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The Review May 24, 1917

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('nn not Im dona nnv Utter,  and f
not quits nn   well nnywliero   elno t
. hereabouts,   Our typo and ilili. |
| ery Ib uomplutg and The ftevlew !
Up-to-daie Mens j hi'ngs
Tlie   Home   of��      t;
VOL. 5
j.  _ /
'.:.'���          i'i)
Gents' Furnishing Store
We lead, while others follow,  with  1!. S. & M,   Clothing.
We take your measurement and guarantee a fit
In all shades, styles and prices,    If you   should  need a new
hat for the 24th of May,  see our stock���just arrived from
the East, before.purchasing elsewhere
Summer Underwear in all Sizes-- Cobio and See {or Yourself
Youth's  Misses  and  Children's Shoes   in  Tan  and  Black
Leather also an assortment of white canvas.
Our prices are right and we guarantee them to wear
Courtenay   Gent's    Furnishings   Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Would you pay one quarter of one cent
an hour to have all your sewing done
for you ?
You know you would, and much more
This sounds so good to you thut you
think it is a joke
We were never more serious and we
guarantee that a
Sewing Machine Motor   will sew  for
you for one quarter of a cent per hour
for current
It costs only $18.50 and lasts a lifetime
For Sale by
The Courtenay Electric
Light Heat and Power
Company Limited
Local Lines
I'liililn ns Overalls Jusl the lliim; for
children durinij the Duimn.r, nl SullifTs,
Ted ClifTe 11rfcl lo mnke two liips
from the station lo Inin.; the mail
do\\ M "ii Tin  il'iij nflcrm   n
ilj'utri.k airived la me
i i. .   lidiiy .   A'here
��� lie Ihi i been visil ll
di ,
��� d
 L iu Hi    I     in,'i p    .
Roht.'C       '   niul   'I Hooth
have had lh. frbul ol i lieii   respei
liw preini r.-. si Ided ami otlu i ivise
��� ���.   whirl      dds
11  ��� ��� i I , I        . ���
portion of lh   city,
Tlie sa 1 intelligence v n i received
in Comi nn 'oil VVcdn s 1 at in
ing i lint Corpl   I" ��� nl   : \\\ m   in of
tin   I iinous lo_���d, had        i   I    led
in     lion      llis      ler,    Vlii ,
Swanson live . 11 :i.   md i ��� empl
ni the Com lenaj  Con I   isoi y,
A loggi r n un r! . .'<���,��� I v. n.s killed
and ansthei badly hurt al Can i ���
oil's logging i amp on Saturday
last. Coroner Shaw, of Cumber-
laud had a jury summoned, and a
verdict of accidental death was
reached. The remains were shipped to Seattle. J. S. Morgan, who
was injured is in the hospital.
For Sale���Three doors, 2' i," by
6' (V, 1 1 2" thick; 3 panel and
glass, Apply G. 0. Bigelow, courteuay P. t),
Staryed onto my premises���One
red heifer and one while one.
Owner is requested to come and
pay damnges and take the animal
away,    Jos. Nimnim .
lints-All the latest shades and styles
at Sutliff'-,
For sale ��� Several firstclass
dairy cows, fresh and coming in.
C. F. Jackson  Grantham.
Wanted to purchase���Beef and
Veal���Prices 16c for fat beef, 16c
for good veal, dressed ; nc live
weight. City Meat Market, Cumberland.    Phone in.
10 acre farm, all cleared, with
good modern house, barn, and outbuildings For Rent. $10 per mouth
Money to loan on farm land.
Hicks Beach & Field.   Courtenay.
For highest prices ia hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
For Sale���Bay Mare, harness
aud light express. Apply w,
Douglas, Courtenay.
Seed Potatoes���For Sale. Early
Rose aud Burbanks, Apply to
Pritchard & Sons, Comox.
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford Garage.
House to Let���At corner of Un. I
ion Street and Cumberland   Road, i
Also lot  adjoining    For particulars apply at Review office.
Go to McBryde's for quality
Wood For Sale���$4 per load cash
Teaming and carting done. L.
Alexander Courtenay,
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Robt,   McQuaid   arrived   home      If we cannot r_n 111
from Halifax last week, wli- try to run   an   ele
' Mr. Horace McPhee left on wed. M'1'"1'
nesdny on an extended vacn ion in I    Willy Billy has pitrehas   10, lithe Upper Counlry, Fechuer's ml  mobil
; i'i run 11 j'rtu \
The Headquarters Liwn 'I   11 ni    hei     ud Com
club intend ho cliii)>  1 1 in   ih .
Bungalow on Sutiml
Mrs.���James   I.   ..
i      letl on Tin   lull li ip lo Vaiicou. 1 1
'��� I ugh Sir wart, M, I
noun fron Vicloi r .
afternoon,    He lool      me fit | Tuesday
Iiis arduous work at Hi      cent ses
r.   OHIO-   ;    '
sion of the Legislatun ,
five cenl ;
Mr. Win, Baikie of   1) iiiinaii I Tli    ;   ihe
was in lown oil   Tlie;day,    lie has ci '���  ��� inci
secui -I the appo uti         .   ;���       ��� ���  111
Ranger for this disl.i                   . ,   , ,   ������       n
l'"1'1 lk*'',,s "���        ������ ���  '    ������������'   down toh id up bis ui
Courteuay. | morning recent      I)
Die young son 0     <    I .
I pper Koad,   haci   Ins I,-   badl;   ,.  ,
t.actuted and the si     0 lien     t)l      .   ,.
split open by one ot Mr. I u        11
horses 0.1 Imday last.    The youny
lad had beeu   watching   t ie
pluoghing in n   fiel .    nexl   to  li
paieuts home, nnd decided    lo   ir: ' .
vestigate Iidw it was done, when iu      I'he n   entl'
some way he fell un li r one of I lie ilr<
horses.    He is now at St. Joseph's tliirlv mci il
hospital, Coiliox. j distrii :.    'I
Children's   Shoes    All   the best  ,.,id ' Tl" Stla-V ^'"'"K :l!  ���
most sensible styles, at SullifTs. } iiutnber turned otll
,, ,      .    ,      , 1 Rusci mbe To ile, of  1
Ahou'. one him Ired and se\ enty- L
five Finlauders who had been \\ irk-
in�� at the Comox fogging iK: Rail-
Way Co. camps struck lor more pay
ou Saturday last. They demanded
au extrt 50 cents per day, and
were offered 25 cents, but they
refused to comprise. On Monday
morning they came to Courtenay,
and those who could boarded the
train for Vancouver, Upwards of
one huudred staved around Courtenay celebrating the occasion, and
on Tuesday the majority of them
wended their way back to camp,
About two hundred men are still
n> of llu- Cenln I .
peal .   Ou tin  ���
were Mr. Colin Jackson,   .
of the local union, R. [].  H
a director of the   As u
Hugh   Stewart   M.   L.    A.
Hurford .ami Mr   Stewart ip
the taxation question   and   its  r ���
lation to farmers, nnd Mr.  Poi
the general work of .he Associal
mentioning  particularly   the
political aspect, awcfwiiat a    leverage they could exert if they would
but stick together   wi euever  elections came   around.    A  collection
was taken up to defray expenses,
and $12 was realized-
Seed   Potatoes!
We have a splendid stock of " Early-
Rose " Seed Potatoes. These are
fine large clean goods for which we
anticipate a large demand, so you
will be well advised to place your
order at an early date. Few Bur-
.   bauks and Elephants
Comox Creamery
50c per lb. this week
Chas.  Simms
Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician
Special IS Jeweled Lever watch $ 6.50
Special   7 do do - 4.5J
Wa!thaml7        c!d do -        12.50
Fully G. ar nteed in Screw Cases
A.hi prevents otlmu having tlie disease no matter-Uow "exposed."
Ml [food drugfflsti and turl tootle Uoiuefl* Write (or our lice
bool let on Distemper
Chemists and Bacteriologists, Goshen, Ind,, U. S. A.
makes miles '.boner,
pulling easier, friction
It's the Mica,
Mica puts thc o-a-s-e
in grease.
Chemically Self*
What do these words
mean to you ?
They mean greater safety
in the Home!
Perhaps you have noticed
these words on our new
match boxes. The splints
of all matches contained
in these boxes have been
soaked in a solution which
renders them dead wood,
once they have been lighted and blown out, thereby
reducing the danger of
FIRE from glowing
matches to tlie greatest
Safety Fi**st and Always-
A Nice German Prisoner
They Seem to Be Docile Enough in
When die German prisoners first
tome in they appear frightened and
discontented, bat after a few days
they seem lo bc happy and cheerful,
writes au officer. Their discipline is
���ucli that they arc under a surveillance almost nominal and work well
under the direction of llieir non-commissioned officer, At the sight of a
French or Brilish officer lhcy stiffen
up and saline iu proper fashion,
showing the same deference as toward their own officers, and indicating tlie complete discipline of the
Teutonic nation. There is a docility
about these prisoners that is almost
pathetic, and it seems to please the
easy-going Tommy Atkins, who
���hows only kindly feeling toward
them, for he is constantly skipping
when not on duly to give them lo-
bacco or other, jjood Ihings. One
slmph minded Tommy, after a dc-
ipcrr:'., struggle in the trcjich with a
huge German, whose face was con
lldcrahly dam gcd by fist and bayo
net, brought his prisoner in and
calmly requested that lie he allowed
to keep him with him because he
lecn ' d to In  a nice fellow.
Good Enough for Him
"I see there's some talk in this
state upon the question of abolishing
capital punishment, Would you vote
to abolish iw"
"1 would not." was tilt derided
reply of thc old chap, "Capital punishment was good enough tor my ancestors, and it's good enough for
mel"���Everybody's Magazine.
A Tonic Medicine ls n Necessity at
This Season
Dr. Williams' l'ink Tills for Pale
People are. an all year round tonic,
blood-builder and nerve-restorer- But
they arc especially valuable in lhe
spring, when the syslem is loaded
with impurities as a result of the indoor life of the whiter months. There
is no other season when lhc blood is
so much in need of purifying and en
riching, and every dose of these pills
helps to make new, rich, red blood.
In the spring one feels weak and
tired���Dr. Williams' l'ink I'ills give
strength. In the spring the appetite
is often poor���Dr. Williams' i'inl
Pills develop the appetite, tone tire
stomach and aid weak digestion. It
is in the spring that poisons in the
blood find an outlet in disfiguring
pimples, eruptions and boils���Dr.
Williams' Pink I'ills speedily clear
the skin because they go to thc root
of the trouble In the blood. In the
spring anaemia, rheumatism, indigestion, ncuralglia, erysipelas and many
other troubles are most pcrsistcnl
because of poor, weak blood, and it is
at this time when all. nature takes
on new life that the blood most seriously needs attention. Some people
dose themselves with purgatives at
this season, but these only further
weaken themselves. A purgative
merely gallops through the system,
emptying the bowels, but it does not
cure anything. ' On thc other band
Dr. Wiliams' rink Pills actually
make new blood which reaches every
nerve and orgati in thc body, bringing new strength, new health and
vigor to weak, easily tired men. women and children. Try Dr. Williams'
Fink Pills this spring���they will not
disappoint you.
Sold by all medicine dealers or
sent by mail at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2-50 by The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Two Thousand
Canadians Prisoner;'
They Belonged to the Forces Operating in Prance
According to statistics presented ill
lhe British house of commons, 81 officers and 2187 nun of the Canadian
forces operating in France havc becn
taken prisoner by thc Germans,
lu other branches of the empire
fi rces serving in prance the Germans, according lo Ihese statistics
made prisoners as follows:
Brilish 10-0 officers and -8,870 of
other ranks; Australians 21 officers,
8_'7 men; New /.ealanders, 19 men;
Sudan natives, 9 officers, O01  men.
'The total number of prisoners secured by Ihe Germans from British
empire forces iu prance is 1131 'officers and 32,519 N.C.O.'s and men.
No Canadian losses arc mentioned
in lhe statistics regarding other war
theatres' The number of Australasians captured in the Dardanelles
and iu Egypt is given as !_ officers
end 130 olhcr ranks. In all theatres
33 officers and 976 of olhcr rank*
from lhe Australasian forces were
The Oil of Power���11 is nol cl
ed for Hr. 'Thomas' Electric Oil
it will cure every ill, but ils uses
so various lhat il may be looked
on as a general pain killer. It
achieved that greatness for itself
all attempts lo surpass it have fal
Us excellence is known to all
have tested its virtues aud learn
Only One Left
There is only one remaining tzar
���Czar Ferdinand of Bulgaria.    But
he may as well begin lo pack up���
Hamilton Times,
Royalties are very much like othei
folks, They can even be moderately
bright at times. 'The. Czar said when
proposing, "The Emperor, my father
has commanded me lo olTcr you my
hand and heart."
"And my grandmother, the Queen,"
replied the Princess Alix, "has com
inanded me to accept your hand,
your heart I will take myself"
A Cure for Rheumatism.���A painful and persistent form of rheumatism is caused by impurities in thc
bloa4, lhe result of defective action
of the liver aud kidneys. The blood
becomes tainted by the introduction
of uric acid, which causes much pain
in the tissues and in the joints. I'ar-
melce's Vegetable Pills arc known lo
have rffected many.rniarkable cures,
and their use is strongly recommended A trial of them will convince
anyone of their value.
You say to the drug store man,
"Give me a small bottle of freezone."
This will cost very little but will
positively remove every hard or soft
corn  or callus  from  one's  feet.
A few drops of this new ether compound applied directly upon a tender,
aching corn relieves the soreness instantly, and soon the entire corn or
callus, root and all, dries up and can
be lifted off with  the  lingers-
'This new way to rid one's feet of
corns was introduced by a Cincinnati
man, who says that freezone dries in
a moment, aud simply shrivels up the
corn or callus without irritating thc
surrounding skin.
Don't lct father die of infection or
lockjaw from whittling at his corns,
but clip this out and make him Iry it.
If your druggist hasn't any free,
zone tell him to order a small bottle
from his wholesale drug house for
Her One Worry
"How's your wife?"
"pine.    Her only trouble is me."
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, EtCi
Betty���1 shall not wed until I find
a hero.
Marie���Well, my defft just sho'V
any man who proposes to you a
schedule of your yearly expenses, and
if he doesn't back out he's one.
Regarded as Social Error
11 is said to be regarded as a social error to mention the island of
St. Helena while taking tea with the
Hohcnzollern family. ��� Charleston
News and Courier.
Minard's Liniment Reliever;
The German mauser can fire f;>. ler
than any other rifle used in the war.
'I he magazine holds iive cartridges,
pai ki d in i harges,
An "Impossible" Empire
The. plain mailer of fact is that
the German empire has made itself
impossible in Europe. Its root ideas,
its fundamental conceptions, ils historic estimate of men aud things, its
ma 1111 ers,'its custom., its behavior,
are so widely different from what
wi associato with the besl elements
of European culture that it must be
taught to amend its ways and accept
a defeat which means humiliation'���
From the London 'Telegraph.
'There's a Reason"
Coins arc caused by thc pressure
of lighl boots, bul no one need be
troubled with them long when so
simple a remedy as Holloway's Com
Cure is available.
The Human Side of Sir John Jellicoe
There arc oilier sides to Sir John
J'llicoe, First  I.ord of thc Admiraliy,
besides his lighting side-
"1 have had many touching letters
from wives and lillle children," he
said the other day. "The little ones
ask, 'When will you let Daddy conic
llQtllC?" .
"1 have answered a great many of
them myself, and havc had to say in
each case: 'It is impossible. The
country needs daddies and husbands,
and so long as the country needs
them wc must ask the wives and
childn n to let them off.' "
Lady Maxwell, wife of Lieut-Gcn-
ctal Sir John Maxwell, has made to
thc Brilish government what is
equal lo a gift of $8,750 a year, in
the form of one-third of her capital,
free of interest, for the duration of
thc war. The gift amounts to $175,-
000. The government lias accepted
the gift-
W,     N,     U.     1154
From High Grade Seeds
Selected Yellow Globe Danvers Onion (black seed'    oz. 2be,
1-4 Ib. 65c, lb-,$2.10, 5 lbs.  $9.25.
Select Large Red Wethersfield Onion (black seed)  oz  25c,
1-4 lb. 65c, lb. $210, 5 lbs. $9.25.
Daily Yellow Danvers Onion (black seed)    oz  20c, 1-4 lb. 60c.
lb. $1.90, 5 lbs. $8.-*5.
Yellow Dutch Onion Setts (choice) lb. 35c, 5 lbs- $1.70.
Shallot Multiplier Onions (for green onions) ���lb- 30c, 5 lbs. $1.40
Chantenay Red Table Carrot, Pkg 5c, oz 25c, 4 ozs. 65c, Ib, $2.00
XXX Cardinal Globe Beet . Pkt. 10c, oz- 20c, 4 ozs. 50c, lb. $150
Prize Hard Head Cabbage (12 lbs)     Pkg- 5c, oz. 30c, 4 ozs. SOc
Perfection Cucumber (for table or pickles) Pkg. 5c, oz- 20c, 4 ozs SOc
XXX Pink Skin Tomato (continuous cropper) Pkg. 15c, oz. 60c
Rcnnic's Mammoth Squash (biggest that grows)   Pkg. 25c
English High Grade Mushroom Spawn ...Brick 50c, 5 bricks $1.65
XXX Solid Head Lettuce  Pkg- 10c, oz. 25c, 4 ozs. 75c
Kangaroo Swede Turnip (high quality) 4 oz. 20c, 1-2 Ib. 35c, lb. 65c
Irish King Swede Turnip (table or cattle)  .. .4 ozs^ 20c, 1-2 lb. 37c,
lb.  70c, 5 lbs. $3.40.
Jumbo   Sugar  Beet   (best for stock) 4 ozs. 15c, 1-2 lb- 25c, lb. 45c
Culture leaflets for any of the above Free with Orders.
Sweet Scented Nicotine (Tobacco Planl) mixed colors  Pkg  5c
Early Cosmos, Crimson, Pink, White or Mixed Shades  Pkg. 10c
XXX Spencer Giant Sweet Peas Pkg- 15c, oz. 35c, 4 ozs. $1.00
Summer Cypress, lovely summer hedge  Pkg. 5c, 1-4 oz- 25c
XXX Climbing Nasturtium, all colors  Pkg- 10c, oz. 20c
Branching Giant Asters, Pink, White, Crimson or Mixed ..Pkg. 10c
Giant XXX Comet Asters, mixed all colors  Pkg. 10c
XXX Defiance Sweet Mignonette   Pkg. 10c, 1-2 oz. 60c
"Pakro"   Seedtape.
2 pkts. for 25c
Rennie's Seed Annual Free to All.
"You plant   it   by   the    Yard."
Ask lor    descriptive    list-
Delivery    Free    in    Canada.
Order through  your  LOCAL DEALER    or    direct    from
394 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg
Straining Every Nerve
Every nerve must bc strained to
smash Prussianism, and to smash it
now- In his speech at Carnarvon,
the Prime Minister issued a great call
to the nation���to housewives and
farmers, and to able-bodied men and
to women; to those who can work
and those who can only pay. Crumb
ling and carping criticism must
cease, and from every one musl
come the cry: "Here am I, send
mel" That is the spirit of victory.
The enemy is blundering to his ruin.
He is hitting wildly out, and blindly
because of his despair. Now is the
appointed time for the last great
effort that will topple the Prussian
idol from its pedestal, and secure a
peaceful world for the generations
that will followr���London Daily Express.
Knew Lots
She���Is a  quarterback a Senior?
Him���Xo, Genevieve.
She-���Oh, I thought hc must belie knows such a lot of numbers!���
A Solar Water Heater
Using Sunshine for   Heating  Water
in California
The sun itself heats the hot water
used by many residents of Monrovia
and other places in southern California. According to the Scientific
American, the sunshine water heater
consists of a coil of pipe arranged in
a box about four inches deep with a
copper bottom and a glass top. The
apparatus is usually placed on the
roof or in a similar exposed location.
The rays of thc sun heat the water
in the pipe and thus set up a circulation that carries the water to a
storage tank, from which it is drawn
for household usage. Thc storage
tank is so thoroughly insulated that
the loss of temperature during the
night is usually not more than four
or five degrees. Southern California
is unusually favored with sunshine,
but there seems to be no reason why
this economical method of heating
water should not be used in other
parts of the counlry during hot,
sunny weather.
your nervous system is shattered; your strength is wasted;
your digestion weakened; your blood impoverished.
is the rich tonic-food to nourish your nerve-centers, repair
the wasted   tissue, improve  your  blood-power,
sharpen your appetite and gradually re-establish
your strength.
Get SCOTT'S for yourself, or remind some ailing
friend that SCOTT'S has proven these words for
thousands of others.       Loofe for this Trade-Mark.
Scott -st Bowne, Toronto, Ont.
A_ .
t ls�� '.tit        t'��    .
F.F. Daney Co. of Canada, Ltd.
H��niUott|   (.an.
���I' *J-  '������ -1- ''!��� to
IS ISSUING a new policy contract which will
give your beneficiary a guaranteed monthly
income for life-  Write for pamphlet.
I lorrors oi ihc Countryside Recently Evacuated by the German
Army in Rctrcal is Described by Whyte Williams in an
Article in the New Vork Times
A.s ,\e approached the ruined vil
lages I was at firsl not greatly impressed by the damage, that had been
none, lhat was because these
Flench villages have endured hundreds of years; Ihey are. built solidly
of brick and stone, and ordinary
burning docs not level them In the
ground as would be^the rase of
American villages oriraillC houses,
or as the ease of French villages
after artillery bombardment. Hut
when wc rode tlirougli the deserted
Rlld silent streets we saw what
ghaslly hand had been at work. The
walls of lhe houses wcrc only shells
concealing charred ruins. Not only
one village is like that, nor a dozen,
but every single onc of the hundreds
that have been liberated has been put
to fire and sword, old men, old women, cripples, left to await the arrival of their own soldiers lo care for
them; their ablebodicd men taken in.
to bondage, months ago, their young
women and girls herded along with
the retreating army to a slavery no
one dares think about without seeing
red. And at every village thc same
message was left behind for the
French soldiers when they arrived.
Translated it reads like this:
"You scc what we havc done
here. Well, this is what is going to
happen all the way back to thc
French frontier."
Is it any wonder that the French
soldier telling me this said between
clenched teeth:
"There is only onc answer to that,
my friend. Let them get down on
their knees and pray when the
French army crosses the Rhine.
Wc will bc taking no prisoners ou
that day."
The aspect of the villages Is sad
enough, but the countryside is
worse. I have seen so much of artillery destruction during this war
that I confess 1 have been rather
sated wilh ruins. A destroyed
churcli, a house ripped clean to its
foundations, is only another example
of what I havc seen dozens of times
before. But a countryside that has
so little left of it as that one I passed through is a sight that made mc,
want to cry and fight at the same
time. It has already been reported
how orchards havc becn destroyed.
1 ralhcr expected that this had happened just along the roads by which
lhc army retreated. But with field
glasses I could see far in on every
tide of every road for miles and
miles; every farm is burned,    fields
The Best
o! Everything
goes into the making of
and naturally the best "sodas"
you can buy come out the other
end of our modern automatic
ovens-baked to a turn���ready
to delifjht you with their crisp-
ness and flavor.
In Packages Only.
The same high-class materials and
Skill make our
Royal Arrowroot
pr. g00^ that it la a favorite everywhere, especially for the children'.
destroyed, every garden and every
bush uprooted, every tree sawed oil
close to the bottom. It was a terrible sight and seemed almost worse
than the destruction of men, Those
thousands of Irecs prone upon the
earth, their blanches waving in thc
wind, seemed undergoing death agonies before our eyes.
Everything gave its share to the
blood lust of hate. Churches gave
their organs for their copper, also
the brass walls of their altars, even
crucifixes upon ruined walls were
stripped down and torn asunder.
We passed through the remnant of
a place called Porqucricourt. An
old woman came to a broken doorway. Wc stopped to talk with her.
She smiled at the sight of the French
uniforms of our officers. She lived on
a farm a mile away. Thc Germans
had passed in the night and burned
it so that she had come to Porqucr-
icourt to hide in the cellar of a
friend. Her husband and brother,
both old men, had been killed by the
Germans during thc retreat, her two
sons led off to slavery thc year before. One of them had come back,
but had becn seized again only a few
weeks before.
Her three daughters had been with
her at thc farm the night that the
Germans retreated. They Pad fled
with her to the house of her friend,
fioin where they saw their own home
of a lifetime in flames. The girls
were 19, 21 and 24 years old. The
Germans had found them in Por-
quericourt and had taken them away,
lhat was eight days before. She
had heard nothing of them since. All
other young women had likewis
vanished that night when thc Germans went away.
She told her story simply in a-low
unfaltering voice. But she shudder-
cd as she spoke of her daughters. I
said to her:
"The next day after the Germans
had gone, how did it seem to scc
French soldiers appear?"
She replied; "It was such a feeling
that it is impossible to describe, with
an emotion of joy, monsieur, tha't is
beyond words."'
1 asked another question:
"And how do you feel now���husband, brother, sons and daughters
all gone and yon left here alone?"
I shall never forget thc sight of
her gray head. She looked into my
eyes aud replied:
"Today, monsieur, I am with
France���and I have confidence-"
Women in Russia
Occupy     Influential    Places
Throughout the Empire
A significant announcement is
made concerning the part that women will play in the guidance of new
Kussia. Women arc at once lo be
placed in important positions
on the committees which will
govern Petrograd and wc may confidently look for them to occupy influential places throughout the em
The status of women in Russia has
been different than in any other oc-
cidenlal country. The revolution,
which has waxed and waned alternately for generations, but which
never has been suppressc1 entirely,
has given to women power according
to their capabilities. Equality has
prevailed under the pressure of autocracy, perhaps because of lhat
pressure, as it prevails lo a large extent in the labor movements of other
Women look forward to increased
recognition iu all parts oi Europe af
ter thc war. Thc cause of equal
suffrage gains steadily in the United
States. A pledge that Russia's aspirations to democracy arc real and
secure is given in the prompt admission of women to their share in thc
responsibilities of government.���Detroit News.
China Banishes
Curse of Opium
Age-long Habit Which Crippled Millions Is to Knd Afler
Long Fight
lhe counlry which for generations
has been looked upon as the leasl
progressive in thc world has won
the greatest victory ever achieved
over a vice that was a national curse,
writes Charles Stirrup in The New-
York Sun. China has shown itself
worthy of thc. distinction oi being the
oldest civilization in existence. ll
has set every Occidental country an
example by abolishing the source of
much of its misery, degradation and
weakness, for after March 31 the
opium traffic ceased altogether. A
vice that has held tens of millions
in ils clutches is being exterminated.
European and American investigators differ in opinion as lo whether
the ravages of opium are worse than
those of alcohol, but agree thai the
use of the Fasti rn drug is a more
insidious habit than liquor drinking
and harder to stamp oul. Moreover,
the percentage of high Chinese officials wdio wcrc at one. lime slaves
to opium was far higher than Ihe
proportion which alcohol could claim
among the administrators and civil
servants of western counlries, and
repressive measures adopted by lhe
government have in all rases been
hampered by Influential personal inclination such as would nol bc met
with elsewhere. Ridding the Celestial Empire of its favorite vice has
therefore been a stupendous task,
greater and more wonderful even
tlum Russia's abolition of vodka: but
it has been accomplished alter ten
years' of well planned work of a
thorough common-sense kind, to the] l_"J'E_,ll_ -^f,.?;?.-*1���*)
incalculable benefit and everlasting
credit of a gifted people.
Ancient Country Has Come Into Prominence Again Through the
Vagaries of thc War, and the Outcome May Mean a New and
Better Era for lhc Birthplace of Christianity
Manitoba Forests
Will Prove a Valuable Asset if Properly  Protected
"There seems no just reason why
Northern Manitoba should not repeat to a degree the wonderful development in wood-using Industries
now taking place iu Quebec, Manitoba holds splendid promise, of industrial growth in the northern forested areas with their line water
powers. The trouble has been that
culture, aud forestry has tagged behind like a poor relation."
This was a statement made by Mr.
Robson Black, secretary of thc Canadian Forestry association,   Ottawa.
"None of the provinces of Canada
is exclusively agricultural. Seventy,
fve per cent, of northern Manitoba
above the open prairie line will never give crops other than limber.
There is little use bemoaning these
facts. We ought to turn them to
immediate commercial advantage.
"Manitoba's timber supplies have
been going down hill for 100 years.
Unrestricted fires   have   periodically
Palestine, where a Hriiish force is
operating now, has au area of but little ovcr half that of Nova Scotia,
though il requires a cold imagination to speak of the Holy Land in
the blank terms of geography. The
district look ils present name, supplanting that of Canaan, Irom ils division as Syria Phillstina, Roughly
it is today the territory claimed as
the inheritance of lhe Hebrews prior
lo lhe exile. One authority -lates
lhat "notwithstanding iis small size,
Palestine presents a variety of geographic details so unusual aS to be
ill itself sufficient to mark it out as
a country of especial interest. The
bordering regions, morc ner, are as
varying as lhe counlry itself���sea to
lhe west, a mountainous and sandy
desert to the south, a lofty steppe
plateau to thc cast and-the great
masses  of  Lebanon lo  the north."
For centuries Palestine has belonged to Turkey and lln: Turku
have divided it into ihree vilayets
and sanjacs. The population, of
Christian Syrians and a mcdlcj of
all Eastern religions, is estimated it
aboul onc million. The land lies bc-
Egypt, two
of the earliest seats oi civilization
which havc come inlo a strange cycle of prominence again. Palestine
been the battlefield of Oriental
ed of the English Jews. A .uzer'
eignty under Britain' has been mentioned, but not officially, as soon al
the Turks are ousted. There must
be everywhere among good, clean-
living men and women, recognizant
of wdiat the world owes Israelistii,
and possibly even in Germany, a
feeling that the Turk is not the
rightful ruler there. Internationa]
control has also been suggested. The
future only can determine.
New Elevators for Alberta
Has inrcn tne natucneiu oi von
peoples from thc dawn of histi
In this it i.s like linle Belgium,
"cockpit of Europe," and the a
ciatiou of the. two lands just
docs not call for the exercise
much thought: they are everr
linked in historic sufferings, (in
Romans and Parlliiaus among
ancients held sway iu Palestine,
in  later centuries    the    Arabs,
Turks and lhe Crusaders control!'
and in recent times the Mongols overran it prior lo their settlement in
The geology of the country has
been studied in sonic detail. As every
Bible student knows, its most remarkable feature is the. Head Sea,
fed by the Jordan, which itself runs
along a bed" sixty-live miles long, ly
ing from 700 to 1,200 feet below the
level of the Mediterranean. As it
has no outlet except by evaporation
its waters havc become exceedingly
salty and the legend of the Dead Sea
fiuit has become proverbial. The
Jordan Valley was once rank iu vegetation, but neglect and Arabs and
Turks have led to its being now little more than the jungle home    of
Will Reach Prom the Peace River t��
the Boundary in the South
Elevator companies are planning to
construct this spring a large number
of new storehouses in Alberta. The
Alberta Farmers' Co-operative Company count on putting up 40 new
elevators in the province before the
1917 crop is ripe, these to reach from
the Peace River to thc southern
boundary. Already 36 sites have
been secured and negotiations are
under way for the remainder. All
railway lines are being treated impartially, and new structures will appear this year on practically every
branch of line in the province. The
cost of thc elevators is placed roughly at $.150,000 and the capacity will
run all the way from .5,000 to 63,-
000 bushels each. The building!
will be planned much the same at
those already in use by this company,
and all will be modern handling ar_d
storing buildings.
Placing the average storage capa-
city of these elevators at 40,00.
bushels, the lotal additional capacity
which will be provided by this company for the 1917 crop will be 1,600,-
000 bushels. Work is to be_ commenced at once, and abo.t 150 mea
will be employed.
Only onc other
j need be mentioned
cleaned out the storehouse of wealth jjong
which would loday have created    aj
vast industrial development    parallel'
lo   those   of   Ontario and   Quebec,, ., . ,
Eighty-seven per cent- of the forest !10/ort avalli" '
area is   now   composed    of   young*?   ^
growth or at best of  timber    underj   ,   c,      . ...   ,       , ., , ,    .... . ;,,.,
---.-������ '    chants, skilled in dyeing anu snipping
geographic fact
thc district    has
r thc shipping of
except in the north, the onc-
lome. of line Phoenician    mcr-
cight inches diameter, such as is fit
for small saw Umber.
"The wrecked and ruined condition
of such vast areas of the provincial
forests prevents that immediate industrial development that otherwise
would have come. But forests in
most cases will recuperate, it fire is
rigidly kept out, and that is the reason the western legislatures have
been asked to take measures against
careless conduct in settlers' fires.
If illness
a breach-
Business Activity After the War
There is more reason tc^anticipal
business activity after the war than!
business depression.     For years the
farmer will enjoy high prices for his'
products.    Shipbuilding is being es-l
lablished as one o. the industries of
thc Dominion,    Aeroplane manufac-i
turc promises to bc another.    Industrial demands  for the  reconstruction j
period in  F.urope. will provide    work1
for transformed munition   factories.
Immigration will provide    labor    as
well as increase the agricultural population.      America enjoyed financial
prosperity after the Civil War.    The
demand tor raw materials, for man-
.uid to whom the lirst discovery of
the. Brilish Isles is attributed. Comparatively few Christians, Catholic or
Protestant, would know that the only
port the Jews ever had was Joppa.
It was belter known in Maceabcan
Today, as in the more poetic limes
of thc Psalmist and of the New Tcs-i
lament, the trees arc the juniper, the
olive, the cedar and the sycamore.
As in thc old Acadian land, "still
stands the forest primeval, bul where
are thc hearts that beneath ihem
leaped like the roc?" The climate
runs from the sub-tropical of the
Jordan Valley to thc Alpine air of
the slopes of Hcrinon, producing as
it docs palms by Jericho and pines
Lebanon. Snow is never known at
Gaza, but it lies three feel deep
sometimes on Gilcad���wlicn fir
aching hearts even today thc balm
coines from.
What will bc the outcome of thc
Britisii advance from Egypt ovi t the
mad that Abraham's sons look as
they sought com? The aspiration of
that part of the Jewish people   wiled
ufaelured products and for workmenI Zionists is to return iu literal word
should insure, good business and | and deed to Canaan. It is a power-
good wages in tiie _Dominioi     fori ful movement in Europe, headed by
nionto News.
Israel Zangwlll, the most enlighten-
Druggists and Store*
Helping the Cause in Two Ways
That Saskatchewan flour sacks, filled with sand, havc provided breast'
works for the Canadian soldiers tn
the trenches in France was a statement made at a recent convention of
the Saskatchewan Grain Grower*'
Association. Tlirougli the patriotia
endeavors of this association, a gift
of 40,000 sacks of flour, containing
3,200,000 pounds, had been presented
lo the British government. It mado
up a train of 41 box cars. This gift
having arrived in France, it was
made into bread and fed to the soldiers during thc great Somme offensive, and the empty sacks were use-
in the manner indicated.
North-Vest Biscuit Co., Limited
W.     N.     U
Every seat in the car was occupied,
when fl (jrflup of worrjen got in. Going through to collect lares, iiie Conductor noticed a man who hc thought
was asleep. "Wake upi" shouted
the conductor. "I wasn't asleep,"
.aid lhe passenger. "Not asleep,"
snapped the conductor, "Then whin
did you have your eyes jlcjjcd for?'1
"It was because if-tli* ffowded condition of^I'.is'TJlfr, explained the passenger? "^T hate to see the women
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Adv
A    We.Icy   Newspaper,   Ptiblslied   nl
Courlciinv, n  ''.
N   ll.  BooKN, Itditqr and Proprieloi
Subscription SI .Mi per  Vear in Advanci
THURSDAY MAN' ..'I,  1917
military service uuder the coming
.. ascription measure, for while
many slackers will I), netted there
will also bo many wilh heavy do-
in sin: responsibilities, \Vc> would
rccoininend any single eligibles to
;:t into uniform before the Coir
s_ripti.11 Hill becomes law. It will
be selective, rather than general
in icriptton,
It was with much pride and interest tli u we noted the speech
in i le by tli ��� in nnlier   For   Comox I
:\o iin it i h i In I.; ���! |irop ISa'.S, no
tably Ihose designed to increase 11.��� -
bur '.en of tax ii i i'i borne !>v the
farm ir, Th i le.id.r of lh ��� opposi
tion li il prevl i ������ ily ch uupioued
the c ins.' of t i ��� i ir ni 'is, and Mr,
Stew ii'l wa; i;' ' : i I i,' ��� home in
forcible tn.il [il i'*; liie iiupi' :s'i ui nl-1
ie niv created i lhe gov ��� i iiinetil
i.inks by Mr ': ����� t, W i com-
mend Htighie i iwiri 'oi thu 1 re
niembei mn hi itti.nts ev.n it
the expense   il    li    . i \   to    ���
against hi. ui ' ,.-. ., ���.;���
��� i. * i , ��� >i little
, .;. i ir I 'i j niiil r rank's are
m     I.      npii city   bre I m.n
with law .'���������:-��� ii ! uniil il n ;.
''Uonest" John I. ��� ��� mi -Ill h ive
spoken up fo i     lei*  t inn :rs
fohu vi i, lie ittbj   ;. i
i' 'ease ol       . ition  on   ai ;i-
cultural laud by i ��� ��� unieut which
i'i-'     iwed '      offi '.">   on
! li >w inncli
r the '   rially
is ti:   premii lary w is receutly
in '. ���'������������ . .. un g,* ioo to ;���;-, 50 > per
annum, and this Imitte Ily bad
ti "es finnnciallv.
"V   I
n oi
'  criti
. tt r Attorn 1 ._u_ral ! liber-
iil'.-ly in order that We might avoid
any hasty or heated jtt Igmeiit.
I.{ verv body is now a iquainied with I
the facts of the cast, or at least
with those which nave been made
public as a result of Mr. Cowper's
public spirited action. \\'e are surprised that Mr. M. A, McDonald
requited iu such ill maimer the
trust placed in lrin by his leader,
we are amazed at the delayed resignation of his cabinet position and
we cannot think that Vancouver
will require him to be one of it's
representativess in the provincial
cr any other legislature a minute
longer than the necessary formali
ties demand. Thr sad thing about
tiie whole business is that so far
Mr. McDonald has been the only
member found out, for there are
undoubtedly others who have accepted funds from questionable
sources And tllis, mark you,
gentle reader, when most honest
men are going without virtual ne
oess;ties of life in order to make
both ends meet. Knough said,
but how long, are honest men going
to stand for it.
At last, Canada is going to have
a measure of conscription, intro
duced in order to provide the much
needed reinforcements tor the Iin
perial Army. No one will question
Sir Robert Borden's wisdom for it
was high time that the many eli
gibles in Canada were pressed to do
their plain and straight duty.
Every time drafts of men left Van
couver or Victoria, each draft containing many married men, they
were cheered by hundreds of single
"slackers" who could yell without
a blush. That state of affairs could
not go on for it made our warriors
almost reluctant to light for those
who should have heen in uniform
two years ago. But let in one
deipise those who are called up lor
Voting on the Electric I.i.ht By
Law takes place m-xi Thursday,
prom the data submitted by ihe
Council il does not appear to lie a
good business proposition for th ���
city in purchase the |>I ml at this
particul ir   time,    T  o   thou'in I
dollar., per .11111111:1 will have    to   I) :
plid by direct luxation each and
every year for Iwentv years. At
the ci i of ill u liin ��� ri de 1 1 loi of
111011 ly is spent 011 ii ��� upke: p the
plant will lie worn oul Phc Cilj
will h ive to p ty 3 cent 1 p r k. \v
hour foi current, a id i 11 ��� 11 I s dii ,g
il ui ih .��� s un i 1 '.1 ��� the C imp my is
now ch ir ;ing. 'I'h v ��� n b* no
profft in lh 1 haii'lli ig ;��� th ��� presenl
rate of eon iiimpti i.i, 1 id ivi I nol
be unless Courten iy gr in 1 vei ���
rapidly, Tiicu vv iy >h > il I v ���
burden ourselves with au an 1a.1l
deb of -, i'qo > when w* are not I 1
g I m ' led 1: ��� cttrr il my li rap
er? Fully 0'ie-thir 1 >l I'ic lax rs
each year a c not p lid at th ��� pr
sent time, an 1 if the by 1 IW ', 1
carried, those of u 1 wh > do ;��� 1,
our laxe ; will ii ree lo p iv for thus ���
who d > in)!, or lo ;e 0111 pi opei i)
We uee I everything in our cil ���
worse ihui we need the electric
light plant. If vv ��� aro foolish
enough to ear ������ ta . >'j' iw, an I if
we can borrow the 1110 1 ry, we will
beso overwhelmingly iu debt that
il will be imp issibie to I) irr iw 1 1
oilier dollar from any other source
to carry 011 necessary work or tu
tide oyer from 01 e period to another
The city is already $5,000 in debt
and apparently going behind even-
day, and no public improvements
joiug ou, and absolute y 110 chance
of any this year bevoud $100 to lie
spent on gravel walks in each w ir!.
Vote NO ou polling day.
and new Ready-
to-Wear Lines a
,..1. Jills
��� 11 ��� 1 ��� ��� ��� ��� ���_���������������
Get a ticket for the Red Cross
raffle for jewellery, 12 chances to
the ticket, at the Express Offi:e.
Dan Kilpatrick hay built a plat- I
form on piles for his donkey en-'
gine at his limber limits at Kye |
Bay. Thi. will enable him to get !
logs into the water at any tide.
Ben Ward is getting ready to log <
off the Cessford timber claim on tlie j
Puntledge River just above Cour-1
tenay. The donkey engine has
been brought up from Beckensell's !
ranch aad towed up.the river to the'
Indian Reserve, ami i.s rapidly being
taken to its place iu the woods.
fifteen per cent Discount ou all
for one week only, ending May 24th
It is a pretty low down thing to
rob a neighbor's woodpile especially
at night, when honest people I11.V:
retired to rest. It is still worse
to take, not the blocks, but the
split wood prepared for the kitchen
range. Still we understand that
the Courtenay resident affected is
anxious for the name and address
of the ' borrower" in order that
the latter may be spared the trouble
of taking any more away, as it is
hoped to hive the wood delivered
iu future and so save any more
"borrowin-r," at night. (Moral,
With such light-fingered persons
at large, lock your woodshed at
night )
Ecquivnalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Holiday    Excursion
Empire Day
Fare and One-Third  for   Round Trip
Children Under 12 half fare
ftood Going   on Wednesday,  May 22nd  Return
Saturday,  May  26
Phone R 60
Agent Courtenay,
high cost
of Living
is inducing some men to pay
1 s attention to the details of
tli ir clothes, My suits are
uu,t'e with such regard for honest-value aud long service as
tu make It worth while for auy
man to come here. Compare
mv prices with what others
Tailor to Women and Men
Union Bay Road
A -counts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  & Field
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepaied to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
it Normal Price���
Ten cents worth ol wlienl flour contains 5-4-10 units of energy
Ten cents worth of beef contain i II" units of energy.
Ten (".ni i worth o  eggs contains 385 units of energy,
Ten cents worth ol fresh fteh e ml ihis Jl." null, ol energy,
A pound of menl costing 25 ei ills contains lil'SS energy limn
n sound nl Hour costing | to 6 eeiils,
And when the flour Is
���"- V
a ������_>
the difference is still more in ii ��� fnyoi h    ui ��� ol Its extra strength
pn dtiei s mon  lonves to lln    lek,
Ik-re's llie '" high ei  I of living" problem solved,   To ink ii over
Tlu ll in 1 youi denier fo I ! Is ���' .
���- :     i - .
i       '!' J, :>%.
soul mm
**u*trm�� ..     .-., ���.,     .<->--'
L<        FOR THE
Trade Mark
On Every Sack
.   ������    '��� :_.___*__w
Tourng  $495;   Ruuabout $475
F. O. B. Ford, Ont.
E. C. Emde, Dealer for Comox District
Auto, Launch, Motor Cycle, Gas Engine and
Bicycle  Supplies, Repairing, etc.
Phone. L46 Courtenay
Quick Action by Telephone
These are days of speed. People demand rupiditv in everything.
The jitney found a plaee in urban traffic because it gaue quicker transportation.   The automobile revolutionized commercial conditions.
But faster than all is the telephone. The field of the telephone
is not circumsciibed���anywhere, everywhere, it is all the same to the
telephone.   Aud all in a moment too.
No necessity to travel even by the fastest carriers, when you
have the telephone.
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
The costof Living isHigh GRAND DISPLAY
Still There's Nothing Like Leather^
Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & Iliscoe
Love and ree.cn are seldom  on
Tuning and Repairing
Here about Oct. 1
Leave orders at Review office
Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Ice Cream
Swan's Old StaiH Ct M*f*iy ��3
'I'he clock at the-   Comox   school
is the talk of the   place,    ll   i.s   a,              , ,     .,    . ,     ,
massive structure in sleel,   highly occupied by H. A, Grant, who kit
*                    "           J          i , .-���     (in     Clin.     ,n,     (.is-     lit.. 1 . -i _   I
place are more forward   than   any
Conductor Fletcher   and   family
I have rented  the   residence  lalei_
burnished, weighs a little under 150
lbs. combination locks to all departments, has u comphte electric
intsallatiou. tells the dav of month
year, and state of the weather,
Complete savings bank, with patent
detector for spurious coins; ice
cream freezer, mid hot air producer: wakes one up in the moniin)',
announcing the st ite of the weather
comox on Sunday for the 1 Cast.
Then, Fortune, returned soldier
has commenced his duties in ooinos
We saw him ' chickeu hunting,'
From his experience in Englaw
whilst mi sick furlough we should
judge that he lias seen far inon' 01
England than lhc'average Englishman, lie kissed lhe Warm y stdne
wllilsl iu    Ireland,   nud  s:i\ s   lli.il
. "ih.' gill ui Ioiim 11 "., is growing on
markets,' ami latesl war iicvs. |linl auilv. And the English girl well
Other Improvements are to be ad words (nil him! lie has lost his hearl
(led,    The school inarm-lire   to be  again and again, nud   thinks   when  lie
congratulated on   their  up lo-ilnle\na^ *'"'" vu that he will  engng
,    , ,,        , ' , ,la '.ii 'apliei i'i ill ml lo this purlieu
clock motor,    Mw.s Cass values the jju. uranc\\ ,,f |,|,,   ,   ,
entire structure al $150 ti    k  11   ������              uui St, I'i 1
Tne trustees of Comox UedCross Otiilil lu-ld lli.-ir im    ings nl   lhe  honu
society acknowletU ,H of flu ��'^    JJ                ;  ft iJn
[olio Wing ; I ruin Mrs, Cox and Mrs ,.1,1,, ,.,,,,,, , i;,   , |., ,1 ,
I.nb.iu, $27 10 ; Mi.   I),hi ;l is  $1 : ,,; i;,,,, |!o,| ���        |��� u,wii   1, 1
Miss llulili 51 : Mrs.    VlVilcox,   sale m  day cvi-i               ������   nunc   lo   ;'
of needles $1 ,10. Tolal $30,40, ''"n �� ,;in'1
Capl.   Tom  Cliffe  lias   li id   his "' '
ship I'jin lied un in Comox wli'-u f.
7400 li.'s were  loaded
Anderton  &  Brown-
biiiiiiil for ihe north
lor iin
Is I 1 lor liu
: i l. II.ni   ns  usual j
having        11   1 1
ll    I',   I. MU  I  ,   111       '.     ill   I    '
l--i.it \ ,     iiiys "Ii     hal   i   humming   ou
hipped liV , his Irieiids."
'I'll y   ;uv'    One ol   iy fi-l        hn    idil me mom 1
j lo Inn   ioiu 1  '    her   in   Coinos
! .,|., , [li 1   'i much  chenpei   !   1
We very much regrel that Robl    ,,      ,   ���,������������������   .    ���:,.. ,���..  the  nm
Ainslic and family nre li a\ in 1 u ,   witli     uu irising    sto
Bob 1. going to ���  ii eh ss    alioil l-n    stai        unir'l" :    : ''
cheiui l'niin where lie    ill be 11.1-'.  "'';���
We wish   liiiii   nml   fanii?y  eve .
good luck uml success,
Clifford Wilcox  found   a   $2 bill!    <:       more o' the roads p
vyith aboul 85 : lorn oul of it.    We 1 d '01 poiai ������ ������
offfered hiin 50<j. for the   bill but he,    Has niiyoii   seen anything of the  par-
wasn't "having any " rot thai used to he lu the i'. O.?
Miss Kathleen   Dm tram rptnrned      Hoes imyoiie in Comox kno"�� o game
,,( card* 1 ilh I "( inch?"
Who Iried to   leal lhe pile  driver   off
known later on. I   The Tattle Red' ross workers are col-
Mr. John Hawkins   of  Nob "FTi 11  icctiug waste paper thi   week,    Bundles
has mi exceedingly  hopeful exhib- nnv he left ni th ��� Joinox v. O.
ition of bloom on  his  fruit  trees, .������.��������-
everything pointing to a big supply     Empire Dai 'is being   celebrated
of good fruit.    Vegetables  on the nt Cumberland'today.
City Council
,\t the meetiug of lhe City Conn
cil on Monday evening Ilia M lyoi
���unl Aids. Aston, Drown l,.ighton
aud McNeil wer��i presenl, Accounts aggregrting $144,07 were
presented, and with the exception
.1 fi 1 witness lees in c iiiiieclion
villi the McDonald inquest, passed
in the Finance Committee lo pay
if found em reel, as follows:
I. Thompson 38,00
W. 11miies, witness for Indian i 11 ..in
II. C. Telell ill ��� in. ';���'
Courti nny Sawmill 39.67
;'. I. Aii li rlon 14 nu
1'. (I, I Im ford .'i .ou
Dog T '��� 4 15
\\    I!    '
1"     :   ��� , ton 1     Blecti ic   flight
Cu   wi'i '   " I.e..   ', ilgiug   1     ipls
[thi  City's millci  lo pi rchan  I In
I    ,
I re pi i    id that i
1   repair   lh
l\yi    1 III
i 11 f01       Ilh
mint il 1 liul ��� ie U      1    h nr
nul   straigliti 'ii d Hi         Ian
���     ���   .     , 1      '''���!..,
f stump      III  I   on    llie   el.ic
,    11
��� ion fl 1 :
I   K. John lo
. lied
3 to hei pi ice     "'       Ch ii
���'    :    11 tl of Worl iin
lo I    k inin 1 He 111 ill ,'.
Designed this year it will ornament and enhance tha
good appearance of the tidiest kitchen in all Canada.
Come in and I'll show you why the Kootenay ctays a_
good as new long after other ranges have to be repaired
or replaced. m
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Coartena y
VV inted    An   ' A ng I,"   i'i   fact
��� "vel ill of tin 111 ire in edetl, A| ply
to   'i'i il/.y."
.','   .. i'i ic I 11111 111   :' I Mrs   V il-
Iiiun I iiiiiean  are   vi: iting   in   lhe
'apitul Citv this week,    _Irs. I iii g
,'ho li     receutl)   '���   died the
nn .1 fn 1111 Nelson, vir ilino
byterian Church
St. Andrews1  S 11
Sei 1 io  2 p.m.     Suuda.   Si hool
and Bible Class 3 p. in,
Sum' iv   School ami   Bible  Clas
10:30 a, in.    Evening -
p. iu. All welcome
Ammunition Column which  THEED - ��
tiniii n fi w V���. ���'���:- ago  has        ,,
Kathleen Duggan returne
from Victoria hv Smnril,i\ 's Iraii
Results of her examination will I
^*t**d**trm*>r**l*at*al*****lat\lt<*,   fc.^ . (H4t��_'l*i*>W*��_0l
.'���  ",    llti*****\t^*dt\fS\
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
)W il
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
I beg to-iannounce that I have opened a Flour and
Fe��*d Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
the hire of hi
Coinmis: ionei    vera .<
Airs, Cokeli v wanted 1
! lie council   intended   di i       pn
thing In help the retui u '    1   ie
at Qualicum Beach,    '1 li y   li v<
be iiitiful ���! nt I" livi     it,   1 . t   1
amusements    The Com c'l expri
-ed themselves as full) iu s* mpalln
rii-rl wiil co .operate with   tin   Hed
Cross or any othei Society  in  any
effort they erne to man.e.
Mayor MeKei /.ie staled, lhat lie
had been at Victoria last week an I
h id interviewed the local member
and the Minister of Public Works
re the liridge over the slough and
the river, and it was probable they
would both be rebuilt this year, 0-
next year, at any rate the one over
the slough would be rebuilt this
���ear if it would not stand until
next year.
The matter of horses and cattle
running at large was again taken
up. The Mayor reported that he
had secured a City Pound from J.
McLeod, and had engaged Major
Stephenson to act as poundkeeper
owing to the many complaints o:
damage being done by these loose
Aid. Aston drew the attention of
the Council to the dangerous condition of the narrow bridge ou Isabel street, near Hicks Beach &
Field's Real Iistate office.
,   ��� I    1 Iin] ' nd ; It will be
membi red   that   Iwo    Sand      :
1.1111111 '������    Pre 11     . ��� il   and
inn : .r were 1111 ml ��� i- 1   the draft
I mil much rebel will be fell at theif
.. w iter safe crossing,
li  ��� ���
; rr',/,'.
hone 6
CoUl ",'
Oregon & C.l'foriiia Railroad Co  Gr.nl i.rjr.ls
Title to same revi sled in Uunited
States by Act of Congress, dated
[line 9. iyi(i.- Two million, three
1 hundred thousand acres to be opened up for homesteads and sale.
Timber and Agricultural lands
Containing some oi the best laud
lefl in United Slates. Now is the
opportune time     Large map show
Ciniilierla.nl Hi     I
nod Accomodation       C lien
Wm. Merryfield
Use The Soil
It is just as important under
present conditions to have reserves
of food as reserves of cartridges
When so much is dependent upon
a good crop, the entire community
should concern itself about the
situation from the beginning of tlie
season. There are certain common vegetables comprising a large
part of the food supply, such as
potatoes, beans, onions, etc which
do well in all part- of tlie country.
Thev can be grown in ��� small way
without machinery, and their production this year in ample qualities should be assured beyond
chance or doubt.
Palace Livery
pportune time     Large map snow- (���    ��~* , /-y ,   ,
ig lands hy sections an d descrip- A/   j-< PpH SfQnU
on of soil, climate, rainfall,   ele- *-*�� l   V>0 ol U OGi irj t ",
vations, ect.    Postpaid Si,    cil'ant Horses  and   Buggies  for   Hire   _
Lands   Locating   Co.,    Box 610.
Portland, Oregon. Terms cash.
We  also attend to  wood hauling
TAKE  NOTICE  that Timlin  Bros,,
the Campbell   River  School,   and the Proprietors
Campbell River Hospital, whose address   /~_,..-s_.,���.. n,
is Campbell River, 11, C, will applv lor  Courtenay Phone _J
a license to take  and   use   10,()tK)  (ten '
thousand) gallons  and  to  store 100,(100   __________fl-_-__-__________________a____i
gallons ol water out of a stream known |
as (.imp Creek which flows northerly!
and drains into Campbell River about
half a mile from ils mouth. The storage-dam will be located at n point on the
creek, Ivease 49, lot 84. The capacity
of the reservoir to 1 e created is about
100,000 gallons, and it will flood about
three acres of land. The water will be
diverted from the stream at a point
about six hundred feei north, twenty degrees west of the south-east corner of
lease 49, and will be used loi domestic
laud and premises described as lots 69
and 73. Tllis notice was posted on the
ground on the 27th day ol April, 1917.
A copy of this notice and an application
pursuant thereto and to the ''Water
Act. 1914," will be filed in the office of
the Water Recorder at Cumberland, B.
C. Objections to the application may be
filed with the said Water Recorder or
with the Comptroller of Water Rights, I
Parliament buildings, Victoria, B. C.,i
within thirty days after the first ap-'
pearance of this notice in the Courtenay
Review, a local newspaper. The date
of the first publication of this notice is
May 3rd, 1917.
Thulin Bros.
The Cami'hi;i.i, Rivi'.r School
Thr Campbell RIvbr Hospital
By Chas. Thulin,
Do You
The Courtenay   Review
Family Herald and Weekly St i r
and the Daily Province
for one year
(or $6
TAKK NOTICE that sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the Minister ol Lands of llritish
Columbia for a license to prospect for
coal on the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west corner ol I,ot No. 4_, Comox
District, 11. C, thence north eighty
chains, thence east eighty chains,
thence south eighty chains thence west
eighty chains to point of commencement, and containing six hundred nnd
forty acres more or Jess,
NOTICK is hereby given that the Dog
Taxes lor the year 1917 are past due.
and nny dogs found running at large
without a tag are liable to be impounded courtenay, B. U. April 3, 1917.
and dealt with according to the Dog By
City Clerk
Dated 8th May, 1017.
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steam6tting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Mooring & Ingram
General Blacksmiths
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Horseshoeing a  Specialty
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Canada l.cfi in the Cold
.1 is curious v.Ii) Canada was left
out by German iliplnmai y when it
begun to parcel oul lhc Uniled States.
Germany could ju > as easily have
given Canada llic northern lier of the
Ui.il.-d Slates us she gave t'cxas.
New Mexico and \rizona lo Mexico,
- (*e\v York W.il.l.
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���Mas. Edith Moobe, SO Degge St.,
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Accompanied by pain here and there���
extremanervoiisness-���sleeplessness- -maybe faint speUs, e.hills or spasms���all are
signals of distress for a woman. She may
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life, which leaves so ninny wrecks of
women. At any or all of theso periods
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Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets clear tie
The Squire's
l_n_osr. Me_M_r_s, sad !_���:.���
-She scenic! to recognize him more
by his voice than his looks, nnd
something of the extreme terror passed from her face.
"Oh, it is you, sir!" she said- "It
did give me a turn, your dropping
down so suddenly."
"Yes, indeed; you looked scared
out of your life. I am very sorry,'
l.e snid. He stooped to the little
rough-haired d"g which lind followed Mrs- Bartlett from the house and
was frisking about about lier feet.
"You arc not looking well," he
���-..id. "Mrs, Brown told me. Vou
should si c -i doctor-"
''It is nothing a doctor could help
indeed ii isn't. Thank you very
much sir, all thc same."
"You arc loo lonely," lie snid com-
passionately. "I was always afraid
il would bc loo lonely for you, Why
nol come u]> lo lhc house and work
in ih..- lincii-rooui? You could hive
a bedroom and live as much to yourself a- .' OU I'I. ase'd,"
"Oh, no, llirruk you, '.ir- 1 should
only frighten your servants out of
their lives with my ugly face." Her
lips quivered sensitively, reminding
him that she was slill young. "As .i
mat ter of fact, sir, I've had a fright.
One night v, hen I went to the shop
I knocked up ngaiust someone I
didn't want to SCC I ran from him
and he chased mc, If he could only
have seen my face! It was a dark
ni .hi and I escaped him. Hc stumbled over sonic stones by the side of
the road. I rould hear his language
after 1 had slipped through the park
Rates and was safe the olhcr side of
the wall."
When Your Eyes Need Care
Use Muriii. Bhr__t.dlolae. NoBmartlog -Feele
rine-Airtn Quickly. Try It for Unl, Weak,
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Bottle. Murine Eje K;tlve In Aseptic Tul.es,
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Murine Eye Remedy Company Chicago. ArlT
"I wish you had lold inc before,
The man ought to lie punished'"
"It. was my own fault, running
from liim like a fool.    What could
lie do but follow? I used to feel lhc
house so sale, with fock ami thu
strong Imlis. I fell like it queen
when I was safe inside. Now, I'm
always jumping up al nlghti thinking
I hear a knocking al lhc door, It
v ill pass. Ii was only the trlghl 1
had.    I daresay he's gone away.     He
was never the sort to stay long in
one place,"
"li you arc so nervous, I must put
someone in with you for a lime.
.Mis. Iliowii will know oi someone --
sonic comfortable woman who would
be a companion for ymi til! your
nerves arc stronger- II is llic shock
ol the accident, I  am sine."
"There is no chance"���her fears
hud taken a fresh tiun--"lhat where
you clinic over, sir, other people
might come?"
��� "1 shall scc lo iis being repaired
Suddenly she put her hand on his
arm, and again lier eyes dilated. She
drew him within the house.
"Someone the other side of the
wall might hc listening to us talking."
sue said. "Did you hear someone
talking, coining alonf; as we stood
"There was no one." said the
Sonne. He began to bc anxious
shout Mrs. Harriett. Hc must find
someone wlio would keep her company. Mrs. Brown would know
someone. There was Hannah, the
nice fresh sewing-maid, of whom
Mrs. Brown had so high an opinion.
Why couldn't Hannah go ami slay
with Mrs. Harriett till her nerves
WCIC better?
The Squire spoke to Lionel Edgcrton, who was tenderly sorry for Dolly and seemed for once not lo turn
to his .wife, seeking her countenance
for what hc did.
Dolly was not to go hack to the
Old Cottage to sleep. The need for
il had arisen only with her determination to have Keeper with her. There
was a room for lier at the New Cottage. She could keep the other for
her studio. He had never liked Dolly's sleeping in that place hy herself.
The next morning the Squire wns
present when Lionel Egerton brought
Iiis sisler to have a last lookat her
old friend, lying quietly on his side,
villi green leaves under liim, in the
gir.vc thc gardener from the Mano"
House had superintended, while an
tinder-gardener did the hard work.
"Dolly must see. for herself tha:
he. is dead," the brother said, "else
she will be fancying all sorts of
tilings, after the way of women. Poor
old chap, there is not much doubt1'"
Dolly had looked down at the rigid figure���a long look���before she
turned away. She walked towards
thc cottage. The Squire glanced after her wistfully. Hc longed, but he
did not venture, to try to console
her. In another second he was fnr-
ious witli himself for his hesitation
Someone had joined Dolly coming
fiom llie back of the cottage, by the
gatc in the boundary hedge that led
to the. fields. It was the man Cooper. The Squire was bitterly resentful, 'lhat the fellow should bc with
Dolly iu her hour of grief maddened
him. What right had he. to be .here
���to speak lo her, to look at her, his
dear, beautiful lillle girl?"
They left the men filling in Keeper's grave and turned away.
"Better let Dolly have her cry out,"
sai.l lhe brother, who had noticcc
nothing", "Women areiriw.-iys best
by themselves at such times."
"She is not alone," said the S.juir".
in a voice he strove to make indifferent, "(..'..oner lias just followed lies
Into lln- cottage, He has no bus
ness ihere!"
"Oh, he's as devoted to Dolly as
the dog was. lie wouldn't know,
poor chap, lhal she did not want
him. lie hasn't got perception like
you ami me. A roii_U diamond you
What (he Squire might have done
or suggested doing was prevented by
llie appearance of Cooper coming
from the cottage, lie looked angry
and'nodded curtly as lie caught sight
of the two men.
"Dolly has got rid of him iu dotl-
blc-quick rime," said Lionel Egerton,
'Women arc sometimes not���altogether just lo their dogs.'1
The Squire looked al llie amiable
fair face with sharp resentment. Whal
was lhe man about nol to sec lhal
Cooper was no fit person lo he admitted lo llis sister's Intimacy? The
resentment pushed him into speech.
"A rough, presuming fellow," he
said. "Dei you think he is quite the
right friend for your family circle?
1  dislike the fellow thoroughly."
"Oh, he won't do any harm. He's
no end of a good chap, really. Think
what he did for lis! Hi's not exactly
a carpet-knight. But, good Lord,
when you think of how splendidly he
saved Dolly and the kidl Don't yon
see that there is a plane where all
men arc equal, when the social distinctions disappear? Not that I hold
by them as you do. I'm a Socialist.
I London makes Socialists of us. Even
Counter Check
Or Sales Books
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Granny, though she belongs to a
crusted old family, and doesn't like
Cooper, wouldn't see her way to
showing him the door, Hy Jove, do
you know, 1 think he lias some way
wilh the women I They don't seem
lo scc what to do."
So. Lionel Egerton knew I Despite
his debl lo Cooper���A debt which the
Squire was recognizing more clearly
day by day as his debt also; his un-.
payable debl���he knew, saw whal he
saw, only felt himself not at liberty
Ir; act on his knowledge or confess I
lo what he saw, i
By this time the Squire's portrait
was finished and paid for. 'Llicrc had
been a struggle over the payment.
Lionel Egerton had wished thc portrait, to be a gift, seeing that he had
seized on the Squire (or a model and
lhal lhc portrait had not becn commissioned���which was quite true.
"My dear chap," he had said, "I
ought lo pay you for the deliverance
from the ballet-girls. I'or a good
many hours of this blessed summer
1 have been able to forget thai such
a thing as a ballet-girl exists���and
a blessed deliverance il lias been I"
The Squire happened to glance at
Mrs. Egerton, and lhc look on her
fi.ee was eloquent. All of a sudden
he was aware that her fingers _ were
prchcnslbic, They lay loosely in her
lap, thc poinls turned slightly inward, 'ihc expression on her face
was grasping.
"Ah, but, my Leo," she said in her
Hailing soft voice, "thc ballet-girls
mean money, and the pictures do
For once her husband did not look
at her, while, he remarked in a tone
ol finality that he. was not yet come
to being a highwayman.
The Squire was worried about what
he should do, rill Mrs. Egerton, on
the first occasion lhcy were alone together, suggested that in his dealings
with her husband, the business part
had better bc transacted with her.
"Leo is such it baby," she said;
"such a dear babyl He will not s.e
lhat wc must havc bread and butter.
He is determined to make yon a
present of the portrait. 1 will talk
him over. Give mc a few days, and
you shall sec. It is not like his
bachelor days, when there was only
h'mself and Dolly lo be considered.'1
Thc Squire, in a tremendous hurry, wrote a cheque for thc amount he
would have paid to a fashionable
London portrait-painter. Thc portrait was worth it. Egerton had
seen him with the eves of the spirit.
He had caught and fixed on canvas
Ihe Squire's look of austere innocence, the refinement, the gentleness,
the brave and simple regard thai
slumped the face as masculine. Just
a bit of a Don Quixote about him;
something of the St. (ieorgc of Dou-
Ptcllo. When he was older, someone j
was to compare him to a war-worn,
angel who had the look of a grey]
knight, a man-at-arms with dinted
ei mor and shield. Something of the
promise of lhat look was iu the portrait.
(To Bc Continued. )
Her Troubles
Country I.ady���I've been expecting
a packet of medicine by post for a
week and haven't received it yet.
Post Office Clerk���Yes, madam.
Kindly fill in this form and slate the
nature of your complaint.
Lady���Well, if you must know, it's
Indigestion, -London Tit-Bits,
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Outdoor Summer
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The Hingston-Smith Arms
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Main Street Winnipeg
(Opp. City Hall)
Why She Left Him
Mrs. Bridcy���Want   to   dine   cut
again.    Why, do    you prefer   hotel
food to home cooking?
Her husband���At the hotel I   can
always look at the   menu   and   seei
what I'm eating.
Grace's uncle met her on thc street
one spring day and asked her whether
she was going out with a picnic party
from her school.
"No," replied his eight-year-old
niece, "I ain't going."
"My dear," said the uncle, "you
must not say '1 ain't going,'" And
he proceeded lo give her a little lesson in grammar: "You are not going.
Hc is not going. We arc not going. ]
You are not going. They are nntl
going.    Now can you say all that?"I
"Sure, I can," responded Grace
quite hcatily. "'Ihere ain't nobody
going." I
A Mystery
"Your immense fortune astonishes
"Don't scc why it .!: .uld," rejoined
Mr. Dustin Stax.
"I can't tmdertsand how an individual could accumulate so much
money without having one ol these
enormous moving picture salaries."���
Washington Star.
Mrs.    QuinnY   Experience
Ought to Help You Over,
the Critical Period.
Lowell, Mass.���"For Uie last three
years I have been troubled with the
Change of Life and
tlio bad feelings)
common at that
time. I was In m
very nervoua condition, with headaches
and pain a good
deal of the time so I.
waa unlit to do m*.
work. A friend
asked me to try
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vcgotablo Compound, which I did,
and it has helped mo in every way. t
am not nearly no nervous, no headache
or pain. I must say that Lydia B.
Pinkham's Vegetable. Compound ia the
best remedy any sick woman can take."
���Mrs, Maucar-t Qulnt., Rear 26S.
Worthen St., Lowell, Mass.
Other warning symptoms are a sense
of suffocation, hot flasher., headaches,
backaches, dread of impending evil,
timidity, sounds in the ears, palpitation
of the heart, sparks before tho eyes,
irregularities, constipation, variable
appetite, weakness, inquietude, anel
If you need special advice, write to
the T.ydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co,
(confidential), Lynn, Mass.
"She's musical, isn't slur"
"She thinks she is."
"Vocal or Instrumental?"
"Both. She sings and she's insl-rew
mental in keeping away new ten.,
Dr Cassell s
red from   ANTACIDS
Liver Troubles, Sick Headache,
and Habitual Constipation.
Liver troubles and habitual constipation ran be cured-���but not
by cathartic or purgative medicines. The only possible way is
lo help your system to cure itself; and that is what Dr. Cassells
Instant He'ief so surely does. It is not cathartic, it i.s not violent,
it is quite different tn ihe coarse purgative preparations in common
use. These only irritate and weaken; Dr. Cassell's Instant Relief
tones and strengthens the liver and bowels, and so restores their
power to do nature's work in nature's way.
Take Dr. Cassell's Instant Kellel lor constipation, biliousness,
liver troubles, sick  headache,   llaiulence,  acidity,   heartburn,
nnd Impure blood.
i.d your Wr-.m'st t"r Dr. Cnm'H't "tirrtnnt RuKo/ and take no rui'tlt.'*,
Pries 60 cants from ell Druggists noil Storekeepers,
���r diraot from the ��..lo tgenta for Canada, llaroll y. Jiit.hte and Co., Ltd.,
10   MoQaul-ttraet, Toronto.     War Tax, B cente eitrn.
Dr. OtiNll'a Instant MM ll the urn**
tmutUtn t* or. oimii't TMjro.
Solo Pro. rtflforn; Dr. Caesell's t'n., Ltd., Vane'ietter, fnoland.
"Science liftings,"
April 11, ire, ttytt-
"providenoe has given
us tha brains Is
devise means ts eon.
pensita Nature (sr
our ill treatment sl
liar. ... The meant
at hand earns irom
natural toureea, and
we have them embodied in suoh mien-
did combination ta
Dr. Cattail's Instant
Relief, wo take this
preparation at an
example beetue* It
is is well balanced
In tht matter sl
components and te
offettivi In entry
N.     U.
Doctor Tells How to Strengthen
Eyesight 50 per cent In One
Week's Time in Many Instances
Greater Sacrifice Necessary! Canadian Made Lead Pencils!
(I Test Prescription You Can HlV�� F1H*��1
���nd Uie at Horn*
tONDON.���Do you weir glassei. Art
</ou a Ttctiin ol eye strain or other eye weak-
licssasP If so, vou will be glad lo know
llhat according to br. Lewis there is real hope-
l/or you. Many whose eyes were (ailing ��ay
Obey have had their eyes restored through the
���principle of this wonderful free prescription.
Ont man saya, after trying it: "i was almost
Hindi could not nee to read at all. Now 1
nan read everything without any glasses and
f��jf eyea do not water any more. At night
jjhej. would paiu dreadfully; now they feel
4ue--.ll the time. It was like a miracle o
we." A lat^y who used it says: "The atmosphere seemed hatv with or without glasses,
tut tfter using this prescription for fifteen
fays everything seems clear, i can even read
jnne print without glasses." It le believed
(that thou.ami. who wear glnsift can now dis-
Card them in a rea-.uiial.le lima and multitudes
flnore will he able io strengthen their eye*
io ai to 1*-* .pared the trouble and expense of
over getting glas-.es. Kye troubles of many
descriptions may  be wonderfully  benelited  by
following the simple rules. Here le the prescription: Go to uny active drug itore and
get a bottle of Don Upto tablets. Drop one
lion-Opto tablet in a fourth of a glass of
water and allow to dtisolve. With this liquid
bathe the eyes two to four times daily. You
should notice your eyes clear up perceptibly
right from the start and inflammation will
QUtckly disappear. If your eyei are bother-
ing you, even a little, take steps to save
them now before it is too late. Many hopelessly blind might have been saved if they bad
cared for their eyes in time.
Note: Another prominent Physician to
whom the above article was submitted, said:
"Ilon-Opto It a very remarkable remedy. Ite
constituent Ingredients are well known to eminent c>e specialists and widely prescribed by
them. The manufacturers guarantee it to
strengthen eyesight 50 per cent, in one week'e
time in many instance, or refund the money.
It cau be obtained from any good druggiit
and is one of the very few preparation I
feel should be kept on hand for regulai uie
in almost every family." The Valutas Drug
Co., Store 6, Toronto, will fill your orders u
yuur druggist cannot.
.Some newspaper! are strong in
emphasizing the idea that Canada is
fighting for the empire. How would
it be to turn the question the other
way for a change, and think of the
empire aa fighting for Canada. Until
wc in Canada have sacrificed as much
and contributed as much in proportion to our population, wealth and
circumstances as the people of Great
Britain, have wo any right lo set up
a claim that we are fighting for the
empire? Are wc even fighting for
ourselves while wc are doing something less than our proportionate
share?--Krom thc Edmonton Bulletin,
D0| RflrtHlJI.S
And How to Feed
M'allttl  fr...  tn  tiny  ud.lrww  l.y
tht Author
118 W..I 31st Sir...!, N.w York
THERAPION �����'._
Irea. luciri., cuma*-ciihomc wkakhkss. lost viooa I
So nun to    wnirs fob FRlfl hook to on La Clem ;
If.n Co HAVgRBTOCH ItD IUmpsihai.  London  Hnev '
|MH��WOMOWITABTBLBBB|ro��MOf   ������� to TAU
THERAPION ��&��*��_��
mil. uovr situs .tttttn to all uinuimb r-c-B__
Pronounciaticm Bothers Him
Uow lo pronounce tljo "Kut" In
Kut-el-Ainatir���whether us cut ur
coot���lias long bothered many people. Sir Thomas Holtlich says the
Arabs of Mesopotamia call it "koot,"
the luilians "Irote," ami llic people o(
Balucvhistan "kwal-" So there's an-
other great war problem settled, lint
there's a chap figuring in the Russian
revolution with a long row of consonants iu his name that is bothering
us now.���Ottawa Journal-Press.
Wool's rhOsSphodlnou
TKs Great BnalUK Itemed*.
Tones nnd inri-joralci tbe whoU
nervmipi'virtcm, iHriltesnew Blood
in old Veins, (Hires Nervous
iVebility, Mental and Brain Worry, 1't'pmh-
4eneyt toss of Knrrtjv* J'atpilation cf tks
Heart, Failing Me mor v. Price Sl per box, tig
ilor $&. One will pi .ace, Mix will curo. 8old by all
istruggljiti or mailed tu plain pkg. on ren-ip. of
ics. tfnopamphlrtmailed free. THE WOOD
EPIC1NECO., T0B0HT0, OUT, Uwurff WUiiwJ
Send   a   Dominion   Express   Money   Order.
Wve dollars costs three cents.
Thc Lure of Bagdad
Bagdad's importance cannot be
-ninimized. It has a future commensurate with its past, and it plays a
part In llie dream of things to come
that more llian equals tlie glory thai
is gone- When thc German sailors
on the Breslau and Goeben discarded
their caps and donned the fez so thai
the attacks upon Russian ships would
bring Turkey into thc war, it was'the
hire of Bagdad and what lay beyond
Uiat actuated those high in German
command. Bagdad was not the prize,
but it was the symbol of German ambitions in tllis direction. It was, of
all places in the sun, the spot mosl
coveted by the dreamers of German
���world dominion.���Brooklyn liagle.
No olhcr medicine gives as great
satisfaction to mothers as does
Baby's Own Tablets. These Tablets
arc equally good for thc newborn
babe or the growing child. Tlicy are
absolutely free from injurious drugs
and cannot possibly do harm���always
good. Concerning them Mrs. Jos.
Morneau, St. Pamphile, Que, writes:
"i have used Baby's Own Tablets and
am well satisfied with them and
would use no other medicine for my
little ones." The Tablets are sold
by medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from Thc Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
What Farming Is
R. B. Bennett just announces that
farming is skilled labor.    The truth
is that farming is one of the learned
professions.���Lcthbridgo Herald.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
srlth    tOCAL    APPLICATIONS,    is  ehe��
.armor  reach the seat oi the disease.  Catarrh
is a local disease, greatly  influenced  by  ton.
stltutional conditions, end in order to cure it
you  must take  an  internal  remedy.    Hall's
Catarrh    Cure  is   taken    internally  and  acts
through   the   blood   on   the   mucous   surfaces
1 si the system.    Hall's Catarrh Cure was pre-!
] rented hy one ol the best physicians in this1
,-c-initr)'  tor years.     It ts  composed of  soma
! pf  tho    best   tonics   known,    combined   with!
! lo-.ne  of  tha   best   blood  purifiers.     Tha  per4
I <ect combination of the ingredients in  Hall'.
j Catarrh Cure is what produces such wonderful results in catarrhal conditions.    Send tor
testimonials, free.
'. j.  CHENEY _ CO.,  Props., Toledo, O,
All Druggists,  75c
Hall'.  Family  I'ills lor constipation.
The proverbial fallacy that a cat
IHas nine lives has becn revived by
ihe fact that in removing the debris
from the locality of the great East
London explosion 36 cats were rescued, many rushing here and there
_n regaining liberty till they found
domicile in workmen's houses,
The Best Habit
In The World
is the habit of health.
The way to get it is to
train your bowels,
through the liver, to act
naturally, at a fixed
time, every day.
Take one pill regularly
(more only, if necessary)
until you succeed. Then
you can stop taking
them', without trouble or
Thia hat been the good-health-
rule (or SO years.
Genuine bears   Signature
Colorleea facet often ahow tha   g
absence of Iron in the blood.   .'.'
Carter's Iron Pills
will help this condition.
W.     N.     U.     1154
Sad Stories, Mostly
"He's a great reader."
"Of wheat?"
"Gas meters."���Exchange.
Miller's Worm Powders are complete in themselves. Tlicy not only
drive worms from the system, but repair the damage that worms cause
and so invigorate thc constitution
that it speedily recovers from the disorders of the digestion that are the
icsult of the work of these parasitic
intruders. They do their work thoroughly and strength and soundness
follow their use.
A Reflection
"But, my dear lady, you should not
allow your grief to overcome you.
Remember your husband is far happier in the other world"
"M���maybe he is, b���but I think
you arc exceedingly rude to say so."
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff
The Angel Child
Exuberance of Spirits Seems   to   Be
Necessary if the Child Is to
Amount to Anything
Dr- Francis M.  Greene, social hy
giene specialist  of  Boston, issues
statement which   should   discourage
parents who arc in thc habit of boasting of the goodness of their offspring.
Dr. Greene classifies children in three
groups: Very good ones, who are
usually stupid; hereditary defectives
and normal, boisterous, troublesome
Two kinds of juvenile badness arc
recognized even by childless observers in tlie average .home���the badness
of selfishness, petulance and cruelty
ar.d the badness of excessive vitality,
which manifests itself in destructive-
ncss and uproar.
Thc boy-world is against the ex
ccssivcly good child. He will have a
hard time of it in school and on the
playground, A streak of wilfulness,
of rough-and-ready assertiveness, if
cultivated, yields the individuality and
strength of character which life dc
mands. The fiery colt and the boy
full of devilment nre to be cherished
and trained with a careful hand. They
are the worthwhile specimens ���De-
toit Newi,
Safe Bet
"Cashlcy's got a splendid, vigorous
woman In that wife of iiis."
"Just Cashlcy's luck.     He always
gets the best of everything,"
"I'll bet lie doesn't get the best of
I'or Sale by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanee, Ont
The Backyard's Importance
The Rotarian who said it was more
important that citizens should cultivate their own backyards than that
vacant lols should be developed spoke
a simple truth. It is lhe backyards
in thc aggregate from which the increased supplies must come.���London
Free Press.
No Rest With Asthma. Asthma
usually attacks at night, llie one
time when rest is needed most. Hence
thc doss of strength, the nervous debility, the loss of flesh and other
evils which must bc expected unless
relief is secured. Fortunately relief
is possible. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy has proved its merit
through years of service. A trial
will surely convince you.
Possession is nine points of the
law and thc attorney's fee is the
1    consider    MINARD'S   _ LINI
MENT the BEST Liniment in use
I got my foot badly jammed late
ly.    I bathed it well with MINARD'S
LINIMENT, and it was as well   as
ever next day,
Yours very truly,
When you think that you are going to learn to love a girl remember
that a little learning of that sort is
a particularly dangerous thing.
Minard's Liniment for Sale    Everywhere
English Navy to Have 400,000 Men
It has already been announced that
the total establishment of the Royal
navy in 1917-18 is to be 400,000 officers and men. A supplementary
estimate provides for thc addition of
50,000 of all ranks during the current
financial year. With the passing of
this vote thc aggregate of 400,000
will already have been provided for,
the original estimate for 1916-17 having been '150,000.���London Telegraph.
Substantial Orders  Have  Heen     ke-
ceived Here Prom  New
One of the war developments in
stimulating Canadian trade i-. seen
in the fact that Canadian-made lead
pencils arc now being Bold in New
Zealand. A report received by the
trade and commerce department
from Canadian trade commissioner
Beddoe, of Auckland, says that a
Canadian firm recently sent out to
New Zealand samples of lead pencils, the first made in Canada following the stopping of the Austrian
supply. Mr. Beddoe says that thc
samples wcrc found very satisfactory
and substantial orders havc been scut
to Canada.
He also notes that if Canadian
firms were not so busy with war
orders tlicy could capture in New
Zealand a much greater proportion
of tlie business formerly enjoyed by
Germany. During llie past year at
least one million dollars' worth of
New Zealand orders offered to Canadian linns could not be filled,
jg?ffi�����I!3r Hai been ( aiud*
I favorite yeail lot
moie  than forty
Enough (ui 5c. ic
'^wiimmwNii^l i,roduce 50 la,<!c
oavel of fine,
made in Canada wholesome nourishing home made bread, Do
not experiment, there ii nothing
just as good. jf? - .  rv'fl
Montreal Man Tells
Wonderful Story
George Sullivan, Who Suffered From
the Dread Disease for Two Years
Gives Credit for His Recovery to
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Montreal, Que., (Special)���Completely cured of that most dreaded of
all diseases, Bright's Disease of thc
kidneys, Mr. George Sullivan, 284 de
St- Valicrs St., this city, is spreading
the good news that hc found his cure
in Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"I suffered from Bright's Disease
for two years," Mr. Sullivan states in
an interview. "I was unable to work
for weeks at a time. 1 spent hundreds of dollars on doctors without
receiving any real benefit and rcceiv-
t'J outdoor treatment at the Montreal
General  Hospital.
"I was feeling very badly discouraged when a friend advised mc to try
Dodd's Kidney Pills. After using
three boxes I was much better. 1
kept on till I had used nine boxes,
when I was completely cured.
"Naturally 1 consider Dodd's Kidney Pills a wonderful remedy."
Dodd's Kidney Pills arc no cure-
all. They ciire kidney diseases of all
kinds from backache to Bright's Disease. Thc proof of this is their
growing popularity in Canada for
over a quarter of a century. If you
haven't used them ask your neighbor
about Ihem.
There is in the employ of a Brooklyn woman an Irish cook who has
managed to break nearly every variety of article that the household contains. The mistress' patience reached its limit recently when she discovered that thc cook had broken thc
thermometer that hung in the dining-
"Well, well," sighed the lady of the
house, in a resigned way, "you've
managed to break even' the thermometer, haven't you?"
Whereupon, in a tone equally resigned, the cook said: "Yis, mum;
and now we'll have to take the weather-just as it comes, w-on't wc?"���
A Handy Signal
Visitor���So this is the deaf and
dumb ward I How do you call people
to dinner? I suppose you don't ring
a bell.
Superintendent���No. We have a
man who walks through thc ward
wringing his hands.
Close Dartmoor Prison
Dartmoor prison, which is to be
closed as a convict prison and put to
olhcr uses, was built during our lasl
great war as an internment camp for
French prisoners, and opened in 1809,
For many years after the end of the
war and thc release of the prisoners
Priucclown, a3 the prison is officially
called, remained vacant, until in 18.5
it was first utilized as a convict prison, being one of thc largest in the
country, with accommodation for
[���early eight hundred prisoners. The
use to which it is now to be put haj
not becn disclosed but it would be
rather a coincidence if, after a complete century, it is to revert to i:��
original use as a barracks for prison
ers of war.���London Chronicle-
One of the commonest complain'.!
of infants is worms, and the most effective application for them is Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
A Useful "Movie"
After more than a year of effort
the faculty of John Hopkins Medical
School, at Baltimore, has produced
ovcr 15,000 feet of modern pictu-e
film .which it will use in teaching
While the view which these films
present would be gruesome indeed to
the ordinary movie fan, lhcy promise
to bc of the greatest value to medical students. For generations surgery has been taught by charts, by
dissection of corpses, by clinics, etc-
The. limitation in using charts ami
corpses in particular, are apparent.
But with clear motion pictures tie
student can study again and again the
actual steps taken by surgeons engaged iu operating.
Would you like to end tiat terrible itching, that,burn lag pain; to
Leal those horrid sores?
You have tried all sorts of fatty
ointments, lotions and powder.. Put
them aside now and give Nature _
chance as represented by Zam-Buk.
Zam-Buk ls made from herbal es-
tences; Is a natural healer. Ie not
eomethtng you have to send to Uie
end of the world for, and pay a
heavy price! Every druggist will
sell you Zam-Buk and for 50c. only.
Just give It a fair trial and Incident!, give yourself ease by th��
quickest route.  Seo name on bo_:-��
'����������� c__��
Thrift is served, and health preserved,
by wearing rubber footwear around
the farm in rainy, sloppy weather.
Quality and long wear, whether in
rubber farm boots, high rubber boots
or rubbers, are assured if you choose
a pair bearing on the sole any one of
these Trade Marks:
Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co., Limited
Largett Manufacturers ol Rubber Goods in thc British Empire
oration of the
City of Courtenay
By-Law No. 29
A Bye-Law to raise llie Necessiiry Moneys for the rurcliu.se-;
Construction, Oper.itlon find
Maintenance "' Works foi supplying for any ami all purposes
I'lectric liujii .nul Electric
l*ower to the inhabitants of
th,' Munii i] ol Courtenay
and    Llie   l.o  illiics   udjai   nl
111' ���   to.
��� _---------__-_s---~
. '��� '
pnri  iseselecl
���nnd h.'ts deter,i.iucd   I '     . -
I                                                               "' '"��� ' "kutcrtniid
by rate (or paying the debt which will 3, The said debentures shall hea r
he   created   hereunder    is   lhe  sun,   ,,f   date,,sol the,"1st ,lriv of May, 1917, ,,nil
shrill Ir- made-   payable   within   1 wenty
.744.32, 1,20) years (rottt  the said  date nl   mich
AND   WI IHU HAS  the  total   amount   ^J   in Uu. , ,;���,,,������(, ;,���,���|;, ,���-,],,
required to-be raised aiinutilly hy t-te Uniu-d atntes of Ainerieiitismiiy hedesig-
lor paying tin- interest on lhe ile il In i n ,,.,, ,|���.u.,,n IU1(| .,,.,,,| h;lvl. Ilttnched to
by created is the emu ol >l,2.0.00. L,       ,,,������.,������ ,���, n���. ,,,.,������.���,   ,,, i���.���,-
ANU  *H1JK   AS th ml  o      c   ,.(|  i;  , tlie niKtiuLur_-    tu   the    coupons
whole riitenlilc land run miproveii ��� ,,.,, , cit||CI ,.,.,,,.., i,,mpcil, printed
within the Munlcipnlit)   ol  the  Lily n   |jtil'ograpiu.ci 0r engraved,
Courtenay according  lo the hist reus,        .,     ., .-.,,i ....... ,!,,,.--.   shall hem-in-
itssessmenl roll, iiniiieli the usseisuuii , ,,,,.,.,, .,, l]le , ,,, n, ., .,. ,.,.,��� .���,,. .,���.
roll for the year 1917, .. the sum ol ,,���.,, i,,,,,, t!,,. ,.. ,, thereof,which Interest
$768,639.00. ,vs,-v    r-hall hepH.-nl.lc hull i  ... ly .:i such places
NOW BU IT TMRI'Hl'OUI' UNA! I- ���,,,���. u.mlnloii of laua.ln or the I'nited
UD by the Council of tin Corporation nl Stutes of Americn ns may ue expressed
the City of Courtenny ns folio, bj in the debentures or ciupoiis.
1.    [Lshsllbe  lawful  (or the ci ty of      Si    ,,8 , ,_.   ,ftwfu|   |m,   ,,,���   M.|v.
Courtenny to borrow upon  the crciii ot  or     (i|     1|u.      Corp urallnii     ol     Lhc
the corporation by me ns ol  rlebeutures c||v   _,   ,,������.,,.���, ,       .,,   ,,���,
hereiiinllei' ineiitioucil from any pel ,. I1(, .. ,    ,   , ,||u|
persons or hod)    r bodies ,
III!,) br   willin   In . |
���-uui   r.l   mom I" ii
,    ��� ,i  ,.���.   rvlmli tli   '..." of 'I is ration,
SO  V.liS-d
������'���������'   '���'   '       ,i ,i, , , tiil���-r     .,
nptaxceeuii       ���   , .-,,,,.
1  ���   :' ]   I" how,   er tl il   ��� ���      :
AND   Wl ' il 'ri    "I  'lir-   ,r   |     ,        .',,.. .
ivhich tli iitfiuled  to  |.���..., r of Hi,
l-l'e.'l,-   is till ��� ' ; Itnt'S   I
dollars (��_i | hcinn II I
.'.Mr   Vl'' he    tol un    til n   '   ": i rr'!
.. i'ii   required   to raised      in   ill)   , .. ..
, ilur-
;,    -.' .,   and (<
inkiti     (und
ball lie i imtaliv the
:;, il....'.     ^^^^^^^
,,    The said   urn   ol   l,-00:���_d..*744,
, ,! of   "
nkiii'. in  the  rr"-,. _;.-ii.i-  51.9.4;3j;
in  i-n.h
���    ou   .
t :       [nnd ai d  improvement*
I,       lilu tin    rin  icipnli '   "i   tiie r orpoi
|  iition of the Citv i    ('.     lennv,
8.     ,!' i    ii  '��� the '	
and Gent's Tc il
New Sp.in-j Goods Now on E
McPhee Block
���"'���"���'VrTT/r'-r ,-;"i\    ffts
iIf ��aSi^   %.
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Dest'aiul cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for 50 cts,    for 39cts, 2 for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
TAKE NOTfCi; that the above is a
true copy ol the proposed by-law upon
which the vote of the municipality will
be taken nt tlle CITY HAM, in the
City of Courtenay on
Thursday, the 31st day of May 1917
That the poll will be kept open between the hours ol 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.,
and that W. A. W. Hames has been appointed Returning Officer for the purpose oi taking such vote.
City Clerk
Dated at Courtenay this sixteenth day of
May, 1917.
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
Courtenay Review
aiul inaiii-
,' j for 111
ii          ��� '     rlrii        lit anil     lectric
.     . ol   llie  du ���.
r ul thereto,
law shall     fore the final
'��� ��� . ������������' i ci ivi  thc assent of the
eleel  : ��� >���[ such Corporation in the inan-
'���'������ ' :.:   tiie .���  mi       I  Act, riii.l
'     ��� .
!         iv i ay  I '.   cited as
Par     I by the Mi nicipai  Council the
'    :  ���''.,��������� of .-May,   1917,
Ueceive 1 the assent of the electors on
the  day of 1917.
Re-considered,adopted and finally pas- i
si '1 by the Municipal Council the !
day of 1917.
'������ ��� i  ,. !���" ' 1        v\ f     ���'��� \      ~
��� !___.'     '      '..     "'
V If       ,.'4j
���     '
��� ��RY ONE CAN do
soni , i hing for his
e can bear arms
oduce food
c; n     ulcc munitions
lome can give money
It is the privilege of all to help.
Fig litin g���W or king-
Are YOU doing your part ?
A LL EYES turn now to
^ the Canadian Farmer,
for he can render the
in this sternest year of the
But���our farms are badly undermanned���25,000 men are needed on
the land.
With insufficient help, the Man on
the Land fights an uphill fight to
meet the pressing need for Food.
can help.
Municipal Councils, Churches and
Schools, and other organizations,
both of men and women, can render
National Service by directing all
available labour to the Land.
Farmers themselves can exchange
labour.   School boys can assist.
Were you raised on a farm? Can you
drive a team? Can you handle fork
or hoe? If you can't fight, you can
produce. Spend the Summer working on the Farm.
Let every man, woman and child in
the Dominion who has access to
Land, no matter how small the plot,
make it produce Food in 1917.
For Information on any subject relating to
the Farm and Garden write-���


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