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The Review Aug 24, 1916

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i in t Iw tlouo uny 1 Mer,   nml     j
,heie .-Is,
ml nintrlilii
0  Reviav
Classified Ads.
.Make y-.ur little Wants known
tli" ugh :i Olaeutlfl.d Advertisement
in The Hovlcw   ���   -   -   I'linne 59
mM-*H**l*IM '���������*
VOL. 4
NO. 40
Agricultural Grounds, Courtenay
lay, August 29th, '16
Dairy Cattle, Household Furniture and Effects
Particulars in Posters or from
! Estate and Insurance Agent
Telephone 10
j   'i
__r    '
" ���*> / ~b
':���   : '\
.00 Per Ton
Delivered in  Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
LA   I'
Phone 43
' :.r' L/
by Wire
Electricity provides the cleanest, the
most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under ideal conditions because
Each cooking  unit can  be switched to high, me-
n ;r  simmering heat  and  kept there as
���-. '-ceded
It I- the acme of cleanliness
"ca'.ly no heat escapes into the room
The air is net vitiated
r io contamination of food
You save foot! values through the retention of the
itial 'alts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range   construction are
used,   including high oven,   thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
ii iJIGS
We will -jlad!/  give you information on rates and
eieclric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Ph >nes:  >..ioe 35, Res. R93       Office: Mill Strwt
Local Lines
Sergt. Acklaud, of Victoria, spent
a few days in town last week-
Pte. H. Simnisof Victoria, spent
the week end with his parents hete.
Bert Kilpatrick was home from
Victoria for a few days.
The Misses IJla and Audrey
Grieve arc visitinirat Vancouver.
The last three days have heen the
hottest of the season The Thermometer registered fit) in the shade
The garden party held on Mr.
McPhee'slawn, by the ladies of the
Presbyterian church, last Thursday
afternoon and evening, was a very
successful affair.
Tlie Presbyterian Sunday School
held their annual pic-nic at Kye
Bay yesterday afternoon. Two large
wagon loads of happy youngsters
and a number of private convey
ances were in the procession.
Thoroughbred White Wyandotte
roosters for sale ��� $2 eaeh. E. D,
Read, B. C. egg laying strain, F.
R. F. Biseoe, Kye Bay. Also agent
for first class truit trees, etc.
1-2 White Leghorns, busy layers,
1 white rooster 2 years, 17 4month
chicks, strong birds; going   away,
| Will sell cheap.   J. Epprecht Cau.
Collieries Powerhouse,
For Rent���36 acres at Kye Bay,
Comox. including 16 acres cleared,
the remainder in pasture. Two
good springs on the property. _
acres of orchard. 6 roomed buugalo
with dairy, barn to bouse 10 head
of stock, and holds 20 tons of hav,
buggy and implement shed, also
large woik shop. A farm with
every convenience. Apply J. deL,
Lawrence, Comox, B.C.
For Sale���5 h. p. twin Indian
motorcycle in good order cheap.
Ford Garage.
Eost���Between Comox wharf aud
Union Bav, bunch of keys; reward
B. Whittle, Riverside hotel.
For Sale���White Wyaudotte Pullets, some layiug, 3 for $5; cockerels $2 each; yearling heus from
$1.50 each heavy laying strain,
also Solly's and Geo. Adams strain.
J, G, Randall, Royston Station P.
O.. V   I.. B. C.
Wanted���Local agent to represent Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada in this district.
Splendid proposition for good man.
For particulars send application to
F. M. McGregor, District Manager, P. O, Box .42, Victoria, B.C.
Car For Hire-H W. Heber-
den; phone X9.,
Welding���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,    Ford Garage.
Fi rd Garage for Nobby, Goodyear and Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles for
We Have Been Burned Out and Need
the Money Badly
As a general rule subscribers
to the Review are prompt in
paying their subscriptions, but
there are quite a few who seem
to forget that it costs .something
to print a paper, even a modest
effort like The Review. To the
latter we would make the request
that they liquidate iheir indebtedness as soon a > they cau find it
convenient to do _o. If they
owe two 01 three years and feel
thev cannot afford to pay it all
al the present time, surely they
cau arrange to pay at least half
the am _unt, This notice is for
all who are behind in tee payment of Iheir subscriptions.
Ralph Harding is home for a
month's holidays.
Mrs S. Piercy and her two granddaughters, Dorothy Havman and
Evelyn Aimaiid are visiting at Vancouver,
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, and
Mrs. Shillington, who have been
visiting at Mr W. 11. Kirkwood's,
re u ned ti. their home at Davidson
Sask., oil Monday,
Wc must have cash to carry on
our business. Will all those owing
us please cull and pay their accounts at once.    Loggie Bros.
Comox Creamery butter has taken a rise of 5 cents per pound, Il
retails at 4.SC per lb. Who says
that our farmer friends arc not
making money ihese days?
Mr, G. J, Hardy will conduct
an Auction Sale at the Agricultural
Hall on Tuesday afternoon- A
large quantity of valuable articles
will be disposed of.
A new sidewalk lias been built
on the north side of Union Street
replacing the one destroyed by the
fire, The one on the south side of
the street will be extended as f:ir
as the city hall,
The Royal Bank building is
about ready for plastering, Mr,
Parez's new block for Shepherd &
Cd, is also being rushed ahead.
Matrochi's bakery is almost ready
for occupancy.
Since Win. Cooksou lias been appointed pound keeper thc number
of stray horses on the street is decreasing, but there are three mischievous animals running at large
vet. They ate Harry Loggie'scorn
off on Monday morning.
Anglican Church Notes
lOth Sunday after Trinity.
At    St    Andrew's   Sandwick,
martins and  Holy commi-nion   at
11 a. tn,
At Lazo (old shoool house) Mat-
tins and Holy Communion at 11 a,
At St. Peter's, Comox, Evensong
and sermon at 7 p. m,
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. m.    Evening service 7:30
p. in. All welcome
School re-opens on Monday next,
It is expected that Hon. J. W.
Bowser will hold n meeting here in
a few weeks.
Hitch Stewart has been rntnnaien-
ine in the nothern nart of the district for the past week.
A number of voting- men left here
on Mondav morning in lake in the
harvest   excursions to the prairies.
For Sale���Bricks. *,'." no p-r
mon Cumberland, $18 on ncr inon
F. OB. cars Courtenav, Annlv
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmitir"
Ltd. Cumberland. "
M. Mm on, V. P. P., was 'n
rnw'1 nver Sunday- De left fnr the
Xortli nn Mondav evenine, accompanied hy Colin Catnphpll, the
���rerrotarv nf the Central Conservative Association.
Mr. Pritchard, the Socialist car*
didate for Coninx District did not
tret an attd-nice last Tuesday evening, thc date announced for his
meeting. Onlv five persons came
out to hear him, accordingly no
meeting was hold.
Loggie Bros, are having a fire
salecommencirg on Saturday mom
SUg at 1 o'clock, The ��tore will
be closed to-morrow to mark down
the goods and get everything in order. Bargains await those who go
early, as the goods thev carry a-e
all first-class, and are* not damaged
in the least. Full particulars in
advertisement and in circular*!.
An attempt is to be made to reopen the Post Office site -squabble.
We had hoped and believed this
thing had been settled for all time.
It would serve us right if the offer
to build a public bulling were
withdrawn, and if our memory
serves us right, believe that Vfr.
Clements in plain terms told certain
malcontents that it would be ;f
they did not cease their squabbling
and agree upon something. Then
il was that the Isabel sireet site was
finally settled upon. Mr Clement..
would be unwise indeed to pay anr
'attention to kickers now. $10,000
lis too much money to take off the
)appropriation to pay for a site.
I The P. O, Inspector long ago said
that the Isabel street site was the
best in Courtenay, and we see no
reason for a change of view* at this
time- Anything for the good of
Courtenay the Review may be depended upon to boost, but we will
not encourage this public squabbling
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
There  lias  licen   a  slight drop in the  pure ol   Su.ar   his week-
Good news  for those wlio nre putting up truit
201b Sacks $1.95
1001b Sacks ... $9.50
Thin ii renl " Cornflake " weather,     Much better than cooking lireak-
(gst is to eat a dish uf Kell'iit's Toasted Lorn I lakes
2  Packets  for  25
Our Meat Department it 'veil stocked with tin* very choicest Local Veal
Mutton, Meet ami I'ork,       II .Meat Huttei anl Provisions
are kept in our cold storagi .
Family Butchers, Grocers and Provision Merchants
*���   ���        ��������������� ,�������--_,..������.-  ������������   .. M    mn
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
Paints, Oils,  Etc
We carry in stock Bricks, Lime, Cement, Door, and Windows
Cet our prices'lor jjooils in lan;e quantities
Telephone 1 Courtenay HS"^*W��Mf��Mn^F��l
| ��.,��, lo.l A (',., Llielhd
Letters of Thanks
t ior such  foul    slander; as those you
have uttered lo mv face,    rules* you 	
[rpologisc, and undertake never to rc-jWork of Queen Mary's Needlework
Guild in Canada is Appreciated
peat these
aluinnies,  I  shall take tin
��� I-i ii   io  nu ,  and  leai c
Another interesting letter of thanks
Home Sweet Home
Patriotism in the Kitchen
n you Mould!" rc- from   Her   Majesty     llic  Clucen   has thrill by ,hc strain: ol "Home, Sweet
Home ir a Magic Word and Wc Sc:- Economy thc   Watchword in* These
dom Try to Analyze it Times of War and High Prices
li is easy to awaken a sentimental I    Housekeeping goes on in    Britain
manner much altered from
s bc-
"Yes!" said the other.
1'aul looked at  Iiini impatiently.
"You will have lo take vour choice
between treating imr like a rational
bring, or making an open scandal.
"You can avoid any scandal, il you
choose,"  said   Lord  Easlling.
Paul frowned impatiently.
"I tell you this attitude is preposterous. You are on thc verge of causing a frightful scandal in your own
family, without the least justification
I'or it."
"Do you think 1 am going to be
shadowed, insulted, watched, by a
Irllow little more than a boy?"
I oid Eastling considered a moment.
"Well, what do vou propose to do?"
he said.
"In the first place, 1 ask you to retract your accusation*, which have
heen, from the first, based upon nothing better than gossip."
Lord Eastling, who had been looking at the table-cloth, met his brother-
in-law's eyes steadily.
"Oh, no, they had a much better
hasis ihan that," lie said coolly.
"If," pursued Paul, "thc stories you
blurted out in front of my wife were
true how is il you consented to her
remaining w ilh me?"
"I couldn't help myself. Women
are such fools" said the young man
He was frank, at any rale. Paul
raised his eyebrows.
"Well, in that case, don't you think,
if you really believed what you said
against me, you ought to have consulted your family or your solicitors,
instead of letting things go on like
this���mistrusting me, yet holding your
The young man hesitated.
"The position is a very difficult
one," he said.
It was all llic more difficult, indeed,
by reason of the fact thai he believed
himself to be in the 'aine room, not
nnly with his brother-in-law, bul with
two of his friends, who might he his
"I admit that. But your attitude is
illogical, however you take it."
"1 dare say il is," said Lord Eastling, flushing. "You want something
more than logic to deal with a rascal
who lias wormed himself into your
I,unity and married your sister."
"You arc not very civil," commented
The other was silent, and Paul,
making little rings with the smoke of
his cigarette, went on lazily:
"Thc worst if it is, I don't quite
know how to satisfy you lhal you are
making a fool of yourself, since reason is thrown away upon you."
I ord Eastling faced him quickly,
.taring across the table with glowing
"I'll tell you how you can satisfy
me," he said. "Pel mc bring a man
who asserts he knows something
about you, a man who believes that
the jewel- you gme my sister were
"Conic thi* is too much," interrupted   Paul.   "You  are  taking  the.     most
disgraceful advantage of your posi-
lion, and oi mine, when you dan- lo
re),eat such  insinuations as thai."
"It i* no worse than what I said to
you ihi* morning, before we started,"
Lord Eastling reminded him. "''ne
cnn'l say a worse thing than 1 said,
when I aci used vou of coniin" lo town
li di pot e ei i.caiT stolen from Mi*.
I Inconsi iollsly he had raised hi*
von C and the sound of ill:: scraping
ol a i hair i'ii lhe floor made him turn
In* bead in time to sec that the two
men ill the ciolhes of sporting cut had
risen from llieir seals and thai both
wi n looking eagerly and angrily
aero** the floor.
Although no word passed between
Ihein and Paul Payne, and although
lie could not say that he even saw
them exchange a look I.ord Eastling
w���*   aware  thai   some  sign  ol   ,'ileTli-
gencc (lashed like lightning between
them, before the two men went quickly oul.
'Ihen Paul turned squarely lo his
"I don't care to bawl out a discussion oi my domestic aflairs in ihe
hearing of ..hangers" he said sharply,
"Bui now lhat we're alone, I'll lell
yon whal you have succeeded iu doing. You have ruined lhe life of your
own sister. She loves 11 C and I could
have made her happy, Strong as my
own feeling for her is, however, it is
impossible for me lo remain in a position  in  which   I  am made the  targel
,mv  Wile.
"1   wish  io h,
torled    I.ord   Eastling  wiih    vehcm-lbccn received by  Mrs: Angus,  Prcsi-I Home!" even-when it i- played by nn [thc staid old routine of tin day
(nee. dent  among ihe  Canadian   Branch  of OUt-of-tunc     hand    organ,  iu  a  dirty   fore  [lie  war.     Patriotism and U
I   "And she? Have you though I ef her? Queen Mary's Needlework Guild. The street, w In rc most ol llic homes   arc Isity   combine to introduce new nielli-
I suppose noi?    Von think of nothing|letter which war  written by Mi*s An- far from "sweet." 'oils,  -neh as ccnducc to  strirl  econ-
Put    yourself    and  your own  prcju-jnic Lawlcy, Hon. Secretary at head-     '||k  law of association is a conipli- ���".������'i'i '""'  economy  that    thoughtful
Idices." quarters in London says; calcd one.     A woman wlio grew lip Canadians would gladly see practised
"1 do not think of her,   I know lhe     "That Her Majesty has desired   mc| among  severe privations of a rocky |!norc "6>dly in our own kitchens. Per-
shock   would  be  aw ml   lo  her.       Bill   to ask  you   to convey  her  thanks  to
j she   would   gel   over  il.       And  if  the   |i,e various    workers' w ho  have  con-
end  comes  in  some  other  way,     in tributcd so splendidly lo this last con- 	
some sensational scandal while    she signmciit.   Thc arrival of your cases Icriptton of milking time, com husking ]1,e*--ods ol  war-im
till believes in you and cares for you,  was a great help to us at this moment, and apple    picking,    although in Inr1''"' should any
as we arc sending' out a large consign- own experience thosi duties M 1 for '" ''"' l,l,lv '" ���'"'" respect, il is not foi
ment  of  things  lo  Mesopotamia  and  backaches  and  blistered     hands  audi"'"11  "'   teaching.   Warnings  and  in-
many of your things have gone there, weariness unspeakable. |slructions greet licrfrom fence pin-
I The handkerchiefs were specially wel-      Home is a magic word, and wc scl-
icoine as 1 seem to have unlimited de-  doin try lo analyze il.    \ little Polish
Once  more  Paul,     finding  thai  he  niand  for  them."    Her   Majesty  was gjr| ;,,',, public school was asked re-
was getting the worst of il, turned off much interested in the Comfort Bags ccnlly to write    definition of "home
the conversation by a burst of good-   from   Yarmouth     and  wc   have  sent  "A home" she wrote   "is wl
oitic to  No.  14    General    Hospital,L|c live, antl whe
il will be a thousand times worse llian
if you were lo sling your hook    and
get back to the country which il  is a
pity   you   ever  left,"  said   I.ord   lasl
hill farm, rcni.le from evcrylhinp ''''I1* "* >'<������ ",'',v ���' section ol tacli
\ hich she now prizes in life will feci f ������"���"unity "' ll"' old land have taker
her eyes grow dim as she reads a des- seriously    to llic  *im!y    ol  thc ucs!
housewife fail
humored  laughter.
"I'poif my soul," he cried admiringly," you are a cool youth! I'm beginning to feel more than a simple liking
for you; I admire you. You can hold
I.ord Eastling fell rather sheepish
al being thus turned to ridicule in the
midst of his excitement. But neither
this feeling, nor the antiounlcment
made by Paul lhat he -was going lo
r. luni lo his club, sufficed to make
him  relax his hold.
Lord Eastling had remarked before
that Paul Payne did not belong to any
decent club, and although this could
not be explained away by the fact that
he passed as an American, it gave the
young man food for tboughl.
"What club?" ho asked.
Paul frowned.
"Oh, I'll give it up if you like," he
said lazily, "and we'll go into one of
the places where they give an afternoon  show "
France lo be given to some ol the
worst cases. It is indeed good of
your workers never allowing llieir
energy lo flag, and I hope thev realize how much their labors are appreciated. We ha\e so much to he grateful for, not only lo lhe daughters, but
U lhe sons of Canada who, at this nio-
einnl, are covering themselves with
glory, and one finds il difficult lo ex
press llieir thanks.
rie pro.
nr somebody comes   home am]    finds    people
there,  and  tin n  eat'-."
"And lln n cats!" I'o how many
thousands of men lhal is lhe did and
aim of coming home! To how many
thousands ol  women ihe preparation
II a* iu ilu othodox mod
hull of lhe printed column, It is wisely pointed oul iu ihi* campaign loi
economy thai in real thrift not only
should llu- expenditure be limited, bul
i must he intelligently arranged lo
produce the maximum of energy and
nutrition at tin' minimum oi cost
I Icalth and r In ie 111 must not sulfei
iu order that pennies may be saved
���\ii article ou ihe subject in The
Guardian reminds ils readers that to
complish    this it  is    necessary to
ol the lood lo he eaten is ihe   chief bear in mind llic relative conflnercia
business of home making. 'values of food, a', well as lhe physio
li i* a military axiom that an army. logical  values;  but  if the  wcll-nour
inarches on ils stomach. So the army
.... .      . of workers which goes forth wilh lhe
Inc.  lo lowing are a  lew    extracts .,���  ,-..  ,   ,i        n- .,- i V
.   [Sim trom lhe millions 01 human homes
work* by lln   strength of food.    Wi.ll-
liosin and well-cooked il musl be if
received from letters by the head
quarters in London:
Hospital Auxiliare, St. Gerinain-on
"There is one thing that we really
do need badly, bul 1 do nol know if
the Q, M. X. ti. supplies such ihings.
Many of lhe poor wounded have such
terrible bed-sores when thev come
here, either from the stretchers or prc-
vi us bad  nursing, ami  we. have     no
i*liul bodies and brains lhat arc the
nation's greatest assets at this moment are to he maintained this much
is imperative���the economic consideration  musl not be made the primary
lhe home is to rest on a firm founda- one in dealing wilh matters ol" diet.
lion, liul ihe foundation is not lh: Even where poverty unfortunately
whole structure. Food for the body j makes it so, a stud., of dietetics vviK
help* to feed the mind and spirit, but still enable a plentiful and nourishing
does not suffice for ihem. The Politdt 'diet io be supplied. Simplification ol
child niu*l be taught in her adopted j household meals must be achieved it
country lo arid to her plain and bitter is true, bul il must not be accomplish-
climnx, "and the eats." the new -har-|ed at the expense of the health and
ler of liberty and grace:  "And  whe,
irengtli  lhal   we  have  never  needed
'" So they went to lhe Hippodrome [water or air mattresses, nol ever, the  he has eaten, he talk-  and reads and  mor.
and'afterwards dined together,   Lord larSe, water pillows that are such an  thinks", and he learns    ami    leaches      Possibly llic-reason why the aver*
Eastling sticking like a limpet lo the i cx�� lc!u  substitute.    Il  is  pitiful   to  other-  what and how  lo love  and so agc  English    housekeeper    finds her-
older man, and making it impossible !sec lhc'r sufferings <*'��� Ihese hard mat-  lie makes and keep* a home. -  Hie  se]f at so grca, a disadvantage   with
for him to hold any conversation un- i tresses, when  one knows how more   loulhs Companion. present food prices is that until wai
known to him with anybody. comfortable ihey could be made,   n-l  ��� broke out  England  was ihc country
And presently, when" Paul aunoiinc- ���"''���] rubber hot water bottles arc also,   '��0 stimulate   AcriC'tllture   ','���" which food could be brought most
ed that he should stay the night   jn unknown here, but w-c have stone ones  �� cheaply.     Abundance    of   "supplies
lown,  Lord  Eastling said he should !"slcad-   .",losl ot ""e garments that M    .   .  ,   -, Should be Back to brought in its wake carelessness with
these pat.ems wear arc sent by the  ��������"*""*���-��������� *> "��o_an _nouici oc-,_c_io,	
do the same. I1""' Pa"cms  wcar are seni  oy  inei- ~"X_V�����7" " I regard  to making the most  of  food.
They engaged rooms at  the same Q- ')'��� N',G',      ilUva-" look' lor th.e                                                                   hcncc <""" ignorance of the economic
hotel,   I.ord   Eastling taking care     to  mark,,and    lc<:1    proud    ol  seeing It      A   slogan, lhal  represents till   vital,value  of  cooking    by  means    of the
change his for one that almost faced.        '���                                                           sinew of  .Manitoba, should be "Back  casserole aud the hay-box.
that occupied by  Paul. Hospital Mcliin, Seine ei  Marne.      j to the Land." 	
He  had an inkling  that  something      "I  find hospital, having many seri-1    From statistics available, il i* learn-    Grateful German Prison��!
exciting was going m happen, so he ous cases, surgical and illness. Ciolhes ed ihal the present figure of popiila- 	
played  the spy  when  ihey  had  both [arc in great    demand as mci.    come, lion evidences in excess oi one third  Le.t-t.cr Written bv a Prironer in En_-
two men in sporting clothes glide
swiftly along Ihc corridor and enter
Paul's room.
ll was Bill Evans.
He had scarcely shut thc door when
Paul broke into a passion of invective
land Praises Treatment Received
From His Captors
retired early to iheir rooms, and had straight from lhe front with nothing," of provincial inhabitants arc entiincr-
thc satisfaction of seeing one of   thc      Hospital Mixte  l-'ontainblcau ated in the census of the City of Win-1
"Well  equipped    hospital    but    no  "���������*?���. And lo this slartling fact musl
clothes.    Some of the men still lying bc addcd tlal upwards of fifteen thou-      Officials of the government    which
in their clothes straight from Verdun." f.an.d Pe,��P ]e    dwc11  '.-'"'J"    -h.c  "v"'  have shown great concern regarding
Hospital  No. 9  Bis,    La Chapelle-, ^.P*, f���*���^,^ ^.try' . | |!"e <-��"di*"���� ��f  Briti��h  prisoners in
|0. anairs in an agricultural cotinir) is  Germany,  have  come across a letter
uggestivc of active remedial measure.  fron, a German prisoner in  England
La  Heine.
. ,      , ,-      ,      ,,------ .      .   .    .        ...     ---__- ���-    ���- -,*--        -   iioni  a   vicini.ni   luisonei   in   r.ngiunc
gainst llic d d spy who had been        A most pathetic little hospital    in  As matters stand, farmers arc in need  which they have given me for publica-
ticking to him like glue all that day, I poor part of lhe    country,    Entirely   0f, yet unable to obtain adequate sup-  tjon<    ] jlave s(.(.n a photograph of the
nd    making it impossible    lo get a Irun by contribution of peasants,   i'a-iply'of help.    Every winter season dc-  original.    The letier was written by
word with anybody else. lients very cheery.       Lo garden,  so  monslratcs  thousands of unemployed  ;1  woundcd     prisoner     A  translation
Evans, who was    sullen and  snap- t' ey sit or lie by lhe roadside, or take ���;,. .],,. cities and a goodly proportion Ifollows:
pish, cut him short. [turns in one wheel chair.    1 am    the  0f these  out  of works  are in actual I    ,.,    ' ' ,, ��� ��� ,    ,,      .   ,   . , - .
"Have vou brought ihc stuff���as second visitor they had since the war need, a statement affirmed by perusual     ,.'     , Hospital, J--3-10.
you promised?" demanded he. ;began.   They nearly went on mvneck.; 0f reports issued  by  lhe  Associated       My dear children, my dear mother,
Paul nodded. I Do be as generous as you can." I Charities  of   Winnipeg.    A  horde of���How   terribly   will    the  expression
Yes.  I've got    pearls which    cost]    Hospital Civil, Rue Victor Hugo 1, unemployed     men    roam    ihc    city 'prisoner'   echo in your   ears.     But
eighteen thousand pounds. You won't
get that for them, bul if you bold on
a little, you will get ten, 1 should
think. They're beautiful pearls, -neh
as you don't come across once in ten
Hand  them
Montercau-fault-Yvonne, I streets;    artisan,    unskilled    worker, j your anxiety will be needless for lo
"A visit lo lliis hospital would melt book-keepers, clerks. The human pro-; tell the truth I have hitherto not been
thc stoniest heart. They have practi- duct of Slavonic Europe adds its quota treated as prisoner, but have re-
cally nothing and very serious cases, tc thc mass struggling io sustain body ceived nothing but love and care foi
and receive no outside help, und soul.    Surely this sight common my wounds, which are severe,   and
  -upon Winnipeg streets is a deplorable j everything is done  for me to relieve
1    Evans, Herr Ballin's Boast slil1*' *'��� affairs, an injustice lo Mani* my paiu���in fact everything that eai:
olding out a greedy hand. R      B ������ ,   annolmcemcn, ,l,at l,,s toba creative oi lhe    erroneous    irn-  I e done lor a wounded man.    There-
Paul shook Ins head. ,, , ,,,    u.,,,,!���,,.���    pression  prospective  immigrants  will,lore,    mv dear ones,    respect our cn-
"I can'l," said be. "Mv infernal bro-  company, the owners o   the Haniburg-  *q[ ^ ^^ ^^    T|,e acreage of  cmies.    I  always had a great    dread
her-in-law is al this moment spyine|Amcr'Ja" ".'!''' '', i Vi-aV *olher    Ger- this Prov*ncc ul ,ll(' present lime un- of falling    iulo    English hands,   but
on us-���1  can sec ],\< door ajar when 'jcvv   .'���.lc-1"'*'1*' ?  '       '      '        , ,  der cultivation, constitutes a fraction-  now    lhat  fale    has overcome me   1
I look out oi mine, and he'll overhaul'"'"," '.'���""' ;"'*',!".V     " Ir, ,.?���?���   '   ' ,\   I al  part  only oi the land-  suitable  lo  have learned better ami I -ec no trace
vou,  and  clap  von  inlo  custody   the !}"����� ":,":     '       '  ,    ���  i l,,i      I -  lll(;  Plough.    Hence  a  glorious  hcri-  of anything but  tender lov(   on    the
momcnl vou   cave here."                          I J'K' a""( ""��� '    Ul", ��� '"' '  '       [l. ' '*������*'- ^ awaiting, J'< I thousands of able : par,  of mv former enemies,   Mv food
' ,,.    , ..      .. ships, and German    ship-owners _.ne .-��,., '������     ...   __,  .  __. i   .   .._���  .    .f. ,
(To be continued)
I Slll|    .
not likely  to lock  up iheir capital  in
30,000-ton   steamers until    they have
bodied hm.    are    enrolled
ranks ,,i unemployment,
mongst   could nol be belter than il i* alihough
jl   can  eai very  little;   I   have a  splcn-
Without Works I.om7r7a'so.rabi'c'guarantee of revenue      Manitoba will, al termination of lhe did dinner every day. plenty ol meal
Father O'Lcary wa* off io catch thc|from tlicin.-Montrcal News. l"'��"" European war, receive an ,n-|**rid potatoes beautifully^ooked, Dicj
i 1 hihlin expn ss, and on the  way to lhe
tation he nu I his bishop.
va-un of immigrants.  Any class save
give me alniosl  too much, bul for the
"Well, what'* vour hurry?" said bc.
"It'* iiie Dublin o.pnss I'm after,
j your lordship."
The bishop pulled out his watch and
"Well, ihere i* seven minutes yel.
'lit   in   walk together and both catch
I it."
'I'hey arrived al the station just in
time to see the train steaming out.
"Do you know. I had the greatest
faith in lhat watch, OT.cary," said the
saki oi good manners, I eai it till it
i- all finished. Tea docs not suit
me, *ir coffee i* specially prepared foi
"I've brought  buck  those  eggs  vou   mill willing to lak<   ,i|   land and work
gave mc thi* morning," said the new wiih  the  farmers,  should  be  rigidly
'pride, as she began to take ihe arii-  refused admittance,    li would act lodes in question    from  her    basket, ward  future interests of ibis    prov- mc and it lastcs a-good as if you had
"They're din!   cgKS" : ��������'*'���  i(   extreme    discretion  in     pro-1 made ll   with your own hands.  Could
"Duck eggsl" sneered the grocery gramme of policy ,- adopt,,!. The a wounded prisoner ask for anythn q
boss "You're mistaken, ma'am. I late lames J. Hill, lhe greatest empire better? Do you therefore show
don't never sell no duck eggs." builders on lhe American  continent, nothing but  kindness    towards    om
"But 1 tested them " triumphed lhe and whose death has recently oc- wounded enemies, particularly Eng*
matrimonial novice. "I dropped them currcd, made llic following lersc slate- hshme.n, if you happen lo meet am
inlo waicr and ihey floated." ment at a banquet given in his honor on your journeys; treat ih m kindl-
 ~  at  Winnipeg a few year* ago: and   reineinber  how   much   they     art
A sergeant was entering a new en-' "Fill up your .population by all doing for ine here. I shall never
lister inlo his book "And where do1 means, but b< careful of the material I during my whole hie hngcl Ihc kind-
yes, my lord," replied the pricst.iyou hail from. Angus Macdonald- you accept. The Province of Mani- ess of my doctor and his assistant*,
"but what is faith without good England, Scotland or Ireland?" lie Wba possesses lands for settlement,! the nurses and orderlies, and I shall
works"" I nsked with a sarcaslic smile al the sin   your cities and towns can lake    carclthmk  of  ihem  gratefully   when     lhe
 :  'foot  brawny  giant.  'Wane  o'  them,"  ,'i themselves."���J. 1'. A.  Evans. j   eacc bells peal on every side.   Now,
! i���. r��a_v answer    "He ve ken  ��� "iv lailhiul  M.. and all of you,    wc
will pray lo Cod who has hitherl.
,1 ine by bis grace, lust now 1 askee
sc-gcanl  here to give me a forge;-
An   expert  in  aviation     makes  the  was  the  ready answer
sscrtion   lhal  a  bomb  dropped   from   whaur    Aberdeen    i-.'  \\ eel,  I   come,     Amos���1   don't   care   much   for  that',
i i   .        f   n Ann    r ,  ���. ' I r-i*>    i\ 1 .r rrl 1-i'ti . . !      < I ���..1 * _.      :.      . 1.. . ���  '
., height of 8,000 feet cannot hit. ex-|f���"������** Aberdeen.
ccpt   by   rare  good   luck,  the    object;
aimed at, owing to the speed at which
lhe airship  Iravi Is.
picci   llu   orchestra  is  playing    now.;
I At a Britisii tribunal il was staled
that   a jeweller, married, bul   without
i family, had joined lhe colors in order
that iiis manager, married wilh three
children, mighi remain behind,
W.    N.     U.     1116
The typical farm in Mexico is not
of 100 acres, but ol a mi! n. The
territory oi Quinlana Roo, about as
large as Albrrla, is divided among
eight  companies.
un, 1���\\ hv, that *    luturisl    inusii' ,���������,,. i i,.,,.���_,,;,. i.���.,,i,. .���,,    ,.,,.
"Me   \,,fe   iir.ecii'e,    to   , nve   a   ,          a              ,-.,    ���    .,    .  ���. :  ,,,       ,     -.    , lie-not    I  ll.iv e got it ���lri ,u!\  ami   cue
today   v    Ion    h   tiln     her    I  uui "       i'?" "TC''��� ',"       '    ���     1'V'"      ,'   " of  joy  come  to  my  eve*   for  1  know
"How was thai?"                              play it some lime m the future, then: H.-('  _..��������� ;,  win ,h,    ,��� yov,
"Sho inveigled the hired girl into     ,.                          " Now farewell, all of you._ may God'i
holding the nail."
"Henry, how do you like mv new
lliali Well,    dear.' Ic   1,11    vou   the
Hcr_No   doubt you   think    I am truth���" "Slop ihcrcl li you're going
elder than   1  really am.
Hint���Not at all.    I'm sure you are
not as (ihi a'  vou look.
"We've learned a lot front the present  war?"
"Yes, indeed. Everything rxiepl
what it's all aboul."
lo talk  lhal     way about  it,    Henry  1
don't want to know."
Delia���So    Matthew
Miss   Corbridgc?     IP
In    niiir.y
nnu li    I
mercy be upon it.". Receive the loving greetings and kiss, s of you.
("( if  the   Reserve  Infantry  Kept."',
During the war between the Unitco
States   and   Mexico   which   began   ir.
yourg lor her, don]! you think? Emily 1847, 300,000 men were employed bv
���Oh, he'll age rapidly enough alter the former during llu. two years Ilia'
lie's married, the wai lasted, THE   REVIEW.   COlTRTKEr.   B. C.
Conservation and Thrift
j__ctt Leads to Personal Gain and to
National Profit
Conservation is thrift. Perhaps it
ihoiihl bc added���when properly cx-
.reiscd. Conservation is not hoarding.
Hoarding i* more frequently waste
:han not. 'the miser does not enrich
'.he country, He impoverishes il. Jlt-
iicious investment makes the country
richer. It means production and pro-
iuction that adds to llic capital of the
nation; production that means pro-
ijress and advancement; that leads lo
jreatness. When the war broke out
-ily dwellers rushed lo purchase
necessities in large quantities, fearing
-i rapid advance in prices. That was
sot conservation, preservation, or
wise investment, It provoked the
.cry evil that it was desired to avert.
It was wane. Scavengers state that
'.he amount of perishable produce lhat
was subsequently thrown out with the
garbage was tremendous, Thus an
rra that 'should have started with con-
tervation and thrift commenced with
���rorl'ul extravagance,
Time proved the unwisdom of the
���rirly panic. But slocks had been depleted and prices advanced. Thc evil
had been done and the effect lingered.
A feeling of insecurity was caused
-.liai remained    iu    the   memory   ol
.eaters,   who   wen*   not   slow   to   take
advantage ol llu- situation. The larger
���.lien profiled immensely. The smaller
went lo tin* wall. The consumer reaped llic result uf his folly. But the
lesson has been harnt, and although
prices have not fallen, lhe normal cou-
,,-rv iii ,n ol the people has returned
in,I with il to some extent the habit
of conservation, li is doubtful, how-
ever, whether lhe importance of ihe
killer has yet entered into llic minds
.if the Canadian population in the
wide measure lhal it should.
Conservation, or thrift, or both, is
possible in Ihc smallest way as well
as in the largest. Each leads lo personal gain ami national profit. And
ilierc is no manner in which both can
be better exercised than in the household and in personal habits. Care in
mir method of living contributes not
.lone to the formation of individual
but to what is more important'���national character. France learnt this
?reat lesson from the Franco-Prussian war and is benefiting by it today.
Canada is acquiring it and there is
every indication lhat present experiences will lead lo further conservation, to more thrift, and to greater
1    NO
The Salvation of France
The Rubber Industry
The Bulk of the Woi Id's Supply ol
Rubber Comes From Brazil
The rubber gatherers iu jungles of
the Amazon, llic Orinoco and the
Congo, making incisions an inch and
;. half long, three-eighth's of an inch
wide and a half inch deep in the bark
of the tropical trees which sometimes
altain a height of 60 feet and a circumference of K feet, Beneath these
cuts the natives attach small cups to
la'ch thc rubber milk, which is not
the sap of lhe tree. 'Pin- average Para
inbber tree yields two ounces of milk
a day. liy coagulation in lhe smoke
j of a wood and palm nut fire thr milk
j yields one-third iis weight of the;
prized rubber, lhe normal annual production of n tree being ten pounds of
rubber, and the flow continues fairly
constant for a number of years,
()nc of the bye-products of rubber,
Iharvesting, and one  which  promises
j extensive   development, since planta-
! lions of these trees have been SUCCCSS-
; 111 in Sumatra, Ceylon and the Straits
Settlement, is lhe rubber seed which I
\ iclds  almost   half  its   weight   of  au j
oil closely resembling linseed oil, and'
adapted to the same uses.
There arc many varieties of rubber
producing trees, vines and shrubs, the
most valuable species being lhal
which yields the standard "para," and
which grows over an area of a million |
square miles in  Brazil alone.
I'he world production of rubber
during the year preceding the European war was 151,0(10 tons, of which
Brazil produced 40,000 tons, her nearest competitor, the Dutch East Indies
yielding 8,000 tons. The United Stales
in that year imported more llian twice
as much of the raw material a.s Great
j Britain, which stood second as a buyer. For 57,000 tons $00,000,000 was
p-id.���National Geographical Society,
How  Germany  Has  Tried  to Eliminate France as a European
("ine of lhe German aims in this
war was to eliminate France as a
European power. The first attempt
was foiled by the battle of lhe Maine.
The second attempt was foiled by
the defeat of the attempt to break
Pie French, British, and Belgian
line and march to Calais. The third
attempt was foiled by the heroic, defence of Verdun.
If the attempt had been successful,
il was hoped that France would have
become a mere vassal of Germany,
like Austria,'Turkey, and Bulgaria.
The lasl attempt was made iu a spirit
of revenge. if France would not!
submit,  France  must  be  smashed.
France has played hor own parti
with magnificent heroism, and has
been loyally helped by her allies. Thus
a great work has be, n done, not only
for Prance, but for Europe, and for
llic  world.
It Se.ms  to  PoSSeS- Almost      ,vl' '  ', Nc-mltiic, you ask: lust ..
, ...   .        ,. uiniiienl,   but   verv   much   stronger  ill
OOme JJ-Y*ne rOWei' pain-subduing   power   than   other lint-
Over    Pain jnicnts-onc    llial    penclralcs    more
ilei ply  iu   the  tissue  than  anj   ������ It  ,'
liniment,    ll  is a liniment  that c u rs
RUD   ON   NERVILINE Hr*1-'' ""'l Rive* permanent relief.
i ,,ii  im.; lit   spend ten uv a  I iiiiurc I
dollars, but you couldn't buy as much
Toothache is usually due lo neural-relief as vou get from a single bottle
gia in the gums or to the congestion  of Nfervilihc.
and swelling of the nerve pulp. We guarantee N'crviline: wc rcfmi I
,\s "Nerviiine" relieves congestion, .vour money if it docs not relieve you.
you can easily sec why il cure- tooth-! lu many land* il i* a I iliscfiold
ache,    ^ trust, a remedy lhat ha- justified ilself
N'crviline does more���cures any,under llu* experience of those who
ache or pain ���iu any part of the have used it. Guaranteed fir neural-
body, -.ia. scialica,    lumbago,    rheumatism,
It matters not where your pain i*. pleurisy, strains or sprains; lhe large
ll may he in a joint or muscle; it may *,| cut family size botth i- more cco-
bc neuralgia or lumbago; i: may In" a inimical llian the 25 cent trial si/-'
surface pain is deeply situated iu lhe Dealers everywhere sell Nerviiine, u
back, side or chest. Nerviiine will direct from The Catarrhozonc Co.,
reach it;  Nerviiine will drive il out.     'Kingston.  Canada.
.-  cannot
world   me
; and  esp
ll    has   be
ii.>-.i  civil
1.       The
lo lose Prance,
all iis national
ii needs France
d is, one of lhe
agencies of the
would have been
infinitely poorer if France had been
cither destroyed or dominated by
t lerniany.
That does nol mean lhat Germany
has not its own contribution lo make
lo civilization. The tremendous blunder the crime of the mislcadcrs of
Germany was the conspiracy to destroy civilization and upon its ruin to
Minard'.- Liniment Cures   Distemper.
Perfect Fit'
"Yes, grandma, I am to be married
luring the bright and gladsome
"But, my dear," said grandma, carnally, "you are very young. Do you
feel thai vou are fitted for married
"I am being filled now, grandma,"
explained the prospective bride, sweetly. "Seventeen gowns."
Here is the latest story from Sandhurst Military College: Overnight thc
cadets conspired. When next morning the sergeant gave the order
"Number off from the right!" Ihc
voices rang out "One, two, three, four,
"ive, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, knave,
queen, king." Quick as lightning the
sergeant continued with "All court
cards fall out and report to the
The first Bible published in thc
United Stales was in llic Indian language and primed at Cambridge,
Adds a Healthful
Zest to Any Meal
Most everyone likes a hot
tabic drink, but it must have
a snappy taste and at the same
time bc healthful, Probably no
beverage answers every requirement so completely as docs
This fatuous pure food drink,
made   of   roasted   wheat   and   i
bit of wholesome molasses,
affords a rich, delicious flavour,
yel contains no harmful clement.
The original Postum Cereal
must be boiled; Instant Postum
is made in the cup "quick as
a wink," by adding hot water,
and stirring.
Both forms of Postum have a
delightful aroma and flavour,
are healthful, and good for
children and grown-ups.
"There's a Reason"
Sold by Grocers everywhere
Cao-'liiin Posttlltl C.icnlCo.. tail.
; Windsor, Ont
This is to certify that fourteen years
ago I got the cords of my left wrist
nearly severed, and was for about nine
mouths that 1 had no use of my hand,
and tried oilier Liniments, also doctors, and was receiving no benefit. By
a persuasion from a friend I got
one bottle which completely cured
me, and have been using MINARD'S
LINIMENT iu my family ever since
and find it the same as when I first
used i'. and would never be without
Metapcdia,   P. Q.
Aug. 31 sl, 190.",
Stayed With His Pal
The story of a brave Saskatchewan
lad is thus told: "One Canadian doctor, with his assistant," "hail worked
all through the bombardment at a
field-dressing station close behind the
front line, and near the Cumberland
dug-outs where Colonel Shaw died.
He was a ship's doctor front Vancouver who had made many voyages to
Honolulu and across the Pacific he-1
fore coming out lo the great adventure in France. Of his assistant I
knew nothing except lhat he was a!
brave fellow- who did not think of his
own danger because he could help
other men. When llic Germans came
across neither of these two doctors,
deserted his posl, but 'carried on' loi
the. last moment, bandaging the
wounded who lay about them.'' I
A Good Scout
Work of the Boy    Scout Movement
Among the Boys of Saskatchewan
Of many trusts that have been
made in lhe last half century at superstition and ignorance, the Boy Scout
movement is one of ihe most effective as it in also one of the mosl recent.
To be a "good scout" means much
lhe same ihing as it once meant to
be a noble champion of the lists���
only it means more. 'I'he knight of
build a temple    for  the    worship  of! "hi had  nothing  more  to  fight  llian
an occasional dragon; he had only to:
break into a stone castle lo find  his j
beautiful princess awaiting him.    'lhe
scout, however, has lo conquer him- j
I self.   To speak honorably, to '.ive !oy-1
ally,   to  act   helpfully,   to   be   friendly
to all, lo be discourteous to none, lo
o'cy cheerfully, to* smile and wliis. c
in the face of every difficulty, lo live
thriftily, to think, speak and act clean-1
ly���ihese are the ten commandments]
o" the good scout, the energizing precepts of clean  living and  wholesome i
! lint king.
That llu* Boy Scouts of Saskatchewan are "good scouts" who sl rive to I
live up io lhe principles is fully at-!
tested by lhe place they have lakeu
and are continuing lo lake in lhe pub-!
lie service of our country. Though ]
not a military organization iu anyl
S"iise of the term it is significant tin I i
over 150 scout officers and senior!
'scouts who were active" iu boy scout'
v ork al the beginning of the war arc,
now ou active service.
On account oi age, .he majority, of!
course, have Ik en forced to remain
at home. But ever lluse have striven
to uphold lhe name of lhe organiaa-,
lion. Some of tlie troops have given
the recruiting' agencies splendid as-
s' tauce. Red Cross societies the
country over have ha,', the assistance
of the Boy Scouts in llieir activities
On many occasions they have acted
orderlies at  the various function
Prussian tyranny
But if this conspiracy is defeated wc
may hope for a new order, in which
every national type will be preserved,
every national virtue and every national genius encouraged. All nations
will co-operate for lhe common good
of humanity, and for the development
of a type of humanity nobler than
the world has ever seen.��� Toronto
state of Ohio. City of Toledo.
I.ueas County, ss.
Prank J. Cheney makes oatti (lint hr la senior
partner of the firm of K. J. Cheney & Co., tlotn.
bualoesil in lhe City of Toledo. County an,I state
'foresaid, and lhat s;n,l firm will pay the sum of
ON"? JIl'NDKKtl IJOI.l,.-.KS for each and every
case of Catarrh that cannot he cured by the us*
Sworn  In before  ine  anil   subscribed  in  my
presence, this 6Ui day ol December, A.',), tris-i.
(SEAL) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken  Internally and
acta through lire Uloud on (lie Mucous Surfaces
of the Syslem.   Send for testimonials, free.
!���'. J. .HENRY & CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold by all dru.frists, 75c.
Hali's Family Pill* tor constipation.
Russian Trade With Canada
All calculations suggest that large,
trade between Canada and Russia will
be developed immediately after the
war. This commerce will be of great
interest to Vancouver, as it should
pass through this    port.    In lhe last
Canadians Burning;
Forests Too Fast
Carelessness With Fire Going to Cos;
Canada $7,200,000 More This
Year Than Last
In war time ami while many interests arc urging thrift and economy,
lhe Canadian people are burning up
Iheir created resources at a much
greater rate this year than last, is 111 ���
statement which appears in a bulletin
issued by the conservation commission.
for lhe first five months of 19P>
llic fire loss in Canada has exceeded
that of (anuary t" Ma .' in 191" l��
approximately '$3,000,000 ,,r $600,CK I
per mouth, says the bulletin. At this
rale oi increase our fire losses shall
exceed that of 1915 by $7,200,000.
Canada has need of all her financial
resources.    Slu-  i*  borrowing   n    n
lo carry ou the war unl ir pa; ing u. ���
per cent interest thereon.    The alii,uml fire losses ,,i 191fj wottl : ther'
fore pay the interest char res on    t   -
recent  war  1 i  ol  $100,000,000    an I
would pay $2,200,000 i f thc principal
Canada's   average  annual   fire   :   ���-
over $23,000,000 would pa*   live    t m
cen'.  interest   on  approximately  hair
a billion dollar*.    Our ur- loss, however, something for which wc arc receiving  no   value,  either  financial  or
patriotic ,is simply a tare due >������
part to  carelessness    which    Canad
mi- appear willing to pay and
they     as  a   whole arc  doin.r  little to
1   '      ,     ,">   . '-*- ;���- ������"��� i as  oruen.es at  tne various  luncuons
year the foreign    commerce through unJcr ���,,. :u,spices of imperial Order
'..-?.?���L^.L.!-"!f_.h.���l^..�����1.LC?.JJ,.:|of the Daughters of the  Empire.    Al
record ot aiiy previous year, and most lhe Saskatchewan Grain Growers''
of the increase is due to trade with Conventicn held in Saskatoon in
Vladivostok. It is not forgotten that March they were much in evidence
some ol lhe trade was lost to Van- ._.;���_ ;is'guides and messengers,
comer because there were no cranes .|.,c��� themselves bv their own sub-;
and  other equipment  here  to  handle        ���    ��� .     .   ... , i
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Overrated German Efficiency
German efficiency will be less made
ol" in lhe future, lis limitations are
a.s obvious as those of an analytical
conclusion. It solves a given problem, working from premises laid
down , but it is baffled by lllfi Unexpected and lack's imagination lo foresee new conditions. It sees narrowly,
in a straight line, and when deflected |
I by unconsidered obstacles, which imagination  might  luve provided  for, it
iis  like a locomotive off  the  track.���
'. New Vork Times.
some oi ihe heavy pieces. We believe uisp?ayS_Jon^ lroop |*y killing gophers
hat a good deal o the freight shippedLJ clcani stables !-havc raiscc?
to Siberia through Seattle originates during lhc s���t vcar hundreds of dol-i
in Canada. After the war it should ,ars for various patriotic causes other;
be arranged thai freight shipped    lo  ���,���_  ������,,,. Alul  so  ���.,,_  ,.cconl
Russia iron, Canada under prcfercn- nli ,,, bc wriUcn almos, ,,, ���0 e���d,
Uai arrangements will go by way of of "f,IC hundreds of public duties which
Canadian ports il ihey arc able to lake ,lave bcc��� assume(J by lhc liuic tej.
care o, it.- Vancouver Ncws-Advcr- ������  s in kh.lki
To make every boy in Saskatche-
- _,__ _ ..���00li  scout" is, then, the aim
oi the organization which, during the,
past year, has been working in the
province. AusgUStUS 11. Ball as Provincial Commissioner and Frank    C.
No season of lhe year .- - tan get -
ous to the life of little one; as is I *
summer. The excessive heat thro ���
the. little stomach cut of order so
quickly that unless prompt aid is it
hand the baby may be beyond :.i
human help before the mother realizes
he is ill. Summer is thc season wfcm
diarrhoea, cholera infantum, dy3en-
Iry and colic are most prevalent. Any
one of these troubles may prove deadly if not promptly treated. Doling
thc summer ihe mother's best friend
is Baby's Own Tablets. They regulate the bowels, sweeten the stomach
and keep baby healihy. The Tablets
arc sold by medicine dealers or hy
mail at 25 cent- a box from i - Dr.
Williams' .Medicine Co., Bro -.
On I.
A Sure Corrective of Flatulency.���
When the undigested  food lies in
lhc stomach it throws off gases cans
ing pains and oppression in the stom
achic region, lhc belching or cructa- ���_���,������ ,ls provincial Secretary are the
lion ot these gases is offensive and two men who arc _iving cncrgy l0 thc
the. only way to prevent them is lore- moven)ent, and in spite of difficulties
store lln* stomach _lo  proper action.] t,)ese mcn an(] ,1lc;r ,nany |oyal assist-
ants are meeting from day to day, th
Parmelee's Vegetable I'ills will do
this. Simple directions go wilh each
packet and a course of ihem lakeu
systematically is certain to effect a
Hard and soft corns bolh yield to
Holloway's Corn Cure which is entirely safe to use aud certain aud
satisfactory in its action.
It was several days after arriving
home from the front that lhe soldier
with ill ' two broken rib- was sitting
t',< an ' smoking a cigar, wher. the doctor came in. "W ell, how arc you feeling now?" asked the latter. "I've had
a   stitch  iu  Illy  side  all  day."  replied
ih.. wounded soldier, "That's all
right," said the doctor. "It shows llic
bones arc knitting."
An American tells of a visit to a
Zoo iu Ireland on which occasion lie
was lunch interested iu a solitary sea
lion. Turning lo one of the keepers, the American asked, as he point,,!
to the solitary beast, "Where's his
male?" "tic has no mate, sor," responded the Celt, "We just feed him
ou fish."
province is being thoroughly organized into districts and the boys are
everywhere being made acquainted
with the purposes and aim* of the association.
Contrary to a commonly accepted
opinion the organization i- not a military one. Indeed, it is opposed to militarism though il responds to the call
of duly whenever it may be heard. It
however, and educational    propa-
A Prevalent Sin
Private Doherty was six  feet four
in  his  socks;  his  sergeant  was about
a  foot shorter.    The sergeant looked
along  lhc  line.  "Head  up.  there   Doherty I" he eriid.    11,11��� - rI\- raised '.lis        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
head.  "Higher!"  saitl  the little     BCr-]ganda with lhe tiaining of the'hoy's
gcant,    "There,  that's  better!    Don't; whole  nature as its aim.    The greal
let me see your head down again!"      | war of  the immediate  future is  lhat
"Am I to be always like this?" ask- struggle for commercial and indus-
e,l Doherty, staring above the little trial success which will follow' the
sergeant's head. ! present  European conflict, one which
"\ ou are." * will   demand   leadership,   resourceful-
"Thin I'll sac good-bye In ye, ser- ness, sterling character, high ideals,
glut dear, lor I'll never see yc again j practical minds and honest endeav
Socialism in Germany.
From our standpoint Socialism at
its best is seen in Germany, where before the war that part of trie nation
who opposed the militarism of the
Kaiser fought under its banner. It"
Germany, when thc war ends, repudiates Prussianism and become* :, Republic, Socialism will lie one of the
potent influences which have pre| ir-
c,l i!i' way for this beneficial revolution in I lie national life. Dr. I.ich-
knecht, bearing a name that ranks
high in tin' history oi German S i tat-
isin, will then become a nati ,
because of ihe courage with whi he
ha . stood oul ..t .on-; :-.- I*...i- -r"- :...r
poli, V of late. Th ��� im.-' a- let
ponent of So -i tlisni in ihis
musl iccognize ��� . ii in; - given , ni
in Germt ny to a protest v. ell taken
against misgovernment, ami lhal it
has in  such a case a- that of the op-
prcssed German people a definite and
vahii blc use.    Mom real Mail,
m this wor
W.     N.     U.     1116
'lhe Women's Suffrage Society in
London have offered lo lake over lhc
slrcet cleaning of lhc city owing ,o
(he shortage of labor.
Ruth-���TrtlSt her! Vou surely don't
think she could keep a secret? Matilda���Well. I've trtisled her with other
things, and she kept them,
That war will last for a quarter of a
century and, in lhe words of   Baden-1
| Powell, the founder of lhc Hoy Scouts
I organization,    "will be won    by the1
.country whose, citizens are ihen    the,
best equipped  in spirit  and  iu  ability
fo.' lhe great work." The Boy Scout
movement is au organized    endeavor;
: to grasp  for    our growing    youth  a
1 great national opportunity.
The Saskatchewan Headquarters ofi
th: Bov Scouts Association is on the j
second floor of the V. M. C. A. Build-;
; ing,  Kcgina and to that address    all
| requests for information re the formation of local associations and troops i
| should be .sent.
A Ready Wc2pon Against Pate ���
There is nothing equal lo 1 >r. I nomas'
Eclcctric (.'il wi en well rubbed in, It
penetrates the tissues and pain disappears before it. There is no known
preparation tha: will reach the spot
quicker than tin* magic Oil, In consequence it ranks first among liniments now offered to the public ami
is accorded first place among all itj
We must beat France first of all
and finally, 'lhat done, our hands will
bc free lo ileal with England, for
there can be no end to the struggle
until th ��� -oil of England herself also
i- satl.ratcd in the lifeblood of its people���Berliner Tagcblalt, The saturation cannot begin, however, until the
British fleet is put out of business, -
Xew Vork Sun.
First Philosopher���Of course every
J young man thinks he'd be perfectly
happy if he could only have his own
Second Philosopher   Yes, ami   the
older he  grows  the  happier he  is  to
think lhat he didn't have it,'
"Yoilr daughter has a wonderful
voice.   You ought lo cultivate it."
"W hat for'- A voice doesn't show up
iu moving pictures. But I've go: i
boy with a funny wall, whom I CftfCCt
to sec drawing a thousand ,i week one
of ihese d-ya.' mrawmifm ��� �����  -wwv^n
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weeky  Newspaper,  Pubishetl  at
Courtenav, 11. C,
N. H.  Biidisn, Bdltor and Proprietor
Subscription ��1 60 per Year in  Advance
THURSDAY, AUG, 17, 191*.
City Council
The council met ou Monday evening. His worship the Mayor and
Aid. Aston, Auderton and Hurford
were present,
The following communications
were read:���
From Duii'-an & Dutcher re Water
From Courtenay Electric Light
Co. re agreement
From Aid. Kertun resigning his
Moyed by Aid. Anderton, seconded by Aid. Aston that the com-
inuuicatious be laid on the table for
discussion.    Carried,
Tlie following accounts were presented;���
Electric Light Co
King's Printer
B, C. Telephone
" " 2.00
J. Marto 30.00
Moved by Aid. Hurford, second
ed Aid. Aston that the accounts be
laid on the table for consideration.
Aid Aston Chairraa of tlie Fire
Waideus reported that one part)
only had complied with the notice
re removing brush.
Mov^d by Aid. Hurfotd seconded by Aid. Antleiton that Aid. Aston, accompanied by the City Clerk
interview tne parties who have nol
complied with tlle notices and in-
lorm them that if the brush is no:
removed that the city will have tin
work done and charged against
the property.    Carried.
Aid, Hurford asked permission
to employ a solicitor to assist in
Uie preparation of a by-law governing Electric Light Companies,
Moved by Aid, Anderton, seconded by Aid, Aston, that Aid, Hurford be given permission to employ
legal assistance in the preparation
ot his by-law the cost not to exceed $15.    Carried
Aid. Aston introduced a Curfew
bylaw, and witli tlie unanimous
consent of the members presenl
same was given its ist 2nd and 3rd
leadings. Moved by Aid, Auderton, siconded bv Aid, Hurford;
that the Curfew hy law pass its ist
2nd and .���"id readings.
Moved by Aid Andertpu, seconded bv A'd. Hurford that the account of J. Barto be referred to
liie Finance caiiiinittee, and if
found correct paid.    Carried.
Moved by Aid. Hurford, seconded by Aid, Aston that the B. C,
Telephone accounts be referred to
the Finance committee and it found
correct paid.    Carried,
Moved bv Aid. Hurford, seconded by Aid. Auderton that the account of the King's Printer be referred to the Finance committee,
aud if fo; u ' correct paid     Carried,
Moved bv Aid Hurford. seconded by Aid; Aston that the account
of the Electric Light Co. be referred to the Finance committee and
if found correct paid and that the
Company be tendered a check for
65 k. w, hours at 7c per k. w. hour
and $3.50 for lamp,
Aid. Hurford reported re water
committee to the effect that coins
uiuuicatious had been sent to get
information with regard to a maiui-
il power pump for fire protection
md that there was also being considered tlie means of getting water
from different scourees and asked
permission to purchase bottles in
Dominion War Loan
By purchasing a bond you will help
to WIN THE WAR and obtain for
yourself an investment of the highest
class yielding at most attractive rate
of interest.
The   Following   Early   Fall
i; Goods Now Being Shown
Ladies' Costumes
Dress Goods
House Dresses
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
Connecting at Nnii_'_no with Steamer "Princess  Patricia'
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world.  For particulars etc., address
Dill. Pantnger Agent, Victoria
Agent Courtenay, Phone 1(60
which to ship samples of water for
Moved by Aid. Anderton seconded by Aid. Hurford that the Water committee Ik- authorized to expend up. to $25 in connection with
their investigations, and that a full
account of any money spent be rendered to tlit- Council.    Carried.
Moved by Aid. Anderton, _econ,
ded by Aid, Aston that the com-
inniiicaton from Duncan & Dutcher
be received and filed     Carried.
Moved by Aid. Aston, seconded
by Aid. Hurford that the resignations of Aids. Carroll and Kerton
be laidfovcr until the next meeting
Moved by Aid. Aston, seconded
by Aid. Anderton that theKlectric
Li_ht Co's coimuunicatiou be received and filed.
_Moved by Aid. Anderton, seconded by Alii, Astull that tlie Hoard
.f Woiks be empowered to lay a
sidewalk from lite coiner of Isabel
stteel to the  City   Hail.    Carried.
Aid, Aston brought up the
question ot the building of the Post
Office nnd suggested that s.nie
sleps be '.itketi to induce the- Cov*
eminent to purchase a site for same
Moved by Aid, Anderton, seconded by :\ d. Aston, thut the City
Clerk write Mr. Clements asking
when he expects to lie next in
Courtenay and stating that the
'ily Council wished to have an
interview with him at that time.
Moved by Aid. iiiuTord, seconded by Aid. A'.Ion that the Mayor
and Aid. Anderton be authorized to
.���ecitre information iu reference to
expropriating lanes, and report
next meeting.   Carried,
Moved by Aid, Anderton, seconded bv Aid, Hurford that the meet-
iny adjourn, Cat tied.
We are told that thc Liberal opposition is becoming stronger,
Quite   so.   and  even  yes,  ill tiie
..use that a corpse does.
ROYAL STANDARD  is  n   faithful   lloni
thoroughly dependable.
The sack you buy today will  be us
the last sack you bought���the om'   11 xt   month
just lhe same-no variation year in and vi u out,
"UNIFORMITY" is the watchword,
ROYAL STANDARD I'LOl'K   ne vet   backslides���never playi tricks on the cook or   Imkei
Made from the heart of .he plumpest, -un rip
ened Canadian   Wheat    Kernels   selccti !   and
tested with scientific precision���prepared   in di i
conditions of snowy white clean
liness���free from  dirt or  other
impurities,    ROYAI,    STANDAl'B
1*1,0-R has been rightly termed
"The   Perfect    Flour"���"The
Faithful Flour."
Accept no substiute but  insist
on Royal Standard and look   for
the trade-mark���the  Circle V
on the sack.
Royal Standard Grain Pro
Phone 33, End of Bridge F. Moviti,   .<
Auto   and   Bicycle ���
and  Accessork
Bicycles For Sale
Phone L46
Comox Co-operative
We beg to announce that we have bought the
business of Messrs. Cooke & Matthewson, and
assure customers of our prompt and courteous
Respectfully yours,
Willard's Harness Emporium
'���'ine Showing ol  Horse  Blankets,   I,ap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunk., Suit Cases, lite.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Practical Slu
Next to liiuih St Hist
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends  Irom   Leading Musicians
Irom the Atlantic t�� the Pacific,   Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. 0'iarit   will tie   in this city   about
Oct.     1.      Leave orders at this Office,
or write direct to
8.5, 8th Ave., W.   ���   Vancouver
Comox, I.. C. ���
Besl Meals North ol
Choiee; I Liquors and
C. A.  Martin,   Prop.
Ice C .'��� an
i'i PCS,
{ ohacci -'���
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay t��2
/* J
Three   Reasons Why
has for nine succeslve years written the
Largest Canadian Business
ol uny company operating in Canada
Its Premiums are the Lowest
Its Policies are tlie most Liberal
Its  Dividends are the Highest
Vancouver Island Branch
,l   lli'lll"!' MORGAN, Miinwor
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
P. I.   ANDERTON, Agent, Courtenay
Courteuay Review
Sn Tlie war lias made it manifest that a lot of our business
methods are obsolete antl must be altered, and while those
nt ih" trout are doing iheir best, it is the hounden duty*
of thorie at home to pave the wav for a real good future for
tli ise fortunate enough to return, and do as the Asqiiith Gov-
eminent is now doing. Consider measures to prevent poverty
nfler the war, by spreading the fruits ot industry more fairly
throughout the community. W- must from now on quit leaving men women and children at the mercy of private ownersof
industry, This province ot B, C. mu.t use its wealth of natural resources for the benefit of its whole population, and
proceed along the lines of productive industry,
Opportunity is a fine thing a .d Election Day on Sept, 14
when tlle ballot will be secret, and no Road Superintendent or
other Government official lookin? over our shoulder when we
111 rk the x will give us this. Meanwhile let us get busv and
ascertain from-th* Provincial candidates, Conservative and
Liberal their views of the Watered Stock Ltd. Co, sharks,
whom 1 wrote about 6 months ago a.s the men who deserve a
hi ick eve���thev are the cause of the labor troubles iu British
Columbia and the bloody war which took p ace 3 years age
amongst the miners of Vancouver Island,
Our Dominion member, Mr. H. S. Clements is a fighter for
our cause, You will recollect 2 years ago. when I did not
know him as well as I do now, I gave him some hard knocks
aboul the Courtenay new post office sue, but we are uow the
best of friends, and the letter he wrote me last January giving
me his view of joint Slock Ltd. Cos. bears upon this, hence
at this juncture it is worth repeating, viz,���
Ottawa, Jan, 31, 1916.
Dear Idiens: ���
I have received yours of the 22nd iust. aud heartily agree
with tbe sentiments expressed. I have long fought against
and objected to Companies, as they are allowed to organize,
especially in B, C. with the vast amount of Watered Stock,
thereby robbing the small individual subscriber. Personally,
1 would not invest a dollar in any company with any Watered
Stock whatsoever, and if this were carried out it would be an
incentive and a piotectiou to the ordinary workingman, and
otherwise; for the fullest protection for his money invested,
and a boon to the province generally.
With the vast amount of raw materials of all kinds in B, C.
and with a proper organization of healthy industries, it should
in the near future, bring B, C, by far the paramount province
of the Dominion. The suggestions have aud always wi!l have
my utmost support.
Truly yours
H. S. Clements,
The consensus of opinion throughout Comox-AUin is that
Mr, Clements' pixsent seat is safe for him so long as he de-
.' ires to hold it,
It is possible to find a solution  for the problem  of dealing
wiih the Watered Stock Co. sharks.    In my view the German
system is what we should aim for.    With  them   there is no
such thing as Watered Stock, its nominal   capital   being  the
actual capital, and any intangible assets are wiped out of  un-
declured profits,    The Companies are controlled bv managers
and not by a Hoard of directors, and the whole of the.mploy-
1 es share the profits,
Until the question of Industries is decided upon, the  Agri-
ilturnl Credit Department should pause before  loaning any
more money to enable the farmers to produ.e more, otherwise
llpply will exceed the demand at remunerative prices, especially if thousands of returned soldiers are trained for the
laud -and the borrowers will be unable to pay the capital boi-
.  rowed or meet the interest charges a.s they become due.
We need a Business government composed of piactical business men free from patronage. I wrote the Attorney General
Hon. W.J. Bowsers few weeks ago suggesting that he should
include ill his portfolio a Government legal prosecutor to deal
with frauds, same a.s iu Euglaud, but he threw the proposition
down,giving as bis reason that il his department had lo go into the merits of all casts it would be necessary for his staff to
b. verv materially enlarged, in fact, create an unworkable
condition. Isn't this conclusive evidence that the Hon. Bowser knows in his own mind that there are such a lot of crooks
and thieves who take a chance of getting rich quick, which
the crude state of the 13 C. Joint Stock Co. laws enables them
in do, and those defrauded have not the money .'to prosecute,
that the whole of the barrister's aud K, C's, now located in
the province wouldn't be sufficient to handle them, also, additional courthouses would have to built to try the cases.
Lastly, what we badly need is a "Canadian John Bull"
newspaper run on similar lines to that under Horatio
Hotponiley'H Editorship, which exposes frauds and prevents
ui my being perpetrated for fear of exposure. Our newspaper
pioprietors seem chary about giving verbatim or even a brief
nopsis of the crooked cases which come before the Victoria
and Vancouver courts,    1 guess politics has something to   do
ir  pi si.
Prohibition Orator
Makes Many False
Winnipeg Labor Leader Emphatically Denies Statements Made
by W. I). Bnylev
Real Meaning of   I'
to Organized
with this. like everything else.
W, Idieiu
Mnny false statements were made
by Mr, W. D, Hayley,   a so-called
Labor Leader of Winnipeg, during
his recent luiir of the   province  in
behalf of the   People's  Prohibition
Party.    A denial was   not  entered
to these statenitllts at the time because it was thought   desirable   to
nail these falsehoods in such a convincing way as to show the working
men of B, C. in a conclusive  manner that the campaign oratory and
literature of Mr.   Bay ley  was not
trustworthy.    This evid:nce is now
at hand, and should   be   read   by
every   workingman   of   B.C.    It
outlines in   a   convincing manner
the lengths   of  wliicli   Prohibition
orators and writers have gone in an
effort to swing  the  workingmen's
vote of B. C. in favor of the   Pro-
h it ion Act.
The campaign of falsehood and
misleading statements which has
been carried on among the working-
men of B. C, by the Prohibitionists
can only be excused by the fact
that they realize that the condemnation of the B. C. Prohibition Act
by such strong labor organizations
as the Trades and Labor Councils
of Vancouver, Victoria, New west-
minster and Prince Rupert outlines
a position which it is difficult to
attack bv fair methods.
One of Mr.   Bayley's statmenls,
made from the platform  wliile 011
the Coast, and   uow   framed   itito
literature which is being circulated
by the Prohibitionists, is to the effect that he personally offered to
help the agent of the Battenders
Union in Winnipeg to find employment after   Manitoba  went  dry,
He was told   that   the  bartenders
were all fixed, and that  the agent
of the Union had gone back to his
old Job with the Bartender's Union
The bartenders were tbe only trade
that were   really   affected by  the
Prohibition Act, aud   all  of them
had gone to work at other   trades.
A copy of this statement and the
Prohibition campaign literature was
sent to Mr.   F.   McGill,   Business
agent for the bartenders union   at
Winnipeg.   Immediately upon this
receipt Mr. McGill  seut   a   reply
which brand, the statement as ab
solutely false.    In direct deuial of
Mr. Bayley's statement   his   letter
reads as follows: ���
'I am only to. pleased to get at
one of them fakers who are all the
time trvitig to exploit the labor
man when they thiuk they cau get |
away with it. The statement of
Mr. Btiyley that he offered to get
me a job is untrue, as is his stale
ment that I am working for the
Barbers' Union. I have not work-
since I lost my position as business
agent of the Bartenders' Union,
Juue 1st. The balance of two
hundred and eigbtv-two being
placed out of employment."
with reference to the attitude of
Manitoba Prohibitionists tJward the
men employed in the  liquor trade,
Mr, McGill savs that   during   the
Prohibition   campaign   the Social
Service Council   laid   greal   stress
on the handsome manner in wliicli
they would   provide   employment
for this class of labor,  should   the
workingnien support the Prohibition   Act.    After   tbe    Prohibition
Act passed however, the  members
of the Cotiucil evidently forgot their
promises, for they have done absolutely nothing to assist these   men
in securing   v 0 k,    The situation
with reference to these   men   Mr.
McGill   describes   as    deplorable.
Over 500 clerks w-re   thrown  out
of work when the Manitoba liquor
stores were closi'd,   and   with   all
these men looking for employment
.the position of the  bartender   was
.such a** placed him  at   a   decided
! with relerence to Mr Bayley's
Statement that he was a l.abor candidate for the Mauitoba wgislalure
No warping, bulging or breaking at the centre of heat���
the strain is taken up by the two-piece fire-pot which
permits no ashes to cling or clog.
Let me show you the special features of the Sunshine
that help to effect that economy in fuel for which it is noted.
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Mr. McGill says that   be    was   the
only person ivho recognized himself
as a i,���bor candidate,   There were
three Trade Unionists on his  committee, but when lit* placed    prolli
bit ion in Iiis platform they told him
he could not serve,     as   a  result
he slipped  the   Prohibition   plan):
olf his platform and never mentioned the subject dining his campaign
Mr.    Mcitill's    lellrt     c 11 tains
criticisms of Mr.   Bayley's   statements a-i made on the Coast,   these
being of tiie same character   as llle
above denial   fn view of the above
direct statement it  would   he   well
for the   workingnien of 11,   c,   lo
weigh Mr. Bayley's campaign oratory and literature in behalf of the
B. C, Prohibition Act  at  its true
mil  Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6
Cour.enay    Hotel
I'miifiirl   Willi  Moderate   Kite*
Hunt Win,
ml l.iqiin
T, III 11 >! H
Cumberland Hotel
liniii Accoiuudutioii      Cttsitie Excelled
Wm. Merryfield
Seattle, Ann.   The  Increased cost of I
maintaining fl police  force sufficient   loj
meet the ilemaiiils entfllleil hv Prohibili- ,
oil laws was shown nt Seattle tllis week. \
Although the civic year dues   not   close
until November the heavy   expenses of
maintaining lln* "dry squad   have   ex- j
haunted the estimates,   The City Cotiucil J
was compelled to  vote  an   emergency
appropriation of $1 "(in to meet Immediate '
Palaee Livery
Horses and  Buggies for Hire a.
Terms cash.
We also attend to wood hauling
The Water Question
Four Good
water    and
light in
Phone 2$
Try a Review Ad J
TENDERS will he received either at
Cumberland or Courtenay up lo
Sept. 1st, 1916, for in acres of land
partly cleared, belonging to the late
John Higgin-i, of Comox, B. C, now
in per cent, of   olTei to   he   deposited
with offer.
Highest or any tender not   necessarily
accepted. ,
Official Administrator J
Simms for Satisfaction
Waltham Watches $7.50 up
Alarm Clocks L'.S.A.
make  $1.50 to J,s.m)
Wedding Rings 18K gold, $8
All   watch clock  and   jewelery   r��p-in
gitaraitted 12 tnotuhs
Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician Z
Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits    ]
Suits $27 up       Pants $7 up
TENDERS ����� __*_________.
office at Cumberland or Courletiat
11. C, up to Sept. 1st, 191ft, for J a, res
of land and Improvements belonging to
the late George Williams, of Comox, H.
C, deceased.
Terms cash, toper cent, of purchase
price to be deposited with offer.
Highest or any tender not necessarily-
Official Administrator
Cleaning and
Suits 51 2% up
,50 Dresses
.7 Oven oats
Rep  Iriug.  Etc.
Gents el,,the- kept in order hv the
Health (2.50
1 74
First Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamlitting
Jackson & Whittle
Hhone 9 Courtenay
Haney   I.  Kushida
The same building as   Robertson's Drug
Store, Union St., Courtenaj
Sand and Gravel
Kat s Reisonable
Buggies and Express Wagon's
All Kits Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith aH Ca-rlaj,. Builder COURTENAY v-v-p-v-*-***-**-**-*-
HVCr M "''' Blou ses* Lingerie and
Skirt j -more Table Linen -
more Sheets and Pillow Cases
��� mora Curtains ��� aro
Starched with "Silver Gloss1,
THE CANADA starch Hi ut tiny other starch lit
co. limited Canada,    four grocer has It.
Makers of "Crown Brand" ana
"Lily White" Corn Syrups,  wi
���son's Corn Starch.
Train  Divisions in Canada
Six Provincial or    District    Brigades
Likely to be Organized
A proposal i* under consideration
i*v ihc Mini- ler oi \liliii.i lo mobilize
mil iiini in ("ianada iwo ' oinplelc
llll nil: y di, i .imi-. which would be
ready lo leave for overseas practically
in condition lo proceed til once lo the
front Hitherto the orguui.itiR and
training as divisions has been done in
To carry out the scheme, six Pro-
-tncinl or district brigades arc con-
,-cniplalcd, These would include a
Nova Scotia brigade, already almost
raised as a Highland brigade under
Col. Borden, a brigade [or New
Brunswick ami Prince Kdward Island.
i brigade from Quebec, Iwo brigades
'r nn i Inlario, ami .1 brigade from lhe
western  Provinces,
Details of llic proposal arc now
being worked out,
Ti is 11 .ually sale lo say thai when
1 hild is pule, sickly, peevish and
restless, lhc cause is worms. These
1; rasitcs  range lhe stomach and in
Destructive Insects
Weeds in Relation to Insect Pests
on ibe Farm
Celling ii 11 of grass weeds, nnd
undergrowth about llic farm during
Mi - fall and cm ly winter is one of llic
besl protci live men aires llic tanner
can  use  against
sects ihc following year. Weeds, mat
1 'd grass, dead vegetation and brambles along fences, roadsides, margins
of fields, hanks of little streams or
ditches, especially in irrigated tcrri-
lories, arc lhc natural hibi mating and
often breeding places of many destructive insects, 'i'liis vegetation gives
grasshoppers, chinch hui',.*, and oilier
insects 111,1���I favorable conditions for
reappearance lhe following spring and
summer. Similarly, voluntary growths
of wheat harbor llic Hessian fly; while
I stray alfalfa plants in the fields and
I around thctu may bc lhe source of the
incursion of grasshoppers. The Hessian fly is the absence of volunteer
wheat at times lays its eggs on lhc
which may spring
Iract has   been
Live Stock Problems
Live Stock Commission Is Collecting
Much Valuable Information
The Royal Live Stuck Commission
appointed hy the Governnieni of Saskatchewan is collecting nun It information wliicli will be of value In improv -
ing the live slock industry of thai
The commission i* formed ot some
of lhc best live stock men In the
West, linn. VV, C. Sutherland is
chairman; Hon. VV. R. Motherwell is
a1-.!) a member,
Sillings were 'ecently hcitl in Win-
1 ipeg and llio Commission will eventually \ 1 .it a nu 111 ber of eastern cities,
I'h,' immediate ubjccl i* to gather information regarding the marketing oi
live slock, Any person able to give
evidence relative lo the matter In discussion will he gladly heard and iu
return the information that is acquired in eastern Canad,1 and lhc Slates
will he willingly given lo all
1 *-"'_:
An    Exclusively Canadian  Company
Assets Over  Four   Million  D.ll.ir,
An Excelsior Policy is a Moiicy Saver. Get One To-day.
Trade at Home
Co-operation Between the Parmer ami
Merchant is Necessary for the
Success of the Community
Win nol be consistent? 'I his paper preaches and practices Lratle at
home, 'I here are merchants and business lllCIl of this lown who do not
do tl" 1. To advocate the idea of tro
ding at home is pleasing lo a number "i our people as long as it means
I lo  buy   iinui   ihem,     but   frequently
The Lights
Of 65 Years Ago
Are slill doing duty in
lhe shape ot
J'ransporlatioti   hits become one of when thev need whal may be bought j
111* crao  grass
ip 111 lhc fall aftc
'���-unes, causing serious disorders of burned over. Grasshoppers lay mil-
the digestion and preventing lhc in- lions of eggs along the banks ol
fuit from deriving sustenance from 1 canals and tlilclics in the western
food. Miller's Worm Powders, by country. Chinch bugs hibernate in
destroying lhc worms, corrects these bunches of broom sedge, and many
faults "'' the digestion and series to other destructive pests could nol eu-
v.'S'.ji' ihc organs to healthy action,    dine the winter were it not for ihese
  natural nurseries.   The entomologists
Only a Chip j therefore recommend to, farmers that
, ���    . thev lullow    sod   audi intended    for
As  an   evidence  of    he  uiiioimncr-     .,���     ,,., ,,
,, ,,    ,     ,,     ,,    '       'other than grass crosp another vear,
Me spirit ui our f ec .    Mr. Hunger- . ,, ,   ,���         t ��� 1      ,��� ' ���
..',,. , , ���    ��� 1    , "id clear no roadsides, rence margins,
i"t'd     1  i'ii   relates  an  incident  eon-    ,, ,  , ,,      ,     ,    ,���,  ,   1   . , 1
; ,,     .-I,  and all  waste  land, 11 cl   banks and
iteming an officer ol one ol the light
iruiscrs   who   was   rcpi
official   return   as   "sev
'd." Whitehall immediately received
1 telegram respectfully but ardently
protesting against so misleading and
iiumiliating a description,
"[ have nnly got a chip knocked out
it my shin and shall be readv for
duly in a very few days." The P.
M. 0, was promptly wired lo for a
lull description of this officer's in-
juries. It turned out lhat he had
the right leg fractured, and left tibia
chipped, :i large piece of shell ein-
bedded in his groin, and seventeen
other ,'iits and wounds.
"Can ymi accommodate myself and
family for summer board?"
"What's your politics?" inquired
Farmer Corutosscl.
"Dies  lhat  make any difference?"
"Yep. I'm not going lo take au-
jtber chance on bavin' the whole
pla stirred up with arguments day
an' night. All lhc folks that board
here this summer has got lo have lhe
jame politics."���Washington Star.
"They sav you can't square the cirri   '
"Well, you can do il after a fashion," -in! the mathematician, "just as
lien you go oul for a walk you circle
1,uu, "S"' similar places by burning over, pas
1,1 C| tilling, ur lu case of ditch hanks by
plowing or discing in the. fall. While
top-dressing lhe wheal crop with manor'' in the spring will increase the
yield in the number of bushels, and
will pay for the labor required in its
distribution, we doubt if this is the
way lo get lhe most good out of the
manure, A little observation will
induce a shallow root system,    for il
.   , ih.- un.st  vital problems of the dav.  here, the)  go elsewhere, or rend
p-ilaniaging in-" t -....|  is -���  ,.x;������|,|,,  ,i,0  tr_n��porla-  dcrs  lo mad  order  houses,     Hus is
lion rn' which costs   more   Ihan the not fair,  I it is inconsistent,    llic
coal itself ai the mine. The live grocer who buys lus clothing, dry
slock industry is greatly affecled by goods or shoes away from home lias
lb. same (king I"'1 n8'"  '" '"' offended 11  lhc local
Hon. R, \V. Motherwell speaking hi dry goods, clolhin? and shoe dealers
Winnipeg said: "ll is nnlv natural go elsewhere lo buy llieir groceries,
lhal grain growing should be ihe first and llic merchants who sell clothing,
industry of lhe wcsl and all praise dry goods or shoes owe lhc same
is due'to the pioneers yel like many (duly   lo lhc local   grocer   lhat    Ihc
in th.- older countries llic lime had
come when the livestock industry is
becoming predominant, The livestock
industry is now the corner-stone of
lhe three provinces and the older
iimlrics have profiled by the same
Igrocer docs , > them.
1 iini,- ;;t home?
Co ope ation i-. iieci"
or our toiiuirv are lo
I'he farmi r who has
town  except  as a pi
Sixty - five years ago
the firstCanadian-niade
Matches were made at
Hull by l'.ddy and
since that time, for
materials und striking
qliulities, I'dily's have
been the acknowledged best.
1 tiry it iitr cil)
be prosperous,
10 use tor llic
c lo sell hi-
experiences which these provinces arc produce does injustice lo hi* own in
now- having." tcresls as  well  as  to  those  v. ho  li\''
Proceeding   he   said   that   il   was   a   in the town or city. .And the merchant
progressive step, that lhe government who has no use for the farmer   ex
would now have  to choose  whether ccpl as a customer to whom he can
they   would   handle, lhe   problem   the   sell  his goods, aels iis  badly .1.     lhc
same as lhe telephones, and lhal the I fanner who goes away or sends away
When Buying Matches
Specify "Eddy's."
Iltcslion of lhc packing plants, and
abattoirs, would have lo be consider
ed, for perhaps while they could
make large profits a smaller concern
could not compete wilh Ihein. He said
lhal there was a decided feeling
among the fanners that Ihere could
be made greal improvements in marketing conditions, and that the commission, if failing to do any other
good would at east have helped lo
calm the fears of Ihe fanner thai men
manipulating the markets were robbing them.
Vv.  R.  Ingram,  Esq., of the Swift-;-  ,       , ���    ., .,-     - ,,
,.       ,. ';.''' ,   .      n eresl in   he prosperity 0   the colt
Canadian    Company    gave much  in1 '      '
tor whai lie wants.   Then why    nol I
lratle al home?
A country is prosperous in proportion  to lhe prosperity enjoyed by its'
towns and cities, and no town or city,
can be prosperous without the co-op-
craliotl^of the people of the country.'
Each is dependent one upon the. other'
for that which is for the betterment
of both,      Then  why    not    trade at
The farmer who says he has no in-
tercsl in the welfare of lhc town and
the   town   man   who   says   he   has   no
formation concerning slock loan coin
paries. Mr, Ingram is much in favor
of ihese companies for they offer a
line of credit which thc bank:' cannot
touch. 1 Ie said:
L, "It has been my experience lhat
, I cattlemen prefer   to deal   with cattle
is a well  known  fact that  roots    are , ,  ��� . ,
always in search of plant food. So top-l",lcn' !!ml   ," ', ''c'r ,u" ,s.'rct;t   ,"',crc
dressing has a tendency lo keep   thcltl,cr<' is a bank and a livestock loan
Woman Made Well by Lydia |
E. Pii*kha**.'s Vegetable
Columbus, Ohio. ���"1 had almost given
np. I had been sick for six years with
��� female troubles and
nervousness. 1 had
11 pain m my right
Bide and could not
eat anything without hurting my
stomach. I could
nol drink cold water
at all nor eat uny
kind of raw fruit,
nor fresh meat nor
chicken, From ITS
pounds I 'Went til
IIS nnd would pot. so weak at times that
I fell over. I began to taka I.yiha E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and
ten lays laler I could eat and it did not
hurt my stomach. I havo taken the
medicine ever since and I feel hkn a
new woman. 1 now weigh 127 pounds
���o you can se�� what it has done for me
���already. My husband says he knows
your medicine ba.i raved my life."���
Mn. J. S. Barlow, 1021 South 'th St.,
Columbus, Ohio.
Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound contains just the virtues of roots
and herbs needed to restore health and
str-ngth to the weakened organs of tho
body. 1 ,at is why Mrs. Harlow, a
chronic invalid, recovered so completely.
It pays lor women suffering from any
femiia ailments to insist upon hiving
Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
loots near lhe surface, As a result
they are likely to be affected by
drought laler on whereas if the ma-
nurc is plowed under the roots in
search of it will go deeper into lhe
soil, thus enabling them to better
stand drought that we may expert
later in the season. While there is
no real loss in plant food where the
manure is used as a top-dressing, unless the land lies so that it is carried
away by water from rainfall, much
more real benefit will he had if the
manure is plowed under and mixed
with the soil by cultivation.
Asthma is Torture. No one who
hasn'l gasped for breath in the power
'of asthma knows what such suffering
is. Thousands do know, however, from
experience how iininei.-ureable is the
relief provided hy lhat marvellous
preparation, Dr. .1. D. Kellogg's/
Vstlimn Remedy, I'or years it has
been relies in;;' and curing the most
severe rases. If you arc a sufferer do
not delay a day iu securing this remedy from your druggist.
To Collect for Seed Grain
Dominion Government Out to Collect
Ten Million Dollars
Preparations r.re being made by the
Department of the Interior to collect
this .ear the larger part of the advances for seed grain made to western fanners for the crop of lasl year,
liver leu million dollars was loaned
by ibe Dominion governnieni in lhe
droughi.trirl..ii districts in Southern
Alberta and iii Southern Saskatchewan. Past year despite the heavy
crop, many farmers were in no posi-
lion 10 make any payment, This year
it is hoped to collect the larger por-
lioii of this amount, A brad office
l..i- been opened in Moose Jaw, with
Harry Cuttle, Chief Inspector of
Homestead Agencies, in charge
company doing business, nine out of
every ten will go to Ihe loan company for llieir credit."
L ' N ON
In I Iiis pUIflc veil
."it four lines of
letters, Mil In Uie
iniwluff letters no
thatcncli Hue spells
ii well known lown
in the worM. A
Mngmfiecnt Walcli
l,udj 'a ut Cent's
(sunrnnteed five yearn), will lie sent tree of
charge 10 renders of Oils paper wlio solve
tiiis imi//*c mid con form to oul otic condition.
It costs yon noililnc lo try, Scud your
answer tonether witli stamp, Unit wc may
send vou result, All fnilimt to do this will
bc disqualified. JEM) NOW,
"BARGAIN" WATCH CO, 1400Dept.)
80 Co:nw'ulii M<\ . London, N.
try, arc  limit   w rout;, their  interests I
a-*c mutual.   Jusi as an illustration: If
.. destructive fire    consumed    every
building* m" our capital city and    thc
word  went nut  that the city    would
not bc rebuilt, would any acre of laud
in the vicinity llicn bc worth half as
much as il is now? And if there should I
be a terrible drought or sonic other.
calamity    come upon     lhe  fanners,
would  not  the  residents  of  thc  town      WATERPROOF COLLARS AND CUFPS
!>���- sorely affected,    many    of    ihem  i1irfimeyU!?|Lbe.iter -'Jj*11 Unen *5d b,��� '"""InE
,���,���-, ,    . . , nil-*-.     Wa-<n   it   with   .soap   and  water.     All
ruined?   Arc wc not, be wc residents   stores or direct.    State style and size.    Foi
In dealing with lhe matte;'   of lhc10nh_'country or of the lown or citv. He. we will m-ill you,
one-half  of  one  per   cent,  insurance   . epcndcn,         ���   .,,,.,,  ntlu.,.  for  suc. THE ARLINGTON COMPANY OF
allowed   puckers   on   condemned   car-,.  '   ,    'i-i,;,,i_ ,.,- ,,,!.    .,���,.   .,...,,���     .,, CANADA, Limit*.
casscs, Mr. Ingram    stated that the f"?'     I '"'r, ,'���",      , <��,"*' *rad0    '" S!- <���'""" *���-����-. r��r-._io, o.i���i.
, ��   ,.,,   , ,    ���,       1 ,,   .   home.���bwill luricnl Sun.	
packers were   enliilcd lo il and thai; ������-���_________.���_____________
il was barely sufficient  lo cover the
loss they sustained in this way. Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Gai-jet
He  favored  the  boniliuir  of    live-  Cows.
stock, drovers and    brought    np    the	
matter of reaching the  press,    with \        y^. of Advertising
in _��__!��_ Wood's Phosp-iodin..
. WjJjtt   3 J^e Urcnt English  Remedy*
l'dnos and invigorates tlio whole
QervoupByeieto, makes new Blood
ia -old  veins,   Cures Nervous
Debititt;. Mental and Brain Worvy, Vtspon*
dtney, loss of Energy. Palpitation of tho
Heart, Failing Memory,   rrico U _*< r box. sir
Have a Good Complexion!
The Flower o_ Good Health!;,
an accurate account of the local livc-i
stock market prices.      He claims the   _
drovers  are ahvavs  well  posted     bv j Big Corporation    Decides to    Shelve I fori;.' OnowfllplMM, tii will euro. "Bolil by all
wire or letler ami lhat it would only | Old Policy and Use News- I Sl^J^feU^ife'WRiSWl
bc doing justice    to the    farmer    to j paper Space MEDICINE CO.,TOIOMTO,OUT. (Fii-jiI/Wijilui.)
furnish him this information. | . :
The Bethlehem Steel Company has
entered upon a campaign of newspaper advertising which is epoch-
making.   Display advertisement space
K'ine;   utilized    in a li-l    of 3,500     ^^
,.,,.,,. r.    Th,. ,,iirn,,se oi the rnni-l "c'-"i'l*co 'jo be&kmahsi KKwyoftKor.vMANaitni
cytspapers.    m-purposi  oi ine cain     ���,���j;,i���   ���M[> ,.,t free u,.ok io iw lk ci.mq
Ipaign is  lo present the case ol    the  M"D Co !1avirstockRo.ha_|.steao.London.Bho,
Thc true secret of complexion lies  Bethlehem company in regard lo lhe "Tpi.! fl"1if*WV'HV^*ivi b*w and"""""'
in the blood.    Keep il rich, pure, nu- propo.cd establishment of an armor    ��� 5"*lCK#*"a'l_Plll untaocm
Irilious, and, above all, keep the sys*   plant  by   the   I'nited   States   l'<''.'--'cii-   on'n.'.'.'.Cvi'ii**-,.UTii'*!!1!,"^,'Tlli_:i���i,Miui*Aci_Wx��_
1 i-iit  regular,    No aid lo complexion ment. 1
compares with Dr. Hamilton's   Pills.     Tllc ,.11)St  imporlant  phase of this''
Ihey tone and enrich the Idood, clear """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""l
the syslem of waste   products,   pro-
| mole 1*001! digestion, and    ill    short,
|-H�� NEW Fq.NCH REMEDY. N.I N>.K.��
treat suci en, cchei chronic weakness, lost vicioa
BilHf.^ sn DRI.'O JSIsor MAIL SI   I'OS r t e.T,
W.     N.
natter is  the  belated decision  by al They Fooled'Em
great    corporation    that  a  policy  of      "Did anyone discover that you wert
,,.-,           -          ,           ...         ,      .secrecy is disastrous.    Silence oil lhe  a bride and    groom on your    honey-
establish sound health.whuh,   after .... ,������ . ,.���,,������..,,illU| wi���.��� its   in. , .,,,;���"
all. is the keynote of all happiness and | Uri..is -rc ilt s*_i{Ci denotes a fear to I    "No; wc fooled everyone.   Instead
well-being. Don't delay; lhc charm
of a lovely complexion and all the
blessings of health are yours, once
you employ this old time family
remedy. All dealers sell Hamilton's
I'ills iii 25c.boxcs,
1'ut mi Egypt's sands the Territorials were camped. The captain of the
company was all lhat a captain should
imi be. lie was short and sloitt and
round of shoulder. Needless (o say,
���mong hi* men he was known as
"Ilumpily. One night, on returning
to camp, the ..entry lei him ro unchallenged, and so roused his military
Arrangements have been made toIwrath. "Whai the Blue Alsalion
have payments made to postmasters, Mountains do you mean?" he snapped
while no collections will bc made by out, "Why didn't you demand the
lhc elevators. countersign?"  The  sentry    trembled
  I wilh fear so badlv that bis wits   got
Worms sap the strength and under- shaken.   "Bedad, sir," he stammered,
mine the vitality of children. Strength- "] thought vou was a c-c-c-amcl."
en  tliein  by    using    Mother    Craves'
Worm  Exterminator to drive out thc
meet lhc issue in the open, t'orpo. - i of calling each other by our first
lions will generally ncognize in Ihis names, 1 called Jim Mr. Black and he
sensaliona' action of the Bethlehem called mc Miss I'mkly, jusi as we did
company, lhc opportunity to hem'before wc were even engaged, We
for Irving llieir cases before a jury were jusl as formal with each other
ol the ivholc people���and as ihis as strangers would be."���Detroit Free
method gains adherents lhe necessity|Prcss,
for lobbyists ui  Washington    and at  "	
State    eapilal*,    of corruption    funds, j     Doctor  I to patient)���You've had *,
and   of  intrigue,   will   vanish.
pretty close    call,      It's    only your
the policy of publicity now adopted I JtVong constitution    that puffed'you
by  Mr. Schwab  will  have a rcvolu-1 through.    Patient���Well, doctor,  rc-
A German Incident
In 11 little Rhineland village near
the border of Holland there is, says
a Dutch report, a smith whose three
sons have been killed in the war.
When he heard of the death of the
youngest he burst inlo fury al the
consolation tendered to him lhal his
sous had met with a hero's death for
the Fatherland. lie exclaimed;
"What do the Fatherland and lhc
kaiser mailer lo mc!" and hurled a
beer glass at a bust of lhe kaiser
which stood on his mantlcpicce, For
this a charge has been preferred
..,;n 11,-.t him for "gross   misconduct"
I linard's   Liniment Cures Diphthera,
Visitor���To what do you attribute
your remarkable health? Octogenarian��� Well, I reckon I nut a good start
ou most people by being born before
perms were discovered, thereby hav-
tng less to worry about.
Cto^f-p, Granulated Eyelids,
'yes  inflamed by expo-
emc.u Sun.D'jstnmlVVl-nl
_P *��/.__*.*__�� <!*"'' kly relieved !*y Murine
1��� V M_J8fc tyeleiiMly. No Smarting,
"r just  Kye  Comfort.    At
""out Druggist's SUc per Bottle. Murine _>���
8_lveinTub.i25c. For Booh ollheEyeFreensk
Druggist* 01 Murine Kye Scnedy Co., Chlcaf*.
tionary effect.     Win or lose, so far I inem_"cr thai when vou make out your
as   this   present   issue     is   concerned,   j o|
he will have  established  a precedent i      '	
which  must  rule with  "iiijr business" 1 ~  ���
in the future���lhat of working with,
not against, public    opinion.     "The
day of the clear lijjht" seems less of I
a vision    because of the    significant
event.���Editor and  Publisher,     New!
Russia Goes Ahead
The liberalization of Russia is going forward nl a tremendous rale
despite the war. The act of lhc
dounia granting lo lhc present class
the same ciiil rights that are enjoyed
by oilier citizens is almost as greal
a step forward as was the establishing
of the ilotima.��� Buffalo Express.
Willis���"My wife has just ordered
the most daring bathing-suit of lhc
(iillis��� "Now 1 suppose she will
wrile for circulars of lhc virions .summer resorts."
Willis��� "No, sin' is writing for
copies of Llieir municipal ordinances."
���N.'v-   v_r_ 'liiiu-j
Germany Will Slave lo Learn Through Hitler Experience Thnl
Between  Nations,  as   Well   as Individuals,  Trade  is
Destroyed hy Inhuman Motives and Lawlessness
o -
What a Sen Fight Means
Germany is now finding out lhal a
nation's strength is nol in the length
_f its unsheathed sword, but in lhc
range and stability of its people's
trade. And even before the first fruits
ol Germany's harvests of war-hale lire
reaped, the German people, to their
��nirow and irreparable loss, arc be-
ill);   plainly   taught   lhal   the   basis   of
tiade with tin people of other countries is nol an,,(rani and insolent Will-
to I'oimi, but the honest and inucli-
despised   Will-to-Scrve,
luni i von Buclo-w, in his new i ol-
nine on "German Policies," issued Ihc
Clll< i   day in   Berlin, is spokesman  lor
this new lesson iu Germany's snd
school ol experience, This former
Gei man chancellor, in an acccnl nl-
ino'.l ol pathos, urges thc seriousness
ot the economic situation which faces
the t in in.ni i mpirc us a resull ot en
milieu and antipathies engendered by
the war, I Inn situation will grow yel
more and more serious. It is Gcr-
. ni.uiy's real peril nfler the war, To
guard ,ii'iiin*i ii vou Buelow declares
lhat it is oi ilu utmost importance,
"lo retain, to restore, ' and to
strengthen connections with those
Stales wiih which Germany did nol
cross swords, irrespective of whether
lln propaganda of ihe enemy press
ami enemy agitators influenced lhe
feelings of ihe people against us dttr-
ing ihi' war. line political necessities inii-i disregard national likes and
dislikes, even though ihey be justified."
I his informed student of Germany's
trade situation is not misled, as others I
ol his countrymen have been misled,1
by what dazzles lesser minds.   Their |
hopes arc based oil a Zollvcrciti    of j
Middle-Europe, a vrrcui and continuous area of trade from the Xorlh Sin
lo the Persian Gulf, and comprising,
all lold, "Germany,    Austria, Serbia, I
Bulgaria, Turkey, Asia     Minor, and
Syria."    Every    German    economist
know* lhat  wiih only thus,' markets
German    industries would not work
half-lime, Germany's Sea-borne trade
would languish, and the German fleet,
which must be carried on the shoulders oi her merchant shipping, would
become    water-logged.   All of    Germany's    allies  are, al  best, countries
ol low wage-rate, and a Zollverein so
composed would be, so far as economic  trade is concerned, litllc more
Ihan au agreement to "take iu    one
another's washing."
And over against such a Middle-
Europe enclave there will stand the
great trading countries of Europe,
Asia, Africa, and America, that have
scaled wilh lhc blood of their free
citizens iheir covenant of war, a covenant which will hold against the unrepentant and uncivilized Teuton
traitor in lhe coming days of peace.
Britain, the British Dominions and
all lhc British Empire, with Russia,
and France and Italy and Japan and,
sympathetically, China���these are the
countries that have learned lo iheir
cost the depth of Germany's treachery, and ihey will not let the serpent
strike them twice. Caught once unprepared for war, ihey will not bc
caught unprepared for peace.
And what hope can there be for
Germany in any compensating trade
with the very few neutral countries,
especially with a democracy like the
I'nited States, whose every principle
ol liberty Germany has mocked al,
and whose prosperity during these
war times has been dependent on
Britain and the Allies, ami iu sidle of
Germany and her proposed Zollcrein?
With the I'nited Suites lending for
"a League to Enforce Peace," and
tot substituting commercial boycott
lot war again*! any nation thai violates lhe world's peace, von Buelow's
schemes "to retain, to restore, or to
strengthen connections" will not
greatly avail: especially will ihoSC
"schemes" miscarry e. hen all the advantages f( American  trade are wiih
The Supreme   Glory ol the    British
Navy That Men Place Duty Always Before Feroonsl Study
What is ilu 'nd charai let of a buttle :ii sen mult r modi > n t oiiditionr'
\\ ilson Yonii) . in .in .mi, le in lln
London I iini s, helps us to ninh i
stand, "Jl is mon ringed with i��� ��� ror
Ihan any oil,it human experience.
Each man commits liiniscll with a
thousand ulil. i", io .1 vulnerable slu II.
ami launches il iulo an urcnii shet led
and boiled wilh ll, un and i om ussion. [
I le can do nothing foi his own sale- I
ly, hut only lot lln common pur| osi."
If his ship is in<,i tally wound) d. In
passes noi io a host u.il or dn ssing
station, bul into tlie cold sea. u here
also disappears patients nnd surgeons
in llic very ncl i i operating.
Know ing ihis, he must go on doing
quietly anil cooly ihc cxacl work for
which he has been trained���work, perhaps, such as other men do in tin |
calm of a chemical laborati ry. 11e j
may have to perform the most di li*
cate scientific operations with lhc utmost care, conscious thai In has only
a minute or Iwo to live in this world,
Mi'. Young sa* s:
"ll is ihe supreme glory of thc
Britisii navy���sometimes I think the
supreme achievements of thc British
race���that thousands and thousands
of men arc always ready to do this
:is a mattor of course; do it easily, desire lo do it. There is no one to whom
life is sweeter than to the average
sailor, whose mental habil is lo bei
always looking forward lo plc-_,ures;
and there is po one who can s,-, Jtter-
ly put aside the pre-occupalion of
safely and lose himself in his immediate duty. Mow i.]sc, indeed, would
such events as I'eatty's single-handed
fight with the German battle fleet be *
possible? If nun thought of themselves in such a situation, llieir demoralization would bc indescribable,
and the names Queen'Mary, Invincible, and Indefatigable would be
names of terror. Instead of which il
is the high morale which is indescribable, and these names arc names of
There arc sonic consolations, which
do not detract from the glory. The
care of the wounded and their sufferings are not much heard oi in a
modern sea fight. Every action is a
maltcr of life or death. The mass of
those who die, die at onre._ 'J heir mortal remains sink inlo lhc 'great salt,
sanitary sea, as their souls aie launched upon the unknown seas of eternity.���Toronto Star.
'.    Ilj     ' I'I        ,11111   I   IVIIII        I   I UIM III* ll   II"
thus, trading nations lhat have held
the world's economic liberty against
the military despots who would sacrifice everything for Germany's world
Germany must learn, and learn
through bitter but wholesome experi-
encc, lhat trade's ideal world is a
neighborhood and not n jungle, and
lhal between nations, as between individuals, profitable trade is based on
the good will of n friend and is destroyed by ihc lawlessness of a cutthroat.���Toronto Globe,
Pig Clubs and Bank Deposits
American   Bankers Aie   Helping to
Finance Hog Breeders
Bankers in many stales arc realizing the value oi pig club work as a
means of improving rural conditions,
according to club agents of ihc United
Stales department ol agriculture. Nol
a few of the bunkers have made it
possible for worthy club members lo
secure pigs on their personal notes,
lu this way a well-bred pig is secured
and the men,ber can pay for il iron,
lhe proceeds oi the pig as a meal animal or from lhe sale of offspring in
the rase of a breeding animal. 'liie
member enters into a business agree
ment with  the banker.
This apparent generosity on 'he
pari of bankers is in many cases business acumen. A case in point i. lhal
of a Texas bunk, whose president
placed 31b pigs among pig club mem
bers of his country. As a result ol
the acquaintance made in securing
and  [dacing     ihese  pigs,    many   new
Ipatrons were secured,   These patrons
;brought in mon. than $"',,0(10 in individual deposits.    Tins was profitable
I business for till bank. The boys
whom hr has helped to gel started in
i llic hog business are now or: then
feel financially an! before man- yean
, they will l,e making lug shipments "I
hogs to market each year, 'Ine mom \
received  from  tin  side of hogs  will
ibe expended    in further   developing
[the country. Every merchant iu tl,.
county will profit, the bank* will gel
more deposits, nud farmers will   	
I inofc money with which to develop
their farms.'���Breeders' Gazette,
Lloyd i.eorge
He is ihe Irresistible Orivine, 1'uwcr
In Greal Britain
\\ hi ii iiii rc i* any woi k In bc done
in   I i.i'],'ml  i \l i.i,ii din.u v    hind    und
unattractive involving gn al responsibility, tin cry ���* "I.ri I Inid t ieorgc
do ii!" And icl no man in lhc realm
is more abusi il, Every crime in lhe
political cah mini* is fasti ned ou him.
< 'hi puny associates fling il��' epithcl
oi traitor ai him, If wc belli ve hi*
detractors he is untrue to his chief
and concern villi Mr, -igqiiilh's enemies by stealth, revealing cabinet
ri en Is lo litem, Mr. Lloyd i Ieorgc i-
accuscd of tibandoning lhc convic*
lions of a life-time of betraying la-
bor, i i grasping greedily ul power, of
cultivating all lhc vices lliul honest
nn ii de -|use in politicians,   (ii    late I
a dead si i has b< en made at hi y
tin nu -i brilliant pamphleteers who
si rn 'V Libt 'id party. They have
done . ,i ;u do ir pou cr to drive him
i om pi,I In  life.
Mr, I h'.'.rl eliorgc   has often   hen
unpopular, .md hr has always had cn-l
i mil s who exhausted the language of
vituperation  iu assailing him. As  the'
nu"t radical ui reform) rs he excited
sin li  I,iiii r    hostility  that    he could !
nol  show  hi* face anywhere without |
being ri \ lied,    I lu opposed the Boer i
war  wilh   speech  that  enraged  Englishmen oi every   class.    Mis   peace
i rusudc of 11)00-2 divided lhe    Liberal
parly.   Today he is ihe most aggressive oi niililiiiils, und there are Liber-1
ul    who  suspecl   him  of plotting     to
destroy lhe coalition cabinet in order
to raise himself lo the premiership on
ii- inin-'.   His tiiemics multiply hourly, and ihey would drag him down if!
ihey could, in  spile of his greal  sir-'
vices to ihe empire since the entrance
of England into the wnr.
Among ihem are sincere men   who
believe that he is an unscrupulous and'
dangerous politician.
It must he admitted that Mr. Lloyd
George when he had   an   opportunity
at    Conway    lo answer his    critics
evaded iheir gravest charge '.lint    he!
had conspired with the opposition to!
force hi* own views upon lhe premier. I
Hut   he  abused  the  counsel   for     lhe
Olhcr side  wilh  all  his old vigor    of
epithcl.     It   is  unreasonable    to   sup-'
pose that  where there was so  much
smoke a little fire crackled?   Nevertheless, it was Lloyd George who was
selected lo brin ,  order oul of chaos
in  Ireland and reconcile factions thai
breathed  slaughter one against     lhe
other;    and    now     again  il  is 'Lloyd |
(ieorgc who i* regarded as the logb
eai successor    of Lord Kitchener lo,
lhc posl of secretary of slide for wnr.
'I'lie explanation of what scheme so
paradoxical is that wilh all his inconsistency and vaulting ambition
Lloyd (ieorgc is recognized as indis-
pcnsiblc to the empire in ils crisis.
He, like Kitchener, realized how titanic was the task Great Britain had
set herself in lhe war; that il would
last for years, and that all her resources musl he mobilized and employed with skill and daring if the
designs of Germany were to he frustrated. Lloyd George is lhc man who
does ihings, politics or no politics.
Not another man in the country could
have made such a success of the difficult and delicate work of minister
of munitions, He has no monopoly of
brain' in llle cabinet, but his is lhe
irresistible driving power. He may
have thrown overboard principle and
consistency, but il was, in his new,
lo*- the common cause, for the salvation of ihc empire���New York Si n.
Splendcd Work Has Already Been Done I'or Relurned Soldie.9
as Shown by the Repori oi the Military Hospitals Commission, Many Problems Flavin. Been Dealt With
Future of thc Turks
Thc hour of disillusion for lhc
Turks has struck. It is lhe crucial
hour for their government, perhaps
lhc hour (or their doom. For the
people it may be a new beginning, lhc
significance of which they cau as yet
but very imperfectly estimate, Russia
has sonic thirty million Moslem subjects, peaceful and prosperous like
lhe Moslem subjects of Greal Britain.
France and Holland. The Turks arc
enduring intolerable suffering us the
resull of Ihc entrance of their govern-
i incut inlo war. The return of peace
I will find them Stripped, of all that
1 makes life worth living. In despair
I Ihey will cling lo any sincere offer of
help. Such offers will bc made by
!tuos( ihej an now lold to count iheir
enemies. But Americans only will be
so situated lhal they can give them
bo'.h the material and the spiritual aid
oi which lh'. y will be conscious they
an in din need. It may Le our priv-
ilcgi and glory to lake the lead in
saving nol only an ancient Christian
race, bill .. vigorous Moslem race al-
si from destruction.��� From "Armenians ;.��� d "inn rican Interests Under
Russia," by Rev. George !���'. Hcrrick,
I'. Iv. in thc American Review of Review r  for li ly.
Gen. Smuts Praises Canadians.
A despatch from Gen. Smuts, commanding lhe Britisii and African
forces invading German Lasl Africa,
concerning operations iu thai war
theatre, mentions among others the
following offiei rs:
Lieut-Col. K. K. Scott, formerly of
lhe Canadian Militia, now in the ordnance department of the Imperial ser-
vicc; Capl. II. T. Skinner, formerly
of Kingston, now in the Indian army
(Capt. Skiuijer was wounded in
April); Capl. L. C. Sweeny, formerly
of lhc Canadian Militia, now in the
Indian army, anil who was recently
awarded the Military Cross; and
I,lent.-Col, C, U. Price, formerly a
field officer in the Canadian Militia.
A fund of $100,000 has been raised
in Houston, Texas, in he loaned t"
dairymen ai a low rate oi interest,
and paid back from receipts for milk
and buller. Every bank in Houston
and many prominent business mci
subscribed lo tin fund, ll hu-. been
decided in purchase 200 high-grade
to be distributed among
coastal counties ai    cosl
dairy cov
farmers i
"Do you ever won;, old man.
"How do you work ii?"
"In ihe daytime I'm too bus)  and
,nl night J'ni too sleepy."
"What have ynu got iu lhe shape of
cucumbers    thin morning?"   naked a
customer or an inexperlcmtcd shop as*
si.tnnt.       "Nothing     but.     bananas,
I ma'am I" replied tin* youth.
Kit! Governor is Getting Ncivcus
An official announcement signed by
\ i-i- \dmiral Bachmann, Governor of
Iht Kill district, placing further restrictions on vessels running between
German .nit, foreign port-, i* printed
, in tin   Kit 1 /.iitung;
Ti,t only i in- henceforth open to
traffic ' n lln east coast of Schlcswig-
Holstein ire dn- commercial harbors
of Kiel and Loboc. Ships' crews will
be allowed ashon only within a limit-
i 1* I space facing the vessels when loading or unloading, \i-its aboard other
ships are strictly forbidden, Captains
and seamen will be permitted uptown only when guarded by policemen
or soldiers, except by special permission of tlie governor.
Discharged neutral seamen musl
leave   Germany   forthwith,    All  ships
departing irom Laboc <n Kiel must
have a military guard aboard 10 a
distance oft shore.
Japan's Big Guns
The Little Japs' Big Guns Are Doing
Good Work For Russia
Wc have heard a great deal about
Japan in the European war, Shortly
after she declared herself on lhc side
of the allies there was some difficulty
between China and Japan which
brought Japan prominently before the
public, Ihis was quickly smoothed
over and lilllr. more bus since    been
heard of Japan, mainly because ii has
noi Iiiun necessary for lur to lake
any active pint in the war, cither by
naval or land forces.
But recent events show thai she has
been 01 very great assistance, Strangely enough, her help hits been given 10
Russia with whom she so successfully
waged one of the bloodiest of modem
Will's just a few year.* ago. llu rapid
advance of the Russian forces and
their tiller route of the Austrian army
over a front of 100 miles or more at
one of lhe most critical periods of lhe
war is due in great measure lo the
little Japs' big guns. They have developed a large field gun wliicli is said I
to be much more than the equal of
any gun of any of thc enemy force*.
In addition, tlicy have developed a
new high explosive shell for this monster. It's power of destruction is said
lo be almost beyond belief and much
more terrific than any explosive so
far used in this war. 'lhe combination
of thi* big gun iind terrible new -hell,
in quantities, in (he hands of a great
Russian strategist and backed by
enormous enthusiastic armies, has g"i
the AustriallS "on lhe run" and we
arc all hoping lhat the run continues
lo the final end of Austria, Germany,
and all of llieir allies,
Japan's part may nol bc very spectacular bul il i* certainly very valuable���Xorlh Shore Press, Vancouver.
Organized Ag*ri.ul(ure
France Provides for the Organization
of thc Farming Population
A decree of the minister of agriculture in France   provides    for the organization of the farming population
in every rural commune in the republic,    A  commune correspond*  to our
I township.    In  each  commune     there
! has been established under ihe decree
jan agricultural committee consisting
of fanners who arc elected by themselves.    The minister's object  was to
I create "a permanent  body  composed
[of lhc pick of the farmers belonging
lo each rural commune, which body
shall be lhc centre of action and regulate the general activity."    The committees    elected consist  of 5, 7 or C
men, according to the population of
thc district.      The body is entrusted
with the general organization of fanning operations and ihe overseeing of
lhe cultivation  of the land.      Farms
owned by soldiers who cannot  culti-
'vate them arc managed by lln   com-
i mittcc, if necessary.    The committees
really  are     agricultural     syndicates,
similar to the    co-operative   agricultural  socielics  which  are doing  good
[work elsewhere abroad  and iu parts
of America.
Even before thc war French agriculture  was  strongly  organized     and
remarkably prosperous.    Under    the
new decree  il  will  lie   more   efficient
[and productive.    In her crisis France
has shown a quickness and logicalncss
'of mind, a power oi imagination ami
i adaption, and a  resource of courage
and will which arc the admiration of
Iall fair observers.   She has manifested
ia genius for getting ut ihc fundamental    thiin.'   in :i sound,    fundamental
I way at  the right  linn.     The general
scheme in accordance wilh which ihc
French rural communes have bun organized    i*r worthy    and    capable oi
I adoption in hundreds of communities
jin ihi* country. It is tin small, wicldy,
working communit*   unit whici.  Iocs
I things.    Organize    large    unit-,    .* "i
: thus eliminate    the i" rsonal,   neigh-
b ��� In   d clement, a- an  ore..'...���.::!'  I
of farmers becomes impersonal,   unwieldy and political.    It  degenerates
I into a  mere li-t  of names,  whi il  i
tcrcstcd officials arc apt  to use  frir
I political purposes  only.      The  small
rural social unit is being    formed and
'organized in America,    Where ii has
; been  developed,    and     given     a   fair
chance, it ha5 functioned effectively.
The idea of wliicli it  is the concrete
expression will logically and inevitably be adopted by every farming community in which iher*.  is a sufficient
'population spurred by necessity.
Kitchener Trod a Lonely Path
It  was largely because    ihey    put
, faith iu lhc iron resolution which they
ascribed lo this cold, impassive, silent
man lhat our people trusted him so
i fully,   It was his doggedness in doing
; the work lhat he wns set  tn do thai
.won them, because it wns akin to llieir
own temperament.    He had none of
the gifts by which    politicians  woo
their favors.   He was no orator.   He
did not seem to court the multitude,
! He had few friend*.    It wa' n strange
loneliness that he trod  ihi   path oi
duty, but he irod it. as ihej believed,
with a stun am! unwavering purpose,
���London 'I IniCJ.
Rehabilitation of returned soldier-,
with the rather complicated machinery which thousands of cases calling
for different kinds of treatment :r,akc
necessary, has been attended by most
encouraging results, accordinc to the
report of the Military Hospitals Commission issued by Secretary L. II.
Scammi.ll of Ottawa. Co-o'pcraticn
between the medical branch of the Dc-
partment of .\liliiia and thc Hospital
Commission, together with the invaluable aid extended by  the Assistant
Directors of .Medical '
their assistants in lhc various military
divisions, have helped to simplify the
problem wliicli the Commission has
been  called upon  lo solve.
In lhc face of a situation which has
never before presented itself in Canada, lhe Commission consider that tlie
administration up iill the present i* a
mailer of congratulation for them,
Sanatoria and oilier special institutions for men requiring individual
treatment arc expected to be needed
when the volume of returned men
becomes greater . At present, soldiers
who have contracted tuberculosis are
given trealment iu sanatoriun - .it
Gravcnhurst and elsewhere, at tie
Government's expense. The establi- ���
nn in of a hospital for rheumatic cases
and another for mental disorders and
nervousness due lo shock is under
Very few Canadians have been
blinded while on active service, .he
few who have totally lost their srgl;-
are given instruction in England, ..r !
i,n their return to Canada are al I >
secure literature from the Canadian
Free Library for the Blind, in mi -:
cases it is tboughl lhat men wl ��� have
suffered blindness will become self-
supporting with the aid of a pen-ion.
Besides  the  problem    of o!.'
immediate employment for    the  ������ i-
diers, the    advisability    of devising ,i
practical method of placing ret
soldiers on ihc land is one that is absorbing ihc attention of the Ci n mission.   This, however, gives pror   ���". of
bccomuiing so intricate that tb   Commission   advises   a  Special   ir. ,   :ry  to
be instituted by the Federal .      critics.     Another large problem
lies in the future is that of obtaining
employment for the many thousands
who will return to Canada   after the
In connection with the list of convalescent hospitals published in :r.e
Commission's report, the fact i- noteworthy that all the buildings have
been given rent free, and that r: .,-
of them have been filled up by private individuals and institutions.
The lisl of convalescent homes from
the Atlantic to the Pacific coast, together with the number who cart be
accommodated in each institution, is
a.s follows:���Ross .Military Hospital,
Sydney, X. S.,. 4"; Parks Hospital, Sr.
John, N. B., 35; Beauvoir Manor Military Hospital, Quebec; Savard Park
Military Hospital, Quebec, 150; Khaki
League Military Hospital, Montreal,
44; St. George's Annex, Montreal. ;���;
Khaki Home, Montreal; Grey Xun's
Hospital, Montreal, 125; Sir Sandford
Military Hospital, Ottawa. 72; Elm-
hurst .Military Hospital, Kingston. :'.;
i Richardson .Military Hospital, Kingston, 3.;; Longwood Hospital, Toronto, 25; Central Military Hospital,
Toronto, 130; Spadina Military Hospital, which will accommodate 250 when
completed; Victoria Hospital, Ha il-
ion, 35; licit iderc Hospital, lu nd r.
3?; Central Hospital, London. 130;
Kecfer Hospital, Port Arthur; Leer
Lodge, Winnipeg, which will accommodate 130 when completed; St.
Chad's Hospital, Rcgina, 70; (Jgden
Hospital, Calgarv, LIU; Esquimait
lk-pital, Victoria', 100.
No Solitude for Stralhcona
Donald Smith became Lord Stralhcona and -Mount Royal, and hi- place
in history is secure as one cl the
great builders of our modern Xorlh
America, It all began in the unlik-
licsl place imaginable, that lc--. fur
store in lhe wilds of Labrador, and
Smith tells ua the secret in hi*> own
"People  speak  of  the    solitude  ot
Labrador.    It wasn't solitude for me.
1  knew    everything    there,  from the
oldest  white   traders    and   fishermen
i lo  the  youngest  Indian  hunters and
i Eskimos, and even their dogs. 1 knew*
I every turn in the coast line and ber.d
dn lhc river, and every natural object
I had an interest for mc.   As for ennui,
j I can honestly say 1 did not know the
meaning of the term.     Time    never
I heavily on my hands.    I was always
busy, and  when   1   had  no actual    cr
di finite lark I was planning."
Men oi 'hat sort arc the makers of
lhc world.���Colliers.
Thc Use of Gas
Tlie \t>e of poison gases is a bar-
barons method of warfare, but the action of the Germans in adopting it
forced the allies to do likewise. Its
use by the Germans very nearly iorc-
i d the road to Calais, and probably
would have done so ii it had not been
In the unconquerable valor of the
Canadian troops, whom even poison
_as could not defeat.���Montreal News, THE COURTENAY REVIEW
UTjri/Tjrrijnjrirmruuinjij,u'ij'ij'ij'ij,ij,ij"ij'u'ij"r""'w^ t,********* **.*,.,.,. 1 ��� ��� ���_*m.t___��_i^^r^^^s^^
2 i.M *
The Recent Unfortunate Fire Compels us to find Ready Cash
Early Buyers Will Find  Bargains in Men's  Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Store Closed Friday to Mark Down Prices and Arrange Stock
Sale Commences on Saturday Morning at 9 o'clock
and continues until stock is disposed of
You cannot eat your
eake and have it
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing that the ingredients are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Cakes of all descriptions made
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
Health Salts
The Ideal Disinfecting Fluid
Seattle, Ann,��� In an address to the
Epwortli L,eague and Baptist Young
People's Union, Mayor Hiram Gill stated that llianv of the supposedly ''good
people" among them a number who
were regarded as prominent citizens,
hud gone into the   ''bootlegging"   busi
Seattle, Aug,���Prohibitionists in this
city have received a decided setback as
all the local candidates for the Ontario
legislature are ''anti-prohibitionists."
Even the government candidate is an
avowed "a Hi." This means that no
mutter who is elected the attitude of the
government which assented lo  the  Uu-
uess.    The profits which   resulted  fr mi
the illicit sale of liquor appeared to lie so  "   ��� .   . . ,     ��� .  , ���,,,
great that thev could not withstand  Ihel iam, I��''-1"'""'"' legislation willbeweak
temptation. Iene"'
Class Legislation
in the
Prohibition Act
The Act Does Not Prohibit,
(Read Clause 57)
But II Says���(Read Clause 3
1. You can't have liquor in your possession if you
a. A Lodger
b. A Boarder
2. You can't keep liquor in your house if you
a.   Keep Boarders
b   Keep More Than 3 Lodgers
c. Live In a Building ir.  which is a Store or
Business Premises
The Act Means one Law for the Rich
Man and another for the  Poor Man.
Read the Act
Vote "
Ivlitor Oourtenay Review
Mr, Editor:���In your last issue
in reporting the public meeting held
ill the Agricultural hall on the 10th
inst. at which Mrs. R. Smith, W.
Weart and Hugh Stewart were the
speakers, you credit Mr. Stewart
wiih saying "that when he gets to
Victoria he will have every civil
servant fired who helped to elect
his opponent or drove him about in
the government car," This is a
mis-statement of facts. Stewart
criticised 1'ooley's actions 111 Ks
quimault in threatening Dominion
Government laborers with immediate dismissal if they did not resign
from tlie Liberal Association and
said, "the actions of these mtu
were nothing compared to road
superintendents driving conservative candidates around the country
in government cars and it he was
sent to Victoria lie would see that
civil servants took no part in politics."
Trusting you will give this as
prominent n place iu your paper as
your report, I am   vours truly
P, L,eo. Anderton.
Will they return?
Oh, lads of mine,
Two with brown eves and one wilh
And each one's nature sepnra'e,
But altogether true.
Will they return?
The blue, blue skies
The bursting  bloom,  the  flashing
The life of earth is all renewed.
Can death be in the spring?
Will they return .���
The roll of cirutii,
The marching feet beat as my he 111
The crowd tint cheers, but throng 1
my tears
I cannot see them come,
Will they retur.i?
God-speed! God-speed!
A warm, warm clasp,  a "last,   last
Tears must not fall tho'   eyes may
But oh, the parting pang is this,
Will ihey return?
Money To
We are open to receive applications
for  Loans on   Improved  Farm
Property   in    the    Comox
Real Estate, Insurance, Etc.


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