Ton
Wedding Bells
On Wednesday at 10.00 ��. in., the
wedding look place .,', St. Andrew's
clinri-li, Sandwick, ol Mr. Oeo, W. T.
Ciiiwitlion lu .Mis. H. Whitman. Tbe
bride wns attended by Miss [,, McQuillan
us bridesmaid, and wns attired in white
satin, I ri in in,, I with white chiffon and
luce, with a veil wreatbed witli orange
blossom, Tin- bridesmaids dress wm ol
light blue suit silk trimmed with pearl
buttons and luce, und with ��� picture but
ol black velvet, IJMutifal flowers were
carried, The bride wus given nway by
by Mr. ('.. Bates, and the bridegroom
bud bis brother us West mau. A short
address wns given by ibe Vicar, and to
the strains uf fbe wedding inarch the
happy puir left the church,
A very pretty wedding rook plgce
at S, Andrew's church tt 8 o'clock
on Wednesday evening, when Miss
Mabel (luruev and Percy Machin
were joined together in holy bond*
of matrimony, The bride looked
very nice in a pretty shade of
mauve trimmed with white. The
bridesmaids, Miss Caroline Guruey
ind Mis* Lizzie Gibson were very
charming and tastefully attired iu
white muslin frocks and mop caps.
The uroem wa�� supported by Mr.
A. Kirby (who it is whispered felt
very nervous.) After the ceremony
��� reception at Mr. Gumey's house
wat thoroughly enjoyed. Jimmy
Parkin was in great fettle, and his
quadrilles caused heaps of merriment. Mr. J. W. McQuillan proved quite a vocalist, and his "Maggie Murphy's Home," was heartily
applauded. T. D. Smith gave a
good comic song, and Mrs, Mona-
han's efforts on tbe piano greatly
added to the enjoymsut. The
I large pa.rr of friends stayed until
| the wee small hours, the brilliant
j moon flooding the peaceful talley
i for the journey home, tended to
make a fitting end'to a happy evening.
Born���On Tuesday, Dec. a ist.,
to Mr. and Mrt. ��. H, Peterson, a
Everyone purchasing a turkeyor
goose at Cooke&Matthewson's will
have a chance of securing a roast
i of beef tree valued at $4. Attached to each turkey or goose will be
number, and on Xmas. morning a
drawing will take place when the
holder of the winning number will
be awarded the raast, which he can
get at his convenience.
Leave your  order  at once for
your Christmas  turkey at Cooke j
& Matthewson'i,   A supply of fine ,
birds is expected shortly.
For Sale���Two year old Holstein
Bull. Apply, J. Crockett, lower
road, Sandwick.
Strayed���a brindle heifer, small
hole in one ear. Apply to Hugh
Motrison, Lake Trail,   Courtenav. I
For sale, Australian stump puller
will trade for small launch engine,
must Irs good. Apply J. Caljomv,
Bowser P.O., Vancouver Isle.
Wanted���T�� purchase a pure
bred Yorkshire boar abou. iS
months to a years old and ready
for service. Pedigreed stock preferred. Write, J. Lawrence, Lazo
P. O. I
Strayed onto my premises���One
yearling heifer without marks.
Owner please prove property, pay
expenses, and take the animal
away. T. Woods, Upper Road
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, oue 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc., also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute- Apply at
Riverside hotel,
Strayed���onto my premises at
Kve Bay, a young red steer. Same
will be sold to pay expenses of
keep, etc., if not claimed within 10
days of this notice. Apply to J.
Lawrence, Kye Bay.
The  M a y o r  nnd   Mayoress
request the pleasure of the
company of the
Citizens of Courtenay and the
Surrouudiug District
at the
Opera House, Courtenay
Tuesday Evar. December 28th
to play Auction Bridge
or Whist
in honor of Pte, Perrott.
Whist to start at 8.30
Music by Harmony Orchestra
Local Lines
Miss A uy Kilpatrick is home
from Braemar school for the holidays.
Mrs. Shillington of Lauder, Man.
is visiting her sister Mrs, W. H.
The Mock Parliament has been
adjourned until the ist Thursday
in the new year.
Turkey Supper
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church intend having a Turkey
Supper on the occasion of their anniversary |ou Tuesday Jan. 4.
Mr. McBeth will do the etittrt 1
Anin_al Xmas Tree
and Entertainment
The school children will present
a cantata entitled Santa Claus Jr.,
in the Opera House on Xmas eve.
There will a chorus of fifty voices,
solos action songs, and dialogue.
admission 25 cents,
A turkey is being presented to
the holder of a numbered ticket at
the picture show at the ptrfortnau-
ces this week. Mike Glazbrook
was the lucky one on Tuesday evening. Another will be presented tonight and one on Saturday night.
All the school children of the district are invited to a free matinee
on Saturday afternoon, Xmas. day.
at which Mrs. Fechner will give a
suitable present.
Uee Our Telephone
Use our 'phone for sending in
news items of interest. Don't think
because you know a bit of news
that everyone else knows it- liy
sending it to us we in turu may
impart it to the world, Phone 59.
What interests you is always
sure to interest the readers of the
Courtenay Review; and it will
make the paper more interesting to
you, as you can then read what
someone else sends in, Don't wait
fpr the other person to start it.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.    Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday School and Bible Class
10:30 a.m.   Service 11:30.   Evening service 7:30 p. m. All welceme
y*v K&*k
Wisning  You
A  Merry   Christmas
Box 256
Phone 40
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
Xmas. Present.
We are now opening a large and varied stock of
goods suirable for the Christmas trade, consisting of
Cut Glass, China, Fancy Glass 'Sets,
Cutlery, Toys, Gloves, Fancy Handkerchiefs, Ties for Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies Blouses and Fur Sets
for Children
The stock is so large it ,'will have to be seen to be appreciated
Also Plain and Fancy Groceries in great variety at
lowest cash prices
McPhee & Morrison's Cash Store
Find Strange Tribes
New  Primitives  Discovered in  Siberian Wilds by  University
A   riunarkabli     rib    ut   i>i     lives
��lio livo in  i\ i��� ��������� ...!.      live fn meat,
ami consldi r   cad       und  "  ll    -   in
:,, c .���  ,������'    nielli been   discovered
in tlio b.t ilu' Siberian
. qn ||��| . , ; ��� i ti .'.'��� >��� i i I'i nu
si ivnnin  Una
Tin1  Ur       '  ; mil'.',   tnis
irili,, known I tin' 'I llllgm "i
Xorl    i i  Sib I ti ���   received  re
,   tttlj   from   I, ilu   i".-
IK til         |in  iiiplt "   ri
mi"   ,,    ���;     ... ���    ile   joitrni;     I'roin
���. - ��� 111 > > -1 ���; s 111 r -. - - .
Tin' 'i       i -i ," ti   rt ti
world, f i* '  iitirl    nud
Itavo tin i    ; . m    .i      that  Un     I
Hove In   ertuii n I i pli il ���
tn ii,'  in'sipii ki i    '    an     .Ion
oliui      .' ��� Ij    itllt'i li'tl
tougu it    , "I    life
it nil It    Ih   ".ul uiu-li    niui'b"
md, sn Ivo up tn
dletu cnoi
enli    , and u   i Iv
Don't Submit i        Ihma,      tun
fny     ��ii, nidi
liu ti ii ���   i ul  i".   nil
anotln i* duy tl ot Ur. J. II,
Collo ���-���.'    II        V trial v ill dfi\ e
;-, i, nil i ���   lit n ofl ielniiry, Tbe
sur, relict' lim conn -.��� ill coin luce
��� on luore lltan tiuytblnii tlmi t nu bo
written,    Wli n In ip ti   so .ure, wbj
MIT i"i I'i . ��� 'III i-emi dj i ��� old
by de tlei ��� t
���unip,    "I've I    ���   .' lelllu'  Um
���i lh r i  ,  ���    i ������:��� k   : tal I Inn
to Bleep outdooi
"Dldu'l tlial       li It   tlm?" ii-    tl
" ^-t>��__^__^_^^
��_��u**.-:        ���' ^^i:��&^mA ���
sn sx__a-***a_M_3BB��Bggg .
I .,:���.:'���
' mat* -'
Too in.: n,. Iirmrs over u hot slow   loo few lm' i'-.l uiul recreation,
MOONEY !...- i.mngoil all Llii .
MOONEY'S  BISCUITS  mo  iiuulo
ll) give  lilt)   I in.I   v.iiliiiili  :i   I'liillu'C,
ly   |,i   rt'pltu-i)   homo
MOONEY   nud;      hisi'tiils   for  ever)'   lime   und   l'lnce,  from   thu
i ibi  nto fi nr ion lo Ihu iluily int-'iil,
���f I In' I'.'r- ':,-:,. , t":  ���"��� i, i "t .iuiii"',! , hi. fi lil.: I'M'I' Intnl. .
If you liuvo Hover ::-'.il 11 i you have adolighl ful I rent in .tun;.
Thoy kc-11 in divinl.   imckiiges or tin lioxes
���   in cither wise free fromrvcrj fuliiUi-ritlion
and Care.
nl. Ced
���d uiul
ni". uu
id llghi
t.i. ii' .���    *. i ���.   ><_ ' ,       .';-'       ' -   ���: io������".���*.-.: c >
��� in,* fnr FUb.V. t.1 H ������'-   :   ll   ��00�� oi
II LAI        '������I'.'IC'tt   unl    vt'fl tl,  :  I '.  : ",K,   iW--'.,.|    ...
developed    by  In
fori, handle % Iti ������
in- r��tn��>. tor
io't ������ Ion
.i   ��� Co.Havi
tut. w*m  iu
I. IJK.L8Cl.BitC
ILL ClU   1-ett.
i  any  p.iini  nl
Prairie Market For Lumber
_._. -_���- -iikXi. ��� -ii
I l)l|
What is Germanism? '!,"v''! l", ""',',��� :'.'T B
.   .    , lim  besl  ctill site ei
i ."i-iiiniii-iii is :i .'.I'i'iii. ci'lnilnul on-  (igure lhat kind I real
piracy, ti sort of Black Hand or Ca- L;,.,, ,,,���] cents  or ft
���''tn. all of whoso members work vten-
ceretly,   relentlessly, unscrupulously
ir :t eouuuoii end -the enslaving ot
he world I writes Mr. liebert  Vivian
tt ih" New Witness).   Every German
front tli" highest lo i ho lowesl  - is a
orn spy, ri'. iir.liii" i sptonuge as one
:' iii' prime duties of citizenship, | bo deterred. Their wheal crop
Vlien the Kaiser travelled abroad lie most n failure, and the payclu
ml in keep his eyes open and reporl influence oi hard tiuios hi the
e saw, jusl an though lie wore a I affected those farmers who wet
lonunon waiter or barber, I position   to  build   houses  and
.  arles ami barns and sheds.   Tli
The farmci-fl t
little money las
tml other Inipro
prairies spent
in   buildings
. which could
" c have been making matches
for 6. years now Domestic
and e\ cry other kind.
Some of our specialties arc
ti I! inclistick-r"THEEDDY.
STONE TORCH" for out-
Jem- use-"WAX VESTAS"
for [he smokers and other
For home use the most
popular match is thc"SJ LENT
5," bul for ever) use
Tic Value ol  Birds In Forests
.   Uirdfi   attain  llieir great, it   tu ofnl-
ness in tli ���(' its, li 'i in e iii.' conditions then    In dj approach tlto prim-
��� ( Mil.
Ii'oresl Iree I ave Ihnir unl tirnl Ln-
sect furs, lo t nh li lh, .. ::\ ,i' I'ooil
mm sheltt r. and i!u se i, - cts in tarn
have the.it natural enemies, among
iii.' birds, lo �� hlch Um in e also Rives
food nnd shelter, llcueo it follows
ihal tlio exist, nee of each one of these
forms oi' life Is dependent tii>nii I lio
cxi iteneo of Uie others, Hul tot- the
troesithe ins' ets �� mild portsli, anil but
for llie birds the Irees would pi rl ih;
and, m follow  the ;n" torable l.n-s of
: naturo to the conclusion ot lhelr awful
vengeance, bul [or the trees tho world
i would perish.���Tlio Value of Bird   to
��� Mun, by James llueltlaud.
Miller's    Worm    Powders    nllnclt
.v.iintts in the RtoniAch and  Intestlues
i nl  onr.'.  :.��� tl   no  worm  nan  come  lu
���i in::"i wii,i t  em tniil li'   . Tliey tt ...
correct   tho   unhealthy  conditions   lithe digestive organs thai   invito and
eucoflrn'ge worms, setting up reactions
! iiuil are mosl beiiellclal lo the growth
of tit.' child, Thoy have attested their
power in hundreds of cases and at all
���times are thoroughly trustworthy.
. ,,_,.  .h-,n   i.iirii  ml  liu   miiiniinnii      roni'vni.  ber  marltel   In  the   wheal   provinces  ,,��������  i /�������/ ..US-tS  SUk_l�� CBeKBMI-D, country of the V'osf
wuVdHMi b,!WMh'"h"-.;.    aj  CHILDHOOD     AILMENTS ZZ I �� good fnr two years, bul   fjLAC'H S&Jlr^'^a.TSU-S'S transport their worn
Wi:n     Ml  iinre.s ui  ilirecl.    ~uii' tijn                                                                 ��� ^^,,   y-ear's  crop   will  oncoiiTage  lhe  u*��***    - ��� (,ve��tom stockmsn uvsus.. liny jr��- Uro slung over all Ll
,!'! ",c    "" '   :o_md__v"'_. Canada!    Constipation and'indigestion; colic,  farmer to make himself and lilt   fani- o   v-t f* ^.-^...^."SXnlJii :-"' the journey and .,
the Arlington company of oanaba,   w0,.mj)i ,,,,,,, ������,,   ,in.,.,|,, ,V.V,M.S. ami  |'y in,,i  i,is cattle  more comfortable   !     M fl ^ io.|(sm ��{�����. |j��(MM pih; ��i.oo  iii i8 impossible lo n
"''-"        '   " the other minor Ills o�� little ones | by using for building purposes some j JiadJU^-e """	
*�� frisoe A(on.n', Toro.'in, ontsrn      I nil the other minor ills of little oue3 I by using tor building pi
.���an be promptl- cured by Uaby'a Own  of the money that is pouring in.. Van-
  ���   Tablets through their action in regu- couver News-Advertiser,
I luting tho stomach and bowols.   Con-1 --���   ���	
Cable   Railways   For  Wounded
An   Ingenious    urraugeiueul   ls  being  used   hi   tllO   .Vouch   in   I lie  hilly
In order to
mded, Cable lines
.' t'oiigh portions
ver places where
SSSSi : " BpMtoTKea' Ci"oss'taV  'or"','r���cks
���fins 5'liwriorijr ut i-iiii..- B,"--'i""'"-',Jll,;i..l,"���L"���'H,',r U,i"'1'  used   iiii   those  witv  lines,  eacli
 "'' i.ic  earryiug  one  man   ant)   being
COOli'S Cottofl ROOt CoaipOUtldL |cernfiig
them Mrs. ll. II. Mills, llaldl-
H���..,,,,;- ,,,,... .,,,.-. ,,. ,,. ,,,.,,3, ,,.,,,,,-,    Penelope   Did lhe play have n ha)
AwAe, reliable rcqutatina   mand,  Quo.,  writes:     "I   have  found   ny ending?
tudlcine.. BofA la tb��� do-   Unby's Own Tub'ots of great service     Percivnl   lion  should  I  know?
Syj,-,,  >l ''..,."y.A'A jj \ A ''''''���''.''"- "':' ,li'11'' ��?no_pC^eonsilpa.- j    Penelope   You saw II, dldu't you'
���_ji      ,,.',  ' ivvc.     Bold    by' all i! ''
"*���> .ile!.-  nre sou;  ��j   meuictno ueuioraior | bprntnc   mtirrl
III"   OUTTER   LABORATORY,  BerWsK,  0��IIHr'nl��,    Iiini;   eilOllgll   10   let   Ililll   liu   liuMll   In
pajd'ln I'litin imcliagti on I by mail ai 2.1 cents u box from Tlu
'���'��� U'l ������' Price, free I or. Wllllunis' Medicine Co., Brockvllle
pamphlet.    A.IJ," ��: ,,,,,
KfQHTO. t��T. Vtmtni WWni.) |     r���   ,-,..,    ,.���,',..,.,,i,i���  i.r���,i..   ���
^^^^__ ____________ TOWN
rouble.'    The Tab-      Porolval���i'es. but the hero and the I 	
i.i  medicine donlora or hinrnlne  married  each   other.   Judge. | When tho ovenln' shade is fallin' al
coiul'ort while being transported. Tho
! spocd with which n severely wounded
soldlor nan bo taken lo the base by
these cable railways has saved ninny
: a French soldier's life,
Mlnard's Liniment Cores Diotemper.
t    |      ���   ino eutlin' of the (la*,
An' :. feller rests from labor smolclu'i
ni  bis pipe o' clay, An old railroad ticket Issued in I860
Quit Tea antl Coffee and Got Well      There's   nothlu'  doos   iiim   sn   much I wus presented to tho conductor of a
rn ,                                                                       good   be fortune up or down I train which rune between Heading and
ment and the Will ot   the   People,"      A   woman's  lea  nnd  coff ;per- As lhe little country paper Iron,  his Iuurisbnig IJa-   ^ho ttalcot oalted for
which i."   ix.ll.ruck. tho successor of honco Is interesting:   "For two weeks            ol' home town, ri.hu^
Tn '.  hki    publish .1  on  the eve of  a-  t,  time I havo taken no fo                     ,,                        ..        , llBJ**u!&   ���,���",,:,*,.
th.    war   hi���,',,'���,ri'.i   lho cosnel  of ,w���  miu,   fn.  qnlld food  would  I'er- It a u'l n thlug o'beauty an  Its print man who presontod the ticket it was
'n, ta,,' I.   , '���' 'ti       1   ','.(,1".     ���. i   ;���;, i , , i,   t   irf'    'i I ain't alwai.i clci.n. purchnsod fro lan living in lllalr
do".      [    -'   ,V        -,. ,i ������,;.���,   .,-!    ,   r     11      i -V    ,i 'in'/.., lU ' n-ii   ii   straightens    oul    bis  temper county, who had migrated to lhal sec
' '     ���<"������' K' '���'   S "ulnt-l ,i.     ��� ."fn,     ' '.IS,,' IV,;;,  fl"'" piston          , ��'Hen B feller's feelin' niean; t J.".   Ho ��W he pa ,    wen y eei. s
" r��eSiilvo'ol  ,���'''::!;,'    ������t'Sn. I  hail been,      [U " 'J  popor fr  his ol'  ^ examined . "t^oaro^  .?
ar.-hli ��� wl'ich  -  i- i'i control of    ���m| coir. Inkei    and for tl.e pasi Home town. copied    . ..n      ;''''' '   '  '.'" '   '"
party  niaclilnery,  and   though  parlla-   ������.,  years  I Iind  been  trying dilTerelil , ..   !""  '   .-���"���>__ ';������   '"������     ���- '"���
'���-'"    "."��'"  '"   ;  """''    .M"iem   pliyHlcton .lim ��� ���������������� ----; ��� "A '���������i.i-'"-'" "���";;",,;: ,';,';, '|;,;;;"; ""  "     " por voicing antl-UrilWi sonllments
they could not exercise sovereign pow-  nry re ef.   Then I read nn article tell-1 oi i umpitin uoi   nnld loi linns thn Trlslt Voice
,,,! -i 1   ,,.,,,,!���  ,,��� ,,,,���   into  inn word    tn.    bnu ,.,-  bad   beei   Itelued     i"111 wliogionl Sunday with Ills girl   Iwo mote publications,, tin    risti \ oict
".' ""  '   " ". '"   ��� '" ���  " '.  *', "���' 'ng  '���"�� . ' mo ..in   tiati  oeen tu ,< ch cago, am    lie Narodnl List, a
";l; "" '"" I'nrllaiiioiir. bul tbo bar-  by       ���,,,:.  ofl   tea nml  coffee and "k''73 ,,��� nofted 'bout  Croatian   paper ot  New   V,.,l<.  have
racks, and  in  problem olgovernn e. t drinking   'ostiitn  nud   ll   reemed  so   Uow   '      . '    ''��� \ ,,   ", ,!���        !i ��� excluded from the mails uudor
:i    not, who elects parliament? but,  peasant jus    to  read     ubotit    good            ,_ ��8 ll ,..,"., i.V    ,p ; n,��� ,,,-,��� I, Iniin . if lit    Wnr Afenaure.
 ���m |r nruiy nbcj..���,   |j0n_nm) , t{ocl(loi| ,��� |ry  |,ostum. Thai little eouuto paper in. lis ol I tho pio.islons oi  in    w.i,  .icnaiues
Btlllill1IIMHa(inillHifflMI|--"-| I'1""  !' ^'��'s and Leader ,    "i made the change lo Postun, and homo town,
���,  there Is such a   difference in mu that :
X,i  unin -i.r  woman  sliould bobble h  don't  feel  llko  the    smite  person. I Now. 1 like lo road tun dtuiios an  tne
l_._uli)   aboul     because    of    corns   \\.*o  nil   fomiil   Postum   delicious  audi slot-)  papers, too,
ten si. certain a relief is at hand as hike   ll better than coffee,   My health   in' nt  times tho   yaller novels    an
illoway's Corn Cure. Low  is wonderfully good. somo other trash���don t you?
��� -��� ��� ;    ".Ss soon as I made tlie .bin to Pos-   llul when I want some t'endln that will
rucle Sliadraeh had held tlown thehum I gol hotter and uow mv Iroiibles brush nway a irown
ii of pumping ii." organ al the Plrsl   Rre gone. 1 am (lesliy, my food nssiiui-| I  wani  thai littlo paper from my ol
esbvterlan Cluircli    for a score of   ntes   lhe nressurn in the chest  and' home town.
��� - --��� --������ I ���   ���      ' T|le  scoop.
Export of Cotton Products Restricted
Domlnii i imeiil  ha ��� Is-
'i ordi pri Ibitlng the exporta
tlon nt nil ir-.n u.n ��� ii and products
��� * coi li ii, iimi  ed ni i undressed furs
:, -.''I   "    '    ni una     in   ti,i .'ii ���
nt hi .���  I'liiu    l-'i'i in        llusi In,    i'lii; .
Spain nnd   Porta it
i        :, i    i ni .        prohibited in
i  Iiim" I    L'oin.   iiinuiifai mi il
hy Bonn   I'nited Sia I      facto 'io      ii :
or i .ni' .' I- :.; in-  work lo pro
diici   ruck  effect.
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
fu   .   vrfjeta
C'Ctlllv   ���:
cJii iiii;i(i ��� - -a
soothe ll "..*'-
��� r-ttftnimbranc
rl'i ie bowel
Sick lieadatht and Indigestion, us tnilihn** knr.o.
iirn-U Pill, Small Dote, Sm��!l Price.
Genuine must W Signature
xwmwtammm* iw iy m tm t*
W. N   U. 1081
years.   .\ nev organist had come, and  palpitation are all  cone,  my bowels
a member of the church asked Uncle  aro   regulur,   have   no more stomach 	
Shadrach whoi he thought of tlm new-  trouble and  mv headaches are gone.      Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
'' '���   "Well, sah," answered L'ncle  Remember I did not use medicines al   	
Shadrach, "Ah, doan'wnn'to brag, but au- just, left off lea  aud  coffee and      four professors of the    Euphrates
Ah km pump in.,' pie 'es 'n he itiu play, I ttSB(] postum steadily." Name given by : American Colleg : founded by Amorl- j
Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Out, can missionaries at llarpool  Armenia,!
Postum comes in two forms: \vero horribly tortured by tho Turks!
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.      Postum Cereal���the original form before  boiug  pui  to death,  The hair
inusl be iv.'II boiled. Ioc and l!Dc pack- and moustache o_ one profosBor were)
It  is known that Ihere are still at  ages, pulled out by tho roots.    Tho nails
large In Loudon, l_ng��� at least 6,000      instant Poatum���a soluble powder��� of another wero pulled out with pin-
Germans,  naturalized  and 'Otherwise. \ dissolves   tiulckly    In    a cup of hot | cers.    Seven-olgltthi. of Ut ��� studeut3
Snw that Zeppelins visit London is
ii to bo doubted that these death-
dealing monsters have been guided
upon their way by some of these 0,-
000 or more of enemies within London's huge area, as! a " London news-
water, ami, with cream ami sugar,
makes n delicious beverage Instantly,
30c and 50c tins,
Hoth kinds are equally delicious and
eosl about lite same per cup.
"There's a Reason" for Postum
���sol.1   by Groc-i's.
were deported, killed or exiled antl thr
young girls carried away to harems.
Doctor    How  do you   fool,  Colonel,
when you have actually killed a man?
Colonel���Oh, not so bad.    flow do
you'.'   -Punch.
for Motherhood
time for experiment, but for
proven uinililii'-. and nothing
exceed,    the  value  of good
cheer,  needful  exercise and
SCOTT'S EMULSION charges the
blood with  life-U-taiuinsi  richness.
suppresses  nervous conditions. aid��
the quality and quantity of milk
and insures sufticient fat.
Iu COD LIVER OU. l*.iiijk.* ��.��'
Iif. cits.    IU UMF. snd SODA K.ljs
s-old ricksU *** sn��_ ��� I_s_an( i
UU Avoid Snbititutt,.
t**sr. /?/
About   On-   Hundred   Million   Dollars
Spent Annually on Liquor m the
-    As prohibition of the liquor [ruffle
  i'i'"in'1, iirtiun is necessary nnd ivheth
The Distinctive Militarj Qualitj ol the* British is Their Ability to Ire^T S'S'vLInThe
Mold .ui, and in the Face of Repeated Reverses to I ive        !v_!!.,nl_u'   l''1'" h '.' *,��������� "" l,arni "
. . ,i..'lint no tne part m wisdom to save
l pin iheir Ancienl Reputation of Winning Oul I *"' ''"'"' s'"" esP l'Id"j 'luring the
.������,���,���, ,. ,   -, " .V,J1''    Hut  when we consider Hint it
.  ���*   neuttui    s\lio    professes    some .process ,011 In Cologne of those lu favor  does    do much  harm and entulls ro
i.itowieuge 01  military hlBlnry assort-  ol  ending    lh0  war nl  once,  llious-  much fiiriher expense it  ns need-
*''���    "ie other tluj    lhal   Derlln  was  ands  of   rtonian   Catholic  clubs  ami   less to discuss It.
ueyur "bio to win moro than one great   societies prepared to lake nan in II       In  Fnalnml  _mi  n���,  it���i,   i ci ,
��l "  Innn;  of her wars  '..it thai  It The'authorities   hcsuai 'inertore It \V-onctl^ thnl te   pe '. m of al
'."������,,'I"""11""1"   '"'   "'.���  ..sl ""."���   n,   ��  'i   ��"- iinnounced thai   lho  !*n   deaths nr,' caused ..���.,.,, ,,,,],., '
UenoBih Hip oxaystc-rni ot this oplu   clall.l      were    1,  pnrtielpiile,   when Mi   by drtnlt     If wo ndont one Ita* of
��� 11 nm-    It discerned the distinctive  lliej  forbatle ii on 1 round tint it   thn ' 1. r    ,������,. ,��"t
:::V'v, ���;::���';:��� ���'���:3 "AA,AArAA;A''..A::A:A,A'iAA!ZAA;A.
,,:.���.,:',.,,,        ,;';,;;  ,l;"    '.creases  more    than  aiiytblng   'ay   11, ���   thousand   persons  arc
has lost   noS.   nt It.  ,      I        n  li i        "'"" ""; !;:"""1 '"   ���*���-"��� "'i"i �����    A   '""'"' ,""' ihj"r* V61'! ��*** "J """k.
  ,   ,."', .   .,' ' j1;*1 l!   outspoken    commenl    on      ll has beon shown In several places I successes as
lie  it.       1        t       ',     ���    is* w ..   '  "   00. ,.U(  ,i"1 *������"<* ''I*"'"'-r"'  I"   llu,.11 ""I* ��l>oul Hv.  timea as much  t, ������  months
1.   uu   wai.    nils, wi" I the .Socialist Vorwurti  ��as as follows:  ua tin  revenue roeolvod from the trof-     "Our troubles have   been lliose of
"0 ' Hn' mosl dangerous decep ' "''   '" r;"'r l01' ''"'��� Paupers, orphans our alllns;    our victories have large'*
nnd criminals lt causes, | boon   our own,   Germany can   maki
GERMANS  IS 111-\l IN I'.V BRITAIN \l   KYl-R.   II RN
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Writes an  Vrticie for thc United States
Press,  and  Strong) Combats the View thai  lhe War to
Date has been Unfortunate I'm- Great Britain
I! .    Iill.,!   1   -1,     ,,'��� I
lm   ''"i"'' 1 1 ii" .1 tiucstl t' holding
011, anil  blltt r iuiii tlosp. into lltoiigli ',,
Sir \n ' 11 Couail I loj li ins v. rit-
ten tor the i.s, pr ss u I Igor, u
article, in whlcb In- 1 ��� tubal 1 the 1 - ���-������
lhal tli ��� war i" date lm ��� : 1 en unfor-
I'm:.to for Orenl llrltalu, 11 ������ bi in 1
in.', British for ihelr nntli 1 nl in -:.
ti" 11 m ��������� ii doprc 'lniiuti; nnd pro-
I-, .-it. tn brj in part
"Yet in "in- heal 1 ol heutl ������ ��� ..n.
as certain ot 1 It'torj ., - III it loi rr
row's sun  win conio,   nnd a dispas-
I ii'ii.il      sun i'i   will   -:.. ll *     nny  Rill ���
cni ,11' liietorj lhal 11 1 i'i,! war i'.
w hich "in- ' ountrj has e* er been en-
gaged has bei n marki 1] iu the -'i.n."
space of time by - ucli : rlun pi .i"i
successes as   iho  ��� ".  the ;.i I  1 ".
uars fi r mat 1
- Whal  next   could . 0
11,1011'.'   ' '"ii itan    ' ' ���. 11 sl ".:_
,,'ii. !   force   entr -  , .
at Salonlki. It
r< all}   '.'''ii- :i     an arm; :    gum
and "ih r hei        r;        ml. :,
���'1 - in... 1 ,. Ir     "������  I al ���   .  ���
\n.|   if w    ti     mu
.np iso    1 ut    cm
i.hut then     1 '������
Bl 1 pi ���.."   'i     1
:;i   ,,'l   til"   Bl     1  1    1  . .    . i-      rt;'.
ll   prolll    ihem lo It >sl_
Minor bj  tin   tinn     111   1 ..    . -
... ;������: 1 hem .in rn    easi   :��� ��� '.' ������ ���  in .
��� ii':   ever   i.'.i. :    1 ��� - . .-
|i n alng I"-.������ ���      '      i
'I'll" iimre st"ndilj 0
1    1 ... our 1on- u,To.illtlo.n_  ll01ls Perpetrated during    ihc war   ..  i"1;1 ''riiuimils it causes, boon   our own,   tiermanyci.11   make ''"���Thn,Snr\aSf,^L"Tm:
, knowel., ,"'   ������    1,, '        ,!.;'"�� I"'"'"'"'" t  Gormilny, alth :,,.,  "   ��" ^" boon shown thai it the  a  good showhig    uu lo I  ngninsl ..../.," .���".'.;      .'
mant  in,. ,���,.  ���r,   ���f tb*- war Is be ""' ""'   ���'���'��������� ' ber ovursei supplies,  mo.e.   "'"���",'  "' llnnk  u";'' si" '"  iu loalltion.     .gainst  flrenl  Mrllain j- .,   , '.. '   "    ' '--    '
,,,,',,'  ,.,i    ,,���",,,,,,,,,.',    \",   ��� ''':'" '""'i    ''"'' own population.    Tlie  l,seful Rrl c es' "  ��""1'1 "il" omploy- she has been 1  :.>���". al every mm. i,',,'   '���   '   ''  ' '
,, 1.: , ���,       x      v       1 cr 11 ���, I''llrl  l8 lllal '".) populitlon   of   Ucl,  uient to eight times ns man, persons      "Consider win,,   we  have    dom   In     ��n'       ' *-|- '   '.' ;'    ';  "'    '
/.nrh'h    !vho   |,i,sNbVn    avollfig 'I'1"!' C?n,1101 '"' '" '5  '' >' "ra" "tauo���""""^ "' ' '�� l"1"""'"""" oi j'1,a T'\ *n��� '���'' ,i"1" """ ' pari   ''"" "     "  mme, ���    Ton
ilermany, finds that .1 great eliange !lcts,otl1" ��wn "ojnitry.   The war,''",'"��� it with llu ning of anj    of our ���    is ,,���,,,.',',,."' . '
in., come ,,i",'   people U, 1!,,' past ""* l"��,v,011 I"''VI""1 "-"��� ��1�� < thai II is .,, ;'  '''��� M. '  ,n,'liU'-v. |,h,!'>'s  show greater wins,   in our war ag        ������    a   ,���,,,,,';,.,.''',    n
slv nionlhi Impossible lo produce 01 gh arllclos ,tlmt tho burden o�� taxation Is greater .Tench Republic,   it was nearlv   iwo        , "   '  '
II,.   |��� .j,.., [un   0f ,,,,1   ,,,,. ���,, of iimirbliiii.'iii ,������ ,,, ,.a|so ��� sufficient "!  ,''''' "lil"  '" '"'>   '''u"s     |H some years after Its Inception lhal  Howe's '       "','   r'"i>
bennost  word    Is    1 i���        ,*?, number of cattle lo feed   tier,nun |l,a."H   .-�� tax  rate Is double,    The Llelory   gave   ���s   a glenm of success.  Pra'-��!' oursel'
conllnne lo hone for v-leior.   N.i.r pnople without foreign nssislanee.   it 1 saving  in   pollco   expenses  alone  Is in the great war against Napoleon i: 1'.i"'"1 "'''"'!' '"
.'l""" It is neCe 1 tev desL above ls "'"" "'at wc shall be able 1 Id n'ore  "lilu  ""'  li"f"'"'  ��es.    These was again  two years    before Trafal-"��� acl ''"  tt'ir
tfln'gs    Tl-r ti-    n-   ui.ii is iu "'"  ror Bt�� "i'-''1 lime, but ouly statements are not more theory; they gar ended the fear ol Imminonl Una-  '''���', '" "1...    n .,
Ing^ even lit. ml, the tide of thel ftt ""' ''"-;| ot ">o hoalth and strength lmve ;"a"l'"-v 'X'''1"'^'! '" many places sIon and twelve years of vory varying  u ';::'-'"-
mil's' i-lntorlai  ���lin���_ li    ���    !-,   , ��� '"' Ule hollim, nov  being iiii.lermiti, I .,ml 11"' proaperlty following prohibi- fortunes before he won through, Beforehai -    t.uink
rnliig    tin ihc iirraeo   (ho   iioonho '*>' systematic deprivation and under- Uo" contlrms thorn, "N(nv, Uloi,. ���, ,,���. U(���,( ���,��� fm���.| ,,,   nr sot Mr,      1     ���
0wffi lhe government and no ouon "��fllng.�� "        So mueli for the needed prohibition months,   Wo have annexed ihc whole"'.J���"?- i:"" '" : ���   ���
������ ���  "' '  -     A"  .in.iiioop.il,    ^ (||  m   ;    t.n i even ill peace limes, bul do the  -great   Gorman   colonial em lire  with eishl    i;n'"
turning.   On the surfaco   too   peuiuu 1 teeHine: "
aro wiih the governmeni and no open1     '    ��-
criticism ul   lim Kaiser appears: bu
underneath lie finds a growing d
greal uiul ';
, [ power of Air. i'i'
tent wiilt tlie continuance of tho war,
���li   tho (i
over  before- now
passes laltos it        ^^^
Oerman lives and Imposes fresh liari
From another source   t Is learned  pU, ��-aut prohibition   In Ontario they  Tlo   exception of   East Africa and a   'V'      .   -', M
Uiat  the  great   textile  indiislrles  of  !,,������  ,,���,!,, ,���,   lhrM  ,������,,,,.���,  ocea- d strict In Kamer    We hove swept    "JLi0,,"3	
      ""��� Ion., by large majorities in favor ofl ih, n.rmn tlnir    l.nlh    imnerlal nnrl-l befprothe w
 Germany are Btiignanl,   This Is cans-',;,,,,, by ja"rK"e"mgjo"riti.s"in _iivor"otItlis Oerni'an'iiag
which   tho Germans had expected to ml by a lack 01 raw materials,   and | probihlllon and thero la no evidence  mercantile,   oft lhc face of the ocean
Every  month  "jeans that not only are hundreds ol   lU(1| Uley ||I1U. C|mnged their lines,
t  passes takes Us    heavy loll of | thousand   ol   people   out  oi   employ-      Again  nearly   three-fourths  of  tin
ment   many ol  whom, of course, are   municipalities of Ontario bav,-. adopt
serving -as .soldiers, but thai  ther" --���
hips upon the masses of the poop
The newspapers nre 11
publish letters front    the front which ,
Ulseourngc    the notion that the Her-1 ""'ln  '
hue  completely   Hlorlllzed    I'er
Heel;    wo bate repelled   her serious
submarine  attack;   played  our  bruu
skilfully that the ilnv of time
;���   had   never       .   .
with clothing.    The
being called upon
ruililnrv rei
,ow0Ven.u.lnT\oJrnoroasing dil.icniij- ta'suroljlw"tlw  '.'-.i'__!, ^'''o'tc'll"'..!!;.!;'i'uoi/'m !"" ,;!i"f""y """ '"" "V ��r,11
���,fi front wfich! forces    with clolhiug.    The    .over,,-' \^ ^ ii;,'.. ''",:���  ������i-M'^i'm iJ. i,!'1; ���,'.!;';;��� =" :<""V'r- "��'   ffeaK0''' '" '""'^ >
proiule  past   five  years,  notwithstanding  all     "\\*o
tbe eiTcrts of lhe powerful liquor I nil'-1 from 1!
Ilc' repellei
A strong Indication of the trend of iilgvpt;
public  "pinion   Is  found   In   the  fact I we' ha\
man soldiers are supermen.   Hermans  tor ,h.�� l(Ue men  who nro noi  fitted
in the trenches aro allowed to inform  '''"' military duties   or public works,
Hie 1 pie ul homo thai braverj and  l9 furnish  temporary    financial   as-
iiircefulnpss   are nol  ex-1slstanco to thos.   without means and
their attempted    i
0 have helped lo ;
insurance policies of nli
and ] si-tun. 1
inlo  llie hoiiir
all these
cluslvo' Oerman  characteristics,    and|'�� 1'enp.ine iiisuniuco poucies 01 an 1 that ������ number of our besi papers nnu 1 sistun.
even 10 rebuke lliose who continue to ��' '���bom 111 force until the cad 01 the  magazines refuse to carry llutior ad-Uioppc
1 ly cheer for Uie war. Ijvar.    lho   Oerman government may  vertlsement- '������'- " ' "   '-I----'   ���
Ue   says Lhal tho reeenl peace da- be able to solve this problem, as it  aiibscrlbertt
monstratlon ordered   by lhe Cardinal  has solved    others in  1I"1 our.," of     ii v.-ll] hi ^^^^^^^
Archbishop of Cologne    would    havo  tba pasl  fifteen months, but it  is In  in favor of prohibition who are il
been Impossible six months ngo, and'the position of a tiring borae obliged   ili.it nn: egai. ',  II and I answei
though    the   actual procession    was ito face one fence after another, each  liquor interest    and lite barroom 1
frustralod al tho lust moment by the higher   than   the .me befors,    Pres-1 gad e,   Tho liquor-interest is composed
authorities,   Ihey feared   to interrupt sure  from   within  and  from  without-no'
the preparations which had preceded increases, and while such out.	
it. i,n,iwins very well   thut the Arch-1 as Qermanj
11 malnlj bj our
��� adveuce on Cal
i' li.i ir I Ing ;i loss of several liundre
sands upon the Germans; w
feme struggb
"Of tho foil   .    . UJ9
i'n   mosl  thnl    .      .   ��� .   . .        ...,;
Of    SI nilillg    ::     '.; .
wero In tinn   for 1
iho others fj	
r  1   ill   lopntamia : i,|ir! ;|-' ��'���   ������" I wu
��� havo e.inplet. iy ! '"'' ��'on our ��� tu
,-aslon .if:' ounl gains at tl li
i'i  j'nrls; , many nun on   ��� .
���lglati as-      "If v"'. Mi Kenno
_��>rtlrin. . I put   us  in  11  _trong lies
    of ilu: manufacturers and
...   sellers of liquor,  but  all  those  who
ouductlng    in 1 make profli out of tho business, cither
It, knowing very well   thut the Arch-1 as Germany    is  now conducting    in I make profit out of tho busluoss, either
bishop represents the feeling in  the  Serbia may    temporarily    cheer the  directly or Indirectly.
libiiie provinces and ill other parts of'people, it does   not lessen tmemploj'-      This is only a partial survey of the
Western     and     Southern    Germany,  ment, reduce the cost, of existence lo ]question.   II. Arnott, .M.I!,, JJ.C.P.S.
ul,...,,   ih,.   ��i,,tn,ii,    nt'   tlm   i���,n���l���   ,,.���.tl>��   limns.��   nt    flni'ltion      ,���.,,.���,!,,       no,-
;.i Anlwerp,   helped
wl'Blciu       ,unl        ,--,,iii nil il       vii.'l Jljill..., ' ,11,-iu,   ,,-,,,.,it;   i.n;   i;u...,   ul  e.\isii'ine   Ul
where Ihe majority of the people are the masses of   German   people,   nor, 	
Itoman Catholics,   for   months   past doe_ it lessen the terrifying lisls of i�� ..     ,.        v    .,
lho archbishop has    beeu advocating dead and  wounded    wheh  stare  the investigating l^Ortltern
peace, anil  when  lie announced  that readers  of newspapers in  tlio    face . * '������*���-  is.tj-.i-_i ��-��-_
upon September 20 tin '* ' *    '  " '	
The Hest Countrj
woulil b.; 11 loach morning
-i -��� __- _==____= '
Was Friend of Kaiser
our itilcn.ut
to extricate the 13elginn .army.
"l':n,.!ly. nml greatest of all, we
hai.' raise 1 an enormous volume, t
nun-, which Is large enough in turn
the scalo ' ilwec;. the European forces
and we havo convened oursolves, wiih
wonderful adaptability, Into the great
factorj and munitions store of tin at-
I lies.
I    "That i;': cm' slorj*, and If any cannot see lhal it is a wonderful ore. he
lis not. merely n  pessimist,  bill   blind.
"What hav':1 we to put on Ihc other
I nm ii. allng
Alberta Nickel Deposits I m~ ot ibe account. 1 ���
for tho momenl    wtiii    larg.
111.1  not  with  details,    When
Tha Best Grain in thc World antl the   General  Hunter,  Second  In Command
Fi.'test Cntllc Are  Products of of thc British Troops at Gallipoli,
Western Canada , Saved Life of Kaiser
'. Vicars and Maxim Have Sent Exped
tlon Which  May  Lart Two
' According to the Mining am! Sulci
Western Canada .iocs not onl\ grow
the linest grain and grasses on lite
American continent but It nlso produces tho best range cattle. This is
evident rrom the fact lhat Maunselllonc
l.rolliera of Marie.1,1 have topped the
Chicago market in this respect, for
three year: in succession.
Genera! Sir Archibald Hunter, second in command of tho British troops
at Gallipoli, was a favorite of the German Emperor before the year, having
saved llle Kaiser when a horse
attached to a carriage In which lie
was ilriiin.'' in Scotland became unmanageable.   The   Emperor   paid the
er I Scotch
iltlier    particular attenti
A    few    years   ago    when Scagt ^^^^^^
Wheeler of Itostliern, Sask., won the and gave him a etanding Invitation
world's prize for wheal at tho Inter- vlsll Berlin.
national Dry Farming Congress and
W. .1. Glass of Jlii.ii'.i.! was second,
we thought it was a wonderful thing.
The west has been winning so many
agricultural prizes and we have gol so
we failed?
"in the whole world nm- most se
critic could  only  polnl   lo  one  pi
the Dardanelles; bul have we fnlh
....    ,, ..,,.���      .���      ,  ���        , . the Dardanelles?
tine Press ... October 30, an Import-     ���,  h(,UcV0 |Im|  u wu ,,,���,���,, ���,
ant expedition is being conducted In force lho straits the enterprise
Northern Alberta I'or tho purpose of none the less been worth lhe uu
Investigating the nickel deposits said taking. Wo havo lost 3OO.ijoij. !
to have been fouud in ihc Fond ilu many have ihc Turks losl? Certa
Lac district, east of Lake Athabasca. 1 nol less.
The Item Is as follows: :    .'\\-0 |iaVo held ui) n en at boil
"The British lirm of Vicars nnd their best troops, who would 01
Maxim has sent an expedition into the wise have been oprrnllng again:
Fond du Lac country, east of Lake on tin Egyptian and Mesopotat
Athbascn In Northern Alberta, to fronts or in'the Caucasus against
investigate the nickel deposits under-1 itussian
stood to occur in that region. The
party,  consisting  of  twenty-five  en
t'llii i- : H'al ')'���    Lord   II ild:
t|,   :;- ' "li'.. I    I'i '"-' li    '
,,   |,v   to .1" such j
* ' ��� the British uitllt 1
and lhe Ger ut I:
did lerriii; ".: I art
Ing corps w hlcli h.as ira
... rvfte, the 1 oin  r-1. n oi
tionary force into ���   ;���, . .. /
all spring  from 11       I far-
seeing mind,
"When ne.   :  ';    . de
fence of Iiie ter 'itorl ils, th it
n'lilcli ho and lh y were sub
ridicule with
met that thej  would I ��� after
tho outbn ak of    n ar   to ma
troops    before  Inkin Id, and
ts I when 011 '   :". s how el        ;
invc  cast has been-bo
Itnow  v, hich  Is  the 1 -pr
,., re ' Ills  fort sigh!   or tlie    1 .       ��� ..
ace,   pet vcrscm ��� ���  ot  so 1
i in ' loi' countrj nu 11.
"Future  B    1 nil K I think
.,. .    look   upon   Lord   llabia
' as   the savloi 1 ef the 1   um  .
,1, ���-,    "After ii     0     -  .1
I,,.-,    tavo  also been    II;   :. rtu-
ln!j j ni ���    iu .: i: If on . ���<:
ckward I :    , 0:
.   .,'   British It    ory oue con hi
... r-  :. man �� ho    .1 .:
ns   irnlnliig ��or tin .      .
. ar as Loi : ���:
li-i e ' iin, his
I -lil
.,.,     ,.   . ! party,   consisting   o.   iweiiiy-iive   en
ine Kaiser musi    have heard with   ^,���...,, .,.���,, ��� ,���,.,,. ,,.������,,���,. Ilf asslst.
chagrin that the recent  successes n.   ,.,(     , ,.,,,,���,.,.    is ,��� ,.,,.,,.,.. of ,,
he Anafarta region wen' due largely   v ,, ,.(I1( . V,|���, ,,������, ,��� Rngland aome
'" Hunters direction. ,ilm, .,,,��� ,��� or(iei, ,��� |ntel,e3( ,,1|;i,.,|.
Hunter     nrst    made bis name  ln|B|9t   in   tbe district.   The expedition
a t��� i'i .ii.i".n ''.,,"i7ii".v'..mni_ ".neV. ��      'luntcr     nrst    tii.iii" nn, name  111 i Kisi   In   the district.   The expedition
ha   of Mauisenffi gJlH'   "' Wo,se e>"3 xii" ��P���Hlllloa.  |efl Edmonton three weeks ago,   aud
���"..    im,'   ';.!     "'"'"" '    '  Hunter    capturc-i!    one    of the most Us everv effort was made lo keep it ,
most unin.tit ui. irnctilenl Dervli *  * '
ll!" i"'':' ���' itactory aspect In con  (, (]    ,
miction with   the   Bplendld   showing ���11���|���).,I    iu  ,;,
made  by  Western  Canadian  agricul- |riBeBmen
lurlBls Is nel Hull Ihey win |,ri.. s ned "
break   recorila  once 'and  then   relax      Ounter   had fourteen year
liuir elloi-is. hut ihey keep ll up and desert   and  the Nile \ al.ey,
continue ti. lead    lho continent each    ravery   In  all  the  fighting
, essivo jenr.    All of Ihis goes to byword with In   black troops wh.
,how  thai   v.e have Hi., best agricul-  "'I''1 |,'l"l,r be was.   When the ill
lural land in America.   We grow the fatod Buuboat    Ll   leb lurned turtle
best grain, we raise the faltosl cattle, in ,ho  1|1|!|   cataract,   Hunter Imd it
We have iho Ideal    mixed    running narrow escape,   being struck In tit*
| side by tho bridge ran rs lie leaped
    .lenernl Ian  Hamilton has P wer ol" I  Inking ii
taken  thc pressuri   off General  Ma after next,   ,     ad        , index,
well   on   the one aid i   and CJon    il und pou er; bis ft
Nixon on the other, all ol lit :.
"Bul  the  ;reutesl of I II lhc res tltt Ideal I ������ ter I ..
from    li.e Har lanellcs e: pedltl in    Is      " Vmi    �� ratot r
thai  ti  has uulleil ua with  I,1;.--.: as i.i"''1  G oige,     ���  ���     upplies  exactl
nothing   lea ild lini e done,   Sh - whal a soldiei
cannot  now  say.    ,:.; i he migbl  havo j I u ici -      the bur
said,   that   we   l houghl   only  ot  on ln_ ������  ir I, at .
own ' mplre,   We have i pent our lil   ���' conditions
������-' With i . ���     .    .  .
with bis own  objeel  a  seer,:, little was known of own empire,   We have spent our bl oj ���  m I I ons . : 11
ml   ""   In   a III  uniil ii  was well on Its wav.   The and our ships   u  Iryltig  to for.     ��� ������ With sn
ceth  "I    tli-  explorers will   remain In the country ati i ���  il It closi   her In.    Wh t   r  lead n m             nil  land,
from  well over Iwo .'ear.:, und  took oplsod    r mains   i  historical rem Idmirul Jelllei
years of the  with them $50,000 worth of machinery conce,   llkt    th.   pa            i    \il    rai Fi  nch   ...         rd,                        faca
Hey, ami  his  t    i $10,000 worlh of provision!    The Duckworth In  IO07,   tbis    real  resul ;"   future
ttng    was  a j total cost will be about 5100, ," 1vjh gni] remain. "Our   Irou le                     ......
troops whose                     -          - ��� "A ai".   on.-    sequel    which    may been
cmnu >���.   Calgary Herald
is   nne of    lhe
cheapest   disinfectants   at
best and
 , _  our disposal, and we should take advantage
of litis fact al every opportunity, In
the construction of barns or shelt-
i r.. nf any kind for animals, ample
provision should bo mado for the
admission of ih" maximum amount
er sunlit-lit. Southern exposuro is
desirable, thai Is, having Ihe majority of tlie windows facing tho south.
The German Way
A G,:i'iipic of ihe Brutal Severity of thc
,^,-..,:i'_,;,_:''.,.:���:'���' ,:;:;''^,";,,'.:'';_;: i"^'-----''���������^-f f' %��": A"-;::"
_as_ara5.-_s aaz: {AAyyyys,7:\
sae lha consummation of his work. K.     '"   "','"',' !"v A   -"" s   'f'       ,��� .''
Of K. and his staff were inside the etc :''':"i .c'"'', '   *N'V  \0tk *iml ("';"'ll!'sl1-
-'��� - "�� "�� ��-���� ll ��-.*'',:;,,;,:"vh:; \CwTr0Km8��,tTT3|r-f1%; w�� ;���'-
l'-' ��� wTo," liis nancee lu Germany lhat he  lA'. !;,;l "'". �� fea(\h'    ,        .     ,
l"!rl>-   should return and join the army, but  ���J V���\ j^",,,' u'5'  '," "i,,n.1 '
 ,., ...c.  ......   -, , I rutting aside all  megalomanaic
ions of tin advance upon India,   i
Is tlieir practical goal?    Should
in i m^^^^i
111'...'   I"    ue   in    Mia,    ll,,1,,,'I iuiii.     nil..'     i   "���           I ,ic   pi i'(,.uDi tuns
Bprlng from  the  Dardanelles.    It   Isfof the central pi   ei
our  operation  there  and   the  eonse-  for a limil   I
quent danger lo their ally will, i has   land   than I    ii i ���. .  mar-
drawn the central powers ou to their gin of " ei cli is     n  ed,
southern advance. ave lo supp       By t :
"The   immediate   result of this has ganization and na'.loi       pirit  ��������� shall
been to bring Into the  war the Scr-  be able to 'io so,
fans,  who    for    nearly a  year had j    "We take    o torj   ra  ruing    y
mans,  who    ior    nearly a  year ::ad i    "We laae    our History morning by
been practically neutral, and so to be  morning and often I
supplied   by   the Germans with men  a dark'one.    It is thu    -: n  11 Is
and munitions,   It  Is tup].ing a fresh I written hereafl r    "-    ee ei    j swlr
already s
dtirman nbotll    sunset    when
burs:  above the beads of the 	
A second and  a  third  shell  ea.n", ;;.;,".,:,;,,j,| suffer great loss In a'bush
and i.n'ti a sreai    iiumber more���and jness ,vliy    g)le replied*advising bint
'I'll,   warmth  thus    provided  iu  cold | i<; "dashed '"llimter "who liad" il.lden i n^S,^^' :,f Uic'v^n^V ".aV'hroiI.'r - ,
nuchoflho  Ibrough     the  enemy   to   get   to   his I   '��� ,.'������..'*"���,   m. f!-,',,,        ,   ' .Tir , e !',v('nvl',,'il11    Serhia    ^ will go to our Power that g
>r    can  bcl''11"'!-.  '""F8?   nro    our own shells, | ,,���,���. ���,oro aosnerate he wrote again   !learts' ll!lt wl" malt0 "�� dlfrercuce in  denl proof that Gr       Britain still has
| the  war, since Serbia  bad,  rs  l  al-|the old cleai    ira        i plan  and  the
weather i.  desirable, and u
eNcessivc  heat  in    summer    can  b.
aioiile.l by providing suitable curtail
and backwater,   but  i h - man of tb
.iiii   see   uiy the main   :. rent
��� iv, am.
���e is ii,   ns.   - ��� n for pessim-
i  rati:. .��� ������ ason ^. liy wc
lie on our ki ������     tha i :,:ug tbe
lhal guid ��� our di stli .- fi    ������ h
cried,   "We cnu't
for we cannot stop tbem.
"Weil, gentlemen,"   said Kitchener,
In   repl;
"It would be a pity to be killed when I theTyo'iras'lady again'adv.slng hl'ninot
the   day's   won;   ivc had besl  movo  t0 g0, and staling that the member
I away.' l,,r i,0;i,  their families who were i
ame ni'." ��i-��Kj'���� n-- "*"������=: "��?,u I the war, since Serbia liad, rs 1 al-iiue ...u ,.,,... i,,.,,,. ,-, r.,.,
���xpresBlng o still strongei inclination r , remarked, been obliged to rest old strong ar to sl ike.'
o return.
__\   anolher letter fruin [ _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
German Paper Fearful cf Defe tt    , anxlctj faces
lit-.ing to tlie high prices of food in    .< the I :st neifssitles in li
Germany, neutrals    arc leaving :'���"���   of fond.   Wi
onntry   for  Switzerland    1'n.i.r
he '.
have an act.ing lootn rcmoveu.    I nai t ������-    -������-���' >    "- ������-**   ��� io go, ami usius  m,.,. mi:  i,,,-,,,,,,:       ,,,.;������ ,n .t,��� i.i.i, ,,,.i,,.. ,.,- ,������   ��� :��� ,-   , ,  , ���, ,,     .-in,- .���  ,i
night, while she was saving her prav-  "��'ay."                                                    |���r  ,'���;���,   theh. fag,IUes  who v..���,  ,���      Owing to the high prices ol food in ,   the I   st ;            ������     n the matter
ers, her mother was surprised to hear     Hunter has   been called the most   the army, bad been killed.                    Germany, neutrals    aro leaving that ol   o.>d    Will ou    uemles succeed in
her say;    "And forgive us our debts  popular man in the British army.            At tho bottom   of the letter wns n   country   for  Switzerland    I'nder tho aeieanns. i,erniai      ���.   lamine
as  '.'e forgive our dentists." '   nolo    from    the  military authorities  heading   "Can   We   Hold   Out?" the  ���'
 ��� .                    !    A lanlern should alwaj-s bo bung up,  staling that the writer of the letter IXeuo Zeltung of Strassburg, .-ays:��� Che   rank   and    die  of  employees
Caution children uot  to play  with  specially in  the  barn  or stable-    It:  had been executed lhat in.lining foi |"Hardly bad wo erossctWhe thresholdImust be madi  lo ft   I that safely work
matches, and warn them of the danger j sliould  never bo set    on    the Hour, j treason In counselling a Gorman not  ol the s. cond year ol ������ ar when with Is tbelr work, just i    much as It Is of
of biiiillrcs to both life and property,  where it may be p.a*41y tipped over,    jio return lo light for his country,       I lhc question of bread settli     an ��� her iholr stiporlora In directive positions, THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review' Sfi^ffifij!* ���ls
1 ul is! n!
��� '.
And Ci'inox Y
A    Weeky   News] ,.| er,
Courtena . It  '
K  H. Hooks, Editor and Proprietor
Bn'.. cription It...  pet  Vrtr in Advance
��o spok-
ru ot as a possibls tenia in Ward J.
Hut. if anyone other (ttau time
��� iuee or four previously mentioned
have any aspirations they arc keeping it strictly "under their bat, '
We veuturs to tuggi-it that the
following gentlemen would   make
SS ___ , an lileal   council   for   next   vear.
A happy Christmas   to all  our ��u<1 if tucy cau be prevailed   upou
rtiilers.   lu extending   tliis  tinn to *ccePt nomtoition, will have the
honored greeting we do so sincerely | support ami confidence of the elect-
ai'ii tlclibeiat.lv.   We   remember or��,
tbat last year there weieiuanv wlm  M��yor, D. Kilpatrick;   Aldermeu;
could not briny themselves to uttei! Ward i, F, Kerton, O,  Wfhtou
tbe words, so incongruous did thaj
seem, Uut in spile of all tbe ills
an.i misery, pain and suffering,
mournihg and sorrow, tlie war���
tbe world's iieat.st war���cannot
destroy tbe fact of ilie Incarnation
of the Rtdeemti ol the world whose
[        birth we commemorate during tbe
I festival Ot Christmas,    If   the prt-
sent stress were to justify anj tiling
| but a happy festival, we would ask
whether war is so much worse than
In st aud crime, greed   and   salfisb-
I ness, which have existed as long as
Christmas, and for thousands of
years before the Nativity. Tba
ptesant war only concentrates tbe
sins of n rebellious world, and
Christmas points us to the Hope,
tin silver lining of tbat and all
oilier dark clouds, tbe Little Child
who came to lead us to better
things, and Who will     It i.s in the
! faith of the promiae, and possessing
the comfort that the promise gives,
i tbat people will wish one   another
,'i this   Christmas-tide,     a     Happy
Christmas,    [f we ma\   do so, we
( plead for a s ber and a deelpj   re-
1 . ions obse- ���. ��� too that shall lie
utterly unselfish uud full of sacrifice
Vet, ill this year of grace, 1615,
we desire to drive hoint that glorious promise, "Peace on earth,
goodwill toward: men."
     -* . *t* . m ���
To The Spirit of Christmas
$/'������ Hy bouelln C. Poole
(nice more tlie lllrsscil Day lias come
To soothe tin- heart? ol  Christendom;-���
I Like some cool hand that's   pressed
Upon the fevered pulse of pain,
The Christmas Spirit comta again
To quiet onr unrest.
Forgot awhile are grief and loss,
Tlie brooding cures tint irk    and   cross;
Prom farthest sea to sea,
I'rom northern lands of ice aud snow,
To where the rose and jastulue blow,
The Holy Mystery.
Iis influence benign outspreads;
On bended knees, with low-bowed head.
With myrrh and spices sweet,
Fit recognition wc would make.
Our alBbaster boxes break
In tribute at His feet,
0 holy, blessed Christmas-time,
Of perfumed censer, pealing chime,
Thy fairest Kilts, we pray,
In boundless measures, lull and free,
Hcsujw on those across the set,
So sor�� llieir need today,
The old anil frail forget them not;
And those nl.oul whose lives arc wrought
So much of hope and prayer���
Our little ones, tl e coming race-
Bestow on them tbey tenderest grace
1 To grow in wisdom fair!
Sweet Yule-tide, of thy fulness bring
Peace unto hearts now sorrowing,
And unto great and small,
To man, bird, l.ciisl-- to all lhat live-
Tliy richest benediction give,
Thy happiness to all!
B Municipal matters are not warming up veiy fast. George Leighton is the only one wbo has definitely announced that he will be in
lhc running since our Inst issue.
There nre rumors that D. Cudinore
may seek honors in Ward 3, antl
that P, I,. Ainlciton will be caudi-
Ward 2, M. Parez, N. 11. Boden.
Ward 3, W. Duncau. H. Beadnell.
For School Ti ustees to replace
those retiring, if 'hey do not seek
re-election, v��e would suggest F,
Kerton and Aid. Robertson,
Christmas Services
Christmas Day. Holy Communion 8:30a, in., S Andrew's Church
Sandwick Matins and Holy Communion 10:..O 11. in., S. John's
Church, Courtenay.
Sunday, December 26. Mattins
and Holy Communion ll a, m , S.
Andrew's Church. Children's service 3 p. 111., S. John's Church.
Evensong 7:30 p. 111. S. John's
There will be Divine Service in
the Mission Church on Christmas
Day at 10:30 a. 111., ami on Sunday
tlie 2otli there will be u celebration
of Holy Communion at 9:30 a in.,
uud Evensong at 7:..U p. 111.
Victoria Notea
By ths terms of tiie recent miliary
order all saloons in Britisli Colum-
bin and the Yukon are placed out
of bounds (or soldiers in uniform
between 9.30 p. m., and noon tlie
next duy. Tlie infraction of this
order will doubtless be visited with
heavy penalties, but it is a penalty
tbut the same restrictions cannot be
made applicable to the whole community. After all, liquor is a
doubtful luxury, and certainly uo
necessity; otber luxuries have been
curtailed by the inexorable law of
necessity and is high time that the
use of liquor should be curtailed by
the law of the hind. Uut the military order is the first step in the
cause of progress,
Now that Comox is to be , the
mobilization centre of the 102nd.
Battalion, it would be a jraciou.' act
if the ladies of the valley could
make and present the battalion with
their regimsutal colours. The
Daughters of the Empire preformed
a similar action for the 88th Regiment in Victoria, and the raising of
the Comox-Atlin Battalion will certainly rank high in tbe history of
tbe Valley.
In order to stimulate the consumption of potatoes tbe Agriul-
tural Dept at Victoria has issued a
booklet containing fifty raceipesfor
cooking the homely ' 'spud.'' Some
striking information is given concerning the nutritive value, and
some interesting comparisons are
given between one pound of baked
potato and auch things ns eggs,
soup, chicken, etc., Tlicre is evidently far moie in the potato than
most people arc aware of. and the
longevity of the Irish race is quoted as an instance of the, valuable
service the point,, renders to nun
kind, The booklet may be had for
tin asking, and tin Women's Institute should certainly gel a supply
The things Hint women
eiate   most   .or  th.    \
tilings I ir   every day   us*
ill our counters arc well
holiday gilts aud selection
mil men appre-
tclical   gills   ol
itch   as the
piuyed witli
emily made
nil shades in
1   crepes, also
Plain linen hemstitched and fancy embroidered muslin handkerchiefs Irom 111
to 50c tach. Silk embroidered hundkei-
chiels at III, 15 and _.Sc each, Plain und
fancy loloured (laiiilkerchiefs put up In
neat attractive boxes ..f ft handkerchiefs
from 35c to $1
I. i.lies' neckwear in the latest novelties
in muslin, chifTon antl crepe .1* clients,
lu.u.I embroidered collars and collarettes,
silk ami silk crepe tics in plain colors
and fancy mixtures ut popular prices
LadiM' H.ndb.,.
Ladles'  handbags  in silk  embroidered
I.luck and fancy leather, also   handmade
bead work Irom 75c to ��6.,SU
Ladles' long  knnoiitts ir
fancy   embroidered   colt
silk   komoiius   silk   lined and   silk cm
l.ioi.lerc.l and quilted siik koiuouus from
J"_...l> to $.2.50
Sweater Co-U
I.iulies' sweater coats   in two   lone silk,
nlso hand knit sweater coats with cap to
match, iu nil shades
Child's   D: <���**���*
This   is;.  sample   lot  of   exceptionally
good values tu silk imd muslin hand embroidered dresses from $1.25 to $4.50
Evening W��*r
Dress lengths tu novelty weaves in fancy
stripes and brocades in all light shades
suitable for evening wear with feather
and he.ul triniinitiK te match, als.t colored sntin slippers to match, any shade of
eveniiiK gown
Silk Blouses
.Sill, blouses iii plain tailored habitua,
silk in white only ul |4,50. Silk and
silk crepe blouses from $3,75 to $12.50.
lllack silk blouses in tnessalcue and
Peau de Soi silk front ,'.75 lo 8.50
Ladies silk .iit.l silk   mixture umbrellas
With ^straight  or crooked   handles and
sterling silver mounts fiom 1.50 to 6
Xmai. Gifta
Suitable Xmas. n'llts in photo frames,
albums, handkerchief cases, pin cushion,
wool kitil and fancy fell slippers, mufflers, fancy silk and motor scarfs, fancy
ciliuaware and baud painted vases.
Special ynlue ill electric reading lamps
with hand painted shades
Sweater Coata
Made with pure   heavy wool,
lar   style.
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Christmas and New Year Excursion Rates
Good going Dec. 24 and 31, final return
limit Jan. 4, fare and one-filth for round trip
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
gRETURNING-Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on alljlines to all parts
||of tlie world. Foi particulars etc., address
Dis!. Pt!!tii2er Agent, Victoria
Agent CoBrtcnay, Phone .. .0
shawl col-
Wc  have  them   reasonably
priced in ull colors
Beautiful Neckwear
The seasons newest  creations from 25c
to .1.00
Of all kinds, wool, fur and kid
Silk, cambric and linen, plain or initial,
all colors, from 10c to 1.00
Silk neck scarfs arc sensible,   servicable
and beautiful.    Wc have them ill all tlle
Ipopular colors and at all prices
Smoking Jackets & Dressing Gowns
In popular sh .des.   Hither would make
an excellent gift aud onelo be appreciate.!
The latest shapes and shades, sable,  felt
and tweed (ruin 1.50 to 5
Caps, fancy vests, umbrellas, armbands
in Xmns, boxes, suspender, armband
aud and garter sets in Xmas. boxes,
brush ami comb sets, pipes, tobacco
pouches, cigar holders, shaving slitks,
razors,   strops,   knives,   pocket   books,
ei.-., etc,
A special   discount  of   .-0 p. c.   will be
(jiver,   mt all  our tnen't  clothing and
bloomer,   in
twet I,   in
. ��� mixtui
mbrics and plain colors
collars and pinch cuffs
Telescope Hats
These   come in   wool   felts, plain   and
mixed, popular colors, with broad edges
and sell bands
t\ big range of these iu slock
We have a large assortment of boys fine
Suits,   suitable   for  winter   wear, prices
from 3 lo 9
^jl perfect products -
Buy Made-in-Britifh-Columbia
Flour-It'i Best
Nowhere���in all the world���i.s better flour made than i
ROYAL STANDARD.    Rank on that absolutely!   The
finest wheat grown is used exclusively in this fllour.    This
accounts for the bi^, creamy, wholesome white bread which
The name ROYAL STANDARD i.s your assurance
of QUALITY. Eveay product with that name is sold
under a strict money back guarantee
Ask about
Poultry Products
Royal  Standard   Grain
Product!  Agency
F. Novili, M|r. Pliua 33; End ol Bridge
School Report
Priniary Department,���
Pupils enrolled, 4o.
Average attendance, 36.
Intermediate Department,���
Pupils enrolled, 27,
Average Attendance, 25.
Senior Department,���
Pupils enrolled, 24
Average attendance, a_.
The following pupils in the senior room have attended every day
this year. Thomas McQuillan,
Harry Kaclford, Leila Carroll, Jean
Meuzies, Henry Crawiord, Claud
Ployart, Edith Fitzgerald.
The marks obtained iu the weekly examinations held in November
aud December are as follows:���
Advanced Course.   Total 600,
Thomas McQuillan 374
Preliminary Course.    Total 700.
Leila Carroll 517
Ethel Sutton .483
Annie Carroll 470
Hairy Radford 465
Evis S.aughter 459
Kathryn Glazbrook 391
Lha Boden 389
Norman Janes 370
Wilfred Moore 366
George Millard 257
Gordon McQuillan 123
Senior Fourth Class.   Total 600.
Mary Hodgson   437
Thomas Menzies 421
Minnie Leighton 412
Mi Ily Robertson 395
Claud Ployart 383
Jrnn Menzies  .35S
Edward Boden 316
Edith Fitzgerald 31-1
Mary Sutton 304
Henry Crawford _f>o
Walter Trautiiiau 254
Hugh Forde 15s
One pupil of this class  is   trant-
ferred to the Junior Fourth Class.
Emma V, Dannrd.
from   good
stripe and
lit fancy strip!
with tlcUcli.i'
Lessons given on the Violii:
and Music
Hnrinony Orchostrr.
Riverside Hotel C(>URT1.NA\
The Best Brands
at  the
Cheapest Rates
Books,      Stationery.,
Safety Razors,
Perfumes, Toys..
and suitable Xmas. Gifts
Drug Side
At the last session of tlie Superior School on Friday afternoon, the
pupils made a presentation to their
teacher Miss Leila Carroll read a
choicely worded address, and Miss
Jean Meuzies presented Mils Dan-
ard with a handsome leather encased fountain pen. So secret had
been their plotting, that Miss Dan-
ard was completely taken by surprise. In a few words she thanked them for their kind regard for
her in wishing to make a presentation and also congratulated them on
their good taste in the choice. The
Sweaters and Sweater Coats, pen is a fully guaranteed Birks
Plain aud :oiul inatiou   colors, etc., etc. I fountain pen, and has a wide band
of gold on which is   engraved   the
monogram "D."    The smile that
mantled   Miss   Danard's   face   on
������  A'/A'" '������������'iffffff/j    I viewing   it   attested    her   sincere
pleasure, and if it   should   remain
throughout the year, it may becon-
'**' Istrued as ''all on   account   of   the
CUMBERLAND        ���pen.'*
NOTICE     i
Sale of Land near Headquarters, B. C.
TBNDBRS will be received up to
January 1, 1916, lor lhe sale ol
Uml portion of land situated near Headquarters, containing by uieasuremeut
Two initl Filly-five lliiH'lrcllis (2.55).
Acres more or less, ulso cabin, describedl
as follows:��� I'ract. South-east Quartei
uf Section 5, Township 6, Comox District, B. C.
Highest or any tender not neeessaril/
accepted. Thosejtenderiug to deposit 1(J'
per cent, ol price offered as a deposit,,
sinne- will be refunded if offer is uo.
P. S.   The  above  is  known  as tlie-
Rich ml Holms Estate,
Wesley Whj.awi,
Official Admistrtttor
FICF/HE   (! II (I
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable /
Christmas   Greetings
Loggie Bros.
We take this opportunity
To Wish You All a
Very Merry Christmas
Also to announce that
We have a Good Assortment of
Christmas  Gifts
See Our Show Window
The Men's Furnishings Store
Next Royal Bank Telephone 34
A Snap in Farm Property
Farm of 80 acres, 15 cleared and under cultivation, 3 1-2 miles from
Courtenay ou main road, 4 roomed
house, small barn, outbuildings and
motor shed, all newly erected; good
garden and orchard, soil cannot be
beaten. Best bargain ever offered in
this District. Price $2,000 cash, balance of $2,500 to remain on mortgage
Apply by letter
"OWNER" Review Office
y Store
We are still in business
and have all the usual
Christmas Goods in
Stock, but too busy
to enumerate them
5 p. c. off for cash
Call and See Us
Conusor -0  His Majesty's  Troops
The Present Condition of
the Canadian Efg Market |
For llie lir��l lime in a tiituilicr of
years eggs have taken o very  pro-
uilucnt place in   Canada'.,   export
ttailc.    Thi. iv largely due   In tlie
unprecedented demand i"i eggjoul
the part of tlie British market   and
the fact that British dealers   lmvcj
shown a marked prefereufce for Canadian eggs   over   I .'ited   States1
eggs and a willingness to pay a di;
tinctly higher price fnr them,
r~ So great, in fact, has- been   thej
demand that Canadian dealers have
shipped practically all of tht available Canadian storage   product   to
the Old   Country,     As   a  result
there i.s not in  Canada tit  the present time, sufficient eggs in storage
to supply home consumption until
fresh receipts in  appreciable quantities begin to come in.
Quantities of eggs from the
United States, however, are being
imported into Canada, some in
bond for export, but the larger
part .o take the place of the Canadian prodi ct exported, On account
of the keen demand for Canadian
eggs above mentioned, United
States eggs can be laid down in
Canada at the present time, duty
paid, at several cents per dozen less
than the price at which Canadian
eggs arc selling, for, for export and
thev should be procurable by the
consumers accordingly.
On the other hand the Canadian
market at the present time is very
firm for Canadian "specials" new
laid, the p induction of which is not
enough in most instances to supply
the demand st local country mai
kets. This means that high prices
will hare to be paid in consuming
centres in order to draw a portion
of these supplies from local point1.
Producer* may therefore definitely
expect reasonably high prices during the period of loir production
for fresh gathered eggs that will
grade "specials."
The question has been raised as
to whether the phenomenal demand
ou the part of the British market
for Canadian eggs will continue.
This depends entirely upon the
qtialitv of Canadian eggs exported.
Canada has tremendous possibilities
as an egg producing country. The -
poultry industry is st present but a
mere fraction of what it might be.
It reaiaius, therefore, for those
most most interested in the development of this trade to make the
best possible uss of their present
opportunities, and by careful supervision of the quality of Canadian
eggs going forward to pave the way
for an extensive and profitable export trade in the future.
A Masquerade Ball, under auspices of the C    rte-
nay Race Track CommiUee will be held in the
Courtenay Opera House
Friday, Dec. 31
New Year's Eve
Music  by Harmony   Orchestra
Gents $1     Ladies 50c     Spectators 50c
Thoroughbred Reg. Jersey Bu ]
Solid Clour, white tongue, black awilc
January 1913, bred by Robert L. Burkhart. of
Albany, Oregon, U.S.A.
"Fairburn Roiter" 5201
. Sire,
Foxalls Fern Lad
99378 A
Roiten Beaoty of M.
L. P. 2888-268438 A
Sire, Foxalls Jubilee
76944 A
Dam, Fern of Florence !__
205059 A
Sire, Rioter, B. K. H_!.....
66053 A
Dam, Dona  Beauty
193852 A
Can be seen at the farm of Mr. C. Doering, "Fair-
burn" Duncan, B. C.
A bargain price on this animal at $75.00
ir,   !
Courtenay Reviev.
Designers of
Particular Printing
Isabel St. Courtenay
Telephone 59
<t I
of the
H> Fred M. White
W.ii'd.   Luck   i    Co,   Limit.d
...London.  Melbourna and  Toronto ...
siblo  i,i  iiioi ,���  her  lur
I   C0U1C   i.i.'
iTo ho Contli
^~__ : -.__-' >v :i     "���     Uuipii   i   pll il   I'Ooll}*,     \s   u   suite
y^:                                 ���         ~   \\\ IllllltlT   111   fllCI,   there   lli'UT   eollld   III'    IInil  I
[ffTM           "I* ��*          i               Vji oml   ill   more  liistllliilil'   lliuu i" Iii I
I   HP   VIV*-**'**"**'"**"'^*' ' woman pi .I.i, i ���	
School Garden Exhibitions Organization of
Canadian Units
A New arm Interesting Movement for
B.ncfit ot School Children
(Contribute l    h*     Norman  I-'. Black,
M, v   I'ueil., Ui I'imi i
uoi ��� .1 m in iin    nylhiiig      tin* lilml
When thos. ui.   I'i'ii  ', und you lip-.tr j \\i.i.i.-... .���.., -. ONTARIO
iiniipf unui'ii full iii   i,  iiimiiii, tiu'ii WOMAN SPEAKS.
tipiMi iiii' iloor ium iirim   mr mil
tin' cries wore .-..iniis-; ��il:lh  rruni Wi'llnud, Onl      'I inn inn., pleased to!    io   course,   ovorybodj   Itnovvs   llti.l
i    A-,] ih,' iloor; iiniv i :i. j Inimnii'i'   ���:,-,  i in,i, De, i'j. :���,-.���'.. |.'itvin-iU' I'r rip-! i '���">' ���' ]'A Ptltions In garden products
���  "ii Uio piuiels.    The erlei    nuiii _rf*x*.             lion Ins proved  unit the like, for the special benefit of
'hed  ""���'      s______T_i_J itsitl   a   I class   "chcnl clil'o'.rpn nre nowadays conduct-
Fleet  and  Second  Divisions at  Front
With Other Corps Total  About
50,000  Wen
Additional dPtailS bavo roaclied Ottawa regarding thn composition ul'the
Canadian  tore 3 nl  llie  l'n nl  and in
I Cul: I UM    II
. ���',. "M1"1r'/T ."'"���'     mi ��-��� 4_�� ��� -i��i,���� ���'�����;; ure J ' * la ^������"i,,,:,Hj......���,.<. Vm, �� .Tor. s X
J ���    |)ol Ip,   I l.elmue.1
innn Itior*. hnve boon ioi.1 or uro yi I
., ,, |     ,     ill     Ill       ia      ".nm     lolls,-   p     tears,       ,". i      ... .,     ,,,.,��� ii,,.,.,,,.   .llll     ...ere  nave   iipi'ii   ...'ill   nr   ire  ye,    ,
x*   '!" ���-;"'".; "11��;,    ���   A     .       ',  (waiting ia  iho darkness, np led  li)     \\h    V '      ���  f    ,n\ , i ''"  "o  held  nearly  t mired  other I1'0" '     '
���"I'"""';1 ;";    ','               ;'    grim Soma* and   above' ���l    t  \M1 '   ,*'" 'J*'   ''   "'   fairs n!   ��� ai,:, ��� ���,-l, ., .mpctitlona a," j  '','"'   ,
,   " ,;.i    ���  ���,.'   ,;��� ���       ,..;   ���      ihiun ' agony rltiKing in bis ear*..     ,\,;,%   ->,'        Hii Z* savin .   ""*  "I !   l'"uUw'    "'   '���"���">  l'"SM   m  alio.
,\l iti i   Illlli  ,  the  lloyal  I'liunUluii
iii'llllpf.v,  iii'   llnynl   Cnnndlnii
f Infantry, lho   Hind  Mont
lion an,l Um unii Kdniunton
I'lie corps  would ihun to-
.limited}  lll'ij thoui nnd uiou,
,   .,                                 , ,liul   ai   anv   mhrr  tin
nol ln,is In doubt HiUpb ivns Rtnnd nu   ,       ������.,,
bj ,,  side, u o.i.", iniiiprt. in his | s;;ddonly ,,���, MOllil
,!',',',        ,,,   ,        .... , ,    ��as  ii   moan  ami   llie  suit, criishtii
���vv!"-r     .  *���'    ''���   ,'.<���'  " ���';''. '*���'������   full   of 11   bod; Rulph'B   l-lien   IllBKOd I ��� " ���'f��lnti"ii"ir" __.i.   ''
-you heard lier. then.'   nsked Uuot-  ���,, ,,,���,���_.,v ne��, iHinting s-jeii., j
iiw. '...,.- ,        . I nr nervousness \uu tu
..*,, ,   , ,       "Now," li.' ei li , " bPi-p  ir'  im lime   i���i
oi  course,  I   heard  every iIiiiik.    li,,,  , ������ ��ei.
I1" '"  l0Bt' |)r,   l-ieree's  Knvorite   I
.mill illy hnve kIvpii llnnn.'ltil tissisi  I",1"1'1 hit' liaMd  I lei Ily,    Inelutlcd in
nd helped .ii many oilier wttys. i\\,c ,' ������'������   H'alnln:.    division    in
, , ,    ��� ,i,���r,i   .,���.i.���i,'.   ���,.���i���  ..,.������.,���,.���,''���"������'"''���I ar,' Hi ��� ir,m|i_ nl  il,,, pinali-y
ler from li"1 llimln'i nr ih.aa-
liendiiehn,  ���"������   .
 , ���.���.,,���.i ,.���'   in ii ii n-iitii I cotinells and hoards m irui
ir >"" ���,Vw froi"' h^ z^lt^Sl, Mhonm" n.���iie.8"";;i'ubs, i '";!""���' ������'������' ������
���'���i i lelpnlc 'lis ..nil lifftrds of trus   llnf-v'    ""    nl" ��c:   B��n   "'-
'''"��� 10" tees have don ueh good work ln llils   Blulp'   .,,lll,lia,"   '-'"S1"!"-'���    Iminlna
,,,,,.     ,..���,:������ :,  connection.    .It n  or twenty n-ji-1-1l|p'*01' l0,u', I'rlBiwieH ol lufmitry, tha
N'Oirally          ������     (lpaff|.ej.   ,!,���,,..,   ,���r���ard.     lie   hnd   J'','     T he  ���l ,��L ri",!!','!3   ''""��1'
uessed who she wns.   Uut whin room    ,     [l00r ope   In an Instant.    Mrs.   '}       '       ' ,1'   ���'���.. ,!v V A    Z��  .^ ularly arlii, ami Mnv.^ial in arra,,,;.     ��f ��h��  lu s llll   and   ftinndlnn   army
'"l ���;'"��� 8�� !,'"V    ���  .. M"v 1")' Bllll ami  while nn the lloor,   ""'A  '���, 'Ti   Vi ,?,,       .   ! I��'~ eslilbltiona lur Iiin seliools In ihr i ""; mal eorps anus, army  vclorluary
MyKrandtatlier'*.                               Tll; Bl lloB���hol.c ���   ,������ ,,���,���, t,���,    en..,l._l. ... ll. .��� ,. ...���..,   ,. ,1.   : ��� ;'""���'��� }��� ,M11.|,1.11|lvr     municipalities   In   wlilcli [ ",,,,,H", orcluime-o crapH units, a postal
So I expected.    Dut  she menus to   ,,. , ,,,_,...,   ,,   . ���.,..,...,.,,.,,,,        It hns licensqlil by ilriiBRislsioi'neiu-ly   .' ���v.  ������.   nl ,     ���  ,   .,,���,,.,.���   delnehnii'iil  und  olher   .mull  hnl un
it.    One of
door Into tl
���'And   wit
f the
ere Mrs. Mny is
"'"  '"' ��'����:  ;'.': '������'���   '"'  '���" i"1"     \s the door Ml bnck lhc room (III-  T^ ^T    /    i   I  '  h i    r      5,?u  agrlculturnl seeretnr.i   for l.osl  River    ..��,   i"? r}'���,l-Tt���1 .,'" ' '""AT
some minutes,    fthal do you see nut- L(, ;l, wUll a ���,���,,,������ sl,,,m, ,���,������;,,., >������ la'd m s I'.-ir-r... e.l i .1.1 ���. ha a    bod  Mllnlclpnllty   wll0M worh  ���,  ���,,��� ul.  of   .ie t, 'ol. 11.  W. l'.illerson ol    he
��� ><><������   .            ,                                     linotTrey drugged tho ...icon eious lig-11,-v,il11 """li"",1" ":',"'-,'    "     "A '' I reetlon da.-in.   lhe  past  s.ur.uier has ' M��    ' ""    ������'">    Ion*.    LleutXJol
"""���,"''���;    '"  ���"  '������-  '-aauimtam ;���,,,. ,���,;, U���'Ta,rri,lor.                                   Iil!'.' "" 'V   '!" "' ���'" ''""" "   * ���* ��l'--*, ! hee,,   iuvalliablo.                                          | K' .,''   ".���*[ ,hV,-   M" . ' iU,1,lll,ln    U'1'
���Vl,b ""��� lantor��' -Will sho die?" ho giuipnd , lAn>. *"'}' A"":"\' 1",y   "" ''       I" some Instani _hll.iltlon is   ���' ullry  brigade,  In in  couimtind of
, "I sec a tnngl, o small wir , tho      ..Nu_ s]l(, ;ni ������,' ,&..! ,..,.,, RllilI   letter ...bso utcly JvnUoui. c larje.        . bcld for tho pupils of a single school   r''e,  ''""   "��    "'; ;|  ;'rl"^'-  bri-
loor'   !:'' -'.V"11'      ""'���'' '"""' "" lrom  coollv    -ilnil l Intended her to die l],^,10 ""'"'I' '';���'. v",v ' ""   "v"',',  >'  '  """ ' ' "'" -*��'*������*��� IB8*10'    w,;""1 l"'"';5 ""��� I'auadinn ar-
l]l?,Z,vK*     , shouhtnol havo allowed   vou Io open    .i*""1'^,'1 lh;' ';���'";! !::\)U,'t    .��� a .     "''
"Whero    thoj     are  ... tae .ed  ...  a ' th��� ,,���,���.    vi,k h���,. ,,    ,���,;, liinitt 'ta,  to . I'.'M.dent, libi Main bt., Buffalo
Utieer looking instrmii.uit; .,,���  , ���,��� ,,,- ,..,,,_ ln ���,��� ���������,.���  ,���    N.\. 	
"Yos, vrs,    |
.re-,  runs  am
| will imi attain consctous
hoars.    Ami, after that,
or : nm,
Will   111
Liver I'i
e'i J'pIIp
I' ,'"���    ,: ���'.;���"������    ������   - ./,-���,/ ,\.,i,���r-t,,.,i,,t   /,<',/   ,,   Onse.    Cairn
,   useless lor ii day o two. yon need not  U:���.   n.  i, a     ir
���hc.wil     l"' enguRod   W01Ty;   ������,.  iichemo   is   working   ou'   **"ck ���*i("wl  '      ''
for some time,    said  Uulph.     .Move ] ��i.lenctii
lhal hold; ladder and iook ." i r the Can ''
la son..' Instances an exiiihiiloi.  is
mid for the pupils of a single school
Itllng culmination of cite j eat's
work   ia   nature    study,    elemenlur)*' ,1',er>". u0''?,t ��r ""! Valuing divisions,
scicnee, school gardeiiinc ami ngrieul-1 ''"' Canadian engineers   training de-
itlirc.   One hy-pvodttcl ol Ihis work is I',"1 A  '"  ''',"";":'1"1  '"   '"'"' l'"1' J'
tl,0 trnlnliiB    in    civics    which    the FTouliston,    llulilax   N.S,    For    llieir
'f'11.      .i _  oliildrcn    reeefve li imection  wllh '"".''''. effective    administration    and
to take.   <-��������.,,. . ,..,..,.     , i.   , ,  ,.., (ruining, [he reserve  infantry  lialtal-
the lairs.    As a  rah: a  school pari.
ra  huo
I'iuli  her up."
llalph Indicated tlie still ligure with
brulal   iiidilTpr.'iice.    lie  would  have |
shown  moro consideration  to a  sick j
i.Kin iioiiiiinn s  (|u._     Geoffrey complied, and presenl-
. tieonrpj   prop-   ]v m.u|r ,1,,, wc,lu ls , ,,mi',,ri;,i,i;. as
loor and looked
:.s ll.'.iiliiehe, llhrA
ness. Constipation, .Ind'ai'^iior,. Bilious
Attacks, anil all dprangement of iin. Liver.
Stomach aod P
Pod this ngains   ��� . .      ,      .      ;l       ,
in   hrni.gh ihe opon fanlight.   All thu      (;,,���|T,.,V had hardly done so before
bedroom doors had lanlights al Haven-  !,���.���. v,.,.s ��� ng|lt f0birull in llie cor-
"AA    , ... ' ridor, nnd Tenigorsky appeared, still
I'm hull, ru siliilc was on Iii" uro- -
lug table a id, standing on a i hair by
a. fireplace, was Mrs. Mi,... Sho liad
Iiiini. ii the Iliin H li'e in lhe wall . i.n-
llingly, ami had lurni ci lho rial of ii
into ti oi.Mo i ii;;, Hlootl on i lie mantelshelf. Prom a Ilaslt she ponri il n little
dor Into the pinto.
bere  .
���idor, .
"I gatlier i
will." h
Forest Nurse-its
ment. school municipal council or a
inrden club in organized, the members
of which nro s*i.fjn certalu i-cspnnsiliil-
Itieg and thus early 111 Ufa receive
practical education for publl
Tiie  princs given
loos of Ihe Canadian training division
have been organized Into four new
reserve brigades. '1 hoy ,,ru constituted as follows: Sev nth iufnutry brigade, lieadnuortei'8 nt St. Martin's
it scliool garden   ''!'lills'   Lleul.-Ool.   Maynard   Rogers,
exhibitions vary Irom university
scholarships, silver cups, medals,
books,  garden   tools,    diplomas    and
brigade commander;  sib  infantry re-
ervc  hi'lgude,  henilqunrlers  at   Kast
Sandling,  Coi. ,T.  I.  Landry,  brigade
, ... . ., .... . '     .        ,       ��� , ..onimaiider; I'.h brigade, West Saudi-
Future    Timber    Suppl.es Are Being  money , ,,,      ,     ,    ���, ^��i  ��n , ,       Uei,t^.oli K r, AS'ut0Ili hri���iV(,,
Provided  For Through  Re- ffi^.^E,,^  :  10th brigade, ShomeMe,
planting j ,.,���. ,,,,, ,,xhiuilion  h   ifi uslu,llv held  LieutAol. II. .1. Cowan, brigade com-
Tin  suite oi Now  Vork has planted  al   Ihe time of lhe local educational   ": ,: ' ' "
".Ittsl now l uicl iimi shi'-devil'. I'"' Bla'e hu.da, up lo the ond of (!).ll,   convention  nnd   thus    the     worli   is
pllces fleeing us if tlie Father over  four  and  a   half  million  trees,  broughl  prominently    before   all lhe
b was  hohiud  them,    sho  was I enough, at the rate of 1,200 trees per | leuchers ol the. association.
Who:..'   Kalians  arc     fighting   Aua>.
Iriaus   at   lrom   7,000   to   V. duo   feet
rapped, eh','" I acre, ... reforest nearly : .80(1 acres of      The directors of school agriculture,  above -''a  loved, ordinary gun slghU
Italpli uodded uud chuckled. land,   from the state nurseries there  appointed   by   lhe  Saskatchewan  dc-  are  useless,  because  in  the  rarefied
"In Ucoffrey's room," he explained. ' ha\ o been sold to private landowners, ' parln.enl of education have outlined a   air of such altitudes  shells uud bul-
H.itlsllcd,    Cicoffrej
der away  and   lhe
���Whoa sho was testing her apparatus for reloreslration purposes, over thlr-l policy respecting scliool garden exhi-ilels travel further ihan at Ben level,
'���PPed the lad- , |,ad tho key turned on hor. Aud she teen million trees, while moro than billons for llie whole province and where sights aro usually tested, llal-
iman emerged (..ouldu'l get out. I lei her remain there 'wo and n titiarter million have been | during llie winter u circular is to be han mountain guns therefore have
"'"'" ""' rm""- Oneo more sho weni ;.,. |011R ag | considered ii safe to do furnished free of charge to slnla insli-1 published giving particulars, It. is speelullv componsated sights, for wnr
a ong tho corridor with lirm, resolute  Ha aU(| |101, v.e]]s ,,,,,..,  h.,u, ahirmed  tulions, probable llial the societies or commit-  lias never been waged    so far up in
"lop. and the air ol one  who knows  |iel. confederates. 1'robnbly the*   have!     '" Canada, similar work, though on I tees In charge of the exhibitions will h be air before,
what sho is doing and has a definite   n,'.,^ leaving things Inluet." ;l   somewhal   smaller scale,  Is  being  be registered Lhrough the department ,	
'���'J,1'1 '" v'ievy. ������I'r dial.lv." 3a1d Tehigorsky. "1 will  done by  lhc provincial nurseries    at  of education and thai assistance wilt German Atrocities Museum
From on.- bedroom to another  she   R0 md see" St,  Williams- nm.. and  nerlhierville,  be given by means of suggested rules, uerman Mirociiies wiuseum
went,  leaving  a' wire  In  each   until      ije wn's  hack   again    prcseullv   a I Quehoc.   Similarly, the homlnlou For-  prizes, frco services of judges for ex-    . s  "esDatch  to llouters    telegram
.-very  room  occupied  b>   one of  the ' p\etiBet] , xpression on his lace,     ''      i ostry  Uranch has a largo nursery nl ��� hibltions and  bj  other moans which Il om:"1     ''' : '   '     '     " '    ���'
Itavcnspur   fainily   had   been  vlsiled.      "Nothing   has   been     touched,"   he  Indian Head, Sask., and another is in   are yet under consideration,
'leoffrey'    room wus tlie lasl     When   ,,;,,,,;    "j  uavo removed lhe wires, In  process of preparation at Sutherland,      i. Is it good thing.   Help il along
ihe iiii  llni lied here she took  up a   (..ISl,  0j danger,    We  have  the  lady I Sask., from whicli  nursery stock will |  _._	
pair of scissors ami tupped lhe  ivire.! ujorc or less under our thumb" '"' available during Jam. The number
md Ralph ; ' ny
Outside 11
noii i distinctly,
came together ��itli a
UoolTrey   "' "
ladam, vour hushami
Bhipped from iho Indian Head
.|,,,,i I nursery  bag steadily  Incrcasad  from
"It'is an appliance  ror exhnnsting over Two and a half millions in 1910
elicit, _lr��� Tchigorskv explained   "You lako!1" aboul  thro,, ami three-quarter mil-
" I he    ! i ;     Is    null hie .'.oar roan ��� |     ..... ji..   ,,    ���     ,l(1,    |.ll(, ; Mon3 iu 1014.   These trees aro tlistrl-
door," he whispered,   -tarn ii." ufrectl. it begins lo burn il draws up   hilled among fanners throughoul  lhe      Thirty-six   heirs lo Britisli peerages j atrocities
.;��� offroy wondered, hul he hnsteneil   |j10 a\r   -y'nu tl.inu ha   been I nown in   prairie provinces, mainly ' for shelter- ha*'
to comply,    Tho key turned  with an   liH, ]...,'.., ,,,,. ibousands ol vears  .Mrs    belt", woodlota and llie beautllicatlou I	
���as,   .uul silence thai testified to Hie   \iRy upplictl   electricil'    tii  give her I of grounds around buildings. *t' I
r"rt ��l  i,s  "''   '���    heen carefull;   oil-   gTealer K(.ope.   A plate of the powder j
ie  Oerman   ntroclllss    museum
j was   opened   hero   recently.     It  contains a large number of photographs
of    mutilated soldiers  whoso  wounds
i  are alleged  to have  been  caused by
count on him for liis support." I explosive  bullets, and  also (aides of
"Well, that's more than  1 can do, Utalisties  of  five  thous ml  cases ol
(he lazy, good-fer-nothing Ihing!" atrocities investigated In   the special
| commission  of  inqutn   into  German
which  tho    museum
i killed in the present war.      was estabilslied."
was   to   be   heated   111   the   room   of Protect  the   Implements
''���'   everybody in the castle when asleep.      T1)D   |���lsfnesa ability of lhe farnu-r
"A few minutes and    tlie    ihing ii
is iii no way more clearly indicated
than li\ tho condition of his tools. Allowing his machines lo remain in the
1!: field where lasl used or uncovered in
" lhe barnyard results In quick decay.
; | Nothing bo Injures machinery as ex
'.   postir.  In i.,o weather.
If an  implement  shed  Is nn|  avail-
I alilp, lhc .uttcl.ii.es sliould be assem-
b|. ; ,', here Ihey can he i overed \i ii li
leniporurj   rooiliig,   to   keep  off   the
snow and lea,
Hooting is cheap.    Any farnu .' can
"Whai  do.     il  all  menu?" Oooffroy
'         :           '   ������   '���"���<*  maeliln- none. ' Theii me wire
ory,   -..: i Halp    witli a eliuckle.   And .Mlli graduallv  Hi.   dlf
soini     ���     uep further lo h''i'''w|t|.   >||,.  ag-'iin     The   hiirnt   powd
,T'.n,;" ructl,*��; i-isteii." ,en; ,"������'���,,',.,.,',   n, ��� ';;,., .,,',:
Again calm   I ie lalnl  lap, and then |-Qun,i dead In - onr beds nnd  nobo
down fmni far below  llu   purring jar |il)()WS ||0V   ,, i'a done   Tho wires
"'  '"   " '   :, ' "";,'' "      !'"     ���'"  easily drawn back to tlu   bnt.erv a
1   ' '���   "'       :  "      '"   ��'   '"'��� '���ooiii lor ,,,,. whole ,���:,,. | , (1    .,,.    .; ������
v         '       Cleoflrej saw ihe ,;..,,.,,,  ,|ttidd r, I
in.    ll  wns . urn. ,i -only nl ,             n, ,1(,...
lir l, ihe.i mo.             ly, and linully ii
was |                   ���                     : ��� mu. In > r.|j ys-p. i,   ,,| \ ;
'' Italpl.'   ihu iJ. I.    The       ,. i II Nearing tho End
rib s. ���       me d.'cp I rom
throat spoke, lleoffro-  was turning llie whole  proach sliould be closed.   Die protec-
s: i,   ;,,    |      ,.   ,,;;;������  i;,  utter over in'his mind,   lie was still  tlon  thus afforded  -iii  amply repay
ir,i v, in-. 1,,-r, d puzzled.                                                 tin  owner, wh il i   as an iuldillonal a.l-
"Of <��� oursi   she  Is."  llalph  replied "I don't understand It." he suid. "Of  vantage,   lie   wil]   be  able   lo   utilize
tt oi i|uitp y i ������ course, I follow ull you say. and I sen   spare    time in cleaning ami painting.	
The lock was"raiding loudly hv Ihis die nature of llle plot intended to end   his  Implements   whon  close at  hand   *
lime:   .here  was    a  half angry',  half us all in one fell swoop. Uul  why do  ami protected, whieb he could nol do                Guard Patriotic Fund
frightened muttering from within. And ynu w-unl  to have lhal  woman under   were  they  scattered  over the  farm. |    A resolution was passed by llie exec-
then Ihere came .. lonp piercing, wali-.t'ie roof.                      utlve committee of the National Caning   cream   as If of a woman Ir the "Bocause so long �� *   �� under      (lenernl    Hotlia has soon with his    ���       PntrioU(.   |r,m,i recommending
'��� .. unv liefore death. die  root  she  is  comparatively  harm 'own eves how the Germans treat the
(leoffrey  would  have started   hack, less,"    Tehigorsky   explained.    "Tho   African  natives.    "I  have" been  tilled   '  :]:      ���"���'.'."   '..:������  ���'.���".��� ���'���'���    '���
ml  I!: lull r ��� i rni.ie 1 him. !��v
-- u ������- ��������� ' ;"''; ii  frame wi rfc io carr>  a roof.
i s, ���        I,,,   ,- [,.     ���        i'   .vi      our-  dine  before 11113   one  The two side', whence the storms ap-
Sunlight Soap has a high stan
soup Uf
no re
be of uniform quality, always
contain the best materials or
be any thing like as good aa        .      '
thesosp'Uilth a standard.        .^.Sp*    ��Z' A
�� jp  o cents
i,!;o,n ouup  na_ m nigii _iau. x.s:'%   'iou..'T   .;i<*"",.������-������������-
d of puritv which is backed K"! V11 f $ fyA
a $5,000 guarantee.     If a SAy||^!i! M: ^
p lias no standard there is Wm^l^''^-^ ������'
reason why it should always ' 1    ���'���*If*)! A '/
01 umionn (juality, always %*    *^w^   *>*        ,
Unsafe   Lanterns
The  s. ason  of shortened  daylight
brings  Its own peculiar Ore dangers
One of theso Is the use ot the lantern
aim.ir   farm    buildings,    nf    recent
ears,  owing to competition,  u. low-'
I i engefttl and pas-1 with disgust and horror." he said re- ! action  In  1 espeel  to the punishment j priced lantern, which is a. serious lire
"Xo, no," lie whispered violently, .foliate, tmi 1 1 lias her vein of caa | eerilly. "to find how- little value is of deserters, and tiist officers com- menace, lias been placed upon the
"II js all rchi; everything is turning Hon ami will take uo unnecessary I placed on the iifo of a native by a rounding regiments and units now be-1 market. Instead of being securely
an splendidly." risks.    She     w iii  be  be*.* ilden tl  und   German."   Well, if while men are im- : ing mobilized "be held rosponsililo for I screwed ou the oil reservoir, the burn-
"Uu! slip is n wonuiu and in deadly' will nol knov wholh r she had been prisoned, massacred and lortnred on the accuracy of casualty returns, -��� er is simply slipped on, witli the re-
peril, uncle." nispee.ted or not,   The more cordial to   mere suspicion, as In Helgium, what     The national executive is advising | suit tlial, if the lantern Is upset, the
"I know It, lad. Five iniuuioi niori her you aro the mor,- suspicious Bhe can one expect in (',01 man Southwest .all branches throughoul Canada to re- burner comes off and the oil is allow-
and thul fiend will be beyond further will be. Of course, she will make up Africa? li docs not surprise us to fuse to render assistance lo the de- ed to run oul upon the lighted wick
mis. hief, Blie has been trying Ihq ef- j some plausible tam In account for her learn that the Huns killed 21,000 Here- pendents of soldiers who have desert- j Tho ri suli is oil he- an explosion 0.
i>, 1 of i.e.- infernal couirii unco rttid intrusion, and, of course, you musi 1 ros at one time or another in the col- I ed or have beeu dismissed for causes ��� a serious blaze, and unless speedll3
will he hoist with her own petard. She ' pretend to believe it.   li w ill be impos- j 0113*.   Vancouver World. j other than unavoidable illness, I checked, da mage to life and property
i. scared tn death,   she imaglues she     ____________________
ho.  fasti in d bei *ell In und enn't get
"Hut   this   is     murder,"    tleoffre*
"I dare .-ay some people would call
W. N. U. 1081
d Rose
"is good test' THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C
Mount Robson '
We arc asked  i" i a.\   after  - horn j
i>iint liobson is named    No positive .:
; a -wm'  ran   be   ...ado   to  Cos.  excepl
lhat  ii  was nol  nam.-,I after i lie lute j
John  Itobsou, al  ono time preinlr ot ,
this proi inco    It  hero iin   uaniii long i
before Mr. Kobson eulered public life. ;
11.' besl Information nvuiluble, i,. Mr,
I Robertson tells ns, ,,s the resuli
I    hi ��� investigation, is to tlio ������Hum i
ia. i. was named after un eniptoyi e ,
I lhe old  Northwest  Company,    We
linll be very glad to hoar from auy
o. dors who can throw nnv light upon
ie (iiiesilop    Victoria Colonic I
Minard's Liniment Cures Qargst in
Among the pui i ui i n nu ti lrain on
I. onr,mc!, road in the middle west
was a talkative jewellery drummer.
Pri soul!; iii ��� .1.1:1 .topped in lake on
waler, and the conductor neglected to
send   ha. I\   II     lla .man       Ml     , xpreSS
came along, and   before  ll   could  In
.., ��� topped, biunpn.l the near end of Hip
&$|; ius.   1 rnln,    The druniiner was lifted
&3 \ lrom  his    < .11  an I  pitched  head   lirsl
H   Into I lie si .11 ah,si.I     I lis .ill. lull   was
fS|   laiiiineil clear down over his ears,   lie
"tjs 1 pi. k. .1 liluisi If up and sotl led buck 111
is seat,   No bones had hem broken,
_Yl *f\ 01C
LIlxU    A   ter  .  V   cxr*x'ia.
com TA; N s  no  /\r_u M
Makes pure, delicious, healthful biscuits,
cakes and pastry,     ll is the only well-
known strictly high clasi  baking powder
made in (ana.!.. selling .,1 a medium price.
Read the label
_-ritisb    Bull    Ooc|  American   Mascot
I'lm    "Ted ���.'   Hour" has come and
-���'..".    do n   . audi  nhaltiB and  fob 1
.here dam 1,.   no lung, r, us  11. years
:ono by,   Illtle grlz.il.v growler,   A
moro tenacious ami pugnacious aulmul '
1 now been 1 hoacn as 11 "mascot"
���'j our friend ucross tin 451 li parallel.
tn .1 number of cities ol lhe 1 tilled
States tho "T01I1I3 Hour" has been re
(ilaced by the "Ilritish Hull Dog," a
'althful friend, hul a fearless foe,
-'mall "hulls" In gold   silver, glu
.(imposition now oriintiic.nl  tlm fobs,  i,   , ,
I. .loll   chain     or   coal   lapels   of   the   m.
���iiii.Iron    of llliclu Sam  and  in  shop   0(   ,.,, ,
ivindows  and  on   llie  stalls    of  Uio j Unosvloi
street vendors lho "British Hull Hog'   imtierll.
.���rim; al tho passers-by and  remind
ihem again ami again that "Wlml  h
ms he'll hold."
He   Is   lhc   Man   Who   Ha;   tho   final
Say  in  the  Feeding  of ihe
I do uoi wait! lo ileal a. ill. llll    sub
Joel -n than In a  passing way. but
I would like in point out, gentlemen,
lhal utter till, whatever you u.uj do
for agriculture, thero musi still bo
much of loneliness ami isolation and
tragedy for the man who till. the sol
Pocket Wallet for Canadians
Tin   1 'auadian   Wu 1   ('01 I Ingonl   a
social!..1., ul   tho roq.ica.  of tho National Hen h.' com iiittep, Toronto, is
distributing 11 pockel wallet  t.   1 very
,         mow a long  broiiUt, strniglilcued   Can,,Man soldier nl lhe irom and In
11 up, and   mid:  "Well, llinj  dldn'1  gel   England nl Christmas containing writ-
us, anyway." itni   material-.   This Idea of a gonem
 gift was adopted .... suggestion from
THE SECRET OF li SGGD '_'.".''
._r.srv|��a        Diseases ol
Forest Fires on 11. IJ. Railway
Large Areas Burned Over With Great
Lc3S  of  Timber  and  Supplies
barge areas of fores
��� i roj ed Ihls yea. h;  Oi     ��     h havi
occurred along the llnd-   i  I i
wny,  under construction  (or a
minion govermui n|   liol
ami  Port  X"! ��� .n     Ian    b is es
timated ilnn the   mr .ed
till ma  less' than 500,  a. .-* .   .. ..-���
In     a   destruction   ol   ;   ��� ���
nmountlug to f250
a heavy loss o   go   e a 1.
ninials,   In sumo .;��� -���     .
'. [th'out
v.  facls  which
what  one  mlghl    call    the
I sclontltic side ui: agriculture, 'I'i.,- man
; who i.s happy in his lasl;, can lake a
I keen delight  in It, or make a grenl
' Slice, ss of Ii, inusl bo aide to link liis
efforts win, the gnat forces of nature
lhal contribute lo tho success that he
othorwlse could  not  achieve.   .   .   . | slcth disilguremi
I'i.e farmer, aft. r all, stands for ih
rj.j    Nerves
Old ii ever occur lo you thai thoro 1,lv ^ *v' ' ^^
Is a reason far vour sallow complexion,	
pimples,  blackheads and  other  skin ArP nnp fn Pnnr Rlnnrl  ���111H   'i"'.""ll!'     '"   JuPPUes
blemishes?   "four skin, when healthy, ���ale -uue lu L wo] OUiWi <UU1  railway contractor., v  r           . jtroj
has to oxcroto it per cent, of nie'   Only Curable Through   I0'1.,
waste matter d_ tho body! It tho pores J     .,       ...      .                        '"" t; d '      "   ���'      '
be.onie clogged, Ihis poisonous waste 1110   lilOOil
is imprlfonod and skin troubles follow. Thero  is an excellent rei  ou   '
To rid yourself ot :   ������<-��� blemishes Dr.  Wililnms'  l'ink  Pills  have ei
the skin must bo cured o�� ils sluggish- tlio  most  severe oases ol   neural
ness.    This  is  just   wha*   iSam-Bult scinticti ami. other   complaints In
neecssltii s. in [he great househ ild of
nature, the farmer stands al tho door
of ilio bread room, and weighs lo each
man his loaf, (le has the final sav in
this' tiling, -don. Martin Httrri; '
fore tlle Ottawa Canadian Club
does,   /am-link is composed of .limn-   groui
latlng   and   healing herbal essences,  "erv.
vhkh penetrate the skin md enablo [ vousi
it lo expel thc accumulated poisonous
waste matter,    A clear, healths  complexion is your reward.
The folly of endeavorlug to cover up
powder i and
ir cosmetics is rpii;,. apparent,  Use
ordi r.
if    tl
pruce, black spruce and
glnji irom  I I,, 30 1.
long die rll ers, creel
Isn on the lsl ind      Ul
a   t. ��� Irij goo !���',,'.
This group also included ner-
mil excitnbilll.v
fly a  .-eprodin
Ions   fin   ,  whicli  prol
ishmenl from the l
whv Dr, Williams' I
vous disorders lo l
the  rich,  rod   blooi
. noi",'
I thus
Zam-Buk; remove the root cause of lho
trouble, and enjoy a good complexion
without lcsordng to arliliclal means.   ,;,,','-.���
Appiy Zam-Buk ul nighl whon rollrlng, | tbo I
'"" i and wash with Zam-Buk temp
'..101.1       01 I B||0|l,     f0,.t.     y,,,,,���.
I'l1*,"^.*1!1! .b���r.*__e..J-.,.'.?|keKs. the tlinli of cours
ed, mi nccoi.nl ol la. '���
An altempl to prove.
��� Ion     .s been in
'.���ii    ...    ���
polnl menl of lirei
foils   havo    ��� ���    :
tlvu oi\ Ing to tl.
per lin.tr
.cut. Tho reason
ik Pills euro ner-
anso they mnko
upon w hich lh" ,
I.  is
are out of order. Make the doctor's
test. Examineyoururine. It.-houkt
be a light straw*color il li i- highly
colored, reddish or deep orange it lho
odor i- strong ur tituiMial -ii "brick
dust" or in vus i; present, look to lhe
kidneys,   They an- oul... order,
Get GIN PILLS a. once, and lake
them regularly,
Rheumatism, Sciatica, Lumbago,
pain in the back, groin or hips ..II
point to weakness in the kidney or
bladder action, and ihopi-c-siiigneccs*
sltyfor GIN l'IM.S.
Gin Pills ..a- worth their weight in
gold because they drive these pains'
clc.-in out of the system, They ouly
cost 50 cents a box, with the nit-solute
guaranteed satisfaction or yournioney
bad.. Six boxes for .. :.^o, or a free
treatment if yuu write lo
National Drug iSc Chemical
Co., of Canada, Limited
Toronto     -     Ont,       14
I Revive tlie Jaded Condition. When Britain Will Brand the Pit and Unfit
I energy lings and the cares of business j ,\ imhii'.o and picturesque scheme
1 become Irksome: when lhe whole sys- ' ;or labelling b*^ means nf khaki bras-
teiu is out of sorts and thero is general  sards-hearing tlie roval crowti those
doprcsslon, try .nrmelee's-  Vegctabte  at  nnd until for mtllt'urj service was 1,.
I Ills.     I.ioy will regulate lhe action  announced bv the war office.   Armlets 11
j ol a. deranged stomach uiul a disord-  whicli are now '   '
; eretl liver, and make you feel like a, distributed ..mm lo tho following:        I patii,   Tlm rtbetor said lho troublo was
vnn,    1   '.!..,,'  ."8..no8,. s"!i". '' ck'- !    plrst' tlla mm ""''" oullsl :llMl :in';r!mu.na.iaui of tho sciatic nerve, Iin-
'.om   debilitated  digestion   wheu   bo ! placed  in gn 1 w ng the call to  im5?ita war. use I until th.
dopoml lor proper torn
ion   lhal   Or,   Williams'   i'lnl
ire nervous disorders  becaus.
lo lho root of the troublo ii
od,  nnd   wllllo  .h.'\   am doin!
s they strengthen  and  fortify  II.1
ol   system again,a disease.   Anioni
��� many who have found relic! fron
a  through  H.'s greal   medicine  li
as Ethel Smith, residing near lluv
d, Out., who says: "Some yours :oj<
,as seined wiih a greal pain in in;
lu  Iol;-. betwc in the hip and km
became so bn !  thai  I gi*  un rest
', .fax or night, and often cried wil
,i   the   lii'>' proiei : I ���
l.e railway engin
in I. or in
... and    ���
I' :'   Lpi   '  ���    alOll        1 '
I'.' I lud on I)
led to tli lurisd
1 iinmi : '.������: . bu.
11,nl rol of,1      :
i_,    1   VT.Ti   _". .1    B    ii, u  piacec.  in groups waning uie eau ut  Imouts were uso 1 uiilil the,- nctunlh
siinilo anl Directive a pill can he got  join iho colors:  second, 10 men who  took n,(, skin off, and slill  the pair
pi. an.  uiugstoio, 0ffe,,  themselves  for enlistmenl   and  g,.ew worsp and worse-   Then all th.
E; plained
"What     littlo    I..
.ir:'  found physically unlit:   third, to I otlior nerves  iu  thu limb seemed 10
those   wlm am  invalided out of the  bo affected   ami it kept  lorking and
,        . Sunday  service as  unlikely fur  medical  rea-  twitching until ii  would  have '..>  be |
scliool teacher poisuaslvoly remarked, sons lo become efflcienl ngnln. held to keep i. slill.   Then th" doctor
11,   ��� ,,'.' ������     , '," ",""',''.'.!'.:'" ";,|��'��'��     Tho armlets of each class will have  -.he limb in a-papler macho case,
the f|U oil and the dead ." ,, distinctive mark. but il was not long until the trouble
.mi...''. .    i'\7'    ^claimed n   began iu my other limb and
small   hoy   name,I    Pommy,   exe led v      ���      ���  ,     _ , .���. 1,.,   i,-..,.,,,. ','���   ia,.  same   ira
wriggling his hand. I    0|1   Sa!e   Everywhere.���Thero   may.'1    u"" u     '   ' ������   ��� ��� '     '������'
W   ma 111.'    lis  lull..                                                  "-"'    o_se    cvoijmicre,��� moic     ,1 1                          ,,,.       -.        ,                            . ;   1 nfl.(���
"All right  Tomu " resnonded the ��" coullt''y merchants    who   do not 1" Llul   ''f'"!"-1"" ""' three yearn wh ��^
teacher    "V���,         'im   t, !.    . 1 ���"' keep   Dr.     Thomas'     Rclectric   Oil>'3* whole nervous system    so badly, ,;������
*-Jno ���.iiii.d."     as          r         rr    ��='��� 'hoy are fow and fa,' between,  shattered   that   It    wot.Id make mo Ac
���.,���,���,,.   ',..,.             ".'      ,'1"1"'1'1'- .,,.,,,      ,,.������'   ,,,.,,.  ,���������M|   .1,.,.   ���nm.    scroam it auy one walked across (he I ;1''1"
elollldOr cu   join,,,,    "tn   n,,.,,,   ,, ,.,. ami      cuese   imi'   suggest   imi.   :-oiue                                                                           , .i..,
hops 0,; 0/ ,io"w   ' ot-rnb0 obU s other oil is just as goo,!, '.-hero is no-  floor.       '��; '"^ '^ ,^'^ ^ 5S.
ihem lhal don'l Is 'dead "' thing so good as a liniment or a,; an  "'"���������. "'','''..-    .     '.   ���.',,.,? !
S.10O   REWABB,   J1 '���
'I'I..'   readers   of   tl
pleased   to  learn  that  th*r      ���   l(   .��� u-'
,,ii" dreaded    >k- .   ttsut
hen .���..,'���  ... cure   n    . mil
that  ... Caton'l.     trail's Oat
lis'   01.lr   positive ���,. c  .
His   a,, os 0   fr..o ml    .   . 1    .
. onslltutlonnl dlsea ie   - sir 9
1 itlo. ;.,  in atmenl,    J j 1:i --
Is taken Internally.
l),e  i,.,,,���i   ,-,,..i   ,,,, ....
system.  Ibornhy  destroylm?  the  ���:���-:_,
Hon  ..r .!.������ dls. asa   md s       ,     .
lenl strensth by l.v Si   e;      the
'i,,;i   .01.1   assise, s  naei loins      <
weal..    ���:'���������   propri tors   I h
1   1 us  curat       pov -. 1   1   rl
it had to ;
. . ned   Doll
1 1     ire. .  ������ ...
���T    C-IK-fEr  &  CO     Told   by   all    !���:.������.
Fain ly   Pilb   .   ��� J.
I thing so good as a liniment or as an I ul"1',' P;'''"'."  ��������������_   ���  wum  ����".��.) 1
'internal  medicine   iu  cortain   cases. I sPeftk'    DlIrlnK thte tlmG r ll!"1 l,0��" I
on   is   ::
I'..   Invoi       oi   .
,,1     ,,,   , ��� 1        ,���..,,.., i  ,,,,��� ii  attended   hy  thro,,  different  doctors,       ' "o  sugge
,    the nu oi.ie..    1 iu    (lomatu   101   11.,    ,       ,. ,     , .     ,   . ,   ,       , ,-:.,..  n.,,;,i   ,...,..
_i,,���-s ii,.,- 0 ;��� thn ,,niv nnmiin. ,,M l^'lm   da   a I in ihi'ii' power, hut each iy<o-   unite   w...  1 u    .mo.
, ,,.          s low s 1 ua,. 11. m 1 ao on 13   iiouui.i 1  1 ui,       ... , , ,       , , ,, ., 1,,!,.,.., ,     1 ,.,,,,,,..!,,,,���   e      i-t,
.Minard s Uninieiil i'o    I,united 'saul f would moor   lm able to walk atpnanet.   11. is 1 ion   it ma .......
Oentlemeu,���In  Jnly    I'll,.   1   was'   ���    again.    Then   mv   father  decided   to collaborated with Seraia scribe
thrown    from a mad'machine   injur-      An "ld  tl'lsl1 coiintrywoiiian, going Kel me Ur. Williams' Pink l'ills.    lie- in  perfecting this
n.v hip and back bud l.v and was''"   |)lll,lil1  h>"  trnin.  stepped  into  a | (are I liad used thorn long I fell them
I In  Sept., 190(i, .Mr. Wm. Out ridge of W  mft'10 herselt comlortable.    .lust'thu. the use of Ihe pills was con
Lachut.e urged tne lo try All.WKli's   hotoro  tho  train  started   the  guard  ed ami In a few months 1 was ah
j HINIMBNT, wliieh I did with the uiost   P''l!'S(,'l along, and, noticing tlm woman   walk half a. mile each day 10 gel
satisfactory results and today 1 um as
well as over in mj  Iif
Votus sincerelv,
of the ages.    The. 1    ������ ���> 1 ri
ing done  in   Palestii e c ntnrli
fore  David', day  i'iu.  ir   was  ���:��� '���'��� ���
Hahylonian   script,     >��� hieh
torial,  tutieli like the Chin
obliged to use a crutch for 1. months   first <,,;is*i carriage with her basket l.atping me.    This so encouraged u
���jd  made herself comfortable,    .lust'that the use of Ihe pills was contini
1,1.��� 1
1 th
ami  lho basket, said gruffly: Imail.   1 used iu all oightoon or twou-l
"Are you llrst olass, my good wo- ty boxes of the Fills and they did what     The  cheapness  ,     Mother
man?" three years of doctoring had not boon  Worm   Exterminator    1
"Sure f am, and thank you," sho re- j able   '10 do.    I am as well a- ever 1 ! reach of all. and it can 1
UNES '<'''''''' lvil'' " H1"''1''   "And how do you ��� was in my life, ami have had in. re-   druggist's.
ol yourself?"
The Lives it is Costing
For the past two months iho Ilritish
forces, fighting on a front of loss Ihan
���iixty miles, have lost, bn a" average
3,200 men a day. Whal, then, are Ihe
daily losses nf Germany on a thousand
miles of fro..I. along whit I. actions are
iontlnuoilB? There can lm nothing
'.carer Hum that lhc losses adiuiiied
Best Liniment of All
Target Practice on Mt. Calvary
e'r";^ Destroys Every Pain
Holy Land of ta.-gel practice 0,, Cloi- S.        ., n
gotha or Calvary hy the Turks g[j{    ^yfj-    JjyniS
turn of lho trouble,   Mv family and ;
Crlonda think mv cur.' was a miracle,      A special preacher, ., out I
ami we giro all iho credit to lm. Wil-  the pulpii   ia a  country church, was.
Haras' l'ink l'ills." asked   if ho  would  'ik,.  any special
���toil can get those pills through any hymn to be sung to ngr.       1th his
medicine dealer or by mail, posl paid,' Beruion.
at. BO cents a  box  or Blx boxes  for;    "Xo, no," la   replied;  "us a matter
?..:,..  from     'I'll"  III'.   Williams'   Medi-   of fan. I harm    !..-        .'sat I'i'. .
cina Co
Vears ago not a few parsons resent..-,1 dm railway iron. Jaffa t.. Jerusalem as a commercial  Intrusion on
Brockvllle, Out.
ry Germany, which amount to two aud regions of sacred association; inu
���\ half million men, arc only nhoul Iin j whal is to im said when the walls of
?cr eenl. of lim actual losses, No 1 tlio Church of tlm Holy Sepulchre
���fonder the German peopio are "pray- tremble witli tlto coiiciis'sion of high
lag for pea. 0" as one of (heir lire-eat-  explosive
tog journalists, Max llardon, now admits,���Toronto Mail and Umpire,
"l low thankful wu are to get hold
of siuh ,1 wonderful household rone
oily as Norvlllne," writes Mrs. 15. I'.
Lamontagno from her homo near We-
taskiwi',1, Alberta. "In this fnr-awa.i
npply of linlinont.   Norvilino is tl
In his book Dr. John Kerr relates
many ainusim- stories of his advon-
turos as au inspec tor of schools in
Scotland during tho past forty years.
On one occasion lie was oxauiinlng a
Wlion Hm Kaiser made his
famous pilgrimage in (xas, nml left a) besl of all. lt destroys every pain.
statute ofbiuiself in the likeness of a bul never burns. Wu um: Mervillno
Crusader on tlm Mounl of Olives, it in a score of ways. If it's rhouma-
was noi expected lhal after a few tism, aching hack, pain in lho side,
years in the "reversed crusade" the sciatica or stiff nock,���you can laugh
alliunco of Giaour and Moslem would 1 at. them if you havo lots of Nerviline
give .he Turks license I'or gun  play |hands*.    For   earache,   tooth
r   away   irom a doctor or 1 class in mathematics and put lho 1
���  '    '��� v ���'   ?o��djlowing question to a boy:
���If    a  salmon  weighed lm.  1
!,.    uj   until   I  am,  iu   thc  io . 1
"nh.   v��� 11,   ia   1   ..:,.,��� ."
\ [car, "" '��� had better I     e til    ''.ynu..
?jggd NERVOUS.
ami it was to ho sold at twoponco
a pound, what  would it. he worth?"
'I'lie lad, who was the son of i. fishmonger, replied:
"I. wadua ho wortil a curs 1." -Tit-
Bits. ���
W. N. U. 1081
J amid the treasured relics of the life
i uf Christ on earth.
j Fixing Food Prices in Russian Capital
| The minister of dm interior has
drafted specific measures lo combat
die abnormal prices of foodstuffs in
Petrograd. They will be carried into
effect shortly.
Tlie main object is lo insure ||IP
conveyance of foodstuffs to the capital
in such abundance as lo obviate Hie
necessity of compelling purchasers to
await iheir turn to buj small quantities.
Flrsl War Fan Well, what are the
Russians doing?
Second War Fan Well, they put
the Czar in the box and shifted the
(.rand Duke to right  Reid,
cramps 1 don't think anything could
act. more quickl}". For a general all-
round pain remedy 1 can think of nothing more valuable and .speedy lo
cure than Nerviline."
The above letter Is convincing'-��� II
tells bow reliable and*trusty this old-
time remedy is. Nerviline for forty
years has been a household word in
Canada. Scarcely a home in Canada
you can find without Nerviline, Fiery
community has its living examples of
the wonderful curative properties of
Nerviline whicli will cure pains and
aches anywhero in the joints or muscles. It's penetrating, soothing,
warming and safe for young and old
to use.   Get tlio largo nun family size
hold..; It's tho iu...a economical,
Small trial size 25c at an,' dealer's.
Squashed the Gossip
Residing in a littlo village is a lawyer who is famous for drawing wills,
in  which  branch of business he has |
long enjoyed a monopoly of thc country for miles around.
A fow months since a wealthy man
died.   There was much speculation as I
to the value of the property, and the
town gossip set about to iind out th 'j
cts.   lie hunted up the lawyer, and.
afier a few preliminary remarks about*
the deceased, ho said, rather bluntly: |
������| suppose 3*ou made Brown's will?" 1
"Ves "
"Then you probably know how much
im left,   Would you mind telling me?"
'���Not al all," the lawyer answered,
as he resumed his writing, "lie left
c er; thing he had."
sick headaches tell
of cxliaus'ed nerves, ami vrarn
you of approaching prostration
or pnralysls. H> enelclilng tlio
blood Ur. Chnso's .Verio rood-
restores the wasted nervo cell.,
and thoroughly cures headaches}
sleeplessness ami other nervous
.10 (ml, a i',���\, nil D_��leri, or
Edmnnson, Butes .v. Co., limited,
���    ii        has _ isialied an
ouj> Welding Outfit
Oxo-Ao tylene System
Something thai has beeu limlly needed iu this district for a
. . [ time, as litre are thoutauds of clolUrt wcuth of castings
uf ever) description in cast iron, brass, aluminum, mnlnble,
loft ��teel, etc., thrown away every year, that could be made
as strong and even stronger than when new fur Iris than half
what a nm oue costs, Anything from a stove lifter to a
i-ranlcihaft, bring it along  ire eau lit it
Telephone L4�� .COURTENAY
Money To Loan
We are open to receive applications
for Loans on Improved Farm
Property in the Comox
Isabel St.
Real Kst-dte, Insurance and
Financial Aleuts
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   from   Leading Musicians
from tlie Atlantic to tlie Pacific.   Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J, Goard   will oe  in tliis city   al.out
April    1.     Leave orders at this  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Avt., W.   -   Vancouver
First Class Plumbing
Hot VV .iter ami Steamfittiug
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Cotirtena)
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. ���. Martin,  Prop.
Barrister  and  Solicitor,   Notary  Public
P. O. Box 209
Phone 24 Courtenay
Expert Watchmaker   Qualified Optician
has a choice supply
of Jewellery, Etc.
suitable for Xmas. Presents
hi- tin- equal In Kvory Wny of
re -iilnr $7 nr tin work for my
prices as follows: ,.^|
Bridges per Tooth $4
22KaratGolC ni $4   d
Why Bhould ynu ],ay one conl,
more? Know, tlm. I,,...|ilc-. ��uv-
Ing j .ui from f.i lo ?(i on work of
tins lilgl. quality, 1 Personally
I'lo.liio a Guarantee] of Satisfaction���Satisfaction Absolute
Huso only thn highest gricln
iniui'i'iiils. (I oinploy only tho
most sicilluil artisan . .My prine
of SI ikii.'h Not finoan "clioap"
work, but Only The Host. $7 or
CIO cannol limy you botttr Anywhere-, fall hit my olllcos anil
lot 1110 show yon mv work.
Del owe
^Dentist   .
Cor.Hastimc-& Abbott Sts
Vancouvlr B.C.
The Courtenay Jewelry Store
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken
Oppositenew Presbyte riirn tl.mli
Sutton k Kirkwood
Undertaker* and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
City Council
The .ty Com., ii held their last
regular meetiti| for this ye.ir on
Mot.,lav evening. Afler the minutes ha.l l.eeu iraj and adopted
several communications wers Uid
on the table.
Tlie following accouuts were presented, and cm motion were   referred to the Finance   Committee   to
pay if found correct.
John Thompson     3 5��
E, II. Peterson, ditching,, 15,00
C. P, Duiulai  10.00
Electric LiRht Co. 01.76
1). C Garage (cars for baud; $8
G. Millard 'car to Comox)     $8
R. Creech 21.00
Mr. Johnston's request for refund of license wm referred to the
city solicitor for au opinion as to
the lenalitv of the refund. Aid.
Johnston wanted it referred to au
outside linn, but this wus not entertained.
Rev, K. P. Laycock and the
managers of St. John's church asked that tlie street at tlie side of the
church lie ditched an I gravelled.
Tlie work was ordered dons at the
cost of $J0.
Aid. Leighton, chairman of the
Board of Works, reported that L,
Berkley's contract on Grabbis Rt
hill hud beeu completed to the
satisfaction of the Board, and that
a mound of gravel left to be used
later on the street in the   orchard.
Aid. Robertson introduced a bylaw regulating the use of the City
scales, wliieh received its 1st. a��d
2nd. readings.
R, Creech was awarded the contract for filling in Duncan's gravel
pit, at the price of $1,0. Two other
tenders were received from D. Cud-
more at $90. and L, Alexander at
Aid. Robertson wanted to know
if the Council could take any steps
to have extra help at the Post
Office during rush hours. A couple of ladies had waited nearly half
an hour fot their turn at the wicket
and despairing of getting waited ou
before train lime had asked him for
a cheque.
Aid. Johnston said it was the
people's own fault if they could
not get money orders, e.erybody
rushed to the wicket 10 minutes
before closing time. Mr. Watch-
orne had explained very courteously that if the public would cqitie a
little earlier, or the day before, they
could all be served promptly.
Aid, Johnston thought it was
about time that that the city's
books should be audited, and said
he had asked Mr. Towler if he
would undertake the job, and he
had consented.
Tlie Mayor said tliere were plenty
of retident tax payers who needed
the work, and when the time came
to make an audit, the Council
would select a man.
The. Clerk in answer to Mr.
Johnston said that a yearly audit
was necessary after the year's business had been finished.
Mr. \V. idiens wrote that a lot
of tin cans hsd been thrown on tin
street near the Builders' Supply
corner. He asked that they be removed, Iu answer to the query ss
to who put the cam in the street
Mr. Peterson said lie did, and would
continue to do so until the council
provided a suitable dumping ground
The Sanitary Inspector will take a
look at the place, and if necessary
order the removal of the   tinware.
H. S. Clenientii M. P., wrote acknowledging tlie city's wire re aviation school
He will do what lie can to have it located here.
The Returned Soldier's Aid Commission wrote asking the Mayor to call a
public meeting to organize a committee
to look alter the welfare of soldiers returning from the front.
Aid. Johnston deplored |the expense
the council had been put to al the last
welcome. Aid. Robertson differed, saying we could uot do too much for the
men who had been away fighting the
country's battle.
It was decided to call a public meeting
shortly to dieuss ways and means to help
returning soldiers.
An invitation from the Mayor and
Mayoress to be present at an entertainment in honor of Pte. Perrott, was accepted by tli* council and the clerk was
instructed to reply accordingly.
Rough on the Hyphenates
The hyphen is a minus sign. It
subtracts the German from an American and leaves nothing ! Wall
Street Journal.
. ...      ~- -TS.V _.-__
Gef'Moro Money** for jrour Foxes
Muikrtt, While W����k-I, Bearer, I.ynx, Wolves,
Marten and other Fur l> r arm ..I1��,-.��J is ?,�����,-., u.n
lists, la Ik. WtrU Irilhsj ndUllC. la MIT* .lilllli Iin HUS
a reliable���resiKtn-ible���safe KurHouaavilli an _nblam_>he . .ruination eiislina for "nmrr than a third ��'f are nturT." a I ���;..-" ���-
cessf.il record of sending .'n r Shippers pr,,mp..SATIS .A. Ti IRY
Ami PROFITABLE returns. Write f..r"��V����olrrtftiiinir."
the only reliable, a, .-urate market report anil pri. e list published,
Wrlla Ur 11- HOW-sV    ~
. d. anUDtn 1, inc. D.���c��� chicaco,u
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith nud Carriage Builder
,T-  E-  ASTON
Logger's Sliues made lo order.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Alton's Handmade Shoes will
stan I the Test.
Courtenay   Hotel
Comfort  With Moderate Itates
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation       Cu.iiue Kxeallen
Wm. Merryfield
lle.t Wines
and ],ii|iiorn
Hsrses aud Buggies for Hire k.
Terms cash.
We slso attend to wood hauling
Caurtenay Phoas 15
Greetings and best wishes for a
happy Christmas !
The Sisters of St. Joseph desire
to thank specially the Ladies of the
Hospital Guild who have worked
so hard to make the little society a
success, and so faithfully attended
the monthly meetings; also all the
members for tlieir generous assistance and freqr.eut donations to the
hospital. Mav God bless each one,
is the prayer of the Sisters on
Chrimas morning.
Mrs. Lnrcey, of New Westmius-
was a welcome visitor during the
The Superior General has come
to spend tlie holiday season. The
Sisters consider themselves highly
honoured, as it is the fust record in
their community where the Mother
General has been absent from the
head home for Christmas.
Work has been light during the
week. The few patients are con-
The many friends of Master Eric
Jackson will be pleased to welcome him home. Although still
unable to walk without the aid of
a crutch, Eric is planning a good
Anyone wishing to dispose of any
books, papers, or magazines, would
do a great favor by remembering
the hospital.
W. C. King, late of H. M. G. S.
Rainbow in a letter to a friend in
Comox says:���It is only the fact
that we have had the misfortune to
have beeu blown up by oue of those
German Mines in the North Sea
that gives me time to write to
you now. We have had a most
marvellous escape, almost a miracle
thirty eight feet of the length of
our ship (the stern part) blown
clem away. Yet not a soul was
injured, and no one lost, no oue so
much as scratched, but, of course
we were all badly shaken. It happened at niglit during a strong S.
W. gale, and of course loting our
propellors and rudders, we were at
the mercy of the waves. But one
of our own ships took us in tow,
aud after a very ai xious night we
got safely into harbour next  day.
The  Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class  Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E-  D.VLRYMPLe,   Prop.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Coartenay
Go to Vancouver
or Victoria for
Painless Dentistry
Wky Pay Iif Dot. I Cktrges?
You will moro than save your fare
to Vancouver or Victoria ny having
vor work tlone in our offices, YVe
have special arrangements To Save
You Time. Not more ihan 2 days
aro required lo complete jour work
Painless Dental Parlors
11304 GOVERNMENT ST   COP   IAir ".
Oar  l'rices Are  About  One-Half Those
Charged By Other Dentists,   All Work
Guaranteed and Performed Without the
Slightest Pain
Services will be held on Christinas
Day. Holy Communion at 9 a. in.
Matins ami Holy Communion at 11 p. m.
On Sunday at 7.30 p. m.
The I.azo school entertainment took
place on Tuesday evtning.
Tlle Union Steamship Comoosin, cam.
up for the loggers on Wednesday afternoon.
Col, Warden is expected here shortly.
R. Acton, of Hornby Island has taken
a position with A. H. Ball.
The children's Xmas tree and entertainment was a decided success.
Messrs. Higgins and Ardley intend
opening a billiard and pool room at the
beginning of the vear.
The box which contained the cake that
was stolen some weeks ago was found
by the detective near the watering trough
on the back road. In a little while they
expect to locate the cake.
"Scotia's" recruiting poem published
in tlie last issue was much apprecitted by
the people hereabouts. One of our citizens wears a copy next his heart, and
declares it to be the finest ever written.
More from tlie same pen will find a welcome in Comox.
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