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The Review Jan 31, 1918

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.-4HNHM-.MUHMMMMI    *********** *****
Can nut Im iliiiio nny totter, ami
not quite no well anywhere t)ino
hereabouts, Our type nml iimuliin-
ery in ooiupleU niul Tlie Review
prioei are ri^lit
Gents'  Furnishings
and Hatters
VOL. 6
Auction   Sale
Wednesday Feb. 6, at 10.30
Dairy Cattle, Implements, Machinery,Hou9ehold
Furniture etc, Including Piano Pla er, Ford car
Rowboat, Magnet cream Separator, Sewing Mach-
ne, Hydraulic Ram, 5 H.P. Cas. Engine, elc for Mr
J. de L. Lawrence, Kye bay.
Particulars from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
Wc also have a sliipnient of Ladies Slioes and tho Rinex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call and see our goods, you'll always  find  our   prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Save Your White Flour
and Beef!
Use one-fifth of any of the following flours and
cereals with your white flour
Rye Flour,       Whole Wheat
Grahams Yellow cornmeal
Oatmeal Robin Hood Bran
In order to help you to conserve the supply of beef
we have arranged for a supply of  fresh fish to
reach us each Thursday morning
Phone your order early
1 Lin
Bill the barber was [among those
'absent last week. lie v.ns at Vail,
couver on a business trip.
Richard Creech was nt Nanaimo
: lasl week undergoing another en
iiiiiiii.it.khi by ibe military   veil of
that place.
Tbe adjourned Annual  Meeting
of the   l-resbytciian  Congregation
will   be   held   in   ihe   Ci urtenay
cluireb on Tuesday, Feb  5. .it 8 p.
in., im-Uie purpose of meeting Dr, '���
Wilson, Supt, of Missions, and also for the transaction of other busi
ness.   Subscribers towards the sup- j
port of the church are requested '.o |
Mr, Hanna, ihe Food Controllei
has resigned and Mr. Thompson ol
Victoria lias been appointed in Iii:
stead, The reason for the change
i.-. that the duties of the ollice havc
become so great that it required
more lime than Mr. Hanna could
afford to give.
For Sale���Williams Class A, Ar-
list model, engraved B flat eomet,
quick change; pearl lined pistons.
Plush lined case, .with all e.\lr;>
parts. Value $60, will sell for J35
Cau be seen at Review Ollice
Owners of properly wishing to
sell might do well to send mc full
particulars of same, price, amount
of acreage clearad, etc, V. R. F.
Biseoe, General P. O , Victoria, li.
For Sale��� About 3 1-2 acres of
land in tbe Citv of Courteuay,
Terms easy.. Address Owner, 3323
Teuuyson Ave., Victoria, li C.
For Sale���A quantity of timber
on Hornby Island, close to water,
For particulars apply liox A- Review Office.
Ranch to Rent���160 acres, 20
cleared, dwelling bouse and barn,
Kaiage, small orchard, on Lower
Road.    Apply at Review Office,
STEPHEN LTD., 16th Ave. and
Main St. Vancouver, B. C Monuments, Headstones and Cemetery
Fences, the largest Monumental
works in the west.
Strayed Away���One three year
old Holstein cow, should have calf
about 8 months old, mark, a hole
in each ear. Also 4 yearling heifer
calves Anyone knowing of their
whereabouts please notify Smith
Bros., Saadwick
For Sale���A quantity of good
marketable timber by the sea; one
haul will put it in the water. A
good safe booming ground, Will
sell cheap for cash. No reasonable
offer refused. Apply at Review
To Rent���House lately occupied
by T. Booth. Electric light, hot
and cold water, and all modem
conveniences.   Apply W. Duncan.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Win.
Douglas, Courtenay,
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford enrage.
Go to McBryde's for quality
Horn- At Comumn-, on Tucs
day, Jin. -o, lo Mr. and Mis. Jus.
McKenzie, a daughter,
Mrs, E. Kerton relumed home
ir. Saturday from the Cumberland
Hospital whi r e a-i I - eu for
the past two weeks,
The drawing of tickets In onn
uiviioii wilh llie Ladysmith Bazaar
wiil take place on Feb, 8, the delay
being nn account of lhe non-return
of tickets.
Tbe regular monthly meeting of
the I. O. 1). I., will take place on
Friday, Feb, 1 All members are re
quested to be present as officers will
be nominated for the coming year.
At a meeting of the Board of
Directors of the Agricultural Society held on Mondav evening rom
miltees were appointed to loo!- after the various departments of llie
fair, the dales of which have been
fixed for Tuesday and Wednesday,
Sept.  10 and 11.
Cumberland City Council has
made a move to have the office of
Stipendary Magistrate done away
with having all the Police Court
business don* before the Mayor or
a Justice of the Peace The receipts from fines and fees were $\j$
and the Magistrate salary is $300,
Some of I in- Courtenay economists
might fall iu line with Cumberland
The Secretary cf the Farmc:':
Institute has received a communication from the Department of Agriculture asking the farmers to save
.ill heifer calves except scrubs. 1 [e
has also asked tbe probable number
of heifer calves that will be sold
for veal, and also if ihere is anv demand for heifer calves by the farmers.
Mr. Geo. A,   Fletcher,   of  the
Nanaimo Music Co,  has  been  appointed general manager of Fletch
er Bros. Music Store at Vancouver
He enters upon his new duties on
Feb. 1st.    Mr. Fletcher has been;
a familiar figure in Courtenay for
lhe past fifteen or sixteen  yeaps,
and his many friends in the district
while sorry to see him  go will be
glad to hear of hie preferment.
Mr. A, E. Filmer, who at one
time published 'The Herald" here
is back at| Nanaimo. Mr, Sibley,
who was associated with him, is at
the Vancouver shipyaids.
Mr, Cole Owen left on  Sunday
on a tri]i to Vancouver,
Mrs,  L.  R
Sunday from
Cliffe returned on
a trip to   Vancouver.
Forde was at Nanai-
.lays   last   week   OU
in 1 for a
Mr and Mrs. W, Kirkwood ami
Mr, and Mis. J, Kirkwood, of Davidson, Man., are the glie is of
Mr, and Mrs, J. L*dgerwood
Miss Stella Sackville has resigned hei' position a.s operator at the
Telephone office. Miss Evis Slaugh
ler will take her place, and .\li>s
Gladys Sackville will take Miss
Slaughter's place.
Anglican Services
Sunday, Feb. 3. Sexagesima.
11 ri. in. Mattins and Sermon at
St   Andrew's. Sandwick.
2.30 p. in. Evensong and Sermon
at St, Mary's, Grantham.
3 p, 111. Sunday School at St.
John's, Courtenay,
���/ p, m. Evensong and Sermon at
Holy Trinity  Cumberland,
i'resbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.    Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Coin icnav
.���111 intuy   School and   Bible Clas
l():3oa. m.    LCvciiing service 7:.'
p. in. All welcome
Maple Leaf Theatre
Next Wednesday night at the
Maple Leaf Theatre besides the 4th
episode of the serial "The Fatal
Ring" a splendid film entitled
"When Baby Forgot" by the wou-
dtrful child actress, Baby Marie
Osborne, will be shown.
Drug Store
Nyoltis Talcums
Rose,  Baby,
Lilac, Violet
Perfumes :
Locust Blossom
Mygracia, Mayflower
and Wood Violet
Courtenay   -   B. C.
Expert Watchmaker
Qualified Optician
Watchmaker,   Jeweler
and Optician
Union Street, Courtenay
Safety  First;
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars;
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
60c per _b. tHs week
We are Headquarters for
Rubber and Leather Footwear
to suit any member in
A general assortment of
always Rept in stock
We invite your inspection
henf 48 Next the Drug Store
ii.Vv- THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    C.
Coal Mine Investigation    fl Grippe Epideil.SC
Every winter Health Boards
warn against this weakening
disease which often strikes
those who are least prepared
to resist it. You should strengthen
yourself against grippe by taking
Mine Disasters Believed to Be Due
to Geological l!iini|is
George S. Rice, llur well-known
raslcrn mining expert, called in by
iin- provincial government t<> hives-
tit.:-.t<- ilu- "bumps" iii the Crow's
Nest coal mining lirhl. lield rcspon
sible (or disasters, including one last
spring when iiii.it llian .1 score ol
lives were losl, has inndc his repori.
The mo-il Important ol his Riulinga
is that In- rcconmicnds n permanent
commission be formed lo investigate
and review the ��� vidence collected
by members ot llie commission, the
Inspectors of mines and others, having on iii membership a gcologisti
a mining engineer, .1 clicmisl and
.ui cxpcrTonci il mining operator,
Mr. Rice Bays lhe "l.ntui>s" are he.
Ilcvcd lu have I" en caused by Bitb-
sldcnco of ilu- roof in certain areas
under rigid rocks, leaving .1 greal un-
mpportcd span of rock stratum,
\\ lu-ti imir of  llicse gives    way    it
means lho   ban T-lik"   blows   of
lliousaiuls ul ions nf rock striking
mi the Immediate rool of flexible
stratum overlaying the mine, which
imparls thc blow downward, breaking ihe limber, causing extensive
fri'ls iii the mine, and sending rock
tremors through the strata.
which is the cream of cod liver oil,
refined, purified and so skilfully
prepared that it enriches tho blood
streams, creates reserve strength
and fortifies the lungs and throat.
Don't delay ��� It may mean much.
�� Refuse Substitute
'"""        tkett Si DOVDOi Toronto, Out, '
Survey Forest Resources
Ontario Commission Has Tint Tviea_-
er Details at Hand
The commission pf conservation
hopes soon to undertake a survey of
the forest resources of Ontario similar to the investigations il hns already made in British Columbia and
Saskatchewan, Only the most fragmentary dala respecting tlm forests
of Ontario arc now available although thine is ;i vast amount of
detailed information in ihc possession of limber iowncrsi government
officers and railways which could
probably he secured, The commission is handicapped in undertaking
such .-ui investigation by the scarcity of competent foresters.
At present Ontario has thc largest
fire protection organization on lhc
continent. Last year at the height of
the lire season, its staff consisted of
about 1,01)0 men.
$100 Reward, $100
The- readers oi this paper will be plea-rid
to learn that there is at least one dreaded
disease that science has Ijcirn able to cure in
all its stages, and that is catarrh. Catar-h
bcmn greatly Influenced by constitutional
conditions requires constitutional treatment,
11.U, Catarrh ''me is taken internally and
acts thronkIi thi lllood .11 the Mucous Sur-
laces ol tne Sy^.cni, thereby destroying, the
foundation of the disease, giYinu the patient
strength hy building tip thc constitution anu
assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietor :.o much faith in lire curative
powr. .:'? Catarrh Cure that they oiler
Oiur lui.iurcd Dollars lor any case thai it
fails 10 cure.    .Send tor list of u-.timomala.
Address; F. J. CHENEY Sr CO., Toledo.
Ohio.   Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
A Solar Plexus Blow
Money advanced by lhe United
Slates lo the now 11011-erciste.nl provisional Russian government, is for
thc most part slill here in the form
of supplies prepared or preparing for
shipment, ami it will remain here for
a while. This is the word from
Washington and il is relieving. To
bc deprived of lhis promising mcal-
tickct just as General Kalcdinc and
his Cossacks are preparing to cut
olT bread and coal from the Bolshc
viki outfit is likely to prove a sad
blow lo the fattening hopes of that
mixture of idleness and anarchy and
treachery in "government,"���New
York World,
Germany's Nemesis
German Militarism  Already  Defeated by the Economic Forces
Ranged Against It
The German rush into Northern
Italy is a showy political success. It
will inflate pride and inspire the
lusty singing of "Detitschland uber
Alles," hut it will not fill German
stomachs, nor v.i'l it furnish German factories wilh lhc raw material for whii'.h lhcy nre starving.
German militarism is not merely discredited, il is already defeated by Uneconomic forces ranged against it.
Germany has brought military victory wiih financial min. The kaiser
has ridden iu triumph through Brussels, Belgrade, Warsaw and Btlkha-
rest. What does lhat avail him
I while an unbreakable wall of steel
bars his way in the heart of,France,
and while Great Britain and the
United Slates hold the ocean roads?
With every month nf war Germany's
ruin musl become more assured.
Militarism is already oul at elbows.
Win 11 peace is signed it will bc in
the bankruptcy court. After lhat,
democracy may be trusted lo prevent iis recrudescence.��� London
Daily Express,
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Rose From the Ranks
General Verkhovsky, who was the
last of thc distinguished soldiers
who served as ministers of war in
Russia, was popular with llie army
owing in all probability to Ihe fact
tllM he had served in the ranks. In
���lis early years, as lhc 'result of some
conflict wilh ituhority, he left the
military college and entered the
army as a private, in which capacity
lie vn nt through Ihe Miiuchiiiian
Campaign, He was a simple colonel
on lhe outbreak of the present war,
and when Rumania joined thc allirs
saw- most of lhe fighling following
upon  Falkcnhayn's   break through.
The largest tree in lhc world
(lands al Maseall, near lhc foot of
Mount Etna, its trunk being 204 feet
in circumference. It is called "The
Chestnut Tree of a hundred Horses,"
because of a legend lhat a (ptecn and
her court once took shelter from thc
rain under ils branches.
\Vb"-< I 1. '<���'��� -
��V.      N.      U.      1190
Children suffering from worms
soon show the symptoms, and any
mother can delect the presence of
Ihese parasites by the wrilhings and
fretting of the child. Until expelled
and lhe syslem cleared of them, the
child cannot regain its health. Miller's Worm Powders arc prompt and
efficient, not only for the eradication of worms, but also as a toner up
for ehildren thai are run down in
Home Canned Vegetables
Reports tbat there is danger of
poisoning fronl vegetables preserved
by thc cold pack method have been
placed in the category of enemy propaganda by Charles Latbrop Pack,
president of thc U.S. national emergency food garden commission. "The
cold pack method has been in use
for five years and neither death nor
serious illness haa resulted from food
canned according lo directions."
Pack said: "Home canned goods arc
safe and necessary."
Minard's  Liniment Cures Garget  in
Parcels for Prisoners
Send    One    Parcel    Every    Three
Months to War Prisoners
According to new regulations concerning the forwarding of parcels lo
prisoners of war in Germany, other
than officers, recently received from
lhc prisoners of war department,
London, England, relatives of prisoners will be allowed to forward direct onc parcel every three months.
A coupon for that purpose must
first bc obtained from the central
committee of prisoners of war, and
application for this coupon madi
direct by the relative to prisoners of
war department, 14-16 Cockspur
sired. London, England, Everyone
must bear in mind that no parcel can
bc forwarded without first obtaining
this coupon.
Parcel must not weigh ovcr eleven
pounds, and may contain any of the
following: Pipe, sponge, pencils,
pomade, regimental badges, shaving
brush, shaving soap, safety razor,
mohair bootlaces, pipe-lights, hus-
sifs, one handkerchief, one stick,
health salts, insecticide, braces or
webbing belts, combs, hair brushes,
cloth brushes, tooth brushes, buttons,
chess, checkers, dominoes, hobnails,
candies, medal ribbons, brass polish,
mittens, muffler.
Parcel liable to confiscation if other articles included.
A Mitn of Action
The Supreme Man for thc Supreme
Two years aro lhe declared will
nf our elected representatives was
clearly a will Inward peace. Certain
of us had a will loward war. Among
the persons suspected of thi:; will
was Theodore Roosevelt. 1 followed
him. I do not follow him in all his
moods bul I lind that I am always
following him in the mass of his
acts. 1 shall go down to my grave
believing that In- was the greatest of
all the men of my limes, for action.
Uc could sit in al an inler-allied
conference and produce a united political and military front, beyond any
other man that lives, and I wish he
wcrc doing it. lie could knock lhc
heads of Britons and Americans and
Frenchmen and Italians together, as
he knocked the heads of capitalists
and proletarians together in the anthracite coal fields, f.isler than anybody else. He is lhe supreme man
for that supreme job. Send him,
Mr. Wilson, send liim.���William
Hard iu lhe. N' .   Republic,
German Attacks
Behind the Lines
The Lesson Written in   the    Italian
Iim even if a supreme disaster has
been  escaped  in   Italy  it is essential
Imi  im allied statesman and no allied patriot should mistake the lesson
there   written,     Ily   every influence
that she can exert Germany is    attacking behind the lines and in    the
1 ranks of her enemies.   'I'he Anarchists, ihe Socialists, ihc Clericals, ihe
I Intellectual   and    the ignorant,   the
J visionary thinker and thc man wilhoui thought���all arc seized upon    by
lur.      The  Utopian  ideals    of some,
llie selfish cowardice of others���these
.ne the lines llirougli which Germany
operates for   Uu- destruction   of her
enemies   and   thc dissolution of the
ualiiiii.il unity of the counlries    who
an: fighting her.
Allied armies have now come lo
Ibe Mipporl uf Italy, We may hope
thai Venice is safe and lhe crest of
lhe Invasion is passed, but unless we
recognize thai lhe same forces which
induced ihe Italian disaster are operating in France, iu England ami here
at Inline iu llie Uniled Slates we
shall have ai no distant date lo confront another crash, another collapse
like tlllll which has laken place in
liussia In totality nud in llaly iu
part. Germany has lost ihe war so
far as ii is a military question, She
canol defeat ibe anuii s of her
enemies. She can win only by corrupting the people behind lhe armies
and portions of ihc armies themselves. Russian and Italian events
should serve the greater end; they
should be linal evidences of lhc way,
and lhe one way, that the war may
be losl. If Ihey do serve this end
they may yet prove a beginning
defeat rather than lhe high water
marks of ihe latest and most dangerous of all German campaigns.. New
York Tribune.
Persistent Asthma. A most distressing characteristic of lhis dcbili-
aling disease, is the persistence with
which recurring attacks come to sap
away strength and leave lhc sufferer
in a stale of almost continual exhaustion. No wiser precaution can
be taken than lhat of keeping at hand
a supply of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy, famous as the most potent remedy for eradicating the disease from the tender air passages.
An Appreciation
Vice-chairman of American  Railway
Advisory Commission Pays
Compliment to C.P.R.
For the last two years thc Canadian Pacific Railway, in connection
with the Pacific steamers of the Canadian Pacific Ocean Services, has
carried a very large proportion of
lhc passengers from the United
States to Russia, and as these passengers have included a great many
American railroad men, who have
been surprised at thc excellence of
the service, a remarkable volume of
trade is developing, greatly to the
benefit of Canada itself. Among
these passengers was lhe American
railway advisory commission, consisting of the leading railway experts of the United States, who travelled from Chicago lo Vancouver,
and thence lo Yokohama via thc
Empress of Asia. Mr. Henry Miller,
vice-chairman of lhis highly important commission, lias written Vice-
President G. M. Bosworth a letter of
deep appreciation, in which, after referring lo many individual courtesies
along the roulc, hc remarks: "You
have good reason to bc proud of
your organization and service, aud
we take this method of thanking you
heartily for your kindness and courtesy."
Protect llie child from the ravages of worms by using- Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator. It is
a standard remedy, and years of use
have enhanced ils reputation.
What the Navy Has Done
Interesting Figures   Concerning Exploits of Navy Given by
Prime  Minister
Tn lhc rotirsc of his eulogy of the
services in the house of commons
recently the Prime Minister slated
lhat since the beginning of the war
there have been transported across
the seas under lhc navy's protection!
13,1100,000 men; 2,000,000 horses,:
25,0110,000 Ions of explosives antl
supplies; 50,000,000 Ions of coal, oil
and other fuel; 113.000,000 tons of
food and other materials.
Our naval losses have been only
3,500 men, of whom 2,700 lost llieir
lives through the action of the enemy.
The original expeditionary force
numbered 160,000 men. Today the
expeditionary force was over 3,000,-
000, khc creation of which was "probably thc greatest feal of military organization in lhc  world."
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,���Last winter I received
great benefit from the use of MINARD'S LINIMENT in a severe attack of LaCrippe, and I have frequently proved it lo bc very effective in cases 01 inflammation,
Trans-Atlantic Air Voyages
Before lhc war is over, America
will be delivering its aeroplanes at
thc front in Europe by having them
fly across the Atlantic in flocks, is
the opinion of Capronl, famous Italian inventor of llu; big machine of
that name.
Capronl said recently iu Paris lhat
hc expected one of his machines to
cross the Atlantic before long, and
that llighls of squadrons across Ihe
ocean would become  common  later.
Relieves Stiff Neck
When you wake up with a still
neck or sore muscles, strains or
nprnins, use Sloan'n Liniment. No
need to rub: it quickly penetrates to
lhe Beat of pnin und removes ir.
('leu ner than musny plosternor oinl-
ments. Ii does not stain the skin or
clog the pores. Always have a bottle
handy for rheumatic aches, nouralela
BorenOBi, bruises and lame buck. In
facl, all extom-1 pnin.
Generous olzed bottles ��t your
druggist. 23c, 50c., $1.00.
line Calvin., una
oi mm hundred
cattle treated in
5 minutes. Use
.���i .��� hull nl our
product, il not
satisfied return
-lie balance .-nut
your money,
tfalf Savir"
ells 25 pounds
$4.00.      Send   lor
printed matter.
,���.__....,< S   PRODUCTS
and   llr-rl  Ollice,  Edmonton,   Alliens.
P.   O.   Box,   321
*C7o:d'o r_to_j3_0--_-..
Thi Crrnt Knulith I'.emedf.
Tones ar.it Invigorates ths wtiola
nervous system, makes Den- Blood
in   old  veins,   Cures  l.'/i-vi.ut
Vtbililii, Mental and Brain Worm, bei-in n.
iency, I.ntt o] linero-J, J'alpilntion ef tht
peart, Fnllini if emery.   Pr' - -��� -     '
forts.   Oat it ill please, sis wi!
fru.sills or msif.-d la plain i   _
- iea. tt'eiopnrnphletrnnitedfTec. THE WOOD
EDICINr CO.. TMCSJiJ. OKI.  (iu-Kl, tlliUui
rice $1 per boi, nt
11 cure.  Bold l*y all
pkj. on irrr-ir*. ol
freat .UC" ..��, CUB��5 CHROMIC WRA|-*f_:r>S LOST VIGOt
fill'. EITHER "O DRUGGISTS or trull, ll POST I CTf
_H.-JG1.RA Co 90, StftKUAN ST H EW vOSK or Uf SUN BROg
ft. NEW D fl AT. EBI TASTELESS! rORHIOf    f t,SY   ro   I .l_|
CEDAR rKNCl* POSTS. Farmers ��iieii
iu wnnl ol Cellar Fence Posts, Ire sure and
write us for prices ou carload lots delivered
at your station. Also lor Telephone coles.
W'e have our own Timber Limits and can
Hive you iiie liest values. goin_.
LUMBER in carload lots. Strictly liif.hcst
grades ol Coast Lumber and Shingles. Send
us your bills nf Lumber lor prices beioro
ordering elsewhere. Prir<-3 lowest Whole-
sale. Shipments direct liiom Mills.
CEMENT AND WOODFIBRE PLASTER iu either inli or mixed carload lots.
SALT in carload lots for prompt shipments, which can include Common Coarse nr
Fine Salt, Dairy Sail. Lump Hock Salt or
tilty pound hard pressed salt in blocks for
Live Stock.
SUGAR, lloih Granulated and Yellow
Sncnr  in  carload  lots or  less.
FENCE WIRE. Either Barb Wire or
Woven Wire Fencing, in any quantity.
Write  us  for prices on  nny of  these  and
slate  quantity   desired.      The  lirst   here  to
ship direct from  Mill to Consumer.
Merchants   Bank   Bldg. Winnipe_,   Man.
Chestnuts for Munitions
Queen Mary has been selling- an
example to thc few remaining women "slackers" in England.
During her recent slay at the royal residence al Sandringham, she organized and supervized a col co lion
of over a ton of horse cites mils
which wcrc sent to munition factories. The nuts arc used iu place
of grain in the production of munitions and thus elTect a large saving
iu lhc country's food supply.
New Arrival���And where do I go
when   this  shelling  business  slarls?
Sandy (late of the "Wee Kill;")���
"Laddie, that a' depends on your re-
lecgious opecnlonsl
Preserves getting low ?
Tide over the winter with
Everybody likes this delicious Table Syrup���and it's
much less expensive than butter for the children to eat
with bread.
At ell Groeert-2, S, 10 nnd 20 lb. lit,*- 3 Ib. Gtasi Jgrt.
Write for free Cook Book. ��
Geographical Position of Canada and the United Stites in Relation
To the Allies, Makes II Imperative  'lhal   lhis  Continent
Provide the Food Necessary for Support of Allied Cause
Unlil new ships, which arc now
under coustruction, become available
as cargo carriers, lhe allies musl depend upon ihe North American continent for wheat and Hour. Europe
musl Import not less llian '150,000.000
bushels of wheat, or the equivalent
in  lloiir, before  llu-  mnl harvest,
Tin- United Stales today Irtlrs HOI
one bushel more than would In' required for normal consumption in
thai country, and Canada has only a
surplus of 110,000,000 bushels,
'Ihere is wheat iii Argentina, hi
Australia, In New Zealand, bul with
out more shipping il c uinol bc inov
ed, North America musl supply nl-
uiiisi lln entire wheal needs ol lhc
allies at leasl for the ucxl three or
four months, Tin allii d ua ions in
Kurope had completely exhausted all
accessible reserves when lhc 1017
crop became available. Unfortunately the new harvest of France was
less llian half lhe production of a
normal year before lhe war, the
Italian crop was also much below
the average Iloih these i outlines
have required larger amounts of
foodstuffs from this continent than
was anticipated and llieir needs will
'I'he geographical position of Canada and lln- Uniled Slate- ill relation to the allies makes ii imp. ralive
that this continent should provide
Ihc food which must be forthcoming
during the nexl few months, I.e.! us
then clearly understand lhc situation,
'lhc essentials aro:
1. The allies must be fed.
2. Thej have in ilu ir own counlries only a fraction of lhc food required for their own peopb .
3. Until the shipping shortage is
relieved several months hence, thc
allies musl depend upon Canada and
the United States to make lip llieir
deficiency of essential food supplies,
Including wheat
Machine Gun as a
Del. nee Weapon
Single One  Can  Easily Hold  Up a
Regiment   Under Favorable
The presenl war has proven the
machine gun the greatest defensive
weapon yet developed, A single one
eau easily hold up an entire battalion, und iiudii favorable lircuui
stances nn entire regiment,
The full value oi ihe machine gun
was apparently appreciated by Germany before the war began to a
much greater extern ihan by any of
llu other European armies, With
the outbreak of hostilities each nc
live and reserve regiment of the
German ami) had -K machine guns
with ample hi reserve to replace losses.
Since th. ii i ici'iuany bas maintained a steady program of increase in
their number. 'Inwards the end of
191-1 Germany had undertaken to
equip everj uuii engaged on the
front with machine guns.
lu 1915 llle number oi these lo
each regiment had been increased
from six io nine, A lillle later the
number was again increased lo 12.
Following thc French attack iu
Champagne of .September, 1915, every German battalion was equipped
with six machine guns each, increasing thus the tolal of each regiment
to 18.
Now Germany is rapidly completing a program lhal will give each
regiment _-l machine guns.
Only one protection eau be offered thc infantrymen againsl the thousands and hundreds of thousands of
losses Lhat these guns can inflict and
iiini is nu artillery preparation exceeding anything which the    present
���I.  Canada and thc    United  States  V':ir bas yet developed.    Before    in
can  only  .pan-  the needed   supplies  Jmili-yiiien leap    over    the    trenches
by reducing their ov u   consumption
by al least 20 per cent.
5.  If    Canada,    rind      lhc    United
Stales should fail to make up the allies' deficiency of food, the soldiers
would havi to go short and the
whole allied causg mighi be endangered.
6. Individual effort, individual saving of Individual spoonsful of Hour,
individual economy in the use of
bread and flour and individual substitution of other cereals for wheat
alone can save lhe situation and give
to the men at lhc front the support
which Ihey musl have.
A New Industry
Camphor is being grown ill Florida. Since lhc outbreak of the war,
it has been difficult lo procure camphor from Formosa, from which
place the. previous .apply had almost
entirely come, There are already
large plantations being devoted lo
the growing of this tree, which, it
lias been proven, grows well in Florida. The largest plantation is reported to be the Slatsuma plantation
of 2i00ii acres in Putnam county.
One in Twenty-one Owns Auto
The number of registrations of
automobiles in Saskatchewan has
uow reached 32,458, This means
that llicrc are the same number of
cars in the province, or, placing thc
population at 700,000, one ear to every 21 of the population. The fact
that mosl of the ear owners are
farmers is a sign of the agricultural
prosperity of the province.
thousands of cannon must rain down
hundreds of thousands of shell:- on
every inch of ground to be attacked
until not a single spot has escaped
where a machine gun might remain
This artillery preparation musl not
only bc mi a scale to cover every
inch ol the surface of lhc ground
bin must be of an intensity to destroy steel and concrete shelters,
yards below tho surface. A single
machine gun left intact 111 one of
these shelters can be mounted to
the surface after, the infantry had
left iis trenches and inflict hundreds
if not thousands of losses.
With the artillery preparation
which the French have perfected
lhcy have demonstrated that it is
mathematically possible to wipe out
every machine gun before a single
Infantrymen  shows his head.
With tin French method and with
sufficient guns and shells, American
infantry can face the German's new
machine gun concctration with
practical immunity.
But it means that America must
have thousands of guns and millions
of shells.���By Henry Wood, with the
French Armies.
/ wish there was a
m every
little town
I wish there was a WALKER HOUSE
In every little town;
Then I could t avel merrily,
And always sit mo down
At night in peace and comfort,
Happier than king with crown,
If there was just one Walker House
In every litre town.
I v ish there was a WALKER HOUSE
In each place where I go.
The com'orts of my dear o'd home
While on the road I'd know.
The meals -the Cheerful Service, too,
Would leave no cause to frown,
If there was just one Walker House
In every little town.
The Walker House
���flftST-   Toronto   ��ft.��,
Anti-Submarine Bombs
Explode at Any Depth Is Claim  of
As one method of dealing summarily with Germany's U-boats, an
American inventor has proposed to
use bombs of a special type, designed lo explode at any desired depth
when thrown Into the sea, says the
Popular Mechanics magazine In an
Illustrated article. The missile would
be dropped from air craft or submarine chasers when an enemy boal
,v_S sighted beneath the water or
seen to submerge. The bomb is
connected by a lighl cable to a buoyant chamber that floats on ihc surface. As it sinks, the line, which is
wrapped around ii, unreels until a
predetermined depth i.s reached. The
jerk that then occurs actuates the
detonator and discharges tiie explosive. When submerged at any considerable depth, a submarine is under
an enormous pressure. An explosion
such as lhat of a high power bomb,
occurring in close proximity lo il
would cause it lo collapse.
Tell the Whole Story
Lloyd George's statement that five,
German submarines were   destroyed
ion Saturday alone will send a thrill
llirougli Great Britain and the Unit-
| ed States.    This is the kind of news
' lhat all the. allies need.   There ought
l to bc more of it, and there would be
I more of it if lhc censorship were rc-
jhixed.    ll is time to allow the    full
' story to be told of    the    campaign
against    the    ' German     Submarines
which lhe Britisii and American navies have carried out  with such brilliant results.���New York World.
Got and the Casualty List
How War Drove a Doubter to Belief in Immortality
The war put into mv soul something lhat it has never harbored
since lhe day when 1 tool; my lirst
step alone.���(ear. 1'i.ir of whal
mighi happen to this country has
turned me from a mild pacifist into
a violent advoeate of preparedness.
Fear of what might happen lo business made mc lose move chances in
these three years Ihan ever before in
my life. And recently there was added another fear, the fear of dealh.
The fear of God. I remember hearing once in church. Is lhc beginning
of wisdom. Perhaps lhal is true.
Perhaps I needed lhis war lo jog me
oni of my comfortable, unquestioning
nil and make me think why 1 am
here, and where I am going, and
what it is all aboul. Perhaps lhc.
whole world needed il. Who ran
ll is nol my own death thai 1 hav,
feared. I ihink I eau say lb.it without
any self-dceeplion. I have feared,
fear terribly even now, the possible
death of my boy. I visited him al
ihe camp only a few Sundays ago.
They let him conic over io lhe hotel where 1 was Slaying for a few
hours and slay  with  llie,
Virtue is ils own reward, I said lo
myself, If a man live, decently and
uprightly, the chances are be will
live long and prosper,
I have been allowed lo live a good
many years, and have In en comfortable and happy. Hut what about my
.sou? llis virlue has led him to volunteer his life in the service of a
great ideal. Suppose he loses _ his
life? In what way has his virtue
been rewarded? If Nero and the
Christian martyrs go down to the
same oblivion, if the robber of widows and orphans and his victims are
sank by the same submarine, what is
the. answer?
Argue about it as we will, no man
can sl nml amid the ruins of lhc San
Francisco earthquake or in front of
a casually lis! in Europe and make
himself believe thai i very human being gels his exact deserts here on
this earth. In spite of all armimenl.
iuslicc cries oul for some place and
lime of adjiis'lmentj reason insists
that life, ending lure so senselessly,
must be onlv an episode in a greater
and  more  reasonable  whole.
T recently beard a British armv
officer quoted as saying lhal he bad
never seen a simr'e man in tin- trenches who questioned immortality .
Face to face wiih death, no man can
convince himself thai death is tin-
end. Even Hllxlev, who in his strong
manhood, when his pulses v.ere balling, con1*1 welch calmly lhe thought
of extinction, found the Great Hope
forcing itself inlo his soul as he
dr-w nearer tin- end.
If al' lhe truth were known I
doubt it" anv ninu, since lhe creation
has died without some flicker of that
hone, i-'vi-n Ingcrsoll. standing at
I-Is brother's bier, spoke of the "rtts-
lle of a W"i"-." And I, solid, settled
man of rilTriirs, l. "ho had Ihoii'-bt
that a n-lii'ion of duly and service
was sufficient. 1 was caught up in
the flood of thc hope from the moment when mv bov announced his
decision, and carried on iu snite of
mvsclf. Immorlalilv a purely spec-
Ihat moment; but it became al' nl
tlm moment! but il became all at
once lo mc the realcst. most_ pressing, most important subject in the
world. ��
I began reading books on iinnior-
laliti and one alter another I tossed them aside as unconvincing. I
turned away from them bnek lo the
scientific teachers of my earlier days:
and here���in the quarter where I bad
never thought lo fiud il���I came upon my lirsl crumb of comfort. For
I discovered lhat not all the greatest
men of science, by any means, bad
rejected the Great Hope. Thev were
divided, even as oilier men, half on
one side, half ou thc other. Huxley,
lo be sure, died in agnosticism, not
daring to sheathe his soul in faith,
But William James, and Kepler, and
Sir Oliver Lodge, and William Osier, and scores of others, knowing
all that Huxley knew, with the same
facilities for judgment and research,
these refused to disbelieve. 1 stretched out my bands lo these sturdy
champions eagerly.���From lhe American Magazine.
If Holienzollcrns Attained Victory They Would Use It lirst to
Crush People of Own Country Who Wish a Peaceful World,
Then Impose Ruthless Military Rule the World Over
W.    N.    U.    1190
Perhaps thc world may owe you
a living, but you will die of starvation if you sit down and wait, for it
to settle up.
Fight Against Weariness
One Road   Leads    to    Victory,    the
Other to Defeat
Wc must fight against weariness.
It is unworthy of us. We must neither write, nor tall., nor think about
being weary ti'.l we havc won the
war. Wc al home have otic clear
duly, namely, lo support by every
means in our power, moral and material, our sons, who arc bearing
themselves so heroically before the
enemy. They arc not weary and we
have no right lo be weary cither.
"Wc arc at the parting of the ways."
Onc road leads to victory, thc other
to defeat. These arc the only two
roads open to us, and wc havc gol
to choose between theni. All talk
about a third road through Stockholm, Rome or elsewhere is a device of the enemy to save his own
neck. Weariness won't help us to
victory. Courage, resolution, endurance will. Did Pitt lire after Ausler-
litz, or Wellington after Burgos?
Nay, but are thc French tirin-? now?
���From the London Observer.
An inventor is a genius who discovers a lot of things that are already patented.
It  is  well    thai  tbe  allies    should
understand that when phrases like
"Peace with reconciliation)" and
"Disarmament," are rife in Germany,
they mean no more ihan that for lhc
time being, the fortune of war is not
smiling on Germany. So it was a
few months ago, when on July 1" the
German Reichstag, by a large v
'only, passed tin- now famous
resolution. So is ii nol now,
thanks to lhe revolution in Kussia
and the German peace propaganda iu
Italy, the Germans have been successful in striking two great military
blows. Streseiiiaun, a leader of the
national liberals, speaking al Dresden on October '20 "rejoiced thai a
political situation appeared to have
been reached where evi ry obligation
of the government to ihe peace resolution oi lulv 19 had ceased." The
Kolnilchc Zcitung of October 27 devoted a leading article to German
colonial troops and came to the conclusion that triumphant Germany
should extend her system of universal conscription and military training
lo lhe whole of Africa. "The experience of this war," said llu. article in question, "has shown thai
East Africa natives, if sufficiently
trained and led by Europeans, make
efficient soldiers, while lhe Southwest African is an even better soldier given similar circumstances, In
future lo prevent her colonies from
being overrun by other peoples, Germany must utilize lo lhe full ihese
sources of man-power, Such of these
unlives as have hitherto not been
subject to Germany musl come under her sway, while all foreign colonies which have made war againsl the
German colonies must become German property."
Tin I-riiiidenblatl, of October 29
declared lhal "unless all lhe indications arc false, Italy will share the
fate of Roumania, Serbia and Russia. Italy must expiate lhe guilt of
her unscrupulous, faithless and rapacious stati -mi ii."
Tin- Norddeurcchc Allgciucinc Zcitung has been publishing a semi-official review of tin operations on the
west front written iu language lhal
reminds one oi llu- phasi of madness
iu wliicli the patient imagines himself to be emperor of the world. One
phrase may be selected from many.
"Hc who is a gootl German knows
that hc i.s as one wilh lhc High Command and their great aim, which
will, moreover, be attained, victory
on all fronts, on laud and sea, or, in
other words of old Colonel Kott-
witz���"In the (lust wilh all the enemies of the Brandenburg."
Even lhe Austrian papers have
been infected, and it may bc sus^
pected that one of the chief reasons
for the huge onslaught on Italy, was
not so much to attack Italy as to
encourage Austria. "Today," wrote
the Austrian Freindcnblatt, on October 31, "after more than three years
of terrible war, Roumania and Serbia are annihilated, Russia is shattered and Italy is pierced lo the heart.
The tremendous importance of our
alliance with Germany will now be
obvious to the dullest mind, and everyone must now recognize that the
main pillar of our policy must bc the
alliance with Germany. The Vienna
Extrablatt of the same date maintained that the central powers will determine by the sword the course of
events. "It is their alliance which
has reaped the victory, and it is
they who will dictate the new order
of things for the welfare even of
those who now resist them."
Count von Reventlow, as was to
bc expected spreads himself and Germany slill more widely as a result
of the  Italian successes',
Writing in the Deutsche Tagcszci-
tung of October .11, he said: "We
confine ourselves today to a general
Statement of our aims���that, for the
future, an active Adriatic policy on
the part of Italy shall be made cont-
plctcly impossible, and lhis not    by
paper guarantees" (no one knows
belter than the Germans the value
of paper guarantees) "bill by real
guarantees; thai is to say by appropriate territorial changes on the
coast of the Adriatic." Germany and
Austria-Hungary arc to work together as regards the development
of llieir power "in the Mediterranean and the world." "The Mediterranean was the weak side of the old
triple alliance. The new quadruple
alliance can. after the overthrow of
Italy, give quite a different appearance to the Mediterranean problem. This can be done by creating
and securing two central points of
power���the Adriatic and Constantinople, with the Straits. Sueh a political, maritime and economic position
would stand in the closest combination with the position of the German empire in the north, and, if this
position remains dominant in thc
Baltic and on the coast of Flanders,
Great Britain's sea tyranny will be
set a 'difficult am! probably an insoluble problem."
The Frankfurter Zcitung, usually a
rather moderate journal, has also
joined the chorus. On November 31
it wrote: "The entente will never be
able to subdue fate, and tin rc nil of
its present altitude and endeavor will
bc what it need not hft-vc been at the
outset, namely, defeat." "If ihe entente had only been willing lo conclude betimes a peace based on understanding it would have been saved
the complete overthrow oi Rumania.
lhc submarine warfare, ihe Russian
revolution and now- the victory in
...ly   which   has  made    the    central
European   alliance   so   ttn ng   and
W'e need not multiply quotations.
They would only confirm llu impression thai if Germany wero to obtain
victory, sh,. would use it first to
crush (lown ihose of her o\ n ] pic
who wish for a peaceful world, and
next to impose a ruthless military
domination on every part of the
worltl. But if she cannot get victory, she is all for peace���peac
reconciliation. IUr alternative
cics are to punish the whole
the is succi ssflll, to avoid per is
if she is beaten. She is like her own
soldiers, who failing to kill, throw up
their hands and cry "Kamcrad."
orld if
Tricks of a German Spy
An    Old    Russian    Merchant    Who
Dealt in Damaged Laces
The successful spy is generally the
leasl obvious person in ih. community hc endangers, says A. i
Roth in The Saturday Evening I' st.
Hc may be a commercial traveler, _
small tradesman, a waiter, a mechanic or a wandcrsomc bi
One of lln- most succi ssful '
spies operating  from  Sa> ���   in
old  Russian  merchant
damaged  laces and  bn I        loi       Hi
bought laces and i ml roid
the manufacturers in  PI:
St. Gall, Switzerland, and !
war  bad  buill   up  an   ���
ness in England,   IPs'
dress   was   in   Holt, tdatn, .i
laces were warcho  sed pi rein;   -  i  ���
men  to   Engl sh   customi   -.      V.     i
the war broke oul  thc C, rtnan    foreign office detailed oe.fr     igenta
to  take ovcr  lln   supc visia
I Russian's office    in    Ro   ���
'employed lhe   i. Id mere      I        English business. He made re: I        ���
to  England,    and  1  under lo d   g tr-
nercd some very valuable    info nation there.
As this agent was typical o- hundreds of oiln r atrents, i is
while to describe bis methods. He
visited Kngland en a Du ch passport.
equipped with n.thing mor formidable than la.-e and cmbroid ry samples and two eases of cigarettes. Tin:
cigarettes in one case contained, impregnated in their paper covering,
lhc chemical ont of which tin- Germans manufacture their new invisible
ink. All more bulky messages were
forwarded in this invisible ink. They
were contained in commonplace busines--. messages to the firm otri.-os in
Holland. The visible- m .--..:���-. detailing English orders, were written
upon any sort of letter paper, and
then thc secret information was written across the apparent message. Th,;
merchant would soak a cigarette
covering in a cup of water, thc resulting fluid being ihe invisible ink,
and would write the invisible message very lightly with a toothpick.
Tln.se messages wcrc developed by
chemical treatment in Ho'land, and
llieir purport sent by courier to the
Dutch border, whence they v. ere
telegraphed to Berlin.
A greal deal of important information concerning the enemy is relayed in this way through commercial houses in Switzerland, Holland,
Denmark and Sweden.
German Dreams of Peac*
German  Workers Openly Aver that
They Will Not Go Through
Another Winter of War
The Tribune publishes an inter*
esling account of conditions in Germany, furnished by Slgnor Francesco Bellomo, an Italian who recently
succeeded in making Iiis escape from
Germany. "The German people," he
: said, "dream of nothing bin an im-
j mediate peace���it is an obsession
I with them���and they have fixed
I January next as ihe month in which
[peace will come. German workers
openly aver that they will not go
through another winter of war; rather than endure that they will refuse to work in the military establishments. Large numbers of soldiers participated iu a recent antiwar demonstration in Berlin, and
hundreds of persons, including many
soldiers, were killed and injured in
the rioting. Demonstrations against
the war sir, growing more numerous and more serious throughout the
country, and the growing frequency
of air-raids mi German towns is having a marked effect on tin morale
of tlle people."
For each bachelor who sighs because hc is alone fully a dozen married men sigh because ihey arc not. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenav Review ,di'-ililv- I" "iis way a large par
And Oomox Valley Advocate I ��f the requirements  of   cities  am
A   Weekly   Newspaper, Published at
Courteuay, B 0,
N. H.  BODBN,  Palilor and Proprietor
Subscription tl RO per Yeai In Advance
.2.0(1 per aiiiiuui il nol SO pnid
THUKSUAV    TAN, 31,    1918
It will still ninl always be- possible for nnv Canadian who is nsked
to do it patriotic thing lo lind some
other Canadian who fails, Shall
we then all refuse until wc nu-nun
uioiniislv patriotic? If io we shall
be traitors together. Reliei do lhe
thing that Bhould be dune by us individually nnd i hen wa i bail b ive
the greater righl tod uiiiind further
action hv our repre itiv in of-
fice.--The     nn i r       Province
The l'.iiiiotic l.d ui   .*"' i'-.v
of Washington   I done cnpil il
constructive  worl u    truthful!
ti    .. .our need f.arli b
slipvi ii otu d     tlf d       I  i      i '
In       go   ���- '��� ��� '.'��� in '���hip
I ling   and  tin i       -e-neuts
d ������'  ned I Ibis
II has shov    i   .
at ��� hi - tini .
in building
8-hour shifi
our soldiei ���       ���
front at the
Th   I nib I   ';
w    the ��� - ������ e ol the pri
.... ...
1] ;
bul  t crini   lo nc
inotitl i aflei     ���
���(_���.!.  Ro ��� ��� "   ���-
City Star,
I an a ti<
Brewster,  d   N. Wc  '
Tagg nt.    .    bv     "���    \ndei on   ol
Van i itvi r, und ��� '    ���
-    ���  ,
for services lo en
rendered   in   atti    pi  ig   to  i
Scott to the bar ol justice,
Cultivation   of  Back   Yards
and Vacant  Lots
Everv ler ���'; yard shotil 1 be used
for cultivation of Iruit and vegetables. Suburban areas should he
utilized for food production. Much
could be don .- by individual households if people only realize the desperate seriousness of the situation
and the fact that every ounce of
food is a necessary and important
contribution in the light against
defeat. Hundreds of thousands of
men and women, boys and girls,
could spare a short time a day to
cultivate a garden nnd thus to grow
food which would release other
food commodities for sliipnient
overseas. The staffs nf industrial
establishments, both office aud factory, could do much by organizing
clubs to cultivate vacant areas near
their own places of employment or
vacant lots elsewhere in  the niutii-
towns, jn so far us vegetables are
concerned, would be supplied by
back van! aud vacant lot cultivation
so that market gardeners could use
their bind iu part for  grain  crops,
A Call to Tho Cities
In Hie labor force represented by
people in cities, lown- unl villages
is lip- principal hope of any large
increase in the produ :tion of. food
in Caiuum iu 1918, There musl
be rnecljtislinenl betwi en producers
and non-producers if the present
dangerous situation is to be relieved, The Canadian fanner of
lo.l.iy s doing his ulinosl. Kven
the inducement if bigliei prices
would not resull in much ;,;, nb r
1 r idttciion,  bei ni ,���   1 1 ������ '11'  pro
du ti  11 Is fm li 1   |>h) r,i_r.l  im
lily unci . ,>! ��� 1 -.       . lilii
ol 1 iboi scarcity     T Iwelici
uid I w.i-       ,. c'.r 1 art
The in -I 1.1 loi 1! ii   inrb ' d   grave
nud now s ttie.  ifuie   vi h .11   plans !
'      I be iiimle I 1" 1;   big ->   ���. 1
1 million sack* 1
lli   ll ���"' ]  ,        I    111      "
ntiige ol       ��� . , ,
'i'ii   man .
ud othei s from
....        istlll I    I
tr by Mr. J i    Iii
-.. ���     :
.   eat
t 1 1. is to  lie con-
it  UClCrd ,-:'   : . '      isl     : '
p!    I Ri   ���
��� -  ��� ,;-      ��� .'���   *
it d .
,   .... J   j ':,,   . are  1 11
teri ig  11 C litornia.
'j ' . Cam 1 bi II !',.��� r Trading C ���
will nol rebuild iheir slore uutil
the spring.
M bs Ma ;gie McNr il and Carl
Thulin were uniled in marriage,
c  1
of the balance of their
Wmt 1 ;.*iock
':-'h' 3,
s .ill
of Ladi - m ���
". :v. .., -������
ar ������'   ���
Land Registry Act
fSection 24.) . '  '"���
IN   'i'lll-;   MATTii'l"   OF   Fractional
Section 2. Fractional East 1-2 and North
Wist I--I of   S'-etion   3,   and   Fructii I
Section In, Township -I, nnd Fraction-
nl North West 1-4 of Section 33. Township 7; Comox District, Hups H22 C and
522 I-'.
Proof having been filed of the loss of
Certificate of Title No. 2084 F, issued to;
August Kopo/yiiski and Enoch U. Cros- 1
by, on the 3rd day of November   1912, I ,
hereby give notice  of  my   intention  at I
the expiration of  one  calendar   month
from the first publication hereof  to  issue a fresli  (.ertificate  of Title lu  lieu
IJATIil) at the T.iud Registry Office,
Victoria, B. C, this 29th dav of January
Registrar General of Titles
' .    Ji, V--
_j      .   '-... *.���; I   ..���."a   1
10 p.c. disc
Sec Lnrge 1'ot ������<    foi- Sin uial Sale
^^tiT^i'   ii',il_-nii'l_-|7-"��^^
������    -vis.
ma. vtmm
...*.���-* *"'->*___���
Royal S .mhW Flour
Is the famous " no risk " flour.
The famous " mon. ur.
The flour that earn     tl        gh
centage of Food Value
Look for " The Circle V " on
Royal Staii I       '-���iin Prod   '
Plionc3-!, End of Bridge B. Towler,  Mgr.
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed aud Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Cn-nag. Builder COURTENAY
of Premises
Large corner store added
to Present Stand
623-5 Johnson St.
Great Clearance Sale
at 716 Yate Street
All Goods Must be   Cleared
Seabrook Young
Johnson and Broad Street
Victoria, B. C.
V ���__--����� ���,- ���   , 1
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between   Bridges
i srVj^wu*. *&e^0K&**gati^**/*ii*ti*i^0*^, k^***���****
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
For   Victoria���11.35    Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni,
From   Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,     Thursday,   and
i     Saturday, connecting at  Parksville Junction  with
I     train from   Port   Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10.
Phone R 60
Agent Caurteu.jr,
Comox  Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonab'e rates
.--.iii  ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks  Beach  &  Field
Ttin'ng and Repairing
Hereabout Oct. 1]
Leave order, at Rer>ew office
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
No, i Clover Hay     $26.00
Agricultural Lime 60c per cwt.
Building Lime $1.60 per bbl.
Corn Chop at $2.35 and Oat Feed at $1.40 per sack  are  the
cheapest dairy feed on the market.
BRAN and SHORTS at Food Controllers prices,
We have a few sacks of Purity, Gold Seal,  and   B.   and
K. Bread Flours on hand.    When we have disposed  of these
there will be no choice in flour��� all will be the Jnew  Government Standard Grade.
We Deliver
Phone  66
Why the Telephone Is
Sound travels at the rate of j,070 feet per second; the
voice when telephoning travels at the rate of 15,000 per second. Think of it! The reason sound travels faster bv telephoning is because it is accelerated by electricity, not very
much, but enough for the purpose,
So you can see the telephone is the quickest���the surest
to send, the quickest to reach the ear you seek, and the easiest to bring the answer back.    From anywhere, too,
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
The costof Living is High
Still There's Nothing Like Leather   Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical" Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & Iliscoe ��_._-_     _*_�����_
Cumberl.n. and Coails'-ay
Fine Showing ol Horse  Itlankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly THE COURTENAY REVIEW
li',',";'   68.8 R. "��� Hurfortl
'*96  67.3 T- D- Smith
i(l.|i"        lio.' I'riU-linril & Sons
'ggg  .; 64.9 T. "��� Smith
\m'.'.'. "1"
Comox Valley Cow Testing Association
[/Ut of im va ilml hnve given SO Ihsof liutler dur n_  Jnn.
Name of cow Iba milk llis butter owner
Pern 1488  71-    l'- ���,or."'".
Heather V.'.,.*.'....,,".'.','.'.',,.',.'.Sd2.'!!!;.'.'i...'.'-!���; ol." A. McMlllw
Nell,., 1085   60.8 B, D. llroiitjhloi
Baby,'.  1011  ....
Mabel   1048	
young Tiger    958	
Maggie  11.19
(ill. J ..
alt.2 ..
ll. Qurne*
,,',R, !'. Hurfortl
   11. (. urne)
Pritchard & Sous
, ,\. Urquhart
r.q s.' _   ,W, T, Wiiln
7U,     52,2 R, U,   Iinrfnrd
9.9,:::::::::...... 52.0 v"����rM'
967,,  51.9 C. 0  Oauie
i'i 5.
llrinilli- 1066
Pansy 77S
Ni llic 9 monili
il 11  11, 1). I'.rnu.liliiii
: 50.6.... VV, T. Wain t. Sour.
o��� 50 4 T, U. Smith
jh���;. :,..602.1 r\, McMillan
klioihrtm 9 iiionllis.
Dollv 9 month-...,
It.  t\ llirvliiril
...A. McMillan
...'i'. i>. '. nihil
Poison of Prussianism
Goi'inftli-AnK 1 ii-.ui  I' nki 1'-  Pas.
sionat. Word 1.
Mr. fit') II.   ICnlin,   pri    '
liiiiini'i- in ll 0 itilm-i ulional   li.inl..
ilio llijU. 1- 1 I   K llm   1,1 ��� li   &   ('o   ,
uml hiin-i'lf a nriiivi- of Gei man},
lov;     ri    ,.'  ;.'.
" Roil I 1
C-w  Vork
1I1 livoroditli
. j ,,-!���,-.11 al a great in
 icotiug  al   l
.1 nil 1 inns 1 lio i-ivi|i/..'I   1 nt'to-is  "i
th !     '.mil : ghaut, sturled in
to I ��� i'i', li .., than thirl J yell 1   ������;-,".
'J    ���   pirit nl'   I'i us:.inni in   ....:
I    1   uf ,\n   '������i-riirsiii    . iimoi,
livo in lho sunn:   \\   . lil,     < bie   tn
tlllll I'    Iiitl8t    r     'I1'  I'      'J "
i-iii-in v I.-, nl'   I'm iniililhlu   m 1 'l ;','- ii,
1 i f ho _w01     fm     '��� 1        '
���   l       '  ' ill   il  Ill"
The Mayor has appointed the
Inllowino standing coinni.lt.08 l> r
the year,
Finance���Aid. LogRie. I<elghtoti
and Aston.
Utilit!*S���Aid,   Iliirl'ni.l    I.eigll
ton, and Loggie.
Board of Works���Aid, Aston.
Leighton ninl Idiens.
Sanitary���Aid, Aslon, Miens and
Transportation���-Aid.    Kerton,
Idiens. nnd Hurford.
Fire Wardens���Aid, Leighton,
Aston, nm! Loggie,
Plucked .rom ths Byways of
Italian   j;raiid opera   began in
Life preservers w.re bi _u .lit in
lo popular n ������ mi 18.0.
Present inelho is of uiauiifacliii ���
ing Imi" |.'i.\.nl   I in 713 B. C.
Police ������, sl in   was inaugural   1
in l.i . In id 1 Robert Peel   ;
1 8 1.1,
Furs fir t arriv      al   Sl, Louis, |
.in  the   Rocky
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It h:i3 a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
' :'~*"-r? '
iy-.,  Hum    i n       !��� \, ^
ii Novcni iei        i .'   -      ��� t,
���' ti ll st | alenl for a si    ��� _�� '.
e wa      anted        Eu>;i.    1; _
mcwi :niuJi��tw ���"***;'*".''������'
i uiplele | ||
n June _.}, 17.""5���    ,i"-'ii   '-:u|  .
machine I for
in '         ts p I  in  th
led   k'.-.'���:-... ... io
,.) ' Gl ���'-      a
,. ri e,
""i'ii'1. 11
B   ti
fore   lhe   high     rilni nl
world's public op of  linvin
planned and m : war;   . :
crime heaped upon i
mis defianci of   ...
���anil ii.nn.
! cherish itieinoi i    .-! n    \ on!'
Imi Ihese very i iei      - ��� in ice n
cry out in pain in I     Ml inst
those who have lul''- ilod and dis
credited the spiritual 'oil of tin
old Germany in which ihey wen
rooted.    Unless you  have  gassed
below ilu-  glittering   surface   of        Tetanus and Anthrax
marvellous material progress  and  Deadly Genns iu Inside of  Cotton
achievement and see how the   soil Roll Sent to Red Cross.
of Germany-is being eaten away Springfield, 111., Jan. 26���Te-
hy the virulent pnUon of Prus- taints and anthrax j nus 011 a bit
sianisn, unless you havo followed |of German newspaper were found
and watched the  appaling  trans
I   -.. me,  is tne
tral .'.. ��� v...,
1   11.   Kl
.  ������   111 . -.   i.iiiiit-n-
. ���'. 11 io*   iin-
J Ir.   Khan   was
11 Malililieii:      :    1 _07,   wn
 .rn    ... and   aervoil
ear in the Ge--iiuiii army,
, . 11
11  of
a I   .  .
a half
.   I inc
in the centre of 11 cotton   roll  pre-
pared for use in France and received at local Red Cross headquarters,
influence of   the  priesthood  and' pederal authorities  are investiga-
..��� .1.: .'. .1    1  ting today to ascertain   the  source
of the roll.    Dr, Walter G.   Bain
formation  of   German  mentality
and morality  under   the sinister
power-worship, you do not   kiiowj""
voice tlirougli oue nvi    1 11
feet Ion;:, war, heard al   1    I
1,000 yards,
To try, and !' til,
Is belter far
'I'h.ui not lo move
From where you ai
My boy, remember
What I teach.
Keep wanting things
Beyond vour reach,
Work hard to win
Along life.s trail
But do not be
Afraid to fail.
All things come round to he who
tips the waiter.
There IS nothing so unpopular as
a too popular tune.
, twin til''
all in pei ii'liti
ilh 1
.,       .Ml.-    I
I   .        ,'
' iuri . : sal      1750
1  2 Ton Gi aium Irticl . pn      body, si
; ord
1 1 Ton Gram      fill
overhaul   I ninl ost 1        600.
;    ' ml ;' 1 ni a Ti uck.    _    v tii      all     -li   I ,
tismissi -ii ..        ,
1 Overland delivery, coven I body.    P ice $51 ���
Johnson Street Victoria, B
Germany of this day and gene,
ration. The Germany which
brought upon the world tlle immeasurable disaster ol this war,
and at whose monstrous deeds and
pathologist, in his report to United
States District Attorney Knotts,
said that '.uinea pigs inoculated
with the germs died within five
Have you tried
" Nabob  Coffee"
in   sealed   tins
50c per lb.
NABOB stands for Quali'y.    We specialize
on that brand
T. Booth & Sons
Telephone No. 1.
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
I The Hest'and cheapest bre-td in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for 50 cts, 4 for 30cts, 2 for 15>ts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement]
The baker of Better Bread
"Opposite the city hall
Against Chinese Labor
Calgary, Jan, 26.���At tiie Unit-
id Farmers' Association couvantion
yesterday the chief topic  for dis-
Others Have Noticed It
Maisie (who wears her older listers cast off skirts, etc. I���d iy M r,
what's the difference between cue
and Eve?
Mother    I don't know.
Maisie Eve had lo wear leaves
and I have to wear leavings'.
U nele Ezra��� So \ e just got back
from New York!    What's the difference between the citv   aud  the
countr ?
���^^^^^^^^���-i Uncle Ebt-n���Wai, in the  eoi-n-
cussion was a resolution dealing I try you go to bed fseliug all in aud
with the proposed movemeiit'of the j get up feeling fine, and in the city I For Sure
Canadian government to use Chin- : you go to bed feeling fine and   get      "is he lazy?
ese labor in   Canada   to increase ! up feeling all in."    Life, 1
farm production.    The discussion j !
Experience is said to   be a  good j
teacher, but can't t.,at be said to be
its primary objeet?
ended in a resolution being adopt
ed severely condemning Oriental
labor for Cauada 3
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
Now Showing New Spring Suitings
McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
"He is, He'll go through a revolving door and then wait for
somebody to come along and turn
it around."
Mean of Him
Wifey���You used to want to-
bold my baud before we w.re married."
Hubby���I'd like to now, but it
would keep you from your housework, dear,"
Cumberland Hotel
("ood Accomodation      Cnsiue Excellen
Wm. Merryfield
If You have a
Light,   Heat
or Power
[ Bring it to us we can solve it for you Electrically
The CourtenayElect ricLight
Heat & Power Comoanv I <mite<i
Sand and Gravel
Rates Renr-onulile
Do You
The Courtenav  Review
Family Herald and W_. .ly Star
and the Daily Province
for one year
for $6 THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    C.
The Squire's
I-..I, M��D����*_., ������-! 1 Mk
But wc shall have to leave it as the
summer odvanci s. Even as it is,
though wc arc only half-way down
ilur ravine, wc do not _ct enough air,
I will not go back to Marigolds
where she was so unhappy, where
llicy were so hateful about her."
"The Squire thinks you should
conic back, So dues Mr, Pritchard,
So does everybody, You will like
Mrs. Mcyrick."
Margan Is'   eyes   rested   on   liim
"I shall have to go some time," she
"Wiih mc," ?ai'i Hilary| nnd the
impetuous color flamed In his face,
"Vnn are nol going lo elude mc again,
"Hilary!" she said. "I don't know
where yon have sprung from; bul
Heaven must have sent you. She
has hud a very had attack. The worst
yet. I was praying I might find
Someone to lake a telegram message
for mc to Sarney's shop in the village where Ihere is a call ol'h>e. I.
want Mr. Langton lo come at once,
4713, Mayfair. Oh, Hilary dear, how
glad  1 am In see yon!"
Her joy was rather for lhe opportuneness of the messenger than for
liim personally, yet his heart leaped
and sang though he ... ted to keep it
grave and sorrowful as befitted the
message hc wa-. carrying as he ran
On his way up hilt and el own dale lo
the village he had passed llirougli a
couple of miles hack.
h took sonn litlle lime lo gel on
to Mr. Langton, bul finally lie succeeded, Mr. Langton would conic at
He raced Link again ai headlong
speed. The way was too long for
him, but he could not shorten ii except by pulling mi a siiriui; and it
was really an incredibly short space
of lime iill he stood at the cottage
dour, panting, while hi gave Margaret Mr. Langton's message.
"She is a little hitter," the girl said
in a whisper.   "I have never seen her i
so exhausted before.      1  was afraid
_he  we-- going i"    lip through    my
fingers: but    now    she    is    sleeping'
Her bosom heaved and he saw thc
lift of it through the nius'in of lur
dress: her voici was suddenly lost
in tears. She was not looking herself. Tin- long anxiety had told ou
In r fresh and joy OUS  bi r.-.iiy.
"Poor Hilary!" slu said, in a trembling voice "You have been killing
yourself running my message. I am
going to get yon some tea. Afterwards yon will tell mc liow you came
to he hen."
lie sat (lown on lhc green scat under the apple trci lo gel cool. Margaret came and went, talking to him
in low tones. Her mother slill slept.
Presently, when she awoke, Hilary
might see her. H-- was not to he
too frightened, or lo h I her SCC lhal
he thought 'he looki il iii.
She spread a cloth on the little
green table and brought out the cups
and saucers, a loaf and a pat of butter, honey in a glass dish, and other
tilings. Hilary noticed lhat her hands
looked work-worn, Somehow he
loved ihem better liran when lhcy
had been white and delicate. lie
could hardly keep himself, in lull
view of the road, from taking theni
inlo his own and kissing them.
Tin girl had assumed sonn- new
majesty to him. lie approached her
with a feeling o( adoration. Was
lhis���could this be: the Margaret with
whom he had taken part in many
childish pranks?; it was sin- who led
thc way into all the scrapes, he who
followed. Once she had refused to
put gentles i.n a hook when lhcy
v enl fishing ami he had been con-
li inptuous of her, She had had a
few feminine timidities. Cattle alarm.
id her unless she was sure of them.
lie had once forced her by his taunts
t.i cross a field whore there was a
bull and the beast had chased lier.
What a merciless young savage he
had been!
The scared look was passing away
from In r eyi - while she talked in a
low voice, sweei a- the running
laughter of the birds about ihem. She
could nol gel ovi r tin marvel of Hilary's having discovered ihem by sueh
mere chance at a moment when she
needed help so bad'.y. "It was a very
bad fright," she said plaintively.
���'Vou ought ""I I" have to bear it
done,"  Hilary  said.
She colored .-lightly.
"I  havc become an expert nurse,
she answered.    "No one else   would
. .ire so much."
"Tin re is only onc other person."
said Hilary. "Have you noticed how
tired and ' old-looking Mr. I.anglon
has become?"
"1 have not noticed anything," said
Margaret. "I have been thinking loo
ii'tich ol her.    Is it not a sweet sp*'t?
On Hands. Caused Disfigurement, Itching and Burning.
Cuticura Healed.
blewliich I had affected my
li first came In watery
I listers under lho skin,
and if they were scratched
|| ih. ybroke,causlngamac9
\ of   sore   eruptions that
caused   disfigurement,
itching, burning and loirs
of sleep.   The   trouble
lasted about one year and
after using the Cuticura
Snap and Ointment for
months 1 was completely
gned) Miss Ailcen Sweet,
astman, Que,
r skin clear by daily use of
ip and Ointment.
Sample Kach hy Mail ad-
ml:   "Cuticura, Dept. A,
'. A."    Snld everywhere.
about three
herded." (S
Main St,, E;
Keep you
Cuticura Sn.
For "'ree
dress post-c
Hoston, U.
[Dearest, am I a stick or a Stone;
Your   mother  was  always  gentle    to
j me, 1 shall ask her to pli ad my
���     She lifted her hand.
; "It is the motor/' she said. "I did
not think il could have been here SO
soon.    He must have raced,"
She went away from Hilary to lhe
garden gale, and looked up the hill.
I The big motor was jusl gliding down
"She has been very bad," she said,
meeting Mr, I.anglon.    "I    tboughl
she was going.   She is belter, sleeping quietly."
Tbe harassed look depeened on his
"Poor child!" he said gently; "and
yon  were alone?"
"Through the ivot-sl of ii.    Then
Hilary eaine."
"I thought I recognized his voice
over the telephone, 1 am glad ymi
sent for him al last."
She did nut s;iy she hnd. nol sent
for him. Jt wa-, no tiun for explanations .
With a nml to Hilary Mr. Langton
passed into the coltage. lie sat
down by lhe sofa on which Lady
South lay, awake now, and fell her
pulse, She was very pale, as she lay
wilh an exhausted air upon the sofa
cushions, her features oddly sharpened, against the red of the sola back,
purple shadows about her eyes and
lips. The hand he look into his was
cold and damp,
"Was il verv bad?" he asked, tenderly.
"ll was terrible. My poor girl!
Mow she suffers for me 1"
"Do you know that Hilary Strangways is with her?"
"She had sent him for you. 1 am
so glad for her. He came in lhe nick
of time. They were always such
"They' are more than friends, Mavis. 'I'hey are lovers. Margarel has
kept poor Hilary in suspense. Pcr-
haps she was afraid of herself, She
would nol write nor lct me tell him
this address.    There lhcy go.    Mar
garet has taken him down    towards
lhe wood."
"She will bo safe with Hilary when
I am gone"
j    A strange    excitement    came    inlo
I Mr.  Langton's face.
"They arc nol lo wail for that," he
answered, "1 said to myself when 1
I gol Margaret's message that this
I thing must be put to a stop. You
have been cruel lo me, Mavis. I'm going tn lake carer of yotl whether you
wiil or nol. For whatever lime is
lefl l.i us you shall bc eared for as
woman was never cared for before.
You owe so much lo uie. Whal a
life il  has been!"
"A sick woman, a dying woman."
she said feebly. "What have J lo do
wiih marriage?"
"That is as God wills il," he said.
"If Ihere were any olhcr wav Ihan
marriage I would take it, and please
yoil to lhe bitter end."
"I have loo much pity." she said,
"lo sadden your life with a woman
like me. Why should you he chained
to an  invalid's sofa���al   your age?"
"Because it is the oni' possible
happiness life holds for me," he said,
"and for you. Here I am, your slave,
for lhc time thai is left to us."
She was too weak to protest much.
She let Iiini take her baud and hold
it in his quietly, while Ihe joy flashed into his weary face.
"1 would not consent," she said;
"only for poor Margaret; only that it
will not be for long; only that . . ."
"I accept it," In- said, "for Margaret's sake; for Hilary's sake; for my
own sake As for its not being for
long, well I shall light to keep my
wife, Anyhow���if it was only for an
hour you will be mine. Thai is
A Hard World
Tin- world is rough, but  never mind I
Keep cheerful  as  tun  go,
For if you slop to kick you'll  (ind
You've only stubbed your Inc.
Domestic quarrels an- tin- coupons
torn from tin- bonds of matrimony.
y _______________
Reducing Expenses !
The war has so increased lhe cost of living, thc
housewife must make her money go further.
Hy  using Red Rose Tea, wliicli chiefly  consists  of
ntrong, rich Assam teas, she c__i keep her tea bills
down.     The  rich Assarn
Btrength requires less tea in       ���- ���       ���'"*"
the pot���and there's only
one tea with the rich Red
Rose flavor I
Kept Good by the
Sealed Package
WINE Granulated Eyelids,
""��� "*���-:��it Sure Eyes, Eyes inflamed by
MSun, Dm:ami "Vlnrfqulckly
relieved by Murine, "i ry It In
your Eyes and in Baby's Eyes,
NoSmnrlini.Ji.'l I'yrComloTt
Marl-. Eye Remedy (.iteSffSSS'Vig'riS.
t��� t.W., In Tabu lit,   K..r ileoh ef 11., tttt-tn*.
-,.-_ Mariac Eye H.m*il. Co.. Chlca*..
W.     N.     U.     1190
Use Sani-Wrappers
It Pays
. '-IvPLLS::-
Your customers will appreciate your care and cleanliness as
your parcel their purchases oi meats, butter, bread and
vegetables in Appletora's Sani-Wrappers.
Particular trade goes to lhe store that is careful ot the details ofcleantl*
ness and appearance.
Ask your Jobber tor Appleford's Sani-Wrappers, or write us direct for
samples and prices.
Appleford Counter Check Book Co., Limited
��������� THE    UWIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    0.
With your work, with your business? "J
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Men of energy, with salesmanship ability      ��
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"1 M.H.C. Vocational Training
There is no finer
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Ship to us at once and Reap
Benefits of High Prices
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P.I.0 Lilt and Shipping Tags FREE
��_;���.._./ Alexj/>_e .V/i-ii.'IPL.. Canada
We Also Buy HIDESaodSENEtA RDDt;
Wben buying your Piano
Insist on having an
Otto Hid Piano Action
Dominion Express Foreign Cheques are
accepted by Field Cashier: mid Paymasters
iu France lor their lull [a ��� inin- 'Ihere j
is no heller way lo Lend Uloiie. io ne liuyi
in the trenches.
The Bacon Hog
Farmers arc   Advised  to   Raise   the
Type Acceptable to Britisii
The economic value of the bacon
ling on tin- British market is an important topic. According to Mr.
Duncan Anderson, who has been
talking on this topic 'to the public
for many years, the fanners of Ontario began to change from lhe thick
fat to thc bacon type of hog about
twenty years ago. During the next
eight years, as a resull of that
change, an export trade to England
in bacon and ham was developed to
the extent of fifteen million dollars
a year. What is needed is that a
clear knowledge of thc situation bc
propagated among thc farmers, so
that the best type of bacon hog bc
produced, that the bacon be prepared
and preserved in the way thc British
people like best.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Lightning Change Artists
On meeting the Britisii ships lhc
German licet can change ils mind
ibout wanting a big high seas fight
liiiekcr than any navy afloat.���Chi-
���ago  Herald.
Commercial Cby Modelling One  of
Many Odd Courses Offered
Special Cases
Commercial clay modelling supplementary to IllO decorator's art,
will provide a future for sonic of
the convalescent soldiers under the
military hospital commission command who must be educated in new
trades to maintain themselves,
The variety of occupations from
which men came to thc army may be
made a" Indicator as to how elastic
lho training provided by lhe vocational classes of the military hospitals commimssion must hc if it is to
niiil lhe demands of the maimed
Nol every man can be made a machinist, even though the demand
were Infinitely ��rcater than ihe supply. All past ducation and experience cannot lie scrapped, To satisfy
the needs of the men, the courses
musl afford them an opportunity lo
follow a new occupation in some way
related to iheir old work or inherent
ability. The individual as well as
lhe labor market musl be taken into
Tlie commimssion endeavors to
give a man an opportunity lo pursue any course in which it seems he
has a reasonable chance of making
himself independent, The result has
Iii'iii a great variety of odd vocation, of which clay modelling is only
Old Dutch in the Kitchen
Keeps Everything Bright
It won't hurt aluminum or
other metals and turn them
black like preparations
,_I_J.��*�� ,
Never harms
your hands.
jjr ��-    ,_'D
Babv's Own Tablets are a grand
medicine for little ones. They are a
mild but thorough laxative; arc absolutely safe; easy to give and ncvci
fail to cure any of thc minor ills of
little ones. Concerning them Mrs.
Jas. S. Hastey, Gleason Road, N.B.,
writes:���"I have used Baby's Own
Tablets and have found theni perfectly satisfactory for my litlle one."
The Tablets arc sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 ccnls a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
A New Teutonic Scheme
Colonizing Alsace and Lorraine
with German families is the latest
Teutonic trick. This is being done
in order to render it certain that, if
a plebiscite is taken in these provinces as to whether tlicy wish to
remain German or French, tiie result would be in  favor of Germany.
On Weil-Known Ground
British Advance    Over   the   Route
Followed by Joshua's Spies
And they ascended by lhe south
and came unto Hebron. Thus does
history go on repeating itself after
3,500 years. Hut the most satisfactory aspect of thc British advance
ovcr the route followed by Joshua's
spies is not its romantic spanning of
the centuries. What rejoices the
heart of the newspaper reader is that
at last hc is in a region of familiar
names. Afler three years of barrage of Przemysls, Prasnyszs, Our-
cks, Gabricles, Saimiyats, Usaiubaras
Strumas and Buczaczs, a plain Gaza
is like a sound-proof dugout. The
war loses part of ils horror when,
instead of Pozzacchlo onc conies upon Becrsheba, and the sight of Jerusalem is next only to that of ihc
Statue of Liberty in the sense it
gives one being home again. One
can actually' exchange confidences in
the elevated without having to point
to the names of the places concerned in lien ol pronouncing them, or
feeling like a boy reciting a lesson
in geography.���New York Evening
A Stitch in Time
Five million dollars havc been saved by the Brilish war office in ten
months by a new method of salvag*
of soldiers' clothing and equipment
Clothing is collected at various depots, sorted out and sent to a central depot, where it is cleaned, patched and made up or rewoven into
new khaki. Some three to four hui
drcd women are engaged on the
work of sorting and 45,000,000 articles have so far passed through th' ir
Opportunities that have passsed
seldom come back to the man who
Stop the Cough.���Coughing is
caused by irritation in the respiratory
passages and is the clfori to dislodge
obstructions that come from inflammation of the mucous membrane.
Treatment with Dr. Thomas' Electric
Oil will allay lhe inflammation and
iu consequence the cough will ceas
Try il, and you will use no other
preparation for a cold.
Teacher���Which was the largest
island in the world before Australia
was discovered?
Bright Pupil���Australia, sir. h was
there all lhc time, wasn't it?
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
It's a striking coincidence that the
things a boy likes lo throw at break
It's a? difficult to convince a stubborn man as it is to fatten a windmill  by running com  through  if.
Classes for Canadians
Four Thousand Volunteer for Classes in English Military Camps
Four thousand Canadian soldiers
havc volunteered for classes which
the Canadian military auiliorities are
conducting al various English camps
under thc supervision of Sir Richard
Turner, assisted by a representative
commillcc. Instruction is given in
all subjects desired, including business, agriculture, English and modern languages and classics, Officers
not available for active service form
the instructional staff, provided they
were prominent in educational work
in Canada. These classes arc designed in form the basis of work
which lhe Canadian universities
planned for vocational training of
the troops which Dr. Tory, of Alberta University, was appointed to
English opinion holds lhat Canadian authorities are very advanced
in all concerns affecting the. welfare
of lhe soldiers.
The Real Liver Pill.���A torpid liver means a disordered system, mental depression, lassitude and in ihe
end, if care be not taken, a chronic
state of debility. 'The very best
medicine to arouse the liver to
healthy action is Parmclcc's Vegetable i'ills. The) nre compounded of
purely vegetable si.hslances of careful selection and no other pills have
their fine qualities, They do not
gripe or pain and lhcy are agreeable
tn ilu- mosl sensitive stomach.
Merlin, Please Note'
Answering Lloyd George's anxious
question how soon the United Stales
can havc 1,1100,01)1) men under arms
In Franri, lhe war department replies thai lhc Iroops already iu
France, with those ready to start
and now moving across the Atlantic
In a steady stream, number more
llian a million. Berlin papers please
copy.���Boston Globe.
If one bc troubled with corns and
warts, he will find in Holloway's
Corn Cine an application lhat will
entirely relieve suffering.
Are Like the Canadians
American troops, like the Canadians, excell in patrol work, which
is a good deal like old Indian campaign methods except that the Indian had no worse trick than scalping.��� New  York Sun.
To listen to people who tell you
things for your own good Is harmless���and it affords them a lot of
W.    N.    U.    1190
r of Anaemia Calls
or Reconstructive Treatment
ANAEMIA comes on so in*
sidiously that you may
not realize its presence
until a look in your mirror discloses the pallor of the skin and
of the gums, the lips and the
You may be gaining in weight,
but the flesh is soft and flabby,
and you are laying on fat rather
than muscle. You find yourself
disinclined to exertion, and
jrreatly fatigued by any effort.
There is weakness, heart palpitation and a disturbance of the digestive system.
The failure of the organs of
digestion to derive proper nutrition from the food you eat has
reduced the number of red
corpuscles in the blood. The
blood has become thin and watery, and in spite of the food you
eat you are literally starving to
As this process continues you
must necessarily grow weaker
and weaker, and the bodily organs become more and more in-
The Food Cure
Miss Alloa Howes, tl Haddington
Street, Gait, Ont., writes :���"I was very
111 with anaemia, could not sleep at night,
and my appetite seemed entirely cone. I
Buttered In this way for nearly three
years, and had treatment from two doe-
tors ln Toronto, where I was living at ths
time, but did not. get any relief. I became completely run down, and as I did
not see any immediate hopes of getting
better, I went hack to live with my
mother In Gait. I thought, perhaps, the
change of air might do ms good. My
mother saw that I was ln a bad state, because my nerves were affected, and
everywhere I went I used to take dizzy
and fainting spells. My hands and limbs
would become num1>, I would see black
specks before my eyes, and cold perspiration would come out on me. My mother
had been taking Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
with excellent results, and she advised
me to do the same, Cut It ts hard for me
to take pills, so I went to a doctor ln Gait
instead. However, his treatment did me
no good, io I at last decided to follow my mother's advice. I began taking
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, and gradually
found myself getting better. 1 soon was
able to sleep at night without any difficulty, my appetite came back, and 1 began to gain back my natural color. After
taking about twelve boxes of this modi-,
cine I waa able to return to my work ln
Toronto. My friends there all noticed
the Improvement In my condition, and I
am now stronper and healthier than I
have been for a long, long time. I shall
always recommend Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food wherever I go, as I really think It
ls the be��t treatment obtainable for worn-
out nerves and run-down system."
capable of performing their natural functions.
There can be no question that
Dr. Chase's Nerve Pood is the
ideal treatment for anaemia or
bloodlessness, because it supplies
to the blood in condensed form
the very elements from which
new, rich blood is created. In
this way it makes up for the deficiencies of the digestive system,
and sets in motion the process of
As the blood improves in quality under this treatment the
action of the heart is strengthened, circulation is better, appetite
is sharpened, the digestivo organs gradually resume tueir
functions, and you gain in
strength and vigor.
You will not use this food
cure long before you realize the
upbuilding influence on your
system. With returning strength
comes new hope and confidence.
The discouraging days will disappear from your life, and you
will feel again the joy of health.
Dr. Chase's Nerve F<
II tn
50 MBit a box, a, lull treatment of 6 boxos for $2.75, at all dealers, ��w K-jrai-son, Bate, J* Co,
limited, Toronto.   Do sot bo taikod into accepting a aubatitute.   Imitationa only diaappoiat. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Jos. Mcl'hee is up from Vie-
The Million Dollar Picture beautiful
\iitii   <43P i'ii
Annette K
V . 11
It lakes 10,000 feet of film to produce this picture,
to crowded houses in New York for 12 month., London for
10 months, Paris for 8, and Chicago foi 6 months
Mr, Eresnell of Vancouver i.i a
guest of I��� k. Cliffe's.
Mr. W, Hoi-wood,   of  Hornby
Isl unl, wns ii visitor iii   luu ii yesterday.
Mr, Fred Niiuiir. nf Campbell
River was a vi. iim in lown oil
'1 iii'Hiiny,
A patent has been issued for a
garter for men in which llie rtibbei
portion, when worn out, can be
easily replaced bp u piece of elastic
procurable at almost any sto e.
There will  bu  a  spi cial   Song
Service at ihu I'rr-lii tei'iaii chin cli
in .si SuiiiIiii ov.uii g,    S'llns. an
llu his, ami n ninl.. sextette \: ill bu
sung l>v llie ulioii'.
Seve al extra prizes have been
oileted for the Children's Fain j
Diess Dance, among theni Icing a
prize for best costume represeuting
Canada aud iiest costuuie re| reseu-
Ming the Allies, and nthiis lur the
sin ill children.
On Tliui'sdfly evening lusl the
Annual meeting of ll"1 Com )"i
Creamery Association .inr- ludd in
tiie Agricultural Hall. Tlm report showed that aboul 84,000
I pound, or butter war- manufactured iim ing tlle past your,
The lemains of the five
old infant of Mr. and Mrs
of Oyster River Jwcie   inleri
the .Sandwick Presbyterian
H     P'     1
For i.mi I'H'.' vear
as '' Canada's I.eai
ul lln in in llie hum
i the Gerhard fleint-'.niun has held its place
ling I'i.nm '' .unl in day ��� ou v ill Hiu! more
.���I. nl' tin.- Canadian public Ihnn  any other
The (ii I ���hard 1 leiiil/innii 1
be proud to own. ils loin
architecture vill please th
iano is an insli uniciit
is  pure   and sweet o
Villi  would
ud lis case
itiosl discrimiu iiini1,.
rhe Price is Unusually Low lor
Quality so Unusually High
d  at
iretiooh, Jnn
al tbe grave'
by   Rev.   T.
Annette kellermann
-^/ILLIAM  FOX $1,000,000
��       PICTURE *
There is a wonderful oriental
city, a Sultan's palace and harem
vast armies; a great battle scene
destruction of a city by hie, aud
other scenic wonders very dramatic in their appeal.J
The story centresaboutjAnitia
a daughter of the Gods, born of
sea nymphs, but mortal, and
Prince Omar, who is Jgreeted by
thc Sultan as the boy who was
drowned twenty years before.
Brought ashore by the mermaids
Anitia is captured, sold into
slavery and meets the Prince in
this new life. The love of their
previous existence comes again.
Through the connivance of the
Sultan's favorite, Zarrah and the
Witch of Badness, Anitia is
thrown to the crocodiles, who
turn to wans as they are about
to e_t her. The Prince is sent
to prison and later tied to a sea
covered rock to die.
tery on Wednesday i
_'jib. The services
side were conducted
A quiet wedding was solemnized
by Rev. T. Menzies at the Manse,
Sandwick, |on .Saturday evening,
Jan, 26, when Pte. Win, Thomson
and Miss Annie Mitchell of Cumberland, were united in the holy
bonds of matrimony, Tbe bride
was attended by Mrs. .lenn Beve-
ridge, and tbe groom by bis brother Andrew. Pie. Thompson has
joined up with the expeditionary
forces, and expects to leave shortly
for overseas.
The following guests have   been
registered at the  Riverside Hotel:
From Vancouver, If Smith. J. Ir-
I win, G. Hanitii-i, T. Larson,   John
Nelson, A. Norman, C, Johnston,
W, Burns, R. Wilson, E.   Culver.
|E. Eanglev, E. Mackie, S, Ashfiele
j J. Dawe, G. Smith, E, Armstrong,
T. Stevens. J. Grant, \V. Robinson
W, Heslip, lv, Haz.lton, c    Mac-
ewan. S. Smith, o, Eraser, E. Bar-
jret; T, Curran, F.Carueille. Frank
Gibbs, W. Oswald,  J,  Smith,   A.
j Hoolly, M   McLeod, F.  Galbralth,
E10111 Victoria,   M,   Morrison,   A.
Harvey, MissO. Hayes,  J,   Moss,
From Nanaimo,   H.   Mahrer,   A.
ceddes, A, Owen: T, McBey, Ca-
I meron Eake: Mr, and Mrs, Storie,
Campbell River; J. Spense,   Lady-
sniith, E' Dohlmau, Dickson, Alta.
Miss Hayes, who   is   here   this
week under the auspices of the Dominion Food Controller, is  giving
demonstrarions daily at the  IOD
E. tearooms.   On Tuesday   evening she gave a very interesting and
instructive-address to a fair sized
audience on the   subject   of   food
'control, and also gave a   incid de-
! monstration of the different  foods
j necessary to properly nourish the 1
j human body     She also had   sam-!
I pie loaves baked bv herself from
I flour purchased Jin Courtenay,   of
; potato bread, oatmeal bread, coru-
| meal aud rye bread,  which   was
! buttered and passed around, and
voted good by those who tasted it.
I    During the course of her remark
she stated that whey cream made
butter equal to best creamery butter ; that  one quart of milk   was
Cumberland, B. C. Nanaimo, B. C
Does Everybody Trade at  the Corner Store ?
We keep the freshest line of Groceries in the
District.   Our prices are Right,  and
Our Service is Unexcelled
We're going to tell you something about shoes shortly
Parkin Bros.
Anitia, captured by the gnomes of the Witch of Badness, is saved by . .
her good friend the Fairy of Goodness, wlio makes  the gnomes  tre_t equal in food value to  I  quart of
her as a triend. oysters, and that it was impossible
Thinking her Prince is iu dauger, Anitia turns the  gnomes into an to take all the cream out of milk,
and they go galloping to  war against  the Sultan's city.    The heuce the value of skimmed milk
Prince" ^or tooa- PurPoses.
The citizens of Cumberland on
Wednesnay morning just previous
to the departure of the train for
Victoria witnessed an unusual patriotic procession on an elaborate
scale and to a far greater extent
than our own pepole are-in the
habit of doing. The occasion was
the departure of M. Yamamto, a
fanner of Royston Road and M
Araki, a coal '.miner of Cumberland, both naturalizsd Britfth subjects, joining the Canadian Expeditionary forces under tho Mili
tary Service Act, and leaving
Cumberland to go in training at
Willows camp at Victoria. Tlie
procession started from what is
known as No, 5 crossing just outside of tlie city limits, headed by
two Japanese, both naturalized
British subjects, side by side, one
carrying a large Union Jack on a
lo ft. pole, the other having a
Japanese flag on a similar scale.
Then came the Japanese school,
children, about lifty in number-
each carrying a Union Jack or a
Japanese flag, Then seven gaily
decorated automobiles with bunt
ing and flags of the Allies, und
about 250 Japanese on  foot,   two
Ice Cream
Barrister and  Solicitor,
Phone 6
army _____________^___________^^_________^___
Sultan's army refuses to ggbt except under leadership of  the   ..._.^_, ... , -   - .    .
who is freed from the rock aud put at the head of the Sultan's troops. The vltal question now is, Are, and two. and every one of them
Unknown to each other the Prince aud Anitia lead their armies a*a- we K0"1* to have enough food fori had a Union Jack or a Japanese
inst each other, and ij mortal combat the Prince slays his sweetheart, our army? Upon that and that flag. Flags were very prominent,
He discovers his mistake, Zarrah stabs him to death and tli.n Ule alone depends the success of our 1 Tjpon their arrival at the station
fairies bring the dead sweethearts back to another life. I Allies.    It is  up  to everyone   to an(j tjle depnrture of the train they
l_!-^_n���ll.u,W_.t5,La,-___?e__l1!t' i Save their comrades a hearty send
ince 4.30 Evening ;8fp.m#
Admission 75c, 50c
tie as possible of the foods requited for the army, which are wheat,
flour beef, bacon
At the conclusion of the address
a vote of thanks was tendered to
Miss Hayes bv the audience,
All the Japanese of No. 1
and No. 5 and outlying points
vvere idle for the day, they had left
their work to bid thei". fellowmen
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds of repairs at moderut
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Refrigerating plant
Highest Price paid for Beef
and Veal
CKii.be. land


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