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The Review Dec 16, 1915

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J Can i���,t l.e limit, auy tetter,  and
j net quite *<>  well anywheie  else
; lii'ri-iil'iniK   Our type anil miuiliin.
��� cry >> , |,lot�� nnd 'I'!,,-  Review
: prices ire rlstht
fiecl AiL
,   .       y, it
i tie Wanti
know u
tl,,' ugb t* Cla
Id ���! Adrert
, ,  i'i.-- l.,-\i.,
-   -   -   l'h
ne   i*,9
VOL. 4
NO. 4
Agricultural Grounds
Saturday, Dec  18, at 1 o'clock
House'..Id   Furniture and  Farm Stock
Particular.**, in Poster
II^RDY  -;  ;>!SCOE
10 Ccartcnay
$6.00 Pe*:' Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
Ail Orders Will Receive Pornpt Atteni-c_.
... ���_ ^,
iti        Bfl     1*1
'        tt    |
_L___J   '\J    \Jr   tl ^_
V :
__2      . .;_____.
are   going    to
bsolutely FREE a / Sew-E-Z
Machine Motor
S ��� mm
livery woman who uses a Sewing
Machine be il a hand or foot operated <���; lias an equal chance to get
this wonderful labor saver which
enables you to do your own sewing
at a cost of less than ONE CENT
au hour for current. It transforms
the labor of  sewing iuto a pleasure
I Local Lines
The Basketball club Intend bold.
a dance on Jan. i.|.
'    Mr, W. A.  Urquhart  is nt New
Westminster tlti'- week.
Chnrle.i Duncan arrived home
last night frcm Mcolll college Vancouver,
Tho City Council will me it on
Mondav evening next. This will
be the last regular meeting this
Mrs. Powley, of Seattle, is the
guest of Mrs  Chas, Callin. Mrs.
Powley was formerly   Miss Craig
of this place
The masquerade ball at Denuian
Island has been postponed until
Dec. 22 (in account of the lance
being held nt Coinox en Friday
evening, ���
The Wednesday evening motion
picture -show again had a gi ed
audience last night. The "Master
Key ' episode again being an inter-
'esling feature, interspersed with
stirring scenes, The other films
shown were a] , good, By tin
way, \ . notice by eastern pape:
that the iirsl episode of the "Mastei
Kev" is being shown tliis week i'
"little old Duudas!"
Leave your order at once fo
your Christmas turkey at Cook'
& Matthewson's, A supply of fim
birds is expected shortly.
For Sale���Two year old Holsleii
Bull. Apply, J, Crockett, low-
road, Sandwick.
Strayed���a brindle heifer, smal
hole iu one ear, Apply tu Httgl
Morrison, Lake Trail,   Courlenay
For sale, Australian stump pulle
will trade for small launcli engine
must be good. Apply J. Caljouw
Bowser P.O., Van    .ver Isle.
To be disposed o. . ivately, foi
cash���An exceedingly quiet horse, I
broken to ride or drive; Top buggj
and harnesi, in < i od con liti >n, alsi
riding saddle and bridle! household
furniture, etc. Apply Rev. F
| Franklin-Watson, The vicarage,
j Comox.
The Ma y or and  May iress
request tho pleasure of the
company of ihe
Citizens of Courteuay and the
Surrounding District
���it tho
.;. - . House, Courtenay
Tuesday Evsr, December J-Stli
io play Auction Bridge
or Whist
iu honor of Pte, I orrott.
Whist to start at S.30
Music by Harmony Orchestra
I Premier McBride has res:gn d
;iikI will go to London as Ag-:i:
General forli. C. Hon. <v. Bow-
scr succeeds him.
II. S. Cltments   came over from
Powell River  by the  Charmer ou
Sunday, and   paid a short   visit U
Thc ladies or the Sandwiek IVv
byterlan Church intend  holdii .��� a
Christmas   tree   entertain:: ��nt     n
the Sandwii k elm ch ou ".
December 2.3.   Au interestii ..
gram   will be  given and   1 ���
ments served; admission 25c.
A'.'l Johns on left   yesterday I 1
Victoria.    This is the   second Mine
Mi. fohnston has been   away I
the district since settling here al    tt
twentyeight  yens ago,    His  :' ���:
Miss   Alice   Gibbons,    returned   visit to oiuside points occurred   ist
to her home iu Ladysmith ou Mu::-  Thursday   when he   journ   ed t
day, Victoria to consul   his s li il   s   .-
The price of gasolene is   steadiTy   ^'riling the suit ,01 libel  ill
onlhenierea.se,    ,1 i-2c   per gal    against him   by the   Ma
Ion is the price now charged at the  J" ���"**"''   l*'m';     ' ', /
r*_,ri r .,,-',�������� old tuners who have     1 ���
t old i_ ai ,tge.
thy   by the rise   111 rt 1 '.���      .unes.
There wiil be no dance on Sat ur-  and were lucky     sell   '..'.
day night in tha   Opera   House as  prjCes   pre*   il r.  Johnston's
the  orcchestra   are   playing   at a  last message just     .
dance hi the  Ilo-Ilo ball   Cumber-  the   train was   that he   would
land, dottbtedly be a candidate   for tniy-
Everyone purcjiasiuga turkey or '"���l"-v l,onors ���** the l;   -:     -"
aoose atCookc&Matthewson'sJwill  al"1 tllat he *vould I'1'" ���';':    * '    **
:ave a chance of   sewing a roast  form ll"' publication next week
of beef tree valued at $\.    Attach-
���d to each turkey or   goose will be
number, and ou Xmas,   m irniug a
(rawing will   take-place when the
iiolder 'il the winning  number will
te awarded the ranst, whieh he can
get . '. :oil -euil nee.
- -*���><* ��� t.	
F esbyterian Ci. rc.h
t\ ndrews' Sandwick
>ev ice       .���:���     Sunday  School I
and B ' !. Cl ss 3 p. in.
Sin    iy Sc 100I :uA  ! ible Class
10:30 . . ni     Service 11:30.   Kven-;
7:30 p. ni. -All welcome I _.,,���
>> %rA>     4*0Q
% \ % V
*.'  *'.<     **?    ^       V
i%\.% *%
Phone 48, Cooke & Matthewson  j
the most up to-datebutel ;rs in lhe
district.    All order, promptly   at
tended to.
For   title ��� White   Wyai doia
cockerels,   $5. $"��� aud '.'���::    each; se
lected trios S7'; heavy la ing strain
I Apply, J. G, Randall, F.ovstou
j.     Wanted -To   purchase   a   pure
j bred   Yorkshire   boar   abou'     iS
! months to  2 years  old aud   ready
for service.    Pedigreed   itock   pre-
. ferred.    Write, J."l,awie_cc   Lazo
��� P. 0.
For Sale��� One 6 h, ,.. Fairkanks
1 Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
. Dynamo switch board etc-, also
s pump and belting,
j gallons pei minute
Riverside hotel,
ismg coy  ��� riON
] 1    mr window is   . glas ; jar  crnl.i    ���
:;:' .. .in.*, peas ui d 1 tits     Every cash ,     .    .
wor !i 1    grj    si., entiliet   to    v   g
ntiml er A arti' A-y, contained in th   jar,     I h
. . le kn iwn on Xmas. rive
l:A   ids value $5,   2nd goods value $3, 3rd good:     j
.: acit)
������ SH
at 1
Strayed���on' ���   1       pre;".' .:;   tit !
Kve Bay, a . 01   g red steer,  S me j
will   be   sold   '..   p ty   >xpens s of J
keep, etc, if not claiuitd within to j
days of  this   noti :.    Apply to J.
Lawrence, Rye Bay.
For  Sale���Team, goii    and
harness,  or   exch n :or cattle,
Also 30 acri s i-a mi rom  1 Irim-
ti im sell ' il, pai ir exchange
'or anythi      ,f   -'.���. Whal bav*
you to offer?    .       . :   8,   Re
view Ol it
,-* '
See tliis motor in actual operation at    ��� btee!"'
1 I red autl white, , wl ced,
Brown's Furniture Store next week    ii'",'"0"," '    ���'
{'out   out   ot   np.ht Anyone
��� t   r���'    ; ���t.*<J :\r.p'y
PI   ties  "'f'ice .5, Pes. 198
II' "it    by   Mi.    C   .
:' -.' ���   ���
mt\c .. '
:i. e
led.   1. ast
it's   ranch,
is,   Union
Office: Mill Str-.-J
j Bui   AS
145c per lb. this weak
We are now opening a large and varied-vstock of
goods suirable for the Christmas trade, consisting of
Cut Glass, China, Fancy Glass Sets.
Cutlery, Toys, Gloves, Fancy Handkerchiefs, Ties for Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies Blouses and Fur Sets
for Children
The stoclc is so large it will have to be ���  ::i to be ap) re< . I   I
Also Plain and Fancy Grc  jries 1     great vari
la,.est cash ...    *���.
TRY   Cl'r.   35.   FRESH    G ._��� .        C.'l    ,_.
icPiee S Moppisoa's Gash ys THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B. C.
im a uumea
a Box
siiii remedy tor the evil effeci of quit k
eating, overeating and streuuou living. The medicine lhal unci ihis
need thai ton ts the tomach, stinui.
1 lie ��� tii" liver, re filiates lhe bowel i   es
Wiping Out  Military  Persecution
I'liu in iiirli It many, v. ;u-
i war,    li   ittv   .' iiiiiiiinil
I'lie civil urn ilmt',1 wllh I     'I he
i   ",     i i. -    lm      i ii   mini
ti'aii   ont      from Tn- mild
" ni|, Ted  nl' illsl    ul        rail ar tla)
Intt  ��� ". ���   li      inllliiii'i .     I     i
��� Miiiiiiil,' , \, |i ion . . i ituiir '���.
mt ilili i i'i ritli llu il iimi ni
llcrnuin,- iirmtu*,     ubiUiltig    tlto
01 ;.������������, Hit!      l '   ' IMIlll
:  ,.:i    ���     pro    ul'   n lit  . oi'i.
Ita    It ' u   �� i'ii    i lio (lermun  ranli
in im  tint hii lim uml ;i       on i
l    un   tli     liiisltaiilii    ��������� ���    tli   lr i' nl.
i 'i ii hundred . of non i omlinl nil   n 'li,
Urinl Sala af Any Mtdiciiu in Hi* World.     I women    nnd   children     tin   liiiurd,   Mm
Sold everywhi-r.-.   Inboifti,25cents. I elllitlren ol llermuu'    ""I  ll   :;ilj' lioli-
 '__..       clay.
in  iii--  spauh ii   liitinl ii i nts
i li of helpless i It Um wt re Inriietl
nvi r liy i In ei eli ��� iasl li ul iii'in to lite
iii il tirni, ��iih t lis? pray, r i Imi i It ir i
sliould ii ��� im uii lilin ��� ,.' blood nnd
.-ii lite; ". i-o burin I al Ibe stake. To-
duy ir ii'-ij.- mu tve . et Ibe rh il ut in,
in Ium. ,11-, I.iin,ii,' i.il ri- iponslbllt*
1 in iiii- I'avell ruse and hiding Itself
bobind iii,- in 11 it an ni'm,
llul  as religion ��� perse.cul ion in i be ,
grosser  forms  (if  centuries  ago  has
been wiped off tli? face of llie earlb,;
I ��� m iniilliii;   pei'.secul imi- musi  be �� Ip-
i"l  off   ilie    I'aee nf i lie eurlli in lite ���
Canada's Resources
Sixth Annual Rc'ior*. of tlie Conserva
t on  Commission
I5V( i ��� isual reft 11 nee in llie i      in
ropoi ts of III    t'oiiti        m nf ' i
vutlon lii'lleati    i le   ��� Id    rangi   of li
tert'i ;     . .:'.   ' Itli it llu: r-iiinuil    Ion
I'oneerneil,    In till   )'i   peel,   ll
ixlli  annual  report,  t liielt
llll      ii   :    bei !'   i    (III   '    '.    :       CXI    |ll 'ml
,\ nil int'ormed disn     cu     uro given.
i unci t'i: itt    l'n   'i.i     i' n
esi ,  fields   ml n ���        ai      nnd
Imporl in papi ran      nel      I oi
nleal       netil tin    .,  ������ i
! on, pro\ id un mini it'll i i tl
nn,! lu I, hul hy uu moans I I, tu
linpiirtni i   plu i .���.:������
und  lown  plu      ���:���
The itildt'e      ol   III      '   uirn tu, I
i lliffi '     fill      .      	
in.ii ,   of   tlm   '��� I    ��� nel    ll
ful   Ute lust llsctl > I is, tlu i"
ft re, nt i nine in the bin        tilt*"'
.Itliuttt! i   111 ' U ;'   l|    I
om   .   pei     "' Ibe wi   .   uf tlie i in
hm      ii ad;    propi li ��� tl
- .: '      , lhc mutter ut I pl.uiin
r ,,,, .:'   . . ftl-'fl, 9, ���>_(�����
,,    h h    I *���*'��� WTt.ro'.j tr_f
- [,,..) I'-'lin  nJU<L_l_ iiilormn
tienta thftfetpper  IU*f(ll
ffitB I'lf "ft. !'_!��� BmV
olb��AuUlul fur .���_!��>*<��,
men to-olio "Ttappi BM
Spsitinen'j S*P.'y c*ta!st"
ta t r ���*���< r����tt, eta, tt iow._��
imunr&Ka    Bn^THU    kiitst*     f
HALLAIM LiMM eo/roRofi'io J
ff JpT
" c'ff'i^U*rfli^KM?!'iM;_��^
1 -//7\ \--r ���.
'.yy Jk O. *������
the Bread
/        "~"\V  //. \Yj\  - V iill   'CfOWH   I'.niin!' torn
'"iv    i \Bo -*"___ ���,' \   Syrup   antl  tin-  ( htliln it's
'"1   1.. tl - ��� -tygffSMf  '. .    .   X..,-,,;>,,,    l..e ' a��� ....,      ...lit    ,..
,.yw ������
���  ��� '������,: i   tug lor swci-i   nil) i
con : I I' ly snli licU,
I ���    nl   I ltd   '( / Oil It   111 ,::::'
form :i pi iii.ily lm in nl
food���rich in tha elements
ill ii an lu build up altmly,
li   llliy children.
MM Edwardsburg
Hi _J m
Crown Brand Corn Syrup
i     - 'coiioniical ami  o good, thai It is little wonder that millions
ol poiuuls un    ii 'iiv  ������; year lu the hunt' i of Cnuadn,
'Crot 'ii firautt'��� 11,c children's fnvoril 11
rr|i II���.' good lur nil rooking purposi - nnd
i mdy making,
���III YWHITE' :'.../��� i. ���<: "��� '���     !���,
��� ,"������ ".���'.'.   nt   ��� .    ��� ,,,..    /,, una',
)   :, mul' /;>.   i . .
a:;k youn cnor.i.rt   IN S.B, io ��no ro LB, tins
[DWARosb'joJ j
i%''4:^'J I
The Canada Stnrch Co. Limited, Montreal       CQdvi cvpll'| I
MsnulutuHnot the Inmoui Edwordsbura Brands       *V)mm   _____! |H  |
':';..-;  A": " ���   ' .   .".   '"^      "      S??       II J
I mLw
-   Iwentielli   century,    I'niyldcnee  ,r"tir-
Coctly Words
"I'll  give    ibul  wt r," snid u  ,";.--
Lt,iin-r in a nun -ii luneli room, "nn order  Hmi   ��ill Kimply  paralyze  him "
"V hul will you have, Blr?" pres-
null* asked lhe tvaili r,
"llrim; me," said the would-br lor-
utentor, ".nine rerulain nnd ovu."
"Yenrtlr."   And lhe waller, u m i tly-
Discovered Chlorine
Chlorine,  whicli  In  iis liiptld  form ,
lhe (iermuiis are said io b ��� using In
IliPir poison  bombs, oi ��� a  ll    ill coy-
.  nn  element,  ot    well  as  'ns
io ;i  Hrltlsb nt lentisl,  Humph- ,
ia vy.    It   ' as  in   :- lb thai   he I
ysterlous kus    lo be mi-'
Inlo    i tin r - li ments.
Shotild  we decide lo  Haiti     ihc Ot r-
mnns by Imltnting Uiem, , 11 rc ivoulcl .
iin no; worry    uboul n pniu in lho I bo no difficulty in  lindiug :'������   eltlor-
I back.    The  ts'urrj   will  tlo you  more   Ine, -The oarlh and tbo air are .full of
harm than  lhe  p'nln.-i.    The eatiBc of   it, in the form of salt,    il  would in-
ntosi  backaches Is muscular rlicunia-   deed be tllfficull  nol  to llnd chlorine
I ii.-iu, which Is painful enough, hut nol i    in nne or other of its combinations
j fatal.   Uimliuuu   Is a form of niitscu-      wherever otto   Iried,   Inearth,   nlr
r rbetnuntism,   so   is   u stiff nook,   or water;  but il  woulil he Impossible
_fff��l'*'''l ^���^���"tasiss'uocnaa.
W0JrW   A 'I'ke  limit   KnulMi   Iliinedv.    ,
Mi j_ Tnnw and lavlgorejes   ���*>"����� ' I).! i ,_      1 ,-,     TU_i     DnA   Ol'y   11
m^<&r,\,rAvAy,ySiys:;:, *H,in in Jne oacKI���i������c
Debllito, Mcnlul nnd hrain. Worry, Jletpon- I I'i'}'     I.I:
dencu, Loss of lCnertiv, J'alntltttloiioj lhe |TT I'miud  i
HtaH,FatltiieMemory.  Prit-o It per l��i, su    I  SliallV    ( OillC'S    I mill     MllS-   deeomi)
(,,($...    Onosrillplri  ceizsi in-,   bold by nil
drtiBctsIa or mnili I m plnin t-L,;.,,.-, re,- .-,. ,,r
l,rlre..xVctcp(im. Met mailed free. THE WOOD
MEDICINE CS>.,10lltlNT0,0MT. (FnaiilyWInlisr.)
i -wood ailar Rheumatism
Before retiring
at night ��� have
it brought to
Sufferers front nny  form of rlieuma-   ij find il unywhe
.-.(-,-111 iu alliance
i,n' iii"  unin.  weni
with a t w i ii-
:  hi    ii,, iiini  returned  witli a
Iiin.,' pltite of somelltinp liol.
"Here, y'ore." he said. "Kgiis and
bacon, iii ordinary I'lnulish u sbil
line., bill iti classic form three-nntf-
.j... 'Verhti . i ;iii- nptare,' us we
hii\ ;n coilcae. Anything else, sfr'.'"
Usui should kei p their general Itealth with another eh ment. Workmen who
up to tin- htghesl stnndard hy the use split up cwiumon sail -chlorine of so-
of n blood Lnild'ni;1 tonic like Dr. Wil- dluni In order to gel the chlorine
lianis' l'ink Pills, while inkim', good | grow I'al in Ihe process, but as ;i setoff llieir leel ii decay.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Garget in ;
Attacked by Asthma The fii'sl fi n
(nl ��� inflation h of suffocation, ��bit
hour by hour becomes more despcrnl
nnd ii"ti"i"j:. To such u
afforded b> l>r. ,f. li Kellogg's Aslbnta
Itemed) sei ms nothing li ss than miraculous. Its help i i riulckly appan nl
und i m lim dreiuirul attack is mas
tcred. Tlie u i intath ��*ho lias found
i.in the dept udabilit; i i litis sterling
remed) will nevet In without ll. li is
sold eVerywhen .
I, nuiiri-'iiii;   food,     wil Innn     too  Timcli
I meat.    Proper    uulritlon    uud    pun'
blooil nre lhe hesi  itieuns of lighting
rlteumulisni       H4ieumatism      comes
from an in i.i in the blood, build it up, ,
j slrengllien lite system, nnd drive oul :
the poisonous   i"'i'l that causes rheu-
| in.ni.un.    In  this  way sufferers have i
j found complete rfecovory n-< Is shown
I by the following case:    Mrs. Samuel
! Cbildorboiise,    Orilllu,  Out.,   says:
j "Ah'oul i.i.-.- vears ago l was greatly |
, 1'
"Vou haven I ni
trouble." said ll
cheerfully, "Yon
nnd run down, lb
I rouble
rious or organic
mng physician,
, linie nervous
ill '['.ike more
l less, nn 1 forgel your,
I'm- Hypochondriac  -nor'. :
,. i .ili'licii'd  ��Mb  ii  severe pain    in  tlie
' ' ct   back,   wliieh   I   ihoitghl   In   flrsl   was \���A',
"Vou::-  man,
- due    t,
I help 'ii'i
hul thoy did nol
i    the pain  was
j il :u bad iiini  I
.' to du ini housework.
i p ii door.   I was
Hiatus' Pink Pills,
j un,I  I um glad  I  nel, tl  upon llu> ad- j
..,  I,       ,,- ���     vice, I'or before I bad been taking lhe
��� i,     ev    mt lieed       '   Pilla '"""  '"' i''li':  '' '""'  "' 8ubside-
���"'!*'    '";  :  ".'' ,"!'��� ,''',,'   ��� ,,,' ,,      and  under  (he  continued   use  dlsap-
,   ,",\ '' "":': "'���' ;' ' ' lil" "',."", ':';���   pcared entirely, antl I liave nol sin*-'
hold k' i���i���-r-   : ut  tailors  "
in . men.
liking, "in---.' long have yuu '
I been a doctor?" "I took iny degree '
j three years ago," an iwered lhe med-1
I Ico.   "A nd I am an In ralhl of twenty-1
.!. rtenc:
Itli mc'
,1 ��� taxi-
I could not evci.
Millers  Worm  Powdi rs  �� ill eracll- .
j     on  ehihlri n  ami   Is   I elieved   to j
iii'-c  mnny fatalities,    They ar    nn |
i'ceptable  medicine  lo  children  and ]
i run be full}  relied upon to clear the
i \-i r����d channels Ihoroughly ol these tie
, husband was also cured ot a severe  struct ve purusites and restore tlie In-
attack of indigestion    by this same  " ��1 and painful surlnces to health
$100 rewabb, $100 I uiedlcliie so thai we both have much  fulness.
'������     raiders of  this  paper    win    h.   reason to bo grnleftil ror it." edy lor I
P ������'���  it   'n  learn   tlial   iiu-r^-  la  .-it   least        ,. ,      ,.,,,,,        . ,,-   ,   ,,-,,
(��n   dreaded    dls'-aan    Ihaj   science   lias       ^ oil can get J)r. Williams  Pink Pills
been ss'" i" cure in all iis stagen, and ' from any medicine dealer or by mall
liitiirrli fu're is   ni   30  cents  :i   box or six  boxes  for      Some  Hermans   were  travelling  in
from Thn Dr. .Williams' Medicine  this    country  ti   few  years u'to. und
onl. I one of lhe party, an  'tiiinenl scientist,
_^iyffi____ A" ACTIVE- HONEST  SALESMA.-l
Thej are tin cxcelli nt  rem
Wives   Had   Hobson's   Choice
ENLIST NOW wiui th��
armj ol rii'-i.-ii,".'! Shippers v,'no sh';,
i Grain to   1
"tAiies        (
Make bills of lading read I'etct
fauseu Co..  Ltd., I'ort William
or   rtwt  1
Arthur, uotifj Pe
er Janseu Co., Ltd., Winnipeg
��� in e     r.nw    known    t,s
iiie  Catarrh  l,ehie t.   J;
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The   '.'���'���    I'o II'I i    ("lu    Of   ll
liltlonal   ii.-iii::,'-!,-      Miill's Catarrli  ttur
.     ���,.  Intei nally   ;' i Inft dlrcclly  upon
the   i,    ,1   and   titucous   Mirfaces   t,f   in,, ,
���j-i  in    iii.,-:-,-  desirnylng   lha  founJo Canadian   Vyrsbirc  herd  hook,  whicli
Hon ni the ���;,���:���.-��� uml giving i1-- eal- | lias been  I    iu ,  b;   lh     Vyrshln   As
' 'ii     '���   iuildii,e up the consllm- suciation,  (.-oiiiain      ::.l_t    petligrees,
'''      :l   ������"-"���������'   nature   In   dfilns   ita -,���:,,.   ,,..,.,   ,,,,,.���   ,   ,���,   ,.���,���,.,,,,,,   i���   ,i,,,
-   -,-  ��� ��� ���  ���   hat.,   bo   much '       ***"'!  "'       '.:    :  '  ' "' ''."''  '".',
(.ill           is  i     uh     powers   thai   they ollice   ol     llu     utllonul   Ijlve   block
��� '������'   "-    1-ltinilied Dollars for mi>   'a��o | ltccord,  Ol lit wu      ltc|iurln   are  given
[J '       {   '   ' '"       "   ���""'  '":   '""  "<    ���" U!    li:--   Ulltltll !    lueellug  .     ,1    li  '    "I
��� '   ���  |.-    i   cHKNl-'l   /.   co    To- nmnilii      und    nnininls    lhai    liave
��� ���   "    ��������� i Druggists,'   rs.   j (|ttalilit'il  for tin   ll il of Perform-
'**}���    "���������   I'amilj   Pills  tor  coustlpa. - ���     n':i     in irli    I'orly-llve   years
���if   ttelh -        . in      nl  ii.i ilinll
.,,i-   naked   whal   ' ���   Ihouglil   of our
1'uiiro ul trains,
"Acb,  illiej   arc  ivonderful," he replied  ci ���       ustlcally,    "so swift, i-o
safe   chi nerally-    i sut h luxury In
nil dlte fun    Itiitgii in .: appoindn enl -.
Ail  Is  exi elletti   exeehl    von  thli e
our    ��i'. ���'-    do    not   Ilk '  Ute  upper
'in.',   lui -  It    ��� ork mil   i. lis,   'i   ard'    l.lnlut ml  Co.  Mnili, d.
nnd  i..       .i  p   h In;   io pre I    l lie
���     ��� ..;    , uul   iiiurr?
wo'i       .ii.      iii In-lu'.   ;; bo lias  no    ..      Intcn 11
mon   l,inin    i inn lo ivanl i" man \  tt
girl    ivitli    i ore   u'ltse    Ihan m> ,     Many moi  ci mv,   reason lo bless
dnu                  hnwn in allowing you to I .Mother tlravi   ' U'ornt   Kxle.rmluntor.
tint ntarrj It r." hecau ,   ll , Iii red the little i s
of suffering and mad   i in in health-.
._._ _ Tt __,___,
the regular use of^    &
i; 'iitlon . it,    I     'ki ,'���     usi 'I     MIX
Mill's I.1XI.MKXT on mj   '���  - sel and I
in  mj   family for years, und I'or the !
PVPI i    :i n     :,!(,    in        in : in,",,ls    ,:l      '���::   '���
I'lticuts  oi   nu
1   SV!  Illsl
slurl ou a voyage  - u I
isi ii dollar it houle.
I'liT   I-'   ll   DES.l IMH.X.
Slurl;.'," si   And. .
An   l_iif.ll di   lonrii i     was   recently
uidiii ; :i  holi        iu ;Vi,i iiiiul. when I Kamotiraska.
nt i  nn  "1!   milIve,    The  tourlsl
. tl tb     mill bo ..  old lie was.
'i nut one hundred," i-aid lhe man. |
I   rai  er dotiht   thai   vou  will  see  '
u'1"!' buiidred," said tbe tourist. Tlie record of tlie Ilritish
' \.i dinna ken, mon." snid lho old j in this wnr is us follows: T
in. "Aa'm stronger the noo than|ed returned practically al -
en  !  start, d lhc i
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ilt'.ils      The manageuienl of the cream scp- The  It'alr into  -Why, how did  you
uml-  arator culls   For special  nlleution   In come to fall on the doorstep?-
i lite   order thai  il  may givt   the mosl sat- Tho Boob���1 dldn'l come to fall on
for  isfactnry  results.    As    this  machine the doorstep���J came to call.
.i.i'i-; work"  ni  ,,  very  high  speed all  the 	
.isitor���What's tin: now building on I more'or less prolonged treatment  in   bearings musi  be kepi  well lubrlcat- IJruiynli'ude���I'm   terribly   worried-
iu bill yonder?                                       hospital,   17.1   per   '   . ' :   dismissed j ed, otherwise they gel  liol  and soon I Dear Harold i* coming ltome on leave,
l-'armer   Will, If I Iind u tenanl for  from lhe nrmj  at        ii    '- for fur-   have to be replaced, Always start the and he tells me he's captured seven
it's  a  bungalow!  it' I  don't, It's a | ther service, 1.-18 per cent., dead, 3--1S     eparator slowly, and lei the bowl run Germans.    .Now  I  really haven't the
down. faintesi idist whal to ii" with them.
hundre 1!"      fronl, 51.5 per cent:   si i
! convaleseuce,   24.5   per  ci
w. n. u. :o��o
"is good test' (THK   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C
.f to lhe \, \\ York I'rlbune
f ilu' t'nlteti sian-  writes  '
yet-'ftrM,'ieanfcer.;r,i.onK NATIVES LEI)   .()  DESTRUCTION   Bl   OWN Kl |.KR.
Un,tod   States  Citiien   Writes   ot   His ]
Impressions Afte, ;i -, ear In
  Inn letter to the Xew York I'rlbune
1 leuee of n
  j as follows
The  British Armj   is Pi*htin| Nol Onl> with Beasts in Belgium Ln-erUodVwett^ailli!. TsliooZ
and  Northern France,  bul  with Turks in Gallipoli, the        ti-,offe?,'mIkC��lrmee,st,,o. iiZ'Tn
ireusure, enduring all things in sllenl
mngniflceni pntionce, with unflinching
I li a t Bulgaria, Following the Example nf Turkey,  Should  with
Eyes  Wide ''pen  Have Submitted  to the 1 ure ol  the
Kaiser, is n Marvel to Mankind
Uetiernl satisfaction is expressed lit t of the Knlsei
.. discovery thnl lhe allies arc not | seems    inert
illipoli, the
Balkans ami in the Far Fust   What the Nnvj is Doing
Surelj ilu , irplng critics who think men la, OrdlnurlB this Is u tnsk lhal courage. T,i como ever iiere anti lie
this is ii good nine iu embarrass Sir I would bo undertaken bj in. Fulled sate, to gol oul nt the sir, ss and
lidwurd Ore) and Lord Kitchener with States, mu a ��� matters now ure, ibis strain, seemed to mo lo be llko sneak-
llouti nnd Jibes uiul sneers, do nol re- mlghl be embarrassing lo ihe Teuton ���"'' nwaj front friends in distress, nl-
all/e ihe magnitude ,.r ihe tusk Grenl lc friends of Mr. w, ,|, Hrynn uiul Mr l"'"'! eowardly, How kind out friends
Britain Ims set herself lo perform, and j-lenrj Ford, um so tend io "prolong "" were bidding ns a cheery good-
Is performing   .su well.   Naturally, wo   lhe war." bye    und n happy home-coming 'nml
1 'i'"''1    ""thing heii'i' from Urllain's      Anywa*    iho i , m Hm, onl, ""���  I'ovinulii su often nnd so earnestly
iocs;    the    Ignoratil Blivaffcs, who in   .,,���,,,,'  u.;<i a   million   Union bin  ...en repented,   'Come io u '������  '-  '	
their blindness how down tn Hals-  h,iv�� ��� "'    ,,,,., ���, pier dnvs,
������ ��"��'��; ?���'[>"��' ������' ; *��� ;insi,',;,;;,,:,",���,:;:,;:,/::;;:  -\ �����.a...... -for,,
'"���" 'I'";1"!  I" '" '}'  "-IbutOB o  iid    |��� i llm, couVcrie,   o   loiniu i...  i '* ''"���' ,|r ' ""' '"' t .vein
T1" ln , "if, ful HfuhieM io iiii'tu   i.,��� ���, ,!,��� ,',���,���,,, ;,���!,.; ,,':,��� "��� have missed lhe pp|	
f," ' "���'' 'I"'"/1"1 "eh elements mi . i  ,.,.,.,.  ,,������..,,,... ,������ xlMn��� .��� ,,   ��8,' Rngland I .- tin:
1 "   '" ""'. """���   Th" ''���"��'���  Pro**, many, win, iho nu-i, cuu,,,, ���    ���'.��� ���� '' ! ��'-'1", ��P
the ,11--ii up, ii nie,  i, ml ru.'i Ini uiers. i li ,,  ,���, ,.,.,,.  ,,,       ,       ,   ', ,       . t liiii greal prl\ lege,     do not oxueaor-, _     ,   ,, ���,        ,    ,
'*���   "" ��"����� ""- H?   wffl.X,��at^\,ti*M ' ?,l_.5_��_ .': A .!���_.�����_ _.? ���$_. I ^S.y^^nX'Tl'erSy Z^' ' ",(lD9
disposed i ai,.- wllh  llulgnrla the
I'iiiul inisiiilie which ii yenr ngo helped
Germany to pin) her lann ������ llh Tur
key us n pawn,
Immediately    inter . .mniencemoni
ro th.     inpl.
n dible    that    ii ��� ���   ,
neither ol   supi eme  ��� apa. It;,  should
' ��� able iu balk  t h.   .! I lies  ul u ui
.-in officer Invalided      tie tiff r the
I battle of IliiluclMeiis   ne I
of war grave sin piclons were aroused , prised i;i tha result i
the political Korehcnds, who seo In nrl-1 A)ni,r|n ,,���,....,, ,     wnienln;  bin
tains extremity u possible opporlunl   nohodyltnows in,
IJ lo iidvnneo tholr sill) oi peltj fads,   rt.nistorff mid oil
and ui nil event., in i. 11> MiPinsplvpB  would lukn ii
I. .inn    tlu- puhllc   enjoy uu unscenil
ami unenvlubl inopoly of tho snari-1 mlgln in. proved
in., business,   I,noli   iii ih" length of; ,,.r
llrltnln's  lnr-fl ���.    battle  line,    Tl
I Hrltalti wus iiie must Intense!},  inlet
oulldcntlj   Bhared  I ;���   I ... (Jet
Whnl acl loved     ������ appnre
���i'|'.|. ���:,,!,.   ,' ,,.   Iho   i   .,  .
or, nil   I
'i'i." lasli ;ii .;.
' Bllliplt! ;
long nm
poll is nu:  nenrly   i<>   in,, maintenance of all Ihe grand
bo simple us ii l"uks.    The peninsula, nud greal  ideals that hnve mude lie
Is lung uiul narrow '
i narrow, so uiirruiv thai a I might]   and  worthy of priilsc* In hei
elv stiuiii force .-an hold it ' long  pnst.    And,  oh!   bow  I  envied
u long time uguhiM n much bigger one,   thos i who were privileged In ivork for
ll Is a i|iiestioii of tlmo nnd exlinusllon j her   unl 1 could do nothing hul  sll
iriiies uni, see the comparatively
i linn inn desperately contested fronl
In id b) lho llrlllt It iroops In Bolgluni
and I'l'iuu- '. Muir ,nne obsoi v il'H see
Britain   . ngagt i] upon n buttle fronl
evlondlng all nround lho world,   Tho,,,,  ������-     ���, ������ ��� �����..i "
British   Nav)   hus   prevented   France - |" IASI[.^���"!',A   '-'.'.';_ "!!''.,.'',,"'!'*v!i""1  '"J,,i  ln-v breaUl    IU"'  lool<  Milh
Unin being hlockndccl, nnd saved both
Kngland nnd .ranco from Invasion by 	
sea.   Tn.liu  ii  Is -till protecting ilicl'"'  :" ��'���"�����"���������� ."'��� ".", ""' mer  -our lasl ulglil bul one in f.nndoi
British nini' French Bliores, blockading  caplurc IS '""���v P����'Ponod. wns the night of the Zeppelin raid.   I
the North s,u coasts   of   Germany,     General tlrncne, of the I'.s.A., In a j wouldn't have missed having thut ex-
Sweden nnd Denmark,   li lias re.duee'd Meeturo    before the New  "fork Slale  perleneo. Thero wero seven women In
the    submarine warfare of tho  wav j Hlstorlcnl association tht   other day,  my    cousin's    house during i
none lo Insignificance; It Is effectively | OBtlmntedlhewni'strength of ths al-|mlnules  of bomb dropping, nnd air
gunrdlng lhe Suez C'nnnl  nnd   Rgypt
" V.'," I vanco of ihe British and French    -
civilized powora served lit Igar    will.   t,        T;��� ,,; ,    ,���. 98i(,   ,; , ;,r, ..
tour hours,   promptly following up lis L,      of aftulrs.    The  conse    enee  Is
termination    by    lundlng    nu  Anglo- L,,.,   (||f.  ,.,���.���.,, .   ���, ,  ���g
French  expeditionur)    ror i  Sal-Lont|mieti nu ,v��� ,;..-:,-
, ,   , , nllll  ,,���,���  ���,,,,,    VpiJJJ,    ,,, ,,., ..j      fn,,.    ,..���  ,| ,       lonl  of  France anti  Fiandei
if King Ferdinand bus donfe much tb I sireumlni-  eyes-  lists clenched -and   amnio or Ttfrkev'    sliould wiiiiV-p.',n n  quietly determined manii-*
postpone tbo capture of Constantino-  pray for Iter success, wide onen have s'ubiiiltte 1 to the iure i 8| ''' "lis hisl1 autliorit)    r
Pie i s��� to prolong tho wnr; hul tho \> "Our lasl ulglil bul one in London I of t]lp ]____? is - man'e to mankind 'l!l" 8C*>ne '"' ,"""i'''      '
    '-        ���        ' ' in,.?,,,,     i_ ,..?,���i,-,?���_���_,:.'  ho does not overlook or n
ISSsws arsfsrwys . ,
roi   i :i Iciuiific  ml;!    or   ������ t, sei/.cs  ( ,,   ,  ., .,,        ,       .
unresisting victim Ills plan is simple ''.'" "'.'f ''''," "''',k'  ,"  ':     '
  -.���-.-,.  * I identical In its operation at Constant!: �����._' 'n ,* '""   * ���   '"
.uai-diin.  ihe Suez C'nnni nnd  Rgypt  "es al 7,1140,000 and of tl nemy nl   gun Hi; ng,   'ami many ol the reports  nople a���d Soi,a,   To botlt he promised ''",,''
Bang   a verv real danger;  ii  is as-: ���'���-'���!"���"'��'>.   11" plncos the losses ni the   made the windows rattle  llu   nunc ol   on lll8 conclusion nf Ihc    war largi ',"   ' '"'
aultlna ihe forls of the Dardanelles,  al��B�� "t 4,307,000, and  ot Germany,  the seven exhibited the slightest trace  traclg or otJlel. ,)f,0���|t.'a |,W1,|S. r]m ot|    What puzzles l
loldlie   he    IrencheroiiB    King    of  Austria and Turkey at '1,830,000.   1 low ' of fear or nei-votisness,    I do not ex-  eol,,.se .assumed Hint he would come ,ecl   "'   l1"'    ':"'!	
reeceii   check- keening tho second  l��nS oun  each  .side  keep  up?    The  aggerate.    And  yel   they   were  real   ���,��� of tu0 nMn( conciueror, arbllei of Blmlcgj thai provi
Iggesl navj iu ihc world in Innocent general says the total population upon   women, and I Imagine nny or all oil,,  -r ;       .
desuetude,    li   l
sens of German shipping nnd puralyz
ed German commerce. All the Ger
inuii colonies hut one bave fallen to
population upon   women, and I Imaging uny or all ol'jn,,, ran, of lour nail
���,.|jt   uie  nigh ��� which llie nlllescan draw is 7;i!t,000,-| Ihem would have climbed up onto tho  ���tn, France, Itusslu ti
" ' mention Japan.   Uf c.
Involving   pay
000, as compared with 156,000,000 who piano If n mouse had entered H
owe alleglnnce lo Ibe Kaiser, Francis! room. And it was so all o\ r Nondo
Joseph and the Sultan. The end is nol
'And  llieso
n. i
lhe   peopl
11 rem   I
in and  Italy, nn|  i
f i iiitr-e. |i|h dr,'mi
i   of  vasl   In.lemn
British arms, and thai one is failing,  yel, but it Is sur.-, in Bplte of ull that   subjugation is   regarded as u possible   ... ..n.. .,    ,,,
'The Iiritisii army is righting not only  om' enemies cnn do abroad, and our  thing by lho butchers of Belgium nnd! ,,',',    ,,,'   ,,,,,
' ' e   , .... ,. ... I ., ,        -,       ���    ��� 1101.      Ill    sic      (il
l.llsll.llili;   '    ���
t'i   nut ion:
oiher hai
win asts in Belgium and Northern I traitors can dual bomo, I tne murderers of tl
France, bul   with  Turks in Gallipoli, |    In tlto meantime British diplomacy |!"_,,._I1__c''i"!,ro1!'    ���'}''-'  fB1.1B?
ike KuphruKs  valley, on  the Turco-jhas its hands lull from [.'tilted Stales
Egyptian border, and In the country  eastward   to   the Far'Kast.   British
hack of  Aden.    It   is  lundlng troops | stalesnianship is grappling wlllt Indus-
\planatinu of   Ibe besotted  I'u
lhe Germans agalnsl tlie British, uud
of their desire tu turn i In   British Is-
in Greece to go to the aid of Servia. ] trial wur nnd financing all civilization ! .���!_.,       i"'?.'1!11'1 """ " .'"' "'.
.non lhe British troops will have to go : for tlie wur;   mul the "nation of shop
io the rescue ot the American  mis-1 keepers" Is stl|l getting;n fair share oi
slonaries.and their converts    in Ar-|lhe world's iraile.
and shame?   li Is ine explanation gh
en years   ago by a wise itritisli pub
HOW   Japan HefpS;      The Magic of Garlic
licisi,    writing on Bismarck's hatred.
Bismarck, he said, fell his inferiority
in imi English gentleman nnd ii mude
him  writ he,   Thai    Is    what    is   the
matter with the Hermans.
"They hate   the    Britisli    hi cause
Has   Been   Proven  to   Have   Magical   ever)  lime they come in coulacl with
Properties In thc Treatment of      ,''} member of tho race Ihey I'eel llieir
iiileriorily in everything   that   spells
,     ���     ,      , ��i,i i wounds breeding, taste, the   social decencies,
be Rendered Allien Ulll, _f ,,,��� ||lt)st imporlani medical 'the point, nf honor.   It bites like acid
While Japan will he unable lo >ond  discoveries of the war is the magical  through  their dirty vaniiy mid ihey
troops lo ihc European theatre of wnr: properties of garlic ns au antiseptic,  itch for revenge, lhe revenge of plivsi-
she will glatllv assist the entente al-|" has proved to be a tremendous boon  cal vtolenji. and spiritual torture.' ll
Count Okuma, Premier, Tells Corr.-s
pondent All  Possible  Aid  Will
j uaria will have lo share witli German
, l uud Austria t'i.' heavy penult} of dl
! i trriiiince of lh" pr:" I' llie world.
Tne pilii'lll tiling is lir,I  uu the wu
to ruin ih" people, Turks uiul Btilgnt
nre being led iu ihe slaughter bous
by Iheir rulers    io opposition lu the
own desires.    The Turk -    hnvt   he,
driven Into a eonllicl wil It 'v Iih b i in
hud no concern |,v u sel  of men  p.,,
pert il iind bribed iij Berlin.   Tht v u
at   hiist   natives,    i'iu.  King ol   Ut
garln, like Lhc King of I
alien, of Gorman lineagi
of Greece,    who withstands the
tiotial desire to join the allied powc
a Dane by birth, is married to u si. i
iso of me  Brit: ���:��� ..��� d
As Belgium l' arned n i -
months ngo und us
been taitghi ttfr.   li
live  ur  ��� ix  week i
iiiiliill!;   "n-  , i,lilli.I til ttlOllS 10
heei: hampered u) ff
of gun  no I   -i.. lis     !'       t
deed  in   a. i mil  i. it
quired    al  ::- ndouartei
nioiitlts  and  ...   In r  t o
tions ci-.ua! in calibre an '
llios,'   whiru   Sir   .1
such effective us,-,    whj il  I
turn iliciu uu the Britl ilvi
work  Ihere  the  liavoi    la	
liy     Ilritish      gun -
trenches?    '1'lml     . I
friend could nol ful
ice, Is mi   German, he sui ...���       lhai
I'lie King ��� facte revelatl ut t ;
oeeillugly us .'ul ... Brit
headtiuarlers.   S r Henry Ln. y
New York Sun,
;�� mu mKun a��=isi mc cuciM, ,,,-j       -,-. -....-... - .-���,���.���  en, iiou'iu> miu spiritual torture,    n
. -,s i'.,',- ,..!,��� ,..,��� ii,,- lallv  iind1''' "'" """"d'''' soldiers.  Ihe dlscov-  is utiiii-*rng' as  well as disgusting to
es as tut as alio cm Dnant lail), ami f (,ry was fl].g| .Jnn0n���c,,(| ln lhe lancet see ihem u-ying lo explain away their
���nd Ihcm lhe support ol her arson- j hy Dr. A. I). Serrell Cooke und Dr. V:\ 'scrap of paper- hypothesis und to see
Is according to Count Okuma, lhc (jalu-lcl. Iwo London medical men who , the man Llssauer essaying foolish ro-
remier, who was Interviewed at Introduced llie remedy into Padding-1grets for his gutter-song of 'hate,'
okio by ihc Paris Matin's rones- ton Infirmary with remarkable results, j They haw- no regrets for wrong done.
""'""I 'Of    the hundred cases treated there  But they are beginning to realize what
nol a single failure was recorded- decent people think of Ihem and their
Host of these cases were of peopio in ' vanity squirms again as Ihe) ones
vory weak health and with terribly In- more sense dimly their ingrained infected wounds, and of infirm, old peo-  ferlorlty."
lib- who appeared to" have no chance  ���	
have" lniii "to "send  ���iOOiooo   men   ex-10( recovery. KQually gratifying results Alien  Enemies in Canada
peeling to lose "uii.nno or ihem and have been obtained at the front. When Cauada has jusl concluded taking
renlaee tbem with 200,000 more. We l applied to a wound lhe garlic stops a s}-,e<?ial census of the alien enemies
hnve noi the necessary transports the infection a,���i hr-ais the wound in ������ tlie Dominion, with the resuli lhat
i,���. we should have wanted 2,000,000 hn, astonishingly quick lime, whero there are shown to bo 105,775 subjects '
tons of shipping, and onr commer- ftiter nntisepotics injure the tissues
,-inl licet aggregates only 1,000,000. pE.used at the strength required to ar
in the race of these li-ritres, Great \^eat the infection. The juice gets the
Britain ami France underslund th" mrectton under control within forty-
Impossibility uf (.perilling l>'e_re hours, even in the worst cases
"Our  sympathies  being  us  strong
"There wits falk lasl November
ol Japanese forces lighting in Europe," Count Okuma is reported to
have suid.
"To   have   done     that   wc     should
Heir of Millionaire
Street  Waif  is  Adopted  by  American
Sometimes there's a Iol in a name.
Take the little fotir-yenr-Qid lad who n
year ngo wus Austin JlcCleary. Thnt
was his name at midnight of September 1". II'I-I. whin, abandoned, lo  was1 '."!" ".' '.'"' ruml ,
picked  up  l.v a  policeman   rrom  th"   '���'"���'  victims "'  !-"
steps of St. Patrick's Cathedra!, New   ,Vi1s announced lha
Until lite olher day lie hud not
even ihui linmc, fur tin. authorities
had substituted "John Itoe" and the
number ".UU," when they placid him
in  si,  Christopher's  MetlioiHsi   l-'pis-
COpnl   Home  ill   llohhs   l',-ii-\ .
Jews in Russia
Face Starvation
London   Meeting   Called   to   -lid   V _���
titns;   Hears   Details   of   Agony
and Suffering
At i. iu.-. iin:.' held in '.���
in  Russ ,
__________________   I I
.tin) Jews starving in Knasla.
Leopold   de    Roths. pi
and   Lord  Swaytholing,    I It
Hertz,    Israel    Zangw ill  and
prominent .'��� ws,   '.ere pres ml     it., ���
hia.  Hertz  declared  th.     ��� .-
those raising-the fund is ���. j.->
,      ,,     . ,..  ,        ,            , -ent.    Th" response to iii.. appi       I   '
oi countries at war with Rngland re- He  is   now   Mnley  Jn]     Shepnrd, rllntia from the  British   rews he  laid
idlng in Cauada.    Thai   is a consid- adopted son ���i the well known Helen was nol nearly adeqttat.  ma!  I
erable  number, considering thai  ihe Gould Shepard,    mid    heir tu    iheir i,, iheir ignorance ,,'' :!���.��� i .,
population of the Dominion    is only millions,    From existence ns a  ward affairs    For nearly a year t
l-l,,.   dicl    nronerties of ���nin I el. h,t mitilm,    Nevertheless, the Do- without   parents   in    u    semi-public been a sinister silence in I  e gei   ra
nuiiu .11    properties ol   g.nlu I llimlun  reniiiina calm, representative   home, lie has jumped  ti  ot the press   broken only oceasio   ill)
play nlso the n.le of sentinel In lhe   ims eiilinncrvi tto v,t,,e    i-,,',,11_i,  ",������,'. ��� 	
���i,.   Fast     nr._��nHns     run.   i neuiles ,   ��� , , English drug- Returned   With   Interest
i ai    i.usi     pi, leiniit,,     (un   enemies   glgls now oner it  hv  the ton  where , ., ���
from   fomenting   rcvoli    among  the   formerly  Ihey  only    stocked^    small ���    A horse, the properly ot a Chicago
warlike     Mussulman     people    who  quantities.   The |u ce costs ; ,,���i     x' !,,lil"; vx""'"/'"'r "i    '* i "U<'r
might he tempted lo prolil from your  centg .,��� 0lmcc, ' ���  is    obta ne     by    ' e lapse      , '      'la,'vs' ,.!,r'"''1 '"! ',"
.p.     . .     .  I ,'tls proper   home,   drawing a spick-
saury to guard agalnsl damage to I then   nitered,  diluted  with  three6 to' ;lnt,"8pan *'aB-0U "'"' pl'"'""y woarlng
llfficultles.   We arc doing everything | crushing lhe vegetable.
the  Truns-Siberinn  railway   h hereby ! ,-,������. i,-,rts (.niuii,.'! �����-,,', ,���   ,,,.,'":-i brand-new hnniess. says the Horse   1,"ll:',1!''" .���'.'  "�����._'.���        s <i"'h   '"""'  <'on,lltlon   ,:,;'"   ;:"*   P ���'
our supplies reach Rnssin.   The prin-'     ,, trt"n, '��� ���-, n      it vr     . '  ��� Lovel"    rn,ll,,rie3 "-v ,|H' owner '"' lhe ' "",7' "   b, _ '    ' ','"'   :      ��� tlle>' ,,r,*,�� j" v6ry low compared ������' l .
ciples back of nil Japanese action Is  Toron 0 a obe syringe.- hom    ������.   lhe ,���.op���, ownel, ,������ tlle.     one hears n tremendous crnsh, an. , wliat good catlle bring.   This mattei
Uiul while our allies arc fighting we | wagon  and  harness have  evoked  no   then   it   "loud   ol   nbita   smoke   und   |s considered to be very serious and
Bha!! not allow them to be attacked  response,    which, upon  reflection, Is  chalk rises In our trenches, caused by  al) effort will be made to educate thc
rron hind" Tic Bulled slates navy  hus dron-  not so inexplicable. "ie explosion  of n    German  trench-  cattl- growers to ths ndvisahility ol
from behind."
he undoubtedly comes from n good west an.l calling the altehtl a ot farm
fumil' und Unit he hus un unusual- ers lo tin loss from exportation t u
ly bright iiiiud, linished rattle to :'.<������  LTniti i  si
  Tliese animals are shipped from
i.ipnc, und otln r i attic centres ;    I h
big packing plnnts of lhe States, and
when  tlie-,- arrive there they an   in
ndition  thai   Hie  p i. ���
Guns Soon Stop the  Bombs
.',:. officer-of n Highland Torrito:
imiiilien nt the fronl, writing
Tii" Bulled Slates nav<   hus drop-! not"so inexplicable. '                            the explosion  of n    German  trench- cattl_ growers to ths ndvisaninty oi
| pod the term "helm" and'will in the!    When did a stolen automobile ever  mortar  bomb  or an  aerial   torpedo, keeping their cattle where they nan
future  use  the    unmistakable   word  eome home with a  new  motor or a  F've '"' si:* '" these conic over, nnd sueh  abundant   grazing   facilities,   so
Kaisers Vaulting Ambition            "rudder."    Instead of the old-fashion-  new set of tires?    What  stolen aero-   then far behind  ns we hear a com- ,h,���   wi���.n ,..,..,  rea h the live stock
"The State?" said Louis XIV.   "It is  ed command, "Starboard your helm,"  plane has down buck to its owner's  parntlvely low crack and a rumbling markets in the United States tbey will
I."    France settled that, claim more   the new direction will be, "Right rud-  hangar with a new set of planes?   qjI sound resembling u railwny train  In tjriug the highest markel prices
than a century ago. We settled It more  der."   The old phrase sounds    more course, nol all horses accomplish Ihis  the distance. 	
than H50 years ago.   But lt survived In  "nautical," but -Quickness of compre-jfe'at of coming back with tbe spoils. |    This  sound   passes  overhead,  and Enforce Silence in Public Places
Germany   in   tl.e twentieth   century,  hension and action are nowadays es-, Most of them lack opportuntt) by nol i soon we see a tremendous blacknnd- The minister of war has sent to tm��
and has brought Europe down Into the  sentlal, and picturesque  terminology  being stolen,   Also a majority of the  while cloud rising among tho German military government    of    Paris and
���i,.,s_.   en,-..!  "liiiin,,.. .,,- hsmsi ,.-i11, I,.,,,.. _,,-.-.���.                                     '��� 13to|eu ones ate driven   at top speed| trenches.   The sound of the explosion, Lyons nnd the generals commanding
abyss,  tilled  millions of homes with I must suffer.
mourning and plunged every nation into a bottomless ruin. "There is only
one master in this country," says the
Kaiser. "That is I. Who opposes ine
I shall (.-rush lo pieces."- -London
Daily News and  Lender.
i to
neighboring State    and    theie  comes a few
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ mis  later.    When j the military districts of France lar
"Would you like some views of the j "swapped" for any personal property I others arrive, all near the same place,} placards  reading:   "Keep silent
hotel to send to your friends?" 'that is obtainable,   Up to the present the German trench mortars slop nn- cai-,,
'W'.uld you like some views oi. tlie r swapped    ior ray  personal  property I timers arrive, an ii.-iu ine isame piaco,. ulacar.ls   running:   "Keep   silent:     he
^^^     ^^^ _._____s__i ���- fl1'' the enemy is listening.'
Sir, said the disgruntled guest, "I lime we ha��a��not heard of any motor- mediately, nnd wc realize the mon,;! n js ordered that these placards
presume it will ba belter for me to j car manufacturer claiming this hind and real effect of high-explosive j be placed in railway trains and
keep my views to myself.'1 j or efficiency for his  product Isiiclls of large calibre streel   cars  and  other  public  places. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review ^JS!13 lett,T~ r" "'e"""
/  ~ council l,, >,-le_t :1k- ���    I
Ami tomes  ..   ,������� -,-,���.,
*   W���k-  N���, .,���,   pubi^ed  ,      much
Courier     B  0. ,,
, Sl ales
/'".' B'"^' ���"''     ���'���'       to look a    r them   to.
.'   .crip-loo 11 bo pe, Year in Advance   hla rrn���.,(..,1t���i:i .      .
:-'- the recti.us.
Thursday, dkckmbbh 16, l9is
���_  Court of Revision
_      ���..,
I )'-' ' '���
ir.' I ir    ven  . ij  ua
such   111 Ine
HI o    ci tnlei ���
bolid .; gUia and si       mis  t nth made |
I fin
So far th .,    e a gieat
dearth oi       li  it i '.r.  mu ' ipal     The <     rl   f I lien met,
honors    Tl :r  is oi ndi    nud several names wen   ndded  to
date for  M     n    in the nnd   the roll, non   hei ' [|   Plain linen I
A  !. Kcit      ni.  lm   j-, the only  was then moved b-, AM. leighton,  '*roi<lere4mi ,mio|
'���"'�����"   wl     has annou is' seconded by Aid. Kerloii, that the Xietlnttii' i<_ ���   '''!':"!k",!
'..��itjoa_ol   set-in,     re,     ti, ,.   Voter.; Ll mend   , tney colored " -     $".pta
to     eat attractive boxes of 6  handkerchief I
I from '.'   to ' 1
Bit; Made-in-British-CoIiiinbia
Flour���It's Best
. '.   ,-,:    ������ might -'.1:1' ���' iu.-. ��^ : "'  and the Clerk \\ ������   nrdered
������   y and it  would   ik,|  re |tiire a  Imve too -opin printed
eat deal of pers'tnfion  to induce      There tire 415 t:on      on the list J
��� J��i.  Ve 1 ti stand iu 'fi'*   thorn half of whicli    ire   ivailnbie ' i,ndl��
Mr. Pare/  '������  spokcu al    1     ' ,r   voting    The   election
le can lidate in  l*ai ' 1
(/ictorin Notes
���liice on 1.in   13
'-.iberty nnd Comox
1 \'t .:liieiil�� 0' honour, men o1 srit
r .itii recruiting  proceeding I it ' V '��t ears ��n lor the Hum ��� whit
11   and 1   .,'. ' attalion,    n  Ve're7"_l_i'l...*.i,f.,,��f__1'tbe"pit
Nowhere���in till the world���is belter flour made ('. in
ROYAL STANDARD.    Hank 011 that absolutely!    Llie
Neckwear I f-*-nest wheat grown is used exclusively in this fllottr     Tlr's
neckwear li   ;    luteal ' accounts for the big, creamy, wl        ine white bread wi
take*-    ti muslin, chut.... ,e de ehenes ,   ROYAL STANDARD produci   .
"unl embrol lei rsaud colhireltes, ��� '
l'lTLlfi  . "'T'--'" The name ROYAL STANDARD is your assuraj   ���
Ladies' Handbags ' oi QX'AUIY.    Eveay   product   with   that name is s    I
dies1 imndimgi in       embroidered   under a strict money back guarantee
luck nnil fancy lenther, nlso   hsudnisdel
���__��� , in.i ['ae sign the grte
Itiot! to t e _ illtam s Batlaltoil    _e'll Mnn' by rieordie tin ne'er w-.i
Motordrivi r's    detai Iiment,
mi iber of   men  serving  the
1,'nt'1 re'ie 011 the ipree,
.   ,     rli. Wanton Willie, Klna .,' Grace, '
iljilM     IU     IxttlR     in 1Kir.c111.il,   r.if 110 o'heaven, tl.e lllter place, |
V. 'i Hided are Strrivitlg almost daily   0' ttirmies lir:>>-> be lunula tlie Ace I
'   invariably   'eceive  a  hearty'        Ower a'the earth. .
. -'  on .    It is -in to the people of Aibli"�� !",li ���������"' tT^ll   aM
... . ,,     ' . W I"*" oil his hearth,
lhe  sland tu *,fc that they now receive congenial  ���!���; I   suitable   em-  This blasted nioiislerance sat ccevll,
- ���,.-���,,,.,,; ' An' wha' 0' Oo   t-iti   pn       uu' su.
t ";���"���   .','       ,,     ,        ., i.i' ���.' b ioblmsch      Ithe 1
In spite   ol  the   depression   ot Wi'hellish mirth,
:h io much has been m side  the 1 a'the Warl put on u   .. e-.il
local Stores are   doing   ��   roaring Ts* greet his birth,
business in preparation for Christ- Then bring tne mind ;-,    '  ' ' "'  ' '
��� ���".*>      It was     ra    . ll v   iuipossi- tier ruiiml hmtl, itci
0 be attend         '     Saturday, Her lil's blitid di ..
eat wa   lhe crush    s id thou- .   .. An' ocm*iu��t ink-lit,
is were buj n ; .1 id paying cash
I  - what they bought,
The war   is      my   ills ^!"..tm*1'1 "'. c"1,lui" ,*"   ;""' '-''A
... . 'i  this 111 ��� Corp to ' ike command,
���i*.w:   linm ,.,, ,.   .he   pro- NneJ)e(      ,,���
���:. .���",'..
���    . le's pro 'ed by dee I,   ie'11   l.v ye  hi
Tae victory.
...       ,--. .1 bona    '   ��� ������    ���' .his vale
..,ltr  council Hunt ,,' ���.,,,, vr i,,r the wale,
t; lhal aye ye s "i.s mo Utile
, -,      . ,        . ,    ��   , , mv 'vli.ii' i' p'rance,
Ihe( ty   .-iin"   held a short  ....    , VB        lls Ull.ni lhf m ,*
. tl jueetlllg  1 . .VlO'ld t ��� eveniutj Thay'll gir ye dance
1     .'!-      1 pose lit: is-  1:;   .u-
���    ia   - 11.1 -," . 'i    it-  advisa ���
i moving the city olfices
lieiul work 'rom 75c lo *(, 50
I te.
1 KimoiiAf
I Ladles'long  kiniuuas In   till shades in
iii.**   etnbrolderetl   I'ottou   crepes, also
komoltas   silk   lined and   silk; em
'.' In thrui fill' the li.in.l
'i'iu- linn,1 up liclil
' ...'.'
Ve br.iwnv    ii.-l.l
Porsaki-t       ..'���!���
' :-       it,
lein. :.,
".     I
'-[ -A
. *������
- 1.- 1   ,-
��� ti- . 0.
-,'    ,  . ile!
.'     1    :   .   .:.
l'or ' 1   ��� ii- .
.  .'.���-1 ' 1 wi'
.'  ���'        I ,m'
uuur   lent
I _______________________
' roidered and quilted -ilk komonas from
Swratcr Conti
I(adl*s'sweater coals In two lone silk, I
-'"i. hand knil sweater 1 nttls  with cap to '
match, In all shiults
Child's   Dresies |
'his   is n   9 imple   Iol  ol   execptio
Hood values in lilk nnd muslin hand em
bruMrmil tlresses (rom $1.25 to ��� I   '
Evening VV��ar 1
Dress lengths in ... ��� rll    ��������� nv.    ill fsne
.;���,'.'     1     eveuitiBi      ������
evening gow 11
Silk Ciuuse*
'"'Is   blouses in   plain tailored  habitus,
r-'lk in   white  only   at $���'.���->''.    Silk  and I
II crepe blouses  from ' to $12
silk   blouses   in   uiessnlcne   and
.0' de Soi silk from .'.7u to a.-iO      1
Ladies silk nnd silk  mixture umbrellas
,-ith   straight   or L-rooked   handles sn.t!
iterling .silver mounts ftom 1.50 to 6
Xmas. (lifts
���   :..mi.:, .'���;it-,  in photo  frames, 1
Ibuuis. handkerchief cases, pin cushion, j
wool knit 1. nd fancy fell  slippers, mnffl- ���
- "���   fancy silk and motor  scarfs, fancy ;
('.litiiiwai'e   unit   bund   pnlnted     vases, 1
clul '".i 1 ue   in electric   reudiug lamps j
..ilu hand painted ahuilcs
Ask nJiout
Poultry Products
Royal   Standard   Grain
Products   Agency
F. Meidti, ,M|. tUu 33; Ui .1 inif
j SIT_\L Si'AIiDAJ) \
II :
I .hie
���'..,.. :.' Ailuuilo   .
,'.r. 1 1 ( nrlnlliliiii.
1'������,., 1; Cinirlc
Heel* I'l.ilnJ.-lnli,.,
St. John.. .1'
New Ynrk.J.I
1    N.   ���    Yuri.    I   .,-|.i
II,.. N*.  rt   Vi:.      I ,,:.
I'll, ii.ll 111 lilin,,. 'iirei
:��� ��� il
si" -'
"I'lu'ciiii, ui,in-.! and -uniidnril sleeping i
Iiuil rains and slcenhisc c,u' fares 01.
.iej.t.i ni,en"U..,'.-1 nr!, and secure- cl
rs to ship'*
tlie   Ye ' "
.*.   '
trli -,ue they have-lots,
r! uid tli ��� "' 11 ,1   its
��� nits nlreaily   due
���ttui besi les   tins tkere wool.I
"��� 'i ���,- ....      ich ers : nlaries, ^., ,,..,- ,.;,| ���
ignius'.    '.���'lietl   there   .ms uie They'll win 01
���rnm'Mt grant     ;he li, ,\ '������. ���  . . .    m,     ,
iir���..'.' taxes, outside school taxes v,.,' ,,mu.ic-s. ome
i'.eusc.'i    vllich    (itllOUUted   to  l'orget yer uollars an
��� "1.    The Lwn_   had   signified An'real csuu
willingness to lend the city $500 !Gi r��!",..','..!'^ti
���jit t.liL-ui over, and tlie   linaiice
...littee .vere instructed to inter    Noo lads, 1 ' c e ye .sec w
:V the bank and   ���*���*�����������"����� f��r n���.! Ver duty
���r llocic
y the 1     l"s,
Whit then yer :.
irrange for the \ lcv ,'l.t>?i;''""ns y. !"aun
0 ._iie Martyr are ye cad
Id. Leighton said the proposed
��� premises wottl 1 lie close to the
��� scales.
L'he clerk said the rent would be
-' 5 per month. There was not
...i'i iu t' e passage ;or a cell. Mr.
Fechner would take out the shelving etc, The council would liave
to do all other fi   ing up.
All. McNeil t! ought th matter
should be left over for lie next
council to   decide.    It   looked   as
I,ike John Knox;
Ile up an' '.'di! [ ir Liberty
An' Comox.
~m. -^> ��� *- ���
Cliristrn_s Services
Christmas Day. Holy communion 8:30 n. m.-S, Andrew's Church
Saudwick.   Matins and  holy com-
Sweater Coats
Made with pure  heavy wool,   shawl col-
1   ���   style    We   have   them   rcasoiiablj
priced ill all colors
Beautiful Neckwear
I The seasons  newest  creations  from 25c
! to .1.00
Of ,.11 kinds, wool, fur nnd ki 1
Silk,  lambrlc and linen, plain or initial,
all colors, 11,,111 Klc to 1.00
Si'.1': neck scarfs are sensible,   servical'
F. *i N. Station
Agent, Phone R60
F, Willouglibv has taken a p ni-
tion with A. li. Ball
Where is J, LaForest?   He has
not been seen since about   Septem-
l-i��r T-tli ' Ib.niinny .
ber 23UI- , Riverside Hotel
A. B. Ball has se ured   the con
s given on tlie \
and Music
BA R RA �� S
-n 111]
,d beautiful.   Wc ha ,-c ihem in all the i tract of supplying the soldiers with I
popular colors and at all prices | groceries  etc. 1 0n aunday
there \n   thirty-four
ueers at   the   recrtiitiug   barra
Bishop   McDonald, of   Victoria, here.   C ne :ompar.
pent   four  days at   St. Joseph's busy building a da;
lospital last week.   He  liad   been] [Vn creek to furnisl
Smoking Jackets & Dressing Gowns j Mr. J. R, Miller, of Little River At present
In popular sli'ides. Hither would make is a patient at St. Joseph's Hospit- soldiers, besii
an excellent gift and oueto bo appreciated I al,
late -t shape:, au 1 shades, Gable,  felt
and tweed from 1.50 to 5
muulon ii a. in. S. John's Ghurch   Capt, fancy vests,   umbrellas, armbands I 0n a visit to Alberni. .     I for the men on the
Courteuay. I'-V^^Ji,1*.s. J^F" .l.'!:./lr'i1.���_.'1 i     ^Iex- Peterson's many friends at ] er will be conveyer
though tbe present council were land Holy communion 11 ���*. in, S.
trying to "slip one over" on the Andrew's church. Child) en's ser-
new council by leasing new pre vice 3:00 p. ui. S. John's church,
inises. Aid, Johnston expressed Evensong 7:30 p.m. S. John's
himself of the .same opinion, and it j church.
in   Xmas.   boxes,   suspender,   armband
Sunday, December  26    jVtuttins  brashalaniarco_ibSeseto,1 pipes,' tobacco I Headquarters  will   be   pleased to | through wooden pi
Esquimalt   &   Nana i >o
> .:.,
Cliristmps and New Yea- Ex ursi       ites
Good go'..-; Dec. 24 and 31, final reti rn
li-ivii Jim. 4, fare t.nri one-fiftl for roi  ,; t ip
Througli Prssenger Traii-i';. Co'.irto-
nay 11:3ft rr. Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and   way  Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:!0, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on alljlines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc , address
Dirt. PisiMfer Agent, Victoria
A?cnt Courtaiay, Phnnc R 60
pouches,  cigar  holders,   shaving stltlcs,
razors,   strops,   knives,   pocket   books,
etc., etc,
,V special   discount  of   20 p. c.   will be
e,i\-rn   on all   our men's  clothing and
ien, are
. Brook-
water supply
it. The wat-
:ross theba-,
: st. 'ported on
ortion of tiie
iber from tne
bloomer, made
from   goot
tweed,   iu navj
,    stripe am
'laces  where
learn that ha has so far   recovered I pontoons.   Ano
as to lie   able to   go  on;.,   visit to men   are packing li
Vancouver.   He expects to be back water's edge to Tiie
for Christinas. the barracks will   be  built    The
The  annual school   concert and | lumber is towed down from Kilpat
dance tal e  place on   Friday u'ght rick's mill at high ti le and left on
A number of .spring salmon have I the shore and is cai ried   up   when
already beeu caught in the bay.      Ithe tide recedes.
The little  Red   Cross  Workers     One of our ci.izeus says that he
dunce   has licet    postponed   from and his wife- were talking together
Dec. 3i to Jan. -.    l'hese busy lit- about the necessary demise of their
tie girls deserve the hearty support faithful retainer "trusty tray " T' e
In fancy stripe cambrics nnd plain colors of the public in   their   Uudable ef- dig t-'idertly  understood   that 1
with detachable collars and pinch cuffs i forts to tlo their bit for the comfort doom had come, and so unbeknown
Telescope Hats j of tlie wounded soldiers. ,,..t be- tre ked foi fi iends some I n
These come in  wool   felts, plain  and!    Mr. and Mrs,   Mitchell, of   Na   miles away and refuses to return to
mixed, popular colors, with broad edges uiaiuo,   are   here   attending   Mr.  his Coinox friends   until
and self bauds Robb,  whose condition   shows no
Caps improvement.
A big range of these in stuck |     Mesdames  Hunter   and    Planta
Suits | left for their homes at Nanaimo ou
We hnve a large assortment of boys fine I Monday.
suits, snitable for winter wear,'prices J   Service at St. Peter's on Sunday
nits are
better,   Maybe lit is taking out an
accident policy
from i to 9
Sweaters and Sweater Coats
'Plain and .combination   colors, etc., etc.
at ii a. in. and at Lazo at 3 p, m.
Mrs. Cyril Piercy haj just heard
from her broi.ier who is in Iiritisii
East Africa. This is the first word
that has come from him in eight
months. He has not been allowed
to communicate anything to outside
friends. Jnst says he is well, aud
has everything he needs.
H, S. Clements, M. P., was a
visitor in town for a   few minutes
No coudition so low but may
have hopes, and none so high but
may have fears.
Sand and Gravel
i. ���.
Red Cross Entertainment      i-   -,  .
The ti- ' h talk J   of   "Ru��tic'       Pn
. r
 , - Htt ��� Re '
��� i; -We   .i,c   pi eased  to
r that we have   i     pei   eenl.
%g4i       i  n " i    ���' ti .us ui   cor'." ki   tl in       .,,,  	
...   i^m*. ''���'���'���-'.  tin'-   ' s    .-'- '    concert md    lance toi
*> -��� i.   , ' ���   '      .   increase   ve are   I   PrMay evening and  wasa success
lo so. lema i !   from the ri-sS'iig  ol    ie   cu tain I R. B
��Sgajm ���   uttei, ind had tl uiug to j the last strains of the home waltz.1
-.'.^.-v ���   <    Tn   Cjl]  Ynili*   Npp_h*      I tad telegJami   explaining that we A very   noticeable   feature, wh "Th
ly     I     *      1UI   *UUI   1,ccu ,et, md could   not foi   I others might well   I i    I ted l(
ii   t. I g's i '      mj I     ������       h whicl     li. i ' ���
Voi ��� ill admil thai I      ���������'''���' - comment ' Bank of 0a
it pleasing "these dull times"? hour   thc dai   e   end   I.   The   ra
rs respectfully freshmeut'   ���<    * an d ..��� ,.
Jomii.-. Creamkry \ss   I.ti-   served,    a   !   every! gol   tlu       ,     . .    ,
perR, U. Hurford, Sec,  right cha   . '
, Courtenay net*. i,i, 1915, A full greeted  tiie pei
mers, aud    ' 1 nel       1   1 Is
Editor Review, Jioj [with them
\t> then will be  br.       I    1 Tin   11 :       had : lil;.-.., 	
tli   pati .us     1 sharel   Id   s oft!     ugh!   f 1 n  gai   1
Comox   Oreamerv   A   ociation for (very    ci    i p n
their consideration at the   Annual ("Old Acre Folk "
oral Meeting a number of t R   M   FL     lay's   :' personati
lutlons affectina   shares, a   few re-! of the  old      hioned heat!   :
arks   c ncerning  same   nnd  thc   Deacon     .   1   go .1
easons may be of interest. ' Kdlth Piercy sustains!   the part of I
In lhc li'-1 place a large uuinbei   the deacon's wile iu 1 nt.style.
���1 the original slim tlio! lei 1   hat     Hi 1 ��� ' r.       to   tit Coi
eft the district, which, with  clian   nay would h    in ivli te inst-il-
in furnishings
foi  Xm.i.   Present.
tment oi the
i\r< ktiejs
'"<   -    love     nd Vlufflers,
hai es
loves i 1    l: Ik "t
���    :
1 tin
Is   ���: '
Fancy Woolen Vests,
osiei). Sus] < nclers, Handkerchiefs
_d .''ii abundance of otlici articles gene ally kept in
a Men's Furnishing Store.     Call and sec then,
'' \t c c ���;"
Q  ���
4.     (.
Next Roy.il Bank
Telephone 34
'.-" c. used i,v   deaths has   left too led electric lt^ht. waterworks   etc.,
miall a peiceutage of   shareholders  wns   pari   ularly   good.    All   the
���   "': those who actually  support  other artist 1 iu the pieci  accredit
ibe Association. ed theinst:   ���   very A
Also the Agricultural Act of 1915      A laughable sketch   "Tlie Cow-
i has many a Ivantuges over the old 1 bov aud his horse" I" R    ll, p,_u-
cl uiuli r wh'ch the Creamery was dergast, a�� i ted by Watkinson and
iucorpoi 1 and it is the  policy of  Woods, kept the   audience in good
the   t'lc: ni ry  to so arrai ge its humor.
mare capital   and bylaws   as to ba     The Harmony Orchestra   kindly
ible to come under this heading       gave theii s. . vices for the perform-
The   patrons  will   be asked   to auce, which   added   greatly   to its
take two   or   more shares   of Jii o effect
so p. c,   el   par     Should  the "Rusttcs^decide to
'' ' !l        :' -''������" :   taken      A     give    in .tli 1    < lay   in   the future
be made   so that   they nre . f a roval   wrl
���"" ll,elli ������ wishing to   do so, can come   and a   bumper   house from
pay a small  sum  monthly.   As it Courtenay.
�� tlm policy of directors 1 with     Following was the  cast of chai
the approval of meeting) to so con-  ncters:
ilstiou that it will be-   Plus Deacon,        ,,R, M   Haliida)
>m< a lirect advantage foi   a pat-. beacon's wifi      .. .Miss 1-.. i itrcy
rou to become   *   shareholder, the  Deacon's sou,      E. H. Watkinson
..    _.. , ���,���   ���. ���_  result should be that the   Gon.o.-.  Deacon's daughter Miss M. Piercy
October, 1915 when a  'md not raised his hand  in support  prei-.mery   wml1'  lm'e   the direct The Squire  R,    rant
-*"���������- ��� backing of the majority of Uie pat    Squire's daughter. .Miss 1,. ^   c  5
rons who would become sharehold-   The housekeeper ..Mi"  it.bertson
ers.    'Pits directors are   anxious to  The Country boy         Voods
etter To Tho Edi'.or
number of
V      "il
 Brant- liis I' .'
To The Editor Co rtenay Review . ' fle.e   atld there   ,verc a   	
-r." Sir     fn ., !etl< r which was  ""''"'' ��es who can  ,*erify my Mate-
ten bv -tie and whicli was pub-  mel't   ��" -I11*   question,    When I
he'd in The Courtenav Ret   1  011  wrote the le*.ter   f was   nuclei   !i<
e 3tst of October, 1./15     I refer-   impression   that the   Mayor could
1-   to the   action >;f the   Mayor in I "'.'���   vote iu   '.lie same   manner as
c:   nection with thc proceedings at'tlle Aldermen.,   namely a   show of
,.    eeting of   thc council   held on, !lauc*s.   and that   inasmuch   as lr
���  e :-tli of .   ���  ,    '    . -
resolution   wns   proposed   ou   tlie  of tlie   anirndnient   that   he conic
' ject   of a letter 'which   I  had   not be considered   to  have   voted
..   'ten to tlie  counrtl   requesting  I am now informed bhat the dec
The Best Braids
At   the
Cheapest Ra e&
��� ���9���
T 1
���nd ruitable X n
Drug Store
it nl Lsnd near H-.*
T*    S    MRS
' 1" '
', ..1 '���
���' (ill I    !'i(ly.     .
*s more oi le
vcrds,   "Tl
ven pen i
j"-. 1 ack I
:    "uU-
���ut, two -
.n-   ae:
-�����    ,.   ���"""* "i'i'*"'* transferable iuto new  certificates��� Proceeds of    ncert...
Jolinston  be ;ed In your paper and'credit  will   be  giver,    t pa    Pre   -'is of   dance...
'     ion the side       I wish   here fore   to express  in      ,    o( $lQ for      h   ol, ,.,,,,     ,ak.   f refreshments.
treet   line."    I   thl'. I".,''Ilc   way   my   regret  tor  ���ransferr��t-
11 -ndireut being , having inadvertently misunderstood
tl e May r had
t tal ! imi ��� iii
t lie v it- tvi.-, n
Mayor hi i not
.' 11 ;-��� mently ci
('I to have vot<
plied "I riistd
you want tne  to put
in favor and j "mt at law although the Mai or did
it nevertheless j not raise his hand to show he had
1 it ?. tie, and \ voted, his declaration that it wus a
;;" testa' that \ We was equivalent to his vote mak-
i: because 'hei-i.; it a tie,
i his hand and'     f therefore   aplogize for   having
" b . cc*;s:c::;-! criticised th   "
0 7s   t
to 55
Yours respectfully,
Comox Ckkamkkv Ass Ltd. .
per R. U. Hurford Sec. Orchesti
urtenay, Dec, 13, 1915. I Lights
id hall
gl29 ..,.
_ 00
Seel '"I i,    i "'.
t, i    C,
I :.!.<-.��� ���...,:.
:        , (   .      ...
�����(.'..!    .lull-   Mill   lie   rt-fnuri
.  -|..( ..
ri        ill,-        1     -
.'��� ll ....   Ill .'
'.,    SI    '   ''
rbe   Mavor:   ���' Youts truly,
��� * et little  io John Johnston,
ight up " ; Lake Trail, CourLenay Dec, :;, '15
C_?:H" q*SE_
' *^-.a_��-"
 :������-"-.>���:::��� __BTjr- _���_,- 5_rx-:_,
We are still in business
and have all the usual
Christmas Goods in
Stock,  but   too   busy
to enumerate them
:   '.
1 he
5 p. c. off for cash
Call and See Us
Coatractor to  His   Majesty's  Troops
Designers o
Particular Priniin
Isabel  St.
Telephone 59 THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   U. C
III!    ;
The Mystery
nl llir
Hy Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   ��   Ct,.   Limited
...tendon,   MelbOUnn  and   Toioito ,,,
'"'-"������-'Vi-:Ai- '���    ~czAi&~r:-A-jr*/
ii    UtlllUfUl
ru M'li.'i:  si.IV
son Nearer
11,. . all red ;i ��� i'ooII}  ..'"1 misl!"   us
It    Ito    llllll     ll,''   '    llnltl !     I"'     llll '  I
; . n:   .ill hi.-. HIV, :, ill the lull
USE   ,,!'   Ills   u\  ���   i'i'.'
i onn'l  it" ynu. l.ut   ..... true, you
I . l.ii.i'1,-1,1 III).: I.   ,1     111 ���    I'lKlirollC
iiii ! ri)i i . ��� ���' H' Iiii i few liiMi ni'
lloiiu In lonl ���- In Iiii] ! hlni, mill i hose
few WlM'P Of ..! 0X( I'll llllKb simple
:.:���'..(���'���       \li   Uml   (Ji "III. J   llllll   Ittllll '
tn ��� iii i..r had  i" .1" ��n ���  i" walch.
in, ;   ���  rr  I,,  i ... |.  tin lr eyes  upon
 I lie largely guided li.i m i ills.   \nd
. lieit were lo lie nu lighl
Hull  all  hour  ihihhoiI  In fori   Italpli
in.,1 ���,.nl, ,i|,r I .,-   door. I',.i' ;i
"il   lli'l.lill;;   If,   hii,I.
iiii lhe lloor nf the viiull lite tine r-
looking machinery wiih sprciid out,
und  in  Ihu  ,-inls ol  il...  Indlurubbi r
ii.::,..: �� ir,.-; ���..., r,   iiii ir I, So sooner
lnul llil i .....'ti accomplished limn llie
ivoniiin, li ft pi- Klvlni! Home rupld Instructions 0. her allies, It n III It.
Sin- v.us ho quick lliiil (ii-iilTfry liir.'ly
hmi lime in conceal himself belilnd n
pillar hufore i hn  passed  lilin.
'lli,.  un,nun   wus  masked  and  ills
Keep Your insurance Policies in Force
nn,. ,1, iii mosl regrettable ucouPiter where ��*e li.i i been ilolng out
rem ,-., in i.onneetloii with the eontliicl i host to gel in tone, with liet husband
lit ihc biwIiii'Bs of life Insurnnei' is lo atlvlsing hlni iliut if l.is prenilum due
n ,..n, advice tllreet rrom lhe widow Keplember 1st. was not paid bis polloj
or some "i1"'  member u( llie family,  would lapse nn 2_tli N'oreuibsr.
nr rr  lhe conipiiny's um in. thai a      Your   truly,
ui  ims died  who  was a  runneri ''  I'  UOIKIICUS,
|)( 1*801
policyholder ... Ihe eonipnny, hul who
has allowed his polio-  to lapse
;'.,.���','",,!'";,:  Xy Z' SSX h-pp��� i�� oi ..���ai.... r-, ���, uk- ;,��������� ���������;. ;  ������������,���������,���:   n... .iuti,.,
���     ' un.,:;-   ;,  ., ..'���'..    ,;   ' '   'r' l'rH l;oll��"ll��" "��������" ���"���*���<"   have nol lltio.l her to meel lho prob
'' ' ' l"'1'   "i  !:"  "'    rm'   ,;""' received bj  ull liisnriince companies.   ,          . ,nni,|�����  ..  iivlns  ror heraoU
" '"'��� "���' """"i liimseir marvelling ,;,,,. ,,  , , ,,,   ,,, ������ml, ,n,,-1 ,,,t, ,t   .   '   . ,'. ,"���,:���    iwVandm-vs
J H""'"'I'"-"''- ��� ",K ""'l"   by ..letter written by Mr. f D I i   *$.t_rS her in the Si"!
kiiIhciI  beyond  recognition, nm  tleol
Hi'  '  lie "':   w I'"' '"'"'"' nl ��    |-,,t,N   i,.,,,  ,���, ,��� , ,, ,,, ,,.. ,,,|,|  w h,
"i"11    Vh lleorfre; dre.   u mulch from   ���,,*,,    M,   |,new   lnu(   ,,,.  ���.������  |���  ,|���
hi. box Itulp ' hil'l ���' it  li'tiluln ��� hand |.
Ill   ami,
"No in. I'c  ��� nnlilii t," ll     uid. "I pill' ' i
|. . . i.   .i-�� m.d i ho ru . nn ,.i  In    ' eel  11
��� ii lb.  ulr ol : i i,   M- du.ir boy,  nl'lhn house, ,,rK   <-c>mi(1 r-1iI  tigeul  nl   Vani invei' li
'ou do nol wtuil lo helm* its wiih tlio |    The woman pnsBwl iiloug, di'SKMlng  the'Imperial Life Company,  I'oronlo:
smell  i.i' ire h  iniiuii n    Tbe eneiny   a iiuinber of line lighl wires after her,   j   k. J'i,l,. n. i:-u .
would   l it it o  alarm  in   once" [The olher onds of lit    wires were nl    "'    M-iunerr,'Imperial I.if".
"I lm,I I'm",men." llpiifl'ii'} murmur-1 inched lo Ibe iineer-luoltlng apparatus Toronto, Onl,
ed    "How stupid ol'me!" , In the vault. i |((,   p���||,.\   i.-.ui'-,.   \    K    Mcl.eiimm
Again   silence  und  pulnrtil   leusion |    Mrs, Mny weni along llie pui*sngo8, lapsed
���' 'lie nevvis.   I'rescntlj  below cam-'j along Ibe corridor, nnd np thc Hlttlrs |    \),,",r'   >;ir.   Aboul  u   ienr :,i_s> in
,i biippens "i'i.-ii thai n womnu, en
'1'luil   ''"-   'lot     u'.i     Infrequently I,h( , of hoi* liiisbnnd, Ib left wllh
htippt'ti  Is ntilj   ii i idenl  fn in ihc
l.li'e .Manager.
mi ;i woman, <
nu.I. Is I 'it  wh
,r support,   Her diltioi
""  -here," in  saitl.   "Tohlgnrsky senl | ,;;,., ���f fall of n loot, and ihen it noise !iib IT sho had been' nreUHlonied lo !��� c 1 ,,.'.'.;,'" . j. s _ ii ���_." ..ur besl   i'o ioeni'c Ihe I nut
���'"'' ' ���"'"' oe ''11111101  come hlmsell, i;i, |f ,, ii,,,,,, ,��� hud come In t ���  house a r Iii"     Sun I,   ske runs; ��� ,,���,,,. ,,B|,.vlu ir nnd hnVo hlni Mil
The jade he culls mistressi has .need | |11C|   ���.,���,  B011 ���,,;,���,   ,���  t, !lrl{. [ have  boon   here  ,���!,���,   llinesTbel'oro, U'8 premium wli��i'h "oil dim lit So"
,. exhiliilJd such i,,,;,,!���.,. i0H,   i,,,, oul, offorLs wor.
"i   blm.    .MufTle  yours li   nnd   inllow 'n,ere iVnH |he scratch of a malch. and lor bIic would nol hnve exhlbiuld such
|" ���   ���x''"1 Ion closely.' n  ,,,   riame  dickered   In  glmsll-   reurleas eonlldence.   Tbe Idea of the
 wTrey wus only loo glad ol  lie rushlon in Um ball,                                black,  glldlug   ligure  creeping  about
opportunity      Hn   pubsoiI   under   the "Tho fno Is It, ro," Halph whispered, I the liouso In tho (lend or ulglil  lillcd
sliiuluw  of the rocks tin
i'm- path lo the head of
hero Ralph paused.
"Wo aro snf" now," In
i .,i;   remove ynur ilisgul
i hi ii" race.   There i i ......
in ih" i-iisii" iii pr. -mu."
.li over.
I I"
uro  in
llalph v. hispt red,
Vnur rubber sulci
orner,    I'm   litem
wlib loulbliig.
I'fo bo Pontlnuod)
said. "Vou ! tloolVroy did ns desired, lie crej
i' mul cross along tli" corridor until li" could loo
a living soul  down Inlo ibo bull,   There lie sui\
V, "lllilll     il     -,-.,,111:111    W Ild       \'.(��l
uu llie beach,; skirls an
______________ '"''
\li lhe servants ure uu the beach,! skirts and ;. closely lilting Jacket, Slit
tin n?" | hud u sii-'till luntern In Iter hand, llu
��� ���'I'liii'y one of Ihcm, both mule anil : lighl ot tvhlcb Bhe seemed lo lower or
female, which Is a llntteriiig testimony belgbton b,\ pressing a stud,
td your popularity, Geoffrey. I opine i Holilnd her came tin. two Oriental.,
tlmi lliej will lm pleased n. seo you who curried n sniull hm In.-ivy ijruss-
in ih" niomlug, H> tli" cny, liave ynu | hound box between lliont. Tins, ul ;t
concocted u plausible siory to uccount Hlgn from lho woman, Ihey deposited
lor your t Bcape?" on the lloor.
���'I haven't," Geoffrey admitted wltb      As far as Geoffrey could jtidg.  neillj-
ii smile.    "I  preferred  lo leave li  to | or of Ihese men was Tehigorsky.    II"'
lhe greater lalenls of Tehigorsky and  eonld  catch  thn si.uml  of whispered
yourself.    I   lm'"   ....  genius,   for  lie-  conversation, bin lho words conveyed
tinn " I no moaning lo his ears.   The Iwo dls-
llalph   muttered   lhal   lhe   matter  cussed in a language be did not under-
might   lm surely lefi   In  their hands,. stand,
anil  then  ihei   entered  the deserted      A band wns laid on Gooflrey's arm.
castl I made their way to ltulph'8 I He turned lo see Italpli by  bis si.',,-.
room, Here Ihe two doors were
. ;,. oil und Italpli sal down silently
over Lis pipe,
"lE  anything  going    to    huppon?" I ""��' '"c contents were placed upon tl
llnolTre-   asked. I'0,0,!''
"A greal dettl during the iiexl liour       "ne contents looked like machliiery,
bul ii was tnaehluory of u kind Uiul
Geoffrey had never soon bel'ore, Thero
wus u sniull disc of hanuuored copper,
iind |u this waB attached it number of
As Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Dispelled
Backache, Headaches
and Dizziness.
FlqUB, Ohio.���"I Would be very un-
grateful if I failed to give Lydia E.
I Pinkham's Vegetable Compound  tha
tlon ^^^^
\',, mini in", ut.; excuse foi ��� tibjeol
hm his nil.' lo such n in i ii ri- What
over lie cams, ti pun ol ii should be
Invested In iii" Insurance lo guarantee her -"ii".' udoqtmle provision in
, win ol his in nib,
Stlilll".. ��� liiuigo nf licit till also in
leprives the I'amlly ol
in,lr|i neodeil nssuriiiico which Hie
iissurod  bus nllowml t"    lapse,    anil
_ re uu    which In lhe fuiii'lod st'Ciirllj  "i l" r
sHc'cos'sl'Iii iii "h" ;ii in".  Mr.  \n Liiniiiii    reel   pusl  ini.iih lie I'ell  conlldont ol
l now bog lo iiiIvIbo you thai Mrs. Mi    reviving �� lavor ll  sulloil  his con
! 1.,. i,inin "nil,', I ..i lh - ollice lm In*, uii. I-    wiii"ii".    The eompuit*   Is   l'l'0(|llonl
ine thut  hor husband  wus  id, nud   ly compc , however roluciantly, la
alio  uu    wondering   whal   simp"  his   decline un npplbtntlon lor revival, ow
policy  i,ii.' in    I  was verv sorry In-   ing to lhc ruel thai  Ibo poltcyhokiei
deed, lo advise, her thai Ihe'polk.  Iind   Is tinnblc in lurnHi evidence lhal In
; lapsed, iiIho showed it ir copies of let- [ is slill
n uriiblo lire..
Scholarships in Agriculture W|NNj-pEG GRAIN  EXCHANGE
Licensed and Bonded Dealer*'
tt pays to ship your grain I" a rellnbli
Cotumis&ion l'iini.    Best uttcutiou given
i r t !���
h ��� loiter in'iit in
islenlng witli nil bis ears
iw llu brass box wub be
ml i!i" contents were pine*.
I in
or iwo," lliilpli repll. d. "Unl il is itu-
P".-���. ii.!" to I'orei usi, und you will :���".'
ii ..li for yourself In good time. I cun'l
nn anything until I hnve beard further  from  out'  fri' ml  Tchigorky."
I lulf in.' bout' pui sod i.i dead sib
Hicc, uml tit":. Ihere was ;. rapping on
the wii,iin,'.'. When the casemenl was
thrown open, ih" head of Tehigorsky
appeared, li" wns clad In Oriental
robes and hud made his wny upwards
h> climbing llie thick Ivy lhat grow on
thai Ride of the bouse. ll,c noildt d lo
"i inlil you iv," should meel again,"
lm suid. "I buve jusi i.ii minutes to
spare.    \ cigarette, please."
Geoffrey handed over tlto cigarette.
"Have ion discovered ii all?" Itnlph
unit tfl,
"1 lm-," dlst overed nothing," T.'lii'-'-
orsky said calmly I'rom behind lhe
. Ion l of smoke. "Al presenl I have
not lh" roiuotcsl Idefl wliieh way she
will slriiio."
"Ah. she is in one uf her suspicious
"Whon she trusts nobody. Quite
right. All I can li ll you is thai Bhe Is
coining bere presently, She Is well
liwure tinn Ihere ls nol a soul In the
In,use. She knows thai tills slate ol
thiinis is likely lo Inst for some lini".
Shi' will ciiiin hy and by, and with
her sh" will bring some greal
ger in tbo li
form Hmi ilangoi is lo take I cannol
say.    llul  l sbnll Iind oul."
Tlie lasl words come from Tclilg-
orsky's lipi r w Itli a mi;i|i.
"lint -in-' ii ill wun: confederates,"
i.i id Oeoffn y
"Sl," iii.iy or sho mtij nol. She is
;i w. n.un ni' Infinite resource. Nobody knows w inn mischief she i- callable of, ii .- lie hi iin i me ulnng, I
may be i vcecillugly useful; h i lie
I. kvi nu i" :':,..', I shall bi n or
is. nil; . inploj 1 In going over Iter
papers ami ,1... unu nts Vnu -. u, I
know ih" lungtii n    Hut, li" lhal n ��� II
whal Boenied k. ho iudiarubber
snakes. At n sign I'm... Ibe woman
the iv.,, Asiatics picked up tlio bos
nu,I iis contents anil started away toward ih" kitchen,
Xiiisi-l, -is us the* wore, Italpli heard
Ihem. il" clutched his companion's
"Tbey have gone." In- whispered.
"In which direction?"
"They have tinned ..if towards III"
kitchen.'" snid Geoffrey,
"Good! This thing is turning mit
exaclly us I expected. Tbey hud
something with them?"
"Yes, u tiling like ;i copper octopus
with iiiilii'rtii.li'T tontacli s. Tbey
bave ink.ni ii with tin m. A mosl extraordinary affair."
"li will I.... more extraordinarj --iill
before ii is finished," Halph suid
grimly, "Follow them .unl reporl whnl
ynu see. Tuke good care nol tn lm
seen. Unless I um mistaken they ure
going down in the vaults uiul um planum ... ii coup iii do for us ull tonight."
Geoffrey crepl silently down the
stairs. Then In- mude his svay swiftly iiini!:.. iho passages until Is- came
in iin. cellars. Then the steady blowing of ;i curreni of Irish nir tnld him
���"rn Kavenspur^ What ! "'���"��� Hnlph'B suggestion was right,
1 "    ' ' '  tli"
Successful Students Selected In Rura
Municipalities for Courses .it
ICigbi  pupils from  rural schools It
Hi" prin in.", linn  ulivnd'  I'.rii si-li "i      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ml ns winners   of the Saskatchewan I to consignments.
College    ni'    Agriculture scholarships        goooerham a mei.aoy co. ltd.
donated bv line elevators with bead- Grain Enchnnte. Wlnnlptt	
quarters in Winnipeg operating coun-     sb,p(���flAMUEL SPINK.pio�����r Cr��lnCo��
lr-   elevntors In Saslcalchwan. ralsilon Mercliant, lor but rmults.  i.radcs c��(��
The  scliolarships  nre  for Jtnil, nud    {?''>* watched- Sties mada lo best adv*nUn-
v.ill i -read ova. two vears, $50 for rromp'*'T','  AT     Z������      �� 'W
��� ...    I 206 Griin bxcnanKe. Wuunpflg, Man.
Krf'TPnct*    Unior: iind Koyal Bank*.
Ship Vnur Giftin To
a)   ndvincei
i ar,   Tiny 'must he used within |
ours, otherwise tlie amount i.t',
praise it deserves, I money allowed each scholar will're-
for I havo taken it ven to ihe scholarship rund. I ^^^^^^
at   different   times ���     Following      uro   the   BCholurs   Win ' Crain Commission Merchanlt,SlOCrainExehansi
and it  always rc  have besn"selected:  Wiliinuii'm siinp-' ^'l'^*'^t^V^*.ii,iri,������.sP,e,.l
llevcd   me  when   inn.  Aitvetgne    Municipality  Nc TU   , m.<Se.
other medicines  Frod   l-lexlnll,    Chester  Municipality
failed, and when I' ���x.',,   '--"'i    -''   t'umeron,  Uig sth-i-:
hear a woman com-1 Municipality   No.  141;   Eyrel Gordon,, .    .
newa woman com    gll(���ng   |IMls   m ,,,, i.i i>:. l i < >-   Xo.  273;   Grain Exchange, -       Winnipei
pi.un i alwaysirec- lAm\0 Kiodstedt, Mllllngton Municipal-       .  Minneapolis, Dulutli
ommenditLastwin- lt,  N���  ,,,,,,  |.-idred Hchroeder    Lost   _        '        ~AZ���
ter I wa, attacked ,   '^ iiunicipallh No! .lit; Toe Wat-, mos' fSSH._. ''A' "A^^',,
with a severe case of organic weakness.   6rs,   Hotiglas   Mu'nlclpallij   No.  430; union orain company ltd..
1 bad backache, pains in my hips and  Donald McMcrphy, Slervln  Munlfipnl- omin cohhihion vcncHkiiTsi
over my kidneys, headache, dizziness, J ily No.  inn. . 602GrainEnchanje, Winnipeg,Man
Ui-sitittle, bad no energv, limbs acliod !    '" i'l(' oasu ol hoys, ihc course will	
and I was always tired." I was hardly I'"' ""' ngrlculturul course ot the ((li
able to do my housework.   1 had taken
i-gc; in Hii' case nl
iris, il
| SCil'llCl-     coin-
The    elglll  BCllO
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-i who   Wl,,,.   SUCCPasf main,,! their
pound on one other occasion, andithad scholarships in 0ompelltionB al the
helped me so I took it again and it has junior Pall fairs, which wero Inang-
built me up, until now If eel like a new ura ted iliis year hy th-.' agricultural
womnn. You havo my hearty consent [secretaries throughout th" province in
to use my name nnd testimonial in any conjunction with the department nf
way am) I hope it will benefit suffering
women.' ���Mrs. ORPHATUBNEn, i'SIS,
Wayne . t., Piqun, Ohio.
Women who arc suffering from thoso
distressing ills peculiar to tlieir sex
should not doubt the abilily of Lydia E.
Licensed, Bonded, solicits your grain .<>.,-.: :nin<!nis
Ijbersl Advances   Prompt returns.
,17 cell. e-:c.' not,
For good results sud best service ship your grait
to tins  aggressive and  experienced Comtnissios
House, always ready to buy your end,', on track,
provincial   govern. | __!��G_Jr. Exchange, W"____
agriculinre of
The competitions were lliose advls
ed  by  Hie department,  nml  in  eacl
case   ihc winner received a high per-1
centoge, nnd n facl worthy ot notice Is I ~        " '
that two  children    of    non-EngllBli         bheen motor co.. Winnipeg,
Pinlthum'n VswntnMn flomnonnd tore. I ['peahiim parents won  In competition   factory  distributors tor  Manitoba and
��_?��Zlr befhb      ComP��u*ul t0M' L^ainst Knglish-speaking students, Of  Saskatchewan for Stndebakcr Cars. Good
Store tneir nealtn, t))e  o|1]|>i,  hjn    |im)  of  |||(,  clll|,lrei]   territory open for live agents.	
]( yon want   special  ariviofi | were   from  n   non-English    speaking
iric tin- grt in advance of. HupQK>biIe
mid |
Greater In Value
Down lie went  until hi' came '
channel lending to the vaults.
llul lie was cautious. I!'- peeped
down. Dclo*.- him wero three figures,
nml once moro they hud spread mit
their epie r apparatus, liy lhc side
ni ii were two large glnss-sioppered
In.til.-.-, Bueb us i,nc sees in a inbora-1 forced
nny, receptacles i". nclda nml the ��� ,norull
uver   ''   '
write to Lydia E. Piukliaui Mini- [mother, sh
Iclne <;��., (confidential)  I,vun,   the pupils, d'f whom ii 1ms beet
Mass. Your letter will he opened,   lll"i It ��"as 'ii"""1! lo obtain a high l . Ceitbe i9i6C��iaio��
read nnd answered bva woman ' standard of. development, particularly i jossph maw* co.. limited, winnipes
and held in strict confidence.     I InvWottom.
!     I iic'compfiitioiir. where the points
������" ...... ��� [ wun, obtained  were ns  rollows:   Live I
[00 points; besl halter
stock judgin
broken coil, Inn points; grain judging,
300  Years   Behind
vllizallon of a country is in be j jt|!|     il|ls. Jfl.min.-xni<<n m plants and
d mu by Its military law, winch | ���������,,���    lnfJ DoilUs.  coiieetion  of
-I, I     Yon  would lie surprised  to know 1.(jt
'    ' little money would be necessary to pio;
;        ii    , ���        , , seeds,    Kifi  poinis;   collection
Is n  hla ike covering u most every-  ���, ,,,    ,���,,      ,,,   , , ,���,.. , . ,       i mut ,,,���,���j ,.���..,- ���.  .. F..
thin"'  hut bv Hn- wav that law is en-  P ??ts IU"' !"',:']" ' ''" '; ,,v'sl ?x"   tset your family or estate,   lf you WouW
.llg,   Dill   !,> llll    Jiaj    lll.lt    law    IS   (II      |)|lii(    .j       ,a)_ ,fl   lm(,ei,  C|], (,      , .S|| (o   k_ow    w,thou|    ,,,,-,,,,,.,.;.,;.   ���oup.
recbnicnlly war   pid-rrcs-os; | ^ ,V.' *! i ."l" i n. 'jVoi'ii Ts:" best Imi , sirs 'or'corn ' iaif. mi "this blanli and mail to H..B.
i niiiii oi gr
... ,.       No, il, Inn points: nest ien curs in corn   '->=" ���������-  ���-, -      ,        . , ...
I is atnvlstic, uml no nnlinii I .   , ,rl,,,iri,    v,    .    ,,.,, nnintq.    AndrewF, liruurh monager, Imperial Lift
without  shoeltlng und i,ti!;,!i,!u:""',-   ,  "  r ' '   v' ,','   ,,,',,,     "l  '   Aimiranos Co,, m Union Bank BulWin*
..,.,..., i .! best ibree sneaies, 12 stains each, ,-.i-1 Winnipeg.
100 points;  best peck   My full name ts ,
ul    polutoes;    enterprise   No.   6, 100 ! Occupation.	
points;   colli olive exhibit,   four kinds
of vegetables from school curd..11, IOC
i vra.H born on.
.. d,-i>  of. ��..
uf llie 1,00(1 inilns
\11siralin.  recom-
K*" \ ' M&.V<y I'M &<*,$�� t     _J I small as it was;' lillcd the nlr with _      , ,
I  M ry" " i��*_^_is_a_5/ ' i"1!''-''"1   '"I"''-    Alniosl   Immediately      Already .mo nun
VU/\    \   ^"lii|iM_pl|'     th'    "'Ll    'J-   v.,1 IT  uud   tin ,i'l"f   I'i.lhMi!    :..!'(..-.- ,     .       ,.
f-r/tL-y l^*mmWm9*Wp.       ' used.     O.lh    ill'l   1,   wililT 01' il.   f.-iicll-    melllle.)   |,y   I .,1.1   KlU'llCUCl- duillg  b.S
_}A.Y   b^,������ etl^m* Kl   "' Inoni;-, s no,,-, hut it mrned hllll   vlsit;      '*     "1C    ' ommonwoaUh.      or
r.-A   ;   POO''��'��OW Bl'llmhii-Lrhiiiv i'ora.1 inuiu.,1. I strategical purposes,   bus   been buill
t".i the indirect cause of muck
.       BS
likc.     Tllrj   ��� . I  lii'jill.i   Iii
stoppers jn���. ���.,���..,! uo nn thai Tl is entitled tn j'"'."' .',"',".���,',
T'ii    woman picked up one ol  limin , (|��� ������,-���,,. j(.tt����� i- ul' miiiiarv law.    It is '     '
and   removetl   the  parchment.   ReCol-e  t|,,.Cu eemurles since Unglaul stopped
she drew Ibe stopper she donned thii i;   ).min���- womi n I'or Ine offence of which
glasses and a mask for her face, the   ,.;iiill' ,..IV,,,  waa   ,ui|,y.    |8 ,.!:M  ;, . .   ,      ,-,.,,���, Bcllool, ,vorkn,an  was digging
���WT   "'"'id'"iiii'   dMn''' Rwfh   some reB8Ur_.?r '""   .lwre,9 "' !     ' SSh  sa den   100 poinis; beat pair ot crate-        t l���r oi "ha  aauliUlva tun
���...ir  riidiniij   dealing    wun   some  n)Hn luillttuism la onl m  loueh wit"1  -��� ������  ' - ��� ���    ���
mi j  dangerous poison.
Tl. ' stopper wus removed u
spots of ill" in ill dl'oppi d .ui
pi i disc.   A white smoke oros
|lhe progress of the civilized world'.'
'' " ipw   Sprlnglleld llepublinnu.
i'm- nun-; 	
iiicb, i
fattened spring chickens, 100 points; I oj- m-nhi stopped for a moment lo look
throe one-pound prints of butter, 100 I ,,���
points;   three  loaves  of    bread,   100      ,.jrj,   rnan,"  said   lhe   wayfarer
points:    .nirls'     sewing    competition   length, "what are you digging for!
New  1.000  Miles  Australian  Railway I work,  one  buttonhole,    loo    poinis; j    The workman looked up,
winter sickness���it allows chills,
invites colds and sickness.
Nourishment alone makes blood-
not drills or liquors���and the nourishing food in ��co*('�� Emulsion charfies
summer blood with winter richness
and increases the rod corpuscle!.
"f__f*      ''!l *"'"'^-"*r OM warms
' the body, fortifies the lunga,
and alleviates rheumatic
11 ilsrll.
ed Oeoffrey's nose, but it turned It
faint- - giddj  for an Instant.
Whnl was going to happen nexl'
ii  is expected lhal the line wi
be finished by the end of 1910,
W   N. U. 1080
Battled I    "Wlm i;. Unu fellow eulogizing
Geoffrej bad nol 'nne to wail. From I grand  nnd  glorious  repttbli
where be wus standing he could see     "I don'l know.who
down Into the niiiii perfectly well, lie j ynu hoar a man Inlki
would ha   -.,.-.
he under      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	
talking about, but lhelr words convey-'ought lo support him
three minute address on uny agricul-1    "Monev," he replied
lural subject, 100 points; composition      "Money!" ejaculated the    amazed
ol* ::uu words, 100 points.                      [wayfarer.   "Ami when do you expec
The chief advantage of pasteurising     "Saturday,"    replied the  workman
milk for buttermuking is that all tho land resumed operations.
germs in the milk ure destroyed, bnth: ~~ ~ -
the beneficial and  harmful ones,    it j    Sergaant Doolnn���Hall!   vou canT
s  is necessary that the cream be proper- i^,> in there!
Ij  ripened i.f the luetic und bacteria,      Private Mulligan���Wby not, sir?
e is, bul when   und these arc added  in the  form of      Sergeant Doolnn   -Hecause it's   the
i, un- (.nm inn ic, in ,u-���, ,,,.��� ,.,.��� ,,,.., , g like ibat the   a  pure  culture  starter.    Where  the  Colonel's tent.
ive been better satisfied had  chancss are  10 to  l   that bo thinks   milk nr cream nro pasteurised butter      Private   Mulligan���Then   what  an
sio'nl 'rlini those people were | 'this     grand   und   glorious   republic'  of uniform quality can more ensilj be   they doing witli 'Private'    over   the
"Adams Sleighs Are Best
So Say Progressive Farmers.   See the COCKSHUTT Agent in Your Town
)> m
Interned   Aliens   Doing   Good   Work
General Sir Win. Otter,  who is In
charge of internment operations, has
Prophecy Fulfilled
The following i .iimi ir.,in ihe life
nl Hmi dlslli -.tilsbed Qermnu, tin
lata Prof. Mu < Muller, w rltten during
hs-i und 188 i, ; ol special Internal
iii ih,' present time.
"When  one    rend:,   ihe  discussion
in  purllamon o mlghl  easily feai
for KiK'Taiul;  bul ihey iire mere lire,
word)     The   nation   la  ol   good   old
stock,    and  woe to hint who forgets
\ this.    I'lnglniiil   ��ill    nm or  be  con-
j quered,    never before  tho  lasl   ling-
I lisiiiniiu, iu.. i-i -1 sent iinan, the lasl
I Irishman   aye, the lust Ausl rallan, lhe
| lasl Canadian, lho lasl Newfoundlander, tlm lust Sikh   uyc, iin- lasl   Yam
ken, bus fallen.
"Kvorj man   In I'luropo Is   now    it
sohlier;   GurUuiiI  Is  il ily    luntl
Unit bus md taken in nrmlng tin
people. Drive I'lnghiiiil nun u enr
in1! and iomoiTow every   man   is   n
I sohlier.    There    tun*   bo    jualou   i
' botwet ii hor ' olonle . inn   II  II cami
, to e\| remltles, ll". colonlos   ivolllil  nl
Inn   tu.  hair of  I ,iil'In ml   I.. !...  |o li
II d.    in mi I lid iii, which wns fur rly
1 it diingor, hus show it  lhal   I'lnghind's
; enemle    are lu r en. mica,"
Whether il in be ui old or now
! growth,  b  inusl   j lold   to  llollo vnj '���
1 Corn t 'ure, llu' siinploi i uud I t euro
] nltered I" Ihu public,
Unparalleled Baseness
Tu  nei' cloqitoiil   clutmplou,    Cllnd
siuiie; in her liberator, Itussia; tu hei
I unfuflliig   friend,   Kuginnd,    lliilgurln
I mil",   lier  nutlonnl  exlatenco.   For  n
| people    Which    is   Slav    lu   Um   COl'0   lu
take up urins agalnsl  Itussia, whose
1 sons dletl by llto i hoitsuuds  in order
! In resell,. Itlllglll'lll from tile iippl'i'S-
' sim rule ul' llie Turks, mini,I hn uu
' acl nf perlldy nl unparalleled base
I ness. Hm hulled ..i' Serbia nml llie
! lusl im' Immediate territorial acquis!-
| lions seem to have blinded ihc eyes
: uud clouded Hie judgment of Mm Dnl-
gni'latt governmeni und its nmbltlous
, ruler.   London  Daily Chronicle.
|    In Hm hospitals uf England magnets
have   been   developed   thai    will   draw
Marketing Poultry Product8 QRMT mmJ pR||SES
'cooperative Marketing ot Poultry und j ZfiffTCuK
Highly Recommended
For the Complexion
Iii. rj i. here    from ,���- nal  i"
.'.'I'll   �� ill ll.-lll   llle   I.I.I-        1)1   I     ii     riii
ivondoi'l'ul complexion reslon r is
bringing ibe freshness ,-i!',| smoolh-
toss oi' youth to lho faces of llious
mils  id   I'nnndiuii   women    liveryom
Eggs  in  the  West
While     111''     actil lilt's  .        io   I   e
���. ck branch of '!'" Horn nion di pari
. mt ui i'.' ngrli'iiltiir   will   rc uird i" Ibe
Motives Who Use T'-.is Famous  Balm
Hava  Bucking ol Science
Molher ��� v. lie it     " . ��� ,
| organization of Co-operullve Kgu audi the*   havs i'i", d   I  to       ;���     dendid
I'onllrj   Marketing  ,        ml u     havi    h .gler,  ���( 111 bi   Interested to
' ���    '  Inrgelj  eoiilluetl  I 'osult of a test .    Kam-B "    '���
east  in    provinces of tin   u minion,   ] . ...       great   Ki
I'.,-  !', cil  end opportutllt*   I'.r  ...ul, e:     , ,,   -| ...       ...        . |   .,.,.. ,
exhaust I o   inal] I' .il  examinal
;-,. si ii I   , id   Hnd   Its acl,
Ibis   I md   ui  Hn-     tvestt ' I    plot Ini ei
lm   nol iu en i.lerk oin .i
From    Hie   i.n '   i':.''   co-operalli
�� is used it conslslenil]  has ob im,rkotln��  of  |i< ry product      w.tt8   lucnis are or exclusive ve��    ib
it I  spleudld  results    nnd rcoonv something new, II    it   thought advl      l;    "���"        '"'      ''    " ',
mends ii highly,   Tin' woman i-ho Is uid  thoroughl]  ti  I mu  tin   prae-   Irritallug   "   lers    tl i   I  auiin
seeking ii perfect complexion wllUind iicabllltj    ot the  -.   lei ru ox-i 'als   presenl   it	
I': ii un inestimable aid, \n good
Iru ��� . :- carrj H. Miiuul'aetured bj
h,. i -sii Muiiiifai'iurliii! Company,
Limited, I'll Hunt      ill.    .. .-eniio, Tu
��� N'.rihcrn Ontario and Quebec, r.ni-    ���.   ;* ' JJ''' ''.'    '? ��� ''?>' ' , <j���|��
II ..
tundlng h ni ii wider it ��� u    Sutlsl u f| "' antl i DI i  ai A ba
tor-  ie tin-'   having ibtnlm tl In acstro; Ing l p i
the east, nrraiigcmeui   an   now   u In i <i:   Piovi tl b}   ny test; io ex
nee!" iu ,..\teiul il." "ei.   [o ll),   wi il  ; "I carbolic ii Id   yel '���'���������������   Buk neiti ���-
ei-ii ium luces. ; in.i ei lz��s nor   nflj tie    t ���
Tin  ii ii Held i" i"  orgaul       ivlll' sensitive   kii . bu  i rid    kia .;
recoil.   Ibe hen. 111 ol  th    expt rli in ��� .     "I bave it i hsi. al on  In
n men who have hi   i  it     i lab d    ll the purity o( Zam-Buk and
Will   lie   I'MVs- '*>A  ������"'   ''"-operative worli              i;    h for skin InJ  rles and dl
1  *"���   ''i"-"t-u  cplloii,    Mr   T   \   li'ii-im. ��;,,, rot Mothers who hav, not]    tried:   at
tl"'    Pusl    il  years    hud ken In Buk should prod   by the above,   Zam-
Prohibition Results In the Stimulation ���' charge  "I   Um  co-operative  nrganhsu- \\Un  n  unequalled  for  eczema    i   ts
ol Every Branch of Lenltlmato      ' " l'l'i;"'" K'1"'"'1 ' ll*1"1''   '"'',|;' burns-ulcers, running sor     ������:���
Trade __S?iorr.��_  ,'t' tlu',,'"t ,'! All,,('!'1,"  sor8S,0absceRsP    chapped    ,   ! .  ���
"';clc ��� ni nil ii poslih ii similar lo lhal whicli > ...       ���  ...     ,d   ... -
The  Vindicator has lho following: he lias held In ['rlne,. Kdward Island.  *, "-���'.       ���-   _      ti ���>���
"As n  nu i' nl   sheer   common     Mr. ,1   li   flare, who lias had an ex- *" " ' " *
souse wo'know thul If tho liquor busl- tensive experience In this work, nol j	
uess worn nbullshod the people would onl* with Iho Ontario provincial demy m,ue nf ;';inn products, more of partment'of agriculture, but also (Unclothing, mure of (lour, innru of meat, ing the lusi two years with Ibo com-
more of every commodity than they niorclul and marketing end of the
uii'. purchase. work   undertaken  by the  live  stock
branch, bus been given general super-
"The experience of no licence
has  over shown   Hmi   where the  su-   vision of the ligg circle work  being]
conducted  by the branch.    Mr. l [are i
Is now in ine ��,-sierii prin luces, und i
will devote the greater pari
lime lur lhe licit ynur In directing
operations here. \\,: tin. presenl l.e
will continue Ills nclli Ities prinelpnll'
(u ilu- province of Saskatchewan.
I'     111!
who  makes
in he.-,  und  stool-jacketed  bullets have
taployed Ihere nre giving ' \>A" /Jm." ,'""   "'""'l  " <i':!'l)'  "'   ",or,:
nil  doing good  work und     'u,'    ,;""7"'-'e , ���   ,,     ,   ���      ��� ,.. ,
Af   the   Inviibd-    Hotel   in    Hull.do,
N.  Y.. nre many as wonderful elcctrio
sd into model forms.   A large crop of I "1:"'lim'':'  l��8�� i'requenc.v ourrails, X-
. ray, violel  rays,    Ihen   Or.  Pierce has
equipped   lho   tSanitarium   with   every
j known device In aid the sick and in the
_   Surgical   Departmcnl   every   instrument
j", ' nud appliance approved In.  the modem
im | operator,   Thc permanent  cure of rupture is accomplished here without pain
and with local tinaeslhesia.   Ch-nvel removed in many cases without  pain and
ibllshed : ""' l'a','enl ean return homo cured in a
Field  is [ r��w Jn}'"'
being enlarged. Most  of tho western-    ''''��� J;-   '��� ricreo, nearly ha
aliens will be interned at these centres during the winter. ,,.. ��� , .   .
,  | tnoy were made withoul nlcohol or nar-
colics, extracted frofu roots anil herbs by i Schedule    fo
, using  pure  glycerine.   The  ingredients      Oerman     newspapora    publish   lhe
assed I ��o made public. _ .     _  ^      ^ | schedule prepared by the Oermnn fed
ditlons were I'onnd most satisfactory
The allei
no troubl
they have demonstrated the agricul
rural suitability of the bind being turned Into model forms. A large crop of
potatoes was raised, but unfortunately
,vus spoiled by ruin.
It is probable tbat the populutl
of tin. interniut nt camps ��'ill be In
created considerably litis winter
Bulgarians. The registration of them
is now In progress nnd uny thai
pro.c to be dangerous ol- suspicious
characters will bo Interned.
A   new camp is  being  ei
at   Banff,  while  the  cue  nt
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
hums nre closed men buy more clgnrs
.md tobacco hi Bpita of the frantic
effort made by tlie liquor business
within the past few mouths lo persuade ml.ueen dealers nud growers
ihui ii Is in iheir Interest to flgltl pro-
nihil ion.
In fuel, outside ihe liquor business.
thero Is not a single Industry, line I * /'L'M'I'l l,' I AVATTVW
If in.de or business lhe Interests of \A W__.11J_ LAAA11VJ_
which would be adversely affected bv i POT.   I ITT I [(' 0\'li'<
prohibition, The c< ",��� ��iii nol make ' ' UK  U ' ' Ij1"  WiN,'h
whiskey barrels or heir barrels, but '	
tho demand ror flour burrels will bo Baby's Own Tablets nro n genlle
much greater. The muniil'acturer ot laxative. They are absolutely safe
inloon bars will find his market gone, 1 nnd  are  so  pleasant   in  nctiou   Hun
tut will llnd a bigger market for home  oiir.'0 ihe  niol-hor bus used  lhe r
furniture  opened.    The    man    who Ille1' l"li'' '""'' slle  "'il! IH'"'1' "Ka'"
iiilds buildings for liquor selling uml ; l'l's'"'1 '" Ihal harsh, Ill-smelling-, bad
liquor mnklng will build factories and   tnsllng ciiBlor oil,    which   baby    al
ways  t'oughl  iiguinsi    laklu
a ecu-
and  wbiskev bottles  will  make milk  "'"''"lm tlie Tublcts with n smlln and
lioitles | thousands of mothers tell us their lit
All iiii- Is determined bj the simple ! "'' "l:i"* wl" '���""'���' '''"' ll"'1"'   'n'"> :i,v
nil ��� ihal the people nre going to buy  sl,!'! l|.v medicine dealers or by mall nl
the things Iliey want, the necessities.!-''' ''  I.n-; Irom The Dr. Williams'
comforts, and luxuries of life and Hun i Medicine Co., Hroekville, Onl,
iheir  Iniylng will  bo enormously  in- ...
creased  whan  tlto liquor traffic stops      Shells  Destroy  Marks on  Graves     j
robbing them." Tlial  tbo  problem  ol  marking  [he
When ii  brewery  in  Wesl   Virginia  graves ol' soldiers who have fallen on
wns  closod  ii   wus converted  Into a   the battle rroni  is a difficult  o
packing    house,    whieh  Immediately  shown     by  an  announcement   mado I
mploymenl   lu    ten    limes as  from the office of the British secretary
Wc have bee n making matches
lur 61 vents iiii\-. I lomestic
and c\ erj other kind.
Some of our specialties are
ul! inch stick-"! Ill-' H>m ���
STUM-  TORCH"  for     it-
door use    "W.W \ IS I   .S"
for   Ihe   smoker,   and   uth��
For  home   use   the   i
popular match is the "S11 l*.N 1
ri," bill for e\ et j  use
BUY     *
itiry ago,  devised  and  used   two per-j nany ineii as the brewery bud  ever  of war und published recently Iii li
smp.tions whieh were almost   unfailing. | lone. -Il   Amolt, M.B., M.CP.S. London  newspapers,    The annotinc
  i menl Bays no speciul crosses enn I
Consumption  of Meat   received for transit und explains thai
know n gruves u''n marked  by small
wooden crosses treated wiih creosote
in muke [bent waterproof.
sinii to restrict consumption fo own.      Most of the gruvea, explains the :ii
This schedule us  forwarded  hi   liciil-
Unsterdum   correspondent,    foi-
-; freejoallsjifferer;
, :,'....���.       ....
srrite to   F��__
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery   eral council in pursuance of tho deci-
Ou July in. 1430, an ai". ci'as pi
bv thc iiritisii parliament forbidding i ���      , , , ,    ,       ,       ,
klssiug owing lo the  pestilence rag-  la. tt }oni��. l"d,-bio01  l""^'1' that am��
Ing over England and France. That  Rlmples',b,'      ^ ,'T'"' i     ""'"' n'"p"
Is the only enactment passed against' *-�����<-* diseases ol Ihc skin.
kissittu- in Greal  Britain;  hul In several countries   there   ore   stringent, _      ,..,.,,
regulations  against  kissing   In   pub- }?"��� ricteoa I'avpnle Prescnntton���this  ants shall offer no meat, such as fowl
l[c'^ ; is a soothing nervine,   lor gu-Is about to   or dlsheH  cooked   in  lard,  bacon  or
The   Bavarian  Slut-.  Railways  for-1 enter womanhood, nml for tlie days of  drippings,
bid kissing on tlieir railway system,  middle age Dr, Pierce's Favorite Pre-      "Tuesdays   i
.Nothing stands as high to-day in (he
-stimatinii   of  thousands  of  women  as I
".Mondays und Thursdays   Itestaur-
jiul  lhe  New  Vork  Central  Hallway I scnption should always beton hand.   In
Company now   littild    in    connection  hqui*or tabids.   Wrtlo Dr. Pierce, In-
With   every   new   station   n   "l.-l9stn_    valid    i !"��� ���������.. I.',':.!! '   '    >���
passengers    ure    requested  to   lake .
leave   of   their friends,   and kiSB to  50c  (or  Btamps).   Citsloms  July  and   sold."
the limit of tlieir emotion. mailing prepaid, ...
One    of   tha French  railway emu-i    _     ...      .'   .... _ .. ..    ,    "Would
ago    promulgated
iiied platform, where I    Dr.  Pierce's Medical   Ulviser,  cloth-1 meats In homes,
bound, sent free to you on  receipt, of      "Saturdays    P.
id   Fridays    Butchers
shall sell no raw or cooked meals.
'"['litis  fur ike  federal council  hns
placed  nn restrictions on cooking of
shall      nnt
panics  two  vents  ago    promulgated I    Dr. Pierces Plcasan- Pellets are ths   bote
I bvlaw bv which kissing was added   original  littlo   Liver Pills.    Ihese  tiny,
to tbe list* or things banned, but the  sugar-coated,  antl-bihous  granules~-t_e
physicians    of Milwaukee aboul  the  f.���11��� ,,in''.'h'' aisiea]   '"   nice.   One
same time weal a step further, ami  "'J'0 ���p.cl)cl )or :l lasalive���three for a
prepared a bill (or the absolute sup-1 cathartic
presslon of kissing    on    the ground'     ,      _.    ~~    ~~        ~      *
of    the practice being a  menace to , Takes Time t0 s,!t "P German Gun
health. !    The   Amsterdam   Telegruaf   learns
ou like some views of Ibe
i -end in your friends?"
[or in
nouucenient, are within the range of
the enemy's shell (Ire. So much Is
ibis true thai mosl of the crosses are
destroyed frequently and buve i(, bo
replaced from u carefully kepi, register
ui' the burial places as soon as the
graves can be reached. Under those
conditions the war office says ii wuuld
be impossible n. set up anything like
permauenl markers until conditions
are more sen ind.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper,
Sanitation     Saves    thc   British   Army
Britain's splendid sanitation and the
the renttdj tot VOt*n 0'
Nt*'(olio** mi ���' ���- ���J**'   N      '   *
MKD '-'".'! .VMS    ���   ��� '
��1.   WAN 1    IO   ff.'. |I   IIII
71 i  ���
___i l_r_i '.   * 1
Sou etlunsr   belter   man   :   ���  ��
liinuli)   Inns      Wash   It   wit -  '
*a;r-i.     All   sur���  -
tint site    For ���".'���:  we ���������
US Frasas- A,anus, Tofomo. 0<iun��
"Sir." suid the disgruntled guest, "I   S...!6?6'10,���6'11 ll"alllll',!ll,"s,s   ,of  ll," ,
    i,  ��� ui ,. . ,.,.,,  ,.. I n.-ltish army is a saving feature in   gray hair to natural ctrfour, or mom
prosttnio    ii  will h i belli
Iteep my vit ws in myse
Dr  .remain's Natural Hair i-
used ;is directed is guaranteed to resreu
| tlie following official details concern-
"Honesty Is lhe besl   policy," said   Ing the 4*i-centltnetre guns of tlie Cler-
the ready-made philosopher. ] man artillery:
"Of course it Is," replied .Mr. Dus- Two hundred men nre necessnry tor
tin Slav. "Mui. the public doesn't al- j each gun- The mounting takes 27 to
ways realize it, Jtosl people would -'8 hours, bb every gun is composed of
rather be cheated a little In an affable ! '"- l)ai'ts' Tl1" complete gun weighs
way than do business with n person 88,750 kilns, and the foundation plate
ti-hoso'consclence keeps Iiim in a stato 37,600. Twelve railway wagons are
.if Irritation." necessary    for   lhe transport of one
     _        ' single gun.   It   Is   electrically   tired
' ��� ; it,,ni ii dlBlnnoe of 1100 metres,    The
1 projectile weighs Inn kilns nml is |,G28
[metres long.    Riich shol eosls 11,000
eminent iTrcmain Supply tio., Dept.IR loronto
Britain's Btatus  in  tho  present   war, I Winded   Poslttvelyfiot n dye,
according   to  a    siaieniein    by    Sir | injurious.   Price $100 (postpaid).
James   Criebtnii-llniw n
medical authority.
., ,       ,,,        .,    .    , ,      "With u larger   army In lhc llold
When  Nature   Hints  About  tbe   Food   ,jUMl ever hv(n,
,     ��� ,��� ,  ,    ���    ,      , i centago of disc
\\ lien there s no relish lo food and
ull thai one eats doosn'l seem lo do
any gootl Ihen Is tho time lo make a
turnover In  thc diet, for that's  \u
lure's way ot dropping n bint thai tho
in says, "iii" peris lower Ihan  In
] times of pence."
sir "fames called attenlion lo the
fuel Hun although a million men
had been rejected lor physical defects
during the lirsl year of tlto war, ihese
men all hud beeu born from eighteen
In fori v   years ago,    in tlle    day's of
in...I isn't the kmd required.
"Hit u number of years I followed
railroad work much of it being office m,,,,,,-,.,., sanitation, when dlsen
��vorlc of n trying nature, Aleal limes ' preValoiil and weni unchecki
ner.. our busiest; and eating too much
uml too quickly of food such us is commonly servod iu hotels und restaur
nuts, together with the sedentary hub-
is, were not  long in giving nie dys
it'iuti u dtstanco i
tiihiiui  15 miles),
Results from neglected chafing
and skin Irritation. As a preventive and cure there is no treatment lo compare wi'tli Dr. Cliase's
Ointment,   t'se it afiei* tlie ball).
0�� Corns u ll���T. .ill  Healers, nr
Edmanson, Bate* & Co., Limited,
Toronto,   sample free.
W. N. U. 1030
I murks (.$���>,750), The range of tho guns   pepsin nud stomach [rouble which ri ���
| may be estimated from tlto fad  that   duced   my   weighl     from   205  to   180
forts at   Uego    were    destroyed   pounds,
it 22.8    kilometres      "There   wai    little   relish   in any
food uml mine of ii seemed to do me
any good,   it. seemed the more 1 nto
i    Foi- Burns and Scalds,    lir. Thomas'  the poorer I gol und was always liun-
|Eclectric Oil will take the (ire oul of Uiy  before another meal, no matter
i liiiiii or scald more rapidly than nny ' hoiv much I bud eaten.
preparation.    It   should   be  at I    "Then 1 commenced a trial ot Orape-
hand in every kitchen so that, it may  \uls food, and was surprised how a
lvailoble at any time.   Tliere is no  small   saucer   of 11  would carry me
preparation required,   .lust apply lhe  along, strong uud with satisfied appe-
oil to the burn or scald uud the pain   tlto, until the nexl menl, with no son-
iibuie and in n short time cease sations��of hunger weakness or dls-
I tress as before.
������  |    "1 have been following this dlel now
Lauds Russ Temperance J fur several months and my improve-
'I'he editor of the Russky Slovo, who ment hns been so great, nil the other
The Pill That Leads Them All.
Pills my the mosl portable uud com-
pad of nil medicines, and when easy
to talte ure tlio most acceptable of
1 preparations. Bul they must attesl
their power lo he popular.   As Parol
"Il wen -.in nccldeul, your
".\u  accident,  you   I ull ���.    Do
dare i" stand tin re and   ���
vmi can strike your wit
fori    ;i.  to bn   ���      i    ilr ovei
"Yus;   I  ne
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Colds, &.c.
A   no el     iggi
revenue foil tin    rar fron
en, ii i,.,    ,.        en  madi   li
It is stigge ded that i   |
be   levied   In   lhe   i ise  0    i     TV li
man, Ausl rbm 1, i!       shing I
reside  within t!     I
���le,'.':.   Vegetable l'ills are  the  most Io( lht'  l,rltis    ' :';r       ���
lopubir  of all  pills 'tbey  must   mpBt   lent!|   -*1-.'  :!     '"''  :'' .'":
all requirements. Accurntelj
pounded and composed of ingredients
proven to be effective in regulating
the digestive organs, there is no surer
medicine to be hud anywhere.
A Henry looking tramp meekly lapped on tlie buck door of a suburban
residence. "Lady," he said almost
tearfully. "1 don'i wani you to think
I'm a regular tramp, L'utila few weeks
ago l hnd a good hand laundry, bul ii |
failed me. nnd since then I
scarcelv hud enough in eat."
the pi
has made a personal tour of the roads In my family have taken up tlio use "Thai is too bad:" responded the
on which there is u great, congestion  of Grape-Nuts with complete satisfac-  good woman us she began to give the
tion and much Improvement in health.
".Most,    people out hurriedly, bave
ts of worry, thus hindering diges-
of refugees from western Russia
writes of Hie terrible conditions ,pre
iiiini some food.    "How did the laun-
"Jl  was  this  way,
he nnswerei
But,"   he   adds. "w*e bnvo to thank  Hon und therefore need a food that is I stuffing the rood Into his pocket, "sin
lhe work of public organizations, the, predlgested and concentrated in nour-
mild autumn with lute rains, and the Ishment"
temperance of the people for tlie fact     "There's a Reason."
that   th"  crisis   is  passing  without     Name given by Canadian   Postum
grave  disturbances.    To  temperance 1 Co., Windsor, Ont.
more than  lo any olher factor is due]     Ever read the above letter? A new
the  heroic  calm  which  the  homeless | one appears from time to time    Tliey
wanderers are pursuing their melan-lare genuine, true, and full of human
Cboly  pilgrimage-" I Interest.
tired of workln' and went houii
ber mother."
Applicant���I've gol a be ul full nf
ideas, sir, thul would come in bandy
in the management ol yenr business
Bo ��� ��� 'I., nearby elprk l Here, Jack,
tuke this ohap down to lhe unloading
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can quickly be overcome l;y
Purely *
���act .utel)
gi-ntly en tl
liver. Cure
I lead-
ness, aud Indigestion,    Tl.i y  do  t!,. i A.
Small Pill, S.-noll Daic, Smsll Prke.
Genuine mmtbeai Signature
Letter to the Editor
\c       -._  1.   . ?. ha. install-] an
 _toge.-*!t>iis   /ek^ig vuthi
)   ��.ii��-�� Uo-Acetylene System
Something that has lieeu badly needed in this district for a
longtime, as then ar*. thousands of dollars worth of castings
if every descripti m i'i cast iron, brass, uliiniiniiin, malable,
soft Steel, etc., th; iwn away every year, that could be made
.is strong anl cvetl stronger than when new for lea:; than half
what a new one costs Anj thing from a stove lifter to a
crankshaft bring it along we eau fix it
Telephone L46 COURTENAY
- -
- ��� '���
*-*'  .
��& J'.;-.).;. ^SfeC':vV-.-": A. ���'. 'SA'*pj
We are open  to receive applications
oans ni   Improved Farm
Property in  the Comox
isurnnce and
i D .ui
i ,s
a ..;'':
r       "   .hi .'!,
ell:   HOTEL
Comox, li. C.
Best Meals North of Nar.ianio
Clioicf.it Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
|      Dear Sir, -Sonu two years ...-tn l was
j   attacked rn;lii ami lell   because   I onl.I
I   not see eye to eye wil     the ProliibitioM-
5   ists and urned  tin  u<-!:iiiK-  man's club
,   instead   Una to be cuiiducteil on similar j
lines to lim I Grey's system in ItiiKland, i
tit for a cusii-nin,!!:.;, i  or n  duke,   \m- 11
furnished witli couiforiubie chairs, tables
and bright pictures,   well  coo'ced meals |
with whiskey,   beer,   tea and  cofTeo tu
di Inks ; music ami jinn's chess nr doin
nc,is if unu wishes.    1j,,ii i  forget that
under this   s> stem  eleven   millions (.1
customers were served iu Ien years without a single  prosecution,     Vou  kindly
helped nie  air my  grievance through
your columns, nnd 1 now wish to ex] less
my admiration (or the Hon. Mr. Menu, le in having the courage oi his convictions that II. C, through the Provincial House, will do that which is thought
best ill regard to prohibit!) U and no'
take Alberta, Manitoba or any other
province ns a pattern card. He ii" doubt
believes his own Judgment to be as reliable as theirs and content to make his
own mistakes rather than theirs, 1 slmi'
fighl for the working in.in, of which I
ant one, W" want and inuv'. have our
club, BflUte as tin' rich. With hb it is
not a case of accepting Mobsou's choice,
the meaning ol which 1 find is nol generally known. " liol,son's choice "
is the compulsory .'-��� 'ptnnce of the
thing offered, is nn   Ltuglislt   proverbial
phrase which had its origin  in ibe cir-   ',	
cutnslancc of  thc  lilrimj ul hors s by a
Cambridge inn!;       n   named llobsou to      i
tnke the horse   lb iL _ irest  Lhe   ��� '
stable door, "tli..' i i none.'
If on iii re,,,ri lo alcoholic drinks to
red in our cl vv i liould like lo
see an Act passed tills coming session (or
all German uiclliods in lhe brewing of
beer in B.C. bi .1. ,-, 1.
but barley aud Imps grown ill the province tu be used. This would increase
agricultural production and nt the same
time make a genuine food and drink.
The very best ui b er enn be brewed for
_..e a gall m, nud this retailed for He per
half pint woulil show a very handsome
profit, To cut out the watered stock
brewery and the fake thev sell it would
be necessary for the government to revert back to Dickens' clay and issue licenses to those who would run theft*own
inns with a mallhouse and brewery attached ; it would then lie iiie survival of
lite fittest, the one who brewed the best
stuff, B.C. scents to tne lo be very ideal
for brewing tlie best of beer, the chief
essentials being good, well grown barley
and bops, but both must be bright in
color. Tins brill rs to my uiiud llut in
the rainy years of 1S79 and 18S0 in Kngland when tlle crops were ruined, I saw
in tlie railway sidings at Burton i-u Trent
cars loaded with California barley, a mile
in length, which had been shipped round
tbe Horn. It was as br III us silver.
This was prior to the Gen s introducing their substitutes, but 1 i ,ry repeats
B.C. being practically   a new country,
and i,nly in the i takiii]    it sl ouhl be an
easy matter for tli   I       rn  ".nt toe ut
to terms with the feu   stock  companies
Get "Moro Money" for your Foxes
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver, Lynx, Wolves,
Marten and other Fur bearers eolltotod in yonrleotlon
house In lhe World dealing exclusively in N0R1 IMEI ��� I.-..,' _
arelluble responsible -..,- t-'ui -1;,:-.,:,, ui ti I enn'shed reputation esi'.iin... for "mni rt third i. intury," a lotiflt sue-
cenaf ul reconl of sending -iir.Shipp-rsprnniot,SATISFACTORY
AM, PROPlTABbK rt nrna. Write for "true Abubect Sbblvvtr,"
the uuiy ruliiible, aceurato market report an.l prlcolistpubllalieu.
IVrll- lor R���NOW- if�� FREE
Dopt.C 68 CHICAGO, U.S.A.
Buggies and Express Wagon
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold ut lhe Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Parrlaa*. Builder COURTKNAY
IrOgger's Shoes made to order.
Ir  North and South, in East
and West,
nothing Aston's Handmade Shoes will ���
stan 1 the Test.
Courtenay    Hotel
Comfort  With Moilarnta   Rates
Bert Wiiu
und Llijiu,
Palace Lively
&'FeedS tabic
j.s  and  Buggies  for   Hire   u,
Terms casb.
I  Cumberland Hotel
flood Accomodation      Cusliie Hxeelleu
W m. Merryiield
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courteuay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
c. e   mr,'.Yr _;>.'���;. prop.
Willard's Harness Emporium
W'e   ulso  attend   to  wood hauling  5j'nf   [l
Harness Repaired Neatly
JAS' rSliSy S0N    iW. W. WILLA J
Horse   Blankets,   I,.,.
, Suit 0. '.-.. .
; Barrister
���here are ill the   province, so  us  not to   Courtenav
inflict ;i loss on the shareholders.
The lirst and only time  I   ever heard    :
that beautiful king fisher bird the "lnufjll-
ing jnckass" was some years  ago in the
Phone 2s
W. H. Kirkwood and Allan ii
have   returned   from    the
Cumberland . :.i CciuLc:  /
- -  -
,  *
has a c
nl ��� J-v.
it ibl�� r
backwoods in the outskirts of a villagein   Kelvi
Australia 300 mil  i from   u   licensed 11-
C   Urtenay    .nor town, where I came across a bunch
of men sleeping   oil   thc   effects of bud
��� -   -       whiskey bought through blind pigs.  AI)
first impression of the 1 ngli of litis bi  I   favors; you will  In
M  rtMfc -: "is ;- .:-!i,
on being '. ild w.iat il \vn     1 came lo ll
lonclusion that it was uii u    '������ r the tin
Let no one   over
vors ; you will
> ufferable btirder
t\ foolish   wotuau   wil
sl iti.in will i
llery, Etc,
Courtenay, Dec,
.���ours tru) h
make a ;
wise niiin appear ridiculous in more i
ways than oue, It works' the other i
wav too. I
- v. its
I. .  ':*��� :
_U-!_*_1      _' -
I  - Coui i   ���, Jev,
will lie Divil
The "Rustics" desire to thai
. '1 win kindly helped the! l 1 y gi
tug cakes, etc., also the storekee
ers for their donations and ail ot!
ers who assisted on Fridt ��� last.
is p-A^TTf'^
fobacc ).
tn's Ok) Stand, Cc
0    _
. ei v B st
ii ..��� ,
.uul ii
in  ,.. |.,. . u
'. i s; it siii woik r	
.��� follows:
Bridget per Tooth $4
22Kar t GolCrom <!4w d
'���'. hy -Imulil i-ou par out- oonl
��� mi  .'   Know, Hint Derides saving j'o ��� "on, ..i tn^llr, i work of
'i   li' tii nitab'y,    I : ��� rsnually
i 'in . "'itiie ot snii-f
ii i-u    hi Absolute.
nly llu hls-l. -it uridc
mntci .. I , mploj - v Mm
sn-' ikilled iir'isans. .My urine
in' $1     ���.�� Sm ���nieii    "eliiwp'
'." 1'  Oil!'        I,n   |) ,���.
:' - nl lc:     ..ii  I      ������   inv
In ��� nil        ... ,,..s'i lid
nie ���   nv yo   m    ������    '
-.   ^lOre   the Mission   Church on  Christinas
.-.    .   v   I 11:30 a. 111., aud on Suudi
sary   wlien  Bread  fron
There will lie Divine
.,1..t,i aud two   women  named
!    .illafl were caught by Constable
iere will be a celebration  Hnuuay this evening, selling laces,
>f   1 A Ci nn ttiuion     1 O'.iO a. m.  cU   "itho,,t n llcn5S-1       ho>' ,veA
'and Evens ng 1      30 i>. m. to Cumberland and   ordered
All interested i    the (.ranthnin  t,; ke out a license,  and pay the
1,... ,alteud   a      ,. of the prosecution,
'. tailing bee on Monday next, or if'    The Rev E. P, Laycock  rl isirei
.. ���   ivcather   is inclement   on t'.ie  to acknowledge   with   thai
-,t fii :,' ���) thereafter, gift of $3 for Belgium   i. iii ���  ,
���'-���-���  (the Royston school children,    Al.
Use Our Telephone | $10.00 for sand bags and
the , , .
four Country Ne
lou, Boys
"i he Comox- . tlin
Regim   t
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��� m I. - - - ���
I  of his legs   amputated, and    in an have,    Mr. Matthewson   threatei
i I .' iew   aid that he had'nocom- to make an   example of   the n_..
M  plaint   to   make   ot his  treatment motorist   who   tries   to   run   him
J   while in the German hospitals. down
Pftp '_.w.ffl__mi 1
I If '
���'��� 1
ii: 1
t Hi


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