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The Review Jan 9, 1913

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Array .....a......*.,.......a.. ...,. ata********
List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell It
i Invest,
Have Vmi
iv,   ^uirVflt,*'  Vmi
l.arei' Hi*
Island  Realty "Mt-
VOL. 1
NO. 7
Wishing   You   All
the Compliments
of the Season
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
ti3i*&\ s-V-fti <*?s��v!i
,'C't'TA, ���    ^���V'W   ,ty :vffil 1
%$*%��; ;;;vi; y
it '���:.'\.i'.;-/ 'K,��v''      ' ' j
Iron Beds, Springs, Mattresses, Dressers and Stands.
Kitchen Cabinets, Tables,   Chairs.      Also a nice
line of Linoleums and Oilcloths
See us about that Heater before the cold snap comes
on You
Courtenay House Furnishing Stores
B. F. KRATJSE, Proprietor
"Bayview" Sub-division
. Now ou the Market
The Property of the Con;   : Logging & Railway Co.
Situate on the Nahaiino Road,  between Carter's and Roy's
Several Lots have been Sold but we have sonic Choice ones left
Very Desirable'New Three-room Cottage.     Good Location.
Close In.
Acreage at the Price of Lots
In Blocks of 1 to 8 acres. Prices $150 to $300 per acre
Easy Terms
For Sale only by
Real Estate and Insurance
Auctioneers and Valuators
Notary Public aud Conveyancing
Willard Block
��� ��> i i   i
Mr. F. H. Cameron returned1
home on Tuesday.
Mr. Robert Allan is in Vancouver
visiting a friend who is very sick.
If you Want pictures framed,
cabinet or sign worK done go to
J. Sutton.
Dr. D. E. Kerr, dentist, will be iu
Courtenay from Jan. aoth to Feb.
8th, inclusive.
R. Currnn. engineer on No. 5,
left on Tuesday's boat for Seattle
to upend a holiday.
F. Brown, representing Rndlger
& Jauioti, Victoria aud Vancouver,
was in town thi*. week.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniels, of Victoria
hove arrived in town, and Inland to
make their home in Courtenay.
M. B. Ball of Sandwick left on
Sunday's boat for Vancouver,
where he ii to undergo an operation.
C. Connolly, ����glnecr on No. 2,
dislocated his knee capon Monday,
necessitating a lay-off for a few
Mayor McLeod and Mr Athcrly
of Cumberland were visitors at the
Review office on Tuesday of this
Lost���On Sunday night���a robe
and whip. Will finder please return to R. H. WHkie, Courtenay
Found���Two heifers, one light
one dark, about 18 months and 2
years old. Apply, Capt. Guthrie,
R. T. Wilson, representing Kelly Douglas & Co., Victoria, was in
town this week in the interest of
his firm.
Gerald Fagan, of Camp 5, who
has been spending a holiday in Vancouver and Victoria, returned home
on Tuesday.
Wanted���Good girl, about 13
years of age, for general house
work, apply, L. Hicicman, Lat<e
Trail Courtenay.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Beaton, who
have been spending the last fortnight in Vancouver, returned home
on Sunday's boat.
Mrs. Sam Calhoun left on the
"Charmer " on Tuesday for Vancouver, to meet her sister-in-law
from Wyoming.
McPhee and Morrison's stocktaking sale commences on Wednesday. Watch their advertisment in
the Review for prices.
J. C. Houston, representing Swift
& Co., Victoria, was a passenger on
the Cowichan on Tuesday on his
way to Cumberland.
J. H. Fraser, of Fraser & Bishop
Union Bay, and George Howe of
Hornby Island, were in town this
week, and paid the Review a call.
During the rough weather of the
last few days large numbers of duck
have sought shelter along the
banks of the river near the bridge.
Messrs Robt. Thomson and Geo.
Willard arrived home on Friday
night, after a week's visit to Vic-
toria, Tacoma and other American
The Basket Ball team held a very
successful practice in the hall Tuesday evening. The boys are fast
rounding into shape for their match
with Comox.
Henry Myers who has filled the
position of chef at Camp 1 has severed his connetion with the company, and left on Tuesday's boat
for Portland, Oregon.
Lost���On December 22���A Persian sable muff, between Mr. A..
Urquhart's farm and McKean's corner. Finder kindly return to Mr.
Urqtthart or to this office.
Mrs. A. A. ChittlcK, nf Courtenay, has been called away very
suddenly tn the bedside nl her father, Capt. 15, C. Burehett, of Vancouver, who is dangerously ill.
Mr. D. C. McDonald, one of tlie
old-timers of this district, who is
now making his headquarters in
Victoria, paid Courtenay a visit this
week, renewing old acquaintances,
Strayed���.There has strayed onto our premises a jersey heifer,
about s 1-2 years old. Owner can
have same by proving property
and   paying   expenses.    Hickman
Robert iMlberg and Chas. Armstrong, engineers for the Comox
Logging Co. at Headquarters, returned on Saturday, after spending
the holidays with their families at
Everett and Seattle.
Mr. Howard Elliott has started a
new industry in this district, that of
Incubatnig chickens for customers.
This is a new departure in the poultry business, and should, prove a
desirable one from the public standpoint.
A public meeting will be held in
the Courtenay Club room on the1
14th inst. at 8 p. m., for the purpose of considering the advisability
of erecting a hospital near Courtenay, and also for obtaining suitable grounds in connection to tlie
same to be used for recreation purpose. The settlers in the district
iire urgentally requested to take a,,
interest iu the same.
Send in your subscription to the
Review, *,i.so tier vear.
Miss Morrow, school teacher at
Headquarters, left on Saturday's
boat to attend the teacher's convention at Victoria.
The launch Moose is now ready
fur charter for tjwing, huutiug
parties, police, government or mis-
sioncrv work. Arrangements can
be made with Capt. Cawley, Courtenay,
Lost���On Tuesday atternoon at
the little bridge near Fitzgerald's
on tbe Union Bay road, a heavy
logging C|mjni    ' \\'in   the  flluler
please communicate with H. bridges
Saudwick P. O.
Full advantage was taken of the
Isnow by all who had sleighs or cut-
I ters to enjoy a sleigh ride on Sun-
jday and Monday. The rain of
I Tuesday has spoiled the sport here,
but there is still plenty of snow left
in Cumberland.
Just arrived at W'illard's Harness Emporium: a fine line of horse
blankets, lay rugs, trunks and suit
cases at all prices. Harness repairing promptly and neatly done.
Wesley willard, Cumberland and
Mr. Geo. Hudson bad an experience the other day tli tt hs will
not forget in a hurry. He too!;
some .stumping powder into the
house to dry under the stove, when
the bag caught fire. The tlames
burned him quite badly and the
fumes nearly suffocated himself aud
wife before they got the doors open.
You can never Tell when Sickness or an Accident may ci me
Insure Against  Both   in   Your   Home Company.    Vou   will
never mis: i$"i,90 per month for a $50 nio'.chiy Benefit
Builder & Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
Box 124      Courtenay
Real Estate Firm
in the Comox District
Our List of Properties For Sale Includes the Very
Finest Cleared and Uncleared Farms, Sea and River
Frontage, and Bush Lands in the District
We are also Exclusive Agents for the New Station
Sub-Division   at   Courtenay,   whe      the Railway
Station   is   to be Built.    Prices  Reasonable and
Terms Easy
Courtenay  Town   Lots   For   S-!e   at   All   Prices
r E. &. N. Railway Lands*
We have some Splendid Tracts of Land from 5 to
20 Acres at Reasonable Prices, and Within Easy
Distances from Courtenay
If You want a Safe Investment or Wish to Dispose of
Your Property, See the Pioneer Firm of the District
We are Agents for the Best Fire Insurance Companies and will be Pleased to Insure Your Property
Beadnell & Callin
Telephone 24
Courtenay ��� and - Comox, B. C. THE   COURTENAY   COURIER,   COURTENAY,   B. G.
Menagerit   Attendant*   Save   Herptr
From   Terrible   Death
There was an anxious tun
mi'iit of wiiit oxcttimi-Hi anions no
spectators nl a manual rl* at Man -
martre lo ul night when �� lion spruuk
on Iih ;nnn r, liuin.'il \inii, ami bur
led lt�� claws lii lila face uiul shoulder.
Two linns in the i ago were Bulk)
iinii refused to ito through ill' custom-
iiry exerclaea, unit whuii i�� tamor
begun to uae Ilia whip one ot tho ain
mills struck 111 111 In lite ground    'I'll''
mi'iinaiill servants ruahed to his
roacua uiul Im'.'ii ofi the Hon with bara
nf trim.
The tamer wus taken to n hoapltnl
nml linil tils wounds drossid lilld it'
turned Bwniliod In btindiigea i�� tho
menagerie, Tho animals thon pro-'-
ed more tractable and wont through
tiu'ir poi'forniancc,
Tlie Millionaire's Foundation
Uidtuw Carnegie the multi-millionaire says BO per oenl ot all mil'
llimairea become sn by real estate Invoatmenta,
An Investment in Commerolal Centre, C.P.R, Trnmcona, will give
inn present investor n atari almllar to ihut obtained by Russell Sago,
John Jaeob Astor received from their Oral  New York investment.
Prloc today Jioo up, Ternn $'jr> cash. $m per month. Write for
booklet nml all purtloulara,
J2 Can.id.i Life Building Winnipeg, M|i.
<3uick Results A Moving Melody
Advertising la u great thing, hum1   Old niiru-i^ii.' after tblnkiut ruefu'
Hie cheerful Idiot nn lie laid down tho! Iy of the gas and coal that were be
paper. I Inn consumed downstairs,    was   Jn.i
flow do you make thai out? asked dropping oir to sleep when   he   waa
the old Pogey, ' ' ' ..........
lleie'a a initn who advertised for .1
boy on Monday,, replied the Cheerful
Idiot, ami   in Tueadayihla wife pre-
sonti it llitu with one.
Vea, Pcrdellt, there wire false pro
lilnt'.a   eenliiri's   liefnr,'   Uio   woath-'l
bureau waa established,
Hope  is  11   pneumatic  Ure  tliut
frequently punctured,
.....,.,....,.   .....,. -
ronsed by a moaning noise from bo
I low.
Uva, he bellowed, making his way
I to till) lop of the Hlalrs.    ICvn!  Wliiii
1 on earth Is 1 tint howling ilown their"
Howling, pal   came   iu   shocked
lones.      Why, It's  Mr.  Chuffer ling-
i ing "Love me and the world is mine."
Then for goodness sake love him.
I growled Blffiolgh, and p'raps the am.'
: young uss will be going to look aftei
1 Ills property.
A Cleveland corporation lawyer lias
a new sieiiiiuiiphiM' the second new
one this week, B trail go lo say ho
didn't dlaoharga iho tlrsi one becnuao
she was inennipotent, hut because ill*
was too good ���      Uot  him toll II ���
This alrl i anie to ma well raoom-
mended, nnd when 1 dictated a test
letter I found her extremely raplil ami
accurate,    3t 1 employed her on the
spot.      She fell right    In    with    the
work and l decided thai t hmi found
11 treasure, But on the third day
she gave ine 11 shook.
1 was dictating mi opinion In a complicated Infringement suit, and It wna
Important that It should bo accurate
In every word and phrase, This was
the tlitrtl tlrafl I hmi written, lu tact,
At one place I Interrupted myself and
said to the itenographar:
Am I apeaklng to-* fast for you
Miss Jackson? Are you getting ni>
words down correctly?
0, I'm gettliiK them all right, she
answered, smiling. And you don't
speak nearly as fust as I can lake.
I'm about twenty wonts ahead of you
There's such a tains as being too
Scared by Black Hand, He Takes
Strange Precautions
It is reported thai so nervous
has M, Mltnltsky, tho tluailnn violinist been since early In h'sl week In-
rocoived a letter from tho lllm'k Hand.
that he only appears on the platform
la a solid iron and steel oage,
The letter, It may be remembered,
demnndod a sum ol |SC0 and threatened the violinist  with death  If be did
not comply,   As a remit M. Mllnll-
sky art 1 himself with ��   pair   ol
Browning  pistols.
The police have arrested a ltusslmi
anarchist, who, It Is stated, ndiiilis
Hint he was the author of the letter.
Ile however, refuses to dlaclOSC UlO
names nf the Black Hand gang,
Shoots Him, She Saya, to Prevent
Father Being'Strangled
Purls, . . . .���Mine. Itelnhanti.
a rich young womab, gave herself tip
to the police here 1     1'.:
Sim Informed the maglitrate that
her hnsliaiKl 'mil Just died In a hoi.
piinl from two revolver shots tired
by bar on Sunilny last iu the ooul'io
of an at'gumoul between him and her
father on the Balkan war.     Mine.
Relnlinrdt declared that her husband
who wan of a very violent nature,
would have strangled his father-in-
law had she not  tired.
M. Iloliiihordi declarei) that ho bad
ntt.enipted to eimnilt sulelile. Ills widow has been released on ball.
Incurable Optimist
A Humboli rancher returned from
a year's trip through the east, to llnd
that a one-time neighbor of his, a man
noted for his perfect patience, bad
been having a siege of bad luck. Upon hearing the news he Immediately
sought out '.ha neighbor to condole
with him.
Well, John, he said, after the greetings hud been exchanged, 1 hear you
lost all of your timber through the
forest  tires.
The other man nodded.
Anil t.hey say that the river cut off
your best land; that your hogs all
illed of cholera; that your wife and
children p,ad been sick, and that they
have now: Viroclosed the mortgage on
your other  place.
John nodded again. Yes, It's all
true, he said, looking a limit him ul
what hud once been his prosperous
farm, all true. Why, sometimes 1
got almost discouraged.
Very Much    Alive
An Irishman, with one side of his
face badly swollen, stepped Into Dr.
Ilurtem's office and Inquired If the
dentist was In.
1 am Ihe dentist, said the doctor.
Well 'then, 1 want, to know If you
can tell me what's the matter wlt.i
this tooth?
The ii..i',or examined Iho offending
molar and explained; The nerve 13
dead;   Hint's what's  the matter.
Then, be the powers, the Irishman
exclaimed, the other teeth must be
holding a wake over it.
In Bad Condition. Pimples Large.
Face Sore and Itchy. Looked
Badly. Cuticura Soap and Ointment Cured in Two Weeks,
Muncoy, Ontario.���"Somo time bko my
face, was In a very bad condition with some
kind of pimples. Thi! pimples wore thickly
scattorod. Tho tops of them
were white; mutter was in
thorn. They wore quite largo
nml my faco was soro ami
Itchy ami lisikwl badly. I
hud to serateli to lm comfortable and somotlmos lost my
' sleep. The sores lasted about
two months and 1 tried somo
ointments but didn't like
(hem. Then I sent for somo Outlcura Soap
snd Outlcura, Ointment, used thorn for two
weeks and I was completely cured.'' (Signed)
Alei. R. Oke, April 8, 1012.
Clarkson. Ontario.���"My little girl, aged
two years, started with a skin disease on
tarr face, so 1 called In tlie doctor and he
said it was eczema. The skin was uulio
red and all Scaly. I washed tho parts well
with the Cuticura Soap and then I put
the Cuticura Ointment on. You ought t<j
see her now ��� as fuir as a lllyt
"1 suffered a great deal with piles. I
had them very had, and they Itched and
burned so I could hardly hear It. When I
got tho Cuticura Ointment 1 tried It. Now
It, lias entirely cumd me." (Sitjncd) Mrs.
Cyrus Ward, Jan. 1.1012.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are
sold throughout tho world. Send to Potter
1). & (.'. Corp.. Dopt, 63D, Boston, T.S.A.,
for free uanipla of each with a-j-page book.
W.   N.   U.  928
Not Like Casey
Once there was a switchman named
Casey. He wau a enre free fO'.'.uw
and he loved alt work.
One night B bridge wits swept nwny
: ml Casay kno". that a heavy passi-i-
,rr train would soon bo coining. Slti
grabbed his lanlern, run down Hit
truck, signalled the onrushlng train,
and brought It to a stop, but he lo.;'.
his own life In the effort. Tho passengers poured out. They Were
grateful for what Casey had done, and
they wanted to show their appr ��� "I'i-
Hon In some way. T.i- v found that
Casey had no relatives and so thyy
decided to get a life sl/.e :iil painting
of tho hero and hang !��� la Ihe Ral-
way Y.M.C.A. nt Central u,
When the picture came it allowed
hi in In his workliv; cloth m sw.lng'ng
his lantern. The committee thought
It. was well do'io, but nefore they a0
oepted 11 they de tided to ill In Can-
ey's pal to pass \'s judgment, Th.
pnl looked ai the picture critically,
ile surveyed It from Vac rt'O'evn;
sides. And then, no* inilsfled, ha
readied nut his hand to touch Casey's.
Don't do that, shouted Ihe arllst, he
Isn't  dry.
Casey's pal drew hack, and wltn a
look of supreme tlispaist he answered'
Well, If h* ain't dry, It ain't Casev.
Rescues Servian Flag From Turks
When  Soldlera Wavered
The greatest hero of the battle of Kuiimnovii, according to the
French newspapers, was a little Jewish tailor named Abraham Levy, of the
Seventh Servian reglnient of infantry.
The standard-bearer fell and the
regiment wavered and was about to
retreat when the little Jewish tailor
rushed forward, caught the fallen Hag,
and dashed with It to the trenches.
His comrades, electrified by his example, followed him and the Turks
were hurled from their position at the
point of tbe bayonet.
In a certain town or Nebraska lives
a man who lins been so unfortunate
as to lose three wives, who were burled side by side. For a long time the
economical N'ebraskan deliberated as
to whether he should erect a separate
headstone for each, commemorating
her virtues, but the expense deterred
him, Finally a happy solution of the
difficulty presented itself. He had
the Christian name ot each engraved
on a small stone���Mary; Eilizaheth;
Matilda���a hand cut on each stone
pointing to a large stone In the centre of the lot, and under each hand
the words; For epltah see large slone.
A ieeturer was annoyed by a man
1 In the audience who Insisted on rising
and asking questions,
Sil down, you uss! said a second
man, .lumping up,
Sit down, you. too. cried a third
man;  you are both asses.
There sivin lo he plenty of asses
about tonight, put In the lecturer,
calmly, but for heaven's sake lot us
j hear one at a lime.
Well, you go on, then said the first
man, resuming his seat.
Trouble at the Tower
She  was a  pood servant,  was Jen-
; nie, and Mrs. Wanderfar never wished for belter.      But in tlie mailer of
pictures Jennie was    weak.     There
; was one in particular, which showed
the  Leaning  Tower of  Pisa.     Every
day Mrs.  W.    Iiuiir It straight, and
every morning Jennie put It crooked.
So Mrs. W,  Watched.
Now, look tiere,    Jennie    she    said
I you've hung that picture ot the lower
crooked again.     Just, look at it!
Thai's Just what I say, mum. replied
i the domestic  dolefully.    Look  at   It'.
The only way you can gel  that, silly
tower io hang straight is to hang the
picture crooked!
Minus His Grouch
Saw my husband down town today,
hut   passed  h:'m.    I  didn't    recognize
iii m.
How was that?
He was smiling.
The iiiiie ills of babyhood and child-
: hood should be treated promptly, or
] they  may  prove serlotiB.    An oocas-
I lonal dose of Baby's Own Tablets will
i regulate the stomach and bowels an.I
keep your little ones well.     Or they
! will  promptly  restore health  If sickliness conies unexpectedly.      Mrs.  Lo-
nora M. Thompson  Oil Snrlngs, Ont,,
says:���"I have used Ruby's Own Tablets for my little girl as occasion required, and have found them always
of the greatest  help.      Nn  mother,
In my opinion, Bhotild be without the
Tablets."     Sold by medicine dealers
or by mall ai 25 cents a box from The
Dr.  Williams' Medicine "Co.,    Itrook-
vllle, Ont.
are worn.
Noted for
their Fit
and Finish
The Grand Trunk  Hallway System
have just Issued a very neat, attractive and convincing booklet    on    tho
"Chateau Laurler," Ottawa.       It   Is
printed on India tinted coated paper
j In   colors,   nnd   profusely   illustrated
with  pictures made from din ct. plio-
i tographs of    thf.    several    charming
I rooms In this beautiful hotel.   ' ICach
j pane Is decorated with allegorical de-
j signs symbolizing the Chateau styles
j of the early French monaro.hs.     The
| cover Is printed nn a hand made pa-
I ner and the descriptive matter Is con-
! fined  to a brief synopsis of the nt-
i tractive features of this hotel. Copies
i of the booklet may he had from Orand
j Trunk representatives for the asking.
Thn only sure uiul satisfactory way tn which Ihe Western Farmer
i'.mi set ura ilie litghoat possible market value for his wheat, nuts, barley nnd
flax Is by shipping It bv Ih- carload In Fort William <u Port Arthur, or to
liuiiiih if iiirs inniint be mot fur ihe other terminals (loading u If possible
illrnct Into the car nvcr tho loading n'aiform so us to sine elavntor charges
nml dookagu) ami employing u siii'Mly I'ntumlsslon linn to hand o and ills-
|lll'"   of   It.
We conttnuo to net as the Farmers' Agents solely nn a commission imsls.
We are net trnckbu-'ers unit wp ihvi" buy the farmers' groin nn our own
ncconnt, but loolt after and dispose "f tho grain intrusted in u��, as the
agents of these whe employ us. and it Is our desire and endeavor to givo
everyone the very best ReYvloe pnsslh'e,   We malte liberal uuvm s against
ear shipping I'HIs. uiul will also carry the grain for n time under advnnoea ni
n mii'li'iuii' commercial rals'tif Interest, If considered advtstaoio. \Ve Invite
el! Farmers to writ'- to us fur Bhlpplng inatruotlons find market Information,
Thompson Sons & Company
We rff"r fine Hundred Dotlars Reward
for nny eniiv nf C' tnrrh that cannot be
nmed hv tinll'n Catarrh Cure.
V. ]. CHENF.Y * CO.. Toledo. O.
We. the unde-slgned, have known F,
J. Cheney fcr 'he lost 15 years, snd believe blm perfect! honest in nil business
I.i.nsneilois an . financially able to carry
out any obligation-: made by his Arm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
I aetlng directly upon the blond and muc-
i nt:a suriacn of tno system. Testimonials
, sent. tree. Price 75 cents per bottle.
I Sold  by  all  Druggists.
Take Ha.'s Family Pills for constipation.
After three  months absence there
has just returned south on the Grand
I Trunk  Pacific SS.   "Prince  Rupert,"
', the Alaska Railroad Commission sent
��� by the Washington Government to In-
j spect and report upon the railroad
j conditions In that part of the .'or
. north, and It Is upon their report that
j federal action with regard to the rall-
j road situation In Alaska will largely
��� depend. While the Commission nat-
i urnlly   had   no  jurisdiction  over  tho
Grand Trunk System so much had
been heard of this wonderful new
trans-continental line that the party
I left, tbelr steamer at Prince Rupert to
I Inspect the road as far as llazeitnn as
i well as the now .terminal and dry
\ docl. now being htillt ou the Pacific.
i const by  the G.T.P.
Time Has Teated it.���Dr.
J Electric Oil has been on the
I upwards of thirty years and
lime it has proved a blessing
sands.      It  Is In high favor
i out Canada and Its excellence
, rled its fame beyond the seas.
j no equal tn the whole list of 11
j If It were double the price
; he a cheap liniment.
in that
lo thou-
has ear-
It has
it  would
A Scorching Flush
of Light
"Hum nil your reports on the cost of high living. Put
them In the waste paper basket. They are not worth thj
paper on which they are printed. In two sentences, an
Ontario farmer has placarded the problem In ietters of lire.
He put Inside the head of a barrel of apples:
"I got 70c. for this Barrel of Apples. What did you
pay for it?" '
The Winnipeg consumer who bought thin barrel of apple.i
paid  Five  Dollars and    Twenty-five Cents for it.
That Ontario farmer has made history. He has done
more than all the Committees of Congress, Royal Commissions, Hoards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce on twi
Continents. He has stated the problem of the nigh cos'
of living."-���Winnipeg Telegram, Nov.  19th.
He has demonstrated to the firmera of the West a startling fact. No
matter what It cost to the farmers to produce those apples, he had to
accept the price which the middleman attached���viz. 70c���but immediately the middleman was able to attach the price to the consumer���
The same thing Is true with everything raised by the farmers of the
West. The price they receive from the middleman is attached for
them, but immediately the middleman attaches the price to the co i
The  Only  Solution  is  Organization  and  co-operation.���Increase tho
Capital and Send Your Grain to
Winnipeg, Man.
Calgary, Alta.
We have over 13,000 Members Already.���Add Another to it
Oniy Way He knew
Minister���My  good  man,   how  do
you  get to the Police Station?
Jimmy Cracker��� Usually in the patrol wagon.
Mlnard's  Liniment Cures Colds, Ac.
Every woman should have an aim
j In life, even ,f she caa't throw a stone
| with any decree of accuracy.
The man who takes no Interest in
public schools, good roads, religion,
or politics isn't even a satisfactory
Corns cripple the feet and mak.-1
walking a torture, yet sure relief In
the shape nf Holloway's Corn Cure
is within reach of all.
The honeymoon is on the wane A small boy doesn't find It very
i when hubby r)iiits taking wlfie every- amusing to do the thines hla parent.,
i where he goes. \ are Willing to let hlai do.
A Fine Offer
The proprietor of a Turkish hath
establishment In Milwaukee was
much taken by the physical perfection
ot a young man he saw In a butcher'"
shop! After minute survey of the
huge muscles of the young man. the
Turkish bath proprietor offered him
a position as rubber lu his establishment.
I'll give you more than you're gelling here, said he. What does this
man pay you?
Ten dollars a week and my week's
meal, said tho butcher employe.
What is the meat worth?
About $4.
The Turkish bath man did some
rapid figuring.
Look here, said he finally. I'll
tell you what I'll do. I'll give you
$10 and $5 worth of baths weekly.
That will bo a dollar more than you
get  from  tho butcher.
The  detective may  be aa  earnest
seeker, but he doesn't always llnd.
If one gave voice   only    tn   one's
thoughts, out wouldn't talk so much.
i which keeps you coughing away, night
[ aud day, will quickly disappear if you
! take Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Linseed/
Licorice and Chlorodyne.
Na-DrhCo Syrup of Linseed, Licorice
i and Chlorodyne quiets the throat-
' tickling almost instantly, loosens the
I phlegm, promotes expectoration, and
i cures tlie inflammation ol the mucus
i  membrane.
Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Linseed, Licorice
' and Chlorodyne has the great advantage
! of being absolutely free from harmful
i .lings of any kind. In support of this
i statement we are willing to give to any
| physician or druggist iu Canada a full
'   iist of its ingredients.
You c��n therefore give Na-Drn-Co
1 Syrup of Linseed, Licorice and ChioftK
i dyne to any member of your family,
, with perfect confidence that it will be'
altogether beneficial.
Your druggist can supply yon with
either 25c. or 50c. bottles. The' National-
Drug aud Chemical Co. of Canadi.
The One
Ideal Gift
for all the family
for all the year
ai'Otnitl is a -rVademark
Columbia Grafonola
Ask your nearest Columbia
dealer to play you the special
Xmas Columbia Records. (Fit
any machine.)
Columbia Phono^rapH Company
MoKlnnon Building, Toronto, Ont.
Territory Open to Dealers
Yon oughl to wear
���I Illi'lllllllWliWMI'ltHl ���
Reliable merchants have them
In stock
inc - SU Mr/tjh&
,��  1TUJ dtfyM
yjf &twtl2tyto4tMHif
tf* tho Ctr.ANKST, SIMPLEST, antl BEST HOMlt
DVB, ant cin huy.-Why yon dan't avaa h��v�� la
kty.wwh.il k..Npol Cloth yaurG��*la to sm*o
of...ft* MtitakM ar�� Inpnultita,
Hmi tor Froa Color Ctrit, Story Boaklat, ani
BaakUt living reiutta ol Dyeing ortr other colon,
Montreal. Canada.
for Gall Stones, Kidney Trouble,    Kidney    and    Bladder
Stones,   Gravel,     Lumbago,
Uric Acid.
Price  $1.50,   Most  Loading
Winnipeg, Man.
Cleans and disinfects everything
In your home from the cellar to
the attic. Put it on your duster
and dust Hardwood Floors, Woodwork, Linoleums, Pianos, Furniture,
etc. Makes everything Just like
new. Money refunded If not satisfactory. Made by the
Hamilton, Canada
town to Introduce our line to the public; big money can be made and permanent poslt:on secured. Apply lo
The Queen City Silver Co., Toronto.
Teacher���If the earth were empty
Inside It would resemble���
Scholar���A razor.
Teacher���A razor? Why, Teddy?
Scholar���Because It would be tool-
low ground.
' HOOD'S '
Mo. a box ar six boxes tor 12.80,
at all doaleni, or The Dodda Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. 928
Quite Different
Ile was .1 tinge man of tin- navvy
spoolaa, and as lie stood In tlie witness bun: oounael eyed blm dubiously,
He knew be would be a lianl mil to
crack   a very bard nut Indeed,
What wo want to net nt, bo began,
is, wlui was iIip aggressor?
nil? mild tin' witness puttied,
I,el me itiiititritin my meaning, Bald
counsel, Supposing tbat I xhtml I
nu't'i )ou In the street and strike yon
III tllO face, I KllDllltl lie tile aggressor.
Ynn would be n tooll mlil the wit-
iii-sM, wllh growing ittipliasls.
Nn no! Mini counsel, with height-
enetl cnliir. Yon don't" iiinlei't'iniid.
I wtm speaking only in the abstract,
Suppose we met, and wlthnul provocation, I struck you. I should he committing an act of aggression,
'I'he navvy hunched his huge shoulders .
You'll in- nnmml'ttlng suicide, mis-
tar! he remarked, grimly,   .
You may Hit down, snapped counsel'.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Points the
Way to Heal h and Strength
AHk yourself ihe important question wlit'lher yon are iis Strong as
you were a year ago, as bodily Ut SS
you BttlQUld be. Many a rentier lias
to e.nnfers "Nn." Sumo weakening
ullnii'i'.l bin during the past year laid
hold of the system, unfitting you tor
tin- duties of life and seriously clouding I lie outlook of tin' owning dnyB.
it may be rheumatism wltlt its sharp
twttigeB of pain, Indigestion, head-
ache, nervous debility, depression and
luck of energy, or tho pains and
ailments which only common folk
know. It Is well to know that all
these weakening disorders arise from
an Impoverished condition of the
blood, Renew and enrich your blood
anil all your troubles will cease. This
Ih a strong statement, but It is mada
on the testimony of thousands who
once suffered, but. who have gained
health and strength by the Rltl of the
now, rich blood supplied by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. We can quote
thousands of cases similar to the following: Mr. .Tog. Graadmalson Is a
young man well known In the town
of St. Jerome, Que. He says: "For a
couple of years I began to find my
strength falling but did not dream that
the trouble wan serious. As I grew
weaker I began to doctor, but It did
not help me. The least exertion
made my heart palpitate violently, my
Btomach seemed out of order and my
whole system became so run down
that I was finally forced to quit work.
I had now been doctoring for almost
six months and was very naturally
growing discouraged. At this juncture I road of a case similar to mine,
cured through the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and decided to try
them. 1 took the Pills faithfully for
about two months, gradually growing
stronger and at the end of that time
1 was as well as any man could he.
I sthall always prelse the medicine
that raised me front despair to the
blessing of good health."
Sold by medicine dealers everywhere or sent by mall at 50 cents
a box or six boxes for $2.50 by The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-
V'llle, Ont.
What He Owes to Zam-Buk
Mr. c. E. Banford,   ot   Westoa,|
Klnga Co., N.s., a   Justice ot   Hum
Peace for the county and u deacon ot
the Baptisl t'liiireh In II. 1 wick, says:
"1  have used Zam-ltiiU  tur piles an.I
found it a splendid remedy, it ourcd,
me," 1
Mr. Thomas Pearson, of Prince Albert, Sauk., writes 1 "I nitisi thank yen
tor Ihe benefit 1 have received from
tlie use of /.am link, lust Slimmer I1
had u [ever, which left ma with plies, j
I started to use Kiim-lluk and found!
It gave me relief, so I eniiliniied with
it, After using three or four boxes
It effected a complete cure."
Zam-Buk will also be found, a.sure
cure for cold sorbs,' chappe.i hands,
frost bite, ulcers, ee/.eiua, blood-poison, varicose Hori'H, BQBlp sores, ring"
worm, Inflamed patches, babies' eruptions and chapped placea, euis, burns,
bruises, and Bklti Injuries generally.
All druggists and Mores sell at 51)1'.
box, or post free fr an '/,iitn-!)iik Co.,
Toronto, upon receipt of price. You
are warned agalnt'.t harmful Imitations and sil'isllluti'H. See fllQ.reg.
iHteii'd name "/.nni-Huk1' o�� .e'vciiy
package before  buying.
^lfa-s*fou'Co  Jk4s**t*its6t, ~ftra^*si*r
C��/r^*%vnj��ts  ~4io TTllufo, /O^rr-t  Urrr~&
The Thirst for Knowledge
The phrenologist frowned.
Then he went carefully once more
over the bumps of the man in the
Highly Intelligent, he repeated���
highly intelligent! But 1 am bound
to warn you, sir. You have a very Inquiring mind, and your thirst for
knowledge is Insatiable. This large
bump running across the back of your
head means that you are Inclined to
be curious even to the point of recklessness .
I know It, answered the man in the
chair sadly. I got that bump by
sticking hy head through the bars at
the hotel elevator to see If it was
coming up, and the beastly thing was
coming down!
Mothers can easily know when their
children are troubled with worms, and
they lose no time In applying the best
of remedies���Mother Graves' Worm
Dangerous Talk
Mother, I wish you wouldn't mention dishwashing when George Is calling on me.
Why not, indeed?
I don't like It.     It sounds common.
Common, eh? We have to eat
don't we?
Ot course.
And George knows we eat and use
That's very true.
And George also knows that dlshe3
have to be washed, therefore Borne-
body has to wash them.
But mother���
What now?
If you keep on talking about it.
George may discover that you make
father wipe them and ho may think
me sa,me thing Is coming to him if
he should propose to me.
Mother you promised not to punish
me if I told you the truth.
All right, I won't,
Then I must tell you 1 told a He
this morning.
Threat of Anamination Accompanies
Their Demand for Money
Copenhagen, -Much excitement lis?,
been caused hero hy n blackmail ile-'
maiiil on the lliissiiin vlollnlsl, M.
Ysmay MltnltV.lty, who Is touring in
Don mark. The letter was typewritten in the Russian language and signed  "The  Black  Hand."
M. Mltnlt/.ky was ordered to Bend
$2fiil by mail '.0 the UiiBsInn political
fugitives In Denmark. If he refused
the letter said, you will be assassla-
ated by the anarchist executive committee,
The violinist handed tho letter to
the Danish and Russian criminal investigation department. The police
declare tho letter to he one of the ordinary writings of the Black Hand
gangs scattered over the world.
M, Mltnltzky I3 seriously affected
by tho letter, and has provided-, himself with two Browning pistols. He
declares that. two members of his
own family in Russia have been assassinated by Black1 Hand criminals.
Exhausted from Asthma ���Many
who read these wordB know tho terrible drain upon health and strength",
which comes In the train of asthmatic
troubles. Many do uot realize, however that there Is one true remedy
which will surely stop this drain.
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
Is a wonderful check to this enervating ailment. It has a countless record of relief to Its credit. It is
sold almost everywhere. ,
Some of the charity that begins at
home Isn't worth making a fuss
Stelnhell Case Eeho
The Excelsior In a recent issue an'
nonnces the approaching divorce of
Mile. Stelnhell. who a few months
after her mother's trial was married
to the painter, M. Raphael del Perugia. Mme. lei Perugia, It Ib added,
intends after the decree of divorce
has been pronounced, to go to live
with her mother In England.
Mlnard's  Liniment Cures Girget
So you represent the Noocar company, do you? said Jlmp'son to the
Yes, sir, replied the agent. Ju*t
organized, sir.
Good company? asked Jlmpsom.
Best going, said the agent.
Who Ib behind It? Inquired Jimp-
All our creditors, said the agent.
Of the Food That  Restored Her to
"Something was making me 111 and
I didn't know the cause," writes a
Western young lady: "For two years
I was thin and sickly, suffering from
indigestion and Inflammatory rheumatism.
"I had tried different kinds of diet,
and many of the remedies recommended, but got no better.
"Finally, Mother suggested that I
try Grape-Nuts, and I began at once
eating It with a little cream or milk.
A change for the better began at
"To-day I am welt and am gaining
weight nnd strength all the time. I've
gained 10 lbs. In the Inst five weeks
and do not Buffer any more Indigestion, nnd the rheumatism Is all gone.
"I know it is to Grape-Nuts alone
that. I owe my restored health. I
still ent the food twice n day and
never tire of It." Name Riven hy
Canadian PoBtum Co., Windsor, Ont.
The flavor' of Grape-Nuts Is peculiar to Itself. It Is neutral, not. too
sweet and has nn agreeable, healthful
quality that never grows tiresome.
One of the sources of rheumatism Is I
from overloading the system with acid
material, the result nt imperfect digestion and assimilation.
As soon as Improper fond is abandoned and Grape-Nuts Is taken regularly, digestion is made strong, the organs do their work of building up good
red blood o.ellR and of carrying nVay
the excess of disease-making material
from the system.
The result is a certain and steady
return to normal health and m��nta!
netivltv. "There's a reason." Read
the little br>ok, "The Road to Well-
vll'e." In pkgs.
Ever read the above letter? A
new one appears from time to time.
They are genuine, true, and full of
human Interest. <
WmmM^: Milkman
writes us that he warms his
(j;)ymilk-wagon on cold days
with a Perfection Oil
He makes his rounds
in comfort. Zero weather doesn't bother him.
This milkman has
adapted this wonderful
little heater to his own
particular needs.
You may not drive a
milk-wagon, but there are
countless ways in which
one of these heaters would
M��de with nkkei trimmings  be  a convenience and
(plain steel or enameled tur- ������_<���,,,���. ����� ,���-.,, 1- ,,_,,_
quoise-blue drums). Ome- COtntOrt tO yOU in yOUT
mental.   Inexpensive. Lasts    home.  IOU Can adapt it tO
pT.cy."o,Puce'!ly m��yti "��m   vour own requirements.
At Dealer* Everywhere.
Twenty Patients Alleged to Have Re
covered Under His Treatment
Doctor O. Odin wai has
prepared for the Society of Compare
live Pathology an account of the results obtained with his new anticancer serum.
The doctor states that he discovered
the specific, microbe of cancer In the
blood of more than 150 patients, and
that analysis of blood now enables
him to diagnose cancer whenever that
terrible malady exists In a patient
under observation.
For the last four yoai-B Doctor Odin
has been working on this subject and
he now declares that he has secured
a serum which will really cure cancer by killing the protozoa. This serum Is applied in double intramuscular injections In a fleshy part���one Injection with an organic base, tbe other with a chemical base. The treatment lasts from thirty to thirty-five
One patient who was cured by Doctor Odin's serum was a gentleman
who had undergone two operations tor
cancer on the face, and who last August was declared to be in a hopeless
condition. Today he Is In good
health. M. Regnler, a youth of 17,
who had a sarcoma on the thigh, had
twice been operated upon and hod not
been able to stand up for two years.
Ho has also completely regained his
Doctor Odin has a list of more than
twenty other cases where a double
operation had been performed, where
a third could not be undertaken, and
where the patient had been given up
as hopeless and Is now completely
Are you one of those to whom
every meal is another source of
suffering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
will help your disordered stomach to
digest any reasonable meals, and will
soon restore It to such perfect condition that you'll never feel that you
have a stomach. Take one after
each meal. 50c. a Box at your
Druggist's. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. iso
Poor Fellow
Why are you wandering about the
country instead of looking after your
wife and children at home? Inquired
the lady of the tattered tramp.
Well, ma'am, it's like this, exclaimed the tramp. My wife has a very
fine servant.     A perfect treasure.
I don't believe there ever was such
a girl.
There Is only one, ma'am, and my
wife's  got her.
Good gracious! She's a very lucky
She is, ma'am. But the trouble Is
that girl didn't like me.
She didn't like me, aad she told my
Wife she must either discharge me or
her, so my Wife dischnrgod me, madam.
Oh, I see. poor fellow! Here's
something for you.
Keeping Himself Cool
The heat-wave had come! Even the
dogs couldn't muster energy to bark,
and the street-car conductor who lolled at the back of his car could scarcely keep bis eyes open.
But he did observe the youngster,
who, for a mile or more, trotted doglike alongside the car. And at this
tbe conductor marvelled.
And at last when the car drew up,
he inquired:
Ain't, you hot enough? What d'yer
want to run like that for?
Oo-oo! gasped tbe errand-hoy. Hot
enough? Course I am. That's why
I'm keeping alongside you. Wantcr
keep in the shade aa much as possible.
He Was Unreasonable
I hear that Gwennle broke off her
engagement with Mr. Munly becaua*
he tried to limit her enjoyments?
Yes she was engaged to two other
young men, and he objected.
Often Want
qntck relief from biliousness���from
its headaches, its sour stomach,
hiccoughs, flatulence, unpleasant
breath and the general feeling of
good-for-nothingness it causes.
Thousands���through three generations and the wide world over -
have found, as you will find, that
give the necessary relief quickly,
safely, gently, naturally. This
harmless family remedy is justly
famous for its power to put the
bowels, liver, kidneys and stomach
in regular active working order.
In every way���in feelings, looks,
actions and in powers���you will
find yourself altogether better after
you have  used   Beecham's  Pills
Quick Relief
, You ought to be sure to read the directlsu
with every bos.
Sold ntrrvasre.    ���   23c The Royal Bank of Canada
Deposits of $1  and Upwards Received and Interest
Allowed at Current Rates
on A]J lite  Principal Towns  in   Canada,  the  United
States and Europe
The Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Valley Advocate
A [Weekly Newspaper,  Published at
Courtenay, H, C.
N. HuniCN, Publisher
Subscription 8160 per Vein- iu Advance
TllliHSDAY, JANUARY ��, 1018
Everyone who lias the welfare of
courtenay at heart shctlld attend
the meeting next Tuesday to discuss
ways and means of providing a lu-is-
pital here No one can deny that
one is needed, and needed badly.
Many accidents occur in the woods,
and there is no place nearer than
Cumberland where they can secure
proper attention ami treatment.
Anent the paragraph in 'our
third issue in which one of our
contributors referred to the (number of persons under the influence
of drink frequenting Courtenay.
We are desired to say that this is
no reflection on our worthy cus-
todian of the peace, Constable
Han nay. His district embraces a
large area, and the Cumberland
troubles have been responsible for
much attention on his part in that
quarter, The question has attracted much attention, and in fairness
to P. C. Manny this explanation is
gladly given.
After a lengthy debate, the Legislature of Saskatchewan passed a
resolution which calls for a thorough
investigation into the charges made
by the Hon. Robert Rogers, at
Montreal, and also into the alleged
unconstitutional interference in provincial politics by federal ministers
and general electioneering by officials in the pay of the Department
ol Interior, The investigating committee is composed of five members
of the legislature, three Liberals
and two Conservatives. This committee has been given ample power
to summons witnesses, take evidence
on oath, and to call for the production of all necessary documents
and records, The committee is to
report to the Assembly from time
to time. The opposition favored
an investigation by the judges of
the supreme court rather than by
active politicians, and there is no
doubt that this would have given a
more judicial tone to the investigation, but governments are seldom
���willing to have such investigations
placed in any hai ds but those of a
committee which they can control.
Saskatchewan has followed the us
ual practise, but we could wish that
they had improved upon the old
plan, We trust that the investigation will he full enough to satisfy
all honest men,
If you want pictures framed,
cabinet or sign worK done go to
J. Sutton
Wedding ami other Invitations
printed on short notice at the Review office.
Let us know the coming and going of your friends. We will be
glad at any time to have notice of
any local happenings.
Read the announcements of the
different merchants in evcty issue
of the Review. They carry a message which should benefit you.
Macfartane Bros are running a
special discount sale from the 13th
to 18th hist, inclusive. Every article in their immense stock greatly
Fruit trees that were planted in
Bella Coola nearly 50 years ago are
still bearing fruit and are in good
condition at the present time, says
the Bella Coola Courier.
The Vernon News has issued a
special holiday number that is perhaps the largest single issue of a
paper ever printed in British Columbia. It contains approximately
one hundred pages, and covers the
whole Okanagan Valley in its descriptive matter.
The alterations in the store to be
occupied by the Bank of commerce
sn tlie Shannon block are now about
completed, and ns soon as the sife
arrives everything will be ready for
the opening, which will be about
the fifteenth of the month. The
branch will be under the supervision of Mr. White, who will spend
part of the time here aud part in
The Union Steamship Co's. boat
which left Vancouver on Monday
night sunk on Tuesday morning
alongside the wharf at VanAnda.
Four lives were lost, three passengers and the second cook were lost.
Miss Mary Pepper, school teacher,
Lindsay, aged 21. Mrs. EllaSimp-
son, school teacher, aged 30, of
Vancouver, Samuel Courtney, logger, of Ellison's camp, B.C., and
Sun Ling, second cook, of the ches-
lakee. L.J. Hartland, logger hand
badly cut. Several others were more
or less injured,
Mr. Richard carter was very anxious for a time, as his brother was
to have sailed on the cheslakee on
Monday night, The'family will be
greatly relieved to know that he is
not amongst the missing.
A broad-minded man is seldom
If you have a shadow of suspicion, keep it dark.
Every time a crank hears another crank talk, he thinks he isn't.
The world likes to be amused;
therefore  all   the   world   loves   a
It is never too lute to blame It on
the other fellow when you make a
Even the community that needs
shaking up would draw the line at
an earthquake,
:     Gentlemens' Outfitters
ibi the matter <>/ the Estate nf Ih: Dillon,
No'l'it'KIs-herebyslvsn tli��t nil partial
limine claim" *Kuin>t tli" will eitaU are ru-
.(iii'aUil tn M-nit tiartimilum n, Mine tu tun 1111
1 l.i'liiii' I lit- 15th iliivnf Kiihriwry 11*1.1, uiul
all 1'nrtii-ii indebted tu tin- unlit nt.tt urn re.
��� liiiwtnil tu |m��t Midi iiiili'I'tixInrM to ma fortli-
Ai'I.ihk Ullldial Ailmlniatriitiir
I lul.'il at ('uiiilii-rlaml, II.0 , thit tlth day uf
January, A.I'. 1018,
TKNDKRS will be rtoelvad un 'o Fobrunry
1st, 1II1X fur a full rot ot Veterinary HurKtnm
lu'triiinenta and AppliMMM, aim Bovka 1111
Veterinary Science, etc.
For nurtlicr inforiimtiftti apply to
ttiunberland, li. ('.
Tim litanest or an/ tender not necemiarily
Stump Pullers
Earth ftUgerS) well horintf. take-up cablet), ii x -
turea, pelf-iipenlmf and Abutting gatm ami
ilooru, etc., tuauufMtured. Write 4f.9 Burn-
aide roa��l Victoria, B.C. Special fi-yoar arrangement* tn Hettlern foretump-pullur outfit*.;
capacity tip to .W��-im>h green ntuuiprt. (> ft tri-ex;
large area cleared at eacli Hitting ; 3<J minutes
to re-ait.   Price ��� $51 aud upward*.
Boots,   Shoes,   Rubbers,  Loggers
Supplies,  etc.
Sole Agents in Courtenay for Tailored Suits, tailored by The Art
Tailoring Co., Ltd.
Prices Right. Fit and Workmanship Guaranteed
Cor. Fechner Block,   Courtenay
Hardy & Biscoe
The Oldest Established
Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers
:  A Large Listing of Cleared and   {
Bush Lands, Ranches, Bungalows and Town Lots
The   Best   that Money can
Buy, in Watchas, Clocks
aud Jewellery, at
Watchmaker and Jeweller
Inspection Invited
Union St.        Courtenay, B. C.
*********************************** ***^4j****S,*i. ������������J
������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������MtiMooMtMsetetM   ���
��� 2
1 Corner Store!
f Groceries, Dry Goods, etc. I
��� Special Attention Paid to S
s ���
| Delivery I
9 ���
���  _. ���      .           S
British Columbia Investments
Vancouver Island Farms and Acreage Specialists
Our listings together with the 4,000 acres we have actually
bought in the Comox District consisting of cleared and
uncleared farms, sea and river frontage, enables .us to give
intending buyers a good choice.
Courtenay lots on the main Union Road and abutting right
on the new station when built, also Royston sub-division
acreages aud lots are just now ' good buys in view of a wharf
being assured.
Come in and See Us Before Prices Advance
Telephone 36
Dry   Goods, Groceries,
Boots and Shoes
Parkin Bros.
Phone 4
Sandwick  ��
C. J. Moore
General Merchant
Plastering Contractor
Cement Work a Specialty
Comox, B. C.
First-class1 Accommodation.    Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
H. Cottingtou, Prop.
Have You  Pictures   to   Frame ?
I have just opened up the finest line of Mouldings, Mattings,   etc
that was ever shown in the Comox Vallev, nnd by  bringing  your  pictures in nt your first opportunity vou can profit by having a full  line to
select from.
I make frames to fit your pictures nnd ilo not cut your pictures to
fit ready-made frames as a great many trainers do.
- You can get yonr pictures at any time to suit your convenience
and if you are not satisfied with both the material and workmanship
when you come for them, you arc under no obligations to take them
1 also do Cabinet and sign making in all their branches, and if vou
have anything in these lines, 1 will be pleased to submit sketches and
In tho building recently occupied ns MoPhoa U Morrison's Storo
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
J.   E.   ASTON
Basement Willard Block
Loggers Boots and Shoes Made
Repairing Neatly and Promptly  Doue
Milliner and Costumier
Wedding and Mourning Orders
Given Prompt Attention
Union St. COURTENAY Don't Buy An Intufc
[ have mode arrangement* to Install  a  luatniii tli   tueubator,   for  tbe
purpose ot hatching eggs i"f in) clli uts, thercbj saving them all time,
worry and ��� \." m
A 100 egg incubator costs $30 and freight,  .ml  you  ton  oulj   get  100
eggs into it,     I can iuciiluite you 100  :    fffor $5
A $30 Incubator will require an 11 wccl '. run to iui i   itc you fioo eggs,
l'ur ?3t) I can incubati '"" Goo egg* in ���< wee,ks,
Your clilcks, all being tlie sunie ugii, should start ���.���' lay at the same
time,    The best inn.'.
In addition to till* enormous advuntagi I save you 18 weeks oil bill,
and constant wort') and anxiety,
Write (or particulars and prices
P. O. Box 101
Automobiles, (ins Engines.
Supplies and Repairing
Agents for Pnlrbnuka Gas Engines, Moore Lighting Systems
Denton & Thomson, Props.
Phones R K.| mid L S.| Cars for Hire Night or Day
The Furniture Store
Iron  Beds and  Bedding
Carpets, Stoves and
Cash Butcher
Dealer in all kinds of Meats, Fish in season, etc.
Orders promptly attended to
Phone 37 Cumberland
Opening of Parliament!       Masquerade Bail
! [nterestiug Items
From Ih,
i Coal Cits
von   to
from tl
Macfnrlane Bros, invite
their great money .saving i
Miss Minnie llorbury is enjoying
her vacation at Victoria and will attend the teachers convention before
Frank Cherry appeared before
Judge Abrams charged with being
drunk and Incapable at the sand
station, He paid the usual fine and
Coroner Abrams held an Inquest
on Monday evening to enquire into
; the death of wiiig Juug Sing, who
met with a fatal accident at No.   4
Inline.    After   examining, several
I witnesses t' e jury returned a vcrd-
1 ict of accidental death.
lie   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing    Hut    First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C, !���'.   DALRYMPI.B, Prop.
Manufacturer! of
High-Grade Havana Cigars, "Monarch"
and "dak Brand"
For Salt at All Hotels
619 Johnson St.
Cumberland Hotel
noil /accomodation     Cnttnt Ksccllent
Wm. Merryfield
Macfnrlane Bros are .running  a
I special discount sale from the   13th
to isih inst. inclusive.   Every ar-
| tide ill their immense stock greatly
1 reduced.
M. Robsou, of the I''
,  Springs   aud  Mattresses,
Ranges, Fttflpitivre  and
House   Furnishings,   Rugs   Linoleums,
Curtains and Window Blinds
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland
Your Estate
and Loved Ones
Waverley Hotel
Cumberland, B, C.
Best "I Liquors ami Cigora,  ll��t anil
Cold Water, Baths, etc.
PRANK DALLAS, Proprietor
Jos. Barrie
Preparations for the opening of
the first session ot a new parliament
of the province are going forward
expeditiously at the Government
Buildings, the official invitation list
for the opening ou January 16th being virtually the same as in recent
years. The Speech from the
Throne is expected to be a somewhat shorter document than those
with which the past few sessions
have been inaugurated. Noollicial
announcement has as yet been made
as to the members who will enjoy
the honor of moving nnd seconding
the reply to His Houor.s address,
but it is not improbable ill it the ie
will either Mr. Lome A. Campbell
' of Rosslaud, or Mr. MacLean of
Nelson, as mover, and Mr. J. G. C.
Wood of Alberni as seconder.
The Vernon News has issued a
special holiday number' that is perhaps the largest single issue of a
paper ever printed i" British Columbia. It contains approximately
one hundred pages, and covers the
Whole Okanagan Valley in its descriptive matter.
Branch of the Canadian Hank of
Commerce, Vancouver, has taken
the place of J. M. Crookston at the
branch office here.
. K.J. Dalbjv collector of customs,
Informs us that the returns of his
office for the month of December
were $4t)2Q,.:i. which shows a remarkable increase.
\rchie Laiigus appeared in the
provincial police court charged with
being drunk and disorderly at Courtenay. Pleaded guilty and was fine.l
#5.00 and costs.
Macfarlaue Bros, are showing a
complete line of comforters, ranging
from #2.75 up to $10.00, these goods
will be cut to the quick during sale
A familiar figure on our streets
known an the white mule was killed
on New Year's night in trying to
jump a picket fence, got hung up
and bled to death. The mule was
evidently trying to seek shelter from
the snowstorm.
One of the Aldermen at the last
meeting of the council put a motion
for thit taking <Jf a plelie'sbite to ascertain tlie feeling of the public in
I the matter of disincorporatiou. The
motion was uot seconded.
At the last meeting of the council, Mr. John Coates, a member for
the past 25 years of the council for
the town of Johnston, Scotland,and
who is at present on a visit here,
was introduced to the mayor and
council by his nephew, ��� John C.
Brown. Mr. Coates responded in
an able manner to the welcome tendered him by the mayor.
The output at the local mines for
four working days was as follows :
Monday, Dec. 30  1256 tons
Tuesday, Dec. 31 n 79 tons
Thursday, Jan. 2 1212 tons
Friday,       "     3 1242 tons
Total for four days 4889 tons
John   Spencer   appeared   before
Judge Abrams on Tuesday morning
charged with using  obscene   language.    Chief Coustable Stephenson
'conducted .the   prosecution.     The
first witness was Constable J.   M.
Murry, who said he had met the accused on Dunsmuir Ave.,   on   the
, night of December 27th,   swearing
aud using bad language.   The   accused was passing up aud down the
j street   repeating   filthy   language
within the hearing   of   respectable
pj-ou  pe0pie vvhen witness arrested   him.
Lay Up Money for Old Age.
Delay will Cost  You
Hard Cash
The Manufacturers' Life can
Supply Every Kind
of a Policy
Insurance in Force $70,000,000
Assets Over $15,000,000
Dealer in
Choice Fruits,
Soft Drinks
Make Application to
C. E. Dalrymple
District Agent
Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland
Tl]e Star
Livery Stable
Livery and team work promptly attended to.   All kinds of
hauling done
First-Class Buggies for Hire
Alex. Maxwell, Prop,
A grand masquerade ball will be
held in the Opera house, Courtenay
ou Thursday,   January  23rd.    A
large number of valuable prizes will :*'"'."'" ""'.'..*".'.'.'".':? "!i".'"~ V." "!!..'.""
be given, as follows : |
Best dressed lady $5.00
IS SSff-l8^?3"1, ������;������ 5'���� "  Constables    McDougall,    Moore
Best National cos tune, gent.. 5.00      d Mills gaveevidence to the same
.do lady- 500 ff .     b ^
Comic costume.   . 2.so      m, ���,��� ��� .   ,        ,
Hobo in costume.....     250   , The, T       g   **&***%   f,d'
.,,       ���>    dressed the prisoner and   said   the
colored'gent'.:::.v;:.;:;::: lil last^imetheac^tsed -was up for
Cow girl   2,50
Cowboy   2.50
Prize waltz  5.00
I'ri/.e twostep   3.00
Special prizes amounting to 55 will
be awarded to others not enumerated.    Music'will be furnished by
This   is   our   Month   for   Offering
Bargains  in  Many   Lines
We are Stocktaking and January 31
We   must
need  the
have   money,    and   we
room  for new goods
The  Opportunity  is  Yours
Simon, Leiser & Co., Ltd.
Key's orchestra. Admission, gents
$1.50 ladies $1.00, spectators 50c.
suits may be rented from Messrs.
Loggis Bros. R. McCouish and
Chas. Hansen are the committee.
Tickets may be obtained at Swan's
and Potter's, and from the committee.
You can't judge a woman by her
looks when she looks as if she didn't
know you were looking.
hearing on a similar offence, which
was two or three days ago, he
promised to give the prisoner the
full penalty of the law, that is, $100
and costs or, in default, six months.
But the Judge said he would be
h'tiient with him seeing that the accused had a child to support, and
fined him $50 and costs or, in default, four months, and placed him
under the Habitual Druukards' Act
for 12 months.
Mr. Richard Burde, editor of the
Port Alberni News, will be a candidate for mayor of that city. Mr.
Burde's experience in the newspaper business will be a valuable asset to Port Albsrni if the citizens
should select him for mayor.
Plumbing and Heating a  Specialty
We carry the most complete stock of  Hardware'
Paints and Oils, Guns, Ammunition and Fishing Tackle in the District
The McClary Manufacturing Co., The Albion Stove Works
The Sherman-Williams Paint and Varnish Co.
A McClary Kootenay Range or Saskalta delivered anywhere in Courtenay Valley without extra charge
Buy Your Range at Tarbell's. They will deliver and set up, free of
charge and Guarantee Satisfaction Till
Advice Not Taken
Han't wit t:i"i miff, the doctor wild,
Or you will toon be wltu thn dead,
itut when tUe doctor had hli say,
The patient ate li auywn;
And He's ii\ inn yet.
Don't I'll)    inai   run*dowu   buslnoiB,
Or your nvM'i  will shortly Bail,
't'hua spokt  the ttinn who'd Itaie his
Tin buyer weni Ills hoadstruitg way-
Ami now lie's rich
Vow i in i raise buy on nueh lioor land
You'll starve nature you iiei a stunil
Observed tlie hi iglitior ou the rlgM.
I in- fiirmi i' planted day nnd night
lie's rli ii ns llroesus now .
There's n >i ono uhutuii in nluotj nluo
l-'ii��� .vmi in Htrllie ti cupper mine,
Bald the in'.11 old limn to   the   trosh
young guy,
But Ihe youngster said he'd have a
Now ho owub 'ih- State
'Ihoy 1-1 n"i put vmi in lull tor that,
Exclaimed tho tn�� yoi. uli "'- nnd flit
Th" man in prison ttrotined it itroan,
Aiui tin' lawyer man leti hlni ulotie- ���
Bui lie stuyod I'i Jail.
Confounding  a   Braug..it
ai Uio lime when Uiuls Napol i
was I'l'i'-uii in uf the Pronuh Knpubllc
tin- commander nl Lyons wis Oenornl
Gnstellane, an old Buldlor whose stem
rule kepi  In check llto ill  ��us still lis
of that dlsordetl} eii>.
Ono <i( Hi" mnsi boisterous ot the
latter was u liarbcv, who ui)enl> boast-
eil thnl lie only waited tor ilie oppor-
luniiy of ridding the elt} ol lis Bterti
The general heard ol i tit* thi'uat, and
mi" afternoon ordoretl his oottolituati
to drive to the barber's sho|i. Leaving
Mis carriage, the general entered tho
nhop unattended, inok a seat In n
vaasni chair, and desired the barber
to  BlltlVU  llltll,
The astonished  hraggat't   l> M'fOl'Ull d
ihe operation us well us his nerv.ous<
ncsB would penult. When ho hail
finished tho general, while paying
hlni   quietly suld: ���
"Monsieur, since you have not avidl-
e.l yourself ot the opportunity lo cut
my throat which I have given to you
would It hoi he wise for you tu refrain from uttering threats lhat you
have ma the coinage to carry out!
A Great Industrial City  in the  Making.
,i.   .nr,."! iiih c ����� it   ure Bpondlns millions m ostab-
prartu urow U a str at  -��  .���   ��� Elevators Round nouses, Car
U.WB, immense ^^����B5 ���������, iiu-nei.se  Hftcturtna In-
Sri;... have .ecu,ed SSIon., and assure employment tor thotumad. ot
""SKS? location, from 1175 per Uot up     Term. |H cash, balance ��10
,,,,- month.     Clear Title.     No 'luxes tor mi..
Write lor Booklet. Agent*   Wanted   at   all   Point.
To Exchange   Automobiles, House, and Clear Title Ut.   tor   Farm
luinis      What have you i" otter!
?���> Can.de  Life  Building.        Winnipeg,  Man	
na eg
i- -i v-rf ���'{���i."<i'itY
Prepare Yourself
For Winter'. Wor.t
V/M^kf^^ Don't **"  ,,M >'��" n*v' ������
W/M      oaujht cue ol thou ua.-.ty c ilda- lortify younell
W/Mf afslnst ihein by taking �� coui.-.e ol
Na-Dru-Co Tasteless
Preparation of
Cod Liver Oil
who   have   Done I
H   tuieeiesful
jenulngB, ol
heeu  eunseii i
Bxclusive of nulla, the British Army
has eighty three troops, companies,
nnd nl her foriiialiniis Of [loyal Kngiii.
Inoltldlng the High Couri uf JusticeI
the Court ot Appeal, and the Court of I
Criminal Appeal, the total cost ot the
Law CourlB tor the yi ar Sliding March ;
J912, was nearly $3,500,000, while the]
receipts were some $l,ntin.iiiiu short of
this sum.
Sophia (seu'iinicn.ially)- -I dourly
love to listen in the ticking of a clock.
U seems to me that a clock has a language���you might say u dlal-oe.t,
Indiu has MT vermicular languages,
ih i ciiiei nl which an- Hindi, lion-
gall, Bihar!, Murathl.' Punjab!, Tain
11, end Tellium.
So Ions ago as 1340, Edward 111.
passed a Statute ordering the sheriffs 10 suppress football ill England,
nnd thirty-live years previously to
that I5d win (I II. Issued a proclamation
forbidding the populace to hustle over
lirgo balls in the streets of the City
of . I'ljidon.
My sin. do vou  think  lilts kind of
life will pay you?
No, fO'tuer; hut I'm hoping you will!
Pimples So Bad
He Was Ashamed
Tried Everything but Did It No Good.
One Box of Cuticura Ointment
Took Pimples Away.
'About seven  years upo pimples broke
out ul! over my (ace ana tteok.   When they
would first come out they would be big and
fed, then i.ftcr a white they would turn white,
etui matter would come out.    Sometimes
they would Itch so 1 could hardly sleep.   I
was ashamed to ro down Btreet. my face
looked s<> had.   I went to several doctors
uiul got medicine* Which did inn no gnod, and
bought ointment, galves and putt-ut medicines*
but none of them would cum my fa.���* and
neck.   A friend advised mo tn try Cut.cum
Olntiiir "t.    1 uot ono hox, and It tonic tho
phnplctt ttWajf Wforn 1 hmi It all npftt up.   I
can  say   It  W  a  wonderful  remedy.    Any
nunVii-f who ims pinudcH bhould use Gutlcunt,
Ointment K limy want a sum- cure,  1 never
had any soap equal  to Cuticura Soon,"
(Signed)   Aylraef  Mathers,  ParkblU, Out.,
Dee,24, luiu.
Sores Ail Over Baby's Body
"When my  b��by  boy  WM nil- months
eld,   hli  body   wm   completely  covered
witr- laiee sores that eecmed to tick end
bti'n,   ami   ��i. i.��  terrible  Buffering.    Tlie
eruption   hecuit   In   pimples   nlilch  would
���pen Mid run, nuking Urge son's.   His hair
rsme out and linger nulls tell oil, tud tlie
eores were ov*r ttw entire body, causing
tittle or no sleep (or baby or tuysell.   tlrcat
scabs would cmno off win n 1 removed his
sl.lrt.   Wo tried a great nmny remettirs but
oolliing would help liiui. tilt a frimd Induced
tte to try Cuili-uia. s-.ap and Ointment.   1
used the Cuticura Soap and Ointment but
��� short time tie/ore 1 couU: see that he wus
Improving, and In six weeks' time he was
entirely cured.    He bad suffered about six
weeks betore we tried the Cuticura 8oap and
Ointment,  although  we had tried several
either things and doctors too.   1 think the
Cuticura Remedies will (ti. all that Is claimed
for them, and a great deal more;"   (Signpd)
Mrs.  Noble Tubman, Dodson, Mont., Juit
Ci'ticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment sold
fcy nmuelstH and dealers everywhere, fit :id
lo Potter Drug a. Ob��in. Corp., 60 Columbus
in, Honi.ii, 13. 8 A., tor a llberad lie*
���uipia ot crcli, with Jl'.i. booklet.
PsillOlle   Stn until
Hi inimc  liu Iiiih  hi'i'ii
train Hiiiiii'i', Mr, a. U,
Oklahoma, l^.s.A., haa 	
by his f.ilow-i'lilzi'iiH to fiiiinl to: tin' |
liii|i(ii'uini. juiHt nf fubllu ProwoutoT.
lie wiih urvl&i u. ten yoftt'*' seiitftnot'
ttiicn Mr, Hounovoli pardoned hlni,
I luivc xuil.'ii tnii.tiuii troni one train,
j deolai'pu tlie s>x-bandlt, In bin aleotlon
uddroig, nml I hnve ridden away with
It tied behind my luddle In a mumi i
li't-.H tiiok, Now my ambition in to
provo thai I oan he ae nm'ii an "in
olal n�� 1 sviB it train robuor, I
If .Mr, .ii'imliiRs ih elected, n�� Beoms
prohahle, lor bin graphla Btorlos uf
brlgahduge are nrouBlnti extraordlnars
I cittlniBluajtii ainotiKBi the ulectorB, he
j will mil bo the 11; H-t I'N-crluiliml tn ho
; otioBon to imiii high oflloo in Ainorluo
There waa once a certain John Mor
i rlaey, a noted itrlwtlgliter and   ruin-'
' l>lcr, who cnnit' straight t'rntti jnll unit!
' put up for elocllon nn Mayor ot New '
York,     At tirat (.he bebtor clasB of
oIUxbm treated his candidature na a
i hum' Juki, ln.it they Boon found vital i
\ it wuh nn jnliiiiK matter. ,
I    ah t'.ic MiiuiH and thlevea In the oil}'
were liia tili'iida,    nnd    they    rallied I
round hlni.     Su, too, did tho keepers
ot gambling don�� and other even more
lueatlQitublo reaovtB,       The   police,
sti'i nn�� aa It Hounda to our ears, nlao
\ aided with him, for thoy knew thai
once he wus dieted they  would lie
glVPJl  u  free hund  In  their favorite
I occupation of levying blackmail, And
i BO II eiune lo imss that in the end he
! wasi elected and an era of corruption
i Bet In thai haa probably never heeu j
' equalled In any city Ih die world.
Then there is Sir ilameBon, Bart,
C.B,, better known, perhnps, aa "Dr.
! .llni,"  who, :\a all  the  world  known. I
led the famous raid Into the Trans-
viuil in 1895, utter the failure of which
he was tried In London nnd sentenced i
to ten months Imprisonment,     Loss
tlinn ten years afterwards,   in   ia04.!
thai is io Htty, lie wuh chosen Premier
of Cape Colony,
ll|��  waa, ot course, n pullllcnl Of-1
fence.     So wiih thai  which caused
Sir Charles (litvati Dufry, some time
Premier of \>".uirin. to he branded a��
n. felon.     lie was Implicated In the i
Irish  rebellion of 1848, u fuel  which j
��� was afterwards to gain him the enthu-;
slaslio support���and the votes���of all
j his compatriots In A.ustraliu when ho!
I elected io k<i In for politics.
Anoiiii',- Australian    Premier   who
did time wus Sir Charles Dlbbs;    II"
served   n sentence   In   Darllnshurst
; .lull. Sydney, for contempt of <'m\- .
| Afterwards, when a turn  if iiVr'nno's'
w'nee!  tjiade  him   Prime  Mi it' !��l:o"." of
: .New South Wales, he hart l.i appoint
In new Gnvortioi of Darllngllurst.    IU
| selected tor ihe post the ward .vim
hud charge of him as u prisoner
Edward Olbbon  Waketlold, another,
famous   Australian   statesman,   was I
actually ut one time a convicr, his
offence  beliiK   the   Abduction  of   nn
heiress, u fairly common crime In 15ng-
land seventy or eighty years ago, hilt
one which tho law always regarded
seriously and punished severely. The
Australians of his day, however, were
ninny of ihcm px-convlcts or the descendants of such, and these did not
regard his offence as reflecting on his
honour lu any way, while thn romantic circumstances surrounding it gained him many    sympathizers   among
the ordinary colonists,     on hi* re-
i lease llie.se rallied round him, and he-
fore long he became the most powerful political personage in   the   subcontinent,
Yet. another old convict who rose i
through politics to hlnh honor In Alts-
| tralla, after liming served ou! there!
ihe sentence of Imprisonment passed!
on hi in. was llr. O'Doiieriy. He
 nn 'I'leit   and   trans.ported   for;
More  Boy  Wanted
The llllle mother was dislruelod.
Really, Tommy, she cried, that a the
ve-j last till oe of cake you must have
Now, (ion'i disobey me.
Hill Tummy's objections to this seven Bentonci were pithy and to the
Why? bellowed the greedy little boy.
itic mother looked over at him wearily,
For Just Ihls reason, she replied:
There once Used a little hoy exactly
like you, who weni on eating cake,
till cue day ne hurst. Ami his death
wiw caused hy eating too much cake
The youthful scion of Ihe house pon-
iie'ed tills while bolting tho remain
Ing crumbs on bis plate; then���
I don't believe a little boy could eal
too lnucli  cake, he remarked  sonac
But, darling, said tho tired llltli
molher, he must have done, became
lie hurat.
Ugh! cried be'- promising youngster
scornfully,      It wasn't that there was
too miiMi ciki there wasn't  enough
boy! And he stretched over for an-
other piece.
This "bullder-up" is rich In the med
nnd nutritive properties of Ilie
Norwegian Cod Liver 0:1- without
disagreeable taste. It ahso com
Extract ol Malt. Extract of Wild Claud valuable Hypopho::phites, v.
tone up the whole syMein and pa
cularly strengthen tho Lungs, Th"
and Bronchial Tuber,.
In 50c.  and $1 .CO bodies
your druggist's.
wauiVxyiw��' ���MswaswwOssiSemm
Dcatnuss cannot re Cured
tv Iflml lippltutlonili *��� they rmmui remit the db
kiiMi purlku o( luf *���*!���,     inrrf It only one wiy tt)
Mraftirfii in rkiji.'i. tiy nn luflHnivtt t'ondltloi. of (tie
uiiiru.;t ii..I'm ol tin Ruitiii'talM Tube. Whtn Ui\h
tuba in .nOuiue I yuii hftVO i. ruuibllnie i��uti(i ur |ia<
herttut hturlng ami whW. 'i to eniirny i-.iw.tii, )H$i
j.keu uul nml I.W tube u.lort'd tu ItA rormul roiitll-
inni. hew-lii*: l III In- ditstroy.'sl fOfevef! nl��* UHtt
'nit uf ten kie rmm-il by Cattrrh.  wtilob  M nutMtlfi
jut nn i iflmnv.l (Knulltli.ri (if tbe murouit mulbren.
W'n Will nlvft One HiincIrM UollAIH tor ��n> CAM) Cii
>ini-i'-ws  it'4111',.1 lij   f'ftU.iTln   Uiul   I'ntiiiui   lie (iin'il
jy lutfi Cftiurb cure. Hend lor eirfiulfttt. tr��'.
F..!. CHRNKV A CO., loletlo. (��
i-(mi nv DniffClnlA. Ihe.
land .unit t'ttn.lljf Hllll (or (!oniilrjftUon.
'Yea. mused Hi�� thoughtful thlriUer,
U'h ix Bure High. ���*
What's a sure sign? was asked.
That when a youim man boffins to
know t.hat he doesn't Know aa mueli
as he thinks, he knowa, then he beglna
*.o know aotnething.
arc worn.
Noted for
their Fit
and Finish
Grsln  Commission   Merchants
MnUe TOIIs t.n..llnK  ri)��dl  fori  Aiihur  ur
Co.. WlnnltieK.
Liberal  Advirccs
Wlnnlpeq.  M��nltO����
ftrt William.  Notify Peter .li>n��'��
Prompt Pelurns
Besr Grades
Worms sup Hie strength nnd untlar- I
riiinc the vitality of children. Strength- '
n\ them by   italng   Mother   Graves'
Worm  Kxlcriulniitor to dtlve out the
parasites. il
treason, and on bin rolonBfhe became]
:i poiiiilnr hi'iii.       He   sal   in   both -
lloiiBPB lii the (JuciMislnnd Parliament,
I and afterwards tilled sevrral lilKb official poBta In thai colony.
wiitit is your favorite flower, Duke,
- iiskr-d  the  Iic'itss.       Hill   I  ought   lo
know that witlunii nailing,
Well, wluii should H be?
The uinii.'.iild.
Lazy, or Not Lazy
A lawsuit was recently lu full BWlng
and (liirinu its progress a witness was
cross-examined as to the hublts and
character of the defendant.
Una Mr. \l a reputation for be
iiiK abnormally  lazy?  ashed  counsel
Well, sir, it's ihls way-
Will you kindly answer the question
asked? struck In the Irascible lawyer.
Well.  sir.  1  was  going  to  say  It's
this  way.      1  don't want io do the
gentleman in question any Injustice
AipI 1 won't ko as far as to say, sir,
j that  he's lazy exactly;  but If It re-
| quired any voluntary work on his part
I lo digest his food���why, he'd die from
lack of nourishment, sir.
; Minard'�� Liniment Cures Dl3temper
I    An umbrella made thief-proof by be-
\ tng lucked In such a manner that It
! cannot  he opened  has been Invented
I by  a  London  cloak-room  attendant.
I The locking device consists of a metal
collar one. end of which may ho slipped
���down  over  the  rib  tips,  and  is se-
| otirely locked to Ihcm    by    revolving
the three metal rings.      These rings
hear the letters nnd numerals of the
,: secret combination.
A Ready Weapon Against Pain.���
There Is nothing equal to Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil when well rubbed in.
It penetrates 'lie tlsjiiios and pain disappears before It. There is no
known preparation that will reach th
spot quicker Hum this magic Oil. In
consequence it ranks first, among lin
inients now offered to the public ami
Is accorded first place among all It"
More About
The Loading Platform
The present generation of W-s'.ern farmer- will never know th��
difficulties an 1 vnjtatHn." experienced Ivy   tic!- predecessors   In   the
��� arller years '.'hen no one coult got a carload of   grain    shipped    In
bulk except bv loading It through an elevator    The   system    forced
the majority of farmers to sell t cir grain io   tbe   elevator   owners
at arbitrary prices, and oft Hm's to submit to heavy   dockage   and
other annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction.    Now,   however,
the distribution of cars as fixed by tho Grain Act  and the use of th��
loading plaifirm. provide fncilit! s which enable the farmer to secure
satisfactory treatment in the duposa! of his grain, and the highest
market price* a* time of sale.      Xvery fanner therefore, should mor?
and more onfleavor to use the !;>-t1lng pluttorrr. li  shipping his grain
to the terminal ele'.ators.     It ts the safeguard of the farmers' freedom In disposing of his grain io 'he best advantage for himself.     If
farmers refrain from nslntr the loading nbtfnrm freely, It might result In its Italng done away with, because   railway   companies   and
elevator owivrs ��re strongly opnosed to it,      It, is easy tn understand
why elevator p��np1,i desire (he loading platform abolished.    The railway nenple on ihnlr part say It Sclp.vs the loading of cars and helps to
ensure car shortage.      This we know ti he nonsense   because fre-
meriHv ni"-��� "���"�����  .ira loaded, whether with  grain, coal, lumber, or
other merchandise  they are Bid'tracked for days nnd    even    week*
Instead of being promptly moved reward to destltRtlon.     It Is engine
shortage and shortage r>( rninn��:"n: train rren    that    mostly   c.ius?��
ernln blockalea nn railways and "nl lack of ears       T.et every fnrmt>r
iherefnre. do nil h" can to use thi 'nadlns niat'orr.' nnd hecerne an Independent shipper.      In snbsei.tpt advertisements we will state In
detail tbe i9"insrs and other advantages of direct   loading   into   cars
compared with loading through elevators
We handle the farmers grain strictly on commission, make tih��rjt
advances on car hills of lading, supervise thi grading at time ears
are inspected, secure the nlghe*'. prices at tlttl" of sale and make
prompt re'ii.-is whim sold. Writo us for shipping instructions and
market Information.
Thompson Sons & Company
,  (tn country artist engaged!
In painting a landscape)���;flather nun ���
copy, ain't It? I expected to find j
some artists here. 1 started to come I
yesterday, but I broke my chain.        I
The Arlisi (not In a very pleasant
mood)���On, Indeed, and have you bitten anyone yet?
A free gninl of 10O to Ml) acres of
finest land is made by tbe Canadian
Government, on the simple conditions
of residence and cultivation, to any
settler over eighteen years of age. In
the provinces of New Brunswick and
Ontario, and 160 acres of land in Manitoba. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Yukon,
and seine parts of British Columbia,
I Maypole Soap        j
W.  N. U. 922
Reminded Him
Peck You  will  never get the  dog
lo mind vou, my dear.
Mrs. Peck���I will with patience.
You were just as troublesome your-
self at first.
De Rich���Tbe thine my uncle left,
me In his    will    is   Ihe    reason    I'm
. wealthy now.
Friend  Jones���What  did  he  leave
i you?
fie Rloh���An alarm clock.
Gises tick, eves
colon, tree horn
stiesk) odshiotut-
ely teal. Does net
lUlo It uiaW kettles
24 colon, will give
ssr ihsde. Col����
10c, blsck 15c el
youi    derler'n    ef
CI - ptid     with
klet   "How  lo
Dye " trom
Use of Tongues
A sage and reverend gentleman wus
examining a small school.
in the course of the examination I
the particulars of the five senses presented themselves, , .Now, children,
what Is the car the organ of? tbe ex-
amlner asked.
Hearing, was answered by many.
What is the eye for?
And the nose?
And tbe tongue'.'
.No answer.
Come now, said ihe examiner, in a
kindly  voice,  what  do  you  say  the
tongue Ib for?
For puttttt' <>ot!
In Lisbon the straw coat has be- j
come very fashionable, it is a rather
cumbrous garment, but the Portuguese tlud ibat '.t serves excellently
the purpose of a mackintosh. It Is
made entirely of straw, and the wet
runs down the Individual straws, and
so drops to the ground.
I hate flattery, alie said.
Of course you do, he replied. Every'
pretty girl does.
Then she drew a long, deep sigh,
and permitted him to press her cheek
agaiuat his own.
Blobbs���My wife thinks it's wicked!
for me to play bridge.
Slobbs���It Is���the way you play It!
fake in Time
the proper help to rid your system
of the poisonous bile which causes
headaches, flatulence and discomfort. By common consent the'
proper���and   the   best ���help   is
��*M ��T��rv<t*����*
Ilk b��a��c. ZZ*+ THE   COURTENAY   COURIER,   COURTENAY,   15. C.
���Hae-M-M-l-frc l-H' H-HHM-r-r-M-H-H-
The American
ft Did Not Please French
By George C. Conant |
More than half a century ago, when
railroads were llrst beginning n> lie
Hum iu America, there were no nill-
roud kings to finance tbem Those tn
the weal especially were paid fur by
the formers living along the pio|iiiseil
line, h he subscribed cm h for a small
kit or ibe stock,
/eke 'futile, a Kentucky farmer's
boy, returned from the war between
the Hulled Slates Mint Mexico, where
be hmi served ��" a volunteer in a nils
enrpM composed chiefly of hunters, tO
Bud a railroad projected Hun wan lo
run iliiMr l<> tils father's; farm. /.eke
became iiincli Interested In (be pro-
posed road, which would enable lib, fa-
tber lo gel tils products to market and
thus utilize litem. The young uiiin was
* good miller and made s lour along
the rout* iInn had been laid dowu by
the engineer*, foe the purpose of per-
enedlng the farmers to subscribe for
the stock of the company.
He met wllh remarks hie success.
Tbls was owing to a uutursl glfl he j of tltlll waned miisluclied gentleman In
IHwsesBHl for demonstrating the iiclvan- ! tbe American fashion Ootid iiiornin'."
tages Hint tlie rallrosd would bring te ! Turning op tils beet, be departed
the farmer rather tben to any especial , from the office of The Courier, (curing
Da veil 1 a uiinu lo MitiiHiy iuiii i>y
.lupplliB Ills law "
"Hal would he out of older." Mild
the Interpreter, "lie is armed uiul
would shoot you."
for a moment Tllttle was thrown, sn
to speak, mi pis lataiii ends, nm ue
soon rallied.
"Willi) kind of a mortal coinlinl Is ItJ
Tiowio knives?" . I
"What you call sat? It Is nol known
tn I'ltrla Hut I have to Inform you,
monsieur, sat since you ure xe chat-
lent'ed parly yotl hnve */e choice of
"weapons M. Cnvllbie does not cure
whether vmi chillier xe sword or te pis- I
tot. fie Is equally familiar with OOUI
"Iteckon he Is," replied Tuttle. "It
isn't likely thai the paper would give
such a pill to a man who didn't know
his business,"
"Monsieur is unite right. Upon Inquiry he will leurii lhat M, Cnvilluc ii
one of the Ih'ni Nwonlsmeii and shots
not only in I'iirig, tun in ttlllrupi'."
"Vou ve gin everything Hied to bleed
any one you chouse, nnveit't youV"
The Inieipieier pretended uoi to hear
Ihls M c'nvilliic assumed a iHired look
and   returned   lo   Ins   novel.     I littles
iniii'tbil spirit, thai hud I i cultivated
illllllll: tlie win Willi Mexico, wits slowly looming up III ills bosom. He re- >
inenilieii'il huw Ihe corps of "squirrel
hunters." as ibey were called, lo which
he hud belonged were relied upon by
General Taylor to pick off ihe Mexican
lenders ami tmw uiey accomplished
their uisu The mood wus slowly
Humming to Ibe American'a cheeks, and
tire was lighting up Ills eye.
"Now. see here," he suld, bringing
his list dowu on Ihe I utile "This yere
ibliig ims got lo stop If iiny more of
II appears io your paper I'll lake cere
"Moll  IJIeu," exclaimed Hie  PreiU b
mail. "Amet'leaUS are III.,- '/'��� Wild uieii
d'Afrlque!" i
So lUdlgllllUI wits he Hint he forgnl lo
bow   Himself   out      Tllllle,   who   now
gave up a" expei'iatloti of ibe fighting
editor meeting nun on his own terms,
iiotitit',1 iiis ii.'iiiuers iii proceed with
their    preparations    tor    placing    Uls
The  next   move on   the  pan  of  Ihe
Courier party was to semi an invitation io Mr Tiittie to a conference to
lake pline in Hie editor's oltlce    llpnn
tlie American's arrlvni he was inforni'
ed Hint iiu-i had been inlstilkeil as lo
the Investinetil he was about to offer,
and If be would withdraw Ibe ehnrge
of blackmail be had mude I hey would
publish an iinlele 411111111! Hint Ahull
���-lei's hmi pronounced ins bonds h good
llivcstlllt'llt anil the prnhnbllltles were
Hull Ilie loan would ha largely over
This ended tlie matter The Cnurlci
approved ot the Inn 11, Tiillle nf tils
own llccol'd gave ihem 1111 ltd,, and the
bunds were all taken Tuttle went
hack with a couple of hundred thou
Kiinil dollars commission and became a
ruinous railroad wan.
willingness on his part to lake his
money out of the woolen slocking la
which he kept It and put It Into the
���bares of the road. When sufficient
track hsd been Intel lo warrant a mort-
gsge those Interested began to look
about for funds 10 lie obtained In this
way. Al that time 7 per cent was the
prevailing rate of Interest In America,
which was much higher than lhat paid
abroad, tt was therefore decided 10
attempt le place tbe stock of the rosd
in Europe. When tbe directors came
to look about tbem for a man to demonstrate Hie enterprise lo foreigners
tbey naturally pit lied upon /.eke Tuttle for Ihe purpose
Zeke accepted the work offered���be
was to receive his expenses and a
commission���and, making the journey
to New York by stagecoach, canal and
sither primitive methods or conveyance,
crossed the ocean tn a salllug vessel
and one day appeared In Paris with tils
tbe Interpreter 10'deliver tils message.
The neit morning ibe Courier printed snolher article about Tut tie's road
that was worse than the first. His
bankers Informed him that In view of
these attacks It would he useless) for
them to offer the bonds. Tbey would
not be taken by tbe public
"What can I do to stop the rascals?"
ssked Tuttle.
"Give them a thousand franc advertisement."
"We don't do such things In America."
"You Americans have not yet learned
the way affairs are arranged lu older
"Hold on n few days. Tiou't do
anything till I let you know."
Tbe manager of the Courier, not having received a reply to his lighting
editor's challenge and thinking he had
a good chance lo clinch matters, sent
a mesNiige to Tuttle stating that If be
Eoll  Penguins For Their Oil.
In the capture of penguins for tlirii
oil there It being carried Oil <|ilitc an
industry at Macquarie Island, which
is about half way between Tasmania
anil Ibe Antarctic continent.   This is-
Ian 1 belongs iu the i.iatc uf Tasmania
ami has an aria nf about 35,000 acres.
being about. '26 miles long and live
miles wide. It is leased by Ihe Tss-
maniaii Government to Joseph Hatch,
who lias established the penguin oil
industry there.
There aro probably RO.Mfl.tintl jien-
giiin* oil the island, so that the stuck
to be drawn from seems almost limit-1
less. There are also a large number
of sea elephants about its shores. The:
oil is obtained from the penguins by
boiling the carcasses in digesters capable oi dealing with 800 birds at a
time. It is barreled up and sold to
binder twine makers in Australia and
New Zealand.
Macquarie Island is about "SO miles
southeast of Hobart. It is barren, being covered only with tussocky grass.
Whaling ships visiting there have introduced rabbits and Maori hens,
which are now quite prolific. The
Mawson Antarctic expedition from
Australia lias established a wireless
station there, and daily messages are
now being received at Hobart.
���est Implement to Use Is a Harrow el
Adjustable Width.
'The   mistake  is   too often   iniide nf
"laying by" corn too early, our experience has III light us that It pays
to cultivate corn late II Is highly
Important to conserve Hie soil moisture by shallow cultivation Weeds
should uot tie allowed lo roh the
plants of iioiirlsliiiii'iji. nor should 'lis
agreeable Work In cultivating lull
corii deter un from keeping up Ullage.
If vou have never tried laic cultivation give It a trial tills year.
'The best Implement for tlllliiK corn
late Is a harrow which may be adjusted In width 'This should have
bundles and he operated carefully to
avoid drsftirhlng Hie roois of Hie
plants. Use otie gentle horse slid
run one time between two rows.
Tills destroys weedH that make (heir
appearance nml leaves an effective
���lust mulch to reduce loss 111 soil moisture
' The practice of leaving the middles
exposed with a deep fillTOW should
he carefully avoided. The entire row
should he mulched, and the land Should
he us nearly level as possible. Keep
up ihe mulch until your corn Is In
"roasting eure."-Teius Farm snd
��� 1
If the sell will bubble
It will end your trouble.
!*ut clovers there-
Take wealth from air.
11   -Joseph li. Wing In Breeder's Oa-
charts and printed information setting j did not send a written apology to be
forth the advantages of bis railroad. printed In ihe Journal he would pub-
He found certain bankers who were ' llsb an article showing how. for bnv-
���0 favorably Impressed with tils argil- I Ing protected the French public from
meats that they consented 10 offer bis ; an American swindle, they had been
bonds 10 ibe public.    One day  while i subject  lo  Insult snd  a  demand  for
tbey were making tbelr preparations
tu open Ihe subscription books a man
called ou Air. Turtle and solicited an
advertisement of tbe sale for tils paper,
tbe Courier des  .   Tuttle declined
to advertise.
Tbe ueit morning an article appeared
In tbe Courier dee ��� warning persons
sot to subscribe for Hie bonds of the
American railway since (be road hsd
sot yet been built.
Onless this article were retracted by
tbe newspaper 1 but published It Tut-
tie's scheme for placing Uis bonds
would he a failure He called at once
at tbe offlc-e of Ibe Courier des ��� and
asked to see the miinuger. 'Turtle was
a long, gaiiiii, rawboned American of
tbe backwoods type, dressed lu store
clothes he bsd bought for tbe occasion.
CTbe manager wus a carefully dressed
Frenchninu of aristocratic mien.    An
satisfaction had been unheeded.
".lest you wait a minute." he sstd to
the messeuger, "and I'll give you an
answer to take back with you."
Then he sat down at a desk and Indited the following epistle:
Manager of the Courier dea ������:
Monsieur��� 1 have decided to accept the
challenge of your fighting editor. I understand that I have the choice of weapons, but I don't want to act the hog, so
I'll give your dghtlng editor a choice between two kinds of a light lhat has been
tried often In ihe state of Kalntucky.
The llrst plan Is Howie knives In a dark
room; the second Is rlftee at from 600 10
1.00O yards.    KespecllVely yours,
There Is no record as to tbe reception of this note In tbe Courier office.
No reply was made for some time.
When It came It expressed surprise
that Mr. Tuttle should suppose tbat
either of such barbarous plans as be
A Chance He Missed.
Joseph Chamberlain and the late
Sir William Harcourt were fierce political rivals, but warm personal
friends. On one occasion in 1886 Mr.
Chamberlain wus staying at Malwood,
Sir William's home. The guests were
inscribing their names in'the visitors'
book, one page of which was already
lull, when it came to Mr. Chamberlain's turn.
"N'niv is the great chance of your
life. Chamberlain," said Sir William.
"Vou will be able to turn over a new
"I will be hanged if I do!" retorted
Mr. Chamberlain, and he turned the
tMiok around and. wrote his name en
the margin of the full page.
Net tbe Political Kind, but the Men
Whe Cultivate Fruit Orchards.
Never use a straight edged grafting
knife like those for sale In stores.
Have one made of best steel with a
curved edge nnd keep the edge ground
sharp. Tlie knife part should be about
tbree Inches long and tbe edge se
curved Hint each end should make a
clean cm In bark and wood about
three-quarters of au Inch abend of tbe
center of the knife. Many limbs are
cross grained. A straight cdgetl knife
simply follows the grain, tearing ihe
bark. or. rather, the bark will be split
or torn straight, down, while the wood
Is split off sideways, making 11 cleft In
which no scion can go and have the
two greeu barks together���ao tbe gruft
will not ilve. A sharp curved edge
cuts both sides of stub, bark and wood
clear down, and the center of edge follows down, making a clean split cleft.
Always cut scion thicker on one side
than Hie other, with a good lire bud at
.tbe top of tbe cut un thickest edge.
Set tbls thick edge always toward outside of stub. Force the cleft wide
enough wltb tbe wedge ou your graft-
Interested In Agriculture.
The British Royal Agricultural Society has secured a very distinguished
president for next year. Tho Karl of
Nortlibrook is the head of the great
Baring family, to which Lord Cromer
and Lord Revelstoke also belong. The
family owes its rise to Johil Baring,
son of Fraris Baring, a minister of the
Lutheran Church at Bremen. This
John Baring settled at Larkbeer, near
Kxeter, in 1747, and rapidly attained
prosperity as a merchant and cloth
manufacturer. Francis, his third son,
became the first baronet, and founded
the London family which has given
so many distinguished servants to the
Cine ot the Teeth.
Considering tbu Importance played
by ibe teeth lu the search for beauty,
loo much importance cannot b�� paid
lo these lirsi aids 10 pulchritude. The
teeth spell success or fnlluie to the
women wlio' would appear always fresh
smi attractive,
Nol only is 11 necessary to strivo con.
rvuilly to preserve the natural beauty
ef Hie teeth, but It ts equally Important   Hun   we labor to Increase  tbelr
whiteness and general appearance by
every remedy or uld science and students of dentistry ore able lo discover.
For keeping Hie teeth In good condl.
Hon chewing dry toast. I>.ird bread ot
crackers Is recommended. Coarse
foods tend lo glre 11 stability to tb*
"grinders" which keeps them from early decay. For (be purpose of disludg.
ing particles of food, removing deposit*
and other substances s good tooth-
brush Is Indispensable. Tbe brusk
with medium soft bristles ts best foe
the reason that unyielding bristles in.
Jure and lullame tbe gums, causing
them lo shidnk aud recede. No parties
alar Bhapc of brush Is recommended,
tbe principal point to remember beini
that the back and under parts of :h��
teeth require as much or even mors
stleiitlon thiin the front. In stroking
de uot make the mlstuke of draw.34
the brush across tbe teeth without al
leruatlm; this action with a careful an
snd down strobe. Urawlog the br\i*h
up and down removes particles of food
that lodge tightly In crevices between,
tbe teeth.
Cover tbe gums as well as the teeta
during Ihls cleaning procafs. Hentle
stroking Is best fur Ibo gum-,. If they
bleed rinse tbem thoroughly with s
healing motltb wash so tbey will ursd.
unlly become Invigorated and lard
ened, thus uhliug In tbe Bght PgltftnH
decaying leeih Blerelae extreme -un
Hon In selecting tooth pastes, powrjers
or other dentifrices on the marker.
Hue of the most universally popular in*
gradients to dentifrices ts powdered
chalk. It Is Inexpensive, harmless unit
effective. Its chief value being tho neu.
(running of nclda In tbe month.
Among (lie dimple remedies mwa.71
st   band   none  can   be   re.omuieaileii
more   highly   than   common   gait     .1
strong solution of snlr water Is .1 beneficial mouth wash, and dry salt pmced
on Ihe toothbrush cleanses the rertli.
j    Borax Is useful iu that It tends ro rss
I tuove unpleasant odors from the hrenr.a.
I Dissolve two to four ounces of boras
In s pint of hot wuler and add a half
leaspoonful   of  tincture  of  myrrr   of
: spirits of camphor.
Interpreter was called, and Zeke en- i had proposed would be acceptable In a
tered a molest agalust wbut lie called   civilised country like France. Wouldn t
he name some other plan  that could
be accepted by a gentleman V To this
Tuttle wrote that the only other plan
lu such matters lu vogue In America
(hat he (Tuttlei approved of was "over
s handkerchief." wbtcb meant that
two seconds held a handkerchief be-
tered a protest agalust
blackmail. The manager said something In French to the Interpreter, who
asked Tuttle to follow blm snd led
blm to the office or an elegantly dressed roan wbo sat In a luxurious cbalr
reading one of Alexandre Dttiuss' novels. The Interpreter said somethlug In
French to this gentleu.au, then ssld to tween the disputants, who fought wl 0
jj^. ��� j pistols as near togetber as that would
"This la M. Cavlllac. se Dghtlng edl- j ����ow. ��'�� opponents were at liberty
for of our Journal. You having In- �� choose that method If they likedI In
���ulted us by seeming US of levying | preference to the two others he bad
t.l.ckin.11 upon you. I bar. been ,B-: named, but for bin part be .bought
���trucied to bring you here xst you may ) ��'��� <"��*����'������ between the parties waa
retieat your charge If vou so choose to 1 mighty small.
repeal yuur vi.au. . ^    ^^   ^^    p<.,M,|y   fo.   ,
"I don't talk any, French." replied th. '"""er reply. It did not come but
westerner,  "but that's  what  w. c.ll   *t �����*<day.�� fftfhmai�����*������""
,ch rascally proceeding. I. pure American, wb. Introduced Ua.l��
.American �� *** ''"m01"' ��� member of a I'arla club
Th. reply wa. transmitted te H. Ca- j ����� which all disputed point, of the
rrtll.e. who gave th. follow.., rejoin- i code duello were refer ed. He had
.    .   ���   T;,,,,#. ! catted to asstir. M. Tuttle that hi.
"This journal, like ether,. I. liable to ! H��� <* Hghtin, had been, referred ��
print something that will displease ��� wmmittee of whichihe bad the honor
.mn one. For ,he purpose of aatisfy- \ " ^'Th Vt* ���ll��*T. no.
lug such or defending Its honor a gen-   ��** ����*<*���� 'bat M. Cavlll.c was not
eman .appointed to receive and glv. _ hound to bght on those term.. XI*
,h.i,enges ,0 snd from those who are | �����^..atfe.ted . bad Ehgll.h.
A Spurting Record.
Lord Desborough lias just crested
what must be rather a novel kind of
r*word. His election for presidency
ol the Kour-in-Hand Driving Club
brought the number of governing bodies in sport of which he is president
up to no fewer than ten, as follows:
M.C.C., Amateur Fencing Association,
British Olympic Council, Lawn Tennis Association, Croquet Association,
Thames Punting Club, Fottr-in-Hand
Driving Club, Coaching Club. Royal
Life-Saving Society, and Wimbledon
Lawu Tansus and Croquet Club.
Few   Roads   In  Congo.
Outside of Stanley's old road from
Matadi to Stanley pool, new rarely
used, and the lately constructed roads
in the Katanga connecting the different mines, there are no roads in the
Congo. Native trails, waterways and
railroads furnish the only facilities of
transportation. Over the trails native
porters carry loads averaging sixty
pounds on their heads.
offended or offend. Since you have a p.
piled an offensive epithet to what has
been said In tbe columns of this paper
at Cavlllac tssgs that you will do blm
the honor of giving htm satisfaction in
mortal combat."
"Well, I'll be Jlnged!" was Tuttle'.
���xclamatJon.     -I'm   gaumed   if   1 j'���� *��* "����'" �� ��� ������� 0Ter * taBd
Look here, monsieur." said Tuttle,
"1 didn't ask M. Cavlllac to fight; he
asked me. But since I'm in for this
yere muss I'm going through wltb It
Vou go tell him that If be don't accept
one or t'other of the two plans fust
offered before sundown I'll withdraw
It Just Lapsed.
"Tee, I w.. once engaged to a duke."
"And what cruel obelacle came between two loving heartsV I
"Oh. nothing particular.   We Just let
the option expire."���Washington  Her-
"You ��ay you bave played Hamletr
"lea" "How long?" "Well. I've play-
rd it as long a. an hour and a half
��Dce or twice."��� Washington Herald.
[From tha American Agriculturist}       j
lug knife so tbe scion will slip easily
In until tbe bud ut top of cut and uu
thick edge of scion Is about half an
lucb below top of stub. Have both
scions (one ou each side of stubi Just
sllke. Then drive out grafting knife
with a sharp rup on underside between
kulfe edge and wedge. If scions have
been properly set and stub properly
split the green inner bark or csinblum
layer 00 scion and atalk will uow be
exactly matched and Ibe cleft In stub
will be prexslng burdest on the green
bark or thickest part of scion. Tbe
scions, while not being squeezed hard
enough to smash tbem. will be ttrmly
held in place.
Now, wltb ball of wax tn left hand
work off small portion from bsll with
thumb and drat two fingers of right
hand and begin at lowest end of one
'crack 011 stub, spread wax quickly
Iwlth two or tbree motions up to top of
stub, around scion, covering well tbe
bud; then across tbe crack In stub
around scion No. 2 and over lower bud
sad en down to end ef crack en other
side of .tub. If wax is made right tt
ought net to break from beginning te
end ef process ef waxing . .tub .nd
���clone. The whole process can be done
hi a few aeeonds with two or three
motions.���Amerlcan Agriculturist.
Relieving a Frest.
'And if I refuse your" faltered the
Boston girl.
"Will you promise me sot te take
to drink!1"
"I will," replied the Chicago youth.
"Tbe worst I shall do will be to go out
and get a cup of hot chocolate."
The Tinted Head.
There Is a revival of the rod hesit
A genuine carrot shade ts the favortt.
��f the moment, and women have It re-
fardless of their eyes and complexion.
If they but knew how tbey looked]
Most tinted hair Is artificial Inuktng.
but there l�� something about tbe eivtd
red hoe that makes the most refined
woman look like an adventuress, coats,
��ns her features and Is generally unbecoming
This truth has not the least effect on
those It most concerns, but they mlcbt
refrain from tampering with their hair
If they knew how much the artificial-
Ity added to their years It hardens
the features sod gives a strained looii
fo most faces It dulls the complexion
ind makes nil but the extreme blond
look sallow.
Health and  Beauty.
Have plenty of ventilation in your
sleeping apartments, lower tbe upper
���asb several Inches and also raise tue
lower sash. This gives free circulation
ef the sir and will not create a draft
A simple "llrst aid" remedy for nosebleed Is fonnd In a cloth wrung out of
cold water and placed at the nape ot
the neck. A large, cold door key may
answer the same purpose. So may a
piece ot brown paper dipped In vinegar.
Baby's mouth should be washed
every day wltb tepid water in which a
small pinch of borax is dissolved. Tbl.
simple lotion keeps the mouth fresh
and sweet and prevents tbat uncomfortable sflllctlon, sore mouth, front
which bablea so often suffer.
"Say, Mayine, did you ever have any
turtle soup?" asked a rawboned youth
of the girl beside blm.
"No," admitted tbe maiden; "but,"
added sbe, wltb the conscious dignity
of oue wbo bas not been lacking In
social experience and opportunities.
"I've been where It waa."���LIppltK'ott'.
Uses vine.
Brittle Neils.
Brtrtleness of tbe nails Is qnlte often
fne to the condition of tbe general
health. Then, again, if yon do your
jwn housework the strong soap which
fen probably use for cleaning purpose,
will make your nails brittle. Twice a
day bold the tips of your lingers for
five minutes in a vessel containing
tnongh olive oil to cover the nslls. At
ntgbt before retiring dip the fingers
Into cold cream and let the tips take
op Jnst aa much as they will retain.
After this din tbem Into talcum oow��
i ler. ���Mrst,.*tistitastn..��� -   sv-r��srrrr .*x*vi'-x*.im.vi\ir���t.-att-.^
. �����- ���     -> ��� ������ <���. ��1 Bm   ���.
ty    "->"    ft.
si I P
Just to hand, a Shipment of Pure Scotch Wool BLANKETS,
in while, scarlet and 'grey, Flannelette Shoots, in white
and   grey,   Pillows,   Feathers,   Flox,   Eiderdown
Comforters,  etc.,   etc.
Commencing Monday, January 13
Our entire stock must be cleared to
make room for new spring goods.
Special discounts in all Departments
of our $30,000 stock
Nothing  is   Reserved
A Great Money Saving Opportunity for AU
Blankets, beds, bedspreads, sheets, sheeting, flannel,   flannelettes, eiderdowns, dress goods, cretontiis, art sateen, ladies and
childrens hosiery,   shoes   and   rubber   goods   at   wonderful
Gents clothing, sweaters, shirts, underwear, hats, boots, shoes
aud rubber   goods.
Men, now is the time to get that new spring suit at a bargain.
Our grocery department is replete with choise fresh groceries,
We arc givirg a special discount on all lines, and have an umber of specials a' exceptionally low prices.
A dollar saved is a doll ���.- i
dollars if you will bu
���1.    We can   save   you   many
���'..' requirements from us.
Terms of sale strictly spot :ash.   Goods bought at  this  sale
not returnable.    Sale continues for one week onlv.
Remember the Date  and Place
January   13th  to 18th inclusive
The Corner Store
P. 0. Box 100 Phone 10
The festive reason lias been observed in Sandwick and district
with a round of social gatherings,
the like of which lias never been
seen before. On Dec. 30th. Mr.
and Mrs. Mitchell, of Black Creek,
entertained a company, the numbers of which were only curtailed by
the bad weather. As it was the
gallant few who faced the unruly
elements rounded up an enjoyable
evening by, in some cases, cutting
their way out iu the early hours of
Tuesday morning.
The' next evening saw a youthful
gathering at Sandwick when   New
Year's hive was kept up iu the real
"hielan" fashion, with all kinds of
"flings"  aud   plenty   of   haggiss,
Mr. and Mrs, William Duncan giving their guests a really good time.
New Year's Day was   celebrated
by two gatherings, each worthy of
note, the one at tDrmston's ranche
and the other at the house of   Mr.
and Mrs. Frank   Childs.    Quite   a
i) large company' responded to the in-
\ vitation of Mr. and Mrs. Krause, at
I Harmston's, and music aud dancing
J were but part of tlie   splendid  en-
I tertainmeut.
i While the gathering at Mr. and
�� Mrs Childs was smaller it'lacked
I nothing for that reason, aud the
S guests left with regret.
iA nunmrous company assembled
on Thursday, when Mr. and Mrs.
Woods smiled genially upon an assembly of forty people or so, young
and old, and entertained them right
royally. That il was winter? without made it the cosier aud merrier
within, aud many a sigh was heaved as rig after rig departed and
went their several ways.
Among the passengers leaving by
the stage on Sunday from Sandwick were, Mr. anrl Mrs. K. Dun-
das Thwaites, Parksville, Mrs. andi
Miss Guillod, Alberni, Miss Mildred
Smith, Union Bay, Mr. William
Duncan, Victoria, Mr. Robert Duncan, Vancouver.
Wedding and other invitations
printed on short notice at the Review office.
We Ask Inspection
Of the Full Line, of Gents Neckwear just Received
Our Xmas. Groceries are the Best in Town
Sec Our Children's Shoes
The   Ideal  Store
No More Poll Tax
j    A circular has recently been sent
lout from the Provincial Assessor's
! office notifying   all   deputies and
' government agents throughout the
province instructed to   make   collections to revenue, that all receipt
- books issued for the collection of
1 poll tax arc now to be returned to
Mr. J. B. McKilligan, surveyor of
taxes and  inspector   of   revenues,
I and that and that all collections  of
the tax are to cease as from Dec, 31
1912..  For over a quarter of a century past a poll tax of three dollars
per annum has been levied and collected in   British   Columbia from
every male person between the ages
of eighteen  and  sixty  residing in
the province unless such persons
lie exempt for special reasons, such
as militia service.
Sir Henry Pellatt has contributed
3.500 dollars to the Duke of Westminister's Imperial Fund, and
James Carruthers of Montreal 500
Want Bearberry Bush
Philadelphia druggists are seeking to connect with shipments of
the bearberry tree's bark from Vancouver Island, where ther.- are many
of these trees. The Philadelphia
people state their willingness to
purchase about 800 tons of the bark
per annum. This tree grows wild
along the coasts of Vancouver Island, but it is not found in very
large numbers in one place and is
usually destroyed by pre-emptors
during clearing operations. It is
from the bark of this tree that the
well-known medicine Cascara Se-
grada is manufactured.
Aid. Baxter has been elected
mayor of Vancouver, his opponent
? r, ]. Rogers, having filed his
qualification on the wrong property,
and when the mistake was discovered it was too late to deposit the
certificate of property.
During 1912, the value   of  the I
building permits issued in   Prince
Rupert amounted to $308,867.
Mr. Frank Shepherd, M. P., has'I
been honored by having the new '
clock in the post office at Nanaimo'
called "Great Frank."
During the month of December
sixty-five coal-prcspectiug licenses
were issued in British Columbia,
produciug revenue of $7,373. Under the head of penalties 275 dollars
is acded to this total. 2,003 pros-i
pecting.liceuses in connection with'
the development of British Columbia
coal areas were issued during the
past year.
1 1
Wholesale Dealer in Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed
at Lowest Market Prices, Brick, Lime and Cement
Just Arrived, Car Load Extra No. 1 Oats $33 per ton
Agent for Dt I aval Cream Seperators, "The World's Standard"
��� ���^^���^.���^������alNa.-.   ,
*���*.*.   .r. -U.-*y<t>
Mr. Hodgkins.m, manager for
Hayward & Dodds, came by S. S.
Charmer on Tuesday, and reports
that plumbing in the new post-office
will soot: be completed. There
seems to be some little difficulty as
to where the supply of water for the
post-office is to come from.
We are glad to see our friend Mr.
J. W, Fraser around again, lie
handles his crutches very gracefully.
I{, M. Martin, of Dctmian Islamb
who has been confined to the house
for the week with a severe attack of
tonsilitis, has fully recovered.
Mr. G. H. Howe, who is a brothe
of  Mrs. Harwood will   accompany
them until business bars the  way.
Wallace McPhee, who has been
spending the holidays with his parents, returned to college at New
Westminster on Sunday's boat.
A very enjoyable evening was
spent at the Courtenay Club ou
Monday last. The social part of
the evening was taken up with playing five hundred and crib. Iu five
hundred Ikey and Ilia partner carried off all the honors. It is the
intention of the club to hnve a social
evening during this month, inviting
Geo. Knight, of Port Augusta the ladies. They are also making
Hotel, and II. J. Warwick, of the j arran|emeBtS to put in a first-class
linn of Warwick & . White, Post- {\t\\\\nrl\ tarjle. The rooms are clean,.
office contractors, are both sick, and i)rjBi,t an(j cheerful. Every even-
being attended by Dr. Millard, both ing tnd Sunday afternoons a fire
cases are progressing very nicely. blazes in a large open-front stove
S. S. Joyful,  Fraser  River  tug and the electric lights are on. which
boat, was beached Tuesday   night,
and a new propellor placed on   her.
Charlie has lost his dog, Trizie,
anyone seen her?.
After an extended visit to' their
homes in Comox. Tom Jolly and
George Cliffe returned to their headquarters it Camp five.
makes it one of the most cheerful
places in town
Aleck Garvin, one of the old
timers of Union Bay, left by the S,
S. Cowichan on Sunday last to make
his home in Vancouver, we say to
make bis home but think that it
will only be a change -of abode.
When Aleck thinks of home his
in mory will always revert to Union
Bi d his fine bunch of cattle.
Hi sold out his ranch of about
i^o acres to Mr. Geo. H, Howe of
Hornby Island for the top price ever
reached in this district, and a cash
proposition at that. A slanificant
fact that should be noted by intending investors and real estate men in
the district is, that Mr. Howe has,
since the middle of December, invested over $30,000 in this vicinity.
We wish Mr. Gavin long life to enjoy his hard earned fortune,
Our much esteemed teacher, Miss
Dorothy Oliver has decided to leave
ns for the land of flowers and sunshine. Now be careful! not married
yet, only back to Vernon. Miss
Violet Glover gave Miss Oliver a
"send off" party at the home of her
parents, on Friday last.
Miss M. M. Smith, of Courtenay,
suceeds A iss Oliver for t' e coming
Mrs. Frank Parks, of Cumberland is here on a visit to her sister
Miss May Pickles, from Denman
Inland, paid her friends here a visit
last week end.
Mrs. J. H. Harwood, of Hornby
Island, accompanied by her daughter, Lillian, recently from the Old
f Country, and her son George will
'be passengers on the Charmer today
'(Thursday) for a pleasure trip to
1 Vancouver, Victoria   aud   .Seattle.
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None but the BEST WINES and
LIQUORS at the Bar
Stocid king Sa
As stated   111
pric ;s v hici
Annua] ( tocl
Sale   Poster,  the  Groceries,  with
II  be  placed   on   sale
iner sale to commence on
instant  are  as
Naval Oranges, good sizes
Seeded Raisins, 1 ll��. pkgs.,
Currants, cleaned 1 11). pkgs
1   I y
25c. per dozen
3 ll��s. for 25c.
3 lbs. for 25c.
10c per tin
2 tins for 25c.
2 tins for 25c.
10c. per itn
Fine red imported Eating Apples        $1.50 per bos
Karo Corn Syrup, 2 lb. tin, guaranteed
Koldyke Baking Powder, 12 oz. tin reg.
3 for 25c.
3 for 50c.
35c. for 20c.
20c. for 10c.
we I
Potter's Pool Room
J. POTTER, Proprietor
Wood! Wood!
Now is the Time to Think of
this Burning Question
The Courtenay Wood Supply
Co.,  can   Execute  Your
Orders Promptly
Do  not   Delay   Getting' in
Your   Winter's   Supply,
but at once communicate with
Kenneth A. Grieve
Phone 36
.���h.*************'!���-:���*** ***++**************��x******...
The most Home-like Hotel North of Victoria
Rates Reasonable
Telephone 3-5 COURTENAY, B. C.
We will  offer also   Robin   Hood   Flour,   the
known brand, at $1.65 per sack, for the   purpose  of
introducing it
If you do not receive one of our posters by mail, announcing the sreat
sale we are running for ten days   it   will be worth your while to  call or
send for one.    Many lines of useful goods will be sold at exceedingly low
prices.   Extra salesmen are engaged and will be at your service
Look for a new lis again next week
First-class Billiard
and Pool Room
Basement McPhee Block
Cigars, Tobacco, Soft Drinks
and Candy
Riverside Hotel
Bar Supplied with the Best Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
Travellers Always Made Welcome
O. H. FECHNER, Prop.
Comox Co-Operative Society
Union Street
Dealers in Meals, Farm
Produce, etc.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Horseshoeing and General
Repairing of all kinds
J. W.  MacKenzie Jr., Courtenay
E. SWAN, Prop.
Six Hundre
Is the Winning Number
"Xmas Drawing Content1'
' Will the person  with  this  number
kindly bring same into the store and
receive the 52 piece Dinner Set
Telephone 6 Courtenay B. C. THF. COURTENAY COURIER, COURTENAY, B. C.
cannot pr iperly masticate solid
foods and digestion is often
Xipset���they do not receive the
���seeded nourishment lo m.ike
Strength and preserve health, but
it aged people everywhere could
(>nl\  realize tlie srrenffr'/i-sui-
ttainttig nourishment in  Scott's
Emulsion Iliey would take il after
every weal.
It possesses the nourishing ele-
mcnU of cud liver oil. Ilie vilal
powers *'���! the uynoplioapuites of
Sime i\nil soda and itlie curative
'.^nal'tirsniodycerilie, all so perfectly
tcflsWncd that nature iniiiiedlately
-Appropriates them to create
ti ninth nourish the organs and
���build the body. It relieves rbeunin-
Ueos and ailments ilue to declining
years.    It uckls to the span ol life.
Xlrfuse substitutes for SCOTT'S,
Scut .t Bownfii Toronto', Ontario   12-63
'U* Essential Points He Holds Absolutely Necessary to Perfection
Mr. rehlBa Ih A clover and
famous Japanese author, better known
however, for his ecoentrloltloe tir��u
''.op his literary ability.
His law wife, died In April last.
utter ion years' patient endurance of
'ihn literary tempcriinie.nl. and the
imonrtflng spouse Immediately set
<Uwn.it finding another partner, He
���commissioned all his friends to Keep
Utter* eyes open for a suitable person.
���'Wad gave B standing order to tile var-
M*.Mi matrimonial agencies in the can-
Hftt.'i to report immediately miy likely
candidate for the honor of being tihe
*��0nd Mrs. Ichlba.
Me laid down six primary cond't.-
'son* which the successful candidate
NwmVl have to fulfill.     They were:
tJvn Hail}' mint have passed through
tsJfl (he various conditions of life and
Vttf various phases of society from A
tn ft, as only hy ripe experience can
Itertectlon ho attained.
Blxoept the clothes she should stand
'���*> in she should have no worldly po.-i
���*ewlons whatsoever.
She must ho severed from her fain-
Vjy entirely.
She must, contract to keep the Itltob-
�����* and bathroom absolutely spick and
wpatt and ready for Instant use.
Ulrr style of halrdresslng must. b:>
a\ la'mode .Taponalse���no foreign frills.
'>tr\Hs, switches or tonpets to he permit-
6>>e must stand Ave feet high la
Sift Vabi, and her limbs and body be ot
in "proper plumpness���a�� to face, teat-'
mtee and other points, these were not
ti�� 'matter.
Wr, Ichlba lonked over forty-seven
HJWSiftates berore being satisfied with
*. Woman 28 years old. whose exper
Stjfcbb of life appears to have been such
i>* to meet with the eccentric auth-
'���Mr* approval.
'fao transition from winter's cold
'���'ftv Bummer's heat frequently puts a
Vtraln \ipnn the system that produces
Wteirnal complications, always painful
-wsrtt often serious. A common form
*S disorder Is dysentery, to which
smny are prope In the spring and sum-
'���ww. The very best medicine to use
:�� irabduing this painful ailment is
8*. J D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cord-
btll. Tt. is a standard remedy, sold
Malady  of  the    Middle    Ages    Wltn
Which Mao- Princes are Affected
London.���The recent    prouounoe-
, meni of the czar's physician* concern-1
1 ins the illness ot the czarevitch-lhat
, the boy Is a haetnoplilllc or a bleeder i
- -is the subject of Interesting com
Uiont in the current issue of the lloa-j
u is s'at ><i that ihls strange and
I terrible malady, whoso victims bleed |
I cxcesalvoly after comparatively slight
Injuries, has occurred ai Intervals
among iho scions ot European royal
families since the mlddlo ageB, and
ihat at present many princes are guttering troni ii.
In popular language, the vie! Una ot
Ihla constitutional tendonoy to bleed
excessively  nave  been  said  to have
' only one skin Instead of three.    'I'll'-1
��� truth i:i. ol course, thai hemophilics
��� have Just aa many sl'lns as any one
els" (to wit, one); but that their blond
I lacks to a greater ot lesser degree
I that power ot coagulation or clotting
1 which In normal persons leads to
natural arrest of hemorrhage after
any except, very serious Injuries tn
I largo blood vessels.
At. the present time It would seem |
| tbat hemophilia Is more prevalent I ban I
I ever among princes.     Tho late duke
| of Albany Buttered from It, and eventually died of It       The second son al j
I the king and queen ot Spain is said
j to be afflicted by It, and to be Incur-
ably deaf In consequonoe of hemorr-1
hai';e Into the Internal ear.
Humors are also   current   that   th"!
| llohenzollerus are not exempt from It.
I and that so.ne of Queen Marv's tela-
j tlons are hemophilic to a slight degree.      The disease hardly ever occurs in femalec: but !t in handed down
almost excessively through the female
The .Army of
U Growing Smaller Every Day.
letponiibla   they not
only ^ivr reiki ~
cure Constipation.    Niit-
liom tee
them lor
nt.a. Indigestion, Sick Headache, Sallow Shin.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine mu*t lx-�� Signature
HWWWWlrlrOTIlWf Willi
Look about you and see how trained
brains win hotter salaries than trained muscles, We train young nun
and women to use their brains III nils-
Iness. They succeed. Why not
you? Wo Invito you to write for a
copy of our curriculum if you want n
good I raining for a business oftlOO or
wish lo become a competent telegraph
operator. Write \V, II. BhaW, President, Shaw's Schools, Toronto, Canada.
Tells of the Wonderful Benefits Obtained From
Like many another Newfoundlander living far from doctors, Mr. Stone
feels unbounded gratitude for the ben-
tits obtained from the use of Ur.
Chase's Kidney-I.Ivor Pills.
for years he had suffered from a
congested condition of the liver and
kidneys, with headaches, backaches,
pains in limbs and body. Words
fall to describe his sufferings as well
as the gratitude he wants to express
for the cure.
Mr. Alex. J. Stone, West Point,
Nfld., writes:���"I suppose you
thought I had forgotten all about you
when I got Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills, but. I haven't. You must excuse mistakes, for like many Newfoundland men I have not much education, but I want to thank you many
times for your medicine,
"I cannot tell you what. I suffered
from liver and kidney derangements,
Indigestion and constipation, nor can
I find words to express how much
good this medicine has done me. I
foci better than I have for five years
and have given some nf these pills
to friends, who tell mo they have done
them a wonderful lot of good. I want,
to express my heartfelt gratitude for
the benefits derived from the great
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all dealers
or Kdmanson, Bates & Co., Limited,
W.H.Storeys Son,ltd,
What Matter Which?
When the news became known, his
fellow-clerks gathered around and congratulated him.
But. said ono man doubtfully, 1 understand the girl .you're engaged CO
is a twin, Bit awkward, Isn't it? How
do you tell tho difference between her
and her sister?
The man who had Just, spent six
weeks' salary on an engagement ring
smiled indulgently.
Tut! That's all right, they're a Jolly
nice family, anyway, and I neve-
bother very much which one It Is.
Women  of  the   Imperial   Harem   In   a
State  Bordering  Upon   P.inlc
Constantinople.��� There was un-;
doubted consternation at Doluiabai-i
lichen Palace, which the sul.un Inlmb-i
Its with iiis household,
The re.tr thai ibe Bulgarian army
may alter all man ige lo break l.hroug i
the Tchatulala lines ami enter the
city has become active in thu minds i
of thoso responsible for the safety ii*.
the city, and ihls fear has been coat-;
inuntcnted to the royal palace,,;   *
Every preparation tor Blggl has
been made. Boats an- ready in the
Boaporoua adjoining ihe palace I
grounds, and ihe flight lo Asia, llrst]
to Scutari and thence te Humana, |
1 could he accomplished in a moment..
j notice.
Nevertheless, the women nf Ibe I in-
peiln.l .harem, with tbelr attendants,
numbering ninny dozens, are in a
slate bordering on panic, and ihe chief I
eunuch has b. en malting dally rounds
of ihe apartments,' trying tn reassure
ihe female members'of Hie household
that there Is no danger and thai the
anny Is sllll el.le lo defend the ORp'.-l
till against the lull lei. Bui wllh nil
these efforts there Is undoubted pnnlo
In the harem.
There are no great treasures to take
away. When Kalian Abdul Humid
was dethroned bis priceless collect-
Ions were confiscated and distributed,
so little of great value was left to hW
Successor,   and   Ylliliz   K'nsk.   where I
Abdul llamhi lived, was closed permanently, The new sultan r uialned I
In his old home, where be had been u, i
prisoner for so many years, '
Kiainii Pasha la constantly in attendance on the sultan, who nivalis!
wllh feverish nnvlety any reports from I
the front, hoping against hope that!
victory nitty yet come to the o'.o.|
man anna. j
A   Simple   and   Cheap   Medicine ���|
A simple, cheap and   efectlve   medicine Is something to be desired, There'
Is ho medlolne so effective a regulator i
of the digestive, system aa Parmelee's .
Vegetable Pills. They are simple, j
they are cheap, tbey can be got any-j
where, and their beneficial action will
prove their recommendation. They
are the tnedio'no ot the noor man and
those wbo wish tn oseanc doctors'
hills will de well In giving them a
Snnol's Anti-Diabetes
l�� the only rim-dy which haj
a ncord of complete ouria.
Price S3.go ni .Mesi Leading
Winnipeg,  Man.
A tew e'.ors south of U.H.K. Dipoi
rWt.s |',,10 to W.U9 at est
Cuisine,  unexr.tllst
H��t ���nd cold wcttr In svtry rears
Hstn   prsotlcally   Fi-spr��*t
AO Outside Hoems
Everybody likes the
"The House of Plenty"
American and European Plans
Geo.  Wright ��V  Mack Carroll
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper
She Is a wise woman who laughs
'����i?y at the right time'.
'Mlnard's  Liniment Cure*  Olphtherti
-A  Fatal Ailment
S'sssenger���I haven't seen Bill Jones
'ertio was conductor on this ear for a
.te��g time.
tViiductor���No, mil ain't on the
"����d no more.     lie got. color-blind.
leassengor���Color blind?
Oondue.tor���Yes. I lo couldn't see
Wtteh was his and which was the
Little Jack, ni��'d Ave, had accompanied tils mother on a trip to the
When the conductor came around
to collect the fares, he asked the usual question:
How old Is the boy?
After helns Informed the correct
age, which did not require a fare, the
conductor passed on to tho next person.
Th" lad sat, quite still, apparently
wondering over something, then, concluding that full Information hud not
been given, he called loudly to the
conductor at the other end of the car:
And mother's 35.
When you meet a blockhead don't
you feel like ohoutlng "Get. the axe!"
Mosl. of the so called theatrical stars
are rockets.
IB She Had Such
Beautiful Hands
vh.it it waft perfectly evident
j H'.iAt bhe used SNAP, ths
; torlgtnal  hand
cleaner, to re-
kaove tlie grime
'.���>.' housework*
tUuil cleaners
by  any   other
Si-arnc   do   vot
Smelt as swf et.
J .ft.void rank
i Imitation: ,and
��� i-evnember the
tume 36
-ftfdtrfeo.r. your dealer to<Ur
Sitd coupons.
W.  N.  U.  921
Pretty Personal
tn one of the large cities a. street
car collided with a milk cart and
sent can after can of milk splashing
into the street. Soon a Inrge crowd
gathered. A very short man coming
up had to stand on tiptoe to see past
a stout woman In front.
Goodness I he exclaimed. What an
awful  waste.
The stout woman turned around and
glared at tho little man and said,
sternly: Mind your own business!
Why She Resigned
Miss Slnuwcll had been a member
of the choral society ever since it was
formed, and it was undoubtedly true
that her first youth had waned. But
the choirmaster was astounded recently hy the news that she had resigned her membership.
Resigned! he gasped, But whatever for?
Well, 1 don't know exactly, said the
secretary but It slrlkcs me that It may !
have something to do with the solo
we picked for her at the next performance.
Why'! What Is It?
j "l once wus young, but now am old."
Wife���What Is meant, John by the
phrase, carrying coal to Newcastle?
Husband--It is a metaphor, my
dear, showing the doing of something
that is unnecessary.
Wife���I don't exactly understand.
Give me an Illustration���a familiar
Husband���Well, If I were tn bring
you home a book entitled How to
Talk, that would be carrying coals to
The more nains you take with your
j eating the fewer you will have after-
i ward.
--has charming flavour and
wholesome   nourishment-
and cream
This delightful food, made
of Indian Corn, is really
Corn, says Dr. Hutchison,
a noted English authority,
is one of the ideal foods.
As made into Post Toasties, it is most attracth e to
the palate.
'The Memory Lingers"
Sold by grocers-.
Packages 10 and 15 cents
Made in Canada by
Caaadlan  Postum  Cereal  Co.,
Ltd., Windsor, Ontario.
A Timely Wirnlng
F��r an hour the cautlois batsman
hud faced Hip howler.;, but be wan not
to he temnt'd. Not a mlltarv ran
from his ''at hod b<"��n rog'.'teretl.
Gradually the Holders closed I'i
around him and waited .*agerly for
thf* catch that never cane'.
And gradually the light failed. It
was essential his wicket should he
captured, so closer crent the fielders, l.lll at last there was scarcely
breathing room.
Most, of the seectators bad tronn
home or pine to sleep. But suddenly
on tho silent air came a voice from
the pavilion.
1,00k out .T"ok! sounded the warn-
Inir crv. They're all around you'
TaVe care you don't get your pocket
I was cured of terrible lumbago by
I was cured ot a hint case of earache
I was cured of sensitive lungs by
Ship Your
McMillan fur & wool Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
���n��lne��rs and Boilermakers
toU��rs   ot   all     Wads��� Kinasee,
Pumps, and Heavy Pls.t Wo. I.
Writ* us for Prices
14 ttrschsn Ave.. Toronto, Canada
The Doctor's Little Oodge
Yes, Bald the doctor, you are In a
very bad way. You must follow my
instructions carefully.
I will, doctor, said the patient.
Now, to begin with, you eat too
much. You must cut down youf
buti-tier's and grocer's bills by one-
I'll do It, doctor.
Right. Now, how do you go to the
office every day?
By street car.
T'lcn vou must walk. Do yiu visit
Yes, often.
You must give them up. Do you
You must. stop.
Do you drink?
You must el"e up all drinking for
a conn'" of months, and bv lhat time
you will probably have saved JUIU'iO
which Is what yoo owe mo for last
year's  medleal  attendance.
MSH.WlNSl.OW'". B00T1I1K0 SVR1IP h���� }�����
��f""<Wo������ SIXTY YBAKSby MII.I.IONS oj
i. the be.t remedy tor WARRHlBA. It Is.*.
���olutrly hsrmlfM. Be mire snd ����k for 'Mrj,
���WlmUw'n Siioihing Syrup," ��nd tsX* ao oUfJT
kind.  Tweuty-Sve cent" ��� battle.
$65 to $200
A Month. Learn ft new iiryfemlan.
Seven Week*. Ue hnve joe* fnrthree
hundred uiea before May let,IBIS.
B��ll Tree.    A eneele
Rone   treatment removed
lung fromthialedy'sbrcait
Old tores, ulcers and
trowloa cured.    Doacribe
rear Irovfale t wo will send booh aud tesltuioolala.
Spoiled His Record
Some cricketers, after practising
one evening, were talking in the pavilion about record performances,
After a few wonderful events had
been related one of tbelr number noted i\9 a had bowler and batsman, began:
Well, chaps, Ah dom't suppoorse as
yo'll believe me but. Ah once scooared
a hundred runs an' followed It up by
tekkln' nine wickets, an' Ah hev noa
doubt but Ah sliud hey tekken th'
other un. but���
But what? queried his listeners, as
the speaker hesitated.
Fut my alarum clock went off an'
wakkened me up.
Hunters and Trappers
snip your Furs and Taxidermy Worn
to tht
549 Main Street, Winnipeg
Hlg Game head Specialists
Buyers   of   Raw   Furs.    Price   Lists
Sen'd Post Card today for, how lo make
and   "Easy Pocket
.T.:..B��J   Money"
Villi   |g   Now's the Time. Address
I P.O. Box 1250, Montreal
Is some men would quit looking for
| a soft political snap and stick to rtieirl
j regnlar employment they would be |
i better off financially. i
siur-k broliins business? 1 want a live
ambitious representative In ovary ulty
and town t" handln stocks, bonus ana
mortgages', applicant must furnish n-ler-
ctkcp and have from Jl 00 to ?600 pwuo.v ���
al capital. Write or call, Athol OatMvte
Hoberisou., r,8 Colborne street,  Toronto,
Wall flowers are society girls who
were atoned 'a the bud. THE COURTENAY COURIER, COURTENAY, li. C.
!    SISTER    !
S There Was a Urea. Social !
��� ���
Between Them      I
By   F.   A.   MITCH EL
��� convinces oi ilns. nun uonoen rnnr mo
other man ot the purty favored �������
with n look nf admiration he should
net hare In-stowed upon a Kervnut.
After the parly had cone M|S* Hawley
told me that thin vmiiig man had not
heslintod lo oomineni upon my appear-
; nice rapturously.
After fhnt the yonng man  whom  I
| noticed, my mistress treated with mark-
| ed attention  was a frequent enller nt
I Ihe house.   The huller received vtettors
' It Ihe door and delivered the cards "o
fhnt I did n��t learn hlx name: hm one
Jar   he  called   when   the  Puller   was
bo��v snd I answered the doorbell     He
nniif  in,��   inoiiiri   ami   i   were  aim
locked    III   su   embrace   dwell    came I
111     We three paused "ome lime III e��-
lilanalloiiK   ami   rejoicings   when   Mr. I
Underwood  appeared,  and  I   learned ,
I can never forget that dreadful day
lleri Mini I purled. .Unmerciful disaster had "followed fast and followed
faster," and this was the crowning
trouble. Kiitliei- nail failed In buslnesH,
and Ihe shuck had killed him. Mother,
���cciinluined In every Injury and now
reduced to penury, followed him lu a
few iminllH Neither father nor mother
had iin.v near relative, and II fell lo
some old friends in determine fur Bert
and me what we should do
licit wan twelve anil I eight. Had
we been lint a few yearn older we
niicM have taken some action for our-
Helves.    As II wiih, It was decided that
we must be hc| hi rated    A friend of
father's olio red to lake Itcrl and give
til in an education A holy was found
who would do Hie same tor inc. We
cliini! lo elicit other, declaring that we
would slay iDiiollior. Hell ailJ'IIIK Unit
lie would lake a |iiikIIIiiii UK telegraph
thnl  lie. loo, had  I n  taken  Into Hie
Secret.    I uhall never forget hm lien in   '
int: fine or Hie pressure of hi�� hand as '
he cointraliilnleil me upon the leuuloii
Willi illv lil-ollier j
I   do   lint   know   which   one  of  Ihe j
party during niyt  memuriible evening
-we did Hot piny eiinls��� WHS Ihe Imp   i
pli-<l     Hell had found a ulster and 11 |
ladylove     CI won  had   found  a   lover
who hud found a slater,    I had been re-
! dropped hl�� card en the salver I pro- j n"1""1 ����� " brother and knew well lhat
I seined to hlni mid I took It upstairs lo   ����� wnilld not h<> lun�� before I would he
my mistress,   Oil Hie wnv I glanced at '��� ,"1'1 l,,nl ' "",l ���'"i""'1 �� ''iwr    A" ,or !
1 It. aud iik soon lie my eyes rested upon i Howard.   I   marie   him   happy   by   re- i
It Ihe unlver dropped  from  my  hand ; ��l>ondlug glances that  had  been  long |
and lulled down the stairs    I ran after , rent ruined
, It, picked  It   up.  found the card and I    Bei't ll'lld received both an ncademle I
I proceeded on my way.   The name on   ind �� Itriifiwtlniinl education from his '
II was Albert I'eiidlelon rushing.   The   heuef.-iclor nnd was an csemplnry nnd
visitor was my brother,                         I promlslna young unin    He married my
My mistress, who had heard Ibe mil-   beiiefm-tres*.  and   I   married   Howard
ver nitlll' oil Ibe stairs, looked ul  me   t'nderwiiod. he having  fallen   In  hive
as I entered her room In surprise: for   with n lady's nuilil and the maid lux 'Ing
she hail often cnmmen.led me for my j falh'n l�� love wltli a gentleman ��l ttrat
ciirefuliiesu, giving me certain Dresden   light-
cups Nile valued ieiy  highly  to wash | ,	
after having iiecn used, and refusing to
permit any oilier serviinl In clean them.
She iiiw n�� I liaiulcd her the card on
Ihe salver thai something hud occurred
tu move un-, but nil* hud Ihe tint to
refrain from ii-'slitu personal questions
iihuiit wlnil Iliey might reveal of their j
Defies Old Aje.
1'rof. MctchnikolT, thu noted scion-
tihl. who inniuuiiin that old age is *
d.sense.   lia��  explnillod   ��liy   bis  slu-
d.es   were  directed   llitu  u   particular
"A   prophet without  honor.   .   .   .
own llocot'd, and made no comiueni on j Though I am a lUiudan, 1 have been
my Ngltlltloil     I Was much relieved at i mule than twenty-live years in r'rniice.
this, for I required il  io consider! and, therefore, am accounted .'ranch,
...    ���.  .. ,      whether or nn 1 would Inform her that ! When I was thirty-live I was neuras-
inessenger-tlie  only   occupation   for   she was being conned hy the brother Uheiuc,     hsd pains In my head that
boys he hud notlced-liul despite our   of her maid I (Tinted me (ruin working properly
pleadings we were sent In different
directions. Tills, of course, prnuiised
heller fur us Unin trying to make our
way in the world for ourselves nt that
lender age, but II seemed dreadfully
bard lo us.
It did turn out better, though In my
ruse the good results were delayed for
��� long while.   The lady who took me
.   , i'.ly  lnends  told   me   I   had  cerebral
After iniicli  thought   upon  Ibe Sllb-   mi;m1uUi ullJ  doctors  gave   me  beetled, also whether I should make my-   a.,.aks, which made me worse    I had
self known to llerl, I could nut determine lu do anything In the premises.
If I look any action It would lie to
make a coulhlntile of my mistress and
not un miy account reveal lo I'.ert lhat
1 was his sister.
l'"roiu Ihls time I had a secret on my
had mi children and Intended to adopt | ���,������,  ,,,.���  ,,,���,, ,      ,���._ ,.nther.  l|
me.    But persoilH  who have not and    W(1(1 ,n((n.,.sw.,, hv the poMltlon I oven-
Bever have had children of their own
pled.     I   hunted   to   throw   my   arms
cannot   begin   with   a   child   of   ten   ai.on||fl  ������,.,.,,  |1(1(,k  ���,,,,  ���,.���,���, ���,.lt
without great, trouble. It Is like taking   wc h.|{, ,.���������, .������,��� llpl.    ,,���, .,,,,,��� ,������
up any other occupation about which , , H||run|(     Vl>. ���mv WHIt , ,.eiurnlnR
we have learned nothing.   Besides, my
rosier   mother   was   a   very   nervous
woman, and  whatever I did  worried
tier.   I bad been wllh her but a short
while when she decided that her health
required Unit she should lie relieved of
my care, and I was given up to another
person who was paid lo take me.
When 1 was fourteen my foster
mother died. and. since she had made
no provision for me, I wus told that
] must earn money. This I begun do
lag by being a baby's nurse, and from
that I drifted Into other menial duties
till I became a housemaid hi Ihe family of a wealthy-gentleman whose
only child was a daughter about my
own ace. This young lady upon learning the "lory of my life was very sympathetic and kind. Che would not admit that I would always remain a
servant, and helped me to prepare myself for something better. She made
me her own mnld. though she was not
of the kind lo need a maid, preferring
fo do everything for herself, giving me
the position that I might have more
time to Improve myself. She was a
strong character, well educated aud
possessing intellectual tastes. She became mv teacher, nnd under her till-
my mistress' kindness to me In keeping my discovery from her: The matter weighed upon me dreadfully���indeed, so much so thai I grew thin nnd
pale, while I freiinciilly noticed In
looking at my reflection In a mirror
Hint my mental strain was stamping
Itself oil my features.
Occasionally I was obliged lo meet
Bert���sometimes lo serve bin), 1 bad
no reason t�� suspect blm of knowing
Ihut I wns his sislr-i'. If he ever even
looked at me curiously he did not do
so while I was looking al him. I was
glad lo lie near him. hut pained that
I might not make myself known to
him. The young man who had favored me wllh nn admiring glance
came to the house occasionally and
never fulled In repent tils manifestations of admiration. Rert called hlni
Howard, nnd I learned that his uame
wns Howard Underwood.
One day Miss Owendolln said to me:
"Lucia. I hnve been thinking much
about you lately and have come to a
decision concerning yon. Your birth,
supplemented by what I have been
able to do for you In education, will
not admit of your remnlnlng longer n
tlnn, beginning where I had left off at I "ervnnt.    I  have some work In Id out
my   fnther'H   death.    I   gained   what I for   .vou-keepInK   Hie   accounts   of   a
might lie considered a fnlr education.
Indeed I proved an apt scholar, and
absorbed In n short while what some
i charltnhle association of which I am
! treasurer, the salary of which Is JUDO
I a year    I wish you to continue to live
girls would be years In learning.   Mlsa | "^V1!1!,.'''",./'''.' '"*?. *"*'""^"""l
Gwendolen  Hawley. my  mistress, my
teacher nml my friend, was delighted
Something wrong with my heart, too.
"At the age iff Hlly-threc I consulted a specialist i�� Germany. He diagnosed uiUrio sole rums and chronic
nephritis. That wus when ) began
Vo take my sell iu hand."
I'D Ilka to run for pruulriint;  I  raallT
think 1 should,
He.iit.ve 1 Bland f< r everything that's
rl��ht and wist, and gnou
1'vo thought about It nil and on itie past
three weeks or n ore.
And every day 1 Ilka myself some better
Hum before.
If everybody understood His kind of man
I be
A   popular   opilsln'   would  al  once  take
pluca for ina.
My platform I will try lo gtv* without no
uHelefla frills.
Then   lei  Ilia people cheer ma from  lha
valleys and the hills.
I'd  have a  tn.ifl   lhat  would  m����ie  tha
cost of llvln   small
And   keep   up   prices   everywhere,   with
benefits for all.
The furnier and Ihe millionaire, lha rl'-rs
uiul hired hand
Would nil be treated fair and square If 1
could rule the land.
I'd have a plank prnvldln' that all wrongs
should disuppeur.
We'd have a navy that would All all other
lands with fear.
There wouldn't be no watered milk,  tha
germs would nil bo killed
I'd  do  away  with   floods  and   have  all
empty purses tilled.
Tha gover'ment  should  have control of
everything In sight:
Tho people should have cheaper coal snd
dogs should cease to bite.
Another plank 1 hnve In mind and which
I'll now explain
Would put an end to early frosts and reg-
ulaio the rain.
I'd have all kinds of sickness stopped and
accidents should cease;
The rogues would all   reform,  and  we'd
hnve universal peace.
I'd flx It so all married tnen should learn
to love thotr wives.
And   woes   would   never  come  again   to
darken people's Uvea.
ent  I   will  give yon  the cine of  my
wllh Ibe success of her efforts In my
behalf, assuring me when I expressed
tny gratitude that she was Indebted to
me, since l had given her something
to Interest her.
When Bert and I were separated we
were too young to keep truck of each
other. I pined for him for awhile, but
the memory of children requires time
to develop, and within two or three
years I had forgotten much about him.
This wan lo be expected of hlni concerning hl�� remembrance of me. Children of the same family uot brought
np together hnve little or nothing In
common. Still I hud n brother and
longed for him. One tearful letter
written a few days after Bert and I
parted wan the only message I recelv-
, ed from him while we were children.
Miss Hawley hud s line social position, but only mingled lu society tu u
moderate eilent. She wss prominent
In organizations whose object wus to
���meliorate the condition of tbe poor.
Of course, she bad a number of friends
end acquaintances, hurt as she did not
entertain largely I had little or no
knowledge ef them. She was so Interested In Intellectual and charitable pur-
salts that I fancied she would not be
likely to marry; for she was twenty-
two, and piissing out from an age when
the feelings are easily enlisted. But
one evening when she bud two young
men and a girl friend in to play bridge
wltb her I noticed a treatment of on*
of the men by her different from what
the bad shown any other. I served
some refreshments, snd during the few
minutes tbat 1 was In tbe room wns
It would be useless for me to attempt to describe in words my Joy at
this announcement. Sooner or later I
would claim Bert for my brother, and
that without placing him iu tin embarrassing position. Owendulln would not
listen to thanks, saying that my position as a iniaiil had hcou as embarrassing to her us It must have been tu
me. She also told me that her admirer
nnd my admirer were coining Hint
same evening to play cards and she
wished me to make a fourth band. I
tried lo beg off from such a sudden ,
Jump from serving persons to being
their companion, hut she would uot
listen to me. i
iaweiulriP.it some time before bud In-
slsted  on   my   providing  myself  wltb |
a  respectable  wardrobe of my own,
and I now saw why she had done so.
That saino evening Bert came earlier !
than   her   friend,  ami   (,'woiiilollii   III-.1
slsted  on  my going down  Io receive
him.   With a fluttering heart I 'lid so. ���
Entering the room, l saw no one. tint
suddenly Bert stepped from behind a :
curtain and caught me in his arms.
While I hud been carrying u secret
the otners hnd been doing the same I
thing Owen had told Bert nil alsiilt
her mnld. her origin nml ber name.
Bert had from the story recognised his
nlster. nnd, though he did not at
once make tho relationship known to .
(iwetl. he did so very soon. Indeed, he
prefaced a proposition of marriage by
tellltig her thai he was brother to her
mnld. She accepted, and together they the sprayer against the various oesti
laid the plan to spring a surprise on that luiiint nnd damage the orchard j
me. nol knowing Hint 1 possessed the the price of successful sud prudtab.
secret of Bert and my rclBtlelislil'p,        ������ burtlculttiria.
If  1   could   be  a  cundldato  I'd   promise
there should Snon
Be boons  for every  man  and  child   that
wished to have a boon.
I'd have disease abolished, as I think I've
said before,
The old should all grow young again and
dealh would come, no more.
The ones wtio hnve to work should rest
and have their pay Increased.
And  happiness should  (111  the  breast of
every mnn ur.d beast.
I'd fix up everything that's wrong.    Th*
difftrer In tbe ditch
Should throw his pick away at once been use I'd make him rich. '
Tha   Ignorant   should   all   bo   wise,   th*
sicked should ha good.
I'd   legislate   away   tho   Ales,   establish
Spread sweet contentment all about and
till the land with glee.
Come   en.   folks,   swing   your   hots   and
shout!   Uprise, dear frtonds, for me.
���(.'hlcagu Hecnrd-llerald.
Orchard and Garden.
Always plant small fruits un deep,
rich alluvial soil, one which carries
plenty of humus
Turn up all dirty land thoroughly ts
expose the weed roots lo frost aud
repent thin st intervals.
one of the flrsi requisite* to keep In
mlud lu selecting nn orchard locating
Is Ibat II De well drained.
Fine, well rotted manure In a good
mnleb for ten roses I'rnne hy colling
the blossom lavishly with long stems,
In order te reduce vigorous blooming
Constant nnd pemlstent warfare wlt(
Adventures   of  an   Englishwoman   In i
Wild   Nigeria.
Mr.   P.   Aninury   Talbot,   a   dUtrlot
commissioner   In   Suuthcr i   Nnrcria, I
who has   arrived   In   l.nudou altei
nearly two years' travel in unexplor-
ed pails of Nigeria, gives an interesting account ul lis experiences in i
tlie   Southern    Ni"orian    bush ��� the
home of witchcraft. i
He was  accompanied  by bis- wife |
during  this  long  journoy,  and  Inrge I
portions of the territory covered had
never been visited before by a while I
Mr.   and   Mrs.   Talbot   found   two
"Lakes ol the Head," inch guarded by i
an enormous serpent; and they visited
a native town where nil the bouses |
were built ol ebony and ull the ucou- j
pants were cannibals.
lu nn interview with Router's ie-
prcsentative Mr. Talbot said: !
"The Southern Nigerian lundi. with !
its soft green twilight, dark shadows,
and   quivcrin..   lights   is   peoplod   by
many terrors, hut among these 'Ojjc,'
or witchcraft, relgm supreme,
Sometimes the terror ol witchcraft
will scatter u whole town. Tide hap. I
pencil at Oberekkal (Olmtokknl���Crab
Mudl, once s large a:;d prosperous
place which stands on a tributary ol
tlie Kwu river. To-day it is deserted
and dreaded, and, with rapidly advancing bush growth, is but a shrunk*
en survival ot former prosperity,
"Should the suspicion <>f wltchcrall
full upon any one, only trial by ordeal can free them, Tlie most usual
one is that of eating escro, a poisonous bean, which almost invariably
kills the suspected person. The ordeals ot boiling oils, poured upon the
palms of Uie hands, and of peppercorns inserted iu tn�� eyes, are fsr
less  dreaded.
One of the most Interesting diseov.
cries wan that of th* l-,��ko ol the
Doud in the Oban country.
"After a struggle through dense
bush we could sec the edge of a sheet
of water along the banks of Which
were the holes of crocodiles whose
tracks covered the shore.
"The scene was a weird one; the
surface was absolutely stdl, and round |
about were ten (eel hiub bushes, WI||i
what were apparently great lulls nl
creamy dowers. These, however, pro"-
ed to be nests of tree frogs.
"The place is a sanctuary for nil
wild things, for no hunter won'il dare
to penetrate the bush to this dreaded
spot. As we stood at the edge, gazing
out over the water, its quiet was sud-
I denly broken by a broad ripple, and
little fish were seen to spring acitat-
edly above the surface. A great python wus crossing, and this, wc learned, shared with '.he crocodiles the
guardianship of the sacred  lake.
"Nothing, we were Informed, must
be ullowed to trouble the water, or
even to touch its outer edge, or lamine
and pestilence would ensue. Here,
according to popular belief, come by
night the ghosts of long dead Kkoi,
to drift in sad companies hopeless and
wuiling over the surface of the water.
liven in the bright sunlight tlie pince
has an uncanny look."
Describing a visit to a district where
all the houses were bui.t of ebonv,
Mr. Talbot said:
"The side of our tent almost touch-
id a, little ebony hut built over a
large and gruesome-looking pot, the
sides of which were ornamented with
iron hooks. Before this, about breast
high, and the length of a man, was a
kind of altar, made of stout ebonv
"In  front of our tent door  was  s
tall  carved   pillar,   ornamented   with
strings of human skulls.   The people
all   hnd the   filed   teeth    and    thin
shrunken  appearance  which   arc   always  associated  with  cannibal  rites
All  our curriers  said  that  not only
wns the rait in the little but meant
j for  the  sa-rilice  of  human   victims,
but the two hideous mud figures of a
'god and goddess in another shed  nn
(the further side oi the carved  pillar
ihad had their heads worn away by Ihe.
constant  libations   of   human  blood
i'fiared over them."
Sir Perry His Won Honors In th(
In.perial Army Such at r'ew Cue
Claim ��� He Became Proniinen!
Carly In Hit Carr'or and Rose to Bs
High Commission!r ol N eeria���Hn
Received Many Decorations.
Sir Percy Qlrounrd, who arrived it
Canada recently to vi'il bis old home,
Is one of ihe most distinguished Can.
n.iiaiis in the Imperial service and lit
holds a Unique position as one of th*
i iii this country who bifve beeu
selected lor high | referment in thi
Imperial Government service
As n distinguished gruduate of th*
floynl Military College at Kingston,
lie went to Kngland n lew years ant.
nnd almost at once sprang Into prom.
I pence as the devisor of a scheme <>|
military armored train- to run around
gggggssl "X*i"-tHs
SMI PKROY ilt'.llt'AnD.
the English coast for use in cn���� ol ik
lack by u loreigu army. Luter, m
Kc-ypt. he became -ti i more fimomt
under Isird Kitchener when, n- chiej
engineer, he built a railway ��� ��t th*,
desert to curry supplies to RitcheneH
and his nrniv Ihen endeavoring v.
crush the Khalifa whom he -1 join,
pletely leiilcl at Ubduruia ,. \ little
croilit for this grand exploit ������- aiveu
to Sir Percy Oirouard In c, novation
with the careful and skillful liutldtna
of tlie desert road tliat twrtthtlunl
aims and food to the soldier-.
He is described by eminent ISngiisfi
authorities as * great evil -avrnunl
who has succeeded in every positioq
he bus undertaken and, by Lord.
Kitchener, as an oilici-r o' brilliant
ability, He is a man of Indomitable
energy and great force ol will, and in
Kngland to-day he stands in the tint
rank among the men ol action nf the
British Umpire. He has been presi.
dent of the Egyptian Railway Hoard,
director of railways in Mouth Afncm
and commissioner of railway- and]
quartermaster-general ol the wiMtera
command in England in 1906. The following year he was made high com.
missioner of the protectorate of
northern Nigeria, and since III I) has
been governor and oommauder-iDs
chief of the Rust African protectorate,
He holds ninny of tlie lending Imper.
i.'il decorations and ha.- receive 1 front
various bodies very high honors in
England. He is a son of ihe la'.c Hon.
Desire Oirouard, nl Ottawa, justice
of Uie Supreme Curt.
Prosperous Man (to seedy dltloi-Vnu
look is If you bud known better times.
I    Seedy One���That's rlsbt. and lietier
i company too��� I'lelgende Blatter.
The C*rr*ct Position.
|    X Jsmespori applicant lor a county
ncbuol wus bid nn questioned by those
| tn nutborlty there.   "And what Is your
position with recurd tu whipping chll-
: dren?" one member asked. "My usual
: position." she replied. "Is on the chair.
with the child across my knees, luce
I dowuwurd."��� Llniieus  (Mo.i   Bulletin.
Quit* Different.
"The marriage t<��iU place iu prison."
"I don't believe lu Jallbll'ls Mug allowed tn marry."
"Ynfj mistake your people Tht�� was
1 prominent haulier and n militant tuf-
tnmeite."- Washington Hers id
Blr.ck Opalo In Australia.
The mines producing black ��� i nli in
Australia are situate,I ;X the held of
11..- River Darling, in northern New
South Wale*, J�� ut sixty mi c- from
thu village of Walpcti. They *��r*
discovered nearly nine years ago,
Tlie output for tbe first three or four
years wa- very small ii.d ed, i lily an
occasional black stone I cine found,
I '. some larger finds were subsequently made, and attracted a large
number of miners at oi.e time, a.
thousand or more being nt the held.
The   output   then   of   black   "j.al   wot
fn.in :tu.floo lo <n.<KXi per annum.
'I he black opal is confined within
very small limits and the supply has
gradually lessened, until during Uis
last nine months the output has been,
almost nil.
The Australian opal production of
sli descriptions i.�� iiiw severty-liv*
per cent, leas than has been known at
iinv other tunc .luring then last tweii.
ty years, and black opal in particular
has temporarily ceased to be produced. It Is hoped, however, that new
exploration work will result in I res tj
Advantage ef Fall Calve*.
CnlvcM dropped is (lie full always de
better than those lioru In the spring.
One or the principal reasons for this la
lhat there In more time to do'-ote to
their cure ilurliw the winter. Cnlre*
horn iii Hie full arc given u ration con-
sIstliiK or milk and dry feeds, which
are less likely lo cause scours nnd other diseases prevalent when the., are on
grans and allowed to overfeed and the
time In care for them Is limited. The
full coif Is also old enotiirh to take enre
of Itself hy Kprlng. when the Held wnrl,
becomes heavy snd the Hies trouhitv.
some. y is not "To Be" but Is
T7VERY0NE looks for great growth iu
���' the Courtenay nnd Comox Districts
in the coming year, nml though unbounded
prosperity has been the lot of its people
duriug the past twelve months, we mean
"go some" to show the world that this is
the Greatest District of the Last Great
A CO-OPERATIVE spirit that is alive
to the needs of the Diftrict is essential to the welfare of everyone, who calls
Comox Valley "home," This District is a
place in which to build a home that will be
n credit to the owner for all time. Right
here we have the best natural resouises in
the world for the working out of your
home plan.
WK WANT to co-operate with those
who contemplate building. We realize that to get good results, the builder
must have the very best materials. We
want everyone to know that our house is
the best stocked in the District, and cm
supply anything in tlie building Hue on the
shortest possible notice. We make no
statements we cannot substantiate.
-We Stock at All Times a Large Supply of
Kiln Dried Flooring    Lath   Windows   Doors   V Joint    Finish and Mouldings
Window and Door Frames Made to Order    t    Builders' Supplies Cement
Plumbing Supplies      Lime     Brick       Plaster       Paints      Oils and Varnishes
am,in��mMa��aa' "' ' **** **"
SUPPLY CO., Limited
Phone 66 IUUK I Hl^A I , B. C. P. 0. Box 230
"Not better than the best but better than the rest"
TI *S��
Let us Help You Solve the Problem
G. B. 1��. I'd"
Pipes from 25c up
$.} to $5.5(1
., _    .. _       Pocket Hooks
Cigars in boxes of In, 20 or 50
Photo Albums       Shaving Mirrors
Shaving Sets     Gillette Razor
Military Brushes   Thermos Bottles
Kodaks   Books by popular authors
Ornomu,  Gold,   Xtal   and   Silver
Jewel Cases        Chocolate Set
Manicure Sets    Hand Hags Purses
Comb, Brush and Mirror  Sets
Kodaks        Books        Writing Sets
Music  Rolls Diaries
Papetries in Fancy Boxes
Boys Own and Girls Own Annual
Chums Picture Books
Story Hooks   Chatterbox     Heuty
and Vernes Books       Brownie
Cameras, etc.
"Codbury'ii" and bulk Chocolate! ior Everybody
Why not a year's subscription to
the Ladies' Journal, Woman's
Home Companion or "any" Magazine. Wc will have it sent in
your address, Subscriptions taken
for all magazines.
"We Sell all the I'opular periodicals"
Courtenay   Ladies'   College
Next Term Commences
MONDAY,  JANUARY 13,   1913
Mrs. Hardy aud Miss Glenny
T. tan s
s. c
J'lf you want pictures framed
cabinet or sign worK doue go to
J. .Sutton.
The school teachers would be
greatly obliged it the rties who
shoot about the 11 11 dam would refrain frcm so doing during school
hours,  as the noise  distracts the
j scholars' attention.
I We arc indebted to the following
business people for handsome calenders, which now decorate the
walls of our sanctum: Messrs. Mc.
Phee & Morrison, Campbell Bros.,
W. Willard. Island Realty Co.,
and Loggie Bros.
Mr. J. M. Knight, of Campbel
"liver, who lias   been  spending a
This flock has been the foundation of most of the largest
Egg Ranches in the Cowichan | vacation at Agassiz, was' in  town
District la few days this week on his return
c   .,      .     ...   .1,     T���.���,. trip.    Mr.' Knight  is  one  of the
Winner  of 4th prize iu  tlie   Intel- '       . .         ,*       . .. .      .,      ,
w'.     .    ,7    .'   .       n��� ..���,,.   ���,. I successful ranchers of this side of
national    Egg-laving    Contest   nt ,      , ,     .       ...
'                  "7, . -    �� . , ,,   .  ,. . the   Island.     His  onions,   carrots
Vancouver,    Being only beaten i>y ,                    .     ,        '. ,       ,
.                cu  n  i;,,i-    Ri��ic, ami turnips are justly   celebrated.
one other pen of B. C. birds, rsiius '          ���    ,            ,   .
c        .    ���       1 ���   ����������.   ,fi,    -fi, One season he raised   several   tur-
of inv strain   also   took   4th,   5H1, ,,   .      . .    ,            ..            ,
3      ...     ..      ,     .,7 nips that weighed.over 5a pounds
6th, Qth and 13th ',        , , ,? , ,.       ,   ..   '      ,
ll each, aud 1 that tipped  the scales
Day   Old  Chicks  20c.  each l at 60 pounds.
Courtenay Drug Store
Eggs for Hatching
$10 per 100      $30 per 1000
Ernest Ho Hanson
Cowichan Station, V. I., B. C.
Comox General
upply Store
titled that in case we or any of our
staff were found "incapable" ou
the' streets wewould be promptly
Mr. J. S. Terry, chief poultry instructor of the department of agriculture, who recently visited the
Comox district of the Island, speaks
in terms of the highest praise of
this district as an ideal one for farming and also of the work that has
already been accomplished by ;Ahe
ranchers. There is a greater acreage
under cultivation here than anywhere else on the Island. It is well
fanned and a large number of settlers are going in. Mr, Terry said
that he had seen more cows in   the
Ho v ing Pictures!
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday
By a new up-to-date electric plant ,
An Entire Change of Programme
Twice weekly
H. F. WHITTLE, Proprietor
The funeral of the late George
Muscatnp, who died at the Cumberland hospital from the effect of
a gun-shot wound, took place to
the Euglish Church cemetery,
Sandwick, on Tuesday afternoon.
The remains were followed to the
grave by a large number of friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Muscamp have the
sympathy of the entire neighborhood in this, their hour of bereavement. The deceased was a bright
boy of hut 16 years of age.
The provincial police have start-
, ed iu to clean up Courtenay.   One
PqlqfOp   l.rWfipV Now that the busy season   ��  over ��* ** .first .moves was  to  have
I   (3.1 <9.".; O   LllVvyl ,y , .    ,. ! Archie Langus arrested, and taken
U  I we take the liberty of thanking our 1 toCumberlaud) to  be  tried  aud
Q     ~- 1   f-f,       il     I customers for their past favors and j jjnea; for being noisy on thei street.
OTj f* 66(3. l)\^g.|e)161 hope to still have.a share   of   their The next move was  to  serve  110-
George F. Russell]
r "c ^JTT^ TtC i1"���.1"   'I* [-Breeder  of  Large   ThoroughbredJ
Comox district 111 two days than he f ,.,.,,. \
had seen iu any other part   of   the; White Yorkshire Hogs
province in twelve months. The
poultry industry was doing exceedingly well, especially on the small
holdings of five acres and upwards.
The produce is marketed through
the local association at La/.o in the
Little River district and finds a
ready demand at Cumberland. At
Courtenay Mr. Terry discovered a
cockerel that weighed eleven pounds
This bird was a barred Plymouth
Rock and was from slock imported
from Alberta. It had been fed ou
wheat and had free range around
the farm vard.
All Pedigreed and Registered Stock
Young Stock for   Breeding  Pur-J
poses $10, Half-breeds $5 each
Stock Sired  by  the Champion Hog, at]
Victoria, which also Heat the Champion Hog at Calgary
""'" " '        , ���,.,     pi-pah mm. ticc on the various pool rooms that
patronage and support.    r'ltl'll'sllP- (W ������.,,. ,,.���,,  H,,.ir m,���iv nnd
ply of groceries and dry   goods   ar-
A Message from the Stan.
Feed and Livery]
Heavy Teaming Promptly At- j^
they must* have  their  candy and j _
I stood by my open window, peering into
the night. ^^^^^^
When a message of love   by   an   Angel I
came borne upon wings of light.    ���   I _-.-. jTr
I.ay down your harp  my   minstrel   old,   Union ot
and conic to the Kingdom afar.
I am sending Christ the Pilot   to   guide    "���
you o'er the Bar.
I laid me down ill peace, with my head
Oil nn- Saviour's breast.
And my soul seemed to glide o'er a wave-
less tide, far away to a haven of rest.
Midnight and eastern star, and once again
the morn, hushed is tlie moaning at
the liar, for I am ill God's dawu.
���Sinbad the Sailor
tended to
R. MacQUILLAN, Prop. _j|
Phone 7
Horses  and  Btigg
Reasonable Rates
,jjij ui B,u^..w.....��� j    .-, tobacro shops   seperate   from   theI
des for Hire at j riving by all boats.    Hams, Bacons pool rooln after n 0'dock at night p F�� HT      V II I I R
aud Salt Pork of  the   best   brands and on Sundays.    To this end thej\JI_j   1 1   V/ Vy 1\
only sold.    Phone your   orders   in various    proprietors    arc   having
,         ,        , ,���' ���,.���, rio.i,f awflv portable fences placed between the
and have them delivered nglit away  1   , ^ * �� ,,  , ._,.  .__
aiso attend to wood hauling,
none 25
& Morrison
A. B. BALL, Manager
counters and the tables, which are
put up at 11 o'clock Saturday
night and taken down again on
Monday 'morning. The police
have also informed us that they
are not going to play any more
favorites, and we were officially no-
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing  and
Shoe Shining done by the
Courtenay Cleaners
; Gasoline^Engines Repaired & Overhaul*
' BOX 124, PHONE        J
,     If  you   want   pictures   frame;
W. L. SCOTT, Prop. cabinet or sigu worK   done  go  j
Next door to the Butcher Shop
J. Sutton.


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