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The Review Nov 11, 1915

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*4**4*4*4*4****tt***********    ****************
Can not he done any \ ctter, ami
not cmite ho well anywhere elue
hereabouts. Our type and maeliiu-
ery ia complete ami The Keview
prices Are ri^ht
CI issified Ads.
Mak,'   > ur   link'  Want*   ... ... i.
through a ' lUuifiod Advtrtlw ini u
iu Tlie Ke��i��w   ���   -   -    I'I oi     68
VOL. 3
NO. 50
Auction Sale
Agricultural Grounds
Saturday, Nov. 13, at 2 p. m
Dairy   Cows  and   Young   Stock,
Horses, Pigs, Chickens, Implements, Furniture, Etc.
Further particulars from Auctioneers
Real Estate Agents
Phone 10 Courtenay
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone t-43 Courtenay
3 Very Useful Articles
which we are offering at Reduced Rates
El Grilostove
8  inch  Electric   Stove
aud   Grill   combined.
Just right for getting
breakfast in a hurrry or for preparing afternoon tea
F-1   n   ^ Prepares Delioiotts Percolated Cof-
���*"*1^ -***1 ***'���"*' * "   ^ee*    Made of aluminum, no more
metallic taste or taint.    Costs 5c per hour to operate
An efficient Electric
Immersion 'Heater
which is  plunged directly into the
liquid to be heated.
Dandy for shaving or heating baby's
food at night.
Costs 3 1-2 cents per hour to operate
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
PhoneK Office 35, Res. R98       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Dr. Iiiilson McPhee, of Naiiiamo
was in town this week.
Woody Fitzgerald returned on
Sunday from a surveying trip up
Wallace McPhee and Mr. Catch-
IhkiI spent tlie   week   end at   their
homes here.
Miss Maude Creech held a very
eujovable whist drive at her home
last Thursday evening.
A very enjoyable dance was held
at the Opera house last night after
the conclusion of the picture show.
The phonograph proved delightful
music to dance to.
Extract for October from the
Meteorlogical Register at Little
River, Gomox District, Bertrand
Vogel, observer, maximum 59 5,
minimum 34.0, rainfall 9 17 inches
The work iu connection with tlie
' Red Cross will iu future be given
out every Tuesday from 2.30 to
4.30 in the afternoon at Sandwiek
hall and Mr. Idiens' office. All
completed articles must be at Sautb
wick hall by Monday tlie 15th inst.
as the next consignment will be
packed the following day.
Those wishing to co-operate in
obtaining agricultural lime at $4 a
ton, if our order comes to 100 tons 01
over, or $5 j er ton if under no
tons, will send nie the iif.me and
quantity wanted before 15th February 1916. This price is for lime
delivered ��� t Courtenay, Royston or
Comox. J. A. Halliday, Sandwick
Nov. 1, 1915.
Trespass Notice���Any p.rsou or
persons trespassing on my premiser
will be prosecuted according to law
and any dogs found prowling
around my premises will be attended to.   John Johnston, Lake Trail.
Phon; 48, Cooke & Matthewson
the most up to-date butchers in the
: district.   All orders promptly   at
I tended to.
For Sale Cheap---15 light electric
J outfit with engine, dynamo ai.d
storage batteries, can be seen in
operation at lhe Ford Gar2ge,
For Sale--Strawberry plants, $1
per 100; yearling rhubarb plants,
35c per dozen, 2 and 3 year old
plants $1.25 per dozen Apply to
Joe Davis
Found a lrift on high seas���decked scow, 32 feet lon-r, 12 feet wide.
Owner please see Waller Wood-
huss Oyster River Hotel, Vancouver Island, where scow is now
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one   3   k.   w.
Dynamo switch board,   etc,   also |
pump and . belting,    Capacity   12
gallons    per   minute.    Apply   at j
Riverside hotel,
For Sale���Team, wagon, aud
harness, or exchange for cattle,
.Also 30 acres 1-2 mile from Gran-,
tiiani school, part cash, or exchange
for anything of value. What have
you to offer? Apply Box 8, Review Office,
For sale ��� Cumberland   Steam -
laundry, thc ouly white laundry in
the district.    This is a good open-
I iug for man with family.     During
j the stringent     times   the   present
I proprietor  has been  busy  all the
time.    Apply at the Laundry, or
at The Review Office.
For Sale or To Rent���5 acres 011
beach at Point Holmes wllh house,
barn, chicken houses and brooders,
I green houses and cold frames. Also
. store aud dwelling, lately occupied
by W. - Robertson, as a drug
store, for terms etc., apply A, II.
Peacey, Cumberland.
The Harmony Orchestra will
hold a dance in the Courtenay Opera House on Friday evenin*.
Mrs. Cooke left for Victoria on
Monday with her friend Mr.,
Shilcock, who has been her
guesi for the past mouth.
Carl Thulin, the Misses Thulin,
Jas. McNeil and MaggW McNeil of
Campbell River, were visitors in
town on Friday and  Saturda*, last,
John Duncan was brought home
Wednesday night from Vancouver
General Hospital where he has
been suffering from a nervovs
break down.
While putting a bell ou a pulley
at the Builders' Supply on Tues-
das afternoon Jock Thomson got
his band benath the belt with the
result that it was carried over the
pulley and the knuckles of his left
hand were badly bruised.
The Master Key, a mining romance, is lhe title of a stirring motion picture play now running
every Wednesday evening at llie
Opeia House. The plot seems to
be a taking one depicting striking
scenes in western mining life. The
films are clear and pkasant to Ipok
at. There are also a uiinibei of
other films shown at each performance.
Tne Lord Bishop of Columbia
will visit this Parish on Sunday
November 21 and will preach at
the following services; 11 S. Andrew's, Sandwick, 3 S. Mary's
Grantham, 7.30 S John's, Courtenay.    Duriu-r  Advent,   Nov.   28-
ond was able ta proceed li ���...- the
next afternoon Miss Maggie Mo
Neil was thrown out of Timlin's
car, but n :eived no injuries . wo
otiier cars, which were following*!
got into the niixtip, Fred Field
drove into - he rear of J tu I l's
car, smashing his radiator aid
breaking a spring 0:1 Laird's ( ir.
The Debating Societv was cl mg-
ed -o a mock   parliament  clu    -ist
night     The leaders are :   .       u-
luent, W. A   Hames,  premie      nd
attorney-genera'.,   1'.   L. Am   rton
minister of finance and agricu     ?,
J. Aston minister of mines, J. W,
McKenzie, jr.,    minister   ot   lands
and works.   W. J. Watehorn   . 10-
vincial   secretary   and   ministel of
education,   lv. H,   Peterson  whip,
Oppositionl, R. Duncan, chief supporters H.   Stewart,   J. Mclntvre,
Rev, 1-:.   Laycock,   Clinton   W   d,
W. Duncan.     Independent,        .ti
Campbell, Dr. Morrison, Denholm.
Next Thursday night will be opening night when it   is expected tl it
Mr, Wm.   Duncan   will   read     ie
speech   from   "lie   thrcne.      .'ie
parlinment will be con lucted j      _
Strict   parliamentary   lines   as 11 d
down by Bourniot.    By-laws v   ie
adopti 1! foi I        ���..','>���.  ' nment       te
public are invited   to   atteud   1.  it
Thursday i.i  ht
The    King    d  e>
show his appreciation
it   lore
ami   tha     1
to thos.- who take a 1 art in the
The following is a copy of a
received from hi-   M >j -sly   bj the
Dec. 18, the   Vicar   will preach  a mother of Mrs. Joseph Idieni.whose
special course of sermons on   Pro- five brothers   so nobly   respond
phecy.    Tuesday,'November 30, islone of them  formerly in   t! c
... Andrew's Day,   There  will be lot Commerce, Vaucouv :, sin
���y Communion at 11 a. 111. ing in hospital iu  London, th*   te-
The Knights of Pythias held a
verv successful whist drive and
dance on Tuesday evening. There
was a large attendance, The honors were won by Miss Kerton and
Wallace Piercy, while Miss Catharine Glazbrook and Win. Hayman
carried off tne consolation prizes
Dainty refreshments were served
aud a most r-ojoyable dance followed, the music being supplied by
Adam Calhoun aud A.  Carwithen,
The Woman's   Auxiliary  to the
suit of won 1 ds.
Privy Purse Office,
Buckingham  Palace,
Sept. 6,  1 .   -
Mrs. Foreman,
Madam:���I am commanded by
the King to convey to vou ,111 etc-
press'on of his Majesty's appreciation of the patriotic spirit which
has prompted your live sons to give
their services to the army.
The King was very much gratified to hear of the manner iu which
thev have   so readily   responded to
Missionary   Society of the  Church |lue call of their Sovengn an I I 1 nt
of  England iu  Canada,    Parish of country and I am to express
' to   them their    Maje
Sandwick and Courtenay will hold
their annual sale of work in the K.
of P. Hall, Courtenay, oil Thursday, November 25 at 3 p. in. Ad
kinds of plain and fancy work, candies, competitions, etc. Suppers
will be served. During the evening an exhibition of local lantern
views will lie shown Good program of music.    Admission free
Bert Whittle and Carl Thulin
had a run in on tiie Siwash lull on
Friday evening. Bert was coming
from Comox for another load of
passengers to the Follies concert,
and Mr. Thulin was going up the
hill with a lull load of passengers
for the same placp. The lights
from Whittle's ear ua/./.ied Timlin's
eyes and he thought he was loo
near the left bank and turned iu.
with lhc result that the front
wheels locked. Both front wheels
of Whittle's car were broken off
and the axle bent, while Timlin's
car got off with very little   damage
and to them tlieir Majesty s congratulations on having contributed
in so full a measure to the great
cause for which al! the peopl ��� :
the British Empire are so bravetj
I have the honor to be, Madam,
Your obedient servant,
Keeper of the Privy Purse
ireet from the Plantat ionto Cup
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
We have just  installed an   Elgin  Coffee  Grinder and  can now supply
vou with freshly ground coffee beans.     Try a pound the next tune you
ere out of culTee.      You will be pleasantly with the de-   ��A      IL
lighlful taste and aroma    *J\J\* IU*
"T'I D4fx.r0   wil* ���J* K'tt*' t0 ���lear  t-lat anotller shipment ol
I UC   DOyS MCINTOSH'S TOFFEE  has arrived
box 256 SHEPHERD'S p*"���40 BJHE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
������j ii.v wniTi ��� i!
si i". i  ���  mi
b'jrup- mi ii   t li-
cili.' in Uu. ui [I iti
i mrtt-w Bran f ���
I'i rl apa j*oii woulil
i reJ i -���..
!,p ^      -tffPflnrlmr
i-   ^���w-*-----*  wjtfi
Blanc Mange
'-. Ton aevct Iried  '( rem n tiranA   i itli
PI.me Mange Mitl other Com Starch Pudding
I :������'   ������ ein  i   blend p. rli 111} >��� each  iiupr' i ei
Ihu  olher���togctlier;   they   m.it.e   simple,   iit-
tppnsive   desserts,   thai   everyone   says   nre I
imply delicious",
is read i loser*,, over all kinds il Puddings���
makes i new nml attractive dish ol inch an old
favorite na linked Apples���is iai cheupci iliail
bull , oi i resi rv i win n spread on bread���and
id best lor Cnudy-waking
Head Office  -  Montreal 20
Ai vi". ;.r; * ���.;:."...: '���' :i::::." :: .���'::;."::: :_:::"*
'��� Grain Growers
Need Not Worry
There   is   no   Dannei    That   Carriei.
Wiil be Commandeered by
Informal Ion lias enine io the depart-
in. in  o( trade and coninierec, al Ottawa, iimi  shippers of western grain
tear  lo  ship   wa   Montreal   lesl   the
vessels  wiiu  which  ilie;,   have made
contracts to earn iheir cargoes from
; Montreal to Greal   Britain should I
commandeered   in   Montreal   by   tit
".loiiiivl   I"  Civil I   I'.rii.iin   should   le |--.^:^;_i'-.*riT-���..VSSS^^^KgWVir
ciiiiiniiuiili   red   in    Al.nil r.;i!   I>>    i le Ks$F-.*"-v "   ������ ",.-"' -   ^���'���'.W.f^S*       \ \ \&V---_���._,
".ovrniiuou:  r,���. ��� -.,,. |in. ,,��� .,     ,,-,,]  , i,,. ; ft^Nfe^^eJL"!-!*. '--T^fA^A     _W^r"^__*^_^
-���hipiiers" eonirnus eaneelie.l  Hi  rehy. -^Pjjf?Kf,.v^t���ipftfl^tfef^.^W%-!| S&***
llnilv,  In Iliis  l.e-   '!   ������   .:���!,!  in;.I   lee jjJr.f'-M* I ' . '������;'/   '| i. : ifj]*" Stvff*. r~A'-AA \ j*t
skippers   "I    ��     ere    i ,:   .   i.      ��� '    n \$jfi\   Iff-"'!'.:: i..i.^".'"**-i|j     ;.*\ '$���:.;.-: ;Af���,\ j
lire     char!   I.llll     vess, ...     lie      i f.,-2    !&*H'"''-'| >   4 _ _.>     fffi-'%$ffi.iSS-      V
?S_^fS_!__j__. 1. __&S
,*^|pi_��*^ ''
States ports so us to nvol I nny possible difficulty in reaped of such com-
| nia'nli ei in;;, nml thai   ill  Ihis way the
tonnage lhal mlghl otherwise come to
] Mmi!��� i nl Is being diverted.
Th ���  minister of Irnde    and    com- ���
' llleree    .lall.s   llllll   ill   IV   pee!   [ll   Vessels
. -e e '..I   ;i,h|   elilllr.n led    '   i,'l   I'm    Ihe .   'rjj��'
remaining season ol the St, Lawrence
, navti 11 i-mi. shippers nia,\ real'assured
| lhai im such Interference h ill occur,
| nnd Hi.ii any such chartered vi s m Is
j ivill lie able in fulllll their iiclunl enn
| tract arrangements for llie trnnspoil
i mien of grain from Montreal.
7 #-1 ii
i) -'PaM-
', I'M i_
ii every town in Manitoba, Saskatchewan ami Alb rta
A Determined Woman
Finally   Found
l-ood   That   Helped
I   lirst   read  of  tl
��� nine.
\i iliai time there
.if drape-Nuts food, I de-  Colorado,  Kansas,
secure   some'   says   a  DBkota,   Tennessi
Prohibition Spre.ids
N'orlb Carolina weni dry n I'ovv days
ago.     II   was  Ihe  iiinetcenlli   slnle   to
endorse prohibition.   The others are:
Washington, Oregon,  Idaho,  Arizona,
Oklahoma,    North
.    Arkansas.     Alii
bama,  Georgia,  North  Carolina,   Virginia,  Wesl   Virginia, Maine,  Mississippi und South Carolina,
Willi iin
Make  bills nf Imlinjr rend  l'eter  Jam-en   Co..   I.id.,   I'url   U'illiaui   or   I',
Arthur, notify Peter Jniiscn Co., Md , U'innipe"
Taking No Chances
ternilncd  to
western woman
was none kepi in this lown, bill my
husband ordered some from n commercial traveller.
"I had been greatly nlTliii' (I with
sudden attaelts of cramps, nausea, ami
-.oniiiiii!-.. 'D'led all sons ol remedies
and physicians, bul obtained only
temporary relief.   As soon as l begun
io use Grape-Nuts lhc cramps dlsap-  Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited,
poured and have never returned. tiunr sirs, -1 van recommend M1N-
"My  old  attucks  nf  sink  Btoniiich   AHD'S   LINIMENT   for   Rlieumatisra
were u Utile slower in vield, bin  by  and  Spiains,  as  1  have  used  ii   tor
��� jcoiUlnuliig the fond, that trouble bus   both   with   excellent   resuii
- disappeared entirely. 1 am lotlay per
feclly well, ean eal anything and
everything I wish, without paying the
I penalty thai 1 used m.   We would not
Yours Iriilv,
T .il. I.AYKUS.
St. John,
Haunted by Fear or Assassin
i :zar 1'. rdinand of Bulgaria hae I
i .in,n invested In Germany nnd A .
irln,  nccordlng to the  1'ii  do   Paris.   German Ships Said to he  Fixed  For  ljeol' house wlthoul  Grape-Nuts
The paper asserts Ferdinand recently I Ruoniiu, Awav "Al-V husband was so delighted with
-'        ��� . .uio  benefits  I   received  lhal   lie  Iiob
" ' doubl  felt in Ungland   been recommending Crape Nuts to his
nation ',',-'    ���u'"'    '"   il" '    ,3n-lan<1   customers  and  has  bulll   up o   very
"I conslanlly dream Uiul  I  will be   VT' ���,.    '' (:.-���-1.i;in -.  _ o.tl.r nol tlo | *Brge trade on tha food.   He sella it to j you   wero  quite  obscur.
picked up dead from the slops of my \  ��� ', ;.'''    .TVi,        t'';.ni,D J   "-an"ot I many of the leading physicians ol tho *marrlet1 you.
pnlace,"  be  is quoted as saying.       M       .,,,,'," ,,,��� ���)l",01tl��K Phrase has   county,   who   recommend   Grape-Nuts |.   Artist���You      dldn
lold   friends  thai   he  was  constantly |    "There
haunted b;  a prosentimenl ol* assassl-1 d.oul   till
I iinows ih-
Artist's   wlfo   (diiriu-.'
quarrel i
Kve;\ careful and ohservnnt mother knows win ii her child suffers from
worms". She also Knows thai It some
remedy bo nol speedily applied much
harm ..ill result m tbo infant. Tin
besl application Uiul ean bo gol i.
Miller's Worm Powders. They drive
worms from the system and set up
stimuhitlllg and soothing effects. >o
Unit iho child's progress thereafter Is
palnh is and satisfying.
A Poser
nis   Offspring
j ii:     -If voi
he's  jusl   i
ioi  neal a man when j very generally.
e  grass. It's  a   vory   taction In ustiu
mr look mi   for you   when  '
Sir   Thou ns   T. lowing,
lor  of  defence    In     iii
shli   uf Australia, who
'a,     may
.ne more question?
Paler-   Ves,  my sen.    jui
ask  ins
, ne more,
Precocious Offspring Well, llieti,
pa, how is h thai Lho nighl falls, bill
It's onlv tli ��� day thai breaks?
Tliere Is somo salis-
u really scientifically
prepared  food. I'here's a lleason."
Name  given   by   Camulan   Postum
iriiier mln-. Co., Windsor, Ont.
common- |     Ever read tiie above lett.r?   A new
i returning ! one appears from time to time.   They
��� id  Ladj   Giving to Sydney, nfter a   are nenuine,   true and full of human]
long sojourn  in    Kngland, mude this   interest,
Btutenienl   in    uu    lutcn ie>,   al   Van- I
couver ri cently.
As fnr Gerniun hattleslilps, Sli
Thomas Mated lhal liny were ouly
made to iun av.uy.
"To explain  whal    I mean," i
fled    Ihc    Austrnllan   visiter  with  a
laugh.   "The Germans, kn: w thai Iliey
���:      :!i,';1" llu' heav,ea'    towns.  Healer;,, a
trouble In finding me.
Edith���Miss  Oldglrl  says  she  has
jusl  rea'ched the marriageable ago.
Marie���Ynu  clout,  say.    I     \V(
i wttal delayed her.
Western Canada'.-. Fiib Crop
Western Canada is iisuallj llioughl
of as nu agricultural couiili -., bul ii
haa mnny produi Is ol gr iai value In
nddltlnn io lliose llinl uro luk?.n from
ike soil. Ils rosourcos in coal, lliuhei-
ami minerals are enormous, an.l il
HbIici lea turulsli an hul in try of much
Importune-.'., Tbe ivhlleflsb of Lake
Winnipeg is known llirouglioul tha
Unit nl Stales, and n big cxpntl business is dono with thnl country. The
hue hikes in Northern Saskatchewan
and Alberta i ISO produce greal qu iu-
1.1 ties of tl.e bighesl quality of fish*.
British Columbia, of course, Is one
of Hn.' greal llsli producing countries
of lho world. The exportation of halibut I'rom Prim e llupert, Iki'.. will Ihia
year reach twelve million pounds,
valued at over six hundred Lliouai d
dollars. This is an increase over ! i_1
year of somi three miUloin pounds.
Much of Ihls llsli is sent hy express
Ihrough Canada lo the markets ol lhe
Eastern St ites.
When Hollowuy's Corn Cure is applied to a corn or wan ii kills'the
roots and the callosity comes out
wlthoul injury to the ilesh.
Maloney i reading life Insurance
circular- Phwat's a 'table av expectancy?"
Casey���Sliurc, it's something thot
proves by statistics thot ye won't live
as long after yez are CO as y. ���/, ctkl bo-
mm frok
ships,  say  lhal
11 bad the beav-
tv iu
llghi, bo ine iieavic
ii mount oil afl  to enable tlieir captains lo mnke a running
flghl of it.   Officers who wt re In tbe
engagi menl    in    tb i  Noi th  Sea.    in
whicli    Sir  David   Heatty's  squadron
sunk- ihc Hluecher and dlsubled llnva I
or  four  o
the Gernn
lesl batteries afl.
' The most striking thing In l-
land jusl now," continued Sir
Thomas*. 'Is lhe indescribable iniper-
turbablllt} of Englishmen. I was
staying al Hi. bmond during the '/��� p-
pellu raid nn London. As I am a
pretty goi d sleeper, I did nol hear,
al.ni'i ii until next morning. When cannot be
i weni into the city 1 expected there I "-ure-
would he exciti rl pi'oplo everywhere-
Nol nl all. .Men;, living in close
proximity lo where bombs had been
dropped had ui-tiiallj slepl through
ii all, Man} bad eome out to so-*
ihe -side sho,'' as i,ny called It, and
tiieii rel In .1 to bed. leaving the anti-
air man guns lo si llie villi the visitor. Ynu v.oiiid realh hnve to drop
a bomb exacllj on lop of an Englls-h-
man's bed lo make blm feel nerv uu
nlniul Zeppelins.
Sir Thomna slnti il lhal llu estimate
of M.OOli.i ii i khaki-elm]  men    In   Eng-
i  on -,   Wherever
Dealers Arc Stocking Up
Commercial   travellers   whoso  busi-
: r.ess brings Ihem In very close touch
.. j with trade condition, throughout the I
,'',!'    | enuniiy reporl  Lhat the assurance oil
Western  Canada's  Id:; crop this year i
bus already  resuli ul  in  a  greal   im-,
ess.in the country
i rule, had allow
\ iheir slocks to (all lo lhe lowest mar-1
I gins, bid   now,  with  n crop assured,!
ihey arc ordering heavily. This means
| nol only more business in lho country
'towns, bul greater prosperity (or the
manufacturer and wholesaler, and In-
is   nol    fell    SO
quickly hi the larger centres as in tlie
���ia's-'little towns, bul  ii is already notice
able even  in  th"  principal  cltie3.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Howard  for any    case of Catarrh  that
ured    by Hall's Catarrh
F. J.  CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O,
Wc,   thu  undersigned,   have  known h\
J.  Cheney for lhe hist 15 years, and be-
lleve liliii perfectly honest hi all business-
transactions and llnuneially ubte lo carry
cut any obligations made by his lirm.
Toledo, O.
11,ill's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
aciins directly upon the hloud and muc- i
ona rut-lavs of tlie system. Testimonials
sent   free.   Prlco  Tf,    ccnls   per    boll Jo.
Sold  by nil  drusBlsls.
Tuke   Hull's l'umlly Pills for oonstlpu-
n em
11  as
Suiiides in Budapest
A  governmeni   decree  ordering
factories In  Hungary engaged  In the
of cotton goods in ecus'
To the Merit of Lydia E.Pink>
ham's Vegetable Ccrn-
pouiiidi during Change
of Life.
Westbrook, Mc. ��� " I v.-ns passing
through tha Change of Life und hud
pains  in  my  back
and side and was so
weak 1 could hardly
do   my housework-.
1 have taken Lydia
E. Pinkhanvs Vegetable Compound and
it. has done mc a lot
of good.    I will recommend your medicine to my friends
and give you permis-
ion to publish iny
testimonial."��� Mrs. LAWRENCE MARTIN, 12 King St., Westbrook, Maine.
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Life 1 suffered with pains in my bad:
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had night-sweats so thut the sheets
would bo wet, I tried other medicine
bu t got no rel ie f, After taki ng on e bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound I began to improve and I
continued its use for six months. Tho
pains left me, the night-sweats and hot
flashes grow less, ar.d in one year I was ; .\
a different woman.   I know [ have to : that
thank you for mv continued (.rood health tips m a recent trip lie made to Mei
ever since.' - Mrs. M, J. Bkowkbl., ' Ynl'K- Wl11- ��'lial r " ,lid'-' Tl11' I'
Manston, Wis.
The success of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, made from roots i ti,e  .Vnsh  al   10 or  12 cents an  im-l strains that  may be put  upon ihem
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Mia t. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confl.   P]ainan( ,>���,,, Missouri the next time  lubricant. i
orntial) Lynn, Mass.  Your letter "-111   he goes travelling should cling to liisj ������.      ,.  ,.
be opened, rend and answercil br a t but in defiance of porters und sland      "Six months uso I lenl you %lti,   i
Woman, aud held in strict confidence. I huJA j'"_. -JHl!_-li "I*!*..1!1!00**' slee.ve ! ll".'*.'t. suppose I'll ever see it again." |
with AnsiiulVi   "'.irk and  lo Burreiidcr  tholr stool
for   military   purposes,     has   thrown
100,001)  persons  oul   o(  work   in   Ho-
hemla  alone, nnd  at   least  as  maiiy
more  In  olhor parts  of ih" empire,
says a lludapesl dlspnloh lo the l.ou-
I don   Post.    Tiie decree  has affected
the  Czechs    particularly,    Wholesale
| ami retail dealers of cotton goods are I
��� Bald  io be going bankrupt  by hun-d-
i reds.   There is n similar paralysis In '
I building, rubber antl other Industries.
I    Polica reports show thai the num-
i ber of '.'.omen In Budapest v.iio have
commilLed suicide has increased enormous!;, during ihe lust year.   Seventy
! per cent, of ih" filicides are ascribed
I m poverty. j
Louis,   llu.   man   complains 	
"ll.oU in,! cobI Iiim $t:i.50 iii | Tlio Oil For the Athlets.���In rub-
itug down, the ntliieie can find noth-
ng liner iiian Dr. Thomas' iSclectric j
itial cost of an article Is by no means: oil li renders ths muscles and sin-
the end of the expense it brings. An ews pliable, take, lho soreness oul of
80 e-tn   siiiit   thai  noes regularly  to ] theni   and     strengthens     tbem   fori
uhiie abs
,i.   n marki l   lhal    Lliere
ia 1 i	
���m-i lerable    troublo    with
SO-CUll   .!     I
li ;i inn '��� UBlrallans   nl the
il tin   war.    Many of lhe c
were   loud
in    iln-ir  prod ilations ol
loyally.    H
n  when ii  ��as found lhal
some    nf
lielr iiumbi r employed on
the docks
wer ��� putting bombs in the
coal lead
into llriilsii ships, a rath-
cr less gi i
tous attitude bad been olv
served       111
thc  governmeni   toward
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unlight Soap
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New Means of Dealing with  I
Evolved b) Great Britain,
Methods will Revolu
Greal Britain has pui into effectlvi
operation means of combating the
submarine, ivnieb, ivxt rdtng to offIs-
ial reports to tlle t'niied States, ulna ly iimi resulted In a loss esth'iat
ed at Lelwecn 50 and 70. The report
di elans   ilu.l    ihc   llrilisb   admiralty
confidently believes it has crushed
the ii rmaii undersea craft, New
modes nf offensive and defence I but
may revolutionize navy warfare have
been adopted, and high Ilritish naval
officers are of the opinion that unless
tho effectiveness of lhe submarine is
increased, it will no longer constitute
a inenai e
According to lhe reports destruction   or capture of CO submarines ac-
tuall) had f been reported several
weeks ago, uml ii huh regarded ns
possible thai ihc number bus reached Tu. \ dinner wns given recently
hi London which was attended by
blub government officials in celobra-
tion of the destruction of the 50th underwater enemy.
While lhc greatest secrecy is maintained the United Slates has Information concerning the methods whicli
hae been employed. A submarine
telephone lias been developed by
Which il. is possible to delect Ihe approach of a submarine by sound from
observation boats or stations plant ed
off shore connected witli points on tlie
Hugo nets have been stretched
across the channels through which tlie
submarines mny be expected to pass
and in open waters, near steamship
lanes or in  the  vicinity  of warships,
.iieniy   Submarines   Have   liccn
and it is Believed That These
lionize Navy Warfare
{nets susptnded with floats have been
east.     'I hen     patrols   congregate   ami
when ihc siihinaiiiie comes in thc surface, us ii evidently musi. it is des-
' troyed by gun lire oi- captured.
A special type of mine also has been
devised  which  is laid  in large fields
tlmi    have proud particularly   dan-
Igerous  in    submarines    approaching
slimier lanes.
The German methods of supplying
���   huinrincs   with   oil   from   concealed
places along the coasts has. been disposed of. Ihis compels llie boats lo
return to their imscs at more frequent
Aeroplanes are exceedingly . ���efid
in locating submarines. They can detect one even 100 feet beneath the surface. It is a habit of the German sub.
murines lo slip inlo favorable position
along lho steamer lanes and Ile on lhe
bottom tor loii.e, periods, rising occasionally for observation. As the batteries nre not exhausted, the boats not
being in million, only a brief stay on
the surface la necessary tb renew Hie
ait- supply nml take a hurried observation. Undersea boats adopting these
tactics buve been the most difficult
to watch. Here the aeroplanes have
shown their great usefulness us the
comparatively shallow    waler    along
j much of lhe British coast    makes it
1 possible  for lhe aeroplane  operators
to see the ships lying on llie bottom.
| The aeroplane notes the position and
notifies   the r.jarest destroyer or pat
I rol boat, wliieh speeds lo the spol and
walls for the submarine to rise.
New Air Weapon    Koar ofFrench Guns
Germans Are Perfecting a Mew Aerial
The aerial iropedo invented by a
Swedish officer nnd sold to Krupps
may hnve been ilie basis of Germany's
new air weapon, but certainly it is not
the finished article. The Swedish invention resembles a huso shell fitted
with a turbine engine driven by gas
pressure; the German nir torpedo is
more like an airship lilted with propellers driven liy electricity and con
trolled from a Zeppelin by wireless,
The German aerial torpedo can, theoretically, remain in tlie air for three
hours, and enn be conl rolled from
distance of two miles. Both weapons
are discharged from a tube like a marine torpedo, but in the case of the
German invention two propellers and
two lifting screws are automatically
started at tbe moment of discharge.
In shape, this torpedo of the air,
whicli is bout seven feet long, resembles the submarine \veup_n. It is
composed of two eases, the outer of
thin chrome nickel and the inner of
material similar to that used in Zeppelins- About one-sixth of file space
at the rear is occupied by an electric
accumulator at the bottom, and an
electric motor generator secured to
the top. The machinery is controlled
by Hertzian wines acting on the
Telefunken system of wireless, nnd it
is claimed thut up to n distance of
two miles Ibe air torpedo cun be
steered  nt  will.
Tlie nir torpedo is Inflated with
water gas and compressed gas, but
as it is liMvier than the air, two
lifting screws work under the body
to keep the torpedo in the air. while
tlie motive power is supplied by propellers. Hoth screws and propellers
nro connected with the same shaft,
which runs through the body of th*.
When tlie air torpedo, after (lying
through ibe ah-, hovers Immediately
over Iiie selected target il is made lo
assume a vertical position, tlie lifting
horizontal screws und propellers are
slopped, and the torpedo dives to the
ground, carrying a large quantity of
hie!, explosive charge at its nose. The
charge explodes on contact like an ordinary shell, iiini it is said Unit in two
torpedoes there is sufficient explosive
force to dectroj Hie Tower of London.
Originally, these air torpedoes were
destined to he carried exclusively by
Zeppelins, hut owing to certain Improvements It lias now been found
Ihey cun be manipulated trom warships. According to Information, Germany purposes to use torpedoes of
tho air against the British fleet, and
for Uiul purpose small, swift craft,
armed only witli nerial torpedoes, uro
building or  have  already  been built.
Uncanny  Sensation as  ef the  Lilider-
; ground Growling of Distant
The  Cologne Gazette  publishes llie
following  account    by    (lie  German
i author, Dr. George Weaner, of tbe ter-
. rifle bombardment which preceded the
French attack in Champagne:
lt is Friday morning.    During   the
j night,   we   have     been     bearing   the
I sound of distant gunfire, which in vol-
I ume uml duration exceeded anything
experienced since we have been here.
Yesterday evening   (lie bombardment
I was exceptionally lively. Then it died
j down towards midnight, but about 4
[ o'clock this morning it started afresh
j with    tlie    unprecedented   intensity
I typical ol a big scale bombardment,
! with shot following shot  In one unbroken growl of thunder like lhe roll
of drums.
"One hour���two hours���four hours���
slill there was no end to it. Tlie like
of it had not been heard since the
days when the lirst German advance
passed like a storm over tli is section.
I Where is it'.'   Wha. docs it mean?
Tbe thunder of distant guns can be
I better heard upon the hills than in tlio
valley, so we went up io the top of
the hill which rises outside the town.
I liave just returned,    lt is now 11
a.m., and the guns are still thundering the extraordinary nn.- of a bombardment   in Uie Argonne, wliieh was
j the  prelude   lo  a  French  attack  on
the   Marie   Thercse   field   works-     It i
' has lusted from eight to eleven���three j
hours,    und the other  bombardment
has already been going on more than)
I twice as long.
Tlie whole atmosphere is in a stale j
I of dull vibration.    It seems as if one
I perceived tlie sound not only with the .
ear,   but   as if one had the physical j
j sensation of being   shaken    by    air i
i wuves.    Il I" us if Hie sound eame up
[from  unknown  depths of the  earth.
Indeed, more than anything it is like I
the uncanny underground growling of
u distant volcano   In eruption,   shak-1
ing    the    earth's    crtisl     for    miles
around,   and   making   il itremlde   like I
a man In a lit of argue.
Large War Orders
Inquiries   From  Allies   For   Blankets,
Overcoats, Etc.
are  being  made   by
Saskatchewan Fruits
Tlie campaign carried yn for several years by the hoard of trade at
Saskatoon to induce small farmers to
engage in fruit raising is beginning to
have effect, and some excellent orchards of small fruits have resulted this
season. These fruits include the
usual hardy varieties, also some line
showings of plums, apples, cherries,
and even grapes, of which some fine
vines of the Concord variety have
this year boine in the upon air.
Tlie vacancy In the position of statistician of the labor department bus
been filled by thc appointment of
Bryce M. Stewart, who for some time
lias been in the department.
lir. Stewart succeeds Robert H.
Couts, the new census commissioner.
He is a native of Brockvllle* and graduated at Quern's and Columbia
ihe I
nitidis of the allies, about (
I the  possibility  of    gelling    clothing, |
: blankets,   and other such equipment ,
manufactured in  Canada.    The Can-!
adlan mills are anxious to serve the |
Canadian    government  first  und ure'
at present  busy with the home government's orders.   They will be busy'
until    December    I  on    ihis.    Then,'
however,  tbey  will  he  able  to mu':e ,
, stuff for other countries. Through the ��
I Textile Association an order for 100,-;
000  blankets,   worth   probably  $300,-
Onu.  lias been  placed  with  Canadian,
mills tor lhe Briiish government.
Mr. C. Harry Hayes of the Toronto
Carpet  Company  has-been  negotiating wltb tlie Russian government for
! an   order    for    overcoating.    There I
seems no doubl that big orders will
'come lo Canadians i'rom Russia.
It is understood from other sources
that the Russian governmeni has also
'ordered several million dollars' worth
'of blankets. This order awaits Uie!
acceptance of the Canadian mills. I
I The Italian government is also said to
j have ordered a million dollars' worth,
! ���Toronto Globe.
If it is a tiling u woman never Is
likely to need, she is pretty sure to
put It carefully nway.
A Good Ally
A Frenchman Pays a Tribute to the
Navy of Britain
1 hiiie iliis letter from one of the
Briiish warships which ihe Germans
declared Ihey sunk during one of Hie
encounters whicli cost them so dear
lhc admiral commanding ii is relal
nm iiie phases of the battle and show-
ing me the parts oi the vessel which
were bit hy the enemy's project lies
Tbey only damaged the ship, and in-
day it is completely repaired and
ready for a fresh fight. Around us
is stuiioneil under steam a wonderful
fleet of ihe mosl formidable und
mightiest units which prove to the
world tbut Great Britain's naval renown has losi nothing of its legitimacy,
tt Is a great object lesson tor me
to be able to contemplate after seeing the British army, which watchej
over a pari of our northern fronl
the navy whlffli assures I In freedom
of our communications, the   security
of our coasts,    and  llle  final  '���eslnra-
' -mi of Belgium to Independence and
fullness of Its rights.
llow I wish i could tell everything.
I'lifoitiinut'dy. I am bound to much
reserve and circumspection, Bul l
need only hint, antl whal I must con-
c. al will be divined.
ii can no longer be concealed that
Llie number of German submarines
destroyed since the debut of their operations is very considerable.
uue nf the principal results of
Great Britain's maritime action bus
been to render Ineffective the at-
tempted blockade which tho Germans,
in defiance of the laws of war. imagined ihey could accomplish by employing tho mosi formidable naval
weapon which science has placed in
their hands, All the precautions that
long experience of ths sea ami Its
battles could suggest have been taken.
Skill, boldness, courage and energy
have met all the needs or the ease. Assuredly the submarines of Admiral
Tlrpitz have not exhausted tbe list of
llieir exploits. They will continue to
show in attackng warships an audacity which tlieir enemies were the first
to recognize. But their Impotence
becomes manifest In crimes against
private individuals and the danger of
Iheir operations against themselves
bus lost much of ils Importance. Their
field of action is limited, iheir power
nf destruction meets barriers. The
losses to whicli they expose themselves, ami th';.' already swored,
cannot indefinitely be made good.
The spectacle of the land army
created by Lord Kjtcbener hnd roused
my admiration of tho resources ami
determination of the country which
has improvised it. The spectacle of
Its naval forces, organized and led
by sailors, who are heirs of lhe most
memorable traditions iu history, confirms my convictions Unit nothing will
bring low or overcome the maritime
eft'ori of our might" ally.���Stephen
Brutality of the Germans
fiusslan   Soldiers  I cund   With   Their
Tongues Cut
Russian;; charge lhc Germans with
resuming the campaign of atrocities
with which they sought to frighten
ihe, r\3Sians al the beginning of tlie
war, but which had diminished in recent months. Finding tlio towns nnd
villages evacuated by the Russians
bare of provisions unci the distances
between the towns becoming greater
the farther they penetrated into the
country, and Incessantly harassed by
lhe Russians troops, some, of the invaders are declared to display a ferocious and revengeful temper.
The atrocities laid at their door are
said by the Russian people to bo as
bad as those committed in Belgium
just, nfter the opening of the war. In
many places, for example, especially
in the three days' fight around tbo
fortress of Novo Georgiovsk, all the
Russian wounded left on the battlefields were killed, according to Russian reports.
Moscow newspapers describe, giving names and detail-, the repulsive
affair near Vilkonilr, northeast of
Vlllia. Half a company of Russians
with three young officers wer- trapped by the Germans in a farm house
August (i.
"All the soldiers, numbering 204,
were killed," says the Hnsskoye Selo.
'Some wem found with their tongues
CUl out, Tbe officers. Yahleiniir
Klster, Sergius .Mints unl Einile Bal-
gin, were especially Ill-treated. Klster, though wounded ami lying on the
ground, was bayoneted several time,
and the last ferocious blow sent the
oayouel through his lefi eye andh ad.
Into the ground. Balgln was bayoneted, lint was living and protesting
when tlle Germans buried him, The
third officer was covered wllh bay-
unci wounds when found dead,
'These details were given by a
pcasanl found later tied to a tree
From his plaee lie witnessed everything. Now that the tide is turning
against the Germans they commit
terrible crimes In revenge for bi lug
forced lo retreat."
Vacuum Fly Catciicr
A X'-w Vork man has put his vacuum cleaner and phonograph horn
to tlie task of catching restless dies
and mosquitoes. The phonograph
horn is attached to the end of the
hose leading from the electric vacuum
cleaner and the motor is started. With
this apparatus Hies and mosquitoes
ean be caught on the wing in less time
than it takes to tell of it, for when
the mouth of the horn is broughl
close to the insect the strong currant
of air sucks ii down the tube to iap
tivlty within the cleaner.
Germans   Fought   Desperately   nnd   ilie   Viciousness ul   Iheir
Resistance was Duo to Their Rage Over the Loss of Their
Dugouts Wliieh Cost Them so Much Labor
I    The scene of ihe Ilritish attack in
the I.ens region is a Hal  milling couu-
\ try��� slag heaps, mine pits, ruined
buildings, splintered and  felled trees |
laud earthworks churned by explosion:-
with slightlj   rlsiug ground  inward :
l.oos anil I.ens.
Nolhlng is vi.- ihle excepl   the   sotl
i pull's of shrapnel bursting anl iol
nines of black smol.e from Ilritish and
German high explosive shells, marking positions where the Ilritish troops
jure organizing ihelr guns and the
Germans arc preparing a new defen-
j (ilve line.
li is with inltnite satisfaction lo the i
Ilritish. who    had long looked at Ibe
eye sore twin towers of   the miningi
works at l.oos that ihey now  have in
their possession this German position.
The church at l.oos which bad been .
| used as an observation post is a heap j
jof stone as ihe resuli of the bombardment preceding the uttack.
Tbe   norma! population    of l.oos Is
Men thousand  poor  miners and    lhelr
j families, Three hundred ol ihese remained during ibe bailie, taking shelter In the cellars of their wrecked,
miserable  homes.     One  old   woman,
, who cooked, for the Germans, Is now
1 cooking for. lhe British.
|    As    ihe skirmish  Hue approached
the  town  it/saw   six   women  and  al
child coming toward it In the midst of I
I the battle. Some of the British soldiers turned away  io rescue ihcm, but
I before they could gel the women un-
'il.-- some sort of shelter Iwo of them
i were wounded.
The elahni'aletiess and permanency
of Iiie German i reaches indicated the
apparent   conviction of the Germans
.in the security of their lines. Dugouts
I of thirty feci depth, were cemented
and contained electric lights and arm
i chairs. Some of ihem were Impenetrable even to high explosive shells of
I big calibre. The Ilritish bombardment
cut the wire in front of the German I
trenches lo bits and battered lhe tiring trencb.es ami traverses Into irreg-1
! iilar   piles   of   earth.     Under   such   n
| Hailing    of shells  it  was suicidal  for
tlie    Germans to attempt  Lo remain]
outside the dugouts or lo try to man
their machine gens or use their rilles.
When  the artillery  work   was  perfected      tlie   Ilritish   infantry   sprang
over the parapets til a given moment.
'Sprinting toward  lhe German  Ireuch
they arrived    almost  without opposition.    'Iben the German trench    was
theirs, with  the Germans wbo    were
: alive huddled in Lhelr caves. Some of
'the dugouts   had been demolished and
���had   in  them   fragments    of  German
1 bodies mixed with the debris. .Others
;liad their openings blown in  hy shell
.explosions, and iheir occupants were
either buried or suffocated. When a
dugout bad been unharmed, the British soldiers, with bayonets fixed or
bombs in hands, appeared ai the entrance to llnd tiie Germans slill Inside
j or perhaps just starting om.
I    Aii in llie dugouts mighl s'urrender,
or. nn ihe other hand, if a British soldier started to enter or i ven showed
himself, he was received with u fusillade, in case ef refusal ,,, surrender,
bombs wer,, thrown Into the dugout
without the thrower of them exposing
himself. Tlie Germans surviving the
explosion usually gave iu. though uot
always, for some of I : m dli I to the
lasl  mall.
Some Incidents bad a humorous ..j
well as a tragic side. In thi ��� add a
encounter at close quarters, where
the charging Briton met   a   German
emerging from his dugout, the bayonet, bombs and even __���t ��� were sometimes brought into play in the ensuing
One difficulty was -.he gathering
and guarding of prisoners ia such i
confined space us their regular wrecked trenches. With rities and bombs
lying about, the Germans, even after
capitulating, were likely to seize them
and rush to the cover of a tro .��� -
trench or into a shell crater and <=
new the light.
The   Germuns   fought    di ���;��� ira
and the viciousness of their i mnter
attacks apparently  was  dui   to
over tbe loss of their col fortabl
outs,  whicli  had cost them so mt
painstaking labor a;  I  :
prospect oi a winter In 1
Ing caves.
The     rear  of  lhe  arm)
action  pi'esouic.i  a   wondn    -     irl ���.
scene,  which   wa moi
iraieii because ol I be i arr t front at
tlie operations   there wer . ���
ly wounded wall ing bacli   thi   -
tramp  of fr. sh  region ai -
ward,   procession i of swil       imootfi
running   motor    ambulai
burdens would be b n     In  E
24  hours.  I mgi .���  and   teeming
less  processions  of pov
trucks loaded wit i shells
hungry, ever thundi rln .
troops of thi  f serves li
beside Uie goi ged roads      liting
call,   while   ihe     Fr u  ..       ���     . i
stood   in   their  i*. rw iya i      ;
for the  lati st  new :
Al a, place near the
captured  guns  guar ;- .��� - ��� j
British  sentry  seeni" i  an
j more symbolic of sin    - -  I
i ant��  Ihan  tn  tiie   pari -������ a
I prisoner-.    Tin-,  distani       i
| ranges  at   whieh   ;;..���;. ��� ���������;
I fore     the   ilritish   inf intr
ihem are chalked on some   I   ..������ : .:
shields.   Perhaps the urns' ig
trophy   is  a   Russian    machine   run
taken by the Gei mans fron
sinus on  the eastern  from   mi   tow
re-taken by the Hri'isii
Tlie German prisoners    were
clothed, neat ami fresh in their earn
fortablo dugouts,    where    ihey  were
I caught by surprise, bur  ���-. i���'. nt!
appreciated the generoai
Ish rations. Three iho isajid p       ���   ���
were tnken by the Brit ;  vas
a  small  percentage    of ��� I   ���man
l loss.
HOttX -1      wonder   where   liny   get
their submarine crews.
Joax���Dunno; but I suppose in ihe
low dives would lie a goal pine ��� lo
look for 'em.
Big Irrigation   Convenlion
Many  Promiiv-nt  Speakers lo  Deliver
Addresses at  Conventicn to  be
Held  at  Bassano
In connection will tbe Western Canada   Irrigation convention tu he held
| at  Bassano, Alta.,  Nov.  _', to 25, au
'excellent   program   of addresses has
! been   arranged.    Among    lue    most
i prominent     met.  who  have signified
I their Intention ef attending the convention,  and   who  have  promised  lo
.-liea'.i are lhe following: .
I. IV O'Dor.nell, supervisor of Irrigation, U.S. reclamation service, Hill
iiigs, .Moiuana,  "Better Farming.'1
James Sppukuian, president i'nited
��� Farmers of Alberta, Calgary.
',V. II. iilin. agricultural commissioner, Denver * llto Grande Hail-
way, Denver Colorado, Tronic il Irrigation."
t). A. Howe,--, ii. an faculty ol agriculture, University of Alberta.'JCdmon
inn, "Agricultural    Education    iu Al-
.1. T. lllnkle, third vice presldi nl In
ternatfonal irrigation Congress, Her-
mlaton, Oregon,  ' The Alfalfa  Farm-
1 er."
W. II. Fairfield, superlnt mdi at !)���'���
minion Experimental farm. Lethbridge 'Crop notations un Irrigated
| William Young, controller of water
rights, depar menl of lands, Victoria,
B.C., "The Success of Water Users
Communities in B.C."
s. tl. Porter, Irrigation branch, department of iiie interior. Calgary, "Alfalfa, the llasis  of Successful lrrtga-
| linn  Fanning. '
!    .Marjorle  M.  Gpldle,    Instructor in
household   science.   Alberta    government,  elds.  -Advance  of   Household
'Science Training for Country Girls."
W.   E.  Scott,  deputy    minister    of
agriculture,    B.C.  government,    Victoria,   B.C.,   "Agricultural   Opportunities in Briiish Columbia "
G,   11.   llution,   superintendent   Dominion Experimental Farm. Lacouibe,
I "Grading up a Dairy Herd."
|    Don 11. Bark, formerly in charge of
U.S, irrigation investigations in Idaho,
"The Growing of Alfalfa."
i    s. H  Dunham, vice-president I'nited
Farmers of Alberta. Lethbridge, "Tbe
I i-'uture  uf  Irrigation  in  Southern  Alberta."
I    fi. J. Wylie.  M.I. A., lion, president
Cypress   lillls   Water   Users'   associn-
Ition,   Maple    Creek,    Sask,    "Live
It. M. Winslow, si retar B C Pro -
Growers' association, "Getting British
Columbia   Fruit  to  tin-  Prairie  Farm
Dr. ,1- il. Rutherford, C.M.G., super ���
, Intendent agriculture am. animal industry, C.P.R., Calgary, "Livestock c-.
' an Irrigated Farm.
il. i). Walters, irrigation branch,
department   of  the   inter:).  Calgary,
("Field Irrigation Investigation hy the
, Irrigation  Branch, Departmi nl
! interior."
Others who have accepted in ta
tlons to he present and address the
, delegates ar- lion. W. It. Moth -: i
minister  of  agriculture,    Saskatche-
, wun: E. F, Drake, superintendent of
irrigation. Ottawa; Hon. W. H. Ross,
minister of lands. British Columbia;
1*. II. Peters, commissioner of irrigation, department of the Interior, l il
igaryi'T. A Hat-grave, president, Cy-
pr bs lid's Water Users' association,
I Saskatchewan;     Asa    B.   Thompson.
president, OregonJirigation Congn
Portland,    Oregi n;    G. A.  Man i
president  Lethbridge  Board of trade:
,l   S,  Dennis, assistant to the president, C.P.R., etc
The lion. A. L. Stfton, premier of
'Un ri i, will open the convention and
officially welcome the delegates.
The Hon. Duncan  Marshall, minis-
I ter nf agriculture and president of the
association will, be in tiie chair. J  S.
| Mavor. chairman  of  the  local  boaraV
, of control,  will assist him.
Defect in Farming Systero
"Evory farm  in  the  Unlteu  states
I should bs an efficiently organized fac-
! tory. busy the whole year round," de-
j dared Charles Dillon of Topeka, Kan..
Iin an address before the Fanners' N'a-
I tional congress at Omaha.   Ile aiideci
' that the farmer should sell his pro-
i ducts through co-operation  with fac-
1 torles,    Mr. Dillon declared that the
: fundamental weakness of the American   farm  ns an  economic  institution
is iis failure to give profitable employ-
i menl to the owner, tlie hired man and
| the family throughuut lhe year.
Stocks of bsintlie now are bein.u
converted into an ingredient for explosives at a co-operative distillery at.
Pointoise, I'raiKe. which has been
supply ing     clear     alcohol     extracted
from beet roots to government expiu
sive factories, where it is used In tbe
manufacturing of guncotton. The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   Pubishcd
Courtenav, B. 0.
N. H. BonitN, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription ?l.a0 per Vear iu Advance
Three thousand Canadian wounded will he lioint- bv Christmas, The1
best way to welcome them will be
to i nsure that every one of them
gets a position as soon as ho is
ready tor one. Therefore demand
white labor, uiul encourage white
labor to the exclusion of Orientals.
Every dollar spent with an Oriental is an insult to u Canadian soldier- The Oriental is not an economic necessity. The Canadial soldier is, we take oil our hat to him,
It is stated t
Canada will appeal to the Canadian
people for a lar^e war loan dtiriiiK
the next few weeks. His Royal
Highness the Governor-General,
will head the list, and every loyal
Canadian will be given the chance
to lend a hand in smashing the
power of the Genua.-Austro-Turk-
ish-Bulgarian alliance. The money
itself will  stav  in Canada for the
for the 67th lintt. "WesternScots"
being practically concluded, the
gallant 88th Regiment is busy filling up the ranks for active service.
Forty recruits were obtained one
Saturday evening, not by tlle recruiting sergeants, but by the enlisted men themselves, who apparently put the case fur service in a
convincing manner,
Without any fuss men are giving
up gcod positions in order to join
but the most striking case i.s that of
a South Africnu and Indian frontier veteran who has really seen 57
summers, is married with two children, and owns n house witli a
mortgage on it. On the regimental
rolls his nge is declared lobe forty-
foil!. Somebody has got to see this
tiling through.
In spite of this year's bountiful
harvest tlie prairie provinces are
planning to put even more land under cultivation next  \ ear. and the
Railroad and
Teamsters Coats
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coats in olive khaki. A coat tbat
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 _.. next  jear,   	
at the Dominion of splendid exa nple should be followed everywhere, If Canada produces foodstuffs she can get as good
terms in a business deal as any nation in the world, and so far as B.C
is concerned tliere are still far too
many food commodities imported.
No good holding uncultivated land
for the next real estate boom !
Make it pay its taxes, support a
population, and contribute to the
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most part, and will be used to pay  welfare and prosperity of the whole
Canadian firms for supplying Can- community,
adian material to equip Canadian      N��   g����d   grousing   about   the
soldiers,    Instead   of going cap in  shortcomings of   the  government,
hand to  New   Vork   to raise the   Past. present  or  future !     If you 1
wind, the government  is trusting cannot enlist, get out and dig !        1
to its own people,   irrespective of      T1>e Huns have destroyed every I
party      The money is here, and sacred thing   that   came   in- their |
cannot be better spent  at the pre-  Palh. but they cannot  destroy the
sent time than   by   means   of the coming season of Christmas.    It is
coming loan,    It   will   be  lasting suggested that   instead  of present-
shame if people who ordinarily ex-  illS friends and relations with cut
pend large sums on  lavish Christ-  KIass> sil>'er  aIK-   otller untimely
mas presents refuse to subscribe to gee-gaws, a tew   dollars'  worth of ,
tlieir own protection.   British Col-  scrlP i" the Canadian  war loan be '
tunbia is the most loval province in  used as a Present.    This will cost  QrgSs (,00(ls
the-Dominion.    Plank your dollars, no more than   the   usual   style  of ,
.hades  of
Ladles cord velvet raincoats iu fawn
and grey iu new styles and popular
Coating suitable for ladies and
childrens coats in checks; serges,
rstrachan and bearskin
into the war loan at 5 1">2 per cent,
and live up to your reputation.
Instead of paying attention to the
letter directed to the council at the
meeting on Monday evening, the
aldermen should have ordered lt
into the wastepaper basket. By
paying at ttntion to it the council
has virtually acknowledged that
two of its most important committees, viz., the finance and the board
of works, were incompetent. They
should have examined the person-
ell of the signatories. One of them
is not a resident, number is not a
ratepayer, and tlie third had not the
courage to face the electors at the
last municipal elections. Do these
gentlemen represent the citizens of
Courtenay ? Without going into
the merits or demerits of the suggestions contained in lhe letter, we
think it will be quite time enough
at the beginning of the year, when
some comprehensive system of
street grading, ditching, etc,, is
adopted, to commence financing on
unpaid taxes. The taxes for this
year are not overdue until Dec 31,
and then will be plenty of time to
call Ihem arrears.
Xmas gift in many cases, which
gifts be it said nre turned out at a
large profit by the manufacturer,
and it will al.so return an annual
dividend. Most important of all
the war loan provides an opportti-
nity for thrift. Don't forget thej
thousands of dollars that were invested in city lots, and invested not
only cheerfully but eagerly. Is
our Empire, our Dominion, our liberty, and all that is sacred less to
us than a miserable lot a few miles
out of a city that suddenly ceased
to grow ?
Newest fabrics and novelty weaves in
dress goods in all the leading shades
serges, poplins, ladies cloths, satin
cloths, ratines, novelty 'stripes in
silk mixture, fabrics in all light
shades suitable for evening wear em
Canada has determined to raise
sufficient tioops 'o bring up the
total to 11 quarter of u million by
the spring, a striking contribution
from the land of lhe maple leaf for
the defense of Empire,   Recruiting
Co-operation in Sheep Fanning
Gradually the value of co-operation is being appreciated by our
farmers. The latest proof of its effectiveness is the rapid growth of
sheep industry in Quebec during
the past two years, A year ago
last winter the first wool growers
and sheep breeders' association was
formed in routine Count}-, now
there are eight of these in sections
where there are district representatives. These are purely co-operative associations formed primarily
for the marketing of wool.
During the first season the Pontiac association sold over 12,000
pounds** f wool, which realized for
its members about f 720 more than
if it had been sold in lhe ordinary
way. The best proof of the success
and popularity of tbe association is
the fad lhat during the past season
43,000 lbs of wool were sold through
it.    This year 104,192 pounds were
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo
��� \fi.ilway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and  Way  Stat;
RETURNING-Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world.  For particulars etc., address
sold through the eight associations.
I Every pound of this wool sold at
from five to ten cents above the
prevailing local prices, thereby netting the fanners an advance of from
twenty to thirty per cent. The
prices per fleece ranged from $1.13
to $2.50.
The associations have been ;o
successful in the selling of wool
that they are now taking up another branch of the work. This is
faciliating the exchange of pure
bred rams
The usefulness cf the association
is not going to stop bore, however,
In the near future they intend to
include the marketing of mutton as
well. Tliere is uo reason why this
should not prove as successful as
bas the marketing of wool.
There seems to be no limit to the
application of co-operative principles, and we venture to sny that in
the near future co-operation will be
tbe general rule rather than the ex-
ceptional case. It seems to be the
key which will solve n great many
ol the farmer's difficulties, partial-
lory ns regards the marketing of
his products,
���.        I
Below are Four Safe investments:
Loan of 5300  recpiired for two years nt  10 per cent, interest,
first mortgage  security on improved farm valued bv
owner   at  JS2,000
No. 2.    Loan ol 5.150 recpiired for three  years at 10 per  cent, interest,
first mortgage  security on Improved farm valued by
owner   nt   $1,500
Loan of $700 required for three years at  8 per  cent, interest,
first mortgage   security oil improved (arm valued by
owner   at   JS.500
Loan of $1500 required for three years at  8 per cent, interest,
first mortgage  security on improved farm valued by
owner  at $12,000
Full particulars from
No. 1.
No. 3.
No. 4.
Isabel St.
Real Estate, Insurance and
Financial  Agents
Xmas. Cards
Our Samples of
Xmas. and New
Year Greeting
Cards have arrived
Leave your order early
The Courtenay Review
Telephone 59
Dist. Passenger Agent, Victoria
Agent Courtenay, Phon. RtiO
The first mow of the sea*-oti
struck the valley this morning.
Two boats were up the river this
week, one for a load of condensed
milk from the Condensory, and the
other with a mixed cargo,
Use Our Telephone
Use our 'phone for sending in
news items of interest- Don't think
bc-catise you know a bit of news
that everyone else knows it. By
sending it to us wc in turn may
impart il to the world, Phone 59.
What interests you is always
sure to interest the readers of the
Courtenay Review; and it will
Lhe pa) re interesting to
you, as you can then read what
s "..is ne eli e sei ds in. 1). n't wait <
for the other person to stait it.
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tion here
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and  Dolls
not made in Germany, at
I __  Drug Stoie
before sending out of town
appia* to
Sand and Gravel
Kates "Reasonable ffO
ii ��� T
Kerton that a special meeting lie-
called ou Thursday to cousidt i .1
by-law to borrow $3,000 anil give
same its first and second readings
Aid. Robertson created some
discussion when he brought in the
question of the pernicious posting
of bills on posts, etc., by outside
firms, and gave notice that st some
future meeting he would hi ing in a
by-law relative to posting advertise
Fire Chief Deiihohn asked for
permission to put up proper honks
for the hanging of fire ladders. The
request was granted.
Loggie Bros, were granted permission to erect a boathouse at the
foot of Alice street at a rental of $1
per annum,
W. Duncan submitted specifications re filling in gravel pit and
tenders will be asked for same.
Belgain Relief
the previous record of 286 ecgs   I>v
28,    The pen of five hens of w Inch
she was n member also broke
American pen  tec-.ml   with
eggjj,.   The average barnyard
produces only 70 eggs a year.
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Nanianio
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A.  Martin,   Prop.
THIRTY DAYS after date tbe ���
<>rs ol the  I'nin
c\l Comox Dis-
tiiet Hospital intend to apply to the
Registra, of Joint Stock Companies lor
pe.mission to change the name Irom
Union -_ Comox District Hospital to
Cuutberlane General Hospital.
li.  I). PtDKARD,
Dated thlf 6th dav of November, 1915.
General Blacksmith
ollolt  Yi nr Pat'
10 llu
Liquor License Act.
NOTICK is hereby given Unit on the
15th day of December next implication
will be made to the Hoard of License
Commissioners of the City of Courtenay
for the renewal of the hotel license to
sell liquors by retail in tbe hotel known
us tbe Courtenay Hotel, situated ill the
City of Courtenay, in tlle Province of
British Columbia.
Dated Oct. IJ, 1915.
Palace Livepy
Horses  and   Buggies  for
Terms cash.
Standard Grain Products
Phone 33; End of Bridge; F. Movitz, Mgr.
Council Meeting
Liquor L cense Act.
NOTICK is hereby given that on tlle
15th day of December next application
will be made 11 the Board of License
Commissioners of the City of Courtenay
for the renewal of the hotel license to
sell liquors bv retail in the hotel known
as tbe Riverside Hotel, situated in the
City of Courtenay in the Province of
British Columbia.
Dated Oct. 13, 1915.
At the adjourned meeting of the
ci uuc.il on Monday evening tenders
were received for the various works
advertised, For grading the hill
ou Grabble street from R. Creech
for $367; Cairns and Cudmore $175
and L,. Berkeley $120. The contract was awarded to L. Berkeley
ou motion of Aid. Kerton and
For sidewalks Eudall & Irwin
$125, E. Kerton $125, J. Fitzgerald
$84, E. Wilson $85. The contract
was awarded to J. Fitzgerald.
For the drain and culvert on
Union street A. Alexander offered
to do the work for $75 and J Fitzgerald $30. The contract was awarded to J. Fitzgerald.
The following letter was received
and laid on the table for discussion:
City Council,
Gentlemen:���At a recent nieetiiiK of
the City Council the Clerk presented a
financial statement showing, among
other things, an estimated surplus of
approximately $ ',900 alter allowing for
tlie estiuuteel necessary expenses for the
balance ol the year.     ���
One or two things appears self-evident. Either the tax rate is too high,
o.- tlie city should expend the surplus on
much needed public improvements,
While it is true that this $2,900 is not
"cash on hand," in fact there Is about
54,2DII unpaid taxes outstanding, it must
be remembered that this hi every case is
practically a lirst morlgage 011 Uu- property against which this money is outstanding, and Uiul at our present lax
rate of e 1 mills, or one per cent., every
dollar due the city is therefore secured
by a lirst mortgage of oue hundred dollars worth of real property, With "accounts receivable" ol S I.Jon secured by
a lirsl mortgage of $4,200 il should not
be difficult (or the city to realize in cash
on ibis asset,
This, therefore, appears to be an excellent opportunity (or the Finance
Conim ttce to rise above a clerclal level
of checking invoices and vouchers, and
to di mo iftrate to the public that they
have the financial capabilities which
their appointment to this important
committee would lead the ratepayers to
persunip, and actually finance the affairs
of -he city.
While it i.s true that the city might
have to pay a slightly higher rate of interest at present than during normal
times, it should be borne in mind, lirst--
that the outstanding taxes are bearing
interest at a sufficient rate of intrest to
pay (be merest on the loan, and that
the loan could be liquidated as rapidly
ns the taxes are paid into the city treasury Second���that ul the present time a
given sum of money will go further in
the lahiur market than during liul'innl
Take for instance lhe sum of $1,000.
I'.*, normal time- this could no doubt be
borrowed f"r from 5 to 6 per cent. Bay
3 per cent, This would net the city
$950. This used in the cinploymc
��� r iu ma1 ': nei at 5' pe
v. .1 ���.. irkh
Take   $ 1,000 at tin
say S per cent, inter
it of
presenl   time, at
,   would net 8920
which used in the employment of labour
at $2   would   give  460   workindg  dnys
equal   to a   net gain   of   45   per   cent.
Tliese facts should  be'able to   penetrate I
the brain of even an Alderman. i
While it should   be   hardly  necessary ]
io point out the benefits   accruing to the j
ratepayers from work  undertaken at the |
present time it might be as   well to enumerate   a few   of   the   advantages that
would follow.
First.    We would   have   better roads
and   streets,  making  traffic   safer  and
I pleasanter to the traveling public, in it-
1 self a great asset to the town.
I    Second.    By giving   employment dur-
1 ing the dullest months  of the year to a
I large number of our citizens,   rspecially
men   with Jamilies,   whieh in   some instances may save   the city the  necessity
1 of making relief   grants to   needy families during the winter months.
j    Third.    Tliere is   no doubt   that con-
' siderable of   this money  would   find its
way back   into tlle   city treasury  in the
shape of taxes   from the   ratepayers engaged on city work.
Fourth. The benefits accuring to
property owners through the enhancing
of values of property iu the vicinity of
improved streets.
This work would also be beneficial to
the merchants as it would cause considerable money to circulate in the town
which no doubt would be spent for provisions, clothing, etc., persuining of
course that the ratepayers employed on
city work and earning the citizens money
would hardly have the face to send this
money lo outside merchants, bearing in
mind that tne outside merchants are
paving nothing into the city treasury to
make thir work possible,
Of course the very idea that the local
mercb-iiits migbl indirectly benefit will
no doubt be viewed with position horror In some of llie Aldermen and will
no doubt be a strong argument against
the city undertaking any work at this
We would   urge,  therefore,   that this
I scheme be given   the serious  consider-
[ alum of llie council   and   citizens generally, tn a an  earnest effort   be made to
finance   work along   tliese lines   to the
extent of it lent iwo thousand  dollars,
ami as the committee under whose juris,
diction this   work   wou'd   probably fall
1 has apparently proven   themselves Bros-
, sly incompetent, that a capable   and ex-
1 porienced foreman  be put in  chirge of
she work, selected without regard to his
I political leanings or personal bias, anil
1 responsible to the council as a whole.
Jt might be au excellent thing to hold
I a meeting of the citizens and to allow
I full and free  discussion  on this  subject
as it seems to be one which has been
I sadly overlooked bv the council in the
1 past. I
I Yours respectfully,
I K. H. I .-i'l'RSON,
J. H, Mc-lNTvnit,
] A letter was also received from
i the residents of Anderton street ask-
I ing for more improvements.    Also
from R. Hurford re road to cream-
1 ery.
j After considerable discussion re
\ the advisability of borro' 'ing a sum
of money against nil] lid taxes, it
(was moved by  AM. Mt Keuzie aud
The Hon. Sir Richard McBride,
Premier, is in receipt of the following message from Sir Robert L.
Borden, Premier of Canada:���
"The British National Committee for relief in Belgium Ins sent
out the following appeal, signed by
the Lord Mayor of London, to all
the High Commissioners and
Agents-General of the Overseas
Dominions. It has been transmitted to me by Sir George Perley,
and is as followc: ���
" "Fete Day heroic King Belgians
falls on Monday fifteenth November and as Chairman National
Committee relief Belgium I appeal
people British Empire celebrate
event in manner that will afford
King Albert greatest satisfaction,
namely, by subscribing money enough to feed three million destitute
Belgians in Belgium on their beloved monarch's Fete Day.   Sixpence
will keep one Belgian alive for one of the hotel license to sell
day, therefore I appeal for three tall In the hotel known
million sixpences, enable us to kec?p
! alive on King's Fete Day every one
! of his stibj ect who are without
1 food. Canada has responded nob-
| ly to the   cry of starving   Belgians
and I  feel   certain this   special ap-
j peal   for   sixpence per   head   will.
] meet with ready response.     Ends.'
The appeal is for a most   .-otthy
object,   and   it is   commended   to
your best consideration aud to such
action as you may think   desirable.
The messages have been   trrnsmit-
ted to me as Premier  of Canada, I
feel it  my d uty to  commend it to
you as Premier of your Province." I
Remittances   in this   oonnection'
should be made to Mr. J. A,  Lindsay, 304 Times Building, Victoria,
We  also attend to wood hauling
Expert Watchmaker   Qualified   O ft.Va
Liquor License Act
NOTICK is hereby given that on the
first day of December next application
Will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police, Victoria, for renewal
liquors by ro-
.3 the Iworne
hotel situated at Comox, in the Province
of British Columbia.
GKORGB Haui.ow
Dated Oct. 7th, 1915.
Is selling Spectac'es and Eve
glasses from $2.50 per pair
including sight testing. Each
eye tested separately to insure
correct vision
The Courtenay Jewelry Store
Liquor License Act
NOTICE is hereby given that on the
first day of December next application
will be made to the .Superintendent of
Provincial Police, Victoria, for renewal of
the hotel license to sell liquors by retail
in the hotel known as the Elk Hotel,
situated at Comox, in the Province of
British Columbia.
CKCii, Ar.EXAXDKK Martin.
Dated Oct, 7th, 1915.
When  In  Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   Irom   Leading  Musicians
from the Atlantic to the Pacific,    I    pies
of same furnished >u Pequeat
W. J, Goard will oe  iu this c���������
August 1.    Leave orders  at tins  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., \V.   -    Vancouver
Solicitor,   Notary
O, Box 209
Is a Record Egg Layer       Phone 24
Philadelphia, Nov. 1.���With a
record of 314 eggs in 365 days,
Lady Eglantine, a White Leg- Horn
pullet, today is the champion egg ���
layer of the world. The little hen
which weighs three and a half
pounds, completed her year of ecg-
laying competition at Delaware
College, Newark,  Del ,   and  bent
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfittiiig
Jackson & Whittle
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What Britain Has Done
The Mystery
ol the
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   ci   Co,   Limltid
... London,   Melbourne  and  Toronto...
%.-_==__=___- --_=-._#
Well, v.i' wero njinreel for tlio nm
ii.eul uml casl Into n loathsome ditiv
geon, whef-c \vv wer,. overrttu with
vermin, greal ruts which we hail con-
bluntly in drive oft, uml spiders whose
bit'' whs very painful. .
"llow   long we lay wlthoul  food  I s "l"'1'^111'" and I lien detaining to l was lying on the lloor w-riUiIng in
don't know; anyway, it seenied duy.-
For Rural
Fire Prevention
louriial   Elves  u '��� Su9t-estions   For   Reducing   Fire   Losr
on   the   Farm   and   in   the
������hull liw, yoli shall go free, but you  danoeO before my eyea.
shall lake no nmniorj of the past with]    "Flesh mid blood could staad ii no
you!' I longer, uml I wus literally bound to.I
���| guessed nl once whal sho meant,   raise my bead.   Into the llesh, us you   American Paper Pays a Splendid Tr
Ther,e   were   atl 'iidants    upon    the  have seen lur yourself, those hot bar- hute to Britain's Part in the
priests,   poor fools  who fetched and Hers pressed, while I tilled my-hums w
curried, vim would undertake errands  with a deep draught of delicious all.      .... ..
one .ii ;' ii  inn who lnul no reason-  Itui the acorn wns Bo great thai l bad Vy'."  B'ree'
lug powers, no wits of their own.     to go down again.   The water cooled   ^\"*t''ikia& answer to the question:
���They ver.. nol hon, Idiots;    they  tho l,urns lor the moment.  Bul   vou w?a'   lla1  (!r0*"    'V1*',"1    rtolle:, ll 3C
had beon made so. Thev are put mv can Imagine how ii Intensified ihe I""11"*1. *"" *"/." w**Ue '"'"' ',',"vy' ,'���'' Fnrmers und villagers should be
de,- drugs, u portion oi'ihe scalp re- agony afterwards. financial credit  ami a small expedl- among the must active 0f lire protee-
moved, and then some fragment of the 'When i raised myself again the """���'������'' ��"���>>' were *����� "Ml were asked ; lionisis. While most villages bave
brain is destroyed, We could have our bars were cool. Hul only ior un in '. ',"" """'���*��� sl"' h,,s s,v*"'n, ""' BeaB}aome lire lighting system, lew have
liberty if we .hose imi. al whal price! slum, fo.- ihey came hot onee more0. Oerman commerce, placed upwards* pa*<* departments. Living isolated
We could go tree, Inn for the resi of. ihis lime in a horizontal direction. Tlie ,"' " /"i'1""1 men..JP the field, and got rrom auto pumping fire engines, diem
our lives we should never know lhe same ghasty business was enacted-.:"""1"'1', w�� |?,"'lonB '" ,"'". ""'.*�� ' ilcal "",l "llll'r aPPal'atus. and lire
blessed lighl of reason again. I again tliere was iho sense of semt-suf-   '';', ''''"  l",'1', :'"i"s more "'"" *-���"'"���'  alarm boxes, Ihc farmer or lhe villas
���I lell io��� ii came to me like ii eold , tocatlon, again the hms dratighf  of """���""" ;""' l,aa conquered every i.er-,,.,. mUB, constitute himself un Indli
shod! nml liirm.I me mint nnd giddy. I pure air and lite pain from ihe bars.   ",'*'"'",���""'' ,oxceP  lllh,''  Camoroons.  iauul lire department, it is in Hie um
As I glanced al my companion l snw  Ami then, while wondering.
iimi he wus ghastly ns myself, what   ions, liow long ii could last, something
li-alf-clellr-  c;ontlnnn"B'  the  Wall  Slreel  Journal  umn and winter when the Btoves, ths
I open    lireplnees   nnd     lhe     koroseni'
use was life t" us under sneh condl-' gave way unu I fainted. ','"-v ,er ��*vn enlightened system "'i lamps come inlo use Hint Hie lire dan-
lions!    And ihe fiends were equal loi    "Thai 'l deemed to bo death; hut it   ?.��,L��T _??VC.5_*8**J!, .__.__ n"",rrt..!.m *'.'.' k"1' la.greatest.    Eternal ligilunco is
ihe cruelty of getting us to consent was nothing of the kind. When 1 camo
us afterwards,   We should be a mock- agony  irom  my  wounds.  Fortunately
r> rhaps il was only so mnny hours
Try lying in the pitch dark lighting I'
Willi iinuieieis unseen terrors uud see
how many bitter years can he crammed into a minute. And yel we knew
lliere wus fur worse lo come. Hut l'or
lhe Hut that we were together iiiiiI
could cheer the black hours wiih Hie
sound id' each other's voices we should
have gone mad.   One moment we were
cry among them    and a  warning lo   I hud mil losl my sight, nor lnul llalph
Tliere wu., no reason lo discuss
Ihis refined cruelty, this vile offer. We
glanced al each other nnd shook our
beads, Fai better death than this. We
knew how lo die; vie could lime drawn
our revolvers and shol each other then
und Ihere. llul we ilid not. While
lliere wus life lliere wns hope."
oust down in ilu- depths of gloom, the
next  we prayed  for death;   anon  we i CHAPTER XI..
laughed  and  sang  sketches    of gay . The iron Cage
songs.   We were not Insane, but were      Tehigorsky made n  long pause he-
treading periously near lo tne border- *-01.e ,,,, ,.,,���'���,<,! h|s story. Ills nerves
in thnl time,   lie wus to discover la
wiped   om     lhc    Herman   colony   In I tha price ol safely
Southwcsi Africa,   the French Canad-
inns are lighting on the Belgian I'm,, ���, ,?.'"">'.. ,i,1'"nlr>' Sa, ^f, ,''Te*
tier, ibe Irish are, characteristically,    avo.ha,   B',0j�� ""   """. .v ",h",llur
ing llie cold  inonlhs, nihlusli and de
ceived  were  fatal
'.   fighting  In the thickest o   lie tray, \hfiB n ludlscrimlnnely.
...uml   lhe   supposed   sedilious   Hindoos!.,.,,      ,  ,,      '    '**'
and   Mohamniednns
leaning  up
Newspapers,   rags,   old   dollies,   etc..
<oa.��t_ oye"Jl,F" , JairthcG^^     .he mos, iuMnmiuableco!
e  wus lying  hy  my    sel,.    and   ...    , .;���      ,���,  ,,, ..    i    ,��� ,.    n,���.,  lection, are thrown into this room, u
, , ,,, .ui,  ,   ;.    in,,   ..... I,.      ,    isn   Asm.     And   Ihere   is   more   tban    ,       ,,     ���    ,,,     ,.       ...
groaning    with pain  like mysolf
If   ii   were   nol   lor   lhe   Urltlsll
i iially     he   worst���from   the   tiro   protection stnndpolnl    in lhe bouse. Mosl
more  hideous  and    more    repulsive ,   '       ,|K. , M tecllon sta.ulpo nl    in lhe house. Most
sight   Ihan   u.y  eompn, s    lace   1 Lw���    *,,���,,,  ,,.���,,, ,,;,..    |0von wit|| a���  villages   use  Ho-   kerosene   lamp  oi
1 staggered to mj
or ni it.
appeared lo require composing, h wus
"Then, after inm.y years- or ����� u. I impossible i,, snake off Hn- horror oi
sei med to ns���they fetched us again. ������ tlie nast A, u.u���{h ,,e W(,m 0]] agnln
We were noi led into ihe banqueting- .., saw ,ne ,.,.���;,, 1(gn, |liu1u, i|U(, ,,���.,
Iiuil. hut to u long, low vault-like place eyeg of ,he princess; i saw Hint she
on Hie lloor of which were two shallow v:.ls plens(H] alMl vH sor,.., t0 ,,..���.��� ������,.
tanks or baths covered over with a decision, she gave u 'sign und we
frame of iron, ami Irom the Irnine oi | ,,,,,,.., bl.n���gi,t llPar(,,. l0 lle,..
iron ran long sliding rods lot- a 1 lhe ' .. .V(H| ���n(lel.stana what u)m. refusa1
world like n hnd cago, only lhe sliding I
run   lur   into  lie.'
"Around fhesi
charcoal lires, lhe greater purl ol ther,'|""
here Ion
fullv our
she said.    'Yott    hnve been
enough to know  how enre-
never   wish to look upon.   And Htm bt
less he hnd tie samo thoughts of nn
Hut  I did not think of that nl  the mo  i
j ment.
;      "We  wer
I feel nnd ncross to the door. It va
fastened, of course. For a lime we j
were loo muilil. lied liy pain lo hike
heed of anything, hut gradually reason
eame hack to us. My first idea was of
revenge. Ralph had grasped for his
robes and his revolver wns in his
hn ml.
" 'Heaven help the firsl man. who
conies in!' he yelled.
"Like a drunken lunatic, I applauded Hie sentiment. For a minute we
were hoth mud ns lhe drugged Malay |
III III     , |    ,   i    :     I I l\    I ���   ' I       i<   I I .11 ,11 11 1-1 >
llie ocean   ihe  Irade  Poss bly :l tallow ''"'""'' wllll(' 1*t'1"'('11
'' ,  ing ln the cellar or store room.   The
which    our    shortsighted    politicians
Igrudge io ihe allies, becnuse Germany j
j not   exist   nf
argument Hn
lamp or candle is put down, n rat runs
out anil, in Hie excitement, especially
if  a   woman   is   present,  the  light  is
Vlolabllitv'ot Treaties j fre(1"'ft,,y  k���te?  "vor ���"ml A> ,bh"?
is alniosi certain lo resuli.    Water Is
in no position to receive il. would
nil.    To  leave  out   lhe j
imi lhe rights of neutral nud peaceful j |" "",""; *"."
uiioiis. ull ihe moral issues involved, i l'",1.,�� 8et.PumPs freeze up and thi
��� ���,���    |;|i i(];       .���;,.������.,,, ,,iff���^' �����; villager is powerless when
1 the  lire  develops.
During    lhe sumnirr, English spar-
nur presenl and future Interests, cun
we usk ourselves, ���
consistency or plan
Greal Britain done?
we  ask ourselves,  wilb anv  show of | ,    "���������." ,"'"'*"'
consistency or plausibility, Whal bas I '^v.8,.cal!r.v., n?!L_f*.k.ln?..H,a_!r_lal____
sliding liars or wires growing
crocus blue form the heat.   W
ll  mean?
.      ���-I'ets are guarded and also sjia c0lSe jn (or gome. timei. al!! .. ; ;
'  '   how W3 punish those who try to read ! llall     wjser  counsels   prevailed.    We
Where are lho���
cracks  and  crannies,  building  nests
close to chimneys and Hues. Chimney
_��    it       mi.   i      .  n   r , swallow.-i, nesting iu tlie stacks, knock
1)0 YOU ihmk OI Safety       the mortar from the bricks and make
  *        holes through whicli sparks Iind their
* j way lo Ihe sparrow's nest.   A myster-
who runs amuck.   Fortunately nobody | aet  thc   ��>afoty   Habit  ono   Mass   it j0us Are results, generally on the cold-
Along for the Benefit of Others      | est night of the year.
3d and
.   ,.   . .....I no scripts and I said si
" "iu , a  matter of fact, such formulae and
I papers us we hmi managed to become
"   wondered.    Ab!    I was very soon | possease(|  ot  luu,  u8en  smuggled  bate ,in".w ,101111 Lasso to Ralph Ravenspur's Ber-
Ichgorsky drew a deep breath and  vnnt  ,-, k.k  who hafl conveye[1 lhem
a shudder passed over   bis powerful  t    .,    ,.,,,.    , satetVi    ,,,���  ,llv 3tate.
frame,    1 he moisture on his forehead i ������,���, mH Kilh.m (,,'f(1(,u
was nol  due to tlie heal  alone.
��� (in a throne of stone lhe princes
was seated.   A few of the higher-grade I """��gtr|n  ibem '
priests were grouped around her. tOvi-  th      ,   [,    ]m{'hi.
deiitly    hey   hnd   heen  discussing  us, ,    . w    w(!].0      ,      |() ,     ,    ��� ,
"l"1 ;''"'  ma,de mi ther minds.    We  U]og. ^ere tor.
were nol going   o be I ned even. ���rnere Is no need Lo remov
"'Stand    here!    ihe  princess com- clotnillg. , crie(l   .W(, (vll, lU, ,
inanded!    'Dogs, do you want lo live?
>l!nli!li Ravenspur suid nothing. I!
\l as ever a  man of lew words.
"���We have no desire to die.' i re . ,.,,���,���,,,,,, uijs|esa b   irara81.siou, Ralpn
piled.    "Nothing  Hun   breathes  eve    seemed to understand, for, like myself,
has.    Even if I were nn old mall with
one fool iu tho grave the desire for lift
upon tue as tit h
slipped inlo onr garments ami bid our
revolvers.   Then from raging madmen
When you leave your home for your All flues and chimneys should be
duy's work, do you remember that examined before the lires are lighted
constant care is necessary?   Do you,  in autumn,    Wnter should he drawn
ve passed lo tears.   We were so spent   when you arrive at lhe office, factory,  ut night and placed in pails where if.
-She turned sharply lo h ir attend-
; ; mils.
suid.   'and   put
" our
i selves!'
' 1  was afraid our revolvers should
be  discovered, or Hie cartridges  be
und exhausted that we cried like little
"But men like ourselves are not
easily daunted. The pain was still
great, but it only stimulated our desire to live and gain the hotter of
those who had so creully used in. Lai
er a priesl conducted us Into anothei
room, where the princess awaltsd us
(To bo Continued)
bo   quickly   discarded   his   robes   and
slippers  and  professed  himself to be
.,   , "Then  Ihe grating wns raised and
I'SSA^y ���!lf\r \ZnLT.L\l! �� were placed on our hucks in a shal-
low hath formed in lhe shape ol a coffin, and not more than ten inches
deep. At lirsl the baths were empty,
bul gradually they were filled with
wuler until we bad to raise onr faces i
and press theni agalnsl the bars to
breathe. I though! thai we were to bo
suffocated in this shallow water���a
dreadful Idea thai filled me with stilling anxiety bin there wns worse to
Again Tehigorsky paused und wiped
liis brow.
"The suspense was lorlure; l^ie terrible uncertainty of what was going to
happen was agony, imagine being
drowned with a bare half-inch oi water
i.vet- your lips nml nostrilR. 1 turned
iy herd a fraction of an Inch on one
thai smile. If you hnd seel
ii you would have given Ien years ol
your life to forgel ii again.
������ 'it is in your hands to live,' tin
woman said; 'II is for you to saj
whether or nol you return to youi
people, But 'ou shall nol carrj om
cherished secrets to the West.    Y*oi
or shop, bear In mind your own safety | will not freeze. Roofs should be ex-
and that nf others? To think lirst of I uniiued and cleared of curling-
safety means consideration for nth-1 shingles and other spark catchers,
ers; il nunns lives spared and fewer'Tile store room should be Hie most
vacant  chairs. carefully   kept  room    in   the   house
Most aceideuls can he prevented, Rats, mice and squirrels should be
but whnl is each one of us doing to cleared out. Lanterns should be kept
prevent aceldentB? We must noi ex- filled, cleaned aud wiiu wicks of prop-
peel thai care will he taken for our er length. A dirty, sAort-wlcked lan-
sal'ety und never lake thought for tern, full of oil, Is u bud fire hazard.
that of another. All   dead   herbage   should   he   re-
11 Ib estimated lhal a man's average moved from tbe. house and outbuild-
earnlng power is $700 per annum, ings. Sparks travel far on a winter
Some of us receive more and some gale and, alighting on dry herbage,
less, but whatever we earn each year] are dangerous, llouiires are a bane,
will be reduced after a serious accl- Mosl persons who have large yards
dent nnd will he sioppe i hy death, could well afford to build a small
What are vou going to do about ll? furnace of brick, covering the stack
The obvious thing to do is to learn with wire netting, nnd thus burn the I
safety���to insist upon others doing refuse without danger. Smoking
tholr work in lhe safe way���to point about barns should be prohibited and
out to the proper officials unsafe lanterns placed where slock cannot
practices and unsafe machines���to kick them over. At all times. lanterns
lake no chances. II mav seem un-, should be kepi in u safe place. A.
necessary to lell vou this, but wbat of Ismail electric torch is a good iuvest-
each years' toil o'f life and limb? (fel ment where hay und fodder must he
.the safely habit and pass il along as reached lu the darkness. .Matches
an heritage to lhe children.- Bulletin, should be. kept in a tin box lightly
by Ontario Safety League. j covered and placed mil of the reach
 . .  I of small children.   No member of the
It,            ���        r      ct     ��� : family should search in cupboards or
..paring JOr fepring       : drawers with a match for a light! This
.  | is  an  Imperative  rule wliieh  Is  fre-
Home    Gardens    and    Vacant    Lots |'i"!'""5' violi*lc,(1-.     ,,      ,     ,.
_.,,,,       . .        ���,....       !    Where  wood  is  the  heating fuel,
Should Have Autumn Cultivation      Uujre shom(j be ., wlre |ron( 0V(,r tBe
"Death in Hie pot." lhal sentenco
condenses lho story of a Iragcily. A
litllo family gathering. A fine dinner
cooked in lhc large copper kettle long
disused, and (he entire family poisoned
by th" accumulated verdigris. The
story was told by tho newspapers.   The
lint"info _ fnni wJi.�� m/iThecomo a i sl*'e' an(l 1|"'" ' saw lnal llu' water!    Tl11"  ,l:0 Canadian shell manufac- j system, tho results  would  be dlsas-l tact with wood.  Wecausalhey do "not
" ���'   ���   ���    ���   ��� i m'>    '��� " I could not  rise quite high enough to! ttirors are doing vitally Important ser-   irons,    in  the spring he  would find show sparks, is no reason for heliev-
Canadian  Shells  Help  in  Drive
Custom or habit alone explains the
fact lhat Hie home gardener almost
universally leaves his garden plot in u
I neglected condition until spring. No
attempt is made to prepare for the
next season's planting.
fireplace to stop the sparks. Where
coal is used, a wide fender will often
slop a threatened blaze. Conl, "snapping" out Into Hi.' room, causes many
fires. Thc place for ashes Is a metal
j can      nud   Ih^  pine:-   for   lhe   can   is
If tho  farmer were to  follow  ihis ! where ils sides will not come inlo
ninii-iei oi iie.-iin    _ ,.,   I drown   me   wlthoul   overflowing1 the 1 vices In support of the great offensive
ii ine Rioinacn is uiscasen it is iikc i e(]g_ (||. |iHi b,lth RV-,|entiy this wns just begun hy the Ilritish. French and
ne poisonous iteuie, wniui laims e\erj- hm |]lr U|.s| cnapler |��� ,;���, |)nnk of Belgians on'the western from is In-
uung Hint goes into it, uie symp otns )cBaonSi we could breathe by placing dlcnted by tho wav in which ihey are
ure   irregular   impolite,   undue   fullness f ,   ,   lh(,    b What now help ng to feed the British guns
alter  eating,  distressed   fooling   in   the
similar!],  of  fluttering and  sinking nen-
,"'':"'11 ���   palpitation,   dnsxincw,   ringing   qUe��Llon.   Though my heurt was drum-1 artillery,    Canadian    workshops   are   turned under a depth of four Inches I Teachers   In    village    and    country
Bour or biticr risu '      -1 ming llko the wings of nn Imprisoned | producing one million empty shells per  to onsure rotting,   Vines, dead leaves, schools should educate the children
or weeds should  bo burned, and the . to think of the dangers.    One 'harp
M ?
'I her;
wns   no o< easiou lo
and  the success of the allies depends
ihe  on the sustained effectiveness of tlieir
himself with wel and heiivy land. Ing that wood or coal ashes are not
would be unable to work it and the dangerous. Remember that, ashes, es-
delay would mean late crops, If any ai pecially the liner kinds, hold heat, for
nil. , u. long time.
Tlle   gulden   should   he   dug   In  ii lit - j     The   foregoing   cautions   may   seem
unin, leaving tho earth loose, if new simple bul are frequently forgotten.
soil Is being used, the sod should belli is the unusual thnl often happens,
pupation.    Nm all tliese symnloms may i l!V| *m, tliou^li ihere was lhe roar of I month und 17,4.1 shells per day with
'" presenl at the Mine iuue, mil any ol | ��� lm.nil,.��� |��� ra\ ears. I could make oul llxed ammunition,   Tha latter will be
1 "'"' !h"'v disease in  lho digestive <��* ,,;,,. nMu Rm\ rattla    of machinery, Increased to 60,000 per day In the near
ui.in. in.,!".-irieu.                                   and the bars over the cago began to future.
lho intimate relationi ol lho Blomacli   movl,,    ,\|V race,  scape tba waler. 	
to the  blood,  heart,  liver,  and  lung--   w.lls .i(l ,.ln,.,.lv ���rcBfled lo the bars thai "Disappointed again."
makes  11   a   medicinal  maxim,    'Mart   n,s friction was pulnful. "How now?"
with _ lho  stomach.     It,  w  upon   this      "'Fi,0 bars slid along, nnd as they did "This fellow told mo he waa going
principle that Ur, Pierces tioldcn Alcdi-  80  j remombsred lhe long projecllng to  show   mo  lhe   beauties    ol    the
rai Discovery ellecls so many and such | ontlB wi,|en were glowing yellow and
rrmarliab.o cures.    II cleanses ihe Btom- | illu,, in ,|���, brazlois.   .Mv heart ceased
eb and ine Byslem is cleansed.   It in
ishes,  together with  u  quantity of eyed hoy is us good as n fire dopart-
good  st utile    manure,    If    available,  nient.
should bs dug  well  in.
llllle ill III
drumming nnd then seemed to stand
creases the 'clion of tho blood-making i sll)1 ,������,. ., moment, l hud guessed the
glands, and Lho body is enriched by the rime. A second later und the honour.lied blood, lis a lome nndbody | zontal liars over my face were while
milder thai strengthens Iho digestive or : i,, ,t.
"Well,   didn't   lie?"
"lie menu! parks und office buildings. I was prepared lo see oomo
feminine loveliness,"
The results of attention to his bind
In the autumn will fully repay the
homo gard mer In the saving of lime
in the spring and iu Increased production,
If  Any  Are  Left
A Reulei- dispatch Irom Amsterdam
snys a Berlin telegram announces lhat
Emperor   Wilhelm   hus  decided  thai
the uniform of the German army in
   I peace  limes shall    bo Held  gray, the
The amount of prize money for of-  same color used in time of war.
(leers nnd men of lhe navy which has .���~ ���
nutritive  organs  and   Ihese  strengthen
Ibe   situation,   then  -I
-I   wonder    where  Ihey  get
tbe whole body by increasing the quantity bad either lo press my face against
and qualify of its nourishment, ll car- those cruel burs or drown in n few
rics of! Ihe poisonous, effete matter.   In  inches of water.   Could the mind of
their submarine crews?
Joax���Dunno; bul I suppose in
the low dives would lie a good place
to look for 'em.
this way it re-establishes health, banish-  man  Imagine  u   inure diabolical  Hiring  the   bodily  aches,   which  arc  but|ture?    I   cried   aloud;   1   believe  my      "Thai   old    grouch     ecrlainly   bad
symptoms of the stomach's condition,    j friend did also, but 1 cannot say,   My his    living room    appropriately    de-
Got Dr, Pierce's Golden Medical Dis- j face flinched  Involuntarily from the I corated."
covcry from any medicine dealer to-day, , 8Car of the blistering iron; 1 held my      "llow was it  done?"
in cither liquid or (ablet form,   Send Dr,  breath  till  the green  uml  red slurs     "Mostly la fretwork."
���Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.,l	
.M) cents for "Medical  Adviser,"  cloth-   ~
hound and illustrated.
Constipation causes and seriously ag-1
gravates many diseases.   II is thoroughly |
cured  by Dr. Pierce's Pellets.   Oue
laxative; two or three u cathartic.
leeiimulated during ths wur is suid
by tha Morning Posl to be- $20,000,-
unu. Nono of this las heen distributed, anil the Posl makes Ihe complain,!
thut pun liases by Ibe government of
confiscated cargoes deprives tho navy
of prize money.
The Man���If you are so forgetful,
how is it you "remember me?
The Girl���Lots ol limes 1 remem-
or little things when tho big ones
escape my notice.
Things Rosy in Germany
Tlie number of bankrupteies in Oer-
niany from duly to September of this
year'was imi, as compared with I,ti08
during lhe same period of lust year,
the Overseas .News Agency announces.
Photographer's Assistant ��� Mrs.
Vun Perkins complains that ber portraits don't look like her.
Photographer���Complain, does ab*'
She ought to lie grateful.
W. N. U.  1076
"Canada" St.   -   "Perfection" &
Highest Quality of Material���Best Value For Your Money Of
>s*sWiil*MiMi^itlMil-ii'iliiii lsM#l
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief���Permanent Care
lul.   Purely vrget
ahlf    aiti.wcly
out gently on
lhe Iivrr.
Slop all,
lotion    improve  die complexion���brighten
the eyes, Small Pill, Small Uasr, Small Frier.
tsonuine bum hear Signature
The Match
Of Today
Is the perfected product of
over (ill years experience in
the match making business,
If correctly held and struck
on any rough surface, is warranted lo give a steady, clear
light, lirsl stroke.
The E. B. Eddy Co.
Hull,    -    -    -    Canada
To Judge Distances
(Ability to  Estimate Distances is Necessary In the Army
One of the mosl  important  accomplishments In   the army is the ability
.in  Judge  distances  correctly,   Every
soldier ouglu  to be able to estimate.
I mor;? or less accurately, bow far off
| from Iiim any object  lies anil [or this
purpose Hicr.: are certain rules which
. may he pretty Bafely relied on by any
man of average sight.
j    At thirty yard.,   for Instance,' it is
possible lo see tho white of a man's
I eye quite plainly, nnd the eyes tliem-
I selves remain visible up to a distance
of eighty yards,   ai u lyindrecl yards!
j ii   is  possible to distinguish the de-,
tuils nf dress and uii Ine parts of llie |
'body, sllghl movements baiiig percept-
| ilile.
Ai   two   hundred yards Hie conloni
of a face becomes confused, uml rows,
nf  buttons  lose  iheir  Individual  ap-
pearanco, resembling mer,. stripes. Al ���
four hundred yards   Hie luce becomes
1 a   speck.    Inn     lee,    uml    nrni   move
' incnts nre slill pere ptlble   Hut ul  Blx
I hundred  yards  you    can
' muke Hies ��� out.    Al    elghl     hundred
Nothing has ever
equaled or compared
with the medicinal fats
in Soctt's Emulsisn to
arrest the decline, invigorate I
the   blood, strengthen  the
Sl nervous system,aid the appe-
lM lite nnd restore the courage
|k of better health. D
i} JB Saott's Emulsion is   J\
-,M ,,urc Itoaltlfbsilltl*- ^^
Vg&\  *nB  fooeiy withou
/'^������^.i\      harmful drugs.
' ^.ongt HorseBreefleis'Opportm'tj
Canada .md U. S.
Boundary Survey
i Work of Locating and  Placing Boundary  Monuments Nov; Nearly
Of 1,161 miles of boundary line between Hie tJnited States an 1 the He-
Minion uf Canada which boi li i our
tries have united to survey, nil but
Hei miles have l i truce,I und accurately plotted on maps and marked, by-
members of Hie International boundary commission, Edward ('. Barnard
of Washington, representing the
I'nited Stales, and Dr. \V. I' King of
Ottawa, representing Hie Dominion ot
Canada. The reporl which ihe com-[
tnissloners are prepared to make to j
their respective governments shows I
Hint tlle work of locating und placing
the boundary monuments Is complete
excepl for porttqns of the Maine and
Nm Minnesota boundaries, ami lhal
only ii very little remains in other localities of Hie work or establishing
triangular points.
The commission wus established in .
1903, to eonl nil  work Which hud been .
gf r.EMEMB_R!   The ointment
5j vou put on your child's skin gets
into tin-si stem ju.-l as surely as
food the cliild eats. Don'i let
impure fats and mint ralo n ;
mailer (such as many of the
cheap ointment; contain) get
into your chill's blood ! Zam-
Buk is purely herbal. No poisonous coloring. I sc it flways.
50c. Box ol All Druggists o-.d Slorci.
Licensed and Bonded Dealer-'
      -���    "     ; , t . \ in t*i ii_iin   i*win in inniuiit'i     [t C.O    t ii .   yt.    1 1,       ��� ���   _��������� _.._��� __...��� ���        .- ,    _ ,���_���
ra becomes n liroad bell  and uoth-     ;'"?'    �� .���_ f.l.i. liV0<    ,",'��� l"'1'-51'1,"   Ti aim of Washington until he re-     Ov,r sa.ooo Farmer shareholders ar. t��Mnl
g mure.    If yotl can distinguish CSV-   "���"  '�� piaymg ft Itlitils world B supply   s|gned, lust  April, and was succeeded   "">"��� ��htn you consign your stain orsellontraekia
previously tin- suhjoct of studv.    Dr
yards tho number ol   men  in a crowd | The   Advantages   of   Western   Canada   KIl'B   bus   been   the   British   commis
as a  Horse  Raising Country Blone1'    [ronl     ""'     beginning,     i
eaiinoi be cotuitod
Ai u thousand win!
li f  snld-|
American commissioner waa Dr. 0. II
i in,.
airy  irom  Infantry,  y. tay judge ��,h,l.orsBa can hardly   be estimated, i by \|,-   Barnard   who hud been eon-    rue grain growers grain co.. ltd,
thai they are   no Ire than twelve   "nUo motor vehicles ure being used Lected wtlh ibis boundary work from ! ,eo McDermoi St., WinniP;S, or ion DougUi
'hundred   yards   away;  while al two jtn an extenl never known before, the |t|,P |ieKi������i,,���   i.-,.,,,,, n,,.'_,,,,., ,,,��� ,,,������ Block. Calgary
looltS I'l.e  ii*i'      cm' i  "  ���    '���:         "'���"   mu  i   .,;;   ' a. | commission hns directed a total bOUU-l      It pays to ship yonr grain to a reliable)
 es, Including   Commission Firm.   Best att ution -riven
unin en    ..,....-.   iiivu.i,   iiiini- .ii mu     - - --- --- ��� ������-��������� ���""������-��� "���>   inp Deginiutig,  I- r< iiii ine start of Hi
liouanil yards what Is really a nirn  �����Sn����'ao ol the conflict Is calling foriQel(] wm.k ������ lm ,, pl.e3ent, th
lolts llko nothing bul a tiny dot.       | |,f1l*l"J;;,,^,��� ",!.,.l,0l?lt.K..lh^.."l".'il _?__."��� I commission has directed a total boui
SomeUiing  boner   Hum   lini
Miui.ln    lulls      Wash   It   will.        .       .
tmtoi     All  stores nr direct,    stair, style j ned  as  I   was  utterl
ami size    For 96o we will mud you
68 Fraeof Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
���OFI I.i"
write ti
tbesi  d
r FftEE CLOTH B" i NU MEDICAL Boot: on
seatat ami wondrrful cores uir.rttJ by
XKZ tt��VI FRtiliCH P.SMEOV. m.i H.3ti.:s
in., r*medi for YOUR OWN ailment,   Absoluloly FREE
Wt  l.'ASl   10 PKlOti TIlKRAPION 'VlLl. Gttt toll.
Missed Sometliing
Mrs. McGroevy was n dinner
guosl one evening where a noted
explorer wus the attraction, being
of a Bomewhiit languid lurn of. mind,
she paid mor; ut lent ion to her dinner than to Hul conversation. After
dinner was over she turned lo one
of the suets uiul asked:
' What was that tiresome old explorer talking about?"
"Progressive Patagonia," vas the
"Really?" asked Mrs. McGreevy
with sudden interest. "And how do
���rcu play il?"
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neural-
IA   Severe  Sufferer   Cured
Through the Use of Dr.
|      Williams' Pink Pills
!    fierce darting pains���pains like red
|liot needles being drawn through the
iflesh���in the thigh; perhaps down the
I legs  to    the  ankles���that's  sciatica.
| None bul    tlle victim enn realize the
torture.    Bill    tbe sufferer need   nol
stow discouraged for there Is a cure
I In   Dr.   Williams' Pink  Pills.    Tiiese
I pills make new. rich, red blood, which
soothes    and strengthens    tlio feeble
I nerve.';,    und    thus    frees tbem from
pain    and    restores  the  sufferer to
cheerful   activity.    In proof v.-e give
the statement   of Mr. Thos. D. Lein-
I ster,  Wapella,  Sask.,  who says:    "I
j wa*  attacked   with    sciatica    which
I gradually grew worse until I was conned  j,)- fined to my bed; for three months 1
ii.in  unu I had  to be shifted and turned in  my
unable to help
myself. I suffered the greatest tor-
ture from th fierce, slabbing pains
that accompanied every movement. 1
consulted several doctors and took
drugs aud medicines until I was" nauseated, but without getting any boue-
t',1. und 1 began to believe 1 would
he a continuous sufferer. Finally I
wan prevailed upon to use Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and after talcing tbem
for about six weeks I was ablo to get
out of bed. From that ou I kept steadily improving and until I was free
from tills terrible nud painful mul-
The mosl stubborn cases ol sciatica
will yield to Dr. Williams! Pink Pills
if the treatment i.s persisted In. Those
pills are sold by all medicine dealers
or will be sent by mall al no cents a
box or six boxes for $2.60 by addressing The Hr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvllle, Ont.
tho supply for many years to come.
Iteuords of previous wars show that
lull horses are required for every 800
i!nry survey of ���1,16-1  mile
the Alaskan boundary. The unsurvey-i to consignments.
"���*""��� j" �������� �� my, und that al least 40*35   T^^SSaeaX" wruS. 'aVnow ���      aoOD"HA" \ MEL^ co' LTD'
replaced when the struggle Is over. It gton llf thl, Minnesota boundary, one sh. i.samuel spink Pion.�� t r.in Cm.
tins   percentage   ol   horses      a   being   i���  n,���   \i���.,.,���n,.  ,.������in���  ,,,- ti,��� "���,���,,��� msalonMetcharit.lor bait roaolls.   ijraiiss ,i��
used   iu   the   'iresenl   u-ir   Ilia   ;������,���"''"  ""   MagantiC   legion   ol   the   llioun ,���n       lci,rd -Sa a�� mada lo besl advanumo-
'>   '���   l.e    ei..-.' nl   war,  the  aggre-   t��� ���  ,. ,., ���   noetlon  of the  1_iih.Oiip. .pJL.>_,.,., Tr�����.   ShippinfbUI
,?,f��        tain  chain   portion  of the  Mnlne-Que-   Prompt returns. Try ui
.mi..    ���K i ��� .,,���. llllll    iiniiii    iMUiii.ii    I,I     llle    .,1.1 inc-iiue-      i tonipi ir���:u,.t.   1 ty ul.    ^ninninj ui..i on :.i.:i..
.    n,-o , i    K','    'U3t  '','!" ","" milll0,1B- ! bee boundary, and one on I he Sl. John - 206 Grain Each.n,., Win.ip... Man.
.     pioiniieni   agricultural   paper   as-  r,vm.     ,.liuM ,������ n,��� Maine-Xew Brims- Mcmc   Union and Royal Banks.
serts that for Ave years after the war W|C]C )omujarv ���   "
Prance   Germany   Holland   Austria.      ,���  accordance   with   the  troatv  of ��hl�� Yow OnlnTo
'.nl"   11 t!l 'llll I,1!,.,    -in, .1   , li.,,...        I,, ��� I B_I_TI    r.Tl     J.     I    _���_/_!!    i     .-
Belgium,  and   England   will   have   10
l .!)08, ill" wui'k lias hren ilividcd  into
i Grain C
I  A relmlilr firm wlv
ulon MerchanU,510 Gra     j   ���������:*
.im to alve j.tiafa :ti< ��� Spec u
siv.n   lo    Kr*ding.     Liberal   _dv*n   -i
iinpor  horses in large quantities. |s-.0tlons, as follows:
Wun   his demand In prospect, It Is     ,,-,,������  Ule  ,,,,,  ,������  ,,,���,,���   ,,,,,������,,
adly necessary to point out to the  Passamaquoddy bay, 20 miles.
norse-nreeder where his opportunity     mi,,, ��,  i>,.r,'iv ,.i'r.,r   nn ,,,m.._        i ~ . __
lie St. Croix liver, Ufi miles,        | RANDALL, GEE & MITCHELL. LTD.
Irom bend oi St. t I'oix river around
Grain Exchange. "
lies at the presenl moment.   Any one
al all familiar win, tlie country knows I along'Malfne, "New ItampsiiTre,"' vi
.L���"-__?._...'_ A'A.A'A riAA']i! a!? I mom and Xew Vork, 868 miles.
St, Lawrence river and Greal Lukes
n horse-producing territory.   The besl
class  of horse   fodders  is easily  and
cheaply produced;  the climate is lav-
,    ,       . i rHOS. BROD1G
... From     Lake  Superior,  nt   motttl of Manai.
o able,  the  water is  good, and   the   ,,,���.,���,��� rIvor   tl) ���'���-,hw���H|  ,,���,,���. ()1-1
price ol  land enables the farmer to  Lake of the Woods, lu? miles.
rase horses, al a lower cost than In      ,,,,������ UOrtheasl  comer of Lake ot  602Cr_nL
other countries.   Already son,  the  thfJ Wood8 ,��� summ|| ,������ Rocl    ������,������.! b"" t'r"-1"'
largest nnd finest droves ol purebred i ,���i,, ,..,��������� oa? niiim. the continental grain co.. i.rJ
h   ���
3s  -; f-.i.
...     '        .."I
��� V.iin. i' ,'. M .^.
She  weui's a  soldier's  lint ton
Pinned somewhere near ber heart,
And shows to all nnd sundry
She owns a little part
Of a soldier who's upsetting
The Kaiser's applecart.
Sin- wears a soldier's button,
And feels slie'n bravely decked,
A cartaln pride of bearing -
It's easy to detect,
.he's gol  n man in khaki.
And she holds her head erect.
largest und finest droves of purebred Had] range 887 nilles
horses on the American continent are      Fl.0m the Rockies'to sail  water at
to be tpuud lu western Canada, and  gtralts of Georgia, 4t0 miles.
the foro-sfghted settle,, is steadily in-      Ft.onl C0M,   by  w.���;,,. o)launels  l0 i
creasing the   .tiantity and Improving  tlie ,,a(.,lU, 0oeail|  ,,,, miu,s
"'������   'I '.'    "���    r        ii U'.-e .1,   i '. Of these  3,808   mllBB, t,7B!)  aro lailll        For sood rnulll and bssl suvice ship /our m.in
and 2,139 water.   The commission lias   \, lhi* ����a'"��",��"'1 ,"0""r"-'A^A,���'?1''
,       '     . .    ,,     .' House, alwaya ready to buy your grain on tracn,
charge ot an accurate survey ol all oi | hlackburn e, mills
this    except to St. Lawrence river     535 Gr,., Exch,   ._ ,   .,...,.,
and  Great   Lakes,     llie  commission   ������ ������        ���
ba.i   also lnul iiie work of surveying iiiTnniinnii r    nriir.*,?1
���ainted   ^els~wn7   are  India-   ^ ^l��n boun'lary rt W07 nillel AUTOMOB LE     DEALERS
..inn. ,i    ,s iiini.,    uio   ,iu   nun., 10|  v,.ill(.|, ggo miles   is boundary of
Wise mothers who know the virtues
of Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator always have it at baud, because l!
proves its vnllle.
1 iconaed, Bondad.sahcili your groin consignmon i
Libeisl  Advances    t'ronipl   returns
3 1 :   ORAIN   ESCHAhOl
la..,,..,    .....,.,..,    ......    ....   ..,,!., I or v.-i,],.j, ss-; miles    is boundary oil
inguishablo irom the landscape are soullien, coaatal s(lip .������, ,;)- lf\
the latest   nvention ot lim wily on-1 the one imndreil and forty-flrsl merid-
emy    Writing Irom hospital, Private   ,     ,������ w st iongitude. |
Sear-by     oi      Tealby,    Lincolnshire,! 	
serving with tho 2nd Royal Fusilier  ""'
Factory  distributors  for  Manitob
| Saskatchewan for StudebakerCars
_,v   ii,.,t   n;0   ,,,,,i,.   iv.,.-   ,,���,.r,^.,i���,i       An   Always   Rea-|y   PHI.���To   t....
say.-,  innt   ns  nunc   uus  pertorateit    .. ..     ,     ,   , ,,       ,- ���     ���     .. ��� .,   ' iP,-r in,-v nr,*,, fnr n-- _r.-nt-
,,, I oi  regulur habit   medicine Is oi  little I terntoiy open ior n\c agema
, i .
veii  bullets, one of whicli tore off
the glass and hands of his watch. Tie
adds that it "is nol tlie ordinary rifle
whieb is doing the damage; il is the
machine guns and snipers. The faces
and even the rifles of the latter are
painted grpe.il,,so that you get close oil
theni before you see anything al all."
'Vou look blue ar.d discouraged, old
"I'm  not  myself I'nis morning."
"Well, that's nothing to feel so bad
concern,   hut   the  great   majority  of
men  are  uoi   ot   regulur habit.
" The car that speaks for iliell
Dislributors for Manitoba and Saikalch^n .1"   Sen 1
; worry und cares of business  prevent I
I it, und oul of Iho'irregularltles of life |
conies   dyspepsia,   Indigestion,     liver   rorieicripfive'llierature.   SometeniloryatiUopen
and kidney (roubles as a protest. The! lor local aje.icy.
run-down  system  demands  a  correc-1 ' ~���'���*	
live   und   there   Is   none   belter   than   g��fl^_   a.,    LOWER IN PRICE
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills.   They are ; nUpOlODitS     Greater In Value
.simple iii iheir composition and can i
be taken by the mosl delicately cun-,
Hen!,* 1.16C��!ek>a
Finland has    un    urea    of   144,249
nilles, of whieb one-seventh Is water
on account of the Innumerable lakes
in tha interior.   At the cud of 1914 ils
population amounted to 3,196,700, divided   among  eight   Lulls,  or govern- j
menl.--.    Of   the population   of    Lhe |
Griind Duchy, less than one-sixth live i
in tlie cities,   of which thero ure only
fifteen having-more tbnn 5,000 Inhabitants,   l-lolslngfors,   the   largos! cliy,      Praises  This  Asthma   Remedy.���A
Jinn a population of  IG4.00Q, grateful user of Dr.,I. D. Kellogg's As-
��� ��� thmii Remedy rinds ii the only relnedy j
In n greal  hurry ho took lha to.   {l,Bt will give relief, though for lihir-
lowlug telegram to a telegraph office.   ['A" ^"r" 1"','1"1 """fh,1 oilier lnJlp.
She weur.s ti soldier's button���
There's virtue 111 Hie whim.
II  keeps ber strong und palienl
When days are dark and grim.
She   Weill's   her   soldier's   button,
And  she lights ulniig  Willi  him.
.lease I'ope In Loudon ally Express
a ii
"Mrs, Hi-own. Liverpool street���1 announce with grief llie death of Uncle
.lames. Home quickly to rend will; 1
believe we are Ills heirs���-.Tollii Back."
The clerk having counted the words,
suid: "There nre Iwo loo many, sir."
"All right; cut out 'with grief,'"
was the answer,
%?>. "i Ahi'.fiAICi.:.-
W. N. U.  1076
Years of needless Buffering mny be
prevented   by  using  this   wonderful i
remedy al the Ural warning of troubl \ |
Its   use   i.s  simple,  Itar cost   in  slight '
ami ii cuu be purchased almosi anywhere.
.Mrs. Snooker��� Men make me tired.
Airs. Swayback���What'B Hie mutter
Mrs. Snooker���My husband saw
Mrs. Keedlck yesterday and I asked
bim what she bud ou, and be replied, 'Oh, clothes.'"���From Stray
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Dandruff.
Mrs. Greene���Here's a  most Interesting article, Ezra, entitled    "The
Money Question in a Nutshell."
Ezra Greene���I know all 'bout It,
Hannah; the pea ain't there ut all
when yo pick the shell up, darn
More Munitions Needed
All thai  is needed here is a  silfflc-
I iency of output.   Germany, thanks to
i her long ami secret preparations, en-1 ���	
! ; yetl m ihe ftiTl  year of Hi" war ul    T"u would b* surprised to know l >w
��� -.,1 i-im-i....  nn.r   ihe   nlllnu   t,- .i>,   i��� <.������ I Utile moii.y would be necessary to pro-
aaiantago ovei   tin   a s  ii.nii   lui |     t vmll. faill|lv M. t3t.iu.,   i; ,..���, v...   i
superabundanl    supply ot munitions. I nk0 to know without committlns your-
| England    In Ibis respect had a greal I self, fill tbla blank and mall io H.   K.
deal of leeway to make up, the moro I Andrews, branch manager^Imperial Uf��
lo lhe military effort the war
Headaches,    sleep-
lesJ-ni'Ss and lireil,
d r a s it y reelings
'.null il In a p pe ii r
when you rostoro
vigor to tbo ox-
baustod   nerves   by
iir.ins Dr. Chase's
Ni'i-vo Food.
fiO ri'nlH tt box, nil
ili'iiliTit or "Silnutnsoasi
I.nt.���. ti fn., i.luiltcd.
I bus demanded of us proved to be of i jfy full i ������
| u magnitude that  none of our states-   Occupation	
j men or soldiers ever anticipated. \V'e < 1V!^ Lt/ril on'
i ere  Importing    lurge    quantities  of	
i munitions  from   abroad,  und    every
week thai  passes sees an Increasing
i output from factories al  home,    Our
armies in tho Held today nre far better
I supplied   with  guns  nnd   shells  than
they have ever been before;  bul  the
need contlnueo clamant;  our armies
nre increasing and the wastage of war
la great.   London   Dally  Chronic! ���
Assurance Co., SOU Union Bank Building,
Liniment     Cures   Burno,
can only bo enjoyod by those v,-hoso
digestive orgatwworl* r,:;' irallj uul
regularly, Tho best corrective a.-1
preventive yet diccovi red forirregu-
larorfaultyactioaoft tomacl ,liven .-
bowels, i; known the world over to bo
' B_i f,-_i C
i^Br*!   'll   _5
Sold evec/v.
, bot
Woaltli  cf Canada
Canada Is generally recognized us
one of the foremost power producing !
I countries of the  world,    iter numerous  rivers  have  Immense  potentlali-
' ties and within the area of population ;
reasonably to  be  anticipated  in  the I
i near   future,   ia   estimated    to   havo  -
 ! water power possibilities aggregating   S. America Wants Canadicn Potatoes
- j 17.7(14,000 horsepower, while some 1,- The trade commissioner sent by the
The introduction of lho tobacco 1712,193 horsepower of this amount British Columbia government lo
habit, among the Chinese dates back ; has already been developed. Com-; south Vmsrlca has cable 1 to th - Van-
only a few years, and Ita spread j parison with oilier countries estab- couver hoard of trade orders foi a
throughout the country haa been as- l'.shes the Canadian standing among thousand tens ol potatoes and
lonishiiiglv rapid, so it Is stated by the Industrial nations; power develop-1 eral thousand boxes of apples.
Consul General Anderson    at    Hong-   ment on such a scale is significant of
corresponding Industrial activity. "Do. sn't  thn
- I toe-in    a  llttli
American���1   suppose you will abol-  stand up?"
isb the house of lor��� some duy'.' '   "yes,''   replied    th
cr   or   your*
be   tries   to
kong. The cigarette habit Is not confined to the male portion of the population.   Tlie females of all classes and
ages, from ten year.-, or age upward, isb the bouse of lordfc some duy?              ���Yes.''   replied     the     fend   father,
indulge as freely and openly in cigar-j Englishman���Bul   1   don't see  how   "We  have  great   hopes   of  htm.    H
ettea, and with aa much apparent en- we can, my hoy.   Tliere Is no preced-  looks io me is If he were naturally
joyraent, aa do their brothers. ent for sucn a ihing.                           'built fnr an expert golf player."
Red RoseTea
he Telephone
Is Always Available
Day   or   Night
WHEN Emergencies r rise, and
they  arise  frequently,  as-
.   sistance can always be secured by means of the telephone.
It is at your right hand, ready for
service day or night.
It may be the doctor has to be
summoned, and if so, no time
need be lost. Help may be need-
from your neighbor, from the
police - rely on the telephone
The Telephone is the greatest of
all domestic utilities. What is the
cost compared to the security and
sense of relief in knowing that
the means of instant communication  is available  at  any  time
B. C.  Telephone   Co.,  Limited
The Ford Garage has installed an
Autogenous Welding Outfit
by the Oxo-Acetylene System
Something thai has been badly needed in this district for a
long time, ns there are thousand*! of dollars worth of castings
of every description in cast iron, brass, aluminum, malable,
.soft steel, etc., thrown away every year, that could be made
as strong and even stronger than when new for less than half
what a new one costs. Anything from a stove lifter to a
i rankshaft, bring it along we can fix it
Telephone L46 COURTENAY
y ���:] &>$
<.���>._. A
mil! ���.���JnteiSi-.:::-.:tmtHeSUUiSt
r-ik_.�� i...-   . atlas-am-.ooitHutm.-ua__i mhh��im��mi
in   exchange for
House   in   Vancouver,    revenue
^pgjy Box 220, Courtenay
On Fiiday evening a concert was
given in aid of the Red Cross Society in Martin's hall. Proceeds,
572,55, after expenses deducted a
balance of $58.00 to lie forwarded
to the Royal Hank. The people of
Comox witnessed a vaudeville of
unusual merit, every turn was a
star, A Victoria resident who was
present remarked, "1 see nothing
as good in Victoria, and consider it
the best audjeheapest entertainment
1 have ever been to." As the
various items have been desciibed
in a previous number of your vain
able paper I won't go into particulars verbatum, suffice to say that
Mr. Mclntyre's ' gag'' in the song
"We Want a Girl, was good, very
good, an.l "rocks" as a rhyme to
'Comox' filled the bill, All the
choruses were well rendered, and
showed careful training, Great
thauks are due to Mr. and Mrs.
Martin for the use of their hall,
music, and ligts, and also to tlie
Indies who helped, Mr. C. Martin
as an organizer cannot be beaten
After the performance the performers were invited by the proprietor
of the Elk hotel to partake of refreshments, and afterwards taken
buck tc Courtenay in various cars,
the drivers of which had voluntee-
ed their .services. We would like
to see the Follies again, they are an
interesting bunch, the performace
was bright and clean, not a dub
five minutes, and the talent ! The
dance afterward completed au enjoyable evening
Mr. Kenneth Ferguson was in
Comox in connection with tlle I111-
pe ial Life Assn. Co,, and left on
Sun lay morning for Powell River.
Mr. and Mrs. Robb left by Saturdays boat for Vancouver.
Mr. Frank Dulong is a guest at
the Ulk Hotel.
Guy Fawkes day was celebrated
in the usual way by the young people" The school manns were conducted to the field of action bv a
mixed band of coal oil ��� cans, cow
bells, etc., and the lay figure of
Emperor Bill was burned.
We are pleased to see that the
wire gate has beeu returned to the
Mr. A. Grant is building an addition to the barn on the King and
Casey property.
Services will be belu at St. Peter's
church on Sunday as follows;
Holy Communion at 9 a. m., Sunday School at 3,30, and evensong
at 7.30, and at Lazo Mission at 2.30
p, m.
The members of the St, Peter's,
Church of England, Guild purpose
holding a sale of work of fancy
work and useful articles au Tuesday, November 23. in Martin's
Hall, commencing at 3 o'clock and
will ue opened by the Lord Bishop
of Columbia. Hooplar, homemade
candy, fish pond, bran pie, gipsy
fortune teller and competitions.
Admission free. Entertainment in
the evening commencing at 8:15.
Excellent programme, admission
25c, to be followed by a dance,
A letter from Theo Fortune to a
friend in Comox says tbat he has
been in one general and three convalescents since be was wounded,
and is now at Monkshorton where
there are 3,000 Australian, New
Zealand, British and Canadian soldiers, lie is only 1-2 mile from
Epsom, downs the famous Derby
race course, but there i.s very little
racing going on there now, owing
to the war. He recently had 14
dayi furlough and visited Hirin-
ininghnm, Kiddetnaster and Bewd
ley, and saw many old castles and
churches that were bombarded by
Cromwell and also the Royal Pal-
lace near Bewdlev thit was occupied by Henry VIII. He says
that Billie Holmes must have a
charmed life, he is a brick and
every inch a man. Theo also says
he was lucky to get out without
being killed.    They have   a   small
i,. I
> *m
<S"j-" ������-..-
Get "More Money" lor your Foxes
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver, Lynx, Wolves,
Marten and other Fur bearers collected ia your section
S1II1> VOIlll FUNS IHHKCT to "Slill IIEIIT" lhe largest
house in the World drilling exclusively In NORTH AMERICAN RAW FURS
a reliable���responsible���Bale fur House wiih nn unblemished reputation existing Cor "more tliuti n third of aeenturv," a Innir successful reeonlef semi ini: Fur Shippers prompt,SATISFACTORY
AND PROFITABLE returns. Write for "Ibe ��huotrt ��t)ipwr,"
the only reliable, accurate market report and price list published.
Writs, lor ll-NOW-lt _ I'llKK
. D. OnUDLM, inc. Dept c68 CHICAGO.U.S.A.
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the   .owest Possible Trice
Blacksmith ard ',-irri?g. Builder
J.   E-   ASTON
IvOgger'a Shoes matte to order.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Alton's Handmade Shoes will
stan 1 the Test.
B. C.
Comfort  With
Moderate  Hates
Hest WiiiPH
iind l,ii|iiers
theatre in the park and have moving pictures once a week, and fi ve
concerts weekly, the different con |
tniRents supplying the talent. Last
week tlie Great Eastern Railway!
Musical Society ot 70 pieces mostly stringed, gave a concert.
In Courtenay
I met a maid upon the street,
A little maid ol seven,
So near an angel that her thoughts
.Must surely he of lieu ten.
"Now, where nway, my pretty maid,
With eyes so clear anil bright?"
She Winked at me, "I go to see
Our city fathers light!"
I met a little mnn who walked
With n most martial mein:
He'd grow n brave and valiant man���
"fwas clearly to he seen.
"You think," I said, "Of   father brave,
Whose gone to light the Ilun,
You'd like to imitate tli J men.
Who drill with sword and gull?"
"Oh, uo," he said, "For things like that
I do not care a rap,
I'm Ruing down into the town
To see the Council scrap!"
In ways most  devious, dark and
I met an Alderman;
"Why all this fuss, why rage and cuss??
Now lull uie, il you can."
He smiled on me a boastlul smile,
And said, "I will he frank,
The most important thing of all
Is 'bout a rotten plank."
I met a peaceful citizen,
(I did,  1 did, indeed!)
He seemed distressed, I dimly guessed
How argent was his need.
"1 go to fight the linn," he said,
" 'Tis all the peace I'll get,
The future's black!    When I get back
I'll Iind tli_ 111 fighting yet."
-I). V.
Cumberland Hotel
('nod Accomodation      Cusine Excelled
Wm. Merryfield
Plant Now
Antirrhinum 'snapdargou) various
Aquilegia   [ColumbinoJ white
Iceland Poppies, yellow
Wallflowers, Sutton's lilood Red
Fire King Orange
Hollyhocks, Mixed
Coreopsis, Large Yellow
Alyssum,   yellow
Plants 5 cenis each, 6 for  25 cent
of MISS GAMK, Comox.
Inspection invited.
Orders may he left  with Shepherd
& Hornby
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. Iv   DAI.RYMPLR, Prop.
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
Phone 7 Courtenay
��� ��� *
A meetiug was held iu the school
house ou Mo.iday eveniug to make
arrangements for further clearing
operations on tlie school lot. The
work on it uow is nbout naif done-
Presbyterian Church
St- Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a.m.   Service 11:30-   livening service 7:30 p- m- All welcome
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Cloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, TJtc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland nnd Courtenay
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
The Ladies Aid of the Presby.
terian church are holding their an
nual bazaar, in the Agricultur.il
hall this afternoon and evening,
There is a fine dispaly ot fancy and
other work. The different stalls
are presided over by the members,
and a good business is expected to
be done despite the inclement weather. There will be a concert this
.veiling.   Admission free.
|R$ffC|jDRjA? ;fOR
These are features in our
offices. It will pay you to
hvae your dental work done
All work
for in years
s     ������ i". j -
I     in   Vancouver,
ti     is guai antced f
��� .  . .
pS?***'' Vancouver


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