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The Review Jun 14, 1917

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Can not be dime any better, uml
not oulte >o well anywhere elite
hereabouts. Our tyiui ami mil-Ill-,
ery in coinploto ami 'I'lm Review
pri.��� mv right
Gents'   Furnishings
and Hatters
VOL. 5
NO. 30
Auction  Sale
Tuesday, June 19, 1917
Household  Furniture and other   effects  for  Mr.
Joseph McPhee, who has rented his house, also 10
Bedroom Suites from the Restmore Rooms
Sale at 1 o'clock sharp
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
We lead, while others follow, with   II. S. & M,   Clothing.
We take your measurement and guarantee a lit
In all shades, styles and prices.    II" yon   should  need a new
hat for the 24th of May,  see our  stock���just arrived from
the East, be.ore'purchflsing elsewhere
Summer Underwear in allSizes---Come and Srt for Yourieii
~    SHOES
Youth's  *.'.>r__s  and   Children's  Shoes   in   Thi.  and   lilaek
Leather also an assortment of white canvas.
Our prices are right and we guarantee them lo wear
Courtenay   Gent's    Furnishings   Store
Opposite'Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
���     .
Would yc ol ohe
an hour to . ing  done
for you ?
You knov Id, and  much more
This ...
We were  i
you re
i    i
It cost and If ti
.   by
bi Heat and Power..
Company Limited
Local Lines
Childrens Overall.���Jusl llie tiling for
children during the summer, at Sutliff.,
Who are the "common ��� people" I    Capt.   Nei      McNeil,   formerly
in Courteuay? j Medical 0fficer of the ,_.���,,   B   ��
The  drnn   i,    ,������;,.       f   n | has returned to his home   in Prince
ine  cuop   in   price   nl   Comox | p.,,,..,,
Born���At Cotijox   Hospital, on  Creamery butter lasted   onlv  two      '     '
June 8th, to Mr. aud   Mrs.  Louis weeks, the retail price going back     The unit which Frauk Willottgh-
Gillette, a son, to 55 cents la_tweek, by joined  recently   is   at   Jasper
Boru-AtSt. Joseph's  Ilospiial      R. Willoughby is  preachiii-  ou A!fa" whe'.!'e the-   are   ukill8   UP
on Saturday, June (j,   to   Mr,  and  Sundays at Cumberland for   Rev |*'amvay mla-
Mis. John Crockett, a daughter,      Mr, Hood whois unending the an-      The Ladies' Aid Society  of the
Born   At   Vaucauver    General   lum-meet'ut. ��f the Presbytery   at  Presbyterian church   are   making
Hospital ou May 3ist., to Mr  and   ���,I""la';l1' arrangements    for   iheir   annual
Mrs..101111 Thompson','a sou" m,    ,, Strawberry Festival, tl
I he Courtenav Condensed  Milk  be announced next week
Born���At Cumberland, on   May   Company are taking in daily about .       . , .   ,
3 ist, to ,' r. and Mrs   G    K    Mc'-   fifteen lhuusai.il i nds niiiiilk   at      Dan kilpatrick is hav   . ;a    nd
Naughlon, a daughter I their factory,    This represents pra-some ooUage  ,""1''   ' l!   :':    '  '
ctially this much gain   i���  ,|,e j���   about two miles We<   ol
Miss Nettie Stewart of Cumber- crease of milk production in lhe
hind is visitin-j with Miss Jean Me- valley in the last three years. N'o
kenzie, i wonder the farmers '.rear   a   smile
that won't come off whenever they
Mi. ami Mis. Win, Idiens hare  strike town.
returned from Vancouver and have:
taken up their residence at Comox, i    The business men of Coiiitenay
I held a meetihg in lhe City Hall on
There i.s on exhibition in Geo. J, j Tuesday evening.    Tl bjeel waa
Hardy's lord estate oilier,   a sheaf i to f0rm an association which would
of rye nearly Jseveii   feet   long,   a | iceep them in touch with each other
Messrs. Kerton Bros, have the contract, Two . ears ago lhis ranch
was a wilderness--i trees n
ly .So acres have been cleared I
made readv foi the ,' igh. A
large modern sanitary dairy barn
has been built with account ' ti n
for 25 or .0 cows and ei?hl 1 rses
A milk house and. 1  '
iug is also built   in   1   1 n<  ti u   a
President, Chris, Sililin; SecTreas
R. Wihoughby: Executive J. fl.
Macintyre, VV. (',. Robertson, \V,
Willard. The next meeting will
be held on Tuesday evening   next.
,��."li'"""' ���-���*"**���' ���'*<*��t*>lr***���<iie*��.   -��^V<��~WV-vl,M,-V^_.-A.',,ri"tVV-**��*V
"voluntee.r" growth on  Mr.   Wil
kinsotl's nineh al  Little River. . It
was pulled "ii Mar 31st.
In the list of honors for Canadians announced in a recent dis-
patch, the Military Cross has been
award-1 1/ieuf. A., II, McFarlane.
a son of Mr. and Mrs David K.
McFaralne of Cumberland.
We pay the highest prices for
good beef and veal. No, 1 Beef
���16 1-2 cents per .pound dressed,
No 1 veal 17 .cuts per pound
dressed, Comox Co-OperativeSociety, Courteuay and Cumberland,
Phone 2.
On Saturday afternoon Mr, Jos.
Mel'hee's horse backed his delivery
waggon into theplate glass window
of �� Oda's tailor shop, One huge
pane and one sma ler one were
smashed to atoms. No one was injured. There was 110'insurance on
the windows.
Children's Shoes All the host nnd
most sensible styles, at Sutliff's, | rf*j!
Wanted���Second hand Fordi car  Vs_rV
���' for cash, must be in good cond tion |
__ and a snap.    Apply H. W. Bayley
Comox, 1!. G.
New two horse power Fairbanks
gasoline engine'i'or sale cheap at
the Ford Garage.
Starved onto my premises���One
red heifer and one while ane.
Owner is requested to come and
pay damages nnd tn'.;e tbe animal
away,   Jos. Niniuini
lints -All the lute. 1 shades anil styles
at Sutliff's.
d  to pun base    I   ef  ai
Prices 16c foi   fit  beef, 16c
for good  r dressed ;    uc  live
.   Mai ket, Crtln-
For . . in !.:
s^s-s_----------s_----s-----_---__-----S---s-s-s?^^g __H---S_----S----i
���,^^^���mm-^^���^^^���      holt distance away.     There are al-
regulate closing   hours,   holidays. I so five or six   small   1 il   ..��� -  .
etc.    It was decided   to   call it the laborers.    As fasi  1;
Business Men's   Association,   and cut down Mr  K-ilpatri
the following officers were elected.lil hauled to his mill n
where it L convei li d
ol II .:  ill [ as I
Well.in.! canal, otll
going tu tlie mine 1 rr Ctiml
and also some for  Ioc
We have an Exhibit  of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
���V'Vs^��^������>^>sj��''��^.j*����*-��^'''v��~Ni*��/Vi��^>-'��.   **/**)********
Oil     �� te
IV       ���-.*������ f7^r!'^;w^^a.*fif��
ot Ne    Scribblers has arrived.    The
���I Lire  'iii   each   book d
historical event in the \
��� i.i tion oftht
��� ii ibi rs Wm,
v office.
'       : '
���   r
. ..
���    :
l-_____n__SBHB_ __��___,
CCO,   Cigi
���   and
ext Royal Bank
Comox Creamery j
55c per ib. this week
$ 6.50
do trO
Waltham 27        uo do .        12.50
Fully Car nteed in Screw Cases
The Squire's
I ,mii1��   Mclboiil**. .ni I  a-v.
Hilary led ni�� unconsciously to
what the Squire had to lell liim about
the Souths. Hc had asko.d lirst for
the Egcrtons, talking of Dolly with
a slightly conscious air, as though hc
were a little in love-with her. It irritated lhc Squin-, who was never ir-
rltable, especially with Hilary. Me
had a feeling that Dolly was somehow the centre oi a tragedy. At another time ho would only havc
laughed, Hilary was incurably sentimental���always in and out of love.
It never seemed to affect his happiness or his digestion,
He answered curtly, to the. golden
youth's amazement, Hilary said
nothing, only glanced at his cousin's
profile in the half-light, wondering
What had put him out. He hud heen
so invariably sweet-tempered in lltl-
dry's experience of him,
"After all," the boy went on, "1 am
more concerned with Margaret. Why
doesn't she write to mc? I've written to her; but she has.-not answered
tne. What is happening about the
The Squire lold him, He was very
glad die news was no worse to tell.
He himself had Implicitly accepted
Mr. Langton's explanation, The
Souths were lying perdus for a time
���to escape old Gilbert's brutality,
and give, the poor woman a chance
of having her hcallh patched up. It
iv.s not so dreadful to tell.
He had not anticipated hose Hilary
would lake the laic of Margaret's
Ill-treatment, lie was surprised nt
the boy's passion. Hilary raged and
almost sobbed. Only the consciousness of the groups sitting at the
other tables kept his emotion under
"Her poor little arms," hc said.
"I remember now how she winced
and cried out when 1 clasped her
wrists. To think 1 should not have
The Squire left, liim to his emotions. Trains will not wait for belated travellers, and he must get the
8:15. He had a terror lest something dreadful might happen in his
absence. As lie stood up and went
in search of his waiter he was wondering what Hilary would think if
he knew how the Souths hail retreated into the background of his life.!
He remembered Langton's firm
lips. A man to guard and keep die
women he cared for. While hc had
talked to Hilary he had had a vague
sense of terror of he knew not what
that might bc happening in his absence to his own sweetheart, his
jroor, pretty Dully, who had none to
guard her but he.
Hilary drove, wilh him to Ihe station; it was not very far. 'I'he Squire
was thinking his own thoughts as
they drove along thc Embankment to
Westminster Biiilge, with the lighted clock-tower high in thc sky. Hilary had apparently forgotten his
evening parties lie was wondering
if he should find Mr- Langton al
heme it he wcrc to take the taxi on.
Very likely, the Squire thought, unless I angl in i as dining out or al
i is club, Hi had a vague passing
v onder as to how Langton would]
receive the boy, who seemed lo think;
lhat lie had onlj   lo ask for Margar-
t'a addn ss lo ; . given it.
But he was loo much occupied
villi his own thoughts to heed what
Hilary was saying, beyond a feeling
of wonder lhat the youngslcr seem-
,,;   to      il _   Ire  had  a  right,
I'he  Plover's Call
Coming oni rn' Silverdale station,
the Squire struck off into the fields
��� -not on his way home, but lhc way
that would lake him to the New Cot-
lag< . He felt that lie had to sec all
was right there; Dolly silling read-!
ii.g by ihr shaded lamp, or playing
the piano wilh lingers somewhat)
spoilt with housework, or oceupi ,i
wilh the child. She had been in the
family circle of evenings since,    the
When Your Eyes Need Care
__e**urtne*��,eM._tcl_e, No8min't!n_~Fecla
Flne ��� A.tu Qlllollly. Try it fur neil, WirnK,
tjore Ey.flanaQrannlatea Eyelids. Hmtn*l_
pompoimdfl* by onr Oculists���not ir "Pnt?ot
Medicine'��� bin used In BuaceBRf ut Physician.1
.raetir-e for manyyeura Now dedicated to
She Publli* nml sold by Di u. itUin at f,rJc _ er
Hottle. Murlnis Kye Halve In Aseptic Tulles.
tto and 'lie. Write for book ot the Fjj i-eo.
Murln��E_�� Remedy Oomp;;,, cMcego. Adt
N.     U.
di rta death,    If hr could assure liim
sill with Ins i.wn eyes thai she wa
there ami -ale lie could go home con
tentcdly i" bed, pushing away for a
lime  ai   least thai  sense uf menace
which had followed him io   I ondon
mil   COIlie  lirn-li   with   Iiini.
lie had picked up a number of
papers rasiirilly from ilr- limrkslall al
Victoria, just before ii was closed,
Lionel Egerton often grumbled all
ihe. absence of a bookstall from Silverdale station, They would make
his excuse for coming if any were
necessary, Perhaps none ivas needed, lie had come ami gone pretty
v.rll as he would of late.
lir knocked al the door ol tlie
New Collage. Through the little
window of bottle-ended glass at the
right-hand side of the porch he
caught sight of a blurred blue and
green which must hc Mrs. J'.ger-
Imi's gown. Slur always dressed for
dinner, however simple the meal was,
although her husband sat down in his
tweeds or flannels or whatever he
chanced to bo wearing.
The door opened lo his knock. It
was Lionel Egerton who opened it.
He and Mrs. Egerton were the sole
occupants of thc room. No Dolly 1
I'or some reason he could nut explain, his heart sank, heavy as lead.
He said to himself thai he had known
she would not bc there. He had
known it all thc time.
He was no good at dissimulation,
lie could not sit down and talk indifferently, waiting for Dolly to come
in from the other part of the bouse.
Of course she was iu thc house.
1'iobably with the baby upstairs, or
in the kitchen doing something or
other, or in the dining-room.
He laid down the papers on the
little tabic by Mrs, Egcrton's side,
ll was loo late to stay, he said, wilh
that curious new uneasiness upon
him. There was a book for Miss
Egerton, a new volume of poems
about which hc had heard her express
"Oh, Dolly," said Mrs. Egerton.
"She has deserted us again and gone
back to her cottage,"
"She is working at some sketches
of Susan for a Christinas number.
Awfully jolly things, you must scc
them. She prefers her lonliness when
she is busy," put in Lionel Egerton.
"To our society," said Mis. Egerton with a little laugh.
"Oh, come, Louise," said Lionel
Egerton rather shamefacedly. "Poor
Dolly. I fear she thinks herself in
the way here, with Darby and Joan.
She would never be that, poor little |
girl, but she's sensitive. I'll come
ovcr with you to thc eoltage, Mcyrick. She'll be pleased at your remembering her; it's very kind of
"Please don't go, .Leo," Mrs. Egerton put iu hastily. "Vou know I
don't like, to be left alone at night."
"Oh, I forgot, Louise has a nervous lit. Just imagine, Mcyrick, she's
in a funk about old Keeper. She
won't look out of thc staircase window as she goes up to hed lest she
should scc his ghost out there in the
"Hc did not like mc," said Mrs.
Egerton, with a Utile, shiver.
"Doll doesn't mind the. ghosts a
bit. You know about the little woman in the shawl who is always
turning up there. Not many girls
would care to live with such a housemate."
It was on the Squire's lips to say
that no girl should be asked to live
iii such lonliness. Rut, after all, he
knew nothing. Probably there was
a quiet happiness (or Dolly in thc
Old Cottage, and he did not suppose
there was really anything in the story
of thr. little woman in the shawl.
Dolly often said odd things, with a
certain wry humor in the expression
nl lur lips" which told that she would j
havc been merry if she was a little i
happier. j
"1 will leave the book,' he said,
taking it frmn lhc table where lie j
had put il down.
Egerton  came  outside
and they stuod a while talking
"1 was unwilling for Doll lo gOjK
back to the cottage," he said apolo- i E
cetically, "But���I thought it was g
best. She and I were once all in all g
to each other. It is very hard on the J ��
one who is left in those circum- g
stances. 1 am sure I should have'""
hated Dolly's husband���unless he'd
been no end of a good fellow."
Through  thc    gap in    the    privet
hedge  they  could  see  thc  light    of
Dolly's lamp.  After all, what  reason
was there lo he afraid? Dolly    was
ptactically within earshot of lhc New
Collage.  What could happen to her:
lhc light from the. open door shone]
out  across thc grass wet  with dew.j
All tlie sounds and scents of a sum- \
mer night wcrc out of doors.    Erom
thc coppice    on the. hill a nightjar,
talked melodiously; and a late black-1
binl disturbed    thc nests    with    his I
"Good-night now!" diawlcd wilh im
pish persistency.    Beyond thc boundary hedge of the garden wcrc tht
fields, fields   Sl'mmc'licd   these   days
villi drifts of lillle blue (lowers���thc
So.uirc had noticed that in part   the
fields were rather blue than  green���
blue  flowers and while  aud    golden,
ar.d the deep soft    glass    between.
Beautiful fields they were lhat
stretched away lo the hill; park like
fields, studded with spreading oaks
and thorn-trees, the gi-a/.ing-grouiid|
for a few cattle, deep breathing, velvety creatures that moved softly
through the. quiet nighl.
(To He Continued. )
Mrs.  Jarvis says Dr.  Cassell's Tablets cured her Delicate Child
when nothing else could
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terlo, \wiies: "It is a pleasure lo ull you
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baby. When only live moull'S old lie lell ill,
ami iboiigh 1 had medical advice lor liim lie
got worse. I tried several special foods, but
none ol them would stay on his stomach, and
hc became so thin that he secured just plan
and bone, lio only weighed 10 lbs., ami wc
never thought he could live, lint chancing
to hear of Dr. Cassell's Tablets 1 got some
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bonny boy now, quite railed, an,I weighs
25 lbs. at twelve months old."
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Cassell's Tablets is known only io thc proprietors, and no imitation can ever be tire same.
Hole Proprietors: Dr. Cassell's   Co.-
Ltd., Manchester, England
"Is Jobbins in the. hospital?" "Not
that I. know of. Why do you think
so'r" "Smith was telling me the other day that he was out iu his car aud
ran across Jobbins."
The Princess Pats
'Ihe West Can Claim Some Distinction in This Connection
Ottawa announces that the Princess l'atriria's regiment is officially
declared as belonging to the Ottawa-
Kingston military district. That appears to be about the coolest piece
of man-stealing lhc department has
put over yet. Hitherto Alberta ���battalions have been broken up to supply men to fill the slackers' gaps in
units claimed by towns scattered all
thc way from one. ocean to the other, and drafts have been taken from
Edmonton to enable Ottawa and
Kingston to have lhc credit of being
represented by units overseas.
But this seems lo be. the lirst in-
stanec in which a battalion has been
stolen intact and put to lhc credit of
a district having uo shadow of claim
lo it. It is tiie more notable thai
the battalion in question has been
longer at the front than any other
Canadian unit, has suffered more, aud
has conic lo hc the. most widely
known for ils exploits. Montreal supplied lhe colonel and western Canada thc men for Ihc original Princess
falsi Alberta contributing more
men than any other province. Reinforcements have been recruited
among the students at universities
from McGill westward lo Alberta, to
which Ottawa university and Kingston may have contributed contingents but not disproportionately
large ones.
On thc fare, of il, therefore, if this
regiment is lo be allocated to any
particular district Alberta has by ail
odds the rightful claim, and of .all
possible competitors ihe Ottawa-
Kingston district has just about thc
least pretence of a claim,-���From ihe
Edmonton Bulletin.
"Brains arc a common commodity." "That so?" "Ves. What I'm
always looking for is a man who
knows how to use his brains."
Point of View
Willis���Pleasure is all-in the point
of view.,
Gillis--That's right. A man goes
to a dance, leaves at twelve o'clock
feeling fine and fresh, and calls it n
good time; hut a woman doesn't
havc a good time unless she stays
until four o'clock, spends the last
Ihrrc hours in agony, and goes home
feeling as if a steam-roller had run
ovcr her. - Life.
Our CATALOGUE NO. 62 T. of
and all
Outdoor Summer
Sports, mailed on
Ihe Hiii��sltm Smith Arms Co., Ltd.
A Desperate Case
"Dear," said the fond mother,   "f
must punish you for disobeying in
"i'lease ma," said the little bo-,.,
"may 1 go to my room first?"
"Yes," consented the parent, and
she cautiously followed her first-bon
upstairs. There Robert was kneelinc
by his bed, aud his mother heard
him say:
"Dear Lord, if You ever wanted to
help a little fellow in trouble, now':-
Vour chance."
Thc whipping was indefinite! r
postponed.���New York Times.
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HULL     -     -    CANADA
Views of Marriage
Spinster Whose Prejudices Were of
a Most Decided Kind
A Miss Graham who died while
engaged in war work at Malta, and
left legacies of $.SU0,000, held strange
views on the marriage question. Oil
the ground lhat her views indicated
an unhealthy and unsound mind at
the time when she prepared her will
a relative opposed probate.
in the evidence adduced It was
proved that llic deceased had altered
a former will under which her relative would have received a substantial legacy and some valuable property because she had "degraded
herself" hy entering llie abhorrent
stale of matrimony, The deceased
lady even assailed the Archbishop of
Vork for his marriage views, aud
railed him "lillhy minded."
The point at issue was submitted
In a jury, who held that strange
marriage views-did not prove a stale
of Insanity, with which the judge
concurred, At lhe same lime the
foreman expressed lhe regret that
the deceased had had no experience
of matrimony, when she might have
revised her verdict.
Saved by British Navy
We know that the Entente navy
r/as and is the one Ihing that saves us
today from any possibility that Ger-
many at present may try to do what
the tried to bribe Japan and Mexico
"mto doing. Every instinct of preservation, ot national safely, demands au
alliance with the Entente, if we are
to bc safe from sueh dangers, hereafter, and it is thc logical course now
ii wc arc best to cope with thc submarine war on our shipping and our
sitizens. "���Boston Advertiser,
Whether the corn be of old or new
growth, it must .yield lo Holloway's
Corn Cure, the simplest and best cure
j'Tercd to lhc public.
Luring on to Destruction
There is one reason to believe that
more than one of our lost liners havc
-act their doom by hastening to answer thc bogus S.O.S. of the submarine which lay in wait for them.
Now thc survivors of a French destroyer torpedoed in thc Mcditcrran-
tan reports that, while struggling in
.he water in the blackness of the
night, they were brought within effective range of thc submarine's guns
hy the.enemy shouting in good
.French, "This way, comrades'"
<!ould deviltry go further?���Glasgow
Wise and experienced mothers
know when their children are troubled with worms and lose no time 111
applying Miller's Worm Powders,
the most effective vermifuge that can
be used. It is absolute in clearing tho
systcm of worms and restoring those
healthy conditions without which
there can bc no comfort for the
child, or hope of robust growth. It
is the most trustworthy of worm exterminators.
The Safest Course
Is there no way of stopping these
cyclones? asked a  traveler who was
relating his experiences in the   Far
No, replied thc narrator. The best
way is to go along with thcrn.
Several Thousand
Foresters Wanted"
Ottawa Calls for Drafts lo Let Men
Return to Oll_cr  Units
The Militia Department is calling
for several thousand more recruits
for the Canadian Forestry Battalions
overseas. There are now ten diou-
sand men in the Forestry Battalions
in England and France, under the
command of Brig.-General Alexander McDougall. Some five thousand
of these wcrc supplied hy Canada,
and thc balance was drawn from
overseas troops originally enlisted
for other purposes. To allow these
latter to return lo their original units
forestry drafts are wanted from Can
ada, The age limit for forestry re
emits is 48 years, and men of 4 ft,
11 inches In height are accepted. Reuniting depots havc been opened iu
all the lumbering centres of Canada.
To Use Scotland Yard System
The "finger print" system of criminal identification, as used at Scotland Yard, is to be applied to criminals in Canada. An Order-in-Coun-
cil to this effect has been passed at
Ottawa on the recommendation of
the Commissioner of the Dominion
Police. As an additional means of
identification, photography is authorized.
F0R       '%i'i
Breakfast '
. PP.?.'���������.'������"
W.    N.    U.    1159
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
...nriol reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh
Is a local disease, greatly influenced by con.
'itttutlonal conditions, and in order to cure it
you must take an internal remedy. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts
through the biood on the mucous surfaces
sl the system. Hall's Catarrh Curt was pre-!
rrcribed by one ol the best physiciana in this
jtountry for years. It is composed ol soma
pi tht    best tonics  known,    combined  with
!omt of tht best blood purifiers. Tht per}
ect combination of the ingredients in Htll't
'atarrh Curt ia what produces such wonder.'
lul results in catarrhal conditions,    Send for
testimonials, free.
f. J. CHENEY ft CO., Props., Toledo, 0,
All Druggists,  75c.
Hall's jf'amily Pills for constipation.
Release at Hand
Voting Playwright--What did you
think of my climax?
Critic���It was very welcome.
Just now you arc feeling "out of
sorts"���not your usual self. (Juitc
exhausted at times and cannot devote real ' energy to your work.
Sleep does nol rest you and you wake
up feeling "all tired out." Perhaps
rheumatism is Hying through your
muscles and joints, or may be your
skin is disfigured by rashes, boils or
pimples- Headaches, twinges of neuralgia, fits of nervousness .irritability
of temper and a disordered stomach
often increase your discomfort in
the spring.
The cause���winter has left its mark
on you. These troubles arc signs that
your blood is poor and watery, that
your nerves are exhausted. You must
renew and enrich your blood at once
and restore tone to your lired nerves,
or there may bc a complete breakdown. Thc most powerful rcincdjtfor
these spring ailments in men, women
and children is Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pale People, because these
Pills cleanse bad blood and strengthen weak nerves.
New, rich, red blood���-your greatest need in spring���is plentifully created by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
. and with this new, pure blood in your
veins you quickly regain hcallh and
increase your strength, Then your
skin becomes clear, your eyes bright,
you?" nerves strong, and you feci
better, cat better, sleep better, and
are able to do your work.
Begin your spring tonic treatment
today for the blood and nerves with
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills���thc Pills
that strcnghtcn.
These Pills arc sold by most dealers, but do not be persuaded to take
"something just .the same." If you
can't get the genuine Pills from your
dealer lhcy will bc sent you by mail,
post paid, at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 by writing Thc Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co-, Brockville,
Minard's Liniment Used   by   Physicians.
Use City Boys on Farms
Systematic Way to Increase    Crops
in thc Dominion
Thc Canadian government is adopt,
ing a very systematic way to increase
the crops of the Dominion. An official commission, composed of professors of diffeertn universities, has
been appointed to visit the high
schools and colleges and enlist boys
for agricultural work during the summer months. Attention will bc given
thc physical ability of the boys and
tlicy will sign, with the consent of
their parents, for six months' service
on the farms. A record will bc kept
of their work and efficiency, which
will be credited to them thc same as
if it were, in the rrgntar classes in
the schools and colleges. This looks
like a pretty good scheme, not only
to gel intelligent farm workers, btit
for thc real advantage of the boys.
It was tried iu a small way las', year
and the result was that the boys who
worked 011 the farms outstripped in
their studies those "who remained in
the schools. That is the same sort
of record that has been made in some
manual training schools where the
bo\s who spent half of their time at
work and the other half at their stud,
ics, took nearly all the scholastic
frizes in thc intcrschool contests,
while they swept the platter almost
clean in the athletic fields. If there
could be a scheme invented that
would put thc large groups of boys
who idle away their lime in the pool
halls and on the streets out on the
farms during the summer months, it-
would bc of incalculable advantage to
them and their country.���Omaha
Clerk���Let me show you our latest
machines. Wc havc a motor car now
that can climb any hill on earth.
Chauffeur���That's nothing. Thc
last one you sold me .tried to climb
a tree.
He���I should really like to see myself as others scc me, don't you
She���You wouldn't give yourself a
second glance.
A Cynic in Overalls
"I suppose," said the facetious
stiangcr watching a workman spread
a carpet from the church door to lhe
cii^b, "that's tin road to heaven you
are fixing there?"
"No," replied the. man, "this is
merely a bridal path."
Ready-made Medicine.���You   need
no physician for ordinary ills when
you havc at hand a bottle of Dr.
Thomas' Electric Oil. For coughs,
colds, sore throat, bronchial troubles,
it is invaluable, for scalds, burns,
bruises sprains it is unsurpassed
while for cuts, sores, ulcers and thc
like.it is an unquestionable healer.
It needs -no testimonial other than
thc use, and that will satisfy anyone
as to its effectiveness.
Democracy Against Autocracy
Autocracy has broken down in
Russia. It is doomed In Germany, as
the avowals Of the. chancellor and
the secretary for foreign affairs admit, even if the throne and dynasty
arc saved. It cannot survive in Austria if it shall fail pin Germany. This
is fast showing itself, as it was from
the beginning in its real charaeler a
war of popular government against
imperialism. On the side of the allies it is a war that "government of
thc people and by thc people aud for
thc people shall not perish from thc
earth."���Philadelphia Record.
Lachute   Mills,   P.tJ.
"I tras troubled for-many jrear��
with Kidney Disease, and a friend
told me to take GIN FILLS.
After taking a few hues I wa*
greatly relieved, and alter finishing
the twelfth box the pain completely left me. Hy wife li now using
Oln Fills and finds that iht haa
heen greatly relieved of tht pain
over her kldneyi. I can safely
recommend any one eufferlng from
Kidney trouble to girt a fair trial
to  OIN   FILLS.
Thomas Stephenson."
All drugglatt tell Gin FiUi at
SOc. a box, or 6 hoxee for f2.00.
Sample fret if Ton wrltt to
Toronto, Ont. 67
���fV>__V*' (""""VTA V'."r'r.' i-VrV_tr*r'
Maqlc Baking Powder costs   |;'N. ���.-- ���'   ��V;. $
__.._r ��..  .   {���.��������� ���������ij _, :-V';-v
no more_than tha ordlnary   |S,; JB.,'..  vJ;*?" ;
I '���'*~>V. ��� *vi;'^
kinds.   For economy, buy   L<.^ai^ilif|^
the one pound tins.
kjgey' E.W.GILLETI COMPANY IIMII.0 1��^E?!��S.��S��
*, TC-OWO. fWT K_rS^^v^vc^T.WWr;
w.  ....... MOXTO��*t      JkX""W..   ....tl.UM.Os
Just The One
The children happened to bc pres
cnt when mother received an appli
cant for the position of nurse-maid, j
"Why were you discharged    from!
your last place?" asked the mother,|
when she    had     ascertained,     after
much  ingenuity,    that    the applicant
had nol voluntarily left that place.
"Well, ma'am," said lhc girl, very
frankly, "to tell the truth, I sometimes forgot to wash the children,
Whereupon there, came from the
children in chorus, "Oh, mother,
please engage her!"���Harper's Magazine.
Counter Check
Or Sales Books
Mr. Merchant:���
If you are not already luitig our
Counter Check or Sales Books we
would respectfully solicit your next
order. Years of experience in the
manufacture of this line enable us to
give you a book as nearly perfect as
it it possible to be made In these difficult times.
All classes and grades of paper are
now from 100 to 400 per cent, higher than they were two years ago.
Carbon papers, waxes for coated
books, labor, in fact everything that
goes into the cost of counter check
or sales books arc very high in price.
Notwithstanding these facts, our
modern and well equipped plant for
this particular work enables us to
still keep our prices reasonably
low. Before placing your next order
write us for samples and prices, or
consult the proprietor of this paper.
Wc make a specially of Carbon
Pack or Coated Books, also O.K.
Special Triplicate hooks. On these,
and our regular duplicate and triplicate separate Carbon Leaf Books, wf
number among our customers the
largest and best commercial houses
from coast to coast. No order is too
large wt too small to le looked after
We have connections with the
largest paper mill in Canada, ensuring an ample supply of the best gra'de
paper used in counter check books.
You are therefore assured of an extra grade of praper, prompt service
and shipments.
Waxed Papers and Sanitary
We also manufacture Waxed Bread
and Meat Wrappers, plain and printed; Confectionery Wrappers, Pure
Food Waxed Paper Rolls for Home
Use, Fruit Wrappers, etc.
Write for samples of our G. & B.
Waxed Papers used as a Meat
Wrapper. It is both grease and
moisture proof, and the lowest priced article on the market for this
Genuine    Vegetable   Parchment foi
Butter Wrappers
We are large impo/ters of this
particular brand of paper. Our prices
on 8x11 size in 100M quantities and
upwards, are very low, considering
the present high price of this paper.
We can supply any quantity printed
"Choice Dairy Butter" from stock.
Our machinery and equipment for
Waxing aud Printing is the most
modern and complete in Canada and
ensures you first-class goods and
prompt service.
Hamilton, Canada.
Offices: Toronto, Montreal,    Winnipeg,  Vancouver.
Germans Buy
British War Loan
Germans Buy British War Loan
Some Germans have a strange way
of showing their confidence in the
victory that is to settle the war in
their favor, A number of Germans,
well-known to people in England,
knowing lhal they could not purchase certificates in the recent war
loan, set the wheels of negotiation
going through friends in neutral nations and bought largely in this
way. Thc fact has just come to the
knowledge of .the London Stock Exchange and now it is a question with
the broker, who innocently arranged it whether he can iu any way cancel thc deal.
Well-Known Farmer
Gives His Evidence
Dr. William Wood of Hadlington,
Ont., is Added to Lon; List ot
Cures by the Great Canadian Kidney Remedy, Dodd's Kidney Pills
Hadlington,   Out.,   (Special)���lit. \
William Wood, a well-known farm ���
living near here, is shouting t 1
praises of Dodd's Kidney Pills. Hi
claims they cured him of two of the
most painful aud dangerous forms
of kidney trouble, bladder trouble
and gravel.
"Yes, I was troubled with gr.iv'.
and bladder trouble," Mr. Wood
said when asked about his cure. "Bur
since I took four boxes of Do.:-: 1
Kidney Pills my troubles are gone.
1 also had heart fluttering! ami short
ness of breath. There were flashes at
lights and specks before my eyes as :
I was very nervous. All these troubles havc gone, loo, since I u.i oi
Dodd's Kidney Pills."
Others in this neighborhood have
used Dodd's Kidney Puis and four-���;
that lhcy are the greatest of all remedies for kidney troubles of any
kind. Dodd's Kidney Pills are specialists. They cure sick kidneys and tha:
is all tlicy claim to cure. The reason
they are given credit for curing rheumatism, lumbago, dropsy, diabetes
and Bright's disease is that all of
these diseases arc caused by lick
Place in the Sun   ���
John (angrily)���Now I see thfD-gl
your subterfuge.
Marie���Well, that's only beca_i��
there's a very bright sun.���Dartmouth
Jack oT.antern.
Ask for Minard's and take no other-
Using Grass to Make Paper With
Although several of the largest paper mills In England have been
forced to shut down because the
government stopped the importation
of pulpwood, many others have managed to keep going by utilizing gran
which they obtain from Scotland, ths
Fenlands and India.
Printing paper and notepapcr il
being made from grass mixed with
olhcr materials. The cheapest" fibre
is obtained from rags which arc no
longer exported. Rag cuttings are
now worth $140 a ton, v^iich is still
below the cost of wood pulp, now
selling for $150 a ton. It was $40 a
ton before the war.
German Ability in thc War
One Is Not Tempted to Envy   the
Germans for Their Cleverness
There has been far too much laudation of German ability in this war.
When onc considers the vast amount
of forethought given by the Germans
to the war and the mobilization for
a period of forty years of the best
brains of lhe country toward the one
end of military success and then
surveys the results achieved one is
not tempted to envy the Germans for
their cleverness! but rather to think
how much better the French, the
Americans, or thc English would
havc done thc job if they had given
their mind to it. The Germans in
international politics remind us of
the dull schoolboy who, having worked out with immense industry an
enormous sum in multiplication and
division quite correctly to thirty
places of decimals, manages at the
end to produce a widly incorrect result by pointing his decimals two or
three places out.���H. Sidtbotham
in Atlantic Monthly.
When a man is dressed in a .little
brief authority he is even more conspicuous than a woman In the present style of abbreviated skirl.
to win
On sale at all
Druggists and Store*, THE COUBTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   Pubished  at
Courteuay, It. C,
N. H. BODBN, Editor nud Proprietor
Sul)scri|iticui 81.fill per Win   in  Advance
Both Canada and the- United
States are to prohibit the export
of wheat to neutral countries, Yet
there were those who were- urging
a few weeks ago that the entrance
of the United States into the war
made no difference in the lice wheat
question, It made all the differ-
in the world. A step which was
.unwarranted when the I'nited
States was a neutral was the proper one to take when lhal power
became an ally and slatted in to
pool ils resources wilh ours in ortler tn supply those whn na- fighting our battles iu Kurope,
It 1ms been noticed in immigration circles that scores and even hundreds ul yotlllg men who have departed from ihis country i'or the
United States last fall and winter
are coming back home uow that
the republic has entered the war.
Well, there's no place like home
under certain circuiu_taii.es.���
Moutreal Gazatte.
Letter to the Editor :
Tc the Editor Review
Dear Sir; --In \ ietv of the recent
statement issued by Mr. Hooyer,
Chaii man fur the  Commission   for
the impossibility at presenl of obtaining the necessary shipping tonnage to forward to Belgium the I
food supplies in the same quantities
as iu the past, and also draws at-1
teution to the fact that the United
States government have made arrangements to loan to Ihu Belgian
government the sum of $45,000,000
payable to tiie Commissioner for
Relief in Belgium in six monthly
instalments, which Stun will cover
the cost of such food -.supplies as
can be shipped in that time by the
limited number of ships available
to the C.iiimission, t,.e Central
Executive Committee of the Belgian
Relief Fund 111 Canada finds it Unnecessary for the present, to make
appeal to the generously disposed
people of Canada on the plea of the
urgency of support ill order to stave
off starvation.
The needs of Belgium continue
however as pressing as in the past
and the situation may be considered a.s being even more pitiable as.
through the for ed decreased in imports, Belgium will be compelled
lo fall back on her last native re
sources already so denuded. In
order to maiuta.li that so limited
ration that has been doled out in
the past it will be necessary to encroach upon the Country's stock of
Milk Cattle which have been reserved to maintain a supp.v of fresh
milk for the children,
In the hope, however, that the
recent swiftly developed shortage
in the world's shipping, Ihe cause
of this new departure of the Relief
Woik, many not pert-fatietiily endure, In the hone that the necessary funds may be available should
any emergency or special occasion
arise, and in view of the fact that
in any event relief in many forms
will be required afler the war, the
Committee hope that all the generous stipportersjol the fund in the
past and all those who have pled-
ged themselves fcr future piyments
will continue to support the Fund
and thus continue to show their
sympathy with the people who gave
their all for the cause of Humanity
All such donations received after
the 15th of June will be disposed of
to the best advantage of this stricken people, according to the wish
that iiiav be expressed to any donor or according to the actual or
more pressing needs of any of the
already organized channels of Relief wor1.- such as: ���
"Help to lhe children removed
from Belgian front."
''Queen's Fund for the wounded
"Home for tlie Belgian soldiers"
''Relief for Belgian prisoners ill
"Anglo Belgian Committee of
the Belgian Red Cro��\s."
"Relief for Belgian children suffering from Tuberculosis and rickets."
"Belgian orphan fund."
"Belgian National Relief Fund
for wnr orphans."
All donations received prior to
the 15th of June will be held at the
disposal o.i the Commission lor ihe
Reliei in Belgium, for the purchase
in Canada of Canadian produce,
according to our previous pledges.
The Centra-Executive Committee
will issue in the immediate future
a report covering tlie whole of their
operations up to lhe I5II1 of   June.
Thanking you for publishing the
above, we remain,
Yours truly,
A, De fardin,
Hon.  Secretary Treasurei
Estate of the Late Benjamin
All persons having claims against the
estate of tlie deceased, who died at Comox, I!. C. 011 December -'7. 1915, are
hereby requested to send particulars
thereof duly verified to the undersi med
on or before the 7th day of July 1917,
after which the administratrix will proceed to distribute the assets ol the said
deceased, having regard only to the
claims of which she shall then have had
Headquarters P. 0.
Agent for the administratrix, Mrs. Russel.
Dated this 7th day of June, 1917.
New Wash Skirts for Ladies
and Misses
In Pique Bedford cord,  Repp  nud Duck
in the newest summer  stvh-s from #1.50
to $3.50,   Also  in   nalurii linen  shade
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Ladies  Summer  Undervests
In Cotton, fonts   knit,   Lisle  and Silk
1,'sle, from _."c to $1,    Special values in
Uxtra Outside sizes nt 65c
c. c
Sr2W*    F
v    V'/     _    a La Grace
Ms       Corsets
XX and
Royal  Standard  Flour
Is made from No 1 Canadian Hard Wheat
���acknowledged the world ovcr us being the
best wheat grown anywhere.
Long experienced expert millers, using
the most modern milling machinery, arc
daily grinding this superb wheat into the
in gluten and baking qualities.
Use it for your buns, your bread, your
if IB* -j -"���" Vi*
I Deliver
Trade Mark
On Every Sack
ml Standard Grain Products Agency
I!. Towler,  M���r.
your order for
Fresh Groceries
Your patronage solicited.
Esqi.iiru.It   &   Nanaimo   Railway
For Victoria���11.35 Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, ronnecling at Parksville Junction with train
for Port A'berni, and at Nanaimo for Vancoaver boat
From Victoria���9.00 Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday, connecting at Nanaimo with boat from
Vancouver: ank at Parksville Junction with train
from Port Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at
R 60
Agent Coiirlonny,
The W. G. & R. Shirt of correct style
and good fit, and reliable material in
neat stripe patterns and self colors. Spe-
ctal values in Men's Sport Shirts at $2
Soft collars and wash ties. Also Boy's
Blouses, " The one that fits the "hoy and
will not lade,"
Men's Hats and Caps
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Men's White and Tan ''anvas Slioes with
Solid Rubber Heels
Isn't It?
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competition in my line, but
there's no one in town can
show you these uiiitings. Drop
in and see them.
Tailor to Women and Men
Union Bay Road
HE Ford has been on the market
fcr twelve years, surely long
enough to prove it's high quality. There is nothing experimental about it. Everv part
has stood the test of time and
proven its stability with hard
service. No other car has ever
approached the durability records of the Ford. ���
No matter what price you
pay for a car you cannot get
one with a stauncher chassis .
Government labaratory tests have shown that the different parts of the Ford car are superior to those in any
other car. Ford Vanadium steel has never been equaled in strength-
If you want a car that can plow through deep mud
sand and gravel��� that can cross fields, corduroy roads
and Ford streams���that can climb the steepest hills with
ease���that will give the greatest mileage all year round
with the least expense and care���then there is only ONE
car for you���The Ford-
Over 700 Ford Service Stations in Canada
Touring -   $495
Runabout - $475
!���'. O. B, Ford, On".
Phone L46
A ccounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  & Field
Possibilities of the Telephone
There is an excellent instance ill Vancouver of how a suburban drug merchant built up business by telephone, Two
morals adorn the talc. One, thai such a possibility is open
to evety shopkeeper; two, that with thc telephone in the house
one never needs to travel, even as far as the corner store, And
the telephone is just as effective in reaching outside points.
No matter where you want to go, tbe telephone will take you.
No time wasted, notravelling expense.
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
... ..... .���.. GRAND DISPLAY
The cost ot Living is High ��t
���Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Kardv & Biseoe
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,  Lap
Kugs, (.loves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay THE COURTENAY REVIEW
City Council
At the adionnwd meeting of the
City council held on Monday evening, the Mayor, and Aid. Aston,
Hurford, Brown ami McNeil were
The following communications
were read : Letter from Conip
troler of Water Rights, re private
wateeways. Letters from A. F,
Griffiths and from Bodwell & Law
son re accounts ; from Dept of
Agriculture ro sheep district ;
feom Dept. Public Health io Em-
-.le account. The Clerk was in-
itrnoted to reply to tlm letter re
'sheep protection ami tbat it is the
desire of the council to have llie
municipality included in the sheep
district. Tlie other communications were ordered lllocl.
The following isocounts were pro-
Albert Griffiths $���
B. C, Telephone
L S, Cokeley
Chief Detective, J. Green
A, Beaton
Major Stephenson
Lloyd Dunham
vV. Fielder
,A. Beaton
[,, Alexander
N, Gareau
iov't Telegraphs
pourteuay E$?ectric
Courtenav Review
[Comox Argus
Again presented ami laid
Electric Light Co.
E, Kmdc
Bodwell & Lawson
IW  A. Hames
The account of A
���added to the laid
balance referred
committee to pay
!    Aid. Hurford
matter of the lanes
15. So
10 50
36 00
3 nn
2 32
36 35
over :
il 50
Griffiths was
over list and the
to   the   finance
if found correct
reported that the
was progress-
The matter of the sidewalk* be
tweeil the bridgds   wis  laid  over
until some Infer date   in   lhe year.
The city clerk was instaucted
to write Mr. Young the Water
Rights Comptroller, giving lull
particulars in reference to the
���water escaping from the Kilpatrick
dam ami Ilml out lhe rights of the
city in reference to same for fur
tber reference.
A bi. Aston reported that aside
walk could  be  constructed  along
ihe Isabel St. bridge for approximately ��20.00; also that Mr,   l'e
re's had Uuinplililied in  reference to
some small    slumps   opposite   his
properly on   Alice   Street.    Also
that a request had been made   for
the grading    of    Victorit"   street,
Aid. Ilsiini alsn reported thai drain
could he constructed at lhe River
side Hotel for ��30.
Moved by AM. llnrfoid, seconded by Aid. Leigh ,   lluti    the
chairman of lhe Works Committee
he given authority in remove the
stumps in fronl nl Mr. Perez's
nn Alice Si. up t" .iin.    Carried,
ing, and that a  meeting of all in
terested was being called for June
Aid. Brown reported that there
���was no offence from the stream
which empties into tiie river at the
side ot the telephone office. The
chairman of the Sanitary commit
tee was instiucted to make a further inspection and endeavour to
locate the odor complained of,
By-law 29 was read a third lime
and linally adopted,
keley 1
Mrs. C
following letter
of the Red Cross
re the waste   p���
"\\'c are havi
the prices at pi 1
net it straighten
ceived the
roiu lhe chairman
Society at Victoria
ur proposition;������
'ispttte about
. but expect to
101 ily.    Under
any circumstances crushed paper is
of no use unless baled by a machine
and ihen only worth $6 a ton here.
Newspapers smoothed out and fold
ed once (size about 1." x 18) and
neatly and tightly tied in bundles
so as to stand handling ara worth
$20 per ton. Magazines and catalogs tightly tied in bundles of one
siz; and one class of paper were
worth $20 at lir I, but have been
reduced to JS15. and there is a talk
of a fifty per cent cut on the latter
price. If we can get the higher
price it would pay to ship via freight
to us at Victoria or if you can get
a carload (12 tons) they could be
shipped direct by rail, or arrangements could be made to ship by
boat direct to Seattle. Newspapers
properly put up are a sure sale. I
would just like to say that if every
one could put the paper up so as to
meei the requirements I think arrangement'can be made within a
short time to handle same."
Yours faithfully
F. W. Jones,
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
AU Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
I beg toJannounce that I have opened a Flour and
Feed Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
The fanners are nearly   through
seeding,   Some of the low land  is
not dry enough yet, but with a few
dry days it will be ready   to S-.vy,
and now the seeding is aboul  over
and house-leaning is in full swing a
greit niaiiv   of   the   farmers   are
thinking of packing up their grips
and hiking to   some   place   where
hottsecleatiing   is   not   going   on
They aie afraid the strain on their
physical constitutions  will shatter
their nerves, as it i.s terrible to   behold the situation,    The houses are
turned inside out; the  furniture  is
scattered over about two acres, the
bedding is hanging on the   fence.,
and the trees in  the   orchard   are
covered with all kinds of clothing,
Iu among this the women are to be
seen with fire in their eyes,   armed
with long poles, knocking thunder
out of the carpels and I   WOt.lcl advise any    respectable   book   agent
of ii respectable reputation and   is
not in the habit of using cuss words
to keep out   of this   vicinity   foi
���'bout six weeks, and the skv pilots
had bellei postpone the!"' visits un
lil the house-leaning is   over,   foi
when the women e,cl down to Imsl
U.S., (he grub is not tip   to   much,
I think il WOllld help a    great dr al
it the poor, ' down trodds 11 men
would take llieir names ell Ihir
church roll during the housecleair-
ing, so as .0 give them a chance lo
make a few remarks without breaking lhe rules of the church. Any
stranger who passes along the high
way will remember liow things look
It is terrible,
Lilt e River
Everybody who has proper respect for themselves is getting an
auto, Little River now being in the
lead. One of our prominent citi
/.ens purchased one recently, ami
is having the time of his life running it and while climbing a hill
he had au experience that made
his hair stand 011 end. A.s he was
wanting a little more power he
yanked on the throttle Lo give it a
little more juice and speed, but instead jf going forward it started to
back down the hill with a terrific
velocity, But as he is a man of
great presence of mind, '_he yanked
on the friction lever and reversed
the engine and brought it to a
standstill. He thinks that before
a green hand undertakes to run a
car in the streets in business hours
he should practise running a wheel
barrow in the back yard, as he considers a wh-.elbarrow nearly a.s
dangerous as a car, because it jwill
face you from every {direction and
it make 1 uo difference whether it
is uspide down. He says��� the only
time you can trust a ear or barrorr
is when you are a safe distance
from them. He says it is dangerous to be safe.
Dairymen's Convention
Kelowna will be the scene of a
gatheiiug of U, O. dairymen on
Friday and Saturday, June 22 and
23. It was hoped that the aniiaul
convention of the B, C. Dairyinens
.tssocietion would be held iu Kelowna on the same date a* the Fall
Fair which is September, but at a
meeting of Are association held le-
cently. Mr. T, A, F, Wiancko,
Secretary of the Association, announced that this would be impossible.     As  au   alternative,    Mr,
Intense heat-resisting power is the feature of the almost
imperishable fire-box linings of our own McClary seml-
Bteel fire-box made in eight pieces���can't warp.
The man who designed the Kootenay knew his job. I
know that and that is why it carries my guarantee as well
as the makers'. %n
For sale by C. H. Tarbell Si Son, Courtenay
U'ianko suggested that an extra
convention l�� held in June, and
this idea wns agreed upon, with lhe
results that llle Convention   Will Ire
held ns staled above,
As is usual at meetings ol this
association, an extremely interesting program has !>vcn arranged.
lion. John Oliver, Minister nt' Agriculture, is expected to Inr present
and Ur address the convention, an i
Mr, W. Scott, deputy 1111:1 sier,
will also be Ihere,  it   is   expected,
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. HI.
Sunday  School and   Bible Clas
10:30 a, in.    Evening service 7:30
p. 111.  All welcome
aud will speak to   those   in  atl-ii- Barrister;
ml   Solicitor,
arge gatiienug is expected,
as Ihere are a uuniber of farmers in
the Okauagan district who are
lei 1 1. iutei :_ted iu dairying, a -d
who will bc glad no doubt of the
opportunity to he.r such hie ai d
experienced speakers on subjects
ol vital interest and importance lo
Phone 6
d IT
Good Ac
Cttsine Rxcellen
Wm. Merryfield
Tenders Wanted
BNDKRS are invited (or  in 'tnlling
a new furnace at C'ourteliay School
Particulars on application.
Secretary School Hoard.
Comox, 11 Ci
MRS. T. D. HIND', Managress
Bar supplied with best wines
liquors aud cigars
Usb anu Storage
TAKE NOTICE that Thulin Bros,,
the Campbell River Hospital, and the
Campbell Kiver School, whose address
is Campbell Kiver, H, C, will apply lor
a license to take and use 10,000 (ten
thousand) gallons and lo store 100,000
gallons ot water out of a stream known
as I'amp Creek which flows northerly
and drains into Campbell Kiver about
half a mile Irom the mouth. The storage-dam will be located at twenty degrees west south east corner lease 49,
Lot 74. The capacity of the reservoir to
be created isxiboul 100,000 gallons, and
it will flood about three acres ol land.
The water will he diverted from the
stream at a point six hundred leei
north, twenty degrees west of the south-,
east corner of lease 49, lot 74, and will ,
be used loi domestic purpose upon the j
Municipal Sub-division described as Subdivision of lot 69. This notice was posted
on the ground 011 the 5th day ol June 1917
A copy of this notice and an application ]
pursuant thereto and to the ���' Water;
Act. 1914," will be filed in the office of j
the Water Recorder al Nanaimo, II. j
,C. Objections to the application may be j
filed with the said Water Recorder or I
with the Comptroller of Water Rights, I
Parliament buildings, Victoria, B.C.,,
within thirty days after the first ap-!
pearance of this notice in the Courteuay
Review, a local newspaper. The- date!
of the lirst publication of this notice is |
June 7th, 1917.
Tiiii.ix Bros, i
Tiiic Cami'Iiki.i. Rivkr Scnoor,
Tun Camp iiiu.i, Rivuit Hospital
Ily Chas. Tii. mn,
Palace Livepy
Horses  and   Buggies  for   Hire   _,
Terms cash.
We also attend to wood hauling
Phone a$
NOTICB is hereby given that the Dog
Taxes (or the year 1917 are past due.
and any dogs found running at large
without a tag are liable to be impounded
and dealt with according to the Dog By
Citv Clerk
Dated 8th Mnv, 1017.
Al'li NOTICB that sixty days  after j
'ate I intend to apply to tlle Hon-
orable the Minister of   Lands of   British !
Columbia for a license  in  prospect for
coal on the following described lauds.
Commencing Bt a post planted at the
north-west corner ol Lot No. 42, Comox ,
District, II. t'., thence north eighty
chains, thence east eighty chains,
thence south eighty chains thence west
eighty chains to point of commencement, and containing six hundred and
forty acres more or less,
Applicant, j
Courtenay, B. ('���. April 3, 1917.
, Hm*s~*r*-*~*~ii-n~m 'is M'iii-is"ii~si'iJs~ss~is~is--Br-Bsr's_~wrs_s^j^_|^_nj^j1_,-|-
Do You
The  Courtenay  Review
Family Herald and Weekly Stir
and the Daily Province
for one year
for $6
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Mooring & Ingram
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds of repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder COURTENAY
������^^^^^gii^'^i^a.jftij  "*i*mry **,������+***'���.'*���'* _���** yrn THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C
Dry hubs strain
I. The horses
_. The harness
3, Thc wagon
helps all three factors
in the haul.
It   smooths   i he   axle
MICA la the Importanl part
of axle grease.
Limited 'i
bra:;', iies i iroughout
��.NCWrneNCHREM.DV. !l,l Hii M
rrat luccesi. CURES chronic wkakwrss. lost viaol
VIM KIDNEV i': '.-.'' ��� ::,,���'.'.��������� BLOOD POIIOB.
tlir, KITHGB Na ' '������ ��� '���'���I ��� "t WAll |l poll | ctt
SQftONTO     ������:'-���:   FOR FREE UOOK TO DU. LE CLEM
IRD CO  HaVB it STOCK "���   ,"������:���.��� had   LOUDON   BM_L
III TH* '   TKAOR   f. ������    WORD    THERAFIOH    II OS
Ull. a0VT.tTr.t_t #.!<���.��� 1*11.  10 kLL OENUIMgrACEST-b
When oi'dcririj*  f-ooils by mail,  send a  Dominion Express Money Order.
Land Settlement
Act is Prepared
Will Propose    Grant    With    Provi-
vision for Loan ol $1,500
or $2,000
The soldiers land settlement act,
which will pro-fide for a free grant of
Dominion hind to veterans of the imperial forces, coupled with a provision for a loan, to he advanced under supervision, ol $1,500 or $2,000,
will he presented in Uie liouse by
Hon. Dr. Roche, minister of the interior, who with Hon. Martin Burrell, minister of agriculture, has had
charge of its preparation. It is understood that its terms were settled
and approved hy thc prime minister
before leaving for I'ligland, and a full
memorandum of its provisions was
furnished to J, Bruce Walker, of the
department of the interior, who wenl
to England for the purpose of representing Canada ou the imperial immigration hoard.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the house
Randall���You know the story
about the cowboy who went to a
fashionable New Vork restaurant and
said, "Waiter, bring mc iorty dollars'
worth of ham and eggs"?
Roger���No, Let me hear it
Randall���Well, the waiter replied,
"Wc do not serve half portions, sir."
The leading ministers in the new
Swedish Cabinet arc pro-German ill
their sympathies.
You Look As
You know well enough
when your liver is
Constipation is the first
warning; then you begin
to "feel mean all over."
Your skin soon gets the
bad news, it grows dull,
yellow, muddy and unsightly.
Violent purgatives are not
what you need���just the
gentle help of this old-
time  standard remedy.
Genuine   bears    S.-gnetur*
Colorless faces often show
the absence of Iron in the
Carter's Iron Pills
will help this condition.
U.       llfrG
Germany's Influence
Germany Blamed for Disrupting
Peaceful Ideals of the U.S.
When all is said and done, the
greatest injury which we have sustained from Germany is the one
which is not mentioned in the list of
our grievances. Our commerce has
been attacked; American lives have
been sacrificed lo the German government's disregard of International
law���these are the grievances everywhere specified. Hut greater than
these and more vitally affecting the
nation is the fact that by reason of
the German government's action wc
have changed from tho greatest
peace nation of the world to a nation
that must put itself on a purely militaristic basis and organize a con-
scrlptlve system which may never be
dispensed with,
If the militarists aie right, Ihen we
ought to thank Germany for so
transforming our life. That is to say,
il during all these years we have
been playing the part of the fool by
eschewing militarism and refusing to
support large standing armies, then
we ought to thank Germany for
shocking us out ot our folly and forcing us to do the thing wc ought long
ago to havc done.
But if our old ideals were right,
ii we were justified in olTermg the
world thc spectacle of an unarmed
nation maintaining peace by the justice of ils actions, then wc can only
blame Germany for bringing us down
to her own level.- From lhe Detroit
For S.-la by all Dealers
Doughs & Company, Napanee, Ont
Minard's     Liniment
English as She Is Spoke
Knicker���Funny thing about food.
Bocker���Yes, a shortage.     and    a
longing always exists   at the    same
lime.���New  York  Sun.
Cincinnati   man   tells  how   to
dry up a corn or callus so
it lifts off with fingers
You corn-pestcred men and women
need suffer no longer. Wear th<
shoes that nearly killed you before,
says this Cincinnati authority, because a few drops of freezone applied directly on a tender, aching
corn 'or callus, slops soreness at
ence and soon the corn or hardened
callus loosens so it can be lifted off,
root and all, without pain.
A small holllc of freezone coals
very little at any drug store, bul
will positively take off every hard or
soft com or callus. This should be
tiied, as it is inexpensive and is said
not  lo irritate the surrounding skin.
If your druggist hasn't any free-
zone tell him to get a small bottle
for you from his wholesale drug
house. It is line stuff and aits like a
charm every time.
British  Army  a Producer
The armies arc self-supporting, too
as surely armies never were before.
There is (he very romance of organization in the fact that "in Mesopotamia something like 3,000 acres of
vegetable gardens are under cultivation;" and there is certainly thc hard
economies of it in the fact that the
waste fat now saved from thc soldiers' rations produces 1,000 tons of
refined glycerine a year, which means
"propellant charges for approximately 12,500,000 18-pounder shells," and,
Incidentally, a saving to the munitions ministry of nearly _'00 pounds a
ton on the prlVC of glycerine as pur-
ehascd from America. -London
Daily Telegraph.
Tt is a Liver Pill.���Many of the ailments that man has to contend with
have their origin ill a disordered
liver, which is a delicate organ, peculiarly susceptible to the disturbances
that conic from irregular habits or
lack of care in eating and drinking.
This accounts for the great many
liver regulators now pressed on the
attention of sufferers. Of these there
is none superior to rarniclcc's Vegetable Pills. Their operation though
gentle is effective, and the most deli
cate can use them.
"The people on lhat farm are very
hospitable. They will take anybody
in." "I know tlicy will. Wc hoarded
with them last summer."
Mrs. Gramercy���"Why don't you
tell  that neighbor of yours?
Mrs. Park���It isn't necessary, my
dear.   We're on the same patty wire.
Many mothers havc reason lo bless
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
because it has relieved the little ones
of buffering and mado Ihein healthy.
The Krupp'a World of Shells
How Munition Making Is Speeded up
In the Land of the Hun
Writing to the Paris Matin some
one who spent four months in the
Krupp foundries at Essen gives his
impressions of what is being produced there: "Three hundred thousand
workers, of whom about 60,000 tire
Women, marshalled in gangs on day
and night shifts, sweat blood anil
water iu order that the Emperor
shall not lack projectiles. All these
people, with the exception of the
women have been impressed by the
military authority. The ages of the
men. aie from eighteen to forty-six
years, and they are. all told off for
lhc manufacture of munitions, U is
the same with thc specialists above
tin   agi  of forty-five up to fifiy,
" I; i salaries paid them for working thus from six o'clock in the
morning to six at evening for the
day shift, and from six in the evening to si\ in llic morning, for llu-
night shift, varies between eight and
fifteen marks a day. The women,
however, never get more than five
marks. This daily salary, which in
the eyes of some may appear a big
one, has only the real and maximum
value of five French francs, so much
has thc cost of living gone up,
"In the month of May, I'll',. Krupp
was constructing simultaneously
seven howitzers of 420 miliinetres.
As it takes on thc average from six
to eight months lo make this kind
of gun, these should bc about ready.
Jn the opinion of lhc head of the
workshop, Krtlpp'alone now turns
cut 200,11011 shells of every calibre a
day, without counting the manufacture of artillery cannon."
"Is your daughter studying music?"
"f wouldn't exactly call il
studying," replied Mr. C-Jiurox
"She makes so much noise about it,
I don't scc how she can possibly ge!
her mind on the subject."--Washington Star.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
I was very sick with Quinsy and
thought I would strangle. I used
-MINARD'S LINIMENT and it cured inc at once. 1 am never without
it now.
Yours gratefully,
Nauwigewauk, Oct. 21st .-
Burnt   Into  German Mind
Mention of British    Nurse's    Name
Costs Belgian Woman Month
in Jail
A _ ell-authenticated incident
which occurred recently during
German court-martial in Belgium has
just become known in France. M
Paul Tcrlindeii, Burgomaster of Rix
ensart, appeared before the court
charged with shielding a wounded
Frenchman, for which hc was condemned to twelve months' imprison
His daughter, Baroness dc Con
ir.ck, a young married woman, whose
husband is at the front, was present
at the hearing. A German officer sat
down beside her, saying: "I believe,
madam, .1 havc met you before."
Baroness dc Coninck replied: "You
arc mistaken. I don't know you, sir."
Thc German persisted, saying:
"Perhaps I am mistaken, but you
greatly resemble an English woman
whom I knew well."
"Evidently you mean Miss Cavell,1
retorted the Baroness.
For this answer she was sentenced
to onc month in prison.
Suggest!-, s that may save
Much Suffering
I suffered
., Pa. ���"For twclvfl yearn
with terrible cramps. I
would have to Btay
in bod several days
every month. I
tried all kinds of
remedies and was
treated by doctors,
but my trouble continued until ono day
I read about Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
what it had done for
others. I tried it
and now I am never
troubled with cramps end feel like a
different woman. I - cannot praise
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound too highly and I am recommending it to my friends who suffer as I did."
���Mrs. George R. Naylob, Box 72,
Marysvllle, Pa.
Young women who are troubled with
painful or irregulnr periods, backache,
headache, dragging-down sensation?,
fainting spells or indigestion should
take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. Thousands havo been restored to health by this root and herb
Write for free and helpful advice to
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confidential), Lynn, Mass. Only women
open and i-rail such letter*.
When Russian Soldiers Sing
March the   Streets   Singing   Their
Wild Russian Sonus
Nowadays there are soldiers everywhere in Petrograd���big blond boys
in long tan overcoats with flat caps
slapped rakishly over one ear. They
drill in dozens of squares, on the cob'
blcstoues space below the dome of
Si. Isaac's���which suggests St, l"c-'
tct's and Rome���and inarch the
streets day and night, singing their
tremendous Russian songs.
Three or four files start lhc air, lifter a measure or two the next scc
lion comes in, and so on down the
street until presently lhe whole column is booming a sort of "round."
The snug, wild and mrlaneholy wilh
tremendous basses, goes down the
street in a scries of waves, and as one
descends in front of you another is
Hung to the housetops a little way
down the block.
They march slowly, with a curious
rolling of the shoulders and swinging
of their long tan overcoats. Their
fret go out and down with a snap���
clop .... clop���in a sort of modi
lied goose step, and lo accent the
rhythm they are taught to swing the
fiee arm, the one not carrying the
rifle, iu a wide, slow arc, almost up
to the opposite shoulder and bark
And (Iiis. slow, deliberate reaching
forward and selling down each fool
���one recalls Kipling's "bear thai
walks like a man"���together with tin-
long high swing of the closed fist,
repealed hy innumerable blond giants
in long, swaying overcoats, is curi
ous and impressive. There is sonic-
thing morc than accident in tllis, or
the drill sergeant's notions���sonii
thing at once tremendous and quaint.
something of lhe faith, heaviness and
slow, unconi-iierablc power of Russia itself.
i-i, 1'\^,:-:^^
| Let Ua Hope This Baby
I Won't Reach The Poison
106 children wero reported p
suued in tho Inst three years _/
arsenical fly destroyers. And this
is but a fraction of tlio actual number. Arsenical Ily poisoning and
cholera Infantum symptoms are almost exactly tho same. Diagnosis
Is difficult, Anil first aid in arseulo
poisoning must bc quick.
Don't subject you r children to tills
danger, Ur-o tho tion polsonoul if
sn.o, euro and efl.olent,wblch catches
tho fly iukI embalms Its'bod*/ and
tiie deadly germs it carries lu a cunt
if dl bId foot ing varnish.
Government Insues Warning
EtrMll i. f-'->, 1'.i��..| inlit-nt C r,.������ ;.,t.i* ITs-lltl
ru>..- i-nt.li. n.4iiti Bml��, ewkii lh. '"������'..�� ii>>itm*MU
B-i-ipliniBtNe. _.(��ii_ :-.. ������'.! Ltitlth IUps.lt   ���-'). giiiMtf
f.,i|���ii| Ultttl.M 1 BWI|I��(U-ihmilil   I* mil., ��..r.lf   f , ss i.iif.
-wit ..(.nJii-tsuiln, tt ti"<** aimpawL. ortmnlm  hui ,-.,.*
if" |��d|jntin"f.|1||,lisn  llm. lift, {hi niter inch eaW|WUlt| lit
fur lm> fr- ii.-t   *i   I PFtnf U Ih"   r. '���.!'���!.,���.  i ,if ���Itflilntl  li"1-
MnlBftaiaBMtdlsnhHkBd Bhslint lnl_titum.ll U 1..1I-.--I
tin I i I ������-!��������� tBMtUd ���'���"'������< *t ' iiie.*. i, , i -u.|..'_. lh* 1'iUl
A'-ab'.iI fl. <t.-.tr<i}li| '.-'��� ,s it, i��i hr i i>,i| ti tslirmtly din.
|l.._. sail ii,. .   I fit Is ui. I, *r��|  If stlil.  (_-���' mm BIB Ml
4lU._." S
Mail* In Canada by
��� ������   Americt-n Addreee, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Its War Tims Aspect.
London, Eng. The women of England
are doing thoir duty. They arc taking
care of lho wounded, or if they cannot
assist in work of that kind they are adding
their savings to promote tho good work.
They aro Knitting and Bewing for the
soldiers at tho front. Tht suffragists have
given so littlo troublo to tho government
that it will undoubtedly soften the hearta
of those in Parliament, since the "militants" bave turned all their energies to
aid the fighting mon of England, and
so sufferage may soon come after thi_
terrible war ia over.
Thousands of women in Canada have
overcome their sufferings, and have
been cured of woman's ilia by Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription. This temperance
medicine, though started nearly half a
century ago, sells most widely to-day,
bee?use it is made without alcohol or
narcotics. It can now be had in taMet
form as well as liquid, and every woman
who Buffers from backache, headache,
nervou-nesa, should take this "Prescription" of Dr. Piereo. It is prepared from
nature's roots and herbs and does not
contain a particle of alcohol or any narcotic It's not a soerel. prescription for
its ingredients nre priuted on wrapper.
Many a woman is nervous aud irritable, feels dragged down and worn out
for no reason that sho can think of. In
ninety-nine per cent, of these cases it
is tho womanly organism that requires
attention; tho weak back, dizzy spells
and black circles about the eyes, are only
symptoms. Go to tlie souroe of trouble.
When that is corrected the oth<"r symptoms disappear.
St. Thomas. Ont.���"I wish to say for
the benefit of other women who suffer
that I recommend Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription as a great help. I have
personally recommended tho same to
many who in turn have beon helped ��
great deal by its use."���Mrs. F. J.
Bow-tiN, 19 Oliver St., St. Thomas, Oak
Good Advice from an Ancient
Juvenal, who wrote in the first century of this era, urged the. poorer
people of Rome to move into the
country, where, for the same amount
of rent which they paid in the city,
a small place of residence could bf
bought, nnd they could be free from
the dark and narrow quarters which
they called home. Somehow this advice has a familiar sound in the
twentieth century, and what is more
to the point, it is just as applicable
now, and is just as sound as it was
then. ���Christian Science Monitor,
Wretched from Asthma.    Strength
of body and vigor of mind are inevitably impaired by the visitations
of asthma. Who can live under the
cloud of recurring attacks and keep
body and mitwl at their full efficien.
cy? Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy dissipates the cloud by removing the cause, fi does relieve.
It docs restore the sufferer to normal
bodily Iriin and menial happiness.
Amu ilea's
Do; Penitfe
hook OM
And How to Feed
M.l!��t ;.-,����� to anr sddress fcr
u.s Autbor
118 West 31_t Street, New York
' ���Wool*- sR-Qsjto&l&sV
Th* Oreat KnglUh Ratettf,
Ion** ud l_Tl|or.tea thi w hui
.lHurToatn-ittB, nukM m Bltwl
In  old Vein .  Oare* Ken***
totiS.   0-*wi!lples_e.>lsmllrji__.   Bolilbymll
arlifElsta or mailed lo plain pkg. on reeoipl ol
Kriro. f.etijpampMetmaUedfrccTttt'mitieu
l-PICIN_CO..I0ttWTM*-. (Nrm-I. *____>
"Grovel" Was Right
"I grovel here before you in    ths
dusl!"    observed     the    impassioned
youth, as he sank on to thc drawing
room floor.
"I don't know what you mean by
dust," replied she cooly. "1 look after this room most carefully myself
every morning."���Tit-Bits.
Mrs.   W.J.   Wilson,  Carp,    Out.,
writes: "I have used    Baby's    Own
Tablets for thc last ten years and can
highly recommend them    for    babyhood and  childhood ailments.      My
baby hoy was very delicate; in fact
wc never thought he would live but
thanks to  the Tablets he is now a
| line healthy boy." Baby'3 Own Tab-
' lets  should  bc  kept  In   every  horns
(where there arc small children. They
j regulate the bowels and stomach and
never fail to cure the minor ills of
little ones. The Tablets are sold b
j medicine dealers or by mail at    2.
i cents a box from The Dr. William
i Medicine Co., Brockvillc, Ont,
.    A Sense of Propriety
Vou wouldn't sell your vote, would
"No sur," answered Erasmus Pink-
ley. "But if a geiunicii what's run-
nin' fob oflicc was to give me two
dollahs, common gratitude would
make me vote fob him,"
A Catholic Taste
"Mother says here's ten ccills aii'd
to give me sonic castor oil in soda
Clerk���"Very well, sonny. What
flavor will you have?"
"Give me a little of everything."���
4,000 Flying Machines in the Statei
A New York firm alone has intimated that in a few weeks time they
���will have the plant to enable them to
manufacture some 2,001) aeroplanes
111 twelve months, In two years they
can deliver to the United Slates 4,000
and arrange for a wide margin to
meet the demand for improvements.
In an Interview the manager of the
firm, whose name has been withheld
for obvious reasons, slated that with
that number of machines any active
opposition to the expressed will of
thc nation, in lhc event of war, would
he detected. There could be no
massing of rebellious civilians with
an aerial corps conducted on military
People make much of little troubles if they have never had any grca/
... _���: i
You wfll And relief In Zam-Buk I
It eases the burning, etinofog
pain, stops bleeding and brings
ease. Perseverance, with Zam-
Buk, means cure. W
this?   M AiwUi
Beveranoe, win tMm*
-cure. Why not prove
VruffffUtt ��iuf ehMsV-
10* if.
am buk
________��� THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C
IS ISSUING a new policy contract which will
give   your    beneficiary a guaranteed monthly
income for life.  Write for pamphlet.   ���
Addresses  Civil Engineers j
Canada's   Sous   Have   Won   for   Liberty   More   Than   Added
leiriiory, but a Victory Which Answers German Idea That
The World Can Ue Reconstructed by Material Force
in a lengthy editorial under the
caption "Well done, Canada," the
New Vork Tribune says:
"Every American will feel a thrill |
of ridnirr.ilion and a touch of honest
envy at the achievements of the t'an-
iidian  iroops aboul Arras on  Easier
Sunday  and  the  following  day.
"Thc glory of the Canadian light
at thc Ypres salient has been too
little appreciated on our side of the
northern frontier. Rarely in history
have troops, volunteer troops, suddenly exposed to a flank attack
through no (anil of their own, but
by the collapse of their neighbors,
had to bear a more terrific blow than
that which followed the lirsl gas
attack, Vet in the midst of confusion, assailed by the appnling poison
of German making, the Canadian volunteers stood and died as the British
regulars had stood and died in the
gtcater battle of Ypres of 1914.
"And now the Canadians have
Swept up the famous Yimy ridge,
which halted the French veterans of
F'ocll and proved too great an obstacle for the genius of the greatest.
offensive lighter France has yet produced in thc war. Afler long mouths
of waiting the Canadians have had
their hour. They have had a chance
to avenge their comrades, crucified
by German brutes in Flanders; they
have had an opportunity to write
the name of Canada on the. war map
of Europe and their imprint will bc
remembered���in Germany quite as
much as in America.
"Wc shall know later at what price
this achievement was accomplished;
but no price will be too high and
for Canada this day of victory will
have a lasting value. I'or Canada,
too, its value will be less than for
the British Empire.
"Nearly three-quarters of a million
of Canadian and Australian troops
have responded to the call of thc
Hriiish Empire, more than half of
them wearing the Canadian Maple
Leaf. German plotting, German
scheming, the wise plans of thc professors on paper and of the German
soldiers on the map, have been an
il is possible to speak lo Germans
"Americans will feel a certain envy
in the thought that Canada has outdistanced us in reaching the battle-
line, which is tiie frontier of our common civilization, Wc shall lake what
comfort we may from the knowledge
thai among the Canadian forces are
a considerable contingent of citizens
of lhe Uniled Slates, an unofficial
vanguard, wc shall trust, of that
American army which is in due
course to take ils place along the
French front. They arc serving- in
worthy company.
"No praise of Canadian achievement can bc exclusive. From the
plain and from the mountains, from
tlie cities and the prairies Canada has
poured out her thousands and her
hundreds of thousands; she has sent
across the ocean an army greater
than Napoleon ever commanded on
any battlefield; her volunteer regiments have shown that same stubborn and tenacious quality which is
the glory of thc llritish army.
"Canada's sons have won for liberty not merely a few square, miles
of _ French territory, but a victory
which makes answer to the German
idea that the world can be reconstructed without regard to the spirit
of man, merely by material force.
"Our entrance inlo the war should
make a new bond between the Canadians and out selves."
The Haughty Master Cecil
The waywardness of Master Cecil,
a boy of six years, sometimes made
it necessary for his mother to use her
slipper. This usually resulted in a
haughtiness of manner and exprrs
sion for some hours after Master Cc
cil had been "attended to." Onc
evening his father came home to
discover palpable proof of the fact
that Cecil had been having a private
interview with his mother.
"Well, Cecil, what's    thc    trouble
uow?" asked his father.
"Vour wife has been    licking   me
again Sir!" was thc reply.
Millions of colds start with wet
feet, which could and should be
prevented by wearing rubbers,
rubber farm shoes or high
rubber boots.
Through the slop and slush of
Spring you can work better, be
more comfortable, and enjoy
better health, if your feet are
protected by rubber footwear
bearing one of these famous
Trade Marks:
m'mW'A   "MERCHANTS"    -     -    "DAISY"
Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co.
Largest Manufacturers of Rubber Goods in thc British Empire
Analysis of the Railway Situation by
Mr. W.  F.  Tye, C.K.
In a paper presented to the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers Mr,
W.F. Tye, formerly Chief Engineer
of the. Canadian Pacific, gives a masterly analysis oi the railway situation
in this country, From his years of
experience thinking and solving rail
way problems as onc of the outstanding railway engineers in Canada, Mr. d'ye has had not only the
attitude of the engineer but that of
the economist as well.
Amongst Mr. Tyc's summarized
conclusions are:
Thc National Transcontinental,
lhc Grand Trunk Pacific and the
Canadian Northern Railways arc unable to earn their operating expenses
and their fixed charges. Canada has
built, and is operating, the first of
these roads, aud Canada and the
various provinces have guaranteed
the principal and interest of most of
the bonds of thc other two. As the
roads ate unable to earn their lixed
charges, they must, of necessity, be
paid by the country.
The failure, of these roads is due
to the duplication of lines hy all the
railways, encouraged and boilUSed by
the government; to the excessive
cost of the Grand Trunk Pacific aud
National Transcontinental Railways;
to the failure of the Grand Trunk
Pacific, to provide itself wilh an adequate system of feeders in the West,
and to the construction, by the Canadian Northern, of the long and unproductive .stretches of road across
Hriiish Columbia and Northern Ontario, without feeders, terminals, etc.
If these railways are lo hc maintained in two separate svstcuis, it
will cost at least $-100,000,000. It
will be necessary to build live or six
thousand miles of feeders in the
West, and two or three thousand
miles of feeders in the East, and terminals costing many millions.
A consolidation of the Grand
Trunk, the Grand Trunk Pacific,
Transcontinental and Canadian
Northern Railways would give a
well-balanced system. Such a combination would not require morc than
$100,000,000 to put it in proper physical condition.
Including operating expenses &nd
fixed charges, it costs the Canadian
Faciiic about $70 to do $100 worth of
business, and it costs the Intercolonial and thc other Canadian government roads from $200 to $.'20 to do
$100 worth of business.
Canada should follow the wise example set by Sir John Macdonald
when dealing with the. Canadian Pa
cific in 1879-80, and form s-^icw pri
vate corporation with sufficient power and the necessary safeguards, lo
take over and consolidate thc
Trunk, Grand Trunk Paclfi
continental and Canadian Northern
Railways, and develop another Can
adian Pacific.
Such a combination would start
with gross earnings of at least $100,-
000,000 per annum, wilh a probable
average increase of 8 per cent, pel
annum, and probable net earnings of
from $25,000,000 to $30,000,000 per
annum, and a net revenue from other
sources of about $2,800,000. Its fixed
charges at consolidation would bc
about $35,000,000 and it would be under the necessity of spending, in the
first five to seven years, at least
$100,000,000 to provide rolling stock,
and to put ils properties in good physical condition.
In order to control its policy nnd
to share in its certain prosperity,
Canada should havc an interest in
the new company. 'lhe Dominion
government should furnish 40 per
cent, of thc money required, own 40
per cent, of the slock, and appoint
40 per cent, ot the directorate, hut
take uo part in the actual management. This would give aii the advantage of government control without any of the manifest disadvantages
of government management.
Doctor Tells How to Strengthen
Eyesight 50 per cent* In One
Week's(Time in Many Instances
A Ttss Pr.icrIpt!on Ton Ctn Hr>�� Ftll��4|
and Uti it Horn*
LONDON.���Do jou wear gUiiei. Ara
you a victim of ���*.�� itnln or other ey* ��,._'-
nce-Hcif ll io, vou will ta |Ud to knew
that according to Dr. Lcwii there is teal hope |
for you. Many whoie ayes writ .tiling ... j
Ihey faava had their ayei restored thtuugh tin
firiocipla of thii r.oiideiiul free pre..notion.
One man layi, after trying it: "I w��l alrooM
blind; could not ice to read at all. Now I
can read everything without any glaiui and
tny eyei do uot water any more. At night
they would paiu dreadfully; now they ImI
ni.��� all the time, It waa Ilk* a mlracl*. a
me." A lady who used it aays: "Tha atinoi-
phere itemed hair with or without gUiiei,
put after uting tnU prescription io: fifteen
daya everything icemi clear. I can e-.cn read
Pine, print without glanes." It ;_ believed
that ihouiandi who wear glaisM ran row discard them in a reasonable time and multitude!
more will be able to strengthen their ryes
io aa to be spared the trouble and expense of
Jver getting  glasses.    Eye  trouble!  of many
escriptions may be woodeifully benefited by
following tbe ���In-.ule rules. Here is the prescription! Ge to any active drug stoic ind
get e bottle of Bon Op to tablets. Drop otu
Bon-Opt* tablet in a fourth of a plasi e
water and allow to sjfsiplvft With tbia haul'
bathe the eyei two to four liwics daily. Vou
���houtd notice your eyes clear up perceptibly
tight   from   the   start   end   In flam ma tion   wll)
?,slickly disappear. II your eyes arc bother-
rg you, wen a little, take stern to .art
them now before it li toe late. Many hopa-
lesslv blind might have been laved if they had
cared fer their eyes in time.
Notet Another prominent Physician te
whom the above atticle was submitted, ui-Ji
"Bon-Opto Is a very remarkablo remedy. ...
constituent Ingredients are well known to eai'
Incnt eye specialists and widely prescribed b?
them, Tht manufacturers guarantee it t*
strengthen eyesight 50 per cent, in ene week'l
time In many Instances er refund the money,
It can be obtained from any good druggist
and is ene of the very few preparations 1
feel should bi kept on hand for regular ui.
In almost everv family." Tha Valmas Drui
Co., Stora ��, Toronto, will ill i��ur orders ff
your druggist cannot.
Men of Many Nations Have Chosen To Die and Have Risked
The Supreme Hazard Rather Than Permit the German
Gospel of Ruthlessness to Prevail in the World
Arrange School Fairs
Agricultural Society at   Moose
Devises Excellent Plan
Arrangements for holding school
fairs in the various municipalities adjacent to Moose Jaw aud of eventually bringing the prize winners of
lhe various schools lo Moose. Jaw
for competition in a big central fair,
are still being made audit looks as
though the efforts of the Moo-re Jaw
agricultural society in this respect
will h<" crowned ���th success,
'lhe idea in brief is to havc as
many schools as possible enter the
competition; thc pupils themselves to
look afler the raising of garden pro-
due., roots, grasses, poultry, pigs
and calves. The municipalities arc
being asked to help the idea along
and with the aid of the trustees of
the various schools it is thought that
a number of successful local exhibitions Will bc held, After lhe competitions are over, it is thc idea of thc
association to bring all the prize winners of the various schools to Moose
Jaw and have them compete one
with the. olhcr for valuable prizes to
be given by the agricultural society.
Other help may also bc asked for to
make the event a success and as It
.means bringing quite a lot of children together with their parents and
friends from thc rural districts, it is
altogether likely that Moose Jaw
merchants will wish to be represented In the prize list.
Satan is the father of lies and mat
rimony is the mother of e\cuses.
Thirty-two months have passed;
since the first German soldier crossed the Belgian frontier and by his
crossing opened a breach in lhc wall
of civilization llirougli which wave
afler wave of barbarism has entered,
We arc nearly three years away
from thc moment when Gcrifiany
elected to put into play all that vast
machinery she had prepared ovcr a
generation, to employ all those colossal plans she had made to achieve
that world power of which Bernhardi
wrote and German leaders dreamed.
And now, after lhe.se months, how
much of all lhc German ambitious
has been realized? Belgium was
struck down that Germany might
get at once at the throat of France,
and today German iroops in France
are retreating, while France remains
unconqucred aud a million Germans
lie buried between the Meusc and
the Channel.
To overawe Belgium i.rrmau
troops acting under orders performed their sordid Task of ruthlessness
hc'tj'rand in Louvain; they slaughtered chlld-
c Trans- ren, outraged women, murdered old
men; they lurried the cily Into a
shambles���and after thirty-two
months thc soul of Belgium remains
unconqucred and lhe sound of the
Allied guns draws nearer to the
ruins of Louvain.
To paralyze Russia. German spies
and German agents corrupted Slav
generals, sowed the Russian, court
with treason and enlisted Russian
autocracy and royally, and today
Russia is in fact a republic and the
voice of the Russian people has re-
Titrdialcd the tn ason of Russian
To terrorize Britain Zeppelins were
sent over Loudon and many innocent
non-combatants were killed. Edith
Cavell was executed, Captain Fryatt
was murdered, submarine fleets were
launched to sweep Britain from the
seas, and today. 2,000,000 llritish
iroops are advancing in France, and
wherever a German agent has endeavored to sow treason in a llritish
colony Britain has reaped a crop of
loyally and devotion. Australia, Canada, South Africa an represented in
the Brilish battle line. 1 lie stones of
the Brilish ftiip'iie have been cemented by ihe blood of Brilons and
Colonials alike, shed in Hit same
Greal Britain, Italy, Roumania, tlie
I'nited Slates, each of the great neutrals, has in turn laid aside that neutrality which had become impossible;
there has been a plebiscite of peoples,
and the verdict <d mankind is written; men o( many nations have
chosen lo die, men ol* man} races
have risked the supreme hazard,
rather than permit the German gospel, expressed utterly in lhe Belgian
invasion, io prevail in the world.
There is no device known lo materialistic civilization, to srientilic
and organized civilization, that the
German has nol employed, lie has
used lhe hospitality of other nations
to plant treason within their borders; hc has endeavored to turn one
man against another in each neutral nation; by treason, by terrorism,
by intrigue, by violence he has
sought lo undermine, the liberties or
to subdue the spirit of mankind. In
Europe as in America his opn - and
his agents have labored in darkness
to turn nations against each other,
he has offered to Italy provinces of
France as he has offered Mexico
slates of our nation; hc has corrupted,  cheated, murdered,  robbed.
And what has all this profited him?
llis terrorism bas aroused the courage of those he sought to intimidate
and his ruthlessness has armed the
hands and the wills of those he
sought to paralyze. His corruption,
his intrigue, have but united those
he sought to turn against each other;|
his brutality and his barbarism have
roused his opponents to a determination which broke lhe first ru.h oi his
hosts at the Marne and the Yser and
is now turning backward toward Germany itself the slowly weakening
mass of his armies.
What a monstrous thing this German attack has been, and what a
colossal failure I The world has not
been conquered, no part of it; no
people among all that have been attacked has abandoned the battle,
however heavy the first blow- Europe
has been sown with German dead,
hut the harvest has only been enemies. The German calculation included all but thc spirit of man, but
the spirit of man has proven the decisive factor. Mankind has willed
that the German menace should uot
prevail, and we are seeing at last the
ebb tide of barbarism on lhe French
fields.--New York Tribune.
Whnt Happened in Kansas
There are, of course, dilTerenc. in
soil, but, when people talk about
making back-lot gardens this spring
they might as well bc reminded ot
something that happened to a Ka_-
sas back-lot gardener last season.
He planted pumpkins. They grew,
and tlicy continued to grow until
they ran over the neighboring bad-
lots and climbed the porches of
neighboring houses and trespassed
even upon thc alley and the street.
Everybody within the block mads
free with that man's pumpkins, and
yet a petition was sent to the town
council asking that he be forbidden
to grow things this year. He has
compromised the matter by greeting
a close wire fence around Iiis premises, and the neighbors are now
afraid his pumpkins will grow upwards until they shut out the afternoon sun.���From the Christian
Science Monitor.
They Melt
in the Mouth
You'll get a new idea of how
good soda biscuit can be, with
your first bite of
Plain or Salted. In Packages only
Try our
They ore dainty and delicious for
afternoon tea.     Packages only.
North-Wcst Biscuit Co., Limited
���     II
W      N      U
There are nine soldiers wives re_
siding at Comox whose husband,
have gone overseas to help defea,
the Huns. On Friday evening las
they held a dance in Martins hall-
Many were present from all parts
of the district. Whatever the Comox ladies do in the- wav of entertaining is always dune well, and
promoters of the dance had left nothing undone to please their patrons, The total receipts were $45.
The ladies desire to thank Mr. t>.
II, Fechner fbr use ot piano, Mr.
Ball for lights, and Percv Smith
for music, etc. The hnll was prettily decorated for the occasion, and
corner wns fitted up ns an icecream
saloon, which was vi ill patron ized
by those present, ISxc|tiisiti music
was furnished by Mrs. Laban and
Mrs. Percy Smith.
At the Presbyterian Church on
Sunday evening the service wns
largely of a musical ch trader, the
choir having arranged spi cial music
for the occasion, and wns assisted
by Miss Winuifred Wood, who sang
"Jesus Lover uf My Soul." nnd
''Ave Marie" very sweetly. The;
other numbers besides the hymns
were ''Behold the Evening Light"
Shelley; Solos by Misses   Hodgson
, Solo, "O Rest in
Meudelsshon, Mrs.
Anthem, "The Lord
"solo by J.    W.   Mc-
and Menzies
the   Lord."
is My Light,
Sunday wns the anniversary of
the leaving fur overseas of the 102nd
Battalion. The minister, made
special mention of the gallant work
the Battalion had been doing at the
front, We, in Comox district take
a special interest in the battalion ns
it was recruited here nud ninny of
our strongest niul bravest young
men enlisted with ii. a number of
them have made the Supreme Sacrifice and will not return. Many
honors und promotions hnve been
won by the members of the Battalion, and ii seems io be liked at the
from, tor erne of the officers in a
recent letter said they were well
over strength now. having over
twelve hundred men, although over
one half 1 f the original men hud
fallen. The church wns prettily
decoeated with maple leaves, red
flowers and the lings of the Allies,
the worn, bein;; done l>v Misses
Annie Carroll and Jean Meuzie
Ladies ant. Gent's Tailor
New  Spring  Goods  Now  on Hand
McPhee Block
The ladies who   organized   the
entertaiunient for the benefit of the
soldiers at   Qualicum   Beach   and
Prisoners of War Fund have every
reason to be gratified with   the   result of their endeavor,    The Clerk
o;   the   weather   furnished   ideal
weather, jusi the right temperature
to make ice cream in gieat demand
and the large supply was sold   out
early iu  the   afternoon,    A   large
crowd   gathered   at   the   Athletic
grounds expecting that a  program
of childrens sports would   be   carried out, but the parties in  charge
of the proceedings fell down on the
I job. and the only amusement  furnished was a cricket match,  Indies
vs. gentlemen     The tea rooms and
I candy booths did a roaring business
'The Cumberland band played  nti-
I merotts .elections during the after
noon which were   thoroughly   appreciated.    In the evening the Ag.
rieullural Hall was filled to   over-
1 flowing by au appreciative audieuce
lisieuing to the program furnished
! bv the Comox ladies, a full  report
of which appeared iu these columns
j a lew weeks ago, nfler the perforin
ance at Comox.    Needless to   sny,
they acquitted themselves well, nud
! will be sure of a   welcome  should
! they again grace u Courtenav plat-
1 form.    The hull   wns  prettily  decorated for the occasion,    A   large,
crowd  enjoyed   themselves    after-
: wards tripping the   lighl   fantastic
to the joyful strains of the   Hollo
orchestra,    'Picket  number   39   is
thc winning number in  the   banjo
raffle, won by Miss Margaret  Hay-
Anglican  Church  Notes
d Sunday after
Trinity, June 17.
v Communion at
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The llest.'and cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1,  7 for 59 els,    for 33.u>, 2 for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
"'.'..:: l.y
8.30 a. 111. Hi   	
Sl. Julia's, Courteuay,
i i a. 111. Matin sand Holy Com
mttiiiou at St. Andrew's Sandwick
n a. 111. Matins and   Sermon at
St   Peter's Comox.
3 p. 111.   Sunday  School   at   St.
John's, Courtenay.
7.30 p. in. Evensong and Set mon
at St. John's, Courteuay.
7 p. m. Eveusoug and Sermon at
Holy Trinity, Cumberland,
11 a. m, Matins aud Sermon  at
St  Mary's, Grantham.
Oregon & California Railroad Co. Grant Lands
Title to same revested in [.united
States by Act of   Congress,   dated
June 9. 1916.    Two million, three
hundred thousand acres to be open-;
ed up   for   homesteads and   sale, j
Timber   and Agricultural     lands
Containing some of the best   land
left in United States.   Now is  the
opportune time.    Large map show- j
ing lands by sections an d descrip-1
tion of soil, climate, rainfall,   ele-1
Vations, ect.    Postpaid $1,    Grant
Lands   Locating   Co.,   Box 610.
Portland, Oregon.
- ......p...,���-���-rtf-:iity]^f;^ii^.
rr ;���������! ;;|      ;.? p ���' <J   j
I,    ..      ��� .   ;    .,ir. ,��� ; ���,'
���    ������>��������� ���:������ :!..i '���....:   1    .   .-,...';   ,'"':.
"_  _._*
1 I.
I- '
!     ���:
j '
'  .. ...   -.-���-. .::���.:.'    ___..-:_;: ....  . ..      ,
���  ��;, -'*
,V   :'
jPj something for his
Some can bear arms
Some can produce food
Some can make munitions
Some can give money
It is the privilege of all to help.
;   Fighting
Are YOU doing your part ?
LL EYES turn now to
the Canadian Farmer,
for he can render the
Empire Special Service
in this sternest year of the
But���our farms are badly undermanned���25,000 men are needed or.
the land.
With insufficient help, the Man on
the Land fights an uphill fight to
meet the pressing need for Food.
Municipal Councils, Churches and
Schools, and other organizations,
both of men and women, can render
Na ; 1 Service by directing all
: labour to the Land.
1 :  Ives can exchange
.   School boys camassist.
led ou a far'   ?   . .'an you
: you handle fork
< If you can't fight, you can
I the Summer wo/..
: .    child in
iniott who has access to
proui        ood in _\> 17.
n and Garden write*���
' 1   SURF   UL, MINisT-R.


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