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The Review Oct 12, 1916

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Array 9"
("an not be iloue any I otter,   anil
not iniiii, ho well anywhei. vi*v
��� hereabouts.   Our tyni- ami inaaliln-
my is oompleU ami Tl,��� Review
prlees we rl^ht
Classified Ads.
Make your li
through a I'lam
iu Tho l.fvii'w
ttlv   W'aJtlKiiioM'n
milled AilfuitwYitnt
��������.** ..�������...
VOL. 4
NO. 47
Auction Sale
Little River, Near Comox
for C. Wilkinson, Esq., who is leaving for England
Sale on Wednesday Oct. 11, at 12 o'clock
The whole of thc valuable Household Furniture and Outdoor
KlTects, including Antique Old Country Furniture, Piano,
China, Gluss, Uooks, etc, 4Cows, Horses, Chickens, Ducks,
Up-to-date Farm Implements and Tools, Quantity Bottled
Salmon, fruits and home made jams, 14 ft bout, fence strainer
etc., about 350 lots in all, Terms Cash, No reserve, Particulars in posters or from
Real Estate, Insurance, Etc.
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Cook   by Wire
Electricity provides the cleanest, the
most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but [excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under ideal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitiated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values through the retention of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R98       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
John Duncan   was   home
Victortn oxer the holiday,
Born���At L,oggieville, N. S
Mr, and Mrs, K. Grieve, a son.
Horn���At Comox hospital, ou
Thursday, Oct- 12. to Mr, and
Mrs Clay Welch. a daughter,
R. Willoiighby, our popular tailor has taken over M, Dunn's tailor-
in-' business in Cumberland,
Word was received here by his
parents that Angus Beaton had
been Wounded and might lose one
Miss Viola Campbell was hostess
to a number of her girl friends last
Saturday week, the occasion being
her 12th birthday.
The following names were inadvertantly omitted from the Red
Cross list:-*Mesdames .J Thompson
and Miss Marie Gibson.
Strayed���Ft oni the Riverside
stables on Sunday, Aug. 8, a
young sow pig, last seen going
south On Railway track near old
slaughter house. Liberal reward
for its return,"
Tenders wanted for ploughing
and grading two and one half acres
opposite Bru ce Towler '$. Apply
A Kerton, Courtenay,
For Sale���30 Chester White pigs
5 week old, $4 each. Apply
Piercy Bros. Denman Island.
For Sale Cheap���Young driving
horse, new buggy aud harness.
Apply. H. Howard, Wireless Station.
Bull Wanted���State age and
breed. Apply Rolit/ > .SAUrn.
Hornby Island.
Wanted���Capable" girl to help
with housework. -Apply, Mrs,,^.
Dingwall' Sandwick.
For Sale���Registered. Southdown
Ram. For particulars and price,
apply A. T. Carwithen,  Sandwick.
Wanted���An energetic person
to take orders for Christmas Greeting cards. Full or part time. Apply Review office.
For Sale���About rooo sacks suitable for spud sacks. Apply W,
Douglas, Courtenay.
For Sale Cheap���Pure bred Jersey bull, 3 years old- Apply Avery
Clayton, Sandwick,
Wanted���Good  express  wagon
cligbt.)    Must be cheap.   Apply
j o. P. M. Comox. B. C,
!    Car For Hire���H.   W.   Heber-
den; phone X92,
Welding���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,   Ford Garage.
Fcrd Garage for Nobby, Goodyear an.fl Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles for
We Have Been Burned Out and Need
the Money Badly
As a general rule subscribers
to the Review are prompt in
paying their subscriptions, but
there are quite a few who seem
to forget that it costs something
to print a paper, even a modest
effort like The Review, To the
latter we would make the request
that they liquidate their indebtedness as soon as they can find it
convenient to do co. If they
owe two or three years and feel
thev cannot afford to pay it all
at the present time, surely they
can arrange to pay at least half
the amount, This notice is for
all who are behind in the payment of their subscriptions.
N. H, and Mrs, Boden spent the
week end at Victoria.
Mrs. Emde returned on Saturday
day from a week's visit at Victoria
Mrs. Myghton, who has been
visiting her brother. Colin Campbell, has starteel on her return journey to Boston
Wi A. W, Hames, City Clerk,
is at Victoria getting a list of registered property owners in Courtenay from the Registry Office.
Major Stephenson arrived home
from the North on Thursday last.
He had been away for over two
months and was much surprised at
the appearance of Courtenay after
the fire.
The Riverside hotel is now equipped with a first class water supply
consisting of a very large 3 cylin-
cIt pump and a 5 horse power
electric motor, and a reserve tank
of 2,000 gal. On every floor
there is a 1 1-4 In. hose, 50 ft. lonerl
with nozzle, ready to turn at a
moments notice, and the supply of
water to the pump is unlimited.
Dr. Montgomery who recently
went overseas attached to the 13th
Canadian Field Ambulance as
Captain has received a promotion
and is now gazetted as Adjutant of
that unit, The 13th was moboliz-
ed at Victoria, B. C. about June 1,
of the present year, and reached
the firing line about the middle of
August. This is a record of which
they may feel justly proud. There
are several men from Comox district in this unit.
Miss Effie Swanson received word
this morning that her brother Robert, of the 102nd had been wounded at the Front.
The Ele ctric Co. visited Courtenay last Wednesday evening and
met the members of the Council.
As a result both parties have a
better understanding of each other,
and it is likely that some definite
expression of opinion will be made
at the meeting of citizens to-morrow night.
A united Harvest Thanksgiving
service for the parishes of Sand*.
wick and Courtenav will be held at
St. John's church. Courtenay, on
Sunday next, Oct i'5, at 730 p,
111. Come and help by your presence to make the service bright
and hearty and real. ''Whoso of-
fereth Me thanks and praise- lit*
honoreth Me.''
As there are a number of people
asking e'uestions regarding the
chaplains with the Canadian forces
we have secured the following information from Headquarters,���
Church .Soldiers Chaplains
English      165.145 93
Presbyterian 70,673 56
R, Catholic 51,426 37
Methodist    35,908 30
Congregationalist and Baptist
18,458 2
Jewish 850
Other denominations
Lake Trail.
Phone M 98
Anglican Church Notes
17th Sunday after Trinity, 8.30
Holy Communion, St. John's
Courtenay. 7.30 p. 111. Harvest
Thanksgiving, St. John's. Courtenay.
Presbyterian Church
St- Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.    Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday School and Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Evening service 7:30
p. m. All welcome
A Thing of Beauty
__r *���
is a Joy Forever
NyaPs Face Cream
25 and 50c
Nyal's Beef&Iron Wine
$1 per Bottle
If you feel good, All is Good
Braces you up
Siberian Crab Appels
These are especially fine crab apples and are al
ways in demand, 5c per pound
Family Butchers, Grocers and Provision Merchants
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
4 *y*g************kS**t***\
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
Paints, Oils, Etc.
We carry in stock Bricks, Lime, Cement, Doors and Windows
[Get our prices'for goods in large quantities^',
Telephone 1 Courtenay
\.y.m*..m. .mi. .  111.' 1 ^*me*m*g****t**m .THE   REVIEW.   CODBTNEYl,   B. D.
When Long Breaths Hurt Your Side
Rub Soreness Away With "Nerviiine"
Prompt Action Often Prevents Pleurisy or
or  ri
hrculli*. li
line   In
IS      |
1  yuu
,   Iry   N
. acl
soreness ���
linnm nl
, and
in   lln-
home  s
tlir   [
lots   ol
I su
hi  1'
ics the
consists in a VIR
back, elic a ami
vilinc." Tlila
sinks Inlo the ii
(s icalcd Riven
i disappears
goes,   ami
irons rubbing ol llic
lore "hlc with "Ner*
wonderful llnlmenl
sues where the pain
islanl relief.   1 liat
all 8CH8C ol sore
.ni tlicit know  that
inn. Iiill mighty
small, and can bc
depended on as a
reliable and mighty
pro nip I    euro    for
rheumatism,        si'i-
plcurlsy, "lift nii'l-,
enlarged joints,
i lei lhc large 50c family size bottle; it is far more economical than
the 25c trial si/c Snld by dealers
everywhere, or dlrccl from thc Ca-
iarrho_onc Co,, Kingslon, Canada,
a,    lumbal
������ muscles,
Canada's Pulp Wood
Over Two-Thirds of lhe Pulp Wood
Used in the United States Is
From Canada
Over two-thirds of llic more than
a billion pounds of wood pulp imported Into the United States during thc
fiscal year ending June. 30 and used
in llic manufacture of paper came
I from Canada, according to a communication of iiie National Geographical Society from John Oliver La-
! Force and issued by llic society as a
bulletin iu connection with the government's inquiry into the iii-icas*
in the cost of news paper.
'I'he wood importations for 1915-16
have been 180 million pounds less
than for the previous IJ mouths, yel
I the amount shipped to the United
(States from Canada during the past
year was 130 million pounds in excess of the year l')l*l-15 shipments,
(according to the bulletin.
During,the year just closed nearly
0   per   cent,   of   the 1,750   million
..        . ���,   i .... l   'ipounds  of  pulp  came,  from   Canada,
guarding the ma gartnedepot anrd a. > '    -        remaining 30 per
few   women packing     ate I codfish, f       Norway and Sweden.
lhc    [mpcrator   lay   empty   in   Uie; -
docks, Strange to say, the brass porl-1    ,,., . .        .. , ,
ii,',- .-    ,i   .      i,    ,..,        llicrc    is  no  poisonous  ingredient
hole     i tines    ot    t  is    slip arc un-  ���    ,,  ,, ,    ,-.        ,. , ��� ,
,    .   ".8     ,.   ,      innn      ,i   i.. 'ui  Holloway s torn Lure, and il can
touched,   llic ship has 2,000 porllioles	
i   , e    l             ;        7 -     i ,  .,       I t)t     ll Sl U
In Hamburg Hatlior
Bitter    Commentary   on   Germany'*;
Loss of Her Great Marine
'1 lie London Daily Mail quotes
from The Berliner Tageblatt's description of Hamburg written bj a
recent visitor to that port, "li anyone wants lo realize the picture of
Hamburg  as   a sleeping   beauty   he
need only take a run down I" the
docks. Tin- sound of sirens, the
groaning of cranes, the clanking of
anchor chains is heard no more. Only
from lhc shipbuilding yards conic
occasional sounds of blows of hammers. Through the silence of the
quays and ships everything is completely slill. Before the war, boats
made an uninterrupted chain right to
the mouth of the Elbe, bin now the
tennants of the villas on Blankcncsc
tell mc ihey rush lo the window every
tunc a ship goes by. 'lhc whole
place is descried excepting for some;.,
warehouse    caretakers,    ll    sentinel
The School and thc Farm
Benefits Derived From Teaching
Agriculture in the Schools
In times past llicrc has been far
too lillle connection between the
school and lhc farm. Willi the Introduction of agriculture into the school
syslem an opportunity is offered to
bring  llic  school  and   farm  together j
iu a nianner which will bc beneficial
lo both and peculiarly beneficial to
llic farm boy who is the medium for
such co-operaiioii. Ii is necessary lo
have real co-operation ou the part of
lhc parent if lhc school and lhc farm
arc io bc brought Into closer relationship to lhc advantage of all concerned. The parent musl furnish ihci
pupil with the laud, the animals or
iin- equipment for the carrying out
of  lhc  projects selected.      lie    musl
also grant the pupil lhc time needed
for llic work, and should verify and
vouch for llic lime record of the pit-
|nl. He should also, so far as may
be practical, give lhc pupil the benefit
of bis own experience iii the accomplishment of similar projects, ami to
give lhc work a maximum of educational value lie should allow lhc pupil the benefit derived from Ills own
labor and management, This, how*1
ever, may not bc always easy of nc-1
compllstunont where the pupil lakes
lip one of the phases of the regular
business of the farm as Ills task. ���
The Michigan Farmer,
(i !.7i_inniiii'a!>iiinuHi!iai:Thiiii 'tliiiiii-i'i!-'7!'!!'iitnrii:inariiii_ii:'i c__j
Let Him Help Himself To
T will do mora limn aallafy llll cravlnj
for "aoiii-iililiif.'tiv.'noi"--U\vi:ir.ii:ply
Iho fool olonioi-.tn iim lad 10 build up
lits Utile body onJ help lum lo gain In
health and strength
"down Brand" laav/liolesome, nourt-ti-
lin: food ��� un wall u.t llm
moat   delicious of  labia
oolpn*.. Inoiirnrw ^^^^^^^
Candlea", will lell yen Inst liow In lilt It, In many novel
waya.   WMo for a copy lo our Montreal Ollice.
Dealers everywhere have "Crown Bland" In 2, 5, 10 mid
20 pound Una.
MON1HIAI.    <*����DIN��I.,    H-AHTfOKO,    roBT IVIUIAM.
Mute, i ,���/"!.,:,��� il'loie" fm 'i Si rut, tleiiton'i i em
Starch amf'Sitetr Gloss' iMindrj/Slaicli,
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
what is
(nibbling her pen): Let'.*
the lerm applied lo one
another  person's    name
iVC or ten years, iisiia
ELIABLb    IIhAIN    pj|LM:rlANIs|_.-
���170 (.rain Exohan���c
Write for market informnlioii.
and  lhc weight of brass is 73  loil
but il is loo ninth trouble lo remove'
it." j
without danger ol injury.
Minard's Liniment
Relieves Neural-
Fall Wheat Escaped Rust
While thc. spring wheat plot* at
the Manitoba Agricultural College
were very seriously afTectcd by the
rust Ihis year, it is noteworthy that
the fall wheat varieties escaped
practically unscathed. Although it
IS not usual for fall wheat t<> stand
Vile winter iu most parts of Manitoba (the Swan River district being
a notable exception), yet all l lie
plots at the College came through
last winter in perfect condition, and,
being more advanced than, lhc .spring
wheats when lhe rust outbreak occurred, gave an excellent and heavy
yield  of good  grain.
Even Up
"See the spider, my son, spinning
ils web," saitl lhc instructive parent
to lis small son. "Is it not wonderful? Do you reflect that no man
could spin lhat web, uo matter bow
hard be might try?"
"Well, what of il?" replied the up-
to-date offspring. "Watch me spin
this top. No spider could do that, no
mutter how hard lie might try." ���
Ladies' Home Journal.
St. Isidore, P. Q��� Aug. 18, 1894.
Minard's Liniment Co,, Limited.
Gentlemen, ��� I have frequently
also prescribe it for my patients always
Grow Into Weak Despondent Women
���How to Overcome thc
Healthy Girlhood is the only path
to healthy womanhood, The passing from girlhood to womanhood lavs
a new lax upon lhc blood. It is llie
overtaxing of the blood that makes
growing girls suffer front headaches
and backaches, from paleness ami
weakness and weariness, from languor, despondency and constant ill-
health. Unhealthy girlhood is bound
to lead to unhealthy womanhood and
a life of misery. Nothing but the
blood building qualities of Dr. \\ il-
liams I'ink I'ills can save a girl when
she undertakes the trials and tasks
of womanhood. That is thc time
when nature makes new demands
upon the blood supply. Dr. Williams
l'ink I'ills actually make new, rich
blood to meet these new demands.
In this simple, scientific way Dr.
Williams l'ink I'ills give growing
girls new health, and makes their
dawning womanhood bright and attractive. Miss A, Sternberg, Hailey-
bliry Road, New I.iskcard, Out., says:
"I have lunch reason to bc grateful
to Dr. Williams Pink I'ills, as they
restored me to health, jf, indeed, they
The English colony in BllCnOS
Ayrrs has son $15,000 to the Prince
of Wales' Fund.
I suits,
! P'tind
with   thc most gratifying
and I consider il the best all-
l.ininicnt extant
Yours truly,
Two Fellows
are trying to
get   ahead
v to set- who'll \\ in,
The War In Africa
j Huge    Territory    Taken From Germany Since War Began
I    The report that Genera! Smuts, lhe
I ltriii-.li commander    in  East Africa,
'ii, about to complete the conquest ol
Germany's   richest   and largest pos-
' session   in   that continent   suggests
the  strange  narratives  of     war destined to How from that field when the
full story of the conflicl is unfolded. I
It   has    been  just  two  years    since;
Britain carried the war into Africa by
seizing Port Lame, iu Togoland; ami I
only German    East Africa    remains!
uncoii'qucrcd, although lhat is a territory in area    greater    than all the
I New'England,   the Middle   Atlantic
States and Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and
j Michigan,   and containing   a population of seven million Africans.
Very lillle attention has been given
to thai far away pha'sc of the war
which has been pressed continuously
and has deprived lhc imperial government of an area more than twice
the size of the twcnly-fivc states of
the European empire and lhc rcichs-
land of Alsace-Lorraine. The man
who, in his boyhood, was thrilled by
reading of the adventures of Livingstone -and Stanley in this part of
the world can anticipate with relish
... .       .    the   kind  of  tale  that  is  to  be  told
did not save my life. In 1914 I began;when, laving aside the cold language
to feel run down,, and the doctor who an_ restraints of official and ccn-
was called in said that nunc was a I sored reports, the full story is tin-
bad case of anaemia. I lost flesh, folded of the campaign now under
always felt tired, and I gol so ner- Wav from Tanganyika to Zanzibar.���
voir, that 1 could scarcely hold a cup I Philadelphia Bulletin,
My  heart  would ���        	
When you have a bilious attack, or when you feel illness
coming on���promptly move the
bowels, start the liver working
and put your entire digestive
system in good shape with a
dose or two of the time-tested
haw any doubt
aboul ten or coffee holding
some people buck ��� iu fact
many - leave the hesitating
'class, stop both tea.and coffee
ten <lnvs, and use
Thi*. delicious pure food-
drink, made of wheat, roasted
with a bit of wholesome molasses, has a delightful, snappy
flavor. It is free from the
dings in lea and coffee niul all
harmful ingredients,
Postum is Rood for old
and young, und makes for
health and efficiency.
"There's a Reason"
Cnirndiiin PoMUM Ctr*alCo.i Ml..
Wlutlaor, om.
Green Soldiers
Docs everybody understand about
green soldiers?
Most persons do. But some don't
and should bc told that a soldier to
bc fit to use should bc an athlete in
the iop of training. He should not
only have learned drill, Ihc use of
'.'.capons, the care of himself in camp
and all that, but should have so hardened and developed his body by exercise that it can stand long and severe exertion without injury. In
training a hunter they begin by giving hint long walks. It lakes several
weeks to gel even an experienced
horse so he can go fasl antl far across
In training college boys for fool-
ball or row ing, the preliminary exercises lasl for week*. And for ini-
iraincd boys boat races and football
are dangerous.
So arc military exertions dangerous to untrained soldiers. Their bodies musl get used to a new diet;
iheir muscles to new exercises. Even
their minds have to bc adjusted. A
I soft, new soldier is a military baby.
He needs a nurse.���From Life (New
lo take a drink
flutter alarmingly. Tlie doctor did
not seem to bc able to help mc at
all and my family and friends all
thought that I was in a decline and
could not recover. I was in bed for
some weeks when an aunt came to
sec me and urged that I try Dr. Williams Pink Pills, My father got a
supply, and by the time I had taken
three boxes there was a noticeable
improvement, and from that ou-1
steadily progressed toward recovery.
I continued using the pills for some
time longer, and llicy restored me to i
my old-time health and strength, I
shall never cease lo praise this medi-j
cine, and to urge all weak, run-down
girls to give it a fair trial, as I havc i
proved in my own case llieir greal
Vou can gel these pills from anv
dealer in medicine or by mail at 50j
cents a box or six boxes for S-.."0
from The Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockvillc, Out.
Elderly Gentleman (alone in a com
parlincnl  with    fully-armed  soldiers
next slop one hour): Excuse me, my
man, but your face is strangely familiar to inc.
Soldier (with meaning): Quiic
likely, sir, sccin' as you were lhc gent
in the tribunal who made game of mc
bcin' a conscientious objector. But
you'll bc glad to 'car I've changed my
mind, aud 1 ain't now got any objection  to  takin'  'utiian  life.���flinch.
You will welcome the quick
relief and often ward off a
severe illness. Beecham's Pills
are carefully compounded from ���
vegetable products���mild,
harmless, and not habit-forming. Buy a box now. You
don't know when you may need
Beecham's Pills. A reliable
family remedy that always
Should Be
at Hand
Large,! Sal. of Any Medicine in lho World.
Sold everywhere.  In Irases. 25 cents.
"I'lease, kind lady." :
farer, "I ain't had a hii
"Vou arc just the man I'm lookln
for," replied    the   lady of
The Bowels Must Act Healthily.���
In most ailments the lirst care of lhe
| medical man is to scc that the bowels
arc open and  fully performing their
functions.       Parmelcc's     Vegetable
, Pills arc so compounded that certain
ingredients in lhc.ni acl  cm  lhc bow-
Icls solely and they arc the very best
I medicine available lo produce healthy
action  of  thc bowels,    Indeed, there
is no other specific so serviceable in
: keeping    the   digestive   organs   In
| healthful action,
id the way-
to cat in 2\
W.     N.     U.     1123
He Got His Interview
Thc quick wit of a travelling salesman was severely tested onc day. lie
-enl in his card to the manager of a
large concern, whose inner office was I
separated from the wailing room by
a glass partition. . When the boy
handed the card to lhc manager thc
salesman saw lum impatiently tear
the card in two and throw ii in his
waste basket.
When the youngster returned with
the message that his chief would not
sec him, thc salesman told-the boy to
go back and get his card.
The boy returned with a nickel and
the message thai the card was torn
up. Giving him another card, the
man said coolly:
"Go back and tell your boss lhal I
sell two cards for five cents."
I    lie got  his interview and sold  his
i goods, ���
My husband gathered a mess of
mushrooms this morning, and I wan I
to make sure llicy arc not toadstools,
.lust wait a moment and I'll bring
you a dish ot them."
Germany   Plays   an  Inhuman   Trick
International    law.    in    forbidding
lhc laying of floating mines (a crime
that  ihe  Huns havc frequently comic house, i mined), demands that    all    moored i
1 mines shall bc so constructed    that
should they    through stress of wca-!
iher or  for any other  cause     break
| aw ay from their moorings, llicy will
instantly become "safe."    This is lo
; safeguard    neutral    and    other noil-
: combatant lives.
1    Thc Get-man mine is fitted with a
chain one end of which is secured to
the mooring wire, the other being al-
taclicd to the    giincotton  primer in
I the basc of the mine.    The idea is
that, should the   mine   break
I the chain will pull the primer out of
lhe   mine,     which     would     ''ins     be
made safe,
'i'he idea is good enough, no doubt,
but of the thousands of mines that
' the British sweepers have pulled up
land  examined  before destroying  not
|onc has had lhc safety chain intact!
In  every  case it     has been  found
not broken, but deliberately cut    in
The Lights
Of 65 Years Ago
Are slill doins duty��iu
the shape of
Sixty - five years ago
the tirstCunadian-niadc
Matches were made at
Hull by Eddy and
since that time, for
materials and striking
qualities, Kddy's have
been the acknowledged best.
When Buying Matches
Specify "Eddy's."
Ii mn _��� _��������������������
Railways and Forestry
The experiment of planting trees
along the railway in sandy districts
in Canada to prevent sand drifting
ovcr the tracks promises to bc a success, and trees arc also to bc Utilised
away,|as permanent snow fences. Beside;
being useful, lhc trees will give a
touch of beauty where it is nccdec
most. 'I'he idea is a happy one. -
Montreal Gazette.
The pubUS use of German and
Austrian nutsir in Italy is forbidden.
When Your Eyes Need Care
Use Murine E'-eMcdlcloe. NoSmartlng-Feel"
rise���Acts Quickly. Try It fur Red, Weak,
Sore Eyea and Granulated Kyellds. Mitrlnels
compounded by our Oculists���not * "Patent
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ce for many yean
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Murine Eye Rents., Company. Ohlcaie. _4t. THE   REVIEW.   COUHTNEYv  B. C.
Princess Patricia's
Reinforcement" to Oct Across Very
Quickly us Re.ult of New
luing  lo
illll ll
Britain lias I'm Asi-|_ All Speculation About The Duration Of|mem
The War, And llie People Arc Dctermieed To See Thc
Struggle Carried Tlirougli To A Successful Conclusion
When  iin- experimental    preludes VVIion llri'sin*. I?l_.-,t-
to  lie   slow   advance  began  specula  j 'Y '���*" "r"**Hn S V ICl't
was various,    I'bere were   still | Stood Kc Ui)'
��� I ciiihtisiasis, military
Secured    lhe  Initiative    at the Very
Commencement of Hostilities
largo   knot
iimi lay, who ihoiii-iu iimi ibe German line- in Iiii we-l would bc widely   breached   in   a   few   WCCllS,       The
ipiesiious io In established, therefore,!    Writing on July _'(>, ihc naval c
by real operations were Iwo:    \Vhat- icrpondcnl   of   llic   London    li;
would be llu tempo of   victory and contributed ihc following lineni
whai ihc cost7   We have llie unuwer summary   of lhc Hriii-.li   naval
<jn bolli  ooini*, ami ihe siern, ii >b -r | oi 'lions    immediately    prior  i-
judges, who now    qulic predominate outbreak of  win
in  llic direction of  ibis business, are'
llic iciiipo of victory will uu
tloiibledly be priiiy slow, ill leasl until the lighting is  resumed  oil    ihc   Ihis strategic movement
"Il  Is two years ago today
the Grand Elccl lefl iis base al
laud   for   ils   war   stations
prevalent everywhere at presenl,
many unilr. arc compelled to remain
in Canada foi .1 much longer period
111 mi tin' expected, Tin- reinforce-
n- ihc Patricia's have overcome that difficulty by Bending their
men across by lots of fifty, In ihis
way draffs leave every six weeks or
two months, or as soon as ihc un 11
arc recruited and practically trained,
t Inc draft has already gone overseas
and will soon be in l-'irmcc, ami only
.1 few more men are needed io com-
I li le llic nexl draft.
< hi account of this mciliod of
sending their men across, the Ot 11
L'nlvcrsillcB Company never show a
strength much over lifiy, which some-
limes gives llie Impression that the
Company   is   nol   recruiting.
Several   splendid   men have been
lllkcil 011 the strength lately. The
number al present on strength includes nine qualified lieutenants who
proceeding overseas In lhc rani'
Expenditures On Non-Essentials, Whether Produced At Home
(),- Abroad, Diverts Capital And Labor To Purposes
Which Do Not Help in Winning Thc War
Canada is passing  through n pc- Without Honor
noil 01 phenomenal trade prosperity, ,              XT   ..
Business is booming, there is prac- Among JNatlOM
llcally   no unemployment, ami  wor- 	
liters and employers alike arc reaping No Peace Agreement With Germany
I.a  rich    harvest  ill  increased    profits
Worth the Paper it  Vv-ould
iu   \01tl1j'""! taking llieir promotion in   Eng-
Sca, where   ii has been ever since. '������"������. ��r ���'rll'1��'   -"he Patricia's is a
not    unli "-'"''''"'-   saltccl unit  for these men,
filial an,Marge*.!   -cab-  in  spring.    As  confounded "tlie tier 11     plans,    but  M   M*}0T  ('"""   ""'! ii'10  'Ti"'"''   r"'"
for lhc cosl -    I am referring now, of has been, and will bc, lhc dctcrniin- "ra ���tt'way*i "'y *?      ,'!w      , p ��.y
'��� I iiiismg a man Irom llic ranks who
land higher wages.   ,   .   .   For   lhc
mouth of July alone savings deposits
showed an Increase ol $"1,765,000, ni
compared   with   an   increase   in   him
of $2,500,000, These arc figures lhat ||*R ,,eacc icrins, says :
|do not lie, and they indicate a high "Once again ihere ar
[lidc of prosperity without a parallel
in llic history of lhc Dominion,   Tin
bank    returns    for the    year ending
i'he Army and Navy Gazette, the
well-known   service weekly, discuss-
signs    that
Ucrmany is preparing a peace propaganda and lhal a select body of ear-
i    men  has been    engaged  lo go
course, io casualties .    ii must certainly be tcrriffic b.v comparison with
ing factor of the war.
'lhc    Inspection of the
knows 11,.
I lil
traditions and spirit of llic
all previous  Hriiish  precedents, and ibeis and squadrons" at' Spitbead'b. I i-egnncnl, rather than lalcing o cn
there is no qiininicr German delusion ||,0 King |,���_ taken p|ncc on Inly lD fr.��"! -""J.1' '"'^������"I"'"ls-   Al lpi.ls,t   f"
��� '    ���!--���   ...-..-       ".        i  .i. ....        . '.        .     -.   ���       i,,i   ihe  olliccrs    at   presenl   wilh   the
Patricia's arc men who have gained
n account  of Ike faults  had   returned   lo" Portland   and' " ,l,e ; ll"'il' Promotion ill  ihis manner.
007,973,   while notice   <jcposifs werenheyare beaten''will noi lislrn
augmented by $97,632,200.      Hiat irt; terms    which  Germany    once
I'.i i
ill  not  stand  lh
than  that
Mow, ju*i
which mak<
people of |l
for war, the)
well limit lo
cat strain as
The more ihey suffer in a manner
so at range lo ihem, the more cool,
clear minded, tenacious    and deadly
Ihey will bc. 'I In -..- is no louch of
tin; patriotic    panegyric    aboul this.
and 20. and after a few  days' exercises   in    llic   Channel lhc lirsl fleet |
Jdiistrial concerns have no lack .
(Capital is indicated by a reduction i
'current loans of $18,308,776, Thes
arc    healthy    symptoms,      Oil     lh
ii  so hard lo get the
country   fairly  going
nc by temperament as
land  moral  and pliysi-
people iii Ihc world.
second licet to ils home port*-. Leave
by watches was to have begun on
Monday, July 27, "Uu lhe previous
day, however, iu view of the disquieting news Irom abroad, Admiral
Prince Louis of Ballcnbci'g, who was
then iu charge of the Admiraliy,
issued an order by telegraph lo (lie
comuiandcr-in-cliicf of ihc home
flcels  at   Portland  lo  the  effect   that
Von will find il proved by events loi��no s],ip was to leave ihal anchorage
lhc truth  wlllioul  varnish.    1 hat'-���-���������  �������� ������ ...
reinforcements for the Patricia's arc being recruited at Molson
i Hall, McGill University, Montreal,
] where their training is facilitated by
|llic use of sonic of the university
I buildings and grounds. The unit remains there for all ils training on this
side and goes lo Kngland without
j lirst  going lo camp.
Any enquiries as to enlistment and
service will be gladly attended to oil
application to Ihc Officer Commanding bill  Overseas    Universities Corn-
,    .      ,.        ipanv,    G.K.I'., Molson    Hall, McGill
thc   ordinar-   University,  Montreal
would      have
nd iiidul-
oked loitj
enough, rise without a word, but also
without rulh, to bruise a bully.
Wih the Boy Scouts
Interesting    Bits    of    Information
Gleaned From Far and .
bc  lhc  truth   wiiliout  varnish.    LliatImt',]  further orders."    This  decision
is one of lln. new  psychological fac- for  t\lc  g|,|pg  t0  ��stanu  fast"     ,vas
,0's- ,.        .     . .      .necessary   because   in
Another    Hung    is that continued course of events thev
German   brutalities    and barbarities separated   at daybreak   on  haly 27
toward lhc Allies   wounded and pris- an(-  _  few    |iourg  _,_|c_.    _,__._���.. ,-,.,,,,
oners, and    toward the civil popula*��� woul_ |lavc |)ron  ...eaticrcd far    am
lion    of the    occupied    districts    ot  ���id-     At mi_,nighl: on Julv
J-rancc    ami Belgium are. putting a Admiralty announced this pre
very stark,    grim    temper into    the s(     ,��� t,)(J ,,,.
British, trench and  Russian "Trnncs. __,;_, press. _______      ___________________________________
Vou know well what happens when!    "'Orders  have  been  given  lo  ihc!    Arrangements    have    been    made
the more good humored and indul- _-ir6t (lcet, which is coiiceiilratcd    at whereby the dags which have flown
gent temperaments, il provoked long. j.ortlam|i ml l0 _'spc|.sc for nianoe- over the  Canadian  Boy  Scouls'  liul
jitvi-c leave for lite present. All vessels at lhc front will be preserved as mc-
'of the second fleet arc remaining   at mcnlos of lhc war and of ihc share
Throughout   the    English-speaking their home ports in proximity to their | that lhc Boy Scouls of Canada had
world this is universally understood, balance crews.' lln it.    This action was suggested by
hut it has been quite useless to try i    "On the  morning    of  Wednesday, S"' Robert    Baden-Powell,   and was
------   'heartily approved of by thc Canadian
General  Council of  lhe  Boy  Scouts'
Association.   At thc end of the war
July 31 reveal an equally remarkable nboul ihe country misleading thc pco-
Igrowth in accilinitiated wealth in thisJple and endeavoring to convey the
I country during ihc second year oi impression that Germany is ready to
'war. Demand deposits showed an'make peace���of a kind���but that her
|actlial increase for - the year of $91,-.enemies, who refuse to know when
' lo lhe
^^^ more
holds oul. Thc peace which Germany wants is one lhe icrms of which
will give her all ihc spoils of victory,
and ihc peace conference which the
German nation is to be invited to
visualize is one of thc old-fashioned
kind at which lhc victor, in this case
represented by Germany, sits at thc
head of a long tabic and docs all lhe
talking while everybody else listens
obsequiously ami signs whatever documents are put before them. Ihis
may be Germany's idea of a peace
conference, but wc may assert, with-
oul much fear of eotilrauietion, that
Prance, Belgium, Russia, Serbia,
(.real Britain and lhc rest of lhc Allies have formed other views. If tin:
conference is held, Germany will be
excluded, lhe terms will bc decided in
absence   and they    will be an*
threshold of a third year of war Can-
jada is amassing wealth al a rale unexampled in few, if any, of lhc Allied countries.
But wilh this increasing wealth
comes lhc call for thrift and lhe necessity of applying surplus savings
to higher purposes Ihan tin- satisfying of individual tastes and cravings.
Parsimony and extravagance arc
equally reprehensible iu these days of
war. In ihc monthly letter of the
Bank of Commerce attention is di
reeled to the warning words of ihc
Chancellor of lhc Exchequer, llic
Right Hon. Reginald McKcnna, who
exposes   the fallacy   underlying   t'
cm lhat expenditure of money |nounced to her for immediate accept-
in- lance.
to explain it lo the Germans. Ihey ju|y 2., lhc first fleet slipped quictfj
persist in thinking thai frightfuhiess away {rom j'0,-iland under the com-
intimidates and   .qucj.ls, whereas    jt|,���-,������_  0l- Admiral  Sir George Calla-
only hardens and exasperates    their [_���
lis departure was unheralded j the   flags   will   bc  sent  back   to   the
ICanadian Seoul Headquarters.    It is
[quite probable that they will bc used
opponents.   With inexplicable fatuity-aml  witliout ceremony.   There was,
the enemy still clings to the ghastly indeed, a little cheering and the bands,,  .  -,    -- 	
preconceived  pedantries  of lite Ger- on  _)0;ir(i  the ships were playing as as challenge flags for presentation to
man War Book without any attention U|,0    uj_- squadrons   left  harbor   but deserving troops.
to  the  change  of  circumstances,  or-01.  thc  rcst  lne  lla-jon>g  God-speed     The recent death of Capl. the Hon
at home, for whatever
creases prospcriiy:
"ll is    often    necessary    iu dealing
with problems of war expenditure to
speak in terms of money, bill  thinking of those problems exclusively  in Iii
terms  of  money -often   leads  people'!''
very much    astray.
ibavc heard it said that the more
money that is spent on home products lhc better, because lhc more
money is circulated lhc greater the
'prosperity. This is a profound error.
I What lhc nation needs is goods, labor, and services for the successful
prosecution of lhe war. Everyone's
work is wanted cither directly or in-
dircclly for this purpose, whether ler
supplying our fighling forces or
Ihcrc can, we believe, be nj*
peace  which    will  bc  agreed to  by
ihose    nations which    havc suffered
'no*i and whose voices will therefore
���arry    most  weight,  which  docs  not
hide sentence of punishment; and
shall not ask Germany to sign any
Por example, iipapcr, for wc have learned by '-.peri-
ence  that  neither  her  word  nor  her
bond have any value, that she is without  honor  among  nations  and    that
-lie  makes    peace  not  because     she
chooses but because she must."
any rational and balanced considc
was a silent one.   As Mr. Cliurchill|Rojand  Philipps, who was killed in
lion of what lhc consequences niustl|,_s l0_(_ us_ on the night of July 29 j action at the front, removes one of
be.., , ,       J the whole of the fleet, with its auxil- the   most gallant   members   of the
1-inally, there was the mllKlcr oLiary --������_,,.- squai|..0,.s .,..,��� flotillas, great brotherhood of Boy Scouls.
Captain 1-ryalt. It touched England passc_ t|.c Straits of Dover and gain- j Capl. Phillips was, in every sense, a
on lie maritime side like lhc sinking e_ its war ,slatioll ������ northern waters, "ffood Scout." it was due mainly lo
nf the Lusitania, and ��� the moral Along the east coast the patrol flo-'l'is efforts that many troops sprang
ot J-.dilli Utvcll. !U-|ias wcrc completed to war into existence throughout the Bril-
nlniost moreiSmpi-l|streng.hi lhe __���., aircra,-. nlovcj .0j's���  Jslcs.    The  point about  his  life
which should commend itself lo cv
German Trench
With Fifty Beds
miking goods for export with which
to pay for necessary imports. Expenditure on non-essentials, whether
produced at home or abroad, diverts
capital antl labor that can ill bc spar
side'   like   the   fate
This  crime  was
than  either of lhc  others
up lhc cup.
There is always in Kngland a strain
of sentimental idealism on which
Germany, by a more clever and
plausible policy, might  havc worked
| the vulnerable points, and the second
fleet    embarked   its   balance   crew
ery   Scout   in   the   world,   is   that
while similar precautionary measures' j throughout his career as a Scout the
took place on all the foreign stations*, ten    Scout Laws    were lo    him the
It is common knowledge how thc;g"ide in all lhat he did; therefore, he
piausime policy,_mig.ii   nave wnrKjic ��� k      ^ ,,._.  ,,���    ���,__,  ,__ki .___._���,
to .lie.deep prejudice of British m-U .    f   ��       responsible for lhe when he urged every Scout, whatever
lias ] : _,   i_i ...I         ���   ,     ���   h.!.  i. ... _i  :., ,.i._  i.i ...:.-i..
tional interests.    But the enemy has
lm'X,V;.Tfn^,s^^ al tllis 'uomentous period    in'his work or place
at'Xtf i, mVm^ S^/ApK ^ ^^
his work or place in the world might
promise and carry
aptain l-'ryal
tniguished the last faint lingering
possibility of a weak peace. In that
respect a curious thing has happened. France, which longed for a
speedy end a year ago, is preparing
as    a matter of    course for a third
^^^^^^^ is thc caption of
to our enemies, thc virtual command an article which appeared in onc of
of thc sea, with all that this has jibe recent issues of the "Scout," the
meant, was secured by the Grand official organ of thc Boy Scouts. The
Fleet, and German commerce and j warning note iu this item is that one
thc German ilag wcrc swept from cannot do a good turn for another
thc world's    waterways, which were (in    a really friendly    way if one is
therefore   rendered free    for all the
winter campaign and another    year's. .   ,      ,,,	
fighting j purposes of the Allies, including ihc
Britain has simply put    aside    ���l| transport of troops."
speculation about the duration of the I
war.   Our people from top to bottom i To DC Degl'Alted
arc determined now io make a clear'
ihinking of the "tip" thai is lo follow. This very lofty ideal has always been urged upon Canadian Boy
Scouls by their Scoutmasters and
oilier officers, and while some may
be wont to accept tips for doing odd
Fl'Om Knighthood |i0,1"'    *|1C   average   Canadian    Scon
Tommy Aikms Thinks  It a Shame
to Deprive Germans of Such
"As  in  many places,  thc  German
dug-outs  arc  proving     very  useful,"
ed'lo purposes which do nol help us I writes an officer. "They receive every
in winning the war."        - j sort of compliment from, our soldiers,
'i'he   great essential    need    in tllis :'��� ho,-in their own idiom, daily throw
third year oi the campaign is to sup
ply the sinews of war. in Ibis Car.
adians may aid materially by apply
ing Iheir surplus savings���savings no
only from surplus revenue, but
: I'"-'.     ______________________________
Jat lhe enemy the old, old proverb
Sic vos, noil vobis aediricatis���Fritz
built not for himself but for Tommy.
I'll was a shame to lake them away,'
| said one; and another, "Fritz will be
effected    by    abstaining    from I gelling homesick.'    One of the Ovil-
needless   expenditure   on non-cssen
tials���in    taking    up    the    war loan lis
stock.   .   .   .   There     arc     few     in IW
Canada who do not yearn  for some
opportunity of helping to smash  thc
enemy.    It is not given  lo everyone
to do this ou the field of battle,    Bin
homes' has fifty beds in it. It
mansion or a barracks or a fort,
have never dug such places; perhaps because wc wcrc lazier, perhaps
because wc felt that we had 'aken
only a short lease. Thc trenches here
have peculiar interest, as we and the
by thc husbanding of all our national I enemy, both occupy thc old German
resources, by a rigid policy of thrift, I front line, which wc attack daily from
Governments and people may do
much to case the burden of war in
lhc days lo conic by applying available savings to investments of this
character. In this way, if ill no olhcr,
Canadians may feel the conscious
pride that conies lo every man who
is "doing his bit" in this war.���Toronto Globe,
thing.      There is no more talk ofI        " *'*-'<>m -VMgniuOOtl J'",*   <������<-   average   Canadian   scout
"clenching  teeth"    or "selling jaws"! ��� i'"11 ��ot ����<*' a l,P for U01"'- a K00tl
or of anything like that. There is no German Monies to Be Deprived ofi1""- ,���-*���*���>���-,      _   ..   .   .i
further  need  of  such  conscious ex- Membership in British L [Kre ����� 10';00? f5".^"', /** "";
prcssion. Thc mood I describe is en- 0l.de��� I British army o   loday.   I'ills informa-
ircly noiseless and automatic.     To I   .... _uiaer!i     ,,      . tlon comes to hand In a recent news-
bring home lo thc German mind any     J lllf,c more German nobles closely paper   interview    wiih    Sir   Robert
sense, of what that means would be connected   with   the   British   royal Baden-Powell.      Hie   British   Navy!
impossible family arc to bc deprived    or    their also has its quota of Boy Scouts.   In
Thai is'why I sav that lhe kilHnK rnernbcrsliip in British orders of this connection, Sir Robert said:
has only begun, and that thc linal kn-M_*nid' rc ,-, - . "Admiral Bwtty and the late Admiral
slagc of the war will bc by far the lhe Duke o Saxc-Coburg-I iotha, j Hood, who ost his life In the battle
bloodiest. It will last for nine1?!" Prince Albert of Schlcswig- of Jutland, have testified to the effi-
months or twelve or a little more un- *,.ols*c.*n a,1i�� b?'h Sran,ds.0,,s ��- Queen ciencj- of our methods through their
til the central empires go under.- V'?'0���- ���lie'Aori"c.r bein�����" son of experience of the ex-Scouts in the
j   I    Garvin in  New  Vork Tribune,  "rince Leopold, Duke of Albany, 4th(Royal Navy,    lhc influence of these
       " '[Son of lhc Good    Queen,    and    theIboys   has   told   enormously   on lhc
ilattcr a son of Princess  Helena, 3rd|llc.t,    according    to  Admiral   Hood.
Printing Known Long Before Caxtonj daughter   of   Queen   Victoria,   who Generals in  the army have said the
Those who believe printing to have'married    Prince Christian of Schlcs- same Ihing concerning ex-Scouts who
been invented in  Europe during the wig-Holstein. have served under them."
15tli century may havc been surpris- The Duke of Cumberland, father j Sir Robert added: "Our boys are
ed to read of Cambridge University of tbe_ Kaiser's son-in-law, Duke trained for peace work, for good citi-
havblg acquired "the works of    the! Ernest, is _a great grandson of George |/.cnship, which is lhc basis for suc-
Identifying Him
Ordinary concerts have grown rail
er stale in  Middleton, wher
body sings, or thinks
So a novelty
itself, moving up and along, never
froiitally. The method is necessary
to the posi'ion, but is not all advantage, for the Bochc bad foreseen even
this and made arrangements lo
sweep, rake, or enfilade the captured
passages of his own house. And a
labyrinth is not easier to thread
from lhc side than the front."
evt ry
Chinese philosopher, Liu Tsting
Tuan, printed in 1167." China has
been credited with anticipating not a
few modern inventions, but her
claim to have discovered lhe art of
printing centuries before its first
adoption in Europe is beyond dispute.
An edition of most of lhe Chinese
classics was printed by means of
wood blocks in 922 A.D., and movable
type is said to have been devised by
a blacksmith, Pi Shing, in the eleventh century.���London Chronicle.
Ill   grandfather   of Queen V.ctort|ceMTn\viiitevcr"ca7cer"they m.v"ul-
and    by    his    marriage with Queen (tlmately adopt.    To train them sole-
Alexandra's    sister is uncle io King
George X.
Since all three have thrown in
their lot with the Kaiser, they arc
actively enemies to the Empire, and
ought to have lost llieir English honors, titles, and financial privileges
long ago!
"Banks is a whole-souled fellow."
"Wcll-hcclcd, too, I understand."
ly for soldiering would make ihem
loo much a part of a great machine.
We try lo make a boy more or less
dependent upon himself���in a word,
y was arranged, in which
each performer was lo appear in a
fancy dress and sing a suitable song.
The first items went off very well,
although when Miss Antikc came oil
in a simple, girlish gown and sang
"For Ever and Kor Ever" the audience got nervous and tboughl she
mcant lo do so.
Then the village crier appeared i"
a sailor rig and declaimed "Asleep
on lhc Deep" in a voice high-pitched
and cracked.
"Who is be?" "What character
docs he represent," wcrc lhc questions thc listeners asked each other
Then came the usual voice from
the rear of lhc hall, saying:
"Why, 'e's Sing-Bad the Sailor."���
Chicago Ledger.
Kale's are
"Maud's   husband anil
fasl friends, aren't they?'
"Maud and Kate think they are.
They both get home about two in
thc morning."
"Five shillings, please," said the
"But," protested the patient, "your
sign reads, 'Painless extracting free,"
and now vou want live shillings."
"Certainly," replied the dentist,
"Vou remember that you yelled a bit,
so this does not apply in your case.
I do painless extracting free, just a��
j advertise, but yours evidently was
not painless, and so 1 make a charge
for it. Five shillings, please." ��� Tit-
Found Documents
A   major  of  an   English   battalion,
[speaking  to     a   war     correspondent
about    the   documents found among
;the dead    and    prisoners    remarked:
I"Perhaps you've heard of those documents,  or  some  of  them,  found  on
; different   prisoners,  showing  Ihc  despairing' chits sent  by  German  com-
��� panics  in  the  line  to  their  different
; headquarters   in   the   rear,   begging
for reinforcements���Company rcduc-
jr-d to nine men and one officer; bal-
llalioil reduced    to twenty    men and
three officers, and that sort of thing.
That's  worth  paying for,  you  know,
and what's more,    it    can't possibly
Tie got without paying*. The whole
thing is very different from Loos; I
I know  lhat.    We're  getting  an  inrin-
I itcly better run for our money.
I    "Oh,  it's  totally different  from all
the other shows; there's not a shad-
iow of doubt about that.   This is give
jand lake  lighting,  in  which  wc gain
on balance    all the time.      We arc
gaining In ground; but that's a small
thing to the enormous gain in manpower and morale."
I    "Vou were a very long lime going
;on that errand, Tommy?"   -
"Vrs, mother; but you see I'm entered in a race at school tomorrow,
and I wanted to save my speed."���
Vonkcrs Statesman.
President Wilson bas written all
his numerous diplomatic notes *ith
lone fountain pen, THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A, Weeky  Newspaper,   Publshed  at
Courteuay, B. 0,
N. II.  HonilN, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription $1 CO per Vear ill  Advance
THURSDAY, OCT 12, 1916   ,
Zeppelins may come, not all of
tliL'in return, nud they cannot go on
indefinitely, in view of the Icsses
tluritin the. raids lust men ll ll is
satisfactory that tin.' air defences
around London tire so efficient, and
we believe that mi y day sees them
stronger, Here in Cnnada wc little
realize the horrors nf nn niv raid,
and tbe only tiling we can do is to
continue to send more troops to
help drive the Huns buck, with the
knowledge Umt every font of territory won, especially in Flanders, is
so miicll taken nf the Xe.>|>s' jump
ing-ol. ground,
Tbe Pri-nt-h* Canadian problem is
becoming a real thorn in the side of
the Dominion, for that people are
not of Camilla although thev ate in
the Dominion, Their manners,
their characteristics, their way of
thinking, and their attitude upon
most things arc all tin-Canadian,
In spile of the exhortations of their
clergy, their politicians, although
not all of either class and those of
their race who are less igi.oranl
than the rest, the French-Canadians are duplorably behind in furnishing recruits for the rb.rle.ee
alike of Canada and France, This
cannot be allowed to go on, for
such an alien community is a menace to the Empire, and no asset.
it comes of treating the French-
Canadian population for years in
such a way thai they are now a
petted, pampered antl utterly spoil-1
ed people. How long is Canada
going to endure it?
_.._���. _���- ������
Advance, Canada!
Progress on the part of the Dominion us a whole is bound to be
reflected sootier or later in every
section of British North America,
In this connection, the Hade return
will afford gtound for much hope
here m B. 0.
Canadian imports for the year
ending June, 1916 amounted to
$629,07.,663 as computed with
$558 315,9y2 for the twelve months
eliding June 1915 On the other
band, Canadian exports, exclusive
of coin and bullion, totalled $873,
413,452 for the year ending June
last, as against $4.17.238,151 for
the previous period. Such an expansion is without precedent, and
the signs point to still further
growth in this direction. It is an
encouragement to those who believe in Canada, and who prefer
Canadian manufactures lo any
other. It is by buying Canadian
manufactures that industries are
expanded to the point where it is
possible for them to bid for export
Iu August, 158.651,000 Canadian
shingles entered the United States
market, an increase of over seven
millions on the same month of 1915
Tbe total for the eighl months of
of 1916 is now 1,102,134,000, as
against 1,0X8.983,000 for the corresponding period of last year.
Tlie I". S, shingle mills aie naturally jealous of   Canadian   (m inly
B, CO competition, and maintain
the threat of securing tariff adjustments to keep the home markets
to themselves.
Notes By The Way
An eastern coneeiuporary   states
that 5o.i cars of lumber from B, C. I
are being shipped daily to the easi.
Tllis i*- 11 striking fact   and  should
do much to revive conditions in in-;
dustry generally in Ibis piuviuce.
The latest 11. C. pnper to suspend 1
publication is tlie li. C, .Western
Catholic. The reason isjascribed 11
the action of tlie Roman Catholic
Archbishop in Interdicting the paper for the editor's attitude of Prohibition, since the journal was the
Archbishop's official organ.
Prohibition and
Lumber Industry
The "Tiinberinan" of P.rtland,
in its issue of Sept, has the follow
ing editorial,
The business interests of the
United States have decreed that
alcohol reduces efficiency and increases tlie liability to accidents.
They are done witli it. European
countries, notably , Kussia has decreed for total prohibition. In the
West the sentiment for prohibiting
the sale of alcoholic stimulants has
been brought about with very little
public agitation. The whiskey
thinker was found to be winning in
stability of purpose slid was eliminated lirst by the great railroad
systems and 11ic-1 bv lesser co operations.
Tbe slates of Idaho Washington
ami Oregon are dry States, The
state of Idaho has probably the
mosl dinstic proliibitiot. law in the
United Stales Washington and
Oregon bate less stringent regulations but an- determined to strength
en their laws by amendment and
stand squarely with Idaho.
Ai the present time in Oregon
and Washington the brewers nre
active, Two bills have been initiated in Washington which would
lower the bars and permit hotels to
serve liquors and also permit the
breweries to operate, lu Oregon
tbe brewers' amendment is similar
to tint of Washington with the
added issue of total prohibition,
before the voters. Montana has
decided to fall in line in the dry
campaign. There is no maudlin
sentiment connected with the prohibition movement. It is simply a
cold blooded business proposition
The men who assume the hazards
of industry require a clear brain to
prevent accidents to themselves
and their associates. The lumber
industry ba.*, suffered heavily from
the toll whiskey imposes both in
lives and capital, and should stand
as a unit against any modification
of the present laws iu Washington
and Oregon, except to make them
more stringent. British Columbia
voted recently in favor of prohibition. In California the subject is
under discussion.
Dry Goods Department
lanliis ready-to-wear and trimmed  Hats
Wonderful variety ol   plain   and   ornamental  shapes.
Dress Goods
Novelty patterns In suit lenghts suitable
(or evening wear.
Cad lea   man-tailored   suits   in   Serges,
".'hecks niul Covet Cloths, etc,
Sweater Coats
laultes all wool sweater coats and sweater sets nud enps. All plain shades nud
combination colors iu the newest styles.
Invictus Shoes
Invictus shoes for ladles  ill   eight  and
ten inch tops in billion and   laced, with
cloth tops and   vici   kid   viiuips.    Also
in patent with dull kid tops.
Coatings iu Eiderdown, Blanket Cloths
iu plain and spoils checks, also Astrakhans an I Tweeds,
1-,,'idies coals ill black and while stripes,
Tweeds, Sport checks and plain covet
Gents   Furnishings
Invictus shoes
The besl guide in buying shoes is  a   reputable trade mark.    The trade mark ol
whal has   become   generally   known  na
"the best good alioe" in Invictus,
Sweaters and sweater coals in grey, maroon, brown, kabki, also iu combination
colors iu large plain liband fancy stitches wilh open neck and shawl collar from
��2.50 lo .S.00
j W,   G.   and   R,   shirts.    The   greatest
I styles and fabrics backed up by theguar-
1 antee Hint goes with   all  shirts   bearin ���
the Red r,abi 1 W. C, and   R,   full   size
Correct styles,    Fast colors, nud a while
neckband, full shrunk,
Newest styles ill (lowing end tics in small
and large black and   while   checks   and
stripes, sport ties, Pat wing bows, Derby
and Windsor lies.
j Hats,   Caps!   Suspenders,    Pelts.    Also
! fine dress kid gloves and working gloves.
The following extract Is from a
letter from an English officer at the
front, quoted iu the London Times,
'-When I was up in the trenches
recently I saw numerous owls,
They used to flap about among the
trenches at night, quite regardless
of shells and snipers, getting a fine
harvest of rats and mice, with wliicli
the trenches literally swarm. They
were the big brown owls. Thev
always disappeared two hours before dawn. I never could make
out where to, but I suppose to the
woods behind the lilies."
TENDERS will be received either at
Cumberland or Courtenav up to
Sept. 1st, 1916, for 10 acres of land
partly cleared, belonging to tbe late
John' Higglns, of Comox, I!. C, now
111 per cent, of   offc: to  be   deposited
with offer.
Highest or any tender not   necessarily
Official Administrator
The Finest
Wheat in the
���plus milling skill-plus milling experience���
plus modern mill plant-plus muiiy other
important factors and you have the answer���
Royal Standard
���without a pcei- in the world.
ROYAI, STANDARD FLOUR is born in Canadian Wheat fields the best wheat producing lauds on earth.
The net resull when ROYAL STANDARD is
used--Ulead, BiscltilS,! Huns, etc. bigger ill
volume-liner in texture -greater in food
value���cleaner and whiter in body.
The trademark- the CircleV on the sick assures you,
a__*r ** 1 ���7ir-_*_T_*"-_K.*��___"**��7i*^^ gnsfgtwtXSt\ttt9WgtrsswtttmSttt**m
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 33, End ol Briilcc
F. Movliz, Mir.
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and  Way Stations
RETURNING-Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world.  For particulars etc., address
Dut* Pais, ngcr Agent, Victoria
Agent Ce.11 i.-iui), I'hom- RCO
TENDERS  will  be  received at my
office at Cumberland or Courtenay
11. C, up to  Sept.   1st, 1916, for 4 acres
of land ami Improvements belonging to
the late George Williams, of Comox, 11
C, deceased.
Terms cash, 10 per  cent, of  purchase
price In lie deposited with offer.
Highest or any tender not necessarily
Official Administrato
Palaee Livery
Horses aud  Buggies for Hire a.
Terms cash.
We also attend to wood hauling
Courtenay Phone 25
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steanifitting
Jackson & Whittle
Plic-ne 9 Courteuay
Auto   and   Bicycle   Tires
and  Accessories
Bicycles For Sale
Phone L46 Courtenay
Comox Co-operative Society
We beg to announce that we have bought the
business of Messrs. Cooke & Matthewson, and
assure customers of our prompt and courteous
Respectfully yours,
Willard's Harness Emporium        JAMES E. ASTON
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,  hep
Rugs, ('loves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Ktc,
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Practical Shoemaker ami Repair
Next to Hardy & Itiscoe
e l iTHcVtelT"
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
____= C. A. Martin,  Prop.
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends from  -jading Musicians
Irom the Atlantic to the Pacific,   Copies
of same furnished on request
\V. I. Goard  will DC   ill this city   about
Oct.     1.     Ijeave orders  at this  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave, W.   -   Vancouver' Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
Ice Cream
P. McBryde
Has Reopened his Bakery
in Brown's Block
Comox  Fair
Designed this year it will ornament and enhance the
good appearance of the tidiest kitchen in all Canada.
Let B. C. Flourish
By Her Industries
The following notes are taken
from "Industrial Progress" for
Announcement baa been made
during the month that two new
large nulls for tbe manufacture of
sulphite pulp will be erected at
once, one by the Empire Pulp and
Paper Co, Ltd., at Qtiatsino .Sound
with a capacity of 4o tuns per day,
ami the other by the Colonial Pulp
'and Paper Co. Ltd. at Swanson
Hay, with a capacity of 70 tons per
day. The Ocean Falls plant of
Pacific Mills Ltd., is Hearing completion and will be in operation
next March, When these three
milts are completed tbe output ot
paper will be, for the five conipan.
ies operating in this province, 13,-
000 tons of paper per annum and
100,000 tons of chemical pulp,
a.aiust the present output of'50,000
and 30,000 respectively.
The keel has been laid of the ���*,-
. 000 ton steel steamer contracted For
by Wallace Shupyards Ltd., North
Vancouver for an Osaka firm, and
construction is proceeding rapidly.
Rapid progress is being made on the
three wooden lumber schooners now
under construction at tbe No. 2
yard of the Company, and it is expected to launch the first of the
vessels about December,
The Chilliwack Evaporatiug m(\
Canning Co, L'-'i-.aie   completing
construction of their plant at Chilliwack and nre about to instal   machinery.    The plant   wll1   have  a
capacity of 85 tons of  fresh   vegetables daily and will give an output
of 15 tons of dessitated  fruits   and
vegetables    daily,    employing   75
'land*-.    Large   contracts   are   on
iii-r.url   for   shipment   to    Europe.
'JIM* plant makes the fourth  large
1 eyapuating   plant    operating  on
'Huropesii contracts   in   this   province,
.The 'Dominion   Cn-os.ting  Co.
Ltd., ,**outli Vancouver, are building a large addition to their plant.
A specialty is made of ready made
knock-down granaries, which can
be fully erected iu four hours, a.id
large orders have been received
from the prairies.
Vancouver and New Westminster
machine shops are busy installing
new machinery and adjmtraeuts for
the mnnufaoturc ol 4.5 shells, for
which large orders have been received,
The demand for lumber from
western Canadian provinces continues iu satisfactory volume, and
many of the mills at present working are unable to accept further
orders for early delivery,
The coal output of Vancouver
Island mines during August was
152,250,000 tons, being 6,000 tons
more than the previous month
Jerse\s. Hull calf, Colin Jackson; Cow in calf, R, Hurford;
Heifer one year old, R, Hurford:
Heifer 2 years old, T. Menzies, R,
Hurford; Champion cow, R, Hurford.
Ilolsteins. Bull, 1 year. Bridges
Bros.; Champion bull, Bridges Bro.
Ayrsbires. Bull, 2 years, G. 0.
Game; Bull, 1 year. G. Game;
Champion bull, G. Game; Cow in
calf. G. Game ist and 2nd: Heifer
one year, G, Game ist and 2nd;
Heifer calf, G. Game ist and 2nd;
Champion cow, G. Game.
Beef Grade. Best beef animal,
Capt. Vigor*).
Dairy Grade. Cow in calf, Ed.
Hogarth, W, Uruc-uhart; Heiter 2
yoars T. Menzies, C. Jackson,
Heifer 1 yr. E. Hogarth, C, Jackson; Heifer calf, C. Jackson, Best
dairy cow, R. Hurford.
Horses, Heavy Draft. Mare of
gelding, R, Hornal; Colt, 1   year,
Agricultural. Mare with foal at
foot, II. Gurney; Mare or gelding,
It. Hornal. Halliday Bros.: Colt
sucking; II, ou'rtiey; Agricultural
team, R, Hornal, Halliday Bros.
General Purpose. Mare or gelding' Halliday Bros,, W. Harrigan
Colt 1 year, C, Jackson; General
purpose team, W. Harrigan.
Carriage horses. Carriage tuni-
"otit, T. Menzies.
Roadsters. Mare with foal at
foot, Bridges Bros ; Mare or gelding. Bridges Bros : Colt. 1 year,
Sucking colt, Bridges Bros.: Saddle 1
Come in and I'll show you why the Kootenay stays as
good as new long after other ranges have to be repaired
or replaced.
For   sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
2 pullets, B, Towler, ist and 2nd;
Blown Leghorns, cockerel. 2 pullets, T. Menzies; White Leghorns,
cockerel, 2 pullets, G, Game, F, ;
Court; white wyandottes, cockerel
2 pullets. R- Hornal, w. Urquhart
Block Minorcas. cockerel, 2 pullets
L. Dunham, Any other kind pure
bred poultry, G. Game: iiest pair
rabbits, any breed, H. Crawford,
poultry by children, May  Stouer.
creamery butter, cotuox cream,
ery; Dairy butler, packed, Halliday
Bros.; Plate of 3lb. squares, Halliday ]i,os,, c, Jackson; cheese, home-1
made, E. Hogarth: nest half gallon
cream. H, Gurney, G. came,
mussels sprouts, S. clil'i'e, F.
Janes; Savoys. L Cllffe, E, Mitchell; Cabbage, pointed heads, R,
Williams, E. Mitchell; carrots, J.
Prane, L- cliffe; Long intermediate
carrots. )   Knight, J. Prane; Pars-
Barrister and  Solicitor,
Phone 6
Courtenay    Hotel
infiirt   With Muilerat--  Rates
Bent W
nnd Liq
Cumberland Hotel
ood Accomodation      Cttsine Excellent
Wm. Merryfield
The proceeds of the dunce held
in Martins hall on Friday evening
last amounted to $19-50, which together witli the sum of $H collected
around the Bay, making a total of
$27-5(1, is to go to tbe tag fund of
the Comox district, and it is to be
added to the money already sent to
Shoes to enable persons to walk
pn water that an Italian has invented arc driven forward by paddle
wheels which are mounted on
eccentric axles and revolved as the
wearer shifts his weight from oue
foot to the other.
horse, T. Menzies, C. Jackson,        l"*Ps' -1' K,li��ht' '*���   C'iffe-    l!--ls
Championshto horse, R, Hornal.
Southdown Sheep, One ewe 2
shears and over, Bridges Bros,
Oxfords. Ram, aged, Brides
Bros.; Ram, shearling, Capt. Vigor
1st and 2nd: 1 Ewe 2 shears and
over, Bridges Bros. Capt. Vigors,
1 Ewe, shearling, Bridges Bros.,
Capl Vigors Ewe lamb, Capt, Vigors, !
Graded Sheep. One ewe, two1
.shears and over, Bridges Bros, \\\ -
Urquhart; Ewe lamb, W, Urquhart
ist and 2nd,; Fat sheep, W. Urquhart, Pen of sheep, any breed, Cap
Yorkshire Pigs,    Boar,   I
Kerton., Halliday Bros,; Corn'
Halliday Bros, F, Janes; Vegetable
I Marrows, J. Knight, A, Kerton,
Tomatoes grown outdoors, Halliday nros., V. Etelone; Cucumbers.
' L, clii'i'e. 2nd; Pickling (hot-house)
[cucumbers. L, cliffe 2nd; Cauliflowers.    E.    Mitchell,    Red   Top
, Onions, J, Knight, Bridges Bros.
Yellow onions, E. Mitchell, J. Shaw
1 Onions, pickling, T. Menzies, L-
Cliffe; String beans, J. Knight E,
Mitchell; citron melons, Halliday
mos., L, cliffe; Rhubarb, J. Knight
H, McPhee; nest display of garden
I varieties. J. Davis. Lazo school;
vear!Lettuce, J. Knight; nest collection
The Water Question
Four (rood
water    and
light in
and upwards. W. Urquhart;   Sow, .of vegetables from Kennies
with litter not less thai: 8, H, Gur- - E   Mitchell j
uey, I    Sheaf of wheat. L Cliffe,   Sbedf
 �����"-��-���-"���  I    Graded Pigs.   Special, one prize, of oaU.  Bridges   Bros,   L,   cliffe;!
Workmen repairing the chnpel of best sOW, H. GUruey, j Half bushel   white  milling oats, I
Apply, MRS. WM.  LEWIS
Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician
at Brown's
St, Mary's Seminary, Baltimore,
Md, have found among the rafters
between the ceiling and the root, a
mumified racoon, which had been
there for probably more than a
century, The animal, which measures about three feet in "length, is
almost perfectly preserved.
Poultry. Ducks, Peking trio.
F, Janes; Ducks, any ofher kind,
Bridges Bros.; Plymouth Rock,
barred, cock, 2 hens, Bridges Bros.
Plymouth Rock, barred, cockerel,
L. Anderton; Rhode Island Reds,
j midges nro.-;. Half bushel potatoes!
j early. L. cliffe, R. Williamson, half
I bushel potatoes, late, W, Urquhart I
L. cliffe; collection of potatoes, J, I
Davis, L. Dunham; Swede turnips'
W. Urcjuhart,   H.   Gurney;   "��� an-'
cock, 2 hens, B. Towler,   ist   and golds, globe, J. Knight, _,.   cliffe.
2nd; Rhode Island Reds,  cockerel, I Mangolds, long, w.   Urquhart. H. |
:Gurney; cattle beds,  E,  Mitchell,.
Cannot be done any
better or any
er anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
'L, cliffe; carrots, white, J, Knight
;F, Janes; carrots, red, J.   Knight
J|L. cliffe; Ensilage corn, H. Gurney
1 Halliday Bros; collection of   grass
and clover, J. Davis:
crab apples, R. Hornal, c. Adey.
��� Red Bietighiemer, M. nell-Irving
2nd; Twenty ounce pippin, w.
Urquhart, Bcroy nros. Grnvenstein
M nell-Irving, J catthew: Duchess
of Oldenberg, J cartheW, H Piercy
11 Grimes Golden, nell-lryiug,  R Williamson; Mcintosh Red, T.MenzisS
111 Piercy, Golen russets, E Mitchell
M Bell-Irving, Wolf River,  J  carthew,   Baldwins,   Piercy   nros,   J 1 ����� *
Knight, Northern spy, Mrs A wain J Xiciney     1.
Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up       Pants $7 up
Cleaning and
1: up
Gettts clot
ep_iring, lite.
ie�� kept in o^er by t!
month 12, JO
Piercy nros;   King   of   Tompkin,
1 Piercy nros, T Menzies: Greening,
Piercy nros, J carthew,  Alexander
I R Williamson, 11   Piercy;  wealthy
I IR willirmsoti, J carthew. clori   de
jmutidi, w Urquhart,   T   Menzies.
Ben Davis, Piercy nros, J carthew-
Yellow nellflower,  J.    Knight,  J.
(To be continued)
I The same building as  Robertson
Store, Union St., Cotirteii.i
Try a Review Ad.
_i i_i 11 tut* fi "*���**" ******* -*-i-*->*--i~��-*��*-ii-iir>i->r><-^i_ri
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Courtenay Review
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed anil Sold at tlie Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder
-:-..--r_rlV "*_*tfi_"*I*_"_il rfii
:: LADY ::
WW. Ltek ei C... l.imiHd
There was a movement of surprise.
F.verybody craned forward lo watch
Paul, a.s lie raised bis voice and went
cu with increasing emphasis:
"1 believe Ibis so-called theft is
not a tli eft at all: I believe il is a
praclieai joke of a particularly weak
and silly kind, that bas been played
on Mrs. Finchden. Cf course, 1 may
bc wrong. But I've thought il all
ovcr, and I can't think of any oilier
way of .accounting for whal has happened. A thief wouldn't have taken
part of the pearls, would be? He
would have taken all. And no thief
goes about���at least 1 should find il j
hard lo believe thai be did���armed j
with rows and rows of mock pearls
to leave in the place of real ones."
There was already a movement of
relief among his listeners. Any way
mil of tbe horrible difficulty was lo
be welcomed, and Paul heard murmurs of approval and acquiescence on j
all sides.
lie  wenl   on:
"Well,  Ihen,  Mr.  Jackson,  whal   li
suggest   is  that   you   should   give  us j
al! onc week iu which lo find out who |
did this, who played this exceedingly
bad joke.   And depend upon it, if we
all play detective together, before the
week's oul we shrill have shamed the
idiot  who    did  ibis  into    confession
���and restitution,"
When he stopped there was an outburst. Everybody spoke at once,
everybody jumped al lhe plan. Whether Mr. Jackson thought it of value,
or not, be presently agreed lo Iry il;
he would take no steps until a week
had passed, leaving himself free lo
do what he pleased al lhc end of
thai lime, if Paul's plan proved unsuccessful.
The party dispersed in a slate of
high excitement, sonic slill smarting
under a sense of lhe insult put upon
Ihein by their host's speech, some of
the ladies inclined lo be hysterical,
and some of the men resolved to
leave the house lhal very day.
Calmer counsels, or curiosity, or
the wish to stay where they were
very comfortable, prevailed, however, and in lhe end everyone resolved lo see il oul.
I.ady Ursula was overjoyed at her
husband's action in the matter, and
when be followed ber upstairs, where
she had gone to put on her hat and
cloak for a walk to the nearest village, she threw her arms round bis
neck and kissed him joyfully.
"Oh, Paul," she whispered, "that
was a splendid thought of yours!
Splendid! ll just relieved the tension and made us all feel more al
case. But do you really think il was
a practical joke?"
"I'm sure I don't know. It flashed
into my mind that it might bc, with
so many idle young fellows banging
about all day, with nothing better lo
do than  amuse themselves.
"But il would bc such a shocking
breach  of hospitality!" objected  she.
"My dear, in bouses of this sort
that idea gets overlooked altogether.
Half these people think they're doing
the Jacksons a favor by slaying with
lie was touched by her delight in
his achievement, and it was with unusual alacrity that be agreed to accompany her on  her walk.
"It will be like old limes, before
ve were married, Paul," she said,
smiling; "when you used to carry my
lia-ket fur mc In my old people at
Downstairs ihere was manifest a
great inclination lo split up iulo
small groups of two and three to
discuss what had taken place at luncheon. Hugo found himself, as be
often did, in close proximity to Lady
Emmeline, who had not yd got ovcr
the shock of the scene. She was inclined lo bc tearful,.and she was very
cold lo Hugo, whom she looked upon, indeed, as in sonic way involved
in the affront put upon all the guests.
I'or Mr. Jackson was usually very
much under the influence of his son.
Perhaps Hugo fell this, for lie was
very bumble as be followed Lady
Emmeline into the winter garden anil
meekly asked her if she would have
a game of billiards.
"No, thank you," she said haughtily.
"Well, don't tread on me," objected Hugo, petulantly, "To ask a girl
to play billiards isn't a penal offence."
"No, it's we, your father's guests,
who are accused of crimes," retorted
she, with flashing eyes.
W.    N.     U.     1123
I le drciy himself up.
"Well, he was quite open and frank
about il, anyway," said he, resenting
.her tone.
She was amazed. She had expected
ihiin  lo be abjectly apologetic,
j    "Do    you    look    upon    us   all    as
thieves?" she  demanded haughtily.
I     lie    was  growing    more    at   .*ase.
[.Now. al any rate, she appeared to be
ready to converse, and when you can
talk   to   a   girl   you   always   have   the
chance  of holding   your  own.     ll   is
only when she "snaps your head olT"
land   ihen   leaves   you   that   you   have
mo chance witli  her,
j    "I    don't    think    even    Illy  father
[thought   his guests  were all  thieves,"
he said  cheerfully.
"Do you seriously 'suggest thai it
was tactful of him lo address us as
he did?"
"1 don't know. I shouldn't have
had lhe pluck myself to do it. 1
think I  rather admire, him for il."
I.ady  Emmeline was speechless.
"Whal would you have suggested?" be asked cheerfully.
She   hesitated.
"I only know," she said quietly,
with some dignity, "what would have
happened at home, at Wintcrsaiid, if
such a thing could possibly have occurred  ihere."
Hugo looked annoyed.
"That's not very tactful of you,"
he protested, "to lcl mc ser so plainly lhe gulf which you think exists
between I.ord Gravcnliurst's household and ours."
I.ady Emmeline blushed and apologised.
"I'm afraid il was not very nice of
me to say lhat," she said, more modestly.
"But you may tell me what the
carl would have done."
"He would never have allowed a
word lo be* said about il by anyone,"
said she, "and be would have replaced the pearls himself."
"Well, yes, that's a regal way of
doing things, I admit. And we
couldn't expect to reach  su
Dairy Shorthorns
Remarkable   Results   Are   Being Secured in Alberta
Dairying forms a  prominent   feature  in   the  work  carried  on  in   connection       with      lhc    demonstration
I farms and schools, conducted by the
Department of Agriculture    in    the
Province of Alberta,   As pan o
work    demonstrations    have
given    as    to    lhc capacity    ol
double-purpose  Shorthorn as a
producer.    The  records  made  i
Source of German Alarm
Adoption of Compulsory Service by
Great Britain Worries German
One of the features of the. lengthy
reviews of the second year of the
world war published in the Oerman
newspapers of thc last Sunday of
July is the serious comment upon
lhc adoption of compulsory military
service in England. The Cologne
Gazette, as quoted by the London
Times, said iu its review:
"Among  the  surprises  of  this  war
is lhc fact that it 1/as brought England to Ihe introduction of universal
military  service���the    greatest  inler-
Oiitarto Agricultural College,    where na] revolution   in    England's modern
Shorthorn    gave    12,401 history.  Even those who knew Eng-
! year.   What has |an_ we|i rbmg    to lhc last    to the
been accomplished in  Alberta would; belief  that  it  would  not  be  possible
creditable    under    any |t0 force upon the English people this
institution so antagonistic to its fundamental  cpnviotions.    A   last  jtulg-
tlits i
been ,
Alberta    Provincial    farms have not
quite  equalled  the best  made al   the
rio A
one dairy
pounds of milk
however,  be
circumstances, and is especially so in
view of the facl that the Alberta records were made by cows imported
from Ontario, and lhal had not as
yet been fully acclimatized in the
At ihc demonstration farm at
Seilgewick, Alberta, the Shorthorn
cow,   Lady   McKay  2nd,  gave   10,-17-
lbs. of milk in a year, and two otherIt|,an i|,js conversion of ibe English
Shorthorns gave 9,699 and 9,006 lbs. peoph; io universal service."
of milk respectively, ionrlei-ii cows, jhc Gazelle goes on to say thai
of the same breed al this farm, fiveh|ft adoption of compulsion has nev-
of these "King two-year-olds, and one Crtlicless "been in vain." Tbe Frank-
three, gave an average ol  over 6,000 f,trter  Zcitung  also  emphasizes     lhc
importance of compulsion in England, although il says that "hundreds
i of thousands arc surely tolerating il
Mortgages in the West
_____ _.
Lenders and Borrowers Confer, And
Better Understanding on Both
Sides Likely to Result
For a number of years, says The
drain Growers' Guide, Ihere has been
a good deal of criticism on lhe part
of the fanners in thc West against
mortgage companies. Four-fifths of
the farms in the Prairie Provinces
are mortgaged, and il is therefore a
question of vital interest to the farming community. The prevailing average rate of interest in Manitoba on
farm mortgages is seven per cent.,
and in Saskatchewan and Alberta
eight -per cent., and there arc mortgages carrying nine per cent., with
some higher rates ill outlying dis-
The expense of foreclosure is also
complained of. The expenses in Al-
bcrta  for foreclosures on farms are
-   almost double those of lhe oilier two
menl  will  appreciate  the  full  extent provinces, running- as high as $400 to
"' "' : :''"    -------    ���'      '"foreclose    a $1,000    mortgage    on a
of ihis sacrifice, and measure thereby
the seriousness of England's intention to make Germany harmless for
English purposes. Nothing more
plainly shows the immense seriousness of lhe united will to destroy it
lbs. of milk  for  the year.
The most interesting fcatim in
connection with what is being done
wilh dairy Shorthorns al these Alberta Provincial farm is found in
lhe records made by (laughters of one
of the herd bulls. This bull is Butterfly King. He has, says the. official
report of the Department of Agriculture, all the characteristics of lhc
choicest dairy Shorthorn sires, and
at lhc same lime he would in his
prime havc stood in good company
ny beef show ring.    This bull is
only with  gnashing i
Thc     Frankfurter
leading article, declares that il is nol
Germany ihal bears "the terrible guilt
of. every  fresh  day  on  wliicli  thous-
quartcr section. The. delays arc: also
very serious in lhal province. Legislation makes foreclosure proceedings
very slow, very tedious and very
cosily, and all lhe cost musl come
oul of thc farmer if he has any equity
left  in  his property.
Very frequently, loo, land under
mortgage is abandoned and grqws
np to weeds. Noxious weeds inspectors destroy the weeds, and frequently put a very heavy charge on
lhe land. At times it has run as high
as $000 against a half section. This
| is made a prior charge to the first
its I mortgage, and in a number of cases
... I    ' i0(tv the sire of one cow which produced
i���,l  e_���  18,3-13 pounds of-milk in nine, months;
I .Ol ll   v.irav-1 ,, i.:_i.    ���_    ..ir...i   ...:.i.    :  _i
level of conduct.    Even   .......  *..,_.-,       , .. ,   . ,.,   ,     ...   ....
enhi.rst   would,   I   fancy,  havc  found another which  is credited  with  5,284
it difficult to replace such pearls r,�� I Pounds  in a  little over six month
my sister's.
"He  would    have  done  his   best,'
aid Lady Emmeline.
sain   i.aov   r.iiiinciiiic. I i.e.*            i       r      *n    ���
...,,,                     ii ,  ,         3,4.i4 pounds of mi; in live
Anyhow, Ihe case would not nave -!���     ,       ,       , ,           ,    ,
'     ,     .... ,          ,,. ,   ...   ,     he departmental report cla
arisen     at     Wintersand,      admitted |,,,:. ,,���,. ,],.., .,_ ,,������'���  ,,
"I'm sure the earl is less.lax
as  to  his guests  than  we arc  here."
A deep blush came ovcr the girl's
face at ihese words. She was in her
brother's confidence as to lhc stories
he bad beard from Redding about
Paul Payne, and although she did not
know that he suspected Paul of a
hand in the theft of the pearls, she
herself bad naturally shared thc
vague suspicions of her brother and
sister on that point.
Hugo  looked  al  her curiously
of  a   three-year-old   which   produced
2,561 pounds iu three months, and a
two-year-old  which  has  a  record of
mis    for
[this bull that he has more daughters
n the Record   of   Merit   in Canada
where  foreclosure proceedings    have
taken   place  it  has  been  found  after
^^^ .paying  off  thc  weed  charges,     seed
ands die." Germany can only "hold grain liens, destruction of gopher
out until lhe hour at which the charges and other charges, thc mort-
stri-ngth  of her enemies is devoured, gage companies might sustain a loss
of several  hundred  dollars.
A conference was recently held
between representatives of mortgage
companies and representative western farmers with a view to bringing
aboul a better understanding. It was
oon  found  that a  common  meeting
llieir own lire, and until lhc day
when reason finally masters arrogance." Thc journal says that Germany's victory will consist in self-
In a long article on "War Finances"     the     Frankfurter     Zcitung
claims that German methods have ground existed, and both parties
proved superior; but the writer docs'agreed in recommending that all ex-
not say that the situation is sound, isting legislation giving priority over
Dealing with ihe belligerents gener- first mortgages to claims oilier than
ally, be says that as long as confi-1 legitimate taxes should bc repealed,
deuce can bc maintained "lhc tech-'and that no future legislation of that
, ,        , ���      ci     ,, i   ii  nique of war finance holds out, cspc- nature should be  enacted.      This, it
.���.'a,',,...ali',���,^,'",       y Shortl,orn bu" j daily as paper and lhe printing press was pointed out, \ianjd tend lo im-
  __c n_j __|y a|J]c t0 pr__ui*(. 'money' prove    thc    security given    under a
for    the    time,    bin are    admirable mortgage and so reduce lhc rale of
means  of  producing u  brilliant     de- interest.    It was also pointed out by
ception  regarding thc actual  impov- the representatives of the lenders that
crishment    by    artificially producing jib ere is very generally a feeling in
._,...        [buying power and   artificially creat- rural  communities  of the West ag-
Fastest Thing in thc World        ,-nR -n ���ppar_nt  war 'boom.'"    The ainst the absentee land owners, par-
A new typo of aeroplane now bc- Zeitung  says  that  thc  German  Em- ticularly if held by a mortgage coming used by the  British at thc fronl  pirc has thus far been able lo finance pany, and that thc levying of exces-
asllias already    accounted  tor 27 Fok-.the war "almost  without having re- sive charges against such also tends
he" watched th- rush "of "bright"color kcrs, according to a statement made course  to  the  printing press."      It to reduce the security of lenders, and
to her cheeks " by    Baron   Montagu.      C.   G.  Grey,'says  thai  thc circulation     of    largclin  this  way again interest  rales are
"I   didn'l   mean  that���I  ought   nol  editor   of The Aeroplane,   gives the quantities   of   German   paper "money necessarily increased.
to have spoken like that," said Em- following    description    of this    new,"- Belgium, Northern France and Po-      Ihe confer .nee should make* for a
incline quickly aerial destroyer -    -and constitutes "a serious    problem |better understanding between lenders
"And  I ought not to have been sol    "These, small fighling machines arc of the future "      Elsewhere    in    the
readv to  feci offended at  what vou'distinctly  a   British  product,  haying same article the Zcitung says:
said," cried Hugo, determined not" to been introduced by the Sopwilli firm       H would be a folly unworthy oi a
bc outdone in apologies.   "After all, I a year or so before the war.    From | grown-up  people  to  try  to  conceal
wc ought   lo bc satisfied   that your
in the Don
New Type of Aeroplane
Improved    British    Biplane    Second
first experiments they havc been dc-ithc extent of the sacrifices for us
vlopcd and fitted with more and and our allies if lhc conclusion of
more powerful engines, Until loday peace, were not lo bring us a large
lhc Britisii scout biplane is thc. fast-!.war indemnity. But for thc period of
est tiling in the world except a pro-j the war ��� which is what matters as
jeetile from a gun. The German Fob- regards our strength in financial
her monoplane is a fast destroyer, readiness lo make sacrifices and in
but its success is limited to some ex- economic capacity���wc can bc satisfied."
"Tbe improvement in the British
aeroplanes may eventually have a
considerable  effect on  the air defen-
Evidence of German Barbarism
In the While Book���or official re-
sister found her husband among us."
Lady Emmelinc's face changed.
"Yes," said she.
"And  they're  happy,  aren't  they?"
She grew restless.
"Yes, yes, of course they are."
"Why,    of course?      Thai reminds
mc,  you  promised  lo  give  me  your
opinions on llie subject of marriage.
Do  you  remember?  You  wanted  me
to bc converted lo your views and|seg ,jf Britain, It must necessarily be !poVt-r'ccenVl7"ls_u"cd" by "the Trench
you said you were going lo look for morc rapid than the improvement in Government asking neutral powers
some arguments. airships, and consequently it is miite' l0 maice investigations into inhuman
"Did I say that?" ( -probable  that  the  new  types of  de- practices    by German  Iroops, sworn
I "Well, something like that. 1 am stroycr aeroplanes may bc produced evidence is given of men seventy
very anxious lo bear whal vou have *-vliic'i will make il almost impossible|t0 eighty- years old made io work;
to say about il, really." [for  airships   to   get   away   from   lhe1,,,  women forced lo labor under the
I   "Then I'm afraid you'll be disap-?"1"1'    U('s'    "    lhcy cvcr    ,'*ach nre of   French   Iroops,   and   others
I.     I have nothing to say ��� u,���?1' ,-   , ���      compelled .to dig trenches.
"       |     'Improvements in       climbing,      [t also makes a charge, based on
I strength    and    power of aeroplanes t|���. testimony  of a witness, that in
ot |have been so great that they can now,October,    1914, the    Germans    took
be  reasonably  expected  lo_ outc!imb|from   nlr.   Department   of   Pas   dc
Calais  a   party  of  inhabitants,     and
and borrowers.
Germans Fought to Death
pointed. ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^
She moved    towards  the    door
the     winter garden.   Hugo  follows
her quickly,
"Do  havc  lhal   game of billiards,"
he urged in a coaxing lone.
Lady Emmeline hesitated. She had
,an uncomfortable feeling lhat somc-
Ithing would come of these constant
talks,  these  games  of  billiards;  tha
that they used them as shields against the fire of the French and thai
I fori j- were thus killed.
In the Horror There Was an Occa- ���
sional Gleam of Humor
Philip Gibbs, in a slory sent from
headquarters in France of the fighting around Tbicpval, says:
Many Germans defended themselves to the death. A sentry outside one of lhe dugouts saw lhc British approaching, and turning quickly
be shouted down the word "England"
lo bis comrades below. One of the
War-wicks closest lo him hurled his
last bomb at him and then, seizing
thc man's rifle, sprang on to thc parapet ready to shoot the Germans as
lhcy came up. They came up in a
swarm with bombs, and there, was a
great conflict, which ended only when
the last German was dead.
In one dugout there was, in lhe
midst of all this horror, a comic episode. A curtain divided Ibe dugouts. A Warwickshire man thrust
bis bayonet beneath Ihe curtain,
when suddenly llic curtain was drawn
to onc side, and a German soldier,
yawning and rubbing bis eyes with
ids knuckles, stood there as though to
lirsbip, and the speed of the best!
j aeroplane has always been superior |
-to that of the besl contemporary air-
; ship.
\    "So that with'Ihese improvements j    ��,��� F     Meurthc   and Moselle, |n__vi!v "thron-h" the' bombardment
-   lhe    organization   of  the  defense ,vort,   assl.nod   lo   the   ".favor   h-lti.      5 7l"  "nrougn    tne     i-omparanicm
  iworn  assigned  io  ine  aiavoi   Deing anj the attack, and now believed he
tune,    he was  sus-|waj* dreaming.
'What's   up?"     He   had   slept
ii   m.v.    ���.h....���.....���,,   ���.   ....  _v.-...-.. y,-or���   assign,,
tations, it is not unlikely lhal even uncompleted
sp'wouid'have'tojaysoineThlng that i _i*t5__,_!___.t .il-TJPjr0���.?-^,.^!���?.."' _**_.??_???_!
Hugo would not like to hear.
For Lord Gravenhurst would certainly never allow a second marriage
in bis family to be arranged at Oare
"If you don't rome now I'll never
ask you again," said Hugo, with sudden fire.
And before she realised that she
was making a confession of weakness
Lady Emmeline was going with him
towards the billiard-room.
(To Be Continued.)
may find it loo expensive to continue
lo annoy lhc British Isles."
"Bang!" went the rifles at lite manoeuvres. "Oo-oo!" screamed the
pretty girl���a nice, decorous, .surprised little scream. She stepped backward into thc arms of a young man.
"Oh!" said she, blushing, "I was
frightened by the rifles. 1 beg your
"Nol at all," said the young mail.
"Let's go ovcr and watch the artillery."
pended from a tree by means of a
rope passed under bis arms, and be
was lefl in ibis position about an
i-hool  tea-
"Do animals possess thc
of affection?" asked llie i
cher of the little girl.
"Yell], ma'am.    Almost always."
"Good," praised the teacher, "Now,"
turning to a little boy, "tell mc what
animal has lhe greatest natural fondness  for  man?"
The small boy considered carefully, then returned: "Woman."
Canada as a Wheat Exporter
"Ten years ago no onc would have
thought that Canada would cnlcr the
field as an exporter of wheat. Today
the Dominion is able to export 275,-
000,000 bushels. Two other of England's colonies, India and Australia,
have 175,000,000 bushels to sell, with
Argentine able lo export 150,000,000
bushels," writes a railway authority.
"This total of 600,000,000 bushels is
more than enough to take care of alt
of Europe's import needs, which are
normally about 500,000,000 bushels."
REDkOSETE A b- good te_ Vit
The best
yeast in
the world.
^ bread.
__..  CANADA
"Making the Great Canada''
Presenting    a Sublime    Spectacle of
Unselfishness and  Devotion
to Principle
'lhc  sacrifices  lhat  our  big  sister
who    lives next    door to us on  llie \
north is making to do her share for
Why "Anuric" Is an
Against Sudden Death.
Before an Insurance Company will
take a risk on your life the examining
physician will test the urine and report
Increasing Storage Capacity
The Army of
li Crowing Smaller Every Day.
llic  Mother  Counlry  in  the  present! whether you are a good risk.    Wl
Germany's Food Restrictions
Eating   of an Extra    Egg a   Crime
Against the Fatherland
Adolph vou Batocki, president of
lhc German food regulation board,
has issued ail appeal to llie women of
rural Germany to divide their food
with the women and children of the
towns and cities, says a Renter despatch from Amsterdam.
Ilcrr vou Italocki ill bis appeal says
the harvest Ihis year is ill general
abundant and that the cattle have recovered from the effects of the fodder scarcity of last winter caused by
lhe failure of crops.
He adds: "Restrictions everywhere
ire necessary, and all lhc more necessary the longer lhc war lasts.
These restrictions must bc increased
for rural households. Anyone living
on tlie land who consumes even half
a litre of milk or a quarter of a
pound morc of butter, or even an egg
more than is absolutely necessary,
sins against the fatherland. An org-
bc created in order
war of Europeans, are so vast and
inspiring that they challenge the admiration of the world, says the Cleveland, Ohio, Plain Dealer. Nobody
courts trouble, but everybody feels
like cheering a plucky soul, who, being ill trouble, goes sturdily about
the task of forcing an honorable way
out of it.
With Canada it is a simple mailer
of lighting from a sense of responsibility to lhe British Empire, Canada
has not shirked that responsibility. "Anuric
She is not lighting because, she loves
war and enjoys the daily perusal of
casualty lists. Her griefs arc such
that a people less staunch and loyal
would be crushed under llieir weight,
The war has dealt heavily witli thc
great Dominion, She has given freely the best of her manhood to the
llritish cause���a sublime spectacle of
unselfishness and devotion to principle,
Her reward* There must be a reward for such heroic sacrifice. It will
probably come from,the fact that a
great sorrow binds those who fee! it
closer and closer together. The wat
is a hitler trial to the. Canadian
spirit, but the trial will leave the Dominion eventually a stronger, greater
country than ever. Canada is suffering much, but she suffers uncomplainingly and tlie tempering process of
affliction, added to lhe cohesive influence of a greal cause that demands
universal sacrifice ou the part of her
sous, will mean a country morc glorious when the. days of trouble arc
your kidneys get sluggish and
you suffer from backache, sick-headache, dizzy Gpells, or the twinges and
pains of' lumbago, rheumatism and
gout. The urine ia often cloudy, full
of sediment) ohannels often get sore
and sleep is disturbed two or three
times a night. This is the time you
should consult some physician of wide
experience���such as Dr. Pierce of tbe.
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute,
Buffalo, N. Y. Send him "0 cents for
sample package of bis new discovery,
Write him your symptoms
and send a sample of urine'for test.
Experience has taught Dr. Pierce that
"Anuric" is the most powerful agent
in dissolving uric acid, as hot water
melts sugar; besides being absolutely
harmless it is endowed with other
properties, for it preecrves lhe kidneys
in,a healthy condition by thoroughly
cleansing them. Being bo many times
more active than lithia, it clears lhe
heart valves of any sandy substances
which may clog them and checks the
degeneration oi the blood-vessels, as
well as regulating blood pressure.
"Anuric" is a regular insurance and
li fc-savr-r for all big meat eaters and those
who deposit lime-salts in their joints.
Ask the druggist for "Anuric" put np
by Dr. Pierce, in SO-cent packages.
Corflo with Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery. This is a blood cleanser and
alterative that starts the liver and stomach into vigorous actio". It thus assists
tho body to manufacture rich red blood
which fends tbe heart, nerves, brain and
organs of the body. The organs work
smoothly like machinery running in oil.
You feel clean, strong and strenuous Instead of tired, weak and faint
Worms, by lhc irritation lh.it they
cause in the stomach and intestines,
deprive, infants of the nourishment
that they should derive fronl food,
and mal-nutrition is lhc resull.    Mil-
anization would
to buy up all butter  eggs, vegetables ;-;y"-- wonns
etc., that can be  dispensed Willi  in
the  country   and   use   them   to feed
the big towns.
the army and lhe poorer families in
"Little can be accomplished by
force or by continual increase in
prices which have already become
exorbitant for many of the poorer
families. Only through rational,
spontaneous, patriotic co-operation i
of the rural population can thc object bc attained." i
There is morc Catarrh in this section ol:
lhe country than all other diseases put to- |
tether, antl lor years it was .supposed to he
and correct the morbid conditions in
lhc stomach and bowels that arc favorable to worms, so lhat the full nutriment of thc child is assured and
development in everv Way encouraged.
Russian Jews To Be
Recruited in Great Britain
Side Jobs Barred
only give reliei ���
they permanently
cure Conslip
tion. Million. U5C
them for
Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Sallctc Skin.
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Pries.
Genuine must bear Signature
More   Elevators  Arc   Being  Built  to
Handle   thc   Western  Crops
The Grain Growers' Grain Co., a
farmers' organization whose activities extend ovcr the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba,
has lei the contract for the erection
of a new storage elevator al Fort
William, with a 300,000 bushel capacity. Fori William already has 19
elevators, with a total storage capacity of 26,940,000 bushels, of which
two elevators already belong to or
arc leased by the drain Growers'
drain  Company.
The Saskatchewan Co-operative
Elevator Company, another farmers'
organization, intends building ihis
year as many as possible of the 30
new elevators which il has iiad in
contemplation for some lime past,
one of which is a terminal elevator
of .,500,000 bushels capacity, and for
which il expccls lo have sufficient
liquid capital to pay out of its own
funds without borrowing. Three
large interior terminal elevators were,
completed by thc Canadian Government last summer, at Calgary, Saskatoon and Moose Jaw, with a ca-j
pacitv of 2,500,000 bushels in the first!
case'and    3,5011,(100  bushels  each   in 	
the other two. A certain amount of It Eases Pain. Ask any druggist
last year's crop was handled at these or dealer in medicines what is thc
three points. This year, however, [most popular of lhe medicinal oils
will sec thai amount greatly aug- for pains in the joints, in the mus-
mented. clcs or nerves, or for neuralgia and
A new feature, will mark thc hand-j rheumatism, and he will tell you that
ling of    thc  1916 --Western  Canadian  Dr.    Thomas'    Ecleetric    Oil    is  ir
grain  crop.      Anticipating the  westward movement of grain  lo the  Pa-
They Got  Slapped for It
'You're  sweet   enough   to   cat,"
As on the porch thev sat.
'The Skeeters think 1 am," said she
"They're giving proof of that."
Civil Servants Will Have to Stick to
Regular Employment
It is understood thai the minister
of finance is about lo issue an order
which will put a slop to the practice
common among civil servants of doing little side jobs during their spare
time in  order to  earn  extra  money.
The reason for this step, it is pointed out, is  because, al  this  particular
time,  when  thc  government  is  cm-
ploying     large    numbers    of    extra
I clerks, the civil servants should con-
There Arc Large Numbers of Them centrate their minds entirely on the
Who Escaped Service in Their      I work which the government is pay-
Own Country big them to do.
1   As
cific coast and thence through the
Panama Canal, the Dominion Government has erected a large elevator
at Vancouver, B.C., tlirougli which it
is not idle to suppose a proportion of
the grain shipments destined for Europe will this year pass. This new
elevator has just been taken off lhc
contractors' hands by the Dominion
Grain Commission.
At thc end of April, 1915, the total
elevator capacity of Western Canada,
according to the joint tariff published    bv the  Canadian    railways,  was
148,435,000 bushels.      Willi  the additions made, lhat are referred to above!
and  others   thai  have   not   been   an-j
nounced, it is    safe  to assume  thai i
this  year  the  elevators    of  Western
Canada    will bc capable   mi storing j
155,000,000 bushels.     Thc Hour milling capacity    of  thc  country in  the
summer of    1915  was 59,000 barrels]
per clay and a corresponding increase. I
in litis direction is also to be. looked |
greater demand than any other. The
reason for this is that it posses*-.--
greater healing qualities than atty
othcr oil.
The Ideal
Stella: "The    ostrich    doesn't    see
much  and digests  everything."
Bella; "What an  ideal husband."
One oul of every ten farmers in
Manitoba is a tenant, and two-fifths
of lhe residents of lhc urban districts
arc tenants.
CUVSTAl. cirv. MAX
Teacher of English in All Branches
Correspondence cour*.-f tn Suit _____
acquirements of Uie pupil
.Modi-rate Fee
........ ���.,......  ....... ..  ..-..-,.,. ;.���>>��. result of the growing shortage
_S_BS^i^?_____^e__^w^,^l A nlidclle wa? Ilas be.C!'  -01""* ,-*���-  of  labor  of  everv  kind,  the   regula-
h��.m.nrpr'onounc'ead T in.nr.ble    Caiarri! ward solution of the problem of what tio-3 governing the maximum    age
h a local disease, gieatly influenced by con- to  do with  many  thousands  ot   Kus-  0f  candidates   for  admission   lo     the
.t.t-Jtional  conditions   and   therefore   requires .*__  __,,   *���,_,-.,, je���.s who al.c ]-v:-g     .  .,           .      ,      ��� fo         dropped.    All
{.Sv-SBSLSStTF. T.xft-ey&'ca, in    Britain,    having,  escaped    mill- oYdc.-in-couiicil  bas  been  passed  to
Toledo, Ohio, is a constitutional remedy, is tary service m the Lzar s army, and[t|ic    crfcct    that during the continu-
���aken internally and acts through the Blood ' -'      ,���,-���-���: i. .    . ....
Im the Mucous Surfaces of the System. One
Hundred Dollars reward is offered for any
ase that Hall's Catarrh Cure fails to cure.
Send for circulars and testimonials.
F. J. CHENEY Sr CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 7'c.
Russia Will Have
Grand Awakening
Peaceful Revolution Is Expected to
do Great Things at Close
of the War
Travellers coming from Russia, no
matter of what nationality, talk of but
one thing, the wonderful awakening
of Russia. Americans, in particular,
��cem greatly impressed by the growth
of national spirit in the half-mediaeval
empire and arc most sanguine as to
its future.
Great as is the awakening already,
all agree that it is nothing to what
will take place immediately after lhc
war, when millions of soldiers return with the new outlook upon the
world, new ideas, and new knowledge of civilized living. Russia, it is
said, fully expects a revolution after
thc war, but the hope and belief is
that it will bc purely political and unattended by bloodshed and destruction.
not coming under the British con-janCc of the war a candidate for ex
scription laws. In London, Manches- animation and appointment to the
ter, Liverpool and other big cities, civil service, will not be ineligible
whole colonics of these exist, a large .by reason of the fact that his age is
greater than 35 years.
proportion of them of military age,
who naturally came to bc regarded
with no favorable eye by their English neighbors, whose men wcrc engaged in war work.
After some agitation, the government proposed to enact a law whereby Russian Jews of military age
would be forced lo enlist in the British army under the threat of being ;citis is constipation
sent    back    to  Russia, where
The Cause of Appendicitis
Now Definitely Known
The commonest cause, of appendi-
Everv    doctor
would be liable to heavy penalties as
defaulters from military service. This
project aroused a storm of disapproval, though ably defended by Sir
Herbert Samuel.
Sir 'Herbert, while not withdrawing
don't use a cheap drastic pill���get
Dr. Hamilton's Tills, which are made
from thc private formula of ore of
the greatest physicians. Dr. Hamilton's Pills strengthen the stomach,
regulate thc bowels and prevent any
the original proposals, has now hit tendency to appendicitis. In onc. day
on a compromise. Reason and pcr-iyou feci lhc tremendous benefit of Dr.
suasion arc to bc substituted for force!Hamilton's Pills. By purifying the
and threatening. A responsible com-1blood and cleansing the system they
mittee of leading Russian Jews, Sir prevent headaches, lift depression and
Herbert announces, has been formed drive away weariness. No medicine
which will conduct an active recruit-' so successful as Dr. Hamilton's I'ills.
ing campaign in London and other | Sold everywhere in 25c boxes, with
centres among the foreign Jewish j yellow cover; get the genuine
people and definite inducements will
be held oul to them voluntarily    to
enlist.   There is thc idea of forming
pecial Jewish corps.
Worms feed upon llic vitality of
ehildren and endanger their lives. A
simple and effective cure is Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator,
Searchlights at Gibraltar arc so
powerful that lhc whole passage to
the African coast is visible all
through the night.
MinarrTs   Liniment
for sale   every-
The number of women engaged in
making    munitions in Japan lias in-
All women musl make themselves
useful.     I would sooner clean oul a
Failed to Notice It
A very inquisitive man was silting
at a  tabic  next  to a man  who had
ilost an arm  above  the. elbow.
"I scc you have lost an arm," finally was ventured.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc. i
Church Union at the Front
A Baptist chaplain says: "Communion at the front is a pathetically
simple thing. 1 wish you could have;
been at my last. A lad asked mc to
hear his confession, and when wc
commenced several devoutly crossed
themselves as they took bread and
wine. Life out here is too big for
fine distinctions, and men never ask
if the Communion is according to
the order of their Lord. I wonder
if we shall learn thc lesson and prepare a welcome worthy of lhc lads
who arc teaching us things. Wc arc
one out here. What God hath joined together let no man put asunder."
than Smallpox, .v.r.r
experience h���I _-n*oo5__-**l
the al_i-t *_i*_TU_!-_ eflt-
Cacy, and hamlessnett. of Anti-*rtat-.oid VacacaUuo.
Be -acclnaled NOW by your physician, you and
your family. It Is more vital thin house lanuanca.
Ask youf physician, drug.is-., or send t-j*r "Hav.
.onhad Typhoid?" tellln. of Typhoid v_er'.n<-,
results from ux , and danger from Typhoid Car:rrr_
mi-liana Vienna a muai ���<m ����� I. ��' w-aaM
All Night with Asthma. Everyone
knows bow attacks of asthma often
keep llieir victim awake the. whole
night long. Morning finds him
wholly unfilled for a day of business,
.ind yel, business must still be carried
through. All this night suffering aud
lack of rest can bc avoided by the.
prompt use of Dr. J. D. Kcllogg's
Asthma Remedy, wliicli positively
docs drive away the attacks.
The "Back Number"
A merchant who fails to use. newspaper -advertising is termed a "back
number" by Henry C. Brown', advertising manager for tc Victor Talking
Machine Company. He cites interesting instances of firms who would not
���part with the ownership of their
trade-marks for millions of dollars.
It lies within lhc power of any
dealer to mount lo great heights as
a captain of industry if be will use
newspaper advertising judiciously,
lie declared.���Kingston Whig.
mc ���*���__Ml *_oh rt.MiDv. n.i n.i ���__
PILES tlTHE-l NO DrUC* _1-T_ or MAIL fl J*Q.T 4 eTfl
THERAPION -5' ' .*
Cook's Gotta Roof Coc-ptn*
medtehu.  Bold la tbi-w d*i
frees of ���trength. Ne. 1,
1; No. .. II; No. 1. U
per box. Sold by all
druggist!, or sent prepaid in plain package oa
receipt of prlco. Fro*
pamphlet. Addreai:
MIHTlMt tfM-i Ma-.
Dti RumMs
And How to Feed
-Tilled  tree  to  any  l-!!:r r  i>7
the Author
118W.it 31.1 Street, New York
creased 35 per cent, since lhc Jst ofipigstv than dust a drawing-room. ���
January, 1916. |Mrs. Roland Wilkins.
A western stock man dehorns Ills
calves with  Gillctt's  lye.      When a
calf is a few days old he rubs grease
The one-armed man picked up his [around lhc place where the horn is
empty sleeve and peered into it. due.  lo  appear and  puts  lye  on  thc
"Great Scott!      I believe I have," scat    of the horn itself.      No  horn
be answered.���New York Globe. grows, and no scar is left.
Something better than linen and bis iaundry
bilh.    Wa-di   it with soap  and water     All
stores or direct.    State style and lize*.    For
25c. we will mail you.
CANADA. l.iiniUd
Btt Fruamr Arnnii Tor����to, 0��tarU
W.     N.     U.     1123
Keep Yov* Shoes Neat
IOC    -?-P-D-Jl-rC..^C____,l_L,H��_lu..C_aW.     IOC THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Is Your Property Insured ?
To Messrs. Hicks Beach & Field,
Agents for the
London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.,
Courtenay, B. C,
Dear Sirs,	
I wish to thank you for the prompt manner in which the London &
Lancashire Fire Insurance Company have settled my recent loss by fire.
The fire occured on October the 2nd, .and my receiving cheque inside of a
week is proof to me that it pays to insure in an old and established Fire
Insurance Company, when one can be sure there will be no delay in making
settlement, providing the assured has taken the trouble to see that the
description, etc., is correct as set out in his policy.
Thanking you, I remain, yours truly,
; ���
Courtenay, B. C, October 9th, 1916
iuunuiiin)nrrrrr^^ """' mew***
Letter to the Editor
Editor Courtenay Review
Dear Sir;���In your paper of Sept.
_ist. you state (in speaking of the
Ladies department of the Comox
Fair) that a uuniber of old articles
were on hand and duly received
Mow, Mi. Editor, that statement
is not altogether correct, and I
think the Local paper should be
fair to the Judges and Directors
and not make reflections of this
kind; and in justice to those who
spend a great amount of time to
make the Exhibition a success the
least you can do is to apologize,
The fact of the exhibit in this
department being verv small this
year, coupled with the fact that
' very nearly one half the exhibit
was put there by two exhibitors,
(Exhibitors of old standing in the
district both well and honorably
known) makes your article appear
personal, and I wish to state that I
know for a positive fact that the
old articles which weie on show
but contrary to your statement did
not receive prizes) were exhibited
by few exhibitors who thought the
work only would be taken into con
sideration, and that the age of the
article would not disqualify it, _ A
great deal of malicious backbiting
gaes ou every year at the Exhibition and unless any person can prove
their statemen s it would be muc h
better for them to keep their mouth
closed, and although I do not wish
to dictate to you how. to run yonr
paper, I think you will 'agree with
me that you should be very careful
about printing any idle gossip you
may hear on the streets thereby
causing trouble and consequently
very materially hurting the Exhibition,
Yours truly
P, Leo. Anderton.
Victoria B, C���The timber returns tor Angust issued by the.Forest Brrnch, show the total scale of
sawlogs for the Province to be 137-
843,857 ft. B, M. in addition to
257,589 Iin, ft. of poles and piles,
and 26,635 cords of shingle bolts,
posts, ties, etc,
The returns according to forest
districts are as follows:-
Vancouver, 73'3i3,384 ft. sawlogs, 62,430 Iin. ft, poles etc, and
15.24S cords of bolts, ties, etc.,
Cranbrook, 12.855,604 ft. sawlogs
20,330 liu, ft. poles, etc. and 7.715
cords of bolts, posts, etc; Island.
12,311,653 ft. sawlogs, and 209
cords bolts, ties, etc, Prince Rup-
ert 4.378,017 ft sawlogs, 47,0831111
feet poles and piles, and 60 cords
ol boltSs posts, etc.; Kamloops. 2,-
920,687 ft, sawlogs, Neisoii, 1,685-
969 sawlogs, 114.582 liu. ft, poles,
etc; and 3,216 cords of Dosts, bolts
etc,: Vernon, 177.157 ft. sawlogs:
Hazeltou, 83,183 ft. sawlogs: Lil-
loet, 9,558 ft. sawlogs, and Ii,28*
Iin. ft, poles aud piling: Port
George, 8,344 ft. sawlogs, 1,882
Iin. ft. poles and piles, and 100
cords of posts, etc
Timber sa'es made during the
month of August cover an estimated total of 21.844,000 ft. sawlogs,
18.250 Iin. ft. poles and piling,
and 498 cords of shingle bolts,
posts, and cordwood, to produce au
estimated revenue of $34,929.
Bible Baseball
Where are the 9?   Luke 17:17
And they said one to another,
let us make a captaiu. Numbers,
Search you out a place to pitch
Deuteronomy 1:83.
And one went out into the field.
14 Kings 4:39.
They shall run like mighty men,
Joel 2,7.
And the bases which Solomon
had made.    II Kings .5:1.
Now the men did diligently observe whether anvthing did come
from him. aud did catch it. I
Kings 2o;33,
Aud gave judgment upon him.
II Kings 25:6.��� Boston Transcript,
Everything comes to the   waiter
who waits on himself.
Many a man's sighs overshadow
his earthly troubles.
Blood will tell���but the less some
blood tells the better.
When fishing for votes or compliments some people use the wrong
The has-been may not be lost bu4
gone behind.
Special Tire Bargains
Having purchased a large quantity of 30 x 3 1-2
plain casings, suitable for Fords and other cars, we
are offering same at $12.00 cash, F. 0. B.any point
on the Island. These casings are exceptionally
good value and-guaranteed for 3500 miles.
PlimleyV Garage
VICTORIA   -   B. C.
>ajii_r.jr.r.ra<-M-*^~i-r~i~*-J*i~~-''v'-^^ "r '-���.'������r*-i-*,V>v*--*i"i" ~i~i** mr-*-tr*^trar^^tr^*~*~*~*~*~*~*'y~*'^r
Three  Reasons Why
has for nine succesive years written the
Largest Canadian Business
of any company operating in Canada
Its Premiums are the Lowest
Its Policies are the most Liberal
Its Dividends are the Highest
Vancouver Island Branch
J. BURTT MOIiGAN, Mana|-cr
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
P. L. ANDERTON, Agent, Courtenay
Neighbors never really
the opinion aech has of the
until their children fight.
Liquor License Act
Notice is hereby given that on the
First day of December, next, application
will be made to tbe Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel
license to sell liquor by retail in the
hotel known as tlle KIk hotel, situate
at Comox iu the Province of British Col
Dated this 12 th day of  October,   1916.
Lquor License Act-
Notice is hereby given that on tlie
First day of December, next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel
license to sell liquor by retail in the
hotel known as the Willows hotel, situate at Campbell River, in the'Province
of British Columbia.
Dated this 23rd day of September, 1916.
Liquor License Act.
NOTICE is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of
the hotel license to sell liquor by retail
in the hotel known as the Heriot Buy
Hotel, situate at Heriot Bay, in the Province-of Britisii Columbia.
Dated this 21st day of Sept. 1916.


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