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The Review Mar 23, 1916

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Can nut lie dom any letter, and
not quite, ��o well anywhere oIho
hereabout*!, (lur type n��,| macliiu-
���ry in ciniipluU und 'I'ho Review
prlues iro rhilit
Classified Ads.
Muko your little Wantu known
thruuyli a Claw-itied Advertirieii.t-nt
iu The Review   -   *   -   Phono 69
VOL. 4
NO. 18
Upper Road. Sandwick
Sale kof Furniture and   Outdoor Effects for J. B. Bailey, on
Wednesday,   April 5,  at  1:30
Particulars on posters
No Reserve
Real Estate Agents
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered |in Courtenay
AlljjOrders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
provides the cleanest, the most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but excelis either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under idgal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitrated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values througn the retentioo of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometor or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: O.fice 35, Res. R93      [Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Mr, C. I', Dundas and family
left last Friday for the Old Country.
Ralph   Norton,   ior some in:
[clerk at the Courtenay hotel, le
Vancouver on Thursday la>*t.
for some time
   hotel, left
Wanted to buy 2 good milch cows
Jersey preferred, Apply Review
Housekeeping rooms to let, Apply Brown's furniture store, ("our-
teuay, I
Tool Root*] to I,et -over Cooke
���_ Mntthcwson's shop. Apply M,
Perez, Courtenay.
For sale���1 fresh .ow, with calf
at foot, very quiet and heavy milker
Apply Oeo, Davis, Union Uny.
For sale at sacrifice price���1000
gallon tank. Fairbanks engine and
pump, almost new. Apply liox B,
Review office.
For Sale cheap���A lot of agreement and assignment forms, leases,
bills of sale, chattel mortagage, release of mortgage. Apply Review
To rent-Nob Hill, Comox, 4
acre chicken ranch, 2 acres cleared,
4 room house, good well, 1*2 acre-
strawberries and other small fruits.
Apply, P, O., Comox.
If you ���������atit to make a splendid
showing this year in vegetables aud
flowers, plant SUTTONS seeds.
They are the best. For free catalogue apply F. R. F. Biseoe, Hardy
& Biseoe's office, Courteuay.
For Sale��� One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc, also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel,
For Rent���15 acres, 7 cleared ;
good 4-roomed house and all other
necessary buildings ; school ou the
place ; about 2 miles from Cumberland, iu Happy Valley. Apply
Edward Parkin, box 325, Cumberland.
Ten acre ranch, six acres cleared
Fine six room house, barn, stable,
chicken houses nd large yards,
wire fenced, 3 miles from Courtenay
price fifteen hundred dollars. Improvements cost over $1200. Apply by letter Box 11 Review office
Lost���row boat rigged for two
sets oars, rowlocks 011 oars, boat 10
or 11 feet long, clinker built, two
seats for rowing, painted copper
bottom to water line, white to gunwales and black gunwales, painted
slate col' r inside, thin slats 011 ribs
inside, seat in stern; two holei on
back for attaching rudder. Reward '
will be paid for its recovery. Apply E. Hicks Beach. Courtenay,
For Sale���A hot water incubator
300 egg capacity, with thermome-
ters, lamp,   trays,  etc.,  complete,
cost $30 wtl. sacrifice  for ��8, cash. |
Also 1 out door brooder,  Cyphers
storm king No. 1 A,   with  hover \
and lamp, etc., asbestos lined, 50
chick capacity, only $10cash ; also
a 6 h.p. gasoline engine with hoist, '
mounted on skids, will pull stumps
logs, etc., engine can be disconnect- '
ed from hoist to run any machinery
a mo.t useful machine on the farm,
I price 52.5 c.ish,     Also   1  cement
! brick machine, capacitv 500 bricks
per diem,   four different  styles of
moulds and comer  moulds,  complete, price $14.     Apply  J.  deL.
Lawrence. Kye Bay, Comox.
Mr. Fred Parkin is very ill with
the grip.
Born���On Friday A arch 17. to
Mr. and Mrs. JelT Halltiay a daughter.
Born���At St. Joseph's hospital
on Tuesday March 22, to Mr. and
Mrs. J. McKenzie, jr,, a son,
The Rev. Franklin Watson, late
of Comox. is now ministering at
Alberni, in charge ot the Kuglsh
chinch there.
The 62nd Batt., which is well oil
the wav to Europe rliy this time
numbers among its officers two brothers of Capt, H. II. Mogg, one of
whom, Lieut. Cyril Mogg was on
the staff of the Bank of Commerce,
a year or to ago.
The Vancouver Exhibition Association has appointed Mr, Colin F.
Jackson, of Chittoe Farm, Grantham, as honorary vice president
representing the Comox valley district Mr. Jackson will he pleased
lo recieve any communications relative to the work of the local farmers.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p, 111.
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. m.    Evening service 7:30
p. tn. All welcome
D, Gar-Hilton arrived home on
Tuesday evening.
The 48th Batt., C.E.F., is now
lhe 3rd Pioneers and with the 1st
and 2nd Pioneers, is in Fiance. It
will bt remembered that Cnpl II.
B, Mogg with Privates Howard
Ellis and John H. Milligan left
with the 48th.
A splendid picture of Misi Mary
Milligan was reproduced in lhe
Victoria Colonist recently, shewing
the popular young lady, now a
nurse serviug In Egypt, seated oua
camel with a picturesque Arab in
There will be a hospital shower
held at the home of Mrs. D Kilpatrick, Courtenay, on Thursday
March 30th in aid of the 102nd
Batt. hospital at Comox. All are
requested to briiifj some small article useful in a hospital (suggestions
of which can be seen in the windows of Messrs, McPhee & Morrison. W. G. Robertson and C. H.
Tarbell's stores in Courtenay.)
Tea and cake will lie served at the
nominal price of ioc, T e band of
the 102nd Batt. will be iu attendance, All are welcome. Come
and bring some small article which
will add to the comfort of the men
going to the front from the Comox
Atlin district. Remember the date
and bring your friends, Thursday,
March 30, 3 till 6 p.m.
For Sale Now
Solid Oak Mission Dining
Room Furniture
Large Oak Arm Chairs
Piano, Carpets,
Good Hunting Pictures,
2 Bureaus, Double Bedstead,
China and Kitchenware
Mrs. E. Allen
Happy Valley
4. -���%. ***v -"v*
5eed   Potatoes!
Elephants, Up-To-Dates
Burbanks,       Early Rose,
box 256 SHEPHERD'S *>*���-*-
Rhode Island Red Eggs
per Setting of 15
75 cents
Bruce4Towler, box 132, Courtenay
Comox [Creamery
45c per Jlb.r4this_ week
McPhee  &  Morrison
We have just finished  Stocktaking and  will now
place on view our new lines of Spring Goods which
have been arriving since'the first of the month
Some of them are:
Garden and Field Seeds,
Wall Papers, House Lining,
Dry Goods and Decorations
Come in and makejyour choice early
Our stock [in |Groceries, Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Etc., is complete
*w^*��^w��M*������**>��*i��*tww-B-*ig'B ITHE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Heard of Them
From Her Brother
Joffre Asks Civilians Dust Hath for Poultry
To Do Their Own Part A Due, Bnth is Ess.nl,,Ti ..-, tho Health!
of   Poultry
t-'Inolv screonocl coal ashos    iiinlic
"If   Frenchmen   Keep     Steady,     We ]
6he Found Quick Relief nnd Now Recommends   All   Women   Who   Suffer
as  ��
St.   Martin's,   SI.   .liilin   I'".   Nil
(Bpoclal).   Mrs.    Vloh i    Murchhank,!
wlto of u well known rnrmor living
Boav hero, is lolling her neighbors ol'
tho    splendid     ri'   llll ,;    BllO       llllH       gill
through using IioiIiI'b Kidney |MUn,
"My  troublo Blnrtoil  from n cold
Mn . Mnrclibunk Btules.   "I hud lineli
aclio, my joints w  -lift nnd    my
muscles cramped, I was Irritable und
always thirsty. Mj appetite wn III till
and l fill lieaij nnd i If p> after
meals UlieumiitlBiu wns ndded lo my
troubles  ns   well  ie*  heiuliH'hoi.  am'
Shall   Have   Victory
(lenoral Joftro i uys ihal tin   ui boh
liai thing now is for llio cl\ illnna to
id" t
ihc mosl offectlvo son of a dusl baths
for llic liens. 'I'he line dusl   ponotl'lltOB
llic   fowls'   fciilliei's,   and   coming   In
contncl   i\Itli  lice serves lo stop llio
pari  in  holding them. ibronthlng passages of Ihese pnrnshes, |
r  nulj     llio  clvllhins    will   bold  causing  thorn   to  suffocato  anil   dip.
as   She   Did   lo   Use   Dodd's   Kidney j *.-���,   t|mt    |8   ,|n.   , i_ioilllul     llllng," I VVnnd  ashes  are  even   better Inr  Ibis
said   llic   Krenei,  cominiinftov-lii-ohlor,  pufpose, bocnuso lho particles of dust
 i, I,maiion    from  ihe  National a1'0 I*1"*1" bin hero itguln lho limo is J
Itullr 1   .Men's   Union    formed    io  objcctlotiublo, since it  lands to lake
Hie gloss nil' llic plumage,
Coal ashes should he usrd il'eel.v  on
nor-, ot poult 1*5    buildings, for I
Catarrhal Fever
u-h nf llio liiu'sn (ifi'i'iiliiK bin nival speedily
nil  her-, b in mine Unhid loan  frnm Imvlnu
Spohn's Distemper Compound, 11 i" n dnsea
',. [,nlllo uiiiiriinici il I" curl  nnc en ��o, Snfo
i, H   |,n_y colls, : InlllmiH, iill  up ������ and cm-
M,,-,   ,,| iii'riil   sell n11 lit*  compound.   Sold   hy   lln*
,,,,. .    .,���..  (liuaii'ii i nr di HvctuiI hy iiniiiiifac-
iPOHN   MEDICAL   CO..   OOBllOll,   led,,   U.S.A.
ui'lp Ihc  war siiflcrcr;i.
"if  frenchmen    |*oc|i    stonily    wo,
nol  Immediately,! ""
shun havo \ u tory,
or oven soon, bul  eventuully
The   head   uf   lhe   dcputulloil   said:
"There   is  one   thing   wliicli   n nr
Ihej will pi'iicit'iiie cracks and erov*
lees, and will assist iu dostroylng
miles   and   will   nsisl     in   disslpnl liie;,
ages us aiui\o all others,   ii  Is Until noxious odors, nnd in improving con*
tho   coniiiiundoi'-hi-elilcl   enjoys   the dlilona  generally,    Still i her ml*
eoiiiidciiee of everyone,    Pooplo   do vantage;  largo liiinntllles o[ the eln*
nm  any 'Cleneral Joftre,'    bill    'our uefs  win  bo oaten  hy tlm birds us
Joftro,'  or  'Craiidinlhcr Joftro,'"        Brit, and  will contribute sonic of lho
Tlio general smiled,   uioro deeply tnlnornl iiutrlonis,   small hits nt coal |
' ������'"'  lie Cateil also, and  will he ili"c: I
A Low Death Rote Results In Large Profits
War i laiuis leu than ''', "1 i urplus
He.-,-l Office   Toronto
N.B. -Write lor Memo Bonk anil Circular.
Gorman Casualties Total 2,536,788
Harold  ,i.  Tonnnni.   pnrllunienlui'y
, , ,���,.      .....  .;'''," 11onchi'ii than ie cared lo show. Ttioh| w'" '"' l'1'"' ���*"��� und win ne tiigcai-1 unilcr-uncrolnr-- Cor war, iinnouiicod In
leaii  un 'oiuits made m0 ier*  anv |)(, ...(j   __._���,���_   ..��� ,,.,,,. only ,,,,,. .-.I. . ������, hml lf commons roconllj  lliul
lolls "' ,""0!i- i"'-1 '���"'  '  ������������' <i the I    ""''  removed fr  n road during lllc |���(lll cicrinnn castmlllos, as pub-
||.V ��n iui'iii.v-lllshid  In  He  llerllu eiisiinlly lists  lo
pear." |i"l"��� '" *>'*��� *-("-*.���, will I"' louud bono* nu,(t,  totalloc! L',G:iB,7(i8,   Of ihis mini
  Iteinl in Hie dusl boxes,    I'vory poul- 0er   lie said   i.ss.nsii were killed
Convenient Kindlinij llry   farm   .should   huve   a   Blipplj   on       (i,,.   wnr   underscerciarv   said   Iho
A   verv   good   substitute   for  wood!]1""1 for winter iiBe;  lor, unless dirt Oerman   woiindod  nnd   missing  niini*
'   """''  ��"      '"" ""   lured     |,.",;,(:,..ip,   while  ilB8,lD!l   men
had been lulion prisoners lu uildlllon
2*1,1)80 Germans had died from \ar
ions causes,
The llgiires as given oul bj Mr, Ton
nam. clilbl'lico iiie entire lU'l'lllllll
""������I sufSfor ahoiii two years and I "jjj'ft",""iVf?."1,'!0 r"01,^1!0^'0'?, ^1^i rv'^'woathcr��Vwl,loh '
��;���������    *'*��' from being  u woman Jjunlryl    After ihal    I shall diss,,.��� ^   ���� h^  whl I,
when  my  brother lold liie  whal  ureal   > I ���
Ullugs  l.lodd'a  Kidney  pills  hud dono
for liiin    and  1  made up  111}   mind l"
"'''"'"'���        i        ,   ,, , ,   ,, I -.Ul,    ',v|l|i'e!|h|'iV'lK|.n'l'7l'i',,'"i,,nrii'oe.''ll'l''e I lll>"TS   11IV   llSl'd,   IllCSe   Ul'l lllellll   IIICIIIIS
"I son  and go  Ibrce boxe   and they with wiin.n in suit t in* moniini, me, . _���_.,._    ..'    ..    ,.. ,,.,���  ,.,���,���
helped me right trom. the start, I can ��  imper prepai is follow,:   in a |     ��� "   ^" '"   '    ' "
recommend Dodd's Kidne> I'llls to all tub ol water   ay In  10 or 50 folded' : " '8 .^,.    . '','',./<fl  J     '
women who suffer as I did," newspapers,   After they become s - "     ;/'. ^ �� ���    ' ,.���",""��
.. ,. ,  , ,  ,        .-it...I    u'rtn..    t   i..in    ....    ,!w    .k    n-.���1hla      ""1   I'I     .(^    !,S    I I (^    M'.    il.M     SIIJ   I    W,     I
I'.vcry  one    in   .Mrs.   J archba11s tale- wiui'i iiiein iis niv us possime '    .      ,...���" ,,������,������    ���,.,,, ��..'�����'
-   ,,, Willi,ml   I mil' 111"    W'hnn   ,li'e   lliev   nei ill. 1 *. .' 1 Ml >    III   1110   1111111.(11. IC   ,\(l      \\el
symptoms was a swtiptnm oi  knlney i wiinoiii leuiuig, wnciidii rm j niaae  ..       '
trouble,   Thai Is why sho found suchh'ory clean  and  convenient   kindling,     '���
quick relief in Dodd's Kidnej  Tills     j
Prohibition in Russia
A Pleasant Purgative.���I'ni'inoleo's
Vegetable Pills arc so compounded as
lo operate on both llic slomncb nnd
THROUGH S.A GRIPPE::,;;;,!: (:;n;,:n;(:;;:^i!d-'^;:!',:;,,:;r\!(!s:
Said     to     be     Working     Favorably!
Throughout  the   Empire || Generally I.CISTS  ill.  I'lllicilt1
Writing of the resull of prohibition     Debilitated and an Easy Vic-   :
iu  Russia, Mr. Waclaw   Ciernlewakl ..     ,() 0,|lc.r Diseascs
writes  in a British newspapers, irom
bis own experiences m- follows:
The Russian empire, the ha.-i educated and least civilized amongst the
entente powers, lirsi set an example
in the restricting of lhe sale of drink.
It is \vorlll noticing that lho entire
prohibition of alcohol In Russia did
of opinion lu  liussia cannot be com
pared with these of England.
In spit,., of iIiis. however, recent
Russian history gives ample examples
of protest:! on various occasions from
the people iiuiiinsi government policy.1
The abolition of monopoly, and even
the prohibition, have mci witli the
approval of tlie whole RusBlan nation.
Tne peasantry, the working classes,
nnd even the well-to-do classes arc
Inc.'siii'* the decision of the Tsar.
The enormous difficulties of obtain
Ing liquors produce their duo result.
The nation as a '.'.hole Is compelled to
be Bober.   The number of criminals,
They arc nol drastic In Iheir
work, lint mildly piu'Riillve, and the
pleasuro of laUlng'them la only criiial*
led li> ihe gratifying ol'fccl ihey pro-
due'. Compounded oni) of vegetable
substances the curative tiunlities of
One of the foremosl medical writers I which worn fully tested, they afford
says;  "it is astonishing the  number relief without chance ot injury.
of people who have been crippled in 	
health tor vein's utter an attack of In     "Cannon lo lhe left of Ihem, cannon
grippe or Influenza."   The   real dau*  to the righl of Ihem. cannon behind
ger from ihis disease,   which sweeps' Ihem volleyed and  thundered."
over Canada ever*   winter, is during      So quota ihc enthusiastic war cor*
convnlescence,   when the characterls* respondent.    Bul  lho censor cut out |
not met with any resistance, or even   i|0   symptoms, tho fever, il atnrrh,  this passage:
bi linns protest irom the people. It Is i|10 headache  and  the depression  oi I    "Can'l he giving away Ihc positions
true that tho liberty of the  Hussian  spirits pass nwav.   crip   leaves   bo- of our artillery," commented ho sago*
pross nnd the liberty of the expression! hind   it   weakened vital powers, thin ; ly.
blood,    impaired  digestion  and  over-j    ________________________________
sensitive  nerves -a    condition    that [
makes tho  system  an  easy   prey  to
pneumonia,    bronchitis,    rheumatism,
nervous    prostration and    even consumption.    It    is  a  condition  thai
calls most emphatically for a tonic for
the blood.    Ur.    Williams'  Pink  Pills
are    a  Ionic    especially    adapted    to
mci this need as ihey purify and enrich    lhe  blood.    They    lone  lip  the|
nerves and give vigor, strength  and:
health lo lhe debilitated system. Mrs,
Howard D. Chiiftoy, Indian Island. N.
II.. says:   "For several winters In succession I  wns nltncked hy la grippe
and even the total ot diseases, Instant* I which  lefl   me  weak and  badly  run'
ly diminished Ion  ureal   extent, down.    In   each  ease  I  use,|   lie.   Wil
The peasantry, indeed the whole nn-  ||amS' pink Pills witli tho mosl bene*
tion,  is  more and   more   prosperous.! flclnl  results.    Last winter when  the
National    foelings    and    aspirations  [rouble was ngaln prevalent I took lhe
grow over deeper.   The beneficial re* precaution of   rortifylng    my system
sub  ot sobriety In liussia Is partlcu*  wltli  Dr.    Williams'    Pink  Pills audi
larly noticeable In lhe Uussinn nrmy.  escaped the trouble,    while many ot|
Again and ngatn  1  heard  from  Has- my neighbors were down with il.   In j
lan|   oinccrs^ m | Hie lii'ins| line iiie j |.���.|  ( enjoyed the best of health allf
" "   " ''' spring  ami   feel   sure   this  medicineI
will so fortify the system as lo prevent tlio trouble."
'Ihese Pills are sold by all medicine
dealers    or may  be  had  by  mail al
an coin*- a  box or six boxes for $2.501
from Tic Dr. Williams' Medicine Co
The publish' r of Hie host  Par rs'
paper  iu  iho  Maritime  Provinces  in
writing lo us sliil.es:
"I would say lhal I do nol know
of a medicine ihal has slood lho lost
of lime like MlNARIl'S UXIMPXT.
II has been an unfailing remedy in
our household ever since I can remember, and has oul lived dozens ol
would-be competitors and  imitators,"
Wife;.'- The ncxl doors lind a snow*
shovel conic today,
Hubby Great! I was afraid we'd
have lo buy one of our own.
p Direct to New York,
* International l-'ur
rlcct, and Secure the
est t.'inli Prices.
.Iiii. In ttir* inlflrllrman, who
Iiii--I   -vrnliinHy   nil Jii'll lil[fl ill
pf ynnl Wcip-tytii- lilllltetlmarket
()iir mejliodi ol (.'Milinu ire
llyiibenl, WoncvercnAiio
connnuilnni, iking ymi hill value
lei your furs.
Willi- for our (nice lint ;ini! Rpcdnl
Hutu) ,���.,,..., ,..,.. ,.,��� ;;���������
lMW.ZVUSl. HcwVoili. N.lf.
13,-07 Hnusieii are Burned by Telitona
A despatch trom Havre says Unit
n repoi'1 has jusl been Issued by tho
Belgian governnieni giving tlio number of houses ill tho various provinces
of Bolgiuin, which, the report says,
were burned by lho Qormans.
The following llgnres arc given:
HrabnKj. 5,281; Mege, 11,703; Antwerp, l.sun: Mnllnos, 1,7*18; Dlnant,
.,232; Naniur, 1,710; Pbillipovllle,
1,30.1; liny, 255; Vervicrs, 581;
WaiTinine, 111; Turnhout, 40. Tho
total is 18,207.
The  figures for    Flanders arc not
yet obtainable.
opinion Hint tho Hussian soldier i.^ a
much harder lighter than the Germuu
because he is always sober, his energy is nol kepi up artificially, and,
consequently, it lasis longer than In
the case of lhe Germans.
1 can siai" on my own personal
investigaiions in Gallcln lhal by the | i'rockviilo, Oni
Russian army iu iis advance nnd retreat no atrocities have been committed, although the German and Austrian press accused the Russian army
of such misdemeanors.
It is (|iiiie possible ih.it, when a
million men are lighting, Instances of
thou and unjust verdicts on suspect
"Hen's a mosl wonderful thing.
I've jusl been reading of a man who
reached I lie age of forty willioul
learning how to read or write, lie mci
a woman, and for her sake be made
a scholar of himself in iwo years."
, .  I    Tho Man- That's nothing,    I  know
ed spies ina>  occur, hu   such evens h profound scholar al
are extremely rare.   And this aliunde   ,-���.,      T,      ,        ' .������, .
of the army can again be attributed to  |p-s]    ,,.      d       r   ,    , h,      ,,
the sobriety ol the soldiers j ,_ nvo d._,;,
Sores Flee Before It. There arc
mau\ who have been afflicted with
Bores and have driven them away
wiili Dr, Thomas' Rclectrlc Oil, which
acts like mngic. All Bimllnrlr troubled
should lose no time iu applying ihis
splendid remedy, as iherj \- not I n ���
like ii to he had li is cheap, bul Its
power is in no way expressed by its
low price.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Garget  in
"Is your husband n confirmed party
man'."' asked ilie smiling candidate.
"Laws, no!     He's iMiii  dancin', and
iloni  oven attend his lodge reg'lar,"
answ, red   Mrs.   Waybark.
Tommj Father, what' ��� I e tuti "������
of ibe vein 'iiiM  i "'
i'*;i:ii.'c (ii Coiigrcssmauj -Inve^tl*
Makes Breathing Easy. The con*
sti Iction nl i lie nir pnsBages und the
struggle for hu itli, loo familiar evidence of astlun d Ic trouble, cannol
dniinl lir. Kelli ���������:' Astlimn Itemed,!.
Till��� lie fnmoii ��� remedy which is.
knoi ii fur mi i '.. hie for its complete
effective!! ��� even under very severe
' Iltlons, li is no untried, experimental preparation, Jjiit ono witn
ninny years nf 'iron, service behind
Buy ii from your nearest dealer.
Tbe prostrating
?*_"*? cough tears dov.-n
' your .'length.
Tlio clogged rv-luLcs drrectly affect your longs ant! speedily 'i ?.d to
pleurisy, pneumonia, eonsuiupiieu.
bronchitis in on eajy, natural way.
Its curative OIL-")OD soothe, the
inflamed nicinbrai. 3, relieves tho
cold that causes lhe trouble,
ami ever;   drop helps  io
ItrcnRthen ;    ��� limfis.
Alii    ...     Hanli
_M4    refuse     rnruTBs
VV. N. U. 1092
Must Confiscate Everything
The London Daily News prints tlie
following order, alleged io have been
[.- is d by ihe Gi rman Gi noral Som*
uer in  Russia :
"Heiiul ll loi ��� -ii carried oul
loo mildly. I therefore order that
everything whatsoever found In requisitions, such as foodstuffs, blankets,
warm coats, cuttle, horses, sheep,
gouts, etc., shall be confiscated without delay.
"No piaycrs of ihe Russian population thai pan of such things be lefl
in them are to be regarded. We ure In
��� i enemy country, and no humanitarian considerations havo any value.
The,'' Is mori sat. ly In taking lliuii in
"Mrs filuddlgad'e baljy cried iho
i oilier day, when she wanted to lake It
trom iin  nurse n moment."
"YeB, the pour little dear is afraid
I of strangers."
Tt is nil very well for fleshy people to admire
a slim figure, hui no girl likes to be referred lo
as "thin na a match" or "fiat as an ironing-
Thinness means lhal the tissues are nol properly i'eil mid nourished. .It indicates a tendency towards anaemia, which must bo
overcome in its early stages. Vnu may oat
plenty ol' I'dihI, lull yuu nre losing weight, and
with it reserve Covee. The blood has got ihin
und watery.
11 is usually lhe nervously energetic girl or
woman who wears herself down by worry and
a.nxiely, until (he nerves become irritable, and
ilie form emaciated.
This condition never rights ilself, and for
Hii.i reason you nmst seek external assistance,
such us is found iu Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
This ii'ciiiiiieiii should not be confused with fat-
forming, oil-composed preparations, ll is:
rather a true Ionic, which sharpens the ;i|i|ie-
tile. improves digestion and restores richness
to the blood. Through tho medium of the
blood it feeds nml nourishes the starved cells
und (issues bach to health,
Under this restorative, upbuilding treatment the angles disappear, und Ihc form is
rounded oul lohcalthful proportions. The new
I issues formed are strong and linn, and give lo
Ihe body llic buoyancy and vigor which makes
yuu look well and feel well, Nervous headaches nnd indigestion disappear, and you feel
igain the joy of living. Yon can prove tho
icnefil ohtained by noting each week your increase iu weight,
BO cents a lio-c, <i for $2.00. All dealers, or
I'dniiillson,     Hales    &
Dr. Chase's Recipe Book, 1,000 selected recipes, sent free if yon mention thi* paper. THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C.
How Russians Fought
In The Mountains
Men  Marched Shoulder Hiyh Tlirougli ���
Snow.   Firinfl   Rifles   ar,   Tliey
|    Difficulties    experienced    by    the
PEACE  OUTLOOK   APPEARS   DARKEN   THAN   EVER Husslans In the Caucasus are Oesrrib*
| ed in nu officer's narrative roi 11\ ed
���������������-������ |m potrogvadi
"for   weeks,"     said   (lie   nnrr.ilor,
10; "our column nt the. suminll of a mountain, 11,mm feel high, east of Krzcr-
i urn, was exposed lo blizzards, which
i burled .shcliers lifleen Ceel under
��� drills, and blew bills to pieces, Our
posltliin was mosl critical when al
length we were ordered lo march.
A hurricane of furious proportion-
was raging when we bi ran to descend
ih.' snow clad precipices, The men
marched in single llio and forced their
waj shoulder high tlirougli iho snow,
firing their rifles lo guide those behind ilu'in. Uniform) became sheets
Of Ice, and masks ,,i j,. . covered our
faces, CI ii ii s were lowered on ropes,
bill nol a mail was lost, We had our
reward in llic panic which oar unexpected appearance produced anion','
tlio 'I'm lis."
One of The Leaders of The Permanent Pence Movement W
lias Made a Study of The Situation Is Convinced That
The Germans Arc Ready to Quil Hut Not So
J lie English or The French
Huron     Adelsward,    eviuinlstcr  of  sight, nol only of strength, bill of tiler
bnaiK ��� Sweden, now   a  incnilicr of   feaiiiness."
Im    ������������
Frederick Palmer Predicts Hie Fall of Germany in The Nol
Distant Future, and Reasons That All Indications Point
* To Gradual Collapse of The Enemy
ibe Swedish rigsuag and one of the
outstanding figures of lho movement
in   I'.iirope   winch   seeks   In   pilVO   inc
way tor permanent  pence,   recently'
loured   lhe  countries  RI   wnr,  coiner
ring wiili sucn men as Premier I'oin
cine iu  r ranee.
I regrei io say ilml Ilia outlooli up
peers   darker  during   I'oeonl
llian   at   nil}   lime  BillOt
alienl   world pi
"II  should be
ipicstlon   of   perm
Duron Adelsward
moiil us
Inc  war  He-
gun," said "Huron  AdolBwttrd,   "I dolponoo   i
noi    b ivo  lucre    is   ihe  slightest j insts (llll
chance of peace ai lho preBoni nine prepare
or in the neiir future. ' methods,
"lu   lungiund,"    hu  continued,    "1 getnor, preveniu
found among olTlolnls and the peoplo|aster such as li
understood wc have no
concern in seeking lo end the presenl
war. Thai, of i nurse, is highly desir-
anic. bul  il has notlllllg 10 do with our
movement, ami lho beuigeronl govern*
incnl   are   m-niiy  deleriuinud   to  deal
quesiinn   oi   poilCi    In   their
Hui our aim oi 1111 enduring
lho same whether tlio wnr
yeur or Ion years wc must
lie way, Httldy lhe praclieai
mil  mold  piinlli; opinion  lo
[mother   world dis-
wiiii  lho
own way.
THE 15,000,000 MARK
iii large thai they look upon the wnr, "Wo have inel some discourage*
us jusi beginning, They recognize mom and opposition from some of tho
now ihal ihey wi^ro nol ready lor war j allied governments, on tho theory
at lhe oiiiset and lacked men and', lhal wo were urging a premature
in tin h ioics. nm now ii lins tuken linn i peace. Km lliul Is nol ibe case, unci
hold oi tlio wnoie people iiini me war in links I have ii'ni with some of the I'{(7i"ot
i  ireiii'iuiousi)  serious question, | loading  officials  I  havo shown  thoill    ' The
Hun our movement is in irutli seeking roln
inc sume end Mint the allied forces Greal
Itgnllng in ihe trenches ure seeking���
an honorable peace which will he last-
Inn and will be ii guarantee of future
security  to  iliein ami  to Un
"Bill    whal   praclieai
tuken to insure world p
Adelsward was c.sited.
"Thi* mosl priiclicnl nil
lo me,"
of the
of   Thi
Hive observed tho gradual  fore.' In lhe regulation of internal loti*
dim; thai tlio war should  al affairs,   li is n greal deal lhat all
civilized  governments    have  already;
agreed io li In principle.    Hut ii remains  to give this  principle the de->
(lniteness of u practical; working, judicial tribunal   u real world court, ac-'
iiia'.ly   in  session,  with  International
'Frederick Palmer in Colliers)
The Prussian system has nol yel
dergone lhe Uniil lest.
Is Germany winning with probably
lt_ million men dead or crippled tor
life','    Is  she  Whining   when  sue docs
not know how she is going to force
pence?   Can she win
continue  her offensive  when  spring
borne,   which
of yielding'.'
from her relatives at
suggested any thoughi
Vet with every batch of Qerman pri.
oners captured scores of sucn letters
are    found  In their possession.    The
iicrni'in   soldiers    arc     showing   the
strain. Their elflciencj  is decreasing;
he    eaimol   'but of  England and   France  licreas*
when   annus  Ing.    And,  make no  mistake,    tho_o
!>.;..I   Killed
n   World's   Struggle
Wounded, O.SiiO.o.'
uml limy feel limy are oniy now beginning " nor;  adoqtinto    lo  Ih ���
huge lasl, before ihem.   so thai il Is
Useless   In   llllk   peace   lo   lllelll   when
thej   are   llrniiy   convinced   Ihej   arc
jusi b 'ginning lho war
��� iu France   mere is Indignation ������ i
the mere mention ��0( peace, and lln'
wboie con ti I r y Is united In tho policy
of currying on lho war with tuo utmost energy.
"Hui In Henna y there is undoubt
illy a very strong public sentiment
for ending the war! I have made four
trips through Qcrmttiiy since the war
began, and
growth of
end. This was most marked during
iny last visit, and extended lo all
classes, men and women exclaiming;
'.My God! Who would have thougnt
this terrible war would last so long'!'
The   statement of the German chan*
'I'osu casualties ot the
HIIO, reached the enorn
��� ilgures
war In
ous to-
comes?    Can she win if she must accept the defensive?
While M sometimes seems thai we
in America know more aboul Germany
than nbnul any Of the warring countries, we really know less. The object of every nation in this war has
been io bi the neutral countries know
only whal ihey wanted them lo know,
lu tills, too, Germany bus excelled.
japan learned her laities from Ger*
ninny, and Japanese luetics were the
same In the ItUBSO-Japniiese war.
Japan hud fought herself to a standstill ui Mukden, but she gave lhe Impression to the who e world Unit she
was   capable   of further advance and
ime been computed  that a* Povtsmmitl
  ,,. ,    of  the  losses    bv   make her own ten
Britain und her allies and estl*  after Mukden she hud made no pro
i mated  in  tlio  case  of  lho  Teutonic I vision I'or another offensive���a secrel
could almost
,;i.,.i,iMK     ,.i  i'i-        ..    by I make her own terms   In five months
which she was able to keep.   The last
estimated I u'ow s'"' ���"���*��� struck hud put her on
ihe gross her face in the mud, bul with her face
al ono  in I lowiiril tlie enemy   thanks also to the
German system.
England's  new  munition    factories
said he, "is to make u reality
i'crniiineiit Court of Arbitration
Hague, giving it un actual ex*
and a strong controlling
The number ot killed I
at     one   iu   ever;    live   of
casualties and  prisoners
every seven.
Upon  tills  basis,  it  is   found  that
ihe    total  killed  number    2,900,000; I have only begun to supply shells. Tl
cellar that any effor; by Germany's jurists representing the various coun*
enemies appears, to be designed to tries actuallj in attendance, consid*]
culm the public feeling in Germany ering and determining International
in showing thai the government is litigation with the same systematic
ready for pence, but cannot realize it regularity and finality thai state
through the opposition of the allies, i courts consider iheir cases, and witli
"There is, too, a significant and branches taking un active part in con-
rather ominous attitude among the dilating and mediating national dis-
German people of being ready to crit* 1 putes, so thai nations will come to
icize men In high places even the look to ibis International body as the
highest. Such u tning would nut have one comiietenl and prepared lo act
been thoughi of ii sl'uul tlm i ago, bul |with authority and duality.
prisoners, ./t-10,000; and wounded 0,*
The estimate of the gross casualties suffered by each nation Is;
Austria-Hungary - 2,800,000,
France ���2,300,000.
Great  Britain   500,000.
Belgium, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey    1,000,000,
Grand total-  1*1,060,000.
in the Balkan war of 1912 1:1. 360,-
uuo men were killed of lhe 1,250,000
engaged, In the Russo-Japanese war
.".all,mill   were   killed   of   Ihe   2,500,000
engaged.   There are now hi least 21,-
| snake lines   on   the map. Indicating
German soldiers on Ibe soil of the al-
, lies, have been burned Into tin.' brain
of every Englishman nnd Frenchman.
suppose   linn  all next Bprlng una
summer    Germany    tnrows    herself
against those lines   of sic; in vain.
'Suppose Hint a line of steel is across
i her path in the Balkans as well as
in Flanders and In liussia. I'or if she
extends her lines in Serbia nnd Hull-aria she needs correspondingly more
I men to keep them Intact.   Suppose
lhat, Instead of being able to take the
(offensive, she   uses   per raagnlBi mt
railroad system for rushing bodies of
.troops here and there in order to halt
i the offensive of the allies���what win
lie the effect then upon German sen-
|liment?    What would bine been the
effect on Japanese sentiment if the
Husslans  had    held out  for another
year    and  let the Japanese st  ���
front of their arm) '.'
When l/ord Kitchener told t ie min*
Isters of lhe llritish cabinet tha*. the
wur would be long they were sceptical
Hut now they Know that he knew
what he was talking abo it, II. ci '
ij upon winning the last battle. That
s (ho battle that England has olw- ���
nil lo win, aim usually has won.
' i      1 In the
nun,nun men under arms in ti
en llieulrcs of the war.
now ii is general.
"For    Instance,    men
largo forces of employe
cently  discussing  Hie  s;
who dire.
s were r
rious   colli:
armament   am
s     will     follow |
Importance of Archangel
lions arising from the
sponsible ones will
- re-
said '
Present Crest  Port of Entr>
and  Exit
"There has probably never been i
more  noteworthy  expansion  In  tin
"The reduction
jollier   peace  measui
naturally, once lho great essential
world conn at The Hague- is realiz-l
ed.    As  to 'freedom  of tin; seas,'  I ,    ,     . .    ,
���fear that purl of the program 'vm trade of any particular port in such a
one. 'Hut the  is responsible, ana hare to be abandoned, as It is u war short tune ihnn bus occurred nl Arch-
will  lie,  too,  lie  punished?'    'Ves,  I measure and has no logical place in a angel during tlio last year (says the
plan I'or International peace. It ap* American Commercial Attache at
pears to have linen proposed largely-Petrograd in a report to his govern-
as an appeal i'or Uerman support, bur ment).
it is obviously out of place." "From  a  comparatively   unlmport*
Referring lo the attitude of Sweden! ant port about a year ago, dependenl
in the present war, Baron Adeiswurd  chiefly upon its sawmills and fishing
said: I Heel for prosperity, ii  was suddenly
"The sentiment of the Swedish peo* become una  of Ihe  mosi   Importanl
'pie    is    one   of absolute neutrality,  ports in the world, rivalling even New
I Naturally there   are groups, and this I Vork in the number und tonnage qt
that ships arriving and departing between
antral about May 1, and the close of ice free
the great military rendezvous ol isng-lthnt is nor tne case, tailing Sweden I "Al the lime of my visit in August
land, also the grand fleel In ono of tlie as a whole and without regard tolaboul 120 large steamers were In port,
ports of Scotland, and later conferred Igroups or factions, So lhat when .Mr. j and about 300 hud arrived since .May. I
with Premier Asqullh and oilier Brit* A-Qulth asked ir i us lo tlie attitude rAn Immense number of boats nnd
ish leaders. Oi   ! vedeu   -not us io Individuals orl barges ure u!so engaged In river and
"The Hriiish   licet   in reality   has groups, but Sweden as a whole���I was  canal  navigation,    ninny    ol    them
maximum American and Japanese out*]
put will not bo reached until February
or March.   Willi spring the allies will
have for lhe llrsi Mine a real superior- j ("houtrli wc reversed Un
Ily In .nuns, men and material, on the  American revolution.
lighting lino.   Germany siill has four
million lighting men and Austria three
million.    Franco  musl   have  close  lc
four million, England mure ihah threi
million und Itussln three million, noi
counting   her    unorganized    reserve,
Thus the allies will have a sporlority
equivalent to lhe Hriiish new army.
if Germany is going to continue her never going to give the
offensive where i '    she strike?    Can   ihal she is losing.
she     undertake   another    offensive!    The ono chance that G-nnany    is
against   Russia   when     in   Ma)     llic' of  winning is  the chance  that   _i
French cover all the front line trenches Japan   victory.    Though   beaten,
in the west with shells and undortak0   may keep her secrets so clos<   i I
Ian offensive with live limes lhe artil- lier wounds so well, that
ilcry power of Chuni{iagne nnd l.oos'.', the appearance    of    victory un.;
Ill' ihc German, with all his strength, ceivo her enemies    Into compromise
j failed io pel a Itnockou!  in ihc spring i Hut it the allies ki ep on  tor
i of  1915, can lie hope for ii  in  191.6?  eighteen months, .mi It the;
I For lie must havo a knockout iu order gether, Hero is no doubt thai
to win.    At least one of his opponets , will  he  beaten.    And  if  their  in
must be counted out. I lasts I    Watch and see if it do
She has always started m
ly, only to be beaten at first be a  -
ihe  was  not ready.    Hm. y
aire   the amazing bruin trust  -
governs Germany,   which _uo*i
io Inflame its own people i. ;
pose, which unites great military  ��� i
ing    with very skiiiful statecraft,    is
world .i ; -':
mean him, too, he is Hie one,' was th
"And Ihis is very typical ot the
win Ihc ordinary people are talking,
ami ii is a condition which mighl hnve
the gravest consequences, And yet."
Huron Adelsward added, "il is a mistake to'think Hint Germany is ex-
bailBled and will be forced to peace
through   sheer exhaustion.   She   has
many resources still, and can lighl forlhas    oreuted    the    impression
a longtime." I Sweden in favorable   to Un
Russia, which li.' hoped would lie
the llrsl of all ihe countries in Europe
lo submit, lias [he Ieasl reason. For
lhe Slav to yield io Hie German .wow
would mean German domination of
Europe and Ihe eclipse of Slavdom.!
This   the   farseeillg   Russian   leaders I
Tho allied  troops  may  never .-ir. to
Berlin;   they    may    never cross  the
Rhine none of ihem may again
East Prussia.    But it will be. Germ . .
I .hat will have to sue for terms because
sin* is in n state of siee-\
Even rebellion in India,   ot   which
Baron   Adelsward visited Aldershot, rowers and opposed lo the Allies. But  navigal
io great military rendezvous of Eng- that is   nor the case, taking Sweden     "At t
three points of concentration," sain
he, "and we visited lhe main point,
where most of the great battleships
are gathered.   It is u mosl Impressive
to answer him thut Sweden wasI carryiilg as much as 2,000 tons eacli:
and thai, lhe im-| these have been diverted largely from
absolutely neutral
presslon of her l.-voi'ing lhe Central
Powers was unjustIned by the fuels."
Food Scarce in Germany
porlr, if it is cheaper lo enl sour
"Butter is scarce und dear. Cheap
lard is not lo be had. Vou are advised to hold over water in which
sausages have been boiled, which is
desired us en extraordinarily nutritious fluid, rich in f;u. This fluid,
with plain boiled potatoes, is enough
for au enl ire meal.
"One must break the 1
in�� bread, butter and sun*
per.   if more cabbage or s
cooked for dinner than   is required,
what is   lefl   over warmed up   ami
eivcl wilh steaming, mealy potaloe
Many   Articles   of   Food   Have   Gone
Too High in Price For Hun
Despite assertions in the Reichstag;
lhal inc Herman food supply is ample,
lhe press continues to print denials
of these assertions nnd io give iniii-'
cations of the ever-Increasing piucii]
of hunger, 'ihe Berliner Zeitung
says: l
"ii is dlfflcull io Imagine that
things conoid grow worse just now
without some crowning disaster. The
masses of the peop.e are hungry all ta8tes |)C,|1(,,. ,.,_,., fresh B0|ieUi
day long, many articles oi looii having reaened a price wholly beyond
their rencn, Hunger renders the
people sullen uml deprives them oi
nil joy in victories. The children ure
underfed, pale, and wan looking, like
faded flowers.
"Tho   extent to    which the full in
birth-rale   occupies   the nttentlon or
the    government   was shown at the
meeting of liie I'eople'n Welfare association of Berlin, where n representative of the Prussian ministry of the I ���-���  ��� ���
Interior staled that    the government      Going   North   on   Exploring   Trip
was fully aware of the Importance of     captain Joseph Bernler, the canad
the question."                                        ,   Ian   Arctic  explorer,    bus  announced
"In the meantime we nre informed that he will atari nexl July on another
that the military authorities have for*\ two years' exploration trip iu the froz-
the lower Volga river traffic,
"Larger preparations than ever are
being planned to meet the traffic for
next, spring, and it is hoped thut lhe
facilities may ihen be sufficient to
lake cure, with reasonable promptness, of the enormous business that
bus developed.
"if Archangel were    tree from  ice
during the winter i!   would be one ol
Die llnest ports in the world, since ii
has sixty io seventy miles of river
frontage available far ships drawing
1 up   in   l':;   feci.    Moreover, through
aid; of (���;((���"''��� mugnlficenl system nf inlaid wat*
.',.-.."" I'.it- .,',��� I erwiivs   witli   which   the   Dwlna   River
.t.V   I"!   sup- ,, ,     i     ,,     ��� ., ,
uierkraul is'ls connected, u  is  possible to ship
'freight  from Archangel  bj  water to
nearlj nil liie principal towns nf Rus*
i.    During  the spring  especially
realize. So do the muss of lhe Rus* Germany so fondly dreams, could not
skins. They ure lighting for racial change the event. The British hold __a
life. In order to gain a separate peace sea. They have the superiority in
wilh liussia, Germany would nt least dreadnoughts, and-'battle cruisers
havo to evacuate Russia and Poland j whose guns can smash anything above
as well. Though she has made Rus-[water. The methods they used in
sin suffer more llian she has suffered ' holding down tlie submarine ea_*.
tli is does not mean lhal she is win* pnlgn in the North Sea ouijiit alio -o
nlng. is rve in ihe .Mediterrauean.
To win, Germany must heal the im* Germany is in Hie position of a man
mense new British army. She must who strikes for want of air. for van-
beat the 1917 class of recruits which ot room, Ho lunges this way and that
in November, France has noi yel call-1 with the craving for breath for his
cd lo the colors. She must win in i lungs and space for his limbs. He
i some kind of u decisive victory at' pushes (lie wall back a Utile, but :".
arms���or lose; must succeed in wear-j is still there, dashing iiis own blood
ing down the allies' resources und : hack in his face. He breaks through
men by attrition instead of the allies I one door, but there is another beyond,
wearing down hers. The mental strain of such a battle Is
Germany insists thut sin* is winning, as severe us the physical. Next ram-
She tells her people that she is. But | mer, if Russia comes back strong, and
have you ever looked through thej Turkey and Bulgaria are tamed, the
German papers for copies of letters by; wails will begin to fail in on the Ger*
French or British soldiers, or of letters  mans.
The official Wolff Bureau ree
sent out manifestoes urging the
pie to moid wastefulness lu the
of Hour and  bread,
Commenting on Ihis, the Post
Conservative organ, says:
"ll cannol be pointed oul in language too strong lhat wastage at a
lime when wo are fighting I'or our
very existence is u crime against lhe
German Spy Danger
Officers and Soldiers Warned  Not to
Discuss  Naval   or  Military
A warning to bo on their s.;iiir;l far
German spies has been sent oul lo all
officers in Canada by the department
of Illiiltla in regular orders. It is as
"li is strictly forbidden io dlsi lose
io unauthorized person-- uny Informa*
'  when there is high water in the rivers j|j0n with respect to   the movements,
I and canals, ihere would seem lo he no  numbers, description, condition or dls-
'"���v  reason  why nearly ail the immense position of any of the froces, ships, or
'""' amount of freight arriving could nol I wnr materials of his majesty or any
*���**���* bo distributed through these Interior 0f his majesty's allies, or with  re
I waterways. 'sped to die plans or conduct of uny
"Archangel has become one of the naval or military   operations by any
mast.     Important    wheal   exporting Si*c��� forces or ships,   or with respect
ports of the world;  apparently much
of the wheal formerly exported from
Black Sea or   Baltic Sen pans is now
hipped from here.    In August it was
to any works or measures undertaken
for, or connected with, or intended for
Ih? fortification or defence of any
place,   or any information of such a
bidden  meetings convened lo discuss
the high cost of living."
Tho Vorwaerts, the Socialist paper,1
makes a strong protest against the
attitude of officials, who continue '->
en regions. Captain Bernler will sail
on his own ship (he Guid ���. Captain
Hernial- had made more Ihnn une attempt lo reach the North Pole, mi one
occasion  reaching si  degrees  north
exhort  the poor to  economize. i He took ;l prominent part in the Per
"For   the midday meal," il   says, *.y.r_ook  controversy,  vigorously sup-
"ono  must not arrange  matters uc- porting tho claims of Dr. Cook as the
cording to his wish, mste, or habit,
hut must Select the cheapest foods.
Ho must not eat red cabbage, if green
cabbage is cheaper. Vou are not to
stiffen   yourself  with   belly   cuts  of
discoverer of the North  Pule.
"Tlie man I marry must have com.
monsense," she said bliishlngly,
"He won't," replied li ��� bitterly.
said Hint about 1,000,000 poods 118,000  nnture ns is calculated to be or might
be directly or indirectly useful to the
Commanding officers are directed to
promulgate the foregoing instructions
nnd to see thut they are fully explained io all ranks on parade by officers
commanding squadrons, batteries and
companies, und oilier units. In tloiu_r
slstance from
horl ions) wus lying in port, whit
15,000,000 or 20.000,0111) poods i _TO.-
000 to 360,000 snort tons) had been
shipped since May."
Two Striking Facts
Nothing, as a matter of fact, is more
striking  than  the  manner  in  which
our export, trade lias steadily contln-lso they may derlv
ued to improve throughout a period the accompanyln
nu.j-sty's forces should dl8CUSS any
naval or military subjects in the presence of stranger..
"There is reason to know that there
are enemy agents, mule and female.
at work in every grade of life, capable
nf speaking English fluently, and posing frequently as officers, sailors, soldiers, salesmen, or advertisers. Members of his majesty's forces should oe
constantly on their guard against
sell agents.
"Those on leave in the United Kingdom from tlie from or from the fleer,
should be particularly on their guard
against enemy agents. These pi oplc
frequently endeavor to make the acquaintance of officers and men leitlic-r
by correspondence or gifts) with the
Intention of offering them further ho?-
pilaiiiy on their return to the i'nited
Kingdom, and so of extracting valuable information from them, or supplying misleading information to them
in ihe interests of the enemy."
The war, however long it lasts,
must be pressed till victory is absolutely nssured, und we must do our
best and utmost. Seeing, however,
that ,-impie food supplies are essential
to success, it Is unwise to carry the
drainage of men to the extent of endangering the production of the Dominion. We must set our faces like
Hints against all attempts to end the
when   lhe  army   was  continually   e>
Xo officer or other member of hlSiwar before  tho enemy  is  completely
overthrow ii.--Wellington,
New  Zea-
panding; and the success witli which I majesty's forces should, in any circuni-l
new sources of labor, and especially stances, discuss with, ar give any in-,
that of women, liuve been nipped is ii j formation Lo, any unauthorized person: ___________
standing triumph  I'or our industrial whomsoever upon   any naval or mill-     Mrs.   Peek���They've  talked    over
organization.   Nor can it be pretend- tary subjects; any attempt by sirang- 2,500 miles by wireless.   I wonder if
ed that the possibilities in this dlrec- ers or others lo obtain such Informa* you  could  bear  me  that  far away,
lion have yet been  fully realized,���I Hon should he Immediately reported. | Henry?
London Dally Telegraph. 'No officer or other member of liiH     Henry (wistfully)���1 wonder. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenav Review t,ie "Inan in the tre"ches" i�� beinjc
. TTU    ,.,y *XCVICW wronged because of th* referendum
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weeky  Newspaper,   Pubished  at
Courtenay, B. C,
N. H. Boiikn, Editoi nnd Proprietor
Telephone ,sy
tnlucription (1,50 per Year iu Advance
The Utilities Committee of  the
City Council have drafted an a^ree-
nicni which they  now propose to
have an engineer ami lawyer pntcii
tip, uml then they will present il to
the Company for  iheir   approval.
The Company will object, ns they
nre one of the partii s to die agreement, nnd have a right to help make
tin agreement, and llu u the whole
tliinu will have lo be done all over
nKuiu by the lawyer and engineers,
this piling cost upon  cost   in   the
citizens.   Tbe Committee al  least
should exetcise some business acumen nnd net ihc basis of agreement <loi"K so lllt; ��uyer woul(1 H0"" I)llr'
chase only marked eggs, and those
from li. C,   would get   the prefer*
being taken in his absence. Tlie
Manitoba soldier I have given this
statement the direct lie.
It will be remembered that the
Premier announced his intention
recently of framing n prohibition
measure foi British Columbia, framed upon that of Manitoba, The
omen is a good one. j
B, C. potatoes nre still going
eastwards, to the prairie und us far
as Ontario. Mnnv thousands of
tons are moving, and this should
benefit all growers,
Eggs have been as low as 29c a
do/en in Victoria recently, While
American and Chinese e^gs (really
unfit for food ) can be sold as ''local
ranch" eggs, the pi ultrymen of ll.
C, will not get 11 fair price for what
they produce. The remedy is to
murk each egg. und ii the II. C. j
pottltrykeepets made a  practice of I
settled between tin city and company before rushing iutojcoslly legal expenses. Another thing we
might point oul, it is not the city
who is seeking the franchise it is
the Conipa y, and il is up to them
to presenl the agreement, und the
council to see that its interests lire
properly safe-guarded. The fact
that the Aldermen are clothed with
a little brief authority is no reason
why they should eagerly rush to
spend the citizens money in law
costs. Aid. Mckenzie's attempt to
have a few dollars spent in making
absolutely necessary improvements
to streets in the orchard received
scant attention, but when it came
to spending five or six limes the
amount in useless law costs, all the
aldermen fell in with  the scheme.
The City Council has at lust got
tlie Pound Bylaw signed and registered, and hereafter it will be unlawful for uny horses or cuttle to
roam the citv streets night and day
at their own sweel will. Il islikes,
likely that provision will be made
for family cows io pasture on tlie |
side streets iu the doytinic, but they
musl be taken iu nl night. Vis-
cious or rnruly ones should not be
allowed 011 the si reels ut any time.
Spring Opening
Ladies Dept.
Newest Eastern creations in
ladies ready to wear hats
Flowers,   Ribbons,   Wreaths
Middies, blouses, piques and
duck skirts. House dresses,
misses and children's pinafores. Muslins and Cambric
Crepes, fancy muslins, piques
ducks,  Gala-teas, garbadines,
prints, printed voiles,  zephyr
models   in   C-C
Grace Corsets
Mens Dept.
If material is so scarce as some j
of the Councillors would like us to
believe, would it not lie advisable |
lo have all tlie Ui! cans, ashes, and
oilier rubbish dumped into the hole
on the roadside near the Builders'
Supply, and then cover it witli
earth, This would solve the garbage dtt nping ground for this season ut least, and stive the city some
money, perhaps enough to make
lhe 01 chard streets passable.
A number of cases of measles
were discovered among the soldiers
at Comox last week, and the whole
camp was immediately placed in
ipiarrantitie by the officers, and the
patients and those exposed isolated
It is hoped that the disease will be
checked before it becomes general
among the soldiers.
, ������ .-**-.����� ���
Notes By The Way
A recent recruit for the 103rd.
Bait, (Timber Wolves) in Victoria j
happened to be a soldier who left
with the 30th Batt and who enlisted again upon recoveiing Irom injuries which had necessitated his
being invalided home.
Recruiting in Victoria continues
steadily, ar.d day by clay,   familiar
faces disappear only to re-appear in j HA lb and CAPS
the King's uniform, The "native Newest American styles in
son" and the "British Islander" men's soft and hard felt hats
alike are doing their share, i ;n a���  ,eading   .hadeg#    New
The Oriental has ?ot to go.  The shapes  in  men's  motor and
laooitr men in   Vancouver objected , lf Tweed
the other day to their employment
in hotels   under license,   and were 1
hear'ily supported   iu this   by the
Mayor    ol    Vancouver.      Further
steps are now to be taken.
What is the matter with the!
term "workingtnau"? The anti-
prohibitionists have n..t even raised
the threadbare cry about "taking
the beer away from the pore work-
ingtnan.-" But then, they got it in
the neck from Manitoba the other :
day.   "Number one hard." I
When the workingtnau, by the
way, ceases to patronize Oriental
tailors, barbers and storekeepers,
who displace while workingtueu in
those lines of business, he will be
in a milch better position lo fight
encroachment of Oriental.'! iti hlilles
logging camps, etc. There are it
is said 6,000 Otietltals who will not
return to Canada until conditions
improve. If the working man
withdraws his patronage right now
that number could be considerably ,
augmented, and once out of the
It is estimated that the fleece of
more than one billion sheep would
be recpiired supply the clothing fo!
one year to the armies now in the
field, and yet, Mr. J. W. Woods,
the retiring president of the Toronto Board of Trade says the world's
muster ot sheep falls short of this
number by two hundred and fifty
million. Where the wool is to
come from, both for army and for
ordinary commercial use, looks like
a problem.
Good Chick Food Means
Growth��� Eggs���
Dollars for You
I(ay the riwlit food for your chicks, ami inter tliev will
lay the right food lor yoti -BGGS, Bggs continue to
command liinli prices that spell DOSSAK.T and CUNTS
FOR VOU; out vou must feed your chickens well
Royal Standard Mills Chick  Food
Newest   novelties   in   men's
flowing end, derby and  bat-
wing ties
Newest spring lasts in   Invic-
tus shoes   "The   Best   Good
Shoe for Men"
W. G. & R. shirts in silk mixtures, black and white stripes
also the   Country  Club shirt
with large open neck
Spring samples of Campbell's
Made-to-measure Clothing is
now being shown in all the
newest weaves   and  shad :s
Hues not scour young ehltks, causing molality, hut Hour-
islics ami hastens u healthy growth, Contains 110 dust
nor waste Ingredients, is not cheapened for sale purpose.
Scientifically compounded, contains special liicji grude
ment scraps, und lias a PUOTItlN VAMHt o( 7."!, A
You   Order   the
Your   Chicks
Royal Standard Grain Products
F. MoviU, Mur.
Phone 33; End ol Bridge
According to the census last year
Pennsylvania had 7000 women
farmers, the majority of whom
owned the laud on which they
Manitoba bus voted two to one
in favor of prohibition after a stiff
fipht between the opposing parties
The soldiers were in favor of the
measure and gave majorities for it
The whine   has been   raised   that
In Georgia, during the last three
years the number of women   farm*
The  high price   of wool   makes' ers has   more than   doubled.   The
one wonder whv women on   farms  majority of women  go 111   for rats*
don't take more interest   iu   sheep  hogs, cattle and foodituffs, leaving
raising, especially in   British   Co-  the cotton planting to the men.
where the winters   are not
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all ��� arts
of the world. For particulars etc., i di ress
Ditt. P��iietif,cr Ag-nl, Viclorio
I  nc U CO
I promised last week to tell you
the reason of the enormous increase
iu spirit while beer has enormously
decreased iu the first 6 mouth's
trial of the new Saskatchewan Liquor Act. I felt sure this uewact
would prove as big a farcial play as
"Charley's Aunt" and make a cat
laugh. Tin Prohibs are sore that
they have been outwitted by the man
wdio before this new act took his
drink of beer in the bar, now gets
rolling drunk in his own koine, and
this accounts foi the decreased police court cases of drunkenness; but
the most serious side is what a
fanner's wife fsom Saskatchewan
who recently spent a few weeks
here tol 1 me, with tears in her
eyes, that since the closing of the
bars her husband buys whiskey at
tlie Government dispensaries in
flasks, which he brings home iu his
pockei I in ii ������ he cannot do this
with a quart of beer he lias 11 come
a re;,ul: .' r, Wot's more het
suns have copied their father's wars
and she curses the day she listened
to the hot air talk of the well paid
Prohibs agent, who has such a good
:' Mind the  couul
travelling first class parlour car and
smoking a good big cigar���it has
led to family quarrels and she's
sorry to say the language used is
som-thing awful, making lier home
miserable, and if the act is not al
tered she's afraid it will drive her
to drinking also, and this is whyahe
came here to see sjine of her relatives for a few weeks change and
rest. She further told tne that
conditions with her neighbor were
even worse; the husband gets his
whiskey in kegs from an outside
province because its cheaper than
the bottle stuff the dispensaries at
at home sell, and he has it smuggled amongst Iiis box of groceries.
He invites Iiis neighbors, and the
noise and the shouting can be heard
tor miles, especially about 2 o'clock
in the morning when they have the
last partidg glass and sing that
good old song, "1 won't go home
'till morning."--Critic.
There will be services at S. Peter's, Comox, on Sunday at
The 102nd Battalion is now practically ti,) to stteiigth, and the recruiting office at Vancouver will be
closed in a few days. *V fine class
of men has been enlisted. In physique mentality and general all-
round fitness the soldiers will compare well with other units. Gathered from all over the province,
citv and professional men vie with
hardy seasoned frontiersmen and
woodsmen in making good in their
new sphere of activity,
The regimental badges for the
102nd are most appropriate, artistic
and distinctive. Inscribed on the
regulation maple leaf is a classical
Indian's head surmounted by feathers, in profile, with the number
of the battalion. "102," and North
British Columbia" in scroll under
" C. E. F."
There are   still   vacancies for a
few first-class men in the ranks.
The Race Track Committee will
not hold their next dance on Friday
evg., March 31st,
Charles Wheeler
begs to nimotincee
that Ik* has opeeeel
The Elk Hotel Barber Shop
Cleanliness n Specialty
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27
Pants $7 up
Cleaning and
Suits           S
SI.-5 up
. /.s
Repairing, Etc.
Gents clot
Irs k(
lit in order
hy the
.month $2.50
Haney   I.  Kushida
The same building us  Robertson's Drug
Store, Union St., Courtenay
A Special meeting oi the Board of 1*1
cense Commissioners (or the City of
Courtenay will be held hi the Municipal
Office on Saturday, the eighth day ol
April, ��t the liour of 7.30 o'cloc., p. 111
W. A. VV. Hames,
C. M. C
NOTICE is hereby given that all Dog
Licenses must be   paid "ii   or he-
fore the First day oi   April.   Any  dog
found running  without a tag after that
date ��ili be suunuarilj dealt with,
City Clerk
. 1 Hit March, 19
 1 ua
Tlie cut, fit,
quailty and strict
regard to details
that vou would
expect from
Loudon's foremost Military -
Tailors you can
expect from us.
We can make
you a complete
kit wiUiin three''
days ami at a
remarkably low
forms 011 application,
fF       *r iAlt of ityrOo*, t*G
747 Yates St., VICTORIA,...
"���������������" imiinirmr
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Co   iiii    1
Barrister  and  Solicitor,   Notary"Puhlic
P, O. Box 209
���.'���-������ ���
Canadian Collieries Will
Buy Fleet of Ships
Agricultural Hall
at 8:00 p. m.
H. J. Knott will Speak
Vancouver, Mar. 13.���The Canadian Collieries in order to handle
the increasing business with South
America, United States and Pacific
coast points will soon be in the
market for a fleet of ships which
number three or four at the start
and be increased as business de-
mauds, according io the announcement made today bv Henry F.
Flewiug of New York, one of the
directors of the company, who is
uow on the coast.
The Golden West
Mr. K. Allen of Happy Vallev
bus rented his farm lo Mr. II. Mc-
Court, a fanner from the prairies,
Mr. Allen intends lo enlist and Mrs.
Allen and tlie family will return tJ
Englaud until after the war.
The Black Hox still continues to
draw record houses :it the opera
house every Thursday uight. On
Saturday nights special feature
films are shown which interest and
delight large audiences
Mrs kilpatrick has received the
following letter trom tlie Prisoners
of War Department of the'Vancouver Red Cross branch, witli reference to the proceeds of the minstrel entertainment :
"Thank vou very much for your
most splendid contributi6n to the
prisoners of war fund, you 11111st
indeed have had a very successful
concert to have realized J81.08,
such a sum as this will provide
food formally of our men. Please
convey the thanks of our committee
to all who helped and say how very
grateful '-ve are.
Sincerely yours,
Violet E. Silutoe,
Chairman Red Cross Society."
The K. of P, dance which was to
have t iketl ] 1 ice on Tuesday evening, has been postponed until next
Tuesday evening.
One hundred and twenty-one
trout were en light in the slough
alongside the Comox road on Sunday by local desciples of Lsaak
Mr. and Mrs. J as. Cairns left for
Victoria yesterday morning to see
their son Robert who expects to
leave for the Old Country shortly
with the army medical corps.
Hugh McCourt and family from
Sedgwick, Alberta, have arrived
] in town, and intend making their
I home in the district, Mrs. Mc-
I Court is a daughter of Mr. R.
On Friday last Rev. E, P. Lay-
cock had the misfortune to fall off
a box *'l"ile pitching hay in his
barn, and fractured two ligaments
and brckc a bone in his ankle.He is
resting as easily as can be expected
The accident will cause his temporary retirement from active work
for some time to come, for which
his many friends are extremely
"Hon. Geo. A. Hell, of the Province of  Saskatchewan, gave    out
the following figures the other day
re Saskatchewan's   crop;   Wheal,
183,000,000 bushels; oats,  130,000.
000 bltsllels,    'Pile wheat   crop   he
estimates  at   ioo,ooo;ooo  bushels
greater than the 1914 crop, and the
oal crop as double that of 1914, and
a corresponding  increase  iu   the
yield of other grains.
j     The Cl'.R. and   Hudson's   Hay
I Company, who are large holders of
i land iu the   Prairie   Provinces, re-
1 port a revival in land sales   I'or the
last six months ol   101,5, and   they
predict    that    191')   business   will
double tlie salts of    1915,    This is
clear evidence of the   improvement
in business conditions,
As the time of hurl speculations
over, these increased sales speak
for an increasing production of farm
products and more consumption of
[ Anglican Services
Sunday, March 26, 3rd Sunday
in Lent.
S. Andrew's church, Sandwick,
110 service.
I S. John's church, Courtenay,
Sunday school at 3.00 p.m. Evening Prayer 7,30 p.m.
The Veil. Archdeacon Collison
will make this district his headquarters for the time being, and
, will conduct regular services at S.
; Peter's church, Comox, and also at
some of the mission centres in the
j local parishes.
There will be a celebration of
I Holy Communion on Sunday uiorii-
I ing at Lazo at 11 o'clock.
The Bishop of London
and the Canadian Soldier
Preaching at the Meinori d Service lor the Canadians who fell in
tlie earlier part of the win, the
Bishop of London spoke eloquently
of Canada's contribution to the
cause, and the following extinct is
Sufficient to make one wish lor the
sermon complete:
"It was a terrible moment when
our gallant French allies, naturally
not expecting a species of human
deviltry iu warfare the like of
which has not been seen for thous
amis of years, were overpowered
by the fumes of noxious aasses,
which Germany among other ua
lions had pronounced illegitimate
in warfare,''
"It was, then, at this awful moment in what has all tlirougli been
a very tremendous 'Day of God,'
when the French had been overpowered by tlie poisonous gas, thai
the manhood of Canada was tested
and came oul as pure unadtilterat
i.il gold.'
"Who could tame llie.e children
of the prairie? 'I'hey luul drunk in
freedom with their mother's milk,
they were children of the free, anil
would have been fathers of ihe free
and gladly they Hung down their
lives rather than that the juggernaut car of Oerman deposition
should crush underfoot the freedom
I which they   loved betler  than life
"Here fell six thousand gallant
I gentlemen' must be written in letters of gold over certain woods and
salients iu Flanders; here Goliath
met David; here lhe would be overweening, blustering bully of tha
world met Canada."
Killed By Snag
('.lis. Olal'seii. a Xorwegion, aged
26, and single, was killed at Camp
Nr.o- 2, of ihe Comox Log.ing &
Railway Company, last Thursday.
Coroner Bickle, after viewing the
body and examining witnesses decided that the death was purely incidental, being caused by .1 falling
snag. The funeral took place from
Sutton ec Kirkwood's Undertaking
parlours to the Presbyterian Cemetery.
The Premier and
The Liquor Traffic
Speaking to iin- l'l-oiiii "', dep
uiation at Victoria last �� uk Mr
Bowser said, "We with yourselves,
feel that the question of prohibition
is not only a "erious one, bul one
which must be grapphd wilh by
this government, There is uo argument on the question of whether
or nol any man haf ever been unproved bv the consuinpti m of liquor. Morally, materially, bodily,
or in point of view of Ihe happiness of his family relations liquor
has not beuifited any 111.111 " And
let every man say  "Alllcu,"
A meeting will be held in the
Agricultural hall at 8 o'clock to
night (Thursday) under the auspices of the People's Prohibition
Party, at which Mr. J. Knott, of
Victoria, Rev. T. Menzies will
speak. Questions of vital impor-
tadec will be discussed. The public are cordially invited  to attend.
Production and Economy
, ��� t
Lord   Kitchener,   speaking   in
London recently, sad: ",\* .1 rep-
tentative of the army in the fi Id I
want to appeal, oil til :: b ihalf to
the civilian army nt home Whether the army in thi' field, which :~
entirely depended! "ti 1I1 ci iiii 3
army for food qnipment md munitions, can get those things i suf-
hclent quantities depeu I- .d>- 'tit'-
ly and entirely on whether every
man and woman at homeshov - tke
utmost energy in production and
utmost economy in consumption."
New Westminster Markets
Your Printing
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
The following were the quota,
tions at the New Westminster market on Friday last, Some of the
best hindquarters of beef brought
but ioc per pound, and the average I
price nf potatoes was 517 per ton. I
Local apples were $1 to $1.25 per
Ducks, young, per pair 24 to -S
Pucks, dressed, per lb   Mi
Ducks, old, live weight 1.5 to 19
Chickens 17 to JO
do      dressed   24 to 26
do      Spring  2(Mo 22
Potatoes perton   $16 to ."IS
Potatoes, per sack si .00
Onions per suck J2.40
Cabbega per sack Jl.00
Carrots, pet sack  80c
Turnips per sack   75c
Beets per sack     ",5c
liggs, retail 24 to 25
Eggs, wholesale 21 to 22
Eggs, Duck Jim) j
Butter, retail, per 11)    40
Butter, wholesale il
Steer beef in carcass    9 to 10
Beef, hindquarters   12
Beef, forequarters   1
The Water Question
tour (rood   Houses,
water    and    eleelric
light in each
Apply, MRS. WM.  LEWIS
Courtenay    Hotel
Comfort  Wiiii  M   -,
Host Wlnea '  " ���
tlul Liquors
Cumberland II I _1
Good Accomodation      Cusiae Bxcellen
Wm. Merryfield
Expert Watchmaker   Qualified Optician
S selling Spectacle**; an 3 r-
glasses  from   $2.50 per pair.
Including sight testing   Each
C3'e tested separately t   :;
correct vision
The Courtenay Jewelry Store
Sand and Gravel
Kates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriaj**! Builder
Get"MoreMoney" for your Foxes
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver, Lynx, Wolve
Marten and other Fur bearers 1   II   ti 1 la jo-jr section
house In tin- World doling exclui       InNS
a reliable���respt'ij
��� - ���-'���-.
ir Shippers 1 :
Writ.. [.,r ll-NOW-lfi, FHBE
The Mystery
of the
By Fred M. \\ hitc
ii London,
Lock   &   Co.   limits,!
Melbourne and Toronto
TIlO      won
well vvlinl 11
knew thai b
i,( lasi. nnd thnl Hi
luul liiiii turned
Tchlgorsky, And i
In r now ally. Hen
���it.   Vosk
lliuie ii
nBkoil  ib.
Im  know
!|)l}   would
niil   been
���  question
lie;    sho
murder of Voski
good purposo by
ie  knew  now  Who
lleor, pen 11} was,
Voru exclaimed. "1
have been hearing all alioiil LnBsa
and a cci'liiiii Princess Xurn, who
sc( ins io be ii dreadful wretch. Hut
l fear thai I mn exciting you, \nd
vim liavon'i drunk your ten."
Tho woman gulped down lier len
aiifl men fell back on hor bed. closing
her i-yi's. she wanted to be alone, lo
have time to think. Danger had I
threatened her before, bul not living,
palpitating peril like ibis. Vera crepl
away nnd the woman rose again, lint
she could nol gol from her bed,
angry  tonra  llll
Hpurs, and ��liicii hud ontled i" wi I.
Ing Ilia schemes ui lliolr nt'uli-cno*
""IiiflueBi ni ten in morrow, sir." the
Inspector remarked io ItavoiiBpur, "I
,nn very sorry, inn wo shall nol
iroublo you more Ihnn wo oiiu help."
HavoiiBinir shook his bond Hiidly.
I to wus noi pnriii'iibii'ij vei'Bod in iin'
��ii>!. of iiir law, but in could boo ii
long ease idiend! nnd he wiib beginning in worry aboul  Marlon, h  wns
arl< li-n o'clock nun nnd lhe girl
luul noi i .turned,
c> in 111
ill do whal
ihey could for hor, Hvorybody appeal''
nl in li" duly sympathetic except
If nl itli. who said nothing, Tohlgoraky
Boeniod lo linvo oblltontied IiIiiiboII
I'li'offri'i bad retired Lo the bllllnnl*
room, when. Vera followed him, They
started a game, inn Iholi nerves wore
in no condition to iinisb it, Cuob worn
Hung dow n ami tlio lovers stood be
fore the fireplace.
I had noi i.liirnod,
li would be a sad home i
1 lho girl, inn  thoy would id
'   ihey ciiiilii for ber. Hvoryboi
Mnrlon'H ehinii,   aii sosniod lo ho delighted,   Marlon dropped into a chair
wiili quivering smile,   Ralph luul fell I
Ids way across to hop and stood by ihe
side of her chair,
"I fancied J had mndo a discovery," j
she isaid,    "w o(;('iirred  lo 1110 perhaps;
Hui don'l loi us lull, aboul my
self,   lias anything happened hero?"
"Much," Italpli iTieil.   "Qreni things
the mystery Is soiled,"
"Solved'.'"     Marlon     gasped,    'Vou'
bnve found lhe elllpl'll? ,
"The culprit   is in llic llOHSO. She i������
Mrs. May,   i prefer to call hor l-rln   ,,������  nl
ecss /.inn nnd yel again i mlglii call  \\ p, i,, i ndorsiood thai tli
her  .Mrs.   Ila\ cnspiir.  wife of I lie Inle   olplo Of Voluntary   elills m   p
Big Commonwealth Army i German Women and Pea��
"That man  lias  beaten  me,"
groaned,   "li is finished for good
ail     Hui  Iheir revenge will nol   In
long duration."
Marion Comes Back
Tlie police had more or less
possession of Ravenspur. Tiny
everywhere    asking    questions
Tchlgorsky look upon him
lo   (IllS-
.\s lie had expected, the note carried by Vera nnd deposil ed in lhe
farmhouse garden had been found on
one of the bodies. The Inspector of,
police was an Intelligent man, and he
ii 11 in with everything thai Tchlgorsky suggested.
"Of course you can't read Ibis
book," said the Russian, as he handed
over tho fateful diary for safe custody, "inn there are one or two Oriental scholars in London who will bear
oul my testimony, Have you any
"Personally, nol the leaBl," the Inspector replied. "You say it is impossible for thnl woman to gel away?"
"Absolutely Impossible, she Is safe
for days."
"Then in thai ease there Is no need
to arresl her. That will have io come
after the inquest on theso men. which
we shall hold tomorrow. And whai n
sensation tho ease will make! If l
bad read this tiling 111 a book 1 should
have laughed al It. And now we must
have ti thorough search for those electrical appliances."
It was long pasi dinner-time before
the police investigations were finished. Aided by Tchlgorsky a vast
amount of mechanical appliances was
found, Including the apparatus that
was i�� do so much barm to Ihc Raven-
as one in n dream, Such wicked- f."'
was beyond her comprehension, 1!:,.
il  as  1 lie  cloud    wan   that liudl,    >
i,.......   .......   ,1,.   ,.. ,-   i.    M    1C
How Mrs. Kelly Suffered and
How She was Cured.
Purlington, Wis.���"I was very irregular, and had pains in my side and hack,
��� hut after taking
Lydia E. Finkham'a
Vegetable Compound Tablets and
U.'.illf- two hollies of
tho Sanative Wash
1 am fully convinced
that I nm entirely
cured of these troubles, and fed better
all over. I know
your remedies havo
���Idoiio ma worlds of
pood and 1 hope every Buffering woman
will give them a trial."���Mrs. Anna
Kelly, 710 Chestnut Street, Burlington, Wis.
Th'* many convincing testimonials constantly published in the newspapers
ought to he proof enough to women who
suffer from those distressing ills peculiar to their sex that Lydia E. Finkham'a
Vegetable Compound is tho medicine
they need.
This good old root and herb remedy
has proved unequalled for these dreadful ills; it contains what in needed to
restore, woman's health and strength.
11 there is nny peculiarity in
your case requiring special ad��
vice, write the Lydia 1". Pink-
ham .Medicine Co. (confidential)!
Lv_.ii, _*la.ss., lor free nil vice.
"Whai nre von llllllklllg aboul',
Geoffrey asked'.
Vera looked up droninliigly. She
touched Geoffrey's cheek caressingly.
She looked like one who is happy and
yet ai ihe smne liiue ashamed of her
own happiness.
"Of many things, ploasanl and otherwise," she said, "1 am sllll Utterl}
in ihe dark myself, bin those who
know loll mo that the shadow lias
lifted for ever Thai In Itself is so
greal a Joy thai I dure mn loi my
mind dwell upon il as yet, To think
thnl we may pari and mel again, to
think- Hui.   I   dare   n��*d   lei
mind dwell upon that .   Hut what
.Mrs. .May io do with It?"
Vera was not behind the seem
yet. Still, within n few hours
thing musl come out, What lhe family regarded as a nurse had been procured for lhe invalid, a nurse who
really was a female warder in disguise, and Ravenspur had sternly
given strlci orders that nobody was
io go near lhal room. He vouchsafed
no reason why; he gave llio order and
il was obeyed.
Then Geoffrey told Vera everything,
He well! tlirougli the whole story
from the very beginning. Vera listened as one in a dream. Such wickedness
Aw I'll
long bung over the house of Raven
spur, Vera bad not. imagined it to be|
lined wilh such depravity as lids.
"And so that inhuman wretch is
Marion's mother?" said Vera. "The
child of a creature who deliberately
murdered a husband and tried to destroy Ills family so lhat she could get
everything into her hands; No wonder that Marion has been a changed
creature since tills -Mrs. .May bad
been about! liow I pity her anguish
and condition of mind! jmi had .Marion a sister?"
"Not thai  I ever heard of.    Why.'"
"I was thinking of that oilier girl,
lhe girl so like Marion that you were
talking ahoiu jusl now. What, has become of her?"
Geoffrey shook his head. He had i
forgotten ihai, most mysterious personage. It was more than likely, he'
explained, that Tcliigorsky would
know. Not that it much mattered. The
two were sileiu for somc Utile time,
I hen a pen I of laughter from the
drawing room caused Ihem to smile.
".My mother," said Vera. "1 have
noi heard nor laugh like, thai for
years. Does il. not seem funny lo realize thai before long we shall be laughing nnd chatting and moving with tlie
world once more, Geoff? I should
like to leave Ravenspur and havo a
long, long holhk.y on lho Continent."
Geoffrey stooped and kissed her.
"So you shall, sweet," he said. "We
can be married now. And when we
come back to Ravenspur it will be
lhe dear old home I recollect in my
childhood's days. Vera, you and I
shall be tho happiest couple in the
They went back to the drawing
loom. Hire the elders wero conversing quietly yel happily, .Thero was
an air of cheerful galely upon them
that die house had nol known for
man,  a 'long day.
Gordon Ravenspur was Impressing
upon bis father the necessity of looking moro sharply after ihe shooting.
I'he head Of lhe family had before
bun somo plans of now farm buildings.
ll was marvelous whal a change the
lasl few hours luni wrought. And
author of all tlio sorrow aud anguish
Jasper Itnvenspui
found your mother."
.Marion said nothing,   lier bend hud
fallen forward mid she sal swaying
In Inr chair. There was a hard yet
pleading look in her i ves. Ralph lieu
down and drew
to her fool.
"The she-wolf
hero," lis cried
speak or shall I
or lei. me di) si
forward angrll}
"Wind are you doing'.'" In
"To lay hands Oil tlllll angel    "
"Ay," said Ralph, "an angel
bul a fallen one Ulclfor in Hie
To   be Cm.Hulled)
300,000 Australasian, win be Under
Arms  Next  June
line of lhe llrsl  official mis of lln'
new prime minister of Australia, Win.
M. Iiiighes, bus been an iiiinmnu o-
menl I li ii 1 n fresh army will he furnished by ihe Commonwealth, and Unit
ibis army win number .0,000 men.
"This furl her contribution," siild .Mr.
Hughes, "will bring ihe loinl number
of men supplied by Australia by noxl
llllle   lo   BOIllOthlllB   like   800.000   ilU'll.
lo be
none ion tenderly
yonder, lhe cub Is
Are you going lo
lhe siory'.' Speak,
Ravenspur sprang
I rule,
adhered 10, No requests bad been
made io the Commonwealth by ihe
Imperial  governmi nt  for more 'men.
, The  offer  was  uullo  spontaneous.    |
have nol  lhe slightest  doubl  lhat lhe
! nee'ssary   men   will   |,e   forthcoming,
'These   will  form   new   mills,  and  are
i Independent   of   the  quoin   of  11,600  a
j month   necessary   for. relnforeeiiieiils,
A govornmonl   appeal will be made
| by  mail  io ever'   man   in    Auslralia
'within  Hie  uillllary  age group  based
on   llio  ri ul   war    census    that  Is,
single men from is in if years.
SUBSTAiNii.u,   i'KOOF
Ily a Canadian Witness.
Babies of Northern France
Ont,���"I feel
Dr. Pierce's ret
don i
Way  Germans Treat  Inhabitants
of Invaded Districts
ln view of the proposal lo send condensed milk io Toulon babies, I would
like lo give ihe following translation
! of lhe trustworthy account of conditions in the North of France as slated j
; by a young woman who succeeded in
| escaping   from   her   home   ill   lhe   do*
piirtinenl. of lho north, June III last:
"In our Invaded departments people
die of starviiiiiin. Al II., one of the
villages of tho north, great misery has
been experienced for a long time. The
municipality has found il impossible
to pay anything to lhe wives and
children  of the mobilized  men.
"To each person was distributed
from the beginning of March to May
" 140 grams I about u ounces) of a
horrible black bread, unpalatable,
soggy and bitter, which spoiled
I ickly and rapidly became covered
with green mold. Tho ingredients
wliicli the Germans furnished for the
manufacture of this bread were a mix-
lure of rye (lour, horse chestnuts, po-
tatoes, ele.
"The Germans look all milk, eggs,
butter, also cows and horses. Kvery-
tlllng belongs to them. It is forbidden
to leave the village, even to go to lhe
fields, without a passport. Every three
months Hie village pays a war tax of
Kl.uijuf.. Iini ii will soon be impossible��� ��� ������
to pay this tax as money is becoming an abundant supply of pin
so rare. It 'bus cures scrofula
"At \V., the Germans have searched
all the bouses and have requisitioned
wines, flour, colton, brass, cows, etc.
They give the owners notes payable
after the war."
It, would seem that the Germans
know how to provide milk and cows���
when they have need of them, But
who lakes care of the babies In tlie
invaded districts?
..  tluty
tiles have
for    me.
When 1 commenced
Inking Ihem 1 was
completely   run
down.     I    luive
taken  altogether
nine hollies of Ihc
'Golden   Medical
Discovery'   nnd
' I'nvorile Prcscrip-
lion.'   logel lier
with Ihe ' I'leasanl
IVIIcls'    and   can
truthfully say thai
I fed like a new woman.    I  would certainly recommend these medicines to any
one suffering as I did."���Mas. Wit. P_cm-
__T, I'eei'hinoiil, Out.
An imitation of nature's method of replacing waste of tissue, enriching impoverished blood and increasing nerve force
is when you lake an alterative extract
of herbs and roots made with puro glycerine, without lhe use of alcohol, like Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. This
vegetable medicine coaxes ibe digestive
functions and helps in the assimilation of
food, or rather takes from the food jusl,
lhe nutriment the blood requires,
Pure blood is essential lo good health.
Dr. Pierce's Goldcu Medical Discovery
not only cleanser, the blood of impurities,
but it. increases Ihe activity of lhe blood-
making glands, and enriches tlie body wilh
Strong  Evidence  of n  Feeling of Rf
volt Against the War
A letter in I in,' "Herlluger Tage
blntt," under lho caption "Gorman
Women   and   I'eace,"   coulaina    cvlil
erne of tlio revolt against war. Ellon
PunBelie, the wilier of iho teller
sharply contradicts tha assertion turn
the Qornians had to break with so
man} enl hub is contracted by In
diligence nnd luxury in time of peace
thai n hm". win', as compared wilh -j
slim' one hud iiiniiuei compensations
I "M is ImpoHfllblo lor mo," she ei
claim*, "to describe my feelings, ua I
nml   iiini   Dr sclirlmiiclior has   uo
word for lhe horrors Ol war." Tlie
ii ner continues:
"There are poopIO who bold, am1
still hold, ihai ll was entlroly necessary, bill ll Is lo be bo|ieil lhal ul!
I hose neverlllOlOHB say lo incliKielves
Never again, never again, must there
he so much sorrow mid so muni
tear* In Hie world,   n Is through m
fa lib     in   Ihis   seiilliiieiil     lhat   I   un
' colli hired    Hull    I lie   pence   IIIOVellH'IH
will grow ironioiidoiisiy In Genua ny
lll'tor lln war. And who nre more
suited in caiT} on lhat work llian
lhe    IVOI1II II?      Are   I hose   of   nil    wile
have children playing around us !<'
sacrifice ihem, too, lu twenty years'
lime? I.el us be done v it)* all hull'
way measures; |el us rolled upon lhe
fundamental onuses of lhe wur; and
all who have something In lose in an
oilier iweiuj years, lot ihem live noi
lor lhe moincnl nloue, bill help dis
M'liiiniile tile eoneeplinii of peace as
soiiii I him; no more a fnunsty than
temperance, or housing reform. Lei
those moth.rs who have nothing more
lo lose, from whom Hie war has taken
everything, think of nn. help tho res I
ol us, so linn   we may  be spared lln
necessity ever of experiencing th.ii
sorrow am! grief."
Indian Bands Respond Nobly
The Indiana of Canada who gave
last year some *d 6,000 to tin* Canad
inn Patriotic fund, are again responding nobly tu this year's call. Recent
acknowledgements of subscriptions
received by tlie minister of finance
contain donations from 13 Indian
bands in various parts of Canada, aggregating $3,900.
rich blood.
,, ..������>       .,.,,,,,.,, ('('/(ina, erysipelas,
boils, pimples and other eruptions lhat
mar and sear lhe skin.
Write.   Dr.    Pierce,    Invalids'   Hold,
Buffalo, N. Y., for free medical advice.
Free.���Dr.  Pierce's Medical Adviser,
I'ioth-bound, sen! free on receipt of 50
cents   (or   stamps)   lo   pay   expense
mailing only.    Dr.  Fierce.  Invalid
Hotel, 603 Main fJI-wi   Buffalo, N. V.
"Thy Neighbor as Thyself"
Willy���Ma, may I have Tommy Wilson over to our house to play Saturday?
Mother���No;    you make altogether
too  much   noise.    You'd     belter  go
How to Save
Try This Free Prescription
was   upstairs
never tired.
"How  bright
look." Vera said
and    cheerful    yon
"ll only wants one
uarded by eyes' that, ���-_ ,���,.,,
yon linbii
and rest j*t
 ��� , eyes V    l'e
thing lo make the picture complete.   J|"" ','" V
ion can guess, dear grandfather."     '   " '""!
".Marion." Ravenspur said. "Marion,
ol course."
Do your ryes give you  trouble?    Do
you already wear eyeglasses or ��i lades?
iliousumls nf iieunlo wear tbeso "windows"
Who    iniKllt   easily    dispense   Willi    them.
Ihe I ion iii..y In. one ot these, and It is your
duty  lo save your eyes  before  It Is loo
lute.     I'ho  i ves  u rp   iii'L*l,.ili'il   in,ire  lima
of Iho eutlre bod
day's work you (
muscles, but hew nb<
.  llieni 1     V
I down
ul your
will come buck," Ralph lnur-
Von read or do something
oops jour eyes busy; yon work
your eyes until yon go lo bed.   Tliat Is
why ho many have strained eyes, aud finally other oyo troubles Unit threaten par-
      tail  or  total   blindness.    Eyeglasses  aro
mured.    "Marion   will     return      We   !���'"'"''''  'inniii'M  tliey   never  care.    Tlita
know now H"u n- norm ������,,i,i ���r.  ,       Vl' Prescription, which has benefitted tho
111 .ir ll so, I, ���1""""" OOmo to I ores of so many, amy work equal won*
-rn .-in. I Should not wonder If she dors for you. Vso It ajrtiort time. Would
were nol on-her way home this verv' ''"" "ko your eye troubles to disappear ns
"moment." . ���' by magic 1    Try lids prescription,   (io
ide-awnke drug store and
W. N. U. 1092
Hall an hour passed, an hour elapsed, und yet no .Marion. They wore all
gelling uneasy but linlpli, who sat
doggedly ih his chair. Then there was
a commotion ou'Blde, the door opened,
and Marion came in.
she looked pule and uneasv, She
(danced from one to the other with
frightened eyes. It was easy to sec
that alio was greatly moved and,
moreover, was not sure as lo
warmth of ber reception. Hut she
rnlal I hav ��� made her mind easy on
that score.   All rose to welcome her
' Wy  lear, dear child." Vera cried
"V, hero have you been""
Vera fluttered forward and took oT
If by magic V
lo Hie nearest
got a botllo of Bon-Opto tablet.! fill
two-ounce bottle with warm water, drop
lu one tablet and allow It to thoroughly
dissolve, wit. this ii,iui_ batho the eyes
two to four limes dally, .lest nolo how
quickly your eyes clear up and how* noon
Hie Influuimntion will disappear. Iioa't be
afraid to use it ; It is absolutely harmless. Many who aro now blind might have
saved their eyes had they Started lo euro
for Ihem iu I!-.*.. This is a simple treat-
, pent, but marvollously effective in multl-
tlie Hides of euses. .Now lhat you have been
Warned don'l delay a day. but do what vou
can In save your eyes, and you are likely
to thank us as long us you live for publishing this prescription. Tho Valmas
Drug Co. of Toronto will llll lhe above
prescription by mall, if your druggist
"Devils ,'rom Ireland"
Private   Rennard,   1st   Innlskllling
Fusiliers,  in  a letter  io    his  uncle,
published in  the  regimental journal,
"The old Turks arc nearly fed up
with war, but the Hermans won't
lei Ihem hand in iheir gnus. The
other day the Germans had a band
in the trench, alio the first thing
we heard was ihem striking up tlu
old lime 'Fifth Royal Irish.' A few
shells from a gunboat were dropped
in their midst, : nd in a second you
could see nothing but brass instruments and l erniaii heads and legs
Hying in all dhections in the air.
There were a large number of our
regiment killed iu our last engagement, and lhat makes about four
times we have been in u death trap.
It is very hard on us, but we are always In the ,1'oiu. no matter what is
I doing, and we can't be kept back
when we start.
"The Turks run when we gel nenr
them, and Ihey don't Ilka Hie men
with tlie castles 11in- Innlskllling
badge) in Iheir caps. Their officers,
who talk good English, call us ihe
'dei Us from Ireland.' "
How a Windbreak Pays
Jusi as "a dollar saved is a dollar
earned," so soil moisture saved from
evaporation is equivalent to rainfall.
Studies made n few years ago iii Kansas and Nebraska showed the value
of the windbreak in preventing evaporation.
It must be admitted that windbreaks occupy space Ihai. could be
profitably devoted to agricultural
crops, and that Ihe roots of the trees
and their simile render a strip of
ground on either side of (he windbreak relatively unproductive, Vet
efficient windbreaks undoubtedly do
more good llian evil, reducing tlie
velocity of the wind and, therefore,
tiie loss of soil water from evapora-1
lion. It seems from investigations
made hy the United States forest Ber*
vice lhat the greater yields of Held
crops and apples behind the protec-'
tion of a good windbreak are enough I
to warrant every farmer iu the prain ���
states in planting windbreaks. " I
The Present Condition of War
So far, militarily, the Germans
bine won it would be mere mora
cowardice to deny It; on paper, the)
claim ihe reward. The forget thai
paper means nothing nowadays, lhal
the war was fought over ;i "scrap ol
paper," that Bernhardl's law���mini
nihil ion���holds good for us as well ns
for the Germans, and thai uniil on
or the oilier side is defeated peace '���'���
neither on object nor n desirability
i'he Germans set oul to compel the
subjection of Europe, They them
selves bnve taught Europe to lighl:
Ihey have given Europe her reason
ami her Inspiration. Today thai
reason is ours. It is we who bavu
caught the inspiration of war. It il
we who are preparing lo lighl pre-
dalory Germany with the means ami
principles of Bernhardi. "lu war onl.i
decisions count," lie wrote. It is so
It will bo so in this gigantic up
heuval of (he nations. And it is this
condition of war which ihe Germans
have called up and which threatens
ultimately to engulf them.- Austii
Harrison In lhe English Review.
New Wireless Device
A new di \ico in wirelesc telegraph}
the invention of Dr. Branas, n Hpanisi
professor, is to be tested betweei
coast stations of Spain nnd the Unitec
I'lates. The Spanish government bin
requested the American authoritlei
io send trial messages, The new ap
paratus is said to increase greatly tin
effectiveness of wi eless transmlssioi
beyond a distance of 5,000 kilometres
Hides.-. American manufactures win
have Blarled laboratories since tin
war began, soon come to lho rescue
some Canadian factories will he facei
with a dye famine. Ottawa faclorie:
are hit hard. Soon they will come t(
Ibe 'lid of iheir resources, and if tin
supply from ih. Ltnlt.d States doe
nol increase, they will be pluced iu a;
unprecedented position.
England is Curtailing  Luxuries
Th ���  London  Weekly Despatch say-
that  the governmi nt  has decided oi
drastic slops as regards lhe import;.
lien   of  luxuries.    "It  may  bo safe).1
staled." snys  the Despatch, 'That ii
a week's lime there will bo iii) import
ed luxuries ivhaUvor.   Certain necei
titles will Btlll be admitted, as for ex
nmple, bananas, for the poor, but In
pensive  Imported   fruits  for the  lie
will   be   barred.     Wasteful   moloriii:
which  is everywhere seen, is to h
stopped   because   it   is  using up  slli;
ping, which  brings petrol and ruhbci
The  Importation  o;   pulp and  papi
probably  will  be  cut down .)o   pi
"Thoy tell me that your wife is one
lhe cleverest women in town."
"So 1 hear."
"Remember," said iiie Sergeant, "n
one is allowed lo dismount without oi
.Murphy was no sooner in Iho suddl
llian lie was thrown lo the ground.
"Murphy!" yelled tho Sergeaiv
when lie discovered him lying breati
less on the ground, "you dismounted
"I did."
"Did vou have orders'.'"
"I  did'."
"from headquarters?"
"No, sir, from hindquarters."
Granulated Eyelids
JCyes inflamed by expo
sure to Sao. Dusl and Wktt
S?-_r___,_-_ <iuickiyiclieredbyHlrt*t
_Lv W !3��-3�� --KR*!1*1^' NoSravti-e
�� just Eye Comfort.   A
Vom Druggist's 50c pet Bottle. Mnrlre f*p
8ilv��lnTubes25c, '*orDook��l,_c_yerri<i_t
ilruggists l'i' Murine Eys fieaictl) _��., CkJOfl THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   ��. C.
i<C lv_oi��oJSjj5^
������*-.��rtr. i.iaini.vv';*>
Post Ollict' Not Mm-li
Affecled ��>v The War
.) r       *
Inoraaie   R.ported   In   Almor.t     livery
Diancb  m  lhe  Service
Tho war has nol affecled very adversely Ibe I usluemi of lho |I0S| olflce
ii'pariiiieui, nocoi'ding m iho annual
roport tabled In the house by llio lion.
T.  Citato  Cai gl'ulll,
There    have     been    increases    all
uloiig tho lino- in letters sent, in
rural mall routes, mono} order mid
savings bank offli os.
lu the nuinbor ot loiters the estl-
mated Increase la 111,107,000,    while
'.Ids     is     less   I hail   for   |lie   lasl   tun
years, it Is a good showing In view
at the war.
No statistics are given with re*
���poet to Ihe parcels post, but lhe
report slates lhal llio system "has
hecu successfully conducted during
'lie year and lis groin and growing
popularity has demonstavted that It
supplies a public need.
"As lhe puree;:', posl reaches every
joint throughout the country its facilities are greater than those afforded by services operated by private
companies  and   iis  rales  arc   lower."
Ilural mail routes have increased
by 09B and more lhau 37,600 addl-
ttonal boxes have been erected. 473
new posl offices were established
mil I'd closed, the buicr mainly
nn rural mail routes,
Savings iu Ihe postal bunks total
130,895.400, which Is a decrease of
$1,595,880. Dining the year 2,437,77(1
letters went lo tho dead letter office.
Drug Fiends
Germans Use Jerusalem as War Base
One of llio missionaries who has re-
-ently returned to Homo states that
.in English colleague, wlto was with
him iu Syria and who has probably
uow returned to England, saw very
important preparations al Jerusalem
mil Jaffa, for an expedition against
Egypt under the direction of tier-
man officers.
A double track railway line has
been constructed from Damascus lo
Jerusalem and Chaza and some (Usance beyond lhe ancient froniler line
if Turkey ami Egypt lo lhe Isthmus
)t Sue/.. Jerusalem is transformed
,ulo au armed camp, defended by
trenches and containing 100,000 men.
Ml the convents have already been
.diverted into hospitals, witli Turkish
.nil German stalls, and the inhabit-
ints are under strict supervision.
No Medicine to Equal
Baby's Own Tablets
Jlrs. 10. Culler, St. Lazare, Man.,
Arites: "I have used Baby's Own
Tablets for the past len years for my
live children and can truthfully say
-.here is no medicine lo equal Ihem."
The Tablets regulate lhe bowels and
stomach, cure constipation and indi-
Mstion, expel worms and make leeth-
.ng easy. They are sold by medicine
Jealers or hy mail nt 26 cents a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvillo, Out.
Moral   Degredation     Which     Results
From the Drug and  Liquor Habit
That alcohol is a hiihll forming drug
in denied by no one but Its devotees.
Its denial would he useless because
every- one knows men who havo become lho victims of Ihe alcohol habit
that cannot break away from It, Nothing is more pathetic than to Bee
soma of ihese men trying to break olf
the habit, suffering untold  tortures
and falling lime after lime until Ihey
give up In despair and plunge in deeper than ever, lu hopes of eliding llielr
Morphine is also n luibli  forming
drug, bul h ii very i 11 Ll0 used compared wiib llio various alcoholic liquors,   because   il   Is  nol   pleasant  In
lho taste and because ihe habit of
Iroating to a dose oi morpiilno has not
become popular, [la action Is very
similar in lhal of whiskey or brandy,
In modei'iilo doses ii dulls lite sensibility io pain and lu largo doses causes
a stupor I'osonibllng profound sleep.
Hike  nlCOllOl,  one  lhe  luibli   Ih  fully
Conned,  II   is  nhnosl   Impossible  lo
break off. Men who make a specially
of treating lhe drn,". and alcohol habii.
loll mo thai li is easier iii cure permanently ii morpiilno held Ihnn an (il
coliol fiend Thai i, probably due
largely to lhe luibli many have form-
oil of urging tln'n- friends lo drink.
The day Is nol long [111880(1 when
i-oiiic would lake il a ; an insult if you
refused lo drink Iheir dope. Hot li
Ihese drugs have Ihc effOCl Of blighting lho moral BenslUlllt} so Hint a
drinking man will da or say wilh ported Indifference whal he would have
8 ll run It from wilh horror before he
acquired tho habit,   Uxamplos of this
W0 have had in plenty of liHo, when
men sloop lo iho most despicable
aots, utterly Indifferent lo the need
or fate of Iheir country, Anyone who
lies studied lhe question knows lhal
much of Ibis moral degradation has
hud its origin in drink on the pari of
tho person or his ancestors, Morphine
and alcohol aro both poisonous drugs
and both have the tendency lo affect
the  higher  moral   centres  Ilrst.
It Ib dreadful to contemplate tlio
power which lhe traffic has acquired.
In England, Prance and Oermany
Ihey have defied the government and
llio war office to do more llian slightly curtail their business, In .Sweden,
the people voted a hundred lo ono in
favor of prohibition, but Ihey did not
gel It, In Ontario, people have voted
by large majorities oil Ihree different
occasions iu favor of prohibiting tlie
traffic. Not only that, bul resolutions
and petitions almost without number,
have poured hi lo lhe government,
begging that the bars be closed. On
the other baud, no one but a quid de-
pulation of liquor dealers havo asked
that the business be allowed to con-
liniiL'. Hui that deputation seems to
have more influence with governments
than the voles of lhe people the resolutions of ibe mosl important bodies
and all lho petitions thai have been
presented, humbly pleading that the
groai evil be stopped. -II. Arnott,
ll.B., M.C.P.S.
| Painful Swellings Reduced
Muscular Strains Ended
Such   Troubles   Now  Quiokly
Rubbed Away by Powerful Remedy
If you have any muscles lhal aro
strained and weak, that arc frequently subject to l'lieinualic pains; if you
have any painful swelling:! thai refuse lo go a way���get busy wilh Nerviiine. Tills Is lho very sort of
I rouble Ilml Norvlllne is noled for
curing quiokly, "1 havo proved Nerviiine simply a wonder in reducing
a bard, painful swelling, it followed
un Injury I received iu my left leg
and caused me greal pain and discom-
I'ori. The muscles were siriilneil and
sore, and no oilier remedy gave lho
ease nml comfort i goi. from rubbing
on Norvlllne, There Is a soothing,
paiii-ridlevlng power aboul Nerviiine
thai touoiied lho root of my trouble.
N'otvliiiie reduced the swelling, it destroyed lhe pain, It bl'OUglll my limb
back io perfect condition." The oxpor*
lonco of Mr, Bowon, whose home is in
Middlesex, is not unusual, Thousands
are proving every day thai muscular
pains of every kind, chronic riioumat*
ism, lumbago, neuralgia and sciatica
Will   yield  to  Nerviiine  when  nothing
oise can possibly cure.   Norvlllne is
nu old time family paiu remedy, lined j
in-led   nearly  forty   years   with  greal
success.    The large  family size  bol-
I lo costs  'die.,  I rial  size.  _5c���  al  all
To have Ibe children sound and
hoallhy is lhe first care of a mother.
They cannot be healthy if troubled
"���villi worms. Use Mother Craves'
Worm Exterminator.
The British Way
The force which Sir Horace Smith-
.'jorrien will command will be largely
SCmposed of Boers. Ihe men against
���vliom lie fougbl fifteen years ago.
That is the way of the British empire.
That must be Its way If it is to eii-
lure. Differences disappear iu face of
i common danger. The British empire meant; liberty, and all iis peoples
rush lo arms when Iheir liberty is
threatened.���London Daily Express,
Liniment     Cures     Diph-
The Boys at The Front
Field  Comforts  Lessen the  Rigors of
a Winter Campaign
Two of the mosl characteristic features of Ihis  war,    as distinguishedi
from other wars,  have    been trench
warfare und  winter campaigns.
from lime immemorial, winter has
I been the great pacificist. Those J
young enough to remember their
Caesar will recall the inovltableness
with which the Roman General, al lho
lirst touch of frost, led his troops iulo snug winter quarters (Htbernln),
When Wellington held the lines j
of Torres Vedras, winter imposed an j
Involuntary truce. The great Napo*
eon met with disatser on his winter |
campaign in ItusBia.
'Today, however, the winter campaign is perhaps, from lhe point of
view of the soldier, the greatest horror of modern war. Niglu and day, in
frost aud sleet, our soldiers iu Prance,
have to mount guard. Winter Is to
them an even more implacable foe
llian the Herman.
Moreover, few civilians understand j
what a trench is. Wo talk glibly aboul'
the trenches, bul wo do nol realize,
tlnn a trench is a ditch full ot mud
and slime���-lhe most unlit of all places
for human  habitation.
Tlio trench is bad enough in summer, but in winter it surpasses anything that Dante conceived in his inferno. Tho only way to defeat this
infernal combination of winter and
trench is lo supply the soldier with
an abundance of "Field Comforts;"
socks, mittens, mufflers, wristlets and
belts to keep ids body warm: and tobacco, mouth organs, gramophones,
books, pipes and hosts of other things
lo keep Up his spirits.
Every time we hoar the winter wind
whistle in the lanes, we should think
About Kronstadt
Strongly Fortified Island That Guards
Capital  of  Bussia
Kronstadt, lho iBland thai guards
Petrograd, is ihe uiosl Btrongly forth
(led place iu ihe northern empire.
The fortifications on lhe island were
begun by I'eler lhe Groat 111 I7'>u, after the dispossession of llio Swi des.
Kronstadt Is bhe porl and outpost defence of the I'.usslan capital, Hie seal
of the Kiu'.an admiralty, and the
llrsl naval station Ot the Czar.
Tho older "three decker" tons of
Kronstadt, live In number, repulsed
the Anglo-French fleet (luring the Crimean War. These redoubts today, although mounting modern orduaneo,
are largely obsolete, but powerful
forts and sunken batteries have been
luntuiied io keep peace with ihe development of the naval strengths of
neighboring slates The di fenBlve
works of the island and adjacent!
shores have been curried out on an I
extensive pluu. much of II being done
according to the specldoatlons of Tod*|
b'ben: modilieil and brought up lu
date by succeeding engineers.
The Island on which Kronstadt
stands, lying nearly in mid-channel at
the head of the Gulf of Finland, Is iho
from door of liussia. It Is so situated
as io make ihe bombardment m the
ouphiil impossible before the passage
of its forts and batteries, The island
is lwenty-ihio miles wesi of Petrograd, and stretches for eight miles
east and west. In the midsl of the
pocket-like gulf. Altogether, the island leaves little In lho way of military supremacy to Heligoland and
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Lighting Indoor Rifle Range
One of the most Important problems
connected with indoor range shooting'
is ligliiug. Incorrect light on the
target produces oye strain, poor
scores and grouchy shooters, The
result to try lo obtain is, ol course,
the besl possible imitation of daylight, shooting conditions. I do not
like the usual method, which is to use
comparatively low power lights, placing them close to the targets in such
a way lhat llio target only reflects
light io the eye. Tlie resull optically
is to expand the iris of the eye, reducing the ability to see both Bights
and targets clearly and rendering the
eyo susceptible to blur caused by lhe
Lately I have been shooting on targets which are Illuminated by a two-
hundred watt nitrogen-filled bulb
placed about Ihree feet In front of tho
targets and four feet above them.
Hooking down lho range is like look
ing down a dark alley way Into a conn
yard flooded with sunlight -A. P. l.ane
in  Target Tips.
Your Liver
k Clogged up
TliM'i Why   You're  Tired-Oat  uf
Sort*���//iiin! no Appetite.
will put yea riglll
i.i ��� lev <l��y*.
They do
iheir d.y.
Biliousr.cn, Initiation, ��n_ ,S'i../i lUsJsckt,
Smell Pill, Small Dose, Smell Prlci.
Genuine n-autbeu Signature
PWWfWI-m iWrlWXFA ���;���'. ������: I "I
_""Tl Akinptn *������>���; Ba.-r ��,i���t ,ui (. ,R_f.
n*__M os A"-*? �� **.r iXh-r -,, Last* *
llr.*i*1-.e. fl_u*fl*:lic_t ifMnr.'irtic.l cr t, -. ��������
-Tlunlliil p_C _�����.��� Jilt c-ntj ���.���.���. . '., ,
���Hi-m 7B .onto. o. *.��_-,���_ 51.SO- ���'....��
fl��(l��.-C_��__ Kma* Ce_ ��_���������.,,,_���  �����_, J
THEN-WrneM_HI.-r.-_OV, Nt! N
 ���      - T/acdl
II   ipi
-������*-* ������������� ri,.���,���n ���*-*Yi_ur.
2 HA
r.-.i a
*  VIM, hiUMV,   i-i.auhi-.i-, Dl_r..\;-h.i,  BI,,
niiis. hi rum no. DKuaoi 11���. <.- mai!. ii ppsi
VOUOIRA CO, M-BBIKMAN BT. ���;  \ ; Iftf ,.-��� ���,*���*.
Med, Co, Havi--nil tick Rn, ll\y y<Tl.\v, l ���/.	
iRBtTABTBLeSSJPORUOF   r ,, ,������  , .
bAPK  til!
THAT TRAOK   MARKED  Mufti-   ' I 111 It API.-','
MU.aOVT.aTAMFAtmr.DIO AJ.L ���itXVlHt Pic
Wood's EMiphodi&e.
Thi Great  JSngXUh   ttemedy.
Tones and ir*7i_; ira.r-i i!.-  ���     :��
n��rvouR_.yit��m, makes new B �� i
W, ,-. ,r iQ_ oId. V?(m.' Cure* jYervtms
Debility, Mental and Brain JI'o.t>i, hr<rcn-
eienev, Loss of Knerou, PatpUation rf th*
Heart, Failing Mtmory. Frico $L per I ��� * ���
Jnr|3. One will plfluetiiz will ouro. Bol ill
nrucgliti onntiradia plain plcg.on r-        ���(
Rrlce, N*\o pamphlet mailed frte. THB trVOQO
irpICIHECO..T0I0NT0,0HT.  (Fiiiirii ItaferJ
Roem   14  Cosgrave   Elda.   16.
Yonrje St.
Too Many Aviators
Supply  of  Men   For  l*oyal   Naval  Air
Service   Far   Exceeds   Demand
Tlio naval service department lias
been informed by Sir George Perley,
acting Canadian commissioner in l.oii-jof our troops on active service and
don,'dial Canadians arriving in Bng- make a contribution to their walfare,
land have been applying for coninil.-1 ���*	
slons in the Royal Air Service, anil
thai, in order to avoid disappointment
and .unnecessary expense, the admiralty desires it to be mads known kch-
e'rally throughout Canada that only
candidates selected by llic director ot
tlie Canadian naval service can he entered. Admiral Kingsmill is director
of tlio Canadian service.    In this con
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
nectlon, it may be added, said au of-1 '"'
licial  of  lhe   department,    that  the  ���
"It was very romantic,"' said his
friend. "Me proposed to her in an
"Yes?" murmured tlio listener, encouragingly.
"And she accepted him in lhe hospital.''
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any ease of Catarrh lhat
cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
P. ,1. CHENEY  &  CO., Toledo, O,
We, the undersigned, have known P,
J, Cheney for the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honest in all
business transactions and financially
able lo carry out any obligations made
by his firm.
Toledo,  O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting direefly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of Hie system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cents
per bottle.   Sold by ai! druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Even in a match you should
consider the "Little Thin-;..'
the wood���the composition���
the   strikeability���the   llarr.e.
People Slowly Learn the Facts
naval service department has entered J
the full (|iioln of men for ihe Royal i
Naval Air Service, which the admiralty wanted lo obtain, and until a further call is made by the admiraliy lor i
men  for this  service, no more men
can  he  used.    The  schools  in  Ureal
Britain are understood to be full to
overflowing-  at   presenl   with   pupils.
As soon as any more Canadians are truth"a'nd tho'flual result wai'tliat m'y
wanted   Uo depatmen     will   mane, t0 �� .haltered.  (Tea
known the laci  through lhe press
"All my life I have been a slave to
coffee. I kept gradually losing my j
health, but I used to say''iiouscm;e, it
don'l hurt me.'
'Slowly 1 was forced to admit the1
Corn  Clin
tlio  roots.
��� it.
Try  il
Want Canadians Tor Patrol Service
The department of naval service
has issued a call on behalf of the
British admiraliy for men from Canada for service in tho auxiliary patrol
{motor boal) service.
Those who will be accepted musl
have a thorough Itnoweldge of high-
power   internal   combustion engines
of farmers
���nd horsemen
have     saved
money by using
Kendall's Spavin Cure for Spavins, Curb, Ringbone,
Splint, llony Growths anil Lameness
from many other causes. It keeps
torses working. A $1 bottle may
��ave a horse for you. Get a bottle the
next time you are iu town. Sold by
-ruggists everywhere, $1 a bottle, 6
lor Jo, also ask for a copy of oul book
"ATreatiseon the Horse"���orwrite��o
Dr. B. J. KENDALL COMPANt   ���*
Eaoaburg Falls, Vermont      101
W   N. U, 1092
produces about Hie same effects as
coffee, because they both contain the
drugs, caffeine and  tannin).
"My hearl became weak and uncertain In Us action, and that frightened
me.    Tlicn my physician lold me that
1 must Stop drinking coffee or 1 could;
never expect  lo be well again.
"I though! nf Postum bul could i
hardly bring myself to give up the
"Finally I concluded Ilial I owed it
lo myself to give Postum a trial. I
got a package and carefully followed
the directions, and what a delicious.
When   the   Movie   Was   Open
"I don't believe there is any great
use in your going to tlie Majestic, Mr. |
Sellers, for it, probably won't be open
tonight," said tlie    landlord   of the:
Black Hull tavern in reply to a request J
for Information regarding Hie where-1
abouts of Ihc temple of the movies.:
"You  see.  this    is   prayer    meeting i
night, and it is most ajways closed on !
prayer meeting nights,  same as  'tis1
the nights when the .Rebeccy  Lodge !
gives  an oyster festival, or the  Lyceum  Course  is  going  on.  and  the
nights once In a while when the young :
people meet to trip the light fanatic
toe, and the rare occasions when the
Sock  and  Bustln' Coterie  present   ul
drama.     And,   of  course,    too,   it   is
closed  when a Congressman or any
big   bug  that-a-way  makes   a  speech,
"Well, in lhe name of wonder!
When is it open'.'"
"On every other night but them I
have mentioned, excopt, of course,
Sundays, and when it storm:."
nre made of strong dry pine
stems, with a secret perfected
composition that guarantees
"Every Match A Light." 65
years of knowing how���that's
the reason I'
All Itddy products mc dependable products���Always.
and be accustomed to running motor j nourishing', rich drink it was!   Ho you
lioais.    The total pay    ih    $2.05
day   for  Bitb-lleiitenants,    52.07
chief motor boatmen an I     $1.34
motor boatmen, with   separation
iowances    added  ill  the  case of
two latter.    Applications    are    being
know, I  found  ir very easy to
from coffee to Postum.
"Almost Immediately after i made
tlie change 1 found myself better, and
as the days went by I  kept on  Iin*
proving.    My nerves  grew steady,  I
received   by   Admiral     Kingsmill.   di-! slept well and fell strong and well bal-
reetor of naval service for Canada.    I anced.    Now lhe old nervousness  is
  : gone and 1 am well once more."
A Second Jellicoe It pays lo give up the drink that
A new story ot Sir John Jellicoe is | acts on'some like a poison, for health
told in  tho  Christian  World. I is the greatest fortune one can have.
"A small hoy, the son of an officer  Name given by Canadian Postum Co.,
on tlie admiral's flagship, was taken j Windsor, Ont.
up to Scotland to see his father, and      Postum comes In two forms,
while   the  little   fellow   was   up   on!     Postum Cereal���lhe original form-
deck Sir John Jellicoe came up aud i must  bo  well  boiled.    15c  and  25c
talked to him. I packages.
"He asked lhe bov his name, and j     Instant  Postum���a   soluble  powder
(hen said:    'Do you' know what my I���dissolves quickly   In a cup of hot
The  little  bov    did  not! water,   and,   with   cream   and   sugar,
name    Is?
know, and tho admiral explained that
his name was .lellleoe.
" 'Oh,' was the small boy's answer,
'I have a rabbit named Jellicoe at
home.' And the admiral went oi
makes a delicious beverage instantly.
30o and 50c tills
Both kinds are equally delicious and
'cost about the same per cup.
'���''"here's a Reason" for Postum,
1 ���sold by Grocers.
Rudynrd     Kipling     Praises   Russians
ItiKlyaiil Kipling has sent the following message to the Russian people
nu the occasion of the Hussian New-
"Like you. 1 look for peace, hut not
before our common work h- done:
power built on arrogance disciplined,
and evil taught thai there is a good
other than Its own lust.
"We who have borne oar part as
your allies and shall bear it to the end
will never forget with whal inflexible
fortitude and sacrifice Russia has laid
the foundation for a day full of reckoning.
(Signed).        "Rudyard  Kipling."
Advance In Cleansing of Wounds
lir. Pierre Roux. director of the
Pasteur Institute, announced to the
French Academy of Sciences thai a
remarkable advance in scriimtherapy
had been made as lhe result of a discovery by Dr. Bassuet. By this method, it' was possible io cleanse automatically, Dr. Roux said, wounds
which hitherto had resisted treatment.
"Was your bachelor's supper a success?"
"A success! Wonderful! Why, we
had in postpone the wedding for two
Technical  Education  Postponed
Technical education In Canada and
methods by which it could be adi
ed were the subject of a  li
vesiigation and elaborate repott ;. .  iv
years  ago  bj   a  federal   goi ernni    ���
The recommendations havi
been acted upon. I: Is n ��� Ini n li I
in ii i anything by way of : Islation
on the matter this year, ni I y I e*
��� an -��� the '���:.' atlonal pri grni
fined to wai i u a n ri -. bul I a tor
the reason thai the war m y pi luce
entirely alti red li dustri il couilll ns
throughout the country.
The  worms  thai    Infi -;    child
from their birth arcoftwo kind
tnat    lind lodgemenl  in the ���
and those thnl are found ln th   i:  ������.-���
tines.    The latter nn   the n i      di -
structlve, as Hi y clfng tb tho ival! ���
of ihe Intestines and if nol In   rfi ri :
with   work    havoc    then.    Miller's
Worm  Powders  dislodge  both   kinds
and  while  expelling  them  from   the
system serve to repair the ���     ag i
tiiev have caused.
Visitor���Wo are getting up i r: Efle
for a returned mi!,lier. Won'l you buy
a ticket'.'
.Miss innocence���Mercy, no! What
would  I do with  liimV
"Did you count your change before
leaving the window'."'
"Then wc caii'l rectify mistakes."
"I'm glad of that. I found, after I
got away from lure thai you had
given me $5 too much."
BOMi: TREATMENT,   iir-.i rili-  your .Usui,
antl wrllB lor Irer book and te-.titnont.li>.
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Nnniaino
Choi est Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Mai tin,  Prop,
j.   e. AiSTOS
I,og:cr's Shoes made to order,
In N irth and South, in East
a d West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
S'.an.l the Test.
Men of The North Are We
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First  Class  Work
Guaranteed,    Uaths In connection
(.'.  Q    DALRYMPLE, Prop.
On December lhe 17th from SteTeston,
Scow 0. Q, I,. 2, bast seen oft N.i
lionse liny, December 21st
Any iuforiuatiou lending i" the recovery ol this Scow will be rewarded.
Co., I.id.
New Wcstinin.st.'r Phone 826
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   from   I.calling   Musicians
from tlie Atlantic to tlie Pacific,   Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. Goard   will be   in this city  about
April   1,      Leave orders at this  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., VV.   ���   Vancouver
Paiaee Livepy
&Feed Stable
H.rses  and   liiij-gies  for   Hire  a.
Terras cash.
We  also  attend  to  wood hauling
Being the Marching Song of lhe 102nd Batt., written by
Rev. C. A. Mitchell, oi New Hazelton
Where the huskies howl, and the north light it'1"*'*
Anil the cold wind sweeps o'er the virgin .snow.
We'll show Kaiser Hill what wc can do,
For we 'lie the men of the Hundred and Two;
Men ol the North are WC,
Chorus- Men ol lhe North lire , e, are we,
Men of the North nre we,
1'roin the siilinon rivers so clear niiil wide,
Where llic seine nets gleniil on every tide.
We'll show Kaiser Mil, ele.
From the halibut Hulling and deep cod lines;
Prom ihe lumber camp among the pines,
We'll show Kaiser Mill, etc.
Chorus -
From the lonely shuck when* l.ic bright gold shines;
Prom ihe inn row trail and the co] per mines,
We'll show Kaiser Hill, etc.
Choi us
Prom the plow, ami lhe saddle, and the swill canoe;
From the pick, anil tlie llnine, anil lhe prospect, too.
We'll show Kaiser Hill, etc.
Chorus -
From tlie cariboo's home ami the grizzly's lair;
prom siiowsline, deadfall, trap and snare,
We'll show Kaiser bill, tie.
Where ihc 1 ni 11 moose lulls, and Ihe iciiiilccr prance;
We're going otf to "Somewhere iu Prance,"
To show Kaiser Bill, etc.
Chorus -
From Atlin's rivers to Comox Hay.
We've off to the front; now bear what we say;
We'll show Kaiser Hill, etc.
Chorus ���
McBryde's Bakery &
Tea Rooms
Calhoun Block Courtenay
P. McBryde for alniosl 8 years with  Marocchi Bros,
begs to announce lo the community that he has opened a Bakery ami Tea Room at tlie above address
I have had a technical training in tlie Kilinanio.k
Bakery School ami Glasgow Technical, Scotland,
under the best masters, and hold a fust class certificate, tipper grade, in the technics of bread inaKing
and a first class certificate in baking confectionery by
the Master linkers Association I van assure the public that tlie bread and caKes made by me will be manufactured by the best methods kIiowii to the baking
world today and will be pure, healthful and appetising
lb ping for a share of public patronage
Remember the address     -     Next the Royal Bank of Canada
Courtenay Phone __
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse   Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Cloves, Trunks, Suit Cases,  Ktc.
Harness Repaired Neallj
Cumberland and Courtenay
Yofl cancel eat your
cake and lave it
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing lhat the ingredients are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Cakes of all descriptions made
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
utton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
Phone   ���
City Council
The City Council met in regular
session on Monday evening.
Tt e minutes of tlie last meeting
and adjourned meeting were adopted as read.
From clerk of City of Duncan re
salary of city health officer.
From Major Rothuie, stating
that the officers would he pleased to
receive any subscriptions for the
band, and reaffirming lhe offer that
if at all possible the instruments
w.uld be engraved and returned to
the city on deuiobili/.a'ion. if the
city paid for the 18 instruments,
From Clarke & Stewart, of Vancouver, staling that they would be
pleased to give quotations on any
city printing if sampLs were   sent.
From the Good Roads Machinery
Co. offering tlie city several road
scrapers, etc
R. P. Vigors wrote asking if tlie
city had a bylaw to keep loose
hor.es off the street.
From C, P. Dundas, stating that
as he was leaving for England lie
could not act as city solicitor.
The fullo'.ing accounts  were re
ceived and leferred   to the   finance
committee for   payment if   found
com c :
J. Hannay   $ 1,50
Cit)  1 lerk     .    9 60
Clarke & Stewart      i  15
Telephone     7 10
\V. G   Hub.rtsiui        75
R, Creech     2.00
G.  Endall  30.00
Electric Light Co '44.95
Aid. Carroll, for the sanitary
committee, reported that it was th*
opinion of Fishery Inspector Bead-
r.ell that garbage could not be
dumped in the salt water. Ilr
however was going to write to the
superintendent and report later.
An acre oi land could be purchased
from Mr. Towler, outside the city
limits, for dumping grounds. The
mallei' will lie taken up at some
future meeting,
Aid. Hurford, for the utilities
committee, presented die following
synopsis of electric light agreement
which it was decided to have an
engineer and lawyer put into shape
and then present to the company:
The company to be given a 20
year franchise, and if the city
bought them out in five years to
pay them a bonus of ,*o per cent.
on tlie cost of the plant; if in 10
years 25 percent, and if in 15
years 20 per cent., and at the end
of 20 years the company were to
cease to do business and to remove
their poles and equipment from the
streets of the city.
The mayor pointed out that it
wowld be as well for the city and
company lo agree on tlie terms before incurring any expense, and
stated that the company would not
agree to 'ake their poles and equipment down  at the   end of   twenty
years, whatever they might do with
regard to the rest of the agree
Aid. Kerton reported that the
culvert put ill by Mr, Endall was
satisfactory to the board of works.
A railing had been erected at the
hole near Aitken's bakery, as there
was not enough material handy to
fill it with,
Aid. Aston said plenty of material could be got off the next lot if
applied for. He also thought that
tlie lumber for the job should have
been delivered at tlie works. It
did not look verv dignified to see a
white man at cue end andja chink
j at the other packing boards tlirougli
, the city at 35c per hour.
Tenders for electing tlie new city
��� hall   were   received   from   Albert
Kerton $395 and J. Thomson 5375.
I The tender was   awarded   to   Mr.
I Thomson.
R. Creech   offered   to haul   and
I spread 50 loads of gravel   at $1 per
'yard.    Tlie tender   was   accepted;
the   work   to   be  dune   within a
..on1 h after notification.
Aid. Kerton drew the council's
attention to a deep hole near the
taihvay crossing on tlie Lake Trail
Aid. Aston said that Victoria
.street was in a bad way, owing to
u ditcli and culvert being blocked.
A few hours work would save a lot
of expense later.
Tlie board ot works was instructed to look at these places and if
necessary have them lixed up at
Aid. McKenzie wanted to know
why the soldiers were debarred
from coming to Courtenay.
Aid. Hurford brought up tlie
matter of the number of drunken
men on Sunday, an.l wanted to
know if the police commissioners
had done anything in the   matter
The mayor Informed him that
tlie police commissioners had at
once taken steps to have the men
looked after. Thev had got lhe
liquor at Cumberland tlie night before, and the guards from Comox
came and took them awav as scon
as possible.
On motion of Aid Kerton and
Anderton it was decided to appoint
a medical health officer for a year
at $100 per annum. After a lot of
discussion Dr. Montgomery was
appointed to the position.
Aid. McKenzie wanted to know
whether the city was paying for
tlie light used in Dr. Morrison's
rooms used by the soldiers. Mr,
Woods explained that he had deducted the amount of light usually
used by the Doctor from the
amount and billed him with it.
Aid. McKenzie also objected to
paying -oc per mouth metre rent,
and asked if the city could not purchase a metre. Mr Woods replied
that it would not pay the city to
do so, on account of inspections,
The committee   reported that it
Money To Loan
We are open to receive applications
for Loans on  Improved   Farm
Property    in    the   Comox
sab el St.
Real Estate, Insurance and
Financial  Agents
Notice of Intention to Apply for
Retail Liquor License
TAKE NOTICE that tlie undersigned
intends  to apply  to the   Hoard of
License Commissioners at their next sit-
ting to lie held on the Stli day  of April,
I 1916, for a license to sell intoxicating li-
I quor by retail under Subsection 3 of See
tion 290, of tlie ".Municipal Act" ill that
j certain   store   or   shop   situate  on   the
I gr uiiul floor, of those   cert-iu premises,
situate on I,ot 4, Map 311, Townsile of
1 Courtenay. formerly   known as Peocey's
j Drug Store, oil Mill   Street, ill   the City
1 of Courtenay,
Dated   ihis   Sth  day   of    March,   A.
D, 1916.
IN THE MATTER of an application
for a fresh Certificate of Title to Sections
Twenty-six (26) and Thirty-five (35),
Comox District, Hriiish Columbia.
intention at the expiration ol one
calender month (nun the first publication hereof to issue n fresh Certificate ol
Title ill lieu o( the Certificate of Title
issued to Reginald Terry Ciirwilhen on
the 6th day of November 1871, and
Numbered .'7_'A, which has been lost.
Dated at the baud Registry Office,
Victoria, II. C., this -hid day of March
Registrar General ol Titles
had been decided   to  purchase   R.
M. Allan's safe.
The council then adjourned.
Mentholated White Pine and
Tar 50c per bottle
Laxative Quinine Tablets
25c per box
Cod Liver Oil and Malt with
Wild Cherry $1
Cod Liver Oil Compound $1
Wild Cherry Cough Mixture
Drug Stoie
Phone   30
Our citizen W. Idiens, who now
signs as "Critic" because tlie people call him one, tells us that although we say that it pays to advertise lie dosen't need to pay because the altercation between the
Prohibs and the Editor of "The
Week" has led to him coming, under the notice of fifty thousand
people as an effective businesslike
worker. See Willoughby, the
Courtenay tailor, if you want proof
of this and get one of the Prohib
circulars "Daniel Come to Judge-
men," at the same time  don't for-
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
get Idiens if you have any business
in his line.���Critic.


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