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The Review Oct 29, 1916

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Array ma
C��n not be done uny 1 otter, nml
not iiuite. so well auywheie .Iho
hereaooutH. Our type niul inimllln-
ery is complete ami The Iloview
prices .iru ri^la
VOL. 4
Classified Ads.
M.ke ymir little Wautu known
through a Classified Advertisement
in The Review   ���   ���  ���   I'hone 59
COURTENAY. B. C. THUR30AY OCT. 2.}  1916
NO. 49
Auction Sale
Friday, November 3rd, 1916
at 1 o'clock, prompt.
Superior Household Furuiture, Dairy Cattle, 3 doz
Rhode Island Pullets, just commencing to lay.
Particulars in Posters or from
r.*_Li _S_______K_M_
Telephone 10
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay    '
AH Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43
Cook  by Wire
Electricity provides the cleanest, the
most sanitary and the most hygen'ic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but ^excells  either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under ideal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitiated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values through the retention of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly  give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R98       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Mrs, Cokeley is home from an
extended vis  to Alberta.
Mrs. Spencer Taylor lias returned
from a fortnight's vis-it to Vancouver.
Fire Chief ParHu of Nanaimo*
it visiting his mother, Mrs. K
Parkin. Sandwick.
Arthur Grant and Wilfred Smith
have returned from their trip to the
harvest fields near R.gina,
H, M. Training ship Shearwater
left on Monday for Vancouver.
Last week she was up the Ilutte
Mr. R.B. Prendergast has enlisted with the Artillery Corps and intends leaving for Victoria on the ist
of November.
Rout. Grieve had the misfortune
to nearly sever the forefinger of
his left hand with a saw, last Thursday afternoon.
W. H. Kirkwood arrived home
from the Prairie on Sunday morning's boat. He says crops on the
Northern portion of the paririe are
good, but the miovv has made threshing almost impossible. The rust
destroyed almost the entire wheat
crop in the southern part
The many friends hereabouts of
Bert Shopland, of Rochester, Alta.
formerly ot Sandwick, will be
grieved to hear that he has been
wounded in France, and wish him
a speedy recovery.
Rev, H .M, Bolton, from the
Westminster Diocese has come to
assist Ven. Archdeacon Collison in
his woik here. He was last summer at various camps and summer
resorts on Howe Sound, and as a
student he has had experience in
this diocese in the northern part of
the Inland.
The remains of Charles Matthew-
Sot1 of the Buck  road   were found
a couple of hundred yards from the
' house     yesterday    forenoon,    He
I had not been well   for  some time,
and   while   the    household    were
' asleep on Monday   night,   got   up
I and took his gun   and   went   out.
either to go hunting or with suicidal intent.
Lost���Reddish colored Jersey
Heifer about 14 months old, An-
ahor brand on left hip. Finder
please plioue or notify Fred Swan
House to Let--Free of rent for
winter. Apply Mrs. Cudniqre,
Union Bay Road.
For Sale���Maleable range, first
class condition, with water tank,
sink, and force pump, Aoply K,
W. Hogarth.
For Sale Cheap���Young driving
horse, new buggy aud harness.
Apply. H.Howard, Wireless Station.
Car For Hire���H. W. Heber-
den; phoue X92.
Welding���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,    Ford Garage.
F'-rd Garage for Nobby, Goodyear and Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles for
On Friday last Constable Haniiay
arrested J, Kura for assaulting J.
Lino, of Camp 1. He was fined
$20 and costs.
As briefly announced in tllis column last week,  Mr,   Frank   Cross
has purchased the business of   McPhee & Morrison.    This Is   one of
the oldest businesses in the district;
and was first   established   by   Mr. j
Mcl'hee 38 years ago on Mr.   Mat-
thewson's form, next  to  the  old
Hudson Bay store,   on their abandoning the post when   the   Indian
population decreased     He   moved'
to Comox wharf after   two  yearn, 1
when his lease j-an out,    In   1894!
when Courteuay started   to grow, \
a- a branch to h's Comox business
he built the   store   now   used   bv i
Kirkwood & Sutton,   Undertakers.'
The Courtenay business   was  sue- j
cessful from the start, and  he soon
moved his family  here,   and   con-1
ducted branch stores at Cumberland 1
and Comox.    About   seyen   yearsI
ago Mr. McPhee retired   and   dis-1
posed of his Cuinber.aud store, and
the Comox and Courtenay business
was taken over by   W, S. McPhee
and Hugh Morrisoti,    In 1912 Mr.
McPhee  built   the   present   large
store, and  an   enormous business
was done during the boom.    Three
years ago, after the death   of   Mr.
Walter McPhee, thi Conn x branch
was sold to Mr. A.   B.   Ball,   and
Mr, Mcl'hee was appointed   manager of the Courtenay   store.    Mr.
McPhee was a shrewd aud   careful
trader and had the confidence   and
respect of the community; and has
amassed a fortune, and now retires
from an active business life.    Mr,
Cross is a thorough dry goods man,
having been raised and received his
training at St. John's   Nlld.    He
came to the Pacific coast   in   1912
and has successfully   conducted   a
general store in the Fraser Valley.
We trust he will have as long, and
honorable, and succtgrJul a   career
a.s his predecessor, Mr. McPhee.
Anglican Church Notes
The 19th Sunday after Trinity,
Oct, 29. 1916.
11 a, 111, Mattins and Sermon at
St. Andrew's. Sandwick,
7 30 p. m, Evensong and Sermon
at St. John's, Courtenay.
3 p. 111,, Sunday school at St.
John's, Courtenay.
2,30 p. m. Sunday school Jat the
old school house, Lazo,
it n. in., Mattins and Holy Communion at Holy Trinity. Cumberland.
The Corporation of the City
of Courtenay
The Voter's List lor tb* forthcat.it. g
Mnui.ipal Elections is now being ft
pared. Tliosc whose nemet ar* ��_tit���
leil to be placed on this lilt -��'ih.��. *
personal declaration ire all ******: i
owners who are also registerea aeeu
holders. All other persons desiring to
have their names placed on the Voters'
List must file with the Citv Clerk, declarations as below mentioned. A list
of those whose names are entitled to be
placed on the Voters' List without the
declaration ninv be seen at the City Hnll,
assessed owner of real property is the
holder ol the last agreement to purchase,
or the lust assignee of such agreement.
or the hoi ler of an unregistered deed,
such owner, before having his name
placed on the Voters' List must file
with the City Clerk before 5 o'clock iu
the afternoon of the "olh day of November next, a declaration proving that Ire
or she is the bolder of the last agreement to purchase, or the last assign
thereof, or the holder of an unregistered
deed, and that such holder or assignee
is liable to pay and has paid the current
year's taxes.
CORPORATIONS. Corporations
whose names are on the Voters' List
can only vote by a duly authorized agent
whose authority must be filed with the
City Clerk before the 3otli of November,
such agent shall be a resident in the
province and a Hriiish subject')! the full
age of 21 years.
HOLDERS.   Persons of this   class wl
are desirous of having their names |
ed on the Voters' List must, during the
month of October,    file   with   tlle   City
Clerk a Statutory   Declaration   as |
scribed by the Act* and  must also hare
paid t.ieir Road Tax or License Monev
Declaration forms may be *bt_i_ed
the City Hall,
\V. A. W. Hames.
City Clerk
A Thing of Beauty
is a Joy Forever
Nyal's Face Cream
25 and SOc
>   p__rp, >������-.��� w:-,
_> _-������..-.-'..... ..._i nil;-
$1 per Bottle
If you feel good, All is Good
Braces ycu up
Card of Thanks
_Tlie Sisters of St. Joseph desire to,
sincetely thank the congregations of St. i
Saviours, Deninan Island, Comox and ''
Sandwick lor their donations of harvest1
Thanksgiving fruits and vegetables, and I
alio Mr, Ross Lee, of Lazo, for a line
supply of bark.
to include a bottle of Symington's Coffee Essence
in your kit when you go hunting.
Family Catchers, Grocers and Provision Merchant*
1. One bay yearling marc colt  with
white face and white hind feet.
2, One hay yearling horse colt. :
Unless these   animals   are   redeemed
within ten days from date of this  notice I
same will he paid by public auction,
Dated at Courtenav this  25th   day  of
October, 1916. "        |
City Clerk. ,
Comox Creamery
SOc per Ib. this week
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
Paints, Oils, Etc.
Wc cu:iy in stock Bricks, Lime, Cement, Doors and Windows
Get our prices'for goods in large.'ciuantities
Telephone 1
Courtenay HHE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY.   B. D,
Tha only well known medium piiced
baking powder   made In Canada
that dooft n��t contain alum and
which   has  _:i  IM  Ini-roriiento
plainly etctod on tho l-.'��:.i.
mon mi. At
Protecting Birds
International   Agreement  That
Ensure Protection ol Bird
Uncle -Sam linn jusl signed a new
treaty with Great Britain, a treaty
which i- ol especial interest to ihis
li is 11 brand new treaty, novel,
and iitiii|iie, inasmuch as il is free
from political chicanery or diplomatic  manocuvcring,
Ii is n treaty between llie United
States and Ureal Britain for the
protection and conservation of migratory birds,
Such an agreement will be welcomed  by  bird  lovers  everywhere.
The idea i*. said lo have originated with John M. Wallace, stale
game and li.-li commissioner ol" Alabama, who for years has urged upon llic powers at Washington ihe
need for such a treaty.
Nomadic wild life does not recognize cither Male or national bound-
In llieir annual migration thousands of birds and waterfowl havc
paid the penalty, due lo lack of uniformity of laws for llieir protection.
Wild geese, wild duck, snipe,
woodcock, plover and olhcr birds
have been slain by lhc wholesale
during their brief sojourn within any
particular territory in which lhcy
A generation ago wild pigeons
darkened the sky al llieir migratory
period.    But Ihey arc seen no more.
This treaty is designed to give
mutual protection lo those winged
creatures. It has been ratified by
the law-making bodies of all Canadian provinces and lhe Britisii Ambassador has been instructed by Loudon to sign the trcaly.
'lhc United Slates Senate musl now
ratify it, and wc feel sure that it will
Where German
Wii-| Organization Fails
i Methods   of   Conserving   Food
Strongly Denounced
[���   Most   destructive   criticism c
much vaunted   German organization
���of lhc food supply by llerr von 01-
Jannsclicn,   tire
agrarian,    is  quoted    by
Harden in Iiis paper Die Zukunft
"Our German people are suffering
under this blessed organization much ,
morc than llicy need have suffered if,
lhc organization had been considerably reduced and free scope given to
'individual economic activities, As
soon as anything shows signs of life
a company, armed with the power.- of
a monopoly, at once throws itself upon it, rents a large flat, buys a number of club chairs, lets itself be photographed, drawsa salary of $10,000,
and Ihcu the article in question disappears from lhe market and can
only bc obtained at prices compared
lo which those of thc private usurer
arc moderation itself.
".Many thousands of tons of cereal-
"Dope" Habit
Increases in Canada
Society  Will Be Benefited By Anything That Can Be Done to
Remove thc Evil
An alarming increase in lhc "dope"
habii in Canada is indicated irom ihe
annual     report on Canadian    prison
management just issued.
"1 hiring    the    past    fifteen  years,"
says  lhc  repori,    "llierc  has  been  a
rapidly increasing ralio of criminals
who assert that lhe crimes were committed    under   the   influence of ihc
drug habit.      At onc of our instilii-
li"iis, a very large proportion of Ihosc
admitted arc confessedly    'dope victims.'    A dangerous characteristic of
the habit is that lhc man appears lo
he unconscious of the crime and thirling his sentence will persistently as-
Are sert his   absolute   ignorance   of the
[act,   and,   therefore of his innocence.
, ��lTo convince a man that he is serving
a jusl penalty    of bis    act while he
really believes himself innocent   pre
;. . iscnls great difficulties."
M '. 'h I "Attention is called lo this cause of
' ' 'crime," concludes the report, "because
it is only within recent years lhat jt
has assumed serious proportions in
our prisons and among the classes of
community from where prisons
arc filled. Society will be greatly
benefited by anything that can be
dime lo remove llie evil before it
shall become a national  menace."
Simply Wonderful For Chest Colds
Makes 'Em Well Over Night
Nothing Half So Quick to
Relieve and Cure as Good
Old '* Nerv-iline."
Don't lie awake tonight coughing
your throat sore���don't lct your chest
..old develop further ��� that's thc
way to coax on
Be sensible, and,
as thousands before you havc done, use Nerviiine. It
sure is a bully (inc thing to knock out
a cold or bad cough.
After once using Nerviiine you'll
swear by it for all lime to come.
You'll say it's more like a miracle
llian anything else lo feel its warm
soothing action upon your tight
You'll he atna/rd at the quick way
il cured your cough and broke up
vour bad  cold.
Lies Through Rich Blood and Strong
Debility is a word thai fairly expresses many ailments under one
name.    Poor blood, weak nerves, im-
havc gone bad through storage, mil- P*��red d'Bestion, loss of flesh, no en-
lions of hundredweights of potatoes "Si', no ambition, bslless and ind f-
have rolled through frost and damp.-fe""*' ���* "s condition is perhaps the
Vast quantities of meat also went bad, P**'-**l*y of overwork or the result o
sugar has disappeared, vegetables neglected health. You im.*i regain
have been  brought  ovcr from  Ifol
It's safe for even a child lo rub on
Nerviiine. Although five times more
powerful than most oilier liiiiinculj-
yet Nerviiine has never yet burned
or blistered lhe tender skin of even
a child.
It's worth while to remember that
wherever  there  is  an  ache  or  paiu
Nerviiine will cure
Try it on    your
sore muscles, on a
stiff   joint,   on the
  worst possible case
of rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica, or
lumbago. These are ailments Nerviiine is guaranteed to cure mighty
The mother of a large family can
save heaps of work and worry, can
cure little ills before they grow big,
can keep the whole family well by
always having Nerviiine handy on the
shelf. The large 50c bottle is the most
economical, Trial size 25c, all dealers or the Catarrhozone Co., Kingston, Canada.
land, while home-grown food was
perishing and fats and meals were deliberately destroyed and can never
come back if pigs continue to be dealt
with as they are now.*'
not delay its approval of tllis bcncfi- shape of
Miller's Worm Powders work so
effectively that no traces of worms
can be found. The pests arc macerated in lhc stomach and pass away in
the stools without being perceptible.
They make an entire and clean sweep
of the intestines, and nothing ill tlie
your health or succumb entirely.
There is jusl one absolutely sure way
lo new hcallh���lake Dr. Williams'
Pink Tills. These pills will bring vou
new life, fill every vein with new,
rich blood, restore elasticity lo your
step, the glow of health to wan
checks. They will supply you with
new energy and supply the vital
forces of mind and body.
There is not a corner    in    Canada
where Dr.  Williams'  Pink Tills have,
not brought hcallh and hope and happiness to sonic weak debilitated per-
..   , ,   , , son.   If vou have not used this nicdi-
r ���    measure-Oucbec Cil-   -h I- ���"'       f * Y,0"" "" lodgetnerxt, j J   ,- _sk neighbors and
cciu measure.���yucucc _uionicic. |there when these powders arc in operation. Nothing could bc more thor
ough or desirable than their action,
��� There is
:.f Dr. Tho-
subducr of
than in gallons of other medicine,   'lhc public know Ihis and there
arc   few households   throughout thc By the Military Correspondent of the
Pain Flees Before It.
morc virtue in a bottle
mas' Kclcctric Oil as :
paiu  than  in  gallons
Wearing; Down the Enemy
country where it cannot be found.
Thirty years of use I'.as familiarized
thc people, with it, and made it a
houschuld medicine throughout the
western world.
London Times
Wc have perfect confidence here
lhat thc Russian northern and west-1
em armies will continue llieir prcs-1
sure so long as lhc presenl campaign-!
ing season lasts. We in lhc west!
shall do the same, if for ro  better!
reason than because we are all under r_g f .       ��� ;, , _.������ he(1
explicit obligation to|"^ "���..-.-
h we'""
Germans' Suits By Permission Only
Under   lhc clothing ration system
which  has come into force in  Germany, permit-cards arc required    by (continue,    and    because, thou,
men for morning suits costing up to'have    some    dissappointnienls,    the,
$18, lounge suits up lo 15, and shirts grinding effect of thc genera! often-'?0' so
they will tell you of some sufferer
who has been restored lo health and
strength through using Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Cine who has always a
good word to say for Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills is Mrs. Ltilhcr Smith, of
West Hill, Ont., who writes: "I feel
ii a duty as well as a pleasure lo tell
you what Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
have done for me. I had au operation
for tumors. The operation in itself
was quite successful, but I was so
badly run down and anaemic that I
did "not gain strength, and the incision did not heal, and kepi disttharg
The Franchise for Women
War   Is Sweeping   Away an   Anti-
Suffrage Argument
The foremost, though by no means
lhc strongest, argument against
woman suffrage has always been the
suppositious connection between ballots and bullets. Since women could
not bear arms it was argued that
they ought not to vote. The fact
that all voters do not light and that
fighling men have rarely been voters
seemed to have no effect upon the
minds of those who raised the objection. It is heard even in America,
where almost lhc only class of men
excluded from lhc polls is the regular army,
But the new mode of warfare has
swept away whatever appearance of
validity there was in this old anti
argument. Lloyd George in his
speeches has always insistcdj,liat the
men making munitions were just as
I truly fighting the Germans as the
men in the trenches. But "the men
I making munitions" now are largely
| women. There are over 600,000
women engaged in (he Britisii muni-
liou factories, practically enlisted in
lhc service, under the war department. Tt seems like, a return to the
days of our heroic, grandmothers who
cast bullets and loaded the muskets
that the men fired through the chinks
of the log house at the Indians. ���
From the N. Y. Independent.
a mutual and
up lo $1.50, whether ready-made or
made to measure. For women, cards
are needed for a frock or tailored
suil costing up to $20, a wrap up to
$15, a nightgown up lo $., or a blouse
up to $1.35.
Backache, Rheumatism and Dropsy.
Klilney, Bladder and Uric Acid troubles
brin;; misery to many. When the kidneys
are weak or diseased, these natural filters
do not cleanse tho blood sufficiently, and
thc poisons aro carried to all pans of the
bo'y. Thero follow depression, aches
anil pains, heaviness, drowsiness, Irritability, headaches, chilliness ar.d rheumatism. In sumo people thero are sharp
pains In the back and loins, distressing
bladder disorders and Sometimes obstinate dropsy. Tlm uric, acid sometimes
forms Into gravel or li idnoy stones. When
the uric add affects lho muscles and
-joints, It, causes lumbago, rheumatism,
(rout or sclalica. This Is lho time to iry
"Anuric.''   Send 10c. for trial package.
liiiring dlgostlon uric acid is absorbed
Into Iho system from meat eaten, nud
even from soino vegetables, Tho prior
kidneys gel lired and backache liouius.
This is a good lime to take. "Anuric,''
the new discovery of Dr. Pierce for Kidney trouble and Backache. Neglected
kidney irnulilo Is responsible for many
deaths, and Insurance Company examining doctors always test the water of an
applicant before a policy will be issued.
Havo you ever set aside a bottle o[ water
for twenty-four hours? A heavy sediment or settling sometimes Indicates kidney trouble. Tho true nature and character of diseases, especially those of tho
kidneys and urinary organs, can often
bo dol 'rained by a careful chemical analysis and microscopical elimination���
this is (Jonn by expert chemists of tho
Medical Stall Of tho Invalids' Hotel. If
you wish to know your condition send a
sample of your -.valor to Doctor Pierce's
Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo,. N. Y��� and do-
icrilio your symptoms. It will be examined without any expense to you, and
Doctor Pierce or his Staff of Assisting
P-.siciaus will inform you truthfully.
only    eighty-six    pounds and    could
scarcely walk across the floor.   1 had
ick of doctors' medicine that
J would vomit when I tried to take
me to try
ive, which  has  caused  our enemies i.,      , ,  - ��� , ,  ,,     ,,
asu'alties   amounting to 800,000 menl^ A.^friend urged^ j ^
box. Before lhcy were gone I
bought I could feel a difference, and
I got a further supply.   By
1 since June 4, will have -a crippling
effect   upon    the man-power   of the a
'enemy and  will end by abating his],
! pride.
| Wc must look neither to the right
nor to the left, but only straight in
[front of us lo the end, and we must
steel our hearts against all impressions, emotions and suggestions
which incline us lo weakness in onc
or another form.   This wearing down
'of lhc enemy's man-power has gone
[very far, but it must go farther yet
ito affect his resolution and exhaust
him. Uur duly is, during the Iwo or
three months of good campaigning
season which remains to us this year,
to fight on and fight ceaselessly, on
all fronts and all together, until the
spirit    of Prussia    and her dupes is
ihunibled to lhc dust, 'ihc cessation
the lime
I had taken five, boxes the wound
ceased discharging and commenced
lo heal. I took in all thirteen boxes
and am today enjoying the best
hcallh of my life and weigh 140
pounds. I sincerely hope anyone suffering as I did will give Dr, Williams' Pink Pills a fair trial, and I
feel sure they will n'ot bc disappointed."
You can get these pills from any
medicine dealer or by mail at 50 cents
a box or six boxes for $2,50 from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-
ville, Ont,
Minard's   Liniment   for   sale everywhere.
Record Price for Wheat Crop
A record price for a wheat crop
has just been paid lo George Frank,
cx-rccve of St. Clement's and a well-
known farmer. Mr. Frank received
$1.04 per bushel for his entire crop,
grown on the Wm. Frank farm at
Fasl Selkirk. Mr. Frank had almost
exactly 100 acres of wheat on his
farm, which ran 25 bushels tb the
acre and graded No. 1 Northern. He
was paid a bonus over Winnipeg spot
prices by the milling company for his
Australia avoids orphan asylums by
sending parenlless children lo private
of any onc of our attacks, so long as
the weather and munilioi.s hold, is a families,    which    arc
'crime against the common cause, and care until  ihey reach
Iii we ease down a lillle in the com- years,
'ing winter il must only bc with the
firm intention of renewing lhe cam-     Peevish
palgti al ihc first favorable moment ehildren
in 1917 with increased armaments and I worms'.    M
with slill more relentless vigor,
paid  for their
lhc age'of 14
St. Joseph, Levis, July 14, 1003.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen, ��� 1 was badly kicked
by my horse last May, and after using several preparations on mv leg
nothing would do. My leg was black
as jet. I was laid up In bed for a
fortnight and could not walk. Afler
using three hollies of your MINARD'S LINIMENT 1 was perfectly
cured, so lhat J could slart on the
road. JOS. DUBES.
Commercial Traveller.
pule, restless,    and a
iwe    iheir    conditio!'
tli cr Graves'  Worm
terminator Wll
slorc health,
relieve  them and rc-
Liniment    Relieves    Neu
"You're   a swindler!"   exclaimed a
garrulous  lady  to  a  dealer  iu  birds,
"You're worse than  a  highway robber!    You ought to bc ashamed of
lhal [yourself lo cheat a poor innocent wo-
That parrot
"Out of Bounds"
A correspondent assures
as he entered a Folkestone restaur-1man the way you did!
ant with his nephew, a soldier in ihc j 3 bought of you last week is a fraud.
Royal Canadian Regiment, just re-1 Vou said it was a fluent talker, and
covering from a bad wound received you charged me a big price, for him,
at Ypres, a boy in buttons stepped [too, and that" bird hasn't said a single
up to the latter and said, abruptly: word since 1 got him, Not one
'Sorry, but  this  is  oul  of bounds," wordl"
suggested    lhc  dealer
haven't   given   him a
Read all about yourself, your system,
physiology, anatomy, hygiene, simple
noma cures, etc, In the "Common Sense
Modical Adviser,''a book of incni pages,
Send to Dr, V. li. Pierce, Buffalo, N. v.,
so cents In one-cent stamps for a cloth-
bouuil copy.   Customs prepaid.
[The place was not an officers' mess, j   "Perhaps
for it was open to civilians.    It was [mildly,    "you
'not "out of bounds" to officer.-.,    for chance!"
many of them ��� English and Cana- ~������ ���
dian���-were going in and out. It is ��� Scheme for Rehabilitation of Belgium
only the private soldier apparently] rjr, j, VV, Robertson, of Ottawa,
.who is thus insolently ordered ofi lhe |,-5 crosgctl i0 France as Canadian
premises. My informant has writ- delegate lo the. agricultural relief of
lien to Sir Sam Hughes about it, andU\,e Allies fund. He will visit tlie
I hope prompt action will be taken.Iravaged areas.
W.      N.       U.
[It is simply   silly snobbery   at llu
time of day to treat lhe private uni
I form as if it implied a social stigma
In the case of a man like this
Canadian, it is a monstrous outra_
which  can  scarcely  be  loo  severely
'punished.���London Daily New*
The Duke of Portland has a scheme
for the whole Empire making a joint
effort to lend assistance for lhc re-
���"���"���fniiabililatlon of these lands in Belgium, France and Serbia al the conclusion of hostilities by the provision
of seed, implements and money.
Ontario's rural population decreased during tlie leu years preceding
census year (1011) 52,000, while its
urban population increased .192,000.
'llhc only Eastern province lhat increased in rural population was Quebec.
Fears for Safety of Russian Explorers
The Russian consul at Montreal has
communicated to the department of
naval service the news that two
Russian explorers, who set out at the
head of two separate Arctic expeditions toward lhe Behring Slraits in
1912 are missing. The men are V. A.
Iloiisanoflr, a geologist, who sailed.in
the motor vessel Hercules for a scientific study of the polar seas, and
Lieut. G. L. Brousiloff, I.R.M., who
sailed on the auxiliary schooner Anna
to investigate conditions of navigation from the Sea of Kars to the
Behring Straits. Fears are entertained in the absence of news that both
have perished. Word was received in
August, 1914, that the Anna had been
abandoned on Franz Josef Land.
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That*. Why Yen're Tired-Oat el
Sorts���Hm n* A/petite.
mil put you right
in i lew days.
They do
their d_y.
Aifianness, Iniiim-m, sh. Sick Ht*i*che.
Small Pill, Small Dost, Small Price.
Genuine mint ben Signature
The Lights
Of 65 Years Ago
Are still doing duty ia
the shape of
Sixty - five years eg*
the first Canadian-made
Matches were made at
Hull by IJddy and
since that time, -for
materials and striking
qualities, Eddy's have
been the acknowledged best.
When Buying Matches
Specify "Eddy's.*-
Contain no acid and that keep tb* bather soft, protecting it against
cracking. Thoy combine liquid and past* ia ��� pasta form and require
only half tha effort for ��� briWant iaithf thine. Easy to wa fee
all the family���children and adulta. Shine your iheea at home asi
keep them neat , r. r. oauiT co, or oanao ���, Its,
*|_f*Vffc HAIILTO*   .   CAUDA
Children Brutally Torn From Their Parents and Conveyed in
Trucks to Germany, Where It Is Presumed They Will
He Forced To Work For Their Captors
The tearing of thousands of innocent hoys and girls from llieir homes
in Northern France outrivals the
worst atrocities committed by llic
German troops in Belgium, Thc outrage was nol committed yesterday;
it occurred about J'.'asler, bill news
from tlie occupied regions of France
comes with more difficulty than anywhere else under German rule, and
the French. Governnieni have been
at great pains lo lie sure of their
facts before appealing on ihem lo ihc
world. About 25,000 French women
and girls and boys uric forcibly seiz-
��td from Lille, Rollbalx and Tourco-
ingj three adjoining towns, lorn Irom
their families, placed in trains, and
taken no one Knows where.
Houses were entered in lhe night;
and lhc selected victims were seized
and hurried olT. Many of the victims
were young gills. For what purpose
they were seized is not explained, bul
they were brutally lorn from their
mothers, who have already in many
cases been bereft for ever of husbands and  suns.
.As news of the slavery policy of
Germany al Lille and elsewhere is
becoming more fully known ill Paris,
and as proofs have now become available, ibe indignation of the public has
been  aroused  lo a  high  pitch.
People are realizing (hat Germany
has deliberately signed her own decree of outlawry from among civilised nations. In Paris nowadays one
hears very little of the folly involved
in attempts lo whitewash lhe German
people at the expense of the German
Accounts of lhc horrors perpetrated at Lisle and elsewhere show that
German soldiers havc gladly associated themselves as partners in the
crimes, and lhe French public agree
thoroughly with the eloquent protest
that has been niv.de by M, Briand's
M. Briand has shown the. gross illegality of the German action, and has
appealed lo neutral feelings of justice and humanity.
He is able lo claim thai the French
Government arc in possession of satisfactory proofs of the accuracy of
thc allegations made against the Germans, and he invites neutrals to an
independent verification of the outrages committed.
Onc of the towns which is suffering most from ihis new form of German atrocity is Lille ��� sometimes
known as the Manchester of France,
but a more beautiful Manchester.
The Bishop of Lille has addressed
an eloquent protest in the name of religion to thc German general in command of lhc town, but protests of any
kind are a waste of words when addressed to the German military authorities.
Their apparent motive for the present proceedings is a desire to compel thc French civilian population to
engage in industrial work for thc
benefit of the German army or ���
which is the same Ihing���of the German nation.      -
This purpose is absolutely contrary
to international law. No invading
army has a right to compel the inhabitants of the invaded territory to
assist its operations) cither directly
or indirectly.
On the day after lhc atrocious
events which she describes a Frenchwoman, in a letter   from   Lille, says
J the preceding Ihree weeks, and particularly the preceding eight days,
bad been a period of frightful anguish
land moral torture among the mothers
Iwho had seen llieir children removed, with a refinement of   cruelty, ou
.lhc. pretext that Britain was starving
Germany, and that lhe French population would nol work for their conquerors.
ll   was tllOllghl   too    kind  lo     lake
I whole'families, so from one to five
members were lakcn from each ���
men, women or children. To prolong
J lhc anguish lhe lown was taken quarter by quarter without notice,
| Al daybreak bodies of soldiers,
.headed by their bands, armed will)
machine guns and rillcs, came to lake
away the women ami children, whither
they did nol know or would nol say.
[The victims 'were captured in their
homes, in lhc streets, on the Irani-
ways, and Ihey wcrc seen no more.
The remaining women were terrified, and when a number of girls and
children had disappeared lhe French
civil and religious officials protested.
Then posters wcrc put up warning
lhc population lo prepare for evacuation, each person to have not more
ithan 66 lbs of luggage.     They were
to stand at their doorways, and ccr-
jtain  of lliciu would be chosen.
I    The choice took interminable days
and nights ��� a   horrible nightmare.
'I'he. Frenchwoman describes how an
jofliccr    passed    through lhc    Fives
j Quarter;   pointing to the victims he
chose, who were then led to church
'or school, and thence to the station.
I    During the following day thc pitiful
J flock was taken away, whither or for
| what work no onc knew, but crying
"Vive la Francel" and singing    the
: "Marseillaise."
I The Mairic took fire, and by lhc
: light of the flames lhc domiciliary
(visits recommenced. From 1,500 to
12,000, many of them girls of seven-
I teen years, wcrc taken away daily,
i Thc concentration camps resembled
slave markets. For a week this Calvary continued, the children weeping
I and their nurses offering lo go in
place of  them.
We have seen one of Germany's
measures of humanity (writes a mother in biltcr irony). It consists in
dividing families, in taking a girl
here, another there, a father, or in
leaving alone one or two octogenarians in order lo allow lhc so-called
voluntarily evacuated people to revic-
tual themselves and to lead a morc
normal life by planting potatoes.
Nothing has shocked mc more than
tllis infamous act, which is criminal
in consequences and possibilities, and
has been accomplished, it is alleged,
on humanitarian grounds. Our families are in tears at these enforced
Parents havc gone mad at seeing
their daughter sent away lo meet the
unknown that is so full of dangers
, and pitfalls. Others have died at the
sight, and for my part I bless heaven
for all the months of separation that
have at least spared mc this last an-
Igllisll. All France and all nations
; must know of this fresh crime, craf-
rtily prepared with so much lying
'pretence and hidden knavery.
I At Roubaix the German officers re-
| fused lo do their brutal work at night
time. They wcrc men from Verdun
and some of them said lhcy would
I rather have starved in the trenches.
Conference at Calgary Suggests June
1, 1917, as Last Date for
Thai western    fanners who    havc
given seed grain l#ns to the government  and  havc not  discharged  their
indebtedness    shall    be   given    until
June 30,   1917,  (o  pay  up,  and  after
that date (he. holder of a mortgage on
their property may pay oil the lien
and add the amount to the mortgage
at the named rate of interest, was thc
unanimous vole of a conference held
under   lhe auspices   of the   Calgary
Board of Trade, to go into lhc whole
1 matter of seed grain liens.
|     The  Dominion    Governnieni    was
represented at the conference by \\.
| \V. Corey, Deputy   Minister of   ih.'linic since th
I Interior, and the  Provincial Govern-! roamed at  wi
I ment by Premier A, I.. Sifton.    The
United Farmers of Alberta were re-
��� presented by President 11. VV.' Wood,
anil there were also present representatives from oilier Alberta munici-
|palltics and boards of trade, of the
'Canadian Pacific Railway, ihe mortgage and    loan    companies    and lhc
banking interests.
During the winter of 191-1-15,   il
W heat is the Creative Force of the Communities that Prosper
Between the Rockies and the Great Lakes, Nurturing
Towns and Cities of the Western Provinces
(By R,  Magill, M.A., PhD., Chief'bag on the car door. The car scaler
Commissioner of the Board of Grain -follows,  reseals the car, collects the
Commissioners   for   Canada   in   By- sample bags and lakes them to the
Water Magazine.) government office in the railway yard.
Wheat is king where only a short (The numbers of lhc tickets arc there
buffalo and the wolf checked with    ihe   sheets   made out
!.       When  wheal  cn- from  the waybills,     by  the  govern-
tered    tlie    prairie provinces, wi-tll  it  ment    clerk,    and    the    samples and
came civilization.     Wheat   placed In sheets are then sent lo lhe inspection
ihese provinces a population lhat is office.
lurdy and virile, that is already large]    Gr.in is graded
according lo Us
[quality 'soundness, color, weight,
etc.), condition (moisture and heat),
and admixture (weeds, dirt, etc.).
'llicrc are mechanical aids to inspection���the moisture test, the sieve and
ihc scale���and every precaution is taken to secure fair and just grading.
, When the inspection is finished    the
and that is rapidly growing.
Wheat has buill thousands of miles1
of railway lines through the western
wilderness, It has doited the country with three thousand elevators, li
is collected by these elevators from
Dominion     Government     advanced hundreds of   thousands   of farmers,
some $1-1,1100,1)00 for seed grain ami carried from there by branch lines to  __
also for hay, groceries and oilier sup-1 he transcontinental roads, and emr'-!samples and tickets are stor'e'd"to be
plies for    settlers, secured    hy one-,tied into the vast storage plants  at retained as long as they may be need-
Iyear lien notes, which were made a.the head of the lakes.      _ cd, The inspector does not know who
ilnst charge upon lhc land seeded or     On its way irom the larm  to lhc nuns the grain.   He grades from the
'occupied by the applicant.    Of   this,terminal,    wheat    is thc object of a sample only,  and  when  he  lias fin-
amount,    about $2,000,000 has    been great   system   of federal administra- jshed, bis notations are handed to the
repaid. lion, which carries out strict laws of clerical department, in wliicli full rc-
It was represented that   neglect  lo transportation^ inspection and slor-jcords arc made and  the certificates
repay (his indcblcdnses was injurious :16'f.    Wheat gives traffic to lhc rail- issued.
lo the credit of lhe farmers generally ways, raw material to the mills, audi The grain thus leaves Winnipeg,
and President Wood, of the United business to the hanks. It creates classified ami graded by officials of
Farmers, declared strongly that with grain exchanges, nurtures towns and 'the Canadian government. By the
Iwo good harvests the borrowers of cities, and is lhc creative force of thc inspection being done at Winnipeg,
seed grain money should discharge|communities lhat prosper between while the storage point is 450 miles
their obligations. the    Great  Lakes and    the Rockies, away at lhe head of the lakes, time is
Mr, Corey read a letter from Dr.'And going Oil from the terminals, itlgiyen for sampling, inspection, issu-
Roche, Minister of the Interior, to a keeps great llecis moving on the in- i���g of certificates, appeals from the
Winnipeg firm, in which he stated land waterways as it enters the field inspector's verdict, and for the sale
t*tet January 1 next could bc safely of international commerce. It means jof the grain, before it reaches the tcr-
fixed as the date subsequent to which food   to    the    people of lhc United |minal elevators.
the department would not be bound Kingdom, and   it means    returns lo|    \jpon the   arrival of ihe    grain  it
by ils registrations in respect to liens Canada in the form of imports i om Fort William, another set of govern-
that are registered at the various land Britain. ment officials take, hold   of   it.     All
title offices.                                              I    The story ol  what happens to this Isigns  ot  leaking  or  damage  arc   re-
lhc kilter also  said lhat    lhe dc-[wheat from  the  time it  is  harvested corded.     The depth of    grain m tire
partment had for some lime adopted on lhc prairies until it finds ils way car is  measured.      The     unloading,
the policy of releasing liens on other into the holds of the steamships that j thc weighing, the    cleaning, ihc bin-
parcels of land  than that on which carry it to lhe head of ocean naviga-.ning and the shipping arc' all super-
lhc seeding was originally done, pro- (ion is a most interesting one.           [vised.      Government    certificates    of
Vlded such   laud is    three   limes the      Thc wcstcr��� farn,er docs not    sack weight  and grade  of  both  the  grain
value of the.claim of the department. |,js grajn,    |-c hauls -t |oosc in -.he coming in and the grain going  out
1 miner  Siflon   said   lhat  the  Al- ,v_gon t0 ,|lc ,,carest shipping point, of the terminals arc issued.     Ware-
berta Government   was   prepared lo .��������� thcrc he uses either lhc'loading house    receipts    are registered,    and
I co-operate in any way with the Do- platform or the country elevator    '   upon     these the movement     ol  the
minion Government, and would pass     if |IC chooses to use the platform'grain is financed.
any legislation which it asked in re- |1C orders    a car from    lhc    railway!   '-'her" arc 13 terminal elevators in
gan, lo this matter.                           |company, has thc car placed at the!Fort William and Port Arthur, with a
Resolutions   embodying   lhe scnli- platform, loads lhc grain into lhc car total capacity of 41,350,000    bu-hcls.
ment ot the meeting as slated wcrc frou, m(, tt.ag0n, and orders and bills Not less than $20,000,000   of
passed unanimously.
tlie car forward in his own name and was required to build and equip these
They arc  modern  iu  every
It is not loo much to say
lo lhc
oinc   commission
Oiem Struggle Oil ^        M__��� -armcrs pr(.fCI. t|]e platform |that every device that makes for the
Conscription ill Australia't'1 the elevator in order to save eleva-'proper treatment   of   grain   and   for
lor charges and allowances, and also efficiency,    dispatch    and accuracy in
remier Declares That if Voluntary ln or''cr   to avoid   lhc possibility of handling is provided in these elcva-
System Fails There Must Be       I \ht%*W���. being interfered with prior j tors.
' ��� , . lo official inspection.     As there   arc
Compulsion i ,   ... _��� ,._..',_... ,_,.,..,
arc     A farmer's wagon can  haul about
!to official inspection.     As there
jabout sixteen hundred   platforms   in 60 or "0 bushels of wheat; a railway
News   reaches London   of a stern the prairie provinces, a large volume car about 1,200 bushels; a whole grain
conscription    fight    progressing    in of grain, about one-third of the whole,, train from   50,000 to   60,000 bushels;
Australia.    New Zealand has already is annually shipped this waj-. ; while a large lake boat can take over
adopted conscription, finding   volun-     The farmer can either sell his grain 300,000 bushels.     One of these   large
the for cash to the elevator or store and boats can bc loaded    by a modern
lary service    inadequate    to fill
drafts promised for lhc front.
Mr.   Lloyd   George   said   in   the
House of Commons recently:
"Splendid    services    have    already
been rendered   by   Australia,   which
.hip his grain through it for a maxi-
nuill charge of 1 3-lc per bushel. If
he puts the grain through the eleva
tor, he receives for it a warehouse rc
terminal elevator at thc rate of from
:0,000 to 100,000 bushels per hour.
These lake boats    arc much more
indispensable to thc western grain in-
ccipt,    upon which    he can    borrow dustry    than most people    dream of.
encourage us lo hope that every money pending the sale of lhc grain.IWestern Canada lies far from the
available man will be placed al ihc There arc 2,995 licensed country clc- seaboard, and ill this is its greatest
disposal of the Empire in order lo vators in ihc three provinces, wilh a handicap as a grain-growing coun-
obtain ultimate victory." lotal    capacity of 94,322,000    bushels, iry.   Among lhc great grain-growing
Thc Times says: "The day has If he uses the elevator he avoids the countries of the world, Canada has a
been when so broad a hint from the labor of loading it into lhe car, gels unique and unfavorable position in
British Minister would have been the grade fas agreed upon with lhe ibis regard���a position which is met
bitterly resented by any Dominion, warehouseman) and weight of lhc largely by lhc fact thai the lake sys-
Today it is not resented. grain, finances upon the receipt, and lem of carrying grain is also unriv-
"I'remier Hughes himself claims it is able without further trouble lo de- ailed for its efficiency and its chcap-
as ill  some  respects the most direct vole himself lo the ploughing of Ills Inesa.
A Brief Interview
An American newspaper correspondent had an interview with General
Kitchener before the battle of Oni-
durmaii. "I had a cable message
from Illy paper," he said, relating the
experience, "the night before the
battle instructing mc to get an interview with Kitchener, ask him for
his plan of attack 011 the Mabdi's
forces, and rush il through, It was
sonic distance from our position in
the rear lo headquarters, and the only
animal I could get to ride across the
stretch of sand was a donkey so small
that I had almost lo carry il part of
thc journey. Killing bclwcen high
sand-banks, lhe animal suddenly doubled up and wenl down on his knees,
throwing mc over his head. Before 1
could get up I heard a voice exclaim,
'What (he devil's this?1 Sure enough
it was Kitchener himself, and I got
my interview wilh him on lhc spot.
He said: 'Gel out of the road!'"
(New Zealand Doing Its "Bit" in War
I According to a report to lhc trade
and commerce department from Canadian Trade Commissioner Bcddoc,
of Auckland, New Zealand has now
sent 611,000 men to the front out of a
lotal white population of 1,000,000,
iThc Dominion is now providing 2,<t00
men each mouth lo wainl dn ils army
at the fronl. The total i
ed for war ex| discs is in
000,000 and o\er $15,00
amount will bc met by
surplus revenue.
j Proportionately to population it
will bc seen that New Zealand has
apparently done belter than Canada
in its contribution both of men and
money to lhc empire's war forces.
recognition    yet  accorded    of    what land.
Australia has done. |    When thc
"The Premier also declares that if platform or
lhc voluntary system fails there must sc,:Icd to l
car is loaded, whether at
'levator, lhe doors arc
even! theft on the way
The larger lake boats are unloaded
at elevators at the foot of lhc Great
Lakes, while those built with not
more than 14 feel draught arc able to
|be compulsion for Australia, but it is ,\,c   bill of   lading and    waybill arc pass through lhe canals and lake the
unl rais-
over $55,-
10 of Ihis
this year's
A Disadvantage
The Germans will be Immensely
haled after this war. They will bc
lhe pariahs of lhc future.
Already we scc signs of German
.'.atrcd everywhere. At a reception
.he other night iu a neutral city ihe
guest of honor said to a man who
had just been presented lo her:
"You arc u foreigner, are you not?
Where do you come from?"
"From   Berlin,   ma'am,"   he   au-
Thc lady slarcd at him through her
"Dear me," she said. "Couldn't you
go back and come from somewhere
else?"���London Opinion,
100,000 German Hymns
In Germany a hymn is sung on the
smallest excuse. There arc at least
100,000 German hymns; 10,000 havc
passed into German hymn books and
about 1,000 arc regarded as classics
by lhe German critics. Wc havc borrowed largely from (he enemy in this
respect, says thc Westminster Gazette, and, indeed, until lhe modern
revival of the translation of hymns
from the Latin and other languages,
Germany was almost lhc only source
from which hymns oilier llian British
wcrc taken for our hymn books,
"Wc have evolved a standardized
bridge, prize for all our afternoon affairs."
"What is it?"
"A boiled dinner In a can. Il keeps
the wives happy and their husbands
[from scolding." ��� Louisville Couricr-
I Journal,
for Australia to judge."
I made out,
the grain starts on its wheat to the elevators    at  Montreal
long journey in, say,  Liverpool
All    grain    going    cast  from     lh
rairic provinces is inspected al Win
nipeg,    When ihe grain train, forty
I without transshipment. These great
'terminal elevators arc really piece: of
transportation machinery. Their
function is not lo store so much as to
live or fifty cur-, reaches Winnipeg, a unload from vessel, and    load again
I gang ol men from
I partment i'lccts it.
ihc inspection
The gang consist!
into car, river barge or ocean liner.
To describe the work of the elevators
if ab mt fourteen nnu,   each   having would take    an article all by itself.
his own part to play.    Dispatch and The machinery is a marvel of science
accuracy arc indispensable,   and   ex- and mechanism, It handles the vast
perience ha*- resulted in a sound or- flood of wheat just as though it wcrc
ganization which secures bolh.    The really fluid, sucking    it    in    through
car .���pencr opens lhc car and places pipes like water and discharging it in
uu empty    sample bag    in it.    Thc torrents into the   holds    of    vessels
sampler enters the car on lop of the which carry it across  the  ocean  to
grain, drives his brass probe inlo lhe the ever-hungry millions of Europe,
grain at  live  or  seven  points,     and The part that inland navigation is
empties ihe grain each lime on to a able   to play   in   lhe movement   ot
cloth laid ioc (he purpose. The fore- wheat is onc of thc most important
mnn mounts the ladder, watches thc assets    lhat our great    country pos-
probittg,   mixes the sample    into an sesses,   in allowing   the products of
average, puts it into the bag, writes Ihc farmers    of our    rich and    far-
thc sample ticket, inserts this in the reaching   plains   to compete   in the
bag, Olid on descending,    hangs    ihc markets oi thc world.
Mae Marsh, who plays lhc part of
Flora Cameron in "The Birth of a
Nation," a great motion play which
will be shown at some of the leading
western cities. The production will
be given at Brandon for one week,
commencing Monday, October 2; Rc-
giua for one week, commencing Monday, October 9, and Saskatoon for
three days, commencing Thursday,
October 19th. Other cities will bc
visited westward to Vancouver-
Better Face Surgery Our Dogs Made Good
Surgery is  making great advances;    Last winter the French authorities
las a result of the war. W. II. Dolo- imported   from Alaska   and Canada
., .   ,     ���..,,.       several    hundred    trained    dogs  for
more, president oi ihc British Deu- drawlng ,led, ������ thc VosgM Moul].
[lal Association, told his fellow mciu-[tains. They proved so useful that
hers at lhc annual meeting lhal one they have been employed during the
[of the lessons the war will teach will summer In similar work, though they
be tho correct method of treating in- now draw    the sleds on    small rail-
! juries of the jaw and face. Photo-1 way I, Eleven, dogs with a couple of
graphs   exhibited showed remarkably'men can haul a load of a ton up some
[successful results in healing gunshot of the most precipitous slopes in the
fractures of lhe jaw with a minimum [mountains, according to the "Rail-
of disfigurement, |way Age Gazette.'
in -��:��_>
The Courtenay Review
And I'oinox Valley Advocate
..  W ��� iky   Newspaper,   Publshed  at
Courtenny, B. C.
N. u. Bo.ii-r-, I'ditor and Proprietor
Subscription 81.S0 |ier Year in  Advance
THURSDAY, OCT 26, 1916
We do not wish to create a scare
unnecessarily, but from   information received we nro convinced that
this winter will see- food   prices on
a higher scale than   is   at  present
realized.    Anybody with money in
the bunk can make   no better   investment ihnn to  lay   in   supplies
now.    This is perlectly fair advice
for the wholesalers are stocking up
for u rise, und the people  may just
us well buy nt present prices as at
higher prices laler  on.    Our sympathies go ant to the retailer   next
to the consumer, lor he has to stand
the racket of rising prices with too
little cash coming  in,   and   many
bad debts to etnliarass   him.    It  is
high time the government  stepped
in and . demanded   reform   in   the
handling  of    food  supplies.    At
present the manufacturer sells to a
jobber, the jobber to a   wholesaler,
the wholesaler to tlie retailer,  and
the retailer lo the   consumer.    Allow each of the handlers a   small
profit, include the cost of each successive handling and   storage,   the
freight incurred between each operation, the   overhead   expenses   of
each of the distributors, and it may
be safely   assumed   that   the   final
selling price to the consumer  is at
least twice as much as   the  manufacturer received,    Talk about mobilizing tesourc-s, here is a strong
case for elimination of  surplus   labor and needless expenses
greater, causii.g a greater demand
for food, not only in B, C, but In
Canada as a whole. Let tlie women now respond and shame the
men by Iraising gardens, produce
poultry and eggs, etc. They are
doing so in the Old Counlry, and
increased production is a patriotic
duty of the highest importance, in-
umb.nt upon everybody.
V/      _rtf--*^��rii aii_.sii**-"~^
Dry Goods Department
It may not be out of place at this',
juncture to repeat what we have!
already said on several occasions!
during the past two years, namely. I
that in order to offset the higher I
prices of those commodities which
we cannot produce, we must grqwl
more of those which we can pro- j
duce. In so doing we shall ren j
der a sen ice to the Empire, 'to
Canada, and to ourselves, to say
nothing of the poorer brethren. It
little becomes a man to grumble at
the high cost of flour when his
yard remains uncultivated, or at
the dearness of meat and eggs when
everybody can raise poultry and
eggs, Also it is folly to wait for
trati'iportaticn before growing more
than one needs oneself, for when
any di t :ct grows more than it
needs for its own use, transportat.
ion will be provided to take it elsewhere. In 1917 there will be fewer
men than ever to produce food,
while  industrial   activity   will   be
The war continues to afford  intense interest.    In   Frauce, llritish
and French troops are steadily driving an ever broadening wedge  into
the German defences, and   holding
the ground won, creating a problem
that the Huns can only   solve   by
radical   measures.    The    "tanks"
apparently   must   bc   credited   for
much of  the   recent   progress,   or
rather, lor the comparatively   light
losses in making important advances     Tlie Russians on  their   front
are steadily driving onwards, slowly, bv-t  irresistablv,    The   Italians
also, keeping   up   the   drive,   are
drawing nearer and nearer to Trieste
inflicting heavy losses and keeping
large numbers of the enemy engaged.    The Roumanians, havin.  apparently  advanced   into   Transvl-
vaiiia too precipitately, have had to
retreat, fighting, back to their otv.i
fionlier.    Superior artillery possessed bv the Austro Germans on this
front is said to be tiie reasonfor the
retirement, but  at   any   rate,   the
Roumanian raid has kept the enemy
busy, and exacted much  loss.    In
the   Dobrudja,   Russo*Roumanian
forces ar�� resisting what is  part of
the German plan to envelope   Roumania, bring her thus to her knees.
and then rush back the   troops   to
other fronts.    Possibly, the   Allies
will prevent this by   increased   attacks elsewhere.    Summed up, the
position appears   to   be   that   the
Germans are taking heavy  punishment, which will increase   day   by-
day, but that they are "still   strong
enough to utilize their resources to
the best purpose.    It cannot be de-
j uied that they are on the defc-nsve,
j they have lost   tlie   initiative   and
must preforce   meet   the   various
1 moves of the Allies instead of dictating them.
Ladies ready-to-wear and trimmed   Hats
Wonderful variety of   plain   and   ornamental  shapes.
Dress Goods
Novelty patterns ill suit lenghts suitable
for evening wear.
To the Britisii Empire, not least
of all tc our Canada, tlie situation
pres*nts a call for more men, more
munitions greater concentration
upon winning the fight from thos.
who cannot go to the front, and
more sacrifices. Judging from the
demeanor of some people; there
might not even be a good sized dog
fight in progress It will not, and
must not do. The struggle de-
niangs our all���not a small fraction \
of it; not fifty per cent of it, but
the full measure   of   it   brimming
Ladies   man-tailored   suits   in   Serges,
Checks nud Covet Cloths, etc,
Sweater Coats
I,.'idles all wool sweater coats and sweater sets and caps. All plain shades and
combination colors in the newest styles.
Invictus Shoes
Invictus shoes for Indies   in   eight nnd
Leu inch tops in but toll and   laced, with
cloth tups and   vici   kid   vamps. Also
in patent with dull kid tops.
Coatings iu Eiderdown, Blanket Cloths
in plain and sports checks, also Astrakhans nn 1 Tweeds.
Ladies coats iu black and white Stripes,
Tweeds, Sport checks and plain covet
Gents Furnishings
Invictus shoes
The best guide in buying shoes is  a   reputable trade mark.    Tlie trade murk ol
what has   become   generally   known  as
"the best good shoe" is Invictus.
Sweaters and sweater coals in grey, maroon, brown, kahki, also in combination
colors in large plain lib and fancy stitches with open neck and shawl collar from
JJ2.50 to 5S.00
W, G. and R, shirts. The greatest
styles and fabrics backed up by tlie guarantee that goes with all shirts bearing
the Red Label W. C. and R. full size
Correct styles. Fast colors, and a white
neckband, full shrunk.
Newest styles iu (lowing end ties in small
and lnrge black and white checks and
stripes, sport ties, Bat wing bows, Derby
and Windsor ties.
Hats,   Caps!   Suspenders,    Belts.    Also
fine dress kid gloves and working gloves.
\ McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
1st class certificate technics of bre.iilinaking
lsr class certificate baking and confectionery
The place to buy good  bread,   made  Irom   Better  Flour.   Better and
healthier yeast, aud better methods.    Buy direct from
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hal'
Esquimalt   &  Nanaimo   Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on alljliiies to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
over.    A s long as that is withheld
the longer will peace withhold, and
the more sons, brothers,   sons   and
husbands be   slain   and  disabled.
The Empire has to fight a   powers
ful and unscrupulous foe, with years
of concentrated preparation behind
him; and, as if it *-ere not enough
that the Empire should have to de
feat the Germans, Auslriaus, Turks
and Bulgarians,  the   Empire   has
1 also to combat the selfishness,  the
I meanness, the ignorance   and   the
' apathy of many of her own people,
whose conduct almost   amounts to
treachery,   we repeat, that it   will
not do, and   henceforth   a   higher
standard of conduct must be forthcoming in order to enable us to win
through,   We need not  go about
it in tears,  ueither   ou   the   other
hand should we carry a smirk, but
rather should we wear a look upon
our faces like unto him; who   having set his hand   to   the   plough,
looketh not backward,
The City Council seem to realize
that the prevention of fire is better
than putting out a big blaze in a
theatrical manner, hence they have
purchased the chemical engine
which Mr. McPhee had on his
hands, and have ordered a number
of Pyrcnc extinguishers, which up-
pon demonstration have proved
verv efficient in putting out small
fires, with a minimum of fluid.
The Eire Wardens have started a
fire brigade, and have appointed
Jock Thompson chief. Mr. Cucksey and Clinton Wood have offered
thc use of their motorcycles in
carrying thc Pyrene extinguishers
whenever a fire occurs, It is hoped that an efficient brigade will be
formed and financed by the city.
-���pj_n___-B-s-i "" ���***��� '���CJ^ Mat/strew
��� T
���is milled after our expert Analyst��� in his scientifically equipped laboratory���has made
thorough daily tests of the No. 1 Canadian
Hard Wheat, from which R 0 Y A L,
STANDARD is milled,
He makes actual baking demonstrations*-tests
the (lour for its high Gluten and baking
The extra precaution ensures absolute uniformity
the reason why ROVM, STANDARD is
always the same.
Royal Standard Grain Products
Phone 33, End of Bridge F. HoviU,  Mgr.
Goodyear,  .
Auto   and   Bicycle   Tires
and  Accessories
Bicycles For Sale
Phone L46
Do You Ever Try the Long
Distance Telephone?
We tell you about our Long Distance Service, how quick it is,
how good it is. how satisfactory it is.
The telephone is right at your hand.   Try it yourself.
An important matter can be settled in a moment,   No waiting
No delay.   No inconvenience,
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
Disl. Passenger Agent, Victoria
Agent Courtenay, Phone R 60
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardy & Biseoe
Willard's Harness Emporium        JAMES E ASTON
Showing ot Horse Blankets, Lap
, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Married, At the Manse, Sand-
wick, by Rev, T. Veuzles, on Friday, Oct. 13, Mr. Alfred A, Hark-
ness, to Miss Irene Grace Bevard,
both of Campbell River.
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
-���..,,,,,.euils  Irom  Leading Musicians
from    " Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
ol same furnished on request
W r Go_ra  ��i" ne  In this city  about
n'VJ'   1      Leave onlers at this Office,
0ct or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   ���   Vancouver
Ice Cream
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Letter, from the Front
We have had several letters from
boys at the trout recently, One of
them says that if'..the ladies who
are knitting sox for them would
spend the money for tobacco and
send that, it would be more appreciated, as Capstan costs 56c per
tin over there, and the so'dier gets
4 pair of sox at a lime from the
(.nny supplies.
Another from Alfred Jones in
Flanders, says; "I would esteem
it a great favor if you would thank
the people for ine. who were good
eu.ugh to send socks to the Courtenay boys.
We have just been relieved from
the trenches, and are at a rest camp
for a few days, nud then we go
back to the trenches again.
What 11 pleasaut surprise to get
these warm .ox after being up to
our knees ill mud for the last eight
Some of tlle locnl boys have go"
under, but they died us only heroes
who know how.
1 have been through ull the front
line trenches and am pleased to tell
you I have not got a scratch on me
but I hud sonic very narrow escapes
Our officers arc all born fighters and
know how lo lead men,
The officer in my platoon is only
a young boy iu years but does not
know fear, and it is grand to watch
him when the enemy's fire is hot.
he is just as cool and looks after
his men the same a.s a mother looks
after children.:
I hope and trust  you  are   quits
well, and that Courtenay will soon!
be built up again after such \tx dis
astrous lire."
Comox Valley
"-*������*    / ���
i CM. I'll
of butter
Association '
List ol cows thut have given 50 lbs of butter during August
Name of cow lbs milk lbs butler owner
Dell 2nd of nine Ribbon  909 70.05 T, I). Smith
"   4 months 4217 288.45
Nancy 1398 63.14 W, Dearil
Blacknose 1138 55.67  .'���''.  Hun.''il
Cuds   7111    53.81 P. Swan
Italia    960 53.76  VV. 1. Wain
"   3 mouths 3065 165,57
Red        849 53.49 P. -lachlll
"   5 months  4S79 '51.95
Owen 736 51.08 P. Macllhl
"   -months 1464 102.49
).'lora 9*1(1 53.08 ,Ed. Davis
"   3 months  3479 167.50
Primrose 7S6  51.08 <-,. Pigott
Black cow    698 50.49 P.  Mttonin
Beauty. 8 months 6926 428.54 w. I. Wain
Biddy7months 6399 354.72 ���', U, Hurford
Betty 6 mouths 6221 148.52 Pritchard & Sons
Maggie 6 month 5963 327.89 Pritchard & Sons
Cassia 6months 5207 314.45	
Mary 5 months 5314 283.60  ���'��� 1- ��� Hurford
Topsy ...791  50.76 T,   Chalmers
Sally 6 months ..'..'.'.'.'. 5154 300.il A- f?cMtal-
Nellie5 months 5331    279.46 A. McMillan
Pttusy ...   3776  261.23 ... '.  ..Chalmers
Designed this year it will ornament and enhance tlie
good appearance of the tidiest kitchen in all Canada.
Come in and I'll show you why the Kootenay stays as
good as new long after other ranges have to be repaired
or replaced. 8M
For   sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
A, \V, Blight writes from Flanders giving a short account of the
doings of tiie 102nd, since leaving
the Goose Spit, as follows: "We
had a quick trip to Vauccuver, and
from the boat we went aboard the
train without being able ��� to stay
arotind the citv at all, we started
from thereabout midnight, arriving
at cur pert of embarkation seven
days later, on a Sunday morning.
On the way we usually paraded the
principal towns, but never given
five minutes liberty .Soldiers must
be bad, and so the authorities
couldn't trust us. I have heard
Easterners remark that on the Island we get more rain than some
other parts, especially the "Delectable East," but do you know when
we reached the Prairies the rain
was descending in torrents, houses,
and larmyards flooded, and thunder storms galore, and this continued right r.to the Atlantic coast,
Give me the Vancouver Island.
We reached England after an uneventful irp, and wer* camped in
the southern counties, .and stayed
there six weeks, and then to Flan-
Tenders   Wanted
"T^ENDBRS will be received  for
erection of a hall to be used lor
���Moving Picture and Dance Hall by H.
1-'. Whittle, flans and specifications
can lie seen at the Riverside Hotel.
Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Tenders close Thursday, Oct.
26th, at 6 p. 111.
ders. Our battalion was lu the
trenches in nine we.ks after leaving
the Spit, and some of the boys that
walked out with the girls ill Courtenay had passed the bourne from
whence no traveller returns, among
them being Mr. R Simmers.
Since then many more fine young
fellows have made the Supreme
Sacrifice, and it has fallen to my
lot to help dig the graves and bury
some of tlie finest fellows that have
left the lair province of B. C, but
the price paid is on a winning basis
Fritz is surely bein* driven back
and the troops further south are
now occupying elaborate dugouts
that the Germans had prepared for
their wilier quarters, if we are to
believe newspaper reports, viz. that
the German prisoners had stated
that the Kaiser had made public
that he did not intend to prosecute
a winters' campaign, but to remain
011 the defensive. The Allies surely are piling things on at present
and we are hoping for tbe best.
The trenches is an awful place to
be in when a bombardment is on.
one simply has to keep still and
wait, with no chance to defend
oneself (until the order conies to
go over and attack) it is just murder. But the boys are braving it
well, and show the utmost coolness
in face of danger, Sometimes one
I sees the wild and excited stare with
the old hands as well as the new,
and it is not to be wondered at, for
it is no picnic to feel the trembling
of the ground, the noise of the
shells through the air, aud bursting close, with shrapnel etc. flying
in all directions, and seeing men
blown to pieces without anything
hitting them, death caused by air
concussion. I.et those at home
think of the sacrifices that are being
made and cease to be always on the
lookout for a good time, and one
and all do their share of saciifice
whether male or female, The time
demands it, aud it is the only way
of Victory,"
During Mr. Alexander's absentee
last week someone took a six-foot
drill out of his well, aud dropped a
huge rock into it,
The Shearwater left Comox harbor for V ncouver 011 Monday.
The Government is grading and
widening the trail from the hospital
to the beach. This will be a great
acquisition to the hospital and also
to the residents, who will have easy
access to the beach past the hospital
Norman Pritchard had a miraculous escape irom being killed by a
bull on Tuesday. As it was, he
was badly battered lip, but is doing
The corn harvesteis who have
been busy filling silos in the neighborhood, left vesterday to fill Mr.
Game's new silo. Sandy Leding-
ham is with the outfit, and his
many friends were glad to see his
smiling face in Comox again, the
first time iu years.
Workmen are busy installing an
Electric light plant in St. Joseph's
hospital this week.
Born���At St. Joseph's hospital
on Saturday, Oct. 21, to Mr. and
Mrs. Beech Jr., a daughter.
Barrister and   Solicitor,
Phone 6
A very successful meeting of the JHEED       PEARSE
coal right owners of the Valley was
held ill the Agricultural hall on
Oct, 21st, and the Committee laid
before those present the important
results of their investigations and
have received thiir unanimous consent to interview certain parties regarding the sale of the coal rights.
The committee will call another
meeting shortly and hope there
will be a full attendance of coal
right owners to hear the resmt of
the committee's efforts.
Courtenay    Hotel
Conifiirt  With Moderate  lhtes
Bent Wines
ami J,k|uors
The Council have decided to I
suppress the nuisance of horses
running at large, with a firm hand.
A substantial pound will be established, and a man engaged
specially for a week to round up
these vexatious animals, All animals running at large at the present time are doing so illegally,
and the Council will confer a great
favor on the citizens if they can
I keep the horses off the street altogether, and fo ree the cow owners
to keep their animals fastened up
at nights.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Ciisine tfxcellea
Wm. Merryfield
The Water Question
The 238th Battalion is at present
at     Longton,     in     Cumberlaad
County,   close   to   the   border of:
Scotland. I
The 102nd Batt. have been
through the thick of the fight at
Ypres, Hill 60. and St. Eloi since
they went to France, and were
moved to another scene about a
month ago. Many of the brave
fellows have bitteu the dust.
The 239th is on the lookout for
good practical railroad men of all
classes, but more particularly good
teamsters, pay at army rates,
There is uo delay getting away, as
they are sending drafts forward
every week to Halifax, N- S'
where the battalion is now mobilizing and the final draft will leave
hereon the 25th. inst. If anyone
in the locality is anxious to go away
and wants to get away quickly,
further information will be given
and transportation will be arranged
for by applying to the Officer Commanding. 239th Batt. (Railway
Construction Corps,) 175 Cordova
St , Vancouver, B. C,
We Have Been Burned Out and Need
the Money Badly
As a general rule subscribers
to the Review are prompt in
paying their subscriptions, but
there are quite a few who seem
to forget that it costs something
to print a paper, even a modest
effort like The Review. To the
latter we would make the request
that they liquidate iheir indebtedness as soon a! they cau find it
convenient to do _o. If they
owe two or three years and feel
thev cannot afford to pay it all
at the present time, surely they
can arrange to pay at least half
the amount, This notice is for
all who are behind in tee payment of their subscriptions.
Four Good   Houses.
water    and   electric
light in each
tEo Ittbeatorg
Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free
of exchange at any chartered Bank in Canada) at thc rate of five per cent
per annum from the date of purchase.
Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering at par and
accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment
made under any future war loan issue in Canada other than an issue of
Treasury Bills or other like short date security.
Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.
A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications
for this stock which bear their stamp.
For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7th, 1916.
Palaee Livepy
Horses and Buggies for Hire a
Terms cash.
We also attend to wood hauling
Phoue a$
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Watchmaker, Jeweller ami Optician
at Brown's
Courtenay, B. C.
_ t
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27
Pants $7 up
Cleaning and
-���"     Pressed
Suits            S
Suits           ;1._" up
Coats                    .75
? ;
Panls                  ..50
Skirts                  .50
Vests                    .3.5
Dresses            1.74
Overcoats         1.25
Rep lirinj!, Etc.
Gents clothes kept in onler by the
month $2.50
Haney  I.  Kushida
Store, Union St., Courtenay
Try a Review Ad.
Sand and Gravel
Kates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
/_L,i_ru_ru-Lnj-u-i|-ij-i.r-r-rr-ri-.i- ---������-- ��� ���������-._--��� ** ��� ��� w_-w�� m
"""���_T_S__.-.-   .-"_�� ���."-.._���:���..,
U'tld, Ltek er CY, Limited
direction wa
observed   she
in  a woman s
after a
riliiy, and had studied his tastes with
so much eagerness, thai to his own
intense surprise and even confusion,
lie was now finding himself lis much
drawn lo her as she was to hhn.
The situation seemed so impossible
that for a lime he had doubted it. lie
had looked upon il as a sort of passim; weakness lhal he missed her if
she wenl out wilhoui him, that lie.
looked forward eagerly to Hireling
her again, and thai his eyes sought
hers constantly, or gazed upon her
fair face wilh unwonted and vivid admiration of iis beauty ami charm.
Charm? Ves, undoubtedly she had
charm, l'ul how had il come about?
Certainly ihis particular quality had
been lacking from her in his eyes
when he lirsl married her.
And  ihis  indeed  was  probably  tlie
Living a simple and monotonous
life in thc country, absorbed in her
, . r Iphilanthropic pursuits and without:
���loping al)y thought of changing lier maiden
iStalc for the married life, I.ady Ursula had had few of lhc qualities
which attract a man of Paul Payne's
|    She had indeed struck him at their
first meeting as being dignified, state-
"Ve.-,    an    old-fashioned,
hand.    Hardly like that of a modern,
up-to-date    servant.     Nol   good enough."
"No," .-aid I.ady Ursula, as she fastened on her watch and prepared to
go downstairs  to  breakfast. |msl ,,ll:tu���K ���, t
They found lhc whole household it |y and handsome, as' being unlike lhc
i\ f_r.nicnt of joy over llic recovery oti.-.r women- whom he had met at
of ihe pearls. Prom highest to low-.Oarc Court, or lhc women of the.
est, everybody wanted to havc a sight rirc|es j��� which he had now to lind
ct  ihe  famous  gems,  to  inspeel   tlic;|.js friends.
handwriting on the box, to decipher j she had brought with her an al-
thc postmark, ro offer a suggestion, ino'sphcre which recalled lo him thc
more or less futile, in explanation of i-fe -,- ���,..,��� nvc,\ jn -,js vcly eariy
the mystery, _ youth, lhc well-bred woman, who had
Mr. Jackson was in a slate of great becn tllc friends    of his father and
excitement, and still more anxious to mothcr, women who scorned thc aids
find the villain who had brought such 0�� coquctry,    and who    lived    noble
a stain upon his domestic peace, than liveg ������ pure surroundings,
pleased at the end of the trouble.,     |   To  lnis  attraction  she  had,  since
On the whole, the general opinion her ���larriage, added that of a wo-
inchncd to the idea that Paul Payne |manly anx-ety t0 ,,icase which coin-
was  right,  that  the  taking of    the Ipietci the spell she had unconscious
anly anxiety to pleas
,.carls "was a practical joke', and that '�����*��_un t0 wc;ivc paul . ���_,
the joker, confronted with lhc real fimsM :uvarc of lhe cxtcIlt of thc
danger in which he-or she-had ;���flucnce which ,lis wifc had b .���
placed huu-or her-self, had taken ._ ._ercise ovcr lmlI. bllt hc di(1
the   earliest opportunity   ol    getting k th , ,,_,. whoic.h*cartcd joy at
out of the difficulty by a return o.|thc r<.stitmion 0f thc pcai.|s moved
llie missing gems. ,..-,.     him strongly.     For a few moments
rhcy  had   bee..,   dispatched  at   the  h(, almost*Yorgot,  indeedi in  ���1C ��.���.
neighboring village on thc preceding  ��� ,   f ,)C,. passiona.e (lcli hl a,K,
evening, and having been packed in a      >        .        ,.cssion  _j ]l(.r elS0--ons
box Ihu enough io he Posted from the    h     ��� h   ,*     hich h   M      ,f
outside  of    he  building, it  was  not    ,     'd ,     ,||is (,|,forcCfl ,.cs(ilmion.
ikelv  that  lhc  person   who  dropped      fi       ^  , ,. h   h    ,   d   .
Ihe package in would have been seen l;eceivcd  froI���  .!nu|y Gane ,.,-.  {,;,���
,   i in no doubl as to thc intentions of
lHng    "'"'"^ ! Ms two accomplices to be paid their
share of ihc booty entrusted to him
room, and  once iu  llie village.
I.ord Eastling watched him, and
Brady looked back out of the corners of his eyes. 'Ihen, strolling after
lhc visitor, I.ord Ensiling, seeing him
hesitate on lhe wide (light of shallow
steps, asked him whal  he wanted.
The man replied iu a shame-faced,
abrupt  and jerky lone���
"I   want  lo sec a gentleman slaying
here   Mr.  Paul Payne."
lie spoke wilh ll soil of shy defiance, and I.ord Ensiling was impressed bv it,
"All righl," said lie. "I'll lake you
in.    Tllis way."
| lie led lhc way into the house by
a garden door, jusl as 1'aul, afler a
visit lo lhe stables, was coining up
the rose-garden wilh his hands in his
pockets and a cigar in bis mouth.
| Oil seeing ihese two together, he
made a hurried   movement forward,
jand Ihen checked himself, Afler all,
what could i.ord Eastling do, even if
he knew lhe whole truth from Brady
(lane's lips?   In tlie lirsl place, Brady
��� was not the sorl of person who would
|be. believed easily, and in  lhc second
place, if he, confessed everything, il
(was certainly nol lo llic interest of
his brollier-iu-htw lo have an open
scandal aboul a robbery of jewels.
So Paul Payne resumed his sauntering pace, and allowed lhe other
two,  who  did  nol  see  him.  lo  enter
��� the house together,
| "ls there any message I can give
Mr. Payne for you?" said Lord Eastling, when he had made inquiries of
one or two of thc servants and looked into thc library without finding
(lane shook his head.
"No, sir. 1 must see him himself.
It's parlic'lar," he said.
(To  lie. Continued.)
Automobiles in Olden Days | The Rise ill Prices
Department   of Labor's   Annual Review of Prices in Canada
for 1915
The greal rise in prices during the
war, which became very steep aftei
lhc middle of 1915, is shown in the
report just issi.cd by thc Department
Motor Cars Depicted in the Vision of
Nahuin the Prophet
j ll would he difficult to locale any
district of Manitoba proper in which.
iluotor ears have nol made an apprar-
liuicc, yel many enjoying the conveniences of an automobile do noi perchance    realise thai  the    method of
propelling vehicles bv motor power ->f Labor entitled "Whole-air. Prices
represents a feature, of movement ihe. in Canada, 1915," which also contains
basic principle of which has returned [Information regarding retail prices
to mankind following centuries amid laud prices in oilier countries.
lhe abyss of lost art, And Ihis claim In Canada lhe. wholesale prices ot
is nol without corroboration iu pages 272 commodities averaged over 8
of holy writ. A perusal of lhe scrip- per cent, higher than ill 191*1 aud 9
tural reference under allusion will (per ccnl, higher than in 1913, while
lend color to the idea thai some form |thc retail prices of some lliirly loods
' " "  '""'       were. 2 per ccnl. higher than in 1914
of aiilomobtlar traffic was existcnl iu
ancient days. The application of motor-driven machinery to warfare is
depicted in llie vision of Nullum, lhe
and  7  per  ccnl. higher  llian iu  191.1,
allowing for lhc importance of each
,    ,     ,.     ..article in  family consumption.      l!y
ne,   concerning   lhe burden of December,   1915,  however,  the sleep
Mncvcli.   In the account as given by |r!sc had brought the index  number
of wholesale prices to a poinl -0 per
ccnl. higher than in July, 19M, while
rclail   food   prices   had   lisen   10  per
cent, during the same period.
The   index   number of   wholesale
prices slood at  148,0 for the year, as
compared    with   136.1   for  1914, ami
135.5 for 1913, bul by December, 1915,
had  reached  161.1, as compared  with
134.6 for July, 1914.   A  weekly fani-
Ihis seer of lhc military muster of the
Mcdes and Babylonians against the.
city of .Nineveh, may be read the remarkable reference to molorisin as
recorded in ihe fourth verse of the
second  chapter of  Nullum:
"The chariots shall rage iu lhc
streets; ihey shall josilc one another
iu the broad ways; llicy shall seem
like torches;  ihey  shall  run  like the
luchtimiKS." iu. bu(jget- of f00t| avrraged $7.86 for
lhe. word     ostle   may, al leas   the    ��� ���- ( , ����� J     ,913,
s .informed by an  lleb- -]m ����� ���,.���,_,,._, -,������-,,��lood at ��-j
as compared with $7.4-' in July, 1914.
It  may be noted that  the rise in
writer is llm
raical scholar in Winnipeg, signify a
variety of meanings, Indeed thc expression     may  represent    "a  passing
Boy Scout Notes
swiftly wilhoui any particular'reason !?�����;". hi,s continued during the cur
lo and fro." Therefore, is it not possible lo surmise reference is made by
lhc prophet lo some description of
conveyance utilised in days of eld, a
vehicle the propulsion of which was
of similitude in character lo that fur
and remembered
There was some
touching, lo those who had any inkling of thc suspicions and fears lo
which die theft of the pearls had
given rise, in the change in I.ady
Ursula and in her attitude towards
her husband;    Tor the past few days
without delay,
He had been foiled in his attempt
1 to replace, by .he proceeds of the
fresh theft, thc share of the other
two in the last haul.   How was he to
strive as she might to overcome the �� ' ,1 f't'T, '��� . ��W, ,
dark doubts which would cloud herln-a**C Ule,j! hold their hands?
mind, il had been impossible for hcr!, U ����� s disquieting that Gane ho Id
not o know that both her brother ''aye had lhc courage to conic to lhe
and  sister suspected     Paul  of being ."Bhborhood of Oarc Court was
concerned ir, the ugly mystery. b ;   ^  first    imc  thai   hc  had  followed
It was in vain  that  Lady Ursula Fa��'    w-thout hii express    direction
J -     -        ; and permission
had put away any such thought from
her own mind, but insisted���to herself���lhat Paul's conduct was now
as unimpeachable as lhat of any
member of lhc family into which he
had married.
None the less she did feel unhappy
and anxious, fiercely resentful of the j1
suspicions which  she knew were  cn
tertaincd, and angry at the nngciicr- ;.',"'" y.    -.--.--..--        .
ous  treatment     of a  now  blameless fas   l0 discuss with him lhc strange
f hia  m,i��� ������,!  restoration oi lhc pearls.
Whether Lady   Ursula had or had
I not any vague suspicions as  to the
Absorbed in contemplation of bis
difficulties, and in finding a way out
of them, Paul Payne went down to
lhc slablcs to smoke, and in lhe
meantime Lord Eastling, overjoyed
at what he considered lhc triumph of
his own diplomacy, found it hard to
as reticent as was desirable when
:is two sisters seized him afler break
man on account of his early and
long-repented  follies. |
The relief she felt when thc pearls
wcrc restored changed her from a
grave and dignified woman inlo a
happy child. She sang to herself as
she walked along; her lips were curved in a smile, her eyes were bright,
her voice had a ring in it once more.
She seenid to bc transformed.
Paul observed her closely during
breakfast, and fell strangely moved
by this change. lie had married her
for his own advantage purely, and
had made up his mind lo submit to
a great deal of inevitable boredom as
a result of the alliance with a woman
with whom he had not all idea iu
Illll Lady 1'rsiila, nol being the
fool in- had of course taken her to
he, and being besides deeply in love
with her husband, had tactfully
avoided the subjects which were
wearisome to him, and finding him
to be much bciicr read and better informed than she was, had made herself his  pupil  with  such amiable do-
When Your Eyes Need Care
Op Murine Ere Medicine. NoSinartlojc���Feoli
Floe���Acts Quick)., Try it (or Beil, Weak,
.ore Eyes and Granulated Eyelids, Murine Is
compounded by our Oculists���-not a "Patent
practice for many years, Kow dedicated to
���lie Publi'1 and Hold by Druggists at SOc per
Bottle, Murine Kye .Salve ln _*r(*ptli' Tulirs,
2.1c and .',().'. Write for book ol tlie E.ve Free.
Murine Eye Remedy Company Chicago. Ail-
Not  For Sale
If it becomes necessary, says -Max
iniilian Harden in Die Zuktmft, Great j
Britain "can, at the price of Canada,,
nuke  ail   ally  of  the  child   thai   lias j
thrivrd in  luxury."    When  will  they
learn  lhat  die  United  Stales is  not
for sale?      For lhat  mailer, neither'
is Canada.���New York  World. I
perpetrator of the "practical joke,"
the other two did not know. Certainly Lady Emmeline bad definite
opinions on the poinl, and she would
have liked to discuss it alone with
her brother.      He, however, avoided
1 her.
1 He was in a very difficult position.
With all his strong doubts of his
brother-in-law, he was not at all anxious to havc disgrace brought upon
his family, and unliappiness upon Iiis
sisler, by lhe scandal of a criminal
His   hopes   lay   rather   in    Paul
j Payne's own good sense, if not in the
awakening in him of a rudimentary
sense of honesty which appeared to
have been long dormant.
Paul was unprincipled and unscrupulous, he was dishonest and cun-
lling, Hut he was also intelligent,
amiable, and obviously more attached  lo  his  wife  llia'i  he  had  been at
j tlit- time of lis marriage.
Since he had begun by restoring
something lhat he had slolin, even
though he might have dot t so under
constraint, was there not  hope that
'he might continue in lhc paths    of
honesty,  now  thai   he  knew   he  was
Under  observation.
Thus Lord  Eastling  reasoned wilh
himself, as he strolled in the grounds
iu front of Oarc Court, ami observed
a figure hc recognized unking his way
to the house.
This was Brady Gane, whom hc
had  now se-ii  three  limes;  once in
the reslaura it, once it, the hotel on
his  way  to  visit   Paul   Pavnc  in   his
How Boy Scouts Can Become Useful
to the Public and to Themselves
Recent cvcnls have shown thai usefulness is one of the principal assets
of the work of lhc Boy Scouts' Association in Canada. It is one of the
aims of the organization lo leach the
|Scouls services useful to the public
and handicrafts useful to themselves.
[A short time ago we heard of how
Boy Scouts in lhc vicinity of Toronto went to the rescue of ihc berry
growers of that district.      They not
��� only relieved the. scarcity of labor situations in that particular district, but
they rendered a distinct service lo the
!nation. Now wc hear that lhc !sl
Boy Scout Troop of Creelman, Sask.,
iis building a Scout hall,  which is to
[be used as a meeting place and club-
room. Two friends of thc movement
kindly placed Iwo building lots at the
disposal of the boys, and while the
little building is slowly going up on
ionc corner, the rest of lhc property
lis maturing a fine crop of polacoes
and other vegetables which will go
a long way toward paying for the
interior furnishings. Besides iheir
income from their garden, the Creel-
man  Scouts havc added  considerably
I to their    bank account    by work of
ivarious  kinds dene  for  the lown.
"He was only sixteen, but he stood
by his gun to thc last." Such is the
story of one brave Scott, John Trav-
|ers Cornwell, who served his country
ou the "Chester" during the battle of
Horn's Reef. He died of wounds
which he received early in lhc battle.
I Of him the laptain of thc Chester
says: "His devotion lo duly was an
example for all of us. The wounds
which resulted in his death within a
short time were received    within the
Ifirst few minutes ol" lhe  action,    lie
'remained steadily at his most exposed
post at lhc gun wailing for orders.
All but two of the ten crew were
killed or wounded, and he was the
only one who was in such an exposed position, Hut he felt he might
be needed���and indeed lie might have
been, so he slaved there, standing
and wailing, under heavy lire, with
just his cwii brave heart and God's
help  to  support  him."
I For this act of heroism���which has
added lo thc achievements of Scouls
during the war���lln- Chief Scout has
awarded lhe Bronze Cross lo commemorate Cornwcll's splendid example lo the Brotherhood of fearlessness in lhe presence of death.
I His Royal Highness the Duke of
Connaught, Chief Scout of the Boy
Scouls Association iu Canada, while
on a recent visit to the Western provinces,    inspected    the 3rd    Brandon
��� troop, wliicli is composed of Indians.
Hc mentioned lhal lhis troop was
the lirsl Indian troop he had seen in
Canada, and he expressed greal pleasure at meeting them and he compll-
|niciitcd ihem on their fine bearing,
iiie also spoke of lhc significance to
jlhc   Dominion    and   Empire,    of lhe
blending of the original inhabitants
land lhc  British  horn,  brought about
by the Boy Scouls' Association.
rent year as shown from month to
month in the Labor Gazette. The index number of wholesale prices
reached 180.9 for May, but declined
slightly thereafter, metals, chemicals
and certain materials being lower. In
nishedb'y motor "cars* of iiic'pTes.iit rcla',1 i',����'1 prices the weekly budget
decade?���J. 1). A. Evans. reached $8.b3 for August, (here being
''  la decline only in July when midsum-
*_r__ H7i.     ur 1 nr lncr   conditions   iowcrcd prices very
Men Who Welcome War   slightly.
  I    In  oilier  countries  retail  food  pri-
Love-lorn Heroes Who Seek Chance ees also  rose  steeply,  the  rise  from
to Die Quickly i1'1' beginning of the war to the end
of  1915  being calculated as high as
Soldiers sometimes welcome war 113 per rent, for Austria, 83 per cent,
as a means ol release from a life for Germany, over 30 per cent, in the.
winch remorse, despair, or some Netherlands, Norway and Italy, and
oilier feeling has made intolerable to 44 ,���.,��� ccnt, in Great Britain. In
llrcni. A remarkable instance was Australia lhc rise was nearly 30 per
that of a young English officer. Some tent., as a result of drought, while
tunc belore lhc present war broke j��� New yn\.UH\ it was only 16 per
out, he was one day explaining lhc cenli |��� Japan, prices wcrc lower
mechanism of a loaded gun lo his (|,im jn 1914 anj ]i)i3i
sister. In doing so, he accidentally "The results of thc great rises were
exploded the charge, by which the considerable increases in lhe cost of
poor girl .was mortally wounded. livingi particularly in the expenditure
Henceforth his sole ambition was to oll fo0(ls. |��� clothing, house ftirnisli-
die, and when war broke oul he joy- -ugs> etCti gtoci.s ;,, t)lc ]ian(]s 0f
fully responded to the call to arms, 'manufacturers and dealers were often
Belore lie had been long at the front sufficient to prevent great rises for
his wish was gratified. 'some lime, even a year or more, but
Then there was the case of the son ,i��� f00(1 increases were immediately
of a country solicitor. While cm- foU Al the beginning ol" 1915 staple
ployed 111 his lathers office, he ab- foo(ls Were.substantially higher than
sconded wiih a large sum of money. bcrorc ,|le wai.( tIl0Ugl, ������ Inany cases
This disgrace preyed so much upon Somewhat lower than lhc high levels
his fathers mind that he fell ill and reachcd during the few weeks of un-
died. When .the prodigal reninicd-1,.,.,;^ .,���,, speculation which fol-
as prodigals invariably do���he found |owetl j)s outbreak"
the home sold up, and his mother andl   The  report  shows that tlie rising
inenoincsoiu up, aim ins inoiiieranai    .���������. n   ., .,,..   .,,���  _isj
sisters dependent on charily. For the | ircs wcrc ..cco.���pani(,(- by increi
first time he realised the enormity of C() .iclivit in industry a'ul trlM
Ins wrongdoing, and joined lhc army, ..Xo| onlv (H(, .,,. _eJg for ���ie
with  lhe determination     lo  lake  the
., ,      , , ,     sedition  of  the  war make  necessary
possible chance of service in the increasc()    production   in many lines
field.    He went with   lis regiment to      d production  in  goods  never
France, and there distinguished him-|betore .Mcmr>,ci\ or tboughl of, but
production    was    renewed in    many
self by a number of daring exploits
before  he   was  himself  killed.
A singular story is lold of a certain
brave officer who died lighting like a
lion in the ill-starred Dardanelles
campaign, Married only a couple of
years, his wifc developed a scepticism
as to his valor, which was peculiarly
mortifying to him, 'felling her she
would some day have reason lo bc
sorry for it, he wenl oul lo Gallipoli,
resolved to undertake any task that
presented lhc maximum of danger.
If his widow still entertains any
doubt as to his gallantry, it certainly
is not shared by llie deceased officer's comrades-in-arms,
Aliens Must Be Naturalized
With reference to lhe slory recent-
lines and in many districts abandoned previously owing to lhe, poor returns normally obtainable. These
changes again had great influence in
stimulating oilier branches of industry and trade, causing higher prices.
This reaction was soon experienced
in many lines at first depressed by
war conditions. In Canada, wheat,
oals, (lour, cheese, butter, packed
meals, pulp and paper first felt the
stimulation of Increased demand due
lo war conditions, but ihese were
soon followed hy wool, fish, leather,
zinc, copper, chemicals-, New Brunswick lumber, linseed oil, and later
iron and sleel as well as most metals
and metal products. In the latter
part of 1915 the upward movement
ly published In Ottawa lo the effect was particularly    strong    in    metals,
lhat  men  of  alien  enemy  origin
chemicals    and  wool, .while    ill jute,
llootimg  llic  Peace  River country  in silk,     rubber, etc., among    imported
Alberta and settling on the land, the materials lhe rise was marked."
Interior     Department    at     Ottawa I
stales that no complaints to lhal effect have  reached them.
ll is pointed out that men of German and Austrian origin who have
been allowed llieir freedom on account of good conduct since the war
began arc not interfered with so far
as settlement is concerned.
All American visitor to England
was discussing agricultural matters
with a friend. "Why, in our counlry," said he, boastfully, "lhc soil is
so rich that if you stick a na^l into
the ground the next morning it has
grown into a crowbar!" "Yes, I
know," said the Englishman, "but in
These men, however, cannot secure ln!s country wc use a lack for that
thc patents of their homesteads until they have taken out llieir natur
alizalion papers.
Gold fields in northeastern Siberia
thai have not becn operated in nearly
ten years have been reopened.
"Circumstances alter cases."
"You bet lhcy do.      Reduction ot
fare is all right on a railway, but it
isn't in   a  boarding  house."���Boston
U.       1125
"is good teaT .THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. II
REMEMBER! The ointment
you put on your child's skin gets
into the system just as surely as
food the child'cats. Don't let
impure fats and mineral coloring
matter (such as many of the
cheap ointments contain) get
into your child's blood I Zam-
Buk is purely herbal, No poisonous coloring. Use it always.
50c. Bov al All Drug-fills and Stores.
t-HILO ���"-"������>
Would All Fight
Allied Torpedo
Sank the Karlsruhe!
Second   Officer's   Book   Solves  the
Mystery of German Cruiser's
Captain Aust, second officer in
command of the German cruiser
Karlsruhe, has published a book entitled "War Adventures of ihe Karlsruhe," staling lhat on November -I,
1914, when Ihe Karlsruhe was lying
iu latitude 10.7 north, 55.25 west, she
was torpedoed by au invisible craft.
'I'he ship broke in iwo and sank immediately with her commander and
many of lhe crew.
'I'he Karlsruhe was accompanied by
the steamers Indrlaiii and Rio Negro as colliers, which rescued many
of the crew. The Judriatii reached
Norway and the Rio Negro arrived iu
a German harbor laler.
This solves one of Ihe most puzzling mysteries of the sea brought
about by the war. r 11 is the first
definite news of lhe cruiser's destruction. Late lasl year dispatches from
German sources said wreckage from
llu* Karlsruhe hail been washed
ashore ou lhc Scandinavian coast,
$1000.00 Reward Forfeited
if Remedy Fails
We hope this notice will reach the
|eyes of people who are troubled with
constipation and bowel (rouble. Ur.
I Hamilton's Pills have been guaranteed
"Mother Says We Couldn't
Run The Farm Without
T'S downright scandalous, the number of 20 pound tins I buy,
But, as Mother says, we use it for 'mod everything.
"Nothing else tastes quite so good on all kinds of Hot
Bread, Johnny Cake and Griddle Cakes.
"Mother use3 It for all her cooking���for Cookies, Cakes,
Gingerbread and Pics.
"And I  am almost ashamed to mention the
quantity of 'Crown Brand' and bread that my
youngsters consume.   This syrup certainly is
a favorite In my home".
The 20 round Un Is convenient and economical for homa
use. althoueli you can .at "Crown Bland" in 2, 5 and 10
pound tins,    Ask your d.al.r.
Maters of "Lily ll'/nte" Com Strut���Benson's Corn
_����_-"_/'*;   "'
f Gli/ii
i�� Syrup-
" La una*j
Sta, chg
The Market Report
Contributed By Randall, Gee & Mitchell, Ltd., Grain Commission
Merchants, Winnipeg
The    wheat    market is feeling the
effects of the laws of supply and demand.      Thc  American  Government
lo cure any    case within three Report, which was published lo    the
and  lhc above reward will be public on  Sept. Slh, showed a lotal
.Many Japanese Would Fight lor
Allies il Given a Chance
A Japanese prince who fought ng-
Hinsl the Russians in the Russo-Japanese war asked���so il is reported
���on good authority���the Emperor io
he allowed (o ally himself wilh Russia and lighl ils hallles al the front,
The Kuiperor is said lo have been favorably disposed lo the appeal, uniil
lie asked his minister., Thereupon
lie found that if the Prince's appeal
wns sustained lhc Government could
not object to other subjects following l-paid for any case resisting lhis great-,yield of American spring and winter
Ids example.    'I'he Minister is    also est of all remedies, [wheat  of 611,000,000 bushels.     It is
said to have given it as his opinion No prescription ever written could considered to be a fact that lhe re-
thal if the chance was given one-half Isurpass Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Man- quiremcnls of thc United Slates for
the male population would volunteer, drake and Butternut, For years they feed and seed is 600,000,000 bushels
such is the feeling in favor of lhc have been curing the most obstinate annually, in other words, this year's
Allies. The Prince has not gone lo j cases of constipation, biliousness, crop in the Slates will not show any
the war, bul lie may escape lo    the j headaches and sour stomach. Here is exportable   surplus.     The   yield   in
your chance lo lest Hr. Hamilton's that country for lhc crop of 1916 is
Pills. If lhcy fail���your money back the lowest in the past twelve years;
for lhc asking. Bc sure you get the in 190*1 their total harvest was 552,-
ycllow box, and insist on being sup- 000,000 bushels. But even of morc
plied with only Dr. Hamilton's Pills importance to consider is the very ab-
at normal   conditions   existing   iu   the
world's    wheat    situation,    these are
bullish in a period of great inflation
of values, and wc must also consider
lhe big decrease in lhe Canadian crop
as compared to last year, with a possible decrease to below normal production.
The situation, of course, is not as
Your Asthma, Too. ��� The efficacy desperate  as  it  sounds  because last
of Dr. J. D. Kcllogg's Asthma Rem- year wc harvested, of a sort, a great
cdy is not something lhat is merely deal more than was required to meet
to bc hoped for; it is lo be expected, all commercial demands, and the sur-
It never fails to bring relief, and in plus gives us a margin of safely.    It
your own individual case it will do is a surplus, however, that eases to
the same.   So universal has becn the1 some degree an acute situation and
success of   this far-famed   cure that I not a surplus    that contributes    any
everyone   afflicted with   this disease'depressive influence on the price. We
coast. Al leasl, that is the hint supplied in a newspaper reference to lhc
470 Grain Exchange
Write for market information.
Corns and warls disappear
treated with Holloway's Corn
with out leaving a scar.
On an occasion when a country
church was being decorated with
evergreens and flowers an old lady
walked up lhc aisle lo the chancel,
and stood sniffing. "Don'l it smell
solemn?" she said lo the sexton, as
she turned away with evident reluctance. "I don't know as 1 ever realized jusl what lhe 'odor of sanctity'
meant before today."
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
with only Dr. Hamilton's
of  Mandrake and Butternut, 2.c
all dealers,
"I understand that Mrs. Flubdub
entertained some of her neighbors
informally yesterday."
"Ves, she and her cook had a quarrel on the front porch."
Responsibility Rests on One Man
Onc sickens at the horrors he finds
described in the French and English
newspapers. Reasonable estimates
place the aggregate of men killed on
all fronts at 5,000,000; the number of
those maimed for life is probably as
great. The responsibility for such
loss of life rests upon one man, and
when a full realization thereof comes
to him, as il finally musl, he will take
himself out of this world and history
will chronicle the departure of another mad Emperor I���Julius Chambers in the Brooklyn Eagle.
He: And    what do
your birthday*
wan I for
She: Really, I don'l wan't anything. But I know who'll buy me
something lerribly nice and expensive and new, you're such a dear,
reckless boy.
If Tea
James Richardson & Sons, Limited
Western Offices      -      -      Winnipeg, Calgary, SasKaioon
Specialists in the handling of farmers' shipments. Write, wire
or 'phone our nearest office for quotations or information.
LIMITED," to insure careful checking of grades. Liberal advances
on bills of lading. Quick adjustments guaranteed accompanied by
Government Certificates of grade and weight.
You will profit by Seudin-r at Samples ruttl Oirt-iuin. our Atlrtce as lo f-*v
I>es'_i-tlo_ before Shlpplnir Your Grain, particularly Barter, Oats and Rte
LICENSED AND BONDED Established 1857
owes it to himself to try il.
jhavc not only our .own wants to fill,
I but there will be contributions to the
Seed Grain Samples
Wheat, Oats, Barley and Field Peas
Are to Be Supplied Free
to Farmers
I    By instructions, of the Minister of
that the German i world's requirements regardless of Agriculture a distribution of super-
endorsed against:any decided change in economic con- ��M so' -��� ��- e^n and potatoes will
cnuot.u "*'.".*:.-.���".-     -i 1 .-j .i     contribti- bc "���ac-.e during    the coming winter
The    treatment
Government    has      ,	
Hcrr Licbknlclit has  embittered the ditions    abroad and these
strong Socialist parly in Sweden ag-j lions will, with domestic needs, take
ainst  Germany.     For the first time | the slack out of tne wheat pit.
since the   war began the   executiveI    Whether speculation will receive a
has come out flat-footed against lhe fresh  impetus  from  the government
military tyranny of that country
and spring lo Canadian farmers. The
samples for general distribution will
consist of: Spring   wheat, about five
pounds;    white    oats,    about    four
,  , ���   pounds; barley, about six pounds, and
report is open to question, not be-ig ,d    '       b^t five       *,     T,1CSC
cause lhe showing will fail to be very I ���*��� ��   _^_t _���, iron\ 0ltaw-,      A
pills bullish,   but   because the high   pr ce distribution 0f potatoes   in samples
Not level    intimidates   buying for a still    f   b        h ds    ������ be carried
It is purely a commcr-        f -,    - (h    c_perimcntai
Something better than linen and Mf launiiii
bills.     Wash   it   with  soap   and   water      AU
stores nr direct.    State atyle aad  m.e-    F'ir
25c. we will mail you.
f S Fr_u��r Area a*. T��r��at��. Oa._-.ri*
Cook's Cotton Root CcfflponrA
Always Serviceable. ��� Most
lose their properties with age.
so  with  Parmelee's  Vegetable  Pills, greater rise,
The pill mass is so compounded that,*-"1, market with thc strength in the
their strength and effectiveness is'*-*���*��������� wheat department a healthy
preserved and lhe pills can be car-1 symptom.
ried anywhere without fear of losing | Wire information from outside
their polcncy. This is a quality that,markets indicates that there is a trc-
few pills possess. Some pills Iose'mendous export business being work-
iheir power, but not so with I'armc- cd.    In addition to the large export,
lee's.   They will maintain llieir fresh
ness and potency for a long time.
Eggs Are Nutritious
the local milling situation at Minneapolis has forced that market to
reach out in all directions in an effort
to obtain choice milling wheat to use
with thc inferior wheat that is being
shipped from the spring wheat coun-
anjtry, in order to hold up the standard
of their flour. In one day they worked 100 cars from the winter wheat
country, paying the highest premium
on the crop.
Thc one factor that is liable to dc-
Deserve   Their   Reputation   as
Easily Assimilated and Highly
Nutritious Food
Popular   belief   to    the   contrary,
there  is  no difference in  the nutri-      ,,_  	
live qualities of eggs with dark shells'press"pricesTs success by the Allies
and those with light. Their flavor jn the Balkans. This would remind
is affected by the food of thc fowl the trade of lhe Russian wheat lliat
for good or for evil. Exhaustive ex-!;., held in slore awaiting the opening
pcriments by well-equipped invest'-|of the Dardanelles and remove from
gators prove that the egg deserves the market the excellent export buy-
iis reputation as an easily assimilat-jing powers that arc now very much
cd and highly nutritious food if cat- in evidence.
en raw or lightly cooked.    Such ex-	
pcrimenls also show   thai    eggs   at Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
twelve cents a    dozen   are   a cheap |  	
source of nutrients; at sixteen cents,
|somewhat expensive, and at twenty-
(live cents and over, highly extravagant, 'lhc basis of comparison was _nd sailors
the market price of standard flesh
foods considered in relation to their
I nutritive elements, But there is a
physiological constituent of
which is of great value, and which
defies the search of lhe scientist or
the inquisition of the statistician, and
lhal is iheir pahitahility. Unless a
food, however rich in proteins, is relished, it loses much of its value,
while, per contra, a less chemically
desirable, food lhat is enjoyed becomes valuable by reason of that
farms, the central farm at Oltawa
supplying only the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. All samples will
be sent free by mail.
Only onc sample of grain and one
of potatoes can be sent to each farm.
As the supply of seed is limited, farmers are advised to apply early. Requests after thc end of December
will probably bc too late.
Tliere is more Catarrh la thin section ot
the country tiun ail other diseases put to.
.ether, and lor yearn it was suppose*! to bf
i-curable. Doctors prescribed local remedies,
anil by constantly failinf to cure with local I
treatment, pronounced it incurable. Catarrh
is a local disease, greatly influenced by constitutional conditions and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manutactiired by F. J. Cheney & Co.,
r.ledo, Ohio, is a constitutional remedy, ia
..ken internally and acts through the lilood
_n the Mucous Surfaces of the System. One
Hundred Dollars reward is offered lor any
.*ase that Hall's Catarrh Cure tails to cure.
Send lor circulars aud testimonials.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
A toft, nttatile r��**-__s_ii/
medic,**. Bold in thra do
_ree�� nt atrength. Uo. I,
11; No. 2. $]. No. 3. ti
p��r box. Sold by all
druggist-, or ����nt -*r_-
pald ln plain p.v-_.-- oa
receipt at prlco. Frsst
pamphlet. Add.-eaa:
M-Mmm. a_-_* ���_*__]
tv eurriRS iuckics rius
The gift to Scotland has been officially announced  of  12,000 acres  to
provide for the settlement of soldiers
upon lhc land after lhc
war.     The donor is    lhe   Duke    of
Sutherland, and though the location
ls  a of the estate was not mentioned it
'?B,S is understood    to bc in   Sulhcrland-
Kind Inquirer: Why are you crying, my little lad?
Urchin: Boo-ooh! Hilly hii me, an'
fcylhcr hit me because 1 let Hilly hit
me, an' Hilly hit me again because 1
told feyther, an' now fcylhcr hii mc
again because Hilly hit me.
fresh. HUM*"
preferred ly
western stock*
men,    becuse
prttMt WhcrttthK
vaccines (tli.
Write tor booklet and trtf mwbli
1Muipkf.Blacl.ttf Plitt, If.M
so-tost pkf.Maek.ti pitS $4.00
U_�� any (nfeclnc, but Cu'.Kt's ilmpt-sl ind -r!*fon-*��_��.
The superioritr of Cutte* product, it dat to orf. i J
year- oi sped_i:_lng: in VACClN-tS AND SK3r*��
��mv, INSIST OH CUTTO'S. UvaobuuU*
order dlrect.
Tbi Cutter Ubtrttorr, itrtttty, CUIftnlt
rHCN(W-qrNCHIICMIOV. Nil N.a m*\
rreitt'-jcr,.., cui<esci,ro-<ic WEA%t.es3 lost viact
ft vim hi:isr;r PLAnDti*. M_|--.sl. ILOOD FCIKB.
Ml.?- F.ITMM No r>tV. ,i_is er MAIL ll fO'T * CTt
ronoNTo WKfit yon Fit EI ���oox.to Dr Le CLitft
Mst* Co iiAvm. 1 i.i.'Rp Haupstk.*..- London Ih*
HHir.OUVI STAMf **���/'..���... TO ALl QUI VIM PACt-IT*
Canadian ".slum Certal Ca.Ui
Wln.Hr, Oatai-I.
W.      N..   U.      112S
The other day, writes a correspondent in Paris, as 1 was coming out of
the Metro, I found a small boy playing at sentry at the gates, He had
a stick for a gun, and was amusing
himself challenging thc passengers
lo show their papers.
When my turn came, I gave as a
password "England."
The urchin brought his "gun" to
the salute and replied with the utmost gravity: "I'ass, England, friend
of i-'iancc."
Demolished His Idols
Though not very strict Hindus, the
Gurkhas are very superstitious. It is
on record that ihe beautiful wifc of
a certain rajah of Nepaul contracted
smallpox, The rajah vowed tons of j
milk and butter sweetmeats lo lhe i
gods if they would cure her. She recovered, but when she saw her dis-
figurement she killed herself. The
rajah fell into a passion, and had all
Ills gods Vet up in a row outside his
walls. Opposilc them hc ranged his
artillery. Having abused the gods j
and reminded them of all thc milk
and sweets he had given them, he
ordered the guns lo open lire. Sonic
of thc senior officers, horrified at the
fiicrilcge, rushed shrieking away, but
after a few gunners had been cut
down the guns opened fire and the
gods were blown to bits. ��� London
��� -    -    ���-          ���~
nooi. ox
And How to Feed
Dot Rim-Dies
Srsllad frM lo ant a0Jr*_t l*
the Autiior
118 West 31.1 Street, New York
"You and your sister arc twins, arc
you nol?"
"We were iii childhood. "\"o\v, however, she is live years younger than
Help Digestion
To keep your digestive
organs in good working order���tostimulate your liver,
tone your stomach and
regulate your bowels, take���
Larcul Sal* e. Any Madieln* (a Ik. WoiU
Sold arar. wkara.   la bain, 25 cents
One thousand Wesleyan Dlinilters
are registered as "officiating clergy.
inicu" lo the troops in Great Britain THE COURTENAY REVIEW
��� [
��� :
1 ',
1 ',
��� :
Is Your P
$&* ^.^:xm&**^ \Ptsm<fl��i**.����aaa*����** ��� *'*'" ***! ���
wrty msurea t
,iloUI CU ���
To Messrs. Hicks Beach & Field,
Agents for the
London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.,
Courtenay, B. C.,
Dear Sirs,	
I wish to thank you for thc prompt manner in which the London &
Lancashire Fire Insurance Company havc settled my recent loss by fire.
The fire occured on October thc 2nd, and my receiving cheque inside of a
week is proof to me that it pays to insure in an old and established Fire
Insurance Company, when one can bc sure there will bc no delay in making
settlement, providing the assured has taken thc trouble to sec that the
description, etc., is correct as set out in his policy.
Thanking you, I remain, yours truly,
Courtenay, B. C, October 9th, 1916
: ���
1 ���
,��pi(^-4-'-i^.'-v s^^^^'^&^^'^-'^J&'i
* 'A^e'..^''.Z'"^ ~'tC i.-'i
n P H rf i 9
Ir.   E.  Atkinson of Vancouver
will be at the
i ���*--%- *���---v-^** ^*-.*4*^*r''*��*-'
Liquor License Act
Notice is hereby given  that   on   the
First day of December, next, application
will be made to  the  Superintendent of
i\ Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel
license to sell   liquor   by   retail   in  tlle
' hotel known as the  I���" 1 k  hotel,  situate
at Comox in the Province of Britisii Col
. umbia.
I Dateil this 12 th day of   October,   1916.
v-^v ^^V-*-^*-.^^
om   Sunday   October 22, until
Thursday, Oct, 26, buying
If you have horses for sale, call, or
Phone 3
Lquor License Act-
Notice is hereby given that on the
i First day of December, next, application
, will be maile to the Superintendent of
I Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel
license to sell liquor by retail in the
hotel known as the Willows hotel, situate at Campbell River, in the Province
of Britisii Columbia.
Dated this .3rd day of September, 1916.
[    Th.    Provincial  police   had  J.
__,,.,.,      ... .    Kamukura before Magistrate Bickle
N   i-:i"!"n"!���i!S ""'n-l*-** Thursday last for stealing   elec-
Liquor License Act.
)TIClv is hereby given that, t
first day uf December next, appli
cation will be made to lhe Superintend-! trici*y lr0ln -he Cumberland Elect
cut of Provincial Police   for   renewal of; I'ic I.ight Co.
the hotel license lo sell liquor  by retail! uu_ costs
in the hotel kn >wu a.s   the   Heriot   Bay '
Hotel, situate at Heriot Bay, in the Province of llritish Columbia,
Dated lhis 21st day of Sept. 1916.
II. A. BUM.,
He wus   fined   $20
Major Stephenson started out to
round up stray horses ou Tuesday,
but up to the present time iiasoniy
succeeded in  coralling  three,  one
��� 11ms been claimed, and   two   colts.
RM  (TH   A *7000nirl The owners of loose uiiimals  have
a lVla Ol_._*\_LD,_\UU_\. apparently    got   wise   and taken
Accounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  & Field
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepaied to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
Special Tire  Bai
Having purchased a large quantity of 30 x 3 1-2
plain casings, suitable for Fords and other cars, we
are offering same at $12.00 cash, F. 0. B. any point
on the Island. These casings are exceptionally
good value and guaranteed for 3500 miles.
Three   Reasons Why
has for nine succesive years written the
Largest Canadian Business
of any company operating iu,Caiiada
Its Premiums are the Lowest
Its Policies are the most Liberal
Its Dividends are the Highest
Vancouver Island Branch
,1. BURTT MO-tGAN, Miuiriirei-
10S Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
P. L. ANDERTON, Agent, Courtenay
their animals in
Notice to W. A. Members
Meetings will be htldou Fridays
at 2,30 at the houses of the following ladies.
Oct. 27, Mrs. Collins,
Nov. 3, Mrs. lirock.
"    10, Mrs Glazbrook,
���'    24. Mrs. Kilpatrick.
Dec. 8. Miss Freeman,
Kindly cut out and keep for re-
The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian church have sent out invitations for a Hallowe'en party to be
held iu the basement of the Presbyterian church. Tuesday, Oct, 31
at 8 p. in, If you have not received an invitation, don't let that keep
you away, ns ever) one is welcome,
aud a good time promised to all
W ho come
The Executive Committee of the
Canadian Red Cross Society having
taken' in review the amount, of
stores now 011 hand in England,
France and Canada, and the great
demands ou the Society for its own
undertakings, and for the assistance of our Allies, assures the women of Canada that, although the
latest information from France and
England states that further supplies
of roller bandages and surgical
dressings are not needed at present,
yet, the demands for socks, ^shirts,
pyjamas, dressing gowns, hospital
suits, etc, ls urgent, aud practically
unlimited, aud the Executive Committee calls upon all Red Cross
branches and Auxiliary Societies to
continue to increase their efforts for
the Society'j work.


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