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The Review Dec 25, 1913

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Array &
List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell It
Hare You Money to Invtat,
See us; we Can Make Yoi
Large Dividend!
Island Realty Co.
VOL. 2
NO. 5
1UE wish our
" many friends
and clients a Merry
Christmas and a
Happy New Year
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
Be prepared when your friends
come to visit !you by having one
of our Sanitary Couches. They
can be easily made into a first
class bed
Try one of our Crex Rugs for
the living room the best   wearing   rug   at   the   price   on   the
Courteaay House Furnishing Store
C. A. BROWN, Manager
Our "Depot Addition"
Lots are the Best Buys in Courtenay Today.   Only
a Few Months before the Railway will be Here
We have J<ots fronting on tlie  Station Grounds,   Also on the  \2 Acres
which tlte C. P. Ii. have cleared (or Station Buildings
Lots from $300 to $500 Each
To give the Small Investor a   Chance we  will sell   these I<ots  on easy
$50 Down and $15 Per Month
The Best Buy iu Courtenay Today
Real Estate and Insurance
Mr. Win, Duncan leaves for Victoria on Saturday.
Robert Kilpatrick is home for
the Christmas holiday.
Harry Crawford is home from
Victoiia spending fhe Christmas
vacation with his mother.
The Co-Optrative Society's meat
store it handsomely decorated with
evergreens, Christmas turkeys and
gee.ie. A fine fat heifer and an
enormous veal calf are hungup, the
whole making an inviting appearance.
A lady requires post or help t r
governess.    Apply box li. Review.
To Kent���4 roomed Bungalo,
close in, P, A. Smith, Courtenay.
Wanted���Office or outdoor work.
Apply Box 3, Review office.
For fine painting, paperhanging
and decorating don't fail to see
Doyle & Home, Courtenay.
Store and warehouse to rent, opposite Courtenay hotel. Apply,
Win. Lewis, Courtenay.
Deed to 10 acres good land. Will
exchange for house in Courtenay
Apply Mrs. K., Courteuay. Gen,
Lost���On Wednesday, Dec, 17,
on the Comox road, the forearm of
a shotgun. Reward. L. Cliffe,
Wanted���for a client, g2,ooo ou
first mortgage. First class security, good intrest.   Apply Cameron
& Allen.
Wanted���Young lady as Telephone operator. Apply local
manager B. C. Telephone Co
Coi/,jenay, B. C.
__riSale��� the best let on Isabel
Slreey $to per foo'frontage, almost
opposite tbe new'post office." Apply
Box .At*, GaUr'i* .ay.'_�����* Office.
Wo.nld lifcy^btiy 5 or jo acres
,pf cleared or ��� partly cleared-laud".
What offers? State ldwest ��� price.
Apply Box-142'Rfcyiew Office.
Will  consider an   exchange of"
fine home in beautiful district Victoria, for a good paying business.
G. W. 1420 Point St. Victoria.
Stove Wood���Delivered in Court-
nay at reasonable rates. Geo. P.
Russell, Lake Trail. Orders may
be left at the Review Office,
Five acres, part lot 155, with 423
feet frontage on Puntledge River,
close .to Power House, logged off.
Price $500 spot cash/ Apply E.
D. Thwaites, Parksville,
Lost or left sometvhere by Mr.
Rawlirs, a box containing samples,
of Christmas cards, order books etc.
will the finder kindly communicate
with the Review office.
Lost or Strayed���Light Jersey
heifer about 13 months old, half
circle cut out of bottom of right
ear and hole punched iu end of
same ear. Send information to W.
H. Grieves, Sandwick.
For Sale��� two houses and half
lot next to the Court House, Cumberland. 6 feet concrete cellars
with pillars from bed rock. Price
$3,500. Apply to D. Potter,
Box 441 Cumberland.
If you want any special pieces of
furniture made, kitchen cabinets,
cupboards, sideboards or pautry
work, store or office fixtures, counters or show cases, made to your
order, come in and give us an idea
of what you want or we have
sketches for you to select from.
Picture framing and sign work
promptly done. Sutton's Cabinet
Anew sic'e.valk has been laid |    Born���on  Friday  Dec. 19th to
Mr. and Mrs, Chris.  Carwithan a
ten pound boy.
Miss Halliday'1 girl friends
gathered at the home of Mrs. Chas.
Callin a few days before her marriage and honored her with a
"towel" shower.
from the Courtenay hotel to Wm.
Lewis' house.
Mrs. D. Kipner formely of Vancouver has opened a fancy drygoodj
store iu Mr. Perez's new block.
She bespeaks a share of your patronage.
Boats For Sale
and Hire
Boats of Any Size
Built to Order
On Short   Notice
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
St. .Andrew's School, Sandwick
Formerly Courtenay Indies College
Spring Term commences Monday, January 12,1913
Private Lessons in French, German, Music and Painting
by arrangement,    For terms and prospectus apply
Local Agent for the Nanaimo & Esquimalt Railway
Lands, Comox District
Offices at
Courtenay - and - Comox, B. C.
Telephone 24
We specialize in Fruit, Vegetables
;   land Provisions
* ���-'���������
A large assortment of Biscuits, Candies, Cigar*
and Tobaccos
Local Delivery
Telephone 40
The oldest established  firm  of Auctioneers, Real Estate and
Insurance Agents iu the Comox District
Some of the Finest Five and   Ten Acre   Blocks, black  loam
soil, easy to clear, 1-2 mile from store, 1  1-2 miles from beach
$85.00 to $110,00 an Acre, easiest of  terms, say $200 down,
caii be arranged
One   central   lot  in   Courtenay. practically cleared $275 on
terms,    One minute's walk from Post Office.
Pnone 10
(Formerly of Beadueli & Callin)
Accountant and Auditor ;r2j
Estate and Insurance Agent
Collections handled wit! p$_npt_ess aud dispat.n
Phone F91
test Cakes
Mr. Smart wan a very testy old fellow, and there was one thing lie hated inert than another and that was to
be caught napping. A3 a consequence lie was always very suspicious
ot any deed or word tho full meaning
of .dilch he Cjiild not grasp.
A few days .-go hn paid a visit to
iho Zoo, and being fond of animals,
was greatly Interested, a_d Boon got
into conversation with one of the
keepers. A very entertaining chat
As Mr. Smart was about to leave
tlie keeper turned to him nnd ashed:
H.v the way, sir, havo you scon our
blaok-faced antelope?
There, thought tho old gent, was
an attempt to 'have lilm.'
No, sir, he,replied, stiffly. I havo
not. May I'nsk with whom it was
lhat your black-raced aunt .-.���loped.
A Needle In a Haystack
a bottle of hay was formerly much
used iii Derbyshire, England, ami probably Is so still, io denote a bundle of
hay, which was taken from a rick to
fodder cattle lu a licit.. When it was I
difficult to find anything that had
been lost the farmer folk were wont
to say: Vou may as well hunt for il
as for a needle in a bottle ot hay.
.Some times the rope tied round Uie
hay had a piece of wood with an eye
in ii at the end, through which the
rope was passed to tie up lhe bundle
und a sharp point at Ibe other ond,
and this piece ot wood may have been
called a needle; if so a needle of this
kind may have bt-en referred to in
the proverbial saying.
Certain morbid conditions must exist in ihe .stomach uiul intestines to
encourage worms, and they will exist
us long as these morbid conditions
permit then. to. To be rid of them
aud spare the child suffering, use
Miller's Worm Powders, They will
correct the digestive irregularities by
destroying the worms, conditions favorable to worms will disappear, and
Uie child will have no more suffering
trom that cause.
When Tied Together i
An Irish couple, whose married bliss
ttas not without a few squalls, received B homely lecture from tlieir spirit-
imi adviser regarding their disgrace-j
fid quarrels.
liis Reverence���Thai dog and cat
you have agree better than you.
Tho reply somewhat upset him.
if yer rivorenoe toied thim together
)������ 'd soon change yer nioind.
Mlnard's Liniments Cures Burns, Etc.
Dressed .he  Part
The jttvenlle of PiiddlefuiTow had
opened their cricket season. The day
was fine, and the player., were in
good form; in fact everything was in
season, oven the disgust of the sharp-
featured lady whoso garde* adjoined
the pitch.
Funny thing your boy Jimmy can't
play a game without, having such big
Ideas, sho cmarked over the fence
lo the lady next door. What's he always want to stand umpire l'or?
Pity you can't get somtthing belief to do than to find fault, camo the
reply. He s got a right to stand umpire if he likes, I suppose.
Daresay lie has, snapped the sharp-
featured lady; but next tlmo be
sneaks my old man's nightshirt off
the Hue to dress himself up in he'll get
Something that'll ...iiKe him want to
give other fellows a chance.
Turned Down
Pear Mabel, he.begau, do you love
Oil. Cleorge!
Don'l vou, Mabel���just ., Utile, tiny
Well, yes. George.
And if I married you would yonr
father give us u separate establish-
Ves, George,
And take mo inlo partnership?
Ves, George.
And would your mother 'teep away
from us except when I invited her?
Bhe would, George.
And your brothers and sisters, loo.
Why certainly, George.
And of course lhe old gent would
settle my debts.
1)1' course, George.
And buy us a motorcar and provide
you with a handsome dowry?
Ves, George.
Darling,  will  you marry  me?
Xo, George!
Canadian fall weather is extremely
hard on Utile ones. One day it Is
warm and bright and the next wet
and cold. These sudden changes
bring on colds, cramps nnd colic and
unless baby's little stomach is kept
right Hie result may be serious. There
is nothing to equal Baby's Own Tablets in keeping the little ones well.
They sweeten the stomach, regulate
lhe bowels, break up colds and make
baby thrive. Tlio Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers or by mail at. 25 cents
a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co.. Bi'ookvllle, tint.
Dread and cheese and kisses;
They go together, hey?
I have met with misses
Who didn't think that way.
Here's a chance
(or you to buy
your range from
the factory and
save 30%���to
buy it on easy
terms and to get
the very range
you would choose, even if you
had to pay the retail price.
Our free book shows you
exactly whal tho tinge u like. It it-
icribea each point c!_tly, Mia w��
guarantee our range to be just
at represented.
You might si well Mve the retail
profit.   Mill the coupon to-diy.
Dominion Pride
��� Poli��hed
��� steel body���
B unbreakable
Bdoort and
WB casting!���
*Bj   |--��i_f_I��
Canada  \^V
Mitleuiel   ^.W
ttcel Ringi Hf|. ^��^      Cttr. M Credit
Co., limitel. Oikiwi. ^.W       w# pay
^^   Freight
F!_sa send Book.
W,  N.  U. 974
The Lincoln Highway
Toronto, Ont, A. J. H. Bkhardt, of
107 Niagara street, has written a letter to W. tl. Robertson, secretary of
tho Ontario Motor Dengue here, in
Which he urges to assist in the building of the Lincoln Highway, sending
contributions to Iho national headquarters in Detro I, Michigan, because he declares, the Lincoln Highway will benefit Canadians far more
than residents in many sections of
the United States.
"I am wrl .ng the. > lines," says
Mr. Ekhardt, "to infor.n, you that 1
have received from the Lincoln Highway Associatioi. a circular asking for
$5 eacli from motor car owners to
help build a hlghwoj from tlie Atlantic to the Pacific and asking: Will
you help? Tbis I; a worthy enterprise. 1 di not think there is a Can
adlan but who would appreciate making a trip from the East lo lhe Pacific Coast ove, this highway. I myself
have sent a cheque for $5 and will
lake pleasure in riding over il some
time if everytl nig slays well with
! me.
Outside of th: I I appreciate lhe opportunity to subscribe lo a fund in
memory of such a grand man as Aura
ham Lincoln, who was, to my way of
thinking, one of the greatest English
speaking men ever born, the man who
abolished  slavery  lu  America.  Think
; how Canadians will appreciate thtt
Highway     Automobile owners in the
J Southern Stales, or Michigan or Minnesota  have  no  moro  right  to  subscribe to thu highway than Cauad-
I bins.    Another reason why Canadians
(should appreciate this high way Is
, because It will bo Impossible for Canada to build it motor highway with
the rough country lo contend witli be-
, tweeu Toronto and Winnipeg, condl-
j lions  that i.rc  nol tbo same  in  the
United States.
I would like to   see    tho   Lincoln
; Highway proposition bcought to tho
| attention of tho different motor clubs
of Canada  and  1 feel  confident the
I Canadian peoplo will look upon Ibis
' subject .ii a very generous manner.
Canadians will be much closer to tills
great highway than tlio average citizen of the United Stales.     ��� am writ-
[ ing as a Canadian of tlie sixth generation, born within 18 miles of To-
j ronto.
He Lost
A  golfer noted  for  his  m fairness
noticed that a strange lad was carry-
| ing ills clubs.
f You're not the boy I have usually
had. he said.
No,  sir.  replied  the  lad;   you  see
we tossed  who'd be caddie fer you.
Oh, 1 see, said the golfer, and you
No, answered the caddie, sorrowfully, I lost.
A Thorough Pill.���To clear the
slointeh and bowels ot Impurities
ami Irritants is necessary when theirI
action Is irregular. The pills that will!
lo this work thoroughly arc Parmelee's Vegetablo Pills, which are mild
in action but uiigh-}* In results.They
purge painlessly and effectively, and
work a permanent cure. They can be
used without fear by (he most deli-
cately constituted, as there are no
painful effects preceding Ihcir genlle
The Widdor's Pig
Mike Murphy was taken to (ask by
his spiritual adviser for having stolen
Widow Moloney _ pig. The evidence
against Mike was t>o direct and positive lhat it was worse than useless for
Iiini lo deny the crime, and lie listened
with downcast eyes nnd much meekness to a well-deserved lecture from
the priest apon the wickedness of the
then he had committed, till the reverend gentleman asked him what lie
would say on the Day of Judgment
when he should be confronted by Mrs. I
Maloney and her pig, when lie brightened up at a happy thought, and said:
And ye say chat the plg'll be there
and Mrs. Maloney'll be there, too,
living witnesses against you. What,
1 repeal, can you say iu such a presence?
Yer ['lvereuoe, I'll say, Widow Maloney,  (here's yer  pig,  take it.
Dally Market Letter nnd Sample drain Bags.
Send us your name and address and we will
put you on our mailing list���It's tree.   Let ui
keep you posted on market prices for grain.
Personal attention given to selling and jrrading- of all
oars. Our Car Tracing nnd Claim Departments work 1n our
clients' Interests, We have every facility for prompt service and
wo get beat results for shippers.
Send to-day for a supply of sample hag* nnd deal with a
firm whose business has boon built un bv satisfied customer*.
Paid-up Capital. $150,000
References,    any    Bank
Commercial Agency.
Grain Commission Merchants Winnipeg, Manitoba
Make Bills Lading lead: Port A-t.iur or Fort William. Notify Peter Jansen
Co.. Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances                        Prompt Returns Beet Grades
Miliard's Llniirent Relieves Neuralgia
A Good Hand
Booth Tarkinglon, like most litera-
tours, .writes a wretched hand. Of
this lie said in New York recently:
Once, crossing to Naples, I sat on
a chair with pad antl fountain pen at
work on a short story. A .young
Peorlan stopped hi fore me.    ,<*\
Hy gosh, he said, I wish I could
write as well as you do..      \    ;
I smiled and the Peorlan resumed
his promenade. Tho next time he.
passed ine lie said again:
tlee, what a hand! If I could only
write like Hint!
Again I smiled a flattered smile, and
the Peorlan made another round of
tlio deck.   Then he said a third time:
Oh, if I could only write a baud
like yours!
Nettled - little by this third interruption I said:
Well, what would you do if you
Go to China, said the Peorlan, and
write labels for tea boxes.
She Was So 111���Restored to
Health by Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable
Pen' water, Mich. ���' 'A year ago 1 was
very weak and the doctor said I had a
���jpi serious displacement. I had backache aud bearing
down pains so bad
that I could not sit
in a chair or walk
across the floor and
1 was in severe pain
all the time. I felt
discouraged as I had
taken everything I
could think of and
was no better. I
began taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and now I am stron.-j
and healthy."���Mrs. Alice Darling,
It.F.D. No. 2, Box 77, Pentwater, Mich.
Head WhatAnotherWoman gays:
Peoria, III.���"I had such backaches
that I could hardly stand on my feet. I
would feel like crying out lots of times,
and had such a heavy feeling in my right
side. I had such terrible dull headaches
every day and they would make me feel
so drowsy and sleepy all the time, yet I
could not sleep at night.
"Aftcrl had taken LydiaE.Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound a week I began to
improve. My backache was less and
that heavy feeling in my side went
away. I continued to take the Compound and am cured,
" You may publish this if you wish."
-Miss Clara L. Gauwitz, R.R. No. I,
Box 62, Peoria, III.
Such letters prove the ralue of Lydia
E. Pinkhstn'l Vegetable Compound for
woman's ills.   Why don't you try it?
The Old Reliable
Cunard Line to Europe
Established 1840
CANADA TO EUROPE (direct) Carrying  one   Class  Cabin  and  Third
NEW 1913���13,400 TONS EACH
Lounge, Gymnasium, Drawing Room,   Smoking   Room,    tpen   and   Covered
Pron-enades, Spacious Staterooms
10,000 TONS (New (1911) 8,000 TONS iNew 1s09) j
The Cunard Lino has long been famous for the comfor and luxury of its
passenger accommodation, and In this, as in other rjgpeots, tlie steamers of
tho 'anadlau set-vice.maintain the high reputation of tho to. pan;-
From Portland to Liverpool
(via Queenstown)
Special Christmas Sailing
From Portland to London via Plymouth, Ausonla, Dec.   IJ
For particulars of saillnrs and services from Montreal  Portland, Doston and
New York, apply to Local Agents, or
The Cunar    Steamship Co., Ltd.,        304 Main Street, Winnipeg
From Montreal to London
(via Plymouth)
Canada Atlantic Grain Co., Limited
Grain   Exchange      ���      ���      Winnipeg,   r an.
Licensed���Bonded - ��� ��� Established   1910
for Brightness  efe^lSSl and Lightness.use
A Paste I     . " _     N��SUST
NoWaste I the T.Y. Dalley G> ltd.Hamilton.Ont.I No Rust
Can always make sure of getting the highest prices tor WHEAT, OATS,
BARLEY and FLAX, by chlpplnr their car lots to FORT WILLIAM AND
PORT ARTMitP s��h h^vlni .tin 1 sold on   ���"���"isslnf hv
1Mb   WfcLL-KNOWN   FARmcRb    A6oNT3
ADDRESS   700-703   Y..   GR*IN    EXCHANGE.    WINNIPEG
Bacon's Mother's Advice
Ilacon's mother appears to have kept
a sharp eye on his behaviour long
after ho hail attained years of discretion. In 1594, when he was thirty-
three years oltl anil the leading orator
in the llouso of Commons, wo find her
writing to her son:
I_.ok well to your health. Sup not
nor sit up late. Surely I think your
drinking to hotlwards hindoreth your
and your brother's digestion very
much I never knew any hut sickly
that used it, besides being ill tor head
aud eyes.   Observe well, yol in time.
Is Jones lazy?
I.azy's no name for it. Why he'll
go intc it revolving door, and then
wait for somebody to come In and
turn it around.
She was giving orders at express
rate, for they wero married: ami ho
as a rule the mo-t meek and submissive of men, was like the proverbial
worm, beginning to turn.
Do you think, he inquired, that you
rule the whol   of the universe?
No, she snapped, but I rule the
first letter ot it
in all the numerous ailments caused
by defective or irregular action of
the organs of digestion and elimination���certain to prevent suffering
and to improve the general health���
8oM every where.**% boxes, 25 ceatfc THE REVIEW. COURTENAY, B.C.
The Jest That
It Ended With an Unexpected
Kllt'son had sometimes imngindd'kwbnt
���might havo been" had Millicent Waring been other Unin tho only child of
a multimillionaire���What would have
boon, riithor, for he would have en
compassed heaven and earth to accomplish It, und in liis Inmost heart ho had
folt that tho accomplishing would not
havo beon difficult
At (lines Wild pictures had presented
themselves of tho possibility of thu
beastly money Inking Iho proverbial
wings, opening fur him lhe gales to
paradise, but in his saner moments ho
derided such fancies, for with Mr. Waring to Uio foru (hero was not tbo slightest probability of such au occurrence,
Instead, lie had arrived nt a condition
���whore lhe wings were a necessity to
himself If ho would retain a rag of
Belf respect. This cherished self respect was suffering considerably now
In the yielding that had brought him
back, and he had sternly limited himself to a week, oven yrhllo calculating
how often ho might contrive to see her
in tho lime without too greatly transgressing convention.
lie was hurrying to his hotel to make
himself presentable for an immediate
call when, as ho whipped Into the
broad, main avenue, a sight presented
itself at which lie reeled as from a
lilow in (ho face. Leaning limply
iigainst a doorway, ho stared, muttering, "Impossible, impossible!"
His wildest imaginings had materialized before ids eyes, but ho scornfully
rejected the suggested explanations of
his reason, repeating again and again,
Ho was unconscious of. tho passing
throng and too deeply shocked and absorbed to feel surprise when a hand
clapped him upon the shoulder and a
hearty voice cried: "Hello, old man!
When did you blow in?"
Ellison seized tho speaker and drew
blm around the corner.
"Fred," be demanded, "is that Miss
Millicent Waring?   My eyes tell mo so,
but 1 cannot believe them."
"Sure, that's Miss Waring,"
"But���but���good     heavens,    what's
sbe doing tn the confectionery shop?"
''Selling, same as otber shopkeepers,"
"But why?   Of course 1 see sbe is
selling, but why?"   Ho shook the other vehemently.
"Necessity. I suppose, same as tbe
other shopkeepers again," he grinned,
winking at a newctaicr over Ellison's
"Necessity!" yell d Ellison. "You
don't mean���you can't mean"���
"Better moderate your emotion. Ellison," the newcomer advised, indlcnt-
��� Ing a   bluecoat  who  was  regarding
them suspiciously.
"Of course, boys"-Eill3on's voice
was a murmur���"of course I know you
can't mean that sbe Is obliged to
do It."
"Why not? Couldn't old mnn Waring come a financial cropper, same as
thousands of others just as astute as
"Tbe world could come to an end,"
Ellison jeered, but his heart hud set
np a sudden pounding that dizzied
"Comes lo an end every day, dear
boy, for those money kings when their
little card bouses tumble. It's a new
world for tbem and tbelr families, too,
after that"
"Vou bet!" exclaimed one of another
couple of youths who hod added themselves to tho group. "Miss Waring ls
undoubtedly fltidln; t a new world, all
Sundry sly winks and nods wero exchanged by the four young fellows, acquaintances to whom Ellison had forgotten to give a greeting.
"Where's Mr. Waring?" be asked.
"Oh, he's around. He's plucky. He'll
pull it off again somo time In tbe near
future, I reckon."
"She's pulling them In by the handful, too," snid Hughes. "She seems o
natural saleslady - has the gift for
Ellison flushed resentfully. "But it
cannot be pleasant"���
"Oh, ber position has its unpleasant
features, of course," Strean interrupted lightly. "Some of tlie 'climbers'
snub her, and disapproval riots on nil
Bides, but Miss Millicent carries it off.
well. Sho might bave married- tbat
is, 1 suppose so," ho ir^rnuated, with
wicked eyes,
'-*Tes. sbo might have married while
the old man's pile was Intact," Forrest
"But she didn't. And a wife with
prospective millions and one with nothing but exnenslTe p.iblts and passable
bc#ury are two very ourerent tniugs,-
Strean asserted.
Ellison turned a furious face 'upon
blm and half raised tt clinched fist;
then, mastering liimself, he remarked.
"I suppose Hull's (he way the world
sees it," and strode away.
The four rascals burst into exuberant delight, digging each other iu the
ribs and chuckling hllarously as ho
disappeared down a side street.
I   Ellison had no coherent thought Ht
! first as he tore along.   Tho knowledge
I that tho barrier between them was re
I moved dazed blm,   But soon he begun
| lo turn thlnss over in his mind, to oven
jonsl'Jer the possibility of his own
I thousands, which had seomed puerile
j before, now serving ns a foundation
I for a new beginning ou which Mr.
I Waring might build. The other, the
��� Infinitely grcaler possibility of winning
I Millicent, be tried to keep In tlie back-
| ground until a proper hour for its con-
I sitleratioti.
Having   at   last   adjusted   himself
' somewhat to tho now conditions, he
| felt Hint be could trust himself to see
her.   They shook hands qulotly,   There
i was Ilttlo opportunity just then for
j words, but there was tt humorous yet
j lender glint in her eyes as she occasionally glanced at his earnest, preoccupied face while she served a bunch
of school children.
The four conspirators lot tier into
tlio secret nntl departed to spread
broadcast the jest, the prank upon Ellison, whose sentiment toward Miss
Waring was an open secret. And presently, by twos and throes nnd lu
squads, her old friends and former associates begun to saunter by. Some
purchased of tier with simpering patronage, somo with a cold nod of recognition, whilo others passed with
haughty, sneering oblivion of her.
Some of tbe smart youths inclined to
n familiarity that almost amounted ti>
Ellison noted it all. bis heart growing hotter until it bflrst all restraint.
"Miss Waring���Millicent," he breathed with low Intensity ns tbey wero
alone for a moment, "I canuot bear
this! It may bo presumption, Improper even, for mo to speak here���1 cannot help it! I am sure you have long
known of my deep love for you, though,
you cannot realize how it is my very
life and Soul. 1 havo bad so little to
offer I felt I could not presume io
ask you to give up for mo your luxurious position, to���but I can provide
you with a comfortable home, aud
my wbolo life shall bo devoted to"
His stammering speech was interrupted by the laughing, bubbling
crowd of conspirators, eager to witness his discomfiture.
"Ha, ha! Look nt him!" "Ob, the
easy mark!" "Has h offered you his
purse. Millicent''" "lla, ha! The idea
of Mr. Waring"- "FailedI" "As If"-
"Ha, ha!"
Unheeding the swirl, Miss Waring
calmly begun counting money from tho
drawers nnd piling It tn heaps upon
the counter. "Tbore," sbe said at last,
"W27.10. That moans SHB4.20 for tho
hospital from you fellows. Yon folks
who dared me to do this promised to
double tbo amount I tool; In, you
know." She beamed at tbem sweetly.
"My hat! 1 never dreamed you'd
pull in so much!" gnspetl Strean. "It's
sure up to us, boys! But, oh, Ellison,
sonny! Ellison���you���you"- He doubled with joy. "Your face pays for it
all! See it now, don't ynu? Cnteb oh
to it? It was such a>hanee ns comes
once iu it lifetime! Ob, my! Oh, myl"
Ellison perceived nnd turued*ri blank,
mortified face to apologize to Miss
Waring, but she laid a gentle, restraining band upon bis arm and again addressed the gurgling, crowing crowd
very sweetly, but distinctly, "I claim
your congratulations upon my success
as a saleslady, and"-(sbo blushed
adorably)���"nnd also upon my engafcu-
ment to Mr. Ellison."
Fameue Plaft.
There are only a few Old Glorle*
In the Annapolis collection of ITS historic flags, but each Is connected with
���ome incident tbat gives It the honor
ef its present position. There is the
thirty-one starred flag tbat flew he-
side tlio sunrise flag ot Japan when
tbe close shut doors of that Island
kingdom were pried open for American
commerce. Tho old flag tbat Lieutenant Charles Haywood defended so gallantly in 1847 at Sun Jose, Lower California, is there to recall the story of
how he nnd his tiny garrison held aa
old mission bousn for over three
mouths against an overwhelming Mexican force. Here, too, aro a few reminders of our history's saddest war.
Side by side ln tbe one case ure draped
tho ensign of tbe Union man-of-war
Knars age and* the stars and bare ot
the ensign of the Confederate cruiser
Albemarle. Another treasure Is the
ensign of the battleship Maine, which
was recovered fourteen years after
tlio catastrophe in Havana harbor.���
Christian Herald.
Thief Proof Bulbt.
The thief proof electric lamp bulb Is
here, called into existence because ot
the growing habit of repluolug dend
bulbs with those unscrewed from sockets In n neighboring office or room. No
locks aro used, the principle simply
being that onco screwed in a socket
they cannot be taken out without
smashing them. Once a bulb hurii3
out It may as well be smashed; so
there is no loss by this method, but
only tho inconvenience occasionally
that the owner is unable to put in
temporary bulbs of higher cnndle
power. The thief Is completely foiled.
A ratchet arrangement permits the
screwing of lhe bulb into the socket,
bnt prevents it from being unscrewed
so long as the bulb ts sound. To remove the bulb, tho globe is broken;
and a catch is then accessible, by
means of which the ratchet may be
Diamonds and Wealth.
A famous French scientist estimates
that ail the diamonds recovered In the
history of tbo world could be packed
ln a box three feet wide, six feet blgb
��� nd eight feet long and would weigh
less tban thirty tons..
It seems almost beyond the power of
mlud to grasp the fact that a treasure
vrorth moro than a billion dollars In
gold could be contained In so small a
space. Tbo high valuo of the gems ls
still more strikingly Illustrated by the
fact that gold to tho value of a billion
dollars would weigh more than 4,000,-
000 pounds. Diamonds ns a measure
of money occupy a large place In civilisation. But when ono takes into consideration how far diamonds are from
constituting the real wealth of nations
or a measure of brains, of true social
standing or worth while success In
life tho enormous expenditure of human energy represented by the pllo
of gems valued at a billion dollars Is
���n appalling waste.���Chicago Herald.
Mark Twain'a Retort
At a hotel tn Jericho was an Amerl
: run wbo had accompanied Mark Twula
en his camping trip through tbe Holy
"N'o, sir," said he In tho course of the
evening's conversation, "I cannot recall u single Instance when tbe humorist   was   caught   napping.   Ouce   we
: thought wc had bim sure.  Mr. Twain
! came lute to tho dinner table, when
' we bad sat down, ami before be ap-
j penrcd we had invented a clever trap.
"He was still several courses behind
! when the rest of ns were ready for
j salad, but every one stopped eating un-
, til Mr. Twain caught up.  He hud start-
I ed intently on a crisp leaf of lettuce
| before be noticed that no one else was
j eating. He paused queslioningly. That
was our opportunity.
"'Now, Mr. Twain,' some one asked,
| 'why are you llko Nebuchadnezzar?'
| expecting tbat the answer would Imply
that it was  because  he  was  eating
> grass like an ox.  Instead, and without
\ an instant's hesitation, came the retort:
" 'Because  I  am  feeding  with  the
brutes.'"���I'earsoii's Weekly.
He Scared the Algerians anC
Conquered the Nation.
The Poison In Poison Ivy.
Poison Ivy bus long been a mystery
both to scientists and laymen. Why
and in what manner it causes the peculiar rash and irritating inflammation
have puzzled both botanists and physicians. But Dr. Mlnande of Paris
���ays bis stndy of the plant shows that
poison Ivy contains prussic acid. This
Is found principally ln tho young leaves
and buds. In older leaves there Is very
little of tt
In three and one-half ounces sf young
leaves thero is about a quarter of a
grain of tbe acid.
As with otber plants tn whlcb prussic acid ts found, the poisonous substance does not exist In its perfect
form, but develops as soon as the
leaves are bruised, a chemical action
brtng set up througb the union of an
enzyme with a glucosld.
Ic* Glazed Salmon.
Ice jackets havo been found to be
the best protection for frozen salmon
on their long Journeys from Iho Pacific coast to all parts of the world.
Thousands of tons of salmon are now
frozen in Ihe great factories of the
coast for export, because tlio combination of the ice jackets and tbe frozen
meat bas been found to keep the fish
from becoming tainted. After tbe salmon aro bled tbey arc kept at a temperature of zero, or near there, for
forty-eight hours and are frozen hard.
If they were shipped this way, however, the air would get to the fish to
somo extent nnd tainting would result, so tbey ure dipped in tanks ot
water and given another freezing. This
puts n llliu jacket of ice all over each
flsh, or glazes him, ns it is called. Aft-
j er two coats of glazing the salmon are
wrapped In puper, packed in paper
lined boxes and started to the export
niarkets.-Saturday Evening Post
They Don't Want Strangers.
In tbo northwestern part of Switzerland, far from tbe tourist's path, Is a
little town, Selzacb, where for more
than 260 years watchmaking haa been
tbe chief industry "There aro no machines ln tbe place for the production
of watch parts���the men work as did
their fathers and grandfathers," says
tbe Berlin Post. "A feature of tbe
place is tbe Passion play, produced
every summer by tho watchmakers and
the members of tbelr families. These
simple people bave succeeded in maintaining for their play ��� modest dignity
and have not allowed it to become
commercial. The few notices of the
Saturday performances which one seel
In the neighboring places contain tbe
Information that the town 'cannot accommodate many strangers'"
Lucky Lightning Strokes, 1
To be struck by lightning is slill ���
most lucky thing for tho Greek peasant���If he is not killed. "Such a man,"
says J. C. Lawsou, "may indulge a
taste for Idleness for the rest of his
life���his neighbors will support him-
und enjoy at tho same time the reputation ot being something more than
human." This is nn inheritance from
ancient days. Artemldorus, an authority on occult matters who flourished
In tbe times of Marcus Aurelius, commented on the fact that while a place
struck by lightning had an altar erected upon it and was thenceforth both
honored and avoided, "no one who has
been struck by lightning is excluded
from citizenship; indeed, such a one
is honored even as a god." The election of Quintus Julius Ebnrnus to tlie
consulship in 110 B. C. is attributed to
his having been favored thus by the
gods.���London Spectator.
Careful John.
*A rural storekeeper was greatly both-
wed by rats whlcb Infested his building, says the St Louis Post-Dispatch
Also be possessed a valuable watchdog which guarded tbe premises at
night One night. Just before he locked
np. he scattered poison nround thl
place nnd left a note on the countei
for the clerk who opened the store ti
the morning.
The clerk found the note ns was In
tended. But be nearly dropped throngl
the floor when be read:
"Jerry-You take the poison In thl
morning so tbe dog won't get it Then
Is some ln tbe cellar too.   John."
1st, 2d and 4th.
"Do the letters 'st,' 'd' and 'th' !_.�����
to be followed by a period wben used
thus: 1st, 2d, 4th? What is this combination���an abbreviation, contraction
or merely a sign?"
In the forms 1st, 2d, 4th, etc., we have
ordinal numerals in which an Arabic
figure is substituted tor tbe spelled out
name of tbe cardinal number 'rum
which the ordinal ls derived. The letters added to the Arabic numeral form
the specific inflection which changes
the cardinal to an ordinal numeral.
The forms in question, tben, are neither abbreviations nor contractions,
nor yet mere signs. They arc like a
humorist's b4 for before, only they are
not whimsical, as they would be it no
one had seen tbem before and some
one ebould suddenly uso thein.-I.Iter-
ai; Digest
When Jurist Mete.
Up tn Alaska there used to be a
district attorney who was long on native oratory, but short on education.
j Once, while prosecuting a big case, he
I enmc to tbe finish of bis argument,
and, according to Wilson Mlzner, who
wns up there at the time, be leaned
across tbe rail and made this plea:
"All I aits of you, gentlemen of the
Jury, ts tbat you now retire and mete
out jestlce as she deserves to be met!"
-Saturday Evening Tost
Velveteen which ni_ served' its pur- .
pose as n dress or blouse should be
preserved   and   made  into   polishing j
cloths.    In this connection velveteen t
is almost as good as chamois leather, .
and cannot only be used for obtaining
a fine polish on satin wood and mahogany furniture, but as u means of
brightening silver and plated goods.
When soiled the velveteen may be sue- .
cessfnlly cleaned by washing It ln    I
soapy lather.
The Signal.
"How do you enduro listening te
Bllgglns' fanny stories? Ue epolli
them by laughing at tbem himself."
"That's what I like about him. Yon
don't have to listen In order to laugh
���t the right time All you have to do
Is to wait till be gives the slgnal."-
.Vfasbington Star.
"If I hnd my life to live over," she
"Yes, I know," be Interrupted. "11
you bad your life to llvo over yon
would marry one of the fellows whe
proposed to you before 1 came along."
"Nothing of the kind." sbe replied,
"If 1 hod my life to live over I'd marry
some weak minded, brutal petsoa
Then I'd hsvo nothing to expect and
shouldn't bo dissppolnted."-Cblcago
Hs Made Them Rtad It.
Daughter-Have you found out yet
what it was that papa cut out of the.
paper? Mother���Yes. 1 bought a copy.
I've read it all througb, but to save
my life 1 can't see anything wrong ln
It It's an article on the vulgarity and
Silliness of buying gowns that are beyond one's means.
Ta Freshen a Feather Boa.
If yon havo a feather boa tbat has
become rather limp looking because it
bas been out in damp weather, try this
means of freshening it It is best te
try tt, too, ns soon as you come In:
Take n bowlful of boiling water,
sprinkle Inlo n handful of ordinary
white salt and then when It Is Ah_olT<
ed shake ibe feather boa bs It
By the Aid of a Magnet and a Current
of Electricity He Struck Terror to
the Hea.tj of the Arabs and Took All
the Desire For Fight Out of Them.
"These are great times," exulted the
Electrician to his friend tbe Old Fogy.
"With machine guus und other instruments of war wo certainly are going
some in tbe fighting game "
"Yes,"' ngrecd the Old fogy ns he adjusted bis glasses, "but do you know
tbat before such things were dreamed
Of an entire nation was conquered with
a magnet and a little black box?"
And the Electrician confessed. "No!"
"You have heard, no doubt," the Old
Fogy rambled on, "ot lhe marvelous
inventions of Robert Uoudin. tbe great
French conjurer, u mnn who did great
things wltb electricity wben Alexander
Graham Bell wns an Infant.
"Houdlu applied electricity to many
of his magical experiments und delighted tho Parisian public for years in
his Ilttlo theater. Wben he retired
ho was tho most favored performer ot
his day and bud bowed to the plaudits
of royulty."
"Heard all about tbat," snapped the
Electrician. "What about the black
"Coming to tbat, boy; coming to that.
Huudin retired to bis fnmlly estate on
tbe left banks of tbe River Loire near
Et Uervulse, hoping to end bis days
In peace. But after s year or so there
camo to blm through a military friend
a request from the French government
that be go to Algiers.
"In bis memoirs, translated into English somo years before his death, he
says that tbe Marabouts of that country, a sort of medicine men and wonder working priests, controlled tbo
masses and Incited tbem to Intermit-
ten revolts against tbe French by their
tricks. These tricks, he assures ua,
were of tho simplest antl most primitive type.
"It wns the hope of the French gov-
eminent that Houdin by his mysteries
could demonstrate that the white conqueror's magic was superior. And
Houdin did It"
"Wltb the little black box and the
"Yea. His recital of his performance in Algiers ts exceedingly Interesting Some of tbe most distinguished
natives wore there. Bendin showed
tbem all sorts of things: allowed himself to be shot at snd cangbt tbe bullet
unharmed and many other such feats.
"But his piece de resistance undoubtedly was bis box. He called for a
strong man to come on the stage, and
��� giant responded. Houdin toyed wltb
blm for a moment bantered with Una
���bout bis strength and asked blm If ho
could lift his little black box. Disdainfully tbo Arab lifted it and smiled.
"But Houdin warned him: 'Walt
Bnt a moment, and you shall be as a
little child!' He placed the box on tba
stage over tbe magnet and dared Us
buge guest to raise it The Arab tried
with one finger; grasped it with his
grcat muscular bund: tugged at It with
���II the strength of his massive arms,
bracing his legs like two huge bronze
columns, so Houdin says, to no avail.
Try as be would, this son of the desert could not stir thst little box from
Its place.
"For a breathing spell he released
bis grip for n moment then went at it
���gain as Houdin gave s signal to bare
tbe current turned off. And while the
���we stricken audience panted In araase-
tnent he snddenly WTitbed tn acutest
���gony and sank groveling to tbe stage.
The current coursing through bim bad
galvanized blm into misery
"Then Houdin gave a signal, the current from the electro magnet beneath
tbe stage was turned o3, and tbe Arab
fell back groaning He lifted himself
to his feet nnd, biding bis fare in bis
cloak, crept away to blush unseen.
The little black box bad conquered.1'
"And?'- inquired the Electrician.
"And." replied the Old Fogy, "Houdin was triumphant The country had
seen him shot at by a man wbo said
be wished to kill; had seen blm rob a
giant of bis strength. No Marabout
bad ever done tbat No Marabout wltb
primitive tricks could convince them
tbat any revolt of theirs could prevaM
against tbe white man and bis magic���
bis electricity Tbe conqueror's cos*
quest was complete."���Popular Electricity.     	
,,'; More Hemes.
"Wbat have yon doue with the horn*
bints ln your magazine?"
"Had to abandon them ln favor of a
suffragette department"���Washington
Sauey Thing!
Tbe Tonth-My grandfather settled
bere forty years ngo.
HiMlnnw (ilrl-nid he owe much?���
�����_i_ei�� t'ily Cta- THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1869
Capital Paid Up JUl,560,000        Reserve antl Undivided Profits {13,000,000
Payable in all parts of the world
Special attention given to Savings Department antl Transactions of Ordinary Hanking Business by mail
For Gifts that will
be Appreciated
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly  Newspaper,   Published  at
Courtenav, I). C.
N, II, BODBN, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription 81 W per Year in Advance
DECEMBER 25, 1913
The annual Sunday School Christ-
mas tree and concert by the Children took place on Tuesday evening,
iu the Agriculture Hall. The
old hall was full of bright-eyed
children, their parents and friends,
who were very much pleased with
the manner in which the children
deported themselves in the various
numbers In which they took part.
The following program was pre
sented: Short address by the chairman, Rev. T. M nzies, chorus by
the scholars; violin solo, Adam
Calhonn; recitation, IsadoreSutton;
chorus by tiny tots; recitation,
Margaret Duncan; recitation, John
Cooper; flower drill by 12 girls;
chorus by boys, "Down the Flue,"
recitation, Dorothy Cooper; motion
chorus. "Snowflakes;" recitation,
Clifford Lindon; recitation Muriel
McPhee; duet, Misses Mary and
Olive Hodgson; recitatiou, Viola
Campbell; recitation, Eddie Boden;
violin solo. Adam Calhoun; recitation, Carol Meuzies; chorus by
children "Good King Wrenlees;"
solo, Miss Jean Menzies; a tr'o by
the Sunday school teachers was iit-
terttpted by the appearance of Santa
Claus,     who  immediately   began
General Store
For Choice
Family Groceries
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods
One   Price   to  All
A I/itrRe anil Varied   Assortment  oi the
Holiday Goods nnd Cnristmas Novelties. Everything displayed where
you can readily inspect  tlie
many different lines to
make yonr selection
On and After
January  1st, 1914
Messrs. _.uncan ik Birch, automobile engineers, Courtenay,
will sell gasoline at 45c -per
Imperial gallon to customers
purchasing a book of 40
:-gallon tickets
Price of book, $18 cash
Mr. Hcrton of Royston was a
distributing presents from a we'll ca,ler at the Review office yesterday
loaded tree and there were presents afternoon.
for all, indeed some seemed to get j    Miss Amy  Kilpatrick is   home
more than their share.   Ihe hall from the Braemar school for the
was tastefully decoraled with ever- Christmas holidays,
geens and tinsel.
Messrs, Charles, John, and William Duncan are home from McGill
College for the holidays.
The machinery has arrived for
the new milk condensing factory
and is being put iu place as rapidly
as possible
Remember the shooting match today. Get out your musket and
show some of the youngsters how
to shoot.
The annual General meeting of
the Courtenay CDiiservative Association will be held in the Opera
House on Thursday January 15th
Military Bnuhei���Novelty designs ill Ster.
ling Silver photo frames, hair
brushes, mlli tnrybrushes undclothse
HlaWkercUefo��� Ladies pure limn handkerchiefs iu fancy boxes, from 75c to $2
per box; children's fancy handkerchiefs at 20c and 2.1c per box.
Handkerchief Cum���Silk embroidered and
hand painted handkerchief cases.
Emb. Himdlterchiefi-���Liiditis Swiss embroidered handkerchiefs,  15c to si each,
Mutle  Drapei���silk   embroidered   tuble
covers and mantle drapes.
Lineal���.Eyelet   embroidery   and   punch
work linen   center pieces, runners,
cushion covers and necktie racks.
Motor Scarfi---Silk  and lace motor  scarfs
anil neck mufflers,
Collari---l/atest New York styles in ladies
lace collars, tics ami jabots,
Fur  Sets���Ladies   fur   sets,   uiitlTs  and
stoles,  in lilaek, beaver and  white,
from $5 to >10 per set.
Bom���Children's white fur boos, at 50c
and 7.Sc each.
Silk Blouiei---!,.ulies   blouses in   plain ami
fancy silks, from $4.50 to $15.
Waiit Length- -Silk waist lengths in plain,
striped  and   broche,   from   75c  to
#2.25 per yard.
Evening   Silk*���I'oiletla.    messuliue    and
crepe-dc-cliene ill all evening shades
at $1,25 and $1.65 per yard.
Umbrellas---Ladies fancy handled umbrellas in silk   aud silk   mixtures, from
#1.50 to $5,
Novellies---A complete stock of childs ami
infants wear in fancy  slippers, wool
boots  and   bootees,   polka   jackets,
toques,   leggins,   silk buggy  robes,
silk and muslin dresses.
Irish Linen Sets���Sets  of Irish   linen table
covers and  napkins to match, suitable for Christmas gifts,   from JS4.50
to $6.50 per set.
The new church in Courtenay
will be opened Sunday Dec. 28th,
Services as follows: Dedication
11 a. m. Service for children 3
p. m. Christmas service 7.30 p. m,
Rev. Dr. Pidgeon, of Vancouver,
will conduct all services, The
choir is preparing special music.
On Monday night at 6 p. 111. the
ladies will s.rve a chicken supper
in the basement of the church,
tickets 5octs. At 8 p. 111, Dr.
Pidgeon will deliver a lecture on
"Impressions of the Old Laud." A
silver collection will be taken.
A limited supply of mechanical Teddy Bears, Fur
Animals, Etc., on display.
No. 8 Mine Townsite
The Next and Nearest Property to the Mines, Sawmills, and absolutely Inside Property
1-4 to 1-2 acre Lots, 60 x 80 by 120 feet deep,
Price $150 to $225 per Lot, on Easy Terms
You'll be on Easy Street in buying these.   It's the
White Man's City.   We do not sell to Asiatics
Lots are selling fast, apply to A.   Pailthrope "filestore'
Harry Idiens
Berwick, or
British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
Telephone 36 COURTENAY
At the Close of the Old Year
WE desire to express our thanks for the loyal
- support and courteous consideration shown
us by our customers.
We have continued to grow, and during the coming
year look forward with confidence to even better
We invite you to call and examine our Christmas
5 per cent. Off for Cash
To all we wish a Very  Merry Christmas and a
Happy and Prosperous New Year
Phone 35
Neckwear���This season's newest creations
put up in fancy boxes, 50c  to $1.25.
Glo?ei---A big selection. A pair of these
would make a verv suitable present,
60c to $3.50.
Handkerchiefs---!.iiii-n and colored silks,
plain and  initialed, from 20c to  Jil.
Silk Neck Scarfs���Scrvicable and beautiful,
will make an excellent Christmas
rift, from 75c to J2.50
Bath Robes and Smoking Jackets---These arc
comfortable, handy and uselul;
nothing could he more appreciated
for d holiday present than one of
these, from $5 to $12 50.
Hosiery���An immense line of good hosiery
in all the popular  shades, 35c to $1.
Fancy Vests���Are very much liked by
most men, and will please careful
dressers, from $1,50 to $5,
Stylish New Hats���The latest siiapes and
shades, stiff ami soft, made from
rough Tweed mixtures, finest felt,
from $2 to $7.50.
Sweater   Coats���liverybody   likes   tliein.
They   are   useful   every   day.    We
have a large range of patterns made
with the newest "V" shape collar,
and other styles.    Prices $1.75 to $7.
Umbrellas���Make an attractive gift, a good
article and certain to be appreciated,
from $1.25 to $7.50.
Winter Caps���Stylish  shapes and  shades;
made  to  keep  the  head  and  ears
wariii, from 50c. to $1.50.
Shirts���Mens  line  shirts in   the  newest
colorings and patterns, witli soft attached and detachable collars and
culls.   Prices $1.215 to $2.5o.
Combination Sets--Suspenders, arm bands,
belts and garters.    Nothing   else so
sure   to   be   "Just   what I   want,"
prices, 75c to $2.50.
Men's Jewelery���Cuff   links,   watcli   fobs,
scarf pins,   collar buttons,   tie clips,
badges, etc.
Fancy Slippers���Our ideal   Christmas  present, and  always  acceptable, prices
from SI.25 to $2.
Boy's Novelties���Wc have  a big selection
of boy's novelties; also the   popular
| Sandford suits and overcoats; hats,
caps, sweater coats, fine shirts, ties,
in faet every tiling that is newest and
j        best for boys to wear.
We would suggest tlie sooner you come
to make your selections the better
the assortment will be. We are
showing by far a finer collection of
desirable gifts for men and women
than ever before.
How do I know?
The Corner Store has an Excellent Show
Ornaments, Fancy China and Glassware, Books for
young and old, Xmas Fruit and Candies
Presents for the Girl Presents for the Man
Presents for Everyone
Don't believe us?   Come and see for yourselves.   Always at
home to your wants and requirements-
Parkin Bros., Proprietors  ,,-. .
Telephone 4 Sandwick, B. C.
THE Wise Real Estate Specialist looks to the centre where
transportation   facilities   abound.
5 to 20 Acre Blocks, adjoining
the townsite, $100 an Acre, Easy Terms
No Better Proof than what we Offer is
is the fact that all the buyers so far are men who
have lived at Union Bay for years, who intend
making it their home with a good living in Fruit
Vegetables and Poultry
Ring up
British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
Harry Idiens, Manager
Phone 36 Courtenay
Ottawa, Dec. 16.���According to
reports from the Dominion trade
commissioners in England the export of butter and eggs from Canada to Great Britain has entirely
stopped and the export of live
cattle to Great Britain is decreasing.
Apart from the Irish supply the
total cattle received in Britain in
1912 was only 49.000, In 1905
over half a million head were landed. The figures relating to sheep
were even more remarkable falling
from one million in 1905 to 15,000
iu 1912.   The supply is by decad-
edce of the trade in animals however has been partly balanced by
the increased imports in dead meat.
Buster Brown returned to town
on Tuesday.
Occasionally a girl uses one young-
man to make another feel bad.
It's as easy to buy experience as
it is difficult to sell it.
Green is a popular color at present, but no girl should be green 1
If You get it at PLIMLEf S It's All Right
Big Fall
.. ..
-������ - x'.:__jj||
uS":;'^"'-"'/N     li
During stocktaking we ha'Vo found dint we have tjtiite a number of
secondhand, shop soiled mil lltfcturticil from hire" machines
uud  nre  holding  im  eml  of  season  clearance nt big
reductions,   Look into this.
Thos. Plimley
739 Yates St. Victoria, B. C.
Riverside Hotel
Bar Supplied with the Best Wines
Liquors and Cigars
Travellers Always Made Welcome
0. H. FECHNER, Prop.
C. W.   Shannon
Estimates Furnished Free of Charge
*_=_=_ ' Shannon Block,     Courtenay
Cokely & erris
Dominion and B. C.
Land Surveyors
Sub-division Work
a Specialty
Courtenay - B. C.
Orders left at  Brown's  Furniture  Store
will be promptly executed.    Satisfaction
Sibley & Pollock
Contractors & Builders
A concert which was pronounced
as nothing short of excellent, was
submitted by the children of the
Campbell River school, on Wednesday evening last, Dec 17th. There
was an over-erowded attendance
and one and all remarked on the
good training and bearing of the
children of the district. Programs
designed, painted and printed by
the children themselves, were sent
out previous to the concert. The
first part of the program consisted
of various sonirs, solos, recitations,
nursery rhymes etc. learnt by the
children during the term, while the
latter half took the form Of a Xmas
play entitled, "The Holly Oueen."
Miss M. McNeil looked sweetly
pretty as she acted this dignified
character, whilst Miss G Smith
made n good old-fashioned Father
Xmas. Miss L. Thulin presented
a capital little actress, insomuch as
she brought the tears to the eyes of
some of the spectators. (The sterner sex declare they never met such
tender hearted women as in Campbell River���the joke was on the
side of the latter.) She certainly
would do well to follow up the profession. Miss J. Deiner made an
excellent mother, whilst Mr. G.
Jamieson and Mr J. Smith kept
the company in fits of laughter in
their characters as school girls.
The fairies and dwarfs went through
their parts without a hitch. The
children were trained by their
teacher Miss Barwise. The services
of the top jrirl in the school, Miss
R. Morrison as pianist were indes-
Ladies and gents don't forget the
grand masquerade to lie given at
the Willows Hotel,'Campbell River
Dec. 29th. Gents tickets $1. ladies
tickets 50c. Costumes for hire at
the Willows Hotel. Commence at
9 p. ni.
Express and
Dray Stables
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone 29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Comox, B. C.
Best. Meals North of Naniatno
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Palaee Livepy
& Feed Stable
Artistic Bungalows a Specialty
Masonry and Brickwear of every description.       Plans furniseed
Estimates Free
All Work Guaranteed
B. C.
R. N.  Fitzgerald
Contractor and Builder
j    New Wharf���Mr. H. R. Woods,
j Alberni, the successful tenderer for
i the wharf, was at Courtenay with
his son on   Monday last  making
arrangements to start work the first
��� week in the new year.   He placed
| an order for the lumber with the
1 Royston Sawmills Co. and this will
' keep their mill going when weather
permits during the winter.   Save
two experts which Mr. Woods will
send from Alberni local labor will
be employed.   He expeets to get
the wharf completed by the end of
. March.
Plans  and   Estimates Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
Builder & Contractor
I An appeal for ministerial clemency in the case of Richard Goodwin the miner who collapsed in
court at New Westminster on
Thursday has been telegraphed to
Ottawa by Mr. J. E. Bird. Affidavits from Alexander McKenzie
of Cumberland that he was the
man who committed the assault for
which Goodwin was found guilty
and sentenced to nine months in
prison, are being forwarded to the
! minister of justice.
Acadia Trust Co.
Acts as Trustees, Administraters of Estates, General
Financial Agents, Real Estate, Mortgages,
.   Loans, Insurance, Etc.
4 % Paid on Deposits
Property owners of the Comox Valley are specially
invited to list their real estate with this Company
Thoroughbred Cockerels for Sale
$2.00 EACH
Wood For Sale
Stove, Cord, Alder,
Maple or Bark
Apply to
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Conrtena)
Cliffe & Higgins
Feed and Livery
Heavy Teaming Promptly Attended to
R. MacQUILLAN, Frop.
Phone 7
Union St. Courtenay
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Gusine Kxcellen
Win. Merryfield
Waverley Hotel
Cumberland, B. C.
Rest oi Liquors and  Cigars,   Hot and
Cold Water, Baths, etc.
FRANK DALLAS, Proprietor
Xmas. Suggestions
Hair Brushes
The  Finest   Styles
and kinds of English Tweeds and Worsteds to select from at reasonable prices
Cumberland        -        B. C
Bungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
Box 124      Courtenay
IUrses and Buggies for Hire at
Reasonable Hates
We also attend to wood hauling
Cuurteaay Paoae 25
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None but the BEST WINES an
LIQUORS at the Bar
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls jProinptly
Phone 27
I SCALED TENDERS addressed to the
' undersigned, and endorsed "Tenders for
Public Building, Port Alberni, B. C."
will be received at this office until 4.00
p. in. on Wednesday, 31st of December
1913, for the construction of a Public
Building at Port Alberni, B.    .
Plans, specifications and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained at the office of the undersigned,
Postmasters at Port Alberni and at Nanaimo, and A. J. Chisholm, a retaker
Public Building, Vancouver.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures,
stating tlieir occupations and places of
residence. In the case of firms, the
actnal signature, the nature of the occupation,' and place of residence of each
member of the firm must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
payable to the order of the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent. (10 p. c.) of the amount of
the tender, which will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter into a
contract when called upon to do so, or
fail to complete the work contracted for.
If the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned. _.._������ .
The Department does not bind itself to
accent the lowest or any tender.
Resident Architect.
Victoria, B. C. Dec. 9th 1913.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
adrertisment if they insert it without
authority from the Department.���49327
IN THE MATTER of an application
for a fresh Certificate of Title to Lot 212
and part 69 acres of Section 18, Comox
NOTICE is hereby given of my intention at the expiration of one calendar
month from the first publication hereof
to issue a fresh Certificate of Title issued
to William James Andrews, on the 26th
day of June, 1905, and numbered 11343C
which has been lost.
Dated at Land Registry Office, Victoria, B. C., this 27th day of November,
  Registrar General of Titles.
Candies, Cakes, Soft
Drinks and Lunches
Courtenay Drug Store
Close at 1 p. m on Thursdays
Cleaning, Pressiug, Repairing and
Shoe Shining done by
John Shelbun
J.   E.    ASTON
Basement Willard Block
Loggers Boots and Shoes Msdt
Repairing Neatly and Promptly  Done
Potter's Pool Room
J. POTTER, Proprietor
Comox, B. C.
First-class -Accommodation.    Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.  McCuish, Prop.
We have now on display the finest assortment of Rifles and
Shotguns in the Comox Valley,  including all of the best and
popular makes, and at the lowest prices*  Come in and inspect
our stock
Single Barrell Shotguns from $7.50 up
Double Barrell Shotguns from $14.00 up
Marlin; Stevens, Savage and Winchester Rifles.   Cartridges
in all the popular calibers
COURTENAY     ���    and     ���     CUMBERLAND
������' ��� ��� v THE COURTENAV REVIEW
This 10 Acre Farm will Resell in
3 Years at a $6,000 Profit
io Acres of level ground, no gullies or ravines, seven acres cleared and cultivated, balance light growth underbrush, no standing timber, six roomed
house, barn and outbuildings, small orchard, running stream of water tlie
year round within ten yards of house. Soil that cannot be beaten in the district, part a deep rich black loam, part a light friable red loam, the kiud that
horticulturists claim is unexcelled for all kinds of small fruits. The location
of the property alone warrants our heading, lor this compact little farm  is
1 Mile Only from No. 8 Townsite
on the eastern boundary of the well known
Surrounded on three sides by streets that are to be opened up and graded by tlie owners of
Perez Park, with a cash market at the door for everything that can be grown. The man wlio
takes hold of this place as a c' icken, fruit and truck farm, need not worry as to the future
Terms : 1-4 Cash, balance 1, 2 and 3 years at 7 per cent
In three years from now, with three to four hundred laying hens bringing in a steady
income, with a five acre orchard planted and coming into bearing; with a couple of acres
in strawberries, the same in raspberries and logan berries, that black loam utilized
for growing heavy crops of celery, rhubarb, brussels sprouts, cauli flower, cabbage and
potatoes, we doubt  whethei the owner will consider an offer of $12,000 for the property
Exclusive  Sales Agents
Telephone 31 Courtenay, B. C.
There is a large end growing
number of old Comox Valley residents in and around Victoria, and
one encounters members of that
community at all hours and in all
places either in pursuit of their
several callings or present at one or
other of the many social functions.
Among others, known to your
correspondent, are Mr. and Mrs.
Saunders, late of Ashtree Farm,
Sandwick, Mr. Saunders having
exchanged the ploughshare for
real estate, \'rs. N. Concenia,
formerly of the Lake Trail, Miss
M. Carter and Miss Mary Mulligan
both engaged in the merciful work
of nursing, Major and Mrs. Snow
and Mr. Joe Moore, late of Comox,
Mr. and Mrs. Giloma who once
lived near Headquarters, Mr. Evans
an old L,ake Trail resident. Mr.
and Mrs. H. Smith, the former engaged in one of the government
offices. Mrs. Hanson recently of
Cumberland, Mrs. Quo. Roe, from
Union Bay, Miss Dennng, who
spent a few mo iths in Sandwick
last year, Miss Payne who has a
house at Kye Bay, and Mrs. Matthew Smith, another Sandwick
resident; there are doubtless others
whose names are not known or
whose faces are uot familiar. It is
on the recommendation of these
exiles that a steady stream of people
finds its way to the valley, thus
adding to the prosperity of Comox.
"One of the Exiles."
Anticipating the event of Miss
Cooper's marriage the school children, their parents and a few other
friends met at the home of Mrs. A.
M. Hilton, and gave Miss Cooper
a good surprise in the form of a
"shower" of many and useful gifts.
Those present were: Mrs, J. Mc-
Naughton, Mrs. G L Rogers, Mrs.
S Rogers, Boston; Mrs. R B Dixon,
Mrs. E Dunwoodie, Mrs. J. King,
Mrs. W Boncher, Mrs. F. Mac-
Gregor, Mrs. L Savoie, Oliye Dunwoodie, Jennie King, Mary Boncher, Joan' MacGregor, Wilfred
Boucher and Ramie Savoie,
Primarily, of course, Christmas I
is a religeous festival. In the
Christum, with a sincere belief, in j
the Christ who is tlie foundation1
rock of his rehgeon, the words of
priest and pastor, exhorting his
flock to osberve the day with ceremonial observances, find a fervent
response. From every pulpit is
told anew the story of Him without
whom Christmas had never been.
But Christmas also appeals to the
non-believer in Christ, to the men
and women who cannot subscribe
conscientiously to the doctrine of
His di?inity. It is trite, perhaps to
say that as Christmas approaches
the Christmas spirit is "in the air" |
but it is true none the less. '' Peace
and good will" prevade the air
that is breathed alike by churchgoer aud non-attendant. In the
big cities Christmas is celebrated
by Christiau and Jew and Mohammedan as well as by those of no
religion. In the outermost corners
of the earth, wherever men of the
Christian religion have borne the
'taudard of civilization the native
heathen in intimate contact with
them feel tlie coming of the spirit
and rejoice. It is well that this
should be so for the spirit of Christmas is the spirit of belief not only
in Christ but iu one's fellowmen.
Everyone may share it if he will.
Every one may find in the story of
the life that was lived in Palestine
nineteen centuries ago, of the death
that was met ou the cross and of
the resurrection that followed,
something of personal application,
something of uplift,
The Sisters of St. Joseph extend
their deepest gratitude to the good
people of Comox District who so
generously spent time and efforts
towards the success of the "Tie
Social" besides collecting money
for the erection of a chimney.
Many a woman who owns a dozen ultra-fashionable skirts hasn't
one that is fit to wear on the streets.
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest I'ossiblt Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder COURTENAY
A stock of Quarter Cut Oak Buffets and China
Cabinets, Royal Weimar China.   Speciel lines of
Diners, Rockers, Etc. for Xmas Gifts
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland
Figures recently to hand from
the immigration department estimate that by the end of December
very nearly half a million immigrants will have come into Canada
during the current calendar year.
This is gratifying news to many
who were fuder the impression
that circumstances during the past
year were not favourable for a
greater movement than previously
to Canada It indicates that tha news
of profitable development in this
country is spreading and that the
financial stringency is uot likely to
affect the rapid settlement of the
coutnry. This heavy immigration
in itself means no small addition to
the capital of the Dominion and it
means the additiou of an important
factor in the productive forces here
which shows that eveu in a year of
world wide depression, Canada is
looked upon as a laud of opportunities. Reckoning that the population of the Dominion at the first
of the year was about 8,ooo,ooo,
it is astonishing to contemplate
that by the end of 1913 it is likely
to be .ncreased by no less than 01 e
sixteenth, or more than six ptr
cent. As authorities have at di:-
1 ferent times predicted, immigration
to this country will increase each
year and it will not lie very long
before the department will be able
to report one million new arrivals
in a period of twelve months, It
is not very long since the people of
Canada considered with wonder a
record of 100,000 immigrants in a
single year. As the years go by
we get accustomed to greater figures
in various lines and we do not think
with any more surprise of 500,000
this year than we did of 100,000 a
few years ago,
The reprieve of Charles Gibson,
murderer, at the eleventh hour, reminds us again that capital punishment grows more and more repulsive to Canadians. The minister
of justice declared that a careful
consideration of all evidence had
developed nothing to warrant a
change of sentence. Then a petition with 60,000 signatures was
rushed to Ottawa, and Hangman
Ellis lost I another opportunity to
add to his skilful stranglings The
liklihood is that Mr. Ellis will not
officiate very often again, and it
may not be necessary to look for a
successor when he retires.���Canada
SIR EDMUND WALKEK, C.V.O, LL.ll., D.C.L.. Prmldenl
General Manager AmtUliint Ceneral
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the P .k.        M
W. T. WHITE, Manager, Courtenay, Comox and Curabei .nd Branches
Comox branch open on Tuesday, from io to 3
Comox Co-Operative Society
Dealers in all kinds of Meats,
Butter, Eggs and Farmer's
Produce, Cooked Meats a
Specialty. We sell only tl.e
best. Prices are a1 ways low
and satisfactory. We pay
best prices fer produce
Phone No. 2
Mayor Campbell is again in the
field for Mayor of Cumberland. He
is being opposed by Mr. Thos. E.
Bate. Both of them are business
men of good repnte, and Cumberland will be well served I y electing
The annual meeting of the Cumberland Conservative Association
was held last week, when the following officers were elected for the
ensuing year; President, \V. W.
Willard; Vice Presfdetit, J- H. McMillan; Secretary, H. Sloan, Treasurer, Thomas Bickle. ��� Executive,
E. W. Bickle, T. D. McLean, R.
Kirkham, sr., Robt. Henderson
andT. E. Bate.
At Oak Hill Farm, the residence
of Mr. S. J. Piercey on Friday
evening Miss Euphemia Hayman
was united in marriage to John
Reher by Rev. Thos. Menzies.
The bride was attended by her
sister Annie Hayman while Dan
Bannerman was groomsman. The
happy couple left on the "Chaim-
er'' for the Sound cities and on
their return will live at Bevan.
Work was commenced clearing
the land for the new post office on
Friday last. On Monday the
Government engineer was here to
Survey the ground for the new
post office when he learned for the
first time of any opposition to the
site chosen.
The pile driver was brought to
Courtenay on Saturday and work
has already been started to put in
new piles in place of the defective
ones. A foot bridge will also be
built on the upper side of the bridge
This will leave the whole of the
bridge for vehicular traffic and will
greatly lessen the danger and inconvenience to pedestrians.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
time for the reception of tenders for the
construction of wharfs at Victoria Harbour, I). C, is entended to Thursday,
January 8, 1914.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, December 9, 1913.
On Monday Morning
Decmber 15, at 9 a. m.
WE will place ir our window a bottle filled with beans, and
we will give a THREE HUNDRED CANDLE POWER WICKLESS  COAL OIL LAMP to  the  person  who
guesses accurately (or nearest) the number of beans in this
Every Dollar you spend in our store (cash or credit) entitles
you to one guess from December the 15th to 24th inclusive
Our usual Drawing Contest will also take place under the
above rules.   The   person who holds the lucky ticket recieves
a beautiful CARPET SQUARE, size 3x2 1-2 feet
Remember every dollar you spend in our store from December
the 15th to 24th entitles you to a chonce on either of these
beautiful presents
Phone 6 Courtenay
FVURING the iiext few days y�� i are at a los^ io know
U what to buy as a Christmas present foi mother,
father, sister, brother or the little ones, just cirop into
our store and take a uoi at tin great array of goods
suitable.    There you v ill find the verv thing.
FoiJLadks We  have
Gloves, mufflers, lace collars, handkerchiefs in fancy boxes, purses, manicure
sets, hand bags, workbaskels, blouses, felt si ppers,  glove and handkerchief
sachets and boxes, cushion covers, embrcic.ered linen and a host of other
things too nutaerous tc mention
For Men IWe Have
Gloves, mufflers, neckwear, braces, combination sets, silk and linen handkerchiefs, slippers, sweater ccats, fancy vests, shaving sets, safety razors, pocket
^knives.    In fact everything that a man requires
For the Kiddies We HaveJ
A bigger selection than ever of toys, games, dolls, wagons, books, fancy
boxes of chocolates and a lot of little sundries that go to makejhem happyJJ
China and Glassware Specialty
What nicer for a Christmas present than a piece of cut glass or dainty hand-
painted Chinaware.   We have plenty to select from at prices to suit all pockets
The store will remain open evenings from December 18 to 24, inclusive
Santa Claus'   Headquarters
Union St. Courtenay
When you want amateur photo
supplies go to the Courtenay Photo
Studio.   Local views for sale.
Electrical Engineer and Contractor
Complete Electrical Equipments promptly installe.    Electric Wiring aud Installation of all kinds of Electrical Work
Isolated Lighting Plants a Sdecially
Boxl 95      Phone F95      Courtenay
Our Xmas goods are arriving by
every boat. Currants, raisins, peel,
sultanas, almonds, walnuts, flavor
iug for Xmas pudding aud cakes
We have a full line of Ladies neck
wear, waists and silk handkerchiefs
table centres
Also gents ties, suspenders, garter
sets, fancy wool vests, silk mufflers
and  gold mounted fountain pens,
all suitable for Xmas presents
A large assortment of china and
glass ware, Xmas aud New Year
TOYS       TOYS       TOYS
This is Santa Claus'   headquarters
for his presents.   Call and inspect
our stock, we cad suit all ages
Don't forget the address
That THIS YEAR you
can purchase your Xmas
gifts in Jewelery, Cut
Glass, Watches or Table
Ware at
Jewelery Store, Courtenay
DR.  MORRISON,   Dentist
Dr. .Morrison is a graduate both of the
Chicago and Detroit Dental Colleges.
Having a central office iu Courtenay he
will visit surrounding towns at regular
The   Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Cotirtenay'Jj _'
Nothing   But   Firat   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E.  DALRYMPLE,  Prop.
rioving Pictures
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday
By a uew up-to-date electric plant
An Entire Change of Programme 	
Twice weekly
H.F. WHITTLE, Proprietor     Swan's   Pool   RoOHl
Soft Drinks
Subscribe for The   Review! E. SWAN, Prop.
(The most Home-like Hotel North of Victoria
Rate* Reasonable
Telephone 3-5
************************************************** a
By Mary Roberts Rinehart
ns well .;   Shields, the po-
1 put  Miss Drill, down an
rVhal docs one iiiiow aboul now
levvants? she resp ndetl. They
bring .um references, but references!
are tho price most woman pay to get
rid of their servants wlthotil a Cuss,
Rose was fill nnd old, Inn, Holla wiih |
pretty, l thought she rather liked
' llennnn.
a lllrl.
And you havo no idea wli r
Wardrop came In then. The two
elderly ladies, il seemed, hnd tea nnd
toast In their rooms when they wakened. Wardrop looked haggard nnd
worn, avoided .Miss Fleming's eyes,
and, after ordering eggs Instead of
his chop, looked for Ida watch.
I want to gel I lie 9.30, Margie, he
���aid, I may not be out to dinner.
He turned to go, but oam.9 back to me
and held out his ha .d.
I may not see you again, he began.
Xot if I see you first, 1 Interrupted.
I have made you a Maitland. I
didn't think thai anything' but a prodigal nature could duplicate Miss Let-
Ilia's nose. I'm honestly sorry, Mr.
Knox, and if you do not want Miss
Jane ai that bump with a cold knife
and some butter, you'd better duck before she conies down. Goodby, Margie.
I 111ink tin* girl was as much baffled
as I was by the change lu his manner when he spoke to he.. His smilo
faded and he hardly met, her eyes. I
thought that his aloofness puzzled rather I ban bur1 her. When iho house
floor had closed behind him. she dropped iier chin In her hand and looked
across (he '.able.
Vou did not tell mo the truth last
night, Mr. Knox, she said. Something
lias happened to limy.
He was robbed of his raveling bag,
I explained on Fred's theory that half
a truth ls better than a poor He.
Ills traveling' bag! she repeated
scornfully. Mr. Knox, something has
happened to my father, and jou and
Harry are hiding It from me.
On my honor, it Is nothing of the
sort, 1 hastened to assure her. 1 saw
hlni for only a few minutes, just long
enough for him to wreck my appearance.
Ho did not sp'.ak of father?
She got up and crossing to the wooden mantel, put her arms upon It and
leaned her head against them. I
wanted to usk him, she said drearily,
bul I am afraid to. Suppose lie does
not l.iio..- and I should tell aim. He
would go i<, Mr. Schwartz ut once, and
Mr. Schwartz is treacherous, The pa-
I jiers would get It, toi.
Her eyes filled with tears, and 1 felt
as awkward u a man   always   does
| when n Woman begins to cry.
1 didn't sleep much, she explained,
dabbing at her eyes. Mr. Knox, are
yon BUM II. was only  Harry Irving to
j gel into tho house last night?
only Harry, I repeated.
There was somo one moving about
upstairs not long before I >!iinc down,
she said slowly.
Vou heard me, 1 almosl fell down
the stairs.
Did you brush p.isl my ilnnr and
strike the knob'.' she demanded.
No.     1 was not nenr any door.
Very well, triumphantly. Some one
did. Not only thnt, but they were
In the storeroom on the floor above. 1
could heir one parson, and perhaps
two, going from one side of lhe room
to (he oilu r and beck again.
Von heard a goblin quadrille. First
couple forward nml buck. I said facetiously.
I heard real foolsteps -unmistakable OIKS.
I wus more Impressed thai] 1 eared
to show.
We crept past the two closed doors
behind which lhe ladies Maitland wero
presumably taking out crimps and
Inking In Ihelr ten.. Then up a narrow, obtrusively clean stairway to the
upper floor. It wi-.s nn old fashioned
sloping roofed aide with narrow windows and ,i hare floor.   At one end]
When through old
age the bodily
functions become sluggish"
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
give gentle, timely and
effective aid, without
..discomfort or distress.
a box  at  your
tuggist's. 17.1
National limn and Chemical
Co. ol Cs_t_. Limited.
the bed, and a boitle of toilet vinegar
had been upset, pouring n si ream over
Ihe marble top of lhe dresser and
down on to tho floor. Over the high
wooden mantel tho Mnllland who bud
been governor oftho stale years ngo
hung at n waggish angle, and a clock
had been pushed asldo a.id stopped nt
halt pusi i.
Margery picked up Miss Jane's new
lace cap from lhe floor. It was crumpled and spotted With blood.
She has been killed. Margery said
In a choking voice.
Margery bad more presence of mind
than I liad.
Cull Robert, the gardener, she said,
and have him help you s.earcli tho'
grounds and cellars. I will take
Bella and go through the house. Above
everything, keep It from Aunt l.elitla
as long us possible.
. , It. lakes a short lime lo search an
a door opened into a large room, and in | ftore ()t iawn ,.���,! 8urUbbery.     There
The Word 'Picnic'
Few people know the original mean
leg of Hie word 'picnic'   It Is to be
found set out In The London Times of
a hundred yi urg ago,
A picnic, supper consists of a var-
eiy of dishes. The subscribers to this
entertainment have a bill of faro presented to them, with a number against
each dish. The lot. which he draw?
obliges him lo furnish the dish marked against It, which he either lakes
With him In his carriage or sends by
n servant. The proper variety ls pre
served by tha talent* of iho multre
d'hotel, who forms tho bill of fare. Aa
tho cookery Is furnished by so many
people of fashion, each strives to excel, end lbus a picnic, supper not only
gives rise to much pleasant mirth, but
j generally can boast of tbo refinement
if lhe art.    "
Until She was Nearly Crazy. Began
,vith Watery Blisters. On Ears,
Eyes, Hands and Ankles. Could
Not Sleep for Scratching. Cuticura Soap and Ointment Cured.
Brunswick St., Fredorlcton, n. n.���"i
had a vory bad case of eczema. Tho trouble
begun wllh walory blisters and ltcuod and
burned until I was nearly crazy. It wag on
my cars, eyes, hands and ankles. 1 could
not keep the bed clothes over mo al, idghti
for tho smarting and Itching. My ears
Would '.well. I would scratch mull Iho blood
would run and then form a scab. I felt as
If I could tnlao a knife and cut tho flesh on
my hands, it would disfigure my face and
make it smart and burn and swell. I could
not islccp at night for scratching.
" I tried everything I heard of without
gottlng any benoflt. I used lots of homo
remedies, such ns lard and sulphur, and also
lias treated for il. Then 1 tried Cuticura
Soap and Ointment and they gave me great
ease. I used tbem about four months and I
am happy to say I am never troubled now.
The Cuticura Soap aud Ointment cured me
completely." (Signed) Mrs. A, S. Thompson, Mar. 9, 1012.
The regular use of Cuticura Soap for toilet
and bath not only toads to preserve, purify
nnd beautify tbe skin, scalp, hair and hands,
but assist* in preventing inflammation, irritation and clogging of t he pores, the common
cause of pimples, blackheads, redness and
roughness, yellow, oily, mot hy and other uu-
wholesome conditions of the skin. Outlcura
Soap nnd Cuticura Ointment are sold
throughout the world. I-lbcral sampla of
���ach mailed free with 32-p. Skin Book.
Address post card Potter Drug tt Ohem.
Corp. Dept. 41D, Boston, U. 8. A,
W. N. U. 974
there were the family trunks of four
generations of Mainlands, one on another they were all piled there���little
hair trunks, square lopped trunks.
huge Saratogas of the per'od when the
two maiden ladies were in tlieir lute
teens���and there were handsome, modern trunks too. For Miss Fleming's
satisfaction I made an examination of
tbe room but it showed nothing.
We gave up finally. Part way down
the attic staii'B Margery stopped, her
eyes fixed on tin white scrubbed rail.
Following her gaze, 1 stopped too, and
I felt a sort of chill go over me. No
spot or blemish, no dirty linger print
marked th_ whiteness of that stair rail
except in one place. On it, clear and
distinct, every lino of tho palm showing, was the reddish Imprint of a hand.
Margery had turned very white.
When ihe first revulsion had passed I
readied over and touched tho stain
but It was quite dry of course and it
was stlil reddish brown. Hunter said
afterward it must have beer, about six
hours old, and as things transpired ho
was right. The stain showed a hand
somewhat short and broad, with widened finger t'.ps; marked ln Ink, It
would not jave struck nie so forcibly,
perhaps, but there, Its ugly red against
the white wood, It scorned to me to be
the imprint of a brutal, murderous
Wo vent en downstairs Intc the
quiet and peace of tho dining room.
1 got some hot coffee for Margery, for
she looked shaken, and found 1 had
missed my train.
I am beginning to think I am being
pursued by a malicious spirit, she
said, frying to smile. I came away
from homo becauso people got Into the
house at night and left queer signs of
their visits and now, here at Bellwood where nothing ever happens the
moment 1 arrive tilings begin to occur. And just as it was at home tho
housi was so well locked at home.
I did not tell her of the opon door,
just as I had kept from her the fact
that only Uie contents of Harry Ward-
rop'B bag had been taken. That It
had been the work of one person and
that person having In somo way access to the house, had also stolen the
pearls, now was my confident belief.
I loned at Bel a-���the maid���as she
moved around the dining room, her
stolid face was not intelligent, certainly not cunning. Hepple, the cook
and only other servant, was partly
blind, and hei horizon was the diameter of her largest kettle. No���it had
not been a servant, tills mysterious
intruder who passed the Maitland
silver on the sideboard without an
attempt to take It, and who floundered
around an attic at night In search of
nothing more valuable than patchwork quills and winter flannels.
It must have been after i) o'clock
when Bella camo running into the
room. Ordinarily a slow and clumsy
creature, she almost flew. She brought
up against a chair nnd a cup went, dying. The breaking of a cup must have
been a serious offence in. Miss Letltla  Malt land's  house.
Miss .Tune, she gasped, Miss Jane,
she's���she's  gon..     She's  been  run
off Willi.
A Fountain Pen
Do yon mean she is not in her room?
asked Margery incredulously. Isn't she
somewhere around the house?
(lo up nnd look at the room, the girl
replied, and with Margery leading,
we ran up the stairs.
Miss Jane's room was empty. From
somewhere near Miss Letltla could be
heard lecturing Hepslbab about putting too much butter on the toast.
Her high voice pitched for Heppie's
old ears, rasped rue. Margery closed
the door and we surveyed tho room
The bed had been occupied, Its cov
was no trace of the missing woman
anywhere outside the house, and from
Bella, as she sat at. (he foot of tlu
front, stairs with her ap.'on over her
head, 1 learned in a monosyllable thai
nolhlng had been found In Ihe housed
Margery was with Miss Letltla, alul
from the excited conversation 1 knew
she was telling lior���not harrowing do-
tails, but that. Miss Juno had disappeared during the night.
(To be Continueti,
Hard nnd soft corns both yield to
HolloWay's Com Pure, which is entirely siifo 'to use, t.nd certain nnd satisfactory In its action.
The superlndentent of a certain
Sunday school In tho Midlands, who
had attained a good position, was
trying to show his/boys lhat ho hnd
gained It, by loiul abstinence, lie
gave thorn sovoral tnstaiuos where
men hud ,ost their places througb
Chile, and ho had been fortunate
enough lo gain thoso places.
At tbo cIoho of the address he said:
Now, hoys, to what do 1 0W> my present position?
Much to his BUl'pi'iso Iho hoys cried
in  chorus.      DrlnlC,  sir!
Driven From the .System by Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills
The sufferer from rheumatism who
has not .gone about, curing himself In
tlie right way must expect a return of
the tortui'o with every change to cold
or damp weather. It is not the
change ln the weather that causes the
rheumatism, but it does start the aches
and pains. Rheumatism is a deep-
seated disorder of the blood. You
cannot possibly cure It with outward
applications of hot fomentations as bo
many people in their Ignorance of ihel
real cause ot tho trouble try to do.
Rheumatism can only be driven out
of the system by driving out the poisonous acid in tho blood. This can
only be done by making the blood supply rich, red and pure. It is in this
way that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure
rheumatism, even after other remedies have failed. These Pills make
rich, red blood, they go right to the
root of the trouble, and the pains and
aches are driven from the system and
will not return r the blood supply is
kept pure. That .s the whole secret
of curing rheumatism, aud it you are
a sufferer begin to cure yourself to-day
by taking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Among the many sufferers from rheumatism who have been cured by this
medicine is Miss Mary D. Kelly, South
Dummer, Ont. Miss Kelly jays:
"Some time ago I had a very bad attack; of rheumatism. At times I
would he confined to bed for a couple
of days and would seem almost paralysed with tlie intense pain in my back
and legs. At such times I could not
walk, and my joints were stiff and
swollen. I consulted different doctors
and took their medicine, but did not
get more than temporary relief. At
this time a neighbor advised me ti
try Dr. Williams'- Pink Pills, and I got
a supply. After taking a few boxes I
found they were greatly helping me,
and I continued their use until the
trouble completely disappeared. I can
strongly recommend this medicine to
others who suffer as I did from the
pangs and tortures of rheumatism".
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills through any dealer in medicine
or by mail, post paid, at 50 cents a
box or six boxes for $2.50 from The
Dr. Williams' Medicfne Co., Brock-
vllle, Ont.
How's This ?
We offer One Hundred Hollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
V.   .T.   CHENEY ts CO.,  Toledo,  O,
Wc, the undersigned, havo known F.
J. Cheney fer the UW 16 years, nud believe htm porfeotly lunou ln nil business
transactions nml financially able to carry
out nnv obligations made hv bis Arm,
Toledo. O,
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is token Internally,
noting directly upon the blood nml mucous surfaces ef tlie system. Testimonials
sent free. Price 71) cents per bottle.
Sohl by nil drugglBts.
Take Hail's Family Pills for constipation.
He had just reached the philosophical stage when ho slipped into a restaurant foi a bite to eat. He ordered
and then sat staring ahead, quietly
thoughtful ln expression, and waited.
It Is admitted lie did some waiting
too. What happened to his order
couldn't bo understood outside the
pe-uliar restaurant kitchen, but he
spent half an hour sitting there staring ahead of hlni.
_ At last It came. As the waiter put
the order before him, he started
from his deep study, as ���!.: he had
forgotten he had an order coming.
Then, looklug up at tho fair transporter of edibles, bo said:
You don't look a day older!
A medical professor wrote on the
blackboard  ln his  laboratory:
Professor Wilson informs his students thai ho has this da; been appointed honorary physician to his
majesty the king.
In the course of the morning he
had occasion to leave tlie room, and
found on his return that some w-ag
had added to the announcement, the
words: I
God save the king.
Is Boneliead much of a writer?
No, I  think not;  he's got lo find
a desk.
Try Murine  Eye Remedy
ine otu nan occn ocoupieu, us co\-i _ _!_, ���   r,   .  ...    ,    _.���. ��� ���
erlngs had been thrown back/as if Its * ??,_ *?!LRM*akh__i-?Sm__
_,_._,.._ i,,j ,.i��������� i������.���i���,ii,. rut,-.1 or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn t bmart
occupants had risen hurriedly. The, Soothes Eye Pain. Druggists Sell
room tself was ma state of confusion, !M���rine E f^, Uv^2Se, S0c.
a rocker lay on its side and Miss MuriM E'ye Saive'm Aseptic Tubes.
Jane's cloiblng, folded as she had tak-2S SOc. Eye Books Fr<_ by Mail.
en it off, hud slid off ou to the floor. | >> ila m. �������� _ til �����. ttui s��. <_.
Her .hoes stood in ally at ihe foot nf, Murine Eye RemecW Co.. Chlcai*
Worms sap the strength and undermine the vitality of children.
Strengthen them by using- Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator to drive
out the parasites.
One day an old farmer came into a
city store and asktd to see some
clocks. The clerk showed him some
eight-daj clocks, which ho told him
would run eight days without winding The larmer looked perplexed
for a minute aud 3aid: Yes, but
if they will run eight days without
winnin' how long will they run if you
wind em?
li. the best:
Mathias Foley, Oil City, Ont.
Joseph Snow, Norway, Me.
Charles Whooten, Mulgrave, N.S.
Rev. It. 0. Armstrong, Mulgrave, N.S.
Pierre Landers,   senr.,   Pckomouche,
Thomas Wasson, Sheffield, N.B
Pat had ,'olned the navy and was
being drilled With his shipmates on
a pier.
Fall In! .amc tho order. Immediately Pat fell Into tho water. Two
deep!  Was the next (.'del'.
Pat (sputtering in tbe water)���
Bad scran to ye! Why didn't ylz tell
me it wac too deep before Oi fell
An eminent Bcieutlst, the other day,
gave his opinion that the most wonderful discovery of recent years waa
tbo discovery of Zam-Buk. Just
hink! As soon as a single thin iayer
if y.nin.Uul. is applied to a wound or
i sore, such Injury Is insured against
ilood poison ! Not ono species of
���ilcrobo has been found that Zani-uu_
'oes not kill!
Then again. As soon as Zam-Buk
i applied to a. sore, or a cut, or to
iklu disease, it mops tbe smarting.
That ls why children are such friends
of Zam-Buk. They earo nothing for
tho scienco of tho thing. All thoy
know ls that Zam-Buk stops tbelr
pain. Mothers should never forget
Again. As soon as Zam-Buk ls applied to u wound or to a diseased
part, the cells beneath the skin's surface are so stimulated that new
healthy tissue Ib quickly formed. Thle
forming of fresh healthy tissue from
bctoio Is 7,ani-Buk'B secret of healing.
The tissue thus formed Is worked up
to tho surface and literally casts off
tho diseased tissue above It. This it
why Zam-Buk cures aro permanent.
Only the other day Mr. Marsh, ot
101 Ilelorlmier Ave., Montreal, called
upon the Zam-Buk Co. and told them
that for over twenty five years he
had been a martyr to eczema. Hti
hands wero at one time so covered
with sores that he had to sleep ln
gloves. Pour years ago Zuui-Buk was
Introduced lo him, and In a few
months It cured him. To-day���ovor
three years after his cure of a disease
he had tor twenty-five years���ho li
still cured, and has had no trace of
any return of tho ocsenial
All druggists sell Zam-Buk at BOc.
box, or we will send free trial box if
you send this advertisement and a lo.
stamp (to pay return postage). Address Zam-Buk Co.. Toronto.
is a
can use
kThe Guaranteed "ONE DYE for'
*        All Kind* of Cloth. (
, Clean, Simple, No Chance of Mlalaltca. TRY
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Mrs. Smith was on her first occau
What's that down there? she asked of the captain.
That's the stoerage, madam, he re
Really, exclaimed tho woman, IB
surprise.' And does it take all those
people to make the boat go straight.
Case of "Nerves J"
Hot flashes, dizziness, fainting spells, backache, headache,
hearing-down pains, nenrousneae���all are symptoms of Irregularity
and female disturbances and are not beyond relief,
Favorite Prescription
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womankind. Thousands of women can bear witness
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Is required to restore to you perfect health and strength.
Mow Ij ���e tune to act, write Dr. R. V. Pierce's. Buffalo.
���������- I All NOW CUBES 	
Has. Deaimo Kombm, ef See nineteen, 0_f., wiBee j
"I t_e pteenire In reo_i-a_int rear wonoeefol reaeedgeo, st*
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Medic*! Diicaf ery' that throng b tholr no lam m
Tuttus trouble* that a wom__ la heir to. These
me *h*n other* failed aod I.tbancon raaolva ta
me when other* failed an. IthfTafow rearive tetak* Mattel.
1 thank you for rear advice."
The Army of
Is Growing Smaller Every Daya
responsible ��� they not
only give relic!���
they permanently
cute Consho
lion.   Mil.
lions use
ihem lor
tuts, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Sallow Skin.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine must beat Signature
m hhihh ������
Tne Soul of 5  Piano is the
Action.   Insist on ths
Piano Action
Wrrta Iron kiunrt. bladdir, nrhvous uisiash,
write lot oif PRCfl book.  Ttiit must iimiU'CTivl
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f:*��rs. nnd the kpharkaklr cijkilh kitkctid fcf
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Vara tke ren,e,ly for vous own aJlejent DostBsaiseaH.
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���>U1 you attend tU:.t terrible playV
I did.
And waa It as Immoral ns you liad
been led to liopo'.'
����ABCTES B_rf��
SOc. a box or six boxes for $2.50,
at all Masters, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
Her Soldlei   Dad
Mrs. Johnson vas all excitement,
Her husband wus a Gordon Highlander, aud Bha had an Invitation to visit
him In barraoks ln Scotland.
You'll eouii Bee daddy now, *in>
said to hor six yen.'-olil little daughter, as tho express bore them to their
On arrival at tho baiTuclts Mrs.
Johnson wis Informed that her husband was on sentry duly. One ot
the soldiers pointed Iiini out lo her.
hut ol' course, they could nol approach
I1I111.     The ohlld eyed her  'iddy wllh
IiIk round ryes [nil of wonder as he
paced up and down t'iO <u|uaro, rille
on shoulder, in liio regimental kilt.
There's   huldy!  cried the  mother.
The child, however, was loo lost In
this amazing spectacle to answer, but
ut. last it came out.
Mamma, she Bald, lu a childish treble, but. witli a strictly confidential
ulr, If daddy linds tlio man who stole
his trousers will lie glvo mo thnt
liekle I'roek".'
Minard's    Liniment   Cures   Dandruff
and he tree of pain all winter. Mr.
Robert Wilson, ot llnrillielil. N.B.,
says: "It affords mo great pleasure to
convey, not only to you but also to all
sufferers from Backache and llheimia-
ilsni, (lie great relief l have obtained
from tho use of GIN PILLS lo anyone Buffering us I did."
50e. n box. tl for $3.50. Sample free It
you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada Limited, Toronto.   216
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Made a Mistake
The lube car Rave a lurch. The
yoting man who had jnsi risen from
his seat, IohI Ills balance, The tube-
car stopped With a Jerk. Tlio young
man sat down automatically In Hie
fashionable lady's 'np, Khe began to
shriek   in   this  wise:
Vou contemptible pup! I wish you
to understand that 1 am not a lamppost or a piece ot furniture to be
clung to for support. You have no
right to crowd in and bear other people to pieces with your big. clumsy
hands. You pitiful clown, you! You
aren't lit to be allowed among nice,
quiet well-dressed people: You unmannerly bumpkin! Y'oti deserve lo
Excuse me, madam, broke In tho
j oiuig man, you havo made a mistake.
A mistake ? deinandel the lady, her
eyes Hashing with anger. What do
you mean?
This, ma'am, replied tho young
man.    I am not tfonr husband.
Too Suddtt.
This Is so sudden!
As ho heard the girl speak these
words the astonished young man rose
to his feet in bewilderment.
Sudden! ho repeated; did I hear
aright? More than two years ago I
believe it was, that I first met you.
For several mouths after that" I only
Baw you occasionally; then gradually, very gradually, I increased my
visits. It took six months to get on
11 formal calling basis; it took six
months more to be a regular visitor;
six months more to call you by your
Christian name, and it ls only during
the last iew months that I have ventured with many n.isglvlugs even to
hold your hand. And now, after all
this gradual development of my love
you tell mo that my declaration is so
sudden.    Do you call this sudden?
I do, indeed, she said calmly.
But, - >r what reason"
The young lady answered with
some degree of hauteu...
Simply this, she replied. I hardly imagined you would dare to speak
to me like this for another twe years
at least, considerlLg your present
A Ready Weapon Against   Pain.���
There is nothing equal to Dr. Thomas'
Eclectrlc Oil when well rubbed in. It
penetrates the tissues and pain disappears before it. There ls no known
preparation that will reach the spot
quicker than this magic Oil. In consequence it ranks first among liniments now offered tt the public and ls
accorded first place among all its competitors.
A weary and dejected theatrical
troupe, after an unsuccessful trip, arrived in a small New Jersey town.
.. fair-sized audience witnessed the
first performance without furor, although there was enough handclap-
plug to arouse the trouiie's wavering
spirits. The Ieadh.g man promptly
stepped to tho footlights after the
first act and bowed profoundly, but
still the clapping continued. As he
went behind the scenes he encountered nn Irish stage hand.
I guess that's some acting, said
tlie Thespian, throwing out his chest
What d'yez mane, tli' liandclappln'?
inquired the Irishman.
���Vhy, surely. How better could
tbey slw' their appreciation of my
That's not appreciation, man, said
tlie stage hand, that's the audience
killing mosquitoes.
Ou one occasion Dr. Francis Warner was trying to bring back to consciousness a woman who had had a
paralytic stroke.
His efforts seemed to be In vain,
l'or a time her utterances wero only
the ravings of delirium but all at
once she sat up in bed and looking
straight at Dr. Warner, she cried out:
Oh, you funny old man.
Ah! said Or Warner, cheerfully.
Now she's btglnning to talk sense.
Used Diplomacy
A certain gushing lady took her
four-year-old daughter to a photographer. Tlie little one could not be
made to sit slill. Tho camera-man
wns as nice and suave as lie could be,
and called tho-child all the sv.vot, endearing names ho could think of,
while using every device of gentle
persuasion to make tho little wriggler
keep still. Finally he turned to the I
despairing mother and said:
Jludjini, I! you will leave your darling alone witli me a few minutes, 1
thlllk I cat! succeed iii taking her
lovely face to pertectloi'
Tlio mothei withdrew for a short,
lime. Soon tbe photographer .summoned ber back and exhibited a highly satisfactory negative. When they
reached home, tho mother asked:
Nellie, what did that nice gentleman say to you when I left you alone
with hlin?
Well, ho thaid, lisped Nellie, ![ you
don't tint stlilll, you ugly, squlnteyed
monkey, I'll tliake the life out of your
cai'catli. Tho 1 sthat very stlilll,
Winchester Repeatir.u Shotgun!; are
World Beaters
.".t;r. straight and 1)8 per conl tor
over 40110 targets are records made
wiih Winchester Repeating Shotguns
that have never been approached bs
any other gun. When it Is remembered that shooters of the greatest skill
are daily giving demonstrations of ihe
shooting Qualities ot the m..ny different makes of guns, but have yet liei e
unable lo equal these records, the only
conclusion thai can be formed Is that
no other make of shotgun has the
pattern, penetration and accuracy
that the Winchester has. This conclusion is being confirmed almost
daily by the results of the different
trap shoottug tournaments throughout
the country. A sun's performance at
the trap is a criterion of its value for
Held shooting, and hence It is almost
needless lo say lha tor duck shooting
or bird shooting 1 Held and cover,
Winchester Repeating Shotcuns give
the limit or satisfaction and are wide
iu use for tills purpose. They were
officially endorsed b> the U.S. Ordnance Hoard as 'possessing tlie advantages claimed by tho manufacturers.' Over 450,000 of ilieso gnus
have been sold up to the present lim
und 1ho demand Increases day by
day. A Winchester Repeating Shotgun means a good score at tlie trap
or a successful day in the Held, if
the shooter lias any ability at all.
Dragged Down by Asthma. The
man or woman who is continually subject to asthma is unfitted for his oilier life's work. Strength departs
and energy is taken away until life
becomes a dreary existence. And yet
this is needless. Ur. J. D. Kellogg's
An1 lima Remedy has brought a groat
change to an army of sufferers. It
relieves tho restricted air tubes and
guards against future trouble. Try
Urgent Call
It, was au hour cr more after mid-
There was a furious ringing at tho
A few minutes elapsed, and then a
head was thrust out of a second-storey window.
What do you want?
This is where Mr. Speedier lives,
isn't it?
Yes, I'm Mr.  Speeclw..
You delivered a particularly interesting address befor. the Advancement of Mankind Club th_ evening
on 'The Dead of 1905'?
I did.
Yod-spoke of a noted man, named
Aicibiares McGibbeny?
I want you to tell me whether he
was a Protestant o a Roman Catholic?
He was a Protestant. What���
That's all I want to know. I'm a
shorthand reporter that took down
the speech and I couldn't tell from
my notes whether you said that at
the age ot twenty-seven ho entered
the ministry or a monastery. Ever
so much ob.iged to you.    Good-night!
Mlnard's Liniment for sale everywhere
1 wo Archbishops
The Archbishop of Canterbury is
primate of all England and therefore
takes precedence of the Archbishop of
York, who ls only primate of England.
This very nice distinction was made
several centuries ago on account of a
very, bitter dispute arising between
the two functionaries as to which
should precede the other. Tho matter was settled by conferring precedence upon the Archbishop of Canterbury, the two titles being also bestowed at the same time.
What It Is Coming To
What do you think of our bridge
You havo some excellent material
in It. How do you manage to secure
such good players?
We pattern after tho baseball people and maintain efficient Bcouts.
In Sydney, South Australia, a sum
ot $600,000 is to be provided annually i
by Parliament for the use of men who!
desire loans '0 enable them to build
a dweU.ng house or enlarge one already in their possessl- or to dls-,
charge mortgages on their homes. The,
law requires that those who benefit I
by this fund shall earn four-fifths of,
their income by actual personal ex-'
ertlon, and that they shall not have;
an income of more than $1,500 a year '
So Bobby Burns tersely describes the
rich, but still poor, dyspeptics, But their
case is not now so desperate as when
Burns wrote. For the man who has the
food now can eat without suffering for
it, if he just follows the meal with a
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet.,
These remarkable tablets banish tha
troubles of the chronic dyspeptic���tha
nan who is bilious���the sufferer from
heartburn, gas on the stomach or occa.
sional indigestion. You can eat hearty
meals of wholesome food���and digest
them, too���if you take Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets.
Compounded by expert chemists, after
probably the best formula known to
medical science, they are quick and
certain in their action, giving prompt
relief from all forms of stomach trouble,
toning up and strengthening the digest'
ive organsand bringing about permanent
A man is no stronger than his stomach.
Fit yourself for your best work by
taking Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets.
50c. at your druggist's. National Drag
and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Montreal. IM
Well Fixed
Howlitt���Has she any visible means
of support?
Powlttt���Has she? Say, did you
ever see her in one ot those slit
Is Cured by Dr. Chase's Ointment-
Scores of Uses for the Great Soothing, Healing Ointment.
Moat people know Dr. Ohaso'a Oint-
mont best as a cure for eczema, and
Itching piles.     Nor ls this to be wondered at when you think of tho remarkable record made in this class of
But there are scores of other uses
for this ointment, which aro only discovered when It is kept constantly at
Mrs. Martin, IS Carroll street, Toronto, formerly of Bownianvitlo, Out.,
writes: Wo have used Dr, Chase's
Ointment for years, and found It invaluable in treating skin Irritations
and all sorts of burns and "oiinds. In
fact, wo would not be without it in
the house. It is a most excellent
treatment for granulated eyelids, from
which I suffered without finding anything to help me."
Wherever there is Itching of the
skin or a sore that refuses to lieu! you
can use Dr. Chase's Oiutmen; with full
assurance that It will prove entirely
saticfactory. 60 cents a box, all deal,
ers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
Did your daughters marry well?
Not exactly. One marrlv" a farmer, and another married an ultimate
consumer; but the third may make
up for all that.
How so?
She's engaged to a middleman.
Patent Your Ideas���No delay and wo
will soil-If .or you If tho Idea haa merit. Send sketch for free report. Information on patents and list of Inventions
wanted mailed ree.��� J. A. MAC-
MURTRY & CO., Patent.Attorneys, 154
Bay Street, Toronto, Canada.
up a heavy    Cold,    Relieved
in tbe  Side,  Stopped   an
Irritating Cough
"Anyone that goes through all that
1 suffered last winter will appreciate
the value of a remedy that cures like
Nerviline cured rue"     These are ihe
opening words ot the solemn declaration of iv P. Von Hayden, the we.l-
known violinist.     ".My work k, pt nie
out late at night, and playing In eold.
drafty places brought on a seven cold
ihat   settled  on  my  chest.   1  had
harsh,   racking    cough    and     severe
pains darted tliro- ^
ugh my sides and
Bottled In my shoulders, i used different liniments,
but none broke up
my cold till I used
Nerviline. 1 rubbed
it In on my neck. _
chest and shoulder?, morning " a_
night, and all the pain disappeared.
Realizing that such a heavy cold had
run down my system, I took Fcrro-
zono at meals, aud was completely
bulk up and strengthened. Since using Nerviline I have no more colda
or pleurisy, and enjoy perfect health."
It's because Nerviline contains the
purest and most healing medicinal
principles, because it has the power
of sinking through tie pores to the
kernel of the pain���theso aro the reasons why It breaks up colds, cures
lumbago, stiffness, neuralgia, sciatica,
and rheumatism. Refuse any substitute your dealer may suggest���insist
on Norvlllne only. Large family size
bottle, 50c; trial size 260.; all dealers, or The Catarrhozcme Co., Buffalo,
N.Y., and Kingston, Ont.
Most ot the students In the school
of experielico are forced to study
ft beautiful MANDOLIN. Villi
i* riba of maple and bird.,
colored slnpa bttvatsn anil
matite caps and sul��s. E'non-
oniiird fingerboard, with inlaid position dota and guat-j-plata, _! off
wllh inlaid kuttarflu,.    r'ittaJ will.
lialfnt beads anil nicktfl-platcii tailpiece. Wilb lllis Mandolin .v�� include a handsome sji-ecn fe'ti case,
inslrnclion book, Wining p,p_, _fra
sol of airings, fingerboard cliart ani
certificate <r>fUitr_ you lo cnmple_
course of instruction. Tins outfit
complete for J'k'10. ��
This is onUj one o{ the Outfit*
listed in our big Musical
Other Msiidol'ins from $2.50 to $!._
Violins from $2.65 lo $115
Guitars from $2.^1 to $65
Banjos from $150 to $20^
Cornels from $7.25 to $165
Send {or our big Musical Encyclopedia, Clapton's Musical
Treasures, Ihe most complete
booh on Musical Goods Issued
i Canada.    It's FREE.
EVERrnffNG ffr1 MUS/C
303 Y0NGE ST
Protect Your Baby
Keep out cold draughts���save baby many a cold
and sickness.
*^^^ __.a_a__._. _r-_  _T __ __ tT
All during the cold fall and winter months a Perfection
Smokeless Oil Heater keeps the house warm.
It can be carried from room to room���wherever you go.
Warms up bathroom or parlor in next to no time.
The Perfection burns nine hours on a single gallon of oil.
Easy to clean and rewick.   No smoke or smell.
Stock carried at all chisf points
For best results use ROYALITE OIL
Montr awl
St. John
���neouvat *&��
^ We thank the people of Courtenay and Comox District lor their
patronage during the year and
wish one and all a Merry and
Cheerful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year
The Builders' Supply Co., Ltd.
Phone 66
P. 0. Box 230
General Blacksmiths
Agents for ;i full line of Farm implements All Work Guaranteed
Next to Livery Stable Comox, B. C.
In Gold and Silver Health FaCtO.
that will give satisfaction we lead'
A Choice Selection of
Souvenir Jewelery for
Old Country Gifts
A goodly number of citizens
turned up on Friday evening to'
hear the protest against tlie site
chosen by tlie Government officials
for the building of a new Post
Office and government building.
On motion N. H Boden wasap-
i> >inted chairman and Bruce Towler
The chairman announced that
lhe nie,'ting had been called by
Ih' sc ink rested, and whose names
were attached to the posters. Dr,
Crompton explained that the gov-
ernment intended spending 30 nr
In thousand dollars instead of the
5,000 al fil : | .op wed, and if thai
was the case 1 lie building'should be
on the main street. This opinion
was also voiced by Mr. Miens Mr.
Leighton, nli. McPhee and others
Some of the speakers seemed to
be of the opinion that Mr. Cameron
had "vestpocketed" Mr. yeuder-
son when he was selecting the site.
Mr. Cameron disclaimed any ability
or intention to this and also explained how the grant came to be
secured for this proposed building
ai d stated that after Mr. Henderson
had made the selection there was
apparent satisfaction aud no kicking. Mr. Perez had offered the
largest most central and most
valuable site for a $5,ooo building
and now when it is rumored that a
more valuable one was about to be
built it was unfair to Mr. Perez and
all concerned to try and have the
government buy a site anv other
place in town, which could uot
possibly be more central. After
some more discussion the following
motion was put and carried.
"That if the government intends
to spend $30,000 on a post office
it should be built on Union Street
between Isobel and the Cumberland
road and that the government
should provide the money for the
Those who were in favour of the
present site went there with the
intention of not stying a word and
did not vote nay when the question
was put. Afler the resolution had
been passed and the secretary
ordered to send a copy of it to Hon.
M. Rogers M. P.,' Mr. Frank
I Cameron read the following telegram from Mr. Henderson.
"Not permitted to give copies of
any   correspondence,   uo   protest
i against site chosen except letter expressing dissapolntment irom Mr.
Johnston, ��Hotel keeper. On [the
'other hand Mr.   H.  Y. Collins on
behalf   of Hoard of  Trade,   wrote
staling selection of Perez property
for site of public building had given
general satisfaction to members of
Board of   Trade and  that   public
building   would now be   situated
where it would be of most use  lo
most people.
Wm. Henderson. '
Then consternation reigned.
Many voicing the opinion that they
had made asses of themselues, and
wishing they had not voted for the
proposition, and before am thing
else was done the meeting adjourned.
Jeweler end Watchmaker
Union St. Courtenay
Aitken's Bread raised the standard procurable 50 per cent,
and dietetically is
the best investment
in   Comox   District
Scotch Shortbread a specialty
Courtenay Bakery
Opposite new Presbyterian Church
McPhee & Morrison's staff will
celebrate Boxing Day and their
store will not be open on Ftiday.
The next dance under the auspices of the Race Track Committee
of the Agricultural Society will be
held on New Years night. Every-
bodv has a good time at these
dances. Come and enjoy yourselves again.
Uncle Walt.
Tlie rain has fallen nignt and day
a never ceasing flood:  and  everywhere I chance   to   stray   there's
naught in  view but mud.    Some
weeks ago I sadly  fear  with   rain
we'd ne'er be blest:   and   now   the
mud drops from my   beard   and
trickles down iny vest.    Wet  gumbo splashes in my face when horses
travel   by,   and   liquid   landscape!
leaves its place, and splashes in mv
eye.    The men wear soaking band-
medowns and swear beneath  tlieir
breath, the women view their spattered gowns and   long  for   sudden
death.    The merchant's  dream  of
business fade, he mutters low "odds !
blood!"    The farmers won't come 1
in to trade, through all these seas j
of mud.    And in myir.ttdhole I re
cline, and beg you not to fret; why j
should we murmur or repine be-1
cause the world is wet?   You know ,
how bitterly you roared last  Aug-
USt and July, because the torrenrs
never poured, and   all   the   world
was dry.    No matter what the gods 1
may send, your face  looks pained
and   grieved;  'twere better  to be
g lad, my friend for good you have
recei ved.
NOTICE is hereby given tbat the
partnership heretofore existing between
P, Pigueron and M, Francis, as boat
builders afCou-ten ,v, haa been dissolved
b_v mutual con ent,
AU   accounts   are   to   be  paid  to  P.
Pigueron,.who will also pay all liabilitie',
Signed: P. PtGUBRON,
M.   FllANCIS.
Witness : X. H. Ural in.
Dated this 10th clay of December, 19U.
Live Stock For Sale
Un ir,    champion    strain,    larg:    white
Yorkshire, 4 1-J months old, eligible (or
registration.   Price $12,511.
Partlcu iirs from
G. W. Russell        Courtenay
& Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired _ Overhauled
Special Sale of Japanese
Goods and Jewelery at
Reasonable Prices
Next to Royal bank
Cumberland - B. C
ladies' and Gents'
Fine Tailoring
Having   .secured   tlie   services of   one of
t.ie best Ladies' Garment Makers in
li.itish Columbia
I  can  now guarantee  perfect  wor'i iii
that line
K. of P. Hall Courtenay
J. Martin, Elk Hotel, held a
turkey shoot last Saturday afternoon. R. McQuillan won ten birds
R. Goode seven and several' others
smaller numbers.
The Comox Central Comervative
Association will meet at Union Bay
on Tuesday evening Dec. 3o. H.
P. Cements M. P. and others are
expected to be present.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, lite.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
One Dwelling House
$12 per month
Stable, $20 per month
Store, Warehouse and Barn,
$40 per month
For particulars apply to
Chas. G. Callin
Phone F91 Courtenay
New Courteuay post cards, fines
selection by first class photograph.
at Peacey Drug Store.


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