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The Review Jun 17, 1915

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Array ft
Can not be done any letter, and
not unite si well anywhere else
hereabouts. Our type and machinery is complete aud The Keview
prices are ri^'ht
*��������� ���*���*���<
Classified Ads.
Muke your little Wants known
through a Classified Advertisement
in The Review   -   -   -   Phone 69
VOL. 3
NO. 29
Geo. J. Hardy
R. F. R. Biscoe
Ml Mln ill vie Mill'* HI M   rSIATC EKCHANnE AND IMF
Real Estate and Insurance Agents,
Phone 10
Boys or
Mens Shoes
Telephone 34
Next Royal Bank
Where   everybody  goes   for   choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Phone 40
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
AH Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 iCourtenay
Mr. Peter Walker is again quite Miss McNaughton returned to
ill, but is recovering somewhat.       Headquarters this week.
The Royal Standard Grain Pro- The Harmony orchestra gave a
ducts Agency building is being re- dance in the Opera House on lues-
painted this week. day evening,
Mr. Walker, of Cumberland, has | The Misses Irene and Mildred
taken a position as engineer on nixon rcimni.,\ to Headquarters on
Mayor Kilpatrick's "donkey." Sunday, from Bellingham.
Mr. S. A, Cotton, who left for
the front some time ago, is driving
an ambulance car in France, I
Local Lines
Mrs. Brown was taken to the
Comox hospital on Tuesday.
Mr, Olof Hatining has secured
the contract for painting St. John's
Mr, G. Percival   Thompson,   of
tho Royal  Bank, returned  on Fri-      ,���i. .,, n, v.,mi��M,   i   un   mi      .... .,
day evening last.                               the front some time ago, is driving     *% VnV?, �� T, . t
ii              ���   .,                  " sue of the 15. C. Gazette,  that the
'pi.��   ir.,i.ri,io   nt   i>..ti,,'-,...   n���A   an ambulance car in I'ranee,            ,           '    ,      ,,.    ���   . ,   ,
ine   Ktngiits  ot   I'vtinas   ana                                                         council  of public instruction lias
Foresters are making arrangements Mrs. Dixon of Headquarters fell ben pleased to raise the status of
for a baseball match to take place down on the stove one day last the Royston sc'iool district from an
shortly. j week and broke her little finger     [assisted school to that of a regular-
Lieutenant Dutihill has lost the     A farewell party, at which  Miss,lv organized district,
Bngersof his right hand, and is un-.Wa Carroll vas the guest of honor, j   Art Kirby fell off Markham B,
fit for further active service.   He was held at Mrs. Wm. Duncan's on j Balps jjarn on   Tuesday afternoon
is now drilling recruits,
On Tuesday of this week the
Creamery ai>ain broke the record
for butter making when 1,709
pounds of butter was churned.
It was said in a local thirst parlor the other day. during a discussion as to what soldiers , were the
bravest. "The Scotch, of course,
because they neverre-treat."
"Majcr" Stevenson took his boat
the Water Lily, out of dry dock on
Tuesday, and launched her in the
river.    She was gaily painted with I
a new coat of green,   and   proudly I
carried the Union jack at her prow.
Sometime   during   Friday night
some hungry individual stole a cusp
j containing about forty pounds of
, bacon   belonging   to   the   Comox
Logging   Co.   from    Robt.    Mc-'
Quillan's diay which he left stand-1
iug in front of his livery barn over
I night, j
! The Bible Class of the Prcsby- i
1 tenon Church held a picnic on,
Monday afternoon to bid farewell
lo Miss Ida Carroll, who leaves today for Vancouver to take a position
as nurse at llie General Hospital.
She was presented with an address
and a fountain pen.
was held at Mrs. Wm. Duncan
j Tuesday evening.
An entertainment for
of the Red Cross Society
held at the Denman Island Athletic
Hall, on June 25th, followed by  a
dance at  8.30  p.   m,    Admission
, 75 cents each,   Children 15  cents.
sustaining a broken   wrist and his
r the benefit rifht!e*f br<*et>in l.w?  PlaceS' be,"
iety will   |,e sides being   badly shaken   up.    A
fall of some thirty fell would shake
the most of us up, and Art is lucky
to be alive.
Miss Maud Creech was taken to
the Cumberland hospital on
suffering with appendicitis, where
an operation was successfully performed. She is recovering nicely
and expects to be home again
Dominion Day will he celebrated
in fine shape at Campbell River.
There will be a baseball match,
games, races, etc, followed by a
dance in the evening. Everybody
has a good time at Campbell River
aud doubtless many from here will
take in the sports.
Sunday, June 27th being known
as Patriotic Day, a Patriotic service
will be held in the Presbyterian
Church, in the evening. The choir
havo been preparing some special
music for the occasion, and the
Kev. Mr. Menzies will preach an
appropriate sermon. Iu view of
llie jvculiar ciicumstaiices this year
this service should, and undoubtedly will be largely attended.
The Court of Revision met again
on Saturday night, and made the
Friday (following reductions: Phil Camp-
hell $200 on improvements. Mrs.
Millard $200 on improvements.
Mr. Urquhart, and Crawford estate
acreage reduced. Logging & Railway Co. assessment reduced from
$150110 to jjSgooo
Presbyterian Church
St.  Andrews'  Saudwick
Service 2 p.m.    Sunday School
and Bible Class .5 p. 111.
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10-30 11. in-   Service 11:30.   Even-
| in-service 7:30 p. m. All welcome
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
When is a Kitchen
Not a "Kitchen"?
With a Hughes Electric Range, it
is a parlor. Just as cool and clean
and airy.
The modern "kitchen" deserves a
better name. In truth, it is a cooking apartment���as bright and tidy
as any other room. For since the
perfection of electric cooking, all
the clumsy ugliness and every
trace of dirt and soot and gas
have gone.
The modem cook works with her
head and not her hands. She has
hours of time that were never
hers before. Simple figures show
that in a life time five solid years
of drudgery are saved by this
practical invention.
And that isn't all. Consider the sacrifice of
happiness, health and youthful charm. Old-
fashioned methods have truly exacted a heavy
Hughes Electric Ranges
Beauty fades fast over a hot, dirty coal stove. Gas positively poisons! In combustion, gas takes up oxygen and gives out poisonous fumes. That is why plants
will not live where gas is burned. *
' Mr. Master-of-the-House, this is not a luxury but a choice���not a choice but a necessity! Think it over. Then come in and see this Range. You will hear some facts
that will astonish you.
For sale by
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power Co., Ltd
Phones: Office 35, Res. R68
Office: Mil Street THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Treat Every Child's Cold Externally
Rub on "Nerviline"���A Safe Cure 2
Finances of Switzerland
000  Miles of State  Owned  Railways
in   Operation
a Miracle of Healing Power ^^iiiL V^\;?;<:;;r ^^V'f.^.-V;"-';-.-U:,.":U'-..V>-v.i7,V:V;;'l:;, ^,!:;.t;;r,.^i,ru.':,;::1,!(^ i ss��^���^^^^^ ,
,, ,y    lit Ul   tlK     H.I   1.111....1,11   nllUI^UI.I.,11-.,.^,,, , , . ^,  JW-* fjggjy, .,.  1
in Every Bottle lnVn^icl0'.��. an sa,cy ,,��� - -��!''"' ��'"'j;���' ;"���"��� "!,""";.�� *'���-������      f^yftfeW
^"i����V ^""tamtau just i���;r,;:;;;,";,���;,r ;,:;,i ?,": i   |S&id
l.lttlo clitlilren cau'l be expected lo
ronip, clay in und clay out, without
sometime coming to grief, Some ol'
their names nnd rough and tumble,
cause  undue  fatigue, nnd  not   Infre
quently tlie i.iililii's ure bruised, have   II  Is n ti'iio Bpecltlc for rbeumullsui,
strains, swellings and uchos just llko I lumbago, sciatica or neuralgltt
ii heap of curative power when you   ^ upprox,mut(.,v lW0.thlrdB 0, lh8
W    never there is a pain or slck-f l?,^18"8.^.^hftn^llT' h
ness,  Nerviline  mould  be Hns,.  by ' """   lh n "";" ''"l"  ""','""" '"' :|S"
their eldora
When children . ome in tired and
sore, see thej are well rubbed wllh
Nerviline. ii does wonders In breaking n|i n eold hns un amazing effect
on any sorl of muscunli' pain.
The wise mother always keeps ims
t\ ..lil Net'l lllno on lianil  It lias a won-
for    earache,  toothache, son'
i.ark. sprains or strains, nothing olse
will cure so fast as good "hi Nerviline.
Burned  by  the  govet I ml  of about
$300,004,080,   This railway debl is nut
a burden to the governmeni as it rep-
I resents the   acquirement   of valuable I
properties   whin. In mi::   earned net
$13,570,000, a siini considerably iu
n uso about liftj years   Bold by deal-  *eB'    ,;,- Ll' ,
���rs everywhere,   rho large SOc family  lnterea, and sillKim
si/.o bottle is the mosl economical;
trial   size  25c,  all   dealers,    or   the
requirements for
funds, The rail- I
Catarrhozone Co.,  Klngstoi
roails uro kept in tlrst rlnss condition     '��,
���    '"    ,"��� ] nml iho methods of accounting aro be-
., i annua.   n_���_. i��� i,,. i,i,,.,i ,���,	
liovoii lo ho liiuhl
A   Cowardly   Fowl
Mrs, Jones boughl n chicken at the
family butcher simp, and after embellishing ii with bread crumbs, celery, cranberry Bailee and other glad
things sho proudly sot it before the
head of the family,
"What Ib Ihe matter, John?" asked
the young wife, with au anxious look
ss hubby laboriously carved ihe bird
and began to apply It to his appetite,
"Isn't the chicken all right?"
"Why. yos; I guess he is all right,
dear," was Uie hesitating response ot
father, "Bul I fear he was a very
grout coward "
"A great coward!" returned the
perplexed wife. "What do you
"Don't thoy say, .Mary." smilingly
rejoined the old man, "thai thp bravest are always the tenderest?"
Ways   That   Are   Dark?
A woman interested In charity work
was accustomed ench auy to pass by
the door of a Chlneso laundry wherein
won- employed two Chinese, Bach
tlmo she passed the charily worker
would stop for an Instant and speak
to the boss.
"Hollo, John," sho would call out,
to which salutation the Celestial
would reply, "Ilello, lady."
One day sho saw only ono Chinaman whore iiii re hud boon two, nnd
sho asked; "Win re is the other
"Him in hospital." said the laundry
"('listen gentleman Blluck him iu
the head with a bllclc   Argonaut.
It all Came From
Strain and Cold
BUT   G.   K.    MacDONALD
Asthma Brings Misery, but Dr, .1. D,
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy will replace I
the misery   with welcome relief,   Inhaled   as smoke or vapor it reaches i
the vory Inmost recesses of the broil- '
clila] passages and soothes them, Restriction passes aud easy breathing]
returns. If you knew as well how this
| remedy would help you as do Ihous-
FO'JND : anils of grateful users, there would
be a package In vour home tonight,
Try it.
Your  Pride   In  Your  Town
.  ��� ,       r        ,., |, Your  pride  in your town  is about
Suffering  Found a Cure Through       Mri ,���,,,/���,���,, o�� j���.j(lo yo��� ,..,��� ||ave
Nova Scotia  Man  After Fifteen Years
recommend Magic. Baking
Powder as being the best, purest
and most healthful baking pow-
der that it is possible to produce,
AH ingredients are plainly printed |
tt'A the ir.bel,
TORONTO , ONT.C^^Kr     C���^-<>' V
Heavy Tourist Travel
REMEMBER I The ointment
you put on your child'8 skin gets
into the system just as surely as
food thc child cats. Don't let
impure fats anil mineral coloring
matter (such as many of the
cheap   ointments   contain) net
into your child's Mood! Zatn-
ISuk is purely her^td.*1 No poisonous coloring.   I se it always.
. All Druggists and Stores.
ffi  CHIlonEWS
When War Boosted  Wheat
Iu    the   struggle    with   Napoleon,
when     the  British  Navy commanded
lho sea, the price  of wheat  for the
year 1.801 averaged ll'.ts., and actual-
Ily  reached  l-6s.  6d.   In   1812,    The
Churchill'o Work
.Mr.  Churchill    has    di monstroted
,. n ,,   ��� ,       ,    , iihnt  be know,  prcvlens lo this war,
C.P.R.  Prepares to  Handle  Immense  wh.u U|| empire wanted In the way oi
Numbers Who Will Visit Canadian    | naval  preparation,    lie prepared the
Rockies seeiic  for  Gnrmiiny's  repudiation  on
The Canndluti  Paclllc  Itallwiu   hat   ihe water.    Ilo made the British sup.
boon for some time making o.xlenBlvc  priority so muulfesl thai Uortnnny has
preparations for the liundllug of the  admitted it with all lho humiliation a
Immense crowds which it Is expected   iitillon mu.i  exhibit.   The    failure of
will take udvnningo of tho extremely   llle   tieinian navy lo come mil    and
low   ri.tes  in  ihe Canadian   Rockies, | Blvo  buttle  lo  tho encny  nnunol   be
North   Paclllc cousl   points,  and   tho  nounil strategy, as n is, without being
Panama  Paclllc Intcruntlonnl  Rxliibi- iiiiloloiisiblj'  had    wurfure,    Montreal
tlon al San Francisco and tho Pan am I   Mall.
California  Inhibition    al  San   Dl?gu
Doth   of   ihese   exhibitions   ure   now
running  full  swing nnd   will   bo  the
centre i.r attraction  for litany  lltouS
mills of Americans and Canadians this
! coming summer.    H  is expi clod  that
1 the   I'i  linn   Rockies   v ill   have   lhe
I biggest season in ihelr history.
I    In order in accommodate tho large
numbers who will be making nips. |l
was  decided    to open  Banff Springs
Hotel   Maj    Isl   this  year,   instead   of
May 16th as formerly.
Miller's Worm Powders are sweet
ami palatable to children, who show
no hesitancy In taking them. They
will certainly bring all worm troubles
Reading an  Advertisement
Harrlgan   Cove,   Halifax  Co.,   X.S,
���(Special)���After  suffering  for nr-  ii
teen years from lame back and kidney ��� ,
trouble Mr. George K. MacDonald, all
well known resident of this place, is
telling his neighbors of the great benefits  he  has  received    from    using
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"My trouble started from a strain
nml a eold,' Mr. MacDonald states.
"I was troubled with si illness of llie
joints uml era.ups in the muscles. My
Bleep was broken and unrefreshlng,
my limbs wore heavy and I had a
dragging sensation  across  the  loins.
"My bacli ached and 1 suffered from
rheumatism, when reading au advertisement led mo to try Dodd's Kidney
"I am only too pleased to say that
the treatment was successful. Dodd's
Kidney Pills have done me a great
deal of good."
Mr. MacDonald's symptoms show
thai he wu.s troubled with Kidney
disease. That's why Dodd's Kidney
Pills  cored   i.iiu.
Spring Blood
Is Watery Blood
How to Get Now Health and
New Strength at This
Spring ailments are not imaginary.
| Even the most robust llnd the winter
months most trying to their health.
Confinement indoors, often In over-
healed and nearly always badly vetltl-
'ited rooms    In the home, the office
Anything to Oblige
"I see blondes will be the style Ihis
year," remarked the idle rich man.
"ls that so?" responded bis brunette wife, with a well-bred yawn. "In
thai esse, tlo you wish mc to be one,
or would yu.i prefer a divorce'.'"
War Costing Two Millions an Hour
The oosl of the war, estimated In
the second month of the war al $32,-
OOU.i.iin it dav, has now risen, according to official estimates, lo $50,000,000
a day. The human suffering cannot
be estimated, It will affect all the
nations for generations to eome. lt is
only mi the material side that losses
can be even approximately stated, and
these are staggering.
Two countrymen were among the
recruits mustered on the drill-ground,
nnd one of theni, remarkably raw,
nsked his companion what to do when
he gol the order "Halt."
"Well." was the reply, "when lie
Fays 'Halt!' yez bring lhe fill that's
nn the ground lo the solde of the
ful Hull's in lhe air, au>l thill remain
ciulti  motionless!"
ne oesi iciuii o   prme you can nave.   HpilN|           ,,, MB        illg losg  tlunl   l0 ������ ,,,���,,   -,-,���,>. ,���,, ., 8trenBtl>eulnB ',, . ���',, ta school-taxes tha vl
It is an unselfish pride. It is pride in !,,.,���,     nmoh ������,   . tho'ugh two nt lhe and stimulating medicine, correcting .' ,,""   '' ' ,,    ' "  '^'���s   -'he   m,!
your neighbors and  what ihey have  mahl    SOUI.cea    ���', supply-Australia  the disorders of digestion    that   the La"omM thin and wa erv m,d is ol^
done.  For   hey made the town - no  . am|   |iussi��� . |mv���     tai,pil.   ���,   evory | worms cause and Imparling a healthy ���                 "    ,      i,^      l^ l\$2F.
only  paid  for the    pavements    and  p0Sslb,e  respect  they are bettor oft  lone to the system mosl beneficial to t,'.   ,   ,,.,,        , ,    , ,,'.;'u ������ oN
built the sehoolhouses but planted the   ,,,.,���   tUe  ,,���.���������    Mpl0   wll0   ftre  development. 'j .   '"(,,.'Jb :," ,'���" i '0,1  a nd
trees and  showed their laith  111  tha   ..,,... ...,���., .,.���,. ���lih .,rJ,i   i,���,, r,, ,.���                      _  . fc0111'    utl-e's,    '",��  towspn ited  anil
Place bv niakin�� il their hour               now   in 1.1 ���. y 11 1   1 11 11 s ioir,i-,i. 1..                                       . nervous.   -SHU    others   are    troubled
1     ,. , U}...       "'.... .   ,..'... . "'::     bread.���London  Daily  .Mail.                     |       To  Soil   Fish  to  Newfoundland will,     ,11. Henri,,.-     nimnles   unit   .lrln
nervous,  -still   others   are   troubled
wiih    disfiguring    pimples   and   skin
qures   something'   besides  pride.   You
ought  to help it to grow and to  ini-
Queen Elizabeth,    whose nei
j    Although bringing fish to Newfound- eruptions;  while some get up in ttin
"o    is 1 hind would seem like carrying coals to   morning feeling just as tired as when
prove. Vou ought    to do   your share I oorne     by    the    super-Dreadnought  Newcastle, thero is a prospect that. II   they    went    to    bed.    These are all
by     aiding   In   movements   for  the   which    hus wrought so much  havoc . will be attempted on a considerable I spring symptoms that the blood is out
town's good and bv voting good men i '" ""! Dardanelles, had two warships 1 sca|0    this    year.    The    proposition   of order and that a medicine is need-
ilu office  wiiu will hest look after christened after her during her life- comes i'rom loeland. Because of the  ctl,   Many people take purgative medl-
s interests. I limt!-   There was an Elizabeth in the ; war, the markets of Northern Europe  clues in the spring.   This is a serious
Then   and   not 'until   then    will  a  English (loot at lhe. time of the Ar- 1 ���,.,. closed  to  the  fishermen  of that   mistake.    Vou    cannot    cure yourself
citizen have a real right lo speak of  tnadR'  iUld    iiltl?r  tllB defeat of the   island, and they are forced to seek a with a medicine that gallops through
'Spaniards a ship bearing the fantas-  new outlet.    Since lhe lisbing opera- your   system   und leaves you weaker
tic    title    of    Elizabeth Jones    was  lions off the Newfoundland coast will still.    This    is all    that a purgative
launched.    It    is  recorded  that  "the | be  largely curtailed   this  season,  as does.    What  you  wo,;    to give you
siiippe called the Elizabeth Jonas was I a result of the large number of New-1 health and strength in the spring is a
so named liy Her draco   In   i'emem-  foundlaiiders     who  have  joined   the tonic  medicine  that  will  enrich  thu
brance of hei  own  deliverance from   British army and navy, the Icelanders blood and soothe the jangled nerves
is town wltb pride, it will be a town
in the making of which he had a part.
Not only will he be proud of llie town
bul   the  (own  also  will be proud of
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,���I    had  my  leg badly
hurt, the  pain was very severe and
a large swelling came above the knes.
I expected ii would be serious���I rub-
ed  it  with  MINARD'S    LINIMENT, I
the furye ot her enemyes, from which j think they will be able to dispose of   And the one always reliable tonic and
in one respect sho was no less myrac- U large part of their product there. As   blood  builder  Is  Dr.  Williams'  Pink
piously preserved than was Ihe proph-  |t ia proposed lo purchase foodstuffs   Pills,
et Jonah form the belly of the whale." j and  other goods  for return  cargoes
 ���  ; tp   Iceland,   the   idea   is  looked   upon
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Dandruff.; with favor in Newl'o unllaiol.
whicli  stopped  the pain and reduced
the  swelling  very quickly.  1  cannot
When  ill the  Woods
1. - Be sure your match is out before
you throw it away-
An Example For Montreal
Last year tiie municipal authorities
of Regina, Sask., aided the unomploy-
. . . .,,...,,,.. . ., . -     vour   pipe   ashes or  ed   by   placing  at   their    disposal   a
speait: too nighty 01 iYUNAKDS 1.1.M-  tlir0w jour cigar or cigarette stump   large numbw of vacant  lots itnculti-
"'   "! where 'there Is nothing to catch lire,   vated   by   the   proprietors.    All   such
3 Don't build a camp lire any larg- lots situated within ths limits of the
er than is absolutely necessary. Never city were "catalogued," and. with the
leave It, even for a short time, with- permission of the owners, were then
out   putting   it   out   with   waler   or I converted   Into   kitchen   gardens   by
Port Hood island.
'a nit.
people who wore out of work. They
thus found at (he same time labor
which produced ihem means of living.
Why cannot Montreal do that  which
not only banish
spring weakness but guard you
against the more serious ailments that
follow, such as anaemia, nervous de-
bllity, Indigestion, rheumatism and
other diseases due to bad blood. In
proof of this Mrs. D. B. Hughes, lla-
zenmore, Sask.. says: "About a year
ago I was badly run down,-my nerves
were all unstrung, and I could not go
upstairs without stopping lo rest. As
I was a long ways from a doctor I decided lo lake Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
and i.i the course of a few weeks I
felt like a new person. As an all
round restorative I can heartily recommend this medicine."
It  you   are  ailing   ibis   spring  you
cannot  afford,   in  your own   interest,
has been  attempted  with success at   "' overlook so valuable    a medicine
lic'ina"- -Monlreal  La  Presse i as Dr. Williams  Pink Pills. Sold by all
 , i medicine dealers    or    by mail at 50
Tet��clociy cents   a   box   or  six   hoses   for   $^..r,il
J from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
The state of Pennlylvanla cele- 4 -Don't build a camp fire against a
brates two arbor days each year���one , nee or log. Build a small one where
l'or spring planting and one for the you ean scrape away the needles,
fall -in April and October respective- leaves or grass from ail sides of It.
ly, j 5���Don'l build bonfires. The wind
  I may rise al any time and start a tire
The  Grand  Trunk   Paclllc  author!-1 " l!i('h ���'"" ca,nnot ^"Lol.
ties report that the various provincial1     I���It you discover a fire, put it out "Is il true thai lhe appendix is ab-j Brockville   Out
governments In Western Canada are   "  Possible;  it you cant, inform  the  aolutely useless'.'"   asi'ed the medical. '  '
co-operating  in  a  very  enthusiastic  nearest forest ranger or fire warden student.                                               ;.                                       orator stood
manner with the federal government's ��� us c'ulokl>' i!S ���vou P��sstbly can. "Useless?   thundered the professor,   ������l!!0���,���..m'.M,!;.,,:.'!.l.,.a^., "!.'!!0.'., sLn.r"1.
"Patriotism  and    production"    cam-1                     ~ "why, sir, .Is a  veritable gold mine
palgn.                                                              A safe ami sure medicine for a child tor surgeons."    Philadelphia    Lodger.
The government of the province of   troubled   with   worms    is     Mother ���
Alberta is lending practical assistance   Craves' Worm Exterminator.
lo the better farming movement by
enlarging the scope of agricultural
Gained 30 Lbs. in Few Weeks
Never Felt So Well
Was Pale, Weak and Thin, and Had Nervous Headaches
Before Using Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
It ii truly wonderful what Dr. I Mrs. II. T.aich, Cannington Manor,
Chase's Nerve Food does Cor women j Sask.. writes:���"Vou will remember
who are weak, weary and run down in   me -writing you  last spring'.     Well,  I
gave up my doctor and began using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Foud. This treatment cured ma rapidly and I was soon
myself  again.     I was  pale,   thin  and
The   Horse   in  the   War
The numbers of horses employed in
war o i the niode-rn scale are Immense-1
Lover    (passionately)- si.
the very ground your daugh
I love
Father  (grimly)- No doubt  you  do
-it's worth f:!uu a from  foot.
tpon her platform and looked over
the sea of faces. "Where would man
he today were it not for woman?" sh.s
Inquired. She paused a moment.
"Again I repeat," she said, "where
would man be today were it not for
"In the Garden of Eden," answered
a male voice from the rear.
health.    New. rich
blood     i.S     vvllrtl      is
needed In nearly
all such eases,
and because Dr.
Chase's Nerve
Food forma new
blood it brings
cure ��� not mere
relief, but actual
cure���iu lhe greal
majority ot such
With an aliimd-
ince of rich, red MRS. ����� LAIOH.
blood coursing through the veins the
nerves are strengthened and vigor and
vitality are. carried to every organ of
the human body.
Willi the nerves properly nourished headaches and neuralgic pubis disappear,, appetite Improves, digestion is
food, you sleep and rest well, aud
���sin in strength and watchc.
ly larger tlinn lu earlier wars, and lhe .     |i,
actual figures of loss from all causes,   tache? Reducing Her Worry
did we know them, would certainly ap-      Sh<���Not    so    very    well    at  lirst      Mr.  Ma  lev-   Well,    mv dear.    I've
pal any humane mind.   Injuries town  glght, hai, mv ,,,��� ins,lml for $,-.,000.
shot    and   shell   are probably but a      He-Perhaps I' will grow on you. Mrs. Manley-How very sensible ot
small  proportion  of the total,     lhe      s oi,   tester, you    are always  you!   Now I shan't have to keep tell-
wastage due to acoideiil, exhaustion   thinking of the most absurd things!���  Ing vou to be so careful every place
and lhe many forms ol equine sick-  Yale Recor,i. vou go.���Pathfinder.
ness  upon  both  sides  in this  war  is     |'
the thing that goes  lo lho liearl  of ] ��� "��� : . . ���------
Ihe animal lover who knows whal tl.
condll ions
are.���London   Daily   Tele-
ies and now If
Birds Ily before arnii
lias been found thai sea-gulls have ,i
peculiay fondness (or perhaps antl-
pathyi'for the submarine. When a
submarine   leaves   its   wake   on   the
weak, suffered from stomach j surface of the water, greal flocks of
troubles and liver complaint, and fre- gulls collect and follow after. Per-
1U.^nt!;V,lKU!,^'l!:' J'^"'"^,benches,    hups   the   submarine   confuses   Ihem,:
"""'  '"  '"' '  '"'     and they may still be laboring under
the delusion tbat it is a whale, The
whale is always followed by a flock
of gulls, and even when be dives tlio
sharp-eyed birds are able to locate
liis position.
I  was surprised to  find that in  a
I few   weeks'   time   I   had   gained   30
I pounds In weight. I never felt ao
strong and well In all my life. Headaches never bother me any more, and
! f am grateful for life cure, it people
would  only give this medicine a fair
trial they would certainly be cured." I -     ���  ���
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keep hens?
Merchant���Not very long.
W. N.  U. 1051
#.|fc'*8' Napoleon so said. A man
-!.��,��si -vvitli a weak stomach is
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Dr. Pierce's
Gojefeffl j^fejjjggj Discovery
heipa weak stomachs to strong, healthy action-
helps them to digest the food thai makes the good,
rich, red blood which nourishes the entire body.
* This vegetable remedy, to a greatextent, puts
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���MBansuBm THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
I lie Neccssit) of Mixed Farming is Becoming More Pronounced
uiul  Investigations Carried on in Canada Show lhat
Diversification Brings Greater Prosperitj
Probablj  tin  mosl outstanding and  acre
difficult problem for the farmer, andjihan
Indirectly, ihe country as a whole, is
in foretelling the result of a certain
crop, before it Is planted, few can do
this.   The greater the pity, for, could
this gift be attained with anj measure
oi success, agriculture would he lifted
from    ito   us   n rather hackneyed
plume) being inure or less a game o(I crops the change  in
chance.   This gilt lucking, tiie ueces-1 tlon  was prnct
t  that   crop   was  less   In   1913
t   ll>l l\ and  tbe  reduction   in
UUOUIlting   to  $-.Sti     per  acre,
was sulticieni  in offset  Ihis and still
show a far larger percentage ou tiie
favorable side ���< lho farmer's balance
sheet lbail any of the    otber crops.
This is the  more surprising when  it
is considered Hint   with all lho other
cost   of  proline-
nominal.    Tilt
Blly of crop diversification and mixed greulasl change in profll pur afcre was
farming is being more fretiuenll) clfc In llax, which, notwithstanding a
nl.   Iii a in.e crop country in country small decline In production cost, fell
Mi.ere  one  crop,  wheat,  for  instance.
Is  more or  less  lio   principal one,  as
in t'nnioia i tins class of [arming Is
nml e lo be urged than elsewhere, but
tl.e advantages to th.. Individual farmer 111 any section are equally great.
NnturuHy, excoptloiiB lo this, come
up, bul as a rule, tl e argument holds
true ami this Is strongly emphasized
bj tho sn,I.-neal result ot a recent
Investigation carrlml ou in this country. The Census und Statistical Ofiice of iiie Department of Trade and
I'uinmoiTo,   because   lliere   were   indi
cations ibai in Ibo northwestern pro
viuees tin. profits from grnln growlnc,
when nol, tuppleineult-d by slock raising, were less remunerative than formerly, undertook to ascertain the oust
per acre in l: i::. of producing the
more Important ciops, the value per
acre of the produce and the protlt per
off from $7,311 to $1,18, a loss of nearly 8:1 per cent. The loss iu value per
acre of ibis crop was $0.6'!, or :',", per
Some Interest! ig figures are presented showing tl.e division of production C08IS In 1913. The principal
item in all eases was lhe cost of preparing tlm ground, which Included the
items of plowing, disking, packing and
harrow inn. 'Ihere are litlle variation
in preparation costs, except for corn,
which was In lhe elgllbol'llOOtl of ti)
per cent,  more than tho average  l'or
acre for each orop,
was supplemented
carried on in Kill
According to the
the correspondents of t
ments  lor  lhe  most part
Ibe olher crops. The eosl of seeds naturally vailed considerably, and was
the second Hem in importance up to
ihe harvesting time, The cost of
planting seeds ranged from DO cents
for llax, lo $1.27 for corn. The cost of
cultivation of .he latter was also far
greater than for any of lhe others, be-
Investigation I |ng $2.96 per acre, ns compared with
iy a similar one Uo cents per acre for flax, and 72 cents
for full wheat, which was the highest
\ineriean Annlist, latter corn.   As a matter of fact, every
e    depart-   item In per acre eosl of growing corn
agree that  is far greater than for the other crops
mixed farming is more profitable than  except for seed.
growing grain alone. This is true nut J    An interesting factor In the produc-
only because the fertility of the land  tlon cost sheet is that of rental value.
is  maintained  by  tbe return  to  the | This figure  was  reached, whore the
ground of farmyard manure, but because tbe practice of mixed farming
insures cleaner an richer land, and
Cleaner grain, permits the best- rota-
lion of crops, provides labor all the
year round, an.l creates a home market for cheap fodder. Also, through
encouraging diversification, it tends,
to some extent, to Insur
In tl.e hitler, son
ome surprising variations between tbe Iwo years on whicli
returns are made were developed, of
the six crops investigated���fall wheat,
spring wi.ea'., corn, oats, barley and
Jinx���three show increased profits per
acre in 1913 over 1911, and three decreases. Fortunately the gains wero
In tlie more important grains. Hoth
spring and fall wheat yielded the
fanner more profit per acre, the former showing a gain of over 14 per cent.,
and corn made an even better record.
The gain in com was wholly due to
a substantial reduction in tlie cost ot
producing  it.    Indeed,  lhe  value  per
land was rented, by taking the average paid per acre; where it was owned, the rental value was ascertained
by a calculation of the value of tbe.
land and the rate uf interest ou money
loaned, ln tlie particular locality under consideration, nu that kind of real
.   estate.   Tiie average value of the land
stability of  varies   considerably   in   tlie   different
1 sections   of   the   Dominion,   ranging
from .$24 per acre iu Alberta and Sas
katchewan, to $167 n Ilritish Columbia. In the latter province, however,
the high value of the land is due not
lo grain but to fruit growing. For the
entire country, the average land
value, which Includes in this ease only
improved land growing crops, was
$10 111   1914,  against $:I7  in 1912,
Throughout the Maritime Provinces
and in Ontario the prevailing rale of
interest was returned at 6 per cent
last year; lu Manitoba, Alberta and
Iiritisii Columbia, 8 per cent., and in
Saskatchewan 9 per cent.- Journal of
Freedom of Poland
New Law Gives Self-Government to
Polish Towns
A new law gives local municipal
stlf-govcr cut lo all towns in Poland, a substantial earnest of the
promised emancipation.
The language question is settled ou
commonsense lines. Correspondence
with stale departments, as also with
public bodies, for private persons outside Poland, must be iu tlie common
language of the stale, namely Russian. Replies to letters addressed to
Polish municipal departments in Russia must, be in Russian.
Municipal placards and similar notification must be in both languages in
parallel. Debate ln either language
may be at the speaker's discretion,
but tbe president is obliged to explain the substance of a speech if any
member presenl announces his inability io follow it. Minutes of meetings
aiul oilier official proceedings must
be. recorded in both languages, lt is
provided that any eases of disputed Interpretation where hoth languages
have been used, shall be decided according to the state language, namely
The municipal autonomy now granted to Poland is equivalent to that
enjoyed l.v Russian towns. Particular care lias been taken lo give the
Jewish population in Poland, which Is
larger than is to be found anywhere
else in lhe world some degree of representation.
Tlie new law is welcomed alike by
Russian and Polish organs of public
M >vc for County Agents
Agricultural Experts Sought Under
Provisions of Smith-Lever
Aberdeen, S.D.���There is a general
.nove on foot among the number of
tin counties in northern South Dakota
lo organize county agricultural extension associations under the provisions
of the smith-Lever bill and the supplementary bill passed by the last
session of the slate legislature.
.Among the counties in this section
of the state working towards this end
are Brown, Hay, lla .son and Davison counties. In each of these four
counties numerous meetings have
teen held or are being planned, and
there seems little doubt but that each
will comply with the provisions of
these acts and secure county agents
this spring.
A New Publication
Seasonable Hints For Farmers to Aid
Them in Their Problems
A new publication, bearing tlie I ilie
of "Seasonable Hints," bus just been
issuad by tlie Dominion Experimental
Farms, and it is proposed to continue
from month to month. The results of
many years' experience are here
found compressed into pithy paragraphs and in its dozen pages, the
tlrst number manages to cram enough
advice to last a season. As its front
puge reminds us:
"From the Atlantic to the Pacific
Oceans specially (rained men are devoting tlieir time to the study ot your
problems, and will bo pleased to discuss them with you. A communication
will not cost you anything, and may
result  in  suggestions of value."
A postcard will bring you month by
inonlli a handsome reminder of things
needing to be done, the best time for
purchases of seed, etc., and tells where
to get advice In ease of difficulty. Mr.
.1. II. Grisdale, the director, says in
bis foreword;
"We are constantly striving to widen tlie scope of lhe work carried on at
the Experimental Farms and Stations,
located, as shown b the frontispiece,
in every province of the Dominion.
We wish lo make use of tliese Farms
and Stations, omre especially those iu
your own province, and you are invited to apply to the principal officers
and to the superintendents for information and advice concerning thc various lines of agricultural efforts and
It is up to tlie farmers.
The Coming Russia
It is reported in Petrograd that the
Czar is formulating a decree providing
for compulsory education to be in full
force and effect  throughout the empire within five years after the elose
of th? war. The significance of such a
move can scarcely be overstated. Rus-
! sia has a population    of more than
160,000,000, two-thirds of which is 11-
rate at present.   Tlie   possibilities
I of such a nation, all educated and in-
! habiting one of tbe richest and most
' extensive' areas in the world, are lim-
i itless.     A   modernized,     progressive
i Hussia would be a power in world af-
; fail's compared with which the Hus-
! sia   of  the   past,   is   a   puny   thing.���
i Indianapolis Star.
When  nn Overwhelming German
British lines,  the Win coster
pse ui some
oil the story
's barred the
how fewer
oated Beforehand Belgian Towns
to be Devastated
M.  Pierre  Notomb    has  written a
bonk "I.os llarbarcs en Helgtque,"
which is a kind of supplement or
"addenda" to the official documents
issued by the Belgian government,
.11.   \olhoiuh     adheres   lu   tails    Inn
be gives the story of Belgium's mar-
tydom wiiii some regard to the
"human Interest" which is bidden
away iu cold official reports, tbougb
Heaven knows tlie Belgian official
documents an' full of tragic horrors
���Intensely dramatic, M, Pierre
N'othorab as .hat excellent perlodl- l?R" """ GuBllsl1 linesmen charged
cal "Everyman"   poinis   oul     is flrsl : rl��ht '"'" ""���' """"ll "' ;i "''"able In-
of all a poei, and s thing of poetry  tenl0>   (lrove   l,ilrk   ��   tweniy times
runs through all his prose, even such stronger lore 0I Qornuins, ami for-
grim prose as he deals with in hiB *ver freed Britain trom lho menace ol
book     While quoting copiously from'""' lllm ��" Calais s nils.
The story is told by an officer who
is recovering trom a wotiii i ret elved
on lhai day at the end ot October
when 2,400 men ot He- "contempt-
Ibie"  Itritisli army In Id lhe village ol
Uheluvelt,  on    the    i I    to  Ypres,
against   21,000   of     the     War   land's
hordes.    The  British  troops consisted
of  ihe surely  thinned  battalions of
Scots Guards, the South    Wales
Force   lor."    Down   un   lh<_.
Regiment t lharged the
Enemy, who Turned and Fled in Disorder
only now. after Hie
months, is it possible to
! of how .Sou Ilritish soldi
' kaiser's   road   to   Cnlttli
j Lloyd George says Britain has three
; enemies: Germany, Austria and drink.
j And for  Britain, aa for Canada, tbe
greatest of these Is drink.���Toronto
the official account, and without in
any way embellishing the simple
iitaleiuenis   of   eye-wllnesses.   Ilo   yel
succeeds iu making a passionate appeal, less for pity than fur justice,
for his cruelfled country.
"Belgium, though bruised ami
quivering, is not dead. Nor will she
ever  die,     since   iu   the   .yes   of   Ihe
whole  world she Incarnates a  prln-
i iple necessary lo 11 e life of tl.e
world. She knows that her very sacrifice and apparent death are the
most, beaut Hul proofs ot lur living
reality. She is possessed of a touching confidence thai   neither repeated
trials,   nor  au   oppression   every   day I lory and  rifle
becoming    more    odious,    nor even  every British
I Borderers, and ihe Welsh and Queen'i
Regiments,   which   held   hastily con
I slrueti'd  trenches across lhe  front  o
Gheluvell  village.
There had  bee ;  uo lime li
'these poor defences against, i
if t!
eoldior  knew   that   ilu
time Itself can shake. And so she
waits- Valiant amidst her bloodstained Holds, silent, she appeals by
her very silence and proud suffering'
to that justice for which she hungers and thirsts."
position had to be hell al all eosl c
'for once  the   line   was   broken   llu re
was nothing to stop t to Huns' march
i'on Calais.    Reinforcements had boe'.i
promised;  the Woice&ters    wm-u   ,,a
their way,    but  even  then  th ���  odd!
ll. is less by the mighty battles would be nine to ono,
lost and gained than by the ruin and | Prom lung befora dawn, t!
devastation wrought thai this great i raged. The German artillery
war will be remembered. Hy the ed Ibe Britisli Irene.i from en
vile atrocities she has committed, and shelled the Chateau ut Gheluve I,
and not by lur military excellence Where the battalion commanders wore
and powerful army, Germany will be quartered, causing llielt bant) remov
known to posterity, i al ton dug-out in the chateau grounds.
Men fell, not liy ones and twos, but by
dozens ami half-dozens, but those who
Perhaps no one but a pool could
have described with such feeling and
beauty of language the German mutilation of the sacred and historic
monuments of Belgium, one who has
himself gazed on tlle tragic ruins of
Ibe Draper's Hall at Ypres, and wandered through iis rootless hull and
under Its broken arches, and in the
neighboring ruin of Saint Martin
found with a poet's delicate fancy iu
the broken, mutilated figure of the
Virgin a symbol Of his country's
martyrdom, "The hands raised to
heaven were clasped In prayer and
the face wore a smile of ecstasy.
And 1 realized that though the barbarians   might     destroy   my   country.
reached that lead-s, ui'ting trench, and
al lasi the kaiser's soldiers fell back
lu cover
Tbe British held their line, bin at
terrific cost; scores lay dead, and
there     was  Bcnrcely nu  unbounded
man in lhe whole lire Of trench.      The
Welsh regiment In the entre had
suffered heavily, Reinforcements from
lhe scant reserve behind tlle chateau
were hurried Into the trench, and
then the German shelling commenced
all over again. The day wore on, men
tell left and light, and as j el thi re
was no sign of Hi' Worcester regiment, Towards duirt tiie Germans
could b ��� seen massing tor another attack, ami the British troops prepared
for a final stand; there were no more
reserves, and if the German - pi rsl t-
ed in their attack nothing could stop
tl ell).
Thc shelling redoubled in fury, and
then came the second attack.' Tlie
full fury was directed to the centre ot
the line, held by the Welsh regimen;.
Ilordes upou hordes of He. mans passed
forward. Hundreds fell as they advanced, but  win re one fell two'filled
his place,
Ihey   came
ii   was  cold steel,
fought  stubbornly,
Ive ground,   but
survived were as :-i ady as If ou
I ade.    Tlicre  was  no random  lir;
I    The officers, careless  as  usui
their own safety, ceaselessly patl
I tiie position from end lo end, che
and  encouraging  .heir  men.
I fell, and lliose who could scran
| their feet again, making 'ighl i
injuries, bin  many had [alien  [
| time,   and had perforce to lie
Ihey tell.
Al.  last   tlie   shellit' ;    oe u c.
there was a stir ia ihe tie. mat,
They were about lo chat ge,  Ni
Itritisli   Uni w   thai   tin'   ti
inactivity    was      pass, d
bled lo
if their
lor all
I'  li
mutilating its beautiful buildings and
sacrificing its children, tbey could
never harm her soul."
Such graphic pages ". those describing the German mode of procedure em entering a (own or village
bring home lu us lhe nightmare of
suffering through which the Belgian j they came without
people are passing, fo.' all that, we
read with such feelings of horror and
indignation Is no tragedy of (he
past, but the actual happenings in
Belgium today.
And yet. not only are we in danger
of getting accustomed lo that phrase,
"German Atrocities," but we do not.
realize half the horror for which
these two words stand. We are loo
ready to shut, our eyes to what w>
do nut wish to see, and our ears to
what we do not wish lo hear, and it
does us good sometimes to have the
truth put before us in all its crude
nakedness. We cannot blind ourselves to what Is happening oul.
there, confronted by such pages as
tliese. in which Germany is convicted not only by those wbo have suffered at  her hands, but, by her  own
Emperor,    M.  T. of  Tormonde,
having asked a German officer the
motive for sacrificing thai town, received  tbe  reply  that  the
could take loll of thc enemy ��� avenge
their comrades lhat lay stark and
stiff around Ihcm. The machine gunners looked lo their weapons; there
must be no hitch, uo jam when lhe
m om ent came
And lo the Germans
(lurry, only lo
tliotir..nils by rllle
ment. Ihere was
mass nf Germans,
titer r.way, while
Ibe British was
heaps. Again lhe
climbing ami stumbling over tbo
grey heaps���those heaps that bin
few moments bel'or
of tbe advancing h
came   thicker,   bul
charged, On
and without
mown .town in
and gun. One mo-
i solid advancing
but they wore far-
el weei. ihem an I
a carpet of gre.'
Genua ns c.me on,
were llu
it. The ci
no   livlni
rpet he-
np io the trench
up ami in. Then
The Welshmen
dying rather than
ivelgut of numbers
told, and as nlghl fell ihe enemy commanded the trench from ihe centre
No quarter was given lo llie British.
Savagely lhe Germans stabbed about
tbem, Bayonets "en thrust into
lend and lieing, and many a British
soldier, but wounded by a Prussian
bullet, was murdered by a Prussian
till Ihe lell lhe Seols Guards itfll
held tlieir line and on the right the
Queen's were al bay, and before the
enemy could advance they had first to
d ��� il wiih ihese g.nlaiii remnanti of
gallant regiments. But now the Wor-
ceslers bad arrived. An officer . t
iiie South W'ahs Borderers, the old
24til, whicli gained undying fame at
llorke's Drill, had at great '";.. to
himself found and guided the Wor-
eeslers  to  the  hard-fought
The Englishmen    were onty three
companies strong,    but these   - are
1500 men charged    right through the
shot-swept streets of Gheluveit, right
up  to  tho  lost  trenches,  almost  ;nr;
Ihe heart of the German host; at d the
I Germans turned  and  fled- tl  d   when
the odds at  this moment were more
than twenty to one in their favor, and
) Hoeing  lost  for ever their chau te    t
breaking through to Calais,   Had they
��� withstood that desperate charge, had
', they     in  turn  borne down  upon  the
' Englishmen,  sheer  weight    of  numbers would have carried ihem through
to the f'alais road. But they fell back
���back behind their original position,
aiid -were never again  able to  urealc
the Britisli line.
Of the 500 Worcesters who went to
Hie charge but 200 unwounded men
answered to the roll when the field
was won. i nd of tho 2,400 British soldiers bale and whole when morning
broke bul Sen lived to tell of that
groat light.
Sell Wool in Car Lots
hail given definite instructions to burn
certain towns indicated beforehand
"We have need of the grace of God
lo tend your wounds after all the suffering you have inflicted oil us," said
a Sister of .Mercy lo a dying German
soldier, whose wounds she wus bathing. "Forgive me, sister," the man
replied, tears rising in his eyes. "1
have not carried out half tbe Instructions  that   1  was  given.''
Wool     Sales
The co-opera live'   wool  sail
ized   by   the   Saskatchewan
ment   last   year   were    so  s
lhal   plans  for  Hie  current   y.
be carried out aoln    iho sai
Emperor I but on a more extended scale
Prove   a
s organ-
ear will
Compensation for the
Loss of Live Stock
In addition to operating a re
iug ami grading warehouse iu
gina. arrangements are hi ing ma
accept   delivery   i,.'   carload lots
In   Event  of   Foot-andMouth   Disease
Spreading to Canada
Canadian  farmers .wlli  be  t uinpeu-
wm i sated   lor  loss  of  live  Htock  in  the
Ineslevent  of tlie foot-and-mouth disease
j spreading from tlie  United  States to
:olv-  the Dominion.   This is the assurance
He-   obtained liy Duncan C. Boss, the Lib-
le to   eral      men.ber   for   West   Middlesex,
or! from the government
Raise Pure Bred Flocks
Encouragement Given to Poultry Raisers in Minnesota
The University's agricultural extension division lias been active fnr
several years in encouraging thc poultry industry em Minnesota farms and
getting fanners to develop pure bred
stock. N. E. Chapman, poultry expert
for the extension division, lalks this
gospel in every country where tbe egg
business can thrive. Ile lias given
much time lo interesting farm boys
and girls in raising poultry, youngsters wbo attend the annual junior
short course at University Farm, get
Ihe latest advices in pi
i wool  al  any  local   shipping  point  in
I the     province.     This     arrangement
I should nib. materially lo Ihe value of
i the   undertaking   as   Ihere   are   many
I points where  three or four breeders
could combine to make up a enr lot.
thereby  Increasing   price,  by   reducing freight charges. Tlie co-operation
of all sheep   men   is   invited    for  de-
nails early application should be made
i to    the    co-opertu
j branch, Regina.
Last year some 180 of Ibe sheep
j raisers of Saskatchewan took advantage of Hie offer of tiie government
to market the clip for men who would
! prepare their wool in accordance with
j the directions drawn up by the de-
! partinent.
!    A total of 09,404   pounds
! were   assembled   in   a    I'sn
i Regina,   and    sold    in car
'. firm  of American  wool dealers.    An
| average  price    of    hi.47    cents   was
| paid to the producers after defraying
all   cost   for  freight   to   Regina.  eosl
ouitry care ami I of sacJts,'   Uvine' ant1 ""'���'' Incidental
.Mr.  Ross directed the attention  of
the government, and particularly the
department of    agriculture,    to    the
serious conditions outlined in recent
reports and the necessity for protect-
' ing farmers    from    luss and  injury
should the cattle contagion break out
in  Ontario  or any otber part of the
1 Dominion.    .Mr.  Ross asked  the  min-
Ister of agrlcutlure to give immediate
organization i assurance that    the department  was
i taking cognizance of the situation ar.d
1 was  prepared  and    ready  to  protect
I Canadian farmers.
Hon.   Martin   Burrell.    minister   of
agriculture, suggested that  Mr.  Ross
! bring the matter up at a later stage
) when the estimates of tlie department
' were under consideration.   Mr. Ross,
however, pressed for some immediate
wool :
house   in   assurance, and the minister then stat-
lots to a
ed that in tlie event of tbe foot-anel-
moutll disease spreading from the
United Stales to Cauada, which was
not expected, arrangements would be
made io give to Canadian farmers
ample compensation for anv stock
expenses.     Considering     that   prices   wh)ch m|ght be slaughtered.
1 received in former years ranged trom ,	
i HI cents to  13  cents  per pound,  the
results were most satisfactory.
egg marketing from bis lectures.
As an illustration of successful promotion work,    Mr. Chapman spoke of
the experiment in Douglas county carried on bv bis division.   "Three years I
ago,"   be   said,   "settings of a dozen ;    0vpr    a  consid
eggs    apiece were given to 4H5 boys   west  the  increase
and girls in the county. These were > <rop wl" average over forty per
all    pure    breds���Plymouth    Rocks.! That  is good news.    Prosperity
Rhode Island Reels, Leghorns, Orplng-: have a solid foundation it ihe crop rx-
tons and  Wyandottes,    There    were  panda In proportion to the acreage-
three varieties of each kind exe-opt of I Toronto  Globe.
the Rhode Island Reds, of which there j       ��� ���	
are only two varieties. ,    Tbis advertisement recently appear-
"Today nuuiy of those youngsters ed in a western paper:
have flocks of from fifty to seventy-1 "Wanted-A man to undertake lhe
five fowls from those settings and the! sale of a new patent medtclnV The
poultry industry of tbe county has j advertiser guarantees that it win be
been vastly bettered." ' profitable to the undertaker."
The Outlaw  Nations
Tbis country realizes that Kngland
is battling with an enemy which has
irble  aiea   ut   the   )10 use for what was once called Inter-
i acreage unaer  nattonal law.   That enemy   has   not
i strengthened itself in our regard    by
! wantonly    sinking one of our ships.
The new International law that will
come  nut of the precedents of 1915
will provide slit! penalties-for the outlaw  nutions or it will also take Its
|course   tn  the  waste  basket. Brooklyn Eagle.
Student   I want a Herodotus trot
Bookseller���Here's Vernon Castle's
The Courtenay Review
Anil Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   l'uliisheil    at
Courtenay, B, 0.
N. II. BODBN, Editor nml Proprietor
Bubscription 81.60 per Year in Advance
Telephone 59
To have frienels��� lie one.
Here is a good story of Lord
Kitchener after lie' had inspected
.some defence works on tlle east
coast of England, The War Minister motored from point to point,
walked over the ground, but never
sniil u word nil ilu- afternoon until
he was about to leave for London.
Then he opeutfd liis grim mouth
and said, "Those' tutu Ins of yours
couldn't keep out the Salvation
Army." This, ol course, might be
construed as a compliment to the
agressiveness of ihe S. A., or otherwise, just as you please.
God will not look over you for
medals, degrees or diplomas, but
for scars.
Having in mind our national
love for decorum we are in fit
humor to deal with an issue affecting our own relation toward our
immediate neighbor and, to that
end, to figuratively swallow our-
self. In protesting last week
against the ''mail order mania"
which sorely affects our communal
life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, we nude occasion to cite an
instance: the sending off to the
United States for bells. A half-
baked writer in the 'Krald takes a
fling at the Review ami the people
connected with it. There was
nothing misleading in the item referred to. We did not single out
any particular church bell, and the
'Erald writer must remember that
there are other churches besides St.
John's, which have purchased bells
lately nnd did not buy Canadian
bells either, nor from local dealers.
Only a fanatic could see anything
in onr item to call for the remarks
in the second paragraph anent patriotism. No charge of cowardice
was mnde or even hinted at, Can-
adaius and The Keview in particular
nre just as loyal to the Umpire as
Englishmen, Scotchmen, or Irish
men, we clo not parade our loyalty,
neither do we give alms or make
our prayers before men,
^w���r,.";lr-'-gr"pl1 '"���"* "''-'^ concerning
Z.'".',Hi "eiis prompts a correspondent to
point out that the suggestion tiKielb In
the council last week to the elli-ct that
tlie existing bridge he l'eplaced by a
steel stnicliire Is also at fault. With
sawmills In the district, none of which
nl the present time are overburdened
Willi orders, it is surely more patriotic to
utilize local resources and get the bridge
replaced by a wooden structure as before
At the present time   strong   efforts    are
lieing made to extend the uses of wood,
and it would be n bad example were
were Courtenay, which largely depends
upou the lumber industry, to give the
cold shoulder to local industries. It Is
surely better to build two bridges of
wood rather than import a steel structure
from tlle east, or al the best ftom Vancouver, the bulk of the cost of whicli
would he spent outside the district ill
labour and material. The lumber industry has every reason to complain of
the lack of patriotism in II. C., as a result ol which eastern ami American substitutes for wood are imported into the
province, much of the current depression
being due to this.
Mrs. Drayton of liurnnby is the
guest of Mrs. Fairbum,
Miss Munlock of Vancouver is
visiting with friends in town.
The pupils will write on the Entrance examinations at Courtenay
this year.
Mitchell & Son have purchased
I.liml Dunham's milk btwiness und
will in future deliver fresh milk
and cream. Orders for cream receive prompt attention, phone R8i.
Remember the Lawn putty aud
sale of work at Mrs. Jeilin Orieve's
on Friday June 25th. K:e cream
and refreshments will be served
during the afternoon nud evening,
Admission 25cts, children iocts.
A very successful meeting of the
Red Cross Society was held at
Sandwick Hall yesterday, thirty-
two ladies being present. Under
the direction of Mrs. Fenn and
Mrs. Laycoc.k a great deal of work
was accomplished, material being
furnished by the Women's Institute.
R. U. Hurford came very nearly
being militia a home yesterday.
Just as he and Mrs. Hurford got
starleil for town with the cream
they discovered that the roof of
tlieir home was ou fire. They
promptly returned and put the fire
out. It is supposed a spark caught
from a hot lire in the stove.
The Courtenay Ladies' Aid held
their regular meeting em Friday
when all accounts were brought in
and it was found they had cleared
the sum of $56/10. The ladies
were very veil [based with the result of their work and it was me V
ed that a hearry vote of thanks be
tendered to all who gave tuch un
stinted help. They decided that
the church must be painted juat as
soon as possible, iwo Couth) to be
given voluntarily under the supervision of Mr. Burnett and a bee
will be arranged for in the near
future, the Indies providing  lunch
The annual Strawberry Festival
given last Thursday evening by the
Ladies' Aid Society of the Presbyterian Church was, as usual, a very
successful affair. Th.; Strawberries, and real creaffl supplied was
delicious. The ice cream and cake
was also fine, and the pretty waitresses flittting about gave tlie affair
a decided   bohemian   effect.    The
Ladies   U   Vests in   elastic   ribbed  and
poms kail   cotton, lisle ami   in ...sceri/cil
lisle (mil J5c to >1
A complete range ol readies and Misses
II Wear iu cotton crepe ami cambric
Ladies'   anil   misses  House  Dresses  in
muslins, chainbrays ami crepes
In Patent and Vici Kid
Voiles, cotton  crepes,  poplins,   printed
piques, fancy  muslins,  percales, prints,
ducks and zephyr ginghams
Ladies' and Misses Tennis Shoes
Curtains and curtaiii  muslins,  scrims,
Madras ami art muslins, sunproof   casement colli, art sateens ami crctones
In order to reduce our stock eif men's
ready-to-wear clothing we nre- offering a
discount of 20 p. c. lor two weeks only.
Men's 3-Blltton Sack Suits in black anil
navy serges, light and daik tweeds anil
men's 2-piece outing suits
Summer U Wear balbriggan   in natural
ami white  nt 50c  and   75c in   short and
long sleeves
Elastic ribbed mercerized cotton U wear
at $1 and $1.25, ll. I). V.  Combhations
at $1,50
Athletic   U   wear   in   open   mesh   and
porus knit
Summer Half Hose in  all shades at 3
pair   for $1
Invictus   Slioes   for   men   in   thc   new
lasts with   blind   eyelets   and plain   re-
0 ��� ding Jtoe
Slimmer Shirts in plain, self colours and
stripes from 75c to 51.75
Novelty   patterns   iu   mushroom   pleats
with soft detaclioble collar! arid French
cuffs from $2 to ?3.50
Well stocked in .Men's   Straw   Hats and
Silk Cups
Men's Guting Pants and  Tenuis  .Shoes
.,y:."ie '   .*::������. rTcj"*:&jyifb&
lecture by Dr, Carruthers, "The
World Gone Mad" kept the audi-,
eiice in good humor for an hour
The Courlenay Glee Club gave few
numbers in excellent Style, which
was much appreciated by the
audience. The net proceeds were
about $50, which goes to swell lhe
ladies bank account.
Now is the time to
procure   your  seeds
for early planting
We carry a full stock
of First Class Seeds
and Implements
Telephone 4 SANDWICK
Barrister  and [Solicitor,  Notary  Public
P, 0,  Hox 2(19
Phone 24 Courtenay
F.  P I K E
Plastering Contractor
Jstlmates Furnished   Work Guaranteed
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   from   leading Musicians
from the Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. Goard   will Be   in this city   about
August 1.    Leave orders  nt this  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   ���   Vancouver
Remember Courtenay stores will be
closed on Wednesday afternoon, June
23rd, and hereafter
Wednesday will be
the closing day instead   of   Thursday
to whom i! may concern,
I hereby give notice that I will not be
responsible for any debts contracted in
the name of Grimsley & Hodgkinson.
Wood Merchants, Courtenay, from this
Signed, Harry Hodgkinson
Courtenay, II. C, June 15, 1915 lm
Mitchell & Son
Milk and Cream Delivered
Daily in Courtenay
Telephone R 81
Every liousew: e should send to
tlie Dept. of Agriculture, Victoria,
fer a copy of the booklet " British
Columbia Fruit," a really splendid
production contaiding 2:5 receipes
and sent free of cost. The idea ol
this and oilier booklets recently
published is t > stimulate the buying
of B.C. fruit as opposed to the importing of fruit from thc Slates,
when it is mentioned t! at ainonp
other things, directions are given
liow to preserve fruit without thc
use of sugar, there need be no feat
that your leaders wil! hasten to gel
a copy before the supply is exhausted. The Woman's institute will
probably have moved in the tnattei
Germons Still Sinking
British Merchant Ships
London, June 14.���The Britisli
steamship Arndale, of 3583 tons
gross, struck a mine in the White
Sea and was sunk.
The British steamship Hope-
mount, of 3,300 tons gross, was
torpedoed and sunk today at a point
west of Saint Ives, Eng., by a German submerine. The crew was
saved.   St, Ives is in Cornwall.
The British steamship Desabla
was tropedoed in the Firth of Tay
on Saturday by a German submarine. The crew lauded safely today.
The British trawler Queen Alexandria was torpedoed in the North
Robertson's Drug Store Benefits
By New Business Idea
Exclusive Agent For Well Known
In all lines of business old ideas are
giving place to new. and modern efficiency is showing better ways of selling
Almost everyone is familiar with the
famous Nyal's Family Remedies anil
Toilet preparations and has been accustomed to seeing them in almost every
family medicine cupboard.
Very recently the Company have made
a far reaching change in their plan of
doing business. Ill tlie future Nyal preparations will only he obtainable through
selected drug store agencies who are
shareholders in the company.
It is a proven fact that agents, select-
eel because of tlieir ability aud business
standing and more intimately connected
with the manufacturers arc able to market goods more economically and at tlie
same time give better service to tlle buying public. Much of the friction of
competitive business methods is elemin-
aleel and the  public benefits  therefrom.
Mr. Robertson is to be congratulated
on securing tlie Nyal Agency in our
town and will In the future make these
preparations a more prominent feature
of liis business.
Palace Livepy
Hsrses and Buggies for Hire at.
Terms cash.
We  also attend to wood hauling
Courtenay Phone 25
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steanifitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
General Blacksmith
olicit Your  Patronage.    Caroful Attention
Given to Horses Foot
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.    Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.   McCuish, Prop.
Sea by a German submarine. The
crew were landed at Dundee today,
Two Danish schooners, the Katrine and Cocos Merstal, were stopped today by a German submarine.
The crew of the Corcos Mertsel
was sent aboard the Katrine and
the former vessel then was Bet on
I re. The Katrine has arrived at
the Firth of Forth, Scotland.
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries. Get the A B'
habit andjsatisfaction
W. Aitken
CijCfitcr.iv Fritlottr'll (Inch H
SIR EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O..L I.. D., D.C.L.. President
ALEXANDER LAIRD. General Manager JOHN AIKD. Aas't General
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000 |
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and I
���pwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small accounts i
are welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or moro persons, with* j
drawals to be mado by any ono of them or by tlio survivor. 811 '.
F. C. BROCK, Manager,'Comlenay^Bianch
Baseball Notes
The Courtenay baseball team
journeyed to Bevan on Sunday,
where they played an eleven liming
game, and won by the score 9 to 7.
The Union Bay team lost at Cum-
berland on Sunday. Cumberland
and Courtenay arc now tied for
first place with two wins each.
The Pencil Pushers defeated the
aggregation of pick handlers at the
Athletic park on Thursday evening, to night, the Peucil Pusbers
play the Outlaws, who are the
league leayers. This will be- au
exciting game as the pencil pushing
stars will be out ill force.
Come and hear A auager Peterson
coach on the side line"-'.
Ronald Stewart Is disposing ol
his chickens etc, preparatory to enlisting for overseas service,
Pine strawberries nre coming in
from the Little River district, They
compare very favorably with those
front the Victoria district.
The1 mission steamship Columbia
has been lying iu the harbor for
some days,
A small child being told about
the \o\ti of Heaven by its mother,
surprised the latter by asking, ''but
shall T nut lie allowed lo play with
the little devils once a week?"
Hert Berkensell, who it ill at St.
Joseph's hospital, is improving
Mrs. Cliffe, sr.. has a magnificent display of roses around her
IT. M. C. S. Rainbow is expected
here shortly for her annual giuifir-
ing exercises,
T. Hudson, Postmaster B^own
and Customs Officer Abrams, of
Union Bay, paid Comox a visit on
The bathing season  s'arted   last
Sunday,  when   upwards   of   fifty
voungsters enjoyed themselves pad
dling in tlie water,
Thirty-one Austrians were taken
from Union Bay one day lust week.
Mr. London has sold his store
and stock of goods.
The steamer Princess Royal is
taking the place of lhe Charmer
while thc latter is laid up for repairs.
We are pleased to notice the
genial countenance ot Mr, Duaue
amongst us again. He, with a
gang of stalwarts is engaged in
logging operations at Litlle.   Rivet.
The* big blow on Friday last
causeel several tugs to lose pait of
their tows. Upwards of a thousand
logs ar pileel up on the southern
end of Texada Island.
Tho fishery cruiser Malaspino
was iu the harbor for a few days
this week. She bad the Admiral
aboard. He spent some time bight-
seeing about the distiict.
The services at St. Peter's on
Sunday will be   as follows:    Holy
Communion .-it g, and Matins and
Holy Communion at 11 a. m.. with
��� ilitniy church pantile, preaching
by the Veil. Archdeacon of Col-
tinibla, Services at the Lazo Mission at 3 p. in., aud at St, Peter's
nl 7,30 p. m
 .*, ** ,^. .	
Comox Hospital Auxiliary
The first meeting of the Comox
Hospital was held at St. foseph's
Hospital, Wednesday, June 10, at
3 p. 111, There were fifteen ladies
present, The object cf t is auxiliary is to repair or make tip linen
for St. Joseph's hospital. Thelitis
tn lo be repaired is to be collected
by the Sisters antl given to the mem-
be s tlie day of the meeting. The
material to be made up is lo be pro
videel by Mother Majella, and paid
for out of the funds of the auxiliary
Membership fee is 10 cents per
month, or $1 .20 per year.
All the ladies who attended the
Hospital shower are requested to
attend the next meelingor send in
their membership fee to Miss Game
The new Anglican Mission Hall
at Grantham will be opened today
(Thursday) at 3:30 p. m. Tea
will be served on the site outside,
weather permitting, after the service by ladies of the VV. A.
The building has been erected
as the gift of an old clergyman in
England, and will be known a? St.
Mary's Church Hall. The end
window represents Our Lord as the
Good Shepherd The building
which is quite small, is of frame
construction end covered externally
with shingles.
War Cost Doubled
London, June 14���Estimates presented to Parliament today fix the
cost of Britain's participation in
the war for the year pending in
March. 1016. at $1,250,000. This
is double the amount named in the
original estimate.
A druggist iu a small town recently put up a perscription for a
man, anil when asked lhe price re-
plied that it was thirty cents. The
man laid down three cents and
started out, when tlie druggist yelled nfter him thirty cents was the
price, but the man went on and the
druggist turned, muttering, "Well
go on, I made two cents on the
jadeanvhow. "
Entrance Examinations
Editor Ccurtenay Review
Dear Sir,���The following facts
may explain to parents why their
children al these examinations get
low credit marks in subjects in
which their teacher reported them
to be excellent. Take the last
year's papers for example. In
'Spelling" the pupil who spelled
every word correctly might only
get 70 out of 100 marks. Why?
On account of marks for errors in
punctuation, etc.
Again  thc pupils were asked   to
draw three maps o*i the "History"
papers.    In    "Geography"    they
were asked to draw only  one map.
In "Literature" they were asked to1
give in their own words the thought |
contained in each of five  pieces  of
poetry.    Again   "Grammar"   and
"Composition"   are   combined   in
one paper.    A pupil who is excellent in only one of  these  subjects
must thus get   low marks   in   the
Again this question in "Drawing" was not only a test in Arithmetic but an impossibility. "Construct a scale 8 inches long to
measure feet and inches when one
and one fourth inches represent a
foot. Had the scale been 7 inches
it might have been done.
Thc Minister of Education was
asked by a member ot the Legislature if marks for errors in Composition were still deducted from
the pupil's spelling paper. He
side stepped the answer diplomatically. Please help to get fair plav
for th: pupils at these examinations.
J. N. Muir
Sandwick, Tune 10, 1915.
/\2,<\C&Hi&m'*f��i \t*lm^\*m\
l ����<K*
We are now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
prices as quoted by eastern houses.
Holders supplied free. Ring us up
and we will call with samples, etc.
The Review, Courtenay
Telephone 59 Isabel Street
General  Blacksmith
COMOX       -       B. C.
Telephone M92
Canadian Fairbanks Morse 1 B-
gines and I'mi., inu i   itiits
Horseshoeing antl  Boat  in.us
a Specialty
Try o ir Bxce'siot Hool
A Work Guaranteed
Comox Cc-Qperative Society Ltd.
Dealers in all kinds of .Meats,
Butter, Eggs and Parmer's
Produce, Cooked Meats a
Specialty. We sell only the
best. Prices are always low
aud satisfactory. Wc pay
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed ami Solel at tlie Lowest Possible Trice
Blacksmith aid Carriage Builder
Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
All Work (liiiiriintceil
A. Bevcridge, Courtenay Hotel
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Painter and Paperhange*
Flrxt Class Carriage ! ill
All Kinds ot Fnrnltu     '
Work C.iuir int.'. '1
Dyeing, Cleaning
and Pressing
Garments turned out fiKenew
Alterations and repairs
of every description
01,1 Bank Bull ling
Phone 17 Courtenay
arir.y r. - ��� ohhuki *&.
The Advance Agent of
Comfort and
For a limited time
Business or Residence Telephones
will be installed upon payment of
$5 Rental in advance
For Particulars
W. D. Denholm, Mgr.
B. C. Telephone Co., limited THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
piiBBeil, the Hash ot the lantern be-
iiinii iter,
"Como," said Ralpli, "Ui ns return.
A  good  night's work, TclilKorsky."
"Aii." Tcliigorsky niurnnireil; "n
Kootl night's work, iiiili-i-il."
I'll M'l'KII Xlll.
Reeling Off thc Thread
li wus tortuuale tur ull parties thnl
Geoffrey was possessed of Btroug
norves, ur lu- wuuld have been certain in betray Jilniself anil them.
Since he had letl Bchool at the time
when the tttuffon terror llrst began to
oppress Ravenspur, he had known nothing oi tin- world; ho had learnt no-
iliinic hi'vuiiil the power to suffer si-
lently anil the power of love.
To confide in hlni was. perhapSf a
daring things mi tin- pari nf Halplt
Ravenspur. But, then, Ralpli knew
his   wiiriii   only  too  deeply  and  too
The Mystery
ol the
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   &.   Co,   Limited
...London,   Melbourne  and  Toronto ...
���Joiittnui a)
''Perfei tly." Ueolfrey replied. "An
enemy nu marvellouslj clevi r must*
nut hi' treated lightly. Do you propose In make lire capture tonight?*' ins isorni uuiy too uee|u\ nun luu
Ralph Ravenspur laughed, It was well, and he rarely made a mistake In
nol a pleaBnnt laugh and was mirth- a man. All the sanie, he followed us
less, His scarred face was full of closely as possible the meeting be-
Bcornful amusement, j tween Marlon and Geoftre)   the foi-
"Not tonight or tomorrow night, or low.lng morning,
for many nights," he said. "We have .Marion came down a little pale, a
uii the serpent wisdom ut' the Did : little quieter and more subdued than
World against us, the oe'cult know- j usual. Geoffrey rallied her In the spiv-
ledge of the East allied to the slip- it of mingled amusement and affection
pery cunning that Western education ' thai he always assumed to Marion-
gives. There will be many dangers His voice was natural and unaffected,
before we have finished, and the worst | Ralph was grimly satisfied. He knew
of these elangers will fail upon you."   now thai his ally had brains as well
Halph brought his hand flown with  as courage.
a sudden clap un his nephew's should-1    "I believe you havi' been sitting up
ers.    Tehigorsky regarded  him  long  writing poetry," Geoffrey laughed,
and earnestly as If he would rend his      "Indeed, 1 had a very long night's
very soul. reBt," .Marion responded, "And I can'.fr
1 ' '   Imagine why 1 look so pale and wash
ed out. ihis morning!"
"Had dreams and an evil conscience," Vera suggested demurely.
.Marion laughed, Usually at meal
times the young people had the conversation entirely to themselves.
Sometimes the elders joined In; sometimes they listened and smiled al the
empty badinage; usually Ihey were
wrapped In their gloomy thoughts,
Ralph's face had the expression of a
stone idol, yet lie followed every word
lhat was said with intense and vivid
"Had dreams. Indeed," Marion admitted. "They were with me all night,
It seemed lo me that 1 was wandering
about all night looking for something.
And 1 had nothing on hul my nightdress, In India as n child 1 used to
walk In iny sleep. I hope I am not
going to that again."
.Marion laughed and passed on lo
another subject. Curiously enough,
she seemed to shrink from speaking
of her life in India. Of her dead parents    she woulil discourse freely; of
"\on will do," he said curtly. "1
nm satislied you will do and 1 never
mad,, a mistake in my estimate of a
iiian yet. Ravenspui, are you ready?"
"Ay. ay. l have been ready this
lung time."
The lamp was extinguished and light
slippers were donned, and with no
more provision than a box of wax
matches tbey left the room. Instructed by Ralph Ravenspur. they fell bo-
hind him, each holding by the coat-
tail of the ether. Down tiie corridor
they went, down the stairs, along
stone-flagged passages until they
reached tin- vast series of cellars and
vaults over which the castle was
There were many of these with
twists and turns and low passages;
Ibe place was largo enough lo conceal
a big force of troops. And yel, though
ll was pitchy dark and intricate as a
labyrinth, thi- blind man made no error; he did not hesitate fen a moment.
Well as Geoffrey Imagined Hint, lie
kni iv ilu.. caslle, ho was fain lo eon-   .,,...    ..-���"  >.  .-.  ������
fess his utter Ignorance alongside the i her own early life she said nothing,
knowledge displayed j,y ihe blind It had always seemed to Geoffrey that
guide. i .Marion's childhood had been unhappy.
Italiih pulled up sudtlenlv and began   There was an air of gentle melancholy
in speak. I when her features were in repose, an
"1  brought  you  here tonight, Geof-  all' far older than Iter years.
mid. "so thai you might Meanwhile Ralph had been follow-
' ing all this keenly. Ile appeared to
be interested iu his breakfast. The
streaming sunshine filtered through
lhe great stained glass windows full
upon his scarred face; his head was
bent down upon his plate.
Hut the man's mind was at work.
Ile had liis opportunity lo speak to
Geoffrey presently.
You will do," lie said approvingly
Marion found Geoffrey in the corridor The yellow and purple lights
from lhe leaded windows tilled the
place wilb a [oft. warm glow. .Marion's dark hair was shot with purple;
lieu' while' dress, us sho lounged in a
window seal, was turned In gold. She
formed a wonderfully fair and attractive picture, if Geoffrey had onlj heed-
, ed It. Hui, tin n. Geoffrey lla I no
eyes for any one bul  Ve:a.
"What are you going to do?" Mar-
: Ion asked. "Read your fortune 111
' the stars'.' Get inspiration from the
heavenly bodies to combat the power
I of darkness?"
"I'm going to have a allot ai astronomy again," Geoffrey replied, in his
boyish und most enthusiastic manner.
"I was considered a bit uf swell at it
at school. And when I saw ihls jolly
old telescope lying neglected here, I
made up my mind lo polish my knowledge,    I'm going |o sei   il   up in   lhe
tower turret."
"Hut it is packed lull 0f boxes my
"Well, there is plenty of room for
those boxes elsewtiore iu fact, we've
got space enough lo give every box
a room to itself. There is an imply
bedroom just below. Presently I'm
going to shunt all your lumber In
.Marion nodded approvingly. Of
course if Geoffrey said a thing il was
done Ile might have turned the ens
tlo upside down and the girls would
have aideel and abetted him.
"1 should like to be presenl when
those boxes are moved," she said.
"There are hundreds of rare and curious things Iliut belonged to my nun lier���things that the British Museum
would long to possess. Remember,
my ancestors were rulers in Tibet for
thousands of years Some day Til
show you my curios. Hut don't begin
to move lliose boxes iill l am ready
to assist."
"I shall not be ready ,or an hour.
"Very well, then, I shall be hack in
an hour, astronomer."
Qeoffrej finished his work presently,   Then tie ran up to   ihe turret-
r,nun and opened lhe eleior. The place
was dusty ami dirty to a degree, and
(Hied wilb packing cases. Apparently
ihey were all of foreign make wood-
on boxes, wiih queer Inscriptions,
lacquered boxes, and one fragile
wooden bee. clamped ami decorated in
filigree brass.
��� A queer thing," Geoffrey murmured.    "Ami old. very ,,hi, too."
"liver a thousand years, There is
only uue more like it in the world, ami
no Christian eyes save four have ever
looked upon il Win n you lake that
box from lhe room, see that ll is the
last, Geoffrej.    You hear?"
It was Ralpli win, spoke, lie hull appeared silently and mysteriously as
usual. Ile Bpoae calmly, but ' his
twitching lips wore eloquent of suppressed excitement.
I To be Continued)
frey, .... 	
have lhe lirst lesson in lhe task that
lies before you. Listen! Can you
hear anything'.'"
"1 hear the roar of the sea, the
waves grating on  the shingle."
"Yes. because we are on a level
with the sea. There are deeper vaults
yel. which you will see presently, and
liny are below ihe level of the sea.
tint' ancestors used lo place their pris
on!'ancestors used lo place their pris-! l ou will uo, lie saw approvingly,
oners there, and by removing a kind "Keep up thut easy, cheerful manner
of sluice, allowed the tide te> come in I of yours. Whatever happens, try to
and drown them. Vou see, those ignore it; try to keep up that irrespon-
walls are damp," 1 silile boyish manner.   Vou will find "
Tbey were, indeed. As a wax vesta ' invaluable iu disarming suspicion 1
dared up. the dripping stones and the er, when one false move may di
long white fungi gave the place a all our delicate plans- to the groun
weird appearance,   Then Ralph drop-1    "1 will do anything you require
Unit     ^ ,,ll,l .1,1 I .'       .1. t I ., iii, tdl.A.1     Iii..     ,.,..,,.I, Tllf,        11 II,.1,1   "
walls are damp," I siblo boyish manner.   Vou will iimi 11
They were, indeed.   As a wax vesta ' invaluable iu disarming suspicion lat-
������������������ : '    'or.  when  one false move may dash
me, uncle.'
"That ls right: lhat is the spirit in
which to approach the problem. And
remember, that what may appear to
���ou to be the most trivial detail may
tied suddenly, extinguished his match,
nnd drew his companions behind a
row of cupboard like timbers.
"Somebody i.s coming," he whispered.
The olliers could hear nothing. Rut ��� prove to be of the utmost Importance
'he blind man's powers of bearing 1 to our case. For instance. 1 am going
were abnormal. ll seemed a long to ask you to do something now tbat
time before the sound of footsteps may produce big results. I want you
could   be  heard.    Then    a   ligure   in ! to get your grandfather's permission
white, a fair ligure wilb long shining   ' " "' " 	
hair hanging down her hack and car
rying a taper, crept flown the steps
Sn exclamation lrumbled on lleof-
frey'a lips���an exclamation ot alarm,
of admiration, of the utmost astonish-
 nt.    Hul   llalph laid a hand on his
mouth,   The figure passed into the
vault   beyond.
"li was .Marion'" said Geoffrey In
n  thrilling  whisper.    "And  eel  It  did I
to use the lop room over tlie towel.
"But what can 1 want it for? lt. is
useless to me."
"At present, yes; bill later it will
be useful. Vou require it for un observatory. Vou are going to try to
repair the big telescope. Vou are
enthusiastic on the subject, you nre
hot-foot lo gel lo work at ouce There
is nothing bul lumber there."
Boxes Lclongt'g lo Marlon, Uncle
 n     ....... ,������ . ��� ......     , .   .     ,,     .,,,,.  ?..     .,     ...    -  .	
not look rd,e Marion,   she seemed so j Cases lhai have remained unpacked
ever since she came over from India
dreamy; so fur off."
"She   wns   walking   In   her   sleep,"
Ralph said quietly.
"Hm ihe danger of it, the danger!"
"My dear hoy, there is no danger at
all.    Blind  as  I  am, I  found nut ibis
peculiarity  of Marion's directly 1  re-: ma.  ��.,���--.-   -. en ,.... ... ..������,   ������,,,,, ,.
turned,    Danger to her!    I would not   trifle hardly visible to lhe eye a yard
llalph   smiled   In   his   mo; t   inscrnt-
' able manner.
".Merc   trifles,"   he    croaked.     "Hut
there. 1 are one of tlie men who deny
there arc such things as trifles. You
i may lose a pin on-, of your watch, a
L/llllgei    IO   lli'l.       I    WOlllll   HOI   | ,, uie   ,,.ii..i.,     ..a.w.a   iu   .,,c   ......   ..   .......
...   a   hair  of her  bead  injured  to i off-    And yet your costly watch, with
-me  Ravenspur    from    destruction,  its marvellous mechanism, is useless
Geoffrey,   it   is   through   Marion   and   without that 'trifle.'    Now go.
Marion  alone,  lhal   we  are  going  to       An   hour   later   anil   Geoffrey   was
solve the mystery." i busy in the corridor witli the big tele-
"Ah." Tehigorsky muttered  "lhal is   scope that nobody had troubled about
sn." at  Ravenpsur for many years. Geof-
lialph  raised  his hand    lo impose   trey, in his shirt sleeves, was polish-
sllence.    The soft    eturning footfalls  Ing u.i the brasses. Vera was with her
were clear to ihe ears.    Then, rigid. , mother somewhere,
unbending, wiih dilated eves, Marion J    There had been   .o trouble In get-
: ting permission from Rupert. Raven-
- : spur,    lt   was  doubtful    if lie  even
I heard Geoffrey's request. Everything
tlie young people asked for iliey got.
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Undlsturbted Sea Traffic
"On schedule lima and afler an uneventful passage the steamship Lust-
. laiiia arrived off the bar Friday afternoon and discharged lier cabin
passengers in good season Ihe same
night, Here is fresh proof ot the immunity from hostile attack important
, steamships trading to this purl are
Forty-eight passenger vessels are lo-
cated  on  our  chart   this    morning,
| twenty   iu   the   southern   trade   and ,
I twenty-eight in the transatlantic service. Of the latter thirteen Ily the
Hags   nf   belligerent    countries,   and
! many  of  Ihese  have,  since  tlie very j
' beginning of hostilities, been going
and coming acreiss Hie Western Ocean ]
, with uninterrupted regularity."���Editorial   from  the  New  Vork    Herald, !
! Sunday, March -S, 11)1 j.
"I   don'l   see   why     you   call   your j
I place   a   bungalow,"     said   Smith   to I
liis neighbor.
"Well, if it isn't a  bungalow, what I
is ir."' said Hie neighbor.   "The jo ,
was a bungle and 1 slill owe for it." i
Mother (to sou who has linen fighting)���Haven't I told you time and
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Mixer boy?
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The Slave of Precedents
"Why did you marry the villain'.'"
moaned tbe mother.
"1 did it," responded tlie crestfallen
gurrul, "because be    wore  whiskers
like the comedian."
Thus did tbe dramatist explain the
situation   in   liis  great   Irish  play.���
Philadelphia Ledger.
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SalveiiiTube.25c.Fo;B.ok.llheE>eF,Mak';'pnl<;'(1'  ,h",,T  was  "!*  l  f, ""
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W. N. U. 1051 rest in the grave.
Head Office and Factory
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A Billion Wheat Deficit
Demand For Breadstuffs Will Soon be
There is at the present time about
iwo billion bushels of wheat, tbo production of tiie countries at war, tied
up. This is about one-half the world's
total production of wheat, which is
four billion bushels. Ono writer argues that granting Unit the warring
nations produce a one-halt crop in the
coming year, a deficit or one billion
bushels will still be shown. Tho three
countries upon which the filling of
this deficit of one billion bushels will
rest are Ihe United States, Canada
and Argentina. The combined output
of these countries is only 1,249,000;
their exportable surplus would, of
course, be much less, so it can easily
be seen thai the question is uot one
to be easily solved and it behooves all
the above countries to increase tlieir
respective productions as much as
Ihey possibly can, for wben the war
is over and trade begins to re-establish itself and the nations undergo
a process of rehabilitation, the demand for all breadstuffs will be enor
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A Small Boy's Idea of Good News
''Well, what  tickles you so, .Minis
fellow?" asked Uncle Hob.
"Oh���ee-hee! heal" chortled little
Sob, "lhe doctor that said I wasn't
sick enough lo stay home from school
is sick himself uow!"���Kansas city
Simple Reasons
Two esteemed citizens we're e-liat-
ting away an idle hour some time age,
when one of the pair referred to a
business transaction that he was extensively engaged in.
"By the way, Jim," smiled tbe
other. "1 understand that .lack has
become very much interested in that
affair of yours and is making all
kinds of Inquiries about it."
"lie certainly is," retorled Jim, "1
wonder why it is that some people
simply cannot mind their own business."
"1 don't know, old pal." thoughtfully answered the other; "there may
be one of two reasons, or both. They
may have no mind or to business,"
Robbed (he Dead Belgians
I   ,
Sinister  Story  of  an   Infamous  Trick,
Played  by the Germans |
As some Belgian soldiers were I
hearing an abandoned farmhouse in
Flanders recently n horse suddenly
neighed, and a solitary figure in a
grey cloak galloped inadlj inwards
a brook.
A iie-"u rilles cracked, mul the;
rider '   I on the ground.
when the Balglans entered ihe
farmhouse, tiny found seventeen dead
and a few wounded comrades, ,
Prom the wounded they learned
this sinister story: ;
shortly nfter the party entered the'
farm house ihey Iii the Blove and sat
around it. ���
Shortly afterwards they heard footsteps above, and n man with n green !
bonnet pulled over his eves nml wear-
in!;  a  grey  cloak    slowly  descended i
ihe liidihr from the loll. i
He said ihe farmer, his cousin, had i
seal him lo gel some money hidden
In the loft, iimi (lie Belgians, believing I
iiim to i>e nu Inhabitant of ihe countryside,   III   ll i 111 go.
Soon lhe litlle party fell asleep,
being oven ome by subtle poisonous
fumes from the stove. How long
ihey drowsed they could nol lell, but
they were rudely aroused by shells
hurst ing in tlie farmhouse. .
Thev tried to rise, hut the stove;
nehi them prisoners, nud so It was !
Hint some of ihem were killed audi
others Injured by shells.
Suddenly the man re-appeared, mul
finding them all helpless, drew his
revolver and menaced ihem.
Then hi' went through the pockets
of the dead, placing the proceeds of
Ills infamous robbery into two Immense pockets under his mantle.
When be had finished robbing tiie
dead, lie turned his attention to the
living, incapable of resistance, llul
ai that moment his horse neighed,
uml he made his vain dash for life.
j^maSt* STANLEY JONES' _-.
I f.ii-..., imall ilimliinc witlitl.'  Sill'  KNGINE, 21-INCtl \
' SEPARATOR, Mt TRUCKS, M70.M   F��igl
Market Open  for  CanadaI Goeben was Deterred
  . I by British Boldness
New Zealand  Wants Our Wheat and . *   	
Offers a   Good   Market L,    .        _, _ _    .
  ,    ! Cruiser Gloucester,   Pursuing   Goeben
There is a good market open nt the i , _
present time in New Zealand for Can- '      a,1d Breslau, steaming on Verge
atllan  wheat ami Hour, and Canadian, of Disaster
Potatoes and Hay
A great scarcity of potatoes and
hay exists in a number of western
districts, and tlie railway companies
have granted special low rates on
these commodities, The Wilton Produce Co., Confederation Life Bulld-
Ing, Winnipeg, have ",00 carloads
New Brunswick and Ontario potatoes,
both for seed and consumption, and
200 cars baled bay for immediate
shipment. Tbey offer to finance government ami municipal relief orders.
Minard's     Liniment   Relieves   Neuralgia.
exporters would not iind much dtll'i-
cutly in establishing themselves In
it. According to a consular report by
W. A, Heddoe, received by the department of trade antl commerce, the
wheat crop of New Zealand is short
and the visible supplies previous to
the new crop are not sufficient to
supply the daily demand for Hour.
On November IS, llll I. a wheal census was taken, showing Unit there
were in the hands of the merchants
132,86a bushels, while according In a
census taken on January Ih, 11)15,
showing lhe large decrease to I."i.SUS
bushels. This is n decrease in Hie
stocks on lianil of 87,0011 bushels in
two months. Although the ultiiniil
forecast lnul not been
time of liis writing, lit
ing to drought ihis
would be short and
fad Hint n market
wheat and Hour will
New Zealand for soni
During the season
of  wheat  from
179,626 bushels.
made nt   ihe
staled thnl inv-
se'iison's     crop
points   out   the
for   Canadian j naval episode
The king has conferred tie Order
of ihe Until, third class, up u Captain
Kelly of ll.'l.S. Gloucester, In ; scullion of his services during the
chase of ihe German cruisers Hot ,
and llroslau just nfter tie- outbreii of
war, Tlie report of th ��� 01 tn ���
shows that the Goeben i otild hat i
caught and sunk her ut any line- ba t
she dared to turn upon lu r. TU.)
Goeben was apparently deterred
the Gloucester's boldness, vvbii b gai i
Hii' iiupri'sison that supp irt was cb sa
at band, The official order conferring
the honor upon Captain K> !y publ ���
.-il lu the London Qazetti , sa   ���
"This combination ol aud   li ���-��� .... i
restraint and unswervln . .. I i
the  principal  military  object- -nat
ly, holding en to the Ho   ien '.
tempting her mo much,   in strii I
fortuity   wiih    onl -rs.    cons e
time to come.
him:; the crop
Sh.sti!) acres was _",,-
The exports amount-
regarded is a
which  may
ed  to  r>65,-i>r>  bushels,  us against   j.. I
25*1,557   bushels   Uie   previous     year.
New Zealand has now ceased to lie uu '
j exporter of wheal, and is nn Import
er.   Except In illnes of shortage when  Tablets  for tin
prices rise above a normal level. New  and ^^^^^^^^^^
Zealand farmers generally Iimi other medicine for my little girl." i ..
crops more profitable. Last year's I ands of other mothers say the sam
of  wheat   was  insufficient     for
nluey   lJulby
1   have   use
have    found t u
Bal    -   O -
elve  mo .    i
Two doe-tors met ono day, and one
said to the other: "I hear you operated on Smith yesterday, what did you
do that for?"
"Why,   for a  thousand  dollars."
"Yes, I know," replied the other;
"but what did you operate  for.?"
"Why"���witli some impatience���
"for a thousand dollars."
"Yes, yes, 1 know; but what 1 mean
is. what did Smith have?"
"Why, I've told you twice already
���a thousand dollars."
thing -once a  mother    Ius used  >:: i
Tablets she  would use not il !%
Thoy are pleasant to take;  the n
is sure, and above all they are guaranteed   hy  a  governemnt  analyst   I i
lie    absolutely    free    from    injur.,    ���
drugs.   The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or hy mail al 26 cents a
box from The  Dr. Williams'  Medici
Co., Brockville, Out.
Boreleigh���Some men,
are born great, some ac
Miss  Keeue���Exactly.
just, grate upon you.
you know,
lieve great-
Ami    some
A Food Drink
Which  Brings  Daily Enjoyment
crop   _ ^
'local needs, and the war demand, together with tiie drought in Australia,
has made importation difficult.
The export of wheal from New Zealand has been prohibited until further notice. There is every Indication
lhal the shortage in ihe coming crop
will be even greater than In the past
season. This means a continued market for wheat and Hour from Canada.
lu this connection, Canadian exporters of wheat and flour should always
| ((note  C.I.I'',  and   E.    New    Zealand
I ports, in some eases the rule from
Vancouver to New Zealand may be ] him: "How did you like It'" To whfen
ascertained in New Zealand afler de- the tailor replied: "It was s'mpiv'a ���"���
lay, but tbis system of quotation Is full Your trousers didn't li' vou .t
not to  be encouraged,  The exporter j nil:" '"
should ascertain the rail rate to Van-    __^__^__
couver,  tlie  ocean  rate  to  New  Zea-. ���      '	
land   ports,  and   Hie   insurance',  and J
quote  C.I.K.  and  1-:'.,  and  the quotation will he accepted or rejected by
cable.���Journal of Commerce.
ien Ricardo Martin iu
New York his tailor was .-
to hear him lhal .Martin s
ticket. A few days later,
saw   lhe  jailor,   he   natur
,'  .:::-;:,)>: ���
���ut  him  a
when     -���
ily  asked
!���<"* "limn film Mini* ���"""*"-
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief���Permanent Cure
fail.   Purely vegel-
tble���act surely
but gently on
the liver.
Stop alter
cure indi-' _  _
ration��� improve the complexion���brighten
ike eyes. Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine must bear Signature
Minard's Liniment Cures Sums,
An office boy in a law office hopes
In b- a lawyer some day, ile lias
begun bis studies already by asking
questions of thu clerks whenever lie
hears a legal term about which he
desires  information.
The olher day lie approached ona
of the clerks with tliis question:
"What do they mean by u contingent fee?"
"It's like this." explained the clerk.
"If you lose the case your lawyer
gets nothing; if you will you get
W. N. U. 1051
Hope For the Chronic Dyspeptic.���
Through l��ok of consideration of the
body's needs many persons allow elis-
orders of the digestive apparatus to
endure until they become chronic, filling days and nights with suffering. To
these a course of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills is recommended as a sure
and speedy way to regain health.
These pills are specially compounded
lo combat dyspepRla ami the many ills
that follow in its train, and (bey are
successful always.
lie���I wish you'd drop the "Mister" and call me plain George.
She���Oh; but it would be unkind
to twit you on your personal appearance tbat wny.
Tbe greatest fault some people have
ia llndlng fault with others
A lady doctor writes:
"Though busy hourly   with my own
affairs, I will not deny myself Hie pleasure of taking a few minutes to tell of
the enjoyment obtained daily from my
morning cup ol Postum.    It is a food
beverage, not a stimulant like coffee.
"1 began to use Postum 8 years ago:
not because   I wanted lo, but because
coffee, which I dearly loved, made my
nights   long,   weary     periods     to   be
dreaded and unfitting mc for business
I during  the duy."  (Tea  lo just as Injurious us coffee, heeiiuse it, too, contains the health-destroying drug, cat-
I f- ine).
"On advice of a friend, I lirsl tried
Postum, making it carefully as suggested on the package. As ! had always used 'cream und no sugar,' f mixed my Postum so- It looked good, was
clear and fragrant, nnd it was a pleasure to see tha cream color it a lig'it
"Then I tasted it critically, and
was pleased, yes, satisfied with my
Postum in taste and effect, and am
yet, being a constant user of it all
these years.
"I continually assure my friends and
acquaintances that Ihey will like Postum and receive benefit from its use. I
have gained weight, can sleep and am
not nervous."
Name given  by Canadian    Postum
Co.,   Windsor. Ont.   Read "The Road
to Wellville." in pkgs.
|*~=Po9t.tim comes in tevo forms:
Regular Postum���must be well boiled. ]5c and 25c packages.
instant Postum���is a soluble powder. A teaspoonful dissolves quickly
in a cup of hot water, and with cream
and sugar, makes a delicious beverage
instantly. "0c and tOc tins.
Both kinds are equally delicious and
cost per cup about tbe same.
"There's  a   Reason"  for  Postum.
���sold  by  Grocers.
Minard's   Linimei t   for   sale   everywhere.
Reversal of the  Rule
For the lirst time in Hie history of
the  I'nited States, the llow of i li-
graiion ban been turned back towards
Kurope hy tlie war, and more aliens
are leaving Ihui country than ure
coming inlo il to make tlieir homes.
Statistics recently made public show
that the departures for the six mouths
from August, 1914, to February, 1015,
buve totalled 18,546 more than the j
arrivals, including both emigrant and |
non-emigrant aliens. The heaviest I
emigration shown is among aliens
from Italy. Of these. T5,62ll more departed than were admitted during the
six months, a result due presumably
to the Italian reservists being called
to tlie colors. The fact that Germany
does not head the list was probably
due to ihe vigilance of the British
inspectors and the generous support
of their efforts rendered by the United States government.
By Using
M��f) Cuticura '
and a little
A Power of its Own.���Dr. Thomas'
Kclectric Oil has a subtle power of its
own that oilier oils cannot pretend
to. though there are many pretenders:
All who have used it know this aud
keep it hy them as the most valuable
liniment available. Its uses are innumerable and for many years it has
been prized as the leading liniment
for man and beast.
Pat, who was left-handed, was being sworn in as a witness in the
West Side Courts of Denver. Colo.
"Hold up your right hand," said
the judge.    Up went  Pat's left hand.
"iioiil up your right hand," commanded  the judge, shorliy.
"Sure anil 1 am, your honor," declared Pat. ".Me right hand's on me
left bund side."
occasionally that it is a pity
not todoso in all cases of pimples, redness, roughness, itch-
ingsand irritations. Nothing
better for skin and scalp.
Samples Free by Mail
Cuticura s��;ip ami Ointment sni.t throughout in*
World,  l.llirrul 8uii.li:....' (��&(-li mil:'.l tree. w!-l, di.p,
book, ka&tet* "c-uu.-uu," Devi. K, bmioi, U4kA. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
r NYAL'S    <j
I     Mayflower g
'ffiwrohl       I) ef i-eilimo    11 Clilwa   (!��1
Mayflower Talcum Powder
Nyai's Mayflower Talcum is an ex-
perience to every first time user. Its touch
is soft, soothing and refreshing. Its distinctive Mayflower perfume', delicate, individual,
elusive Jrleal for every use to which you
can put a Talcum.
Nyal Quality preparations can be obtained only in
Nyal Quality Stores.   Ask one of them for free copy of     ��j
Booklet entitled   "Your Complexion,"  giving full particulars of best methods of massage.
Weeds And Weed Seed*
Robertson's Drug Store Courtenay, B. C.
"We have only in maintain   tli
high standard ol freedom from disease ill our fruit crop ami vegetable
crop, and witli llie growth of our
agriculture we will be able  to take
an   exporting
people in years to come, " declared
Inspector Cunningham.   Mr. Cun
ningham, who war, a member of the
ffrst board of horticulture iu the
Province of'British Co.unibia, has
devoted many years of his life to
superintending the development of
horticulture in the province ou conditions which will prevent diseases
from getting a start among the
Try an Ad. in The Review
lui t a,
T__JAVB you ever con-
* * side-red the quality of
your work from the standpoint of careful typs co:n-
p isitioo and efficient proofreading? The reputation
of this house for g-coi
printing has been established through accuracy and
attention to the little details. Send your printing
here and we will do it right
ry-i      tO        ��� I*     ���
courtenay Keview
Insurance Company Limited, of London, England
Fire and Accident
Asset* Hxceeel
846, SOO, 000
Funds Invested in Canada Exceed
Are You Insured Against Fire?
Now that tlie warm dry weather is coming on, when the Jslighest spark
on the unit of a store or dwelling may result ill a disastrous fire. A
fire insurance policy iti a good company is the hest of all assets. We
n.re agents 'for the I.aw Union and Rock, a company with a record
second to none.    See us for rates
"In orejer to produce high-class, clean
seed, farmers must be constantly ou thc
alert to keep the weeds  on, their  farms
iu check and to present the Introduction
and spread of new varieties." Thus
commences Bulletin no. S8, recently
published hy the Seed Branch of the Ho-
minioii llepartincntof Agriculture, under
the title e>f "Weeds and Weed Seeds,"
and whicli can be had free ou addressing
tlie publications Branch, of the Department at Ottawa. After telling of tlle
wastage caused by weeds, tlle Bulletin
pr iceeds to explain, or rather tlle Seed
Commissioner, Mr, G. H, {Clark, does,
how weeds are introduced aud their extensive prevalence, They are classified
according to the length of time they live
as annuls, biennials and perennials, lu
eradicating weods it is of importance to
know under which heael they come.
Annuls, it is explaiueel, may be eradicated from land however badly infested it
may be. through any method by which
germination is hastened and the young
plants   destroyed   before   they   produce I
I seed.   Biennials, which require two seu-
| sous to complete their growth, must   be I
either ploughed or cut down belore they I
flower,   Perennials are the utosttrouble-
. some owing to   the extetltlotl   and firni-
i ness of their roots.    A single ploughing |
olteti eleies   more   harm   than   good   by I
' breaking up the root stocks and stiinii-
luting growth, l'or shallow rooted perennials, infested land should be plough
j eel so lightly that lhe mots are exposed ,
to the sun to dry up. l'or Ideep reioted
pretiuials ptougnlug should be as deep
as conveniently possible, the nature of
the land determining the depth of the
ploughing. The best time to destroy
weeds is within two or three days after
tlie lirst pair of leaves has formed on the
seedling plant, l'or fr able soils the use
ot the "weeder" is advised. The "tilting" harrow is also satisfactory for com-1
i parativcly loose soils and is preferred ns
j a weed destroyer em firm or clayey laud, j
Tlie Bulletin, afler detailing results of
investigation   by   officers of   the   seed!
branch as   far   as   grain,   grasses,   and
] clover are affected, and .how  the  seeds
are spread, and iu what quantities they
have been found   iu   different   Identities I
covering four provinces, proceeds to tie-1
scribe tlle nature and eradication of 114
Varieties, of  wlllCIl   2H   are   classed  as'
"noxious" under lhe Older Jin   Council '
of 1191, authorized by the Seed  Control
Act, passed in lhe same year.    Ijaeh  of
the 28 and each of the remaining 86 are
not only   minutely   described,   hut   an j
exact illustration, of weed  ami  seed  accompanies each description.   The28are
Wild Oats, False SW'ild   Oats,   Common
Darnel, Docks ,(Cut led, Clustered,   and
bitter,) Purple Cockle,   Campions,   (including White Cockle, Night .Flowering
Cntchfiv, and   Bladder   Campion)   Cow
Cockle,"   Stinkwec'd,    False   Flax,   Ball
Mustard. Hare's ear Mustard, Tumbling
.Mustard. Wild Cnrrott, Field Bindweed,
Clover Dodder, blue Bur, orjSticksweetl,
liluc Weed, RibOr.-i.is, Ragsweeel, (Great
Common, and '.' I..l,'i Ox ')ye-Daisy
Canada Thistle, Chicory, Sow Thistles,
(perennial or Field Sow, Annual or Common, Spiny-leaved or Prickly Sow.)
The other 86 are not regarded asquites-j
serious, although they, too, give trouble
in grain crop-, hoed crops, meadows,
l astures, lawns on roadsides. They are
fill plainly de-si ri'- el and pictured in [tlie
Bulletin, which nie,its the attention of
e\ery farmer and every gardener,
amateur or professional,
Victoria, June 4,���An interesting
departure has been made under the
direction of the Aon- \V. R. Ross
to make our people realize the great
importance of the lumber industry
and the necessity of protecting the
forest resources of British Columbia from damage by fire.
Moving' pictures have nowadays
an educational power or.ly second
to that of the press itself. Hence
last year a number of the motion
pictures of the province were supplied with a set of slides to be used
in tlie intervals between the ordinary films, the pictures bearing the
following legends, each supported
liy a typical forest scene: "One
moment please! While waiting-,
resolve to be careful with fire in
the woods."
"Only six trees (shewn in picture) that their manufacture into
lumber employed 100 men for one
day,    I'ut your fires oul "
"$400,000 reward is what the
lumber industry of the Pacific North
West pays tlu community DAILY
for labor, supplies, etc. Vou share
it. Be careful with fire in the
woods. Tlie road to prosperity lies
through the forests; don't burn
tbem up "
The slides were sent out under
instructions from "the Minister of
Lands with a letter explaining the
ueed for the cooperation of the
theatre proprietors in order to reach
, a large body of the public inaccessible by any other means. The result was entirely satisfactory, both
theatres and patrons expressing
their appreciation.
This year the idea was extended,
every motion-picture theatre in
British Columbia receiving a set,
the subjects being more direct in
tlieir appeals, as is shown by the
(1.) Wage earners and merchants! The lumber industry already employe over half the wage
earners in British Columbia, and
distributes over 20 million dollars
annually for labor and supplies.
Make it permanent by  protecting
Local Line*
See the full selection of War
Spoons at Hornby's, 25c each. I
For Sale-Little Pigs $3.50, R.
M. Stewart, Comox, phone X82. 8
Good clean shack for rent. $2
per month. Apply Box 7, Review
Wanted���To buy one acre of
laud close to Courtenay, tor cash.
Apply Box B, Review Office.
Lost- Bunch of leys. Finder
returning same to Courtenay I'. O.
will be rewarded.   T. 1). Hind.
Early and late Savoy Cabbage
Plants, also cauliflower plants for
sale at R. Ferris' Greenhouse, Lake
Trail road.
For Sale���8 newly freshened
milch cows, mostly Jersey's. Apply
to A. McNeil, Crnigi Crossing,
Nanoose District
Lost��� Greet! Jade Pendant attached to gold Juecklet, at Kye Hay
near McPhee's cottage, will fiueler
please leave at Review Office.       24
Siwiug���J. Anderson, Denman
Island, woulil like work bv day or
'week. Suits antl dressmaking in
all its branches.    Work guaranteed
Private sale of household goods,
including 3 stoves, 2 beels, steel
saft, gramaphjiie, lotin;es. tables,
chairs, and other goods, at London's, Coinox.
l'or exchange���One of the best
building lots in Courtenay for oue
or two acres of good garden land.
Will pay cash difference. Apply
Box A, Review O.Ti.'e.
Winning White Wyiiiidoltet,
My pen of 6 birds that won ll^
last contest averaged 221 eggs each
in 12 months. Ivor Price list of
hatching eggs, etc. writs K. D.
Read, Duncan.
For Sale- One 6 ll, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k w.
Dynamo switch board, etc, also
pump and belling, Capacity 12
gallons per minute- Apply at
F.iverside hotel,
Bicvcle Bargains���Scores of shop
soiled and Sticend hand bicycles and
motorcycles are offered at snap
ptices during our gnat Clearance
s le, Write li r particulars,
l'liinle)'s Cycle Wo;', s, Victoria,
Colonial Fiiglishmaii, middle
aged, tetotaler, many years practical experience, including dairying,
agrichlture, poultry, wants management small   farm,    Salary   not
The  Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths iu connection
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine Kxcelleu
Wm. Merryfield
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
Prefers to work on share
logger's  Shoes made to order.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Asto.i's Handmade Shoes will
stan ! the Test.
Willard's Harness Emporium
1'ine Showing of Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Cloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, lite.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
T-~'?m'l!^JZm.*^^mm������       im_       '���������_���!     ���>������m
begs to announce that lie lias
repurcli ised liis old barber
business [10:11 Mr. Smith and
will lie pleased to meet all bis
old customers at tbe old Stand
Next to  ths   Opera   House
profits.    Apply    "Practical"   Review office.
l'or Sale -One horse, 4 JOfll's old,
agricultural class, quiet to handle,
and a good worker, 1 filly. 2 years
old, Hackney sire, general purpose
mare, will make a fine stroug
driver, or for light work. 3 mature
brood hows anel 1 lieiar. The above
i.s the property of W. J. Andrews.
I am instructed to sell, and will
refuse no reasonable offer, R. U.
thc forests from fire (view shown of
export sawmill with shipping.)
(2.) "Taxpayers!" Forests
pay iuto Britisli Columbia treasury
2 1-2 million dollars arnually.
Prevent fires! and keep your taxes
down.    (Logging scene.)"
(3.) "Hunters and Fisnernu-n!
Green forests afford shelter for game
and clear water for fish. Help
keep theni green. (Forest Guard
ill canoe ou pilrol,)"
In utilizing the motion picture ou
the lines described, a powerful
agency has been recognized for
reaching the'general public. The
posters displayed along the roaels,
and in the neighborhood of lugging
camps and sawmills are familiar to
many, while the woodsmen and
other followers of the open air life
are reminded of the necessity for
care e\ery time they use a Forest
Branch whetstone.
The general public with its plans .
for holiday camps, picnics, and the!
like, will also be reminded of tltej
fire danger, and will undoubtedly
respond as good citizens and sharp-1
holders in the prosperity of the"
Hardy & Bisco* conducted a sale
for Grimsley &   Hodgkinson   last;
paturdav afternoon.   A term  and
outfit that two years ago cost $400'
only realized $70.
A.S.Henderson, of the Cumberland Bank of Commerce is relieving Mr.  Brock  who  is   away 1
visiting the Panama Exhibition.     |
Dissolution of Partnership
Notli-e is hereby iti' on Unit tlm imrlnership
hprotofnre ex sting etni'tiu us anil uiri'tedon
1111,le. the firm 11.1110 i,f Uobs'im-th & Vint-
iiijitini, iu the eillag* if I.ioiii, I'lovince nf
Biiblah Columbia, li s been tltybtilved liv 11111-
tuftl emisent A1 eb-l t< .lim tn the said firm
nf H.dejwoi-th & Pin tirgt .11 unit li paid to
Wai im I'ai'tlngt 11 nf 1.117. -. af.iiv.-iiiii, who
will r iiitinue iii can j' on 1. 1- .. ,U l.u.aiuss anil
discharge��1 thj lial.ii itiea nf the said luutiier-
Dated ut I.nz,, this 17th day ..f Mny 1915
Wm. F.  Iluhmeoith
Walter Part injlon
Comox, B. C.
Best M'als North of NaniamO
ChoicesI Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Mania,   Prop.
Motor Oil
is tbe purest lubricant on tin- market
for every type of gasoline engine.
it's unrivalled Indicating qualities
insures to even- motorist a sweeter
running engine-more power-and less
trouble, beware of imitation oils
with  a   similar  naine-reineiiiber  to
nsk for "VKEUOL"
Write for prices to to the   sole distributor
727-735 Johnson St., VICTORIA
Sutton Ik Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls .Promptly
- 1 tended


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