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The Review Jun 8, 1916

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Classified Ads.
Mnke yimr little Wants known
tini null a Claaatflad Advertisement
in Tho Ilevlow   -   ���   ���   Tinmn 59
VOL. 4
NO. 29
Half-acre Camping Ground, fronting
on one of the prettiest sites on the
beach in Comox District, best of
fishing, near P.O. and store, low
priee,  easy terms, particulars from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered ,in Courtenay
AU Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Cook  by  Wire
Electricity provides the cleanest, the
most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under ideal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitiated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values through the retention of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay ^Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: 0fficej35, Res. R9S       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Mr, Win. Duncan arrived home
��� from Victoria ou Tuesday,
Miss Ethel Piercy returned on
Tuesday from a visit with friends
in Nanaimo,
Master John Perez wus five years
old last Saturday aud a large number of his friends -fathered at his
home to celebrate the occasion,
Remember the lecture by Miss
Ravcnliill in the Agricultural Hall
on Thursday evening, June 8, at 8
p, in. Admission free. Everyone
Leo MeKilinon, brother of Mrs.
P, Fletcher, who left with the 30th
Regiment, aud who has been in the
trenches practically ever since has
been badly -rounded in the back
with shrapnel.
W. H. Kirkwood ieft on Friday
lust for Saskatchewan. Mrs. Kirkwood and Mrs. Shillington went as
far as Vancouver where they will
remain for a lew days, and then return to Courtenay
There are at present 5000 Canadians iu England who are clamoring to be sent to the front to take
the places of the Canadian.*) lost in
tie recent battle at Tillbeke. Many
well known officers and men have
Mr. Trautman, who has been in
charge of the engine at the Con-
densory since its opening, has severed his connection with the firm,
and is moving .with his family to
Vancouver. Harley Walker is taking his place at the Condensory,
The Hon. W. J. Bowser Premier
The Hon Thos. Taylor, Minister
of Public Works, The Hon. W.
Manson, Minister of Agriculture,
the Hon. Lome Campbell, Minister
of Mines, Mr. H, B. Thompson,
and Mr. M, Manson will address
the electors of Courtenay and district in the Opera House tomorrow
evening Friday. June 9, at 8 o'clock
Everybody is welcome. The front
seats will be re��erved for ladies.
j    Potatoes for sale,  no   reasonable
offer refused.    Box 13. Review,
The Courtenay Preparatory
school commenced tliesuminerterm
on May ist. Pupils admitted at
any time. Apply Mrs. Halliday.
Piano   taught. j
Welding���cast iron,   alumiiiui'i, j
. brass, steel, etc,    Ford Garage.
Plant your fruit trees in the fall,
i and keep your order till I call. F.
;R. F. Biseoe, Courtenay, P. O.
Look prosperous. Fix up your
shop front with an up-to-date sign.
See Colin Campbell about it.
Ft rd Oarage for Nobby,   Good-
I year and   Duiilop auto and bicycle
tires aud accessories.    Bicycles for
j sale.
For sale cheap-���Buggy and har-
i ness, new last year, in good condition.    Apply,   John   R.  Johnston
For Sale���Holstein Cow, 4 yeais
1 old, quite 0. K. in all respects.
1 Milking over 3 1-2 gallons daily.
- Price $85.    Apply 86 Review office.
For   Sale���The    Cyclopedia    of
Modem Agriculture  in   in twelve
[ voltuuns, edited by   Professor   R.
Patrick   Wright,    Apply,   Review
j5i so cash buys a speedy open
launch -,>; 1-2 by 5 1-2, ivilh 7 h.
p, Fairbanks-Mors" engine all in
good running order. Apply P.
Acton, Comox.
If you can ride a bicycle and talk
intelligently about a motor to drive
it, I can offer vou a means ot making money. Write Fred A. Caton
611 View St, Victoria, B. C
Pte, Robert Swanson returned
from a trip to Nanaimo on Tuesday,
Mr. M, B, Ball has received word
that Mr, J. Bailey, oiie of the first
settlers iu the valley, died at Glastonbury, Somerset, Kng., on the
12th of A'ay,
Tlie Courtenay Ladies Aid will
hold their annual Strawberry Festival on Wednesday, June 28, afternoon and evening, on Mrs. Walter
McPliee's grounds. Look out for
particulars next week.
The song service announced lo
be given at the Presbyterian church
on Sunday evening next has been
postponed on account of theabscen-
ee of .Sergt, Petch wlio was to have
taken the leading solo-'. He expects to leave with the 102nd, this
Cape Lazo
A drum head service was held at
Cape Lazo wireless surion on Sunday, June 4, conducted by Capt.
Col well of the 102nd Battalion. A
good attendance resulted, including
a number of military. An interesting discourse was heard, the
itverned gentleman graphically describing the duties and ainaitions
of present day Christianity, morally, socially and nationally. A
touching allusion to the recent naval engagement was made, tfter
which the hymn, "Eternal Father
Strong to Save" was feelingly rendered. Mr. W. L. Parkin presided at the organ, and a solo, "Nearer My God to Thee'' was taken by
Sergt. T. Wood, of the 50th Gor-
dan Highlanders. The collection
was in aid of the returned soldiers
Courtenay Fair
The annual report of the Fairs
Association just published, gives
the following report of the fair here
last fall-
Fruit and Vegetable's ���The
ft nit was of fair quality, ami general arrangements were commended
by the Judge, The judge noted
that finit exhibited in tllis district
showed little, if any, improvement
ou former standards,
Live Stock ���All the cla-ses of
horses cattle, sheep, and swine were
fairly well filled, but the stock
shown was mostly grade. However, a few pure bred Ayrshire*
and Jerseys have lately been
imported, and some Oxford sheep.
There are signs that the district is
awakening to the importance of
pure bred live stock as a means of
Dairy Products.���Exhibits in
both dairy and creamery butter:
lew, exhibits, but quality good.
Fair exhibits iu eggs, poultry, and
Opium Raid
Constables Hannay and McDonald made a sliccesssul raid on _
Chinese opium den at Cumberland
and arrested 7 Chinese. They had
considerable difficulty in making
an entrance. Considerable for_e
had to be used, A lot of smoker's
paraphenalid was taken. The
Chinks were before E. Biclcle the
next day All pleaded guiltv and
were fined accordingly.
S:   col Report
��� y   Division ��� enrollment
4;, average attendance 37.
Intermediate division ��� enrollment 25 average attendance 22.
Senior division���enrollment 20,
average attendance 19.
An examination of candidates
for entrance will be held in the
Courtenay school house, commencing on the 26th day of June at 8.45
a. 111
A farewell danc** to the soldiers
was given in the Opera House :n
Tuesday evening. A Urge number
were present,
W. J. Bengough, the well knows
lecturer gave an entertainment in
the Agricultural Hall on Saturday
night, which delighted a large audi-
ence. J. W. Knott of Victoria
also gave an address on Prohibition
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 |>. in.
Sunday  School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. 111.    Evening service 7:30
p. 111. All welcome
Something    New
just unpacked
A large supply of fruit will be
in for the week end
box 256 SHEPHERD'S n���**
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
Paints, Oils, Etc.
We carry in stock Bricks, Lime, Cement, Doors and Windows
Get our prices for kooiIs in l��r��e (quantities
Telephone 1 Courtenay
i*>*r*+********.***r****fi***f **t*s*f*t**0t*, i^t^mw^n^m^mim^pi
���wwwwBaeflaaaM i THE   REVIEW.   COTJRTKEYi,   B. C
:: LADY ::
Watd, Leek .S Co., 1 Imlttd
���    . tioj.'. 'i'.^I'.i*?... ..     ".        -*;!
i I"    Tl    I' '    ' VV     "ll     i II
J-ll \ 0   ii I
tlllll ll
1111,1 IM
nuni'  up  tn   Hit'  huti'l,  and   wenl   til
tllvo once tu tlio private sifting room occupied by tlio bride anil bridegroom.
���" selves,"     ii,. luni [omul oul ilml    ills Bister
wait alone,  and    bo    expressed   ins
lliallltllllllnss   llll'   lltnllll'llt   III'  I'lllrli'il.
"Tliiinii Heaven!" in' said in ii low
voire,   iis   hi'   .uilie   hi   nnu   shut   tlii'
tO    lll.VHtlll'.
Will   Evi
��� Some  Mil
said Im dryly.
iliini' tiiriii'il lu him Bliai'ltly.
"llnlil inin' jaw," Bald ini, "Ciin'i vim
glvo ovor tin- over making yourself
dlsuBi-oablo"    Now, too,  wlion   we've,, ,.,, ���
i.n   i,  ,1������,,',' o   doing wel   for our- w,       ,���   ,  ���     ���   , .,
ki'Iws.      iii>   tuiiiod  admiringly  tn
i'uul.    Tin sun', 8yd,  mih look us!    Utl)'  Ursula  resisted    Iiini  us  li
well us unv young lord, and nobotly'd  ll'l'Ml ���" ,,|v'' her un mi.'itlimine kiss, h>]
ever believe you're nothing inn u Van*     "Tom," she snld, 'yon ihhkUi'i lullt.
like Hull in mi'.    I'uul ia my liiislmiul.
I I   (UU llllll'll i
"Hello, Sydl" said tire Brat, .1 tlilek
m i young iiiun ui seven nr eighl uml
twenty, witli reddish hair, n wide
mouth, and outstanding earn, whose
name ��us Brady Gane,
Paul nodded and turned to the
(liner mail.
"Vou here, Evans?"
Will nivalis, u small, thin, consumptive-looking Welshman, with 11 slight-
1> hooked nose, uml small black eyes
do close together, nodded with ti
roniewluil gnldging air, Ho hnd Iiis
own reasons for being less cordial to
I'uul t'liui Qane was. lie was 11 mean,
shrewd Utile rascal, who considered
thai upon himself and (liine there fell
the greater pun of tbe dirty work
which had to be undertaken In order
to l.eep Syd Tomklnson, the ostensible
liemi of iheir very Bhady Arm, in the
position which he declared be hod to
occupy In order to lake full advantage of his talents and theirs.
The three men wenl into the cafe
together, sat down at a table which
Ihey chose carefully, "for," ns Will
Evans said, "in Ihese foreign holes
you never know whal confounded
scoundrels .vou may be silting nexl
lo," and proceeded to discuss their
"So you've pulled it off," said (lane
Willi a. grin which displayed two rows
<u very uneven teeth, and made him
look like a comic mask in a panto-
1'aul shrugged his shoulders and
looked bored. It was liie attitude he
generally assumed with his confederates, to mark the vast space there was
between them.
"In a way. 1 have," lie admitted.
"Bul it doesn't look as if it was going
to do us much good. My confounded
brother-in-law was after us lasl. night,
knocking us up al the hoi el anil making a devil of n row with, some loni-
in- rol about me thai he pretended to
have  picked  up somewhere."
Gene's grin died away, hui Kvans
continued to stare fixedly at Paul In a
rlislrusl which was very ill concealed.
"Well, he ean'l do anything now,"
said Gano uneasily, "These high-toned families caul take any action
against themselves; and now you've
married an earl's daughter, why
you're ns ;;ood as an earl's son, aren't
'! should hone .0," said Paul super-
take it back 1 i
lice.    Vou earr\ yourself us proud us
uny  In Ihe land,"
Will nivalis mis Btiirlng ui Paul
with  a   wooden   face  of disapproval.
"Well," suiii iir, "whoa nre wo going to share oni""
Paul turned tu him  with upraised There waa a pause, and then he made
"I waul .uui in I
I'llgllllUl   Willi   III''."
"I shall lie vory glad If you will,
Tom, 1 lold Paul lhat il was ubfUII'd
to curry such valuable jewellery about
wlllt us, especially as, by his wish, l'\0
brought uo mni<l n Ilh inc. I mid him
Ihai our mother always has hers lock
ed up in ihe strongroom, or al  lln-
haul,. '
Of course.   Well, gii0 II lo me uml
I lake it  but It Im  ��Itli inc."
(To lit foiitiiiueti)
1111 Im i"r u word  tig   ns    I1I11.              .,���   p.,,���  ,,  ,.���
, ,                            ,,     ,,,           ,                     No   Cause   t.)   Conifl mn
and   I know   vou won I   either   wheal ,���            ,                           r
you've bud   time to  make    full   In*, Hto work or Ibe navy Is allenl, but
QUlt'lCB " IK   nelfl'llieli'ss   tl Ollimillldlllg
Lord' Basiling heard her in silence \ racl ",r ""' ��;���"'���   " is "1  thai work
thut lhe whole Btl'lllegy ol' llic allies is
up  his  mind
"All right," he said Simply, "I'll say
nothing aboul him. Nothing. Where
is he?    I suppose ! may asl, iliat  '
"lie's gone oul in seiiii Boine telegrams.     What   are     you   Rtuylllg   in
bused, and we can coucelvo nt un
greater Injustice lo the nuvj uml ol
more serious disservice to our cause
limn   In   Miggivi   lhal    slalilisliiug
our command of all Ihe sons of the
world our sailors arc unemployed, 11'
ilormany concodes us ihe sens without
11 challenge, of �� bal have ��e lo com
"Eh?" su id he,
Kvans nodded alniosl   ferociously.
"Ves," said he. "We gave you over
ill our nit 11 res as well as your own of
thnl last lot you know, the Vienna
loi    for you to cut a dash with, You  Paris for
���old  us  when  onco  you'd  given   the      "I had to see you again before go ,
tilings 10 ihis my Lady Tom Nobody Ing back.   Since I enn do nothing-, 1   >'M"r   '���""""" ---"-J  ���Np"s'
of yours, she'd    give ihem back for' shall start for England UiIb afternoon
roil  to sell  for the poor,  Well, news I There's jusl one thing I musl ask you       "Mike." said   Put,  'lum   do  mv.  tell
your lime.    We're the poor. So hand to do first, though." the age of a fowl'.'"
us over our share and have done with      "Whnl Ib It, Tom?" "tii can always tell  by tho leelb,"
I" "Payne   gave   yuu   sonic   handsome   shot   back   .Mike.
Paul sol back and stirred his coffee  Jewellery as a marriage present?" "By the leofh!" exclaimed Pat. "Hut
Algv I'd Ilka awfully lo know
whether alio "ill marry tne or not,
lieggln WI11 don'l you ask her,
ili'iih boy?
Algy H.v Jove! that's a good Idea;
I will,    what  u head you have, old
How to Save
Your Eyes
Try This Free Prescription.
1...     li. Ill      l-M-'l      I
yon   iiliouil}    I'-iur
laclinV      'llinuwiii
tt', si-   "ultnli.ll - '    1
in 1,i'i-  �� 1111  ilicm,
llllTO,  ninl   il   I-.  m
nm 1'i-r.ui- It  I" li
"     M'll     tl'l'llltl^?        V'O
..MMhC'in    nr    *pn ���
ut     |nii|ili'      near
in   mlgl ally   dli.
You inal be one uf
1 iluii' In ,.inr veur
-   lull.    'I hn  i-yi'ii  are
gently. The oilier two wero drinking
wine, ami complaining thai it wus nol
beer, bill Paul was very nlislouiinus.
und -never joined in the eurousals of
bis companions,
'I don'l quite understand," he said
in lhe most, civil lone. "You don't
want mo to demand all the jewels that
I've given lo my wife, and to divide
1 hem up at once, surely?"
"Thai's what we do expect, and
whal we insisl upon, loo," said Evans
(Irmly. "Vou can make some excuse lhat you waul in put them in a
safe place while you're 1 ravelling
about, and, afler all, you own share
is a pretty big one. We're only asking' I'or our rights."
"Of course, of course. I unite understand. Well, It will seem rather
odd to ask for them so quickly; but
of course, I am al your service. If 1
you want your share at once, you must
have it."
"Why shouldn't we?" demanded
Kvans aggressively. "If you lold the
truth when you said the gal didn't
care for such things. If she's a born
tool, we're not,"
"You'll be good enough nol 10 speak
in thai tone of my wile," said Paul
The 01 her two men exchanged a
rapid glance of astonishment.
"Voti've changed your lone about
her ladyship a bit. haven'l you?" asked  Kvans drily.
'Not that I know of," replied Paul,
"Vou lold Us as how you was bored
to dentil when you were with iter ladyship," weni on Kvans in tlie same
tone as before.
Paul answered with decision aud
"If I told you lhat, I ought to have
added lhat it is my fault, not hers. I've
been used lo so much tagrag and bobtail lhat I've lost touch of decent society.
Hot li   the  other men   looked  astonished, and  Kvans scowled.
IMA    IIIIPI" :     "Oh,     so  Unit's   your  tone,   is   it'.'
HIV    |flf IKI-"   We're nol good enough for you now, 1
lllO     II SI L   suppose?"
"You never were." said Paul shortly.    "In a  social sense, of course."
Evans half rose from his chair, angry and spiteful, But Gane pulled
him down again.
"Let him alone." said he good-hum*
ouredly. 'lie's all right, lie is. If lie
wasn't n bit of a toff, where should we
be'.' I'm sure. Syd, I wish you every
happiness, and the lady, Ion, and I
only hope as she won'l bore you more :
llian what you'll bore tier before yo'J
are done."
The  warning had sufficient  BiglllflC* j
ance to displease Paul, who nodded.
and said:
"Well, that's enough on thai head. 1
Mj   domestic  life   is   my   own   affair," .
"Oil. no. II isn't," tried  Kvans. "Vou
married iliis 'ere sprig of aristocracy
so as to get a looting in big houses, |
didn't   you. sii as lo  play   Olir garni���'.'" I
"That'll do. Nol so hum." .-aid
Cane nervuusly.
Paul  rose |(, Ins  feet
"When du you want ihc things;" he j
asked Bhortly,
"Oh. just win n your lordship |
pleases," Bald Kvans, with mock liiimi'.- ]
ity.   "It iiiu'l fur ihi. likes of us to di'-- '���
'Ilave yon gol  it wilh you?"
a fowl :��� 1 ti'1 got no teeth !
"No," admitted Mike, "but 01 hnve.
Concentrated Economy
The heel of a whole bullock is required to 111.ike
a dozen bottles ot Bovril. You can safely reduce
butchers' bills it* you use Bovril in soups and stews.
But���it must be Bovril, in the Bovril bottle. No
substitute will do. The strength und nourishment ot Bovril cannot be compressed into cheap
n��''!i , It'll     lnui_     lliil'l    'in V    ether    elllllli
nf   ice   milt.    l.v.      Afi.-i    yuu   III.Isn
'...iii iiiun work yuu till down nml rest
your    mn lies,    lull    how    ithnul     your
i'ii''.'.'    hu  'nu   re! 1   ii '.'    veu  know
i���u do mil. Vim 1....t in- ih. something
clHO lliul Ki'i'im 'mn' eyes luisi ; yen
work jour eyes until you in. lo tint.
That h win .rn mn n v lun,. httiilueil
nyr-H nml dually i'ti"i' en' liuul'li'K tliiit
IhidiliMi I'luiiiil iu leiiii lillndntu.
I'w-tilussis me merely ciutcliosi they
never euro, This ll"' I'I eici nu Ion.
11I1I, ll llllU benefited till' I'M-H Of. BU
nilllil'.   Illll!    well,   ii|lli'.l   tlllillll'IM   fur   yell.
i'si. ' 11   11   .'-���! en   lime.     Ueuiil   '.mi  lliir*
Wi.il     eve    llnllllle'i    to    llisut'lii'll I'    HH    if    li'r
magic?   Try ihis prescription,   'in In tha
lii-uie'l 1. lileawi-l-'e ill ut; stole ami git IL
linllli, uf Hen I Iptfl IlllllolH, Ul'Op 0110
tulilel III 'i glUBH nf Miller nml alln-lv It.
to ihoroimlily dissolve. IMih ihis lt.|nlil
In,11... ti.e nyi- ine I" four limes dally.
Just   note   l.iiii   quickly   your  eyes  clour
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llinel; ns an long a.s you live for pub-
llshlnE this prescription. Tho v-ilmei
I'riiff Co., ol' 'I'oronlo, will (111 the abovo
prescription   by   mall,   if   your   druggist
i .Ititint.
A prnmtppTil City PhyntcUn t.wliomlha ,\n.,e Lrll* n
wog .iiliieiitf-l. Hieii: "li'ii.-l't'i" Ib a very romkrxitje
remedy.  Ilseonstltuenl InfrretltenlB *.re well known to
niiini" I eve fipei-inllrlH iitul wldclv preierilied hy One
tt ear. be oliti. :i..! fi'nin any uroml ilnie^'l-l and Ib nna nf
Ihe vitv few iireuariitloiiH. 1 fuel i-liould La kepi oe
h��nd fur n-KUlnr u.-c in ellnttt every faltltl)."
A Six
For $1110
Stopped Most Terrible Suffering by Getting Her Lydia
E. Pinkham's  Vegetable Compound.
Ponison, Texas. ��� "After my little
girl was born two years ago 1 began suffering with female
troublo anil could
hardly do my work.
I was very nervous
but just kept dragging on until last
summer when I got
where I could not do
my work.   I would
have a  chill every
day and hot. (lushes
and dizzy spells und
my head would sill, ost burst. I got where 1 was almost
_ walking Ekeleton and life was a burden
to me until one day my husband's step-
lister told ray husband if he did not do
���something: for me 1 would not last long
���nd told him to get your medicine. Soheltate to your lordship. At tlie same
got LydiaE.Pinltham'B Vegetable Com- time, if your lordship was to lind liiru-
ricund for nn; and after taking the first selC ���" lhe *'<*la-3 ��������> "��� tllia afternoon,
three doses 1 began to improve. 1 con-1 somewhere about five-wll h what
..       , ., i t l u a    _' vour Inn sup ant vour  on sup s lady-
tinued us use, and I have never had any; - h|   can    H% hi ;hi.        ()f Horn's
female trouble Pince.    I feel that IOWO  am!  slM.h  1U*     VQ ,,unij,,  bo htimbly
_T.y life to you and your remedies. They
tjid for me what doctors could not do
md 1 will always praise it wherever I
po. "���Mrs. G. 0. Lowery, 419 W.Mon-
tcrcy Street, Denison, Texas.
"Don't b*1 a  silly  ass,   Will,"    said
Paul smiled good humouredly.
All right," said lie. "I'll be tliern. I    "Well,   if  that.  Walson
McLtUfhlto Service U assiircil bv
twelve branchi*.1* ronveiilfntly 1��-
inteii. Hunilrtdfi of Acti'des (fnn*
CosiM io Coai't Oiip million dollars
Invfclnd in llruncli Ho'iies mil equip
men I.
1 argf Mor** nf y:ir\3 r��nl��d for
KM mod oil al Oihawi und ti ttai
Korlyspvnt v(-Kri of tntniifticttir
Inc >m*l marketing of vehicles fur
Thorouidi knowifiiifr tiiroujrb experience of Canadian needi.
Consider c*rcfnl<y the BER VICE
���oil buy���It It very ImiiarUiit %ml
ucfi nsarT.
Mclaughlin model d.o
Tlns model was designed and
buill by u",, especially to meet the
requirements of Canadian farmers.
It is just the right ��i_e for easy
. handling��� not too larsc nor too
A \iornan can drive it easily.
It if :olidly built to stand the
It has powerful "Valve-tn-Head
Motor'' developing from 30-35
Has genuine leather upholstering, hair filling and deep spring
Has electric starling and lighting
system vacuum feed is furnished ccmplete to llic smallest detail.
Remember "Every One A Six"
��nd tint lhe McLaughlin Co's.47
y.ars'experience h business with
Canadian Farmers is behind every
Write to-day lor free booklet "Farm Life and Freedom"
tV^a��gHL1moT��b cA*c��L,H,tBPc
12 Branches Throughout Canada
  isn't  the* I    Employer���Well,  what did  he  say       Rankin*- You can't beal the foible.
If you are suffering from any form of We'll find some plane where we can most conceited, self-satisfied, self���"I when you called to collect that bill?' of the newly rich.
fcrr���le ills   get a bottle of Lydia E. **aV6 a lal11 iin(- a share out." "Ves, I've heard vou say something!    Clerk���That lie would break every |     Phyle���Now, what's the mnller?
Plnte-iam't.'VA.At-1-.la flnmnoiin-1   nor!'     Aml   v,l,il''  tlln   ""'��''   �����!'1I''K   were ' 0f that  kind  before.    What's  started   hone In my body ami pitch me out of       "Remember Freddy  Ford?"
Irn,nZ^P��^ ,lu,s miM^ thel1' P1"8' ]My l'l'suUl: >'��" otf lhis *--m��-" "'c window If I showed my iin,.. there      "Certainly."
commence the treatment withoutdeiay.  hll(1 bpr��� receivlng a visitor none the      "He's Just sent a telegram of con*   again. "Ho    Inherited  a  big fortune  lust.
less welcome for being unexpected.     . gratlllatlons to his mother." I     Employer   Then   stn   back   at   once I week, and now lie is trying to have
1'aul had not  hen none more than      "Well���?" land tell Iiini lie enn't frighten me by   his name legally cluinged to l.imoiis-
halt    an  hour when  Lord  Eastling     "Today's his birthday." his violence. 'ine."
"There is much truth In the saying i f liie c.vnlc, thnl the economical
\iife is a woman who never allows a
crumb to fall from her husband's
(aide Milhout carefully picking il up
and putting it In her husband's bed,"
Bays a writer In an English paper.
W. N. U.  1104
R E D R 0 S E TE A"is good tea- THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   H, CL
Sunlight Soap has a high standard ol purity which is backed
by a $5,000 guarantee. If a
soap lias no standard there is
no reason why it should always
be of uniform quality, always
contain the best materials or
be anything like ns good as
the soap with a standard.       ���g��
Young  Mun,  Don't Wait  Until Vou  arc   Fifty
Before you begin to Save  Up  yor Old  Ago
Talk   With  Onn  of  Our  Agents,
Enlisting in B.c
llritish Columbia   holds the rci urd
for    Bonding   proportionately    moro
men   in   tho   allied   armies   than   liny
oilier dii isiun of iiie empire of Qreal
i Britain,    in   one monili    1,110 n
came up lho I'rnsor river irom
points on iiii> old Cariboo Trail to
join tin' r Blinenl (hero, Wttllachln,
a limn nn the trail sent forty-seven
ini'ii    lo  lii"  I'l'onl   oul   of sixtj sei i-li
ollglble citizens of the town, Vancouver sent 10,000 11101) oul of ils
population of 11 ii.nnu. Prince Rupert
wenl    over this ratio.    Ever-   Beltle*
 in   In   British    Columbia   has   iis
soldier In the ranks.
In the Spring Most People Need
A Tonic Medicine
One of Hie sill'osl signs that the
blood is out of order is the pimples,
ulislglitl- eruptions and eczema that
come frequently witli the change from
winter to spring, These prove that
the long indoor life oi winter has had
llu effect upon the blood, anil thai a
tonic medicine is neecfed to put it
right. Indeed there are few people
wlni do not need a Ionic ai Ibis season. Bad blood does not merely show
itself in disfiguring eruptions, Ti
Make a Tew Hundred
Kxlra Out of Rax
Sow   It  After  Wlie.it   is  iu,  on  Late
Fields and New Breaking
Records bIiow iiini in ihe three
prairie provinces ihe average llnx crop
��� "ii ils   I? bushels per acre,    As you
know, iiie average price for several
months pasl bus been around %'i a
luisiii'i. ami if war conditions continue
ihi' nm; crop mil probnbl- bring in
oven more,
Unlike tin' other grain crops, Max
can ho stiiiu as late as lhe llrsl week
iu .luiif, and ll dues h ell on wel, late
land and mi new breaking, whero you
cunnol  malto oilier grains pay ai all.
This $.11 lo "i.'iil au aero from Into
..nun and otherwise unproductive land
i.i niie found money, and is certainly
worth going nfler. As the possibilities
of Mux become belter known more and
more farmers will be sure (o take it
up. iiiii those who do so this season
will gel the lop ot llio uui licit, and
probably malto the biggest profits.
in a recent nrtlclo on the subject,
,i ii. Drladale, H.Agr., director Ho
million experimental farm, says:
"for  llm  new  Bolder or  il ui
wiih new breaking done before May
���::, or "ll. Max offers an opportunity for
money-making ibis year on this land
such as is imi posslblo with any other
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That'. Why  You're Tired���Oat of
iiorts��� Hate no Appetite.
will put you right
in a few day.i.
They di
their dwy.
Biliousness, Indigestion, and Sitk Hc.daclte.
Small Pill, Small Doio, Small Price.
Genuine must bear Signature
Bravery  Rewarded
French Give Canada tbe Credit For
Saving  Calais
Recognition of Canadian gallantry
by Crouch officers la recorded in u letter I'OCelvod by Ai'i hili'ai'iiu Only from
Lleut.-Colonel CharloB It, Mitchell of
Toronto, of lho headquarters staff of
the first Canadian division
"(everybody lu ui) army corps from
iim privates to the hlghesi officers,
know how gallantly the Canadians act
ed, and  how equal'    well thai   without.
them the Germans would have reached Calais. There Is not the slightest
doubl about that," said General d'OIs
see, of lhe Thirty-sixth French army
corps, when presenting medals of the
Preucll Legion of Honor to :s Canad*
Ian officers of iiie lirst contingent,'
Colonel Mitchell's letter read,
'���General d'Olssee'B men were on
the left of tiie Canadian division when
the gas attack was launched, Each
officer was struck on each shoulder
with the Hal of ihe general's sword
and was then kissed on each cheek."
Wise iiii.i experienced mothers
know when their children aro troubled
with worms and lose no lime iu applying Miller's Worm Powders, Hie most
effective vermifuge thai enn he used,
li is absolute In clearing the system
nf worms and restoring those healthy
conditions wlllioul which there can he
no uomfort for iin- child, or hope of
roluisl growth. II is lhe iiiost trust'
wort by of worm exterminators.
Tramp Ves. mum, if ll, hadn't been
for a blessod hank clerk I should have
had live hundred pounds in my pocket.
Oltl Lady I with inieii'Si i Hear me,
Did lie abscond with ihe money?
Tramp -Wusser  than   that,   mum;
'0   came   to   the   hank   and   surprised j
Wood's P-tosj-lioflias.
WektllSlOa ...    """J"    "    itsell   in ilisttgiinng eruptions.   In tin.'
Sfifl ^IZ^iU^leVi,^'^  s:l"'" condition is tine attacks of rhou
StjK��L>jj*|iii'iv '.<-.������', in, in i ���<_����� Blond   mutism and lumbago; Ibe sharp stall
ffT*T/ii  old Veins,   Vuret Hereout ' bing pains of sciatica and  neuralgia;
sciituiy. Menial, ana Drain Worry, Despon-   nnnr  -uinciiti I   i   H_.ifo   in  .i.-ni.i
leney, lota of ttnervv, Dolpilalion of the I '       .'" p ,.     *"" a   ' Sl" , l0 '''okl
'Icart, Failing Memory.   Price 11 per box six   exertion,    iotl cannot cure these iron
,r ���       11 .ft I ..I.    .!__.!(���        __,., ... _��l   '  1.1. .   I...   . I ,���   .      . ;.. _    i,    ... _
............. .j ������...ii, ,.- i-. r- ut >.   , ,. ",|.   I   ���        ���     --.-..     -���- ��� .,.-,-. ,     ....     .,,,...,,    .......
In old Vein��,  puree j\>mni�� i bing pains of sciatica and neuralgia;
vcottiiy,Menial ana Drain Worry, Detptm-\ rirteiv  annnrli I   -.   H_.ii*_  in  .i.-ni.i
deney, lota of ttnervv, Dolpilalion of the I '       .'" p   ' desire lo aioid
Heart, Falling Memory. Pri��� Jl per boi, bI�� exertion, iotl eaiinol cure these iroti-
(i.ris. OuowiijiiifaiiiMixwiiieiire. Bold by all : hies by lln* use of purgative medicines
&,^Z;r:^.,W;tw&.Tr*KwooD "you need a tonic, and ������ tonic ony,
WEOlcl[-_*"'-..*T;i."0'lfo,'p;;r. (r��r��irlrW!*i ������**.)   and among all medicines there is none
 : ' enn equal Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
l their ionic,   life-giving,    nerve-restor-
Sllm  Summer    Hotel    Boarder���11 j,,g powers. Even-dose of.this modi*
couldnt sleep lasl . Ight for the cold. I ,.,���,, milkos new/  ,.i(.,, |jkK���|   wll|Cll
How did ion make out?? drives out impurities, stimulates every
A parasitic disease, called the blister rust, anil which is having widespread effeel In the tlmbor market,
is attacking the white pine of tho
United states. The forestry authorities aro taking means to stamp
ii out.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures   Dandruff.
Increased Shipping Rates of Stock
Since the beginning of the war the
freight rale on calves from Britain to
Buenos Ayres has been Increased
from 7 to !i guineas: on rattle from
15 to _o guineas; on horses from -U
io 30.
There l�� more mtarrn In mil seoilon
of tho country llian all othdr Ulsra-cn
put together, and until the iftHt rtw
yfiiri wan supposed to t,��i incurable.
For a great rimnv yearn dootors iiro-
Aoiinced it a local dinraso nnii prescribed
loon I remn-les, and ny constantly falling i
lo cure wilh I'ical treatment, pro- I
nonnccd it Incurable, Bclence has,
proven Catarrh to he a constitutional
disease, 'nd therefore (.quires conslltu* i
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh euro,
manufactured hy !���'��� J- Cheney ft Co,,
Toleilu. Ohln Is tlie nnly Constitutional
cure en Hi** market, It it taken Intern-
ally in doses from 10 drops to a t.a-
spoonful ll acta directly on the blood
antl mucous surfaces of Urn system,
They off'-'i' one hundred iloiiitr. for any
eat* It falle lo cure. Bond for circulars
anil   testimonial)!.
Addles*:   f'-.   J.   CHENS)-   *   CO,
ledo, Ohio
Sold hy  DruMsts,  76c.
Tnlto "Mil's Family Pllle for conetlpa
Fly Poison
Kills More Children
Than All Other Poisons
For Safety's Sake, C_e_B
Is there within your home,
anywhere within baby's reach,
n saucer ol arsenic poisoned
pnper Boating; iu water, or a can
with a sweetened poisoned wick,'
During 1915. 26 cases of fly
poisoning were reported from 11
states; in 1914, 48 cases from 14
states. Fly poison kills more
children than all oilier poisons
Vet fly poison still is left uu*
guarded except in the homes
where moiliers have learned that
the sale, sine, iioii-poisonotts
efficient fly catcher and de
stroyer is
^ynaxy otjyjj ;i���- "vy _j��i
Tho Journal of the Michigan 3:at*.
Medical Society comments thus ia *
recent issue;
'"Symptom-* o( arsenical p itsoofafi, ir*
very similar to those ot cholera infantum:
undoubtedly a number o( cases ol ira
Infantum were roally cases rf Rrsenlcal
poisoning, but death, if occurring, waj
attributed 10 cholera infantum.
"Wo repeat, arsenical fly destroying '������
vices arc dangerous and sh utd be ab
Ished. Health officials should become
aroused to prevent further loss oI life
from their Bource, Our Michigan Legislature-this last session, passed a i. ��� regulating tho sale ol poisonous fly p ipers '
The O. & W. Thum Co.
Grand Rapids, Mich*      ���-���������>
ftf.,* IUCI O.I CUSKS CHRONIC ���..-.-i',������., | ���. ��� ��� - t
ft VIM KIDNBY BlAllOSR DISEASES ��� ,���-*...,
rHI:4 K1T1IBS KO URUOOISTStf HAII 11 .' * | t 1
r- UQSRA L'(i W Hi ERMAN ST NEW . I , . t*. 1 I R
fi'Nos io imiii rn** FREE ����� ��� >��� :������> Dpi ls Cnna
MKD CO llAVIRStOCRRD. HAWfS   I *     | .   . ��� ��.
* r  ra
Want  Reports of tne   r7-':  L-j;*:
At  a   recent   annual
To- | iiie commission of cons
olullon   was   pa .-��� il   req li it
I various   proi inclal    - -
take steps to bci ur u|
of all losses from tli i 00
Reign of Torror Throughout Germany   in  their  boundaries
AeeonliiiB  to  news  from  Germany  K any, to which tha prop.
by way of Switzerland a reign of ter-  sured,
ror has been Inaugurated in tlie em- 	
pire  by   the  military  tribunals.   Per*      Chatty   Neighbor    I
sons   are  aceuasetl    of    impossible  don't stand tor an;    .-a     arg
crimes,  sueli   as  furnishing  supplies  among your boarders'.'
to Russia ami Japan, merely to keep
litem in a slate of fear. Laborers have
been courtniarliiilptl for distributing
.Socialist sheets appealing for the initiation of a campaign of peace.
Boarding House Mlstres     i i
Vou see. our blggesl eater ;���   -  -     n
terested lhat he forgets to eat ai
next blggesl eater gets so ma
leaves  before the  meal    > ha
l-'ai Summer Hotel Boarder I'im
and dandy. We put the railroad
ticket and the hotel folder on the
bed and Ihen covered everything up
with the proprietor's bill.
organ and brings a feeling of new
health and energy to weak, tired, nll-
iiiR men. women and children. If you
are out of .sorts give this medicine a
trial and see how quickly ii will re*
,,   , , , ~ store the   appetite,   revive   dropping
Miimrd s Liniment Relieves Neural-   Bpfrlla. and   Iill your veins  with  new,
I health-giving blood
_     ,, ,   ... "    , ,        ,    I     Vou  can  gel   Ihese  I'ills  from  any
By  the substitution  of white    for,, medicine dealer or hy mall al 60 tents
red tape in London government ot
fires :t saving of $7,000 it year has
le'en secured.
box or six boxes I'or $2.60 from The
Dr.   Williams'  Jledlolne    Co.,  Brock*
Villi.',  (llll.
Well Built
Is Built toWin-
but in building brain and
body, often tlie daily diet
lacks certain essential
mineral elements.
These necessary factors
are abundantly supplied
l*j the field grains, but are
lacking in many foods���-
especially white flour, from
which they are thrown
out in ihe milling process
to make the flour white.
made of whole wheat and
malted barley, supplies all
the rich nutriment of the
grains, including their
vital mineral salts, those
all-necessary builders of
actives brains and vigorous bodies.
To build riglit; eat
"There's a Reason"
A farmer who took much pride in
the looks of his fattening pigs once
purchased a pair from a neighbor.
Upon delivery, at the usual age of
eight weeks, they seemed to him rather small. The old man eyed Ihem
dubiously  and   then   remarked  dryly:
"I guess I had better keep the cat
shut  up   for a  few days."
,     It is a Liver Pill.���Many of Ihe ail-
I ments that  man has to contend with
J have iheir origin in a disordered liver,
I wliicli is a delicate organ, peculiarly
i susceptible  to tiie disturbances thai
come from Irregular habits or lack of
l tare in eating and drinking, This at-
I counts for the greal many liver regulator-) now pressed on the attention
of sufferers.    Of these there is none
superior     lo   Pnrmelee's   Vegetable
I'ills.   Their operation though gentle
lis effective, and the most delicate can
' use llieiii.
Said the negro preacher, regarding
the white preacher who had consented to occupy the black brother's pnl-
I pit on the following Sunday:
"Oemmen an' ladles of de congregn
Ition, dis noted divine.am one of de
i greatest men of tie a_B.   lie knows de
! unknowable,    ho kin do de undoable,
an' he klu onscvew tie onscrutable!"
i Unless norms he expelled from the
i system, no child can be healthy.
iMother Craves' Worm Exterminator
is tiie besl medicine extant to destroy
i worms.
"Will you vote to aboll.h capital
"No! Capital punishment was good
enough for my fathers, and it's good
enough for me."
Minard's Liniment for 3ale everywhere.
���V. N. U. 1104
Owing to Insufficient fodder, disease is spreading among lhe horses
In Germany, and the country papers
are full of official advice on how to
check It.
Why You Should Use
Dr. Cassell's Tablets.
1. Mcril has won [or Dr. Cassell's Tablets thc largest sale of their class in the whole world,
They are lhe most popular restorative medicine among all classes, tin* family remedy
in hoiiifs unnumbered.
2. Dr. Cassell's Tablets are guaranteed absolutely pure in composition, they contain no drasti
or dangerous drugs] ilia most delicate may take Ihem with every confidence lhat ben fit
and nothing but bent-lit must follow.
3. Dr. Casssll's Tablets are equally suitable for old or young.   From infancy to extrem   age
they are the great health builders.
4. The test of time and world-wide success has proved Dr. Casscll'.* Tablets to be thc suprem
remedy for all run-down conditions of nerve or body, the surest restorative for worn-cut
men ami women,
5. I.as!   of  all   Di, Cassell's  Tabids  are a British remedy, made in   Britain, by  British
Pharmacists, financed by British i apital, and sold throughout the British Empire.
Dr. Cassell's Tablets are Nutritive, Restorative, Alterative, and Anti-Spasmodic, and of gr it
Therap-utic value in all derangements of thc Nerve aud Functional Systems in old or young.
They   are   lhe   recognised   modern   remedy  for   Nervous   Breakdown,   Nerve   and   Spinal
Paralysis, Infantile Paralysis, Rickets, St. Vitus' Dance. Anarmia. Sleepless'noss, Kidney Pi.c.,.*, Dy pepsia,
Stomach Catarrh, Brain Fag, Iloadach?. Palpitation, Wasting Diseases, Vital Exhaustion, Loss ut l'lesh, _ad
Premature Decay.   Specially valuable ior Nursing Mothers and during the Criti al Periods ol Life,
Druggists and Dealers throughout Panada sell Dr. Cassell's Tablets. II not procurable in y iur cry
send to the sols agents, Harold F, Ritchie & Co., Ltd., 10, McCftut Street, Toronto; one tube SO cents,
six tubes for tho price of five.       War Tax Extra, ii cents per tube
Sole Proprietors: -Dr. Qasstll's Co., Ltd., Manchester, Eng,
-'V''i I'I   ,<n^i'4��**'iH-*~'it.'*-ht-    .
'.<���_ ���*���**������ MD|- Kit tddrtt,  _W 5 null /��
����������_��, St., it UtaM F. HtlcM & Co., IM-
���ti, McCid Sit**, rofonti. t&itienetMa
TV M tinted ymi Ira ��/ tkfli.
Britain?''.Greatest Remedy THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And t'otnox Valley Advocate
t\   Weeky   Newspaper,   Publshed  at
Courtenav, B. (1.
N. H,  IloniiN, 1'ilitor and Proprietor
������bscriptio)! $1.50 per Year in Advance
Next year, we are told, will see
the greatest strain upon the Allies,
the issue of which will menu either
victory or defeat. We do not propose to discuss whether victor) or
its dread alternate will come Whnt
we do want tii impress upon our
renders is the stem necessity to
come down to business. Men are
required, ninl battalions arc detained until the men tire forthcoming.
Money is required for wur purposes
from the thrift and savings of loyal
people. To provide,tllis, more self
denial antl cutting down of superfluous expenditure, provincial and
personal, must be exercised, Food
is required, to be grown within the
Umpire iii order that the Mother
Country may not have to spend
money iu neutral countries, Loyalty can only be offered by a whole
hearted and united community, intent upon one thing and one tiling
The News Advertiser says Mi.
Brewster is handing out many excuses for his attempt to render null
and void the proceedings of the late
session. He doeti not find the Prohibitionists cordial to the idea that
the referendum hill should be
qua died, nor lhe labor men to the
proposed destruction of the Workmen's Compensation Act, nor the
farmers to attack on the farm loan
bill, nor the clerks to the abolition
I of tlie half holiday, nor the soldiers
to the threats against their homestead bill, nor the country generally
to the .slaughter of all 'the  approp-
j nations, not the business people to
' the butchery of the shipping bill,
nor the milling folk to the loss of
the measures for their benefit,   nor
.the province generally to the blow
which Mr. Brewster tries to  strike
I at public credit, So Mr. Brewster
pleads that he does this  thing sad-
, ly and witli deep regret, because he
fears lhat if the sessional business
was invalid it cannot be made right
ninl because a new legislature   re-
I turned under invalid laws would
not be a   legislature   nt  all.    Mr.
I Brewster is in a   hopeless muddle,
I Me will never get a valid legislature
recording 'o   his   theory.    If   the
1 House to be electetl this year will
be uo legislature, how will he ever
j get a valid legislature? According
-*.����������- i to his doctrine some informality in
The most important naval en ' a parliament fifty vears ago would
gagement of the war took place off voj,| al| l)le legislations of all the
the coast of Jutland a week ago, legislatures that have beeu elected
need cause no misgivings to the ,sj���CCi am| al| lllat ever ���|lan i)0
people of the British Umpire. The elected, world without end.
German fleet was   sought   out and , ..,_��,_.	
brought out. was given battle with
the odds in their favour at the out-'
set, and lost valuable ships; the
British fleet engaged lost valuable
ships and over four thousand lives
but whereas the Germans retreated
to harbour, the British ships were
Special Showing this
week of
Laces and
linibroiiltry editing in ., .', 'I and 6 inch
widths with insertion to match
New designs ill corset cover   embroidery
Irom 25c to 51.50 per yard
liiiiliiiiiilerv   flouncing*!,   allover antl 45
inch skirting   embroidery iu  newest tie*
l.aee edgings ami  insertions   in   Vuleu-
eicurs, Torchaiis, Milanese, Oriental ami
Guipure   laces iii  i ii) 6 inch   widths in
widths hi while cream and Paris
The  Newest   Designs in   Allover   Alices
Sunshades iu plain nml sell colors, also
hlrek aud white striped and striped combinations in   tlle  new mushroom shapes
Wash skirts, middy blouses, silk gloves,
silk sweater coats, lisle anil silk hosiery,
voile anil silk waists, newest in silk
crepe anil muslin collars
"Magnificent material kept back
hitherto by  family considerations,
but now ready  to   serve."    These
are the words used of married men
in Great Britain, between  the ages
of 28 and 35, called up to serve un-
leftTti M"sVession"of both"the" battle de,r the compulsory service measure
ground and of the seas. These whose coming forward is termed
ships which had been fighting went by the King a.s   an additional sac-
to British  harbors   to   coal,    land  nnce-       In strong contrast   to the   Specials in mens boater shaped straw hats
wounded and refit,   and   most   of calling   up in   the old   country of j
in a few heads of   families,   there   are   111
Canada todav hundreds of families
which far   from   contributing   the  ^"^Ipt ft 1 "K  left
ided and refit,
them  were   away   again
hours.    No, Kaiser Wilhelm,
is not a German naval victory
Mens Dept.
Straw Hats
The newest shapes in mens Panama and
straw hats
Felt Hats
We would suggest to our city
fathers the desirability of providing, whether from city or private
sources is immaterial, a tablet in
nouie conspicuous place wherein to
record the names of those who
have gone forth from our midst.
Tlie list must be attaining a goodly' |j""|
Jetigtb by this time, and we have ������.,,
delayed compiling and inserting it
in our columns in order that it
might be as complete as possible.
Let it be in wood to start with,
and located in the council chambers, It would be such a healthy
reminder to those who are about to
offer themselves, and would tell
them that they will not be forgotten wliem their battalions leave.
Premier Bowser's legislation for
the immediate curbing of the liquor
traffic bv means of shorter hours,
and stricter supervision w'll lie welcomed by all reformers in spite of
politics, and in spite of a small but
noisy section of tlie legislature,
Hours in saloons have hitheito been
too long for tlie health of the employees, ami it has not bteu   pleas-
head, have not given one   member (
from those of their   sons   who are
eligible or unmarried.   These may
lounge around   picture   shows, saloons, ice cream parlors, pool rooms '
baseball games, and   the   like, but
lend a hand in the world's greatest
struggle?   No,    Thev   may   come
tome all unkempt and   incoherent, '
may   talk   all   day   of   idle j
games, they may scoff of the   poor
heroes who   go   to   the   war, and
their  doting   parents   never-com-'
plain     But  when   their   dormant,
senses have been   stirred by  Some '
great exploit in   Europe, or at the
new* of some dead chum, and thev
start out for the   recruiting  office,
then up springs   mother   and Jbe-
seeches her    darling    boy   not    to
break her heart.    In Great Britain
today fathers are 111 uniforms   and
households by  the   thousands   are
without their mainstay.
Council Meeting
The City council met on Monday evening, the mayor and all the
aldermen except Aid. Carroll ami
Kerton being present,
A   letter   was   read   from    Mr.
New shapes in Mens Christy Stiffs
ant to have the quality of the liquor Pearse   complaining about horses
soltl at certain places held up under and cattle running at large.
suspicion of being "doped," The
law will step in from now on and
punish the wrongdoers, while the
community will benefit as a result
of later opening and earlier closing.
A  number  of  communications
were received from outside places
re rates charged for electric light,
which weie laitl 01 er to be read al
a future meeting
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo  Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way] Stations
Connecting at Nanaimo with Steamer "Princess  Patricia"
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Did. P��Mf_gcr Agist, Victoria
Agent Conrtenaf, Phone R 60
The following accounts were presented and ordered paid :
H. Creech,   painting $ 81 00
T. Pearse law fees     25 00
Insurance     15 50
Time on streets,  for Mav ���  328 80
A petition from M. Parez and
others asking tliat Alice street be
opened was aeaill presented and
wa. laid on the table to be brought
up again if money is available. In
the meantime the holes at the corner of Alice ami Wallace will be
Petitions from H. I,. Fiske and
others asking that tlle council allow: their cattle to run at large in
the citv was filed.
Aid, Hurford recommended that
a temporary roll of honor be obtained, and on motion of Aid. An-
d'-rton and Aston the committee
were empowered to act on the recommendation.
On motion of Aid, Anderton and
Hurford Dr Millard was appointed
health officer at the same salary as
Dr. Montgomery.
Aid. Anderton introduced ar.
amendment to the pound by-law
granting permission to cows owned
by residents and property owners
to run at large front 7 a.in, to 8
p.m. from March 31st to Sept. 30.
Aid. McKenzie introduced an
amendment to the trades license
bylaw reducing retail licenses from
$7-50 to $5 and tradesmen from $5
to Si.50.
Aid. Astoti introduced a blasting
by-law which provides that no person shall engage in blasting without a license, which will cost 25c
per month or $2 50 per year.
The board of works was instructed to lay a sidewalk from the opera
house past Marocclli's bakery.
Un motion of Aid. Anderton and
Aston a notice is to be inserted in
the Review that all trades licenses
must be paid by tlle 17lh of June-
The board of works was instructed to have the   worst   holes   in the
roads filled up.
Products are the Acme of
,ISCRIMINA-ING    Britisii    Columbians    insist   upon
the   genuine   ROYAI*   STANDARD   products  for  a
number of good sound reasons.
I'irst���No other products are superior.
Second���They are sold uiitler a money back guarantee.
Third -They are  produced  or milled in  Urit'sli Columbia
in tlie larges* ami most complete Hour milling  institution
in Western Canada.
Pour products which tire outstanding ami recognized as
Till? BUST Till' MARKl'T AITOI'DS are:
Vim can serve your own best interests anil
llle interests ol vour province by iiisistini' upon
these brands hearing th. circle "V" trade marke
This is vour protection your assurance ol
Royal Standard  Grain  Products  Agency
Phone 33 F.  Moviti,   Mgr. End oi Bridg
The Cumberland Islander reports Mr. J. Burtt
Morgan, of Victoria, manager of the Vancouver Island Branch of the Great West Life Assn, spending a week in the city in the interests of the Co.
It should also have reported that Mr. J. Burtt
Morgan as President of the Vancouver Island Peoples Prohibition Movement was at the same time
doing his best to get the people to vote for the first
time���according to The Week for 27th--in tne history of British Columbia, on a measure framed
entirely by thePeoples Prohibition Movement representatives. One clause permits the manufacture
of liquor in the Province without let or hinderance
subject only to the procuring of a Dominion license
which liquor may be exported and re-imported
without any restrictions as to quantity, but it must
be consumed in our homes. The freight charges
will bar out light beer, so that it is obvious this one
clause alone will encourage " hard " drink against
light drink. Dosen't this clearly show what a lot of
ignoramus fools the Peoples Prohibition Association is run by? But what is most surprising is that
the Hon. Bowser should submit such bosh to the
people to vote upon.
Courtenay, May 31, 1916.
and   Bicycle
and  Accessories
Bicycles For Sale
Phone L46 Courtenay
The city clerk was instructed to more's warehouse,
submit a financial statement month- The Taylor Safe Co. wanted to
ty, trade a cabinet safe  to thc city but
The board of works were instruc- the proposition was not entertained
ted to repair the culvert at Cud- by the aldermen. .         ���
Three   Reasons Why
has (or nine succesive years written tbe
Largest Canadian Business
o( any company operating in'Canada
Its Premiums are the Lowest
Its Policies are the most Liberal
Its  Dividends are the Highest
Vancouver Island Brench
.1   lil'IIIT MOItClAN, Milliliter
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
P, L. ANDERTON, A ent, Courtenay
It is an Inspiring scene, tlu-
troops marching to the 1 oat or
train, on their way in Europe and
glory. But the saddest sight of
many sad things which accompany
the inspiration, is that of ihe bun
dreds of single Canadians in Vancouver and Victoria who stand and
watch while others go and seive.
When will Col. Hughes abandon
that system of voluntary service
which allows the patriot to go, and
th; coward to remain? How can
the answer of the one, and the abstention of the other exist side by
side iu a free community inteiested
in retaining its freedctn. Just as
taxation is obligators upon till, sj
also should service in the   field be.
The Pound By-law   is   working
all right. His worship, the Mayor's
horse had the honor nf   being   the
j first to occupy a stall   in   the citv
| pound.    Since then five others have
I been locked up, and whose tlescrip-
| tion appears elsewhere in litis paper
are occupying stalls   in   the   same
apartment, and if not claimed soon
will be sold lor llle amount due
Cow Testing Association
I,ist ol cows   that have  given ovei So   pounds  ol butter  during the last
Name o( Cow Lbs. of Milk    Lbs. of Butter Owner
Maggie 1181 67.50 Pritchard & Son
2  months 2283 115.61	
395  65,20	
��� C. O. Came
.Pritchard & Son
 W. T. Wain
.. .R. U. Hurford
2 months 2880 134.40	
Cassie 1155 62.04	
Beauty Kill 61.33	
4 month 3756 224.13	
Blacknose 1458 61.24.  ...
I'utnic 867 58.67	
S.iorty 1032 57.80    A. Grant & Son
Madge 1076 57.75  S. Calboum
(Jueen of Avon 1411 57.61   G. O. Game
3 months 2494 153 52	
l.ittle Pansy 1333 56.00  "
2 months 2494  110.17  "
Grieve 1169 54.55 A. Wain
Halliday 803  54.30 J. Aitken
Vergi  927 53.29 R. U. Hurforl
Daisy 1026 53.86 W. T. Wain
"   4 months 4107 225.60	
Boss 1153 52.46	
''   7 months 7323 370,38  "
Kate 951 51.60 B. IJ. Broughton
Tiny 851 51.23 R. U. Hurford
"   7 months 6392  396.47	
Blackburn 1005 50.71   V. Swan
To the best, uf my knowledge,
J| Mr. II. \V. Heberden, driver of
jitney 6i>o6, was in no way responsible for the accident which happened to me on the night of the 24th
inst.   Win. Cookson.
The Sisters of St. Joseph wish to
thank those who donated and the
ladies who helped in connection
with the tea sale which realized $yo
the receipt of which from Mrs.
Piercy is gratefully acknowledged.
No less than four radiating surfaces gather up almost
every scrap of heat and send it through your comfortable
Drop in some time soon and hear about McCIary's
special installation service that gets out of every ton of
coal all the heat there is in ir sot
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Advertise in tlie- Review
Pollv 986	
"   2 months 1706	
Spot 1256	
Sally  1054	
Topsy 1045  	
Fannie 980 53.74  j. Scott
���65.57 A. McMillan
��� 55 68 T. Chalmers
��� 55.33 A. McMillan
��� 54.87 S. Swan
Rhotlena 1001
Brownie 1085
May Day 902
Blaekie 1"76.
Alice tl80,
Brownie     1048,
Penman Island is nol behind in taking up tbe profitable work of cow
testing. Out of 15 cows tint have freshened since tlie beginning of April eleven
have given over 50 pounds of butter as shown in tbe atiove list. Tllis is an average to be proud of. G. H. Tiiok.nukkv
53.72 A. McMillan
53.16 G.  Dalziel
51.55 ..C. McFarlane
51.37 A. McMillan
 5136 J. Chalmers
City Pound
Courtenay, B. C, June 7, 1916,
Notice is hereby given that I have tbis
day impounded the following animals, viz: ���
Bay mare, black mane and tail, four
black stockings, shod, weight900to 1000
lbs. height about 15 bands, short stocky
Dark Bay mare, white splash on forehead, four black stockings, no slioes,
weight between 1200 and 1300lbs.,about
15 1-2 bauds high.
Brown pony, white splash on forebead
white 'tose, black mane ami tail, four
black stockings, no slioes, weight about
900 lbs.
Driving gelding, ligbt brown color,
white face, wliite stocking on left bind
leg, about 15 bands high, weight about
900 lbs.
Driving gelding, color, bav. black
mane and tail, height, between 15 and 16
bands, one front and two hind white
feet, weight between 1100 and 1200  lbs.
Which animals shall be sold by public
auction on Saturday, the seventeenth
day of June, 1916, if not redeemed before
that date at Cairns livery barn, in tbe
citv of Courtenav at the hour of 3 p. in.
fi. D. Forde,
Deputy I'oiiiulkeeper.
Note���All fees in eonnettion with the
city pound are to be paid to Mr. \V. .A
Hames Citv Poundkeeper, at the Citv
In the County Court of Na-
niamo, hoiden at Cumberland, B. C.
In the Matter of tlie Estate of John
Hig'ins, of Comox, ll. I'., who is
presumed to be dead, having disappeared iiver 7 years ago ami ill the
Matler of the Administration Act,
NOTICE is hereby given that under
au ortler granted bv His Honour
Judge Barker, dated June 10th, 1916, 1
the undersigned was appoint ed administrator of lhe Estate of the above John
HiggillS, all parties having claims against
tiie said Estate are requested to forward
particulars lo me on or before the 10th
day of July, 1916. Also accounts due
above Estate are to be paid lorwi'h to
tbe undersigned,
Dated at Cumberland, II. C, this 10th
day of June, 1916.
Official Administrator
Barrister ami  Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 53 Courten?.*/
���     ���-��
- AY,
Comfort  With
i Ri
lif.-t Wiius
nml Liquors
Cumberland Hotel
Gootl Accomodation       Cosine I*_cellt-a
Wm. Merryfield
The Water Question
In the Matter of tlie   Estate ol  William
R. Robb, Deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given that all persons having any claims against
the saitl deceased are required to send
same, verified hy Statutory Declaration,
to tbe undersigned, the Trustee and Executor of th; Will of the said deceased:
AND TAKE NOTICE that after tbe
30th day of June, 1916, I shall proceed
to distribute the assets of tin said deceased among the persons entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims of
which I shall then have bail notice.
Dated the 30th day of May, 1916.
Box* 351, Nanaimo, B. C,
water    and    electric
light in each
Apply, MRS. WM.  LEWIS
Witli or without [/tunitiaaa Dial*.
$7.50 to $20.00
Court  of  Revision    CHAS. SIMMS
Practical   Watchmaker,  Jeweler Jr.
t Iptician
Courtenay   -   B. C.
Your Printing
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at th
Courtenay Review
Corporation of the City of
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up       Pants $7 up
NOTICE is hereby given Unit the
annual sitting of the Court of Re- /
vision for the purpose of revising the]
Assessment Roll of the City ol Courtenay will be held in the City Mall,
Courtenay, at the hour of ten o'clock a.
m. on Monday the 26th day ol June
Any person having a complaint against
saitl assessment mil must give notice in
writing to the assessor of the ground of
his complaint ou or before the 16th day
of June 1916.
Gents t
ing .if.,1
City of Courtenay
NOTICE is herein- given that all outstanding Trades Licenses and
Dog Licenses anil Road Taxes must be
paitl on or before the 17th day of June,
1916. Orherwise legal proceedings to
collect same will be Instituted,
By ortler of the Citv Council.
City Clerk
Courtenay, 6th June 1916.
" .75       Suit-; $l.2S up
..'o       Coats .75
,25        Pauls .50
,25       Skirts .50
.15       Vesta .55
.50       Dresses
.75      Overcoat
Repairing, Etc,
lollies kept in order by the
month f2.5o
Haney   I.  Kushida
The same building a.s  Robertson's Drug
Store, Uuion St., Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
R ae s Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriap*; I'uilder
That Awful AcheofLumbago
Hurrah! No Moro Suffering--
Every Ache Goes Quick
The   Kaiser's   Ear
The Kaiser lias a habit of nulling
one Of. Ills ears when ho is vexed
about anything, and oiiee when he
was on a visit to Ktigluiul. anil with
the present king he pulled his ear
At lasl, one of liie King's sons, who
hail been watching the Imperial
guest I'or somo time, could "land il
no  lunger, ami  bluntly said:
"Why tin you pull your ear?"
"Because 1 am annoyed," replied
lh'1   Kaiser.
"Ami when you are very much annoyed, whai. Un you ilo then?" continued the prince,
"Why, then," aald the Kaiser
sharply. "1 |in!l some olio else's
An.I there th" conversation died.
��� powerful pain subduing remedy is t-ur-
Ing im' paiu. is easing "your distress,
I is malting yuu well again,
Nerviiine quickly cures backache
ami lumbago because it has the
strength, tho power ami penetrating
; force possessed by no other Known
remedy. Its amazing curative action
is line to certain extracts and juices of
Lumbago is u peculiar son of rhou rare'herbs and roots, combined by a
malic trouble thai affects lhe muscles secret process, and forming a truly
about the loins and back. Al times Its ��� magical medical marvel,
a^t>11> ii Intense. Seven' spasms of Any sort of aches i" the muscles
pain shool in all directions, and be and Joints Nerviiine v.Ill cure quickly.
cotiie   more   severe __^_b_b_BW&____^__��__. ''   '''-',s    ''"'  P*----
'"     "'''���"'""   |!'": ^*^_f^|5T*^i | Sn|nnr��_J_^*-_. '''"'""'A-       l''''-ll0,'''sj     The   best medicine for   lhe bal.iv is   established  there  is doing  well.     The
bagii or Rlllcli   n '     ^t^B_i*-1_ll|HlLl-__^i^ '���'" lll,IM'rs "".",'"'j the one Hial never fails to cure antl .local     ������overt uiiv.t.    and     tlie   courts.       .  . _.
back, il is necessary      ^**V***-*'*MllfXi,ni��*****-'**'^"      wonted       l'laslll',t*v   wliicli, at tho same time, the mother I work  very    sinoothlv.    ami  the  high NOT r\ H C iDPrrlt   Ofl
to keep warmly cov*          **"**>*mi miih' "��� and vigor.            _   | may give with perfect assurance that  prices    obtaining    for    copra   keeps       nviaii vpoiBuvn
"I've      borrowed     our    iielglib
phonograph for ibis evening."
"Giving a party?"
"No,  but  by  thunder  I'm  going
in spile of a long and Bevere
drought, extending over several
months, Samoa   -the first of the tier-
TMr*   RPIT  M 1,1 ''If"I Nil'             ! man  colonies   to   be  ailtleil    by   New          ... 	
iiii. Dl__._  MBUU-arNC ; Ze_,imd 10 tha Hriiish empire in the I ,,;m, ',���, ,...|e', evei,|ng ,.��� home,
FOR   ri-IE BABY  war���flourishes      exceedingly.      The . .	
branch of the Uunli of New Zealand ��� r->, <              r-ii
en-il  to prevent a  BUddon chill,    M-t    It's  tlie  ciulckesl   thing  Imaginable   j|  is   absolutely safe
tend to tills, and ihen apply Nerviiine   for rheumatism, sciatica or neuralgia. I (,ine js ua_y's Own Ti
I    As  for earache,  toothache, sprains   Ula onlj. mfadlc|lle absoiuielv" gti'araills warni I or strains, nothing can excel good old   ,������,, omireiy rree ,,.-,��� lnjU1.|0Ug d,.ugg
Almost instantly you feel i
joothing notion.    Rlghl    tlirougli the   Nerviiine.
Such a modi-  business     In   a   thoroughly    healthy
ablets. They are ; condition
mil  whal is more
cords and muscles the healing power      Qet  the  largo 50 cent   family  size   (ree t!l��� lylh   !mm those minor Ills of
bottle, it's the most economical;  trial | babyhood   anil
Ready made     Medicine.���You
they never tail to  ���0  physician   for ordinary  ills   when
"USIT." llio wonderful new skin food
ami   wrinkle chaser, is a boon to men
with  heavy,  win   beards  and  lender
,1 ' skins.
! A  man  who has used  ii   for u  short
you  havi
Of     I If.
tline said recently,
I   used
'Shaving is a plea*
to consider it  al-
of Nerviiine  penetrates.                         t Dome, in uie most economical;  uim i babyhood   ami     childhood.     Once   a I Thomas'   relet trie   oil      For  cotl-hs I alll'�� now
Quick as a wink you feel the stiff*  size.   25  cents.    All  dealers    or  I"* i mother has used Ihem she would use  coltls  sore throat   bronchial Iroubles' mosl  ���"' operation."
ness lessening.    \ou  realize  thai   a | Catarrhozone  Co.,  Kingston, lanada, | no    0llior medicine.    They    regulate L  is'Invaluable, for   scalds,    burns'. U '�� only iicceHsnry to rub a few drops
���_  :������ lhe   Btomacli and bowels;  drive out  bruises,  sprains    it   is   unsurpassed] ���"������ L'bII Into the board before lathorln'J
Professor sir  i   l   Thomson  tellsI conatipaLIon: expel worms and make  while fur cuts, sores, ulcers and llio l0 ���'">">' ���'"' c,ls>'i 'Hilck shave.
of a sch"ine sent  to'ihe war inven-  teething easy.   They are sold by mcdl- hike  ii   is  nn   unnueslioniible   henlor. l'slt I'onotrates  Into  the  pores, soft*
lions board     V man had seen birds  clne dealers or by mall at 25 emits a n needs no testimonial oilier Ihnn tho  *��������������    ""'  beard,  and  gives a  eh	
pecking mortar  and his idea was to   -*0** ri'��m The Dr. Williams' Medicine  use, and Ibai will satisfy ttnyono as to  ll,,sf!  "have.    The  beard    Is  right
train  a flock  of cormorants to  feed ��� -'���>������  Brockvllle, Out. its effecllvencss
TRY Kendall's Spavin Cure. It hn?Gay��rf
n. k*<'*U many horses *hns put them
back to worlteron after they lind btenglven
tip. over S'i years of success has proved
the merit of
Spavin Cure
it i* Lhe old rollable remedy for splint,
spavin, curb, riiigbono. thornpin, bony
growths, swellings, sprains and lameness
from niHiiy different causes.
In cost ii so small a matter, compared
in the value ol a horse that you cannot
afford to be without It,
Sold bv ilniBpi-u** everywhere. $t.ooa
Iwtlle, 0 bottles for Si.oa. Gel a copy of "A
Treatise ou the Horse" trom )our druggist
���>r write
Dr. B. J. Kendall Company,-
Enosburg Falls,        10G        Vermont I
������uniil il-ill���i I Iin  III nm
and consider the duty you owe
your country, your friends and
yourself In this great war of
right, against might. Are you doing your part?
around you anil see how many
5 of the men you know bo well {J
who are "doing their bit."
Would you not be happier with
them? When the boys return
which would give you the greatest pleasure���to cheer or be
to the pleadings of humanity
and of your own conscience.
You may never again have such
nn opportunity to assert your
manhood. Why not grasp It
S   now?
300 MEN required to complete
the 179th OVERSEAS PATTA1.*
LANDBRS, a distinctlv* regiment with a distinctive uniform,
- -Lieut. Col. J. A. Candle, 0.(1.
I Any physically fit Britisher ls
Invited to Join.
Enlisted men are granted 30
���lays' leave with pay where they
i'iiu show they are going to
work  on   farms   for  seeding.
Transportation will be fur-
warded to recruits from outeid.i
points Imnibdiate!)' on receipt of
medical certificate from your
local doctor All communications to be addressed to the Adjutant. 17!ith Cameron Highlanders, Mlnto street, Winnipeg.
\  putting their food In lines against
la  wall so Unit  they mlglil associate
those    lines    wiih  iheir food.    They
were    then    to    be taken to  Rsson,
I where   they  would  attach  lhe chimneys al Krupp'- works with such vig-
: or as to destroy them.
Cure Borders on
The Miraculous
He and His Wife, After Years of Doctoring, Found Quick Relief and Fee-:
manent Cure In Dodd's Kidney Pills, i
Caporal Junction, Ont.���(Special) ���
Bordering ou the miraculous Is lhe
cure of Mr. A. Sawyer, of this place.
I For 'en years he was an invalid. Five"
doctors failed io help him. When he
j "'as a complete wreck, and unable to
I walk  across his room  he decided to
try Dodd's Kidney Pills.   Six boxes ot
! them made him like a new man
"Ves. I suffered for ten years." Mr.
Sawyer said in speaking of his cure.
"The doctors of whom I tried, live altogether, couldn't give me any per*
tiiauent relief. Some said 1 had rheumatism, others railed it lumbago, hut
1 gol sl eai! ily worse,
"I must say 1 was a complete wreck ���
when I started to take Dodd's Kidney
Pills.    They made a new man of me.
"My  wife  gol.    ihe  same good  re*
I suits form them. It was afler trying
several doctors nnd a specialist from j
-.juli Su' Marie, who advised her to,
stay in bed a month, lhat she decided
,o try Dodd's Kidney Pills. She took
i dozen boxes in all with splendid results Wo both praise Dodd's Kidney
Pills    No one enn speak too highly
Dodd's Kidney Pills have a record
oi over a quarter of a century In Canada, during vlilcli time they have
earned undying praise in all pans of
I the Dominion. Ask your neighbors
nboul them.
j     In  lhe  picture a cook  was using a
���gai  stove.    Two  housemaids  in Hie!
audience   were   watching    the   scene
wil It great  Interest.
"Slutre.   Mary."  said   one,  "do  you
know, a  gas range Is a foiue stove?
We  have one  where  I  work.  I  lil   it'
< two weeks ago. and it ain't out yit."
Minard's  Llnlnienl Co., I.tmiled.
Uentlem.n,   l    had    my leg badly j
hurt.  Ihe  pain  was  very  severe and
a large swelling came above the knee. I
1 expected ll would bo .serious    I rub-!
bed   it   with   MINARD'S   LINIMENT,
v hlelt  stopped the pain and reduced j
the swelling very quickly,    I cannol
speak loo highly of MINARD'S UNI
Port Hood Island.
A soldier, home from lhe trenches,
su.is thai the power of the horses to
detect Hit* approach of poisonous gas
Is quite remarkable, Thej seem io
become conscious of tlie deadly men*
anco before ihe nie:i have any apprehension of it, and thoy cry oul loudly
as though In terror and pain.
Minard's     Liniment     Cures   Burns,
A  Distraction
that    firm    fail
pay   its
"No, II failed so it wouldn't hare to
pay   tlieill.
Jerry I have Iraced my nnecstry
back in an Irish King "
Pal Sure, that's easy. What chnnsl
has n dead man lo defend himself? -
Liverpool Mercurj.
Kofi corns are difficult lo eradicate,
bul Hollow ay's Corn Cure will draw
them out painlessly.
"Say." said Ferdy to Percy, "you'd
neter believe thai Jack had so much
spunk, but 'poll my word, old fellah,
he failed down a cabby hist night.
He's sorry for it todav, however,
"The cabiiv came down."
IT, wlllioul pulling a hair.
Hail  is kind  m lender, skin   There
is no smarting or soreness after Bhtiv*
I ing.   (lives tlio luff a  flue feeling nt
| smoothness   ami   freshness.
"USIT" prevents dryness of the skin
caused bj exposure to excosslve  winds.
| Accepl  no substltiil.
Seitil 50c todaj for a trial bottle���sttf-
liclonl for over si\ weeks' use
-17S   Ronccsvalles     Avenue,     Toronto.
I'mler the Australian scheme for
settling soldiers on Ihe lend ami
providing for the dependents of soldiers killed In the war. the Stales
will find the farms while the Commonwealth  will  finance  the scheme,
Customer- -Arc
null '  tO   fix   lip?
these slioes loo far
A skilled physician called on an exceedingly   cantankerous patient, and Shoemaker   No, I don't believe so.
wai dumbfounded lo Rnd hardly auj a now pair of uppers, with heels anu I
Improvement  from  lhe previous day. soles, will make them all right.   The
"Why,"   he grumbled,   'what's wrong laces are in fine condition.
here?    Did  you  follow  my   prescrlp* l ���.���
tlnn?" Wretched   From   Asthma.   -Strength
Mow that all nation-! arc talking preparedness, why not discuss health preparedness.
While wo havo been negligent in protecting our country against tho enemy, we havo
also failed lamentably in fortifying our human bodies against disease germs.
This has been proven in the recruiting offices, win-re so many men have been turned down by the oxaminmg doctors. Weak heart action; diseased lungs; thin, watery
blood; defective eyesight, resulting from exhausted nerves. These aro among tho prevailing derangements which tho examining doetors find.
Health has been neglected. The blood has not been kept in healthful condition. The
nervous syslem has got run down, aud tho subject under inspection is in no condition
to fight lho enemies of his country or to withstand tho attack of disease germs.
Health preparedness means tho use of preventive treatment, such as Dr. Chase's
Nerve Pood, to eurioh the blood, reinvigorate the starved nervo cells and keep tho
health at high-water murk. In this condition you have the strength, vigor and confidence
which Is necessary to tho sucees-t anil enjoyment of life. You have the vitality to defy
disease prm~ and thereby escape many ills which And au easy prey in tho run-down
syslem. ~<,���    _,......'��-'-.   ���'.'���:; ;,-.'���
Dr. Chase's Xerve Pood, by mentis of its blood-forming and nerve-invigorating in-
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such serious diseases ns nervous prostration, locomotor ataxia and paralysis.
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"Not on .'.our life," replied iho pat-
lent. "If I had I would have hrok 'II
my neck, for l pitched your prescription om of the window."
S_n_��_B- Granu,a*e-- Eyelids,
*3Jf���l  %j, liycs inflamed by expe-
surc to San, Bestand tt'la.
ol body nn 1 vigor nf mind are inevitably Impaired by the visitations of asthma Who can lite under the cloud
of recurring attacks and keep body
and mind at their full efficiency? Dr,
.[ D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy dissipates the cloud by removing the
Cause. It does relieve. II does restore
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"Say, you. I advertised for a strong
"Well, ain't f a strong buy.'"
"You don'l show it.   Why, you make
a four-round contest out of licking a
S'.i'.up "
Dr. WiSPS HicffiTiook, 1,000 seleclet rt>_ipea,'sent froa tf you
��*"1r*"*" IHE   REVIEW.   COURT". EY.   B. fc.
Balfour Presents Sonic Facts About the llritish Navy Which
Arc Calculated to Ofl'sct die Nervous Apprehensions
In Certain Quarters
ii is,   oi course,
admiraliy    lo ge
lliey  want,    not
do    not need    a
And as for the
would   naturally
had  it.    The
merely  tiring
During the pasl few weeks there
have been certain rumors that the
navy, owing io wain of foresight in
ii. lack of driving force In the board
of admiralty, was nol In co positive
a position of superiority as had
been supposed. Some naval "experts," who may, we think, be ae
quitted of any desire wantonly 10
undermine confidence In the navy,
seem to have been infected by the
disease of "cold feet." Thus because
who were never before Inclined to
waver in their trust iu the board
of admiralty have been tempted, or
tn all events Invited, recently to
wonder whether all was going well,
Something more than vague misgivings has been disseminated nol
widely, ii is true, imi in a rather
lurid form. We havo been told thai
���Uerman dreadnoughts carrying guns
which would outrange even those of
the "Queen Elizabeth," would soon
burst forth from the Kiel Canal.
Men who arc 1'Cadlly awed by rumor
talked of these ships by name. Due
or them was the "llludenburg." "Se
���ion o verii e hen trovato!" It was
therefore lime thai the bogies were
knocked over lhe head, and this extremely useful and salutary act was
performed by Mr. Balfour In his
admirable speeches iu the house of
commons. He did not boast; he did
nol pretend thai surprises are Impossible; but be tiitl offer an account
of his stewardship, which ought to
convince and reassure every man
who can keep his mind free from
jianic. We have, read a great many
speeches on the navy. We. have
never read speeches which seemed
to us to be in a rigllter spirit than
those of Mr. Balfour. They contained an explicit guarantee that everything Is being done which an intelligent wideawake, and energetic
board ought to do. More than that
we cannot ask.
It is very easy for a newspaper to
Invent Its own particular bogy, or,
lei us say. to believe in a particular
bogy on the strength of some slender but attractive evidence, and then
to say: "Here is this appalling
danger. We are only performing a
public duty in demanding to know
what steps, if any. the admiralty ar,
taking to meet this particular challenge. -Mr. Balfour very rightly did
not attempt to deal with the x bogy,
the y bogy, and the z bogy In detatil,
In bis review of the situation he
simply assured us. in effect, that
the navy was being made as strong
��is possible, and as well prepared as
naval ingenuity can devise, lo meet
all conceivable risks, lie must have
convinced all those who needed to
be convinced and were open to conviction, that If tho navy cannot be
.aid actually to command success,
there never was a time when il more
thoroughly deserved success. I.et us
ciuote Mr. Balfour's words as to the
condition of the fleets:    .
Tltey tire much stronger than th y
-.ere  six  months ago.  They are still j
stronger    than     they     were   twelve'
months ago,    and  their excess over i
what, we possessed   nineteen months
ago  Is  Still greater.    In  every  class
of ship,  big and  little  ships  designed    to  meet  on  eiiital    or  superior,
terms   the  Oermau   high   seas   fleet, ;
auxiliary   ships,   patrol   ships, ami-1
submarine  ships.   Ugh!   cruisers,  destroyers,  flotilla  leaders,  submarines,
every    kind    of    ship  available    In
modern  war, we have increased, and j
largely increased,    since the war began.    Well, then, let us dismiss vain ;
and empty  fears.    As  I  asid  yesterday,  war  is  necessarily and  always j
au uncertain game.    It tuny be true,
nnd It. Is t rue, that maritime warfare,
tinder modern conditions and against
the   new  form of attack constituted
by submarines,   aircraft  and    mines'
is a more   uncertain game than it
was  In  the  good   old   days   when   It
was merely    a  question  of counting |dred herd
your "seventy-four"    battleships   and
your Ihlrty-six-giin  frigate    and    the
rest.    Therefore  1   repeat   again   that
1 will make no boast aboul the llritish admiralty.   I will not guarantee
it against    misfortune or   accidents.
But 1 Bay In perfect  confidence that
It  is stronger In    the    face of any
over   attack     which   it   is   likely   to
meet,   thai   It   Is   far   stronger  than
it  was nl  llle beginning of tlio war.
and  Is,   I  believe,    stronger  than  it
has ever been In Ils history.
In only one respect is the navy
less strong than when war began.
The armored cruisers losl have nol
been    replaced,      Nevertheless    our
I abroad,   to dilute   skilled  labor
further wilh unskilled,   and to   induce
ihe workers to turn out more in the
time.  Another wry interesting  point
was his answer to   the rumor thai
yards    were noi  being used  to    the
best purpose.    Wo have all lieard of
the   contractor   who   remarks;   "it
is  all   very    well  for  the  admlrall-
to   say that they are building ships
as  fasl. as  thej   can,  bul   lure  Is a
Blip   In nn  yard standing idle   Whal
bait' thoy 'gut to siii aboul thai'.'   .Mr.
Balfour's answer is that lie has Investigated    many    Bitch    cases, and
they art' all capable nf lhe Bame explanation.    'I'hf    contractor    menus
either  that    he  can   produce    more
ships if only lhe admiraliy will give
him  tiie  particular orders  which  at
the moment   lie can furry mil.    Ilul
the business of the
I   exactly  lhe ships
lo  order   what   they
i  n  particular time.
labor, the admiraliy
supply  it     if    they
contractor's complaint
us back to the iiotor-
Took Him 38 Years to Become Colonel
But  Has  Been   promoted  Rapidly
During thc War
General Henri Philippe Petain, the
defender of Verdun, is consult red onei
of iiie greal. "lintls" of the war. til i
time of peace it look him 3S years to
work up t" the grade cf colonel, lu
nine months of war lie rose to command a whole army, lie has yet to
make a failure, antl It is saitl lhat he
holds the confidence of General Jot*
ire   to   aii extent hardly equalled by
nil)     nllif!'    officer  In   lh,"  army.   He;
ami   Joffre    came   tlirougli Hie same j
school anil    specialized    in the same
branch of military affairs, antl it may
lif ihai   they wire friends in curlier
years.    If so ,1 offI'O was one ot a very
I'ftv.   Petain appears io be a man not
given   to mn king friends, somewhat
gruff and reserved In his manner, and I
this    may expaln  ihe fail tha!   when I
the war began he was a mere colonel  S''eal chan-*-e ln tne <-<"opc*ai) nations.
who bail almost deflnltel-  renounced     "Mr. Arthur Olrault, a professor nt
nil   hope of ever climbing any higher I the University or Poitiers, has given
iu  llu:  service,    The    war,  however.
French Wliter Believes That Woman's Sphere in General Will
Be Greatly Enlarged in the Years Following
Immediately Alter the War
"Among  the  consequences  of  the i
war."  says  a  writer in    the    Paris
Temps  of January  29,  "there  is  one
which is being much discussed these
days and which undoubtedly will have J
j grave effects upon society.
diminution of the adult ma
tion In  Europe.    A  loss oi
! ten million men In the age
It  is tlie
figlil   in
fulfil their new mission. I'ntil ti.6
middle nf this century, win n tiie number of adult males will exceed that of.
men of advanced years, the women
will be a powerful social factor. It
rests with iliein to demonstrate that
Ihe world will be the better for It."
18 and 46 years certainly constitute* |
an element which is liable to cause
loits labor question,
many doubting souls
many doubting souls
than     Hint  thev   have
Yet. there are
who msljudge
who misjudge
been   lold   by
a searching consideration to the qiies*
ve him his opportunity, and lie has I Hon and bus come to the decision that
ten like a  rocket. (the disturbed equilibrium in the num.
Pelaln's mime now    rings through  erlcal  proportion  between  the 'eves
niiee and is famous throughout the I will cause a situation of a revolution*
a friend who knows a contractor
and who was told by the contractor
himself, so that there could be no
mistake, etc,, etc.
We have Intentionally not dealt
in ihis article with .Mr. Balfour's
crushing rejoinder to Colonel Churchill    so far    ns it  was a personal  in-
Sabre like hussar harks back to
lhe Hungarians for its genesis in the
word szabya a curved sword, bringing both name and weapon into Europe from ihe Orient, somewhere late
in the eighteenth century, The worn
comes front the Greek szabos, which
meant crooked.
dictment. But ono point is so germane to our subject of the state of
Hie navy thai it must, be mentioned.
Tiie charge thai, the government
were nm sufficiently pressing on tlie
construction of dreadnoughts was
actually made by Colonel Churchill,
who had himself delayed the titling
out of new dreadnought by taking
away their guns for monitors, In
taking the guns he may have been
light, bin, the charge in these cir-
'Uinsiiiiices took an extraordinary
Impudent form, as he compared the
rapidity with which the monitors
wero prepared for sea when he was
first lord with Ihe slowness wilh
which the present board is supposed to be making ready their gun-
denuded dreadnoughts. .Moreover,
"bustle, hurry and push." as .Mr.
Balfour said, may often prove to
ibe slowest method iu the end,
as has been shown by the need to
remodel some of the types built under Colonel Churchill's slashing
The spirit or ihe navy is unquenchable. It is equal to all its
tasks, and While it is not dismayed by anything Germany may have
iu preparation, il is the pari of self-
respecting landsmen not to be alarmed by bogies. Wars, it is true, are
a history of surprises. But at least
we may say with confidence that
as far as (he admiralty can provide agalnsl surprises they are doing so.���London Spectator.
world, and yel ii is onlj a month since
his name appeared for the first time
in lhe general news columns of lhe
French papers, though it had figured
often in lists of promotions. But when
president Poincaro went down to Verdun, after the battle had raged for a
week, to congratulate the army there,
it was officially announced that he
had been received by General Joffre
and General Petain, Then the world
knew for tlie first time who was In
charge of the French armies at Verdun, It Is true that the I'eiil Journal
published a snapshot of Petalii In one
edition, but it merely labelled him
"The General," ihc censorship not permitting lhe name to be published. Before that time (hero had been considerable gossip in the army that Petain
was to be the successor of Joffre in
command of all the armies of the
North nnd East, and at that lime a
Paris newspaper is supposed lo have
printed a sketch of Petain. The
French correspondent of the Brooklyn
1'siglo lias searched the fyles of the
paper for the Sketch, but reports that
If it ever appeared it must have been
suppressed by the censorship, fo
not. now  to  be  bad.
Petain was soon famous In tin
of course, and whenever   titer
particularly hard and bloody work to
be done it was expected Id:.;  Petain
would he there.  Among lhe very few
little stories thai   are floating around
about him Is one io the effeel that on I
one occasion he asked for and received permission from Joffre to have one j
of iiis divisions relieved from trench
duty.    He   desired    to   keep the men ]
fresh  for storming.    The soldiers In
this division were   not a little proud
of the honor,   and when one of them >
was   being reproached for recklessly
spending   his    money,    he    replied,
"What's the otitis'.'   I'm    one    of Potato's men, anyway?" thus intimating
that   since his life might be expected
to be short, he intended to make it as
merry as possible.
It  was Petain   who led the charges
north of Arras last spring, and Ir was
The Value of
Cold Storage
social tontli- j
A Comprehensive Booklet Issued Dealing   With   This   Subject
Cold storage promises as the j cum
pass to have a greater and greater
effect on the cost of living. .Not only
storekeepers and hotelkeepers, Uu
ordinary householders lu Increasing
numbers are coming lo recognise
that the buying of food in quantities
anil preserving in cold storage meaua
a satisfactory dividend on i:.\est-
ment. Hence lho genera! interest
possessed by Bulletin 44. under the
title of "The Cold Storage of Food
Which they could gain i ������,.������.,..���;��� .,n,| written  by J. A.  Kud-
lt is
���   was
ary character as far
lions ure concerned.
"It will bo the women's era after
tho war, for Ihey are naturally those
who will 'benefit' by the disproportion
of the sexes. 'Benefit' is only a mode
of speech, for one likes to believe lhal
tlie majority of women are not so set
on feminine emancipation that for a
few 'rights' b\
only mediocre advantages they would
voluntarily sacrifice that other precious privilege of being the ones lo
whom we give our love and whom weeper stand ready to defend,
".Mr. Glrault stales thai every bullet killing a youth ai the front provides at the same linn* an old maid's
bonnet for some-young girl. Since
tbe number of eligible- among men
will be much smaller than that of
young women In Ihe marriage age,
one must he prepared for man- rath
er Ill-mated unions. For men lhe
'courtship age' will be extendi d considerably, and marriage which formerly would have been deemed nothing
short of Bcandnlous, on itccoutil of
great disparity iii age or social status,
no  longer  will  astonish  anyone.
"Heiress-seekers,    in  parllclar, will
find    the    post-bellum    period    their
golden age.   Although
ability us u bridegroom
etl  Indefinitely,    then
sufficienl   array  of men  fur ail  the
marriageable women, and one is bound
i to see a gi'eal Increase iu tin number
j of those dear 'aunties' who Hnd their
I consolation for unrealized dreams of
conjugal happiness in  lavishing their I Dairy  product
tenderness on llu; children of others.
"So much for what may be termed
the sentimental side    of the matter.
Then there is the social phase, which
is of silll greater Importance. Having
no prospects of getting married, numbers    of   young women    must  look
around   for  some   kind   of  work   by
which tltey may earn a living. By iintl
by women will commence to compete
with men  In occupations  which  formerly they never would have thought
may be sii
will  not
Petain    again    who prepared Hit; of-  of disputing with the other sex. They
superiority In Ibis branch over tiie
German navy is slill enormous and
is not contested. Mr, Balfour suited thai in all our warlike stores.
and In naval guns ami ammunition,
our strength was much greater than
ni the beginning of lhe war rela
lively lo the number of ships In ex
Istence, and lhal ll was slill continually Increasing, The chief anxiety to the admiralty was the qucs-
Hon of labor. When
slon Churchill wns at
skilled laborers were
to Ihe front,
the remedy fo
An Interesting Cow Census
In a .Minnesota cow census which
was taken a few years ago it was
found that, one herd returned a profit
nver feed consumed of $"S per cow-
as against an average profit from one
hundred herds of $5.15 per cow. In
this census there were one hundred
herds containing 1,082 cows, which
gave a profit over feed consumed of
$5.15 per head per year. _ The gross
returns front the creamery of the Iniii
was SIIL',815, and tlle cost
of feed $27,191, leaving a profit for
the entire one hundred herds of ?.*i.-
624, But there was one herd included
in ihese one hundred herds, its milk
b' ing taken to the same creamery
and receiving the same price as all
tiie other milk, that returned a profit
of $.'IS per cow after paying for all the
feed consumed at the same price
charged to the 100 herds. The herd
that returned the largest profit consumed a little more feed Ihan the
average of lho 100 herds,
herds bad been equal tn lh
the gross returns would have been
$71,072 antl the cost of feed $29,576,
which would have left a net porfll of
tensive in the Champagne last fal
and as soon as the French general
staff realized that lhe attack upon
Verdun was no feint, but a desperate
and savage attempt of the German
army to seize this fortress,
was sent to lake charge of the defence. He bad un sooner taken bold
than there rose an outcry from bis
chauffeurs, lie wore out fbitrteen
of Ihem in a few weeks ami his demand for speetl made even sonic pro-
will seek positions in bunks, big- business firms, libraries, efe. They will
also make their appearance in all
trades requiring faithful application,
rather than physical streiiiglh, like
Petain [those of the tailor and the hairdresser.
"Woman's emancipation will celebrate a triumph everywhere, thanks
to the force of circumstances.
"Mr. Girailll makes the rash prediction lhat the women, aroused to a
fessional racing nun turn pale when I more serious outlook upon life through
ordered out it* drive him front one I the necessity of earning their own
position to another behind the lines, bread, will make society less frivol*
General  Petain  is saitl  it. be an  en* I oils, less fond of luxury antl vanity iu
drei , -for a lime. Hut tin- professor
fears that the consciousness of greater dignity which labor produces also
may bring ou: more strongly the political tendencies of ihe feminine emancipation,    lb- suggests   himself   one
Instead nf f5,624, which was
all that remained for tbese one bun- I his
tired Minnesota patrons    where   the
cow census was taken.
thiisiast on the mutter of physical fitness, and though 60 years of age, he
is as nimble on his feel as lhe youngest Zouave and as. hard-bitten a campaigner as is to lie found in tlm army. ;
Not long ago, when a certain officer!
asked to be put nn bis staff, Petain
replied: "Whal 1 need in the waj i_i
staff officers are some lirst 'lass bicycle riders ant! a few caluupfon
cycle riders and a few champion
Henri Philippe Petain was born in
Caiteby-la-Tiiur. in ills Pas lie Calais
Department, on April 21, 1856, ami
entered tin Sl t'yr training school
tu the age of 20. It took liitn twelve
years In work up to a captaincy and
another twenty years to become a
colonel, lie Bervetl lu different infantry brigades, and then became a
teacher of military tactics In ihc
Higher War College. He held Ihis
posl fur two liars, returning again to
Satltntir about four months before
lhe war broke out. He had been on
If all the j the point of retiring but in two
best one I months of actual warfare   he found
all lhe chance he needed, and one
promotion followed another rapidly,
for Joffre  after  tho  Battle of Char-
move in lhal direction Is destined to
be  ncclaimed  as  soon  as  started,
"li would not be al all surprising,
he Intimates, If all mer Europe were
set up a claim for the enfranchise*
ment of 'war widows.' Ills reasoning
runs like tllis: If any one should have
a word to say in regard to the destinies of a country, it ought to be the
witlnw or tiie man who lias git en his
life to save it. she whose Bacred duty
il is to maintain and defend the traditions of tiie family her husband soldier had founded, ami to rear his
children to become like Iheir father.
heaving all academic discussion of
ihe merits of woman suffrage aside,
Ibis claim impresses Itself as a moral
Obligation, even if it should be granted only as a temporary confession.
"Here is a problem which necessarily musl fall forth heated controversy,
Afler all, the distinguished professor
of political economy al Poitiers might
dick, dairy and cold storage commissioner for the Dominion, and Joe.
Burgess, cold storage inspector. Every
person who makes use of a kit.' be I
refrigerator, or places milk, butter.
meats, fruit or vegetables In a coot
cellar, puts Into practice the principles which underlie the operation
of the most up-to-date cold stor-gs
warehouse and follows In some particulars the methods described In thli
comprehensive and Informative pitb-
licallon, An example of the be-".-:-*
derived from the Bystem Is furnished
in the suggestion that If It were not
for the cold storage fai llll   * ..
are now available the price of eggs
would, for lack of an Immediate
Ifeti go so low during the laying ;   ���
Imi of the spring and early    in
lhal    production    would be seriously
tl'st otini'gi'd,  while  the  scarcity  that
Mould result during the season of -
i upply   would   boost,     prices     fi "
kinds of eggs to sueh  ae. extent   is ' >
make litem prohibitive  foi the ma i
ily of the people.    Eggs are    ul one
of  the  articles  of food  ihe  prV"   if
which  is  regulated,  ar.d  to Borne extent standardized,    by  cold   it  -age
meat,  fish  and  fruit
can all  be so kept anil preserve      '
Ihe  treatment set out  in  this  bulletin, which can  be had for the mere
effort   of  application   to  the  publications  branch, department: of a-r.
lure. Ottawa, be followed- It outlines
all  the  methods and  processes  that
are pursued in lbs handling,  storing.
shipping  and  preservation    of    aitcJi
perishable articles as apple?, butter,
cheese,   vegetables,  eggs.  fish,  game,
lard, meat, milk and poultry, the necessary  temperature  being guen   in
each  instance and  also  In  the  care
of furs and woollens.
It will cienn inert
silverware in let,
time, with less ex.
peuse. I baa .. n ���
ot 1: c r [ fparation
niS'lf :-.' i
net an e'.r :-
in. p re pa t . Ij
removes' n< .z
but iiie dirt caving lhe sill ,"���* e
like new Pui p
In eight nt.,1 -:-i ���
leer, oun.e b*.tt:e��.
p.ckeil tttrec ���' ��� en
At All Jewellers
Portugal, with the Azores and Madeira     Island,     has   a   population   of
6,057,085,     .'Hid     an   area     of   ,15,490
square miles.    The population of the
republic's    colonial    possessions    In
Africa   Is   S.uod.OOtl and these colonies   hate an area of 823,334    square
miles.    The    colonies in Asia    havo
illowed to go I an   area   of  8,933  square  miles  and
Mr. Balfour said that j a population   of 060,000.   Portuguese
the defect was three-1 Africa    Is    made    up of .Angola,  the
Colonel  Wln-
Hic admiralty
fold:    to recall skilled laborers who I Congo,    Guinea,
would he more useful at home than | some  islands,
Ran    Africa    and
leroi made  wholesale retirements of I be willing to admit that the admirable
higher officers,  antl  there  were  French   mothers,  who  Inculated   the
vacancies for other men, ir   Petain I sentiments of noble sacrifice for home
continues to the end of tbe war with i nnd country in the generation defend*
an unsmlrched military reputation uo
man but Joffre will stand higher in
France when ll  is over.
Among the presents suit by Japanese from all parts of the world
to their emperor, in honor of his
coronation,   was   the flnesi   saddle
horse that eoultl he found in the
l'nlted Slates. Tin Japanese society
of San Francisco Invited a Japanese
major of cavalry, an expert horseman,
to come to America to select the animal,
ing today the universal cause of justice and liberty, would hardly be In
need of the right io vote in order to
maintain and champion in their home
the traditions of the virtues of our
"All the same, Willi or without
suffrage, Ills quite sure that woman's
sphere iii/fcneral will be extraordln-
Ily enlarged In the years following
Immediately upon the war. The future
of the emancipation movement will
depend to a great extent on the mar
m r in whjch the women ate going to
Even in i match you should
consider tho "Little Things,"
the wood���the composition���
the   strikeability���the   flame.
are made of strong dry pine
stems, with ��� secret perfected
composition (hat guarantees
"Every Match A Light." 65
years of knowing how���that's
thc reason I
All Eddy products  are dependable products���Always.
Never Can Tell
what people thinl:, A man
stopped iiio mi the street a
few clays ago and said, "Say,
ilo vmi do ladies wiik?" Now
I thought everybody who knew
ine knew also that 1 do any
kind of tailoring nnd Hint I do
it ul a reasonable price, but
there, you nevei cnu tell what's
in ,t mail's mind,
Ymi can entrust me with any
woi I* thnt u tailor does, ft om
in iking silk' uml satins down
in tu iking dad's pants into a
paii for Tommy
R   Willoughby's
Only White Tailor In Courtenay
Next door to the Opera House
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardy & Biseoe
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   from   I.calling  Musicians
from the Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
of same furnished on re piest
AV. J. Goartl   will oe   in this city   about
April   1.      Leave orders  at tllis  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   ���   Vancouver
mmmm��^L*vr Tp-WKp^r_sw^^Eix^
who is reported to have been lost with the whole of his staff
on board the Cruiser Hampshire, had been lost off the Orkney
Islands. Four bouts were seen to leave the Hampshire, but a
heavy sea was running. Only a capsized boat and some
bodies have been found
McBryde's Bakery &
Tea Rooms
Calhoun Block Courtenay
We win the favor of the  citizens and  soldier boys
because we give value for the money.   Our tea
room is superlative.    The place to get a dainty tea.
Good cakes and brea 1 of quality unsurpassed.
Buy direct from McBryde's Bakery
Remember the address     -     Next the Royal Bank of Canada
Palaee Livepy
Horses and Buggies for Hire i��
Terms cash.
VVe  also attend  to wood hauling
The tower on the English church
has been turn down, owing to its
unsafe condition, A portch will be
erected in its place.
Lieut. Btydeti and bride have returned from  heir honeymoon trip.
Major Rothuie and Capt. Johnston have returned to Comox,
Strawberries are ripe at Nob Hill.
Courtenay Phone _5
Willard's Harness Emporium
��� Fine Slum nc, ol   Horse   Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Ktc.
llm in ss Repaired Neatly
Cumlerland and Courlenay
George Howe, an old timer of
tllis district died at bis home at
Hornbv Island _n Tuesday evening
in his 67th year. He was bom iu
England, and came to Comox
about 40 years ago He conducted
the Nelson house at Union Bav for
many years. He lind a ranch on
Hornby Island and one at Union
Bay also The funeral will take
place tomorrow afternoon at the
English church Sandwick at 3   p.
Ice Cream
Pipes, j
Tobac cos
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
Charles Wheeler
begs tn fiitnouucce
that lie has opeeec!
The Elk Hotel Barber Shop
Cl tali iess a Specialty
111,, and will be under Masonic aus
Money To Loan
We are open to receive applications
for  Loans on   Improved Farm
Property   in    the    Comox
Real Estate, Insurance, Etc
You cannot eat youp
eake and have it
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing that the ingredients are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Cal.es of all descriptions made
to order !
Courtenay   Bakery
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North uf Naniaino
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
First Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Health Salts
CtiOI\ ai\d
Produce More and Save More
The Empire needs food.     If you are not in the fighting line you may be in the producing line.    Labour
is limited���all the more reason to do more than ever
Grow food for the men who are fighting for you.    Tiie Allies need all thc food that
Every little helps.    You are responsible for your own wcik.    If you
Work with the right
The more
you can produce.
cannot produce as much as you would like, produce all you can
spirit.   Put fighting energy into your effort and produce now when it counts
you produce the more you can save.   Producing and saving are war-service.
Make Your Labour Efficient
In war-time do not waste time and energy on unimportant and unprofitable work. Economize labour.
Put off unproductive work till after the war, and, if
possible, help in producing something needed now. Let us not waste labour. Canada
needs it all. If possible help to feed the Allies. Make your backyard a productive garden.
Cultivate it with a will.    Make your labour count for as much as possible.
Do Not Waste Materials
Sutton & Kirkwood i
Undertakers and
Ninltt or Day Culls .Promptly
A tlende-l
Phone   .'
j Tbe Ideal Disinfecting Fluid
There should be no waste in war-time. Canada could
pay the annual interest on her war expenditure out
of what we waste on our farms, in our factories, in
Oil'.' homes. Every pound of food saved from waste is as good as a pound of increased
production. The way for a nation to save is for every individual to save. France is strong
to-day because of thrift in time of peace. The men and women of Great Britain are not
only "doing " but are learning to " do without."
Spend Your Money Wisely
finance the war.
better investment
Practise- economy in the home by eliminating luxuries.   Wasting our dollars here weakens our strength
���I at the Front.     Your savings   will help Canada to
Save your money for the next dominion War issue.   There can be no


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