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��������_ **************** ���������������������������������*
| Onn not bt dune miy letter,   aud
{ nut uuit.  tt.i  well fcnywhtra  elne
i iici__l>oiitri.   Our ty��8 iin-l inachin-
T ery Ib cmuiilulu mul TU.  I..view
* *           prlcca _re ri^ht
Classified Ads.
Make   ymir  little  WJittt    known
through a CUttlfl.d Ail.crtl. .meat    |
In Tlio Review   *   ���   ���   Plum.   59
I. . < ))<__.'_   _._._���.....��___.��� 4�� H ��*������������������'
VOL. 3
NO. 5
Important Auction Sale
Hardy & Biscoe will sell by Auction for J, C, Judd, who is
leaving tu rejoin liis regiment, on
Tuesday, January the 12th, 1915
The whole of the Household Furniture, Piano,
Horse and BuKgy, Chickens, Etc., also the Dwelling
House with 10 acres of Land and 2 Building Lots
on the beach, all situate at Royston. The whole of
the above will be sold without any reserve whatever
Full particulars later
Real Estate and Auctioneers
In Gold, Silver, Cut Glass
as_d Leather Goods at
fof.%* The Jeweler
y.'*_.    .i
&S ��� ����_
Everybody to call and see our choice selection of
Small Groceries, Biscuits, Candies, Etc. Also Hams
and Bacon, Tobaccos and Cigars in large variety
All Fruits and Vegetables in Season
Nothing but the Best,    Pikes Right
Local Delivery Telephone  40
We Have Our New Coods For
Xmas. and New Year Gi
���_________<____W____M__________W___W__��P1 hi ll    I I pill i i  i  ____���_____���!
Sterling Cigarette Cases, Gents Tie Pins,
Ebony Brushes and j Mirrors, Butter
Dishes,  Etc., Etc.     Come and inspect
LflAo. oHVlMo, The Courtenay Jewelery Store
We   Have   the   Best   Buy   in   a
New 6-Roomed House
on Cleared Lot, Ever   Listed  in
[P Courtenay.   To be sold at actual
cost, and on terms that anyone
can handle
Exclusive agents for 30 days
Mrs. las. Laird spent the Christmas holidays at Nanaimo.
The Gun Club had a turkey
shoot on Friday afternoon last.
Mr. Leicester, of the Courtenay
Garage spent the holiday at Nanaimo.
Mr. Kdward Parkin, of Cumberland was a visitor iu towu on Monday.
Mr, aud Mrs. W. J. Watehorn
spent Christmas with relatives at
Remember the Race Track Committee's iliuice in the .Opera house
to-morrow (Friday) evening.
The Co-Operative Society's annual turkey s!toot tock place on
Christmas morning. , About twenty
birds were competed tor. The atmosphere was too misly to do extra
good .shooting,
1. rly in the new year McPhee
& Morrison will sell by public auction a large auantity of goods of
various kinds, among whicli will
be 6 Deering Mowing Machines, 4
Deering Sulky Rakes", 4 Disc Harrows. 5 Plows and 4 Cultivators
Date notice will be given on the
said sale.
House to rent���In the orchard-
Apply Mrs. S. Calhoun.
Coal Oil,.$1,30 per tin at. the
Ford Garag., Union Bay Road,
Wanted:���Children's or. plain
sewing to do at home. Apply at
Review office.    *,*
For Sijle���Lot 5 and part of lot
6, on Isobel- street, - (corner ..ot,)
Apply���__x 6, Reviejv,,-':.'.
"For Sale-:Good inilk. Waggon ;-J
will   Sell  chfcsp.     Ap^loJA
Wauted.r-Good row boat cheap, [
also ���single plougli or Planet Junior
set.   Apply F, F. R. Biscoe.
For Sale���A number of pure bred
rose comb, Rode Island Red cockerels, $2 each. Apply Lloyd Dunham, Courtenay.
For Sale���A few choice S. G.
White Leghorn Cockerels, heavy
laying strain. Also white Wyandotte cockerels. Burton, Cumbt.-
Iland Road, Royston. 4
Owing to the finaicial depression
caused by the European war, Miss
Dency Smith will during the month
of November sell all her large stock
of millinery, trimmings etc., at
cost price. She has a beautiful
.selection of winter hats, Be sure
aud see them anyway. tf
Large tract of good farming land
now open for free settlement fn
Oregon. Over 200,000 acres in all.
Cood climate, rich soil, aud does
uot require irrigation to wise finest
crops of grain, fruit and garden
truck. For large map, full instructions aud information, and a
plan of several sections of exceptionally good claims, send $340 to
John Keefe, Oregon City, Oregon.
Three years as a U. S. Surveyor
aud timberman. An opportunity
to get a good fertile free homestead
near town and market.
A jolly "Bam Dance" was held
at Wood's ranch on Monday even-
Dr. T. J, McP'iee of Nanaimo,
spent Christmas with his parents
While showing the boys how to
do the Highland Fling, Wm. Halcrow slipped and broke his  ankle.
Mr.   and   Mrs.   McLennan,   of
Revelstoke are Spending the Christ-
mas holidays with Mrs. McLennan's
parents, Mr, and   Mrs.   Alex
Don't foiget Monday is the last
day for registeriug your name on
the Voters' List.
A surprise party was held at W.
Duncan's on Monday evening, by a
number of Courteuay boys aud
At  he Knights of Pythias, Tuesday evening next  the  officers for
ensuing term will be installed
the Deputy Grand  Chancellor
11). lliiul     All members  are
Ur-1 quested to be present.
Otio Altschnler, who was detain-
Bugler Humphries, and Privates I e(j^t the Concentration Camp at
John and Angus Beaton came up Nauaimo, was released a' couple of
from Willows Camp, Victoria, on week ago, He was iu towu for a
riiursilay (.veiling, and spent the few days,' and says he is going to
week end here, returning to camp ijve 0��� t]1(. West Coast. The gov-
011 Monday morning. ! erument officials found no charges
Mrs. H. B. Dawley received word : against him.
from Paris on Tuesday that three | (jyrji Thomas, the six-months-
of her cousins and her uncle had j 0\,[ chiid of Thos. Tame died on
been killed in battle within a n_ mlh Saturday mottling ut the home of
and that her aunt hud died of grief, j ys grandmother, Mrs. G. Winger.
The letter was dated Dec. 4. 'pr.e funeral took place on Monday
Mr. Jos.  McPhee is calling
public meeting 111 the   Board   of
at 3 p.m.
red at .St.
the remains being inter-
Andrews Anglican ceme-
Trade rooms on Monday evening | 'er>', Rev. K. P. Laycoek ofiiciat-
next, at which lie will express liis|:11S'
yiews on the matters relating; to the a wire was received here on
forthcoming election, and tbe wel-1 Wednesday afternoon announcing
fare of the city. All other candU j the death of Samuel Piercy, which
dates for civic honors are invited , oecUn .d at the home of Mr. Aitken
to be present. j I<os   Angeles,   Gal.    Mr,   Piercy,
who had been in poor  health  for
While coming around the corner
at the Courtenay hotel on Tuesday
some time went south some months
.  i-        ���, ���     wo,   naao_J_rt loo  late.   The   reiuaias
evening m Ins car, Wallace McVl.ee | ^,'a ���.���.., b..,lle iu a   dil>.   or   <���.
urn. will be inlened   at   Sandwick.
accident.lv struck Tom Xockhart
who was leisurely crossing the road)
He was picked up., and exaiuiii.. ]
by Dr. McPhee, No bones were
broken, and beyond a few bruises
Tom was little the worse for his
experience. He was taken to the
Comox hospital ou Saturday lnonir
ing fo recuperate.   ^
The soldi _rs rat,I_5^o  Ruleless
Tne animal Christmas tree and
entertainment given by the child_ea
of the Presbyterian Sunday .School
hi the Opera House on Thursday
evening 1_ t was a very successful
affair... ���Tbe _ua.fi was filled, with
Children, their pat.^|ji, ami _ne-..s.
Private School (or  Day
Scholars   and   Hoarders
For particulars and prospectus apply to
Easter Term commences on Monday,
January tile 11th, 1915
i   Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
All Work Guaranteed
A. Beveridge, Courtenay Hotel
.Advertise Your Wants in The Review
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Tne soiaiera - si. lw   wue��ess|m,   .     .      _-.���-_ ���_ ���
tationheid __titt&0_��__$_ t��*f ^ *����*f ?*.������ _?;, f :de!l
Saturday    afternoonJ   Imitations able paws-tote ��c_ h_rn___  o__s
' and.they responded nobly and gave
Saturday s^_^^_^^_^^
were given to several Courtenay
gentlemen to go over aud compete,
and about half a dozen weut over
by launch for that purpose,
Imagine their chagrin when they
got there, when they were entirely
ignored, and refused a chance to
shoot. Then, to mend matters the
launch ran aground in the Courteuay river on the way home, necessitating a wait for the tide until
after midnight.
Presbyterian Church
St- Andrews' Saudwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. m,
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Service 11:30.   Evening Service 7:30 p. m. All welcome
7 Passenger Cole Car
Terms strictly cash
Palace Livery & Feed Stables
a first  class   entertainment,    The
following was the programme,
Chorus, " 'Tis Christina.. Time''
Recitation, Caro Meuzies. Recitation, Clifford Dawley. Duet
"Silent Night," Mary Hodgson
aud Jean Menzies, Recitation,
Winnie Wood, Recitation Murray
and Thornton Kirkwood, The
Months and Father Time, Recitation, WillieWoods. Recitation,
Barbara Duncan, "Tlie Old Rag
Dolly," Caro Menzies. Doll Drill.
Recitation, "A Dream" Effie Adey.
Song, Wallace und Tommy Blair,
Little Boys piece. Recitation,
Margaret Duncan. Duet, "Beside
tlie Campfire" Jean Meuzies and
Mary Hodgson. Flag Drill
Chorus, Star of Night. Violin
Solo, Jas, Walker. After which
Santa Claus, distributed pre-.onts
from a well laden tree
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. tbis week
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay I!
v.W,   COURTNEY;   h. C.
Whatever ilo!
ilu' matter?" |
unit t know ;
hi Mis
BlSllt   HI
By L. T. Meade
W.ml,   Lock   _   Co.,  Limited
London, Melbourne and Toronto
i Continued)
'Oh! I'M; woman bas been following)
lier," snid ,\irs. Dunbar, she tooii vary
good ni ii   nnt  io tell Kate tbat Bho
was tin' woman,   Slir .tl id :
"Very well, 1 will inn off my engage-
im nt with yon until next Wednesday,'
when ynu hava a halt-holiday; unl
now leave me, fnr 1 have u great deal
tn ilu. Tiiis is extremalj annoying, i
must say."
Knte made uo sun of answer, nml
left tlm room, tier spirits were nine i
depressed���it wus not so easy, after
all, tu tarn the dark blue dress and
Hir sovereign, i.ittlo Miss Barbara
liml gone away t live will grand pco-
ple, Of course, it wiih itliely that she
would; siie was always sueli a perfect lady. "And to think of her wanting to live with me ln Uhcstiey
street!" thought tin. girl. "Well, well,
I never: 1 must ninae up u story of
some sort, for 1 must get that silk
dress and lhat sovereign. As to Ferris: I must malce excuses to liim, for
T don't soo any chance whatsoever of
liis having little .iurbiira in his shop.
Why should sho do it when she's took
u |i liy
grand relations?"
Tlie next day, Mr. Sunningley, who
had scarcely slept at all the previous
night, rose enrly, and at breakfast
time lold Barbara that lie had engaged
n carriage which was to lie at her disposal, nnd for lho present she was
only to drive, but never to walk except
when lm himself could take her
"When I can, 1 will, my dear," he
said, "and the holidays will he on at
rliristnins time; then J will give you a
regular dose of London sight-seeing."
"Oh! Uncle Horace, how lovely!
1 don'l know London a liit. Bul mayn't
1 go sometimes into the Abbey? Can't
[ oven do*ilint, I'mle Horace? Surely
I am sufp there,?"
"Well, I enn't see any barm in your
going into the Abbey," said Mr. Sunningley. Go when there are crowds of
people, and if anyone Bpeaks to you,
give thnt person no answer, See that
you do so. nut now, ihls morning, I
want you lo drive to .Miss Lucy's
house, uud ask her If she will net as
your chaperon. Mrs. Gray will take
Mrs. Gray was now iu very good
spirits; she enjoyed driving out with
her bright little mistress. She told the
girl frankly that It was she who hud
managed the whole affair.
"But for my lvniarks to the master
about that drat of a woman following
you, there's no knowing what might
have happened," sho said. "But now
that, I haven't to he out w.ilh you all
hours o'f the day, I shall havo plenty
of lime to give to the servants, and lo
see after yonr comfort, too, Miss liar
bara. llul, I hope Miss Lacy is a strong
minded woman, nml will do what you
"Oh! She is .cry, very nice," said
Barbara, hut. she could not honestly
say in her heart, that Miss Lacy was
strong-minded, for il was ahoul the
very lust thing in the world that gentle, loving, good litlle woman was.
She was everything else���but, strong
minded   no, certainly not.
At Inst the carriage drew up outside th" liny house which Miss Lacy
kepi willi such pride.
"llow delighted she will be," thought
Barbara, for she liad mil yet hnd lime
in go unit lell ber of her changed olr-
elllUSUllll OS
"Uo you   will you mind my
Miss   I.my   nloiie.   Mrs.   Gray?
ou siuv in the carriage while I nm
_Ui her?"
"Secrets, mj  dear?"
"Well. 1 hnve a few thing:, I would
rather tell lur by myself. Vou don't
iiiiiul,  Mrs.  Gray?"
"No, of course. I don't mind: hut
when ii comes io making arrangements with your friend, then will you
do me u guod turn."
"Whnt is that, Mrs. Gray? Vou
mny be sure 1 will."
"Will you leave me alone with Miss
Lucy On no other condition will I
remain in ihe carriage while you are
talking to her."
Barbara suid. "Yes," hut she felt
certain thnt a great deal of Mr. Siuni-
iugley s money was going to he offered,
uml although she was delighted to
think that her dear friend was to get
It, yet, still she did not want to be a
greater expense than was possible to
ihe kind-hearted lawyer. Accordingly,
she went. Into the house und poked her
bright little face into Miss Lucy's tiny
parlor, where the gas stove was burn,
ing. and where 'lie elderly ludy, oppressed with u cold, was siding shivering over it. Barbara, in her fur jac
ket anil fur cap, rushed up to hor, exclaiming as she did so���
"Oh! llow astonished vou will he
when 1 tell yon what has happened io
Miss Lacy .started and rose to her
W. N   U. 1028
"My dour, dear child!
you mean, uud what is
"Oh!   1   will  lell  you,
you will rejoice Willi llu
"Sit down, darling," su
"1 have a bud  cold, hul
you makes it better."
"Vou do look quite poorly,"   Bald
Barbara, sitting close tn the little Indy,
nnd stroking her hand as she spoke.'
"Now I musi tell you of u most do
light ful plan; I know you will agree
io ii, l thought of yon al once al
once, no ynu know tlmi iuj father's
two lawyers were Mr. Parkes nud Mr,
Siinningley, and il lurns out thai Mr
Sunulnglej is a . nitsiu of mine noil
a verj near cousin, hut slill n cousin
- nud  he  Ims  tnken   me  In live  wilb |
him altogether, us his adopted child.'
It wus my father's wish Hint 1 should !
go In liliii. Ile Bays I behnved very 1
bad 1) in running away from in. I
friends; but he discovered tne, und
now I um llvlni, with him in Dean's
Viti'il. ill such u sweet nld-fiishluueil
Ionise, where 1 have my own bedroom
and my nwii silling I'oniii. uml every
comfort  that tho heart of girl enn ile
sire,   i have even a carriage for my-
self,  for  he  wnli'l   allow  me  10  wnlli
about,   i cannot make out why. Hut
Whal I have como In see you today
about, dear Miss Lucy, Is this; Ai. llrst
Uncle Horace, ns I call him, thought
iliut Mrs. Gray, his housekeeper, would
do us my chaperon���as though i
wanted chaperoning at   all���but.   It
turns nut that she finds she can't look
utter ihe bouse, for there are a great
many servants there -Mr. Sunulnglej
must be a very rich man���as well as
look after me. So Mr. Sunningley or,
in otber words, Uncle Horace, wnn.s
me to have another chaperon, and will
you be It'.'    Will you, dear, dear Miss
"Will  I   be    vour   chaperon,    my
"Yes.   1. know you will lie, paid well,
und I, out of my own money, enn pay
you a little, for I nm still reading to
thai poor old lady in Vauxhall Bridge
Road;  she pays inc. twelve shillings
a, week.  So, will you eome to nie? You
will be wanted to eome every morning and to go back again In the evening, and to take me everywhere.    I
never Knew l was so precious," said
little Barbara with a laugh.   "Hut according to Uncle Horace, 1 am, and he
was in au awful state of mind just because a woman���an ordinary, 1 must
say, unpleasant looking woman���followed  Mrs. Gray and me the other
day from  Vauxhall   Bridge   Road   to
Dean's    Yard.    Mrs. Gray was very-
angry, and  spoke to her in  a very
sharp way, and told her Hint If she did
not go away at once, she would cull
the police.    Mrs. Gray was so afraid
of her getting our address that she
made mo go into the Abbsy with her
mull' the woman was i|iiite out Of sight.
Now will you be my chaperon'.'   You
can't sny, 'no,' and it will add to your
income and go),, you comforts, und it
will give me such  pleasure.  Why, 1
can go ou with my education, I feel
myself  such   a   dreadfully   ignorant,
girl now that I am witli a learned man
like Mr, Sunningley.   He loves me lo
rend to blm In ihe evening, or to sing
to him; anyhow, 1 feel it my duty to
entertain him iu every possible way,
when he is at home.    Ile is quite as
though he wero my dear father. Oh!
don't yon think 1 am lucky, and won't
you do what. 1 want?"
"My child, it. is too amazing! Of
course, 1 will do what yon want. Hul
1 can scarcely lake it in. 1 don't think
1 could come lo you for a couple of
day., until my cold is better. As to
the money part���"
"Ob!     Mr.  Sunningley's  housekeeper. iMrs. Gray, is in ihe carriage -"
"The carriage, love!"
"Didn't I tell you there was a carriage kept for ine'.'   You don't, know
what a grand girl I am now! Mrs. Gray-
is  wnliing in  the carriage, and  she
said she would prefer to speak to you
alone about, the money, so will you see
"Yes, dear.    Of course. 1 will."
"Now it. is my turn to sit in Ibo carriage, while you talk to Mrs. Gray.   1
will send her in; 1 will tell hor you
have a bad   eold, and eun'r come into
the hull to see her."
lu n lew minutes Mrs. Gray and
Miss Lucy were sealed opposlto each
other In the shabby little parlor. Mrs.
Gray was taking very sharp accounl
of Miss Lacy.
"To ten the truth, madam," sho
snid. "I um wondering if you are n
Biiltable chaperon for my master's
niece, as he wishes her to be consider-
follow the use oi
vescent _}CU_C_
25 Mid 60c. at all DruggUU
and stores.   Take Abbey Vita Tablets
for Sick Nerves,
had left her, she wus so much better
I thnt.   she   decided lo commence her
duties on the following day.
"Unless you hear io the contrary,"
she said, "j will be with Miss Chance
on Friday morning. And you maybe certain I will take the greatest pos-
Bible euro of lier. Whal hour would ll
be right for uio to, arrive?"
"Well, madam, the young ludy Is. lo
tell the truth, extremely restless, <H'
course, she is young."
"Shu was always Ulso tbat," suid
Miss Lucy. "I was her govornoi . ut
the dear Rectory for years, nud 1 know
her character well."
"She will lake it out of you. madam,
I only hnd one duy of her; hul, of
course, it will he different for yon,
who know ull her ways, and with u
carriage to drive aboul it. I think,
madam, you ought not lo be ut No. 7a,
Dean's Yard, any Inter than ten o'clock
on Friday morning, You will bo off
duty, madam, each day at six, when
the carriage will tnke. you home again.
And 1 trust, soon tu fatten you up, for
I pride myself on being n very good
|cook. You ought not to hnve one of
these miserable gas stoves, madam���
you'll excuse me saying so���but a
I good, cheerful, English lire. 1 am sure
my master would gladly supply the
necessary coal���anything to keep the
chaperon of his young lady in health.
I'll mention the matter to him."
"You must do nothing of Hie kind,"
said Miss Lacy, looking almost angry
for her. "1 have my pride, please un
derstand, and, with the income r shall
now be earning, 1 can well afford to
have a fire ln one of my sitting rooms."
Accordingly the whole thing was arranged. Barbara could not refrain
from kissing her old Mend, although
Mrs. Gray did not consider it wise;
and tbey went back again to Demi's
Yard. Mrs. Gray was now in high
spirits, and really enjoyed her carriage drive so much, thai she suggested to Barbara to go as far as Richmond in the afternoon, and let her see
that beautiful place and even have tea
on the celebrated Terrace.
Now. while Barbara and Mrs. Gray
were spending a truly delightful day
together, Miss Laey was doing up her
very slender wardrobe, forgetting all
about her cold, and thinking of the delightful time which lay before her, and
bow quickly she would pay off one or
two debts whicli lay heavily on her
conscientious mind; tiny- debts, il Is
true, but tbey were a fercat. deal for
a woman of her slender means to have
to meet. They had been incurred during illness; she had never been able lo
settle quite up with the chemist and
the doctor. They were very patient.
but the thought, of their waiting for
tlieir money gave the good little woman anxious days and mnny a nightmare. Now nil that was over-she
was happy, and happy in the most
pleasam way. For she wuuld lake
care of her own dear, dear Miss Barbara, Ihe girl she loved best in the
wide world. "And won't I look after
her!" thought Miss Lacy, "(here's no
doubt mi Hint point."
I To he Continued 1
J Ri rope   1 should like in see ,luit r.ic
i give a gonu taste of Hs quality in I lis
.-.niggle In Kuropft, un.l I ney ure ,,o
ing to do ii
"l   envy   you   young   people     J'0_
1 youth.   Thoy l.uv   put np lh_ ago-Un���
i tl for the army bit 1 march, I am sor-
I ry to say, a good many years uvea oe-
Uond    that.    But still our turn  wi:;
I come.    It Is a groat opportunity.    It
| only eo.nes onee In many centuries to
! the children of men.   l'or most genera
j lions, sacrifice comes in drab, weurl-
I nest: of spirit te men. lt lias um,1 today lo you;  i* has come today to us
all, in lho form of the glow and -thrl.;
of n great, movement for liberty, that
impels millions throughout Europe to
the same cud.
"It Is a gtvai war for the emancipation of Europe from the thraldom of ������
military oas'.u, which has cast Its
shadow upon two generations of men,
und which has now plunged the Wor.il
Inlo a swelter of bloodshed. Some
have already given their lives. Thorn
nro some who have given more than
their own lives. They havo given the
lives of lliose who are dear to theni.
1 honor ihelr courage, and may God
be their comfort and their strength,
"But their reward ia at hand. Thoso
who havo fallen have consecrated
death. They have taken Ihelr pnrt lu
the ninklng of j, new Europe, a now
world. I enn -re alms or it, coming in
I the glare uf the battlefield, Tlie people wnl gain more by this struggle
in all lands than they comprehend ut,
the preset, moment. It Is true thoy
will be rid of tho menace lo their froo-
ilniu.   Hut that Is not nil.
"Ther.i Is something Infinitely groat"
or nnd moro enduring which Is emerg-
ing already out >f this great, conflict
���a new patriotism, richer, nobler,
more exalted th   l tho old.
"I seo n nc recognition among.it
r.U classes, high and low, shedding
themselves nf selfishness, a new recognition Hint the 1 onor of a country
does not depend merely ou the maintenance of Its glory in tho stricken
field, bill In protecting '.ts homes from
distress as well. It is a new patriotism, it is bringing a now outlook for
all classes. A groat flood of luxury
und of sloth which had submerged tho
land is recedin . and a new Britain is
appearing. Wo inu see fo" tho lirst
timo the fundamental things that matter In life, and that have been obscur.
cd from our vision by the tropical
growth of prosperity,"
"May I tell you, ln a simple parabl .
what. I think this war ls doing for us?
Mr. Lloyd George concluded. "1 kno.v
a valley ln North Wales, between the
mountains and the sea, a beautiful
valley, snug, comfortable, sheltered by
the mountains from all bltte blasts. _
was very enervatn g, and 1 remember
how the hoys wore in the habit .>"
climbing tlie hills above the village lo
have a glimpse oi the great mountain.,
in the distance and to he stimulate,!
aid freshened by the breezes which
came fron the hilltops and by the
great spectacle of that great valley
But Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Restored
Mrs. Bradley's Health���
Her Own Statement
Winnipeg, Canada. ���"Eleven years
ago I went to the Victoria Hospital,
Montreal, suffering with n growth. Tin
doctors said it was n tumor and could
not be remo\ ed aa it would cause instant
death. Tiny found that my organs wart
affected, and said 1 could not live mors
than six months in the condition I wns In.
"After I cume home I saw youradver-
tisemonl In the pap��r, and commenced
taking Lydia _. Pinkham's Vegctabl*
Compound. 1 took it constantly for two
yearn, and still take It nt timer, and
both my husband and myself claim that
It wus the means of saving my life. I
highly re co in in cud It to suffering
women," Mrs. ()B1I,LA BRADLDY, HH*
Johnson Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Can.
Why will woman inkorhunceBordrut
out a sickly, half-heartedex is toncc.mhm-
ing three-fourths of tho Joy of living,
when Ihey can llnd health in Lydia K.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ?
For thirty years it |
has been the standard remedy for female ills, and has restored the health of |
thousands of women
who have been trou-1
bled with such ail-        ____^___________
ments as displacements, inflammation,
ulceration, tumors, irregularities, etc.
If you ivunt special ailvie*
write to Lydia 1 _ 1 Mnkhnm .led'
icline Co. (_on_d_ntl_t) Lynn,
Mass. Your loiter will 1>*�� opened,
r_a<l and answered by a woman,
and held in strict .onfldence.
T'.ie Land Does It
Once again Western Canada taltea
all the big prizes In connection with
the international Soil Products exposition, Saskatchewan and Alberta
dividing tlie honors. This is no new-
story, but it is pleasant enough to bear
In connection with the repeated su��
cesses of Canadian grain   growers at
these international shows, it is worth
w T���V       fi ���     ���.     -i._n ��__i while noting   that their victories are
Wa have been living ta a sheltered |won ,_ ,,0.r]))eti..i0U   frequently with
Canadian seed
valley for generations. Wo have been
too comfortable, too indulgent, many
perhaps too selfish. And the stern
hand of fate has scourged us to an
elevation where we can see the great
everlasting things that mailer for a
nation, the great peaks of honor we
had forgotten, duty and patriotism,
clad in glittering white, the great pinnacle of sacrifice pointing Hue a rug
ged finger to Heaven. We shall descend Into tho /alleys again, but as
long ns tho men nnd women of this
generation last they will carry ia their
hearts the imago of those great mountain peaks whose lingers are unshaken though ISurope rock aud sway in
the convulsions of a grcat war."
'.ho chancellor resumed his seal
amidst loud and continued cheering.
There was a grea' rush of cruita
to the recruiting room after the meeting.
men who ore usfng
grain. The fact that the honors continue to come to Canada under such
conditions provej as surely as can be
that, the so,' of Western Canada grows
bettor crops than can be produced tn
any olher pnrt. of the continent.
This evidence should make the best
possible sort of advelrislng, as it no
doubt will. American farmers who
follow the best farming methods will
not be slow" to realize how materially
they can better themselves by getting
over the border to tho best land en
earth, and they will be welcome; titer*
Is plenty of room yet.���Calgary Herald.
Mrs. B. snys she never cries- overspill milk.
Being a "cat" she naturally would
Optimist (who has just been struck
by a passing, mot or car)���Glory he! If
this Isn't a piece of luck! Sure, 'tis
the doctor himself Hint's in it.���Punch.
Widow (to lier little boy)���Johnny,
1 am going to marry Dr. Brown.
Johnny���Bully for you, ma! Does Dr.
Brown know it?
Stirring    Speech    Delivered    by    Mr.
Lloyd George  in  Queen'c  H_l
(Continued From hast  Week)
They think we cannot beat them  11
ed. She is, in reality, his distant j will not be easy. II will ba a long Job.
cousin. Vou must have extreme firm- It will be n terrible war. nut ln tlu
pens because for some unexplained end wi. shall march throng, terror to
reason, there is a very wicked woman I triumph. We shall need all our qualities: every qu'illly that'Britain aud .is
p.opli^ possess���-prudence lu counsel,
daring in action, tenacity in purpose,
following the dear child, und the child J
herself is so innocent null so Ignorant
Unit she dues not iii the least know
tlie danger she ts running, As to
money, mj master bids ine offer you
one pound a week und your meals, uud
the carriage will be sent for you every
morning, and will tnke yon home again
at night.    Will Hint suit, madam?'1
"Suit me," said Miss Lacy, "it's
Hod's providence. Vou don't know-
how l have suffered from trying to
make, two ends meet. But that dear
child: that darling! Surely Hod is
good; lhe bread which 1 thro'.v upon
the waters has borne abundant fruit!"
"Now, madam, you will forgive me,
if I do not iiiiite understand you!'1
courage in defeat, inoderut' ,u In victory; in all ihlngs, faith; ana we
shall win.
"It has pleased them to believe and
to preach ths belief that wo aro a decadent, degenerate nation. They proclaim it to the world, through tlieir
1 rofessors���that "o are an vnlierolc
nation, skulking behind our mahogany counters, whilst we are egging on
more gallant races to tlieir destruction. This Is a description given of
us in Germany���a timorous, craven nation, trusting to its Heat. 1 think thoy
are beginning to find out their mistake
i already. Aud there are half a million
"I don t    want    you to understand | ot you"ng men"0f Britain who have al
me, 'said Miss Lucy, who was thinking ; relldy registered  their vow  to their
king lhat they will cross the seas and
and the marvellous
of her ten pound
results it had brought to her. _he was
nearly beside herself with joy; and in
fact, befor.   Mrs. Gray and  Barbara
��* AMA Granulated Eyelids,
i311l C Eyes '"lamed by esp.
B_T�� a ______  fluickly relieved by Marios
g  . V ^J Jj Eye Remedy. No Smarting,
tf just Eye Comfort.   At
Your Druggist's SOc per Bottle. Murine Eyt
SalveinTut_s?.5c. l-orBiokollbetyeFreeask
Druggists or Murlac Eye Remedy Cr, Cblcift
The House
A Cold Spot
hurl.that insult against British courage against its perpetrators on the battlefields of France and of Germany.
And we want half a million more. And
we shall get them.
But Wales must continue doing her
duly. I should like to see a welsh
army In the field. 1 should like to see
the race who faced the Normans for
hundreds of years ln tlieir struggle lor
freedom, the race t_at helped to win
the battle of Crecy, the race that
fought for a generation under Glen-
dower against the greatest captain la
THE house that
has a Perfection
Smokeless Oil Heater
needn't have a cold
spot anywhere.
A Perfection is light
and can be carried
easily from room to
room ���anywhere
that extra heat is needed.
For the "between seasons" of Fall and Spring
the Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater gives just
the heat you want.
Perfection heaters are solid, handsomely designed and smokeless and
odorless. Look for the Triangle trademark.
Mad* ia Canada
ROYALITE OIL U best for all uie*
Wiiiipci       C��l|ary       R<_u       Mulnil       Quite       HaUfu
Mautoi       Satkataat       V���c��i��_       Tectita       Ottawa THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C.
The Army of
li Growing Smaller Every Day.
!Mpi_sib!e--_ey not
only give relief������
they permanently
_ie Constipation.   MiU
lion* use
lliem (oi
nets, __}<__ion, Sick Headache, SaUowSkiit.
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Pries.
Genuine mutt bear Signature
T      -��     Full   flavored   and
Y__.\   Perfectly cooked
_ J .' \     n��ate  delicious
Jelight.   \     ,andwlchM,
Everybody 'a
Though we have somewhat advanced prices
because ot the increased cost and scarcity of
raw material, the usual
high standard of our
quality will be maintained.
Stricter Censorship Will be Established Over  Papers Entering and
in Canada
Tho government Is taking steps to
slop so far as possible a persistent
pro-Germntul and pro-Austrian agitation lu Boiue of the foreign settlements, particularly In Western Canada, which might later on lead to
dangerous outbu-uks. A pro-Icriuau
propaganda is being carried on wherever possible in Canada by German
agents and Sympathisers in tho
United stales. German pamphlets
printed In the English, German, Austrian and Hungarian danguges ure being mailed Into Canada surreptitiously, and some articles of a decidedly
pro-German and pro-Austrian oglta-
peering in a few of the German papers in the west, particularly In Alberta.
The government Intends to establish a considerably stricter censor-
ship over the entry and publication of
this sort, of literature ln Canada, and
it warnings sent out. to German editors lu CanadO are lint observed,
more drastic notion will he promptly
taken. As one step towards counteracting this pro-German propaganda
all Gorman papers In Canada win
probably ha required to publish In full
the ilritish white paper, setting forth
tho Ilritish side of the case and the
onuses of tlio war.
ti Coughs
The pro_rat__f
cough tears down
your strength.
The clogged air-tubes directly affect your lungs and speedily lead to
pleurisy, pneumonia, coniumptioa.
bronchitis in an easy, natural way.
Its curative OIL-FOOD soothes the
Inflamed membranes, relieves the
cold that causes the trouble,
and every drop helps to
Krengtben your lungs.
All Dratelsts Hat* It
Children Teething
Mrs. Winslows
Soothing Syrup
Are Nearly Always Caused
by Stomach Trouble
Don't let n pain in the region of tho
heart frighten you into thinking you
have heart disease, .lust as a pain iu
the hack seldom indicates kidney
trouble, sb pnln near the heart Is
scarcely ever present In orguuic heart
disease. The pain is nearly always
caused by stomach trouble for the
stomach and heart are connected hy
many nerves, and gas on the stomach
causes pressure on the heart.
The alarming pains will disappear
if you tone up the stomach, eat tho
right things and don't worry. Dr, Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People are
the best stomach tonic.   One or two
Pills after each meal soon produces a
healthy appetite, the food does not
distress you, you arc no longer troubled   with   gas,   sour risings in the
throat,   and thoso misleading   pains
around the heart.   Strength and energy return, and the rich, red blood,
carries remwed vitality to every part
ot the body.    Mrs. Henry Connolly,
I Brook.ale, P.E.I,, says: "For a num
I her of years 1 was a great sufferer
j from indigestion which, despite all the
treatment 1 took, was gradually grow-
j ing worse.   I would sometimes feel a^
! though I was smothering, and when
| the troublo camo   on t would suffer
I from violent palpitation   and   painu
I around the heart which greatly alarm.
j ed me.   I was   under doctor's treatment ofr a long time,   but   with no
! benefit.   A friend suggested Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and I decided to try
them.   In about a mouth I felt much
better and by the time I had. taken
another four boxes I was in the best
of health and able to eat all kinds of
nourishing food.   It   is   now several
years since J was cured and I have
never felt a symptom of indigestion
since.   I take every opportunity of recommending Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
to friends who are ailing."
If your dealer does not keep these
Pills you can get them hy mail at 50
cents "a box or six boxes for $2.50 from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brookvllle, Ont.
if you ml'OUT of sorts' 'run down' 'got tha ar.___.
���urr _ . from kid_EV, bi.auli .. , NBRVOUR DISEASES,
writs fnr FREE CLOTH BOUND MEDICAL fook ok
fnete dUeasei and wondkr.ii. OUROfl sffocteil by
_t_m _7 lor YOIIROWn allmonl. Absolute!.- PREt
{(���'fallow up circulars. No obligations. Du. l.r.ct.Kee.
Wl WANT  10 FROYIt '_!tRAri(JN WILL CVRIt   _������.
Fcathorstonhangh _ Co., head office,
King street east, Toronto, Canada.
"Can you tell mo which class of
jeopla lives the longest?"
"Why, centenarians, 1 believe."���
Dallas News.
"Vos, I often think thnt women are
as well qualified for war as men. My
husband ls opposed to It. Hut I often
feel as if I'd like to leave home and
���et Into tho thick of the fight."
"But why leave home?"���Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
The senator and the mayor wore
walking up the avenue. The senator
was more than middle-aged and considerably more thau fat, and, dearly
as the major loved hlni, he also loved
his joke.
The senator turned with a pleased
expression on his benign countenance
and eald, "Major, did yon see that
pretty girl smile at me?"
"Oh, thf.t's nothing," replied his
friend. "The first time I saw you 1
laughed out loud!"
Whether the corn bo of old or new
growth, it must yield to Holloway's
Corn Cure, the simplest aud best
cure offered to the public.
r DODD'S '
'/, PILLS -r
W. N. U. 1028
Tho Smiths were having some
(rouble with t_e plumbing in the house
and upon Investigation found that a
dead frog had by some ���neuiis got
caught ln one of lho pipes.
Mr. Smith afterwards recounted the
incident to 1.1s old Scotch neighbor,
and concluded his story by remarking: "And what do you think tlio
trouble was? A frog nail got caught
in one of tho pipes."
"Oh!" walled the tender-hearted
Scot.    "Tho pulr froggic."
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
A great impression has been made
on British opinion by the Czar's attempt to make Russia a temperance
and almost teetotal empire at one
For a government to deprive itself
voluntarily of $<:65,00t>,000 ot revenue
ln peace ti__ would be unprecedented ; to do so in war time, when several
million men are in the field is almost
London writers acclaim the Czar's
act as a splendid illustration of the
new Russia, created by war.
She���Oh, do be keerful! Yon trod
xlght on mo corns!
He���Sorry. Why do yon grow such
She���I grows 'em for a 'ohby, like
as some grows 'orchids nnd sucli.���
London Sketch.
Wood   Used   In   Maritime   Provinces
Two hundred million teat, board
measure, of wood por year aro required by Ihe various Industries of ihe
Maritime Provinces thai uso wood as
tbelr raw material -nol to speak of
the many millions of feel of timber
used In rough building construction
for poles and railway cross-piles, fuel
and the many other uses of timber.
Such is the conclusion of an investigation recently made by the Forestry
Branch of the Dominion Department
of the Interior Into the wood-using
Industries of tho Maritime Provinces,
nnd published as their Bulletin No. 44,
"Wooduslng Industries of tho Maritime Provinces." The value of the
wood used is nearly $3,700,000; of this
entire amount only 12.". per cent.���
aboul 25,000,000 feet  -was imported.
Twenty-eight kinds of wood aro
used in the industries, spruce occupying first place. A list of the uses of
ench particular wood In the Industries
is a feature of the bulletin.
The report Is compiled from reports
sent in by over six hundred manufacturers of tho province, a classified list
of whom, with their addresses, is
given in the work.
Copies may ho obtained on application to the Director of Forestry, Department of the Interior, Ottawa.
Automobiles  for  Life   Saving
So Berlous Is the dearth of Irnns
port    facilities ." the from that the.
itritisli lied Cross Society arc making
a most earnest   ippeal to the British
public to provide a rrnn.lv.
The war Office has paid u Ills I trl j
buto to tlio Britisli society, nnd  Ita
appeal   for  motor-ambulances   Is   re.
reiving hearty support.
Already an  Immense    number    ul |
automobiles hnve been placed at thein
disposal,    in n  tew   hours  tbey are
Btrlpped of their bodies and Btted up
as two or four stretcher ambulances,
and sent ou to the front.
Where people have been unable to I
send ears they have forwarded checks
for $2,000, the price at Which H suitable ear can be purchased. j
One   generous   donor has provided
the wherewithal lo buy ten such cars, I
mother sent a check to cover   the
cost, ot three, whilst still other., ns
soon ns tbey were made aware of the
great need, came forward with their'
ears and their offer of Bervlce asl
drivel's, '.'lie soeieiy. however, Will
provide chauffeurs and all necessaries
if only the vehicles are forthcoming,
The cars for    Which    there Ib the
greatest need are those    where tllOl'3
n distance of al  leasl   ti feet  t
Inches from the back Of lhe steering
wheel  to n  vertical  line drawn  from
the centre ot the back wheel.   Such
cars are best suited for foiir-stn teller i
ambulances,    for   the   over-lapping
would not entail any severe jolting Of
the wounded across difficult roads.
It would be Impossible to overrate
tho value of lliose gifts.    Each  enr;
thus lent will be directly tlie meant
of saving very many valuable ilves.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Strange Story of a Sharpshooter
Exploits of n Sengalese sharpshooter are attracting much attention, his
single handed encounter with a German patrol standing out prominently
in the news from the front.
It appears that the Sengalese, a
black giant who had learned to operate a motor car in Africa, was detailed to drive the machine of a French
general. In the course of operations
he was ordered to bo at a certain
point at a specified hour to meet his
commander. Tlio order was impressed
on him with military precision.
The Sengalese started in good time
but on the way thither encountered a
German patrol. He seized his rifle
and completely exterminated tho detachment.
Promptly on the hour he arrived at
the rendezvous, the car filled with
lances, saddles, swords and helmets,
You should take a vacation, old
I suppose all things benefit by a
Sure. Even tl. i calendar is fresh
ened up by taking a mouth off.
He���Will you marry me?
She���Do yo utbink you could keep
me lu clothes?
He���That's the first thing I'd try to
do.���California Pelican.
Kcliing and Burning. Scratching
Irritated, Disfigured for a Time,
Used Cuticura Soap and Ointment.   Pimples Disappeared.
17".fl Winnipeg St., Hcghia, Sank.���"I
was troubled with Itching pimples on my
face for over threo yours. They wero red
and unsightly. Thoy caused Itching and
burning and t used to scratch and iri-iiat_
them. Tho breaking out disfigured mo for
* tlmo.
" I trlnd many woll-advorUsed treatment .
such as Proscription, ,
etc., but without success. A short time ago
I saw the advertisement of Cuticura Soap
and Ointment ln a local paper and after
I had tried a free sample I could seo a remarkable improvement. I washed my face
with the Soap and then applied tbo Olntmeut two or three times a day. After using
more Cuticura Soap and two boies of Cuticura Ointment all the pimples completely
disappeared." (Signed) Nicholas Koch,
Juno 13,1914.
Samples Free by Mail
A generation of mothers has found no soap
so well suited for cleansing and purifying tha
skin and hair of Infants and children as
Cuticura Soap. Its absolute purity and refreshing fragrance alone aro onough to recommend it above ordinary skin soaps, but
there are added to these qualities delicate
yet effective emollient properties, derived
from Cuticura Ointment, which render lt
most valuable la overcoming a tendency to
distressing eruptions and promoting a normal condition of skin and balr health. Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold throughout
tho world. For liberal free sample of each,
with 32-p. book, send post-card to "C'utl-
cui'a, Dept. 1), lioston, U. S, A "
No Rest With Asthma.���Asthma usually attacks at night, the one time
when rest is needed most. Hence tlie
loss of strength, the nervous debility,
the loss of flesh and other evils which
must he expected unless relief is secured. Fortunately relief ls possible.
Dr, .1. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
hus proved its merits Ihrough years of
service. A. trial will surely convince
Milner Says Attack is on Empire
Speaking at. Manchester Lord Milner said tlie itritisli empire was the
great object at present attacked, not
France, not Russia, not even the ilritish isles, but the position of hegemony
which Britain held and the Ideals for
which lirltons stood throughout the
world. "Wo hnve been considerably
successful ln dealing with the French
in Canada but nobody could say we
had absorbed them," he said. "Though
two civilizations remained side by
side, affecting oue auotlier extraordinarily slightly, but on doubt both are
satisfied with the political system under which they live. It is a tremendous success and an immense credit
to our imperial system aud its marveli
ious tolerance that we should have
French-Canadians now to light for the
maintenance of ilritish Integrity."
Itcail These Stroug Proofs
Mr. Henry l-'ouger<\ of Ponl��mon4
_._., writes: "I suffered t'-rrlbly wit.
I'lles, and could not iind anything te
give in.   relief until 1 tried Zam-Hufc
After using i ills balm I am completely
cured, i consider Zam-Buk the fines.
salve on the market."
Mr \v. ,i. Donovan, of _ei�� _d:a-
burgh, Out., says: "For two years I
Suffered from bleeding piles; the pal��
Mu very intense. I tried numerous
So-called lines, but without effect. At
hiHt i tried Zam-_uk, and am glad to
sny tin it perseverance with this ointment has resulted in absolute cure."
Mr, ii. B. mil, Shevlln, Man,
writ's: "I hud suffered a groat deal
wiih Piles and hud tried niauy
remedies, imi without effect, Having
tried a sample, of Zam-lluk. and being
encouraged by tbs results, I persevered; li worked like magic, effect,
ing a complete cure."
Those are bnt a few of the many let-
tcrs received from people who have
i niieii their suffering by Zam-Buk,
Hundreds have moved that nothing
will cud the dull gnawing pain like
Zam-Buk. lis rhh herbal essences
qulokly end tin- Inflammation of th.
hemorrhoid veins and restores then
to their normal condition,
Zam-Buk is best for piles, enema,
ruts, burns, bruises, ulcers, chapped
hands, eold sores, rheumatism, sciatica,
and all injuries and skin diseases.
Every home needs Zam-Buk; it ll
purely herbal, and can be used for baby
or grandparent with the same gratifying results.
Refuse all substitutes; Insist on having Zam-Buk; there is nothing "just u
good." At all druggists and stores, or
postpaid from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,
on receipt of price, iiOc. box, 3 bom
$1.26. For free trial box send your
nam* and address, this advertisement,
name of paper, aud lc. stamp.
To Co-operate With Canada
a government memorandum dlret ts
public attention to the fact that the
Canadian war contingent association
ia London has completed its organization and is ready to co-operate witli
Canadian committees Intending aid to
lho Canadian forces, medical or otherwise, or by acting as representative*
ot tlie Red Cross Societies, Daughters of the emplro or other patriotic
bodies, These are urged to correspond with tlie association as to the
assistance ihey wish to render in tha
1100 REWARD, 1100
The readers of this paper will ta*
pleased to learn that there ts at least
One dreaded disease tbat science haa
been able to cure ln all Its stages and
thnt is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure ls
the only positive cure now known to
tho medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, requires a eonstl.
tutlonal treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure
Is taken internally, acting directly upon
tne blood a.d mucous surfaces of the
system, thereby destroying tho founds-
tlon of the disease and giving tho patient strength by building up tho constltit-
tlon and assisting nature in doing Its
work. The proprietors have so much
faith In its curative powers that thev
!__' ��n�� Hundred Dollars for any case
that it falls to cure. Send for list of testimonials.
Address F. 3. CHENEY t. CO., To.
ledo, O. Bold by all Druggists 7le
Take Hall's Family Pills for cohstUMW
Both Disappeared
. An old farmer In England was
anxious to marry, but could not make
up his mind between the charms ot
a certain comely widow in the nelgh-
jorhood and her equally cliarinln_
8a lighter.
At last he determined lo lei chance
solve the problem.
"I'll ax one 1 fust sees a-goln' in,"
he muttered, and off he started on his
amatory errand. But when he arrived, both mother and daughter were
.sitting in the doorway.
"Dung it!" ho cried. "Here was 1
com In' to a\ one o' 'ee to marry me,
an' I swprc the fust 'un should ha'
the chance. But there ye _otli be together. I'll shet my eyes now, an'
the one as domi'i want me must go Indoors. Th' one e I stays is my wife to
Shutting liis eyes, the old farmer
counted ten solemnly; there was a
.subdued chuckle, but when he opened
them both women had gone.
A Remedy for Earache.���To hava
the earache is to endure torture. Tim
ear is a delicate organ and ten car*
to deal with it, considering It worlt
for a doctor. Dr. Thomas' Eclectrie
Oil offers a simple remedy, a fe_
drops upon ii piece of lint or medicated cotton and placed In the ear will
work wonders in relieving pain.
A very systematic business man
tried to educate his young wife to keep
correct household accounts, Willi
this end in view lie gave her an ao-
count booh, and Instructing her to enter on one side all her expenses in detail, and on the other side money r_-
celved. At, the end ot the first monrU
the fair young wife carried her account book to her husband in triumph.
"dee," said she, "I have done what
you asked." But a groan of despair
escaped from the husband's lips when
he read on one page: 'Received from
Dick, $100," and on the other, "Spent
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
An old Scotch .:oman was endeavor.
iug to sell a hen to a neighbor.
And are you sure, said the neighbor, that the bird has not one tie-
Wcel, said its owner, Ah'll no say
it hasua' ono defect. It jvill lay a
bit egg on tho 1 ord's Day.
Jinks���Boarding in the . country,!
now, eh? What do you do with your-l
self evenings? .
Winks���Some nights I sit outdoors
to keep cool, and other nights I go 11 j
bed to keep warm.
Mother���What do you think you
will mako out of my daughter's talent?
Professor (absent mtncdly)���Aboul.
two dollars a lesson, If the piano
holds out.
Mrs. linker���Is the table at your
boarding house of unvarying excellence?
Mrs. Barker���No; there are days
when we don't hear a word ot gossip.
"Surpassing others in greatness, goodness, extent or
value of any quality."���
Cenlurit 'Dictionary.
That's the definition, and
that's why Post Toasties are
called the
Superior Corn Flakes
���the surpassing, delicate
Indian Coin flavour being
sealed in 1 _ skilled toasting
with  sugar and suit.
are made in clean, airy, modern
factories ��� cooked, seasoned,
rolled and toasted to crisp
golden flakes ���
Ready to serve direct from
the package.
To secure the Superior
Corn Flakes, ask for
���sold by Grocers
Canadian Postum Cereal Co., Ltd.
���'\\Tnd��or, O'nt. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Royal B      of Canada
Incorporalt ! '.. 69
Capital Paid Op $11,560,000       Ret a I Undivided Profits (13,000,000
A C.l.N lit. A I, BANKING bl i TRANSACTS!)
Payable in all p irl     I ...i  world
Special nltculion glv< .1 to Sin :
my Banking Busm
md Tr.iusactioiis'of'Onlin-
The Courtenay Review
Ami ''iiinos Valley Advocate
A Wccky Newspaper,  Publshed at
Courtenay, 11. <'.
N. II. Boiii.n, Bditor aud Proprietor
Subscription 11.80 per Year in Advance
Telephone 59
The Kditor anil stall extend to
all best wishes fur a bright and
prosperous New Year.
You must register your name on
the Voters List on, or before Mon-
nay next, January 4. or it will be
everlastingly too late for this year,
It is a duty you owe to yourself
and the community to get your
name ou the voters' list and exercise your franchise.
slid !. and on the south by Walter
street Mr. McPbee has sold all
llie lnts except a tew, which he
still holds on Mill St. About that
lime be opened a branch store in
the building now used as a warehouse. The Riverside hotel was
opened at the same time by John
Grant' a brother ol Robt. Grant,
for some time a member of this
Two years later he moved his
family here nnd built a store on the
site where McPbre& Morrison now
carry on business, and has resided
here continuously ever since, doing
everything in his power to advance
the town, and announces that he
will continue to do so if elected to
be the first mayor of this city.
It will be necessary to elect
school trustees as well as a council
next year, The nomination for
the same will take place at the
same time aud place as the nominations for councillors. Whether
the Courtenay school limits will be
limited to the boundaries of Court-
ensy, or embrace a large section of
the surrounding country as at present is a question to debate later.
D. Kilpatrick has thrown his hat
into the rir.g ar.d announced that
he will be a candidate for the
mayoralty. Dan is one of our foremost business men, and a large
employer of labor, added to which
he is the only man in the field who
has ever sat at a council board, being one of the first aldermen elected at Cumberland, and also served
another term later. His platform
and card will be found in another
Mr. Joseph McPhee, who is a
candidate for mayor is practically
the father of Courtenay, Away
back in 1892 when there was not
an acre of cleared land in any one
place on this side the river he laid
out the original townsite of Courtenay. It consisted of about fifteen
acres, and extended from the bridge
to Wallace street, where the Builder's Supply Co, now stands, and
was bounded on the north by Alice
Anglican Church
Services on Sunday Jan. 3rd in
St Andrew's church, Sandwich, as
Holy Communion, 8.30 a. m,
Litany, 10.30 a. m.
Mattins, 11 a. m,
Holy Communion, noon.
Children's Service, 3 p. m.
Intercessions, 4 p. m.
Evensong, 7.30 p. m.
Intercession will go in from day
break till dark in the church.
The dedication of the new Anglican church in Courtenay will be on
January 13th, by the Lord Bishop
of Columbia, at 7 30 p. m.
Next Sunday, January 3rd, has
been appointed to be observed
throughout the British Empire as
a day of prayer and intercession for
International Peace. At the request of the Archbishop of Cante-
bury and York, the King was
pleased to approye of the idea, and
instructions have been sent to all
the clergy of the church of England to arrange for special services.
Invitations have been issued to
heads of other religious bodies and
all are working together to keep
the day as a solemn time of prayer
before God. In Canada his Royal
Highness the Governor General has
issued a proclamation appointing
Jan, 3rd, as a day of Humble
Prayer and Intercession on behalf
of the cause undertaken by the
Empire and its Allies.
Try an Ad. in The Review
Now's the time to prepare for next year's harvest
Your harvest will be bigger, better next year if
vou put in more time on the farm. Drive a Ford���
and reduce from a matter of hours to a matter of
minutes, time spent in those necessary trips to
town duritig the busy season. Seventeen thousand Canadian farmers drive the Ford because it's
a_ time-saver��� money-saver��� and pleasure-giver.
Ford Touring Car $590. Ford Runabout $540. l'ord
Coupelet {850,   Ford Sedan $1150.   Ford Town CarJjS 40
(AH enrs sold fully equipped t. 0. b. Ford, Ont.)
Buyers of ihese prncticnl cars will share in profits if we sell
_,m_ DOW lord curs between August 1, ll)l_ and August 1,11115
).    CMMP.UMI.C_'
E, C. EMDE     .     COUKTENAY "
Once again we have reached
the Season lhat hns been ap-
propiiatcd, hy lime honored
c__om_ for the exchange of
friendly greetings.
To you and yours may this coming year he one of brightness and
gladness. May it bring to.you
a full measure of happiness and
leave memories that will bo
To our friends and cu_omers we
wish to express the wish lhai the
cordial relations which have existed between us in the pa_
may continue
Letters to the Editor
Editor Review
Dear Sir,���As the letter signed
"Comox" in vour issue of Dec. 10,
has to my knowledge beeu attributed torn; by quite a number of
readers, I would be obliged if you
would allow me the opportunity of
disclaiming all authorship of the
Hugh BuadneLt.
Nob Hill Orchard, Comox.
December 26, 1914.
Editor Review,
Dear Sir:���It is a matter of serious regret that as close to our own
doors as Cumberland there should
be a cumber of families in actual
want and receiving assistance from
the Government. The men are
Idle I suppose because they cannot
find employment. Now this is a
bad state of affairs morally for the
people who' recieve'the assistance,
and financially for the Government
and is capable of being remedied.
What I would suggest is that the
Government acquire a piece 0/ land
in some suitable locality and use
these assisted men in making a
farm and instead of giving them a
bare existance and getting nothing
in return; that they be paid say
$2,50 per day and be required to
live aud work on the place until
they found better employment.
By some such arrangement as this
they would cease to be paupers,
and would be returning what they
recieve in the land value they
would create. This can be started
in a week or two if the proper persons will take hold of it.
Will not the Board of Trade or
some influential body take the matter up and approach the Government with a view to putting this
or some such scheme into effect; it
needs to be done immediately as
there is nothing but loss in delay.
Yours truly,
Comox, Dec. 26, 1914,
We wish one and all  a
very Merry Christmas
We have a nice  assortment   of
Christmas Presents to choose fro
Presents to suit your pocketbook,
and invite your inspection
Loggie Bros.
Next Royal Bank Phone 34
A Merry Christmas
and a Happy New
Year to AH
Parkin Bros.
Up-to-Date and accurate
Maps showing the limits of
the newly incorporated area
of the City of Courtenay
Mill Street Courtenay
Barrister   ami JSolicitor,   Notary  Public
P. O. Hox 209
Phone 24
Telephone M 92     COMOX, B. C.
General Blacksmiths
Solicit Your Patronage.    Cnroful Attention
Given to Horses Feet
Plastering Contractor
Estimates Furnished   Work Guaranteed
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Great Millinery Sale
Must Clear
Hats from 50c. to $5
Alto Trimming* and Notions
*T -XANDEK LAIRD. GeneralMinager JOHN AUD, A-._: Ocncral Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Interest at tho current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 nnd
upwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small accounts
���re welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated hy mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of them or by the survivor. 821
F. C. BRCCK, Acting Manager, Courtesy and Ctmox Pi.nchei
Comox branch ot_u oo Tuesdnvs, from ti i<> 3
Alex. Gray has been busy this
week moving his house from the
bottom of the swamp, up onto the
highland alongsde the mad. Ole
O1S0U had the contract, and sue
ceedect in moving the building in
two days. Everybody thought it
would lake two weeks.
St. John's Ambulance Association
Results of the local examination
in First Aid. Five ladies qualified
for the certificate, Mrs. Taj lor,
Mrs. Wilmshurst, Miss Beattie,
Mrs. Hutchison, Mrs. Wharton,
Of the seven men who entered,
Mr. Frank Everett, Mr. E. G.
Everett, Mr, Robert Cairns, for the
medallion. Rev. Menzies, Mr. G,
Malcomson, Mr. P. J. Sadler, Mr.
J. Aston, qualified for the certificate, The examiners report very
favorably on the standard of proficiency attained by both classes.
The Lazo Christmas entertainment and social was held in the
public school on Tuesday, Dec-
Games for the children occupied
the afternoon. The ladies of the
district served a bountiful supper
to a large number of children and
In the evening a short program
was rendered. The Rev, Watson,
who took the chair, expressed his
pleasure at being present.
The following persons oontribut-
ed to the program:
Duet, Mrs. Gray and Mrs,
Song, MissW. Harding.
Recitation, Miss Lee.
Duet, Messrs. R. and L Harding.
Song, Mrs. E. Whalen.
Recitation, Rev. Webster.
Song, Rev. Watson.
Patriotic drill and Christmas bell
drill with chorus.
At the conclusion of the program
Santa Claus distributed gifts from
a well-laden tree. Afterwards the
young people indulged in dancing.
All report a most enjoyable time.
Many thanks are due to the ladies
preparing the supper, to several donating gifts for the children and
those preparing the program.
The Como * .nskct Hall Club
has been re organized 1 nd a sturdv
lot of boys nre ilo .11 to wolk. The
club is open lo take on all comers,
and in a few weeks should bs able
to make a good account of iLehi
selves. Mr. A. li. Hall is the presi
dent for lhe ensuing year, Joe.
Ainl.iion,     manager,     Geo,    H
iThoiuassec. treas. Mr, Tii.iua-
would like every young man thn'
has any energy in him lo turn om
1 to practice, which willbe held three
, nights a week, Tuesday, Thursday.
I and Saturday It is hoped to hav<
a game and dance in the near f itt -
: ure when the Comoxites will show
! what they are made of.
I Patriotic services will be held in
the Presbyterian church at 10.30
on Sunday next. Jan. 3rd,
At St. Peter's church, Midnight
services New Year's Eve, at Comox
commencing at 11 30 p. m. Spe-
c:al services of intercession on Sunday Jan. 3rd., at 11 o'clock, St.
Saviours, Denman Island at 7 p.
A "young folks" party was
held at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Eric Duncan last evening.
The Knights of Pythias were at
home to their friends last evening.
A splendid programme of songs,
duets, etc. had been arranged after
which a whist drive was held,
the honors for the ladies going to
Miss Hilda Bridges and Miss L.
Tucker. L. Dunham and N, H.
Boden carried off the hardware for
the gentlemen.
Mrs. Edith Galaruo. wife of Andrew L. Galarno, aged 52 years,
died at Campbell River on the 22nd
of December. The remains were
taken to Vancouver for interment.
She leaves a husband and two children aged 8 and 10 to mourn her
loss. Mr. Galarno is o'ne of the
oldest settlers in this district, having filed ou his homestead about 28
years ago,    .
The Glee Club concert on Tuesday evening was a decided success.
The ch'b, under the leadership of
Dr. Crompton is making great
progress, and is making a name for
itself. The solos, duets, glees etc'
were all exceptionally well rendered. The rendering, "Comrades in
Arms'' by the :nale members was
splendid. The proceedings were
interspersed by readings by A.  G.
We wish our many Customers
a Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year
Read and Wm. Duncan, the former
being a selection from Dickens
Christmas Carol, and the latter a
humorous Scotch sketch.
This has been a week of festivities for Courteuay. The Glee
Club's concert and the K. of P.
"At Home 'were very enjoyable
The music and vocal selections nt
both were uf a very high order and
those who were privileged to hear
theni had a treat Indeed, The race
track committee dance to-morrow
(Friday) night promise., to be the
best dame of the _ nsuii, ai.d those
whe attend will thoroughly enjoy
Christmas Day is Celebrated
in Some Countries on
January 7
The day-Christmas day not on the 25tl\ j
of December would come ns u shock, it
wouldn't seem Christmas nt nil; yet in'
the early centuries ol Ohrlstlantty Jan-'
miry 7 wns Christmas day,
Tlie l.nstcTii church 1I11I not como Into j
Hue with ilu' Western, which had adopted December 25 for over 400 years,   And '
even now lhe Armenian church keeps
Christmas duy in January, on tlie duy j
when the rest o( Christendom is keeping'
The e.i nl liiisliiiiis clay COllllliemor-
.ite.s the birth* of Christ, but the actual
1. ami month of llial event is not known.
lecember 25 is not tbe actual ilny.
The latest researches put the year 11.
. 4, uiul the mouth us not  Inter  than
The old name for Christmas is the
. stivol of the Nativity, which is still its
ifDcial title, the Prayer-book adding,
iter tbat, "commonly culled Christmas
The piuliliiiK-The popular Christmas
melding is, comparatively speaking.
Iiiite new. It is the successor, improved
mt of knowledge by many extra ill-
tredlents, of "plum iluft," which a
ailoruian made Irom dough and raisins,
ill Christmas day on board ship, as an
experiment in cookerv.
It was liked, and from being the sailors'
uvorite pudding for Christmas day, it
ipread to tbe shore, and rapidly became
For Sale By Tender
A one-roomed cabin partly furnished.
Also a quantity of dry stove wood, the
property of the late Samuel Henry
Davis, will be [recleved by the undersigned up to the 15th day of January,
Lowest or any tender not necessarily
Official Administrator
Dated this 31st day of December, 1914.
Election of School Trustees
IN PURSUANCE of instructions from
the Education Office the nomination
and election of three School Trustees for
the City of Courtenay will take place on
the same days on which tbe nomination
for Mayor and Aldermen is held, viz.:
January 11th and 14th. Tbey shall be
elected by the votes of those electors
entitled to vote tor Mayor and Aldermen.
At the election the Trustee receiving
the highest number of votes shall be
declared elected for 2 years, or until Jan.
1917, and the two Trustees receiving the!
next highest number of votes shall be I
declared elected for one year, or until
January, 1916.
Returning Officer
Courtenay, B. C, Dec. 30, 1914
NOTICE is beieby given that the
Registration of Voters at the forth-
coining [first Municipal Election will
close'on Monday next, January 4th, 1915.
After that dnte no statutory declarations can be received, or vote registered, but the voters' list will remain
open for inspection and (if necessary)
revision, until 12 o'clock noon, of January 9th.
A Voter's qualifications at the first
election nre that he (or she) shall be a
Britisli Subject, twenty-one years of age,
and the owner of real property (not
necessarily registered) within the incorporated area of the value of at least $100.
Furthermore, he (or she) must have resided within the incorporated area since
June 29th lust, and must have applied to
the Returning Officer for registration before the closing of the list and have bad
his (or her) name placed thereon.
Applicants for registration must make
a statutory declaration as to their qualifications, and must be prepared to furnish
proof of such qualifications. A description of the real property on which the
applicant wishes to qualify muit be
given, and documentry proof of ownership produced.
The Voters List and declarations will
be open to inspection by any person
within legal hours at tbe Road Superintendent's Office, which will remain the
place of registration until the closing of
the list on January 4th.
Declaration forms and any further information required can be had at the
place of registration.
Returning Officer
Courtenay, B. C��� Dec. 30, 1914,
Men This Is Yoi__ 0Fh
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Hobberlin   Tailored  To ____
Suits and Overcc <
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An Electric Iron
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The Courtenay Electric Light, Heat _c rower to.
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Palaee Li _3_y
&FeedSt_ Ui
Horses and Buggies Io; Hire  _.
Terras cash.
We alio attend to woo' hauling
C_urten_y Pheat 25
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason of quality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken    -    Prop.
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Cj'AIN* ���_
We unnesiUtingly
recommend Magic Baking
Powder a* being the best, purest
and most healthful baking powder that it ia possible to produce.
AU ingredients are plainly printed
on the label.
Gun Bases Found Near Paris
. ortllug in soveral wounded itrit
i.ii soldiers in tits IVmerloan Wotuen'B
Hospital nt Paignton, Ui" discovery
wus made ol concrete gun bases nearer Paris than thd German army got
in deneral vnn ���lucl.s advance,
They explain this In tho same wny
ns the finding ot concrete bases be-
toro Niinuir nml Muuheuge and near
golssons, saying it Is believed that
th. Germans bought or rented certain strotchee ol In ml years before
the war nml then got exact measurements nf tl'.'- ranges', which is tlio
reason their artillery flro was so effective,
Minard's  Liniment Cures Garget In
Japan Wants Russian Alliance
"General Olm, the Japanese military
attache with tlie commander-in-chief,"
snys the Times' Pelrograd correspondent, "after an Imperial audience at
Tsarlcoe-Selo, gave a statement lo the
Bourse Gazette frankly expressing his
earliest wish to convert the Russo-
Japanese entente into a ofrmal alliance. Such nn alliai��.. Genera! Ohn
said, would he warmly welcomed by
the Japanese government uml people.
"General Oba said he believed the
moment hart arrived to conclude such
an alliance, and that M. sanzonofi,
the Russian Eorelgn minister; M. Is-
_ols_y, the Russian ambassador to
France, ami Baron Motono, Japanese
ambassador to Russia, were doing
their Utmost to strengthen lhe bonds
oi!   friendship   between   Japan and
Many mothers have reason lo bless
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
hecause it has relieved the little ones
of Buffering and mado Ihem healthy.
. Teacher Tell inc. whal lesson ean
he .learned from the parable of the
prodigal son'.'
Small pupil (thinking ot ihe husks)
���II leaches people to stay where they
are comfortable,
Grateful patient -By the way, doctor, 1 should he glad If you would
send In your bill soon.
Eminent Physician - Never mind
about that, my dear madam: yon must
get quite strong first.
A teacher received Hie following
note one day:
"Hear Teacher -Please give Lizzie
some dinner. She bus no father, und
I have no way of getting her one, and
oblige. fours truly."���Punch.
Attendant���Sir, Devil, this is a reg-
Istratieii clerk.
V Devil���Gocd! Have him wrlto out
the history of the world forward and
.backward.' and It' he makes one mi?-
lake. In start all over again.- Illinois
Food   Demanded
The human body will stand n Iol of
filiuse but sometimes it Will surely re.
bel and demand proper food In place
Of tin- pastry, starchy, greasy stuffs
OH  which  11  has beeu made. sick.
Then is the lime to try Grape-NuU,
the mosl scientific and perfeel food 'n
the world.
A woman writes: "Three years
ngo/l was very ill with catarrh of the
stomach nml was given up to die hv
one doctor, I laid in bed four months
and my stomach was so weak that !
could not keep down medicine or
hardly any kind of food and was so
weak and 'emaciated afler four montha
of this starvation that my daughter
could easily lift me from bed and put
nie In uiy chair.
"But weak as my stomach was, .t
accepted, relished and digested Grape-
Nuts without, any difficulty the first
time thai wonderful food was tried.
"I am row strong and in better
health' than for a great many year.?
and am gradually growing still stronger. I rely on Grape-Nuts for much
of the nourishment that T get. The
results have certainly been wonderful
ln my ease and prove that no stomach
Is so weak it will not digest (Irape-
"Jfy baby got fat . from feeding on
Grape-Nuts, l was afraid 1 would have
to stop giving the food to him, hut 1
guess it Is a healthy fat for his
health is just, perfect." Name given by
Canadian Poslum Co., Windsor, Ont.
Look In pkgs. for the famous little
book, "fiie Itoad to Wellville,"
"There's a Reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
The Indian Trocps
\ w month:, ago, Gi leral Sir lun
Il niilton, Inspector-General of the
Overseas Forces, In hlr. scrap hook on
the first part of the Russo-Japanese
war, recorded:
"Every thinking soldier who has
served on our recent Indian campaigns is aware that for the requirements of such operations, a good
Sikh, Patliau or Gurkha battallou Is
more generally serviceable than u
British battalion."
He ulso wrote: "Why, there is material In tho north of India, und In
Nepal sufficient and Ut, under good
leadership, to shake the artificial society of Europe to Its foundation."
It is computed lhat this material
i-ould furnish at least two million
soldiers to the "reserves" of which
Lord Kitchener made reference recently.
Much Pain From
Kidney Disease
Doctored in Vain Until Dr, Chase's
Kidney-Liver  Pills  Were  Used
Kidney derangements aro often associated with disorders of tlie liver
and bowels, and under lliose conditions ordinary kidney medicines usually fall to effect cure. It is because
of their unique, combined action on
the liver, kidneys nud bowels that Dr,
Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills are so generally successful, even In the most
(���'.implicated cases.
Mr. Emanuel Bernard, farmer, St.
Paul's, Kent County, N.B., writes'
"About eighteen years ago my wifo
was had with kidney dtsoase, and suffered greatly from headaches, pains
in bowels and stomach, and lier heart
was affected. For a year she was
treated by her doctor, with no apparent benefit, She then used five boxes
ot Dr, Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills with
most satisfactory results. This gave
us such a good opinion of Dr. Chase s
Kidney-Liver pills that we always
keep them in tho house to be used for
all derangements of the kidneys, liver
and bowels." Dr, Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills, 25c a box, 5 for Jl.on, all
dealers, or Edmnnson, Bates & Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
The Difference
It is simply a question of standards.
Defenceless misfortune arouses in
Germans the desire to trample and insult, and in Britons tho desire to succor and befriend. It will take an aeon
at least to educate, them in such matters up to our level. We could never,
thank heaven., bo degraded to theirs.
���London Daily Mall.
The Pills That Leads Them All.���
Pills are the mosl portable and compact of all medicines, and when easy
to lake nro the most acceptable of
preparations. Hut they must attest
their power io be popular. As Parma-
lee's Vegetable Pills arc lhe most popular of all pills they must fully meet
all requirements, Accurately compounded ami composed of ingredients
proven to he effective in regulating
ilu- digestive organs, there is no surer
medicine to be had anywhere.
Despatches That Thrill the Empire
The most famous despatch of ucid
eru  times  wns the one  from    1. M
Roberts, announcing   the   relief   ot
Mulching, which seni a thrill throughout the whole empire.
It concludes: "The Hying column
nailer the command of Colonel It.
Million, which relieved Mafeklng,
marched at the rate of fifteen miles u
day for fourteen consecutive days, uml
successively accomplished lis object,
despite the determined opposition of
the enemy." simple ami direct, like
the man who wrote il.
ihiveiocii's despatch concerning the
relief of I.uckuow is one of ihu nation's treasure!, "The cheers of the
troops echoed through lhe courts uf
the palace," ho writes, "responsive to
lho bugle sound, and on they rushed
to assured victory. The enemy could
nowhere wltlutand them. In u few
minutes the whole of Ihe buildings
were In our possession."
uf Wellington's despatches, the
mosl luterestlng, and one of the i��.��� 11f.-
est, being that which concerns the
Battle ot Waterloo, He tlrsi describes the action In some detail and
the Immensity of the resuli, uud concludes: "Such a desperate action
! could not he fouuhl and such advantages gained without great loss,
and 1 am sorry lo add thai ours have
been Immense. The army has never
upon    any   occasion   conducted ilsell
hetier. The Division ot Guards set
an example which wa_ followed by
all. and there Is no officer or descrlp
tlon of troops lhat did not bellttVO
Well. I should not do justice lo my
own feellnSS, or In Marshal lllueher
and  the  Prussian army  If  I   did  nol
attribute lhe successful resuli of ihis
arduous day to the arrival and timely
assistance I received from them."
The despatches of Wellington from
the Peninsula nro classics ot their
kind, so concentrated and masterly
nre they, but possibly the most nieiii-
orahle despatch which eve" reached
England lies under a glass case In
lhe Ilritish Museum.
it is iho despatch announcing iho
Battle of Trafalgar and Iho death of
It Is one of the greal thrilling messages of the world.
The despatch Is simple and unadorned, It wus written by Nelson's
second in command, lho noblo Col-
Ungwood. "The over-to-be-lamented
death," it runs, "of Vloe-Admiral Lord
Viscount Nelson, who. in tho laic
conflict with the enemy, fell in the
hour of victory."
Then follows an account, of the
great fight, concluding with a generous nolo of praise for the gallant
flght put up by onr foe, and finishing with the words, "It pleased the
Almighty Disposer of all events to
grant His Majesty's arms a complete
and glorious victory."
Field Marshal French has already
given us despatches that havo touched the nation's soul, through their
strongly sympathetic tone.
When he has decisive victory lo announce, no doubt lie will rise to the
occasion as nobly as any ol! the great
men who have had wonderful news to
A druggist can obtain nn Unit
route house at. a very low price
have it labelled his own prorti
This greasy imitation is the
ost   one  we  have  yet  seen   of
many that every Tom, Dick and
ry has tried to introduce.
Ask  for  MINARD'S and you
get. it.
at ion
t To-
, und
Restore Sunken Elevator
The Canadian Pacific Railway million bushel elevator at North Truns-
conn, which sank in tlie soft earth last
autumn, and toppled partly over, is
now straight again.
In bringing the huge mass of twenty thousand Ions to u vertical position,
there was not as much as a crack
made in tlie structure. It. how rests
on seventy concrete piers, Which go
down to bed rock, and it is In better
Shape than it was before, ft will be
at once Riled with grain.
The great fault of American servants is familiarity. To he familiar
Is to he Inefficient. A familiar cool;
.is as Inefficient as u pessimistic doctor.
Tin   speaker,  a   prominent   society
woman, is perhaps the mosl brilliant
conversationalist in New York, a fact I
which    renders    moro piognant this
"1 bad a cook," sho continued,
"whom f tried to break of her over
familiarity. What was the result"
This cook, discussing me iu the servants' hall, said:
"I don'i say she's a bad mistress,
bul she's a woman of only one idee..
Why. I can't never get, her to talk of
a single thing but eating.'"
A Guaranteed Corn Cure For 25 Cents
Putnam's Painless Corn Extractor is
guaranteed to remove hard, soft or
bleeding Corns in twoniy-four hours
without pain, Take only Putnam's, U's
He- best,
An Example
"Everything seems to be going up
in price." Would you believe it, it costs
almost as much nowadays to dress a
child us It does a grown person!"
"J don't doubt i; at all. Only yesterday I had to buy a new dog collar for
.l-'ii'i. and the prices havo almost
doubled."���Detroit Froo Press.
W. N   U. 1028
Europe's Spoiled Child
One gravious lady the Kaiser was
always terribly afraid of. This wus
liis grandmother, Queen Victoria, of
whom ho stood in great awe, and who
imd a way of treating him like the
���-"oik child of Kurope lie is. Ile liked
King Kdward only in a very moderate
degree, and the Peacemaker, who had
a very effective way of showing what
he thought of people, never refrained
from letting tlie German Emperor
know that his attitude towards this
country was foolish. The Kaiser was
always" very jealous of King Edward's
popularity "and his enormous 1011110110.--,
in the council 1 of Europe. 'The flattering reception that King Edward received when bo went to Ischl to sec
��� he aged Au_trlnn Emperor made William II. nervous aboul a possible deflection of Pie sympathies of his ally.
.tiller's Worm Powders are complete in themselves. They nol only
drive worms from llie system, but repair the damage that worms cause
and so invigorate tbo constitution
that it speedily recovers from the disorders of tho digestion thnt are the result of the work of these parasitic
intruders. They do their work thoroughly and strength and soundness
follow their uso.
"You used to send me candy before
we wore married," she said bitterly.
"Ves," lie replied, just as bitterly;
"and before we were married your
father would occasionally hand me a
few good cigars."���"Washington Star.
Blx���You may depend upon it that
your friends won't forget you as long
as you have money.
Dix���That's right; especially If you
have borrowed It from them.
What about your wife and children ? Will they
dress well after you are gone ? Will your children
be educated P   Have a talk to-day with an agent of
OFFICES:-Winnipeg,   Edmonton,   Saskatoon,
Vancouver.      Agents Wanted.
_An_fl_vv?y* m'ke ,ure of fl��ttlnfl t^ highest prices for WHEAT, 0AT8,
___L__._.nd FLAX' b* "hipping their car lots to FORT WILLIAM
AND PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by
Thanks, Mr. Sobotkal
Przem'ysl, Przemysl, how often has
lt proven a stumbling-block lo our untutored tongues! Fain would we have
rolled it musically, or mouthed it, or
hissed it, or twanged it.' But we
c.iiiidn't get anywhere near what
seeined to he a correct pronounciatlon.
It constituted tlie despair of the wa.--
fiinl A dozen limes a day it recurred
in conversation, lt became Perze-
bizzle, Perchlmel, nud even P-R-Z to
a certain nonindustriuus few, Now
the secret is out, Tlie mosl mis-pronounced of all words will now in future lose that reputation. Secretary
Sobotlta of the Austrian embassy says
ll should bo pronounced "S-h-1-m-e-a-
s-e-1."     ���
Baby's Own Tablets are the very
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government analyst to be strictly free
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nre sold by medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents a box from Tlie Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., llroekvllle,
Teacher (after an Impressive lesson
on hygiene 1 Now, children, lell me
why you should keep your houses
Inattentive pupil���Hecause company
mny arrive at. any minute.
Positive Relief
from the Buffering caused by disordered conditions of the organs
of digestion and elimination���
from indigestion and biliousneBs���
always secured by the safe,
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The Kaiser's Future
The Financial News says it may
bo stated on undeniable authority
that attempts have already been
made to assassinate the Kaiser and
liis son, the Crown Prince. Titer*
can be no doubt, says tlio writer,
that tho defeat of Germany in the
present, war moans for tho Kaiser
one of two things���either death nt
his own or somebody else's hands, or
else flight lo a non-Teutonic soil. Ever
since Germany bsgan to make preparation i'o. an attack the Kaiser had
been investing Immense sums of
money on this side of the Atlantic, lie
is one of tlie largest, landowners ia
the Western States -not in his name
of course, lie owns considerable sections of properly iu (lio west of Can-
1017���Are you instrumental in college affairs'.'
1914 -Ves, indeed; 1 play the pian*
in lho band.���Stanford Chaparral.
Effect   of    Nerviline   on
Chronic Cases Is Almost
Exposure to wet or eold is apt to
bring on an attack.
The muscles stiffen, tho joints swell,
and exertion brings on excrutiattng
Often the pain shifts from one part
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title remedy
Lots of testimony to prove NervV
line's certainty to cure.
The following letter is Irom _r. 12.
CI. Sautter, Port ot Spain, Trinidad:
"Last year I waa severely troubled
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arms, shoulders and knees. The pain
was at times excrutiating, and laid m_
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vlce. I used Nerviline ns directed and
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B> Far-Sighted I.an ot Campaign the Germans were led into the
Trap of the Marne -Allies' Retreat at a Critical
Juncture  Turned  the  Tables
Whether or not llie
Britain and   France
knowledge of the matter themselves,
the world as large, at any rule, has
never been supplied with a definite
reason for lho suileiln swerving of thu
German armies southeastward from
the very gates of Paris. There had
been no aertous repulses experienced
by Ihem prior to that sudden change
of plan, but Just when tbo world wus
expecting lhe bombardment of lho
French capital to begin, Ihey turned
partly around and marched right past
their objective.
The latest reports of General Sir
John French, covering the hitler ond
of tho relreat of tho nlllcs to tho
Jliirnc, und tlie llghl'iig from liieu on,
do not Btnto a reason for (ho enemy's
change of plans, being seemingly purposely vuguo on tbo slage of tho campaign. Hut these reports, however, do
provide some hints which are of assistance In speculating as to the
cause of the sudden swerve of the
in ihe llrst place, wo heard much in
those discouraging days of retreat
shout thu desperate attempt of the
��: emy to tun. the extreme left of tho
allies, the British under General
French being on tlm defensive side of
ihls attempted turning movement.
Before wo know whether this movement wns to bo successful, word cume
of tho unexplained, swerve of Von
Kluok. Statements by General French
throw somo light here, however.
While the Eu.;lisb were retiring before
Von Kluck tbey referred to by
the comnmnder as forming tlio extreme left of tbo allied lino, then,
without the change being expluino.l,
wo Und General French saying In his
report that on August 29 "three or four
more German corpB were opposing the
sixth I;.ench army, on my left."
That is, prior to August 29 the
British were on tho extreme left, but
��n that date tho 'sixth French army"
had taken the extreme northwest position. Tills would seem to clear up
the situation wllh respect to the
turning movement attempted by Von
Kluck, and at tho samo time provido
a reason for the swerve to the southeast. Apparently General Joffre saved the left by sending up n new
French army, and when Von Kluck
found this new obstacle in his path
he had either to abandon his turning
movement or continue It'at great
risk well to the northwest. Itutlier
than do this, and also because the
German armies advancing on Paris
farther south wore meeting with difficulties, Von Kluck decided to go to
the iast t-nd try to effect a junction
with the Crown Prince.
With the German right checked by
tlio presence of this sixth army, the
allies had to decide whether or not
it was time to rest tlieir retreat and
institute a definite counter-offensive.
It was the determination of General
.Toffre, assented to by General French,
to fall back still further which led
the Germans into trc trap of the
studying the report, of General
French on this stage of the operations, tho New York Evening Post
evolves a very logical speculation as
to the southeas erly niovo of the
enemy. Quoting the paragraph of the
report: "This wns the situation when
I received a    visit from    General
offices of | Joffre at my headquarters.   *   *   ���
definite I strongly represented my position
the French commander in chief.
��� * 1 finally arranged with General Joffre to effect a further short
retirement towards tho line between
Coinpicgiio and Solssons," tho Post
Kvldenily it was tho British commander's belief tbat the tlmo hud
come to mako a sland nnd lhat he
yielded only to strategical reasons
propounded by General Joffre. What
wero the i) reasons? Apparently
those; that while lho Sixth French
Army on tho British left might bo
sent forward agalMt the German
line, and so possibly bring an end
to the retreat, it. was more protlt-
able to hold this army back until
the German advance bad come so
far south thut this French army,
Instead of being sent against, the
German front, could bo thrown
against th? enemy's think, General
.loffre's reasons must have, been convincing because wo llnd tbat not only
did General French consent to make
a "short retirement toward the line
between Couipiegno and Solssons,
but that lu the course of the following
week ho 1 ill back fifty miles further
south to below tho Marne.
"It thus follows that Gen. Joffre,
llko Gen. French, recognized that
lho German advance against Paris
had failed by tho end of August,
but, that Gen. .Toffre foresaw, what
Gen. French did not, that von Kluck,
shut off from Paris, would swerve to
the east, and so expose his flank to
the new French army. It was a bold
move to anticipate on the part of tho
enemy. Why should von Kluck sheer
to the southeast, and march with his
right flunk across the enemy's front?
Here the probable answer is that
von Kluck knew, what Gen. Joffre
know, that on tho left of the German line things were not going well;
that tho Crown Prince was being
forced back, or,  at least, held    In
Value of Irrigation
Farmers of Southern Alberta Petition
Government to Undertake lm
gat I on scheme
Farmers In districts In Southern Alberta who aro not served by u:i_ Irrigation project vill appeal to tha Dominion government through tho department of tho Interior, to extend irrigation to their lands. Tho present
season has demonstrated ln a most
conclusive manner tho advantages of
Irrigation, as irrigated farms havo
one crops, whereas In districts where
Irrigation was not available, the resu'-t
has beeu disappointing. Farmers in
tho district ranging from township
10, rnugo IU to range 26 In the south,
and township 18, range 19 to 20 In the
north, west of tho .th meridian, are
not as yet served by any Irrigation
project ,but they have had opportunity to see lho success attained by Irrigation farmers in the Canadian Paolflo
Hallway Irrigation belts. These farmers ure deeply lu earnest In llieir efforts to secure Irrigation for ihelr district, so much   o that a petition is
being circulated asking tlio Dominion
government to proceed with tho installation of such a system nnd the
farmers express ihelr willingness to
havo bonds raised on their lands to
cover the cost of the system, which
they will Undertake to repay with Interest ln Ml years.
Tbo petition which Is being circulated among the farmers and meeting
with  their hearty support recites  In
part as follows:
To the Hon. W. J. Koche,
Minister Of tho Interior,
Ottawa, Ontario:
sir,���We, the undersigned ratepayers and land owners In the. doctoral
districts in tlie province ol! Alberta,
ranging from township 10, range 19,
to range 28 In tho south, and township
18, ruige ID lo 26 in tlio north, west
ot tho 4th meridian, request that tho
Dominion government proceed to con-
f'ruet and place In operation at the
earliest possible time, such an Irrigation system r.S has been discovered
from the reoert survey lo be possible,
as wo believe It is the only salvation
of the residents of our district, and Is
of the most vital interest In the pursuit of agriculture, fostering the mixed farming ideas, and the future of
our country depends upou the action
to be taken at once.
Ti, meet tlie. cost of construction we
will bond our land, and we are willing
to pap the capital cost of Installing
this sXiteni wll,h Interest at four per
cent., extending the time of repayment of the, cost, of construction over
a petted of forty years, tho first pay
check;  and that it was -worth while
taking the risk of a flank attack from .ment of such sum of indebtedness to
the French, on the chance of breaking
through the allied centre, or, at the
vory least, relieving tlio pressure
cgalnst the Gorman left. Over-confidence may have induced von Kluck to
believe that a heavy rear guard would
be sufficient to keep the Sixth French
Army hack from his Hank until his
main force, joined with von Bulow's,
had broken through the French centre.
Von Kluck took the chance, and
lost. Gen. Joffre took the chance and
won. It murt have required courage
of a very high kind on the part of the
French commander in chief to fall
back again and again, while keeping
unemployed an army which might
have been brought In to check the
enemy. But what Gen. Joffre aimed at
was not tho mere halting of the German advance, but the assumption of
a vigorous counter-offensive. To have
sent his new Sixth Army forward
to meet the enemy would have been
only a continuation of the defensive. To keap It back, north of Parts
ready to throw itself on a hostile
army engaged in the perilous experiment of changing front, promised
greater results) and events justified
tlio French commander's courage and
foresight.���Ottawa Free Press.
Treachery of the Enemy
Germans Viobte Sanctity of the
White Flag
A French officer who is in hospital
in Paris, gives a graphic account of
the light in which he fell.
"At nine o'clock in the evening," he
says, "I received the order to advance, to entrench myself as well us
I could, a_rt resist to the md. My
company took up its position In a
pouring rain, and about halt-past two
In the morning three shots fired by
our sentries warned us of tho approach of the cneiup.
"The Germans, who had been Inking cover in a wood, crept to within
200 yards of us, when thoy ofrmed up
and charged. I commenced volley firing, and whole ranks of the Germans
fell, but they continued to advance.
Our well-directed fire arrested tholr
advance when they were thirty yards
from our trenches.
"During the night a bugle sounded
'Cease fire!' but it was a German
bugle. I was not deceived, and 1
si Duted with all my power so as to be
heard by the enemy, 'Fire independently.'   The Germans fled.
"A few minutes later a Uerman officer uppti.red carrying n white flag-.
I advanced from the trench, accompanied by four men. 'We aro sixty,'
said the envoy, 'and we wish to surrender.'   I replied 'Advance in order.'
"Four men wounded in the legs
staggered forward, and my men, believing the fight finished, showed
themselves above the trenches. A
Maxim hidden in the wood immediately opened fire on us with a hail of
bullets, while a fresh attack was commenced.
"I gave the order to recommence
volleying, and for the time the Prussians decamped. They left many dead
and wounded, and the following day
we found that six men, armed with
rifles, who had fallen In the front
ranks o,' the enemy, wore the Bed
Grots on ' ihelr arms."
Kilties Rouse Wonder of French
Tho Scotch have given a fearful
account of themrelves aud have suffered severely, several regini ts having been nearly wiped out. In one
engagement the scots Greys charged
with a man of the celebrated Black
Watch clinging to each stirrup
leather. Reaching the German lines,
tin. horseman and footman Almost annihilated the fore?, of the enemy at
this point. The same fent of putting
two mon in each horse was performed ty the Scots Greys and the Blac.
Watch at 'he battle of Waterloo.
The Scots aro a never-ending
source of wonder to tho French peasants. They wear kilts of khukl and
karo knees. The French at first
thought their government had brought! j ii e" "
Jiecouie due four years after the com
plction of tho canal, thus uffordii.g
farm; .rs nn opportunity to he in proper
condition for Irrigating growing crops
in o profitable nunncr.
We further signify our willingness
t�� accept the approximate figures of
'1.00 per aero as tho likely cost of
thus construction of lho canal and laterals, and we nre prepared to pay (his
i m . .r acre.
Indians Starving in North
over a fearsome race ot Amazons to
help tbem. Told theso wero Scotsmen, they remembered the many
men of this race who had assisted the
French kings against the English, centuries ago, when Scotland and Kngland were at swords' points.
"Vivent les Ecossais!" they cried.
Many of tho peasants tried to press
gifts of wine upon the soldiers, and
wore disappointed when the Highlanders, mindful of Earl Kitchener's
admonition, refused to drink.
Chancel for Canada
Canadian trade c'ommlssior irs in
Great Britain report a large Increase
in the number of applications for British importers for Canadian commodities to replaco supplies formerly
drawn from the continent, and now
cut off by the war. Among the commodities largely in demand are mentioned wheat, household and hardware
sundries, brushes, flannels, tools and
matchwood, office desks, tissue paper,
Bridegroom (to the bride, who has
got an awful cold)���Even your coughing sounds melodious, beloved: I could
listen to you for hours.���Fliegende
Reports    From    James and   Hudson
Bay Show Trappers Sorely Need
Help and Food
W. 10. C. Tood f tho Carnegie museum, Pittsburg, arrived in Ottawa recently after spending over six months
on the western .rtiores of James aud
Hudson bays, lie was conducting au
expedition for natural history specimens for the Carnegie museum.
Mr. Todd stated that tho Indian
trappers in the region which he visited are suffering to a great extent
through the war. First news of the
fight reached him on Aug. 29, and at
that time tlio Hudson Bay Co. had
stepped the advances to the Indians. It
is customary for the company to stake
the Indians in the fall In lho form of
a "debt" of provisions, which is fixed
according to tlie hunting abilities of
the debtor. When lhe season opens
the following year the Indians and
Eskimos redeem the debt, with furs.
As f esc advances have been cut off
the natives are in a serious predicament.
Mr. Todd said Mr. Wilson, the Hudson's Buy Company's manager for
James Bay showed him a store house
of furs, which at ordinary times
would be worth $100,000, but which at
current market prices are valued at
$17,000. At White River tho Indians
wero already in a distressing condition und when Mr. Todd arrived in a
sailing boat lhe natives came out In
canoes to meet him and by divers
u ans, mainly by pointing to their
mouths, made blm understand
were badly In need of food
Certified Evidence oi the Work oi Fiendish German Soldiers in
Murdering Innocents and Wantonly Destro] in>.
Valuable Property
1   havo Just   been   furnished   with   burned lo the ground, not by bursting
what ls undoubtedly one of tho most I shells, but by the buildings "being wll-
' fully set on fire after they had been
saturated with petroleum. The empty
petroleum caps -. ro visible all over
the place. Tho Villagers had : ot fired
ono shot nt the Germans.
Mnndray was tbe next village visit,-
el.   Here tbo Abbe Element toh. the
following story: On the night of Sep-
tcmber 8 tho Germans appeared on the
outskirts of tho village, and considerable lighting took place lu tho main
street.   The French were compelled
to retreat.    As   soou   as th: village
was free ot the French tho modern
lluus began   their   atrocities,   They
forced the Abbe to unlock tho doors
of tho parish church. They took his
vestments, lho altar candlesticks aud
other altar decorations, and the chalices, and then deliberately poured petroleum on the altar aud on tho surrounding carpet.   The match was applied, and in two hours nn 800 years
old church was a mass of ruins, only
tho   four   walls   remaining standing
Two days later the Germans buried
six of their dead in the chancel. While
ono party was thus glviug au example
of Its "eulturo" others were not idle.
At nine o'clock- a party broke into the
cottngo of Madame Marguerite, a grey-
haired widow of 5G years of age. Four
held her down, and she was treated
In tho most hideous way by the sergeant. Bho fled to tho Abbe's house,
and told her slory, which    he utter-
wards repeated to Mr. Chretien and
Mr. Ferguson in the Abbe's presence,
in tho very room where tho cowardly
act had been committed. About a hundred yards from the Abbe's house la
tbo cottage of Leonle Apy, aged ___
and her mother, who had been bed-
-'���'den for three years. Tho daughter,
who wns reading to her mother, hearing t.ho  tirln. .  noticing  the Germans
approach, and seeing as well the light
ot    the burning church, put out tha
lamp nnd barred tho door. Almost. Immediately after the door was forced
nnd a party of   lermana   rushed In.
They threw the young woman on th.
floor and violated her iu the presence
of l.or  helpless  mother.    When  th.
young  woman  recovered  her  senses
sh i found her mother was dtart.   On
the morning of September the A'ob_
Rement, while   ministering   to dv-��
wounded  German  soldiers  whom  he
carried I'rom the village .:treei. to hie
lawn, had bis house pillaged ' 'om top
to bottom by soldiers belonging to tile
same eonipniy us the wounded he was
caring for. They look too bottles ef
wine, the entire conents of his cellar,
all his bedding, his pictures, and personal belongings.   Iu the kitchen thej
found a bottle of a colorless liquid li
lt.   The Abbe at once warned them not
to touch it, which made two of them
all the more eager   to get it.    Both
drank out of the bottle, and in an hour
were dead.   The bottle contained Java!
Mater, or a mixture of chloride of lime
for cleaning purposes. When the Germans retreated they took with ��he_,
30 aged men from 0.1 to 7.8 years ot
uge.   They forced them to carry the
village spoils.   None of tkein has ra-
lurned or been seen or heard of sine��
formidable Indictments yet drawn up
against the conduct of the German
troops In tho field, says the correspondent of the Glasgow Herald, it
has been provide-1 by John M, Chretien, an attorney at law of Sun Francisco, who a few days ago, iu company
With a friend, Ur, Donald Ferguson,
made a trip Into the heart of the
Vosges to see tor themsglves to what
extent tho stories of Germun barbarities were true. J', must ho stated ut the
outset, and emphasized, that. Mr.
Chrotien hns not accepted uny second
hand evidence. Times, places and
names, It will be noted, are given
with scrupulous cure, and .Mr. I'hret-
lon took the exlru precaution of obtaining wherever possible tho cards of
the peoplo with whom he spoko.
The Germans entered St. Die by the
Ilue. de la Dolle, and though it .; uu un-
fortlllcd town ihey destroyed every
factory, store, and residence in that
street fo;'! alf a. mile, They destroyed
them by pouring petroleum over tbe
floors and setting theni ou lire. Not a
single placo was destroyed by artillery
lire but all determinedly, deliberately,
With no other reason than thut of committing pillage and destruction, On
August 29, ut 70 Hue de la Hollo, two
old -women and three sniull children
wero seen by lhe Germans to take refuge in a cellar. At. once the cellar
door was saturated wllh oil and set. on
flro by Otto Htciein, uf Company 5 of
the 120th Reglmont of Infantry, who
remained behind to curry out this particular piece of villainous work. Aft .r
he had set lire lo the house, and when
he was leavklg by the front door, ho
wus killed, and I, I companions returned and burled htm in a plot of groun I
in front of the house. Isabel Hem-
houly, aged 66, and Mario lliunpnrd,
aged 59, together with three children,
escaped by forcing a grilling in the
rear of the cellar.
Next da:, through the kindness of
M. Mure Francois, prosldcnt uf the
Ited Cross, and accompanied by Lieutenant Georges Raton, Mr. Chretien
and Mr. Ferguson vislied Sauley,
There thoy inspected the Chateau
Hanley, only completed four mouths
ago, uud converted Into nn hospital
when war broke out, Five lied Cross
banners flew from the Chateau on
September 7, says Mr. Chretien, wheu
the Germans opened Are on it. One o!
.he bann.u_ was shot nway and the
other four aie now to be seen hanging in shreds. A shell bursting iu the
large dining room where 75 wounded
French soldiers were lying . Med them
all, besides the cure, whose bo'y was
completely severed in two. At the moment Uie cure t.lenir Pierre) had been
ministering lo the wounded men. Of
the 300 wounded iu the chateau it was
only possible lo remove 35 to safety.
The floors of the dining room nnd library were when 1 saw tlieiu black with
coagulated blood, and In the garden
were to be seen more (ban a hundred
mattresses saturated with bleed. The
wohle Interior is a mass of reins, but
Still the Red I'ros.i Hags in shreds fly
from the roof. The village Itself, which
was abandoned by iis inhabitants, was
To Make Binder Twine
New Cordage Company at Calgsry
in Operation Soon
Of vital interest, not only to Cal
gary, but to the whole of Western
Canada, is the announcement that the
Canada Cor.'.age Company, capitalized
at a million dollars, with sufficient
capacity to supply western farmers
with 1,000,000 pounds of binder twine
per year will begin building operations ut Calgary within tho month.
Arrangements for its organisation,
proceeding quietly in tho city for
some months, are now completed
and lhe plant will be In operation for
next year's trad . The west, il 1;
estimated, consumes 30,000,000 pound ���.
of binder twine yearly and ll
German Food Supply
Authorities Taka Measures to Fix
Prices and Arranje Distribution
The llundesrath met at llerlin to
discuss ways an' means of conserving tlie food supply for the peopla
during the coming year, and decided
that, with certain expedients, the
grain supply would be ample ��� utii Ui��
1915 crop ,iad beeu harvested. The
mills will be allowed to convert
larger percentages of grain into dour,
10 per cent, of rye may be added to
wheat Hour, and 20 per cent, of potato Hour added to rye.
lt was nlso decided to prohibit lh��
feeding of wheat and rye to live
block, whereas heretofore one-fourth
yield  was consumed  la
lt was further decided
amount of rye   used
that I __ .s'labil. hnient of the Calgary plant. I for distilling spirits to GO per cent, oi
.    A, will  meun  cheaper   twine,    as  long, ihe normal consumption. The. hoard-
been faced with a shortage,
tlon  to  ensuring  u  steady
ln add.   this manner.
demand, I tO restrict lhe
while whale and some porpoises were | freight haul from nearest competitors,
caught later,   whicli   tided them over  Welland, Ont., and Chicago, are elim-
the two weeks until the arrival of the
Hudson's Bay packet. As -t vas Mr.
T_dd's flour was confiscated and distributed among the trappers. '' .ere is
talk on Hudson Bay that the government will provid) for the starving Indians. They cannot be left to their
own resources unless wholesale starvation takes place, as the country
bears but the minimum of "ment animals."
Kilometres and Miles
Frequently In the French war office
reports of fighting, distances ure
seated In kilometres. The simplest
way to convert kilometres into miles
ls to dlvlce ' y two, divide tho result
by four, and add the two results.
Thus, 500 kilometres divided by two
equals 62.5, and 62.5 added to 250
gives 312.6; so that there are that
number of miles in 500 kilometres. To
convert miles into kilometres, multiply by eight and divide the result by
live.���Victoria Colonist.
"Why is a panic ln stocks Ilk
finding of Moses?"
"Men llnd a little prollt in
rushes ou the bunks."
e the
An ordor-ln-councll ', just i.-su d
shows the penalties for violation of
the order against trade with Britain s
enemies. On summary conviction of I
any one guilty of trading with an j
enemy is liable to a term of imprison-1
ment not exceeding 12 months with or!
I without hard labor, or a fine of $2,000,1
or both. On conviction on indictment!
the penalty Is five years, or a fine of i
$5,000, or both nnd ihe confiscation of
goods or money in respect to tl.e offenses optional' with the court. When
a company is the offender, every ui-,
reclor, manager, secretary or other
officer who is a party to the contract
i: guilty of the offense.
Ten Men With Hands Cut Off
In a letter to his brother In Montreal, from  France,  Corporal Stanley
Cooke,'of the Loyal North Lancashire
regiment, says:
"I have seer, some bad sights in my
life, but nothing to this. Wo brought
ten of our fellows over lo England
with both lunula cut oft at. the wrl:"ti.
Nol shot otT, hut cut off."
I Ing of grain for speculative purposM
Is prohibited, and compulsory selling
under expropriating proceedings provided for. A scale of maximum pricea
for grain was adopted. The maximum
price for ye is 220 marks ($55) a
ton for Berlin, with a proportional
difference for other cities. The price
of wheat remain; 40 marks higher
than rye.
The German ".led Cross has re-
ee'ved a contribution ot 150,009
marks ($37,500) from the German-
Austrian Relief committee of Cl__
cago. A contribution of 200,000 marks
had Uready been received from ".hi*
That the admiralty is fully alive te
the necessity of providing a means
for the crews ot warships that strike
mines or are torpedoed by submarine!
io escape drowning, since oilier warships are prohibited going to their a��>
sistauce is shown by the announce*
ment tbat the rdmiralty is arranging
for a general supply of swimming collars to be distributed to the officer!
und men of the fleet. The men nr*
instructed that the collar shall be carried on their person when they are
awake and kepi Inflated and neal
each Individual when bo Is asleep. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
LaF_    ' k Fortune   ^[MiV:^'-jUw K-
1 .cksmiths
COMOX      -      B. C.
' -phone M 9_
iocs ami Bumping i limits
II rseshoelng  and  Boat  Irons
a Specialty
T-.y'o-ir Excelsior Hoof
A Work Guaranteed
BuggJ as and Express Wagons
All Riga Guaranteed and Sold nt the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder COURTKNAY
���M.9 .Tazcse;:
��� i.:_____ B__._*r___u_____at__us_B��i.
_��� I _     _,
! Rofieri   n's Mentholated White Pine
1 with 1 ��������� Cough Syrup, SOc a bottle
" Rol ertson's   Hygenic   Tooth   Paste.     A  fragrant
a itifrice thas cleans and beautifies the teeth,
s in  tulyes  25c ti
1 R  _]        u's Drug Store, Coi_rte__ay ��� j
 -T" _r?j__��g��f9rar_f_,-;_ " ���. .   . v. _-_-__^��l. ���._..:..  _. .:'._____5sa_
To the
.a /;,. Hi ���
tl ,  .S    A   :   '
tin:   .'./
Court ol '
ol Deceml -i
���''""  "'���-''���/       t respectfully solicit your vote and in
���i  Ac'���. ''.i,'i in )f.,h.���   : ns Alderman ul   the forLicomhui
Ueii.'j   llavia   -,;,,,,;,-;,,;,; Ulectlou, ami il elected i wil
do all in ins power to further the   Inter
His Hon   eslso1 Courtenay.
-it  the  County
ou the 9th day   	
bet-land Regis-  ~~-
N. II. I!i DEN,
L.iu'l may, II. C
,.;���    :
was uppoiuted
I     ingiihr   the
I Deceased.  All
i listate  must be
pro itilj      i '"    presented to  the
.'.,,'���'.'   |.,.,<j i days   trom  the
il I   lu    of,
���,.. | an ..     J ' ' led to said  Estate
[red to | imbutit of  their
.,,!..���    !��� ,        i i      :.: Ih with.
WM. '        I I.     \VT J./ARD,
; ,l Administrator.
. .; :-       i.st da   - : December 1914.
Comox,  B. C.
H'ir.t-class odatiou.    Best
��� irs and Cigars
1.    McCuish, Prop.
To the Electors of Courtenay
I respectfully solicit your vote aud in-
fluence as Alderman at the forthcoming
Municipal Election, and if elected I Will
do all iii my power to further lhe interests of Conrtenas'.
Courlonay, B, i -
���K_r_ ;._. i__- _t i.
A  Public Meetiug will be held at
8 o'clock ill the
Knights of Pythias Hall
Monday, January
I remittor
��� ' ���   b       id Hotel
Cusine Excellen   A) ^^ ^ lm(JerSigned Will
. yfield express his  views on matters
pertaining to llie forthcoming
Civic Elections
All other Candidates for Mayoralty
and  AlderniSnic  Honors are  cordially Invited to attend and express
their views on Civic Matters
MM i    VND
,, ,      pjj ith the finest brands of
The C urtenay Hotel
ivtuience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
Norn   bt '   he BEST WINKS and
1,1: I'OE 5 at the Bar
_g;;:; ;o:::;:ton,    Prop.
Candidate for Mayor
Money to Loan
h_s a fine _ .v. stock of
Fancy Dry Goods
I  h_ve $1000 to Loan
at 8 per cent.
for a term  of years on
approved security
City of Courtenay, B. C, First Municipal Election 1915H
At the request of a large number of Electors of
this City, I have decided to become a candidate for
the office of Alderman at the forthcoming el sction.
__,__*,- 1&9���,. un .ift��tv��at-^r ___a^T-_gv<!___w_.*- ��� ��� ������ m___ II
As promised last week, I append hereto an outline of my viVv s
on the most important matters relating to the welfare of o.ir city
: Tu .!���___��_ my views ark':���!"'.___      i!55
1.   That the City Council should give their services free of
charge for the first year
_.   That the City should be governed  independent of miy
party politics
3. That the Municipality should be devilled into waN and
thereby prevent the exercise of any partiality or selfishness lhat ini_lit arise
4. That no increase in the rate of taxation should be made
for the forthcoming year on real property. Th ��� only
case in which I would be in favor of any increase would
be on the saloons
5. That all By-laws and other matters appertaining to the
welfare of the City should be thorouguiy gone into by
the Council mi that justice maybe done to all persons
living within the Municipality
6. Tlmi no outlay tay the Council should exceed the revenue
earned by the City For the coining year
7. That all streets, sidewalks and other public winks should
as far as possible be done liy statute labor
8. That no private company or companies should be allowed
to exploit om public utilities nthout first making terms
and conditions with the City Council
If 1 am elected I intend to do my very besl for the interests
of the whole of the City, and as I can devote the most of my
time to the interests of the J. colors, I solicit their voles at the
coining election
Lake Trail, Courtenay, B. C.
Good Morning!
We Are Introducing
American Silk
American < ashmere
American Cotton-Lisle
Tbey huve stood the test. Give
real loot comfo-t. No seams to
rip, Never COUie loose or baggy.
The shape is knit���not pressed in.
OUARANTKEDfor fineness
style, superiority ol materia and
workuiu    ip.    AblOiltey slitu-
less.    Will wear 6 months without
hoes, or      v. ones free,
to every one sending ,.1.11(1 in currency or p ���ta note, to cover advertising and shipping charges, we
will send post-paid, with written
guarantee, banked by a live mil-
ion dollar company, either
3   Pairs  of  our   75c  value
American Siik Hosiery,
or      4   Pain  ol  our  SOc value
American Cashmere Hosiery,
or      4  Pairi  of our  50r vnlup
American Cottnu-LUIe Hose,
or      6 Pairs of Children's Hosiery
Give Hi.-1-1 ir, si/, i, .ii | whether
I,.-lilies' orCi'iils' hosi tv is desired
DON'T DB .AY���Offer  expires
when a  I'l'i   ii.ii      pi'.:   i
The International Hosiery Co.
P. 0. lto\ 24*1
Every 25 cents spent in my
store   entitles   purchaser   to
one chance on a
Gurney Coa! Stove
To   The Electors   of   Courtenay
respectfully  asks your support at   the
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
Election as
and Influence
respectfully solicits.! for
_: _:.'��_���___
City of Courtenay Elections
I respectfully solicit your vote and influence as Independent Alderman at the
forthcoming elections. II elected, my
best efforts will be given to the besl for
Courtenay, .("   H
Tht Orchard, Courtenay.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston. Handmade Shoes will
stan .1 the Test.
J-   __���  ABTOJN
as Mayor for 1315
To electors of Courtenay:���-
In soliciting your suffrages at the
forthcoming election I wish to state
that I am in favor of low taxation.
City owning all  public utilties,
Government maintaiuence of
trunk roads through the city.
Encouraging industries to locate
within our city.
I am not in favor of selling debentures at low valuation for the
purpose of taking over public utilities, or any other pui pose, as it is
not consistent  with   low taxation.
I am not in favor of holding our
city buck by antagonizing enterprises which are desirous of locating in our coninuiuily.
Generally speaking I believe we
should no slow, in view of the per-
seut financial stringency.
It elected I will do all within my |
power  f<.   the   best   interests   of
I am not in favor of increasing
the number of liquor licenses within the city. j
I beg lo announce  my candidacy for
the office of Aldeiman, and  respectfully
solicit your support, i am not tied to
any political creed or faction, and am
firmly convinced that civic affairs should
be run on business, and not on  political
Courtenay, B. C.
To the Klectors of Courtenay
1 respectfully solicit your vote and influence as Alderman at the forthcoming
Municipal Election, nud if elected I will
do all in my power to further the interests of Courtenav.
Cuurleiiny, B. C.
Willard's Harness Emporium
l .ne Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   I. p
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases,  lite..
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
& Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled
W__^l||p'  . "
Citv of Courtenay, U. C, First Municipal Election 1915
I respectfully solicit your vote and in- !
fluence as Alderman al the  forthcoming i
Municipal Elections and if elected I will [
do all in my power to further  the inter-
ests of Courtenav.
Courtenav, B. C. '
begs to announce that he has
repurchased Ills old barber
business from Mr, Smith and
will be pleased to meet all his
old customers at the old stand
Next to the   Opera   Hou_e
Courtenay, B. C.
Comox, B. C.
Best Mesls North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
To the Electors of Courtenay
I respectfully solicit your vote and influence as Alderman nt the forthcoming
Municipal Election, and if .elected I will
do all in my power to further the interests of Courtenay.
Courteuay, B. C.
To the Electors oi Courtenay
I respectfully solicit your vote and influence as Alderman at the forthcoming
Municipal Election, and if elected I will
do all in my power to further the interests of Courtenay.
Courl_ n   r-j,
To the Electors of Courtenay
I I respectively solicit your vote and influence as Alderman at the forthcoming
Municipal   Election, uud if elected twill
, do all in my power to further in the interests of courlenay,
Courtenay, B. C
To the Electors of Courtenay
I respectfully solicit your vote and
influence as Alderman at the forthcoming Municipal Election, and if elected
I will do all in my power to further e
interests of Courtenay.
Courtenay, B, C.
The  Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First  Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
Try an Ad. in The Review
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls promptly
Phone 27 Courtenay


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