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The Review May 9, 1918

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Can not lie done any I etter, and
not unito ao well anywhere elite
hereabout.. Our type ami uiauhhi-
ery ie complete antl Tlm Review
pi-icon we right
Gents'  Furnishings
and Hatters
VOL. 6
Auction Sale
Lake Trail Road Courtenay,
on Wednesday next, May 15, at 2 o'clock
Instructed by Mr. Kono, who is leaving, I .shall sell the
whole of his household furniture and effect*, mostly new, in-
cludinjr Cook Kaiivje, Dresser with mirror, Guns, Rifle, Japanese China, Curios, etc-.   Further   particulars   iu   posters.
No Reserve.    Terms Cash,
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
We also have a shipment of Ladies Shoes and the Rinex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call and see our goods, you'll always find our prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Expert Watchmaker
Qualified Optician
Watchmaker,   Jeweler
and Optician
Union Street, Courtenay
A  Fresh  Shipment
of Misses, and Children's Shoes, manufactured by
F. J. Weston & Sons, just received at the
Courtenay Shoe Store
We have a nice assortment ol eighteen different styles to choose from
Vici Kid and Box Calf in
Buttoned Meed and rloth 'fop, with or without the rubber sole
These shoes are built for comfort and durability.    Satiifaction guaranteed or money cheerfully refunded
Get a bargain From Our " Bargain Table
Next the Drug Store
Phone 48
Local Lines
Our typesettfng machine went
out of commission a few hours before press time, leaving a lot of
matter unset,
Mike Downey was home over
the week end.
K. A. Mitchell is iu town today
looking up his friends,
* + *
, The Ford Garage has a Welding
plant with a first class welder.
Bring in your broken parts in cast
iron, steel, aluminum, and brass.
etc. Anything from a stove lifter
to a crank shaft.
Now feed the pig.���For Sale
cheap���On the farm, 3 or' 4 tons
of culled potatoes, dry and sound,
for seed or pig feed, Apply C. H.
TO   RENT���Electric  Vacuum   Carpet  Cleaner���Cleans  carpets  wlllioul
Inking them up.   $1  per day until
machine returned.   Phone 13.
Wanted���Capable Lffdy Stenograph-
er���with knowledge ot boolr-keeping,
Apply to H. E. Stevens, Assistant
District Engineer, Courtenay, B. C.
For Snle���I buggy in good ce.n.
dition, without top. Only $25,
Apply Dale & Partridge, Union
For Skle���1 Cypher brooder and
incubator, cost $60. Only used
twice. Will sell two for half price
'Vpply Dale & Partridge,! Union
1* amtnoth Pekin Duck Eggs for
hatching. $ 1 per dozen. Apply
Mrs. A. Kerton, Lake Trail.
STEPHEN LTD., 16th Ave. and
Main St. Vancouver, B. C Monuments, Headstones and Cemetery
Fences, the largest Monumental
works in the west.
$175 takes an 18' new runabout
motor boat 4 li. p. engine, all in
good order. Apply at Review Office."*-
Lost���22' launch hull  with  red
trimmings last seen at  Dyke Saw- j
mill  boom on Saturday.    Finder j
kindly notify N, H. Boden.   phone :
For Sale���Williams Class A, Artist model, engraved Bflat cornet, I
quick change; pearl lined pistons.
Plush lined case, with all extra
parts. Value $60, will sell for $35
Can be seen at Review Office.
For Sale���Aboul 31-2 acres of
land iu the City of Courteuay,
Terms easy. Address Owner, 3323
Tennyson Ave., Victoria. B. C.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rnhbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay, 1
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford enrage.
Go to McBryde's for quality
Wm. Aitken left yesterday morning on a business trip to Vancouver,
The winning number of the tray-
eliilh drawn for al. Lazo was No. 14.
The regular meeting of the Wo men's
Institute will be held nt the home nf
Mrs. Wm. Duncan on Tuesday May 11
nl 2,80 p.m.
K Miller of Headquarters left on
Wednesday morning tor   Vancouver,
where lie epeets to join Ihe colours.
Allan Fitzgerald has been ordered
to repori io the Military authorities
nl Victoria next Monday.
a,     .    -_
A bush fire al Ferule last Thursday
afternoon destroyed three horses, the
stables and a great quantity of fodder
belonging to the Elk Lumber Company, causing a hiss of $.",000 at leasl.
The fire ulsogot. Into the timber and
will cause a further loss.
The Steamer Patricia starts on
the double trip daily from Nanai
1110 on the 20th,
The Misses Sutton, returned on
Satuidny from a two weeds' vacation at Victoria.
Several restaurant men who have,
either wilfully or innocently, ignored
tbe regulations recently passed by the
Canada Food Board covering the conservation of foodstuffs In public eating places, have been heavily lined.
Maple   Leaf  Theatre.
Next ,Saturday���May nth, Baby.
Mine, the second great Goltlwin production. .Madge Kennedy in Margaret Mayo's world- known farce. A
Comedy In 5 parts. " SCANDAL,"
Willi be played next Monday.lthe 20th,
also "Jack and Jill." " France in
Anus " one of the best war pictures,
produced, will be put on on June 4th.
There will be a dance will be held after the show. All the net receipts
will be given to the tobacco fund for
the boys In France.
Fechner & Whittle
Yesterday Mayor Duncan receiv-
the following telegram trom Vic-
"Give^the utmost [publicity to
need of consumer returning to
dealers surplus flour aud sugar before May 15th according to Food
Board's order recently auuoouced
in newspapers. Otherwise liable
to heavy fine and confiscation to
Crorcii. All police officers tot 11.
force law. Ignorance of law will
be no excuse. B, C. Committee
Canada po id Hoard."
That the steamship Lucia, recently
fitted with non- suitable devices at
Mobile Ala.,luni been attacked' at sea
by a German submarine, was the dec-,
leialion nf a British sea captain who'
arrived In poll lhis week. Naval gunners drove off the enemy craft before
it had -lone any material damagt,.
The captain stated that theLucia had
its smokestacks blown away by shell
lire of the submarine. He was unl-
able to state whether there were any
Al Nanaimo lust monili there.' we.'"
20 births, ten deaths and nine marriages.
It Is announced that arrangement.'-
have been made between llie provincial ami dominion government*! for
the joint collection of annual agricultural statistics. Heretofore each
has gone It's own way aboul ihe work
and lhe resuts have frequenty been
at variance.
Considerable      Interest    Is      being
shown by visitors to the government
hatchery In lhe Eastern brook trom.
now well advanced In the process of
hatching, The ova were taken from
specimen's shipped from Hie ear-t .1111.1
reared in the hatchery there, and are'
probably the first to be thus obi allied
in British Columbia.
These fish are beautifully marked,
and are said lo tip the scales ar
three pounds when full grown. They
afford considerable sport to the angler. It Is gratifying to know that
these trout can be successfully reared here anb that they will thrive in
these waters so far from their native
Soldiers of the Soil
Farmers of Canada nre assured ef
th help of 35,000 active, willing boys
on farms this summer, who have enlisted as Soldiers of the Soli. They
wlll be supervised by the S.O.S. organization of the Canada Fond Board.
Many good Canadian Ciilzetis are
under the Impression that having
bejught nnd . paid for Victory Bonds.
it Is not unpatriotic to dispose 0'
Ihem and they have bofen encouraged
In so doing by the offers made by
manufacturers ami tradesmen to take
Ihem in payment, for goods. Generally speaking, bonds taken in traaade
aro at. once offered for sale and tend
to depress lhe price, and thus <*r.-;it-
a condition that will adversely affee
the sanle of future Issues. As soon
as a Victory Bond goes on the marker
the seller practically shifts his loan
to the Government on to the shoulders of some one else. The only way
to'help the Governnieni by the use of
savings Is to Invest In these bonds,
and to hold them.
Anglican Services
Sunday after Ascension.
Services  for  Sunday.   May  11 th: ���
11.00 a. ni.���Matins   and   Holy Communion   at St.    Petor's, Como.
11.00 a. m���Matins    and    Holy Com
munlon at St. Mary's, Grantham.
3.00 p. m.���Evensong and Sermon at
Lazo Mission.
7.00 p. m.��� Evensong antl Sermon at
Holy Trinltty, Cumberland.
7.30 p.m.���Evensong and Sermon at
St. John's Courtenay. "
Message to Farmers
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew.'' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday School and  Bible Clas
10:30 a. 111.   Eveniiiff service 7:30
p. ni. All welcome
jSafety  First
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery  and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
65c per lb. tHs week
Hon. T. A. Crerar, .Minister of Agriculture, has sent out the following
message to Canadian farmers, asking
Ihem, in order to avert famine, to
plant every possible acre in wheat:
"Let me again draw th attention of
the farmers of Canada to the great
need there is of planting evrey acre
of land iu wheat that seems favorable
to growing It. The news that comes
daily of thnt awful, grim struggle now
being fought in France and Flanders
brings home to us clearly and unmistakably lhis fact, that, after almost
four yenrs' war, human liberty ls still
in the balance. The call for men is
urgent, and they must, to the full
limit of our power, be sent. Their
places at home must be taken by
those who remain. Despite the difficulties, we must produce more food
than we have ever done before. Set
apart all your land fit for growing
crops and plant as much wheat as
yol can. Plan to bring as much new
land on your farm under cultivation
as possible, and thus increase your
ncreage for ���next year. It will be
needed then just as much as now."
Baron  Rhondda's  Message to Canada
"Germany hopes first to starve the
Old Country by the submnrlne campaign, and then to smash her land
forces. He has failed to starve us,
and he will fail to smash us, but we
cannot, achieve victory without food.
There never was a time when it was
more needed. The Canadian farmer
now has lhe opportunity lo make an
effective reply In th enemy's pressing
onslaughts by lending their undivided energies lo the Increased production of foodstuffs."
Drug Store
Talcum 35c
Powder 75c
Cream 75c
Courtenay   -'   B. C.    .'.;.' THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    0.
On Hands From Salt Rheum
At Very Small Cost for
Soap and Ointment.
"I waa a "treat sufferer from salt
rheum on my hands, ll came in small
Misters between my thumb nnd finger
_nd it itched terribly and kept spreading*, I could iini use my hands at alli
and the skin wbuld CrtCk nnd bleed Bo
that I could not bend my fingers. I cannot describe what 1 have suffered and
tlie sleepless nights I had.
"Then ! got tin* Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. 1 only used one cake ol CutU
tura Soap and one box ol Ointment
when my hands wcrc healed." (Si|;ncd)
Mrs. M. I.. Aiken, Hlghwater, Que.
Keep your skin clear by daily use ol
Cuticura Soap, with touches ol Ointment now ana then.
For Free Sample Each by Hail address post-card: "Cuticura, Dept. A,
llotton, U. 8. A."   Hold everywhere.
��� BY ���
Lhi_��b. MeU,o.iT��9, nd Jams*
"fiiil yen know llierr was somc-
thing wrong. ll hc had injured
somebody in Kfigland, lir might
have injured you. What made you
s�� trustful?"
"Vour brother himself. Then he
was, so to speak, my benefactor, If
be hadn't taken mc up, 1 might have
been chopping trees in tlie snow, instead ot enjoying a holiday in England and, to emphasize the contrast,
staying fit a house like this."
"It doesn't follow; you might have
found another opportunity, The point
is that you did trust  Lawrence."
Foster disliked sentiment and
knew lhat if he struck a false note
i- would jar.
"Well," In- snid, "1 don't clain
I'm a judge of character, but
can't make progress in Canada and
bc. n fool. Wc had gone hungry in
the bush together, and hauled lhe
liattd-slcdgc across thr,- snow, when it
eras very tlt'iiblfiil il we'd make thc
settlements. Perhaps there isn't a
better way of testing a partner than
that. Then a man stalls fair in t'te
new countries, and one feels lhat
this is right. He may have, given
way once lo some strong temptation
and go ll,-.: straightcr for it afterwards."
Alice looked at Iiini with a curious
gleam in her eyes that made his
heart beat.
"It was a very strong temptation,"
she. said quietly and stopped as Mrs.
Featherstone came in.
The Packet
When lie had been a few days at
the Garth, Foster thought he had
better lake Carmen's packet lo Edinburgh. She bad said nothing about
its Being urgent and lie did not want
to |;o, bill l.e must keep llis promise
and would afterwards be at liberty.
Mrs. Featherstone had Riven biui to
understand that lie was to make the
Garth his headquarters as long as lu-
stayed in England, and be looked
forward to doing so with much content,   The more be saw of his hosts,
Young Mothers
Reserve strength for
motherhood is of two-fold
importance and thoughtful women before and
after maternity take
It supplies pure cod
liver oil for rich blood
and contains lime and soda
with^ medicinal glycerine,
all important ingredients
(or strengthening the ner*
vous system and furnishing
abundant nourishment.
It is free from drugs.
Insist on the genuine.
Scott -klir.mi-. Toronto, Out.       17-M
W.    N.    U.     1204
ilu- better he liked litem, and it was
o privilege to enjoy Alice Feather-
stone's friendship, She had, ol
course, given it lum lor lier brother's
sake, but hc must try i" keep ii on
hii  merits.
Since In- had seen Alice lie began
to understand Carmen better. Carmen hati charm and knew how to
use ii i" her advantage, while he
could nol imagine Alice's employing
her beauty to gai'i 1111 object, She
..... proud, with an essentially clean
pride, and sincere, while ('armen had i
a tal.'iii for intrigue. Tlie hitter enjoyed using her cleverness to put
down a rival or secure ;i prominent
place; she was a hustler, as tlicy said
in lln- west, Alice, he lliought, would
n.it even claim whnl was hers; it
musl In- willingly offered or shed
hi ii go, Vet bf knew she would
In a staunch and generous friend to
iiiybody who gained her confidence.
This kind of comparison, however,
was profitless and perhaps In had
taste. After all, lit' wns a friend of
Carmen's and must do her errand.
He left the Garth next morning, and
Featherstone, who made him promise to come back as soon its possible,
drove him across the moors to
small station on the North llrili..
line, where hc caught an Editilntrg
When they ran out of llie hills
Hawick, rain was fulling and the vi
ley lilled with smoke haze, through
which loomed factories and chimney
stacks. Thc station was crowded
and Foster gathered frmn the tall;
of tlie people who got in that a big
wool sale was going on and the
townsfolk who were not at the auction made it a holiday. His compartment was full, but lookiiq
through the window he saw a fashionably dressed girl hurrying along
tlie platform with a porter. Thej
tried onc or two carriages, in wlllcl
there seemed to be no room, and tin
guard had blown Lis whistle when
lhcy came abreast of Foster's compartment. Opening the door as the
train began to move he held out hii
hand and pulled the girl in.
"My bag; it mustn't bc left!" she
cried, trying to get back to the door,
but Foster caught the bag as the porter held it tip and put it on the rack.
"There's a scat in the corner," lie
saitl and went into the corridor.
When they stopped at Galashiels a
number of people got out, and he returned to the compartment. It was
now unoccupied except by an old
man antl thc girl hr had helped, who
gave liim a, grateful smile.
"1 hadn't'time to thank you, but 1
should have missed the train if-yon
had not been prompt," she saitl.
Foster did not know if Scottish
etiquette warranted anything more
Ihan a conventional reply, but hc
ventured to remark: "Vou certainly
seemed to have cut things rather
"I had to drive .some distance and
the hill roads were bad; then when
we got to the town the streets were
"That would bc sac," the old man
agreed. "Hawick's gey thrang at
thc woo! sales when the yard trade
is  guid."
Foster liked to talk to strangers
and as the girl had not rebuffed him,
he took lier cloak, which looked very
wel, from the rack. ,,
"Perhaps I'd Letter shake this i'i
the corridor and then wc can hang it
Up," he said.
She allowed liim to do so and the
old man remarked; "Guid gear's
worth the saving, and I was thinking
t would hc mine the waur o' a bit
.liakc, but if yc had lecved to my
tgc among the mosses, ye'd no' find
,-eresclf sac soople."
"Any kind of gear's worth taking
���are of."
"That's true," agreed lhe other.
'A vi-rra praiseworthy sentiment if
,'C practise it. But i wouldna1 say
:c wcrc a Scot."
"In a sense, I'm a Canadian, but
from what I've seen of the Ontario
Scots the difference isn't very inark-
d," Foster rejoined. "Anyhow,
they don't buy new material until
lite old's worn out."
The man chuckled, uui Foster
thought llie girl looked interested.
"Then you come    from    Canada,
ihe said.    "I'd you know any of the
Uilario cities?"
"1 have been in Toronto, bul 1
enow the small towns near the Man-
loba border best, In fact, I left im
imbitious place called Gardner's
.'tossing about fourteen day:- ago."
From Ihr quick glance she gave
bini he imagined that she lind beard
r,f the  town,  but she  said,  "I    have
mie friends in Ontario and under-
and lhat they have had what lhcy
call it set-back tliere.    Did  lhis  extend to ihc neighborhood you   came
Foster lold her something     about
I lhc development of the lumber trade
I and mining, but  although    hc     had
I hardly expected her to be interested
he thought  she was,  and  the     old
(man's shrewd remarks    helped     the
conversation along.
"Isn't the Crossing wher the big
factory is? 1 forget the name of it,"
site asked by and by.
"iiniton's," saitl Foster, and afterwards thought she tactfully encouraged him to talk about the manufacturing firm, although he did not
mention Fred Hulton's .death, Her
milliner, however, was quite, correct;
he bad becn of some small help,
which warranted her conversing with
liim to pass the time, That was all,
and when llieir companion got out
and she opened a book be went to
thc smoking compartment.
(To Bc Continued.)
End Your
Catarrh sufTcrci-s, meaning those
with colds, sore throat, bronchial
trouble, etc., can all 1"' cured right
at home by inhaling "Catarrho-sonc,"
In using Ctttttrrho-.one you don'l
lake, medicine Inlo lhe stomach���you
just breath a healing pi")' vapor di-
reel In thc lungs and air passages.
'The purest balsams and the greatest antiseptics arc thus sent to cvc.y
sput where, catarrhal trouble exists
--genus arc killed, foul secretions
arc destroyed, nature is given a
chance and cure come quickly.
Colds and throat troubles can't
last if the pure healing vapor ol
Catarrhozone is breathed sneezing
and coughing cease at once, because
irritation is removed.
Use Catarrhozone lo prevent���use
it to cure your winter ills -it's pleasant, safe, and guaranteed in every
The Callous Pacifist
I Usually    Defends    Hun    Brutalities
! Indirectly
Tliere is a coldly savage indifference in the self-styled "pacifist" who
attempts to halt the war to make
peace and liberty possible in the
world, for he would rather see whole
populations suffering in German
slavery llian see them defend Ihein
stives with arms. It is this strange
callousness to suffering which sooner or later, and often unconsciously,
betrays thc "pacifist" iut*�� pro-Germanism; there is au affinity between
Iiis cruel willingness to see people
suffer withoul striking back and the
brutality of the German who wishes
In strike the helpless. 'Tlie sn-ralled
"pacifist" usually defends the Hermans indirectly by trying to make
himself believe that the Belgians,
himself believe that the Belgians,
the Germans. 'There goes villi this
"pacifism" a sort of sickly, ineffectual, superficial sentimentality) aud
ihis sentimentality wc also find in
lhe German. These "pacifists" usually do not recognize their own chill
callousness for what it really is;
Ihey pretend a superior morality,���
Don Marquis iu 'The Evening Sun.
A Royal Welcome
How Old England Treats the United
States Soldiers
Whether wc arc all of Brilish origin or nol, it is the mind that makes
the true patriot; and there is no
American so dead ns not lo feci a
thrill when he first sets foot on British soil, Our school teachers felt it
when they began to travel some
twenty years ago, and the thousands
of our soldiers who pass through on
their way to France arc feeling it today, and writing home alout it. Our
soldiers and sailors are being cared
for and entertained in Kngland just
as they -would bc cared for and entertained at home. So arc their officers. Not long ago one of the finest
town houses in London was donated
by the owner for an American officers' club, the funds were raised by
contributions from British officers,
and the club was inaugurated by the
King and Queen���and Admiral Sims.
Hospitality and good-will have gone
luiicli farther than this. Any one
who knows London will understand
thc sacrcdncss of these private
squares, surrounded by proprietary
residences, where every tree antl every blade of grass lias been jealously
guarded from intrusion for a century
or more. And of all these squares
that of St. James's is perhaps the
mosl exclusive, and yet it is precisely in St. James's tliere is to be built
the first of those hotels designed primarily for the benefit of American
officers, where llicy can get a good
room for five shillings a night and
breakfast at a reasonable price, fine
lfas only to sample the war-time
prices of certain hostclries to appreciate the value of this. ��� Winston
Churchill iu Scribuer's.
Where King Albert Lives
People frequently wonder where
the king of Belgium is today and
liow Belgium operates her government with 95 per cent, of lier population interned within tlie German
lines. The king of Belgium lives in
llic open meadows of Belgium, in
lhc middle of about tivt'iity-five
square miles of territory slill intact.
It is a place called Lis Mocrs. 'That
is some fifteen miles from Dunkirk.
llis residence, a Country mansion, resembles Mount Vernon viewed from
thc vest, a while, plain, simple 2-
slory building with a garden in front
well planted with flowers.
'Takes tiie sling right out���cleans
'em righl off without pain. 'Thousands say it's the surest thing to
rid tlie feet of callouses, sore fool
lumps or corns. Don't suffer���that's
foolish���buy a _5c bottle of Putnam's
rainless Corn and Wart Extractor;
it dots llic trick quickly and is invariably satisfactory. Sold by druggists everywhere.
Because of tlio close proximity of
large deposits of high grade iron
ores, the. Spanish city of Bilbo'a is
claimed to bc the wealthiest city of
ils size in Europe,
When a girl tries to_ dodge a kiss
she manages to do it in a way that
enables her lo catch it right where
she  wants  il.
Mrs. Courtney Tells How She
Was Cured by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Oskaloosa, Iowa.���" For years t wns
simply in misery from a weakness nnd
awful pains���and
nothing seemed to
do mo any good. A
friend advised me
to take Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I
did so and got relief right away. I
can certainly recommend this valuable medicine 10
Other women who
suffer, for it has
done auch good
work for me and I know it will help
)thers if they will give it a fair trial/'
���Mrs. Lizzie Courtney, 108 8tb Ave.,
West, Oskaloosa, Iowa.
Why will women drag along from day
to day, year in and year out, suffering
such misery as did Mrs. Courtney, when
such letters as this arc continually being
published. Every woman who suffers
from displacements, irregularities, inflammation, ulceration, backache, nervousness, or who is passing through the
Change of Life should give thi* famous
root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, a trial. For
special advice write Lydia E. Pinkham
Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.-*' The result
of its long experience is at your service.
In Neutral Holland
Looking Forward to Day When Military Caste of Germany Will
Be Swept Away
"Why is the Oerman not loved
more warmly by bis Dutch cousins?"
asked a wiiter iu a German newspaper a few days ago. The editor of
tlie Handelsblad takes thc part of a
canditl friend in a reply printed as an
"First of all," he says, "thc dislike
of all foreigners prevails everywhere
among thc mass of the Dutch people, because they fed foreigners to
bc different. Therefore the Dutch
masses dislike Germans, Belgians
and Englishmen. But Germany before thc war was always holding a
loaded revolver to our breast, her
contempt for Holland's military
power,, her thirst for expansion, her
wish to try her gigantic and remarkable war machine, were very real
dangers. The fear of German militarism was very great, while Lug-
land and- France gave us no such
"Then came the invasion of Belgium. This roused not merely pity
for a small neutral nation like IJcl-
giutu, whose women and children
came weeping and hungry, whose
towns and villages wcrc seen burning across the frontier. Few people
will admit that the invasion of Belgium was necessary for the defense
uf the German frontier, and if the
Invasion had not taken place the
war would have been ovcr long ago.
Even supposing lhat the excuse of
necessity was legitimate, it would
justify a devastation of Holland tomorrow, for Germany's love of justice and her respect for Dutch freedom and independence arc very poor
"The Germans blame the English
and American governments for putting pressure on Holland, but about
the assassination by torpedo of
Dntrh ships, about the destruction
of harmless neutral fish craft they
havc. nothing to say."
Thc writer concludes with a state-
ment that, in spile cl this, there lias
been recently a certain change iu
opinion in Holland toward Germany,
not an increased love ior Gcrmay,
but a lessened fear of ber. This, he
says, is due to the fail that Germany
i--. being purified by suffering, so that
tlie growing democracy of Germany
will soon sweep away the military
caste and promote international
Horse Meat in Omaha
A I'nited Slates government market report states lhat plans have
becn announced for tlie opening of
retail shops for the sale, of horse
meat iu Omaha and sonic, other
cities in that section by a recently-
organized company with headquarters now at Grand Island, Nob, The
promoters of ibis enterprise havc
stated that only young, unbroken
stock will be used.
will be th* great tost of a III* hod death
struul* on the Western front. Ia tho
overplay walks of lit*, It Is th* spring
tinin that bring) ill hoalth. On* of th*
chief reasons why th* run-flown man
Hulls himself In a bad state ot health In
March or April, Is 0*0*11** li* has spent
nearly nil his hours for th* past four or
Hv* months uanued tip within th* walls
of hnuso, factor** or one*. It is the reason for our diminished resistance���that
Is, lack of out-door III*, coupled with
perhaps over-eating, lack ol good excreta*, liisufHirlent sleep, and oonstlpation.
In other words, we keep fending the
furnaos with food but do aot take out
th* "clinkers," and our fir* Aon* not burn
brightly.   Alwajrs k**p th* liver actlv*.
Tbcrn ia nothing bolter for health than
taking an occasional wild laiat.lv*. perhaps ono* a week; such a on* as yon
van get at any drug stow, mad* up of
M*y-a|i|il*>, Jalap, aloes. (nugnr-coaled,
tiny, easily taken), which has stood th*
tost of Hlty years of approval���namely,
Br. Vine*'* Vleaaant Pellet*. But "tilth* ".Spiiug K*v*r," th* general run-down
condition, th* lack of ambition, tha
"hiiim," on* should take a courn* of
treatment every spring; such a standard
tonic aa Ur. l'leice'* Golden Medical Discover*, now tu b* had lu tablet form In
tlftr - i-iMit vials. Watch th* people go
pinddlug along th* street. There's un
spring, no vitality. A vitalising tonic sueh
as this vegetable aiu-act of I)r. 1'lercc's
gives you th* powar to fore* yourself
Into at-tlou. Tho brain rmpoiirla to tha
new blood In circulation, and thus you'ra
ready I-i "indie u fittht against stagnation which holds you lu bondage. Try
It now I Don't wait I To-day Is the
day to begin, tlain a llttl* "pep," and
laugh and live. Vim and vitality are th*
natural out-pouring ol a healthy body.
It does not spring up In a night. Try
this spring tunic, and yon gala the cour-
a 1111 that cuiues with good health.
A Fortune in Worno -t Tires
According to the statistics of a
rubber expert thc world discarded
18.1,0(Hi it.ns of automobile tires during the year 1916. Adding to this
thc large number of bicycle tires
thrown away every year by tltcii
owners, it appears that the world
Spends, every year, at least $600,000,-
(100 for pneumatic tires alone. During the last automobile exhibition in
New York il was pointed out that
nearly 5,000,000 automobiles arc now
in use in llie United States. To supply these with tires, nearly 80,0011
tons of India rubber arc needed every year, and thc American automobile owners pay every year as much
a.s $.'00,(100,000'for their tire bill ���
Scientific  American.
In   alt   countries.    Ask   lor   our   lNVfcf.'-
TOl.3 ADVISER, which will be tent tree.
354 University St., Montreal.
The world is short of horses.
To get tho most out of your
team use
" Use half as much tu any other"
The mica flukes fill the pores
and crevices in the axle and
the grease keeps them there.
Mica Grease means fresher
horses at the end of the
day and longer life for your
harness and wagons.
"Lengthens leather life"
Overcomes leather's worst
enemies���water and dirt. It
makes harness pliable, and
waterproof, prevents breaking of stitches and imparts
that rich black lustre to all
dark dressed leather.
Sold in standard sized packages by live
dealers everywhere.
Prussian HooKting a Habit
The   kaiser's   habit   of   boasting   is
probably hereditary, li is recorded
of Frederick the Grent, when reviewing his giant Guards, that he turned
in the llritish ambassador and asked
him if lie could truly say that nil
equal number of Englishman could
beat them. "No, sir," replied the
ambassador, "1 won't pretend to say
they could-���but I know that half tlie
number would try."
Proved Once More
In Southampton, Ont.
Harold D. Bertram Had Inflammatory Rheumatism and One Boi: of
Dodd's Kidney Pills Cleared It
Out of His System.
Southampton, Ont., (Special)���
That rheumatism is caused by disordered kidneys and that Dodd's
Kidney Pills will cure it is again
proved by the case of Harold D.
Bertram, a young man well snd favorably known here. Hc had inflammatory rheumatism for two months.
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured him.
"The doctor said my trouble started with the grippe," Mr. Bertram
states. "My hands and feet wcrc
badly swollen and the doctor did not
seem to be doing me any good. My
grandmother, Mrs, (j. Grasscr, advised me to take Dodd's Kidney
I'ills. I took one box of them and
I haven't becn bothered since. I am
clear of the rheumatism."
That Mr. Bertram's trouble came
from his kidneys is shown by his
other symptoms. He had stiffness in
the joints, was tired and nervous,
and there were Hashes of light before his eyes. He hail a dragging
sensation across tlie loins, was always thirsty and felt heavy and
sleepy after meals.
Rheumatism is caused by uric acid
in the blood. Cured kidneys strain
thc uric acid out of the blood. Dodd's
Kidney I'ills cure the kidneys.
Such Extravagance
Fine silk with patterns worked in
gold and silver threads were used by
the Turks as sand bag coverings for
their trenches in Palestine.
There In more Catarrh lo Ibis lection cl
tlie country than all other tliseare- nut to-
(ether, aud for years it ivas supposed to be
incurable. Doctors prescribed local remedies,
and by cou.tantly failing to cure with local
treatment, pronounced it incurable. Catarrh
il a local disease, cicatly influenced by constitutional conditions and therefore requires
,-on-tiutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactuicd by I". J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo. Ohio, is a constitutional remedv, is
taken internally nud irets through Ihe lllood
on ihe Mucous Surfaces of die System. One
Hundred Dollars reward is offered for any
case tbat Hall's Citarrb Cure fails to cure.
Send for circulars and testimonials.
V. }. CHENEY ft CO.. Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, tic.
Hall's i'anrily   Pills for constipation.
Fit Punishment
'i he druggist died and face to face
With Peter at the entrance stood.
Said  Peter: "Try lho other place,
"You'll doubtless say it's 'just   as
When Holloway's Corn    lure is
applied to a corn or wart it kills the
roots ami the callosity    comes out
without injury lo the flesh,
Counsel���"I'ome, sir, do you mean
to tell mc you. didn't see the complainant's cow on (lie land? Ifow
near should you bc to it beast to recognize it?"
Witness���"Aboul lhe distance I
am from you."
Granulated Eyelids,
Sore Eyes, Eyes Inflamed by
.Sen, Dual and Wind quickly
"relieved hy Murine. Tiyitln
* your Eyes an J in Baby's Eyas.
INtSuiUag, Jut E-rtCe-sfett
*** ���*!-���, ll Tabs* 21*. Far But, .f th* tin-fr**.
dak Maria* Br* -te*-*e_. Co.. CUcac* *
Royal Duke's Romance
Was One of thc Most Cultured Sov
ereigns of Germany
Grand Duke Adotph Frederick,
who, after a ri ign of fewer than
four years, committed suicide. lil<"
Ludwig, uns one of the most cultured sovereigns of Germany.
It was persistently reported itl
1913 thai he was engaged to marry
Princess Patricia .if Connaught,
(laughter of the Duke of Contiatig'it,
laic governor-general of Canada.
Tlie shattering of "Princess Pat's
romance" by ihe war was a popular
topic in lhe gossipy l-.nglish weeklies sonic time ago, ami may possibly lie a clue in the mysterious suicide of iiie Grand Duke, His grandmother, who ilit-tl recently, lhe Matriarch of European royally, was burn
an English princess, lirst cousin of
Queen Victoria, und llirougli this
connection Grand Dnkc Adolph was
mi Intimate terms wilh ibe Hriiish
royal family and had tt Lost o(
friends iu  Kngland,
llis lalents, liaiiilsniiie appearance,
splendid horsemanship (tic was famous as a lung distance rider) and
rcpiilalion for courage made him the
beau ideal of German   princes,   and
great things were expected of him
when lie ascended the throne jusl before llie outbreak of the great war.
12-14 Pembroke St.. Toronto.
Applications received iill May 11
Send for St llabus
The Heart ei a Plana it tit*
Action.   Insist an tlie
Otto Higel Piano Action
A Boston Girl
"1 hear that Miss Clllllon wa
ulil IL.iine of yours,"
"Not exactly, an old Icicle." ���
Ion Transcript.
% Important Historical Record
British   Document    Contains    Much
Data of Important Nature
'I'he war cabinet's history for 1917,
forms a most interesting and highly
important historical record and also
shows the tremendous labors of the
achievement. The government emphasizes that ihe whole character of
thc war lias gradually changed since
last year, involving the complete
transformation of ihe Hriiish administration  and  organization.
Regarding tho submarine warfare,
lhc documents frankly admit that if
the enemy had been able to maintain the rate of sinkings reached in
February of last year, the military
operations of the allies would have
been largely paralyzed, The navy.
however, triumphed, The document
contains much data of an important
��� tirrice (sobbing)���"You don't love
ine, I know ymi don't."
George���"Why,      darling,     what
makes you say that?"
Graft���"Because you're not jealous. Maud Mullins li ii s been married
nearly a year, anil her husband is so
jealous lhat lie shot at her twice and
tiicd  It) kill hiiusilt three timis."
Por S-de by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanee, Ont.
"I say, professor," said the young
man who delighted in morbid topics,
"which is the happier man, the one
who owns a million pounds or the
one who has seven daughters?"
"Thc man with the seven daughters," saitl the professor without hesitating.
"Well, well! How d'ye make thai
"The man with the million pounds
wishes for more. The man with seven daughters doesn't," replied the
The Beauty of a Clear Skin.���'I'he
eoiiditon of the liver regulates the
condjtion of the blood. A disordered
liver causes impurities iu the blood
and these show themselves in blemishes on the. skin, rartuclce's Vegetable I'ills in acting upon the liver
act upon the blood and a clear,
healthy skin will follow intelligent
use of this standard medicine. Ladies
who will fully appreciate this prime
quality of these pills, can use them
with the certainty that the effect will
be most gratifying.
Ma Crump says: "Education? I
dunno. There's about thc same number of old men that believe in hair
tonics and the same number of
young men that believe in women's
promises as ever." ��� Akron, O.,
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
I was very siek with Quinsy and
thought 1 would strangle. I used
MINARD'S LINIMENT and it cured mc at once. I am never without
it now.
Yours gratefully,
Xauwigewauk, Oct. 21st.
Not To Be Daunted
British    Prisoners     Under    Brutal
Prussian System of Treatment
There is nothing liner in the stories of the war than Dr. Park's account of the British prisoners in
Germany who were placed by the
Germans where they would be exposed to the llritish air raids. Those
who were sent lo Freiburg lit: saw
standing in the middle of tlie street,
refusing to take cover and cltCCring
when llie Hriiish bombs fell,
History could not discouver a
single incident that more completely
illustrates the. character of the two
nations, German prisoners in England arc treated with every consideration, In Germany, British prisoners arc treated, particularly in Prussia, as their brutal system would
lead one to expect.���Toronto World.
Can Regain Good   Health   Through
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
llliiotllcssness is the trouble of
many girls who ought to be full of
life, and gootl spirits. Instead tlicy
arc pale, their lips have no color,
they have no appetites, tlicir digestion is poor, and if they walk fast,
cither in thc street or going up stairs
llicy arc so tired and out of breath
that their hearts beat as if to burst.
Almost always such girls arc thin,
(lat-chestcd and sallow, with nothing attractive about them. If they
do not get better they will have a
cough in thc winter and then, not
unlikely, consumption, that most
hopeless of all diseases will develop,
No girl should bc like this. She
should bo plump, rosy-cheeked and
full of life, able to talk fast and lo
stand exertion without being breathless and palpitating. To bc in this
healthy, happy condition she must
have plenty of good, rich, red blood
as it is only through the blood that
the body can be healthy. And the
only medicine that will keep the
blood supply rich and retl and pure
is Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills, Their
effect upon the pale, weak girl who
gives them a fair trial is wonderful.
They improve thc appetite, back
aches and headaches disappear, the
glow of health tinges the checks, the
eyes sparkle, ami the step becomes
light and clastic Thousands of
girls throughout Canada owe their
health and attractive appearance to
Dr. Williams' l'ink Tills and do not
hesitate to say so. Miss Jennie
Hook, Bcamsville, Out., says:���"I
suffered for over two years from
anaemia, and gradually grew very
ill. Previously I had been strong
and robust, but grew pale and a
mere shadow of my former self I
tried several medicines, and while
some seemed to give mc temporary
relief, I soon grew worse again. As
the months went by I began to despair of getting better, when my
mother happened to read an advertisement of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
and suggested that I should try
them. Ky lhc time thc first box was
finished I knew they were helping
me, and I continued the pills for
nearly three months, using in all
nine boxes, when I was restored in
evc.ry respect to my old time
strength. Tliis was several ycar3
ago, and as I have not since had
any return of the trouble, I cannot
sptri-.k too highly of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills as a permanent cure for
tliis trouble, and I strongly recommend them to all anaemic girls."
You can get these pills through
any medicine dealer or by mail at
50 cents a box or six boxes for $2.50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., BrockviUc, Ont.
Wise mothers who know Ihe virtues of Mother Graves' Worm l.x-
terminalor always have it at hand,
because it proves its value.
Very Appropriate
"Why tlo you call your dog Cam-
"Because he is always  trying    to
get a snap of everybody lie meets,"
Baltimore American,
"ft is called the altar because
that's where a girl alters her name
when she gets married," explained
onc youngster to another.
tHf ��������<��"����*   _��t"t<.����f����-_ ���.,.....,.....,..,..,.. .���._...�����.��_��
With the Fingers!
Says Corns Lift Out
Without Any Pain
���������������..^���...���������������������.���������������-������.���.������.������.���...���..���..������... _..#..��. _�����*��.
Sore corns, hard corns, soft corns
or any kind of a corn can shortly be
lifted riglit out witli tlie lingers if
you will apply'on thc corn a few
drops of freezone, says a Cincinnati
At little cost one can get a small
bottle of freezone at any drug store,
which will positively rid one's feet ol
every corn or callus without paiu or
soreness or the danger of infection.
This new drug is an ether compound and dries the moment it is applied and docs not inflame or even
initatc the surrounding tissue. Jrst
think! Yotl can life off your corns
and calluses now without a bit of
pain or sorencs. If your druggist
hasn't freezone he can easily get a
small bottle for you from his wholesale drug house.
The Clock and the Lady
"Why is a clock like a pretty and
vain young woman?"
"I fail to see any resemblance.
"Because it is all face and figure;
has no head to speak of; is hard to
stop whe.i once it is wound up, and
has a striking way of calling attention to itself every hour of the day."
���Pearson's  VVoekly.
The Poor Man's Friend.���Put up
in small bottles that arc easily portable and sold for a very small sum,
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil possesses
more power in concentrated form
than one hundred times the quantity
of many unguents. Its cheapness
and the varied use to which it can
be put makes it the poor man's
friend. No dealer's stock is complete without it.
The Other Way
"When my husband yells to tne
from upstairs  I don't answer him."
"I do. I call mine down."���Baltimore American.
Minard's Liniment used   by   Physicians.
The Warden���I'll have to give you
ten davs in solitary confinement.
No, 900���Fine!   Now I'll havc me
meals served in mc room,
Exposure Aches
Cold rain; winds, and dumpnes*
bring out the rheumatic aches. Aa
application of Sloan's Liniment will
aoon have the blood circulating and
the pain will disappear. I'or neuralgia, lame back, stiH neck, sprains,
���train*, and all muscle soreness,
Sloan'a Liniment can't I* beat. No, ubbint:
it quickly poaelinteaai>ddoea its work without slain or cloniofl ol Ihe pores. Bolter
Ihan plaetera or ointments- I'or cold loot or
kandalty an application ol -loan'sUn'menl.
Canorous ai__i boillat. al all iaggfttm
Sloan's prices not increased 2bc 50c $1
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-Extini-iibiag
"Silent 500$"
The Matches With "No
EDDY it thc only Canadian
maker of these matches, "very
stick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
becoming dead wood once it
has been lighted and blown
Look for the words "Chemically self-extiiigrristii >g" on the
\ How to Purity    \
t the Blood |
I "Fifteen to  thirty drops at ���
A Eatract of  Root*,  commonly  J
I called MsU.fr Sdfti's Caradie J
a Syrap, nay bo taken ia water
T with meal* and at bedtime, for
0 the cure of indigestion, coast"-
k potion and bod blood. Persist-
h once in this treatment will effect
1 a curo in nearly every ea**."
A Get tho genuine at drug-nets.
�����***������--*��� *<��'���"���*"> t^-***/*.*�����.���**---*
Wood** Shoqhodlsi.
Th* ���*�����<** B**H*k r.imedf,
Teas* aad la-rifwatM tho vkeb
*M*rv*M sTt-lo*. bum as* Wood
..   fa   aid Velea,   ere* Acr-wee
Uy.ttenlol and Brain W*rr% Du***.
Sly**-.)** ��/aS
tWame .
(fyutv Vomory.' iMoa 11 pot tot. -ta
-M-^alaoo-^iwUlTwo. Told ga
Js *r -Balled.la ctala *k*. *a ton lal W
U��od in .Wl
Hospitals -rill*
rriti.cr.it, cuiis caao-nc wiAinssf. lost vieoa
vim, sinmr. si-asss, -titian*. si.ooo roues,
silis. siTitin 1.0. nairoauTS sr u-il |i. foot 4 c-te
tou-iSA ce. *��. nism	
msohto. wiiriro*
tsmaw ����A��sstT��si��t*si-for not
"pa isn nana --mid wosd 'taaaartoa' m en
sw vols erLVMAB sane
soos to Da. La ct-iao
A-rsTS-*, Lous* a. a so.
1.,,  10  Tua
an ano
"Bridget, did you get the flowen
that I iitu to wear tonight i:i ;..]
"Ves, mum, but "
"But what?"
"I've mislaid  the hair, mum."
Keep   Minard's   Liniment    in    the
W.     N.    U.    1204
Welcomed the Smell of Home
There were two soldiers home on
leave from the front. They bail landed at Folkestone, and were making
for Victoria. At Bcrniondscy, amidst
thc innumerable smells and spicy
odors which drenched the air from
chemical works and other odoriferous factories, onc of them threw up
the window, put his head out, and
took a long, deep breath. Then, with
a beam on bis face, he turned to his
chum ami exclaimed, "Come 'ere,
Bill, ain't it simply 'cavenly?"���London Chronicle.
Preserves getting low ?
Tide over the winter with
Everybody likes this delicious Table Sj run���and It's
much less expensive than butter for the children to eat
With bread.
At ell Groeers-2, S, 10 tad 20 Ib. tiat- . lb. GUu Jin.
Write for free Cook took*
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly   Newspaper, Published at
CourteiiHy, B. 0.
N. H. litinitN, Editor and Proprietor
0mbscriptii.ii SI."id per Year in Advance
$2.00 per annum if not so paid
. l*rli;iiH'nf Ihu Roman Catholic Con.
iIiiiiiIqii lii'ivtr move ihiiti onco been
disappointed In thc colo'rleSB attitude
assumed by iiini. Church .. during the
inst iliri't' or four ye'ai's with reference lo lln' war   t't'iii'ially,    ami  par-
ilt'iilni-l.vwiiii ilu- linn it'troollles, Tin-
Pope was so Burrouiidod with pro-
Oerman Influences thai n wns late lu
Uio tiny when ho liitcryaned on behalf
of Buffot'lng elglunii ninl '.hen li was
lno lulu, ns was alsn Hit; enso Willi
Poland riitl Ai-uit'ii a, The attitude
ol' ihi' Roman irmly in the British
Empire enn   hardly be described   us
ino-llrlllsli tu- pro-Ally, or it nt  lonsl
that. Ih true with reference to Hm
chief strongholds of the Roman faith,
namely Quebec and Ireland. In Quebec, the Unman bishops openly exhorted their men to Join up, bul comparatively iow tihi so.loavlng H io bo
assumed some powerful Influence was
working In iho contrary direction,
There is no Influence greater ihnn the
church's In Quebec, nub so hut one
inference can he drawn, In Ireland
Uie Honinn bishops antl clergy were
openly against enlistment, in spite of
ihe patriotic efforts of notable laymen
like the late Major William Redmond.
To-day, the anil-conscription movement In Ireland Is headed hy lhe Roman bishops. This is serious Indeed,
for Human clergy were murdered ly
llunsin France and Belgium, Roman
nttrs antl sisters were mal-treated ami
slain, Roman churches were sacked
ami desecrated ami; in spite of all,
Roman Quebec ami Roman Ireland refused to help in punishing the wrongdoer. Do tbey fear the loss of Influence cons'qur-nt upnir ihe sacrifice of
a few thousand Irish aid French- Canadians? 'lhe ohlv inference ls that
Hii- is tho c.-se. We regret to Introduce eontrcversv bearing, upon refg-
ion. but It the Intrusion Of politics into religion that Introdues religion into
our columns on this occasion.
diers' diers' wives makes their misdoing the more prominent. It ts a
shame that such women are tempted,
antl brought to their downfall by creatures who niasptierade as men, but
who ure splendid Hun agents In fact
Nothing can dishearten a soldier more
than betrayal In his own home, and
public opinion should t|iiickly discourage conduct of Unit description.
Editor Courtenay Review:
Sir,��� W'lili further reference to recent circular letter Bonl oul respecting the illlllciiliy In placing contracts
for dehydrated vegetables \wlih iho
Allied buyers, ii Is encouraging io
note from Inforninllt n i-ooelvod by ihe
Horticultural Branch lhal nil evaporators, with Uu' pxcnptlon of lhe Mar-
polo plant, are buying potatoes henv-
llyiiml making contracts with growers
for nexl  yonr's crop
The B.C. Hop Company, Chlllwnok,
anil  AgSSBlz lire  litsi.'illlni*  more hull-
era to increase  their oapaolty  to 70
Ioiih per diem. Tills company Is also
storing potatoes iii Vancouver In cold
storage al the rale of nboul four cars
a day, until they are ready to use
it Is also reported Mini American
contracts are being placed In ll. (".
As a matter of facl potatoes are scarce in this Province nt the preseiil
time anil Imvrtations will prbably
have lo be made In ssupply leal demands before the new crop conios in.
Yours very truly
VV, 1". SCOTT,
Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
In pleasing contrast to the foregoing we notice that the Bishop of London, the large-hearted Arthur W'n-
iilngton.ngi-nm.has called upon his
clergy to enlist for active service at
once ,ln spite of exemption having
been granted them by virtue of their
holy odlce In many parishes it means
lhal one man alone will he left where
ten or more clergy were required.
: A recent despatch speaks of the ex-
I ecution by this Huns of several Belgians, among ihem a Roman Catholic
cure and a nun, accused of espolnage
The Holy See remains silent and apparently acquiescent.
We learn on good authority that
owing to the loose conduct of certaiii
women, wives of soldiers on active
service, the Patriotic Fund in a certain centre has had to appoin an official whoseduties are to see that the
benefits conferred by the Fund are
not misapplied. This ls only loo
timely, not that these foolish women
are representative of. soldiers' wives,
but .that the   fact   of. their being sol-
Clean out the house nnd thoroughly
sweep,  not.  forget I ing    the  windows, I
walls and ceillnb,     When this is all ���
swept out clean, use a garden hose or
stilt hiii'h a   ' ''oi  water,    See that
evertIhing in lhe cracks and crevices '
ls wn lied. cut.    After this is done allow llio house to dry for it while and
if everything then appears to be clean
use a  raod  d'slnfecant ami  be sure
that the solution   iss    forced by the
or brush right Into    Ihe   cracks and
erevlce-r.    If the  mites are bad, use
boiling hnl water, followed by coal oil
l and n liquid lice   killer r lice paint. |
Be sure lhat this goes into the cracks J
and -crevices and when you have gone'
over  your  house  thoroughly  according in ihc    above    treatment, In all
probability  the  mites   will  he exter- j
minalt'd. but it   ls   advisable in the'
curse of three or four days again to!
of three or four d*n*s again to inspect
for lhe mites and perhaps to repeat
Ihe drrse once more.
Dress Goods
We lire now showing Ihe Newest
Popular FabrlCB of the Seasonln
the N'ewesi shades, silk Poplins, Plnln and Printed Voiles, I'uii-
Ini'tls, Printed Wash silks, I'on-
gees Crepes, and Silk Crepe dn
Wash Goods
In fast Colours In Zephyr, (ling-
hams, Cham-brays, Ducks Middy
Cloths, Oalateas and  Prints.
Ready-to-Wear Goods
Ladles wash Suits of Palm lleach
CCloth In Newest styles, Middy
Suits in plain und striped colors,
White    Pliitio   Hep  Pongee, and
', Striped Wush Skirls, House Dresses, Misses and Childrens'
Wash    iiresses   and    Pinafores.
I        Special    Value In   Ladles  White-
j wear.
| House Furnishings
Newest designs In Art Sateens
Chin!ks nnd Cretonnes, Plain and
Colored Bordered Scrims, While
Cerece and Two-tone Madras
Muslins, Lace Curtains ami Briisr
Curtain RodB.
Brassiers and Silk Camisoles ^___
Invictus Shoes
"The nest Good Shoe for Women,"
A complete stock of the newest
Spring and Sunfhier Styles in High
tops with either Cuban or Louis
hc-els. in Vici kid, Gunnietal, brown
and grey suede, also tan nntl white
kid, at popular prices. A fill I range
ol Ladies, Misses, and Children's
white canvas shoes, also rubber outing shoes.
Ladies ready-to-wear Straw and Canvas ready-to-wear outing hats suitable for holiday occasions.
Black, White and colored  Silk and
Lisle hosiery,
$fi* p*%
Mm fflUfMtt
It Yields  Richer,  Crisper Flakier Bread
It Yields More Loaves to  the Sack
Many Housewives recognize the facl tbat It is sane patriotism theso days to nave on Wheal Flour.   While "ROY-
_L STANDARD FLOUR" In Itself Is a Hiiperb "conservation
Flour, you can help sill further by combining with It a cor-
taln proportion, say twenty-live per ccnl. of our wholesome
Royal Standard Rye Flour
and still enjoy lho moat nourishing, the most delightfully
I'.il:,table broad. If yon havo never tasted the appetizing
llaovoi if the two flours merged In tho one loaf, mak! up
your mind to do so at your very next baking. You'll discover It makes Ideal Bread, and you'll feel an Jionest glow
of sa   tisfactlon at the resultant SAVING.
Both ihese dependable Flour*Tal all Grocers,
th. "circle V" on every sack.
Look for
According to an official statement,
up to about aa monili ago orders had
been placed in Canada through the
Imperiaal .Munitions Board for munitions valued at Jl, 100,000,000 and the
sum $875,000,000 hail already been
expended in respect of these orders.
Over r.3,000,000 shells, 40,000,000
brass cartridges of 3 1-2 pounds each
and 58,000,000 copper bands have
been machined In Canada. The sum
of $10,000,000 has been spent in aeroplanes and aerodromes and the number of aerodromes produced has risen
to 300 per month.
vbbkq vb vb gk vvbgkqvbgk vbgbbgg
vhglt vhgk vbgkq vbgkq vbgk g kkkk
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
Now Showing New Spring Suitings
McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
Esquimalt  &   Nanaimo  Railway ���
For   Victoria--11.35    Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni,
I    From   Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,    Thursday,   and
: i     Saturday, connecting at  Parksville Junction with
; J     train from   Port   Alberni, and ^arriving at] Courte-
niy at 16.10.
!j     Phone RD60
\    _	
A|Ml Coortenaj',
Newest Spring aud Summer Styles
in Mens' and Boys' tailored clothing.
Special value in Mens' made-to-
measure clothing. A large range
of samples to choose from, Fit
W. G. & R. Shirts in the newest
stripes and colorings in Caunibrays,
Percales and Crepe, abso in heavyweight Habitu silk, without collar,
and soft French cuffs. Special values iu Mens1 and Hoys' Sport Shirts,
in plain and sell colors, also with
stripeil collars und cull's in Silk and
Men's Hats and Caps
Seasons newest styles in soft felts
iu all llle popular shapes of the best
makers. Special value in Mens'
Panamas, and boater shape straw
bats with novelty hat bands. Newest sport patterns and checks in
Mens'Tweed and Silk Caps.
The Newest Styles in Mens' Neckwear of silk (lowing end ties with
, huge floral design   made   of   het-vy
i wash silk. Sport ties for the Popular spoil shirt iu small checks stripe
antl club colors. Derby and Windsor ties iu all shades.   Special novel
! ty pattern ami weaves in wash ties.
Latest styles iii Mens' W, R, G. Collars, newest s-iort styles always in
stock, Soft collars iii white and self
i colors.
Latest novelties in Silk covered  and
I.t'nther belts,
Invictus Shoes
"The Hest Good Shoe for Men." A
complete stuck of the latest and most
popular styles ill Mens' shoes in
black ami tan, colored cloth tops ill
laced nnd buttoned. Special values
in Neolin soled shoes, A complete
stock of .Mens' white and colored
canvas shoes. Also tennis mid rubber solad tennis slioes.
Can we expect'thc French,   llritish nntl Italian soldiers
to fight with destitution iu their homes ?
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 33, End ei Bridge B. Towler,  M|r.
^��*>��wV-*^V>*��***��**V*i*^<V*>ii t^*t^t*Mt000*^t*f**ti*ei^l*t*iV\fiy*.
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between Bridges
We are expecting Bran and shorts this week. Tnis
shipment will be distributed as fairly as possible among
tbe consumers aud sold at Food Controller's fixed prices
for Cash.
We have a fair stock of First Government Standard
Purity Flour in stock. This grade is considerably higher
than Flour now being manufactured under government
regulation. We will be pleased to accept your order for
this as long as the supply lasts.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
The Telephone and
Its Part
Speaking of lhe great telephone system of the United States,
Theodore Vail said:   "Its essential feature Is preparedness."
Just think how this applies even In British Columbia: Whenever you want-to telephone, you will llnd it ready for you; should
interruption occur to the service It is soon removed; day In, day
out, night and at all times, you can talk near or far, The great
co-operative factor is the supervising force behind  tho scenes.
"The essenlial characteristic of Ihe telephone is service."
British Columbia   Telephone Co.
The costof Living is High
Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
| .Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit-Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Cou:!evay
-h��3_____*r._....   nana
Vast Issues Depend
the Welfare cf Ous
,��*****S�� .a*..  '        )       /.     ,1. V.
<        ___T''->'" P     i      Tl
_StT'.- ^^fjgpsfc. ���;������-.-��.   ���.. yy^aie:
"J*****":.". "-'"---���_��.T..--r--Sl-C*_l
Cheer Up uml .. 1.   i'U. Uod i.r the Y.M.C.A.
TRY to picture your -If it thc muddy cold trenches after
exciting .days and ling nifchls of mortal danger and intense nervous strain, Ru_li.ii g "whiz-bar gs" and screaming "coal boxes" are no rc- 'peelers of [��rsons. Ycu are hitl
But despite shock at d labi yni slill cart face the long weary
trudge back to dressing Stn'ion. Vv'-.-. ry, overwrought and depressed, you are prey to wild unrig'., i -�� of that other coming
ordeal with the surgeon. T'.tcre are oil. ���: "walking wounded,"
tool   You must wait, wait, wait.   And then���
Up comes a cheery Y.M.C.A. man, I lie ever-preset*.t "bigbrother"
to the soldier, with words of manly encouragement. Close beside the dressing station the good generous folks at home havc
enabled him to set up a canteen. He hands you biscuits, and
chocolate or coffee.
"         7
Ie Fund
-$2,250,000^ May 7, 8,9
Canada-Wide Appeal
"In thousands of cases," writes arTcfiicer, "it was that first hot
cup of coffee that dragged the man back to life and sanity."
The tremendous helpfulness of the Y.M.C.A. as an aid to the
"morale," or fighting spirit, of the soldiers is everywhere
praised. No wonder the Germans make every effort to smash
the Y.M.C.A. huts out of existence.
The Y.M.C.A.- is everywhere. You fir.*:- met the helpful,
manly Y.M.C.A. worker in camp, then on train and boat, at
camp in England and in France, close to the firing line. Often
he risks his life to reach you in the trenches. He has won the
warmest praise from military authorises, statesmen���the King!
Have you a precious boy at the frontr You cannot be. "over
there" to guide him away from fierce temptations of camp and
city. You cannot comfort him in his supreme hour of trial.
Your parcels to him are necessarily few. But the Y.M.C.A.,
thank God, is "over there," going where you cannot go���doing
the very things you long to do���doing it for you and for him.
Will you help? This vast organization of helpfulness needs at
least $2,250,000 from Canada for 1918. For your boy's sake be
There are:
���Oft Branches of Canadian
Y.M.L.A. in Prance,
���7!) branches in England.
��� iv-/en. i f Y M.C.A. dug-outs
111 l./iwu..l ti  ...nt.   1,,.,1,-r fire.
���Over 120 Military Sccrcthrles
���300,000 letters it i1.!/written in
Y.M.C.A. oversells buildings,
���1133,000 needed fnr athletic
equipment, (Helps morale ol
���Y.M.C.A. saved hundreds of
lives nt Vin.y Ridge bycaring
for walking wounded.
���Over 1(10 pianos in England
antl France, also 300 gramophones anil '27 moving picture
���Y. M. C. A. helps boys in
���More than (10,000 cups of hot
tea ami colTce distributed daily
in Franct.���free. Estimated
cost for 8 months, J-IS.OOO.
���150,000 magazines distributed
free every month. (Estimated
cost $1.3,000.)
���$125,0<M used in 1917 to build
huts in France.
���Concerts,    sing-songs,   good
night services and  persona ���
interviews  energetically conducted.      Concerts,   lecturer;,
etc., cost t5,000 a month.
���Thousands of soldiers decide
for thc better life.
���Y.M.C.A. sells many needful
things to soldiers for their
convenience. Profits, if any,
all spent for benefit of soldiers.
���Service to boys in Camp
���Red Triangle Clubs for soldiers
in   Toronto,  St.  John   and ���
Montreal. Centres in Paris and
London for men on leave.
���Out  cf Red Triangle Fund, '
$75,000 to be contributed to
the War Work of theY.W.CA.
Here's your chance to do a fine
stroke in the big war 1 Help the
Y.M.C.A. to help yojfr big brothers overseas by joining in the
"Earn and Give
Six thousand Canadian older
boys ate invited to earn and
give at least Ten Dollars ($10) to
the Red Triangle Fund. That
means $60,000 in all I Splendid I
Five thousand dollars will be
used for boys' work in India and
China: another $5,000 for tbe
National Boys' Work of Canada,
and $50,000 to help big brother--
in Khaki. Ask your local
Y.M.C.A. representative for information and pledge card.
When you have subscribed one
or more units of Ten Dollars, you
will receive a beautifully engraved certificate.
National Council, Young Men's Christian Associat on
Campaign Directors for Western Canada
British Columbia:   J. S. Rankin, 607 Board of Trade Blag., Vancouver
Alberta:   John Hanna, City Hall, Calgary
Saskatchewan: T. D. Patton, Y.M.C.A., Regina
Manitoba: J. H. Crocker, 1106 McArthur Bldg., Winnipeg
...    ::. r ::���:ra in hatch
I luring  the    liaicliln;    season    he
pi u iry house,   nml   particularly lh
nest, should be kept clean    t" -a:'. Wl
tor  and a    pui l'ly    if    \ It it- I".: t
should  he  accessible   lo    'ir.'  sit't-i'
nnd a dust bath should  be pro *Id**��
alBO.   If more than one hatch be '
ken off, clean cut and dlsirfect "l.i.
nest-after each hutch and nut In At
sod and frcRh Hitler.    Imst  iho he*��
wilh insect powder before pUttln*! li
ln the neBt again and,93J89 li" 11 'I:
In the nest, and again a dny it *-*,
before leaving;    the    rest with    i
chickens.     It Is a peed ]lrn to --y
Into the dust bath a litllt-- dry **u'p-iu
4���.8122l0AlA....c,-ptout KORO O I L-fl'
or ground tobacco
Be sure also that He house is r*-e
from mites,     Then   'iitlc revs ''.'*'.'
Into the cracks   anil    cbrners . .  ..
building, nnd at    B'rti!   as tho hm
are resting, they    come nut ot the!
hilling  place, i*el  mi  the  hen's  brd> ���
and It docs ot take   very   ninny ol
ihem to make a hen so uneasy Ilia-
she  cannot   rII.     In   some  ens a  the
nilt.es become    so    troublesom - that
they    actually    worry    the    hens  to
Soldiers' Rations Reduced
'lhe shortage of wheat In France
has become so serious that the bread
ration of the French soldiers has been
reduced; 18.000.000 bushels of wheat
were promised Europe from North
America per month. Since January
1st the shortage has been 30,000.000
bushels, according to the Hon. Everett Colby, Senator for New Jersey, In
his speech delivered at Ottawa the
other day.
8Mrifleed Their Lives In an AtUm***
to 8��ve tht Colors. |
In days gone by the Zulus were
the boldest fighters among all the natives of South Africa, and It was not
until tbey had been defeated in soy*
eral battles that they would live tn'
peace with white people. {
In 1818 15,000 of the Zulus attacked
Ud killed a regiment of British sol- !
diers, and a most heroie deed was tha
attempt made by three British sol.
diers to save tbe two flags, or colore,
belonging to the regiment
When It was Keen tbat the Zulus
���were so many that there waa no bop*
of keeping them at bay the colonel of
the British regiment called to a ycing
officer whose name waa Lieutenant
Melvlll and said. "You will take
charge of tbe colors, Melrlll, and try
to get away from" here."
The lieutenant saluted and took Into
bla hands the two color* of his regt*
ment. Then, with another officer and
��� soldier, all mounted on horses, he
suddenly dashed away with his pro.
ttous burden.
They were at once seen by the keen
lighted Zulus, however, and after ���
long chase the three gallant Englishmen, fighting to tbe last, were killed
by the enemy.
Some time afterward om of the flags
waa found near a rocky stream, where
tho her��M bad fought and died, and
K was taken tn England and presented
ta Q-~-oo Vloturl*.
IM in m-iintiy ot the three bra*re
sol-Hen who bad died while defending
k Ike queeen placed a wreath .of Immortelles on ttie staff which held tb*
Sag,  twin Matt.
?i. 4-nmi's Cab.
On awakening one morning at his
hotel In Vienna, Pnganlnl. tbe celebrated violinist, was Informed tbat tb*
cabman whom tbe previous evening bn
bad employed to drive bim to the concert ball where be was playing waa
waiting to see him. On being admitted to his preseuce tbe man, after har*
Ing advniir ed poverty and a large family aa nn oscusc for tbe request that
he was about to make, prayed tha
great musician to make bis fortune.,
"What do you mean?" demanded Pn-
gnnlnl. "Authorize me to write In largn
letters cn tbe back of my vehicle these
two words, Taganlnt's Cab,'" was tha
answer. Couscnt was given, with al-
together satisfactory results.
Germans Get Sebaaitopol.
h    coTiiccpshrillu  cmfwyp cmfwy
The occupation   ot Sefcastopol  on-
'.iiin-ed officially from Berlin gives lo
let-many possession of Germany pos-
(ii-hii  if  lie Inn? ot  the Hiu--||n
'Hack Sen Fleet and o fori less which
s rich In historlciil iissoslal.lons.   The
'iv  wans founded by Clherlne II. In
sT-t and about '20 yeaars iter Alexan-
ler I. triid'? II the principal |utval sta-
tn  <r  1 vs--ii-.ii  cn  the  Uliick  Si-"*..
lie fortifications of the city, ronslst-
;ik ei an chin    of    i*reat -redoubts,
���ere constructed by .Nicholas 1.    The
dege of Sevastopol    In  lho Crimean
iVar, takes lis place In the military
minis cf modern limes.    Iiiiriii_ the
'umriier of   lusr.i   the   English and
French undertook   an   expedition to
HHUiiitanaaaTS iislia HAAHAAAAa i*
��� ili'ce the fortress and were joined
by the StU-illnus and Turks. The In-
estmenl of ihc place began in Oeto-
! cr, ut ".isr, 1 ut It ves fed .-. \\i
September 8. 18S5, thai ii kurrender-
'naaa"uaced.ttva 1)0 DO 1)6 Ilddddd
til. There were 127,000 men killed
luring  thr* sleue.
The   presenl     city    rose   from   Ihe
���"���lies i.f ihe town ruined during the
siege,   li has a few notable hull.linns,
including  Iwo   Pne cathedrals.
The population of 1807 was 44,016,
of Premises
Large corner store added
to Present Stand
623-5 Johnson St.
Great Clearance Sale
at 716 Yate Street
All Goods Most be   Cleared
Seabrook Young
Johnson and Broad Street
Victoria, B. C.
Comox  Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonab'e rates
V ������: > 11  ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks  Beach   &   Field
Tuo'ng and Repairing
Here about Ap). 1
Leave orders at Review office
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation       Cusine Excelled
Wm. Merryfietd
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
.  . ,   g The BestJand cheapest bread in the district
12   18oz.   Loaves  for  $1
Vancquver and Victoria 10 .18 oz. loaves $1
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
Shop Only Where You are Invited to Shop
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at tbe Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder COURTENAY
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Do You
The Courtenav Review
Family Herald atil \Vnk\y Stir
aud th-* Daily Province
f.-.r one. year
t TIIE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    0,
Garter's Little Liver Pills
For Constipation
A vegetable remedy thst always gives prompt relief In constipation. Banishes thst tired feeling altogether snd puis you
right over-night, stimulates Ihe Liver gentry, but quickly restoring It to full and healthy action, and the stomach and bowels
fo their natural functions.  Making life worth living.
Small Pill
Snail Dona
Small .-!.������
ROSY CHEEKS orllEAL'llv COLOR indlcato Iron In tha Blood. Pal* or
Jhcu-auaHrahoKltaahaenc*?*'." f ARTFR"? IRON PI1 I 9
-U-Job which will beanicb helped hj V//*\I\ Ibll 0 MtV/ll  rH-l-tO
At the  Head ot  the Class
Kindly Visitor���I. suppose,  Henry,
that you arc iiLIc to spell?
Henry (who*, father onus an .automobile)���Yes sir, I can spell
tvords of {our cylinders.���Peoples'
Home Journal.
Once a mother has used Baby's
Own Tablets for lier little ones she
' will we nothing else. Their tiso
teaches her they are absolutely safe;
that they never fnil to give relief
and_ that the little ones do not dread
taking them as they do castor oil
and other harsh purgatives, Concerning the Tablets Mrs. John M.
Weaver, Blissfield, N. li.. says:���"I
have used Baby's Own Tablets for
the past ten years and have found
theni so good I always keep a box
in the house," The Tablets are sold
by medicine dealers or by mail at
_5 cents a box from The Dr, Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviilc, Ont.
Toronto College of Music
Inauguration   of   Musical   Examina-
ation Has Been of Great
Of all the pioneer work done in
thc interests of musical education in
Canada, nothing lias been morc productive of-good than Ihe inauguration of lhc Toronto College of Music Examinations. Founded by F.
II. Torrington, whose name needs
no introduction to the Canadian public, the College is entitled to rank as
onc of the foremost musical institutions in this country, A system of
local examinations iu Music lias been
established, whereby students at a
distance from Toronto arc alTorded
the same advantages as those in attendance at the College. These examinations arc held at midsummer
at the several local centres established throughout the Dominion. Full
information and thc Syllabus of examination requirements may bc obtained by applying to thc Secretary
of tltc College in Toronto.
Wonders of Surgery
New Glass Kyes  That   Can   Move
and Wink
A Hriiish army surgeon describes
au improved glass rye which can
move. The chief drawback to the
ordinary glass eye is that, being
simply a convex shell of glass, it
lends to sink back into tlie socket
and is fixed in a stony stare. The
new* device gels over these difficulties by placing in the socket of the
eye a sphere of living cartilage or
gristle taken without risk from the
patient's ribs. It is all one operation.
While one surgeon removes the
j destroyed eye, another surgeon re-
I moves the pieces of cartilage from
near the patient's breastbone. Two
pieces are made into a little globe,
which is placed in ihc socket, and
lhc thin outer covering of the eye,
ihe conjunctiva, is sewn over to hold
it in place. The ordinary glass eye
shell is inserted over this and is prevented from sinking- backward. Sonic
movements of the eye by the wearer
is said to bc possible.���San Francisco Argonaut,
A Wheat Saver
A Sugar Saver
A Milk Saver
food also saves
i time and fuel, i
Ideal forWartime
W.     N.     U.     1204
A Much-Sentenced Author
Remarkable Claim in the Introduction to a Book
The most remarkable claim I have
yet found in the introduction of a
book���and intr.Hhictio.irs are often
more startling than tire books to
which they belong���is that the author has been "condemned to- death
eight times" ami "carries sentences
aggregating more than five hundred
years of penal servitude." The author in question is M. Daniel Illtim-
cnlhal, au Alsatian by birth, who has
been mayor of Colmar for nine
years and who has represented
Strassbnrg in the Reichstag. Thc
sentences, of course, have been imposed upon liiiii by the Qerman government, as the introduction puis it,
"because he escaped from the empire to tell the world the trulli about
Alsace-Lorraine; and the book is
"Alsace-Lorraine," in which he sets
out the relations of the two provinces to France and to Germany, respectively, and contends that "llicrc
is but one way In wliicli ihey can
regain their health. Tln-y must
again he united lo France, _ their
mother counlry, Iheir rightful
home."���-Diarist, in the Westminster
YOU should have at least $2,500 of Life
Insurance.   Write to-day for pamphlet of
the new Excelsior
(Agents Wanted in Unrepresented Districts)
=      V|
s     >l
1 Opportunity ^a^1
5       <!
Be Bright, Well, Strong,
Restore Youthful Looks!
Minard's     Liniment     Lumberman's
An Old Law Simplified
A Boston paper complains that although millions of pounds of fish
come into that port every day���
quantities greater than ever before���
the price does not drop. This is an
illustration of thc law of supply and
demand, as applied to the consumer
by the wholesalers: "Vou supply the
nioiiev and I'll demand it."���Detroit
Miller's Worm Powders are par
excellence the medicine for children
who arc found suffering from the
ravages of worms. They immediately alter the stomachic conditions
under wliicli the worms subsist and
drive them from the system, and at
the same lime, tlicy arc tonical in
their effect upon the digestive organs, restoring them to healthful operation ami ensuring immunity from
flintier disorders from such a. cause.
Tender Memories
"Shut that door!" yelled the rough
man. "Where were you raised, in a
barn?" The man addressed meekly
and silently complied, hut the speaker looking at him a moment later
observed that he was iu tears. Going over to his victim he apologized.
"Oh, come," lie said soothingly, "you
shouldn't take it to heart because I
asked if you wcrc raised in a barn,"
"That's" it, I hat's it," sobbed the
other man. "I was raised in a barn
and it makes mc homesick every
time  I  hear an ass bray."
No Asthma Remedy Like It.   Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy i.s
distinctly different from other so-
called remedies. Were ihis uot so
it would not have continued ils great
work ul relief until known from
ocean to ocean for its wonderful value. ICellogg's, the foremost and best
of all asthma remedies, stands upon
a reputation founded in the hearts of
thousands who have known ils benefit.
A Welshman's Prayer
A simple-minded man in a Welsh
coal valley is a character iu his way.
lie always insists on taking his turn
in thc devotional services of his
chapel, llis prayer the other night
was something like this: "Almighty
Cod, Thou bast heard about that old
kaiser. I read iu the paper that his
throat is bad, and that hc has difficulty iu breathing. Well, Lord, Thou
knowest how far to go."���Cardiff
Western Mail.
Ask for Minard's and take no other.
Singleton���Doctor Pellett is certainly the most absent-minded man
I ever saw.
Wederly���Is that so?
Singleton���Yes; he was married
last week and during the ceremony,
when he should havc placed a ring
on the bride's finger, he actually felt
her pulse and asked her to put out
. her tongue.
Let your light for better health
begin now! Before you fed any
warning of physical collapse, cleanse,
aird strengthen and build up your
system. The one remedy for that
tired droopy feeling is Dr. Hamilton's Pills, thc acknowledged king
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of men anil women in the late years
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good for the bowels, stomach or
kidneys. Cures headaches, prevents
biliousness, stops aching pains ill the
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A New Wheat
'i'he Central Dominion Experimental Farm, to which we already
owe Marquis and Prelude wheats,
has, under the direction of Dr.
Charles 12. .Saunders, produced, another new variety, Ruby, This new
wheat possesses characteristics in
ripening and other qualities midway
between Marquis ami Prelude. It is
beardless, possesses hard red kernels, gives a fair yield, and tftrrttcs
Hour of the highest quality in regard
to color and strength, liread made
from it ranks in the first class. This
wheat is the result of a cross between Downy Riga and l.ed Pifc.
Ruby Is, however, recommended
only where Marquis will not ripen.
We pay the Highest
Market Price for
Om* facilities enable us to give quick
service to  country shipments.     Immediate cash settlement.
Winnipeg, Man.
llic man who pays as hc goes is
always asked to make return visits.
The Country Store
IN the evening, when the day's work
is done, men like to stroll over to
the village store to discuss the war,
politics, or whatever may be of local
It is under these circumstances that
the health of the family is referred to
and experiences are interchanged in
regard to medicines that have proven
particularly effective.
After Dr. Chase had introduced his
medicines to the druggists he found
that manv who wrote to him for treatment lived many miles from doctor or
druggist, and had to depend on tho
country store for their medicines. Thus
it came about that Dr. Chase's medicines were placed in general stores, and
you can now obtain them wherever
medicines are sold.
Instead of trying to imagine what
the man in the picture is saving about
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, we shall
publish a letter from Mr. James Carr,
who attributes his good health and that
of his large family to the use of Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
18 Miles From Drug Store.
Mr. James Carr, Maynooth, Ont.,
writes: "About nineteen years ago I
received an envelope containing two of
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Fills. I was
doctoring at the time with two doctors
and, as they did me no good, I used the
pills, and by the time I had finished one
box I was cured of the pain in the back
and shoulders.
"We **-ave great confidence in Dr.
Chase's medicines. I have a family of
ten children and have never had a doctor in tho house for any of them. We
live eighteen miles from a drug store,
and find that these pills cure nearly all
the ordinary ills by regulating the liver,
kidneys and bowels. That we are all
well and sound I attribute to their use,
and I have recommended them to hundreds and given away many a box because I believe there is no medicine io
After lone experience with Dr. Chase's Medicines we hi-to found
that people who try them are soon convinced of their eiceptlonal
Wt Turn published thousands of letters to giro you an idea of
tho benefits others have obtained by their use, but If you aro ltU4
skeptical wo shnll te (Ud to lend you our
Free Combination Package
One 25-cent box Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
One sample box Dr. Chaae'a Ointment.
One copy Dr. Chase's Recipes.
Toe will kindly mention tho aauo of this paptr aal
enclose a f-cont stamp to p��y pottafi to Kdmaana, Bates 4*
Po., Ltd., Dr. Oaoso Bldg., Toronto, * THE   EEVIEW,    OOUBTNUY,    B.    0,
Peasants of Russia Will Not Fart With Their Grain for Paper
Money, and Food and Metals Can Only Bc Transported
With the Greatest Difficulty
Since Attslria and
made peace with tht
arc trying to get all
power, it becomes I
Germany   have
Ukraine     and
Russia in theit
t.ili    interesting
and important to knon what they
can expect from Russia ami lhe Cl��-
rainc in the. way of supplies and
hoiv soon they ran bc got. The
peace is made for the purpose ol
acquiring supplier-. What will >'���
Ml, Raymond Rccottly, in i.e. Fig-
aro ol Paris, -.indies this question
from the point of view of his personal experiences In Kussia last year,
when lie crossed the country twice.
lie says:
"In the central and southern pro-1
vlnces of Kussia there is no question that there arc huge stories of
grain not far behind the fighting
front. The Russian peasants have
not sold their harvests since the beginning of thc war lo any large extent, for as thc war has been prolonged and llic life of the people
has become more and more disorganized, thc dislike of the peasants
lo sell their slocks has increased.
"ihis is because the peasant's harvest represents to hint a real value
while all bc has been offered in exchange has been paper money, constantly depreciating in value, with
which be has been unable to buy any
of the things of which he has been
so much in need, such as clothes,
shoes and agricultural implements.
H he can't buy anything with the
money he gels, why should he sell
Iiis grain? That is the way lie argues.
"To this must be added the crisis
in transportation, the difficulty in
moving from place, to place the grain
when it is sold. Last year I crossed
Russia twice, thc first time to go to
lhc Caucasus and the second time to
Roumania. In certain railroad bur-
nets at Petrograd, for c .ample, there
was no bread, or, at least, it was a
bard, black bread, almost uneatable.
A hundred kilometres further along
thc peasants wore offering whole
baskets full of sweet, white bread
for a few pennies. The same ihing
was true all Over Russia���starvation
in onc place and plethora next door,
"ln what position wil! the Germans and Austrian* find themselves
with regard to the Russian peasants?
The disorganization of the railroads
is worse now than it was a year ago.
The Germans are confronted with
great difficulties in their own transportation system, and lhcy cannot
work miracles. They arc in no position to remedy the Russian troubles,
for the thing they lack most is material���rolling slock���and rolling
slock is as much lacking in Germany
as Russia. Thc question of transportation will be, therefore, as great
an obstacle lor thc Germans at present ns it has been heretofore for
tin- Russians themselves.
"Moreover, Ihe peasant who refused to sell his grain for Russian paper
money will be in no more liasle to
sell it for paper bearing the kaiser's
effigy.. Kaiser or czar, it is always
paper, and he wants goods���ciolhes
and slioes���and the German, who has
neither for himself cannot supply the
Russian. Perhaps the German will
bc able to supply agricultural iuiple
inenls, needles, knives, scissors and
such small objects, but the possibilities id the traffic are very limited,
llcncc it is not probable Germany
will be able lo get a great amount
of grain from Russia for t''C present
unless she resorts to commandeering.
"Germany suffers from a lack of
war materials as well as front a lack
of foodstuffs. She is hunting feverishly for copper, zinc, nickel, manganese and platinum. Russia lias little nickel and zinc, but she can furnish large amounts of platinum, copper and manganese. She produces
95 per cent, of the. world's output of
platinum and 54 per cent, of the. manganese, while her copper production
is about 24,000 tons a year.
"flcr platinum mines are in the
Ural mountains, as are also most of
her copper mines. Thc manganese mines arc in Transcaucasia, between Tillisc and Batouin. The geographical position of these mines is
of the first importance. It means in
��� every case long transportation. If
the manganese can bc got to Batottm
I it can be. sent by the Black Sea to
Constantinople, and thence by rail
into Germany. But to get tlie copper and platinum from the Ural
mountains is another, and. far different proposition. Therefore it docs
not seem that Germany is likely to
achieve any immediate profit in cither food or war materials from the
conquest of Russia."
Advantage With Allies
Situation Shown by Review of Facts
and a Simple Calculation
Tire impossibility of a German
victory -German threats ot a great
spring' offensive notwithstanding���
becomes clear il' we. look at a few
simple facts. Thus, when the allies
hurled the Gctawan army bark at the
Manic, Trance had 1,5(10,000 men in
the lighting line and England had
a scant 100,000. Such forces as they
bad were outnumbered in the ratio
of live to three, and they were outranged in artillery and outnumbered
and outmatched in all the things
that go to make lip military equipment.
Since thc Maine -.lie French army
at the front has grown from 1,500,000
lo 3,000,000, and the British army
from 100,000 to 2,500,000. In 1914
the United States was a spectator
of the conflict; but by the time the
great German offensive (should it
ever conic ofl) is iu full swing, we
shall havc several hundred thousand
men at the front. In 1914 Germany
had a potential army of 9,500,000
men���today one-half of that number
has been killed, captured, permanently crippled or is dead from natural causes, with the result that, on
the western front, the numerical
superiority bas passed from Germany to the allies, who can oppose
more than 6,000,000 to a maximum of
4,500,000 German troops. In the
matter of artillery there is an equal
preponderance on the allied side.
Last, and by no means least important, is the fact that what is left
of the German army contains a far
larger proportion than the allied
armies of men who, by reason of
age and immature youth, are ill-suited to stand the terrific strain of
modern warfare. Nor should we in
this comparison forget that while
in the German army there has been
a noticeable decline in morale, due
to the pinch of want and the sickness
of heart which comes from endless
promises that arc unfulfilled, thc
morale of the allied armies, which
are well fed, steadily increasing in
strength and cheered by some 18
months of all but unbroken victories
from the Swiss border to the North
sea, is uniformly good.���prom thc
Scientific American.
-that is
*|OOD production-
the big   cry for   1918.
Everyone must produce
as much as possible���which
means every available square
yard under cultivation, aud
the widespread use of Ronnie's
seeds. H^^^
BEANS���Rennie's  Stringless        Pkt.
Green Pod . 10
BEET���Rennie's Spinach Beet .... .10
CABBAGE���Rennie's Worldbcater .10
CARROT���Rennie's Market Garden .10
CORN���Rennie's Golden Bantam.. .10
CUCUMBER���White Wonder 10
LETTUCE���Rennie's Selected    *.-
Nonpareil 05
MUSKMELON���Delicious Gold
Lined 10
PARSLEY���Champion Moss Curled .05
PEAS���Little Marvel 10
Improved Stratagem .10
RADISH���Cooper's Sparkler 05
TOMATO���Bonny Best 10
Early  Detroit 10
TU RN IP���Golden Ball (Orangejelly) .05
Erery item In the Renn'-r 1018
catalot tie re-ire sents unexcelled
value, but lite Items In alar
border! are almply wonderful.
5 lbs.
Prepaid Not Prepaid
lb. Clbs. Ib. Bibs.
.36   1.70    .25
ONION SETS���Yellow Sets���Selected.
Lavender Gem Aster	
Early Blooming Cosmos���Mixed ,	
Giant Yellow Tulip Poppy���California	
New Red Sunflower	
Rennie's XXX Mammoth Flowering Hollyhock���Mixture..
Mastodon Pansy���Mixture	
Rennie's XXX Select Shirley Mixture���Single	
. .15
. .10
. .10
. .25
. .20
. .25
. .10
When buying from dealers, insist on Rennie's.   If your
dealer hasn't them, wo will ship direct. .
Old --w.ll.ryr Piattr Silvan Cucloal
Mlnlaturea: Plcturaai Neaaieirsrk: Lacai
Old China! Cul Oluai Oiaamantai
Watchaai   Rtafa: Table  Wart.
Write or ten. b.   Bipreii, la
B.  M.  ft  T.  JENKINS.   Limited
Antique  Oallailea
11 and SS  College  Street,      Toronte,  Oat
Crediting the Wrong Man
During a military church service
some British recruits were listening
to the chaplain saying: "Let ihem
slay the Huns as Moses slew the
Egyptians," when a recruit whispered to his companion; "Say, Bill, the
old bloke is a L.it off; don't 'e know
it was Kitchener who swiped the
Egyptians?"���Tit Bits.
Shirts & Gloves
British Population Grows
Increase Greatly in Excess of Number of Men Killed
In spite of thc drain of the great'
war upon man power thc population
of Great Britain is increasing. From
the beginning of thc war until thc
end of the first half of 1917, the latest pe'ridd for which there are statistics, the increase in Great Britain
has been more than nine hundred
thousand, a figure which is, of
course, greatly in excess of the number of men killed and drowned. The
enemy cannot derive the same comfort irom his own statistics, however. According to German and
Austrian publications there has been
a heavy decrease in the population
of Germany and Austria. It is well
worlh noting that while, between
August 1914 and June 1917, two hundred thousand people wcrc married
in England and Wales alone who
would not have married in peace
time, there has been in Germany and
Austria a decrease in llic marriage
Never Before Has There Been Better Preparation Mads in
Advance for a Bi< Crop Than Is the Case Throughout
The Western Proviaces This Year
Canada in Wartime
Bettering the General Morale of the
The magnificent quality of the sacrifice made by Canadians on the
western fighting front is pretty well
fixed in the minds of all who have
followed the record of the war. Thc
offering of 10,000 lives at Ypres alone
was a itlorious deed, but it has been
followed up by the steady support of
the Dominion wherever called upon
to carry arms. Moreover, the support given by Canadians in Canada
is not to be considered less important than ber fuilliful servicc in
France. Wc arc just beginning lo
realize, in the United States, how integral aud nccssary a part of the
work of war is .lie industrial and
economic and financial work which
is done far back of the fi*-hting front.
Tlie devotion and sacrifice of the
Canadian people at home lias been
so greal as to command unqualified
admiration. Their devotion has resulted in splendid achievement, and
has, incidentally, brought gratifying
consequences to communities and individuals. In a word, it lias paid
them well, both iu concrete results
for war supplies of all kinds and in
maintaining and bettering the general morale of the civilian.���New York
livening Sun.
Chew Your Bit
Victory bread,
Tbe latest, it's said,
It's made without wheat,
But is fair stuff to eat.
Bring it on.   Wc don't care.
Wc will not turn a hair,
Bring the whole bag of stunts,
We'll try.anything once,
Cut the food.   Try our grit,
We will all rliew cur bit.���Roy   IC,
German women are forbidden to
wear mourning for their relatives
slain in battle. Isn't that just like
thc German syslem?���Grand Rapids
The Western Provinces have had
considerably larger crops than those
of last year, but never wcrc the
financial returns from the crops produced greater than in 1917. Never
was better preparation made the
year in advance of production than
has been made for the seeding ill
In Saskatchewan 6,134,619 acres
were prepared during the season of
1917 for seeding in 1918. Of ibis
total 431,698 is new breaking, 3,758,-
941 was summer fallowed last season, and 1,943,980 was fall plowed.
If as much spring plowing is done
this year as was done last, Saskatchewan will have upwards of 2|-_
million acres more in crop this season than was in crop in 1917, and
nearly four millions morc than in
any season before  1917.
What is more important still is
the fact that the preparation niadc
for seeding is belter than any previously made. Tbe amount of new
breaking is llie smallest on record.
and is onlv about one-third that of
cither 1913' or 1914. On the other
hand, the amount of fall plowing
done is nearly three-quarter million acres greater titan for llie. previous year, and the. amount of Hitn-
mcr-fallow, 3,758,941 acres, exceeds
nearly a million acres the highest previous record.
In Manitoba the new breaking ii
105,897 acres, an Increase ot 16,000
acres over llic previous season; 1,-
900,000 acres havo been fall plowed
51,000 more llian for last year, and
1,381,000 have been slimmer fallowed,  146,000 more  than  for 1917,
The figures for Alberta arc not
available, but it is believed preparations for spring in that province arc
ahead of those of previous years.
Given anything like reasonable
conditions, the area of spring plowing will also greatly exceed that ol"
last year. In Alberta tractors have
been bought wholesale since last
fall. Heavy purchases havc been
made in other provinces as well, and
in another fortnight or so whole districts in the west will show repetition on a vastly larger scale of thc
tractor demonstration given at
Thornhlll last autumn,
The final estimates of production
for last year put the yield of wheat
for the three l'rairic Provinces at
215,000,000 bushels, oats at 270,000,-
000, and barley at 50,500,000. As stated, the west has bad larger crops,
but never have the total returns for
those crops been as great as for
The value of the wheat alone
raised iu the west lasl year was well
over      $400,000,000,    Saskatch
share being $230,000,000, that of
berta over" $100,000,000, and Manitoba around $80,000,000.
The value of farm products of all
kinds actually shipped out of Saskatchewan last year is estimated at
nearly $230,000,000.
What is most gratifying, witii a
view to llic future, is thc extent to
which thc west is developing other
lines than grain fanning. In Manitoba the output of cheese and butter has increased from less than
$1,000,000 twelve vears ar-o to nearly $4,500,000 last year. Adding in the
milk and cream trade, the dairy output of the province reached nearly
$6,000,000. In the eleven months
ending with November, Manitoba
farmers sent almost 107,000 cattle
to the stock yards at St. Boniface.
It is in Alberta, however, that
relative progress iu this particular is
most marked. The three principal
grain crops of that province in 1917
���wheat, oats and barley���were
valued at $169,000,000, The value of
animals slaughtered or sold in llie
province, of dairy products, of wool
and of poultry products, disposed ot
was $75,000,000, or equal lo nearly
half tlie value of the grain crop-..
Even tbe term, "mining the land."
will soon rass out of llic western
vocabulary, The fact has already
ceased lo bc ovcr a very large proportion ot thc west. ��� Toronto
Trying   lo   rut
shear nonsense.
vour own hair is
read hbu urn-an
Halifax. N.S.
"About fl-rht months ��**<. I tead vour
���Avertlaet-ent In one ot tbe Halifax impel a
liflrrinir _ free nainpte of liin Pills lor the
Ki.lafyn. llt.vt MM a martyr for rent-, to In-
leiiu. iiilna acroia lhe back. Hefore I hait
liulrihM llie Iht-tl bos I fotinfl myself perfectly
detfrom pal**,"
Vo-nutac-rely, _
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It hu a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically 'prepared
for man's use.
The Real
Proof of
The firebox of your
range is the first and last
proof of its usefulness
and durability.
The Kootenay Range
firebox is made of tough,
pure semi-steel���in nine
pieces to allow expansion
and contraction aud to
prevent cracking.
For Sale bv
C. H.  Tarbell  & Son
London Toronto Montreal Winnipeg Vancouver
St. John, N.B.    Calgary Hamilton Edmonton        Saskatoon
A Ford Car Takes the Place of
All These Things
WHEN you own a Ford you can do away with many
articles that are a source of continuous expense to
the man who still drives a horse. For instance, not
only your driving-horse and buggy, but the single harness,
blankets, whips, currycombs, brushes, horse-shoes,, pitchforks, feed-bins, etc.
In their place you have a speedy, dependable, dignified,
roomy Ford Car���complete in itself. It is vastly superior to
the narrow, cramped buggy that travels bo slowly. And
when a Ford is standing idle it does not eat three meals a
day, and it requires no  looking after."
A Ford will save you time, trouble, and money. It is the
Utility car for the busy farmer and his family.
Runabout ���  $575
Touring ��� ���  $595
Coupe     ��� ��� $770
Sedan ��� ��� ���  $970
Chassis   ��� ��� $535
THE UNIVERSAL CAR                    One-ton Truck $750
F. 0. B. FORD, ONT.
E. C.Emde, Dealer, Courtenay
Courtenay Electric Light
Tit IC City of Com tenay i.s offering for
side the unsold balance of tlie above
debeiitures amounting to $10,000.00,
Thtfse debentures ure in denominations
of $100.00 each and bear interest at the
rate of 6 per cent, per annul, papable '
luiK yearly, Tlie debeiitures are repay- '
able OH tlie 30th day of May, 1937.
'I'hey are offered at 90 cents on the
dollar and accrued interest. This oilers
n splendid opportunity to any person
who has any amount from $1110.00 up. |
wards to in-rest same in an absolutely
secure investment at a (air rate of interest.
For further  particulars apply at the '
City Hall.
W. A. w. HAWKS,
City Clerk
The  Kaiser says: " What    have   1 j
not done to save the world from these
l.orrorsrors?   "We give It up.   You'll
have to answer It yourself.
��   *   �� j
The anniversary of the deliverance j
of France by Joan of Arc will bc celebrated  with    great   solemnity at Or-1
lrleans on May 12, and three days of j
prayer have been ordered in Catholic j
churches throughout Franco for   the
success of the Allied troops.
*   ��   ��
His Credentials
Mother ���I don't like Ihe looks of
that little boy you were playing with
on the street to-day. You mustn't
play with bad little boys, you know,
i Son���Oh, he isn't a bad little boy,
mamma. He's a good little boy.* He's
been to the reformatory school twice
and they've let him out each time on
account of good behavior.
* * *
Something New in Insurance.
Tt is reported that insurance against
the misfortune of being oltl maids has
been started in Vienna in view of the
terrible losses of young Auslrians on
the battle fields and the consepuent
probability that many young women
will not be able to find husbands. The
prettiest girls will naturally pay the
lowest premium charge.
A   Spread
I "You say you were lost for days in
the boat and your provisions had given out?"
I    "Exactly."
j "What did you do (or something to
I    " Finally I hit on a happy idea and
, we had a spread of canvas.'
* *   *
Moderate Desires.
!    "You can".t fool the people all the
i    "I   don't   want to fool 'em all the
time," declared the alleged statesman
"Just a few weeks before election will
do me.'
* a.     *
Waste Is Now Illegal
Anybotly   who   discovers   cases  of
food may notify the legal authorities,
I who have power, under tihe new Or-
I der, to take action.   Wilful or care-
'��� less   waste  has   become   illegal,   and
| municipalities who secure the convlc-
j tion receive half the fine, whUe*-*ro-
vlnclal  officers  securing  the  conviction  receive    halt    the fine (or the
Why, *l Course!
It** editor of an agricultural papist
���aa grumbling about a puszllng ques-
Boo be had received from a city man
who had recently removed to the country. The Inquiry was this: "Will you
kindly tell me how long cows should
be milkedr
The office boy, passing near, heard
bis superior repeating tbe question
"Sense me, boss," he said, "but w'y
don't yer tell him Jes' de same's short
Music Throuedi
Mr Edison's
Until you have heard the
New Edison
" The Phonograph with a Soul"
You can have uo conception a.s to how true to life it really is.
The reproducer point is a genuine diamond, carefully selected
and polished, and the records used are llldestrtictable and play
for a full five minutes each
Write us now for futther particulars  of this  new Invention
which actually RECREATES music
Cumberland, B. C. Nanaimo, B. C
Does Everybody Trade at the Corner Store ?
We keep the freshest line of Groceries in the
District.   Our prices are Right, and
Our Service is Unexcelled
We're going to tell you something about shoes shortly
Parkin Bros.
A Wart 8u**erititlen.
Boys In the west of England believe
tbat by squeezing a mole to death between the bands nud touching the affected parts with tbe blood that oozes
from the mouth of the dying animal
warts will disappear and will not reappear.   Tho culprits are convinced that
moles, worms and other subterranean
| dwellers have no feelings, and there-
I fore it ls not cruelty to put them to
_ death ln this way.
To Electric Light Consumers
NOTICE is hereby given that all tenant consumers of electricity are required to deposit with the City on or before the 30th day of April the sum of
Three Dollars under and by virtue of
the (ollowing clause in By-Law No. 28,
being "The Electric bight aud Power
By-Law, 1917."
"15.   The Corporation reserves
the right to demand and receive
a deposit o( a sum equivalent to
the Corporation'sestimateofthe
monthly consumption of electrical energy by the intended consumer belore supplying the premises until all arrears due  for
electrical energy supplied to such
premises have been paid "
Notice is also given that no bills for
electricity will be allowed to run (or a
longer period than '60 days,  after which
i service will be disconnected.
I    Dated at Courtenay this 18th  day of
April 1918. :   _
I w. A. w. HAMES,
I City Clerk.
Scarcity of English Humer.
It Is to be fen rod that if the papers
reserved a special corner once each
week for the witticism of the week It
would be often left blank. There is ne
I wit to speak of todny, only a feeble Imitation of it which people are fond oi
calling the saving sense ot humor.���
London Saturday Keview.
' Be wise In time, and K .vou are cultivating 'potatoes, Bend to the Publi-
catalon Branch, Department Agriculture, Ottawa, for Bulletin No. 90. Tliis
bulletin, which is a popular edltJio|
of a more ambitious work, prepared
by the Dominion" Horticulturist, Is
calculated to prove an invaluable aidl
to the potato grower, whether amateur or professional, whether cultivating field or vacant lots. It tells how
to prepare the soil, how to fertilize,
how lo select good seed, how to plant,
how lo tend the plant, how to prevent
the ravages of insect, pest anil friiigus
disease, how to spray, how to dig. antl
how to store. A llst o[ the varieties
best suited to different districts in
eyery province is also given.
Ice Cream
Barrister and  Solicitor,- Notary
Phone 6 Courtenay
Mooring & Mansfield
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds of repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Refrigerating plant
Highest Price paid for Beef
and Veal
Courtenny  anil Ct:.i bt'i-lami


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