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The Review Aug 12, 1915

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Array lie
*9*4*******4*9*4*9*4********t ************4*******jt
Can  not lie done any I etter,   nnd f
not -mite ho   well anywheie   elite i
hereabout*.   Our typo and innrhin- |
ery in complete and The Review x
prices ire i i -lit. |
Classified Ads.
Make your little Wants knows
through a I'lassified Advertisement
in The Keview   -   -   -   Phone 39
VOL. 3
NO. 37
Geo. J. Hardy
R. F. R.Biscoe
MtMBtni VIOTORIA hfal tsiAlF Ikciianqi and ihc
Real Estate and Insurance Agents,
Phone 10
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone i43 Courtenay
M T"4y ;7liiil!
Wl_.wl 1  vs. ' A���,
is in the
(Cooking by Electricity.)
Ele^ tiie
are used
in  the
kitchens of
Suppose you could sit down to-day like the best
diners of Europe and America, to an electrically        j
grilled steak, potatoes baked by electric heat, j
and coffee of that delicious even mild richness        j
that the Hughes Electric Range makes possible.
You can do it.  The Hughes Electric Range makes
perfect, complete cooking by electricity possible.
It roasts, broils, bakes, stews.
Hughes Electric Ranges
And the cost of installation and maintenance is     ^
moderate.  By all means come see and learn about
this wonderful stove.
Local Lines
Miss Leila Carroll returned from
Victoria on Saturday.
Show your patriotism by exhibiting at your local exhibition.
Mrs. C. Beasley and children returned home from Vancouver on
Mr. Hornibrook, who has been
with thf- Bank of Commerce since
it opened here, has been transferred
to Duncan.
The Government is calling upon
the farmers of tlie British Empire
to raise more produce, Let this
district show wli&t it can do on
Sept  24 and 25.
On Tuesday afternoon Mrs. J.
Carins' horse took fright down by
Campbell Bros, ranch, and starred
for home He ran all the way into
town passing an automobile on the
way. When luring iuto the bam
the buggy narrowly missed capsizing. Mrs. Carins and her friend
were badly scared, but unhurt.
See the full selection of War
Spoons at Hornby's, 25c each.
Do you want a 40 x 120 town lot
for$i? Get your ticket at the
Riverside, or at Robertson's Drug
Early and late Savoy Cabbage
Plants, also cauliflower plants foi
sale at R, Ferris' Greenhouse, Lake
Trail road.
For Sale���Fine driving horse, 4
years old, cheap, and will track-
evenly for young milk cow. Apply
Arthur Dumaresq.
For Sale���Four roomed houfe in
the orchard, full basement, cenienl
foundation. Price $500. Apply
Spencer Taylor, Courtenay.
A few remaining���Summer Out
iug Hals, selling at less tban half
cost  price.    Also   trimmings and
flowers,      The   Millenery    Store,
For Sale���A St. Alban's two
horse threshing machine as good as
new. Price $150. For further
particulars apply at the Review
l'or exchange���One of the best
buili'ing lots in Courtenay for one
or two acres of good garden land.
Will pay cash difference. Apply
box A. Review Office.
Lost- Oue imitation Buffalo robe
and one plaid knee rug between
Williamson's ranch and Headquarters. Finder please return to the
Review O^ice, or t0 Headquarters.
1 Horses and young stock wanted
j to pasture at the Garvice ranch,
Union Bay. $2 per month during
summer months, $3 during winter,
| which includes stabling  aud   k-ed-
Advertiser will build 4 roomed
house at Royston to suit tenant ou
! lot with 147 foet sea frontage, at a
very moderate rent.    For particu-
| lars apply to John Thompson, car- i
penter, Courtenay. \
\ For Sale��� One 6 h, p. Fairkanks :
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w. I
Dynamo switch board,   etc,   also.
I pump and   belling,    Capacity    12
1 gallons    per    minute.    Apply    at:
1 Riverside hotel,
For Sale���Team, wagon, and
harness, or euchange for cattle, ;
! Alst! 30 acres 1-2 mile from Gran- |
liiam school, part cash, or exchange 1
for anything of value. What have
you to offer? Apply Box 8, Re-'.
view Office,
For sale ��� Cumberland Steam
laundry, the only white laundry in
the district. This is a good opening for mau with family. During
the stringent times the present
proprietor has been busy all the
time- Apply at the Laundry, or
at The Review Office.
It is reported that Ontario will
have about one fifth of an ordinary
crop of apples this year.
O. H. Fechner and party went
up to Campbell Lake ou Sunday
and brought home 42 fine trout.
G. C. C, Bro. R. J. Steele, of
Nelson, paid the Knight* of Pythias an official visit on Tuesday
evening of this week.
Miss F. Newbury, late of Nanaimo Hospital, has accepted a po-
1 sition at Cumberland Hospital.
Miss Newbury is a sister   of   Mrs.
j Kilmer,
In Zeppelin raids on the east
coast of England, nine women, four
children, aud one man were killed
011 Tuesday, and twelve others
were wounded.
There will be Government officials at the local exhibition to see
the class of lhe produce which can
be raised in this district, lie patriotic, and exhibit everything you
have worth exhibiting.
Following is the an extract for
July from the Meteorological Register at Little River, Comox Dis-
uict; lierlrand Vogel, Observer.
Maximum 88.5 Minimum 41.0
Total rainfall o So inches.
On Monday evening after the
regular routine work of the Canadian Order of Foresters had been
concluded, the lodge was at home
to the members and their friends
Whist was indulged 111, and lunch
was served.
Work was commenced ou the
bridge yesterday morning, 'he approach from the east end will
e rebui.t ami two pif.rs put iu the
river, This should make the structure practically as good as new.
Mr. J. W. McCann is in charge of
the work.
Cumberland defeated Courtenay
baseball team in a close game on
.Sunday afternoon. The score at
the end of the ninth inning being 5
- 7, leaving Courtenay and Cumberland tied for the cup. On
Sunday next both Courtenav and
Cumberland will play at Bevan,
This will be an interesting game,
and will likely draw a large c.owd.
The regular meeting of the Women's Institute was held ou Wednesday afterroon, Aug 11, at
Sandwick. The ladies are busy at
every meeting with work for the
Red Cross Society. Quite a number, of articles were returned finished
and new work cut out and started.
Tlicre were only a few present but
it is hoped that each member will
make an effort to be present at the
next meeting and help with this
The Comox Logging & Railway
Co. shipped iu nearly a car load of
potatoes last week.    In a valley as
fertile as Comox, where   so  many
1 potatoes are grown this should not
I be necessary.    We understand it is
1 the growers   themselves   who   are
j responsible.    Potatoes   are   worth
: twenty dollars per ton on the Yan-
! couver and New Westminster markets, and as tliese are the large consuming markets potatoes should be
j a trifle cheaper here.    Instead, the
, price asked by tne growers is  any
where from thirty to  fifty dollars
j per ton���Whatever the buyer   will
I Hugh McKenzie caught six fine
trout yesteiday afternoon.
I In a letter from Lucius Harmston
'to a friend tn town, he states that
he and the rest of the boys have
reached England safely. He says
it is some country, and advises his
friends not to go there to live, as
they would get drowued, as it raias
so much. He asks to be remembered to all the boys.
At ��� special meeting of the City-
Council held on Monday evening,
the city clerk was authorized to
hold an election to fill the vacancy
iu the Couucil caused by the resignation of Dr. Crompton.    The no-
II liuatiou will take place on Friday
August 20th, at noon, and if more
than oue person is nominated the
polling will take place ou Monday,
the 23rd inst,
Mrs. G orge Robinson of Sandwick entertained a few of her immediate friends at her home 011
Monday enening. in honor of Mrs.
IW.J. Etherington, her daughter
Dorothy, and Miss Mildred Bourne
of Shaiighuessay Heights. Vancouver, B. C, who have been her
guests for tbe last two weeks, and
are returning to Vancouver on Friday morning, en route to the Panama Pacific Exposition.
The managers of the Foresters
and Knights of Pythias Baseball
team have arranged a game to be
played on Wednesday afternoon,
Aug. 18, at .30 p. m. ' embers
of lodges and the public are earnestly requested to turn out in full for.
ce to witness a game worth seeing,
Those having a desire to play the
game, report as soon as possible to
Managers Peterson and Thompson,
, of the respective lodges.
The death occured of Mrs. Brown
mother ot Mr. C. A. Brown, of the
Courtenay Furniture Store, ou
Saturday Evening. The deceased
had only resided in Courtenay for
about a year, but in that time li.nl
endeared herself to many of the
ladies of this place. She was an
active church worker nnd took a
keen interest in all that pertained
to the good of the community. She
had been ill for the past sis weeks.
She was seventy-five years of age.
Her former home was ah ut forty
mi.es from Montreal, to which pla ie
her remains were taken, by Mr
Brown 011 Monday. The funeral
took place to the Presbyterian
church where Rev. T. Menzies conducted the services.
Mr. Peter Walter died at his
home in the Orchard on Saturday
evening. He was eighty-four vears
of age and had been in failing
health for several months, bnt oniy
really ill for the past four or five
weeks. He was one of the pioneer
farmers to settle in Manitoba where
he acquired a competency and had
come to the coast to retire, and
after looking over the Island concluded that Courteuay was the place
for him and three years ago built a
beautiful house on lhe bluff overlooking the Plllltlege river iu the
Orchard sub division. Mr. Walker
was a kind neighbor and a good
citizen. He leaves his aged wife to
mourn his loss also a neice, Miss
Minnie Beattie, who has lived vith
them since childhood, Tiie remains
were taken to Victoria for interment
on Monday morning.
For sale by
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat &?Power Co.,
Phones: Officers, Res. R68 ' Office: Mill Street
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
Where  everybody  goes  for  choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Phone 40
Courtenay tTHE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
The Merchants Bank of Canada
Statement of Liabilities and Assets at 30th April, 1915,
1. To the Shareholder*.
Capital Stock paid i'i P 7,000,000.00
Resl or Reserve l-'iiml     7,000,000.00
Dividends declared and unp;ii.l        175,710.00
Balance oi ProGts is pel Profit anil Loss Account        24B.H0.70
2. To die Public.
Notes ot the Bank in Circulation $ 6,204,009.00
Dip', ils not bearing interest    12,602,061.44
Deposits hearing interest (including interest nccmed tu
date of statement)   50,087,101 89
Balances due to other Bank - in Canada        983,204.02
Balances due l" Hanks nud l>.inking correspoudcitls iu
Un- United Kingdom uud foreign countries     1,207,070.30
Hills payable.....	
Acceptances under Ictlers of i rcdil        696,100.20
Liabilities ii"i iucludeil in ihc- foregoing v	
$86,190 I'.l -".I
Current  Coin held (sec al<o deposil in Central Gold
Reserve) J 2,893,330.6:1
Dominion Notes belli    12,732,618.75
Null's of oilier Banks        561,711.00
Cheques on oilier Il.mks     2,833,748 111)
balances due by other Hunks in Canada  11,110.07
Balances due bv   Hanks and bunking correspondents
elsewhere 111aii in Canada     2,232,655:01
Dominion and Provincial Government securities, not
exceeding market value        583,997.7'.'
Canadian Municipal securities, and British, I-'orcigu and
Colonial public securities, other than Canadian, not
exceeding market value        003,607.02
Railway and oilier Bonds, Debentures and Stocks, not
exceeding market value      4,988,105,68
Call Loans in Canada on Bonds, Debentures and Stocks.    3,606,342.89
Call Loans elsewhere than in Cunada        904,193.14
'' $32,080,67. 51
Other  Current Loans and Discounts in   Canada   (less
Rebate of Interest)  47,401,858.08
Other Current Loans and Discounts elsewhere than ih
Canada (less Rebate of Interest i  100,240.32
Liabilities of customers under letters of credit as per
contra  0911,100.26
Real Ustate other than bank premises  118,816.77
Overdue debts, estimated loss provided for  144,721.63
Hank  Premises, at not more than cost,   lew amounts
written off  4,106,147.94
Deposit   with   the  Minister  for the purposes  of the
Circulation 1'uml  3.15,000.00
Deposit in the Central Gold Reserve  1,000,000.01)
Other Assets nol included in the foregoing  141,007.40
E. P.
General Manager.
Report ol tht anditori lo the iWeaoldert of the Merchants Bunk of Canada.
In accnril.-iiue witli the provisions of sub-Sections 11) and 80 of Section 60 nt
lhe Batik Ai'i we icpoit id tlie shareholders as follows:
Wchave examined the above Dalnnce Sheet with thi* Hooks oT Account and
otlipi records of the Bank al the Chief ofiice anil with the slgued returns fiom the
Branches mul Agencies
Wc have checked the cash ami verified the securities of the Bank d the chief
Ollice against the entries in regard thereto in llie books of the Hank as on April
.'1'itii. 11)15, andni n different time during the year and found them to agree willrsuch
entries. We hove nlso attended nt several cf the Branches during the yenr nnd
checked tin- ensh .mil verified the securities held nt the dates of our attendance
anil found them In :iyiee with the enlrics in the hooks of tlie Ilauk -.villi regard
Wc have obtained .-ill the Information and explanations we have required.
Iu our opinion the transactions of tli? Ilnnk which hnve conic under our notice
have been within the powers of the Bank,and theabove Balance sheet is properly
dniivn up so ns lo exhibit a true nml collect view of Ihe stnle of the Bank's allnirs
according to llle hest of our Information unil the explanations j-iven to us aud as
shown by [he books of the Bank.
VIVIAN nARCOTJRT, of Deloillr. r
J. mill) HYDE, of Macintosh ft Hj
OriflillisS Co. 1
I aditon.
Montreal,Kill April. 1015.
Dull  Season
"Prisoner, you nre charged with
loitering about town in a very suspicious manner, and with not having
nny visible means of sustenance. What
do you do for a living?"
Prisoner wiped a tear from his eye,
and turned a haggard face lo the
"Vour worship," said he, "1 am engaged in manufacturing smoked
glasses for viewing eclipses���an in-
iiii.siry that entails protracted periods
of enforced leisure."
Drives Asthma Before It.���The
smoke or vapor from Dr .1. li. Kellogg's Asthma Rerretly gives asthma
no chance In linger, li eradicates the
cause, our experience with the relief-
giving romedj show how actual and
positive is llie succor II gives, it is the
result of long siiuiy anil experiment
anil was nol submitted to the public
until ns makers knot. II would do Its
work well,
Herr  Inning
iiiii Shopper Whj did you make
thai poor salesman pull down all
thai . tuff nnd then not buy anything?
Second Dltfo Why, the mean fellow
was in a cur yesterday nml never of-
feivd llle his seal, I hough I looked
right at him; so I just decided I would
gel even.
Pencils Not Made of Lead
Graphite is the Substance With Which
Writing is Done
A prim young ludy, fresh from the
realms of higher education, recently
appeared at lhe office of a prominent
manufacturer of lead pencils and presented credentials as a health department investigator and announced her
desire to study conditions in the factory wiih reference to lead poisoning.
Just as "pigs is pigs," so to her lead
was lead. Such llteral-mlndedness is
hardly to he expected of the average
mortal, but if the fair Investigator
hud called to Inquire as to the actual
nature or the product made and just
why il, had to share names Willi soine-
tlilng equally common, but totally different, Uie memory of her visit would
have been less likely to base been
perpctlinted   in   llie  guise  of  llie   ira-
iiiiionui factory joke,
.Musi persons are aware that lead
pencl s are not made of lead, hut that
Ihc so-called Mink lead ill them is a
full brother In the coal uiul to lhe
aristocratic diamond, uml that ii Is
idem lea] with many other substances
in common use, such as the blacking
mi ihe kitchen range, arc additional
facts nm nearly so well known .\ recently Installed exhibit in the National Museum's division of mineral
technology shows the various forms
of graphite, including natural und
manufactured as well as the various
ingredients used in the Industry.
For a number of years the chief supply   of   natural graphite    has   -come
from Ceylon    where   the mineral occurs in massive veins.   Another prom;
inent  graphite  Held lies iu  the Tun-
liinsk mountains of Siberia, and Mex-
: ieo also has a rather important source
i In sonora.   In the United Slates, Mon-
! tana   has   the only occurrence, other
than o:' flake graphite,  thug far encountered.
A Comprehensive Map
C P.P..   Has  a   Railway   Map of  Huge
The biggest and the besl railway
map in Canada is that which hangs
ia the directors' room of the C.P.R,
genoral office���a map 100 feet long by
In feet high and which took the combined efforts of three of the cleverest
men iu the drawing department of the
company eighteen mouths to complete. This map is minute and comprehensive to the last detail. Every inch
of railway, every tiniest islet, rearing
its head iu the hike or river, every city
and town und village, it might he
said, in the whole of the Dominion, is
limned in characters which, however
minute, are entirely legible.
The double tracking is shown: the
emu':.e of each sysiem from its commencement lo   ils   ending sel forth;
, nothing hud escaped the faithful and
able chartographers or mapographers,
! if one may use lhe words, so thai al
I a glance lhe high officers of the company may see the course of the sys-
I tem, ilie river, the lake, ihe mountain,
I the    stream,     in    any   purl   of    the
Training Distemper
Ever hoar uf this? Yes, of course you ili.l. h-it under a
different name. You have sen it in cases where th*
horse was "overtrained," worked a little too fast anj
regular. The nervous system Rets the shock, after tho
voluntary muscular system has been taxed too heavily.
The trouble stints in thf niUCOUS sulfa,i-, and tie.' digestive, apparatus, too, must then be Impaired, lie i,..jj.uj
to cough  when  the glands  are materially  affected
Is your true solvation. 11 restores .the appetite nn.l normal functions of the whole system, The action in such
eases Is remarkably rapid and sure for recovery when
you use this remedy according lo instructions wiih each
bottle. Sold hy all wholesale drug houses, horse goods
paid by manufacturers,
MEDICAL  CO.,  Chemists  and   Bacteriologists,  Goshen,   Ind.,  USA
' house.
Minard's    Liniment    in    the
School Children and Forestry
Tlie forestry division of the North
Carolina (leological ami Economic Survey recommends the collecting of
wood samples, leaves, mils, etc., as a
profitable diversion for children. It
publishes a bulletin on I his subjecl iu
connection with a competition the Central Carolina Fair association has ar-
ranged, offering $20 in six prizes for
collections of unlive woods nnd leaves.
In both cases specimens are lo be
named. Competitors iire to be children, under 16 years. The forestry department approves the idea, staling
that tlle child's natural desire for colled ing may furnish one of the readiest avenues for instruction. To secure
Ihe hest results parents should direct
the efforts and teachers should recommend books on the work. It is suggested that a collection of forest
seeds would be an Instructive object
lesson as so many people do mil know
what the seeds of the commonest trees
look like. Thc flowers und leaves of
native shrubs, wild Dowers, ferns,
mosses uml grasses are mentioned as
being well deserving of collection for
count y fair exhibits.
DON'T swelter over a hot ranee this summer. The
NEW PERFECTION Oil Cookstove keeps
your kitchen cool and clean and does away with all the
ash-pan, coal-hod drudgery of the coal range.
THE NV.W PERFECTION lights like gas, regulates like got,
und cooks like gas. It is gas btove comfort with kerosene oil.
NEW PERFECTIONS are sold in 1,2, 3 and 4buraer sizes by
dcaler.i everywhere. If your dealer cannot supply you, write ui
ION   &
m -
Made in
Often Indicate Over-work,
and a Run Down Nervous
Overwork antl worry have an evil
effect  on the system und often give
rise to nervousness and sleeplessness.
Other     signs   include  u  weak  buck,
headaches und Indigestion. In time if
matters   ure   neglected   a   complete
I breakdown of the nervous system fol-
| lows. On every hand one can observe
j victims of this sta'e of nervous ex-
I luuistiou who are at a loss to know
i what to do with themselves, their ner-
' votts debilitated state having baffled
all ordinary treatment.
If you are a victim  of exhausted
nerves, if your symptoms are as described above, vou need Dr. Williams'
l'ink Tills because they nre a powerful
nerve tonic.   Their strengthening action on weak nerves is due to the fact
thai     Ihey    enrich  ami  build  up the
blood Ihrough  which the nerves arc
fed.    ruder the tonic Influence of Ur.
Williams' Pink l'ills ah traces of nervous     weakness    disappear  together
witli the headaches, the Insomnia, the
feeling of  intense  weakness  and  depression of spirits that mark the vie-
| tim of nervous ailments. Mere is ihe
i proof,    Mr.  Henry  Marr,  Port   Felix.
N.S.. says: "It gives me greatest plea-
1 sure to testify as to the value of Dr.
I Williams' Pink Pills.    Wben  I  began
: tlieir use 1 was a physical wreck: my
| nerves were all unstrung, 1 suffered
from   froipient   headaches   and backaches, and was almost wholly unfitted
[or work. 1 had tried several remedies
without success, when I finally decided to give Or. Williams' Pink Pills a
trial.   I look six boxes and they made
me a well man."
Whal these Pills did for Mr. Marr
they v. Ill tlo for every olher weak and
nervous man, if given a fair trial. Sold
bv all medicine dealers or sent hy mull
i,i 50 cents a box or six boxes for
t,2.:,u by writing The Dr. Williams'
Medicine  Co..   Brockvllle, Onl.
II., not keep ducks and chickens in
the same house or lhe same runs.
Their habits are too dissimilar, one or
the oilier will nol do well. Ducks require a different method of feeding
aud should be yarded away from the
War and the Coal Supply
lt is thought that in some countries the coal supply is nearing the
end If this be the case, however,
there is sufficient to go round for
the whole world, but in war time
when blockades exist there can be
no import. It is estimated that tho
world conl reserves amount to 7,397,-
633,000,000 tons.
Of anthracite coals, Asia, with the
grcat Chii.ese fields, has by far the
largest -supply of any of the great
continental divisions, being able to
furnish 407,637,000,000 tons. The
world's production of coal for 1!U0
was about 1,145,000,000 tons. Consequently after allowing for areas
whicli cannot he economically mined,
there should be sufficient coal left
for many hundreds of years, although the present war will cause a
big reduction in coal stocked for
Worms in children work havoc.
Tliese pests attack the tender lining
of the intestines and, if left to pursue
their ravages undisturbed, will ultimately perforate the wall, because
these worms are of the hook variety
that cling to and feed upon interior
surfaces. Miller's Worm Powders will
not only exterminate these worms, of
whatever variety, bin will serve .to repair tlie injury tbey buve done.
A friend of ,\at Godwin's was slaying with the actor al his home in
California, in the hope of obtaining
relief from chronic dyspepsia. One day
lie was lulling a wulk along lhe beach
wiih his host.
"1 have derived relief from drinking
a glass of salt waler from the tide,"
said llie invalid solemnly, "Do you
think 1 might lake a second?"
(inoiiwin reflected deeply, "Well,"
he replied, with equal seriousness. "I
don't think a second would he missed."
Arts Courses only.
GEO. Y. CIIOWN, Itestatrar
Clover   and   Alfalfa   for   Milk
Tihiolhy and millet are low in protein, clo.cr and alfalfa are comparatively rich in protein, and that is the
reason ihey ure i.ueli good milk linkers- Alfalfa is tbe better but clover is
good. Clover and alfalfa both enrich
the soil, but clover may be grown
where it seems Impossible to get a
good stand of alfalfa. However, alfalfa
can be grown by propetly preparing
the soil before sowing. Have a patch
of alfalfa if you cun, but if you cannot,
grow clover.
Minard's    Liniment,     Lumberman s
Employer -I'll have to reduce your
salary on account of the war.
Clerk���Hut our business is entirely
Employer���Yes, bul you spend one.
third ot your time talking about
Minard's   Liniment   used   by   Phyji-
. cians.
W. N. U. 1059
Two Natural
,    "I   iike  acting  with   spirit   to  it,"
' suid the great star, "but that girl has
I too much spirit to iluit me.''
"How so?"
i    "In the third act she is supposed to
resist my kissing her, and the  vim
she puts into it Is far from flattering
to my personal pride."
Recognized as thc leading specific
for the destruction of worms, Mother
Craves' Worm Exterminator lias
proved a boon to suffering children
everywhere,   lt seldom fails.
First Knut. Walnlng again! Beastly
\votl?n weathah!
.Second Knut���Yaas, old num. These
weathah conditions give one. a very
vivid idea of life in the twenches.
DrOD pal��t    oa     Pjtnam's
*��� Extractor tonight, and
Olll" corns feel better in the
V/lll morning. Magical the
way "Putnam's" eases the puiu, destroys tbe roots, kilis a corn for all
time. No pain. Cure guaranteed. Gst
a 25c bottle ot Putnam's Extractor today.
The Supreme Test
of a Healing Agent
Psoriasis or Chronic Eczema Defied All Treatment Until
Dr. Chase's Ointment Was Used.
After   sufferinpr   with
itching of Psoriasis for li
being told by physicians t
not    bo    cured,
Mrs.    M a s s e y
turned    to    Dr.
Chas o's   Ointment   and   waa
entirely cured.
You will find
this letter interesting, and will
not wonder that
tho writer la
enthusiastic in
praising this
Mrs. N b 111 e
M a s s e y, Con-
s e c o n, Ont.,
writes :���" For
���ve years I ��ur-      MRS.
the   terrible-rfcred with what threo doctors called
ve years, and
hat she could
psoriasis. They could not help mo,
and one of theni told nie if anyone offered t< guarantee a cure for $50.fit
io keep my money, as I couid not be
cured. The disease spread all over
ine, even on my face and head, and
tho itching and burning was hard to
bear. I used eight boxes of Dr.
Chase's Ointment, and 1 am glad to
say I am entirely cured, not a sign of
a sore to be seen. I can hardly praise
this ointment enough,"
Can you imagine a more severe test
for Dr. Chase's Ointment ? This
should convince you that as a cure
for eczema, and all forms of Itching
skin disease Dr. Chase's Ointment
stands supreme. Put lt to the tesL
60c a box, all dealers, or EdmanwB>
Bates & Co.. Limited. Toronto. THE   KEVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Interesting Stories of how the Canning Club Work is Carried on
in the   United  States, and  how Substantial Profits Have
Been Made by Girls in Canning Vegetables and Fruit
(From the Country ilentleman)
There was hardly a busier girl in
the whole statu of 10WB lust year than
l'lioise Parsons, lhe champion in tomato-club work. When sho wasn't canning tomatoes from her tenth of an
ai'ie she was giving a canning demonstration before sonic convention. Here
li   her own  story;
"Before i hail finished my lolS club
work I began to make plans for better work in 11114. I had made some mis-
lakes and meant lo prolii  by ihem.
"I decided uiiio.ig other things that
1 ought in have flue tomatoes for the
cHrly market to catc.i the good prices
Bo early in February I planted an
early variety in three boxes lhat 1
placed in front of lhe soulh windows
el a room In lhe liour.c. lu the latter
pari of March I transplanted Borne of
Uie plants lo small pasteboard boxes
em plain lo each box. This enabled
ine le move Ihem lo lhe open without
disturbing the roots. As soon as it
was warm enough 1 set the rest in a
cold frame, four Inches apart each
way. In April I planted the late
variety in the hotbed.
'The plants in the cold frame and
In llu: pasteboard boxes were very vigorous and had some blooms when 1
transplanted ihem to the open on May
twenty-second. In all, 1 had more than
dim plants.
"1 hoed tbem nfter each rain and
whenever 1 thought they needed it. We
came to Ihis farm curing tbe spring of
11114, which gave us a garden full of
weeds, and I had my hands full keeping these pests under control, lt was
very dry and the plants did not grow
very tail- So 1 decided not to stake
ihem. bul kept up the hoeing until tlie
tomatoes began to ripen.
Iowas Champion in Tomato-Club Work
"I picked my lirst ripe tomatoes on
July ninth. At first 1 got ten cents a
pound lor Ihem, but soon tho price
broke and after September I could not
get more than two cents a pound for
"After school opened I was kept
busy picking. For several weeks it
took me three evenings a week to get
nver thc entire patch. 1 often gathered
as many as ten bushels. On the twelfth
and thirteenth of October 1 had to
pick the green tomatoes���in all, 1,0811
pounds, There was no sale for tliese.
Wo used all we could ut home and
nave many to the neighbors, but still a
great many went to waste, lu all, wo
used 3,381 pounds at home.
"I made a collection ot fruits and
vegetables, canned them and pit tbem
ou exhihii at lhe state fair. The exhibit took a lirst prize. For this exhibit and for my Other club work I
nlso won a Becond and a fourth prize.
1 also canned thirty QtiartB of apples, leu quarts of gooseberries, six
pints of b> ans and u hundred quarts
cf tomatoes.
"During the slate fair I helped lo
r8!orr) nud care for the exhibits sent
in by the various club members. And
at Clarlnda 1 gave a canning demonstration for lhe county teachers' meeting. 1 used my own canner, tomaotes,
tipples, and most of my collection of
canned fruits and vegetables to deni-
utrate how the work is done.
"My expenses in connection with
my tomato work were $15.61. My
profits were $11 r> r.7. besides $211 in
prizes won at the state fair. I have
enjoyed this work; it has enabled ine
not only to earn my own spending
money but to pay my expenses at the
farm camp. Then, too, 1 have built
up a snug lit tlo bank account."
This girl lives at Clarlnda, Page
county, Iowa. The club work In her
Beet ion was led by Mrs. Sarah Huf-
tajen, county superintendent.
When 0. II. Hensou, in charge of
club work in the Northern, Central
and Western slates, stopped over one
tiny at the C'heliiawa Indian school,
Marion county, Oregon, to give a lecture and demonstration on home canning, he little thought that the lessons
he taught would bring such results as
materialized   shortly  afterward.
The Indian girls took up canning
with a  determination to turn out a
canning team that would do credit to
their sciiool and to enter llie canning
contests held in connection with the '
Land Products Show at Portland, ore-,
gon. The Indian cannin ; team won '
llie first prize in lhe three days' can-!
ning cotilest at  last fall's show.
These girls competed with the cham- j
pion  team of girls    from    Pleasant
I Ionic   High   school,     They   were   required   lo   ean     salmon,     vegetables,
[rtlltS and practically every Innn pro-]
duel.    There  is  hardly a school, sec- i
lion, class or race iu this country to-;
day lhai  has nol  adopteii  home can-,
ning  as a  profitable  method  of  con-j
verting surplus ami waste prodttctB of i
lhe  garden   and  orchard  inlo  whole-
some foods.   The home-canning outfit
Is leaching Ihe new generation tne bas-1
ie.   principles     of   conservation     aud
Florida's girl champion ill club work ,
for HH I Is t'eltic DeShong. She won
fifty  dollars  iu  gold  from  the  Stale j
Hunkers' association aud llfiy dollars
from the stale federation of Women's
clubs.   She Is a Hillsboro county girl i
ami has won the county championship j
for three years.   Just as she was ready
for college her club work prohls ana
prizes made il possible for her to pay [
her own expenses.    All    her    prize |
money  has  beeu Invested  in  educa-
tlon. |
".My club work has helped me to!
learn about, (he soil, plants and nature
generally," says she. "Besides, the
club work made it possible l'or me to
earn my own money at home. Two
years ago I won a short course scliol*
arship at Tallahassee. I'm now in college at Tallahassee.
"My father's tomato patch in 1911
was four acres, unstated and un-
pruned. My sister and 1 had one-fifth
of an acre together. Our patch yielded
one-fourth of the output from the entire farm.
"On July eleventh my tenth of an
acre was cleared and broken. 1 planted-i
fifty cents' worth of turnip seed. The
turnips were ready for sale in six
weeks, and it took only a little work
on my part to sell seventeen dollars'
worth in the market. The expenses
amounted to $4.30 for time and fertilizer, giving me a profit of $12.70. Then
1 raised a crop of hay���-125 pounds
cured. In addition to this work 1 put
up one hundred glasses of jelly and
seventy bottles of catsup for home
use,"   Here is her statement:
Tomatoes raised in 1-10 acre, 3,517
Tomatoes canned, Nos. 2 and 3, 200
Value all vegetables grown on
plot    $0-3.80
Cost ot production of vegetables   33.35
won a local -wUnty prize, consisting
of a Jersey calf valued al twenty-five
dollars; lirst prize at lhe Dallas fair,
forty dollars; lirst prize at the Waco
Cotton Palace, twenty-three dollars; a
canning  outfit;   grand championship
scholarship in ltaylor Female College.
Belton, Texas; and miscellaneous
pri/es amounting to fifteen dollars.
Adding lhe value of her prizes to the
net returns from sales of her crop, she
made a lotal of $496 on her tenth of an
(The Manitoba Agricultural College,
Winnipeg, will be very glad to send
any person further Information aboul
home canning it they write to Prof.
C. II. l.ee, Agricultural College, Winnipeg).
The boy or girl who becomes discouraged in club work hecause of
some mistake that lias interfered with
Immediate success loses a good chance
to convert that mistaken into something most valuable. The experience
nf Bertha Bailey, who mad? the second best records in garden and canning club work in Kentucky, for 1011,
should interest every club member,
"Witli my first cans of tomatoes''
says this girl, "1 let theni exhaust for
live minutes, then cooked them for
scvenleen minutes more���making in
all twenty-two minutes. About the
third day 1 found that a number of my
cans had spoiled. 1 couldn't cat or
sleep until 1 found out what was tbe
trouble.   But I found out
"I found that 1 had not cooked theni
long enough. Then 1 left the exhaust
open for live minutes and cooked them
thirty minutes���making in all thirty-
live minutes. Afler I had processed
the cans by thio schedule I didn't lose
a single one out. of more than 400."
Here's the statement of her work
for the year on one-tenth of an acre of
Pounds. Value.
Fresh tomatoes sold....1164 $47.48
Tomatoes for home use 208 9.0G
537 3-pound cans at 10c. 1611 63.70
300 pounds turnips  3.00
Total of tomatoes  2083     $114.14
Less  expenses     20.12
An  Lnglish  Writer Gives  a  Graphic  Description  of the Most
Powerful Warship Atloat in any Waters���Nine Huge
Vessels will soon be Added to thc Fleet
Net  profit
Net  profit    $60.45
Texas claims title to the 1014 southern championship in tomato growing
by club members. Lois Robertson is
the girl who brought that honor to
the Lone Star state.
She raised 5,660 pounds of tomatoes
on one-tenth of an acre ot land, showing a profit of $103.   in addition she
Prehistoric Methods
All Civilized Power.; Declare Against
tbe Use of Poisonous Gas in
There can be, and there has been,
on this side of the Atlantic at least,
co public approval of the employment
of these suffocating bombs. They belong to the stone age, to thc days before history was written. They are of
a piece of barbarism which led the
savages to dip the barbs of their arrows in poison���a species of warfare
that sought success by extermination.
To some there does not appear to be
much difference between killing with
gunpowder and with a poisonous gas.
Indeed, if there is any humanity in the
one over the other, it is in the method
that makes for an easy decth.
But the reproach of cruelty lies in
Uie fact that the enemy has no chance
to defend himself. He is put to sleep,
as the Frenchanm says, and then put
to death. Such killing seems to fall
little short of murder.
And this is the view taken generally
by the civilized powers as witness the
action of The Hague conference for
the promotion of peace and the mitigation of lhe horrors of war in 1899 and
later in 1007. The second declaration
made against the UBe of asphyxiating
gas bombs was rubscribed to by every
one of the eleven belligerents in this
war, including Germany.���Buffalo
An English correspondent, assigned
to report the operations in the Dardanelles, describes his arrival at the anchorage of the dlied fleet, in the following words:
Now we round a bend and come in
sight of a portion ot the fleet. The
llrst sight which greets our eyes are
the lighting-tops of the mighty Queen
Elizabeth���the mos' powerful warship
a 11 uat In any waters. Her huge body
is hidden by some low-lying land.
Shades of Nelson: But suddenly we
see it destroyer dashing her way towards us and flying the French flag.
It is bard to believe that within two
days' gentle steaming of where the
Battle of the Nile was fought, a century after Trafalgar, a French destroyer is engaged in protecting England's battleships.
We give our number, and the destroyer retires satisfied, and we made
our way slowly In- Then a torpedo-
boat, this time flying British colors,
dashes up and asks if we know our
way among the rocks and shoals, We
do not and frankly admit the same, so
she gives us a friendly lead. Half an
hour later we are amongst the battleships, cruisers, storeshlps and destroyers. Everything ii. the navy is organized down to the smallest detail.
Our captain sees a comfortable looking, unoccupied berth, and makes for
it to anchor. On a battleship close by
a sailor sits astride the bride and
starts furiously waving little Hags.
These cannot be read from our bride
and both officers and men lack practice at the rapid reading of signals,
so we have to turn the ship and go
back. Th. little Hags tell us that a
berth has been assigned for us at the
other end of the bay. When we are
half way across a pinnace steams up
and two officers come on board who
take charge of the ship and conduct
us personally to our anchorage
This same pinnace, once we are
safely anchored, takes me across to
the Queen Flizahei.li. to visit Ihe admiral.    This, th.  latest .if niir super-
. dreadnoughts, is a revelation, she onlr
curries eight 15-incb guns, and a secondary armameat cf (S-inch. But those
eight make every olher gun you havo
ever seen look ridiculous ami contemptible. Thc gunners say they can
almost land on a penny at 15,000
yards, ever with three-quarter
charges. They have alreauy done soma
wonderful shooting right across the
r.allipoli peninsula, over the low-lying
ground near Qaba Tepe. The grcat
ship has in turn reciived her baptism
of lire, and has beci struck by three
shells, one of which came through the
gun room, but fortunately, all the midshipmen were at their stations, and
no one    was    hurt.    Another   came
. through her unprotected side, high up,
but burst without doing any damage.
: The third, 1 think, hit her fuuuel.
You get a good idea of what a complete command of the sea we have obtained whin you ::ee how we are able
to spare this, our lates and most powerful dreadnought, for the operations
against thc Dardanelles, instead ot
hurrying her off, as soon as completed,
to Sir John .iellieoc somewhere in the
North Sea. Very shortly there will be
four other Queen Elizabeths ready tor
J active service; therefore, If the tier-
m ins ever intend to leave the shelter
I ot the Kiel canal, they had better do
so soon-    They have no ships aiioa:
i which can compare in gun-power wiCi
the Queen Elizabeth,
A short distance from   the   Queea
> Elizabeth lies the Dreadnought cruiser
' Indexible. Thio ship has seen mora
lighting in the war than almost ney
other vessel in the fleet. She was. ona
ot Admiral si- Dove ton StordM's
squadron when he put an end to Von
Spree and his squadron off the Falkland Islands. The officers tell you that
that action was child's play "to what
they had to face on March 18th, when
the great attack was made do th ax
danelles. The Inflexible Buffered
heavily. Her foretop was hit by i
shell, which killed or wounded all ot
those up aloft but two seam:u.
Make Yourself a Neighborhood Leader
The call is for leaders. The call is
for plain farmers and farmers' wives
and farm boys and farm girl to make
themselves leaders in their neighborhoods���leaders for new methods of
farming, and leaders also in new
methods of farm living
The old Individualistic un-Chrisllan
way of living must be forever done
away with. The old doctrine of ".Every
man for himself and the devil take
the bindermost" must give way lo the
new doctrine, "Bear ye one another's
burdens.' Co-operation is the master-
word of the new century. Whole
neighborhoods must learn to work together.���The Progressive Fanner.
"I've sent special invitations to a
couple of botanists for my parly tonight."
"Why was that?"
"I thought they would take an interest In the wallflowers."
I ' ' IHEN all our roads are good
W\T\ roads; when country schools are
I VV I oood schools; when farms produce
i 1 larger yields at greater profits;
when farmers  unite  to  upbuild
rural life���
��� Then tht children of the farm will scorn
to desert thi? fairest of places for crowded
cities; population will be more evenly divided
for many who struggle for a crust in the city
will find plenty in the country; wealth will
be more evenly divided; there will be less of
the doctrine of hate and more of the gospel
of love; there will be more HAPPINESS.
This is the future of God's Country if you
and I lend our did. It means a wonderful
future���not in dollars alone���but in a contented, successful people, constituting an in-
' dustrkl and agricultural republic, peaceful
end prosperous beyond compare,' wngr*'
"  h-what an opportunity
Isn't it worth fighting for!
Is the Small
Farm Passing
The Banker Should Assist in Helping
|       the  Small   Farmer to  Succena
Some students of the problem baro
concluded that the day of the small
: farmer is ended, and that hereafter
| we must cepeud upou the large cap-
i italist farmer or the farming earner-
��� ation. That would be a pity. Whers
the two have equal opportunities, tie
; small or middle-sized farmer haa
always beaten the big farmer and
the farming corporation in competition. There are only two conditions
under which the big capitalist farmer has won out. The lirst ia when
he has had a large supply ot cheap
labor, such as slaves, or gangs of
coolie laborers, which he could direct and control. The independent
small farmer who work: with hia
own hands has then found himself
compelled to compete with these,
cheap laborers, and he has had a
"hard row to hoe." The other condition is where the big farmer, or tin
big farming corporation has had
some advantage in bargaining. If a9-
can buy his supplies to better advantage, if he can secure capital on
more favorable terms, if he can sell
his produce to better advantage, he
may succeed in competition with the
small farmer. Hut when it comes
to the real work of production, as
distinct from bargi.ining���that is. aa
distinct from hiring labor, borrowing
capital, buying supplies, or selling
produce���tho small farmer ean beat
lilm and eventually run him out of
business. That Is, today, as a producer, lhe small farmer has nn equal.
As a bargainer, he is oft.-n at a d'.s
Here is wlure the banker may
come in aud amply justify his existence, lt i. not enough that he sit in
his offue and scrutinize the security aud collateral of the would-be
borrower, lhat is the job of a
cashier, :r some olo without discretion, who must follow llxed rate?. 1:
is the banker's job to see that the
money which Jones borrowed is so
used as to pretty surely provide him
with the money with which to pay
his debt when it is due. By tbis i3
meant that the banker's function is
to finance productive enterprises,
and his first qualification is the
ability to decide what is and what
is not a productive enterprise. That
is what a good investor is. The
banker, especially the country banker, ought to be a good judge of investments. There may be room for a
liner differentiation of functions in
a city, where some bankers may be
financiers, and others mere custodians of funds, to receive deposits, on
the other hand, ani. lend them out on
good security on the other. But ��
country banker must be both.
Jim���Did Put throw up his job in
the powder mill?
Tom���No; the job threw Pat np-*
about 200 feet.
"What caused the coolness betwecf
I you and Jones?"
"A heated argument" THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
Aud I'omos Valley Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   Pubished   at
Courtenay, B. C.
N. H, Bourn, liditor and Proprietor
Subscription Sl.f.O per Year in Advance
Telephone 59
Notes and  Comments
Our Contemporary, tlie Herald,
whicli embarked on tne stormy seas
of Journalism a little over ;i year
ago, crave up the ghost lust week
and the plant lm15 been shipped back
to Vancouver. Mr. Kilmer intends
going to the Prairies for a time lie-
lore embarking in business again.
Champions of Germany liave had
a good deal to say about the freedom of the seas, but the Vossische
Zeitung says that freedom of tke
seas is a mistaken phrase. Neutrals,
it contends, must bow to the rule
that "victory over the enemy is the
supreme law for every belligerent,"
In thnt c.-ne the German complaint
against the power exercised by
Great Britain on the seas vanishes.
Great Britain is simply exercising
the rights of a belligerent nation.���
Toronto Star.
Honourable the Minister of Lands
for the guidance of manufacturers
both in the interior and ou tlie
coast has aroused much interest.
Trade inquiries from importers in
the United Kingdom, Australia,
South Africa, California and other
markets liave been circulated among
the mills, iiiiil good results are
hoped for.
The dav has come for every man
to ask liiniseltil liis business is here
or in Flauders. it is a question
wliieh can only be answerek by the
individual himself. Every Canadian should be asking himsell today where his duty lies. Many
hive done so aud Canada lias responded splendidly to the call of
arms. Hut there ia room for many
more. Playing fields are still Idled
with eager young men in baseball
and football togs, the golf chilis and
the tennis courts still find many
devotees amongst the men who are
unmarried and fit. Let them con
sider well whether or not they a,-e
shirking their duty in not exchailg
iug the flannels and the knickere
and tlie baseball togs for the
khaki.--Toronto News.
One occasionally hears a Canadian say that he will take up a rifle
when his countiy is attacked and
not before ; and often the question
is asked if the United States would
possibly permit Germany to invade
Canada. Statements and questions
like these betray an astonishing ignorance of the present situation.
What ought to be considered by
them and by all of us is that if
Great Britain should go down to
defeat iu tbis war Canada would
automatically pass into the hands
of Germany. Canada could not
more successfully resist a triumphant Germany than Belgium
could.���Toronto Mail and Empire.
Victoria, B. C. Aug. ti.���During
the discussion at the midsummer
quarterly meeting at the Western
Pine Manufacturers' Association at
Spokane, Washington, Mr, Mc-
Goldrich, of the McGoldrich, Lumber Company, Spokane, told of
attending a meeting of the Mountain Lumber Manufacturers' in
Calgary, recently. He said the
difference between the attitude of
the U. S. Government and that of
Canada toward the lumber industry
was marked. "The United States
Government," he said, "is holding
a post-mortem, examination on the
industry, while British Columbia is
doing constructive work for the
Victoria, B, C, Aug, n.���The
department of Lands i.s receiving
frequent enquiries in connection
with the development of the coast
lumber export trade, and it would
appear that increased attention is
being paid to the securing of mill-
sites and timber along the northern
seaboard The information circn
lated under instructions from  thc
i * *
Vancouver's Pioneer Eyesight Expert Visits Courtenay
Will be [Here Again Next Wednesday
Afternoon and  at Cumberland
on Thursday
* ��� ���
Dr. Jordan, it will be remembered
drove over the road  with a horse
and  buggy fifteen  years ago last
May, accompanied by his wife, before opening practice in Vancouver.
The doctor has become one of the
best known experts on eye troubles,
on the Pacific coast     Over 1800
patrons,  says   Dr.   Jordan,   have
reason to be thankful for the d'
velopnient of the science of fitting
glasses, as practiced by real up to
date   specialists.     Twenty   years
ago few people realized that trouble
so remote from the eye,  such as
indigestion, constipation,   palpitation of the heart,  dizziness and a
vast number of nervous ills, had
any connection whatever with eye
strain, who have experienced permanent  relief   by  properly   fit'ed
Dr. Jordan purposes making regular trips to Courlenay and Cumberland, the first of which will be
next Wednesday, at the Riverside
Hotel. The Doctor hns made a life
study of Optometry nnd lias written
many \ aluable treatises on the eye
and tlie troubles arising from defective sight.
begins at
Solicitor,   Notary
O. Box 209
Phone 24
Mitchell & Son
Milk and Cream Delivered
Daily in Courtenay
Telephone R 81
Dyeing, Cleaning
and Pressing
Garments turned out liKe new-
Alterations and repairs
of every description
Old Hank Building
Phone 17 Courtenay
Tenders Wanted
TENDERS will be received up to
Saturday, August 14, for oiling
the floor ami varnishing the wainscot-
tlug of the Sandwick school. Eor particulars apply
i,ucirs cmppe,
Sandwick, P. O.
August 14
This will be thc greatest sale in this districts' history and will he the biggest
bargain opportunity in years to purchase
high class Dry Goods and Men's Furnishings at low prices
We arc going to deluge our entire store
with a distribution of Summer Merchandise for men and women at prices that
will he well within the reach of everyone
This Sale Will Continue For
Liquor License Act
Notice is hereby given Hiatal the next
sittings of the Hoard of License Commissioners, for the City "f Courtenay, I Intend to apply for a license in sell spirit-
ouj and limit liquors, hv retail, iu tlle
premises known as the "Courtenay
Hotel" situate in the City of Courtenay
on Lot 19, part of section 14, Comox
District, in the Province of Uritish
Dated at Courtenav this 14th day of
July, 1915.
Tenders Wanted
TENDERS will he received by the
undersigned uprto Saturday, August 14, 1915, for the shop fixtures, etc.,
belonging to the Comox Co-Operative
Society. Also wagons, horses, refrigerator plant, scales, sausage marhine, gasoline engines and other articles.
Highest or any tender not   necessarily
Courtenay, B. C, Aug. 3, 1915.
When  In  Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends  (nun   Leading Musicians
from thc Atlantic to tlle Pacific.    Copies
of same furnished .in request
W. J. Hoard   will he   111 this city   about
August I.    Leave orders at this  Office,
nr write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   -   Vancouver
for your
Horses & Cattle
Winnipeg,���Aug. .o,��� Threshing is general throughout Manitoba
There is ideal weather, the yield is
above the average, and the conditions are of the best.
25c. per Wine Bottle
Tlie following prices f. o. h. Ford,
Ontario,   effective  August  2,   1915        ..;���:]
Ford Runabout - - $480
Ford Touring Car - $530
Ford Town Car   ���   -   $780
No speedometer included in this year's
equipment, otherwise cars fully equipped
call he no assurance given against au advance in
prices at any time.   We guarantee, howeuer, that
will  be  no  reduction   in, these  prices  prior  to
August 1, 1816 . ..gj
August Weddings
Married���At the  Manse,  Sand
wick, by the Rev, T. Menzies,   on
Saturday, August   7,   Miss   Mary
McAllister,   of  Royston,  to   Bert
Higgins, Pcint Holmes.
Married���On Monday, Aug, 9,
by Rev, T, Menzies, Miss Margaret
Esther Hornal to Albert Thomas
Beckensell, both of Comox.
Married���On Tuesday, Aug. 10,
by Rev Thos. Msnzies, Miss
Gertrude Bcolhman, to James D.
Somerville. of Minto,
A meeting will be held on Friday
veiling Aug. 2", at the school
house Grantham, to decide what
use to make of the old school
house. The Government lias given
il to the trustees to do with as the
residents may deride. It is thought
that a public hall would be an
acqiisition to the district, and a full
attendance of those living in
vicinity is requested.
Lumber Orders From
Great Britain
During the past month, orders
mounting to 19 million feet have
been placed with local mills by the
British Government, and ships provided for transportation to England. The S, S, 'Llaududo," is
the second of the Admiralty ships
to load here, and arrangements are
now in progress for her cargo.
The Admiralty are arranging to
place other vessels at the disposal
of the War Ollice to carry lumber
supplies, and the provincial government are superintending the
I the placing of the contracts and ar-
I ranging the cargo.���Industrial
Progress, Vancouver.
Public  Notice
PUBUC NOTICE is hereby given to
the electors of the Municipality ol
the  Corporation of the  City of   Courtenay, that I require  the presence  of the
said electors at the Council  Chamber in
the City of Courtenay on the
20th Day of Augutt, A. D. 1915
at 12 o'clock, noon, for the purpose of
electing a person to represent them ill
the Municial Council as Alderman.
The mode of nomination of candidates
fhall be as follows: The candidates shall
be nominated in writing; the writing
shall be subscribed by two voters of tbe
municipality as proposer and seconder,
and shall be ilelivcrcd to tlle Retltrnhlf!
Officer at any time between the date ol
tlle notice and Two P. M. of the day ol
thc nomination, the said writing may he
in the form numbered .i in the scheilu'e
to the "Municipal Elections Act" ami
shall state tlle names, residence, ami
occupation or description of each pctson
proposed, in such manner as sufficiently
to identify such candidate; and in thc
event of a poll being necessary, such
poll will be opened on
Monday the 23rd day of August A.D. 1915
at the Council Chamber, City of Courtenay, of which every person is hereby required to take notice and govern himself
The following nie the qualifications by
law required to be possessed by the candidates for the ollice above mentioned:���
"The persons qualified lobe nominated
as Aldermen of a city shall be such persons as are male Ilritish subjects of the
full age of twenty one years, and who
nre not disqualified under any law, and
have been for the six months next preceding the day nf nomination the registered owners, in the I,nnd Registry
Ofiice, of land or real property In the
city nl tlie assessed value, on the last
Municipal Assessment roll, of five hundred dollars or more over and above any
registered judgment or charge, ami who
are otherwise duly qualified as municipal
GIVEN under my hand at Courtenay
this eleventh day of August A. I). 1914.
Returning Officer.
Drug Stoie
Palaee Livery
Horses and  Buggies for
Terms cash.
We also attend to wood hauling.
Phone 2$.
First Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Stearafitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courteuay
General Blacksmith
illicit Your Patronage-.   Careful Aituntion
Given to Horses Foot
Comox, B, C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
All Work Guaranteed
A. Beveridge, Courtenay Hotel
Coinox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.   Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
K.  McCuish, Prop.
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason of quality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and^satisfactiou
W. Aitken    -      rop.
Oifcsittt.lv liifljtu'ii (linli ,/g
Wild Rose Flour
Do You Know This f
Tested Pastry Flour ���
It is the choice of every careful housewife who
takes pride in her baking. Not alone from the absolute and definite results which it always produces
because it ['s a British Columbia Flour, the only
Pastry Flour manufactured in this Province
Tested from J'evt ry  possible baking standpoint before it leaves lhe mill, it carries this guarantee:
"Your Money Rack If You Are
In Any Way Dissatisfied With
On Sale by All Dealers
Standard Grain Products
Plain-111); End of Bridg��; F. Moviti, V|r.
Ronald vStewart is   home
Vancouver for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Martin were
at home to their friends on Friday
evening last, Dancing was the
chief amusement. A maguificant
"'spread" was also seived. The
guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
If you have any surplus papers
you would like to send to sick and
wounded Canadian soldiers, the following address will find them.
Queen's Canadian Hospital, Shorn-
cliffe. England.
Mr. Wm Robb is very much
improved iu i ealth and expects to
return home on Friday evening.
Mrs. H. H.   Kiugzett   of   Red
deer, Alta.   is visiting  with  Mrs
Ewan Roberts.
Mr, Wilkinson eaug' t a 29
lb. salmon one dav last week. It
took nearly 3 hours to land him.
One of the men ot the dredge
Ring Edward caught a salmon
whi.li lipped the beam at 39 oouudst
tlie other evening.
Born���On Sunday, Aug.  8th, to
Capt. and Mrs. Norden,   a  daugh
There will   be   services   at   .St.
Peter's,church at 9 a. m., aud 7,
p. tn., and at Lazo Mission at 3
m., on Suudav,
���"HI'*    *
Presbyterian Church
St- Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
and Bible Class il p. in.
Sunday School and  Bible Cluss
10:30 a. 111.    Service 11:30.   Evening service 7:30 p- m. All welcome
Letter From the Front
Try an Ad. in The Review
Dear Hodgson,���I guess you'll
wonder who is writing to you from
Egypt, so I'll tell you at once, it is
Leslie Gillmau, one time lumberjack, and uow Private ia the Australian Expeditionary Forces.
I know I wrote you from Borneo
so you know all about my life there
but when the war started my company went "broke," so tbat settle!
things there as far as I was concerned. They paid me two
mouths' salary in advance, and the
amount of my fare to England, but
I decided to stop out there. Spent
a few week's traveling all over the
country, and incidentally most of
my money, so I went over to
Broome, in Northern Australia, the
centre of the largest pearling district in the world. But the war
killed that business, and for a while
I had p. rather rough time of it,
some different from my lordly
existence in Borneo, Finally ten
men were wanted to form a guard
oyer the Gov. Wireless station,
lv.eu that had liad previous military
training, good physical condition,
etc. I had, of course, been in the
Cadet Corps at college, so I was
accepted. JS1.25 a day, and 60c
per day mess allowance, whv it was
positive affluence After the hand to
mouth existence I had been having
Was 5 weeks at that, and then
came the welcome news that the
Government were recruiting men
from the north west, and 20 men
were wanted from Broome, and the
Wireless Guard men had first
choice. You bet I didn't waste
much time, and in due course we
went by boat to Fremctitle, 1200
miles south of Broome. Spent
about 3 months in tne military
training camp at Perth, and then
wen1: to Cairo, After severe training we at last went to the front, in
our case. theGallipoli Peninsula, in
Turkey. I was seven weeks in the
firing line I won't describe things
for I guess you've read how well
the Australians and New Zealand
jers (we are all together 1 are d ring
there. Well, the Turks couldn'i
hit me, though I've had some almighty shaves, smashed my rifle in
my band once ! lint disease is
harder to dodge than bul'ets, and I
got Eysentery; au I hive been cursed ill, was sent back to ihe base
hospital iu Cairn, aiul I .1111 getting
convalescent now, and hope to go
back to the trenches in another
couple of weeks, 'Tis only two
days run from Alexandria to Gal-
lipoli. What I revel 111 is the
heavenly rest and quietness here,
no everlasting roar of artillery, no
bullets, shrapnel, or aroeplanes to
"try" and dodge, and the privilege
of as many cold baths as 1 like.
Vou see, in Ihe trenches we never
take olT our clothes except when
we are releived, an that isn't very
often -sleep in our clothes witli
equipment und 150 pounds of ammunition, sometimes when expecting n night attack, we havenosleep
at all. Waler is beastly scarce
there loo. I washed my face 3
times in 7 weeks, and never shaved
at all. So you can imagine how I
luxuriate in unlimited baths just
now. I shant be r.ony when the
war is over, for modern warfare is
just hell. I have seen some terrible sights, my comrades struck
down beside me, the shells make
such hideous wounds. Curse that |
damned kaiser, (I won't s) e'l the
beast with a capital K.)
This hospital was for uerly a
Sultan's palace, and is a huge
building, and the inter'or still bears
trace of its former magnificence.
The nurses are very good to us.
By Jove, the firing line will teem
funny after this "dolce fae miente"
life. '
The Canadians are doing splendidly in France, I do feel proud of
them. I guess if I had gone back
to Canada I should have be��-n with
them ii:stead of the Australiaus.
Still, its all the same, it will take
some time, but in the end we'll
lick those cursed Germans, the
Turks don't count much, we've
got them on the run now, they do
hate the bayonet, they won't face
it at all. Personally, I think the
latter is a clumsy weapon, I would
rather have a bouble bitted axe, but
I suppose that the powers that be
know what is best for us. I believe
that they have started to use
poisonous gases in the en-
insula bad luck to the blasted
fiends. I would like to have the
Kaiser (damn him) iu a room all
to myself for a while. I'd guarantee he wouldn't die very quickly !
Well, I wonder how things are
on Vancouver Island, you must
write me a long letter and give : c
all the news etc, Is your sen with
the Canadians?
Hoping that your homestead is
progressin* favorably, and that
yourself and family are in the best
of health, and remember me to any
of nly old friends, George Cliffe,
for instance.
Vours very sincerely
E. Leslie Gillmau.
fiifro Vancouver
or Victoria for
Esquimalt  &   Nannimo  Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
Connecting  at   Nanaimo  wiih   Princeti  "alritia  {or Vancouver
RETURNING-Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets ou all lines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dist. Passenger Agent, Victoria
Agent Courlenay, Phone R 60
Tliese are features in our
offices. It will pay you to,
have your dental work done
in Vancouver, All work
guaranteed for lo years
PaTnless Dental Parlors
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed aud Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith aid Carnai^ Hnil.lt.-r
Dealers iu all kinds of Meats,
Butter, Eggs and Farmer's
Produce, Cooked Meats a
Specially. We sell only tlie
best. Prices are always low
and satisfactory. We pay
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
Insurance Company Limited, of London, England
Fire and Accident
Assets Exceed
Funds Invested in Canada Exceed
Are You Insured Against Fire?
Now that tbe warm dry weather is coming on, when the ilighest spark
on the roof of a store or dwelling may result in a disastrous lire. A
fire insurance policy in a good company is the best of nil assets. '.Ve
are agents for the Law Union and Rock, a company vrith a record
second to none.    See us for rate9
Do You Realize All
That Long Distance
Telephoning Means?
One hundred and eighty words per
minute eau he spoken over tli-' telephone, speaking slowly and distinctly. It is tiie cheapest means of
Your reply is received without  vait
ing.    No other means Is faster
The telephone is the only means of
of Long  Distance verbal  communication.     It gives personal  contact.
What is more satisfactory?
B. C.  Telephone  Co.,  Limited
Comox Co-Operative Society Ltd. TIIF.    REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C.
^^    friend the nigger Ims lnul n narrow
^v\ | escape,  bul   I've gol   ynu,   my* lady.
ill j I've um yon safe uml i don'l mean to
lei you yo."
He fell ihc slight figure In Ids nrniB
tremble    nml    palpitate;    lie  heard
1 rolcoB above,    Once more the Blltn
figure Bhlvered,    His liand was torn
��� from   her  inomii  and    the  woman
"They   ure  calling   vnn.''  Bhe  said;
j "for Hull's Bake lei nie nn. Geoffrey."
For  nn   iustanl   Oeoffrey   wns   mo
dazed ami stunned to Bpoak.
"Marlon?"  he    gasped    presently.
Marlon cowered down, sobbing bit-
"Vnn arc surprised," she said. "No
wonder, Vou wonder whal I am do-
i ing here nml I will tell you presenl ly.
I Hut noi now; I will place my Becret
[ In your hands; I will dlsgulBe nothing
from you. For the present leave ine."
"Leave you here! Impossible!"
| "But 1 nm safe, quite safe, tleof-
trey. Oh, If you have any feeling for
| one of the most miserable oreatures in
his head, He slipped his revolver In- the world, leave me. Tell Ihem above
to his hand and fumbled It against the that those abandoned wretches have
eold cheek of hia antagonist, gone, that no sign ol' them   remains.
But the antagonist took It coolly. A Consider what I have Buffered and
pair of lips were elose lo Geoffrey's | am suffering for your family, and try
ear  ami  lhe  smallest,  faintest  voice I to help me.
spelt out the letters, T-c-h-l-g-o-r-s-k-y. 1 Conscious of his own weakness,
Geoffrey pui the weapon back in liis (leoffrey pondered. Ile might he do-
pocket, At I Iio same lime lie felt about , ing a serious injury to lhe delicate
till his lingers touched Ihe hand of his I plans formed hy llalph Ravenspur,
companion. No doubt about it. The but he had given the promise and
other   was   Tehigorsky   beyond   qurs-   there wns an end of lhe matter.
The Mystery
of tlie
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   &   Co.   Limited
...London.  Mclhourrc  and  Toronto ,,
Deeper  Still
So Blartled was Geoffrej iimi he
felt thc moisture spun from every
pore like a rash llul, fully conscious
of his danger, In- suppressed the cry
that rose lo his lips, nor did he move
as lie felt a thick cloak thrown over
lion. Perhaps he had been testing
Geoffrey's courage and resolution;
perhaps ihc danger had deepened unexpectedly.
Presently the light of the lantern
popped up again, in response to some
subtle signal, mul onee more the conspirators moved on to the vault above.
Tehigorsky lifted his head.
"Where arc they going'.'" Geoffrey
Tehigorsky responded with one or
his diabolical chuckles.
"They imagine lhat they are going
into the castle," he said. "But they
are nol going to accomplish that pint
of the programme.
"Hut what do they wani  Ihere'.'''
"What should ihey want? Vou
know something of those now whose
business il is to wipe you out root
and branch. More artistic methods
having failed, they may deem it necessary lo lull buck on more vulgar
plans' There nre live people sleeping
in tlie castle���six with your t'nele
Ralph���who sland iu ihe* way. II. is
possible if the fiends are lucky that
the caslle mny he devoid oi life by
Geoffrey could nol repress a shudder.
"Fiends, indeed!" he said. "Hut
why not stop it? Why not let theni
enter and then take them all red-
"Whal could we gain liy that?    We
.Marion was in some way hound up
with these people, but Marion was
pure us the angels and Marion would
do no wrong. Why, then, should her
good name lie dragged in the mire?
"Vou are so good, so good to me."
Marion murmured. "Go before they
become alarmed at your silence and
leave me here. Sny that you saw nothing. And when the house is quiet
I shall make my way back again."
(leoffrey retired upwards without
further words. In the basement of
the castle he found Tehigorsky and
Ralph Ravenspur.
"They managed to elude you?" nsked the former.
Geoffrey pointed to the ugly bruise
on tho side of his head.
"Yes," he said, "ihey both got
away. But for this bit ot an accident fighting in the dark 1 might have
captured the dusky conspirator,"
"Rather you had uot, on the whole,'
Ralph said. "Something gave llioin
the alarm us they reached the passages. Of course their idea vyas to
murder some or till ot us in our beds,
anil our idea was to take them in the
act. But. they got the alarm and vanished. One of lhe fellows attacked
uie in the shrubbery just before dark,
but l fancy he will not do it again."
"1 saw l-.im," said Geoffrey. "lie
came to Mrs. May's for assistance.
She pretended that 1  was mistaken
"Bui enn i cultivate her after tonight?"
"Why nol?   She does not know the
extent of your knowledge; she has not
the remotest idea Uiul you have been
! helping   lo   foil   her   schemes.     Xext.
lime  she   will  met  you as  if nothing
had happened."
Geoffrey thought of Marion und was
Silent. That one so pure and sweet
should be mixed up wiih u creature
like lhal was horrible. Ralph Haven-
| spur rose with u yawn, lie seemed
' lo hnve lapsed inlo his wooden state.
j lie felt his way down the big Hugged
' hull towards the staircase.
"We can do nothing inure." he said
j "I am going to bed    Good-night."
I    The door closed and then Geoffery
j was  free  lo act.    lie could go down
| into the  vault anil bring Marion  up.
But lirsi he would trj to ascertain if
she were in her room,    lie passed up
the slairs and along the corridor. Outside Marlon's door he coughed gently.
Thc door opened nnd Marion stood
Ihere clad in a fair white wrap, with
her glorious  hair  hanging  free  over
her Shoulders.    Her eyes were lull ol'
"Geoff," she whispered. "Geoff,
dear Geoff."
She fell into his arms, and pressed
her lips long ami cllnglngly to his.
Her whole frame was quivering wllh
mingled love ami emotion. Then she
snatched herself away from his embrace and, with the single whispered
word, "Tomorrow," closed .the door
behind her.
i To be Continued)
How's This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward tor any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. ,T. CHUNKY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known I-.
3. Cheney for the lu-. 15 yea���, and believe him perfectly h net1. In all business
transactions and financially able to carry,
out nny obligations made by his nrm.
Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure In taken Internally,
; acting dlreetly upon the blood and rmiO-
i mis surfaces of the system. Testimonials
I nent free. Price it, cents pel- bottle.
| Sold nr all druKptsts.
I Take Hall's Family Pills lor constipation.
but she had to give in at last when
could not connect them with past I circumstances became too strong for
crimes! At worst they would get a her. How did you manage to deal
few months In gaol as suspects. When ��� him thai blow on the head, uncle?"
lhe time comes wo must smash them | Ralph smiled grimly,
ull.   And lhe time is coming." "I  have my own means of protec-
Tehigorsky rose as if to go. j tion," he said.   "What become of the
"I  follow them," he said, "you  re-  fellow?"
main  here,  in  Ihc  darkness.    And  if      Geoffrey explained all that had hap-
any one attempts io pass you do not j pened. during und after thc dinner at
Ir-t  bim   do  so.     Don't    forget    I
thing.   Ai nil hazards you are not lo
lei  any one puss."
Geoffrey nodded us Tehigorsky passed on his way.    For a long lime all
Jessop's farm, His two listeners followed his statement with Haltering
interest. Vet all lhe lime (leoffrey was
listening intently for signs of Marion.    Was she  still in  the vaults or
was quiet, and then from above there   had she managed to slip away to ber
came a  startled  cry  followed by the   bedroom?    Thc  I bought  of the  deli-
souiiil of strife and a scream of pain
and terror. It was all that Geoffrey
could do io restrain himself from yell-
cate girl down there in tlie darkness
and cold  was by no means pleasant.
"We have managed to make a mess
ing in response and rushing to tlie j of it tonight," suid Ralph. "How those
spot. Then he became conscious that 1 people contrived to discover that
somebody was coming rapidly through there was danger afoot 1 can't un-
tbe cave, lie reached out his hand ! derstaiul. But one thing is certain,
nnd grabbed nt nml caught a sinewy, I they will not be content to leave
slippery brown ankle, things as they are.   Tbey may try the
lt only needed  that   touch  lo tell | same thing again or their efforts may
lake a new ami more ingenious dire --
"Which direction wc shall discover," said Tehigorsky. "Can you let me
oul here, or shall I go by' thc same
means that I entered?"
To   Geoffrey's   relief   Ralph   volunteered lo open the hull door l'or his
"Come this wny," he suid. "All the
Geoffrey that he waa at grips with the '
native-   Down Ihe fellow came on the
slippery   rocks,  and   llle  nexl   instunt
the  two  were  engaged  in  a life or
di ulh nlrnggle.
Voung, slron;;, vigorous us he wus,
his muscle knitted like iron with
h inlthy exercise. Geoffrey knew lhat
he had mel his mutch. The native
had a Blight advantage ot him in point !
Farm is Place of Opportunity
Speaking before the experimental
farm superintendents recently assembled in convention at Ottawa, Mr.
George 11. Clark, Dominion seed commissioner, sounded a note which is of
special interest at. the present, crisis
in Canadian agriculture. In prefacing
his address he said: "Unfortunately
farming during the last ten years or
more has been less attractive to young
men of good ability and to capital than
other industries in urban centres. Tho
problem of farm labor has been an
exceedingly perplexing one and in consequence farm systems have been
modified so as to require the minimum
of labor for the maximum yield of net
returns. City industries have completely outbid the farm in the matter
of labor, and it is probably true that
if the opportunities in the city looked
brighter during tbe past ten years, tlie
next ten years, in my judgment, assuredly belong to the farm, and the
sooner they realize that tlie better for
themselves and for all concerned.
The department ..f education of ihe
province of Saskatchewan will hold a
summer course of instruction in agriculture at tlie provincial university at
Saskatoon. A course in household
science will be held at Regina. Instruction in music and physical train-
will probably be. included in the household science course. These courses
will be held during the comparatively slack season in farm work, lo enable as many farmers' sons and daughters as possible to take advantage of
the instruction.
of years; In- wns greusod trom head bolts and burs hnve been oiled and
io foot, rendering a grip difficult, and \ will make no noise'
his Hying robe came asunder like cob-; They slipped away quietly together,
w Ls ul ihe lirsl strain. He fought : Geoffrey listened intently, ile fancied
with the abandon ol' a. man who is j that lie could hear l'ooisteps creeping
reckless of life, up the slairs, and in the corridor a
Over aiul over on ihc slippery rocks ' door softly closed. Then Ralph Rav-
ihey rolled, each striving to get the I ensptir came back again,"
olher by lhe thro I. By ihis lime '"Tehigorsky has gone," he said. "Af-
they were hoth breathing thick and ter Ibis it will he necessary l'or us to
fast, und Geoffrey's mind begun to vary our plan of campaign a little,
wander lo urds his revolver. Bill to You have learnt something tonight.
release his grip to get that might be j You know now that our antagonists
fatal, lie could hear his antagonist jure two Indians am", a woman who is
gasping ns he rolled off a ledge of' dangerous as she is lovely and fas-
rock; and then Geoffrey lifted his op- 'filiating. Ah, what r, woman she is!"
ponent's head and brought it down | "Who is she?" Geoffrey asked,
with a bang on the granite., ]    "Ah, that I cannot tell you.    You
fn tiie very instant of his triumph | must be content to wait. I do not
something whistled behind him, and a j want to tell you loo much, and there
lagged piece of stoue came smashing is no chance of your being taken off
mi his temple your guard.   When the surprise comes
it will be a dramatic one. The more
Granulated Eyelids,
Kycs inriained by expo*
sure to Sun, Dust und Vi ind
quickly relieved by Marino
EyeKeoudy. No Smarting,
just Kye Comfort. At
Your Druggist's 50c per llottle. Murine ty*
SalveinTiibc��25c. ForBaokollheEyefTeeusIc
Druggists oi Murine Eye Heractly Co., thimjii
"We're From Canada"
Chorus of Marching Song Composed by a Young Toronto  Lad]
That Has Become Very Popular
Vi�� - *     da.
^Ma.}a1 ij,     mm
A _     Und      ���>��� -   jond    oom   -   p��ro,
p'j"o     *     pfip^   p r    |J.  it. JfC'U-j
fuu   dsir.Mii   bright   and tlio    ���tftri    at , night,  Look   down      on our fields    ������>
live on his feet a;;ain. fast hurrying
away, heard the ruslle of garments
nnd a finlher rustle of more garments,
and then his arm wus closed upon a
female ligure whom he pulled to the
ground by his side.
Tie felt the woman open her lips to
scream, but he clapped his hand over
her mouth.
"No, you don't," he said grimly.
"One of you has escaped    and    my
W. N. U. 1059
you see of that woman and the more
you cultivate her the more you will
Iind to wor.der at."
A Junketing  Refrigerator
One of the most practical Junkets
that Uncle Sam has ever sponsored ls
the specially fitted refrigerator car
that has been, started around the
country to demonstrate proper methods of handling ogr> und poultry l'or
The ear is a compute refrigerating
laboratory, which carries its own engine to operate the cooling apparatus.
I, is divided into two rooms. The
first is of a temperature silghtly bo-
low nor..i:.., for the gradual cooling of
the poultry' before it is placed in the
other room, whicli is Lhe refrigerator.
Experts f om the deparlmen or pgri-
culture n.ake th demonstrations
with poultry and eggs supplied by tlie
local dc.ilers. 'the scl.ntlE; candling
of eggs and their skill in packing for
iong shipment a:    also  ''.monstrated-
Care of Cattle
As Much Attention Should be Paid to
Yearlings as  Older Cattle.
Of all the cattle kind upon the
farm, the yearling's lot is usually
about the worst. Tbis is too, often)
true when times are good. When!
prices are high, and when feed is!
cheap. When this is true, then il is
a case of force the feed upon the
older animals and get theni into 1
marketable condition. Let the yearl-|
ings take care of themselves. When
ihe opposite is true, then it is too often a case of mailing the yearlings
stand Ibe worst of it. When milk Is
high, it is a case of force the cow and
starve the yearling.
This is one of the biggest kind of
mistakes. All experiment goes to
show that gains may br more economically made upon yearlings than with
olher entile. It costs less to feed a
yearling enough lo keep it alive lo begin with, and tbe rest goes lo make
beef or growth. It doesn't pay to neglect the (alf when it is a yearling,
ever expecting to make it up again to
the calf or to yourself.
Brooks'Appliance, Nm
discovery, Wonderful. No
obnoxious springs oi
puds. Automatic AirCu-
RlllonS, Binds end drawl
Ihe broken purls together
bs yuu would a broken!
limb. NosulvCS. No plasters, no lies. Durable,
cheap. Sent on-trial ta
illon nnd booklet FREE.
Canadian Grain Will be Entered
It has been i.nnouuced by the Exposition authorities at San Francisco,
that Canadian grain and alfalfa, forming part of the Canadian Pacific Railway exhibit there, will be considered
eligible for awards. To appreciate this
decision it should be pointed out that
this grain was not. originally entered
in competition, but was used for display purposes, as part of the company's exhibit, anil the fact that thc
exposition authorities have decided
to consider this grain when awarding
prizes is a very great compliment to
it, and to those districts in which it
was grown.
prove it.   Full Into"  .   ., ,... .
C. E. BROOKS. 2063 SlnU- St., Marshall, Mick
Improved Surgery
Small Percentage of Wounds in War
Have Been  Fatal
The available French statistics from
official reports gathered early in the
war, thai :., for the lirst Tour months,
seemed to indicate that Up to Decern
ber 1st, a little less than ��% per cent,
of the wounds went on to fatal ter
iniiialion. This ligure seemed so u'.w
In comparison wllh the death rate ol
other wan: as io ho almost Incredible
until it wits realized what magnilicenl
strides conservative surgery and Hit
antiseptic treatment of wounds havi.
made during the last generation.
ln the Crimean war 15.31 per cenl
of the Fre-ch wounded died from their
injuries. In the Freiuh-ltuliar-Austriai
wiir of 18511-1860, the percentage o.<
death among the French wounded wa��
ueuily 17.5 per cent. Tbe conditions a?
regards nationality, high development
of surgical practice and arnly medical
organization so far as that .vas in be
iug were the samo in both cases antl
were the best in tlie world at the time,
although the losses, it can well br.
understood, were appalling.
"What caused the coolness between
vou and Jones?"
"A heated argument."
Frost & Wood Binders
See the
Cockshutt Agent
just what you have always
wanted for Cakes, Biscuits,
Waffles, Puddings, Gravies,
Soups, etc.
"CASCO" is the refined Potato
Flour ��� unequalled lor purity
and flavor.
Be sure lo ask your Grocer for
"CASCO" Potato Flour.
Siiitioililno  bailor   nun   Unon  nml  hut
iiiindrv   lull.      Wash   ll   with   sonp   nml
AMrr.    Ml mures, nr direct.    Sliito siyle
��� nd lite     l'or KS '   we will mud ynu
68 Frtiaor Avonue, Toronto, Ontario
Protection of Forests
Canada is Dependent on Timber Crops
as  Well  as  Agriculture
The   proper   Interpretation of forestry, and whal  it actually means lo
| Canada, eannol he stated mo frequently, The future of ihis country depends upon our making overs aero pro-
Iduelive Broadly speaking, ihe earth's
surl'nce can he made productive ill Iwo
i ways only, by producing agricultural
or tlnih r crops. South ot the liillh
parallel, about OH per cent, of the
urea of Canada Is unsiiileil for agri-
ciiliuial erois. A very lurge proportion of this lion-agricultural land is
suitable  for ihe  production  of  mer-
I ehantable timber. The production of
forest products bus been uml will ul-
wnys been one of our chief industries.
At the presenl time foresi Industries
| supply   Y2   per   cent,   of   our   foreign
trade, it! per cent, of our railroad iruf-
llo, and equal in value lo our annual
I wheat crop. We have a choice lo
muke. Shall we let these valuable industries perish for want of raw material or shall we perpetuate them by
protection of our present mature timber from lhe, by protection of Ih"
i young i'orc-.i:; of our non-ugrieullur tl
| lands, uml by the logging of our forests in such a inuniii'i" as to encourage iiie reproduction of valuable foi-
esls'' Tlle pei-pi lual ion of these m-
tltistl'los nnd. llieir .source of raw uia..-
eria, by ihe Investment m' such expenditure as lhe anticipated crop will
warrant is forestry.���H, II. MacM.
Ask for Minard's and take no other.
Germany Has Lost Her Soul
Society on the Farm
Don l   full   io  nrnourft
For   Vour   Children   Whilo   Teething
It soothea tho Child, Softens tlm C-uma,
MIiij-b the I'ulii,  Dispels Wind Collo. und
s  the   Hest   Remedy  fur  Infantile Diarrhoea.
If rouf��fll Y.y |'orSORT8"ttUN DOWN' 'GOT the BLUES'
write lor FREE (I 'Ull li (UNO MKIHCAI. BOOK OH
'hniD dis'-iis."* hm1 wusih:hkiu, cukes effect rd Ity
" ' *���  " "-" "   - I and decide W
��� j'ouncll ititi.i
lh^rimedyfur vour uwu allmant. Absolutely FREE
No'follow up eirculsrfli No obligations. 1>r. LgCLBKC
mc.d COiMavbrstoi kkd.iumcsi t-.AD London,eno
Read News
"I notice that you publish a verse
"rom the Bible every day," said the
jailer to the editor of the newspaper.
'Do your subscribers over read It!"
"Should say they do," replied the
Sditor. "Why, it is uews to most of
Only lhe uninformed endure the
lgony of corns. The knowing ones ap-
nlv Holloway's Corn Cure and get relief.
Venice Once Richest City in the World
Venice is believed lo have originated
early in the Christian era. Thc islands which later fo mod Ihe city served as a refuge Cor inhabitants of
neighboring cities during tiie invasion
of Altila, the Hun, \h'2. The establishment of a government is recorded
tlie same year.
Venice became a republic in 68",
when the lirst. Doge was seated. A
senate governed the city.
Tlie city wns constantly compelled
to defend itself against pirates and
oilier cities for 1,000 years. It was
almost always at w. r, but it rose to be
thev\vcaltliicst city of the world.
Its merchant ships numbered 3,300
vessels in 1478, lt was the great
maritime power of tlio world. In 1707
.Vapoleon Bonaparte extinguished ihe
Venetian republic. She regained her
possession in 1814 and a year later
a Lombardo-Venetlan kingdom was
After a revolution in 184u Austria
obtained the territory but in ISliti was
compelled to relinquish it to Italy.
Driftwood  That   Finds an  Anchorage
in the Role of a Farm Hand
lu our  fathers' days the  farmhand
j wns the sou of a neighboring fanner,
| working by the month for the lirst pay-
i ment on a farm of his own. Now he
I is usually a bit of human drill wood
I Boating ou aii unchartered sea, with no
i anchorage for Ihe winter save perilous
roadsteads like Hinky Dink's place in
"Chi."   A letter from a South Dakota
j farmer throws a flood of light, not al-
j together pleasant,   on   Ihis generally
neglected    phase    of country-life de-
l velopnient:
"Here are a few of the more striking
! men who' have worked for us in the
\ past few years: The son of a member
of the ilritish parliament, the nephew
of a celebrated surgeon, a chocolate
colored Maltese globe-trotter, a sidetracked civil engineer whose education
extended through integral and differential calculus, a Ilritish sailor, a
United States cavalryman, two prizefighters, an ex-convict, a long-haired
poet, a barber, an escaped inmate of
the .States Hospital l'or the Insane at
Cherokee, Iowa, a locomotive engineer,
and a man who said that his last, job
had been boring holes in macaroni."
Rather different from the men one
visualizes as joining the family at
mealtime on a western farm, isn't it?
"Most of them," continues our farmer-correspondent, "were defectives in
some way, but none of them were
worse for their sojourn with us. They
were not all incompetent���and we
cun judge men only by the way iliey
do their work."���Colliers.
Two Theories of Huriin Nature That
Will Fight Each Other Out
Germany   has   lost   her   soul mid
morally Isolated her people to an ex-
lent thai makes it difficult  for us lo
realize bow it is possible to negotiate
a pence wtlh her.    Whal bus her policy of [rightfulness accomplished In
the way of material gain?   Her brut-
alizalion   of   Belgium   lias   created   u
moral und  material    difficulty  irom
whose coils the contortions of her travellers in Intrigue, like  Hen- Deru-
| burg, will never release her. The sinking of tlie l.usitania turns America into au avowed or a virtual associate
j of lhe allies'.    Bul  a not  less Import-
| am effect is the Immense stimulation
u bus administered to ihe spirit of
ior  adversaries.    Is  thai   negligible?
I Perhaps���ft a stupid materialism such
| as hers. But not to those who measure
events in terms of human thought und
feeling rather than  in numbers and
material alone. If her poisonous gases
deal out a frightful tin-in of death to
some hundreds of British and French
Officers and men, they also multiply
tenfold the vim of the armies of Flail-
dors and Franco. The two theories of
human nature will lighi each oilier
oul, und we need-nol doubt where thu
victory will be.���London Nation.
"My wife made me a success," remarked the man,
"I am glad to hear you say that,"
leclared his pastor.
"Yes, she has always wanted so
many things that I've just had to
But It Was a Hard Pull
It Is hard lo believe that tea or
soffea will put a person in such a
condition as it did this woman. She
iells   her own story:
"I did not believe coffee caused my
trouble, nnd frequently said 1 liked it
,io well I would not, and could not.
quit drinking it, but I was a miserable sufferer from heart trouble and
nervous prostration for four years."
(Tea is just as injurious as coffee,
because it, too, contains the health-
lestroying drug, caffeine)
"I was scarcely able to lie around,
Had no energy and did not care for
iny thing. Was emaciated and hail a
.'onstant pain around my heart until
.' thought I could uot endure it.
"Frequently I had nervous chills
and the least excitement "would
drive sleep away, and any little
noise would upset ine terribly, I
was gradually gelling worso until
finally 1 asked myself what's tlie use
tt being sick all the lime and buying
medicine so that I could indulge myself in coffee?
'So I got some Postum to help me
quit. I made it strictly according lo
jirections and I want lo tell you that
mange was the greatest step In my
life. It was easy to quit coffee because I now like Postum better than
'he coffee.
"One by one of the old troubles
left until now I am in splendid health,
nerves steady, heart all right and the
pain all gone. Never have any more
aervous chills, don't take any medicine, can do all my house work and
lave done a great deal beside."
Name given by Canadian Postum
3o., Windsor, Ont- Read "The Road
;o Wellvllle," in pkgs.
Postum comes in two forms:
Postum Cereal���the original form���
must be well boiled. 15c and 25c
Instant Postum���a soluble powder
���dissolves quickly in a cup of hot
arater and. with cream and sugar,
makes a delicious beverage instantly.
JOc and 50c tins.'
Both kinds are equally delicious
ind cost about the same per cup.
"There's a Reason" for Postum.
���sold by Grocers.
Baby's Own Tablets are ;hc onlv
medicine for little ones, being guaranteed by a government analyst to be
absolutely free from injurious drugs.
They are pleasant to tike, act mildly
but effectively, and always relieve constipation, indigestion,' colds and simple fevers and regulate the stomach
and bowels. Concerning them ?.lrs.
Donald Ettinger. Georgefleld, NS.,
writes: "Baby's Own Tabids aro the
only medicine I can get lhat always
do my little ones good and I always
keep them in the house." The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle,
Revolt of the West
It is all very well to pass resolutions
and send memorials to the government, and as long as the farmesr do
that and nothing else both political
parties will love the farmers as they
do now; but they will never give them
anything approaching a square deal.
Tlie time for resolutions and memorials is past. In in. i live hundred
farmers from western Canada went to
Ottawa and demanded square deal legislation. It cost them probably close
lo $nO,000 to send the delegation to
Ottawa, and thoy didn't get 15 cents'
worth of helpful legislation in return
for it. Now, if the termers are willing
to forget that they have ever been Grit
or Tory, and are willing lo dig up another $50,000 or more to carry ou the
campaign for the election of Independent candidates, tbey will get results,
and good results.���The Grain Growers'
The "Dominion'  of Canada
Wa are accustomed to take the ex-
i pression of the "Dominion" of Canada
j for granted;  but the original of that
somewhat unusual word is known to,
very few.   When at length the great
scheme  of  Sir  John  Macdonald   was
realized, and the nine provinces grouped themselves together inlo one great
confederation, a serious difficulty was
presented by the choice of a suitable
name.   For'a time almost a deadlock
At length one old member of parliament rose from his seat and told his
colleagues that he had read in bis
Bible that very morning the words:
"His dominion shall be from the one
sea to the otber." Accordingly he suggested that Canada should be known
as the Dominion, or God':: Land. Tlie
suggestion seized upon the hearts and
imaginations of those present and it
was promptly acted upon.���Vail Mall
Safety First"
The Motto of tbe Merchants Bank of
The statement of the Merchants
Bank of Canada which i.s published in
this issue, and whle is well worthy of
close study, shows clearly that the
management have strained every effort to prepare this institution for any
sudden call, and now with over twenty-one millions of actual cash assets,
and an increase of one-third over
last, year's good showing of "quick assets," it faces any temporary financial
disturbance with unruffled front.
Yet this has been done without
materially affecting commercial loans
in Canada, with, 'considering the
shrinkage in general business, cannot
be considered to show a serious drop,
the reduction being only about 10%���
while loans on stocks, etc., show a
slight Increase In Canada but a decrease of almost two millions outside
of Canada.
From a shareholder's point of view
tiie fact that while profits have fallen
off, yet. the usual dividends have been
earned and paid, must lie a satisfaction, while every one will rejoice at
the generally healthy condition revealed by the bank's statement-
The management have shown that
they are not mere fair weather pilots,
and while they have reaped the bene-
iits accruing from their past wisdom of
accumulating a' good reserve against
tlie proverbial rair.y day, they have
been able without any dislocation of
current, business to make an unpre-
cedently strong showing, one which
will inspire us all with increased eou-
fidence in their institution.
Sold by nil jootj slioe dealers
\rorn by every number,(,h family
These Pills Cure Rheumatism.���To
Ihe mnny who suffer from rheumatism
a trial of Parmelee's Vegetable l'ills is
recommended. They have pronounced
action upon lhe liver and kidneys and
by regulating the action of these organs act as an alternative in preventing tlie admixture of uric acid and
blood that causes this painful disorder.
They must be taken according to directions and used steadily and they
will speedily give evidence of tlieir
beneficial effects.
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in ten when the liver is right trie
���tomach and bowels ue right.
8=nlly but firmly com
pel n lazy liver
do its duty
Cures Con.
Headache, nnd Distress after Eating.
Small Pill, Sma|| Dote, Small Price.
Genuine must bear Signature
W. N. U. 1059
A  Bit  of  His Veiled  Sarcasm
This story, whicli is, perhaps, very
old to the ears of many, really had
its origin with Joseph II. Choate:
A pompous voung man hustled into
liis office.   "This Mr. Choate?"
"Yes," responded the distinguished
lawyer, with his blandest smile.
"Well, I'm Mr. Wilberforcc, of Wil-
berforce & Jones."
"Take a chair, sir," said Choate,
with a wave of the hand.
"My father was a cousin of Bishop
Wilberforce, and I���"
"Take two chairs," said Choate.
The Peril of Venice
With Italy in tlie war a spot dear to
the tourist, the traveller and the lover
of the artistic and romantic is in peril-
Venice, of all the Italian coast towns,
is the most vulnerable. When she was
mistress of the sea and her merchantmen sailed the waters of the known
world, while her colonies spread over
the Levant and her warships humbled
tho Turks, the lagoons and the long
sandbars were effective protection.
But today these waters are too shallows for the Italian fleet and her protectors must come from the nearest
naval base at Taranto to save her from
the modern long-range guns of the
Austrian ships that could attack from
Vola, less than 150 miles across the
Adriatic���New York Sun.
No Depletion of Live Stock
The live stock commissioner of the
province of Aiherta says that notwithstanding the high prices paid l'or
grain since the beginning ot the war
there has been little or no depletion
of the amount of live stock being
raised by farmers and ranchers. An
exception may be made in the case of
hogs, which respond very quickly to
market conditions, but the hog industry also now shows increasing importance. All over the province the
horse, cattle, and sheep industry is
continuing to grow in importance.
A Household Medicine.���They that
are acquainted with the sterling properties of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil in
the treatment of many ailments would
not be without it in lhe house. It is
truly a household medicine and as it is
effective in dealing with many ordinary complaints it is cheaper than a
doctor, lio keep it at hand as the cull
for it may come most unexpectedly.
As birds are the chief enemies of
our insect pests, it is very Important
in the destruction and control of
those insect pests to pay particular
attention to the question of tlie protection nnd encouragement of our native species of insectivorous birds.���
Dr. C. Gordon Hewitt, Dominion Entomologist, at the 1015 animal meeting of commission of conservation.
Unwritten History
Britain owes much to Winston
Churchill. .Mr. Churchill fought the
little-navy section of his own party.
Ile developed the aerial wing of Hie
navy. Italy is said to he deserving
of the credit Mr. Churchill received
for the mobilizing of the Brilisb fleet.
Germany discreetly inquired in April
of 1014 as to whether Italy would
light with lhe Teutonic alliance, according lo the terms of the Triple alliance. Italy passed the word to Britain what was impending, and Winston Churchill disguised a mobilization of the fleet in the form of the
great naval review in July.���Toronto
is manufactured expressly for harness.
That's why it prevents cracking and
makes the leather
soft and pliable. One
rubbing with Eureka
makes an old set of
harness look like
are, and have been for more
than Sixty Years, Leaders and
Standards of Canadian Trade
and alt thinking Canadians
will continue to always
Insist  Upon Having
None but
Is no mors necessary
than Smallpox,  Amy
experience has descastratec.
the almost miraculous efficacy, and harmlessnctf, of Antityphoid Vaccination.
Be vaccinated NOW by your physician, yea and
four family.   It Is more vital than house Insurance.
Asl< your physician, druggist, or send for "Hst*
you had Typhoid!" telling of Typhoid Vaccine,
results from use, and danger from Typhoid Carrier!.
rsoaucin. vaccines . serums unpin u. s. aov. uciaea
A woman who had .engaged a new
servant felt that she had at last secured the proverbial treasure, for the
girl seemed to have a due appreciation of her beautiful home.
"So you prefer to work in fine
houses?" she remarked.
"Shure, mum," replied the girl. "It's
a pleasure to hev nuthin' but ixpinsive
dishes to break."
Irrigation at Medicine Hat
An irrigation association has been
formed at Medicine Hat, ami propose?
to put about 10,000 acres of land under Irrigation north of that city. The
project involves the sinking of e
number of gas wells. Power will be
developed by means of the natural
gas to pump water from the Saskatchewan river, which will be used
for irrigating the lands.
only Liniment asked for at my stops
and the only one we keep for sale.
All the people use it.
Pleasant Bay. C.B.
One  Detail
He���You  can't    truthfully    say   I
haven't supported you in the style to
which you were accustomed-
She���Yes. I can.    You never hold
me on your lap any more.
Red Rose Tea^g��odtea- THE COUKTENAY REVIEW
j;   NYAL'S     i
1   ���; Mfiyflower           g
t'TALCUM    POWDEIi           1
���H-<i?.-anf     n."f,-,..vh������;.   uci���w��   ,rj
May flower Talcum Powder
Nyal's Mayflower Talcum is an experience to every first time user. Its touch
is soft, soothing and refreshing. Its distinctive Mayflower perfume, delicate, individual,
��� elusive. Ideal for every use to which you
can put a Talcum.
Ny.il Quality preparations can be obtained only In
Nyal Quality Stores. Ask one of them for free copy of
Booklet entitled "Yonr Complexion," giving full particulars of best methods of massage.
Improvement Coming ROBERT   GRIEVE
In The Lumber Trade,
It will not he long before  mauv
j of our paper mills are running full |
; time, uml more  hands employed I
j than for the vast two or three >ears ���
j Large  orders   ure  in  immediate,
I prospect for  which  financial and '
transportation   arrangemeuts   are I
I satisfactorily beiug made,    Details i
cannot at the present juncture   be,
given, but announcements may be
looked for   within   a   short   time
which will five an entirely brighter |
aspect to the gloom and depression ,
which has overhung  our premiei i
industry for  so long.    With   this
change will com.- an improved de-,
iii.ind   for   everything   connected
with th* lumber  industry,   and  a
brightergeneral   outlook   for   in-1
dustry ar.d commerce   within   the
province,���Industrial Review.        j
Robertson's Drug Store Courtenay, B. C.
Victoria, B. C, Aurf, 3,���Reports
to the Minister of Lands from the
forest districts show that although
many fires hnve occurred, thev have
bt en mainly coi fined to slnshitigs,
with attendant damage to logging
��� 1 ri t in :i few cases, The occasional rains during tlie month of
July, when the fall was above the
average, ridured the file hazard to
fur as tlie standing timl cr was concerned, but the int ivttiing spells
of hot weather  <; 11 i I.i;.   dried   up
ihose areas covered with slash and
other debris, leaving them in a
highly inflamahle condition. As
the vegetation ripens and dries out
the fire hazard will certainly increase, unless kept in check by
frequent rains. Every effort should
be made by camper 1, logging employees, settlers, and those who
work or pleasure brings them into
close proximity to the woods, to
observe the utmost precaution during ihe month of August and the
rest of the dry season,
He Who Chooses
C57VK BROS. Er-.
will be safe from
clothes worry.
He gets style, fit, all
wool and satisfaction.
Cook Bros. & Allen,
Limited label is an
insurance  policy  of
For Sale by
Phone 34 Next Royal Bank
A Study in Soil Cultivation
An exceptionally valuable bulletin to those interested iu soil culture No. 8;,. "Field Husbandry:
[Summary of results," issued by the
division of Field Husbandry of the
Experimental Farms, and that can
be had by application to the Publications (Branch, Department of
Agriculture, Ottawa Reports are
given of work carried or at the
central and branch farms and stations. The results of experiments
ill rotation of crops furnish information of great value. Tliese ex--
peiiKicnls cover a period of eleven
years and tiie results with advice
founded then upon are set forth in
Ihe bulletin according to years.
Following aie a few of the bjnefits
given as derived from adopting a
judicious system of rotation,
1. The appearance of the farm
is improved.
2. livery field receiving at regular intervals ils fair share of
manure and cultural treatment, the
ent're farm is in a condition to entire farm is ill a coi dition to ensure
a maximum yield.
3. Cost is lowered by the saving
of time due to all the work of a kind
being confined to one field.
4. Fewer fences are required.
5. Machinery can be more eco
nomiciilh utilized.
6. More live stock can be kept,
thus increasing the quantity of
mailable manure.
7. Profits and yields are increas-
8. The farmer is not dependent
upon a single crop.
9. Permits of a more even distribution of the season's labor,
Following details of the rotations
that are outlined is a  summary  of;
the characteristics common  to  all. j
. 1.    drain fields are always seeded
down with clover,  even  though it
lit used only as a fertilizer,
2, Grass and clover seeding are
heavy.    Increased crops of hay and
rare failures of a catch   have j listi- j
fied theni.
3, fined crops form a large pro-1
portion of every rotation. An attempt to farm a small a:ea without
a hoed crop was not successful.
Weeds could not readily be kept iu
4, No field is left in hay for
mi te than two successive years.
The records show that the second
crop almost always costs more per
ton than tlie first, and that the suc-
ceeeding crops are liable to be'
grown at a loss.
5, Barnyard manure is preferably applied frequently in comparatively small quantites, rather than
at lung intervals at large quantities.
Fxpeuditure required and deriv
able profits are fullv explained
along with the values of commer-
11 ercial fertilizers and the relative
virtues of deep and shallow ploughing. Due regard to weather conditions and to the different varieties
of soil make the Bulletin of national importance and one worthy of
close study aud wide enquiry.
Swan'* Old Stand, Courtenay
Local Lines
Bert Kilpatrick left for Yaucoti-
v;r on Monday morn ing.
Thc stock and fixtures of the
late lamented '"Herald" are advertised to be sold by bailiff's sale tomorrow afternoon.
Dr. Jordan, eve specialist, of
Vancouver, is paying a visit to
Courtenay this afternoon. It is
eighteen years since his last visit to
this place, many who had lh' ir cVcs
attended at that time will be glad
to see him again.
School Inspector Dean is ill town
today looking into lhe matter of
establishing a superior school here,
in which will be taught the first
year High Scuool work. We believe there are the required number
of pupils in the district to win runt
a third teacher.
The direc ors of the Agricultural
Association held a meeting in the
Agricultural hall on Tuesday evening last, at whicli it was-decided 10
hold the Exhibition on September
24 and 25. R. U. Hurford staled
he was unable to give tlie necei sary
time required of tlie Secretary and
upon motion of Win. Duncan, Leo.
Anderton was appointed secretary
for th balance of the year. The
The secretiry wus instructed to
thoroughly canvass the district for
subscriptions, and the direclors are
all determined to make this exhibition a great success, and it was
felt that as the farmers of thc valley have been cropping all the available ground this year lhat the exhibit of field and gnrd;u produce
should be the largest in the history
of the district. The Poultry committee were instructed to make a
special effort to get a special poultry judge coming from Victoria,
The Government will send judges
from Victoria to judge the Live
Stack, Poultry, Fruit, and vegetables.
The  Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed,    Baths in connection
C. E.   DALRYMl'LF, Prop.
r.  e. A8TOK
Logger's Shoes made to order.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stanI the Test.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine Excelleu
Wm. Merryfield
Willard's Harness Emporium
Pine Showing ol  Horse  Mlaukets,   l,ap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suii Cases, lite.
Harness Repaired Nt-ntly
Cumberland and Courlenay
Plimley's For Bicycles
XT    **
Two High-Grade Bicycles
Tlie   "Victor"
The "Tourist"'
livery care Ims been exercised In the
manufacture uf these machines. Hoth
(if them have 1 e -n expressly constructed to meet the requireitierti of
British Columbia riders with tlie
varying conditions oi ronds and lhe
Write for illustrated   catalogue today
727-735 Johnson St., VICTORIA
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls |Protnptly
LIAVE you ever con-
* *��� sidered the quality of
your work from the standpoint of careful type composition and efficient proofreading? The reputation
of this house for good
printing has been established through accuracy and
attention to the little details. Send your printing
here and we will do it right
The Courtenay Review


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