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The Review Sep 23, 1915

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1 Can not lie dime any letter,   nnd
I not finite so   well  anywhere  olae
hereabouts.   Our type and machinery is complete mul  The  Keview
pfieee ire right
| Classified Ads.
I Muke   your   little   Wants   known
I through a I'last-titi-ril Advertisement
| in The Review    -   -   -   Phone 59
VOL. 3
NO. 43
Geo. J. Hardy
R. F. R.Biscoe
Real  Estate and Insurance Agents,
Phone 10
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
AH Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Electric  Cooking  Set
Will turn your Electric Iron into a
Stove on which you can Fry,
Boil, Steam or Stew
The Set comprises a Stand for inverting- the Iron and 2 Seamless Aluminum Dishes
Set Complete, $2.25
Stand Only   -     .60
For sale by
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35. Res. R68       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Wallace McPhee leaves on Mon-
Iday next to join the 88th regiment,
Trespass Notice���Any p.ison nr
persons trespassing on ray premise8
will lie prosecuted according to law.
and any dogs found ptowliug
around my premises will oe attended to.    John Johnston, Lake Trail.
See the full selection of War
Spoons at Hornby's, 2.*jc each. |
First consignment of latest stvles
ill Pa/1  Millinery at   Miss Dencyi
Smith's, Courtenay.
Wanted���Serviceable draft horse '
for his keep  with option  of  purchase,    Apply    box.    4,    Review
Phone 48, Cook & Matthewson
tlie most up to-date butchers in the
district.    All orders promptly   at
tended to.
For exchange���One of tlie best
bllllc'ing lots in Courtenay for one
or two acres of good garden land.
Will pay cash difference. Apply
Box A, Review Office.
Lime and Fertilizers���Agricul
ttiral Lime $,"1.00 per ton at Kiln,
Wr tc for prices delivered at youi
station. Also Fertilizers. Malet &
Co., 403 Central Bui'ding, Victoria.
Drainage for acreage. Aboul
ten acres 'o be drained, iii exchange
for ten acres next to Mr. Taylor's,
about 2 miles trom Comox wharf.
What offers. Apply Capt. Guthrie
For Sale���18 ft. boat 3 -2 horse
power, Fairbauk-Mor:e engine in
good condition, price $150, or will
trade for good milk cow Apply
C. Peterson, care of l'etetson Bro'',
Campbell River, B. C.
For Sale��� One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc-, also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
���Riverside hotel,
For Kale���Pure bred Jersey bull calf
bred from Sophia Fern's I'ofiis a grandson of Sophia 19th, tlie champion long
distance cow of any breed. Dam is from
Eminent 24th, tlie first of whose heifers
to freshen has just finished test with
7386,65 lbs milk and 430 lbs fat in 11
months, calving at 26 mouths 3 days.
Call and see him. R. U. Hurford.
For Sale���Teal", wagon, and
harness, or euchange for cattle,
Also. 30 acres r-2 mile from Grantham school, part cash, or exchange
for anything of value. What have
you to offer? Apply Box 8, Review Office,
For sale ��� Cumberland Steam
laundry, the ouly white laundry in
I the district. This is a good opening for man with family. During
the stringent times the present
proprietor has been busy all the
time. Apply at the Laundry, or
at The Review Office.
For Sale���At once privately, 240
egg Ppyher Incubator, lady's  side
saddle, 2 doz. yearling ivyar.dottes,
1 Axminster carpet, 1 Brussels car-
I pet, 3 small rugs, 1 door mat, 15
I yds. Axminster stair carpet, white
I enamelled dresser and wash-stand, 1
I brown dresser, washstaud, drawers
.etc., 1 iron bed sofa, double, with!
I pillows,   1 white bedstead double
with Restmore mattress and pillows,
, 2 single bedsteads, 3 kitchen chairs,
quantity knives, forks and spoons,
large 5 ffal. boiler grey enamel,  1
grey bowl 3   gallons with cover, 2
large stoves,  sauce pans,  baking
tins, etc.,   2 large stoves, 2   dozen
white   Whitney   blankets    nearly
new, grey camp   blankets, 1 green
extending table sideboard to match
1 well desk, wheelbarrow, crowbar
quantity chicken wire, Planet Junior cultivator, Oliver garden plow.
On   view   at   any   time  at   Mr.
Daniel's place, Sandwick:
For Sale���A strong general purpose horse, by Just, 3 1-2 years old.
Very quiet.    Apply Capt.  Vigors.
Strayed onto my pre nisei���one
Irish setter dog. Owner is requested to prove property, pay expenses
and take the animal away. George
Winger, Sandwick, P, 0.
Mr. Aeklnnd of Victoria formerly accountant at the Royal Bank is
here  vi n'ting   friends   ill town.
One of our amateur local ninirods
shot nn owl in the leg on Saturday
afternoon, and carried it home for
the other fellow to kill;
A dance is being given in the
Opera house. The Ilarnionv Orchestra will supply the music,
Gentlemen's expenses, $1, Ladies
free,    Friday night.
The Harmony orchestra will furnish the music at the Agricultural
Society's dance on Saturday night.
Dancing commences at 8 o'clock.
Gents expenses,
The Canadian Western Lumber
Co. Fraser Mills, during August
and September will, have shipped
eight million feet to the United
Kingdom alone.
A party of engineers and surveyors are engaged iu the preliminary
operations in connection with the
erection of a pulp plant and sawmill
at the north end of the Island.
Mr. Bennet left on Monday to
join the Pioneers, with which brigade he enlisted. Frank Cameron
olso leaves in a few days to join the
same company, A. Chapman has
also gone to Victoria to undergo a
slight operation necessary before
"The Master Key" is the title of
a serial picture show which will
commence on October 13, There
are thirty reels in the series, two
of which will be shown each night.
These films are highly spoken of
where they have been shown before
and there is ho doubt but that thev
will please the  Courtenay  people.
A public meeting will be held in
tiie Agricultural hall on Thursday
Sept. 30th for the purpose of organizing the district in view of the
approaching plebicite on prohibition. Rev. Messrs. Laycock and
Meiizi-.s will address the meeting,
as well as outside speakers. Come
and bring your friends, The meeting is non-political.
The Agricultural had, i.s being
nicely decorated for the fair tomorrow and next day. The Secretary reports that already a large
number of entries have been made,
and everything looks good for a
splendid exhibition. A good programme of sports is being arranged
for. The Harmony orchestra will
supply the music in tlie hall on
Saturday evening. Two men have
been busy scraping the floor for
two days, and the floor, when completed, will be the best in the whole
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     .Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. m,
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. 111.   Service 11:30.   Even-
ng service 7:30 p- in. All welcome
And, by the way there is no 6c
light in sight yet. llow about
those pre-election promises?
A fierce forest fire is raging at
Camp 1, the men have all been laid
off and all the rigging was got out
safely but one line.
The first gun in  the  prohibition
plebiscite campaign will be fired at
the Agricultural hall   next  Thurs-
jday evening at S o'clock.
!     Xo. 162 is the winning ticket in
I the Razor Raffle.   The holder is re-
1 quested to call for the razors.   The
contest realized $14.70 which will
be handed to the Red Cross Society.
A logger named Lahti was badly
jambed between two logs last Friday. No bones vere broken, but
lie was too ill to be moved until
I Tuesiday evening, wheu he was
taken to Comox hospital.
The party who went to Powell
River on the 16th spent a very enjoyable evening Hon. Thomas
Taylor, Minister of Works, II S.
Clements, M. V. and M. Manson,
M. L, A., addressed a very large
and enthusiastic gathering in the
public hall, after which a banquet
was given which was in every respect an unqualified success; 1'owell
River apparently knows nothing of
hard limes, mills are running steadily, people seem happy and the
town is growing fast.
While coming to Comox trom
Doare's camp. Mr. Cockrane, of
lhe Lake Trail, met with a serious
accident, which nearly coast him
his life, Preveously he had seen a
number of animals aloug the trails
and this time he look a large revolver along with him, thinking he
might get a shot at something. Bv
sonie means the weapon fell out of
his hand and exploded, the bullet
lodging in his breast. Dr. Montgomery had him removed to Cumberland when by the X Ray the
bullet was located ju.-t above the
heart. It was extracted, and he is
eloing as well as can bs expected.
Hotel Arrivals
The following were registered at the
Riverside Hotel last week: A. I*. Mitchell, Victoria; I,. H. Shepherd, \a-
niamo; Mr. and Mrs. J, O. Brown, Vancouver; I<. Switzer, Victoria; B. Carter,
Vancouver; E, O. Taylor, Vancouver; D,
O, Hay, Vancouver; Mrs. VV. II. f.a-
motit, Parksville; J. Goodfellow* Victoria; Mr. aud Mrs, Thomas Taylor,
Victoria; Mrs. W. II. Richdale, Victoria;
Thomas Johnson. Headquarters, Ch-rles
C. Marstou, Victoria; II. S. ijaughlin,
Victoria; Ii. Gordon, Vancouver; II. \v.
Sissous, Arlington, wash., X. Field, Arlington, Wash., Col. Hodgins, Ottawa;
Sergt. Gardne-, Ottawa; Mr. and Mrs,
Fred Bannister, Nanaimo; John Noble,
Victoria; I-', w, Breeze, victoria; v. K.
Morphy ami wife, Vancouver; 1-1. Davis,
victoria; II S. Twav, Deep v.ay; Ray
Tramp, Quatlliaski Cove.
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
Where  everybody goes  for  choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Phone 40
Germany's Isolation
Hy   mailing   the
blooil rloh ami red
Dr.  Chase's  Nerve
1 'odd    forms     new
}    cells  nnd  tissues  anil
nourishes the starved
nerves bncU to health
uml vigor.
liy noting your In-
orousc in weighl while
using il you enn prove
positively the benefit
'J$ ii.-in^ derived from
this V.""it fooil cure.
nn r.-ntii n Ul
EdroiuiBon, Haiti
���ill    il'-ol.-r-,    or
ft    Co.,    Limited,
Meat Problem Faces Britain :g0j-e       Absolutely
! ��� Painless
Breeding Stock Sacrificed on Altar of ! I   OITIS No   CUtUng,   DO  plant-   Pr���}'c*"y Cu< ��ff From C*blc Com-
Hlgh  Prices ��      ��� ��1S  '"'  ^^  l0  *-['^'" !       munication With 0utsid= World
:     The  meat   problem  In   Britain  has lift I the sore    spot.    Put-:     Al   llie outbreak    of the  war Her-,
ueen forced to the front as one Of tlie  v*v'* nam's     Extractor | many   had   eleven   submarine  cables ,
���n iin Issues caused bv the war.   There   makes the corn so With tut pain. Takes l running in lhe wesl.    Five of tiiese, <
' .���'., cry n0w i    i tin 'nation's breeding i out the sting ovovclcht  Never fails- | tlie most Important of all. landed at
stock is boins siierillced on the altar of  leaves no scar,   Oot a 2oo bottlo of i Borktim.    Two 01 the cables.ran io
'-.j,.,. ,���.,. B  , , ,| (hai in the event of  Putnam's Corn Extractor today. the  Azores  ami  placed Germany  ill
the war's lastins �� long time the sit! communication      with    the    United
nation will amounl almost to a fam-j _     "   States; one wem to Brest. Mother to
i inc."not only"i    mi   t,  ' mill; as I .TIL 0    P,.,,.;^ ,n   WfllV   V''T' IV"1 '"""."''' t011TeneJ1fc ,
.*, llllt?    I 1 UbMu-fl    it G>J \    As these cables all passed throug   ,
oi,,, of llu   official  leaders In tlmi "10 English Channel they lay handy I
Li         , ,     ,,,���, , ,r, ,,j,. i,,.,���.. f.inn. i .-, .     m    al England s doors for demolition and
, I lines states i ml RlreadJ   many  I.iiui  | American  Declares  Prussians Arc No Snimtitlv ��i
ers have be-uii    in dispose ul  uuiiia-i _    ., i won   jm >mpii> cut,
\Ze      ii'r.-:-,:.,--stock to the butch-l Gentlemen Between    Bngland   and    Germany
.,.,. 80 ,,,,, |hlV ��������� i���. relieved from | Why discuss the minor laulls of then were seven cables running, and
foocllne ihem'nl the presenl high Prussia when Unerlea ls agitated by communication by these at once pass-
r,rice8 foi ilu Il,u'  l;"' BrBVCr <l"estlon  of a  Black led under control. Looking for an out-
1   M^'DE.Irl Clttyyafy   ,_.   ,-
Sixtv'ner i'enl of the menl beef, I Eagle perched "u oar Capitol dome? lei on the north, Germany might seek
'... ' L ,.',' unsumod In Brit- askttl Poultnej Blgelow, in one of IiIb to send and receive messages through
ftig   |10lc ,      : fluring normal  characteristic letters to thc New York   Denmark,  Norway, Sweden and  Hoi
i line
Now, with llsrures of tin
Shackles   For   Roosters
In complying   with   the "swat th��
con. | Times.    My  friends  of    lho  hyphen   land, bul  such messages would laud j rooster"  suggestion,   many    tanners
The Eye of the Army
In Mod-
reserve stock o< the breeding farms.
Two plans have been suggested tor
meeting this condition, '.-ho flrsl and
mosl drasti
The Searchlight ia Invaluab
em  Warfare
lu modern warfare the searchlight is
invaluable. On dni-k nights al sea it is
the onl.N an'; ns of guarding against
torpedo boats, which its beams will
reveal at a distance of two miles and
On shore ii is the electric eye of the
army, ii is carried to all pans of the
Held ot action in motor truck, and the
motor that propels the vehicle drives, eB, nardsl���p ,��� somo 0, ,,���, sl,iaiie,-
the electric generator that supplies | owneM who ,,,,,, ,������ gettln nlong
the current lor the light. , now hy |h(, occas|onal aate 0[ 1)lu, ���',.
Mosi ot ihese held searchlights are two ,���- tueir ,,���,,���, ,,.���.,, ol- ���,Ul .,���,,
not by hand for each instrument is tUe government demand tor grain
lilted wiih whai. is known as the dis- have ,..1US(M ���,,,,���,,, ,,-, ,���, ,���������'. ,������,
tam control. ly.-u small motors gov- othG1. fee(1 t() h(, ,������ o|. lll(, ,,,.,���,,, ,������
er,, ths vertical and the horizontal anv ,XIV|M ,,���, wealthiest class.
movements oi the light. From them au ' ���'-,,, s(H,)lul gug stlo��� (1 ,,���. ,me
electric cable runs to the station ot tha, nUa tll0 greatest favor in all
the  operator,   who  although   lie   may I cHc,es   js  t() ,,.m,  lhl,  Crown  pay a
Mnni.tio,','loMiu ;irmv and uavv avail- need   to  lave    their  patriotism,   re- In ISngland or France, and so fall un- have been confronted with the fight-
.    .'.       ?'it     It rae   consignments freshed   by   n study   of comparative der tl ye of vigilant censors. problem,    fo deprive the male blrdd
i nmlr "in from 11 ie I'nited Slates and social  customs,    l.el  ihem  note  that       In  the  south  she  was equally  un- o   then- mates and then put a bunch]
' i      no   i          is ! ol nossible to sav arter   several centuries    ol rampant fortunate.   The   cables running   east of the burly fellows together-in a pen
ustwhathe   erce^   age is bu   It is mlliturlsm.    l*russla    has    nol    yet  I  west   in   the  Mediterranean  are If liable[to load to trouble,   At st.irr*.
Inown    tha      h    a-Sl anion    it  evolved   whs,   we  call  i   gei man. the property of the Eastern Telegraph Agricu ltura   Co ege    they  hive apj
;.,.., ,,,'V.,,,. a hero is hr greater indeed   tho Gorman language has no Company, a British concern, ami laud piirently solved the problem, shackles
'    .,'  it has been  'u ore In the nation's ! oqulvaleni tor lhe man who Is tender ' on    British    soil,    should    Germany ! ol coarse  wine or smal  rope are used
,.''".  toward a woman ami tearless In his wIbIi to telegraph to Africa she would to   overcome   the    fighting problem.
Tills extra    quantity is, of course, I duty to society. I llnd  herself In  the same  dilemma | The several males have their feet Ued
pul    on    the  market   without   ther
having been any preparation ofr bui
plying It, and ll inusl come oul ot th
The Germun stage has not yel sue-jibe necessity ot her telegrams pass-! dose enough to pennlt only an or-'
ceeded In producing even u good ing through British hands, She Is (Unary step, ami prevent the extra-1
make-believe gentleman, German no better oft It she tries to telegraph ordinary movements thai acconipaUTjJ
actors do well In parts where there to India or China overland. There the fighting, Afler a week's associate much armor and marching and are no lines she can use save such Hon Uio males have become famillar-1
Wagnerian heroes and noisy tleclani-|ns pass through Itussia or India. with each other and the shackles may J
re-posed '-' thai an or-|atlon, but lho drawing room parts are
der be Issued prohibiting the slaughter of anj animal wlthoul permission
from tiie government.
This svould mean that farmers
would be forced lo keep iheir breeders, but ii also would be of the great-
somo of tbe smaller
subsidy to those wiio keep their breeding her,Is Intacl at a financial loss to
themselves. This would be worked
om by appraising the value of the animal as It would be under normal conditions and giving the owner the. difference between thai amount and thc
be several hundred feet away, can
send the rajs of the light In any direction he pleases.
Uue advantage of this distanl control is that tbe objects picked up by
lie- lieam of light can be siKhleil more
quickly and more definitely, for if tlie
operator stands* behind the light and I pVeseiU market"price;
looks along the beam his vision is
hampered by a luminous haze. A Becond advantage is thai the light eau be
placed in an exposed position without
endangering ihe men to run ii Were
ihe operator and officer beside the
the apparatus they would he certain to
receive the lire that is sure lo be poured upou a searchlight, and would silt-
fer the Instant the range was found.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in
Care of Hogs
Worms  in  children,  if they hi
Pointers  of  Value  and  Assistance to
thc   Hog   Raiser
Hogs run nol be raised wiih profit
i without good pastttri
attended to, cause convulsions and! por-( made "on good pasture with
often death Mother Craves' Worm i some grain, costs about one-third less
IMerminaior will protect the children than when made in pens or dry yard
from ihese distressing afflictions, j feeding.
���  i    More rapid gains are made on good
At  the funeral of Baron  Monel do   pasture, antl  the  risk of sickness is
Rothschild   father    of    the   recently I also lessened,   (in pasture alone hogs
deceased   Lord     Rothschild    a   poor Uviu hold their own.
old man wepl loudly aud bitterly, Alfalfa makes one of Ibe lies! pas-
"Wby are you crying'.'" Inquired n   mres tor hogs,   ilo nol pasture it too
bv-standor.    "Vou are no relation of
impossible In Germany or el
laughable io ti well-bred spectator,
The Prussian officer is the only
gentleman known al the Pruasiau
court, and a splendid s'd of fellows
they are, so long as they slay in
uniform. When lirsl I attended a
palace function in Berlin ii seemed
as though I bad eome to the barracks Instead of the home of n
civilized sovereign. The vast walls
resounded lo the rattle of hardware
connected wtlh sabers, spin's, ami
cognate ornaments, My eyes ached
iu search ot those whom I, in my
folly, had been taught to regard as
the crowning glory of Kultur, I I
looked for the famous painters and
sculptors; the poets and musicians;
the historians and men of science; I
did finally discover poor little Vir-
chow -the despised rector of the
Berlin university���the man whom the
count had twice rejected hecause he
was a Liberal in politics! VlrcllOW is J
a name that rings true wherever
science is honored, bul al the court of
Prussia the man who bore that illustrious name was shunned as
though he were a political leper.
A notable diplomat asked me to a[
big (linn.-r and asked me to name Ihe;
guests.    Of course  1   named  llrst of
all   the greal dramatist,   Barney,   a|
friend of Edwin  Booth.    At this my
host   held  up  his    bands  In  horror.
What!���ask an  actor to    meet    the
Prussian aristocracy!  Never!  No oue
would come!   Se, to meet Harney and
the great minds of Germany l had to
sneak   oat  al   Ihe   Palace   back   door
and get among the social    pariahs���
where    genius is not  in uniform and
Pegasus not    mounted    by a Heath's
Head Hussar.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
A   man   look  ll
      wife to a doctorj
���For tbo making ot billiard balls 500   who  pul   u   lltormomoter    into    h-r1
elephants    are  needed  every  year,"  mouth and told her to keep her mouth
said  Ibe  famous  big game  hunter iu j shut  for two or three mintiles, When
his lecture on India I departing tho man lapped the doctor
"How sl range.", whispered Ill's. Win- j ou the shoulder and said:
some to the lady  who sal  next, "that
:ieople   can   leach   such   gi ^^^^^^^^^^
o do such delicate work." mouth shut so long hei'or
[ next, "that I    "Doctor, what will you lake for that!
people  can   teach  suell  greal   beasts I thing?   I never saw my wife keep herj
The Woman Who Takes
the proper help to keep her digestion right and her system
free from poisonous accumulations, is not troubled
with headaches, backache, languid feelings, unnatural    sufferings.        AU    women    who    have    tried
know this famous remedy to be tho proper help for them. A
few doses will make immediate difference and occasional use will
cause a permanent improvement in health and strength. They
cleanse tno system and purify tho blood and every woman who
relics on Beecham's Pilla, not only enjoy3 better physical
condition,   with   quieter  nerves   and  brighter Bpirits,   but   she
Enjoys A Clear Complexion
Worth a Guinea a Box
Prepared only hy *I homos Bcccham, St. Helens, Lancashire, England,
fjold everywhere in Canada nad U. S. America.   In boxea, 25 cents.
"No,!' howled the mourner;  "that's
just why I'm crying"
If Ihe number
logs Is sufficient to
A Simple and Cheap Metjlcine.���A '���
simple, cheap and effective medicine I
is something lo he desired. There is uo
mm\* WEAK
Finda Health in Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Creston, Iowa. ���"I suffered with female troubles from the time 1 came into
3;womanhood  until I
had taken Lydia E.
ent the alfalfa too closely they should medicine so effective a regulator of
In- changed to another pasture or the digestive system us Parmelee's
hurdles could be used to change trom i Vegetable Pills. They are simple, they
I one part of the field to another. lu.0 (,i,er,P| tnev can b0 got anywhere,
Alfalfa is not affected by drought,- ann ,i���,i,. beneficial action will prove
on account ot its deep-root system.        -tlieir recommendation. Tbey are the
Clover makes line pasture for pigs,   medicine of the boor man and those
I bul experiments with both show that  wn0 wish to escape doctors' hills will
alfalfa furnishes more food value and ] du w,,u ������ gtvlng tbem a trilli. |
for a longer time.   Alfalfa is a slroag'  ~^	
I bone and muscle-huilding food. Rape!    Q , shipments    of
, ,s a so a good lor ge crop, and can he' :      ,
sown almost any time,  be earlier the .      -     .
hetiefol course.   It will be read   torL,, , ,��� ,       -   ,
feeding in iron, six to eight weeks        ,   ,       , ft   1)rovIncial co-operative
Provide n good she  er lor the pigs    .   , ���1;n.k(,ti    ' aSBOClatlon, 0ver ten
ll, every pasture, as the hot  sun Will   ., f   ,      ��� ,    d
is  Your  Life   Insured?    Keep    Your    Policy    In    Forci
And Increaso the Amount as Soon aa Possible
If You're Not Insured, Make Application Today
Head Office, Toronto.
Over *'*our Million Dollars Assets for Policyholders.
N.B.���Write     For   Memo. Book and Circular.
1 blister their tender skins
id a gross price of twenty-five esnts I
Keen Bait, sulphur and charcoal in a . ,     ,n, , ,
box under cover'ln the pasture. 2^X�� a MME
i thousands miserable. Night after
linkhams vegata-| n|g���t the attacks return and even
when brief respite is given the mind!
is slill In torment from continual anticipation. Ur. .1. IL Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy changes all this. Relief
conies, and 111 onee, while future ul-,
tucks an- warded off, leaving the afflicted one in n stale of peace and
happiness lie once believed lie could
m-ver enjoy. Inexpensive and sold al
mosi 1 vi rj w here,
ble Com pound. [
: would havu pains if
I overworked or
lifted anything
heavy, and 1 would
he so weak and nervous and in so much
misery that I would
he prostrated. A
Jfriend told me what
your medicine had done for her and t
tried it. It made me strong and healthy
snd our home is now happy with u baby
boy. 1 am very glad that 1 took Lydia
I'. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-Kiuiid and
do all I canto recommend it."--Mis.A.
B. Bosi'Aii**, 504 E. Howard Street,
Creston, J owa.
young.   The wool was clipped from I,-
II'! sheep.
In the farming Industry also, Major
Clenn in spite of bis military duties,
is miive. This year he bus 5.811'!
acres in wheal., and 1,500 acres in
oats and barley, one of the largest
crop acreages in Western Ciinaila.
Big   Guns   ard   Rainfall
Liniment    Cures     Dipli-
winie nn re
doubt   thai   iu
Instances rain can be produced
sny explosions, the weather In
Another story has been added to tb?
\ Imposing array of those lold ul the
expense of tha newly-Hedged bachelors Of arls, who liave not  found 111-'
world as eager for tlieir services as
ICi.rope .his summer shows that heavy | ^ ^^Tish.    While wailing tor
cannonading has little appreciable et-\ tllt,*managct, tn ,,e at -���|sm.Cp ., yboung
feel   on   atmosphere   conditions.   Itain 1
has fallen almost every day In Canada
job-hunter took occasion to converse
wllh Ibe office hoy.
tthis    summer but  franca ami ureal      ..,,   - ,       .
,.,.;..,;,. ,,....,. ,,, .... ,v,���,.ie���r.i������ ������(, nf        Do '"" suppose there Is an opening
Tons of Root, and Herbs       I ^^^"W^'XJ. ] here for a college srndutV.T- he ask-
are used annually in the manufacture : ,|0Uj with Ihe exception of a nindest ��� l'    ,...,,   , ,��� ,    .. ,
of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-   sevent-hundredths of an inch, no rain :  ..   ,'": "ere -will be,   was the leply,
pound, which is known from ocean to ! fell during the later part of May and    !' "e .uo.^, ' ��n ,. I''1.1,0 "*''���-;;';"J   '"
,, ,       , ,     ��         ���   j,.., ,,.i.ii..  !.,  ,1,,,   ,,.���.,   ,.e: 11   '    iiOiiiis   .1   weeu     u\    lei-iuoiiei
ocean as the standard remedy for   niosl  ol June,    while in tbo isc-d of |
female ills.                                            Bngland, there was no rainfall worth I
_    ���   ,'           ...                      .   notliig   for two months.   In France a I
For forty years this famous root and . vf,Hl.,,lh, arought has been experlenc-
herb medicine has been pre-eminently   e(i    if ,],,, enormous number ot big
euccessful in controlling the diseases of I guns in use in'France liave bad any
women.   Merit alone could have stood ; i-fi'i-ci  at all on rain, il  has been to
this test of time.                                      drive it away rather than bring it ���
���        ,         .,     ,, ..    . -    .. I Montreal Herald.
If you have tlie slt-jlitest doubt	
thai Lydia I".Pinkham's VeRPtn- ! To ee Borne in Mind
ble Compound will help you.writa , Every preaci,er, teacher, editor, re-
tol.ydialC.Pinklminlvredlcinei'o. crultlng speaker ought to Impress up-
(confidential) Lynn,M'nss.,forad- on the public the plain fact that every.
*��lce. Your letter will be opened, duo indulging in any form of expend!-
read and answered by a woman, I till c    not  directly conducive    to    the I Krosto,-" wmtITtoiT�� ffiSi6oWr6Bi.-LMtuat
nnd held in strict conndence.       I health and efficiency of himself au-i: ?���*-,"*V"V "."Jff.iT^TEf?; '^"Sk^.V,i��T?oS5
, , ihis  family,    is helping to "crab"  1       "T* y g- o A 01 ft Al  sam.no
'lsuccesstul cnnduei of the war.���Tie-    ��� InllSrSMr IWsVM i.A'irmocu-tE.
W.    N.   U-    1060 ��,U���n     T nml,,a |   ���� 1 iill 1��AD��   MAKUED  WU��0  'TH������f 10.1 ' l�� OH
��� .Vmon. London. I Bni.novt.srA��r .tuttoto4U atKinmmcwik
The pessimist was suffering from
"Every bone in my body ache,,," lie
"Vou ought to he glad you are not
a herring." said the optimist.
��� y-i>
Hospltaii with '
(jreat success, curbs chronic iveakhf.ss, lost vigo*
ft VIM KlOMBY.  Bf.ADDttft, DI8EASKS, BI.OO!)   ["013011.  ,
A most durable oil for binders, separators, disc plovvj
and farm machines of all kinds. It is heavy bodied,
yet free riiiiiiini* ; takes up the play and saves wear.
Not affected by weather.
Standard Gas Engine Oil, an absolutely reliable
lubricant for all types of internal combustion en-jines
������either gasoline or oil burning.
Capitol Cylinder Oil, manufactured especially for
tbe lubrication of steam tractor and stationary steam
Thresher Hard Oil, a high grade cup grease for
use on separators and other farm machinery.
Eldorado Castor Oil, a heavy oil for farm machinery, especially adapted for loose-litting and worn
Ask for our lubricants in steel barrels equipped with
faucets���the clean, economical method of handling
oils on thc farm.
Branch Stations Throughout Ihe Dominion
Made In^^.  Canada THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C.
Downfall    of    Hohenzollcrn    Dynasty
Will Result In Liberation of the
German People
article    prepare
|.Y. VV. Sutherland, in the Clay-Robinson Bulletin, Describes the
Remarkable Exhibit of the Dominion at ilie Panama Pacific
Fair, in wliieh Wealth ami Possibilites are Set Forth
No exhibit siaads oul with greater
romluence al the Panama-Pacific In-
lurnational Exposition at San Fran-
.1 ihan thai of our northern neigh-
iiie Canadian Dominion, it is a
|-iumph: a marvel of clever arrange-
lent, artistic bousing and of oompre-
enslvo display,    From the nioinenl
on ascend tlle Steps of llle classic
|uilding, simple yel rich iu its archi
lure, and pass between Ihe ureal
trdlan lions ai ih.- portal until you
orgs from your Inspection and
liuili. you are wonderfully Impressed.
amid.i may hare been lar
���.mi. mil. when vou hm
founded on substantial basis. A
I oramlo view of the great wheal
already referred to gives an excellent
Idea of ibe general topography of ibis
vas I region -a body of laud embracing 370,000 square miles.    The Can-
1 udian  government   ix  ready  lo  give
j even   adult   tlio acres  of this  wheat
I hind, and   Willi  a   view  of cultivating
���shrubs and trees presents lhe settlers
wiih   ihe Beedlings.    Since January,
| 181)7, Canada has given away 4011,0110
tree homesteads of iiin acres each-
land has seven c :e: that amount yel
y ii mime i lo give,
examined j    ������ t|,,, foreground of ihis p
ie products and resources depicLocl  mtniature liomea, olev
id displayed, have Digested the tacts i tjnj. trains traversing
id   llgures laid  before vou and  com-   0n llieir
" this
shendod tb tire Interior ot
marvelous exhibit, you wake lip to tbo |
el   lhal  Canada  is a country of Ire
endous resources, roinnrkable devil j
[ipment, ami wears seven-league bonis
taking forward strides;  thut  her
���at northwestern provinces are uu-
rgolng transition. Farms arc spring-
.- oal "of llie ranges; great herds giv-
;  way before the inevitable march |
If Ihe settlers; virgin soil being turn-
Id  mi  a   thousand   plalus;     railroads1
lilerclng the hitherto unoccupied land ;
the northward;  manufactures iu-
���nsing;   more  and   larger  elevators
irlng their structures for the holts-
�� of her grains.    Her population in-
eased from five millions iu 1901 to
leven millions in mil���and is fifty-five
Icr cent, rural.    .She has 700,000 oe-
lupiers of land against 640,000 in 1901.
lier governmeni  is spending $10,000,-
100 in aid of agricultural instruction,
lier root and fodder crop last year
Iras valued at close to $200,000,000, representing  nine  million  acres     The
faliie of her Held crops in 1913 was
60,000,000, whlb the total value of
field, forest, lish, fruit, farm and minimi production was a billion dollars.
Canada  has  live  stock    valued  at
TliO.Ot'0.0h0,  and    from    the    health
Itandpoini grades ninety per cent, of a
Itandard.   In a decade her live stock
lalnes  have  increased  ISO  per cent,
loth in 1912 and 1913 .lames D. Mc-
J'regor  of   Brand., u,   Manitoba,   was
(warded the grand championship of
International  Live Stock Exposi-
fon al   Chicago with in each case a
leaning Angus, both yclept Glencar-
,ck Victor    In tbe former instance
ie animal was sold for lii'ty cents -
fylng I nn
Icturo are
etc, an I
and forth
e. And In
Ihis picture there- is real wheat lu the
foreground thai meets the painted and
creates the llluslo of a broad acreage uf growing grain.
An orchard scene is a picture lhat
causes the beholder to pause in wonder and admiral ion. On llie canvas lu
Ihe background are trees heavily laden wiih apples; the pickers are al
work on ladders, while on tlie ground
ure many apples lying both loose and
in boxes. Spread ou green matted
carpet that resembles lhe grass of Ihe
field are Quantities of apples and so
cleverely do these rest against the
canvas and merge into ihe painted
pile lhat one looks to see where the
real ends and the artificial begins. And
beside lhe painted boxes stand real
cases equally clever in execution and
arrangement. With it all there are
pyramids of bottled fruits and pretty arrangement in design of the apples and other fruits on the green carpet.
There are mounted duck, grouse,
foxes, elk, buffalo, domestic and wild
game of which, of course, Canada has
ureal abundance. They are depicted as
nearly in their natural habitats as the
skill of both artist; and taxidermists
could devise. Tribute is paid the buffalo, for io the roaming cf these herds
over vast areas is credited tbe present
fertility of the soil through their fertilization. Vou see buffalo from the
Peace River, a thousand miles north of
Ihe I'nited States houndry line where
once they roved in countless numbers,
and' whicli is now one of the line-it
wheat growing sections of the country. And there are mounted speci-
bears and
lound, while in the latter lie was re-1 mens of the wilder game
irned to Canada by his owner. Two | mountain lions in their native haunts.
iccesEive victories ot this kind ure
ido'jtl worthy of note
'There is land enough in Canada, if
| orougb.lv tilled, to feed every mouth
Europe," said James .1. Hill- Thirty
|:-r cent, of Canaan's area' is cultivable; that means 410 million acres,
ni. only 30 million acres are under
[.iltivation though the farm holdings
- three times that area. She has the
Ircatest pulpwood resources of all tbe
lorltl, 1)0 per cent, of American news-
(ipers being printed on paper mado
|-om Canadian pulpwood. The biggest
fcnsecutive wheat field in the world is
lers���goo by 1100 miles in extent, and
Port Arthur there is  the  largest
(fain elevator in the world, its capac-
|y being ten million bushels. She has
great irrigation projects as iu tills
fuintrv.   The Canadian Pacific lias 1,-
i-0 miies yet to do, representing nn Ir-
���'eted in her Albertii project and  2,-
C0 miels yet to do, representing an lr-
fgable area  of three million acres.
[he great dam at Bassano was com-
eted lasl spring, conserving enough
later for the irrigation of a million
(-res in Southern  Alberta.
"Step to the left," says the guard as
���(oil enter That in itself is a clever
i ing. Everybody moves in the same
predion, and you are enabled to view
bo exhibits both comfortably and eon-
l entirely. "Dawson City under a mid-
fght sun," with shooting rays of vio-
and red and orange, the miniature
-.- showing a myriad of lights. Then
���pmes ibe panorama of ihe harbor of
lancouvcr, showing whal is going to
in ]92;i, when Canada will be send-
jg to Europe ihrough ihe Panama
(anal .'100 million bushels of grain at
i cheaper cost of transportation, "It is
>t our wheal, growers
fating lo the  I'nited  Slates," tbey
[aim   quite  the  contrary.   With  the
lanadian  Pacific lowering its  grade
id big elevators being planned Van-
���uvcr  has  great  expectations;     not
earns,     prophecies     possibly,     but
i .	
Here is shown in a sportsmen's resort
in Hritsh Columbia, thc snow-capped
mountains on canvas, out of which
comes a stream that meets real water
in that most clever blending of Ih:
real und artiflolal that is so much a
part of this exhibition. An eagle witli
widespread wings hovers over the
scene, suspended by a nearly invisible
wire; bears are emerging from tree
and rocky crevice, and the busy beaver is depicted in his hut-building and
dam-constructing operations. In this
scene you see the beaver painted,
mounted, and in the life, for ou a ledge
were huddled iu sweet repose three of
(hose little brown-red fellows who had
travelled thirteen days to be present
at the ceremony, while beside them on
a real heaver-built but sat. two others,
mounted but qu'te as life-like as their |
sleepy brothers in the flesh. As far
back as 1670 the beaver was adopted
as Canada's trade mark (as typifying
energy and ingenuity) on the recommendation of Governor Frontenac to
the King of France.
The corridors of this building con-
lain cases in which are seen samples
of Canada's many minerals, gold, silver, coal, etc., and of her grains,
grasses, fruits, etc. There are many
pictures and transparencies depicting
farm and olher scenes, illustrating developing in grain raising, live stock
breeding, dairying, and on lhe supporting posts are heads of deer, elk,
moose, antelope and buffalo. The ceilings are in white discs with red borders, while festoons of grain���woven
ropes, terminating in hell designs-
are suspended from the cornices, being here and tliere relieved by clus-
I ters of Hags held together in shield
���i:i" nre mi-j fnrm by lhe Canadian seal. In one of
the corridors are some excellent portraits in oil of Ihrir majesties the
King and Queen of Great Britain nud
of a number of Canada's governors
and higher officials: McDonald, Dry-
iieu, I.aurier, etc.
Seven Seas, the magazine of the
Xavy League of lhe United Stales,
Perry Belmont predicts the downfall
of the German imperial government,
which he describes as "modernized
feudalism, heir iu form am', spirit to
the despotism, of the iniquitous Holy
Alliance.'' Tlie I ilie of Ihe article is
"The Monroe Doctrine." This notable policy, .Mr. Belmont declares, has
become   Ihe   universal   expression   of
ilie aspirations   of all  free governments.
Mr. Belmont characterizes ihe Oer-
; an empire as u "federated union of
slides, in form only self-governing, of
whicli the economic system is in form
only democratic."   lie continues:
"Tho whole Industrial, Intellectual,
and commercial life of lhe German
people is subordinate to lhe reaction-
ary Influence of the Hohenzollern dynasty and ihe military autocracy, whose
feudalism is modernized in so fur as
hi necessary to maintain its authority
and enable ii to mould all German-}'
inlo an efficient war machine, A successful war might prolong the existence of such a system, Unsuccessful
war will mean its downfall. H will
also mean a triumphant liberation of
the : pirit and genius of Hie German
people from Ihe yoke of Prussian absolutism.
"When millions of men returning
from battles uud disastrous campaigns
realize the futility of Ihe efforts Into]
which they have been led against
liberty-loving nations, free institutions
and ihe republicanism of Europe, they
will be found in revolt against a governmeni based upon the theory of the
Divine right."
The .Vonroe Doctrine, says Mr, llel-
mout, was democracy's answer to the
challenge of absolutism of the Holy
Alliance. Tiie doctrine, he says, is
one of the mosi vital issues before the
American people. He adds that, as
the world is constai tly grow ing smaller in a political sense, the enforcement of tiiis traditional policy is more
essential today than when first proclaimed.
Teaching Patriotism
Good Work of Rural  School  Teacher
in   Saskatchewan
Somewhere in northeastern Saskatchewan stands a little schoolhouso
hidden from view by Ihc thick woods
which surround it and threaten to encroach on the small space cleared for
the school grounds, says Hie Public
Service .Monthly, Regina, The sett lenient is an Austrian one and at 8..''0
every morning abnii'. 26 little foreign
born boys and girls make their way
along thc .rails that converge at the
school. At the door they are met by
the teacher, a young Ontario man who
has spent several summers teaching
among foreign-speaking people, lie
shakes hands with each child and his
kind inquiries and remarks indicate
that ho has an intimate knowledge of
the character and home life of each.
All the children then wash their
hands and faces and comb tlieir hair,
the teacher assisting tho little tots,
and it Is evident that ilie sweet-smelling soup and clean towels are very
much appreciated. At the ringing of
a bell the children march to their
positions beside Iheir seats and sing
all together, "Father, we thank
Thee," after which all heads ure bowed and thc "Lord's Prayer' is reverently recited in English. After this
the "flagman" of the duy���a lad of
nine���lakes his place at Ihc door with
a large i'nion .lack and the children
llle past, him and form a circle round
lhe old poplar tree whicli serves as
a flagstaff. Two hoys pull the flag
up while all heartily sing lhe lirst
verse of "God Save the King." lt is
now time to begin the work of tho
dav, and ihe children march into
school wiih happy hearts to wrestle
witli Hie difficulties of Hie I' ree It's.
"God Save Ihe King." Ves, and
long live such noble-hearted teachers
as this young man in the little rural
Promindnt American Contributes   a   Scathing Denunciation
the Attitude of   Germany   in Fomenting a World  W ar
For Which There was no Excuse or Justification
Whui the verdict of tlie American
people is upon this war has never
been more forcibly stated than by
S mue! Harden church, presldenl of
lhe Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg, unl
it is worih while io review the article
lc wroie iu response to tbo famous
appeal of the 93 German professors
and scientists which was addressed to
llie neutral world sum,- months ago.
Tliese professors asserted iu ilie lirst
place lhat Germany wanted peace, und
lhal the violation of Belgium's neutrality was noi io he charged to her,
but rather to Britain and Franc ,
which had previously arranged tu invade Belgium in their march upon
Gem.any, wiih Belgium's consent.
They appealed  to  ihe  shades  of ull
accompanied your hideous invasion.
People sometimes ask us: 'Would you
rather have the Slav than the Ger-
man? And the reply is always to
the same effect: 'Ves, since we have
seen the German al war, we would
rather have the Slav, rather tlie Turk,
rather the Hottentot.'"
In the opinion of President Church,
who has visited Germany, ihc war began potentially 2a years ago. when
ihe Kaiser ascended the throne, proclaimed himself Supreme War Lor:!
and proceeded to prepare his nation
for win. His own children were raided from the cradle to consider themselves soldiers; "aud here in America
we know- even his daughter only by
her photograph L. a colonel's cni-
ihe great Germans in the past to sup-j form." The man wearing the Kais-
port lliem whon Ihey swore that the i er's uniform became at once a mem-
wur upon Germany., part was a wur oi
defence, and that the Fatherland was
the victim of a conspiracy to liiot her
out of thc number of the greet nations.
President Church acknowledges ihe
debt the world owes to Hie great dead
Germans of the past: but lie finds it
difficult lo believe that Hie illustrious men who signed the
appeal have read tin; official documents. How could they say thai Hie
war was forced upou Germany in
face of the admission of the imperial
chancellor, who admitted in ihc
Reichstag that, in violating Belgian
neutrality Germany was committing; a
wrong, which would lie made good as
soon us Germany's military goal had
been reached? Later he suid: "Necessity forced us io violate the neu-
tralily of Belgium, bul we hud premised emphatically lo compensate
lhat country for all damage Inflicted."
In thc face of thtse official announce-'
ments, is it to insult the intelligence
of readers or hearers to suy thut Germany did not violate Belgium's lieu- ]
trality, or lhal. she did sn only after
the allies had doue so'.'
Answering the assertion of liis. correspondent that Germany did nol begin the war, President Church uses
tliese memorable winds:
"If Germany is nol guilty, then, in
God's nume. why are onr armies in
Belgium? Why ftvi Ihey in France?
If you liad waited until you imd been
attacked, you would never have found
your nation at war. Vour Imperial
chancellor says thai you have vio-
laled international law an.; that you
will endeavor to in.ike good the wrong
you are committing. Why-, ull the
! gold you could give lo France und
Belgium in a thousand years, uud all
tin: penitential prayers you could utter in every hour of a thousand years,
together .villi thc contrition of .
shamed and broken heart, would i.ot
repair your ruin of two mil ions hy
fire and slaughter, nor dry up lhe .
oceftn   of human tears    which    have I rial
he;- of an exclusive class. A waiter
questioning a score with a drunken officer was stabbed to the heart, his uniform making a good defence. A man
in humble station who sought to greet
wild familiar appro-eh a soldier uow
In officer's uniform was killed for his
Impudence, the murderer even wriiing
a letter lo his victim's mother just:-
German | lying the crime. "1 have myself,"
says President Church, "seen German
officers elbow gentlewomen on the
street to make mora room l'or themselves. 1 have seen others of them
raise their glasses to lhe day when
liny would bo at war."
Another paragraph in the reply nt
He. church to his German correspondent is worth quoting in full, for it
expresses, as he declares, the opinion
uf ilie great niasses\of tli:.- American
"And so, al last, we liml ourselves
shocked, ashamed and outraged lhat
a  Christian nation should be   suilty
of    ihis    criminal    wur.    When 1 say
that  we hate thi" conflict    and    that
we execrate Ihc    German militarists
who made, il, I am uttering the ..pinion  of the    great    majority  of the
American people, including hundreds
of thousands of   our   German-Amert-
1 can citizens.    There was no justifica-
I lion for it.    Armed and  defended as
you were, the whole world could uever
i bave broken into your borders.   And
i while German culture slill has some-
' thing to gain from 1 er neighbors, yet
I thc intellectual progress    which Ger-
t many  was making seemed to be Iift-
| ing up her own    people    to    better
1 tilings for themselves and to an altru-
| istie service lo mankind,   Vour   grea:
| nation flouted its ships In every ocean,
old its wares in the uttermost parts
of the earth,    and enjoyed the good
favor    of humanity,    because it was
trusted as a human state.    But-now
all    this achievement    lias vanished,
all   this  good  opinion    has  been  destroyed.    Vou cannot in half a century  regain the spiritur.I  aud  mate-
beneflts  which  vou  have  lost."
Potatoes for
War Fund
arm Trade Totals
$50,000,000 Yearly
-oo'octs     Carried    in     International
Commerce   Rcaoh   This   Great
Figure, is Estimate
j'he farmer's part In International
.amerce approximates $5,000,000,000
tnually.    Statistics    just issued by
e U.S. department    of agriculture
ve   thc   following  estimates  of  the
:tie of principal farm products car-
���d    in international trade���that Is,
te tolal exports I'rom all countries or
norts  into  all  countries.
'rtfton,  $1,127,000,000;    wheat, and
ur,   $774,000,000;   raw   wool,   $180,-
0,000;   bides   r.nd   skins,   $392,000,-
coffee, $.180,000.000; sugar, $382,-
000; rice, $278,000,1)00; barley and
lit, $220,000,000;    corn and meal,
10,000,000; unmanufactured tobacco,
2,000,000; butter, $17:1,000,000; tea,
'..(lOO.nOO;  rye and flour, $125,000,-
and oats, $102,000,000,
Automatic Shell Feeder
Moving Staircase Used to Feed German Guns
The Germans have now devised an
automatic shell-feeding system for 8
and 17-inch guns. An endless chain,
on the principle of a moving staircase,
carries the shells to the guns through
un underground passage from the ammunition depot some distance in lhe
rear. Once the range is found, the gun
is loaded nnd fired automatically, control being exercised by officers from
an armored observation post. Rapidity
of fire antl increased accuracy are
claimed for the now device, whicli also embraces a novel use of the peri-
scop-; for aiming purposes.
An old colored man remarked with a
sigh the other duy as he was reding
up his line: "Ev'buddy dat goes lish-
in' don't ketch lish, no mo' dan ev'buddy dat goes to church gets religion."
To Study Lumber Industry
U.S. Commission Will Cooprate With
two Bureaus in lnt|uiry Into
Tlie U.S. federal trade commission
has announced It would co-operate
witli thc foresi service and the bureau
of foreign and domestic commerce In
u complete sludy of the lumber industry, both in lhe Unlled States und in
foreign countries,
"Conditions In the lumber trade
liave changed, due in part to tho widespread use of other structural materials than wood," ihe commission said
in a statement issued recently.
"Lumbermen are confronted with
many problems, often not fully understood by them and seldom appreciate^*
by the public. Much can be accomplished by ascertaining the facts und
putting lliem before the people with
lhe authority of a fair and unbiased
investigation. It is the purpose of the
study io find practicable and constructive suggestions looking to lhe improvement of tbe present conditions."
Mr. Bowen wus having dinner with
Reillys, and the seven-year-old ton of
the family was present.
"And whal arc going to be when
you grow up, young man?" asked Mr.
Bowen of the little toy.
"Well," replied the boy, thoughtfully, "after I've been a minister to
please mother, an' a judge to please
father, I'm going to be a policeman,"
Rural School Children of Ontario En
gage in Patriotic Work
One hundred thousand bushels of
potatoes, grown by rural school children of Ontario, are to be sold lo increase Ihe war fund, says the Canadian Countryman.
That is the advertisement thai will
be displayed to Toronto consumers
this fall. Perhaps there will be far
more tban the specified number of
bushels. One hundred thousand is a
conservative estimate. But what there
are lhe children will have grown for
no reward but lhe Inward sense of
approval which comes from unselfish
And thereby hangs a tale.
In every school In the province
taking part In school fair work un
offer will be made to the children
lhat, judging hy tlieir past record,
will be accepted eagerly. A quantity
of seed potatoes will be given each
one desiring it sufficient io plant a
plot two rods by one in dimensions.
Prizes will lie awarded upon care of
plot, quality and quantity of crop, as
in other classes upon the prize list.
In the fall the potatoes from each
township will be taken to central
poinis in thc various counties, und
Will be shipped to Toronto. There
the crop will be advertised as War
Fund Potatoes, and will be sold as
such. The proceeds will be turned
over by the department of agriculture to aid the soldiers
Last year over l'O.uuo pupils of
rural fairs grew crops or made collections of various kinds under the
direction of the district representatives. Tho number will be greatly increased this year. From these figures an idea of the extent of thc work
may be gained, and tlie quantity of
potaloes to be produced may be calculated.
But the greatest benefit to he derived from this patriotic feature of
production will not come from the
money secured from the sal" of potatoes. 'That will help, and if Kitchener
be not wrong in his analysis of lhe
war situation, will be needed.
But the greatest good will come to
tbe children themselves. To labor in
a great and good cause, to give'unselfishly for thc public weal -those
are ihc principles which must be
taught, and  practical  experience  is
th- best teacher, 'uch work will
���tend to develof, trails of character
that arc ihc foundation upon which
true co-operation rests, and which
lead io improved social and economic
| conditions.
lt will mean more to the right sort
of child lo produce something for the
sake of the empire than to win a
money prize, lt is a step in the right
The West Expanding
Prairie Acreage and Railway Construction Figures
The great importance of railway
construe:ion in lhe prairie provinces
is strikingly depicted in a report recently published with respect to progress" in this regard in Saskatchewan
during the past ten years.
Practically tl.oOu miles of railway
were constructed during the decade
from l!i"a to 1016. Of this, the
greater proportion was built in an
easterly and westerly direction, tbat
in a. northerly aud southerly direction
being composed mainly of branch
lines, built as feeders for the main
"Measured In terms of acreage," the
report declares, "the possibilities suggested by this increased railway mileage arc striking. Taking the increase,
in round numbers, to have been 3,500
miles, and fixing the distance on each
side of the line for profitable farming
at ten miles, a total increase of area
has been made available for occupation under conditkns of advantage
amounting to almost 45,000.000 acres.
Probably not more than one-fourth of
tbis is as yet under cultivation, but
each year will see more of this area
tilled," with proportijuate increase in
the grain yield consequen   thereupon."
A Paradox For the Farmer
Iu some localities land has doubled
in value in the last decade- Where
this is true the farmer must make his
laud produce Just twice as much in
order to realize the same profit, if
he does not do this he is getting poor-
er instead of richer, although bis land
is worth more.
ihe cal-
"What docs 'MCMX1V spell?
the man who was looking at
en dar.
"I dunno," replied the man who was
looking into space.
"New dance, 1 suppose. Some ���fliria-
Hon of the mfixlxe."
- :
��� -
- *"1
e* id
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   Pubished  at
Courtenav, 11. C,
N. II. Bodbn, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription $1.60 per Year iu Advance
���[THURSDAY, SU'THMlll'l' 23, 1915
Here's llie first example nf what
the early closin** bylaw will do: A
gentleman wheeled into town yesterday afernoon tn purchase a suit
nl chillies ami a pail of   slincs,  and
saw in the window of one of our
merchants tin- suit he wauti il    The
on beforehand. At any rate the
city's title to the planks was not
very good, as the government took
what they wanted for repairs in
other places before allowing anyone to remove those they did uot
.Since the above was put into type
,1 private special meeting was held,
no notice being given the press, by
a majority of the o uucillors at
which it was decided to give Mr.
Hodgson, and the other citizen?
24 hours toiettirn the planks, notwithstanding tii.it Mr, Hodgson
offered without prejudice to return
all the planks thai   were  not used,
and us inanv surface   feet  of new 2
untenant,   who   was   standing   111   ���   ,,,    .    , " , .    ,   , ,  ���    ���    .,
.. ,��� . ,       , ,, .    ii ch   d.iiik as had   bien   lam 111 the
front of his store,   n-iiM.-d to si-   il,   - ,      ,,      ...        ������      ��
, .    , , ,������,.,     sidewalk.   Since  his oitirwasre-
to hmi because he was a raid ol the jected ���     Hodgson has withdrawn
$50 penalty.     Ik   wi t.lchbe pur- |]t am, wjlj   , ���,' u ,���-  h
chaser, who  onlv   has Wcdiusiav   ,,1 ,,        -,, ;,,      ,1    *   f  ,,
,., ,      ,.      ,,    , ..        '   plank, neither   will   cither ol  the
a U-ninoiis   lot     iiiiim.-   ,     et   audi    ,, ,      , , ,  ���     ,
,    ,       , , .   . ,.        ,. othei   citizens   who  have   obtained
declared his intention of sending to
l-conet nature ti
���       uxarut ef CC
!.       a  la   Craei
plank from the bridge, lt is uow
up to the aldermen who have made
themselves ridiculous to do something.
11 mail  older   house   for   what  he
wanted in future.     Can vou blame
him ,J   Here's a  pretty how'd do !
The   industrious    inercnaut   who
wishes to do bfsiness is prevented
by a silly bylaw,    We have alwaj s VICTORIA NOTES
held the view  that when the other
fellow was ready to do business we      ,   . ��� ,    ,   ������.������,,. ,,
,   , , 1 ,        .... It is a widelv-held bcln-1 that the
should he.    We have never seen an , ,      ,       ,,    ,    ,   ,-  ,,,-
,.,,.   ,   ���       ,   ,       ,,   ,        ,   , drunkard makes  ihc besl   lighting
carl) closing   bvlaw   lhat  worked ,   , ,,
,,,-.,- .,    ���, 111:111, and that 111 the  present  caui-
satisfactonly. .   '        , ,,        , , .
paign such a man, regardless ol his
skill and with nothing to lose, is
invaluable. Evt 11 the opinions of
such eminent persons as l.onl Kit-j
chencr. Col, Sam Hughes and the
Bishop of London have- left many
people unconvinced of the absurdity of the statement that a man in
fn.l control of his nerves is necessarily inferior to one .vho is practically drugged. The Germas however, believe that a sober man is a
greater danger to them than than a
"drunk" and accordingly have j
made a point of approaching the
Ilritish trenches by night, and
throwing bottles of spirits for the
troops to fetch, Demoralization has
expense, and has done so. No par- followed where the men Were fool- J
ticular attention was paid in the ish enough to take the bait, with
discussion in council   to the planks   the result thai  lives  and   treuches
have been lest from time  lo  time, j
It takes all the facilities of a man 1
to slay a fortnight in the trenches,
burial iu
troublesome proximity, exposed to
rifle, machine gun ar.d cannon fire, ,
always subject lo attack by daj am
night, and with   hostile areoplaues
passing over, di aliug deathly bombs
Just as every officer musi be a gentleman, so must ever* efficient sol-
diet be free Irom   th 1 accusation of
lhe drink failing.    This  is   a hoi)
war and the   highest  ideals   a one
must animate ti'-       v,      I ke part
in it 01; lhe side of  the  allicfi, aud
Some members of the council arc
making themselves ridiculous over
the plank episode, While-it istrtte
that sonic old planks were removed
without permission from the council
which are apparently intended for
private use and should be returned,
yet the planks which Air. Hodgson
got were not removed until he h id
the permission of the Mavor. the
chairman of ihc- board of works
and the bridge foreman, and he
distinctly slated that he wanted to
lay a sidewalk from his place to the
next corner over a bad mud hole,
and would do the- work   at his own
removed by the others without
authority 1 and ii would appear that
011c of the members is actuated bv I
personal spite aud others arc afraid ! with di
their dignity .vill suffer. It would
be more sei ming if thev upheld the
dignity of the mayor and thc chairman of the most important committee of the council instead of hounding theni, ,':���,.'' cin'ly when the latter
had publicly stated that lie gave the
���permission without taking much
thought in the matter, and probably
would not have given it had he
known all  the   facts i"   the case.
The government were putting new
plunks 011 the bridge gratis, ami it only those ideals, nothing less, can
is generally   understood   that anv I bring ultimate victory. | __���, _
waste material belongs  to the con-      ;  Drunks   have   been   and  arc  -
tractors unless specially agreed up-  being weeded out every clay mVic-  toria from  the active service bat-
    talions,   without doubt helped to
.heir downfall by German agents
subsidized by German gold.
I .. KB
Under New Management
Comfortable Rooms
First   Class    Meals
Electric Light Torcughout
Srtictiy ^Moderate   Rates
duly ilie Best Wines anil biquors Stocked
Your Patronage is Respei tful     Solicited
T. Bcothjfrop.
Esquimalt   &   KanaiiEr.-Q   Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday^and
Friday tor Victoria ana  Way Stations
Connecting   ut   t-'aoaimo   wllh ^Princess [.Patricia , for [Vancouver]
RETURNiNG���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to^all parts]]
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Diit. Passenger Accnt, Victoria
Aguit Cimrttuay, Phone It GO
Victoria. B. C.,���Advices reaching the Minister of bands   on conditions in the Lilloet District mention that nineteen fires  have been
reported this season, the area burned over being   in   excess   of   two
tl  itisatld acres, without appreciable
damage to green timber.    In  most
cases   campers  caused   outbreaks
through lack of care.    Tlle burning
-��� . disposal of logging slash this!
Mason has been  very  satisfactory,
three bundled  ai res   ha\ ing  been
cleared up     In ndditii n many permits to settlers to burn   slash   for
the clearing   of   laud   ha- e   been
granted, aud ill no case  has a   fire!
gol away ill any ana und. rpermit, !
Co-opi ration   between   the   forest
Si nice and   Settlers   has   facilialcd
1!. aiii;:.', opt rations, while valuable
aid has been rendeied in the local-,
ion and clearing of ir w trails, and
Uu r< 1 air ol old trail*',    The ac- i
tiviy iu land clearing is   evidenced j
by   the   number  of   fire   permits
granted to dale, namely, 225.    The
season thus fat has been exception i
ally good foi the dr*,   farmer  and
stock raisers, lhe crops of hay and
grain  being  reuiarkablj   fine  and
enci urai iug to lhe newcomers who
have sown small areas this \ear.
Emanuel Lewis, for'nn rly of the
in-in  crew at  lie;,-  . ia    rs,   is in
the Royal Canadian  Re;  ment and
I: tatioi ed at \ ictoria.
jt. is rumoured in shipping circles
that the steamship "Wellington"
which was refitted a few mouths
ago iii order to carrj lumber tu llie
Atlantic Coast, will in future be
used to carry coal from Union Bay
to San Fraucisco,   Bll
We are open to receive applications for the follow-
loans on improved farm proyerty in the Comox
District, First Mortgage Security
$5,000 for 3 years at 8 p. c. interest
$1,000 for 3 years at 9 p. c. interest
$1,000 for 3 years at 10 p. c. interest
IUUIa./ ���{
oinox   Co - Opreative]
has again opened for business ini
Courtenay in the
*\*m ywi'   h mm tv-*
and hopes to merit
a    Share   of    Public   Patronage!
Comox Agricultural & Industrial Exhibitic
The Prizes mentioned below were given too late
to appear in the Regular Prize List
1, Best Colt sired by Dean .Swift, given by J.SUrqtihart, $101
2, Exhibitor winning mosl points in Division E (Poultry) lil
Roll of Wire, close nell, value $5.85, given by Buildef
Supply Co; 2nd, 2 Sucks Darlings Meat Scrap, va!j
$2.15, given by Royal Standard Milling Co,
3, Exhibitor winning most points iii  Division  II   (Field  l'|
duce) case of Low Freezing Stumping Powder, given
Canadian Explosives
4, Exhibitor winning most points in Division K (Floral) l.aJ
Hand Bag, value $4.50, given by Chas. Siuiuis; 2iJ
Ladies Dressing Case, value $3,25, given by RobertsoJ
Drtlg Store
5, Exhibitor  winning most  poinis in   Division I,   (Miscell!
cons) Aluminum Tea Kettle, value $4.00, given by C.
Tarbell & Son
6, One Sack, 49 lbs.,  Royal  Standard Flour given by  Kol
Standard Milling Co , I'm 'the Pest Loaf of Bread uii]
from Royal Standard Flour
7, One   Sack   Wild   Rose  Flour, 24 lbs., for the  Pest   I.oal
Brown Bread, given by the Royal .Standard Milling Ccj
8, Exhibitor winning most points iii  Division M  (Cut Gk|
Dish, value $10, given by McPhee & Morrison
9, Exhibitor winning most points iii Division N (Cut Gift
Bon-Bon Dish, given by James Hornby
The Grain Growers Assobiation will give half a barrel of Pure Molai
value $2, for Ihc  hest luuf of bread  iiiuilc from   "Grain  Gro'l
All Exhibits in Classes li, Poultry; F, Dairy Butter; G, Garden V|
tables; II, Field Produce; I, Fruits; j, Manufacturers; ins to
SOc being charged for each entry; every person purchasing
admission ticket of SOc svill be allowed to exhibit In uny of
above classes by paying the sum ul 10c for each entry
Prize Lists may be had by applying to the Secretary, Courtenay, oi t*\
W.'AVillanl, Cumberland
Do You Know This f
Tested Pastry Flour ���
It is the choice of every careful housewife who
takes pride in her baking. Not alone from the absolute and definite results which it always produces
because it is a British Columbia Flour, the only
Pacliy Flour manufactured in this Province
Tested from every  possible baking  standpoint before it leaves the mill, it carries this guarantee:
"Your Money B**ck I, You Ave
In Any Way Dissatisfied With
On Sale by All Dealers
For Britain's Cause
I On Land and Sea
laid ol mit lathers, al whose call
, We now before Thy foi I itool fall;
j Whose  grace   hath   in.ule   our   I'nipire
I Through  love  of  right,   and  hate of
I In this dark lunir we plead with Thee,
��� For Britain's cause on 1 md an.! sea.
| Not for the lust of war we lielu
Hut for the triumph ol the right
Thestrife we hate is on as thrust,
Our aims arc pure, our cause is just;
Ho strong in faith, we pldutl witii Thee,
' For Britain's cause mi Innd ami sea.
Asleep beneath Thine ample dome
With mnnv a tender dream ul home;
(ir charging in'^the dust an.l glare.
With war-holts hurtling through the air;
lu this dark hour wc plead with Thee,
For Britain's suns un talnl and sea.
If wounded in Uu- dreadful fray,
He Thou the r i ihnl ..mil their stay;
, If dying, may they in their paiii
Behold Uie I..imh lur sinners slain
lu this kail; hour we plead with ihr,
For Britain's sun   on laud and sea.
Ami soon, (l lilc.-scd Prince uf Peace,
Urine in tin- days when war   shall cease,
Anil men ami brothers sh,,!] unite
To iill ihc world with love- and light;
Meanwhile, 0 Lord, we , lead wiih Thee
For Britain's cause un lan 1 ami sea.
Mortgage  Sale  of  Valuable
Conn x   11  C.
Besl Meals No ���.     if N u: uno
Chuii e t Lit'       ��� i    Cigars
C.  A.  Mai tin.   Pro]).
UNDER anil bv virtue uf the powers
contained iu a certain Mortgage,
which will l.e produced ut the time-ot
Site, lie re wil! he offered lor sale by
Public Auction uu Tuesday, the Twenty- I ^���
eighth day ol September,   A. U. 1915, at
the hour ot (;30 o'clock ... the alternhoi, - UVK\ !        MOORlNfl
in tlu ice of Mr. Geowe John   Hardy,   U��-��l>-J.      l\ i.\J *. I J
Auctioneer,     lhe   following    property,
namely; That certain parcel or tract of
land situate in Brili-.h Columbia, more
particularly described is South Half of
Uast Half ni Northi :-i Quarter ol Section Nine, Township Nine, Map 552, ami
contains by admeasurement 4u Acn -
more or less. Abovi property i- - lid to
have frontage mi tin- Puntledge River.
And tlso l.ots It and I- of pa ' ol S. c-
timi ol. Map 311 The Vendor is in-
loruled that Hare is a frame dwelling mi
eai h ol al ove lots, which are said to be
-to leet \ 120 leet each, and to he centrally located in Ih,- Cit) of Courteuay.
TtildS Acreage, l-l cash, balance 6,
IJ ami I.s months; l.ots, l-l cash, balance i) aud 1.; months.
For further particulars am! conditions
of sale apply lu
Union m., Courtenay,
Sjlicitor Im- Mortgagee .
Dated at. Courtenav, il. C. this 16th nay I
of September, A. 1). 1915
General I ' ������"'       '���*
;   - w
Ollolt    Vi I I     I'.-I'M .1 1
UU   i,  i"  It.   - -   b'l 81
���ail.l. STRKET
Paiseo Li ;,y
&F<    3tabl(
Florses and   I
Ti : ��� S
We   also  at. nd   iu   svi
Royal Standard Gram Products
v/slGieSale    Phoae 33> End of Bridge; F. Movilz, Mgr.    ix.etS.ll
give a i
Mrs. II. Moore and Mrs. C.
"On the Field of Honor"
The Publishers ol   The Family Herald
and Weekh Star, Montreal, are making
a strong bid lur   that beautiful   picture, USE and STORAGE
(nil uf pathos, entitled "in: lhe Field of! "pAKE NOTICE thai White Brothers
Honor." tt is assumed the publishers! 4 dumber Company, whose address
Ij nf tiie Family Herald have iu Jinind us-, is Vancouver, 11. C, will apply lor a li-
i ing it as a presentation plate. If that is cense to take and use 7,000 cubic feet
so there is a great treat in store for read-1 per second and tu store 400,0U0 acre feet
ers uf Tlu- Family Herald ami Weekly of water out ol Niinpkish River, whicli
Slur this autumn. In past years Thc flows norllictist and drains inlo Ilrough-
Family Herald of Montreal has been ton Strait, about 3 miles from Alert Bay.
noted nol mil-, for the wonderful excel- The storage dam will he located at
leuce of that journal but for many beau- Siwash Rock, about 2 miles below'the
ti fn 1   picrures   it   has   presented to   its  mouth   of  the hake.    The   capacity   of
       readers.      The   Family    Herald   tins   a   the   reservoir   to   be   created   is   about
name for succeisjling ^in anything it  un-  400,000 acre feet, and it   will flood about
Piercy   derlakes, and we ic-el sure if it is human-   3   I acres o I   land.   Tin-   water   will   he
EJRobt. \\,lli..nsoi.v\l..   ,   ...    . had au en ovable trip to Union Bay   ly possible to Secure "'On the   Field of i iverted   from   the stream   at a point 1
monstiation ol  piano,   giaiiis .mil \i.',r,,���. u,,L\. ������ t���00j0���   Honor" that the publishers will succeed  mile from the mouth of Niinpkish I,ake,
roots ill diflereut soils, and Messrs. 1�� Mr. Martins launch on I uesda*.   n     lU     iL   "0n the Field of Honor',  and  will  he used  for power purposes
Duncan and  Ccckliam will deliver '"'""""
addresses on tne same  subject  al
the Fair at 2 p. 111. en Saturday,
JAS.   v. .0   &    SON
Courtenay Phone 2s
and Pn -- tog
Alteral ���
of e* ery
is   attracting   widespread   attention   iu upon the lands described as  Section
Mr. C.J. Moore,  of Victoria, is  Europe. and 34, Township 15.   This  notice  was
viator in town this week. .  posted on the ground mi tin- .imh day ot
Messrs. George Knight and Jerry  '  rune I!-:.    ���.--:   ��� ���
The Grauby Consolidated Mining  Kentura have returned from Camp-j     (^    P>    OUNDAS
gineltiug uud Power  Co., hits cu        11 River, where they   have been
g for salmon during the sea-
Mr.   Kentura    is
Barrister  and  Solicitor   Nolo
Inspection invited.
tered  into arrangements with the fi ii
Canadian   Collieries  Ltd ,   for the
purchase of about 2000 tons of coke f";,. R r*  1Kel'tu.a   ,ls -W'-Jg  Phone 24
,er u.onih for smelting at Anyox health slowly, having been ordered
l,   . by Ins medtcrl man to live   under
.      ,      ,    ,,    ,. canvas for 11 period.    Upon the ar- P1^t����I- !��;!��,,,
The total receipts lor the Machine ,;���, ,..-,_.,,;, |,,1,. weather he will re- rlftllt  HOW
Gun Fund,   (including $96.03  ou v.���. .  his residence in th? Wilcox  Antirrhinum  '"snapdargon) various
Anniversary  day)   were   5615.31. r The ladies are requested to      Aquilegia   'Columbine] white
Disbursements   were   made   as briug cake Iceland Poppies, yellow
follows-.��� ^ Mr. and Mrs. Robb returned from   Wallflowers, Sutton's Blood Red
Canadian Patriotic Fund. $190.00 Vancouver ou Friday night's boat   I " Fire King Orange
Keturned to .Subscribers 10.00      M;l|eoin  Burnett has joined the I Hollyhocks, Mixed
Overseas Aroeplaue bund       74 19 Frontiersmen, ami left for Victoria I Coreopsis, Large Yellow
Red Cross Account for pur- o;l   Monday, I Alys-um,   yellow
chasing material 123.05      Tho Sister,s of St; Joseph lmve ��� ^
Base Hospital -J50'00 found a strong spring of pure water of MISS GAME, Comox.
Returned r.o Mayor Kilpanck      ^ on their property  across the road
aud Committee 67.S3 fmm the-r jlospjta*   al]d have  in*.
  Stalled a gasoline engine to  pump   0r(lers '-���-*>' be left   with Shepherd
6'5.31 the water to the hospital. & Hornby
The  scholars  of  the  Nob   Hill   .	
C RANTHAM . school are pr -paring a concert to be
  given iu Martin's   Hall on Friday
On Wednesday, September 22, a evening Oct.   tst.   The proceeds;
wekdiug   was   solemnized   iu   St. will be devoted to Red Gross work   1
Mary's   Church, JGrantham, when -rile Nob Hill  children are noted
Elsie, daughter   of  Mr. and   Mrs for their proficieiicy in matters of
Berkenstock, was   married to   Mr. this kind, aud au eujoyable evening
Thomas Beech, sou ot Mr. and Mrs, js *n st0re for those who attend.  A
Wm   Beech. dance  will  beheld afterwards at:
The bride   was attended   by lier wliicb tlie ladies  will  furnish tlie
maid of honour, Mi.ss Rosalie Wil- refreshment*,
Hams, aildjjtwo little   flower   fii-tls,       Mr   C. J. B.  Ward had a  visit   Minister of Public works, up to 12 o'clock
the  Misses   florenee and    Uanuan from his brother who is an officer   noon of Tuesday, the 21st  day of  Sep-
Winger. on the steamer "Civilian" which is  tember, 1915, for the erection  am! com
The bride's   dress was of   white *��� port at Vancouver, and whom he   l',ielli,"" ��f n la.*'Ke ��"e'r�� "''"""J-11"1'"''
���11 1   ��� .,,,,1     alia   ,xic\ra      a   lo't.. ,       i r 'll   KOVStoll,     III     tlle     lolttox     h.leClornl
Silk and lace and  she wore      tune had  not seen  for some years,  011  District
June 1915. A copy of this nbtu
application pursuant thereto ami to the
"Water Act 1914" will be filed iu llie
office ot the Water Recorder ai Victoria,
1',. C, and with the Comptroller of
P. 0. Box 209 .Water  Rights at   Victoria, B., C.     Ob-
/-.       . ' jections to the application may   he filed
���^OUrtenay   ���;,], lh��� ,,.lia yValer Kecorder or with Ule
���     -   Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Vicloria, I!. C, within
alter the lirst appearance of this
lottce in a local newspaper. Tlie date
it the first publication ol this notice is
ITiursday, August 26, 1915.
vViutk Huns. 1/UMHKR Company,
Ily W. II. While, Agent
Phone 17
When   *
Have Go;
B -   uiui
from thi   '.
W.   1-   Gi     I
845, 8th A
���    0,    ���
TAKE NOTICK thai While Brothers
I umber Company, whose address
si Vancouver, II. C, will apply for a licence to take and use 50 cubic leet per
second of water out uf I-Cokisb River,
whicli (lows northward ami drains into
Beaver Cove, about ! miles southwest of
Alert Hay. The water will be diverted
from the stream at a point about 1 1-4
miles (rum the mouth uf the river and
will be used (ur douiestic ami manufacturing pin poses upon the land described
as I,ot .'. al Beavi r Cove, Rupert District, Vnucouvei Island. Thi., notice
was posted ou the ground on tlle 30th
day of June 1915. A copy of this notice
and an application pursuant thereli
to the "Water Act 1914" will k lil -: il
the ollice of the Water Recorder at Victoria, 11. C, and with the Comptroller
of Water Rights ai Victoria, B. C. Ob-
jections to the application may he tiled
with the said Water Kecorder or the
Comptroller of Waler Rights, Paliatuenl
Buildings, Victoria, II, C, within 30
days after the first appearance of tin..
notice in a local newspapr, The dale ol
Hie first publication of this notice is
Thursday, August .'',, 1915.
V.'iiiri; Buos. l.i.Miii-.K Company,
Hv W. II. White, Agent
10     1
Not fo I
The forniei . ���
sary   when
Courtenay I
andby reaso i t
man}' votari
habil    i
W. Aitken
Oppo   silrt iv.  i :
veil with orange blossoms, Sunday, He came up by the morn-     Plans,   snecificatious,   contract,   ami
The   service   Mas  attended by a  ing's boat, returning iu the  after- forms of tender may  he sen  ou   and
Urge number ot friends, and as tiie  noon **(ter "���*���3"' ''''-v "' SePlem,)er, 1915, at
i ... i    i r,   it,o   oion-oh ih,. the office of Mr,   |.   Baird, Government
liati iv eon de    '-11.  the   cliiucii tne - -��.    s^��   .-��� . .      ,   ,,     ,    ,   J,   ,,    ,   ,.-        ..
""it- l'    . .        ,,      ,, Agent, Ciiinlicrl.niil; Mr. |. kirup, (,u\-
wedding marcu wa piajea Dy Mrs, Notts on Germany emment Agent, Nana! ; Mr. J.  Ma-
Laycock,   t honey, Government Agent,  Vancouver,
��������  Foi    of Government: Unbearable, and the Department of   Public   Works,
comox i,;���;.'c'-h'':;;:iP,'mvi'liam llR'''"u     ���* ������pp**'-<*-*��** i- "- -^-^""h
"���,    i',1   !    ���   ���    i ,���     -    ,��� contractors may obtain   a  copy  of  the Tothk   R/
Dynasty: Oldest crunitml line in   I-.ur- pinlls nll,i specifications for tlie   sum ol
,. .. Un dollars, i .-lu,) or a  marked checluc   TyTciTICI
";1 '" for same amount, which will be refund-
ed on their return in good order. t��xes hssheen extended to   the 31st dav
j:y a.a
Public Notice
U1M .    as   ol   Till
Coi ;   i'.nav
The Harvest Thanksgiving se c\ma
vices at Lazo Mission on Sunday p0puIi
were   well attended, and    the llftll   the day before
NOTICE   is   hereby   given   thai the
period for all.wing  rebate on tlie
Stationery,    *���
Toilet   '       '
Hair Brushes,
bone, etc..
'*-       , ,   ���      -i-i,  ,.������.���..      C'o.n'nosiiion. Alioul  ;   niilliuii  honesi       ��acu proposal  must  nc  ucconipauien  of October,    Anv   person   pav ng  taxes
was prettily decotatea.    1 here was     ^ a      t i      a ,  n���n b,,u t b  M mri.|iU.(1 |rmk cheqtttorcel.tlficate      ���,. be(ore lmt i,       .,   -b ��� Photojrri.nh!
appropriate   music.      Mrs.   Cray  Z'Vtom othel nMoM   ""  rLSt   lu'   of deposit onj.cliartered bank  of Can- the rebate of te*i per cent, on the gener- r��gP
laug Ihe   Harvest
very i liccUvely
Harvest  Thanksgiving
will be-
next Sunday. The decorating com-     Empire: Utter to Colonies to he ad
miltee   will   receive  donations   uf  dressed c. o. John null
(loweis an.l fruit al any lime.
Finance: Imaginary,
Army: Away dying lur the Raiser.
Navy: No information yet.I , ,,    .,,,���,       ;,    ��� , ,,  ,.;
held at St, Peter's church  ^ommerce; I,ot quite what it  used  io  aecUlle to enter into contract when called
iiixiu to do so, or i( he (ails Lo complete   **"""*
the work contracted  fur.    The cheques !
or certificates nf deposit of unsuccessful
:ula, made pawihlc   to   Ihc   llonourahle al ta
the Minister of Public Works, (or a sum \y, ..\. VV, HAMES
equal to 20 per cent,   of   tender,    whicli c*it\- Clerk-
hall he forfeited if the  party  tendering Dated at Coirtenay, Sept.. 23, 1915,
services will be: Matins and Holy
Communion at n, Evensong at
7.30 and Sunday School at 2 p. 1:,.
A merchant over a hundred miles   [
from Winnipeg has a customer wbo  ^
generously helps himself lo all lhe
good things insight  whenever he
enters the store.   When remonstrated witb lie retorted that so long as  \J*\y\
there were no signs ".hands ofi" he
would continue to help himself
Mr, aud Mrs. C. A. Martin, Mrs.
Agricultural Hall
tenderers will he returned to theni upon 	
the execution of the contract,
Tenders will nol he considered unless QEADED TENDERS to move and remade out 011 thc forms supplied, signed 1 O set the Did School Building, Grant-
with the actual signature- of ihc tenderer, 'ham, II. C, will he received by the un-
and enclosei in the envelopes furnished-1 dersigned up to 6 o'clock p. ut. on Mon
The lowest or anv tender not necessar | day October -I, 1915. Also sealed tenders
ily accepted. for digging and cribbing  a  well will be
]. E. GRIFFITH, received by the Secretary of the  Schuol
Deputy Minister and  Public Works Board up to the above time. F!v-1-   ft-**
I.uwesl nr any   lender not   necessarily   * " Ol-1.-*   !
Engineer, Public works Department,
Victoria, Ii. C, September 1st, 1915.  accepted.
.,,. >     For furth.cr particulars apply to
Drue St
Advertise In The Review
Sec. Grauthani School Board
Hot Water
Sandwick, 11. C   Phone 9
������- / THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C
{The Mystery
of Ihc
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   &   Co.   Limited
.,, London,  Melbourne and Tcrouto j
round a  daisy  throne, bul none to compare with that
ihc    damask   woman   who  sat   Hashing  her lovely
eyes round the tabic.
(To hn Continued)
ih oli'r v
Peculiarities of Alfalfa
ICoutinui ai
".Mrs. Mai d< esi 'I look like an invalid." she said,
"She doesn't, u is tor heart. Anv
sudden excitement mlghl he ratal to
her. Is ii nm strange that I have tlto
seeds of the same complaint?"
"You, Marlon. 1 never heard lhat
before.   And you are lure!"
"Oh, yes, I nm here. A had place
tor heart troubles, yon would say. But
I am young and strong, i merely made
the remark- perhaps ii would have
been better hud 1 not said anything
about It."
.Mrs. .May was talking, She protested ngalnsl the trouble she was
causing. Indeed, there was no reason
why she should not have gone back to
lar farm, still, her kind friends were
so very pressing she could stay the
night. Bill she must be up and away
early iii the morning. She had pressing business, tiresome law business, to
tee to in Vork.
"And now I am not going lo keep
you up any longer," she said with a
brilliant smile. "Vou will help me upstairs?    Will you, dear?''
She had risen to her feet and approached Marlon. The girl seemed to
shrink back; it looked as if she was
Icing dragged Into some painful undertaking. Then lhe natural sweetness of her disposition conquered her
"If you think l can manage it," she
Mrs. .May hobbled upstairs, leaning
on Marion's shoulder, elm 11 ing gaily.
The lutter helped her Into the room
Bet apart for the Involuntary guest
and al a sign closed the door. ,\il her
smiles ami pretty feminine blandishments vanished; her eves were dark
and hard; her manner was cold and
"You tool," hissed Mrs. .May. "This
1- a nice thing you have done!"
Marion smiled wearily. She seemed
to have suddenly fallen under the
mantle of years, sin- dropped Into a
chair like somebody old and weary.
"Whal   lane  I  done?"  she asked.
"I'nllon iu hive wiih Geoffrey Ravon-
The words came like a blow, Marion
staggered under theni.
��� I deny il." she said weakly. U is
"It i.s true, yoll Idiot. Yuu an- blushing like a rose. And tonight, when
that fiend Tehigorsky played lhal
fool's trick upon us you had no eyes
for any nne bill (leoffrey. Frightened
as 1 v.ns. 1 could see that. Vour looks
betrayed you. Whnt are you going to
do nhoiil it?"
Marion shook her head sadly. Never
had any one al Ravenspur ever seen
!n r look so forlorn und dejected as
she did at ihis moment.
'I don't know," she said hopelessly. I know whal I ought to
ilo. I ought to kill you and
throw myself Into tha sea afterwards,
Why should I go on leading iny present life? Why should I shield yon?
What are vou.' Whnl arc you lo
"Von  dare ask   ine  thai   i|iteslion'.'"
"Oh, I dare on* thing 111 my present
mood. Slill, I am in your power. You
have only in sa\ lhe word nnd it is
"Then why do yon lake every means
ui thwarting me?"
Marlon ruse and crossed over lo ihc
iloor. Her in-, were shining, 'there
was a < er;; in restless motion of her
"Take care," she whispered ' Don'l
drive me loo far Oh, if l could onlj
live Un- last four \ ours of my Iif" ovei*
ie nin!''
A Leaf From the P.-.ot
Ralph llnvonspur, with Tehigorsky
ninl cieol'l'rey, set smoking in ihe billiard room itniii Vera came in to say
good-nigh I nnd drive them off u> hod.
As they were about to separate al the
head of lite stall's Halph gave them a
sign lo follow hlni.
���'Coiiie to my room for half an hour,"
lie  mill.
The others complied. Tehigorsky
slipped away I'm- a while, and on his
return he laid lhe end of a long silk
thread on   the  while  lahlecovcr.
"Pari of n little scheme," lie said.
"This is one end of tho silk thread,
where the olher end i.s matters nothing for the present. Halph. everybody
has retired;'"
"Everybody," Ralph  replied us lie
filled his pipe.
"1 fancy you suid lhal. no servants
sleep in lho house.''
"They have not done so for a long
lime" Geoffrey explained. "Not that
we entertain the least suspicion ot
any of them, We merely made the
change for safety's sake."
Tehigorsky nodded his approval. He
arranged the silk thread neatly on the
table, coiling llu
pattern   worked
' For  .Mrs.   Mai's   henelil'.
"Precisely," Tehigorsky said gravely     "I   take a greal   interest   in  111 r."
(leoffrey smoked a whole cigarette
before he spoke again.
Ily  Hie  way." he exclatuied,  "who
and whal  is Airs. May?"
"The devil fairly disguised." Halph
croaked, "A beautiful Mephlatopheles,
a  fascinating Beelzebub, a dark-eyed
'" li''' nulled   un ohokln,   wllh  -,11  ���,,.,     ���',!'"''l'>    Pla"ta "aw-''power   w'iihii, ' nTs�� Wlto" Imvo' concluded   Uiat'T'oumi- I "f  !"'*'," ,|""' ��'iis Ihirly-six cent-,
it.   pulled up choking wn.i all-con-       t      ���   ,t ,      themselves to  ful   Utah   was wlselv named                At   ""'  Uote   "''  sl'0"*'*   lmvo  >>*"
sinning rage.   I lis arm was sa w mg Hie ;        .. . llll, UIBI1, was Wisei)   named.                 ' | wi lie dollars for litem.    Anolher sn*
air as If feeling for the white throat      ,��� '.;     '        ,,, ,, ,,.    .   .                      Several  years  ago    P.   .!.  Sund-iv   ;���,, ^,,- 3; 11 t;4
of his lovelv foe                                   ,       ��� ,   ,   '' !. 1'"':l " ' . (':l7 t0  moved with his family from Kansas to      -m-v,,,,,,,' n',lal.|> ���r animal, ,.���j  ,,.
he   ins ed   bv  ai lire  emanating    rum    . ���    ,       v. . . , ���, , ' ' "'tl   oil.His   ol   squasu   cost   lis
1    "    x"                '"   lorty-Hve cents. If bought at the ston
Ihey   would   bav.'  eosl   ffL'.-.T,;   savins
$1.80.   Twenty-six quart** of beets cos:
us seventy-eight cents;   l don't knoi*
.  .what Ihey sell  for at  the store. Ant
, .ng   with   boys    and   girls    tin us rial   . i,,,.,,.,,,,   mm Ha   ,,r . ,,,., i-i    i,.n,i,,r ,.���,,
manv    eiirn-bel       arm   rs    hale    null e      ,,.,,,.,��� ���      , inn it en   <|il.ut->   ol   ..man,   lender   car
,.,,.,.,        ..j,,,   ,,,,,        li,llll.l,-.       11,1,1 III,oil ..Mil,.-     in     I    i ������ 1,     1,.      , , ,., ,    .,     .-,,,,rl,i    ,.-,i,ii,,,r .    . .
lhe mistake  of lettlns their enn, ret     , , ,    ,      ,l       M    ':""' "M nils   cost   lis   lliirly-iimo   edits.     Tin
11      Lr��P..?.eH demonstration had been ma n thnl i ���,..,.,.  u���..sll-,   ���.���  carrots. Fori*
'I hen he got the department ol I olg| arla   ot cat8llp ,.ust ,,,, ,,,,.,;,
Canning A Living
illy William    Harper   Dean,    iu ihe.'or Included.    Total cost    $2.70.    W-
now to  Determine the Proper Timel Country Gentleman) saved*13.60."
for Cuttin9 This i.s lusl a tilth- ston uf how a     "T��ciiiythr,'e quarts or asparagiu
Climatic   soil   conditions   frequeut-   man  and   his  wife  have "solved   bigU,'r/'    '"" ">' ;'.! " l"ll'> ,��' Ul,ne;*
;y modify or alter the characters of  prol ns; how a family of twelve is I ce��a a quart.   \\.��� Bavei.1 $3.91.
lertaln   plants.    Presumably   Ihls   Is  getting tho best things out ot life at  ,    V"1'        ,      ,'���    '" ll"'on  Bathent
i   provision   on     lhe   pari   of   nature   less Ihan eosl;  and whv thc man and ' 'va}\* ""'"''f ol   mushrooms.    All ir
lead*   ihere" Tchigorskv mutter- '" ,"'"*'*'' "���* 1""",r,,'""l"""1,5 "*"���* l Utah.   Now Sanders has ien children
ed.   "Stead'  Rail ny Send  shall J^V���^8 "''""Jul0 "'e. ,��� of his own und some thirteen hundre-1
we enlighten Muster Geoffrey a little ' ,   " "ls  ""   <:'T    'he westerner  belonging to other people.    Vou soo,
as to the kind of TOmau she is?'1 S,�� Jstic0U8t?)mecl1,t0 n ligllt, '''""': he's the big, smiling daddy of ruth's
... I., im imiiii .iii,,,. ..j. f.,1   watches   tho   blossom or boom Lnw .,,,,i SLtn< ,.i,,,-    n��� ��.����� ���,���]
Ralph nodded over his pipe. .,���,,,   taWn     th ,r D,     | boys and girls clubs,   He was wotk-
"II   yuu   like,     he   suid.     "Only   lhe
tale sliall be yours.   When l come to
think of It, I go oul of my mind  as I ,(1() f     advance,, before cut; ..-.
did   ha    nighl   in the  Back   Valley. ,,,���.,,��� |a ���ol .( ,.,,.,     lfle ,��� ||H, co(
Tell him, Tehigorsky;  lell him  by nil   jje|.    ,
means���bul not a" "
JgriCltltUre'S   canning     eXPOI't,     (>.   11. ' ,,.,,;.    ,.,..     ��� .,,,,,,.,   nn   tin    i'      l,v>
i   uiucli   heller    on-   being   lhe   ,,',���,.���    ,���   ���iv���   ,,.���,   ,���,,,' ,,��� '..������..,..    ',' "s " l|"'"1-  *"ml|o  us jflU.BS.    I'or
.   .i i   i,    '''" ""��� '"    il(   '" '  one uemonstia-  nils eatsnp wo iiboiI small tomatoes
u,eaus-ou  ne, a ,. growth  that makes its    appearance     .T ,{,,". .?,*'
,.,. A>-;,'-v-.  shah knew where to leave I          ,,������, u                         \] fon.
oil.     Ill  sil   here  where   I  cun   wat'-h       .,   ,���  .,   ..:,������i��� ��� ..���,i���.,   ''"<cue.ni   cu i.
. ,       , , ll   is  ll  simple  muller lo delerinit..
he table.   I am interested in that si k juS|   ��-���������  nlfalftt    hould  ,���.  ,.,���   u
thread.   So long as it remains simply observJng  Ulese   V(1UI1    ,|������ll:,     SVe
coiled up ihere I can go on  talking. d0 ���,���   ,;c,|.,,. ,���   '   ]K;       k ,,,.,,
\\ hen il nioves-
on. tlgll,    Sanders has
inning in Davis county
i wliieh eosl   us  nothing.
'Chill sauce is good, espeeially wliei.
ovor since. I it   ,.���sls j,,K1   sevonly-lwo    cents  lot
".\ow, iiii n," said Sanders    lo bis  sevonly-l'our quarts.    And Ihere wen
wife. "I've been studying balanced ra-1 seventy-two    quarts     of     preserved
,sometimes grow spiudlingly alongside  li""s r"1' l'1""1 alli"l,lls '""" enough    plums,   peaches,   ami   apricots;   I'our
'You  are  wasting nine.    Geoffrey 0(    (|1(,    (l|l(  K|,,,lls    Btty*  ,1,,,  j0Wft; 1 m going In for balanced rations lor bushels of apples l'or breakfast dishes;
suggested. Homestead    but    rather  to the new   "lis "unity of ours.   I'm showing lho  llfteon quarts of upple-ple Oiling, lil
"True. Ihu io muke amends I um i,nds that' break 'mil 'periodically club girls how it's done; let's organize j teen quarts for apple dumplings; am)
aoing to Interest vou from ihe verv innn the old root When tnis growth ll"other litlle club and call it 'Bounti- thirty-two iiuarls of Bartlett pours. Or.
outset. Doubtless you are curious (o ! ranges in length anvwhere from Iwo fnl' for luc*!* ''''' s Priu;tic8 wlia' ' '" I these things our saving amounted te
know the meaning of those scars on I to four inches it is 'then tlmo to cm   preaching." I nbout fifty per cent, Eighty-two quart*
my   fa.c   and   on   ilia   face  of  your  the crop     in  Un- lirsl   place   alfalfa;    '-''"-���'' llld- nntl J"sl  "' demonstrate  of rhubarb eosl us five cents a quart
uncle.    Lately he 1ms managed arils-  will cure inlo a -palatald id nuiri-   1,ow t,liK family has solved lhe rood   Wo saved $4.10 on this.
ttcally in disguise liis for reasons that : lions hav ij, ii is cut before lhe Minis   probelm, how u  lives on iresh vege-      "We lnul kept forty spring cockerel-
wilt appear later. There wns limiting get woody and furthermore if the tables "" sPrln�� chicken (luring tin until October, when we wero offered
to gain by hiding mine and pretty ugly cutting is done so thai the voting '*'lnt8r months, I'll give you Sanders' forty cents apiece l'or theni. But Into
they are Lsboois  are  noi   severed   iliis   means  own aoco,mt' ot what they accomplish-  the glass jars they went���the whole
"These scars were branded on  us  that the next crop will come on with-  ed  lttst ���v''"r'l    Remember, lie has a  forty,   if we had kepi them until now
hoth at the same time by the priests  out delay. very small place just on the edge ol ,  hey would have eat,-,, the,,- heads off
of the great temple In the hills beyond I    It Is quite true that early cutting M-0^1!'     .,    ,     , , ..,        because of the lugh prico of feed. But
Lassa. Three of us had penetrated sometimes involves a difficult task '-My wlc da ig.ner and myself look , insiead ,,1 our ieeduig them they art-
ihere, bul the oil,,-,- one k���t,v nothing I In .cuing out Uie hay. hecause i,  is; chaw ol  s ocking   he tarter,   .aid (  eeding  iis-����, 1  Incidentally  saving
"Of course,    some   of the  us sixteen*dollars
of the mysteries of Buddha, for ihe; quite succulent at the time the new, , , . , , ,. ,
simple reason that he was the sen-ant shoots begin to make iheir start in youngsters; helped when they were not "In Bacember, when quite a nun-beef vour uncle-one Elphick by name. ! life but, all things considered, it will '��. whool, but the three oi us did most I of our fruii jars were empty, we killed
Elphick is doing good work for us j pay to cut rather than delay. If for 0l \\e W��.rk- vlu" we were lire,,, h ; three hogs and canned in glass jar*
elsewhere, but you shall see him in any reason the second or third cr0Pi and took inventory of our food supply 215 pounds of their meat���sausage,
lime. as lhe case may be, should make a������ - 	
"Now. these Iwo men. who hud dls- growth of live or six inches before
gulsed themselves as Buddhist priests, l"1-' preceding crop is removed, Ihen |
and had penetrated all the mysteries tho cutter bar should he placed high j
of that mosi mysterious creed, and enough so that the buds of the new |
had made a boast two years before at crop wil not he cut. It is better |
Lahore of what they meant to do. And to 1('av-' �� portion of the old stems |
lhe words of iheir vapouring were car- on the lirst crop rather than risk in- ,
ried io the ears of n woman who was terferlng with the growth nf ilu- sue-
a Brahmin, though  ii  appeared as if  ceodlng crop.
she had abandoned  her religion  and      As to  the condition  of Ihc  bloom
had married an Englishman. or blossom, instances have been eall-
"Tltis Englishman hnd been to Las- ed to our munition where alfalfa has
sa himself, and, when a girl, his wife j reached the proper stage to cut with-}
had fallen in love with him and he out showing any signs of blooming,
married her. There was a good deal Thus it can he easily understood bow
id' scandal about it at lhe time, but a blunder might he made and one
ihere are so many scandals in India cutting thereby lost if one waited un-
that Ihls one was qu.ckly buried under til fie customary one-tenth of the
it layer of oilier scandals.   Some suid j !,lli,lls were in blossom.
linn thai officer hud managed to pick ! 	
up   some  of the  holies,   mysteries  of J)on't   Qrow  \yeeds
Buddha, und that the lovely native had
married him to close Ills lips. Certain-! ~~~~'
ly. lie would never speak of Lassa and | Every Precaution Should be Taken to
when the place was mentioned he al- Rid   Premises   of   Weeds
ways showed signs of agitation. [    Tbo unsightly  weed  patches about I
"Well, we went. We were not afraid,  the premises should be cut down bo-j
Hoth of us knew the east, wc spoke  fore they seed lo make ranker crops
many languages, we could assume any   f0r next'year.    Such weeds as spring
disguise.   And in a short lime, as lion-1 up in the corners, nooks and unculti-
ored pilgrims from a far land, we were vated spots about the house and im-;
free of lhe holy temple in the hills be-j mediate   premises   are   offensive   In��� ��� -    	
yond Lassa.   Soon we were picking up I Inore ways than thai of being unsigllt-1 we tound more t|,a��� ,|0(l ������.���.,, of V(
the mysterie0 ���-������ ������ ���-'- '���'������'��� ' - ���'  '
his Family of Twelve are Living   on   the   Best   the   Land   Affords
���and Living   Cheaply.
tne mysteries. My; ihey furnish hiding places l'or ver- Ltablos, more than BOO quails of-fruit,
Are there any mysteries?  Geoffrey mln. forty   s���ri���g    chickens,    uinety-two
asked j   The most expeditious way to rid the LUarts of spare ribs .tenderloin, pork
Ralph gave a quick harking laugh ihe premises of these weeds is to use chops headcheese and sausage Mid
like the snap of n pislol shut. All this the .scythe where they eau be tlius 80 lin'. .ls my famj|y was concerned 1
time, his grave, wooden smile never reached.   Where the scythe cannot be L-idn't care whether tbe cost of living
*'���-' 'V-''1!,'    Utilized the pruning hook or boa may  ato0(* still or soared.    Wc have ours!
Ay,     Iclngoisky   went   un.   "nivs-   be  brought   inlo   service;     ur.     with       ....        ,,���-.,,���,,.... ,, .,,, w���,.|..���i ,,���,
tcries:    The things we saw and  the gloved hands to prevenl poisoning, the I      *���> *��*' , ��    ' ,;' ,���   ��
UTo Zo\^!nl^ZrW ""   "'! ��"'" ^Ort. at loss than cos,-   I'll tell
things  we learnt   would  have driven
many    a stroug man  mad.    Occult.
headcheese, pork chops, tenderloin
and ham. Besides this we have lifly
pounds of ham put up fresh in a large
crock now filled wllh fried meal, covered with lard and sealed with paraffin,
'This is all fresh for summer use
and only needs wanning iu order id
liave 11 ready to serve l'or meals.
"Our cow gave ns 11,0110 pounds Of
���I" per cent, milk during the year jnsi
11 .' ' ���        i    ���       lilllli       11 -1   11, >  ' *   i    11 i i ' I!   (-        ll      Mi ,1 MM     I     i    : 11        ��� ( ,i . . i     .     . ,. ,       . i i   >     , . ��� ���      i
sciences: Whal do we know of Ihem? If after being thus disposed of. ' J0" A-xaA [*��� "'"'" t'I0' '"��,"""",1 "Ao'.osetl; ehtehrns are taymy, sixly e^i
I tell you the greatest man.who walks then Is any considerable, covering of ����di?.^'.L**8 "?', "Kc our i,,inat���,.s, | a day now; and crop prospects ur��
the earth, a whole reglmenl of the im-: he weeds on the ground thoy should   !"   e*Bm,p11?'    /U    ,0 "'.'"''','���'  T    : sooa'
esi nelen Mi In Europe, would l���- ��� (,,, P8move< from the yard or premises. ��W vould have cos tie elgh dollars i "The wi r may continue, butcher
set of chattering monkeys alongside a ! s thoy will create a slime in decaying  A ?"" oi tomatces means aboul two  shop.-; may close and gardens may rail
t his. priest.   We have see,, ihe, ,,d give ���,��� a disagreeable odor. This  Poumls o  the vegotablo, costing one Uul    unless the ihle   makes a haul
ead rise iron, their graves and heard | mass may be thrown ov.-r some plo: ' <""v: !in'] ,11" ll11";' �����.��' '''" Mnt'i; from our unlocked cellar we shall no
hem spouk, We came near to learn of ground provided the cutting Ms ; m"1: "��" "'"J1 c��,\ ul "^ cen S B w(���-ry. We'll eat on and on. And well
he secrel of eternal life. And yel ever- bee? don' before the seeds formed. g"0'.-' .'"' ani;f/^e1Rtl,,n,,n,^n?0 n l," " '""""'T'1 ?' ?"' """V"/ '*
istlng life and ihe unveiling of the     Thoy will thus form a coating that J?:��B'    Wo sav**t* *"''" "" tomi>to��s  cheapest and yet lho host thai Hit
future   woulil   nol   lempl    me   therolwlll enrich the soil, us the nitrogen  -1'"111'' land affords
again." and carbon thoy havo gathered will in     "We    pul up eighty-live quarts ol      -wc have  made  Ihc  Hide thing'
Ti'iiigorsky's volco had fallen lo'a a measure be returned lo the earth.��� sugar corn, and It's as good as the count, you know; and they toll me ll'i
harsh whisper. As Geoffrey glanced al | Farm Life, t lu'sl. ,'0!1 ''""  bny.���At_the store .it | the little things that make fur content
Ralph he saw tiun  iho latter's face
was bathed  In a  profound  perspiration.
"We wero thus situated for somo
months," Tehigorsky resumed. "Gradually every uivsi.r'y connected with
life and death were opening lift before
you saw  the  Dardanelles,  llten'.'
Brown���Ita ther!
,Iones���And the Carpathians?
Brown���Certainly! Why, the missus
us, aud tho secret of universal know-i and me dined with them both in I'ari.:.
ledge was within our grasp. Then one
f would   have  cost   $29-76;   ours  cost and discontent.   This family of our*
Jones      ito   Brown,   who   hus   been   $11.05.    Wc saved $18,70 on our corn, begins with baby sister, who bas been
boasting  ot  his  travels)���!   suppose      "Wc cjidn't raise it;  we bought It       ......... ...
ind  paid a high  price  lor it too.    It
day there was a commotion In ilu
city, and we found lhat there was no
lie a great feasl in honor of a princess
of the royal blood who had come hack
lo Lasso after a long pilgrimage. We
were bidden to thai le.isl and had
places of honor near the seat of the
"She came in presently, gorgeously
atiired in flowing robes and strings of
diamonds and emeralds in her hair.
She was a magnificent creature. I
have seen many a i.alive queen on lier
Disraeli is said io have remarked:
"When I meet a man whose name I cannot remember I give myself two minutes. Then, if if he a hopeless case,
I always say. 'And how i.s the old complaint?'"
"How  long  have    ihey  been   mar-
cost us ten cents a dozen curs and a
dozen ears cut from the cob just filled
u quart jar. Sometimes eight ears
would (ill the quart, bill the average
was twelve. Each quart cost us thirteen cents���ten cents for lhe corn and
Ihreo cents ofr labor and fuel. The
best corn sells her for twenty cents
a can. two for thirty-live cents. We
should have bought our corn when it
was cheaper���about seven cents���and
made a greater saving.
"We put up 150 quarts of stl'lnglesa
beans on shares, our share being seventy-live quarts,    Wc saved $7.12 on
"About live years."
"Did she make bim a good wife?"! this Item.
"But; but sbe made him an awfully      "Our liriy-four quarts of peas cost, us
good husband." | five cents a quart; peas, fuel and lab-
n Bountiful jusl four weeks, and ruin
tip lo big brother���Just turning hit
twenty-first year. Five years agn
when twins came to ils, oue of tin
youngsters decided that oue of then
jusl must he sold Io the junk man. I
guess he thought there wasn't enougl
food to go round.
"But we have not one lo spar*-
We'ro healthy and happy. We've mail-
the little things count in every chapter of our lives. And we're content!'
You can obtain further particular-
by sending a post curd lo S. E. Greets
way. depart ment of agriculture, TJiu
versity. Saskatoon, or Prof. 0. H. Let
Agricultural College, Winnipeg. Mat..,
whichever happens to be in your district.
W. N. U- 1066
Red RoseTfA-sgoodtea THE    REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C
Your Liver
is Clogged up
Th��t*�� Why  You'ro Tirea���Out of
Sorts���Hate no Appetite.
will nut you rij
in a few dey
Theji do
their du'y.
Biliousness, Indigestion, and Siik Headache.
Small rill. Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine mint bear Signature
One Can Save
Energy and Temper
H\ Using- Onlv
They will nol miss I'irc if
Properly Held and Struck on
Hough .Surface- -Every Slick
is a Match���ami Every Match
A Sure, Safe
About Fossils
Nature'3 Way of Preserving Evidence
of the Life That Existed in the
Dim Past
Pew  people    value  fossils al  tlieir
proper worth, because*bul   very tew
know anything utiout them. Sometimes
an Irreverent youngster mav be heard
to designate some one of conservative
tendencies as " a regular   oiii fossil,"
little knowing what he Is talking about
or  m  how   beautiful  and  strange  a
child of mil uro he is referring. Rightly viewed, a fossil is a historical ilocu-
nicnt carved In tables of sum.', of unimpeachable  veracltj  and almost  Incredible age.    To htm who lias, eyes
io see a fossil will unfold a lule, so
I interesting  thai   few  other  histories
can  vie  wiih  il. and  so    old  Iliut   it
I laughs at such mere human attempts
las  tlie  pyramids, or Hie  palaces  of
I Babylon, as things of yesterday.    It
| is as If nature betllOllglll  herself how
I perishable all her work is; types van-
: [sh, speeie mid genera disappear and
I are ns if they never hud been, yel shell
something be saved for future generations in see what weni before them.
Thinking iims. nature looks around
and makes a generous selection, here
a reptile eighty teel in length, there
a creature lhal only the mtcroscop9
i-iii iv\onl to mortal e>es, now a huge
' live trunk ami tben a flliny Corn, a butterfly's wing, a horny crab, an egg, a
, seed, or a delicate Mower petal, nothing is Ion .small or too great, if ill-
deed nature is aware of such dlstinc-
I inns
Then Blithe model
' inii-ht   tlo
. lhe
WEAK, TIRED, DEPRESSED'    The citv That was
New and Second Hand Safes
Some tins new and second-hand
bates. Cash Registers, Computi:.s
Scales, elc, cheap. 1". H. Robinson,
50 Princess street, Winnipeg.
For   Your   Children
It sootlu-.s tlm Child,
Mliiys llle  Pain,  l)iS|ii
is  the Best  Kemedy
fn ns ilu- I
Wind lYilii
mim-FivE cents a Born.'.
sets in work. 1 Ol  to copy
as a sculptor or n painter
tin, she patiently removes
whole structure, grain by grain,
nl om by atom, here a little and Ihere a
little, and as each molecule Is remove l
she replaces tho perishable substance
by something far more durable, using
whal ever sh:- has at hand --lime, sand
or clay, to be afterwards halted and
pressed In her laboratory for many
thousand years. Each minute atom is
replaced hy another of its own exact
form and size. This process is carried
out faithfully throughout the entire
structure, nothing is scamped, tlie
mosl delicate liluinsnl is exactly reproduced, every curve or angle is as clear
as in the original. When all is finished, tliere is, let us say, un elegant ammonite or a dainty frond of seaweed,
as exact a copy of the original ns any
photograph could produce, and saying
plainly to those who have cars to hear,
"Though you have found me at ihe top
of ii high mountain yel these rocks
that I now Inhabit were onee at tho
bottom of a deep sea and though there
is nothing existing loday that is like
me, yet untold myriads of my brethren
lived with me and peopled the seas."
Tiie same voice cries aloud from the
huge brontosurtis or tha queer pter-
otlacylly. as from the tiniest seed or
most delicate feather. "We guard tlie
past." il cries, "we tell the history of
what has been, we are the witnesses
of tilings long passed away but we can
only speak to those who are able to
That is the Usual Condition
ol' Persons Alliicted with
Anaemia is tin- medical term fori
poor, watery blood, li may arise
from a variety' of causes, such as lack
of exercise, hard study, improperly
ventilated rooms or workshops, pom-
dig,-si imi. eie. The chief symptoms
are extreme pallor of tlie laee and
gums, rapid breathing and palpitation of ihe heari afier slight exertion,
headaches, dizziness and a tendency
in hysteria, swelling of the feel and
linihs and a dislasle for food. All I
these symptoms may not he present.
but any of ihcm Indicate anaemia
wlihh should be promptly treated
wiih Dr. Williams' l'ink l'ills. These
l'ills   make   new,     rich   blood     whieb |
stimulates and strengthens every organ aiul every par   of the body, Dr- j
Williams   l'ink l'ills have made thousands "I aenaemlc people bright, active j
and sluing.    The  following is one oft
tlie  many  cures.     .Mrs.   Phillips,  wife,
] of ltd. W. Iv Phillips, Trine 'ton. Onl., I
says;   "Some  years  ago,   while  living'
j wllh  my  parents  in  Kngland  I'fell a|
victim of aenaemia.   The usual complications set iii ami soon i became hut
a   shadow   of   iny   former  self.     My
mother, who had been a former nurse I
of many years' experience,   tried all
Unit her knowledge suggested;  tonics
of    various   kinds     were  tried,    and
three doctors did  iheir besl for me. I
bul   without avail,    and a continued
gradual decline and death was look-1
ed for.
"Later my parents decided in join
my brothers in Canada, and it was
confidently expected that the ocean
voyage, new climate and new conili-!
lions would cure ine. For a time Ij
did experience temporary benefit, but!
was sunn as ill again as ever. I was !
literally bloodless, and the extreme
pallor and generally hopeless appearance of my condition called forth
many experiences of sympathy from
friends whom we made iu our new
home in Acton, Out. Later a friend
urged me to try Dr. Williams' l'ink
l'ills, and although in a condition
where life seemed lo have little lo
hope l'or I decided to do so. After
using three box.is I began to mend
Continuing 1 began lo enjoy my food,
slept almost normally, ami began to
have a fresh interest in life as I felt
new blood once again running in my
veins. Dr. Williams' l'ink l'ills
brought about fi complete cure and I
am today in robust health. My husband is rector of Ibis parish and I
have recommended tlie use of the
Pills to a great number of people with
whom we have coma into contact in
tbe course of my husband's ministry,
for we both know whal Dr. Williams'
l'ink  l'ills ean  do.'
These Pills may he hail from nny
dealer in medicine or by mail at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50 from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co. Brockvllle, Ont.
Work of Germans is Compared to In-
vasion   of  Tartar   hordes  Centuries  Ago
"The City Thai Was" This Is tlio
name given in Shavll siiii ihe i ontre
ni bitter tights in Lithuania, bj Hiobo
of iin- inhabitants who have returned
in iin- ruins of their former homes j
More than a thousand houses were
burned hy Hn' Germans.    Kntiro dis'
irieis are in ruins, among whieb wan-;
der sorrowing men and women, vainly '
searching for the Indies of their dear
ones wlto perished, victims of the barbarous  warfare  waged    by    tin-  Hermans.
No wonder Ihejj.'ople of Poland anl
Lithuania compare   the German Invasion in   that of ihe Tartar hordes that |
burned  ami  destroyed  everything  in
ilieir path, ouly iImi ilie cultured Ten-1
ions go t!u- savage Xomads nt seven
hundred years ami one I -tier by send- '
ing nil' io Germany everything wort*) |
while.     Scores   of   young     men   and
women were   taken as hostages���the
youth in work in the Hells of d 'populated Germany, the girls to serve as
slaves to the victorious masters,
When the Germans were finally
driven oin of Shavll, more than 2,000
Inhabitants were I ft, starving and
shivering, in Ihe basements of their
homes, where tbey sought refuge
from the liail of siioi that the Kaiser's
artillery rained upon the defenceless
Very few people are ambidextrous���
that is, able to use the left baud as
readily and skilfully us (he right. But
there is a story of an Irishman who
was careful to cultivate that art. When
lie was signing articles on board a ship
lie began to sign his name with his
right hand, and (hen changed tlie pen
lo the left band and finished it. "So
you can write with either hand, Pat?"
asked the officer. 'Wis, sorr," replied
Pat. "Whin 1 was a bboy me father
irest his soul) always said lo me..'Pat, |
'.earn to cut yer linger nails with yer
left hand, for nome day ye might lose
yer right!'"���Youth's Companion,
An Oil For All Men.���The sailor, the
j soldier, the fisherman, tlie lumberman,
I the outdoor laborer and all who are ex-
| posed to injury am. the elements will
i find in Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil a true
and faithful friend. To ease pain, relieve
I colds, dress wounds, subdue lumbago
I and overcome rheumatism, it has no
; equal. Therefore, it should have a
| place in all home medicines and tlio,
, taken on a journey.
Slulo nf Ohio, city if 'I'iiI'-.I
v  Lucas County, .'
Frank ���. Cnene- makes oath that he
is oenlor partner ef the lirm of F. .1.
Cheney & Co., doing business in tho City
of Tolodii. County and Suite aforesaid
and Hun said 'inn will pay tin- sum nf
ONE HC.NDI'.l.'li DOLLARS im eaoli
and every caso nt' Catarrh lhal cannot
I.,, cured by ihe use of HALL'S CATARRH  CURE.
Sworn m before iii>- nml suDTScribod In
my presence, this mil day of December
A.O. lfrSG.
iSriil) A,  W   CLEASON.
Notary   Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is tain n Internally and acts directly upon ilu- blond end
mucous aut'facea of the system. Send for
testimonials,   free.
F.   .1.   CHENEY   x-   CO.,   Toledo    O.
Snld   111-   llll    DniBB'IstS,   75c.
Take Hulls Family fills for Con-
si Ipatlon,
,Horse Talk
StWiid Advice on thc Care of Man's
Best Friend
There, is no time In the colt's life
when he requires more generous feeding ihan during the nrst year after
being weaned.
Tlie colt should have plenty of hone
and muscles-ma king food. A small ration of ouls and wheat bran should be
given daily on pasture-
The foundation of bone and muscle
development musi not be overlooked
ai ibis time. A colt thai is neglected
'ong. It made ils first speed trial on|at Ibis time will never develop into
Inly 4th, 1.814, and developed a speed: the horse that he might have made.
Df a little more than nix miles uni It is found necessary to give the
hour, which was thought to he very .young coll cow's milk, it should be dl-
good ut that time. The Detnologos!luted about half with water, and sugar
never engage:,l  In  battle.    On    June added.
Itli, 1820, the ship was destroyed iii-    Mare's milk contains less solids and
New York navy yard by an explosion! more sugar than cow's mill;.
��� "   '���   '       ' iVIl growing colts should he In pas
Minard's Liniment Curjs Distemper.
First Steam Battleship
In comparison with lhe dreadnoughts of the present day, the
Demologos, the lirsl steam war vessel
jver built, furnishes some interesting
contrasts.    This   ship was  167 feet
if its boilers, which killed twenty-nine
persons. Some of llie naval launches
���if the presenl day have a greater
horsepower than that ot the Demologos,
Ule i
Pretty Cashier- You might giv
i holiday to reorull my health.
iM'auty is beginning lo ftnle.
.Manager���Whir   makes  yon   think
Pretty Cashier- The men are begin-
ting to count iheir change.
wi Pi-Iti&P
W. M. U- 1066
lure during the summer months. Exer
else is most essential to Hie development of strung legs and muscles,
(live ihe work team ihe largest feeding at nighl.
Tlie work leaius should have a bran
mash on Saturday night, Tlie rest on
Sunday will do much to keep them In
Hie beet of eondilioii.
Regularity of work and regularity of
feeding ma lie long years of usefulness
of Ihe work horse.
Keep llie farm teams well shod.
.Many farmers are careless in this matter uiul il is cruel.���Tim, in Farm
An Improved Machine Gun
A new type of machine gun, an
improvement ou the 1904 model of
the Maxim gun made by Hiram
Maxim, Jr., of Hartford, Ct., has
been adopted by the United States
army. A model, which will be a
standard l'or the army, has already
been constructed. This gun overcomes the difficulties of jamming experienced in both the I!)0l Maxim
and the Benet-Mercler machine gun
now used by tlie army, it being possible to lire 16,000 rounds wil bout
jamming.     This   has     been     demon-
German Torpedoes
According to tin- tat.-si information, iiie newest German torpedoes
hive a range of I'rnin 1,000 to 1,600
yards, instead of carrylug 2."iiilli or
8001b of giineotlon or other high explosive, the instruments have a
charge of but molti or less. Because
of iiie shorter range and lighter
weighl. ihe ordinal'} intricate mechanism is simplified. Indeed, some of
Hie propelling pans necessary iu the
greater torpedo are omitted. Probably
the most, valuable saving is in lhe
time of construction, Tliese torpedoes
are built and completely tested in live
months, while ten months or a year
is required to perfect a long-range instrument. The new torpedo costs
about $2,250. This does not include
the explosive charge. The 'German
long-range torpedo, to.OOo yards, costs
Sia,000, while ihe Intermediate range
torpedo, .1,1100 to 7,000 yards, costs
about $6,500.
Russia Bound to Persist
, Vast  Empite  Has as Yet  Been  Little
Effected  by  tbe  War
Despal Ins   from   Berlin,  i u
framed to cri ate the Imp    isloi   ;  . .
j ine. originated in EUissia, sugg -��� i ,..-.
lhe people are tired of the war ::��� ���
I likely tu clamor fur peace II       G-ran i
Duke Nicholas is forced to eva
Poland and full back upon :
ilie Hug.   It requires onlj o -
the     map  of  Russia  to see  that  ;-.-
grcat mass of tbe S : v race ar ��� .is r.
mote from tlie sound a        .     . arms
as they would be if tiny d\* ill on au-
I other planet.    Tli" evacuatii d    -  ., .
. of  Poland, and ihe retention
| Germans of the portions of '':i   : ro
; inces of Suwalki, Kovno at
now held hy them, would gii   I
manic powers a iin  ��� ui ler
| cent, of ihe area of Russia It
When   tiny cross   the  Bug
| of ihe Bear���if they ever do -.:   ���'~ ���
manic armies will stll
from   Moscow,   and to .-
traverse tin- mosl oiffl iti     a
Kurope.    Hut   m   ii   . ��� ���..,' o,
cupy Moscow, l(us-!u would be iiacon-
littered  Btill���as  Napoli   ti disci
a century ago   so long as
] lighl   remains  and   hi "
i continue to supply hm- -. ���
i and war supplies    There a
. thirty an I forty million tnei       ���
I ag - in ine Russian i tnptre. Not
' than  one in  live of thi m
1 been called to the colors
I lhe great  mass ni I      :
only     the  dlsappes.ran< -   fro a
j famil
I lhe n
. , ,     oortii
id i i
strated by elaborate tests made
Texas. The new gun has ulreai
been adopled by tho English army
and is now being used iu the European war. In fact several improvements have been suggested as
a result of its use in the present war
and will be incorporated in the new-
Matty children die from the assaults
of worms, and the first care of mothers should lie lo see thai their infanis
are free from these pests. A vermifuge
that can be depended on is Miller's
Worm Powders. They will not only
expel worms from the system, but act
as a health-giving medicine and a remedy for many of ihe ailments that besot. Infants, enfeebling tbem and endangering their Uvea.
I bought a horse with a supposedly
incurable ringbone for $30. Cured him
witli .fl.uu worth of MINARD'S LINIMENT and sold him l'or $85. Profit on
Liniment, $54.
Hotel  Keeper, St. Phiilippc, Que.
An artist and wife were entertaining trends to tea in the studio. The
hosts picture, wliieh bad recently been
"hung," was tin; topic of conversation,
Said one lady:
".Mr. Vandtke, yours was Hie only
picture that I looked at in tbe exhibition."
Yandlko bowed and smiled delightedly.
"Believe me, madam." he said, "I appreciate the honor."
Uut she gave a litlle start of perplexity.
"Honor?" she said. "The others,
you know, were so surrounded by tho
What magazine will give me the
highest position Quickest?
Literary Friend���A powder magazine, if you send in a fiery article.
A Pleasant Reminder
The assurance from lhe Dominion
governmeni ni continued hospitality
In Canada for Americans, whether travellers or prospective sciilcrs. and
for unnaturalized foreigners from "ihe
states'' as well, wlthoul ihe requirement of passports, i�� a pleasant reminder of lhe 101) years of peace just
ended and tic second hundred just begun, ��� Springfield Republican.
On Hie lasl day of school prizes
were distributed al. Peter's school.
When the III tlo boy returned home
and mother was entertaining callers.
"Well. Peter," asked one of lhe
callers, "did you get a prize?"
"No," replied Peter, "but I got horrible mention."
"Here's a story about a man who
got n piece of Ice lodged in ills throat
and choked to death."
"Ah. another case of death from
hard drink.
A Long Voyage
Journey Around Creater Part of North
America to  Reach  Port  Nelson
In order that lhe proper kind of lumber im. ibe construction of piers and
docks mny lie available al Port Nelson
where the Canadian government is
building a railroad and steamship terminal on the shores of Hudson liny it
tins been found neoeBSnry to send a
Steamer around th" greater part of
North America.
The steamer Hurley Chine, which
lefi Vancouver, B.C., on Juno 30, will
cover approximately 10,000 miles iu
I land her cargo of Douglas Mr at Pen
; Nelson, which is only about 1,800
miles disiaiil from Vancouver in an
air line.
tier route lies down Hie Pacific
coast, through tlie Panama canal; up
tlle Atlantic coast io Newfoundland,
thence into Hudson Hay.
ln preparation tor Ibis season's
work at Port Nelson, a fleet of
steamers is fitting out nt Et John's,
Nfid. Most of ihese are sealing ves-
sels, equipped for service in stormy
and ice-frequented waters.
Some of tbem will be used directly
by tbe Canadian government for the
transport of men, construction material and food supplies. Others are
engaged by fur companies for the collection of last winter's accumulation
of peltries along the Labrador and
Hudson  Hay coasts.
Earn big salary and become famous
acting iii Photo-Plays. Beverly Dawn,
ihe famed actor and master director ...r
Instructlons, gives private lessons by letter. Mr. Dawn trains all types nf people
in facial expression, screen-make-up nnd
all the technique essential lo moving picture iniiiig. Beauty or previous Btnge
experience unnecessary, ('dm producers
demand new faces, people wiih training
which we glvo ynu. We teach you to b.-
natural nntl ui ins,- before the camera.
Write   fnr  particulars,    Photo-Players
Studlon, 8 Heintznian Bdg,. Toronto.
A minister of a rural parish in Scot-
laud found one of his Mock shooting a
hare on llie Sabbath, and remonstrated witli him.   "Maopherson, do you
know what a work of necessity Is'.'"
"I do," replied Macpherson.
"Well, do you think shooting n hare
on Sunday a work of necessity?"
"It is that," said the parlshoner,
"llow do yoll make that out?"
''Weel, ye see,  meentster,  it mlcllt
nae be oot on  Monday."
'In aa> tl ;���   amor ,        |
is a demand fi r pea      - to    ���
lhai they have a gra ip of l . i .
and scope of the war and s
is progressing.   The [nt tiled   i     m I
Hi" Bureaucrats ar > doubl    is a
I well informed than ths   t      ���.      ...
| In western Europe as to .���������   ti      11 ���
pciu'ng, bin unquestionably the    . i of
the Itussian peasants only ;, -   ��   ha
the   Little  Father    is  having     lonre
trouble on the western border of the
empire, and that to prevent the soldiers who are helping him trom tali _i ���
ton much vodka it has been ft
visable to close tlie state dram - tops
Itussia is not yet a democracy, w -i
ever she may become as the result oi
the changes war will fnevitabiy bring,
and the little group of men in Petro
grad wiio make war and peace on behalf of her swarming population ar"
as   determined   to    see     the    thing
Ihrough as Asqnith or Kitchener    The
war was begun bee.!';.-,- R >    .     "ua��i |
tn give up her small Slav satellite, 9er
bin, to the unrestrained ven-  i    a    [
Austria-Hungary.   It will be contin ic
to a successful end because Ras fa
statesmen  know that  a  Teuton  triumph   now   would  make  the   Balkan
States the plaything of Germanic diplomacy, and ih? bridge across .
ihe Teuton would pass io the posses-
ison  of a  great  empire  in  the  Near
East     Russia may hs- badly hammered during Hie next six months, bat the
Hear will lake it all Standing up.
Countless have been the tares > ,������ ���
cil by Holloway's Corn Cum, It has ������
power of Its own i ot to be 1 un i a
otber preparations
Population of China
The total area of China is estimated
at 4,278,362 square miles, A census of
the kind taken iu Western nations has
never been attempted in China, au I
tho nearest approach to a reliable es-
liinai ��� is probably the census of households (nol Individuals! taken by t ���
Chinese ministry ot Interior In 1910.
Assuming 6.G persons to a household,
which, by a lesl census wus found to
be n fair average, lhe population
totalled 831,000,000, including 1,600.-
000 as the probable population of
Long  Range
A group of colored people were dls.
cussing the war, Dncle Ephralm's
sympathies were all with the allies.
".Man.' announced he- "Has you
heard 'bout them Allies? They's got
a gun what kin hit you if it's twenty-
three miles off."
"I.awsie. that ain't nothin'," sneered a partisan of the opposite camp.
"Do Germans, dey kin hit you it dey
jess has you' ad-dress."
Something   better   than   imcn   and  big
laundry   lulls      Wash   it   with   S0��p   ��n.l
wnter.    aii itorai or dir'.-i     Sine ��|i*
unl tile     Kor 950   wi* Will ma.l >uu
it Fraitf ������nu��, Isronu, Onttet* THE COURTENAY REVIEW
City Council
Holds Long Session
Tin- City Council held a regular mantled the rules rf order to be
meeting on Monday evening. All read before ' e subsided. Aid. Mc
the member!* were present when the; Kenzie sail till the discttssi in wus
minute** were read and adopted, Ibeside the question. He was in
After which u communication was favor of putting iu the lights, but
read fi oin Mr. West's solicitors in thought the city should know what
Nanaimo, demanding his pay and kind of a contract lhe company
al- threatening to institute pro- were going to make wiih the city.
ceedii.g.s for wrongful dismissal,
The clerk was instructed to forward
tin nmounl lue Mr. West to hia
solicitors   although Mr. West  lias
been notifu 1 several limes that Ius
cheque ��� *as ta Iv, he has so fnr
faiied to -iii f u it.
There was only one  bid put in
for the poles along the Lake Trai
although others were
It.' fort c i ling.
The matter was finally left over for
future debate at next meeting.
All. McKenzie, for the Fire
Warden, recommended that the fire
ladders be covered and that switches
mid lights be placed at the dillerent
stations. Aid, Johnston also \v uite I
this left ov< r, lie was in favor of
., .everything except the lighting, The
promised to report was adopted, and the work
will be dune this wee!
his waterfront by
gravel therefrom.
5400 damag :s
the City takin..
Mr, Dune,ui will be asked to attend I . ������:"������ i ' g and explain
how the , n Hint is arrived at.
Aid. Robertson, for the Utilities
:c mimended that some
:, d on I'nion Bay road
Orchard, the cost of
1 be al out $174 and
property of the city.
Mr. Johnston .strenuously oppos* d
the adoption of the report on principle. He and others were figuring
on a watering and lighting system
Ei r ..' urtanay, and did not want to
have to buy too much equipment
from the Company. Mr. Woods
said the lamps would cost about $9
each, the balance would be for wire
aud labor, Mr Peterson was asked
for the Lake Trail lighting eontraet.
Aid. McNeil vas in favor of cut-
tin ���; off the Lake Trail lights.
The Mayor said if something was
not done shortly he would do all in
his power to have them cut out
lights be p
and   in tlu
Wl 1
The tollowing accounts were pre- Several accounts had been held
su. ' und referi d to the Finance up by the finance committee for
Committee for paym ul if found: more particulars. These wee given
con., t: I and the accounts will be paid.
C. H, Tarbell $ 4.50     Trustee McPhee was present aud
John Tho 'ipson 13 50'explained   that the   cost of   fixing
V-   "': u wrote claiming the furnace at tli�� school had been
orginallv fixed at $90, but when
the bill came in it was jjStSo, and
they could not help it. Ile thought
howerer, that so long as the School
Hoard kept within their estimate
the council had no kick coining.
Aid. Robertson gave notice that
he would bring in a bylaw to regulate awnings, etc. at next meeting.
A petition was presented from
Lake Trail residents to have And-r-
ton street and sidewalk laid along
Lake Trail to C. P. R, tracks
Aid. Robntson suggested that
the matter ba left over until next
meeting and that the Hoard of
Works look the place over and re-
Aid. McKenzie said there were
other places in the city that required sidewalk , etc The Like Trailers already had lights an I other
assistance and lived on the high
ground. The matter was laid over.
The pool room bylaw was ad
vanced a stage. The early closing
bylaw was finally adopted.
Thi Pound bylaw was alco up
for final consideration, geese, ducks
and fowl having been eliminated
from it. Aid, Robertson moved its
final adoption, Aid. Johnston
wanted it laid over until Nov. Ist.
On the first division the motion
was defeated, but when the Aldermen found out whnt they had don?
they wanted the matter reopened,
when after more discussion, Aid.
Robertson again moved its adoption
that it go into effect on Nov. ist.
the latter motion carried.
Constable Haunay stated that a
cow had strayed into his garden
and eaten his cabbages���was th
Council going to pay for them. Mr.
Beasley stated th t this thing had
bjen going on for months and the
, people were   tired   of   waiting for
j relief
Aid.   Johnston then  started   the
, fireworks when he moved that the
clerk serve written notices 011   W
i Hodgson, J. Johnston and R. Me
Ollilloii,   ordeiing  them   to return
1 tlie planks tluy hud taken from the
1 bridge,   at ouce, and   if refusal   is
'made, to instruct Solicitor Dundns
to engage Bodwell cc Lawson to enter suit   against them for  damages
[ etc     Aid   McKenzie seconded the
motion,   which the   Mayor refused
in put, remarking that Aid. Join
ston was  not going to precepitate
the city iuto a lawsuit, to gratify
j his personal spite, if he could help
i it.
The City   Clerk reported that he
Aid. Johnston *aid he would give
$100 out ot his own pocket if th's
could b Mrl    Kerton said
he 111 Ught the lights were all right
and that the Company had made a
.a 1 Al 1. Johnston said
sed at Aid. Kerton
itatement like that,
aid he was referring
ilar contract, Aid,
1 began to lecture
ithoul a (dressing the
His   Worship  called
he wa
Aid, !
tu tin
ton   the
to order,
Mr. Johnston de-lat once,  Aid.  Leightion   moving
had notified all three to return the
plunks but none had come back a*
Aid. Johnston said the Council
was being made a laughing stock
of. The government hud sent a
telegram stating that lhe city owned
the planks and the bridge.
Aid. Robertson said that the
Hoard of Works had arranged to
put the planks into sidewalk1*. Aid,
Leighton wanted to know when
such a meeting had been held, snd
decided. Aid. Robertson said over
the phone.
Aid. Leighton sai.l that when
Mr. Hodgson had asked for some
planks, which were not worth the
time to talk about, nothing had
been suid to him. He had given
permission without giving the matter any further thought. He al.so
had the consent of the Mayor, and
the bridge foreman wanted them
out of his way at tince, Aid. McKenzie said that Mr, Hodgsom
should either bring the planks back
or pay for them. Aid. Johnston
didn't waul them up there at all.
Mr. E. Kerton said that half the
planks were laid in front of his
place. Aid. Robertson wanted to
know why Aid, Leighti 11 didn't tell
Hodgson to bring tnem back. A
vote of censure should be passed on
Aid. Leighton.
The matter was finally left over
and a team will be sent for the loose
plank, and if they are again refused
proceedings will be instituted.
When the matter of extending
the time for paying taxes was
brought up the Mayor asked that
someone make a motion to that
effect. Aid. McKenzie sarcastically
enquired whether the motion would
1 w
���'      ill
m Wet Weather
Men's Rubber Knee Boots, laced,
Men's Rubber Three-quarter Boot,
Mens Rubber Knee Boots, unlaced,
Men's Slicker Suits,
Men's Three-quarter Oil Coat with
Double Front Rain Protection,
Men's Oil Coats, full length,
Men's Slicker Hats and Boys' Knee Rubbers
A Fui! Line of Low Rubbers for Men and Boys, "MALTESE CROSS" Brand
be auy good or not The time was
extended until Nov. ist. notice of
which will be published in the Review.
The ladies will be permitted to
use the streets for "tagging" purposes next Saturday.
Mr, Cooke asked the Council for
permission to operate a slaughter
house withen the City limits,
Dr. Millard, the health officer,
said that if slaughter houses were
kept clean they were not pralieular-
ly harmful at present. Pennisiion
will be granted if the place is put
iii sanitary condition to satisfaction
of health officer,
Aid. Robertson wanted to know
if the health officer could not have
the dead fish removed from ab nit
the bridge,
Aid. JoUuston wanted to know
wha' ab mt the septic tanks wliieh
smell very bad.
These were referred to the sanitary committee to work in conjunction with the health officer.
The crossings at H. Idiens entrance aud L. Berkeley's lane will
be looked after by the board of
works, as well as the one at the
Fair grounds gate.
Aid. Robertson suggested that a
few loads of gravel should be placed
along the Cumberland road, to fill
small boles as thej- occur during
the winter.
Aid. Leighton reported that the
c:ty .scales li id arrived and the board
of works will select a place iu which
to install them.
Telephones were ordered installed
in the City Clerk's house and also
iu the City Hall.
Sehoil trustee McPhee was asked
by whose authority the new school
had bsen established. He said it
had b.-en found necessary o.viug to
he number of children, The entrance class, 1st Near High school
were being taught and one pupil
was taking up 2nd year work. He
wou'd like to see the schools run
right. They have trouble with the
Department, with the citizens and
did not want trouble with tin
Council. Aid. Johnston wanted to
know what the rush for a new building was if the board bad rented the
church It was moved by Aid.
Robertson, seconded by Aid John
ston that the Council recognize tin
Superior sehocl, and pay account.1
as they fall due.
Concessions for Sale
Temlers for concessions and booths at
tiie fair to be held on Friday and Saturday Sept, 24 and 25, will be received lithe secretary, at his ollice.
Sand and Gravel
Kates Reasonable
Loggie Bros.
Next the
Royal Bank
m Victoria for
Sinless: Dentistry
These arc  features in  oar
offices.   It will pay vou to
have your dental work done
'���Vancouver.     All   work
guaranteed for 10 years
Painless Dental Parlors
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation       Citsinc Fxcellen
Wm. Merryfield
J.   K-  ASTON
Logger's Slioi-s made to order.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stan ] the Test.
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed,    Baths iu connection
C.  H.   OU/U'Ml'U';, Prop.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Pine Showing ol  Horse  Blnuketa,   I,ap
Hugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suil Cases,  lite.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls [Promptly
Every well known and 'reliable make
of machine is represented in*! our collection of Seirnl Iliind and Shop
Soiled   Bicycles,    I oth   ladies'    and
gents' models
Write  today   (( r a list of  theni   and
save money
727-735 Johnson St., VICTORIA
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder


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