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The Review Feb 24, 1916

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('an not lie done any Ietter, mid
not quite ho well nuywheie else
hereabouts. Our typo nnd uuu liin-
ery ���� oompJute ami The lie view
prices Are right
Classified Ads.
Mill, ymir little Won known
thfi.iigll ii ClMSlffe. A.I', rtl ment
in I ii.' Review   -   -   -   l'lione f>9
VOL. 4
NO.  14
Good bush land, 10 or 20 acre blocks, 3 miles from
Comox Wharf
House in Courtenay, partly finished, $8 per month
Small  farm.    Good  house and  buildings, 8 acres
of land.   $10.00 per month
I'or Ihese und olner Hood Investments apply
Real Estate Agents COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in  Courtenay
AHJOrders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
The Motor
Does All
The Work
Running a Sewing Machine is one of the most
arduous' clasees of work a "woman attempts. It
requires the utmost concentration to the work of
sewing in addition to the work of peddaling. This
is so laborious when long continued, as to completely prostrate the ordinary person
The little Electric Motor can be instantly attached
to any kind of sewing machine, old or new, no tools
or screws required.   The cost of operating motor
is less than one cent per hour
Phone us for a FREE DEMONSTRATION and get
a chance "on the free motor we are giving away
Courtenay "Electric Light. Heat �� Power
Co., Lim'ted
Phones: Office 35, Res. R?8       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
R  II.
atter is
]���'. II. West has taken
Hates' ranc'he' while the
away at the front.
Mr. A.  Blight litis joined  the
On Wednesday evening hist the movements proved th.' the men
home of Mr, and Mrs, j. Sutton taking part bai been drilled previ-
was invaded by a surprise party, ous to comlug to this section, This
aud an enjoyable time' was spent is also true in regard to the physic-
playing whist, etc.    Refreshments al and bayonet exercise, all going
io.nel as a bandsman. Ernie Swan
succeeds him ou Mr, 11 Elliott's
t niche.
Mi. 1''. II, Mates and Hick Williams left on Monday fen Vancouver where- they will join the Army
Medical coi p.
'I'lie Courteuay public can look
forward to sonic good music ill I lie
mar future. The instruments for
the lu-iul Hand arrived last Satur
day and tllev me- without a doubt
the best ever seen in this locality,
and we have" it on good authority
lhat they are the best to he had.
Lasl night a stirpsise praty from
Courteuay visited the home of
Bruce Towler,
Mr. George Hurrass has enlisted
as a bandsman with the 102nd Battalion. This well known and popular musician came to the district
18 mouths ago, and as leader of the
Harmony orchestra, made a decided
hit with the local dancing public.
The original Harmony orchestra
was composed of Mr. Barrass, violin, Miss Loudon, piano, and Mr.
(lliver, drums. This trio of miisi
ciaus wclc always lip-to dale and
always did feature perfect' time
under the leadership of Bandmaster
Wren we feel sure Bandsman Barrass will make a name for himself
We are siir. our readers join ill
wishing him the best of luck and
success in the future.
Housekeeping rooms to let, Apply Brown's furniture store-, Courteuay,
The Race Track Committee will
hold their next dance on Friday
evg,, March ;, 1st,
Wanted ��� girl experienced ill
housework, able to cook. Apply
Box A, Review office,
I'or sale���1 fresh cow, with calf
at foot, very quiet and heavy milker
Apply Geo, Davis, I'nion Bay.
Wanted���A lady's astride saddle
iu good condition. State price to
C.E. W., Comox.
Wanted for cash���to pigs about
75 lbs. each, at toe per lb. Apply
P, 0. Box 161, Courtenay.
For sale���sleigh, with pole, also;
top buggv almost new. Apply W. I
Duncan. Sandwick.
Wanted to buy from the farmers '
of the Comox valley,   potatoes and
other   vegetables.        A.  B.   Ball,
Comox. I
For Sale cheap���A lot of   agreement and assignment forms, leases,
bills of sale, c.iattel 'mortagage, re-
lease of mortgage.   Apply Review I
Office, j
For Rent���J. II.    Bailey's   faim
Upper Road,   10   acres,   with   or
without dwelling house, all cleared.
Apply Hi.-ki-Beacho. Field, Court-'
To rent���Nob Hill, Comox, ,4
acre chicken ranch, 2 acres cleared,
4 room house, good well, 1*2 acre
strawberries aud other small fruits.
Apply, P. 0., Comox-
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc., also
pump and belling, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel,
Ten acre ranch, six acres cleared
Fine six room house, barn, stable,
chicken h mses nd large yards,
wire fenced, 3 miles from Courtenay
price fifteen hundred dollars. Improvements cost over$iaoo. Apply by letter Box 11 Review office
through the difficult manouvres as
one man and without a mi-;!,ike.
The songs were nil of an exceptionally good character, and *p tally
is this true of Pte, Dalv who was
repeatedly encored and w.'io is a
siugei the Battalion migl I ".ell be
proud of. Corp. Kirby proved to
be a second Harry Laud I the
mouth organ band mad a -,:-.it
hit. Sergt. Cave in his hum I US
selections was greatlv appr, iated
and 'he scientific boxiue bout between Corp. Mowat and l'te. 1.0-
zean was one of ihe fhu >l exhibi-
tiojisever shown in tin- d'strict.
Mr Fechner was the oni i iii 111
taking pari in the concei and has
a sweet baritone voice the like of
which llu- citizens of Court ��������� iv
I to ihe doors and might we|l be proud. Th sing
had  to he turned scene depicted camp lite, u
were served.
Everything is in readiness for
the Minstrel show on March 3rd.
There will be everything to make
a good show, end men, buck and
wing men, dancing, songs, etc.
Full piiliculars next week.
The Comox Logging & Railway
Company expect to commence operations oil Monday next, when
four hundred men will be put to
work. This is welcome news to
everyone in the valley, as well as
to all Coiirteuai iles.
As was anticipated the military
concert given in the opera house
last Friday nighl was most gratifying to spectators and artists alike.
Long before the curtain rose the
hi 1 was crow
,v r 1 liiindn
away, Although our gallant soldier hoys hid little practice, everything went of without a hitch and
the appreciation of the audit uce
was shown by the many encores.
The prog amine'was a choice one,
varied and worthy the hearty applause given by citizens and .soldiers. We regret we have not a
programme of the concert on our
lesk, and therefore in writing this
offhand we may inadvertent!" omit
one or two items The only drawback to the   whole entertainment
was i'hen the lights Went out for a
few minutes, owing to a short circuit, still we must sa\ the audience
looked upon this incident iii a good
uatured manner.
The opening  part of the conceit
showed about 20   soldiers standing
in a V shape with John Bull ill the
centre, all   sin-ring " lipperary,"
Then the soldiers went through tlie J
manual   exercises   with  rifles, in-j
stru.ted by Sergt.-Major Barker,
aud the   small   manner In  which.'
they went through these intricate)
dicrs silting arouud  a   1
tents mi the background, :':<������       Ie
showing a very pretty s
conceit p nl of the prog >ed
with all singing  the N 1
I hem, aflei w hich a nv est 1 thle
dance  was   hel !.      Alt, -
concert far exceeded exp, -
and we hone the  soldiers v
favor ii-. with   anothei
for you to get your seeds planted in boxes
We have our big selection of Ferrry's Seeds on display, so come in and make your selection early
Box 256
Phone 40
Comox ICreamery
45c per lb. this week
McPhee &  Morrison
Large 50: oranges uow selling at 35 antl 40c a dozei:
Black Twig Apples $1.75 per box
35-Jbtilk teas are"excelleiit value; also package teas
at 3]lbs. for$l.    Nabob, Empress and Blue Ribbon.
Teas atJ45C a lb.    Malken's Best 5oc.    Upton's aud
Tetley's Teas at 50 and 60c
50 to 6.'s ioc lb.    Also peaches, pears, apricots and
cooking figs
Cross _c][BlackwelPs  marmalade, jams and pickles
Mincemeat in 4 lb. cans
Canned Tomatoes 2's ice, 2 1-2 two for .lc
Com and Peas 2 for 2Sc
���Q-^afleOe ������ ���������������������������������������������������� M-MMa ��� ���   t. _r__- :  ��� ��� -l-j-r'i;-..i-,ri-irr.-r.nri.r ---Liuo-_.imjt___. THE   REVIEW,   COUUTNEY,   B. C.
..      baffled,    The foe hail tlio (mormons Farm Seed Supplies London In CilllO
SS\   knowledge ni'  knowing    hta    quarry,      Field nnd gnrdun seed supplies tiro ' .,   ..        ,
���  while tin- iniiirr.v lu,.I nol Hi.' lettBl no*  prnctically iiBBiireil for lho 191(1 plant ' By  IxHlll'OHU
lion    uliere ur how  to looli for tlio  j,,,,    There In ii search) In American
liuiiloi',    \n,i ihe Ush ivnfl iie.i in tlm  ,.,-,,��,, uroiis Including beans, onions, L,       , ,,__     ,,    .,   ...
Hue.   t'nloss It, gol nwny ; �� the J__   ,��� ��� Va_er oxietil  swoel   corn! Tun." U""n lhc M,e{llte|,ra|-">" 0lle
Inn,line, nol   would   ho npplleHl;   I lion   AlllllllLM  ,,,,, miporled stocks, swede       of the t-'1"1'8 ln "���" ste��l Chain
ihora ivoithl in' nn end of nil things,  turnips nre rniher short, also Bplnacli      In an address before tlio Royal Geo
lint she could noi moviv, she could nmj salsify nml some varieties of car- graphical Society, Sir Charles    Mot-
.1 Iilng bin  lie there gasping In  ri)t:,    \t,.:\ clover nml Alfnlfti ara tin   calfo, an eminent engineer, described
Impotent rage. There wns only ono usually -.Uort and show nn advance | as ii possibility of the not far distant
person In lho world who could lu Ip m pr|Ce pt'on. 3D lo 7.'. per cent. Oilier i future a trip by fall from London to
her now, nml thai  was Murium   And 11 utntls tlitil might bo used ns n clover Capo Town,   Sir Charles pointed out
where wns .Marlon'.'   Only the man on  substltiite,  ns  nlsllie,  nre  higher  In  that when o ��� two lines now under
the other sldo of tbochess hoard knew   price   tban tlio Biippl)  would oilier* construction aro completed, and a new
that, ui..,,. warrant,    Well established run    100 mile line is built, communication
She   wished   she know;   oh!   she i adlan   Beed   houses    Willi    contracts  by   mil  or  steamer  will  be  offecled
[The Mystery
ol the
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lack   &   Co.   Limlttd
...London, Melbourne -net Toronto n
^__====ga _--_U--^#
(Coi,iiini- ai
'Then   why  i hould    yuu    woi i'y?"
��� iis. ,;n,',u shed,
"I inn oslinuied of myself," Hie wo-,
mon eonl'essod win, u Inttgli, "I havo  Slaw mask she wns wearing nl  tlie
; n wondering what vou must tliinK   ''���*������' things went  wrong hi Ueoflrcy
about me, Tills is the second tirao llavenspur'a room? Mail her suborn*
you have luul to detain mo ns an in- .nates beard her cry? lliul thoy lied,
voluntnry guesl under your roof. Tho or had ihey been taknn? II ihey Had
first time l wns lhe victim of Idle Ned, had they removed the Instru-
curioslty; tho second time I did try to ments with IhemV
Jo inn a good turn I hopo you will j Mrs. May would have given five
remember that," 'years of her life  I'nr enllghteninenl
"It wns kind und courageous of ion Ibeso vital (liiesllons. I3ven she
you," Mrs. Gordon Bald warmly. "How could uot read the pasl nnd solve lhe
many   people   would    have   done  ns I unseen.
mi   h  tor strangers!    And please do i    Tears  of  Impotent   rage  and   fury]
not talk iiiiout It any move or I shall rose lo her eyes.    While she was ly*
ie distressed." ing there wasting the diamond mill-
Mrs, May wns by no means sorry utos tlie foe wns ni work. Al any lime
'o change the conversation. A thous* thai foo mlghl conio down with tho
and questions trembled on her lips, most overwhelming proofs and crush
en. she restrained them, she was her. Marlon hail been spirited away,
burning to know certain things, Inn . Why; So that the key of the Bate
tiie mere mention of such matters might bo stolen and used lo advan-
lave aroused suspicion In a far Bluip* tage,
.���;��� mind  than  that  of .Mrs. Gordon.     Once more Ilia woman tried to raise
So long as yon are all    well ,. It  ���ietgojr rrova the b, il,   li was useless.
loesnl matter,   she Bald.   "This at- Sno ������. , tll0 bed e*oti)eg |nlo her
ternoon I shall make an effort io get Louth to stifle the cries thai rose to
l wished she knew n Bcorc of things, made two or threo years In advance
'liiil ii,,. people ur the ensile sttspeci will hnvi' no serious trouble this sen-
her'.' hardly that, or Mrs. Gordon sup In inking care of their regular
I,ml mn  been so friendly, trade,   Seed   merchants, who   depend
What had become of the coal and | from year lo year on   tho   surplus
slocks thai may be offered, may havo
less nssnrnii'i' ns to the character ol
iheir supplies.   Seel Branch, Ottawa.
up. Meanwhile, l won't keep you j,e- .j.,..
rom your household duties, could I i-laB. Wh
i- one of those charming girls, Alias | Bte-pned li
ilieni when the dun
liiKKIleil  iimier
ipeticd and Virn
1 hi
taken such
"Did  you call
Vera or Marlon'
,. fancy lo them
\.i'.i   shall cone  Presently;    she ,  ar   .,,.,.,     A,,. v������ sU11 gulrcr|ng
as gone to the village,'  .Mi;.s. Gordon from n headache'"
explained      As lo Marlon she could     Ur    J|a ,. n  ���, impulse wag ,��� ,������-1
....   nothing.
"Marion bus been nu enigma lo us
latel; ." she explained. "I need not
tell you of the dark shadow's hanging t,      ���, ,-,       |wi    ,  0l
over his unhappy hoiSe. or how near       ,>, d { ���.     , wnuli| ,,���
wo have been to the solution ol the favor"
mystery on mono than one occasion.     ��P      ������i'."
\nd  now   Marlon  has  bud  an  Idea,       '   ' '
from I'npe Town to Alexandria und
Porl Said. \ short connection between
Porl Said and Jerusalem would link
up Asin   Minn,'.
li wus ttlmosl certain, ho said, thai
a railway would be made from Stanleyville lo Lake Chad, and French
surveys to Lake Chad from Algeria
had already been made (across lho
Sahara). With a tunnel from Coutn
in the Spanish coast, this would glvo
nn overland connection with rourope,
sir ,'iiurb's did ma mention the
subject ul' n < ii.inn.'l tunnel, bul it u
Litnnel from C 'iita under the union
greater distance of the Mediterranean
lie possible, ns be foreshadowed, ii iv
quires only u Utile reasonable Imag
Inntlon to link up Charing Cross and
i'npe   I'uwn.    Th 'ii     111     lhe    piping
Government Supplies
Machine Guns
Contributions Should be Made lo the
Patriotic  Fund,  Red Cross and
Sister Associations
After tlie very definite, almost em-
plinlie   -tnlcllletll   of  III ���  prime  minis.
tor, ui St. .lohn, N.U.. on October 20
no further money should be diverted
from the Patriotic I'linil by w, il incun-
Ing but rather thoughtless people who
claim thai the equipment of Cuiindlsui
forces Is liisiiffelent. sir Itoheri lias
made it very plain lhal lhe govern*
menl is full) prepared to make every
necessiiry provision tor guns, muni-
tlons und he nppQiils io tho generosity of the public only on behalf of ibe
Canadian Patriotic Fund, the lied
Cross Society nml sister nssocintlons,
We quote below ni extrnci from the
speech in question:
"Keen,dim; machine guns, we rc-ul-
ized euri.v In ihe war i.ho necessity of
nn ni.iiii.tun: supply, uml orders have
been given li'i'in time In tim,' fur ti
very large number, Those ordered
during the llrsl twelve months of tho
war aro now being rapidly delivered,
nml Ilia- ur,' inure tllnn sufficient to
equip two fully army corps up to the
highest standard of tho enemy's
forces.    During the pasl summer the
, provision ur nitichlno guns became a
limes ol pence passengers mnj Jump lmiUei, ,,r ..)tll| ill|(.,.���,, ,��� ,|���, cana_*
on the i'npe Town through express iii |a)1 0 , .,, ,,,,���,,.,s nirougli tho
ibe London terminus and reach their | ,. ,,m|)h.,,,���,,, ,,,,. neceg8i.t, lhllt
dostlnatlon with perhaps ono slop m   ()(1|. ,-,,,,.,...   ll0u](1 h(, odefiunloly sup*
Tanganyika    for resi  and    re-
freshmenl and lo admire the \ lew,
piled with nil tho machine nun", that
could bo utilized. Pnlrlollo Individuals offered lo conlxlbul s lure;,' sums
for this distinctive purpose. The government  of Ontario  made it  similar
er   the   girl   away,     I hen   an   idea
mie in her,
"The headache i    gone
eui   on,.
I'hen   l   wish
presi mui.ly    hist!""1"" Paper and
Russia Secures Krupp Guns
Japan   Sending  Them  In  Over Trans-
Siberian  Railway���Russia's Big
in-. Phillip New ten of Washington
I have a , who returned to New Vork recently on
I note in write. There is a child In ihe.,be Baltic wearing the uniform of u
really got "on tiie track at" last nnd village l am fond of. She comes and brigadier-general in Hie Russian army
that we were not to worn about her' '���''* ���>��� ''"' tangle at the but loin of the und the Cross of St. Anne, which wus
, ,,..., |f _',, ,|i,| |10| return todav So' .h's-n-ps' garden and talks to me. I bestowed upon ulni by tho ezur, said
strange of Marlon." am afraid she thinks more of my choc-  thai  Russia had just drafted live mil-
'.Mr.-. .May 'hud turned her face olates than mo, but that Is a de* lion men for win- service and had 9,-
awav.   She. was fearful lest the other   tall." 000,000 more in  reserve lo he called
prattiing cm in   her  innocent    way]      "V(>"   V';IIM   '"   "'''''  ""'  ',1]ii''  ���'   "P.
should see    the rage aud  terror mid 1 nolo.    How sweel ul' you!" -r",,e  doctor  S1i;,i   that  he  went  to
despair of her features, "Oh, no," Mrs. May said, she was  n,ug8[a  at the beginning of the war
"Queer!" she murmured hoarselv. going lo embark on a dangerous ef- to offer his service and was attached
1 Di I she write lo you?" ' tort and was not qniel certain as yet. ; t���    the '12nd regiment   of the sixth
"Nn. iu my huband's father. Her But desperate diseases require desper- army and took part in the retreat
note wns uivrn to me.    Even now I late remedies. .from Warsaw.
��� '.' ��� know whal to make of It. Would I    "It Is nothing,   /unl  I  don I   want      ���w_ q|.)r,,il ,vU1] ,. ��������� offlc... ,|m|
yuu   ike rn see the letter?    Vou are | anybody lo know. ,_������_  .|!|(| 0_,    .,-������    gul.v,ved    ,,���.
-u clever thai   you  may   understaml     "l am sure you can trust to me.    march. All the rest were either killed,
il b**tter than 1 do." "Of course I can, my dear child. And I wounded or captured
"I should like to see the letter."     i will.   Please get me the materials."       ,       .,.���',.   ' ' ,,
It wns an effort almost beyond the Vera brought the paper und essen- , ,."�� ?',00'00a0nnnt^��pan m'e",L1'v
speaker's powers ���, keep be voice Hals Willi's smile on her face Mrs. drafted makes 9,000,000 Russia has
stead) uven then the words sounded May wrote the letter, inside the en-:'ni' ,'" tl-e, neUI- ;1,UJ shl! lias ,U1
in her ears as if thev came from Borne- velope she placed something she had e(luaI -"-mber ol good troops in re-
bod; .is... From 'her pocket Mrs. taken from the bosom of her dress. serve' . T"'. ^.''"'''^nig plenty ol
'iordon produced tho letter. Mrs.1 ����� cake of chocolate," she explain- amn"unltion from Brltaln, Franco, the
.May appeared to regard it languidly,  ed smillnglv.   "See   1 do not address P ""0l1 h,i"'s illHl JaPan.
"Ii I knew tho girl better I could the envelope, bul place on it this fun- "Russia Is getting a supply of big
lell you," she said.    "It  sounds sin- ny sie:; lhat looks like an Intoxicated guns from Japan, and the irony of it
' re.    Bui  mj   head  is  beginning to  problem ln Euclid.   The child will un- Is that .lie is sending to Moscow over
..... I
",'������ ���    |"-:' 1   can   recommend
it. very  highly to
women who are ailing."��� Miss  Maiuk
Millkii, 127 Hess St., liamilton, Ont. .
Brantford, Ont. 'Some few years
ago 1 got in a very much run-down
condition. Was very weak; could not do
anything; had no strength al all, I. began Inking Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription: I only look five bottles and il put
me in splendid condition. I felt better
than I uad for years. Other members of
my family have us'*<t this medicine und
found'it. equally  us benclicial.    J  can
Mrs. Gordon wus all solicitude. She
w down the blinds, and produced
derstand.    And  now I  am  going to, the     Trans-Siberian      railway     the
ask vou to do me a. favor,   Will you   Krupp  guns    that    were    originally
please lake the letter without lotting  shipped from Hamburg to Japan. The
m de Cologne, and fanned lhe brow anybody know  what vou are doing,  outlook  (or Russia  was better when
tin  sutTerev after drenching it with and put It at the foot of the big elder 1   left   Petrograd  three    weeks    ago
��� io spirit.   Mrs, May smiled languidly   in the tangle?   l dare sav it sounds  than it has been during the war."
ut, gratefully,    u the same lime It verj stipid o�� me, bul I don't want the      He  said  he  wns  attached  to  the
.>..- all slie could do lo keep her hands child io be disappointed." I Ing military hospital at Kiev, which
from    clutching    the    other  by the      Vera  professed   herself  ready  and  was equipped with 600 beds, and bad
throat and screaming oul thai unless also to be charmed .with the idea. She treated  G,ono  wounded  men    In  len
ie iva . i *t*i alone murder would be
I reallj , an leave you," Mrs.
Ion   -....:.
"It   would   be  the    greatest   kind-
i.i    ," i  d Im iilld in trimmed gral iful-
The door i oftlj closed:  Mrs. May
..��� t in a sitting position,    Mi ���
���re gleaming, yel  n hard des-
c. r  ��� ns "ii her face, she ouglu  lo
ip an ;    iiini . bul her lower limbs
rifus, Ir ofi Ice.
' \  . '" ������ ry,"    ," said ****v< on her
would go al once, she said, and .Mrs. I months. After spending a month
May raised no obstacle. Al the end with bis iiiniih in Washington, Dr,
of the corridor Vera was confronted Newton will return to the war of*
with her uncle Ralph, lie held out bis Mice in Petrograd for orders.
"l was listening," he Bald.   "I knew      |)r0bablv the word "grocer" origin*
beyond all doubt  that  something of ������������  ,,,,.,',    ..,���,,.  ,,,,,, ,,.,;],  ln.  h(,
'i|is -'hid wpul,  attempted. I warn !,,,.,,.,,    ���,. Htt6ra ilis commodities by
that Liter wholesale," and Ihey trace It to the
"Bul uncle. I promised French  word "grossler."    An act en-
"ii man rs nothing whal you prom- tlt)e(- :,Tlil ,;,iw.inl ,|L (.   - wag rti-
1 Importance that!reoled   ��ngainsl   grocers   ongrossing
Clergyman (to tattered hobo) In
stead of spending your life wanderins
aboul the countryside and sleeping I patriotic proposal, and throughout the
under hedges, why can not yon act country various communities goner-
like a man und go out and light for piisly subscribed lo fluids for this ob-
your heart'i and home? Meet.    During  my  ahsenca   In  Croat
  Britain my colleagues endeavored to
urHAT" fiiT_'r_u ii i niTf TT*5-2AV    make it clear to tl"' people that an
WI1A1 UN.AKIU rUhlvooA..   a,,,,,,!,.  guppij   of machine  guns  had
Hamilton, Oni,   "This is to state that |_!f.? .".n.lt-ri,:',:""' .'.'"i1..1,1, '"' W""M bo
I have received ureal, benefit from the
use u| |)r. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription. Seine 1 i me
i -.. m ago l wus run down
'^"% and weak, suffered
Ins-' of appetite and
w iis miserable.
Four hollies of the
Jfpffc ���|'r'1"'lPtion'
a^\i \       &���"l\'v-- cured    ine    up    m
' m\    I '\\ K l��ne  shiipe; it  tli.
W4>  llll wonders for me an
paid out ot the Canadian treasury.
The treasury of Canada ought properly to bear nil tho cost ol equipping
and maintaining our forces In tho
Held, nnd thai has been our policy.
Nevertheless, the spirit and impulse
which prompt! ii our people could not
he stayed, nnd, indeed, anj attempt to
stay il would have been misunderstood. I'p to date tin sums thus received by Hi' governnieni amount to
"In dealing with other nee.is which
will certainly arise, the government
will not fail in remember that these
generous und fr e-v.ii: contributions
have he.n made. And In all your
splendid generosity, do not forget the
Patriotic Fund mid lb������ Canadian Red
Cross Society They have done a
great work, bul they have a still
greater work to do. Appeals which assuredly will not full on deaf ears
musl he made in Uie early future. See
thai the response is generous and
ample. When you are making provision for the Canadian Patriotic
Fund,  lhe Canadian   Rod  Cross Son-
highly recommend it lo weak women." - i iplJ'. t,u' Canadian War i ontingeUt
Mi,s. A. <Ji..M(.n:. 71 Brighton Row, association and other like patriotic
Brantford, Ont, organizations,   you  may be  assured
lhat the government  will nut  lail io
Tlie use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription mokes women happy by nuking
tlirm healthy. There are no more crying
spells. "Favorite Prescription" makes
weak women strong, sick women well,
lake an open book, our faces tell the
tale of health or disease, Hollow cheeks
and sunken eyes, listless si^ps, sleepless
nights��� tell of wasting debilitating disease
make  every  necessary   provision   for
guns,   munitions   und   equipments."
Historic   Parallel
In  ilie present, phase of the great
war it  is essentiai to r call the Napoleonic   parallels   because   (icrinany
seems now, so far as  any  one can
i ; , i i'.ui.e  uuile ill illr* nosition of France
some place in.the body.   It may he one  !_,��_; -.,,_    K,     ,/���,.,,.���,���������    ���,���
place or another, the c..'-e is generally
traceable to a common source.
C!el Ibe "Prescription" In-day���either
in liquid or table! form��� if you want, to
belter your physical condition speedily.
Dr. Pierce's J'rlleis regulate and invigorate stomach, liver aud bowels.
Keep the body clean inside as well &3
Where  Mischief Lies
We can say what we like aboul our-
greatest triumphs and was already
beginning to suffer from the gradual decline in the material of bis
armies and France wns slowly lie-
ginning to manifest a weariness of
war which no Held glory could finite
satisfy. This is what makes the
Salonlcn eplsi di i'i' utmost interest
to the whole world. With till Ibe
failure of the alll?s in this field up
to tiie present moment there Is nothing thai makes their position more
i desperate than that of ibe British
selves, our mistakes, and our Ineftlc-  ,u_  ��otlugal    ���,    ,}���,, an,l 1810, and
ieney,  and  no  one  is   a.    penny    the
there  is  much  In   Europe  that  sug-
worse, because as Mr. Balfour adralr-       t    ���'.lt lhev mRy ,,���   be able U)
ably put it     v,e .snitieh ,. gloomy joy, , ,,       ejplo|tB    ,���  Wellington,
rr-nm    antF.rianeaniai ,.\n   '      !,.,,      1      ,1... i       I i   .   ���
if they Hint another Wellington-and
I succeed   In holding on in Saionlca.���
lhe   inside   Of   thai   letter   sliould   be
In     say.
seen.   Chocolate for a child, Indeed: i against the absrobing or m-.nopolis*
-.iiiuii  never  v. ,���1,.    i ,t   et-. n-nth  ,o us nil   rut her \ on nre "o. ���         .��� .     ,        ,,        *, .
,,         ,,   ,..,          ���,,,      mi,,,,   ,,,���,.i '"'   l    .     ���*"���     .,} ,                 ,*", hlg ol ltii.be    Hew there appears to
I   ihe>    were   nol      blind   Hie) ng    ,,   g ve   ,���,.   thai etter   and   I i���,   .,,, ,,.,,.k   histtince  of  hntttllUv ln
r.i       ree  thai   for themselves.  Mar-1 ���     ��� "                         .....    .     ,u. u.
������   .         iiiiu  lor themselves, war- an]   going to open it,   Afterwards II   ,,;���  rnnnin. ����� .'eat moves   niaei
S           Sv Kt'imt k^'itTonlv 8ha11 ,'',-a,M, fa,1,n' fi"" y?r\ ?,r'!!  ^neU?henE,egalSulorltye IsuS
::,' '/ TedUgorskv is" dea,i uml'ituld,  ^ " "' "s ***M*��.    Hi. let- L , that engrossing was the "get*
  ;,. ������ ;,,,.,    wiin  ��h_n  ia i-.'     ,      , ,     .,,     ,  ,.      ,     ,  ,   ting nun ones possession, or buying
:'   ��� : me ,��� ,     ���       i,u iiii,,    ���''������ ���  1,'i/''.1 ttDtl hew'u'ei:ei]- Vers handed , av��iatge quantities <K coni or other
woi in,    i now  ami for '',' '" '"'"'i   " W?B "ot a, " ce lhlnS '" ' '^ad    victuals    with    intent  to sett
i oinan did nol  know, nml tot   do. but, then, nice nietbods were not '���...,.,,,  .,,.. ..
.    hi   ..   nel   die could not guess. for j*..g, -.*�����,   Ralph grasped the let*    '    '   """    '
-'"���'-''    '   '���' oul of the way���dead   ,,,r alu-   lnade  off  Inwards bis room.! ��� *
and   buried.     Ralph   Ravenspur  and "Wail  here," ho said.   "I shall not                Every Married Couple
: y were antagonists nol worthy he a few niinutes,   l am merely going  and  all   who contemplate    mawlage
"  second thought,    Hut  somebody to steam that envelope open and mas-  should   own   this  complete   book  of
lovlni   mil thai somebody a skill* ler  the* contents.    Don't go  away." Life���The "Common    Sense   Medical
an     igorous roe. i/era nodded.    She  was too aston-  Adviser," by  R,  V.  Pierce.  M.H.    II
one,   Ihe arch-conspirator was ist1(:|.   -or  words;   not  thai   she  felt unfolds the secrets of married  hap-
 ���. compunction   any   longer.    Presently pines", so often revealed too late, No
��>        i i j r    n- Ralph returned.                                  , book   like   ii to be bad at any price.
UraDUlaied tyeildS- "Thero you are, my child," lis said.   1008  pages���bound    in  cloth.    Sold
nllunicd by expo- "i[  |  seemed  harsh  in yuu,  forgive   formerly for $1.60. We can only men-
Eyes i
re to Sun, fins! nnd Win.
jfiS T'tiekly relieved by Hurlns   can take the letter now and deliver
__*5*J KjeRemedy.NoSma-iinj,   It.   Ii has been a good and grea'l dis-
'& just l">c Comfort.   Ai   covery for us."
Yo.ir Dniggiit'i 50c per Bottle. Horlne Eyi I (To he continued)
SslveiriTube*25c. l'orBookolt&cEycfre-ask | ______________
Uruggista or HurlocSiycHeroedyCo.,Chicago I    "I have a dog that's thirty inches
-_��� -___ .high."
,.,  . "       "Tbnl's nothing.    1  have one that
w. n  U. 1089 I stands over four feet."
It is no time for courtesies. Vou ; tion a tew of the chapters hero: The
Mechanism of Life, History of Mar
lingo, Advice for Mother and Babe,
Nervous Troubles, Sex, Hygiene, Anatomy, Physiology, Medicine, etc.
Special Offer���i'or a limited time
we will send one copy for I', dimes to
pay tor wrapping and mailing, to any
reader of this paper. Address 663
Main street, Buffalo, N.Y.
from Belf-depreclation."    But    If the!
enemy reads the criticisms which we
Interpret so easily, he is only top apt (KmVaxkimml
lo take them literally, and quote them ,
as eloquent admissions that  wo have 	
lost heart and ara rent with Internal "Oh, no," BOliloqul7.ed .lolinnj- bit.
dlvloions. The mischief which can be ' terly, "thero ain't any favorites In
dune is all ibe greater when some I this family! Oh, no! II I bite my
nationalities whose help would be of | finger nails l got a rap over the
use to ns have not yet made up iheir knuckles, bin it the baby eats his
hesitating minds.���London Telegraph,  whole fool they llilnfc If* cute."
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Bu��� prevent fostering, blood poison, and oilier complications.
An occasional application of Zam-
link win keep tho ukiu soft and
pliabl", and every mother should
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All druggists and stores, 60c,
box, '.', fur *1,_5,
j Inhumanity of
German Oificers
| Incident at The Hague Conference  In
190?  is   Recalled
Admiral   Locaze,  minister  of  mar-
hie, in referring In tho French eiuini- j
her of deputies lo the sinking of the \
stonmer VTllo Uo l.n t'lotal  b)  a sub- '
inarluo and  the  lucldi ntal  ' less  of
li\ os, told of un incident nl The Hague
conference of   l!n>7, growing out' Of it
iliiesliuu  an   in  liie  hiinuinlt'   Of  Her- i
maii naval officoi'B.
"I  bad the honor to represent  the j
French navy al the conference," said'
Admiral Lecaze, "and n nu tuber   tho
dramatic Bitting during which  Baron
.Marsehaal     vim     I'i. berstclu,     Her- i
ninny's   chief  del sate,   ri gnrdlng  an
an insult Boiuelhlng nee French dele-
gale  Btilil  concerning   humnuo  senll*
ments  of Qornttin  officers,   bounded I
from  his chair n i  If outraged, and   I^��.
stood   before  us  prol sling    In   lho | ]jF
angriest uf terms ngiihisl uny sueb re
"I bear those words still, spoken be-
I I'ure  the representatives of   l I coun*
iries," linniniiiii    i.ir ndiulrni, "uml
nay lu myself thnl ii is well for yuu ' S|,
lliebel'sli'ln   lu  be dead   before  sulTer :
inc.  tin- palll of seeing men  w hoill  h,
bail p'lieeil s>, high in public oplnloi
cotumilllitg a mosl abominable act, at
mi       premeditated,     cold-blooded,
Kidnapped a (. encral
The  Russian  Used Austrian to Dei.,-
oiistr.He   With
A certain   Vuslrti n ,   upi nil
,11.   ill  tltillclii   ih . lib .. ...
, uipi   ,.i explode  tin   11 ��� on  ol   C,
sack  Invincibility,    To
i-sll.  I   moot    pOBltl\ ,���   . ;      r ,
all .,. ts, a Cossack \       u lie taken
pri on 'i'  and   brouglu   to   him   uninjured,   The tusk hi  [hu men
waa nol  au eat :   one,   nit, somehow I
or other,  It   was  duly   u  i uipli I i
\ genuine, liie CosbbcI        I j
i produced in his pre." nee.
Tlie general,, who was on horseback at ihe.lime, told his men to
give their prisoner frei dom ol a, t'.ou,
; nml      liieu,      w ItilOllt      dlsino mttng
' watched iiini tippt ai e hi - hunger and
' thirst,
"Vou si e." the general Biild, in effect, iu his Boldlors, "n i .> lack eats
and drinks Jusl as yuu or I do   There
��� is  ,in,him-.,  superhuman  tiboiu   him."
N. \i.  ihe  prisoner    win   nrd .red  to
i waik   nboul   and talk,   The g, in rnl ,.
j w.i     ii iteimined   Ills   troops   should
have a  thorough  ohjeei    on  and  *
l indue   with   Iheil'   OW 11   i ;, es   thai    E
Foretold    Attack  With IOossncU _w��ls_roillly  a mall li'." them
Nothing has ever
equaled or con.pared
with the mcdici/ial fats
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the blood, strengthen llic
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_">��_k ��^ bettor Health. n
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��_     l��_TN
5 Jf Scott's EmuMon I
.jm, pure hoalt.li ��� build*
\i<3&\ Ing foot!, without
!1_^"k*x*- l..._r..i .1	
harmful drugs
The Army of
la Growing Smaller Every Day.
reinon ible   ihey not ^
only give reiiei
lhe) p :rm inenlly
cure ConstlpQ'
tion.    Mil
lions ii e
them loi
ni'.vs, hdifulioti, SickHiodackt, Sallta SWo.
Small fill, Small  Dote, Small Pric_.
Genuine muitbeas Signature
Warned by liie Birds
ill    Cries
the Ititcrnationnl Fur
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Poison  Gas
Mow  the Mi'.' ot uil'l 1 I
i'i!   by  lllo  war lu   I'.lirop.
loci of soma Intei'Gstin-j ��� i
lagalnsl   wiiiue ul  eliil.lreu.   As  id|llii'il  Notes nml  News,  tl
tho men now i uml.rn.,I l r.'i'er tlioin  Journal ot the Koyal Soi
Lo   Mm   niobei'Kleln.   tvorila   nl   Tlio | Proti in uf Hints.
I lanm
I,..     Finally, n t ��� t I'd iva   |iui Into  j^
I lhe pri .mi. r's hands, ami lie  A   ��� lolll
nl t-ri'iii
in cuiur. Qltehlii pnti    I ���
,1.1. -.1. f:.'.; :���       ..-..,    .
wcilorn   '     m��i    ��� , .-- than ���*���
_a  ^^_     Imi    wh.fo    ntl.tr    .isc.i,,,    I'll.
I*" li   't     lO-doll pi"-   Bill lag Pan ll io
_*__">   "Mow "��m. bim'.ki pan i.a*
Vte m. '������ '���-' -    ���   ��� i' ���' i --���'���
how   he   Itaeil      Tho ��ui��rlorltr of Ci r ���..'.,.���.., i ���   ��� ..��   .
1 xttn ot ipoolallilnx In vae-mci .,.._ nut,'. -.-I*.
.1 . in,itt on CutUr'i.   If unouUlnabli, Bfd�� ���<,"-*.
������ mill ur    'i'i,    t'lissiiek   appeared    to    enter  THK OUTT.b laboratory. Birttirr, cuifinu,
innrterly thoroughly Into   tho   splrli   of   ti,.'1"
Il,r tne (LUlnB, and gave quite nn  Interesting *������  -	
Ils|ilay.     Everybody     v.as  highly  en
IW    Ills
on land and  t.rtalned.
If   direct    belli Mr.nnu-1,
a woman must have good
health. She can do her part by
helping natureto keep the blood
pure, the liver active and the
bowels regular, with the aid of
the mild, vegetable remedy���
in many cases, bol
sea,  birds  have  been  of direct   help]'  Meanwhile,    the    sworilsnian    had
I��    ���        r       r|",i         T>     '1   i'" t'"1 Allies.                                       rapidly evolved a BCheme of Ilia own.
��1111    111    liie    DUCK,    At sea our sailors have found gulls     After a  lime,    lie  ma ttvred  In
of considerable service, thell'presence Unci, a manner as to gel  behind the
 ��� lover ihe water often helping them to  general  ami  Biiddeulj   leaped   upon
Usually Comes from Mus-isi;;''f',!'';,"'T^!'"1"" ','��� ?lbfuu;'lTdt"c llor8e' Btlizo" t!,e goner.nl r1?"
in  I'laiuieis the shrill cries ut  the  th0 waist, gripped the horses flanks
birds and their excited behavior have
, warned our soldiers against a cumin
Do  iidI.  worry aboul  u  pain  In  lhe '
eh.    The worn   will do yon inon
cular Rheumatism
I Hash,
between bis
was   off   like
by   tlie noise of ihe birds who have
Infection,"  says   the journal
harm than ttu- pains. The cause of
most backaches Is muscular rheumatism, which is painful enough, but not
fatal. Lumbago Is a form of muscular rheumatism,   so   is a stiff neck.
Sufferers from any form of rlieiiimi-
listn should keep Iheir general health.
up to the highest standard by the use j -"wai- of ointments for Catarrh Th.t
ol'.a blood building tonic like Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,   while taking good,
nourishing   food,   without too much
���a and,  111  a
wind,   with
poisoned  gas attack. 1[l0 ,H,neral seated in  fronl  of him.
"Before the smell of the fumes can     -rhe   general  was too stupltled  to
,e perceived In the trenches the sold- utl01, ., sound.    As for lhe soldiers,
ire awakened    to    their danger | n,,,,,,    mvt    momentary    Impression
nit   Ibis   was   pari   ul   ll
letected the flrsl fumes of the vile t'ormance,    By    tho    time they bad
meal. Proper nutrition and pure
blood are the best menus of fighting
rheumatism. Rheumatism conies
from an acid in the blood, build il up.
strengthen the system, and drive out
the poisonous acid that causes rheumatism. In litis way sufferers have
found complete recovery as is shown
by the following eni'i : Airs. Samuel
I Chllderhouse, Oi'lllia, Ont., says:-*-
"Aboul three years ago I was greatly
I afflicted wiili a si vere pain In the
i back, which I thought at first was
due to kidney trouble. I tried a
i,umber of remedies but the;, did not
help me any,    In    fact the pain was!
Contain Mercury
as mercury will surely _��sirov the sense ,
of  smol    and  completely  derange   iho l,mt. 0f  the iinestloti,  as  II
Vt'holo  system  when *.-������!-- i.  l
recovered   iheir presence of mind, it
was  too  late   to    do  anything:   the
Cossack had    bold of lho reins, ar.d j
I here was no stopping him.
To    use    iheir rilles  was obviously
nil. I
���Hiolo system  when entering It Ihrouiih I , ���       , i un.,    ,:,. ;,. ,,������'��� ,,,	
tho mucous surfaces. Such articles .houM : lmvo llsketl Kllll:l- ll" ���' "tt" ���-, " '���'
never bo used except   on prescriptions The    groups    ul    men    encottntare
from repuinblo physicians, as tho damago uiiaht    bnve    checked    the animal'
they will do Is ton fold to the good vou   S��o   lui   nave   of    hem   had   seen1
can   possibly   derive   irom   them.   Hulls   COUlse,   bill   ni'i.i    Ol   in  111   nan   s , u,
Catarrh  Cure,   manufactured  by   v.  j. the beginning ��i the affair, and tney
Chonoy & Co., Toledo,  0., coniuius no , wen- unable lu make bead or tail of
meroury, and is talteti, intornally, acting :  ���t,.������,���.|.-  .,�����.���,,,-.....  ,.���u���i,.   Thev
dlrooUy upon tho blood and mucous sur- ��� ""   strangeo   nssoueu  coupie,   i u >
facea ot the system,   in buying Hall's simply    stood    aside    aud gavo tne |
Catarrh Cure be sura yuu got the gen-   flvlne horse free passage.
ulno.    It is taken Internally and made
In Toledo. Ohio, by !���'. J. Cheney & Co.
Testimonials free'.
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Burrill Thanks Canadian Farmers
The Cossack did noi draw nun
until lie had safely deposited his
prisoner In the Russian lines. There
the Austrian g��nernl bad plenty ol
leisure to curse tb.- day when lhe
idea he Und I" en so proud oi bad
entered bis head.
liven in a match you should
consider the "Little Things,'
the wood-���the composition-
tin:   strikeabilit)    the-  Same.
are made of strong dry pine
stems, with a secret perfected
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"Every Mutch \ Light." 65
years of knowing how- that's
the reason!
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DiiKlina:. �����',!', Etht Bo" rf Special Vajni lo Worn*.
StIJ C7crywl,ii--,   la bold, 22 tieulj.
I growing worse,
u 5o bad thai I |    The  Hon.   .Martin   Burrill    leas   Is-]
[was tjuite unable to do my housework.|sued a letter to the Canadian farmers j    Internal parasites  In  the shai
! I could not even sweep a door, I was   thanking  them  for  the  response  to ' worms In the stomach und bowels ol
Interesting Figures
The Canadian Red Cross has received over $1,000,000 in cash and sup-
lilies to the value of nearly $300,000.
{180,000 bus been spent on ambulances and $125,000 has been given to
the British society. Sixty-six lici
Oross nurses and fifty male attendants have been sent through the St,
John Ambulance Society. The number
of branches has increased In one
year from ir,7 to 320. The lolal shipments amount to over 80,000 bales
and the average weekly shipment
from Toronto alone at present Is four
carloads. There are advance supply
depots as near the front as possible to
supply the Canadian Field ambulance., it has been stated by Col.
Hodgetts, the commissioner in England, thai not one I tod Cross ease has
been iost In transhipment lu France.
advised to try Dr, Williams' fink Pills
and l am glad l acted upon the advice, for before I bud been taking the
1 Pills long the pain I,eg,in to subside,
ami under the continued use disappeared entirely, and  I  have not since
| been bothered with ii in any way. My
husband was also cured of a severe
attack of indigestion by this same
medicine so lhat we both have much
reason to be grateful for it"
Vou can get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills from any medicine dealer or by
mall at 50 eenls a box or six boxes
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Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
the  appeal  for increased  production children sap their vitality ami retard
last vear and asking them to continue physical development.   They keep the
the work of supplying tlie "Life blood child in a constanl    state oi  mires
of the Armies In the field." He strong- and, If not attended to, ertdaiigei  life
ly suggested increased live stock pro- The child  can   be  spared  much  BUI
Minard's     Liniment     Cures
fering and the mother much anxiety
by the best worm remedy thai can be
gilt, Miller's Worm Powders, which
nre sure death to worms In any shape.
Room   14  Cosgruvi*   Bldg.   '-. i
Yonge St.
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rheumatism or any ailment arising
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system, a trial of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills i- recommended, should
the sufferer be unacijualnted with
them. The trial will be Inexpensive
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can certainly be traced to their use
inhere other pills have proved iuef-
During the early days of the tier- Farmers' Societies Increased J55 Sffi__^'S_?^^?-i28f5
man campaign 111 Poland the Russians   : lifetime.   satisf-cUon guaranteed   -  ____.
were  roundin.  up all  ���'slackers"    in   _. . ,  ,     -    ,   , .__���     Kfuiided   po��t free 25 canta    Poo.   s.-_>��
Warsaw.    One very old shopkeeper-   F*9-<res Announced  by Saskatchewan   WrojH 781 c.��t., 0���   k   -.:rr, $,..<���-�����,
he   was   nearly   eighty  -bid   himself j University : EuJ'c_ufn'n*d' Ho'��c''" "J"""  ���"*"'
in ids cellar, but his wife found him I    That there has been substantial in-,        : :   - ���
there and told him to come out. crease in all the activities of the pro
Does   Kaiser Tell  Truth  This Time?      ��� "       ��� 	
1     The   Kaiser,  on  learning  that   his
| army   in   Russia    was  becoming  ex-
Jiausted   by  the  lung  campaign  and
disheartened    al    the impoteocy    of
i their  repeatd    attacks  against    the
i .Muscovite legions, recently made one
I of  those  unexpected    theatrical  appearances on  the  front   thai   he de-1
""hi an Impassioned speech he urged  Hard,  Sometimes, to  Raise  Children | not include tlie grain growers' locals
his soldiers to new deeds of valor,    i   j nor the societies In unorganized ills*
"Mv  children,"    said    the    loving:    Children s  taste is oft-times  more hricts of which there are between At-1      selling agents wanted
Kaiser, "who are the force and pride accurate, in selecting the right kind  teen and twenty who bold agricultural  -��� ever   ,,���,��� In ,-.,,,.,,;,, ,0 ..,    ....
of Germany, you  Buffer enormously,  of lood to fit the body, than that of exhibitions  and  are  generally  doing   |ng clothes" to me   ure   I        ,
You endure privations,   I- know that,  adults. Nature works more accurately exCelleul  \_ork, bul  who receive    no  Bol,Uc*y guaranteed    Write for
and  appreciate it,    Have patience a ."-rough  the children. grains from    the government except  uittrs  "
little.   .Make one or two efforts more,      A  liul>' says:     Our little boy luul i -tliat judges are appointed al the var-
nnd all will be at lhe end we all wish  long   been troubled with weak tlges-, [ous s*.owg,
for.    When    the    horse lias done  R  tlon. We could never persuade him to
���They're not looking for you." she I vinclal  agricultural  societies  during! COOK 8 CottOfl Root CofflpOffiltl
said.   "You are loo old for the army,  the past year was  Indicated  by  ihe .<    . A toft, reltabU r-..T__.'_i��
Come upstairs at  once."                       figures  announced   by   S.   I".   Up   n- jSprSK-^ r:'"'   '"*' E'-1'"'���-"*�� "*-
But tho  veteran  drew himself up | way, director of agricultural extension ag'ri^^jv? fi""\���"' "S j ��� * \-   ''���' -,
proudly.   "My dear," he replied, "you  work in Saskatchewan, at the Inaiig- ^Ulgpsr per'box?   S   <         ."
don't unileistand.    They are looking ural session of the agricultural socle- |^^i*#"vi druggist*,   or  .���������     . --
for such as iin-.   They need generals.'   ties' convention held at Saskatoon. Br*'    W i'-,:' ''��� '���' ��������� '���'' --' *n
 Five new SUeie.ies  have beet, added      If    &*        "7   tt    ��'   PjJ       ,   ���   '���
PTT77I pn in the vear. making a total of charter    ��    *^ 1....,..-..   -a , ..
lL/./.Ll.D I societies of 113.   .This number dues K_#STS_?*__2i
losc.ro. om. ;r.��_.) iu-w. i
Potash fertilizers seem to give protection from frost, \ French market gardener has found that plants
in a field strongly fertilized with
kalnil Buffered little from a series of
heavy frosts, lliose Oil a lightly fertilized are.i v ��� re inure injured and
those un untreated lunil were much
1535 College Street        ��� Tor*
long journey the iast few miles always seems 10 him hardest: bid.
knowing that the stable is not far off,
he goes twice as quickly.
"I  assure you, yuu  are arriving at
take more than one tasie of any kind
of cereal loud. He was a weak littb
chap and we were puzzled to knov
what to feed him on.
Due   lucky   day   we   tried    Grape
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
A   Low-Down  Trick
The varied and Ingenious ways In
"What's  tli.  mailer with  Wilson?"
"He's all ,\rite."
saw a child "hicli the Germans endeavor lo luri
ie  our men lo death are shown  in the
���������   ��� , i . , i    .... ���, it ' following   story   from   the   trenches,
Moved  In a   war of a  few  iiiDiitiii!. --���|""1 ",''!.".,. :....,.,..���' ! -" '-
the goal. The end Is rear, and it Nuts. AN ell, you never saw a child
will recompense you for all. We bo- e8t,''"" M ,"��� :l l"8,1' i""1 ", "���'
lieveel In a war of a few months, 18<-0t*t0 see him. hrom that day on It
but ii has been prolonged. Remember seemed ns though wc cou d almost see
'him  grow.     II   would   eat   (!rap   Nuts , piesdil.un
which  wns   told   lu  a   newspaper  re
however,    ii  has mn  been in    vain, t ,���>���-,������
N'uwwe must continue the campaign f*' breakfasl and supper, and I th ill
with   ferocious  energy,  opposing,  as ho woul. have 11 	
hitherto, our iron glove  to the paw
..   the  Russian    bear.    Concentrate
your   energies     and.     wi til   all   your
ranicles, forward!"
Wan? arc unsightly blemishes, and
corns ar-1 painful growths. Holloway's
Corn  Cure  will renioyo them.
Cossack  Dash
A    recent   official   despatch   from
Petrograd   says    of   those   dare-devil
i cavalry rides    of Cossacks:    "South*
'west  of Piii.-h  our men  made a  brilliant   dash    Into    the German lines.
Tiny reached   unseen the headquarters of the 82ud German Division, annihilated  ihe guard, while two Generals lone commanding the division),
a doctor,    and    ihree other officers
wero taken prisoners.   The   Germans
I being reinforced, our men retired."
���        -. *    .
TH_N.WFni:.'.C;IR-��iEDV. fi.i'r,.. ��,'i
Mfii Cu.Hivi D.I   iu*     ; . , ,
VI i..i iv r.^vk lUEIArJOM  -,-. i,a_ ,.-a
Kegillii 111      tOOlf
sum,. German trenches In the big at*
,   ,, I tack iu September one of the soldiers
"Tho difference In 'iis appearance is saw a gold chain lying In the bottom
somothing wonderful. of the newly-takeh enemy trench.   As
"My husband   ad never 'nncied cer-  he steeped to pick up Ills prize there
eal foods of anv kind, but he became  was an ear-splitting detonation, and
very fond of Grape-Nuts und has been  a part ul the trench blew up,
���ntl.li improved in health since using I    The Germans had set a death-trap
j|. I by mining the trench  and  fastening I months   has   I \   ad, .   till
"We are now u healthy family and   'he chain as a decoy, so that if any-1 months after the var.    I".  -
naturally believe In Grape-Nuts one pulled it the mine would explode,  llevo Chinese unemployed in  Britl
'������a'friend   bus  two  children' who  The curious part of the story is that   '
were for-uerlv afflicted with rick. is. 1  the man who Inadvertently exploded
was satisfied' that the disease    was the mine was not seriously injured,
caused  bv  lack  of  proper   nourish-      He did not even loss the fatal trln*
ment.   Tlie children showed it.   So I   ket, which he has brought  home to
urged lier to use Grape-Nuts as an e\-1 England,
perlment and the result  was almost
Chinese  Leave  Extended
The  leave o|  absem e    per!
Chinese In Canada, who  " Is    to
turn to their native land  ;' r lo   -
: than  ti. i  statutory  period  ol   twcP
Coin labia.
Minard's  Liniment Cuies Garget in
W. N. U. 108?
"Mr, Anderson," said the doctor, "I
I fear your wife's mind is gone!"
"That doesn't surprise me." replied
Mr. Anderson. "She has been giving
me a piece of It every day for ibe
lnsl   ten  years."
"They continued the food and today
both children an- as well and BtroLg
as any children In this city, and, of
Adolphus���-Did yuu go to Lady Dll*
wiii. r's gathering, Percy?
Percy -No: 1 bad ;, little gathering
of my own.
course, my friend is a tirm believer in '    Adulphns    Where?
i.rape-Nuts for she has the evidence     Percy���On tlie back of my neck!
before her eyes  every day."    Name I - ���. .	
given by Canadian Postum Co., Wind- {    Young   Lady (writing a love letter
sor. Ont. I for the    kltchenmald   That's    about
Ever read the above letter?   A new  enough now, isn't it, Jan.''.'
one appears from time to time.   They I    Jane���One  thing  more,   miss;   just
are genuine, true, and full of human j say. "Please excuse bad Bpollln' and
Interest. I writ in'."
A washerwoman applied to .. ^.*nt:--
man for work, and he gave her a no:.-
to the manag ir of a certain cl
read aa follows:
"Dear  M .  X    This   ivo ants
v. ashing."
v, ry Bhortl; afterward the answer
Came back:
"Dear Sir. -I dare aay she d *-��� I n
I don't fancy the job."
BOME TREATMENT.   Bjirr.k, your -Hiatal,
and write for Ir-c booh anil If-.limaatala.
TTif- Pi-.iii-h-.nnv Rf*viVw have joined for active service.   En
i ne yourtenay i\cview ough mcll are    ,   U) k    th(
p the
lists v'.oiiiff
The Cowichan "Leader"   has a
section ed' the paper devoted to the
military, one company   of the 88th .
Battalion being quartered  at Dun-1
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   NVccky   Newspaper,    Pubished   at
Courteuay, B. < .
N, II. lioiui.N, !���;,Iiini and Proprietor
Telephone M
Bubscrlptlon iUt> per Year in Advance ca���     The Cowichan district,   like I
������ Nelson, has done uml is   doing ex* I
THURSDAY, riiiu'Ain 24, 1916 ceedingly well in recruiting.
:=-                                              -      li   is   understood   that   eligible
The good people of Berlin, Out., single men in the   Dominion   Civil
wish to  have the  iiiine    changed, Service have been given the option
and residents on streets witli Ger* of  enlisting, or   quilting,   Quite
man names   In various   cities have right too,
in in uny cases .sue.,' ,l.it ilremly in iii.su mutter ol surprise how
having tlie hateful mime with* little fruit is grown in Comox.
drawn, Only the olhci day, n There are all kinds of old neglect-
British bom subject with tlie'I'm- ed trees that should have been cut
tonic surname of M.yer.-tciu had it down anc- burnt years ago, but no
altered to Mcrston Uudynrd Kip one seems to plant orchards tlie.se I
ling says th.it had the GiiTiians t|nys, Meanwhile, British Coltitn*
asked for peace   a year ago   l-nns bla imports apples form   Washing-
So Imsy are mills on the  Aineri  !
an siik' that  orders are   overflow*
wotilci nave been i ousidi red, As
il is, today, the conditions, and not
line stone of the German   Umpire,
built ol bliiiiil   tind iron" iu
ing iind coming
mark sstern phrase, nol one stone   1v,ii:i|,s lhis wl.
iliu   deserted
in ti .ss the border.
em,image  some
 sawmills  iii this
is   the gruii  ,ijs.Ik.. i,, ���,.. steau) L1n once more,
deli t initiation   of liie   Allies,   ami       ,.    .
who will doubt lhe wisdom ol such      Du".-*�� the, Pfst   1'vt'Kv   l,1011ths
a step?   The morals of the German  "'any journals have
will be left upon anothi r
uml utterlv   destros
���nised to exist
m I'. ('.. owing io ill ��� financial depression, and lacli of   support.    It
nation, as   that   nation   has   bei u
guided and   shat ed   In its  rulers
("The i.ord shall ileal with them") ff>'f ,a,lo ,?r ,tlle, L.om��*   dlslr!lt'
are of such a   kind that to   permit llui,* tl,e    Review'1 ����tiH   running
any semblance of power  to remain and apparently as Im i\ as ever.
to such a nation   would  be   to lav Imports of apples from Washing-
the foundations of trouble   for the ton into 13. C. are as follows;   ion,
third and fourth   gentratiou     We 239.000 boxes, 1613, 310,000 boxes
agree   with   those   who, in   oilier *9'4.    182.000  boxess   1915,   182,
lands, seek to   throw off   the taint uo*��s'    The Dominion of   Canada
of   German  associations-let  the imports   apples   from   the   States
name   be   exterminated  root   and valued at one million dollars annu-
branch, just as, by the grace of the ���%��� . u sei-lns �����������-.���- -���������"- lll;l1 flllil
God of Battles, the   German   Em* growing took the place of weeds on
pire, including   Prussia,   will   be. laud at present held by the owners
Kaiser Wilhelm has   lost his   I'.iii- fern rise in real estate.   The Comox
phc  by the use   ,,i the   same me* Valley imports some of these Wasli-
thods, by which his grandsire built ���llf-.ton apples, bv the way.
it up. Much has been said of   working
men's chin's.    How about   "three
acres and a cow" which belong, by
Vet another Ceiman colony,
that of the Cameroous in West
Allien, has been taken by the British and French forces operating
jointly. Only Geimau Mast Allien is now left of that great chain
of overseas dominions of which
Germauv once dreamt, nnd as io,*
on. South African troops, in addition to other   British   forces, are spreading ap]
engaged from the   Nyasaland side [come in anyway
and irom British East Africa, there
is a prospect   that that   possession
too may socn lie   coloured   red on
the map. The successful termination of each campaign against the
German colonies means   that more
troops are freed for si i vice with th;
Allies elsewhere:
Spring 1916
The Following
Now on Show
Ladies House Dresses
Wash Skirts and Middy Suits
Shirt  Waists and Middy
Silk and Satin Underskirts
Dress   Goods
Dress Ginghams
Dress Muslins and Ducks
Waidsook and Lawns
Gab teas
Towels and Towelling
the way, to that golden period referred to by a correspondent recently, when the gentlemen of Hillings-
gate assuaged their thirst under
genteel patronage, Small propriet- !���
ors aie the backbone of a country,
and why not plant part of the three ( ,.
acres in   fruit?   Silting   under   a  n0W being shoWIl Ul
iple tree where do clubs ���**
Seeds MUST be ordered early this year
Shortage is expected throughot Dominion
The- Vancouver Milling & Drain Co,, Limited have, for
ninny years, mule ��� careful nn.l thorough study "I seels
that would prove HliST for conditions which govern in llritish Columbia, Today, wc believe we carry the best on the
Indication, throughout the Dominion point to a shortage
this year, and ll   will be  NKC1JSSARY  to order  MARIA'  if
ymi wish tu secure n supply.
We carry the following: -
CbOVIvRS   (all kinds),   CRASSI'S,  TIMOTHY  (99 1-2 per
cent, pure) SYVltttT CORN, I-: NS 11..\<'. Iv CORN
All kinds ol Vegetables such as Turnip, Mangle, Carrol,
Sugar licet, ete., eie. Alsu lull line ni Seed Grains, including
leading varieties ol Wheat, Oats, Barley, Rye anil I'eas,
Order Early-Ready for Delivery March 15th, or earlier
= if desired.    But Order NOW
Look for lhe familiar "Circle V" trade mark on every bag
Royal Standard Grain Productr Agency
F. Mnvitz,  M|(r.
Phone 33
.nd oi Bridge
Spring  Models
George Washington
C-C a Sa Grace
Sir George E. Foster has struck
a high note in his recent appeal lo
both parlies for tin abol tion of patronage. The systi 111 has worked
wonderfully well in view oi its defects, but it is out of place in a
democratii country aspiring- to high 1 treat 0f t*ie
i . on, wants to see Cair
11 the train oi Ike Slates in
this respect, and if, as a result of
the war. this und other reforms can
! . ctcd, Canada will be cleansed
nml purifii d.
General Washington, an American General and the First President of the United States, was born
on February 22, 1732, in the state
of Virginia, In 1755 he served as
a Colonel under the unfortunate
General Braddcck, who fell a victim to bis own haughtiness and imprudence. On thai occasion Washington gave sir 1 g prci f: , ' his
great military courage and skill,]
pai tieuliiily iu conducting there-
He   held   the   _^, T"    *1
viigiuia troops Courtenay   I ailor
until   i75's. when he   resigned 011
account of poor   health,   and  was
tox, serial, Episode 5, 2 reels
Pet     -      -      1  reel
Banquet Table, 2 reels
Notes By The Way
In order lo stimulate recruiting
and to show what the Nelson dis-
tri '. ������ r King and Empire,
the .'���"'':' "   .: 'aily News" publishes
then elected a member of the Assembly from Frederick County,
and later   from   Fairfax   County,   c,,:--. ����������"" ud
Ladies and Gents Suits
Madc-To- Order
When the breach between the   Colonies aud Great Britain   wns widened by mutual   animosity  beyond Pressing
any   hope   of   reconciliation,   the ).|"1,ss
eyes ot his countrymen   were fixed t>ants
upon this commander, Washington. Skins
and accordingly, in   June   1775, he Vests
Pants $7 up
per.��5ic_l   lists of   local   men who 1 took supreme command   of the en-
Cleaning and
Suits $1.25 up
Coats .75
Pauls .50
Skirts .50
Vests .35
Dresses 1.7-1
Overcoats        1.25
Repairing, liie.
Throi':'!i Passenger Trainsleave Courtenay^ 1 1-35 on Monday, Wed.1e.da3 andjj
Friday for Victoria and   Way, Stationsj
'    |RETURNING-��Arrives at Ccurlenay at
16:10, Tue.day, Thursday ; ic'ay
Gents clothes kept iii order.!))' the
month K..0
$ ike
A very strong Drama featuring
This is a 5 reel production        Admission 25c
Haney    I.    Klishlda   We will also show Tuesday and Wednesday.   Name of
program has not arrived; will be advertised first of week
lie build
Stet 11   hip tii ket! < n all[lines to ;tli ���   rls
[if thi woi id.  Fi r; articuh rs el
Dial. I'nt.r^fr At:��.4it, Victoria
Agtnl Cciuiiii.j. Iltnc RCO
Store, Union St., Courtenay
tire '' titiiiental Army, at Cambridge, Mass. The complete history of George Washington, this
great patriot for the next fere years
is the history of the Revolution.
The United Stales nre chiefly in-
.'. 1 ud to him lor the independence
which was finally secured by a
treaty of peace signed in the year
of 1783 Iii 17 "r* - -. he was elected
President of the United States; at
this time he left his beautiful estate and moved to his new home in
the city of Philadelphia, where he
received with the applause
which lie so wi 11 merited, His
government was characterized b*
that well-tempered prudence which
always distinguished his conduct,
lie held office as President (if the
United   Slates for two   leinis, nnd
AI! shows start at 7 p. m.       2 shows nightly
refused a third term, In 1798, he
accepted the ccmmand oi the United States Army, which he held till
his death, on December 14, 1799.
lie was buried at Mount Vernon,
behind the White House ot Washington, rises the Washington Monument, a great rectaugttlar obelisk
of marble which dominates the entire city and is visible for many
miles. It perpetuates the memory
of lhe Father of his Country. Its
construction wns aided by individual citizens during lhe period of its
erection, 1848 to 1884. It ls 555
feet in height, resting on a base
only 55 feet square.
is the hen that pays.
have laid steadily Hint the past long
winter. Eggs per ��etting of 13, s^r
Bruce Towler, box 132, Co.urteuay
Charles Wheeler
begs to aiu.ounccc
that he has opeecd
'Iiie Elk Hotel Barber Shop
Cleanliness a Specialty
Advertise In The Review
(j-fjawiaL.. *jmmsm%%mrimK&Ji'!��?V&3\
x . -;,y
-A *V
City  Council
The regular meeting of the City
Council was held on Mctiday evening. The mavor and all the members being presenl.
The minutes of the last regular
and spectal meeting were read and
A ���eommiitiica.ion from the Department at Victoria informed the
council that the Mayor, K. V.
Httrford and 'Dr Millard had been
appointed Jiceuse oommissionsrs,
Wild that fe Mayor, Aid. Kerton
and Geo. Leighto. had been ap-
po'nted foliee conii'Missioners.
A lengthy (���oiniiiunicatioti from
City Solicitor Du��ndas stated that
in his opinion I'lre city could legally
collect $2 per-head road'tax from
nil single - men "unci Asiatics.
The Secret-fry of th-.' Hoard tSf
Trade wrote asking permission fc>r
tb" ll.iiiid ti! nice, ill the council
chamber dm ing the time Ike soldiers occupfe I the Agricultural hull
'The use ol the hall v.'.is gratlS d to
ilh'iii, also the AgnViilMiral Society
and Farmers' tnsiiinite, during the
occiiiinncy of the AgrlctlltllHli hull
by the 91 Idiers.
The 'followiii)!. Hccotuifci were
presented and wi motion laid on
the ttllSe for dismission.
J. Tho'iisou  .$ i-5<>
I.lectric 'jglit Go  75 45
Telephone  ,  .    7.60
Dept. Pig and Stationary,, 3.0a
C. Cdllin      7.50
The school requisitions for Jam. -
ary were presented as follows:
Miss Dnn.ird jjUoo
Mis. Hutchison     75
Miss Milligan  70
A. Blair   30
11 ar-.y II oi 11; i 1 son  a. 50
ISuik'.ers'    Surpply  1 20
J. Ssttton 5.00
N. Gareau ....2 00
Geo,   Neshitt   < 50
G. ffodgson 4.50
The bylaw to borrow net more
than $5,000 k anticipation of this
year", receipts; passed it final refol-
ii'.f and was adopted.
Aid. Hurford introduced a bylaw regulating stree'. traffic and
pubHc places, which will be put into shape for next meeting.
The utilities committee were instructed io select a site for the new
municipal hall and report at next
Those who shovelled snow will
be paid at the rate of #3 for nine
hours' work.
Anyone wanting employment on
city work is requested to leave
their names with the clerk at the
City hall,
The special police are to receive
5.V."�� per day.
The clerk was instructed to };o
with the manager   of the  electric
ii*-i - e ��� .: .''-. >
lift     1" '.-.��� .'...���.':-.:'. .'..e...       .- '
light company  when he  reads the Willows" are out.
city's iretres. I    Mrs. J. Watson, who   has  been
The electric light  bill  was the!staying with Mis.   Montgomery is
only one objectecftoj Aid. McKenzie stating   Hint it   seemed   rather
at Vancouver this week.
I'he Red Cross Sewing   Circle
of our young tanner s cows was so
starved lhat it chewed the tail off
one of his horses, and the horse in
turn ate up the hitching post at
the side of Hall's store,
M. i\ nnsoii, M. 1',, spent tin.
week end at Comox
Mr, I'igott drove in from L,azo
Ion Monday with his wagon.   This
high, and thought the lights,were met at Mrs, Wilcox's mi Monday
011 too long nml   that the   council! afternoon.
had no menus of knowing f nt the A very enjoyable, dance was held,
accounts were coned, at lhe Elk hotel on Saturday even I
Aid. Anderton   moved, seconded 1 ing.
by Aid.   McKenzie, that  the time     Chas  Wheeler, late of Campbell
switch he set  so that the  lights River, has opened a barber shop 111
were extinguished   nt 11:30  p, ui, the Elk hotel
each night in future. j    The past winter has been au ex
Tlie auditors report was received ceedingly hard one/or ninny, Out
and adopted,   nnd   the   clerk was
authorized to have the same printed- The recommendations contained therein will be dealt with Inter.
The clerk reported that it was
necessary for the city to have a
safe and that one belonging to R.
M. Allan could be secured for$95
which a. uiil answer the city's pm
poses. The utilities committee ! was the first four wheeled vehicle
were requested to see tire safe and to come iu from the country dis-
if thonghl advisable |*iirclia.e same trict since the snow fell,
AM, And, ii, 11 explained lhat' Lost ���-a bunch of keys, between
the .reason im unlilic meeting re lhe postollice and Pr. Montgom*
band was not caied was thai The ery's coru*-r, hinder please leave
ReH'iew came out ion time and there nl. postollice.
wis no oi la r way of getting ai In spite of the inclement weather
statement before 'the people, and the heavy   snowfall   the'mail
The   standing   'committees   for, between   Comox and   Lazo   never
tc/iG are: missed a trip or connection.    Mr.
Finance.   AM, Anderton,   Aston PigoU is to becongrattt.ated 011 his
and II11 rfonll. record.    At times it   required coil-
Board of Work.,   Kert'fflti,   Ilur- sidewtble pluck to get through.
ford and Carroll. Lieut. Simeon was here inspect*
Sanitary., Carroll, McKenzie and ing tiie Lazo guard la--t  week, and
Kerton, gave any who desired  leave to join
Tiiinsriiii'tiitioii,   McKenzie.   *.s- the overseas forces,
ton and Anderton, -Sergt.   Kinlo-k   left   the   Lazo
Utilities, Hurford,   Kerton   nnd guard on Monday for Victoria.
Carroll ,    Owing to the deep suqw and the
Firewordens,   Aston,   Auderton fear that the roof   might   cave in,
and Harford, the school inarm's of   Spinsterville
 , I vacated   the   premises   one   night
' lately.    They were discovered with
I their most valuable possessions sil-
  ting in the   snowdrifts,   and were
Col.   Warden   has   moved   his convoyed to safe lodgings  by some
family to town and tlrey   have tak-  good Samaritans.
McBryde's Bakery k
Tea Rooms
Calhoun Block Courtenay
P, McBryde for almosl S years with   Man cclii Bros,
begs to aiun huk e to the community that he has opened a Bakery and Tea Room at the- above address
I have had a technical training in the Kiliiiann k
Bakery School and Glasgow Technical, Scotland,
under the best masters, and hold a first class ceri .-
cate, upper grade, in the technics of bread inaKing
and a first class certificate in baking confectioner; ; y
the Master linkers Association I can assure the : ul -
lie that the bread andcaKes made by me will be manufactured by the best niethcds kIiowii to the b king
world today ami will la'pur'.-, healthful and appetisiug
Hoping for a share of public patronage
Remem'-cr the a 'dress     -     Next the Royal Bank of Canada
Courtenay    Hotel
Comfort   Witli   Mi
'   '   I
: teJ
eu up their residence _.i the Vicarage
The north Wall of St. Pi
I church was badly sprung b
I weight of snow on the roof.
The io2ii(l Battalion gave a song
I service in the barracks on Sunday
?r's evening. During the absence of
the J tlie chaplain lhe services were taken bv Sergt. Langford, Mrs.
Rev. A. Bushlager drove to Roy-I Moore sang a solo very acceptably
ston and from that place rowed to Owing to there being no evening
Comox in order to conduct the ser- tervices in the other churches, the
\ ice at St Peter's chnrch on Sun- evening services of the 102nd are-
day lust, much appreciated by the civilians
Dr. Montgomery   returned   last | of Comox.
Thursday from a  trip up   the Sal-      The rate on money  orders going
nion River and other   places   with to the United States   has   been ii -
the recruiting officers, creased   from 25c  to  50c   for one
The snow   is all   off the   wharf hundred dollars.
nnd the   soldiers   are   performing    *>        ��� .��..��_	
squad drill on the planks these fine '
afternoons,   while    the    signallers [ Anglican Services
1 practice on the bench at low tide,
Mrs. (Dr.) Montgomery has re-
; turned home quite   recovered after
a sojtirn at St, Joseph's hospital.     ISandwick 11 a.m., S. John s Coiir
Spring is   coming,   the   "pussy teuay, 7.30 p.m.
Sunday next is the regular monthly service of intercession for the
men   at the   front.     S.   Andrews
Mrs   G   Brown   wh 1   has   live
suns serving 111 the army   is  in re- !
eeipt   of the following   letter from   Bent Wines
the King ; i""1 l'''i""r*
Privy I'tirsc Office, ; ���	
Buckingham Palace / -        1       1
26th jau., 1916     Lumberlatit
Madam.-l have the   honour to  Good Accomodation
inform you   that    lhe   King   has;
heard with much interfsl that you              Wm. Merryfieldl
have ut the  present  moment  live                       pro.
sons serving iu the army, ' .	
I am commanded  to express to
you  The   King's   congratulations   ptvof P!*-*, ce>   PI,,,-   L.
nnd to a.sureyou that His Majesty   "rSl-LIaSS   rlUHlh ing
'����ch appieeiales the  spirit of pat j      Hot Water and S   un
notistn   ivlucli prompted  this ex-
ample, in one   family,   of   loyalty            Jackson & Whit
and devotion  to   their   Sovereign   Phone 9
and Empire, '	
I have the honour to be Madam, j ~
your obedient servant, (**     r>     r"\ * T\T l*\     _*
(Sgil)     P. M. PONSOKBY,      J      V"     -T.     i>UiNi_/.;-i^>
Keeper of the Privy Purse ' ���    .
Mrs G. Brown, Box 72, I Bttmster ��"������ S :
Cumberland, B.C. P' "   '* - '
The five sons referred  to in the Phone 24 Courtenay
King's letter ure located at various   -
points and serving   with   different
Battalions. Sergt. J. (1. is wiih'pLJ A C QIJ.M/TC
No. 2 Tuiiue)li"g Co, I'higlatul. 1 V/I _l/TL��J. Ollil��VlO
Capt. Willie;  7th   Batt.   fufantry, I ,
Flanders; Matthew, M,G S., [O.ud  I?xPert Watchmak r   Qua
Comox Atliu Batt.;  George,   Min- s selling Spe,
tug and sapping,28th Batt..Fronce; o-i-ccac ' ,',- ,',,1   -.-. -���
u  11 n i,    ... , ,,...   ,��� .'glasses  trom   .-...,
Including sight testii      E . h
I eye (ested -
cornet  vision
Marry, M.G.S., 6.nd Batt., Vancouver,
-,i8   i^llal
The Water Question
Solved 'T,ie ^ourtena>" Jewelry Store
Four (rood   Houses,
water    and    electric
light in each
Apply, MRS. WM.  LEWIS
AI'Pl V T 1
Sand and Gravel
Cannot be done an
r any cheaper aeywhere else in
B. C.  than at the
Buggies and Express Wasrons
All Rigs Gnaratiteed and Sojd at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
rf-A *3S 1 fit1
i- -^ l7:   '���)   ''I
^t_U :;'*> iSw.'-*
'*^rsfMwm.i -fmuu-mmt >
Gi*(''AIore Money "'for y ont Ft  vos
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beai
Marten and other Fur bi
.SHIP YOfll ! , lis    n;i
house in Ihe World deil   , .
a reliable���-resi onsi
utatlon existing for' of a century,"
('."wniiri"'..r.!..i -.,"!,in., Fui SI.; perspr '. ' '.-.',, I! .
ami PROPITABLE returns,   wrlto : I ".iiraHuiim ..-tupg-rr "
tne only reliable, accurate market report ami prieoltsi;
Wril^ for l(���NOW���!(������ PR KB
A. B. SHUBERT, Inc. j^ / THE   REVIEW.   COFKTNEY,   ��. C.
The saving in the Soup
Bovnl nutkcs soups and stews o inucli
more nourishing that they can often
take the place or expensive joints, It
saves in,un dollars in the kitchen. Bovril is the
concentrated goodness ol lhe besl beef -so strong
iliai ii --annul possibly be ivuiuifa turcd in cheap
cubes, Insist upon lhe real thing Bovril in the
Bovril Bottle.
Farmers Urge Plans
For Period Alter War
tuns, tllsnitt' ilium,:', lite Turk..
I'll, i Jiipitti e bomb UirowerB ivoro
���ivon in il,.' Rovorniuetil ol tlio Aub-
,,'aiiaii t'otiuiiomvi'itllli by tlio Mikado
Itipiin.    Thoy    throw    ti    . ii.ininl
Sunday  OH   School   Salaries Jap-"*"-" Bomb Throwers Helping Ua
Our iini.,i. in tin. iriMii in'.-, in lho
Ilardannllo .  ��', r.. hbbIi i"il  bv .Inpaii-
Sunday Boost For School Salaries Out  rs��� |)0m|, throwers, ivho Hpreiul   hi
Short   in   Reading
Tit,, in ir.1 ni eduenllon li   nol iini
"illl ;" Biiudny'i uli ��� !i
>i o unl . iiui ii refiu oi rn lulu ' r
Ion |j-    Iiii   propagiuidii on Im r, n   m
Hi,   '..i ri"   nf ni i  teiti In i
T ���   lliiaiu'   committee    ye ���   t'lhi
utoppi .1 the ivaiiini! ol ti letter ot llic
. ���.  . -. list when lie begun to compare
tin   salaries nf nilnlBi >\ ��� und touch-
ers ��;ili those of prize flghti i'��
"What linvo we gol to do with prize
llglil - broke in Itulpli C OtlB. "I
movo ih.- ,-,iiiiiiiuiiiraiii.il In' placed on
ui. "    i in   inulIon '-i'irled.
Many Suggestions Made to New Commission on Development
Muiiy suggestions connected "'">
tho rutin, development of tlio Do
minion, In an iigiiciiltiirul sense par-
ilcularly, havo lii'i'i, Btihniltted lo tlio
I'conomlc nnd Development Comnils	
Farming   orgaiil.atlona, naked    lo India's  Millions
pro-tout  ilirir  view    lho   .'tii'lous
lllllltOI'H   lllolllllOll   ill  III"  soopo of lho
Inquiry, liavu dono bu In voluminous
n or.i.ulii.   They unit  Investigation
piirliciilnrly mi tho following points:
I.    Tlio    it" 'riiiiu    mill    pulillcn-
I loll   nl'  ai'i'i,,',,!..   an.I   r. liable  BlUtls-
Stop to ail    D1STH.H
And   prevents olliera having Hie diseuse im mnltor
inn,    exposed.   SPOHN'S Ib ilie largest soiling vet-
orlnuryspoolflo  known,    \11 ���.��� I tlrugglstB und lurl'
goodB   houses,
Chemists and Bacteriologists,  Goshen,  lnd.,  U.S.A.
lies roiittivo in ilir ngrl, iiliurnl pro
..    Tlio    Inauguration    of ti  cone
pt'oln iibIvo    plan    whereby   farmers
mn*   ui,lain more rciidll) and I     i\
lonslvely long mid Bliori torm credits
or c irn iii". nn li.rin opi ration
::.    The application    of   tho pi'ln*
..  dplo ui gov, rumen! i ontrol lo public
iiiuuii    with  gt'ottl  ii.-. am',   througii   inurkoi . Block ynt'ds, und llko utlll
a \miiia. it til\  liigh in,;.. tory, -ii 11.,,i   ties, with it view to KiifcKUUi'dlng bolh
i,    ,'iinii'n   down in id.' trench I'roiu  tirodticors nnd consumers,
illractly ovorhotid.   Tlio Turks do noi i    I.   Tho wliolo (iubbIIijii uf co-oporti
n-nll  for tho coming nf tltr b i bs,  Hon  in coniioctlon  wiili    production,
which run I,,' Been ntille eitsll) both uiiirkcthig ami coiiBunipllon uml lho
hy nlglil ami ilu.v. They Bltiipl) oleui' advisability of Bocurlng Blmplo und
nm or tlio trench, InkhiK tholt'chunco uniform legislation I'or llu ���' ibll li
ni' iin. nu,i'iiin,, mm iii','. which in- nuTi or co-oporiUlvo societies,
j variably supplements lho use of Hie j 5. The question of settling Iho
_itpnii.ee climbing bomb. vnciuil  Inntls of Gunudti und the ful
'������   .'Vi'uuH,!,,' sabiVb's'iviiiciiiiii^ !'"���', PO��cy   respecting    ImuilRralloii
uniri ,inti    mil ii, lie ministers ami ' K VVV VATTP l"A"��V Ul<"' I  ! 1""1  cololilzullon.    II    la purpoBOd In
...w���.    ti,.,  M-"'-*-   iUUBMBl  WJ-LJL.Uonnirter   cnt'ofiilly lhe proposal tlnn
teachers constitute ti disgrace
man  wiio  ivenrs  hlniBelf out  dtly by      ,,  ., ; ,   .
dnv    in the service ol others should ,  Mothers cnu keep their lit! c ones
noi b   compelled to worry about lion happy nnd henllhy by lho occasional
he  will   rn  ihi' needs ol  the body llfle ��   "������������?���- Own   luhb-is.  I here ie
In old age.   The school teacher who  '"> ,,'"l,"1l',1,illl!','1m ' l!" onos lh:"
bus given the besl years of bis life the- Tablets w 11 not cure, un
ii   hi  sake of the c is generation J,11   l"'-v are absolutely stile u
should nm  be allowed to go hungry tivcl*- "" '"���"ln ca" '' "
and poorh dollied when [lie yean of �����"-���    Conner g   1 hem    Mrs. llonrl
his usefulness have ended lunrtl, Kingston, Ont., writes:    rhero
-ii is rndlcallv wrong when a prize ? ','" medicine] know of bo good tor
fighter  In   fifteen   minutes  can  earn  h" ios as 1. Babys Own  lablets
Keatly and Waiting.
Nation  is Proud to Participate in the '
Wars of the Empire
Toll thousand ilolegutea, representing all communities, woro prosoni in
ii," opening of tho nnniiiil meeting or
Hi" Indian Nui inn.11 CnngresB at liniu-
btt). ��Filch w:i! nolnble for the loyal
und patriotic ultornnces ot lho Bpenlt
"Millions in India aro waiting in
serve," was the keynoto of lhe opening   S| ll"'
lu ih" presidential address sir Nut
yendrn Siniia siiltl Hm supreme feel
ing In Itidhi wus "ii ii hi i i-ii i ion [or the
self Impoaed bunion I'nglnnd nun
beurlng in Hu Bti'itgglo tor liberty
nml   I'rooilom  uml   pride  thnl    India
Wheat   Product,on
U'honl produced In lho northern
hemisphere during I ill. totullod II,*
"iiui.nii,i.niiu bushels, uceordlng iu the
liiiri'iin nl crop oBtliniuos front the
Inlornutloiinl Inslliuto or Agrlculturo
nl  lln    ni this, the fulled Suites
produced approximately i .vo-soventlis,
in,.i proved herself nm a whll behind I Several countries ivoro lucliidod lu
lho itsi ol Hm empire iu iho assist   lho aggregate, ll was Biiid,
ll  from their
iiifti'.. than a countrj  parson do
fifteen   years."   Chicago  Tril	
They have cet'ttilnly been of great ser
vice in me." Tho Tablets arc sold b)
medicine dealers or by mall al 2"
cents ii box from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Urockvllle, out.
relurned Canadian and  Hrltlslt sold
iiu's in' afforded an opportunity nf set
liiiiv. on  Hm hind.    The commls.lon
liivlins the nearly co-oporntlon of lho
I'auiiiliiir. public in lho work it litis In
Ing in pre-1
ppeur per ,
Bonull)   will  bo  nc onlcd  every  reu-,
Bouubio opportunity of doing so. Head- j
(lunrloi.  ure  .1   Vltlorhi  Btroot,  Ot-
Minard's Liniinenl Cures Distemper.
given the inui her countrj
Cunt Inning, sir Bnlyendru oxpross
nl tho hope thai "tlio spotituncotiB
oiitbursl ni loyalty had disponed
forever till dlBlrtisi and Busplclon bo
tweoti Hm Indium nnd Iheir rulers."
The apoukcr tidnilltod Hun lho 11 mo
had nol arrived I'or self govcruniont
in     Indln,  bill  lu-  lirgod  lhe  British
No I'l'i'eri'M,',' was mail., to lho production iu iii" southern henilspburo,
w iiii'h Incliidoa Ibe grenl n lienl Holds
ol' South   Viuet'lcii nml   \m trnlln,
The  yield  of  1I.5H0,    bttsbols.  it.
was announced, Is nn lucrouso of in.I
per ci in   over  mil.
I  above I baud, and any person ,1
,,i poBi-  soni  written views or
nvernnieul  i
l,,' goul iu which India aspired ami
l.ii In 11< 1-911it tho rocrtiiilng ol a
Hong 11 tl. i on ill huliiiii iii'iin
Asthma   No   Longer   Dreaded.
pprot grttdglngl) | dread of renew
ma  has nu liulil  i
Magical Effeci on Neuralgia
Throbbing Pain Goes Quickly I     Women as Farmerc
No person  rcndln
According   in official Information
| supplied to lho Assocluled Press, the
Hrliisli  governnieni   taken  the stand
i linn nil) parcels sent by mail, no mat-
j ter whal class of postage i ��� paid on
il.eiii. are liable lo seizure If Ihey eon
; tain goods which, under the orders-in-
May Have to Look After the Land In   council,  may  nol   be    shipped   to  or
from Germany or her allies.
The   ii. ci sslty   of  replacing  men's '
this need  ever lubor by Hint of women In agricultural
suffer lung from Neuralgia. occupations is engaging the nitsntlon
Nerviiine    will   quickly   tun    Hie  of most people in England nl the pre-
orsi   Neuralgia, and Mrs. tl. I'vaus,  seal   moment,    Lord  Solbome, pros'-
i. ' er strong letter written from Hub- dent or the board of agriculture, Is a
i office, ;ays: "tine long year,  keen  advocate of women  taking  the
gcsl i" my life, was ultuosl en* place of men on Lhe land  wherever
iir I;   given up in   treating dreadful i possible.
attacks ot Neuralgia. The agony I III tin address which he gave u few
experienced during some of ihe ln.il weeks ago at Shrewsbury, he said he
attacks was simply unmcntloiiuWe. To hud never seen whnl ho believed no-
remedies by the score without body in England had ever Been "a
permanent relief was mighty dlscour- womiin ploughing." "Women of every
aging. Al lusl I pui my faith in Ner-! class," he declared, "must usslsr. The
lilinc: I r.'inl of lho wonderful pain parson's wife, lhe wife and daughter
., . ..in:, powi ���' ii posses: d ur.l of the laborer, each In turn could
made up my mind lo prove it valuable make n contribution in agriculture In
or uceiess. Nerviiine nl once eased this year of war, ami so work fur vie-
r: ��� pain and cured tie" headache. Con-1 tory just as husband, sou or brqther,
titious trealmenl with this muglc- in tho Heel or the trenches,
working lometly cured mo entirely, "I would make ti specinl appeal to
and I have ever slnia stuyed well." wives and duughters ol men who ure
Mrs, I'.vuns' case is lad one ol linn* lighting, because tho\ nre well cared
dreds thai iniglil be quoted. N.rvl-ifor by the nation. They have not
in.. In a speclRc for all nerve, iniiscu- soen grinding povert) wiiilsi the men |
lur   or   joint pain,    H quickiy cures  are left ns ure lhe German women in
ii.irks from aslh-
tlioso who hnvo
leuiii. ii to roly upon I ir, .1. li. Kel*
lug's Asiliniii liomcuy, So Bafn do they
i'itI Hun cumpicte rellnnco Is placed
Explosives From Cod Liver Oil mi this true speclllc with lhe eertaln-
Cod liver oil has populnrl) beon Uy thai II will ulwuys do all [hat its
looked upon as a food prodiicl of a makers claim, If you have not yet
more or less medicinal [future, an in. learned lion sufe yuu are with ihis
dlciited nllmenl for the aiiiieiuie and hircpuratloii ul band gel II today and
iii" consumptive, few persons, at know for yourself.
! last,  have  regarded    il    as  In any .
sense contraband of war. Yel now
the Newfoundland governmeill lias
pui nn embargo   on   the exportation
of cod liver oil, insisling lliul large
quantities have found their way Into
Germany, where the glycerine contained in il can l>e used iii the manufacture of explosives!
"Weil. Freddie," said his    mother,
"did you leni'ti nnythlns new -it school
"Yes'm," said Freddh
"Whal did you lenrn new?"
"I got -on lo n new way o' gettln1
oul o' school i'er an hour by snuffin'
red Ink up nn  nose "
neurulgitt, sciatica. lumbago, lame
i.i"!,. neuritis, und rheumatism, Forty
yi in in use, und today lhe most
widely used liniment in Ibe Dominion.
Don'!  take anything bin  "Nerviiine,"
Hglil lug Hi" battles, li was nol righl
linn a woman in ihis country should
live In greater luxury than bIio did
before her husband or son went away
lu light; she should do her pari jusl
ler anywhere can sup-las ho men. She musi uo on the land,
large 50c family size bottles,  If the  farmer asked  her.  al  a   fair
or in a small 25c trial size.
,1 a fair day's wage. This is
a moment when each man and woman
of every class must put forward that
unselllshness and patriotism on which
depend!   I;." late ol England."
Tin Gei mans rear aboi e all thii gs
the cool, dogged British persevcr*
according lo a Scandlnav Ian
man of letters, 'who has Jusl bi i n
visiting Germany. Few people oul-l
iide of German) probably have
lo ibti d  thnl   jusl   ihis perseveran, e
al,ic��s.LSprin^.dX��Xau.01' "" ������** *-"" '" '''''" '' le"'
.  Gentlemen, -l/mi winter I received
M  ���  er araves'Worm Exterminator  -''";"   beneiil   from  the use of MIX*]
will  drne   worms  I'rom    the  system  AltD'S I. NIAIF.X I' iu
oul  Injury   to tbc child, because
it.,  action,   whin
fully    effective,   is
Plut n '    ib po ':   oi greater cxleul
i ���. i  i clini - - than those or the  I rnl
litis,    which    iiirnish aboul !!U
i. r ci nt, ..; ii." world's suppl
I   ��� -    liscui ered in Spuln.
Imll    i.. ,M. lly    Isn't  il  lu''  ���,       il
Cupid ll        111     mini    in-  ulwo    ���
.    [I
severe attack
o.' l.aGrippe, ami l have rrequently
proved it in lie very effective in eases
of liillunuuution
An nmiii Ing slorj . i told aboul a
ri |dy th.,' Marconi, Hm celebrated Inventor, on.-.' Hindi io a lady who mistook 11iin for 'ii i ���-.,': ill) lau,on I com-
putriol, Mils, iiiini, lho composer.
"im." she said gushingly, "I'd lo'-"
lo hear yuu play your beautiful 'Intermezzo!' "
"Madam," replied Mnrconi gravely.
"I'll do il wild plousill'c if you've got.
a  w Ireh sa  piano."
Internally and Externally it is Good.
'I'he   crow ning    i roperty    of    Dr.
I Thomas'  Fclectrle nil  is that  ii  can
What They Cured
Here's the n.'!Jiaik:,-!�� exjicrieucc
a N'ovn Scotian;���
"! was once a terrible sufferer with Ibe   used   internally    for  matiy com-
kidney  and  bladder troubles, and ui 'plaints as well us elornully. I'or sore
times I would lose the use of un !".;���.. throat, croup, whooping cough, pains
and could not go away fromhomo with- j in the chest, colic ami many kindred
oul   '.uie i.in- with me.   ] was treated ailments ii has curative qualities tint:
bydiffcrejitdoctorsforsyears, and only are unsurpassed.   A bottle of ii costs
got temporary relict.   Mysonadvised little ami there i- no less in always
metotakeGinPills.andaftertakliigtUe having it at hand.
first -or 3 doses I got relief.   Icontiiui- | 	
ed to take them until I got completely I    Bagdad   stands  on   both    sides of
cured.   I owe toy life lo Gin Pills, the (Tigris, connected by a bridge uf
Yours very truly, ! boa's,    220   yard'    Ion.,  and  is  shut
"'                                ' Port Med        !?'*������' ''"   by   ;l   '"'i''k   u,i"   i'"',y   teel   lllgl1
r.IN Pll,tS.��re ��_.���uo_orOby_��s'for ,i""1   flve   c:1,ea  :"  '���immu'r-retico,
ii i.-i i.'-uii.                   ' lliiiiit-i-   Qe| up. quick, tin: hold's
MMleuHl UriiB_ Cliemlml �����. of tiumdii I   ,���,,.������
llrulitil, roroam *���""        ,    ,.     ,            ,.,,,,,.
  Scottish Gentleman- -Richt, lad.he:
- bul if I do. mind ye, I'll uo pay for lhe
W. N. U. 1089 ! bed!
The artist sketched this picture
from life in a Toronto blacksmith
shop, in order to .net the correct
pose nl' tlie smith at llic anvil ami
shoeing a horse. Is it any wonder
that ilic blacksmith's greatest
troubles arc backache ami derangements ci! llic kidneys .' Tlie constant si rain mi llic muscles nl' llic
back ami kidneys interferes with
llic filtering action of these organs.
The uric acid poisons left in the
blond cause pains and aches, backache and I'henmatism, ami such
scrimis diseases ns Brighl 's disease
ami hardening of ihe- arteries
hut ii is not the blacksmith alone who
is tortured hy backache, for thero are
many occupations in which the continuous
strain on tho buck leads to much sufi't.-rin;,,
tiiid iilsti to serious disease
Blacksmiths have always been strout"
in Iheir praise ul' Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills, unit liy telling others of lie ..noil
results accomplished by this treat menl
have added much In its popularity among
fanners ami horsemen generally.
Doing dircei and prompt in Iheir
action, Dr, Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
appeal to lho man of action, The liver is
awakened, llic bowels urousnd ami lie kidneys sin lit;'! helled be III" illlllleUCO Di' llli'i
medicine. The filtering and excretory
organs lose uo timo in cleansing the system of Ihe poisonous matter which given
rise In |iniii and disease. Constipation is
overcome, kidney derangements eoi reeled,
digestion improved, aud you feel fine. Put
tin-in lo Hu- test when you arc feeling out
of sorts. Let them prove their value. Ono
pill a dose, '2~> cents a box. all dealers, or
l_dm"nnson, Lutes & Co., Ltd., Toronto,
Ur, tlnu-o'i. Recipe Book, 1,000 selected recipes, sent free, if you mention this papw. 3>��
What       F.rmer.
Buffer     Annually
Through  Loss Caused by the
Weed  Nuisance
I an, a Saskatchewan farmer," \
Ex-Minister of  Foreign  Allah's for France, says that the Allies
Must Co-operate to the Utmost in Order to Win the War,
und if They do This, Victory is iu Sight
Stephen I'inclion, ex-minister o*, goi'Ia, were n n0t for tho llnnnelal
foreign affairs, cf Franco, writing un* sttppori of Berlin. \mi all three
der ni' cnpllon oi "Clermany's llorso- ivould bo powerless In both arms and
whip," says the allies musl concern diplomacy If they could nol lean on
triiie io the utmost In co-operation to lho Kaiser's gonernl staff and the
win lho war. If ilicy do [his, lie do iiutliorlty of hlj ambassudors nnd
chirrs, victor-   It in Bight, plenipotentiaries,       Neither      Franz
"I ti ni not betraying uny secret,", Jo��<"bh nor the Sullun, nor lho liber-
Mr. I'liieiioii writes, "in Buying ,Hint 1 lino Cobonrg o( Sull,,, would defy
the allies have nol always been In Europe li nm tilroctod by the tlermiin
Bgrcemenl since lho beginning of lho   power.
win'    un luetics, military operations!    "li   is dlpl ury  of  Berlin  which
and diplomatic in mn hu ions. Everyone bus carried on nil the Balkan linrlguoH
knows dissensions luce existed; agalnsl llusslu, France, Groin ilrltnin
everyone know thero have been ill and Italy, it cannot be doubted Htm
vorgonolofl ei view on iho pnrt uf the pecuniarily ihey havo cosi verj much
sinernniemi of Franco nnd Oreul nnd lhal Herman*, bus only received
Iti'liulii on Hi" inieiuii of eastern al very middling eo-opernlIon from lier
fairs, such iti'idenis are inevitable obsei|iilona dependents, still, fur the
between powers nf whom none thinks presenl nl least, she has utlninod her
of dominating and  Imposing iis bov- ends, which havo in lhe end profited
I'l'eii'ii  vill on any oilier sldo, bul, oil ] by lhe lesson of ovOlllS,    TllO govern*
the contrary, all consider LhemsoiveB ments, by iheir representatives, have
as equals iii lil,e perils, j met ami laid their beads logotltcr,
"III   lhe   eoillllioll   whlCll   II III I en  (lei'-.       "We   IlilV"   mil    only    failed   in    lull'
many,    Auslrla-Hungnry, Turkey nnd moiiy    of pinna, bul  prescience, and
Angaria    Ihere  is  onlj   one  country when  we have decided  we lime no:
which  governs and  can    be  maslor, alwuj's counted all their requirements
nml Hun Is the Herman empire, which and  Hie  risks;   we  have  mil  always
Itself is dominated by Prussia, li Is known bow to make, al ihe righi mo-
the whip over the govertimentg which menl, all ihe sacrifices on which suo-
II bus made partners in nn enterprise | cdis depended,    In these mnitei
lhe   siihjeei   of   nn
tlititi lib ii it I Ihteresi
I'ellur, editor   of
Farmer, .Moose jaw,
tj   minister of ngrl
id'iii, tieiivorci] beio
which Hugh Ale
in' Saskatchewan
uml former depu*
Ultlll'O fur Maui
e an audience oi
delegates  to  the  convention  of pro-1
vlnetnl agricultural   soclotles   In the!
Judge Barron Gives I 'iterance to a Searching Condemnation i
Selfish Indifference Displayed by Many Citizens at This
Time When Every Effort is Needed to Win the War
dress, 'I nm a
I nm noi u ;
began Mr. Mel
il'tlee   ill   good
ll of Hi. university ni
Inn e i hrlstoned Ihis ml
n Saskittelicwaii farmer,
Saskatchewan fanner,'
'ellar.  putting his uml
humor from the Btarl
ti large recruiting meeting held
j at     A) r.  (nn .   reci tit ly,   Ills  Honor
Ijudge Barron spoke to a largo audi-
I ence, and  In   the course of his re-
imiilis spoke In purl ns follows!
"When wo recall the savage cruelly
of the man  who brutally murdered
"I have come lo loll jou aboul your' I'Mlth Cavell, whose only wrong wns
i yon
u v, lie
mi io
will caleh
nml  (li:it
a you  nu
u��n   wn:'!    nml   I   hope   lhat   111   I h
ii.iit-.- ��� oi iiiy rcmnrki
something that   will
tt ill   be   Ol   use   In   Jo
i i".
"Vou should lu  pro
a Saskatchewan farm
dred and twenty ncn
nun  land    is    what
homestead uni
amount In this   pro\ Im
bedlenoe to Qotl-glveu humanity,
are Indlposod to look for example
in an; thing thai ii Gem nn (lo"s, yet
wi' in Canada mlghi with profit to
oursolves and advantage to lhe empire reuienili"!' that the millions of
Hern,mis 111 their private homes Im re
fused with the millions of. Germans nt
the front Into one common will: that
of servitude
"AuBirln-IIungarj   would   be  bankrupt, together with Turkey and Bul-
Want to Know
About Canada
Soldiers   In   Trenches   Seek   Information About Possibilities of This
A London correspondent of Hie
Free Press writes: "One resull of
tiie fraternizing in the trenches of
Canadian soldiers with those of
France and Belgium, is illustrated
in letters received at Hie Canadian offices In London. Large numbers of
French and Belgium soldiers appear
to have had their Interest In the
Dominion excited to the extent of
writing to London tor literature descriptive of Its opportunities and
activities. That iheir action lias
been prompted by conversations
wiili Hie Canadian boys in sufflc-
lently Indicated by the fuel Hint each
mini makes an express request to
be informed about a particular
province. Thus oil" writes for dc-
iails concerning British Columbia's
friii. Industry, nnother requires books
on ihe wheat growing areas of the
prairie provinces; a third nboul. the
mining districts of Ontario, and oihers
about lumbering, fishing and stock-
raising. It does noi require much insight to guess that some ardent. British Columbian has discoursed about
the advantages of his province, and
that Hie men from .Manitoba und Ontario have been no less active in im*
��� parting Information. Frequently
Canadians themselves write asking
for books io be forwarded to a French
or Belgian soldier. On Ihe other
hand, some of the Canadians in England lo whom the writer has spoken,
having looked on this island land and
found it good, express the determination to establish themselves in this
coiinlry after the war. Similarly, it
is lo be expected that some Canadians will ilml attractions on Hie oilier
aide of ihe channel and slay to make
a home in tlm land in which ihey have
fought so valiantly. That, there will
bo a great exchange anion'- the men
of all nationalities seems io be without doubt.
Canada, however, holds the field
among the majority, anil, all eyes
aro turned to the great Dominion.
Tlie commitments for wliicli Canada has mode herself responsible nnd
Hie ,li termination voiced in Hie
speeches of her prominent men on
both sides of the ocean, have opened
tho i-yes of even well Informed people who thought they had the measure
of Canada's power io aid the motherland.   Not the least of tin se revealing
factors has been the splendid success
of ihe Cauadlan war loan. Manitoba
Free Press,
i"l, is a lies
of militia is
ii can    be
Tlio new
mated,  will
' ��� 11 il il ii i-
often have been inferior lo Germany;
it. reals upon us to bo superior In Lhe
Getting Ready for
Canada's'Big Army
Work of Brincjiny Force up to Half
Million to Commence at Once
Preparations are under waj In tho
militia department to meet lho Increased demand upon the labors and
energies consequent upon the new
year decision oi lho government to
increase the authorized number of the
Canadian i roups from n quarter of a
million to hair ;. million men,
The tusk of bringing lhe Canadian
forces lo the largo figure, ll is realiz*
vy one. but tho minister
1'onridenl as always ihal
authorization, if consum-
mean   the  recruiting  of
eni.   of   llll   mules   of
^^^ throughout    lho  Do*
'minion. Ii will also moan nn annual
expenditure of $600,000,000 on the
basis of $1,000 per man, ln uniform.
i This was the estimate made by Sir
Thomas While, minister of finance,
when Iho authorized number was two
hundred and fifty thousand, nml
when be declared that the expenditure for the coming liseal year would
approximate 8260,000,000. ii will nol
far exceed that amount,
II. is now more Hum probable that
Canada will have two full army corps,
consisting of four full divisions, on
the firing lino by Hie beginning of
spring, Tills will constitute a splendid representation for ihe Dominion.
Preparations for un extensive rc-
cruiting campaign ure now under
way. New regiments will shortly be
authorized for the various cities,
towns and rural districts throughout
In addition !o these Hie minister of
militia declares that he has decided
to raise several special regiments In-
cludtng two or more Indian regiments, a Metis regiment, a naturalized Japanese-Canadian regiment mid
a colored ' regiment. .Mure attention
will also be given to specialization in
other directions.
A new Irish regiment is to be raised
in Toronto, while Ihe minister has
hinred that lhe hundreds of clergy
who havi- applied for positions r.S
j chaplains lie organized into a regiment of lighting parsons for overseas service.
proud of ll us a heritage.   Away
Iwith ihal feeling I am only a farmer,' i
Snj thai you nre a farmer iu Saskatchewan nnd bo proud ot it. Two thousand j curs ago to be u [toman citizen was ii greal honor and now ii Is
Jusl as   much nu rronor to bo a Sun-!
| katchewnn farmer.
! "I hold that ibis blrthrlghl brings i
dlllb's Iii you mid the llrsl of these '
Is to keep your land clean and fertile..
Cultivation, Dial's where cleanliness
ciinic in. We llnd a greal crop last I
yi ar.    Wiseacres   saj    pollenlzntion
| was ported ami there wns no wind,
Don'l ymi believe u word of it, If the
ilelds-were ever   tilled and cultivated
'properly they were Inst year.   But In
Ithe Held behind the agricultural college here thoy have 25.2 bushel crops I
every year,   If lhe farmer did as the
agricultural   college   does   bis   crop.
'would be jusl as much a success year
after year,   i.ast   year tho land was
. there and cultivation wns there.
"Weeds!  When    the   minister   ofl
agriculture   said    thai    the   farmers
.were  robbed  of $25,000,000 tills  year
hy weeds, we realized lhal lhe alarm- ,
Ing I'm i was only mo true, yel j'ou arc j
1 allowing llils robbery to go on under
your very feel. Things lhat should be
observed by you in the light for weed
extermination arei Fertility of your
soil, moisture, room, horseflesh, hired
help, twine, your threshing hill. Ink-
iii'; io market, freight, nnu your good
[name, Seftger Wheeler gels inure,
money oul of his wheal on account of'
Ills reputation for cleanliness. Nol
man in this country is farming properly who has no wife. Wives', us good
housekeepers, beep the home ciean
land Inspire the man to do likewise In
Iiis crop.   Never slop lighting ugatnst
"Your aims!    Whai ure your dims?
i .our farm    is no.  a  place solely  In
which to make money.    II is n place,
for you to make a home ami provide i
home comforts for your wives    and
"Keep your car to Hie ground and j
hear   how   much is being said about
education.   The three stages In presenl day agricultural educntion nre the'
I rural school,   the collegiate Institute
and Hie university.   In order thai Hie,
rural school may give a proper training,  teachers    must  be had.    These
teachers come from the collegiates or
'high schools. The collegiate teachers
who   (each   (lie rural school teachers
iconic    from  llic university.    I  would.
j like lo see something more practical
'in our educational system.   The very:
things that our young men of twenty
are being Laughl  in the agricultural
colleges are whal the Danish children
i read in thoir primers.
"1 never ,]o and never will consent
.that we ar..- farming properly by eon-j
I fining   ourselves    lo    grain    growing!
alone.   Mixed farming, and more mixed  farming    Is    the  call  you    must
I hearken to.   of all tlm men on earth j
'I  am
Three hum
ire) of Stiskntche*
l  I  cull an  Ideal , ,      , _������
man who has thai llh rllll"ls  ������'������<* "fM and the Her
right I"*1"1" ,vl1" work have become n single
thing, one nulled and solid phalanx
that ever since the war began every
one of their seventy millions, men.
women and children, have bad the
one thought and have worked for one
common cause. Theirs is and has
been   il.   complete   oIlSOSSlOll,     Our  lie-
ilvhy, on the oiler band, seldom gets
ii lyond  a nervous    perusal
morning papers, nn
ends wiili un oecas
We are coutont lo
fighting for us, an,
al homo find
of    llic
I our i ntbusiasni
f.ii.ii subscription.
lei others do our
if   we   who  stii)
for anything from
our ordinary pursuits ii Is nol to en
courage, but i" criticize. For Ihe
empty foolery of dying rich we pay
down our health nnd hnpplncss, and
sometimes our Integrity! and Sir
tleorge Foster's recent announcement
Hint wi must i'i).' up our savings and
cheque our earnings lo lho extonl ol
ibree hundred million dollars comes
none   ton   soon, and will be accepted
V. 1,0     llll
a a
:��� seem
,1   bj
,1   ll    We   ill'.
Allies Heady  for
Next Big Push
Britain   and   France   Have   Men   and
Material for Drive on West
,, cable desptit, h  lo lho  New   Yntk
tl   from     London    BnyB:     "The
months since lho sharp and sue
i coBsful  offensive   In   Into  September
I have seen u remarkably rapid accumulation of reserve men and munitions
on tho western  front, in preparation
.for ibe noxl general advance.   The expenditure in .-'bells has beet even less
ili;i:i   ii   was  during the  summer,  If
conditions may bo judged accurnlelj
I from   the  official   communiques,  and
aside Irom lite activity ul llariniaiins-
I Weilerkopf      where     comparatively
small   forces   are  engaged,   tho   men
have  been  called  on for    little  rea
While the expenditure human and
material ins been al u minimum, the
production of boil, necessities has
I been at the maximum. France and
Britain have beo:i working iheir fully
mobilized steel plants uighl and day,
und it is estimated that out of every
Ihree .shells, two have cone Into the
reserve supply,    ihal   will    bo used
i when Hie time comes lo maintain nn
unprecedented  rain of death on Hie
! Herman positions from Nieupoit to
Switzerland. Into the reservoir of
men lias gone a large proportion of
���ihe new in,iis, which will receive
I their real baptism of lire in the next
['big push.'"
Had Thrilling Experience
Newfoundlanders   at   Dardanelles
"We went    Into the   trenches on
Sunday night and came out again on
Monday night," writes a   Newfound*
lander from the Dardanelles,
"Just before we were supposed to
leave, the Turk:; tried to attack the
rutbl of the line, bul were driven back
s.tth heavy losses. We had to stand
to and -were in Hie bombardment. I
can tell ymi It wns very exciting for
six hours or more. What with shells
bursting and the rapid firing of rifles
one had no time tu think of anything.
However, it was a nice, llttlo christ-
enlng, ami now when it really comes
lu us we won't mind it. Harold Mitchell has been made a sergeant, lie
got It for good wurk under fire the
first time v.c went into the trenches.
He nnd 15 men wore detailed to go
out. after dark and dig a new trench.
They just reached the place when
Hie Turks discovered Ihem and they
opened lire, Harold ordered his men
to lie down and consequently saved
them all. They were out five hours,
but got the trench completed."
Crop Prospects For  1916
The outlook for tho western grain
crop of 1916 is not as bright  at  the
present time ns wns the prospect  for
1916 al this period last year.   A very
much  sum Her urea of land has  been
prepared for crop co far ihis season
ilian was prepared In the autumn of
lull,   in Saskatchewan, for Instance,
which  represents  more Minn half of
Ithe ������rain ur.'a of the whole west, the
total amount of land prepared for the
crop of HUt) is estimated lo be only
���1,504,801 acres, a���> compared with ��;.-
084,67-1 acres u year ago. Tills great
difference  has  been  duo  first  of all
in Inclement weather during the autumn months of 1915., which prevented
farmers from threshing not lo mention ploughing.   The grain production
of the past season and the feeiillg o:
i uncertainty regarding ibe future condition of llic markets have also been
j factors in the mind of the agricultural
' west.    J'ul il is  too early yet to  indicate tho probable aren under crop
Iin Western Canada for 191 n.   if the
I spring season opens early and favorably a vnsi amount of ploughing and
seeding may be done in (lie months
Of April and .Uny.���Toronto G'tobc.
who are privileged you men are I The Notable Adventures
anion, the mosl favored. In Hint you i tario Soldier Related
have ai your feet unlimited possibili- ���.-<,,���,- soldiers have m
ties tortho pursuit of mixed farming, adventures as befel
The silent partner of the farmer is'
nature.   II works all the year around
with J'OU and never Hags. Traill
your children lo see the workings of
nature in animal life. The breed
glare carrying her foul nnd ihe cow
"with calf are nature's works and
should nol be passed by.
of    an  On-
ill Letter
���t   with  such
'Who is mi educated man?   who
is the In .-I edlli nieil man?    1 rend tho
oilier day an article in which il said
j thai the man who made a specially of
agriculture might be as well educated
as another professor,   Might he?   He
I is!    Th ���    besl  educated man I
ever met-  and the one who was the
i in si  companion was a man from tin
I Hive:' .1. I..
Young, of ihe mechanical transport
department, Army Service Corps, who
before enlisting was a resident of
Preston and chauffeur for A, X. W.
Claire, in a letter received by Mr.
Clare,  Young  says:
"We lefi England on a transport tor
Salonikl.   Thirty-six   miles pasl Gib
raltar a submarine appeared and
started shelling us. Then there was
n terrible expU slon. Wo hud bi en
torpedoed. I managed to get away
in a boat wilh six holes in it. and by
it of hard baling kept atloat until
allied .Morocco. Wc were captured by .Moors and held for two hundred pounds per head ransom, which
ye f-ve
experimental farm al Ottawa, 'the uie Spanish governnieni go; reduced
weed and bug man, tha late James ,��� aluety pounds per head. After be-
Fletcher, , ing prisoners for twentv-elghl days a
"It., good in Ighbors io your farmer Spanish gunboat took us to Altntce-
friends. I wo.ml sooner have It said , mag wi,ere we are Interned until the
of me thai 1 wus a good neighbor than end of the war. We had nine men
a rich man. Be n neighbor and help killed ami twelve wounded, but 1 am
your fellow worker,    you will be re- not even wounded."
paid.    If, .luring this address, 1 have] 	
fiiven you anything to make you proud       Aeroplanes  for  Ambulance  Work
of being cltt-     Aeroplanes   were   used
1  '-n'l sat
King' George has appointed Emperor
Nicholas of Russia a Held marshal in
the British army,
of your homes, proud
zens of Saskatchewan,
Bed."���-Saskatoon Star.
Two German aviators just captured
describe the new German aeroplanes
recently out into commission. They
are of the nlbuiross type, fitted wil.i
traif.parent wings, which are impregnated with a secret composition,
Wliile lhe planes are not entirely Invisible, they make difficult targets, OS
they always appear to be flying much
higher Hum they really are.
Aeroplanes were used I'or ambul
nnee work for the llrsl time on record
during the retreat from Serbia by the
French military mission, Beys Henri
Barbey, a war correspondent of the
Journal, The Balkan mission was at
Prisrend, There were a number of
si' I; persons. It was impossible to
carry them on stretchers, hut it was
protected   In    our  homes    an.l    out
wives und daughters   ere BBf   from
Hun ferocity, it is the oilier fellow
whom we have to thank (or I , ������
snouiii it  lie that he forfi ii   his llfi
wc ki tl I continue our daily i ocatli n
a | If our duly   ended with .��� I a
word of sympathy,    When  "I nil  wi
wake up'.'   i'ii ten you, when history
repeals li.-eif.   After this vai' Is over
|! not   before,   there then will _e -
rude awakening, but ll may then
too late.    There will  be    tl   n  oni
universal question, the -nine that
pui to every claimant for preferment
after the close of the Civil War It
the Hulled Slates,   whether   It be In
federal,  provincial or muni Ipal politics; whether It be In pri* ate life ��� ���
In public life;    whether It be on   ���������
rungs of Hm social ladder;   ���     t
It be in business or private
lion, iho one universal question  will
lie:    'What is your war recordV
"If wo ennpot do betti r than saj
in  reply;    'We helped whei
came our waj;' If when khak
Insignia Of  the Ugl'iir-: man.
ado in it without   doiti . I.
demands;   if our    oner
deliverance   In   our privai
and only what i; left  wi   g
. mplrc;  if In    this awful
give   only second    oughts a
If any, of   our   ease,    our    ��� od a   I
our wealth, and   conl Inue   to - tr
oui   an  npathel ���   Ind Sen
many frozen churl i, then
,o the question, 'Whai
record?'   w ill   consign ua to
jng dishonor,   for be       r i
thai  the bounty jump -   . ���
he  wns,    found fat
iho American p, op r
who stayed al bom,   to
thai  lie migl I  hin
lighting for biin."
Prepare for Peace
While Yet at Vv m
Prairie Country to do Sh.i-��    i Sa     ��� ���
Canada When War   t   ),���������   Says
Preparation tor I
ly ; tipi'pcedentc 1 prol
in     Ciinade nl the eoucl i
war wn i urgi d by Hon
its, minister of pu
return from the   rest to Otta
Rogers says the - mntr
ready  I'or peace,    as
did.m>t prepare f, ���
���il the action on  similar
railed States and d    lar
em ns Canada's   -" .
In pa\ ing ihe way lo be tl
gressive nation of tie- country
"I tell you,"       ���
prairie    country   :j
share In saving Cnna la
Is over,   li is helping migli
it and to sin e tho i mpin
Our boys out there are *
with great eagern   ���    and B
isiics show In ., mo ;   cr dl i
portion to populati" '      i
the right kind of la Is to nu
iers,    They  not  only   ten ���
ride und shoot, v. lib ll
valuable  in  the  veldt  war
Africa,   but  they  are  ...    .
roughing it  and  endur :���.
and generally living tli
mi necessary anywh n
"The boys out there an
fighters.   They are In this war i
ii through. Just is sure'.j as l
erners now are taking a big ���
waging the war. the wesl
big share in protecting Cana
the   financial,   Industrial  a.i   -
clal consequ mces ��ir 'h tl
Hon of war is bound to let i i
mankind.   When the ������ ar   t,
be like a Iin!" fast  , -. in ss nil
Into a granite cliff.   The v. I,
will be rushing full -p led a ���
war preparations, I ��� ������
��ii! ij a be wante I.   Unl ���   .'���
���  ��� .,...; Ion i - exercls, d then
to be .i.-i In lusl rial Iroul Ie, f
we will regret,   [t is almost   .
and �� ill b" v orldwi'l".
"Tlie -i'eni pressing qui 11 lot
In Canada Is   ow to fortlfj i
;: j bs full;  a   "  islble again I   l
fects and thai is ��� hen   o r ...
rich pri Irl     i 111   ome In,   Out
is  v here n i musl  "dig  in" I    meel
this  last charge of thi   i n, mj     We
will   have   the   pralrh      by   far   I ie
i isl tempting maguel for Immigrating pi ople in the v. orld. Th, re ��� ���'
nothing like ihetn. And there will be
n ioi of tnlgraHng. Where v 111 Hie
European immigrants go? Will they
go to foreign lands, lands '��� :. re t ej
will 'n ��� lost forever for the Allies, or
will they come over to Cans i.i v u
they will be under the British flag?
Thiii is the vital qu istion for Canada,
for the empire, fur the Hies, for civ-
111 ation, and the answer can be put
in one  word���preparation.'"
Forecast of  Smaller Wheat  Crop
The    crop reporting board of the
L'nlted Stales federal department  of
agriculture estimates  the area sown
|this fall to winter wheat as 11.3 per  __ ^^^^
cent, less llian   ibe revised estimate 'determined not to abandon "tiie
of 'ii,. area sown in Hie fall of 1014,
which is equivalent to a decrease of
4,766,000 acre.--,    the    indicated  area
sown this year being 3"j266,000 acres.
Condition on December 1 Is placed at
|-;7.7,  again.:   88.11  on   the  same  dale
last year.
Ann Egg Coincidence
At  iiie  Royal  West Sussex  1    . i '-
tal, Chichester, recently, a wo    led
soldier, seeking to make friends with
a boy Just brought in from a  n otot
accident,   asked   him  his  name,  and
nn learning it exclaimed that  it was
French still had six aeroplanes. They  the same name that  he had noticed
bad been exposed lo rain and snow on ihe Hrst egg i,c ate at the l.'ar-
for two months,   but   were   still   In  dnneiles,    The address also    proved
working order.    Col. Fournler placed  that the boy  was the actual con trior,  these aeroplanes  the    sick  men I btitor of the egg, which had been sent
v. iiose condition  was most  grave nnd   him   with   his   school's   collection   to
sent ihem by air to Scutari the Clilcbester depot. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Comox, 13, C.
Host Meals North of Naiiinino
Cholceul Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Pro]),
Letter to the Editor
J.   E-   ASTON
logger's   Shoe made lo Order.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stan I the Test.
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courteuay
Nothing   Bul   Mist   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C.   I.    I>.\I,I'V.\!!'1,K, Prop
nn Hi comber lhe I. ih   from  Sti icston,
SCOW    li.   I.J.   I,.   _'.      I.,1,1  -.ecu    oil'     Nl',.
noose Hay, December .1st.
Any information lending lo the rccov -
erv oi ihis Scow will bi  rewarded.
MAl'SIt-ill  I'TON  I'OW HI'S
i;..., Mil;
Ni '.'. Westtnilisl a- lieme 826
When  In  Doubt
Flay  Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
/ l-'ilCt' i .   llX|       i.-nce
Hi i iiniincn Is   from    I., uililljj   Musicians
���' .��� ' :   e Ulan  . to the !' icific.    (io| ies
nne furnislie I  m recpiest
'.'. I.  ,<l   will i.e   in this city   about
A| : il    I.      I.i i\e ordei ���  at ibis  oflicc,
. r writ,   iin ct in
845, 8'h  'Yvc, ',','.    -    Vancouver
Palaee Lm?y
I       ;  and   Buggies  fur   Hire  :..
Ten ins cash.
W     ilso  attend   to  wood hauling
; \S.   CAIRNS   S*   SON
'iopi ietors
.       nay Phone __
Wizard's Harness Emporium
bin" Showing ��'  Horse   Rhuiltets,   I.ar
!'n,-: . Moves, Ti links, Suit Cases, lite.
Harness Repaired Neath'
Cm ibetiant! and Courtenay
Brick,     Lath,
Doors,  inside
You cannot eat your
sake and have it
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing that the ingredients are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Calces of all descriptions made
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
I'ditor Review.
Canadian Slackers
I should ii it have wasted n second rn my lime in reply i i Johnny
Canuck's iion setisical liosh occupying 2t incliej in your last issue on
total prohibition, The advocates
of wli'cli, as the common sense
wrltei "N, II." Happy Vallev
hints, ' veil if lie do s not say so In
tlie i'xiu i word t, must lie soft in
the iei but for lhe fact of his
making the most astonishing < laiui
wliicli cannot be allow, d to pass
unchallenged, that "C ninda is lor
Cnnndians" and not foi men of my
stripe, You kit i\v, Dear lidilor,
I'm an IXntjIisllinan ol lhe John
Bull i\ pe, who calls a spnde n
spade,.und since the miserable response Johnny Oantick and Ins
broth i - luive made t" lhe bugle
call io fight for the country of their
birth as zoinpnn 'I with the ling
lisli S'l'itli ami lii'-li bred and
born, I say they liave foi fi itc 1
llieii i ighl tu claim Canada us tin ii
What have my other c il n lyiniii
to say to this? Also will Colonel
Warden kindly k'v'- 1|s the enlistment figures of the different country births of the lo.nd Battalion,
Youis truly,
VV,    ll'IKNS
Courtenay, Fub. 2:. 1916.
I'. S The l'H l census gives
Canada's population as 7,206,643,
made up: Canadian boi 11 5,619,*
939; United Kingdom 772,682;
1 Hher Countries, includitifi 303,
680 I 'llited Stales, S 14,022.
To show the patriotic feeling of
lhe I'nglishtnan. a millionaire's son
lias just gone through the ban!;
1 nptcy com 1, tn lhe great stirpi ise
of ninny lhal his dad did not help
him out of his difficulty, but "no''
said the dad if 1 do so he will in all
probability continue his old spend-
1 li 1 ift v, ays, bul now 1 have the
satisfaction of kn iwing lhat he will
ilo more good bv enlisting io try '.o
kill a fe\__o those cruel Germans
_-,. .j>.
Editor Iv. \ iew-
Sir:���-It   is   to   be   hoped  that
"Johnny  Canuck'' has a   ptrse as
long as his letter iu your issue uf fill mistake of the Secretary, being if
the t, tli in,"!., a statement long en born an Englishman he's innocent, 1
ough to alio t "below the belt" | and came to free Caliada as soon as
tactics to creep in. His mention of possible. Don't kick, Johnny,
Lords and Bishops owning brewery your country lias lrnl so 'inch
stoi'.; i i doubtless made in order to " easy money" from the wise ones
pander to the democratic senti.ieut who came out of the cast that its
supposed to be current in Canada ingraiilud.. Died-iu the-wool in-
nud opposed to ali tiles. Unless sular prejudices may be based on
Johiiny Canuck is very different ignorance and vanity but they
from his fellows, he would jump al evolve; study zoology and sec
lhe chance to become a l.ord, and The genuine Knglishinan minds his
the Canadian love of high sounding own business, and is an all round
lilies is shown iii the- ponderous good sport and gentleman, liked by
titles affected by office bearers in all. Tiie Scotsmen tolerate one
secret and friendly societies. Will type respect and honor the other,
he say under his proper name or In the meant:nie. J- Canuck, be
othetwise, wliicli of lhe Iiiigisli loyal, fall in, and " canyon " lhc|
Bi.hops own brewery stock, by the lag we all love fcr what b means.
\vn\ '. Johnny must have been Let's be an united people'
nsleep or lu would know   that thej A McTavisii
linns of Liotds no longer possesses -���**���
the pon er of veto     In ot her words I HAPPY VALLEY
H the W.,1 , I the   people   .xpr. s.-cl       _,��� ___ ..��� , ^ (   .,
through the House ol ( 01111110ns, is s���mv for slci-hiiig. bat the iwlsare too
iu favor of Prohibition, it could be h.nvv (or moonlight purtie-i.
made    law    ill   one  session.    The I    Mr. Wm. Wain has been   confined to
mind of the   English   church is in | ���������*r��0'�� wi,tU rheiunaii.,111.
s       , Mr. I.iii'khiirt luul liinnlv of   the  Kov '
favor ol temperance, I   cannot   say road moved up to Ciimber'land on Priday
ol prohibition, because that has not Mr, A. Wain lias one ol bis best cows
yet become an  issue in the   United very sick with Milk "'ever,   there   have j
Kingdom      Limit'*'1   r,r-1iihtfl-., ;,, been more of the��e cases this   lust   year
>ale of the Stock
I am disposing of the stock of Tlie Builders Supply
Company, in liquidation
at prices less  than  the  goods  can  be
imported   for   in   carload   lots
and  out,
Building* Paper,
Wire Fencing', Rope, Etc.
Nails, all sizes and kinds, three cents per pound
- i__-*__r..- -;.; sxx.���_-_* c
We are open to receive applications
for  Loans on   Improved   Farm
Property    in    the   Comox
sabel St.
Real list-lie, Insurance
Financial  Agents
teil  prohibition in
than nil Hie oilier veins thnl cows   have
certain areas  already   prevails aud j u"^ kept here to give  that  ilelightlul
those ulcus arc tii, I etter for it, fluid wc nil like, it is a good   sign,   il at
In   conclusion,   Mr.   Editor,   it the milk production of the cattle  is re-
would be well for us   all, whatever !ctt,"s���;l,!f"li"n-,
, ., ,-  1        Mr. R. Ilr1111.lt n.is none to  Nauru,no
we are advocating, to   be truthful, on B b.,sinesg trip.
getitlemany and  charitable   iu our    The removal of the Advent church is
newspaper warfare, for a  letter in-' hi the capable hands ol Mr. John Speit-
fringing these rules is it*, own dam* |eei
nation and ot no good  to the cause
it advocates. | me time
j Jihi.n iiil.l.:    Mr. John Williamson was  visiting iu
I Cumberland every daj'   last   week.   He
says things are  picking  up   very  tn.si
Miss Mary l'earse, wlio has been very
I sick with Pneumonia, is getting better n 1
button & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Culls Promptly
Phone   1 Courtenay
Editor Review.
Sin���Johnny Canuck's letter,
lu-'ll find, is like shooting dread-
naughts with a squirrel gun. As
Holmes said once, "With tlie rim
of creation for a crowbar, you
couldn't pry the idea out of their
heads that England isn't the whole
universe." The mere fact that the
Scotch and Irish run their country
is a little trifle. Canada is not
'for the Canadians." Remittance
men have bought the blooming
country many times over, logically
its theirs. Johnny will learn also
that people who express themselves
frankly, if insultingly, about the
country thats weary of them, do
not ever wish frank retorts. J.
t an iek ought to forgive tlie youth
every day sees more men employed, but
he (has not like to sec about 90 per cent
ol the fiirin produce trade controlled   by
, *>���*>	
At Cumberland several buildings
have collapsed during the past week
the Chinese theatre at Chinatown
is a mass of ruins; the two storey
building 011 Dunstnuir Ave. at one
time occupied by the Islander, and
owned by Thos. Edwards, of Vancouver, has fallen in under the
hevay weight of snow; part of the
large building owned by the Richard Short estate, occupied as pool
rooms*, has also fallen in. The
pool tables are now removed to the
Weft Cumberland hall. The Italian
Mall at West Cumberland has also
caved ir.
Mentholated White Pine and
Tar 50c per bottle
Laxative Quinine Tablets
25c per box
Cod Liver Oil and  Malt with
Wild Cherry $1
Cod Liver Oil Compound $1
Wild Cherry Cough Mixture
Notice of Intention to Apply for
Retail Liquor License
TAKl'i NOTICi; tli.it the undersigned
intends to apply to the Hoard ol
License Commissioners at their next
regular sitting to be held oil the second
Wednesday |n the mouth of March next,
lor a license to sell Intoxicating liquor
by retail under Subsection .* of Section
290, of the "Municipal Act" In that
certain store or shop situate on the
gr Hind Hour, of those certain premises,
situate on l.ot I, Map "11, Towiislle of
Courtenay, formerly known us Peocey's
Drug Store, on Mill Street, in the City
of Courtenay.
Datea ihis 15th day of  February,  A.
D .1916.
Drug Stoie
Phone 30
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay


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