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The Review Oct 5, 1916

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Array to
('an nut lie ilinio nny I ottoi', ami
It'll, illlito m> woll Aliywlllio t'lmj
hereabouts, Ouv typo nml maclihi.
fi-y in tituiipliita nml Tlm Lievl.w
��� PI'IOOS   ll'll right
[ Classified Ads.
: Make  ynur little WiwIh known
{ tluough ti Uii-.-ilictl Atlvertftt-i tent
I in The tlovlew   ���   ���   ���   Phone BO
VOL. 4
NO. 46
Auction Sale
Little River, Near Comox
for C. Wilkinson,  Esq., who is leaving for England
Sale on Wednesday Oct. 11, at 12 o'clock
The whole of the valuable Household Furniture and Outdoor
Effects, including Antique Old Country Furniture, Piano,
China, Glass, Hooks, etc,, -I Cows, Horses, Chickens, Ducks,
Up-to date Farm Implements mid Tools, Quantity Bottled
Salmon, fruits and home made jams, II It bunt, fence strainer
etc., about 350 lots in all. Terms Cash, No reserve, Particulars in posters or from
Real Estate, Insurance, Etc.
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
<���<-���*>���**���* **���
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Cook  by Wire
Electricity provides the cleanest, the
most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under ideal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into thc room
The air is not vitiated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values through the retention of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a r.ix pound
roast the saving is iisai'Sy a pound
Ail the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermo:vieter or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly  give you  information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R93       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Mrs, Ferris has both ripe and
green tomatoes for sale cheap,
If the parly who took a heavy
brown overcoat by mistake from
Martins Hall Comox, Monday!
night will return same to either
Martin's Hotel, Comox, oi the Re-
view office, dun tenay, ii will oblige
the owner.
Wanted .Capable girl to help
with housework. Apply, Mrs, W.
Dingwall' Sandwick.
For Sale Registered Southdown
Ram, For particulars nnd pi ice,
apply A. I. Carwlthen, Sandwick,
Wanted���An energetic person
to take orders for Christmas Greeting cards, Full or part time. Apply Review office.
For Sale���About iooo i-ackssuitable for spud sacks. Apply VV,
Douglas, Courtenay.
I-'or Sale Cheap���Pure bred Jersey bull, 3 years old. Apply Avery
Clayton, Sandwick,
Wanted���Good   express   wagon
.light.)    Must  be  cheap.    Apply
o. P. M. Comox. B. C.
I/ist���Between Comox and Railway station, Courtenay, on Friday
last, a ladies black purse containing
jewellery and cash valued at $i."o.
Hinder may keep money if jewellery
is returned lo Mrs. Fletcher, Comox.
To Rent���House on Isabel St. in
the Orchard, <.pply Robertson's
drug store
Wanted���Ladies astride riding
saddle. Must be in good condition
Apply G, J. Hardy.
For Sale���A registered shearling
Oxford Down ram. For particulars and price apply to Capt. Vigois
For Sale���Bricks, $',7 00 per
i 1000 Cumber land, $18.00 per 1000
[ V. O- B. cars Courtenay, Apply
! Canadian Collieries (Dunsnuiir)
Ltd, Cumberland.
Thoroughbred White Wyandotte
| roosters for sale.��� $2 eaeh.   .IJ. D,
; Read, B. C. egg laying strain.    F.
| R. F. Biseoe, Kye Bay.    Also agent
for first class fruit trees, etc.
For Sale���5 h. p. twin Indian
motorcycle iu good order cheap.
Ford Garage.
Lost���Between Comox wharf and
Union Bav, bunch of keys ; reward
B. Whittle, Riverside hotel.
Car For Hire���H. W. Heber-
den; phone Xq..
Welding���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,    Ford Garage.
Ford Garage for Nobby, Goodyear and Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles lor
Hull Wanted���Stale age and
breed, Apply Robt, Sollan,
Hornby Island.
Smut'; fine catches of trout are
being made at the mouth of Oyster
River these days.
Ou Tuesday morning Mr_, C, E,
Beasley received a cablegram from
her liusiiaiiii slating Unit he had
arrived in Knglan I und was stationed at l.oii Ion.
Excursion rates lor fare and one-
fifth for return tickets good from
Friday to Monday and returting
on Tuesday, may be had at the li.
and N. Ry, for the Thanksgiving
Geo. J Hardy will conduct an
extensive auction sale for Mr, C.
Wilkinson, Little River, on Wed.
nesday next, Oct, n, commencing
at 12 o'clock noon,sharp A list
of the articles to lie sold appears in
another column of this paper.
Shortly after I i o'clock Monday
morning Mrs, Taylor, after a trip
down town, discovered her house
in the orchard to be in flames on
her return. An alarm was quickly
sent in and willing hands c arried
the furniture out. Thos. Booth
brought a fire extinguisher with
him and sprayed the kitchen where
'be fire was, smothering it out,
The kitchen aud contents were
badly charred, and tbe garret and
roof charred, A lot of wearing
apparel was damaged bv fire and
water, Tbe loss is covered by insurance winch Mr. Taylor had only
placed a few weeks ago. Within
two hours after the fire one agent
wrote up $10,000 in insurance policies on various Courtenny places,
Mary Anton of Vancouver,
Miss Liin Boden,
is the guest i
Special Thanksgiving services
will be held iu the Presbyterian
church on Sunday evening next.
Mrs. Clinton Wood left last Friday morning for Salmon Ann on a
visil t �� Mr, Wood's parents
The Mi ses Freeman are moving
their hoardim* house into the Orchard, in Mr, Sam Calhoun's
Dominion Inspector McGillivarv
was here one day last week testing
milk from the vorious ranches iu
the district. He took sauples
trom 72 ranches. Some of the
samples were not very clean He
will be back iu about three mouths
aud will inspect every ranch in the
The Victoria and Island de. I ;
ment Association which is holding
aud exhibition at the Hudson Bay
new store, Victoria, have male arrangements for return tickets ou
the K. and N, K-V-, good returning
next Tuesday for all wishing to
see the exhibition from this district
Next train leaves on Friday morning at 11.35.
Tbe Agricultural hall is being
repaired by a number of citi -ens
headed by 1). Unbar, The sills are
being replaced where needed, a
new floor of No. 1 select edge grain
flooring will be put down. The
roof will be repaired anil the front
painted. A series of whist drives
and dancss will be held during tbe
winter, and any amount left over
after the repairs are paid for will
be given for patriotic purposes.
Lake Trail.
Phone M 98
Anglican Church Notes
Sunday, Oct. 8th, iqi6, 16th
day after Trinity,
11 a in. Matins and Holy JC011:.
uitiiiion at Comox,
3 p. m. Harvest Serivce at Lazo,
7,30 p. 111, Evensong at St, John's
������-.^ ���-**-***	
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. 111.    Evening service 7:30
p. 111. All welcome
Health Salts
The Ideal Disinfect
ing Fluid
We Have Been Burned Out and Need
the Money Badly
As a general rule subsctibcrs
to the Review are prompt in
paying their subscriptions, but
there are quite a few who seem
to forget that it costs something
to print a paper, even a modest
effort like The Review. To tiie
latter we would make the request
that they liquidate iheir indebtedness as soon ai they can find it
convenient to do co. If they
owe two or three years nnd feel
thev cannot afford to pay it all
at the present time, surely they
can arrange to pay at least half
the amount, Tllis notice is for
all who are behind in ti e payment of their subscriptions.
'_ii*-y>4L-_l __.C-U.iiil ""-Wl ^_.���.L^y',
.ip !*._.���;_��*J>
These are especially fine crab  apples  and are always in demand, 5c per pound
Family Butchers, Grocers and Provision iV.crchan'.s
Comox Creamery
45c per Ib. this week
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Slioes
Paints, Oils, Etc
We carry in slock Bricks, Lime, Cement, Doors and Windows
[Get mir prices (or goods hi large quantities"]
Telephone 1 Courtenay
________;___,,___i*-"nrvy-ffcni  ������.. .*���-���*���<  .    -���.---.*...���-��� ,���_________&_ [THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. fc.
Excelsior Policies Are Money Makers
Wet and Dry Periods Valuable Addition To
Come Alternately j Canada's Wealth
And Have Keen Doing Sn For Three jStefannson Makes   Valuable Copper
Discoveries in the Arctic
Thousand  Years
llic  ninl,���  notabl
f pasl n-iiiii
gallons rn i"1 climate
lie* arc Hi..'' bj I'rofcssoi' lluntiii!,-
toil, niul In - ' "in In dons an- based on
lilslorirnl records in l'"uropc, urchac-
ological invcstigalioti in Central
(\mcrica, nml mi On- Ircc growth as
illllii'alt'tl   In   llii'   lint",   of   "III   IrCCS,
cspcciull' ilh- Sequoia of California.
'lln- curves showing probable rainfall, wliicli lie Iiii* obtained from
these various sources, show a falrl-
satisfactory iigrcciiicni tlirougli the
pii.t 3,000 >i;ii''. and indicate that llie
weather conditions throughout this
Ioiir span of human history have been
pulsatory in character, periods of
wet years alternating irregularly with
periods of relatively dry years.
In ihc past Hid years there have
bct-ii exceptionally wel seasons and
exceptionally dry seasons, also exceptionally cool summers, anil exceptionally warm summers. Marly in
the 19i.li century there were several
exceedingly cool years in I'aslcrn
Canada and the United Stales, notably 181.', 1815 and 1816, and 1812 and
lSli, were known as tear*, without a
While  tlie  rainfall   from  April  1st, ,    ,   .
to late in tunc was in excess of the u��.��� ���" ���<- oll*'s ������"��� '���"���'���"B lhe hot
rainfall of the rorresponding period wcalher than at any other lime of
in anv year since records hav,- been lllc >:��r- Diarrhoea, dysentery, chpl-
kept in Toronto, there arc three May- cra infantum and .stomach troubles
July periods and lis.' [uly-Aitgi.st pc- co��)? without warning and when a
riods when the rainfall was consider- medicine is no lit hand to give
ably greater than it was in April, Promptly the short delay loo (re*
., ���   h   ,  ,,,. qucntly means that thc chid has pass-
May  and    line, it i     'i      i,  i    ���    .,        -I- i t  ,
ti     ���   '    '.,:., ....     nl.. ;,, fin   ed bi'vond aid,    Baby s Own  tablets
lltf excessive rain was oni- tn Ull-    ,     ,-.       , ,    -,     . ,
,     , , ,.    i,,,���i,..     i .,  'sho id    always    be kept    in   ionics
tail"  and   western   Ouehec.     In  cast-,    . ,, - ', ., , .
, i    i , i  ,i,'.   m..,.;,;,,,..     Pee, Whore there arc young children.    An
tin  Quebec  and  llio   Mariuine     I io- .   ,        ',    P    .,.,,,        ���,,
- ,.,    ,-.,, ,���_   .1 .,  .,,.���,..,���,.   occasional  close  ol  the   tablets  will
Vinccs  the lull was alintil ;". n\etae;i, , ,  , , .,
i ., v     t ,,   in. i   ,i ;,,f-,ll iprcvt n    stomach and bowel    roubles,
while in  Newfotmdland  tin    ramiati '    .. ,, ,, ,,    ,     . '
��� ���t    i* I i - ,. ,,������ or u the troubb- comes suddenly the
was comparatively light, ami loi  two. .   ,     .,.,,,       .,,-
.i       i        ��� ,"t ,..      ,.   ,���.���,:������  Iprtnnpl use of the     ablets  will cure
mouths    he   wcalher   was   exception-   ,     .' ,        ....     ... . . ...
alls- lino and bright. - Sir Robert F. tllc.M-"/-   W*    �����>������ �����"���-�������- '.'>'
Stuparl,     director  ol  meteorological I medicine    dealers or l.y mail at    .',
service  lor Canada, in  The Agricultural Gazelle.
The discovery by the Canadian
Art-lie expedition headed by Vllhjal-
uiiii' Steftinsson of a ureal field of
native copper in iho vicinity of Copper Mine River, in the neighborhood
in Prince Albert Island, will prove
of ureal value to lho business worltl,
says Dr. Chester A. Heeds of the
American Museum of Natural His-
lory, Dr. Rcetls- believed also lhal it
will afford scientists on opportunity
for displaying their Ingenuity in finding an tniilri from a region thai is
still unopened in a commercial souse.
The work of the party is expected
to prove valuable ill determining the
direction of winds and the movement
of tides in lhc Polar region, Dr.
Reetls saitl ihis work might go a long
way lo prove or disprove the theory
lhat an unknown continent exists in
the ureal unexplored region north of
Alaska and west and northwest of
cents a box from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockvillc, (hit.
When Will Peace Come?
surgical   operation i- necessary
in    removing    corns    if  Hollow-ay's I    When    will peace    conic?    It will
C'.'i'i'.  Cure be used. conic when Germany is ready for il,
                     I ami the time is approaching.    It will
Whom the Germans Fear. f��"'c ��*���;"  Germany has learnt  the
, . , I lesson of the war, when it has lour.d,
Wc already   know how   the Ger- ���. ��� olhcr   mil|o_ ,|as   ,,���,.._
man* have   feared ihe  Highlanders. ...      ,,,_��� ,,,. voice of Europe can
Ihey  have bolter  reason   for  fearing1
Ihem  today    than    ovcr    I
lor fearing ���_( ])(. (le(-|C(, witl| ������,-���-������_. |, K\\\
they lKKl* come when Germany is readv lo rs-
Ihere has hoe,, nothing,liner done pud!.ltc lhc persons and lhc prin-
iii this war or, I believe, in any war, _��� -cs (ll.lt ,���_,,_ llu. war incvil.,biC|
""��" ���>'��� ���������*,' "l which Scotsmen, whe_ ���,. mi|itarists anti the Chauvin-
afier four days of unimaginable . ,,s ]iavc llccaI11��� _ despisdd and restrain, held and Hung back the enor- pU(lialetl remnant, when the nation
mousy preponderating numbers of .,-.��� ���._ |jstcncd ;llul _-,,
the desperate lasl German counlcr-l ���e ,,_���. obc ed. 1o vou wc have sac.
attack. I was what remained of the rifkcd _,��� ,,;_, ll0,ds us ,0 ��������� Ulc
Highlanders with a gallant handful ,ivcs of cmr ,ons and 0U1. iiusbands
of South Africans who, in a hastily .������, y,u. f.., ,,,c idcals .������, ,K,.
made line, mel, body lo body, and ,..,,. _f ()m. alKestors and oul. own
beat back a force of cither nine or l)C1,n. _.ture Vo��� havc o|rerpd lls
ten battalions ol fresh troops It is ���.���.,,,,, an(| er _���d (hc kin���doms
in such lungs when, after the Ger- _f thi. w(||.|(1 a|u, wc -cccptC(j vol���.
man artillery had done its worst ',.*<,.. am, promise, and what
their infantry must come in, that, not havc ���.c? -,.*���,. ,,,,,��� _._ have bar.
once, bul a score of imcs her,-, wc^ _(u. _��� a_d ���,..,, ,g notMng in
have proved oitr.se ves the better men. rclllrI, bu, lmllgCr and cold alu, nak.
li wa big thing to say, but there is fd         di.cas(J am, dcatl    rui���  and
nothing in all Scotland s fighting l��s- destiluUon."���Nineteenth Century.
lory  ol   which   Scotsmen  have  more
rifiiil   to  be  proud  thev  have of  this """ "  "
incident    at    Longucval. - London;   ntn ,, |nor( -jUrrh ,. ^ se.tiol, .,
JJaily  News. tlip country  than  all otlicrr dUeases  nut  10-
Itjcllier, ami for years it was supposed to be
Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Garget  in   " "?blc'   Doctors .prwcrlbcd local r.medic
Warfare and Insanity
Few Are Crazed By the Battles, According to Statistics
In lhc early clays of the war doleful predictions were heard that modern civilization with its debilitating
horrors of modern death dealing devices would drive thousands of soldiers mad, Men taken from peaceful
pursuits, whose chief hazard had been
iu flossing lhe streets, were suddenly sol down in an inferno of explosives, beset wiih the constant imminence of death in terrible (onus, de
piivetl of countless comforts and conveniences, racked iu mind night ami
day for months, and there seemed
every probability lhal thousands i.i-
decd would break under lhe unfamiliar and seemingly intolerable strain.
Uui lhc records do nol show it, Statistics t li us far prove lhal those fears
were tremendously exaggerated,
Dr. G. Dumas, who has treated all
ease*, of mental trouble In one ol the
French armies, says hi.* data, covering the lirsl sis months of lasl year,
agrees with iho reports of German
doctors regarding madness among
combatants, He finds lhc eases of
insanity caused dircclly or Indirectly
by thc war in Prance are quite as few
in proportion us those reporlcd In
Germany, and "Hers ihc figures as refutation of the theory of German spe
cialisls that lhc Teutonic nice has
greater nervous resistance than the
French or Laliu, The same conclusion is indicated by the Hriiish reports, li is doubled whether any
appreciable number of soldiers who
have broken down menially would
not have done so anyhow, even if
there had boon im war, Mosl of lho
eases suggested previous weaknesses.
���From thc Pittsburg Dispatch,
Prevention and Provision
Ii is a strange argument, that of
lhc pacifists that preparedness will
not prevent war. No more does lire
prevention work prevent tires. But
it docs lesson lhe probability of Circs
and reduce lhc losses from litem
when they occur, ll is lhe part of
wisdom to accept things as they are,
forscc the evil that may come, ami
seek to minimize its effects.���New
Vork Evening Sim.
It Stops the Twinges of Rheumatism,
Limbers the Muscles, Eases the Joints
Amazing  Relief Come.' ul
:e ��� Cure Every T
Jusi   rub  Is'crvilino inla sore mini*
,. ,, ,, ,���. .des, siii'f joints, and note the ulow of
Once ��� Cure Every lime Icomfort, the ease
I lows
pain  that   foi -
ilonishi-d, delighted; this
is because words do not express tlie
  jprpmptncss    and    permanency    with
which Nerviiine cures every ache and
Aching joints and sure muscles arc pain in lhe muscles and j"inis.
common in rheumatic people, Inlbun-|    Marvellous
motion   is deep in
he   tissues,
lliglll     Use
i do-
/en   remedies
lerlve   less
Pat went to a druggist to gel au
empty bol lie. Selecting one lhat answered his purpose, he asked:
"How inneh''"
"Well,"     said  the     clerk,   "if     you
want   the   empty  boltlc   it'll   be   one
cent, but if yon have something put |'v
in   it   we   won't   charge   anything   for
thc liollle."
"Sure, that's fair enough," observed Pat,   "Put in a cork."
wc say, because
Xi iviline is different, s l r o u g c I',
more penetrating,
^^^^ a    true    pain    sub
limit  Nerviiine  will '^������""-B___K_""_""i"*w^ dlier,     Jusl    Iry  il
give you in half an liotll', land see ii it doesn't euro rheumatism,
Nerviiine    is a  pain   subdiier    lhat  neuralgia,      lumbago,      sli'iiius      and
words do noi altogether describe,     'sprains.
ll is fully live limes stronger ihan The large 50c family si/o boiile is
i io*t remedies, nol lhal ii alfccls lhe far more economical llian lho 25c
skin unfavorably���no, iis ureal power trial size, Gel ii today, Sold by
is duo in hs wonderful penetrative dealers everywhere, or direct (nun
quality���it strikes iu deeply, bul the Calarrltozonc Co,, Kingston,
never burns or blisters. |Canada,
iicl^ians in Kngland
Seasickness In the Trenches
The breaking of waicr pipes cans
cd Germans marooned In  lhc iron-1 How They Are Serving the Cause ol
dies  to  suiter  from   thirst,  bill   lhc the Allies
failure lo eat  was nol  due in cverj
case to lack of food, much being slot-- Various newspapers have published
oil in underground quarters, A cap* statements regarding foreigners rcsi-
luretl Bavarian captain made this'thnl in England who are said, owing
statement lo a Post-Dispatch corrcs- to the war and lhc call to arms of
pondcnl: The constantly bursting British citizens, lo be trying lo usui'p
shells caused sueb atmospheric con- the places occupied by lhe latter in
cussions and detonations of the earth trade and industry, Special ami
that officers and men wore sickened pointed allusion is made lo the Belaud nauseated by the incessant Ircm- ginns, and this may have lhc effect
blinds. During three days the tier- of misleading the public and creating
mans were listless antl apalltctic anil!in England an unjust and dangerous
look no nourishment, feeling towards Ihem.
Thc rocking of lhc earth produced I    During lhe lirst months of the wat
by the tremendous explosions was so lhe  Belgian authorities organized an
great  that  the men actually became intense propaganda    in favor of the
seasick in the trenches! voluntary enrolment of refuges. Then
��� ���  two  laws in  1915 and  l-Md called lo
Many ehildren tlie from llio as-'arms various categories of Belgians,
satills of worms, and thc first care of and measures were taken to discover
mothers should bo lo sec that llieir! refractory Belgians and place them
infants arc free from these pests. Al'-'t tlio. disposal of the military auth-
vcrmifuge that can be depended on orilics, Several thousands of Bel-
is Miller's Worm Powders. They gians have left England to join the
will not only expel worms from the army, ami Ihese constitute a consid-
system, but act as a health-giving .crable force if !i is remembered that
medicine and a remedy for many of lhe whole colony of Belgian refuses
thc ailments  lhat  beset  infants,  cn- in the    1 nitcd  Kingdom,    men, tffT-
Monlrcal, May 29th, '09.
Minard's   Liniment  Co.,  Limited,
Yarmouth, X. S.
Gentlemen,���I beg to let vou know
that I have used MINARD'S LINIMENT for sonic time, and I find it
lhc  best   I   have  ever  used   for  the
joints and muscles,
Yours very truly,
The  Champion  Clog  and   Pedestal   Dancer of Canada.
Talking and Listening
We Grow    Wise, Not By   Talking,
But By What We Hear
.Some people talk so much that
thoy never have time to learn anything. Wc grow wise not by whal
wc say, but by what wc hear, and
yet there arc nol a few men who
have learned lo talk but have not
learned lo listen. Wisdom, increasing antl widening, is impossible to
such men. Their own conversation
shuts  tlieui  out of all  the     benefits
men aud children, amounts at most
to 200,000 persons.
It   should   also   be   noted   that   the
majority   of Belgian   workmen   are
.,.,       ....        ,     ,,       , , i employed    in    the munition    works,
ri.erc is hardly a day lhat does nol, _.-,<.,.-" ,|1(.v are  lls(.fu-|y s-rvillff ,|,e
fcebling them and endangering their
Newspapers and Prophets.
develop   in   sjuic   line   of  Ihoughl   a
common cause of the allic
man or woman, generally young, who,
has discovered that the inherited ex-     Time Ha3 Tested i,,_Dr, Thomas1
penence    of the human    race in its  Eclcctric oil has been on the market
social and political relations is worthless. If thc humdrum newspapers
which deal in thoir ignorant way
with life as it is and has been, were
to accept all these prophets at their
self-valuations   this   world   would   be
more of a bedlam than it is.
Vork World.
"Did you get anything.?" whispered the burglar on guard as his pal
emerged from the window
upwards of thirty years and in that
lime it has proved a blessing lo
thousands, it is in high favor
throughout Canada, and its excel-
jlcncc has carried ils fame beyond
the seas. It has no equal in the
whole list of liniments. If it were
double lhe price it would be a cheap
Lack of Broomsticks
 , ,.       , The housewives  of Glasgow have
���;No,    lhc bloke wot lives here is bccn    -orccd    to   hardships through
their failure    lo lay    in a supply of
a  lawyer,"  replied  lhc  other in  di_-
Sl,st. _
"That's hard luck!    said the first
"Did you lose anything?"
Native chiefs in Central Africa arc
competing with each other in sending native troops to aid the Belgians
in their fight against the Germans in
East Africa.
broom handles before thc war. These
handles came from northern Europe,
and are now lacking, says an exchange. All sorts of sticks and saplings arc being adapted.
"Have    you any    secrets    in  yoilt
past?" she asked.
"None to speak of," he replied.
nil l,y toii-iaiuly iailiim to cure witli local which  mighi t'onit* to ihem  from  lis-1
*. .- -        ;ire:"n cry^iiV'sXcncd l:1^:. ^ -�� n��- n**& ��f other me..,
_ .. *,��� , u r ,-,...,1 ���tilutional conditions .nd therefore require" and thoy pay the penally ol then-
German Idea Must Be Conquered |_-oii���titmiotial treatment. Hall's Catarrh own loquacity in narrowed limits of
Thc v.'.rl i* slill under lhe spell of *'""'��� nwnufncliire- by  r. J, Cheney ft Co., thought and narrower limits of sym-
i ..., i .... i   ;,.,! ..... .,,  ,.,' .... i.i-    ;    A,.    It'lir.lo. tiino, it :i  t-oii.iitiiiir.ua   remedy,  is      ,,
battle and judgment ol results ,* de- _,..��� ���iu..,1.,.il  .������, .���.,. ,,,      ,, ���lc lil(lml paihy.
fcrrcd till the lime when the verdict   n, ,i���- Mum,,. Surface�� ol the Syucm.   One      ll is easy for a good talker lo talk
on  the battlefield shall    bc    definite. ] Hundred   Dollars reward  ���*  ofiyroil  for any ,on niuch.'and it is verv hard to gel
.'. ,-,,,������   I   ,.   ,,-,;,,,.,!   i,,-,,,���",,-,..;       J,,.   ���'"-'���   I'li'l    Hull*   Catarrh   Cure   tail*   10   rule.   , . ,.        .1    ,   i       *t .   n     .
Uermaii    has ga lied nioYiiu.cs,    Mi<  Sem| ,0, ,lr,���|a,, ..������i i-_t|,nonlals. hm. to realize that he does talk too
ha-   added  a   hall   and  more   lo  lier ,,   ,   _U_tfEV & CO   Toledo   Ohio   tnuch.    Usually   lhc   man    who   can
area  sme,   ihe  war  began;  il   she  is     go|j .    ���-._,__������,   *-jc 'talk  freely  likes  to  talk,  and  ill  the
po,-,mned   I,,   hold these   conquests, enjoyment of Ids own eloquence he
ihen   oilier   generations of German-   completely forgets that other people
talso desire once in a while    to    say
lillle.     lhe  talker  mav  nol  meat
:���'��� .. 'e'iJriita'iltMelief for
hold thc
of Germany
will have reason to believe thai lho
German doctrine is sound    and    lho lhe House ol Seven Gabbs
German idea righl and thai ii i* wise fliis old hone, which i- one o( tlir-11,, |,, 8C|fis|| |,m |u. is "so whether
to abolish civilization and ignore hu- show places ol Salem, Mass., and wash,. ,nCBlw jt (ir ������,, and lie is apt to
mamty because it is profitable,    It,-.math-    famous    by  Naihanial    Haw- niu|   himself becoming   Increasingly
the German idea, bul so long as the lliorne, overlooks lho harbor, wilh a
Gcmian people bold to that Idea llicrc view of Marblchcad in the distance,
can bc no peace. 'Ihere is no longer The house faces the south. Its cast
a pieseni danger of German suprc-lend borders on Turner street, crowd-
inaey in Europe, or in the world, bul ling down so elosc lo lhc sidewalk
ihere will lie a future danger if Ger- lhat lhc picturesque sign oyer lite
many f"'.ne> forth from lhc war richer shop door swings just ovcr the heads
in provinces and power by reason of |of the passers by, The steeply slop-
hcr brutality, her violence, and her I ing roof of the ancient mansion, its
bad faith.���New York Tribune. sharp pointed gables, Its grey wca-
                     Ihcr-bcaten clapboards, the faded red
lhc      shoes      fit,
of its brick chimneys all attract the
I visitor who journeys to this historic
The house was built in    lo(i9    bv
London V6pin- f.��'ul tT",'* :l Salcm. !nc1l'1'll';"u' Tl.e
llhirtl John   I unit r sold lhc house in
_____^^_^^      1782 io   Captain   Samuel   (ngcrsoll.
-      ������'Mrs.  Ineoisoll was a Hawthorne and
Granulated Eyelids,     cousin l0 Hawthorne's father. The
Madam: Oh, yes. they fil  me perfectly;    but    they    hurt    mc terrible
when   I  iry  to walk
Eyes inflamed hy erqio-
I house   is   a   picturesque    clapboard
Vour DniSBiit'i 50c per fcttOarjoe Eyl | "So old Williams , looking i���r a
SlIveiiiTiiDer.Sc. ForBookslllieEyefr-eask divorce from his young wife? On
Pme.-t�� oi MarinF.yegwij>f.s��� CUcn.   wi,r,,  grounds*"
luretoSai,0llliuid1Vl.i bouse, and ns many gables add in-
quicklyrelievedhyMurlull1"1''."! ;""' nuamlncss    lo    its    coill-
-yeBeraefly. NoSmar.ing, I���"-un-n.
just Eye Comfort.   At
W.     N.     U.     1122
"On   the grounds   of   economy, I
unpopular, due o( lhc subtlest compliments you tan pay a man or woman is lo be a good listener, and this
the talker lintls il hard lo bc.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
To Win the War
Vast as the demands made on the
nation are, antl vast as the effort
they will entail musl be, the achievement will not overtax our capacity.
The money can bc raised, and it is
no more llian sober fact to say that
there is only one nation in Europe
that could raise il today. Day by day
as the cost of the war grows greater
lhc responsibility of Great Britain as
thc financial corner-stone of the Al-
liancc is more unmistakably demonstrated. But this at leasl is certain,
that the money is going not merely
to prosecute the war, but lo win lhc
war. Tlie business of lhc Governnieni is lo see to it that the material
for maintaining and increasing thc
pressure is constantly forthcoming.
Thc business of the people is to
stand behind lhe Governnieni as one
num.���London Daily News,
and poor Appetite
Thai dull aching, that na'Jrea and distastn
for food with which so many beg'n the
dav, soon tinea when vou tako Dr. Cassell ��
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both liver and bowels that these  complaints   becomo   impossi-!c.
"Sciimc- Si!'i-_i," A?.-.l 11, IIIS, ���-.���: "PrevWenes has _i��*n
us t:�� trains to ticviso means to cwnpen-aH Nslurt tor cur Hl-_re��tm*int
of hsr. . . . Th* means at liana come from nMuril soercei, and wo
"I*-/* ths-i* on-bodi*. in inch splsiwlkl eomWnttioiu at Dr. OastoH's
In.tant Relief. Wo tak�� this prep-raUtn as an example -eeauoo il
i- so well bal-nco-l Ib tho matter ot components and to tfloclivo In ovory
Ts'si Dr. Cassell's Instant Reli.f for ocnstip.tion, biliousness,
torpid liver, slek hoadache, di.-iness, specii beloro the eyes, flatulent 8 and windy spasms, auidil", henrtburn, impure b.ood, and
that dull, heavy feeling which is a sure indieaueu ol Liter
Ash /or Dr. Cassell's Insiant Relief and lake no substitute.
Price 50 cents, from all Druggists and Storekeepers,
Or direct from lhe jole ng-nu for Canada, Haroltl P. Kitohie and Co.
I.tn, 13. M I'auUtreel. Toronto.   War Tax 2 ccnla txtra.
Dr. CMMH't Instant Relief is the eempanien te or. Cassell's Tablets.
Solo Proprietors: Dr. Caiietl'l C:, Ltd., Ma-nclntter, Kngland.
Dr. Cassell's J^
r#, --.*
Urdus Strom! After-War Measures in Dealing With the German8
And Lays Considerable Stress on the Fact Thai the Empire
And Allies Should Be Favoured Before Neutrals
,"ir George Foster's spi i eh al Karl
Grey's Colonial Institute luncheon
nude a ureal impression, especially
Iiis strong Inn entirely unaggressive
ii" -siin'e in ih, British Ministers re-
iriirding lhc Empire's altitude towards nculrals, which, of course, for
I i.i1 h-lim.'ii  and  t V.naihiiiis  melius in
eiiiri  ihe I'nited Slates,
Sir George spoki of llu profouiul
impression made upon Iiini and
Other 11\ fi s, ns representatives iiy
their \i-ii-s   in   ibe   bnttlefronis   in
Flanders, il ml buses in Britain
inid iin- inn 11 ilionx factories in all
pans of iin   kingdom,
"In iwn years Cituadn has passed
'hrough phases which have chasten-
l-ll    end    sli'elielheiled    lift'    llelil'l,"    111'
��� aid, "We and you have had
i,hum ihing ol ihe feelings ol I iclh.
M'uiaur. \\ e can iii v cr go back lo
the days of Wigusl, 1914, Wc shall
never be lhe sunn   again,"
Jl. severely i liitb .1 lho.se who hath'
ns wail till ih, wor was over, especially ihose ��� ami he ini't nut a few
in Kngland - ��Im it ished in resume
dealings with German) lifter the war.
Almost paraphrasing Lord Kitchener's last public message, Sir George
urged lhal we musl purge our Empire life entirely ol llic German taint
and do il  luni.
"I     hale   ll ail,"   he    said   "mil
even the I lun, bul I ha\ e a memory,
; ml I propose to kt ep it. I am not
going to forget whal lhc linns have
done in outrage, pillage, looting, and
worsl of all, base betrayal of friendship and hospitality for purposes of
s>pying and fortifying for lhc Fatherland, Wc have had revealed what
lhe German heart and purpose is, and
for ihis generation al leasl German
goods, German men and German
'partnership musl bc excluded from
llic pale of lhc Britisii Empire, I Loud
"Give them a good long time to
repi nt, but bc sure they do repent.
Then they ran come ami pray lo be
admitted to the fellowship of decent
Sir George's reference to neutrals,
which attracted most attention, and
coining from Canada's spokesman at
Inc Empire conference must greatly
influence lhc British Ministers, was
as follows:
"What of our attitude towards neutral countriesr That is a delicate
subject. How long is ibis Empire
going to lake off its hat and attune
Its ears to the least whisper that may
come as to sonic disadvantage that
will accrue lo a neutral country if
lhc Empires dares to fix up its home
affairs and choose between the Empire of today and that illimitable
Empire of the future if we arc true
lo ourselves?
"I.ven it it takes off some of your
profits from neutral trade, drop the
profit practise, sacrifice and call il
service. Work for ihe future and
you will have your own reward now,
while future generations will rise up
anil call you blessed.
"These neutral countries arc greal
and strong, but ihey have nol spent
an ounce of their blood nor a dollar
'of their money ill that terrible hell
of war, which on thousands of miles
has dashed against lhc sons of thc
Empire, leaving its long trail of fearful consequences for many a genera-
"Wc may well say to neutral countries in settling ibis momentous
question: 'Wc have lo reconstruct
ourselves. We must bc allowed to
say how lo do it. We will nol bc unreasonable with yon, but we must
be just lo our own.' "
Speaking of closer economic unity
for tho Empire, Sir George sard Englishmen who wore slill irec trailers
would bc jogged oul of some of their
notions some of Ihrsc days (laughter), and added: "I am not a free
trader, and speaking personally I
don't bold out the least hope in lhe
wide world that the Empire can today conic together on a basis of free
"It is time for lhc Empire lo consolidate itself with reference io trade,
commerce and production, and hammer oul quickly its policy for the
ful ure.
"At the Allied Economic Conference in Paris, al which I was a dele-
gale, Britain, with all her power, did
not speak for ihe Empire���could not
speak for it. How much stronger
the Empire would be if it had its defined policy to let lhe Empire treat
ilself and its-units a little more favorably than counlries that did not
own its Hag and also lo troal its allies on a more favorable basis than
"After all I've seen, I am absolutely astounded at thc power of the intelligent, effectual organization
which supports our bailie front.
Two years ago none of it existed.
Think of 660,000 women on munitions
alone. If wc wish we can organize
for peace and progress just as well
as for war and destruction." (Loud
cheers.) '
War Works Some
Physical WondeM
Lessons   Insanity and Frees Women
Prom Many Neurotic
An  interesting  sldclighl  mi   I'rcsh
thnl    Wilson's   remark   aboul   "the
worltl going Iliad" i* I'll i n in  lhe an
i) nit I repori ol I Ir, \\ lllinui Graham,
of Belfast, one of the mosl highly
reputed Irish alienists, who presents
a remarkable picture of ihe ionic
value of  war.     I If,  I lialiani  says:
"The fact is indisputable that insanity, like corns, bus lessened during  lho period of llic war."
So far as lhe future is concerned,
Dr. Graham is encouraging, He
says lhal llicrc are solid grounds for
ihe hope ihai "especially, although
not exclusively among women, wc
shall lind a great diminution of those
neurolic disorders lhat formed a part
nl lhc menial abnormality of thousands of men who have gone or arc
preparing to go to thc fronl, who
have all llieir life been subject In the
bondage of neurasthenic weakness
and incapacity or of psychasthenic
fears or hypochondriac fancies. The.
physical regime under which these
mon arc compelled lo live can have
nothing bill lhe besl effects on those
subject io its discipline."
Of women lhc doctor says the war
has caused idleness anil ennui lo
lose llieir hold.
"Il has set them free from lhc benumbing conventionalities that have
threatened to stifle their psychic energy, and so far it lias contributed
lo ihc soundness of mind and nerve
among the mighty sociological forces wlyt'li the pn stni world conflicl scl in motion."
Must Defend Empire
Premier Hughes Speaks of Need of
St ion;;  British   Race
Mr. \\. M. Hughes, ih, 1'iime Mill-
isier of Ausli'iilin, when math a freeman uf ihe City of Loudon, respoiv
iled In lhe honor wilh ;��� nolll} patriotic speech, Speaking in a clear,
strong voice, master of himself and
his audience, Mr, Hughes filled ihe
Guildhall wiih "glowing images of
our glorious tlosiiiiy." Drawing a
fine picture of lhc cil) taking Australia to her ample llOSOIll nnd giving
her equal rights, he passi ,1 io his favorite subject, lhe welding of the
British Empire inlo a grcul and lasting whole, "lu Ihi- war," he said,
"llic Empire has found hi r soul,"
I Among ihe line phrases of bis
|speech were ihosc iii which lie referred In tllC valianl deed and "lhe
| valiant  living  who wall, into lhe \ Cf)
jttWS of ih iilh i 'ill r lhal  llll i,   lib
crly and llieir rounlrj ma) In saved."
It if ihe war he tuldi "I hii' salvation
I is in he achievi ,1 only bv deeds," To
'ihe "visionaries whn babbit of peace"
lie gave ihis line iiios-'ag, ; "I he hi*
lory  of  the   nice  lea, he.  n*  one  les-
boii. written lu letters of fire,   If we
wish  io hold  ihis   Empire we musl
he prepared i,. ihlf.ii,I il." To lhe
nation he said: "If we Intend lo hold
ihis Empire fur ihe Hriiish race wc
musl create conditions which will
breed n virile    ami resourceful pco-
,pic.    We   s|   see  that   throughout
I ihis Empire the gaits of opportunity  are  slammed  iu   no  man's  face.
Every  man tnnsl have hi* chance,"
The Kaiser, Seeing Inevitable Defeat Where, Until Recently, He
Saw Nothing But Victory, Would Now Have the World
Believe He Is The Victim of a British Plot
Emperor   of   Germany
ihe sit nut ion ou  the wi
fronl, reccnil)   lold Ihe men o
armies   along   the   S,a,line   lhal
aln had led < Icrinnny lo belli ve
'   his
A Bavarian Veteran
llu-   lliiii-h   people   were   her   friend
vv lo u    liny  were    ncluall;
. i it rmany's di struction.    N
ish  offensive  was  intended   to
lhe   war   ,-li rali,ni-   (o   Gcrmn
ami inlo Germany's towns and vil-
I luges, to llic p, ril and uml,,ing of her
helpless women and ehildren. "Your
duly," he declared, "is lo break lhc
Hriiish olTeii-iv'���; I" prove '
that iicrinnny is invincible, and rc
ducc lo despair the relentless cucrm
| it ���; of our counlry so lhal ihey u ill
suffer peace on terms honorable and
profitable to Germany,"
If this speech is authentic, ii show *
Fought  cn  Six    Front)  and
Home Six Time.',
The "W ar lia/eiic   of   llu
Plotting German   Winy" published
I om li
till cards of a Bavarian soldic
name   of   Matthias Nicdcr iei
an   odd   and      soinev, hal
ronlclc, The Bnv*
ne Iwo days afler
of    war.      'I he  six
lhe    nnly    II, VV s    hi*
received    from him
which  form
humorous wnr i
arian   It fl   his  li
lhc   declaration
cards which arc
m<>re I relative
since lie wenl to war, contain ihe following uu.--ages: "BclgiutTi, August
15th, 1914���1 am well, but ii is rath ���
li ol around here." " Vrgonne Forest, I-'ranee, November IE-lb, 1914 -
Am slill will: ii is awfully
Defining a Deserter
Home Soldiers  Who Absent Themselves Equally Culpable With
Overseas Men
Tiie impression disseminated as
thc result of a news item published
generally ill Canadian papers from
Ottawa, that a soldier could not be
a deserter until his battalion went
overseas is vigorously contradicted
at the militia department,
It was staled that such is not the
ease and tha a soldier who absents
himself for a sufficient period without leave is a deserter whether his
battalion is overseas or at home.
Sonic misunderstanding also appears to havc arisen as regards llic
power of commanding officers of
units to sentence men to jail for being absent without leave. This has
been done in tlie Ottawa military district and other places as well. According to the militia department,
however, no commanding officer lias
such power. lie may give a soldier
28 days' detention for being absent
without leave, but cannot imprison
him. A magistrate must pass lhc
sentence. Since, the war broke out
special permission lias been given
magistrates lo Iry eases of absence
without leave.
It was also slated at lhe militia
department that the parents of
boys who have enlisted in the expeditionary forces who appear at the
last moment and claim their offspring will not be allowed lo do so in
How To Get News
Of Men at Front
Department    Issues    Statement    Regarding    Applications    From
Friends and Relatives
A slatemciil concerning lhc manner
in which enquiries or applications by
lhc public in connection with friends
��� or relatives in the expeditionary
I forces of Canada could be made was
issued by the Militia Department, Thc
statement is lo the elTcoi lhat numerous enquiries and applications arc
'being made lo headquarters al Ottawa which ought to be ma''- else
where, causing a groat deal of unnecessary delay, and thai lliCSC enquiries should be made as follows:
Enquiries relating to casualties
are to be made direct to lhe Records
Office al Ottawa, i Ither enquiries or
an application for leave, transfer or
otherwise relating io members of the
Canadian Expeditionary Forces who
havc proceeded overseas, may bc
made to lho "Canadian Hcadquar-
|tcrs, Cleveland House, Sl. Janus'
Square, London,  England."
An application or enquiry relating
to a member of lhe Canadian Expeditionary Force must be made
through the regular channels, that is
in lhc officer commanding the unil
lo which the member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force belongs,
who will deal with the matter himself or forward it after prompt investigation, with his recommendation, to the officer commanding ihc
military district in which the unit is
situated. Such application concerning members of lhc force iu Canada,
which cannot be made lo an officer
commanding a unit, should bc made
to the officer commanding llic military district concerned. Orders havc
been given that all such enquiries
musl be given prompt attention
trenches." "At the
March 21st, 1915���1 am al
my uniform is full of bug:
'flonl   near   Riga,   Sepleinl
ml   in   Galic
shot "ir ' "
the German Emperor in lhe role of
ja conscienceless liar, No man cv,r
I labored more sincerely for the peace
ol lhc world ihan Sir  Edward Grey I fi oni  near  Riga, September,  II
in the fateful days of July, 1914,   No Don'l   ivorry .about   mc
'nation   ever   entered   into war with The Russians have only
1 greater reluctance    ihan    Britain did of my ears."
jal that time.    Ilml llie British people 1915���1 am gi
been  plotting Germany's  destruction Serbians are
they    would    assuredly    have    had pplc,  Fcbruai
greater   military strength    llian ihal'rived   in   llu
j-cringly spoken of as French's "eon-j now    go  lo
���cmplTble" lillle army.   Britain's mil- incnia.
itary    unprcparedness    has    already: 	
'been accepted by historians as a com-        l.!���/.L- I wt D/iari.Pnal.
plctc rebuttal of the charge lhal she1       "lHQti l.lhWJCaa-IjCJI..
sought tlie destruction of Ger v.  L   ., ,,   ', _      ������,, _
I    The eve,us of iwo veins of war- T�� Expose a Dead-Beat Will Do Hun
| fare  prove  bev I  all  possibility  of | Moie Gootl Than  Harm
denial that Germany was lhc plotter.|    Ther_   .,,,,   ,tC8(|._caWi   f������
1 lecembcr
King a
ong nicclj
1 -
v 22nd,
."    "Const:
1916 -llav
e   a
i  capital,
lamia    am
Her store
jf  war material  had  been
accumulated for offensive warfare,
'Her great siege guns had been prepared in sterol lo destroy lhc frontier fortresses of Belgium and France.
By lhc invasion of those countries,
Germany, within a few days of llu
opening of hostilities, did pis
! peril and did horribly ill-treat
belpb ss women and childr
made ihem?    Nature in  some ci  ���
and lhe   business   methods   of   be i
m ss men in others,    Vv her,   i man  i ���
found oul lo he wilfully dishor  ������
it business man. every other  bll
man    iii the    community    should
mile cognizaul    of lhc  fact,      If
'."business man gets "stung" bj      i
.""beat, he shouldn't bc ashamed to tell
,   .   .       .   , .     . ^lil, so as to save other's from
once for a brief period in East  Prus- ,,,  ,,,,  ._mc bo���     T    ,,.
s.a has ninth ol Germany s territory bc-.   -,,������ _ |isl ,������ ,������,,���.,.,.
'been  ,n  lhc occupation  o    lhc  Allies,, , __(|    ,      fa    .
and, save for a small b    ol  Alsace   w, ���������.��� ,������   h
�� Gcima,   soil  is  al   ihis  momentL      b���    bcnefactor lo 0���leM
h'''.  by   he,,,.       ,    ��� ,,     ,    kind.    To expose a dead-beat in the
|     I lie     Kaiser,     having     ruthlessly|
trampled    under  foot    sonic  of  lhc
I fairest  regions of  Europe, and  scat
tered their inhabitants to wander
refugees far from  their homes,  now
calls upon the legions of Germany lo
.prevent a like tragedy from overtaking the German people. He has sown
lhc wind. How can he hope lo escape    Ihc whirlwind?    He has been
��� deaf lo the ery of ihc oppressed Belgians and  I'oles    and  Serbs.      How
.can  bc  expect   pity   who  has  shown
[none?    The war upon  which  he en-1
i start, lo nip his dishonesty in thc
hud, will do him more good thai
harm, ll might force him to be honest when he was on the verge of becoming dishonest, and a man who is
honest even by pressure is hotter
than a dishonest man. The man who
proves himself wilfully dishonest
should be treated by everybody on
lhc cash-iti-advance principle, and as
soon as he learns that he can get
nothing till the cash is on the counter, he will soon realize his position
in the community,    ll takes courage
ilcrctl so lightly convinced of the in-i-nd backbone on*the part oi thc bu3.
vincibibty    oi  the    German  military[jnes_  ,__���  ,0
machine and of lhe industrial organ-,tongued    tIcad.bcat    _..;���,    lhe
New Work For Women
Building   Aeroplane    Engines   in   a
.  Factory in Scotland
Ail extremely interesting venture
is being launched iii Scotland in lhe
nature of a new profession for women. Al a place on the west coast
of Scotland a factory is lo bc buill
where work in lhc nature of the
building of aeroplane engine parts
will be undertaken, and when a sufficient nucleus of skilled women is
formed lhc whole engine will bc
built in llie works. Possibly after
lhc war engines for motors will be
pari of lhc work. The venture owes
its'origin to lhe fact lhat two of thc
directors of a well-known controlled
establishment havc been so impressed by thc work done by educated women that they arc prepared lo sink
$200,000 in a concern which will be
worked entirely by such women. Ordinary factory conditions will not
prevail. Thc work will bc run in
two shifts, night and day, each shift
comprising two periods of four hours
with breaks for meals, rest and technical instruction, Examinations will
be hold after tlio first six months, and
on these examinations will depend
thc money earned. It is probable
that the lowest rate will bc $5 a week
and the highest $1,250 a year. The
building will comprise, besides the
main workshop and office, mess-
rooms, recreation rooms, music
room, library and class rooms (or
technical instruction.
New Horn >stead Map
Issued  in  Separate  Sheets  Shftwin.
Homestead Lands in Each
A new edilion of a publication
which should prove of interest to
every person following the progress
of settlement throughout Western
Canada is now being issued by ihc
Department of ihc Interior at Ottawa,
'I he publication, which is known as
ihe Homestead Map, shows in a graphic way the land situation at the bc-
Iginning of the presenl year, also thc
standing    of    each     quarter-section
throughout thc three   provinces, according   to thc records   of the Department on  1st January, 1916,    The
jinap   has   been   issued   in    separate
jsbcels for each province, ihe Saskatchewan  and  Alberta sheets now being ready for distribution, the additional  map covering lhc province  of
Manitoba to'follow at an early dale.
| Nothing conveys quite so forcibly to
I the  eye  the  rapid  manner in  wliicli
, land  available  is  being  taken   up as
|docs this interesting publication,    ln
addition to the information regarding
lands which  have been hoinisteaded
or otherwise   disposed   of, the map
contains complete    information with
rcspet't    lo   Indian    reserves,  limber
berths,    grazing    leases, post offices,
railways,  etc.,  throughout   lhc  three
A copy of the Saskatchewan or Alberta sheets may now be obtained
upon application to the Railway
Lands Branch of thc Department of
the Interior, Ottawa.
braiion  behind it
ducted as he wills. The Allies have
patiently labored for iwo years to
create a mightier war machine than
that of Germany. They have suc-
jeeeded. They now have more men,
| more guns, antl more ammunition
I llian the Germans, and Iheir will lo
j win is not loss strong. Thc war has
(become a lesl of industrial strength,
(and thc factories of lhc Allied nations arc proving themselves capable     	
'of turning out a far greater number|of waste
I of death-dealing missiles
time than ihose of Germany.
say "no"   to  the oily-
, ��� i".'  "���',    ,:'.iu-beat    with     thc    car-
0 ff_.r ,'.'."".: marks of honesty, but it will pay to
brace up. Thc credit system is a
common evil to business, and there
are people who would buy lhc moon
if Ihey could buy it on credit. Blacklisting dead-bcals would save a lot
of trouble. ��� From ihc Durham
America's Valuable Waste
America imports $2,000,000    worth
rags annually just  to make
given I writing paper.    Aboul  1,400,000 ton.
I of flax straw are burned or allowed
I    The  Kaiser, set ing    inevitable  do-; lo go  lo  waste in  thc  Slates every
"' ' '     lie  saw year, but    specialists   in the Dcpart-
victory, incut of Agriculture havc shown that
declare jit can bc used for making paper and
fibre board. Already a demand for
$1,600,000 worth of flax straw has
sprung np. Once il was clear waste.
Time was when yellow- brass turnings
were entirely unsalable. Now ihev
Old     tinfoil
feal where,    until    recently,
| nothing   bul overwhelming
j begins   lo   make   excuses,  to
that Germany is lhe victim of a Brit
| ish plot and is fighling not  to conquer her neighbors' territory, but  to
guard herself   against    invasion and
dismemberment.     The lie is unconvincing.    The bold avowal of Maxi-1 average  12c a  pound
[inilian   Harden, "wc willed  the  war,", brings 30c, and siphon lops arc worth
'belter   represents    Gcrinauia's spirit. 24c a pound.    Bones fetch $_'.* a ton
j The  German   War  Lord  went   forth after everybody's picked 'em.      Mr.
to conquer    with    World    Lower or Arthur I'. Lillle of the United States
Downfall emblazoned on his banner. Chamber   of Commerce    says: "Wc
Having    failed    to    achieve    world Iwaste    150,000,000   Ions   of   wood a
; power,  docs  the   Kaiser  believe  that'year, 1,11(111,000,000'feet of natural gas
[by  whining antl lying ho can  escape a day,  1,000,000 Ions of flax  straw a
downfall?���Toronto Globe. year."     Wc   waste   1.1,000,000  feet  of
 I  I lumber ei ery year in  old lead pen-
Q>-r__<_' ��r Pi..j��� >'''s by throwing away the stubs. Two
Strength of Birds girls earn for    thc  Government  100
Birds can cat and digest from in, J times their salaries bv going through
to thirty _ tunes as much food the waste-paper baskets in the Trcas-
in proportion to their size a.s men ury Department at Washington,
can. If a man could cat as much in | Their prize, find was a $10,000 United
proportion io his size as a sparrow Stalls gold bond,
is able to consume, he would need
a whole sheep for dinner, a couple
of dozen chickens for breakfast, .and
six turkeys for his evening meal. A
Irec sparrow has been known  to cat
Mrs. Hcnpcck: Our minister is to
preach a sermon on "Home" in ihc
morning, and on "Hell" in the evening."
Mr. Hcnpcck: "Why Iwiee on the
same subject?"
"Telephones are great time-savers,
aren't they"'"
"WcIL lhat depends upon who calls
you up."
Modern War Romantic
Who  said    that thc    war and the
twentieth    century    bad    killed    ro-
00 grass seeds in a day.    Relative tojmanec?      Here is a  true  story.      A
the  bird's  size,  those  seeds  were  as wounded officer recognized in one of
big    as an    ordinary    lunch    basket
would bc to a full-grown man.
A bird's strength is equally amazing. A white-tailed eagle, weighing
twelve pounds, with a wing-spread
of 6 feet, has boon known lo pounce
on a pig weighing forty-two pounds,
raise it to a height of a hundred feel
aud fly off with it. Thc bird bad
covered a distance of half a mile before the pig's owner succeeded in
shooting the thief.
the voluntary nurses at his hospital
a young lady to whom he was once
engaged, lie was greatly embarrassed, as he was engaged lo another
girl, who was also a nurse in the
same hospital. It so happened, how-
over, lhat lady No. 2 had fallen in
love wilh a doctor and be with her.
Somehow ihings were straightened
out, lhc officer renewed his old love,
and lady No. 2 was set free. So all
ended  happily. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And C
iinox Valley
ourteuay, R
II.   Urn
i.n, I'ditor
51 .Ml  per   Vv
n   Adv
The visit of the Dominion!) Hovnl Commission lo British Columbia
IS cur,in,ay,.ir.;   an I nl uqlial  siglli
licnuci' wiili iim rest ol llie tour
Ihis important body,   A   reference'
to press reports of lhe various Mt-
tlugs will explain iiuieh concerning
iho objects in view,  ami   we   give
below what wc believe to bu Home
of thn-w.' objivis,    Before the   war,
and to a greater   extent   .since,   it
was   repeatedly   shown   tint   lhe
British umpire nm .i i>. more  self-1
supporting, ami Tu ti ' here must be
fewer undeveloped areas and lower i
undeveloped resources within   the
confines of tiie Umpire.   The mer-
cnntilemarine carrying the  llritish;
tiun is, as everybody   knows,   the
greatest in the world, but a  hunt-,
portion i',f it. real value is lust if il
is engaged in the carrying of trade
between British and Foreign purls,:
and between foreign ports entirely, j
lather than between   points within
the Inhabitant- would send news
for inseriiui in the "Review," besides being more prompt with subscriptions, Nothing Is given space
in this paper that is not well totind-
ed, and the Editor keeps theshenrs
busy on anything that is at all unkind or inexpedient, It would be
Interesting to know how many cop-
ies of the ''Review" find their way
in iiie ii'iit'liet, and supplement
in thai way iin h tiers fi.in home,
' ��� t )i course, it ih������ I*i \ i w is nol
1 worth sending -bul then, whose]
fault is that? Support your local i
paper, make it interesting toothers
.nul use it as a lettei tu friends who j
���lie away
Tlie response to Ihe second Canadian war loan can Ponly be described ns b 'in" lu line with the
highest form ol pniri&tUin, 8_oo,-
000,00 i having been I irlbconiln>.
from the Canadian peop e in answer to the nppenl of the Finance
minister for $100,000,000, The
minimum sum to be subscribed by
any Individual was 51110 and if
another loau should be i-ecpilred,
the authorities haven ily lo reduce
ibis minimum say to $$0 or $25 lo
treble ibe sum netted as a result of
the second war loan, The money
will be spent, ui least for the great-
^tedUM -i 1 JBMWfcuu
Dry Goods Department
he Empire, when those points can er Piirt. ���'�� Canada, and will   s��rve
An   express
to add to tbe prosperity of the Do-
supply  the   freight.
wagon is a profitable thing, and [minion while helping
the owner can make good money
by carrying goods aud parcels for
other people, but if he can develop
a selling business and turn that express wagon to account by carrying
his own goods to customers, it is
profitable for him to a far greater
extent. Within the Empire are
immense resources, at present
awaiting development, and pending
that stage, the test of the Empire
buys elsewhere. Tbe bulk of the
lumber shipped from this coast, and
mainly from Washington and Oregon, goes to Britisii Empire points
and if half of that trade were kept
within the Empire the population
of this province would receive the
greatest increase on record, while
our cities would, fill up and all classes of the community benefit.
While American mills ure prospering on orders from tbe British Empire, the 11 C. mills are shut out
from American possession;: by the
tariff, We give this instance as
one of iii3.ny others which the
Commission Will closely examine,
aud do its best to correct.
Tbe same idea is apparently stir-
rlng the Au tralians, for the Commonwealth is sending a Commission
t'.i the Stales and Canada to investigate certain industries, among them
the lumber industry, Tbe Australian market for lumber alone, if
it were supplied from 15. C. instead of mainly from the .States,
would keep our mills going night
and day. from January to December As Sir George Foster said
the other day, "Let us stop quib-
bling," with such vast possibilities
before us, which only need tacking
to be secured.
Tn these days of strenuous endeavor there is such n thing as excessive modesty. As we have only
hinted before, the possession of a
weekly paper such as the " Review''
is an asset to Courtenay, aud gives
it a place on the map, besides conferring an amount of standing. A
municipality \-ith_a weekly paper
is not a deatl place, Every asset,
however, should be accurded support of the fullest kind, and it
would be encouraging if   more of
to win lhe
war. Well done (Canadians, Let
us keep up lhe response in men, ami
in efforts for trade, sobriety and ef-
fii.iency at home, for tbe night is
spent, and the long looked for
down is coming,
Notes By The Way
'' 111 tie ruin talk is bad for the individual and for the community
alike, creating and preserving a
feeling that discourages and deadens, interfering with business al-
rvadv established and restricting
new enterprise. This province has
suffered much front "blue ruin"
gossip, and is in good company,
since tbe Dominion as a whole has
received similar attentions, But
are things so bad after all? Money
is forthcoming for amusements, tag
days are responded to, and  quite a
Ladies ready-1,1 wear and trimmed
Won.hi inl variety ol   plain  nud
menial shapes.
Dre_s Goods
Novelty patterns iu suit lenghl
for evviiinj; wear.
bailies  man-tailored  suits  hi
CllCelcB nnd Covel Chillis,
Sweater Coats
l.ild'.es all vvi',,1 IWCnlCI' en:,Is alltl .sweater sels nnd e.ips.    All pi iin   slu,Ies   unl
combination colors In the newesl Btyles,
Invictus Shoes
luvielus ��boes Inr hidifi   in   elijlit nnd
ten Inch topH in bun,,,, nud  Itieed, with
cloth tops nud   viei   kid   vnuips, Alsn
iu patent with dull kid tops,
Coatings in Ultlertlowu, I'laukcl
iu plain and spin Is cheeks,   also
khnns nn I Tweeds,
I,,,lies coats ill black and while
Sport checks  and
lot of money changed bauds, An
eminent American visited Vancouver the other day and found a busy
community, although he had been
led to believe that he would find a
city cf desolation with grass growing on the corner of Hastings and
Granville, Here are a few facts
that merit facts attention
Deposits in Canadian batiks, Aug
1914, were less by $251,000,000
than there are today. Deposits1,
today are $2.13,000,000 more than j
they were a year ago. They total
oxer $1,250,000,000, that is one
and a quarter billion dollars.
To the first Canadian war   loan, '
issued last vear, there was subscribed in the three cities of Vancouver, j
Victoria,   and   New   Westminster,
the sum of $3,355.600.   this   vear,
there was subscribed lo the second j
war loan from the same Source the
sum of $3,572,300. ���
Recent returns show that the
post office receipts show a big jump
on previous years, that public revenue is increaing while [public expenditure is decreasing. Railway
receipts are in excess of '.ast years
figures, and so the story toes --1-
along the line.
The farmers in the Kootenav
country recently decided to estab.
lish a creamery ou co-operative
"ines lo be built at Nelson.
Gents Furnishings
Invictus shoes
The besl guide in buying shoes is n   reputable trade mark.   Tlie trade 111:11-1. ol
whnl bus  become  generally  known as
"the best noi id shoe" is Invictus.
Sweaters and sweater coats hi grey, maroon, brown, kahki, also in combination
colors iu large plain 1 tb nnd fancy stitches with open neck and shawl collar from
J2..'0 to $8.00
W, (',. und R, shirts. The greatest
styles and fabrics bucked up bytheguar-
ante, that goes with all shirts bearhl"!
the Red babel \V. C. and It. llll] size
Correct styles. Past colors, and a white
neckband, full shrunk.
Newest styles Iii flowing end ties ill small
and large black and white checks and
stripes, sport lies, flat wbtR bows, Derby
nnd Windsor tie
Calls!   Suspenders,
fine dress kid glove
Kelts.     Also
mil working gloves.
TENDERS will be received either at
Cumberland or Courtenay up to
Sept. Ist, 1916, for HI acres of land
partly cleared, belonging to tlie late
John Biggins, of Comox, B. C, now
10 per cent, ol   offel to   be   deposited
with offer.
Highest or any tender not   necessarily
Official Administrator
EsquimaU  &   Nanaimo  Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
RETURNING-Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of tlie world. For particulars etc., address
TENDERS will be received at my
ollice at Cumberland or Courtenav
II. C, up to Sept. 1st, 1916, for *t acres
o( land ami Improvements belonging to
the lute George Williams, of Comox, 11
C.. deceased.
Terms cash, 10 per  cent, ol  purchase
price to be deposited with offer,
Highest or any lender not   necessarily
Official Admin Istrato
The Finest
Wheat in the
VSLar*--'-'"'"'" *"��*jBh
royal %\mm
-plus milline, skill ���plus milling expo!ience������
plus modern mill plant��� plus many other
important factors nud you haw the answei������
���without a peer In the world,
ROYAI, STANDARD .'LOUR Is born in Canadian Wheal fields the best wheal producing lauds on earth.
The net resull when ROYAI, STANDARD is
used���Bread, Biscuits,! Buns, etc, bigger in
volume���finer in texture -greater in food
value ���cleaner und whiter in body.
The trndt'iiiiirl
us you,
I be Circle V on llic
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 33, End oi Bridge
F. Movitz,  Mgr.
and   Bicycle
and  Accessories
Bicycles For Sale
Phone L46 Courtenay
Comox Co-operative Society
We beg to announce that we have bought the
business of Messrs. Cooke & Matthewson, and
assure customers of our prompt and courteous
Respectfully yours,
Dili. Piiien��er Agent, Victoria
Agent Courtenay, Phone R 60
Palaee Livery
Horses and Buggies for Hire a.
Terms cash.
We also attend to wood hauling
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Willard's Harness Emporium        JAMES E ASTON
Fine Sliowiny; o(  Horse  Itlankets,   bap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, I*tc.
Harness Repaired Nenlly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardy & Kiscoe
When ln Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends from Leading Musicians
from the Atlantic to the Pacific,   Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. Gourtl  will ne  ill this city  about
Oct.    1.    Leave onlers at tins Office,
or write tlirect to
845, 8th Ave., W.   ���   Vancouver
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop,
Ice Cream
Swan's Old Stand, Courtena THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Has Reopened
in Brown'
us bakery
Concert ami dance j...iv.-ti   by the
officers and ship's company of lb
M, C. S, Shearwater.
The i*roBrt\inme was ns follows;
Sun)',, A. B, Medevia,
Son-r, C, P. 0   Watson.
Song, P, 0  I'li'stiiii,
Song nml Rccilalion,  C   1'.   ()
Song, Stoker Dowdall.
Recitation. 0. 1'. < >, Bnglcy.
Cornet Solo, Off, Sid, Hodgson
Recitation, A. H. Hamilton.
Song, P. t). Marsden,
Song, C, P. 0, Watson. I
Souk. C, P, t). Watson.
'f Im concert und dune, given by
the Shearwater was au unqualified
success. Special mention must be
made of C. P. 0. Watson anil
Mr. Watson as a   performer is
distinctly good, he   has   music in
bis soul, and as an orator be bus a
quiet convincing   way which demands attenion, and as a recruiting
agent for the Navy carries   weight
and carries enthusiasm for tbe same
With regards to C.   P, 0.   Sparks
we have heard him before in Comox
we have hea,d of the "Sparks that
fly upwards'' but this one flies at
every point of the   compass    His
duties   were    merely I  Organizer
of the concert pcrorfinance (vocalist and recitative) Caterer for what
lie supposed would bc 150   people,
niul which   developed   into   twice
that number.    M C. of thc dance,
ami iu fact to be brief, he   was the
right man, aud iu the right place,
and too much praise cannot be given hint for the way   he   conducted
C. P .0. Bayley's recitation was
good as was also A, B. Hamilton
who has appeared before a Comox
audience before, Owing to the absence of Commander Jones, Lieut,
Pitts took the chair. Dancing was
continued to 3 p. in.    Great thanks
aie dm' in  the   members  of  ibe
Cumberland baud who assited  Mr,
C. A.Martin mill IPs wife   ill   lhe
orchestra,     This  is  tbe  seoond.
Lime the Cumberland baud has  assisted ut dances here and   we like
i the spirit,    Bully for Cumberland!'
Shall1 wc help you sometimes?   "1
In.ulil smile!'1    I-I, M. C,   Shear-
did themselves proud, H$   attendance at the concert and dance  was
a record one, and  lhe   good   time
giyeti   the    same,    Many    thanks
Shearwater" we are always   glad
to see you in Comox.
A despatch from London states
| that the Victoria Gross has been
awarded to Lieut. TllOS, Orde Tay
lor Wilkinson, second son of Mr.
C. Wilkinson, Little River. He
wns with the North Lancashire
Rifles, aud was killed on Julv 25.
age 22, He was a surveyor nt Victoria and enlisted early in the war
with the Canadian Gordon Highlanders. L'eut, Wilkinson was decorated "tor most conspicuous
During an attack, when a party
trom another unit were retiring
without their machine gun Lieut.
Wilkinson rushed forward with two
of bis men, got the machine gun
in action and held up the enemy
until they were relieved later, when
the advance was cheeked, During
a bombarding attack he forced his
way forward aud found tour or five
men from different units stopped
by a solid block of earth, over
Which the enemy was throwing
bombs, With great pluck and
promptness he mounted the
machine gun on the top of
the parapet and dispersed the enemy
bombers. He subsequently made
two most gallant attempts to bring
in a wounded man. but in his second attempt he was shot through
the heart, just before reaching the
man, Throughout the day he set
a niagnifioieut example of courage
and self-sacrifice.
The Victoria Cross also has been
awarded to the Rev William Robert Addb'ou, Chaplin, who early in
his life lived In a Canadian lumber
cninp. He carried a wounded man
ami assisted several others to cover,
By his splendid example aud utter
disregard for danger he encouraged
the stretcher bearers to go forward
under a heavy fire. I
Robt Ferris has enlisted with
the 342nd Foresters at Vancouver.'
Tickets for the socks  knitted bv l
the Duchess of Connaught  are on
sale at McBryde's bakery, nnd at!
Robertsons Drugstore,
At the Presbyterian Sunday
School last Sunday 5 officers and
63 pupils were present.
Mrs. w,R. Cooke left on Tuesday morning on her way to the
Oltl Country. Sho will spent! a
few days al Victoria, and expects
to sail from Montreal on the Pre-
tonia on the 19th inst.
No rust can attack the flues because they are so thoroughly aluminlzed, and they economize neatly every hii
of heat.
Before you invest in a new range let me show you the
Kootenay's sensible ideas for saving time and labor.
For   sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
City Council
The Council met 011 Monday  evening I
The two Alderiniiii elect, Messrs. Drown
and '-unburn, subscribed lo the  oath ol
office ami luul* their seats,
Tin" minutes of previous minutes read
nml adopted,
W, lilielis wrote Hint he luul 1111 ollice
tli'sk lor unlit for which lie would take
yi.S.tiii.    Received and filed.
Jin,in M. Pure/, ssklug for u rebate on
assessment nt property destroyed l>y lire
Prom M, l'arez asking refund, (or
tnxas paid last year on tlie lots given to
the Government, Rebate to lie given
if M. Parez does not own property,
Electric Ught Co, acknowledging receipt of letters asking for copies of t-.on-
trael with tlle Ciiiiatlaiiiau Collieries Co.
Prom tlle Electric Light Co, stilting
tlnil tliey were willing to meet the
I). C, Telephone submitted plan of
of proposetl pole line of proposed poll
line on Isabel St. Referred to the
Utilities Committee.
A petition was presented to the Council signed by a large number of citizens,
praying tlie Council to procure a chemical (ire engine at onece. Lefl lu tlie
liantls of the I-'ire aud Water committee
wiih power to act.
Tarbell & Son
Time Slieet
Referred to Fhtauce Committee
be paid if found correct.
Australia   Intends   to Seize
Extensive War Profits
Melbourne, Australia, Sept. _s���
Hon. M, Higgs, minister of the
treasury, announced today in the
House that the government purposes to confiscate all her profits in excess of a small maximum, to be established, and reduce the limit of
income tax exemption to ,��100, except in cas^s of married men and
single men with dependents, The
old age pension will be increased
to to 12 shillings, 6 pence.
$14 su
tmtl   to
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
Courtenay Review
New Peace River  Pamphlet
1 l\i ��� I)',, 1 I'tnieut ul the Interior
a Ol tawa, has jusl issued, through
its Railway Lauds Branch, a very
comprehensive pamphlet dealing
I wilh thai new Mecca of Uie land-
seeker, the Peace River country,
! Wlnl* a few pioneer settlers have
I from time to time penetrated this
1 pori ion of Northern Canada, it lias
only been within the past few years
that it Ins been possible to regard
'the great Peace River District as
1 within the reach of our home seeker, The alniosl insurmountable
difficulty in taking in supplies and '
, machinery 1 and the corresponding
I rusk of marketing the crop render- j
I ed this fertile area of Canada's '
hinterland a veritable 'terra incognita.' !
While, a.s has been said, but few |
have explored tllis district, many
, will be surprised to learn that so
jlong ago as 1H7O. grain from llie
! Peace River captured thc trophy in
j competition wiili the worltl at the
Centennial Kxposition in Philadelphia.
This publication   deals with  ali
the subjects which   naturally   suggest themselves the average inquirer,   Under the headings of   Afrrb
.culture, Timber,   Minerals,  Came
and Transportation  tbe   pamphlet
gives a mass of information.    Climate and rainfall are   also  treated
.of.   Numerous extracts are given
' from the reports of well known explorers   and   scientists   who  have
��� visited the country, dating from the
; beginning of the last ceulut'V down
to tbe   present dav.   There   is   a
consensus of opinion  among  these
authorities as to the adaptability
of the country to the growth of all
grains and root crops.    The   great
] amount of sunshine which   obtains
in these northern latitudes  rentiers
! vegetation both rapid   and   luxuriant.
! In tlie Peace River districts the
seasons change very quickly, so
j that as soon as the snow passes the
ground is ready for seeding, The
soil in some places consists of a
rich black loan. In others it varied
from a blue clay with a too soil of
sandy loam, from two to six inches
lo a sandy loam, much desised by
wheat growers.
Vegetables attain a large si/.e. j
During a large part of the winter]
season cattle and horses may re-1
main outdoors.
It is a country adapted both to
mixed farming and ranching.
This useful publication is being
distributed free, of charge by the
Railwy Lands Branch, Department
of the Interior. Ottawa.
Barrister nud  Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6
Courtenay    Hotel
Comfort  Will, M idetata  Ftatei
Dent Wluas
nml l.iiju ira
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine Bxcellen
Wm. Merry.ield
The Water Question
j      FOR  RENT
Four Good   Houses,
(Water    and    electric
;        light in each
'Apply, MRS. WM.  LEV/IS
Watchmaker, Jeweller un" Optician
at Brown's
Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up       Pants $7 up
Tenders   Wanted
TENDERS wanted for  shingling the
Masonic Hall, Courtenay,   Apply
or particulars to Micks-Beach &   field,
Cleaning ind
t .75
Suits          $1.25 np
Coats                  .7 5
Pauls                  .50
Skirts                   .50
Vests                  .35
Dresses             1.74
.7 ,
Overcoats         1.-5
Rep tirini:. Etc.
Gents cl
IllllL'.,   k
ept in ortler by the
th |2.50         .
Haney   I.  Kushida
The same building as Robertson's Drug
Store, Union St., Courtenay
Tenders   Wanted
TENDERS wanted for 300  cords  ol
I ft. fir wood,   i'or particulars apply D. T. Bubar, Courtenay Condensory.
Card of Thanks
Mr. anil Mrs. Spencer Taylor desire
to tliaitk all those wlio worked so hard
to save llieir home and contents from
destruction by fire on Mundav last.
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
LADY :: |
Resourceful Canada
A Gift To The Empire
���33 I'
W*ri, Ltek * Ct., Limited
1 lhal lit- is absohiit I;  innoi-i iu of this
dreadful tiling."
il ������oi���d���H��be thc'liri't pc��r.onl?o0i)_rulck KelUm t0 N��mlal Contlitions Western Wheat Fields Do Their Bit
glad, if I knew Unit lie was all right? A--*r the W*T- Is Predicted
Remember, he is tn-   brother-in-law     Itisl previous to ihe war in which
now, as well as your husband.   You h Wa8 a factor, Canada was suffering
seem  to  think  ihai   what  yon  have ���,._,,, renclion following western land
| learnt about bis pasl life proves bif" speculation   and   over-expansion   in
lo be   running   straight    now.     I in cosl]y  directions,      The times  were
afraid 1 can t agree wllli von. \mi\ many wer0 unemployed.   Bul if
li ymi had heard  urn as lie told anything were needed to prove the
ine aboul  ii   ii   von had] heard lum country's Inherent strcngtli, the war
has st'i'vf'd ihe purpose,   Canada has
There  were voices in  tin   pnssoge
i isldc, and soinebodj conic in lo
look for a Rrndslniw. I ady Ursula
ni,idr ha- escape, and, looking nboul
for her brother, found him In thc
grounds, where he was talking earn
Csllj    lo   his   hit ml   lingo,       I'Varlul
lost   lie   should      In    denouncing    Paid
afresh i" hi* friend, die wenl oul to|
the two young nun, und  111 ��� t_. >, who
set iiifil glntl iii escape, li fl  lhc bro
tiler ami sisler together.
I.ind Eastling was nol ul all anxious for a ifti'-n ioii* v.ill, hi* sister,
..ml would liavr escaped ii In could,
Bul she had him fasl,
"Tom," she -aid. "I've gol something very important lo lell you."
"I've got something lo -ay. too,"
h" snitl, rather drily.
"Vou -hull hoar me lirsl. I've
(I'liial oul something aboul 1'aul."
"So have I," said he quickly,
"Bill what I've found out is true,"
said she, hurrying on with her story.
"I've met his mother, He's lhc son
oi Sir Morton and Lady Crcslow, antl
lie's been obliged to change his name
and live for years in America, because of something wrong���forgery,
I think ii was, that lie did, when he
was a very, very  vomit;  man,"
"What!" gasped   Lord  Eastling,
She rushed on wilh her breathless,
".Now ymi see olrw il is thai people
an ready lo put anything lhal happens down lo him���lhal ihey won't
limit island how sorry he is for what
hr did nil ihose years ago, and that
ihey want lo hound him down, to
make il impossible for him lo hold
up his head again"' Now yon understand, don't you? Anil oh, Tom, Tom,
I'm sure lhal, now you know the.
truth, you  won't join in  the hue and   , '''''���  rou8-1    f
mess," pleaded Lady Ursula earn
eslly, "you would have believed him
;i*  I  do,    Shall   I  iill  him  in speak
In   U'll'"
"No!" said hi', brother quickly. "It
would only hr unpleasant without be-
in,; useful, li von inn prove lo mc
thnl hi- is running straight prove,
iiilud, not merely make ihe nssertion
nobody on eai lh will he so glad as
I .nn. In iin- meantime, I own lhat
I hati' doubts, Ami ii i*. terrible to
me in knot* ihai my sister is mar
iii il lo ii ni.in wi i llicrc are doubts
she spoke with hclghlc I color,
"li I thought li im ihe unprincipled
man you believe him lo be, surely
you don'l llilnk I should care for him
still? Thai I should degrade myself
SO  far?"
Hi pui his hand on her shoulder,
''I'm sure I hope nol," saitl he.
Eul he spoke doubtfully, and Lady
t'rsiila, as she walt'hed him go
quickly inlo lhe house and slowly
followed him, fell lhal she luul not
succeeded iu convincing him.
in the Struggle for Liberty
That the province of Saskatchewan
is bearing ils full burden of responsibility in the Empire's lighl againrl
Hun tyranny has been rendered very
evident    many limes    since the out-1 who lived on the produce of lhe soil
break of the win. iwas Louis Herbert,    an    apothecary
Will Honor First
Farmer In Canada
City of Quebec   Will Erect    Monument to Louis Herbert, Who
Arrived in 1617
I'he  lirsl   farmer selller  in  Canada
The   prairie    province   has   proven
from Paris, who landed in Qiiebi
more  than     soil \s6\7 with Ills wife ami  children, and
'llir atmosphere at luncheon was
electric, ihere was no doubt of lhal.
Everybody tried to talk and laugh as
usual, and very few of ihem managed it, For the host, usually a wholly
insignificant figure iu lhe midst of
his family and gnosis, was wearing
an expression of sullen melancholy
ami anger which Ihey could not help
associating with the fact thai ho was
In have been lold that morning of
i he loss which had lakeu place under
his roof.
Not one word, however, did he
utter while luncheon went on; nol
one glance did he give al any person presenl. liul when the lirst move*
iiieni was made to leave ihe table,
he looked up, dismissed iho. servants,
and Ihen  spoke himself
has in general contributed generously for the defense of ihe Hriiish Empire. Hut instead of expriencing further depression on lhe war's account
Canada is returning lo prosperity;
ils hanks have more money llian bo-
fore lho greal COIlfllcl began; ils ok
poll* have vastly increased, nol alone
ihe exports of munitions, Icninc   ihe reports   of thousands oi
A  survey   of Canadian conditions Belgians on lhc   verge   of starvation
iflor Iwo years of war, inatle al Mon-   through   lhe   brutality  of   lhe     Ger-
that    il possesses  .
fertility   for     lhe     recruiting  officers)111 oncc B.^"''1  I" clear and  enllivalf
lie Cathedral of Quebec, of lhc Seminary ami of this pari of the Upper
lown    extending    from    St. Famillc
streol  lo  the   Hotel   Dion.    At  that
furnished nn army of 350,000 men, n.jiayo reaped a rich harvest from the  ���'"' *-��" ""  what  is now die site ol
considerable   drain   on lhc   efficient farms and towns. Nearly every man """ '   ���'���������'-���'   ' ' ' '    '
element of a population small as rc- that could be spared has donned the
laletl |o lhe size of lhe territory, and   King's uniform.
Slill there are many who, through   .       ,
force of clrcuinslances, were not able ��")����� ���'���������>' R?1'1 "J, xhF,..'}y Wlls c-*ll*'*l
.... .     . .      "      .    ,   .      I..,.,,, "       VV ,,l ....I.    ....
lo enlist, bul who nevertheless real
ized Iheir responsibilities, 'I'hey
could not lighl themselves, but they
would feed llie lighl ers, so ihey beul
their energies towards
acreage   under   grain
llcbcrl's   Farm,"    With   a   spade ns
his only tool, lie worked iinil reworked ihe soil until ii was ready to re*
ot'ivo   seed.     He   Ihrew   in   the   seed
,���, ,,... M ', I from  France, planted apple antl rose
'I'hui 11 rets, and, 111  last, saw undtilaliiig in
treal for the New York publication,
Financial America, tiles various Interesting and satisfying facts, Prefacing    with  the Statement    lhal the
mans,   and    lite    great    sehfino    wa-.
The  patriotic   aire   fund   was   iniii
aletl  lasi   fall  al   the  annual  COIIVCII-
economic effects of the two years are,lion of thc Saskatchewan Grain
strikingly visible and form a wonder- Growers' Association, Farmers were
fill testimony to the resourcefulness asked to pledge the proceeds of one
and enterprise of the counlry, the re-.acre as a gii'Blo lhc Empire for thc
dial says lhal by virtue of ils gco-1 reliei of suffering during lhe war.
graphical  position    antl  thc  intimate  'I he   response   was   generous   for   6,
Ihe breeze, Ihe coition ears, the liow
tis anil I in i 1 s Irom his motherland.
The third centenary of ihe landing
of Louis l-lcbcrt is 1917, and a citizen*' committee has boon formed to
creel II 11 ion u in e ii I lo lilt: ftrsl farmrr
of ihe colony,
mil friendly relations which have so
long existetl between the Dominion
nul   the   United   Slates,  Canada  has
A Remarkable Cruise
Whales    Hloek   Landing    in   Pacific
The   lillle   .',1 loll   ynehl    Mana  ImS
7-10 acres of grain was promised.
Ii was ihen realized that llie best I arrived safely in nil English pert
tiling that could be done would be j afler a voyag  100,000 miles. Helicon able to enlist the financial sup- j to sell ihc wheal, as ii was of many longing lo Mr. and Mrs. Scoresby
port of the grcatcsl neutral country grades, nnd use lhc total proceeds lo- Routlcdgc, the vessel left ISngMnd
lo an extent infinitely greater iu pro- wards purchasing No, I northern more than two years ago on a scicn*
portion to relative needs, than any wheal in order lhat lhc flour might Hie mission to Eastern Island in the
oilier belligerent. While the conibin- be of uniform grade. This course South Pacific,
etl obligations of Ihc Government of was followed, and 80,000 bushels of The la-a stage of the little vessel's
Greal Britain and France, have been lhe besl Canadian wheat was pur-J voyage was from San Francisco,
witli difficulty disposed of in lhe Uni- chased and manufactured into 3, .'00,- .which she left live months ago. There
led Stales to yield six per cent,, those 000 pounds of lhe besl flour obtain- were eleven persons on board,
of Canada and of ils provinces and able. This huge shipment left Moose I "After leaving San Francisco," Mr.
cilics have been readily taken at live [.law, Sask., on August 9th. Rotillcdge said, "we came down the
per coin. | This Hour was shipped in 40,000 Mexican coast. Two hundred mile?
The review' estimates that from lhe bags, each containing 811 pounds nndlfrom land we came upon Ihree islands
beginning of lhe war and to ihc end'inscribed wilh lhc emblem of the as-T'markcd as uninhabited and 1 decided
of June, and excluding inconscqticn- socialiou and thc words; "Saskatche- to land to try and get some. meat,
liai loans floated in Great Britain, wan Flour milled from No. 1 northern But our landing was delayed as Ihc
the Dominion Government, iis prov- wheal, grown and donated lo the moulh of thc cove was occupied by
inccs and municipalities, have bor- Empire by the Saskatchewan Grain two whales, who were feeding anil
rowed about $404,000,000, of which Growers' Association, Regina, Sask., who refused lo move uniil the foi-
$222,000,000 is believed to have been Canada."      Each  of    ihe  forty  cars lowing day.
  Provided by United States investors, was decorated with a banner on each     0n   landing   wc   found   a   rough
"I  am sorry to have something to "C    remainder coming   from within side bearing lhe emblem ol Ihc asso-)shanty-, together with a derelict boat
sav which I hnd hoped never lo have the   Dominion.    'Ihe bonntiiul  crops elation    and    the inscription;     Ihisu..,] alongside a rough cross evident-
lio'sav  in  anv  house of mine."    Thej"! lasl year assisted Canada substan-! Irainload ot Hour is a gift to the Lm-  |y  marking  a  grave.    In  a  rift in a
mos of lhe voice they Ually.       lho scarcity of agricultural pirc  by  the  drain   Growers ol   Sas- CH(_ We found a sort of cave strewn
,     .     ,,.      ,    i heard    so  seldom    impressed  every- labor  due  io  the   withdrawal  of  so | katchewan.'.'
.���:.'..in-i  ;.  man who is tiding  ,,lsl|,od_, willl a slrong SCiise of the un-!many men for the army was relieved j    The association is preparing
with old  bottles and odds and ends
In -i lo live down the pasl
I he information lluis poured oul
came so suddenly, so unexpectedly,
lipnit Lord Eastling that al first he
could scarcely realise that so much
bail happened during the short lime
iii'  hati  been  away in   lown.
Then his impulse was one of iutlig-
"The scoundrel," cried he. "Thou
lie dared to marry you under a name
thai was nol even his own?"
That view of lhc manor had not
occurred lo Lady Ursula, and ou
realising ihis, she staggered back a
Step and  changed  color.
"i di, Tom," she cried hoarsely,
"then am   I  nol  really his wife?"
lie looked al hor pale, miserable
face, and was exasperated by her
"I should have llioilglll," he said
sullenly, "lhal you would have been
only too glad to welcome any chance
of finding out lhal you v. ere nol lied
for life lo a rascal."
But a little crj of dismay broke
from hor lips,
"Do you know whal you're saying?
Marriage! Do you remember whai
that means- t ih. ,,.,. no. ll would
be loo awful. IT* not Hue. I'm his
wife! Oh, 1 am his wife���really his
The anguish in her lone was so
th' p. the shame .-he evidently fell so
terrible lo bear, lhal her brother had
to admit   lho  Irlllll.
"Yes, ves, you're his wife, worse
luck," saitl he. "Thc false name
makes no difference io lhat, All lhc
same, ii was an infamy lhal he should
do such a thing -lo marrj vou like
She had recovered a Hub' of her
ihe alarm her bro*
   , .    Nearby was  a  piece ot
usual, and lhey one and all dreaded by help from our states. The con- lion picture film covering thc wholejwoo_ bearing the name "Annie Lar-
whal was coming. "I find that some- elusion of the summary of conditions |operation of the production ol the Sen," which I learned from a ship-
one���some wretch, sonic rascal���has lis lhat "both in respecl of financial j wheat, the milling and the Intnspor- wrecked sailor who was ou lhc yacht
taken advantage of my good nature ability and industrial capacity Can- tallon of the flour, ll vvill include-was the name of a vessel engaged in
to commit a mean and shabby theft |ada has been able to perform her such scenes us Ihe breaking ol the'!blockade running or contraband.
in my house. Vou all know what I tasks in the great struggle much]soil, various tillage operations, clean- There is no doubt that lhe remote
moan'. My daughter Mamie has had more easily and with less disturb- Ing and lacking of thc seed, lhe seed- island had been lhc dumping ground
hor p arls stolen���nol by a thief from ancc than any other of lhc belligcr- ing and lhe harvesting, threshing, for Mexican revolutionists,
outside, bul by a thief inside. I don't cut counlries, and there is correspon- marketing of llie grain in open boxes "There were so many turtles thai
know who it was thai has done this;!ding   reason   to   expect   that   her   rc- at thc elevators, analysis of lhc ker-: , .���   ,(. 0f fecdine on ihem.    It
i     .        ,.            I     .1 '     , _    .....,...-      i.i...     i..     .,,- ...1      .I.'i.'a....     .!"<��..    ,!,.!.  i.i      li,,-     ,..,11,,i.-       ,1,,,     In-,,!;,...    i.i     ll,/. P : .**
I can't guess; I tlon'l want lo guess,
But I'm not going to stantl such
ihings being done in my house. I'd
rather shut it up, sell it, let it, and
ro and live iu a hold than have such
a thing happen again. I'm going to
set lo work to find oul who has done
ihis. and as I'm not much of a hand
at this sort of work, I'm going to
have il done by ihose who can do it
belter llian me. But as 1 tlon'l do
Ihings underhand, I give you all
warning of whal I'm going lo do. so
you mayn't be taken by surprise." _
Consternation is a mild word with
which to describe the, effect produced upon his hearers by Ihis speech,
in which he appeared to havc taken
no pains lo disguise his belief lhal
the .author of lhc lliefl was among
his listeners.
Thc  im
turn  to  normal  conditions  afler  the Tel,   lhe  milling,   lhe  loading  of  the
was  curious  lo  sec  these    creatures
 .,,,.    .,    , ,,,,,..   i      ���       ,- ,     i ,     i- was   curious   io   see   inese     creatures
war will be similarly easy. -Buffalo tram, shipment by boat, on lhe Great bci     rc~ardcd bv lhe birds as a kind
Courier.         I Lakes,_tcrnunal_ operations ����� _M��n-1 of  no;lling  jslant]  and   t0  scc gul|s
Actors Be3t Officers
g   island   anil   lo   scc  gull
themselves   on thc turtles'
They Impress Soldiers With Person
ality, Says Drill Sergeant
Actors make Ihc besl army officer;
according to a British drill sergeant,
.treal, and, if possible, ihe presenta-Lri ,.,,���,.,
Ition by the association's representa- !,....].s
I lives    lo the    Governor-General    or j ',.Th'c Ma���a visited one small island
|some mci,b,r oi  the Government.     I;,,  ,|u, Gulf    o(  panania  where elephantiasis    was rampant    among the
Australian Sheep Dogs people.    The currents in  this region
In no place in ihe world are sheep were very difficult and there was one
and cattle dogs  more in use llian  in |sailing ship that had been drilling in
who   has   had  experience  in  an   offi-1 Australia,    Thc  grazing (stales    arc circles  for  13  months and  had been
ecr's training corps. so enormous lhat it would be impos-[tillable    lo get    out.     The    Panama
The drill sergeant, quoted in thc sible lo handle the great Hocks with- canal was closed to traffic but the
London Daily Mail, made the state- out dogs, says (lur Dumb Animals. .American government allowed the
ment positively. The Australian pastoralist could not .Mana,  as  lhc  vessel  of  a  scientific
"First of all" he shid   "they know possibly txist without his dogs, and expedition, to go through.
how to give tlie word of command, a lb-it is    the  reason    that sheep-dog     "Some 50 miles from Jamaica we
very important  consideration.    They 'trials are looked upon as something isaw whal appeared lo be at lirst a
���ire never shy or self-conscious   and|amount'n8    l0 national competition. ]burning ship, and afterwards looked
nlleiiion    w, ���   so    marked they impress'the men with their per- Every town has ils agricultural show like smoke from a naval action    We
il,-,.    ���,���"_.   hcfirsl hs    nrodiccdby sonalily.    Give mc an educated actor and at al   oi  these sheep-dog trials .found it to be a submarine volcano
ii,.,!. . .,, ,  un   ,,i*. lui-u proaucca p- ^ /       promise you a good ofii-i:irc one ��< ����������� ""-">' deserved attrac- blowing off.    The sea flow bad been
cer lions, and lhe training that lhc Auc- broken and wc saw seas breaking in
"Schoolmasters    make    ihe    best ";aliim . sheep-dog    gets is nothing places   where  the   chart showed   no
non-commissioned    officers,       llusi- ���l,orl ol miraculous. Hand. 1 nder the circumstances no in-
dismay, there arose a murmur of in
dignation on all sides; whispers were
freely    exchanged,    and     ihen     Mrs.
Jackson tried to speak. 	
But    her    husband    silenced    her ness men  I  have  loimd rather difii
sharply, antl at thai ihere was another pause. Tiun, as a second murmur, Ion,lor llian before, arose, one
voice '.'i'i'.'.'. nly made itself heard,
janl Paul Payne, Speaking with great
gravity, leaned forward and addt'CSS-
I   his   I, ist.
cult. Ihey are intelligent enough,
but they arc not what you may call
A staff officer,    speaking   on    the
same subject, said:
"Professions cabin
cir-c of    imagination
vestigation was possible."
Thc Curse of Germany  '"���""
The  Emperor deceives his people. Choking Off a Pro-German
No "enemy Government," no neutral Seriously as every American must
country, no man of sanity desires 'resent the conduct of the Britisii Gov-
the  destruction  of Germany,  but  of Icrnmcnt in seizing 1,000 sacks of Am-
tlie Scandinavian-
Frederick    VIII..
for lhc oxer- ihal    brutal, conscienceless,    wicked]crican  mail    on
and    observa-1 spirit   of militarism    represented by | American     liner
equanimity alter tne alarm ner bro-     ���wi!]    .,���,  _|]ow    ,���,.  to  ,,,.,1.,, aiion, generally speaking, provide first the Kaiser and the Crown Prince and bound from New Vork lo Copcnha-
��u- n"    I        ,?lv,?.n .    "' ,  suggestion,  Mr. Jackson?" he said in class officers.   Two officers on trench llieir    bloodthirsty    advisers.      The I gen, one cannot resist feeling grate-
.ill,      "   "j1"'1'.   ''f s ..c0lllC5S-*'|a voice which would havc command- service       constantly     distlngulshcJ curse of Germany and of lhc world is fu|    to the    English for    subjecting
I, ssorry,   ami lies    leading a ncw.C(| attention, even  if his words had themselves   by   keen     observations, the  Hohcnzollcrii  rule.    If the time Hans Lagcrlof, a hyphenate wilh an
an-won,I   with   pas
Eastling,!    ���*;,,,;.|, "
d   Mr.   lacksoil, lacoii
They were invariably lhe lirst  to uo-! ever
....gerloi, a  uypl
tunes   when   it   can   be  broken  American   passport,  to  severe  incon*
lice   any   change   in lhc enemy's di.-jGermany will outer upon a splendid vcnicncc    and taking    from  him his
Ipositions ami  both  wore I'loel  street  future    of peace    and prosperity and $10,000   in   gold.     During   the   entire
 re much    too    hospitable a journalists, the rest of iho civilized world will be voyage from New Vork lo  Kirkwall
i cs, ot course.  I lie wrelcicu man -10St l0 wjs|, ,0 mat.c .,*| your guests     "Natural    resources    rather    than at rest.   Speed the dnyl���Philadelphia this man  had been  rabidly assailing
""' '"'" r      '-'" I Ill-ram fnrlnhlc    bv    slleh    :,    sneerl,    .1 s : I rnineil    in, i llioi'1,,'0   rollnlc   on   nol Iv,. I 1 liqllirir. Ll'        QovCrntllCnt    whose    pllSSport    lie
... . carried  and   President   Wilson!    His
I pro-German views
uncomfortable by  such  a  speech  as trained intelligence counts on active
no right   io  take up  his  past,    Paul j,),., v���n  |,;iv0 jUS| majc  lm]css you service  and,  while  this  quality
owned up lho forgery io me, and *t 1 f.-Jt verv ' ������ ���   .
cctiscd him
was forgery    thai
" t'*org< ry wa* only one of lhe
crimes he committed," said Lord
"Unl  if he's  ri formed "
"li!    Thai's  lhc point,    If."
"lie has, lie ha*; I know it, I feel
ii. Vim would never have thought
of bringing this dreadful accusation
against Iiini, of thinking he had any-
tl ing to do with whal has happened
' ere, but for the stories you bad been
Lord P.KSlling turned upon her
"Who told vou I accused him?" he
She hesitated.
"I know," she .-aid al last, "lhat il
was some such thought, some such
suspicion, that look you lo lov.it yes-
It relay."
"Well, if so, what Ihen?"
She looked al him steadily.
"I   want   you   to  believe,  a*   1   do,
W.     N.     U.     1122
-ure lhal we could help you
io find out who has done ihis abominable ihing. Xow, I believe we
I fo  lie Continued.)
The Judge's Evidence
"How do yon know ihis handkerchief was yours?" demanded Ihc justice.
"Vou can see il is of a peculiar
make, your worship," replied the witness; "lhat is the way  i  know it."
"Arc you aware, sir," shouted the
justice, drawing a similar onc from
his pocket, "that there are others
like it?"
"Indeed 1 am," replied the questioned one, slill more placidly. ."I
had two stolen!"
bc  possessed  by  men  in  all  profes
sions, it is more often  found amotlf
Verdun Town Council pro-German views were ultra in the
,.       ,      , The municipal council of martyrc. extreme.   His money will bc handed
journalists, barristers and, of course, Verdun has mel for llio first time In -o lum when he again reaches Kirk-
cnginecrs,  whom  1  place in  a  class Paris at the temporary offices at the, wall,    returning    to the country for
:,I';"1'   Ministry of lhc Inlcri'or,     Until rc-'which be bas so little respect.
 ~~ ccntly   lhe   members   of   llic   council I    "Johnny Bull," 1 thank you!    If no
Teacher (in lhe rhetoric class); had met under shell-fire iu Verdun, means exists over here to stop the
Johnny, give a sentence with "scens" Henceforth and until the ruined town'seditious chatter of such ungrateful
in it. lis safe again lhe municipal business chaps ns  Lagcrlof, your assistance is
"crdiui    will    be    transacted    in  very  welcome.
'Lighten the blockade as much as
you please on that species of cattle!
���Julian Chambers, in Brooklyn
Since the war began six dailies anil
Johnny; An' I seen her on bis lap. jof    Vi
Teacher: No, Johnny, that's wronrr; Paris,
I'he municipality will calmly
now can you lell mc what is wrong?|consider the estimates from 1915, ihc
Johnny:   Well,  perhaps she  wasn't.! Mayor's and  lax  collectors' accounts
It  was  sort of dark and how  was   I  and  lhe salvage of properly at  Ver
io know?
dun.���London Telegraph,
Sapplcigb; Am  I walking loo  fast
for  you  .Miss  Ethel?
Miss Bright; Oh, no; you may run j iho   Old   Ladies'   Home?
if you like. |    She: Thc old ladies owe us $30,
He: How did you come oul finan-ilOfi weeklies have gone out of busi-
ially    wiih your _ entertainment  for ness in  Canada.    In Germany, 2,102
J weeklies have ceased publication, and
59 dailies.
fi E D R O S E If A *s good terf THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief���Permanent Cure
tail,   Purely vr-got.
���bltr - acl tmrely
tail uently on
the liver.
Slop alter
cure indi-i
i-ition���Improve the complexion��� brighten
10 oyer. Small fill, Small Dose. Small I'lice.
Genuine muiibou Signature
Why Allies :.r��  Invincible |lj^^BB - ���-������-������ ���-
Of Armenians
Massncro    of  Innocents    Under
Tui'ko-Qerman Auspices
ihc beginning of 1915 the (llio-
man Armenians numbered more Ihan
2,000,000.     llv   lhe   end   of   lhe   year,
two thirds of iheir number had cither
been massacred in iheir native
towns and villages or "deported" I"
destinations which more than half of
them never reached, This gigantic
crime  was  no  spontaneous  outburst
of famiiii'ist ��� of race hatred,      It
was a deliberate attempt, organized
irom Constantinople and executed
with the help of German officers, to
realize lhe "I'aii-T'uranian idea" in
the form of a scheme suggested by a
German writer, Dr. Rolibach. Thc
Scheme involved the "remov
the Armenian  population ll
Knitting    Together    of    the    Moral
Alliance Against German
li is, in fact, ihe knitting together
ol llie moral alliance against lirr-
iiiau militarism which is ihc greal
feature of  the close  of thc  secom
year of  lhe  war.    The  resources and
lhc men were always ihen-. io mall
headway against lite German armies,
lull Ihey could have been gol together
and utilized only by nations having
a greal issile ami a ureal moral Unity,
And ihese Germany, as if led by an
evil genius, has herself furnished lo
her enemies. Agalnsl another, Ihey
might have been divided. Willi another, Ihey might have made n separate peace. Iim when they were
clearly shown uhal Ihey had lo lighl,
they were illt'oWll back Upon Ihose
springs of moral action and Ihose
heroisms of soul which your ma-
lerial-niimled militarist can neither
understand nor conquer, This is what
l-cally makes lhe Allies invincible.
'I'hey have mm   \\ rested lhc initiative
from the German strategists, Their
military prospecis seem of lhe fairest, as ihey now close in upon the
German  forces from all sides,    llm
a* In Ihis, we make no predictions,
All lhal we would poilll oul i- lhat
an invisible ally has all along fought
iig.iinsl Germany, and slill presses
her back, 'Ihi, is lhe adverse moral
jiidgmcnl of impartial nun. ���- New'
\ ml,   Keening  Posl,
German Women
Whip British Prisoners
ot   in
mailed   ,
'tl  hi-, es
Labor Exchange*;
Facts For Health Seekers
To Ponder Over
Nearly  every disease can  he (raced
to clogged or inactive stomachs, liv-
jcrs or intestines,      Indigestion, biliousness, headaches and insomnia  all
emanate from ihis cause.   Keep these
��' organs  in   working order anil  you'll
.   .                :" sepai'- have  continuous  good  health,      No
Ucd  lhe   Turks   in  the  hearl  of  the 	
Anatolian peninsula from lhe oilier
Turkish-speaking populations in
northwestern Persia antl Russian
Caucasia. The original "Pan-Turanian idea" is believed to have been
extracted  from  a  notable "Introduc-
Ircaled wilh  Dr.  Haiu-
ul nol cured;  llieir re-
marvellous    success.
Pills  are  very  mild,
the bowels promptly
healthy    regularity.
',  digest  well,  sleep
soundly, led like new after using Or.
Hamilton's   I'ills���one a dose���_5c a
box everywhere,      lie sure you get
llie genuine Dr. Hamilton's  I'ills, iu
a yellow box always.
ease vvas ever
illon's   Pills a
cord   is   one   of
Dr.   Hamilton's
yet they eleansi
'and    establish
Vou'll  cat plctil
tion a I'Hisloirc de 1'Asic," published
twenty-two years ago in 1'aris by an
eminent    Franco-Jewish    Orientalist,
M. Leon Cahtin, whose record of lhe
aims aud    exploits of Jcnghiz  Khali
fired thc imagination of Young Turkish    fanatics    like    Dr.    Nazim    and
others.    Iis practical application has
resulted in the massacre of hundreds
of thousands of innocent
der  Turco-Gcrman  auspices.    In  hi
analysis     of    'Turkish  characteristics ftce
I*d. Cahttn    placed foremost    that of.    The  number of  femal
blind obedience lo orders.   When lhe;0f  the  street  railways  ba
'Turk   is   lold   to   behave
Women Carry  Mail Bags in Berlin
The German capital now has over
out-  thousand    female    mail  carriers
people tin-j and more (ban a hundred of the wag-
""ons and automobiles of the post of-
rc driven by women.
..       , .,  increased
���self  he to more than    4,000. ���    About    three
obeys; when he is told to torture and hundred    women    have    taken    tlie
.places of thc iiiotorinen called lo the
massacre, he tortures and massacres,
Thc sufferings of the Armenians, unparalleled in modern history, should
serve to explode the fiction of "the
gentle Turk," and lo enhance our
gratification at the avenging advance
of our Russian allies in the Armenia
highlands,���London Times.
An old farmer who had be
peeked all  bis life was
His wife felt il her duty
such  consolation as she
"John, you are about lo go, but I
will follow you."
"I suppose so, Maria," said the old
man, weakly, "but so far as I am
concerned you needn't bc in
blamed hurry  about il."
about lo die.
to offer him
might,    and
front, and the remaining 3,701) are
aciing a.s conductors, starters, inspectors and clerks. 'I'hey perform iheir
work in a satisfactory manner, and
thc public likes thc polite and patient "lady conductors" very much.
Relief for the Depressed.���Physical and mental depression usually
have llieir origin in a disordered
state of the stomach and liver, as
when these organs are deranged in
llieir action, the whole syslem is affected. Try Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills. They revive the digestive processes, act beneficially on thc nerves
and restore the spirits as no other
pills will. 'i'hey are cheap, simple
aud sure, and the effects are lasting.
Movement Started to Establish
Branches in Western Provinces
A movement was started in Winnipeg this week which, if it materializes, is expected to be of great assistance iu regulating ihe labor market iu Western Canada, As set forth
in a resolution adoplcd al a meeting
held at the Industrial bureau, lhc objects of the proposed organization
are, briefly, lo secure legislation in
the ihree prairie provinces lhat will
make il an offence lo charge a fee
for giving or securing employment
or for introducing anyone for lhe
purpose of scenting work; ami lo establish iu Winnipeg, Brandon. Moose
Jaw, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton
and Lethbrldge fully equipped labor
exchanges, each province bearing llic
expense of maintaining iis own exchange, ami lhal lhe city council,
drain Growers' Association, and
Trades ami Labor Council in each
eily be invited lo appoint iwo of
llieir number lo form a local ad
ory   coininiltiT.
11   is also  proposed  thai  one cen .
Ir.il ollice be maintained at Winnipeg,]
Rcgina ami Edmonton, which shall he!
responsible    for all  exchanges,    and
lhat the    superintendence    shall    be
under a commission of six members,
onc  appointed  by  each  of  lhe  three
governments anel one by the Trades
ami  Labor Councils of each province,
such commission to have full power
to appoint    all officers    of the local
antl central exchanges.
The gentlemen present al lhe
meeting were: Thomas Molloy, of
lhe department of labor, Saskatchewan; Aid. II. J. liaillic, Saskatoon;
R, .1. Daley, assistant publicity commissioner, Alberta; Commissioner \V.
!���'. Ileal. Moosomin; Prank Kerr,
chief relief officer, Winnipeg; Louis
Kou, Manitoba immigration commissioner; A. Macnamara, labor department, Manitoba; R. A. Rigg, M.l'.P.;
A. VV. Puttee and .1. II. T. Pall-.
Thc labor organizations will take
the proposal up ill the three provinces, and a general meeting will
probably be called sonic time during
the coining winter, when full consideration will lie giceu the question by
government and labor representatives
of other bodies. ��� Winnipeg Free
I llie
Highlander   Telia
A Gordon  Highlander, ivi
ihe Battle of Mo,,*, descrlbi
perieucc the other dav as ;
in lhe hands of lhe (icrmatl
for the English ".-wine" tin
ciny reserved llieir special
"Eighty-one of us were Ink
other place lo work. Wh, ... __.
out al lhe slulimi ihe German women, who stood ai lh'' side of [he
road, lei the French and Belgian prisoners pass, bin diet slashed long
whips into the eves of lhe British
prisoners. A Sea forth Highlander
had one eye taken oul o! hi* face."
While Ihey were llicrc lyplius broke
out, ami sixteen mil of clghly-one
died, Speaking of lhe wav iu which
the sufferers were neglected by their
aplors,   lhe   speaker   said   lhal   some
AND       tV*^
of his comrades
of pieces of wood
made a lire wilh lh,
plying the suffering *
If gol
ml papi i
' jci
���nt'- \
ildiers wiih hot
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Valuable Information Re Irrigation
The growing importance or irrigation iu the agricultural development
of Canada is suggested by a new folder jusl issued by the Department of
Natural Resources of the Canadian
Pacific Railway. The folder deals
with ibe irrigation enterprises in the
neighborhood of Calgary, li Js handsomely illustrated and complete with
valuable information for tho farmer
and home-builder. A copy may be
had free by writing the' Publicity
Branch, Department of Natural Resources, Calgary, Alberta.
WORN BY tvnil' MEMBER Of Tilt \SV.\Ct
Sometliliis better thon linen and kin Utun-o
IK.    VvsjIi  it with loop ind vmer    \
more*: or direct.    State stile and ilze    l���
IS.', wc will in nil yuu
CANADA, l.imlt.d
__ -*r_->��r Arfriiu*.'lur i.iitn. Oal.ria
Worms cause fretful,
the infant of sleep, the
ishcr. Mother Craves
terminator    will    clear
ss and rob
great nottr-
VVorm Ex-
and intestines and restore healthful*
Conquers Asthma.   To be relieved
from the  terrible suffocating due to
asthma  is  a  great  thing,  but   to  be
safe-guarded   for   lhe   future  i
greater.      Not only does    Dr.
Kcllogg's    Asthma    Remedy
prompt relief, but it introduces a new
era of life for lhc afflicted.   System1
attc inhaling of smoke or fumes from
thc remedy prevents    re-attacks  and
often effects a permanent cure.
Russia's Trade Future
The operating of an all-year
porl in die south through llu
phoi'iis and lhe Dardanelles
create a revolution iu Russian
and make Russia less dependent ...
Germany. Hitherto Russia lias suffered a soil of blockade for live
months of the year to the greal
benefit of Germany. After the war
there will be new markets for Russia, as Russia will become a manufacturing as well as an agricultural
counlry.���London  Chronicle.
Wood's PfaasjfcoaiM..
The Great English I medy
ronea and invigorates tho vboM
narvodt-system, mak-j new Blood
,n old \cfns- Cures jv ������������..
Debit Hy, Mental aud iirain tPorrv, Lerpi>n*
drnvif. Loss of Energy, J'alpltaUon <f lite
Heart, Failing Jifsmorp, Pri o Sl pr hoi six
for $.*>. Onowill please, rli wi.! cure. Bold I , all
druggists of mailed in plain p_*g. on r ������   ������  >>t
Krico, KeiopamphlW matted free, THE vvooo
IEDICINE CO.rTOaOfJTO, CUT. (Fffttfl| WbterJ
i en,
im KtOftY t
S KlTtiCt N
WTO     WSIIf-
cn ii.n-.n ���
or Fnm b
ex Rd ii .ur
llaipita , *���:,
C WCMNISS r05r v..;:,,
l*t.*-. 1LOOD r.IMM,
l*oi M..L II f.jsr t CT*I
���""""'tKOtllMAt ,"*,
oi on li c_fie
D L0.1DOM   ..*,[_
ll id nu
z Ml
���.i...j. /,ri.
' nr
t   It
Playing Safe
If 1 should ask for
Her Health Restored by Lydia
��. Pinkham's Vegetable
Indianapobo, Indiana. ��� ''My health
waa so poor and my constitution so run
i down that I could
not work. I waj
thin, pale and weak,
weighed but 109
pounds and was in
bed moat o. the
time. I began taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound and five
months late I
weighed 133 pounds.
I do all the housework and washing for eleven and I can
truthfully say Lydia E. Pinkham'u Veg-
etable Compound has been a godsend
to me for I would have been in my grave
today but for it. I would toll all women suffering as I was to try your valuable remedy."���Mrs. Wm. Green, 332
8. Addison Street, Indianapolis.Indiana.
There is hardly a neighborhood in this
country, wherein some woman has not
found health by using this good old-
fashioned root and herb remedy.
If there is anything about which you
wou'd like special advice, writo to tlio
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn,
An Absurdity in Uniform
c of our men engaged about
Coiilalmaison have an absurd story
of a German officer who came out to
surrender as if on parade, with gloves
and cane, and very spick and span���
whereas, to do them justice, lhe German prisoners generally looked deplorable. As he advanced, his first
remark was lo demand a certificate
as lo his gallantry and honor. Our
men were so enraged that they incontinently fell upon Iiini and took
!iis gloves and cane and cut all the
buttons and badges off his coat. It
is the one solitary instance which I
have heard when- Tommy lias hael
any idea except to feed his prisoners ami make pets of them. We
have proofs every day, however, of
the unpopularity of many of the Ger
man officers with llieir men, who ex
press themselves with some ronsid
erable freedom when lh
oners,���London Times,
hand  ���___________���
The Maid: I would refuse.
The Man: You positively would
not  marry  mc?
The Maid: Under no circumstances whatever!
The Man: Nothing that might occur would cause you lo change your
mind?   You are absolutely sure?
The Maid:  I  am absolutely sure.
The Man: Fine! Then wc can have
the time of our lives being' engaged
ibis summer!
Surprising Wilhelm
The British  Iroops, previously despised   by   William,   are   now   giving
his      generals    a    sample    of    their
even|strength,  before   which,  in   lhc  long
J, D, run,  the   Bosches  will  have  lo  turn
bring| tail.      The    superior    t|iiality  of Ihe
British  army  has  gol  llie  better of
al!   lhc   Boschc  counter-attacks,  and
lhc  magnificent  success  of  the  little
army, now   grown big, lias   already
made lhc invader feel the first effect
of a military force upon  whose  intervention  he  bad  not  reckoned, ���
1.'Homme Enchainc, i'aris.
of those
lling they
I understand  in
icy  are  pris-
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper,
The Curse of Germany
The Emperor deceives his people.
No "enemy Government," no neutral
country, no man of sanity desires tiie
destruction of Germany, but of that
brutal, conscienceless, wicked spirit
of militarism represented by llie Kaiser and the Crown Prince and their
bloodthirsty advisers. The curse of
Germany and of lhe world is lhc Ho-
hcnzollcrti rule. If thc time ever
conies when it can be broken Germany will enter upon a splendid future of peace and prosperity and Ihe
rest of the civilized world will bc at
rest. i-ipeed the day!���Philadelphia
W.     N.     U.     1122
Bacon: Distinct traces of light have
been detected in tlie ocean at depths
of more than 3,000 feet by au English  oceanographical  expedition.
Egbert. Some careless mermaid's
gone to bed aud forgot to turn oul
the gas probably. ��� Yonkcrs Slates*
Well-known Women.
Chatham, Ont.���"I wns s'uk for about
four years. Got very weak, could not
eat to amount to
anything. I gol.
very thin and had
no strength at all.
,1  was  very much
discouraged ai
limes ���thought
was never going to
gel bel-ter. 1
could not walk a
block without feeling all tired-out.
1   took  different
medicines but did
not gel the help 1 needed. A friend of
mine advised me to try Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. I began to take it
with the 'Pleasant Pellets' and by the
lime I had taken two boltles I was we'll
on lhe road to recovery, and in six months
I was entirely well. 'Sly appetite came
back and I gained in flesh. Now I am as
strong and healthy as any one could wish
to bc. 1 owe il all lo Dr. Pierce's medicines and I am glad of the opportunity
to give testimony iu their favor; they
havo done wonders for me."��� Misb
Thelha Pa���-_r, 1.1 E. King St.
Chatham, Out'.���-"I have taken Dr.
Pierce's medicine with good results. I
was weak and run down, lost my appetite
and got very thin. 1 took 'Favorite
Prescription' and 'Pleasant Pellets' and
these two medicines built me up in a verv
short space of lime so that I felt, as well
as ever. I found them to bc all that ib
recommended of them; they are good."���
Mas. Wm. Weese, Cor. Taylor & Grand
Ave., E., Chatham, Ont.
Every woman who has backache, headache, low spirits, sleepless nights, owes it
to herself to speedily overcome the trouble
before a breakdown causes prostration.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is
a non-alcoholio remedy that any tiling
woman can safely |take because it if prepared from roots and herb* with pur*
glycerine, ce_t_ining tonic propertMh
The Call To Help Society
President A. Lawrence Lowell in the
Yale Review
Never have I been able to understand���anel even less than ever in
these terrible days, when young men,
on whom the future shone bright
with hope, sacrifice from a sense of
duty their lives, lhe welfare
dearest to them, and cvcryll
care for���less llian ever can
stand how any man can
safely on a hillside, ami watch the
struggle of life in the plain below
without longing lo lake part therein;
how he can sec tlie world pass by
without craving to make his mark,
however small, on Iiis day and generation. Matty a man who would be
eager to join a deadly charge if his
country were at war, lacks llic insight or imagination lo perceive thai
lhc warfare of civilization is waged
1 I nol more upon lhe battlefield ihan
in the workshop, al the desk, in the
laboratory and tlie library. \\ c have
learned iu ibis stress of nations thai
men cannot lighl wltllOUl ammunition well made iii abundance; bin
wc do nol see lhal the crucial matter
in civilization is the preparedness of
young men for the work of lhe
world; not only an ample supply of
pattern, tempered ami finished i" lhc
highest poini of perfection. I- ihis
lhe ideal of a dreamer that cannot
lie realized: or is il a vision which
young men will scc and turn lo a
virile faith?
And How to Feed
Mjil��l fn�� 'i ny jdilrwa   a
the Aurlt'ir
H.CLAYCL0VEItC0..l,:,    I
II- W.at 31.t Slreel. New '<v\\
The Lights
Of 65 Years Ago
Are still doing- duty ia
the shape of
Sixty - five years ago
tin.- first Canadian-made
Matches were made at
Hull by Eddy an.!
since that time, for
materials and striking
qualities, Eddy's iuve
been the acknowledged best.
When Buying Matches
Specify "Eddy's."
A Notable Encounter
'I he Earl of I Icrby -later thai
concentrated fury nothing iu ihe war
exceeded    lhc light    our troo| * had
with    lln-    Branocnburgers    on    ih
Soinmc fronl."    I lie (acl   -
bear out the prediction i i *"i.
lary observers lhat the last period i i
llu* conflict  will  In- marked    bj   ;' i
most virion* fighting on record.    1
enemy is  beginning to recognize,  i.
would seem, that hi* li.e k i    lo the
walk���Montreal Gazette,
He's a clever young fellow, is
Tompkins, but rather absent-minded.
On onc occasion he was sent by
Iiis firm to transact some important
business with a client, Arriving at
the lown where the latter lived,
Tompkins paused in the railway station and his iace. grew pale. Then he
rushed  to the  telegraph  office.
A little later Ihc head of lhc firm
received   Ibis   wire: I
"Have    forgotten     name of client. |
Please wire at once." I
To Tompkins,  wailing  impatiently!
is 1
iroducing   munitions ol
-ia  at a  greater     spec 1
for  lier own army dur-
ing i
v ar with Russia.
"How's your boy Josh getting c
with his studies?"
"Pleasantly," replied farmer Cor
tosscl.   "He don't bother 'em none
in lhc te
aph oflie
name Roberts,
Vour name
"There's    one    good    ll
"What is it?"
"It's seldom lhat your
wile insists
on you taking hvr to see it clayed." THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Little River, 5 Miles From Comox
Household Furniture and Outdoor liffects for C. Wilkinson, Esq,, who
is leaving for Rnglnnd
Wednesday, October 11, at 12 prompt
Oars will leave Courtenny for  the  sale at   11.15 and   12,15
Return Fares $1 00 each,
GEO. J. HARDY, Auctineer
Phone i��i Courtenny
V a ia a .fast I
iff-ii iVj'i-i/ t.-iitik
Lest Bedroom
.' Mabogauj fiutne 1 'rails,   chintz
covered seals, 2 polishe! Mahogany
bedstetuls, 1 coil spring mattresses,
_ Hair Mattresses,   .' Feulher
Pillows, 2 Feather Bolsters, Antique
Polished Mahogany chest of
drawers, bow front, 3 long and  2
small drawers, all lined Oak with
knob handles inlaid mother of pearl,
Looking glass with ftame and
pedestal   of mahogany,    Polished
Mahogany bedside table with
ornamental legs, Painted wood
bookshelf with  *1  shelves,   Woodstock Art Square carpel, Cork
carpet, L,arge while   toilet   set,   6
pieces, White enamelled toilet pail,
white Wicker soiled linen basket. 2
water bottles, and 2 glasses,
Perfection Oil beater   anil   Safely
1..at. numerous sundries.
Dressing Room
White enamelled stretcher bed 2' 6"
with spring mattress, wool ditto,
and pillows, Mahogany chest of
drawers, 4   long drawers,   2 small
School Room
Ik a] centre table, Small Sola,
Mahogany legs. Ami,pie' large 1 Itik
corner cupboard, iulaid wilh Chestnut  and   Mahogany,   3 Seagrass
chairs, 1 canvas seated chair  Cork
Carpet,  Rocking chair enne se.t
and back, Mahogany frame,
Encyclopedia      Britannica   iu   34
vols.  1903 edition, and a large
number of books which wiil be sold
in suitable  lots,   Treadle   Sewing
Dining Room
Old Spanish Mahogany dining
tabie 73" x 43" with claw legs and
flap folding down, Old English
Oak Dresser with 3 shelves for
china, 3 large drawers 2 small
ditto, with brass handles, sinal' side
table, Dining chairs, Cork Carpet,
Numerous sundries,
Dinner set, Poppy pattern, t Salad
bowl. 2 sauce tureens, 1 Soup
t ,, 1   , ,   1  , 1*.   1 tureen, 2 Vegetablecishes, 17
ditto, and   1   seciet drawer,    Deal   ..        ', ,    *"  , ,..',.
dinner plates, 16   pudding   plates,
4 meal dishes, 13 Soup plates, Tea
cups and saucers, 9 Coffee cups and
saucers, 2 large ditto, 3   basins,   8
stretcher with Mattress and Pillow,
Mahogany chair, cane seat,   and
North Bedroom
Mahogany chair, cane seat, Antique
Chest of drawers. 3 long  and   two
short drawers with brass   handles.
Folding Stretcher bed with   spring
mattress,   wool  ditto  and   feather
pillow,  small  antique   Mahogany elisiies
wash stand  with drawers,   China      jug,
Toilet Set, 5 pieces, Bottle and
tumbler, Small green painted table, Kitchen,  Pantry, and Wash
Looking glass with polished House
mahogany frame, Brass Roller and
White   Casement Cloth Curtains. 4 Plated Meat Covers, Kitchen
fashioned ta|j]e ���,-���.���. drawers, bins, etc,   The
Salad plates, various sizes, Teapots
and a quantity of sundry china.
8 Claret glasses, 3 Port glasses, 15
Finger bowls, 3 Cut Glass butter
12 Custard glasses, 1 Water
6 Tumblers. 1 Dish, etc.
Patriotism, Production
and keep the country our gallant soldiers are fighting for
Polished   Mahogany oh'
Card Table with 2 flaps. Cork
Carpels.  Sundries,
West Bedroom
Iron Bedstead with Spring mattress
wool ditto, and 2 Feather Pillows,
Mahogany chair, cane seat and
back, Antique Mahogany Chest of
Drawers wilh 3 lonu and   2  small
drawers and brass handles, Antique
Mahogany comer washstaud,
white Toilet Set. 6 pieces,   white
Wicker Soiled Linen basket,  Small
Dressing Table with Oak   top and
Mahogany legs, Dressing stool.
Chintz top, Mahogany Legs, Small
looking k'uss on pedestal. Cork
Carpet, Numerous .sundries.
Small Bedroom
Stretcher bed with Spring mattress
Wool ditto, and 2 Feather Pillows,
Large painted Cupboard, Looking
('.lass on Pedestal, Small deal table
white Catmint Cloth tuitams.
Chair. Toilet Set, Curtains, Carpet
Sunt! 1 ie-,.
East First Floor Bedroom
luni Bedstead, Spring Mattress,
Feather i illow, Dressing table with
drawers, wash stand.   Toilet ware,
Chair, u 1 le Paper    ba ik�� t.  Cork
C irpi;, ! uudries,
Drawn*-* Room
Antiqti   Oak gal     [foi ling   table
45" dian    er, Ai   qti   I ink  corner
1 upi oard, . !.ii;','.': ivood low table,
311" x 2;      ire v ov< n   fire   guard Pence,
Lai   : v i I T waste paper   1    ' el
Cane armchair. Mahogany   frame,
with cushions, Low arm  chaii upholstered, Birch nest of 7 drawers
46" X 16"   X 2~"    fastening   with
lock at side,   Cork   Carpet,   Piano
by Kirkman, Music stool,   numerous Sundries.
Note���As the days are short the Auctioneer wishes  to  commence sale
punctually.   The order of sale will be :  Household  Effects,   Outdoor
Effects  Poultry, Cows, Horses,    Terms Cash.
Cooking utensils which will be sold
in suitable lots. 2 Cocoa door mats,
3 Stone hjt water bottles, 4 hot
water cans, Washing Machine and
wringer. Copper wash boiler, Cook
range, Quantity of bottled Salmon
Home made Jams, Bottles, Fruits,
Also a complete bottling apparatus
A large  quantity of  other   items
which will be sold in lots.
Cream separator,   Butter   churns,
Milk and Cieain cans.
Live Stock
Brown Mare, 7 yrs old, quiet ill
all ways, and a grand worker.
2 general purpore horses, Jersey
Cow, excellent milker, due 3rd
calf next January, Graele Jersey
heifer, good milker. 2 Grade Jersey
cows iu milk, 21 Wyandotte Leg
li 11 r 1 11 .-. just laying, 31 W'yan-
dotte-Leghorn chickens, Yearling
Birds. 3 Buff Orpllillgton Ducks 6
White Pekin Ducks, 5. 50 Kgg
Incubators, t, i_o Egg Incubator,
1 Chatham.)
Implements Etc.
iron wheel truck wagon with pule
and shafts, 1 democrats,   4   seals,
Sl Igh, Single horse pi nigh, Chain
Harrows, Spring   Harrow.   Horsti
I toe,   Grind; lone    Crosscut   saw, i
Hauling chaii s, 2   Pulley   Blocks,
Fi nee Strainer, 2,, rd. length Page
I  Junior Cultivator,
Sledges and wedges, wheelbarrow,
About 300 11. i-2 inch piping,
Express harness, exrta pad,
Hauling chains, etc, English
Saddle, 1.; ft. Mow   boat,   Fishing
net 90' by 10', Tent 10' by 6'
32.32 Winchester Rifle,  in  perfect:
condition, .Single barrel   Shol gun.
Visit the great Exhibition in the
Hudson Bay New Store
Oct. 2 to 7,     Victoria, B.C.
Under Auspices of Victoria and
Vancouver Island Development Association
Fare and One-Fifth Round Trip on E. & N. Ry.
Going Wednesday and Friday, Returning Tuesday
Industrial Commissioner
Two weeks ago Saturday, a large
panther took a five weeks old pig
from Sam McGinipsey, and ran up
a tree with it in his mouth, The
old pig kept him up the tree for a
timei, while Sam ran for his rifle,
but the beast got away. However
lie came back on Monday morning
when Sam and his elogs chased him
Up ;i tree and be soon despatched
him with a ri lie shot. He weighed
114 pounds.
Some mischievous person has
pushed the tolling tope of the bell
on the Presbyterian church up out
of sight. The rope usually hangs
outside tbe door, and was placed
there for the purpose of a fire alarm
These 'funny stunts" are gettingl
altogether too common as tlie per-1
petrators will find out one day.
A lew nights ago someone un-
screwed Ihe whistle on theCondeti*
sory and hid it in the gutter. This
may have been intended as au
election joke, but wouid have proved a serious affair had there been a
fire at the factory.
Will our patrons and subscribers-
please let us have the comings nud
goings of their friends for our local columns, Phone 59 or 57 after
Three   Reasons Why
has for nine.- succesive .veins written the
La_.ac._an Business
id any company operating In Canada
Its Premiums are the Lowest-
Its Policies are the most Liberal
Its Dividends are the Highest
ancouver Island B_
.1. BURTT MOBOAN, Manaaor
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B.
P. L. ANDERTON, Agent, Courtenay
quor License
Notice is hereby given thai on tin
First Uny ol December, next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel
llceuac in sell liquor io retail III the
hotel known as tlie Willows hotel itu-
ate at Campbell River, in the Province
ol llritish Colllllll la,
Dated this 23rtl day of September, 1916.
Liquor Licence Act
Notice is hereby given thai on ihe-
First day of December, next, application
will li. iiiinle' to llm Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of tliehotel
license to sell liquor by retail in the
hotel known as the latinl hotel, situate
at I,uil{1 in the Province Of Hriiish Columbia.
Dated ibis 23rd day of September, 1916.
OTICK is hereby given that, on the
lirsl day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of
llic hotel license to sell liquor by retail
In the hotel known as the' He-riiii Buy
Hotel, situate nl Hcrlot May, in tbe pro'.
vlnce of llritish Columbia,'
liateil tills .1st day of Sept. 1916,
II. A. BUM,,


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