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The Review Oct 19, 1916

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 m. c
Can nnt l>e done nny 1 otter, ami
not quite no well anywhere due
hereabouts. Our type ami niaahin-
#ery in complete and Tin1 Review
prices are i ijjht
Classified Ads.
Mr.k..   j rill..   Waiite   knew.,
thr. ugli.-    lwu.iH.-i] AflvorttMinenl
in Tha Be- I'hoi ' 53
VOL. 4
NO. 4-_
Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer
Insurance Agent
The Royal Insurance Co.
The Northern Insurance Co.
The London Insurance Co.
Telephone 10
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in  Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43
Cook   by Wire
Electricity provides the cleanest, the
most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under ideal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitiated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values through the retention of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R98       Office: Mill Street
j Local Lines
The annual meeting of the Agricultural Society will be held on
Thursday next, the 26th inst.
Mr. Goard, piano tuner, is in the
district on his annual tall business.
Orders niay be left at this office.
A Red Cross Tea will be given
at the home of Mrs. Brock on Wednesday Oct, 25 from 3 to 6 1> ra.
Admission 25c.    All invited.
Mr, T. cairns has been confined
to tlie house for the past week, with
su injuiy to his br ck. eai sed by his
horse rtiuuiug away,
Mr. aud Mrs, Hugh McKenzie
were At Home to a number of their
young friends ou Monday evening
Music, games, and dancing were
indulged in,
Mr, Ei Atkinson purchased 20
horses in the district while here
last week, lie will be beck again
ou Sunday and will be at the Courtenav nctel for a few days buying
nert Whittle has started to tear
down the old palace Livery stable,
I aud will erect on the site a hand*.
some picture show aud dance hall.
', The floor vvil. be 35 by 90 feet, with
1 a gallery iu two corners for spectators. Dressing and toilet rooms
will also be provided, and the stage
will be a portable one,
Tlie opening dance iii the Agricultural hall last Thursday night
was a decided success. The new
floor wns in excellent shape, and
one of tiie largest crowd*-' that ever
graced a Couretuay dance was in
attendance, The managers have
fitted up a cloak room with cup
boards; etc. where each person can
have their garments properly looked after. Dressing rooms are also
fitted up. Last night a whist drive
was heid, followed by an enjoyable
dance. The winners'at wlu'stwere
Mrs. Btibar and Mrs, Drorkie for
the ladies, while Morgan Reise and
H Copp c: r ied 01. the honors for
the gent'eineu.
Last Sunday night the Harvest
Festival .Service in connection with
St. John's church, Courtenay, pas
sed off very successfully. There
was some difficulty at first owing
to the temporary failure of the
electric lights, but many willing
hands soon overcame this difficulty
by bringing lamps and lanterns, so ,
that we were enabled to begin llie j
service a few minutes after the
usual hour. There was a good
congregation and the music including a beautiful, but difficult anthem
was beautifully rendered by a full
choir. The offertory wan 111 aid of
the Diocesan Mission Fund, and is
devoted exclusively to those parish-1
es -md Missions in the Diocese that
are not yet in a position to support
a clergyman of their own. We
take this opportunity of thanking
all \-rho helped iu various ways to
make the service what it  itndoubt
' edly was, bright and   hearty   and
] helpful.
j For Sale���30 Chester White pigs
5 week old, $4 each. Apply
Piercy Bros. Dennian Island.
For Sale Cheap���Young driving
horse, new buggy and harness.
Apply. H. Howard, Wireless Station.
Wanted���An energetic person
to take orders for Christmas Greeting cards. Full or part time. Apply Reriew office.
Car For Hire���H. W. Heber-
den; phone X92.
Welding���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,   Ford Garage.
Ford Garage for Nobby, Goodyear and Dunlop auto aud bicycle
tires aud accessories. Bicycles for
Mrs. Watchorn left 011 Monday-
oil a trip to Vancouver,
Miss Charlotte McQuillan left on
Sunday's boat for New Westminster,
Mr. Frank Cross of Vancouver,
has purchased McPhee & Morrison's store.
The Ladies Aid  .Society intend
The Corporation of the City
of Courtenay
The Voter's List lor th.  forthCM '���
Municipal Elections is cow  .eiug   *,-,
pared.   Those whose name* art  --��--''
led to he placed on this   li.t >;ltho.i.
personal   declaration   nre  all  a.a-r:^
owners who  are   also   registered   .;-���'!
holders.    All olln-r persons desiring   lo
have their names placed on the  Voters'
List must file with the  Citv  Clerk, de-
holdlllg a  Hallowe'en  concert  on durations as below mentioned.   A
Tuesday evening, Oct, 31
R. Willovighby. who has purchased P- Dunn's business at Cumberland, does not purpose leaving
Courteuay. He will spend a part
of each week at Cumberland.
of those whose names are entitled to be
placed on tlie Voters' List without the
declaration may be seen at the Citv Hall,
assesseil owner of real property is the
holder ol the Inst agreement to purchase,
or the last assignee of such agreement
or the hoi ler of an unregistered deed,
such owner, before having his name
Considerable time has been taken placed on the Voters' List must
up at recent meetings of the Conn- CZrelZ oft 3othday o^em".
cd 111 discussing means of having ber next, a declaration proving that he
abandoned wells properly protected or she is the holder of the last agree-
On some of the vacant lots these ment to purchase, or the last assignee
wells area menace to children t',c',*nf' -}rMtl,�� 1,r'l!le,' ��.f.-'n unregistered
. . .. deed, ami that such holder  or assignee
playing about as well as to pedest- j9 liable to pay ami has paid the current
rians.    It is up to the  owners   to [year's taxes.
see that all open  Wells   are   made
safe before a calamity occurs.
ivrs. J. E, Montgomery, nho
has been visiting with her husband's people in Barrie, Out. has
sudnenly returned to Vancouver; to
be with her parents; who, on Sept.
1st. lost their only son. in action.
Word was only 'received bv Mr.
and Mrs. Matthews 011 October 1.
Although Pte. Lawrence Matthews
had.j list reached the age "of 21 he
had taken an active part iu all the
large engagements 011 the western
front for lhe past fourteen months,
a particularly trying one being the
battle of Zillebeke, wheie his company suffered great losse', Pte,
Matthews enlisted with thc 2nd
University Company iu April, 1915.
and proceeded overseas almost immediately with this unit as reinforcements for the Princess Pat-
rici s Canadian Lig! '. 1-.-'.'antry.
CORPORATIONS. Corporations
whose names are on the Voters' List
can only vote hy a duly authorizedagent
whose authority must he filed with the
City Clerk before the ?othof \ ���
such agent shall be a resident :���: the
province and a llritish subject of th I :'.'.
age of .1 years.
rTOLDERS.    Persons of this   class
are desirous of having their names |
ed on the Voters' List must, during the
month of October,    file   with   Un
Clerk a Statutory   Declaration  as
scribed by the Act  and   mu-t   also have
paid t.ieir Road Tax or License  *
Declaration forms may be   ibtaim
the Cily Hall.
W, A. W, Hames
Citv Clerk
Anglican  Church Notes
18th Sunday after Trinfty. Oct.
22, 1916.
11 a. :n. Holy Communion at
7.15 p, m, Evensong aud Sermon at St. iieter's, Comox.
 -_.. c> ��� *���	
Presbyterian Church
St- Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. m,
Sunday  School and   Bible Class
10:30 a. in.    Evening sen-ice 7:30
I*.-*'. All welcome
A Thing of Beauty
is a Joy Forever
NyaPs Faci
25 am. _!Cc
b  ECw -_-.il t>i_    ll iixC
$1 per Boiile
If you feel good, All is Gocd
Brace, you up
Siberian Crab Appels
These are especially fine crab apples and are al
ways in demand, 5c per poun 1
Family Butchers, Grocers and Provision Merchants
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots,"      ��� h   i
Paints, Oils, Etc. f
We carry in stock Bricks, Lime, Cement, Doors and .Windows     f
[Get our price9*for goods in large quantities!!
Telephone 1 Courtenay CHE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B.JB,
Don't Cough Your Throat Sore, Don't Suffer,
USE "Nerviiine," It Will Cure You Quickly
The   Annoyance of a Dad
Cqugh Sootiiet! Away in
One Day
Nothing so ba
coughing, and
noying as lo ha-
that is hackh
sneezing, or co
Btautly clearing t
Kuli nn  \i'i'. iii
���ii will save y
all Further pain (
onc good rub w it
ctraling remedy
relief, will take
soreness, will !
tickle thai makes
so much.
Nerviiine isn'l
has a record "i
dcrful success behind
In  rubbing on   Nerviiine,  you  use
somcliiiiig safe, reliable and sure to
cure,    lis action  is marvellous.    The
way  il   sinks in  tlirougli  the tissues���
|llic wav ii penetrates to the seal of
really a  wonder,
uglis, or sore
i ihis Irusty old
family remedy,   Its o
name   spells      Clire  ';
for   any    sort    ol
pain in  llie    joints
sclcs.      Try
ir lumbago,
on* neuralgia or headache
case  you'll  find  amazing
curative power iu  Ncrvi-
families keep lhe large 50c
ilways handy on lhc shell":
��� 25c, al all dealers in medi-
ilie Catarrliozonc Co., King--
The Birth of a Nation
Famous and Prosperous Mecca
Mecca,    where  Arabian   indepciid-
. .      clicc has liecn proclaimed, was a fam-
A Thrilling Drama Shown in Motion -us .,���,] pr'ospcro.1s cjty many    cen.
Pictures luries  before, it became lhe. mclrop-
Thc unqualified success attending ��hs of Islam, The Makoraba of Pto-
thc production of D. W. Griffith's fa-jlemy niul thc eapilal of the Hedjaz,
iiious "Birth'of a Nation" lasl scason.it has been a notable trailing ccnlrc
decided ('. P, Walker, of Winnipeg, iSincc very early limes, and lhc fatll-
to again secure the attraction for his .oils Kaaba. originally a heallien
western towns, and thc mightiest shrine containing a miraculous fetish,
speetaele, the eighth wonder of the I attracted pagan pilgrims long before?'
world, will make ils reappearance al
the Walker, Winnipeg, for three days
Women As Inventors
Many    Notable Inventions    Are the
Result of Ingenuity of Women
Women arc generally considered
larking in inventive 'ability. The
Irulh is that they have been taking
out patents steadily since 1790, li
musl be confessed lhat these ideas
have not always turned out a complete success, but, then, the" world
has progressed as a result of many
mistakes oilier llian those of inventors. Uow few women ever realise
they ply llieir crochet needle that
it was a Scotch woman. Christian
Shaw, ihe daughter of llic Laird of
Balgarran, in Renfrewshire, who *Vas
the lirsl to produce linen thread, as
far back as 17."); her idea was developed laler by the big Paisley linns
lot Clark and Coals.
I Silk weaving was invented by lhe
wife of lhc fourth Emperor of China,
Iin the dim ages of anliquity; a woman iu llie harem o( an Indian prince
invented lhe weaving of cashmere
j shawls; llic same clever woman or
(her mother (authorities differ on lhe
point) discovered altar of roses;
I while a poor Italian woman rediscovered the secret of Venetian point
lace, which had been lost for nearly
1000 years. Madame Curie's triumph
Jar; the discoverer of radium is slill
I fresh iu the public mind, as is thai
of Dr. Maria Montcssori, whose novel
j methods are likely lo revolutionise
j the ail of leaching in the near future:
You   can't   beat
Old Dutch
for taking rust and
stains off knives
To Continue Exploration
with    daily    matinees,    commencing
Thursday, September 28.
This will be the third visit Ciho pic-
icen presented
���i i.  aud   there.
houses    will
After playing
thc   company
Mahomcl made it tlie. holiest shrine
of llie Moslem world. Except for
the Ureal Mosque and a few miner
buildings, most of Mecca has been
rebuilt in modern limes.��� London
Business   Man:
s make mc so angry
untied    nerve    and
1  cannot find words
a   I   am   the   very   man
am selling dictionaries.
You book
with your
to express
lure   having already
four weeks in  VVinni]
is little doubl  capacity  houses    will      I rat
again  be  the  order.
the  Manitoba    capital, inc  company conn
goes lo ihe Onphcum Theatre, Bran-jthal
don, for the entire week commencing uny
Monday, October 2nd, where Iwo per-1    Agcnl:
formanccs daily will be offered.    RC- you want.
gina   is  the   next   city   to   be  played, |
where two shows daily, commeticirig
Thanksgiving Day,  Morula;., October
9, will bc presented.
For three, days, commencing Thurs-I Mothers who keep a box of Baby's
day, October 19th, the Empire Own Tablets in the house may feci
Theatre, Saskatoon, will be played, thai Ihe lives of their lillle on;s arc
and from there the organization trav- reasonably sale during lhe. hot wea-
els West towards Vancouver. ,thcr.    Stomach troubles, cholera in-
Arrangcinents arc being made lo fantuni and diarrhoea carry off lliou-
run special trains from llic small sands of lillle outs every summer, in
towns and villages into Winnipeg, most cases because lhe mother does
Brandon, I'cgina and Sar-kaloon, and not have a safe medicine at hand
there is lillle doubt that many will'give promptly. Baby's Own Tablets
avail themselves of the opportunity 'cure these troubles, or il given ocea-
lo see lhc grcalesl photoplay lhc sionally to lhc well child will prevent
world has ever seen or is likely lo'their coming on. The. Tablets arc
see for many a day. guaranteed by a government analyst
"The   Birth  of  a   .Nation" as  pro-.lo be absolutely harmless even to the
You will find relief in Zam-Buk I
It eases the burning, stinging
pain, stops bleeding and brings
ease. Perseverance, witli Zam-
Buk, means cure. Why not prove
this ?   "*" s0ruggie.lt and Steng.���
Brief Report
Pat    Garvcy,    section    foreman at
Trunkcyville,    was    formerly   in the
habit of sending long and detailed rc-|tcf  a\
ports  to the supervisor.
Ids daily report  would
Stefansson Plans to Discover Extent
of the New Northland
A letter has been received by G. J.
Dcsbarats, deputy minister of naval
service, from Dr. Anderson, of the
Stefansson northern exploration
party, who some lime reached Nome.
The ieltcr gives additional details of
thc work done by the parly and supplies some information as to Stefan-
sson's future movements.
The letter slates lhal Stefansson's
plan had been to make a northerly
circuit around the new land, which he
discovered a year ago, with the object of discovering ils extent and
whether any territory existed north
of there.
As a resull of lhe lact that bis
ships did not succeed in getting far
north iu 1915, however, and of trouble with his dogs, the explorer was
unable to carry out Iiis design. He
bad reached his new land last May,
but it is understood that be will win-
Winter Harbor, on Melville
Oftentimes rlslnnd. The schooner Polar Bear,
contain  three
senled in llic above towns will be precisely the same as lhc one now playing llic Massey Hall, Toronto, for
thc fifth week, and comprises not
only 12,000 feci of film, but carries
a sixty-fool car of scenic, sound and
id   lasl
lighting effects
means least, musl I
excellent symphon-
less ihan Iwcnty-fiv
cd musicians,
ut by no
mentioned    the
orchestra of no
carefully select-
new-born babe. They are especially
good In summer because ihey regulate the bowels and keep lhe stomach sweet ami pure. They arc sold
by medicine dealers o- by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co.,  Brockvillc, Oni.
or four pages. The supervisor became |��'as expected to reach this port
of wading through a mass of summer   and    form    a winter    basc
Kent Chipman, onc of the members
of the southern parly who travelled
to Edmonton by the overland route,
instead of going to Nome with the
[rest of his companions, has reached
Ottawa and is preparing his report to
Itbc Geological Survey Department.
IMr. Chipman, who was topographer
vvith the expedition, travelled south
by way of thc Mackenzie and Athabasca  rivers.
detail aud ordered Garvcy lo "boil"
his reports down. "Vou aren't writ-
toling love letters," was the supervisor's
rebuke, "but railroad reports." Soon
after tiiis ultimatum was received by
Garvcy, . the memorable cloudburst
and flood occurred at Trunkcyville.
This is lhc laconic repori that Garvcy sent in:
"The    river  is  where  the   railroad
was."���Tidiouie, Tex.. News.
Taxation Of Land Values
The day bas long since passed
when lhe doctrines of Henry George
could bc ridiculed or scouted as unworthy of serious attention. They
have found much acceptance in Europe, and particularly in Great Itril-
ain, where there is now a widespread
feeling in favor of (he taxation of
"unearned increment" ��� a feeling
which crystallized into legislation
some years ago when Mr. Lloyd
George was Chancellor of the Exchequer, lu Australasia, in lhe Canadian West, and elsewhere, the principle of differentiation between taxation of laud values and taxation of
improvements continually -gains
ground. "Progress and Poverty"
blazed the way for what has now
become a large and important school
of thought in legitimate political economy.���Hamilton Spectator.
.Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
"Bridget, why have, you pui lhe
fly-paper out  on  lhc grass?"
"There ain't no more flies to ketch
in  thc house, mum,"
Two bankers were talking about a
financier   who   had   failed.
"And did poor Joe accept his failure like a man?" asked  the first.
"Exactly like a man." the second
answered, "lie blamed it on his extravagant  wife."
No    mailer    how decp-rooled    the
corn  or  wart  may be, it  must yield  ,|
to Holloway's Corn Cure if used ���
land has an
> than 1 per
Millard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Patient: Doc, 1  owe you my life.
Doctor: Ves, and lhat isn't all   ���
Minnesota Minnehaha.
Asthma Brings Misery, but Dr. J.
D. Kcllogg's Asthma Remedy will
replace the misery wilh welcome relief. Inhaled as smoke or vapor, il
reaches the very inmost recesses of
bronchial passages and soothes
thein. Rcslricii >n passes and easy
breathing returns. If you knew as
well how tllis remedy would help
you as do thousands of grateful users
there would be a package ill your
home  tonight.    Try  it.
A Family Talk
"Sec here, Jones, you've had lhat
telephone receiver al your car for ten
minutes and haven't tittered a word."
"'S-sh! I'm having a typical conversation with my wife."
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine timet is ten when the liver ��� right iw
stomach and bowels ue right
gently bul firratjr c
pel a lazy liver to
do ils duty
Cures Constipation, _
Headache, and Distress after Eating.
Small Pill, Small Dow, Small Price.
Genuine must bear Signature
"Who is your  favorite composer?"
"Wagner," replied   Mr.  Cunirox.
"You musl be a student of music!"
"No.    I mention Wagner for    the
sake of  relieving  myself of conversational   strain.     \\  ihc  other     man
doesn't  like  Wagner,  he  won't  want
to hear me  say another word."
"And if he does?"
"He'll  want to do  all  lhc talking
himself."���Washington Star.
To safeguard lhc child from damage that worms cause, use Miller's
Worm I'owders, the medicine par
excellence for children, 'these powders will clear tin* syslem entirely
of worms, will regulate and stimulate lhe organs injuriously affected
by the worms, and will encourage
healthful operation of the digestive
processes. As a vermifuge it cannot
be surpassed in effectiveness,
Raincoats Made of Paper
Inexpensive emergency raincoats
which can bc folded up and carried in
a pocket or handbag are being made
lo fill the need so sorely fell when
one is caught in a storm without
any form of waterproof protection.
These garments are made in sizes
suitable for men. women and children, and come in two grades. The
cheaper article, is made of tough paper only, coated ou one side, and is
designed lo bc used but once; the
other is reinforced with clot!) mesh,
and wilh proper care enn be worn
several limes.���Popular Mechanics
e  Farm
Ah!  T
ici'c   v
m arc!
Where have
all  this lime.'
1 lold
vou  to
gel s
e  Hand
od!     1
III   vou
just  b
.���cn  a-
of 'cr.���Sketch.
W.    N.     U.     1124
Supreme Chocolate
A pure, unsweetened, cooking chocolate.    Easily
melted and mixed, containing that rich chocolate .
flavor that can only be obtained from the finest
and most expensive cocoa beans.   For years the
most satisfactory cooking chocolate in Canada.
Made in Canada.
Sold everywhere.
The Government Is Making a Special Monctaiy Allowance in
Addition to the Pension, for the Maintenance of Both thc Soldier
And his Family, While he is Receiving Elementary Training
���   o-	
How Britain Cares
For Ht-r Voldiera
"What makes you think you will
succeed as a farmer?"
The question was asked of a relumed soldier who bad expressed a very
llrong desire lo get on the land.
"My wife," he answered.
"Do you mean lo say she persuaded
need any persuading,
as much as  1
"No, I didn't
But she wanls lo go
"Dots she understand whal il
"She oughl.      She    was born and
bioughl   up  on  a   farm;  she  is  not
afraid of hard work; and she prefers
to live in the country anyway."
' "I'or the children's sake?"
"We've got none, worse luck. No,
lhe likes il heller herself."
Thai man's battle is half won.
He was not a farm boy himself,
and he does not imagine lhal thei
lillle experience he possesses is enough. He is therefor taking advan- j
tag of iiie elementary 'training, in
such mailers as gardening and pout-
try raising, already stalled by lhc!
Mililary Hospitals Commission all
some of ils Convalescent Hospitals;'
and he aims at taking a course of i
extra instruction later on al one of i
the agricultural schools.
As announced some time ago, the
Government makes special monetary
allowances,   in addition   lo lhc pen-1
Small Grain Exhibits
The Influence for Better Crops Resulting from Fair Activities
The use of heller seed oilers one
of ihe mor-i effective methods for
increasing llie yield of farm crops.
Thc work of seed improvement associations and individuals who carefully select their own seed, has resulted in lhc general use of belter
seed. Competition iu producing and
displaying crop products of high
quality at agricultural fairs is another influence which should have an
increasing benefit on the quality of
seed planted. The influence for better crops resulting from fair activities would be greater if more persons exhibited iheir products and if
greater care would bc taken in the
election and preparation of exhibits.
I A creditable exhibit of field crops
I should contain products which are
aItypical of the dislriet they represent.
lo i The crops comprising an exhibit
Pans from a visit lo lhe British should be harvested when in prime
front. He gives a very vivid and ill- condition and should be of superior
tcresting description of how a great quality and worth. Thev also should
army is administered in  Ihe field.        be   properly  and   tastefully  arranged
Of   especial    importance    is    the when placed on exhibit,
manner in which the    Hriiish soldier:    professor   I',.   (I.   Schafer,   of   lhe
is cared for. 'Washington   Experiment     Station, at
Former   French   Minister   Loud
Praise of British System
Adolplic     Brisson,     formerly
French   minister,   has   returned
"We meet generals who arc
only warriors," said M, ISrisso,
who are greal administrators, Iraincd
in India, Egypt, Africa, accustomed
lo plan tlie details of a campaign.
They spare neither expense nor trouble in establishing llic base of a lengthy military action.
"I admired llieir calm confidence in
lhe sovereign power of I,real  Britain.
Always    Ihey made
the same state- may
not {Pullman,   gives  lhc   following  dire,
ml,lions for the preparation of seed and
sheaf  exhibits,
Seed   grain,   wheal,  oals  and   bar-
lev. Grain prepared for exhibii should
be line lo variety name . It should
be harvested when  it is mature but
nol over ripe.    It should be threshed
as    early    as    possible afler harvest.
Rain and other conditions of weather
cause    discoloration.     Usually
should he recleancd    in    order
T g : _**r��
In the Face of Her Gross Underestimation of Brave Little Belgium
And of the Moral and Physical Resources of France, Greal
Britain, and Allies, Can Germany Be Called Efficient?
Domestic Gas From Straw, .N? ",a!ioi--.��n lo��e,b(- callc*- ��"������
  [cicnt which lads to advance the gen-
Simple Plant  to  Use  Up lhe  Straw J}���' life, ��'   l"'"'*^'--'-    As  the  war
1 ���.,       , -     i   -   ,      , drags on,   with   ns   ever-increasing
Pile and Supply Fuel and w_���e of ruin    and    irreparable loss,
Light                            |Germany is fast losing her "place in
.-    the sun," and stands as the "horrible
'"'.'example''   of   uller failure along the
N?�� avenues of real world service.    That
applying a matcl
iflcr  threshing
I ne clay
straw   sla
and     thereby  burning    tip a whole   ,    ,   po���.���ful no onc ..��� d.       b
year*  hielis  now  passed, and  fromU,, ,,���,.  _trength  -.     of ^   *�������
'"  p''r Itypc is daily becoming more doubtful.
In a sense she has been deficient, but
now oil the fanner is likely
as much attention lo the safeguarding of his straw as he does to bis
cattle and crops. From lhe straw
slack, which has hitherto gone up in
smoke, gas can now be extracted, and
by such a simple process that every
farmer can cook, heat his house,
light his residence, and run his engines from his own little gas plant
right at his very back door, using the
much-despised straw pile as a means
lo ihis end.
The Dominion By-Produrl and Research Society, of Moose Jaw, of
which George Harrison, Ml'., general manager of the Saskatchewan
Bridge and Iron Works, is the leading spirit, has discovered arid perfected a small gas works which will in
the near future be manufactured in
the city and installed on practically
every quarter section throughout the
Mr. Harrison, lhc patentee, has obtained  patent   rights   ill   Canada,   thejthia  great  "machine"  was  held up  a
United Slates, Russia and the Argen- "_|| monili by the despised Belgians,
line  Republic.      In  an   interview   rc-|g'ving  France ami  her allies
for fundamentally wrong purposes;
and unless the unexpected happens,
she is bound to undermine her own
foundations and find herself less respected and both morally and physically weaker than before the conquest of Alsace-Lorraine.
The war has progressed sufficiently
far for one to turn the light of truth
on German efficiency ih the actual
field of battle. Where is her boasted
superiority? Most people think she
has done surprisingly well as a fighting unit, The facts warrant an entirely different conclusion. Boasting
of a marvellous secret service, and
apparently prepared for a world war,
she can never bc called efficient in
llie face of her gross underestimation
of brave little Belgium. Apparently
expecting a triumphal march through
Belgium and a speedy attack in fore*
lal lhc most vulnerable spot in France;
I, i.r  .   ..  ..... _��, ,    , ,
"-Wc English need tunc to under- |u,a, a|] c|ian*r ilm| foreign mailer
stand. We did not know war like mav |���. removed, ll should also be
this. It had lo bc learned. Wc are gracletl to remove verv large and un-
slow in starling, but wc are there _crsi._d kcrnals, Unless the rules of
now. and nothing can stop us.   _ the  fair  specify otherwise, the sam-
' lhe greatest commendation is due p-es s|10Uiu consisht'of one peck.
to the sanitary service.   On principle     S|,caf K,-.li,1, wheat, oals and barley
the  English    soldiers    do  not  want U0uld    be harvested    for sheaf cx-
sion. for the maintenance of boll," lhc t'^tl'l  li' 1,'" TKJ.Y* 'lu l',,ibils   as   soon   "s tlle croP is ,na*
soldier and his family while he is be-; >c   T   , ?,? r        ' ���     ,"rc al,d bc'orc '' is thoroughly dry.
ing trained, if he has to learn a new i'"?���''" betl";   c,Mnl.iness '? casicr Better exhibits will result     if     lhe;       ,    ,        .,   , ,, ,    . ���      ������ -      ���      ���
occupation; SO no man should have it0 kcep; Ver""n aro Ca,SfCr '? dcstroy: grain is pulled and suspended by ccn'ly he said lhal no farmer will be ,,oriuiiiiv to marshal their strength
Ihc slightest' hesitation about taking ��� cv_,ry morwn.S everything is burned. thc ruols ������,;, d Al ,,��� u of without Ins own gas plant m the near and prepare for thc conflict. Had
full advantage of the. .raining put at L   *" ��>��P.��>e 't for lie healthy or -        ���,.    ^-y.       h future. .Germany      foreseen      the    immense
his disposal to increase his capacity ,C Iv0""d,cd' fleers cheer the eye; ,lollU, ,,_ ,.,��� ofl- ilnd on, ���|oso lhe exceedingly simple way Ul strength of lhc Belgian national
mid better his position th,"UEn!_,S.h S0,d,efS r^'1*'" '" lh<-m' stalks which have full-knglh of straw which ' lc ��.;'s,'.s P**otluced guarantees spirit, it is almost    certain that she
A (rained nan, and a wife both1,, 0n \be" a7lv.aI "lc '"?���"��� creC.-'VC'and well developed heads should be lI'e .ruth ol, ll,,s statement One bale [would, not havc struck when she did.
e-pcrienced and wiling, make a lean !'oro"*Tl' and vigorous disinfection, 1Isetl, Th(. jn , )d ,)(. b d . ol straw, wheat, oats, barley or fja.**,| Surely such short-sightedness cart
hard to beat. ; "'J1/.    ar.c ,.bathed , and,  s.crubbcd- sheaves about four inches in diameter !s Put. ",t0 a easHron retort.       I be never be called "efficiency."
clothing boiled and washed: then and ,;<,,- j��� lwo ,,].u.es *, ,ape head is screwed lightly down and a \\ |lat was Germany doing when
thc soldier is dressed neatly in aLilould ,JC used ;n tying'the sheaves sma" l)0l'tiun ��- st����� is ignited in she failed io understand the tremen*
white-shirt with soft collar, red tie, M j. -g jcss ,ikc|    (u jnj.ur(. _r break tl,e  brcbox  underneath.      Tllis  pro- dous moral and physical resources of
the straw llian string.. Black or white duces the gas, which in turn passes,the French nation" Living near
tape is to bc preferred aud fancy rib-P"1 ,?' J.1'-', ret��rt through another neighbor to France for centuries, be-
bon should never he used in lying the\*mM cylinder of water in winch it sides having innumerable spies
.sheaves. It lhe leaves arc removed ,s washed and from there: finds its throughout her enemy's territory,
'from the sums the exhibit will have way "'lo "'*' gasometer     1 h,s    one Germany   apparently   only   counted
bale  of  straw  will  produce    enough |fortifications  and  noses.     Her  phil-
ll is very interesting lo see lhat
this fact has been recognized in a
,'iost praclieai way in Kngland.
There the Government decided, a few
months ago, io start, by way of experiment, three pioneer land colonics of ex-soldiers���or rather "ex-
service men," for even lhc man now-
ploughing lhc sea will have his
chance  of  ploughing   lhe  soil.
Thc President of Ibj: Board of Agriculture HaVjust announced *J;at ;iu [^ attentions
'Wc mean
blue vest with white revers and olive!
"He is ihen taken to a paradise, a
garden in which arc scattered the
sleeping tents, dining lents; for his
recreation he finds tennis courts amid
flowers, and benches to rest upon.I'1
For his comfort even a dentist; yes; j
even a  chiropodist!    Aud  the  menu'
airr appearance.
,     . ,- , mc .i ur iiut'ii., lhc cheer!
���electing settlers    for these colonies     ...<We ���,      . .-���<, -    cne,���, ,0 ,���e
preference will be given, as between on sccing ,���v    ama.emcnt, 'that on
I_e.L-Le(!_f.1..n!Crl.La.n.-(1 qU8!'.*?caUons-1 returning lo the trenches our soldiers
orlmay bc able to sav lo his comrades:
to those whose wives or sisters
. , , , .       , ... I inn v    _.   ��iwic   iv,   .__    ,u   ilia   vwn.iuu..
daughters    have acquired proficiency j��1{ you arc j|| 0r wounded, you wi
Bo.s In The War
in milking or olhcr larm operations, :bc Eighty well off in the hospital
as the result of their employment oni    "Bc it noted |iere  too, lhat nurses
the land cither before or during the and soldjcrs |��� ,|1C service of ambii-
As a matter of fact, women in tbe
Old Counlry have taken a large and
even extraordinary share in working
the farms, which the war has deprived of so many of their usual labor-
lances and hospitals are in comfortable quarters, well fed and paid.
'They work, they must bc cared for,'
is lhc slogan.
"It is a fact lhat the Englishman
does his best when he is well looked
ers.    Women     of every social  rank|after_    Givc |,:m i,js roast beef and
have volunteered to do this, and have'i,- wii| fight well."
kept their pledge, though many    ofj 	
them were   not only quite    unaccus-'
Grain Screenings
toincd lo manual labor, but free from
any necessity lo work at all.
Canadian women, lhc vast majority'Cleaning Grain at Threshing Time
of them, have never been in that po-1 Good practice
silion.    Work has always been  familiar to them, and a very large nitm-:    In      a     bulletin
ber even    of lhe town-dwellers am-'Screenings" issued   by the Dominion
ong them wcrc brought up on farms. Department of Agriculture, it is cs-
Many of our returned soldiers, there- timated    that    llie    loss    entailed in
fore, who think of gbing "back to lhc shipping western grain unclcaned am
high grade gas lo do all ihc cook-1osophy was a wild confidence in, steel
ing, healing and lighting of a seven- and liquid fire, and she clearlv disjoined house, and il is a safe con-jparaged the greatest militarv asset of
elusion that from now on, instead of;ihc world���the morale of anv people.
Persistent Italian Boy Who Became burning bis straw stack as lie has! No doubt German militarv leaders-
a Real Corporal j hitherto    done,    the     farmer    will, j expected a short, sharp conflict, and
through the  efiorls of tho  Research [then a victorious peace.    Behind her
siege, guns she fired shot and shell
into the invisible, indefinable and in-
1 in the destructible soul of France, and won-
[dered that the war lasted so long! She
associates |had left this major war out of her
calculations  and  then  attempted  the
-The Italian army has the distinction-Society, conserve his straw and make
of being the only army engaged    ill  his own gas, thus dispensing with tl
lhc  war  lhal  has  a  corporal  in   ils 'paying for and haulm:
ranks  who is almost  a baby in age. winter months.
Margulti,  the  lad  in  question, is but!    Mr.   Harrison   and  hi
13 years oltl :yid lived at Gaglian be-, have had Dr. Andrews, of lhc well
fore  becoming a  full-fledged  soldier, known firm of Andrews and  Cruick-Iconquest  of  soul  with   Krupp
and through   his   acquaintance   with shanks, analytical chemists, employed an_ poisonous gas.
Iwo army chauffeurs became familiar I for a long time and all the problems     Think of Germany's blindness with
with the lighting forces of his conn-Jin connection    with    the    small    gasjregard  to     Kngland.    Great    Britain
try.      One day he rode out to the works and gases extracted from    the|na(l been the butt of German   jokes
trenches     on  lhc  army  trucks after straw have been scientifically worked for forty years. According to Prussia
some argument, and was affectionate-'out  by Ihem  in  iheir laboratory atlsj,<. wa." s']ow ;!l!j notoriously    lack-
ly received by the soldiers who pro- Government Building, Regina, and for fug jn    ,i?.;i,    and    enterprise.    But
moled him to corporal on lhc spot.     some time past a miniature gas  rc- slowly    awakening out of her' leth-
Proud of Iiis newly gained distinc- Jtort has been burning and  most as- argy, she now holds with bulldog ten-
ition, Margtitli soon secured a uniform .lomshing results have been obtained, achy one hundred and fifty miles of
a'and sewed his corporal bars on him-     According lo the report of Dr. An-'prcnc|,    trenches,    and  is     growing
]self,    lie  spent  some  time  in     the drews, five ounces of straw has pro- stronger everyday.     Her    colonic-,
e.oliled    "finin lrenc-ies 1"'<l  look active l'an '"  theUuced   sufficient  gas  to  enable  a  40- contrary to lhe German calculations'
'lighting,  proving himself  remarkably i candle  power    mantle    to  bur
land" will have a great advantage in omits lo considerably morc
the experience of llieir wives as well a million dollars.   The following ac-
as    iu lhc    special    training   offered count of an experiment by a western
Special training is given, of course, .lion with the problem of eliminatingI
for a variety of other industries, The the waste due lo the shipment of I
greatest care is taken to choose the grain subject to a dockage ou account'
occupation besl suited to each  man's of screenings.
ability.  But, unquestionably, agricul-.   A monitor cleaner and a five horse-;
turc    is the great    national industry power   engine   were purchased   and
and needs thc energies of every man both mounted on an extra strong wa
courageous  before  lhe  onslaught
the Austrian hordes.
The captain  of  Margutti's division
ihan iiaiflc-"'lc ���1-'",S ro inspect thc iroops one
'morning and was much impressed by
the  business-looking lad  who
creel, on guard, his rillc at his
ire absolutely loyal  to her, and a!
hours  with  ll very  while  and  highly though    revolt was actually    allowed
illuminating flam
The   gasses    extracted    from    the
straw cannot only bc used for heating,  lighting  and  cooking,     but   can
stood taiso be utilized  for driving  gas     en-
dioul- Igincs and all other  farm  machinery,
growersliouM^be^f vahieinj-o,^ _,,.,,   lhc ,,-_,,      aring  ,���.;,.,  fl���.	
doing, lhc boy answered: "I am %lit- Bns and light this welcome discovery|;��� spirit
qualified to undertake it.
To Advertise Butter
Tlie    National   Dairy    Council,
cording  lo   reports   sent   out  by
secretary,  is  planning  to  follow
gon gear. A 15-foot ordinary gram
elevator was attached to the elevator
iwagou or bin.   Another box received
llic  screcuiu-rs  (mostly broken     and .     .    . .       ,      ,. ,
shrunken grain*.   The cost of lhe cn- scn.'  ba?l;  1".'1"''  >'"'   '"'  <M  ��"'
mg, sir.'' "Whai class do you belong
to?" inquired lhe captain. "Third
elementary class, sir," came the reply, "In", i have been promoted corporal."
The officer could nol refrain from
laughing ai this answer and took the
brave youngster in his arms, kissing
him affectionately,     The   child   was
should be of vast interest lo every looked onlv
farmer throughout lhc Dominion of 0f Britain's
Canada.���Moose  law Time
Salt For Live StJfck
to break out in Ireland the Nationalists, to the chagrin of Germany, with
no uncertain sound, have sto'oil firmly and fought bravely against Britain's foes. Germany failed to understand the temper of England. The
two countries arc entirely different
id Prussia apparently
on the materialistic side
defences, and failed to
estimate lire wonderful loyalty which
prevailed throughout the Britisii
Empire.���NTcw Vork Outlook.
Feeding Too FreelyNIs Injurious to
a Car of Wheat
lire  outfit, including    lhc operation,
example of lhe orange antl raisin _0P?"'S,
growers, and pui on au advertising
campaign lo cover three years, spending at. the rate of $20,000 a monili.
This money will bc used in advertising the value and Ihc hcnltli.jlticss
_f milk, buttermilk, cheese and ice
cream. The advertisements will bc
carried in the leading magazines and
daily papers, ll is an ambitious programme, but not at all impracticable
if thc dairy interests are willing to
pay  the  bills,    If  thc  advertising is
III,      I ��� ��� ���   i ' '   i 1 ' ��� .; IU\-      ii|'i  iiur'ii, ��� .
and  interest  on  capital   was P.ron"sed. !
him hack In I
Margulti is
$195,   The grower calculates lhal he
saved on his 80,000 bushel crop 1,600j     ,
bushels    of    broken    and    shrunken S1"''1
wheat  worth  $'J_0,  freight  ou   which ""~7~T_"
to the terminal elevator would have The Wall of Triple Steel
cost  $2-0, and  haulage  lo  tlie  local     Had  it  nol  been  for "ihc imprcg
elevator $64.    lie  thus had a profit; liable  wall of triple steel," lhc    warj*
of $19.   The outfit paid for itself in would    have been    over before Ihis.
one year, and he says is as good as Germany would have triumphed; hu-
when it started. This experiment, il milailing terms of peace would have
is argued, proves that cleaning lhc b'en signed. We and lhe dominions,
grain on a large farm before hauling and  indeed,  our  allies  and  the  ncu-
wcll done, it will bc profitable to"the is  practicable and     advisable.      Tbetral world, owe much to Britisii sca-
dairymen of ihe country.   It will in-.really practicable way for lhc whole power.   " '
crease    lhe    consumption    of    dairy country generally would be that the naval r
products permanently; and if the sup- threshing   outfits   should   include   a'von
ply can bc increased lo take care of grain  cleaning  attachment,  as  many
W hat ever may
rirpitz, llu-    chief
$2,708.56 tor
Railway companies of recent year*
have increased the capacity of grain
cars considerably. Thij along with
high prices that have prevailed at
limes since the outbreak of the
European war has made it possible
to net largf sums on individual car
A very few years ago a remittance
of $1,000 would look big to any shipper.    This year checks of ovcr twice
that amout    arc comparatively common. However, the highest return on
a single car ye; recorded was made
poison-1jjy   lnc   (;r;1;n   Growers'   Grain   Co.,
!Ltd.,    of Winnipeg,    on August    JO,
��� when a car from Travers, Aha., car-
used rying    ii920 bushels  10  lbs.,  graded
stead of sugar in  making a cakc.|No   ���   Northern,     with  no dockage,
Samples    of salt  arc    occasionally
long as    the officer had [sent to experimental stations by far-
use his influence to gel mors for analysis, with the statement
trenches, and he did. j that animals, usually cattle or sheep,
iw fighling with ihc re- were poisoned afler eating il in con-
id is a read corporal.       sidcrablc quantities,    In no case has
any    foreign    substance  that    would
[siremlnt     for    the      poisoning    been
Since sail is necessary lo life and
5 ill universal use, it is difficult lo
i realize lhal ill large amounts il
is poisonous, Many cases of
ing in chickens have been reported,
and occasionally ill larger animals. In
!onc instance salt was by inistak
1        ,-. iini:
i- ,i   ',',-     l1,c"1.ia".y! The cake was'given  lo  the chickens
hey now that Grand Admiral
and   sold   at   $1.56.   The   check is-
thc demand without too much of an of them now do ou a sheaf loading!pics in both hemispheres lo thc offi-1
Pirate,  nasi  .     susceptible lo salt poisoning aud
gone,; the   debt  ol   the  civilized  peo- !_.,,���-,_ (|k ��MOU_t ���,.u j, ,.kes u, kill
nd killed all of Ihem.   Chickens are sued i,y the ,;���;��� Growers' Grain Co
-rlvaucc in prices, the results will bc,machinc,
satisfactory.���Wallace's Farmer.
errs  and  men   who   serve  under  the
Any ordinary threshing machine if J White Ensign will not be lessened as
the months    pass  which  separate us
from our inevitable victory.���Editor-
a horse or cow is considerable, this
in settlement was $2,708.56. There
is little doubt but that this is the largest sum lhat lias been paid in    the
'fitted  with  proper screens and  care-
Ifully operated is capable of removing
A Simple Declaration
"What are your views ou the tar-'nlan>' ��' ''1C smaller weed seeds that liai in London
|ffj�� jnow constitute a considerable percen-
"i'm for protection of    everything -age ��* elevator screenings. |    High;
lhat my constituents manufacture fori [there.
sale," replied Senator Sorghum. "And |    Fiance: And will  Bobby be sorry J Street 1
I favor free trade for everything lhat'when I marry his sister? I    Lowe:
lhcy are compelled to buy for cash."I    Bobby:   Ves,  1  will, 'cause  1  likei    High:  1 don'l know
���Washington Star. |you.���Boston Transcript, (it
There's Fred Scads over
He made a million in lire
* I   Mar.
but be mad
souirtmns occurs when these animalsjhjstory of the    Canadian  West  for
any single shipment sold through the
regular market channels.
arc especially salt hungry.
When animals have not had access
to salt for a long lime, it is safer to
give il lo them sparingly ai first.
Just for Fun
"1 should say so. She's even good
to look al when she's eating corn on
tiie cob."���Detroit  Ficc  Press,
Kindly Gent: Aren't you afraid ol
catching cold on a night like this,
mv lad?
Paper Boy: Ko, sir, I'm all right.
Selling papers keeps up the ciltula*
^1���. ��� -���-..
but   they
Dry Goods Departmenl
Thf-* Cnnrrpnav Rpvipw inever bee" controverted, b
i (iv. v_,ounenay rveview uave uever pr0(-���ced reform.
And Comox V  lej Advocate |    *rile gngi}sh memorial, however,
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   Pubished  at drives home   every   one   of   those
Courtenav, B, ii, points by emphasizing its relation
N. ir. bodkn, irditor and Proprietor to military necessity,   The   moral
Subscript ion S1.G0 per Vear  111   Advance ' and physical effects of   drinks    are
  ' such as to make the nation less able
THURSDAY, <>_. I1), 1 yi'J ,.     o   i.       , . t    .
  to tight nnd to manufacture rauniti-
It looked as though the Electric '��,ls: ����� many ways, direct and in-
LiR-hl difficulty was goinu to be j direct, the loss of food and of space
solved at one stage of the Council ��������� freight Cars and vessels works f,adies ready-to-wear and trimmed Hats
meeliiiR on Monday evening, when I llar'�� -�� the a.my, Hampered Wonderful variety of plain and oma-
the Council   decided   to   pay   the tints. Britain Hghling   for iis life, mental shapes,
oul tanding account for repairs and cat,11��t exert its full strenght.    No Dress  Goods
nsk the Company to turn   on   the --"ore Powerful motive aiiim ites the   .\���vritv patterns In suit lenghts suitable
liuhts ai   the   old   rate     At    the English people now tlnn   iis   pur- for evening wear,
meeting of the citizens called  last  oose to win the. war. ^    ' Costumes
Friduy night tlie concensus of The successful experience with
opinion seemed lo be thai the Conn
cil ihould'have the lights turned on
ind Iso : Lined i ell iOlltlble lb.it
ihoukl in iin;.iin ihr- lamps
���a*. I h i Company ha ��� erected   them
and presented them   to  the  City, 1 fURe reformers tieeu able to ]jaiut lo
During th i stringent   times   when' nnv adequate  demonstration of Uie
the taxes   are  not coming in free- soc'nl benefits of  abstinence.    The ' Invictus shoes lor ladies  in  eight  and
Iv it Is felt that 5(10  or   firm   Watt comparative prosperity and eflicien-    ten inch tops in button and   laced, with
"       cy that Russia lias   derived   from  >'l.-U. i���i-s '.��,l  vici  kid  v-i.tip--.   Also
,  ,.     ,,       . Ill p ileal Willi dull   kill   lops.
stopping the use ol vodka is a con- _,
viucing argument.    As for France, Coatings
it is impossible not to  connect   the   Coatings in Eiderdown, Blanket   Cloths
, .,             ....                  ,        . , Uadics   man-tailored   r-uii**   iu   Serges,
prohibition Ot Russia,  and.   Within Checks and Covet Cloths, etc,,
c.rtain limits, ot France,   gives   to c       .     <-.    ,
the arguments a still more  irrisist* Sweater Coats
| ible force,    Never   before   in   the bndies nil wool sweater coats and sweat-
history of the world  have   temper lets nml crips.    All plain  shades and
 lullalloil colOI'S ill Lln' newest styles.
Invictus 5!*oes
!sznv.-jTsm!rB^^. "wm ���_.; .irii..-Tr**r*-*'r-���
Tiie Finest
Whe it in
-plus milling skill ���plus milliug experience���
plus modern mill plant - plus many other
important factors and you have the answer-
lamps are a luxury the citv can afford to do without, and it proposed
to use none of higher power than
i.-'i  Walts.    This will   materially
reduce llie   lin'itine   bills   durinr. I banishment of absinth and  its pro- in pla
. . . . 1.re:.......  ..c.i i.     r    n   i.    ,..
nn and sports checks,  also Astra*
'-     ������.������.   ���>'     the   same" time I hibition of the sab: of all liquor  to j khans and Tweeds
���"' -     Uanies coats In black and while  stripes,
n   covel
provide sufficient light for citizens
to find Iheir waj about, The
Company can offer no objection lo
this. [I is a well-known fact that
many citizens are waiting  for   the
,   ,. , ,       ,   l.illlll  *���   111.IIM   111    111,11   '.   II II* I    UIIIU-
women, soldiers, and young people   .-.-.���.-is, Sport checks  and   piain
with the fact that I'.n is has had the . cloths,
lowest infant'lenth rale in   its   bis-! .
lorv; for in England,  where lonely Gents  Furnishings
women are drinking to an   unusual ...       ,
Invictus shoes
tied before extent, infant mortality is  increas- I
I'he best guide
in : ivor ol the total tile nast
the trade in alcoholic jon of such a q      ion requires, not j w   G   am-  r
ited   to   the   British  the edict of one man,   but   the  as-   styles and fabri
���i large body of dis- [sent ot millions     If bv  sur.re
ik during the   \
n   "St-*, ij ���' of
''We are no
el's as Sill ll
A memorial
prohibition of
government Iv
linguished and repre ienl ative   cil i-
. , in I ho ��� w u I i fore tails tlle
1 ru f'nglislim ill's ro iled aversion to any.bin r i hal lool s like
iuterfi i nee with hi - p usonal liberty, ttbn - . il for prohibition sl; ii Ily ui uiilil iry neces
The ii m ul ; urged ag dnsl
,i. i i.i 11 .��� ii irial are the same
that have bei u urged for generati
on I, and ' il :lj wi i increasing eo-
gei y, by "temptrance reformers
ar- such " 1 Hin* injtti , - the people morally and phy ii alb ; lessens
tin ir effii ieucy and vvastes llieir
substance, by using grain and sugar for its material and by makiu-j
demands   n ' ibor,   ma hinery, and
The signers nf the memorial be-1 ���-"T c ira,w """'U'    '
.   "      . , . ,   .       I whal has   become   gen
lteve that, with  such   lacts   before ,      "ihe best good shoi
them, the people of   fireat  Britain
would not res'eut a law that eiiforc-
,   ed total abstinence during the w if.
nn   Movement. L-.P,,        ,.,.,���  ,
'jilt the prohibition : ���  icy in K.n   ..
mper nee  reform- the Czar's finance minister has snid
| "There cannot be   any   return   to
In England the   decis-
snoes is a re-
r trade mark ol
ally   known  as
is Invictus.
md suv'.',; coals
V llll   ���
in l'Ti'v. mar-
fancy stitch-
"'������.   'CUV
J    '���'
JL** ���
* *i i- .'.
���without a peer iu the world.
ROYAl, STANDARD FLOUR is born in Canadian W'lnal fields tiie besl wheal producing land:, oil .earth.
The net result when ROYAL STANDARD is
used -Bread,   Biscuits,', Buns, etc, bigger in
volume���finer   in texture -grcatei
value -cleaner and whiter in bod*)'.
in    food
The trademark - the Circle V on the sack assures you,
".;.-' '    "     ' .-  '   ' '���    '.    >'��� ������:��� ���:���.-_���'���-       r*-*1W-^^n;fr'rJ*T**'-,''p-^ MIT
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Pho-K 33, F.-id ni Brieve F. Movili,   M.r.
..-'.���'���    hi small
white   checks   and
itee that Roes with  all   shirts  I r
: i.aind \v. r. and   R.   full   ���
Cornet styles.    P'ast colors, and a wl
'�����"- ' su' ���'        ���'"  " neckband, full shrunk,
ing    and    eulistii g    the    whole
"Strength of Bril :in," ,.llv*y.    l   i, NeCKVi
might conceivably decide   never io   Newest styles hi I
i- ���,.     |o tlie past ml large black n
The   above   editorial   from   ihe     ';'    . sport tie^ Hat wing bows, Ber.by
, ,     ,, .      ,, and \\ mdsor tics.
Bostou     Youths Companion,    ot   ,,,,.,.. ,        ��� ,.      ,,
'     , ,   '   . ,     Hats,   Caps!   Suspenders,    Hells.    Also
Oct. ,-tb, r.n ���xncnsiveweek y with    fine dress kid gloves and working gloves.
over half a million  subscribers, in- j ____.
dicates that even in   Britain   it   is
dicates that even in   tsritain   it   is    ef,? / *'?   >*>_"
time for those who   are  financially!  ^&y\fgAi
inler' -ted i�� liquor I i look for safer       MM,wA    \fi -'...-
A  Duncan,
.-.���*'*'*"    ���-.-   ��� - ..
._     ~      B
the eo-l of foo
ntodities.   Th
eopenea m�� oa
in Brown's Block
The annual meeting of the Lazo  Menzies   were  present    and   Air.
"[l ..��"(j" r^b Red Cross Guild Was held  in   the  Menzies   took   the   chair  cu   the
.'.���!Lazo Public hall, on Thursday af-   unanimous vote of  those   present,
arguments  navejternoolli Qct. 12,    Rev.   and  Mrs,   Alter    Hading    and   adoption  of
 _   miimtes of last annual meeting, all
members of committees were :e-
elected, also Mrs. Smith Miss Mar-
jorie Pigotl and Mi-;s Irene Smith
as new members of committees to
fill places of members who have
.eft the District, Mrs. Marl in to
preside. The fo.lowiug reports
were made:
The Secretary giving records of
meetings and of resolutions adopted
during the year, and also, presenting tbe following financial statement,
which shows the energetic and j
faithful work of all members of the
Balance trom last year $41.00
Re fund Machine Gun fund   37.08 j
Proceeds of entertainments    78.90
Proceeds of articb s donated
and raffled by Society 76.85
x. v \J \\J u j
r ^dyear*
i _
*_i _*_ ---I
alio     i3..<v,y<_.*i!
arA  Accessories
Bicycles For Sale
Phone L46 Courtenay
Speak, Don't Write ; Talk,
Don't Walk.
When one hi-- a matter to discuss with  some other
person, a personal interview is highly desirable.
What is more personal than  conversation ?
Converse by Telephone.    It gives  you   instant,   direct
communication.   No necessity to write or travel.
British  Columbia   Telephone Co.
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo  Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
RETURNING-Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Disl. I'sss-ii.rr Agent, Victoria
Agent Courtenay, Phone R60
Material, flannelette, wool,
etc. 211,72
Postage express, etc. 4.7K
Expense of entertainments.    17.45
Balance on hand- 30.73
Report of Buying committee reporting quantity of wool and material purchased.
Report of shipping committee by
Mrs. Bambrick giving articles ship-
ed as follows, 115 pairs of son
with 25 pair on baud. Fanncletlc
garments 144, Mitts. 3 pairs, Wash
c'olhs, 4 doz
Report of Prisoner of War Fund
bv Miss f. Smith. Money forwarded to Mrs. Sillitoe, Vancouver.
Auditors report all accounts wcrc
correct, A vote of appreciation
and thanks was tendered Mrs.
Formby, Mrs. Wilkinson, and Mrs
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing ��f Horse Blankets, Lap
Runs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Crises, 1'tc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumnerland and Courtenay
l-rncticiil Shoemaker nml Repair
Next to Hardy & Biseoe
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Pactory Experience
Recommends  Irom  Leading Miisiclaus
from Un-' Atlantic to tbe Pacific,   Copies
of snnie Inrnlshed on request
W 1 Goard  will uc  in this city  "bout
Oct.    1.    t-eave orders at this Office,
or write direct to
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniaino
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Ice Cream
f, ���  ,,,   , c     Pi**  Slh Ave., W.   ���   Vancouver Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
Ut A. \biiij, dec. u��v- v.*        1 j THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Letter to the Editor
To the Ratepayers of the  City  of
Courter ay.
Gentlemen:���The following is a
statement of an estimated cost of
construction of a combined Water
'and Electric Light, Heat and power system from Brown's River, taken from quotations of constructing
engineers, together with an estimate of revenue, cost of operation,
���aud amount required to be annually raised to pay for same. You
are respectfully asked to carefully
peruse and criticize tlie same, and
compare the estimated cost of light
to the consume) with the present
cost of liglu paid to the Courtenay
Electric Light, Heat and Power
Co . nnd the charges for water as
paid in other cities, viz;��� Asberofi
$3,00 per tu.iith, Armstrong, ap
proximately $t,5o par month for
householders and from $3.23 to $6.
per mouth for business 'bouses:
Kaslo, approxim itch 81.50 tojfc.50
per month for h m-eholders. ' and
frmn $1,50 to $5.00   for   business
C.st of Water
plcte us .9li11111l.il by competent engineers $3Q,000,00
Cost of Ulectric Light, Heal
and Power system ns estimated 10,000.00
preat that we could   not use  same
for purposes of generating nor-.-er,
I a fuel oil svstcm similar lo the Ver,
l      aBBHSMKSESJSS*"-* -__-***l*��_-**-*-g_-*--:
Yours truly,
Intense heat-resisting power is the feature of the almost
imoerishable fite-box linings of our own McClary .seiui-
stetl fire-box made in eight pieces���can't warp.
Wafer,   100 householders at,
$l.Ml per month 1800,00   "on system could readily be instal-
50 business liousesnt average j led to operate the Electric plant,
rate of say {3,00 per month        1800.00
Total 3,600.101
Light,   100  liouseliolders nt i
$1.50 per mouth 1,800 00
50 business houses nt average
rate of say $3.00 per month 1,800.00
Ainiiinl   charge   for   .street 1
lights, say 600.00 j
Total 4.-00.00
Total revenie $7,800.00      Blenheim Orange: J.   Knight, J,
I,ess 10 per Cent discount \ ri    ,, a hi.
for prompt payment 72e'.oo   Carthew; Any other variety named
 early, J, Carthew, R.   Williamson;
Totnl net revenue "*7o8o,ooj Any other variety named   late,   R,     knOW that and that is Why it Carries my guarant__ Via v*ell
ANNUAL Bxpr-NDITORU I Williamson, J,   Dosyney; Plate of    as the makers', w70
Logaii berries, Halliday  Bros.   P.     ���  ���-���-
For   sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
m s__^*i_r>' %�����-' W^^Jiikw-1^^
The man who designed the Kootenay knew his job
Three men at   $1.'00.00   per
year $3,600,00 Janes: Flale   of   Blackberries,   P,
2 1-2 per cent deprecation fanes, C. Adey;   Best   display  of
on water-plant 7So.oo  ,,,.ll,1���.u,i;l]lv   packeci    apples     ,
1 per cent service a iten- Crth'v    Piercv  Bros ��� Itartl.tti H. Bridges; Plain cake iced
mice, water plant 3oo.oo   e.uui.,\,    1 iciej   mon.,   _saui tie ,,   ,, ���,
S per cent depreciation on pears, J, Carthew,    Piercy   Bros,;   ��-rs. Mci bee, 11. Bridges; Giugi
Blectric syst.-iii .00,00  Souvenir du Congress Piercy Bros,  bread, Mrs, McPhee,   Mrs,   Adey:
2 per.cent service iiiainteii- P, Dowuey:  Clapps   Favorite    J.  Cookies, H. Bridges, Mrs, McPhee
Phee, II. Bridges; Plain cake iced,   Tlir'iq'rv      pr; k DQC"
Mrs. McPhee, II. Bridges; Ginger    I OC_J_.L/       F ��_/*.. .0,._.__s
nice. Klerlrie System
-  Knight; Any other   pears,   Piercy  Baking   Powder   biscuits,
Total annual expenditure       $"3*o.oo   Bros, 2nd; Vicar of Wakefield,   J.   Beach, P, Janes; Buns, Mrs
Barrister and  Solicitor,   Notary
Tovv.  "none 6 Courtenay
leaving annual surplus of     $i73o.oo  Knight: Flemish Beauty, J. Knight ler, Mrs. Adey: Layer cake,   Mrs, ���-
It will thus be seen  that n i Louis bon de Jersey   Piercy  Bros McPhee, Hicks-Beach;   Apple Pie
bl'lt'ohe!i:'nnU'!lu','T!umn-dy               ���&i   .���>>'*'h����    D'Angouiiiie    J, -1- Bridges, Mrs. McPhee;   Lemon Qf
amoZuobepnlcioiibmicl" Knight;   Black   Diamond   Plums, ?-��. Mm.   McPhee,    H,    Bridges.
Courtenay    Hotel
n. follow;
<i he raised
lA'SS Mil
plus of
��� iercy !Bros.   2nd:   Grand   Duke|pll,um pudding, Mrs,   Adey,   H. COURTENAY, B. C.
Plums, J. Carthew; Pond  Seedling  Bridges; DoungntltS, Mrs. McPhee Comfort  With Moderate Hit.
H. McPhee, J.    Carthew:   Green-   -������   Bridges;   Homemade    jellies.   Bert Wines T. 1
leaving nnioiuit to be raised gage, Bell Irving, and; Yellow Egg  Mrs- Adey; Homemade jams. Mrs.   "'"' 1",'""''a l
Total estimated cosl $40.000.0U annnally by taxation %'9o2A">  T, Menzies; Lombard, T. Menzies;   McPhee, Mrs. Adey; Pickles  Mrs.    _-_-________.������
Allowance for extensions or |    Tlle present total taxable assessment   Bradshaw, Halliday Bros.;   It-ilian   Arlev; Marmalade, Mrs, Adey, Mrs
C0--t*nKel*c|*-3 j^OOOOOhs j69 oo, on which Hire.- (3) mills,   Prunes. Piercy Bros.;   J    Knight; j McPhee; Canned fruits, F.   Janes,
Total 4. m() **n*| to be on the safe side, would raise S.:,-  Prunes, any other Kind, J. Knight,   Mrs. McPhee;   Homemade  wines,
it: t
Municipal Iran
-nt- re idilj .ellii
t" par, Allowi
beinii n City (rei
in lebteduess am
security, there \
������ 6 per cents
; al hum .s.*>e
S   that   this
[rom bonded |**v
��� I lirsl   class j''
nd, Anv other   kind   plum   not j Ji Kuiglit. H    Gurney;   Vinegar,
The,r.ies quoted in  the above for mentioned, T, Menzies, J, Knight; fridges Bros, Honey in cquib,   T.
i_ i iiii^.:    In in >.���>���_       MM, 1 iim l-..1i> J .<..������_>     (it-ii . '    "* �� '       *.  t ��� it tr\        \  i ��� r i
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation       Cusiue Excelleo
business bouses   nud   householders nre
Wm. Mer,-; field
i sum.rs won
' ones somew
or peraaps uui
at   -'.io
Ud be 5,000.00
Making a totul amount of
debentures 50,000,00
The above estimate for installation ol Electric Light
plant might pos iblyb ��� reduced by purclnsing the present
.system operating within the
BONDS may be issued repay-
rilile on either of   two   plans,
r a I By means of Sinli
i b) By equal annua] i
10 years.;
uu at b j._r cent
Amount required to beplac
ed in sinking fund each' yeai
to meet the principal
In   30   years   this   would
auipuut to $118, 64-5,00
(30 years.)
Annual amount to be raised   83,632.45
In   30  rears   this    would
amount to $108,973,50
Or.' a saving in 30 years of     $9,-r'71,60
The latter slieme would therefore be preferable,
I'r.lil*     <r()()(l
a ud
n    -
1 IC
*illl_***:i   inm-n'-i     ill iu     llUUSCllumcrs   lire i >       . , i ��� i T       r\      , t Mmii'/ihci   lliMii'i'       I"      IM Ati viae-   f rnc.i
erne-rates,   a  sliding  seal,  would W collection plums, T. Catthew,   Menzies, Hone-,       Menzies, tiesn
ve to be arranged whereby small con- Grapes, dark, Mrs, Adey. ii,   Mc-iegKs.   -*-<���    Hogarth,   J,     Knight
Phee: Grapes, light,    1.   Carthew;   Boiled potatoes lii.ackets, Halliday
Peaches, early Crawford, C. Adey;   Bros. J.   Knight;   Dressed   fowls,   \faQ   Yj&teY   OuestiOD
Quoting from the City of Vernon Peaches, any other kind,   R,   Mc- H, Gurney;
witli an Electric   Light   plaut   of Quillau, T. Carthew,   Quinces,  C  .    Crochet Lace, Mrs,   Hornal,   I,
such extension that  it cost  about Adey, R. Williamson; Best collect-  Anderson;   Skirt,   crochet,   Mis.
$200,000, the salaries  and   main- ive exhibit of fruit, J. Knight.        | Ada/, 2nd; Baby's bonnet, R, Hor-
tenauce amounted to slightly over      Floral,    carnations, R, McQail- nal; Shawl, Miss   L.    Franchesin;
5 per cent  of cost of equipment. Ian, T, Shaw; Dahlias. J. Davis 2nd  Doylies, V. Freloiie, M, Franchan,
Tlwir profit for the year was   j*8.- Pausies, J. Knight, 2nd; Roses, J.   Pillow slips, H.  Bridges;   Child's  p(
048l9o. Davis, Stocks, J,   Knight;   Asters,  diess, H. Bridges; Sideboard scarf
The Vernon   Water  System,   a J, Knight, W. Grieve-  J_iniii_s,   J.   H. Bridges 2nd. Slippers, H   Brid-   VVater
$240,000,00   plant   was operated, Kufght, J. Davis: Petunias, J. Davis %es; Cushion.   Mrs.   Balaguo.   II, ,.    ,       .
salaries and all repairs, for $3,590.- Sweet Peas, J. Knight.   J.   1) wis-  Bridges; Piece of embroidery,  Mrs. light   ii!   eaCll
41 aud showed a net profit   for the Annuals, J. Knight: Fushia. single  M, Halliday. H    und;;.-*;   Under-
year, after chaigim-up'to the wat- Mrs  Dilmau, Mrs. R.   McQuillan;   vest, kitted, Mrs. Ad.v; Shirt. Mrs Apply,   MRS.   WM.   LEWIS
er account the amount  of  interest Fushia, double, Mrs. Dilmau, Mrs.   Adey; Ladies stockings,   Mrs. mc   _
ou debentures, of gi.645.26. McQuillan; Geraniums,   Mrs   Me,   Court, Mrs. Adey. Childrens stock-
The City of Vernon has  a-com Quillan, T,   Menz.i  s;   Geranium,   ings, Mrs.   Adey;   Socks,   mis   J.
bined system of Light,   Heat   and Mrs. Diluian; Table boquct,   Mrs    Cairns, Mrs   McCotirt*; Undercbtli*
Power which is owned and operat- McQuillan, J. Shaw; Hanging bas-  'fas, H. Bridges   Pillow   slips,   II.
.________.led by the City with fuel  oil.    The ket.   Mrs,   McQuillan;   Begonias,  Bridges. Mis. Menzies, Button holes
Total amount to be raised an- consumers pay   for light eight (S) T, Menzies; Specimen Begonia L.   Mrs. Halliday, Mrs.   Pran.:  Night
Lua"y ?3,951,50|ceutsper kilowatt hour,   for heat Cliffe. Mrs, McQuillan, Cut flowers dress,   II.   Bridges,   T.     Woods;
and cooking two aud one   quarter Mrs. McQuillan; Ladies Spray,  J.  Aprou by girl under   14,   Mildred
(2 1-4) cents, and for   power from Knight, 2nd, McQuillan: Pillow slips by girl un
one and a half (1 1-2) to  four aud Miscellaneous.        Homemade der 14, Flora Beaton,   Under-loth- j
one half (4 1-2) cents, and   run it bread, white. Mrs, E. Hogarth, W  ing, machine sewing, H.    Bridges,
at a profit as shown iu their animal J. Miller; Homemade   bread  made   Mrs. J. Anderson,   Child's   winter
statement:, from Royal Standard   Flour,   W,  dre=s, Mrs. Prane, Child's summer
Therefore, if by reason of i nereis- Miller. E. Hogarth; Brown Bread,  dress, Miss 1). Slums, Mrs.  Prane,
ed population,  or  otherwise,   the Mrs. McPhee, F, Janes; Milk rolls Comforter, Mrs. Carter, Mrs   Ccs*;
consumption of water   became   so 1   ..iiini ; 1 nil cil-i, Mrs. Mc   sford, Crazy  patchwork.   Mrs.   J, j
McDonald. Battenberg, Mrs. Towler
Ui Af-'xO,   1.'    1 ... ���. j
Watchmaker, Jewi lier a
at Brown's
Courtenay, B. C.
"KS-n '*���*��������,V'Tir*- ���fryer.-...*-;,- ���������- ���-      ���-���������,...���.-
i-_i;.;:;..i;,__i_...:���,_i_:_i-.:_i-V*__-. U. ;';!__J_*ir';_
H.   Bridges,   Lace   handkerchief
��  Mrs, Towler. Hand made rug, Mrs.
R. Cessford    Mrs,    Hornal.   Tray
Cloth, Mrs, Menzies; J.   Anderson.
y  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Head   rest,   Mrs.   Carter,   Drawn ' S|,;ts $2? p g?
work, H.   Bridges,   Mrs.   Dilm.-.u, ��� " 7' "**
0 up
Cannot be done any
better or any
er anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
enay Review
Fancy bag, Mrs. Cliff*;  mis,   Men-  preE���,,,,,.
zies,   pinafore.   Mrs,   Adey.   Mrs,   Suits
Prane, Apron, mis.   McPhee,   Doll'Coats
dressed by girl under 14. Jean neas- , ^j".11*
ley, Centrepiece. H. midges, live- , vests'
let centrepiece;   Mrs,   \\T.   Grieve, , Dresses
H. Bridges. Work basket, H- Brid- j Overcoats
ges, Laundry nag, H. Bridges, Mrs
Carter Apron, Mrs. W, Grieve, Mrs
Carter:  Tea  Cosey.   H,   midges. .
punch work. mis. w, Grieve, h. ; Haney   I.  Kushicla
nndges,  latting, Mrs,  Menzies,        ���. .���'.,,. _ ,
Artistic.    Pencil   drawing,   girl   "^ "5_?>IS.,J__ft R���b"teon's Drag
under 15; F,   Wilcox,   E.   Miller, 1
Pen and ink drawing, E. Miller, K. |
Taylor, Water color, 1'.   Miller, M
.7 1       Overcoats
Uey aring, Ktc.
Gents clothea kept in order by the
uiontli 12,50
Store, Uuion St., Courtenay
Grieve, Oil Painting, O. Hodgson,
Mrs. Dilmain, Drawing, R, Taylor
P, Pigott, Cushion, Mrs, Cnrter,
O. Hodgson, Grasses, II. Bridges.
Map. W. naikie, P, Goode. nest 12
photos Spencer Taylor,
Try a Review Ad.
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
'-----���- - - - -- - -^��u-_ f*r*fg** THE   REVIEW.   COUHTNEY,   B. C
Word, l.e,k6 Cc.,Limited
lu tlie iiicaulituc Lady Ursula and
Paul had conic downstairs ready for
their walk. In the hall they mel
Lord Eastling, whose expression
changed when he saw thai he was
with  his  wife.
"1 thought, Ursula, you were going oul   with   nn,"  said  ho  coldly.
But her sweet, pleading face made
peace between them,
"I am going mil with both of you,"
she said.
Very reluctantly the lun men accompanied her, while she exerted herself, hy addressing lirst the one and
then lhc other, lo keep lhc peace be-
tween Ihem and to make conversation in which both musl join her.
She had set her heart on ihi*. opportunity of bringing the two nun
nearer together, on smoothing away
difficulties and on effecting a real reconciliation between them, for which
she believed lhal her talk with her
brother thai morning had prepared
llic way.
But the result was not very successful.
They visilcd lhc village where Lady
Ursula had made herself known and
beloved, and where her Iwo companions were amused at the welcome
given her by the uncouth natives of
the  Black  Country.
On the way they passed a man
who was evidently not a native, of
lhc place���a man who turned on his
heel and disappeared, as it wcrc, furtively at their approach. Lord Last-
ling looked at the disappearing figure
with a strong impression that he had
seen it before somewhere.
()n lluir return homewards ihey
saw   il again.
Bul this lime he had a good look
;it the man and lad no difficulty in
remembering where he had seen the
face before. It was thai of the taller
of the iwo men who had made him
feel sure, by llieir behavior in the
Strand restaurant, that llicy were
friends, or perhaps accomplices, of
1'aul  Payne.
The whole ugly story of the pearl
necklace, and his doubts, flSshcd vividly back inlo his mind as Lord
Eastling looked from Paul, walking
on lhe other side of Lady Ursula, to
tllis skulking figure in the overcoat
vml bowler hat.
What was the man doing llicrc?
Full of his doubts of his brother-
in-law, which had perforce been assuaged somewhat by his sister's earnest, trusting advocacy, Lord Eastling slopped short and watched the
man as he slunk awav once more.
"Who's that fellow?" he asked
sharply, addressing  1'aul.
"liow on carlh should 1 know?"
replied his brother-in-law lazily.
"Some loafer in want of a pal lo treat
him,  I  should imagine."
"He looked," observed Lady Ursula, anxious to appease the antagonistic feeling which she perceived lo
be rising again in her companions,
"as if he hoped to find a friend among us."
"Thai's what I thought," said Lord
Eastling, drily.
Lady Ursula looked at her brother
v. itli   -itilderi   fear.
"lie has a mosl disagreeable countenance," said she "lie has a horrid
"Yes," *.iid Lord Eastling, while
Paul said nothing,
l.oid Eastling remained silent for
lhc rest of the walk, being deeply occupied in conjecture concerning lhc
appearance ol ihis man in lhe neighborhood. Instantly all his doubts
arose afresh and he set himself to
keep v, a I cli oine more upon the
movements of his brolhcr-in-law, dc-
tcrniincd to prevent a meeting between him and Ihis man whom he believed lo be his accomplice, and in
whom he recognized thc person who
had  visited   1'aul  al   the   hotel.
1'aul, however, never lefl the house
for the rest of the day, except lo go
with his brolhi r-in-law lo the posl
office lo buy some stamps and post
some  Idlers.
I In the following morning, while
Lady Ursula was having her hair
dressed, llicrc was a violent knocking
al her door, and Mrs. Finchden came
in, radiant and breathless with excitement. In the doorway stood her
husband, laughing and apologetic.
"Oh, Lady Ursula," gasped the excited lady, as she rushed at her
friend and threw herself on the floor
beside her, "It's all  right.    I've got
llieni back���my pearls! my pearls!"
And she stammered oul a confused account of ihc return of ihe three
rows of pearls lhal morning, senl
through the post in a shallow carton
bos, without a word of explanation,
Lady Ursula looked at lhe box, al
lhe pearls within it, and al the direction outside, 'this was ill an old-
fashioned female hand. The postmark was that of ihe nearest lown.
She rose lo her feel, lu ureal excitement, and turned to her husband as
soon   as   Mrs.   Limlidiii   had   left   llie
"Paul,"  said   she. "il   was  lhal  horrid   looking   man   wc   saw    yesterday
who   slide   them   and   who  sent   them
back.      Don'l you    remember?    The
inan  who looked  al  us so oddly;  lhc
i man  my brother spoke aboul!"
1'aul shrugged his shoulders,
j    "What should be have to do wilh
il:" he asked in surprise.
Hut she persisted.
"I am sure I'm righl," said she.
"Tom looked at him suspiciously,
and so did  I."
"But if he was the thief, why
should he send the pearls back?''
I "I think," said Lady Ursula, "that
lhc had heard of lhe slir aboul litem,
land that he was afraid."
| "I shouldn't wonder," said Paul absently, as he read for lhc second
time a letter which lhe posl had just
brought him.
'flic letter contained 1 li esc words���
I "I'car Syd,��� Wc areu.t going to
Island no more nonsense. Unless wc
have the money or lhc pearls, Kvans
'and mc, as you promised by tomorrow night wc will queer your pilch
with  your fine friends.
"So now you know. No more al
'present, from your friend, B. G."
j Paul read lhe lctlcr a third lime,
: including Brady (lane's initials al lhe
j fool. Then he threw il into lhe. lire
and  watched  it burn.
and   taking  hello smile.
Whal   should
"Why, Paul, what's the matter?"
There was a sudden note of keen
iinxiety in thc voice of I.ady Ursula
las she put Ibis question lo her hus-
[band' He was standing by the lire,
watching tiie last comer of the letter
I from Brady Mane as it turned black
land lloaled up lhe chimney in lhc
lie   turned   lo   her,
|by  the  elbows,  tried
"Nothing,  my  dear
ibe the mailer?"
"Who  was  that  letter from?"
"The    onc  I've    thrown  inlo    lhe
fire?    Well,  it  was a  begging lctlcr,
lhal  was all."
Her  countenance  grew  clearer.
.  "Ah,    it's    very    dreadful    lo  get
those,"  she  said     wilh  a  little  sigh.
"One  doesn't  like  to lake  no  notice
of ihem, for fear thc story the writer
tells may bc  true"
Mc shook his head.
"It  is   never   true,  you   know,"   he
"Paul," said she, as her face grew
grave again, "how do you explain the
return  of the  pearls?"
He shrugged his shoulders.
"1   scarcely   know  how   lo   explain
it, unless    it  really was a    practical
joke, as I put it to them yesterday."
But she shook her head.
"I  don't    think    it was thai,"  she
said.    "I'm    more  inclined    lo  think
lhcy wcrc slolcn by one of lhe  servants in league    with  someone outside.    Do you remember lhc man wc
saw yesterday,    skulking    about just
outside     Ihe  village,     the  man  who
seemed lo bc on llic watch for some-
Ion c?"
I "My dear, you've suggested already
jthat that poor wretch was concerned
iin ihis affair, but 1 can't scc the. faifl-
|lest possibility of any connection. I
l should like you to tell mc what put
such a wild idea inlo your head.",
I Lady Ursula did not al once reply.
It was quite true, as Paul knew, lhat
'she had "hit the right nail on the
head," but il was only by accident,
and womanlike she would have been
hard put to it to give reasons for her
The instinct she had thai il was
:lbc affair of lhc pearls which had
brought this man lo a place where
he was evidently a stranger was, in-
��� deed, born of several trilling e.ircuin-
' stances, each so apparently Insignificant thai it would have escaped notice by itself.
Thus, the man had looked hard at
I Paul, and Paul, on seeing him, had
quickly averted his head; he had
glanced out of the corners of his eyes
at I.ord Eastling, who had evidently
|bccn startled to sec him there.
j These trifles, amounting lo nothing much in all yesterday, seemed lo
Lady Ursula to have assumed urcat-
jer importance today. Yet still she
[would have found it hard to account
[for thc connection she imagined bc-
jtween thc appearance of thc.strange
man and thc restitution of the pearls.
(To Bc Continued.)
No Astrological Hope for Kaiser
'The remainder of lhe year holds
Old no hope of any revival of the
German Emperor's fortunes, The
planets are uniformly threatening.
Saturn coining lo lhc conjunction of
the Dragon's Tail (lhc Moon's South
node) close lo his Ascendant in September, and lhc Sun arriving al the
conjunction of Neptune in his horoscope, by primary direction of a
monili or two later, 'flic stationary
position of Jupiter in Britain's ruling
sign, Aries, in December nexl, in
trine with ils own place, in King
George's horoscope, is cnco.uraging
as regards the prospect of complete
victory and final peace a.s the year
draws to a close,���Occult Review.
Invites Digging
"Did you raise anything wort!
while in your garden?" asked lhc vis'
ilor from the city.
"1 should say so," answered Mr
Crosslols. "It's lhc best place for
fishing worms in lhc entire village.'
CAmA Granulated Eyelids,
i^JfJJT^J Eyes inflamed hy i-xi.ii>.
sure to Sun. DuslamlKIn.
IF" *���,/_____- V'ickly relieved by Murine
, LVCiS Eye Bent... No Smarting,
1        *f just Eye Comfort,   At
1 Vour Druggisl's 50c per Motile. Murine Eyl
S��lveinTube-25c. ForBooliolllieEyefreeask
Druggists oi Murine Rye Kenedy Ca., Chicigt
Brivril makes other foods nourish
you. It has a Body-building powei
proved equal to from 10 to 20 times
the amount of Bovril taken.
It was seen hobbling down a flight
of steps, slashed and torn to shreds.
Barely enougii was left lo hold the
shreds together. It was a pitiable
sight. So curiosity was aroused.
"What arc you?" it was asked, "and
how came you in such horrible condition?" "I am a' reputation,' the
wreck replied, "and I have just been
released from a female bridge whist
W.     N.    U.     1124
Many Nunes in Canada and Elsewhere Say the Same.
Chatham, Ont.���"Being a nurse I
have had occasion to use Dr. Picrce'a
Favorite Prescription quite a lot. I
always recommend
it to my patients
nml it has been a
j|j wonderful help to
many of them. I
never knew of a
case where it failed.
1 have a patient
who is using it
now and she ia
doing fine since tak-
ing it. X have
taken it myself aud got, the very best results. 1 consider it the best medicine
there ia to-day for women who are ailing."
���Mas. Edith Mooue, 30 Deggc St.,
Chatham, Ont,
Accompanied by pain here and there���
extreme nervousness���sleeplessness���maybe faint spells, chills or spasms���all are
signals of distress for a woman. She may
be growing from girlhood into womanhood
���passing from womanhood to motherhood���or later suffering during middle
life, which leave:: so many wrecks of
women. Al, any or all of these periods
of a woman's life she should take a Ionic
aud nervine prescribed for just such cases
by a physician of vast experience in the
diseases from which women suffer.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription liai
successfully treated more cases iu the past
60 years than any other known remedy.
It can now be bud in sugar-coated tablet
form an well as in the liquid. Sold by
medicine dealers or trial box by mail ou
receipt of 60 cents in stamps. Dr.
Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets clear the
500,000 Germans Disabled at Verdun
Competent authorities estimate that
about 500,0(10 Germans have been disabled in the Verdun region alone
since February 21, the beginning of
the great German offensive llicrc.
The total number of wounded German prisoners taken in the Verdun
sector and in the neighborhood of
the Sonimc exceeds  13,000.
Rumania In History
Her Place in European History Has
Always Been an Honorable One
Though   Rumania up to the nineteenth    century  docs    not appear  lo
I have played  a  conspicuous     part  iu
I lhc advance of civilization, her place
iin  European  history  is an  honorable
one,    and,    if less  spectacular    Ihan
Ihosc of her neighbors, her achievements have proved of supreme value.
i By llieir stubborn resistance lo    the
Ottoman     invaders,     Rumanians, in
common  with  lhc  oilier peoples  inhabiting Oriental  Europe, made pos-
jsible thai stability and security that
I enabled    Western    civilization to develop, and, although ihey came under
I lhc sway of the Turks, yet lhc Rumanians, by  llieir determined  stand,
iso weakened  lhc power of the  Mos-
; lcm  invaders,  that  they  were unable
! to carry on lhe fight.
j     Kosovo is a name sacred to all lhc
| Balkan  nations that  resisted Turkish
I rule.    It was in 1389 that Mircea thc
I Old,    Prince   of VVallachia,   led the
[united    Balkan    armies    against    llie
Turks.   The battle was lost; the van-
������ quished   were placed    under tribute,
but their light against their conquerors was   carried   on    for   centuries,
Like a great breakwater, these little
nations  held  the  Ottoman  waves  in
check, and left western  Europe  free
lo forge ahead unlraiiiniclcd by-    the
fear  of    Moslem    incursions.     Until
1877 the tribute imposed five centuries earlier, following lhc battle of Ro-
' sovo, was the br^sis of the relations
between Rumania and Turkey.    Unlike Hungary, which  for over a century' was  a  Turkish   province,     lhc
] Rumanian provinces never fell completely under lhc  sway of the    conqueror.      Under    the  suzerainty  of
Turkey, however, Rumania became a
'mere pawn in lhc politics of the great
European    powers.      She lost  I'uko-
iwina lo Austria in  1775, and Bessarabia to Russia in 1812.    Thc jealousies of    lhe  European    powers alone
saved  Rumania    from  greater    territorial losses.
Under  Prince  Carol,  who  was  related to lhe King of Prussia and to
Napoleon  III.,    Rumania maintained
ia  bolder  fronl  against  partition  and
��� won    her    independence.       Bulgaria
; since   then   has  done   much   to  keep
i alive  Rumanian  suspicions.    At  lhc
outset of lhe first  Balkan  campaign,
1910-11,  Bulgarian   official  documents
; referred lo the D'obrogca, wliicli was
Rumanian    territory, as    a "Bulgaria
Irredenta."      The double    dealing of
i the Central Powers in the last  rial-
lean war detached  Rumania.    Dreading lhc increasing influence of Gcr-
jmany in Bulgaria, Rumania, turned to
j Russia.
The present war funis Rumania in
a position    favorable lo   lhe accomplishment    of   her    most    cherished
dream���the inclusion  under one flag
.of all  Rumanians.      Transylvania    is
; the cradle of the Rumanian nation. In
Btikowhia and  Bessarabia    lhc pcas-
I ants, not given to change, havc pre-
! served all the customs and characteristics of the Rumanian race, including
.the  language.      In  Transylvania, dc-
i spile Magyar oppression, ihc Rumanians form a sin.tig middle class*.   Dcf-
\ initcly detached from    Germany, Rumania had not lime to recover from
her fears of Russian influence on the
Bospliorus   when ihc    European war
called for a decision as lo her altitude,       Moreover,   lhc   supply  of  all
her war materials  was in  lhc  hands
of  Krupps when  the  war broke out.
A  weak Cabinet and an opportunist
Premier declared for neutrality.
While lhe Roumanians of Transylvania were forced lo light in the
Hungarian regiments against Russia,
statecraft in Rumania turned to questions of trade. But lhc cry of Transylvania could nol for ever go unheeded, With Bulgaria on the side
of lhc Central Powers, lhc people of
: Rumania recalled the words of Prince
1 Carol, addressed to Bismarck in 18S0,
I "Rumania will only he menaced by a
real danger when a Great Bulgaria
comes into existence." It is "Rumania Irredenta" against "Bulgaria
Another Theory Shattered
A sillily of history will show that
we may, with an easy conscience, dismiss llic theory of Treitschke lhal
war is a health-giving tonic which
I Providence must be expected constantly lo offer lo lhc human race foi
ils own good. Apart allogcthci
from thc hopes wc entertain for the
victory in this war of a cause which
we believe to be jusl, wc may desire
in the interests of all mankind that
its issue should discredit by defeat a
theory which is noxious an well as
baseless. 'I'he future progress of
mankind is to bc sought, nol through
,lhe strifes and hatreds of the nations,
but rather by llieir friendly co-operation in lhc healing and enlightening
works oi peace, ami in llie growth of
a spirit of friendship and mutual con
fideiicc which removes the causes ol
'war.���The Atlantic Monthly.
Some Have to Keep on Until
They Almost Drop.   How
Mrs. Conley Got Help.
Here is a letter from a woman whft
had to work, but war; too weak and suffered too much to continue. How she
regained health :���
Frankfort, Ky. ���"I suffered so much
with female weakness that I could not
do my own work,
had to hire it done.
1 heard so much
about Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound that I
tried it. Itookthreo
bottles and I found
it to be all you
claim. Nov.-1 feel as
Wel! as everl did and
am able to do all my
own work again. I
recommend it to any woman suffering
from female weakness. Vou may publish my letter if you wish. "-Mrs. James
Conley,516 St. Clair St.,Frankfort,l_y.
No woman suffering from any form of
female troubles should lose hope until
she has given Lydia E. Tinkham's Yeg��
etable Compound a fair trial.
This famous remedy, the medicina.
ingredients of which are derived from
native roots and herbs, has for forty
years proved to be a most valuable tonic
and invigomtor of tho female organism.
All women are invited to write
to the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass., foi- special
advice,���it will be confidential.
The Lights
Of 65 Years Ago
Are slill doin-j duty in
the shape of
Sixty - five years ago
the first Canadian-made
Matches were made at
Mull by Kddy and
-since that time, for
materials and striking
qualities, liddy's have
been the acknowledged best.
When Buying Matches
Specify "EddyV*
They  were  hoiiieward-boimd   from
"According lo the minister's    sermon ihis morning, said Mrs. Knpeck,
["there is lo bc no marrying or giving
Iill marriage in  heaven.    Do you bc-
llicvc lhat?"
|    "Well,  I   have  no  reason  lo  doubt
il," answered  Enpeck.    "There must
,bc some way lo distinguish it  from
thc oilier place."
A Hint to Chase Himself
Sapplcigh:  Am   1  walking loo  fasl
for you, Miss Klhel?
Miss Bright I Oh, no; you may run
if vou like.
Red RoseTea
"is good test' IHE   REVIEW.   COUBTNEY.   B. CL
[Some Don'ts For Farmers
A   Few    Suggestions   on   Domestic
Economy for the  Husband
to Consider
Don't try to please your wife.
Don'l appreciate onc thing she
Don't help care for the children���
that is what you got her for.
Don'l ever plan your work so as
lo bc able to take her to any entertainment.
Don't bc ashamed lo read that the
majority of insane women are fanners' wives.
Don't gel a bucket of waicr from
the cistern when asked. Anyone
can  pump who half Iries.
Don't fail lo invite company for
Sunday dinner without letting her
know so she can have a day for rest.
Don't fail to ask your wife if she
wants you to do all lhc housework if
she asks you to put some wood in the
Don'l wonder lhat your food has a
peculiar flavor, for il is seasoned with
blasted hopes and sighs of disappointment,
Don'l neglect asking what she has
done wilh all llie egg and butler
money, for it will more than supply
[the table, help pay lhc hired man and
gel the children books and ciolhes.
Biulno.3 Man a.  Farmers
With Equal   Advantage   the Farmer
Beats the Business Man
Every Time
Vou often hear il said that farmers
ire not good business men! Many a
eity man spends a short vacation iu
the country and comes back lo lay
down lhe law about "business efficiency." According lo him all these
farmers need is a business system���
all the rest would follow that. But
what about the business men who
have tried farming? Thousands of
them have bought land and started
farming wilh abundant capital, scientific advice and the fmesl of business
training! How many of them make
llieir farms pay even with Iheir
thorough knowledge of business? li
lhcy wcrc forced lo run a farm with
the capital and equipment within the
reach of the average farmer they
would go bankrupt in less than a
year. Their business training is
based on capital and credit always
within reach, and as they well know,
even with this advantage they fail to
make a farm pay a profit nine times
in ten. With equal advantage and
equipment the fanner would beat
them every time.
There ii mote Catarrli In this sertion ol
the country than nil other diseases put lo*
tfetlier, ntld lor yens it wrin supposed to lie
itcuiable. Doctors prescribed locnl remedies.
.unl liy constantly lailitlif to cure with local
treatment, pronounced it Incurable. Catarrh
is a local disease, greatly influenced by con-
.titution.il conditions ami therefore requires
.oitstintiiotiat treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, ni.'i.'Mita'.uied by V. J. Cheney A Co.,
I'oledo, Ohio, is a constitutional remedy, is
,'sken Internally ami acts t!iroti<;h the lilooil
. 'ti the Mucous Surfaces of the System. One
Hundred Dollars reivard is offered for any
.'ase lhat 11,-U's Catarrh Cure tails to cure.
Send lor circular!! and testimonials.
������'. J.  CHENEY *. CO,, Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Drumrisls, 75c.
Minard's   Liniment   for   sale everywhere.
Keen After Wool
Thirty-seven cents for medium
combing firsts in Saskatchewan is
going some It is the best record so
far on the American continent for
range wool. You can hardly call thc
Saskatchewan product anything else,
for it has a range foundation behind
it even though lhc flocks may not bc
termed strictly range sheep. And
who do you suppose were the buyers? No other than Swift and Co.,
the Chicago packers. The packers
In the wool game���what next! When
buyers can pay that figure for western stuff, the eastern men who sold
for 35 will feci kind of small.���Sheep
Breeder, Chicago.
"I've tried to teach my boy the
value of money."
"Good thing!"
"Well, I don't know. He used to
behave for ten cents, but now he
wants a quarter."���Life.
A Glory to the Allies
Spirit of Kitchener Survives Among
the Valiant Troops Which He
Lord Kitchener was a national
glory lo our Allies on account of his
genius as a soldier and a military
organizer. By his high, strong, and
upright character, and by the incomparable services which he rendered to
his country iu many fields, he had become a sort of incarnation of England and her immense prestige The
grave of Kitchener is one of lhc most
illustrious that have been opened
since thc beginning of Ihe war. The
man is no more, but his spirit survives among the valiant troops which
he formed. Animated by this far-
seeing, resolute and indomitable
spirit, they will march with us to the
inevitable victory.���Paris, Le Gail-
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited,
Dear Sirs,���I had a Bleeding Tumor on my face for a long lime and
tried a number of remedies without
any good results. I was advised lo
after using several hollies it made
a complete cure, and it healed all up
and  disappeared altogether,
Belleisle  Station,  King's Co., N.  B.,
Sept. 17, 1904.
Mr. Mcane: I have nothing but
praise for the new minister.
The Deacon: So I noticed when
the plate was passed around.
As a vermicide there is no preparation that equals Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It has saved
the lives of countless children.
Oil for Toothache. ��� There is no
pain so acute and distressing as
toothache. When you have so unwelcome a visitor apply Dr. Thomas'
Eclcctric Oil according to directions
and you will find immediate relief. It
touches the nerve with soothing effect and the paiu departs at once.
That it will ease toothache is another
fine quality of this Oil, showing lhe
many uses it has.
In the Western Provinces it is said
that one in four of the owners of
farm lands lives outside the municipality in  which  his land is located,
land of these, one in seven lives out-
'side lhe province Ovcr one-half of
the urban land is held by absentees
i���that  is,  by persons  living outside
j the Municipality.
A Sure Result
"If a farmer sold 1,479 bushels of
wheat for $1.17 a bushel, what would
he get?"
"An automobile."
An Easy Pill to Take.���Some persons havc repugnance to pills because of their nauseating taste. Par-
j melee's Vegetable Pills arc so prepared as to make them agreeable lo
the mosl fastidious. Thc most dcli-
Icatc can take tliem without feeling
1 the revulsion that follows the taking
of ordinary pills. This is onc reason
for the popularity of Ihese celebrated pills, but the main reason is their
high tonical quality as a medicine for
the stomach.
Gets Attention-
First, because of its
wonderfully delicious
Then again, because it is ready lo
eat-fresh and crisp
from the package.
But the big "get attention" quality is its
abundance of well-
balanced, easily digestible nourishment.
For sound health,
every table should
have its daily ration
of Grape-Nuts.
"There's a Reason"
Cunudian Pos tiun Cereal Co., IM-
Windsor, Out.
Measuring Hay in Stack
Rule for Measuring Hay Which Has
Been Proven Satisfactory
Estimating the number of tons of
hay in stack by measuring is often
resorted to when it is inconvenient
or impractical to weigh it. It is
impossible to give a rule for measuring hay which is entirely satisfactory. The following one has often
been used, States Professor E. G.
Schafcr, of thc Washington Experiment Station at Pullman, and approximates the correct weight:
"Width plus ovcr, divided by four
and squared, then multiplied by the
length and divided by 512."
The above rules assumes that the
cross section of a stack may bc obtained by dividing    the    width plus
over    measurement    by    four   and
squaring il.    Slacks vary so much ill
Ishapc that this cannot be absolutely
;true with all stacks.   The above rule
I also assumes that there arc 512 cubic
I feet in a Ion.   Thc length of lime a
|stack  has  been  built,  lhe  size of a
'slack or the amount it  has settled,
also the kind of hay, all influence lhe
weight  of  a  certain  volume  of  hay.
The above or oilier rules should not
be relied upon unless il is impossible
to weigh hay when it is sold.
Problem���Assume that a hay stack
measures 18 feet wide, 26 feet ovcr
(distance from ground on one side
up ovcr the stack and to thc ground
on other side) and 30 feet long.
The solution would bc���18 plus 26
equals 44; 44 divided by 4 equals 11;
11 squared equals 121 j 121 times 30
equals 3,680 cubic feet in 3,630 divided by 512 equals 7.09 tons.
W.    N.     U.    1124
Nearly every onc of his friends had
suffered from the caprices ' of thc
practical joker. Happily the joker
had weak points of his own. One
of them was a dislike for night air.
One morning about 2 o'clock there
came a tremendous thumping at his
front door. The joker hopped out of
,bcd, opened his front window, and
;leaned out. "In heaven's name, what
is the _ matter?" he said. "One of
I your windows is open," said a man on
.the sidewalk. "Which one?" said
the joker. "Thc one you've stuck
|your head tlirougli," was the reply.
Excelsior Policies Are Money Makers
470 Grain Exchange
Write for market information.
James Richardson & Sons, Limited
Western Offices      ���      ���      Winnipeg, Calgary, Saskatoon
Specialists in the handling of farmers' shipments. Write, wire
or 'phone our nearest office for quotations or information.
LIMITED," to insure careful- checking of grades. Liberal advances
on bills of lading. Quick adjustments guaranteed accompanied by
Government Certificates of grade and weight.
Yon will profit by Sending lis Samples uml Obtaining our Advice as lo n-r*t
DestiuaUon before Shipping Your Grain, particularly Iiarlcy, Oat-rand Rye.
Established 1857
Depends Upon
Healthy Babies
Properly reared ehildren grow
up io be strong, healthy
Many diseases to which children are susceptible, first indicate
their presence in the bowels.
The careful mother should
watch her child's bowel movements and use
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
It is a corrective for diarrhoea,
colic and oilier ailments to which
children arc subject especially
during the teething period.
It is absolutely non-narcotic
and contains neither opium,
morphine nor any of their derivatives.
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
Makes Cheerful,
Chubby Children
Soothes the fretting child during
thc trying period of its development and thus gives rest and
relief to both child and mother.
Buy a bottle to_*y
and keep it h_m*y
SoU by all Jrugciiti in Canada anJ
throughout the tetrlel
Milk As A Stimulant
French Soldiers in the Trenches Are
Given Milk Only as a Stimulant
One of the most recent discoveries
of the Pasteur Institute of Paris has
to do with stimulating qualities of
milk. While milk has always been
considered an excellent tonic and
known to bc exceptionally rich iu
food value, it was not until lhe Pasteur Institute conducted a number of
conclusive experiments lhat thc stimulus in milk became a known quantity. For a number of months, milk
has been given the French soldiers in
lhc trenches and to many of them it
has been the one and only stimulant.
Thc effect which the milk has produced has more than justified the
claims which lhc Institute made for
It is claimed that the stimulating
effect of milk is especially notabl
when given to soldiers just before a
big battle or a dangerous charge, and
also when administered lo the Iroops
when in great fatigue, The advant
age of lhe milk stimulus over the al
cohol stimulus so extensively advocated in previous years is that Ihere
is no bad after effects, and the keenness of the senses is in no wise impaired nor the coolness of judgment
The knowledge that milk is a stimulant of no mean force will come as
something of a shock to those who
have hitherto considered it synonymous with all ihings mild and peaceful. It is somewhat difficult lo believe that the chief product of the
patient and gentle cow should contain such an clement of forceful stimulation. But, as proof of lhe contention we have the word of lhc world's
greatest research institutes backed
up by conclusive experiments in a
place where stimulation of the most
efficient sort is needed.
Something belter ihan linen and bif laundrj
bills.    Wash   it  with soap  and  water     All
stores or direct.    Slate style and she.     Fut
25c. we will mail you.
CANADA, Limit*.
���il 1'raa.r Ar.au.. Tor.alp. Oalaria
"Wood's P_.ospliodi&9.
Why People Feel Depressed
in the Cold Weather
Why is tiredness and langor so
prevalent just now? A physician explained that lhc cold of winter drives
blood from lhc surface of the body
to the liver. Normally one-fourth of
the whole blood supply is in lhc liver,
and when more blood is accumulated
iu that organ everything goes wrong.
No better remedy exists than Dr.
Hamilton's I'ills, which arc composed of such vegetable extracts as Mandrake and Butternut, and possess
wonderful liver stimulating powers.
Its a marvel lhe way Hamilton's Pills
clear tho blood of the poisonous
llltmors, 'I'hey put new life into worn
out bodies, build up lhc appetite,
bring back a reserve of nerve energy,
tide folks over lhe cold days of winter and the depressing days of spring.
For your hcallh and body comfort
gel a 25c box of Dr. Hamilton's
I'ills today.
Tht Oreat  English   Itemed*.
Tonoi and inriguruli'S t!,.. ~ ..���:.,
nervous system, makes do- blond
ia old Veins, Cures Kereeru*
Debility, Mental and Brain Worttr, Despondency, Loss of F.nergy, mipitatten of tht
Heart, Failing Memory. Pri *e si per hm. iii
fori.. On. will please, six will run:. H- idbyail
druggists or mailed ia pinto pke. on neripl    t
Rriro. Keinpninphlel mailed free. THE WOOO
l-DICINC CO.,TC.0SI0, OU. (Fi;aiil- -IsswJ
_tt_1,_Sr__.5!Bt_-'?_i-:0v- "-��� "����� ������*
rt.*_tsuccess. curbs chronic we*.���;���-_:.3 Lc-ir vi-^ot
ft VIM *;i!)SEV iLADDKR. DISZAtEV iLOOO t *|_C_-.
fOUGRRA CO. M, MERMAN ST .1.W YORKcr LVM*.-. |in��
rott-ii.-.   witTifor fRIB iook rodx Lc &.*��*���
And How to Feed
MalM tree to any a<tdre__ bar
tho _UI.O.'
118 West 31st Street, New York
"Must Avenge Our Children"
It is the German people, as incarnated by their soldiers, who have.
carried off our daughters of the
north captive and delivered ihem to
the officers of lhe Kaiser. It is,
therefore, against the German people
as a whole that our race is making
war, and not against any fiction ot
isolated Imperialism. The German -
arc alone responsible for their crimes
and any olhcr conception of thc present war would only lead us to degradation, dupery aud defcal. V\ e
must avenge the children of Roubaix
and Lille���avenge them without
merry or pity. This is one of the
works of France during the war, and
for long afterwards. ���I.c Figaro,
Minard's  Liniment  Relieves  Neural-
Harry and James, brothers, wcrc
in their playroom for a little recreation after supper. Harry hit James
iwith a stock. An argument followed,
and in the midst of it the nurse happened in with the news thai il was
lime for them to reiire. James was
put to bed first. The nurse said:
"You must forgive your brollicr before you go lo bed. Vou mighi die
in ihc night," Afler a few minutes
elapsed James replied: "Well, I'll forgive him tonight, bul if I don't die.
he'd belter look out in the morning."
Willie came to his mother with ar.
expression of anxiety ou his face.
"Ma," he asked, "if a poor, hungry
little boy wast-to come to the back
door and ask for something lo eai.
would you give him lhat piece of pic
lhat was  left over from  dinner?"
"Ves, Willie, of cour-rc I would.'
said  lhe  mother.
Willie's face cleared.
"All right," he said, "just wail a
minute iill I run around lo thc back
Maud: The young clergyman who
performed llic ceremony seemed
dreadfully flustered,
Ethel: Mercy, yes! Why, he kissed
lhc bridegroom and shook'hands villi
thc bride.
ify PILLS/"
: '.
'. '
' I
: ;
��� ;
��� ',
��� ,
s Your
t*************,**^^ Armetmss****, ���
; -
j >
; .
; :
To Messrs. Hicks Boach & Field,
Agents for the
London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.,
Courtenay, B.C.,
Dear Sirs,	
I 'wish to thank you for the prompt manner in which the London &
Lancashire Fire Insurance Company have settled my recent loss by fire.
The fire occured on October the 2nd, and my receiving cheque inside of a
week is proof to me that it pays to insure in an old and established Fire
Insurance Company, when one can be sure there will bc no delay in making
settlement, providing the assured has taken the trouble to sec that the
description, etc., is correct as set out in his policy.
Thanking you, I remain, yours truly,
Courtenay, B. C, October 9th, 1916
li 1W Kl
/i.r-VPV ., -'���'
B [i 1 1 i. $
'!; 11 (a��^
Mr.   E.
kinson of Vancouver
will be at the
Liquor License  Act
Notice is hereby  given that   on   the
hirst day of December, next, application
will be made to  thrr  Superintendent of
���-1 Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel
. I license to sell   liquor   hy   retail   iu  the
j  hotel known as the  Blk   hotel,   situate I
j, ai Comox iu lhe Province of British Col
Dated this 12 lh day of   October,  ,1916.
Liquor License Act.
I To the Ratepayers of the  City of
t'    *��=v   r7�� vi
from   Sunday   October 22,  until
Thursday, Oct, 26, buying
If you' have horses for sale, call, or
Phone 3
Lquor License Act-
Notice is hereby given that on tlie
First day of December, next, application
will bc made lo the Superintendent of
Provincial Police far renewal of the hotel
license to sell liquor hy retail iu the
hotel known as the Willows hotel, situate at Campbell River, in the Province
of llritish Columbia.
Dated this 23rd day of September, 1916.
NOTICE is hereby given that, on the I CoUtteUay
first day of December next, appli-\-rit\\ovl. Ratepayers:-'
cation will he made to tin-  Superintend-       ,,..,,       , ,,
ent of Provincial Police for renewal of!    wilh. reterence to the statement
the hotel license to sell liquor   by  retail j published ill tllis issue of the COlir-
in the hotel ku -wti as the Heriot Bay teuay Review of the   approximate
Hotel, situate at Heriot Day, iu lhe Pro- {   -��� t(,d b    COIlslrU(,.in    .....
vince of British Coluiiihia. i   .    ' .   ���   ���     ��� ,-,-���,
Dated this 21st day of Sept. 1916.        gmeers,   ot  bringing a   sufficient
H. a. liihh,      Jsiipply  of   water   from    brown's
   Applicant,  River for domestic use in the City,
i*_   **���.*��� ~*^~^^mr*inr.i? 'us wel1 as Plenty of water Power t0
R. M. GLAZBRUOK. 0P��ate Electric Light,   Heat and
ACCOUNTANT I Power for various purposes.   The
a ��.   a   j-_ j      j        distance     from    Courtenav     to
Accounts AurJ.ted and        ...^ o{ iutake _���   _-���_. ./,,,__��� -
Books Kept an,\ one-half miles, vv 11 a  head of
Office with Hicks  Beach   &  Field aij0.u ti��ee hundred leet elevation
, ' - ��� ; r         - [above the level of Courtenay; ex-
rijT\|iij    1WITI I celleut water clear as crystal.
V/llJIliiV    _,'__l_Li Herewith I take the   liberty   to
I have just installed a cider mill; ask the ratepayers to scrutinize the
and am   prepaied to   make cider, statement carefully,   and   1   hope
everyday.   Bring your apples aud you will be convinced of the fact
cider vessels.
Special Tire  Bargains
Having purchased a large quantity of 30 x 3 1-2
plain casings, suitable for Fords and other cars, we
are offering same at $12.00 cash, F. O. B.any point
on the Island. These casings are exceptionally
good value and guaranteed for 3500 miles.
Plimley's Garage
VICTORIA   -   B. C.
Three   Reasons Why
has for nine succcsive years written the
Largest Canadian Business
of any company operating iif Canada
Its Premiums are the Lowest
Its Policies are the most Liberal
Its Dividends are the Highest
Vancouver Island Branch
J. BUllTT MORGAN, Manager
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
P. L. ANDERTON, Agent, Courtenay
that it will be a benefit to every
ratepayer and resident in Courtenay
i to get this combined system instal-
| led without delay, It will be installed and operated by the city for
| the benefit of every resident. As
soon as this combined system is
completed and intrusted to the
management of some supervisor
who can be depended on, the consumers will then be supplied with
these conveniences on a Hat rate
and at a minimum cost, after operating expenses are provided for,
which will be much better terms
and lower rates than consumers are
now paving in Courteuay to the
Company , and will also compare
favorably with rates charged in
towus similar to Courteuay as
quoted iu the statement refened to.
Yours truly,
Johu Johustoa.
Lake Trail.
Courtenay, 17th Oct., 1916.
Tenders  Wanted
TENDERS will be received   for the
erection ol a hall to he   used   for
I Moving Picture and Dance Hall by   H.
1'.   Whittle,   Plans  and  specifications
can be  seen   at   the   Riverside   Hotel.
Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.   Tenders close Thursday,   Oct.
I 26th, at 6 p. ui.
fl H, F. WHITTMt


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