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The Review Jul 9, 1915

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[Can not i��e done any letter, aiul
not quite h) well anywhete eke
hereabouta. Our tyue aiul uuuliiu-
t cry is complete nml The Review
\ prices we li^lit
Classified Ads.
Make y��iur tittle Wanti known
llu< u^ha Cnttt&Qtl A��l\rrti-riii nt
iu The lltview       ���   ���   I?hun�� ."��t��
VOL. 3
NO. 32
Geo. J. Hardy
R. F. R. Biscoe
MrMiit us VIOTORIA '<tAi i ���. i * it rxoiANar and imi
NaIiohal association 0' RIAL IITATI IXOHANOU
Real  Estate and  Insurance Agents,
Phone 10
Boys or
Mens Shoes
Telephone 34
Next Royal Bank
Where  everybody  goes  for  choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Phone 40 Courtenay
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
AU Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Local Lines
Mr. Heslewood, of Victoria, spent
the week end with Mr. V��� II, Hog
Mrs. Bubar leaves tomorrow
(Friday) morning for a six weeks
visit with her mother, at Silvenlaie
The Hoard of Trade will hold
their regular monthly meeting this
(Thursday) evening in the Agricultural hall.
On account of the Mayor and
Aid. Cronijiton being at Victoria
this week, the regular meeting of
tlie Council will he held on Monday
evening next
There will he a meeting of the
Directors of the Comox Fair in the
Agricultural hall to-morrow (Friday) evening at 7:30, to discus
the advisability of holding a Fair
this year. A full attendance is
A fine musical evening is in store
for the people of Courtenay on
Monday evening next, "A Bower
of Melody." A musical review
and first class Pierrot show will be
given in the Opera Ho.ise iu aid of
the Red Cross society. The programme will include comedy, songs
and dances. Admission 25c. After
the performance a dance will be
held, during which refreshments
will be on sale, A general invitation is extended to the ladies of the
district to provide refreshments
which maybe left with Mrs. (Dr.)
Millard and Mrs. Kilpatrick, of
Courtenay, Mrs, Piercy of Comox
and Mrs. J. B. Bailey of Grantham,
or bring them to the hall in the
Showing   this   week ladies'   white
pique skiitt, made in the newest styles
with  full  ripple   Hare.    White  and
' printed piques at 20c and 35c per yard
at Campbells, Cumberland.
Miss Hello Mcs-iop, who has been
with Mis. Bubar for thc past three
months' leaves tomorrow to visit
her mother at Sirdis. H. C, for a
short time, before going to Cordova
Alaska, to be married.
Aid. Kirkwood attended the Vancouver trapsho.ititig last week, and
in the cliamp'oti shoot was second
man, getting 48 out of 50 birds, the
winner, C. E, McLean getting .(9.
In the grand aggregate he was 6th
with a score of 139, the winner
was but 10 points ahead of him
Mr, R. M. Stewart, of Comox,
was among the recruits secured   by ,
the H. C. Horse this week, and   he
is entering upon anothei phase of a
somewhat adventurous career.    At|
one time he narrowly escaped with!
his life when there was a native uprising in the   Tonga   group.    Hei
managed to make liis  way   to  the,
beach and swam off to  H,   M.   S.
Clio, but   not  before  receiving a
spear wound   in   the   back,    Mr.
Stewart has had previous   military
training service in  Australia.    He
has a brother with the Australian
force iu the  Dardanelles,  aud  another one on a British  submarine.
A third brother was killed  while
fighting under Botha  in touudiug
up the De Wet rebels.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Saudwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday  .School and   Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Service 11:30.   Fuelling service 7:30 p. m. All welcome
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
Mrs. Brock will be at home to
her friends on Wednesday tlu- 14th
The " Outlaws " defeated the
" Penpushers " last night.    Score
By an oversight the dance at '.he
close of the Red Cross concert was
announced to be free. Gentlemen's
expenses will be 50c.
P, L Anderton is about town
these days with his jaw iu a sling,
The hardest thing he i-.au to do is
to keep from talking.
ll pays to advertise ill the Keview. Before last week's issue had
been out an hmir we had | hone
messages for half a dozen patios.
LeRoy Cokeley expects to go
north with a surveying party shortly, among his assistants will be \V.
Fitzgerald Mr. Sadler, and A, Rip-
Mr. John Cairns, and his sou
George, of Scranton.Kansas, spent
the past week with his brother
James Cairns, the popular liveryman of this place. Mr- Cairns settee! in Kansas thirty-six years ago
and conducts a large general store
business, His son is a railway
Elmer Loggie has had his launch
Peggy remodelled and generally
overhauled. The old cabin has
been taken off and a higher new-
one built on, the engine put four
feet further forward, and a new
bulkhead has been put into her.
On Monday morning he and Commodore Dunham put to sea with
the intention of making Campbell
River, but the wind was too strong
so they put into Hornby Island and
returned yesterd iy afternoon with
forty fine bluebacks,
Showing this week, ladies and misses
Royal Navy Middies made in English
repp. White with navy trimming it
$1.50. Newest novelties in ladies'
neckwear, muslin collar and cutis, at
Campbells, Cumberland.
When is a Kitchen
Not a "Kitchen"?
With a Hughes Electric Range, it
is a parlor. Just as cool and clean
and airy.
The modern "kitchen" deserves a
better name, In truth, it is a cook;
ing apartment���as bright and tidy
as any other room. For since the
perfection of electric cooking, all
the clumsy ugliness and every
trace of dirt and soot and gas
have gc ie.
The rr. dern cook works with her
head r nd not her hands. She has
hours of time that were never
het'3 before. Simple figures show
that in a life time five solid years
of drudgery are saved by this
r actical invention.
And that isn't aih Consider the sacrifice of
happiness, health and youthful charm. Old-
fashioned methods have truly exacted a heavy
Phone 43 Courtenay
Hughes Electric Ranges
Beauty fades fast over a hot, dirty coal stove. Gas positively poisons! In combustion, gas takes up oxygen and gives out poisonous fumes. That is why plants
will not live where gas is burned. ���
* Mr. Master-of-the-House, this is not a luxury but a choice���not a choice but a necessity! Think it over. Then come in and see this Range; You will hear some facts
that will astonish you.
For sale by
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power Co., Ltd
Phone*: Office 35, Res. P68
Office: MM Strait THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C.
"I ;
M i
Makes puro,delicious, healthful biscuits,
calces "H 1 pastry.    It is ihc only well-
known strictly high class baking powder
made in Canada, selling at a medium price.
Read the label
Ttie New French Army
The new Prenoh forces ore In good
health and spirits, and thoy have
learnt much that they iiiit nol know
when tin' war began Their oqutp-
ni.'nl Is much Improved, They are
amply supplied with officers, and the
officers, particularly In the hlghev
commands, nre younger anil more vigorous, All tho uiii generals al tha
head of largo commands have been
eliminated, nud   the average age for
general  officers   Is   ton   y 's   lower
than  in   August     l.ondo.i   News nml
It Will Prevent Ulcerated Throat
At tin' first synip , nf Bora throat,
which presages ulceration and Inflammation,   iulu'    ii   spoonful    of    Ur.
Thomas' ISelectrlc Oil.    Add n  little
BUgav lo ii in uml.i' it palatable, n ��ill
I allay the   Irritation and pn vonl the
I ulceration and  swelling  thai  are so
painful    'I liusi  i'. lio were periodically
subject  in qulii iy  liai ������    tluiB  made
1 i -I -ii ��� -i-. ������ Illinium  mi attnclt,
\n    Irish tenant Iind ttnexi ledly
��� paid liis rent, nnd the landlord  fell .
Tha navvy's shovel, which In this . 'l'l'>  "ral''!'"' , . ,
tvar of entrenchments   Is   mighty as     "Now, O'Flaherly,   he snld,   which
the sword,  i'  nol   without  Its   i-  �� 'I >'"" rather linvo--n ton ol coal
When Hi" Llverpool-Miiiii'liesl- or a doaon ol svhlskoy
"Yb will havo yer jolto, sorr,    i
iti" tenant:    ''.ve know I  lm
Tlie  Navvy's Sliovcl
On  Her  Brow
"Before v\e nun rled yofl prom I
ni" ri i ���. mul In -I i Iibi uud bends to
' Well, w  .ii nf 'i ' unco
1  "...  lust it ul in ; that I   ��� oulj   ei line wits being cut so yours ngo, It      "y
beads I've ever �� i ti iro beads  occurred lo one ol the workmen that   Piled
of perspiration tho heavy sqiuin liladud spades then i peat.
 ��� ~- In ns" could in' piled moro easily If
Mii-ard's  Liniment used by  Phyil- the  corners   wero  rounded  off.    II"
clans. suggested iliis in tho contractor, who
 ��� - j Booffed,   Ollnglng'ln his idau, however-
'She's crazy i" u"i  in to tit" upperItho navvy Induced nu Ironmonger lo
ten. isn't BheV"
"Crazy?   Why. sho'd   even res
It on a sloeperl
For   Your   Children    While   Teething
Ii soollii s ihi' Child, Soflons the Gums,
Allays lhe t'aln, Dispels Wind L'olle, mid
Is tlio  Best ttcmedy  for Ini'uutllu Diarrhoea,
m li i n FREE '' '... bi'ii sn ��> un \ iii'iok os'
Ilieu .1 ...������.. ��� il IK,' l'l.''l'i ' ri'HMt ,'l" :���! by
-     -  --   - - -   nHdrnHrlm
na I, FREE
. CUKU   10U,
i make him a dozen bpiuIcs to his Bpecl-
' Hunt inn, and  persuaded u  mnBtor lo
glvo them a trial.   Within   n week
came reports of the men lighting for
th" possession of lliose Bhovels,   Anl 	
agreement wns mude boU i contra -! Assoon as applied, Zam-Buk
tor,  nuuiiifacturers    and   Inventor, n ]     penetrates  right   u>  the very
      ..i i    , ,i... ,.i ...,        - . ..      ,. . . ...*
How Zam-Buk
Cures Skin
patent obtained, nnd the observant
worknutii died it wealthy man. London C'liroulele.
Seed antl Table Potatoes
Prompt      Delivery  -Ttensoiiablo
Prices. . We    finance Clovemment
and Municipal Itelief Orders,
Wire, I'liont  or Wrlto to
Wilton Produce Co.,
602 Confederation  Life  Bldg.,
���100   FIBWADD,   ItW
The   readers   of   this   raner    will    ba
pleased  to learn  lhat  there  l�� et least
one dreaded   disease   that  science  has i
been able to cure In ell lis stares  and i
hut Is Cwftrrh.   Hall's Catarrh Cure la
the  only  positive cure    now   known   to i
' I',!" r,>l ,f,'"""'��iiy. CtUnrrh being a '
constitutions   disease,  requires a constl'
i tul ona   treatment,   Hull's Catarrh aire!
Is token Internally, acting dlreotly upon
; itin  Lined  ai'ii  mucous surfaces of V,a
> rlnn   ?,'   .^"'a,"    (]eStl'��!'l"'?   Hie    foun.lll-
. Ion nf the dlseane an.) giving the pat-
j ent strength ny building up the consfllu-
i lion   and  assisting  nature  In  doing  lie
work. Tlip proprietors have so mud,
I A ,��� n"  ",", cu,">yvo  powers thnt  they
offer On,. Hundred Doners for nnv i-nia
j ,t!;^lfa^,lB ,0 ���re. Send for list of le"
Address   P.   J.   CH15NEV   4.   CO.    To- !
roue  �� ������"" ��� '";, a"   Druggists,' 7ta
Telle   Halls   Fnmlly   fills   for
Defective  Gasoline
A farmer, In   looking his enr over
one day, thrust u lighted mutch Into
iiin gasoline  lank. ��� Tho ensuing ex-'
plosion    laid    hlni   up    for    Bovernl
weeks,  On the lirst day that be waa
able to In' about he visited the store-!
keep t wiiu hiiit suld him tlm stuff and
demanded compensation.
  __ __.       "Why should l pay you anything?"
-      ��� asked the merchant  hotly.   "II    was j
"Hid  you  over seo a  company  of  your   own   fault,   Vmi   knew   il wns!
women perfectly sili'iiiv" igasoline."
"Ves, once.    Someone    had asked      "That's all right, bul Ihis accident
whicli of thoso presenl  wns lhe old-  was caused by defective gasoline."
est." "Defective gasoline?"
  .     "Yes, sir. I've been slicking matches
Minard's   Liniment,    Lumberman's  into gasoline thai I'v bought here be-
Friend. fore, and this wns tbe first lot  that
Great Britain has now over n million men in iii" Held, which Is llu
times Lhe ligure of Agfucourt: .","
times Uiul  ut' th" Crimea;  "ii times j
tiin   Peninsula;   M   limns  lho   figure I    Mrs. .Ins.  Desroslers, St. .Minimis
of the Second Afghan wnr; nnd four  Que., writes; "I cannot sny too nun
root of lhe disease nnd Mils
lhe cause thereof. The rich
herbal essences then so stimulate the cells below ihe surface
Iliut new Ileal thy tissue i.s
formed, which, as ll grows,
forces out lhe diseased tissue.
Zam-Buk cures fron i tlie bottom
up. This is the reason lhat
sores and skin diseases cured
by Zam-Buk, do not return.
Zam-Buk is entirely different from all other ointments,
ll dues not contain harsh minerals, or poisonous coloring
mutter.1- Nor docs it contain
coarse animal fats, which, in a
short time, go rancid, Zam-
Buk will keep indefinitely.
Many people hnve bccncurcd
by Zam-Buk after having suffered years und spent hundreds
of dollars trying various remedies in vain. If you suffer from
any skin disease or injury,
benefit by the experiences of
others. Try Zam-Buk first.
Don't trouble witli useless
Zam-Buk is unequalled for
eczema, piles, pimples, cuts,
burns, bruises, cold sores, frost
bites, chapped hands, aud all
skin discuses and injuries.
We are so convinced 1 hat a
trial of Zam-Buk vill prove to
you ils superiority, that we will
send you u I'KKK TRIAL box
on receipt of this article, name
of paper, and lc. slump to pay
return postage, Address Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto.
All Drugglsls ami Slores jell
Ziim-II'ik ut 50v. box
Someone  should stir up ihu Can-I Largely Business
ntllan lion and make her realize that "i ttndctHluncI  you   are   going to
tt." '",'" Kt "'''��� M\o ',  wary nan marry that  practical  .Miss  1'eploy?"
ut    Mm country should do iLb host, -ym  thank you"
During  lho  last   fiscal  year Cnundii "A lovo nialcli, of course?"
"">""'  11.250,000 dozen eggB,   The     ..,,���, tisineas.   It's lha only
nags  came   from a real Brl nln,  long enduring combination,   M rva   lin-
Kong   .iiiiiiin.  Now Zealand and the ishes her couraa   In salesmanship at
I iiiti'ii stales,   it is only a few years lhl. .,.,������, |lmn ,iuii 1 unlsh my course,
ago iliiii  ��" were exporting eggs to hl RdVortlslng.   Then    wo call In a
ureRI "'""'"j  notary  puhllc nml a clergyman aod
,,        ...      ,,    ,    , start a double partnership."
Keep     Minard a    Liniment    In    the .... __
h0U6e'           Whether lho corn be of old or now
growth,  It must  yield  to  llolloway'a
Aunt  Kthol   Well, Renlrlce,    wore corn euro, the simplest and host cura
yuu very tiriiv" nl tlie dentist's? offered to lho puhllc,
lli'iilri""    Ves, Aur.t'e, I wns. ���	
Aunt  Kihi'i   Than, there's the halt "I paid lhe landlady all   the back
crown I promised ynu.   And now tell board I owed before moving Into the
me what lm did to ynu. fraternity house."
Beatrice   Ilo pulled    out  two    of |    "Ah. I Bee!   Vou wanted to be well
Willie's teeth! settled."
For Indigestion and Biliousness
those foes of comfort and well-being;, there is one
family remedy universally regarded na the best
corrective of deranged conditions of the organs of
digestion. Present suffering is relieved promptly,
and    worse   sickness  prevented   by   timely   use    of
Let this wonderful remedy tone' your stomach, stimulate
your liver and kidneys, regulate your bowels and
you will feel improved throughout your entire system.
A few doses will prove to you why, for the
common  and  minor ailments  of life.  Beecham's Pills
Are the Right First Aid
Prcnnrcd only by Thomaa Bceoliam, fit. Helcnt, Luneiwlitre, Entflniid.
hold everywhere In Canada and U. S. Amorloo(   In boxes, 25 cento,
times tl
In ily
in   I'nvt
nf   Baby'
Tablets, as
The   Hyphen   Explained
airs.  Dearborn���You    sny   that is:
Airs. Burke-Martin?
.Mrs. Wabash   Ves;  Burke wns her
- I name and Martin  was her husband's
i they saved my Ilttlo ones lite,   Before  nnmc
| giving him the Tablets ho was greatly     jirs.  Dearborn   Bul   why does s1k> !
troubled witli worms aim was like a  UBe tll��� |ivpi,8��� between the names?
skeleton and cried day and night, Thc |    jr,.s, wnimsh -To show that she is
fablets sunn expelled the worms and  separated  from  her  husband.
now baby is   lho   picture of health. 	
Baby's Own Tablets also   break   up      ���.,     . ,   , . ��� ,
1 colds and simple fevers, cure constipa-! .   ''",' telal'llolle operator was spend-
tlon and  Indigestion    and make t'i.e   ng the summer holiday granted by a
! heiiovolcnt  G.P.O.   by  lhe    sounding
Is  Your  Life   Insured/    Keep    Your    Policy    In    Fore*
And Increase the Amount as Soon as Possible
If You're Not Insured, Make Application Today
Head Office, Toronto'.
Ovcr Knur .Million Dollars Assets for Policyholders.
N.B.���Write     l''or   .Memo. Book nnd Circular.
teething period   painless.   Tl ..
sold by medicine dealers or by mall
nl  2:, ""ins ii box from The Dr, Willis' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
Canada   Born  in  thc  Contingents
Canada's second contingent is show-
ins better In its representation of na-
I live   born   Canadians   than   the   first
j contingent.   The Toronto Telegram is
authority lor the statement  that of- nnm mini
j fleers of the second contingent claim I FIND OUT
|thaj   ilu  per cent, of their men are   Tho   K, d  of  Food  That  W|M   Kee
Canadians.    H tins bo true, wc I'"""
sea, tin ilie lirst morning, however,
she had occnslou to rate the maid of
the Inilninns for real or Imagined u^b-
llgence. "Why didn't you call me as I
told ynu this morning?" she demanded,
"I did, miss," replied the maid, with
an Injured air. "I culled out 'Seven-
thirty,' and all you said was. 'Number
. following result:
First Contingent  36%
Second  Contingent   75%
Third Contingent  75%
This sceiUB in be n reasonable result.    The   Caundlan Courier argues
lhal Hi" unattached, adventure-loving   .
Ijngllshman rushed Into tho lirst con-      A   conserviitl
tlllgent, lint   there  were nut  ao ninny   writer'
ni' him fnr the second and third.
You Well
The true way is to llnd oul whal is
lies! to eat and drink, und then cultivate n lush.' for those 'things in-
stead of poisoning ourselves with improper, Indlgostlhli   food, etc.
Knslern     woman
Do it Now.���Disorders of lhe digestive apparatus should  be dealt  with
al   nine  beforo    complications  arise
that   may  be difficult   to cope with,
surest   remedy to this cud and
that   is   within   reach  of all,  is
I rarmelee's Vegetable  Pills, the best1
... j laxative nml sedative on the market.
Of  LuttCUra  Ointment Clear    |,�� i'llf delay, but try them now. One
., ,        r    i      i     n-      n       ' trial  will convince anyone that they
the scalp ot  dandruff,  allay    are the best stomach regulator that
itching and  irritation,  and |ean be g0t'_ ___...
Shampoos and light dressings
"I hnve used Crape-Nuts 5 years for
the young and for the ngod: In sickness ami In health; al llrst following
directions carefully, later In a variety
of ways as mj taste and judgment
"I'.ui its most special, personal benefit has been ns a substitute for meat, 1
nnd served dry    with    cream    when]
rheumatic troubles made it Important
for nie to change diet.
"Served In this way with the addition of a cup of hoi Postum and n little frtlll it has been used al my
morning meal for six months, durii
promote hair-PTOwillP" con- ��� ^ traveller on a journey whs much which time my health has much im-
j. . . ' ��. I annoyed by a pedantic bore who proved, nerves have grown steadier,
dltlOHs in most cases of pre- forced himself upon him and made a and n gradual decreete In my exces
, .. , great parade nf his learning. The Ira- sive weight adds greatly to my coin-
mature JOSS 01 hair.                       veller bore ii as long as he could, and tort."
at length, looking at lilm gravely, said: Name given by Canadian    Postum ;
Samples Free by Mail       "^lv friend, ynu nnd 1 know all that is Co., Windsor, out.   Read, "The Roatl j
��� 'n be known." to Wellvtlle," in pkgs. ''There's a Rea-
..S'rn^^^r^Str^Ii'v';  :     "How Is thnt?" snid the man, pleas-
book. Aiidrcw"cuitcura,"Drut.K.iiusiuu, v.s.t,    ed with what lie thought a complinicnt-
 j a ry association.   "Why," said the tra.
-* j veller.  "you  know  everything except
(hat you are a fool, and 1 know thnt."
W. N. U. 1054
Ever read thj above letter?   A new
one appears from time to time.   They
are genuine, true, and full of human!
It's what's insida
the cup that count* THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Trof. A. R, Mann, of tbe New York Slate College of Agriculture,
A Careful Observer, Considers tlie Problem in the Community Aspect, in mi Article lor the Banker-Fnrmcr
to the Farmers
Help For tlie Soldiers Wbo Arc Way-
in 9
n  Great  War Tor
iiiiitrv. with its
Vy country town wo mean Lie rural I their eolnr from the type of farming
Village,   town   or cllj   that   depends | thnt goes ou about it.   The Interests ot
primarily ou    its agrlculturul   back
ground, that lives largely on the sui-
rounding country, it Is the settlement
of n   lew  hundred or a  lew   thousand
persons, hemmed in en nil sides liy
farms nud reuchod from all directions
bj  roadways thut lend oul  Inlo the
tip. ll "innn ry Hint over which much nf
lllg .1 great war lur Justh ������, tor tli"
protection of small nations In the en
joyinenl of their rights, tor continued
ami growing freedom, mul ter tiie
maintenance ot il pledge l word nf
iimini'. Much destruction ami desolation nre being unused .Lives are being Inst by tiie thousand, Canada's
flrsl contingent is now iu lhe thick nf
ii. Some will ful! sick; many may
im wounded; seine will pay the lust
lull measure nf di ration in
count!) ami im cause,
The iled Cross Society exists in
succor lhe sick nml wounded in war
The need of l-ted Cross Sen ice la great
its irail,, travels.   The question of ihu I tl
relation oC iiii- Battlement to Its laud of their own
basis, to Its in area, is non r
iil/ril ns nne uf ihe Immediate It
In country llfo progrosa,
.Mi.i ii ni ihe traditional si parntlou
between town and country Is due to
whal wa mny mill natural ciitiBes, re-
resulting from the conditions undor
which the towns havo developed. Ths
town bus it" separate political ol'gnnl-
KnlIon, Ils own governmeni, Us own
enterprises! lo sup poll bj tnxatlon|
from within, and n has been Inti ruBt
���tl mostly in its own development by
attracting irn.de, seeking to oBlabllstt
iiibini Industries, ami eierlsliing nu
��� Ulbltlon lu beennie n third i ku-K elly.
The corporation line lias beon a
boundary between town and country,
Willi Hm lido of trade flowing from
tlie "miniri In the town without, a
counter-balancing movement from the
town um Into Hi" country to develop
its resources and foster its life. Tlie
resources of the country have built up
the trade of the town; and the public
improvements resulting from this
wealth havo been largely applied lo
the betterment ol tho (own Itself. The
material resources of the country have
crossed the boundary Into the low-;
nnd now/or some time tho human resources, good farmers, have been contributed to the upbuilding u
Not Infrequently they, too
(nine town-centered nnd ne
the interests of lhe f.n
them theli" competent
Juts come to feel that
Is selfish���that ho seeks tlie major
hrneiit from a transaction by fixing
tlm price both on whnt the farmer has
to sell nnd nil what, he has to buy- Of
course this is line only In part; but
it Is a cause of separation and points
the way to n needed readjustment for
the establishment of conlidence. At
bottom, tha separation is founded ou
economic reasons.
Director  Bailey  and   others    have
mil said tbat tlie solution is to make
and country, while In some mens
lire opposite, are essentially one; their
commercial life  Is largely one.  The
business Interests    llie nici'chnnl, lhe
iniiil,er, Hi" manufacturer, mid all lha
rest   uiiiHi become illert lo lho necessity for creating fair and adequate re- ' and growing greater us Hi i war goes
lailons  with  iiie land population  in   on.    The  price of progress towards
ieir own |rude mv.i iii ihe Interests   lasting peace  ls��very, vei'i  dear. It
honi s,  health  mul  much
Hindu's   I'm I   in  Hm   pr i
is of payment, through giving  for
t,'".i cross  work,  is mercifully light
nml easy, e\ en wben all have given lo
tlie i Mem of really fe ling It,
'lb., soldiers iiiiiI Sailors pay the
price exacted by tin desolating struggle from wcii, io week, Whal they
paid iu blood ami did ill Blicrltico a
month ngo wan nni enough tor thorn.
"The Germans have at Berlin Uu
most complete bureau of Information
to be found anywhere In the world.
their I They know everything and understand
nothing.   Tbey had no measurement
rentesi nlilinate gain.      cost  iivos,
Hul again,   eiimillj Important I'rom   hi i Ich h,    i
ilie country  stiindjiolnt,  Is tho  fuel
Hint  the OPCII I OUUll'J  ",'iiinol  develop
any siiiisinniiai and permanent corn-
niimliy life npai t from n town or \ it
Inge centre. We may say what we will
aboul   the  open  rountry  having   itm
own community llfo npnri from lho vii
IllgO;   bul   ll   never w ill, excopl   lor an
oceusloiittl speclully  Inspired  uml  n;i
niilly short-lived   example,   The fnrm-l Shall
it's community centre will be whero  Whal
h" trades; and lhal is where his coin-   nchlni
Itllinlly lite uiul spirit  will bend up. If   nl'  ''"
a school ur 11 church out liy the road
side is mnde n ma! community centre, where there is vital community
life, ll will soon llnd itself surrounded wiih stores, blacksmith shop, post
Office, houses; and a village will Innn
sprung up.   The farmer's community
life will be found iu ihc place where
he  must   of nocessliy  go  frequently
and where be will meet other farmers;  and  he is  ton busy  lo go often
In a place that is oil' his beaten path of
trade.    We shall   have lo accept thai
fact Hun  whatever genuine community exeprlenoo tlie farmer ims he will
!���"! at (hi.' cross-roads of his trade, in
the town.
If we accept this ns true, then the
the town, j program for the development of town
have be-j and  country   together  must  include.
| They
��� heroic
! cause,
ay n. was enough  for us.'
me doing ami Buffering and
ine put aside, for the lime,
r thoughts and plans for indlv-
rolfnro, comfort    and   safety,
on'l hesitate to establish pre-
eglectful of
ns which gavo
'. The farmer
die townsman
lirst of nil, better co-operative business nnd commercial relationships;
but It must extend beyond these and
must affect the altitude of llie schools,
tho churches, the libraires, nnd most
of nil the townspeople themselves. The
farmer must be caused In feel thut be
Is    part Willi  the  town nnd thut his
! farm is one of the real enterprises
of ihe community, making its definite
contribution to Uie community structure,   The town school will make pro-
j vision for adequate training for child-
| ren from the farms thut. naturally centre in tin. town-   'I'll" farmer will be
I attracted to Uie town church Instead
the country town a real part of conn-1 of staying home because of nny feel-
try life, and to develop one program ing of Inequality or distinction. The
for the upbuilding nf both town and village library will extend itself into
country. The life nf the town cannot i (lie country by means of the pnrcel
bo separated from the life of tho post or otherwise and become a com-
country, and it will be ImpossiBle ever! munity-serving llbra.'y. Plans for civic
to fully energize country affairs un-1 improvement will treat town and conn-
less the. towns ure considered equally | try us one problem nud Improvements
tn llie process. The interests of town j will reach out inlo lhe country, Farm-
nnd country merge nml cross. Tha ers and townspeople will work should-
towns are the cross-roads of trade, the er to shoulder in (lie movement for
tying centres where the business In- good roads und for good railroad ser-
terests of ull Ihe farmers ill the trade vice. The country fnlr, wliieh is us-
sren head up nnd thus give employ- ��� unlly held in a town centre and Is
ment to a certain population, Tlu I town controlled, will seek farmers on
verage country town is primarily an ! Ils board of managers, and lake on the
totlie farm*!' on (lie one hand, and for I change and (here will be new im i u
��� .    lim  ihey are pn cedents of
sacrifice l'or aur country and Ils
for our principle:; mul   ideals
that they may be upheld.
fanners, Individually as well ns
through their Institutes, clubs and
cheese and but lei' factories, are in a
position lu help very greatly. Their
business does nol suffer from lhe wur.
Prices uf nearly all farm products
have gune up. while labor is scarce
there is lime to think of the boys iii
Ihe front and lo send the Red Cross
Society u gift to be spent for the sick
and  wounded.
Farmers ure generous in sentiment
and generous in giving when llmir
hearts and heads point th" way. 'this
is a case when Ihey do sn point clearly, persuasively and urgently. In i
crisis, in lhe lives of nations nud in
the lives of stricken soldiers, none can
pray loo much, do ton much or give
ton much,
I appeal In fanners In B01U
sinus from $1 tn $50, during tin
week of .Mny. Every $50 provld
additional hospital bed '.villi tin
er's name over it. Uy sendln
about $10,011(1, you would serve
country well, bring credit to yourselves and make nil of us very proud
of ynu. For the sake ofihe wounded
boys, mull" tlie gift substantial, it will
be an investment lownrds Ihe recovery of some Canadian soldier who
stood in our ste.id lhal our cause
might be upheld.���Faithfully your
friend. Jas. W. Robertson, chairman
Iled Cross Society at Ottawa.
King Albert as a Reporter
C.W.  Barron, of  Wall Street Journal, Shows that  Economic
Reasons were Largely Responsible fnr the Outbreak of
Hostilities -Many Problems to he Settled
Thut was a year ago. Germany's sn.
swer convinced Hussia that she musi
light and she began preparing for tlio
struggle whicli she knew lo lie inevitable. Germany, on the other hand,
hud decided thnt  the present was the
right moment to strike.
Accord Ing to her system uf espionage, the ilritish empire was ou the
eve of a break-up. Ireland Was about
to rebel,  Indian   was ready to secede,
South Africa was disloyal, while Canada would In' nobbled up by the I nit-
ed Slates. Hussia she knew to be in
no condition for Hie war. lm' re Og-
lllzed Unit in a couple of .veai''; Russia wuuld be ready. France wus we.,I;
financially, while Germany herself bad
been preparing for years and de. med
llie present tlie opportune mom ml
''Germany," declared Mr. Barron,
"knew everything, but understood nothing. They had no measurem nt in
Berlin which would guage the soul
of a nation like Great Britain, Tb iy
lnul no knowledge of ihe ideals of the
Anglo-Saxon race, a government thnt
Berves the people Instead of one
In   (lei mnny   tn   gauge   111"   -oul   nt  ll
! naliuii sue!   us that of lie- British empire," d. dared Air. C   W. Barron, in
, his address before the Montreal Can
, iiilian dull recently.
Mr. Btyron, who is head of Um Wall
'street Journal, the Boston News
j Bureau ami Um Philadelphia News
I Bureau, has had uueqnall d opportunt-
��� lies to got ut tiie real causes of the
titaulo sn tiggle now ta'.iug place In
Europe. Through personal contact
w ii ii great  financiers,    world    (aim I
t statesmen, and from personal obBorva-
' tlon, lm Ims complied a wealth of In-
formation regarding lho causes of the
��� struggle. Mr, HaiTnn, w bu was a
London Siatist staff
eorge Paish became
t,  has  discussed  lhe
well an wiili
I nn iiiher    of Ui
imi;; before Sir G<
: associated wiih it
! war willi Sir George, ui
I mnny  other  great   limui
j versntlon wiih Paish ai
lion  of  tlie   wnr,   the   I
! Sin Joint   French,  snid
| have dug    themselves
| trench from Swltzorlnni
ud uud ull Nell cannot
dors. In con-
to the dura-
itter, quoting
"The  Allies
ium a solid
in ilm chun-
get thorn nm."
"1 know," suid Air   Barron, "that
George is u good churchman,  bu
iliis  Instance  lie   ,'as  talklni
ait. ffarron in the cotin
dress showed conclusively
Ullc reasons were very
sponsible for lhe out In-, a
ties. Austria was Illlxh
ami merely used the assi
ber  Archduke
malum whicli was E
changed by the Knl
ie of liis ad-1
I hat ei'miii- I
largely   re-
It  of hoslili-1
anxious   l'or  war
��� assassination of
un     excuse,     nl-
nmilysis   the   ulli-
em   in Servia was
ier to make ii Ini-
his | possible of fill lil mem. Auiiiria wus auxin I ions to  dominate  ihe  Balkan  Stales
'airland  through  Ihem  tlm   Custom   Medi-
' leri'iiuean.     He   also   showed   that   a
commercial treaty    which    Germany
forced  on   Itussia  during ihu Russia-
Japanese war ami under, which Russia
was forced to accept German goods to
her own disadvantage, was at the bottom of the struggle between Germany
and itussia.
!8 om
veia&e '"""".'   "."ii ". ," "".......   ....    "" ��������� *> - "s.---i
gricultural distributing point, for tho j aspect of a real, helpful
istributiou uf supplies ami provisions   country fair.   The whole
helpful, stimulating
iltltude will
Tliis trealy wu to terminate in 11117
ami when itussia a short lime ago
approached Germany in order to secure an Alteration of the conditions
i she wus emphatically told that lhe
I trealy wus satisfactory lo Germany
and  must be continued    hy  RiiBsia.
"Vou  would  believe    the    war was
worth while," declared Mr. Barron, "if
you saw ihe rejuvenated France. S ���
,ii-! is a new nation.    Tlie frivolous life of
in i her people is a thing of tlie past. Vou
mini i would be astonished if yon saw Eng-
I land being vitalized   and  recreated,
"I'hls war,'' declared Mr. Barron, "will
settle   some   thirty-live   nr thirty - ��
problems, any nne nf which is almost
us great as tlm slavery question whb h
was  settled  by  Uie  Amei inn    Clvtl
���"the lirst. greal problem is, ��rb ���:
er   governments shall Berve or rule.
The siicredness of treaties   uml t
rlghl   of small  nations    to  exisl   as
such, ure mine of lhe other great problems  which  shall   he settled  by  thi"
conflict,   It. mny take ten empires in I
kingdoms battling in settle Uie ques
Hon because Germany hns ideas that
enn   only   b"   shut   away,  lull  tin'-   pi   ���
lilenis  will be settled,    it   is  in  '
lust  analysis a  conflict  between  the
Anglo-Saxon ideal nf government and
that of German "Kultur"  i"ue ona   i
I service,  Uie  extending of peace  and
iperlty and the general goi i (
mankind; llie other is, the spread of
material power ami Uie belief I ���
the road to happiness is found making
your neighbor Berve you ami r.ot in
you serving your neighbor.'' Mont
���louniai of Commerce.
Germans Need Copper       Canada's Fighting Force
lhe shipment, assortment, or manufacture of the farmer's products, on the
ether. If the farms nre thrifty, ths
towns are thrifty; if Uie farms are
unthrifty, the towns are likely to lie
dead, tbe thrift of tlie farms is the
soul of the business life of the towns.
The country town has no outlet or escape except through Ihe country. Its
commercial  activities    largely    take
tives for development in both town
mul country, and new plans will be developed. The commercial interests In
the town'will find their larger service
in making Uie town, nnd aii of its Institutions and enterprises, serve to
open country and Uie town alike, and
lints create the confidence on whicli
all good business must depend.���The
"Der Tag"
British    Captain    Heard tbe Famous
Toast  Before  the  Outbreak of
Commenting  on  Admiral  vou Tir-
pii/.'s  Indignant denial of tlie report
that  German  sailors   were  accustomed to toast "Her Tag." a Hull master
mariner, In an Interview with the Central News  Mull correspondent,  sail:
Some time before I lie wnr I was in
and told him to stop it.
"There are many other shlpmast rs
whu must have heard that loast drunk
long before lhe war."
The Potato
It   Rivals
Article of
Wheat   as   an
Staple Food
Although it is recorded that the potato (Soianun tuberosum) wns used us
human  food more than    a thousand
years ago, its culture did not extend
command of a steamer at Tunis, whero | beyond ihe boundaries of South Amor-
tIn ro   were  three  Gemini  Bteatners, \\r.& until about the middle of llie sixteenth century. To Sir Waller Raleigh
one of which was consigned lo the
same broilers as mine. Consequently
tlie cnptnln and I met every morning
nt the office, and 1 found him a courteous German sailor.
"One day 1 walked into tlie principal cafe for lunch and found there
all three German captains ou Iiie same
errand. 1 was invited to sit down at
their table, und wns introduced lo tho
two stranger caplr.ins, villi whom 1
is credited th" Introduction of the po-
lain Into Kngland i ml In 1680 it was
definitely known to liuvo been grown
lu Ireland,   since that time the cultivation nf this crop has extended" ove.-
the civilized globe.    So greal has Hie j
reliance   upon It become   Hint when
blight occurred in   Buropa at various
times during the past three-quarters of | ;'
a century, the failure of llie crop was I
attended hy serious famine conditions
passed  a   pleasant  half  hour.
"Before leaving, one of the Germans j The potato has acquired a position
itoofi up and drank the toast in Ger- hex to whea , for human .consumption
unin. the other Iwo joining him.        I i" the annual field crops ol the world
"You  know   what  it  is,  captain?" I and enormous quai titles are utilize..
said my German friend
yes,' I rep
1 in llie arts  and  for stock  food.  Tb
���Oh" yes; l replied,    it is "To the!"'01'1'1'8 cr��P of POtrtoes exceeds that
"lie half apologized, and remarking,
���Well, it ought not to have been drunk
before you
" 'Oh, il doesn't matter,' 1 said. 'Both
you and 1 und our young friend here
Who gavo Ule toast will all he dead before that day comes, if it ever do<;3
"At that the young German captain
gnt into a rage and exclaimed:
" T am just out of the German
mny, and I believe we could do it
now. We ure not the navy wa we"e
twenty years ago.'
"The older captain stormed at him,
of wheat by some two billion bushels.
Valuing wheat at one dollar and potatoes at llfty cent, per bushel, the
world's crop in 1912 may be set down
it an approximate worth of $3,800,-
OOli.OOtl for wheat and $3,000,000,000
for potatoes. Hast year the figures for
Canada, for wheat 161,280,000 bushels,
valued nl $196,418,000, and for potatoes
85,672,000 bushels valued at $11,598,-
Visited United States and Canada In
Search of Information
When King Albert of Belgium, as
prince Allien, put aside bis title and
became a newspaper correspondent,
he travelled a good deal, visiting
France, Austria, Britain, Scandinavia
and the American continent, including Canada.
In this wny the democratic prince
wus able to study the commercial advantages of other countries, as well
as broadening his views and educating liis mind. In order thai he should
not he recognized during his expedi-
llons King Albeit, grew a beard, wore
glasses, und trimmed his hair in a
new way. His disguise wus so effective that many of his countrymen to
whom be was u familiar ligure passed
him without recognition in the vnr-
ious (owns he visited.
The royal reporter seriously worked ul. the profession be adopted. In
the United States lie was employed by
a Minneapolis newspaper at a salary
of $15 a week. The king's employers
wero quite unaware uf liis Identity,
and when lie returned witli poor
"copy" he was as badly hauled over
the coals as were his less aristocratic
colleagues.    A       story  is  told  by his
conferee ot the way be endeavored to
obtain copy.
Whilst ou a Brooklyn newspaper
Albert wanted entry into a house
where a murder imd taken place. He
was slopped by a policeman, who demanded his curd. Tim blue-blooded
reporter did not happen tn have one,
so the   representative   of   tlie   law
j roughly ordered him oft.
1     A  rival  reporter    who  noticed  Uie
| incident afterwards went, up to the
policeman and said, "Ho ynu know
that man you w?re speaking lo was
Albert, Prince of the Belgians'.'"
Well," answered Uie unenlightened
policeman'   "Air. Prince   should have
' shown his card, for I've never heard
i ot that paper."
In his reporting days King Albert
volunteered to write on any subject
connected with sport. As an all-
round athlete he was especially qualified as au authority on outdoor
games. He can box, fence, ride, shoot,
und swim. 'There arc few subjects
on which King Albert cnuld not write
a good article, lie has a knowledge
of metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding,
motor cars, and aviation.
Shells Are  Now  Being  Gathered  and   Dominion   is
Re-used by the Germans
How    long  will    5,000,000,000 cart-;
ridges last in a war of the size of the
present one'.'   How much copper lm;
Germany on hand from which to mako ',
new cartridges for the infantry rilles
nnd machine guns, and drying bands,
for    the    shells    of all sizes?    Great!
Britain   has  declared  copper  contra-
band of war, and is trying to stop its'
going    to any port whence  it might!
reach  Germany.  Other tilings  might,
end the war more speedily, but when .
tlie  supply of copper quits then the!
war quits likewise. The Germans ure
reported to have had nearly 5,000,000,-
000 ride cartridges on hand when war
broke out.   They probably have 4,000,-
000 men under arms, possibly mora
They have thousands of machine guns,
eaeli of which  eats up cartridges as
fast  as a  whole  infantry    battalion.
Twelve hundred and fifty rounds per
soldier, excluding the machine guns,
and   the   5,000,000,000  carl ridges   ure
gone.   Without doubt the Germans are
reduced already to picking up the tired
cases  when  it  is  feasible  to  do so.
Trench lighting   is particularly well
adapted to this purrose, while from a
machine gun the ejected    eases are
thrown   so  uniformly  that   a   basket
would  catch  practically  all of them.
Tiie German cartridge cases arc uot
well adapted to being reloaded.    Tlie
American   government    reloads   ihe
fired rifle cartridges, and the requirements  specify  that   ench  case  must
stand -ii such reload lugs without splitting or giving nwuv al any spot. Hundreds of tl OUSttllds of tired curl ridges
nre  reloaded  by  Hie   United    states
army    each year, because while lha
complete  loaded  cartridges  cost  2'i
cents, the case itself costs nearly IA4
cents, a saving of Gn per cent, through
Ship's Officer���Oh, there goes eig.it
beds; excus i me, it's my watch below.
Old Lady���-Gracious; Fancy your
watch striking as loud aB that!
An easterner who had bought a
farm iu California had heard of his
neighbor's talent for raising large potatoes, so sent his farmhand over io
get a hundred pounds.
"You go home," answered the talented farmer to lhe messenger, "and
tell your boss that I won't cut a potato for any onel"
Tbe cabby regarded the broken-
down taxi wiih a gleam of delight, but
did not speak. The chauffeur began
operating on his machine. He turned
and twisted it, and banged It, and
screwed it, but to no avail and still
the cabby spoke not. Then the chauffeur wiped his brow and the cabby,
still with ihe gleam in his eye, crossed
over. '"Ere," he exclaimed grimly,
holding out his whip: "'ere ver are.
mister, 'it 'ini with this."
n the Fight to See it
"Our fathers refuse! to submit to
the tyranny of their own kings; their
sons Will not submit to tlie absolutism
of an alien king. Our fathers won
fur democracy her earliest and most
lasting triumphs; they gave their
lives to secure these privileges. If
their sons are worthy they will freely
give tlieir lives to preserve them."
The above wonU of Mr. N. W.
Rowel!, K.C, summed up iiis eloquent
address delivered before the Empire
Club on "Democracy v. Militarism.'
After comparing the conllict iu Oar-
many and Great Britain, the sp-aker
said lhat it was Oliver Cromwell who
settled once and for all against the
divine right of kings in Kngland.
"The path of liberty for the German people lies in the overthrow of
militarism, and tbe only path of liberty to us rests in our pressing this
war lo a glorlou conclusion. The
motherland lias three million mer.
under arms, and if we in Canada had a
proportionate number enlisted we
would have at the present moment
350,000 to 600,000 men in training.
"What an inspiration it would be to
the heroes ill Uie trenches, to the
mother country and all portions of
our empire, and to those who are now
going to the front, if our government
were. In addition to all they have
alrendy said and done, to cable to liis
majesty's governmeni In Great B.it-
ain that we would at once undertake
to send at least another 100,000 men
io tlie front, not to till gaps, but as a
new lighting force, us an evidence of
our appreciation of Cue sacrifices
already made, and nf our determination to help finish tho task. It
our public men of all parties were
to go through the country and tell the
people nf Canada the vital stake we
have in this war what a response the
people would make to this appeal
Canada is in this fight to see it
through."���Toronto i.i lobe
An oid soldier after leaving the Britisli army wrote to his colonel In the
following terms: "Sir After all I've
suffered, tell the army to go Io hades."
A week or so later he received a reply in the usual official manner; "Sir
���Any suggestions or inquiries ns to
the movements of troops must be entered on Army Form 1117, a copy of
which is enclosed."
Railways in Alberta
In Uie province of Alberta there is
now one mile of railway for every IJ.",
persons. The province guaranteed
bonds last year for Hie construction
of 2.4H6 miles of railway, of which
there are now completed and in opera-
lion 1,230 miles, and 347 graded, and
ready for track-laying. The mileage
was last year distributed as follows:
Canadian Northern, 656 miles; Grand
Trunk 'Pacific Railway. 259; Edmonton
& Dunvegan, 2 In; Alberta & Great
Waterways Hallway. 7",0; I.acombe ic
Blindmnn Valley Railway, 37. Tho
total mileage in the province Is 1,-
097, which is greater than in tne
nlder provinces wiih the exception of
Ontario.- Journal or Commerce.
Ua rniirtpmv R^vi^w Harmston, Howard Ellis, W, Hoi
e courtenay Review mea w Ray T 1,orllll,c Cllas
And c.n.ox vaiicy Advocate Grundy, A. Humphries, W. Raw-
A  Weelty   Newspaper.   Publsbeo  at n__   i������i. ���,,.i t. ,1 n.,,i     i>,.....i.i
Ami Comox V
Weelcy   Newspi
Courtenay, B, 0,
N. II. Bodkn, Kdltor ond Proprietor
Subscription $1.50 per Vein   in  Advance
Telephone S9
THURSDAY, Jl'l.V   9, 1915
Vancouver Island is
inn ul its best, nml tin
valley, the lnrgest nml
iimi look-
est mi the
Isliniil is nt its prettiest, li you
ui-.li tn enjoy yourself git out one
clay uiul take n long walk up tlieI
settlement and sea the beauties of
nature while everything is green
uml iush, inline the renper and
the summer heat destroys nature's
dress. According to all nccountSi
tin average mnn ol over 40 ;s hmiili-
cappiug himself bv liis laziness,
He doesn't exercise enough, and
so the Washington Board of Health
advises walking exercises every
day, Many men w ilk more than
tin y think is good for Ihem, but
the trouble is that they do not get
the right sort of exercise It is
something different from his usual
avocation that iiiini requires. Jusl
us when mentally tired you can refresh your memory by reading
some silly novel or some other kind
of light reading, so wearied man
musi refresh himself by physical
exercise of a
that wliieh lie
Grundy, A. Humphries, w. Rawlins, Jack and Ted Backer, Ronald
Stewart, ami Capt. Moggs, Percy
Saddler left on Monday in join at
These have none to England to
re-join their old regiments; How
.-ml Elliott, C. B, S, Frost, Lieut.
Dunhill, J. Ridley-Thompson, S.
A. Cotton, W, D. Sicker, !���;, Ley-
land, I. Barker G, 11. Ash, Mr.
Iiulil. Frank Everett and Robt.
Calms expect to leave shortly for
England whnt
Medical Corps,
Dulce et decorum est pro patrla
i   li   Vests in
knit  cotton, li
lisle (ryui
���Instil- ribbed nml
le ami iu 'sccri/cil
A complete run
1' Wear in co
Ladies'   nml   n
d   Uilli
I crepe  I
s and   Misses
ml cambric
'use  Dresses
. and crepes
No one was surprised lo hear
that 450 Chinese passengers embarked at Victoria n few days ago
for the Celestial Empire, When
raid times eome along, awuy gees
John, nud when John cannot make
a living, who enn? The Chinese
pedlar, both in Victoria and Vancouver, has been hard hit by the
establishment of the weekly public
markets, at which the stalls are
open to while growers only, and to
a lesser though appreciable degree
by the local residents growing more
garden produce, Goodbye John !
As a rule,   hard times lend   to
In Patent and Viri Kill
I   crepes,   popl'113,
muslins,   perculds
:iiul /cplijr gingliai
s ana
Misses Tennis Shoes
different   nature   to I draw a community closer together,
has hud all  day   So h0  the exclusion of outsiders'  and
it is that we suy,  get out  in  the outside interests.   The retail mer-
open and admire thc beauties of
Courtenay and its surroundings
from the hill in front of Capt
Vigors residence ou the ' back"
road.    ____^_^_^^_
The school trustees would tlo
well to try and engage competent
teachers for the next year, who will
make Courtenay their home, and
stay for a number of years. We
pay large enough salaries to employ
married teachers of the first class.
This is a beautiful country iu whicli
to live, The surroundings are congenial and the people are thrifty
and friendly. Schools always work
at a disadvantage because of constant change of teachers, aud there
is great loss of progress by the
scholars. No one knows what progress, if any, has been made at the
School during the past year. No
final promotion examinations were
held by the teachers, mid the reports of the entrance examinations
will not be ready until Thursday
Among those brave lads who
have fallen or who are fighting with
the Allies at the Front, are the
following from Comox District who
formed one or other of the contingents:
Messrs. Reeves, Jackson, A . Ridley-Thompson, J. Stoddait, Shirley
Hobbs, A. Evans, Angus, Jack,
and Malcolm Beaton, J. Cairns, L.
chants of Victoria were among the
first to claim this privilege and to
plead for the preference over mail
order houses, However, on Dominion Dav, the Victoria Retail
Merchants Association organized
an excursion whicli look 700 people
out of town for the day, The destination might have been Nanaimo,
Vancouver, or the delightful Gulf
Islands cruise uud the money thus
circulated would have been retained
in tiie province. The Retailers'
Association thought differently, and
hied across to Seattle instead, where
probably at least fifteen hundred
dollars were left behind fur the
benefit of Uncle Sam, to the exclusion of the province, and especially of Vancouver Island from
which tlie retailers draw so much
of tlieir trade, directly or indirectly.
It is to be hoped that the communities affected will take note.
In tlle above connection, it is related that General George Washington during a critical period for
thc American forces during t'ne war
of Independence, had to exhort his
supporters "to hang together" if
tbey wanted victory. When a nial-
cu:te tenquired Ike soundness of
that policy, the leader rep'ied, 'l*'or
the simple reason that unless you
do, you will hung set artely I"
Owing to the splendid prairie
marki t the local strawbet ry grow ei s
were not ab'e lo supply fully the
Victoria nnd Vancouver  demands,
Curtains aud cm tain  muslins,  scrims,
Madras and art muslins, sunproof   casement cotll, nrt sulcetis and creloncs
In order to reduce our slock of men's
ready-to-wear clothing we nre offering a
discount ol 20 p. c. lor two weeks only.
Men's 3-Bntton Suck Suits in black und
navy serges, light and dark tweeds nnd
men's 2-piece outing suits
Summer U Weir, balbriggnn   iu natural
and white  nt 50c nnd   7.5c iu   short nnd
long sleeves
Elastic ribbed mercerized
nt $1 and $1.25,   II. H. V.
ut Sl.50
cotton U wear
Athletic   U
wear   ll
mesh   and
Half Hos
all   shedes at 3
for 51
in   the   new
ml plain   re-
^���?T'T'"rsWW��" ;> " ?���'') 4,'fe7
Ford Touring Car
Price $590
Your neighbor drives a Ford���why
don't you? We are selling more Fords
in Canada this year than ever before���
because Canadians demand the Jjcst in
motorcar set vice at the lowest possible
cost. Tlie "Made in Canada ' \ Ford
it u necessity���not a luxury
Buyers of Kurd cars will share in our profits if.we sell
80,000 cars between August I. 1011, uml August I. 1016
Runnboul ?.''!(: Town Or $840; I'. O.!'.. Ford On
turin. oqu'pmont, including electric headlights. ('nra
on display uud sale al
Invictus   Shoes   for   linn
lasts with   blind  eyeleta   i
cceding toe
Summer Shirts In plain, self colours nnd
stripes from 75c to 51.75
Novelty  patterns  ill   mushroom   pleats
with soft detnchoblc collar and French
culTs from J 2 to 53.50
Well stocked in lien's   Straw   Hats and
Silk Caps
lien's Guting Pants and  Tennis  Shoes
'f//Ai-'f A/."k h i1 MAS-
and prices remained high until lhe
close of the berry season. The
prairie market has been opened up
for the first time this year, and
there .seems lo Le every reason to
lliink that next year should see an
equally good, if not better demand.
The Comox Valley growers might
well make the attempt to organize,
and enter tbe markets mentioned
by collective effort next year.
The si.^iis point to ;i certain increase in the price of bacon and
lard this winter, owin.T to the general reduction in stock. Feed on
the contrary is just now on the
down grade.
Letter to The Editor
halitor Review,
Dear Sir: - Owing to the oxygen, life's
necessity for the weal, and old like myself, being drawn to the skies 1 , .< ! nig
;��� :l of hot weather I um afraid 1 shall
nol bo able to attend a Hoard of Trade
meeting to argue the case of Idiens vs.
lloden unlit we have n goo 1 downpour
ol rain to bring back this oxygen, meanwhile il should be possible lo solve the
What I propose is uot only The Review
but The Herald ulso, should do thesauie
ns the Victoria Colonist does, nnd which
is obviously ten times more necessary ill
the case of Courtenav, a city iu tlie making, witli it's handful of people, viz.,
disclosure the names of die writers.
Tbis would lend to articles of interest
and benefit to the district if tlie writers
knew tbey were immune from the attack
of tlie malicious man���he gels on my
nerves after living at peace with my
neighbors at one house in London, ling.
for nine years und not knowing tbem on
either side, except seeing them over the
garden wall-from a business point he
affects the undertaker eqtully with the
real estale man, because his slander will
decrease Courtenay's population, leav
ing fewer people for burial.
Kindly announce ill jour next issue
whether"you will agree to the following:
1. All letters and articles lo be signed
by tlie writers.
2. The newspaper proprietors to use
tlieir best endeavours lo insert ouly that
which will be of benefit and interest to
tile people as a whole.       ,
irrister   and {Solicitor,   Notary   Public
I". O.  Ilox 2(19
Phone 24
Painter and Paperhanger
Ifl rat CIubs Cori'lfigo Pntntlrigiit Low Coat
All Kinds of Kuniitui't: llopfttrod nml Painted
Work aunranlood A Trial Solloltad
Mitchell & Son
Milk and Cream Delivered
Daily in Courtenay
Telephone R 81
'l'o whom it may concern,
I hereby give notice thai I will not be
responsible for any debts contracted in
the inline of Grlnisley & Hodgkinson,
Wood Merchants, Courtenay, Irom this
Signed, Harry I-Iodckimson
Courtenay, II. C, June 15, 191.1) lm
OTICE is hereby given that I in-
tctul to apply to the Hoard of Incense Commissioners, one mouth from
this date, for a transfer of the license
held by me to sell spirituous und fermented liquors (.by retail from the premises known as tiie "Courtenay Hotel,"
situate iu the City ol Courlenay, Ilritish
Columbia, to tlie building in tbe City of
Courtenay, on I,ot 50 111 subdivision of
part of Section 61, registered as No. 311,
and llow occupied by W. G. McKean as
a General Store, the hotel to be known
as the "Hotel Alexandria," according
to plans and specifications which will be
laid before the Hoard.
Dated this 2-lth day of June, 1915.
Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
All Work (iiifimntecil
A. Beveridge, Courtenay Hotel
Sand and Gravel
Rates Re isonable
Cumberland Hotel
wood Accomodation       Cusine Kxcellen
Wm. Merryfield
3, Any whicli leave tlie impression of
having beeu written to vent spite to be
tbrown into the waste paper basket.
If you will also announce tbe name ol
the writer of "First Impressions of
Courtenay', I will undertake to get not
less than .vmi, don't luske a mistake in
tliese bard times antl print ��500, subscribed for, the benefit of the Patriotic
Yours truly,
Courtenay, July 6, 1915.
[Speaking lor ourselves we may say
thnt no communication or news item
si in to this ollice is p iblisbed unless llie
writer signs liis name to such (not necessarily for publication.) We do uot allow at any time scurrilous articles to be
used, ami request that all communications be of interest to tlle public. The
writer of "First Impressions" did not
use a noin-ile-pluiiic, the signature was
lell oil' because of lack of space in "making up" the page. He intends writing
another letter shortly over his own signature.]
. m-*>iee-	
Vacation Ode
Farewell to school and comrades,
Vacation lias begun,
We'll slow away our books and slates
And llow we'll have some fun.
Goodbye to school and comrades,
Goodbye to books and bell,
We've worked and done our level best
To pass our exams well.
Three cliecs for school and comrades.
Three theirs for teachers dear,
Hurrah; Hurrah! throw up vour hats,
The holidays are here!
Ii. O. Y.
Card of Thanks
The Sandwiek Ladies' Aid desire to
thank all those who so kindly helped
theni witli the lawn party at tlie home ol
Jlrs. John Grieve, on Friday, Juue 25.
Dyeing, Cleaning
and 1
Garments turned out Hkc new-
Alterations and repairs
of  every description
Old Hank Ituildiug
Phone 17 Courtenay
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
factory Experience
Recommends   from   beading   Musicians
from the Atlantic lo the Pacific,    Copies
of same furnished mi request
W. |. Goard   will ne   in this citv   about
August  I.    I,ca\c orders   at this'  Ollice,
or write direct lo
845, 8th Ave., W.    -    Vancouver
2 for 25c
Picnic Cups 5 for 5c
Picnic plates 10c per doz.
Sandwich paper and Candies
Drug Store
Palace Livery
Horses and  Buggies for Hire a��
Terms cash.
We also attend to wood hauling
Courtenay Phone 25
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Waler ami Steanifitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courteiiay
General Blacksmith
olioit Your Putroniigo.   direful Attention
Given lu Horses Foot
Comox, 13. C.
First-class   Accommodation,   Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.   McCuish, Prop.
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former i.s really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
audby reason ofquality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken
Oppositenew  Prut)Ujin  lluiL
ttt. 9B
Medicinal Plants
To describe, or even to give oi the
five hundred varieties of jdnnts that
come under the head ol medicinal, as
given in a more lIi.im ordinary Interesting Bulletin by Assistant Doinion botanist, 1. Adams, M. A., would lake up
an exceptional amount ot space. Mr,
Adams entitles his publication, "Medicinal I'la.its anil their Cultivation
in Canada " It is Bulletin No 23,
Second .Scries, of the Experimental
Farms, am! cuu be had free by addressing the Publications Branch,
Department of Agriculture, Ottawa.
Dr. Grisdale, of the Dominion Experimental Farm*, makes a correct
estimate when lie says "Such information as is contained in this
publication should be of value to
many of our farmers." Dominion
Botanist Gussow explains that the
bulletin owes its preparation to the
numerous enquiries received from
time in time relating lo the cultivation nt plants possessed of certain
medicinal or health^restoritig properties. Mr. Ailams, who v;ns
formerly lecturer on Botany and
Vegetable Materia Medien nl Dublin, Ireland, suggests that no fnnn-
c! runs any risk by devoting a
small pint of about an acre to drug
culture us an experiment for a few
years. I'm. for anybody to go
headlotlg into the business as a
speculation would be unwise.
After dealing with soil, climate;
cultivation, collection, drying, imports and exports, and explaining
the terms used, Mr. Adams gives
prominence, with faithful illustrations iu outline, to the medical
plants 111 demand. These briefly
American White Hellebore or
Indian Poke, flowers May and June
poisonous, occurs in wet swamps
and wet woods from New Brunswick to British Columbia; price 8
to 10 cents per pound.
Hop, flowers July and August,
ripe, September and October, occurs
in thickets and on riycr banks
from Nova Scotia to Manitoba,
cultivated in Ontario and British
Columbia; 25 to 55 cents per pound.
Golden Seal, flowers in April,
ripe in July or August, native of
woods in Ontario, must be cultivated; 55.45 lo 55.75 per pound,
While Mustard, flowers all summer, occurs in fields and waste
places; S cents a pound.
Black Mustard, occurs in field
and waste places; to cents per pctind
Senca Snakeroot or Mountain
Flax, flowers iu May or June,
grows in rocky roods from New
Brunswick to Alberta; 50 to $[.15
per pound.
Sacred Bark or Barberry, occurs
in moist situations iu the mountains
of Britis'.i Columbia; 8 to 10 cents
per pound.
American Ginseng, collected in
September, occurs in woods in
Quebec and Ontario, 5 cents per
Carawav, flowers from May to
July, occurs on waste ground In
Kastern Canada; 6 to 9 cents per
Peppermint, flowers July to September, occurs in wet ground from
Nova Scotia to Ontario, 9 to 16
cents per pound.
Spearmint, grows in wet grounds
from Nova Scotia to Ontario; q to
16 cents per pound,
Mr, Adams, in addition to giving
description and exact illustrations,
in every case quotes the market
price. Following' the plants in
leading demand, lie conies to those
used in moderate or small quantities
such as Irish Moss, Ergot, Male
Fern, White Pine, Hemlock, Balsam Fir, Juniper, and so on,
These occupy 24 pages, two to five
to a puue, and then we have foreign
medicinal plants which might grow |
in Canada. A list of 54 publications and a comprehensive index '
add to the instriictivniess and
Interest of an exceedingly valuable
Dr. McNaughtoii, of Cumberland, Ims purchased a new Ford
Ed Emde has sold a carload of
Ford cats so far this season.
Mr. Jus. McNaughtoii the Super-1
iiiteiuletit at Headquarters has purchased a new   Ford  ear equipped
with Gray & Davis self-starter and
lighting outfit.
Rev. T, Menzies seems to be
having a yrs nd time with his new
Victoria, li, C, July 7.���Of interest to
Comox is tlie departure ol the Iiritisii
steamer " Durlev Chine " carrying
1,21111,(101) leet of lutuser for Port Nelson,
Hudson Pay, via Panama canal. The
steamer took on its cargo from the Canadian Western I,limber Co's mills,
Fraser .Mills, and expects to make a
second trip this season.
Advices reaching the Minister of Lands
concerning the lire situation throughout
the Province arc for tbe present satisfactory, although llie Immediate pros-
i ect, unless rain falls, are rather ominous in certain sections.
During the early part of last week
ruin fell ill tlie Hazelton, Nelson, Cranbrook, Vernon and Kamloops districts
as well as in tbe eastern sections of tlie
Pott George Division, followed however
by clear, warm weather, with resulting
increase in the fire hazard. In tbe Tele
Jaune District, conditions are reported
as being reasonably safe, in view ol tbe
hot,dry, windy weather,
The prevailing heat accompanied by a
clear atnios] bere and wind, Willi resultant drying out of vegetation lias been
responsible for severrl fires in tlie Coast
Districts, outbreaks being reported at
North Vancouver, I.augley, Delta, Half
Moon Hay. Cbeakir:;us, Texada Island
Toba Inlet, Thurlow Island, Green Point
Rapids and Pougbboro Inlet, the area
burnrtl over being approximately 1,000
acres, principally slashings, and tbe
damage to merchantable timber fortunately small.
Four fires, 'ill under con'.i >!, have occurred ill tlie Island District, two of
which were at Parksville and a third at
The policy ol burning over slash areas
which lias been pursued with much success this year, largely under the direction
ot at the suggestion of the Hon. W, R.
Ross' department, lias undoubtedly led
to fewer fires than would bave been tbe
case otherwise, and the large amount of
laud cleared by settlers under permit!
lias also materially diinished the fire
danger. I
Notice to Contractors
Sl'AI.HD TBNDURS, superscribed
"Tender for I'nion Pay School,"
will be received by the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works up to 12:00
o'clock noon of Saturday, the 17th day
of July, 1915, for llie erection aud completion of a two-r n school and outbuildings at Union Kay, iu tlle Coin ix
Electoral District
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender uuiy be seen on and
after the 3otll day oi June, 1915, at the
offices of Mr. J. Hnird, Government
Agent, Cumberland, B, C; Mr, George
Thompson. Government Agent, Nanaimo
li. Ci .Mr. J. Miihoncy, Government
Agent, Vancouver It. C.; Mr. W, Magged:, Secretary to School Hoard, Union
liny, It. C,| or the Department of Public
Works. Victoria, It. C.
Intending leiuleieis can obtain one
copy of plans and specifications by applying to ihc undersigned wilb a deposit
ol ten dollars, ($10,) whicli will be refunded on llieir return iu good order.
Bach proposal must be accompanied by
an accepted bank cheque or certificate ol
deposit on a chartered bank of Canada
Made payable In the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works for a sum equal
to ten per cent ol tender, which shall
be forfeited if the party tenleriug decline to enter into contract when called
upon to do so, or if lie fail to complete
tiie work contracted for. The cheques
or certificates of deposit of unsuccessful j
tenderers will be returned to tbem upon
tlie execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered   unless !
made out on tlle forms supplied,   signti! I
witli tlie actual signature of the tenderer
and enclosed in the envelopes furnishe I. j
The lowest or nny tender uot necessarily accepted.
J. ]���. GRIFFITH,
Deputy Minister   and   Public  Works
Public Works Department.
Victoria, H. C, June 24th, 191.5.
Every precaution needs to lie exercised
however bv settlers, campers and holiday makers, and too much care cannot
be observed in this direction. Every
camp fire should be watched and properly extinguished before it is left.
The satisfactory conditions which
have hitherto prevailed this year have
been merely normal, and it is at this
time and under tlle climatic conditions
at present prevailing that tlle highly
dangerous stage is reached, attended by
risk to life and property.
Tbe   fact that
the   succ essful
buv'ness man is an
advertiser is   usually
incidental,    He   is
au advertiser   because he
is   wise   aud   posfessed
of     good,     sound     business
sense  and   nn   analytical   mind.
At some t'liie or other  he came
to   the   conclusion   that   advertising could be   made  one  of
the  mightiest faelors of hi':
business    orgini/.ation,
and      having     arrived
at    this   conclusion,
he   just    naturally
went  to   it   and
Try an Ad. in The Review
Loose  Leaf Billheads
We are now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
prices as quoted by eastern houses.
Holders supplied free. Ring us up
and we will call with samples, etc.
The Review, Courtenay
Telephone 59 Isabel Street
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the L,owesl I'ossibli  Price
Blacksmith ard (Wain Builder COURTKNAY
Comox Co-Operative Society Ltd.
Dealers iu all kin Is ol  I leats,
Butter.   Eggs  and   V    mer'
Produce,    Coolct d    V a
Specialty.    We tell oul;   tli
best.    Prices are always   low
and   satisfactory.     \V<
best prices for \ reduce
Phone No. 2
Insurance Company Limited, of London, England
Fire and Accident
Assets Exceed
Funds Invested iu 0
.-II,"" . '
Are You Insured Against Five?
Now that the warm dry weather is coming on, when  ' -     i
ou tlie roof oi a store  or dwelling  may result  in a disas Hie.    A.
fire insurance policy hi a good company ta tlie best ot all  assets,    We
are agents  for  tlie  J,aw  Union  and  Rock, a  compuui   with     record
second to none.    See us hir rates
The Advance Agent of
For a limited time
Business or Residence Telephones
will be installed upon payment of
$5 Rental in advance
For Particulars     F*A
Telephone  DU
W. D. Denholm, Mgr.
B. C.  Telephone Co., I iled THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
which   lumps  anil  decanters  and.
:l.l-es    nml    lllsllPS      uf      ll'l.il
III.I. I'll.
I'iu n   Ralph   reached  oul   his  baud       Indian Prince's Guns oF Pme Gold
in ti'c  ium  nf t!ic table.    His long,      -jm,,. Gaekwar nf Baroda, the well-
lean lingers were tangleil in the strip  known Indian Prlnee   has a battery
uiunsk down Hie mnhoguny table | 0f artillery  consisting    ut'  gold   ami
siller nuns.
were      There ure  tour  guns, tun uf until
anil   tun   of  silver.    The  gold  nuns
With u rigorous pull ho broug'hl tlie   were   made   in   1874   hy   an  artisan
whole thing crashing mi lhe polished   ot Lakha,  who  worked on them  for
lloor,   where  two   pools  ot'   purii'iin   live years.    They  weigh  400 pounds
made u blnzo ol the wreck that Ralph leach,   and except for lhe steel lining
iiini caused. Then he sliu over to the  are ot solid gold. They are mounted on
Hour nm! and opened nne of ilie ��i'i-  gun-carriage*  of carved   wood, over
ilows,  letting  in  tbe   pure  air  I'retV   laid  with  silver,    in   1870.  when Hie
from ilie North Sea. Oaekwar  wont  tn  Bombay   to  et
  ilie  then  Prince of Wales,    he look
.... iii'i'ioil   wu 'be   until   nuns   Willi   him     lo   salute
.,,,         ..,. _. '   _      ,   ��� the  Prlnee,   and thai  was Hie only
Whence Did Tbey Come, occasion   un   whicli   they  have   been
'i'  ' ie durkursi  n uiy BPulte for allowed to leave Hie state uf Barodu.
a   nioin  in      N'ul   n,i;.   of  t!��� ������i,i   cinilil
Mountain goat he mude his way to the   have ,.,,,, allytn|ug ,-,������ ��� |.lng',   ,.������. 1	
1,";"'11' ""' "W" ' rip "i beach nun Iny   ..,������    A|l;���., j-,,,,,,',.,,   .���,,.,;���.. ���r sllf
foeatlon, tbe gradual poppy sleep of
ol the
By Fred M. While
Ward,   Luck   4.   Co.   Limited
...London,   Melbourne  and   Toronto III
i'. at mil ii
Then   with   the   conlldenee   ni   iho
uuntatn goal lie mnde liis wny to the
inch, the hard strip o( beach thnt Iny
under the Bhiulow ot the castle   I lere
In  tumbled l'or Borne lim ��� among the , ,,,..���,,          ���������,, ,.���. ,,���,,���  18 ., ���.,.,,��� | �����
damp si ppery rocks, leellng tor some-   wnve   suddenly   engulfs   some   rocky
tiling wiiu Infinite cure and patience,   cave, the dramatic horror of t I
Ills  perservanee  was  rewarded at   ncss  \xe\n tlniii  fast.
Inst.     I Hs   liands   lay   nn   a   mess   ul j      . ,   ,,, ,,        ,,
Mowers, damp aud sodden    and    v,t      At ihc same   inie   here was
hrn��is4,rsniW'o!,oi,tirtea o,,e to ff.BM^��cr?w5s?5
is    ids Ills il i ii  s       ed     . ,.,,.,, i        i ..,,      .,���  , ,
(ii I'll ijiirpbi gleam slill nickered
"As I thought, lie said, "us I ex- wnera n,e passing paraffin hud licked
peeted. llow cunning it all is, how the hard oak polished lloor; lhe
beautifully worked out! And noth- breath of the sea breeze was bracing,
big, however small, is ten to chance, i k was Marlon v. uo [lrsl cami tn her
Well, I came home In tbo nick of time, self as one conies out ol a horrid
and 1 have found an ; Ily I can depend I nightmare
upon.   Only It was just as well not to      ���01      h;.    ,     sl    ,,,���   ,     ���W1
let  Geoffrey   know  what  1   knew  of                the window?"
.lessons lodger before today,    1 won-1    ���,���,.���. ,.,.,  ,.     ,������������,���,.
Granulated Eyelids,
Kves inflamed by opo-
sureto Sun,llustaod Wini I taken hob
Schools of
Alberta Taking thc Lead In Practical
Work Along Educational Lines
ll lias been public property for some
lime thai ihe agricultural schools os-
tabllshed by the department uf agriculture fnr Alberta are proving an iin-
nuallfled success, 'i'iu. musi caustic
critics nf the sehei e have lout! ago
acknowledged thai Hie minister nf
tgrlculture was rlglii and ihey were
wrong. These schools have accomplished something which nil the ttgrt-
cultural collegl B have failed lo ilu,
namely, they have reached the muxl-
iniiiiT number of boys nu the farms and
lime given iiieiii practical scientific instruction without in any way weaning
them    from   H
To Neglect Flax
Would   be   Great   Mistake   Tbis   Season
lt seems more than likely that a
in product of tlie "Greater Production," movement, fostered by thc expected shortage in the world's foci
supply, will be an actual lessening uf
the acreage of llax grown this ytar-
This, of course, will mean higher
prices than over for flaxseed, and hit!
profits for ihe level-headed farmers
who see and grasp tlm opportunity.
Flaxseed is selling now for around
$1.80 cash; Ootobor la quoted el. $1.86;
if seeding reports show a decrease hi
acreage, prices will doubtless go still
The early seeding this spring, anil
me fan Hun under normal conditions
''KV      . ...... ... .juji, ��,,.;> .ti'.t r. iiiw i i.uitii   iium   im    mi'   t'i',> s   .inn   iiii;   guis
oris  i B~��"-m j jy ny* ipiiekiv re1., .'din, Murluc ! >��� lm have IiiiiI stlcll limited npporluni-
*~3^C?v5 Cyc Bemedy. No Smarting,  ties ot education Hint they could not
... kr just  Eye Comfort.   At  have been admitted to any college, and
,   ..."  Vnur Druggist's SOc per Bottle Murine Eye' have made thom feel tlmi tlieir practl-
Salved,Tubei25c, I'm BeoltellheEyeFreeask   eal knowlodge uf farm conditions was
Dniggbiti oi MurineEye Stmedy Ce.,Chicago   an oft-set to tlieir lack of book learn
 linn,  uiul   having  saved  tlieir  self re-
-spec!    iii tills  nay, liave stimulated
Harrows and Weeds their ambition tu add Hie knowledge
There is uo better weed destroyer obtainable from books tu their prac
than Hie haiTOWB, if they ure used tloal experience,
at Hie correct lime. Mosl farmers In the carpenter Bhop of the school
will have noticed thai un a moderate- ��' (,llls during the past winter lhe
iv line tilth, and after a tew warm i b��ys made models of the buildings
days, the seeds of the various annual  which  Ihis summer    will  help llieir
|lu\' can be sown up lu June, anil
farms. They have grown successfully uu new breaking,
ie buvs and ih'e girls gives farmers a chance tn gel busy,
a.'tcr othuv grains have been sown,
and ;,ei in enough flaxseed to add very
materially in ihe year's profits.
der if my Uuiy guesses how carefully   RalnH nd  eiVnl To    Vol re  "si ���'I weeds tnat  have  ben lying    in    the  fillers to ereel  on  Hie home farms,
nie is being watched."                         ��R'w"    ,���"?��,..    how    ife    toi ,d   so11 <>" ;"'1K""' '" '"""; "" ;lt  once  The boy who took a model homo with
Half an hour later Kahili was 111-the      ;.-'.'' . ,,' "   . ' ���.,'.....,'',' | tv lib a rush,    and    if Hie land is liar- , '"'"   knew   not   only   Low   to   build   a
cnstle aiiuin. wnnderlnc aboul  in liis .    .....A ....."?���,,,..,' , '       : .: ,    rnwr.il lust   as   Hipbo u-priI. nm   hH. I large building by that model, bill be
"Snv   ton   , i. .1    It"   Iip   v 'lisneri'd   I rowed just as    lliese weeds are    be-f nu'S-'c   baildin
=>��>   sou   uiu   ii,    ue   wnispeieu.     ,    ,      . annear  ihroueli   ibe soil    knew to a foot of lumber and a pound
"You must tay you did  It.    Sneak.       I ��'!!' }"*   m .ippi.ii   iuioiit.ll   nu. sou, | _a ' ,  .    .    i,
uppnse I did," Geoffrey inttmur
ugufn, wandering alioiu i
restless way and appetirhig to in1 In-j
lerested iu nothing us usual. Present ';
ly Hie great bell began to clang in tiie I
turret, and Hie family parly gathered |
ifi the dining renin before dinner
Vera   was  Hie  las!   tu arrive
"How   lovelv   vou   look"    tlcoffi"
''.'eia laughed nnd colored. She had
ii  white dress wlthoul  ornumenl and I ratt'r or   ni'P''ise'    : ���" ���   ���    '   !|   '' : '
williinil  flowers, sine a deep red  ruse
"I  seem to  recollect  somelbln
i uf the kind"
:     "Vun  have saved  our lives."    said
.Marlon,    "Will  somebody    ring    the
! bell?"
Servants   came   without   much   dis-
millions of them will he destroyed.  Hi"1  ''('" '  l!ir material required and
[tbey are lefi two or Hire,, days be- what It would cost to build. Tho great
yond the correct lime, only a small beauty ol the Instruction at these
percentage nf them will be ueluallv j schools is that nothing is attempted
pulled up.   as   they very quickly get   which a boy may not later do on lr
We have been training our youth
merely to be boiler rarmers, bin ibis
Is only half. Whnt tu do with the
school. Ihe church, tiie rural organist
tinn. the combinations ul' trade, the
highways. Hie architecture, the in.
iiiry, ihe beauty uf Ihu landscape, ilu
country store, the rousing, of a tine
community helpfulness tn take the
place of the old sidllsh individualism,
and a hundred other activities is
enough to lire Hm Imagination and to
strengthen the arm of any young
man ur woman,   I., li Bailey,
in lier
wiiiie to-
;lll   llie
a   tight    hold in tin. soil.   Generally
speaking, the harrows air much more
required   on   grain 'han the roll, even
,   , on    quite   light soils,   nnd il may be
amazing   things   at   Ravenspurs.    It   takcn aS a  rule  to  be  broken. '
would   have  caused   nn  more  than  a ,
painful   sensation   io  conn,  in  some '.   ..
night after dinner and Iind the whole
family murdered.
"Bring more lamps," llalph Raven-
'That    red    rose   is   Hie
touch." snid Geoffrey.
"1 thought  i'  was to hi'- a
night," Ralph said, lie had
whispered   words,   as   lie   seemed   lo   spur suid quietly,
catch everything,    "Was that nol  so,      Lamps    were  brought.    The fiiSor-
Vera?" i dered liner on Hie floor was swept up, ,
"Nol for ni'. iir," Vera replied. "I the broken globes, the dainty china,
nm in  while." the glass and silver.    The wiiiie llow-
"l wisli you eoiiM see lier." Geof- ei's were iiii longer there. This was a
frcy said tenderly, "she looks lovely, puzzle to everybody bul Ralph, who
11 er eyes ure so blue, her skin is like liad gathered tbem al iiie llrst dls-
tlie sunny side ol a pencil." ' I raid ion, and thrown  them out nf Hie i
"And your tongue is. like lhal nf a| window. I
rouse." Vera laughed. "Never mind.; There wus silence fur a minute or
I'lln'.'   Ralph.     .Never   mind.     If   yuu    , ���������   a[(01.   the   servants   had     with- [
ran'l have tho inestlmabl Ivantage i drawn.   Then Rupert Ravenspur dash-
r>f gnzlng nn my perfect  beauty, ynu   eu ],iB (1st on llie fable in a passion of
shall have the privilege ol sitting by . despair.
""' i"   dinner." "Great   Heaven:"   lie     said.     "How ;
Geoffrey   pleaded   with  comic  des-   |ongi hmv |0���g';    |iow mucb mure "'
pair. Imi  Vera  was obdurate. As the   tliiB is ii possible to bear and still n
bell chingod    again, she laid a  hand   tain the powers of reason'.' What was!
Ileln as thistledown on  Ralph's arm.   it?"
She was brighter and mure gny tbnn ��� '"Could it have been the flowers?"
usual this evening and Marlon played vera suggested. "II was my fault."
< i ll"1'' as siie always did. ,    .iN0| ,,,,- j.iar|0��� tI-ieH. "Why your
'Ihu elders were silent. Perhaps r;. ii li / Those while blossoms were in-
the white flowers on thc table elo-ek-; ���,���.,.���, enough; we packed Ihem our-
cd them.    Ihey were so suggestive of  seIV0S| we arranged them  together."
A NEW Will
As Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Dispelled
Backache, Headaches
and Dizziness.
Plqua, Ohio.���" I would be very imp-fateful if 1 failed to give Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegeta-
ue ciuiii ��as uriiMii in , Geoffrey observed. "Whv should thev I i
iisliuincd way. aim the . h.,v(, fasctnatort us in thai strange I \
d    lamps  and  glasses   way?    n waB horrible!" ;  u
own   farm   if   ho   have   puticnei
The girls   who attend these schools
are not  only receiving  Instruction  in
domestic  science, dress  making, and
I laundry work, but they are receiving
exactly llie same  Instruction as the
hoys  in  poultry raising, horticulture
and dairying.
Vvhlls the schools are closed during
| the summer, work in connection with
the schools bv ne means ceases. The
dairy competition  whicli  was carried
j on lust year is this year being increas-
��� ed to herds of throe cows instead of In-
! ilMduals. and a very largo number of
i students   have  entered   the.  competition.   The prizes given for Ihese co'.'.
' petitions are pure bred stock, aud the
successful  compel it nr  can    choose  a
calf, pig or sheep.   Last year 30 young
animals were distributed in Ibis way.
Tbe competitions rre open    to both
boys and  cirls, and  last year one of
the successful competitors was a girl.
Another competition  that is  being
carried on is thai of growing alfalfa
eed.    Three prizes   are offered���$".."
hie  Compound  tba
praiseitdeserves, | $15 and $10 - for the best bushel ot al-
for I have taken it! falfa seed to be delivered In 1910. Al-
at  different  times   rpall-v ~<^ il0-VH lmve entered this coin-
;-' �� ����*���*�����. S���M fron5; ;!a;i^lt0^th!!.^a^oNG"&co..1J.in'i,u. rore��te
heved   me  when i S||l|(h (o \rel.mjuon nr, n,(, ���01-tii. .\'one
Union Made
Samples sent your dealer on request
other medicines
failed, and when I
hear a woman complain I always recommend it. Lastwin-
ter I was attacked
lho wrcatns un n coTfln. i    "still, I believe it was tho flowers,"
When ome the cloth  was drawn in : Geoffrey observed.   "Whv should thev
Hie  good   " ...
stood   mirrored   In  tbe shining dart
^^T!{yln\l!eX,^Z^"siZZ'^ ,"'''H"?0 l"c hon'iMf' w;,s '""' a0* \ I h"d backache, pains "in my hips and
nun Md tban eiei.     the long M i ip Of   gptcuous  by  iis  absence.    That  inno '
while damask,   whereon    lamps  and   ,.,,,���   Bowers,  pure    white   blossoms,
flowers and  dceantere vested, mlghl   co���id lend themselves to a dark mys-1      ,, ,,        ,.    ,    T ,��������� ,,���,,,���
have been a  winding sheet,    Rupert   ,���,.,. ,iK, tlll   was almogt maddening,   wd I was always tired.   I was hardly
And vet it must have been so for, able to do my housework. I had taken
no sooner had the flowers been re- Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
liioved and the air of heaven had en- pound on one other occasion, and it had
Iind the room tban the grip and bit- helped me so I took it again and it haa
lerness of death  were past. j built me up, until now I feel like a new
1 am sure we were near Ihe end," | worjian.   You have my hearty consent
lorrible  indeed,  and  not   the less   with a severe case of organic weakness.
I had backache, pains in my hips and
over my kidneys, headache, dizziness,
lassitude, had no energy, limbs ached
Rnvenspur protested moodily
"it's dreaful In n bouse Ilk
he said.   "Wiio did It?"
"l am the culprit, dearest," Vera
adiiii led prell ily. "Marion did all in
her power lo prevent mo, but l would
hnve my own foolish way*. If ynu will
forgive me I will promise (hut it shall
imi occur again."
Rupert Ravenspur smiled. It was
nuly when he was looking al Vera that
thai tender relaxation c.uue over liis
stem old fnce. Then bis eyes fixed on
thc flowers and they seemed to draw
Iiim forward.
"You are forgiven," bo said. "Marlon was right, as she always is. Whnt
should wo do wlthoul your cheerfulness and good advice? Upon my
word i f.'i'l as if those flowers were
drnwlug all tlio reason out of me."
Nobody replied, ll was a Btrangc
and cm iuus thing that everybody
seemed to be regarding llie woven
hiosHoms in the tame dull, sleepy
fascinating way.    All eyes were turn-
Marlon cried,   "Geoff, was it you who t to uae my narne and testimonial in any
'ToffrVhw..'?bo,H,elhLnyW?he i ^ ��4 ])T ^ ^rnW
suggestion when bis eves fell upon women."-Mrs. OrphaTURNEn, 431 S.
Ralph's  face,    li   was eager, almost | Wayne St., Piqua, Ohio.
pleading  In  ils aspect.     Hike a   llasi
the changing expression  was gone,
"li   must   have   been   mechanical.'
of this seed will be grown under irrigation.
Tlie money for these'prizes was.
donated by several of the large lumber
companies In Alberta. The head of ona |
of these companies, noting bow much
was being said by llie Bankers' association about mixed farming, went to
the Hon. Duncan .Marshall and asked
him if there was anything that they
could do to help. Mr, .Marshall seized
the opportunity am. told tlie lumberman that he would like $150 lo distribute In prizes for the growing of alfalfa seed. This would be $50 for each
school divided as above. The lumberman went away and eame back in a
few days with the money. While so far
no girls have entered the competition,
It is open io them should they wish to
do so.
During   the   summer a number of
1 special women institute meetings will
I be held, and the Instructors of domes-
Women who ore suffering from thoso , |j(. science from thn different schools
distrcssine; ills peculiar to tlieir sex I will seek to bring Ihc advantages of
',u\Wuv",m,,'!nui7.d"L'"One'd','es^",u''c ehould not doubt the ability of Lydia E. these schools directly homo to the
!C 'anT'c   rlbern01, i?s\  T   I*^ Vegetable Compound to re-   others of ^^ffijU;
ed upon them as eyes ure turned up-  iiE]i��g ��",>
plratlon  would   b ���   a   belter expression. I fancy"
They crowded round htm and gave
liiin their thanks, all save Ralph, whi
sat drumming, his lingers on the table , , ......        .... .
as ir nothing out ,.r the ordinary had: Mbss. JTour letter will beopened,
happened. Nothing seemed to draw read and answered by a woman
bim oul of his environment. j and held iu strict conlideuee.
Still, It was another man who eame j
I creeping to Geoffrey
Btore their health. ...       ... .  ,    ,
I train whiib will give special allention
If you want  special  advice   to the newer lines of railway, puriicu-
wrlte to Lydia E. Pinlthaiu Mod- I larly In ihe northern part of the prov-
ielne <.'o., (confidential)  Lynn,   Ince.
Alberta   is   not   In   be   without   its
on  sunn
11n il
Ive perform-
I,lire.      '
'he si
and  i
'.v nave a
little I
asp and
his ban
1   lipill
Is  il
" In
I snid.
s a
pain  he
���e liki
I    UIU    I)
i vo
v tool
iesl    nol
Only Ri
Iph   SI
d   in  1
e alive.
vet  Ihei
i was
kind i
f expression
on  liis
ads   were   drawing
agricultural college, however. An agricultural college section of Ihe university will open next October with a competent faculty. This will give nu op-
,    ,       ,   , ...  porlunlty to the boys who wish lo no
re extinguished and the cas-  Taube  Originated  From  Indian  Lea,   further than the two years'course ot
room wiien ilie
When  Hubby   "Lights   Up"
for liis after-dinner smoke, be
sure  he  has a  match  which |
wijj give him a  steady  light, :
lirst stroke���Ask your Grocer
One of tlieir many brands
tie wns wrapped  In slumber.    There i    T,     Taube aeropial!8 was invented
was an inner room looking out over  j,., .,
the sea. which Geoffrey used indifferently for a smoking room and study.
"I cm smoke my pipe here without
I by an  Austrian.
When in India he noticed that the
leaves of the zanonia tree, as they
fell, floated for a long dislance before they seltled.    This he found  to
a chance of our being overheard," he
said.   "Well, was the adventure Ibis | be (jue [��� ,���,, peculiar shape of lhe
evening creepy enough  for you?       | leaves,  and  the  wings  of bis aero-
nlv Ralph seemed to bo alive   ami      i;"urn'f   ���"������"'"   slif'��5'   *���**  plane  he  constructed   cm  a   simlla
"t there was no 1 ii expression   ,anl' rw[wp lla,,"?ars W0"U1 l,a!'�� 1""1 ' principle,  whilst   the   body  he    lir,
i    hi,   lac ,-a, s   were   draw   " , ��" '��"?�� C?r h n1'    [ , was tlle "��;   'shed 111 the shape of a dove.
ui,      iv;,,' tl,     L-toi?���.11';!1   I'1"5""  on   ,1,e  uen'es  otl    The  German   war  staff  approve,
the  graceful  Mowers  were grouped���i
those innocent looking blooms which j
were iiie emblems of all that wa.. fair
and tine and beautiful.
What  did  it  mean,  what    strange ;
mystery  was  here?    Nobody    could i
speak:   all   were  sinking, lulled  and
soothed into a poppyland sleep, even
Geoffrey  who seemed  to be fighting
for something he knew not what.
Imagination. |alu] improved thi design, and adopt-
"Horrible," he said, "but  why this   (M]  j,   ,or military  use by sheathing
mystery?" p   [n  steel  and  adding to  its  dove
(To be Continued) shape ihe vulture's habits.
Our Best Commander
Sir   Douglas  Jlaig,   commander   of
the lirst Ilritish army, has earned th'
the agricultural schoolsi. to obtain ade-1 greateat reputation, so far, of am
quate training and obtain a degree. Dr. | lt,h ffi/er engage(1 in the war.-
Tory, the head of  he university, has  HamlltoS Herald.
been very keen on Ibis for some lime,
and already a dean of agriculture in
the person of B. A. llo.'es, U.S.A., has
been selected.���Kree Press.
Two Irishmen arranged to fight, a
due! with pistols. One of theni was
distinctly stout, ana when be saw his
lean adversary facing him be raised
an objection. "Bedad!" be said, "I'm
twice as big a target, as be Is, so I
ought, to stand twice as far away from
him as lie is frun me."
A western horseman tells of a joe
key at Windsor, across the line froi,
Detroit, wbo was recently indisposed
"If I don't get rid or tin's eold soon,
said the youngster. "I'll be a deat
"Didn't you see Dr. Spinks as I to),
you?" asked a friend.
"No; the sign on the door said 'Ii
to 1' and 1 wasn't going to monk*:
with a long shot like thai."
W. N. U. 1054
The Congestion From A Bad Cold
Loosened Up In One Hour
If Rubbed on at Night You're 'Well Next Morning
Nerviline    Never    Kails
There is no telling how quickly Xer-
; viline breaks up a i aril racking COUgh,
. eases a tight chest, relieves a pleuritic
i pain.    Why, there Isn't  another liniment wiili half the power, the peno-
trative qualities, tbe houesl mi tit that
Wheu thai cold comes, how is it to  has made Nerviline the mosl popular
W cured? This method is simplicity it- American household llulmont,
rflt.     Rub  the  chest   anil  lhroat   vlg-        .  ,  ,
���ously win, 'Nerviline." Rub it in A large SOc bottle of Nerviline cures
jeoil and deep. Lota of rubbing can't llls '"' ""' wll��le tan,ily. and makes
���ta any harm. Then put uonie Nervt- doctors's mils small, (let it today. The
me in tlie waier and use it as a ! large size i.s more economical than
jargle; this will case tho cough cul , ,lu' 25c trial size. Sold by dealers
Rt tlie phlegm, assist in breaking up everywhere, or dhect from the Cat-
,ke cold quickly. avrhozone Co., Klngsl  Canada.
Patching Battleships
Methods Used by Jack Tam to Repair
Leaks in  Battleships
\fter Hie conflict, Jack  Tars have
Marketing Eggs
Dirty   Fillers   and   Ege,   Cases   Should
Not  Be  Used
Hie Dominion Live Stock O    ���
several methods ot stopping the In-Uloner, Mr. John Bright  sends out ihc
|comiug water when a battleship has  following:
I been *bll  below the water line.    Kor;    I am Informed that the quality   il
j instance, if a small hole Ims been millions of dozens of eggs s seriously
made iu ihe vessel's side, au appara- impaired each year and man) eggs
Ius like aii umbrella is used. Th'e made absolutely worthless through
is H:r ist  through the hole, point  first   the use of dirty,  Hltbj   '���::; cases ami
land then drawn back so that  ii  will   fillers.
I open    like an   tiinbri ilu   leaving Hi;
cunvns oulside
More than half a
Century of Quality
is behind every
package of
the season is at hand when every
case that can be hunted up is ordln-
Empire industry League   ! Women who Work tin Farms
Aims at Expansion and  Protection of
The    tin inai ion    of   an    Industrial
league in Orenl Britain designed i"
teeter tho fruternal and cooperative
qilrlt between Canada, her sister dominions, ami , doilies of the empire,
t reported b> \v, I. (Irlfflth, secretary
.u the high eonimisslonor,
Mr. iiriffitb says: "The league hus
I ready cotlfmenced In carry mil ils
Kijacta in u practical way by asking
luotallons from Canadian manufac.
.iiiers of cloth and oilier army supplies tor shipment to the continent
tt Europe, and enclosing it list of
<onie of the requirements, Theso iu
���lude 2,000,000 yard* ot army cloth,
160,000 yards of while and tan bav-
mack cloth, ioii.ooti yards uf khaki
.Inth or Kronen, blue grey, 20 ton
tots of leather, sole or harness, etc
"Tho league aims at tho expansion
ind       protection     of     Iiritisii     trade
throughout the world, and Its operations  on   behalf  of  Hellish   industry.
iiaiiiifactiircis, and merchants are to
je world-wide, The motto of the organization, wliieh is non-political In
character, Is 'Support Home Industries.' lis members bind themselves
ilways to ask for. and other tilings
being equal, to purchase articles pro-
lueed or manufactured at home or in
he colonics."
Banish Pimples
And Eruptions
In the Spring Most People
Need a Tonic Medicine
One of  tbe  surest siitns that the
������lood Is out of order is tlie pimples,
insightly eruptions and eczema that
;ouie frequently with the change from
winter  to sprint,-.    These  prove  that
the long Indoor life of winter has had
its effect upon   the blood, and that a
tonic   medicine   is   needed   to put It
right,    Indeed  ihere are few  people
.vho do not  need a Ionic at this sea-!
>on.   Had blood does not merely show j
tself in disfiguring eruptions. To this !
same condition is due attacks of rhou-,
mutism and lumbago; the sharp stab-
'ling pains of sciatica and neurlagia: ,
poor appetite  and  a  desire  to  avoid
jxertion.    Vnn    cannot    cure    tliese
troubles by the use of purgative medicines���you need a  Ionic, and a Ionic
only, and among all medicines there is
none  can  equal  Dr.   Williams'   Pink
Pills for their tonic, life-glvlug, nerve-1
restoring powers,   livery dose of this
medicine makes, new, rich blood whicli i
.Irives out impurities, stimulates every I
organ and brings    a  feeling of new !
health and energy to weak, tired, ailing men, women and children. If you
are out of sorts give this medicine aj
trial and see bow quickly it will re-!
itore  the  appetite,    rlvive  drooping:
spirits, and Iill your veins with new, j
health-giving blood.
You  can  get   these  Pills  from  any j
medicine denier or by mail at CO cents
a box or six boxes for ff,2.50 from The
Dr,   Williams'   .Medicine   Co., iti tick-1
���/llle, Out. I
Female Workers Employed  on Farms
in Scotland
In   Scotland    tvome.    agricultural
' workers are a   fairly   uunU'rumi   I oily.
According   to  Informal Ion   bu t i I   on
ili,<   1911  ensus,    there  were   I I 097
women employed  on  farms  in  Scot-
laud.     TllO     V.UUU li     out Will kelii      in
| Scotland are almost exclusively con-
lined to thi' counties south of th,.
Tay, In Hie northern countlos and
Hie Highlands the women relatives of
lb,' cruller or small farmer may bu
seen al work in the fields, bul except nl Hie lurnlp-shtgltng ami the
polato-llftlug season tlie hired female
outworker is practically unknown, in
must parls the self-binder bus dispensed wilb female labor on tlie harvest held. South of the Tay, however, women are employed at different kinds of work. Tltey work In ihe
fields along with the men, gather
weeds, spread farmyard manure, and
hoe   and single    turnips.    At potato
i gatherings, pulling and storing turnips,   filling   turnips   Into  earls,   and
jollier jnlis Ihey also  Hike Ujeir part.
j According to sonic returns "Obtained
by officials of the Seottisli Kami
Servants' Union, it is staled thnt in
West. Lothian and Midlothian tho
usual rale of pay is from 9s to 10s
per week: in Bast Lothian, lis to 12s;
in Itoxhiirghshir. and the southwestern counties, 12s. The hours of labor
are generally from nine to ten per
day. A half-holiday has been secured
on many farms, and In Midlothian
and West Lothian It is now fairly
or course, the pressure of tin water arily put into use to mme the Increas-
effectual!} forces the canvas against ing supply of onus. Many ol these
I the ship's side, thus stopping the cases will have been Btored In damp'
leak; but to make ii nun,, secure the cellars or warehouses or perhaps left
handle of the umbrella, which Is form- put iu tbe open tiluce lasl seas,,,,,,
e,i like a screw. Is fastened by a nut with lha old tillers and pads left in
inside nnd perhaps wlthoul even the bad or
in tbe case of a bigger leak���-when broken eggs removed,
I the ship Ims been stove In below the      '���  Is Important, therefore, that  all
I water-line-  a large mat made of can- egg dealers Insist  that their Bblppers
i.is and  oaklim  is used     This has |o ��� should nut use iiltliy, must \ egg cases,
be fixed Into position by means of I nor soiled, damp or musty fillers, and
ropes, lim Hie fixing is not a very j also lhai the excelsior or other mat-
��� ' matter, as one rope has to be got erlal used for padding be clean and
right   under   the   keel, to the other' sweet.
I side,    in   order   to   drag   the   mat     Considering presenl conditions nnd
down   in   ihe   hole    'two or   three/the fact lhat Canada's reputation with
i oilier ropes are also required al dif-
; feroiil angles to guide the mat to ils
; right posit ion.
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That'll Why  You're Tired���Out  of
Sorts���-Hal* no Appetite.
will pul you right
in ii lew dey
They do
llieir duly
Biliousness, Indigestion, and Skk Headache,
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine mutt bear Signature
respect lo eggs dependent upon tie
quality of Canadian eggs that go Into
storage this spring, ii Is the duty or
every Canadian engaged In the egg
trade, whether farmer, collector,
country storekeeper or produce dealer
to see that the eggs marketed during
the next two months are of the highest possible quality ami that they are
stored In tbe best possible condition,
I cured a horse of the .Mange witli
Always order
by the name
in order to get
what you want
Practically every
grocer in Canada
I  cured   a  horse,  badly  turn  hv  a
pitch  fork,   with     MINARD'S    LINI
St. Peter's, C.B,      EDYV*. LINL1ER
I cured  a horse  of a  bad swelling
lliilhursl,  N.B.        'I'lins.  W.  I'AYXIC.
Ask for Minard's and take no other-
Anaesthetics for Horses
On the battlefield in Kurope.
horses are treated with just the same
care and skill as is shown to the
soldiers, and are given chloroform
and other anaesthetics before beiug
operated upon by skilled officers. To
every division and cavalry brigade
is attached a mobile veterinary section, each consisting of one officer and
twenty-two trained men of the A.V.C.
The mobile section i.s divided into
Iwo sub-sections, one employed in collecting sick and wounded horses from
the firing lina and other places, while
the other brunch conveys the patients
to the nearest gallhead. Thence they
are scut, by train to-tlie nearest base
veterinary hospital, where tbey are
treated according to tiie nature of
their wounds or sickness.
Eaeli hospital has accommodation
for some thousand or more cases,
and is equipped wihf every requisite
fur medical and surgical use. When
sufficiently .recovered tlie horses are
drafted to tlie convalescent farm,
where the cure is completed.
Miller's Worm Powders are a
prompt relief from the attacks of
worms in children. They are powerful in their action and, while leaving
nothing to be desired as a worm ex-
pellanl. have an invigorating effect upon the youthful' system, remedying
fever, biliousness, loss of appetite,
sleeplessness, and other ailments that
follow disorders caused by worms in
the stomach and bowels.
Little Bobble listened with deep in-
jerest to the story of the Prodigal
Son. At the end of it he burst into
"Why, what's the matter, Bobble?"
sxclaimed his mother.
"I'm���I'm so sorry for thai poor
ii'P ca-alf," he sobbed.   "He didn't do
There was trouble In the back
yard. Six-year-old Billy had thrown
a stone at a boy in the next yard,
who wus making vociferous threats.
"If you throw another stone." lie
yelled, "I'll sick my dug on you!"
"lliili!" replied Billy, "If you come
Into my yard, I'll sick my mother on
Feeding   Prisoners  of War
Tlie  British  war office gives to its
prisoners   of   war the following daily
ration:       Bread,    nne    and    one-halt
j pounds: of biscuits,'one pound;  fresh
, or cold storage meal, three ounces or
j preserved meat, half ration: fresh vegetables, eight ounces; butter or mar-
I garble, one   ounce;    condensed milk.
one-twentieth of a ine pound tin; tea,
one-half ounce or eoffee, one ounce;
I sugar,    two    ounces;    salt, one-halt'
; ounce.���Nurse,
She Soon Gained
Forty Pounds
Now She Is Advising All Her Friends
Who Suffer From Kidney Disease
to Use Dodd's Kidney Pills
Portneuf, Hamilton Cove, Saguenay
Co., Que.���(Special).���Perfectly cured
by the use of Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Dame Rene Bouchard, well known and
highly respected here, is advising all
lier friends who suffer from Kidney
disease lo use Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"When I commenced to take Dodd's
Kidney Pills 1 was so riin-dowu 1
only weighed eighty pounds." Dame
Bouchard slates. "I only took four
boxes in all but they brought me
back to health and now I weigh one
hundred and twenty pounds. You may
publish what I say if you wish, for
Dodd's Kidney Pills bave done
wonders for me."
Dodd's Kidney Pills do wonders for
run-down people because they cure
the Kidneys. Cured Kidneys strain all
the impurities, all the poison, out of
tlie blood and Hie pure blood carries
new nourishment, health and life to j
all parts of Hi." body. That's why
A   Waste  of Time
A civil engineer, who was building
a   railway   in   Mexico,   was   trying   to
show a     native how much the new
railway would benefit the country,
"llow lonu does It take you to carry
your produce to market, ut present?"
he asked,
"Willi a mule it takes three days,"
was lhe reply.
"Tlicre you are!" exclaimed the engineer. "When lhe new railway is in
operation you will be able lo lake
your produce to market and return
home the same day!"
"Very good, senor." was the placid
reply, but whal shall l do with the
other two days?"
An Ounce of Prevention
is worth a pou nd
of cure when it
comes to looking
after harness.
Keeps leather soft and
prevents cracking and
thc possibility of accident due to dried out
traces, etc.
Dealer, Everywhere.
/���lude fn
Asthma Overcome' -Tlie triumph
.'er asthma has assuredly come. Dr.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has
oved the most positive blessing
e victim of asthmatic attacks has
er known. Letters received from
ousands who have tried it form a
stlmonlal which leaves no room for
ubt that here is a real remedy, (let
today  from  vou  dealer.
How Wars Are Won
Wars  are   not   won   today   by   the
superior valor of the men of any one
nation or a coalitlcn of nations.   The
average man will face danger, no mailer what his nationality may be.   He
will advance   or retreat, when ordered, j
whether   he    is    a German, Itussian, i
Frenchman or Briton.   Victory or de-
feat depends on more   than bravery, j
They rest on equipment, training and i
resources.   Modern rilles, artillery and
means of transportation have reduced
war io n highly developed business.
Boston Globe
75   YEAR��   OF   PROGRE33
Tlie  Old   Reliable
Established  ,840
Tlie    World's   Fastest    Weettif
Mall and Passenger Ocean Servic*
Reduction Second Cabin  Rate��
Tlio  largest,  fastest  and  finest
steamer now in service.
Prepaid  passages  arranged.   Apply lo any H.li. or S.S. Agent, or
No  cutting,  no  plast-
_.      , ers  or  pads  to  uresi
fTf) I Hie  sore    spot.    f��ut-
"" ��� nam's     Extractor
makes tlie corn go without; paia. Takes
out the sting overnight. Never fails-
leaves no scar. Get a 25c bottie .. f
Putnam's Corn Extractor today.
in anv
people  say,    "Dodd's    Kidney
me a new lease ot life."
The Joy of Good Health
Is Now Experienced
Nervousness, Dizzy Spells and Sleeplessness Are Now a
Thing of the Past.
This Is a cheerful letter from Mrs.
Peacock, and il should tiring joy to
;he bear! of many a reader of this
paper. Dizzy spells
\nd sleeplessness
ire symptoms of
jxhausted nerves,
anil aro tbe bugbear of many women, who. do not
know just wbat
treatment to use.
You can read
.Mrs. Peacock's letter and take cour-
ige,   for   she   has
jroven    Unit    Dr, �����,.���������.-
abase' s -Nerve M��S. PEACOCK.
Food Is a complete cure for these
'.roubles. So pleased was sbe wilb tbe
results obtained that she wants other
��omon to know about this food cure.
Mrs. Thomas Peacock, 23 Hiawatha
���reet, St. Thomas   Oat,, and  whose
husband Is conductor nn the Wabash
Hallway, stales :���"I was unite run
down in health, was very nervous, did
not sleep well, and bad frequent dizzy
spells. Believing this to be tbe result
of an exhausted nervous system 1 began using Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, and
can say that this medicine did me a
world of good. It entirely freed me ot
tbe symptoms stated above, built up
my health generally, so that to-day I
feel that I am quite well nsrain."
ln a more recent letter Mrs. Peacock
writes:���"Dr. Chase's Nerve Food has
done nie a world of Rood, and t would
be pleased to tell everybody so."
In nearly every Issue of this paper
you will find letters about Dr. Chase's
medicines. Tf this one does not describe your case watch fnr others or
write to us. Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
EOc a box, C for $2.50, all dealers, or
Edmanson, Bates fc Co., Limited, Toronto.
Meaning of Turkish Titles
'Pasha."   is   llie   only   Turkish   title
conferred personally   by   the Sultan,
und Hi" only one which carries any
precise rank.
Originally confined to princes of
ihe blood, it is now conferred on
military men, governors, etc., whose
rank i.n.l merit are sufficiently high.
Al! olher lltlan���Aga, Bey, lJffondi.
eic. -are conventional additions lo
names, and obey no hard-and-fast
rule. Governors of provinces are
Beysi so also Is any person of rank,
many military men, and government
officials. An A.ea might be nne occupying a confidential position in the Stil-
lan's seralgio or merely a retired official, an aMiiy officer, or a big landowner.
Mdny mothers have reason to bless
.Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
because it has relieved the little ones
of suffering and made them healthy.
The peevish one at the corner table j
summoned his waiter and to him addressed this novel Inquiry:
'Wuiier, have ynu ever been to the ]
'Why, sir. do you ask?" returned
lhe astonished servitor.
"I repeat." demanded the peevish
one, "Have you ever visiled the '/.on''."
"Well, no, sir."
"Yon ought to go." growled the
peevish one. "You'd enjoy seeing the
tortoises whiz past!"
An old woman was severely reproved by ber minister for bowing
whenever' the name of Satan was
mentioned. Ashed why she did so,
she replied:
"Well, civility costs nothing, and
you never knosv what'll happen."
A More Important Question
"Darling.'' he said, ''would you con-
linue to love nie if 1 were i" be poor
all my life'.''
"My dear." she asked him,    vould
you continue in love me if you should
chance to become a millionaire?"
'Did ynu strike this man in an excess of irascibility?"
"N'n, sah: I done hit him in ti,!>
Huron .lames de Rothschild, founder
of. tbe Paris branch, had occasion tn
hire a cabman, He gave cabby liis
legal fare.
"Ah, Baron, your son. Baron Al-
phonse. always gives me live times
as much," said the man.
"I don't doubt It," growled the old
Baron, "lie has a rich father.''
W. N. U. 1054
HMIE change may be critical and cause untola
.      suffering  in  after-life..  The  modern-young
woman is often a "bundle of nerves"-"high strung
i^ih -fainting Bpells-etnutional -frequently blue and
���, .    .�� ������      "j^B dissatisfied with life.    Such girls should be helped
sJllYlllOOd \W "v'er ,,lis distressing stage  in  life���by a woman'j
***} tonic and nervine���that has proven successful for
over 40 years.
DrT^Mrce^^avorite Prescription
is a keen enemy to the physical witnesses of woman. A medicine prepared by
regular graduated physician of inmsHai^xperience in treating woman's diseases���
carefully adapted to work in !iormi>ny\vh^ the mo|t delicate feminine constitution.
It ll how Obtainable in liquid oKiluar-coated tablet form at tho
drug store���or send 50 one-cent ��t*<n)t�� for a trial box, to Buffalo.
Every woman may wfu* '""v and confidentially to
Dr. Pierce ind hii staff of phyudam nnd Spccialiiti .
at the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute. Buffalo, '
N. Y.,and maybe euro that her ease will receive careful, coniclentioui. confidential consideration, and that ,
���xperfencod medical advice will be given to her free.
mnd tAVigoratoj  stomach,   livtr  and  bouirts.
*$ti��Qr Mat*<4, fin/ granule* tasy tolmf** me candy.. THE UUUM'JJIIAU
-'pqvMder -K
freahirvff   It Cl>ntfa~>
May flower Talcum Powder
The distinctive odor of Mayflower Talcum
is entirely new, and of such charm and delicacy
as to immediately appeal to every woman of
refinement.   Antiseptic -exquisitely fine in
texture, it is pre-eminent for use on baby.
All Nyal preparations arc in a class by themselves.
Nyal's Face Cream and toilet requisites arc almost indispensable far the complexion. Ask at the Nyal Quality
Store for dee copy of onr booklet, "Your Complexion,"
which includes directions as to proper methods of Massage.
Robertsons Drug Store Courtenay, B. C.
A Bower of Melody and Musical
Keview was held at Martin's hall
mi Tuesday evt uiug, .lime 29. in aid
of St, Peter's e-liureli Vicarage arranged by Mrs Horace Smith and
l:er son Harry.
The following was the program:
Opening Number.
Concerted number. I'd Love to
Live in Loveland,
Mr. Sackville, No Wedding Bells
for Me.
Mrs. Thompson, Spark oi Love.
Harold Spencer, Serves you
Push the Damper in.
Mrs. Moore, A Peifect Day.
Mr. Sackville, Admirals Broom.
Mrs. Moore and H. S , It's a
Graid Old Name.
Mr, Harrop, Thora.
Harold Spencer, Woopsy Daisy.
Concerted number, Wrap Me in
a Bundle,
Mr. Sackville, Bohemia.
Mis. Them] son, I Loves Yer
My Babe,
Monte Carlo, Radford and Spencer.
Tipperary Seimoti, ) r. Sackville
IT. Spencer, Whv Not Sing
Soldier: of the King.
Miss Sackville's, Spanish Dance.
Mrs. Moon-. Mother Machree.
Mr. Sackville, Brave Patrol,
Mr, Harrop,
Cot ierted number, Ladies.
Mn.y Jcnes for Mayor.
Lai d of Hepe and Glory.
The performance was one of unusual interest, and was without a
doubt one of the best performances
ever seen in Con ox. Many encores being ill evidence.   Thc mini- j French
ber of attendance was very limited
owing probably to the state of the
weather, and the haying season so
near, Push the Damper was a
"new one" on Coinox, All the
performers were word perfect, and
the entire performance showed what
a lot of careful training the artists
must have had. Mr. Harry Smith
is to be especially mentioned, his
stage presence is far above the
average amateur, and his dancing
was distinctly good. The whole
performace was light and clean,
aud there was not a dull minute
the whole evening. The perform-
ance was concluded by a dance.
The Un cent plates of ice cream
which were dispensed were a neal
in themselves. Mr. and Mrs, Martin and Percy Smith provided the
music which was good. I
The concert will be   repeated   at 1
Courtenay on July 12.
Rev, Mr, Wilkinson from England, is a guest of Mr. W'lkinscti
of Lazo, and will con 1 net services
at St, Peter's tinting thc absence of
Rev Franklin Watson.
Services will be held at St.
Peter's at 11 a. ill., and at Lazo at
3 p, 111, on Sunday next.
Re".-, and Mrs. [''ranklin-Watson
ate camping at Li.He River Beach
for a few weeks.
Tlie postulates have been noti
fied that they may collect money
for tlie overseas tobacco fund, and
it is likely that a contribution bos
Will be placed in the Comox post
ollice shortly.
The Lit He River picnic ou Dominion Hay, gotten up by Mrs,
Wilkinson and otheis, in aid of St.
Peter's vicarage', was an unqualified
success, and the ladies are fo be
congratulated upon their efforts,
There was a latge crowd and
everybody enjoyed themselves. The
various booths did a laud office
business, The visitors had the
pleasure of inspecting the famous
Killarney park. The net proceeds \
were in the neighborhood  of  $50. |
Commander Hose and wife  of
II. M. C. S. Rainbow,   are   guest 11
at the Elk hotel. !
Then Fortune had. the'nnd luck to I
get seriously injured ill the recent ,
fighting in Franco,   and i. now at
the Southern General Hospital in I
Brimingliain,  Fug., where lie had
a piece of lead taken out of his leg,
and where   lie expected   to be   for
upwards of a month before he was
able to have another round at the |
dirty beggars.   He says the poisonous gas is a bad rig, and that if the
British would onlv use it in return
the Tommies would be happy, and
would  have  clei.r sailing, for the
Germans have not the back bone in
them that the British   have.    The
nnd English  soldiers sure
Local Lines
pat the Canadians oil thc back for
the good work they have done.
Lots of women and men have said
to him "Aren't you glad you are a
Canadian ?" In England they
think the world of a Canadian
soldier. He was ill a couple of bad
scraps when they were shelled all
day, and lest a lot of men and saw
some awful sights in the blood stained trenches. It was at Festubart
that he got hit in the leg with
sharpnell. They hae
citement   one   night
See the full selection of War
Spoons at Hornby's, 25c each.
Will sell lur a bargain���Plat o.
Cost Si.so. .Will sell at $125.
Apply Box 33, Review Ollice.
Early and late Savoy Cabbage
Plants, also cauliflower plants for
sale at R. Ferris' Greenhouse, I.ake
Trail toad.
S.-wing���I. Anderson, Denman
island, would like work bv day or
week. Suits and dressmaking in
all its branches.    Work guaranteed
For exchange���One of the best
building lots in Courteuay for one
or two acres of good garden land.
Will pay cash   difference.   Apply
Box A,  Review QfficS.
For Sale-One-horse mowing
machine, new, 510. One chestnut J.
mare (1 years old, good general purpose, works anywhere, will exchange for Irish cuw. Apply
Review Ollice.
For .Sale- One 6 ll, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one ,i k- w.
Dynamo switch board, etc, also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel,
l'or sale ��� Cumberland Steam
laundry, the only white laundry in
the district. This is si good opening for man with family or one who
can increase the plant ; dining the
Stringent times the plant has been
worked to its full capacity. For
partiattlars ayply at Laundry or
Review ofiice.
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E.   DALRYMPLK, Prop.
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
Logger's Shoes made ta order,
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stan ! the Test.
Willard's Harness Emporium
, Gloves,
the purpose. This was doue when
no other church service was being
held within 4 miles, and in response
to the need of the Methodist fami-
a bit of ex-' lies of the neighborhood,
when the | The time had now arrived when
Canadians charged a German trench ] they felt that a building should be
while reinforcing the ioBatt. They: erected and kept for the sacied
took all they could and then built purposes of worship, and to this
a blockade bit ween them and the'end Mr. Janes had generously of-
Germans in the same trench, they ��� fered to give half an acre of land,
stayed right with them for a whole | The ymlng me)1i and solne not
day in fear of a counter attack, but  s��� young :��� VL.ars b lt equally  so
'  Blankets,
Suit Cases,
Harness Repaired Neatly J
nf   Ilursi
Cumberland and Courtenay
.....     ..-  &.-.'��   -Ik >'���JSKU-i��'
:��. J. H. Mi'Gregw and family j lerKjered and thoroughly appreciat
"23 TV^*t
a r'
ever con-
quality of
the stand-
type content
*��� ���*��� sidered the
your work from
point of careful
position and cllici
reading? Tbe
of this house lot1 wood
printing has been established through accuracy and
attention to the little de*
tails. Send your printing
here and we will do it right
at night a London regiment came
to 'heir relief and made a charge
and drove the enemy out of the
trench altogether, It gives one a
funny feeling to hear bullets whistling by, The day he got hit them
were 25 ho'ding a Communication
trench, when the enemy trained
heavy artillery on them, and only
t'iree escaped bting hurt.
Thc cheerful face of Mr Robb is
to be seen on the milk wagon these
line mornings.
The camping season is already
opening, and the post master is already being asked to look up likely
sites for damping parties from a
of Victoria have again taken ti]
llieir residence at Nob Hill for a
few months. Mr. McGregor recently lost his life at the front,
Mrs K A, Roberts of Vancouver i.s also spending the sun mer at
Nob Hill.
Mr. Hugh Beadnell of Nob Hill
is installing a hydraulic ram.
George Beadnell of Denman Island met with an accident while
rolling lo^s, having had several
ribs broken and other injuries. He
will be brought tn Co' mx as soon
as he is able to be moved,
A tUorotiglv eiijeVable aiid successful social was held on Monda;
last at the home of Mr. and Mrs
F.   H,   Janes.    Friends, gathered
. ft0111 all   over the settlement   A
1 large "bunch" came up from Court-
in.ty, being conveyed by the ''Go
niox Valley  express"   in  recon
! time, the passengers enjoying them
selves in   an   unmistakable   way.
i whilst from as far as Cumberland
J the modern auto , and the mor,
humble horse  both  brought  the 1
I quota to swe',1 the ranks.
j    The ladies had provided bouiiti
'���illy of ripe luscious fruit,  cakes
������a,   lemonade,   and    ia
in spirit, had offered their services.
and the proceeds of U12 social would
be laid aside for the building fund.
A suggestion had been made that
the old school lion e could be pur
chased for a small sum and transformed iuti a church, but as the
majority of thc trustrees were
members of the Methodist church
it was deemed inadvisable to make
any move in that direction. Tlie
need of a Methodist service was
evidenced by the numbers that
gathered each Sunday morning, the
services being alternately taken by
the Rev. Henry Wilson of Cumberland, and the speik.'r.
The following program was then
begs to announce that lie has
repnreliiseil his nlil barber
business (10111 Mr. Smith and
will be pleased to meet nil his
olil customers at the old stand
Next to the   Opera   House
Comox, B. C.
Best. Meals North of Nauianio
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
Plimley's for Bicycles
cref 111
j justice, (I say full, au\".i"edlJ )
lime was profitably spent in   mus."
'nnd  other   "stunts
and wi,;" "II l,aci d��n? full
' edlj
d by the assembled company of
over a hundred.
Song, "The Pardon Came Too
late." Mr. Baldwin, of Cumberland
Recitation, The Battered Hulk,
Mrs. Kirkwood.
Song, Redwing, Annie   Carroll.
Song. The Bugler, MissPalgrave.
Address, Rev. Henry Wilson,
Song, Life on the Ocean Way,
Mr. C. H. Williams.
Recitation. Shakespearian, Miss
Song, Drink to Me Onh With
Thine Eyes, Mr. Burnett,
Speech, Mr. Wesley Willard,
Song, Tit for Tnt, .Mrs. C. H.
Recitation,   Kitchei er's     Way.
Robbie Ball.
Song, London Tower, Mr. Bila-
Accompanist, Mis, Colin Gamp-
God Save tlie King,
The proceeds of the even 11.;
ainoiti ted to over thiity one dollars
wliieh is in the hands of Mr. M. II,
Ball, as treasurer.
The $35 " VICTOR"
A bicycle expressly made to suit
the requirements of country riders, ii off rs strength and beauty
at nn extremely low price- The
"TOURIST" at $40 is another
splendid machine���both are fully
described in our catalogue, write
for it today
We have a number of shop soiled
and second hand at bargain prices
7.>7-735 Jolnsoa Sf., VICTORIA
I Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Uny Culls Promptly
I ended
The Courtenay Review
The chair
was taken by Mr. R. Willoughby
of Cotiftsnav, who outliued the ob
ject of the gathering,   jje SA^ tnat
in  November    last   a  Methodis'
Service was inaugurated bv the
(Ret/ Win, KIHott of Cumberland
who Hits generously released by
/the CumtoJand Methodist Church
i in order   (mt  a morning service
could be helcf eateb Sunday. The
/service had beWi continued ever
'since,   using the' schoalhouse- for!
Mr. F. H. Janes  has   shii'ted to
run a rapid   transit   car  between
Courlenay     and   Grantham,    via
tin-j Sandwick, calling  at ? 11  the small
olaces on the upper   road in  order
is will   be   spared
it as   possible
ind   the
freight. N<3 psu.
to make it as p'.SH*)
for the travelling p��l��K , .
car is beautifully de*W��K c ��
upholstered, making it a1 itih*^
beauty and when the Car' te iW ��<���
tjon the passengers are f���^H���StsS
not J�� stand on the platform' as- fie"
will 1101 he responsible for accidents. He lias it built for safety
and comfort ai.'d may shortly i'n-"
rtftU fan   underneath  to   supply
fresh air to the passengers, which
wilt make about 200 revolutions
pef minute and will be driven by a
belt from the main shaft. It will
also at the same time give steadiness to the car. Those ladies who
enjoyed the first trip on it. claim
that it is not perfectly run when
going less than four miles per hour
and that if it would make about
fivt and a half they could not travel in any other car, because the
driver understands his business.
It out bou'5nt 0Dty *hat one's
ueig&tttts tiiouVnt one could afford
IttfiMfe imttm het txct^ingly ****'


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