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The Review 1916-12-21

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 , ��**����������������������*���**��� i    ���������������������������������� ������-���*****���*���****���;
Can not be done any Idler,   and J
nut quite so  well t_nv\\ ������' > ���-  ulsii ��
hereabouts.   Our wtie anil uiiwhhi- |
ury it complete ami The  It' r low X
prices .ire ri,'ln |
Classified Ads.
Make   y-wr  little   \Viuii_   known
throng- a Cwmlfied Ailvi-rti-uin.11     I
in The liuview   ���   ���   -   Phono ft!)     i
VOL. 5
Valuable Ho... Effects, includ
ing Piano, for Mr. Monahan, trre Orchard, Courtenay.    No reserve
Saturday, Dec, 23rd, 1916
at 1 o'clock Prompt
Saturday, Jan.   13
30 head Dairy Cattle Chickens, Hay, Straw Roots
for Mr. E. A. Mitchell, Courtenay
Telephone 10
* ���     fi
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
��� _������
It is becoming more and more
necessary that everyone practise
rigid economy during the period of
the war, in order to conserve the
resources of the Empire.
This econouy should be especially emphasized in the purchase of
Xmas gifts. Something useful
should in every case be substituted
fot something merely ornamental.
Can you think of anything more
useful than some Electncal appliance to lighten the labor of the
home, something the usefulness of
which becomes more apparent with
every day ot use
We would be very glad to quote
you exceptionally reasonable prices
on all Electrical Appliances, and
would strongly advise you not to
leave this till the last moment as
the supply of manufactured articles
is becoming very uncertain,
Courtenay Electric
Light, Heat and Power
Company Limited
P. S.���We will give a cash dis-
count of 25 per cent, on all appliances purchased from now to Xmas
Loci'.! Lines
John Duncan arrived home from
Victoria on Tuesday evening.
The Princess Patricia will leave
Union Bay on Friday at 3 o'clock
for Vancouver direct,
The Secretary of llie Patriotic
Society reports donations lollie locnl Red Cross l'uiul us follows;
Mrs.  McPhee $1,00
Mr, 0. E, Jackson   (proceeds
of Graiithaui school concert    17.05
Mr E, Fletcher has kindly provided n treat for nil 111 *_* children
atlendilig the Courtenav schools,
and they are invited to call, at R.
Grieves candy store at any lime on
jSaturdny and receive the same, No
doubt Mr, Fletcher's role of .Santa
Glaus will In- greatly appreciated
by tbe youngsters.
dpi, Lallan, late of Comox, has
returned to this district to recruit
for the B. C. Co, 230U1 Forestry
Batt, This popular branch of the
service is recruiting rapidly and
lhc 238th expect lo leave for overseas early in the New Year. Cpl,
La ban will be pleared to give any
information de_it'ed by those anxious lu join .the Foresters on en-
quiriugj'6 hiib fit the office of j\'r.
G, J. Hard)',
"Lumber is as necessary as ammunition."
,Lost���Small Jersey Heifer about
11 months old, with small hole iu
right car. Finder communicate
with J. Carthew, Comox.
Full size Mahogany piano- good
condition. $100 cash. Apply
Review ollice.
Young pigs for sale. For particulars, phone 79 f, Courtenay-
Lost���Dark Jersey heifer, age 1
year ten months old. Branded ou
left hip, A. I Owner. A, Ibbotson,
Happy Valley,
For Sale Cheap���House in Orchard lately occupied by Dr. Morrison, Small cash payment balance
to suit customer. Apply A. H.
Peacy, Cumberland.
Welding���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,   Ford Garage.
Ford Garage for Nobby, Goodyear and Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles for
Anglican Church Notes
4th Sunday in advent, Dec.   .4.
11 a. m. Matins and Holy Communion
at Cumberland,
(. 3 p, m.   Sunday   school,   St.   John's
3 p. ni. Evensong and Sermon,  Lazo.
7.15 Evensong and Sermon at St.
Peter's, Comox.
7.30 Evensong and Sermon at St.
John's, Courtenay.
�����,7.30  Evensong   and  Sermon   at St.
St. Mary's, Grantham.
Christmas Day���
9 b, m. Matins and Hjly Communion
at St. Peter's Comox.
11a. m Matins and Holy Communion
at St, John',, Courtenay. '
10,30 a. m. Matins and Sermon, at
St. Mary's Grantham.
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery  and
Soft Drinks.
in connection
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Bert Grieves returned home from
the Prairies on Saturday,
A dance will be held in ihc   Agricultural Hall on Christinas iiii
II. S. Clmm nt*. M. I'    was   in   lown
(ar n tow hours ou Tuesday.
The date ol the Civic Blectlons
pi tee 1 11 Im. 7 f��n nomination,
elections ou Jan. 11.
Mrs, Henry Mitchell   has moved      Word reached town on Satu
into town.* aud taken a house ou the night  thai   Lieut.
ni   tli
would at'rive at Comox on Sund " -
boat, but 'Alien   the   boat   arrived
��� sn  Bob was not on it
Th inian Henry Richards, the iu-
fant son of Harry Rich trd i. ag   I 3
Aid. T. E. Bate has announced !-moiiths 4 days, died
linisclf a candidate fort'ie Mayor
Lake Trail.
Miss Stella Sackville   li
appointed   night   operator
Telephone office.
Wednesday, the gtii in.-t     Tl    �� -
mains rt-er   iutei re ' in  In Otu
luud cemetery on Thursday.
Notice to  Credit: i
Estate   of    lhe late  George
/l   I.I. \H 1-0.18    1
\    the I'i t ite of tlie  abi ve  de
wl 0 (1 i"l ut H  rn   1  I lai       I    '
luiiiLr i, 011 iii- ��� ��� ���-1 ila* 1 ���
hereby   required   lo   send
thereof duly verified to thi   ui
on or l�� lore the   10th    i  -   ol
1917, aftct which date thi '.'.   ��� it
proceed lo distribute the   assi ts
said deceased, havingreg
claims ol w11 i.r11 the. sho ' ���' ���
George H.
wood, i'A-e
dav of De
\Sh g  Cl
Building, V
for   William G
Harwood, ar 1 81
trim's ol >aiil dec
chair in Cumberland,
Hardy & Biseoe held .1 stiti ssful
sale at the Courteuay O.h ������ on
Friday last for Mr, II, N   Birch.
Clinton Wood left on   Thursday
for Salmon Arm to attend   the fit
tieral of his father, who died   slid
denly at that place  on   Tlimsda^
The Children's Chiisimns Tr.i
will be held ill the I'n cri-i
churcli on Saturday evening, itintn
Claus will be on hand to dislriUitt
The anniversary church simper
will be held in the Presbvlerian
church Ou Thursday evening. Jan.
4. A lecture on Ni ignra I'alls wil
be illustrated by colored views,
The Women,* Institute wishes
all library books to be sent in before Xmas. They may lie left with
Miss Dency Smith Courtenay
Mrs. Parkin, Sandwick, or at the
Womens' Institute on Tuesday I
between 3 and 4. |
A beautiful bouquet of cal ....
was sent by the  Superiuteud_yit of
the E. & N. Ry  to   be   presented 1
to Miss Jean Beaslev ou the occas- I
ion of her singing the song   which
she composed, -'Goodbye   Daddy'
but by some misunderstanding the
(lowers were not   presented   until
after the performance, I
There wit! be a special Christmas
Service at the Presbyterian church
on Sunday   evening   next,    The
Choir has been working hard on ! If yOU feel good, AU is Good
some new music for th: occasion, J ft--,...- ���..,��� ..**,
and the church will be appropriate-1 Braces you up
lv decorated,   The following  an-
thems will be sung: "The New | fl/\ I'I IT|I1 p AiMP
Born King," Morrison, 0 Come K| I KH K I \l l|>| \
to My Heart,"   Diessler,   "Shout J **w**dJM*t*\\ s\ l_/Vr**l V
the Glad Tidings." Dressier, ���--_'-___,������������._���_    ********_-__.-__.��
SternT;��willbe i,lustrated by DRUG STORl
A Thing of Beauty
is a Joy Forever
NyaFs Face Cr.   a
25 and 50c
Nyal's Beef &!*-. %
$1 per Bottle
V-^      By-The-Yard
Here ii a floor covering, dainty in design
and coloring, that coitt less than printed
linoleum. It il easily laid, require! no
fastening, and is very durable. \,
Congeleum Is splendid (or kitchen floors.
Repeated washing cannot injure it.
Tile,  matting, floral and conventional
designs, suitable for any room.
C-uolMm Rug Berd.i. art remarkable Imitation, ol poll-hal oak. Come la ud nt 1U1 _nr
saaluir toot corctiBf.
Courtenay Furniture Store
Comox Creamery
55c per lb. this week
Chas. Simms
has opened his new store in Courtenay.
New Goods suitable for
CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, in great variety
Reliable Goods at Reasonable Pricse
L i mi-m-ii -���������t���
..,l-_*_-rl___..i-...ttr_ll_"*i). .>,��������_ _.__���.
:: LADY ���
M ��,.,).���;, a &,,_��
I tVfc - . . ..���>-..W-r._,.���J.<r,.vHl.��_i..-J_!-ja.-
.I'liul had lold liie. valel to fetch Iris
tiling's out of Iiis room, so that he
should ii"i risk another meeting with
the wifc who had renounced him, But
lie >���_' not ni ���nicer get on with his
packing, With a set, white face, ap-
preciaUng to Llic full the hitter truth
that lie was an exile for ever from
the society which had made him so
heartily welcome, and oi which lie
had proved himself so unworthy, he
lingered about the house, having for
excuse the fact that Mr. Jackson was
out, antl that lie could not well, without exciting unnecessary gossip, leave
without bidding his host good-bye,
Down in his heart, perhaps, there
lay hidden lhe hope that llis wife
might so far relent as lo send for
him to bid her good-bye. lie would
not ask for this favor; he would not
acknowledge lhat hc desired it, but
the chances arc thai the. wish was
there. But there came down to him
no message from I.ady Ursula. She
did not make her appearance at luncheon, and everybody knew that she
was ill and that she was keeping her
own room.
In the meantime, Paul was rather
hard put to ii for an excuse for his
own conduct in remaining downstairs
while his wifc was invalided. He
had already made il known that hc
was summoned to town, but as there
was no good train till three o'clock,
he could not avoid'meeting the house
party at luncheon.
Then he gave lhc best account he
could of his wife's indisposition.
"She had a fright, I think. A gipsy
or something. I found her lying on
the ground al the foot of the lull in
a dead faint, and luckily Eastling was
not far oil���and we got her up to thc
house together. She had belter be
quilii quiet for a few hours. Then,
] think, she'll be all right."
This was the best explanation he
could give, anil lo do him justice he
gave it SO badly, with so much hesitancy and obvious lack of case, that
his brother-in-law fell softened toll arils hint.
Caul could feel, even if he had
greatly sinned.
There, was indeed a general sense
of uneasiness abroad. Rumors had
bein dying about of some sort of a
quarrel between I.ady Ursula and her
husband, as was inevitable, since the
lady's maid had been in the room at
lhe. lime of her mistress's recovery.
Everybody tried very hard to talk
more than usual, and tiie. conversation was disconnected and difficult to
keep up.
When luncheon was ovcr, a message was brought to Lord Hastling
that I.ady Ursula wanted to speak lo
him, and he went upstairs. 1'aul, nervous as a schoolboy summoned to ihc
headmaster's room, hung about die
hall and staircase, hoping to be sent
Hut thc minutes passed and no one
came down to him, and tlle faint hope
he had been cherishing of a last word
With his  wifc died away.
II Paul pictured his wife as stern,
unbending, coldly thrusting him oiit|
(rom her heart and resolved never to
exchange a word with a man who had
proved so unworthy, nothing could
have been more ludicrously unlike the
She had known so much about his
past     life.     Itlld   she   had     believed   so
firmly in his Rood faith when he assured her that il was done with, that I
tiie sudden discover- ol the lies with
which he had satisfied her, of llie horrible- compart into which he had entered, .nirl the fresh crime which it
had involved, went nigh to over*
whe Iniing In r,
As event  afler  event  Hashed into
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Medicine1'���but used lnsiHiceMf ul .byaiciatisr
Practice f..r many year. How dedicated io
���lie Public* nr.-l H���!d |,y Dt-nggllta nt .Vc -icr
Untile. Murine* BjO Salve in AseptlU Tellies,
Sic nud Mo. W.-ite tnr book nt the K.ic Free.
MurinaEye HcuiedvCorn.rj'iy  _l-ico.o   \ilr
her mind, connected with the jewels
which he had given her, as she remembered that her had lorn them
from their settings, thrown lhe sellings away, thai he luul examined the
windows where imitntion pearls were
displayed, and bought what she now
knew lo be moil, pearls while In was
-laving wilh her in town, lhc whole
ugly story seemed 10 he revealed to
her eyes in a series of Hashes, and
she Bat, sick at hearl, shivering and
utterly miserable and hopeless, in
front of a good lire which SCCmcu lo
have no power to warm her,
She had dismissed lier maid, and
refused lo lei her sisler slay wilh her.
lady Emmeline, who had extracted
enough of the slory from her brother
lo understand thai lhc marriage
wliicli had seemed so happy had re-
sullei.1 iu failures and chaos, avoided
Hugo, who was most anxious lo discuss I.ady Ursula's illness wilh her,
and kept as much oul of everybody's
way as she could.
I.ady Ursula's strongest feeling
was shame, shame which brought Ihc
red blond into her cheeks at the
tboughl that the man she loved, lhc
man she had chosen, was utterly unworthy.
She thought thai her love was
dead, killed by the horror of the
fraud practised upon her; but yet her
feelings was never more than this:
one of shame for him as well as lor
herself, of sorrow keen and poignant for a loved onc lost, for au illusion destroyed.
Since he could deceive her, tell lies
to her, make her a partner in lhe guilt
of keeping stolen gems, it followed
necessarily, to her innocent mind,
lhat his love, for her was a fraud, too.
If he had loved her he could nol have
treated her like Ihis, could not have
dragged her down to be a sharer in
thc  rewards of bis crime.
And lhe pearls! Oh, he stole ihose,
too, no doubt; stole them, and then
was forced by circumstances to give
them back.
What else had lie done while she
had becn his wife? What other thefts
had he committed, while swearing to
her that hc was leading a reformed
!    She dared not ask.
So for a long while she sat in acll-
; ing sorrow and shame, until a thought
slung her like a goad, and made her
: leap to her feet, and, ringing the bell,
! send a message lo her brother.
When he came he found her with
thc light of fever in her blue eyes,
making up a parcel with trembling
"There's something, Tom, wliicli I
want you to post at once, at once.
You must register it."
"What is it?" he asked, making a
very good guess.
She showed him that she was packing up thc unset jewels which Paul
had given her, mounted in necklace
and tiara and bracelets, as her wedding present.
"I am sending these to Scotland
Yard," she said, "as lost property."
Her brother was startled.
"But my dear Ursula, you can't
have them posted here. Thc first
thing that would happen would be
lhat you would find yourself confronted with a detective, and you
would have to account for having
them in your possession."
"1 don't care, I don't care!" said
she, wildly. "If I have lo account for
them, 1 shall simply say that lhcy
came into my possession without my
knowing where they came from, but
thai on hearing that they were stolen
1 sent ihem to the police."
"Hut mailers could not slop ihere,
you know. You don't want Paul arrested, do you?" '
'lhc parcel fell from birr hands, and
the gems rolled oul upon the little
writing tabic;.
"No, of course 1 don't want lhat,"
whispered she hoarsely.
"Well, then, keep your head. Lct
the matter rcsl a day oi' iwo, and
I'll  find  sonic, way out."
Hut this would not do. The fever
that burned in Iter eyes warned linn
that she must be humored. At last
he- agreed lo lei her make up thc parcel, directed it himself in a feigned
hand lo lhe t.osl Property Office,
Scotland Yard, ami ihen gol her to
enclose- ihc parcel in another wrapper, which he directed to a friend he
could  Irusl  iu  London.
-I'll wire to him lo expect lhe par-
col,'' said Lord hastling, "and 'ell
him tn drop il in the 1'oTt himself.
Wc can't ri*k having it registered,
but it is not likely to be lost. Al any
rale', il won't have, far to go, as he'll
probably post il somewhere near St.
James' Street, where he lives."
The parcel was made up, and Lord
Eastling, urged by his sisler, who
could nol rest until the jewels were
out of her possession, ran downstairs with il.
Al the foot of the staircase he met
Paul, anxious, pale, heavy-eyed.
"How is she?" asked he in a low
"No word  for  nn*,  1  suppose?"
I.ord Eastling shook his head, and
tried to pass. He was afraid of what
Paul would say if lie were lo learn
lhe errand cm which he was bent, and
his very anxiety made him furtive
and eager lo gel away.
"Where arc you going," asked
Paul, "wilh that clumsy parcel?"
Suddenly he. seized il and looked al
the direction,
lord Eastling, hoping thai hr
would not guess what it contained,
affected indifference.   Hm he under
rated tin: intelligence of his brother-     "Oh,   why take   that precaution?"
'"-.!;���*'���    ���      ��� ,,,,,.���, ,     said Paul drily.   "Why not send them
1  see,    saw)  lain bitterly, as he   ,.     .  ,        ,        , , . ,   .    ,.
weighed the parcel in his hand, "she's direct, from I ere, and et Lady Ur*
gelling rid of Ihe lasl thing ,.|,,lt | ^'l'U!ivc a full description of the,d^
could remind her of mc." Ilnquenti      It would care her mind,
"Well, well,"   said I.ord   Eastling, K'."1 i,s} ���*�� J���� ��>�� ��* reach by that
Irving to lake the parkcl back, "whai j '""V s,"l' ��ouh   have put ���p just the
l harrier sue would like to feel between
her and Ihr possibility of my ever
seeing her again."
ouldn'l ex-;
mild   you, '
else could she do
peel her lo keep
when she knew ':"
"She knows nothing," said Paul
shortly, as he gave hack lhe parcel
inlo Lord l.iiMling's anxious hands.
"Who arc you sending ihem In:"
"To Scotland Vara, Through a
"Its nol fair to be. so bitter about
il," said Lord Eastling. "Yon can't
expect her to take such a thing as a
mailer of course. I assure you she is
not harsh or hard."
(To He Continued.)
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ul alter tilling ;hia prescription lor lifieen
���ay. eyerythint. items clear. I cau even read
���DI prim withe iu! gtvuea." It is Mie��eel
wat thousanda v.he, wear glasses can now discard tlte?m in a '..e-onabte time and multitudes
���"ore will be able lo strengthen their eyes
���o as to be spared lhe trouble and expense ol
����er anting fl.ti.e-, Kye troubles ol many
**--.-.ipteneis ma,   be woaderftilly beieeliteel by
following tlen simple rules. Here I* the pi-e-
scription: lio to any active drug Dtora oriel
get a bottle of UonOpto tablets. Drop one
llon-Opto tablet in a fourth of a plass ot
water anel allow to dissolve. Wilh llua liejuiel
Iwthe the eyes two lo four times daily. Vou
should notice yom eyes denr up perceptibly
rtuht Ironi the start arid inflammation will
eiiiie-My disappear. If your eyes are bothering you, even a little, take atctis to save
them now before it is too lata. Many hopelessly blind might have been teared if llicy bad
cared lor their eyes in time.
Note: Anoflier prominent Physician to
whom the above article was t.iiuiuitn-1. saidr
Ittui-Opto ii l very remarkable remedy. Its
constituent Ingredient) are well known to eminent eye specialist., and widely prescribed by
them. Tho manulacturera guarantee it to
strengthen eyesight .10 per cent, in one week's
time in many instances or refund the money.
It can he obt.iincet Irotn auy good druggist
and is one ol the very lew preparations I
feet should be _ri,i net hanil for regtilai use
in almost everv lamely." The Valutas DfUB
CO., Store 6, Toronto, will Ull your ordera ii
VOnr ele uuio-l t ..ne.ot
American   Builders   Plan   ICxtensive
System in Celestial Republic
American railway builders arc plan
j ning lo touch virtually every section
I of China, iu carrying out the agreement for the construction of 2,000
miles of railway which the Chinese
I Government has signed with the
I Slems-Cai'cy company, of Sl. Paul,
I which is financed hy the American
| International Corporation.
North, Central and Southern China
I will he traversed hy lines already
agreed upon under the contracts,
Morc Ihan $100,0011,000 gold will be
required to execute the great project.
China now has only about (i.OOO miles
of railway in actual operation.
MILL, fiEE 8 illlCHELL, I TO.
470 Grain Exchange
Write (or market information.
James Richardson & Sons, Limited
Western Offices     ���      -      Winnipeg, Calgary, Saskatoon
Specialists in the handling of farmers' shipments. Write, wire
er 'phone our nearest ollice for quotations or information.
LIMITED," to insure careful checking of grades. Liberal advances
on bills of lading. Quick adjustments guaranteed accompanied by
Government  Certificates of grade and weight.
You will profit br Sending us Samples end Obtaining onr Ad-Ice as to Bent
Destination before Shipping Your drain, p_r_cal_rly Barley, Oats and Rye.
Established 1857
Men Wanted for the Navy
The Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer
Reserve, wants men for immediate service Overseas, in
the Imperial Royal Navy
Candidates must be sons of
natural born British subjects
and be from 18 lo 38 years
of age,
P A "V $1.10 per d��y and upwards.   Free Kit,
_ Separation allowance, $20.00 monthly.
Apply to Ihe nearest Naval Recruiting Station
orlo the
Department of Ihe Naval Service, OTTAWA.
Is Through the Rich, Red Blood Dr.
Williams' rink Pills Actually Make
The blood is responsible for the
health of the body. If il is good, disease cannot exist. If il is had, the
door is shul againsl good health, disease is hound lo appear in one form
or another. One person may bc seized with rheumatism or sciatica, another with anaemia, indigestion, heart
palpitation, headaches or backaches,
unstrung nerves, or any of the many
olhcr forms of ailment lhat comes
when thc blood is weak and watery.
There is jusi onc certain, speedy cure
���Ur. Williams Pink I'ills. 'i'hey
make new, rich blood, and this good
blood Strengthens the whole system
and brings good health and happiness. Thousands owe their present
pood health, sonic life itself, to the
pills. Miss Dcvina Lalibcrti, St. Jc-
' ionic, Que, says; "Last year 1 sccm-
! ed gradually to grow weak and run
down. I did not sleep well, had a
poor appetite, and grew pal: and generally languid. 1 consulted a doctor,
who told mc I was anaemic, and Rave
me a Ionic. This J took faithfully'
for sonic time, bul il did not help 1
me, and 1 appeared lo he growing!
worse, and finally I was hardly able
lo go aboul lhc house and almost
wholly incapacitated for work. Willie
in lhis co.iditioil a friend advised me
to try Hr. Williams l'ink I'ills, and
1 got several boxes. It was not Ion-,'
after I began their use when I could
see an improvement, which jusl manifested itself in an improved appetite
and better rest at night. From this
on thc improvement was rapid and I
was not long in regaining perfect
health. I think Dr. Williams Pink
I'ills arc a real blessing for all weak
You can gel these pills through any
medicine dealer or by mail al 50 cents
a box or six boxes for $J.'() front The
Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brock
ville, Out.
A Carelessly Treated Cold
is the source of most sickness because drugged
pills, syrups and alcoholic mixtures are
uncertain and unsafe.
Scott's Emulsion has been relied upon by
physicians for forty years as the safe and sensible
remedy to suppress the cold and build up the
enfeebled forces to avert throat and lung troubles.
Don't tolerate alcoholic substitutes, but insist
the Gonulno Scott's Emulsion.  One bottle usually
lasts longer than a cold.   Every druggist has it.    *., ;j
Knew His Place
The busy agent knocked briskly on
the door,
"Who do you waul:" asked the
man who opened il.
"I am looking for the head of the
"Very sorry, sir, but you will have
lo cull again.    The baby is asleep."
Don't Submit to Asthma. -If ymi
suffer without hope of breaking the
chains which hind you do nol put off
another day the purchase of Dr. J. P.
Kellogg. Remedy, A trial will drive
away all doubl as lo its efficiency.
The sure relief that comes will convince you more Ihan anything that
can bc written, When help is so sure
why suffer? This matchless remedy
is sold by dealers everywhere.
Talkative "Fare": And do you think
the laxicab means the extinction of
lhe horse?
Driver: Oh, 110, provided llic horse
gets oul of the way in lime!
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited,
Gentlemen, ��� I have used MINARD'S LINIMENT on my vessel
and in my family for years, anil for
the. every-day ills and accidents of
life 1 cansidcr it has no equal,
I would not start on a voyage
wilhoui il if it cosl a dollar a bottle.
CAPT,  I''.  K. I'l'.SJAI'ni.N.
Schr. "Slorkc,"    St. Andre,    Kamoii-
Question Time
William Jennings Bryan, havini"
concluded one of his lectures on
temperance, announced that il was
now "question lime."
Thereupon a girl rose and asked:
"Mr. Bryan, would you advise Jt
girl to marry a man to reform him?'
"My dear young lady," Mr. Bryan
replied, "the risks arc quite great
enough when a girl marries _ man
who doesn't need to be reformed."
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cut on. cathartici anj purgative?.   TSar *r_
bruUl-barsh-unr-ecessarv. Trv
Purely vegetable. Act
flemly on thelirer,
���limit-ate bil>,and
���oot he the deli-
#t the bow el
Cure Con
Sick flcsJeihf and InJigtstis)*,, ���� mtU'teei  kwsw
Small PUI, Small Dose, Small Prka
Genuine must \xu Signature
"I heard Mr. Suburbs speaking
most beautifully of his wife lo another lady on the train just now. Rather unusual in a man these days."
"Not under llic circumstances. That
was a new cook lie was escorting
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Touched Wood
Sergeant: Now, then, Private' Ho-
gan! Why aren't you holding your
rifle in your proper hand?
Private Hogan: Sine, Oi'vc got a
splinter in me 'and!
Sergeant: Been scratcliin' ycr 'cad,
I 'spose!���Melbourne Punch.
Ferdic: Ma, what would you like
to give nte for my birthday?
Mother: Oh, anything to keep you
Ferdie: Well, nothing will keep mc
quiet but a drum!
Miller's Worm Powders attack-
worms in the: stomach and intestines
at once, and no worm can come in
contact with Ihem and live. They
also correct the unhealthy conditions
in the digestive organs that invite and
encourage worms, setting tip reactions that arc most beneficial to the
growth of lhc child. They have attested their power in hundreds of
cases and at all times arc thoroughly
Stormy Debate
Chief of Mcintosh Clan (indignantly to cabby, after a dispute over the
fare): How dare you speak to mc like
that? Do y< 11 know I'm the Mcintosh?
Cabby: You look to mc more like
thc umbrella.    Ideas
uu-tiiy mid Quickly cured wm.
For sale by All Dealers
Do.e-i.AS ft Co.. Prop'!*. Napai.ee. Oat.
O'Flaherty: Mistlier O'Sttllivan,
will yc shlop and have a frindly discussion on the matter of home ride?
O'Sullivan: It'.t sorry I am, but it's
apt convenient jusi now.
O'Flaherty; Anil why not, honey?
O'Sullivan: Why, to tell yc the
truth, O'Flaherty,' 1 haven't got 111c
ahtick handy.  -I it-Bits.
"He is quite a model man."
"Well, hc has none of the smaller
vices ?"
"What would you call thc smaller
"Oh, I hardly know."
"Stealing   elephants    wouldn't   bc
onc, would it?"
Doctor: You must bc careful and
follow the right directions for taking
this pill.
Pal: G'wan wid yc There's only
wan direction for it to go.���Answers.
Revive   the   Jaded   Condition. ���
When energy (lags and lhe cares of
business become irksome; when the
whole system is out of sorts and
there is general depression, try I'arin-
clcc's Vegetable Pills. They will regulate the action of a deranged stomach and a disordered liver, and make
you fee! like a new man. No one
need suffer a day from debilitated digestion when so simple and effective
a pill can bc got at any drug store.
U.     1133
The Farmer and His Will
Few farmer folks think it worth
while to make a will. That is where
lhcy make a mistake. Every farmer
should attend to Ibis very important
matter, anel do il while he is in possession of all his faculties. That
would save n great deal of trouble
and more than'a little money settling
up the estate. Lawyers find their
picking in cases where the farmer)
passes on without a will. And at the
tunc of doing this, the farmer ought
to bc at peace with himself, bis family and all the world. No will ever
should bc drawn hastily or in a passion; for then a prave injustice might
be done. Most important of all, the
farmer ought to take counsel with nis
wife before he makes any move of
this kind. That is no more than
right.���Farm Journal
��� for something sweet finds
pleasant realization in the
pure, wholesome, wheal and
barley food
(Made in Canada)
No danger of upsetting the
stomach ��� and remember,
Grape-Nuts is a true food,
good for any meal or between
"There's a Reason"
tsoa.ian l_st_m CeretlCo., wl.
Win-sot. Oat
Tell a plump girl she's getting
fat and see whal happens!
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollar* Reward
for any ia<*e of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by   Hairs  Catarrh  Cure.
Hall'fl Catarrh Cure lias befn taken by
cat an It nufferers for (he prist thirty-five
years, and ha.- become known a.** the most
reliable remedy for Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure acts through the Tllood on the Mtirou
surfaces, expelling the Poison from the Blood
! _tid   healing   the   diseased   portions.
After you have taken Hall'-t Catarrli Cure
for a short time you will see a great improvement in your general health. Start taking
Hall's Catarrh Cure at once and get rid of
catarrh.    Send for testimonial* free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. Ohio.
Sold   by  all  Druggists,   75c.
And How to Feed
M..i.t-l   CRN   to   11?    t'Ii:--*lS   t��y
the A i-a--.
118 West 31st Street. Ne* York I
TH-NIWPRCNCHIieMIOV. Nil �����,.���-��
great succcji, CURBS eutopic vvka'c-ie:--'--.. ua" r VRHM
FILr.S EJTIIEI! l*\, I*-ftX''_, 'ISTS Or M *!L. Jl piis. �� -.Tl
toposto ivniTr: POX FftCE booh ro D��. LE CLmia
MED CO fUVERSTOCKRD. I.A-.PSTE-.0 LOtiDOU ��.���*<_���
TRYNKWDKAG:.EirAirEL.:--i'FOaMOF   ea>-���   T"   TAKM
��� Ki: THAT TRApE MAHKEO WORD  ' rf-i.** ���>?-...������,    is on
���Rir.uuvt -Mur A_n .tii i*j___t u��.N..*ts. .-twaur*.
Worth a Guinea
a Box
as a remedy for the evil effects of qatck
eating, over-eating and strenuous living.   The medicine that meets this
i   need-that tones the stomach, stimu*
i lates the liver, regulates the bowels���ft
U,*'"*�� *-������������ ���* A-r Mad-cine, ia |_e W_rl_.
Sold mrrwhen.   In boles. 2S �����_.
All roads that lead to Easy strcel
necil paving.
On Sale Everywhere.���There may
be* counlry merchants who do tint
l;inr|i Ur. Thomas' Eclcctric Oil,
though lhcy arc feu and far between,
and these may stiRpt-st lhal some
oil is just as Rood. There is nothing
sei (loocl as a liniment or as an inler-
nal medicine in certain eases. Take
no other. The demand for it shows
that il is the only |iopular oil.
Something better than linen anil big laofldrt
hill*      Waili   it  with  soap   and  water     etVtt
srorea or direct    State style and aUe.    For
2.v  we will mail you
I-.A.NAUA, l.iaiita.
#& Fraaar A-e__��. T*t**t*. 0-l_rl��
A boy's notion of a worthless dog
is one that  won't  chase cats.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
Various Resorts
"When man can fly 1 suppose lie
will spend his summers in Canada and
his winters in  Florida,"
"(Juitc likely, unless "
"Unless what?"
''He spends his winters in the re��
pair shop and his summers in a hospital."
A steel magnate, anxious to get
on the right side of Andrew Carnegie, once attacked him in bis love
for llic bard of Tain O'Shantcr,
"Mr. Carnegie," said the wily magnate. "1 see you've got several fine
editions of Hums on your shelves,
Georgie Hums! Dear old t'eorgic
Burns!   lie's my favorite poet."
Carnegie glared.
"tieorgic Hums!" he snorted.
"Jimmy Shakespeare! Harry Dickens!   Billy Carlylel   Get out" with ye,
"Three times now rny wife lias sent
for the money to come home from
her summer trip on."
"Three limes! Antl she hasn't come
home yet?     Changes  her  mind and
spends the money, 1 presume?"
"Oh, no, she wouldn't do that."
"Then why hasn't she come home?"
"1 haven't sent it to her yet."
Guaranteed for
All Climates
f/unequalled PR
The Courtenay Review! m
Ami ('oniox Valley Advocate Wl
A.   We  -i'   Newspaper,   I'ublslied  nt |
Courtenay, It   ',.
N   II. ll iiium, I'ditor and I'ropi letor
Subscription ��1 50 per Vear Iii Advance
meeting ol the City Council oil
evening the only absentees
iliiiiliiini and K-Alil. Johns*
.ti iM._._e..*.*_ii>,��.w__n__au_a_a*_a
THURSDAY DI'.C, 21, 1'M'i
"A 1 l.i|r|iv    Cllt'i nn '
tu Llie R.mlt'i ��� ol i ie Hi -
i iev . ii till" j mn of nrr,.., i'ii fi,
A .'hii-.lin.rs as free [mm   llle, do
Tu" In '.owing accounts were presented
nml ������ red lo the I'imiiicu Committee.
I Is rn -3.00, Ueiiey SniiUi 4.00, Tele-
grnp'i i. 3.18, G, 11. Turbell 14.05,
I! I I'mde 1,00; Uleclrlc bight Co.
1,97, Ti leplione Co, K.30, li. Creech '
I" l) i, i it) Clerk, lor II, l'orde 19,75,
K\pr order 8,00, llurving horse 5.00
IS   (Ull    :;,,;, |,���.  i.oo     Postage   etc,    15.25
, 1' 	
'��� I I,   Iiii lord reported   Llmt   he  nud
AM. An leiliin h.nl been lo Victoria and
e ii tentative arrangement  wilh  the
miiintion ol cure, nuxielv nml alarm i ltleeirie 1,1 dit Co, whereby Ihey  would ;
;is  i ossible,   iililioiiuli   no   family I ��i 1 a 3*1 vear (nine hisi', ihc City i" have
will be ttllo-'ir-Ql'-i nwa\   lum   the l!'e "j hi lo send their auditor to Inspect
.   , ���        lhe t .ii.up illy h book.* nl any  lum* alter
i'1    **��c��_ oi viu-s.1    i.iin    c'-.H    M.ive   Uie griinling of lhe frnnehlne, nud If the
t'Vei    purson >s co ������ i in .1 Willi nml  clly then decide Iii buy, they can do so,
linked up ill lhe Rieal stiliHVje now  In ideo'ld ya ul an   ndvinice  ot 8  per'
iieing un.'ed in linroiie      I'oi two cent ol the cost, otherwise the franchise
runs in, lull Utile lllller-s lhe city nt   nny
luliiii'time desires lo linv,   but    il   wiil |
tf"jr/ *-    "'���' .-���* ~
w     ^-_lrJ_'a���a_L���>_^___r���-l^iS,^
 ...ri. w
yews now, there hnve been   Ihose
v. im iiive  writ lu cl   'i'   lhe   very
then be by arbitration under the   Water
llinnglit ol n suggestion of lUtnppy  Aei.
Vul.iide. but tliir   lirst   Christinas    rr   ..,,        i. ����      .*.
was a htiopy one. eucli   incceediiiR r   Fo Whom " May Concern
nnniversiiry bus been the same, nntl I * " * ,
, ., ,i,   ..,',,,;.,,,. ....   ...in   i        ,���    Shame ou jrou little hearts, who staved
so ea. l   i     ve surv   \v li   be,   b*| , ..if,., ���     i
, . beliilul,
though to n varying degree,   urns-!    when we went out to war:
much as both pasl niul i-resent au- Shame on you il your ties were light,
niversnries have been und   will  he! and these���
uv-.r_h-idowetl.bui not   obliterated      A*e, UtalUi or liou-a   no barl
h)    th.'   dark   moments   ti,^,^!, i Shall wgWe all. and you ?lve noue-
whicli the world hns from   liim* lo     Tl, |et vou nVe ttlui breed-
time  to   pas's,     bul   beyond   and  To hold what we have won iu your slack
abovt the shadows is the   pre-ence, bauds?
of Hi in, w'-.o is lhe   I.iulH   ni   Ibe     "ur lives were lost indeed,
World, and so. in   faith   of   Him    Shutne on youi Heedless spenders all.
���vho came upon t-artli nt   lhe   first      Your'nppetiles are vain;
Christmas, we   wish   our   readers Scourge oni excess, help those who want
���'A Happy Christmas.1'' and bear
Discomfort for our p. in.
,,,, ,      ,        , Are you so dull, so clothed with self and
1 lie wrr news ins been I a r more greed
elicour igillg of late.   The Oeniiuiis,      The pride of race is dead?
obviously  leiirin-*  anv   further ui-   May itl-cJiiteutbs xviUi yon, and disgust
c-ease in the  fighling  efficiencv   '      cntll your lives have fled.
the Allies, hnve in .'de pence proix
which needless lo sny, ii i
..    n ���   nored.       vMi.
X.  Y.
sny. nnv Charge of the Light Brsgacia
' l'!U" M' Half ari inch, half uu inch,
Its,    '.be    Allies   will mil Half nu inch shorter,
' .��� time but lhev will di.' Whether the skirts are for
nu*   ��illiout refereiici
Dry Goods Dept.
Silk, Sill; Crepe de Cheue,  Orgiindie,
and Voile waists in the   newest   of   the
season's designs.
The latest novelties In bailies   Neckwear
very suitable (or holiday gift*..
Ladies Handkerchief in Silk, Silk Crepe
de Chene, l.ini'ii. Embroidered muslin,
nnd lawn, also   a   large   assortnl ml   ol
Handkerchief boxes from  25c   lo   $1.50
per Iion.
Silk dress letiKhts, and Wnisl lenghts in
all shades, suitable   for evening    wear.
Speeiril value iii Silk Motor sear Is ill all
plain self colors and combination shades,
Silk nii'l Silk Crepe Kini'in *is lu short
and full lengths, also Silk   quilled   Ki-
Molber or daughter.
Briefer the dresses grow
nnv i'.';i: il p i v.-is      Uie   .rcii.-.i   |)uller the ripples now,
1 ave - lice dtii.n forward at   \'���������    While whi'king gliuipsesshow
dun     i tl llle 1$ illsll in MeS iptnuii i ���    More than they oughter,
The' rowing uistres.i  in   -'-runny ' forward the dress parade,
.   i       ,, ���          e ... i Is there a man dismayed?
" '   "  : :   m01e a' *' nor,e   a.",n;     No -from the sights displayed
eut,   .ud as the truth slowiy   fillers I    None coiilti be sunder-id,
llirou li cfniceriting the  veal   s'.nle jThei.'s not to make remark.
Of affairs, it is possible   lh it   there 1 Clergyinon, Clubman, Clerk,
,���lll l,_ i��� ,t   ii.. ,  .: ,   ,        'Gaping Iroin uiiDii till dark,
Will be.iiitern.-il dissensions   auioog |    ^ -.*{;_ V(nu. Hundred.
the oerman people to a more in irk-1 short ,k(rts ,��� r,,ht ol t,lem>
ed   degree   than    hitherto,     M'" it- I Shorter to left of them,
while, in Canada, recruiting is    ml Shorter In front of them,
tlit-iiiL-rea.se  nnd a move   is being     Flaunted and flirted���
made towards the only fair ���. thod ! ��J^tK_S St
trl raising men.   viz.   by .national. Sporting in .-pats run mad,
service.    The Kaiser   has effected!    Come t.ie short-skirted,
one    desirable   result,     however,   Plashed all their ankles thereby his peace  overtures,   tor   the ?l-she**?athey turlle<1 ���'" *"'r
e  covers,
icks,   Tea
wheat markets  have   fa leu   since'..
What will not women dare?
the announcement, and Hour is already $1,70a barrel lower, l'ro-
bably before this is iu our readerr.
hands a further drop will have been
Though the exhibits show
Some of them blundered.
AU sorts of shapes and   pegs,
Hroomsticks, piano legs,
Here aud there fairy shapes.
Just built lo walk on eggs,
Come by the hundred.
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
1st cla-rs certificate technics ol hreadniaking
lsr class Certificate baking and confectionery
The place to buy good  bread,   made  Irom  Better Flour.   Better and
healthier venst, nntl better methods.    Buy direct Irom
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Esquimalt  &  Nanaimo  Railway
Holiday Excursions
Holiday Excursion Tickets will be sold at
Fare and one-fifth
Good Going Dec. 22 to Dec. 25th, and Dec. 29 to
to Jan., and returning on Jan. 2nd 1916
Steamship tickets on alljlines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dill. Pantai-r Ageal, Victorid
Af-st Cnrlen., Phoae R 60
Stamped   centrepieces,,    T
Doilies, Tray cloths, N'ecklic
badias coats, Sweater coats, nnd Sweater
coat sets,
l.ailies fur nets, and Odd Muffs.
Xmas Holly ribbons,   Dresden   ribbons,
Cheeks, and Black and White stripes.
Celluoid Hind mirrors, Handkerchief
eases, Xmas Propeleries, Vases, Tardin-
iere.,, Picture frames iu Celluloid and
Silver. Comb and brush sets, Pin Cushions
Hand Mags, and Perfumes.
Special value in Ladies, Misses and child
eon's house slippers
Extreme styles in Ladies' high top In
victus shoes. Black patent with white
kid uppers and black buttons Also black
vici kid in lace, and button, with colored
cloth tops.
Gents Dept.
Special value in Gents' ready-to-wear
suits ill Worsteds, Tweeds  and  Serges,
Special value and popular prices in Boys
three piece suits and two piece Norfolk
suits in tweeds and serges.
New pattern in Mens' Smoking jackets
and Dressiug gowns at  popular   prices,
Mens' Xmas neckwear in novelty designs
Floral, Club stripes, and black and white
checks and stsipes.
W. G. and R. shirts in silk and silk r. ix-
tures with Detachable collars and French
Invictus shoes for men in Patent,  Vici
Kid, and and call, also with  plain  and
fancy cloth top in button and lace.
Patent and Vici Oxfords and pu'.nps.
Gent's Silk and Silk mixture umbrellas
sell opening, with plated  and Sterling
silver mountings.
11 wool Sweaters and Sweater coats  in
nil   similes.
Newest styles in hats and caps,
Trunks, Suit cases and Club Bags.
Cent's plain silk and Knitted mufflers in
al. shades
Men's all silk suspenders,  one pair  in
lancy box, Fancy boxed sets. Suspenders
Armlets, and Garters,
A large assortment ol Gents Silk   Arm,
lets, from 25c to $1.25 per pair.
Plain and undressed kid  in  brown and
grey, silk and wool lined
Plain and lancy silk handkerchiefs, souvenir   hanilKerchiels,   Irish   line-  and
lawn handkerchiefs.
Dressing esses and Military brush sets,
shaving sets, Badger hair shaving brushes, PocKet Iiooks,   Belt booKS,   Watch
Fobs, Cuff IdnKs, Tie Pins  and  Collar
pins.   Cloth brushes  and   ebony hair
Hi ',. ;*���.>.;* r-.t .     " ������'  .���....:.  ;   ,   :    ' li.**.
.5. -*_ *,.
SIM 0 : ID
.  --I'lTf-fr*-,
i ���''"'"'vX
'      'V:.'V
f _-'*">*ll.     . ���������-- v,   ���    - T.1( ���*-��-,, J
 Whan the'Millers search for  and  buy   Hi*
world's I nesl wheat -.
��� When th's is perfcctl^iuilletl under scientific
sanitary   ���   nditiotis-
 When ihr- Flour Is thoroughly tested under
actual biikliif! tleinonslralioii
 When the Flour ie recoRiiized as ABdoLUTit*
i.y ri:i'i'i;t"i'���
��� (.'nu there beany roocI reason whv liOYAL
STANDARD I'LOUK is nol lhe choice
nf your home?
Ask your Grocer for it and lock for the
trade mark ���lhe Ciicle V��� on the sack
Royal Standard Grain Products
Plionc 33, End oi Bridge r. MovlU,  K���r.
B_____j^-.-*!.i_j_r_i.i_i tr_5z^;i,.':;._ir '.;:_vi    --���   ������'���     .    ���[���c-mr.
....... ,
ri      8
' *.-'   -v " ���������"���"���'    '
1     .,.���:.. i   ..--
and  Accessories
We sell Standard Tires as cheap as you can get
hem from Eaton's
We carry a full line of Tires,  Tubes, Oil, and
Greases for your particu ar car
Autos for hire day or night, with a careful driver
Special Rates on long trips.
Phone L46 Courtenay
These are Days when a Telephone
The Telephone is very convenient in the winter months.   No
matter what the weather is like outside, conversation is easily
carried on over the wire
The Telephone trouble man is always on the job,  night and
day, bad weather and Rood, and the telephone user always
has the means of instant communication right at hand
Long Distance is always short distance with the telephone.
No one appreciates the telephone more than the person who
has one
British Columbia Telephone Co.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing ol Horse Blankets,   I,ap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. K. Martin, Prop.
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends  from  Leading Musicians
Irom the Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. Goard  will oe  in tllis city  about
Oct.     1.     Leave orders at this Office,
or write direct to
145, 8th Ave., W.  ��� Vucotmi
Ice Cream
Swan's Old Stand. Courtenay THE COURTENAY REVIEW
!-___.-..���Kit- ����� * ir i nmi   i in iniHiiinininiiiiiinipijiL
t r��s*'if:r_s':'>_i''''.^'  . :;;*;���:���, raps'
l-i'St-.-r.J���"'���'*���> ~r��"" ���''! c**-
PUBLIC NOTICE i'i hereby givo i under the authority of the "War Measures
Act, 1914," that during the ar;   1917, an invi   tor will be made
by the Post Office Authorities! of every na'.e    t< icn the ages ol   ixteen and sixty*
live, residing in Canada.
National Service Cords and addressed envelopes for their return to Ottawa
have been placed in the hands of all Postmasters for distribution amongsl the
persons required to fill in such cards, Every male person of the prescribed ages
ib required to Till in ami return a card enclosed in an envelope within ten days
of its receipt.
Any person who Fails Ui receive a card and envelope may obtain the same
upon application to the nearest. Postmaster,
Ottawa, 15th December, I'llfi.
Director General,
1st to 7th JANUARY.
The tallowing letter 1ms been forwarded to Mr. Nation :
F. Nation
Sec. Can. Patriotic Fund,
Dear Sir:
Replying to yours of November is.
last re contributions a copy of which
was published in   the   '-.Courteuay
Review'' of Nov. 23rd.
i might state, the. 'letter was discussed by the Canadian Patriotic
���Society of Courtenay and a committee appointed to look into conditions and ascertain just what wai
being raised in the district for patriotic purpores and if possible have
the contributi >us increased. The
finding of the coinuittt.ee is as follows:
We feel that you are not in po-
session of all facts in the case regarding the distriat in its relation
to the Patriotic Fund, because the
amount of money credited by you
to this district does not bv any
means constitute what has
given in the district.
The Canadian Western Lumber
Co's. employees contribute over
% 100 per month which does not
pass through our hands but goes
through the Co's office at Fraser
Mills.    The Wireless operators  at
if it is thought desirable bv our
C.-inunttee. I reel that our committee will ir-elcorae you and assist
in calling a public meeting and
otherwise in an eudeavoc to awaken
patriotic support.
wish their many customers
and friends
A   Merry [Christmas
and afHappy^and
:TVjf***< ���* ���    .1
Prosperous New Year
Acreage Wanted
In Exchange for busines
Property in Victoria, revenue producing.   Apply
Victoria, B. C.
Simply a little rub with a cloth keeps the highly burnished cooking top always glistening, dustless clean, without blacking; in four pieces it cannot warp or bulge.
mil \��j \y W_A m^ .J
It won't be hard to decide what range you want in your
kitchen after .1 chow you the Kootenay's special features.
For   sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Barrister and Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6
City of Courtenay
Applications Wanted
Application*i arc wanted lor the posi-
llo'u of Auditor to audit the Municipal
Nooks for the year 1916. All applications to lie in the hands ot the City Clerk
on or before the lust day oi December.
Doted Uiis 20th December, It 16
Citv Clerk.
Courtenay   Hotel
Comfort With Moderate Rates
Hirst Willi.
niiil Liquors.
Lazo,'the I", l_ N. Ry. men, Government officials, etc., subscribe
bul the amounts nre credited elsewhere, We hive made a caretul
investigation and find out that
about $3000.00 has been collected
throughout the district for Patriotic Fund, Red Cross, Britisii Red
Cross, Belgians,' etc, A large percentage of the manhood of Oomox
Valley has enlisted, which leaves
the Intrd-u of raising funds on a
comparatively few people, However, we are willing to do our share
aud are putting forth fren.h efforts
to enlist the sympathy and support
of the people towards the Patriotic
Fund, and trust lhat the National
Fund is of such a nature that no
reduction will be made to the soldiers wives in this distri(--..|j3lJotu-
mittee,. J
Pleased to note by yours   of the
5th inst. that if you have to make
a trip to the end of the Island   im*
beeu mediately after lhe New Year you
jwill be very glad to visit Courtenay
��� .*-._***���>���*,
-..,,. **_ii M'i��_*_.iia_��j ><.***-*������....fi **."'.y***���.*_����s��<.i_i I. ��� &****-*?***,
, .\-   ���..^^���,^C^^-:,:^^vsX.i^  \]
���--*��� ���:��� rq?*|V_
Cumberland Hotel
Grind Accomodation      Cnsine Ejxcellen
Wm. Merryfield
'() .
" W_
:���. .���>>"_*_^;..i
25th cornel only o��*c u year.
1 fin.   'm.',     .,   a
t'o welcomo hom-i witn nice .**>'i,.-' } fmjsi
���L    o_ff_<fl:0i_igal r.turnea���it v/e heve got f
The !-!ly
Good F"UoW6h.p- tho generous supply    ,
Of Ghrisdnai Tirkey, Pudding, ��Uo Pit,
Thr Family -fcualon
And tweet communion
Ci r-irt to heart* sxpanderj now by rtMM
t i Un  jlftd waEon,
Tbt cardi, depicting troity  Chr..tm��
The in gfl'loe* I; ������
Fillr-i -nth the same old hoary
Chn--.na�� -tory.
Ah L(wi# ire with M HOW
St I -uow
It's * "ristniM, and th* chiocM sis but
small . (
vfjj    That Ira mtstnlten,.,
^'���A    Mv rnrtldence In this cannot be itultn,
fal    Sr here's ���* MerhvChriitiiw to you all.
This Christinas day     lj*T y
Prove ill your lane, has anticipate.
1 hop*
Tom jrrow you will hns bo tauss to mops
An' "itli to Moses you'd Mt calahcstsd.
I tru-t
You. "lie has had asalsuaes to s_nn_|
Those annual clfara.
I, sort vl 1-1
A woman, whn, s-uaHt thanks S-fjstl^
Sht ..li her <_t at
Chrlitmaa unkindly st-M Ihi ~-
��r_. 1 Mpa Jut ska
To. CbnumiS l'rft,    .
Tlm Merry iJ'.lta, Thi rlt._yV
The r-a�� on Ea.-lh and tire Dou'will tcV  (   _iiil hnve a line tint will molt truly Ii
A hut one,
_ Let'a eat and dtink otu -U without a
^       question
01 ludlge-tlon.
Indulge ounelvci to caro-lros mirth sad
Without a thought
To mar our pyoua snort
Of that tad, dark brown ttellni*, the day
Palace Livepy
Horses  and   liunsies  for   Hir.   _
Terms cash.
We  also attend to wood hauling
'>l.rr    UlC-V*S'      \ '\ '-
high the mlatletoe��� Tjl'lt   | i'i
low- yai-L.
It doesn't so much mailer, so It'e
The young
Will much enjoy It, and, to
So will some others not euctly youthful. (
Fill up the bowl
Ana tet ite frateful frajrante warm )
I make no harsh condttioa
Of compoeltlon���
Courtenay Phone 25
Courtenay Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up       Pants $7 up
Cleaninir nnd
$ .75
Suits          jl."" up
Coats                 .75
Panls                 .50
Skirts                 .50
Vests                 .35
Dresses            1. 7*t
Overcoats        f_2S
Rep tiring. Etc.
Gents clothe* kept in order by the
th $2.50
Haney  I.  Kushida
Store, Union St., Courtenav
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water aud Steamfittinx
Jackson & Whittle
Phone q Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
The contractor for the new picture show has the side walls np and
the roof on, and it is expected that
the building will be ready for occupancy early in the new year,
A pleasant social gathering was
held at the home of Mrs, H, L.
Fiske, Sandwick, ou Wednesday
afternoon. The occasion was a
kitchen shower in honor of Miss
Carrie Gurney. whose marriage is
to take place shortly. The bride-
to-be received a large collection of
useful presents,',
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Riga Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder ]^_�� COURTENAY
i t��,*******>*0***iv<vj*;*>~+
Oldest Fort in Now World
ll is :i fascinating experience to
\isit S.uiio Domingo and wander
iiniid the ruins of lire ancient city,
from tli" fortifications of llomana'c,
, llic oldcsl In tho new world, lo lire
first stone church on thi1. sidir <if the
I Atlantic, and the tomb of the grcul
. discoverer, says tin- National Geographic Magazine, Nowhere else in
this hemisphere arc these scenes
fraught with more historical signifi
,' cancc i" Americans than Ii
j Columbus  had  Iii.*.  limn   i
I and his hour oi sorrow, a
sr a n
table r
, I'd
A  i
What _i'c you
hi ii dearie,
ing fi
VUII   llll
I Ill-Ill.
Were I a
iu|i ni iir.it
' greal
' ncvci
i vor
d where,
lie luul    embarked upon    the
voyage from which   he would
rclurn to endure thr fickle fa*
nf petty princes, his aslics flu*
(iniiid repose,
Trma time to time we learn of
cases whore tlio froo sample ol
Oin Pills is sufllcient to relievo tlio
���lltitronslllg    rutins     In    tho    bnirlt.
Jioro iii such n ease oomlng front
t!l�� "Iritltu West   Imliirn.
Brlttou Hill, St. Michael's,
Muy .llll, 1018,
"I received your sample ot Olu
Pills and would o.iy that I wan
Biiflerin/r from �� very intense pain
ln tlio uiniill of my back for soma
ilnyn. After I had tukou tin
���uo.ls, the paiu v/.ia gono.
Srulford   WnokB."
AH druggists,  soil  Gin ruin nt
riOrr. a boir, or 0 boxon for Sri."!).
8.iiuplo Irea if you wlrtc lo
l'orouto, Oat, 71)
Rise and Fall
Ofliccr fns company is temporarily
about !<��� vacate ircnch which has
been reported mined): Vou iwo will
remain here, and ii llicrc is an explosion you will blow ;i whistle, ll ou
Private Spudsi Ves, sorrl Will we
blow ii  (.-.ninu  up or coming down
Automobile in War
Great Britain Leads the Way In War
Mr. Howard ('. Fclton contributes
some interesting particulars about thc
ntiiomobile in thc present war. In
August, 1914, there were inon- motor
cars nf all sines in use in lingland
llian in all tin: olhcr warring nations
combined, Germany and Austria toll 5,000 curs ni all kinds, I'rniicc had
in the neighborhood of 90,000. and
Kussia about 10,000, Great Britain I
had 250,000 in daily use. In I'M J
h'laiiia- paid "in nearly $750,000 in
subsidies 10 lln* owners of motor
Irucks, and Austria aboul $500,000.
Germany's outlay in that direction is
not known. Like olhcr military information, tin' figures were closely
guarded, Bul lo the owner of every
car in Germany there wan given a|
registered millibar-, together wilh in*|
striictions lo bring his vehicle lo a J
certain point al ihc Inst an I required.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
" \u how arc llilra twins o' yours,
Mrs. Casey, Lliot look so much
"Sun*, wan o' lliiiu's sick, an' we
don'l know which wan!" New York
to preserve her completion, and
she finds Oils nn easy tn.sk, ifslie
uses '/ri 111- link. This herbal buliii
not only keeps the siu-l'nee skin
sinooi hand soft, biitponetratoa to
snd feels the iindorlyingtissues.
It stimulates the cells to healthy
notion, and prodiioos vljoroui circulation, which bycuri-yiiignway
nil Impurities creates a poi'inan-
ently dear complexion. How
much liinre satisfying than _
temporary complexion produced
hy powders and cosiueticsl
60o, box, all drii_. _ts or Zaun
Unit Co., Toronto.
Caused by Disease of Ihe Kidneys.
Words Uui express the tendercst sentiments of lhe human heart. MoLhcr is
the most beautiful word in ihc language.
When wc think of the worries of childhood* the sleepless nights and thc anxious moments thai mother endured to bring us to Manhood and Womanhood-
shouldn't we give greater thought to tli<* comforts of those travelling from home?
We, as hold-keepers, in the interest of the future prosperity of our invesl
ment, are compelled io Kite eousiderable thought tu lhc creature comforts 01 father
and mother when travelling from home
If you feel like giving tit cut a trip at any lime, why not advise tli em, when in
Toronto, to stay at the
Tin: I'raise cf I'lcttl,
Tlie House of Comforl
I.cull otu hotels enjoy reputations '.in nml lo none for comfort, cleanliness, a
l.i-altliy tnoinl 'tti.nosrili.re, am! rales in.it ure extremely reasonable.���American or
European Plan.
WHICH. _. CAnmii.l,. .roprfcton  I'oronlo'sl*ninoiis lluiil*. TORONTO, ONT.
llio!!:   former Westerners)
Children's Bumps, Sprains and
Minor Hurts Quickly Relieved
by Sloan's Liniment
It is llic very nature of children to
hurl themselves���to come crying tu
mother wiili little fingers bruised,
niili heads bumped, with sprained
ankles and wrists.
'I'hey arc painful lintis, loo. Iini
their pain and sting can'l survive tin-
gentle u.*c of this liniment, A single
application of Sloan's Liniment and���
the little fellow's bravely kept back
tears give way 10 smiles. His hurt is
In every home where ihere are children, a bottle of Sloan's Liniment is
a necessity.
Aching muscles, rheumatism, In tn -
banc), slid' neck, backache, chilblains,
etc., can be effectively relieved with
Sloan's Liniment. Cleaner than nuissy
ointments or plasters.
Sloan's Liniment can be obtained
ai all drug stores, 25c, 50c and-fl.OO.
War News���One More Highland Battalion
 . _���  ,       STOp     ___ =_=___	
Hid consider the duly you owe your conn try, your friends and yourself in tins great
wai  of rlghl  against might,    Aie >oa doing youi  pari?
.'ho aie "doing their
relurtf;  which   would
pledge,    Canada guaranteed to
>  Uc   found.    Some  of  iiie  bo>3
around you and see how inanj of the men you know io well
hit." Would ���on not be happier with thrni? When tin- ho\
give you th.   greatest pleasure   to cheer or Le cheered?
10 llir Toil- liul call.* you lo fuiril your ec-untry'-
uirnisli hail ,. million men. bul 130,000 have still *i_
Iravc Ij.-ii nearly iwo years in lhe lren;lics-l�� it not time lo relic*, ilicm?
The CAMERON llllilll.A.NIiKHS of Cana.la. wlio have already sent nearly
4,00(1 men to llie war, are now raising one more Battalion, llie 174lh, nniler Lieut..
Colonel II. V. Osier, who haa returned irom ihe (rout to lake Command, ami
they need 8;'r more men 10 complete llieir establishment. They havc the finest
quarters in Canada, a splendid organization, ami an honored association with the
"Ijuceri's Own' lameron Hit-blander*., one of thc linr.t regiments in tbe llnllsh
Army, whose Tartan anil bailircs Ihey are privileged 10 wear. Whal oilier unit can
ofler such attractions? Come and be one of the liV'tit) men v.lio will have worn
the Cameron badges and colors during the Great War.
Transportation will be forwarderi to recruits bom outside point, Immediately
nn  receipt  of  medical  certilnaie  bom  a local Doctor.
Vor f'irilicr Information write lo the Adjutant, Captain T. 1*. Dunnet, al ..into
Street Barracks, Winnipeg, or to lieu.. J. A. Steven.on, 202 Main Sueei, Winnipeg.
"1 till yon," said Pat, "the ould
frinds are ihc besl, afler all, and,
what's more, 1 can prove il."
"flow are you goiu' to prove il?"
"Where will you find a new frind
that has slitud by ye as lona as 'lie
onld ones have?"
Negatives Worked Wonders
"I   don't  suppose    there ain't  un "Joins   is   on   lhc   water   wagon
gentleman here as knows, nothing ol again,"
110 old silk hal knocking around no- "Reformed  oner- more?"
where?" "Well,  lie sriw   his  wife's  new bat,
  and nothing would convince him but
Husband (after llie llicatrc): Well, w-ial lie had "cin again."
how did you like the play?  ���*-
His Wife: Verj well, indeed. There Barber  (entertaining  Iiis customer
was only onc impossible ihitig in it.las usual): Vour.hair is gelling very
'llie second acl lakes place (wo years grey, sir.
after  llic first, nnd the famil)   siill Customer: I'm not surprised. Hurrj
have lhc same si rerun. up.
Baby's Own Tablets arc the best
medicine a mother can give her jilile
ones. They regulate the bowels;
sweeten the stomach; banish constipation and indigestion; relieve colds
and simple fevers and make teething
in-,): Concerning them Mrs. Herbert
Johhston, Maymoiii, Sask., writes: ���
"I have used Baby's Own Tablets for
lln- past fons- years and find thcni just
lhe thing for babies aud young children." Tlicy arc sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box
from The Dr. Williams Medicine Co..
Brockvillc, ('nl.
Think of It-
People nn out tea or coffee before retiring when these
beverages interfere with sleep. In the morning they
drink freely of them, strangely overlooking the fact thai
at whatever time of day the cup is drunk the drtiR.
caffeine, in tea and coffee is irritating to the nerves.
More and more people are turning to
Instant Postum
the drug-free, nourishing, comforting cereal drink,
"There's a Reason"
Canadian Postum Cereal Co., L-td,, Windsor. Out.
"When ye're whipped," said Mr,
lb.Inn. "ye ought tu say .ye've bad
"ll" I've' the striugth left to say I've
had enough," replied Mr. Rafl-rly,
"I'jm 1101 whipped yet."
Corns cause much suffering', bin
llolloway's Com Cure offers a
speedy, sure and satisfactory result,
Tho close connection which e.xiala
between tlie heart und tbe kidneys is
well known nowadays, As soon as
kidneys are diseased, arterial tension is
increased niul the heart functions are
attacked. When tbe kidneys no longer
pour forth waste, uremic poisoning
occurs and the person dies, and the
cause is often give'1 as heart disease, or
disease of brain or lungs.
It is a good insurance against such a
risk to send 10 cents for a large trial
package of "Anuric" ���tbe ialest discovery ol Or. Tierce. Also send a
sample oi your water. Tins will be
examined without ctuirge by expert
chemists at Dr. Tierce's Invalids' Hotel,
Buffalo, fl. Y. When yon suffer from
biickiielie, frequent or scanty urine,
rheumatic pains here or there, or that
constant tired, worn-out feeling, it's
lime to write Dr. Tierce, describe your
symptoms and get his medical opinion
without charge���absolutely free. This
���'Anuric" of Doctor Pierce's is found
to be 37 times more active than lithia,
for it dissolves uric acid in the system
as hot water does sugar.
Simply ask for J)r. Pierce's Anuric
Tablets. There can be no imitation.
Every package of "Amine" is sure to
be Dr. Pierce's. You will find the signature on the package just bs you do on
Dr. Tierce's Uolden Medical Discovery
for blood and stomach.
Kidney Disease is suspected by medical
men when patients complain ot backache
or suiter with irregular urination, disturbed, too Ireipieut, scanty or painful
passage. The general symptoms are rheumatic pains or neuralgia, headaches,
dizzy spells, irritability, despondency,
weakness and general misery. Worry
is a friri.nent cause and sometimes a
symptom of kidney disease. Thousands
have testified to ijnmouiato reliei from
theso symptoms alter using Dr. Pierce's
".nitric Tablets,
Buy Matches
As you would ally other
household commodity ���
with an eye to full value,
When vou buy
You receive a generously-
filled box of Sure, Safe
Eddy's "Silent
Parlor" Matches
Cook's Cotton Root Cofcponoi
"Oh, you don'l know me, Colonel
Bruggles; but I'm the vicar's wife."
"Delighted, I'm sure. Always
pleased lo see any wifc of the vicar!"
London Opinion.
A mfe, rtUahU rtrrulaHnf,
mctikins. Sold In tbreit _o*j
(Tees nf strength. No. I.
tl; No. 2, 13. No. 3. H
per box. Bold by all
druggists, or sent prepaid In plain package on
receipt ol price. Tree
yamphleL   Address:
IMMTC.-.I, (fsra-dil
\fm   \mgm   ******% frw!l-  ���ellabte|
���     ���q' j*Wm preferred
m a Bf^^LJB ",?".   ���'���*���-..��� ������-��� they
J____l______|^___l   pretfcf       .re otlirr
-g vaccines fall.
_ Write for Iw .kid and tertfmoiLlals.
10-dostpkf.Bli_MigP.11s, it.00
SO-doM m. BJacklit Pills, $4.00
Use,iny lal*.Mr, lint Citrter's r.iniiilcalanil sr
The wiprriofitv ol Critter tiroilmt
year.'; ol Knedalfr.iUK
Orvi.v.  Insist on
oriler illi
Tilt Cuttsr Ubs'ituy,
Cutter tiroiliiit, i.s.lue u> arer 15 ���
i CU. rutl'S.   II uiiot*Uin_>I��.   I
rtlem, Ittkeltt. Caiilarnla J
A pleasant medicine for children is
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
and there is nolhiiiff heller for driving worms from the system.
One of the faculty of a New Engr.
land college lells of a freshman who
was ashed by one of the professors
whether he had proved a certain pro*:
position in Euclid, [
"Well, sir," said lhe freshman,
"'proved' is a rather strong word���-
hut 1 will say thai I have rendered
il highly probable."���Times.
The Soul of a Piano is* tbe
Action.   Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
A Philadelphia engineer has invented a telegraph key to be attached to
a telephone lo send mechanically, not
electrically, produced sounds over its
Permanent Cure of Piles
Certified By Minister
Sixteen Years A-go This Man Wai Cured by Dr. Chase's
Ointment���-Had Suffered Keenly lor Twelve Years.
j    Quildryvcr timidly approached ihej
boss' ibsk- and intimated gcnlly lhat I
tin   wuiilil like to take a dav olf oul
Wednesday. !
I    The boss turned a fierce glare upon.
j Iiini and growled sternly:
"Look    here, you    know perfectly1
well that we're frightfully busy, and;
jl can'l spare a man.    Why on earth
I do you wroil nexl  Wednesday off?"
"Well, you see, sir," explained lhe!
young man, hesitatingly,   "I'm Koiugj
| in be married on Wednesday, and 1
I should like to be there."���Til-Bits,
nard's  Liniment Cures  Garget in
'Steward, how long will il be be-
c we reach porlr"
'About two hours, ma'am."
'Oh, dear, I shall die before then."
'Very likely, ma'am. But you'll bc
right again when you've been
tore a little while."���Boston Tran-
W.     N.
Vou niinlil almost say that there is
only one actual cure for I'lles, and
that i.> Dr. Chase's Ointment, Every
day this conclusion is corroborated
by reports Irom persons who had
tried otic thine; and another without
success. Some have cve.it been operated on, only to have the. old trouble
return, and finally to obtain cure by
use of this ointment.
Why not avoid waste nf time,
waste of money und needless risk
wilh operations by usiu;,' Dr. (.'base's
Olntinciil al once?
Some will say "thai is all very well
for ilchinp. Tiles, but my trouble is
from bleeding Piles." Well, here is a
letter from a man who had bleeding
Piles for about twelve years, and suffered mosl keenly. For sixle.cn years
he has had no return of the old tremble, and naturally considers the cure
Mr. O. 1!. Peters, Salmon Ann,
B.C., nrritCSi "I was troubled with
lileedittpt Piles for about twelve years,
and suffered everything but death. I
was   ��o bad I could    scarce!.-   ��">\\e
about, and though I tried mans
things, could get no relief. At that
time I lived at Sharbot Lake, Out.,
and a friend advised mc lo use Dr.
Chase's Ointment, saying he would
guarantee cure. Less than two boxes
of Dr. Chase's Ointment cured me.
Thai is sixteen years ago, and I am
O.K. yet, so think you can consider
the cure permanent. I cannot praise
Dr. Chase's Ointment cnbligh, as it
saved me from a great deal of pain
and suffering,"
Rev, W. j. Beamish, Salmon Arm,
B.C., writes: "I have been acquainted
with Mr. O, II. Peters, and have always found him lo bc a man of hi*i
! word. 1 can therefore most thoroughly endorse whal Mr. Peters has
written concerning the merits and
value of Dr. Chase's Ointment.'''
A test of Dr. Chase's Ointment will
soon convince you of ils merits, P.e-
lief comes almost immediately, and
cure follows persistent trcatiutnt.
I'or sale by all dealers. Sample box
free if you mention this pape %nd
write direct to l.diiutnon, ir- # &
If England lost Half Her I;lcet To-Morrow, She Would Still
Hnve as Large a Fleet as That With Which She
Began the War
l'oduy 1 heard lhc unending ratllc
.nul roar oi llie machine guns lhat are
defeating Germany; bin there were
no bullets upparcnt, antl mi casualties, It was ibe sound of the pneumatic riveting hummers, ringing upon
a hundred ships in the forest-like
yards of llie Clyde.   Tbe scene from
the deck of 0111 launch, as we glided l ,(.rcens had been buill in guard them
Irom duel, lo dock ami from reach lo | ',.���,��� l()0 inquisitive eves. And if
gleaming reach of lhe smoke-wreath- mere si/e be a quality of ihe. "colos-
cd river, was one of epic grandeur,     sal," | snw sr<.oi;i! submarines-largo
Here, like the ribs of an Ulliniagin-  .]mn  an)     hitherto built,    and balllt
ably huge leviathan, lay the shipwny _r.,-8Crs .*,,,��� wo���ui outstrip anv ship
in which the Lusiinuia was born, and,|������ ,|IC n.0,.iU| -lu| ���.-rc c0.*sj<terr.|*ly
I one cradle of ships a licet of destroy
ers, a fleci of submarines, a licet of
battle-cruisers,   that   in   themselvc
would have constituted a  formidabl
i navy for    any country.     Mere,    loo,
I were  certain  "mystery   ships":   *hi|
a  new type, round which  special
.ill around It, wen' the stark Spartan
cradle* of her avengers.    Mile after
mile ibcy stretched like a skeleton
forest.    Men moved like ants among
their naked boughs,    Dark bulks, embryo ballleships, grew and took shape
below    them, anion);    those gigantic
wooden ribs,   'lln- hammers rattled
and roared in a deafening crescendo I
lhal drowned all speech.    They rani;'I
and palpitated ami boomed together
llirougli all lln  smoky day from dawn
lo sunset: and through all ihe turn
.iced nielii, from sunset to dawn.       , ,,
i. ....   . r  llian
Here al lasl   I heard lhe answer ol
larger llian any ballleships in rsist-
In a dozen mile-wide workshops
surrounding ihe ship; aril*., 1 saw
thousands of workers, men and women, wrestling in a veritable lire of
devotion wiih a thousand labors of
Hercules. The. newspapers have talk*
cd much of lhe labor troubles ou llic
Clyde, for the simple reason lhat one
man in a city who (brows his chair
through a restaurant window will be
I more widely advertised by lhe press
thc three million who merely
use llieir chairs in the ordinary way.
Dealing With the Subs.
Dawn and Dusk the Best Time for
U-Boat Attacks
"The mosl dangerous periods for
thc Britisii ship in the North Sr.i is
at daybreak and at dusk." Such is
lhe opinion, afler patrolling il for
eighteen months, of one of the brave
sea dogs who mans a Grimsby pairol
"The dim lights Rive the advantage
to the 'U' boat, and her periscope,
measuring only 2 3-1 inches in circumference, need only projccl 18 iu.
above water lo give her a view, and
from a distance of hall a mile is most
difficult in delect, since ai any time
it only looks like a lead pencil, A
submarine always lias the iir*-1 pull
in sighting her object. If time allows,
oil may be. thrown overboard, the
objecl of wliicli is to thill the periscope .sight antl so blurr the view.
"When a submarine is sighted she
is challenged, and upon lhe reply tie
pends   future  artion.     Very   often   ai
'II' boa! displays the llritish flag, lint\
ihc subterfuge is discovered when the
challenge comes, and then ��� given
inythillg like  equality    - the  resull
is one less of ihese pirates, who mostly shirk an encounter unless they are
cornered and have no choice.
"I am convinced lhat if every
incrclinnl vessel would strictly adhere to the fairway lhc Admiralty
li ii \ r- provided, few vessels would
either hi mined or altackd, Personal experience of the safeguards
provided assures me. ihal in ihc majority of instances where vessels
have been losl there has been what
the    lawyers    call "culpable    neglig-
lhe finest ex
has ever delivered
blood  of In
'-li humiliatin
A  Peace At Any  Price Member  of the   French  Parliament
Rebuked by Premier liriand, who Enunciates the Determini il
Stand Prance has Taken for Freedom
The siop-thc-war party iu the
French Parliament consists of exactly three members of the Chamber
of Deputies. These arc three gentle-
iticn who lately went to Kicnllial, in
Switzerland, to meet German Socialists. One of these members, M. Blazon, bus just given M. liriand an op
portunity for making
tempore speech 1
money    and even the
sons at the price of su
What sort of peace do yon think
you want for tllis France? Yuu do
not know Germany, M. Brizon, \
premature peace would mean a warlike peace, ami Germany's mystic in-
(aliiation would prompt her to try
again tomorrow the onslaught upon
in which she has failed today.    Ll
Ihc British Empire to Germany ��� in i ,,,��� ��� happened to visil the. Clyde at
lhat unerasing sound as of rapid-liring I ������. tilm. o( ,|u, hM .,������_.,��� \X0\\,\Ay
| which the workers had been asked to
forego;  and   I   saw   for  myself  how
trims. Here wcrc hammers engaged|
iu something too mighty to be anything less than conclusive. Is England slow al the. up-lake? Yes���but I
the reason was evident here. Thci
driving power behind all those poun-
ding hammers and revolving wheels
and swinging cranes was lhe whole:
united power of the Hriiish Empire |
from India to Africa, and from Can-i
ada to New /.inland. No power on!
earth could slop it now.     There was I
lhcy were refilling the libel upon
ihem. All Ihese thousands were
working and sweating as if their lives
depended on the achievement of each
And let nobody think that the. ab
andonment of llieir brief holiday was
a small sacrifice on the part of the
"sheltered"   workers.    Nobody    who
has   becn   llirougli   those   grinding
in   tin
hamper,    The Btop-the-war | that the future you   want for
an impersonal   planetary   movement,       , .
behind the process which meant sim-  workslllps will ever again think that.
ply onc    thing���the defeat    of Ger-j-" the munition works,
many, j lance away, hundreds of
England losl eight destroyers in j heaving great shells into thc shaping
the Jutland battle. I saw a sliip- i tuatliitics, or drawing red-hot copper
yard whence, in that same week, lhcy i bands from furnaces; and there was a
had launched IS new destroyers. And, I steady fervor about their work, hour
what is more, I saw brood after brood after hour, that seemed as if it would
of ships, in yard after yard, ready to exhaust any human energy. They
follow. seemed to lavish all the passions of
If England lost control of the sea motherhood upon their work; for
she would slarve in six weeks. And i this gleaming brood of shells, rank
she is taking no risks���none at all. If; after rank, had indeed been brought
she lost half her fleet tomorrow, she  forth    to shield    a dearer brood
.vould have as large a fleet as that
with wliicli she began the war, and
morc, many more ships to follow.
There never was building like this in
the history of the world.
1  saw nearing completion in this
flesh and blood. "Mothers of lhe
Army," was the thought that came to
one's mind, though ihey were of all
ages. An army of little, mothers i"
the I'ctcr Pan sense���but the shells
were their terrible brood also.
THE desolation and
hardships of war, and
the worst of winter
weather, cannot damp the
spirits of our Canadians
when the Christmas boxes
arrive from "home".
As you plan the parcel for
HIM who is dear to you, don't forget that Gillette
shaving equipment is just as keenly appreciated on
active service as are sweaters, mitts and "eats".
If he already has a
Men Who Howi
With the Enemy
The Clear Cut.    Opinions of    Lloyd
George in the British
I can understand men who conscientiously objecl to all war. I can
understand men who sa\ that you
will never redeem humanity except
by passive endurance of every evil.
I can understand men, although I
do not appreciate the strength of
their arguments, who say ihey do not
approve of lhis particular war, and
it requires courage on their pan
lo say so. But what 1 cannot, understand, what 1 cannot appreciate, and
what I cannot respect is men who
preface their speeches by saying ihey
believe in the war, ils origin and its
object, and who during the time the
enemy was in the ascendant never
said a word about peace, and then,
the moment when our gallant troops
arc climbing through endurance and
sulTeriiig up the path to ascendancy
begin lo howl with the enemy.
Lost Markets for Germany j
Wares Formerly Supplied '"xclusively
By Germany Now Being Obtained Elsewhere
Essential wares formerly supplied
exclusively by Germany arc now
being made elsewhere, and when lln-
war is over Germany will find her
former markets pre-empted. Thus
laboratory procclain, which was formerly obtained from the Imperial
factory at Charlottenburg, is now-
being made by the Royal Doulton
works at Lambeth. Crucibles, evaporating dishes, filtering funnels, a
variety of special vessels used for
mineralogieal and assaying purposes,
and known only by thc names of llieir
German inventors, and other articles
of hard porcelain suited lo laboratory
work, have been . manufactured; and
according to reports from chemists
and analysis who have used ihem
they are equal, if not actually superior to thc ware produced by the Imperial factory at Charlottenburg.
They arc supplied at prices practically identical with Ihose of the Herman articles before thc war.
member asked why France should
continue to spill her blood when she
could negotiate peace. Tllis brought
M. Brian, to tlie tribune al mice, lie
M. Brizon, look at lhe counlry, and
you will sec that France did not make
ibis ghastly war of her own free will.
After over forty years of peace,
which she preserved under most trying and, I may say, sometimes tragic
circumstances, she. was one day suddenly attacked, This war was forced
upon ber, your country, M. Brizon. 1
think France does stand for some-
lliing in mankind and in lhe ideas of
mankind. Vour country has a great
past, and this country whence some
of the most generous ideas of lhc
civilized world have radiated, is suddenly clutched at the throat in a brutal and most unjustifiable aggression,
For two years your counlry, M.
Brizon, has had the honor of being
the champions of right, has kept back
thc invader, ami has taken arms in
(lie cause of all humanity, and now
when lhis country's blood has becn
poured in French fields yon come and
say "Lei us negotiate peace!" What
an outrage would nol this be upon
llie memory of our heroes who have
fallen for llieir counlry! (i.reat applause, many members standing,)
Your counlry, M, Brizon, is invaded.
Ten of ils departments arc under the.
enemy's heel, crimes have been com-
luiited against our population, women and tfirls have been abducted,
and lhis is thr tiioinrnl you choose
for saying liLct us negotiate, lei us
ask for peace." (Renewed applause.)
You liitlc know French pride if you
think that   France   would save   her
country? France has bled for noble
ideas, the wreath of glory already
glows on her brow, and this, when
peace comes, will gin: her fresh energy for work. If you want a world's
peace, if you want justice and freedom to triumph, pray for your country's victory, M. Brizmi; never try' to
persuade your fellow-countrymen
that peace can be obtained today.
That sort of peace would be humiliating and dishonorable. Not one
Frenchman can wish for such a peace
���London Telegraph.
New Copper Fields
'Hi c discovery by the Canadiaa
Arctic expedition headed by Vilhjal-
mur Stefansson of a great field of
native copper in the vicinity oi Copper Mine Fiver, in the neighborhood
of Prince Albert Island, will prove of
great value to the business world,
says Dr. Chester A. Reeds, of the
American Museum of Natural History. Dr. Reeds believed also that
it will afford scientists an opportunity for displaying llieir ingenuity in
finding an outlet from a region that
is still unopened in a commercial
The work of the party, which arrived in Nome, Alaska, recently, is
expected to prove valuable in determining the direction of winds and the
movement of tides in the Polar region. Dr. Reeds said this work
might go a long way to prove or disprove the theory that an unknown
continent exists in the great unexplored region north of Alaska and
west and northwest of Greenland.
Canadians in California
Gillette sig
send him a generous supply of Gillette Blades, for
probably he is sharing the razor with his pals who
are not so fortunate.
Clean shaving is in high favor among our troops���
because it is sanitary���because it makes the dressing
of face wounds easier���but most of all because of ils bracing
effect. The Gillette is best for the job���and the man
who has one is most popular in his platoon.
Whatever else you put in his Christmas
box, be sure there's a Gillette Safety
Razor or a supply of Blades. You can
buy from your Hardware Dealer. Druggist.
Jeweler or Men's Wear Dealer��� Bulldogs"
and Standard Sets at $5.00 ��� Pocket
Editions at $5.00 and $6.00���Combination
Sets at $6.50 up.
Gillette Safety Razor Co. of Canada- limited
Office entl foelory-THE CILLETTE BLDG.. MONTREAL
Canadian Society Expresses Loyalty
to the Allied Cause
Tilt* Canadian Society of Southern
California held a great gathering recently, al which strong pro-ally feeling was expressed. Mr. Ceo. K. Hill
presided. Onc of lhc incidents of
lhe day was the rending of a message
oi greeting irom Sir "onn S. Ilendrie,
Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario,
Sir John, iu iiis words of greeting,
said there is nml can be but one dominating thought in the minds and
In.tils of Canadians today, Canada Is
,u war. Wilhoui a moment's hesitation she assumed her unquestionable
duly equally in the interests of humanity and as ri self-governing yet
integral part of ihe Hriti-.li Umpire,
am"" for lun year* she had been demonstrating her virile manhood in
deeds that place her in history's immortal page. Thai she has been and
is able gloriously thus lo do her
part shoulder lo shoulder with the
truly great nations of the world iu
this world crisis is her pride and will
be her enduring reward.
This is the
it must be
Bovril   is   tht   food   proved   by
independent scientific investigation,
carried out by some of the best-
known physiologists of the day,
to have a Body-Building Power
of from io to 20 times the
amount taken.
"Yes, sir, I fell over the side of thc
ship and a shark 'c came along and
grabbed mc by the leg."
"Good gracious! And what did you
"Let 'im 'ave the leg o' course. I
never argues with sharks."���Passing
W.     N.     U.     1133
It takes a fointof Beef
to make a Bottle of
���iv = 1,
nt -DAIUiPtJ^
I ElSf*.
. i iStUaaa
'���������.    :���: i :: !'.-": ���������if'
: . ... ''1
Pascall's Christmas Stockings for
Pascall's Christmas Crackers
Almond Paste - -
Schweppe's Cordials
Ganong's Chocolates
Matthew's Hand rolled Or ��� .' ��� ���      ������������'. .
Tobaccos, Pipes, Pouches, Fancy Soap
25c per box
��� 65c per lb.
40c per bottle
D>m .35c per box
Victoria, Cigarettes, Cigars,
ine nt
4 5e
I ���
i ,
jfW*0*tit0*0****0*0***i**4^^ t^:<r:*dfr$tt*&& *0+***t*t*r*t**M*)*M*^^
Patriotic   Concert /)
Given by Mrs. H. Scott Porteous
Thursday,   December   14th,   1916.
Winter Queen Miss Jean McKenzie
Frost lean Beasley
Snow  Barbara Duncan
Berry Margaret Duncan
Evergreen Mildred McQuillan
Brownies Fred Duncan and Harry McQuillan
Spring Queem Caro Menzies
Flower .Phyllis Glazbrook
1. Piano Solo  Mrs, Vigors
2. Duet Effie Parkin and Edna Piercy
3. Song W. A. W. Hames
4. Character Song Miss Jean McKenzie
5. Song Mr. J. Aston
6. New Dances Rushford Sisters
7. Song Music and words bv Jean Beasley
8. Patriotic Song Miss Annie Carroll
9. Character Song -Mr. A, Burnett
10. Song  Miss Mary Hodgson
11. Character Song Mr. J. Thompson
12. Recitation Rev. T. Menzies
God Save The King
The Patriotic concert given in
the Agricultural Hall ou Thursday
evening, under the management of
Mrs. H, Scott Porteous, was a decided success. The seating capacity of the large hall was more than
filled, mauy were standing along
the sides and back. The stage was
prettily decorated with  evergreens
and artificial snow. The opening
event was a Winter Fairy scene in
which a number of littie girls and
two boys took part, with Miss Jean
McKerzie as .Fairy Queen. The
daintily clad little girls all did their
parts very nicely, aud reflected
great credit upon their instructress.
The concert part of the entertain
ment left nothing to be desired except a little more light. Mrs. Vigors played a bri lliant piano solo,
Effie Parkin and Edna Piercv sang
"I Don't Waut to Play in your
Yard" very takingly, aud received
a heartv encore. Mr. Hames was
in good voice aud rendered "In the
Days of Long Ago," in his usual
pleasing manner, Miss Jean Mc-
Kenzie's character song, "By Order of the King" brought forth a
round of applause. An old soldier
conldn't have put the puttees on
better. Miss Annie Carroll's song
"When Our Boys Reach Berlin"
got a well merited encore, for which
she sang "Good Luck to the Boys
of the Allies." Miss Mary Hodgson is just beginning to sing publicly. Sli�� has a rich sweet voice
of rare fulness, and will doubtless
be heard some of day. Her solo,
Goodbye My Bluebell" was followed by "Love's Old Sweet Song"
as au encore.
Miss Jean Beasley, aged io
years, the talented daughter of Mr,
and Mrs. C. E. Beasley. sang
"Goodbye Daddy" very sweetly.
The words and music were composed by herself a few weeks after her
father left for overseas service.
She was accompanied by her mother at the piano, and Mr, Hickman
on the violin. Little Kathleen
Beasley, in a Kate Greenway dress
gave a pretty little skirt dance
which greatly amused the audience
Both these numbers received encores.
Mr. J, Aston's sclo "Mary of
Argyle." was well rendered and as
au encore gave the "Soldier's Farewell." Mr. A . Burnett also received an ovation with "Don't You
Mrs. Rushford may well be proud
of her 'ittle family, they can furnish a good part of any program
and do it well. The two sisters
gave Scotch reels, hornpipes, etc.
while . the youngest laddie sang
'We'll Never Let the Old Flag
Fall." and the other three the
chorus. Each uumber received a
J. Thompson was vinfortiinately
unable to be present, and Lieut,
McDonald and Rev. T. Menzies
made recruiting speeches.
Lunch was served in R, Grieve.s
parlor, and an enjoyable dance followed.
The gross proceeds are $196.12.
The dacorating was done under
J. Davit, assisted by Miss Smith,
Miss Glazbrook, Miss Cecelia Davis
Mrs. Ploy art and Mrs. Brock.
The Review wishes all its customers and friends a Merry Xmas.
Mr. G, J Hardy will conduct an
auction sale for Mr. Monahan on
Saturday, Dec. 23.
Card of Thanks
In the name ol the boys who have
gone to do their bit for King and Country, I wish to thank all who contributed
in any way to make my Patriotic Entertainment such a success.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.    Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday School and Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Evening service 7:30
p. m. All welcome
Accounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach & Field
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepared to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
Three   Re._tat.is Why
has for nine succesive years written the
Largest Canadian Business
ol any company operating in.Cana-la
Its Premiums are the Lowest
Its Policies are the most Liberal
Its Dividends are the Highest
Vancouver Island Branch
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
P. L. ANDERTON, Agent, Courtenay


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