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The Review Feb 1, 1917

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PRINTING   <    i
no any I etter,   and    I
A'ctl anywhere due    ���
Can not be done
not quite so well anywuere ewe * h
hereabouts.   Our type aud miiehin- * rj ,
ory ia coniplute aiul 'lln'   U.-vii'w |:    "
prices are right ���
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{ Classified Ads.
\ Malta   your  little  WauUi  __o��
j il, ���!.':, ���'!,- Ificil Atl'veitl   '
I 1,1 '11,    It   1 I'U     -    -    -    I'I	
VOL.  5
3. h
Auction Sa
Thursday February 1
The whole of the Household Furniture and Effects
for the Misses Freeman, the Orchard, Courtenay
Sale at 1 o'clock
Monday,   February   5
Dairy Cows and Young Stock, Horses, Farm Implements, carpenter's tools, Furniture and Effects
for Mrs. B. Russell, on the Ranch, Lower Road,
Sandwick, about 6 miles from Courtenay
Sale at 12 o'clock
Full particulars in posters or from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
the quality of
is not strained
It is wonderfully improved if
made in an
Courtenay Electric
Light, Heat and Power
Company Limited
Local Linos
rl.  O
The Can, Patriotic Fm
tenay, acknowledges 'he following
Miss \\ riRht, Knob Hill. sub.
scription raised by means of a children's concert $5-5"
Mr. J. McPhee, January
subscription 5.00
VV, J   Watchorn
R Grant's car caught fire last
Thursday night near Crawford's
bam on the Dyke, and wns totally
On'anil after Wednesday. Feb,
71 h, our store will close every Wednesday at one o'clock instead of
Tuesday as here-to fore, Campbell
Bros., Cumberland,
The Ladies ot the Red Cross Society intend holding a whist drive
and dance in the Agricultural Hall
on St. Valentine's day, Feb. 14.
Further particulars laler,
The Annual Congregational meet
ing of the Presbyterian church will
be held in the Courtenay church
on the evening of Wednesday, the
7th of February. All those interested iu the works of the Presbyterian church in this place are earnestly requested to be present. A
hearty we come and a bountiful
supply of refreshments will be tendered lo all by the Ladies' Aid.
Lost -Black English Retriever
dog. Finder please call Phone
62 L,
For Sale--Litter of young pigs,
Chester Whites, one or more. Apply to Geo. Davis, Union Bay.
Lost���In Courtenay, on or about
Jan. i 1, a pair of goid rimmed
glasses in case, large lenses. Finder please call at Review office.
Wood For Sale ���$4 per load cash
Teaming and carting done, L.
Alexander, Got*.tenay,*i
For Sale --Thirty nead of sheep,
29 ewes and sue pedigreed Ram.
Three of these ewes are pedigreed
the remainder are well bred, and
heavy in lamb. Apply Bridges
For Sale���3 h. p. steam engine
and boiler in good order. Price $80
Apply Review Office,
For the finest boots and shoes
see SuttliftVs new Gent's Furnishing store.
For Rent���The Milligau farm,
For particulars apply   at   Review
Adjourned Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the
Comox Creamery Association
Ltd., will be held in the Agricultural Hall on Thursday,
Feb. 8, at 8 p. m. W. A.
Urquhart, President.
Part of a house, unfurnished to
let. Apply Mrs. Halliday, Courtenay.
The very best clothes made are
now on sale at SuttliftVs new store
Go to McBryde's for quality
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery  and
Soft Drinks.
in connection
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
55c per lb. this week
Miss Doris Pla-brook returned
home oi. Sunday's boat from a fort
night's visit at Vancouver,
Mr, Fitzpatrick, of Victoria paid
the local office of the B. G. Telephone au official visit on Tuesday.
Mrs R. M, Allan held a reception ou Tuesday afternoon in honor
of Miss Maude Creech, who is to be
married shortly,
Mr, H. Stewart's friends and
supporters of Cumberland tendered
him a reception on Tuesday evening,    A number want up from here.
Following the cold snap of > ou-
day and Tuesday, about fifteen
inches of beautiful fleecy snow fell
during Tuesday night and Wednesday.
A few of the local Scots duly
celebrated Bum's anniversary last
Thursday evening while the rest of
us were sleeping.
The Red Cross shipped the following to headquarters this week:
47 shirts, 42 pyjania suits, 91 property bBgs, 112 pair sox, 13 dressings, 4 pillow covers, Triangular
bandages 12, 11 helpless cases.
Some of the ladies are knitting the
feet too short. The foot of each
sock should be 12 inches long.
Anglican Church Notes
Septuagesima, Feb, 4th, 1917.
11 a, 111 Matins and Holy Communion at St. Andrew's, .Sandwick
3 p. m, Sunday School at St.
John's, Courtenay.
7.00 p. 111. Evensong and Sermon, at Holy Trinity, Cumberland
7,30 Evensong and Sermon at St
Mary's, Grantham.
Owing to the extreme coidwei ' -
er on Mouday evening very few 1 f
the patrous of the Creamery turned
up al the annual meeting,
quently. the meeting wns adjoin 1 -
ed until Thursday afternoon next,
Feb. 3, at 2 p. 111,
The adjourned meeting Df the
Farmer's Institute will be held < a
Saturday, Feb. 3rd, at tbe A*_ti
cultural Hall, Courtenay, at 2 p.
m. Everyone interested in rv.ri-
culture should make a point ti ' ,
present as business of importance
will be tuken up. also the election
of officers for the ensuing vear.
The Boards of L'cence and Police Commissioners have been appointed by the Government.
For Courtenav, Aid, Hurfcrd
and J. H, Mclntyre aie the License
Commissioners, Police Comu i -
'doners, Aid. Aston aud 1), T. '. u-
bar, In Cumberland, Aid. D. R.
McDondald and J. P. Watson ire
the License Commissioners aud Al 1
Milligau and Chas. J Parnham ;>'tribe Police Commissioners.
Mr, Jos.   McPhee  has tendered
his resignation   as   postmaster   a;
Courtenay.    It was to   take  effect
today, but as va no one has      " -
recommended for the position     He
will remain in office till the Erst ��-_
March.     The   Executive
Conservative Association fee'
tin.' position   should   go   to   ���
turned Canadian soldier it tttei.   e
one in Courteuay  and failing him.
to a  Canadian   anyway,   All  the
appointments recently made in __as
district have teen to Old O "������ '-
men, and it would *rtem   but   i   -
that   Canadians     should   li ure   .1
chance in their own country,
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Best and cheapest bre-td in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for 50 cts,    for 30cts, 2 for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above ad-ertisement
The baker ��f Better Bread
Opposite the citv hall
Your Meat and Grocery
placed with us, will receive the care and attention
that ia appreciated by Ladies who take a pride in
their cooking.
" No order too large���None too small."
_ju nj~i_"---**n~_rM*-i*-
Chas. Simms
Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician
Gives Special attention to the fitting of
Spectacles and Eyeglasses���Each Eye
Tested Separately
Prices away below those  charged in
Vancouver or Victoria, at
*****<* .t*m*i*s*t*W<0W jmtn**m*ar\
'   ���   ��� THE   UK VIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. 0.
The Squire's
I . ���<���, \W
nl l'on__
girls would never have looked nt him
swiftly and looked away again, as
ihey had a liabil of doing, .discomposing what the Squire called his-
bachelor heart,
This lime he never looked at her,
Mr   sped   along   In   Iiis   room,   seized
his    emergenc-   case,    which always
travelled    with him,    and was back
down the stairs and in the hall again I neighbors.     1
before any nf ilif men standing about|tongue till I'd
had found their heads.
"Bring lanterns," he shouted nl
them; "blankets, luni*;, anything, foi
God's sake don'l stand about there
like a pack of fools,"
lln* sharp speech from Mr.  Me\
���ick,    who  was    always so    gentle
lecmcd to collect the scattered wits
I'hcre wns a sudden movement when
Mr. Mcyrick, llu* Squire of Silver
dulo, iii Sussex, was coming down
tho stairs at llarcwood Court, having tubbed aud changed for dinner
after a hard day in llie saddle, Hc
ivas llic first downstairs, and he wns
standing with his back to the lire,
looking down ihr- long, beautiful
room, when a hubbub broke out in
the  hall,    Something had happened.
An accident. The Squire was a
useful man in case "i accident, for
he had had a medical training, although lie had never practised, 11
had stood him in good stead when
In* nursed a beloved mother, for
��� 'rose sake he hud given up a career
. soldiering, carrying her all over
Europe���often to places beyond the
reach of nurses nnd doctors���in the
search for health.
Hc had been wearing -*Uc gentle
and listless expression whichv many
young latiies had found so fascinating���still found so fascinating, although the Squire was in his fortieth
lie    i.as    suddenly    alert,    louse.
they had been standing,
ing. The Squire was
house bareheaded before
sol about obeying.
Breakback Hill is note
of  the    worst   hills    in
England.    It is
; ii ravine, so mtrr
| would    be easy
it.    Thc com
if lho
been dramin' it,' she. says. 'You
wouldn't never go for to bc as crool
an old man as that.' 'I were right
'oongry for my supper, Liz,' says I.
'An' if they's dead Ihey's dead; an'
my goin' without supper wouldn't
rise 'cm from (he dead.' She didu'f
give tor my supper Iner, lhat gill
didn't, but runs out hav,liu' lo ihc
id wish I'd Vld my
rid my supper beer."
I'ho oltl man bobbed along, slanl-
ing lho lantern this way and that way
ns iin- Squire directed him, quite, indifferent, apparently, about the. fate
of tht poor human wreckage, babbling of bis own concerns, and how
if l.i.; was io stint 'im of bis supper
boor, an' 'im road-mendu. all day,
I he'd   lake   his pension   somewhere
"What is ilit matter?" bo asked,
coming out into lho hall, where there
was a u,an who looked as though his
knees would give way under him as
he stood turning bis hat about in bis
hands with a distraught air, while
lie brought out his words ..ilh a
short, sobbing sound, as though his
breath were spout. 'Ibe servants
were all about him. Discipline seemed for the moment relaxed at Hare-
wood Court.
"What is llu- matter?" thr: Squire
asked, in a voice of gentle authority, i'or a second ihere was silence.
Then lhc butler spoke.
"This man . says, sir, as how the
eliar-a-bang from Owsthorpe to Al-
I'onl 'ave run right down Breakback
'III. Tie says bo don't believe there's
onc alive, for the char-a-bang's overturned aud like as not on lire by this
"Let his lordship know," said llie
Squire, "and ring lhc boll to summon
ill tbe men on the estate."
He sprang up llie stairs lightly, for
ill his nearly forty years. On the
nay he met a pretty girl coming
llown dressed in while, with holly-
leaves and berries in her fair hair.
bhe looked shyly at lhe Suuiro, as
girls were wont to do. If he had
Been a fop be must have boon intolerably conceited; but on tho other
hand, if be bad boon a fop, perhaps
notorious as one
in southeastern
llv two sides ,;f
r.intl ilecn thai il
throw a bridge
y theso many
years back bad boon talking of siriin
ning it, to save its own horse-flesh,
as well as tbe frequent accidents lo
man-flesh which have taken place on
Breackback Hill. Now that the
gentry are going in for having motors, after many protestations lhal
tb/y never would put down their
horses for the horrid tilings, tlio
county will probably move; for if
the brakes were to refuse lo act go-
ling down Breakback Ihere. woi'.ld not
be much chance for anybody. 'Ihai.
was what had happened lo iho char-
a-banc, and what people had boon
predicting would happen. Tho brakes
had refused to aci nnd Breakback
Hollow was full of lho dead and liu
'At the top of the hill the Squire
was aware that someone was on tin
scene before him. There was a row
of eoltagos in Breakback Hollow - -
picturesque cottages, looking out on
fruit and flower
else, so hc would.
Ah. thoy    had come    lo a w
conscious, for her eyes looked
Squire imploringly oul of their
of blood.    Her poor face had
U (be
jagged and cut by ihe glass ot lho
char-a-banc as though by a sharp instrument, criss-cross wounds from
forehead lo chin. There was a certain grace; about the poor head as il
lay ou llu: grass. 'I'ho throat, which
had escaped, was round and linn, the
throat of a woman in the thirties',
(To Bc Continued, )
The Laziest Shepherd
A century and more ago a pamphlet entitled, "The Shepherds of Salis
bury Plain" set forth their notorious
laziness am! said a gentleman offered
a prize of a guinea to thc laziest of
a slumbering group. Sonic started
up to claim thc pri/..", which was won
by the shepherd who merely murmured au invitation to shove it into bis
pocket.-   London Globe.
ol't   p.
who v
Th.' Coo
sort, mum.
ber him by
Her Sentiment
"ros..,:   Mary,   ivb
ot    doing on  tt
is that
iv); od
lt belongs lo tlie man
here last spriufj.
-ss: You  may  throw it
: I'll do uothing of the
It's all 1 havo to mucin-
Instant Relief fot
Two Men and T>vo Farms
Economy of Farming Closely Associated With Personality of
the Farmer
Two    men set oul to   buy farms.
One picked a place whore the buildings  were    good but  the    hnd  was
I poor,     He. said; "I'll    have a goon
home, and 1 can build up lhc place."
I    The pilier man chose a place where
the buii .dugs wore poor but thc land
(was good.      Hc said:    ''J   can soon
make    thc land pay    for better improvements."    Which of the two ,vas
j tho.  wise   man?
I Tiie ono who bought lhc good
oir truit anu llower-gardens, and ttousc ,,��� ,|)f. poor farm i,a,j -):.S3C,]
up the wall of hill, which usually -,'s prime He thought of thc farm
excited much admiration Irom town-- chiefly as a home; ho know that even
dwellers, and were frequently made L -oor ,-.,,.,��� Km,},\ provj_e i,;-,, --hi,
pictures bj  amateur | shelter,  food  and enough  tor clolh-
the subjects of pictures b\  amateur I
and oilier artists.    There was aboul
as much air in the Hollow as al  llu
bottom  of a .deep  well.
There ivas a dance of lanterns go
ing ou down in the Hollow. Thc
night was light enough to show Mr.
Mcyrick the dark mass of thc char-
a-banc in thc bottom of the Hollow,
just at the gate of the cottages, 'the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
cries and groans came up to him as enough money to make a first pa"
he raced down the hill. Through the m-,,t 0��� the good-farm. lie. km-i
terrible  sounds    hc heard the rapid  that fertile land begins at once to r.
pay  the  owner  who  works  hard  o
His savings were sufticienl to ,.a.',
for the poor, cheap farm. He liai
passed his period of ambition to conquer now difficulties. Vie desired tc
live rather than to achieve���and -lit
was wise.
Thc olhcr man was young, wit!
ambition to got along; bc bad onb
Heartburn  and Windy  Spasms
'i'h* efficacy of Dr. C__v-H'j Instant Relief in -hue complaint,
will bo ii. icpclation to tiioso nbo havo hitherto trusted t��
Ijijiuiirlli in- sodra milium, er to old-fashioned lifer pi 1 lu -rid
i.alt��. The (rouble is dnrj to gas iu lho kinsnaell or bowels Arising
from undigested food, and the natural remedy ii to restore tho
organs to healthy action. Dr. Cassell's Instant Relief does that
quickly, surely, and so it effects real cure where tlio old
purgative preparations only weaken lho _,v.tem, and rrta.1.
the pill-taking or  wilts-taking habit.
Take Dr. Cassell'" Instant Relief for tonstipatiort, kiliti_in.es, torsi.
In.r, tick l;es__cti-, dizziness, specks before the eyes, flatulence ar>-
windy spurns, acidity, heartburn, impure Meed, and that dull, heavy
fi-lirit which ir, a sure indication tt liver (roubles.
Ask o>r Dr. Cassell's Instant Relic/ n,:,i take no substitute.
Price 50 cents from ail Druggists and Storekeepers,
Or rlire.1 from the .-oli
l,_l��� 10. M'OauUtwct,
agents for __���__���, Harold F. Bttchle and Co.,
Toronto,   War 'I'm 2 cent. ��itr_
Dr, Cassell's Instant Relief is the comoaiiion to Dr. Cassell's Tablets.
Sol* /-ro-iritl.r-- Vr. CatteWt Co.. Ltd.. Uanehttltr, EnilanJ.
Dr. Cassell's
They Melt
hi the Mouth
You'll get a new idea of how
good soda biscuit can be, with
your lirst bite of
Plain or Salted. In Packages only
Try our
They are dainty and delicious for
afternoon tea.     Packages only.
North-Vest Biscuit Co., Limited
W,      N,
orders of a man who evidently knew
what lie was about. There uns
someone directing the useless energy of the crowd.
A tall, dark, burly follow, with a
heavy moustache. By the light of
the lanterns the Squire caught sight
of Iiini. Not a gentleman���that was
obvious in the dim light, and to the
Squire's agitation. \n old soldier,
probably. He looted as though he
bad been  drilled.
Already they wcrc lifting the front
part of thc char-a-banc. There ivcre
splinters of it all over the road.
Other helpers wore carrying the injured, the dead, and the dying, to Ihu
side of the Hollow, laying ihem out
on the grass.
The Squire glanced rij: what was
being done. There were plenty of
workers, and iheir number was being
steadily augmented, lie had no time
lo wonder whore they had sprung
rom���out of the night and ibe fields,
lis work lay elsewhere.
He seized upon an old rustic who
was bobbing about with a lantern
aiml.-ssly and steadied him.
"You stand thero, my man," lie
said, "and show me a light Iill I scc
which oi these people ate dead and
which living,"
lie put bis hand on llu lantern and
directed it where il would serve lhe
i'lirpose hc needed il for.
The first was a mere battered remnant of humanity, smashed out of all
recognition;  only a i'aint moan intli-
cating lhat   somewhere   life boused
within the body which had so many
gaping doors to let il through. Poor
I fellow!     Nothing to be 'done  there.
1 The    yet     quivering,    broken  thing
| would soon  bc quiet cnoiigii.
Tbe man who carried lhe lantern
was very old. The light falling on
the old purple hand with its knotted
veins revealed the fact without the
evidence of the piping old voice. It
was afterwards, when the horror was
over, that the Squire recalled the
things llic old man had been saying
which ��� he had not known that be
beard at the time.
The old man bad been going home
when the char-a-banc, swaying from
side lo side, had rushed to ils destruction, lie had gone on his way
and had finished his supper before he.
bad made any mention of thc facl.
" '\V"y,' says I to my graud-dartor,
'that were as tasty a bit o' salt pork
as ever 1 'ad, and now I've 'ad my
������upper I'll go and see what's 'upper.--
ed lit the char-a-bang. Seems to me
it be lyiti' busied in Breakback
'(.'How.' 'Never, grandad,' she says.
'Vou wouldn't bc goin' to sit 'ere and
cat your supper withoutcu ever sayin'
a word about thc char-a-bang, Vou'vt
He was full of youth's vitality, and
the hardships of living in a pooi
house and improving it as lie .vein
along did not deter him. lie sought
a place whore bc could use all bis
strength to get on and get ou at once
-and he also was wise.
The economy of farming is so
closely interwoven wilh the icrsou-
ab'ty of tho fanner that each case is
a different ease. Ji's the man nd not
thc land that decides the outcome.���
Country Gentleman,
The Sting
A perl young miss said to oldfljob
sa Golde's heiress, the aging Lotta:
"Vour fiance, darling, is going
around tolling everybody that yott'ie
worth your weight in gold."
"The foolish boy," said the derlj
heiress, blushing for pleasure. "Who
does he tell il to, do you know?"
"Why," said the other girl,   'to all
his creditors
Ion Star.
if  course!"
a burglar,
Wi,'.*  <
op!   I bear   a burglar,   Get up   and
go downstairs.
Hub: It's probably   a   mouse   you
bear, bul   I'll go down,
Wife; A mouse! Mercy! you'll .ta;.
right here in this room.
The Way of the Submarine
Norwegian Captain. Grv-es Account 'of J
German Raider's Work
A Norwegian captain in his evidence in a shipping action in the
British Admiralty Court gave, incidentally, a graphic account of a
German submarine raider's work in
the Channel,
The witness was Captain Anton
Amundsen, and, be stated ih.it irhen
be was six miles off lhc CasquetS
with tbe steamer Rabbi on Oct. 21
last year, he was stopped by a German submarine with tlie order,
"Leave llic ship immediately." When
the crow in thc boats made for a
sailing vessel the submarine headed
them off and sank llic sailing vessel,
hi tlle same way she sank a second
sailor arid also a steamer. Finally a
Britisii transport came up, and the
Britisher and the submarine. -ired upon laeb other . across the tossing
boats, the sea being very rough. The
British vessel eventually drove t're
submarine off and ir disappeared,
Sir Samuel Evans; Did they give
you any reason for sinking you?
Captain: They asked where I came
from and what I was carrying. I
saitl, "From Swansea with Coal " ' !
that seemed lo stttle it.
More Canadian
Aviators Wanted!
A Practical Miss
Girl;    Would you
Hoyal Naval Air Service Again Hae
Openings for Recruits
The Naval Service Department announces that there is again an opening for recruits for the Royal Naval
Air Service. There have been several hundred commissions granted 'o
Canadians who havc enlisted for thi.
service, but the demand is still greater than the supply. The ser ice 18
au especially attractive one, offering
fullest scope for individual initiative
and resource. Volunteers for tbe
service, it they pass the preliminary
tests, arc sent to England as probationary flight officers. Tbe qualifying course there takes six months.
All applications for entry to the
service should bc addressed to the
Naval Secretary, Department of the
Naval Service, Ottawa, from wko.a
full details as to qualification, can be
Arrangements have been mad*
with tho Militia Department to permit of the transfer of unattached and
supernumerary militia officer, to the
air scr\ ice,
First ____________________________
man because he was rich?
Second Girl: No. but I might refuse to marry onc bocaus" be wasn't.
Both Surprised
Mr. Goodleighl I was surprised to
see you in a helplessly Lutoxiated
condition last evening.
Tipples: 1 was surprised myself; I
thought 1 could stand ii lot Snore. ���.
Boston Transcript. v
Give the "Kiddies" 	
AU They Want of
It ls one of the delicious "good thlnfs" that has a real food value.
A slice of your good homemade bread, spread wilh "Crown Brand!', forms
la perfectly balanced food, lhat Is practically all nourishment,
So���let them have it on biscuits and panoikes, and ou their
porridge if they want It.
You'll iike it,  too,  on Griddle Cakes- on B!ar._ Mange ar.d
Baked Apples. And you'll find it the most economical sweetener
you can use, for Cakes, Cookies. Gingerbread and Pies.
Have your husband get a tin, the next lime he is ia tewn���
a 5, 10 or 20 pound tin.
tfaJ-rj y/ -I.iiV H-fttle- CornSyrvp-.Bnsen'i Cc.-tji.'.r.r.'i���
end "_i!r*rr y.'._t" ;.__..*��� ^ starth.
Our new resipe book." De.se.-��
and Candles", will ���h.:w you
how ta make a .ot of ���ea-!}"
delicious dlstie. -v'.th "Crown
Brand". Write for a copy����
���ur Montreal Of Ilea. THE   REVIEW.   COTTRTNEY.   B. C.
Excelsior Policies Are Money Makers
i'ainJin_ Farm Implements
The painting of farm implements
tor their protection and preservation
has apparently received very little
consideration by Canadian farmers,
if one may judge by the Information
secured by the Commission of Conservation in tbe survey conducted on
-GO finrjii in each of four counties in
Ontario. In Waterloo, not one farmer vihcs painted bis Implements was
lound among the hundred, in Carle
ion only one, jn Northumberland
three, and in Dundas. eleiren. And vet
paint is su absolute essential if the
Bull Hie. of an implement is to bc sc-
A Nature Fake
"What's bothering yen, old man"'"
Jones asked his friend tlie scientific.
"It's r.o use." 6ighed llie wizard; "1
may as well give up. 1 got started a
few years ago on a new idea. I took
ci bead of cabbage and crossed it with
a white potato and grew eyes on it;
thou 1 crossed that with a cornstalk
nnd grew cars on it; Ibcti I crossed
that with a squash arid grew a neck
on ii; then I crossed that with a coconut and grew hair on it, but hanged if I can figure out v.liat to do for
a nose and u motlthl"
Officer* WiUBe Weeded Out
Must Revert and Go to the Front or
Come Home and Vake
1 Off Uniform
! It is announced from tbe Militia
Department that the number of unemployed Canadian officers in Eug-
land is to be reduced materially. Officers of higher rank who have noi
been taken to the front will have to
revert lo subaltrran rank to go to
the front, or come home and take off
thc uniform, and no distinction will
bc made between members of Parliament and others. At present there
are more than 200 Canadian Lieut.-
Colonels in Kngland on full pay, and
General Turner is expected, to weed
litem otll at once.
Just a Siding
As the metropolis of inland Macedonia, Monaslir is important lo the
Serbs and Bulgars, To tbe bigger
nations it is but one of the many
way-stations on the long road to Vi-
cnna--or from it.���New York World.
Indigestion Resulted
From an Inactive Liver
lhe Bowels Became Constipated and the Whole Digestive
System Upset
With many people, constipation be-
tcerue:-, a habit, And it is a dangerous
habit which is certain sooner or 1'ter
lo cause serious disease.
"Daily movement of the bowels" is
the first and most important rule of
health. When tbe liver becomes tor-
t��d the flow of bile into the intestines is stopped, and the bowels become constipated, But vou can
teadily overcome this condition by
Using Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver I'ills.
There is no treatment obtainable
which so promptly awakens the activity of the liver and bowels - and
thereby cornels derangements of
thr digestive system.
Mrs. Herbert Doherty, of .Beaver
Brook, Albert Co., N.E., writes: "1
can truthfully say that Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Lii/er Pills are a greai medicine for constipation. 1 have suffered from constipation ever since I can
remember, but gol to using Dr.
Chase's kidney -I. in r I'ills and was
so benefitted that 1 begat) to study
this malady. I found tbat the indigestion resulted from a bad case of
inactive liver, and as soon as i got
Ihc liver working right I didn't have
any stomach trouble or indigestion. I
cannot praise this medicine loo
highly, and would advise anyone suffering from i'ldigestion or constipa-
tion to use Dr, Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills, My husband also claims that
tbese pills have done him more good
than any medicine he ever used. You
are at liberty to use this letter."
J'r, Chase's Kidney-Liver Tills
positively relieve and cure torpid
liver, constipation, biliousness, indigestion, backache aud kidney disease.
Put it to the test. One pill a dose,
i'5 cents a box, all dealers, or i-dman-
son, Bates & Co., Ltd., Toronto,
Daylight Darkness
There are a number of daylight
darknesses recorder! in history, among them being ihose ir. B.C. 21)*,
A.P. 746 and 775. There was a dark
day in England in January. 1807 and
another on October 21, 1816. There
was also a dark dav in Detroit cn
October 19, 1762! (in May )9, 1780,
there was such atmospheric gloom
_>ver Hartford, Conn., that the legislature adjourned for the day.
$100 Reward. $100
T_e rca-era of this paper will be pleased
8* team riot there la at leant one dreaded
liHue I'kaE .ctcni-t* lt.r, been able to cure in
all i��� ataces, and tbat n catarrh. Catarrh
_*t_4 (realty Influenced by constitutional
gMUftitioe. requires conntitutignxi treatment.
BaJt'a Catarrh Cure in taken internally and
acta ckrotiarri tbe Wood on the _lucou* Sur-
fa.era *i the Syslem, thereby destroying tlia
Cacadavon ol the disease, (riving the patient
_tfca_th by building up the constitution and
���taming nature in doing its work. The pro-
prici��rn have so much faith in the curative
teweta of Hall's Catarrh Cure that they offer
Dae Hundred Hollars for any case thai il
fail* to cure.    Send for list of testimonials.
Address-. I'. J. CHENEY _ CO., Toledo,
Sl-re.    Sold by all Druggists, 75c
Uncle la Still There
"I told    Uncle Tom    that he  ivas
jetting too old and feeble !o attend
to business."
������Did he  take  it  kindly?"
".le threw mc out of the office."
Tbe Real Liver Pill. ��� A torpid
liver means ;i disordered system,
mental depression, lassitude, ar.d in
tbe end, if care bc not taken, a chronic stale of debility. The very best
medicine to arouse the liver to healthy action is Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills. They are compounded of
turel.y vegetable substances of earr-
tul selection, and no other pills have
their fine qualities, They do not gripe
er pain _nd the) arc agreeable lo the
Boost sensitive stomach,
Their Finish in Si.ht
Wife: lohn. the cat has three new
4'ittens.   Whal shall we name them?"
Hub: We'll call them Peter Pan.
Wife: All three"    Why?
Hub: Because they are never going io grow up.
Study Your Soil
To Secure Maximum Crops a Know
ledge of the Land Is Necessary
Thc soil i- thc farmer's capital ���
his workshop. Upon it is founded
the whole business of farming, and
upon its fertility will depend in large
measure tlie success of thc farmer's
operations. Too often il is not given
tbe proper care, nor is sufficient intelligence exercised in its use.
The plant derives certain substances necessary to its development from
tbe soil; the mosl important of these
arc nitrogen, phosphoric acid and po-
Ush, 'Uie farmer should know whether his soil contains these in sulli-
cient quantities to meet tbe requirements of a maximum crop providing
good cultivation is given, or if be is
not getting satisfactory yields, he
should find the cause. No two farms
havc been treated and cropped in
past years in exactly the same way,
wliicli means that even adjoining
farms may bc entirely different so
far as soil requirements are concerned. To bring it up to a state of profitable productiveness one farm may
need a rotation different from the
other, or a different fertilizing treatment. Bulletins, books, experts and
governments help thc farmer in
many ways, but they cannot bc expected to furnish every detail in a
manner to fil his every need. The
farmer himself should learn ivhat his
crops require, learn whal his soil contains, learn what is lacking in bis
soil, learn how to supply tbe defici-
' eneies, and then he may safely look
for increased yields and greater profits. It involves study, but '.lie farmer
must work out many of his own problems on his ov.'i farm under his own
conditions, by trial, by test, and by
experiment,���F. C. N,
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
Cleaner Food
Much of the inventive genius nowadays is centred ou devices that will
do away with thc handling of food.
A man bas invented a machine which
removes the Chinaman's hands from
canned salmon that goes into homes
practically everywhere. Il is known
as the "iron chink." It will do the
work of fifty Chinese and clean 30,000
fish in a day. The salmon is cleaned,
chopped, packed in cans with fat and
lean properly..- balanced, weighed,
sealed, and cooked by machinery. A
Los Angeles man has invented a
printing press to be installed in bakeries which prinls wrappers in colors and wraps the bread without
Arithmetical Progression
lie had complained jealously that
she had loo many other young men
"The idea!" she laughed. 'Why, I
cau count, them all on lhe fingers of
my .left baud. The index linger is
Mr. Smart, the. second finger is Mr.
Balder, and the third finger of my
left hand���tbe third linger is you."
Next day be got a ring for it.
;& PUIS/
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Willows from Cutti.gG
Willows root readily from cuttings
of tbe young wood. The cuttings can
bc made almost any time in the
growing season and sei firmly in
good soil and kept nioisl will root
readily. A Rood plan is to make the
cuttings in the autumn, after the tree
from which the cuttings are taken
has dropped ils foliage. Make cuttings about a foot long and set them
two inches apart in trenches five
inches deep in lhe open ground. Firm
the soil well about the cuttings by
treading on it with the feet. Ir the
spring thc cuttings will take root and
leaf out early in the season. When
well rooted they can bc transplanted
into-nursery rows or set out where
they are to remain permanently,
Cats' Eyes
As showing ho-.'.' widely lhc permanently blue eyes of cats differ from
other eyes, it is noted that immediately the eyes of white cats that arc
to have permanently blue eyes open
they shine bright red in the dark, and
__ 'neither the ephemeral kitten blue nor
���   any other colored eye does thi..���San
j Francisco Chronicle.
Depends Upon
Healthy Babies
Property reared children grow
up to be strong, healthy
Many diseases to which children are susceptible, first indicate
their presence in the bowels.
The careful mother should
watch her child's bowel movements and use
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
It is a corrective for diarrhoea,
colic and other ailments to which
children are subject especially
during the teething period.
It is absolutely non-narcotic
and contains neither opium,
morphine nor any of their derivatives,
Mrs.. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
Makes Clieerful,
Chubby Children
Soothes the fretting child during
the trying period of its development and thus gives rest and
relief to both child and mother.
Buy a bottle today
and keep it handy
Slid (_> all druggists in Canada and
tiriaglnut the world
Doctor Tells How to Strengthen
Eyesight 50 per cent* In One
Week's Time in Many Instances
A   Jh-M   P:��_ri��u���i   You   Cm   Hire   filled
and   _���_�� it llsuit
IONIMJiN.    Ho   -rou   weir   ftum?      Ar*
y��u a victim ol ey�� .train o. otI-t eye we-k-
nmstst If m, nn will .- t.tad t. -*-~w
Uui ���ccvrduif to Dr. i.-rwii ..nr.*? i> ���<-���-.; _op*
���f��r yam- Huny ��*���>__>.���. t-rci ntxti :_.._���������- ��-*��
tbey barf had their eye�� nr_toreil through ,_���
principle ol \Sis wo-dcr-to. f.eo pre.*nptioo.
On* moo, uyi, after try_���� it: "I wis ilmoM
Um4; eotM sot ots to read *\t all. -Now 1
-to rid aw fitting with-oct _'1T ��V. ��������� and
ny eym ia not water any ow.a. At eight
titey would pom 4i eadiwlly; now tb?7 tr*��
lino oU the tunc- It wi* lie-? *. miracle o
oil*" A lady who used it ,_.?. "The fttmoi*
ftlteeo MOm-d hazy with or w.!..oift ftUSt.-
fcut after ns.ig thii prttcription for fiftevi
4_.|M everything (.ccou clejvr. 1 cau rmi read
ftiM pefot witb-oot gtai.Rf." It n believed
ftai thoKuada who -T.-ar glaum eta iu.-. A\*
card thorn in a rea-ton.ble tin.- aad attHUudea
-D��re wtU be ablo to i-trengthta their ry M
OO 01 to ho .pared t'n-  ("rouble aad ggpeOM oi
ever got-tag e'-stfi Eye trouble! of many
ieAcriptiooe may be   -rood*. M'.   bf^eftud  !"���
following (lie simple ru!.s. Ill**- i. \hr pic-
Si-rip. o".: Go lo ���111* act ire dmj itoro ind
get a bottle o( Hon Oj'to ttbleta. Drop otll
So tv Op to  tablet  In  _   fourth  ol  d   glaei  oi
water anil allow to d:..'ol.c. With ttail liquid
bathe tlie ryes two to lo\:r ilmea daily< lOU
ihould ootiee your eyea tlwi up perceptibly
t:*i_it h-o-n \\ii itart and InBouunation will
quickly diaappea . If your eve, are lathering you, e-vrti a litv'.e, taut . leu si to ure
th<-*a no-r before it la too tale. M - r '-';"���
tes-.Iy blind might hafe hern saved il the.' had
cai*ed for their eyea i'i lime,
No'.r: Anoihsr protntneut Pb/alctaa (e
whoa the a.o.- article waa lubatitted, uid:
"Bon-Opto i_ a rery rcatarkable remedy. In
coaettttaont fagredienta �����? well l_nowa 'j ern-
iuent eye aptclaliata antl widely prescribed by
therr. Tho manufacturera guarantee it to
itftafftUoQ ayealgUt 50 per cent. En one ��e��k'i
time iq many Inatancei cr refund the money,
It can le obtained from a:iy coo', druggilt
and ii one cl the very few preparation* I
fet-1 thould be kept on linnil fsr regulat Uie
Id bI_t.o�� ererv family." The Val:na. Dm a
Co., Store *S, 'lo.-onto, wiil fill >Dx ordei-. o
your unieiiit ��� .    :o.
Butter Production
On thc Prairica
The quantity of butter shipped tn
Vancouver during the New Zealand
export season, which ruled .Tune .11,
was only _13 tonr, as against 1,|I85
ton:, during tlie corresponding period
in 1914-1S. The largest quantity of
butter imported inlo Canada during
any one year was in 1913, when :i
total of 3,567 tons was received, most
of which came from New Zealand,
Tbe falling-off in Imports from
New Zealand is due to increasing
production on thc prairie?. It is ex
pected that the Prairie Provinces, besides supplying British Columbia
ncedf, will hereafter have butter foi
iHllllv    OS*
And How to Feed
Ms::��� rre.  to any i-'.'c_*  !���/
tUc AutUor
US Writ III sl!Sir wl. V�� 1-.r'..
Tht arret fMclith peacdf.
Tonal and larigcralrs tht wh.la
**_rronssysteai,i_-i!S .���'�� Ir. *.*_
la olrl Vtini. Cures .Vrrrou*
Debilitf. Henittl ��n_ Brain Warn, It'vo*.
tentp. Lot* *f Knereeg, Palpitation if th*
MIeart, Failing Hter.erp. Prico 11 per b-i. iri
Nrfft. OMwUlpLaaa. six will eun. _ot.l*vaU
_rua__ts or Bailrrd in plain plcg. an n_*r-r*t of
���ri.5 V/*_wtn.Ji��tel*miledrr;e. TKCIIMI
���_>ICIN-CO.,T0Mffn.MT.  -fcM-r"-"'
I"ersistent Astluua. - A. most distressing characteristic of this debilitating disease is the persistence with
which recurring attacks come to sap
away strength and leave the sullen",'
in a state of almost continual exhaustion, No wiser precaution can
be talccti than that of keeping al
band a supply of Dr. .(. 1). Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy, famous as the mosl
potent remedy for eradicating tin
disease from the tender air passages
Useless Kxpens*
"We've gol to cut down expense*,"]
announced Mr. Riverside, "and Ij
think we'll begin by giving up our
box at thc opera."
"Oh, Henry, you surely wouldn't
think of doing that!" protested bis
"Why not? If my business keeps
on as rotten as it is now t won't1 bc
able lo buy yon any new gowns, and
there is no use paying rent for -.'.
show window when you haven't got
any goods lo show.'1
TH.NtWfRENCHrlEMeOV. Nil H,. *_-.
therapion awa
Ireataucceai, curbs cuaontcwtAKNaas l. rc vi .<*���
vtu aiDHBV Bunoaa. Dtar\aaa acOoo rgigco.
ra_3 bithbr !���'" oauooiarser _au ii roat ��cto
po-.r.riR-ico aa *i_,,.it_A.i'*r n-'.'. voRxottnunaaof
Mao cn UAVBaaTOCBlto.HA-irSTaAa Lociooh s.t*
TRV tiKv/uRA'.e-lTA.-st *���:(-��*..
���Bir.Uuv I s.-.-r ATIUMD
But ra "���._���
When buying your Piano
Insist on having an
Otto Higel Piano Action
OfBtmterinftovtrcome poanvaqr. Our
uai urn- moth-ids permanently rearf.ro
naturalajKOCll* <irai!uate pupiln BTery-
���wbiMf.    FrcoadTice aad lireriturc.
ATonic (or the Blood and Nerves
With Rest All Thut Is
Many a child has been called awkward, "has been punished in school
foi nol lceeriiiifj still or for rlroppin-l
tilings, when thc trouble wis really
St. Vitus dance. This trouble maj
appear at any age, but is most oft.n
met between llic; ayes of six and
fourteen, The most frequent cause
of the disease is poor blood, arrgrrv
vated by indoor confinement, or men
tal strain al school. Under these
conditions the blood fails io carry
nourishment to the nerves and the
child begins to show listlcssness and
inattention. Then it becomes restless
and twitching of thc muscles and
jerking of the limbs and body follow.
A remedy tbat cures St. Vitus dance,
and cures it so thoroughly that no
lrr.ee of the disease remain.:, is Dr,
Williams Pink Pills, which renew
the blood, thus feeding and strengthening the starved nerves. This is the
only way to cure the trouble, and
parents "should lose no time in siv-
[ng this treatment if their child
seems nervous or irritable. Mrs. Wm.
A. Squires, Caiiniiigton, Ont., say;;
"My only daughter, now fourteen
years of age, was troubled lor several
years with St, Vitus dance, She was
so bad that at times she would lose
control of her limbs and her face and
eyes would be contorted. We had
medical advice and medicine, but ll
did not help her. In fact we thought
the trouble, growing worse, and finally we had to take her from school.
About a vear ago we. began giving
bet Hr. Williams' Pink Vills, and by
the time she had taken five, hoxes she
was completely cured, and is now a
fine, healthy girl. I firniiy believe we
owe this to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
and are very grateful for her restoration to perfect health."
You can get these pills from any
dealer in medicine or by mail at 50
cents a box, or six boxes for $_.50,
from The Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Germans Building
More Raider-
New   Submarines   Can   Op-'ratr;   tn
Waters Such as at Archangel
Regardless of reports    concer
the decline of thc man
many,  there  is  no apparent tack  oi
men    or materials in I'..-...
building yards, according ro ad..
which indicadr that the tonnage    I j
cn  the  way*, exceeds  that  ...'  r   -  :
It i-r definitely known that the
more important yards have lc.*:. devoting almost their entire resources
for sonic time past to the construction ol submarines, which, it i- alleged, arc now being turned ont al the
rale of five a week.
A number of the1-- sul mersible. ;.
is stated, have been designed solely
with a view to their operation in icebound or partially ier-bo'.md water-!
and arc of unusual si-ir and exceedingly strong in construction, and i!
i", understood llicy will bc used in the
lialtic and White Seas. They are
said to have a cruising radius ol _,50C
miles on a single filling of fuel, and
aside from thc usual cornrjlctemcnt
of torpedo lubr.:* are armed wit!: two
light calibre guns on the duck.
That's the Way to Talk!
"My dear, 1 wouldn't lift that
heavy tub. You might injure your
back.   Lct me carry it."
"Bul you have on your -lew Palm
Beach suit."
"Poor economy, my dear, to risk
injuring a million-dollar woman to
save a five-dollar suit."---Louisville
If one bc trouble.! v it: corns and
wart0, he will find in Holloway'a
Corn Cure an application that will
entirely reliev    suffering.
i iver the garden fence the conversation had suddenly turned acrimonious.
"An' if yore boy 'Erbert ties anj
more cans to our pore dog's tail,"
was Mrs. Moggins' stern ultimatum.
"e'll 'ear about it, that's all! Oh. an'
pcr'aps you've come wiv thai saucepan wot you borrowed lasl Monday."
'"Erbert," asked Mrs. Grubb,
shrilly, "wot 'ave you bin doin' to
Mrs.  Moggins'  dogV
"Nothin1, ma," replied the small
boy, unblushingly.
"'Ihere!" said hi* mother, triumphantly, "An' you returned 'cr saucepan yesterday, didn't you, dearie?"
"Sent it back by "er dog," said Her*
bert, calmly.���Tit-Bits,
Sore V***"*
���arc , .
:Uy relies-ed bj
Eyes inflamed bt expo*
(ore to Su, Bwlud WM
just Eye Corulort At
.out Dniggiii-a 50e per Bottle. Mn_t tj*
lilttinTubts2Sc. For-4t_sH_.-7e.mu_
PnigfiM 01 NlriM "*}��� Hstttj Ct.s'"
The Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Valley Adv. cate
\   W.'.rky   Newspaper,   Pnbished   nt
Courteuay, H. U,
NT. II.  BonKt", tSdilor and Propriety
Subscription SI SO per VTear in  Advance
THURSDAY tl II, I, 1917
The expanding hours nl lighl nn
einphusized by the arrival in llie
mail of the animal cutaio-ttwa of
feritij- a tempting array of seeds,
fruit trees, shrubs, etc. and tie
note thnl in conseqiieuce of the
heavy demand of Inst year the
various linns ask u-* to "order
early," No wonder thai Canada
grew more lust yeai, when we rend
that several lines were sold mil nnd
customers obliged lo wnil I'm Iheir
suppliess. A garden is n veritable
pleasure ami a good investment, es
pecially iu war ti11>.-, and vacant
laud iiini spare minutes could be
utilized ibis coming spring to n
greater extent than ever. We indulge too much in tinned products
that should be exported instead of
being consumed here, aud in place
of which ficsh fruits and vegetables
could and should be grown. Tinned goods are advancing all the
time, and are dear to buy, while
their use i.s not economical, Because we grow too lltlhr lord we
are at the mercy of food "barons"
and food handlers, wherefore let
us buy our seeds, and will prizes
with the results, incidentally contesting honors with winners of
years' standing at tlie next show.
Our new council might well show
its interest by giving the encourag-
nient which should emanate from
our city fathers, We venture to
sug4est that the city council pre
pare a list of vegetables to lie grown
in Courtenav. for wliicli they will
give the prizes. This would naturally help tlie Society, and encourage our citizens to grow good
vegetables, etc.
The re-imposition of tlie poll tax
sounds very nice to people with as-
tired incomes, but it will fall upon
i hose who nre for Ihe mi si part
.ih: .ul\ ] nying taxi -. in many iii-
lections, directly and otherwise,
'! lie fatili wilh ihr- i nil ta\ is Uml
so main persons arc able to di dge
payment, We would like to see
some slops taken lo lew extra tax-
iii inn upon t he wealthy food "barons" who are holding up the prices
nl food and othei supplies. Also,
seeing thai limes are hard for the
majority of us, although prospects
are In ighier, there iim ii huge number of folks who contrive to spend
quite u lu! mi auiiiseuieuts nl V.iii-
nus descriptions, Theatres, pic-
ture shows, and the like could very
well contribute more lo the pro- j
vlncial exchequer by means oi u
government Impost of a rent or
two per licket. We can a.sm. the
provincial government thnl the poll
lax will not In- popular, aud especially as there are so many other
menus nl raising taxes,. The sooner the new administration allavs
lhe general unrest concerning lhe
future, the better il wih be for
���* ��� ** - *-
The monthly returns fpr December again show the value ,->f tiie
forest as a source of public revenue
the amount paid into the provincial
exchequer for the mouth being
$145,870, The total scale of saw-
log-r. etc. amounted to 133,759,169
ft. and timber sales recorded during December, comprising over
twelve million feet of timber on the
tracts dealt with, will bring in an
estimated revenue of $24,236. The
importance of safeguarding tbe forest resoMrce from lire and trespass
cannot be exaggerated,
 _���, _�� i��_	
It is said lhat the government
will re-organize the provincial police, aud that the preference will lie
given to returned soldiers, when the
personnel nf tlie force is being considered, We hope that the new
force will be 2 uniformed one, on
the lines ol the Nor' West Mounted Police giving a dignity and
tone stiec as civilian clulhes cannot
r_?   ___< 1
ioods Expecte
to arrive
Flannelettes, Ginghams,
Shirtings, Ducks, Percales
Prints, Indian Head Suitings, Lawn, Nainsook,
Dress Goods, Sheetings,
Towels and Towelling
and a
will close
ay at
o'clock instead
of Tuesday
Skirts, House Dresses,
Middy Waists, Wash
Skirts, Whitewear, Reps.
Piques, Muslins, Hosiery
Linoleum, Rugs and
Carpet Squares
_l__-_" r. _���__���_
$ 25.00   FOR    $21.50
50.00    "       43.00
JAN.  9,  1017
Notes by the Way
"Where two or three are gathered together in His li.'iuie under the soil, there
is Christ in the iniilst of them���the Res-
serectiou aud the life, For the bodies us
I well as the souls of the redeemed sleep
in Mini unto everlasting waking," Sir
W, Robertson Nicholl, in "The Key to
the Crave."
Hi. lit liuiiilruil country newspapers
liny, suspended iu the United Stiles
since the price of news print began an-
vancing, according to n statement made
before ihe California Press Association,
To think and believe ill of our felh w-
ni'Mi is the very way to maKe them what
we believe them to be.    Hare,
It is 11 mean man that   will   steal   his
neighbor's bath.
Mr. Joseph Martin.   K. C.   has
decided to abandon his nomination
for the Federal House in   Cariboo
and to return to his   old   love  at
i Westminster.
Esquimalt   &  Nanaimo   Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and  Way Stations
RETURNING-Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Steamship tickets on alljlines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dill. Paweof-r A|��-t, Victoria
A|t_t .annua., ..rat R60
Nationally A-vertlied
Tha Greatest Wall Paper ���_-���_���
Uon of tha age.
No  knife,   icliiori  or  itr-i.M
���dge required.
Faper hanging mala tttj,
quicker, cleaner and batter.
An energetic agent ls wanted In
this locality to show samplea and
���oliclt orders from householders.
Handsomely bound sample books
���bowing hundreds of beautiful, exclusive patterns are furnished
agents free.
Over 2,100 agent! Ul making
Urge proflti.
Applicant! please state ocenpa-
tlon, age, and surrounding -Ulagei
can canvass, when full partlculari
will be furnished.
27 W_
. ��� ���-_...'..
Royal Stan Jay J Flour
���is milled  trom  wheat bought by our      \        ���   ,,
own experts who have expllcll  instructions to "buy only the besl -always."
When   wheat   "stands  up"  to   our       j ���  '
stand.inl of excellence, then,  nnd  then
only is it milled into
Vou e.iii depend on thin -absolutely.
At your grocers -each Hack  bears tlle
trademark--the Circle " V,"
Royal Standard Grain Products
Phono 33, End ol Briil|(c D   Tuwlrr,   Mgr.
..nim, ,��*��>.��_!_��.��� -r.-n-_K.rt
Crown  and   Bridge Work
Painless Extraction
Fees Moderate All Work Guaranteed
Office Open Tuesday,. January 9th
Touring $495 ;   Runabout $475
F. O. B, Ford, Ont.
E. C. Emde, Dealer for Comox District
Auto, Launch, Motor Cycle, Gas Engine and
Bicycle Supplies,   Repairing, etc.
Phone L46 Courtenay
It is one of the odd things in this World that the quickest
way is almost invariably the simplest and the best.
It is so with the Telephone. It is instantaneous in action
and absolutely certain in transmission of sound. You know
that what you sav is tfoing as you said it, and you know the
next moment tint it lias been heard,
Nothing excels the Telephone in sureiiess and speed,
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Ilardv & Bisco*
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends  from   Leading Musicians
Iroih tlie Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
ol same furnished on request
W. J. Goard   will Oe   in this city   about
Oct.     1.     Leave orders at this Office,
or write direct to
845 !��__  Ave, W.   ���   Vaccour.r
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing ol  Horse  Dlimkets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Ice Cream
Sw^n'i v!d Stan*!, Courtenay
Principal repayablo 1st Octobor, 1919.
Intorost payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st Octobor by chequo (froo of oxchanno at
any ohartorod Bank In Canada) at tho rato of fivo por cont per annum from tho dato of
Moldors of this stock will havo lho privilege of surrendering at par and accrued Interest,
as tlio oi|iiivalont of cash, in payment of any allotment made under any futuro war loan issue
In Canada othor than an issuo of Treasury Bills or olhor liko short dato socuiity.
Procoods of this stock aro for war purposes only,
A commission of ono-quartor of ono por cent will bo allowed to roco���ni.od bond and
stock brokers on allotments mado in respeot of applications for this stock which boar their
For application lorms apply to tho Deputy Minister of Financo, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7th, 1910.
_ -Jr.1-��-"-"--':.**-^
Designed this year it will ornament and enhance the
good appearance of the tidiest kitchen in all Canada.
i "I* ���_*!
Come in and I'll show you why the Kootenay stays as
p;ood as new long after other ranges have to be repaired
or replaced. _�����
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Editor Courtenny Review
g|r_. Atter ti residence ol  three
years lu* the Courtenay district one
mis to know nud appreciate
Presbyterian Church
Si. Andrews' Sandwick
Service _' p.m.    Sunday  School
nud Bible Class 3 p. in,
Sunday  School and  Bible Clas
10:30 a. in.   Evening service 7:30
p. in. All welcome
vuluu of the different g.iud point.*,
exhibited by different people and it
is therefore rather a painful tinny
to read such a letter as the one
signed by "Due who knows" in
your issue of Jan, i8th.   Everyone
was delighted with the splendid ef-	
forts of all the ladies and gentlemen "T-nrm      f_T7 K DOT?
who worked together  to   make    a    1 OJ__,.t___J       I J__ AKofc.
success of the eutertuiument which
Mr, Porteous planned, and   which
proved to tie  such a  financial aid
A Novel Idea
uml Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6
"Produce more in 1917"  -Hon. Martin Burrell, Dominion Minister ol Finance.
WE are extenelu t our already extensive field seed business for
1917.    It is the desire of the Catiudlan Government that the
people produce as much ns possible  during  llie  ensuing year,
and we are arranging with tbe  leading dealers throughout llritish
Columbia and     Alberta    to carry    a    complete   line   ol ROYAI,
STANDARD FI8t,D SBBDS.     These   seeds   are the choicest it is
i possible to secure Iii the World's Markets.   They  are Government
inspected and carefully selected fur purity.
Seeds should be purchased early ns prices inevitably advance ns
tlu* Season progresses. In all probability the market will be short
nnd it will be difficult Inter ill the year to mnke purchases.
Order ROYAI, STANDARD Field Seeds NOW, If your dealer
cannot supply you write us anil we will ship to you direct,
Vancouver Milling & Grain Co. Ltd.
Wall-papers so made thai they can be
trimmed by twisting oil the end of the
roll wiili tin: hand, or pulling the margin off alter the strip is pasted, as one
may choose, hnve been put ou the mar,
ket ill a large way during the prist year
ill Canada. These papers are called
semi-trimmed nnd are manufactured under a patent issued to H. C. Jnrvis, gen-
eml manager o( the New Umpire Wall
Paper Co., I,td., Toronto,
In the manufacture of these papers a
cutting Attachment is placed above the
Inst print roller on tbe wall-paper
printing machine. Notched circular
knives do the cutting and leave the margin attached only by thread-like, uncut
portions ahou. onc-liriH inch apart, It is
said that wlu-n the in rgin is torn off
these line uncut portions make a "feather edge" which produces a highly satisfactory joint.
Every roll of paper comes wrapped
with bauds of gummed paper around each
end, re-iuforcing the "semi-trimmed"
margin und protecting the end of the
roll, against dauiage hi handling nud in
transit, The roll is opened by running
a knife thro.igli lln bunds of gummed
pnper. The few inches of wnll paper to
which the gu'uiined pnper adheres are
then torn off and  the   margin   may be
Cumberland Hotel
Cuslne Hxcell.ti
Wm. Merryfield
Palaee Livery
Buggies for   litre  _
Terms cash.
! We  also attend to wood ban   tg
JAN. t, 1.17
to the Patriotic Society,    Now, Sir
these are different   times  and   we
need to remember that we must all j
be uuited at home if ultimate success is to   be   the reward   of   our |
armies at the front,   Some of  the j Good Accomodation
printed  comments   in   connection I
with the entertainment lead me to
write this letter to   urge   the  importance of   giving  credit   where
credit is due and to whom it is due
aud to let nothing hinder the unity
of the community in ull things ofa
true and   patriotic  character,   To
one who is anxious to sue thu city
of Courtenay  and   its   district   go
ahead and prosper it seems  such  a i
pity that such a letter as the one
mentioned above was ever priuted.
It dees harm to tbe distiiet
On the oilier hand, I have looked |
almost iu vain, for an adequate recognition in the  columns  of  the I 	
"Review" of the magnificeut deeds .,���    ���......���
performed by the 102nd Batt. which 1        J A:5'   Lft'RiNa  *
was mobilized iu the district.   The|
very first man to be killed   was   a |
wel! known Courteuay man,  Aubrey Mogg. a Lay  Reader   licensed
to St, Andrew's, Sandwick (I hope. ^^^^^
n suitable memorial will be   placed | ^^
by the congregation iu the church ' |nill>tan_IV      "Toiilni*
where he so often ministered,) and j X^UUI ICllajr        A CUIUI
since then many others have made!
the great sacrifice, and it is   iu tile
columns of the local paper that we
expect to see   recorded   the   great ���
deeds of   these noble   men���in   a
prominent place, and not stuffed in!
amongst a lot of not viry inspiring I
local items.    The accomplishments
of the 102nd Batt,  have   filled   us;
all with   tlie   highest   admiration,
and I venture to  suggest   that   if
their recorded deeds were collected
and printed in the  Courteuay Re-
; Courteuay
Phose _5
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up        Pant* $7 up
Cleaning ind
Cleaning 1
Suits $1.-5 ap
vkwr��nd"o�� the front page too, a
Rep siring, Etc.
Cents clothes kept in order by the
month f..50
I beg toJannounce that I have opened a Flour and
Feed Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank    flovitz.
j^____s ___________!_____ ���__���___���������_5B ri'  1' ""r    .....i ��� .,._y_.
twisted off in a solid disk by a "twist of
the wrist" or lulled off the edge ol the
strip after pasting. The Wall Paper
News. New Vork.
Haney  I. Kushida
Store, Union St., Courtenay
big impetus woulds would be given,1
to patriotism   generally,   and   the,
small unworthiness of local jealosies would be forgotten,
I Mil
Yo��rs faithfully
Edward P. Laycock. j
Vernon, 1?. 0., Jan. 22.ul^i9i7_  pn*st-LIaS8 rlUmDing
Hot Water and Stearafittiiig
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
A ccounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Reach
&  l-'ield
Card of Thanks
The family of Mr. JamesHorwood desire to thank their neighbors and friends
for the many acts of kindness and sympathy shown them in the loss of their
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepared to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
The Blacksmithing Business carried on bv McKenzie & Mooring
has been dissolved. The business
will be carried on in future by the
undersigned, to whom all accounts
are payable. First-Class work is
still the watchword at this shop.
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder^^ COURTENAY
^w***p******>mm* ati',m'tm^ttntntn*tm THE  REVIEW,  COTJTftTNT-T?��   __L C
Overwork, lack of fresh air, mental strain or any skkness
dititurbs their functions. Stdbbora coughs tear and wear
the sensitive lung tissues.
mm hum
should be taken promptly for hard coughs, unyielding colds,
or when strength is lowered from any cause. Its high
nutritive value creates resistive force to ward off sickness. The rich cod liver oil improves the quality
of Ihe blood to relieve the cold and the glycerine is
southing und healing to the lung tissues.
Refuse Alcoholic Su-stitate* Which Eiehda the C*A Liver 03. ,. .
Jet-many Nol Too Inviting
Out of 1,000 Civilians Interned in
Britain, Only 2,200 Want to
Go Back-
After protracted negotiations
through the medium of the United
States, arrangements have been made
[nr the exchange of German and llritish civilian prisoners who arc more
than '15 years of age, About 4,000
Germans are interned in the United
Kingdom and 700 llritish civilians
arc interned ir Germany, Whether
the prisoners will reach their respective homes depends upon ilie success
of llic Admiralty i-. finding a neutral
steamer ou which to make tlir exchange.
Preparations arc being nnd" lo
break up llic camps for Germans on
the Isle of Man and tbosccstablished
for British civilian prisoners in Ger-
i lany.
Only 2,200 of. tlie Ceriums interned in the Uniled Kingdom expressed
a desire to return lo Germany. 1' thc
opportunity offered, many would prefer to go to America, it is said
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Garget  in
Hay Seeds for Confetti
Weddings iti China, are arranged
by "go-betweens"���usually the busy
i Id gossips of tlir- district -who get
���a commission on the amount paid by
thc bridegroom to llie father of lhe
bride, On the wedding day the bride
is clarl in red and carried in a Sedan
chair covered witli red, Anybody has
���. right lo turn hack the chair curtains nii'l take a look at l.cr. Hor
hair is  elaborately oiled, nnd so ;,ll
Czar of Htiaaia
Is Richest Man
I Income Said to Be a Million nr More
Dollars a Day
Nol Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan nor Krupp. file richest man in
lhe world is no mere rn il Vl i million -
; aire, whose wealth can be estimated
i by income tax experts. He is the
l.'r.ar of Russia, and no man living
knows Ilia wealth, llis income is said
to bc it million or so dollar.' a day,
which enables one lo estimate lough*
ly something like ten to thirty billions as the sum of his possessions,
ami this is largely guesswork.
As head of tlio church, he controls
ihc church properly, amounting lo
billions, He owns in his name 130
million acres of hind, comprising
timber, mines and agricultural lands
sufficicul to furnish food for even
such a nation, He receives from the
state, or government, a salary of 10
million dollars a year.
The, Czar pays more than his own
expenses. He maintains his palaces
nud royal residences, a hundred or
so, and lakes care of the cosl of the
households of all the royal personages of the nation, 'this involves
some 30,1)00 servants, 300 automobiles, 5,000 horses and a small army
of soldiers and secret service men.
Plainly, he needs Ihe money,
From the unties of Siberia he derives n royalty upon everv ounce of
mincr.:l mined. The agricultural
lands arc rented and lie forests are
being worked up into lumber.
Urges Elimination
Of Waste ��n Farms
President    Creelnian'u    Address    at
Winter Fair Directors' Luncheon
Eliminate w-f-te or. the farms was
the  burden  of  the  address  delivered
by President Creelman at the director;/ luncheon of the Winter Fair, at
Guelph. In a motor run from leth-
bridge lo Raymond he had seen enough gleanings left on the fields to
feed the people of thai section, 'lime
and again he had seer, grain poured
from the spouts of western threshing
outfits upon the (..round, lo he gathered up later on by scoop shovels.
In Ontario, Presided Creelman
Bald, Ihere is great waste ol manure,
while In pari* of Switzerland ami
France every particle ol animal droppings is saved. In Ontario, I .*���*, there
could he niadt vastly more productive,
It would be belle; also, lhe Spea-
kei aaid, to feed growing children on
oatriteal than to give, too much meat.
oo.il. .1*1 not.'.,
Oiirrd srttli
���*-�� f._���-���hv iilDnkti
.i; ���'.���..t,.���_:.' & CO.
^-loatif*    ���    Oal
The High Cost of Living
There Seems to Be  a  Good   Many
Contributing Factor!-,
A  farmer leu year.* agp    ould got
a hired  man at $13 per month and
board.     The fanner now can'l get 0
hiied    man    for less than    $50 ai (i
board.   Farm products must paj rail
way freights   boosted    by ihc  facl
that railway men get pay ncarl) doll
ble what they used to,   From rail war
Stations iu cities products are dclh
ered to merchants by teams whose
drivers are getting higher wages, and
tiie merchants are paying higher <.-..<
ges    to  their  clerks    and  other em
ployees     Also ihe merchants' rents
are    hi,.her   because    buildings    arc
more expensive owing to increased
wages   oi stonecutter.,   bricklayers,
carpenters and plumbers.   And then,
having provided expensive buildings,
we put on higher tarter-.    So, by Hie
lime food comes into a household its]
price has been affected by high cosl I
on llie farm, by high cost of freight,
b) high COSl of delivery, by high cost
of   middlemen and    clerks, by high
rents  and  lllgtl  turves.   Ottawa   lour
thc  .
throw   ha/seeds al
On reaching the
i ���
oi   In
-hand the
bride has
I" su
unit I
; LC
candid c
ilicisms ol
the .
ilh-.' f
The sl
-,.ng<  wed
din .'
',' t
onsists ..
f the fuis-
and v
tine; Hoc
irom each
s bow
i 'i course,
Ihere is a
bul n
not cost
much, for
glli sl
p' rlrd   In
Bonn lliing.-
mi Answers.
Protect the child from lhe ravages
of worms by using Mother Ora .-
Worm F.xtcrminator. It i* a standard remedy, and years of use have
enhanced  its  reputation.
From Another- Angle
Ali. e-: No man  will ever dare    to
trifle with my affections.   I have live
big brothers.
Agnes:    They'll  trifle    tvith jours
sootier than Ihey will ivitii mine.      1
have live little- brothers    N.cw  Vork
I  was cured of Rheumatic Goul by
I. was cur-vl of Acul'- Broni hitis by
LT.-C'Ol    i , CREVi   READ,
'I  was cured of \cute Rheumatism
Markham, Oni,   I    S, BII LING.
1 nkeficld, Que.', < ��i-l   ". 1907,
Behind the Times
"] hear that all of t::-.- ch er writers are deserting the magazines lo
write (or the movies."
"You were misinformed: lhc clever
writers haven't bee:: in the magazines
foi    Dine time now.--Ruck.
ttcliet at Last
"Did Reck leave, his widow wiltl
"With much satisfaction, I think,
poor fellow,"
Children suffering from worms
soon show the symptoms, nud any
mother van tletec.l lhc presence, of
these parasite:', by the wrlthiugs and
fretting ol lhe child. (Jutil expelled
and the system cleared of them, the
child cannot regain ils health. Mil .
lei's Worm Powders are prompt and
efficient, not only for the eradication
of worm'-, but also as a loner lip for
children that are run down in const'
Uncle 'I obey was a hospitable soul,
lie wanted no guest in Ills house to
he stinted, "Dave some, have some,"
he invited cordially al. lite suppci
table, sending around Ihe platter foi
llie third litn< ; "we're going to give
il lo the pigs any way."---Judge.
A Streak of Luck
,    Mrs, Exe:    So you've   go! a new
gown after all.    I  thought  you said
you couldn't  afl'ord our  this fall.
Mrs. Wye: So I did; bul my hits-
hand had a streak of luck  rcccntl-.
Hi' broke his leg thc next daj after
lal.iu:   oiii   an accident    policy    that
' pays :'������'! a week.
Slop   the   Cough. ��� ('���
caused  by  irritation  in  t
ton  passages and is th : :������
lid.-,    obsl n clions   that
inflammation    of lhe m'u
branc.   Treatment with i
F.clectric Oil will allay tl
lion  und  i'i  consequence
will reasi.    Try it, andfj
i r. other preparation  fi r
The Neutrality
,.  rc.pir
The Cost of Newspapers
An extraordinary increase in thc I
price of lhc while paper on which
newspapers are printed���technically
called news-print���is forcing drastic
measures by United States newspapers in lhc direction of cither coon
omy or increased price, or both. In
u word, news-print has gone up in
pi ice from oO per cent, on the largest
contracts I" 100 per ccnl, on smaller
or.es, and lhe newspaper world ic ir:
a panic. A similar condition threatens in Canada aud will prevail iinlc.*-'-
some government action should af-
fect the large export of Canadian-
made news priui to lhc Uniled Stales
and other countries abroad. Canadian
pape:1 mills at present arc selling
abroad 80 per cent, of llieir product..
���Ottawa Journal.
No Hurry
"I hear that you get drunk, Tom
kins.     Vou  ought'to  reform."
"No use, sir:  I'm loo old."
"i'ii, ii'.., never' too late lo mend."
j    "hi  lhal  case, sir,     I     can     wait
l awhile."
Although somewhat iu-
creased in price owing- to
the continued high prices
of Potash, Glue, and other
raw material, are of the
usual high standard of
quality which has made:
them famous for two-
thirds of a century.
Always Ask for
Eddy's Matches
Wear Those Comfortable Old
Shoes This Winter
And Show Your Patriotism and Thrift
���Inexpensive Rubbers or Over- ���
shoes Will Protect Your Feet
The spectacular ri.se in leather prices lias a significance far beyond its painful effect on ow personal
expenses���it is becoming a serious matter for the
Government and cur soldiers at ihc Front.
'lire- war is using up lcatlur much faster than
it i.- being produced. Tbe reserve, particularly of
high-grade leather, is steadily diminishing. If the
soldiers arc to havc plenty for shoes and equipment,
and if the Government is to be able t<i procure it at
prices within reason, civilians must economize on it
to ihe limit.
This is the reason well-worn shoes are no longer
a discredit, but an honor���an evidence that the wi arcr
puts patriotism bcfi rc pride, thrift before vanity.
Fortunately (he prevailing moderate prices of
rubbers and overshoes make this practicable. In
most cases ihey cost little more than before the war,
and a very small expenditure for cither will protect
tin' obi shoes perfectly tlirougli the winter, keen the
feet dry and comfortable, and guard the wearer's
health. Many arc also following the sensible course
of wearing rubber boots or ''rubbers and socks" for
working around the stables, in the woods, or in lite
fields during the cold, wet weather. Not thc least of
their advantages is their cleanliness around the house.
Wearing rubbers or overshoes is one of the rare
eases where virtue brings its own reward, for in
addition to the very considerable money saving, what
is there thai affords such solid comfort as a well-
worn pair of shoes?
Saving   Shoe-Leather  Is  a   Public
Service as Well as a Private Economy
Of Scandinavia
I   i
Why Norway. Sweden and Denmark.
Keep Out of the War
'Usidering a chance of Norway
being drawn  inlo  war a  belligerent,
r'.'.-ai'i-i  Germany, soirte  facts appro-
pos    of the   situation affecting    lhe
situation ol llu  three countries   lhat |
compose     thc     Scandinavian     pact
should bc borne in mind,    All three
countries    havc agreed    lo maintain
their neutralities.    All three nations
are reaping enormous fortunes oul of
lhe ivar, especially Norway.   It is ;.l
mosl    correct    lo sav   fortunes    are
made  ovcr night.    11 e  .jold-lusl  is
shown   in the crowded   .lock    Exchange of Christiania every day. Thc
submarine    campaign has no terror
for tin- speculator in buving and selling ships; $30,000,000 worth of slnp-
I ping has l".-cr. sunk bj Germany, but
| Norway  has bought  more than  that
I in new tonnage,    Her buying agents
are scouring llic world for ships, The
I same  applies  in  a lesser degree  to
| Sweden, although her main  ,ource of
j wealth i* in supplying Germany with
j foodstuff.*., in return for which she is!
getting   German  coal,   England  hav |
ling stopped her supplies     Denmark
is  making fabulous sums in her general trading with Germany. Sweden's
sympathies arc inaiiilj       I  Germany
owing    t" l.cr traditional    haired of
Russia.   Denmark, lookin        Serbia,
Belgium and  Rumania, dare nol e*.
| pn -';    her sentiments     u ��� .   l< id) , |
though ihcsc are with lhc allies, S'or-1
i way is heart and soul with Greal liri- j
I tr.iu and France, but will nol  tpiar
rei with gold coining i.i like ii rain
of grain  from a thresl r r.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
Poor Patrick
An  (rid but  sturdy Irishman,  who
had made   a reputation   as   a . ing |
Loss, was given a job with a raihvaj i
construction    company    at    Port-atl-
Prince, (Tuiii.   Onc day when the sun j
aas hotter   than usual his   gang of
black  Haitians  began  lu. shirk,  and
as the chief engineer rode up on his
horse llie   Irishman   was   heard   lo |
"Alle_--you sons ol guns���alien!"
'Ihen, turning to the engineer, he
said: "1 curse the day J iver learned
iheir language."���Harper's Maga.iue.
W.      N.
U.       1131
enjoy, in your own home,
as smooth, clean and com'ortabls a shav*
as the city man, or as anyone eke In
this broad Dominion ? Why shouldn't
you ov/n and use the keenest, .peediest,
most convenient shaving loci In tha
Safe,' Razor
The thin Gillette Blade.-, electrically hardsned,
honed "-'1th diamond dust, .trooped In wonderful automatic
machines, carry an edge whose uniform, Jailing keenness
has never been matched. The curved Gillette head
holds them rigid���guarded���adjustable by a turn of the
handle for a light or close shave.
V/ith the Gillette there's no need for honing, stropping,
er careful v/orking round the chin or angle of the jaw ] There
are no preliminaries���llie razor is ready fur business���yon just
pick 11 up and shave, with the easy angle stroke, In five
minutes or less.
The Gillette "Bulldog", "Arlstoerat" and Standard SelS
cost $5���Pocket Editions $5 arrd $6���Combination Sets $6.S0
up.   At Hardware, Drug, Men's Wear and Jewelry stores.
Gillette Safety Razor Co. of Canada, Limited
___l io
Hall ('aim-, the Well Known British Author, Paints a Vivid Picture
Of thc Awesome Sights in Woolwich, where Women Perfonn
Muoll of lhc Work of Shell Making
0. ...
Wc have .ilv.ms been proudly con-
scions of what tho **-*>-:s of Britain
have heen doing at lhe front, Is it
not lime we realized whal lhe tlaiigh
lers of Britain arc doing at home?
.hough the \i;st Arsenal of \\ ool
wi' li is at our "��� 'i doors, ft w of ua
��ho sleep in London have any real
sense o( iis colossal pre��( nee, Ua im
lueuso significance, the tremendous
force ii stands i'ic li* ori (in d iti s
back io olhcr" tvars, bul hen lhe
presi nl \.;ii- began iis workci s ivi rc
only 11,000 In all, withoul :i woman
of iheir uuuibi r,   Now iin rc are I",-
���100 wc
iU lier
ce i
i and
nol ,i
iO.OOO men.
11,     Nolwithsl
Woolwich is ,
I  s'
bol ra
' than
r .t
i t��
S    1
��� To
free   ;
a h
Hire  on
alf miles
Iv."   ;u
nl ���
r half,
h ii
-1   I11IU1
,   ils   <
avi nu
i':'<   :
ils bin
d nnd
ivay, '
'    I'lli
;Uatc i
i'-s nn
-rs   nr
* of
y  \\
ici itc
n  (9.,
.ill), are feeding lhis almost fathomless reservoir. Woolwich is a great
mechanical octopus with nuns lhal
reach over, across and around Loudon and the country about it.
Before goin;.' into tl"' women's
workshops you arc taken lo the
forges of llie men, for it is impossible lo come to Woolwich without
seeing the awful basilicas of bridled
force in which the. mammoth guns
are created. Here is one of them, n.
vast place, as big ;rs Albert Hall, A
colossal Nasmyth hammer, with a
blow of -10 ions, is pounding on a
thick block of white-hot steel. First
a gentle lap to make sure of position and then a Ihundcrous thud that
makes the carlli quake beneath your
A few moments later you are, iu
another vast force, but here there is
nearly no noise and hardly any 'notion.   A gigantic press of 4,000
power is drilling a hole tliri
other enormous block of ���
ugu an-
some great black monster she does
noi seem Lo bc Lhc bust afi lid. I lore
is another young . irl who is feeding
,r round disc with hits of n'.lal lhat
look like discolored farthings, and -is
her own particular Caliban cals ihein
up it utters from Ils iuti rior n hoai io
grunl thai hiis you like i blow on
tlio brain, yet she does nol seem to
Bul mo.i oi ihe work done by lhe
women looks simple enough, and
���re. ins perfectly natural Lo their .��������� .,
nlihough ii has always hitherto bee i
done by men, < Inc woman is turning
base plates for shells mi a turret
lathe. Another is culling copper
ballds for shells irom lubes, \uollicr
is pressing the copper bauds into
their places, Vet another is riveting
brass plugs on to high explosive shell
bodies, Some are drilling the holes
llirougli ihc six-inch shells. Others
nre rough-turning thc shell surfaces;
and yet others arc ganging ind pai't-
hig-off llie bodies of the huge eight-
Inch high explosives, Many arc making shell fuses, a lask in which women have become amazingly proficient, and many more arc at work at
the Inspection board, when-, being
trained lo lhe use of one gauge only,
lhcy have developed an efficicn
which men havc never attained,
All lhe women wear thc same uniform, a khaki-colored over,ill girdled
at the waist, and ;.t cap of 'ho shape
of a bathing-cap, This is in the in-
terests of__afety, lest the dress or the
hair of the operator .should he caught
in the pulleys and hells of ihe machinery; but it lias lhe further and
not altogether negligible advantage,
in tho eyes of the male creature, of
being extremely becoming.
Their hard work docs not seem to
be doing much harm to their health,
foi their eyes are bright, their cheeks
ace fresh, and there is hardly any
evidence of fatigue among them. The
clamorous and deafening noise of the
machinery, its jar and chirr and
clank, which make your temples
throb, sings (after their first da
What the Allies Intend
Firm Resolve to Secure the Peace of
Europe for a Century
Two great forces make for the continuance of the struggle. One is the.
firm resolve of the allied power:) that
will make it*; renewal impossible,
that will assure the peace of Kurope
for a century, When ihey talk of
"crushing Germany," the meaning i.s
that the military power and the military idi.ils, the Imperial arrogance
of Germany, must be destroyed, In
Germany the chief motive for continuing the Struggle is the desperate
need of the militarists and Imperialists to save themselves, lho dread of
vih.it ihey know will happen to them
when the war ends In their defeat.
It is ,i" interest separate ��� nd distinct
from lhe Interests of lho (ierni in
people, Could the people be madi lo
scc and i ndcrstaud lhat llio dj uai ij
.imi the military aud agrarian clasf.es
arc fighting for thcinseh ,:, nol really
for Germany or (or German nibjecls,
lhat the dreadful burdens lhcy are
bcai ing, the sacrifices llu y are '-"111
pelted lo make, are nol in their own
behalf, but lo save the ruling classes
from overthrow, there .vould come a
day of reckoning in Germany lhat
would very quickly end il:(. fighting,
���From lhc New York Times,
German General
Fled on Donkey
Wan Disturbed at Breakfast By Rude
British Tommies
One German general in lhe midst
of war and frequent bombardments
was able to live amid peace and
plenty in a capacious cellar, wiih
beer and much German food, according to the story told hy E, de l-'ett-
toVquiercs, in the  Petit  Parisien,
The discovery of the general's subterranean quarters iu Beaumont,
where he breakfasted every morning
in pajamas, caused jiuh-Ii merriment
among tire British soldiers. The commander was thenceforth nicknamed
"1 ieueral vou Pajamas."
The place of honor
thc dining-room vr-.s
lure    of llic  Kaiser,
was a keg of Mu
netal,   The great thing seems alinostlthc factory) like music in their "ears,
the. facade o��St   "	
in iii.- walls of
.���,i\i".i to a pic-
bcticalh which
icr brew, flank-
Russian General Believes That tho Enemy Never Had a Chance
Of Winning, and Russians To-Day Demand Continuation
Of War to a Successful Conclusion
large a.s Die facade of* St. Mark'
_t Venice, and not unlike it in form,
although stark and black. Under its
open arch, without a sound or the
appearance of a hand to guide ihem,
and with a motion that is almost
ghostlike, the great anvils with their
burning freight glide into position.
A score of stalwart men, stripped
to the waist, stand round with long
iron rods and pinchers. The.;,- push a
thick black ring of apparently cold
metal on the top of the white-hot
block. One man stands under a huge
clock with llis hand on a lever. No
one speaks. There is scarcely a
sound. Presently there comes slowly
down, as from lhe keystone of lhe
monster machine, it shining column
of steel. It reaches the black ring,
presses down on it, descends without
a pause lo the white-hot block, rests
on lop of it for 11 moment, '.here is a
thud as of something (ailing into a
pit beneath , and ihen the column
rises, the arch is reopened, and thc
ring lias disappeared, having passed
through the metal aud dropped to the
ground belo.v. i'he sense of silent,
irrestible, oceanic, almost motionless
power has left you breathless.   .   .   .
Hut perhaps the most awesome ol
all sights ill Woolwich is thai of lhe
big furnace house for manufacturing
the sleek    I think I  have witnessed
iu  various parts of the world many
scenes   of Nature    in her   wrath ���
scenes of earthquake, eruption, tidal
wave, geyser and boiling riven���but 1
doubl if I have ever been more a .veil,
more moved, and in a sense more terrified, than by ihc spectacl
scntcd of ihe physical for
lure   chained   artiLJiariies
work of men,   .   .   .
Hut Woolwich lias a w
eratiotis lhal arc entirely 1
women, Slid in a few minutes more
we are iu (he midsl oi ihan. Tin re
i.s a new shop worked -nlirclj by
women, having been built for them
since ihe beginning of the war. Tlie
nisi place covers an una which is apparently a.s greai as lhal of rrafalgar
Square, J'uo thousand women are
here, and there is room for three
thousand in all, Innumerable lathes,
generally of small *.i;-:e, cover the cr-
lnented floor, wilh pulleys'and wheels
spinning in the air above them. It
is. a dense (orest of machinery, puts-1
ing and throbbing and whirring and | t'rio*.
land they would miss it if it slopped
They work day and night, in two
shifts of 12 hours each, with a break
of an hour i'or dinner and half an
hour for tea. J Their pay, which is
usually by the piece, i* generally
large, lhc minimum being, I think,
a pound a week, and the maxim urn
five  or seven pounds,
cd on eacii side by rhampagne mag-l
minis improvised wilh cartridges of
a "155" shell. Mere tiie doughty general lived in fine style, quaffing the
celebrated beer nud dining on the
food he had in a well stocked larder. |
The capture of Beaumont revealed
all this.
The General was i'i this simple
garb and his accustomed place when
the shock of '.he Hriiish hell rain
begun. He had already devoured
three fried eggs and was contemplating a slice of ham. He bellowed 1
command to his orderly, au old .Silo-
si a 11 peasant.
"What beasts those English are!"
he shouted. "Go see if they are not
going to let me finish my breakfast
in peace!''    Me had drawn a glass of
Canadians Achieve
Imperishable Glory
Play   Part in War Which  Will For
Ever Distinguish Them
Lord Shaughuessy. President of
lhe Canadian Pacific Railroad, 011 his
recent return from England, nnd discussing ihc war, said: "Britain's forces aro burning fiercely, creating
steel chains by which lur integral
parts will bc hound togclh r as never before, ll has been her boast lor
years lhat only a '.silken cord' connected the mother country with her
overseas Dominion-, and colonies.
That time is past. The wnr has dc-
inonsl rated that unity of Itort and
direction must continue.
"Canada has assumed a heavy portion of the burden of thc war, far
grcatcr Ihan anyone anticipated. Can-,
adians have stood in critical positions
and have held them, The* hive done
men's work, fulfilling the terms of
lhc partnership that exists between
the various members of thc Empire,
Canadians have won a name which
will forever distinguish them, Never
will Ihey be confused with olhcr nationalities on lhis continent, Canada
will, in fact, be a senior partner in
lhc llritish Empire, bearing an equal
share of the burdens, reaping an
equal proportionate shan of lhc profits and filling a prominent scat al
the Council table.
"Lloyd George's elevation to the
Premiership undoubtedly is the outcome of a desire on tlic part of -.he
more aggressive party in ho House
of Commons to havi
that will prosecute th
vigor. The change mere
thai the people of 1 ireat
tend to utilize every rei
very force nt their .otu'
ine victory.
"Britain wants peace j
1 1 ��� i\ eminent
,var with more
'rely indicates
Russia will save Rumania from the
Teutonic   menace, nud   next sprii g
will have the strongest army she has
J had since the war uegpn, Gen. brusiloff    told    Stanley    Washburn, tiie
! London    Times    correspondent,   at
��� Russian  headquarters on  the Carpathian front.    Gen.    Biu-ilofT    commands all Uie Russian   armies   1  ;
I made   the   great sweep iulo Galicia
in the summer.
"I speak with authority when I
say lhat from the common soldier
up, the united sentiment oi Russia is
that Rumania should be protected,
helped and supported in every possible way," said the Russian commander.
"The Rumanians must ;'c-:l faith In
the great heart of the Russian people," General Brussiloff continued.
"They must know that in the efforts
we are making lo save them this sentiment is the dominant factor, not
morcly a question of our own self-
interest to protect our lla::k lei'.'.
"Rumania is now feeling for the
first time the pressure of war and
thc bitterness of defeat, but Rumania
must realize that defeats are but incidents of a greater campaign. 11:-
lund her stands c,rcat Russia, irbjo
will see lhat her brave little ally nttfl
came into the war for a just cause
docs not ultimately suffer for d.ri ;
io espouse lite cause for which we
are ail lighting.
"Personally, never since uie b;-
ginning have I believed lhat the enemy had a chance of winning, Wb le
they are aide to continue ,
offensives it is difficult for them -.0
realize that they are uot approaching
.1 successful peace.
"This summer's operations mark
a definite period of defeat.    That per
Jrilain in;!,;,,,! ,!;l(,.s from the time when tiie
urce    andj
lid to iu- '
Allies, co-ordinating their prosr___��
lies, seized from the en. niv the :.'.-
pacify for continuing the otr__.-i*->_"
They talk very little���-indeed, hard-j beer when a sergeant dished in
es of
icd to
rid of
ii table
ly at all. Perhaps their work requires all iheir all enl ion; perhaps
their spirits are tinder the spell of the
deadly things they arc dealing with.
Some of 1 hem are wearing river their
mouths aud nostrils light green veils
that arc like the veils of Aiah women inverted; others, in their indifference to danger, have tucked their
respirators into their waistbands and
are working with nostrils ind mouths
It is not for long we can bear to
look on a scene like this, so fearfully
charged with .spiritual as well a.s physical tragedy, and when we step hack
lo the causeway outside wo ! reallie
more freely.���Hall Caine, in London
Daily Chronicle.
Livestock Production
tossing as from some unseen storm.
There is at first something so incongruous in the spectacle of women working masses of powerful machinery (or, indeed, any machinery
more formidable than a sewing machine) lhat for'a moment, as you
stand at lhe entrance, ihe sight is
scarcely believable. Hut you go in
and move round, and after a while
the astonishing fact seems perfectly
natural, Although most of ihc machines in this shop are small, some
arc large, and a few alarming. Here
is a slip of a girl working one of the
latter kind, a huge tiling that lias two
large wheels like mill-wheels revolving at either side of her, and though
she looks like a child in the jaws of per acre,
Will  Look to America
Stock After the War
The whole world will look lo
continent, particularly Canada, for
replenishing its supply of cattle,
which has been reduced to unprecedented proportions by the war, and
means towards supplying ,iiis ncc,\
were outlined by II. S. Arkull, assistant livestock commissioner (or the
Dominion, in evidence submitted to
ilur Dominion's Royal Commission at
Ottawa. He made several recommendations. First was an intelligent
system of handling lhe industry.
Animal statistics were needed, and
UOl  as  now every  ten  years.
Statistics should al
quality and conditions
number of cattle. There
definite periods during th
marketing cattle, s'o thai the farmers
could raise cattle lo suit that time.
Statistics should bc neutral and mu
biased for commercial reasons. Information and statistics should also
bc supplied regarding the condition
in competitive cattle raising coun-
ttch as the Argentine and the
"The English are masters of lhe
trenches! The village is about to be
takenl" hc shouted with .1 perfunctory salute.
The general swore like, thc Flanders veteran he was, and spilled the
beer on his pyjamas. Heedless of lhe
accident, he fumbled here and there
searching for his tunic. It was not lo
be found, and thc concussion of lhe
great guns had already given way to
the crackling lire of rifles.
Tethered at the very doorpost was
.1 fortunate creature whose breakfast
had not been disturbed by shcllfirc
or Highland yells. It was a lowly
donkey, such as carried fagots in
more peaceful times, and 11 munched
contentedly from a nosebag.
This providential beast proved lo
bc the means of lhe general's escape.
While his pyjamas llappcl iu lhc
for keen air mid his slippered heels bcal
a devil's tattoo 011 lhe flank of the
.1 ��� amazed donkey, whose nosebag, -pilling, grain at every jump, lent nn nil
of hilarity to tlie scene, ihc general
out-Gilpined John himself, and even-
show    lhe
ivtll ns the
-hould Le
y ear for
Inally arrived    safe and son
��� behind
his own line*:.
The slory was told hy the
orderly,    for whom    no don
key was
provided. He, together with '
lie ham
thy keg,  the  shdjls and  the
picture, I'll into tlie hands of
die \ i<-
Alberta's Coal Output Increasing
Tlie output of thc coal mines in
the province of Alberta for i!ie present year is estimated by John Stirling, chief mine inspector, at from
-I i--l to 4 1-2 million Ions, practically a million tons increase upon the
production of 1015.
The output then was 3,-100,000 Ions.
The province of Nova Scotia was thc
only province in Canada thut passed
it in production, with between five
and six million tons. The output of
the adjacent province of British Co-
United Stales.    Field" officers "ought| lumbia'was 2,209,289 lons.4 This
lo  bc appointed  in  Canada,  and  at
least one technically    trained    mar.
should be stationed in Great Britain
to organize thc export trade.
Illinois Man Buys Big Alberta Ranch
An important land transaction has
recently been clos-d by which W. J.
Alexander, of Sidell, Illinois, has purchased a big ranch in Southern Alberta in th.e vicinity of Letllbridgo,
containing 4,640 acres. Approximately 1,500 acres arc plowed, ready for
drilling next spring. This past year,
one .Kid-acre, field of wheat produced
1 yield that averaged 4- 1-2 bushels
Alberta will again be the second
laigcst coal producing province in
Coals to Newcastle
Thc woman of the house answered
the knock at thc door of the tumbledown home.
"How do you dor" said the visitor.
"I am Miss Smith, thc school nurse,
and I have conic to give yon a few
suggestions on child welfare." ���
Aw, gwan." answered the mother,
cheerfully. "Wot d'ye know about
kids? Haven't I had ten, and ain't
four o' them liviu'f"���Harper's Mag
Britain wants peace inst as soon._nd ,Jicta,-ing tlicir strategy to    1.
as the demands mud.'  by    her and     "From the beginning of the  .peta-
her alhes   are won from    Germany,  (ion3 lllU    summcr on   the Russian.
\nythlng less is not victory, ....,, 1,,,,.,,.,.���
��. ,,.,.,    '     .   .- 1 i-li,-,    soutnwestern
llie masterful way in which lint- *,)St control
aiu i.s financing the war is no less impressive llian the achievements rii tho
front. Her wealth ami ri ioiirccs are
almost limitless and arc being freely
ami gladly pledged,
"This war is developing he individual. Every man, woman .nul child
must do a share. Women in the
United Kingdom arc taking men's
places at home. They have demonstrated  that  Ihey can  thi  work men
st as elT
hcictofore have done ami
iciltly,     They work on ihr-  railways,
manufacture munitions, do the farm
front the enemy haa
ol of the situation. '..-.
spite of his superhuman efforts __
regain thc initiative, he has utterly
failed to do so. Again and again
on this front the enemy's '-resign to
block our plans and throw us back
on the defensive has been ruined by
thc valor and fortitude ot our heroic
"Simultaneously   oar   brr-.vc ; '.'���'��� 1
on thc west were beginning a si   :-
'"J." j liter's Campaign which must by - . *
have demonstrated    to the    Get    at
high command that wiih all its _a-
,    .    ,        ,       .   -    ,. .iterial it can  construct  :.;  dett
work; m fact, there is nothing execp. works  lhat the   British  and   French
"  '         --���'--    ttenches cannof    .llrelVj    if slowly,    lestre
)','ry .'n"i ltnly, loo, has had successes.
'   ci I     "If there remain any Genual      ���    *
. ,    are still hopeful of their   caus'-.    '::
,Jlave 71 them  realize that todav, when     the
";is ou'y : Central Powers already" have lo -     B :
111 initiative and are finding difficulty in
ihc actual   lighting in il
that they are not doing,
man at man's work puis
on   the  firing  line.
As lo Canada's future
ways been certain. The v
hastened developments. Will
population nearly equivalent to lhat
of New York State, and .1 territory
larger than the United States, Impossibilities are vast. Tl"- quality of
her fighting and her share in the war
has carried her name I" remote corners. Before the wnr immigration
was rapid, hut not in a measure lo
what it will he whrn pea v is declared. 1 firmly helieve thu Canada
will have au influx of P'
unlike that in the U
about fifty years ago.
"A great deal of money and many
thousands of settlers have already
gone to Canada from the United
Slates. The investor finds thero :'.
good field for his wealth, und the settler a fertile soil for his plough. Rewards have come quickly lo both..
Canada looks  lo  the  United  Slates
refilling their ranks,  Russia has no!
yet reached thc zenith of her poire"-.
"Surely no intelligent German   SU
expect victory.    It is simply a tpiei-
lion of how long they are wiili::
continue the war, of which the    ..:
is absolutely foreshadowed today.
"Russia's full power will only    _��
I approached next year, when wc snail
dalion noil
itcd    Slates
have the largest and best army sir.ee
the beginning ol the vv?r. Even this
year v.c havc been obliged to conduct our offensive with an inferiority
of material and heavy guns. Next
year we shall have material in equality with the enemy and a superiority
in human resources which will steadily increase as long as thc war endures,
"iii'* morale of the Russian people
, , .. ,   ,   . ,      has been -lowly rising for two years.
..lore Ihan she ever did before, for ,, ;. absolute personal conviction
two reasons: Money and n 1 n are that ;,- j. v..crc poS5ibl(. ,0 t,ko a vole
plentiful here and the ,'.f'.;y irom 0f ,],,, cnlire population, 9>; out of l'XI
overseas is cut oil, Russians    today would    demand the
-      ..      _   . .      _ continuation of the war to a definite
New i-anaaian iraimn��� .amp       anj   gna- v;ct01.y   regardless oi
A new Canadian training command price,
has been established in thc south of|    "Our    new levies    er-..-!. vo.r
England which, unlike ihe disposition equal lo ihe best t
of the training division at Shornciili'e,
is lo be made np of four rather widely separated camps,  with headquarters  at  Brighton.    The  loss in  compactness, however, is morc than compensated for hy the splendid location
of all the camps, and the ample scope
afforded   for   every requirement   of
roops. I belhve
they are far superior fo anything
which the enemy can find to send
against us in next year's campaign.''
The Prettiest Feet
A Swiss professor states that not
one woman in a score has a perfect
foot, owing to the wearing of hi^h-
Gencral Macdougall, of Ottawa, | heeled bools and pointed toe shoes.
the general officer --commanding,! Russian, German, American, Austrian
made for himself a splendid reputa- and Uulch women, hc says, have
tion while* commanding at Shorn- broad feet, while those of Englishwo-
cliffe. He will have Lieut.-Col, John men are too narrow to fulfill classi-
A. Gunn as general staff officer of the cal and healthy conditions. Thc wo-
first grade. Col. Spry, assistant ad- men of the Latin races, excluding
jutant quartermaste/'general, is to be Frenchwomen, have thc best formed
-l,i��- ___ii.,t.f..���i!����� �����;-_- land therefore thc prettiest  feet, the
; professor says.���London Mail.
:llief administrative offic
Said Something Pleasant
Mother: I'm glad you had a nice
time at the party dear. I hope you
remembered 10 say something pleasant lo Elsie's mother just before
Marjory: I'll, yes, I did, mamma. I
smiled and said, "1 enjoyed myself
very much, Mrs. Applegitc. Iliad
lots morc lo cal than I 'spectcd,"     (
In a certain    shop   hangs a
framed in black, reading thus:
"We regret to inform our honorei
customers lhat our good and generous friend, Mr. Credit, expired today.
He was a noble soul, always willing
and helpful, but had been failiug fos
some time. May he rest in pe_ce-
t "'"/.
hi] y-. ���
t.__���__ B_i_
I. il.    ,a.��_A_*
������''���"���"-' __J_uifl_J-.:_.V-^
'$% _t
** vour
B. C. Granulated Sugar $8.50 per 100 lbs;   $1.75 for 20 lbs.   Coal Oil $2.65 per case
Fine Potatoes $1.25 per 100 lbs., free from disease and frost
I have 32 pair of Men's Hip and Knee Gum Boots at $5.15 and $3.95 per pair, respectively, also a quantity of Boys' Laced Rubber
Shoes, regular $2.95, now $2.15 per pair.   Contract prices fois^next fall for these goods are from 50c to $1.25 per pair dearer
My Stock of Men' Women's Youth's and Misses' SHOES cannot be equalled, all marked at the old price previous to the first advance
On these I am Giving 20 per cent, discount.
Also Men's, Winter and Spring Underwear, Boys' and Men's Sweaters and Sweater Coats, Heavy and Light Work Shirts
Less 20 per cent, discount
Builders' Supplies
Best Grade Tar Paper 95c per Roll, White Building Paper 85c per roll. Nails from 2 in to
6 in.6c per pound.   Sherman-Williams Paints, a good variety of colors and sizes.   Raw
and boiled paint oil, and all Hardware, including Peavies, Axe Handles, Crowbars, Shovels
Chicken Wire, and all Tinware, less 20 per cent, discount unless price quoted above.
About 5000 U. M. CBest Grade Shot Gun Shells at 95c per box of 25, next season's price
will be $1.25 or $1.35.   These are a good buy at my price.
Canned Vegetabls---Peas, corn, Tomatoes, Beans,     2 for 25c
worth 15c wholesale
B. C. Milk 10c per can, $4.65 per case
All 50c grades Tea, Tetley's, Blue Ribbon,
Ridgeways, Salada, Malkin's Best, 40c
Also Silver Spoon and Monsoon Tea
Corn Flakes 10c per Package
Wheat Flakes       - -       - ��� 35c per Package
Fry's and Cowan,s Cocoa - ���        25c per 1-2 lb Tin
Sunlight Soap ��� . 5c a cake, $4.75 a box
White Swan, Royal Crown Soap, 7 bars in package, bought before the change to six . ��� 25c package, 4 for 90 c
Brunswick Sardines . . 4 for 15c
Sovereign and Victoria Cross Salmon, 1 lb can 25c, #2.75 doz.
tins.���1-2 lb cans 15c, 7 for$l
Raisins, - -        -      2 i or 25c, 15 oz packages
Grape Nuts .....      15c per package
B.  C. Special Butter        .       .       .       47 l-2c per pound
Call in and see our Stock, You can't help but buy.    You need the goods.   My stock is
too large and I need the money, so all will be satisfied.


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