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The Review May 17, 1917

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Array w
Can not lie done any tetter, and
not nuite no well anywhere else
hereabouts.. Our type anil imi.Mii-
ery it .iiinpl.te anil The Keview
priiriw ..re ri_ht
for Class, Quality and Price
'  1,
a little oat uf lhe way but It ulil pay to walk
VOL. 5
NO. 26
Auction Sale
Agricultural Hall, Courtenay
Household Furciture and Effects for   Mr.  C. G
Callin and others, on
Tuesday Afternoon, May 22
at 2.30 o'clock
Particulars in posters or from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
We lead, while others follow, with  H. S, & M,   Clothing-.
We take your measurement and guarantee a lit
In all shades, styles and prices.    If you   should  need a new
hat for the 24th of May,  see our slock���just arrived from
the Hast, before.purchasing elsewhere
Summer Underwear in all Sizes---Come and See for Yourself
Youth's Misses and Children's Shoes, in Tan and Black
Leather also an assortment of white canvas.
Our prices are right and we guarantee them to wear
Courtenay   Celt's   Furnishings   Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Would you pay one quarter of one cent
an hour to have all your sewing done
for you ?
You know you would, and much more
This sounds so good to you that you
think it is a joke
We were never more serious and we
guarantee that a
Sewing Machine Motor   will sew  for
you for one quarter of a cent per hour
for current
It costs only $18.50 and lasts a lifetime
For Sale by
The Courtenay Electric
Light Heat and Power
Company Limited
n the
Local Lines
'��� Whomsoever the cap fits may
wear it."
What do you think of   McDonald
Archie Beveridge 1ms returhe"
lo town, He will work for the
Tsoliiinii Lumber Co,
Rev. Mr. Willemar received a
cable stating; lhal Iiis eldest son
had been woiindi d al the front.
A lieu pheasant was seen walk-
ingln Isnlrel street on Friday eve
ninu last, near the bank corner.
Tlle Agricultural   Society   has
awarded tlie contract  for  printing I
the Prize I.isl rind oilier   work   to-
the Review office.
[lata   All the latest shades  and styles
���Pte, W. S- Wood, brother of Mr.
Clinton Wood, is reported wounded
at the front. The last letter received from him was 'fated
19. when he was yet in Kn.
Mr. Wood lfas lour brothers
overseas sen ice,
A general meeiiu of farmi i -,
called b) the 1 n il branch of lhc
Uniled Farmers of llritish Columbia
will he held ii lhe Agricultural
ILrll Courtenay, cm Tuesday evening next at !' o'clock' lo consider
the Government taxes as affectina
farmers. All farriers are earnestly
requested to attend Ladies are
cordially invited. II is anticipated
lhat Hugh StewirtM. U A. will
be present and address the meeting.
Mrs. Gage is holding a drawing
for her late husband's camera and
outfit, suitable for professional
work, and used ii. all work in connection with splendid pictures taken by the lata oirner which are
widely known for their excellence
and artistic merit. The size of the
lens is 6 r-_ x 8 x-a. Tickets 25
cents each. Apply P.O., A. B.
Ball's and C. J. Moore's stores,
For sale ��� Several first-class
dairy cows, fresh and coming in.
C. F. Jackson. Grantham.
Wanted to purchase���Beef and
Veal���.Prices 16c for fat beef, 16c
for good veal, dressed ; 1 ic live
weight. City Meat Market, Cumberland.   Phone in.
10 acre farm, all cleared, with
good modern house, barn, and outbuildings For Rent. $io per month
Money to loan on farm land.
Hicks Beach & Field.   Courtenay.
For highest prices ia hides, scrap
metal aud old rnbbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
For Sale���Bay Mare, harness
and light express. Apply w,
Douglas, Courtenay.
Seed Potatoes���For Sale. Early
Rose and Burbanks, Apply to
Pritchard & Sons, Comox.
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford Garage^
House to Let���At corner of Uu-1
ion Street and Cumberland Road..
Also lot adjoining For partial- 1
lars apply at Review office. j
Go to McBryde's for quality
Wood For Sale���$4 per load cash
Teaming and carting done. L.
Alexander, Courtenay.
Safety First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery  and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
P. Bubar motored to Victoria
aud back on Wednesday,
Theo Fortune, who was one of
the first to leave this district for
ovrseas service, arrived back in
Courtenay on Sunday.
A lawn U-nnis clllb hns heen
formed in Courtenay with K. Hicks
Beach aa President,   F,  C.   Brock
1 ngrartt-
ia   nol a
ler    does
Secretary, and R, Christie
No,  Maude, writing 1
la lory letters   to  oneself
criminal   offence.      .Veil I
plagiarism or body-snatching a|
pear to be,
The Comox Farmers fiistitiite
he'd a general meeting in the City
Cotiucil chambers on Saturday
evening. Mr o. Bjgelow wns appointed Secretary in place ol the
late J. Halliday.
Childrens Overalls Just the thins for
children during the summer, nt SutliiTs,
We were in error lasl week when
we stated that Messsr. Anderton
nnil Stewart hnd entered-". 11 action
against Agnes E, Graham. li is
Agnes K. Graham who has euti ;-,- 1
:m action against P, I, Anderton
and Hugh Stewart M. I,. A, for
accounting foreclosure, etc
The Provincial Police raided another Chinese gambling den at
Chinatown on Saturday night and
secured twenlv-six Chinks who
were taken before _'a->istrale Phaw
and remanded until Thursday,
They are bringing up a Vancouver lawyer to defend them. They
put up a siiff fight when surprised
by the police.
Edwin Maki head loader at Camp
2 was struck by a rigging line
which snapped and instantly kit-
led him on Saturday afternoon last.
Coroner Small had a jury summon
ed and an inquest held, the verdict
reached being accidental death, with
a rider that the rigging should be
more frequently examined for weak
ness. Deceased, who was a widower leaves a boy aged a years.
The remains were shipped to Seattle on Wednesday evening.
Mayor McKenzie left for Victoria on Wednesday inoin'ug on
business for the citv.
Jack Milligan of the 27th Bait,
is reported to have heen wouuded
during the recent fighting in
We forgot to iiu-niion last week
that   Frltzy's    windj iminer   had
[starter] on her maiden voyage,    It
1 look all Inn Is and the assistance
of Skipper Fletcher to float her.
i W. A Hames, Stipendary magistrate, has been appointed   small
.debts 111 igistrate for a portion ..;' tiie
district extending northwards near,
ly to Oyster River, vice E. Hichs
Beach, who hns been retired by th
1 Provincial government,   Mr. Hi Ics
.. H
Beach hns been n   magistrate
nine years and limine all tl
nol a singleappeal against   his
.cisiou hns heen sustain   !.
most sensible
All   the
(in Wednesday e*
; dies of ih--   Presbyl
sui passed th-itii
barei entertaiiiiu.ut.    'I
were piesidr 1 ��� ���   r I
beautifully dressed to repn
different allied nations   a
assisti il bj charmihg young 1
\\ Im waited on  tables,   ri'
around gracefully in   their bi i
colored gowns during  the  evening
The concert which commenced   ac
S,3o p. in. wn- a special  feature of
the entertainment, and Mrs, Robert
son who was iu charge ot this part
of the entertainment deserves great
credit tor the manner in which the
music was   conducted.   The   performers all entered into  the sprit
of the occasion and the concert was
one of the best ever heard in Courtenay.   This entertainment entailed
a great deal of work on the"pirt of
the ladies, but it was a great  sac
cess both socially and financially,
something over a  hundred dollar-.
being cleared.      Mrs.    Menzies,
(Pre-, of the Ladies Aid) would
take this opportunity of thanking
01 e and all who in any way con.
tributed to the evening's success.
Seed  Potatoes!
We have a splendid stock of " Early
Rose " Seed Potatoes. These are
fine large clean goods for which we
anticipate a large demand, so you
will be well advised to place your
order at an early date. Few Bur-
hanks and Elephants
m m*^0**T**t**^a*,
Comox Creamery
55c ner !b, this week
Chas.  Simms
Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician
Special 15 Jeweled Lever watch       - $ 6.50
Special   7           do          do                - 4.50
Walthaml7        do          do                 - 12.50
Fullv C.' ar [.teed in Screw Cases
boe_a________i naaw
SSUTSOhinP    " |r,__�� ltk__l
&w'tiM>W��f, 11,, h \ '��� r7?fe lawjau.
���Pk   K*.���������������; -     .   . :jj iu-**��:
fc.."_C".' ^'."���"i j�� 111'{11'  ' .;
I_-__-___bI^^AINs no ''������'���uj)ti*Tgatmam
���BSSSS��������� n_-.Vii.-_r_.  - .Jj-_.!_r��r4*��_t_
MTO,  ONT. 1
The Czar's Valedictory
Crimes of Germany
Can Never Livo Down Disgrace of
Her Acts
The history of tho. war may he (or.
gotten, tlu- terrible stories told hy
thc commissions that investigated the
crimes committed in Belgium may
pass from memory, hm the slory of
Germany's crimes will live forever
In the painting ami cartoons of the
artists who havc depicted them,
Germany never can live down the
disgrace of her deeds, for these
gnat cartoons have (omul permanent places in the picture galleries of
Europe. They will hang there us a
constant reminder of the nation that
emerged a barbarian llirougli its thin
veil  of   civilization'     As   long  as   Ihc
great galleries stand, Germany must
face the disgrace. Can they ever
again laud their kultur?
And, while artists of Holland and
thc United States, as will as those
of the entente countries, are picturing thc deeds committed in the name
of Germany no great artist has arisen
to prevent a pictorial defence for the
Kaiser, This is one. phase of thc war
in which Germany lias no defence.
And the punishment will continue
longer than the lives of those who
penetrated thc horrible clinics.���From
thc Ottawa Free Press-
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
Whatever his faults may he, thc
late Czar Nicholas should get credit I
for his abdication manifesto. It isi
a dignified, manly, patriotic docu-|
menl. It might he said of Nicholas]
that nothing iu his reign became him
so well as his manner of resigningI
the crown.��� Hamilton  Herald.
A safe und sure medicine for a child
tumbled wilh worms is Mother
Craves' Worm  Exterminator,
Insulting a Queen
A very candid mother admits thai
thc most difficult thing she ever attempted was to ask her daughter the
morning after her commencement if
she would wash the breakfast dishes.
It seemed like an insult to a queen,
���New Vork Sun.
.nutiot reach the sent of the- tlisirase. Catarrh
is a lorat disease, greatly influenced by ion-
siituiioual conditions, ana in order to cure it
you must take aii internal remedy, Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts
llirougli the blood on llic mucous surfaces
Of the system. Hall's Catarrh Cure was pre-
'.milieu* iry one oi the best physicians in this
country lor years, it is composed ol sonic
of the best tunics known, combined with
Some oi tlie best bluo.l purifiers. The perfect combination of the ingredients in Hull's
Catarrh Lure is what producer, such wonder-
ful results in catarrhal conditions. Send lor
testimonials, free.
F.  J.   ClIKNliV   &  CO.,  l'rops.,  Toledo,  O.
All Druggists, "5c.
Hall's Family  I'ills for constipation.
Book " .���iiU'iit Protection
Formerly Patent Office Examiner.   Eet_b. 1877
Branches: Ottawa antl Washington
It is always s��lc to .end a Dominion Ej_��
prcis Mor-cy Order, Five dollars cost-
three tents.
strange scientific discovery, Kalomite revo-
lutionizes clothes washing ideas; positively
abolishes rubbing, washboards and washing
machines; $1,000 guarantee; absolutely harmless; women astonished; territory protection.
Tlie Anna Company, .1 Provincial Lane,
Pot and Kettle
Wife���You don't realize how miserably weak you are. Why, you can't
pass a saloon without going in-
Hub���And you can't pass a millinery shop.
Had Fourteen Fits
In One Afternoon
BUT    IS    MADE     WELL    AND
Chemically Self--
What do these words
mean to you ?
Tht y mean greater safety
in the Home!
Perhaps you have noticed
the.e words on our new
match boxes. The splints
of all matches contained
in these boxes have been
soaked in a solution which
renders them dead wood,
once they have been lighted and blown out, thereby
reducing the clanger of
FIR E from glowing
matches to tlie greatest
Safely First and Always- -
Mr- R. J. Thompson   of   Uxbridge,
Tells the Slory of    His    Terrible
Trouble   and   Almost   Miraculous
Uxbridge, (hit., (Special)-Mr- R.
J. Thompson, living near here, had
fourteen convulsions in one afternoon. Thc doctors did not think hr'
could live- Today he is well and
strong. He' says Dodd's Kidney I'ills
did it   But let him tell his own story:
"1 am delighted with Dodd's Kidney Tills," .Mr. Thompson states- "1
have only lakeu eleven boxes and 1
feci like myself again-
"I was taken ill very suddenly. I
ate my dinner and went to take a
man home. I just got about three-
quarters of a mile when I was taken
with a convulsion fit I had fourteen
that afternoon and thc third day I
had nine more-
"Thc doctors said I could not live
and if I did 1 would never be able to
do anything again as 1 had chronic
Blight's Disease. But, thank Cod, I
am doing my own work once again,
by the use of Dodd's Kidney Bills."
Blight's Disease is thc most advanced stage of kidney disease. It
can be avoided if thc earlier stages
ol kidney trouble aro remedied by
the use of Dodd's Kidney Bills-
U. S. Farmers Get It, Too! j
C.E. Can-others, Deputy Secretary
of Agriculture of Pennsylvania! has
evolved a simple plan for demolishing thc high cost of living. "Intensive fanning should be carried on to
thc very limit," said Deputy Carroth-
ers, "if the high cost of living is to be
abated, runners in Pennsylvania,
where some of the most fertile fields
In the world are to be found, should
get all they can out of their ground.
By varying the crops and a proper
rystein of rotation, planting closet
and giving individual attention to
their crops, fanners can help both
themselves and Ihe people.
"Something of this Bort must bc
done, for there is no excuse for importing potatoes from Haiti and other
vegetable) that are staples from outside places."
Sounds just like what wc get here.
For Sale by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanee, Ont
Hoped It Was Timely
Not long afler a fire in a lown near
Boston some children in the Hub
held a charity fair, by which $_0 was
realized' This sum they forwarded
to lhc rector of thc church in the
town when' the fire had occurred,
since hc had lakeu a prominent part
in the relief work. Iheir letter was
as follow-:
"We have bail a fair and made $-0.
We tire sending it lo you. Please give
it to the lire sufferers' Yours truly,
etc. I' S. - We hope the suffering is
not all over."--Buffalo News.
Buying Billows
Mrs. Wallace���I unit to buy some
pillows today and���
Mrs. Grcenstreet���Well?
Mrs, Wallace���I found that even
down is up-���Philadelphia Bulletin.
The Passing of Winter Leaves People Weak and Depressed
As winter passes away it leaves
many people feeling weak, depressed
and easily tired. The body lacks that
vital force and energy which pure
blood alone cau give-
Dr. Wiliams' l'ink I'ills for Pale
People are an all-year-round blood
builder and nerve tonic, but they are
especially useful iu the spring. Every
dose helps to make new, rich, red
blood. Returning strength commences with their use and the vigor and
cheerfulness of good health quickly
There is just one cure for lack of
blood and that is more blood. Food
is the material from which blood is
made, but Dr. Williams' l'ink Bills
double the value of thc food we cat.
They give Strength, tone up the
stomach and weak digestion, clear
the complexion nf pimples, eruptions and boils, and drive out rheumatic poisons*
If you are palc*��.ant! sallow, if you
feel continually tired out, breathless
after slight exertion, if you have
headaches or backaches, if you are
irritable and nervous, if your joints
ache, if your appetite fails and food
does not nourish nor sleep refresh
you, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills will
make you well and strong. To build
up the blood is thc special purpose
oi Dr- Williams' Pink Bills, and that
is why they are thc best spring
medicine. If ynu feci the need of a
tonic at this season give Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills a fair trial and you
will rejoice, in new health, new
strength and new energy- Do not
let thc trying weather of summer
find you weak and ailing". Build
yourself up now with Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills���thc pills thai  strengthen.
Ask for Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills
for Pale People and do not bc persuaded to take something else. If
your dealer does not keep these I'ills
they will be sent by mail, post paid,
at 50 cents a box or six boxes for
$_-.0 by writing Tire Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvillc, Ont.
Delayed Delivery
Billy bad had ^i serious misunderstanding wilh his older cousin Conrad. That misunderstanding had
been very scrupulously concealed
(inin his mother, so when he", came
into lhe house after school she said:
"Billy, what would you like lo give
Conrad for his birthday?"
"I know whal I'd like, to give
him," said Billy vindictively, "but 1
ain't big enough."
2 and S Ib. Cartons���
10,20, .'.0 and 100 Ib. Bag*.
No one ever doubts REDPATH quality, because
in its Sixty Years of use no one has ever bought a
barrel, bag or carton of poor Redpath sugar. It is
made in one grade only���the highest.
"Let Redpath Sweeten it." u
Canada Sugar Refining Co., Limited, Montreal*
Few people realise wliat t serious disease
Catarrh really is. If m'_!im ted the damage
it dues is often Irreparable. Deafness,
ll.unf troubles and Head Noises that ilnvc
thi sufferer nearly frantic aro Invariably due
jWtliis insidious disease.. Don't neglect Ca-
Unlit li.m'i let it make you into a worn-out,
.un-down Catarrh \vicek. What ts Catarrh
today may 60on he something far ntoie fief'
Inns, ltemeuiber it Is more than a trifling
ailment--niora than a dIegUBttng disease, it's
'a dangerous one. Unchecked it fre .il'-nr. V
destroys smell, taste, hearing and slowly bill
surely undermines ine general health, Uut
why suller and take chances? Secure from
your druggist 1 ounce Parmint (double
[Strength), tnlre this home antl add to it a
quarter pint ol hot water ami 4 ounce ol
ciauulatcd sugar, stir until dissolved. Ta'ue
1 tablcspoonful four time, n day.
Parmint 1. il.e great English remedy lot
Catarrh that.Is now being so eagerly smifcht
lor  lice  ill  Canada  where  It   is  giving  ..it'"
faction even under our own trying climatio
Catarrh is a disease of the blood and tlu
only possible way lo cure it is by treating the
blood. Drive the Catarrh poisons Irom ilia
system by ti eating tlie blood and the disease
Itiell must vanish. - Parmint has moved
successful in so many cases because it acts
directly upon the. blood and mucous inem-
bt ana,
To be utile to breathe freely, to tiear plainly, smell, taste and arise in the morning refreshed ami strong and wilh head and lliroat
free from phlegm are conditions that make
life  worlh  living.
Por your own sake give Parmint a trial
-and wilh your whole system crying for re-
lief��� start llie treatment at once. For coughs
and colds it Is unsurpassed.
Any druggist can supply you, or s bottle
will be sent ou receipt of 75c, postal note or
money  older.   Address   International  Labors.
toiies,   "4  St.   Autotlie   Hi ,   Montreal,  Canada
A Peace Suggestion
If Germany is forced to sue for
peace it would not bc astonishing if
the Allies w.'ie lo insist that every
vessel torpedoed during lhc war must
be replaced by a ship to be transferred from lhe. flags of the Central
l'ouers to those of the. fleela from
which so many subtractions have been
made by thc submarines. Such u
penalty would both impose poetic,
justice and be au Intensely practical
way of exacting Indemnity which
would not bc so well expressed in
terms of money alone-���Providence
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Dandruff-
House Afire
An insurance man tells lhis one:
"Not long ago there rushed into
onc of our oliiccs in thc south a very
excited woman, so excited, in fact,
lhat she was out of breath and could
speak with difficulty-
"'What's the trouble?' asked one of
the clerks.
" '1 want a policy at once���at oncel'
exclaimed the woman, when she had
recovered sufficiently to articulate,
'Our house is on fire I1 "���Baptist
A Pill That Proves Its Value.���
Those of weak stomach will find
strength in Parmelee's Vegetable
I'ills, because they serve to maintain
lhe healthful action of the stomach
and lhc liver, irregularities in which
arc most distressing, Dyspeptics are
well acquainted wiih litem and value
them at Iheir proper worth. They
have afforded relief when other preparations have failed, and havc effected cures iu ailments of long
standing where other medicines were
found unavailing.
Modern Styles
"Pull  down  your  skirts,   Isabel"
"That's all right, mother, I'm not a
bit cold."���Life.  ,
Spare the children from suffering
from worms by using Miller's Worm
Powders, the most effective vermifuge rliat can be got with which to
combat these insidious foes of the,
young and helpless. There is nothing that excels this preparation as a
worm destroyer, and when its qualities become known in a household
no other will bc used. The medicine
acts by itself, requiring uo purgative
to assist it, and so thoroughly that
nothing more is desired-
He���People arc saying you married mc for my money.
She--Well, 1 had to give them
some reason.
Minard's Liniment for Sale
Democratic Signs
Of the Times
German Chancellor Can See Which
Way the Wind Is Veering
Chancellor von Bclhmann Holtwcg
musl have had some information
about Ihc Russian revolution when
he lold the rclchslag that afler thc
war the people would be granted all
sorts of freedom and co-operation in
the administration of the empire.
"Woe to the statesman." he declared, "who dots not recognize lhc signs
of thc times, There are some exceedingly plain Bigns stuck np for
statesmen of thc breed of Kaiser
William, Kaiser Ferdinand, King
Constantino, and a few morc to
Thc German chancellor's speech
may bc art attempt to take cover, but
ll e people, once awakened, will not
be satisticd wilh promises of whal
may happen after the war. Their
empty stomachs demand something
immediate and nourishing. When
they hear what the Russian people
havc done, not to end the war, but
to prosecute it wilh greater vigor
than ever against thc Itaiser and his
rule, they may decide to take thc
same steps the people of Russia have
taken, lo rid themselves of a burden
too heavy to carry,���prom thc Toronto World.
D02 Remedies
And How to Feed
.railed tret to an; address by
1 the Author
118 West 31st Street, New York
To Raise Serbian Regiment
Recruiting Campaign Throughout the
Dominion for Serbians
Something new in Canadian military circles will be witnessed .".t
Camp Sussex, the central training
camp for New Brunswick, this summer if plans now announced work
out successfully.
The military authorities havc decided to open a recruiting campaign
throughout the Dominion for Serbians, and it is anticipated that from
1,000 to 1,500 men of this race will ba
enlisted during thc spring and summer of 1917. As the recruits arc signed on, lhcy will be sent direct to Sus-'
sex to receive, their military training.
Although they will bc recruited by
the Canadian authorities, the Serbians will not become members of the
Canadian Expeditionary Force, but
will be. sent forward lo aid their fellows iu thc task of redeeming their
native counlry from the liulgar invaders-
"Eddie," said mother sternly, "yolt
should not lighl wilh lhat Johnson
boy-" "1 know I shouldn't, mother,"
said Eddie penitently, "That's right.
And when did you lind out?" "About
a minute after I hit him."
W.     N      U.     1153
Too 111 to Walk Upright. Operation
Advised.   Saved by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
This woman now raises chickens and
does manual labor.   Read her story:
Richmond, Ind.���"For two yearn I
was so sick and weak with troubles
from my age that
when going up
stairs I had to go
very slowly with
my hands on the
steps, then sit down
nt tho top to rost.
Tho doctor laid he
thought I should
have an operation,
and my friends
thought I would not
livo to move Into
our new house. My
daughter asked me
to try \-ydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound as sho had taken it with good
results. I did so, my weakness dis-
appeared, I gained in strength, moved
into our now home, did all kinds or
garden work, shoveled dirt, did building and cement work, and raised hundreds of chickens and ducks. I cannot say enough in praise of Lydia E,
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound end
If these facts are useful you may publish them for the benefit of othef
women. "-Mrs. M. O. JoHNSTON,Uo_t��}
D, Bos 190, Richmond, Ind. fi
It is Also Regarded ns Vital lo tlie Empire that tho Natural
Resources he Safeguarded Irom any Pressure Which a Foreign
Power Might Exercise lo Secure Control of Raw Materials
How Rasputin Worked It
The final report of the Dominions'
Royal Commission sels forth numerous conclusions anil recommend.i-
t'ous which il brings to the notice of
the imperial and dominions' governments,
It declares, regarding the scientific
development of natural resources,
that it is vital the Empire be placed
iu a position enabling it to resist
any pressure which a foreign power,
or a group of powers, could exercise
in time of peace or war through control of cs_s**itial raw materials ami
It recommends that a complete
survey should accordingly bc made
cf the relation between empire production and empire requirements of
such materials'
Willi reference to such materials
aud commodities as arc mainly produced and controlled outside of the
Empire, such as cotton, petroleum,
nitrates and potash, tlie most careful
inquiry is needed regarding the possibility oi new sources of supply or
the finding of substitutes within the
Empire. Survey aud investigation in
this respect should bc entrusted to
the new imperial development board,
which should work through existing
departments in thc Uniled Kingdom
and self-governing dominions and
local scientific departments and thc
Imperial Institute for India, the
Crown colonics anil protectorates.
Thc report recommends far great
cr control by Imperial aud oversea?
grants, the creation of au imperial
immigration authority for the purpose of supervision, and a further
consultative board to effect a proper
co-relation between the central authority and the activities of thc dominions.
It urges the need of providing adequate capital, training and assistance for intending soldier-settlers
and far greater attention to the emigration of women from Great Britain
und increasing the same.
A proposal is made for thc interchange of school teachers between
the United Kingdom and thc dominions.
Thc report emphasizes the necessity of cheap, speedy and efficient
transport ami recommends larger
vessels and larger harbors. For this
improvement the schemes should be
supervised by the imperial developments hoard.
The commission
ed mail facilities,   .mc
Says Mystic Monk's Power at Russian Court Was Due to
Thc superstitious 'belief lhat the
health and even the life of tirand
I Hike Alexis, the young heir-appar
cut, depended on thc presence of
Gregory Rasputin, the mystic monk
���a notion which is generally known
to have accounted for Rasputin's tremendous influence over thc imperial
family���is explained in the following
extraordinary manner by the Rtissky
"Rasputin, according lo thc news
paper, staled in confidence to friends]
at convivial moments that    be    was
able to fortify this superstition with1
the help of Madame Virubova, lady-l
��� nc   empress, and    M.
Tiadmaef,  court physician,,   until the
empress    was    absolutely    convinced
that thc Jife of her son depended on
the monk.
"Whenever Rasputin    was    absent
for any length of    time    from    thc
court  Madame  Virubova,    accordingi e__
to thc monk's story as given by thc |;
Wealth o! the Czar
Roads Are  Crowded With Every Possible Variet} of Vehicle,
Transporting Supplies for thc Advancing Army, and Present
Amazing Spectacle to Correspondents at the Front
He  Retires in Very Good Financial
According to most opinions the
private fortune of Nicholas, ex-Tzar
of Kussia, is estimated at about $_,-
llis wealth is largely invested in
foreign bonds and stocks, llis holdings on this side are said to be extensive' It is understood that he
owns $5,000,000 of the Pennsylvania
railroad's stocks. His name docs not
appear iu Ihc lists of that corporation's stockholders for obvious reasons. Instead some nominal owners appear.
Most of the. Oar's cash i. deposited iu the. Bank of England' The
estimates of his deposits there rue
numerous. They run from fifty to
a hundred million pounds.
The ex-Czar also owns about 680,-
000,000 acres of land in Kussia. Most
cf Russia's mineral resources are his
private    property-    Inlo  the    Czar's I horse
newspaper, obtained poisonous powders from the physician and contrived to place them iu food brought to
Alexis- The result"" was that during
Rasputin's absence lhe delicate
hcallh of the young heir-apparent
grew steadily worse until Rasputin
was summoned back to the court
when the powders were slopped and
Alexis became imifieilialcly belter.
Rasputin always announced that 40
days after his death Alexis would
fall ill. This prophecy came true
with startling accuracy���being caused
the newspaper declares by Madame
Virubova administering another powder to the. little grand duke in the
hope of continuing the tradition of
Rasputin influence over thc imperial
family and preparing the way for a
successor to him.
private treasury, according to the
gold aud silver output is annually
It is not known whether the Czar
will  bc  allowed to  retire  from    the
throne the richest man in the world.
There arc some who believe lhat  the
transfer of his financial resources to
those  of  Russia  will  be  onc  of  the
first steps of thc new Russian minister of finance.   It would undoubtedly affect thc exchange of the ruble
tremendously'    ll would make   Russia financially stronger than she ever
If the ex-Czar's American    slocks
j were confiscated they might be used,
it is pointed out, for the purchase of
munitions  and  other    material    here
the   Russian  army.     That  would
imcdiately raise the ruble exchange
A correspondent at lhe front,
watching the sight of a great "army
pursuing a foe, and Irving lo realize j
to comprehend, the amazing labor
and effort such a process involves,
describes his impressions.
The. lines which, lln- British held
for 'four months before Bapaume
arc deserted. When the correspondent came to Bapaume the llritish
troops were miles ahead���how far
none knew exactly, though in the
distance the boom of field pieces
could be constantly heard- Neither
side was using heavy guns then���thc
time for ihem had not yet arrived.
Thc road from Albert, where the
statue of lhc virgin juts horizontally
from the top of the ruined cathedral
tower, but still miraculously held in
place, right up pasl Bapaum
an unforgetablc spectacle, Th
ish soldiers had passed that wl
before and now everything ne
to push the Bochc back past tl
denbiirg line of defense was
brought upf for their support.
The road everywhere was c
with every possible variety    i
hide-   One passed hundreds an
cireds of huge motor lorries, 1.
supplies of all descriptions.
Red Cross ambulances sped by at
great speed. Trams of American
mules were hauling great wagons
piled  high wilh  thousands  of  loaves
f bread and sides of href.     Ranting
wcrc drawing wagons    laden
Influx of Settlers
Immigration     Superintendent
casts Big Movement of
U. S. Farmers
That the movement of U, S.
tiers to the western provinces wi
greater during the coming sc
than  for several  years hack    is
1 bc.
onfident prediction of
uggests irnprov-1 Scott declares    that
kcr routes and) spring more    settlers'
\Y- 1). Scott,
already this
effects   havc
ol governnieni conlrol
companies    regarding
some measure
of steamship
Cheaper cabling is regarded as au
urgent necessity. The report slates
that thc Dominion Royal Commission
favors slate control of imperial wires
and the commissioners recommend
state acquisition,
A considerable reduction in press
rates is proposed lo enable a wide
dissemination of imperial news.
Dealing with trade questions the
commissioners advocate thc speeding
up of thc intelligence system, thc
holding of periodic intcr-impcrial exhibitions and lhe unification of. legislation, particularly the patents, trade
marks and companies laws.
Regarding thc. creation of an imperial development hoard, the commissioners express the view lhat existing organizations are inadequate
to deal with matters of joint Interest
to thc empire as a whole, such as the
scientific development of Empire resources, the deepening of harbors on
a co-ordinated plan, cable _ service
and the preparation of statistics. In
its initial stage the board should be
advisory. The following representation upon it is suggested:
The United Kingdom, India, the
Crown colonies and protectorates,
seven; South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Newfoundland, onc each.
W.    N-    U.    J153
tossed into Canada Ihan crossed
during thc whole of last year aud th'
movement is just merely started.
Thc new sei tiers are coming from
numerous slates through the po
of Emerson, North Portal and
CouttS' Matty of ihem arc purchasing lands though sonic are seeking
homesteads in the l'caee River am!
olhcr parts.
The department has for some time
past been assuring intending settler
from the United States that they
need not fear conscription in any
form; even were conscription forced,
it is pointed out that new 'settlers
would not have had time to secure
full Canadian citizenship before t
war was ovcr.
Thc nests should bc a little dark
Mr- Peterson, Poultryman al the
North Dakota Experiment Station
slates that thc hen is not so apt to
eat the eggs in a darkened nest, and
wants her nest in a secluded place,
Thc straw in thc nests should bc re
moved frequently and the nest
should he whitewashed inside, and
out at least once a year.���F.x. Dept.
N- Dakota Agricultural College,
"1 can't spare the money, but I'll
gladly loan it to you if you'll promise
not to keep it too long."
"I solemnly swear that I'll spend
every penny of it before tomorrow
morning"-  Chicago Herald.
to nearly the normal standard.
Italy and the War
Bravely Bearing the Burdens Created
by War Times
With rolls and fancy bread entirely prohibited, two meatless and three
sweetless days a tweek, only one
meat course allowed at hotels and
restaurants, butter no longer procurable, vegetables at prohibitive
prices, coal at $20 a ton, sometimes
mounting to $45 and $."0 thc horrors
of war as Ihey affect thc homes and
families of the people of Italy will bc
understood' And yet Italy has its
bright side.
A spirit of thrift has encompassed
the imagination and formed thc
habits of the people. In 191-1 the national savings amounted to $1,519.-
000,000 ihey reached last year���despite diminished exports and the closing of thc tourist trade, which brings
cash to the amount of $20,000,000 per
annum to thc country���no less than
This saving has been effected by
the "fortunes of war" But thc woollen aud cotton industries havc prospered greatly, and all Ihosc wliicli
were, made for or could be adapted
to the output of war material. Italy
began to rely upon herself, industrially speaking, more than she had
ever done before, and found, after
due experiment, that she could not
only produce the articles she required, but could do so ai an economic
price, which had at first seemed
Unemployment naturally ceased to
be a problem, and n notable symptom was, as stated, the increase in
savings of the country.
A Joke on the Doctor
A physician boarded a crowded
cross-town car. A woman was standing, and a big German seated, sprawling over twice the space necessary
Indignantly  the doctor  siffl  lo  him:
"See here! Why don't you move a
little, so that this lired wonfn may
havc a seat?" -"
For a moment thc German looked
dazed- Then a broad smile spread
ovcr his countenance, as hc answered:
"Sa'y, dot's a joke on you, all right!
Dot's my vifel"���Harper's Magazine.
with munitions of war- Olhcrs were
bringing up huge loads of fodder, or,
perhaps, tins of cocoa or condensed
milk. Occasionally a powerful automobile filled Willi stall officers
threaded ils way through the throng
of vehicles.
From dawn until dusk lhis 20 miles
procession went on unceasingly.
About every mile iu ihc traffic line a
policeman with a red flag regulated
il and wilh autocratic authority kept
it moving iu order- Thai would have
been a strange sight on any road;
on this it was most r .otic.
Il was a stupendous task, moving
these supplies along that road. It
was not built for Iwo lincs*of heavy
traffic even in normal times. And
since the beginning of the war it had
been    shelled    persistently.      Every
yard there was a pitted shell hole.
Occasionally these craters wcrc ten
feet in diameter and six feet deep,
In addition to this, iu several placcj
the Germans had blown up the road
when the Hriiish wire near Ba-'
"To put this road in passable
shape in two or three days had been
a great feat for the British labor
battalions, worthy of tribute even
under the most favorable circumstances. Wearing their steel helmets
the road making gangs were kept
going night and day along its entire
length, They arc still working,
There is no time to use ordinary material- 'i'he nun take bricks from
lhe ruined village nearby, fill up the
shell holes and roll them level when-
chance.   Whenever
ere is a mine crater they build l
road around its edge,
Alongside the road thousands of
men were working furiously laying
a railway across thc shell holes- The
Germans had destroyed their lines
very thoroughly, but the British engineers showed no signs of resentment. They wcrc quit.; pleased, however, when they were able to use up
a length of German rails. Almost as
soon as the British troops halt they
find a completed line at their heel?,
bringing them everything needful.
When the war is ovcr the roughly-
laid line across the morass and muss
of the Plcardy plain will be a sight
worth coining many miles to see-
was jever they get thc
e Brit- tl
,y days
i jsary
- Itin-
if veil liun-
< a ring
O. Course It Can't Be Done
Of course, well informed peopl*
know belter, but there are some
ignorant folks who think it is possible to havc a good time without
spending more than you can afford
���Claude Callan in the Fort Woru
An Irish Magistrate. one of the '!
school, was summing up a case in a
Dublin court. Thc plaintiff was .
handsome woman, and her ���; loo.
looking daughter was one of ;'
nesses- "Gentlemen of the j'.r/,"
said his Honor, "everything in the
case seems plain���except, of c ���'.:,
Mrs. O'Toole ar.J her char :;
"Astonishing how my
camp back," says  Mr. In man,   a   Winnipeg
business man, cured by Dr. Cassell's Tablets.
"It was astonishing how my strength
urn! fitness earn.; back," sr.vs Mr. Q. 0.
CREEK, WINNIPEG, ,_ for many
years a well-known
man in the business
liie of Canada. Mr.
Inman continues:
"It is about three
years now since I
lirst used Dr. Cas-
sill's Tab!,-.?. I
was terribly rundown and weak.
Romotimos 1 felt I
should have to lcav��
off altogether, my
work was suoh an
effort to nre, I ate
little. J had no
appetite, nnd I
suffered if I iorectl
myself to eat.
"My   nerves, of
course  were   in   a had   w��y,  and "my
sleep Tory disturbed.    Everything, in
fact, pointed to
It wa. then a
Dr. Cassell's Tat
Kail the Tablets, and now
well and bright
a nervous breakdi ^_.
friend told ro*  lid .
lets, snd I got =���--���-��� ������:
try. The Br* - ill
was tha! I
sleep a: r...'..';. ar. *
then _���.;,- '.: a :.
rap;J'.y Im] r -. :.
It wai rea'.'.j
astonishing homy strength end
fitness cm:.- back.
i "I may ni I that
soma time ago rny
mother was v- ty ;'..
with pern! ioui
anamiia. 1 ���-:_���'���!
her to Uke Dr.
Cause a T- .
but she won*, i nol
so I crush-1 then
down and gay.
them in fo-'ri fl .'.'n-
out h;r know ng.
She was confined
to bed before she
j about agaia
Afr. Inman it now in England, having had to return then
tome little time ago to take control of the well-known firm
of A. W. Inman and Son, Printer* and Pablithert, Leeds.
Lettert will reach him there.
Dr. Cassell's
A French soldier had been shot ir
the leg, and was taken to the hospi
tal for treatment. For some time!
the surgeon probed and searched the'
wound, until at last thc sufferer dc- i
manded impatiently what he was do-1
ing- "1 am trying to find thc bul-|
lct," was the reply. "What stupid���]
ityl" cried the patient. "Why, 1,
have it ill my pocket!"
Oa  receipt
of   5
cent*     to
mailing and
ine,     a     get
free lunipli .\
ill lilt
lent    at    o n c p.
AriUreesr Hur
ihi F.
Ritchie \ Co.
10.   MoCsVUl-i
Vot, ut.'.
Dr. Oauell's Tablets are Nntritlra, Rertor-IWe,  A'.terarirt,
and .\i,i-8. iiemodk. aad th. reco_i_��di   remedy tor
Norvous Breakdown    Slteplossntii Mat-nutrition
Nervo Paralysis Analnia Watting Distasti'
Infantile WtakrvaM      Kidney Trouble      Palpitation
Neurasthenia Dyspepsia Vital E.haustitn
BrieclH'.>  va: ml,;,   for  nurslnf  mot_*n  and dur.nf  tbe
Oritioal Periods of lil*. ���
Bold try DruattlMs and 8tor.ke��p*i_ thron.bontOut)*-'
V. ic*. Ona tub*, 6* ��-i-; ail tube* lor lb* pri** of lit
War ta.. J oent* per tub* eitre.
(ol* Proprlottrti Or. Oattell'i C.��� ltd., HtfllMMtf, UtJ tO 0OU1TINAY BIYOTT
The Courtenay Review
And t'ouiox Valley Advocate
A    Vi.lty   Newspaper,   Publshfctl   at
Courtenay, B. tt,
N. H.  lloiiKN, Editor ami Proprietor
Habtcription Sl SO per Year in Atlvmice
THURSDAY .MAY  17,  1917
We ns.-ume that   by   this   tune
everyhody bus realized the steadily
diminishing purchasing power of a
dollar, or iu ollni '.voids,   t.rit the
cost o( living continues to increase
duilj.    Ten, flour, eggs, nmrnconi,
soap, milk���to iiieiition u  lew articles ut rtiudom, have   gone   tip in
See during  the   pn.-t   fortnight.
��� United SL; e_   until iflics* are
���MMMtUs)for the rise ui canned
Bilk (or tllty sent agents inlo Can-
Ala to bar Ud nil available.supplies
It is t^ooH news f_r on runners, but
litnllv welcome tu those  whose iu-
���coin ��� is either li : ��� I >.'   no rtain.
It is s.iiil on gno I  ������ lli.it bv
September storage eggs   will ooin-
innii'l .v. cents n dozen wholesale iu
Vancouver,   Today they are 40 to
4,* cent. a dozen wholesale in Van-
c niver 11 i-.l Viclori 1     As   for   potatoes thev   refuse   to   decline   ill
price.    The wh.mi outlook is   distinctly bad for   much   damage   to
winter wheat in the   Stales  i.s   accompanied by reports nf the  much
decteasel area sown thi'  spring in
the Canadian N nth-west.    To the
foregoing   111 ly    be    added   labor
troubles causing strikes   and   consequent hindrance   to   production,
JhcIc ol ocean tonnage,  shortage of
.allrwid cms, and enforced cttrtail-
asat ef it-c_--._t.ia! aciivi 1 v   as a re-
tali.   In any  otrer   country   the
fsrfejramcot would long ago-have
'raivori the situation   in   hand,   but
since it is admittedly a  mistake  lo
"put your truit iu princes'' or, we
may add, premiers,    whether   pro
vincial or federal   tlle   people must
protect themselves by instant action
Who   caused   all   these    troubles?
Germauy, of c uirse.    Then   crush
Germany bv crushing her until she
is vatiqtrshed.    Who   was  responsible for our general   unprepared-
ness niiil tlie   inaction   concerning
dear food, gambling i>y food speculators, etc?   A bunch of party po-
iticians, mis-named   Conservatives
and Liberals, whose   bible   was  ai
party platform, whos-* prayer book
was full of close alliances   with industrial interests, whose daily bread
was   a   sessional   indemnity,   and
whose last thought was the people
thev were elected to represent.  We
could say much more, but our read
ers will mark   our conclusion.    It
is this, that to  save -Canada   from
starving next winter, every  potato
and every vegetable  seed that can
ktMwn now should he sewn iminedi
asValy,   All tta< fruit that can be put
���p, and it it sot necessary to use
sugar In doing so, should   be preserved as the respective fruit ripens
Vegetables can be cheaply canned,
meat can be cured  by   those   who
raise it, and other steps will doubtless commend   themselves   to the
careful.    But act now, before  it is
too late.
Yes, we agree with the poll tax,
amusement tax, aud every other
form of increased .taxation levied
by the Victoria legislature. What
surprises us, however, is that ��o
many good Liberals are kicking
about it. What doe s our Argus-l
contemporary have to say about
them? -.
|iJL!U.UM ���
In spite of much persuasion and
every oppoitunity to register, thousands of women in B. C. have fail.
ed to apply for the vote in tune for
the forthcoming revision. What
is wrong with the west that it lacks
tiie driving power and ability to do
things thoroughly?
And so there's to be no Prohibition measure at all this session,
although the prohibition vote was
largely cast in support of Premier
Brewster and his supporters. It is
a pity, seeing that it would have
strengthened our army in fighting
Germany. What do the prohibition advocates think of the situation?
Tlie IC & N. railway announce
that on and after Moiuluv next the
trains leaving lure will connect with
the steamer Patricia at   Nanaimo
The remains of   the   late   Alex.
McDonald were interred at the R   '
C cemetery, Comox, on  Saturday j
morning last. j
The City Council held a special
meeting on Tuesday evening and
gave the by-law to purchase the
Electric Light Company it's first!
and second reading. T he polling
will be Thursday, the 31st,
While motoring   from   Campbell j
River to   Courtenav   on   Monday |
afternoon, F. Mitintiii,    a Russian, j
was thrown out of thecal and killed instantly,    Billy Willy   an  In- |
dian, was   bringing   the   deceased '
and five   others.   Ralph   Hudson,
Moses Moon' John Biuks,  W. Anderson, and Fred Cyr   tl iwu,   aud
when coiui'i.r do.vt 1'ie steep grade
near Alex SaimoiKi _ place  the car
became ttumaungrable and  skidded
the axle broke and the car  turned
turtle, throwing all   the occupants
out.    Mutiimi's head struck a Urge
boulder which   crushed   his   skull
and   broke   his   shoulder     Moses
Moon and John Burks   were   hurt
badlv and taken to the hospital, two
others were slightly   injured,   and
Billy   Willy    escaped   unscathed.
Constable    Hanuay     was   quickly
notified and as llie parties   seemed
more or less under the   influence of
liquor, arrested Billy.    At   llie CO
rollers inquest on Tuesday the evidence showed that while  the   passengers ban a   liollle   of   whiskey
with them only one was drunk, and
that Billy   Willy   had   nat   drunk
anything.     The   verdict   reached
was "that lum evidence submitted
we find the deceased met   death by-
accident 111   an   auto "obile driven
In Billy Willy on the Island Highway near Alex. Salmond's farm on
the evening of May   14.    The   accident, in our opinion was  the   result of the breaking  of   the   front I
axle, which we consider  the driver
was not personally responsible for."
The Jurors were   R,    Willoughby,
foreman, F. C. Brock, J, S.  Chris
tie, C, Brown, C. Simmsand J. W
and new Ready-
to-Wear Lines a
Fifteen per cent Discount on all
(or one week- only, eliding May'24th
in the hams ha.^no terrors J
for the cook']who uses | J
Royal Standard Flour
ROYAL STANDARD is scientifically perfect
It is made fiom No. 1 Canadian Hard
Wheat���pure���strong ��� cream white - thoroughly dependable- never changes.
Our own daily laboratory tests nuaranlee
absolute uniformity.
Get it at your grocers���look  for the Circle
V " trade mark on every sack.
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 33, End of Bridge B. Towler,   Mgr.
Anglican Church  Notes
Sunday   after   the    Ascension,
May 20,
8.30 a. m.Holv Communion   at
John's. Courtenay. .
11 a, 111, Mattins aud Holy Coin-1
munioii, St. Andrew's,  Sandwick.
11 a.m. Mattins aud Sermon  at
St. Peter's. Comox.
11 a. m. Matins and   Sermon at
St. Mary's, Grantham.
7 p. tn. Evensong and Sermon at
Holv Trinity, Cumberland.
7.30 p. 111. Evensong and Sermon
at St, John's, Courtenay.
Holiday    Excursion
Empire Day
Fare and One-Third  for   Round Trip
Children Under 12 half fare
will <oon be here.     On that
I        day every man  wants to put
���        on  his  summer   suit.     Each
'        suit is  made  with  regard to
j        what    suits   the   individual.
Stj le is one point to remember
but SUITABLE style is what
is aimed at here.     Its no use
putting a young man's coat on
I        f man of 50 or 60 years,
Tailor to Women and Men
Union Kay Road
Tourng   $495 ;   Ruuabout $475
F. O. B. Ford,  Ont.
E. C. Emde, Dealer for Comox District
Auto, Launch, Motor Cycle, Gas Engine and
Bicycle   Supplies, Repairing, etc.
Phone L46 Courtenay
Phone R 60
on Wednesday, May 22nd Return
Saturday, May 26
Agent Co.rtenijr,
A ccounts Audited and
Books Kept
Offic^with Hicks  Beach  &  Field
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepared to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
Your Telephone
Isof Greater ValueEvery day
The riio.- telephone- there are, the more value your telephone is.
If you could reach eVefyotie by telephone, your telephone would be of
maximum value.   Thisf however, is not probable.
The number of telephone users is increasing every day. It means
that in British Columbia the telephone subscriber is able to rtach 300
more subscribers each month.
No other commodity gives such good value as your telephone
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
The costof Living is High GRAND DISPLAY
Still There's Nothing Like Leather^
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & Iliscoe
I     Love and res.cn are seldom
Tuning and Repairing
Here about April 1
Leave orders at Review office
" iH
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Ice Cream
Swan's Old Star-? Cci i 'eriy TUB 00U1TEKAT RIVTEW
Mrs. Gage is holding a drawing
for her late huvbaiid's camera size
of lense 61-2x8 t-2. This camera is in excellent condition and
the fortunate person who gets the
same for the price of a ticket at 25c
has a livelihood iu his hands and
can-commence business.
Miss Cass, Comox school inarm
has had her mother from Victoria
as a visitor. She is charmed with
Comox and its surroundings and
will boost for the district when she
returns to Victoria,
Jno. Smith says the canary biids
have not equalled his expectations.
The unfortunate lady canary tat
patiently for two weeks and then
decided to homestead elsewhere.
A, B. Ball says that his visit to
Vancouver was a great success h-
ttaucially, He hns invested in
quite a lot of new stock while there
and trusts to t;ive all his patrons
in Comox ihe benefit of his trip,
Mr, aud Mrs. Huttcii of Victoria
are the guests of Dr, and Mrs. Ei.
P. Co*..
Miss Kathleen Dnggnti left by
Monday's train for Victoria. She
is taking an examinatiou for ihe
Civil Service
Concert and dat.ee held in Co-
'mox hall on April 55���Owing to
the illness of Mrs. l.abati (who
with Mrs. Cox was. responsible for
the whole of the woik in connection with the two performances
which were held) the report which
should have reached you was unavoidably delayed. The artists
were with the exception of one
"stag" of the fair sex. The dresses, and general staging effect of
the whole thing was uuasually good
and we must sav right here���that
the show was considerably above
the average one. The programme
started with  a   song   and   chorus
"Rainbow." Mrs. Thompson's
clear voice was much appreciated.
The color effects were good, and
was one of the best items of the
evening. Gavotte, by eight girls,
four representing the male sex. A
gavotte is a dance performed after
the Minuet style, "everything is
done sedately," The dresses wen
of the Victorian period, powderec
wigs, stately and slow movement;
to music. These children certainly did reflect great credit upon
their teacher, Mrs, Laban, We
honestly think a better number
���hai' this has never been shown on
'.he Comox stage by either a professional or otherwise. Tableau,
"Nydia" or the blind slave. Miss
K. Grant looked her part and kept
ber pose in a remarkable way.
'Spring Onions" a short sketch
by Miss wright and   H.   Radford,
was very amusing, and the   laugh-
t ter from the audience showed  thai
it-r Merits were dulv appreciated,
Tableau "Summer," an exceedingly pretty effect, Song "School
Days." by Wiutiifred and Irene
Moore, Both children dressed a.s
old people In the Victorian period.
A verp good number,
II Radford's song, "Since I have
had a go at the Dumb Bells." sung
iu his usual happy style. Tableau
"Bluebeard" This number in our
opinion took some beating, and
was realistic to a degree. Everyone in the audience must have
known all about the Mormon Bluebeard. From our position we
could not see Bluebeard himself,
but we havc since been told that it
was Mrs. Laban; The heads of
the murdered wives apparently
hanging bv their hair, the absence
of the least little bit of movement
from any of the performers and the
deathlikestihies3 in the air accounted for the convulsive sobs -from
two or three ���sympathetic  children
/^^��V^>-��,***WtA*s*.sJ^>_������>.V>��   **f**;.r>*lid**,****0**��***^<l>*f*^
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
| **^*a*m*^*it*^^%^*^j*v*A^*^,g^g*^*Mr^,*^mt^**^  **g***t^**y*,**S��
.   .3
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
AU Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
I beg toiannounce that I have opened a Flour and
Fe��r d Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
**,***** t**f**f**rye*ty*^^*t��*a*
in the audience, who  would have
probably have gone for Bluebeard
if the scene had' lasted much Ion.
ger. Skipping rope dance by Miss
E. Creeden and Miss K, Dug|>au
We wish we could "skip" like tliey
"skipped" but we cannot.
Tableau,    "Dante's    I Dream.'
Beatrice, Mrs. Laban, Dante, Mrs,
Thompson, assisted by the  Misses
C_ra.it, Cass,   aud   Creeden.    We
saw this and we would like   others
to see what can be done   by   ama
leurs     Mrs. Laban   as   the   dead
girl was realistic   aud   impressive
we almost felt that   we   were   not
wanted at such a solemn aud touching a death bed, and still we longed to linger at the death bed.
"Three Old Maids of Lee" sung
bv Miss K. Duggaii, assisted by
Misses K. Grant, Cass, and Creeden. Miss Duggan's rendering of
this song was distinctly good and
we predict that her voice will mean
something to her financially iu a
few years or mote. \v_ would
warn her tint too much strain can
be given to a young voice, and the
vocal cords easily injured. So take
care Miss D,
The three young maids when
upon turning their backs to the
iifldietice were converted into three
very ugly old maids was a new
one on us, and brought down the
Sketch "Saving Samuel" Miss
Cass and Mrs. Laban, Although
we were not struck with the plot
yet we could but be impressed
with the stage presence and the
calm slow and deliberate speech ef
the t..o performeis we would like
to see these two ladies perforin in
something that would give them
scope for their hitherto uuse:.n efforts before a Comox audience, and
we would guarantee them every
The hall was prettily decorated
as a cafe, and tea and cakes were
sold after the afternoon performance. The tt-'e of the hall piano
and music were all free, Thank.*
must be tendered to all ladies who
donated cakes, anil assisted in mak
ing the neceesary costumes and decorations. Mrs, Gox and Mrs.
Laban must be congratulated on
the success of their entertainment
the only fault being tlie absence of
a good audience. Those who were
lucky enough to be present had
good value for their money and
then some.
The proceeds were as follows :
Receipts, matinee  $25 50
Door, Dance in evening ...   34 85
Party in aid of same       7 00
Total  67 35
Printing...  $t 50
Spencer's, material  7 go
Safety pins and muslin     38
A, B. Ball, acct  2 05
G. Moore, acct  1 00
Oil  30
13 13
Money ou hand to be divided
equally between Red Cross
and Diocesan Mission ... $54 22
The money in hand, collected
for sports for the 102nd May 24th
19I6, will be used for sports for
childien on May 24th this year to
be held at Hardy's Beach, Point
Holmes. All are welcome. Bring
your refreshments and enjoy tbe
sea breeze, and help the children to
have a good time, Hay rack leaves
Comox Post Office at 10 o'clock,
weather permitting.
Jamks Carthew, H. A. Grant
A. B. Bai.i,, Committee.
'���JJOTICK is hereby given that the Dog
Taxes lor the year 1917 are past due.
and any dogs found running at large
without a tag are liable to be impounded
and dealt with according to the Dog By
City Clerk
Dated 8th May, 1017.
No rust can attack the flues because they are so thoroughly aluminized, and they economize nearly every bit
of heat.
Before you invest in a new range let me show you the
Kootenay's sensible ideas for saving time and labor.
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Simon Leiser of
1.   pro-
prietor of the Big St
ore,   C
land, died at Vancouver on
day morning last-
Extract from   the
table, La/.o for April
Highest Maximum '.
66 2
��� 1
39 0
sr                           '1
Highest Minimum
45 1
* ���
Mean temp, for Apri
47 8
.1       ..               '1
1916. ���
Precipitation for mot
ilh 5.2.
> in.
Duration of rainfall 140 hrs
Precipitation for Apt
-il 191S
2.45 in
, ���                 .,        > 1
1    1916
1.86 in
H. Bay
ley, 01
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday School and  Bible Clas
10:30 a. in.    Evening service 7:30
p. m. All welcome
Barrister anil   Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6 Courtenay
Oregon & California Railroad Co. Grant Lands
Title to same revested in Uttuited
Stales by Act of -CongresSi dated
June 9. i9'6. Two million, three
hundred thousand acres to be opened up for homesteads aud sale.
Timber and Agricultural lauds
Containing some of the best laud
left in United Slates. Now is the
opportune time. Large map showing lands by sections an d description of soil, climate, rainfall, elevations, ect. Postpaid Sl. Grant
Lands Locating Co., Box 610.
Portland, Oregon.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine BxceUen
Wm. Merryfieid
Use and Storage
TAKK   NCTICB   that Timlin   Bros,,
the  Campbell   River   School,   and   the
Campbell River Hospital, whose address
is Campbell River, 11, C., will apply lor
a license to take   and   use   10,0(1(1  (ten
thousand) gallons  ami   to  store 100,000
gallons ol water out of a  stream known
as Camp  Creek   which   (lows  northerly
and drains into  Campbell   River rbout
half a mile from its  mouth.    The  storage-dam will be located at a point on the
creek, Lease 49, lot  S4.     The  capacity
ol the reservoir  to  be  created  is about
100,000 gallons, and it  will  flood about
three acres of land.   The water  will be
diverted   from   the   stream  at   a point
about six hundred feet north, twenty de-.
grees west of  the  south-east comer of
lease 49, and will be used   fot   domestic
land and premises described  as  lots 69 j
and 73.   This notice  was  posted on the I
ground on the 27th day  of  April, 1917.
A copy of this notice  and an application
pursuant  thereto and   to  the   ���' Water
Act. 1914," will be filed  in the office of
the Water Recorder at Cumberland, B. [
C.    Objections to the application may be
filed with the  said   Water   Recorder or (
with the Comptroller of  Water Rights,
Parliament  buildings,  Victoria,  B.C..
within thirty days after the first ap-J
pearance of this notice in the Courtenay
Review, a local  newspaper.     The date
of the first publication  of this notice is
May 3rd, 1917.
Tbtlin Bros.
The Campbeu. River School
Thr Campbei.i. RivER Hospital
By Chas. Thumn,
Palaee Livepy
Horses and   Buggies for   Hire  t>
Terms cash.
We  also  attend  to  wood hauling
Phone 2$
TAKB NOTICE that sixty days after
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable tlle Minister of Lands of British
Columbia lor a license to prospect lor
coal oh the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west corner of Lot No. 42, Comox
District, B. 0,, thence north eighty
chains, thence east eighty chains,
thence south eighty chains thence west
eighty chains to point of commencement, and containing six hundred and
forty acres more or less,
Courtenay, B. 0. April 3, 1917.
Do You
The Courtenav  Review
Family Herald and Weekly i:ir
and the Daily Province
for one year
(or $6
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and SteamStting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Mooring & Ingram
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds of repairs at uioderat
Horseshoeing a  Specialty
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
I.,. ,!������ Melbourne, .nil i '".it*
''I   supp.-iso   your    i"'.
IViiil iii  persuatli
leave her homi ?"
"Vou may bc sure llicy wero."
"*i on know that in uli probability
.itch, a step was irrevocable?"
"I counted on il< being so. Tn a
Iiltlo while���she i- a religious woman��� she will begin to consider her
duty towards her���husband," II-
laughed afler tli.- lillle pause, ami the
sound was bitter. "She is nol going
brick to her���murderer."
The Squire did nol know what to
Understand. He stared ai the olhcrr
"Vou know what you are doing, I
.appose?" be said. "You have considered the responsibility you are
taking upon you for Margaret as
veil as her mother? You know you
are lea.ing them homeless?"
"(iod help them!    Such a home!"
Something of sympathy stirred in
dre Squire's heart. Whatever the
ir .r ��� had taken upon him he had not
d .ie it lightly.
"Tell rue something���something I
ran tell her neighbors, that will stop
tl ic talk," he said, almost humbly,
lie was being won over. There, was
nothing of thc man who breaks up
homes, who is even an indiscreet
friend, about this man.
"Her neighbors arc not to be considered. They left her to be murdered."
The Squire found himself arraigned. There was suffering in thc eyes
that met bis���suffering and defiance.
"1 can tell you nothing lhat may
lead her husband to discover her
place of refuge. If it is any consolation to you lo know she is many
miles from here. 1 do not scc her
at presenl. Margaret is with her.
She is happier not seeing me. I
think we have almost persuaded her
lhat il is not her duty to go back io
that brute."
"You  will  tell  mc no  morc    than
Thc Squire's anger bad died away.
Whatever else llie man before him
was, li" was plainly no trif.ler with a
woman's reputation. Whatever lie
had done, he had not had much joy
of il.
"I hope," be said, iu a voice suddenly grown gentle, "that if you feel
biter on you are sale in giving me
the secret oi Lady South's hiding
place, tbat you will communicate
with me at Silverthorne Manor. 1
think Margaret should send some
word to my cousin, Hilary Strange-
ways, who has always been lier
friend.    He is in trouble about her."
"Would you be surprised to hear
that Margaret is tbe one who insists
ou llie secr.'t oi her mother's refuge
biing kept? You would understand
In I lir if you had seen as I have seen,
Margaret's hack and shotlldcrs, her
wrists under the frills oMacc. Merli-
tal men see strange, things some-
times. I wonder what their friends
were about. 1 am not sure lhat- I
could have kept my bands off Gilbert Soulh ii I had met him after I
bad seen these ihings. Margaret will
not r o bai '... nor will she let her
mother go back, When her mother's
troublesome conscience begins io assert itself. Margaret's repugnance will
be  my best  ally."
lho   Squire    heard     him     '.villi     a
shocked air .,( distress.    Any brutality or violence io a woman 11_��� < 1 al
viijs had a  sickening    effect    upon
him.    Indeed, a  ease, of ill-treatment
of ii marc, nnd a ill-conditioned
mare, luul filled him with horror on
a certain occasion when he. had interfered, because the wild eyes of the
marc were like the eyes of a woman
in torture.
"Oh, Margaret," be said stupidly.
"Poor little Margarctl You arc sure,
All of a sudden he felt himself an
ally oi tin-, man lie had come to take
by the throat, figuratively speaking.
Hc was at his side at one bound.
"I would not like' Hilary lo know
It," be said. "Hilary would be for
lulling lhe old brute. He is devoted
to Margaret. They have been friends.
all  llieir days, .    Oh, il  is horrible!"|
".Margaret  received  in   many  eases!
ihe blow intended  for her mother,"
lhe  olhcr  man  went   "",   witli   a ilis-j
pa-donate  air.      "Her  mother  would!
have submitted to death if it had not
been   for   Margaret.     Margaret   is   of j
sterner stuff.    If you want  to know
pny more, well,  I  will be frank wilh
vou.    I  was iu love with  lady South'
In fore sho married loi guardian, Vou
know   lhe  slory.     She  was  an    only
okilil,  and   she  was  i"  awe  of him.
Eighteen years old.     Think    of it!
\nd lie has ill-lreaii d her ever since.
Saints and martyrs do nol  think of
lovers,     She  has  never  lined  me.     I
do not think she ever will love mc
1   have  been   and   mil   III i   physician;
and now, when she dors noi need mc
in   that   relation   for   lln    moment,     I
have put a long distance between us."
"Thank you    for    Idling    mc    so
much," the Squire  said, holding out
his hand.    He added: "I am sorry for
the mind 1 bad towards you when  I
came hero."
Thc other man shook  the hand he
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r;iiiiiiiiiiiiiii.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'i'i"'ii net
had extended and shook it warmly.
"I believe you would have done
whal I have done if il had come
vour way," he said.
"I believe I should," said the
Squire, and departed tlirougli the
door into thc hall by which the patients who had seen Mr. l.anglcin
wenl away, giving the impression to
those who wailed of an eternal
stream of patients passing inlo the
consulting room, never lo  return.
After all lhc interview had been
not so long, lie found himself with
more llian an hour in hand before
tbe departure of the 5:45 from Victoria. There was an earlier train he
could catch at 4:35, While he hesitated a.s lo whether to hike it or not,
a passing cab pulled up hopefully -
a hansom. He had sympathy with
the hansom drivers, who were being
ousted by the taxi-cabs.
"Poor devil I" bo said to himself,
aud got in; the thing had been decided for him,
At Silverdale station no vehicle
availed him, since ho was not ex
pected for moro than an hour. Ho
said lo himself that ho would walk
lo Silverthorne and drive back in
lime to pick up Lionel ligcrton at
the next train. 1 le would see Pritchard on llle way and tell him the
result of Iiis visil lo Langton, Between them they must assert their
belief in Lady South's having a perfectly legitimate reason for her absence from home, assert it so strongly that it must create a public opinion against the. easy and evil interpretation lhal had been put upon the
matter- Hc wondered whether he
would be able lo make Pritchard see
thc matter as he had seen it, in Ihe
light of revelation that had broken
on him from Langton's face.
Something came into his head���u
judge's charge to a jury: "Wc must
believe as men of the world." Oh,
infernal I It worried him like the
buzzing of a blue-bottle fly. Men of
the world! Why, if men of the world
were to believe, only evil because they
were men of the world, lhe sooner
lho world was wiped out the belter.
He was an old-fashioned reader oi
poets, of memoirists, of essayists- He
very seldom read a novel. He cared
for few modern poets. Among thc.
few was Browning. "The Ring and
lhe Book" had been in his mind since
bis interview with Langton- Why, he
said to himself, those were men of
llie world who tillered and .lid their
snilcs behind Iheir bands while Cap-
onsachi told his story.
Hc had left the village behind, and
was swinging along by his own park
wall. The wall was very old, and at:
sonic previous time it had been buttressed. Here and there a bit of thc
buttress*-had broken away
A big sIoik had fallen from the top
of the wall, lie made a mental note
to have il attended to, went on, and
suddenly turned back. He bad remembered lhal inside thc wall, close
a. band, was Mrs. Bartlett's cottage-
If he could drop over thc wall, it
would save him a long detour. If he
could not, there would be no lime to
see Mrs. Bartlctt today- Tomorrow
be thought he would run up 'to sec
Hilary and have a talk with him.
Hilary must know what bc knew.
He looked up and down the road.
There was no one in sight to ree thc
Squire crossing the wall inlo his own
orchard. The fallen stone' had carried the glass with it- It was quite
an easy thing to scramble over. The
cherries were just rcddeninfe_4n the
orchard, Hc wondered if any of lhe
Silverdale urchins would taste them
this year. He had sometimes thought
it wise to ignore lhc fact that he hail
no cherries iu the lower orchard, ami
to bc unaware of the suggestion of
patched breeches that met his eye on
every side where a boy might be as
he passed through the village
He gol over ensily, wondering how
long it was since he hail done such a
thing. He sprang down within a few
yards of Mrs. Bartlett's door.
Apparently she had been coming
out of ber lodge, on her way to th.;
well to fill her kettle, when she looked up at thc noise he made- The kettle fell with a clatter from her hand
aud she stared at him with distended
eyes, holding up her hands as though
to push him off.
"I am so sorry I startled you, Mrs.
Bartlctt," he said penitently. "I
ought not to havc done it; but it is
such a long way round that I was
templed to evade it by coming over
the wall. 'Ihere is a stone otll, which
made it easy-"
(To Bo Continued,)
Sir Sam Saw War Coming in 1913
Sir Sam Hughes lold a meeting in
Toronlo that ho foresaw the coining
conflict as early as 1913, and that is
why hc look a parly of Canadian inil-
ila officers in lhat year over what is
now lho scene of operations, lie said
further lhat while iu Europe at thai
time ho took part in a conference attended by Russian, French and Brit
ish oflici rs, at which plans for llie
pending war were discussed. This
conference occurred quite a while be.
fore the invasion of Belgium, which
ve are lold was Ihe cause of the war.
The World Language
Iu 1600 there were 6,000,000 people
Spcaklng English���a smaller number
llian spoke Italian, Spanish, German
or French. Today there are 120,000,-
000 English-speaking people���about
double the aggregate of those who
speak cither Italian, Spanish or
French, and fifty per cent, more than
the number of those who speak German or Russian.
Suffered from Rheumatism.       '���
Waterloo, Out,���"We use Dr. Pierce's I
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We 11.H feel very kindly toward Dr. Pierce
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Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
.Short of Cans
Canning Industry of U. S. Faces Serious Situation
A shortage of approximately 'one
billion tin cans confronts the canning industry of thc country, according to estimates made by canning interstate and department of commerce
interests in the I'nited States'
Nearly live billion  cans were used
���last year in  all  branches  of  the  industry,    'lhe demand  lhis    year    is
said  to  be  about  double    lhal    and
j canncrs are hoping to  increase llieir
'output 50 per cent.    Only four bil-
1 lion cans are in sight and the manufacture of this amount bids fair lo be
delayed      considerably      because    of
transportation difficulties and   shortage of steel lor pinto-   A shortage of
I block tin imported  from   Britisii col-
J onics and    Great    Britain    also    is
Do You Play Any
Outdoor Game?
If you don't you should���that
is if you're physically fit.    Our
Includes every requisite for
every Outdoor Summer Gania
played in Canada. Copies mailed on'request.
Main St.
Freedom For Finland
Russian Government Aims to Abok
ish Restrictions on Grand
Elucidating the manifesto extend-.
ing new liberty to Finland the Russian foreign office explains that the
aim of the present government wai
to abolish completely all the restrictions which stripped the grand duchy
of the historical rights conferred upon it in 181_. In that year Finland
became part of the Russian empire.,
All laws illegally imposed upon Finland during the reigns of Alexander
111- and Nicholas 11. are declared
Russian membes of the Finnisb.
scnate, contrary to thc constitutional
rights of thc country who had been
appointed by thc imperial government instead of being elected by the
Finnish parliament, have becn removed and will bc replaced by Finns
chosen according to law. Full self-
government, including the right to
initiate. legislation, determine the
revenues and expenditures of the
counlry and assess taxation will rest
exclusively in the control of the Fhh
nisb legislative bodies'
t'lnnelln, Msn.
"I 'thlni: GIN PIUS are th*
incut things tor tha Kidneys.
When lirst I came to Canada I
���tillered with dreadful Pnlin ia
ny back, that made me Quite ill.
A friend gave me six of your
and after I had taken out lose 1
felt less pain. I then got myself
a box end before half of It waa
gone X hud lOBt all the backache.
"If any ono tolls me what ��.
pain they have ln their back I
���ay 'You should try Oln Pills.'
Mrs. J. Plckrell."
All druggists sell Oln Pills at
Bile, a box, or 6 boxes for tii.DO.
Sample free If you write to
lotouto, Oat. 77
W.     N.     U.     1153
Over three hundred deelerethrough-;
out Canad. ������II Chevrolet parte end
give eervioe to   Chevrolet  owners.
your locality  anxious  10
demonstration.     See   liim
buy  your   l''J7   Motor  t.
Wa for n new catalogue
let Models.
Dealer    in
Kive  you  a
before   you
-Write to Oaha*
bowing all ChevrQ.
<1Z%e C/Zgzc> tjh^iffj*
The power furnished by the valve .n-head motor enables
tbe driver of a Chevrolet to take on high gear, hills which
baffle other makes of cars.
The Chevrolet delivers maximum power to the rear axle
which accounts for the gasoline economy and hill climbing
Own a Chevrolet and enjoy tho thrill of passing the other
$698 f. o. b. Oshawa, Roadster $880, including electric light!
and starter, speedometer, oil indicator light equipment, non-
hkid tires on rear wheels, etc.
Chevrolet Motor Co. of Canada, Limited
Weston. S.rvloa and Dlatrlbutlne  Branoh,  BEGIN a7**��K.' THE   REVIEW.   COUHTNEY.   *. C.
You   run   prevent   tliis   loatlisoine   disease  from   running   Uirou-.1i
your stable und CUM ttU  tl'C COltS suffering wilh it when > ou be;;." J
the treatment.   No matter liow youtiff, SPOHN'Sis sate to use ou
nny cult.    It \% wonderful how it prevent I all dUtetUpaij no matter
how colts or how* ftl fll,y "tfe arc "exposed."   Ail good diuuui-ii
and turf houses sell  6P0HN'S
Chemists and Bacteriologists, Cobhcn, Intl., U.'S. A.
U_ Low.prI__
4mm frrsh. ..U.l.let
fiT11 prelerredpy
H V__ ���v'",l<'"1 bUidIc-
1fl_S Pro.aot Where
. jA ���. vacolnei tall.
ffjT. write lor booldeiiiml test Imonlnlft.
10-doso phi. Blacklec Pills, jT,
QMosi pkg. Blackleg Pills, $4.00
\]sr any Injector, hut CultcT's stmpU-'.l und stron.c.r.
Tin) Mtwlorlty ol Outer produi ta in due lo over is
JMninl ipccltltlllta In VACC1NS9 ANO ..BRUMS
fNl.V.    I*.SI_T UN CDITiiH'..    11 UmiUsslliatjlt,
enter direct.
Tilt Cutter Laboratory, BsrkalRy, Callfornli^.
A ittfr, fttlabk rrytiit'tln*. me A
rim. Snld in three degree! Ol
��� trrn_.tli. No. 1, tl; No. 2, S.I
No, 8, $5 perbox. Bold l��v �����
drugglaui. nr sen I rn i-nid In
plain package on receipt of
price. Free pniuphlet Add real
7 nro ut". Out. U ttrnterty H'lndmr)
The Submarine
Wbcn buying your Piane
Insist on having an
Otto Higel Piano Action
The  usefulness  of  the  submarine,
ns this war   bus    demonstrated,    is
sharply restricted by its inherent Iim-
, ilntions.    It has not proved formid-
f able  against armed  naval  ships  and
is no substitute for them-   The British navy would Unit; ago have   been
destroyed if thc vague    notions    of
laymen    regarding    lhc      submarine
were even approximately true.    The
underwater craft accomplished nothing in the great fight off Jutland and
has only a few naval craft lo ils crc-i
I dit,   and  these   added   in   lho   earlier
| stages of the war.���Chicago Tribune.
i Attacked by Asthma- The first
fearful sensation is ol suffocation,
which hour by hour becomes more
desperate and hopeless.   To such a
I case the relief afforded hy Dr. J. 1*.
| Ktllogg's Asthma Remedy seems
nothing less than miraculous, Ito
help is quickly apparent and soon the
dreadful attack   is   mastered'    The
. asthmatic who has found out the
dependability of this sterling remedy
'will never be wilhoui it.    It is sold
I everywhere.
treat luci-eii. CURBS CHRONIC WBAKNSSS. LOST Vloo_|
fOUOERACO  H  (������������*���...-.!' ������ SI   NRW VoltKortVMANBROg
So��onid    win 11! Kill* FREE BOOK To Dr. Ll Ct.iR_l
'     EASY TO TigfJ
KB THAT TMADK   M �� H ������'��� n  Wiuib     I IU'RAPION    IB 01
Good Reason to Know
"Do you know  the nature of    an
oath, madam?"
"Well, I ought to, sir. We've just
moved, and my husband has been
laying- tlie carpels."���Answers.
'fRVNHW LX-AiAKlHrA', I M.h'. ���) I I'MMOK
or stutterinfi overcome positively, uur
natural methods, permanently restore
natural speech. Graduate pupils every-
wlnri...   Freeudvicea.nl literature.
Outside Civilization's Rule
The End of the House of Hohenzol-
Iern Is Clearly in Sight
In tbe interests of the German
State and people it is necessary that
some oilier than a Hohcnzollern
ahotild be tbe recognized head. The
House, of Hohcnzollern haa a dark
record of crimes against the public
Jieace, against the rights and the
freedom of other states. Its plots arc
too deep, too farsceing, too dangerous to bc longer put up with. It
sought lo place a Hohenzollern upon
the throne of Spain; it did extend
its controlling influence to the
thrones of Greece, Bulgaria and Roir-
jnania- The civilized and peaceful nations of the world havc other and
more profitable occupations than
watching forever the machinations of
the Hohcnzollcrns and guarding
themselves against deadly perils from
that quarter. And the immeasurable,
Inexpiable will fervently hope, thc
last, imperial representative of that
house demands that tlie doom decreed against Napoleon 102 years ago
be entered against him. The Hohcnzollcrns are outside civilization's pale.
���From thc New York' Times'
No humbug I   Apply few drops
then just life them away
with fingers.
This new drug is an ether compound discovered by a Cincinnati
chemist. It is called free-
zone, and cau now be obtained in tiny bottles as
here shown at very little
cost from any drug store.
Just ask for freezone.
Apply a drop or two directly upon a tender corn
or callus and instantly
the soreness disappears.
Shortly you will find the
corn or callus so loose
that you can lift it off,
root and all, with the
Not a twinge of pain,
soreness or irritation; not
even the slightest smarting, either when applying
freezone or afterwards-
This drug doesn't eat
up the corn or callus, but
shrivels them so they
loosen and come right
out. It is no humbug I It
works like a charm. For
a few cents you can get
rid of every hard corn,
soft corn or corn between the toes,
as well as painful calluses on bottom
of your feet. It never disappoints
and never burns, bites or inflames.
If your druggist hasn't any freezone
yet, tell him to get a little bottle for
you  from his wholesale house'
A New and Better Britain
Lloyd George Speaks of the Dawning
of a New Era
When the smoke of this great cn
flict has been dissolved in tlie alinos
There wc breathe. Ihere will rcjnraar
.fl, n-cw -Iriiaiiv."' 'l.tf'w-ill be (|{_f Jp'd
country sfill," but ft will be a new
country. Its couimenrc will be new,
ils trade will be new, its industries
will be new- There will bc. new conditions of life and toil, for capital and
for labor alike, ami there will bo new
relations between bulb of them and
forever. There will bc new ideas,
there will bo a new outlook, there
will bo a new character in llie hind,
The men and women of this country
will bc burnt into fine building niater.
ial for the now Britain iu the fiery
kilns of the war. It will not merely
be the millions of men who, please
God, will conic back from the battlefield to enjoy the victory which they
havo won by their bravery���a finci'
foundation 1 would not want for thc
new country, bul it will not be merely
that! tho Britain that is to bc will depend also upon'what Will he done now
by the many more millions who remain al homo, There are rare epoch,
iu the history of thc world when in
a few raging years lhe character, lhe
destiny of the whole race is determined for unknown ages. This is one.
The winter wheat is being sown, ll
is better, it is surer, it is more bountiful in ils harvest than when it is
sown in the soft spring time. There
are many storms to pass llirougli,
there arc many frosts to endure, before the land brings forth its green
promise. But let us not be weary in
well-doing, for in due season wc
shall reap if we faint not,
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc
\   ' r'-r'   ' .'���' "^ .' -   I
\ ... 11 ft'.fir's ���* tejrstrf'*' y
. ..   X+���   . 'SV'iJi. . -
Scientific facts prove
the drug, caffeine, in tea
and coffee is harmful to
many, while the pure
is not only free from
drugs, but is economical,
delicious and nourishing.
_ Made of wheat and a
bit of wholesome molasses, Postum is highly
recommended by physicians for those with
whom tea or coffee disagrees.
Postum is especially
suitable for children.
"There's a Reason"
Sold by Grocer*.
W.     N'     U.     1153
32 Seed Fairs in Alberta
Thc annual report of the superintendent of thc seed grain branch of
the Department of Agriculture for
the province of Alberta showrs that 32
seed fairs were held in the province
last year, and that 2,500 bulletins
were circulated by the department,
giving names, addresses and price list
of seed of thc prize winners at these
Coins For Bullets
The reports that the Germans at
some points are none too well supplied with ammunition suggests that
they may in time bc driven lo such
straits as our own troops in past
wars. For instance, when the English garftson at Nimegttcn in 179-1 ran
out of shot, they fired penny-piece
instead, and the French troops ran
out of their ranks and offered themselves as targets in order to "draw"
the coins and collect them. Onc
Frenchman is said to have got to
gclher as many as 287 of these- Small
copper coins were also filed at the
combat of Sassiab, in the Indian
mutiny, by thc rebels, and the Hun
zas used pure garnets as bullets dur
ing one of our Indian frontier cam
patgns,���Tit-Bits, London.
Mrs. Timothy Bowes, Blissficld,
N.B., writes:���"I have always used
Baby's Own Tablets for my three
children and I can speak very highly
of them as 1 could not get aiong
without them- Baby's Own Tablets
are thc only medicine 1 would use
for my children." The Tabids cure
all the minor ills of little ones and
the mother who always keeps a box
of them in the liouse may feel reasonably safe against the consequences of sudden attacks of illness. They
arc sold by medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents a box from The Dr-
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvillc,
Minard's 'Liniment  Relieves  Neuralgia.
Keeping Eggs Fresh
Merchants Should Keep Eggs Out of
Store Windows
It is a common practice at this
season of the year for many retailers
to advertise the increasing egg supply and the rapidly falling prices by
displaying piles of eggs in their sto.tr
windows. Eggs thus exposed in
many cases come under the direct
lays of the sun and arc subjected lo
a temperature behind the plate glass
window of about 100 degrees- The
excessive heat resulting causes serious deterioration, through evaporation accompanied by loss of flavor.
Further, at this time of thc year a
large percentage of the eggs marketed arc fertilized, and as it is common knowledge that a temperature of
70 degrees Is sufficient to start incubation, thc possibility of serious deterioration will readily be seen.
It is good business to advertise, but
window displays of eggs defeat the
aim of the advertiser, in that the resulting deterioration of the eggs
causes dissatisfaction among consumers, and so retards consumption.
Eggs should ho kept in the cleanest,
coolest, driest place in the store, removed from mustiness, foul odors or
other sources of contamination.
Canadian Troops Have New Huts
A recent invention adding to thc
comfort of thc Britisii and Canadian
field forces at thc front in France is
described in a despatch received from
London. It is known as the "Nisscn
Hut," a semi-circular shelter W'th
the appearance of a gigantic bit of
stovepipe half buried in the earth and
containing doors and windows. There
is room for twenty-five men In each
A thousand of these huts are under
order The convenience of transportation and thc speed with wliicli they
can bc erected enable those hitherto
forced to sleep in thc open during
an advance to obtain shelter.
Already the hut is 'be subject of
an army song 'Tut me in my little
Nisscn bed."
usually stops a stubborn
cough or chest cold when
ordinary specifics (ail.
It helps strengthen the
lungs and throat���adds
energy to the blood���and
gives the system the force
to help resist disease.
use scons
Refuse Substitutes
������ell It lewat, Tortile, Oik
GROWN. . .
Of Stronger Vitality
Renrile's Derby Swede Turnip, greatest yielder    4 ozs. 20c,
1-2 lb. 37c, lb. 70c-
Kemiie's Jumbo Sugar Beet, best cattle feeder  4 ozs. 15c,
1-2 lb- 25c, lb. 45c.
Mammoth White Intermediate Field Carrot, for stock ...4 ozs. 45c,
1-2 lb. 80c.
Improved Red Carrot, for table or stock  Pkg- 5c, oz. 25c,
4 ozs. 65c, lb. $2.00.
Rennic's Ninety Day Tomato, best early I*kg. 10c, 1-2 oz- 30c, oz. 50c,
Improved Beefsteak Tomato, enormous fruit, ...Pkg. 10c, 1-2 oz. 35c
XXX Scarlet Oval Radish, tender, crisp Pkg. 10c, oz- 20c, 4 ozs. 50c
Hodson's Long Pod Butter Wax Bush Beans  4 ozs. 15c,
lb. 50c, 5 lbs. $2 25.
Worldbcater Cabbage, hard heads, very large Pkg. 5c, oz 30c,
4 ozs. 90c.
XXX Snowball Caulillowcr (highest grade)   Pkg' 25c,
1-4 oz. $1.00, oz. $300.
XXX Golden Self-blanching Celery, very fine Pkg 25c,
1-4 oz. 75c, oz. $2.75.
Famous Golden Bantam Table Corn, early  Pkg- 10c, lb. 40c,
5 lbs. $1.90.
Fatly Market Sweet Table Corn, big cars   Pkg. 10c, Ib. 35c,
5 lbs- $1.50.
London Long Green Cucumber. Pkg. 5c, oz. 15c, 4 ozs. 40c, lb. $1 25.
May King Lettuce, favorite butter head, Pkg- 5c, oz. 20c, 4 ozs. 60c.
Citron for Preserves, red seeded, great cropper  Pkg. 5c,
oz. 15c, 4 ozs. 40c.
XXX Connecticut Yellow Globe Onion (black seed)  Pkg. 10c,
oz- 35c, 4 ozs. $1.00.
Yellow Dutch Onion Sets, select lb 35c, 5 lbs. $1.70.
Intermediate Parsnip, half long, fine sort, Pkg. 5c, oz. 15c, 4 ozs. 35c-
XXX Earliest Table Marrow Peas,... .4 ozs. 15c, lb. 40c, 5 lbs. $1.90
Giant Branching Asters, Crimson, Pink, White or Mixed ...Pkg 10c.
XXX Exhibition Mixture Pansy, huge blooms   Pkg. 25c,
1-8 oz. $1.25.
Sweet Peas, fine mixed, best for the money,..'  Pkt- 5c, oz. 10c,
4 ozs. 25c, lb. 75c.
Mammoth Cosmos, Crimson, Pink, White or   Mixed   ....Pkg.   10c.
XXX Japanese Morning Glories,  Pkg. 10c, 1-2 oz  20c, oz. 35c.
"Pakro"    Seedtape.       "You plant   it   by   the    Yard."
2 pkts. for 25c.    Ask for     descriptive     list-
Rennie's Seed Annual Free lo All.     Delivety     Free     in     Canada.
Order through  your  LOCAL DEALER    or    direct    from
'394 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg
Canada Has Own Hospital Ship
Canada now has her own hospital
ship to take back discharged wounded soldiers- Colonel Foster, who is
now in charge of the Medical Services in England, lias arranged with
Ihe British admiralty for a liner
which is to be in continuous service.
Major Donald, for a year member
of the Canadian Medical Board in
London, will have charge of the ship,
with seven Canadian Army Mcdicai
officers and several nurses under
An Oil   Without   Alcohol.���Some
tils and many medicines have alcohol
as a prominent ingredient. A judicious mingling of six essential oils
compose, the famous Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil, and there is no alcohol
in it, so that its effects are lasting.
There is no medicinal oil compounded that can equal this oil in its preventive and healing power.
She is a wise woman who has her
way while her husband believes hc is
Be Careful
���to keep the stomach well, the
liver and bowels regular, by the
tim'ely and helpful aid of
L_r_nst Sale of Any Medicine fas t_e Weill.
t.'i.'id .-it. wh.re.   In boiea, 25c
I was cured of Acute Bronchitis by
Bay of Islands-   J. M. CAMPBELL.
I was cured of Facial Neuralgia bv
Springhill, N. S.   WM. DANIELS.
I was cured of Chronic   Rheumatism by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Albert Co, N.B. GEO. TINGLEY.
A Boon for the Blind
A remarkable invention for the
blind is reported from Britain. It is
called the optophone and might be
popularly described as a musical box,
which emits a code of sounds that,
in turn, spell words to the trained
ear. A blind man, by its means,
nay (;cad a newspaper or other typed
matter���slowly at first, ^ but quicker
with practice. The printed page is
passed across a luminous slot In a
siren disc, and sounds arc communicated by telephonic aid, which thc
intelligent car can interpret'
Warts on the hands is a disfigurement that troubles many ladies. Hol-
loway's Corn Cure will remove the
blemishes without pain.
Quite Likely
"Miss Booful won't marry me.
She's trying to sell stories to the
magazines, and says she's wedded
to her art"
"Just hang around awhile old boy,
and the first thing you know she'll
llvorce her art for non-support."���
Chicago Herald.
Dollars Alone Will Not Do
Some day the American people
will be rudely awakened from the
false philosophy that salvation���in
any hour of judgment���can be coined out of cash. Money? Yes���barrels of it I But anything more than
money? Nothing doing! This it a
typical exhibit in thc philosophy
which is our sordid habit and our
malignant menace ���Grand Rapids
Sunday Outsundayed
A preacher whose name has not
come to us is reported to have described thc bad place iu this graphic
fashion: ^
"Friends," lie said, "you've ��cc.i
molten iron running out of a furnace,
haven't you? It comes out white
hot, sizzling and hissing Well, they
use that stuff for ice cream in
w      SAYS:
"Zam-Buk Is a valuable addition
to every soldier's kit." This remark was made by Lleut.-Col. A. C.
B. Hamilton-Oray, R.C.K., Wellington B.r.racks, Halifax, N.S. Ho
says further:
" I can speak from personal experience, as I have used Zam-Buk
myself for cuts, burns and rheumatism, and believe there ls nothing to equal It."
Zam-Buk, the great herbal balm,
ts a boon to the men ln tbe trenches
���It ends pain and heals so quickly,
and fhstant 'application of Zam-Buk
prevents all possibility of festering
or blood-poisoning.
Don't forget to put some Zam-
Buk tn your next parcel to th*
front All druggists, or Z_m-B_k
Co., Toronto; Mc. box, t for IMS. Til OOUITXHAY EITHW
Corporation of the
City of Courtenay
By-Law No. 29
A Bye-Law to raise the Necessary Moneys for the Purchase,
Construction, Opentiou and
Maintenance of Works for sup.
plying for any and all purposes
Electric Light and Electric
Power in the Inhabitants of
tlie Municipality of Courteuay
and the Localities adjacent
City of Courtenay
purchase, construct
tain works (or sup]
purposes electric li
to the Inhabitants ���
of Localities iu!.i
porntloii of  Hie
determined  to
erate  and ninin-
r; Inr anv ami all
ml electric power
t ihe Municipality and
in thereto nml has de
termined to roi.e ihe necessary moneys
for .such purposes,
AND WHERKAS the amount nf ihe
tljjlit which this by-law is intended tn
create is the stun nf Twenty thousand
dollais (|20,000, I
AND WHEREAS the lotal amount required tn   be  raised  annually
by rate for paying the debt which will
be created hereunder is the snm of
AND WHEREAS the total amount
required to be raised annually by rate
lor paying the interest on the debt hereby ereuted i.s the sum ol $1,200.00.
AND vVHKK "AS tbe amount ol the
whole rateable land und improvements
within the Municipality ��f the Citv ol
Courteuay according to the last revised
assessment roll, namely the assessment
mil lor the year 1917, is the sum ol
un by tbe Council nl ihe Corporation of
the City of Courtenny as follot s;���
1. It shall he lawful for the city of
Courteuay to borrow upon the credit of
the corporation by in-niia ��i debentures
hereinafter mentioned from any person or
persons or body or bodies corporate who
may lie willing to advance the same a
sum of money nol exceeding In lhe
whole the sum of Twenty thousand dollars (120,000,00) ami to cause all such
sums so raised or received to be paid
into the bands ol the treasurer of the
said corporation,
_'. It shall be lawful fnr the Mayor of
the corporation of ihe city nl Courteuay
tn cause any number ol debentures to bc
made, executed aud Issued not exceeding
however the sum of Twenty thousand
dollars (|2O,0OO)| each of ihe debentures
heiiiK of the amount of not less than One
hundred dollars ($100.00) and such debentures shall be sealed with the seal of
the corporation and sijjiied by the Mayor
Ladies and Gent's Tailor'
Ne.v  Spring  Goods  Now  on Hand
McPhee Block
i. The aald debentures ihall bear
date as of the 31st day ol May, 1917, and
shall be made ptyable within Twenty
(20) years from the said date at such
places in the Dominion ol Canada or the
United States of America nsmay be designated thereon and shall have attached to
them coupons for the payment of interest, and the signature to the coupons
may be either written.stamped, printed
lithographed or engraved.
4. The said debentures shall bear interest at the rale of sin per cent per annum from the date thereof, wliicli interest
Bhall be payable half-yearly at such places
in thejioininion of Canada or the I'nited
Slates of America us may   lie  expressed
iii tiie debentures or coupons.
5, It shall be lawful for the May-
or of the Corporation of the
cily of Courtenay In dispose uf the
said debentures el ti late below par ami
to authorize the Treasurer of such Corporation to pnv nut nl ihe sum so raised
by the sale of lhe snid debentures nil expenses connected with the preparation,
engraving or lithographing of the snid
debentures ami coupons or nny commission or other L'liirgcs Incidental to llie
sale of the said debentures,
ii. for the purposeof Ihe payment of
the interest nu the said debentures during their currency there shall be raised
annually the sum of $1,200.00, and (or
the purposeof creating a sinking fund
for the payment off of the debt at maturity there shall be raised annually the
sum of $744.32.
7. The said sums of 1.1,200 ami *7-l I,.
32, making in the aggregate $1,9.4.32,
shall be raised nnd levied In each year
bv a rate sufficient therefor on till the
rateable land or lain I ni d improvements
within the Municipality nl lhe t orpor-
nliiui of the I'ily of Courtenay.
s. .All monies received from the st. e
nf such debentures shall, save as aforesaid, he used fnr the purpose of purchasing, constructing, operating nml maintaining works for supplying fnr anv nml
all purposes electric lighL and electric
power to the inhabi
pality ami of localil
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Ile.st.'and cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for 50 cts,   for 30cts, 2 for IS cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite tbe city hall
: of   Ihr Mllllicl-
idjnceut thereto.
1 before the linal
ihi i-i .jf rei- dve lire assent nl the
lors nf such Corporation in the manlier provided in the Municipal Acl, und
:���<; i'i take effect nn re dstration,
ID.     This  Bye-law may  be cited as
"The l.nau Bye-law, 1917."
Passed In' the Municipal Council the
lath ilny of .May, 1917.
Received the assent of  the electors on
the  day of 1917,
Re-considered,adopted and finally passed by the Municipal Council the	
day of 1917.
TAKE NOT/CE that the above is a
true copy ol the proposed by-law upon
which the vote oi the municipality will
be taken at the CITY HA_,L, in the
City of Courtenay on
Thursday, the 31st day of May 1917
That the poll will be kept open between the hours ot 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.,
and tbat W. A. W. Hames bas been appointed Returning Officer for the purpose of taking such vote.
City Clerk
Dated at Courtenay this sixteenth day of
May, 1917.
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
Courtenay Review
/ something for his
Some can boar arms
Some can produce food
Some can make muni (ions
Some can give money
It is the privilege of all to help.
Vor king-
Are YOU doing your part ?
A LL EYES turn now to
J^\ the Canadian Farmer,
for he can render the
Empire Special Service
in this sternest year of the
But���our farms are badly undermanned���25,000 men are needed on
the land.
With insufficient help, the Man on
the Land fights an uphill fight to
meet the pressing need for Food.
can help.
Municipal Councils, Churches and
Schools, and other organizations,
both of men and women, can render
National Service by directing all
available labour to the Land.
Farmers themselves can exchange
labour.   School boys can assist.
Were you raised on a farm? Can you
drive a team? Can you handle fork
or hoe? If you can't fight, you can
produce. Spend the Summer working on the Farm.
Let every man, woman and child in
the Dominion who has access to
Land, no matter how small the plot,
make it produce Food in 1917.
For information on any subject relating to
the Farm and Garden write:���
.' *."""'_"_L"___*'__'*E"r______^


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