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The Review May 14, 1914

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Array List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell It
I       Have You Money t_ InV-_,
j   ' . C-e U . Rvcityfl Mi    - You
J ..aw1'I .11,1. c...
!      Island   l-eaity  Co.
"���  ���   ���
��� _____��������(���,.���*���      H.KI.    .__��������     .IXMI'I
VOL. 2
NO. 25
Would You Like a Home
Fronting on the Beacli?
We have some choice 20
acre blocks at Little River
Good Land with Splendid View Facing on the Gulf
This is the best water frontage in the
district  at  $150  per acre.    If yon
wish to buy  we will meet yon on
the terms
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Team of Mares, 5 and 7 years, thoroughly sound
and reliable; Wagon and Harness; Driving Mare;
Express Wagon; ;,3 Milking Cows; 4 Pigs; also a
quantity of Rhode Island Red Chickens
. For particulars apply to
Real Estate, Auctioneers
On Easy Terms While Prices Are Low
5 Room House, on Lot and Half, $1,700
4 "      "     "   "    "     "     1,400
5 "      "     ?! Large Lot       1,300
Well situated with good view, about five minutes
walk from Post Office. Only a moderate cash
payment required and balance at $15 per month
It's Just as Easy as Paying Rent
R. fl. Allan
Real Estate Insurance
Give us your order for
Letterheads, Billheads,
Statements, Envelopes,
Wedding Stationery, Etc.
Mr. Barron left last week for
Moo.se Jaw,
Mr. Chalmers, of Denman Island.
W.l a vi-jitor tu Courteuay ovei
Miss Alice Gibbons and Kile
S vanson lefi for Ladysmith yestet-
d ij morning,
Mr. and Mrs. 11 F. Kraufe and
family left for Red Deer. Alberta,
I on Sunday's boat.
Mr. K. N. Ford, of Coombs, rep-
l resenting the Arlington Shingle Co.
j was in towu ou Monday.
Messrs. Hardy _. Biscoe conducted a very successful sale for B- F.
Krause, in the Orchard, on Saturday afternoon.
Messrs, Duncan & liir-.li, Automobile dealers have dissolved partnership, Mr. Birch will continue
the business.
Mr. Harris, of the Club Cafe,
has started to manufacture ginger
beer. 1 Ie niaki s a. first class drink
and it should meet with a ready
A few of our batchelors were
spirited bidders for household
furniture and utensils at the auction
sale on Saturday. Keep your eyes
on them girls!
The Royal Dramatic Company
pla\ed at Comox on Thursday
night last. The audience was
largely composed of Courtenay
p ople. The Comox people tumid
out in goodly numbers fur the
dance after the show,
For Sale���Rhode Island Red
eggs for hatching; new blood from
the mainland. Bruce Towler, Cumberland Road.
Wanted To Rent���5 or 10 acres
with houses, well fenced, with
option of buying. Apply, Box 6,
Review Office.
To Rent���5 roomed house with
basement, hot and cold water,
modern conveniences Apply J
R. Johnson.    Courtenay Hotel,
English trained maternity nurse
Household duties unnertaken. Miss
Sussex, residence of Mrs. McKean
iu the orchard, phone L, 72.
For  Sale���Good    farm   horse,
strong working harness and wagon
plough   aud   harrows.    Apply  to
John Johnston, L,ake Trail, Court
enay, B. C.
JS100 lots just off Lake Trsil. size
41 x 155, only ten left, all cleared
and iugrass. Terms, $20 cash and
{io per month, See Mr, Potter, at
Island Realty Co.
T, D, Hind is closing out his
Gent's Furnishings goods at 20
per cent off regular -selling prices.
Some of these lines are below
manufacturers prices.
For Sale��� Sixty-five acres in
Happy Valley, will sell 20 or 45.
Good first class soil, 500 fruit trees,
100 bearing. Good buildings.
Apply box X Review ofiice.
Young English woman, seeks
position as housekeeper, good plain
cook, uo washing. Full particulars,
wages etc., to E. A. H., Royal
Oak Farm, Sandwick, B. C.
Lessons given in Piano, Organ,
and Violin. Hold senior honours
certificate for theory of music by
the London College. A'rs. A.
Blair, opposite Review Office.
. Do you want cord wood or poles
cut with circular saw? If so call
up Grimsley & Hodgkiuson
Telephone 36, or enquire B. C.
Investments. Wood delivered ,$4
per load.
Cumberland Steam Laundry For
Sale���Buildings, boiler, engine,
and machinery and all utensils.
Good business will be sold at a
bargain. Can be seen at any time.
Price $1250.   Liberal terms.
Painting and Drawing���Lessons
are given by certified mistress, in
oil and water colours, geomatrical.
china aud brushwork. A sketching class will be started when
sufficient pupils join. For terms
and full information apply to Miss
Davey, St. John's school, The
The boys hail a baseball practice
ou Sunday last but no serious work
was attempted,
We   understand    that     Messrs,
.oggie   Bros,   will   take   over  tbe
whole of the Calhoun block,  when
While Charlie Callin was playing
with the baby last Friday evening
the youngster stuck its finger into
his eye, damaging the pupil quite
Last Thursday afternoon Dr.
Millard caught tW)fiuej| trout at
the junction, which tipped the
scales at 4 t-2 lbs. each. These
aro the finest caught around here
this season.
Messrs. lladwicke and Fiaser,
of the Royal Bank, and Bert
Whittle made a flying trip to Nanaimo on Saturday night, leaving
here at up. m. Saturday and returning at 11.30 p. 111. Sunday.
They teturned with Mr. O. H.
Fechner, Bert reports the roads in
good shape, but any ok! toad looks
good to Bert.
The effects of lift late Wm.
Styles were sold by public auction
here on Saturday afternoon,
The Glee Club have again commenced practising, Tluy are still
open for new members. This is an
institution everyone who can sing
should join and help along.
The Provincial Gazette announces
that Thomas Bickle and John
Blown have been appointed official
members of the Board of Directors
of the Cumberland and Comox District Hospital.
Mr, Robcr'son has opened a
guessing contest for the new council, and all you have to do is to
write down c 11 a slip of paper, your
choice for mayor and aldermen.
If you guess right you will get a
valuable prize.
Everitt Car For  Hire
at Duncan _ Birch (',ara,.e
Union Bay Road
Telephone 38 COURTBNAY
B. S. Fenn begs to announce that he will be
absent on business for about two months and on
his return will open a studio in a good position
in Courtenay for portraiture of the best class
H.   H.   M.   BEADNELL
Courtenay Avenue is to be shortly opened up from
the Union Bay Road to the Station. The c'teapest
and largest lots jo Courtenay, 50 x 120, face on
this street. Prices 10 be raised shortly. Now i-
the time to buy
Sea Frontage with Beautiful Sandy Beach
25 1-2 Acres, good land and most of it is easily
cleared, on Kye Bay, road to property.    Price for
14 days $135 per Acre.   Terms, 1-3 Cash, balance
in one and two years
Phone 24
Everybody to call and see our choice selection of
Small Groceries, Biscuits, Candies, Etc. Also Hams
and Bacon, Tobaccos and Cigars in large variety
All Fruits and Vegetables in Season
Nothing but the Best.   Ptices Right
Telephone 40
Local, Delivery
Is Your House Insured?
If Not, Why  Not?
Call or telephone'for rates in reliable companies
Telephone 42 ;COURTENAY
1, *__ S_W_-. W_B___-. BR
High Class 7'/.  Bonds thai arc Profit-Sharing.  _eries-$100, $500, $1000
INVBSTMBNTmiybe withdrawn att) ii'��- i(trra_ y__ ont.u<_iy_- aotlet,   Bualaeti *i b_k
i,l ihric Bond) nublUbxl _ �����__.   Semi tin ipcclal foldci (od lull p��rll_li��.
Coulo__l_n Uh Ruildlat ��� ... Torooto, I'mnli
The best and easiest way to use
'iT^S*' Eureka Harness Oi!
P    is with the Eureka Harness Oiler.
No watte.    Nothing lo get out of order.    Ask your dealer.
Winnipei Toronto St John
Viucoufii Montreal Halifax
CHILDREN Rather Nasty
TFF"TS-IIM^,,'        "Today  ni alios  twenty-live    years
i _.c, s nil .\a    8|nB0 you aml , [nxyp wori(e(i togeth-
MRS. WINSLOW'S "'' Tlu">>" BnIt' ol11 Niggard, the man
_-._.--���...._._., ___���,_...__. iifncturer. "And I havo dono well���
SOOTHING SYRUP     very  ���olL"
USED BY MILLIONS OF  MOTHERS "v,'a-  '"'SR'"  answered  Tims.  think-
FOB THREE GENERATIONS , jj* |v��[   Ulfl   ��>����_._   thirty   bob   a
".Vow, hero is a little pioscul llial
ALVER'S NERVE TONIC | will please tho wlto and Itlddles," said
Hundred   capsules by post on re- O.N., pressing a largo blue onvelopo
icelvlng two   ollars;    euro   Nervous- oil his old workman.
noss, Headaches, Neuralgia, ftlienina-     "I'm  sure, boss,  It's very  good���"
ti-in,    Sciatica.    Write,    Alvcr,  601      "Tut-tut!    Don'i montlon  ii!    ,lnsl
Sherbourne, Toronto, Ontario. cut along home, and    nol    another
��� i �� oi'd!"
THIN-* FRENCH -___DV. MMM ' -���h' .'. _C-li-' t?   ��' , '*"!'","'���_>   "nl!
TUCDABirtkl u <_iu_<__i antl crackiy,   rims raced home with
I _____!-,-AriKisv I _t Hospitals with   Lli o gift, and, amidst gi-oal excitement,
S' 6-i'_ ��� '. '_tS?_- _*_ ''"-.. "���!'. .������'to*   opened il in tli presence of his mini
_���,_,'snii p'������'\o-.nog'isi*��'>���*"���"��� jjjjj1 * grj! I'ums family, To liis amazement, out
iobosto. wmmpobprbbboobtodr.i.i clem ! fell a portrait of his old guv'nor,
u,i,''_;;__!;-uS^i.._::_!,.''.���:i;;'���'^ I    "Well, Tins," said o.X.   genially,
next morning, "how did vmi like my
little gift?"
"Ob." said Tims laconically,    "it's
just like yer!"
D  H'Oltn  ''1IIK!..- ION'  IS OH
Fetherstonliaiigh _ Co.. hoad office,
Kim; Btreol  east, Toronto, Canada.
The  Surest  Way
"My life is mado a burden by bill
"I've discovered a way of gottiu
rid of 'em thai never fails."
"For heaven's sake, put mo ivlso."
"I pay 'em, my boy."
Stop the Cough,���Coughing Is
caused by Irritation in tlie respiratory
passages and is Iho effort t" dislodge
obstructions  lhat  como from  Inflaiii
. When a mother detects from the
writhlngs and fretting of a child thai
worms aro troubling it, she can procure no beHer remedy than Miller's
Worm Powders, which aro guaranteed to totally expel worms from the
system, Thoy may cause vomiting,
but this need cause no anxiety, because it is Imi a manifestation of
their thorough work. No worms can
long exist where these Powders are
Tom's Favorite Diet
Hoar old TJnclo Podger was standing his nephew, ToUl, a din ior and a
seat   ut   tho   panli'iniue   to   celebrate
tbe last nlgM or lhe young hopefuls
Tom had made Iho mosl of liis opportunities! had struggled through the
dinner to tho bitter end and bad arrived at a stale in which the only
thing loft bim was to envy the camel
wiili   his  double  outfit    of    storngo
The waiter brought the bill, which
his undo paid with a ten-pound note.
Tom missed ihls part of the performance, aud only ivoke up as tho waiter
returned with a plateful of sovereigns
and half-crowns.
Tom was galvanized Into life:
"Uncle," he gasped, "I should like
n plate ot that as well!"
Horse Sale Distemper
Vou know thai Klutl yoll m II ��r buy ll "o ,-.s the |uIm hits
about ono chain. In liny i��� ocniw s_i.c 51 .OLE Dii-
tcmpei.. "SPOKN'S" la yuur mm ptou-eiion, >uur oit:y
safeguard, for :��s sure ui" yuu t:<..: all your i.,,.s..-. w th K
you will soon bo rid of Ibe <li-,,-,.���. n ci.- ���-. , mr. |tre-
vonllvc, no mallei' how Ihey bi-o "exposed." Al nil r,",.|
Chemists  and   Bacterlologllts,   Coshen,   In,l ,   USA.
malion oi' the miiBoous membrane. I when Congro uiunn John O. liother
Treatment with Dr. Thomas' Ificlectrlc mel, of Reading, was reminded of the
Oil will allay Iho Inflammation and in | declaration     of  an   esteemed   party
Nature Needs Aid in Making New Health
Giving Blood
In the spvtng the system needs n
tonic.   To bo healthy you must have
new   blood  Just    as    the  trees  must
havo new sap to renew tbelr vitality.   Nature demnnds it, and without
this  new  blood  you  will  feel  weak
and languid.    You may have twinges
of   rheumatism   or the sharp, stabbing pains ot ncui'lngln.   Often there
am dlsflgurlug pimples or oi'iipttoiiB
on Lhe skin,   in other case; there is:
merely a fooling ot tiredness anil  a
variable nppetlto.   Any of tliesp are
siKiis that th,' blood is out of order
���Unit the indoor life of winter has
lessened   your   vitality.    What    you
need in spring !_, r Ionic medicine lo
put you  right,  and  in  all  the  world
of  medicine    thero  is  no  tonic  can
e.ual Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Thoso
l'ills    actually    make new,  rich,  red;
blood -your greatest  need iu spring.
'I Ills new blood drives out tho seeds j
of disease    and  makes    easily tired
men, women and children bright, active  and  strong.    Mrs.  (leo,  Burns,
Albany,   P.B.I.,   writes:   "I   was   tor-1
ribly run down and so  weak that 1
could hardly drag myself around,   ll
was so nervous that i was afraid lo
walk across lhe lloor for four I would
fall.    Our   family doctor treated mel
lilt without, success and finally 1 be-:
wm taking Ur. Williams' l'ink Pills. I
Gradually  tbey  brought mo back to!
good health  lu '. now I am as well
as over 1 wns ami havo every confidence in roc'pmmonding these Pills to
other sufieiei's."
i.-i.'i,.:, ���... .��� ,    These Pills are sold  by all medi-
uticien ej   vas the tople that wns| due dealers or can be bad by mail
at f>0 coins a box or six boxes for'
52.50 front Tbo Dr. Williams' Modi-!
cine Co., lli'ockvllle, Onl.
Tubs and Pails retain the heat
of the water much longer than
the wooden or galvanized iron
tubs, are cheaper than the latter
and   will   not   rust   the  clothes
being  discussed   at  a  gabfest  in   a
nsliington club    the   other    ninht
0011300.1101100   tlio   COUgh      will     (ease.
Try   it,  and   you   will   use   no  other
preparation [or a cold.
"That's a
rrlble cough you've got,
named James.
Tho aforosi.id .lames attended a cir
ens some linn  since, where one Of the
Richard Le Oalllenne, the poet,-was
talking in New York about the hardships of a poet's lot.
Poetry is popular," he said, "but
What about your wife and children? Will they
dress well afler you are gone ? Will your children
be educated?   Have a talk to-day with an agenfof
OFFICES:���Winnipeg,   Edmonton,   Saskatoon,
Vancouver.      Agents Wanted.
"'"ris  sor;   hut   begorra"--with   al?1' Placed u  lump of sugar between
glance at the churchyard���"bad as it f "er prellj   lips, which tlio Hon took
hii; feauref! of iho show was a beau-1 there's no money in it. Have you,
tirul lion l.amer. Entering the ring, beard tho latest about the well-known|
I followed by the lion, tho fair oharm-1 poet, Pindar Cade?"
is, there's  thousands lying ovor the
wall there would be glad of it."
As Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Dispelled
Backache, Headaches
and Dizziness.
from   her  with  his  teeth.    Instantly
James sal upright and began to take
"Great  slur.I. all right," lie loudly
shout-, il to il.e performer, "but 1 can
I do It, loo!"
!    "Of course." scornfully replied the
girl, who didn't appreciate having her
I act minimized, "but do you really
I think you can'.'"
".Most  assuredly,"  was  the  prompt
rcjoinor of .lames, "jusr as well as
I lhe lion."
riqua, Ohio.���" fwoiilil lie very un
grateful if I failed to give Lydia E
Piles Cured in 6 to 1. Days
Druggists  rotund    money    If    V.\7,0
OINTMENT fails    to   euro   Itching,
Blind,   Bleeding or  Protruding  Piles,
first application gives relief.   50c,
Mrs. Oade nudged her husband in!
tlio dead  of night and whispered:     I
'."Pindar, wake up! There's bur-!
glars iu the house!'
'"Well, what of it?" said Pindar I
Oade, sleoply, 'Let them Iind out tholr j
mistake for themselves.'"
Can alwaya maka aura ol getting the highest prices fer WHIAT, OATS.
BARLBY and FLAX, Ly ehlpplng their enr lo-s to FOR', WILLIAM AND
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commleslon by
AD0RES8   700-701   V���   GRAIN   EXCHANGE,   WINNIPEQ	
Vhe   family   remedy   (or   Coughs   and   Cold*
loiall  dose.    Small bottle.    Best aline  187a
ists, I tell vou!
(iiiest Aim! the village constable,
Landlord -Worse: lie's lhe only motor ri pair man within ton miles."
Landlord Thai, feller who Just
Pin-ham's Vogeta-1 swnggored past1; Oh, that's Bill
bl. Compound the I. rmv" '.. ll0S ;l l"n'"1 Lu mityniobll-
praise it deserves,
for I havo taken it
at different times
and it always relieved   nie  when
other modioinesi This la from Australia; "Oenllomen,
failed, and when 1 \a member of this house bus taken nd-.
\| hear a woman com- vantage of my absence to (weak my
plain 1 noways rec- I nose behind my bai k, i hope thnl the
ormnendil.Lastwiu-j ne.\t time he abuses me behind my
ter I was attacked \ back like n coward he will do it. to my
face like a man, and not go skulking
Into tbo thlckel  lo assail it gentleman,
wlio Isn'l present to dofon   himself
A to'acher trying to impress on her!
children the riglitnoss of kindness to-;
ward all animals, took them for a]
walk lo bring the lesson home to i
tin in. I
Hearing a scream from little Johnny, she added:, "What's the mailer,'
"Ivo been slung by a hornet," was
ihe. tearful response, "and I'm afraid
lie hurt Ihe poor thing."
Worth Two in the Bush
"It's a shame to use such a quantity  of ospreys on tho hats.  Those
beautiful birds will soon bo extinct at
lh!s rale."
"Olj, do you think so, my dear? |
Thou you. must certainly buy mo
some quick."���Fllegendo Blatter.
Teacher  -Tommy,    car.    vou    spell
Tommy���Yes, ma'am.   F-u-r,
Teacher -That's right.    Now. Johnny, can you tell mo what fur is'.'
johnny���es,   ma'am.   I'm-   is   an
awflll  long dislilnio  lo go.
An Irishman who had conio to New
York was mel at Kllis Island by bis j
brother Mike.    The latter  undertook!
to show Pat  tbe sights ot tbe big;
city, pointing out the City Hall. Trinity  cbnroh,   and   the  tall   buildings.
At length they came lo Chinatown,    i
Pointing   to  a  Chinese    laundry,
Mike exclaimed  "Look at that s.!gn.
Pal!   Sure, an' ye never saw the like j
of tli&t In Ireland!   Can you road it?'"
"No," replied Pat; "but, begorra. It
I had me flute here I could play it.":
Ideal Silver Cream
Is a scientific pre-
poratlnu special'/
adapted for c-loan-
ing all kinds of
l'l.ATK. Minnoiw,
a purely vegetable
compound and decs
not contain tiny Injurious substances,
Aii3r*a___ polished Willi lld'l-U.
-IU a. iiilrn a beautiful bistre that will
not  tarnish.
-or salt    hy   ail
With a severe casn of organic weakness.
1 bad backache, pains in my hips ami
over my kidneys, headache, dizziness,
lassitude, had no energy, limbs ached
and I was always tired. I was hardly
able to do my housework. I had taken
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound on one otber occasion, and it had
helped me so I took it again and it has
built me up, until now I feel like a new
voman. You have my hearty consent-
to ti3e my name and testimonial in any
way and [ hope it will benefit suffering
women."���Mrs. ORPHATURNER, 431 S.
Wayne St., Piqua, Ohio.
Women who are suffering _rom thos*
distressing ills peculiar to their sex
should not doubt the ability of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to re-
���tore their health.
Struck by Lightning
.Neatly describes the celerity if.
Putnam's Painless Com and Wart Extractor. Remove., a wart, takes off 111
callous, roots out a corn without,
pain, in twenty-four hours. When
you use. Putnam's Painless Corn and
Wart Extractor, thero is no sear, no
burn, no loss of time. Satisfaction
guaranteed with every 25c bottle of
Putnam's Painless Corn and Wart Extractor,
The wrong man In the parlor scene
may lose sight of tho girl's in_Jier,
but It doesn't follow that she 1ms lost |
sight of him -if there's a convenient
Tesslo Footlights Men arc just
like bolls, anyway.
Cattle Calcium Ves; you've always got to pull I heir legs lo _c; lhe
rings out of them.
Some cheerful givers, 'tis true,
Glvo Quickly and give twice;
Bul there aro cheerful glvo--.. who
Give nothing but advice.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Dandruff.
Miss   Cntt���She  bas   :
Miss   Xipp    Ves:   bul
) is apt to wear off.
novel   com-
the  novelty
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neural
Ready  for  the   Voyage
"Arc there enough lifeboats for all
If you want s.eciial advice I the passengers?"
write to r.ytlia 13. Pinkham Med-      "No."
Jcine Co., (confidential)  Lynn, i    "Are there life preservers for every
Mass. Yonr letter will be opened. I body?"
read nnd answered by a woman
nnd held in strict confidence.
W. N   U. 996
"Well, hasn't anything been done
in  preparation  for shipwreck?"
"Well, the hand has learned to play
'Nearer. Mv Cod to Thee' in tlie
A bits of this and a U_e of thai, all d*y
__��, dulls ths appetite and weaken! lhe
P-sslors your stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a IJa-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
after each meal���andculout the "piecing .
Na-Dru-Co Dyipeptia Tableto
are ths bs:t friends tor sufferers from
Indigestion ar.d dyspepsia. SOc. a Box
(t your Druggist's. Made by thl
National  Drug and Chemloal   C_.  el
Canada, Limited.
Sign of Cold, Catarrh, or Throat
Troub'r Will Remain!
Quick relief for that headache���
just one breath through Catarrhozone
Inhaler and you feel better.
Tho soothing, pinoy vapor of Catarrhozone clears the head instantly;
Its healing balsamic funics take the
stint; out Of the noso, slop sniffles,
ease the throat, cure' Iho cough and
destroy all the vlleness of catarrh.
No other remedy treats Catarrh so I
directly, so quickly; every breath you!
draw through the inhaler carries a
marvelous lot of healing virtue���ear-'
i-lea death to the germs that cause t
Hi.   trouble.
Vou can't keep Catarrh���nor    can
you bang to ". cold, or havo any chest |
or throat trouble if you use Catarrba-
zone,    it is guaranteed to make you
"My bead used to fairly split witil
an awful pain over the eyes.
"it was always worst when uiy
catarrh was bad. I liafl the meanest
sores aud srusts inside tho nose, and
continually coughed, both day and
night. The first day's US'- of Catarrhozone made a grand improvement.
Every hour 1 felt belter. Catarrh*
ozone cured ine perfectly."
O.  P. TMN'GMA... | !
Cordova, Out.
No oue ever uses Catnrrbozon��
without, being satisfied. If your eas��
is curable, Catarrhoz me will do lb��
���.Yer!;. it is guaranteed���get the com-
pleto dollar outfit. Small size 50*
Sample trial sin   "oe __���
Was the Mm Who Rev;lutionUed
Modem Methods of Transportation
���Also Designed the Air Brake. His
Famous Invention Proving a Huge
George Westlllghouse, who died recently In .New York, aged 88, wub
one of the greatest inventors of modern limes , known all through the
world aa the Inventor of Hm Westing-
bouse air brake and ninny oilier device ami appliances whlcb have
completely revolutionized modern
methods of transportation, was born
ni Central Urldge, Schoharie county.
New York, on October 0, 1846, the
ton ot 0001 go aud -incline Wilder
Westlnghouse. His father's uncos
tors eiinio from Germany and settled
In MassachUBOttB and Vermont before
(he revolution. On his mother's side
bo came from Dutch-English stock.
Tho father of George Westlnghouse
was a mechanical engineer and an
Invenloi- of various mechanical appliances. In I860 bo removed lo
Btheuecliidy, N.Y., where bo established the Schenectady Agricultural
Works.    Young  George  received  bis
early education in tho public schools
of Central Bridge and Schenectady
and seemed to havo inherited from
his father nol. only lovo for mechanical BClence, but also Inventive ability.
Jlo spent a great deal ot his time in
bis faiher's factory nnd became thoroughly familiar with machinery and
ito mechanical principles upon which
Ihey were based. He was only fifteen
years old when he made liis first Invention, a rotary engine, which be afterwards perfected.
As a _-ourtg man ho became interested in military matters and ho became a member of tho Twelfth Regiment of tho New York National
Guard. When the Civil War began he.
enlisted and served in tlie Sixteenth
New York Cavalry from June 1863 until November, 1864, when ho became
an assistant engineer in tlie navy,
serving on the Muscota and later in
tho Potomac fleet. After the cloBe ot
the war be returned to Schenectady
and entered Onion College for a classical course.
Immediately after bis return from
tbo war young Westlnghouse took up
Ms mechanical work and studies and
!n the same year invented a device
for placing derailed railroad cars
upon the track. He remained in college only to his Sophomore year and
devoted himself entirely to his work
in the machine shop. Ho was only
twenty years of ago when he invented tbe air brake. Going to Troy one
day, a delay, caused by a collision
between two freight trains, suggested
to Mr. Westlnghouse the idea that a
brako under tbo control of the engineer might havo prevented the accident.
In his first experiments, he attempted to use -steam for working tho
brakes, but the plan was not feasible, as experience showed. An article on tho employment of compressed ah- in drilling the Mont Oenls tunnel suggested to Westlnghouse to try
compressed air Instead of steam In
evolving tbe Westlnghouse air brake
in Its original form. The first patent
on bis invention wns issued April 13,
18ii9, and in tho following year the
Westlnghouse Air Brake Company
was organized. Tho inventor found
it very difficult at lirst to introduce
Ms invention. Tho railroads liad little confidence in the possibility of
stopping a train with "wind." West-
ingliouse among other rallroatf magnates approached Commodore Van-
derbllt, but the latter broke off the
interview by saying "I have uo time
to waste with fools."
Young Westinghcusc did nol. lose
his courage, however, aud at last
succeeded in obtaining Ibo consent
of the superintendent of tlio Steuben-
\illc. division of the Panhandle railroad to test iho air brake on a train
nf ears. The trial look place In October, lSCf,, and proved a brilliant
Success. in fact, the air brakes
proved Iho means of preventing a
serious collision during the test. After lhat Mr. Westlnghouse bad no difficulty in obtaining hearings from
railroad officials, and In a few years
his air brake was introduced by the
railroads throughout the country.
Mr. Westinghouso continued to improve bis brake, aud also made other
inventions in railway signals, steam
and gas engines, steam turbines, and
electrical machinery. Ho was tho
pioneer in introducing alternating
current machinery in America, which
made possible tlie electrical transmission of water power. He established large works in the United
States, England, Prance and Germany
for tlie manufacture of air brakes and
electrical machinery, and became the
head of corporations representing a
capitalization of more than $100,000,-
000 and giving employment to moro
than 2:1,000 men. ln recognition of
his eminent services to science and
industries, foreign governments conferred decorations upon him, scientific societies made him honorary member, and Cnlon College conferred upon blm tbo honorary degree of _ h.D.
In August, 1867, he married Marguerite Krshine Walker ir. Brooklyn, who
lurvlve.s him, together with their only
ton, George Westlnghouse, jr.
Warning   Issued to Christian Women
Who Wed Hindus cr
The  stain  department     has  issued
public notice through the Canada Ga-
zetlc and through despatches to ibo
various provliclnl governments that
marriages tot ween women of British
nationality, professing the Christian
religion,  and   Moslems.   Hindu-;    and
otber persoin belonging t" countries
where polygamy or concubinage U
legal, should nm. lc nil owed unless
theso women aro llrst warned that
such marriages may. ho repudiated by
the husbands if they return to the
country ot their birth, The Influx of
Hindus in B.itisii Columbia with the
exclusion of tbelr womankind, lends
point to tlu warning.
The notice Is given through Hie repetition of u circular received from
the colonial office. Thia circular
slates iimi whilo the registrar ot marriages has no power, according to
British  biWB,  lo pervenl.  such  mixed
marriages, ere should he taken to
mako tho position char lo every woman contemplating such union, it i.i
pointed oul llllll while Iho marriage
would ho valid us Ion;; as lhe husband
remained In Canada il would not necessarily be valid if ho returned to
India or to his own Mohammedan
country. Under Iho "personal" lathe Hindu may, If bo desires, take
other wives in addition to. tho llrst
without consulting his Christian wile
In any way. The forum observed ut it
marriage under British law are not
necessarily recognized by Moham l_
dan law an giving any legal relationship and afford no protection io his
wife in a country where Mohammedan law Is observed. Where a marriage relationship is constituted
which the Mohammedan law will recognize a Mohammedan husband may
divorce his wife at will without any
legal formality beyond that ot reptid-
aling ber.
Scheme  for  International  Control  lo
Be Settled  in    ur.
Delegates from England, France,
Holland, Germany, Denmark", Sweden,
KiiBsIa and Norway will meet June IT
next lo decide the status of Spitsbergen, those Arctic islands famous for
the point of departure for many Arctic expeditions.
The congress Is due to an invitation
ot the Norwegian government made
five years ago. Tho powers which
will be represented at Chrlstlanla
next June are those which in the lirst
instance signified llieir willingness lo
accept the Norwegian invitation.
American participation Is justified ou
the ground of tho important coal mining interests in American bands.
Tlicre are also four British couv
panies engaged in the coal Industry,
which is the chief mineral exploited.
The    Germans possess an excellent
meteorological  and    wireless    tele
graph station.
The problem of policing the islands
has long been a pressing one, and
this question has naturally formed
tbe chief concern of tbo tbree Northern Powers, Norway, Sweden and
Russia, Who, by virtue ot their spe
ial interests, havo agreed to submit
to the general conference a draft con
vcntlon based upon a memorandum
by the Norwegian government. By
this agreement���if tlie original text
is confirmed at tlie preliminary meeting on June 4���Spitzbergen is to be
declared neutral territory open to all
nations and under international control. Tho administration is to be in
the hands of a commission composed
of one representative fot each c_ the
three powers. The cost of administration is to be covered by land
taxes and other taxes, which, however, are to bo subject to tho assent
of all the signatory powers. Any deficit is to be charged to al. the powers. It is proposed that the convention shall bo renewable every eigb
teen years.
A Country of Young People
Census Bulletin XVIII., just issued,
deals with lhe Ages of Iho People,
ind contains six tables In, a pamphlet
of 3-1 pages. Tho tables show lhat
tho largest proportions of young in
nd women are found in the western
provinces. Thus whilst the proportion per 1,000 of lhe population botween tlie ages ot 20-14 for all Canada ls 385, tlm figures for British
Columbia are r>33, for Alberta 468, for
-ska "hown:i 451 and for Manitoba
���117. The proportion decreases, cast-
ward until in Prince Edward Island
It is 311.   That Canada is pre-emin-
ntlv a country of young people is
evidenced by tb fact that 8111 per
sons In every 1,000 of known age are
under 45. In tbis resu": tbo large
annual Immigration is to controlling
Paris Police Begin System of Reform
Tlie Paris police have begun the
I introduction of a system of moral
reform In the public resorts of the
city. Celestln Hennion, the perfect
of police, summoned tho proprietors
of all the music and dance halls and
concert cafes to the prefecture, where
be informed them that exhibitions of
undraped performers would in future
not be tolerated. It iB understood
that this regulation will not apply to
theatres, on tho ground that what
otherwise might be regarded as indecency is counteracted by the artistic value of the production.
I Lobsters are now caught with .i
| snng consisting of a circle of hooks
' hanging under a piece of bait,
H. Hasklnt Says the Development of
the Peace River Country Within the
Short Space of Three or Four Years
Hns  Been  Enormous  and  Civilization Is Pushing Northward.
II.   llasklns,  who   visited Victoria,
B.C., recently from Pouoo Coupee, in
ihe Peace river country, gave an account of that district which Is full of
interest.    On  bis way ont to Edson
recently, be met 400 settlers' teams
going in.   Hundreds more will bo going  in  weekly  by  other routes,  via
Leaser Slave lake, and even by Pino
Pass from Fort George.
Mr. Huskies himself has estahllih-
ed a Btoro at Dawson Creek, on the
Ponce Coupee river, which runs into
tlio Peace just lo tho east ot tho dividing lino between I). C. and
Alberta. He Is iu tlio big block surveyed nml held by the Dominion government for settlors, which is being
settled up rapidly. Tho country on
both sides of Iho Poure Coupee river
is prairie to tlio extent of some 200,;
000 acres, and is already a name to
conjure with among tho intending Immigrants from tlto Edmonton side.
Tho climato of Ibis country seems
lo be delightful, both in summer and
winter, and some idea of lhe short duration of snow will be gained from
Uie fact that tho snow waa beginning
lo melt fron. the trail out even on
March 1. This year the snow did not
begin to lie ntil the middle of January. In the cummer, the big brown
mosquito Is thick on human skin and
animal hide for about a month, and
following hlni comes the season of
tbe no-see-uins, but it is by na means
general to wear mosquito bar in the
Pouce Coupee.
Agricultural We Ith
Grain and many varieties of vegetables grow In Ibo utmost profusion,
said Mr. llasklns, and there Ib nn excellent market for everything that
can bo grown. Last season, Mr,
Tromley, a settler, who lias been on
Dawson creek or the last eleven
years, grew'fifteen tons of potatoes,
and then Mr. llasklns had to bring
his supply from lower down the
Peace, at. Dunvegan. Barley, oats,
onions, wheat, turnips���to mention a
few things--all do exceedingly well,
and largo quantities o[ cereals were
grown in the Peace district last season.
The development of this new coun
try within the short space of Circe
or four years lias been enormous, and
the settler who goes In now ia by no
means leaving civilization behind
him. At. Grande Prairie and SaBka-
toon lake are a branch of tbo Bank
of Commerce, a Hour mill, sawmills
and three stores, anil another sawmill is to be established by Mr. Tromley on Dawson creek.
Another town wblcb Mr. Haskins
says is going ahead iB that of Peace
river crossing, where ranches within
one mile of tlio river ar ��� selling for
large sums, and whwe a line hotel
bas been put up.
Transportation Facilities
Three railway companies with four
lines are racing each other into the
very heart of tbis country. Tho Hun-
vegan and Edmonton line now runs
trains to the east end ot the Lesser
Slave Lake, and is surveyed to the
Big Smoky river, where it will send a
branch down to Peace lliver crossing
and another to Grande Prairie and
Dunvegan. Tho Canadian Northern
plans another lino along the north
shore of Lesser Slave Lake, and has
r'-.sbed up from the south to the Me-
Leod river on lis way to Grand Prairie, Pouce Coupee and beyond. Its
surveys havo been extended to Swan
Lake," and must run. Mr. Haskins says
up Dawson ciook, Front the west, the
Pacific Great Eastern is surveyed to
the east, from Pine Pass. All these
railways will be Into this country
three years from now. and its residents believe that huge fortunes
await the man who goes in at once.
Settlers are already proving up on
some homesteads and coming cut.
These men are ready to sell teamr,
machinery and so on, tbougb, of
course, the price in there is not
A   Great  Future
Mr. Haskins believes the country
will have a pr oat future in iis stock,
especially In pigs rattened ou the pea-
viuc which grows so thick it is hard
to force a way through it when on
Prairie chickens and rabbits
abound everywhere. Bears and moose
are numerous, and rood trapping is
done there in the winter. Coyotes
run but never seem to do any harm,
possibly owing lo the plentlfulness of
the rabbit.
Canada seems lo be fully alive lo
ihe possibilities of ibis, her newest
country. Largo stockmen from the
prairies were up looking over miles
of country last summer. Lumbermen
have their eyes upon the lino timber
belts of the bead of the Little Smoky
river and other localities, and Mr.
Haskins considers it would bo a bold
man who would prophesy the number
of peoplo that the end of (he p__ent
summer will find located on the laud
Lack   of   British   Films   in   Canadian]
Movie Shews In Cause cf Much
Several correspondents, writing
from Canada to the Daily Mail, complain of tho lack ot patriotic energy
on th',- pari of Hie British Him producers, which allows tin- Dominion to
bo Hooded with moving pictures of
Americas subjects.
One correspondent expresses    do
hope that the British army film which
shows completely the lite of Tommy
Atkins will also bo exhibited In t-o
Dominion, lie concluded hiB letter by
declaring that this would certainly
cause a more martini spirit lu Canada
as well as a strong Imperial link.
Your correspondent I.s informed today that the army film will shortly
be sent on a tour across Canada, and
will also visit Auttralla. This tour
will bo under the auspice., o tlm British war office, but tho cos'. Is being
guaranteed privately.
itogai'dlng the Hood of American
films in Canada crowding the market
from British films, severa'. London
purchasers explained thai Guy originally sold tho entire rights to New-
York exchanges, and that these rights
Included Canada, but now tlm Dominion has beccine stii-h a largo Held
that none of these contracts are being
ronewed without a revision which retains for Iho British company alone
tbo right to exhibit in Canada.
Several Loudon prodncln companies have lately been preparing special
dims for tlie Dominion. One of tin-so
was on tho plaint: of Abraham and
around Quebec. It is described as
an accurate historic account of tbo
British conquest of Canada.
Several others which havo been
laken in the Rocky Moutains with
au English company will be released
In nbout a uionlh.
"Even apart I'rom patriotic motives,
we look upon Canada as a lucrative Held, and another year should
see a score of English producers wllh
Canadian agencies," declared one of
lhe leading British directors whose
name is a big one in the moving picture world.
Famous   Winters   in   Paris
In Paris, the comparatively cold
weather with Which Europe has beon
favored during the past winter bus
led to much writing on the siilijeci
of famous winters. Tlie fifteenth century might justly ho called tho cold
century, says the Petit Journal.
'In 1-108 the registrars of tho parliament of Paris reported Unit It was
impossible to issue any of ils resolutions, because, the Ink .roue in th i
Ink bottles of Ihe clerks; every three
words they had to thaw their pens,
and this with a lire roaring in their
room. Every river in France was
frozen and not a mill could work,
Twelve years later, In 1.420, thero was
a repetition of this winter. Pood-
stuffs gave ot.t and poo:- people died
by  tens  of thousands.
"In 1422 iu less than three days the
wino and the vinegar froze in the
cellars; cocks nnd hens bad their
combs frozen; tho streets were full of
people who danced, jumped, wrestled
and ran races, anything to keep off
"In 1430 it froze for ore than two
nnd a half iponths and the snow fell
for 40 days without slopping. All lhe
birds hidden in the trunks of trees
"In 'the year of (lip groat winter,'
as 1.603 was culled, hundreds of persons died from cold; everything was
frozen hard, even tbe broad served nr
the table of Henry IV. In 17011 all
tho wheat was destroyed and a new
sowing had to be made in the spring.
Billion relates that no broad was to
be had, oven Mine, de Maintenon had
to go without it.
"In 1770 sentinels were found frozen  to  death outside  Versailles, and
the kins; put a stop to this service.'
In  Paris  great  bonfires  were  lit  In
tbe streets.    Bells wore    shivered in-i
to pieces as Ihey rang;  clocks slop-1
pod and In the cellars  wine  turned
into ice.    Hares and partridges came
into the towns and bid themselves in
tlio  nooks  nnd  corners  of    bouses,
where tbey were subsequently found
as  stiff  us  a  board  and  quite  inedible."
Parisian Publication to Bring Understanding of Conditions in
the West
Under lhe title of "La Saskatchewan; Essal do Monographle Provln-
dale Canadienue," r volume ot more
than 100 pages. Illustrated with maps
and reproductions of photographs of
Saskatchewan scene's, has been published in Paris, France, by Louis Gil-
bert, for the purpose of bringing to
the French people accurate knowledge of conditions in Saskatchewan.
The book has been published at tbe
offices of "La Canadlenne," a periodical which is devoted to tlie enlightenment of the French public upon
Canadian affairs.
Information relative to the agricultural resources ot Saskatchewan, to
the wealth of the northern portion of
the province in lumber, is contained
in the volume, and all reliable .recent
statistics. Every phase of the business and social life ot the province
Is dealt with. The handbook contains
j a number of views of Saskatoon and
, other Saskatchewan cities.
i In the preface, M. Gilbert, states
.that the greater part of the Information to be found In the volume has
I been furni'-hed hy T. Cronilo, the provincial stiilisti-iiin, and ho expresses
high appreciation of assistance which
' Mr. Cromie has given.
THRY    H c/E    SOME    VERY   C.OGB
Father   Morice,   Celebrated   Scientist^
and  Special   Professor   In   Anthrop-
ogy io th: University of Saskatchewan,    Gives    Some    Interesting Information    bout Strang'   People,
Father Mor ce. the celebrated .-.eien-
list nnd  special  profi IBOr  !U  anthropology to tho University of Saskatchewan, delivered the secoud of a series
of lectures on  ihe  native races   f
America    recently    iu    Convocation
llllll.    Th ��� lecture was about the _s-
klmoi, tlie second lowest race in ihe
social scale of Aborigines.
The Esquimaux are a moal unique
nation, an Ar.llc tribe entirely different from ither peoples. Their territory ia about 5,000 miles in length ex-
teiiding from Mt. Ellas to Greenland.
They call themselves, not Esquimaux,
which slgn'.fles, "Eaters of UaW
Meat," but "Innlni:" meaning men.
in common with other primitive peoples they believe that in them is incarnated the very essence of humanity.
In winter .be ice-hut ot this wonderful race may bo found as far north
ns ninety irgrees. On account of
their unique position they like wbat
the white race abhors and vice versa.
ln New Vork with tlio temperature
bdow zero r.n Esquimau girl remarked that she felt rther warm aud was
glad that sho had left iu tho north
her usual fur garments.
The similarity in language of such
a primitive people scattered so -. id*
ly Is remarkable The riming "mult"
which moans the same as Man" ia
Saskatonlan is universal with them.
Where They Are Found
There are three great divisions of
tlie racojtlie west shore of Greenland,
: jpulntion 10,906, and Labrador, 13,-
:".i8, Ihe Alents 0,000 and the Cits 1,-
2ti0, living both In Asia and America.
Iu account of reuinritable difference*
in physical characteristics many
scientists consider them aa not Indians. Their color is brown, feature*
large and Mongolian, with small eyes
and In poring bowl-taped skull.
in habits tbe Esquimau is very playful, honest in ills own tribe, but. an
inveterate thief with strangers. It la
no shame to.- him to steal provided
he isn't discovered.
An interesting description illustrated by tbe Esquimau drawing
was given of the prevailing styles of
dress, The onl\ distinguishing feature between the sexe:.' apparel i;
that the women's garments arc adorned with a long fur tail behind. Her
hair Is rather elaborately dressed
ami tattoo marks about mouth and
eyes accentuate her natural beauty.
How They Live
The Esquimau's means of existence
is hunting, mostly seal, whlcb is tl A
chief economic factor, yielding garments, food and combustibles for light
and cooking. Tbe ingenious method*
of baiting lhe wily animal were explained.
Tho k.ak cr Indian canoe, tlm sum-
i -er essential of tlie Esquimau hunter, is a most, peculiar little craft absolutely unsinkable. In the larg*
bints the .social order is clearly defined, first tbe man who acts as
steersman, the stranger, thu dogs and
finally the women who ply the oars.
The Esquimau, Judges Father Morice,
here shows Limself above tho I_dlan
in liis use of oars and also of sails.
Also bis sleiRh used in winter is superior, bnvl_g runners, n.id his .nan-
ner of hitching the dogs quite different from the ordinary Indian file. A
most interesting, illustrated description was given of tlie Esquimau snow
huls or igloos. The central or living
room is guarded from the elements
by a series or entrances. The peculiar
elevated beds in the northern home
are heated by lamps of soapstoue containing for fuel, blubber with wicks
of moss. A .vl ito \ isitor at first could
hardly bear the cold, but. finally be-
c.iius most uncomfortably warm. Ile
was rather amazed fo find that the
Esquimau manner of adjusting body
temperature was to remove the clothing completely, ibis primitive c istom
not being hampered by any sense of
Contempt for Indian
'.he Esquimau is by nature artistic
and in bone carving far above the
Indian. !Ie considers other people as
brothers, white or brown, but the Indian lie holds in contempt and designates as the offspring of his vermin.
Tho reverend father concluded a
very entertair.ng lecture with a story
of a meeting in 1850 ou the Mackenzie river of a small party of Whit*
men, a bunch of Esquimaux with arrows and fourteen Indians or Children of Lice, armef. with guns. In.
fluenced by the whites those two savage bodies engaged in trade Afterwards the Esquimaux landed an_
wore entertained at a dance. Being
men only of course, the Father said,
ihey did not tango. While tho Whites
were warming themselves at a nearby camp-fire tho treacherous Red-
skina literally massacred the trusting
Esquimaux. Today, however, conditions have greatly Improved.���Saskatoon Star.
Berlin Is said to bo the quietest city,
in Europe, If not tho world. All un*
necessary  noises are prohibited. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1869
Capital Paid Op $11,560,000       Reserve ami Undivided Profits $13,000,000
Payable In all parts of tlie world
Special attention given to Savings Department and Transactions of Ordinary Banking Business by mall
���    D.  M. MORRISON,   .Mgr.
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly  Newspaper,  Published  at
Courtenay, Ik C.
N. II. BonBN, Editor and Proprietor
Bubicr'ption 81,80 per Year in Advance
THURSDAY, MAY 14, 1914
It is announced that Prince Alexander of Teck has accepted the
post of Canada's next Governor
General. Both lie and the Princess
are very popular in England, and
will doubtless be highly respected
Sir Thomas Shaughuessey hns
just been across the continent on a
business trip, He says the whole
country is on the way to recovery
from therecent financial stringency,
but iimi there will be uo general
recovery of conditions until the
General Store
 -*-. _r> ��� ������ .
For Choice
Family Groceries
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods
Ore   Price   to  All
An attempt was made lo induce
the boys of the public school to
grow a patch of potatoes, one-tenth
of an acre, the first prize to be a
Jersey Heifer. Six boys were required, but only one or two volunteered. This is to lie regretted, as
this is a farming district. It either
shows that the rising generation of
boys are lazy, or take no interest
in farm work. Too many boys
and young men are leaving the i
farms for city life. Far ning is the |
oldest and most honourable of callings, and is the surest way of commanding a competency for old age.
The steamer I'ingal came into
port on Tuesday night with a full
cargo of boxes and cans for the
condensory. While coming up
the river she broke her propellor
shaft aud lost the propellor and
rudder, and damaged the shoe.
Altogether about J6oo damages
were done to the boat, The captain says this is the last straw, and
that they will not accept any more
cargoes for this port until the river
is cleared of the sunken logs and
boulders, and the markings put
back into the channel, The dredging committee of the Board of
Trade has notified Mr. Clements,
the member, by wire, of the facts
of the case. .
for our pains, We also advocated
the holding of au Arbor Day at the
Public School grounds, and no
notice of it was taken until now,
the Board of Trade sees the wisdom
of our remarks, and has asked us
to again take up the matter. Here
are a few don'ts.
Do not allow rubbish to accumulate.
Do not throw  anything on the
sidewalks or streets.
Do not let piles of ashes or trash
remain in back yards.
Do not mark or deface sidewalks
fences, buildings or public property.
Plant grass and flower seeds.
Apply paint to fences, sheds and
Clean up time is here.    Get busy!
And when your place is brigiened
up, keep it so.
-t ��� ���
Brighten up Courtenay
Many times during ths past year
have we called attention to the
disgraceful and unsanitary accumulation of rubbish and tin cans that
adorn th^ sides of the strtets and
back yards.    Wc were laughed  at
Boy Killed, T_ r :e are
Injured by Explosion
Vancouver, May q:��� David
Mayne, nine years old. who lived
with his parents at Sixty fifth
I avenue and Ontario itreet, South
Vancouver, was instantly killed
about 7 o'clock last evening when
he exploded a dynamite fulminating cap by striking it with a
stone. His young brother, Alexander Mayne, four and a half years
old, was injured, and two little
girls, Beatrice and p'lore.ice Milsted
aged 7 and 3 years respectively,
were also injuted but not so sev_rly.
with its snow clad mountains in tbe back ground, sea ami green fields in
tbe foreground, it makes a picture worth painting
We do not sell to Asiatics
We asked you  some months  ago to  watch it grow,
which is now an assured fact.    We bave only
A   Few   Waterfrontage   Lots
unsold, so if you waul to spend a good time with
your fa rily this coming summer boating, bathing
and fishing, do not delay seeing us. The youngsters
do nothing but talk about Roy's Beach from the
time tbey leave until tbey get back Ring up 36
British Columbia Investments Ltd.
l.Hilirs and Misses House Dresses, Cliiltl-
u'lis Dresses nml pi nn fores, ladies lawn
nud fancy muslin blouses. Tailored sliiit
waists in linen nnd silk. Special value
in Indies summer uudereests nnd combinations, from 25c to $1*25
Iuvlctlta shoes for women iu gun uicliil.
pali nl and Vlci kid, iu llu- newest foot
iorin styles, (innn Quality American
Shoes iu plain ami undressed kid, m
tllack, Brown and While, wllh the new
receding toe. Speciul value in children s
school shoes, Novelties iu children's
footwear. I.adies, Misses and Children's
patent and tail slippers anil pomps
Ladies    and    Cent's   tennis   shoes   in
laced and Oxfi rds
Andersons famous Zephyr Ginghams iu
small ami large black and white checks
mil plaids, also self coloured and fancies
ul 7 yds, for _ .011
Japanese cotton crepe cloth ill all shades
at 25c per yard
Plain and fancy Crepes at 20c per yd.
Dimities, Piques,   Bedford cords, Vest-
lngs,jf_wns, Organdies and fancy muslins
at popular prices
Special value this week in Pongee Silks
Extra wide widths 50c to $1. per yd.
Heavy cord coating pongee ^T..50 per yd.
Pongee Shirt  Waists, Pongee shirts  in
white, champagne anil natural
I,adies Satin Underskirts in Tango, Pink
Canary, Purple and Cerise at $2,511 each
Boys Wash Suits and Blouses and Shirt
Boys Seperate pants in blue and   white
stripe and plain white duck
Boys Cashmere  sweaters,   buttoned on
shoulder, in nvle, white, slate, maroon,
navy and combination colours
Boys and Youths Balbriggan underwear
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Boys White Duck striped linen and crash
wasli hats, also lines i.i straws and felts
Boys Sneakers in all sizes iu navy, white,
tan and black. Also a fine line of little
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Trunks and Suit Cases. A shipment of
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Mens Conger silk shirts in natural, white
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length drawers, in natural and white,
50c a garment; also summer weight in
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Mens   Combinations,   porous,   with   or
without sleeves, knee and ankle length;
also   the   popular   B.   V.   I),   garment
at J1.50 per suit
Mens fine cashmere Sweaters in combination    colors,    buttoned     in     front
$2.50 and $3.00
Mens   Straw   Hats  in   all  shapes   and
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patent,   lace  and   button,   in  Balmoral
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Mens light weight Pyjamas, best quality;
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Gents Linen Auto Dusters, double breasted with Pearl button trimmings, heavy
large  pateb pockets, with  elastic wrist
baud in sleeve, #5.00 each
Every shirt bearing this brand is guaranteed to be fast colors, made iu self
colors and stripes in Cambric, Percale
and Zephyr, with attached and detachable
collars and reversible cuffs
If so do conic to ns In fort
selecting your Now Summer Suit. We can sbow
you 400 samples of the
Newest Materials for Summer Suits
Loggie Bros.       Phone 34
The  Corner  Store,  Sandwick
First Class Groceries, Boot-, Shoes,
Dry Goods, Hardware, Etc.
As in the past year we are always ready to attend
promptly to your order whether it be small or large
Call and see us or ring up
Telephone   4
Parkin Bros.
LaForest & Fortune
General Blacksmiths
COMOX       -       B. C.
Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Engines and Pumping Outfits
Horseshoeing and  Boat  Irons
a Specialty
Try o ir Excelsior Hoof
A Budget Forecast
For Courtenay City
Courteuay at the  present  time,   pays
Property Taxes about $31000.    In Trade
Licenses   $680,   Saloon   Licenses   $250.
Total, $1030 a  year.   The  Government'
spends about $25011 a year on roads etc.
If we assume that the assessment of
the city will be $700,000, while itisquite
a reasonable figure and not in excess of
what a Government will use for the next'
assessment, a ten mill assessment will
give US $7,000 a year. Ill addition to
this we shall have a large reserve from
the trade and other licenses, a source of
income not usually remembered. It
will be as well to take us an example the
Municipality of Duncans. Duncans is a
flourishing and financially sound municipality. They pay a total tax rate of 16
mills. 9 mills of this is for interest on
money borrowed for improvements,
sewers, roads and tbe like. We may
mention in passing thaqDiincans realizes
n profit o f $3,600 a year from the
municipal water and light over and
above all interest and working expenses.
Real Estate at 10 6   $ 60 00
Auctioneers at 21) 2       40 00
Hankers at 3oo 2     600 00
Livery Stable at 2(1 0       40 00
Express and Telephone at 25.2       50 00
Garage at 12 3       45 00
Retail Liquor License at 450. .2     900 00
Laundries at 10 4      40 00
Moving Pict'ure at 25 1       25 00
Pool Rooms at 10 a table 9       90 00
Bartenders at 5 in the year 5       25 00
Teams for hire nt  5 4       20 00
Retail Traders at 25 25     375 00
Dogs at 2 and 4      350 00
Other trade occupations at 10, 30     300 00
Contractors at 2,5 6     150 00
Agents selling goods fot outside
firmsat 20 5     100 00
Road Taxes on all who  do not
pay propertv taxes, transient
wo'rkers etc', at J2  150     300 00
Fines for the court     1000 00
1.11 he higher. fhe contractor's license
ihould be raised to 50 dollars at leant. This
.-iiilil keep ont interloping firms who come
into the town for single jobs and as often tin
not get out again leaving their debts behind
Police     -,000 00
Magistrate at 25     300 00
city Clerk     600 00
Rental of Hall, Etc     200 00
Auditing     100 00
Legal Expenses     250 00
Schools, _ teachers at 960 I 1920,
less govt, |grant  at 465 ' 930, 1000 00
 13,450 00
Property 'Tax t_7,ooo oo
Licenses, etc    3,ooo oo
lo.oon oo
Expense Items     3.4.5o oo
6,55o oo
This leaves  86,550 to  be expended in
These figures have been put together with
cure and give a hold but unprejudiced summary of our probable city budget, They
bIiow that after all we sliant be in such a terrible fix when wo are incorporated.
This week's B. C, Gazette contains the official notice of the incorporation of the
"Courtenay Electric Light Heat and Power
Company Ltd." with a capital of 8"i0.000.
Who and what h this Company ? Wherever
the carcas is���Here's another vulture.
A Member of the Board of Trade
Don't try to eliminate the old-
fashioned virtues���many have tried
it with indifferent success- No
good substitute has yet been found
for simplicity, frankness, sobriety,
industry and sincerity.
Total .4410 00
It does not follow that the city will take
In these taxes or that they will he charged at
as liigh a rate. We can however, safely reckon on $3,0J0 from this source.    Some might
All separations of society into
secular, good and bad, saved
and lost, learned and illiterate,
rich and poor, are illusions which
mark certain periods in the evolution of society. /?'���
E  001 -  RJ;.
If for any reason the machine ionics to asu Iden stop, examine
the ball beatings, all the stop cocks, tliejpistoi' rod, the fly
wheel, the eccentrics, uud when, if you don't find the trouble
examine the lisence which snys yott are competent to run your
machine. This may .lot start you up, but it will be some
comfort to know that the trouble is not with yon.
Builder of Launches and How Boats, Oars and Paddles Made
to Order, Accessories for Motor Boats. District agent lor
Fetro and boss Engines. Patronize Home Industry.
Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway Lands
Every conveyance from the Esquimalt & Nanaimo
Railway Company, not already registered, should
be lodged in the Land Registry Office before May
31st, next, pursuant to the Land Registry Act
Amendment Act 1914.
Land Agent
���   , : .11.1 i
li. ... 0
i bur ...,, e g, ,,v tl        ipli
of VV. J. Carroll, ���, T, bubar, Jas
Aslou, D. Kilpatrick, and  A.   V
Montague >si'iV y.   Thai the Boan
Is making its iufluence felt,  wa
shown by a letter received on Friday from Mi. Clements, in  whiel
lhe states that lie is strough recom
mending an appropriation of $33000
for   the   dredging   of   Courteuay
1 River, and thai work will commence
as soon as lie is assured ol the pas
sage, of the bill,
The telephone committee was instructed lo uot only try to secure
a reduction in lhe tolls to Cumber-
laud, but to also have the three
mile limit extended to five miles,
within which phones are installed
at t'ue minimum rate.
The delegation that was sent to
Victoria to attend tin bearing, re
incorporation, before the Lieut. Go\
'in Council, reported that from tilt
statement made by Sir Richard
II McBride, there is every reason lo
believe that incorporation will be
granted. It: is understood that 1
commissioner will be sent up u
look into a few minor details,
Owing to the vacancies caused
by the death ui' Mr, Jas. -brams.
tlie Board recommended the appointment of Mr Chas Callin for
Stipendiary .Magistrate, and Dr,
Crompton for Coroner. Tlie Hoard
of Trade realizes that the prosperity
of Courtenay depends on the prosperity of Comox Valley as a whole
and is anxious to aid in efforts to
benefit any part ol the District. It
is hoped that many of the farmers
of tlie Valley will join the Hoard
and give their advice and suppori
in promoting tlie general interests
of 1 he communtiy.
Uncle Sam is advertising for
woman to patch battle-flags at ��3
a day���and only pays $15 a month
to the men who carry them,
__ _��^a__U_____9_ '__��_-*��_*��
er for sale
rE have to
the property as outline
in the accompanping cut, at
oiiowmg prices:
,ot   1,
u    2,
"    3,
"   4,
""   5,
"   6,
(l            ly
vative picnic last sumtnei and Irid
the Kin.' iv. i" tell one of hi > sup
porters that mj published . e
meuts iver< false, lie said also
that iie would be ph ased to answer
any questions. Ten qu stions were
sent to him; bul he h is 11 il uiisv. ,
ed them yet. He however sen! a
letter dated 11 tli September i>'i.;
from which the following ;s taken:
Mr. Muir hasljeen answered repetit-
cdly during the past few years, but
ING PACTS, liis own letters
have been answered through the
Press, on the platform and on the
lloor of the House. He makes out
1 ease where apparently there is
favor shown in the distribution of
the different medals. The inednis
are distributed TO THE TOWN
RESULT IN THE EXAMINATIONS: for instance, ii Euderby
unl Trail send up the same number
of pupils-say 20--foi the entrance
xaminatioi   and Euderby    ere lo
Terms not less than 25/ Cash, balance in
three equal annual payments bearing
interest at 7% per annum
Apply to
Pemberton Building
Sole Agents (or the Synod
pass 17 out of the  20, and  Trail
lily 11   out of   the 20,   then   Uie
ledal is awarded to Euderby and
to the pupil in Euderby who had
he hi fhesl number ol marks.    Al-
hough there might be a pupil at
Trail having more mark., than the
highest pupil .11 Euderby, yet the
lighesl pupil  al  Euderby gets  il
because the number of passes at
inderby was higher than the number in   Trail;   in other   words,  we
not nnlv encourage the pupils  by
offering the medals but we make it
au object to the teachers  in  any
particulai .-(. In ol to try  to secure
the greatest numbci of passes.
Mr. Muir picks out two pupils,
me from Euderby and one from
Trail and says thai we are unfair
because, on ih_ lace ol it, the one
who nets the medal had uot as
many marks as the one who did
not. 'This has beeu explained so
often that it lias got to be an old
story. Mr. Muir understands it
In tlie Public Schools report for
the only year a medal was given to
Trail, you will find that only ONE
pupil passed tlie examination at
Ti ail, whilst SIX passed at EndeD
by. Vou will also find from the
report of the results of the examine
ation that Enderby's best pupil
with 842 marks headed the Province
whilst Trail's best and only pupil
with 6.54 marks ranked 4Sth
These facts prove according to \
the Ministers own statements given I
above that the distribution was I
UNFAIR and that the MINISTER
not I, because Euderby had both i
the best scholar aud the greater \
number of passes, yet the medal
was given to Trail.
Yours truly,      I
1. N. Muir.
nm rous people who
have the Government keep
,'.,. ithevery-
b "i. .�� .'.. a h is written a
letter to a Toro.i 0 p^per complaining of the "high cost of dying."
n ting the (roveruraent to invest!-
it' the und* rt ikin , business,
This mau objects to p 1. n : the
sura of  St7s   foi   0   coffiin,   four
n; iages, and the usual attention
attendant to inch 00 asious. This
mm is [rank enough 11 state that
b ��� "planted," as he expresses i_
the sum of -m;.- not loi the love
of the departed, but In ie.ir of
criticism In other words the
neighbours would talk it he did
not buy as good a looking coffin
and have as much fuss aud as
njanv feat.iers as was customary,
aud now forsooth .11 he ii id 11 it I ie
e lUTage ol hiseoii.ieti.Dii. he wants
the Government to step in aud
iuvesiigate the undertakers, The
body of the late h I ward Blake is
said to liav.- been, at his own
request, piaced in a lain box,
Which was loaded on to au express
wagon and hauled to the grave.
Teunys 1. is also said to have requested that no hearse be used, an I
while he was buried at Westminster
Abbey, his body was carried tber
ii. a plain cart. Hut it t ike- bi
men to break away fr m pctt\
formalities and foolish conceits
It is not legislature we require, but
more common sense.
I. 11. I', We till know well
Wli it these t iv    '  "       ��� via.
P, I'. C. They in lie
Tint nn in ire we'll be s_< a
K. S. V. P. liricflj usk
Thai ii reply be sent ���   ,
.. ().   .. Uie uierehanl ��� use
To safi'K'uat'il their inti nt.
I If,   |ll:.L  11   lul '   U till
Means lie 1.1:1 in
Dr. just behind a n line
Means he owes all I,
I). I), tells in letters I irge
That he knows divine law;
I). 1). also lets us know
Tli.it he 11 tooth can draw,
j A, -I. means master ol art
I    Or the sun's (naming trail.
P. M. means the afternoon
And our who handles moil.
X means sometimes a crossroad
Or values out ol sight.
Oft to the world it proclaims
His name he cannot write.
P. S, menus I've more to write,
Ou this all W'Hii.'ii .lute.
_, 11. m ;ius remember well
A .out tli.it which I wrote.
Though ii oc slang, 25
Means get out, skip, skidoo,
And following its advice,
That's what I now will do.
���Birmingham Age-Herald.
-��*��>. _~
Col. Hughes Son Gets Plum
Ottawa, May i:���It is learned
hire that Vancouver Island has
been assigned a second district
engineer. The order gives the
position to the son of tlie minister
of militia. J. F. Mac .achlan formerly had all tlie works ou the
Island to look after. He has just
been assigned Victoria harbcr work
and Garnet 1). Hughes has been
made resident engineer, and given
all other works on Vancouver Island.
Charles VV. Post, the millionaire
manufacturer of Breakfast Foods
c immitted suicide at Santa Barbara,
Cab, last Friday, by placing the
muzzle of a rille in his mouth and
kicking the trigger, tlie top of his
head was blown off. Personally.
Post was a curious character. Vears
ago he was a cook and after discovering tlie toasting process which
made liis name well known lie
started in business i. an exceedingly small way- His wife use!
fo peddle the toasties from door to
dooi in their home city. Wealth
brought him new associations and
hedivorced his wife, but even during the last few years he did not
seem to forget her- He recently
purchased a high-powered French
automobile and was so pleased with
his toy that he immediately purchased a second one and sent it io
his former wife whom he had not
seen for several years.
Subscriptions Payable ig Advance
One Year $1.50
Six Months   1,00
Three Months.  0.50
One Yeah $2,00
Editor Review,
Enclosed please find subscription
for The Review for	
Cut out uiul mail today, wiih iininiiiit of subscription enclosed
FIS Honour the Lieutenant-Govenor in Council
has been pleased to appoint Herbert E. A.
Robertson, Barrister-at-Law of the City of Vancouver, to be a Commissioner under the " Public Inquiries Act," to inquire into all matters in connection with the proposed incorporation of Courtenay.
The  Commission  will hold  its first  sitting  at  the
Court House, Courtenay, Tuesday, May 19
at ten o'clock in the forenoon, of which all persons
interested are hereby to take notice and govern
themselves accordingly. Dated May the 9th, 1914
carqii_:'______w___._________  11���h_��� i_11_i��� ������_��� ��� in imi ii i iiiimmi ia���I���_��� . t ..
Comes with the months of spring and nl Plimley's
ever thing is ready for the eye-list and the ; lotorist.
The I9I4 "Indian" Motorcycle, the 1 ,;.| "Overland"
Cars and the New Cycle Moclejs by lhe world's
lending makers all await your choice. Scud for nee
catalogue todaj
73 0
THflQ   PITMI'-fY I727-735
lflUO.   iLl ______ 1     JOHNSON
- iDNEY,  B.C.
For Sale Cheap
3 Second Hand Marine Engines.  Also some uaed motor
hull, row boats, skiffs, etc.
Batteries  anil  Murine
Supplies kepi in stock
Courtenay   Marine
Com.-ruction Co.
. II ng New Zealand butter, con
tabling _.��,. per cent u-ti ir, aud this
.uiul ���! water i: li 1. ��� hificquent
occurrence. The Government an.
alyst a: Victoria, ii ids thai 0111 lo-
��� il  lm'i.i   contains   12 per c ml
. moisture, and tli.it Kt --ei.il samples
of imported butter were high in
������������ ter (ontent, In .ill justice to
New Zealaud pi iducers, their
butter is practically always within
the legal limit ul' 15 per cent,   but
; large quantities i.l'u n ichlug thi-.
coast, are put througli a process of
renovating, and the t/ati r content
greatly increased,
Sm.'h this is a mallei   of   great
' interest to the thrifty hous wife,
who may believe thai it is.. saving
of money, when purchasing import
��� .i buttei for a few cents less pei.
lb,, whereas our local product is
really cheaper. There is more
butler and less waler. There are
cheaper ways of buying water than
purchasing it with and in the place
PORT   AUGUSTA   HOTEL �� o..M-_.i creamery supplies  a
Comox,  B, C. pure product containing no preserv-
First-class   Accommodation,   Best a,1-V_  ��/   culori"��   matter.   bei"S
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars Icbleflv lnmi ���k,,'-SL'y covv
Wi     Kii   George was driviug DR. J. E.  MOl.TGOMERY
through G-ii   ri Igi in �� in itoi cm
, one daj   1 isl   vv   i.    .1  suffragette
1    aj prod ;    ' ititoai .'���:,'.     an I
, ,. , suite con   hurled a missile at  His  Majesty.
tent   0    i.ui.r,   we thought  tlie | Attached to the missile was a de-
uuittei   il     iflicieut publi    interest .maud for Votes lor women.    The
to   justify   sum-    [nice   in   youi   King escaped  injury,   the  missile
I   per,    A firm in Vain   nvcr  wns striking the chaffeur
fined $500, n  short    i ic ago  fori ______..
Telephone M 92    COMOX, B, C,
Clothes   Cle
R.   McCuish, Prop.
Cumberland Hotel
Gootl Accomodation       Ctisine lixcelli
Wm. Merryfield
] Willard'8 Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   l,.-ip
"i��\es, Trunks, Suit Cases, Ivtc.
II.11 in
Repaired Neatly
C. L. i iiaesiey, ��"*
~-S'        Iw. W. WILLARD
Yours very truly
Per. R. U. Hurford,
-   - - _.   ���    __.    ��� *_- ���
Messrs. A. Hoff, Campbell and
Mclvor left by the Sunday boat on
a trio 11 Vancouver.
I berj to notify the
public that I have
opened a Clothes
Cleaning and Pressing Emporium in the
Per./. Block, Isabel
Street. First Class
work guaranteed at
reasonable   prices
Plastering Contractor
Sstlumtes Furnished   Work Guaranteed
Cll    I--,
j Iii North and South, in East
and West,
Aston'sH_ ndmadeShoea will
stan 1 the Test.
)���   v:   ASTON
Potter's Pool Room
J. POTTER, Proprietor
Perfect  Hearing  For  The
Come nnd you will sir tlu- simplest and
smallest device in the world, Use it
mul yon will feel delighted that you
have tin' most woMin.i.'ri, piece of
mechanism yel devised for suffering
Come and let us  PRovn  to you that we
have conquered your afliii'tion
Coin; anv tlmi; ami I wiu, snow VOU
the littk- Gem liar Phone, tlie latest
patented hearing device. You will lir
grateful  and  so  pleased  witli it.    You
Hat supplied with ilu- flneBl brands ot
bltjuors and Cigars
JOS. WAI.Kl.K       .       .       Proprietor
last Thursday.
Mrs. Mouohan returned , eau hear under all conditions iu Church,
Theatre and Geueral Conversation
Cumber land and Courtenay
Apply at
Riverside Hotel,    Courtenay
Express and
Dray Stables
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
Day or Ni^ht
Oscar W. Davis
Contractor and Builder
Plans   and   Estimates Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courteuay
Builder Ik Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
!Box 124      Courtenay
A picnic was arranged to Wolfs The   auto    iii.ssa.i.   stops  head
I,like hist Sunday aud all those who j    noises and is n sure cure fur deafness
went found it very enjoyable;    The
party left Headquarters early Sunday   morning   and  reached   their
destination without  misadventure. MRS. JOHN NcDONALD
Some of the party started  fishing,  On the Dyke COURTKNAY
and many large fish  were caught,
bv out; who was not  from  11,   Q, j
Much heroism was displayed in the i
rescue of a lady's  bracelet,   which
fell into the dam and was triumph-,
autly restored to her.    There  was '
a gooc deal of diffidence on the part ;
oi the bac elois when  it  came   to
removing their boots.    They seem- ,
ed to prefer to get them wet rather
than  to  expose  tae  condition   of
tlieir own sox,
There is to be  a dance at  Mr. )
Mart's dance hall  next  Saturday, i
May 16.    There was no dance  last
, l
Mr and Mrs. Jack McGregor I
have gone on a visit to Portland, j
Oregon for two weeks.
The cement foundation of the ,
school house is being renewed.
The Most Home-]
/ike Hotel North
of Vii
Ilcst of Attention
to Guests
Kates Re
Faber  &  Faber,
Teljplione 35
Leroy S. Cokely
Dominion  and   B.  C.
Land Surveyor
Ollice iii Capt, Beadnell's ISuildiiiK
COURTENAY       -       B. C.
Of Tailoring and Gents' Furnisihing
Store in premises lately occupied
by J. Young, Photographer
Suits made to order $22.00 up
Pants made to order . .5(1 up
Overcoats made to order 17.50 up
A nice line of Gents' Furnishings, Underwear, Overshirts, Socks, Suspenders,
Overalls, IJtc. come and see the Silk
and Wool mixed Underwear, the best ill
the market
T. D. HIND - Prop.
!   Wood!
Price $4.50 per load
or cord delivered
Price  3.25  per load
in the bush
D. CUDMORE - Courtenay
Try an Ad. in The Review
Comox, H. C.
Beit Meals North of Nanianio
Choiee��t Liquors and Cigars
C A. Martin,  Prop.
Palaee Livepy
& Feed Stable
Horses and  Buggies for Hire  at
Reasonable Kates
We also attend to wood hauling
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for  Sportsmen
None but ths BEST WINES an
LIQUORS at the Bar
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls I'roniptlv
Phone 27
Phone 25 ffi?f_ffp...y:��� ^��^���,�����!l.^.^!ay_:���-^fflBaggaaHE^_::
Messrs. Higgins & Vogel Logging Co, intend opening a large
camp on Reid Island. They have
already ordered one skidder and
several donkeys, and will require
lietweeii eighty and one hundred
men in the near iuttire.
Mr, Ii. Vogel of the linn of
Higgins _ Vogel Logging Co had
a narrow escape oi starving to death
while crossing their timber limits
on Reid Island, lie lost his bearings
md wander -d around for several
days and was found by Reid Island
Mary, an Indian woman, who gave
him food and showed him the way
to his camp. He also found an excellent claim of telegraph poles
which was never discovered before.
Mr. Robert Grant has retired his
position as wood and water packer
to the cook house, and was succeeded by Mr. Kirby of the Comox
Saw mill, and we all wish him
success in his undertaking.
There was a "Linen Shower" at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Beckensell on Saturday evening, ^iven by
the many girl friends of Miss Edith
Beckensell, whose marriage to Mr.
R. Ainslie. will take place on Tuesday, May 19th at 2 p. m, at St.
Peter's church, Gomox, the Rev,
Watson of_ciat.in_
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Kins Guaranteed and Sold at the _owest Possible Price
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COURTENAY     -     and      -      CUMBERLAND SI
SIR EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O.,L_._., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Mnnuijcr JOHN AIRD. Asa. General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
BAr.ivir._i jtfi   MAIL
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the same
careful attention as Is given to all other departments of the Bank's
business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this way as
satisfactorily as hy a p_r____ visit lu the Bank. 824
W. S. LONGHURST, Acting Manager, Courtenay and Citrcx Branches
Comox branch opeu on Tuesdays, from 11 to 3
l.tsti'vin Mercury
One of tlie veterau railway men
of Western Canada died on April
35_i, nt Calgary, in the person of
G, VV. l.'olen, who wns a conductor on the Canadian 1 ncific in the
first da)9 of the road, afterwards
giiiiK to the states where he .served
as passenger conductor with the
C. St. P, M. & G for twenty five
ycais. After living for a time in
Los Angeles he returned tc Canada
two years ago and entered the
service of the Canaiiiaii Northern.
He was held in very high esteem
by the officials of the latter company
and the general superintendent
hurried to Calgary on receipt of
news of his illness. The deceased
leaves a wife, one son and one
daughter. The interment took
place at Duluth.
Snobhery In Parliament
(Toronto Star.)
There is a good deal of snobbery
in all this talk about Mr. Asqtiilh's
"motley following." Those wl O
use the phrase have, back in their
minds or hearls a certain cotlt tli| t
for the representatives of the laboring classes; a certain feeling that
they are not as good as the representatives of the capitalist and professional classes; or a certain feeling
that an Irish member is not quite
as good as an English member. No
SUCb objection can hold gco'.
Every elected member has a rigl t
to his place, and any group ot
members has a right to combine in
order to carry out a common programme of legislation,
����� *-
Progres* at the Depot
Work at the depot is proceeding
satisfactorily, and Contractor
Shields expects to have all the
buildings completed by the 15th of
June. Some delay has been caused
owing to the high tides in the
river preventing them from getting
gravel, but a temporary bridge has
now been built across the river and
all the gravel requited can be got
at any state of the tide, about 250
more loads are required for the
foundation of the 90x42 engine
house. The freight shed is a large
building 100 x 4o and the passenger depot 82 x 31, both are large
enough to handle a large amount
of traffic and are built in the usual
stvle, similar to the thousands of
other C. P, R. depots through the
Dominion. The daily train service will commence July 15 certain.
William J.
Passed Away
Toronto Unionists
Parade With Bands
Toronto, May 9.��� With twelve
bands blaring out " Boy ne Water"
and "Protestant Boys" 15,000
Toionto Unionists marched through
the city to-day to protest against
the imposition of Home Rule upon
Ulster and to prove to Premier As-
qtiith that there are men over-seas
who want to see a compromise
which will leave Ulster out.
Victoria, J May 9���W. J. Sutton,
of this city, geologist for the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir,) Ltd,,
dropped dead from apoplexy at
Uclulut, west coast of Vancouver
Island, today. The deceased was
a native of Kincardine, Out., aged
55 years, and was educated at
Trinity Collegiate school Cornell;
Columbia school of mines. New
York, and Michigan College of
Mines, He came to British Columbia iu 1877 and has taken a
prominent part in the development
of Vancouver Island. He was for
a number of years mineralogist for
the Provincial Government.
The natives of Ceylon eat one
and a half million cocoanutsa day.
There are sixty million cocoanut
trees on this Island, and the surplus
production of nuts is chiefly used
to make copra, the dried "meat"
of the nut, which is a valuable
source of vegetable oils. It is estimated that there are produced
yearly 600,000 to 700,000 tons of
copra, valued at sixty-five million
dollars, quarter of the world's production comes from the Phillipine
At Kelowna George McKay was
giv_i six months in jail for stealing
when he was night policeman in
that town.
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Peaey _ Drug Ske
Americianizatisn of Canada
London, May 12���Joseph Martiu
M. P. for East Pancreas, declares
that he considers the lies published
by the Times on Saturday, from
its Toronto correspondent, in which
stress was laid upon "Americanization of Canada" as very dangerous. The correspondent mentions
the need of "moulding the Canadian people into a common devotion to the empire," As to this
Mr. Martin says, "The fewer
moulding attempts that are made
by the people of the United Kingdom, the better. One strong
reason for the popularity of the
British sway is that Canadian people
are allowed to pursue their own
fancies and manage their own
W. L. Griffith, the secretary to
the high commissioner's office, declined to discuss the matter, but referred the interviewer to a passage
in a recent book in which lie declared
that there is no serious movement
in the United States for the
annexation of Canada.
There is only one hotel in B.  C,
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Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
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Soft Drinks
Swan's Pool Room
E. SWAN, Prop.
Electrical Engim
Complete Electric .'
ly installed. Elei 1
lation of all kin Is 1 : ":
Isolated Light; .;    . I
Box 195      Phone F9S
& Hand
Gasoline Engine! Re t ilred _ Over- ������''-���i1
BOX i_,, I .u.v_/li_< THE BEVIEW. COURTENAY,
By Mary Roberts 1 .ineiiart
(Cop. rlglit)
Ium- rlghl hand whh
Tlio oil  party camo within range
Ot v l-iiin.   it was Davidson.
"All tlioi'o wore, Mr, Schwarta," he
replied. "Wo wove uoarlj ilnislicd before tho 1von_.11 inudo n  bolt."   ll.
in-ill oul ii smuii objoci on iho pal r
Ills hand.
��� i would iiii in i- iinvo dono il nlono,
Mr. . <iiwaii/." ho Bald. "1 found ihls
i-lug in Biigg'a pocltoi Uiis morning.
ii belongs to iho girl."
Boh wart- swore nnd. picking up Iho
ring, hold 11 lo tho light. Thon he
mado an angry motion to throw ii out
ol' ilu- window. Imi slid il Into Ids ve. I
pocltet Instead.
"You're poor stuff, Davldsou,"   ho
Btlld,  Willi ii  snarl.  "It sin- li'Sii'l   got
Hn m, iInn  Wardrop Ims.   Tell  Mc-
Feely I waul lo seo Mm."
Davidson left, [or l hoard Uio door
close. _ eliw.-iriz hold the ring to the
light. I looked ni my watch, Tho
tlmo wns almoBl up,
A ri-eah Inusl of nolso como from below, i leaned oul cautiously and
looked down m tho lower windows;
thoy were still closed and Bhttttorod.
Whon 1 raised my eyes again lo i Inline! of tho room across, 1 was
amazed lo sue ���- second figure In Iho
room��� a woman at that.
Schwartz had not so n her. Ho
stood with his hack lo her. looking nt
the ring hi his hand. The woman
had thrown her veil hack, bul I eould
see nothing ot her face as she stood,
alio looked small beside Scbwnrt-S
lowering height, and she wore black.
She must have said something just
then very quietly, for Schwartz suddenly wheeled on her. 1 bail a clear
view of him, and 111 ever guilt, rago
and while lipped fear showed on a
man's face It showed on his. Ho replied���a half dozen words In n low-
tone and made a molioii to offer hor a
chair.   She paid no attention.
1 have no idea how long a lime they
talked. Tlio fresh outburst of noise
below made-it Impossible to hear
what Ihey said, and always there was
tho maddening fact that I could not
sen her face. I thouglll of Mrs. Fleming, hut tills woman seemed younger
and more slender. Schwartz was arguing, 1 Imagined, but sbo stood immobile, scornful, watching him. She
seemed to have made a request, and
tho man's evasions moved her no
\ bit.
'I mny have been oniy I wo or
II,roe mnules, but ii seon.td long;"
Se.-Hvni'lz Ind given UU lhe i rguine.'l..
whatever It was, and hj earning out
the window I supposed he was telling
ber be |-ud thrown what _io waire.l
oul. there. Even Iben she did not turn
toward me. 1 could not see even hor
What happened next was so unexpected Uiul. it remains little, more
than a picture hi my mind. Tbo man
threw out bin bands aa if lo show ho
could not or would not accede to her
request. He was flushed with rage,
nnd men at that dlstanco Ibo ugly
scar on the forehead slood out
like a welt.   Tbo next moment I saw
On Monday I took Margery (o Bell-
wood. She hmi received tbo news
about Mrs. Htillrr more calmly than
I bad expected.
"1 do not think sho was unite sane,
poor woman," sbo said, with a shudder.     "She   lnul   received     the   news
with a greal ileal of trouble,   But how
strange���a murder ami an attempt at
mui-dei-   at  Dial.  Ilttlo      lab    in    a
sin- dill nol connect th.
let   III,-  thing  icsi   el   tha
the  train    she    asked,
think thai she bad a soil of homicidal
mania  nml thai  she tried to kill mo
two. and 1
Onee ou
Don'l     yotl
Die woman rftlBi
souieiliing  in  it.
i veiled to Schwartz in warn him,
inn in- imd already seen Hie revolver
As.be sii-uck ber I d BSldo ibe ov
ploslon  camo,     I   Bit-   ber    Btaggor.l vvilli  chloroform'.'1
clutch ai a ohalr and fail backward!   "j hardly think so," I retarned ova-
beyond mj range uf vision. lively.   "1 am Inclined lo think some
Then the light weni oui. nml 1 wail ono actually got  in over Iho porch
iiarlng at a black brick wall. ���; roof."
I fell rather lliau ran down io ibi'i    "ii  is  vory oomforllng to have a
'   '       and  gut  to  iho Street.   11 friend one can rely mi." she said, and
...i   -III..! .,.     mil ���'         -���  ���     ���
Itilo bll of kindness weni
I.    If she had not gol a cinder iu
eye nt thai psychological moiiienl
I'm afraid I would figuratively have
trampled Wardrop underfoot rigid
We found Misi, l.etilin in Ibe lower
ball ami Heppie on her Knees wilb a
lialohet. Between them sat a pack-
"Hero, give il   |.
demanded an   we
doorway.    "Like
take"-   bang - "but
was prepaid.    If it's mineral wnt-'i
crash!    Something broke Inside.
(To be Continued)
nie," .Miss r.elilia
slopped in ilie
;   nol   il's   ii   mis-
ihe    oxpresBage
lion-  below   nnd   got   to   Hi
found Ibe gale lo the While Cal Willi-1 th
oul   trouble,    Tin-  Inner  gnu-    was hen
locked, as llurlon bad said be would| her
Iravi   It, and from tho steps of lhe
club i could  hear laughter end tho
refrain ol n popular song.
llurlon was thee In the kilcheii,
wilb two ol. er in n whom I did not
rCCOgnlZO, ench one holding u stein
of beer, llurlon bad two, and he held
one out to mo as 1 stood trying to
got my breath.
"You win," ho snid. "Although I'm
a hard wording journalist and need
tbo money. I won't Ito. This Is Osborne of the Star and MoTlgho uf the
Kagle, Mr; Knox. They beard the
shot in there, and if 1 hadn't told tho
story thero would have been a panic.
What's lhe mailer with you?"
"For (lod's sake, llurlon." I panted,
"lets get upstairs quietly, 1 didn't lire
any shot. There's a woman dead up
I here!"
Willi characteristic poise tho threo
reporters look the situation quietly.
We (Hod through tho grillroom as
cautiously as we could. Willi tho door
closed, however, we throw- caution
aside. 1 led tho way up tho stairs
to the room where 1 had found Fleming's body and where 1 expected to
find another.
On the landing nl the top of tho
stairs 1 canfl- face to face, with Davidson, the detective, and behind him
Judge McFecley. Davidson was trying to open the door of the room
where Fleming bad been shot, with a
Skeleton key. Hut' It was bolted inside. When I bad got the door open I Two Scotchmen had been having a
and had not felt Schwartz's heavy good time on tho heather t"._vns of a
luiiid at my throat 1 drew a long lettlo island and were rowing back
breath of relief. Burton found the j home across the Firth, _iys Dean
electric light switch and turned it on Mortimer Cooley of the University
And lit. n���I could hardly believe my j of Michigan, when tho boat capsized,
senses. The room was empty. Hut! Dean Cooley told the story lo the En-
1 picked up n, small nickel plated glneers' club a few days ago.
revolver from the lloor. I    Angus  had clung to  _to boat and
Burton, after all, was the quickest Jock, who had clung lo the bottle,
willed of the lot. He throw open one I was floundering bravely in the deep,
of the two doors in tho room, reveal-1 Although a poor swimmer, he struck
Are  You  Interested  In  Chickens?
If ho, just semi your name and ad-
dn >��� on tbo back of a _po. t card lo
International Stock Food Co., Department 11.. Toronto, Canada, and a free
copy of "Poultry Guide" will bo sent
to you ABSOLUTELY FREE. It le'.ls
nearly every,bing there is to knew
about, chickens.
"My work," remiirked Iho bald-
headed dentist "is so painless that my
patients often fall ..sleep in tlio chair
while I am operating."
"iluh. that's nothing," retorted his
rival. ".My patients nearly all insist
on having their pictures taken while
1 am at work i i order to catch tho
expression of delight on their faces!"
With Dandruff and Itching Scalp.
Scalp Covered witli Small Pimples, Used Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. Now No Trouble At All.
_0_ ,T_no ._,, Toronto, Out.��� "I waa
first troubled with my halt1 (jotting brittle
* mi later dandruff and Itching scalp. I was
ttfrolU to comb my balr as ft. camo nil by
liandfula and the Hob Ing wus
-**i_:K so sovera l was miserable,
~-.1 The troublo kept me front
;_. Bleeping. My scalp tvna
covered with small pimples
which scorned lo run Into one
nnotberandformaBcab, Tho
dandruff was bo bad 1 was
afraid to comb my b-h- as it
made it show so plainly. It
looked vory badly. J was thinking or having my head 6uavod.
"For a loui. lime I tried ��� , ,' ������
nnd scleral otber remedies but they did not
euro It. After somo months 1 picked up a
paper wiih Uio Cuticura Soap and Ointment
advertisement and s__ right away for a
samplo of (''.iticiira-0.-ipandOiniine.nl. On
tisiiiK lust tlie sample my trouble was better.
I used six or eight buses of tlio Cuticura
Ointment also tho Cuticura Soap and my
__p healed, the Itching stopped and my
hair ranio in quite, thick and now I havo no
trouble at all." (Signed) Mrs. II. Dinger,
May i!7, 1013.
It costs nothing lo learn bow pure, Bwcefc.
offectivo and satisfying Gutlcui-a Soap and
Ointment are In the treatment of poor completions, red, rough hands, Itching scalps,
dandruff, dry, thin and falling hair, because
you need not buy thorn until you try them.
Liberal sample of each mailed fire, with 32-p.
book, fiend post-card to Poller _ rug i*
Cbom. Corp., Dept. I), Host on, U. S. A.
W.   N.   U. 99!
ini. a shallow closet with papered
walls and a row of hooks. Tho other
door stuck tight. One of the men
pointed to (be floor. A bll of black
cloth lnul wedged it from the other
side. Our combined otToi-ln not il
open at last, and we crowded in the
doorway, looking down n flight of
Huddled jnsi below us, lur bead at
our foot, was the body of lhe missing
"My God," llurlon said hoarsely,
"who is it'.'"
We got her into Ilie room and on
tho couch before 1 knew her. Her fair
hair liad fallen loose over her face,
and ono long, thin hand clutched still
111 the bosom of ber gown. It wa;
Kllcn Hul lor.
".She's got. about an hour. 1 should
say," said one of the newspaper men.
"See if Gray is around, will you, Jim?
He's mostly here Saturday night."
Whatever surprise Gray may havo
felt at seeing a woman I here, and dying, he made no comment. He said
sin- might live six hours, but ibe end
was certain. Wo got a hospital ambulance, and wilb the clang of its bell
as it turned the comer and hur.'iod
awuy lin- White Cal drops oul of Ibis
Btory, so far as action is concornod,
Three detectives an.l as lnn-i.v re-
pororis hunted Schwartz all ef thai
lilght and ihe text .ny lo get hill
Btory. lint bo rsmalni d in hiding.
Kven ii. in r agony Ellen Butler's hate
liad curried her Ihrough Hie doorway
afler bim, lo collapse on the slairs.
I took a ear and rode to tho hospital.
A night watchman lu felt shoes admitted   me   nnd   look   me   iipsliiirs.
The cover was drawn up 1.1 the Injun d woman's chin, where it was
folded neatly hack. Iter face was
bloodless, and hor fair hair had been
gathered up iu a shaggy knot. She
was breathing slowly, but regularly,
and her expression was relaxed���
more restful than I had over seen ii.
As 1 stood al Hie foot of the lied and
looked down nl lur 1 knew- lhat as
surely as death was coming ii would
Ije welcome.
Edith and Fred were there. As he
sat there beside the bed I knew by
liis face tba": ho was repealing and
repenting every unkind word be liad
said about Kllcn Butler. Once she
asked for water without opening her
eyes, and Fred slipped a hit of Ice
between her white lips. Later in tho
night sbo looked tip for au instant at.
"He struck my hand," sho said,
with difficulty.
Hy morning she was rallying a Utile from lhe shuck. I got Fred lo
talto Edith home, and I took hor
place by the lied.
I hoped lo gel some sort of slaln-
nient before tlie injured woman was
taken lo the operating room, but sho
lay in a stupor, and 1 bad lo give up
tbe idea. It was two days b"fore 1
got ber disposition, aud in thai time
I had learned ninny things.
out for tlio sltiff, holding tho bottle
in one hand. After a few strokes he
became exhausted.
"Angus," bo crieu. "I dinna liienk I
can mak' it."
"Well, if ye eaima mak' it, Jock,
throw it," called hack Angus.
Facetious Doctor (to artist)���The
pictures on tlio walls aro your failures, I suppose?
Dyspeptic Artist ��� Ves. That's
whore you doctors have the pull over
us.    Vou can bury yours.
"Is sbe good-looking?"
"Well, it faces were fortunes, she
wouldn't havo to pay much ot an income tax."
Knev/ How to Keep Peace in Family
It. is unite significant, the number
of persons who get well of alai-ming
heart (rouble when they let up on tea
and coffee and uso Postum as the
leverage at . icals.
Thero is nothing surprising about
it, however, '.ecause the harmful alkaloid-caffeine���in both tea and coffee is not present in Postum, which
Is mado of clean, hard wl.oat.
"Two years ago I was having so
much troubl.- with my heart," writes
a lady In tho west, "that at times I
j fell, alarmed. My husband took mo to
i n specialist  lo l.avo my heart exam-
j ined.
"The doctor said he could find no
' organic I rouble but said my heart was
j Irritable from something I had been
; accustomed to, aud asked me to try
1 and remember what disagreed with
I me.
"I remembered that coffoe always
' BOUl'c. on my stomach and caused
! me troublo from palpitation of the
i h art. So 1 slopped coffee and began
I to.uso Postum. I have had no ftirth-
j er trouble since.
"A neighbor of ours, au old man.
win; so irritable from drinking code-
that his wife wanted him to drink
Postum. This made him very aigry,
but his wife secured rom? Postum
and made it carefully according to
"He drank Iho Postum and did not
know the difference, and is still using
il. to liis las!ing benefit. Ha tells his
wll'o that tlio 'coffee' ig better than it
J used to bo, so sho smiles with him
und keeps peace in tlio family by
rervlng Postum instead of coffee."
Name  giver,  bv  Canadian  Postum
Co.. Windsor, Out.
Postum now tomes In two forms:
Regular Postum���must be well boiled, lfic and 'ilie packages.
Instant Postum���is a Bolublo powder. A leas.iconful dissolves quickly
in a cup o[ hot water and. with cream
-���id pii-fir mak��fl a delicious beverage Instantly.   30c and r.Oe tins.
The cost per cup of both kinds is
about the same.
"There's a Reason" for Postern.
-Sold by Grocers.
^M          __*^__________S'-____tV                yew xioii/y _<_ _ \fGil* ft*/!- do not cure*
m^4     wJ&y         Rheumatism
B��M       Wlien tlie Kidneys fail todo          work nf di -< Imrrlng
ilBr____-^_____________l _!___>                                                           t          i_ in.
____V ____________-___/___r                                                     work in a uattiml !��� eitUh   1
PXA     Gin Pills
______            __/_��_____                                        (;ni> l.ly                                Ii  _HII_ IllffT
H                __pi    JfflBt    sir                                                                -l_ove_u.
___________illr- I!______^^|V                          6 for favour iliiect from                181
^____________P_HHilru/ fll__H ^fmr   HiIIqimI Oi ui _d Chunk- Co.. tl c___ tlmteil,   ���   Toronto,
Sunday in Scotland
In Illustrations of tho "dreary Glasgow Sunday," a lecturer told this
story of l iie into .1. L. Toole. Ho wus
leaving bis hotel in Glasgow one line
'Sunday morning, when Iho sun was
shining brightly. Ah he was strolling
along George avenue a policeman
eyed blm suspiciously, aud at lust approached llliu nud said:
"Ve hud belter tall' care wlnii yo't'O
"What am 1 doing?" Inquired
Toole, uud lidded with a merry wink:
"Why, I'm not even whlslling"
"Su," replied the Glaswegian In solemn and reproving tones: "hut yo'l'i
looliln' almost ns happy ns if it wero
Minard's   Liniment  fo    sale   everywhere.
He  Blessed  it
A teacher of a. Sunday school i lass j
(lied lo Ini.-ess upon bet- young |
charges tho necessily of blessing the i
food before oi ting. j
"Hilly," sho asked or a little fellow;
whoso   fnlher   was  an  elder    in   tlie
church, "whal prayer does your fnlher say befor ��� yr. i cat?"
"I dun know."
"Well, what did lie say this morning before breakfast?"
Hilly meditated; suddenly lie r_
n.enibercd .ind beamed.
"lie said. 'Vou kids go slow on tlio
bulter now! It's forty cents a
pound!' "���Fun.
All mothers can put away anxiety
regarding tlieir suffering children
when ihey liav Mother Graves
Worm Exterminator to give relief. Its
effects are sure and lasting,
The R ward of Induttry
"That's r.u. general superintendent
���boh of tho president���he began f
the bottom and worked up���started
in as an oiler right after lie left college!"
"When was vhat?"
"Oh, ho graduated last .Tune!"
Th uro is more catarrh in this sectlon
of tbo country than all olhci- diseases
put together, and until the laHt few
years was supposed to be Incurable,
For a great innn:,- years doctors pro- |
nounced it a local disease and prescribed,
local remedies, and hy conrtantly fulling '
to euro with local treatment, pronounced It incurable. Scicnco haa
proven Catarrh to bo a constitutional
disease, and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's i.'atarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney _ Co..
Toledo. Ohio. Is tho only Constitutional
euro on the market. It Is taken internally in doses from 10 drops to a t"��a-
spoonful It nets directly on tho blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Tbey offer one hundred dollar.', for any
case it falls to cure. Send l'or circulars
and   testimonials,
Address:  F.   J.  CHENB-   _   CO.,  Toledo, Ohio
Bold hy Druggsts,  75_
Take Hall's Family l'ills for constipation.
Hoas on Concrete  Floors
It. is very likely to be injurious te
brood sows lo ham to lio on concrett
Hours in  ihelr sleeping    apaitmi'iifs.
Tho ci fete floor Is all right, bul It
should he covered wiih hoard-. Thebes! arrangement is to havo lhe entire lloor of cOllCll te, then each pen
provided wlili n removable wonder
floor, mudo of Inch hoards, and by
making Ihls floor'lu two purls it car
be readily lifted and the coucrotf
tborbughly disinfected and cleaned
out     cither nt  various season a, ot
when occasion requires. Hogs lying"
011 concrelo are llltoly lo get rheu
nuitio. Tho concrete Booms to draw
the bent from ihe body of tho resting
animals and chills them through lu a
short lime. This difficulty is over
conic hi Ilie use of the wooden lloor
Br li i'b' Gazette.
School Records Show Much Tim*
Lost   From   Eczema
('baling and skin Irritation, whether from changing te_ipera_iro, rough
winds, strong son], or the action ot
the clothing, nrturally develop I:.to
eczema, spread over tlie body and defy ordinary treatmcutu. ���
Slot doctors do not give much attention to skin diseases, and, consequently, it is necessary for parents
to select some treatment which has
prrveii a cu:t for such ailments. It
records of cures count for anything
then yon can turn to D_ Chase's
Ointment with fullest assurance that
in tliis you will have the means ot
controlling  itching  skin   discj-_.:.
By affording prompt relief from the
terrible itching, Dr. Chase's Ointment
puis an end !o suffering, and removes
the cause of scratching. Aa the fires
of eczema die away the ointment sets
up the process of healing, ar.d brings
about thorough and lasting euro. As
a treatment for the skin troubles ot
children nothing has ever proven sr*
satisfactory as Dr. Chase's Ointment.
Churches Should Advertise
There is in rood reason why the
church should not prol't by newspaper advertising. If It lias anything
of special appeal to the uon-clmrch
goers of the community, the columns
of the press offer the best place for
the announcement of the f_ct.���Ottawa Citizen.
Harry- I understand Gertrude Gad-
alotle marriet a man who mado a
big fortune by a lucky speculation in
Grace���Ve3: and lie disgraced her
while they were on their honeymoon.
Harry���How did he do It?
Grace���Gertrude wanted the other
passengers to think an cccan voyage
was an old tsory to them, whon her
husband, the flrsl crack out of th->
box. pointed to a row of life preservers and asked Iho captain what
was tho idea of all the extra tires.
No Asthma Remedy Like It.���Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy is distinctly different from other so-called
remedies. Were tins not so it would
not have continued its great work of
relief until known from ocean to
ocean for ils wonderful value. Kellogg's, the foremost and best of *U
asthma remedies, stands upen a reputation founded in the hearts of thousands who have known its bo_elit.
"Fit" at F .ty
Experience has shown that menial
activity in man lias reached its greatest heights between the ag.. of fori.- .
and fifty. Some of tbe world's great- j
est masterpieces in literature, music,
and art havo been achieved by men
bordering on  the half    uitury. \
Physically, however, aoco uing to
Sir Ernest Sbacltleton, "under thirty
a man, no matter how k_ . and nippy, is still a innn in tho making. Ily
thirty he has matured. Between thirty and forty he is at. bis best.
Sir Ernest himself Is thirty-nine
years of ago, but with his mode of
ilfo he will probably remain, physically, t-irly-uino for many years to
One on ihe Voice
Lecturer���Ladles anl gentlemen, w��
shall consider this evening tha fundamental prlnclplec of architecture. The
A wandering voice���Hoy. d'ye julll
a dog house?
Lecturer (solicitously)���-Aro you
going to move?
Minard's    Liniment    Cures    Burns,
There is In circulation yet another
genial Btory about tho Cal . Scot. A.
Caledonian c.hiefti-in won a mi.ltoHr
pins In a nenny raffle at a bazaar.
Three daya later ho called, very wan
and weary of asped.
"Seo here," ho said to the bazaar
secretary. "I've counted them. Tl_ y
aro three abort!"���Tltnito.
he Cheerful Life
It ia th�� right of everyone to live ��nd enjoy the cheerful Hf* We ��w��
It to oureelvee snd those who live with us to live the cheerful life. W .
csnnot do so if ill health takes hold of us. j
The wife, mother snd daughter suffering from hot fleshes, nenrousau _
hc�� __��, baclmch., d_s_IO--own feall_. or My other weskneM ds. U ditortere
or inesulariUe. of the delicsu female orgam-le not only �� burden to _��_��_,
tst to her loved ones. _______���___ ._ _
7ntre Is e rtmtdy.    Fortr yesrs experienee hss proven namlsttksMy thst
Favorite Prescription
���Ul r_tm_ health to weakened womankind.   For 40 ytatt It has t ,
&!'___ _"f-_rite Prneript-ia -jah_taouihe had of drunjst ���- ���,=-��-,
r_.Ipt _ one.��_t Msmpa -for 11.00 er Wc a_e. Address B. V. timet, M. ft,
Buffalo, N. Y. )
Dr. Pierce'* Ple*t_n_t PeUeta reg��Ute and In.Karat*
���tomacb, liver sat* towels. Sag_f-e_at����_ tt__r gram_���. THE REVIEW, COURTENAY. B.R
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cut out cathartic a ami purtfat! YM.   T__y ar*
Vutal-liar_n-.unncce-*_ii)'. Try
Piirelyvoirelablo. Ad
gently on iha liver,
��� ** __���_�� anil I-i����ll_. ei million., kntm.
Small Pill, Small Dole, Small Price.
Genuine must bear Signature
a teal Lower Simulation
A ��tr_i|luforwar _ foneroo���
title* (Mm to ��sut��11th_l
Ann, W�� m firing aw��.
V.kiL-hM ta thoaundi o(
p__pl_ all   o����  tha
TTOrW     Bt      a      tl 1134
��� _wr_ wm��_l. Now
li yonr _b-__- to
obtain on_. WrlU
now, enctoilaz ts
e_ut_ for ens ot our
fulilunabld T.attlei'
Lnn_ Uu luiit, or
Oaiita' Albert*, unt
cm'fiMo ioi.i tu wear
with tha itati-ii. which
wilt ho _<__��� Fm
<tl__a _ itohM ara
. iiar. n:-3_i!| tl- _ vean',
ihuuU y.iu take a _���
van tarn nt uur maiTol-
!���-_ orTar. W�� etptftt _ov to toll your lrlenda
ftho.it ui and ahow tbem the beantital witch.
I'oo't think ttili offer too food to lie uue. It n* und
98 OABla today suit vain a Freit Watch. Yon
will t* amatad-*TlM.I _M_ _ i.rOYI. Wi.tfe.__
Jawatlan IDapt. i�� i. ��, Cornwall), no*), I _nd_n, N.,
The Dye that colors ANY KIND(
of Cloth Perfectly, with the
No Chinee of M_ira__i.   Clean and Simple.
_ Aak your Drunlat or Dealer. Send lor Booklet.
' TbaJobaaon-RlehardooD Co. Limited, Montreal .
50 Princes-, Street, Win .ipeg
We Pdij Highest Values
Write for Price Lista
��ind Shipping Jap
(fierce fur Ctrl
_j��^_____i_i_^_________.v Yr' 3_|
Ve also Buy Hides and Seneca Mm
A Lesson In  Morals
Mother -Now, Wllllo, j-ou told me
:i   falsehood,    Hn you    mnnv    what
happens to little boys who tell fiib-.-
hlll ills'.'
Wllllo (sheepishly) ���No, liia'tim.
Mother- Why, u big blacli ma_
with ouly iu- oye in the centre or .lis
tori'hi'Hil comes uii in. ami flies with
him up to thl- moon nml liuiHt's him
pick sticks fnr lhe balance of his
life. Now, you will never tell a
falsehood again, will you? it ia awfully wii-lnil.   Puck,
A Pill That Lightens Life���To tlie
man who is i victim of Indigestion
the iiaiisa.'Uon or business becomes
an added misery, tie cannot concentrate his luliui upon his tasks audi
loss ami vexation attend him. To
buoIi a man Parmelee's Vegetable
rills offer reltef. a course of treatment, according to   directions,   will
ronvini-e   lilm   nt   their   greal   6X08.|
leuee.     They   lite   confidently   recoill-
mended because ihey will iio all that
is claimed i'< r litem.
On bin eighty-fourth birthday Paul
Smith, the vetirun Adirondack hotel
keeper, who Blaried life us tt guide I
nml iiieii owulng a million dollars'
worth of foresl land, was inlkhiK
aboul boundary disputes wiih an old
"Didn't you hear of Ih- lawsuit
over u title Hint I bud Willi .lotion
down in Miilone last iiiiminei-'." ashed
l'ti ul.
Tbe friend bail i ot hoard.
���'Well,'_su!d Paul, "It wns this way:
I sat in the court room before tho
t-use opened with my witnesses
ground nie. .limes bustled in, stopped, looked my witnesses over carefully, ami said: 'Pul are those your
witnesses'.'' "They ure,' said I.
'Then you .in,' snid lie. 'I've had
them  witnesses twice myself.'"
As Ordered
The met nt of a certain London restaurant is a thins ef wonder to
Btrangers, It contains Bevoral pages
of various dishes, all claBsifled, mostly Willi weird  _ reiich names.
Tho country visitor eyed up and
down.-hut could make nothing of it.
And tbo waller stood silently by his
side. At last, in despair, the diner
stubbed bis linnet' In the middle ot
one page and said:
"Bring me some o1 that."
"Oul, ni'sien!" replied the wuiier.
"That ecs mayonnaise dressing, sar."
"1 know that, iny mau," snorted the
i-oiintrynuin.    "I can' read!"
"But, ni'sien," said the waiter apologetically, "what will ynu havo It
The rtlnor Blared. "On a plate of
course, you idiot!" he roared. "Do you
feed your guests tn troughs al this
And Her Kidney Disease and Female
Weakness      Disappeared���She      is
Now a Strong, Healthy Woman.
Mizonette, Gloucester    Co.,   N.B.���
(Special!��� "I  havo    been    suffering
from the Kidneys ever since 1 was a
child," says Miss .1   M. Clodln of this
place.   "When I grew to womanhood
I was told : v.-nB suffering from female weakness, so 1  irled   several
kinds of medicine, spending a good
many dollars for nothing.
"Last winter I became so weak I
was on Ihe point of giving up my
work. I could not sleep at night and
could hardly get up the stairs without having palpitation of the heart
and feeling .|ulle exhausted.
"Heading cf symptoms of Kidney
Disease in Dodd's Almanac, I soon
found oul my case was similar, so I
sent at once for four boxes of Dodd's
Kidney Pills. I began to feel a
change at tlto very beginning, l'or I
slept well the very first night. These
four boxes 'id mo more good than
all tbe medicine I had taken before,
and I have remained strong ever
since. I am now a3 well a.i can he."
All women who suffer s'-.ould look
to tho Kidneys. They are the mainspring of health. Keep tho Kidneys
Btroug by utjng Dodd's Kidney Pills
mid they will lake care of the rest
of the body.
"Up Wltb tbe Boys"
Ile was a jolly rounder and
He'd ilrlnk and millto a noise;
Most every night wllh gnat delight
He'd stay up With the hoys.
Now lie's the fnlher of mule twins,
They've robbed  him of Ills joys;
And  every  night   111!  broad  daylight
lie slays up  with  lhe hoys,
Painful SweH'ng Reduced
Muscular Strains Ended
Such Troubles Now Quickly Rubbed
Away by Powerful Remedy
If you have any muscles that, are
strained nnd weak, that aro Ireguent-
ly subject lo rheumatic .pains; if you
have any painful swellings that refuse to go a _.y ���get busy with Nerviline. This '.a tbo very sort of trouble that Nerviline ls noted for curing
Quickly. "I have proved Nerviline
simply a wonder in reducing a hard,
painful swelling. It followed an Injury I received in my left leg and
caused me great pain and discomfort.
The muscles were strained and sore,
and no other remedy gave tho caso
and comfort 1 got. from rubbing on
Nerviline. There Is a soothing, patn-
relievlng power about Nerviline that
touched the roc', of my trouble. Nerviline reduced the swelling, it destroyed the pain, It brought my limb baok
to perfect condition." The experience
of Mr. Bowen, whoso home is in Middlesex, is not unusual. Thousands are
proving every day that muscular
pains of every kind, chronic rheumatism; lumbago, n-".algia aud sciatica
will yield to Nerviline when i.olhii-.:
else can possibly cure. Nerviline is an
old time family pain remedy, used
nearly forty year, with great success.
The large fr.mlly size bottle costs
50c, trial size 25c. at all dealers.
Talk While the Talking Is Good!
"Let us talk a lot now, before the
rumination," says .fob Hedges, "it
does more good than afterward."
Afterwards, as another Job observed: 'Though I speak, my grief .s
not. assuaged, and though I forbear,
what am 1 rased?"
"Poultry Guide"
Which tells rretty nearly everything
there is to know about chic-Kens, sent
to you ABSOLUTELY FREK. .lust
send your name and address on a post
curd to the International Stock Food
Co., Dept. II., Toronto, Canada, and a
copy will be mailed you with their
Winn Jasper got back to liis office
his boss said.
"Look here, does il I alio you a half
hour to go down lo tho corner and
do an errand .'or mo?"
"It did tills lime, sir," answered Jasper. "A man dropped a quarter
down a bole hi the sidewalk."
"And It took you all this lime lo gel
it. out?"
"Yes, sir, you see, I had to wait I ill
ll.(  man went away."
"What do you think o_ Bandit Villa?"
'We didn't like it at all. We lived
hi tho place for two summers anil the
_.osq��itoB were frightful and every
time it rained the roof leaked like a
To whom :'.t may concern: This is
to certify that I have used MINARD'S-
LINIMENT myself as well as prescribed it in my practice where u liniment was required and have never
failed to get tho desired effect.
C. A. KING, M.D.
Try   Murine  Eye   Remedy
U you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyej
_r Granulated Eyelids, Doesn't Smart
WSoothes Eye Pain. Druggist* Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Murin* Eye SaJve in Aseptic Tubes,!
*5c, SOc.    Eye Books Free by Maily'
>*stl-'__oe___r_t_ro.t_t t__c.rs I
ffurlat Eve Romodv Co., Chieaae!
W.   N.   U.  996
Time For a Change
Old  Roxleig-��� "Marry  my  daughter?   Why, you are supported by your
Suitor���"Yc.i, sir; but my guv'nor
is tired of supporting me, he says,
and l thought r_i gi t imo another
The   Origin  of  a   Fad
Marcella, who had been gazing out
of the window, suddenly began to
1 ugh hysterically.
"What in the world is tlio matter,
child?" asked her mother.
"When I finished my carpet rug,"
Marcella explained, "1 foldel it
across my lap aud carried .". that way-
down the street to show it to llose-
"Well, what of it?"
"That was only three days ago,"
gasped Marcella, with a renewed outburst of merriment, "aril now aear-
ly every girl iu the block is wearing
a carpet-rag muff."
When your baby is 111; when he is
cross and hard to mind; when his
teeth are bothering him or he is
troubled with constipation or indigestion ; give him Baby's Own Tablets. They are tho best medicine for
little ones. They never fail to regulate - the bowels, and sweeten the
stomach, thus making teething easy;
curing constipation, eolle, indigestion and breaking up cold._ and fevers. The Tablets are sold by medi-
eale dealers or by mall at 25 cents
a box from Tbe Dr. Williams Medicine Co., BroLl.vllle, Ont.
Only Just Beginning
Vice-President Bury of the Canadian
Pacific, says that from harvest to the
close of navigation hist season the
C.P.R, carried more grain than any
other railway in any other part of
tho world has ever carried in the
time, and that, although last-season
the Canadian West produced 610,000,-
HOD bushels of all kinds, Ihe land has
"hardly been scratched." These are
tho kind or things people are apt to
forget when thoy imagine that there
can be any lengthy depression in Canada. Neither our land nor our resources are wo.-n out. We nre only
just beginning to tap them.���Montreal Herald r.nd Telegraph.
The superintendent of a Sunday
S'hool was illiiBtratlug for the children the text, "Arise and take tho
young child and his mother, and flee
into Egypt." Showing thein a large
picture, she asked:
"Now, isn't that splendid? Here is
the mother. Here Is the young child.
There's Egypt in the distance."
The children, however, looked disappointed. ; nd finally a little boy
piped out:
"Teacher, Where's the flea?"
The Wonderful Spring' Tonic
If you have had a harl winter,
Na-Dru-CoTasteli.::; Preparation of
Cod Liver Oil 'wi'.l help you to
re-uperale qulokly and avoid tlie
coughs andcoidsco prevalent during'
the changeable spring weather.
Ill th iJ preparation tlie nutritive
and curative properties ol the ber.t
Norwagtan Cod Liver Oil are
combined wiih Mypophonphiteri,
Cherry Bark and Malt Extract In
a form thai Is really pleasant to tai-.s
snd ea-.lly digested even by the
ir.ost delicate.
Thus the j.r��"' objeotton to Cod
Livor Oil is removed ai.,l every cue
who Is run do-.vn or sufferi.ij; from
threat or lung troubles can take
a.'.'.-anlage of Us unique medicinal
a::i! Strengthening qualities.
Add lo this lhe Tonic Hypophos-
pliitcs. the healing Cherry Bark ar.J
the invigorating Malt Extract, ar.d
you have probably tlie finest food-
Ionic known.
Get a S(b, or ,*:.00 bottle from
your Druggist. 314
Proved best by
years of use.
Harvester Oil
The most durable oil for farm machinery.
Unaffected by changes in temperature.
Will not gum or corrode. Reduces friction
to a minimum.   A splendid lubricant.
Gas Engine Oil
Meets all requirements for a cylinder oil
for gasoline and kerosene engines. Lubricates properly under all conditions; practically free from carbon. Equally good on
external bearings.
Recommended by the leading engineers
and engine builders.
Premier Gaaoline '
Renown Dynamo Oil
Capitol Cylinder Oil
Atlantic Red Oil
Toronto Montreal Winnipac V��ncou_r
Ottawa Quebec Calgary Edmonton
Halifax St. John    i Resin* Satkatoon
Why He Was Angry j
First Motorist  (after very narrow
shave)���But why :.!! this 1'nsa?    We
haven't,    damaged   you.     Vou can't
bring an action against us.
Second  Motorist���I   know I ,-an't. i No pain.
sir.   I know I can't.   That's just my
Tlie niosL obstinate corns and warts
fail to resist llollowuy's Corn Cure.
Try it.
Old So:>?    Lumps
ia Breast Growths
removed snd hes_
ea by* simpla
Home Treatneal
D_ cribs th�� troubh, we will _o__
book and testimonials free.
10 Churchill Ave.  Toronto.
Sin-    You
Two hoys who managed to be rath- opera last night
eemoci distraught at ths
Ile���I couldn't keep football onl "t
my mind -iiovi f av; so many hal-
baoks ami fullbacks In my life!
er unruly In school   so   exasperated
tlieir teacher that sin requested tbetn
to remain after hours and write tholr;
names   1,000   times.    They     plunged ���	
Into tho task.   Borne fifteen minutes      Only One -bromo quinine'
inter one of them grow uneasy and '_.( gat the genuine call tor full nan. .
began watching his companion in dls- LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE. !,<.o_
grace.    Suddenly tlie llrst.   .tie burst; for Blguatttn  of 13, W. C1ROVE, Cures
out with despair between liis sobs and; a Cold in One Day,    l!.V.
snld to the teacher:	
-'Tnin't  fair,  mum I    His  name's     a  man's good opinion  -.' himself
ritisli and mine's Sclilutteniiejer."     j Isn't uolnj,' to fool St. Peter,
quickly Ktopa cou_h_, cursn calat, ind hctli
___   thrrr.t Qfid ]u__..        :������        "        23 cent*.
North, South. East, West
men andwomen are subject to the numerous ailments caused
by defective or irregular action of the organs of digesti n and
elimination. Headaches, lazy feelings, depression of spirits
are first consequences, and then worse sickness follows if the
trouble is not removed. But thousands have discovered that
Tieeeham'6 __>*__-*-
(The L.r_ it Sole of Any Medietas ia ibo World)
are themo3t reliable corrective, and the best preventive ot' these common ailments, Better digestion, more restful sleep, greater strength,
brighterspirits, clearer complexions are given to those who uso occasionally this time-tested home remedy. Beecham's Pills will no doubt help
you���it is to your interest to try them���for all over the world they
Are Pronounced Best
* Frepiretl only by Tlmm .5 Hetohtm. At. Ileleo., Ltnctttiire, ��_<!___
Sold rverywhrre In C*n_ tl* ��n_ U. 8. Amertct,    In boiei, 2.S ccun. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
:��*wpRTr ��� I mra -'���_-*'-*���_
���'""r.".5_asg5a_, ���-^^^g^tmt
_. % -_f'v_to
1 li   y for*  I
 ���  __.* '__.__���
We have a stock  of Short Flooring,  V Joint ana Bull Nosed Inside Casings which
is just the thing  fo r a man who is fixing up an  odd  room or building a
small addition.   The price is right and the lumber is  No.   1   Kiln
Dried.    Here are some of our specials
AIR DRIED FLOORING      .... $25.00
V JOINT, 3 ft.. 7 ft.       -       -       -      - 17.50
CAR SIDING, 3ft., 7 ft.         -         -        - 14.00
1x6 BULL NOSED CASING, 3 ft., 7 ft. 2 l-2c
1x6 DROP SIDING       .... 17.50
1-2x4 V JOINT  18.00
Th.     .ock of Sash and Doors are going fast.   Come in and get your choice whilst
they are at their present price
LV    PA      I *   *
1     vA/����    JLlIlll
Phone 66
P. O. Box 230
"iNot better than the best, but better than the rest"
���. >
rd Moli r Co., of  Manchester, Kngland, makes  and  sells more
England   today  than  the  combined  output  of the  next live
largest automobile manufacturers in England
,,', wan Lhe lirst public taxicab in Loudon, as in  St.   Petersburg
aud New York
Ford   Garage   for  storage  battery   charging and repairing ignition
oul I      ho       .iring and lighting, etc.     Gasoline 35 cents per gallon
Loca! Lines
Canoe  For   Si
Ken/.ie s P   il
Apply   Mc-
I ost���Top joinl of fishing rod.
Reward,   Applj Harry Idiens.
To Real two first class offices
over McKean's store.   Good light,
To Rent���Modern bungalow, 3
miu 1 tea i. mi P O. Abply to P.
A. Smith, Cot-lenay..
D. A. Thomas "'ill be in Courtenay tuning and repairing pianos
until the end of May.
For Sale���Pure bred White S.
C. Leghorn eggs for setting,
H. W, Heberdeu, Saudwick.
For fine painting, paperhanging
and decorating don't fail to see
Doyle .   Home, Courtenay.
Get the habit, Go to the movies
every night, 15c. Pictures change
every Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday. Special show every Saturday. Big program, 25c Courtenay Opera House to rent as usual.
Mrs. Kepner has a fine display
of new, spring, fancy, goods, also
a nice stock of fancy work. A
call is solicited. 1
At the regular meeting of the
Women s Institute yestefday Mrs.
.Smith gave an interesting and
timely talk ou   "gardening."
Owing to the increase of business
at the Courtenay Hand Laundry,
Mr.   Parker,   the proprietor,   has j
been   forced   to   engage   another
assistant from Vancouver.
F. D. Cameron hes a positive
assurance from M. Manson M. L.
A,, that no assistance has been, or
will be given the Sisters of St.
Joseph, Comox, for a denominational hospital.
We hear that Mr. E. W. Si-He,
! Editor of the Islander, Cumberland
j lias been appointed Stipendiary
1 Magistrate and Coroner for Cumberland aud District Vice, Mr. J.
[ Abrams, deceased.
The meeting called for the formation of an Athlettc Club finished
up in the usual manner, by appointing a committee to report at the
meeting next Monday evg., when
officers will be elected. All business
men and citizens are invited.
Mr. Herbert E. Robertson, Bar-
Cedar posts aud poles; ; "ster of Vancouver, has been ap-
For Sale Privately���Solid Oak, 4
ft, Buffet, and 3 ft. Dinner wagon
to match, _ pply Hardy & Biscoe
For Sale
beardless barley and good seed po, ' pointed by the Executive  Council
tatoes.   T.   C. Woods,  Sandwick  a* a commissioner to enquire into
Phone R 96, | the    Incorporation    question    at
Courtenay.   He will arrive here in
The British Columbia Nurseries the course of a few days.
Co. Ltd. have appointed  Mr,  W.      M   Hea       0  p R   Pubiicity
1) Stoker, of Courtenay    their lo-   A      t  wa(. b Courtenay ou Mou.
cal representative tor ihe sale of d       having come over the road
S BALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for Grantham School," will be
received hy the Hon. the Minister of
Public Works up to noon of Wednesday,
the 27th day of May, 1914, for the erection and completion of a small one-room
school-house at Grantham, in the Comox
Electoral District.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender maybe seen on and after
the 11th day ol May, 1914, at the office
of Mr. J. Baird, Government Agent,
Cumberland; Mr. M. II. Ball, Seeort.-iry
of the School Board, Sandwick; and the
Department of Public Works,   Victoria.
By application to the undersigned,
contract, rs can obtain one copy of plans
and specifications (or tlie sum of ten
dollars ($10), which will be refunded on
their return in good order.
Each proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certificate
of deposit on a chartered bank of Cauada,
made payable to the Hon. the Minister
of Public works, for a sum equal to 111
per cent, of tender, which shall be forfeited if the party tendering decline to
enter into contract when called upon to
do sn, or if he fail to complete the work
contracted for. The cheques or certificates nf deposit of unsuccessful tenderers
will bt returned to them upon the execution of tlie contract,
Tenders will not be considered unless
made nnt on the (onus supplied, signed
witli the actual signature of the tenderer,
aud enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted,
Deputy Minister and
Public Works Engineer,
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B. C, May 8th, 1914.    my 14
Notice of Dissolution
of Partnership
NOTICE is hereby given that the
partnership hitherto existing between us
and carried on at Courtenay under the
style inline of Duncan _ Birch has been
this day dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts due to tlie said partnership
must be paid to Mr. II. Newell Birch,
who will continue to carry on the said
business and discharge all liabilities of
the said partnership.
Dated at Courtenay.  B. C,   this  7th
day of May, 1914.
Giio. I). Duncan
II. Niswrtu, Birch
Witness : C. G. Callin.
Notice of Dissolution
of Partnership
NOTICE is h_eby giren that the partnership business hitherto existing between us and carried on at Comox, B. C,
under the tyle name of Cliffe ��� Higgins
has this day been disolved by mutual
The said business wil' in luture be
rried on by Edward T. Ciiffe, who will
discharge all liabilities iu connection
witli the said firm and to whom all debts
must be paid forthwith.
Witness our names this Twenty-first
(21) day of April, in the year of Our
Lord one thousand nine hundred and
Edward T. Clip. k
Witness; C. G. Callin,
their wep known nursery stock.
Mr, Stoker is now taking orders
for Fall 1914 and Spring 1915 delivery, of fruit and ornamental
trees, etc., Intending planters
should place their orders NOW.
If you want any special pieces of
furniture made, kitchen cabinets,
cupboards, sideboards or pantry
work, store or office fixtures, counters or show cases,  made to your
from Victoria on an official tour.
He was accompanied by Mr. More-
head of Victoria, and the gentlemen
after a tour through the Valley and
a visit to the Condensory and No. 8
Mine left at 6 p. m. en route for
Mr. F. H. Bates, a brother of
G. R, Bates, J. P., has recently arrived from Beaumaris, North Wales
Mr. f Bates  is   very much   struck
order, come in and give us an idea | with the beauties of Comox Valley
of   what   you  want  or we have 1 and   intends returning to Wales
sketches  for  you to select from.
Picture  framing  and  sign, work
next month with a view to shipping
his effects to Comox  Valley,   in
promptly done.   Sutton's  Cabinet which district he ^.intends to make
Shop. his future home.
There will be a football match on
Saturday afternoon between the
Cumberland Champions and the
Courtenay All Stars.
The Birdswell was out in the
bay last night waiting for the tide to
turn so lhat she could come in She
also has a full cargo for local merchants.
The Hudson's Bay Company
have succeeded in their action before the Privy Council to have'the
lane between their lots in Vancouver closed up. They will now
build a solid block on Georgia
Logging Equipment
Just Overhauled and in First-class order
Logging Donkeys
Logging Blocks and Tools
Crossout Saws and Axes
Blacksmith Outfits
Wire Rope
Tents and Complete Camp Outfits
Boats and Launches
Also  Small  Sawmill  Plant,  complete,
capacity 20 M
This equipment as well as complete outfits (or general contracting work, either
large or small jobs is offered at prices
which will make an enquiry worth while.
Address enquiries to
Purchasing Agent British Columbia
Electric Railway
B. C. Electric Block, Vancouver, B. C.
New'Courtenay post cards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey Drug Store.


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